parts to his subordinate commanders, be baa until the blood flowed (reoly. paving tho creasing. No Kepublitans ubjocl tu tho constitution May 31-*tr Dailington, firock, Enterpiiw. John. .. '
;_ ,- .: C
'n' ki.wit..
of his strategy were went about like iqaduipt knocking iUclf. .Tlie,rpoinUjf dJOitiilty,applyto L'lnrk. ; _
he a
aever, when ibsKresulls soldiers .i May1 31 iicTirr g. II. Woodljuryi; Woo4bur} %, JVwt-u, B. HART the traTeUaypabtic; The location taSoutbern eqiseisy
Idly unfolded; appeared' in the picture except as down nqro gpoclators, both men and wuuicn.1'bis ill the SoutberS(4t.jLj. Allen&Farnuv. v, .* "Tv .,<* Li to mrchan *nd.bualae.a aea: tile ta siass sruia.-
? llowc\it seem during culminated in his boiring a May 31--sloop Anna, Hai to th.buIiSeH et th6 tty-I% ofl tk*
the central figure may conduct gun VuIM1f)%, May 30.-In the Senate, after ? Smyrnx xrroINY LAW,
of of his great combined sbotyic.jlbrougU thu doorinto a business and oxctx'Utivo May 31 sloop Kebecua llertz, emitb, Smyrna. JJ.pubJS -. I Ireputation and Vwtcraprindpal taM-and a4j'iui' 1
one and
the progress unimportant teutontbe 31 ereCo. Railroad Stemb lt depoU.
May -str Fanny Fern, Ton-!, Pilatka, John Clark. Li C r4Lz,2L _
campaigns, italways turns out at last; when it whith&e ev1 mCfl1UI 'y rn Thejtfl Arkansas bill was resumed. June 1 1ktr City Point, Adkinw, Clmrlotoi, Jefl'roy ftKro. 1. Caw, tit & ., Ira wili Tb* hltsvena bouM.M4; b.ts iisei'r-j'
reaches that completeness and finial} in which passed through the door, through the arm of Wilson would never consent to adjournment 2n
Juuei -ir J.HUCC A. 'te'fl'li'| Tajitc' Ko4 >er lpr. 9 _ modern ImgroWoicnt SOT the comftwt-eni
that then
he contrives to bare his campaigns-ttad, we Mr. John Jordan above the elbow, through till the Southern Stated were admitted. of it*trim*tt .u The roonur Sftdatu anW _

see him standing jo the foreground,"and that I bo Miss Led irmiajtos"brcsi.'*! and.floaUy pcne1tnitcJthobrickw'all Frelingbuyson maintained that Congress .; Juno 2- hcJir J. II. Evuuett, Crf loy, .New Yoik, loiiig Good TN'ork, and dealing fairly with A. A. KNIGHT. ted.-.p1OIided.w1th 515'$iil .ihl-thS apt'cum.p -'- .

grouping is alwayi such-ths the glory of the on the eposita side of the | iuuld impose conditions nor could a Slate with Alsop & Clark. ill. ,1. 3. Jf.t wonM also slate that lw hai aocia ted ; 1.51. pssi- .. _

other generals instead eofipliing 1 u o n gives room. The wounds are painful but are not j draw its ascent to the amendment. He contended June 2-sloop Spmy, Fcmantlixia.Jacksonville wills him i .'-* *:-t 'ifTames Ut>,*'&\L%& fli
H additional lustre. It is this tui-Niess of judg'we artisidcred dangerous. The corporal was then j junfited that the fourteenth articlu was adopted. S. Doyle *xw'havtag been rtteniai*!ana roMtmbd,Wr

t which sees precisely whore lies the turning and Jt4 pol: m jail.! ? Poon 'aflcr this ex- j Williams look the same view. aaitMed4aoaerextn&eiBtlBtl>rUiS: afl _____
Markets. who lias loii, 41&io th4eiai.j& bO(&,euvrio 1 aware of our cnt .
pQ.St; which sees precisely what are the oh.jecta ritcmcut was overT>y roqus t XJhe prisoner ,, Dooliltlo characterized the Arkansas Cunitiution workman, arilnlin 4 44 e t Iuh4ucf-4bv4ts oJ tluiui JnicuerJ l oVett 1 etc1TA'r&'co.: .

that uwtify the utmost blreU-K of p. rsibt6JQCC Dr. Anderson made a short addre7totbflcrowdind us anli-chri&tiau and anti-republican,, 'Prepirt4 ruvL. (mqA-L'yiTIahI.t ,t ,. nil it3 nric. Wel'tJht'retti tfie&'ole'ngencyMortoiis 4O4La.. FuI1rtm1.. _

1 it JJ tip' r biii1y *"* take in the hoLe hold ( tlfchUoji was brought uU Do walked calmly TrnmbuU did not believe tfilnflamental condition ,n.' *i *," ,* I yv,, MMM.V '' r f3USCELI4A.NEOUS4

f\iew in just Vr cive and due subordination -1 to the gallows and in a few moments all was but wbnld vote for (henrfo kaWthe'-billi -' JACIIS4ThVILIJFI 4 t. *JUKEsJ Gold Petis, win y i is promtf aUtnttoit toaUjfiiuiHUtjtnlrtultil to Aiw.'ill r _

of that W *** KfV of a superior ovor.Jtfcracn Gaxtte.( Ferry's amendment striking out the condition ;
parts, 1tv ill all the State and Federal Court inqonJaa
iii \\
mind. General Gnu.* 2155 .*ta.&n ?1 .{ he In another Column the Giizttte ta \Vek-aru: j was lost by a vole of 20 to 20. CoiiN monbribIe awT pocket culWrv in, Uflslcction.ai imctice' -- .. _=.- .
Northern) WhiU- bu.,. 1 1 .16 I bi;
hands Of all critics the<; *tjn whether >t be' ;: that the corporal who used bif gun.4 freely at Several motions to adjourn failed until Drako Mixed Western,.,ir ;. 130 iftj ICO j Hoping to merit the continued confidence and patronage ud collect i

longs to him. He ha* wun Us r0ateet triuwph | Jio CJtetuUon last weeklias been aenC to Tftllahasscc -j prepared written speech.. Southern-aloir ale; ..,.......... .I 1 1 4''> .glSOFtova of old cnslonipm awl.fricuij, I rcjtfully'' invite all to ro1Al o'A3TD'COMYJ2I0iTMicj. 'r _
** -
i'-r' and look IhemMjlvw. 30 '
general investigation be )held by Edwards' amendment may lyNE'W -
ever the most ekHful and accomplished wboffl an reported yesterday was .
Kt. LouisFaiuilj,...jtrbbl. 1060 cuaduct Wo WHOLESALE lNioi
on the other side; over a genera! who foiled him j he militaty MtboQratf ttP. t ; j defeated without a division, Adj*nrnad. : ........... .. -1325 105
lung enough l> prove his great mastery of the | ire glad to bo able to state Ihai |t M the first Gr&nt in replying to the Committee of the State,'..;A.J.i/i.ifvf. 12 &f flUOO FIRM.JrfricajllnthC D. E. piiy, itt., PRtY1ZO EAT IZktR. !
de- "l8b&ll have Georgia Extra Family.' or ds*lta.J 8 W C" I: L1'QIJQR$ 8.EG4ZS, e.te
art of war; and the completeness uf whOse i cause demplajnt our Wppl-tiH1* 1or'hadagainetli Chfcajtf Qct aQonf I4j ; | no Family, .' @ 7 SO TZiA1W ZI23Juai

feat is a testimony to Grant's genius such atf A detachment tknodJhfirey.\) \ Those policy of iajbwii Co interfere'against" the will .4. Super, ." ,! ,t;.;;, 1((2 7 DO, 'lIrE take thi method\ r

victory over any other general uf the Confederacy joops have always been quiet and orderly and of the people." O-YulI weibt. lba.,5l '1Ot.) 'IIb (j 12I) V V interior, and the, $;' *. ,
or an earlier victory over.Lc him'leU good htate of discipline has existed ameng PbcDSnxtgMhe adnussion of the Southern formed a copartnership ler UC3 name of ? -: .
even a ] asteru, ..........,..jercwI. I jo (T< 1 .V | 30 COUR-T-.F44-EET -- -
+ t f t f* vBASDALLAAH- :
could uot have given. Apply to Heneral .l. States Senator Conness said he would frankly Northern..,..,,,.... 'SO.&M? J. P. BBACEWELL & CO, ***' WAEBOOK,
Grant what test you will measure bim by the say that heicted'thea States"Ju irUnion) .BiCOK8houldr- Boston, Mass : : .

magnitude of Ilia obstacles he has surmounted, ru5.sTFu SECRMAHT because ho Tra tedlUisirjrotfs forj The 'nfttiop&l in altperlb..ij..w 13t@; ..II I] rdu a General Curuiniisdon BniAesIJ. >ir "iiEI' ASDco&njixxiTn.
Postmaster-General Randall !? moke4, i..... 15'* j.4;! iCuinUrUnd P. Buucswztr.,late of Bcllvllle, Florida. a : : cui' -
the value of the be has ,
for President.
by positions gained, by %ni, TO EDS: >- candidate Middle*,.uii-moked,,.. KS'S IS K. M. FEALSIOII, from Qulncy, Florida.
the fame of the antagonist over whom he has it U said, will, in the coarse of a'fcw'days, tender Xllay Long Clear Sides,nntnlbked,none lu. J. '" __ _
triumphed, by the achievements of his most illustrious his resignation to the President, bat not on AVathlugtou market; would command...Jf: eoucnu, '

co-workers,by the surences with which account of toy disagrcempnt beiweentW, Prts-! \VAbRIMIIOX, 28.-Registration show* ''JWQcs Clear Bides, nn.aaokt'0f.4-a.; *' ) .:. .. x 'i1@WX( J9 20 ci'; Misnii. unroe, ge fCo., Oco. .! on. eq.. WM. WilrpdriA$ftrtis in the trsUdIths.

i directs his indomitable energy to the vital dent and himself. It has been the desire of i.Olv krhite majoiily. Many'were stricken from Kibbcd,8idc r raokl.J..i.i r. T< < /I l.'f.l,. llj 15' (gl> 19 /' 'iiuuuiaBecv bamticl 1 uleston, Monticeflo. : Rufus Oluek.2S.1y.1.'usbstth.Jeweutmartatntes.. .,,' ___

peint which is the key of a vast field of operation Governor Randall lo retire from the Cabinet for the lit on account of 4cfoctiro .amnesty papers Clear Kibbod $lde#', lnoke 1r.A lA .V. @ 21 fc Dickson Co,BollTill,Miiduou; VII; D Munroc M7ackotVl Esq.>,lM8r lake* J City J Polhlll; Kev.Ukorge ,. Ex

*, or by that supreme twt of consummate some time past, but he would not do no while applicants presenting the amnesty oath instead POKE ....i.ytJW Q'31t0'ev Powell.A J PolhilJ, Esq., Is o.Jceinp, tla. hage pu1 My1okqr I CARDY

ability, the absolute completeness of his remits, the impeachment trial pat i if prpgrcas, as he did of a certificate from,the .State Department Old Metis Mej, (uone in market.) '* '" ,., Order enchMdn igI t Cast rlllrTCCit promptattqj>yon -T.KTHAU .

and he vindicates his claim to stand next after not want to'appear that hVwa'foraking the that theWth'was'filed astho law requires. Person l'rime'-nodemSnd. '* -. '. 'Strict attention given to the *ate of 41..WHARF OFIC RAY MTSXMT oti edJJJL :'; -4: : m o.- ;
&r- .L&UZ
Nan and TVellington,among the groat aoldien President Now that th trial is at an end, holding pardons from the President, or pro Uunip KEHAUKI*. ,. '4fl ::11d8 of Country Broduoe. BUT JJSD: &ELL..EXt31LG (2 flyjV NUlXZ AW U1LI K7OiJl T&X'

of this century, if not lf' l with th that be ii at liberty to retire amnesty found no difficulty. Tho Fund- < ..
v papers
on is SoT rnQrE.i' *' f V.- -* m per Corn continuta firm at the present vncc-n, and we may We will in a few day open a fine stock of good *onaiiDg V York, Gold and nhcumnt oi -r LER: ;IRON ANDBBAB3 CiJfllcat!
oath .
latter. < f9 + a. to mail the original to m .z. '
iTt rpntina w Boots and Shoes '
from proper I expect no material change until the large lupply on the of l>ry Ooodfc'llaH &uiclC4s, l6-tf !:. '
for UUUIt BewardjVho; retaining 'the original oath, will I market ii worked ofl. No margin between present prices ddlery, &c.. Aic wlucli wffill .fAcIzo4Yn.LLx7z44PIkAN _

Colored Hen M* Voter In the frnntlicrul If return the proper certificate and New Yorkuuta&tonLlourflrm' duman4.4im414 T Selt'at Cost -J -
j ja to Townsend's application tu be ri- 4t I's ,
State t&t Baplybg .
5 wardjrju 000 Bacon, uslnlL.ed bu&iucsft. suiit
lu order to change our t" *" ;
l'he N President, uh.forsolime past has oeired liered from the:War office,perplexities, the Pre- > although holders ati Ppflhi it pf'ci, d'wfvt' to J. 1'. BRACEWELL & CO.J' f T t )

IJsorgia) : tit democratic to retire from the Cabinet, but would not d9 so sidenf eaid'that-h *"hid DO new orders U) Itsqg*, the recent adtance. 2S UU union IjullUJng,jacltoa Ul ,-fta. ,. : .

)journal, wrote after the recent Election in while the impeachment trial wai Jn nroaress.JI'nhiiytoM > as he had isiuwTorders some month since. are Pork sailing-Ilolders at 131.are asking( $32 aud fl, nltlioii h sonic w Hi Jf- ,)I5LCI7TU Noi.1nw 3Isk -

Georgia, and the Atlanta Litettfgtuctr, another StirXny271 Business of the War,Office is stopped. '- "'T:; I -' fl I r t NATIuFASA1tiTAlDf' .uf i z4' ILLia q ,

democratic without of dii- Northern New TIlE a 1.2 'JACKSONVILLE FLA. '
journal, copied a sTgn -
A. LtWfRow Ot'iiaiccz-A CAT ix A Domestic Markets. ___

approval, the following reflections upon the res- jio-During: Ascension Day services NEW lURK, May 28.-The steamer Henry a4aoi t1 lidisnd $fd4EAJ1LLtenii.
BAT.IKXIH, May'3( -Cotton There haa'l been noRalca ('ii .'Mesa Port end I424il.r.a4
Tata rf this first election in that state in which in wf'iip town thnrch yesterday a ludicrous Chauncey has arrived from AspinwalL She to-day. Homo inquiry hint existed, but at such Commission Merchant CHARTERED BYCONeR5. CheeJMacken1 1ivbsu k1Lbsie1.s kts CidsdUenlngRheanJasstc..Thes4- ____

the colofri.mcn t oted : sccnfl occurred, as such things .sometinw* de brings a half a million in specie. figures that Iioldura would not accept. Middling are General vrJctht ,
most-solemn occasion Th church Southern Wew generally held itt 30I. The receipts today amount [rdnHSugmr*. Old BourbonaM EietAe4 1Tleks
ifl the iins'asi upon the rNtw FinancIaLL4'oid .'- .' .r,, :s iR ,e15 rrrj; 7 'nichwre-oeTd _
"Early aVpudud to the U umaU Bomau Catholic;edifice, and a, melodeonis OHLKAK May 28.-In the United States *? Stt ) BANK JN .
people of Middle and Upper Georgia to save a York icht in wart-o nt "MV premium. THE 9g( :.
Southern and Southwestern Georgia from the used on the instrumental accompaniment District Court Judge Durrdi,has decided that Sfcrjlns is ttcnru at 52 fur((10 day* bdU Bacon-1 a p1boi ; .. ., : is located on Bar Streetwhere ,_ : jIif. :. -.-
this instrument and'higher antidpited. We ,
a firm figure are
to the choir. To peiform on the United States Marshal is liable for propertyseiseVb' wry f
horrible fate that threatened. Heavy majorities lady-daughter of a well-known Alder- and destroyed,while in'his possession. 1uolu.'i' i r :y;*!; ;v : -TT? i .v v 'i Tepoitita willInteract
young dear ribbed sides, 1M4L5&c (1IeaJl3Ii1, eepti..aI I Bk
for radicalism.were naturally expected from had TTXJ old friend and th* public 'generally,I would all
tU S&fckj bolt' and for the ma-1s engaged, and ywterday.'justwhe Judgment was rendered against tho Marshal. loins, plain, 20 'that
induced this conviction, thF ame w&ite'reasons hcttleuumts] begtn4o p&jr.upoA the fostrur ftt, a.lpt3 squwj The suit. trai for the amount of a libel on the firm and in lair. demand. We quote prime Tennessee. a complbtc, d M-14ct Ktbyk of j r i jr j"! 1 I -Bank Hour*, la A. M to 3 f.ifet .. I ;7'b.eW.YOBlJIUZ .
the of the whole at 91 25Q1 ;3 o> A nateiuf ilarjland vw znadearly.i.thc
were expected to democratic. We like that of a cat, greeted cars steamboat "Southernerburnod. while. in the week ut ?1 15 from store. Oaf no stock; BellhiR ut DRY GOODS.J -5 r < nfe-t4iAN. :irJ w
go arc Nothing daunted, the young Mrsh.l' 1. frioafl, Hour 1 unchanged dull j b3-t1 :. Actlng
at tin reveratl cthie natural order of congregation. VUX51; tf in a way. ; KEADY-MADE CLOIUIXG, it .- JeT'; ct: : IJj etle
lady continued her performance,.and every time The committee of investigation into thp char- demand: Kumily uninlo' We quote for Xorthtira upper, : IIARD-WAU1-J '
things,and fed aa keenly he lcp disgrace and tWwould iae 'the pedal the sqneal would'star of colerod children *10WSH Oo; extra, ill 5oiU W ; family,Ji OcSIeoQ.Jcorgia qhipclIs, tir fr j : cJiirdB11toNtr:
of the presence itwenty- ight 4ThES-WAEt ..ri: ,, ,
for cholcv
gee ( flour hi V'urcc aid unchanged-
tinging humiliation, that W' dare put indulge tie the player, the priest, tho choir, and the con in the white eohools in this district reported family, 516 per barrel i wu'ks,$8 (iO. Rice Clean Carolina BOOTS & SHOES, -' r4. ,i'fZ,1. xi; r: a2Lf7WJrRz anr* or floithZ'
fur inclination
to write -,. Daring an interval in the music, the to the ,School Board last ..evening. .Twelve of jOfftlO c; by the single M k, j Jje higher ; rough 'ctt'\; lAT &.VA ;?, MITUNKS. Kl L 0 R I Tb AA'tfl t A .-' __ ; ;, .r' __ __
-"At one time we cnUstaU ed a purpua io imVumwit wa examined.and, lo and behold! thw'schoUrs reported as'colorod have been withdrawn *2 2G21O; *ed, 3I ; ufld1JDg'ice; 7q A; ltaioiu ,
) white, 17 ,
tBsltttk 1sle: our base, in the emit yf radical auccoa in BQod-tuzod rt cat* of the Thomas gender, andthSpSJcrtySth from the schools, nine were found to b. $17 1o@hIeI4iigans.A.riwbodiiZ1)4c!jc| ; D do, ItStfGHc; extra do, Ikst6( e yellow C, 'VALISES, &c. 1. (4Titio1fl4c

; repose uttioug thwhite people a a rtowl FAUMT' thenoffi; white, two refused to leave; and six neglected to 14&liy ; brown clarified 11.>go;-Muscovado, 15)'@U; 1A In zn: ;
fltfliaMtt portion of the atate;but lha Kfilop- found insido of the mfllod/wn/ jn Porto Klro, 14gl3o.( cieYebJrtity'gtxkLl '
dating, wa uraiih evidence of theirdesccntasjcquir.d.'L'1e : 'n .1 5. t
"tett ( ? NEW YORK 30.-Gold 130% Cotton quiet
ihe'election' bir -tAitened upOn'-ow would squeezed May ;
.. jis; such a place where he get na.tler wa 't f rfpd 'back tt 9 tho investigating 1ddlUi.3lo ThUfl1Pb 1*,
and the conviction (.hat.the ucgro i is a better when UM pttjjvl ws.uied., ffprU were made committee with power t<) act All chiliren man than the kite scab wag. and' hat wohald to got poor Tootcn-tiii out 6f hU nnccrmfortaUafloartert of known'mixerblood' .z"rn1rod to attend rosin, 3 WJf. hae been Vjaght-willi *p c al reM nie <5* EiiiIgraif Ai1 coma1 :
the tzt.xeste.ofcnatemere,and emhraca u food ansortmenti.s M
Iti Oai.AsCottonMarket firmer and al'ran- .
i eoffier by the eksnp. Tktrttctnu to .but before ii vould be Jon it I was colored children.. *bei&tG.be foun4iatblfmarkep' W orB
math polHicai clrtnr mtd ..tfutimlftffle ( The( ichoola provided dcd;'sales 71)0) tales{ middling, 28329C ; receipts, 800bales. ;roiliJ, >mjnBTj-r1 jus; i.1 ',*,.r2t; ,dTC
ask uminatoa3of
iutyrtiy eawtff time togo'onwith th uiuic again. young ') frFi )way.28.-Bouton'i statue was unveiled SutrarduUj; rotsflingat1@13c.( MoUuien, i nepecttally as y .tbcktktfrI -

< ,;,{; ;:.if sror u,:-r'-. ...14.isEoivif.Irtht.r{ tjfl / ) ...cQcI8t.nti

** s f ivgt jKtrtiou tff icjitiu ut Middle 41k f Vy- ho did and uwll7 too caa8' eftcn'of )3enon'ithirty Cprnen lcratlOi j 1--rnz-z100347z3
Burols, and queol ,, > poke. One gun wts Bred for bnu4d4rrjwtl3)b; cl.slesl7JIfL ;,siitt ::: ; 3J*
p0 C arjitt and re proudly aaaert that Uy ere i in (he congregaUori and in- iiSd Jt'cTl n 'H a .-- 'e ILOIDAl '
lug a general tjptcr yean in the Senate. larl dull at jHf for for Ocrce k*.a> < tt 4 1 4i LtjT HL-9L jfi
; frcstodisdq -"- Hrt. Kt no rettvuVe ceremonies dull .r G U0 't"aCi UDt _
e CSL 'i over, CiYtlyYAl,May 30.-Mess pork at$27.IO. Da-
i Ioegir 1, ir. iUfItdt. \ are ditpoacdi p? apr iit) perjlid ? JACKSON, Mi ., MaV 29.-Hon. T. J. Wyas- con doll; nhouldcn, U?to; clear side*. 17) '. Lord.,.1 S.VfelOo. 0 T. B. FRSJTjecre&ry.'u' .
To ton 'Anderson leave for Richmond rro lgiond.U idoi *he4eUnaA il1--b 4.ATltkiIJa .fjp s43si*
, i vote*$11 Order Jo xon the state bl toa1k 1helx4d1$. pn4 Jplton 1.i ,
the TWiLJiiNGTO M we-SjWU.iyufBoutl*, elonol ewJa.iJ., 4. '
.fr carpet-baggers; and scalawag" UI bppe a WiIC if not .ft better Thgmc&t.cat to-night to'&p1i t u eoipisl ftr lf.r. Davis inth inn av c: rptln in 4 o>ai)
3 cOiiiidcribe number of Georgian: *, U .. ff A { 2s 1 wUto| ft Si tar lni at hI $
jt;. fidte i .i w v j v**-* .>? ft.fi -5 It J pude,581 | ,- ( | I .atl s.iid't' ,ISU&44S

