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| ? r Board of Jradfc awl AiH ksi1ly Uu capta nT> Mgos, of thu war steamer ihii l 41A 4IjI1Lj4kIC, -L-WS. h.I4Z I.e..i.L iIe 1 .

imliowb. intruded to, UM Kstvolire.Coounit- !ibanticleerwai eoaithod V.aztlan. i IlLiul' Ihleil IU1J4IXIC on LtIA1tli iIj4it! lLi it'i'.d
t44oj4.L action oi Ihrf!J by the t'urt that u li (:'Kpiairi( HHridgea; t-Iaiiuinp4bU; t S Kite.- Patent
ol .WU> l-ai 31TsI 17 hr. % ..nockThit J Mtaxthiii ttutb.oriliu( R nationalinjmH, notified llw the lot i-ity MontLi"t Jai-k.TuavilIt-- Juiuuvyvii uiJ Xgrtlirru rv l lUrict, at SVIALL'li ru>i>
Art d 34 of tie.By-Liws b .upcndlt thc aatlioritt* of his intctilionSo bombard tim in ten ,iVI.irk iu tli! f.in ii.sni.t that .lay: an l imtU-c ol t lie ; M. on Jt'.VA' luih, 1WW, lor furul ( tnimt, t e ir--lf JnitiiTii-l.. a-b.b.Qa

*k1 13inpnt i tI'. 3oiiIwai e.ssied.T. i5ty "f, 'nt uuJcr u rcmonstra from the ,iM l larins be pul>lhJ.J *H tlais 'Ioidg f'j./<.<<,u aewptr.41 L'liitc.1 StaK'it Sub it.iiivj Jtepartmeiit with ; ; ami Ooean lrceta-up 4i- 1> :; :;n icr. BLAKUr tr.irmulltQU I .eBtap ) willJOB Talent
the fef
Ifla > pulilUlwU I" .oiiit PWrlcl/n.1 that nai-l iwillcc Iw I IiiiliIi i B. F. KLOYp, exetIaD1ce $e4.3
name were piopowd and JlerCL j American,cptunil, nit-rely tL.3lAtlan M '.l oiinw a wwk icr Lire) w.t-ks ;>ifc 4viz:' l)&Tidm and H.JL agajri tJtrtui-an vins.vtwh! afntliernalionn KiM istilou.tiy In .ln.Taun.irj'21J ; /* ._ ..
*"" Iho mdilmw of aii.l IVii fmlv. .lI j of a '"iuJ ; HurkotuUu (iaality! in <-<] pro|>
rst1e fu11pin raulu-I(rwHsiftg 3- j.rovdtl>cir lictitu, and all oilier, jvr >ii* in int n-st, I Kurv' ?nml Hind <,urter meat,neck*,'chauka and 9 aIwrcu Lndneiir ehthej'1I9rkIa.Vjr ,. au.iay otS
tliui ii.I| them 1 tbi' gbI 1ia'nd
flay uprK.-irit fcii'l tiiiM-nuilf1))* tallow to IK fsf liulij. In 8'ich .luantltles a* .
UQiaei wu aoj4d :. Noitl.uu, if ilWybdIh'' lb<> yr.fyfr of "oi-t1 .d uch i a4 Laet Oar ner Agzati. ; $ '
An Indian ivjwttud. an agehl.an show miixr, any I from tune tfr tiiiYf re<|ulrvd, tt H day n I .'k .. ..' ::4 .J t-Jft. ..
zMe41n&t the POtLiqI&tUt1 to Iowa to fnmifch him th whiskey for a. joun:* ) % ; r -- !.' ili'viioiil'il by ir (iWt 4dl h i rp Ji.tors mlministrHtor nf! the Wm.I> kue of 'i
tat W It V Ji r kTt. Krt ; iu itntc ny,
thefloud wMYki rattl t l treatIse the
nUryr. 'L ; anior *bu liad ctii bilten by a *ijake.j wliOMpUcc'of rei.LPfloflr4rtnawUThlfl 1>c rrti- eiZ: : 3 O 3ST T 3EI S l mn ,yUl\\ ou uii iitbtt4ii .fT_ &u 'r -: ;_ _

pctt_ ,itateof 1r in j ititiuiatin J itbit foar qiarta would beorIery. tip crvi! ol! wotwxof wild j. 'liloii.; und or.lr cither IKIenallv () CO17O1-itNI) wt'"s,Y, rLt !- '

tri ia33 zet ua pu1I4 *}'ourqii&rtr rctH.-aU4 the upcnt with sur- or fy-4ettt. hIrt-d tlwni'utthrfr'kn n ; < nniimiisJuly! 1 lam, I* iI"" be ik-Hym-d in #:;. rt ut4F' .- *
lKtL Price 4LO. Liberal tllwonnt
Mo,. rUetas that? "Ye/1 I-19)lied ihmyg > ii.uul"p1"1 at leiMowx', nttiqc4 by the tli-rk of tltiilXrtirt. i H. Tri* ut )Bt. |\iw *tinyJr1ort J wucn a* .% ier'e4 54 twzr u-fJjl! J'Vf' or"lc by tl'tbcroif j I'M j-ni'-n trill htf ntadtf In T 1iiU r. >x-' f 1.mNITUB-g i.; PnMf mil'i
.ri I tJjlt ir 1t4 L(1UtTI tr.tJ.ict tjiy.p uiI? I iUtt iU luHr&tlie ** .iu- l -

CUQUB*wto Ihi ata of .iiJiJ UIn ehiaiibo a ( ( lovoi'iinient Funds \ of pnttouu.,
th.p.Lt.IL.t Witnciu the lion. I'lnlip l-'rosvi.J n-1-jc uf *ialcl I>lhriet IiOT.MIi"1lOfK 1IOUSE, uoi-ilrr, by oeLuinier,i.1pIa, it Iarge.isiu tevnt of

Cereal-erd in* ptin rirl M and 1 to KIorRi, and the K-al theroof. at tim f'.mrt Honw>. i inilwclty nicui delivery niula ii>tanw. Ruin Ia 1m the 1U11 RyIztieILT I -' -.. 5 .5 .
the -owing "
-- iXI be two-tbrtrds/bdow average .if >. Augiwtinif iiiW .X.rtlicm Du-triet. Hi- IiIttCrh1(4. an.! marked; IVoptiaaU.
j"A iho long wntinued drought. The Spanish ]-cof tII lt tby f JblV, A Ii, :lhIe*. -. ,_._ _; .4TUoC. VI441' SThE-Largs wtsTept.4
;* nii,1b4JlasM a1ossrii. ue *ri 6i panig petitK>iui In the Kovrrnrnwit for WM. p; ljICIUL.tY, ,l:%tLkft. CcI..ant : .;V. L corarr Bay S -anU Lanrn., ttiwoU. T *to
ChW 0. ft. M MM.
inIj.3w n'rk nf wM ihatrkt "onrt, I >>. IItI I Et
flwei&tii7. 1 I wj-piy; of water

Ip. S.---- ref # '-S- -- : : I
-- -
L_ - -

: b ; -r -
; wt ,-----------w.-.- r-. -' .- -. -.- -- --.;;:- .. ... -w-- -


.__ -. ._- ,.. .. 0 '
\ -
\ - b-- 1-I
: : i 1. T 1 -- -r T' : j L
: j--.L ;
,.. -# : I -- 4 T' .. ) .
.,'r'htiq..b1.." It. patriot, and while wo acknowledg his good NEW Pt.1 .G \ ..1t <.
w.la iin Lvtrfinoo'Kanwu ) Daily Relkn intentions \TO writing would respectfully loltora in defence reqoest himloduoontinuo of tho .1WEiab HRDWAREANDTIRON,, ; :..8'1'E ."

pb1k& folio tnjrtetore ting: tetter from mathod of Informing friend.in 1.119 '. .- .piovIsioI -
i this o.nr i .f ,
dtmocratio party, as xre furoect that ouiiofbli '- ; ; .
"1 0 the ,pfopowd route effort are calculated to .do more\ ham than formed copartnership,.and the public under generally the name,of that wo have ; .. 4". j .-t" O :'-. Ia" ..' __ .'

of th itUway througIi'orthernxii good in some lor itiM. : ,"t. _' .I : } AHD $.e. rowiJzirrq .cz D43JXY 2R3. 'l.J .
P.BRiCkwtt "t< ; .
Arizona J. & CO., .. -5 :: nJrN.t JIt
1'1 U dat d Fort Itqaro, and t.JAc.Q'
Among the fevr articles.which,have decreasedin : 1i f'f' .
; ,
t oneofu.e4If the Union do General Comauwlon Bvudneeii .. .-' l fQ. 0Rfil AtD.'JOf4rL. J'i '
; price since the war Instead of quito the reverse to a .tJ ., p
PdQ "V' v' .I are sponges fair Bamplcs of which are J.. P.H.BiC8V FtAiKion.,.,tat;_of BoUvlU, Florida.-
Kr D..tr4ree1 f'1 received y&ur let. now to be had very cheap from, sidewalk dealers. nun "-MMw*. J tnpifl&n Quincy rtU ..Dro"1J'r BCO AT, wi 1S Lnrl ShO< ; ,. .. ; -., '" .t'1- .
is native
hadan The teason probably. that ,e sponge; *Lowe, QuinCT s. i
wit FpiOYingatt:: ,bUt haro not op- EI. J L>HcFarllnj;Messrs.-Davidson .
cf replying tmlll I reached-this: post .Trom Florida and elaewhera,has of late'dfI"oloped ; Hetfrm.Munror,Matgc*00., Oo.-Damon, Eeq:: ., .
its article of commerce owing the Tallaluusei'; ; bamuel uleMon MouUccllo;* HufusDlckson :.JOHN.BAY CkA'D'K'- I fl ...u '
use as an .
.Sit.. nvwaitiBK two or three dayi ,Madison: D M Jackson, Messrs J J Polhlll I I t _. ..-....- tL
duty imposed on the imported article. So says a .J 19'. rs-. <
the Let. Her.OeotM ,
Sierra Nevada. .
;before storting.for I A Co4 Bell-rill; B H(1Uq. | City ; 1 I EIn
l Northern Paper. Powell,A,T FolaUl, Enq.,-Lakt Jeuur Fla. "' .X -D ZUiASE. ci
: Th ttpMtoffitMtahoat ii now lyi t at tho river I MANILA 4NDTARRED ROE JAC'IOsON'ia&LH c. .
will receive attention : ) ST.,
I .. ._ Order enclosing Cash prompt vHi .
;and we shall dfatr our supplies and Le -- J iA -
off back- '.' ,_ Strict. .attention' given. to.the. tale o( ...f I ,. 'IziCZ4J _- .B"It 1.

As dixvctei by..tho President, '1 Lao ordered Assignees .j All Kinds of Country Produce.We ." 1 JVit I4&CU\.LD ; ,- ." .w'.

- A* cU'I Rtf1&nC. of the GiUAfiarreye, being NOTICE OF ArPOI "rll .s'.1'. ; ;- :. JUKE. : USIN.f.' .l ;
Afit exurt&lis&ed of tho practicability of tho r will in a few day open"n"stock of good, consisting ANCHORS ANI CHAINS.i One of the LargesfBEST ..f f II
of Dry Goods.Ham hnd Cart, Boote aM 81<*w, ,: 'ilhlcTorcuian1y.rtho : ;
thirty-Mbrsllelbut tonvineed.thaj it it theJjgjt District Court f th Unitrd Sta8t( l J..Jlt8 !i SvMlpry *.:'c.,which we will LBATHKR A ij D Jt'INDlNGS I '. .aead DC'a& .o'cloek sboeplce, JI&ftia,. :t'JJ
: 4 _
ECtbsiUie continent It is rarely !hit wo Northern District of Florida.I I .. '. ..ANtJ. JscbOD'f'tlWV'& 1 Jn rnmt.Nad ,
haft be 4 obUtiad to roeorl to our maximum Sell at Cost -. :. : RADDJ.KRY; ,1: .. .L t _' '.a,'IA ..""
The climate is In the matter of McLean CnrapVj t Co. &nkrUP" .
Uedllr'Congnu. : To whom it may ron'lm'U.: undc>rsino ieicpJonIb3b: on thq moontaJni-rather'un.ble .- gives notice of hill appointment as AMipnac of McLean'I'I' J. I1. jmACWELL: .&. CO. vesigri. '-.r
I from tho warmth in this valley; CampbeU &Co.Dural aounty,and State.f }Florida :4 if Union Building., ,Jacksonville< FJu.VENSACOLA SEA iSLAND BAGGING AtfD TWINE. ; : :4Yor 1ftt8hhr J'oaITIp& .,.fI, '. .
but it w be ch&ngo fort passengers to I within aaid District,who bat bt'ton ljoflgrd Pankrnpu STOCK steam: .- packet..harf 01'( ,- T'. ;'"
J upon their own petition J-y tht Pistrist. Court of Mid I ; .cLAPUO& .t CU3'X1sauli 4f'o
caJ raUttMlons at Christmas iimer' The .Mo-, strict. 1 1- OBSERVER, r :' at .'I'f.A
jIve Tn ;n" arc selling them around the fort J C OnEKLKV: A l noc.Jacksoinillc Of tl.(! nfcore Artlclc.crcr brought M tbi* Market, : RJflbflIJ .AeatacJaA.oyu2s..1 V a1'aaa
nor, and I aWipme tomatoes getting ripe on I .JCnft: il, 1'568. "11' rMiflird TI-\". .JKL Y i Paints and Oils qf all Iffinds ;: ", \j,

a ectl7.green tines on the river bank ..J"ester- -- -- -'- .- -- .- -- HT WILLIAM KIRK & COMPANY.SId'atPr1 /II Cosuriyo vf. 4Teas 'i-1
day. 'yft shall not be troubled with snow on AssigneesI ; : Cbffccs, Sugars, Cigars, .Tobavcos, .
th4 San .Ft&nc lco. mountain, the highest summitv'we. .
Tw lv iiiontlin ............. I OO Tar Pitch and Turpentine' Soaps Candles Yeast Powders
reach, in my opinion, as much as tho OF AP1OINTMENT. !, Slxmontlm: ) ... 8rt I s ; i r4 '
I P.nq1vniarilrow.i> .in crossing the Al- I : (In advance aiwny) : Syrups, Vinegars. Starch, &v, ._
late autumn OIt I' .'..fll1'1?,'tifrlhrra Viitrict : .
leghanief;'and for a summer.and /" tor UtitrM Court of I This hflg cutablibed, Journal IKJCODIPB very dcilra- < '

nsort, Idohbtbelidvo.thCteis a finer spot Onth tFlorida.. ble at this time in view of the fact that Tcniaooln is Leather] Belting and Steam Paclungs Eaisins, Salt Lard Oil 'Kerosene'Oil 'u. < .t.
I .. oontin th&i'Prosident's Tark" o, the effecting her llailroad communication with the Northwest .; ,
E.llajle. InTo nnkruLcy. .
Iu the matter uf Thoiaaa and becoming a point of interest to enterprising I Molasses &c &c. '-
fuminit. The faggod-ont people of tho Mississippi whom it may ccncern:-Tlic undersigned hereby men. It ii derated to the development of the material ) TUE7LVOBITX STZA3LZR ,: '.,
: Valley will come up here, 740f> feet above gives notice of hia appointment as assignee of ThoraaaK. interests of tho State of Florida and in iU local department ANn'nur.i.ow WAKK: TIX WAUK. STOKP; WAItE: ANH CKOCKKUY: ; **

the Ocean,and ,renew health :d spirits by Florida. llolle,within of Gainwvilie skid district, Alachua who hm county been, and adjuged State of a nkd Timber devotes trade Bpocitl growing attention in to it the* vicinity immense, as Lumber nlo to 1 AVOOPKX: WAKK AKU WILLOW. WAKE. .I II Corn, Flour.Uacon. Pork,Butter,L.Lp ,* DARLINGT-.O I* V -

4 b're&thing' the purest fth, in tko most delightful Bankrupt upon his own petition "y th. dintnct court other commelcial Items which up to the careful reader will t I ;; : Cheese, Mackerel, Hains, Meal,, CAPTAIN. JACOB BROCK
Wt5tcmli VcHsel ind Mill JJhaildJei-r. .
tlii&t amidst .1he most striking mountain of said district. indicate the development of the ifrrat nr.tural: ndvantatc : : .supplies ; Ship allotsbranches. -. I ,
Iti.inAnianic&. J,: they choose to they SAMUEL C. TUCKER A.ptce.Ga1ne. of Tcnsacola as a port. Hominy, BeansrRice; AVISO been thoroughly icflitcd. U ante .
.ille, .1 20, 1S68. tf '
irne solicited. June N on her old route between
AdTcrtlsementi \Boof &c. &c JscisoorlCa si4 f ?
V.Ln'.Ti&OOO feet b-gher on tho back of a 'bur- -- -- ,4 pnMt stopping at all intermedIate points iMrta'c tsw '
rQ''.to t Buma3 '.of the old volcano, and find - -- --- -- CHARLES FAIRCHILD, onrUle every Sunday morning ai 0 o'elotk,&aai!) .

onUh.OEet' IftlieY'e&n, where all thA lava and GREAT BARGAINS [Ooudensed Milk, Buckwheat'lour f< dayinornlnff 4 o'clock. arriving ilt
I o'dock P.M.
I A KrtnrnlBrvifl EatfrprhTll
ashes aune'from which retrewn around. In FLORIDA "LAND Reed's Block Bay Street 4pplo ?tf toes Oni Pickles ne.daYm.Tn1nso.clockrL1tkTbfl,4.Y; fl6Jt
[ ,) ; ns r
4 the|rark the grass is Tory rich, the soil black, c_ SZ JVGI-Z R, At 1 1I o'eloek rriTin*at JacksonTllle I'dock f.1 K. __._
8d capable'cL railing almost anjthins: but F..1OllSJ) FARM LAXD, PLANTATION*; : / Canned Fruits and Vegetables. Will also make regular trps) to ikL2lebez .JIB'.t -u
corn. Th base of'San Francisco mountain is Kixr General Oommission Merchant I 5-ly.: JACT.SONVILLE. I| of aH kinds; '. DAY,Ie'JacbonTIUe at C A.M. -, .i-,' .
TIMKEU Tn..rNn ALL t JocrZA, 'Wt
efcmed with little of sirailar character a---- -- I. .'. ij :.
parka a --- '"- j July-J-tf Kcul's "
occnpying interrals in the great forest of pines. or CITY Pnorr.KTY No. 1 Hoeg's Block, Bay St., 1 I I ;: s\ LARGE; :ASSORTMBXT/OT* ; JI"

Taking. practical view of the subject, we FRESH SUPP X. : S.: MAILEOUT '
llia 4l have a large passenger business to this Bought and Sold r .1'.1'I -
-0-: VW9.i[ Ware "
i b ely inia; and as the road runs form. qno hundred !
lro gh or close to th'o forest, our BT 1" my old friend and the public gcucr.Uy. would I THE NEW SPLENDID 8T1f.A. '
JL that I and constantly) ro- I II I .
announce am
lumber businessfor the supply .of tho ralloys L. F. DEWEY & CO. calving a complete and tricot Mock of I ,! co51s1t7 or "
and mining' districts, will: probably be good. & .: .
There ia another such forest on the Sierra. REAL ESTATE BROKERS. READY-MADE CLOTHING, I Baya Paceo ; I :9' TUBS;BROOMS.. Lt. ;
:Madre: in New ifsiioo thiS sido of Wingatc, GROCERIES HARD-WAltK : -- .
been at such HOES GARDEN ait. ,
havo quite rejoiced finding an H9 '
_ : excellent descent to the Colorado valley. There !: HATS & CAPS, VB now in Stortf) and arc lauding IMSISclwwueM ''YlOlt BURG," and "t-jHERMAJs- *. .. 1TA.I"IIEIcy, I
three thousand foot to down b> Mid personal attention given to the mauu e-
was come wo Prompt RA Stone Jars and .
TRUNKS, from New York cxc.llont assortment of i Jugs.POlfDER '
found from the of the Estates of non-residents drawing an Capt. GEO.! MANSFIELD
a valley loading secondrangeback Deeds, and Mortgages, famishing Abstracts of Titles, VALISES, &'. I : _" .'
_ to the river, and turning tho.south end of making Collections and through Attorneys at'Wash Has tenj a the first, or ri range: which has an almost ington, D.C.to the prosecution of all legitimate claims an
1 uniform descent for fifty miles. For one. hundred against Jk continous tho Government.Hap of the Store.My < TMM.. ? -
C miles east of this rivor there is no opportunity I Consisting in part of Coffee, Sugar, HutUr, 14.rd,
of grading if one wanted to, as tho surface Si. J 0111l' Yalley I the interests foods have ef customers been bought, and with,'mbmcc epocial as refir good nn nc"assortment to- Pork, Bacon, &c., &c. ? .* I.' Collin'fl Axes,60 No. 10 plongnj,Soon -*. lag UOKKIKQ a "o.cJock at;9 arriving o'clock;Enterprilnt Flatk TRsfly 5Vc(.. P...y -. IJ',.'
: ill gradual with light grades except Cor.throo as there \II to be found in thin market -'. and.Wharf Trock ,\\Vnieel-l> returning will leave Enterprise every STHTDA'
) or four miles in crossing a divide to reach the can be seen tit our office, where you can obtain, !FKEE. I I respectfully ai k an examinatIon of my tock. vvith..S r rows, and G dstonf.l.v. lag at ft o'clock; Palatka every MOjfDAT
Wallipl nU ywhcre werk something that in a few moments, more information in regard to property 6 tf i i 'IgeUaer _. 7 o'clock,arriving at Jacksonville at 1' m 1
for sale than weeks of travel about the f a in time
will by country. I to connect with the Train.for!*
Harker be and tho -- --- --- ---- -
at required, perhaps
J tf Hamt-s 10 KEGS OF NAILS. < lihaase ** -
I. juno i such CollAr v
Farmers and Housekeepers wants as Plouglis, Ploughlines, Hues, Powder -
maximum for four miles. But the hun -
grade : For farther InformatioB
B& apply U .
P.I1-BIg ,a* .
dred miles should be completed in this as and Shot, Kails, Seines, Ovens, Spider, ..:
:year -- ---- .
.t I : 21.JlKSR'S Pier Kye JYHISEBr. J9I9c1&ix.4
pine timber exists within fifteen miles, on the f'oa 3-tt. .

'1 WaHipi range, for cross ties, in abundance. I PLANTERS AND OTHEltS. TJVV.A.B.E dDc. .. O.I '. .___ _u_ _- .
i ,
: Oar iron will cost about as much bore as it has JOB I' And a full Assortment of Liquors'

r; been doing in Kansas unless we can reduce it 'T UE ton Mineral Paint Corapn iiy.iiovr manufacturing -I l- I* of all kinds... Wa.tchesant.
by owning the boats. -L the Beat Cheapest and most Iurablo I'alntin ALSO I-leo other Articles too numerous to t.

