The Hot ATTOXKY JT LAW, American literaturo for the jossession of which The New York Tribune gives the following animal? Why ia not the- cabbage crossed wftli' Tape

:: %i) py frill lflhi f'r tti1.s hilt is..rfrniuu1, MCCARTHY GIN EVER MADE Dec 23 TALATKA. Ft. tf TEYEN8 HOUSE no other periodical hia: boon nblo huccrssfully to synopsis of a lecture recently do'.ivered' by M. i? There w an old lady oo&t by,, Wioso on3

nti.l (f-.r vA<*!*. rrii 'h ohiiM i'irts not 'tt iettcti.riIv trait, that absorbs all others, is diligencej Sod
} wiLt,the Tsyt. r, Kj lr, Brawn So .Ih.-rn. nn.l the now compote. IU succors is richly deserved. du Chaillu in that city, concerning his experi- is a lineal descendant of tho ant. Bhe' 'work1 r
rxi'Uirif.1! thn-ir tiiuo* the pay <>f tHn trip may j j i Cravrn S.ti; Gin t .Hiii I'MI-s, will Kiitiinc ami James B. Dawkifls,
1.tI Ilf.LIIlflIj l For arrival i.., far l 1'hki'l limu asij I UC.IMI'owcc a 5 :ill! ?iiij.liis in More, fir K-lo at thulowret 21, 23, 25 an 2? Broadway. New York, Tho Edinburgh Renew for January prcfents ienres among the cannibals of Africa t liko an ant; she looks like an sat;abasia an M*.>

Its br.ak iunn'rtii.n *itb ihjtiting liIail4, Mliiti..t rate, li* .T. n. rUU.KK.3tf. ATHUIXEY AT LAW AND. SOLICITOR INEQUitY. Ojtjtoiilf ttntcling Tirrrn, the following attractive table of contents : I. Some years ago, the lecturer snld, ho found developed" into an aunt- There ta nothing of *
the about her. It is V ii.ttet1, '.f fir toft fizf'tttp.F'iii Fe. 17 fiAISKSriLr.R. FL.yW. claim that ehe r hed hf.imjastrlma >oonj.hoot '-
1.pii'tj't\ thtjtrijtis m'.iit friendship of the chiefs and people, and passed ;
i\l IK jtn1wiv4.| J nnlits the 41ftih.'v] L01.x.h'tit't1 THE: HTKVEXS I1OT.SE is well nn.Wy| known to tire and tho Oyster Fisheries. III. Anjuti a comparatively ph.-a.-ant time among them through any branch of that -tunily Bo

ht "zh'eting to takI NOTICE. M. IVES, tl'f tnliltt* |titil.! ;< The i locntluH is t'j|.f iufly miitaMeo I IV. 'i'yndall's Lectures on ound. V. liberal | Ruthe longed to visit the cannibal country and of several other pQoptemtheWpHtta! 'Ayong'lady

h. il fp'in or into a past (ifiitf; lor Rufllrinyrinjuri TU I $ ler.JA lotus.KMiNvii.i.n rxNlitt, PIT.. f T. 1187.fti'iip. ATTOHXKY AX1 COUXSELLOU AT LA\V, \tt>iJl"ii'ij.hl OnliunilK'Hi: HIM\>!:\i\l-.n-inen of till1ity* nu-n-; t it* U on I In the die hhchnay j Jiniinujty tit Education in England. VI. Mi-moirs of Sir I[ sc-o the inhabitants for himself. This doiro he is just flitting by myjjrindowi, who>iaia4 -

t i\\', lii. ,!, (Ii1ttOVi. ml<'*"l, .r ; and Luumis iYlpar is t:! il ln\ JitU'! I'V lianlwelA. Hilln-rn nn.l Wi'Uh trrt\rl-an l s.Ltetnt l to all the Philip Francis. VII. De Fezcnsac's llrcollec- expressed tu the people of the coast with horn evidently related to the butterfly, as the aforesaid -

. I .r i.'tin. utter tlrmtn.l, Ifl rwn\t thn mail asa \V. lUltliU'KLUKt LAKE CITY, FLA, Itnilnmil anil Stcitlnlimt: drpoH. he was btupping. and they sought to deUr him old lady ia to the ant. That.iyomirj, a Ijt
J. LOOM1S. I lee. 21 if Tin* itevenn louse ha* literal aitiimmixlation for tions of the Grand Army. VIII. Two tie ahead of her, derived all of rtiv&iI.
tlijuPntIy th1 i(iiitraftor runn, or is ron 23t per from tho undertaking by Conceivable .
ivr.iOO iriienfii'--it 15 well funiMieJ, an'l ]w i *si-vcry every rep
iriii4 in runnini;. vehiebs l on thn route. lhf modern improvrnifiit fur Hit*comfort nut entertnlnmento Cent. IX. The Queen's Highland Journal. resentation. Ho promised to be absent but it ies from tire peacock. That dejopted indiyidnal .

t'IlItrnl1t fl7ttcral annul the ntrAvl f"C (. A. A. KNIGHT.Attorney iU inm.'it'Mi. The n,oni.are p.icion$nn.l well\'entilatrlprovile three months consent and of the other persuasion, who ia just meeting
may Says the writer of Two Cent. "A ; wits given, a number -
Iw I ci lh L" ifi 'ory strong
: itis..hi.yiitg ihf jxist nfli.-c laws (It 'j nKtruc- of men furnished tu him to the V
At Law Solicitor t ttt and fcinU ntnl the taMiIK I ireiu-roiiHlv accompany
> -
Chancery r j pro- heavy cloud has covered all department* of the t
ornitholoffctl pedigree his
tj.tlIIt ifth>3 l>op rtmnt.. H

Vi h.tluW f . I O Hi I'roiiutt- lt& uilti.ii Countyv f.r Irttcri ili niiv rate commerce and industry with gloom. To all in- i tainous country called Fan, situate two degrees The fervid spasms of many, a fourth of ,July

ni-,4'r an inciTaso of service by blowing thcr< I lury an udminU nlor !' the state ut M'm. lay, late of The room having Iron rrfurni*!!!!'! ini'l renovated, we tenU and purpo JS the year 1SC7 has been one | north of the equator, and about 150 miles lnmi oration have dtanOnstratedUtttth V
of Deeds rmil'hil ol.-r facilitIes for he comfort and
Mid Count v, ( extra I sired the
t. a f>n futa iiicrrtxM! m thn cuntract j tty. He t;. &. SMITH, _' pleasure of our gumtii. long financial, commercial, industrial, and railway i the coast no carried with nini a stock ot coats by American eagle*;; ,Jfft j v i
nmnV*< rurtail <,ril'iKConTinUo the itcrvue inlu Jnnrter, Vc-h. *m.DESIRABLE. l-'OK THE: Dl FKKIIKXT STATES.M'iltffirf OEO. k. CHASE A. CO., and pantaloons,and, starting from Carisco Bay, Nowjn fare of all these internal evidences of
l in at aria dreaM5 ttf 40-fim. 1'niprletom.JIISOELTiANKOlJS. crisis. From the above extract it appears our diverse descent, ho'w'ran taese-men ef end' f
fIr part, a jM-o pay jirnmj-t altentiun l nil htuinrt enlrtulrj{o AIM.Willjiractlieinall passed up the Mimi river. On reaching1 the

I Allowing one month's rstra eonpensation on the tati and Federal Court* in I that the depression of all business interests in j i I ilboudcno country, he found that his fame had idea shut as op to themotiJkeyhypothesk; 3jV .

the) amount of service 4i1wneed with. Bids LANDS ONFleming's Flondn. and in the Kujin me Coiut of the UniU-U State. the United States has not beoti confined to this preceded him, and the people Iwlicredr his trunks sincerely want understand this., -Bat some
should I lIt' ad.lrcwcHl to the "Sxumd A and collift All rlulm atfnmt the ITuiteil State and boxed contained immense wealth. new puzzle about it ke meothrgiurf atrererr
side of the Atlantic. business They
inatr Grneral," sujiOfBcriLod "Proposals i, Island For Sale. XIA CITV, 'X4A.Nov. iOflN CLARH Throughout Europe gathered around him, and he had apprehensions *"rn. Perhips ourbrain w rBj>ot,"dermlopedt >
Mnrid and t-nt l moil.l atfit 21-tI. has been at a stand stilL Money has accumulated rifxnsv. with the rest of our carcass. If .
. Male: nf y WE upm-nrS* of Tnur ttUVlrv l ncrcn of good fur his safety ; but te distribution of a few so)
\\\ f )rmi> >f in>|MMtal&r., and other information. -, FrniIr.g) Liutils on Flrmlhits !i ln
nf> a-lxvftiwanohl of Oct, 31, 1868 and j er below,aiM and known J-ilning as th Mm.- A.Fii-nillis's Ih' tTil |.l nn.l a<-.!fiMhlinic Tn IK .tlw..I4 l riv11 foi- D. E. PERRY, ) strike, out of employ," aj s the writer. The lie did nut rvtndirt hero for atiy length 6f time, natural selection,if it would only hrieg

: thin .late, in pamphlet) form, dt thv principal diKtriuuIlim and) division amonj the lit'linwt' A. Ite-m-nt WHOLESALE DEALER INOUtCERh1 but pufchbd on for Fanland, guarded by & man us out properly finished lint the mystery tiU
of the crisis of 18G6 which
u'4 u,1htie (l (U'.ivd. Tt l Iu,: one half cash, tiMAhtc six nionthi. ATTORNEY AND COUNSEItOF rUOVlSIoNB, BA Y. GRAIN memory swept from Benai, who wore the rathei airy costume returns,-how came the monkey to bo Btxcn'i1*'

ALKX. \; RA1)ALL, further rnnlcnlarii : i'lre m>r imply tw \\ WII/- A.T 3L..A.-W. LiyUOU.S, WEUAlW.. &c. away houses like that of Ovorend, Gurney & of a shirt. He univcJ at the burden of the good conductor as to receive and tr&hitailitMm- ? V

1'oatsnitsttf Gcnsrd. rJ<)X, Mid.ll.-l.ur,;, fU.. or \V. I.\fltIkPliflIVi1It) 30 COURT STREET AOKJCT FOR Tltft KNTEltrUIME Iii tAMIR.A. Co., is still fresh in the minds of capitalists, and country very hungry, and, while watching for paired the trtiits pf the ant aforesaid) arid U 4 ,
Tru'-tW' or to I*. ilOODV U. lU'iOfsVliarf Fla. peacock and"tho"butterfly and the
JaukMouvillr, sprtAd'eagtei'
is in an opportunity to kill for food he
-- dono accordance with the a monkey
: r nothing save ,
U'. II MKXDKHSf. Boston Mass
: 4 June 16 tf Fans anil and the hen P tHoMK to it possibieUbt.JL imoiio nt <
aw two -a man woman-armed with
fltt StARtIt. 13. t1lMtoN, strictest of orthodox Railroad
fltl.zsu sCPrt.- 442) canons hanking.
a wolfish disposition
Whenton iinl*. Fariua, MaticNft, 4 'l' AbIlt4 Jakr4.n1IIe, rlii.l"hiiMlojjte : poisoned arrows, standing convenient. Alone get aft if Jiov f
L. WARROCK and joint stock companies never had greater can a "seed cell or a Msporule' float doim'tlxe -
i 1 t urrauta, rytt'> lUlrins Citron,Tapioca in the presence of cannibals was not a comfort V
; Mwaroiii.V rtharill.-u.Telleyis Horw Railjah." l-'IXANCIAK \UUTIONKICR AND OKNKUAL COMMISSION difficulties in borrowing mono}' than during the able situation, and he felt somewhat ages and emergo through th .toohkbyildhjugni 't
Ibg4rs Swwl Oil,Chow-Chow, it-I qji (Wi.D A'. queer. into
CunnrJ OyrtiTs A man of lion heart f We dent believe if.
I ikiti, Walnut Catflim lii ERCJ LAST, past year. Doul'tless the reaction has reached They did not molest him, but became his con J*,Han
Womt-i>!i1n- Sauce,; Tned AnWw.rcmliej Toun'e; (treat *l Work, or every one hiiuW'I WM. LEDwrrn & Co. DAY trHEKf JAVKSOXrillK, FLAi ductors to the village, and as ho walked down The great family-tree of life on tail planet n i >
; : Knjflwh WMm t l (KrnrVt\ a I'rivatc In trnHor for Marliei ) its lowest point, and wo may speedily exiwc-t a the streets and looked the bones of almost infinite tree-top of ibrtnehes; *ahd'Ui
I Urnxil Kuts I'cran Nuts, Ii1bes ] l'ernn ttf tmiKu nU.ut ic> lot), male and! female COtttlMIaiTs! *OLICIT1'1> upon men .
mirry healthy return ol business to its accustomed simian tribo cannot be tho trunk Into whi jt all
, A InOfldfI and Vanned VrUit Fur i'aie 1wI Ih rA'cntlilnj wmrernln the fihrhljihiisy and nlatHNioif Exchange and Money Brokers Will pun:haw for parties iu the country all articles they and women whose flesh had furnished a feast, these branches Both < *
,. WARROCCb our exial ayitCIIhIIII4 thu I rut'uLtion or 1'reretition wb.h, at the lowest niarkirt jiriut'. channels. the thoughts that crowded upon him weie not conrerge. tf think would
VTholttafc atti: Rrtail On T.Itayfltmt. of .trs11ng i ) inthmlrizall the new di cuvoriincvrf Ortoher 21*-ly of the most Consoling description. The not hold them. It rvould blow down "of:its ;n
# Ml tirfn(civiii In the ) ngIiih !Ianninit, ; % bv \VI'.liun! Jr VfHAKF OFFICE, RAY XTKEKTtTlU. people own heft. For oaidelres humble descendru
Vounc, M. 1>. TtiU Un>ally a talitatik l and intri citing GAUDY Th WackluKtott Broil. Eocirrbd to dread him, and ran away, a woman
rk.. It it wiitteli In plum lan unuc for the vtnernlKnJiTrnd \ BUY A1I SElL EXChANGE ON NEW JOHN entering her house with the leg of a man under ant of the.bee family, with perhaps a dash oT

i* jllustriitod with < pvard of rm; hundn-d If \ork, Cold and un< urranl Fund. The conflict of authority at Washington assumes her arm. He was regarded as a spirit bytle! mastiff or bear-w zdigeintly-ern the in :

1 Jtr. CIIItISTOPIIER, t.,,nsntving-fli4tjti-itniiwu'All youriil, ,and married havlnit ttw pNinle.lvs't ImjMdlinentlo tlrttwo n- 16-tf. MANUFACTUUKll OF a serious asjwt, because of the jieciiliar Fans. But ho assured the people he was not an monkeyblood .r ., -n
/ ftiltrtl'4lifi 9TKAM KXUlXKf, SAW MilLs, srtlAtt ttOLLKIW character of the parties engnged in it ; hut it oil The V
,ihntd teal this .bookv It dlxii| u' Kcret -- spirit. king, however, refused to tee
*that every ttrti<>tu>kihl be acquainted with. Htlll it 1'RlF1)M AN'S ittOK) AND IIRA8t3 ( b1IuiU. docs not in itself contain the seeds of serious him on the day of his arrival,as he feared some How a a- : b.yP [ sAn

GENERAL EEPAIEEEOF i. a tOok that toast ho locked up, and hot lie nUiiit the iit'ko2t'ILLI'\, FLA.Frh. results. It is a question of constitutional power evil if tho spirit looked him. The
hnu c. It will bo sc"1 to any otic on tlte ren-Si| of Fifty tf upon succeeding officer ia the French i iri $ ]
ml*. Admire Dr. W*.,Xo116 ijVUco) Btrwtv 23.18fi7. and like all such questions is susceptible of a Ciy, however, the king, With a large
simple matter to aarried.iT1Ia
shove Fourth, rhllnJc-Ijvlna. 8-1 ySEL SAVINGS-BANK : pacific and satisfactory aol utoh.. retinUe, consented to receive him. The Fan gbt JiatntsV.

c .vs; .. DAVID Q, LOVE, The President bellevrs that as tho chief exeo* atn cannibals of the worst kind and eat the make a formal request of his colonel fur. rfiis- \

PISTOLS, LOCKS, > THfc NATIONAL KKKKlJtAitfl SAVINGS _tNDr1ti'cr titivo officer ot the nation hw has the right to bodies of their dead. It is not customary* for sloelie certifies te the condition lira-and"n,*
CTCHOOt GROCER MID COMMISSION MERCHANT moral ktaHdin the'br e-dock!. JTh ioiwi. it
PROOF SAFES COMI'ANY.CHA appoint, with the consent of the Senate, suliof- families to cat their own dcaJ ; and when a

FIRE -0 BAY STRKET, JACKSONVILLE, MA.HKFIHH dinato civil officers, and to remove them at his death occttrs, an arrangement is made whereby sends the detdandr' to.the' roocral cptnmandiojr- *%

C tTwt ol line, will be continued and reopened after va' PRIXCirALOil-'iCK, WASHINGTON, D. C Henry Wnrrcll & Co.> An llsttt, Uu., licanlen at Ouineiarannnh we have the earlier legislative and juiicial con- takes place in his household reciprocate the It&e bride irrakim;

and Br tIflI41: (Ia. etructLhs of the Constitution, and the uniformprecedent' another district, ho WflItOhusk1Iuw.cfflrewf; t\
ttrker all LLidi of Ci favor, and thus the bodies The '
es 2l> PAV OF SEiTEMBEIl NEXT, 1807. 49 are exchanged. '
ly the dinsion
August in which"sha does fly V
BANK IN ,. The damand -
THE JACKSONVILLE, of the action of the government, from Funs are the most intelligent and industrious of -
for Cah.C for the rcvfllon of pttpn* of both sexes.YE2UtS. its to the time of the accession of Mr. then descends the SCa&t front t&4VinsMO lowont Unw is located Street
A n work ,shtt'l t the ., on Bay where FRANK7IN DIBBLE origin tho races in Africa. Tho housed aro well ordered
rPi-Art 1W flstgIM-bay itfCt econd door DfjonilR will be n-eelvcd and Drafu paul.Intercut Johnson. There tInt in favor of it, besides, and hiiidn of bamboo ; but the beds are hard gencral to tliarnant
br v the Market, ttpetkin. allowed on all! hUmS of Five Dollar and upwards COMMtBBION MKKCltAKti those general m oningS upon the thooty of the and ) vie pkcc r who coniu1tii'smiji4eof
night makes bones ache in
1 Ja.llOUSE. Primary Classes per Month f 2 00 t but drnoHiU Of One Dollar are received.Kg which affirm the necessity and policy a upon| uao tho policu and mayor; thVIu1 V I -
In Advanced Clawr 3 00 -Hank lloutt, 10 A. M. to 1 1*. M. JACKSONVILLE, FLAt government morning. PolygamyJs practiced by them, but ccmiWoniir to the '
N. C. DKXSETT Troduce pnrchUM-rt, or wlvjnrw in cash or Vpl>llnuulo ot keeping the several departments of it, as slavery is little known, as they prefer to eat VitpJy ,acvq
FOR SALE.DWELLING Lessons in Latin Modorn LAngUagea 00To )lay 1 ,'67..ts. ii-hicr. on canMgnmeht to 0. H. DihUe. New Y lrk far AS possible, independent and distinct Mr. their prisoners Jselling$ them into bondage. who replies to Ihs general,* ) whq ,
month' 2 sends his answerto his'Mthen )
por Madison, who hhd more to do with the framing Some'years authuF'ans lived 300 miles from
bo settled monthly. of the organic law than other man was at goes to a iuanhaUaad.if.1 .
HEAL ESTATE. any tho coast but ndw they aro found ton and even
A' and wrtMUy rwuwtcd to FRANK SMITH, Agt. first disposed to believe that tho consent of tho five milt frura thVsea. That overcame any further information, ,1i; propoensl'to'Jliniater : tbq-
I'areni gmnltaM arc every
have the pupils nvlrtered at the .chool-nxmi bctoro the FLORIDA LAND AGENCY.L. Senate was as necessary to A removal as to an other race they engagedin battle, and have of War to ratify tho-peraisMit$fb 4i1-

Fist of 8epteI. Sfo. I Sammis Bhck appointment, hut ho afterwards changed his either killed/or' featetij or absorbed them There lug front the hands of the; postmaj{thq'jrfnS| V
8TOTB.JacktonTllte .
J. A. is unsealed by a clerk who adds asTampJi
HOUSEON afad in the suoordinafe
opinion, the Congress of 1780 when
arc also blatksmitha.( them
Ahj. 14, 18C7.-Mt F. DEWEY & CO. debated maintained among these roads it, sends it to ahotHer eleVsv rhJi
FLA. sibjtct was
JACKSONVILLE, strenuously upon| every largo anvils woik up iron into splendid
number above and V
TILE 1ST oticc I at Law In Btord And tilting, fincon sides and Shout that the power of removal was an exclusively knives and weapons ; but by what means puts another a sheet of with ncor4tt4uase <'
Special ofth
.Attorneys HA8 executive Jackson's administra paper, analysis
lard During V
% McKs I'ofk and Hamis Butter and power. thvy.obtained the anvils he never could, learn.A '
SOUTB WEST TEItONe engaged In raising early Fruit or VexeUblw Che*)*!, Mackerel tn bartvU, half barrels ahe kit*. Codfl tiou, also, when the Whig party was so incensed visit was also made to the Osheba. Country affair; this sheet M then signe& liy huaf iI Vsabcbis4
.1: for the Northern MarkcU will find It to UiclJaekionville. SALE OF h and Herring Hlo nild JaT Ctft-ck) Tea, Broken and Ly the numerous official decapitations made by tbez goeo 1to
AGENTS FOR fit?; PURCHASE Old tlolirliott and Kvctlned Whukey, the iuhabitanta of which are also cannibals.- '
advntao t c1I os o sditre reflncxltiupir* the chf ; giv itytheiian
t ORXKR OF CEDAR i DUVAL r'Stfl., CttAM, STATE which arc ofl'ured by the pacKnge Ohly. tho President) Daniel Webster himself admitted While in this land food became scarce, and the ky1erkrthi5tTh&ther ,
n REAL Xov.3d-tf that policy and precedents were all on the !
: % Kfhg orjraniiocd a hunting On
d-tf. Florida.A same etde. aity. reaching of tho.:.packet,remoter jit$n4 j

Lot6in1ok54. Office of Ocean and Bay Street Bat Congress at a late session fearing the the hunting grounds, pita 30 foot deep wore dug another, who makes a report .of lie .insZysis.t V
: :r corttcr FAIRBANK'S SCALES.ALL and converted into traps by covering them with Thetbrte'cictnberaof UiBjirf -
improper use of this on the part of the
the fallen
power branches, over, which, was scattered cord the wlitk the V
ZSQVIZIe? MtUIIbII $''teacher,In a School or FamllT, by aGermtn .Jfrckf'n'ie, Fla. President, passed a law over his \cto, providing some earth, and the vines that trail along the wamitkl1 .
iihb it eitoctor *
Isn&ed. lie ha had rnuuyyear.t to |tt9.s1bu1irL It -tlrnminl... -
ptktian, lately that no officer shall be removed during a session.
ground 'woven into cf
were sort net-work
Iii RnIrlaItd, France aud Ocnnany, and fhir4tsbdon! upptlcaUon, either pw1 a ter'wtcf'Jiccept* brefeis
C. L. EQBINSON. i perfect inp ?revch stnit l v<* hy lotrer inuloalng TA11' to post- AT NEW-YORK PRICES, of Congress without the consent of the Senate, which formed, on 'incloeure. The men then groom am still V
.; O08. ege. AVIll atU-nd to the management of the K.tatr uf and that any removal made contrary to the scattered,, beat their drams and made a great
conclmd d and think
z | W50.000 non-rwidenti fUrniubinit 4l tracU of UtUj dniwlnif of the' should be deemed misdemeanor are 4mirried w4 o aet
7pnbq 1RT. provisions act a
driving the elephant into the network or UttL
collection andi through 0., Ih ROBINSON fob'what tie
; I dee othll subjecting tu legal into the pits, and the result was that' in three
UBNltTUBB, attorney*at WanhinKton, D. C., to the pnwcCtttipn th mtrrisg is ioei amaed.
; .CIt *. legitimate clalint againul the governiiMjiil. AO&XT i'wt TtiS STATS Of FLORIDA. and, on conviction, to penalty. Senator Sherman days-25 elephant WWB killed. The meat was Id. faq
__ _
7or.a1.b asserted on Saturday that this law was tough, and after 2f boon boiling vocceed* '
4 wABJt0 K To arrlr*, by schooner Alpha, a IHTW sa.ortmnt of T4-tf. ___ very
Parlor and Cottage 8ett,,IIi.44isdi,Chuirs and Tublw, REAL ESTATE AGENCY. not, at the time of its passage, intended to bear making it fit to be chewed Having seen IngthtpM$ ;yezi1j JI '
i SOME COMPANY OF upon the change of his Cabinet hy the Piesi- the cannibals and .in
?Vp -.4 a$t the Uoil Uood Depot,BUildttig. iNstmAMCE participated ,an elephant ttred in London; theatntk.fiaim .
: 1.brst.d Co TOjr h.Ay" BtOToU 8AtWW dent, but the wordsof it sontain 'no such exception hunt be returned to the
4 UNbEKSIOSED HAS FOR coast- and passed gut such headway thai thessj'!$
: Agent JbrJaduoariU*,. Apply:at the Ice-Home. MfD TIIK n4 on libewl terms vsriffli TaActs w LAsU J In Jei avo ,'Oon. and arc peremptory and explicit through a country so infected'with antsJn part*, dbstwyed,
of Jftck >n\illc,and eUewlwre,In East FloiVTill > Now this it stands ot the
: the Tldnity MARINE ASD KIIIK IKBURAKCE. statute, a* u a law that tho elephant, thetiger thegorilk- oven were unoo.fa .