B* TOiea the..lAepublican' ticket,, irhilo: amber propens't \,* hc emIta*,- f n the 'manner of,* RicuMom, .May, O.-Seven thousand,,-- clie. ..1- -.-. l'. .tDwn1, $ ,(over tbeljef'.4ariivflle, }lm,, :. +' a

of the Mack ToUd with the deaocraU; citi nd cMw;&&rchi ., tjiuaq&ip; of Union soldiers in tho"Rational Cemetery: CHARLESTON- May 3o-io; -- alea,,sollens too aU4 for Union BuuunoT61I1O'J .- -'rr': i _- '.% '- -_:
wth* follow theMWo rdiof the demoastc 'it4 4"coruted to-day. About buyer; receipts,*3 bnlo ; erjwrU cooatwim: iiC boles
etipon rSWoffr B ajf thy cjty.fprp ; ArccsTA.-Market dull und nominally at 29c; stuck.ryf' : o1wLU T1 III i: zIt

writer. Jt:ftmld l.0ecar thca, that the -:-; -; four thousand pcrjspnj / frcpeijt. T. blacks ti' s J45Ozvi1.LZ, L' PROPIUE1&'NDSIn _

irDs qualification for a voter> that he thaUthedemocratlo'tfcksii Agb8t1yAiscovtry hal jU41I m4 turned out in large numbers, witi> flowers.Eaoh .-J .ltQ: ) vrr r.L aeLtIldat."I,u ,
weta roarkbdwith ninatiire United tfkf3 n hinge orfotmatoM'kriii bins to find pur-
island OzNiwfou 4iand.Sum. gravp Vas ; uL.b'obsi.' ,..tlU&tisca.Coeat7.uItsa1i.eyas
: Bat the admiaion rjf Uw Albany .Vftr is imVrtant wofltreefltl7flihObO&tpf spas. States flag. The 'Government offices .and n : *IF-utI 1 4star !k1! WSO&iL'

.: because It hos thit-lu vioorgia 'thotkw .vrswl.esiloii to.shoot birds on that, island, and the post office were closed.; An address was JL IJEKSOKS eng-iiKed ifprthenvMatkct'in wlalnsr ea$w y Rullor find U tatbolr S'ege.talles <.,. TIMBER: XRAI8l.tANO.3.r.' _
sing for Urn *,
'tao pui .z&1raydlvideiI iapon ethe is.ItmaU.ct1 there tbint en.lqad bodies, ..frozenstiffly delivered. by,Htr< B.M JIffjly'; advantage to cull oraAlitae i- A1AKIKDS OF CITYrKOCERTY- zigrYak2s-'ia 7 14Ja43.
came ppqn klIjb4biIbahlJ&lpVlhtti uItnotlagdi
[that cfoolor, A-3! me- R. a CRAM, j'tr/A. 14 -, '.Y.'
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.. together | held ."About trc1it Jcksonyille. BOUGHT &OLD. I ... .. ... t t
They alo Coond a sort journal, from.which it mona! -pcremontioA wpreT Tjo-day Florida. # PL or for the porpoM of Investing capital safely,and )' 5 _
4o.tf. .
ii'ts. Queen; with two tm1lre& CL6X IU&U profitably,can apply! to th Omnp u ylsi Jtesto*,or
apoar d t that MltA bngantiao f'I- -:-- -I- Addrc** .
sfrerc"jn/jthe.procession, An e4dresJr..C.f4bbott. S J 'Si e' ..4.1Ter'ep
boardwFeCked on ,, f -
. Uu known tiiatr3ft'jtay i %as toiu ikaU ievnt en perep on Tla r Baoelnlier. pwu; **'- '*.% Ti'SZ1 '1 :. MABOKIC NOTICE. I II i acb crnerAlpbaa ususs4ts

*kii recollection (,ffst44twioui incident Obit IiIidu the''J2Uif-bf were, : 'It is statod .,that- General:. SchoOcld r take* ., THE regular meetings Zerubbabcl Chapter, oj OFTITLESFUR. 'I !irie'Lt3Y

"E1tis wooderful .pover; ifiidld of hit ruU to Thirkim anddiwppcarpd, cKargo of th6')Var Monday, through ,Royal Ann Masons, hvld on the 1st and 3rd Monday offt '. ., L1Drzri : ;' ,s -'- '
zr4oriwt dciltinE
4sckss, ) io in the 18 )-. On liusroy : C.f't4.
year .known bat bowill accept. : PP7
::111. The14tatp fend a JUDowaloj--kxp( a joor.rol it is not politely nABt a.L.
.. ns M41c1d at tIina few nomiti, dthIdAtiffh'24tW4fGiftt ThQflth,4&fl'ticiPamtthregffnnd .RwaoxD,'Jlay4Cf-U it now probable thathraoed SLUSSKR, see.. mayi7tf -

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eth. 54 %
. on
MbcdJd o-- : A uth of therlrertant the tkit 0 jaekaot1esnd.l.ewb.rsla a1Flos- t2

[ /Wtiojigsif >fr.'JSS tiEi.. ThIitdcss' "'had our offlca naI4 Sflp property I
cl iX4M ,I'Rr ale-o., &e.;'Information'fnrnfsbet.o apptica-:
know me. h.iticE! of Harmony'Lolge No! 15, Fj
l ttmo >D j ?xf $;%* &$: I tion

*"*****!.**** t1TDeb fl f 'iC sba1tbaftrwe.. Parislias not_ anw_ .
; SS IH ilitr*!' t S J lt* % % irsrri:
.Wm f&# t :tt' ? t .

.; -b .. ,
i\t ,.,i.-. ,,. ,. ,
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.;--::- ? :: ;----: ---: --- -
: r- -- ---
; --- -- --
L --- ; :: -- :i :; ,: : r------------ -- -- -:: ; .;'-'----:---:-:--- -:-----;'-- -- *'- -

-- -- -
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----- -U -,-,- ,- -r, __ : -
Lr th.Oo )tk -jr :; rn t -
) Qp
bsj the I IBiaE t 55jki.
:: b''ia -.* -, ,
Adhtiitt : VoU-agaaJta ia > few dart to 1V'll fe& *fWaNL < : "- tit JjjPROVIIDN

bg thiAmdia tircr;tchkh It a vide and beau tinBnnrai ) : : : : For' PalatoEat \ -,

1tXi ?- ; tN-3 -. .4ti -rocQF4- ;DApZV.J wiCrJ thi

bur n%,/ ihaM3ntji Ocean and $hf 8tMary'0 I '! I -J) ti! j.eq :Jirni
&d 3e.4bA IZI tbe..I Iccd. ,_i.

Amelia islands. The-bar is splendid- nom ruk1 wj ine with clt1nnd1f TRUST COHPAHY.if : 1, DiQUOBS_ ,* a. .Lt .*

beftSf*XI;* tirtwinjr 1ighu'anoteth fetttf k L--: ..- F '' itt
; water tndtlia eecocd thAizn, ) -'IEJOEWCtARk- 1'
and ; b $, ;Tbs>tr *1 o itt th4 crCEB

att7 fZ'4fetp4wo enthtwoEng- ; & -'
U is tbtf Allan ,oa of toe Florida 1* nd two Pkuwaa,-who tat*Iwa ftdocatai ,
lUilroad k>Kiir WttM fca4mrpoeLTh.XeZ4hI Iky.r.. d1t.i > ...i<-. ; I ,
ronmng Golf t 1 J. w. ALVODT .A > > ; f '- (! S "Tf&ffcil
terminal, and .is geogipbic11y p.n4.itrs1y signers, thirty in am,, are servants cooks and LSWI8 CIEPHANE,- rt Tig ftwiditaU! P r / JAcKsoimtiM1 : -
xetl- J5* tlk ffftifii-- D. If. Ain>CBSO2ranooiTlG rfettlleBti( { ; ; AY'err., / I
V"rf I BATON, Lik Bdki-
H fJi DANiEL Actuary- -* I : ;
tMmim +ij ott Mr. 'Buriingame) SAM L. HAKBIS General Inspector, < ;
eitb4kpime 8Atgjj It 4c3tfatlwI Iig afternoon and pidthirects. The fu- Banking Heuse,PeoBkyltaBla Avenue,<&ner : ; HAi 3T &rcnzriI : : r : *

: Lure movemsat of thimb.aay art as yet nn- street,Washington, P. C% n U ..OAPSRtt )tKE' U8.f. ii

tato w&sa lwell eituated.Thftctoamship daddoi but Qwi aextQu**or four day win bespent Onet : -
foriuzfac -v in "M Klhft W titntw> t is Branch at Jacksonville Win kaTcrt uUHy M the bqe-jIs4* yity nd
or Flag mAce r : ntsoajt morniag at 9 o'ckwk. Eotn.ng,.wi
,connecting by the wish of Mr. BulJzgam, that wbatever atteuAns -. Ai1i Jack*cnrroSo ererjr Satarday 6ternla&sad 7irian4
sdros.aiu through bWand ssWb.t1io the tiatoia! in.'this .vo. as SAT triisxr. :; ; / fcrcryBatttrday ereniu g 'antin'at $arena ',trrw
passengers oontiy A&flbofnn.vtrtissncbar&ctor; : : BEST SandayaBorrtwr */: ,1 3.: -,. ".
wThiitis.n as St. ELIBD
M&Wh1Ck between'th '
plies Open day/SnBdays and Holidays Ohia boat has large and airy aUtQ rvuBiaccoam
Cedar Eiceeded to U von the nuj-acBi can wt wwlt In the treat-. from 10 a. *, to a r.x,sJ4aturisytYe1dDg topancoferf. <* *- -
eat poiib1 kood'to'this temrtlry, particularly joP.N. 55$5f4 spp as eoefrei yers%
probabilities of a:weekly o next fall orwmtec. great> hi a ooramt cial point of view T *... ,<> ..kli.DKIOSITB .-, -* : STOtCI: :, cteam packet- .vhniotw cLAclQnxk* ct-riicInA'- .: : .

The Hag had mor*forigbt than the could b 'ilji'AMoraV 1CIIVU -t.-, .' -... : .'ir ,., ,. Agents at ftmnaa.

cany iMUrip, loiving oycr qne-himdred bales Tax P&cic- ; ul re-i' XT ZPE8Oi. : |tpf Ui b vr .trtlcki'eieg!briught to thi. M rket. vDruTJL8 AgMUUaetsoorQe_, .. its

of cotlocCwJ Niaaiippjdfan tbo-Oity Point i ic j State TftUgtupK Company wai"oifiairod a- frr.4 i #,& 4 I : i $ ? -_ .1J;
to Savannah or Charleston to be to Icft taH 1WI73bI dr&A & ; voIlb1Lo or ur
Son Fsascactot"tlnlrbootintDt. line '
co tbJ4o biUds sw its ia Specie are repaid In specie. All other 'jkTeti $ 'MAIL ROUTE =
Ncwjj1, j- Ud repaid tn "Greenbacks- Bctioaai Bank CJ61fbe8)) [ Tobsiscos
) Siijgarsf.Ogax
The City Point and Dictator, two fine steamers Major McCoppin of iiat xitvaw among the Interest payable to tfanuar*"and Inly;1& ; ,
arrive fi $i &v&i&] & 3&d<&cjn twice director The tonnign tnppliea im proapectiTeAITB tad by apodal role,oa deposits of t O and ; ; oap Candle.s, Y as$ T'wdr ,

Iec4v P4 r,atopii .And .connect with Ae. much,increased."OA*Mndrcd.and; thirty maininclntn AH sproflla Bank belong at least the thirty depositors.dajs,; Syrups,: Yineganr, L8tarch, :&<& -

The Luwo !Ireinela are now en the tray to that port, much Blanches hive been established the :
B er arrives from Savannah and Palatka the relief of the in' view of the from New Corkio 1ew.Orleans, and acoounts r1
to. rataintarMtj transferred from one Branch another, without ; Raisins, Salt, Lard Oil ,Kerosene Oil
on 'e 'I'beo toam tt' bring, larre harvest On the aipht of Hay 9, band of Indiana or Interrupting the Interest Molasses -
&c. &t .
quWdflW 1nteTiO ( The Instltuuon has bow .
on Qakrerr2vi4a dr9 oftnoar. on deposit over$ (
flag brings goods for JackonvRle ly lOOhwd'ofeaUts: Iheett1rI, *r t ii jr. this Branch has oa deposit'ovsr|l7,000. i\ ; i ii t- ; r | .. I13O N.-

Palatka, Talla aaac*. G4in rviller nd suit of th'n- Thc e',vrLt jcvem .coming from againut Merchants their accounts and others canto dwlrlng aecohunodated.to deposit j. ; : Corn: ; How, Bacon;Pork.-I1utthrLards,;

other jx>tnla wluch"are re-ahipped by steamers Idaho were atUokad by the Bavagee, bat escaped We draw Exchange oa Kew York, and all the } : Cbees ,' Mackerel Hams Meal I
and O als6 ncnt Southern dttevat toe lowest ratet.. / : ,
> fcrlIobJTe
? aiUfoadi j jhe .brings:'freight -whhont beiig woundtd. Hi
r'&tallf5 & .-.k UAVING: becaU roBKhlyrtfltted, i -.an olactd
Drafts oa New York, are payable at the -HQthiny: ;_ -Ree; ,.
points in Alabama and MississippL absence of tfr opvfrom ForTM D infbtt' in HonofJ&yCooks&VoL' ..'U AJL oo.her old route between Jacksonville and Buffi
Fish in variety and .abundance,, oysters, search f th inuditrerB of. of.thft'Piwwn.family Oovernnumt Drafts-on fiavsnnah,Cbarlestoa ,- : pride'storoinz at sUinttfraeitortd -ntt-1etiisq JICSIIL
abrimps, crabs, aha ckms-abdtihd IA the waters had.raMdmdihe>ladiaBa, Among the pas- ingtoa and Kewi Tork.also Bank Drafts, and : onrlDa every Jtanday mbrntoga* a o'clock,FalMto.llondsy .-,
uepoeU: cashed at lowest rates 1l i ; moraine o'elotk.'arrlTaw- Iirterprt
of AeriisrM4cibcAtpW iaear the city.fr92f. Gold,.Bilrerand Government evurieebo [.poridensed Milk, 'Eu kivhc&t Floiir, ottockPM. .kcturnug wilt leaTeTJatrttm WedI
f.6txSI&jfys.Satilla, JSABSS.U, antwdiiar .Japa&6M of lugh rank. They sold. ; I : ahadal morning 5 o'cbxk,1aIatka Thursday twH JogT-
C kour cirs' river; and '.King's Bay, refugees ttdhfflgoti of Ahi They ; Apples, Ppiatoes,; .Onidns; pcTd? o'clock, ath'Inqj at JactwmviD*1 VloeitPi)L. -
an : ;Tycoon. InvesUnentii ffe only inade' In Btciirities'.of
abojnate regular Wpe < )U<)dlebi ISl-
gto'ff&Ut$ arVusl! from two to will study our Unguae* and,inititutioni until ted*tat ,. --ngiiftsuid: DAY ksringJacksoa'rIfl.at$?h.M. | -every '-A
thirty-flro znik distant from this .place,,kllwf_ it is safe to return to.JTapau, Work has been! .ChttiniiMi i O. B. > t of fall kinds:. -, -- 'Jon CLARK,-Areat,

which some day will voui tk9r th J Thelap commenced on. th* fafliUry defence of Lime Advisory C. F. Iu1-1t- : .. Heed's_ WlarC.. -- Jacteoavme. ,Ka.
of tt1t1tn1IdIy&r1uI Mit iebthfresk Point at the entrance on the north Bide of the \L4Ic EASSqRTM4
seaibreeze. thou plco has bett onenUy )uu; f45oo -. W. L t. 43 TT 8. MAlI/ ROUTE. -*

: he&1thy41 4t little Indra1nin aomsalt'4 pontid. otpowdor threw inbTOi 'ste '(OOOO' .- -. ; rt Acting I ,IhJS'kE

itwoul&iiiakit cubic yards of rock from;the-high bluff A : :;L.-4.3. jj.. : i : I4': S I II NEW$\

dZi1'eQ. committee cth.bosr&of. superiors of that Omci o, TMI Mlia* nor IB UIHIIDFoa I .& Fit
The eea beach is about twy miles distant, and city hare report &- -JaTor'bf dotting"apart Tit NoTzu.DLswcToP. z, -. -
L ,_
aff ?
esBOM, ibuid possibly dewre. We have Moilition\\arid' Citation; I : : i i lIj-- .st. IR> -. ; -- ---
a ss-lIea1y'afl the times Much makes tiool 1 ( !
tbA'pleasant during thoc8tnnmer motithsl "' BOARD DitlridCwri *f tftt-tutted St&ttlJfof tt ( ; : ; > T t if 7- .: ;..<. -.-_ ,j ,_ 'tt
Diabf f7kvZoC;Is ADgIIALmY. .
It contains five churches for the whites-the HOES 7JQ
Two aiagle gentlemea c i %a'alcom ,i<4itted with The CnKed States r the stoop Jerry'1 ; ; l, :
Catholic, Kifficiptf( ffl fthodjify &JandPreebytetit botH aM loagmgiaa prirata-family(Northern)dur AurA; her Boats'Tackle1, Apparel, l Libel : j -
ITierC are two churches and twoSaIy tug the enonser month ttnglf rooms. ; Furniture and her(YugO, and E, X \ I ..Fdth.ua .
? & ;, A N Address 1LW.PtiP7P.O. Bus9ell'Hasterof aaidaloop. j j Stone3sarn1 Jup -
RetreAt au piscopal imnary) and five other Drsnnj io"Attachment" or "Warrant of T* It- if* Veen pnoed permanently: on the rivrrfet caattoUott

schools for the wnitosJ'Tbere iff SUrf a* Catholic JL Monition,under the seal of said court,to me P U ERJZqTAN1LEAD with Paxlingtom,mnttng .2 ??
chuii t' h 5JithiZ the va r and delivered do hereby give public notice to : : > ,,8EWEBKLT.: TBIPS.So .
'umifi : sons,special and general,and do moolah and ? will leaT&:J it nTflij, every
of the 'There are'lhret :
poraie city. noUls I and each ot them claiming the aforesaid ; '
sloop TEwil Aisortmeutiof ii ine MOB Uf Oat 8 o'clock; PalafU TUZIdIA
thirty odd boinoHs bolides,three Iteam saw gen,her boats,tackle,apparel,fornitnre,and ; if lag at 4 o'clock;i riVfnz at2nterprie at 6oVtoct.1tt.i.m.;
mili jLndAgri jp ;iatho place, ,. PLANTERS AIi OTHERS.HHI or knowng} er having anything;to say why i : I ,Collin' : xes, O retnraiis/fc** Etvteryriw'.eXDy n&
should"net;condemned as forfeited- according aii Yhax Trucks at b Q'1cok'aintk4i
TlwcauiQml workshops. undcV. the t- + ,, tag evr UOcDJTa.raing.;
management prayer of the said Libel; that they be and T o'clock,arriving at JaebonvtOa at 1 o'ctecP.Vu -
Oraften>fki ralTkjEt Co i -
trf are'getting1 court held
turing the Best,Cheapett anti Drtrable at tha-city of St. time to connect. vlth the Train for SaTwmah MTaJ.
most Faint '
-- -- ,
in and for the said northern -
of considcrablfi magnitude. .. Florida, b&aaeee.
i lice two eoatt irell mixed
; with
pntw, United
pure &clocktnthe forenoon, -Ucadar the first i 40 xzqorAiiL F tot .
ThaopncWtration1 of;r'eonskkrable capital in i.o r further >nnatkm apply t ; -
.; Jane, A.D.,1868,(if thesaia shaLbrmday of
the'ityad'1n agricultural' tion I '- ** -.ru- ,. : jouc
ntctptisMbuAme- WlULast lO IS.yeara ,otherwise,on the next day 6f Jurisdiction I -
lia andC.nyilyriana Jelifldsjkfld.t&*riven above ; ter,)then and there fa Internes*'*claiB,and tzfAEf'8 1-'ire-Rye )tJ$1R2 ::34!. I 4aent.
It is of alight ttdva gations, and snswer onto the UbeUaat that -. --- -- _.
meutiQQsjdrM>4 on too Ianda) along fliftrailroads, exheaaUfoI chocoiata colcr,*ndcan .. -. -: -------- rr -- --- -? -
be changed togtMnlea4etaoe,drab,olire or cream, > ALEXANDER, (. t '
we1dinw.eftThCtnFo' almost'nnpalallded, to nit the that of hooowraer. It IB valuable for Marshal of'the U. &,for the northern.'distrUt And afuliAasortincnt of'Liquor*- / '
proepenryTOrostuponjierpeople.' ?* Till? -if--r ,? ** Same, Fences, Cnrtag* -Capmakers..' Pails, and AT2'L UrHBB,U. 8..Distric Attorney. > ; iii!,kinds: >' jfIAld' -c .
r4XJpnlatiwi u about three tboua&ndand Woodenware,Agricultural Implements, Canal Bests, | thor, Atic1&! fob*, nttmertns io -- S 4- :Sk4 .; a .
is gsadnailyincreaaing. lYe have daily:trains LLkNi ii '
; '
An he eo1t GO. 1ECK
and'thJwt&na' i i the interior. There'ak. THE I meflion1 r ;

lands.*dja/eottoth; :ttnrn as well adapted to Canvaa Water proef,Metal: ).Floor.iA-eWngja Oil Cloths Eoofr,(one, ,flt Manufacturer being lire bayIng and $ I : -lowWholesalo-ior ab. .- --

vegetaVlos and frtnta as in any portion cf the used SOOO bWs..the past year.)and a* a paint for any and Retail. :
StatcrsndmostTcgetabla have b nqntte as purpose is untorpejeej'forbody.durability,' elasticity, ; S : ,( tX-ZRE1r -

ear\j'3\ have tuu the iukih, Encumber,and to and tome.adhesiveness bM will supply, ._.. a planter for years > -rrr* i'' i ... ; r-* S-; V )1
other delicate vegetables in market for sometime 4 / -

,,and Irish pyjatops,English peas,cabbages t WARRAKTE& IN ALL GASES ; DQfii3i' .: : : tCKSONYILL .FLA : e'
and otters ndt eo cotily aflbctcxl by the frost, insuperabundancc. y "i. 3'" F "i : ; i ;
as above Bend for l lIar
f, .- "Jtv>ua 'fact'worlby of note, *. : onegenuine a clwularwhich unleesrhranded glrefuut In:a trade'particu-mark ', yjI'j: ,- .. .,,: .. .: .i, ,, I i .
that daring bM wuifei-ilongUJt; rHhe frost had Orafton Mineral Faint. Addr* killed the JL MAXET.' '
eggplant, tomatoes&c.f pter hondred'jmll -7
,' iatliq.interior,they were, growing 23 may 6 3m Jacksonville, Pin.cntipui i i' : .SASHHARDWARE; .

and rd) .frtiited hara; :and at u the opinion of 77 : '
aom.ofioirs scientific i horticulturists that we can : 5- ;t)1 :

loi'awimp aarshI
I, land, on,A:CnmWland:iiI'i)4I.oh
accain4.fthe protection the'Paltair from the
sea i in.prcrentiiig frost from ,4

doing>crXqa-4a iag than ion thei.IbJs &. Jobn'L'

ia ocropudoB; ad the matter will be folly ,.
itingm bolh early and ,* "
very _IS TILE BEST J :-L. .
lat.qept41cs.: ;Jf. puccwful ovw .the.,fit Jt --i T7"KEP3 eonstaatty ori band awt'P. :' .Toh&is; thoatwieswill*e the Eden;and the rivers t- A XV, fine Watches and Jewelry, and all other.*rtwfcnsnaDy .