I hope we shall obtain the subsidy early in Oil Ute, ; two coats well put OB, mixed with pure Linseed mention, all of. jvhich frill be sold --'rl '

spring. If'wo do, the completed road can be I barrel which at Wholesale and GEO..A.PEC ,
run over in four years from to-day. It would Will Last 10 or 15 Years; Liquors, by: the case jiml they propose telling lietail, and a: t low for'.: "> _.L -. J'I

be sheer laziness only that would prevent it. It is of a light| brown or beautiful chocolate color, and I OBEB.AJ:: JSrOT OBEAPEBi :r Wholesale -and RetaiL 1E1L ASD 'JZW LXT-. '.
: Yours, truly, WM. J. PALMEU. can be changed to green,lead,clone drab,olive cream, .IF [ a
This is what is known as the middle routo, to luit the taste of the consumer. It i 1'1 valuable for I IWATCB-X IlT1fZrr1f"; -: :
P R HINT IN Ii 1 101 .
and if the whole of it, as located by Marcy and Barns Wooden-ware Fence,,Agricultural Carriage and Implement CAr.maker., Canal, :1'ail.i.Boats and Than any Establishment in the City. (GIVE THEM A CALL AT THE CORNER; ADJOINING .. """

: Beale, should be adopted, would pass through THE MARKET. 4THIii iiiRTAiTr : }]. :T.
:: Fort Smith, Arkansas, and thence eastward. Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 22-3nt. oi"/ w
: I .- -. ..-_ -__ ._ __. ._-.-._ -_ _- _- J- ., -f"
Metal and u ---- -- -,- -
Canvas shingle Itoofs, (it being Fire and H- 0 -. '
Movement Eastern Europe. Water proof, Floor Oil Cloths(one Manufacturer hav : '. .
i ing used 5000 blls. the past year,)and as a paint for any 1 .
With the remarkable new liberal regimo established purpose Is nniurpasacd for body,durability, elasticity, '- I .' tr.l" ,.
in Austria with so much success under CHEAPESTAND to and adhtftivrnpM. I bhl will supply a planter for years I II. ." ''t
come. : G1rO TOI GB.u.
[ .
L. '
Premier "" ,
the auspices of the celebrated Saxon .: t: '
.. who lost his place in the little Kingdom of Saxony 4! WARHANTKI(* IX ALL CASKSaaabove. : I I .J", tt5ipql. .. .' -VIi...r "." I .....'
t..f : .
with tho victories of Prussia, the
4 reorgan.: 6@ud for u circular whl h gives full particu : ..
!: : ization of that great empire is becoming complete 1 lars. None genuine unions bramled In n trnd' mark -_ : .
in every department and confidence ic ttraRon Mineral Taint. Addrcs* '.If" 'j'. .J" .., .">.; ..A, .. ;
her revived strength is returning generally in B EST.t 'f- MAXET.. -.r.. H I I 4. '. .
22 may 8 3m Jacksonville, Fla. t I .
Europe. The Church has warmly resisted the t > !, -'
innovations and fairly and freely Austria is -' ---------- .. i .' '. -- -', ,

,. now entiUed to be regarded as one of the moil: : NATIONAL I __ _,_;\ 4frt's ; .' f, ._ ,rJ ..,-,.
_ enlightened liberal and progressive of European:1 THEFLORIDA constantly onnazii fc ,|.eies4L '
0 Powers. I I I, 1 3-- I 1. fine Witches and Jewelry amt .tt otierunually 1IIIrC2 Jr'

; Perhaps one of the most singular features inker UNION I ItrOJB FREEMAN'S SAVINGSAN i -: at reduced kept prices.by the trade,which he_.ITn" '.t.
progress is, that the sources of her weak- I GROCE' t / ; .
; n&s-as in Hungary with the Magyars and in RTES1 .LSO .
Galiciawith the Poles-havo suddenly been : ; )' I : I If> TIIE BEST :

transformed into sources of real power. The autonomy 1
1flERT .
to has lemovod thodisaffection TRUST COMPANY. : -
; granted Hungary
t' BO long prevalent there, and this in P It I X T ING 0 F L1 C E : f .lIGHTWOODS"'T ST rojvzjziSZTTjyfi; ? ''AC1I1NJI6.14 : .

r connection-'\rith tho invaluable liberal measures J .HARTHRF.T BY ACT OK (COXftKi: I -. -. .. --_.- .. -. -.- ,- A: If A VARIETY- OF OTHn-.nlncU4
relative to education and marriage, has is the most complete and extensive I r"- i All kinds of repairing done at short 1tMice'. 4wamntnL
made the Magyars as formidable on the side of establishment in this In | OFFICER : 'BERCKMAN'SFRUIT At the old stand of C. D. Oat <0II
: the Empire as the long famous Tyrolcse. On printing city. 'STATlGNERY"I utreet A. M.Reed's Building. 7 t..

4 the other hand,just as Russia has taken the addition to our j jtGordon's J. W. ALVORD, Prcxi!;nr. O.V : "- -- -
.; last step in wiping out all recognition of tho existence LEWIS CLEPHANE First Vice i 't..jltH.L I '
.. of Poland, Austria establishes her D. W. ANDERSON, Second Vice President. AT THE POST'OPFI( E \VM. GHOTHE. ,
governmental Job Press .
Improved DANIEL L. EATON Actuary. i JX-'TIIE JiOUTIL
guarantee of tho Polish nationality SAM L. HARRIS, General Inspector. AUGUSTA etioxaiA. .
I .
in Galici 'We have previously expressed our Banking House Pennsylvania Avenue, .frnr ri t IHtli t I I linvpJii'r..*lVc,litfulT'andconiilitn! nmnrtnu-nt of 11 t! 'J' C. c L. flOBINSO; S. WATCH-MAKER, :h

belief that this was sound policy, in view of thoagfaeSdvfand (tha only one in this city) which enablesus street, Washington, 1>. C. fiiTt claFa SWiioncrj-,consisting of ''t NEXT TO ARCHWAYIN .t \1'
T dangerous intrigues ot the Russians to execute the finer descriptions of NOTE, LEGAL CAP, FLORIDA AGENCY -- - .

t with the Ruthenian race in Galicia. But Branch at Jacksonville Fla- LETTER .FOOLS CAP, .. J.: .ii.t. HOLLAND HARTEIDGE'S BLOC lILTJacksonville &t
JOB WORK, with neatness and dispatch BILL CAP, BILLET, ,.
the strength'of the measure has been lately TUKKH, rLVNTS. AND GfiAFE .
rendered more apparent by the extraordinary we have recently procured aHOE'S .VO. 2l.n..cr S7RRET.; f PENCILS, ENVELOPES, W C1J"rnW:3-: ..4f. la. .

of the Pansclavic mania-that is for and il. PENS, PEN HOLDERS, Ctioice , spread establishing Open every day Sundays Ilollday.ic(>i>t
,' a groat Sclarifjm1pire to include all I RAILWAY PRESS, to from R P.10 11.DEfOSITI4 A.. M., to 1 p. M., and Kiturdny Vreningl from f i WRITIG FLUID, PORTFOLIOS, &.-. &e. YEAKUXa 1'KACII TREES UUIJDKr tTOX I J RKSl!* and CTFUU.Yinlbmi5th9citi vicinity,that he has ratnnMdpencJ >eiui el.Ja IIi.'

the tribes of bclavic origin. This movement is SCHOOL HOOK3. stock i hi*place of business M above. :
stimulated by'Russia, under the assumptionthat whicli I oft:r to tho public at New Toilc j>rkcH. 1 also &fr Catnlo Orders. solicited l flrje-l nt list price. .. : Mr.6.will be happy to receive theIf 11
this immense territory _'oulctbo added tot acknowledged to be the best style of O* isr AMOUNT UWK1VKJI: 1-KOM keep on hand and receive daily all A'cw.'i ork Daily} and ues furnished.EOBT. : old friends.and as many new one.a in and Weekly papers,in' well as nil the 1opuarMa9tt11cs of C, LOWEY .* watches carefully repaired and gnaranU,sod
heroWD. Power Press use, are now prepared ANY RFESOX.Uepb&iU the day. at that with his experience as a practical ..WMrhri
We bars also alluded to another form of this to execute all kinds of Give m.a..111. and uxtnunu my*t Sclavic mania for building can tJmy bc drawn without uuticc. ]J cpus: E. H. KET.1) - -- Jr : 0 be able full satisfaction to 'all who hav
> up a separate It.in Specie art repaid In upecle. All other deposit arc '. t. watches to be repaired. AQ,watches wanaaUd. Mr,
i Sciatic State in southern Europe, out of the repaid In II Greenbacks" or National Hank I5il.! year. J aUst -
"? Scla vie'territories of Turkey aad Austria. It JOB PRINTING: Interest payable in January and July, in each rcal, 1 ..LE.iJt-OI:1J. &"Ol.lf.Oft.. --".. - _. "i
zaimbl.u to whether Austria is at and by special rule on deposits of $)0 and unwurdd rt .Q '
yet .see
miming In the Bonk at least thirty dayll.All -o. to
4 the bottom of this, in order te counteract the the profit belong to the depositors. : L ROBINSON Frcah, IVinily FRESH. s-

dangerous designs of Russia or'.whether it is from tho smallest Card to the largest Branches have been established in the principal cillui i '- .

c the object of the latter" intrigues. As the distinct Poster in the best manner and in the transferred from New York from to one New Branch Orleans to another, and ,accounts without cliurgt can lit ;V:. GR.OC E RIE'S.1. GARDEN. SEEDIi"!!
Polish ;
r policy of Austria is aggressive as or intennpting the interest I IJ ew LI ri -
against the Polish provinces of Russia and Prussia shortest time. By increasing the speedwe The Institution has now on dvpogit ovi AiKU.O', anc I Corner of Bay & Ocean Streets .

;,' so_enoouragement and guarantee of tho decrease tho cost, and, can therefore this Merchants Branch bat and on others deposit desiring over'17 to,000.deposit 1111.- ch'cl ; ,\ \ !. OE 11ETAIC i }. D DEALER IK FOR SALE, WHOLESALE OB : r.
Selaviojrftcea in her own empire would .be furnish bettor work at ,
aggressive a against their accounts can be acconunodatrd. -
as against the Sclavic' provinces of We draw Exchange on New York,find nil the prominent !.. Iacl p S Till UXDEllSlGNEDtTJUNICfUL Ton TUX Fine-Watohes Solid Silver and
Turktyand Mero intrigues of this. Southern.cities at the lowest rates. i OP baii'l;and will K.-Il at tile Inform patrQnage ths public ext.enaed that bfntockolOROCEIUES to hIm, would respectfully '. '- B-r '- #-a'
kind have been tried in LOWER PRICE Drafts on New York, ore payable at the ]Unnkln M r I U now til '-'.. .
of l
complete fresh
I so long part Europe, House of Jay Cooke & Co. and the best qualltwhidlwill !Plated Wares. .
be sold '
that they would not now of themselves bo entitled Government Drafts % i <*
on Savannah Charleston Wneh I
I to much importance externally, except than any other office in Jacksonville. ington and New York also Dank Drafts, and Ortilieatei; LO IVBS1'.PJ8SIlJLB HATES, LOWEST C'ASlf PRICES.Amon -. E. P. WEBSTES. .. wUich will fuuu""t1i. : .
of Deposit cashed at lowest rates. be jUOLL.ND wforDi
as backed by a new and popular liberal regime woz1i.,respectfully thiI .
Gold, Silver and GOT rumcn Socurieu bought an]I 'C.FRU ,. publtdUra& having bought out the iuttxcst of C.
such incited furore in Letter Heads Ball
as a revolutionary Italy Headings, Bill old. + 4 rND_MEATS, DRIED A.CJnthe2ato5ofCACCob.wlU Wholesale andBLOCB iI U .
la other words mere hopes of restored empire Auction investments are only made III Socuriticof the Uni. ; us*all care and dilijreticc to Riutaln the refutation of
to parted races would not induce a general .uprising Tickets, Programmes,. ted ? tnte'. S'T OVE. fWINDOWS CnGliRTEi},PLUMS, RASPBERRIES: the old stand for Icll.I!. :

of those races to attain nationality if Bills, Hand Bills Circulars. fllltirl"all: ilvltory O. U.Comml MART,.-. 4 GOOD AUTIC'lff IT .t KEASOA'ABlJi PB1GJS, rtggjSt
that should only bring with it a change of despotic C. AND I-10S, .*
Invoices Deeds Cards. doing Qood Work, aad dealing homlnya Curly wIUi f- -
masters. i.CUHUANTS '
< '
Kretnry.W. : all. J JH... would .
4lso state that Iw.has associated I : '
We assume that no one of these struggling i t Bills Lading, 'Receipts. Acting r. COAN Cantk-r., KOl'K, IlUlMKlt} PACKING, OAKUM.I I. I ,. CITHON, JtAIS INS, PEACUi r -: -,/

3 races can hope,to attain permanent ascendencyas -- -- '- ----. wijhhim"James S.: .
a leading power,. unless it possesses. some ; Posters, Law.Blank: I M2AT1IBU. BELTING; '. Doyl t .' .''dV

vital element calculated to 'give, it predominance I Placards, Schedules : i I ES AJTC APPLES c'' ._ who h.u long tutan&Vuh,: rtputitKkA!ot a iupcrior ".-
tenacious national life, and absorption as R.cRAM ; workman, and competent to conduct jrbutnc of this; ..-' .
well as assertion. In the Polish, Hungarian Invitations, FURNITURE." .." .'for kind in all Hs bi-ancbm..W e still rrtain. tM kolq fjtney.Movlon'S a;; ,.It' -. '

and Solavic races theso principles seem to have llailroad and BUCKWHEAT jbR -t .N04. f' 'iJJISA'lfNt6
-Q- -
NC E COUNTY t Gold( Pens
survived effort '
of -/
every, oppression, bondage '
Steamboat.Erining JOEALKB .4-V > -.i w* .. rj* > .'_* & jOt: .*l -: .. '
cruelty and persecution; And therefore appearto IN '; H- ** ?> : ; :1'
in this town.and hliall sadcavor toluep thu Wt aiiiort-: _
fulfill the conditions referred to; ,but the i CROCKERY .' TER.TEAfr CAKES, ** meat of table and oeket.ltUl.ry in.thia. wtlon;- . .; ?,..(4
t difficulties to'be surmounted before any actual FAMILY GROCERIES ? : '. Hoping mertjjlw contlniwd eontt denco and patronage .Lc3r.YOxrz2zff; ..p4.
independence can be attained aro' very' 'great of any required size, und every I ALMONDS, 4LIII 'yAL1Yr-ItlCK.. -.. of old customers and friend*,t ros.--t1funt. .4n .all to: :- -- -- :.fSr
come and locfr Air themselves -
These races are not posaesod of strong anAeU variety of Blanks are printed ina II, I..;3-. t7 ._-c r.; :. nay 30' ..Iy 4.ij.ving. '. 'oJ ...'. "
I -
SfON13VAltE -
established forms of civilization,' and 'thus far PROVISIONS, II ; : 'S

their national! aspirations have failed because of workmanlike style at-thif Qffice.I .-- I ORYFEAUAN NU1F1LBERTtV.i., .w oliO 's i i ClJ At hs fromalrge wr1iuitexIoits.. to. 'kap&auW. :

each Austria deficiencies is perhaps as their these.best The new regime in "-----I-.. -'' _. y"iI'" f. 'i l"? ..iid Ship Stores ; i Kerosene, Lard<&-Lubricating NUTSf irTER# NUTS; PRI1; 'F ,. 4 I ,: 'w i 1Qv .I J
hope at -
presentrd.zu '. .); '
: '
I >
& f-- j.-f : i' k : I .1 ; J" we Ui7d Uid edi pot up for our own imisv'-ri i iMddreM "
t.: :- .' .1vJ" w
----- _:-:'-----._w.-.-.... ; To)suet. vf our' merchants' as 'order ':WhITE t.t PINE LUMBEii, Ir SERVES, QA 7)JF"ir -, '. --' ----1 rri Fsufitit on every pack&ge Wu hays made;=

in New York would I r 'OILS -' t
their ;
IpgbIZi. printing we .SEED.
,.' )WUl4J.S, 0.\1.'. : ,
Saml 3Iaaon ho. retired XrOm the editorial Bay, that we can 611 their prdern inns I i'lQrWji,end 11:111 ah'viyisep, *

.tsA'of cr3 #..V ..t.i4; 4 .f j -- .'. .I'f .. ,".,- ... _I} J : ...1 I, ;,..'..,...t oJ'. ..-.' .,,--- .t' l'l j" l..L a.1..l1 t..i5--tIht1t of.iU iunJs 01 J I .- __'_-_.-T; ___ "- ,'.- !, .. .10 4LtUaAIepskIawd,ovllVif abt a1imAt1.. nl,.wes a fnTltf\-. '

Good '- Style 1 ( FAMILY .' Mw ttenilon an4 fjf o an Intact b 1tt1r'1
Jl letter from-0cala GROCERIES.
wys, we aiv having a Eli Gardens,s.nit .JtiIUllldiQtV: ;s'k'r
K coayuijuy hiin.I'nikf'fot saJe. 1 amI 'abtJ t
plaadid acMon/or both Corn And .C ttii.F4 .. '- .f t 'I -liULESTATE; -. LAMPS WITH 'I'HE PATENT .'Coll owl UCllIli,14J r yourulf and you laltt jstA I prepared to furm ?iMAHBLKKOKJIOKUMEJJTS> *-* lost feceiwl,tha ,n!. Tin2 tor Fairt J"Bt' .ari
blniV abundant and of ox- and ut a very sraall advance on Now j I bd I' cU York ond:would j I 8TONKS.AND .' 1 flifd" 'apcr *. Flat Tl chrnins Vr %SR
prices rospectfully AM l.
43IqudLcAL4Lie&ut1oofaii solicit H SHU 'Jiurner 'I/ld AGEXTVOR -
"tG their orders. I 'Iu."IJUIt'J'. ', L. WORROCK, i iRON Pooo :; ; l .'. I

!11Uk(along; J BOUGHT & SOLD I t the tiitest and best thing out WuoLvsALn A3D UUTAII.OBOCKB, or wruiaUry 1*?,U I\ji", &! c.LvUJC. 1 500 R i tc <-r ,

thnot.orD," announces that be;will rotiffit ." .., ._= ., :,- 13-n'- Bay,'t.Jacksonville, '&. .- IG-tt.. .Jllc6O dle1I'ht[ 600 Sk1rv' -
t l -BY Co lt&.P..i1
M >
d ire tht.no 000
thc5rnt7duriDgA1'nd: t for economy and --- -- ---- _ _
noiAemontrUQs; le. made on.Jut 'arrtralH ,,. If c .' N -- 1 I 000 IC v> 'T .

..afcHfc&n*his recklow intention of taking: 'pJo.mi'1Ji ]-rnc; L. ..R0BINSON ;. ./q/il.: .'I't- -' 'L N.cTIWALSAVDTG TilE Extent; Weatlou- >!nali itr a ii.l i>ri.all land. 500 "' .Early.York! { 41
I f &with us for salo will K, ; .1t
the ct4.<, Id speak*tnoro tocbntcaUy, (botumr J .II rI\ & t 'ItI6"< .1 .: '.. r' _
< >-againat the mail that took Eichmon I half removed /rouv the old 'stand bu .f 6 < !'tak600 '}. -. '_."

[Phif&1Pbf& Predui. Ocean! street io its' new.and "commodious j REAL b'81'ATB4GE'.N1. i VND TRUST COMPANY. Ad-vcrtised ''GratI -- -*-.tCl..-" .i., 5S.r'Iaf. .'W.r."t.t"."_ #

The Eo iv thit'lbo promises, fitted expressly// its BUltNING FLUID LAMPS I rntI : '*, .._ ngOigng Crrot' ..,-
p pi) B up Tracts of : >v : 306 .1& 'Co ) 1
democrat ll J bci b ttiIl O=;iiTO hada use, in the l| Lands i Branch at Jacksonville, Fla.:, I Florida Real Estate Register- .4001 uU Eoug & !ot Biti '. ..

mooting pursuant ta "orders from the StateS or 60 .1' _":EirF _N, q :':-u: r

S Cczitil QimittczM jxissed.brftIjng',. l. DiHON 'BUILDIN G": 4 4Oil : EVERY DESCRIPTION \Xu. G1LAOBOCERIES:; Xo. BAY :t.aEE'r. .- Ich. will be ecattci M.1d.'al1 rott.rb All th. oJ .
utzoDI r .hich the foliowinj: i 8aof the GOLDEN_I3'

&dYed'That wh1lwp'roogIst tbDJIap.. the South side f 8y tree.' ..}OIl..1f.Lb,, .AT ALL TijlJfS. l &c. Tijs liaiik Uorentnvmt will. purubase S.xs ritl at('(best, rates, Odd, bllve r1 i. NORTHERN STATES. :

P--t- "tpt mt.H J lAOltlIt1lT.LUIlan. 1 14, 1M*. jut W. L. CO.1. ?>,.lf. DETVEV CO., N w FUlaITtmK r..r .1-
I 'r**'. 17 tf Acting Caslilur. Itcal Estate!,&cu. r "
Js.kuua1ttului" }'J l'nida..Junu a 1868. '. Uf" f6&BI f.



-. :.-r -- : -i-- -- .- i-. -

Florida union
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 Material Information
Title: Florida union
Uniform Title: Florida union (Jacksonville, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Weekly union
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 13-63 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.C. Morrill & J.K. Stickney
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: July 9, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1864.
General Note: Publisher: Edward M. Cheney, <1868>.
General Note: Democratic. Cf. Rowell, 1882.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 6 (Sept. 24, 1864).
General Note: Supplements accompany some numbers.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 02707184
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lccn - sn 83016252
System ID: UF00053711:00109
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-r :: / -': -- ,
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9 sf & 'z_ ,lf -. % ,. v M 4 _; 'aarv-Sns iuQa.1 ...., ,,

? : __ _- #* S -mH 4t -
flLoN 11q1LDpe, 13 STLr.i, r ;- ;- .- I
4 a a -
::: T1ONVtLL.. LORIDA, PHtJI1SDAT iui -;' ''i.- I, i1Z0. :

-T3 -. i-I, 'isis iTTlrnrn- .
--- -
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::r : 2 :
-- -
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rFiirC it .
i.ictiw.Ui -- !; rib
: 51. =: -- :-- ;_ .. .. .
Oft1eattftneOtauthorjzj. by.'the Jaw af t'te Forest contrasTed *" -
Citf 'r 5_ : :
atroagly -
>w- ?? t. .- ; *
)S1II1 J
UIIbM. '- r- 4. I alVarjviflT our,national' honor mail Looses and'unprotected streets of Jack 1 ,. v- -' i- ,_ -
nnd fndependeacc. iattt izjjdcitizen4aro sonville.: Change oZ AdltrRtIoDJn FI rlda S -- -5 day a ,
b**Ju4th&Usiix en Ihelight houses from Fort Suzitei't 4 h -' *..k'f J -
aiaEptlt't7a den. titled iorb& pcotecjjcdjn.jiir their rigb'to oCiitifenhip Sii Augustino seemed to gathered-aronnd M: oOv. REm.STo 4AflGT.J -- :- lPzepoiart' fothIf.J

iRz I t Siinta JGm* &dW1tar $ ka'though thi .we&jiathebrnqnd" the beautiful'Sulphjy Spring at Greea'Cavo ** $ On Gav.Ree4ccofvd : '-* %awto'5thw
I L.ckiIL.*?. %. no:citiien, Unftod ? 3uno9Th
A ( pfttho Statcs'VhethcrJiative, ifprcparing tq plunge thekhgokrmntp its w % RieranliI
yihcwp1iOfl.fldSJflZtu I' (
LheJo1IwJng hc from alYerY
,m&ny 4 uurrgtito i J1im.. Denaturalized, imutbo-liable to'iirrestVnd I'mpiwonment pefuttjdwaters for bath ana: frolic. Through' Oov.- f5I bor BOl.tras ir ttme.1.,0n bondred an
OftU1O tii ; Foar--Distr4Holne and \rtbington1Ja1 b/ny tbrcigp jwwer.fot ncts done all these S5onc thfl fltting forms of a" hundred I ?,.. wwJiBTBiKri- tlgns&mLdoflar was apriatt. Tcn.rihte To4-thaynt :

&initgOmta11, Zcb fear .* -" 4.,;i --> : --: Or orda. epoketun thisr cauntry.'jiuHf; "so ars and"fi ftpassongers)and a crew "of-fifty-; mn? -. -S. LLRxl4'r1a., Jql1, isest J8m tbe.nsand do1as t6 ; j- iE.oa; LdersoQttiD: M 3fl1 r'the

kv.'t14C it&ceek1yt'r *' jFiflh Di-.triet-ri5alhoua &iul J-'ran.kliii' J,. !>*' paled wid impruohed, ilTsth jduty of tho ffdv"cpTmentJtcrintorfircTn seemed passing to and frfi tor Jhc weirid piusic of Ills Itrn, ( crne of penmenw m shifting sjaieaf also an appropriav convicted wenju officeL

avtbo aThO.,41WTZE.T Atki s. *> *** <*/ *ire' '' theif behaft V; MnU rf8.band,- making ionfueiort worso conto'unded #}lorula.. lion was made,for surveying ihV'Oichittfnd -t'r fot Albany to serv*out. I om43I*

wflVtc tsnc'cry Sixth District-Gadsdenv"J.' .E. 'Av Davidson? Tenth. Of,'alLVho wero faithful in 3hc trials"; by dwjointea-scJaps ortheiri-convcr&a- '4- 5a- 5 5 -- 4 AVhftej-ivm m.Arkaasas? The bilCwas concluded k P ; -: 1'

at Sevaatli DIstri t.TAbchv.n'zd:-WAkullan J. ; :o thclate vaTj hcTp'woro pone entitled toinoroepeciaUhonor tions for five days ** ** '*$ : have this menuftt received an order' ) ,"bnt without definite action adjourned.-i a&xFaA8c3co,. J 29.-.T sS w
Ls Crawford. thaathe) brave eoldjerV'iCnd \\f Such''arellnc from Gf-Meado to Surrender tho Govcmnienfof In th'e, Senate, tlio bill pro\idinj when I ciwisi flrms'lusiend *
'SBbacnpUon price ?5.50'por unnnin.. V ] spa- gcnJpraV inipixebious produced ty ; any ta arrived' trout j. !
men who end tired "1 he the State to you, ami*I anreadyrqo m-k tho Stnte-was-! arnjgryfct tntTest bonda keM'hi '
nws *i-flt1i waued eceThi1Y Eighth District-Loon, Chas. Hi Pearcc. fJ'Nintn campaignandxinise faa xcurstoo to Florida-and we hareiioj.om red Yokohamt to th.41jkajJo '1
ThVlEbLT morning.hum' : District Jefferson,Itobt.. Meaeham-n -- and imperilled their lives in th > bervjco.of -, to-! ay for further dtai1amany .- JTheroi"r Ili6wovcr/ irrender call accordmgly. : \ ,. trust, the Federal' Government shall without half of hit prirate--territory and 'nary and- uattken
the country'? the bounties and : that Please at tho'Executiv oth.0. oion-jy- due said. StatoPaued., S
Tenth District-Madisdn,tMinon TV atzonberg. ; pensions7 Ihbgs arq seen and-he'ard on.such a ; 6f humility Zqft o* Aotrfofc3fti
f oui subscrlbonT who now taU 'the tEl venj.b District -Hamiiton nnd. Snwanneo, 1Jl 1 provided* by* law for the bra'o'defenders of ihe- Yoyago that are wortbYiitTng'about: -in detail, j. Your;-, YnOt respectfully TheCivil propatir4ilt was resumed. Tbsfli5tish-MInletot! Desenbd'eai _