: IMPROVED AND ? attend to tuying and ecllinf lands and Town land, and it cohtiiraeBWic'K'Until invalidated tiyaTxJtrjpererA the rats and mice'ran aw*y fron thorn. -flie!
UNIMPROVED BEDS AND BLANKS Office U. of Fg .yth and Ocean rtreeU-np The-President U bound
on corner authority.
., I Ixf, en the taort reasoitable term. I ants travel ia a contiauoa tine, and npo one t furoWi a V
,,IL. Y. FLOYD, Vi*
Sale BuDIKSON. It&ir.
for .th it. JflflC1 MflYl1flIhI nhaIy
&dJt1JF f4MiI __- -. a LH .iu.f ,,___ ftl ILScalkg, 11
.a'r 'rTtT

,"- .5 SSS. 5. -
'SI .7i5i _ _
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'*7 I' $ S.5". '
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se -' S S

: Io1itTi Ithin. The new Constitution seems to moot dcnce in the "Land of Flowers." Hay success 'act regulating the tenure ot certain civil officers. DEATH.-Mr. Brennan, a brother of,A. 4; E. Board, were referred to tho Executive Committee CLV.u1 tAdrc"z4.s &;tc,; JjJ j f *

with general favor all classes of follow him, and, as he knows how to develop ." > Brcnnan* Rochester, N. Y., who came to \ SCTREMK COURT of rm IJITf&

::4 among the resources of a new country, and build a Florida for his health in March last, died in Axcmnjunicatfonwas received from Mr. nibble WAptNQucCrrTJan.ts6e. ') V
Sixth. soizo the
:Jacksonville : our citizens, and its ratification 80 far town, M-O ad viso our friends who may contemplate' property remains will bo that .nndcr existing circumstances, Sm: Permit?mo to call1 jouTntte tJon te th*
His stating
: Vhiigratinj to Florida, to give his place aVb1t. United States in h'e TVar pcpariumSti.. this city on Thursday. enclosed rule of practice, adapted tyThe 8aircmo .
as present indicate is from the -
RC 7.'s isCa. appearances Seventh. Same as article first ana' fifTh.iglt.Same sent home to-day. During.;-hia 'sickness ho received he deomod it his duty to withdraw Court atjtho present tcruj, jind taroquwt "

certain. Of course the instruments Jlr. GlCiscn having; comp to tllis Stato'fi-om as article sixth. the kindest care and t' r-'Trn.' -, ?oartl of Trade. ;g* .-. hat you will toko measures to"pffMiali il'to th

.Republican State Ticket. not perfect, and of course there Virginia, where ho'had taken up "his residence '''mt Vd Tcnuu Same asu>thcKv articles indifferent S Oji tnotion: of1r. Can )', the communication members pt 3'onr'Bar.

l *? are men hero and there who are ready before the war, is now settled at.Fort Dallas, in form. t SALE UI' FtouiDATJ.. 1t0fl Thursday was received unanimously. I ImJctiU operation it Js necessary that-grery*
record fifcu in this office should! bo
Central accompanied
last the Florida by
and anxious to indulge in ill natured Dadc county, on tho boidcrs of ihe Everglades.! was 11 A. FEUXAXDEX, Soc. pro tern. by a prircipo to enter, the appearance of somo.member

iOTTOkA1JrY TE.E CONZT1Tur1ON. critidtsms'rtpoiritt iicpcrfcrtions: Some lie is cxpcrinicuUug in tho.cultivation.oftnopi- Change of Schedule-Tlio Mail the Trustees ofthe Internal Improvement Fun-l! __ of the liar df tlbr Sdpreure Court of

Tho Tchsacola; and llailroad triS for the sum of one hundred-and ten thousand -' 'i: 1r51-dc4th,1. States. .
cal fruits, and taking measures to set Ilo up that Georgia -.' he United r .
k T or Goreraor, are piqued because tinder' the provision portion of Florid-i. That his efforts will be changed its icliedulo between tjupicy and JackTbonvillo dolliirs :Tho: road was purchased by the first A regular -Beting o" the lkar4jof'Is1ewas Fpr y3nr to Her Information ''I cndostf a fcnn1of )

which requires one year'c residence for the now arrangement commtncinir yesterday. mortgage' bondholders and': is to bo leased to the Yicc-prcsiileni Clark in such pnrcipo. ?. *
crowned with success, if success is possible, his Tho train belt this evening,
pa&aongtr running daily Very respectfully,
f .flARIUSON'1EED & ( ninety-nine rears.CIIAXOE .
n voter. they"aro excluded frfcm th io1t Icno STFnofgy Tt'd *sufficient guarantee: 3fr. "4' .4OMM.1' k'1Th A* -l fcimfQr| -a.-- e slM.s '- -.-- -_-'- OUtfent !viYflt-, $

Dural County. and others'think it hard thai $0 amo Glcason is well known all through South Florida 500 at 12.40 r. M. ; loaves Jlonticello Junction The minutes of.iho last meeting \rcro read' 4 1,51, ,;w' tmxrc,

-. at 2.17 r. M. leaves Madison at' 3.5"PM., ..; arr OFrianiDCU--i lhBt'Atlnti& and .' 1. '
and has better of 4 ft > f anti approved.
..-- provision as to residence should cLcftiJoth'e'A probably a )knowledge our rives at. Live Oak at .3.22 (connecting rith tirSavannah Gulf R. R., has changed its schedule so that S. A true copy. ,,.r
Stite thftii new comer in it. Wo shall pub train and leaves ats Mr. Cardy, chairman, of committee to confer .
any )
PetS LIeuenant-Gorernor, : i frftn office. >.o2 v. M. ; arrives trains from Savannah ijpvr reach Limo Onk in Attest, \V M. P. T ocT,
t' lish, in TI fjw days, a letter giving a disiriptionof at Lake City at 7.07 and leaves at 7.17 with Captain-T-'ayno AS'to'dtxiLpng tho! bar, Clerk U. S. Circuit Court, Fifth Cfrctt; KortfiiU.

AVILLIA1I H. GLEASON, The constitution was framed for the Tropical Florila, written by him and add I.. st. ; arrives at 1'aldwin at 9.46( and loaves ivt season to connect with the trains for Jackson- "r ported tlukt Cn Uin. Payr.o proposed before cnn 1)ht. ala; "

.>.->() r.w.: .and arrivo nt Jacksonville-. Jl.ll mum) and T lUlfcco3fn-J.h ITfS: U.'K.r ]:.
benefit of, vh6 State and not to suit the efhod to the CJovornor of the State h t aving f.rr Sarnnnah toc<>mo hack awl 'woit '
of Dado ount v. H. f P' .' fninn;, JorlJsonVillo'-at 3 lt-5 V'v This iirranguiicnt will 1)5 most Welcome' to lrivcllersns ; K. CIRCTIT COCKT, CLEJIS'S 6figi,.|

particular ji"r"vi\idices\ nwl 'ambitions oi He wasonc :* tKu fin-t to call lhovaf tent ic.n d M. ; l.-a\cs l'.ild\\inat 1.14 r. M ; leaxes Lake thf 'Jjeceps'iy, : suing\ nearlyja (or one month for $1000, besides the right to do ST. Arnr.ttsF1uii, Feb. 17rn863, JSITUF.XE .

.I* the public to tho necessity of educating crloied (City at 3.0 ( M.fy\ ( L\O; IfrVv Jifr* i iconnwts it all the trw'ng on tho river. COT 'of nr. t'irruSVaITU.
For Meuber ot fcpjigicil, individuals. It looked to the greatest with the Savannah train goirig west whole day waiting at Live Oak, is thus obviated '
in,m and wrote a pamphlet upon that sub On motion, the report was received and tht- December Term. 1867. ,
for the humber and the at 5. lo r. M leaves Madsoxt.7.lG;
good grcatcct ; P.M. ; ; Rule \O. 31. 7/
C. It. HAMILTON, ject, which was picsuited to tho Virginia lygislat'.uo Kuv s Montiitllo Junction at $..G anl l anivcant ('iimIttet)4isvharged. .
1 'I'. .'l f' '' Notiec"rM/>tiofrs.OrtimJ ,
few who not suited huifeVb! Wntentto 'J. Appearance
-Jackeon"County.i'i :- are at Al<*.xandii.l": reCrnfleUdit"5t i. I.I i0* '.V ,f i(f fl Tallana ce at 10.25 j-. M., leaving f..r (Jaincyut Mirrnoni-r Ciifurii.-Divine service will Mr. Kixitbftiifcs offend the folhrvrr rcsolu- : That spon'tao'filin;'. >f the trarifcript -

iRKPUULICAX : give way to the many who .are suited. of ngiiuultural schools fnr c
? p.;. Mas meetings have alr.eV.jdJ;" Ijcf-Vi .drcn., In this pamphlet. hc.forosh'j' owol ti1' t thit This! ini7i6rtant"chango"h'.iould' t'ni'ef'ar iii 11 o'clock, A. M. llov. F. A. Dr.inih, T> 'rtoi' Jiffirni, That in a Mptin!* the resignation of Appeal tho nppcirrtnvfc of the wuttaifor the
STATTt EXECtTiVE tliern boa corresponding1 lch.'inio!; P. Dibhli') IIs: Uo time would Etfoil eomo when the cdloied )- will dcii\elfune'ral diSHer. !? !
1hoi'! "! !
held in several counties at whit't jeipic \ngemcnts. Ilen-tofoio the Northern - resolutions ten !lor hicnxiat.Lhsi ksf'rn; uniform actiyitks NP1 no motion to dismiss, except oft special a**
were passed ratifying the Constitution wuu'i! 1 beoop'o vrters. A!i bill Was intrjdui i> n'.ii!,. 'om soiao' nrjuvmnljiblo rca.wi,9ri J. 15. Jiii'kson, Jo, u L'reaiiliug Elder of th's and intcteftiiiJoVerv meEsurb which lookal Jo ri nment by the court, shall be. heard, unlesa

S p .. into tht T cgiolrturc (Virginia "provile foi < ;!! T. l.tM: fcnefiofii'Luo Oak fn ,faAinillr, conference dlitrict, who was: lately killed on the the 'fCanccrnent of our city ; and snSlPstill rcvunia notice has been f given tho ad versa

N. ,Q. DEjcjrrrTi of Jacksonville, Chaiimarw and pledging the arl- to the such a pysfcnl and to appropriate one half! the where road it to is dwlciUu I.i.- U'-Jc and and I then then ocnl west.i.:ck Thi-ovrr Kailroiid, butwccii this place-.and: Lake City': re'y' uj>pn his good plli-es ia assisting nsi in party, or the counsel or attorney-of-surh' .,party
? on sent-and future for o'ur cAnimercialprosperity.
>rt m wares A trim
E3LCnEzr, Jacksonville, Secrcy'flourcr. SUjIjOttlDf the regular Republican ticket the i iicrltiurl r'ciip due tho State for th.itpmposp. is goini; round yo-t dvio\yjo gi-t to -.utr month.Suh Cervices at 7,' r. M. *! bject, the "Xew j Attest.copy. WM. P. DotKRAT, ,

oiominated at TullahRs.scoon, tho 2.>thult. It was: rot c-luRd: however, a it wa: - Birth," 7th of a series on the lifo of Christ. RfxtreJ, That the Secretary convey td Mr, }'. perk V. &. Circuit Court,Fifth Circuit, XortKi

d and A-in.'Xfis meeting 'i is called to bo too ur in advance &* 1 l-'r! o at (that time. 5frCJ. :'if l an.l. has to l be ptopjir.\. U-- puts tho entire Scats fiac. .' -'u > ) i'i ?T. ,'J' TSTKAM Dibblothis resolution. era District of Florida. 8
foimtry vest of Jiv Oaf.) XwntJaur hours *' '' "' 't' .* lr '_,_'
0. 3L nixiLToy of Marionna.II. li.kl having Mr. Foster moved that Mr. Harrison Rood be S__' _'_ _
; : L.iS ) sinii1 jxpeiicrUja.B !:-gislator, behind in Iho S. I _
held in Jacksonville to-day, for the purp65te icrcipt at tFo.orLhruiiiail-ait! X"* "!*oK. Tho sailing of tho
EILNS,3L1 cf Gordon. i been in the lcgsahfc! oi \*" <:onsn nt dif imposition) no 1ofirr j to be tolerated,,,localisetVer TO ;added trf the committee appofif; d to dia'xr up a KTKOUOLOOIUA -

tiff ratifying the Constitution andtaking forent timos. Ilo ii.'tbo rluvLor c* Uio siTiaseuiticlu is no r.f.cci ity for it. .ly.! the present ar- ,bteanirr Flag from NeV Yoik to Fernandina is memorial to Congic'-s asking for n.ssibtance i or :: ---z---

IloBur.llExcnAM; of Monticello.F.j fuoanrcfl to secure- the success of in, our now Constitution", rnnnomcnt, fit!) Nihorn! rrtsil Lr Iiko City: idyertised in our columns, and' we are informed dre&go Iho St. John's Bar, and that the oomtniittee :. JAcko'tEt1M1rt.i%*.
: DOCK.ILLY ff pf Augustino :. tlio Itcp %bliran party. Under this tfiiTl passes f ac-e, goo.i to Jacksonville, sixty tb-t a U l( ji anv.Jias beca f ccciyod in this,city bo irvrtruoted to proceed at onto With L.6iwork. TM"weAtl for the T*,t wrcJji bin bevn cK ft$r M<,
vr m-.k." c.if whr{ it' is (distributed, and is refwnitl ill ioavy froxt at nl$lit but clear ami warn! in the dsy.

,Po3fl7Lr.. Srr.xtV.H'bf?.' .Laho I(Uity.Dr. .- the regular tickcl should bo endorsed, cir.\ui.i:s M. IIAMITroN th.' ri-\t i.y! Tho th-inxc demanded is to that: -the wimer acttUlty""Saflod, witli Ihii ty Carried,, "ji ThV Lowest tkerraoinuti-r nt 7 mT1f'4.'J.A. tr.'**)Mluw. lItW': Mr2 m- '

4L t. :j in.iKo ,b-ii\tw i Iho ofr-o! for Florida. passengers and a largo.ajiiQijnt,of freight. The of'-Mr. AVarrock that into S 'S. ,
% .. .oMLr1arn1' and meftstires feft' ''sc'ftt-rn' its triumph nominated for Jlember of C'ongrcss, w-n bnrri inIS'IO distributing On'rnotion we go $4 r.M. 5* 74. .
not Jatkpnviilo.! Lot 3tr. Ueixl, the jv.stngeut steamer expects to JUAko tho passage in thiet I. I' 3 V. M. 4*. 6B'Mr.iij -
J7 K' A. f in this &r tfioro is i in Clintvn county, Iezn's-Ivaia. an election for ajSsiotant an.r.taiy, yith salary- temperature fto the week-M.M'
county", .Ciu'o !tt nd to this matter forthwith. ;and; h.ilf. Thrpvgtx bills cart vo made .MO t 30.100.
.. days a The Barometer 'lets rxn i .J ; I At breaking out of tho war, in April C1 ho knows motion lost.
-1 I He knows as \\ol ns that Radicalism .
__ one way now to s> (Jure the 'sutac'ss of with the Li s/io Baker arffi{ rn1cr4'ots, ; bnd all! Am Hint of ruin dnrnii: th;week. o.nsoinp. '
of Mr. Smith the binuthoriwl
he eniisted as a priv.ito: soldier in the oth Itegiment !s a humbug and a fi.uid, that while the people "On mction Secretary >

Wo ar-surprise Jito, observe that our tho' Eepub ican pirty, and that is, to IVnnsjlvaniii [k'servo Corps, anil er may: st.uid!; a great roany things! they will not fruit and vegetable shipments will Ic I4oj.enly in cas ho is unable to write up the LISTRemaining OF LETflRS S S
h'.ind' ru pot!im bii) it ii to their ex'nef. o. \\*enolifv cartel for
ConservatiTt neigliborj the J/mwy, this unite the party, nnd 'so bring tho'combined with! the Aimy of tho Potomac up to 1SQi, hm llsal iho change ,,:h.ct ho made, fur b' (oks, to tmplt S"mo person to write them up.fcrj'irtontatinn in the Tost office at JacksonT3I >

wcek-holfitsiho namo df Harrison Heed strength of cvpry faction and Ho participated in tixteen battles nndwourtdol the j.coplf are dcieimined: nut to submit to 1121- l'KKso.NAit-77The: sale of the F., A. & G. CR. at the annual meeting, / blot lila. March 6th, ,186&I

for'Gorernor. every interest within it to' bear upon three limes. At FredoricKsbnrg, on' posit i.)X1 f >ir tiny individual, whether ;jxstm.v>trrat 'K., and il sesVioniiof the Supreme Court, 2tr. Cfdy; offered the following resolution, GKiCLKMfVlt LIST. iick1Jobn'tir.i'

the, common enemy.! the 13th December, '02, Ko was disabled. At tiluin.tfatksouvi'ilo: *'or what. not}' atiy lIng r.-1'G1+ j have brought quito a number of distinguishii which vnv? sidii4z ,,- *', f.Winffft H' nryiraTcrrthftf ItHrim N 'L '
t '
Ti' XIfcmreet. Norwood, Robert
this l-att'e, ho fell with tho colors in his hands, victors to our city during the pait vritkA'mong ; ft-jurd hits 'karncfrim' P. fntTcc ?

In pito-of the general approbation It i rcpVrtcd that the mule team," having Mi-itched them fi'oni tho falling sergeant, Mr. Kccd, tho. Special Agent, the Dopartment. them were Col.. E. llou.-ton, President Moody, the coUtctor.of this iliotrtit, that he applied n.d(1I.: .Rotni-lamrs NichoL% W P -

tvWic Cuistitution r'coircs. informs ns tliat in cons"e" <]tienco of complaints to the proper df]>iutment to have the liilUcllV It Mlleri.rrlrr "l
our now tsncburagoduy tlio indirect co-operatiun within several fc-et of the enemy, (in complimcnt -' from various. quarters" of the'ilelay J of of the T. & (J. R. R., Hugh A. Coiley' KqItegi'cr btiovs lafnrl fir i-o.itpmlil! the liar; that some C r.pric&th1if: ,- I.
vre cnnnot Jut admit that ono important of tho grumblers, will endeavor to turn of \\liich: he was mado Kn-ign,) and M. D. Papy, Tiv"iCo*. Ives, of Lake five }'joths have cl-ipscd, and tho chuiincl is C -J5iN",,JostfchCnb. Henry, Jr.3 t
Iho letter mail, ono day behind thi.nw Car
consMftatiou J ha. been overlooked. The this into of-destruc though t.ilcn prisoner the moment he fi 11. laid City, late of the Siiwtntme Xeics, Major Robot still'uiih\crko'l' thoreliy cndangcringthep.ivago John RClirk. 1tIcert.,, Cor.1hi .
reeling engine mail he adviVr-d t)
5.or the
to -
making up of vessels, affecting the safety ot commerce ; .J Vliiniuni't'iTn
of the 1'. & <>. R. R.
on the fieM the dead oflxth armies for Walker: Superintendent James flmith. Chatitoa,"
Jnstrumenl'provides for otily one (?ovqr- tion to the Yfirtfp; b}', if possible,' inducing among the Last Florida mail* direct to Jacksonville, theitforc, Tlioina) $.utt:, -Mv-J ,
Williams of ( Owen
five days and nights.' \. and Col. Joa. fortpur Speaker 1tr.u4ro1> That thoBo.ird, 'of Trade of Jack j'S.ri.ter
; F 1stodgeJck. 't
nor. j&clcsonviilo, alpno can furnish; it to nominate mi opposition ticket. and the Middle and AVtst 1'loiida Savannah, S
House of of Florida. would to the Superintendent J II I T
was then convryrd to.-im-i enjoyed for a the Representatives sonville respectfully represent ,
tiro or throo.. While suri a movement w-rnild bo without fir distribution. Tim w'a'd'f.Njd to some exIrnt. t>f Lighthouses, ic., that the delay Fripp", I mt' tTUioi Rlciiitril .,
., reason, tlio storied fehitntir1)) (?) bf Tjihby Tribon.Ho Farrt-nston, I>r J B Dion,
U and the Northern mails in noticed the Railroad
LiMur.u. ,
came through 1'ixr. en in placing th biiovs ia a serious injury to par O -S.
,- J. precedent in party ]history, i it would was exchanged in February and taken North would F-i>f* IJ$T.B .
anl ask that the Edmund !
bags djrtcfr; andobyiited mn h jf thocooipUini.In Wharf the other i\\.y\; some -very large timber commerce, respectfully Green .t -
The time of tho election for tho ratification -
Jack -
also bo tho flag of truce boat "New Yuik \\hii.-h bo Uerumeill. Pr
disgracoful to intelligent on ners->.irv biioys pLiccsl ais soon as possible.
every eonte |nonce of Ihj.tLunois of the jress and Ono plank which we had the curiosity mcas IL Ik>rUB4-Mrs* Iiry =
of.tliacbnstitutioh aad tho choice had brought down from tho Xotthto City Point, -. l.rsolrt',! the Se-Tctary transmit this resolution Dnvi!I otIl1untiitou.
who should take in the Hill. <_
Republican part indi\'dials this and frir-hos wifo/'G ia'cht'S thu1'and 5o
nrrangenicnt vas changed tire wn-s,2U / to the Suj'erinttndcnt of Lighthouses, Caiii'.CoTunMf tCooi -

of State officers, is not vet settled. The bolt, and if as would be not unlikely V"a., five hundred* rebel ladies. the Norihein mails are now distributed at Savannah feet Ling ; containing, therefore, 27- feet board A-c. ., T i 5 5Movelbj iIct'fortt. Oerg iS >ir. M1w F'M DFcUjr
InOctobr (63 ho-look '"ficnrh .le.-ivo" OfChctiliit m1,1kiu'.n.Jiio:
Convention fized the date,,Upon the first if tho movement thus inaugurated and aro di-ta-ned! there for that purpose ineistiro. Ono picco of "(?uat c .
1 Hill 'in still, Philadelphia ( L -e '
Monday, Tuesday t d Wednesday in should the over one train. So that all the mail matter for tired 12 by 16, ami was G6 feet in length. Al J2f gain nny strength party u 5ng 'citrtcho.<, \\hich tlio character of hi* j ? j V.lnU ., .
to-wait tin- ciii'oii.s and
od tho PnttfHsnt It '
on t'i'amvi'i i
J.u.k.-on\illc is while freu from by Lang.
delayed1, the lumber waj;
but Mrs Luda GIk.
May next, a request,-vrasafterwards should thus bS defeated, these men wound: made necessary for a, year,) and, reported solicit subacriptiotis-for the ptirjxiho ot iaakittg I-ke.'it 6-2 KHaur.lpri.llr
that for Tallahassee suid wr tis icjvtd by thy(; shakes, and with very few knots.Ve lindt-r- cw- nl
made to Gen.-'Mcado to alter.tho time to would bo to the for at Washington, vheiOi.ho) was transferod by : improvements at the ejitranoe of our river. LTdi.k, F TVUutun Mn IL 'V'
responsible country samo trpin it would! be if di'tributod at Jack'inviHe. stand it cafno from Drtw'g Mill, on the Suwan Win.MrIJ I 3M
Gen. Meade's order has not promnlioii to u lifutenancj1* in the 9th licgiiivnii Carried and, the (. ir appointed the follow AmeliaSimjrkins
ApriL yet
the shame and wrong of tht defeat. -{ Jt i ii n ret rcef! to ths Jacksonville flee river, and -is d.-t'tirUi 1)t Massachusetts ,
Veteran Reserve C.irp.Vo I"n.J" I Vary
been issued, but our latest advices uiako That the "mule team" proper,-the jot office lo Lav-j thodfctriliutkA bavannali, S'lorid.i is lcbr.itod for its lumber, and it i ii : M .ely'JacobA 5-'_-S._
in no oilier instance werosoldieia tcaiibfci red by banks. I ; --- -
it probable that lie twill decide upon who thor .u no increase of pry \\i allowed fort the extra conceded cannot bq excelled 1 b\v zs ny Stto in the -
t demagogues were recently so piomoiion to bo an opicor in tha.corp-but, NEWS.
May as fiicd by Convention: and labor cf distributing ; hut if1 the mails came Union, cither forq.'rintity or qnalitj. Florliln Coiireiitloii.Srf9 MA1UXI
defeated in the Convention
oughly on the contrary, the rank was at that time invariably
Constitution. hrough direct to this office, ir'll the mail smatter th' "expulsion! of BilHnqs and other