:. around as wfll jfater.the LOur garden PR1IMAND j :! ; ::14T.r : : at reduret kept!i rkc by ThUd.- : J which;he off :rt 1 tt f the.-p'iG

:: _
ji i *
Chinese .Vialtacs. .. :Plasters!: : HaiiWincl6r t. J2sdu7.Rr -
THE Xit1iAAT tBLo' .1 -*.:'*. :
1- : : .
LS( attraction, at ..-_'. -a V j.j AN1> J : STAT103ERT, . .t i
: -
Theatre a'y.Gvffljinf, largl num-
her 44 !?pQt&tovs, was the presence of Minis IX THE 'SOUTH. I Show4 CseNAiLS .4.tD'A rApJzr ror OTJZEfl 4IIZZIChME-
; ter BarlTngame and his suite, accompanied by : All kinds repairing done at short notice sat *ekwarraatedj ,
the t n distinguished xentlom from >-1'fornjing.a :- Attic, eU ca&t -Of'C. U. Oat; Oecaft
1tU .
poctipa bt 4b ambassy The azty, r > sirtof,4.iL ieed'!BmTdimav PeKI-tf: S
j -'. .
r4 ib- : : -'- J; Siu ejf: L"ifTjI 5 -: r _
occupied 'fronliseala HHU.W; ponioistto; circle, q L 1 --- :

which haisVaea,decorated for.tho occasion-the : : iLGoTth;; '
% kC.:1f.
American andrChinesa ensign*twining amicably S ftBj CRAM : 4 i -f.;F jf -'
in bread festoons overhead, and the same colors F L Lr -- A A1 : ;
, bnalop1r-i *ciioftbi1owerrailing. -
4 ; ? r cb.I -- ,_.
Of cRe: QAi tl13, with theiir11' : J aYFrA 1 rSETl
4wA! inct
, ;.
loo Uieir, inrt.d T- DEALER,.IK !
K i .
JA *>* i T i > i --4-q Si.-
pork-pie hats, gtieroi.a.ths summit with an TJackonvi11e I : thwi rB t1tZi,

4 ozaggerated sM .bc1heifioriug pigtails, FLORIDA UNION ft L4ZI ; j itr *
and their platia antenanccs,jvere the observed I Jaclnjpnville, :
of all observerf i "the '|htervaUT>etwKai acts; I FAMILY*?-*

andl(was IxJit'ptWF'.*n< inheres ting to watch .r .,. __ : ,: Florida1[ 'TjysPF.Lrriri.'L.T.'y inferathcitisons.Jsokioc-
;L t s: ;u I ? : j XV iiU and vicinity,that her.returned.ejaia and
the efiaet prodnccd bpon them by the entertain- PROVISION { My1,6T.tf ;opened his place of/budnesa/ as above.' *
mnt-io1oorwt ,- flntcJ3nrngame: .-- .J ;J I f _-__.._J 1T .e.will be happy receive tkeefetfeWef! *
f quittedtheoeq/o hio J second P RI Xia I ij. .1 l.j .. 't i k keti old friends-and u many tasw aea as waJsr kan
And. .watehe *rtfully repeiiod and guaranteed/aM bapei
in order'tnryClab to meet at the Cen iiiptore i 1
act, an cngagemeat t'h ; : that with to experience.a practical IVaieanta
: ; buttb beotbcd,4d1g14.Li.Th1 be- the most complete; smd' extensiveprinting LWHITF r the bfytb1scount. nd Zaepeh.be .
If !
fl )P1LVi4O ) b- sUe to gve fufl dkstoaii: hba.vejq4'
vildorael a podeansrptAined:eoat, M establishment .in this city. rln ( t 'b -' watches ta .be--rud. AU wat hct
| o.
I : -- : warraBteelja3
apeI1.be. nifl the last UrinikJ)* ,of the dance addition to t I : t.. .. ; I .. -enr. < '* T-t""
laet clas ourthrdon's fCITLLe, OAKS-; L
and the of. entuic had.died away i.. Ui : : 4.
The tjfict of the ballet upon these children of u :
the ann w&snot- the sainf While -Xlcssra. LnproyBd : Job Press, : ) :FEss: 'V--: Yt T'

Tung, KweLapd -presenred tho-true Mandarin 7r I
digmip thnmgbontj with 'only' an occa (lie only one-in this! city)vhicli. enables b.U.BOUGtL'. : ) ri iv rrcirj I

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kieach.wifh'a: tnur'of opera-glasses acknowledged |a b.;,the best etylf! .),plEowerPirejss"vintt8e -. I ; ; 'j I< We42.t8-U------ : u'-

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from their eyes once during the performance, L.RE4L. : -_ t ; ; : jjP- -
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the drama in their wntflpwx y kingdom,where ; ; .; w4MpyE; : 1?
the explosion of fire-crackers sky-rockets / -- r ...01 - Tracts of : : ;

form so birg > portion ,of the entertainment; fron the imallest Card to the .,1argeiPoet | :it ,:"'r-"- > *-,. I' .5 r y 71'i
bat the dancing"was1 VthenY the abBofbmg attrscti9c.A4QQ,1m1g -1zi Uibet manner jand.ia..the 1/iIiij1.. : e ; <
another, the unsuonsonfi : U2thER'AEI
ehortest timer By increading the speed CMl; l yAD t

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expressive their varied emotions. At the con- work &t *, J r't 'bOR S'T4LL ; r.1 ;' rf {

fjiision of.tlh performance the mandarins[ 4n kit zacrseccrxLLzgat 4' 18CI. 3tf ij JUR._ .rjtni.- t .', ) jt U-' ?- '* .j.----- S .5 _,
talking together, expressed .themselves highlit LOWER. PRICE : :. --# - \ ; r ) : Ocean and Forsyth Streets-ja ,i 5: 5,.- 1 '- 54; t -

pleased wiih this pilw' l barTanWt Uinmaata G7Q7J ; i .:.. ,s.k>rt T- '. i--fu' Iar"f 4Jti'aJ
and the dreaius sAM : Iobe134;
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ft BiU Read3il1 rind ers.erthesuboet t0Awth 4 ; : : i iSS; : ; ; : 4s 4C4OZJfrPJ4Si til)7 -'

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The tTickclfif Programmes Auction tios of our uezuMIys1ma.Uid the 'l 'W11EKE HE 80UC1TH ORDERS, JXlK WORK.. *** V1 T"'" ". -
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ziissuy. Tcnticm cC.ft
isclsdIu ail.the-new -** *H 1 r ) -1 f i*f '- 3- -
1 Bills Hand'BiniBr'Circuiars never befortpren In the English language,tiy tL4iIr ; : .'. _; u&n naIETngvwea* kc$ esJ
The Arirona.- ; ; frooialargo
stcamihip having "board the Tetqig If ft This IsiraUjATaliuIle and -

not:4n.Btzriuigms: -Nv and the ChinsM empi& I Invoices, Deeds; 'Cards, work.reader,and It Is Is written WnsetIm1.la plain language for bf on.the : : .- St-i 8* *+ :Fr84.;
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slant on ti- .- eagraviaga AU young marnea people,or : r cr II we barn the**4 jot vp;for our ewaf nvi3 usiL
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Zupt PM4ItbLt LbS Posters tawiBlanks I ; MJ& ERESL .
: 'qARD.EhvSFxoq, TrirtJ
tteamer Arizona was oomin j up to quarantine, .
is a book tb&4 must be locked up, and not lie ir n.a.n" ,
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the re vcniM cutter 4he barge cceto neat 0 1 'I- bOQM. ItwWbeientt.any pa 51aoksoaville
b.rtIvlxlrn twarda'ing etnta. Address Dr. W ?Tbtri.e 416 ; ; -
of the lion. Abraham Wakemam sorrejocy I IeS'Invitatkfti$. '" 1 above]Pourth,ftn&di1hti. 5171fLullrJJ. ; : 4 k flf I'iALYLNO7PAfIsxioEaHAoflW1t ottrtoH and eIaIa&et'1bCr
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ernieZkate DfSUEAMOE relays of horses, la now running regularly between
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i. XIVQiVLc&t'tendlvdc ., _a-i- .*4rtX?. t.T.j ; promptly at T A.]L,dally-Sundays txcepted. tag;.., -- : -l
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to'ML'Bt4 of any uwseVand4very Afl1Z UDPZR cottu th frmeit&ureia rIjan':l l 1000n OOL .

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flag that bad icon borne bjf thcBli mr hoisted : -
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and tainted by the guns of they anmc.4'bedparty .1 j ? :- a ...t4- .. i .J4- *t-34 Pt4'P1A1 oomfcdab2cu1JvIes 500 *
then proceeded np the bAded Aerb1* I 14S L i kjTo -.f- A i O.R13 L.. o.r tIz ,!94'wtth less 500 -.*- 'Urfe*

at the foot of nineteenth street, East'river uthxct' tithnta order ,:Pft. ) -: .t1 co1pany w- i c oG _.4, r.' Dut.h $'
our as kq/ot41iruXrpn4a
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min Ieta wt would raJTEx' U -- -:1 5 l '--r P -- fc "irti jnrfrrtH *- $ :
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AND >,V*<-- '<'' Vi i '- ? : ?
Borlingams) was warmly by a Jc$of I us BU8TtQMY; ; -!: --'--." lrWAngisthei f, a'tie' in ajlor f ,aoO.ft> CoBai *tt- i t4 *tiKAA"ru"Mvn
ha friends. 4< & 4 BUI4NJIvI I tgt .-.- nC; e "and Mtherylort4agenas'4Sf 4 *TJMH g
In cofesequsnce of the Arizona tea* behind 1 1ciineseeeabisea4crarcmin ': -. -WJft --- --- r'ir''s:; : ; ,i--- .. t,t: ZJdSONcJX4oprietor.-' --.-,.---:1 OO w$ '" -" Via**
: -- p j-- : r-z.- --C - ; -
until ebe reached jtarber Jr:, : ; : :AN. ::+ t- I :

by 1r. Uvermore 4bo 1 'wi' I & 1 '- the St.John'a.IUver vc upon e R&itroad4rApsrue1hainz aiiy polt. ln s School"cr'TmiJr y a -4-L- --- -
..Thtl ca9 to tell wfll.eee.ommtInhmt.'prctnpU7bllcterpr Oeraagea lat&y -1 n : *
: -- 1-
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1bJtcasadwkJith.: ; 24U
t : --

S p- -
-- -

Florida union
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 Material Information
Title: Florida union
Uniform Title: Florida union (Jacksonville, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title: Weekly union
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 13-63 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.C. Morrill & J.K. Stickney
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: June 4, 1868
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1864.
General Note: Publisher: Edward M. Cheney, <1868>.
General Note: Democratic. Cf. Rowell, 1882.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 6 (Sept. 24, 1864).
General Note: Supplements accompany some numbers.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002038457
oclc - 02707184
notis - AKM6247
lccn - sn 83016252
System ID: UF00053711:00104
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Full Text
V 5 5 X S V V 5 V S V V

i p j -
7u s

i -r---i--- -- irr ii
; icr JH Lfl [ 1 lJ _

i3Mi3 7t: V- 5_ .

tk1wiOsiY4sT 4: : tht bfltffj4
:: t + 4t 1'
V'SATUEDAY tO e rid it 4 t I TO seQeIaLs SI

I i tai :Vm.3'4.t.I
a?*V ee yr........ VI
..1'r r : # ? I ; ,
I "V..s ttlftt Btfslsiht m i i. i *.e..1..uIV
,; *r- t- *w--l. >*
; ;: V V -'-

' tD tfl d *s .sI

I V'IV 4I w *Hf-! ***yf |
-S : ; P -J# esmao..iee..a..u.4e&
'OIOt, :. : r I : : thise I .
4 U $ ..
S .s
bT1iE* ; "
BnILnfloa&Y "
tThION : L' I- _; ,
5 5 VI
J&1MI31* y OLUME, __ 1868. jjvg I

: -S- .S __ -'-. -S S --.- -- -. 5 ? _!& S5p
S jS LcAlLl
-S S S S 5 S .
: Sf V -V S V 5 _- -5- S V SSV 55 5 IS S ;
f S P If"" Iferptn : er.J VH necessary.to socuro.ns.succass -V 5 Other speoches" TollowSa; rfrotirtho" Sonatwrf itr; andi his idt'crcnCo th fijpd "i -5r ., 4V V

"A-BUEHHSE' It'is ia viewt>f some of the facts which 1 ha etact,flon L1Y ?! ]i4h iand of th.JL.d """ / ;. <, J ; .;.-| V V

tcii 'wliich"La*j *1' ni. Cwuc WRjitr ; ,just staled; that I .tbhit-itTrould 1I&Ye others'wnicli Trill1 long-'Tw rraet bere pIXfl n6t V4AnLZ )
: c1.at tw d lkO Uxiwc M A .cmi- } n4Jo !t! !!-thy love M claj r* wistor.lo placoCurtin or JTentoii on_Uib ticket burghers of our ancient tow if.- # ,JIa.ka3 wrong''twnxe cxpknatloirt'br'aefe'nceifrtmhmL ererythtcginrUhualcbpplaining ,Court a motion to ta-t adjourn t* Jane. 23d yni lost INiw OLWr Maydd'Xhe-- '

hs.itrniub T&LIItO7 LU I teT Kmt>uUicd Uf(ICWACS of Jnrk.t>roK-n bLur But the done. Colfax is On VSl ; waited upon Gen.
,n 1y, dig* Wr thing a good Jlvpnblicanj His Excclloncy'and party rotuiuk toi although fewVmun .have been bferocioualT The-Court then proceeded. rbu on the artftles -
On IH.T(vrdie accompanied
crih* .With.lh wpck ourifncnds gm tts.jblicsJiSaWs 1 : and,-what is of fiir more importance, in i the steamer ,liC Creeled; wdi'cheers,ipihd a/: assailed without V cause. He )has l and dafeatodrthejibobad'aUdTthird T>y the Dktnct Att n

? to, but UIIth, M.__ th.many._-ft|..Trecjtjj-j "we-i They(her5 tlrr Isr w thf JKls wizldi with gnze a gvntlo too inuvli twucli V .tho long nm a stealing, reliable )jwrw.;- Of'liisT speech-from.-- >Ueut._ ., ,. E. ''
b&e &k2fl by bic1 c can &cco1nmQdI Whit s teiid touch UICT) t4<*cJ up well executive --abHilv tit,Js unnccesskry; to 'speakV L. b. A.'wucomiog'; lusVsftJUtoZ11on.j4JftZ1iV; ) ; V brj public qucationK.-: \Vlienever 'th<5 "occasiondomandcd &&rtMtkiA wuloetbyV&yote0e28; ; to-'MJ-rwnaining A4nctoihe.23dLof .tth*knowledsot4 .. I' Jt).

4U. U1 bers with a choo woek17.J Thu Bvccl thin lip that L*d. rcrct. to tell; Perhaps legislative body;in any age,has Lad.'amore again.-- The ]Liealonant cvideiitly bud ha&s P< action"at Liar hand} ha-has done hUwhola tioi toadjourn Joae ww.lBrt ,y 4l whom he agfeed'tb;* no

t lP tJQo, M thcy.may. will be They About tied Iftsr btTTeil Lrow Mfl ixl bvathful marriage-l fce ; S cotnpctent presiding,officer than PchuyIcarColfkx. ; rious"doubts, ,' t the GovornorV/safolV'tnr'Hflls. | dut>%.with, unostentatiousfirmness and V.'tievote.- thonecamry; jWgin Iktnaut t *s xi)
Iesue9 .
EizZ' 'soldterV
'' j Tet'few mo4umnig4hic.1rt
The V 1 rf i *** t. d. *jth4a; proniptitnae ,graat A motton Vraa U i
ys(7 and Salnrday'inorninp, :'And drew wilier w til to &>ft Lcr while ILkbue.-, t "-> ._ Uouill. : kej'igodau'tiim 5 I -4 \\boro.: county, from some .exnrcswipnsmado toiniin : domrnandors have rcr exhibited j nnptetend- f tinfdif whichi pmW f to.kd enab fiasS3Mss at B"*
$3.60 .imum. 4 Whksfc woro the wfcitrrt ,prycczk1 choow! : tho : S. -* J V 1u
in 'House i
per thc iwnaio.iuia and. if.dcatlijshould Altilximmas board
.,,,.et.' ;: byiouwKuV n wfeju f.ingabcaong; ;, from die- rfbyafidjmtsoftteRiiriraidiiacitedUMJay
TU .W uu.T Usw" .will 1* ewiIpvoryTLufl'Ii Aixl vrer her UMOOI Ui cmo.M bcr LaitJ*: V d--priro .usof tho'scrvicei of the had liven- ? for frxns r t t in'Uiit* *- '* ( totorlal harshness; few tare ercr so thoroughly VS V 5 cEr5sstL VV
ij inorning., Subecription JP2.50 per n- 4'C4mwy th9 aUUii,nIvrstan'h.' ; prosjcting county 1tIorcx, Mar J25.-Th. &naU tabled
kianied the mannm ofpeace after Wcrand
Aiia Zbeu tb(f weir IIcutantt thing tbrv (|rbal Captain WB hare 'nominated the Presidency and whom c ho* (the__. Xiwit,, aanV.r } b'td-> been,!* .. *t1k.1ing -oar ein.war. the-rerignatton of'PhiBp Fotdke, Naval Agmiat V
jfmllOI ur ubscribcn, who now take the i Hut the eI1enc-sd fcenta of cUotcreAmi bcforo! tho expiration of Ln term of of- I: hard (in.&i V way to roconsjtruct, y4Tbeiudhlte V : SV 'ew.Orlcani,- TThis actioarotfntinn SalU-

-ill*:'desire to take the ariaweekly! instead, j- 'iaemitM'', ipid rotcn, ft ,J r *ei&arv: fij.'e-T-.wLich Cod forbid 1-few wn in the nation rt.aas&nt1 V fan m that of5ee. thaLh&.wonltV1nYestigcts: 'si4 V) u.u.' '
the. mall-diff inthe subKave And tb W, &p phomtd,* : T ii. ear, IA thematter.
.pY renoe <7 t* lady lic thf ntI'1he' Fir.rs&pILs1os ThelOlincorpotafeigtL.K'ationml Insurance I
could tx found better fitted tu bis
tb.T.taU <
> supply place i-iV'fii'.j s"
Rzci1DdMay 27.-4aI 1 b& 0
their nanws transfvrred acroliail an'articTeu "! Companyfhiw.passed.
md And they licW Ufir bmth as Uiej-'lcfl thu loom, :: .toczafffwu m IInqwtitiitionibfibe : .
Wit i ennddw glance *' it Btlllnct ji-l jloom.Dut I*thaa'Schmler* t 1bfudia" '*' *- T"Let*us",r-thsri/jt or iI1L P1U Southern t&ts.' L .A. resolution accepting Forniresiguati his&nr
sve s1t "ul turn ill and work with H will fur, Grant aiidfjollix' :- ;; y.T..H &>(U speaks as follows of the Constitution of Florid. 'wettVbveruidortherelu.VSV S inm Vahai & 5rMse
be irbw tort-J her Yt-il 4r31 V
t tv VV V l
VV S :
Af Bisiriett
womcrcial newvpauer,, worthy of the > Wrt, 5bc the beauUful 4a4 ;J In U.'S.: Urant, the Goneral-in-Jliitd'VOl.thu.V Its statement that "about twenty out of eighty Beward:aaknLfcr doanoaitand corrocpondence 1hfa 'Hat figfe*wg. .i w

Wbrorel lnsiuewi prwepccti of Jac ksonnll and, -Th.H' Wito army, and i iu; Schuylor Colfax.Speaker of;the.members''ware,black,*' i\'incorract ihexe! sri regarding the Alabanutjajaia. V pie mayor before any amon dasiqe was dims.V .
-rt ln ,mi.l twkthe key,' I lvwodly when I bav tbat t ut atd V V
5 imjvrotmg condition of our State, and shall .t55nd i aruiMl U!_ iAJn*-again'-BU>! shy V / n natiooal' Hoicw of epresentativu9-tue Kej'nblic&n but fi rtyreix members,.in the,Convention, aad"eighteen llosa made a personal explsatioiresrdjng >hay c-
ln ioliboT or*xinse in-4U publication ncrtsttrr I rwill "bo miicli i Tjcttcr ,pleased with men party has''placed atrouff, .cohesive}. andi them were colored f V V S the bribery.rqxjrUi v .; ,. cr : juan editorial 'UTO&tfnjf IfelMkf T

to meet the roquireowuU of our reading, ,I ll.'uwI ThUZ1*.he be kJ..4iit; but Mi he *t 1d place, th, qnt die.k who..will work hard ijr theeucctss of..thoKepullicnu popular .PratdeutiHl tickctt-beforo'tho people ijjThc Constitution .-florid*.Las more points rl Davb's tesofation waa amended by.Bon to amnesty .by'Prbsidtafc Johis aid.nyssi

tkinkuuj, and working public. ITie, weekly r1'u4; V S ticket than with those hx call I Grant, the \great-captain of;the i agohalr V ljiM4JrRJtLntt UOvltflfllpTOSCt3 more nat make the committee five UitetuTof three inrostigate 1* tbe time;, untlI5tho GLSPcIiticaI
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ihe-et Kb upon
mil .
wouMjrot tluSusahdVof liar'
Cjcwt f Q contain nil matter f nnprntanre or 1 Vrayh h .' i4)) 'l kw? tinnam? cbe lovc-l, rrt5 a Ui NThcii -. lham ti tliem their nomination. i proTe the Pemi-wtely. congratnlRtc on ed. san proacrfbed*y sticimns&ty
affairs of a peace cjtablwbHienl .ha posseascs convention about twenty out of eighty members -
Oar v!ry low edv. ising Tatcsniled with j jvatjgm II,jiM ItiLi 411,1 Ti4'IJLV They are "botli shrewd mu, and underutand those rare cndo\vuicnts .practical(Statesman-' ,werp blacks. ;Yet the Constitution: probe.bly.surpassci L The ArkansaA admission iras diacnaaed to ad'joummenti Proclamation, there-eon. xo.poEaictIR .

the UHIOK.the cry Lest advertising me IM tlttrv lie tjufl.OTuii-"t'otJlip? !>iid'ita of t mthviil liettht that is for them ftndjhe which ties of.tbe executive head of the governsient in i i State In the Unions SASSt&bIeVP.nI1 what i is usually ;Jfo Kepabli an opposes admission, under. good V will, dva 'otd* r'and.aatio* >al-Ki: >lniij.
-flhj tungidigv dcntb : performed party > '
inin hkh' our met chants can select.: j jIh any cmorgcncr. It'is the general impreasioii: ,called a; "strong" administration, must, the Constitution. thefiL $ $(

S :=: ._ S.= "Dumb llut to heart to the and er foul nj di still.trort to tlie$intent*en c.' thiey5i1)I: : -I among the American people that in hu hands one would say, have appeared'Vo' .tUeso politicians Li the House,the Post KouU-Committee iswe
C ahThYtirerience $yttm. Py-lhe-by, the )>ioiipt awl graceful! congratulation their interest* and the honor and prosperity of to be the srQHrnfl famint. 'tThus/the Governor directed to inquire into the expediency of the General Bochanaxi V yestarday'i

of newspairc, nil Ibp world f furrf *AVhunra' ftx-,iwir-*tbr Ui wjtrrt tPD with of iou ,,l not> ear' -- V telegraphed by Reuben. Feulon from tb6 country will be saft. His associate, Speaker and Senators hold office for the unusually; general law forbidding bridges aofon navigaT other fill the of thu l&telscted assistant slumsimb\
*c* djing r ,' *ir- Colfax,for one of-his age'is .man of great experience long.term of four years, and.the menibers.t the".AMembly streams of leas than five hundred &et spaa.. vacaney occasioned by the xi.1eitofbnr
S ; bai proved the necessity" We adopting andj 44 VTue it IL infiultf wonder pf all, Jamestown, Js" Y., lo Sthuyler Colfax last even and superior abilities'.iid sagacity ia for two-years. Tho. executive arm is .. The.Committee .oa. CJomaoarce reported,the of thoa*tb td ko'BOwlci4 aaat j. S'V
adhering to tl "cash system, have been j I'tifjeu eror conld let life'*flower fall Tu V ing, excites all the admiration it-deserves. Mr. affJrs- liiver'and Harbor :'
to rwrt to it, in this office, as the ; our political and in the event of a call to further strengthened by the privilege appoiniment Appropriation, which ;>-' -154
compelled of self-protection. : Or, Iran it a erwlt-r man tl to ftjclllit Oolfax.received this telegram nearly as soon aa the White House to-fiUUhe unoxpired term('f-I J Jfbd ,.iu conjunction with tad Senate, to nearly was rdcrrod Committee of the Whok- The V tva, May ._AdncM frcnit1 *s.

onlvnwans'heapc1bt4Jfa newspaper are nil tasb exMPMt \ perfect calm* j'cr the agony'''" 'tlval-( '. lie:did that from Chicago which announced his colleauo.'n doubt can :be entertained that j every office of power,' trust, V or executive importance bin amending the laws for collecting fines,V penalties that gIname, a. BlcUtbr, iinng orfi *lcziption ee'
: -Duet be-paid week. 4'Wu tin-miracle greatest tu flml-boT dttp, nomiuatioh which he will give us a good administration.. ..Nor is ju tho StaeQn the other hind,' the Lgislfiture *- ,-and.forfaifurcs in custom, was passed. *; not ramlteoVand'
Printers associations give no every credit. Pa 4IliflUleffrtph B'.voiKi all ilrtam, jnk doicpvajJ tUnt *lw p? eLows that the act was unpremeditatw the nattering reputation>'of:these;men' limited j is limited to an annual session of only V The J Tax. Mil :was introduced as heretofore on the mob. A Thginis&nme&Ba .