1fuy 4lire*> to take' aenu-wocklr instead, I : 11., Underwood." i nation are obligations riever tobo forgotten { aud'which-whanVwrittenr be, worth the.reading. (Signed.) D. WALsyn.. night BCSJHOU wru ordered. Adjou/ned/*

wc klr, the* maU"ai BBrcncc Jn Hbe euLnption Twelfth listit-1attiyctt and Ta1er> J. th6"widovva- aittljorplians of tfte galjantdead are -Of eour&fcvery>bodywlw> can ehotddgo 1'l'0fl1V.iPt oflhis communication,-' GoV.ITucdat' ; The Senate contirnvxl Admiral Dahlgrcir as" _
> 0 pay '.. the ivu'.1sof the Vacrud and thes5 Chief of the OrQAanca rfurtau.
they people -a : 1quiathed Jcarn tbjngsTor himself .
and harelhoir namos tfai fcrroil 'aeylYi JKrimmingef.. legacy ?- ; but many [ on v repaired to tho Executive office iri -
.- :a Thirteenth Distriot7-Alacliu" ID tho riivtion's protecting.CJIT; cannot, and uiany7ngain prefer knowing what tiib S -The lleflcicn y.bifl reporfedlo. the Hoaro to- r The JIWossarnth,
1' 1t.
.ordhigt7. lwvy-; j Capitol, filgil9, and wjisxecrivqcl by Governor day *
aim lo roaVotht somiwcaly UMOXa JunkidaJi iEZ fonth. Foieign miirraUon'wuJchiin the they anrgoy fof.lbefqre they (JA. ,F ,r- the appropriate* five hundred and' twenty thou-1 M mterjenng too much-pirlth "lampofil
shall newspaperworthy'of Ihojmprotod J FourteenthbistrietColnmbia- : ;A. A. Knight past has ttdded so tnuch. o. tho-w with, develop. benefit of such persons- shnll Endeavour togivo Walker, tHftimlysiCncsscs) ptibf'hl'leingIIon.Illwnort sand dollars' fa reconstruclio'a ursca. and unless herestrains'nitnaalf tiiiiTrkillcall ( ?'

rtliftW11"1161 busineM*ptioepoGte Jacksonville, and .-- Fifteenth 1)istrkt-BrWford. and Clay W,, T.Weeks. ; ment of rcsonrces anti increase )! owcrjtovtlw Unreal eorae:dcscription t tSayannah, *. f'lant of Key Wesf lnd Captf M ''Vgreat many delegates to' the -Derti rietc on niav tcrabctleata.Th .- < ?, '
&. nation, the asylurn'of the oppicssod' all out afld'IiiL Convention are horcK nearly alltjf whom -riidted .fighting continued within
OMidition'of our State,'and thall __ jiationa seine eji Martin, of Tallaha-sce, wb.b chanced ttJ ,impronng inks publication neaMtrr Sixteenth1MstrZt-Bak&id Nassaullobt" should bu fofitcr .l aiid. ncuut-agfd by a rival; albo of4untat waj beautiful 4luit thB'resiaent t -. 't YohoLama.q 4' \*i. ,-

>par*no labor or tho ecpcnw requirement* of our fooding; M. Smith: .: liberal and just polky.Tw'elfth. ? a little boy on board of ewne six Summers askjud bpon GOrnurWt1kr Just* prpvious to *'%WA UISOTO-T, Juue 30 Senate.-The i resoi- 5;'TEb KiOff of the-Sandwich, UUajta thtSSlfoti.ItiS

t. meet d working patnio. '!k -n.. -Seventeenth Distnot-$it 4olui and r PuUi.iui; .- This Coiivention declaros itaH m- his father .that was the placo they got Governor Ree's:entrance. I ton of the Texas Becdnetr ction'Cxrr ittion to. hoist the British flag if the United 6tatsfdutnrts -
ASntlnir *
w'aUontam a all matter.of4nportanco or fi.jV.JM.oraguj.-u ? i_ kathy_with.__ all. the oppressed people "nhiuh ufo iafnbpwsffom,'. aUo fSt. M arj's liivcT and Attor'th titstomary salutation between the nairating tho disorders an* .murders"' in that hit dominions* 'i* f* '41 .,

ut.eret tOX i the iI.wcc1ly. : Eighteenth Distrfa-Duval; Win. BradwulLJSinctecnthDisUictr The o following o resolutions 4. -were- oncroa uy town: FernaudinSgFort< Uinch__of St. two di-jrafuries, Governor.Kecd remarked *that State waOt-fmed to the Blilliary" Committeo *

p' rata.. :4Iflit4d witli Marion,J. ll/Xioss. with forcsU), TjuTdestined eoon to1"*} txvercd The credentials of Thomas A. Oaborne as
our're3 low advertising General"Carl Schuns, and_ ndopletl an paitof he had received the sniawar itotatfetvrrftei' .&y&Y
1ug circulation: (the larpt in'thc State,) Twentieth District--Voluiia and OraTnge, Ar- 'thoforegoing ptatform :' with orange groves many of which niWS1 cojnmmiitfati< ,ofGovenor'WalkerabovcTquotednnd Senator fr twu Florida was referred' -by a vole S of and.is the guest of-Lbnl .Ly as.11e.*IIL:

e1T Uio UMO> flAo very best advertiiunff- tbuiDiun- -'- .JfeMfrnf/That we highly commend the spirit ready been planted,iho towns of Jacksonville ; that if"agioeable to 33 to *. v created a Peer Afjbis return 10S

Lakes aiom which our merchants can select fSS Twenty-first 1'istrid--1)addand1lrevard* ,"W. fmagnanimityiitidforbearance with -wliichtuwTncn' and Palfttka, aud their steadily Increasing trade, ecutivuVbfficV itifrWCnarcd to rcmov-o d the* Ex- ;JXh? civil appropriation resumed and diaeusscd '-i: :;: '

1868. -J; II. Hunt. :- > .. -. who* Lavo eerved in tbe i-obellion, butnow the Sulphur Springs of Ureen Covo and 11ibrn- Walker! 'replied that ho was* ready "aVTfiiWit to adjoarntnntiN -
__ "Twcnty-sucoui Hei* Th. edontIals of f S
__ DibtricV-3llill'iboivtind ia rcpresenUtfvcTtvbiendmont
----- :frankly'and'h&ncstly with us in vhoso'health-giviog waters havo performed i -
-- -- uandd C.'K.- make a formal Ifansfcrofbis office, andifl rim 1tvcr anu icisittzconvencd.&t
Moblej- the/peaco of this and uiifaculous -cuiea-also oh Picolata the ,St ; i"r .k -
restoring -
country roconstruetidg
The Cash yItm. Twonty-thirJ Distikt.-Stuiilor and Polk and taking GovoTnor llced ail cting the Sontby was raiied,
-p i the Southern state governments John's-terminus of the St. Augustine road coidiaUy by-the hand "v theiCoI
Xhw experience of newspapers, aU the woildtr' W..H. Kendrick;* -: the basis of itnpartiar justice ao l equal rights, also"of St. Augustine itself ; and finally of 4ho addressed him as follows? J andgoestethoSunate.*' The foinCVosolution to-adjoura- to-5.the IStKofJttly P. 3andthou, .
and rtnd Mou-
has proved the neoesbity of adopting Twenty.fourth'Dastriet nt.eu, : received back into the communion of the glorious climate and"wonderKlly> productive
; are GovictllcutI havo tuds'received from vote 91 to 47. iD
( xn
Wo have been Davis. vas pas ed"bya: o -
Ljhoring "cash roe, of Florida.-Chiilftton
to the system. people tindc'favor tho removal of the foil Mercury-
loyal : .
in this office as the i the Major Uonetal.Commanding, Third .Mili- Tho Alaska appropriation wa* taken up, a am1'appro'vedA w -4
resort to it, ,
compelled to 1. disqualifications and icetrittrions imposed upon tar)' District an order to Buriendor to you the night session ordered, and recess taken.

enly t& ofoUprotoctiofl. all cash Hej.ublican. Senators .t.f f .. .. Ib j the late rebel') in. tbe s&unr mcosuro as their ( The Ashley Paosi>natebineo .. government of the ,State ol Floiidac and said A full bat brief Cabinet session was"helJ' toTho The Committtisppoin1od at th I .Zl -.

the expenses Printers of mud a newspaper be paid are every week.extenses Democratic- "*r .-. .., .-. .-. .*. .'j .. .". .. .", _S_ j spirit pf-loyalty *v ill direct, and "also may bevonsistcntwith.thesafot the time when (more than a \or ago) suriondcr is hereby made"accordingly. I deliver day.- t. 4 S held untim/efdning of. t .u, .

credit. Pa- ; ut the loyal people. tho vf to you tho Groat,ifcal of-the Statc, .which is jentinicnls .Southern delegates dive.. aglow 'draught' of an ameudeS c4.rter-ir. hicity4
VTb telegraphassociations, give no ToUil . ., Resulted 'rat'e reogiiiithd >riiu1- dLcortry thebo extraordinary deposits
with all the v great j the emblem j our authority. Permit me,alao, to Hancock's prospects, though thindei-! rui'Xbrforo-Uio Boaritat teat *. 5thititl.y5
article. So princiSl -awtting
is "eaau plea lail dwwii -iu the immortal Dcclaratioti of vii j anhounteil "to the 'publicwo hae Iclt'ui
a *
in to deliver to jim a copy ot l ho.Hoi) Writings, j eurieuttur ChaSe is quito stfwn*. .
Items of th*expense incurred "nmning a .*... .. . S j Inde-pendoiioe AS the true foundation of Democratic : bthf11j.tgrOie1
'' credit in this matter Ikpnblicinm&joitv. strong ejuiiobity to -hear more about them"v If a copy of'the Coiibtitntioii of tho CmteJ States; 8Giank departed we Wciril with hijGdii. 4i
The system ,, :
ijvpap6r. there in reciprocity about .%.$Itnb)3.Alitchtta -. ., goveinineiit, ttud wo_ hail with! gladness what was icportod bo true, then, a jp'gaiitio,. and a .oy vf the Cotistituti-m of the Slate 'Of Bawlins officiatei"during.Gram.'B .absnct.. thtntj
works &U,one way ; every e&ort toward making these principles a Florida that.thfcbe will form chaf\ latirnal W feud; thJBoard" jeerati't'1
Gounlv-8*Harmon, J T. Walls.! ininrt of -wealth has been opened to,the Carolinians tiopiug tour revenue roeeipis iical.yr.mntodaytnouiLts 44
J inch "
of American soiL
living.lealjty on _
tuch i isatv TJ.'Green. j eveiy and compa&s through"tht difficult sea you are to S 193,000,000. : .
to out a system Baker .
The only'way carry .. .. in tho very hour ot their necessity and about The Senate tabled the -
deviate from it.. There can then bo no Bradford, S. F. M. B. Olivai. t := : ::= === -= =:- :-: =z.tiititItpii'jtI :- ; to navigate. Honse"rosolatioa" to'udjourn (Jruvtioii..the report .. twniv *, -
to *
r to' ono ; nor any exception Brevard '* (:Xo cloction.), '. \ A. *o"lallim orAolti Cuiui then, too, .a fertilizer of'cxtraordinary value is Personally, I havo, nothing to ask, oxecpt to the 15th of July,. ,, *,
given any .
ofbnce reasonable mam In this office, Calhoun r Stone. i)'. Suddenly disclosed to the planters ot thcf South, that if it bo consistent Vith your views, you L'otiticsi-day 4o At an absaluto standshll.
takan by any ibsued and WT3. Whitc. S will retain itv&uiservice as eervaut ahd messenger Violent purtfsans oG,various 'candidate Istill tiuua'b unl_ 2Q, which,want IOtLS -.-. *
aceerdinglj'; 01 ders have been aniaouncwnent Clay > .uj notice wnn-j, )..it ifAfconoblccoijt, mcreabe'tHe .
a tifufeiis otVolubia may 4 p.- -
pMiuu productive faithful coloied JiienJ Cook keep thui 'old cimuflfence but -
Henry evutrmp'brtjug 1'Eo
has keen made, that no subsciptjoo 'Columl.ia A-. Erwin, WJV.. Moore- my up cuartcr aa-ameud wajlheft''afprqTedand.
will be received and uo advertisement in Dado Hall. County, iisseinblod at Dunn Luvtoii, capacity of onr landa lo a point that will au honoetrnau-th uoTleatworkoruod' ., circles ub clue can be liad. Pie -issto referred to a committewpf brer, consistiaff '

serted unless p&idfor in advance. Duval -. Y IKScott, Win. Hod c*. Juno( 17thjfhou Slf Cuo. Soul Avas- eletttd partially counterbalance the increased coat nud Wiihing birj) that your 'administrAtion may scorns tootnsideredsogreatas to'biievenwith lfeiueli Jno. C1Xkir13 *

The only exception is in the eau ol rrytunr JlscambiaJ ___:'Vornnm? Pons" **"" Chairman, and J. A. Bostiomj Six-utaiy. Tlie difficulty attending Iho process of cultivation.Hoth .- rcdotind to the prosperity aud glory of our be- :. the sporting fraternity' ofJ.'J wjth''iri -

having monthly bilL As legards Franklin.llancy.. f tnese lojod State, and 'oiq ovvn honor,,! 'thake you *WibniitGTOK, July 1,- Swale---Mr- Trum- trnctfona adopt
advertisers it would be inconvenient and almost impracticable ', Gadsdcu I.Ji.: Stearns, 1i 4 d IfliL i meeting adopted the following priamH and I Considerations are too important to cordiallyby the haud, withdraw, and Iwave bull spoko against the bill excluding tho South- niafkeoi ebly irijfavvt
there fail of interest *
: awakening a profound intelligent
__.:__ i resolutions. among j' d"'in pos8cssionjof, governaiont. States froua fhe'electoral
to require payment of every advertisement : Hamilton Cheshire. JHemando ,readers. : : era collego"and move- to the attenlicn

as handed in. With regard to occasional ** S. J. Pcarce -. !I' WjiEEtA Iho dcdupmuit oi tLt '-a.,t usric alI Our friend and neighbor," Mr. S. X Outtin \Vhile'malang'lno pidiial.ruest embodied ed to strike from,"the bill Florida and Arkaniaa. ) )

advertisers, however, there is no exception Hillfiborouijli Chas. Moore. 1 I l.ural resources of this county u> iatimatoly tonnccted having\vithin a few,hours returned from a -, I in his brief addiess, CUivurnor"Walker ivad'isi- Na action, as taken. The coiiijidemtion of Lirtua -iplrodncod to ifio
made. It would be invidious to make any, Holmes Thos.'Pitman. with every.intei cut of every citi2c-u of 5 obstivation of Ihesu depotita, tho facts peraonal below bly.afibctcd The remamder of the address the civil appropriation bill was"resumed. ,

while, by? adhering to a uniform system, wo Jackson E. Fortune, J. W. L. Jenkins | whatever occupation; and whensio, this develop aro gleaned from conversation with him* Mr. Sherman withdrew the funding' bill iVeKdont/amiprcsoilted thcu
occasion complaint I fan Jesse 'Ivobinson/ mont may bogie.itly piouiotcd )by was delivered in. a quiet, kind'1niosr informal th&Eck91iOtdt *
avoid giving any co-ojicrutive T he deposits in question are iu tho tido-watcr which Lc had offered au'ainfendment-, .
subscription is refused, it i is not 1ejrvi-soii J. M. PowellAtithuny organizations foi-lio purpot>c of inducing a lar- ; unusual similsr .
advertisement or I bottojns of the Ashley,Cooper and Stono rivers, stylo, quite on oecaMOiw.GovernorKeod 1Tcac.-Thc House had. under consideration : Chittaheochel S 5-
from doubt of its payment by the offerer, Mi11s.1ki3j. Thompson i[ gcr and ino'ip rapid immigration, of prutvcting I and wetboull not be jOn "
any surprised they underlie ,, having received thu.tiicat l.hoAlasa appropriation bil 'Wasblurne; -notion the.Board,.adjourned. ..
of making the rule absolutely Lafiette J.Vr.Kuene.Ijeon :und assisting new bcttleis ol and .
but from the necessity ; collecting SS
uniform.-Xctilt Jltguter. ;-. .NoahGraham, B. Liv.'ng6ton.Robt. -I disbursing jf.liinlo and bcvda with thu nit jelia a largo of portion South Caiclina.ot thecoast?It and sknown sea island ro- Seal,as the emblem of h.1s office- together with of Wisonsiu the oppbsoi1 eHoct'any Tho ipproprtatfon to EVA.nsfc ''"mijfpjj *

The above article has been pretty extonsivel) Cox, R. Wells., ''- blu infoiraation as to, tlie natuie ot our \atk>usl gious that they abound in MjuTal wiaarc uiilea certainly of ttrlitoiy the copy o? the Holy Writings ard thu Constitution carry 18, that a treaty vote.into"will bo/ taken nderstauding on Thursday Secretary,
copied and the "cash system" adopted by our : Lovj- W. Itogera. l boils, aud the Jjett and uiost profitable crops and and new evidences of thtir existence and of the United States audf the State of weekTh5,- *
forcibly explain Liberty,. \Bradwdl.. iiioded of cultutu adopted thucto f' -
Wo cannot more I ; impioving S
exchanges. 1 tire -
extent dailydeveloped Florida referred to his President has relieved Gou McDowell
by predecessor as
: fitly 2'
than the arti- Madison U. "W. BogueAllivd OHanatoe -<- and stimulating agriculturuin cou\fiicnt
Involved copying
by .
the U;principle and as it meets the necessities ol pur case good:. i way, and of -ui.itin,; with othci cvuy count); atiil out In ut tho thu.burface legions vxptoredthev, and frequently found crop his chart and compass, replied d follows; District.kom the command bf tho Fourth' Military Tliu p'rcsant, conation; afB utAt H U V*
aioeommonly Ho is'orderaTto without .
of the ; "' T4. D. Green. I estate; associations and wbwieaVU report ncsatialACtory.to comnwfce an4 trio1*,Ibal;I BjsW
fullr as it does that llfffista\ we : istleijiablyj GovmorSValker, Iri accepting from
quite as i jour
fctiat i liutn ono to two oi more feet in thickness, to tho Way Department: Gen>GUlom BUcceed* >_ trt KA.rnifnntunl TV>>h3r&ctro rf. titapeople
the ind rigidly enforce Marion K. J< Harris, Johu opson. in/lhu-fonnati'Ju of.a County AgiionHiuxlAtbucialioii hands the transfer: of this 1 trust allow bxditab1a
shall also adopt system, j j dipping horn the Surface to eight ur'thorefri't lu'gh me JIcDowoll in command of the Tonrth ..Dustrfct.I ."- ''Kanavtf
it.* la tbe present condition of affairs, doing *-' : ," -,- ,-as large "an1 l important H itpiCiCut j below it---- eicuilly) lho depobit is from to to return'my hearty thanks fur the uniformconrttsy : is
almost to doing it Monroe : Filer. ** liuu; "possibd"! bc'obfainoJ tj-ivr\luiu > one 'Northern 'wiriTn. capital, and bolero t..v
wk on cndttjs equivalent ? a : to (cit. Uilow this deposit is a boli'l betl ofinar. and personal conduct under the ascreia. :
Jar nothing; and hereafter subscriptions to '' Nassau. / /* -- Delaney .. '- j. S Jlaolrtd, rhiiwo\ now rCa! t tdfurm an tions and trying circumstances in. jwliich- we CiSczNx.It: July* l.jTluj ThfrtGuUh -Disti'ict S earner,,will in:al*probiiilify 1w &Asfsnifkant 'cz1I&-Th

dadvertisement trittw"# *,.and all job -'Orange, '" J- Stewart,+\ Agiiifulluial A&t>
work done In this establish- ment- ,".must, be -Lhdews. 'F' 1WJohnMoauley.: T 8cl-- and tEalvaIl lUb people of thq?touuty; ol ;natuieagej'be'regpdtfaUy'Jnvitedlii'join. Thry are simply 1 a collection and conglomerate kind manner and expressions on this occasion.: Ohio, jcstculay. noniinatttl Ge-orgt qeld A. Morgan iu the Unitcu ot tea aair.'wbnth.aeth--,wuo nooguaa

-. 1'utianis-:7: fO.-E. -Austin v : .- 'I"hat the of bones in various conditions-some perfect in If I shall 1.ioas- fortunate in sustaining thy for a* authority on Haytien
---- 4- San a;E6sa JJ\VV ButlerSt hi'. have been Congre-1' uiationiwhich greeted the.new guvwnmeji*@oij-:
of this
slkifoas when they f ) filled their fuiuxtions responsibilities position as yon
( original .
HEA.DQ'T>, THIHB;.MILTTART DISTRICT, }. John'a Patio Dunham. '! the name of the'proposed member,and.conform- iu the living animal, and others solidified and shall bo permitted to retire"with as much itontlicru A'ewc.OKLEAXS reached our thores, u justified and the by action the npriaiag of ia oi.! t
SumterJbsiah Lcc.'* ity to such regulations as the Association honor and I shall bo satisfied. With NEW June 29.-Another bipuad of the negro republicans
(Dw'x or Oi aciJL, FLOKIDA &ALABAMA,) > m.iy ii\ bt'iiiy masses, solter, however, than gypsum, respect, sinct his inuguratkiLohas ton
ATLANTA, GEO.: ,, June 26, 1868 ) Sawonneo Thos. Urquharl. J adopt. and etill retaining in the mess (like what is call your touching personal request, it will give me supposed filibusters, abouteighty, were captured false ton's oath the
J. A. J. Cruicf.Volusia I Rtb'I' at Tht whatever ulca and and Fort true to his instincts and ;
Fort to
Taylor < i i emulations ed pii'JJin etone) mote or leti tho forms and pleasure to comply ; and 1 shall ever welcome near Livingston, brought
Circular. W. B. Wnteon. the Aiaocktion may adopt, anti whate\cr olliIcc'rb outlimsof the innumiTable bonn contubutionst your counsel and your friendly co-opeiation in Jackson. But two among them are apparently brutal leader of a barbarous faction, ha AM

Penonahaving claims'against the&construction \Vakullaflostik.. IUHV be chosen, considered provisional, 'f t wlikh thpy are mnijioied the interest of the State which you have so long : exercising any authority, and the majority are kept no promise which conflicted with!bis hpp wHence
/and of the Third ililitaty District, are Walton D. McKinmm. until the I to-day he i ia defied br uunrgenu scatterou -
the sutlicicnt loaded with
j jK-opIo county have oj)- j 'Ihesu hones are ot all hortu-known and i and bo faithfully served. Mexican:), A small lugger, provisions
no&fied that their accounts must bo unknown bf thor East, and5-
hereby presented Washington E. P. Mtlvin.bl'HM portunity to by informed ot our action, and to land and marine. Iu ictiiing from the oflico which you have was also captured, but no arms cxc GptColt's throughout the communes
They not diuI
for payment to Major E. D. Judd, U. S. only confronted by 'organized rebellioa eneapsi1,,,
join the Association; and until a ptrmcnant; or- close all the formations held with so much honor to yonrs-elfand satisfaction I revolvers. Tho prisoners assert they are "
ot the
Army, DubursJDg officer of the civil fund, Atlanta : VKt 1 I oa monI within of his exccotito mansion. ,
; sight
ginjjutioa IKJ formed. the State Sir of peaceable citizens, intrnt a legitimate object
btciS ol the present day, but those also of the to accept, assurances my upon '
S Georgia; on or before August 15, 18G8 I The noble of Milton:'when h
; impatience
llopuLlican uiLinburs of the .setnb1) i monsters of
after which date the books of the office will be Democratic ... 15 bo authoii i to .-i\u and an The conelarea of the Order ol "Sev elated that he would aa soon-chronicle the eootesta '
j< roc names record diluvian pieadamitic which and most sincere desire for future prosperity buprcme
olosed ,.ndth. funds hand turned j or age, modern sci- my the battles
remaining on I of swarm of kite and crows aa
the members of Men the tribunal u
same as the Association, and en Wise being highest of
and research have happim.sTho -
into the Treasury of Uw United States. Total -V2 and that the whose shall I cnce brought to light. And, that order annual sessionin of the early Saxons has been repeated itf T
pcrbons present nimcs human bones hao retiring Governor then introduced to are now holding an
curiously enough, been found
These making application for out of j moderate writers with reference
payment La\o been thus reeuidr-d, j rocc<- depobit, as as implements of
this road In the date stated revolationists.
above American
cubbtquent j and South. -
I eIUb1 k:tn tiajvi'ity .- -2in orjatii/ation, L\ the election of a 1'iuai- the letter to continue to session will bo prolonged. to -
btunc and fcimilarto those in were requested by exorcKo -
pottery, u 'o
will be referred to ilte Court of Claims fur scttltaidnt. | among Haj ti has been iupposcdt to be a asiaaturo -
dent, \ije-l'icaideuls, two cictaiies and the lu-callcd aborigines. 'AV'o have examined the functions of their ofliec.-? until the appointment Xiv OKH.ANN July 1.-This morning be- .of
By order of Major} General ME.u11 1.epti11icaiis; both bran -)luDciii -.< . . a 1'reeurand that thou yilictis appoint a ] sorno intcici-tiiijj spfcinnnii of the uniuial lyrics of their successors, and thu qmVtlv fore the hours for the sisst-mbling of the Legislature 3Ibxico and,aa"fuuie.changes Yet no eharg. can J
linio and plate lor holding a ni'<-tins for tlio of administration cfteclM. frequent
IL C. Dnrv A. A. t'. ) unjuat Uaytien independence,
nant oiganizationand i-cwnt In t Im onid meeting
j of tho c\tnt i.uJ for service occupied Lafayette -
C. :lLAUUAHLJ!: f-poken cliaactci cava.ry prepared bl odywar,condtOothl5
liopubliuiii uiojunty tin (itint btllii '!0 a Constitution and icgulati'ins !<>r tho government these great deposits, we come now to their value Square, and two companies of the First long'aiid
A. A. A. G., Sub District of riuri ((4) L-nc-net. A'J aa a lertili/cr, and hero, fortunately, we lan j OGATA, June 29, 1803.J Infantry, commanded by CapL ;YeIo, occupied th most cruel rigor wajrn.cojnfaBoifftiJJOthereprcseijtatiVes -