1 proridcd in tho 'VI .. should bo unred( by revenue and disappointed reduced. Ho was. at once appointed fur the St. John's river, St. Au sKiincand Jack- KING or 1'.tiic-Dr. Swift is here with his ntdic'
f Judge Advocate of a Genwal Couit Martial, in counsels pievail. Ji concert with Governor
- ambition to take this course, is sfjnvillf, and the Florila Ualjwivl'iv9uld; : boilc'ieTe great remedy, the King of Pain, and every tty* IwI '
\\hiih and that.of I'lu OHlecr of tr.r Walker ami other loading men of the State .
We undcrsiii that Bmtr i ;V,mjd '6un bo Sif-n in font of the market hoLe, curing Cunvontioii seems;trf'Iio! staiifling' aloof from -'S-sclir Cliru SDith. Xw Vork. J \V 8')tl.
District of Vf 5naiott the Stafi'ol March t-rtr Cilj 1'oiiit, Adkins Chnrl ton, JetYstarrh
toen found with our report jf the Statt the fulfilment of their many passionate Military R-J ; on that for the v.cot would go.out the LI.U. Hiy; the afHictcd 'reo'of cbargefo'prove i the cfiicacj :n ilE'y! ; pr'pa'lty intlucnas, and! utlopting,6utlnuasur's a,
(the ilitary Governor, he alternated until tho rnul tonsiitiitii nal to iId'if' Manffiold Entfrpnze, J. Clark.
now' icav.cs Savannah. : provisions as 2- 'tr
dominating Convention because in re- that it of his medicine. Tho Doctor) from long cxpriunce. "- York, Chaj. W
threats made the late contest Small. New
during District was abo1i.lic.1 ia U>o.. latter pait of 'C I, command tLc trspcct! of all! persons whom part March 2--M-br llrnitioo.

gdjn ihi taliota'ast wo pu"t under but that well meaning and patriotic whon ho was again aiponto.l; Judg'j Advocate claims more than ordinary ability in hi piojn'lices do not llir.d to facts, or swerve from Hnrilv, A 3-M.lir Son.ilareli M T WillinshAra, yfUUpcliaiiy Xlibwnia.
PAtTI r lKMUiu or Tin: and for -S.
or A labored
has make '
profcscicn, years to duf c<. 5- tIt ''* > "*:
thp. general head scattering, al men, influenced by mere potty piques by Ci<-n. Dent, other-iii-law of Ocn. Grant> The Hen. ]'!. :D.i I Howsc, a merul r of the Convention himself a worthy mimlx of the f acuity remains yet to be scon.5 *hat the Constitution March 1- chr W I* MmStnfS..NCW'OrtY. S

except those cast for Mr. ] ced.. No and distrusts should loud their aid awl and served as such until the Fall of '6 i, when ."from Jlmion courtv. diL in this city is to IMJ. and what should bo d-ne with it, DitL'le. Dixie. LnFTiIlarL .
Considering it the duty of physician tdo M3ri 4-ntcam yacht
Mr. Heed ho was ordered b}' the Sue-rotary of War to report on Sti'ti- inoining last. 2Dth February, oltvphoid every \Ve ares not (it' tho.-o who wit! go with am : 4-.i.k.p, t-yncb. I'oflfraFrowCMan.Uastrlict s.
gentleman except received encouragement to such a suicidal movement pre'imrmia. '1iIr. H.I was a native of: all the good( he can,and)5'roTnrJ.qfJite u s much : atty'fo'oKtixmej m ('ni"LiT1L gwl'aniba tor; CoXitler, Chailcitott, Jefrey S

more than one i-efc and fs" wo did not is 1 oih unnatural and' disgraceful. to (Jon.: Howard for a-ii;nmcnt to duty in Cf.iilsden; count-, in this State, and hfnl several a-j jiosMLIe-.cvory, great cure, h'j i i"t publ and I, bcVjirso it is net it' ci-r fni' 1htthis: t &Murch ir". 5-ftr Id' 4ie BaVer.t. lR. w, Savannal. -. .
tho Durt-au of I/fu'jves{ ; and Abandoned I.:ind t'm' S item e'f-cio'l' to thf Logisl.irurc ot 'Florida.Ue :
; ..stio ('..flflIit well lo clisad wili! tether tlioso of i-- yu.ttt J>:xk-, Jrrm.ird. IUl -ruia,
suppose that the scren gentlemen thus AVe trust the reports to which we have RcjOs-ting to (ion. Oborn, then A"s. tant Ccmini ,\\vvs a nK>i (:Jf lar o heail, ot fine Jit'iii.'ss private d'prriMs his King ofErs". (Olliiliours the I'e.iubt an <>r DeriuK.i.itu.uty.\ JtisaI.OITK J 41.q-k. '.
: and )1.5-1 l will bo fill in tl.o sTlion.vlcie at the Iloiiic from 1C to 1J. dailyl'of lL reh -str l.irtington,UtiHJc J iUrpri*, J. CUrk.F .
highly honored would care about having alluded are without fourrlMku. >.s.oncr for) thio S tto, C'-i'.t. II. was a' nt-tj quLlit: :( s, ; Tajlur > ii-a'iV. \hiL the j '!iit'tl !1t' has n-oid-.d for the larger pat of hii -' --- c.D-: -S
--'r---- : < : .ttiu' X-uth! and l iranN and ..
that honor recorded we put them as is to lilly at Mariasri.,; Sub. Asf.! Couiaiis .tnerof / 'CL-f
at live life. >>;. > ,t .. .. Ofl1't Tra,:e. liAt :Icn' gcgncs b'\l>* !ing on tlu> mirf.u, w **>hould ,b i3--<-hr V-irlia. ?i ith, TJ. .ton. / W Pcrf '
usual under, such circumstances, under .jtt4bcafl ;naiIintIou.I tlio DlbtiictctVc3t; 1'1cridawhuto! hc.nervcd J Jl us: b.ily It ft ilofaUy's: tri'-in fin- his homo reg'ilar meeting of the Hoard 'of 'Trad"/1 l.ok to or ,-t-r'- -iirl toiul.'tion, and not li-t Muff"i7 -,Htr. iriii'itw! ,1n.k. Entcr"rize.J-' <.Tllarch '
"We g'ife' below short fcl'e'cl 03 of the candidates until the l.otlx cf Jananry l.tbt.Cijt. .. near Ocal.o.) accj>uiunid[ by hii son-in-law, Dr. th'ir giai'5rin-l' : lot Ly bi': 'ing-i > di v."t ns frrn I fftrt'ity' l\iiitiAaViiiJ .( *rteLaJetr4- 5 _
the head 'of We will &r..t
bcattcring. ' held in tlvir room, tiLe 20th of Tcbruiry, ISO!}.
for; kt'-ito' and C igiesLThna1! olfircs, a- yH.fniltoit: has been, promoted \ roc : 'nt loratf, fcr-lf-prf-'orving nation. I/t us think March !--ftbr Compromise. Perry, 'Nuw Tort, F.Marfh .
all :'the if the '.T.t John Clail I in therhair.. -
gladly publish names, Yi.fcsi : before wo act, and then act rnen-U'.terminod rTt k' '
nominated by the Republican Nominati C4t- i.'mcs "1)r gvHaul.nM, Enjrrnrz% .7. CIsr..
gentlemen desire it. i iTho Tin: PI.NTII; :. Oinu: K/U SAi.r. ri.e pio- Y.:. A. Ftrnttnclcz wv'qi,5Ic'4 ft act as sec- 'o do or !if. C'onvaleiong and!., w.rJ at thi' Mirerr l-triwn liu'. rr'iasrt.JIit-vrni*.
ontion : tlic war, North eompel to tako bfA'! tntl in- Jcn Ijik"O"re i'.
1. r \ "' pri( ti.r o' the 'r.i'laliif.-i-o hitiinl wC.,iti his Cata''Wiinent ret.TV. : i 1 1 ;.,,,. Msn-: ** st'Ii'y.! ;: m
IitIzOX! nEED, He was iiiustcrcl :nt of It* fiTvicchavini, : l tiSr* Fa'o :it a price l lsf than POP d p--i.l t St-'c nrtifi, rind wO >}honM hive an :Mar -.iuio1'.T' .1 !\t Cor4"n,'Itier;i'iw.
of ( h. rrdcr Mr. llu.e, I.onllar.tMarb.
li'-ports coramjttrcs bt-ng .H rlvC 't vh ,absorbing topic interest in.our noTirinjtcxl: for fjDvcrnor? was ktfr rrKngland N'w served six jtar-j in tho Auny, on the first of! :.j:ill': tltu amount of the xv 'rds of committee
( chairman
Northern is the of impeachment the 180- S. O. No. ylG fron Htalni >!:ifn ilnriaif-ft tJior one ol the last U-.o } ,vrV" ?-" on d.'ing'the : wo are in a p 3'.tion to tako u high Iro.
and served to by
news au appr-Ulirxship January, Prank
progress I1zz8t TJ Ru-,f.ivahrtah,
\ hive rM'hr citation in pronouncnig it oYir>fho ,bar, repoitwl progro. and stated, lhit: 'ap'ain j.iart' in the !.ifiily i-f J-'tatia. Ra Ii nlism ii r.-ti 9-'tr : ,

dnd tho condition. of affairs printirrgbuaineESin Vc nnont, um r 3Ir. llouirh-- 1 irttr' of the Arry. 'iHo .( niDtl eomjifo* ( printhg} cfli'cs ij) ..llorilaV'i l ;'iyne: w.ii about iMdy to try tIi cipcrimcnt.UndThopcd su'j I o Iiig froituur mdst a.nitiie! trut riu- to ,". -' -' j-i ''_- _. .
in Washington. In spite of the fear ton, rfcAv CT late of the <"s.vl6na, ?!1. Gazette. In was .vl..fitted to tbc Bar to practice Uw )Jn lt,41)L'jIijt of tyjie is rxtousivojiud ampl < ? dOb at'lc-rto nike .1blo ullfatona- : no ui'a' zi'verxinitht Lnct'Jl'ru .. : I-: --

1836/thfen jnit entering his m'joiity, Lo nniqrated'to' in Iho Courts <,f this State in November last.A for any win Ic, whHo ti.3 ]>i Ovscs-tv lion Itailwar,' ; bt srnuC whom j'u'liie tr"ntimcnt -
$o freely expressed,'that, riot and blood (i nijoii ha'.f-uiC'lium, Land and other j r-'scs- report rl th' next forced t tp, bS'.v tn it, and! iti-> yot-tr> bonun 3cwtr.

shed would fallow the of tbo Territory \Yix-on'.s"n.. In 187) ,'\,1 u (U hi' til-si il.vs of ll.eiikii d, Tljc neu'spaI"T ; Mr. WarioJkrgavo pot i t11it .- " th.'y wii* lvHtl "j'On if : VjTc rieno .

upon attempt ho established( th 3lilwank Sffffind, tiA oklf&tNVhi ValunWe Ut.oli Iiv a KJorida. Author.j. ; enjoy.= a Lijj'i reputation, has a. K irxl '( ircalation at the nek'cVu d th'o tdn fo jui phet ami cannot prophi-sy. anti vill. not B. flEBNPEI .
the President io rcnioyo 'Stanton and ilo xio'cnce' to onr'irason by taklnj a pvsitisu'nin >
r> in'\Visconi5n, and'ArtrT thsttjmpvS,4r and a krgu Ailvtrtisfn'g and job p.itronThp ; -
/| apcr ; .nt'.if .< i. ." j. (ynr attfnti >n has baen'C-all".l to a mat-little ; would move to amend so much of the constituiTl which time ate and &
facts must
,, ert present tous GP.hysfcIa3Dt-
iTl I 1 lj Surg n
the determination of Congress to imp wiTh the ,ia that State iLO. -_ (
ho connected ;
was press voh'irt, r. rpiM: "t by our town mm (J. Thnrs* indueemonU ,i'rrtl, to'an cmtc'rprng as rogardj tho election of secretary, ana as they,&T
&cn, fho President no eu'q tcrribjoconsequencea until 1861, hen hd was compc'slod to seek a frji: Cih.ii.-, flf.} 0rIntiMdniit of Kdupntioii.' nan, wl'o: wi Lrs to live :Lrc'ta a gorreious, hi- that! there ito an assuitaiit svcManrcluctftd ; and' .'': _'. ,i-; :"' '.;! L. Stan
have yet'resulted, and asthii ,Southern climate fir the kn fit'bf 'Ms cnf rVe< fur rat flitf'U5' 'cirri'latioir v'o believe, entitle] {! \ iff, aie |-xtn'puy! liberal, 'raih ijuto to insure that hi.s dutj' be JfT ith'fhny pcrform"d, Difficulty. iCtVeefl Hie Prf iJentand- Sec- O\1.\S*imv wTv.k&Txleft I/EnsIe.ffAt.llKj, fnrt1.s the dar, resideixe otUt.JolmT. .

wife. At the outbieak of the wAV )hK wa-r :asc'uto -.' (' Per'dtLflu5, ;sm'l' the4abn to ill-! 1 iult..; MeCnlfocti. Gili2iLaip1Fht. .
IhY)1lU, that ho bo allowed of rotary :
fit excitement, gradually.s b sides *i 'A Manual- **&* in-V (O tta. es f.r a yeirly salary 'r'- -

these fears are subsiding. After the oditcr.of tho UcpuLlicon: Sat PPl{ ur it L'IQ thorn IVjjilf, of the Ho'ii'h.1'1'! '- t ooK"WR-s' ri"ti !"WVt Two* 'thirs, .! of the .pviro.. i I. ,/' a'-'vod' pf/ f./r Jiv,tnc.% ofnremaininij f .I Moved by Mr."Cram; that a copimitleo Le A rumor is extensively circulated in tho city' 7. 5 FdiB"SAfiSj-&

capitol of"Wisconsin. llcearafeSfnithlo 1 >d at tho (Hvenimcnfel'rint.iug <)H'M ir W. hfington :ili 1 l'ewirt'a t lie piitl ; c..s.--tho no- appointed by thoiVcsidcnt' or i this ii l'c.rd to that u heriuus misunderstanding exists between ; -. "- -
mble! lassonof'the.tastg conf1thReI4eof and there resided until th'o winter fcf186i the 1'ie-i'lert and the becretary of the Treasuiy FURXITURir OF A CEN
oifr tliiiil the expiration of SAL.\XCE Of
ington ot Ji TILE
i ia do.licatcd to Gen. O. O. ITcwi'i) midi : j ar.Ihn I;;w.iit uponJl'Mloncl Sprague, and submit to Mmtho of the latttr of KnjrlnTxI e. .r. ,,
growing a disn-gard by tii-m.m coins to :
this ibJ slow when he Florid Tax .Ml'iito demands] of delicate con itutinn
) ; a
cotnfry'wrn came i as UW rai,. .
Jenny T.m.l BvtuHtFaiT.
y hiro eommendc-d /C a handsome ijittodnotonnotv. in''portance and necessity improving; thrcntr.xncol ir.stri'ctijiis in rtforuie to :ti propo l cluing One iincd AValwit ,

to take-up arms agaiii/'an/' .yo uc' 'trifle and located at Fernandina until the surrender Wo liVlJevo the original deign i of i}*> For Inductinf-nts nioro-uctito recently;'mjilojinnnt oll'-ttd, and the cxtraoidinary, prorietor|) to I to the i SU John's iirert/and a'k.hisopiiuoiurV in thO rvxnagrment otf the New York cmtomhovsc. la! -soc. Mahogany/rsdn Ujn ttj mus Snrrior

I as ompialoss orretitii of power when ho mcvod to Jacksonville, an< took' 'was to furnish the pr-oplo of the- South I t'C9kt fe'i'-h' cmjiloymcnt in Ivmtntky, are the regard totl.e best mode of procedure ...Tht6tocyr.ty> given, is to the effect that LOCK-STITCU SEWING MACHINE,
himT-lf some div.tii.f4Ctioii 1 was uxprcsMxl with"the uianagemcnt Sinre! W&nnt Th'aiI.tmu1 ndrallia";cp, one V>>!nttt
by: ;raanj,Vfiom no class"5B'poctsi; purchased "property and established who are constructing school-hMi, immediate nlo.-v : .. .h.
116 has since been ths of the P. O. Department i,' :
Agent v\ith diiections and do- sacral mcmliers of the Board McCullS'"* duculol >n a 1iii.iy
l-y thereupon
plango the country into anoiJier civil cottages, fiimplo'inodolfi; was Secretary uiH 10 t3ofN ctivtiK. at )f.. itet'uti wbart..tI .
and Lcn aci'i ly engaged in tho cstablishment -- --- :y7 of otlVj officials. This fart becoming ,
1 ; : its aiut change some
< tails so as to enable anordftiarj moehanic) to put on i ac5L.'ge, lost. ..t'S.
strife ? / : : JauSsonville vicinity.PiiowNrn. knownwa3 orWAinu.ctcd to tJw.Lrcsi- I .
rtSiil vico- in tho South. '
of the s # fc 5- PARTIES
and iaVediflee Moved '
t coi) truct a'rioat sitsf ant suitub'olo ( by : Cardy1that a commit' be hero who desired '

The matter:-will t be peaceably eel tloit Mr. Reed tfa3 fllvrnyf-i' WL%: until that part our 'tiinatc'and tho means of tlio mass of outpeopo. ;appointed M draw ui!! ni mom-iriol. to Ic nt to dent by to certain eH lho.'clu'ngo interested paities referred to., fc'ecreUry. .TXcsirine pi pn
>y Congiosi a4ho;; uprbmo Coult, was dibsclveJ and the J pubVan party was establiJiod Mr.-Chvsa has succrefl'id n this, and.much .-On Thursday last' a colored man CongreiSjjaikitig,for an-Apprpprinliou to borxpondod .'cCulloiU-.MT,3 instrut,ted by tlic President JLy 10 caltattheoirqoftfe tf LOKJPA. L.tND-AOENCT.

ichaso1deciit on it* ruins. Us was ilwaya a conn'sIpnt'hnd named Urico, of OainrsvJnc, whi1o'goi'ng on )'in' ''tho/' '.7 to take nOTaetioj. with regard to the matter tor J. *. .. .- iti *
and we 1jg willing to await more, hi this volumuof hty-thrco: large improving cntrttne 'to tho.ItJohn's J ?
earnest oj>ponerrt of MaVery, and as ; board the fete-am y.-n-ht Uisic, fell from tho gang the piuent ; but it' i isr"siiil: that despite this re- -o o K ,' V "af F1o .n ii5A TIO xJ1
clostly: 1riutrja''s. If treats 6f"lho"hiibji.ctsuf i'iveru&il report tho satno to this Board
[ letter to dcslraWc for ile in
hodispUcliotl a telegram or a the most propt-rtT.
and drowned iiuitit eoucernins
Ut Consritutrjnrl CorS-cntjoii of way was ,
,. of the
a.- J L1Ttcn : mcinber cold, heat, V'crfM.VfionMa'-s of"'hftifri, aichitcetu'rebuilding __ / 1 ; at itp nest, meeting VSt YorK about \Vodn day last, ordering the E.ut Florida, apply to I.. F. IlKWEY COJJ -
K.Utu Broker .
t.J iiTtr c his fdvcral'rH id 10 tf Keal
Wisconsin, in 18J3, matcrnils nnd :llu-ir prcparfiition After interebting addresses by Messrs. Cardy,.' [lrn.ngc. '
The Boptiblican" ticket nom w11Y vokii Hi OIMTH OF I'l-j-.i-ic TiASits''-(Joncral Jlun- tt'e Secretary1
regular w s one of 22 minority in4hat tody The parties vorkiflgj'
tiu32ot and expanse of bnildnig, economy Foster, Cram, Eclls, Warrock, and haling, thjrecolution %
for the enfrancfeiimcnt of the colored! man! dcc, the newly-aripointctl ItogisUr of 1'nWic this mutter'gained ah idea of.v.'hat, had been :
inatod bL1p.tatqJo ; iition ;ero.. has : ton known ralicr.l: in building, location of buddings, h.aio tiees, 'Luidn, turned to illihiEsco: last week; and was put and, carried* ,and Messrs. done, and finally scc-riTed a copy of thp telegram OFFICE OF THE AMLICICAX LAW TIMESi tf
sania, AC. *ta possiblo ,,'pvery eoptiop.f always a* a republican draining, paving, fencing, &c., -frc : assumed the dntios of his oflbe. Sandf i BOH,.Cardy, Cram, anl! Kui* wero appointed or letter uhir confirrac4 their suspicions that TUB_ JouRJlli.3V A* (tHrToCTiTprixnDiuiti>if T;T,ru.
Florilljilui stood tHe ; ) '
and in us t
the State. 'Tho Governor is taken ,evcr Tho volume ia handsomely illustrated with said conpicUteo. ? ,, the J'resident's instrurtit had not bcou obey S.- ,
> of .135 rights the Irtiflmun and aaa4w<>rtatoof J ed. The result'of their inVcstigrtionrrfi commimicattl TO ML WHOM IT MA T CONCERt"liii' .
: | Woodcijt.designsof8oi'iuinental as well as'cconomicil ( Sir.xia.-TlioCorititutinn 1ms now been iMoTed'Sy fr/Cftwly, Chat rules bo"suspended '
fromJo&t Florida (hXLici{ Governor: : [ ; ? VTitLu P.
( impartial( Buflratje a1deqiat lats-s.1 'lho to the President, who tnerfop >n scnlf ; ii; loiuaicate nn.1 to trtifv that

froaSt uthiFloridA>:andthQ Member of firt? ctition'cver prccdnVcd Wa'shington in ; sch'.wl-hoiiscs, cottages, outliynbca, framework sign d by every 1 n-oiuLir' of the Convention 1 11C1)t cx1 and that Mr. T. (Q1, .Idon bo elected a for Secretary ilcCujlloch, and hid;, quite ajpngthv I10CKB4T.Cm-uit ant Ki Dwtrict., of St.Clourtr.AuvitetiiMJ fc tfec, tlondsi.J rthen Clerk Judicial.of the

gVound plans nild devations, and also of Cap E. I). IIowsc, who was provcntod b'y* member of tho Board. Tl-.o motion being put, interview \ith lilraj during Ihich it isr undtirhtooJ O trjct of, i is the sOlC duly authorizwl Aftent of'

Oongro&s frpj iVwt Flbtda.: ;| Beypnd buhalf.of: lhojcolore'1 mahVnd sj acd by thfcin,, grounds, garden's and furniture adapted to the "sickness and death. I wits carried unanimously. that thcro' were mutual rcpriches, thee ." AlwfRfcJiVtAW' Tuns," and Journal. of ttRICJB. .