: ** h nrticl** So with all the j'riuci.t a'Ild life roll ackirard JM wwri, J '-ir. and impulsive on the part of Mr. to the United ..Statesfor iabstantially the] siity; days, unless'1 specially'' convened by the printed. Schenck said there were, several irtionded'whiWd.fending his ttoraVTb

MT items 11 a ta of the etpenw incurred in "running ftncinptpK' I AIM! Iwtr, .5 thry y it dois, at thIng deal : Fenian; and not determined npou after calculating ame abroad as at homes The news of their Governor, when it may hold another. cession of amendments whieh wonld be offered, most V of .Cacos attacked Ocoalvusad b. Ia.ipuleed.

pal .''' Tbe credit system in this'matter *Aad T\H It the jnurtuo t heart of tin b'liG" upon the effect it would pro-luT. The nomination will gtrengtheu the confidence of i itteir twenty days. The Governor appoints, and the V them Terbal. S :

workvsU cut way ther* is no reciprocity about To Bud p jt so, what a w i-dwn I'jvc* I-'I.* telegranj follows friends "tbe great republic all over the j Senate confirms, the judges, of whom -those of V \VA8apfOTox! : iUy 2f.-& < --SeventyQvestoamar L01111c t Hay 1'G-Mkluwl-V arrstt, alias
"02tjw'rf.wt I TnJ' oh, l ead niuat dr rune as : world-on the Tha mes, the Sciiie, the Rhine,:! the Soprenje Court hold their position for life or captains and pilots have protested -Jackson, the Clcnctnwell .x1ngi.niat, bu b'..

H.Tin only way tu cam- out such a ,yetwu ismrer1 1 holdtLe l>cmth of my K'ul to hear! JaaiowL, L 21, 160S. the-Neva/and the Damube, and from the mighty j during good behavior, and .those of the Circuit against ithe fortharTnidging the-Ohio,'with Ita. executed. : L .

>vis efniniit There'can then lcnoHcfieace M.J 1ive n; a... .Ai hijb at i Itciveu!- nud rou da nut till t tI line to the nor's Council board is in this State/J JSTww A resolution :
given to any ouc nor auy exception V your nomination, and General Grant in having equatorial imperial Yang.tseKiangof \ or advisory .looking to tho ejection
Uim liy any reasonable man. In this office, J i1Pt YUflUbt I* pkasorttt In, din;, Biroot an associate 'worthy to share with( him the China the son of the eca." Nor will that a caliuet proper, in which sit a Comtnisaionerof of a' commission' investigate illegal and unjust Cot.nT ; ;,;
gccordingly order* Lave been issued, and announcement T*niatr j-ou *y pUcul from )hnd to leet'. V cordial support of llw i people. honest-faith in Amoikan securities at Frank Immigration and 'a Superintendent of Public imprisonment during' the waryasroermdto friends of tbit able Iditor anLhigh4i.1, S V

has t.en mad, that no eubscrip- $ s .I woiaI.I4eII .u, P.irlmg, if 1 were dead, llfl1t?.. E. FEi-o. -on-thc-Main be veakened with the prospect Instruction; and judge from the duties mapped the Judiciary CommittcoV V gvatlanan irill ho jwcoed to Heir that k*
tko Till be received, and no advertircment inrtV Aud'ttrere your hot tears tijioo my brow slitxl. of thy transfer from and aftor.the.-1th of out for this latter functionary, her will bo the Mr. Carey introduced .a reaolutiou-declaring was dangeronaly.voondedni Honticdb eaiatvrday -

nnlw paid for in advaucc. M wonU car, tlmujli the angtlof dtftlb. )1m J ra1 ; Ml. IVuton hoi> shown the,Ktpublican party, March, 1869, of the reins of-our government to busiuftt'and one of'the most powerful Officials in that,the letter and spirit of the laws juatioed tha erening liit? lA.teifcrtanata 6c1. >

Tbt j only exception is in the cas* i1 l rrytilaradTtrfisen His ord on HIT lips to k -.p it IIO.Li'i. by thus promptly eubscrilnng to the will of tho. Grant and Colfax. the State. ;Due provision; made to prevent payment of the five-twenty bonds in legal ten- between himself and Col l m. ArdNrGy& ,

haring monthly tills. As regards$j -Vya Jioujd not a=h, vainly, with treauin n*, majority of the Convention before which lie was The Chicago Convention t.oulditnt. have chosen bribery and tumult at elections;, and principals den. Itefemd to the Committee of "Ways and eautted
these,it would tw inconvenient and almost impracticable H'hkh of nil death va* tho chiefost< to require payment of every advcrtnameut I,TIie5i cry etraiigo and wHe nwt thin: a prominent candidate, that he deserves the con- the Seuate, Mr. Wude, who led tho list of YicePrceidantial -> interested in any election bet or wiager, are de- i A resolution'justifying Secretary Beward ve irill amply stat*- thai jBoL dirasdau Vihotb7

at h&ndud iu. With regard to occasional ( fiU1iuq.rI'w tIatdyiug lauitMi' bilug. 4 Cdonco already placod in him,by the citizens of I aspirants on the first two or three i denied the right of suffrage 'Neither WM this retaining poeeession'of the ram Stonewall, recently a'pxstol inth.i.di OftC
Xe- York which doubtless ballots would have been Jto Grant as heavy a'' Convention'slow to learn tho lessons'' the sold to until ia the left ,UUquautly
adtertion, however, there is no cxceptien j f.1l1i imrld f Oh'. moet Viirfriiosgli Jit 1' V r and the honors ho will very Japan, ..Japaa pacified, ; through -long. .TU WISDb.-
madi. It would be invidious tu make any,* l.c1-W me, irho trill bclior r it w .-> ntM m-wvo in good time from the country at load to carry as Sras the Old Man of the boa to j latest passing hours''of.the: ago ; they enact that was referred to the Committee on.Toreiga.AZ.thcapecie1orderfo : eztncted from ih. region of the .
wi'leV' %, adhering to a imifonn system, we f Sinbad the Sailor; and Fcnton, the next high-,' officers may .bo impeached for."drnakennesa,; fairs.' shoulder blade, and bar latsl htimay
y Who will bclW that he h arJ IHT .
%e My largu.Guneral set of:Colfax would also have bema and conduct'7dotrimenUl to' 'The tax bill made folo
avoid giving any uccasiou for cunidaint. han W3thJbcM-evtpoftoIee t in Ihe dtar..W wi 4 competitor gambling "any V -was j .ncotirage thkP.u4tLdean
adrertisemual eubscripliou I is refused, it ii not Jlaucuck will roust pnibably bw the dead weight Colfax,on the other hand, gives good morals.1 Lastly, we notice the protision"; Wednesday." "r .V will BurriT th_ wound,-flwrttwrf., ..

from any doubt of its payment by the offerer,.f ."The l ve ulniost you *vender nde i you thu.-I, and h kbi<-ar.yi ywi'f Itar: candidate of the Democratic party for the Presidency. that positive strength and consistency to the which wo have, not sin in any other of these resolution was passed' bringing Chas. W.Woollty S S V : 1 ,.

but froth'UIe necessity of mating th? rnl ? tbsq- 'He wants the nomination' the worst ticket which, makes it a Bait and .expands the documcatu wit: that after 1880 the LegislaI I ,tote bar of the House for contempt. Pectale t'o
And am Tour Angtl irb j wap. voili" Bride: circle of its influence. 1 f has had the valuable tnrb shall laws .The the resolution
c qualifications
Until'ft' pass requiringcducatipnal Managers supported by a report -
tnirm.-M'til Bom wicked"wretch not ,the fear ol
Intdr Aiul Viiow, that though dod,iJimvw never and influential of hi
The' Jibore article hat l>ocn pretty extensively way, many men party training of a. newspaper editor -a vocation in all persons voting for the first time ; the/ reading of which, required over one Wendell rhillips or Mrs. Fater Abby KIIy'

wprad, and the "cash system"adopttd by our j j.uchangee. think that it would bo <'f little w. ( > mn H which i.i this country is the best of schools fort after' that date. While Democrats, who have i nour, with copies of, private telegram*'and evidence before his eyes, puNishes th kllowtag 4frlV v

W cannot more forcibly explain Washington Ncw.rswM civilian against Grant.It aa aspiring politician. It teaches him.all. the probably never been at the trouble ot reading I mainly that of .Thurlow Weed, showing appeal to the sex,. Tha fellows dssy'etqb V

the prin ipl. involved than by copying the arti- ILE&ti.tfl (5ORflt45O.h DIT.V i" a f'-rrt that Chaw laat morbid 8 >potite j ins and outs of the profession, and how to avoid this Constitution, are loading it. with nnlunited j jabuscTaV that the scheme of r buying votes for acquittal marrwd-;a few "lorcabf'boon (aM woaU_.
| those shoals and baru which of charact ristin'work of Iladicals and canvassed in Ne, .York and tbat
S so the was r suspicions
tie; and a i it moots tbo nuccsnties of our case 22 18 May I :
i ,
quite as-faUv as it docs that of thc Kfyiidr, we t tahallalw 4 for Presidential liouorb. lie is trying bard for our greatest statesmen Jiave foundered. The demagogues; many'Eadicals, as Radicals, might telegrams and persons passed between the par- "With broaoutick for, av'Iin-duaV.pen. kc
adopt the tyfilxui, and rigidly enforce ] The nc\v$ of Colfax'fl nomination was V well the Dcbkttratic riutniiiatioii'--(hat i>, us Jmr
it In tha pjxipiit condition of stflaiis, doing ] reocived Lvre by the Western iiicai, and acqui decently can illiont making liiiiuicU aloluttiy but the tanner and Ihe-'edilor will mati-hthcm.4 grounds ; but we 'wfll content ourselves .is-ith', were also shown to,;exist between, the counsel On dotheaionea kionntedj away lo tbtffieM! f '

wo&on credit almost equivalent to doing { esoud in by the friuids of tlie l ateni candidates ridiculo TlitTw lute l lru u vouvuntion There isM nothing likei leather," and the n we- showing1 the ludicrous impossibility which our and the friends of the President and the party And pa&opBod thus, lot na;war tathe ladlt,}, .
the third.v otat*of the ainuteciith century. would find in, making out .casesif who canvassed the purchase of-votes hi New 7
par] u opponents a
tat BOthing ; and hereafter all sulwcriptions to I ; Bat ladies shall Tote: yes, and rmesx. rock to .
and advwtincmcnts in the l n>w, Mid all job I j -Ifuiton, llamlin, Curtiu; > ,and Wilson.No or conference hr uf colorwl ilctbodistii, and (Grant and .Colfax .are 'a Btrong>'ticket, .they would submit to tho ignominious drudgery'of York. The report t claims ,that the Manaj V cr&dle' ?' 'Tatt*

work done in this establishment must be <<'tJ< : one, of course, objects to Mr. Curlin as a Clui.sc has been lavish ia his attentions to the\I and they arc provided with a movable extension | discovering facts, and to the petty trammels V have other evidence, bat at present only feel jus Arise and cbanctwildly your Ar.ircn'wi -'V

man but it u thought by Eubtura mcu that it influential mon nmong tbx'Ui-pn>mi ing tlkcm -i platform tm the negro auffrogu question and on | of those facts when found. tified j in preeentmg such 'a 'will justify the arrest Then on to tho combat, rirlaljll hold TOOT '
\ elK'ca forth the money question hich will accommodate nil V Quo is irresistibly tempted to compare this., of Woolley. :; V bcAiids! : Ve5.JIVa11f
Ijcttur Cunventiuii
1-- would ha>e inJlicy :
that if Xo dues rnn"4or tho Prcstdvney'it will be
coniern of all shades of opinion. \ Constitution of Florida'with-that recotitlypi.1parid. Sfitalt Ia. the Senate Senators Anthony. Oar whok Metal without
system, etyrsaed-
Stale Itrm 1 to bare selected iU candidate for Jlicj YiccPrcsidcncy -: which will the Caucasian ,ccanentioafor and Van Winkle denied the :
on a platform recognize political |Fr>>iiitlic fcirinprfiilTho npubi..n.l! by :> purely Wooley newspa- Charge lira. Partington I On, Mix. CandaL,
uiL: $. -The fut of tbi dch'cious fruit]I Ie from borne >&atcca&t of Ohio, >'ofcwithtlariding rights of the Hack man iu the North an well as subniissiou to the people.of this State. We are, j pct reports that Mr Chase had endeaveredto V Flatter; yoor rrtreanuiia-' 'onfuil you
Cunventiuii was wise and tenip ratu in, of courscVatrarfl that the latter considered influence their votes and Senator Featenden denied
have this A1 I General rant's it Vj ihgjing 13
seen season popularity lanta "
was un yesterday. in thu South. And it is boldly dated by loading : .... 54 j-ri
country cart appeared alafox etfW-t in its coiirto, and looked rather to principles and by the beet of its framers as by any.means perfect his identification with the proposed thirdparty Andsail? in girls we're VS Ben "Wads jflbataned.I. tb1
upoti j to lie no child's play to put tint into tho my *
Democrats b jrc that the Democratic platform -- the future than to and the past, and best attain and announced his dcterninatios .
thcifU3Huun uoutainiug about half bublul of vengeance or aa anything more than the to sap- : : : *" --1 "- 'S ** i :
a '
ripe, red and chow plums. They retailed lea- : White HOUH-,and the Booucr lie and bla friends to TJO iwlui>tod in New York on the 4th of the party will indorse its, action. able ; but it is the work of white men, and of port ,the .EepahUcan nteee. The Senate S tq
I nuderbtuud that tu bo the tbe General Grant, ns President, will t>urroundhimsolf white of whom large number doubted then adjourned.JToMtf .- V V V
dfly at twitily tents JH.T quartVwWt 0mi *- case, nioruJikcly July will lmin it, as the most prominent of men a very mien Pael5Se Raflzemd.V
/-.. S will they be to euccccd, Politkians'niight learn its Universal East West, with the truest and strongest mvn,just the.ptoprietyof ever letting negroes vote at -Ia. the 'Ilouse a motion granting A dispatch from V Omaha, says that fie Unioa
planks Suffrage,
iu the he displayed aa unerring judgment
army elections, except'under a1 property qualification, hours
to his
Wadley twenty-four prepare.: answer Pacific Railroad reaches six hundred flWwest t
The U.; S. lleveniiu; st umcr Kaiiaemoud arriwd a tiling or two from professors of tlw manly Xortb, and south, irrespective of race, past condition and a comprcbenairo impartiality in the and this in a State which: nothing is required was tabled, and a motion that the Speaker now in 'ordgm t9-er

; in our port from Ka\-aimah% vn Saturdiv1ercnisg. art" and their backcii. When a nun is matched vrcolor.. )Vjnn: even say, irrespective of selection of .assistants and subordinates. The of electors of any other .race except the possessession' propound certain questions to the prisoner, to point ofthatplaceiuia fifty"miles'beyond the highest ridWeofue! >
capacity to organize an administration, and appropriately of the human 'form and the male sex;' '
vgainbt another for a mill, Lis wisest Mends, sex. .V. F. BOYLE.5 be answered forthwith, prevailed. Rocky :7yreoaat e lBRtV
Th sttauier tehcppanl fivui St Mi r* .4rri ve ; we ore say any ; The announced that functions of
and backers do not think''that Speaker this railroad ia one of {h&moatcaacrrabatiKla,
d particularly -V .
2epajrt on last. 5 V is of than oratorical
Friday tar
more consequence the known tests experience "princi-
-history, or. .the Managers had ceased.- A resolution continuing in the"canmicl or "JT '
The Daik Prwtiuo (tailed out of our p.rt ->u they help matters along bj' tellingIhcir favoriteUiat -, Post Office Rpbberle*. philosophical, or judicial.abilities of,the. ilea of human natarw-this Florida constitution them. as a Committee toi, continne cortnption -, it Mrailroadin2r'waa engmeeriay..rbthtomJ V

buaday last fcha was loadwl with lumK-r aad j he Is a .remendoufr fellow and"aur tv win; :Mauy valuable letters,..eent. from this state highest order, anti this quality General Grant, is not only a better one than the one we now investigations prevailed., ed. .Sixty mile of; track bays &

lxznlforaf.nign port 1' the battlf. -Neither, do -they''undenalimate to :North, having been lately lost, investigation as acommand i in the field, and as the Lead 014 have in this Btate.-btitj-on tb*--whole, better protest that the Committeebf Investigation kA since the sprig'opened, and at this rate enmpa.aady' ,
The City Point arrived from aau'.aL on'1 the armies of tbo United States, has displayed i than which after of
the new one twenty-
and the V years in which
into the cause Las been made, following theunmorUy was unrepresentedSunparliamentary was fouihandred mitts win haveljeenlaiddo Wi 1*
'$toraay and from tic St Johns him tlio struigth pluck nr condition ef bur .
on Monday. op- in dqpwjmvor surpassed even Napoleon j has been offered for our acceptance
; experiment, overruled the
was Iry Speaker end of the and the
fore the
The steanor Flora Tcmplo from Sf Marvs On the think that Jbtter to Postmaster Heed, of this city, throws Evorv good in the had of the eouitfentrust years graat tmapfltf V.?
p-jnent. contrary, they they Bonaparte. man army P by tho'flower of the white portion community who stated that the House controlled, and between the AUantib'and PactoV ppenad Jar .
arrived hwe cu Monday, uestined to.soutv point stand H much lctterIianto. ..v1winnizigt.h&but5 some light upon tho matter. It Mews that LeemmenGO&h15 his favor and) confidence,.whilo he never failed the investigation to whom it pleases. travel next yearj instead -of, l$7Craaroiaiaa& -
Vtt1sMau river.o> *?/*" W'j. Jbe- Florida to deteqt an impostor or a charlatan at the first ]
depredations add members who had voted
i i8ttc A motion to two
Ihe and railroad
011 a fight by persuading their man td atf whom enterprise ability o a at nfga ,,
IWIUUroad crtend the first of last glance., JHu favorites.were always men EUetio*. against impeachment tabled. melt which has thus dons Bsaa the that
10 being to tL j had tend to his training and ge1btln4:1: >y" mail? about April : campaigns,approved to bo good aolI 1 I VV more
S suboequcut
at the foot of Ctaitrc street, BO that gt1 ls can be '' POST Ornc JDErAitTMiaT., ? HJs enemies vindicated Ins judg |lt'in uow well settled that the, Couatitutioahas. V On BotloVi motion; and by 4 voteof 60to'51, scientific theory set for it, canaot be ffwationatL,
transported from it without the giving Liu to understand that'his advcrskryisnuitbcr dier. always constitutional ticket Mr. answered with the which and it is not surprising learn Usetae iik
nuceasity of, WAOHIKOTOK, May, 2-5, lb6S.I J rnenl, iu the end by $tl cir pwn miscarriages and.failuros. been adopted and the Wooley protest
ursjing. Tho made a foA nor a chicken. You caunot rvndor + Billing been aiuu&mced himself wiling '- uncompleted trick, the VOn Pd&Eal1-
arrangements by the Kail- I Sin : Your letter, reporting numerous losses S .. And lastly, General .ttrant has displayed -,. elected, notwithstanding the opposition has published/and an
road Company Jor Iho quick transit o"f goods ye4 4 a more cascntial aerviuy tu a pugilist than of.:valuable letters, addressed tu Northern cities, .a true isoldivrlyimpalienco ,with _tho V and other radicals of the State. Piff.ri fprobably1 to ;answer any qucatioa;which.''the House road is V paying'haidAjmely.estr 3- :

wvttl at this pUco are %wv curly i* rfecled. ,I by cultivating an acquaintance with thezuanbe received.! There is little doubt that nearly whole yetoai of corrupt and,, wasteful expendi from other' conservative 'thinkers :we might direct Morgan maintained that the which are, eagerly;w iti g rrlsr C
Tlie same arrangement i it made on the wharf of all these depredations LaYs..bceu; committed by Iu his brief.administration ; regard this result as very fortunate ; as a check Committee represented the authority of the nection between NcwXw ;, and'n Fzasaisco
MterL1..J.aftontcu.J : TLox- ) u about to fight, and putting on the gloves ture Waehiugton. :' in the old State and-; that Miu'W had to" well la tatisfied wiiol-what ti-
is no dray- route agent named Wm.J. Lw, who was temporarily of the War Department be carriod out A to the- rule,or ruin elements House ; ,
ing at tine p mt except! f x Ae city trade.-Jl. with him as often as |iosaible, so as to learn, and ; jn charge of the mails on tholxJ'at runnirg plan of retrcnchmcnt.wboUy unoxomplod in it* 'Democratic organization, and as a deathblowto question the propriety of their question. The anna proni1a,3rff& : V'V glizLoDzoe..DuriugV

Fist Finr.-For wv..ral I Ira able tu communicate to the former, all the from 'Acquit Creek to'n'AVashington, as liistory, the would-be"politicians, who *had nothing House sustained this view,'and MrJ-Wooley was
yoolhs, fond of the days part wtae of *' h3eLllaTD been clearly traced to him, SItThLa t| more at stake than their own position as leeches ordered Into close confinement in the:Capitrd, A ixEni i
sport, bav 1iu caichag loints of the latler. Thee imgilists are ( thv IKrinn AihtTtbcr.l:
7l bxge and fine and a.brass key was found upon bis person..whenho1 'on the body politic. V until he purges himself of contempt by answering Asc i ron>;Iayin
fcheephead the fish- cuiincntlv urartical men. 'aTJ*%' do not dospise nomination V Constitution Guv. Eeed such the Committee'preponndtd. uptw.church et rikT
g grounds where Ihc railroad was arrested. He is now iu prison, awaiting The unanimity witlichichVhe 'With, pur liberal questions as an- y >tacau
fl._ bridge crosw each other. 'On the eoUtrwy, they feave .the : L uw_ V&IIL..I Giant and, Colfax i is responded by Republicans Cot Os'born, and 'such like men, we have'the .- V The House'-then went into-Committee on occurred, at such

moat profound respect 'for each other'a grips,1 V Very respectfully, your'ob'ta'vt,) of every shade of opinion'is:M'remarkable basLVt a' Conservative Republican admmutration the Indian Appropriation BiU and adjourned.27. .- S pohthe most solemn siouaThs b..

lULuautiful Bdnwiiw ouparul, tupt (iouter I bBBt-taudore .ic.' Ttey E. L. CHILI as it is gratifying.The first discordant note is ,' rom.which we have much to hope, andia V WaihtgteNews- iiasmiilItOfliaflCathOIiCedl&e, eMs
,arnved in oor pot, on 'lliurtday! briiig- Lugs, nppw-cnUr Acting 2urAMt P. M. Genl.Tu yet to.be heard;* !Iu business circles, as well'as fact from which we had everything to hope;for V VVI dioil is used on the instrumental aeaimpa-t

lug lAertr Buliugs, wT a has 'boen paroled. want to know, if poselic,.isfore going,.jntoj. E. II. Kced, Eeq., P.'1L, 'VS political, the nomination is hailed with, satisfaction we are firmly convinced that the South cannot $ -5 tauto S *vacated S the o the choirs .To ttififfnt en thjt.j;

Th*yacht wmeerrice in the Q' artcnn, rter's I fight, the full strength'I an''opponent, and Uie'' Jackeonville, FU.I .- and V is accepted'as the assurance' of a-vigorous attain a healthy'political,' omtnercial, or agri f War Once yesterday. young lady--daaghter'of* a* **weU-faown** j34.maitIg .
Dpirtment.._R. and endurance. 'Andis and sensible government,'and of ;.the.restoration cultural condition vttttt ktr citisen mtmif&t *+ Parties complying with the Amnesty, Fioclamatioo bIbegun.