1 ho$ IlallUbVU..' luMVi.I.io I UICUIbers i bpcalw[ hoiu un actual ana 1\sis by the I tatoGuI the sidewalk fronting tho.Mcrcantile 'Institute, oO'rance.1 DessaSno wu

Hancock and Stiuttoii.lu Republican Platform. of the .\sCAiationj : I olojjist ot Ma>oachubtits! -a very hcicntific man. J Quito a little muss occnrred here toilay beI A large body of police were on duly in and made Emperor by acclamttiunj

the culumns of Democratic 1 Ho found, in ono) hundictl i-f this lone- around the building. Xo.cnwas allowed to
every iu.paparin \\ t'.vccn a citizen and a sergeant of Co. C, 7th U. aiwl was slain by
the'countiy which eontains the name lije Nationtil Republican parly of1L j anted j A. A- Hovt t, S. Wimple.. .f.' II lovvlur.J.j i, phosphate, ittluccd t to powder I S. rather approach who could not give account of their The despot-rthjtnd Soath therfe poa

of Gen. Wf SMlancotk as a candidate fur tatod embcd] in National Coinuitkm in the j 11 3Iolltjji, (iLl. Souk, Jaiu.a A. Sjence, I 1Ioi.tirito.L uraui. i Infantry. gentleman imprudent- business. Appearances indicating that trouble pendent government and .rcmameU atqStnUtth

PreiUtfit wo read the most bitter attack of the 20th of May lt$GS I !I'IIIL. .. .MIj 1 ly took the sergeant to task concerning his ao- i was expected. CoL Gentry and Gen. Xeill, of in2L-
on city Chicago on ,jn1c .Ioi i iuli l is, I... A. I yeL., J. .% lJutriiiV.. j U Iie-Jillurl'illKM-f HI (;iOuijii j btlam'udr Borer
Edwin 31. Stanton, lat Secretary of war. llaii- I ] :itu ol linn;.... .on tion in an affair which had occnrmi sometime I Gen. Buchanan's staff were also present to"
the following declaration of principles: W. Koss, J M. ILac1c! *, M. II. Daukh, W. I s.iits.--: .........4.1)ni i He sutcc rJ-wUhout Wobdahod
ockis Senate called to order at
eourso ondoruod for thy President by .,. previous and the naturs-lly of a-e- Tho was a quarter state by3b 'Oeatluot P.tioojQPreswTcwt
being eHajraM
"nl HiI" I I'lHi-vi lli.WI I ; cant
tiia jeurnalisU >fho thus denounce Stanton, liiatVe congratulate tho country on tho Abbee, 15.: A McDanitl) Jas I I'ndeihilV Gcu. ). little Cci past 12 o'clock. But lew Democrats were pre ofTther South,aadlhtr suicide of(aijtophc --

beoauw be [Hancock] is believed to bo a man assured &UCCCSH of tho KdousfrntiuaiproJuet of Saul, Cailiile1, Ji J-A Alali- *.*-- JE. s 1)o.eq) I ligerant disposition, very was required souL .Tho roll of those members only who took King of.thfiJift '.

ofjustic and judgment, whose opinion arc as Congress as evincul Ly the adc.ptioti in a nja- if. Chcilcy, eilitol l>l *f.uliu1Z.titiual. : ,, b it will:be otcii that mono him JicJ {.aits, 1 stir up a fuss, the result of which was: th b rgeant the" felt"oath, including Campbell, who was had ni, ffc'Uiaurone tnIo,4g 21 tlli timBgyi -
pachirorthyjof respect as are his acts descrv jority of tho States,ktol 'in robtllion of Conetitutions vvustlectcd licewrdin to this anal}bis, all but 1S.40 are thr received a severe flcwh wound with a knilcin (bOated ye&terdajwas.called. iipowr forjwiity- .

iat of honor.- During the war, with thy same becuriiig equal tnil* And.political rights honorai v lucmbeu :- lnbt fertilizing lubstauic Known fur the pcinianuit tho rear of his left erar-ula, an,
Demooratitijouriialists, the name of'SUntonwai to; all, and rt-gard- oa the duty ot the Go\crn- 15'beted lollQ'wius cfnecr* vuC un iiiin. :- )iinioveiriuit ot lainl, and the whol h.ib a ballet holes which d&abfed I oath. 'S 'eaLnioiios were ofibred, grant-reforms., ThnUa! >, u J# VK%
sustain these institution and- to ; | party' two infiruly hen called ktteritiou.lu attido-.liQ ol
syniwymous with tyrant. lie was likened merit to prevent S smaller proportion of -Uifhss niattti than any u -Lyuct ui the 1I3UI4* jTOVBtrr

toJJohuspterre; irt co1d.hoart.dforocjty ; loam the people of buch Stat( *hum'bung* emitted toa'ctate \ ;rrebiditV.. -\sVliu- VieI'rithut- ,'j fertilizer yet prodn ul.. 'Ihe piM] lion ut pljoephato his right bhouldor and Ion-aim. the Constitu'ion, which states that no"action 6f Lnuthrng-dijc4itahle mentjn.3Hiyb. i- Cfct vt'""fll| A

3t nn Uoody Tehomuucr. At the New of anarchy, in fresh b-inca ia but little over *iitpir As this was merely a |>citonal quarrel, it is any knch1ri te taken Jby the Legislatufo until Dorjiisbe tuarr.ai4icationthe iwi

ngl11 Society dinner in Xew York, Dcceuibei22t otxnd. Tho guarantca l>y Congress ot w ual i GcoSaul, Joseph Unduhill, Carlisle, Jr.|-I| cunt., while thisi'et ilo vn at 81.GO. A &..tm.I important to know h/J s ria-k firht." andthrtbevnied >' it bad *ction"u{>on -the Fourteenth Ameudmeut -tout tjtLs PrICflt 4W
18C5 Oeneral Hancock to all loyfU riou it the South was demanded I jaiill Goo Noule Sccittatiei, J. II. Fowler and bono which this *?
made a speecu, suffrage I pie of the Hour Ironi an a.sio! ; I i of"wh.oiadiedtwVolficrs ach tdtut *, (
be about ,
wjuchwai printed with all thu other proceedings by every consideration pt public safety, I J. A. Bostrom. Ti asuia-, S. 1'. Wimple. was made, was sluivvit to the writer. It is of a Tho Committee on'Election Credentials"ere ,each of tf utorthe

ol tlw oocanion in the herald uf f the fol- of cratitudt. and of fu.tfcv, and must bo maintained salmon color, as fine a& wheat Hum, and w>j to swear in favor of iuj as the other. discharged on motion.of"Mr. Ray, in order that prQmLJy?! 1; .fTTi. It voted: that the lauit ot thc Liu 14JiUQnt
wi8 county
lowing 'day. We append an extract fiim while the question of suffraRO in all the wish all our plontc-is hail five hundittl ton of f itapicee. It-is generally supposed; lhat thwseiutiant had a new one should be appointed, on which the aawaa they had lost ,th vpeopl YnMe
Hancock's States btlonga to lh poopl of especially invited to attend thr noxt meeting, Democratic aide- should be represented. The
romarkl : loyal properly a few drinks aVnf "that's ir. Whiskey w The sama ijoliey%"afcit.ittad*.i ranilia

"Macb credit has been gi vtn to the army, andpraise these States. and jim tho Ab&ociatioii. Hero, then, is an almost unlimilrd ijuantity I Iof always to blainu ; >iie>* will bell whiok-y soldiers Legislature then adjourned. Pierce and JamesrBuchananrtBacandidates

without stiflt has been accorded by a I 'fliird."e deiiounw; all ioiiiis of rputli 'Moved,-'that when this iriovting adjoutii it.j this puro bone-1husj.hato-iinnteziso J<.) ,M'Uof and sutdurs: .villdiink -4 Thu House permanently organized by the of tho slava power ilocted F-au-Kd SoalouqlteMoffice.

jrateful people to its generals. Wo have had !.tiou as a national crime, and tho national-honor. meet Hlvi-r 13itch Halifar liver, it within a stonc'dthiow ol navigation-lobe Issue a halt-gill-ia'ion' of s'1'rg *'* '*ne 8'ldicrs loction of Charles W. Lowell,white as Speak- .- 'U a5l3bl: < lw h teppowdt4i(.

many pttoriLi, among whom the honors ho requires"the payment of tho public indebtedness :adjourn to at excavated with far grcatei ease than any miijo- and sailors and fine a dealer bve hundred wr.'a> f. bility f ciaractw, but ha dint41uacI.

fcB divided, and who e fame will live in more in'the utmost good faith to all creditors homo bu the itkof Juh rat coal in the country-bo sviUntd by tioiu.as dollars for selling liquor to thmuzidor aupiv-, Ihe House adopted joint 'ucsolution ratifying tort, a1 knot of shrewd 5- .

muring *ona thin in vroaths f laurel ;* but and abroad; not only acceding tt>"tho letter, Moved -that the pruecedinji: ol tins uitiii1JtiljSh(1 to bo roJucuJ to flOur, with holt the trouble Arid I tence"and; we" ought haj'a1.catreublaaniengt the Fourteenth Amendment-yeas, p7 ; tempting tcTdeposa -biin; dIuoveedtbat.tba

daring the period of our greatest perils \vo have bnt-lho spirit of tho law under* \yhich.- it w-3.8 con1traded. 3.2the J'lvfiAt Vtrio.:,. ex[>cnboof fics.h bones-a great deal bolter as I Ibhown m OCAL.V. nays,3. S had "taught.a Tartw." He ww eLeted Em-

fjnisterofWar, and during his : .. S- \>y analyfli -bunoundeJ by cheap fuel, A rowlution waj offered by W, Pope Noble, :by thodemocratiopart3rwignoa U7* st-ai

on .pubstantial vi
c (mo who. has'been unequaled Inwnushingthomesuniofwarand that"taxation should bo c-qualial and rvducud .1. A.: Bos iuo'r, cUnSCii-VCVu thru over sucKcAtiaordinaryconditiorib The CHailcBton, Dally 3ws publishwb a'fiill ing that tiWroll ot*, membjeri AS .returned by ly expelled by lhaiiberala.updwr tBn 1 load of

placing them as rapidly ad national facility will permit. -- lor the product ion'cf_ ih invaluable abstract of the of General Scott, Governor 'General Buchaaau U> called, and that memWsshduTd Ueatral Geffrirf, who"suaweAjd. h&nu sa Preti

w the hands of our generals ; ono who rivaled Fifth. The national debt, wntracted a3 it' Florid*. tVrtilizor at a low pi Lorw>Was thcic cvtr a dis- elect,-to be message presented at the mating the. qualify*whether their seats were contest dent-ottaflier with the titM OJIYntIdeat&ideioyu& -
cinot niiU has the prcs6rvatiba.of the Union for inudo fi aught with : It d or-jiot Tabled. nine
That is acoordud tu himur beonjtor '* COVIZ) gruntcr p/rouiibe- General Sc huseetsIc1or! egfcte
: i one who never faltered,however dirk pro:1aMion all tune to tome, should bo extended over A fair.priJodcfoi "Just U> tliink:, l dual ked lh*. hsciiiatingMrs. will build up Ctiarlcaton, and it will prove of al- new Lc Immediate itdatura on Monday for next the Jt- Cilt was resolved bytha-1iopu that noab dis- ** -5- "

rhi how. And shall wo not honor him? I know :- redemption, j/id jt 14 .tbs duty ofCongress .--, "Wo have only been gone fivo j inoat iiicaleulabli) Ixjiielit to tfiy vviiolo, South- urge*of the State provisions debt," o that at a future extinspisbment .time qualified by the Fdnrtflntit Amondmeut or artitle' For*-tbo, samareaso tBat Boer was'4spos.4.LM J.welljrt J.
him I reduce the of i* thereon days and how much we have soen.VJy it setmsraolike tu be generous and mindful ot faithful to rate jffcrel particularly to the Atlantic States. In imprpt. 'new loans ba effected at lower rateo. HB for personal ostona 'tUta&wU
eric*:. Among the people L predict 'in- ; whenever it can hones Yly \>e done. a'tnonth. ? ing tho ic-aultS otour aricultyro, it will impart may taxation contested sboiiid.lM! allawed to take their seats. tG aW1tC. '
and ,
an Iti in.theii1OV'housh j advises rigid equitable 1
That the toJiminfjb our 1.ir lady yrhu epoku vv-uu tauding and economy It t iri statutTaufhoritatively thai the application- L
gating pride popularity in his favor and Sixth. jeat policy I now uloMiijty vigor to eViwy- inturebt and of the accrued tweiey' looing the.favor 4 thprcz-
: the
rJJl/u to regular payment
J. he will one f thoso whom the country I burden of debt i is v> to improve ourxirodit that'wpitajisUwSU afternoon of tjeetatiih) ua vf the leccnt : occupation, to that all will bo llio! richer for this and coming due interest He says"no obligations for the preseilctf of-the. military to-day, was O party-without-Saining populantjr1' with

n1 delit1o It0nor' Edwin M. Stanfon,wrrtary ssjfc to loan ud.money at lower i the ft i'lorida jpf.intflast inQ hcr-rtujaik ay niol with-*au 5jcursiort !( grand and extn-dingly curioifs. (Ii8cuyry.-Ju:- of State should bo evaded in regard to"education. made b.x tvfo Stnatois. the rabble.. talnae.the teptv antatitVt>Va

of War, a model for a war minister/inSwmcntpus jatcs pfJiitcrest.tiihii vVuOw'wiy and. mustvoftunnot echo of assent Iwuitbd, lively party thytj I II COIL i-kafMI'i.; S *:,. . :He recommends the establishment TALLAHASSEE, July 1.- Governor ItoeJ received Soulonqu party-i-thtti toadw, .ot.e'ri.thin

times firm, fruit fol of onrceVj t to j,ay soj.Jong*as rcpuuiatioh,4>ar. jal,or j roan Jed Jjynjtlt'wjis' z truthful and a NI % S 4-- --4. of&through system of public schools and that the surrender of the Government of tiu* that barbarous and uncotuoly in ll jbea nla
: '
triotje, wcomiptibUj" ; to him* a-niitloT. )' J 1 tapei. itkat $1tiRectoI. Live remaHi? *.A* (tfiz( l on th lo>x 1ui.pf. IrUh Potatoes."V Congress bo memorialized for.aid, .as, the State I Stato to-day from Governor Walker in com -was uufortunaluly carriod. by .t43eidaJ
?u is dv.. .- t -*- ,. \f V.-'S* "taxation. He General Meaau.t followera into thu pwaidcutial ehir7 &ssposi
S order from
I is too poSTtopaytor'-'theni 'by an.
fltudStite..ho'i@nnYit&e 1-coaSt oit'lho,,lQt or ttruiued our e w t.ditd : bttvojtidl'sccn-u specimen .ol Irish potaLtoo'one .pliancttwth -
Is it on hiTo tjxr* a5'ro 'that tboir i .S vcnLK- that be diversified and the Order No. 62 from showed hi ttuo ebaracteB A r attempting.ta iii-
Gunferal ,
-iJil t4iicttI |fciglitfof W ttl trti p1) bdndtes! uxpaui.fOan ; s half bushel, that exceed anylhingiuthis urges crops urges t According *
Tumo Attopres base tH-efere ccfiw'lIanL -j I : tlot 1LajoL4ntrtHx njjrt on the i-ighui1Iftilic vt.l bounding 'nwaid 1 way that has conic" under observation. passage.ofliws encouraging immigration. Ha Atlanta, dated yeitwilay, mnttaryvXulo :cease* tamo despotic po'werl UcbeUsJU rfi4<0btooOlis
I '
} % > >*tWe& # ,
: M'afcandiJato for 'wsident,1fei Bio e Vi"! ( Andrew as if untidBsf/ihei SUengllir Cn
hIsctJtnIniition of thHtJQCr&tlC ., bpgn. ia'.h.d thy.-. stutniOftnlv rehLAkkt : the very poit wrnie)} bo iid
t Jfja7 J6hoct4113. "Ww'proi'oundn' t licl'oi-o. luiJ.whlcli wa expected! iiotvlro.nli in" Good rich varieties. Sonic of*ta*, Garnet lieu militune advises't&pu1Ereorginlzation and I with the civil law upon any pretext whatever.'' iu Hayti, Low vor,
-q .--_- 4. -Jtbtl1 rra4 ib of Abraham: neijiealh L5nroln and ro- a few lufiirsj wo could not but jeiluJ. ujvm the wuj-iri-7 ounces, or nearly 1 .Ib. Tho Ooodlichis no oatn to be1 required bdt tor support the pic- A*, no appointments nave.boeuju.ide for State easterner qIt-

I "V The new6 -,1id ho aocowiou of JrowJollK8en< to thej gi oa.t.land y'ofjseoiies! :om pi-essl into that nil exceedingly early \luiety, and a sent constitution of thojijtaiv., and county officers, the" present incnaabenl oaqorat I& ,$ .Sou1uijuenowhefrM

try, both North malKan&w; *' tf--t gret PresiuVHicyvlin> ha- acted treaeh0 11*!}' to tho short b[>;u'O oft time Memory brought ti.ebe, beautifully binooth potato, net ao largo <*a tho He strongly recommend the encouraginontof will bald office until appointment are made by the anny that'con fronts 4 _

m Grant and accusing him much dotted ; cause ho 'was ibifting1 cuIikd so man.disi'lving icws i befor.ivgnin (Janie Kwl, but yelding\abundantly. Mr. railroad-eaterprtse, and ad vises measures for Gov. Reed and confirmed-by -tha Le'ilature, Prince ieomposeabtio ofmstit,
o s1iedJa pltj WM> hiw-ao/4j0
wood,fa or during tb* war. The pe pledged> support; Haa Anu-jJod} high legiilativo I but in w ocular order Chaileeton 11. lAieeu upon a fcuiall picO of land, at tho securing the immediate completion-of the Blue whkh mo/J on Uxo 7th instant fri.trvz: _

MVSMMI, baYD ruto* *-il 441 and judicial function -"hits*refused to cxc I witK4U*biilUiit lightsbhiniug auunig S[ rato of'100 tninhcls per acre. Ho informs us, Ridge Railroad.He advises the modification RALEIGH Jane 80.TheLezsIature meet [least from the_ naswa !r BUBWIWW 4 a-'i.'j vk *sWif&wl1ie15
and tall tV ot tiit-li4t&t about 2 loads of of the jail, penitentiary and judicial systems,and I who atE lad-a1 aUthe -
4 hi Thu 'cnto'the laws; has o 0d niajif h //ABcu.to induce I the shadowy buildings Uiq m> 3 : two-horsowtigun to-morrow,. A quorum will ba present. Gon-
has vessel* that sotmcd lo JanooK ghostlike measure S stabftr inaoui-o on the ground pnly, which was says he hopes the Freeumen's Bureau will bo cal tkcI
'va.5t4me; Did anyidy.Vcf lear of k cT ffi< r to1g>i rdandvjijW iKeJawj; oral Canby suspends the test oath. '
1 -
watersbf tho" receded to 1ft1renchers[ about 8 Inches Tho terminated in the StatobeJ roOctobciv He I ..idccttiac .
Mjtior1 who dimuek r'femployfla Kxecj>1ir hood is not wt tho property. pevce, Hbprfjani| life of the make vvpy/or Uitfgiim; fort, low sea wall, audshal'ovv potaf i'weio cut in pieces and" placed on top regrets the recent distnrbanccVirJCainden and F Chiof Justic-a Pearson yesjtrdayvto qualify! bo-,
of {lio t t.Au'xusllne of thejnkuunv The trenches ho'covered Barnwell and expres6oV>i*yl tennioaUiJU fo marioIfrShaw
aiontcity ,
I iueobin power has < qf > even -
ttomi4oo4.he. ; itizens t has abused e x ; [ ( fore the United States Commissioner,J>ycakiagR |
I the grou0d and broke be- enforce the law all: disturbances oT'the
angijrlnuiuJcdifcjud sitp'ylt.ijtcd with the-.ocfop/of against
Xatlnnalilapfftslstitutior.al I ad an > up $
s-- doooancal tho & the bathitjqufr d by tho iufr Constrtntti 1wtl
T ;' '
: :)_
sfiadow inomVhieh 'tre&i t1l'i. wolf, when Ho the State w5tiiou "re3pjct'of persons,1
aTiJ conniyfry it1atod with its dark tjiejtfrtjlit tun- ws, ty cameup. pa.ceof ,
has pcrsistcbfl\f ) \ iiio .uthor
agont; in* Nur brikUTu: [ ; measure"iff bhffrrdt O-A they had been baskh.g in the hot JuucJTlernoon. iitksigbly of: the Early uoodrich as an early and, at the same tiniueptas.4beIWLfl i thoii a ipiuistaf thuS' suiie outh 1toYrQ *a
entry pI ai1fllt Today' he'"nppoinlkxW.-
.to.fornisb him vth! 'whibbey l tiv by every reco-wtraoUoVufof the .States r( Tho scattering Jiouses and uentiuclJiktJ ding abundantly. Ho ii contidont no organizations exist in Smith,,CareliuH few?tho tJud Iforrtly advoctod't1iQ prfeiiL thepopaF

% *rri?f-VrLohadbe<3n'b3tt nbya raUlusuako, 'attempt ut the the chimneys of the ruins of St. Mark's tiounidtoininglo -500) bushels can bo raided per acre, easily. purpose of obstructing the law of Iho Stato.He 1V1t lIeldcih Gove-rot-'j 'vice Jonathan *.Wuithrrnmovutud F suiasari IOf'rObsI for iia & Aftid at...
would ? lately in rebellion ;- has perverted publw .pg*; S .. .. oisIrs tho SUe uflkers sor:* ,h>
iatimaUag that four k-nooeaaary. *bjOt.4)I.
shall $
quarts I with the \vido blue'waters 4nd thodense I i i <- Hi. - i..ii. states that every mail 1ajufl4f6tsct.' &

'1ququrti r'rpoated tiv *gont-vith nr.Wi tronage into an cnglno of wlunJSaJo corrnptio-c vnes40d for ds of the St/John's. Palatka with its Peanuts hi Xorth Carolina, whcro they are I ed in person and property, -and- fa *tbe*> rouexerciso jj Jo-morrow.. -- > ;L eo rao ; ,ff ; the iiW, .

; 'aa tic u.thstr ."Yea;', Tft>l d-nhe I and has bwryustlyauipcached'for'hlgb.olaid vronwjncodantvlhweoLbjiv m nj&jg/grus and swarms of: blind uiosquotoesT I ehieUy raised, have*lu1Q4ttL1rmt tho placoof I of all his nghts as a 'citpwn- >5Jiiraa fL ,G"enealAbbott, oi. New Hiupromiiront is 1 necessity of a reiiiody for msMrdsfr _

Indian, *foTir |tt; tiik'(5( varying. '*** >% "mijif o $j -vot properly of thirtjtore. "-'-' ad'jlcnly' thrust butwccjL Fort Clinchin'rtbe Cotton us tho great'staple, and bring their 'cultivators they depend upon the Eaocittivpt9 .Sttita, {I canJiJato'for tho Unitelt Iad
., .. ?-***\ ? "*" tower burmounthdusos'bffornir.diaa, '1 annualljr $1000 per acre Eight thonsaiid Conotudipg, ho expresses "t! hppo. ihati" 411 i t f Ito't's6 Colonel Heat-off, if 0 Jo Xtf -
-Xiio4 wiJJto bbt1ur' to Sinlh? TrtTo d43blt3 'of Groat f. Britain and The waro-houso of Savannah rising luVti 4 bubhels on single plantation 'is considered era of geod fediiig has beiiiiujtiratud; and C It u rtti orudtlmt\G ncM
go I : the rivcrsiilo! but only while from sixteen t the 'f''' Siu f\purchased front GovorOjU t.Th.drtintiug
that-bccajxaflttiaan is stories in height from KuJ an averagecrop : ten to
ie I iattIItI firxiro hgI for tin thor1urupnan, powers '-
h .Uc Iii givenvr one ft objoctto itfalways- o> )mwt"Jtf rtod two stories bigh Jpuin their entranco 411 I3uv-S thousand bushels is nol;regarded an, 'a', Very extraordinary *ir] OliLQ for JjJjo(

thq bat'niiThi. at eT'7 )azard by the United fat s a1il1G tcet and the sliftdy street and handsome park I yield. 61 ou comoum jwuratry.1* { t ical3le dMn4Andi4 to.