this the selections was drawn by liitA'ih 1863, and the first scrie* ,, V/ -' protesting against the unnecessary mterlbvonee Coot ts and "iFttments," in ,aid diMriv* .
are iptrtuliarly grati- of retry 'CUXTON
nwiissilic i'ii'd conVeniuncp tho people. We There being no further business, Poard adjourn : Y ,
of resolutions rflopted aS a public meetiny < i F : < 11 ; and the President complaining of the M:r gin "? A ZOgards thD dcter aiicl ser! jiulguthid'itcontiun: largo amount of-valuable 1' Si-rur"j: Cofitr.-Julgo Douglass, of tho SuItremo -. od/ E. A. FKKSASllfefcJccrcUiry /, 'i' disregard of hs instructions, and finally rtmark- : ?S.. 13. JC tier CL K-. E. f). a.

i icu xf.th0: aOinioees. liemsSlves, and! froeJmca hi Jacksonvill w"A drft'wh'by him. rnration' thff tulyVcts of -which it Court, Judge li.ikor, of the SuprcmdJourt ,. / '' '. cu teta. t ng, "ltI/ (;t d, who can 1 trust !T* The inter- 1 )-ave of thit Jnckonvillo.-t'ty-otatJTWJVd' receive Mr.'f-oluinbu ulwcripuon Brewer$ leT the
yrubab1y Jno throo "nfen- In the State treats, arid that by attention'to its suggestions, / an-1 Judsjo Putinan, QfthOCircuCqurt, '. :' ; I, ijACKsoxrru.K' 'view is rcpoited to have occurred on Thursday a!hbve city work, arid nmiitf jfor tP f VV *? mror WUl1I Ia*
H. OLE.VSr ]I'Vidiy, and the breach, initial of having or U>acwmmo ato jr.ttujbcr*
IYM. ,
I 1 by our people, the inAhv thingir in jrJs country aro holding a term'in Jacksonville.JlEKTixo. Feb. 2ff, 1868.
eould bern selected wlio.. .wouldmore'ialrly boon healed, piomihcsto grow"wider indeed l, it
I baTe nonrtatoj fir Lt. Govcrn r, is a Civil Engineer if t'of Florida.A .
that now sliofk: the. taste of sU/aVigcrs/ at the ,A:called meeting of this Board was held at is r'cmbtod in iw>litiealcircles that the Pxesidcnt Agent for the K ei tliern Disti t

,iye ittbtfho expectations and Surveyor by profession, Ho ha3 present tinn
I nod *tisfiod,tho 4euro of all classes of: spent most of bis lifo on thofjonlicr; ,cf the North of thrift, neatVibds order., There j in nothing' Hrans is called by a': midbcr' of citizens, to bnhtld fn tko Chair, E. A. FernandoSecretary Cabinet ofti'er/aid will! at an early day send to .t I # .' J I A I

\\*< t, and 1ms had large fipcrience >n nettlingup -' tho Sonata th* n.aino of a prominent banker of B
I tor dti m town8.t'ho
sutiis; ftdherents: it has nny.JJJWiiEeod new countriw and'in'baildlng up new and desirable, ws comeliness and neatness, the ratifying the Constitution and taking.inpafuresto The minutes of' the two last meetings wore 0 2 1 KTB.-CKAM, ]35y street
Eau Claim Trite J' M.puWibhod j ; at hi j / *,
IB knbvfti'pbS in wuno indications of ittdntry and prosperity, and secure thoeuiceirg of the llepublican party. road/'and Approved. t f /. ,' > r [ T TUB KoU \ J QcFgrio Kumora ire current -
$ tfclj former homo ia "Wisconsin tHu/epoiks of him i / !
3Ir. Chase ha-j tendered1 tHs people a valuable Reports of Committees boing in ordor, the in Paris of tho resumption .negotiations foe a OP-orlc ,
[ .eonbut,41 tlirotg/! State W. II. Gleason; ono-of tho original proprio- conference between Prussia .Y', and Trance A'l'.i1 i!
&i service in that direction b' pViBjj' this littlo. COXVI-.XTIOX ycuii-.-Tho iJtato Comptroller Commit dn tho Bar alihmitUfl their i. E ji
and1 efficient worl fife'bo* tars of thin'city, ji paying bur town a short 'V,UrcdjWig. ? *- t -, vreport on the Roman question. 'hbtof. thfs"neg 0
i )tiation if said to be-the evacur.tion of Civita"cccha i'orkforiatclObY 3, JR.Btt8 -

fclljcrf mocurtng for the StatetJi juetr Gfcct welcome-and it meat bo a groat Mtiifactioii to the special tax for the payment of the Convjntiou [ Oa motion'efM'rV Fueknijiff- \ \ bHie Fienc1! the arrftnij'lftfj[ ; the Papal S.

turn to witness the rapid'strides of improrm&htLkat Iiupeaohuieut. fortifications and witk.renun.
BSrlari tincom- expenses., Holders of tificatcs.a.nd. bonds troops I -
IffOTBrflmotitand That committee! bo to
haVe been made, not only in tbo city bijt Jlr lBoutwcllj from thoImceachment Committee Rohojvcd, a. ppinjted und the protection of'thW coast from' OirrrtIdkns )*!-,
**. -T- ?? liould not sell at BACrifico the rr'onoy-will confer "with Capt.' Paine' and i "if hfc
a ns ascertai ,
&W1)3) tho" since His "said tl'kt'tliy s4&9. ,
pubThan,, a thqpxiptioaof in tWentire; valley 'of Chippewa, articles aad spocitlcations of by a French fleet. It i 'even ,
onemiesi' or SntTadvent hero. It is scarcely ten yrs since presented bo forthcoming to redeem them at''mat nity. WtulJ.Lnjkc a thorojghoxporimjntof"d3pcn|; basis has been actually agreed upon, and by -11.. B. CRA1T Bai street. 9Jt
ir for Ttersonal- Mr. Gleafe>rr/Mid our* fellow, townsman U. F. impeachment against Andrew Johnson. We,. ing the bar, thltt stall give al 5ast twVfoet'aaditional.watec.within'the that 'ratico and Prussia have guaranteed the _

u 'U, personally popular, Wilson; foUord .up the Chippewa rircr'ujxjnQ have net uphco fct the whoo'document, but thb' Apcioyxj.f-OaSnnda 4fl6rno n'list Robert uccc&sful in that additional c t'sixty days ,and how i tomp'oral power of tb.a.4Qe. aiv that'Italy is .I'J 51 : l T.A .

: Mr Indian trail tiJ thii now flourishing city, and substance wal; ? ab follows : '' Ro'yd ftysdalcgrandsoriorC6I.; it.'r'.l'ioyd getting' dqpth; to receive, compcnsalioii, atid"France to have ? : f.t *
much would ho aWa'a lAroinunoration. lIons.
y tkthorpeo ; pitched their! tent and-commenced laying out a > 41- i ( Luterhborg' hut of the latter part of this ro.port' A good Ilc'nsa. For mlejy rcnli a Saddle
First ; .order for,thu oif this city, wai drown'fed nair Green Cove Uy ..i >' is c.a..-WltDEE,Laura atrecU
1flQtjWQIjflOWfl, bp is awnA Mr. GJoason i't.among the tlrst$ to ad- Unlawfully ifesuuig an 'Oa motion of, Mr. riun'tho same, ,comjriltcp oapecintllY tbbre 'seems to b* most doubt Feb.20.,.. ,8 tf
o'f the river of Htantcn. '* Springs, whilo crossing tim St. John's ia a row GcnsraT __ ___
th sOtborzi poron rocato thoimproroinent Chipjcwa removal $ consisting of Messrs. Buckmun, CardyEolls /':*""! Marmora has', lately published a lottjci1 r-r.: .
h24piu ind'procurod achartor for thLt purpose in 1857; !Second. Appointing* icfdn'zo'Thc-'inas Secretary boat. Tho boat Vas overturned in a gcio of ; in wbic'K'he assorts that France, is the true friend S... WANXED.T., ,- S '

1$. Mr. 'anfltbas at t,that'titmt th.whiitlo of A etcfctnboat was first 'i $: wore appointed."r of Italy; and. presses'the belief that if uhe S rnbtisCRANOK3. '
inter! ', E1rY.PVvl
of iHiicli rtdical Ajroed1 bsxdi ierd vpon it*.waten, and by many the attempt 01o\Var( ad m. ?< ? 1 Mrs, EelU/drt committee <)! Inland Navigation will alW! the Roman ciUestiqn t6'J\\ >y rhe ; .:

1 no to pavrgito tho stream was considered fIure. Third'. Same as cond. '* "" '. : MArrA llro P.'&.w R: 1hvig"chgod asked for further;time. '.. f present. Napoleon< III. will enable.her to com* 8.2t .. U 13
for tboinost'populaf1freedmeh -"DI. 'i.t *c *' circuthstiices'viUpcrnhit.J3osIoti ____. -
by Ncji"wehavead&tfy 'lino,' and have bi& oneluhdrcd'and pletojher uuityvas flbon as It P :
Thomas to Mr. Futrbank chairman committee '
Fourth Conspiring with7ronzo its schedule so that lr'ins now leave this city at ? on o f

c iioktb gW' '.t.r' ( in tlte whole i56c the sixty opening- ve steam navigation boat arrivals, thus tA i ea'Liziuk tKjsilioo prevent Stanton from holding the cfEco.of Koo- 12' .;instend, 01f8.40 A.'whicli jti o, Insurance: : Ccrcptnyj., reportoii' progrosj', Jlnd TrnvtUtr. v. ;; HAED, ',i'' yoop:, ,uELTO2 ,-' '

c* b 4 MriGL! on'i'ino t tanguino expectation*. .etab# of by intintidatfon'andthroat journey is shortened three hours-the hour of askad,for.further time.On Mr. Thomas has rocombonded lhat tho Maw ", 3.4ILZ 8t' .

bot1 it: u to bktoJkfi iff&Ua exertions that this city Fifth.. dci; ft'tni'with' Tlio ias Irid rothors to closing boon changod to eleven S { motion.. ..14 :of Mr.Tostor* .-, ** f>.
md'Valloy OTB JnocB'bf their present prosperity; : I tlieixrntaonoftbo: actkno'n.a' 4 as'anuti"4: ovclock"'A'/M? i'P I"4 %IZI, t 'tt'j for printing the By-Laws and Notices for th3 totheBonato: 're4L -' -
$* ,, We cn4 rdsx4ThatbS haa taken a his roei- 1iroyent S "., r-- n t it s ii f'lui (& : vo. i s' ,1 f'l i'i'j; S
? '..
', 'lai. : nnlAi 1g.' 4ii'l -
-. -; $ A-
__ -' 4 : S.
-----' -i-----L, __ .5 S _

--- -- .-- .---.-----.-.-.--- _;;, _; r :- .
>. .Si
_ -' .. i -- ---
.r : -
t.nL -- --
--- ---- ------- -:


4iv.E. --
; -



1'OR SM1T:. lXitrict Gwrt o/ tie UIIIted State, for the PROVISIONS V 0

('. East Honda! -
Ten IlL' Northern? Digtrict of For
1'4L' at egt ,
' 'i- b 4i
MLA Pfl4ent Wm. t T r tTnn forMlrUie "Cori ii" om % lnja Tcwn. t,
(; ?. 1Y!". *viJto. E.P.' John ti", F.oniln Th i |-rfc.. BOW lmg pu.. fbeTiatt \VKliara n. Jcrnnigon, Bankrupt.Kqrthcrn .- AND T0CC///.V0 4 DS7LI ilZL'XZWItTS4LY.TJtIRT
CAo Al4iiuie .. txd i*d..hg104,j,WMl k ..irr.K al any olhrr journal in Difctrr jof Flonda. t. a. STAPLE DRT GOODS AND GROCERIES ; 4lIus' Ti.&
IAW''h 1 hi* h to mDoUre, that on the 30th day of January .s; FZRN.INVZ1JI J.tCXiO
1-e. real 4CU ? tin M ri Tbri'e a re two flrrt-nt* lUivl Pi..r.. JS'o
fr. r.nij11 c W intuc wvre ft opt I'W' a arrant i>f Iktnkruptry ira* UsueJ out ot the LIQUQBE3.JOHN
; of rt-mwHtce* twin*tn ordrr, t1iY'tu ui .1 Uat-'t 1WlYtd I'ajw.rCuttT. iron l)trtu oitn of th* United buto, for th* Xortlimi I IIUtn .&%:iJl xcoz.r.L, .
frnniQ, ticnr; : 711 larec &m-pm4g "ionoi ; pnp .. 4T )1U ( .rrrTrtrhCVIfl" Hre\ilcr 0ml I I'nm
i'f N 'iimrt-r. Mhno" ra; ,
*wb itVv hi rfrt: >. follow -iagt1e -. frjmtiki IM iwiiMul. ir.iuicitii lontnoil) v'v' and ncf IMIL City, in the county of Coluuilita, luwd

the "' ILi! fc*" i.u l Iz ',t fair na'tm'nt o of J.h Tyjx new Metal >umuure, di,lr'ct adPyehgod 4 bankrupt, on h own ..petition:
Zot p"= lie fre kdkn 1 hat the rf di Its uud the of '
.Ier hthl--IP4: Unio: Iirpro>c l 11n .i (iaUa, A.Ci yn pn|< any delivery any : :
e: I ,.,- CTT2'C. TW CoWMlttw! have csp< n* i for tl4C cabli. a :n at UuTnin ciui ? liwl.Aodre l roH-ny| tx.lcrgi-g>> !ueh ImuXruiit to rr fr hU Wit P.. 4
dri'fl fntu 4IIt t1't.sw7 I! th foflcw i ** the Proprietor, at 3aktt-ik. Fit nd thit trnnei e it 1vnTcrty t- him. arc fnrW.10 CLARK

W.A. SiloBtK.: 8 If y law ; ixl that IV ni-jrtiflg of flip creditors of sudankrupt. ,
tO3.OO. to j \-e ll -irdfl.te, and to Uioo*; ono.or
hope flMinit-c* of hitf ctti11 Ui held nt the court 01 NEW.tND ]OTAXTBTEAXPACXST *
1! huoJ TlT1
ai. e tAth1*
I aiwT1um'. In Bantorptcy No ll.Ih'stricf t tqinki uptcv to lio hoidcii at JarVvynrille, Fin- in the offuvof SND TARRED pNCflORStA.NTCIIAIXS ; BAY ST., JACKSONVILLE,
L. K. Itewp twfuivT. O
4).ob JVt born t$4.. tr v.- '

I'.uht.i.. Cwtri fa'isd; State tie terln i lor Mid diatr'c.V! .bu the iJd thy of Mz.zie Baker : :
efll* HAS JCHT KKCUTVO, A. 1)., IbCS,at 10 o'oloc ..i.ALXh1DE1 iu.L' ,

Northern Jwricf nf Tlvfifa. : .!A31tTTTEr., f4t

1'nt.1, S t S. M.uelii, fcr ai'' Dutr.ct. CAPT.
%(r.T. Ci4n & in. In 1'x M iivr .if Jolin C ILrfiarJ, Itankrnpt, Xortlirm __ ".J One of the Largest 3ZVSJS4, ., t tt
T ,erI ' <*w Ali. Conlj. as nppea i 1'ri: -' ut f tori la. *. *. :\ ,'r I
,? I"-, ; a .i.jcea f'E U'j sua'iTj&'l. & eugukSI. XII 'sttwcive iiotii1bAt r,,i the CCa ; rn..lihuat o.r ItK m nlng;
finS a irnvnt fR-i-Nxt.tiv L I1- tli uorticnvUi! rerys ay-a n4 7TTJJ
: tJt'i'-t Poir ut tin t'ntti 1 rfut lor -

.IN1M1r h'-.RILN CAUm, CLairmIn.: Incl C)* FO1.'i, f ZTht'tI t'te tv f.i.P (' KlH.nnlof Jistricf Court (ftle Viiiltd Sfafrs for tJtc A1)DL1fltgk BEST SELECTED rre tatttttir b-rn. at.-fn. -at *-avaunah- evw7SuhI.iyti0rULZM. -
lUnhtt. I**. Ma k, ti t'lccoon ot .I.r'dS !. .n -mi 1-mi.t mlinlyi northern Jtistrict of J'lorula.In .
C.t..CII < ; j. I.uritpi.; on lii uw'. } :a: I Lat tli> jujturn' t -.- 4 TM. hoe:hai1ari .. a, :
4. .r j. < r. BE '1''Tt .in tji livenof a-'v i n>,irt. bo- tlx matter ol Jcjih JtcmlD ton, Thtnkiiipt. Xoithrrn Lie pas't-pit-ra.
of 'i i .n> i ; }
.- ., r. ...:... tor I' f-unructum tlKV( hare I"J a! a liri'v In'irr r > f"-n.'< !lUrnpt: tolimi ur tni his ir-s n-ul the L1iuitgf1Iii.i. >.. H.Tlif SEA ISL5.HS BAGG1S 6 AH TN ; STOCK Tut freh.hit ri poe.,1o tI7'tLt." 41- -betun -

: M rnwrt.1-1 f.fl thu tnuii-1'T tt aiiv fropii \ l t.v iilinnv liyliwr: ; i, U> s & -
4 I.tiLouPs CLAUHOTCr -
rart t "iihlv tail p.i.'Ki i jt.! tnpr t t-trI-.nt of IMti.d i -
' I .1ertIr4va Utto rur btLiLJ1flt' ua \ that n nji Ollltr' "< li It.itkruptc'wt .t .Arnt, avannab.t
AP thfjr tV'%, vn-' t.' c,trirt c-uurt ci. the I mini t-i'm di .JJo ? ot tuL 0I Of thc abo vc Artife! ttv.'r I'ronzhit.'t.> thin XUrkxt.C .
3 ? Itf'S.
tii o-e .rtit at
: T itflt i. t 't lig IItt riiim tatt', iTt-l-.i! n't I'Wrt of Va'l'nrt.-r: to iMstnai.ri-'i I i ii i.ia. .i Ui< Hn CK ntci .bo.t-j! lt niIitt. Td Oils of ail -'Pii.

' trt' .iwtk1 I.BU Ui oU U..mr4VLe. U- kioldtii at Jt-t.uink.. I-1.i in th" o3icr of i, If" -', toil c-f-in tIt t. ntof laj-, iu s-li.t 1tre:. Pthlt .. C -TINO rrT

I tft ( P' Std; ttttfld vcr U Ikwev, -I.q 4'i'I' : in ballk- u.tju&td a l'.ininn-t. <' i tj8 own petition* tliut the.iVt'ifltflt '
.',, hiM ij.tuim.Uu.1;. l ihc i'tn-,Cl'wi> # or rt ..twt tie JM Oay o' ITarou A. J an\ iI'.Ifli tic d"hr *,' any \ oiperttt.tT.iit.iu X :i r ffecs Sugus, Cigars, Tobaccos sjis MAIL ROUTE
hi'i ,1ur1 A.jour ; *. N v -' "1< h 'i-.urujit, tj l.ini. or lot lii nl ,
thr t > W W.r fttnF 1$ $. it 10 .. :-. J t.- 10 u-r, ) .
h',' "l i I. r J.irV. '1in lal f.u( ( Ua! 3Ex-ANL1I ) the tr.titi.r o* "> 1rdi.t-1v ljh.iii, ore 1ml,iJi-ir! hvLi PitcR and Sua Caijdles Yeast Towdera,
-. ,1. i nrWm.Hw sL i 1? 1 whsri-ne. u3 b it jnn I ih-t 1 tii innr *' th- 4i slmjtit mul 1ik. Tar; Turpentine ; .. _
flu o.V i it
,n Tii. :..jiunui Aour iHiuonblt b.Nly.' nlfit lo ] ri'vo ..r ill. n.l I '> !n "TO niie or nioicM YiHcgars, Starclr-&c.-- .
i i. w *-**.11* this tnirat.ur '": >'10
wt 'i IP. iiiinirttlii rcj rt. Tac-owt of the feniwi Bankruptcy, ;>tct< inIii Men at ,lackV
r ; lw Wch jotrOiumltu-e piv an ower uihi. I I" It.rrr, iifm-T. \\ (UHi| >ri>: JUj,, Knf- ,. I.

.' t.i c ii'asUrti br Lha1ne4ui. Cmrr! of fi 1 anal *'-'ie.for 1ltf ii-iti in iiiikiui l..r. Uutbt-a t, u t'' .' J31 Uio of Leather Belting and Steam Paekiilp ; H&, S
.tt:t of wtuJ. La /ur* <=ulmatud.iwrt .l7ori1e. ircl.. A, 1). iw.s, at JU oMmV .. nAL''XAX"r -
}_ F. Lufl1mt.tC. _VOu1Jei ii ])( ,i4 'i tf < Lt. '_-t'p.' Molasses, &c., &c. TIlE FAVOUITE TUZZ1DARLINGTO

( sLtiflt, In the Ma'tw of Ju.phi l'i-co Ettntrup, X.irt'.ioru 8 ::t s. ilirati i| t, r na.i 1vtr"t! HTOVEAX ) iur.r.ow w.hL TIN STfuN} WAE CIWCZIIY- .
', FaiL. kLIi $s., P6S.I ]' woD1N: \\ AMV1LL<)\\ W1U. .. NL
Dit-'n-i at < nil. i. 4 "
tl. I I isrt.rr 'Inton ts"i- = ; 1X -
TbiUKtrvu t' .
.u'tf nM-ii- n- vinil'K pctiuau.- u-utJ by 4eim. Tvne A irur.n. ISCM.a arrantof n.iiiki.j t" ira a i iutl out of Fruit: Trees Grape Yiiies ,, Vessel und Mill ) Ch'andlcrv n11itr'us'hes CcrpFlour, J aotm, Pork, BttcrLds, ,; .CAPTAIN JTJ ,. 0
A an4 .1 the nurtlnT.t ,
Uor.-a Mftnuci Fn'anv iK'Ih-tn r c-'urt of tile ljt.iti.vl at* Jjf ll'lCHARLES
/% k-j.ii. P. that ft 1'riro! iHarn? Mttl, ATIUG toJ.J. thitgH.iUtj1..* W la&4
L. h J uurtt litrtf her*m th< c-tr ni trkea>kw? li-trntit Kloiidn! a. i-t ill' e.t .l" .IctTj-h I uSntr..
to t1M jti.ct t41et.i1 of Culimi-n, ni -v 1 iiMii"Hliitljnl ) 0 en h f olrI.ruutc bctwnwtr
,taU, to Tilea unuoa.iv rt- in tlw] co:am -
01 11- : t u: ;i & tt3.IA:3 'IjLtj.Ih IJi ? i iknt1i. on bii.o\\nT>etttionThrttbi ) isrH-ttt j..1 uiiiLtIy fl dvur&ksa14 t.L4a avid tiidt1i rv ot itv :, : 1ttt tYrry
tij &c.
: LN.() J. it ti1 t'r I )$C thre $ IiftUat i an 1 ;i-uCii ikiarujit, ** '''uii 01 !i u-0. :IT! tin' tnin>f< r i'f SHRUBBPiRY, &c, Beef; fccv, ':c.- vikby mwruhia 4 VluJ tt*rri;Ln ai 2nt4p.'Wed.! .