: exact mcarare of bisekDl of.the UuwuJtvlcmienanlGBTemor. Of honesty 'and economy to every department. lilrtTnl3>*lion*l. r tto frtfibmof of September were, registered yesterday. i to pisy upoatba stmumimlkethstof&catgeetotbeeenofthe
Special Corrcponnct
IXPRQLET. 01 Cl-MtL TIZLLT.-Thja, by not this,wise and worthy of imitation by men'lio I .- The fort tm'at*combination ofqual- politicti far, thc o* leautifta rtree iut"W the 1s1an figure in mote uscfuLzpberes : 71.- a t>]Tanip Strain the ticketwillappeal to the enthusiasm of auiity divide'tlie intelligent members 'of tour votek _; V : ::1 Not"ladyeontinaedhec.

: *nd J1111 iu god ori i S Tho forrgoiiig id u wcreforoed upon moln*tevening,1 TAMPA, Fla, May 20yl868. of the'country'aud; win give'opportunfty/if the TJ! bo V so radically''Southern 'The House aad..S ual. were engaged pa unimportant : V
l matmally to it* pnweofthuiga i opposition !a'sufficiently lively} for as musicals -V apti-Northcrn, and uncharitable to theee amongius routine busifiessl 'The efficacy of ha- she would,010 the; pedal the ftroeal jrsull: ,
>-/>'rth \ all ijeai-d'a unlbcV of animated wfad- Th. Union element of-this ancient burgh .campaign as the most jubilant'could' desire. *:;: whodiffur.withue |n,oj.inkin, is,to drivf good- beas'corpns in the Wooky case n doubted; the tie the player,the prietha choir andtiweeJTfutnTTTl *-"
; iLe.cxctlloncB.ot''thcinominatione been thrown into a happy tt*of exciUment -V S of opinion being that the House of>'B *
? cw crop in Uu tiuu bags prating aib at iavo very Jouinall 'men from among, us and_ prrpctuato'ional weight presentatives -gregation Dningn inteiyal thj m
the Ikiiluu
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U aasoa has Loco faVorabki if u H looking u on Ihuir.'way.to' congratulate Gen. tot1itby the unexpected arrival in [ **lineal, AVo.ha'vo ma yNorthern'outcasts ut the was too"high'i'body1*to be disturbed .nt was iHCftSuls9Q,and Jo a4 bthcd ttg

vccui&fly it would ma'j rul4owQd!1 JGran and t&a'' fl.tkATVbjI : their midst of Ilia Ekwllency 'Hon. -W. II/ ThVC e ;j-lT thcpifi'ple, knd; South, but at the same time we have many good in iu deliooratkma.bT-.this writi od-sized pet tatj' f theThnnui ftiiiLji'tho ,-]s
olfaxiyA bestowed the rcnolu, I\ of the"War Office stiU rithVfkfliral
wonLi b l khe commendations, upon monj'who; pcruecnticn and slang epithets are. r.The keys are property.of theEartrrod. Fa i itiating
4 l' ouuuecrc tko tr Letter aad liiivierrfiUMcrvp I tin '""Kcjrtiblicari ;'p&Wi11.! $** opinion dt tEosc Glcason/ the: Lientonsnt-Go'r norc1oct: The tions 1>V the business' men of t the city', indicate jlf-protectiou.ijujideto ally.ttcuuaelvcs with Tbwnsend. V Half the guards have V was found inside of the nislcdiwi .
int *d> *rerjmUus 1LluL5tU1 2t21IU tiwsyj.JWxaVU/ !.*2" equivalent to,an old'Town Hall boll sounded forth the fgct that that'the wdiK jfc4rormcdatChicagO.by.. ... the Rornbtlcs.n 'l l these wretches. been removed.Wooley V V joit such a place where ho'wooki gt**
f41nint: 1 i.ition.itis jnatcQcaii&Ilows as thcso thatAiring eapu unusual'event had talceu place, and soon : Cons Ljg vcs 'perfect'satis faction! !: Wd'again zcpcA5tthat ma ti-uk'our State fortunate was before Corruption Committee whe .the pedal was uaai lEfets,

had live Lieu- ThVDemocrats ,iite isapp3in\od.'iVthe'resalt.| ;; as'from; Republican elements controlling todaybut refusing to answer" how he spent hit to get peor Tooten-toon oat of ki any VUJOW1111'1VICI4hCY arc connected; the gathering muses knew tlicy a would create'a I was recommitted. .V V hut kifortfit cld I i2anfj it'iwir
S 5 ThVy an.i4ated| Aplatfortrwhich it wo obtained the beet tmeu. to:guard I money, V |ble qdvtoo, *
1 Id gric whenever'flSy arc.rocognizwl by lead- tenajitylGoTernor' among them, aud they gave V dys411fl tbe ;partyi. ; t d th y"prayed' "ear-* our interests.. Wq are eatisSod.Ihatcur people : It is stated V S that Grant favors V Schofield's V ominalion. |time.to gooa with thejjnsw.apuit DM jmncrf
**m *m TT !? *l- .i / !
givq ; (I IS Ithevcorn en and listened to jfTtne/mawes, as men of him au-old-fasbionedwelcorne at residence_ nestly that -heilncr wusoni fi&mun, qr. uowould1 will Tw gratified with the iwnlls.V | !lady, determined to play m- pita of Tomnrra.,
ir t1s vquzt and Jappp U4 importance. V of their Senator elect, V tj tjIIis bo 'aAjfytated :Vice-Proeident. [They The qucsbori'bf saffrago is one front'which In executive session the senate referred Sche- queals, y nd squeal pit 4Ht V" Ifft ty tsjrjf t teg
Lefflqu&fritdld, wbcThlw1ge& V iready 'Wadn- but fiold's nomination to a committee. titter the
had their pbwdcatt forJ evils can flow Asburjtategrow and pxoepers .general m *congi pa jterrupting
.wa ,t triaL ; 1'WI ''iAitho1 late Prao'detiUal{ 'cloctiun something Excellency rrtponided Jn hit nsiial happy i.g.1nstflrent ijaw ii cleis' ,toS5flfldVCf5; ; it will, ooaso V ,to bo a questioo. The impeos V Kevcnoe to-day: |829,000: V the>service Tna tceresonisjiTom' ov -
SS of which Lin- or welcome,- lie HcarTocordHhat are at. Ttcre plenty of rumors of Cabinet, resign 'released' frOni his Mri2t/09'I V
ofcr 4,000,000 votpa,jWcto cast, ni&nnorto their cheers gave pratents such a they a which will bo given ourTaUroad andother are was ] ].
cola 1got onlyjfcWeti: 400,000 moretUaiillfCleUan them a..pechof some length, whuJrwas' re"ceived loss where; to &rn'Then;hafts The impressidn" material interests will ewafl wall such shallow'' iiationskntutb-ieg.reliable.Xerlhcra V hoogh hardly able.to-.wilk, and.h*Jrtfe d; -
kh SMU ntIcpa4onS$B:114 thc r-, : conceded It. in Boftton te'ay'ap'p be,thatwith Grant clap-trap issncs'ahd] quostions of progross'andpermanency ns hope, a wiser if not a better Theaiaa-at
; country., I1im1CthL ma'ao .- It was protty generally rwith ;mkoy hearty.'ondonements. and Colfax,afr pppontionia likely to'beX fall3ure will occupy the groat-'American 5 ewp.; V He wffl prohably ttsafisfied iomialf 'las ttasi-
S to be a dose contest Tho point now-to bocoaridcrod gave courage to tlie, TJaionists who had nobly, to the dayj* NEW YOEX 2 The Bremen '
rerj' ,: and they arentrro, carry, : VIFrQn heart and mind, and i burytho aniwositios and. : May sUamUij cat ;
'PZbt&1a.x1y w1 twovrppq u )JC is,* "Ua'e there been unmIzWaIA fearlanly fought at the ballet-box against heavy Uiu In4kau.T animadversions which now paralyze the nation. and City of iJondoa "collided in the harbor cats nd eschew aearchini: fter th.natMla,.
2 ,
S t a SOnb to lie exaggerated that Indications, nco 4hejbtstlreflidential: ekctionj odds in this Copperhead county. It scathed tho V Tho.EepublJcan National Convention at Chrcago | VV rcIa O&aerr-w- *' i \ to-dar 'Botiisteanuhipe'were damaged. blifsW4dr V V V

rJSS?*}*"?Si**Md JnoaVdiai4e!S3W pf the public mind having been educated op' to men! .who_ tried (eo. hard, to:defcat. the .moat has done the one>great act for which it was : VVVV__ V V V The Neptune by the:burning Steam Uip of Company their warehouse lost over3QOOO'1 at V A Mo yrxa. Aiii Atom_ ,-Payinar I 1 visit VS to

tf j 8IC* filU WifiL S the point of thoroughly comprehending Ibi nature vital! intcreataof the JState-r-a vpecdy admission called t together.It baa.nominated General-in-chiof by acclamation Terrible "n v Kea "*f the TeUow" Fever*t Pier' No' 70. ?--The sttamshrp-'Oeeanici* was the Florida; watering places List water,wt meta

,.? '** rvboired aomo of, the cecn from Mir, thelicaringtV tie .relations, and the conaequcnces into the Unioiu: r ; V VV V General Ulyasc tha.rcpublic*&Grant ,the candidate, V VS :.V CaO.' V V horned, !n&he.E1ectra: l rand Thetin damaged. V Urf party of promiaantJTdrtheni aicttiainahts -

1I&mks Z'mcS. of which the i left of thejumieaof. t V 2OOOrnaTi IT CALLLO'AiUZL' V -V JOdg&n.dict to-day refused to release LtJ. among them Mr. K. C, lavingstoOf the
.of the gxnslprinciplea; Theqoea's: remarks have: an encouraging of freedom.and of
S S S5S 5S of the great; p arty progrpss C. Braine (UW of-theX mfederateNavy) OT 1 eminent steamboat man of Kew Terk;who wits
Republican party fcas beck.TO long and eo earziostly imprtaes opon he faithful, which will ,fill .President of.the-Edited f States., 'Although: ; Collector Smythe hfa received tho following .
.: the flTn""nt of bail offered It is utimatedithal othesportfen ,on,the fit Jo&afa Jfewf so::
.S &&&-fiillfr&t X"* *; the championr.] in the'field of' battle-; !ind*/ up their ranks, and, as ho expressed 'it, bring, long-foreseen, and.this therefore nomination:not jlikoly..neverthelesseettlaa to take.anyone letter, V : T&P.MCYSIIcPAZTiLIcT, \ he would Twrelcasid "on a"sufficient amount V d.bail quir.i a eooaidmhla cl brity,skootia .aB* ators. -

SiSBBSi RatfEL'! In the halls of legation$ and has th1edIkaI'5tion ? out clean majori
a&c9rn, been so widespread to make ihejncroa cjotstiotu: V'' *>' : -' *" -'-* .'--cJ V publicans bnd.eallVdispUteand J shows- how V t SIItVVThO State Department 1id receipt of a ; Ttw; YOJUC, Miy 26. rMayqri JToffnan ..reoeiveda fL 'QblthaWth1 owa&"i
overthat of '64 and ifcecn. to /laie.anyoppuBti6nuponios.tpdoiiU txh;: ted20tk; <'nltima,V from tie United V letter from Kockingham, North Qaro- Brougbioastrectk.neat Linolaohi.- .
ublkanvote.of- ; for His .thorciitafl over
ff* to < V j ifrg, ..Itflrjllnpon ; Three:roieing < Excellency llttla ground. windoir pntting
States"consul.at Callao,stating that!tho yellow : Ijna iisking'a autaocoforanticip>ited'distressas I' him thTOUgkIbe
that a' rr tefaliwftplo.'were
S -
irTir**"!. as._ ren nKhcai"cluitAl large ou'ad4&4Oiti thV3njority; totOBaierbalance lie flflOedThfltVfOuOwed; 'tbo clowS'liistiakj | ; ; saw-toa ftaag iBil
.don't tbe tdt alligator we ercr
MKie : ready;and; anxioos t,re ward the mqucrorpf fcver is stillt raging, with jmttiolcnce, both the demand for Jaboc Tqual anpply
the fanmcnBo inflaenoe "wldcailVbe : S -; ft': .UiOTebelliori.r.i fIi V :'fliero and at Lama. Bostnesi, at Callao is almb'st -' The Mayor will receive coatrTbutions.At was one of the reptilM Wtodty Hr.*** _

and exerted against us l/j the large army d"A TlIon.ILv; V11antIV.V&DiMicAttI it a source of nnallpyod'pleainreto all true :"entirely'wisponded; and oiiehklf'of*QS'' a meeting of the: Baptist* Homo Ifesam;' on the St Johtf*wtf aaeerfefad *wlr fclstufedtobesentontohiaiatlw

1 1ral. scaUoxd nomination for tha higbest bkSkoiln'lhb population have loft tho cftAboutwothOitsandchioty the Socretajry'f reMreadifavcfQfi
jew Joluuwn's woU.paid .oJ&cula 'next< and medals patriots-that this
be4ngprcsentwiu lledHuy 19WedIST5fIIwuironiifr.
fix ) foreigners, .have .fallen .victims to reconciliation between the, Northern and Southern Wiinfkl
gift btthe eatandrmoa; progrw-: t4bi Ver
do their otM
tho cutira Union and t&n.yr io thfngton;
wet worldi bestowed..volaniariLy -. tho disease Jtjs.jhopcd.tho c ld4 weather which Baptisli Thc uthera'delegatef WWB
1 nation in the
2J:7 ar..caale'ww :& Mefcajpscan 1 sive 19 naijt iswlff.NeMtfflka t
S UwsSaS e'sbdir : '- 5 cheering talk the TJctoripus ieilgbt'tncst toTicarrhm ,-and frombitinobly.ea A raincere flonvtction," that it/has w about Dotting in'will cause it to"disappear. V Dr Jeter,of Bkhmondjnao V ; tbe afttgator jnea thiAs
V : ** l t1ve LpoXCc
nS ,1 will Jiavetwjtt liattling-fox!conatitatibnal ne& that Mt baa teen..uasoughtl Imjveyesc > a-warm Union addrcss.SomUtern m ,
g"r % they ; i V : V ,( < m 'aS te eCesPh1$ bss 'as-:
.. JlC *
"."r" ** ,TaTA i &- STtiT; flX rTISl CT' .% : onthe Itcpublican party had,,pothe *. right*,* iHe thanked God.the; timVbadoilackblglcor1ow; :..comejirhan >y theUiat b roof.soraanyAard-fousht': ; !battles iy V VV V ; t Xewa.i & S S
M HT tt1" t.*t .*.Tf>ia *Pla Jjl Assistant CerOt2Xy *'* *C *" r
he has stooped tone_ base political-arts, tccompaw : ; V wwl .
toi ieuld
; Cb'
the 1eU Va
white > Vca4iitho fec
& put&m1y i tvery niaoi f prwo Ouch cortted iLfyVtIAgstjSr V ,
th Iho.posseBsioa a |o thicght4d
Nia ijJ1bo V 545r i day:ifeoed:an ordct.'remOviagL'thutfifa te 'or S
'can have'jattioe, nd a voice in the framing by othot,'and.whicjx ieeairefoMd to eyeji i ofCbar1eitoadeppolntlug -
thofl4tqns nthe bree which thejrar asd iim1t.ln1 tfti.1nblithahhahnot --AT 6r.'lLtttSB.r">Aj ngi i qur35ntinof ; rmen.
% jilt'4awir -fpriorto the zn at persons to fill, the racancies. 1 Under tai S tioaalmatuntrs.tu1Ii.4'WhIt M
: plates caving tho largot unmber of 'otcsIn the nciplei ofbht V medbiac ua t wh popular ta 'mnii1uittllaow I Noble lace we took a look at

OoEege k Thtiii anatusitTeWmd, &M re now.inct yornotbewo&touft4blat.VShI: lLs&by theBoaxd. : liIe hMen1t ( V
< 3S5.S5&W3S5 $ tflq3I diPQ14O' ) : Ooniing this tTb* onlerVtiitof.ineuigeon ViV '

i kin. Se To 2tWfpc** :

tss r8 *_ ,S ba14ltadhencoabiLl4t at appointed h&tft offiar and bcgrdy 1i,1njA ed 3'.4Vthf rtV *ud S

,_jadkwa fafcor ta tiw*ft e States 1 be *1. ialeskerV ,. V' .V ;

< ap-J .
: S V VV S r. -e :- : S- V VS VV VV

; ?' ; -:: : .'- ; ;;- T-----: -i--. -" +'- -
.;. .._ ; S :: 't' -' & -? -' v" -if- h- - .-.

-- -u- --- -- -- _: ;_., ___ __i T _. .: :
I -tt* *' f. -.. J ,', L-- ': -i1 --' ? 'q-- w'wtbcrsdvbicl--"- -= -- -- --..--.-- -.- -. __ L _
and! the popular* opinion ;of Johnson ing L cathersa thousand-dollars or -These- Senators cannot-- : complain -that Stanton VqptEorop in ex- z a' ;

himself "vraf,?-' : :' *5fiLCS F* W ncri thit "ifir had 1 cItemfJjajliairtw hundred years, andwbicbbeiousnationa'otthe --c_ ijTuv
or is faithfully echoedin'. resolutions. >,andicdmes ''ainon lna ia.seohofouthi 'aj r ;outoita. ;cvidontly bravest r.ziGrcovatuLThe' ; $. .
no right to rctain to office, xcopt I ,by: T irtnre I'of., the. Telecast at
4 L/jfe hwne in ObrVJItU1 eel- s, in comparison th .f1'Tj : r + ,
;.. ,- ot % this Napier and'his ;; 4koticie vpfrom returns re* nrxx'c tv mI ,
jtz iu : The of itrationtr4nd taxy t+ **: 't,7L.
right Wmt6e5s coi1tIhq tate Executive Com
.' 4. -. WOAj7tO very fated thtoemod; b'ati' fist ormonths than) th&tdoiccom : left Pilttka 1k ( Fgiy:
-' .---- -- -- -- -- -- U ? : '-' % 4 r' of centuries t it ax official, for ta* -
the tLt.1 -
: T of native MnJ6turaKizod gold- a couple i:
| it.j"
1e seven ieeaLes beihuli.guiLtss. of the '4 3lets p.
Ko trotic U &ikni ifinupymus corn mu. 11 :oathi e i4pieces of work iaj Ce 8aptd&tend Capt. Lzray,an 0g Inoni of mas,0
tLLiq2L ThC.UP AL4**Ilr pftbo writer citizens of the TMtc t cs, inforeign tbo hand of tion o Jnflt\LQ4 ri drtar "10. world haa B oc r orders, 'we nnder- kindly invited m'4ti boitta.