"S4d I ** ;i -i.- S S t l-:r A&fTT ,T

I! _413 4'1
i lb 'e.J4:1) t, S

?- .j : 2 .5 I. _
-- -----5 S : r------, ?-r' .--. --:. S

--- -
_ ----- -.' ; ; '- ',,' -" -- -'--, '-- '' '' y'.'*-- .. :- .m -'-' -' -'' :-:- :b 4 .-


____ 4 ,4,
__ '
.__ _-__ '- "--- iL
: s ; -' ;! ; !jJb.l-: $ c -

c- f : i : _- I-. __ _._ r- r : t. : -r : _

Jbloodslfed;jnpfcbed: ant huloj'aItnen .' : tWhltha$588meh ,:- u 8thnLt3ts'1tta

bunjM homes of loynlphan itiZ'Urir-. VothTl! tiiT.UabaU

___ ,44 14Lv Lg3'canJ the roe 'L gitd.r4terathanty. .' _
asylums --
ndprolthe ongedt .p. 'r ..rntIteaII3
I iete. encouragement tjiojr.gave 4oee .U Fiut eotfaith

4 1I" jr&gu&nty \ho were 'fighting to : thguJi1dCe I 'dachrkdt'1be' _
Ui49n, and destroy lhat Constitution or were candidato for y-flBce' ,' in case.tta .era as 1eisltre4izTyfo&nct time? "Tltat *lAiid.fcai. beetle Jbvored'havin ?
natjtlnal birthday and Cho iUran f Amonjflho amg y4tidSa(fuoah$ .. .
orgboItw which this Democracy have always pretended party .should "aucceod. perrons BO6sw ofthan listst4ta "
; '
prsQve so-much'to.rererott' ; wUs"lKoMromTBhl Fniwrr 5fifM 'gathor'apiind'tne Jwid asaiS fnej ariU-fc>tljeSi,Foaptfraifl Au
not ulal.1.t %Jucrativu officv ec ared to hifti thrpugh tin jmflaente 1difieing ZD7 Got O alker.) I fccogJirthd $ ** I Ito

._JJL -...-- .. :,r : c Some pf ,. *
rfon i* V* "A r* / *TY**+ *> tftttttT b1 wi'1ee, b ,
'WhathUroeiois vert

Iytisfi +itth Chicago 'nominations wo ii 1lr ugthr, $, and grown gtefineordial.audtwlie the'soTyice.jf- hifcojmUyijt_iyk5 rf ISITrt&! $ I'. Zt7 %
tlkoY t4 iup ;
,,,''s. vlt..Pi.Idint, : sanguine e'imgIitp indulge campaign h wxerled his' inuuo&ce again it the ltu i1i.'thU fpronoqnCrbaghCVliurf2 f yp ia"vrk % *)peciatedmll I hat w4rr'r '
Wl Iiebng :votedajjairwt aOegation frwndO110tni'tr. ,2G:bun I tender iny'.'thMju u4 awscr ,
Which he clalmwl to
in the vain Ihcir. party *o ; ,n.ai izQ ranco!*.
that favo
hope- 'tho colfred Vooile ) mild did gt&Ue that it Eafo ; ivpeiL
tko.ceop so
$ EoXz ik4Litution and the Rcp bli.anticltft ShotOyuftw t yGght 1wthis.publi manner'and. .fee s4iredljtha.riahhn } ,
rite 'tftiafc 'williiW "Ho thc i6r'is 'i blic! ofgw*, been jc31t ii tL alr4tlultmndct
nominated, and ttro from bacountryJbogaB fpwir city. as n pKyatp citue> fk* >
; lpitofiJ'at
-- ; f : "-"" p*** ? ; andafter "aUwai over Sthte'wilt pr/nttvefa'trHO, j sfahh4 ans a civil trwrmnont. Yo*.nixl your 4erina'tes
TB Bt e, orernment has been transfeir thai the Democratic party shaking'off euccmia-achi6ved m spite of his opj>0iition, and and long before noon o 6tro ts.wero literally Qi patriotic> sonApplaTMo.( .) '. ha1t.IdrQinilcTea U OTejPE3Utto urnHf Mmutt: Vf, mtummp u yjp

the mire tkafcHngs to'itr from ho crowded "witb-thoiibanda of men, womon and th4dT.rhargILbf. .be 4ntitkAr to var artie&t. < tij i fiddtgD
i aJJ G6vralkerrm
iD7 8 newly tedAujthOTtu5i& ( garments pttftntlv *uuioi>8 to insult,to (njurj', I In,you,(addessing .4
tht&.hpjtfliiy finery;,add a*4hspeople8JI in.'V1i ttIo w e'Intti TJ< *
its wallow ik the XJonttiiitWliOtL-- children, all/lrcssod rnydtitio
'in which
General long $0 slough of slavery han'fled the note
fttieoXdkzice.io .orders.-from oimnhinlifjpftu.; "I* *. -
At'an early hour and a patriotic Holfowwirorker.v I trust pat our T *; ;. .4To
M.ecW'y. giro anotlier column the and adopting"in its platform the advanced fled tarn, of his asscssmont, to A democratic' paper all looking ea er a'dbappy.. frionddiip! will not phd wUh thftTjermmatiou ol you sir,(ftjGtar.'WftUtarJirlfci t lect a
*itU.a eq'I1C4th1t' ft bo'imLlished for the tho diifcrent delegates begaiifowing.into prpees&i our official rdatlopH. I wiU ver rememberypvilongHndfaithfalscryicn ly.tb vjeople under,tnayrovi Ional poorer to < -
ii., ideas, the, truty Democratic ideas information of Democratic readers, ri and parading, the city with drum and >nd Jshsndi Ipfyoulseltand ;- adininistc*Ut6 err a goVernm nX' who tavc kft.i ls.otbati f'ctp

:- of modern' enlightenment will -once '&Yhen honorable pumu.south fife, which) procession, aV intervals, continued your peopl? tholnccre | and sicbf b c I to 'witnees this occasion, rfeivo a tjiinoerc *
anjr gentleman : A '- .* thknk inmy name amlintii, nam of
yes- more attain to the pristine \igor and honorablo nat, throuffh-tho. .,:" .. : pa13m. -. < t iT.air ) Qur % .
a siogularly coutsa;Jlcpublfcans .' -. t' :Jtf imoVher} Iurtmg w'uov; iieeuj wnoBy the people fir"your interest anO )! tiaty ean4o .R4Ji lreaoa 'at.otftt
br4y, the 4 iriocr-. purity rthe days .of Jefferson, and urally fed some curioiity as to IUH past recordan 3 L. J4T1UNAL4.LL1L4 my ido,. and with wfconv I was associated U;oirgqtiigtho1kts atntsgte.rwm.tfor yoorwut: rU1 from'1cfr
1o excused L ,* itnuttALutt, : of this long lab r/1 found'a gcnotouscounsellor ? ,Wy toward,mq,as thevnprtseotativd.; of .the.pteson'tgovernmcnC
th % ? throughout
i jMmu& citizen .
Ta/fired from the parade "anji supporter and p. patriotic ? .
JlfVsjtry been doEag.s fear for throwing'some light upon (ho aubjecU, ThHon. < $thirty-seven gttns relw.cltnsthil is ajnrnontbs f> fUSIfTTtf. ,.
mr atnubd t, ,.haa thing moro than a iiamo.. But wo Harrrvcks7by direction of .CoL'Flin and I feet satisfied Uyw coining up Is yon areloassumo
Frase I ground, near the thai tbppooplo civil government of freedom?indTexti l Isst
..Philip tama.taFloiida many yean tho'd iIaietre.tion of affairs a !
all to revive
rmour that the old life of
attempts \ Uii JPost.'and.as ath. nnthunderef hero.for tLo"future control ofh9
how we do.not know, bat ho appoari I commanding will find ii yo-sia faithful'public offict inaugurated > nthj
Dyth8&y&nnih of yesterday this be fruitless ago many its thcir'tiov- State and gratitude is duo Almighty Ood( fyIlia and 4rItI
p pors effete organization to hare bon here long ouongh to hayobocomi forfh-sending t hoos rolling over Itis for th Peoplo,now to ,support ,

we &the 'is only *President of and in the nature!of things it must heBO nttinrlydemoralirod.. On bis arrival in thi; the adjacent hills, Ihd vast ciowil collocted in will ernor boon', und'if iutouLoflw Ihey! willrl ot am therighLI pure hatflctda States der the guidah thaJov.o of this the oonsunlafion.aod untDortalAyaAhiiigt h reVwn- IeOUtflw'that'n ;*

the Oonrentibu,,. i The- old never grow young, the 'Sla'to-he claimed to bo Whig, butthe Demo. the Capitol Square, refit tho -*irntli wild and in the Union.' ',<' :fine painting of Washington and largo Antcrt- .

*tzj- -. ;-- worn outT nations are mastered by the cf attic being the dominant party, his Whigprin: prolonged cncota. *$ -- With mo, in cbming to 1'londjf .Lhere is I cti ilagliung oe '.ttkO. nie IOt\h'atrag.hesd
irLlTAB much of peculiar interest. Man; yearsf ago >I ,which zow. leare nd' stain Upon .tifoldiap( ertunndeuch
Orfil inIlorida is at last oozed outbid landed ) TRANS!tU OP THE OOVliltNMHM'IlT fUB
: himHplu"tniinU *
government new. Parties that sacrifice the very principles ciptes speedily "%vas here, tramping over tbo1 State as a lieutenant planas) I vonsecr&te> my self to'thgre4w : 1oyou hn
Democratic ranks. With the Democratho s half-past twelve o'cloc iho 4MRT'> 1io nih I'r"1! & Sttd natfr.El
The Military authority the will far > v / u.n ; ;
jmtored. which based for and became acquainted our.j jitfygj *" '
II on they are narrow for guidance and support/ / '0 *. ,. (
labored fora while, lurpd on by the hope o f of the, LegislaturoI -4._ _. _
isTfi hdrEifn and'our civil officers once selfish expediency must be many marks friendship anil tjoar tesyrotn, *,I thank yott for y it-c9Mwl r*Uon, a1&tbat ----':-- J.. ,
mthoutf con offi-jos and honors which did'not come, and ji185M5 *I Afatt and every etanding place in the.lobby was those whoso namos I ha.ve cvorsinco cheriahedi, w many J jaore fa outo ,civil aws any tent to see.the- spirit that once animated becoming impattoiit.a"buicd| the'Knov r crowded "with spectators, hito and colored, I rail ujjon. them and'all other ci&Senmow' r the* transfer of the civ il.power. 'It In giving* pnjjjer iTad cone ,-.'I,

It- GVt4InArAnOasu TTh? inauguration them pass into new' organizaJiQnf KfciJf Atrming party. cllero his thirst for % vr&t I men, wotneri'and'childron, and (juito a number oome forward ,to'the.support' of the -QorwnoriLdo needed no womhiilanwzumani1t Ktt3tfy this'quetfion, wa ought adopi what is 1 "
not thcm, herc" if voice w'oave
btfttf and for
BOO my can tojiis jatrjotim loyally,, :the Yankee fashion and
i that eternal,counterpoise of evilj which gratified and' he was uominatad by th Khutt of ladies belonging to tho families of-officers reach thorn,I call, upon them tbt one un'and hu poat ipcotdn' whoth..trsitOr [Cory fcy-pTBjxMiading, another answer and tbgii5ap'

J I att& eli well for the is over set: over against good. ,Nothings and elected Mayor of JaJtsunvillo bjarhaud and officials, occupied scat) upon the floor. The support,the Governot likocmen' irrespective Twigs, surrendered to thaeuernya 3 atljVajf should he-not bo elected, TeGsii-erJj '

.I V ;xne Legislature ineets again .otre majority. He-next aspired.tu'ai L Members of the, Assembly occupied the soats pn political' feeling and,regardlpss' thbfpist, and : vibes ftOiV11ZUi .U&t.thouzau4 rst 1.
if ho errs in judgment forgive him,but still su3taiu went duftq the rebellion from tltoEmpiff' .& '
business- and ia election as Jodge ef t8upr.'n Court of:Florida .' the loft eiJ ot the hall, whilst the teats on the conquer his whole cooHo daring the war' h vti&B*%
for to-day everything him. There otHerthingaroandjno
: -
1 are State.j>fC > ,YorkA'snilitay *
onf ol'thsje"rric but -- '
cl fonts work, so asto The time honored anniversary of or at '4east, State Senator ; Lutthe KnoNothings' r right were reserved for'the military officers, invited which aro rcmaik'able.Men are'4eat -here ohieftain for moro than thirty jyearx, ,bui.H isan [was *LW ? aoud_ ,, aotocs

FPtr necessary American independence i is desecrated Twiug unwilling or unablolto bestow r guests and tim band of the 7thIiegimcnt: who, tea years agowere u* ..boindage.- et 'occasion,of gtatificatipn ta meet 'hhjx bep thu patriotic man came._,, ,.

1 put"the new government. in running by- the mooting in New York of the this honor, he rejoined tho Democrats and rar L' The Senate occupied chairs upon 'th florin thcuijto-duy which I a&fr enjoy< ,.en.omoying and I Caffdipoh aU the tbem.-privileges to- and wforring tothif sauction'ana, as j-oHr rej apprq'vaLTheGoTerrior re nlihallrecniTryour ** \vL service* to the country,that aad1 S ocaM 0

ordtr. as an elector: on.the Douglas ticket in I860. front of the Members of the ''Assembly tlnoj an&Jtitdidit vita a will*aSpcrpetf W <
Democratic .realize the sat'dowh
National stand | which,
Convention,. the up and ) position a they ami3 prolonged applauBc -> leg to serve Jlj in
When tia seoeteion storm broke out ho quiotly On motion of the Hon. A/ A. Knight, a committee are'placed.'o'u are caU T upon aLfreemen'tosustain flail country* UurffcoarofJb" '. s* *
when. the. Band Cuhun" ttctncst -
playod- periL tHfr
convention of -
a ;
.p enator Welch appeared in tho.Senat party present' bubsLdod, nourishing in secret, wo presume I of four'', consisting of A. A. 1night and your own rospoctabilfty. The white man lia; 5nd Yankee D jak-." Oov. Rted'( record as warrior and as

Chamber; the Und'insi, and was principles and practice ate in direct contravention his Union,principles; but his unionism was nol' Wm. H. Hunt; of the Senate, und J. W. But, is your iritwl. TTpofl him yoa must rely, and witt / thi.miUtarfunfct ? sag General of our armies is
him must take counsel. -You have rights SpragueGv. am
tworn' jn8n&tor Ouborn aud Eopfett&tative to the )Declaration of Independence long rof against his old hankering after office,,p Icrund Delany-,of the Assembly, was appointed and privileges you its freemen( but these rights and tncn retired, and the joint wsion f tliul'g- TLere'slasds.the tory-of theaatipn meomparaU"q ihdL ,.

Jiunilton having already ia- and of'tHoso immortal themes and {In :1861 he applied for the office of Confederate I %y thi Chair to wait upon 4ov. Iteod, Colonel privileges are nothing without.virtuo and* iutel- laiurtjatljonrned, ,1" reeoM spread Out be/ore yo*fr-*f DonU-1ftk2'.LS' : **
states Ivocoiver ouico created thi and Gov. Walker und inform them ligonco, and especially because God has placed ,
of hutuau and an by 1 Spraguo, to Apporaattor Court boos. i.jIJUJJit.ifyoucan
kcn'thsir eeata. Florida'jifter seven rjght: human liberty mark which requires that This! evening there i is to iegiand Grantfr.n jon '
Congress of the so-called Confederate Stated, Itgather ) that the Jjogielfttaio was in session and ready to a upon you you'should : -1 *,c 5
yez'of.tri4hs -at last been received whose establishment in this country the meat it by proving'j-our capacity and Ildehitytothe Colfkx ratification mass meeting at{theCapitol ./politician soay tnarl aad fril'ISd
Jho Northern Iry /
up property of won, that I receive them. *
laws of in of at. This ii
your country spite with full to mislead -bat it k futik..
day wasot to commemorate. iUuminations-andJRze-workSf'Cj ; Whai.'G
square Of
Union. Reconstruction nl
baeltinto the denominated "alien absence of the resolutions -
I enemies. This ofiico hfaiLed I During the. committee, a day zeyfetlow citizens, upon which w may baaMoner for it '"
t hafvpiovfed -Buoceau, rnohvithstanding The Fourth of July celebrates not only to* get, not'having sliown'himeclf energetic of compliment and thanks to CQ1..t 0. C. well, review the past-tha natal day jpf our account o1wuiicl4ll. | appejr'. 0' amyJacksonvUle'and e _n.lettsv it.: his glorious d ods cannot beblotfiW.mnchrlhen'.fcr eat.

the powerful opposition It encountered. the anniversary ofour national independence ueugb in the causa of secession to merit sucl I Hart latw Superintendent-' Registration, und .country, and wo may well remember pith gre -_ -" General Gab. lIfsMeer.
tude thoso-who fooght'ior freedom and for
Hui Ubor haa beenjpvon to'thiswork from foreign rule, but it should & position. About tho' firat of August httgMQ.
ttw of the State and it also celebrate the establishment of equal'rights'umong dispbiyed his loyalty and love of the Uu;. and to Ool.'John T. Sprague.,wen unanimously matter from whunse they came, f(Orth;:Koutb, will General-Grant make? HiEa slieV;.tiM8"qoaHbWef
by loyal people ioq by joining,vilbTapparent''gusto, in tho cut'. paoacJ. East*or*Went, they and their memory belong to : :. tiXiJt mind which malur'sUiasnun** 1 -1oUoittSIdi' '

is .mi gratitude hat we can announce our own people, and our ebration of the success of the Confederate troop! At one o'clock the Cotninitleo ictuinaT, escorting us.For- I have d been identified tur'cluct, paid us a visiiat out sanctum Ton Saturday hutehsamflljt pnartliita '
i th4 it ia ben crowned.xrith complete independence of the,short sighteo1 and at the fint battle of Manassas, and profusuljdcforatod thu distinguished.guest* Hj Kxcellency with every section yearn of*tbd" Union, in the service last,' Mr.'Crilbert' 'waVon hia way Konh.to be a cfvOian military-'and statesman eheiJZ>xiS-ii'ti ajaktaka*f* >iy| ZaaPJ'TitV -

4 success. ,The Gongreseional plan of BeT inhuman tyranny of race, prejudice und his home,on the e6rner\ Adams am I Gov. Reed, entered the Hall arm in'arm of our conntr}*'. I have son> the Star Spangled make A elicit visit. *He seemed'to be in "usu- powcrs'of. repaired. ia IfUj

eonstruction has carried us back to the oaste-projudice. How can a party Hogan street, -with Confederate Hags. He next,. with Col. Spragtro on his'right and Gov.Val- Banner go up and'down with the rising and the al"*x health and ery'liopefuttof *thn Muse wf'(his f military man, are just thjoe
T which as a further proof of "loyalty" joined a Confederate kcr.on his -loft,' followed bCol.!. Flint, Ccnnmanding -' betting sun in every Plate, and those who have to make a great statesman,' .Any onV WLIhIJ'aneyocknaeztbatif
denies the State.
f'ii' fold and there Florida will re- political equality of como under its folds have felt thafit floated overprotection '- tweoma
: parental a an caa
miLtary and drew of Oor: tho PostatTailahassue, the oflkerh of ----- ajBifr*
ono -
company and virtue I detaining '
prosperity am
men, and whose watch word is a "whiteman's eejssfnl captain, and- can"n ir hal,IefsM'amlcad
L i .iJor gy r. Parry's muskots, with vartridgc.box aud equip-. the garrison and of, CoL.Sprague's staff, while you too long, but it is a sub/vet very' near A 1'itCAr.-About lunch time the otner. day, them to victory ha anpMuug

_ governnionl, 1. which is the of July hi with its should cone up to tim Support of their government that obMatesman.
Jtls hard to determine harmony own spirit, lings. "Hail to the Chief. suppose a great *
6t fee
with dish finn
in its new relations with i the Union.Fwarn sanctum a very -eream, The -ibshjch.U *
L 1: grsmteti excess,'the stubborn malignity or how can they avoid seeing .the utter JJoing pertvnally unpopular and justly'suspocted -. ( o'r. Hood, Col. Sprague and (wv. Walker them to como-up and take council, to de? which was duly appreciated.--- Anders keeps greaf very *

Ji -ICssiisippi'Hebels or their folly. incongruity of- the principles they of insincerity, his lifo was frenucntljtlireatonod having been formally introduced to the Legislature stroy'their- prejudices and -offer up prayer for a snugirttl saloon at the fut of 'rwrsythe it., the qnalities'and. pmrrri'irbirb miVn

advocate and ihe day theyihavo chosen ; aud in March 1R62'ho |JJeEItO] th<, by tho Chairman of the Committee, the their country. X>b, my cottntry"my Country 1 just telw.tiro Flrida.uoi .. Then can be n, &ch4{nT*iich aTnuut caaTor
Lj i ; years which is-
President of the Senate and of the'Assembly traiaett .o
Speaker __ .
Unonlines. On tlie1 first evacuation of "Jatkeonville : .
Jt thai the State Mississippi, through a upon which to proclaim that'ad>ocacy ? Jiom your veinsNprthSouth, Hast and West, J-r r-v; *,: ms-'for citil.serrmce.I tthb ta -
But aside from considerations he hustcucd to Washington and ap. vacated their scats,*which were then havo met upon thd.fidd,'and. side by eide'lie AoIxtsNn4Wo iijid rsUnd that Mr.- _s_ reectio' ui'tieft
mi gystBai'of rd ception.andicoercion,Bpplied such as plied to the President for the then aeant Judgeship -. taken by Col. Kpragun with Gov. Reed on his sleeping in the grave'those'who.;folltfighting in Campbell has takci the pf e C CapL'Chas.JLKllis troth of this. -'ThegTeXL5tAfaiII.; Cf

io'0ie colored? ;people, and by gross these, the public naturally feel some curiosity of the Northern District of Florida. lj, left and Gov.; NValker on his riliL, thu'attond- defence in a mistaken of (ho'nation's but honest lifo,cause.and tnoee* Thov whor were fell ," a*"U,,SMnspector' dt the 0,u> the of, modern tyncs havtfbeea jptatThDft.it

misrepresentations secured enough as to the result of the coming pleading purity and locg suffering loyally,, ing officers and the V ind taking thr seats roBerx bravo men, fighting the battles of their country. bitter gentleman. baving',rcceivetl ani aji Jint-: has all that mas\b pnJpef.JhamiUed fitaeet lor thitQeierI th* -

vote* from them to defeat the ratification convention,-.its result in the manufacture and thereby securing the sympathy and aid of Republican cd for them. Bravo and departed men, -if yon are permitted mont in thql'oatQflice of a platform and in the selection friend*, ho obtained this appointmru Hon. C.,R. Mobly, l'ruiiduit ot the Senate, tcl look down upon our devotions hero to-day assembled who shall be'chosen to anUr,n oath*disahlrMiJ"1*
Constitution. The State ,
of the new twin., culled the Assembly lu oidtr to listen around tho immortal,Washington and of the duties incumbent and.inseparaflffl
and remained in Now Jersey until the spring o:F pio. of.the npon .
remain unrestored until Congress of a candidate for President. Wo say hear thoTacccnts of a grateful people- peacc! tk.tiLlP OP 'fu.w-The proceeding from the Presidential office. : -
mutt the manufacture of a platform for at 1804, when ho proceeded to Key West, took lh< to Col. Sprague, Commander of the Military peace! Wo will watch with pious care tho laurels Hoard of Trade will bo found on thVthinl page The enly,question jsdoesaman.whorftxillr*
shall her another opportunity to resume District of Florida, who then deliv.rc4 the- following that fhaJo and bear cn-
give "iron clad oath, and opened court. Ui homi:i your urn your names of this paper ; from.which the public may ascertain Ha great generalship and masterly:military,iij3.
present the Democratic party has no is still in Now the lau address : graven upon our hearts. exhibit' other qualities than inch, wi
her relations -with the general gov"eramtnt Jersey, though ioquira i the number of'vessels which havc'crosaed any as, a.