: T tbt Malmi6r A14o.Ik1! tli< i v him trt. lorl i.Wen i>\ 1.IT : ac of ;
lu tlir xaiuu :tnv 1ror rnnnl Ic rate.t Will In- furjuhoil ., A. : mOIin1
2tit: tc T1l.oi L tU.t% mKt-.i'.r'ttfJliPi' of mud IiiiJkruj t..Tru vttteir OF nil Limit at t.r i* Eeed's Block Bay Street 7 0 ne.Liy morin $o'dock.t'ol4tw
' F $ igr1's u-t linui maj : MH; A. WHilAM, 'tsT.rtL, L.Yolk. L' ew 'eI.H-k. amTiDRa J ek jr.TiilJf UilJL, T; .
Uk hi Vj
..ilt cL. it* ins. tlt "un'> < tutr.frrre.i &Larie tlvliU. WUli tortuxl* r>...iIftlTC :IiV)4. U> b3t ; .. d'-..>Iilk Buck\\licat Flour erery mt*
tO IK I1kei l iI1ircatIocu.r. CuiulenK ,' :Will at-o make ridar tT j*taM'i&lleb
Cmamlttev. .._ fuikrnpt
1.-_ to Market j1! I .' JK-IJ ;'t a 4 T y. .
tprtnjt .id on the ntnoral of K. Ih>rtntn* if .InrkKfMii-41, TL.1n1 -.> 4: .7 I :- Apples ( !$
aid flBk luttlicr tuiu H : TO H-uiknipV-y for f ;isI '
M4&fl rrjsir .fllgr.a f A. 1J.IbuS .iv 10ioc1a TOEK. JuJy 7.-ti .. Beed g'P
the Lsd Iwrui.. FOEMW .
t. i jiil: tli-trii-U on viy Conned Twits andlTt5otablc3,
Mr. Iia'! Vhi .
.mlaVuwf wnfcr with CJTU --
r.httoJ to I ;.azt
t p I FREH
i tJtivii to tbr Kttctciicv ut iuid in }.D. lot, luid ai 3r'r.rIF1.l2t oS-iill kindc. .; [7 S. 'HAIL ROUTE.Iuoi !- ,'.! .
for said Dutrct. t .
& ., t4&tt tUZ thI t..rt'A % t. It / 'Jo i
_a m* l t.. MI ?.*, *liicu ha sat i ts i -- ---- : 02

>i i atta-jUXT tuiu.ttvi u4, m.-r'in> nt.'I 1 inffr<.f Cmna.with ?fit-port'r. A. A.tC.'Vwva *Tlc t Bankruptcy, No 10.' A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF .izSPLESIJJJJ. TL1X '

...,.funiwr hate Irramnr c>j mi- g.iitk, m.n rcwuon>'U>. .iml W lii l 1 ha-. .) i'V A.cnp' le-vrd*
ti: t.i tin Uy. butt It" a wji} ff buiiJH, A.L., T"HrIK .Vrf1ern IiitRie' cf Ffto-ida. : } INE .t, i sTE.i1Ur, Bayt Wooden

iU funu li 14.i *r>>UM.i
L. |. > niUK'tn"-"v"' l'> i'cq1ktt.f la-i llwiiet J,Ti. 'j.'atlcr i XY1 I'ari C. T-aijuc., X>irthiTjj -

., Xn. vr, U uiuli a-i isj liiiwti-'n n Uu-i to j n\\> \ .. -> .trlr c. Firida.! *
,i-r 'f1..t. B. i1iW.t th .L'ity AUr-fcal. Amoui. 1 ln w t," k-i- tmtios! tbr t on the 2ird tiny of K.1iniary Cocri0 er 0
:1 Ll, 1 1 & ft, iio>.l oi the .v. I.Iyt'-: '. -, for X'-n Yirlt miJIA 'v.ii,.
L .wi jii.tonof All. SauiiaM' July KccoihloJ.f Mr. llufill 1 t T -tr.-J* rit"! iJ.c T'niu ..rt< s fr tun iort'rn V, .flih t > llih. Kni, lit \\.llln ukvn ott in'xUT.iU'term. 11 rrvj: IP ?tcr and arc Lm-ltrg I pit FJioonors "YICKSBUltO," and "SliEPJIAN," SWEETS, TUBS, BLOOMS, &c. :E&t : tCaptGLO.MANZTtELD

/ L.C H"i ll* jU 'ulviu % (If fJO 0tU *n> III'MH'T Ii dhtiiier 'f *", fii-Vi. ncr- -' tl.i rfa ftf"William < .Tnt- F ot-mtt-r., fir-l Li..s Ri. ntv.1.Ve-.1 i jl'ir. from New "ion evn'elhnt assortiuout of
; tUefri*< aj ,ni{rlatJ Cjmt' I'H11' jri'U luiilro.i.1' :, an '
1 irv4urv no f ura-liur i-". t1 &-t:irU. r 4M"onii'of l-riduird in S'li'l h tvn furtiu iil'nuttioli j .i. ,
>, \9.
V-J Miau itr. *jiLtund* ''* bU JwW MKahU'Jl; ill Uiv u'M | t ' r .nnl tla k livery ofanv j : >;.:itlir''irf \ _ ROfl 1 FS.oirrjj.ossi; 1IOX-), GAUUEX UOtti.te IT-wi been placed pcrmancnUy on Uic rivrr In eonncctlea *
> <
Itt .
U .; j I !*'<- To "-n-h n hnitit, to him, or fr li'; "--. :in'J with the iViiliiigion,nuim; _
thtMi-s. rti < > r .
Jv j21 J Uie trnil-r ofanTpFrf ort lifcini tire fori-nl-'tn- bvI J

t t'dit: io upinl ih. IIibI1 UaiiU: tivti fk i j-if'iup v) li.ii ciwLio.8 uf r i J.inkI r-ttar L-rJ Clit-esc rrj.cicT3 like Hominy 3Ica!; lloar1'ork Jars and ; 8KMI-\VXEKLY TK1TS. ,
of Ootc S-IC
&re tirrk&. I I !iij>tf i jii.HeUitir '(-'nof ajiil > 1i.a-.M>i( fir i" i ..1j -- ihhti eticeT1EAT1'Z Consi t tc:: in' IT, to Jugs. She vllt litt te' .Tae *)irrtne rrrrtM01 '-

Ii:, i.L: tarJy; UGI CI, T4Lt3 tf ut j fcrnmsof1\ \ ** ttf irifb! HrMt r court
..(tt' ; tiV.Into C4t.iT.I''fl tin) pr pric Ii v to h>- ii > iJ'-n :it .1nk*<.!1v-U% l"a_ in ii! i l'i! -\ n ina at 4 o'clock ; art i'-in:afEnterpnwrat fio tturt,-ItiEotcrprisc -*
': l p '-".- it siit.i Iti ;.L-4 .f bt .t .ap A L1A-y. U-i-a. V. t jiru.. It i. 4i.'u, FOWIjii* SJfOTA D LEAJ) tiriihtr wj1 hieve err SCTCDAJ; nun

,1.. r.1' t t w :U* i1 tin. cur. Yarned. iicuftUi lun ruji'ij fbr i.A .i--i ', .T the ir. ! uf il n 1 1., t FI(1 1 3 *f o'tiock: Pnu1.ttt every iOAT WBit torf*

4..!.. .I'i A.1.). l ..x1" '. < '.. m I'at4 ; ghclock; ; nicin at Jaeki'nnrtfleat '1 rt'eteeiVf Min -"
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." $4.t i,.'t-iil >'i.i'ii )jliaU hZt4* lv.itralU! fii 4U irjis.t ,lret-t A. H. Reed's Bufldau. Feb1-U -

A Mardi M, 1->S.1. Hf4 f? j.t tjfm. ami lit u .uUI .ic'Vw -\;.i\l\ lui<- I > %i 4 FRUIT NURSERIES AST),
JOILS Cu L.kI,2.yoz. ITI aikruptcy T.Trv O. inU-a-'iii-rUr--
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1 j.i.. i I.. F. 1iw i! Holers' Eepeating Shot Gun. 12..... --.. -.iP n'i'l wunuic my stotk. _'f..J .... Azent for rT< rtla. .1ucL-onvilc, Ha. i t qi.Jacksonville. the lust forty yi.'ara in.thw country and Europe,he vEt* 0

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.;'nt.j : In Bnnkrrp, No 5. :- ; I

tol lr.l: >,,r.Jhl41riLL E. L. f'i* tlt'ur -, JJ indict Court of iite Us;:lie-1 &1i1t, for the OPFIC.IoT1ts, 4 fl.-.. .,- GROCERIES BOLtGJ4T. & SOLD GARDEN SEEt>SJ U;

medical crv ices Irani> lS57.o *
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f Iiw.. -- ii. to jiiij 1.nnnif the I'I.UIH! t'uut..u h> llu LEATIIEU BELTING; ES AM) APPLE? ,

k4.f I>lum'rle I city Jnntenj-n. frUr*, No 6.Distr.'cl ui-tai .M'&t.3 Unitr ..yi.teun Euw pofl .. -. thin ,,; ,'t

IJK.C,............................ fliO.OOIKj *;. ISK'S METALIC BUEIAL CASES
kfn2 Finance CcmnjHt. t" MnVr lasnM In amount* to cu'* 'v'rthi-.t.r. ORAXGE COUiTTY BUTTER
Court tle UiiHt KMcy 'l> ,
TArf! bt4ttg no farttwr IcsiT > S CdIfm1l ajnurnf34. of for c i t'e6 on, *2II> and un lrr, lo cut, FUR T TJCROCKERY .. '

> *- .. .- OH5f Major.Frtn Xorthtrn JJtJttrict of FloriHj.Tntlicirtt lioin fJJ to | 2t N04 -
,I F ILf34 o! 1.. II. UKT.I, rot 31. YEAST CAKES -_ ;
< i of Ilcnn C. lOdCltrf lUuVrnjit.arnl'Htrlft tri' -0 .
of Horili. f. H. I

the Ia.t llonda.Banner. : Tfli4i te iMiioticvtUat on 'ItrMliJjyc* F iruz y, LAD AI3IOXDS. ENGLISH WALNUTS, I1ICK'OHY SA15HHIS1 BLOCK, BAY( STu-* I'

a 1sttf.; u w.irnmt <> I.c.Liiiptey u nid OfUiif tUv
4 CI Orai&ge Culture. iitrictcoui:; .t! t'.t t tiilo-l Mites far tlif No-Mum 1VrA\T TO 1'rcui.t' 9innIdeakabIe1oint n t
?cf Edi&-1 invite attention, to fig- Dutnct rf noli.. ari.rf-t tb.' fatof Ilcrry v. Ito-' l.i. from OXK tNtJiLli to locating.tTfr to iiouh NUTS, rn.BEKTS, f, HM ':. ,.- .- I.'I:
1 yow mi Kill nfyt.fl lain, tutlj a )iew ,
Iirr of 'laiiiM-tfU': tn tlit.- ctiui.ty of Ala ct 11 J. *
I 1.rt* m txkrrntx) to the culture.of the oranpes in diMrIczadjti1e4 lujjkrujji li.i own ]>fUiios: Dut sttme fuijtffrrtiiKiit t -\ a .4# NUTS ri/"JErj ccr (n fj |jluiai find for Mxlo. IaI alec

*>Jown tUcaliut4lfll arnomc u* Rnuit ]l ljftal the jinj-umat of: an:> d< >,u un-1 tl't d( :'\trjuf :ir' pro- I'artu. I..i\ln4.-ltnj ioT nal* f laiid
liB t- *
un.lrrdU'UVil ftatum ( t
(( to mtd liauVrufi', to him or inrh'f tI.e, ; > MAItUL.E FTt MX1. from &large J
tach L
t treetJue cI of tin
jy.five ftantad IJI-rt5 trfiiutv of uinik ;,. j< JnKjU, , [ .ymt I. '
sid t)* t an'fiTof uuy projny VvLtai, um tcrbu SERVES CANDIES, 1LtL) T0311i .rcNI \ BEED.WAttEnorSE, .. ,
thr ;
lmt rCa'Tas ,
I }' ndthit then-mi cit hairircd acres iriowponulmiita law : roi.1 that it luwlniK "ot the utrduuit ofbankrupt i-.utl p'OMTnuit, nnpjl f h jitlnitW trj-pHr-buiUlLtl oih 4.Vi >f t I jnr.j Lb,.e1? }UT'FOt :

I of Ocsila. I wifl assume by to prove their J fci1 inI I tu thua.- OIK orpmiex crwIe 1 [heirtnuLt, riuwij-rinr l\ i .1-i'ln-h k'td *cf cfin Orwujrv. trw or Kerosene Lard & LubricatingT4MPSJTtTH ic. 0 IRON f* hare tho tews put np for one on trade.wiQ 'onr ,

k'-i of Ijjx rrtati, rtl t lw bol! itt t court ol wldreatoncTerypackage.V owenuttloourBtonfc1"
each c'Itirewill produce m'ir IIILAHCUAI. Otsrv. OA)
tree II- CALVIN ,
by proper Jk'k'oflVIk. Kit, ri tht' of- or cfmeUry lots,Uwns is,
l Iwldfii tL '
orth b.iiikrupte' be I tf KlehUnd Co. lUhjiols.r 5 f T l Tl Tf Kf (y T?KTi 7XBl f\ff* *
thov.3Mi and that tbe are f1h. 1Gf 4cmiIe.F >
w Ji. IH.IM- assortment of oil kinds! ofATbfttT ,/ /r / :
orang f1eof L. f. le c>. UforvT.V. Ukuuin, 4i., And in fiirt n full 0 t yj /%jfVT r 4
< Opy.
Int Kadt vill prmlnoc two fur said iliHtnct on llic iSJ 4 Jay ol "
& pi***. acre for in Uiulkruiitpy *
ulfl4Isdad tyA1ari, and ciht i Jbwdred !iLarvb, .t.. b., 1$ S. at ii 1 c'dak. iLiTAT1oN GROCERIES. ALBERT j. RUSSELL; < i %e $lprixBCjfiC|t always kr p *.eomnlet ,tocktftknds ttor
ALrxzNIiEt ;1Ailfl1I ; fdsloTft 0'
&cr 3rixblte tO hundred tlwosanl ol- U. L'iL&iL (at*3 t K2i2 chili' I." Tlrf rclcrs,ve Inrlt,aid toflcft. '

Iri.' ** rte fru mikaaqnarc nill pnidnttnariUje & 83t C3l_ Call and rrav-t''fer tmtTnelf amt yntthe will)Q.d (IHA S v the atten oa 4 ord rrMall int For Sale. 0--- txtt itletteti Mact of trroc'nci in the ( if. Gai* jtnf 2i IMI&xtflt t lif oC Vcgct t aL* "
a ofdoUi It'wiUtaJw eighty : In Bankruptcy, No 7.of .. .

ouId cenU ..,. L. WO1Rbti REMOVEDn J ;t ecccijcd,Jhe feHqwicgf forTaH aa4T1 terpktatI >
Lkku of long cotton at fifty puKiilcs iIthc Cvrt tie United gfrafir;; the rrut moil TaiuaWf ulace in Mj pon aorjv, jueaJ I t : ,.
t. ii TiimniilUi lltnniiiO, i muiiini
E r4 tqt square tn oraagos. I Oainr 1.akt', ,
only produced about .XQrJlern JJistrict of 2-lorida. L0')u--ni-- hi.iU', h.ent.huiruwk.tthiure ( ti', 1ibekinr THE 1JATBNTMr -. WUOLLdtIArD 000 Papcra: Jlat Batch Turnip*." / f
;: IlnnlIcilOl fl rrLuin 1I1tttVI# iii3-st 4t .' "
: Ruta 3
eth. toiesf&ad ihia was her largest In the matte-r pf OUv c 1' Luther, JUnknipt.i. html t inrvd. Te'nizit tnrted ttrd furtn.hiuIvitrttLig *. t .1 IS-tf. Bay St.Jaetsnafttts, tta.DENAITXi 1000 d4 I'jirpln Tnp 4 a Data ii' ,

trop, Hwa iBtarcofceu ptMo that vrj wiU not : Ji'70Thk% Y.. s, jeecs..iry lo carry on their family with i irtttjunn Sun burner" and Chimney t CABINET AND UNDERTAKING SHOP, 1 500 .., V -

'A 1 t33 thin ono I TJH 1 to jrtvt iiotir-,that on th* -Wi d>y ot.Ttwry, of h.ieni.Thni.lI.iieIih1lbOInt coo more wasisMiml iuJ 01 thU ffTLtlWTIhI1? to a purliocuii 1(1/CtCFd best thiny ott 0 -
at a Mr
af U tniptry .- 000Ldr.B1ood and
s:1tt: : IS'iS < Warrant ; ro SKXT DOOR TO ( &ftU b !ON, 1
I if tk .nn ? L down by the above l,ii.niLCourt of th* ln; *'iM*t< ht t jUy i c.itli for tlio }tiunUUe rmrt ol tb< ** I, =

&1I71I. Tiaixmt will thcsn tho value ttU- t11'- q" ' ilrhoiic tojr jfarncrt-IUouilii-j.UutJttiou tiri'd 1 000 V, ; !
j equal J #t CdtMiWa. la '$ addrt* Cabinet 50a.1 "Early: 9hk
*f Vor ftrrthcrpnrturwhirii ,
fretkowaa.ba1i of long coltoa at tfty J.rtlitr tl LaVC City, Jn the Connty tinbyimrtgage. Upholsterer : .
Jii.rriii 5 jdfH s IJankruT**l him io'wn P* *011. t1* T4x Ten, F1i1ngtou otIc. ktp.blndctria1 .. OceaS Streets 6oa Lax5 0
t':9At.: &nd Forsyth
tb? p )tnt t otony JU( wUh* Uif T,vT' LI3f *- 4 4t EITo1h1.14UIi . 500 -' Thit h '
I alone m-pl ntth oi ugo tree, iS nslnc to ueb; BankrupV to lji I4.OJ.1| Ibrlid-IMIfik : ..11.4 ri :Sogar loaf tt'-
Ia l iKtriwrferof.nyptvpcrty T>y Wm are orrcsrii 'kEDttCI 0? 600 -
a f to 4hi town Jota>she oon trflV war atol Adan and Pine .tres1agt-r'*Building, TB* r .
r4 Lw td thai gvxung c the cidto of aazdvpt. bbtFla. . Corner t 0 V p 500 .. H. -- Lonar Orange CairoLCollarf .- t -
by I
1 rUvZ.oofw&tb, ker esample, t. ,to nrorrUu-rW f, aud to ******-vuo rirfiJ u-i-! j AivtrT.l SLit. ,. COLOXFI, J. IV. SAXDZRSONVHEKBHE 0, v vti, .
1 in the Ticinity |*K11 oiAi-to; the of hw wutc. will Uc hrfJ .Mlrt {?'fLa.itk'ir'tey&dLC lVbou FLUiD "
** OC. R. & LAMPS Peb.t1&7-1.y4 .t ? .
fl bit A. & >
24 tho4 UoWcn al Jai kKilirfJi .t. Ui1iNk ; ? .i
ii I rgo.1o$ g41.hvmtb.E.Dor,4Q. ; .. u ..-.n., ... :_# ?. .-. o : '500jt Earu14-: ::
Uil fcoirt fi
&LX & L '- .ItSJOR WORK. & 0
DI5S9LJflON1'I1E \ 80UUTS OHD 0 -
; ..- 'I.fri tMIkTtiptcT iv said, tru tht 14' ''irA 40. I t i 0

A.i) AXLE GREASE qptItr1bZ1.11UruI1re exi.tin.betn tie 15-4ti _: .v0_ ,, Bipof tieGOLDpMOETAB ,
: JL undendgTe1. under the bane of StoneLike, Denny : ,
IL K4tXEY.ot .4.tL .
: -ii t-..
I .. ; r 2"OTICP. Lt u. Mrsai4.J1lrct. '4 .. k "- tiG Lory, b this day diMalrcd, hy nutual connrnt. OFFICES TO JUET, -f----. 0 H-1 *
SA.fE.-A Surveyornr. -*Y th ,1g.u. .. ft fkcciary !i ER1ES .- eJ''lo ,:. --.JlEcNY_, P\11 *rtmU*olTIen ornr y ftorc,-wffl'JL'lnw. ..herent' : : w; rCRKITCRX BTOfiX-.Xjerct w*r -iarWt
t kB. CBA; rnt'r Dii'M Lar.w, o.w
AJw I' ..: .
) r Bar utrw. .4. '' Lt
WUoaUto ,. T en ATX.-: A! ?"V1 now'a'rftTlnj.n'tf nit] 1Jiui3ry '- T m 0 '
JiVRrZTOI1MSTZEL I.ttltTSlTCllB. ; ; -0 jW3 ( 't.i, 1t.i.t : .*uJ-'r. ".
) t u : JHTD, ;tq&,ni" .1I.CRAM.t4 : i 4 nt itt 0 0 )t: *M"4 4 t -
'nit Li.; J4O. IiUsi0 11,4 e.Ja OC -LD 4

4 Vr. ni : f F ..r.1I l.tJ Xj :, ;s -i1 P 't ii'i. 1_ '
1 ? .. : ;_ ,
-? 0y
-- '
-- 0 0 00

-' -'--- -
w :;_ ; .. .
-- a


__ TI. -------L -

r-e- -- -- -- _ -- -_ '-5-\l.

,. (OFFICIAL.] nfon siid and shoUter work provided by this art. and Anthony nnd between the F.UI of Saint Anthony and Territories of tho United State sbsll not, after the p* Ion of the fifth ootinn of this act ; nnd no p*. r*>n shall! sand dollars or by impriaoment not exceeding shall he prevented a statement of the seven!

.hall: maki uch chuMcor modi!.catio i.t ol the plans Kork I-land ntpi.1 : of the Wirx-oimn river, and lo eontinue 04'{ of this act.Kranl pnxate charter or especial privi- l Is.> eligible to tiny otllec under anv ueh proviit irovcrnmenti ten or both said punishments, in the discret grants of Und mado by Congms to
.Buo CTS OF THE THIRTYKINTH yuan" jromot-
lirn'totorv ftdi'ptt-d for their in.j>rove-in at UM shah It** thi suviy of time Illinoi rive-r. in aceordanec. with but lluy may, by jje-nernl in orporation act, per- who would K dinqnanfioil from holding olliisnndir education and the manner in
i-fp-s hichthf
n.-ev-wtiy mid pioiHT. -\ud he Mull CM tin pitch lu-e-dtul the riTi.niim nd.ition of General .1. H. Wil-mn, in bin i re- nit peri> l>> ns *(late them-e-l\es to ethrra* bodii tb'c prttvlnloni of the third nUK-lc Vif sail C..| t.tutiouul .- on of the court.SCIIITYLERCOLFAX. *,torrnal

1 CONGRESS cx.inuii,ill-Mi
toflh neutionii uf thIs net *.|>rrili-d! upon| the MM ui.dtuke And he i* njs.i directed to entiMlan| < and t-nti- trial jiuniiiits.He SC11'I'LR dLX, Pt.cU.Tof the house of Ue-prescntatnes funds arising therefrom, and the annual _

(IF YII ttiu>lM und on wttrtim nvera, to be in.ukas ill enable matei to b made of the nioi-t pnuticablc iumisi effectIve <-. 2 And be il further eniwted. That the proMt Speaker of the. llnuw of It..prsrtitativcs. LAFAYKTTKS.: FOSTER. of the same, as far as tue ATOccpds

UNITED BTAYKS l.i n 10 determIne That iiiiproxe-ini'litri tluriiif u.xrequind mo-le ol iiim.rorin the batlmr at ( 1'e-ts, and uirts of the Territory 6f ikntans, in their ri* |*tllvionntieH LA JAY: KITE S. FtST1R. same can U de>
to rt-niltr them sate and e-ome-metit lur tifiiuitfHiion I'residcut ot the SeniWIIOU8E pk' t.in1iore President of the Senate, pro tempore terminod.Sec. .
of: eu.'eiulg) (.intable bienkxvater at thai l>omt. in iidditi to tlu-fr, proluto Jurhtdii tlou, art
PASSED AT THK SICOXDCHA1 ZSSIOXIt of the navul und wn-e-U of tint'nited 4lsruL-t March 2, lw-7.; hereby authorized to hear and determine civil CAUH 4. And te it further enarfcd. That th*

M.ite-i, mid the ext>Ln of en. ii inipio>enuiil- ; wherein the ibitut or delA claimed doe not exceed Iii kn OF RKPRFikSTX lVtB ) ) commissioner of public buildings is

*. C.-A act making Apr.ritini fur the PUT* und lie shu II) report thereof, and tit tl.o ]jiinr, 5i ikp. OXLV. -An Ai t lo prov*.le for temporary In five hundn d dollars and such criminal cae .iriin2 un- 186? Is TUB SENATE or THK lTNnT.r STATFJ, and directed hmbv u.thorittd .

tKirtut ihtUiUliuy furts> Ilivul YmriiHSUK Ufiiu-J advlruitile the-rrtor, to o.grei ou tliu fi. t entineol the I'uy of I Uu'uei m the Armv ol the L'nitinl Ifr the law of the Trrritory Ii t do not require (hue mVrintiou March 2, J Jtttrch 2, 1867. J to furni-h pvoper office kt

Julio thirtieth) e'ltfUtvcn liunJre-J hind fclxty-e-IgM, Mon.lny of eix-nibe-r next, f-r ..u. h uetion at m.-i> t>'nt.>s and kin other TurpomK.It. of n itrnnd jury PrnvHle-il Thai they *hnll not The President of tho United States having The President of the Ui-ited States having returned tho use of tho department herein established.

and fur which originated
: IVit i ae-ti-d >I'.y tl hviiatc and llounc of Reprfnentativiiof mid Miivvy sit woiks tue. I.e-n-in II.HIK-.I, U- K of thin I'niti-d Mates of America in l onirren* an- itlr o> right) lo the pcaotAh)<* pot ev.oii of land my l It entitled An act to to tim Senate, ,
.. tire t'lilt'-d tUUt ul Amuiiill Coucm uMmUfl ,. tug works now t- i-thug nr in ]iiie-e-n of c m-ili tiuii, au 1 tt-mbleii. 'i 11.1! for trtdjr.irs Ironi the* lirst day of .1 uhv, itt di-jmte. or eh-uin-ry A dix-rtrce eaiies; And piuv idiilunber which it originated, thn bill cntittd An act regulating! the Unuro of CHAP. CLIX.-An Act declaring and filing

,x.. That the} folioU um K-, and tl.r .iiiie- nit; Concerning bull no lufonimi U now in die ]'t>r.Hiln 'liilittrn bun.In and e.ixty-.ix. sill odiri r" oi the ami} in all ca-e un appnU may hxi tiiken from provide for the moro efficient government of the certain civil sfflces," with his objections thereto the Rights of Volunteers as a Part of the

( lie-ri-'i i'iTvj'riaUtl 0Ut4.f anj inout-y in theiixaunlKtolliirixutpruvnutcJ eiflSedv| n linen1, thru1 shall iii.nii un| l In-low tlu. ramuk of'tutrai, nu-liidint; thepnitii*- my order, ju.ltrnii'nt, or decree of saU pi- hate court to relict Stt ," with hia objections thereto, the in t>f tic) Army.
| for the .t.ppuit| ii! the Military cml! Kiluncu'r>f ajijnwjin-itioii) prujn-ily uiiiiitililitlitTi] | -- v>mut \\Vit 1'oillt. h.iil l I.e |iunl un .id.llllnll of thir1V bedKlrut eiVirt. in th<* Senato proceeded' pmsutxnce

AciUriny lor tile }ei\r e-naing tt.irtu-tli of Jum% to: titnii tire nmfi ht-rrtn *;iproi>riMt"d, uhich niij.inhe ill-tie-inl title tlmirul |lar .x-uliiiii ID their hruu1tit pivpr S.-c. 3. And In- it further ennftv. That the chief just- Ilou8 of Hoprc-ientatiyes proe-ot-dod, pur uinco Constitution, to reconsider tho same ; and Ito it enacted by the Senate and Hoot. of lIe.