Le4nf of4Lb.jocidetke.t. countries, against -arrest or imprisonment welcome we fino'him for'selling a lit- and givcIq"hIa" ""office, the laWbeithus' aban mrntioOTir Napoleons and Wl. a from the public Jirn and refused have to the been withheld The thl* -

.. Pt p p brre&, rv *1oinevitut& except for violation of law, tlo jewelry in ignorance of our licenselawoskinMnrtnourhotelianth doned by the Senate that made it.'c bclicvol Na"picr lingtons, this and hitherto-Lrja unknown'small and men'dsesteomcdna1bflE1t1Et1Wtt beside this Committee's returns, however_ have press.been very I my extensive mutton: "t,.to* LIs/esttpts p1ac.
allcastapartjcdfJherMu teJ yi? <*ftn fn1v ti AA t.S bt Johai
'LKh a.r not.uciL -- : .. -sn-.4p'ntment I
w ---- - -
rasistctl-upou prico of their rotes iumoncy/ They ought new correct just icJd '
lttle&q do with commander bat '
; hptt military ; '
1r ztEtb* : I Taken 4jgai platform will our thoroughfares ;, wo1ay J liiui; to U to mado'rcfr sibifl for Urn great ovil* DowLiou Bckmtc; tnants lo ir*Robert Napier, must I' rLti I I will deeen'b, this(q datIIt3e .tsarn.

ni Prosecute without aid oicncouragompnt henceforth rnlo.- -.. -- j

people, andiAtiH" ttttlc 4<$'it support a vain search fora, valid title.to uv. (ion wcrro and; bewilderment which tho iraccoss of the ruvIE- '. '-' E g ,( Z E 4 i d ,' Ne1w York, besidp
h 0 Eepublicaut feryn ection, as the land ho wants, until his pockets of, the Xmp eliii | i expoditfod has created in France The French I _* s- -p. -:- u- the BritUl un,, p-j

on the ut.hsIe: of Bay between beiiigiDmpitiotlhe returna North naturally The result of tho.impeachment trial furuiiahespme are great, abravea dashing, a romantic people tts thee watery
WO1A .ha L ;
lessons of the first value in,tho study of our and they 'have ,dono 'really smart, thingseven' .' .1 Lwo1ar ,
disgusted with tho J"Lahdbf Flow.. _- -
ii ) in Africa. Algeria'has been thoBcjsnoof -
04 *ft r =
-: -r : t rtha&.un4UeIttc ;?; ., -a- . 4) .tr7 '. 1. ers;?' : institutions,, many;dWing and dashing exploits,but it w only lecambis.831. 223 -824J 22 ';v.-i The 'che 4 ii behind, bat mallet-The b

:; .''f Li- L j Vfo aro' disposed prophecy that it will prove truth to say-thattho -most illustrious feats pern Santa Rosa ...." 24 188 23j 188..:.. whole io" cofirttDcWtl"* t> pull IhroiuAtJi

), Thetlliipeackto'eni faf6eTIias tome tot This state of'' things clearly indicates thai the Republican Senators,Vho have 'now formed by the .French) ,,,in.Algeria dwindle into Walton. .. .... : 0 201 't8p branciw anXsWi ai vfcUwaba
z 1ect4h c tIi.OiId ; "1&v *"" ''* :- "11:' "* the mission which the proposed State voted for acquittal,'havo'' closed ,their career' as Insignificance and contempt when placed along Washington... lO8t89'' 1o8 I8.L. ajuUMr J ;

an.\isnd, tLntljohuson, -\vd Ji>re uuie, at statesmen. They have undoubtedly "a right to side of this British campaigti in Abyssinia. Holmes .. . .. 41 i 104i 44P ,,41340f5 where abel!plyin / reharly. fl

hist bf-eatli* frod'again. 'By the iriterpositipn Agricultuiai'Society. will have to aecoiriplish" their opinion. ''They,have enjoyed and nsed it. Thu"'discoveries which-have followed Irony the Jackson .. l3tl-664. 2: t sa of the C$ptaialto: *. : I. sand

vod1cU hate'bo&n iheir choice for Intho; firStlIaCe-itS; mast im; But that opinion must have been" tho tamo three expedition aro sc'arccly leas marvellous than the Calhoun .... TO ,HOr 7O 141L.. i>lea ane'aj( far ffyx b rttti, ta'ilf i**
of .Providence the unceoV hal
whiskey !
-or months itis Nothing
: / now new expedition Jtsclf, sparccly less romantic than ttiq Franklin 100 174! 108; 173.-! '

jo: ring-he has barely escaped'conviction, portaut province will be, to gatherby been brought forward to compel any change of manner in which it hor been begun; Carried'On Gadsden.... ,-,, )102'I 632! ,11081 63*.I! ..,. fr all dieneail.J !YeL,

iYk1eChAEe] iig4. bav tocei means of; its; auxiliary'societies, precise judgment. ;NOw the duty of statesmen,-who and toncludtHl. ''Wo had'certain opinions about Liberty.. .. ..'" 89f 04J 88! "W:...'. lhviug u boaril.a. -it

front and' we hope ivillJhreafter" exhibit believed' the President innocent, in substance, of the clnracter; of that mystcridua hill country Wakulla.,. .. .. !-283'112' 259| 162!...; the CptAn'i WiCs todS two ifek littb ebiT
ryot5: tie1Bi11hgs > ; : vt'riV'4'' -'r if'tho. statistics of all the-lauds for sale in each
4J it4j A a.Di Loinmpn-iU8uncti; ui-ttej) singed .cat, the charges to bo brought forward by fonn'tvhicb'would the IIouso Wu had boon.taught, that some parts of it.wove :Leon . .. .. 12221W9 1076U7JlS08 we left the wharf'on on .oUthe.fiaeil' "
t&etioup4rhap8 asmany && county, their extent, location, quality -was to cxprcss'that belief some grand and.uugnificont in.tho. extreme. Our Jefferson1616 539, 1616 539 1
And ] cep beyond T0ali of the fire. If have saved tho country tho trial.: "The May prodoct* ,ia cur Florid*,'dim*. I
W1kcM bfr d Tot OyrnoGrarit.aua loftiubt 'imaginings, h'owc'ver, havp fallen", far Madison .. . 1288, 511 f 1288! 513J 1
:>, horlhas strcngt.!!,,of jtharac er enough/ and price, and systematizing kills ,information trial was carried forward on thoir implied union short of the actual truth." liden, with its fruits Hamilton . 347.349[ ; 345) 364. 19 tax the mder'witik desctipUool of the St.Johf T

firBt, last, : ..onlyr.cuoico.ofGri'4j keep reasonably ober forf the jiextoiine send Jt, in pamphlet form, with the majority of the Senate in,,{ha votos.by and flowers, its bowers and its glassy lakes, the Snwancc .. . t '2741 9?* 266; 148.; river;,only that after 'leavtfif! Pflatia tie mir-
and which that majority bad given its opinion in the Happy A'alluy which Johnson has mado immortal Lafayettu .... 441' 4: 124 32.t!!
the4ilifrUBeptbRt l becomei ,and tae
1 broadcast all. the Northern more narrow
af [! .TiUi --:, months, lib may mu kg jtWretirp fi'Oin through: matter t>f Mr. Stanton. Statesmen who did not in hi? RosselasT* "oven .Bnltrer'i. ,Lak, of Taylor . . 101. 88.. 881 34; '1 -----

weohefiehiaFIorida.; : the White House with States.In . mean to bo bound by those votes, or statesmen Com ,'whutl tilled with rapture the mind'and Alachua 1528J 234. 1526,241, 1Levy. with"its rich'flow, k man etvervaDia. ;

*g f.-=.f.ii _. ; ..7FridiifIrmaI aa iuuclixligni- who expected to vbt* fur acquittal, would have' heart of the proud Paulino all those have been ... . . 3i 67 85J 8lj.; .;. Opr1 boat 'moyodL'grwitljr up tiwdeefc JtrVi

fled credit' as'mark'ocl* ho/departiire.. of tue scconupluce, having inuuceu stated their position< very'early in this matter. left buhind by; tlie, gorgeous, the unparalleled Columbia 712* 179, .676; 260....*, water QE !! inx s .!l'trp ClOI1 iil7 cill t"-
Buchanan v *' -*but another 1" careless' mixture emigrants to coiiio hither, it will bo the Selfishor; partisan politicians, waiting tows beauty.and grandeur of. the Actual o cones on Bradford. .. r.l04f 171t 104 171f..;. +
G ii. Scliofield as Secretatf ; what would turn up, would keep their' position which.thu eyes'of the British!soldiers have feast- 'Clay . .. .. .1181 .64; 118,;. 6l[ 13 some iaoUted settlement*until wt emerge !i ato f

of Bourbbnknd._ : f My policy M will duty of the Society to receive the newcomers a mystery to the 'last. The seven flopublican oil IlL Ibike" lofty tropical regions of Africa. Baker ; .. -,' 74 -, 76 70 75i *. this b ntifnl, eipansive-'lake.: It was
dine uridor
-4 6fJWttr.3t-was Vil .-, :, an&plaustory bid fair.to deprive him f..even this adjnntace. ; by_, moans; of committeps or Senators, who voted for acquittal, have chosen Egypt has long been famous for her climate, but Nassau .. . .e 48259. 34,. 60!, 238, grand.' 'We 'were Derated. out the natij4
which toreUI the second of'thoso position*, and will be left ia associated .. . 152. 261i... s* f( 4 ** ;
foriso, designed a'cliinuto surpassing that .pf, Egypt. St.Johns. .1521.261, ia
agents, to protect them Irom sharpers, it, as we bcliove, by history. Orange Grove llomravck, .while, tbts
r *, with r/5conory/ with which Egypt has nothing to Putnam. ,. 272'191i 270,198' ,...
TO iajotit of Hie Senators:Jrpm1endnigtti& p far.as .the M- */ & oficonncdoK.r: iSo to save' thoiii fi-om all thoso discomforts It; will be observed by tbeir'-coiitomporarius, 1 compare; has "been found in those glorious upi- I DuvaL. . .. 195 1014! 146,..446; 676 ground-were'MM thigh pta ridges, ,ivesty fei

totide Ih6 honiihatioh a bis dcclard- legal and moral"grbundST is concerned, annoyances an I the trained to the practice of theiaw; [and nurses his, mighty powers. The most famous Volusia.'. . .. .' 39, 102; 3fr86J 30 lands of Capt. Cliaire*, Dr. N wsome, aad ifr****
had akloubt that iu a strange land, to send them by the and disappointment felt so generally.in \ spots of earth which have hitherto attracted Orange . .. .. 35'113' 35' 77....
tion wall that .Geu.Schofieldsvas noiui- wetncver; 'on point, shortest and routes to their I public mind will add totho prejudice-which is tho health,seeker and the professional tourist Dade . . ". 10! '5'j' '10' 5;,..., Sotiere. They had just consummated a tab tastx

'Edwin I/Staton and have. 'none, 110W.., :Vc believe he cheapest often an unfair prejudice, with which tho community ate likely to'deserted for this newly discovered Brevard .. . &', *...i 5 .... .... gentlemen from,JJalama, who ,tliiak ti j
IIfttiTJ111tCO rc- should .beonc-onvictod." !% v As to the chosen homes, and then to furnish them : at largo?rrcgards 'lawf and lawyers. garden of tho''world.-.. ?\\J Y rk Htrvlfo HiUsboro' . 118[ 165J, lisi 165.".. will bring fifty families, with them ;-andwaDi

raotedifUo: Senate bnd previously voted instruction.7 to tho best modes of cultivating Without -very distinct analysis ,of its opinion, i t- pt -_-__ Hernando . 205; '5 5; 195{ 91;..... they might, as Lake Dunn wiD, from what le
as the at of the verdict that
of whcitthe came community large ,
policy eonyicfion, says Somter .. .. 98'11O'102k 111....
that the Pregidenfr JmtlTio '
right I it is one more-;instanco where a rascal L'nloit Pacific R4liroad. have'seen'of it, folly maet etpectatioo. "* *
Southern But not -great
that Another matter and wo rather a only Polk .. . . 19107'; 19r lOG ..
reui &ifSf"11. ? th6utthinseu't. -of. that- was Avillii be tho.: evident duty of the Society breaks through the net >which is strong enough A Uisputch frofn 'Omaha says that the Union. Manatee . 48; 18! 47,171.[ ;" om KtctnioyVe ,. ._ *' '
XCi j. think IfiaV policy (uud perhaps ;ome i for a weak offender. Poor Michael O'Shaney so Pacific Kailrvud now.reaches.six hundred milegwcst.pf .. *
Saadlhis'they.have declared. Jt ? ; 1 Monroe . 2241 305 225: 312! \ arrived about 3 o'clock at WiUisjUi \*&
to welcome the nov 'sbttlcr by drunk that ho does not know:what ho doing-,- that pbocc, a>jd is in running order.to apoint.fifty ;__-___| i f -
oamitte&Hn corruption) had .uiore to is ; all 'Hands hat General shall a policeman miles beyond thp highest ridgo' of tB' ..1 Total. : 14520i949iri4l707852:2292! : !
SchafieltLvilljnake ableJind4in efficient tlocision* ttran any other consideration. M'hoso energies the growing crop -is called to plead the next day to a scries of Rocky 3lountairis. 'The rapid construction'ofthus childrai, id'carts and'oa foot;witi potitoa (Ji 1

an replace 'tho leveled forest, but, in gene charges of which ho knows nothing, and is sent railroad is one of the most marvelous feats SOIMAUT. finest I ever 8airtAwhorUeberrJ s+ andbattar-1
Johnson the President whoso retention
of War.Ird to the house correction for two. .Tho
Secretary" ral, it will bo its purpose to cheer the a year or in the chronicles of .engineering; Nothing like Registered white voters.\.->. .,..',.... ,13,698 which were seen :purchased.. Tha'chilJrta sjja
lie lib that Andrew Julia
L :in office is due and day comes : in before '
to bribery cor- if "railroading was over accomplish colored voters. .... ... .
farmer in every department of his various son, who has refused for three years to execute ed. Sixty miles of track have been completed 17,800 came to sew Capt. Gray; 'who indulges"ttem" r

Th l of Trade have been, id ruplloii, and-wliose-qw.n friends d spisb toil stimulate his efforts after tho laws of the country, and has publicly.claim siiico the spring opened and at this rate nearly Total registered voters of the State. 31,498 with, a, ride on the lake occaaionaUr.. Isooa,

etill are, bttsy deTisingyaajind means him, can do very little, tb help the enemy ; ed credit for doing so, has been tried for that offense four hundred railoSj.wIll have been Jaid down bar i-'t:* made acquaintance with all, and let theot kno

for improving the John'e.Uar.. ,One iii coming-plrosidential campaign gcnuinb excellence results which; he to furnish strive models to rcal-of and a, and great has many been acquitted.other people Michael with O'Shano him, say, between foro the end the of, Atlantic thy year,and and.Pacific thq great opened turnpike for Total vote cast' . .'..' .:'?.'. 24,319 my business, which wu to preach to them, asA*

plan is to raise funds*'J"subscription"; beyond tho exorcise of his limited may that this is because Andrew Johnson is in a travel next year, instead of. 1$70, as'promisedTho / }'ortheCoustitution.! '....'.!. 14,520 commenced, my miwion. ey talkuig (o themaVjnt

anothir ifi'to aska appropriation byCongrefls executive patronage ; but Johnson izo to roward his successes and publish high placo and Michael O'Shana i ia in u low one. enterprise and ability of a railroad management Against .- /.L.y:l. 9,491 good things and interesting the children,Wlia .
; Another set of people, of more intelligence which thus done than the stint
has more
them to the world to offer him better about school and books.
;' stir another )vhiclr has'nat the Martyr, with au immense'capital of ; that tho refinements of th law are now such scientific theory'sot for it, cannot be questioned; Sunday prtt laaQA
for the Coastitntion .. .. .. .
; ':* i'A
bee f ibnt jnight. p*.su is. Radical pcrfcCcution o'ues ; to, tcacUhini how best.to destroy for which it exists. They bay, much as an uncoD.ploted track, the Union Pacific Rail For Rood, (R.) .: .: : ,;.'A;.':"..'.. ,'. ,. 14,170 II would stay he would come aftrmailmsue4: ,
; aBBiWMrce from the Statfe; The Statofto loll suffering, stumping the Michael O'Shaao says, 'Here is a man sworn road .is The great interests "" *
paying handsomely- L
tL For Scott, (D.) ..'I':.;. .... .- 7,852 Friday >consented, and after pending tha
.. 1w : 'i those 'natural qncniies that infest his to execute the laws. For three years ho has which are eagerly waiting for railroad connection
be and hajs no butit Soulh and West for the Democratic afternoon mounted artbad.
sjjrfia) poor money, failed to execute them. lie admits this virtually pleasantly, *
York and San Francisco
1 fruits lo ]liim to all .. .
ha 'lAiidi, and while thobe lands are ticket raighf-drunk or soberWlo a ; give easy access himself. Tho world knows it. Yet, after may well bp sat fiod with what these performances MajorityforReed.--. 1 with corn and hay, ajid rode out to Mr. W2-

|efy to" .forn'ard tfio superior methods which ''science- experience three years of watchfulness, the House of Representatives proraific.Tribune For Heed U. .... *. Ham's.' '* -
ff gran'tod conso -, great deal of damage to the Itepublicanparty. with ( ) -i.-i ;; c.- 14,170 *"*f
force of able lawiycrs
'lias furnished";' to arouse his so largo a For Scott, (D.). ... .. 7.85i I went ovec .to .Mr. Bradihaw's, aniwunr ;
traction of railroads and canals why cannot frame indictment that shall hold
On tbeso an
or some siinilargrounds .
For Walker terettad'with his account of 'tweet ,,
Ix HAMIIHUJ have formed blwk-.coiu- .2,2fllfY,144Majority potato gw -
ambition and enlarge knowledge of him to a crime, on the commission of which he they a
ould they not bc.iiiide available for a the Democrats were certainly counting ing. 'The vines are planted at tim ahooftT6*
f. agriculture whether by objects addressed himself stakes his wholo place in history. puny, with capital of ?2.50qou fjr starting .,.a.Jermsia for Heed both txott and aay
matter of so much'importance to the upon conviction as a grand source of This observation on the part of. the general ( colony in Florid. Jt is cpccted that Walker .over 4,036Senate' and (hen they have, &crop which, thoycaHQ,

Eta4as1 this. 'The State o'wns thousands political capital for .themselves, and the to the eye, or essays addressed against community law.will Thero''add is to ground the popular for thinking prejudice that twenty thousand Xorth Uermans can. be directed v stand over, that not only itayri the gruni,,

to judgment. All those objects are but all tha winter'and from tot
of t acres of land upon the riverusifabVo'for singular lack -pf enthusiasm over the the reason -why Mr.-Clay and Mr. Webster and thither iu (lit, course of two years, which Fir-t District E cainbia county t 6. J. Alden. grow even ysatr
to .included iu the failed iu -' '* yearl 3Irs. B. spoke of a'potatpweighrngftrtrit-
Mr. Calhoun their for
as seems comprehensive aspirations high vr.mld make thcsi>ccui-itiijn aii.oxceodingly suc- -' -
setUement cultivation Presidents in their
.. an escape,, leading organs sphere which this organizationought' ofh'cc in this country, failed to achieve the pop CC'Sofulonc. Second Dulriet-Santa-Ro a and Walton, threw ponadi, an
I and a generous grant .of these might be and the coolness with which they ularity which elected to the Presidency Gen. Itichard HcDavid. as a young lady'sbody, and, many'other vaa- .
f *t to fill. For less tlian tUosp would Jackson, Gen. Taylor and (Gen. Harrison, was Third Dwtrict-Jackson, W: J.' ''Purman.
of soi'ervie. If not convertible into have received the verdict is rebus abeit while had fcir
unoxpected potatoes we
Jacksonville and Vicinity. things ,
not realize our ideal'of an as.sociatiou to that they were great lawyers. We doubt if wo Fourth' District-Holmes and Washington.
ash'ttonce, they would at least.afford in stHking contract to tho vehemence shall be told in reply that Mr. Jefferson, or Mr. Dallas Wood. sample:before ,us. I had 'often; bean of pef K

a good basis credit, and would certainly with wlich they denounced impeachment bo originated for the advancement of a Madison, or Mr. Lincoln were groat lawyers \\Vunderstand that the lino of stcamois.thathuvo Fifth District-..Calhonn and' Franklin', J*D.Atkins. sons living, on the Lila ,pgalo( >,which are vy, .
,- '
branch of industry on which so or that their skill before the courts had much to and foena. .
great dry and mealy and resemble bread,
give encouragement the irusentidtf ,; and'condemned tho Republican do with their reputation. Very unfortunately hitherto ran ibetwecu New York aud.Ualvcslon -- Sixth DTbtrict-Oadsden, J. E. A. Davidson: '
i of'thfc w rk. No 'internal improvement i in*T *before 1 the verdict much of human welfare, iu this State, the popular impression is that a lawyer loves ale .hci-cafler going to ply between the' Svonth District.--LTherty and Wakalla, =J. finesubstitntf.- "
: party adyance, was LAIn.
depends. the rules of tho court more than ho loves eternal latter( poi I -emd, Cedar Keys, thtvo to-conubct Crawford.. ..- ?
,. ,could: be of more value to rendered, and when tlioy thought con Those all consistent with justice. Iu the case of the impeachment, the with the Horida, railroud to Fernandina. Eighth Dislmt, : -Leon, Cb-a ..H. Pearc*. Thcfe high
objects are
the State: at large, ad well. as to this immediate viction sure.Wo great body of tho people of this country will Ninth, District-Jefferson, Robt--M acoam. with most beautiful dear laTfet, b u
think confirmation of this -t
each other' they are all attainable, and they see a popular Tenth District-Madison, Simon Katzbnbergi
.vicinity,. thaiJthe'ojniu of1 are generally inclined to believe their is I to the impression. hEAjIICWk-The dead body of. a ucw-bom Eleventh District.-Hamilton"and Sawannee, sheet of water.from one to Vtiree milea looj;.fell
the and -.attainment indispensable The result of tho trial might also touch the ina J. M. Underwood. offish aud jlne Jfox A Mj&Wt.liefiefcre i
rirer.to.free found ;
ocean navigation, thaif everything is fur the best, oven if colored infant was yesterday morning ; Bj
and of Flor- country, what the country is always slow to Twelfth District
rapid population progress -Lafavettas and Taylgr, J5 tuL -.
the removal bf the obstructions which yard at the back putt of the city. Acuronersjury + LAX'A1cT IT) DttT5.
: we, With' our human; short-sightedness, Icara,-that tho influence of tho,|>olitical press N. Krimroinjor. -
ar rulers is at end. Tho summoned, and.i tumcd a verdict of I While then is".56 much 'concerning
now-impede the developintnt of the upon our nearly an rn era was Thirteenth DistrictAlachua and tcrv
cannot how aid satisfied to Ht;
see ; wo aiu Such is the" philanthropic mission of direct the press, not the press tho rulers, as it is death by >trangulalion. Jenkins, Jr. -*; hummocks,"and parlicuiirly the. .Ortnga

j whole ..cpuntrybpreririgr .the St., accept the result in this case as it is, the State Agricultural Society. Wo believe fund of supposing. Iu this case the Republican FpurtcenthDistrict-Columbia,A.A.Knight mock, I: am decidedly of opinion, from what I

Johns.i withoutsi after *' what have press was virtually unanimous. Xo matter how Fifteenth District-pradford and Clay, (Dem 1 have learned
juiug might it will be an efficient aid to the doubtful it had been about impeachment before CHANOE 4)i, ,ST13tEn.-'ibe steauier.Ji"Liis ocrat.? ) and my own oberyatiuutba%

\Vx1 ," rifate cutbrprisp "will"not been-"' .mr j. ; Commissioner of Immigration. Wo bid it was determined on at Washington. When has been taken off the route bet ween1 Jackson- Sixteenth Iitrict-hJa1er and Nassau, Robt.U. these rich pine Land are.msch-: more desirsible"

com* ,. iudwhile tmr.daims.upon determined on, the prtss obeyed the word of yule and Pilatka,,for the purpose of undergoing Smith. .- for ottl.raeQt They produce as fine orsng.