The loyal people of the United definite platform, except persistent and him to reside in his District. I AL>I>Kb>>S Of COL. JOHN 'I. l'U.Ul. Col. Sp'raguoiis much alfvclcd during the the St. Johns bar in the lost nine month, an applied accomplished to civil afiaurs statasmsA are'asSreHaarsxinimarj.boonito saowhnm

States can] afford to let her remain a vindictive opposition to Congress and During tho past year the lion. I'hilip 1'&aioi L J I am.here, to-day, fellow-citi/ens, in cuiiipli- delivery of this address, and at times his feelings also A statement of tho tide-water for tho month hero? 1' y

I the Republican party. Beyond this no has been a constant impediment to reroii&truu. alice with the order of my govcrnmi nt to sizr- :almost choked his utterance- He eat down of We know, as a matter of coarse, taat Gentn
: territory as long as she chooses. It is her tion. With the cursed selfishness of the dotnagoguo .- render my position as Military and Civil Goernor \- amid applause, ml the band plavcd "Hail to May Grant is to trudnced; andittaapartef tfc.<
Democrat to say, because he docs of Florida to tho Governor elected by the down m.ntnle-1C
low.not. theirs. he has ut>ed his influence to d1so'auizithe the Chief." ? A C'iui.-'l'he memboH of the Jacksonville programme cry military
doin* this it is I should read
not know what ho believes; but all are piioplcTn proper be'-found expedient to-, nominat Haacoek lt;;
-- Republican party fur the aviinocment of hi;i I my authority and I will, therefore, read'the order Cu!. Sprague then introduced oov. Walker, Conitt Hand would reBi>rctfully inform their New York. In that event thesotdiertar

i The nomination of Hon. KeverdyJehnson waiting patiently for the result of this personal inteiests. He lirst opposed the Coiixtitutiou j of SlajrGcn. Meade, which is ua follows : who vas received with much applause, and friends that they regret exceedingly the disappointment be appealed to to go&ir'Hln ock. Qist .d fGrant.

Minister to England, was I Convention to ascertain und announce and then denounce the present incouiiug '. j IIi.AiiuuAnTi.iih; THIKU Mn.irtnv Di tuicr, spoke ah fallows caubul by their failure tw procure a If a civilian" nominated w may ex*
j as
: of Georgia, Florida Ac Alabama Gen. -Gr&ntJwcaBsV'hais
Department pct a war
Senate. Mr. what are Democratic principles for tho State gueniuient as bogus und ruthless I vov. \V.tLIELt'AJtiR}& '. boat for the Excursion on the 4th inst.,and that upon -
i at once confirmed by the Athtnta, Ga, Juno 20, ISfiS.; military chieftain; but the game is nnd st.oiL
t Johnson, has occupied a-prominent coming campaign.In yet he fchainelesbly totjucttcd with his old allies, ([General Orders No. 92.] Ladies and Gentlemen, Friend and Fellow- in tvubtiquencc of an unavoidable accident to It wont pay. The party without a eaa
pdsitkn the of candidates the bitu- the Democrats, to secure. anelection by tin Wheieau, ollicial information has been 10- citizens :-On the first day of this month I for tho steamer Slot ens,Capt. 1'ajiic was prevented can't win. $
before"the: public for many .years. matter "bogus legislature' as United 8late* Senator. ceived at these headquarters from tho Gooruorj mally rendered my authority to hU Excellency frum luinplyiug with his agreement.lui We are prepared for any. ort of"warfare fruer
HahtslbeeVState'B Attorney for Mary-, ation is equally uncertain, and the candidates His has hit to khan j elect of the State of Florida, that tho Legisla- Gov. Reed, the remarks which I made : a party that, like 3licawber, -"iawaitiir
as a Judge I
und the must be made open I ture of taid State, elected under the provisions on that occasion, and his very appropriate and : something to turn up." In tl meaatiou?wi
Dckt1t platform and damaging criliciim, and not unh the Republicans of General Order Xo. 13, cuircnt sericj from complimentary response have been published and I oF .ln.%. Tho Fourth ot July ptsed are confident that Grant i ily an1'OoLfax'aeadk

ers vKas sev raltimes! represented,Balti- as far as po siblo, to harmonize. Among *horn ho.has betrayed and deceived, i these headquarters, h with tho requisition of the Act of Congress, Commander of the Sub District Florida .Y'kPif' Jtfpullicn
the most frequently mentioned but others couvorrant with tho facts, who jic\t r personally -
names tired the morning and in 4htr etening
: nwrVqty akrd tno.ojunty.i.0 the State *, I which became a law Juno "), 18G8, entitled an l lays down the military authority, and was ilL .;- i-r' ,
and most the entertained .Heuubhcan. sentimcut iu thai r act to admit the Status of North Carolina South enthusiasm in Iho shape ''of fliXAaL.BLE Ix'ct.'crzthr.-.Jt.' ,
iair&tu.fa "1845 %& chosenUaltedStetes prominently displayed by our tttatc is once more returned to civil law. I some was displayed : A If MkU7{
yru ,, Democratic are those of Pendle- lives, feel that u thorough reconstruction of thUtis. e Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and am too feeble to make u speech, but I must say several fireworks and rockets. Only one row that a German glassmakcr has recently m 4rm_
Senator;ancT resigned in press, District Court for tbe Northern Di&tik t. Florida to representation in Congitr>8, and that my thanks are due to the officers who have curred drnnktu named Calvin 1'ricc, remarkable discovery. He hasjnvtattd
XBi9 raeoepi ftfe ofAttorneyC ion.a copperhead of the worst stripea of Florida, i iu imperatixely demanded. I whereas, said acts state that on compliance with "commanded in Florida, they have been kind and n man, scope, or magnifiying glass,Ijy means of hIArffi -
; jwntion the conditions sot forth w.is arrested for an&ault and battery and with intricate and
"peace-at-any-prioo" man during the *? .'. by any StacrJ.ho ofbtcrs considerate to nio us a citizen, and as Chief- most nsrss Y.SI11XSi4&Of'
bt jwrnJia President Taylor's Cabinet.ILLM&nfySroTB. '' Periodieals.DfJJotc's of said State, duly elected and ualiiicd{ under MagUtfaW, audit u usuallyVoncodol that our his frnsnail'Io4derabio reaialance- the the body may be"scent from the; doted* 'Ia, .
( .UI this powtjonxm'thesuc- war, and an advocate of-national repudiation : I the constitution thereof, shall'"1/e ..inauguratedI1 Sfato; has ha4 less te'eomplain of under military poHot "On: Sfonday-c appeared bcfbitr the fact tho"whole arrangement and' fct} nftbrinterior ;
I since.1 Ha gallan.1 Fed Arttic, published muulhl}, at 11! without delay; It is, therefore, ordered, rub, than'any of its sistera?* While my thinks : organs*may, by means ef jUc rfassWdistinguished. ; ,
and ed and
j1 s) siQD of Fresidenl .FiUmore, and ?<*. cppta l'oydras-stre tf New Orleans, at G.OO pi-r annum I 1. That aU civil officers, holding office in the ore duo to all they'aro.eepecially duajto* Gcnl'a tayor v.as n> cunts.'The The d overy'wflipj baWlJ B i

edhsI41 way a soldier'during the*war, Ifut a willing in advance. W. 31. Uurwell and 11. GBamwell State, whether by military'appointment or by Foster and llead; to Colonels "Sprague and day cetebraUon! \%as concluded in" the of immenw"benefit to man Vina,a iy-i ah fr'
tool of Johnson'spolicy 'since and failure to have successors qualified,shall promptly -, Flint and.I" have reason to believe that acE evening, by t' e4tho Legislature -elected 'byono : Editors. AVu have often had otcasiou yield their offices and turn ojksrjto their pro- has.been as anxious-: promote your welfare as rainbow in the wit, prophetically tnnblematio unvarying a uraej7thftnataT ef inyp*****

V ; iz pfBtprwentatives Qhose a statesman of experience and to peak in nattering terms of this able ant 1 pony elected and qualified successors, all public you were yourselves. 1 have- torn'myself,froma that the of the Democratic Convention fa tar disease, andthoprep r maaaer.far -
ability; once the personification of radicalism interesting periodical. Devoted especially to the property, archives, UOOKS, rocoras, \u., belong sick bed to attend these ceremonies,and therefore hope t -*** v _'* the same. Tho xano of t&e nrventsri ,
i : 1I iBrom 'Baltiniorecounty ing to the same. wishing glory, prosperity, peace and happiness based on moonshine; k probably ruHeo a fortune'front ks( dissorir ,b
"ja,the(Bouse of Delegates, -andtrtithatyear ; the strongest of equal agricultural, commercial and industrial interests II. Whenever tho Military Commander of the to all the citizens of my State, irrespective F .: JL ,-'-- .' Getfleib Juntz. 'He is Teryjioor;" !nit jtwHr
rights and universal but now of the Southern States, Jt should receive a generous bub-District of Florida is officially notified of of class or color. I wish you farewell. (Applause. real and highly ratalliaent man. HtrhaK
: *again choseu, United Suffrage ; support from this section. *Wu know of the inauguration of tho State government elect, .) : Tit;LEc'vui-Lat evening about Quo huudred aged mother;and Invalid wifi,'r i caiHrea'.sida

I feia tBettatoT :He was also a member driven by ambition,-a shameless ambition other periodical which contains so much interesting military authority, under tho acts of Congress, of our best citkcns assembled in the hall ofJ3Olomou' blind,sistar, all'dependent open hinrleri r:
The Hand
that has the bench ho known as the Reconstruction Lawn, will bo at played bpaugled Buoiwr :Ixxlge, to listen to Dr.'Samuel Whi- pert His mother was well asquinta&i'
Fi' ef the-Peace Congress ,in I C1., Of Mr. disgraced occupies matter concerning the resources of the I an end in said State, and it is mado the duty of ," after which CoL prague introduced His tinsVcnlebrated lecture the poet Gccthe,an* H was probably,herfflaay
: Freemasonry
r abilities there is no and made his name a reproach, South and the efforts which are being put forth the said sub-District Commander to transfer Excellency Harrison Reed M Governor of Flori on. anecdotes of this illustricwa person'which- ffs|'

-ready to renounce tii -cause ho has ,for their development. With iU political views, wvorj thing appertaining to the government of da, TI ho apoke .ut follows: Tho Dr. mia satisfied dating the commence* umpired her son to do'sometkinjj to win te1e sEe
k' doiibtr ttftdit is'believed, he will make have and but said State to tho proper civil officers, and to abstain meut of Masonrj- King Solemotr time; bat and csUKilt of his fellow .ntear'oTlw'& sst
long labored to sustain and to sell however, wo sympathy, cannot in future pretext whatever from ( )v. ItEnlia has made will lint tfce
a. acceptable representative at the so ( upon any ADIflLb& Preston says, "since'the formation of the world probably place tmoBf
think that it will j ot abandpjuthoeuotc and exploded any fnttrferanco with or control over the civil first rank inventors, and wmfbrhin* tt .- ir
himself to his Ieocratic.enezni'es form Mr. 1'resident Gentlemen '
crbbfW.htkee.; x- uicas which it inherited from anUbtllumtimes. authorities of the State in thq jtrsons ami proI of the Masoury ha existed. teem of whole natioasV By means 'of ttia.7Mention !*--

the attainment iho PresidontiurofTico.. -With the 'above, aeriiioiwc ,com I pony of the citizenB,,,lhiTcof. and l"chlowcitizensAfter from : nearly uight years'of 'lUe; spcnkca's Jescriptiou of King tielomon's he, has already tared his! ; wile. 6*Z t

t ..t'j,. Presidential; It is impossible to fay*which of these mend it-to the attention of'our rwvlers, nod can :j\; "lly order of-Major GeneWl' U.Miw! time wandering our substance our has Jithors bewn home spent, during in fruitless which Temple was meet interesting. Tt was built of month*ago a well known doctsr'said she ee54 i. rtfbt
C. J
tr 'bidibr the )KIM, live,and pronounced her disease sa ;
.. contioveisy, we have rcturucd, and Florida is .white marbk', Iii6 pieces bcrug so nicely joined
< + ; men may be chosen, and hard ,to say assure them that theyjrill bo well repaid by its'j Assistant Ajutanl Gcnnal. tion of the heart Junto had' yto
i' aommation at the New York Convonthlng I once moro admitted to ,lio councils of the wlutt)
I' na together that i waX' i lookcJi"like
from month month.JV Ollie-ial. eomplctcil of tieVond ,'
to him aid rMmKre
which if chosen isifl. be the weakest perusal k'P'Te cop
tion iState'wjthin tho Union to
n *
no mere
oiifl1'nyaWhiiui TheDe- I ; A. D. c. solid poiiaho* block Jttfe about
one that he mistak Jhe stemH.1
was entiralv n
JiloiitJtlff for July, 'i.ing"Ihfl while .
Either would draw out the fectyrtft J' out HUM shall last, (Applause.) the reflections '
igViey. have been lit tuiu-luMon, 1 will lend the follow ing lettar' four billiop have bjiilt it being the tart'aflcIed. %
ready many now aspirants lor public favor that fronr. ,at a time like this, arose overwhelming efdolla'fc.Vw5ioUgh- .1 '." -. : 'E :
full .etrength'of. Democratic. party, i : th&tjt i impossiblo for mo to dujuztice to'thesentjmenta ol solid ih erV j -
eaough to make-use of his treachery time to time make their appearance in the world ] .
'letts ft
and neither will draw anyrnore-and FILcUtIvl Oi'i ;, of.my.heart Tn& PiuAOVATA AA74S.A
nd duplicity toTrard the National par of magazine literature, 'none arc moro deserv- j TaUahasHce' ITa, Jul) '.', I80h.. p Standing at iio ,thr ih ld of la fourgh i Masonry having embqtced every rac* arouUd Ba no Ayns, of the date of th*2Ctk ofgiyeajhe ,
ju1 of their without more neither can win. The ing of public patronage than this sterling publication Colonel :-1 haye-the honor to inform you tioh i>f cjvil government IY U a atliJc.bf over..whelming the globe, the many incident* of its great'value folTowinj concerning the irte .

means ibrUfying ywnjraakt Republican party will not split, let the devoted to the interest and adapted to |, that the State Government, provided under the responsibility that wti| igS prevents to strangles toreign lamiwtvero nlated.I t ming ofth4-women, ef Paraguay apsuul* B

t ,jxave no idea of chboeing for their Democrats nominate Whom they will. the, tastes of the young men of UicTicimntry j jTho new constitution for the State of Florida, in ac- njteranee, I havo no words toTXprew the feel $'Dn.,WpKlfwas afr ern*. l lill. in I ,attllies:, ." ? ..-
$ : edon'Thos. only ehum l l&r.Aoze lp on their 'I cordanco with Itouonstrnctioii Laws uf Con- ings of responsibility invw -.gC"tio duli that anO.wa.fc taken rfqjisly ." txxm, one ofmuit.AvealUiy 3Lpsz Ia arming women, and Isttarj stmte.- ?
t .:"We are fighting for :principles, not' for article cntithxTlho' Wickedest Jliu in New gruis, has betiu duly inaugurated ;untl allib. are xtforo mf, I rely aldnu Ope.it thuvpatrioticfntogrity he hias lr.iudur.thousan4, ia arms apon iwTeWcuan
persistent malignity York, is an account of one of the mo&f singular I conditions ptcccduit to the admission uf $0 HUd character f UiCpeopte of the eHwens fswiejttr him with ivory o>if r the iommand of his &Wf. *irfijdgadis

'"with' which ho has opposed jT| r4ta6trre 7 I men, n.ml with Giusr and COIJTAX as the characters in real life%o ever roadD /, a strange'1,J Slnto,into tho,FoJeral Union ha>c. bceii.ci5ia. Stale"'and1 that,groat oWrruUrfg FqwvV"which luxury etjed,'anAilfiwje H'ini4n.thc most tiene aless Eliza Lynch, tb.Iziahwomszthoiiid Ka7
representatives of those principles, we mixture of good hoartednoss intense'wick 1 plied with and our lleprcsentalivcs admitted toCongs. has thus furjsu'staincd mo in toe' rand
_ of CongressJind embarrassed '. s. ". *' I: shall not attempt ta Vevtewrlhft record of the war, tm management of whwh is vm -
th* work of reconstruction. A luialigpetent have no doubt as to the re'sult- edness. Among the contributors aro such names I With highfesp, 1 am, Colonel past sovcn years. The fratricflal strife is at an ': ally ia.thndi iher twobroiherS, rhoana-
as James Parton, ClinUn Xiurrit, Alfred 13. 4 u obedient servant, '* end; wo hajfe nowtb gather up from the wreck TI: th WutiTul age all, w'Lopez'ii'representedta bt.s'*

,lie has been useful to I' A M.dflipubik *. Street and J. H. Corning, and yet itis published liiitlusoN lIEU ), t2overuor. of the past'and erect a goveronwnt which shall Itilii &b4shoEI3th1: th 7Mmj fiqtio" pens incapa who baa a holy dread of 1)uli3
g: th.rny as A disorgonuer and 1 4 do honor to the State'and rHti<5b. \Vj need And atee3. 4f-.Lyn'a beszte4
- dollar contributes" allot oci l
at the lowcfby of.one To Col. John T. our mdteligio"nspnjoyments.
very pwr jeor Spraguo
Prominent among.lhe: men who have'bevetofore here the cordial co-operation ofSall the citizens at* r the rear tthV ri ford aeo1
F 'R adee when no longer useful, "contKaptUous who hav professed to Iw liepubiicans, mud who, TkeUnitcd Statet Jlmitttl llrtiw for June i isreceived. compliance with theo instrtij s (adlri.b4ing zeus 04 the elected candidate of the Rep blien relief and trutlrt4rTiot)8et) ) men of our country Lfentenant CoioBeka**
and This magazine' contains twelve or ( Uov. Rood,) I 'hereby relt quJshny party, that (party whoso (mission df was -to put have been within ttxcharmod circle- gnria'eccsra and Cjiptainf**Anilth Qilw *.
neglect utter obacurity. upon the strength of 'that prosaionbve received authority as' Military and Civil Goyeror' of down.tbe rebellion and establish civil govern | reoaiIn Oioaien, wil4ivisiSfl'deolieIesa
the of tho 'and been honqred thirteen large pages, devoted to musical reading, Florida elected But aufnot We were dplightetl wtthlho entertainnuin
Fore leader, a very diiferent style of support part/ to yourselfMuly Lylho people. m nt. simply the Governor of a UeeIroipoetet as a-
uiA who has with office,of trust and honor, by the V. S. artitftns, etc.tqgetlier with,as many moro ]t may not be ujuntorcstfnff reviowjlie-evonls party, I recognize the'rights of all citizens of and werokd tfe&&icge* : that-.Biasosry IAs ftak-Jh ina4e4l h'might.'perc :
x>n always Government iatheI1on.1hilipFrtIr. Judge pages ef the bust popdfar music of the day by 1 of the past referbricfly to some rojf the ;in- thd State ns equal, and,I sh'ajl so'endeavor to thing. % -J%' 4ieriftt'or- .- .< tiTal ct llinet Perwira in-.trnL.WgIft
iti5d iijtlijthe' interests and cidenta connectedwith my administration,Jalminating ; -: nJminjslcr he gyvernjn ht that those vrbo have -- r'k -- Vfr-afto charged with th4 duty oftbcU. IVDjstrfct: Coarty'-fbT tha lfc>rtheTn such authors AS HaysThomas, Jvinkel, 1'athor/ i od tounbfy and iQ t
oic\ as it elites'tto-day in'Hffej' iiJttvo apptf : ,rtcttflsfrscliew shall have no reason to forwarding stappUel
f, the partj as we write; District o(fl i' ;' and most promipcatjunontbe I DoDtflor, itc.j.4Xho 'presoatiitiubercoitai anapprociaUlrxj body'wnicUJ wff before mo. A bodj'* of mrp, complain of tWiiolation of their rights. It js fcfm Florid*. camps, the principal on* of waieh. ovors V1'

.ft A tffl.tTyffltjBPffQCTCffl that such A ianiaoqfiIoratio tacu.wb-have proved their professions mtoriy article on flu Bull and the peculiarity elected by1 the'people: to rcprfeefr thetf interests my duty and ray' pleasure to welcome all 3th'couiplimontaiy audtrythful Rica,M which are tctocz's great fntnaal atses-
and to, legislato for rwelfare.df, the*State. zcnsof the St1tte 'alike to'the benefits 'of. alt th 1Z ti *
have thVfeonndence of; his' tli .locUens .1 sketch < oar uew Senator in the Syis.NX.jro '
Seymour .fNqw / worthies; who repaid technique 'interotiog s '
Three ycar8 ago I assumed command m Florida government. The record of tho past few flifothq nation Knj pf tLuth ,.stdf: $ ogS&t
-11zeji. det fr d g nd0nt of iha'Truly of BepuWican party with treachery -andBqgteQf from foroign musical p'ubHcations. Published and I.cannot but contrast the condition of appears like a dieam.- It is impossible ttfrealke river.&nuzonas u got t >*1uedeon;

: I 'the n4.&fu3cd Uf the hour *f'Wai, to 'by J.Jt. Puten,lox 5W N w.York, at things now with'thfe time when I first landed in the magnitude of the events, my humble,'jjart 20th'lJJ t& Le Legi1a.tfltfPlorida tiu>gre t riyflr.U Plats
Oocejztiou. attain the .policy of"jkat ovenupciqt who (2 per! anamn. 5" I rf>" Jacksonville.. 'I fbjlnd aStte devastated by war, was to do what lay within me 't jkripfc:pwn and Wmeij,pitted etr
M ( Ieknd murders 'of bread ttaodi tha f. V_.<* 7'. > '* *: a people severed and scattered.T Business wus aud stabilit ,io thjacountry. Idopetidt tt' Senator o armia for by4o-cnllcd kfiirf j ua
sjpl biL.d ,, Am6ouro 'z4'_ r :L, !l dead, and widows .find orphans}came to me to'IxSg patriotism'and loyalty of the people toa&cVnWfifth yeirsfrom th$ 4th day efH ltQU-U80rB* .
b fl raU2 gopt1 naiL. 'l' t1S.Dsriug4p .' ',Tho: crops'.thronglioui tj tato are generally, 'for bread to save,them from starvation and the great work which we' have so"auspiciously Gilbert was elected by tbfratifyigQ toof Lil rali9i *ofevtiry knees: the kzus

_ arry tboJriiiflcatioa good *her tJuJy.jjav .be u Pfoggdy,xultivafM, 'fbr. roof to'sjiolter them. They'"Bought,again commenced.On fort7igjiliQ twnty-one1"knd wilt; snccpd 3fcylwr XeirUs tni : r.
itt-a few iostantea they onprtrarfcingr.The the protection 'of that government' which for tim 8th of Jane the Ljjgi; latureaisomble _ which:,under th, mask OipCCO1.ftd! of the OonsLtta oB aqd tho dedlooef iTet season $. are hating\ TW tra'bl( to sixty years had spread its palladium of freedom the government was inaugurated tmdfic the gtI, AMjab Gilbert is native of (logo'oun. lriht'ftd "t hat-Mn41flefllA$9%

wfthiha hypocritical whine,of no mere R )ttbb'eaa offiton, the iUpttUieaa state Kn- tna. otfon punt. sid safety above tham. Time rolled on until I provisions ef the Constitution and all the eond-! t3*, in this Slate,and ii wall known in the nnth. 1 bng." .1 a

___ ; : 0

_ .'' : ,.: -- -- '.- -'-- .,_. .; _,___,__

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h uL the r I4wbaII. % u* of* htAtiai1.ow wa vrtb1e L. taMct lor UM aorthem Market*,will StuUt r 'Ot2hi ,f nZtii3Lv za

1UJU444 y -- ratJUbq: Mvmitagf to call *n or- Mdrts ; amnriina&k&* & s* ari8fKff9

J' ct1Tb. *kt4; ..yutht4t JMiioXULLL, Je27 7, 1s4S. l.1Lc1xu: ; t +
nn r&ugd S.f Lt - *& m th1t.tva1ac.vLxny at Annj1eco'tjuber 4iwst at 7 A.'i d Lt4Jo ) Tcrf. '
; -
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""" V -U- fte3 s'tei tei U*' !
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.,. 2 P. M. ;; .4q !<. -_ --- ?t ...
CoogrH *tAtb "rrriiU lofttftr/- !1P.X. 7X 4. it. vc
it4fJU4.Th o L&
Mi-aii unijuTaturc for the T-k, IU. Select Grammar School 3itysieian,
A. AVUthjJ-Jonda; Senator.nuttlcrs OatJ
'R ThwJtH-omtU-r luu. ransvd from tfl.( 0 to :ii.s. : ttMgss
IRai1ra&1 wit dincusM*] atTl ) lSf;* elk iul ; I1. I.av.e4 .
.b ci lOt&lDi-jMwA1 "
.Cttt*JJrtttf* tc ,tfT&KfTCt
1.. MARINE4AcJIXVII3LE 2CEWB. I .hohl ,, ieii a cbtji. the-u re ptt.n. u .,* :#ii? iL/-, nq ao2 $