HKiiUi-n bumlnd ud Mxt>- -Lght : juil* irti-nt of the t4.-ritauy nr Wnr, I.e juliiioiis'.jepplitil u1 p.i> .ind t-iiioluini-nti p of I all I I tii-ld iu4! u-e mid : v-oi i:jtifluvs ol -aM 1'i-mlory and the 'I'er- ; of the Constitution, to reconsider the same; Koxolvi-d, That the mid trill do pass, two preM-ntatives of the United State America ia

V.r pity of'r, iu irueton, cadet* and mumclanK towitr4s tliotvouutMiiailaiidiit-ttilfuluinlinu ilkui >tln T m.>imtfd oT\( \. .T- -lull luri-.if't r hiI I lie Mime oi- I iiorv of Idaho, hh.ill euh reccU'V nil annual salary of .ind. to pathe same. Congress assembled, That i in computing th
of tho Senate agreeing ,
one liuu.lred and fifty-four UiuUBjoiti eight liuudiud und or cutn1IcttOii'if sue l oir4. thr vt-netary .War nhal.tilix'l now pmvidisl by law for c.iv.ilrj; oin.nt of like gnth'P. hirtj-live hundred dollars. Rcsolvol That tho rud hill do two thirds of
service officer of th
lofty ML&& nuch l l'aI.tss.e to t>p nptle-J luforJInifl S.<. 2. And I In- it Itirtiie-r rn.t. it-d. '1 bat ,.svtj.nt one olhe -. 1. And l his- it further rn-A-'ted, That the jud/xs of pass Attest : > W. 1'OUNKYSXKrctaty lenght any army, in

Fur c-Humutxlion of eubiUtracc, five thousand and nit no tuone-jr) shall lie uxd lor imrfHMw*, e in-_ a ct tnlitleilAn :1.1 lo nHMtho p.iy of suhutiri| .* he, sujiri'iiw court eif aid Territory, or a m.ijontx ofhem. thirds of the house of lioprcocntativca agreeing of the Senate order to determine what allowance and payment

tug fiotn the twlaiie-ett r. muiullii Iri'iu :ipi'r.iniitionr| in tin- United itats anny, anu for other puiHi-f) ," iii'-] shall, when iK-einMoil at the seat of Koxernnien: to pass I ho Amo.Attefit of additional or longevity rations h* is entitled

fifty.F w IWJT in liMi of clothing to officerncrvantB, one herein made- for the njx-cilic imiiiutioii und survey o. provet June-twenty, e-itfhtee-n liniidred amm. rHxlj-fn.r. itt .iid Ti rritory, define- the judicial districts of *ai>l lft ; ED\VD ifcrilKKSOX, and also in the relative rank b
I S. > fixing
bnuurol and lifly-iix Jullar,. audi works. In-, and the Mine is hereby, eontinni-d In mil f'r.ii und rn'orx', ivn.l a-nipi the Judges who may In appointed IX TIlE IhrtJSK OTf KTf'rUKHF.NTVnVFS to, to *

Far ciimuit aiudi1inry exjwne icit.x UInU&Lnd For extending( the plerat Etle harbor, Penwiylvanla..nddreilnnK Ifit-t for three je.irs fr.un nnd titer tin- cbim of tin* reI for .ii'l IVrntory to the several districts, *nit Mrtll ais.. Clerk of H. K. U, S. SI.ire-h 2, 1867. J JThnHouwof given to an officer as between hitntelfand others

four ImnJu-d and nxtoften Julian ) < hnuticl through lo outer bur, twetit) -tie, |st.l:|Iii'ii. an .innonni t-d I by lie l'rv-hb of thTinted Six ami npp iin the time* and places for hnhUni thr* IK fF.* i
Kvf lue-reuMi aud 04x11.*; of librtiryWrVc tVomand thouciii doilai *. 't.,'e4 b\ ion. liearint (Hlte t lie twentieth dajit courts in the -sCVcrM countie- or *ubdivn>ioti* tn etxili ol March 2 1867. there shall be
For iinpnive-nient at toottth of Conne-aut rivfiOlro Aii'u-. eijh't-i-n loin fred and 5utv-.ix. old in-li.'lftl JI-iliict-, n>d Alter the time. stud pl.icr.s oflioMIni ceeded, in pursuance of the Constitution, to ro- and commission, into ac*

>'.**, e-xpcntc* of board of rleltorn, five roperHnd e4>nxenieiit Thd Ponato hivviftg prorccdod, inof ptrsitanci ronsider the bill! entitb-d "An net legulating the connt and credited to such officer whatever

IM i' Forimpnive-iiicnt at Aiiitabuk hjrbor, Ohio, lift} f t.1%* &Ai*>r r iM. litt.;.... ..........-.i .ttl] t-.nt.-ii1'tii ..i.'K. : ,, hut not km-th.tntwu lermruhill be held ate-uli, the Constitution, to reconsider the hill enlitlexl tenure of fiTtaintlvil t.fficvrV' rvtnrrttd to the time ho may have actually served whetfwrcontinuously -

fonvge for artlllcty S1& caw'ty tiowo, tnno thouni fuiir thousand d.iliunt. 'i-en him lieil ami,;:i inxty-mT i>ntih( iaoc 01 nt'miTi 4 eouii e-acu yeor.Ser. "An sXOt to provide for the moro offietentijovernmcnt United S-tattH. different
of woikn nt Umiid Itlve li.irbor In- further"enacted, That for the Senate the IVrtideht ot tho or at periodas a commissioned
ikiliazi. For improv ii ont !ussR, in regard to ntions of I'ninit M.lifr !h'.1.i a* pil>- 5. And it purss0'c the by
For horn* for artillery Mid cavalry practice, one lliouaixi Ohm, fixly thouiwn.l th'llars. .nei-. of war," shill extef-liil nas to allow coiniiiuI'liimi of reviving the lnlatlxe- ftiiicllom- the Territ of the rebel States, returned to will his objection*, Ami sent by the SHinte Is. officer of th. United Slats either in the

8i- set I leiiirii I of tin % of MontHn-V vxbi Ubaxe 1-een adjudged therein tnhaxe House uf UrjMTScntativi-is hy thtt President of the house t>f leprwMitjtivi-t, with the message regular army, or, since the nineteenth slay sif

Y4wr14thof i pffiocr quarter*, five thcmwml dolliini. to Like Srie, in Ohio, tw. nty thou-wintt
Foe tonsrU.And batter** for MtaMiy (ttavUue, five Keirlmprovvwe-ulof Maunuv Uij (Mlici, twe-nty thou- (-.'ri'I I ho diiil while I held nt piin' mM of war I in lieu, -b> ;ailthiXiired, i'h or before Hit first day fif.Iulx. Itoti50 of lo the Senate of ibo I'rwidfent rvturning the : April, eighteen 13--one,

hunilml dollar itiui't uhuulN. the rein 1 Stat>, or who, b i\ln\r IHI-II fi> In Id IIH J>TIM
Fur furuiture fur cadet** hospital, two hundred dollar FIT improvemortfif Pt-Oinit flnlt, in Michuigin, oti. .r. of war: hut: died or may tile nnhl>.-<|Ueiit to rele.iM- ; (sir)- into !liuLliliVfiiiHtneRi for the VUt-tion, uf nii'tnl'si, with the mvasAgo of the Trcsidont returning the the House of ReprewnUtives Agreeing to pas commission from the governor ot a Mate, of

*. hundred und filly ihou-mM ilollur., to Is.. eXIs.11.i.: I ii. to IH- |i.ii-I.: b iwevt-r, onlj ti t him wj.huw| .u l h "b--ea- of ihe conn, il ami house of repre-eiil.ttixI i (>*, and to apportion l.lll; from the President of the Unitod Staitu and
.5. l
For gi pipe. 8AKoim>tcT and retorts, wi hu i liU f JJe-ve-niU-r tenth 1 ..* I provided lurin I l'ie' tof ; pns, KD\VI Mel'IIKllSON, the provision herein contained ai t*, relative!
dollar. 1 J. I'ram in -jort e> evhtimliundnd 'St. no mimehi widow tni n l., thi' Ptiryt\ hug hildren of th< the leal-l.itlvi i a ieinbly ingini. a>
For material for quarters for UbaUcr ofltccTfiotbouaii.t and MXty-six. lece.iM.'l ; or if I thenbe no Pit,'!, 'itss <\r < hil'lri n. tlniiUi slid I Ttnltoij.I t m an I tbeeleeiion of siid ninth otil thu l e-iKlto agrwinjr ii) p.iri) tin iwnw. CFerk rank shall apply to all appointments that have

doll ATI. For 11n1.PiVCiflCtit at tnntilh of Saginaw river, Miilii- the pan-lit or parentKol the deei a1'.1 U Vr I if tin i 'i.i. I I" I i I.'I l-latixi I .(4-e-inlilv nhal!I I he-held I at Midi time :ti.d Attest ; J. \\ FO1W, been made under the *" Act to fix thu
VrtiiIitUgftfld heating the burrarts *n1 5, then to tin -tl ill IHl .liih'ed in tin* inallll'T pri-HTl|' -iI hj tin* leji of the S nato.CHAP. vAtul
bmMing! : imi'rovnijj the nppiiraMw frtr c H>k- For Implement of M. Mary's ii\er, uiichulii: filtjForiinpiovini I hruthel < :all'l KI-.IIIX of the
log for the csdet' : reIi&Inhi.| < the liuii>itU liuiMiu,;*, including tho'std I..1h its. ; 4. And be it tiirther ena. tnl Th it int-'inii one o 5>f, I Ir-gum ii and hi'ilden :at the city of I It mil:ick, I in nigh ttiIu conelir-uve certain 1'rotlamations of thte 1're- States" approved July twenty-eight, eighteen

the Introduction ef baths f-r lfca wk, the contratuonof ; mouth! of AH Sable: river, Lake Huron tin-"Art pin\inn/i fir I hi.- K-lter oivanix.ition ol tin limit,'I.i-l and .six'-four m and t-tcmus'elt I hiindnMai.,! mxtyixe CLIV.-An Art regtil ins Ihx5 IVnwronf stdi-nt. and Acts dune in rui-MUinrb them.'sif, hundred nnd sixty-six.

ut Tclu it tn the library builJni intl i ilic fifty tbouMiid doliatl"or '-> I militiiy! eat iblinlimi1!, .it,** appiovrd ilui-it thirl I I, eihtifii u and I tin iU.I'.itii-ition-of I xoters nb-.M I U-the! *..inniiihat certain Civil OtlueSlc ) : -
furniture for the reeit*titt rcouin, forty tkouxiud impioillii Murqtiettc harln Lake Huper-.oi, biin HotlSB
eigbtv-live th> u-
Ynr purchnee of ud for en-Vets twhalK O>rco thou For iiuprini; Eagle iKtrln*, h >p 6 p<*ioi\>lxtyfietbotlHiind _anie lit imsrI.v5 ri' u eoloi, an I the Ir iil iiia-oV.i'i\-'ml'lv.' \ rM t Ini-.1, sh ileoiivene l IJi-pn M-ntJitivcs: the United State? sf Atm-ri- lit) it enacts d by the Senate and Iibu3e of ties, priviej! and rights of officers and not-
dulliirf. That poinmh of t tin I S it th-- lime I I pip liilml I leVl-l.itivr i 51- i m-
.3ndd.4Ir. S. And I In- i it I liirtln-n l inirt'.1, : in afseinhlt! That
>ot the removal and enlargement eifllte corks,, For improviiiR liaibor al t.prrwr Cllynixtjtbiee Vi4i.,1I'sIII, irt tiilitl'.l t\na< t to In-n-a- aifl fix tin imlii.irv hiv iii tin- ->--ion la-t iifoni>.iM. The 1 apportionmenl I Isi i it Cftiijrrra every pernonholdtii Ke-pn-Mntativi-s of the United, States of America diem of tho army ot the United States, the

tlivunand dollar thoiiKiud dollars. |js.i.m- cit I'-li-hment of the Unito I MnU-V apprnvis.Inly .. ; .sm.Ii-tL| l turn ii linn -eetlon sluill l'ih 1 t-toI: upon slmt 'i ateniiiuer.itioti !; any civil nflli-c to which ho ha bvtnappiiintvii in Congress a'-n-rnbled, That: all I acts, piiHlamntions cairns rule and regulations shall a ply without

Iwctlty For additional appropriation' for wMi For improving harbor ot Aux Ikes Sen- Michigtn.: .1 twentvili'li', eisrhteen 1 hiuiui-d i i u and M\I.V-
not made l.irt v e-ar :- ten th ii.ind dollars n-l.itei: to the proiivition of a- .i-S int Hiipjcinit rifle i-l itixe disjnetf I a- -hall: I a ppiMrt\: theelei Hurt return*' s.f I th<< Sonafo, and who shall h -re- ,
were of Grand River harber .l.I. eof the-.n-ii! l "t P i>d t 'ls-n'o( | A-\\ f> every person tri dAt by his authority sir approval Wn in the service, alike to thti> who belong
Pot enUnrmtf cade* Innn-trr, five thousand d<.lkir For ii f rov< nu-nt M'Khig in, tlinijear: 'erviei-, nh:ill In .uii-nded, s-is ato re.t.l in the I s iry % onueli Jllioe and shull!! States or a
Vtt furaHurc for irtlilw.-ns', ohe huudrcdJol- forty thiV'.d 5. and prr*'!!* who h.ive -eixiiins.. ..n- ..rt--i: !1'iS.iniiiia I other i'ir m t-t ol iiil'-iri.xtiJH I n-.w
inpio\vm of Ulntk hike: harbor, Mlcuian! .-.ins litre.1 ye-.trs in voluntiH-r I ii. ih i ill I I* '..ii'e -:1: _. vxitlu'iit I t tkin I a IH-VX I '|IMIS, t
for incrcafiru the supply of wnter, replacing main,, fitly-one lliuc'tjsmr hiindre-d and **.! irtln the under
annoDiVniniciiH'ti-ett -51 mustM military norvue
harbor of St. MichiLpin t ill-tin m t- II' !sot Ii hniieof the le'.IM.itlxi* aMeinMvTnnt dav ot July, : ( or
lint forth fiftif ttinUMind dul! nn For imj>rov m; Joseph, i-n- S v. R. And IK-VI further i n.icle'l, 1ui.t the a-1 ontitl.i 'inteil ;
BO do.lars. the l .'i-h.ttimrs' at tl?*? rM ttan'e tin < sh.ill have Ixx-n in like manner app> law military trials laws .f Ihb United States for limitnl .
tho a
For ice-hoa Mid i-toro and servant' tylhreeIboUKand; "All ai' llV'10 ellei'tuallv; lo plox i lie f'>r the ti.itlouuh: ihenee mjy any MX'IV-MX, rtpi' itig'Marti: s pp.riod.

room*, nrren Ihuuiuiii. live liuuditM Ji.llma. For nn'iving harbor at Itmlue, WUconain, forty-fa h by .-.iti.>iihin! an uniform m u inilitm m t throiuhnut th.rmt.rM.i'cs' liv'i, *!;Uixe ,lisi u itt-i of Ihe Teiiitory UH Oxt'd b' the jpiv and dilly ijualifiwl.! oxct-pt an he-n-in othtrwiscirovil by comt.t-niaiMill: or military commi-ions, or Jul nothing in this act shall bo con trudas

for otlictM fifteen tliCB-.$ doll:. I I ''' nplmivt'l if.mV eiaht t. \-i'itei-n, hun.lie /l I'reividi-d the Spcretark-n mif
building < :
For lire-proof | trial lf in te, the militia ..
nior.t and relating
1'hiit all the impii.-.onnu-nt !per ins *ting or tsny way
Joll.irH. For iuipi-ov'uit; harbor ShcboVga, "ft'isLOiisin, ind and the M'Viial I :KIIII.u n'l I .rv thenif. ti.; An-1 lse it fur Ji-r i-nncliil ai t- PaSuthit ,
\ rand For brvMt-hisfc wall of water Vattcry, five thoustndol.iirs. I thtoti.tui1 dullirs. I Innn Him I t.\-two I they nrth 'tlv, aiNeii bM tiytnkniir u s sit I the I two $i *>SHHI'' ol I itt- M-eile! ,| le-i-l:ilive I ..isemlIvof State*, of tho TiiMnry, ofVar, of t tho N.ivy..ind : i-bargifl with patticipatioti in the late leU-llion of I Ihie several States when cu'led' into the

For improviiii harbor of Manitowoc. \Viect>nMii, for .he word "white."' : the liinloi I ) ol 1 Mont in-i. In M; i--izhti-eiv ii it 11.1 s ci ol the Interior, the I'ostnta.iter-Goneral, and against theUitttid': or is atdrrt or nbtttorrj service of the United States.

For perroanrnt derrick on the wharf, two thoussmlJivo L ty-live thoucind dollai See. 7. And In- it further! en:iclel. That; (eXKptin I Z th 1 ind'c. anheieliv dii.ipprovu.1 ansi deelan-'l; mil the Attorney-deneral, shall: [ hold their olliiesresrnvtivily : ot dislojal ) Sect 3. And be it further enacted That tho
Wii oonsin ild tehu llu h 4yinl ilivc I I asHt-lnM*, ihen-of or ft gnilly any
liuiidrvd dollars.Hit. 1'or iiuii'ovitnharisurofOreen Hay, forty- irsi storrk'-eper and avmater: at tho h Siiii'i-jfn i IiArnioiy. ind I V I. \ei pt aetA as < of tin ,
lice j
5 its fur and tho term
-. 2. A lid I* It further rnactod, That the eadcti t>i iv F I5ethouKind dollar who !ha-i tl h. rot K\ piv.and .iliov\.m.t-N ol i' ,i mam.m hen-Ill aii'boii'e-d j 1 I" I IH. elii ti d sllilll by f|..-eial .tt. ill (hiring tire in aid ihcteot, or tif any violation of the act entitled '* An at I to im r.-a-n* the pay of soldiers !

_II1C t. a lI IHfcl..__.. V.VII1J nt's.rtVll -V V V I V tJ..' ,**T111V-H i1n H-- a,1_ Tor unioTln.? buiU-r of Manist Michigan, ixty ..u I* ,..;.I..s.I. .S..... ..1.<.1. .bl.Xl-........L..*.**.....1..* .III.. tilt....* .,..rIS...\. kit!ll I ).Ill> aeh u i-i-e u-in.iil : Ptoxiifed, however, Tbat in al!I !PivsnWt by hott' they may have lnon apHiintiil laws or uiagi-R ol: war, or of aU'rrding aid and in the United Stat.- army and for other

cclved by lf J> at-tinx mid bi|>nicn at the Kintal t Academy, thou nnd dollnrs. 'liter S liivr tlii I lank: pir, an m 1 ilh>iv.iiieiof e.ipt.iinaxalrv u.. ..1 claims i I I ot ve-tn| nail's; I thereunder, t the hurt el.umin I i | and! fir One- month Inertifte-r, snbjiN to n-bvU tb- authority of the approval June twentieth eighteen
inuifiicinK at tue dato ot the approval of the Ian uuihuii.iiig For improvement of \\hlto River h irbor, MiJii nn, and t Ii- ]k IKI rh.iil| iin" now I in i-f r< i'r h In-n I the M'i t'e siru! ill I I not, I hy re.n-iin of am thin,; in t tins u HI-IHH j and with the adVieJ and conse-nt nltbo comlort to against: purposen,
the name.NX. fifly-M veil tl.oiiKand dollars. after i
3. And be It further <>nart<>d. That hereafter thealI&t }'t'r imp roe i iflelit of Mur-kogon harbor, I.ake Michigan I rreMili-iil, and nil I v ;iiiieieorruriiii.I .; in u the I urnnoh 1.inn in the I e.uiit-
prufotoor of h>|uuiflihall u-ct-iic the MUIU pay 11113 jnine ih.ouh.ind .doilar .i]>lim, Inoli ihf n-bv. C'tahli-hi'd !I.! iiiiu: !; ..1i ; : no ie i'l'tion sr I.iu' le!iHl.itu.n: tim 2. And bo it further enacted. That when and made in the ellis-era of the at the date of its
41)1(1 *niolum ut allowed to other ateisUut piolcunoia of 1 sir imprwvim; harbor ol Juti Haven, Michi in, ..f infantry, Khali \l's' filli I ."l I by the l'u-i.t.n.t. I by ;.ind, a ttl ItI -.n I 1rm-I it"i x -inith". I adjoin I nun-lit, of the tir.'t !le i-it-! officer apyx'inttil as aforiMiid, excepting or antsts hnjirisonments army

the IsrI.II7'< Iii I v-three lb'iHB.iud dolMr I the I 'ii'! ieif*\.I -nr! lit of thS -niti and .ifl -s inu i b i ii. live; :i-sein'-lx "hall: lie deeinid xalld; until the cli'c'isol any pn mines by any j-tn'oii by the authority of the panaie.! and the first section of the act entitled

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That no part *f tl'c For improving Imi1 3r of JCe*' Hulfil'i, Muhim: ;..HIn ill lien-tier h he on the saute tmitliti I : .is to t ii inn u is ut! the le.-1-.i.Uixe; a -emhly I herein proximo I for ?llaI: judges; nf the United States c-nirtt. ihall, during onler or pm seltnttt ii Sits of tin* I'lisidt-nt, madias An act to amend the several acts heretofore

mono} uppioiHiutod by this or tiny other m." idiall! xuppiud sixty lb* &md il-JlUm. nt olfn-e re:irenii-nl, alloa'am e.irH, rvi. e.ui'l I jH'iiinnii take a iw s itt i.f tins Scn.ite: IM> Miavvti.! by evmetuca'isf nfoni"'J sir in aid thereof, are hereby approved passed: te proviel for the fcnrtslling and calling iinprovniK lt-t'ar l of Dunkirk, New York o'iebundre f other tihi.t of the -, 7. And he It f.lrther: enactc-i, That from ansI riftethu of : ,
to the pay or Kubtii-tonco ol anjiiidct (ruin any < n' 'v juovi h-il I by l.iw >ir < army.See. utury to this l'icsiilf-nt, to 1m ir'iilty "
blittu diklaied to'lx: lu rebellion Hgnlnxt the (.' \riiinii.iitf ->l tIuus.Itml dollar*. ,* R. Anl IH- it tilt tImer eniute-l, 'I hit in any ..iwinre firt di.x i of Apul r.e-xt thfc mlarjot eaih: ot the fur in All!! iisju-et-J, 1-g.ili/ed: and made valid out the national forces and fur other purposes,
b r'or of Kullilo Kcw York I lies. of eoiirt* Iii ei'h of the or- iniiciiiidnct in uiHi-e! or eiime, or Any ri Asontb.ill with tb fleet if March third ciirhtet-n hundred
the Ciutrd Suti-K. iip]< iiitcd alter the first diiy olJunu.irj For impiuving : one a jietwli entitled tou-mve pivnifiit of bounu I Hitprcmo to tb'- s.inie extent and! : same as approved and

I eighteen bundled and tiityxt'ii, until such, tisuetiumL.ioI.ars. i* under the prov is'ioli* of any law, ..h lmll make I ujtpiie .ti is sit iTini/.i'd! Ti niti.ii' (< \" pt M .lit in-i .ind I Idaho I ) -hall t>cl.vo } ; bexomo it-.eapableor legally tlis-ntalifiiil topeiffiiin xitd srdis and prrti-l.iin.itioti-i: : bad l* t-ti isstit-d t.ixty-fiv-0, wifl; not iiitrndtd to be retroppcttive

KtaU ,hall bare bveu rcMorvd to UM original ruU ioiib to FOI IniprtiMiulurborntOleott, New York, at mouth t then foi, or where MIb ion -Inli Iwrna-ie by tbproper 1 : thou-uid I live hundred I dollarSec. -. its duties, in such case, and in no other
Union. of .Uitj'.iieen-uiiTo Cr t fc, --ixty thoii-cind dollars. n-pieM-nt.itivrt of her 4)0, liiinj '.- fi-a i 1 .**. And I h bi I itliiitlier h en.n.ti.1, Th:tt al ll I nc*.s and such ( and and tn;.ilo, and said anusta, imprisonments, pro- or retroactive in its operation, and shall not Idbo
the ofir
Approved, February 18, 1SC7.CHAT. For imj'rjviii.cnt ul huhorof O.ik New and tin. ili-M b I n:je ol Mn-h peijtmi ]>is- ''HI n lrt-t, Mh.i! ;paitri: of aeti (4nci'i -i-t"t*t a itH t'-U act aiv hereby icpei the L'jcMilcnl may sn iH-ml cei dings, Ami ;ii'ts t bad linen done under thet'xi.It con.-truril.