Cos lii1ld bo vigorous1 proseutedjLtrw:4oJo Vc'ure gbad/to: ; know'HmU theprincipal it God-spocd.' It shall have our hearty doubtful command.-tho When political, at press last, tho gave issue no uncertain appeared repairs. She will receive a naw boiler anti be N.LMthg-Seventeenth DiaUict. -St.Johns and Putoam,; and ire decidedly healthy/while the humtoiii

: harm )japi>cal ako tood'4iC eounties of tho Stato arc -taking'j gympathy, 'an.d, \yo predict jbr it u complete command. It adjured, it persuaded, it entreated olhcrwiw! impr1d"11'h&: "J'd/}ij 'Frnf," Capt Eighlwnth Dislrict DuTal, 'Wxa. TZn&wQL arc 1ow, audJuia wet;season,highly diesrwsibie.

f tJie/i'Poard .of trade' success. W. the recusant Senators to stand by the majority Barnes, will tnte her|>lRCc, p&'ingerI Nineteenth Kstrict 'Marlon1; J.1 tt. 5osa. Tod can cultivate, ranch"mors of rS.:
tp jestabjish .county f agricultural :. of the Sotiate. To the last instant ., '
; it insisted
j : j and tnait*. Twentieth DistrictWoluiisi and Oranao. Arthnr pine which makes the finesf of coincet
il1Pr.1kiIirese1ita: suitable ;bill;, &ietio tauiiliarie tOa State Agricu1ti The AViir Department Given sill. that they would obey. And, at the last *- -'-----'. Oiun. : tonand' x
.. egetabtes. TestWday. tcmataM,
instant it that the of crickets
V we ?eJ ? T+" 0fl- zvhyh. omingfL6gislatux Wj', hctfti to be,yrgai- "We take thc following tciuiWe remarks (rum had affected them as much as chirping the midnight thunders U. S. DISTBU r Cot-Rr.i TLa District Court H.- Twenty-first Hunt -District Dade and Brevard" W. I which grow al-noefc apontanteoslyr everywhatu

*:finould not grant such'assistanceM ized. 'No ''schem riotild bo of greater tbo Philidclphia Jinaican : JNjcietary Slantou'b of leading editorials. 1 ho truth probably for the Northern-District of Florida meet atSU '- Twenty-second District-Hilleboro* and HeH 'The people-have'lrat little idea bf ihippbg.thsrray
conucction with the 'Var Department has is that nowhere are such articles loss ro d'than Augustine on Monday.neit la tho absence ofHon. .
niiy its : I nando, c.B. MoNey. they "wffl send them to 'Teasdale & Basd,
M b'if power to ouf'future prosperity..
:IitMii irn1orta ce
( at last ended in his vuluhturily withdrawing, in Washington. And, in Washington j they are Nathaniel Usher, }B.'B-Andrews, Esq., .,T Twenty-third :Iisbict-Somtttr and Polk, Pflatka, and they etus do what they pease! vittheth.
; I j ; t The fundamental purpose of this wovemcnf'is'to and notifying the 1'icsiQcut Of he fact. Ho read nbfrhcro so little us in tho'capital.' A Sen will act as District tAttOrnsv. Wnnd.r tandi Democrat.) I -" .
ator knows too well how it is have .
to them ,
easy -
_fl 'Rub11ean.party enter* the com--' i deyelbpo he agricultural ro- con'th1v5tk action of the Scqators,in'- refusing there will bo Twenty-fourth Districts-Manatee and"!Mon. -
,. written ; perhaps, like this poor Mr. Ross, hd a'large docket. : -. -
_itt : sra "u f erf4T 4V > _!!- :i> > .*!i.m.). roe, Davis.1 i -i< ; The sugar-canf ggeto seedJiere, and grew j|
g tug jpampaign; with jataodard bearers sources of-,ithe J5tateby-.means of! iuimigra'tion .to fciUJUinuniiKachincnt*-f: *: ''* af un-Linuordtinifiit- *** of has written them too often himself to stand in MMA1T, twelve foot high before sae is'aPahna' Qm Jaorae
thcj urao.bf UicT'i-CftuUnt which it undoabtud- much atvo of their terrors. And he passes unarmed '
.i who&nntilhi! itbepress. and_ ? ?' : : "i, amid tho 'flashes and tho thunders, because ItELIOIuVS-Ou Friday'tvuiiiug hut..8uvtial Republican S utor*.; : . .-; 16 fifteen feet high; 'a burr weed i I notice! ,
41 thftP9I ? : Xo.other.a- Iv tHatu -iuV'lhoV.Uiiioii oilarss :i ly is. "ThVwHhdtawal; takes'many by irriso ho is unconscious that either Hashes of of the Southern Presbyterian" Ministers visited 1 Deuocrtl ---. ... y 81 this morningthat' makes the flacst of tamp. ?

ttu we.do nol too wiy" it bliOuld, since Mr. thunders are there. this city from'difllroht pazt4tho8t.it .' The ;
it has adopted liberal ;: also saw tho, n Kt.,starch, prepared rjomta*
ajglaUoriati'bad, uql1 i variety fdttactiiid the -imf I V.t tf f1' f i Total . . . . -1 ;
>; T < f.itt. lit"t f !r ..f.'! i Iauttm vwly rotoincd hia jjowtioii'upon the distinct Mr. Johnson remains whore ho was. Ian services l 04 Ly -thow iu,.thokMnE. Church. I I ,= Ceor Server, a kindrof bush with buttons<
l jconsietent.wlth tha [
an fitrvqt vital migrant )as oursyaud. b'fl MrO to woids express a more ignominious position F
sorry of Uip .Senators that
rci ;which hav toiist.iitted 'the ttfisurutico Kqmllican If anything were wanted to disgrace him, it has proved very -interesting. Among them wore : Republican majority ...Jli,.. .;,, ,,. ,-j '8 that grows in? the wood aad is eaten/by tie.

; : ,t. ,folibfd'that. i. !' t"ho** other" 'fe'tdtc t Lssoi1ittlekrncn. *, they \vpuld fcju-tain him in doinj so. had ho boon tho dcfenso of his counsel. With perhaps somo'of tho ablest Ministers of the'Florida Pres-I 4albJyI' hogs. The corn is now in tile*' & and tassel-a

hfe of nt party diLrinr Wo havo thousands of acres liotTxtn given that gu'arunU.0''ho.} would havorutiiiid one exception,; they have taken, tho defense of bytury. (on Sunday evo they closed thclr'ia- (AlacLu. C'ouniy- Harmon, .}.l T. Walls. ;I ing,"and looks as fine'as I ever"'saw anyhmIwhile

;* natioir'Bldark years btbcaliniheir > and of rich urablela'nd which lid uncultivated Jung fcinco. Tho reciu /Senators/ were contemptforhisweakness, has failed in borg licie? and departed for their hoq Baker --, -, T. J'Green. i the rattoon cotton, where the stalk is cot
what he had tried ho'
-t -r 4ir/: -or was a fool and not a Bradford "
tLa : .j: ;' .. and which?(/uitkenftl b5' the finest as ready atf any of the othon'to give the required knavo-or his follies were too emalj cjert Uj J be Brevard (No Democrat election.) ) off; is as high ae jour waist, and' other growth
promise, because..ityas the belief bf all that named ubrp. fccarcu of UNION llotsu.-This l botol which, has ( Unbare
& Ther.aoIitio adopted & Chicago hiatoij the" world would produce as wlgdf qio ono word ,, beois Calhoun -.-*Stone;* equally fine* 'Iakbii4 : notspazed -
the FrcsidentV action was an oi>en dcfianec bftho'Tenuro pretense that, ,ho acted', from high motive, but all winter crowded with ,Loardor, is now uomewlmt clay; "; Wi-D.'White. for teUlement o ; gardening.* i .V"'T
frplLpij itn4 uioqth more -profitable' than other volumes of exquisite detail, to show how he had I
crops any of Office law relieved of the by the departure Columbia "-. -. A. Erwin, W. WMoora
: .terms: Th congratulate portiOn' bf the South raise. Nullification is thus rcndoroJ triumphant. succeeded in avoiding the expression of his opinions pressure Dado -,HalL,
can Wp
and while ha bad appeared to say or to do of Northern people for their liomcel Dr. Murphy I Mr. flurtigi3u.'s |9lMleit%

r ; ,; f'the'.Con- hazard uothiug in saying that the cli- The tenure of Office act is disregarded with safety something, ,had ;really -said nothing and done, 5s'a'g6nfallRndldtt6ntifo hoStJ and travelle Doval Escambia .J.-r--Virnum'Fons.R Scott, lVszilf! 'dgea, + Th Envoy Eotraordinary and JDniUt ftsa-r'f

$ greaioaIlatl -reconstructionand math findpitn.atiou| qf f5ast 'J jia ar6. by the I'rcsiJcnt, and tho attempt to viuJi- that,as wolL.lt. has" proved possible to save him rs visiting or pushing through Jacksonville during Franklin, Vs.Gadsdon I -Baiiey., '% ipotentiary for OMaav hd arrived at New To*

'z'it'idlierence to that plan cato the pi, erogativts of the Senate against the from his enemies. hat no power can save him. the Butqincc will (find t l p .Vivion House a ". 31..L. Steams; Fred- lulL, on Friday,with his corapanioafc magnate
favorable to the of from and, from "
moro growth early himself hjs friopibjClphtiart Hamilton "lHernando Cheshire. of the Chinese empire-and with ft large retinna -
lawlcKa usurpation* of thp Rxocjitivo i is a fuiluie. -
until the wortof' reconstruction is fin Jlcgitlfr. pleasant stopping place, f u ''X ,of secretaries, .and Krvaat
iNorthern : interpreters
vegetables! for. market, than Jt makes rcardiffcronco whom the 1'rosident _ _ Pftarce. ,
now -
$ ; : : : : HQlsborough Chas..Moore. has 'fTrted thei Psirk om o(the greatest,
isl4 bPfl14 10 p4ilicnsefh any other region whatever. .If, wo but thall .appoint -Secretary qf War. The TheItom.neo' of' the Abys, ialftu- Exi-->eiUtlou = G.VMR;-We-would call the attention ofsporta' Holmes : !-, ., Thos.; tman. -, nstitntio5,of Ne
partaUy r conslrncted; :States lia ajudicioUS4Sysl9tn'of; and abandonment of tho position assumed by the Nothing which Has :occurred'of Jato years on _mou to the uuu&ual game privileges auprded in J&ekeon. + .-. J4",, .' Er.M'wa, J..\ % LtJen.kins ; Biicceoor of tho ".BUi* (rvokt2IbW ,
is tho sanu/withniisehief scale has had about it } ,, Jet Pvoblnson.J. | Garden;;the gnUoHes "of; o&4 % two ,..
m4ir Mt fraught- just a bf.apy'maghitpdp' somuch'of
bi1iarc- Donate
smqauty uick For time
safe and at city at the cast cud of tho
a c transportation .reaBotuiblp pur some Jefferson "' .- ., M. 'PowaU photographers? and tK Cen6iry\CIub. Vh".
the air.of ancient roman d as the Anthony ;
suK remores all'' xloubt and :will make to tho.public service. Mr. stanton has been Abys- town, the nights hava'.bcoa ;mada .hidoous by cher' if 4*
7, 'jrsjlc-ig, hundreds 'would engage -"- -* j-3 ( ** ( r j sini jpoditioh.j For a,tim .tho thing; eccmed- Millv Benj. Thompson: I
ujui'm:ttfppprt qf the! .:party and of unjustly hold responsible retaining the office paltry, ridiculous,' Quixotic. A few adventurous tho loud jjtiaJUgatqr, Lt tTud- LafyUeW.Keene., + a cOmmittee to wait upon, the Chinese EmbajsjC,
in the business gardening, and ..makeit us though he were doing' from an insane lust -e6meof them Lea '': Noab.'Griham i1.I4hng'ton and welcome its members to the city. In a fit** -
t pepple English, jomp qf the'ra day Jobniloyd, pilot on, Uw tloamor, -Ug.. -
th.ticke.heguranthoby Congress pay largely. With" these' iwo problems of'power, cnnAicfthq( : man w aa SftcriflcUig German npVa'fc4wTl6f'iWnT Eastern by tilth' -. RoWoi; It. WeUs dave Mr< Burlingamo will go with ais Embsst fL
hibf Giant,'shot the same alligator as it lay on.the Levy ;- Washington and maker known to the Fr >K
to all and direct Jceceht but all of thorn for the sake 'aV1togert
1r B. enflrage loyal$ once.solved tho his interesU'dbd cohvcnichco to ,
poq- problems; of own, #.7 personal .,, ,t ,, j *. ,,i, of personal convenience.claiming English protection bank at the foot of Bay street. On measuring, Liberty t W. Bradwehl. dtandteSecretef State the specialoV*

pleiri- the' :South is just and proper.. ,and freights and fertilizers -wq; mlght ox; vindicate a great principle.- It is proper lo bear .-got'into trouble with Theodoras'a man it proved to.bor seven-foot eight in.9hu inl ngthli Madiwn, :- r .,G.f W. Bogie, Alfred 0 Joels of its mesi a'eU the govern iet eF-
: irnnind that this ) carries1 'with itthQpntirocntroj the Unifel State is concerned; .We hope tb'
zfh&puoin had contained giiuiiarplirokfor Department who claimed to be descendant of Solomon and good.
a. iccs(; to bee, not ,-years distant,the ; nulf't' | .i i |i i i ; ; '4 '
many Manatee' tho administration and EJ all is ii-
of the wholo of tho4fo4; ,uidwbo'4r the, aoknowlelged ; D. Green. Coagtess, ,
(jntstion re-
L; of fall loyal people banks of the t."Jb1ins adorned with construction.ittJi, south and that 'tho roceaot ] uijoror of.Abyssinia, the faraway and The City Point left hero, on Monday for fc'a- Marion ."' "E. J.' Harm, 'JoU Simp. thotlty nt'Washington;'will no*fiuT to4fc4

ifl JoTh, i would not Jjave, lomisaidn minutely cultivated rfrom Lake little known ,Ethiopia of IUQ IftUVIUMVa. 'W Ct3 4V vanhah via SL-Mgusti-dewithalargo number .- ; .. son. L -.-, > opportunity fai Mt&Tafshf*g''iinTp*>J gardens Senators !kenvr this when they vblbd toi.acquit worth while asked ." _r.F with China. Kothlng-'IhonW. Waet1.cts& W,
many to., waste millions of of passengers' abotud, many! o : them.,going to I3.Qnrl er. -
,_., the i&. not, pile'&dmistlon George to'the. ocean. President Johnson. ''Thoy'kno' that_ tho' rocohsirutlion money and fti> imperil/if not sacrifice i the the latter :Nassau '" -.Delan'ey. ', ope, widely the dOors ihe ftrnfrm-t pcocpecnvt- +
I r tteu4th States '
city. Court *
I "
; ; *
t&4 ; .L 41. b. q "
Ijj J'l which Snch relatkiu
moment, fo of the Jnor do Ua ( 'aclg hod only' bpvrj"rc 4e'c sn'c-: -tholivesfniany thousands the jn what Orange' -'Stewatt-- promise
l wo.jnoreoyef, aru
uy- which.is -
:thenu also -
tshe .
'might prove1 the vain i attempt to deliver few sitting had upwards of Polk ;- John-McCaalev *, wfll'secure.:* -
principle in tme section -practically,ad- thing, in 'asserting" that 'Ploridaf fs thbba sful by the excluwyn of reactionary commanders adventurers who were imprisoned a strong-a -200 .trates'* -atenhclbns' ; cantelopos green '. Putnam -",; a E>,Awtisu." After viaitros-WailungtOTt it i trobaUj tluf.

In1t!; oa a tfincitlettft ali/olUer t, Indp: |>4 ihe.r.oniy, Ste, wjiich f. < ? ., whom% ttoUtJtjJi Johnson would* /i.-.cf have "appointed; fortress"on tho summit of an inaccessible height corn/cabbages,- cucumbers rand tomatoes, consigned SantaRosa .- :J. W. Batler. :. Mr1.'Barlingame'will go Hcranai and observe?*
DannamtS the
St John : nefarious of thin
tions tuL to office, and refusing, :o, v.ndicatt) tbo lawand some where'in the neighborhood of the mountains Fatio workings tooE*Cndej
; with fro euftaonce esta1 ;. the oremge'mitl IhV'HtQplcali'friits' : en- sustain { of tho moons 'It -was i pronounced. by to different parties in ew York. Sumtcr '"' --'-'IDem6crat( >r -f-; ** man reepectt Jsno l e horribM'thant the cR-
-' cvi pcrutarj Stftntop, th-cy- hfjvf surre -
? ;'
-i and We- understandthatthij S wann o 'ft.-Urqubrt. African slave trade.' 'Pa3aJn tc fcrJ in Jf
erally. jean :joui uccossfuDy, culUvfttQd.J many; perilous, by mat ;a hopeless :
the North, evrillw become.rbAre dovc4 ''thqsecpnrtruc.li fcUsnii ..intoh undertaking. It'waiiuidert k n- -nevertheiless Withdrawn:from lh"eliho: for"a few/Avccks to un. + Taylor ; ,,"- ; J. A.--J.-ruic : the Chineso Embassy nay sail thenco to Eaf-
ThPloridiyoran is uhsurpassed''ih )hands of Johnson. Volusia land and initiate at the Court of St. Janes tbeOchcate >
; carried. n-and; im an incredibly short ,
; : < <-f-Tl dcrgo repairs"t( ? ..f ,: : lf
fr.f 7 ji ri- >t'r: 's jj *
size and flayer jati .thp. rlo'VCBt.calcul' \Vi hiasidThtho; ;: fccvon it crcantbnllha tviiaroyt space'of time; and ata small cost of life which Vakulh -- atilion. and important'JicgbUaSffli which
'. r _, : -
: Walto Burlingamwhaf"i i
-- 'IV. McKinrioai iflak0 *
olutioiwonour has no parallel- in'the history of war, brought to !; -
kf tiuaucial needs tiou, an oraigegrbve; such'as any'lndutriviif it.1Mii4y a triumphant iqnclnrfoni yo\r' that the.thing tEp.l'i'The tltous nd4 of Northern \wtonjwha Washington ri- --- i great Eun ivs't&p ihtigveriiajhcbuwe

the djls iejc"t't t.'IikaaALuid f '; azso//*,\vould. tnngatU oi 0UhQ Ipa4er-awong hez WFaul is over, and 4hattho .wondorfut tlticUreU bis to the bill- for atlantfd Taltfens f'Flnti d-' tkt
are ,soiid, They 4ewiind1i4 roturna jargo.'enough to 8atisfthe admlniott'r1 r1 Oppcmition! ; chiracthrtf.-tho; expeditions'and still more during thiQ past -\pinter, have nearly all dopar; Rephbtliax mmbe b of UM Assembly mfoj -;ti.Democra.tio:4,4i ; nIt
;Alabama, &nJ other. States.- i'cescridcn wonderful 'character- the results'are made ?
Itcd/and the natives are settling rcsigncdjyjdownto n1bd fs_
known to'tho.world through the enterprise of-a
baa niaJc haite
(to aypw'bJnwcil
favorablfl New York r'journaKiEnropeans 'generally, even their .wiualHStunper; dullness | NpVlV.duU, i-r / :... :-.i.-: r th OMdPCI si
1 1Uof doptocztravattex4 ; *>With isuclr !'capacities' ofabil with a to'tbocloctiou .Grant, but if jio ;ftnd, his the liritish'tbemselvee,bpwi their yei in amazement. -, streamt.lM j % ?- ,Rf i7'i Wt!-***t*ijJrtW* ***-T? iff"" *rr "tii i** j***tf good ilrflli4 .fe- fiS erfbrtoto1: iv-r.

l( iiloskd.i1tho .' ,. fellows manage ifo pxclb 4j3 ihp 0onth/7ii/ tj.te$ ., :A (Cct of tQ Uy, $ft begins "slpwly.to be left. liepublkaamajority5* th Vnft1st; ,
asSo"lo 6 their electoral 'iroudonttal soeni4 i ptafadcv wilder j ivs'i..r an3to; tto natibns; Q Enropa. Bach an r1
so : JIM 'oioa fn the. ; moro idaringv more romaniio' -
oil round earth-with countless acred : t --- -,, -. ku isupppii'pf'prant thaii'tho cgrando tl, rildest-most Oaring, jon firbpt T hbd jiBd manj; ii.gixxl *|Uzendnfttd GENZILU, LEGISL.tflva mcut tI.

worked, and clieap as1 the r cheap-' canvass, will bo mbst1rom&fltlof talc of'all past times.' ,Jbft|pUnU4Jrihif. Rthh' .! f' iiLolor4t'i natlonr'mtercourso.1' Ttcertiialy 'wfllBos (*>#

oLatJ 5 .H\f H/fiJltJ- ralher.eqaivocal., By the action of those seven Trdy'.vai aprotracted bangle at&L.flzit.am ,. fine and.flg. irfe'V ndi.w }ol] t4i) matcFloriJ iik'Al' 1&flierp the fault of the Umperor Tiir*if our owtf
: pat( t w, a rqclQncJiolv.fuct. that tho, renegades"tho President is allowed impunity in incOmpMisom.t 4)t4Vro4 loy4af government ia not pli5cd"nrst1n the ranks Jdt7
LTf tiM J 'iTaf--, *' % hob4'b pUtt-ytMshjitvaddtd; j. the rawt vored eriref'ti
rtAcrfl pppioipar; of.ll seiadTan- violating /jpigipjpf| | Dh| fc Iwnd now lie might eoBiporetbe expcditTon'willv th crutode we 'grwilly.ia cnrwsslthLflyI4abJskttlet and if jl-, a -i 4'Z'jiWi4 j +

.1neA or may, if he,JWres,go oz JQvMatoiuiJcp f ; pian- of the: e'lovenlh, 'twelfth 6hd'.thJrteehth'centtt"1*' th tideLotJaimigTaticrkcoaUnuM(a iaqroMji in: .ted tt*

e4 -k4vPgl: $ -of: L ; ; : ncr tho UoeonstractJon law, So i impartial tufcreirfill rica Tho criUaders wcnth forth on fan expodi* the-ianrgUs during th.hsttw.lyemiiqntltg. (+ .' 'M IIC!
t wi11ela.lrw&4i.
-s 4 Iwtweea Ctiru the1( b4s
e. tie -fl1i ( bcr lio&T z c4fe. '
I tho namo of Christianity* went f6rth Dornocsta .4e .
they untdtt _
fiom the b ,, 2$ f-i 4Jun
of tl
4or ob&issndJsek.ioitffl.
'tho guidanco'ol tho Crow fend tbjeTIIoly-\virJ ; k-: t
: Jolizisoji are empiatcal1y.c OrE1)h )r ? '* eiOc1 B4WbAtI' name .
bungle ,; _4 1Ittth.II8Mi eWt

.L .
. .. r : ? :

*" "- ?" :s-- *.- .i.. ;, '
-t .. .
_> -,," -.. : : .. .. 1 ,. .,' ,-.' -. '; '.._::':;' ;-. .cj -; -
j : %


. ,, .
ri : 11 J_ : : ? L -. '
111 i ,-.. ___,_ z:
-- w''-pa-- .
r & ____ jI
Mr. Clay strutk> ..lonfcfony.finger npct : .
I '
LtietB.tiieruiI Orst.ttetthe his forehead, M'if fn-atep'inonghV-' aib LtU42tJo8 ; Q 7 a _

"Have yon lost thateyesjneeI. saw. jou, 01 ,- .x'w' ::;:. -.-
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J 1 1 rft. tf raa? ajrt i American r ire adI lVksRUiOToc &tena is also in port with IrOken shalL I ,'t 4A' 1 AuiAezta _