'M >NI AT wn, JULY r igl*. 'iak, t1O1 1i .aacKaQflV1UO 2faii !
211'J.ft.- )) $, sse ,..Itbvct I i of .kdaimi and rn r stn-ct*, There parent uo : s-r t .4-w V I ;!i' ; r p 7 i*
: JULY S. iSCS .. : s
c_ la A Ait f'-aa T mn H> r > *-t
we si1 Ne.neiiIrn 11I1trnou: ENtT4U'EDVATIOXvb A<*r>30 SaOK.. ,-5 !*_wv-i

: MMn.AI&L4ttkf Oti1TULji61PrE. i.hiy : .><)rC.T.. it.Sjili / .
i-- < Lr .1 if. HamnKMi.'SiM'tn, Xt r Turk, K _, i Ht. Au hWT taftn *
Dibble. School hours from to 11 o'clock A. jCTtrom 2 to i T =a. <*7 ft**,**.4>? rTotta \

& HolftTor lJ dinjr Hoom wiUTcocp; on file jala bill July 2--sJrr?.ILt.ll.Iu1 X-idt-il, New Vorl, Kppignr Term* for litghrr bfancbe-t; & Jr wMk, for i iFtajuble S EOJ

frr $"lbb4 kechaarragTneDt.4t diidng: TxLint4.jw.parts,and ordered it to Ifiwrtcll *.'<_<,. -ri.tehgs 1 wok. in all casei In % xiisi'/c ,:. $ utaL.VL 0

uq, 4nI Iy obflo rwiraCt''k oMraL ? tMvffiIcanh1ogInuii flrc July : pir IK-fjt, W illy, ( hiik.toj3ftre-: 1AL1, :.Tyqixayq. i Kf -- tr-: .

sT.Wai.iia Gc;, | nhi portancc,'"'f fi? .TIi1 l--.luo Wittv .( h 4"4uiu, '- -- tJ4
; -
,,,T 'i ? t.oni&wt Uu Stnajto .amendments of, ..IntyiStr LOUL..O ond F M"fRlcf'P! ltttka. JiTEF : r'n4E.v'u -

; 1 Julv .V-u-flictnVor. YiIH-j- Talntkfl, JfBrcy* tJ3io _
tltivil svit1iut '
1u tppropriati-nISilI1and. r.oU'ft4t I >i4-: *" ** G't.P JOJELL & ,. PLL, CT *_ ; ---'i.-- -

riiiich T r Jalir .i '.t..r Lilly, Jimes, iituturiu.IhirKntrtoa" __ t annt.le WIpi3iI
Of e3flrIil! C urrt: .thi th1th1Mofld4y 3lc-. -iitr Brock, k1ftirpiie, J Ci.irk.U'I' I --I '-
wu 4IlLU S r-5 -
11wtb&ftkl in ..i 8idtAA.io toigtta Jnlr 2 oflIl'1 t *U wspprd. -S. t. i *I2Lpo LtOE
th. eITWry e1jqo1( OOPUbtIb ? T. SABAL: -- .- ,]% .' 4I
to Joct'-ch1rxe4 pie -
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l'oth ?rJent and M m1iors -, Tax' bill AranTcp<5rteJ and ..jEpocial A Co.trIJ. ** :; .,, M. D., ,Atlaetn, s it KwItlti.Iota IIUTL i l w-z' '' "*"
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of tholUtril of l'i 9la : ; onler.for Jloiwlhy until.eornj'J.ctwI.1 'I" ':Ju:! ". ,i<- fli-r, }iti.rlJiu1atLa, }'L.- *- H t -'4h* lunijiuru throojelwatUnif the jn-wt ,ffejaint '4'nption. ,- I I withItsthetSaAtoit9tsi.Full ._ S
AN" J3UUOEOS $ the yrrr J HN (HM ITHUUTVi#*aU flttCttjL
A rc3ol ti" t.. fot-lbc 4th adopted roonu rrrupolon clean end wl> "
ii *djotirn wa 1 1tJ.ly vrnG-. prtntrd waiter, foreign and donwMIB ;
: .Jii! 4r llittt... Lne..ijt Li. ls1tkL, 3.l'n (_'jj. lated. and the "lla>'lr'I"r"* fa .t l : .
;* *c to ntcn1Mmnail ; _. // V u if;, r ; ;--.L.J, V-t% vlwernanthIu4. ,, residence, corner of' 'Korsjt"?.a4 I I ontb. 9nRlkI hy twne. tn the IT io crtrn
It Tg:1 tbISfltVfVOUt The'biUnca" Utujday* ** Ucvoloii t4> 1)it- J&y4-- -eb.4J fj1Titlt, .'*c'o1Ti.h: Feb. '1[ S Travelow .lopping the aUnci. will fi,,J (l< -S spot! iattfltteta, aany ttwratoanptntrtptioiv Mark*

ILOflDJf,: fWfltiSflt44 that tricl of lttoabia aftirrs ---IcT{ Which tfic' ix nfTh July t-n&.p! .Jrnne I.nncrajvntcr, , tPe F.te$ U
ill ipcewd ILyOUc1&Ud1Ib1cLtp11p ,, r CiA3. Foi' Sale. The pmpletor plsIre bm.al1 that owrjr ddjcacy ffeplcd _,, t4Lj lo a'pri f
yfU teadjerned. either by northern !r, antkas'&pae.iietvoentb* tapndIZItIt .
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IL E. l' rr.EJTt Vni'.t' It Xauin in 1K6, of.the beat material I JAI1 fetter carried oatabte tanwii MM* t tirxiwr "H -
I July: I--fir I*.DIM; auAj Kuinie; Iliuo, *; **>r
: .r ani I'roprietof'Kcw Ela.. 4: i-oiisjjfrwl- ..1nIy2-.luojM) irjValtv ," I.ync Furtuu.dina.j i Jy K'un-Iin fail. i jii .',iincliurs,.tablu,' vralcr DKKTISTb' : $ lfHaf,ftJXnrtlnff Aay Tintetim af 1)11 M*> *
Huuso Ike AppivpriaU'j 'LilliH >< fiinr>tnrr, Vr, complete: hn JuPt rftnnied I.ule'tkthrei.nkrtAadneet'Ufl. -
July 2 rr rtitor: tViJfey, ralatka. JclTrc\-( -rtn rca i> Ji Y E N S
1Th1'4L n1uoR.wrc< : iinanirn1yR4.pte& i Committi*) of the \VhAl'again; rejecting the Bro. I i I a \oyapto Key West : can b* necu at Htevcnn! I F'LOiiA'1. llOUE : -? P f* ? */ *tkTthtrmif m It'Jt*( Cb m'ajj- -

amendment allowing cWk extra July Ih.tLtu1.WiIeyL. Ljbtiu ,. .. I vm.d. For imt-ntorr and further parikular npi> if unvlalI- lIbtit thirty 4ys Orlsswh..p .
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a& fr Ltsa- itadii... .. .- llAJlLES: A. 'rd, with the writer* MODM, J'.d.Jcd ,Tf.>r sus'
By Dr IidvinRAl3lrb.It tion.. ulyJul -- Lilly, ; ilIf4ft .' Kei-dn' Block. Bar oi-v-)<> ;c tilt- 1'it-Ot1ke. lj 23, 25 anc3 27 Broadwij. New York tbo fen tend md of the enrriope.oa In* a* m tLe'tlunk of JLu IJoiir d.are j :AiTcr c; a bill fiaihin.th.rixiilith. ol, \ I 1ooi, Jeiln( fiOIIIl(, Garpider. (ireeis L'ov. bu cuniAso1 with. Letter. bewlng itih ss4t
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July --a4.' J.ltzi lLii, Yfl7L.IIl, 1huJ V Jble. ,- I < .. [ -r ;t xtoOowliay Gfyn i 1U be ,,
tend wl to'UtoEiiUM- the New Krafor the each 'Congressional JMstrift with ,2,0K( ) rifles .-. I XOTICK.i tN T1fEUROEEAN-jLAt -
PP&. swi "batteries" etartiHery, lli 116 uw juljotirnedJ / ..luljr.inl'r fiitr lui-hintoii-Jtr, Kiitcrrrrize, J CL'irfe. S 7erriIQrkzt11
> S. tr Ilattk-, M.tmriotO, 1'al.itU, J Clark. LEGAL. '1 -
; 'I'IRc1rdiTh&ttI&JIThtarY Jlondaj'w* -- ( J''lily .' At tiwlc JI.cr," UrBki, Savannah VIiiclIe. i rflIK member of tin rnrsb>hiian CliUlcU six- i TUli tiTKViiXS IlOCfiE i- well*a.l widd, known !o .111 nutter buuvrjrol by laaU wcvtwatA lmjwv.L't UB* .
furnish ti! EditfawnD -j FmtilJELrHiA, .HHy S lM ;tivo l.al.ij'ottc '.-_ { | -L iiic<4c'l to meet, necordins to uuiournrncnt. ,tt ; -- : > (U>tntTclins public. The location N pfrUllr coital-to u" boundary f-Xaatfeu,' and etMtward '"""-
I "" rlutn-k onVKi K ti>D A V,July 8U,i'lVJi i if. k to merchant and bulnc men; it I* in close wft tte
numlr r > proximHTtu eastern -
K w Era with the fof G. B kurf8jdeadlioioa; uart rx'f k 'million J11.11 1FWt l onsht<'iiTrfti' iiri Kiver. AT- howKUrryo Cauforuia,; ratCTtone- -
] II., fur purpiHcof elecliri Tru&tn 13ISBEE Jr. the buiimiu part of the city-in on tb
? !i an ? highway ol to a fr ia .drfe MttMcriker,:and Irjtnked -"
mambere ef the Board ef Trad of the city f4olLah $ .i t 4.2: hjieCttemnfsd.orck-- ;1> -' southern and WosU-rn travel-nn
Jackaonrille and the dat of its orguniuttion.TbtlbllDiringeommnnietation The ( J/jnJocLstcatuyr ot Jkxlon anil'I- .- ; 4. I' ) priuc-ipal Kailnwid and Steamboat dopoU. -S S S
sew City
of: from 1 1TaouthofthaComicelfnit 4; ;i4-- ;;;: --, ""aa-. A. N K T AT L .V w. Tlio Steven hongt; lun liberal a commoiitlun for 7 0 I( YOj.1.OW. C1.Aa4 41 $ .ia... S
Captain the Btearner rotate nf Xcw York collided*at die acksonville' Markets.P..p.'t July Mm over AGO KttuM*-it U well famitboil, Hud poMeese* n try !aetI.ib : SI --v; -

r&1Jv rivrrln aTdtj -tfirt-o : IS llOItt'S ei.oCt. j I modern hnproTument for the comfort and entertainment I:1tet1.&ri4L.2eS1ugstatoe Rtumnl to t* 3 -

rt, 1t., Jpde !;$, I Sf; persons were ciuwdfcd lost and with many were "hnrt''lkthloatj r.r lbi Upp'ut' b .!Vi1i.st., d k,. U. S. Marshal's Sale '- ,I of il inmal>., with The vu roonn and arc waiez-UteatteJc]>adon unrt well tentilatedfproTidcU isL tars?. if Letters unclaimed for p,reorx or to be who retained rwofarrveaa a nwrifled at itthep0atOCt'.d limit_;< <'-

were paaw'ngerb.Xcw .. AL.OJflP4.i..-
*" -- ( ) L prompt and r *pcctfirt-fin Trade pro-
To the llxworable Board of York July 1.-TLq UI-TV ratniuauy 'Ifall JACXlNLT.I.l'UtY i jsi4. BYSirtue of a trritfltfila iwucd'fivm the ( i !'I Videtl with eery iJelicnry of the *'sgw'n-at inodrratt > 3. Drop and box liners,ijid letter* KtanMdvrltvrj
'cioa"Vii of'militg -' = : !., *f 1J.ria, nod to wo directed. I rates., from the bend
f rinartI* t for .M> ;& t I.ereke.
According the 'Itif iit.J -
is admirably arranged conrcntion. I will tUon thol'ira H ONDA in The
Lt.Lttrre ,
retards lhailTn'cruia l tho SL-JehD* Bar. festooned with are Aiuvriciui.Jflaga, uid ducoratcd -; tAR. xc.rttLiIt \V1jl1.tbu.. lull "Acvl'l ?l WVhtU -u %I (3d) at publi outcry before the Court-hoUHe in the ;r FOSTEU, Jr. .- i,- are enabled to offer extra twiililie" f>r litwmfvrt aAitf 'front t acec .hirveted to the pol p.rion.gffice.. as unit; etA :. :
io *n3 oT'coniio"thff tame number going with .. cf J.ickFonrillv. a JiilUird Tnblo with ntarblo bM : il | ; 3. Itter< vhich S
coming elaborately patutod cacuUbooua of ., r ii-* \ ,. T6O I i plearoreofoiir < tu parties addze.o,1 oaep.... .
cuts Wffttveynii1 njt' d xrf tthit r esdr ;*ll the Statrs. The 'accotnniodutions for rlclcgat Miit4 'Wt,1i-u... ........ ....: .. ,. iffi, V. upon as the- pr..pertyiif Howvll A. Bm dfii, in f; i-r-- A f Mi; Av.. OKO. K: riASET i ('0., -ivc.
K. 4 Co. S
% a$1o d. ..Thcte&e& retd.-niiy j outl-in *.l..v v.-k, I'fl JtL'.u. ...flii4 uitq..on .- I *_. 4u.-liii 6. Lcttoraddrr4 to-jer.ion..biown to Ii. sct -.
for the AT.KXAXDKU
? are ampltv'and arrangcnKnts preeatixcollent. X:- M.VUKUDKU, or to pena.s1o IUIA-L'rcBH>r4j to pI.rea tufcxtown. 4'
coating Tco U -tota J'rrnandina, tt. Auguo erie) tbat the' committee ia.thargo !K. 1ou trti.iliKxtra.wnUirv.iK.it\. .. .. ... .l r b! !. 1 i ; s'' l'. M .rlivK n !d J>istnci.' ;suI-n-srzxE, 11..$ $ l I 1iteraJdri4 t4spcrffi.wbG ba ma.Tc V -

tin 5 w Smyrna awd Indian Rivw: that do nr.t piektently reum.admission to m n-'titc'.l uics- ,...... ? ,13 IK f 14"i
tab plUiti,'therefore we )httvc kept no record oftb ta receive bUrL1&U..... ...... .'-' .' -, 11 -
reports. .j-- --- -
ngers -
iii,. noil'in in.nktt ; v/ jfi ; --i-
m. Tb number x>f steamboats ve.have nuTSCOT&O. The weather i is intcnatlv hut, but th halt is OA r'I I Full v.fiht (t' siUIHK ,.. u.. -1.NPA1TNUS1L1I' NOTICK.T RANDALl,, I Cuhrt., ,u.t.POeLCIS cdoftLiItmg simse -

tut should suppose would comparejlith perfectlir ventilated. Among thu man) >|ivcti- V'c-Ht.-iu" .. .... ... ....... .. J .:j ,. ; ., ..r0HTNCLAR1 10. L'4tvre at$t.e.irt.s, t'trUdCi1Or pr1ons ca bj
lh. Bnalw of, T t's4* which hbeenpgot.iL. arui i n. i-- : ir.tvyili> .!.-!> -n.LniL&ed Mc (Jiit*. I,. >lthcralirm > AT IW of r.'rI.In suaa'i.erjocteti'! to arrirei
alw Prancw'l .
tore are.many ladic, Hlair, .... ... .... .... ..... rt. I 110 )1 to -p'-riii uij l.'i-iii"-iin.h.-i numc, aitd .t-tvl K >i\VAl[ tXi AX1' t.0MtI"l0Y MKUCHAXT S
Senator I'attersiui,oXtSenatorTjayard, anti nianypnmin North' ui, (..tiip1\ .iuxtt\i" .. I 12> fi 1 V* I I1.&r RttIA l.'ii.i. R. H. L' .ti': : iV1iQy ..
I a lldff.Tablo fur th? month f i flltI1 nt in" Soathcrn 1iti' "licfrjirh ('?-- -. ?., JLORIZ'.4.
he BL Johw Tight js a fixed light of j : iK ;Sltonliti-i ., irt milt, 'ii., tn1thtI4i'i- __i C.V1thIES.U1E DEA1J-JI IN ; V.'iutLtItitei lor-ear part of the- Vnked, *eiui ----
May. 'vat. t !: :: lE' '! tnstij. II ruat Britain, buiid of Jaaa1caftolJ
i itrom ? y KiiKikcd, t x W''bfj.'Jt M.IX- lu j ;i:'M.-KUiEs. VI0V1i1O.f. HAY tiI1cI.
weUlct taud be I :/ \ -.tr.tt, *Lat. 1 f-f ,
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; ny.
the Kxxmddati; U > can Ken The ludi and gUtrieuu: } 4 uinl-als. L Ibi iIdlt., in tht'Swkof a TSB JI from fifteen to twenty* crowd* anrontoide'Vdinly atrivinfj to gain lk1lte 4 .... ....*i _.1p;, Stationers & FOR THIf KXTHIPKI.T STEAMEH I 11110'1, ivifl bj rc4L.TIon .rd21IZ beItq&- -:

mik ia bar weather. The 15uoys on the St. 4 4J ... ....... ... I Ihours vf'Ai4-1I6 P.M.. -
dmittanccl A stroti rpolicu ioi-cejs ul.th doors cIt.II. Uil.he l ..... .... vap I.JdiL1, AMRsQk 3 r&ir A. M. Kc ,l'. Wiiiirf"Jd .Ii.iviUv., flu.lr" I l'lLpptert'tL KOKTto p>the KUDO* r,HIMIur be1Ia
Bar in' in Iheir places, having j jIitelv .. I -""--" 'r ,- '-a---------- .-. + 4in d'ie bcforu the
ani proper and onlh rtrcetn to prt rTC order an l kei the l<'ns; Clear Side, uuuiiiokwl,u-'iioiii il' I '. Ji ao .?y1.t3., dosing of the auaC :-
b Bri placed b the Buoy Tender. Hut ; ...,.. I : : : I .
> road open. mirtcl: j wouW'eoniniaiul....... : fj'iln ::'! '

(or the lart t -months then Ixaj been a great j The Ccmention wan called to older at tuenty i 1'iiBK--SlwitC1irikmumwt&, nuzwt .__. .4- .- ., .g : :, k'Lt. -. L. WARROCKjffj Money Offict'. .:

deal of frn*] *J"C th4Xiptain& ofsteamerVfronniag minutes past 11 -o'clotk by August Jn-lmont, t. Old if. .-,......... ...... .... .. I *.' UJ-.JJ'. CJlAI... .M \: }.} tD JJ.E1A COMl)SM)4 i i'.tn*I attention la eaited.to the Monet Onter**..
bet* M* bxireV 5 tIM31thfl4 Charles-] Chaiionan th .Lt.i'l-4l itins, .i$ Cournit- ,, iscw lon, Uiom III ke!. : i j Umi.ai 4 gale and c V1? metlMMl of tranigmtlia-aaita :
th. out of 1d&BEED 3E1.CTzANT, | um fhrinj Bit"mailF.. Orders arc toioedin
toain nequsflce buovi being tee. ,. l'ilutei i (1Ifl4TItl. toata
the chartnelT>And the rcawni of this je,.that the After saying "the fonn.tr rjooka to you gcntlcmn I'. Itiuuj. zEU.1&'. B. HART, L ';.ir HlKEKTfjAVKSiJpriLtE. FLA.COSIO3J i to not the mort' tvmc than{Kivnn fjo.,at Ijtrjcrauooniican the*am tin>, br-oiMUlaciat bo tnnanixteC'criaer" -' S

Soperinteafontof tli* .Light Ilonse and Buoyb by means of the Democratic: orgauuation, Post Office 33uil i \ COLXiELLoIL Al LAW, EST iOUCiTD. -- :- -- ;fe -
toiiilUi'jji uf our m.irk-.t .iiil.ix-ui.lt cling.V1tHlr -- ,1"Vill pia-iii: >.:for pIu tie$ in the country all arMrlrj, i&e 5S
Ku biz eiiI uartfln< in Charleston, and whcu, to tim '* Mr. Belmout .nominated i v iy lit -i-; Krjciah :, I I1.Oflutttt
; sao country, t Mittl'f down upon quotation .thure buinumall thert j>- .' )i.1. ,at the loweit market urke. ? -
ths MghIne6 or Tbuoyi break from Hon. Henry S. Palmer of Wisconsin. 'rnp"jrary n.'i'y b(1WIi1J Ihepiicw of ruoet licu\j Jutit.-rst bottr. I \ aihj Urtail t tctober8.iy1.. __ : .!: r, IeIext-tedin5gi......,... .
oor 0Mfon; be can b* 'noUncd of that fact Cha'nngn, vrhich was earrieU, ,.- : our arttokiii ti-o-ii a-h )i! jm1 1 'r-cxl : tiJc nnd"" tuitia1 StattCourtst. ; -'.'- -- --.-- I Uii erderaovvr2 and vpto e' ..-.Jieaua.'

great *IbI might occur in stormy weather,, t lliI. Stationers k i I -. -- -a T 'J>m -- : Ltrnionvyerdcx t. > otBcc wilt be wpca.frera 6.. A..St,.I.*.
rr 'r.MNt. i iv.vicfi.Thojcrowd'in tur fbi inarktf ha 5 n-tivr the Ffii- ; : JOCA1 G L >
;_ u vebz or atoamon bonud totha vhenj4jaoC tho.Ticiriity or'Turunjiny Hall \ tl ton U-in-j iicnil) all coii nir* .boiild br rarrk to the ofllc sM'
|*rtrnJiniBj by tho"; buoys, would be 'led'IT incnii i- for tbrvr inuntliA canio : a- Wit, !iIssrv'> i.mt A\n f.Li-fj' -tl.intluji luiud.ui Itvtvcr .- :1 ui4. I "te rciat-retL U unie 1, a pe.taj
them either into tho North or South Breaker j rendered the atrepts alineit .iinp Sbabk.. ;; There\ inatcri.il t-liausv ijrour market ubilt intv wyonj uci"l T T c 111 IKpur* hiusseit tT- rTv.licrp in the l HtntP,all_ '" IAlUF.W1'U1.El (i1-'J i { onter thouVI be bumal--U upon points hm UMH to .
The this bar Lara -nbt';been properly j jatteaded i is over fiftyJhottsan-1 q.Ue.iIzrnicr admission'to ii to 30 tnf" in Suuiunali in n kits. V-T of 5tal.jnt'r\ ** 7 1'niamnKivarr IHCIIAXCtRY. I3rJi.tLu1NE: :;, 8AW 3lILL. tVU..1I IbOL S I no motH-j order ot&cc. then the lettnr caooU b*ncM*>. S
boys on the CoBventioa. Hour, ie woiiMn\, tli'--i i.but vi-iy lilt: :.-iuaii-; ., ed. Money <>hou!>lM r to sinte, they wrare; taken-out ?f the ,i 1I il liriit *t'jk kept t tvv In..t ..tite.i. rit -. :-/IJOI, JOvJi':., c : r- > 1.HU5, IRON AM) DKAEd CASTIXOf. . ... .. .
Jta4eef th.Tcouo.t. : The Pendlctou lorcca pitmen e tL.eir'ent huiasm I >; ? till rcnuiiii ;u |irt'>oui priivr. j JACKSONVILLE, "LA.I .J1O1ty Order ojlce*. .

.. Toon tfnllr, and cnflce. -Thp Johnrtrm men anrTo'.v in ( iir lljy Tnarkct.liasjbu'ii vtr niuUj :. .?*, .J-y J..rkmiill. ?,. Fla., Juli l !>r. tl ; of Deeds -\I -.Feb. 23, 17.. .S s : rJ -

rape loA3 number butvcry.iieterm.uifcd., 4jea| Ildrio .F $ ; support iem tolxiiii bad temper, .: tj tliit fhrrei.i RTK-aot KHfflialc*nt northern"Ji ) 1)1 fFKUKXT VATL. I I IFIUXK c -I Colwnbia S SI
; ju VtY f'whitli'>vill .supply tliffitMaiU f.>vl 4layi. .
ty p MaeIL .
*Tl-B 1AyIil. Rumors ofa Chaw loiter bearing strongly"'MIbtate 1 jJuxm.Mii'l rwfeV'wv HI-- zli'l to iy tint tlit IT"-" -'' t ice Jrlousot 1ij.t."i: to all iutiatn eniritfleil tohiat,. SMITH. At.is' I Athens Miedgrwtnc;. .:. S-

fobiJiar 'for the KiShUekcit UB tio iv' ; i&JJK f. tend 'donuwarj. the state and Federal Courts Jr- .tUaata | RomeJ .. -. :.; .Q;,
tf JIigh-"Water"ri lhSt." "" The {"yitfOiWl"!! : 'lrtIrt tpp1aiLi'eu1entIlie l icoji ot t All Ijiif. "ill x>un ltd ll.i. dt-tisii' Vuinoke j iiuni K v. M., to !9' -'. '4., ) Cooit of the Unite Mtntoa It 1 tUiut.i { Saranoatu.FLORIDA ,4.