C York eiht-M.-ven(; thouH in.I dollarx. ,tie eompefnt! for tlii> nrrfnnn tctn- s'. authority and elirt-r-'ion of the Approved, March 2 1867.CHAP. .
previous ,
CI -An act to fix the Compfn'alion of the For Smprj\ inn barjor of Itig Sodm l.njXew York, I lieu of Iho :.ftit t ll h' *.%list timi I <>f Mich HIM iiroo ii March 2, I'sCt.I'ilAI1. p.ratriiv the dtttii" of butch offico until the nextimi l Stales ilnd in

OlfiotTbot the Uecnuc Cutter Servii-o, and for ether eighty tlniU'-ind .hu&ars. of the a i'lf" i'l the vinuall: .I wiimd tiv j-ronf of Its of the Senate and until thu case shall Conga** (4 the Unil pursuance
For improvintf harbor of Little Sodus bi-t: New York, i isll.- aii'l ennlenti, to i-t'u! r with Iu1..f (Si.I tin i.Iiitit I Ct.t.n At to amend, an A>'t entitled "_'.jt ting of a law tberi-of pnvi )uly tited and! CI.-tn Act
1'irpo -to certain
r lie 11 enacted l>y the Senate flTh'\( itonse of Upprcfcntirtirc fifty ilioii-wui duhl"rs. S>f the rl tini ml or shu.itise.h i ii-nler: HII I hi m let .ic- Ait t'j pr .'i.hi' n '!1. mpoi irx U..v innuill l tsr llit- Tiriitinv bo aeted! ii"in b\- tt.u Senate, and such person so ;and diiet-titig the s-.inte: to be done. gtnnt

t of the UuiteJ bUte of America lu Con-jrer a- K--r impioving harbor nt Oswego, New Yoilt, sixty fining I'Mharaeter an-1 h torin ol the I uvi-li neias ihpaviiiitei s ot 1 i.ih'i," .ipi'ioxed Marih I hir.'tu, eighuinhunlii1 dosignatiilballJ alci' I he oaths and give tholx,ndsriiMiiicd the Unites States if viltgt-S trJ the Alexandria. Washington, and

keliil>lid. That from mid af.ertbe tbirty-Umt day ot l ociralxr dol.irs. -WS i'neial xh:ill ine- -riln.Sec. .-. an i 1 -I ixtxtliriv.l u liy liw: t<> \i.e taken andgiven by tin0r And no civil court of or Georgetown Railroad Company, in the Disj
eighteen hundred and i', the VoIfl't Usa- For improving hnilwr of Platts'biirp, New Yoik, 9. And h<- it Inrther en.VJe.l, 'l hal v t tion fif.ecof : ii is. I it eli.u_ ted hx lie -en it-* lull 1 1 I Inline of Keprem'ii1 anv Stale, or of I Ihe l >iat net t.f Columbia, or of trict of Columbiit.
tbouitind dollam.loi ,* 1. -, ot the Unite I Stuteol Ainnn-.i in Joinrrei's as- >on duly ap'ii'intitl to fill 8tie-h ollii-i ; and
thou ol tbc officer of the rc\v.nuv cutter n.r\icu btull bui t5t titV-Pix_ : the "Ai-t h> mere' ie the present nuliUrv i .rnli>! t | district or teriitory of the I'ni'ed States,
aL th uhlotti ratea, viz; eonipietnu the improvement of the natuutioii ol inent of thr I I'nin-1 M.ite-, and I other piup.i-e; .." .i]'. -u-i ni'ui-1.m i! 1 hut tinju-l-jes of tin- Mipii i -me1 eouilnfiaid in such ctsai! it tih.tll be the duty of hit,, I'lfsidf any ilie-tii'n of. in lie it enacted by the Senate and KOUM otRepnscntatives

the Kfiimlie"; I inn, Maine, UtwiH.-n blupuid'g 1'olnt proved July fifth o hti i n him 'nl l and thuii'i. -s .rhut. !- 1. tiiloiy, 01 u ijonly nt tlu-in. sliall, \\'ii-n ..uimbt.'dat viiibin t days utter the titat diy of Shell shall b.ive or tnkc juii> or any of the United States of America
PVIT lAY.Captal .h.,ur-and d'.lmr.s tlie-M-U! of i-l "t snd! T> n't.iryK t Ii;u- the twenty "t the j-nx't'tdings had or
C und Angu-t.i, thirty .tii--n."u-'l --"i that '- n -nl olli.-en. s'l.ill: ii"t iu.-i e.hier 1 1i I. : in inin-r, u-vi-rse-any in assembled That tho
*, ltt nty-flve hundred dullnrs por nnum.JieDtcnautii Fur imi r. vi'i harl-or of>> .1eiiit.uurg, New Yoi k, forty -\rliiib-d fms tnt leiMvm- ; the :1.1.1 ii loluth ra'i-n, for et tv. I it,).cud: ill-til- ntaid TI-nitoi I j. .in i .injii: thijud.t I j -n next me ling of tin Scn.i'e; to report to tinSen.ite acts done as :ifon--ad: nor sb.iU any person l ist' Congress consent of Con

( )'tt.t nil chief vnginat-rtf, eighteen liimdrwl thouh.ind dollar.x. live vutas' MTVIIIaii.l; I i It l> hel.m f l-v_ fuil'n i i iii un-i.I. 4 h ho mlii}' lie- .n-iio nted 1 r-.ihl I ii-u iliturj I I to tIme -ct; I ISI mcb MisiHnsion, with tho evidence! and : yrt ss l tss', and the same is hereby, granted to the

dollars l>cr annum. Fur hnpioiim; the harbor of liorhngton, Vermont, .',Ihje.rsi on thre'nvl I I l II-t of tin-1 n'.nj r-h i.l i nix i'i ri -1- ; .in-l NI)m it ii! 110 li\ mid! appoint tin* Ii nies ai-d rt-asons ior his action in thicav; and the namt: hi-ld to utisiwf in any it t said cutnt.fur any act Alexandria, Washington, and ( eoigttown ICiil-
asiirtant fieen doltiir,. i for hiiMin.; roll 11 I in theMt I nl ecu mit i. '> in Mlb-I omitted! to bo doi.o ill nr ( tx-cond lieuteiiautu aoj first engineers, ehrhty ju-and I the line allow ;.m 5 ol a-Mitii'iia i'! r.'I lii7 tor ever I'u'. pi u> June or | mad to steam in
I n.e-hi of nd il ili-liii-lis i nnd ulu-r the I of hits* H.> dittign.ited: to brat the tlUtjt' Company use power drawing
Tlumw river Connecticut thir- -I l.vinni I. in k j j'l.lii l p-'ie-on Item "r'eiM
J-'orimpruveiiKiit'OS iotliei
humln-d pinaunuia. \ eai \ in atu ee rv ice.Api of of said: priHl.ima'ions s.C : or
3 Third lleutenanU and ttecoiid assistant engineers, tyi tIaiunn.L dollars. >roxcd, March 2, Io7.CHAP. t I inn-it and h plfi-"i of l I'-il *ins l lie court-I ., as to them Mi ill I of am h ollii-i And if tin Se-nato ah ill! concur aiy with the ot liw 1'resi- the cars of said company on the structure acroM

twelv hundred dollars per auuutn. For the put pose e if iinprovinc the natation of tluSt. nee-ill pr.spur >lnliM-nii nl. in such .n and a I VISe and trtis-mit to by autboiity or approval the Potomac river erected by said company, un-

'a OP AIM-KNOB Ott WH1IK WAITING OMDKUS.ituiiM t. Croix leer, Maine-, uho\e the htiifv, lit'e-iu 1ht'mii.uii1 CXLVI. -An Act in rolni!<". ti nr-'us; impii Sit*. J. A'i.1 l.iit f irth.-r crt I'cted. Th it the next -cMoiiufth -*- 5115p1'ilsit shrill coitifvlo ili-nt within th>* JM-rioil :.f >, and reaperting ler the provisions of the act entitled An act
aticli tifli-vr
dollar 1'rovide-d, Tin* pr.ivniii* e>| N.w jlruiiKAii Itnli.ill -on il nii-li'r i Srnti nee for Oil-Mice- .ui''t tinl.ixv 1 1.11-1 ilue as-is-inhly I nf tlv T. nilorj i t ot I I'a-! the removal oJ they si of the iHttrri af .,n > &id ; and all f.fliei'is -
1 | cixhtn-n hundred dollars per annum. i-oulnbute and pay to the pn.jM l.ur.-4ng: oJior! of I 'the United .StateHe -.!! be held f inriu-U' iir, on Ilie fim.-t Moiidi., inIlicc tin I I'nHidiiitvvho tn.iy; thereupon reinov.AUih .- Any to extend charter of the Alexandria and Wash.
>'ml UcuHimnts cuid chief cnginei-re, filteeii hundred for mil r-aid he'iii/m lloudo I of I Ki-ir > I ellIt u'r. t. t>. e-i igi) ti'ili liiindn d and! MXty-ei ht. a.n.dllieiei'l.r Otis! other JH-I-DII i'o tli MTV ire of the I'ni Railroad and for other '
like and
a rum purKc] payment :ulcon I I lie-met: rd I l-x the Sen:ife ] < sentatixe t ullii-f, anel, Ly and tt i ith th'i advii-o! and r ington Company, purl -
dollai H.T annum. sin)! ih.- I : tin- li-i- l:itueasMniMv I of mid I ' ted Slat'-s or wlio 0(101 l in aid ths'ruiu< *, a tinir
| that event "
J conditittti* in no proMiiuo ol New o SI| le! t'nit'd Statex; of Amrri'.i in (Coiian-t* :i ii.54l11 March three hundrtil .
Second licotiHiauts and first uUtant engineers, twelve !t L b" held I bie-nin iliy.I Anl the next i In lion ti>: ( ons'-nt: of time Se :att>, ajipotnt another pcrs'in tom l po'S'S, approved eighteen
beealled for theta have
Jiiunnnick upon more- htiftlie sum I.kl. Th:it ail I ,i m-ssmis-r's xxlo h luxlx- t n I. ism -h t i Jhe in the *mi-es small IK b Id !prirna fnio: to
handled Miara ]>er annum.Ibiid actually e'M>eiided f.'r tMJd purpoxeF -. CiftiT be, <-on vie till of any olt.-m e :.un-l fielixx iiit-iiitx-iM ot lie lui-ijlive assembly ot said I Terri tuy <-h ollire. But if the .S'-n.ito shall refuse to pr I'tesldunt and all and sixty-three and a'ong! the railway; now

lieutciuuta and second avinUuit engineers nine ,,i iniprove-nie-iit '.t KiK.Ni.ii fleer, JTew York, fiomTruj of tin* Uiiltinl 't.i tea, and e.inf.i.r-1 i: ; m mix Stite j ii.niior slat!I IM-lull I t "il. I tinMtoiid I M 01 lay in Aliirii-t. .u. Ii.s'4itei'tm cononr in such susNnsinn| siiclt olliei r so snspindod lioen ;authori/fd by tbe ; acts laid by said company, or which may be hcro-
konj.ed uollnni JKT nunuiu.i .ibin..rithroe liuu.lreil hii-idnd I i I :tn I M\U-euiit I and thue.iiUr Mid and 'art*> of acts birito'om piisi.elI{, inconsistent
3 U and live ,
.1 nirlit {
to < tinehuts4r.t.1 penitentiary in e\e iition tinjud ol -ellt u uc.01)1.11 fitu.t.ins tin after lai) under the provi-ions of the said act
further enacted That from and after .shall f itliv\ith reiit'iic c> ,
2. And IK- it tli.iil l hsi h.-M iliv.S. .
: -li- lion n-iini
uoli.irn.F < i
und t-tgiuttight; csieh ( o.'ivii-tion, who HI) i->i.ilil' t tilt niM-lxen iliilnn with the provisions of this act, are hereby
the thlrt)-tii>t day of Uecemtx, einhlwii hiin.lri-l idin ..r improving Ii n U.r ol Maicui Hook, I'ennsylvani.t, (1.51 |Vfrs of 1 lie | (-i.v n so jwriorintng along Maryland! Avenue, in the city of Washington

vix.. al'i itflioer of the revenue i&iur m.rt ke, while ninejf.iui l.ioj-and ilo.lurs. them, s-h h.l.l I liix-c a ,1i.i iiictioii of me m mtli I in.uh ecu flue hi'U-t* Ot ropri'- -iii.t.ttcci -.tmI I Ie i<*. and tepi alid.Appiovwl!. In the pn-rcnt depot of Washington
July shall lie entitled to one ration per ii y.tfoc.'j. 'i.ill IH-t-li-i I -ti-l I ti>r llu-term of two -ais ; and Maich 2. l *>\\7.
on navy for ini n'Viinent of Chiter harbor Ivani.i I! IM Jt ,
) I'e-unij in.iilifrom thr ti nil of their uc-s .11' en'I tin- o1eztl .lunc-its of 1 s-n-b ofliIT branch of ihr* iJaltimnre- Ohio railroail ubjeet -
.i'iirjand u-mi' ,
a 1. And be it further HKicted, That to enable the thoUiKtnd dollars. thin I'li-iiil"ii< tif the ei ineil tt it nd .- '. innUlull -
mush h the tin
eleven j lr.1 I to I their .ll1h i ru' *<> in m< un r. upon -
ftern-tary of the Treasury to carry out the provision of For improvement e>f HeLiwire broukw.iter, Del.iw.kri> certificate ol I the warden or kei-p'-r ol Mich pi I 1-0:1 I filiiled lor lie tnt m nl veits : I'uisvi 1.4!, shall, eliinng such HIISJ! P:isiun, iK-long to the perS. CHAP CLVI. An Act to provide for the Allotment always, and in all particulars, to such rr tric*
tills art during the last half of tho current ll>cit year.uidduriiigtlie 1' ut tin. li.-t i Ice!Mil h>-n at for one lull I t' of tinmem I tions and the
luone, uundied und nine lIiouKin lour hundred and y, xiUh th approval of tl-e Seto't.try: ot tin .smi 8-> j-if'iriiitng tIm,) dutiis thevcot, and not to regulations concerning use of such
fUcal yror eadiug June thirty, eighteen dollarami ex-nU. ) l hint-- nlaid i'"iiii il Mi ill hi'thf"- d I (sir the te-rni of two.cirn ot tbr MemKis of the Supreme Court

hundred and nizty-fight, the emit of one huudied and niiie-ty-lhrce For inipruvwiie-nl of !M.venty'attisu3 nver, Mar} I:n.d, Interior.Approval, M:irch 2, IS'.". _. an I tIn retsmtitmiiie I'a.l 1-r tli t. im .4 f I,, ir the oflii-IT 10 pitspi-ndiil : I'rovidil hovviv, among time (Circuits, and tor the Appointment steam power as the corporation of Washington

thirty-three thousand four bundled dotiare it herel'y appropriated e-ntv-livr1 thousand iMlain.Foriuiproveineut \CIIH ; and tin-ili-tiict-wilt I ii l i nn nllt-ii nl tin coiiiii I' the l'resilt'nt, in (aso iiu shall bt>-oii: jatislifd Coin miy by its ordinances; at any lime imposo up

for the expenses of the reteniw cutter MTicr of lutjuth of Mi ir.sippi river, two CHAT. CXIXII.-n Act for the Uelief of certain ; airs to IM- eh-cled! t fit teiinnttw.f join, an 1 tindistiicto ,; that such sinp nston was; mile on inmiflicii.nt ofa MtiAl for t Iii 'tiusrI trio on. at any time ntiiiro of, the said r.vitroad
\- out of any ulouey in the treasury not otberii.'e hundred lhou-and dllarM.Kor lie-ie.n iiit-mli-ref the I eomii il I an* to Iteieetcdiurtl.c lu! it enactnl by the Snvto and llf.iwe of
Coii-truotion f
(.'on'r.H't ir- fir the e> shall? bo authoti/iil at
]>proptiated.Api improvement of Ohio river, one hundred tliouumddalium. nn.l Steini M.irhimry.He tot m til 1 f stir vc-trs sit tlie n'- l ilivtinn .htu\\:ill ground, any I lop i "ti I at ivi\! rf thi- I'mtrd Stuti-.s ot America company.
ro\td, February 28, 1S67. I le deft! rmined by pi-til un. 01 I ihe r'vein'i of.nd : tulle U'f.iie rcjiorling Bin-h su j>i-naiuii to I tbc Appro vt-d,March 2, 1867.
it tnai-Uil i-y' ib.' Senate nnd HoiiM-of U< prfvn- in assrmbled) Th it the ehtf justieoof
of Saco river Maine .1' 'rr.t-sty : riuvi i.Ie.l. 1 in all I coitntim and Senate; above to n"'ok,* sueh suspcniiin
For improvement forty thousand t it.;V'ot tin1 United States of Aniel Ii a in C.iii ie-ii aHeinl'led a* provided, -
CHAP. CII.-An act for the Relief Of rertoln drafted SI I i % Ii is-hi alkali I IHeiitit1.h I to e- set lun nit in'4r- ol tininited St.ilis and the associate justice of
dollais. 111! it the >e< leiary of tinNtxv hen-l-x .111- and reiiiiittttt* .such ofif.-rr in the <*rtorui.inie -
Men. for preservation and improvement of Boi-ton Imrbor, lluiiiil and 0 i rt-tteL to I iu\-n m -ate tln-il Is innol m i .m iU'ntrvet'n !I the tdiiui 11, s-Its. "f -'nd meniln m shall: lieivt( :ted f.r twoyeaiH p the Supjtnit Coutt shall' I l's' allofi-l among the CLXI aithnriziniflmilet1'arttur'.hisc
into the ot the dutie-s ot hw office.Sv. CHAP. -ATT At
Whereas certain persons, military It.sac1iuett. thieeliuinlred and **veiity>2vc thousand -. for hit old iim.. ve"i 15-s.1'xx"ir:5 ni'l I stvim iu.i< hi'ii i i try. ind I tinutlier tuin j.iri.f : eiriult now t-X!>ting ly onle-r of the e-o'iit ; and
m-rice under the calls ot the rrexidvtit
!, made February first j-lyhteen' fcnnHretl arid MXtyfour 1 or improvins na\ igation <-n the Mis-iM-ippi river at Max rl. ht-i'ii biindriil an,s.t ixtvoii'and ;.ri.'r lo t hue- puts ol .let lt'.c'>ii-i-tetil' tills aet .ue hereby rcpvalcd. IVi-.sident shall have jviw *r to fill all vacancies uhi-ni-vcr a ntw all' tniit shall! be rm iiiT or Bo it enacted bv the Senate and House of