May.28Saz..W&de ai 'LosooJr,'1 May2-'IFi.; ;ruoned. that thi & dZanL! o,4itE&c
KMAtl f VI& \ rn W wk uA'WW* *** Thtn'turn aide of fac to me
VIV.VW Bound '
and i he sour_ pointed Hnckalew, .Mel4'3 s.it ITartj uis of Buunrn, haviog' lost a half a mil. '
after jpouten
ta nr* dtmagoguo '
prop that I profiM. SVXBJ.TS, S t19 AM.TcrckDBB.. :
may get your Chandler Thayerj kl&mtn lion inc44 qofta snj ,, -
i and tAre.t.
in the
may find* wholesome corrective irtudy ol I Mr. vaused for a mont hi, thought. to j :
each a character',his,..The qualilir* by whicfcgreatlhmgl running Clay ,ciiriJ14c! : 11 said gate the reported corruptions.l Bay advices 01 the 80i initahf Iiy that Sal :1:1fly
here U nave first;gained, then lost, the batUe/with the I MosJeeew4texMda7.s tS tIiIbatdlO.
are accomplished are aeen he. bid not gue me aeri1ict as Juror, presented lh. memorial of ,
you Conserve rebel situation still unchanged. through Wih ; 4 t..kru
connection with and!
have no necessary ,showy Frankfort Kentucky in. the great case of -
|$Vhen th. at ticjLzeptof&uth (:arulinag* st tJi cotj. MONJBEAI, C njua, MaT 27.-The (?ML4
operficial accomplishments. maai tae U. tJ. is. louis, twenty.one years a; o. ? Sucr&f. I
of men lookviwajrech a'ihatTscter, th f may Nid! $4"U7 *& lboveQoip C --i--.4 t--i ," A bill was introduocd there wives at St. J'ohn s ciae beenonjere out Lake City,UlueiiyWeYsni.Miau.-flurida Railn 4
LbemclTa the
.j4u..cb extending time
learn ar Agjtk for of the and Pwaacobt ft Use rRa! 3 ird 14DJiLY, t,p. m.Kala _
barracks and accommodations for
other; thyrst&ugi bit that higli'iualiti the completion of the Southern Pacific railroad. 2,000troopa ( and Tismpa,' Mo DlTOf rtxseire, and Fri- ;:r Olc* iea'i&by W.tii

and great abilities .are consistent ,with the ,8iW.plictiuf -. 1 "It isj" replied Mr. Ha'rdwivke, bunting rnto Also a bill ducingtbej oj inlt are being nroparod. The hospitals are I nitf, S,.p. m. -. -t-f1 'iit'd1 1- -.r 'irir + :p4.jf'.b -". 4
.. field government nJrinfMr ial .i J r'c #
-' debt. ( provided pnua'enft de.tctij Cedar K eSv>BATS > tot) )
ti4e ti't for Taia& and pWii- tears. Did I not, tel yon, >he said to his 1 4flS.TT j i..TcT, __ 'I teinLiIr. St. ,w* I I4'Jr4a tt* "a' v" "hi! alen1sttflw 4--
nhlsof n& r tit friend, that be knew mo, though I have not The admission uf Ancattaas cmup ra Up the tVMrDsrllngtoe&cDlTs arJsii& 1T.-i ;i1rc..IPu.e :tLas ;seon.eusiitS.

men aftvma ptwog wonu eyuipathyu v tflyt eon him from that time to this,? Great men opposed it, until the fourteenth article, amendatory -.- ,. --' $,,,I *!..,*4.p,.tOTI.A 1(4ft7A( ; -il

Grant;the tanner; Ulyssee Oranl, the unsuceenrol never forget faces." of the Constitution, should La adopted as .--.. .- ---------- --.- .. ;, ,-'--' .
the of tty$uri ej-or of part of the fundamental law, and maintaining femIihinsisses.-
applipaatM post ; cKsoM,LI.rJ Jim 2. LG3. The chesjcstsafest and nx) t .rp 3 : I. =r''n r'r.l
BLLooU: TJlywca Grant, the driver iuto that tt2tii ;. 1 0IIUUTINU that Iwwity-cight States were required to ratify .\ Lot, dry-.wetj.. pn T tae SOtk there-wf*&U1unfl 'ng Mont,to anyj rt of tlrrWmed.8lt*.M by,tiLtW'fltfli Z7 .

city Of Jui two-borae team with a load of wood CoLoNEL U1flARL1.tt-'l'b it, and that Ohio and ,N Jerwr had, .a rightto bowers around n>s but only a very.$IIgLL ri>rinkle.reached : I. -
$ or J recall
io tjeJL had 'wMun ..him overt manly jutctti gives the following account of the The tbormnroclcr ranged ta follows; 1 OrUcis Uaiiwl In MuonnU U cult punbaiiers. -' J tdr iaifc !J tii x:: ; ; ; : -_.
on teaid that 4.4--
LroutoiuintOen.al DraldB fuiih
whicli-will; cause the name of r there was 110 hurry. Lowest at 7 A. M. ;i. Highest ". 'ees on iwnie, |30 slid BBKu( : -- Szirgeon I, L1It4. '
Grant to live forever in hibtorjHla career affray whiclj result*! in jJip[ jturttin-pf j its ri| \V. have done without them States for OTyears 2 1*. M. 85. vi.I. Froin |.30 to fV), s ',.. ti 7i .
aJohn .. -
.i. : ., :r .,
9P.M. 71. -a ,: i'rva't'a
8. JL.Bbka' i't
it do 't .w -
and without 'I
a quiet
u we can them for ii '
u mleeeon in praHkal democracy; the&lloW.ctatiorf tar, Colonel Oirardeau : seven' ,Mtan tcmierature for the wegJ,.&. --'...:. __ ..,, _,__, .,'e't- -4-- 1 ,&
dandyism;the puppyism, and months longer. (Sensation.) 41 yr > ; w'Mwri a
satire on the K miiWtisuudur. io onsJn. -
fashionable exquisites On SaUrJX | HotsE.-The pommorce i'ommitfee( rupiirWd i Amount Of rain the'werk ..
? our .between tColonel-; A. dnriug o.oon. : T.Gikbmt,afler ot ttr i' is lyunIaw' .
of standing aroso Cocko 1&w. dv4k : : n'. r .: *' '
aiwril'as upon the iwaggcr bur plausible, and Colonel W. 0. Oirardoau, which caused a a hill allowing importations for the Western .__ V .___ Ii'h- -' LT fisZX. -
rUb4a pwd ..demagogues. Not by any means Slates t? Jbe nppraned and dutios paiL at the ; ., 'pL1T OF L2'rr ;:
inconsistent w ith culti- personal oUision. Mutual friends interfered {d thiAroatiig)3o IllinilndMissouii ,- \ a'- % iA Wm1a'
that rreat qnah'tiea the and it that place Eeiii& iii thE WOc. .t & lttsipij /
TttefcBaaMKfffi & flat1Q cBHion; but that And separated parties, was hoped collection districts, and making*Chi 'U. S. Internal.Revenue. -Si 7- !
honorable settlement of tbie'difilcalty would I&iiy 39tL, 1S6I : .' *
sucb- ipWi<4alFaoco3irBanlhcttU'at e flG1flfM S cago, Cincinnati and St. Louis ports of entry. 1 W' 'UL : w ;.cii ,t ijgsgj c ..8 ; > s- ..
z : effected. Tho parties, however,. mot again 'The lull wa passed Ipy vote of- sixty OlKTLIlll5'$ I.IPt. w '. $ CORITEROr LACBA 4.D OUT*!. ITh't'-
n ,uoar.th'o about lime ., ,.2.B1: ,p.Ttu4wardEL ',.. _
General Grant's last brilliant cainpaigu iseta that night poetoulce the of four. ; aTr.l Brovuerrr ; J' *k !; ) '1f r ca .n; '114da ).

the final ecal upon his reputation. It'.stamps the arnral of \he Eastern mail, and according The J udiaua bill was resumed, when the corruption Drkr, Edward I.AMtt* Ltgi. 'T'flE annual taJcV V.lWfcjG. f gMcjaf TijL1I Ti. PO1t ,.', &c sr .' .' J ii
to the testimony of the bystanders, Ool. Cocke C JL reuse) for ISOS'have now Wctmjc aUc. Tflt! .
kim as the. superior of hu able antagonist as renewed the and in the that committee introduced a resolution, instructing Collins, Eraslua c will be In St.. AngttfjUri:,'coucctfoij"oC A.H-saieo coRSkkprtni AAitpOA1jAM1M.i'io
well as of;all the commanders o To eon-ed difficulty, affray tthe) ftergeant-ftt-arins Jo fit up a guardroom D vf ColliM, Mis* MIry P'Palsy f thep43rrhaxi4 4tt ai J s"n enZui'meia eF'r; : _
with or ufider fctmin the great campaigns of the ensued, Colonel Qtrardeau ras* shot.between" the in;:the Capitol fut Woollr/i confinement.In MJ .i Ft f-CampUIUMrtSaMh' i to tTle$Hh of June. '.11 oreerin-e.ricolata 1' .i

It is not to sacrifice any socond and third ribs. the Senate to-day, l"homas Sims H Coyr, :Mrs Amy Fi.lasta"Wclab; VousJalintor! tfi )>f* fjv*'"vi"AJ"Br .Ln'i': .,
.necessary was rejected I will .
Harris OJ give
ugt year. Jack .
Ho was at once removed to Airs. Madden'shold ',
of their,well-earned reputatiuns to his aa Marshal of South Carolina Qib rt, Mrs Taani* KJohiuoa ltAIi\TOtJX.X: ColIttiw' & ; .
nut ermiu1i.id Shpri i'" dttcrro all that ha* ever where everything -was done for him that chpfi ld's appointment as Secretary Of War ; JUT HL J' Cv-OKEKIJCY'Deputy'Collector' :Trat$hierrnaaist. hsS.A4h1

said in their praise; but there has never kindne* fcould ..euggest Doctors Palmer and was discussed. Tne difflculty lies in the verbiage Uariii. Mrs M F ]nu63 fm 4Ut Jfa J)| trct,0f| VbtU : iziiir0 tuodllj .: .e' I .

bees ainre Grant was made"Lieutenant- Taylor Kcre soon inatlendauceand; he was ro- of the message announcing his nominatioa LOT- Geort L Mil -- -, **v "j 'U )
been a .4: EOOMS' TO BBSrt' -,,
Shaman ;tnored to his rundence under their directions. A B uvtwt: ek _, beT S.UR'E.VE N'u o'U.sE
General, whca anybody>t onside on whish reads, vice Stanton, remored. Leaard, Mis H r y-'f*. */*|. tTS : rtj/T l boon classed with him. bmcefiberman's For a time it was feared the wound was mortal, Mooney A. OOT Rui ..LftTreon.Mr* VF TM' IX LAitilt SIZED T ai S-.LI Vt- -. 'aJ.k
could haw WASHIKOIOS, May 20 Houte A resolution AA A A*M ***|*7 vsnvWi* J Jjfa iiHf IJK"
but under the skilful treatment of the attending MHUir, Giw.W 2 M irfuf J4i7siThrik.ia Iflbt34!Ml.1fiti
furnished 'uufuvahsLe4
bold march through G*orgiaiina his the patient rallied and is now under adding three Democratic tocmbtn ;Ho the Core Madden, M ? t % f Middletou, Harriet of teh With btihon'ntn itd;to'.Ufury treiLc atMuseJtnte sin 5r. 4J YAE : L ,
and Charlceton there havo surgeons Man ell Rob ,Lucln'l'rr ;--i t
of savannah Committee lust McQueon
vote of 53 to located In ,
juption was by
capture a a pleaiiant part theefty e fmthei pariilnii -
be uf immediate the
aduhation of stood la out danger, though ,McQueen, Mrn 'I 1a
who. in strong apply at'tide oce"u 3 ;
been) many : I;3 niirksrHn j r < *
critical .
regardtd -
his treat acbiemneuls, inclined to raAk him as ease CocW a.s.a very'at one. A resolution committing Mr. Wobley (to solf- Prosper, Nathan .Prl *. Mrs Susan A K .cA. ratau its.TTTTTTT. esj
Colonel was. one* arrested and.fcx- FOB $ LIT r1rr8lcT&iiiIt .
of the two.fhat judgment, Person Buml R ALE'OliREN' ) aZr.zsw -
the greater general tary cqnfincmont.wa8..di cu88ed. very bitterly, with 11tbi cossiienees.of tb.
reversed tho court of final amined before Justice J.'T. Chace; and on Sun R ItMulerbon, Miss M 'Hotel ka 1u I
take it i is npw by and th 'resolution 'reconsider under which ; Ill bu7.eeatll skasged ni *
we tbc reputation of day morning was admitted to bail in lh. turn of icpr', John IR ynold: !! J/iw Sarah QEVEUAi 'COOn-TENEMENTS AND SINiiiY j It -
appeal; not bv dwarfing the discussion was allowed,'was tabled. : KOOMtf,'Very loc;ih good location -
abatement but two thousand dollars. Also 'ono Mor ,'Cart ami Harm.- 1..) 'ir'.' ; 1at.t 51 ThJ
Sherman, which suffers no just The House rosumel the Indian-appropriation .St.oweU.1Sa t Ap Laura 'S :&ckei5on.
irtto grander Uiroportioni of w LVno V Zt.iA U may 30tfr" ? C. B. WILUEU, st etv 'r 't vrirw a.J i sljflD ..
MbxiictLlAj. the 22d bill and '
fcy the expani' EXKCITIOX AT -Friday a4journodij 4en'rfe.Citizent'of' : w: '
I man, CkarleuO TT -- c T tkt'rtaxnu Hot ic, Aofa!t&i IfAtncu Kttst
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pre-eminent among all the gcu- apffaftheiii1 authties'firtb bsng4 tnorial against the removal of the State capital, Taylor, R Fenwiek TVing*l., Mix Sarah Ann FASNABLEMIIiIiINERTt I Tji. ujnitune throeghout Ii t tb* da1.4..

4Irs.i I who havo )led our armies in the late wur; ing of Ben"oltiptand convicteM of murder at which was referred to the Judiciary Committee. V :eFc dttDNT1s7e! : Wripdant .rooms.erepdousfycles.a sat
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will of which the highest tfpe of manhood isM county. The prisoner was a large muscular tion presented a petition asking anthbritjrto call =: _: .,. x1_:: 4- aAiwb; J .Tt-sUppfaf>- at V th aV" >Hotel- --i-will* .*teiJb v'fi'Tattlers *>'?

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aid* defcmded .prOpoflionable hope of a new tnal-but for some time had The bill for the admission of Arkansas was 7TACKSONVILEE, JUNE 2, 1. iii fES..W1I1T1NG1as'jstesri've4fretn ewYerk, (flLkf.Mt ?AaPP9lf* -t'n .". c'3k l
O av.pcld, abandoned that lope and was endeavoring 'to' resumed. Mr. Edmunds moved to recommit A.HRIVAJL.S- with a frehh stokMUXIOOiibe !
latest fashions, and thcjtfl t, rptterus.Mad.me j.T
4d, at onee and prepare fur the solemnities of death. In this good the bill, ?jnrith instructions to the Judiciary Committee i M y2ii-loop; Anoa, Hala, Smyrna. . Dctnoieit, for ladies and pi Ii. iikiP' .) .J5ZT! ina3.:5: t'etai ; ixctr ;
uneqntlled strategyVnd, in.1o( .cases, lio uot work he received aid from HOT. Dr. Anderson, to report a bill placing the State under May 2fi-chr Entorprwe, Oinite, SarauiaIi. '' t B onvitlcandrJctnlty Jnvit4 lb hllAi1 exubiu.Uitock. ,- -I / a R -

only toot the long-contested position*, but compelled who visited.hini 8trqca\timed to instruct and the newly-elected officers, and continuing the May Jfl-Khr Col.JT Bpraftie, Allen,St.AuzuitiiNay *- .oedyts fur rattentiS "cl.UdVf raw' ,aB.pa/t' ot-- Itt, .--tr fLy: mTnTiD U'V't 1'. ra d's
of the whule force dofondmg ::/-yatbt Xonpari-!, -, St. Ampistine, C. 8. Florida ( :
surrender hiin. To Dr. Anderson ho with
the pray with freely military authority, a provision the admission GoTtfnment. t rr -* vr I:, lx aptiointtal Aeut for the renovued WaawER ; 1n.-L-'ztJa.'r.- r'i -; : .
Nothing could be more clean and the of the State when the $ > ', Thuct1n I[ ATToRNEY AT LATO. \'. .
them. acknowledged his,guilty, justicesof jlhesen .fourteenth article -'May 7-sehr 7. P 3Vyman, w York, A. ciiiQ' iu.r1 Jou'a2naa ,
complete, even in imagination, than General tence", and also' the wickedness of his past life ; becomes a part of the constitution. Mr. Ed- Wallace. ; ; I ., ;, rLI-
execution. Jle'did not merely May a;-str Dictator, WiUcy, Charlton, A.Cro. .Lei-e.I ; rm =r=t3
Grant's masterly appeared -io Jjwl dcply penitent. He joined munds paid as soon the State is admitted Congressional Jeffreys> -' L_ r--T ; :; '- -- -.-. ;

inT ach ewe, acquire a position which was'tho heartily1 In tbe/praycrsj'and often made audible lower would cease, and the State May 2&tr Lizzie Baker, LaUuwr, SavauiatiY.'tii-; L. -. 112' I .4 sv ZLQ.kID4.. w II&8VLAUflUTXI t .

fcey of a wide theatre of operations ; ha did response's','''On Thursday the pris npt professed government would have nothing to lean upon tic. I -'dr 5t'i :t o eiyll1JlTO TA CK.OS P7LE _

not merely boat or disable the Opposing force; to bas ijbtaiiod evidence acceptance with except the shoulder, f Ih4 President.., .4 May SS-rttr UarUngton, Brw.k,,K H iri-, J. Clark. : .. .,,. : Je e.2 ; .; ; I'artie., whether the *II3*lukl eb s&sra bjiafrTie'
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in existence May 28tr Funny F.m,Pono.T tta. iE'i *: j : 'i Uia i'j ..
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h6 Jpft no fragment except God, and declared bis willingness io die trusting Mr. Conkling spoke against conditions. May -iloop Mary.Bravo, St. Angustint "_('4 : 1., M 4 : n liaaLI. ; .1 httnci
of eubjoct to his disposal.If of Lord Jests Christ. .Has After executive session the Senate Osceia ir 'ia :IL O75 "0 I C '* iiJS.yi1 sj cr2'i
wisoObTS war in the grace our con an adThe May 28-iloop White, Oree i Cot 9prmg i i renr .0 t '
anybody is BO obtuse or so wronghoadedms duct was quiet his manner not bold and presuming jor d. Bro.Mjy W-itr City Point, Adkiiw Charletoo. Jeffrey'f*1' I *:. r 'Jt,, l..j: i: : ATTORNE-X"AtLAW.- Xi--'E--- ? ;ths.iThs ionia nIJrw are new 1argeandsosndr sad- flsoI.r.1LrroQm& SIOSZISt S

to we nothing great in General; Grant beyond but humble and hesitating and his profcsBiuii nomination of Ueneral Schoficld as Secretary May 2P-itr Fanny Fern,Pond,Paktcla, John Clark' 5 ,. 'r sir I 1: ; Qth.Zifln4 Boti _
ihis marallous tenacity of will, let that doubter not boldly'confident but made in "apparent'' of War has been confirmed.. Thef..coufirmat 2tay 2Q-sloop Apn Kf j Smyrna. 'thr ;, i k -. r4' -: : ; LcWAP' IL7T ten edItsd(loeml lpreMll 1, m1fles..

xplain, if bo can, how it ha happened that, diffidence and fear of self deception. Whether jon il;preambled with;a TpraBrmatiou June 1-stt Finny'Fer Iond, Pa1gtt I"d.' '. r tr M r --- ..-' ,TTh-hottWsttatd mIbvb1mbdISt.fthlss

aince Grant roso to high command, ,this Duality his repentance was genuine is question hard to the unconstitulionality'of Stanton'a removal. fe-June Bro. 1-MhrW.A.Vail,*Beer?,New Ybrkalrbaii .na" ua sth&i- 1.t: : ,. .' 'F1" s'4G Ib .tic.: .i el

ha '1Y 1eeh ejrtcd in' nsprcuous energyprece&t anuwer, for self deception under such circumstances The probabilities of a reduction of thowhis.key .; ': .unri--b1oP.I. Wild Rover, Cnnicr, Sarannah. q4'n, ,, .'.t .i, ., 1l-P,.aliaf;4ii' i9''tkW-tW'btfJ 9rL nrrcA'rT'L .r about Ourrynrile*.

the point on which everything in is no doubt often fallen into ; and prison tax increase. Many llepublicaus say-'the. ft."A, cr.EA.KBJD. .'Lfla .%L"1tl1c1I it1itZC.,15'." nHjeype.remtiTwI npmnavt&a :trom> t.'AsiatIdws; ,

of vpcrati sill IigeL Tkero thaphutil 5VQ with greatuninity reported whiskey ring is too strong for the government, houiUsqr: zenapcmoId Msad.Isziees ei
his wboIe9 May 2<>- chr White Cload, Freeman, Doittm, J. TV. _
has been u pay! great qualities oVsmall that prisoners frequently'' profess1religion with and must be crippled by reducing the tax. Scott. ., t.: TL 3H1 r Iictts4 and that.ef a ..>aaT-** J n*- COM" MedtocilFonme. .

occ&on "no eViNBa'ilare uf harculean effort to the hope of thereby 'moving public sympathy The revenue receipts to-day amount to over May 2tt-sthr Kntcrpriw, Uinitz, St. Augustine,' Q. I ', o s: ji 'a wj

hsh' objects not of the first mgnitid6.lya .. :1141 thus;obtaining exccutiv (pardon.e.r. dom- $lQQOOQ:, r ? ? '1: : 4 y2-schr Col. J-[ T.tine. j GEa F 2.w I,1 ., -

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prsbsiie mind that could always UiusjfcalaiAM Friday morning at 8 o'clock Dr. Anderson Convention to-day notified General Grant of his May 27-err Funny Fern, Poud. PaUtka. ;E-V EN: $ R.OU4'Z ,
May S-btr Dictator, Willey, Charleston, Jeffreys &
indomitebtesonl nomination.
whole emphasis of an ; visited: the wUoncr.and: ruuiained eomctimo Bro- -' .

so precisely on the emphatic place. J low, if'he with him'At'll eJ I&ckj Jgudof soldiers General Grant made a brief speech. May 2S- ilir VnnJalia, Lord, New. York,,U. A.I'I F iflilliL -j,

be not a general of the first order of intellect, as postal at tba jail wisr fouildlo bi pricking to Pi vergent vie ws on the admJM>ionof_ Arkansas : '' .' ,. 4V1 L4.W.. ,.
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May -glr Lizzie'Dibble. '
well as of the most heroic determination, docs 9XCCS.1, and soon the corporaTbecamo greatly ex* are becoming more marked. The probabilities it. '- JACKScV1LtirFbAjnri; aAugu.t4f -. a k ,
and brilliant the suldiers his boad of admission orer the president's veto are do- 1$ ..._ '.k 't 4)N 1flB2EUOEAN PLAR.. _
it happen that in. ssigning groat cited and beat ono of "n May i%-(