M th>f May l'W \' : jf j jDate. Johnson.asU'cally. l tnt orv ttkiux jirefert-nci'Sand give much UturratL against the UnIted tate o. Black ___ t '.*; : -
>tictiuii. There i but a small nupply in the market JItkitIt. IIt .hiiw 2. 14iueatly !rf
"limeM>?ptht# water. 1 of ;;MHI $uuj bright mi-ats. inc Iota of sour, tin- __ : CII'p PXi. 4.- J..t4t.Qtl I TahIaba.e.: ,.

x."i flul. u:1ernoerIti: uti ii of mvri-h.iiitKl'lt- ottered at much le.-v than; our ijnota- .lACKsoNrnLE: 1t4TA: Key We. t. 1WarTint--
: FL In. .
,k 1i' ni* Hiisincss; gt-ucrally better. S
1864 ccInLIedfrom l. I 4L4DAM4. .
: July > ) TTASiuCJtoreamlarriviny.'ffacon'Siiliti and i IwuI ; :
fey lt 2 113 a vo*so in the ConrcntloS; .' :E. PERRY,1, : 1 11 dcrs, Me d Fork and 11am.-, Lard. Hatter and D.cr

4. _:! : : ::- 3 7 .; ''11 5 N The CoTBtnitlees on Credentjala, 1c.oIttioiis :Fu1ci-ri ci. Cheitie, Mackerel in barrels, half burn-lj and kits. Codfish ....... ............... .
Domestic Markets.A4A12.tIh.4J and liio Java
S. $ ,_ p 1U6 and Permanent Organization appointed, : AND COUNSELLOR liming, and Coflei-r Tea, Erokrii andiFAIEBANK'S Etuia...........................
3uar Buurbon &mI
'I 8 46 11G L..A.W.. -( -- Cb tujueil 014 Rnix.t WLikey, -. S ( revnri1t. ........_ ...............Boiler. -. -
whan, after reading the Dctlaratiim of IndcpotiUcnec. uI3-1. I T 4 jT 1 ) e : i if Hunkvote.M ..................... .Uadfawr..DaUaa.
8 6 38 H 6 IT t. '* "
1L1 6 the Convention adjourned to Monday. U.'ri(.'. -iu-d1_ i.-W_ Oh-k VCfL 1zlid4,: noFrrASi -Climate- Soil-, and 4.---- p : K.T T s'rREITI J ILMCZr> > btlcSclma. ..._................. ...MoW.T&acnmbia. ..- -

Soutbcru rwai.Ciiri.i.o. 1.ti.iiiwa triii'i. te.l.No .. -
47 7 7 12f I Mass. .

I 8-41 12i '.. July 4-To-day *'iis uir.rtxlas rtct-ip3. with a sketch of t itliifetory |t :- ; .........................iFranktbuGrenad .. ..

9 3 2O- j.* a genoralvholitlay ;vHagi iljin from, fata, IAI..-< i (ii it. i iti ht .it ii::: IH! ,. .j.t ..i 1 11. ; 4-:: 1 *7X !"* Month to soil the National, ramtiv .,vw- .vrsIsmrL .. : ,
Ira.tlniii : ehai-xe York t'llit l N.ilutikl l-'eituic.t i. ::
Sil\crl aold. Social S
10II .. 10 2 li oi blipping and puV'lio buhliuigs. ''Tliere wusanoutpotirin 'j'ff I'l'iiniuiu. Sterling IVX/t 154 for 441
*4 10 .4 o imn11't; oi th: coloicd population.KLKA.V ui4we M'ANUAt/-. -- taitdar't machines in every rc j>cctan'l b MiUI at the *................
Jj. .1uotMoi S
: ir i***' 11 32 -. 11 s. Nt ( JuhThe- te' avrnn" iUiitation.. tihouJilcTH, Hi-'i'lSc: 11'KU '*- low pricof #-JO. AddrrwNATIONAL 8KWISU MACIUNL- Holly Spring! ). .......?...........M4Aha1Z.-5 .
military | Co.
arc O! I idi.ibl.iiil! : i : <>iii.-iti(>ii (- ii.iTniu tif ntnoiin.li & i iPa. Jakon.-- ijj. -' -
.1j3 ;! 12 21ltlelqu 11 7 i still 1.ut1e4rIn toJathough; th} .,rr i is; much flliil"i'j'- 17c ( hazti. caav.i5va
.tdc-ii pLiin.SOJiiirK .
.4 ( r.); 1 lo 11 lu-s eidtiient ai, airvnt. i TS JjjjjTWtlve 11'jc : ; TuI'tt'. -it-i-i u (IiIJh1t '- t S Nttclez..S.i .............

1 2. 11 11 t } LiJr.-.NoltlwIIU1Ier, j ; t itrtu .11 BANK I- k5UTi..........................
4i ; ; Democrat! ; nK-mlt-ro ot th+ Jlouaiyere r*l--? H. fiirffcUjT-lyot IfcrurgU In lipfit : leinau-l tni- | TO JIV,1II1' : : !. SCALES.WantedA'gents. 55
3 s ll 6U JLIJ'.
.1j. \* sworn in to-day. Another cHbrt t r.tle. I1tIOtC upt-r. ht-fe: zttit 5o linity. Lorisx..1x4.- :-
17 '- 4 00 'J3 ift'> I.'.. '
made to hare the llouoo orjjaiii/cd according to 1.1. -. ii" c uir.i'iujitutc Immigration fliouiil i : -. ........ ...o ........
.1 c.:4: ; II" the roll.of the toaiinandiitg f-ntrul fuilr loday. (icAiUi oji' #c. CK-au turoliiia, .J10)!..(. : .iyly A ci-i-j.l it c"HUiiid a chapter i f I'fntir.nl !j FREEDllAX'ts SAVINGS AND ] ALL %LP I Muottt........._._._ ............O'T.'ebtttL -
.5 8 ii 5, : hi. izile (ai.k '- hili-i ; ;iiddluzi. ; ; It.t'';t tli'- ......... .... .
tsevcral ]bcmtntt prvsontt-d ti! .%ms<4v*. 1 1I IIUH tonnila4 ilirt'.Toat routc.1 of tiavrl and ) ..- .
1l_'_ Lu4t1 622. u Tciiiiesee 1ruiul 2J1 ,
0 "J4 11 10 rJim i.ioli I CSJKIJIM' <>i L-I h. iii'-iuiK of internal ,| COMPAirr. : .AT 'EW-YOUK PILIGk. Xrwpbcria;..........- ..-S&a.ra,
I to lie eworn.j th*r:> < uoierallytc Uy atUiolattcrB, priiv of laji1.W.IST* *>f lalxnjirnn- of otHi>k- -0- New Ocivaiu..acuvt. ................... -S.' .
21 7 11 100 flunoujJt4yAquoiuii* r.t blh 1Loues SIialttr 10t4 comtaud#t.T61 ..io.Oei441 O trues I tout clearing Uinl c.XiuilJiinr and CONGRESS.. EiIou.FLiteininc.- ....... ... -:,
22n Vmoon)7) *>fe 12 6 j of the ("fenem! A-csemMy: iraeinblc'l yv1t4day. *barf *itt tnll icmftti.l; j.iIt.uiz frum store at 1 14V i other factn ot intcn-nt to thorn- -oiiitciuiilatc '* : : C.L.BOBINSON, ,.. ......... ... -. -

2!j- -** It21. 12 6 ri'i.Hi. I tU H-'liiLi, tiilier her j'ltiiMinnrvith) H view '; ,;[ : : $ ;? *..... .,,...... .
"* Chiel Jnttke 1'caifcoii in jd'cnct to an older '.ii.- *f-ueiiK-4-iiii tl.;.. ;uli Ie jhiii: ;, '1ivllytoiitiiKfl it thrtr tiituru Iina-. ,"" AUIXT FOX IJUE XIATE VK FLORIDA. la the Sorthrrn .Sfitc* ro-arh-Trft. Pnrtf -
ae 12 1 | from Gen. Cariby. alter uaTjtng taken the oath to the better vr.iiit-?. \Ve ijuoto : Crii-l< 'I.! IS Tinr I lilr-t ill In will l le mail to any a IN JACKSONVILLE 4.U. moiwy.r4eros.. SI

"Ai JO 26 ..122! ef oflifj proscribed by IhtAOWtiij&btitutiuii adrroir .. llV ; jo .Irr.-d. lsc 1)4 t .cA: IT'sf.-lT'n : ): l ',i'ITr on n-.eii| t >ii ' 16 11 32"i7 12 ft. l : ur.'rii <', lbiIt c ; yrllunr C, Ja.jc. Raw lia .- I.. K UEWKV; A C4' on Bay Street, where SThapo&tae
ieterei thr 6aniuUfb'associait and to the :
ith fur \V 1'orto Jku, -
l l.ceitea'lv a ji..1nir3. : .juolc .Jaek'oijthe.)
11 59 11 10 i Governor tlrtt-J;:tV. Yf, Holden. .ludgw 1K-J.V Wr a.; ..> i IiiblIe the "l-lmiila KIM! Kjtatc: le_ ii i and"Drafts paid. tNITED SPA'E'ES on 1uem tai bek'wai.hJ in th.It -.

$(Iu3tquRr-12.) 2t 11 'Vi Read then aiiZ$4iterei1 tho otI.-toth'j weui- XtW Y i6K. .-I.lv I IKI whirh), will mwitt to nin aililroKi oil ruripl of a | i all turns of Fire Dollar* and up- any part of ba1niteI tats" UThp cei re b.i
,$a. L2 11 6 .". to Irc-pu-uy ) .t .i.t.lni.s ;ai of One DoQar are received. ounce, ratrnn' jtjAnrs.
1 here of the Hoitso' and .Tudgu] 1iikttr-inb..rs, ; >AM: IA.i.MOIWV :ttII.call ioaiii 4 ii > <- nl.GuW .
1 A. M to3P.M. TheportastroE Iett4ro'.11| h> thi 0feefjj.J.ryin -
Jpv.. .6 11 5. ) i>l the Senate, Credentials ot -0) n\em\ ) xk "of the ; ,* H| ,' 'sf Wi. OoTcniiuent Kll l.llttI;, kttu-r.S.nitlirniK but *; W. L. JOAN, MAIL & EXPRESS. thta city, i* tnw Teat perhlonnre, pret.a4
little -loini. Kvhapgi* linn at Ki'1"'i: >
4t 3 30 11 ,5 Aetinn Cu.hIC( bystampb -
i innate *t andbaiined :
were pre by tlmjlowartl. 1.on'I firi,. My k. .init oi4i.itlv. NEW DRUG STORK -
hfrithw&ter on tke SL Jaime Bar at toll I' Amendment wetcjaklrvn the tatJcr.Thtph : ; & Jacksonville
aodo'dock Howl.-. Ji"; I rSt Augustine Manuaerlptq Sanrp1e .. S
.*ngof the raoo* at k1f prtt ?ru ': Card. Maps. maeksjt1en 1'aeMyinR,,
"U'illiam Holdfin; bo" Jf. the ( ovrsjir, wes l II. lIINSIN Iia ethihiIIe.4 a ESTATE. i i T *< ? -
ral.Ltlln -
; } pcaker"'joi thu JI" sc.to'd ietb COTTON JtMwfct-t.. "il > 'ti.liiiil ; .iiir, -" btiWv< f -l-/-st >i-c, ctI i ih-r (i-t-Jii uHil )Fori-x thf, -tr> '*In m I L1NZQItEE1It1AChW1XUt r OWS, Cewbi bootvctciom.aud-pTinr Mt.I $ .-
tttont of rewclj that ha\e trowel (.1lected ? ( ) I. .4.; hal.. :1.ttnijiIc.r Mit.i.i| ,( will I'V lait'tullv put m> al .tt. iULY : cirevlara and book.), .will be- rated at Tw 'c.trt*. .
fjloubea Tver'- j.rj rnized;atul juvorstor Hold n \m\ vi&.hiiIv, I reiztyi t41.ber.4 now-rtC reub.rlpbetweinet. every lonrtnmeca.or fracftont
: .B&rj from r pt. let, 17, 1 Jnti lit, in brief Inj the House.I hej ALL Uflf1cJMy'OR-I'Lrr. [ D A AGENCY .uutine aiet'JjckzsotiviUc, Icavme each i1a.e
[ tnt ; .
I a message oft CfJ-i--. :, i.ti- .&.vUt, ifil! tolt--e., t .. 1.t--Tniii.ri,) ', --u-- .' -. 1 pnnnptly at 7 A. M., lay exccpted.Ji Vngaleti Viittlri,. ne and. .t S
rryr Howard Amcndinent'was vote
j a3opted'iy a -
1 3 1 ul jlii. putrunauc aPliulril.X. number,in oact envelope, tritl bechanwl Tw ee1
tueU4hL. 78 to30, .ndin be cnalal y. .Yrtite tf 'j 14o -j r I!. lr. H. ItubiiiNon i' alnu- en- i..t in tVitnivui.in OF Til K : ftvoYO1i.i:1Iolreieuiititfne : ; and that proportion t* a en-amnlrmbrr.tadnaaddraa.' ;-
Wt Deombtr 13 th&tjot < :ii.l| i ij its ljrLu.-ht -. qa- re bdmp ..
January, 17, February, 13, t I ATLXXTA S.- In accordatLcvitbr telo- '
Ma July gen -. lit kH Jh,4A rilrU, May, 21. .Total 131 jrtM U. \ graphic orders frviu .lonoral (rant, General; I : ENG TA NI$ TalUhfeuKX, Femandina, Ctdar Kj*,4.c- I t.ponaL cnc3z

On matin, the communication from th "f i. Meade issue orders appointing Bullock ( Jovrrnorof *

)loU wereteewndand adopted with thank I; Geoigii,fi't General Jhigvr,zvuiyi.i1,.-}1X TKITKl STATES DlfjUMCT _COURT j ; Market for Vegetables, Aid Companyr S TARE, SIX .DOLLARS.{ .5 MlSTbeprepa4dby.taape.5Icew1dundIan and Co* Tei-rnf,-pr'bag,- ..

Mr. Fetter eflcred the f-Jlowinff raolnli ; to take effect la-morrow on tlio HRx-iiibhn, ofi '' by this hue puA infeTs *HU jo tlirottsrh in eo fjrtble German $tate l>u .iaj> CloMd Hall, I* rant. W* .-
"TCtiftraKnx DISTRICT.r'l'iorai">.i. M. <)l PU-E, I oiiniii-rioii Miulunts I't .. *" *
niA FI. $ *
) -
1 Oinrmn '
PK hlctvK and with leas > payment optional. -Stuies JJrvmiia JfaiL
thr) *
i Lcgulatuio. /9 ; Tf &Cignc, '
vkkbvu.& ..; Vi'S" l-'l'li') Wit. Ho Wilfiaui H. .Smith Giiv 1 u UK- Itiat li-r of L. T. jl J Uum by any other route. -
also *ruoi
apponiU In to COIIMXII t"VFHlill. (' 'i'. .flaiabr by Northi1etinnp .lrn
X 2i. 4i
-of tr.0 Tabta.; )cwcy, IVtitwucr J i- : it.tnrupi- ojl ( &
tIi&: from th# Pilot, be sent to"New York.re- ; of Alabama l'i tton, runcvt-d, and Appk-; ::1 .for l)iSclM ?r. I 41. l1II.l'EICSt4:- ,' (>n, u.iaicbuittp' ** r j-PffcfoyM/or Swthern Erpra Cwipsny deS Upn yui nto$f ftl. Jbwbw; fcj ctowd-:**I afl?. rviaEiwhiud

Oa motiem lhe, following resolution was gate LiCBtciiant-C'ovcrrvir, which lakva' "xflut..JnlvJ2lh. .?VOu thin ISth '!IM> of J IU.i. l"".) 'li.i\in : 1n-- pi- :!07) iluaric Nr-I, litered tafely and jnvniptly. Brartbi via, 13 England.cent*,optional.eeat SirST be. '.

i tition. tiled iu thU'cu'V.- the ISth in.stiut,it is vrtlifvdhearing KOUBTJfcfll, S-erthsrg. S !, .f i
adopted anannupuuT: The ui the tiiAi oij by Ihv l'oIit lluil a Ixluul ujnm the Kuutyon j .fat riuustjge,apply far i&nile; at the **'raylorlloum *tnmp : :
probecution'o ttblnnony tie first MoinlH-of J lunar Y, i,rlMi'lH-rore) isi4 i Court j : DL Agency : 1 ;;" and ia tit. Au uathw, at the FlorIda Huuaa. Brazlto'-na Ameri Vekatti pet pw, '
tMal1i,1z- tkanki ol ihi F oaid juaTv the Columbus prigimers is 1rons aguin t the ar- In this oflawk.oiviIle, iut the HaW3'ortliern Hi.itrit, j :: kfetabi'hed Ii, 1I4 16-tf. i1tLoY IeN1IL.l'r.pctetor.1I4I.i >few York}0 ceata be 'vepatiL -5

.K Uor th. cowd.ArtAjTA. lonVclot-k tlie foreii'MU of that , nnd that; no- '1% I: llLi.\in, II. I.. TIn.ntu C. T.juitK ), Btuldiinf). J,.ek m\ille, Flu. ; Italy, via ctoaeditoU tt u,botiooai. .

% ,Tr.. copy of tL* Stitineljrateitoiulj lioeut wW.l lu-aviu? IK publuJiwlin the Vlorvlii I'niuu 'J7 H
for the ensuing car.to. July 4.-1'y wdtrtif tien. Meade i. tww$1NlN] r 1Iili.h-d) -in Miid District, and tint Kiiliotic M. CHENEY, Agie. : G. GU1lAE.Vuwi'i Govern mtttt Stamped'J&urtloptfTTpon S
3 rv.- -
and prweLmuitioh ol the r published once j j
by '
A&uuc an letter a nl offic'Mii *** .
iron .nvejep.s, i tket
1U ihitl I *willbepnoted
cupfuUe* t. -
a enJinthe eaiil firnt Monday Janiury
rI1MJI Senate emblvd ill the L'i yJIall at 12 3f'16day OF LANDS Great"Pbytologjoil Work or every otto his .crM* H* tmf,- wIthout J nUoe .
W t AgrkultnralA &cfcrtjoa, to I* helJiU a Th.it nil the rre-iitors ."t iwiJ ii-tilloner, who lm c FUJI) SALE OR KENT.Tllli. .J_ own "Doctor.-ifeinz a PriTate Instructor t>r Married btine.nd < T.chn
the itfefco
adiaoftwi the 7th ; and tratt1e1 lo.dt'dtr Lq Ikir. unlock, j-roved their debt, ami all other JH-KMJIIS in I Inttrert, Penon or thoeboat to nuirry, both mate and JeOMklo namM. e iuUrv af -
ii.rea4 rwixirt of the \khoBficended Ib Atatnl accompanied by Gun.Jleade apptjirat said time iiiid pl.'f, and tin-ii iiu-1 there ficar 1. C4Hiin-r llot l nt Lie Mk, .llorida.: -* or tmall parcels,wuhing to find pur- ia everything concemfaijt thrphytioloiry and rela and*rwt. ert tuKturn if uneUuw eeiittes wkich the .xipplJ at tW office time-UKT whole out to *four tv .
JootMD ol I)r. Ualdwin.ts "I I'' 1 uf akl -. Apply nt to exec* ra
upon and J.lt. 1'arrott. hjw taliiHIf any lby J&v 1 >' > j (( UIMI ** liens of our sexual iystini, and the 1'rodictJoss or I'teTtntion -
meif ed and adoptad. ".?EHrTk : lodge "Erekuie Iho rwclmnationif tietltioui-r elmiiKl not be srautet ''It i-i further .onlered j ji June W, I I4s.ft ;;. 4;| : &*' fe 5J of offspring, iatludlnjc all the new coTerif9 ed qtaintite tPittftrftiMfUft'el of,fire hundred a-nt- upwrspcet& *.. f .'aa- -
rnaiddit Gon. I1oadU'i''VYdIrTh&IU4 y.thts Couit that alUuch cuditor*, lwtjla<- : ofjnKidriN.it 'desire bciore giTen In tae Enaji'A janguaye,by William
etatol UML .jt ras (ip.kd the out ot the state who may in- %>TCT AmoOf tbe>adTantt >-eww4 kxthe puhrioVrnueof th
"ard af Irade woall bo rt-preaeatcxl ( the Oevu-nort-lurl.'and ).hoOniuibu bill were } arc known. hall l Is. entitU-il to iKTrfti1 i1 110I'tav 1100MS TO KENT. U to purchase,ale or.etUeme t ToungT M. D. This Id really a valiUbk and interesting stamped ittopre are .
&t the read aajl the roll callt'J, et the aid ilition un AfrifflJltttal AModatM a t6dlbal a 1 1e IrtleraddivsiHNltM On in at tlu-lr known nsiial |l4cool SIZUTt ana reader, and ia illustrated with iipward of own hundred
uxy aJajuiisttred by Jnds J-.rikirMA l.ACiii; : AIHY ROOMS, of inverting capital] afely, Sacun&-Sucuitt3' Iaj bib '
Th oath ommitt % appoints -* -iX fc. rvhUeiWVaU tol by SIX r, luriit-hic4oi unfumli'lii-d to lU> to the Company ia Cotton,orAddrew ngrarings. All young muried pe t> UKM conUmplatlnff the aUhtp eanawt be retuoted j r kut. -
ncnjamin 'Conlcy, of Awgunta. wikcIveledE. l ed at their tiua1 plsoq uJ aliodc, by U.- aILr1ai or lib ) raarrUjte, and having the Wart Impediment --
Anw it diwrixl.* '
Mortd iff kitrlu-n, itli kit Bi 4-S
and 'n
U ftxwoded th4 a o xmilUf uf eix1' 1 lWd mt f4btt>H3i te"an l ., ., .MarehzU, ofj dypmy, or lfrnt. liy." nwir, "it'pr .ol thi-r,of rlallUif ii $ .. %' ; flW4Jfl M VIftREY.. to married life,should retitbiz book. It diaelowace- Thirt-Whcre UviaiKitboM.-aktoMMrp a reqnnti*endomd n4TUIt ii tiew,4j, .ofaletier .
cppTmteiL j ;ii.ti. 7J. 2 Crete that ercry one should be aojualaled with. StJtl itit r>Ofle J -
it thin vilive. Juno 't-JAcLiouL1 *
n. iTippwiiteJ 3l.i.n. Adanie '' AtlantaKecrctary :wftnr5M1bo.-'Itow lhii' }' r ito sbt tititlaippl) -. I-. J *boolr that murt be locked op, ,and*ot Jte abut Uw the went ofite Bon-delivery;bat IttTw rctnmod. riroei
bitwnuck tkaw, AtterUlio orguuualio" "1 tb.enle. th Gov: >Ulri't Couh, oflbu ItpituJ "Tat os, for the Noitlurnfl houae It will be sent to anyone' n the receipt Fifty t(,the wt1t .of o. --- -
; Pare, T eU Hammi., Fail" i tri> tof Ktoi1-l," *nj""Ui M.-al tlrrt..-.>t, at tbcr Tourt.JIou OK KENT AGENCY. :i renteAddnm J>r.-Wx.Yov>oKo.H8 terrace (trtti, The pt.eoi ,toini eiwr3np.ip.lt.'t 1. 4Methig -
bm 4Loeg- i'rwtotx J (kU. MidC, JUOETS.1r,1opritC(11Pd.tkthe 4 iiitl.l i l N-'itlifm FOR SALE wilt b n1. & .
Imniek, HuUmnl WiUuaat < *. iii tH' 4 yf. > p w nr.n above Voijrth, FbJIadelphlo. 8-1 y' pi'niI' tb4 I...
; 14&TIL .Jnl I It, ISiS. { ''* never been *ent.by atiul.M.\that 4hc a1acctm '
Smith, Slaw, and WOaon. -t Lli w'hti' ihs9ihcruutinii h- j ViL 1'. JIOCIvKAl. J I ItJ ; FOR .SALE. LOW V tanlly occurred at the-plait, whi-rc-the toe byfr. Clark and adopted the Uowi.i of Jle1nictciItauitOi4
*t Its. Idt to the discretion of.the Cow-i othtiij1i1b'i I ifl3 4th:,! tf*rne IIone, Ort C.an(11.f Ilarn WlLDEIt!+.> .tp'y, Laura t i ,and elsewhere.In}aet Flor- BLANKS SALE 1! : m bk it. ...

ittee appointed how much inoner ahonld be { ;.. -,1. 1XITEI) SrA'ISJflS1IUCT 14)LIrl') and ielllftg Land and Town- !! 'Tb.p.sb ate reqnttM ic. TtfOtpart" \ 'T 1aaaethia

sa1cnbM by Utt Board of Trd to lkq. tatb eu tn4bejtcrn 'idIOUUiIed tiIJ.1O :: r term BI8- i un the ia thr*4t roeipt tots nr,sa.tituye.t.UK1.iTKRYof ul -tha nail. flicFAILTJKJC *', or

A.1icItthD.1 XuHTHF.KN DlfTAKTl 1 l- A.oeiiiov. (UXlTEn"1Kl'ATKft C.. >.i'f> .-. i ,to thao i waster. or kli'r'--. '

. by Mt.AdaUIS- Tut he matter\Villlaiii.l.f i 12.11I DEEDS, ,- : : ,; c-S f-, .

_? < That tho matter i't Ihe- 4c1iau VTatUiiu l'<-tition. r l