and ilanh fuui-teililh, tixlitecn hninn-d and lkit Moiiie-nor Lower rapids, accoiditig to such p.aua-> lii"t iliv ol .1.tri iitnv: I'Uhtirn bundled ind! MMj-Pitir, found expedie-iit by r -n-sr-n ot altm'rmttisitt e the of three bundled dolUm ea.lm M ircli 2 iSi'.T.CII \vhirh lilt y hipin (1:1:tfin I Iho ri>-oof the R4-pnirntfttfvT of the MVe of Ameri
sum ,
sxty-tour, the secretary of \ pl.ail on Ii le-jM.rt e>f u bourn o. (111 fil'l'st .'. I-. 1.Inmad' Upon tile follou Hi.ha, Approved, or ni'-ricircuits or of tbr m-w appo'i'i'ment of
bring the amount of xti1Inuatiun: lixed fur ouoh ser\ lee vninicrii approve, live liundre-d thouvind dollar ; 1'ro- isis : lie hmali a-ririai tilt- i>. nmlrr the fifth section of the ami nJ.itory enrolment act \I*. <:i.U.-Anrt to .imend an Art cmitb-d) "An ::1 chii-f jnniie or mi'aSss'iate judO-f', or .
vlde-d, lioeve-r, any may bi t- >intructed rily in< Hin-d I 1 1-ye.nh r>nir n 'or i iu I theeomplrtion granting rominiisions which nhall; expire at timetii.I n'rships fir the tntn action of any mercantile,
of Kcbiuary t eiit-fourth, tlthU-en hundred and Hixtj- aniund c.iid 1K" MOIIM-H or Ljne-r l.ipi-ltof the SIi-- of Im i-i woik 1 by r.-t- 'I, "> ; (1 li.injn.i i>r iilti-rationi Act :iutn-.ii i.ji.t. tin- < s.lm'.t ru met is iii "f .i.l l nl I I in nn I fur ;t uhall! ha: the duty ol the ir>uit to ni.iko tin business
And! if with
four aud the aunwtrc ufterunnts ng-.ia dnif- tin- I iiI net "I Colnml'iV', I .1 Ijimu- (July] : of t their next station therft\ftir. in mecbanii-al. or maniifirtnrin n
.-l Mppi me-r i-liall l>c and fort'cC ri-iikun Inelo tinnuviritiin I, in the plan- and -| ei K in approve; same ; r.ud if a new allotment shall liceomt
under the call of DecemUr ninctwijtls tigUtivn him I ire 1 I --ix.I with the ndvice and the Distiict of Columbia le fonni-J bv two
ted lnrnty.iMevMccn
sixty ronwiit -
nut tniiii-ixe of ,aid rut er{ aud no toll the ulioli nt the wo.k .i..m-'l hv tin '.'0x1111ini a;>pointtneiit, by) Otis than the may
bundled and >ixt -four, (being within one Jeurl the piiiMi I B it i-utctci 1 ._ tin Si na..ite an-I ll.'u-r ol Represents nit-ifsary: at any otlii r timo during
> tttmilcvir becoUceti'd U.e-re-oit. -nt. which were lint jirovidi'il for in t thr osi: iiml eon- of tht Senatibhall: l iso made: to Mich t-lHi-t- or more | TM>n.i u1"11 the terma with the rights
pr \lous draft and liefore the filling of the uoLiw nsIgned Fi>rii"lTo\lnKi ii'i"ti.1i ofMit>MBsjppi river nt Rock tnut 1 but no alloxx inre lor anx .ulv.iiue t in the |iiieenli !'I iv CM of the t'ni'e-d' St.ite' of Amerhii I In IJ >niiej>s u.- twin, sink vllotmt-nt hal! I Icma-le: by tho chic!
afottwaid during ansi and the conditions and
under the to calU first named above,) alt,! wen-- bundre-d thou-and tlo.lai h al-1vanrro Mpibl.-l I, Tint wi niueli of 1 the* nixlll -M-etl..n ot t the-I act so vacant or temiorarilv; lilli.-! u until the povvvrs .iiibJM-t to
IMind iapid->, to i iii sin or I material shill l ha- nusi.lerni, une-H yn justice, and t-liall le bimlin- next term
then to enter the strvioe or fuiniHh sulwtitute entitled! ''Anutt a'lthiMi/nu' the e-iimlrnolion of a jail siub next of the Swttate such office liabilities herein ri'-rd.
required ;
harbor of Om iNSShiolt ,
For iini> '' lug <.n.ii.'i>ii, Miehigan i ninetHLMu rui red I during the ]iiolon iI9I| tune u for compl-i the prrsi
aod vbrrea* the true intent and meaning of the fifth in I iind l fur tliu I, I ii..!mitt of t'oiiiinliia I ," uupri-vvd! .1 ii sit.I and until a fill"tmi-it by court
nix hundred doli.un.1'or the li resiLtiimfmna wUhotit
th-iun.kud woik It-red shalt remain in al .
lug Ihe reli neceHiry by < hy : >o\an< any alaiy, IKI
See. 2 And it further rnam'tstuI. Tlint such
prrtolutbus paj ing commutation from further draft boats, to be u>edon the MIA ir.siu.i.i p jeer U tueen J-'oil only when *tmcIi ;* coubl Jmt h.i.e l tueeii avoidedhy -1 I lit- am iii lit" to IM- i ad-u'.L and |Mid ,into ilie M.i3, or : > Supremi Cotttt may a-'point a mitb'
until tWit quu.a should be filled, aud not exceeding one uud Rock lalund rajH.1niiut .pix thou-auddolUrr the rxi rcix<> of ordm I .try pru U-nue and .1 uiit.urv on tiei-nryof tin- t'nited Mateby time itie-t of \ l.itmno be nHe by appoint im-nt lhmto, by wh'isit'itni atii'iihall lie thupr'ij ihou- who shall; W called ci-neral i 1..ntn'-ts. -n.l who
j-tar: Tben-t-r -ba.lditHiial l iii ni 1 ('i-', re |s-s-i lively, l's:'orcI iit romplelioiint and with advico tin-i I ot tbo Sfinto, eourt, ;> -ti!>
). the >art ol the root rant.'r.iiid from : m-t, : the ron-wnt ; and
] shall be !
fiiacred the Senate and house of Rcprei ntatitesof til I ill is h !. ind luini'n-d' dul'.ais and said jointly severally re i-on-iibTe *i
He it by For bni'ditig anti ojrnitin| one drq-tLe or Ml tin lo IK; ancel tiuued HA aimet lid, th I is-re Khali I I < ., iS j n-l'j ripta'd.K and -h tittu- all thu and duties >i: five pi-r annum ;
the United Slutes of Anirn in Congress *. thi- WimjoiiMii fleer, tony iliouisin l ilollir. Puma 11 Mini us b.ixe lui-n p.ud rt.lm eiMitiw.m l-ir any e. 2.! An-1 In* it I furl tier ena, ted, Th it I It ch-ill tm the during tiu< powe-rs matsbil SlOth iik hargiof all pu-perty of the general jartlir-r an by law, nnd of one or
ewbled the of War i is hereby aulhorited i't the as lit hi irut 1.--t s.f l tin* of XVaoliinvt.ui lit' to niich tjlll-c sluill l he exerelsiil bysich
tjecretirj- Ftirimprovinn labor ot leutatei, I.ikc Michigan, n-.mou lieretofctn'oVvr said .tUivi th" i-ontru-l pi !. .iiu-I I duty hit u.S.i city ; I'nitiil i State-c ii.-n.-d by -aid court or jilt mc-tubers, more persons, V whii Bhull rrmtributw itt actual
Mid directed to refund to each pt-rfton Uniftea a- auth I tin Ire heivby nMure 1, to I.IIM. by tix t-r
iliouviiiddtillnri. tabular } other oilirer law exercise uchpowers ,
fiftj-five hill n-H.rt ti (Vin re-H a M.itrnietit "I i u.ii : as may by
aforesaid ho jHiiil commutation and warn &1-o lv
to enter tin- service or funiUh a HUlmtitutc as aforeshid. fifty thoumilld; S)h ol the xxoi k, the I contrru.t plier, t tin XX h le I in- *-, al nr before' tin-lime of the u-ninplu-iun of -uiid CaSe .1 vacancy ers issuing t>ut of Mid tonit, or lita'iu' 1)the common st'M-k, who shal! 1* called irweial pirt-

the sum of three hundred d-ill.irs, U-ini the sum of T.I improve the uaL'.ilion of the Will!:imfittc river, n-a-e-d ci'i-t of the uoik over tlicionir.iet: j.nee. all 1 the Mil: I, tlie iimi 5 ii ii.v.iit-t-ilmt i t thousand doUar I *) ; and Uli.ili office. e-liief it-c iti-tsist-iat i ners, and who sh.iil: not lo liable for "thed'hts
jiustie-e. ill
afore'aMl paid by him ; and tIere is hereby I lie the i like dill of tl.eproper stilt hi.rtt ks nt" tli I >. just r an C pirsuaticiflaw
money so as Orr on, below the city of 1'ortluud, thniy luour&tnd do.lari .- :inioiint of iiicli in'riail i>tnt ciiust-i1 by the delay aolaCt ) Soc1.. And IK it further enacted That nothing of tht* the fund eenfri
approj>natcd, out of any motley in the treasury not otbrtrive *. ihi of the cox eminent as sit .res ii.!, and 1 the.iiiionn I u : i-ilj I of DeoiireUiuu, und they atTn lieieby mjuind, tor.nv in this act contained! ahull IK) construed to ; and shalL p.\y: into the ln-a-nry .f the partn.'rsltip beyond M>

,. appropriated, a mint sultaeut to make such payments For n-movir.g sna;s nnd bouldcrx throughout tlieMinueooUi iln-a'ly p.ii'l I Ibr e.sat tor over an 1 nUive111'I I i>nti tel : *. bj t or0tur! riM> mil Jtvy Into 111-treanur} ol ; ; !I'nitcd States all ties nnel e-eunj cn aliDii allswud bitted by him or them to the ; but the

riser, iLirty-ne-xeili UiuUnoud Lvu hnn Bee. 2. And lie it further enacted, That the Secretary nl Kild j nl, the- film ol twelve tluuvuid duil.iir. by a ,
1 dollar*. resolution, -ball I I ii veil tiiMte HicUim ef \V. 1 II. vvhii-h is j limitdl by law. shin exceed six.
ttt War u and 3Iuired to it fund fiora the of Pros l.k river lf.ho.lo IH Dund.-rlH Approved, M.treli J, H67.CIIA1 the rlosit of each te-intu tTJ the Se-ciftary of the
For improvrment r.ue .mil, \\\ >l ht fur >truriin-4 lie .team r 1 -11; apiyIIIK ; Sec. o. And l be it further enacted That if
commutation money the amount (not exceeding three aud the Crook such any Interior and! the t-ald m.irliil with the > Sw. 3. And he it further enacted That
oil r.iwluxil bar, ut lHe-nty-ti\c tlau5811(1 I tin* i1)ti.iim's of this iinolntioii i in I iaxeit'u'itioiij ; aj ; jwfw -
dollar iu cnt-e paid *. ('Mil.! -An Ait to provide for the more effluent H-r.soii shall the provi.sion.s ot this
hundred any one ) by any pi rson !Is [ contrary
.loll.-un. ex r in ion s-hill cixin to assistants
cp | ijn-rc of the chief appoint of such sh.iil
drafted during the late war who fumli>hed a eub-.titute (I i'lVi-rinilfiit u, of the Ki-l>e-l .M.iten.Vheie proval j\istiee< may ni do/tirnus forming partnerships
of the I'.iwtucke-t act appointment to
river 1'x or employment
For improvement l.hole In- the i hem e e i-ti cost nn uiiisl 1 by :.iid Webb r .11011 omy accept any
commutation wherever it shall \ :i n > 1 b i il Si.ite iro'rrnnients or ade< ii.iti* and in phtreof the cfier and make and severally sign certificate which
or paid money appear lan I, M-veiittt-n tliou.).ind dol.urs.tStc. : tofu in lie! plain und sjMi-ifnMlioni fir tin > ( | protmtioii in eilfice. or shall hold or exercise or at- int-Msengers a ,
that, under the demisious and rules of the War IVpnrtliumt n.iUt-d That k for !lili- or prop-'ily n*>w exists in tlie re-U I Sties any with such hall thfc'name firm under which
; 2. And be il ; the apprnprintion I Diind-! ru m.i'le during the pruziiif* nt the wo.; xvhe- messengers now employed. eompenation rontatn or
governing at the time, the wild person van entitle nt Vn-ainn, Xorth t'lr-iliiri, t-otilh C.irulin.i, Ii i.i i:i, tt-inpt to bold! or exercise, any such office or
ot Be-vilily-five thoinunl du.l.iin for COM Irue-un tier h niter.itiont wire proxidel for I in Ih-j oiuin.iloiiirni In allo\Vt\l officers of the
sin to is be
is such conducted the
to discharge from the obligation to render prraonul i>erTICV blue tin MiH-i-n.p.i; Alilnmt: I.s Oil-1:1: -,;,, Kloiidi, 1t'x.ts, and I employment. Ire shall INS ilii-nutl find! it hereby .- as or may ? partnership to ; gt-ncral
work ansI !ini> "lug e-ntmmti into li..rin.r: <>iMi'li I or not, whi n payment lor the B.U'ICM.H notnihi.ued ,
under the drift for which lie paid money or lurtilkhcd Cil Iiidiuim, and Itv the the t .\rkuiMa-: : tmi-i 1 uiifitits it H. mi-i-5-.try that ptse.-e and, House of Heprcbentative-s of similar grade ; and nature ofthn business intended to be trans
i (Tin }, .iet up- <- in contra price..ilijimOVi.i dcclated to lx, guilty of a high misdemeanor,
a vub 'tituleand to refund, in like manner, in nil .. In I older xlimil I I heenniit-cl i 1 inaid Statin. Until 1 luxul all acts and of acts in force relating acted the of all the E-enernl and
proved l J ime twrnty-lhird, elghti-e-ii liuij-tn-.t mid ----ixt\ Match! 'J, IS'jT.CHAP. parts now {. names special
and and conviction thereof ho
canes wherein it sluill apjiuar that a peraou ito having | a iiI 1 n-piil.liiran I Stal *nveramenl.s urn 1 liu isgtIy j eat'ilclix.'ied upon I trial: shall
nix, 'linIlbeC\jH-"n'le-forili pu.jn.Mulore.ild: UJH"tbe I> to the marshal of the District Columbia shall partners interested themn distinguishing which
)wid cominntarion money or furnished a <-ub tituUua* terms, and lu the innnm-r lu-rcinftfu-r ]>rovidid lorotheruppropri.iiinii I CXIA'MI I I .-An Art annul nn Art vitili"An -! I Therefore, lie punished thorefor by a line not exceeding ten ,
Dot legally liable to draft : I'rmided, That Ihin .ecti.m undt-r 111-! act : lrsvi.1d) 1 hat it \ct t'i e-\teii'l the Time fur the U.-xeivion 1 1 the ISe it 't il.K-ted by the Senate.m 1 House of UepreMtit.ktic : thousand dulliM, or by imprisonment not oxee apply to the said marshal of the Supreme Court, tire Rent'Ovl' and which nn special partners, and
ball nipply i oulT to claim* received at the War iJi uirt- na'Uf..e-lum ot I the I I'mltdUites ot Am. lira in CuiureHS nn-iein- fattee in this act otherwise provided. their of residence the
) hown of the amount
flirt > so
ahull be to JSix-re-larj United .Sl-itex of the J.imn't granted by l xntieKi( < tu live both s.iid in e.xiept respective places ;
It. his d.i Thai! naid rbeI Mites rhall I IH- div ided into miliUry : *dtng years, or punishments,
went pnorto pae. of War i hat the mini ft On hundii-d thoiimkii.l ..ldlugha aid in the Com-trU'-flim of ii Kailroid (ruin Approved. March 2 1867.diAl' of capital which rath shall have
.A1i1rov' ebruary 26, 18G7.C1IAT. Midilmtu U.irlxir districts i and Inaio: Hillijeet to th- ii'I!itaily authority of t tin* duse,tit ion of the court. special partner
been expeivk-d by City IVnu- ItilN'lalr ;ii.I: Ijiin-in/: t<> soiin IVint on or near
the, Umtui btelcs.ii" hure-in.ilter prenbe.t, and for tjiatpurHme CLVII.-An Act to amend an Act entitled contributed to the stock the period at
in tkeconwtnie-iioii of a afe ass! cok.\tni lur- Traverse Hiy.intbe $1itof MH liljin, ami for the Sac, (6.? And bo it further enacted, Tbat
CHI.-An oct rela.ite to the Tort of Camden, p.iny And That I | Virginia i.hall: I I ItiiiPl it ills- (I).- Ii fat dnttnet ; Ntirtltt every "An Act to continue, alter. and amend which the is to and the
b..r at fLat place : ltrovitl.'d, tho |> .irM.iie of Coinpli-tmn of Hiid UiKid, approved July thix-e, evht'i removal made partnership commence,
New I'.lrolina tinKrond dl-.lilet ( appointment, or employment ,
South ienri.i
; ;
iEolin i and
Jewry. : :i ; i ; "
ia.el to and ftoiu sil'l harbor nhnll be fretHiid nutj.n'ijtx.1 n hundreil And RIXIV-MX. the Charter of the City of Washington period nt which tt i is to terminate.
flu it ens/ied by the Nmoto sai'l House of Krprencntat5tf to toll or chm51und the money appiMprmlidby lie il e-iv.wtrd by the -vii.ilu and house of ICepnNciiUtivciofthe _- t, and Floiid.i tin- third di.triU! ; Mi-Kis-ip- had, or, contrary to tho provisions of approved -
United Sutes of America in tin- fourth 'ItMlH't iiil! ouini.m.l un.lTtxax seventeen eighteen hundred and Src. 4. And be it further enacted That the
<-f the Conpkn< as- iu'il Ark.i-i.-stK: ; au Hay ,
jil this the ,
to and
hUall ? $ in >
Un act bftuuippiied Ub complete or moketlie (nU.l tates sit Aineri' n Con: rc'% an- act. j making, signing, sealing, cottnteibigning -
mmblcd 1 hat the of C.imd. in tl.c tate vt 2ivvJermy the I I1.ah ib-tiii! -t.
port iicart*! njipronimatioii to complc-iiug the work lormLlcli -mblnl, Tlwl the first of the* ri'-t entitle.! "An, 4ir i of let forty-tight. certificate shall be arknowl tlg >d by the several
and the in led to the turtlier enacted That it shall be theduty issuing comruibMon or
be. Mime hereby, mint colloction St-e. i.i Aul: Uit any
carh sICIlaPPruPtiaIlt.n| ] i* titan,; and U felinlllc art to extend tlu time far the n-vrr-ion to the l'nite1Klilrsnf He it enacted by tho Sonata and House of signing the before public
district cf and that aMti.tantcolUclor of tin Pre idiiit the ind ol each of for in 'to persons same a notary
I'hlhide-lpbiii an t to it..ig n lo roiiiin ter :authority or respect such
War any
of the ol lo the ai II i thevmlrii.ti'jii
SeiifUry the laii'U tnmuir's s tim
the ditty uppiy Mini I ; Ktsiili'' hy in t u
to be iu aceorJancu with tin lsst of .nd I distrii of tlu- ljuln-.v the Representatives of the (United States of America of court in tho District of Columbia -
j nppolute-d for other I f r> tit un olluer aim>, most shall bo deemed or a judge any
herein Hpptojri.iU-4 pnijKj e> tliaii fur I'X.iiullintloliand of a lailioad!I A iii I sty by I IHIU'l.iI.I I an I II appointment or empployment, ,
the United htaUii, bUall rvkidc at CaiiiJ.-u, who dull >1'inM.icJ Tr. rink of fin uml tn detail a i-ulHi ient miiilu in Congress assembled That the second section and atknowleekjments shahibe made
jI *xnve-\i> l.y iutru Itovr/-v.r, I I.IIIKIM to Mime point on, or near ivcritv( in tin and declared to bo misdemeanors ,
have po lT to eukr and elior resrebi in like maiunr antlo f 101 n I lie ILttliie- of the wu.nk to IM- tl.niethr Stitt ot ul hi'/.m.. and f. the i of Hiid ro.i'l'I." I: -\ tune to en Isle z.imchi oll'et to peidiim his 4 ist ics are hereby high the entitled "An continue alter
1 bat : >r ronipletion i of act act to and certified in the same manner as the acknowledgments -
44. collector of lhKa>k4pliia U authorized to do, but -ni'l infoi'-e his uullionty vtitlim the tlp it ict touhlch heS and, upon trial and! con vie tion thereof
g n.iiiieeHiilii'l, in the ju.lguueiit of the r"ecrtt.ury, In.niiidi- 'ippro\eil Julx thiee, cugl.teen humln-vl and MXtv-mx, l lni'l Ic
.. uch aoi-u'.ant collector bhall iie-xeitlnUws act in coiif.r- f Is as-i zflci!. and amend the charter of the city of of deeds of land, and when so
ot oinllt tunoeOH- nrnjl.urc tin thereof shall be
Rinrnditl bv iiikini
I ll.e Mibje-rt ary. inajbe : tinaim- IK herc'-y ; out every person guilty punched
inity to SUCh iuKtructionj and regulation as he liull othiTwnx.urJcii'l : I'rovidttl, no .onlr.ut slu.l.]i itonl l-\ I.i'uiti-y w hue il oi-iiir i in sam bcelion, and t.-e. 3. And IM. it further cnnetyd, That it H-iall l lie tho by fine not c.xceeslmg ten thoiiiand dollars Washington," approved May seventeen, eighteen acknowledged! and certified shall be filed in the
tim leceivc from the collector of I'biLidel- a or
time Id olliei all
from sit evk.-h asx'unu.1 aafoieicn. to nft jmlilKudxtrtiHnunt f if l.i'.ilmis.1l. the word "Julv" iu lieu tlieieot.Apjiroxe.1 duty : protei' hundred and shall bo amended
lie in-eitiivj I forty-eight so office uf the clerk of the court of the
}>bia; and the aid asoistant cotluttor shall receive for Ma nod to ,. rat I pt-i-niiix t in I his-i ir lights ot prnum iind I ii-s ilMli y, hO upI'rti" by imprisonment not excwdiug five years, or supreme
such form lit.HUH UK icmlrtgts in.ti e'ch J, 07.CHAP.
annual salary fiftein hundred dollar in full for all her- llicie-'T in must the H.IIIUxlmll only be liu ie- t lilt the lout I iii-iiiiTi-e-lltiii h ihi.i si.Ier, und \ioli-me, und to punb. both said punishments in the discretion of tlu- as tc read, "To license, tax, and regulate District of Columbia, and shall be recorded by

rice* *o lx by han perfuniitd,aud in lieu of cuuuiiubsionsSec. >-ti nrraiiM* tn be piilllihed, all ilintilibei ot tin public of all kinds of insurance
t nnpniirjibli* biiVle-r tlu-relor, njtoiiurilv il.-e-iiud rXMX.-An Aet to authorize the lluiUin. of court : Prurided That tho I'ttxsidcnt shall have agencies companies : him at lane in a book kept for that purpose
,nd&j uiii! e-iiminalK and this ,! he allow lo- ,
r-urticirnt in the jutUiueiit of lie r''tary. And il lihtbou-en then in nil utioned, and fir other 1'ui- pe-u : : ; : to tim m ij- Provided Tbat the tax r>r Iit'oustshahl not exceed to
2. And be It further mart**!. That blue tti tanteollucior shall lt) the dozy of tim >oi
appointed under this axt, he, und lit- heixy! ir., li'nderor, when I in bin j tt.ltitiiut i I may lie tieei-H"ur one per centum upon the cash premiums received. That st the
pracllc.ibK timo, to le-*ort to COU XUM tliu remilt of uhjnuiv. Its* il emetc'l by the Senate: and lloti c* of Ueprenen- of the Senate, commissions for all 5. And be it further enacted

authorized to enroll and IKXUM, atx-oniing to the lawb y, ilb (tiC pUiti :Mloptedaii>l the jti iH1 tif vxleIm.tu. tat IX e* of the Uniti-d State" of Aiii.'i-ri in ("OIUUTH :iMinhlcd -. for the ttl il of iilfviiders, he "hall have power lo t.rimi-: officers whose appointment shall have been advised ." time of filing tho original certificate with the
uf the Uintttl ttlalv*. fii i-CMtcl .iiugi.d w the cnuMmi i/e I -oinuilnsitiis tn* iiimls Inr tliat ,
) ; Hire under raid pl.iu : und lie hail innku report e)[ nilaili'm Th it Ito Secret iry of the u Tie.iBiiry be, and I I InIs military i of purpose, Sec. 2. And bo it further enacted That all
,. trade sumi bnltcnco owned in whole or au }'art by nri- tuki-n uinlcr tl.c nowiinm l thin .i.l, and lit- ap.l| ull I inlirlirtmemvlor eolnref Mate: authority I with i and consented to bay the Senate. evidence of the acknowledgment thereof, as before
e> list authorized ami directed
] lehj to piovide, bj e m-
l.uU of that }*i>rtieiu e-f the Uudjr. Ion diuuti let I linnXiullb u tfsr fxcmmof niililny authority un Icy tlna nt *h.illlie acts and pat Is of acts incons stent with this act
rjiallart'oinpa M>id n-uit viitu a ttitli-ue-nt of thin tract, for buildin.; hhtliouic-; at the follo iij 1.umm&-, to Soc. 7. And bo it tuitber enacted, Thrt it directed, an affidavit of one or more of the
of A1iuaysCrctk, in the of ISale-iii, in the! null ansI -tnd.Sife. .
blaleof Jiew Jcrrx-J" And nil such eutuuty viiroliiicnts no.1 ii. amount and gull lonncr iiii/rnpiLiti'4iit] lor vm.'t Ii wit : \ shall bo tins- duty of the Secretary of tho Senate arc hereby repealed.Apprtiveul general partners shall also be filed therewith in
>ork,and a full eulim.ncfi sir iU churn und jMuuaunlonmiilelion. KorbuildlnpT 1 a llithm t house nn a pitipcrMii* at Tmwbridt'c -4. And 1 lie it fin t her s'nets'.lThit: : till penonspul March 2, 18G7.
shall In an valid and tfteetmtal: ns if they had Ux 11cflixtcJ at the close of each session thereof to deliver to the office stating that the surft's specifiedin
ct-uwr s ilh tIme .-uui..iusit that sea be pi4it.sJl l vIendud \- I'sui lit. in Thunder llax*. I in ihe Sti In ot Michi .in, under milit.ny I nil c-I by virtue of t tliii act -diall I I IH-- tneilwithout same ,
a iu uny oilier port uf the Uuffe-d 8tiit. ; un i the in Ibt next fiscal year; and lie shall ulttlu in at a e-oMt tint exiiiliii: len tfioiiinnd dullnrH. I iinncrcvtarv: : -lt\and noeinel or uniiMial puniHhint the Secretary of the Treasury, and to each of the certificate to have been contributed beach

ve-cx'la aid OMtUluul shah te llactor*uljoct; in tu the-t-nrolmeut the in WHO! the nut L'niteii Ikx'li-inif Mates of what exilloctiun ell-trKt each work i Is.lou.itcd, und at or 1'or InnMin a li htbnutp on a proi I>< r-itc at Mendot.i; -nt rih.ill; Ininlli.i ted Is mid no rn-iitemv ut f any mill- his assistants, and to oach of tho auditors, and CHAP. CLVI It.-An Act to establish a Department of the special partners to the common stock

lie near what port ol ( nfl), Iirhtho) H-, or port, what on Lake NiiptTKM, m the Hlate of Michigan, at u cost I iry ciimiiiiMMnii,, or tii'i'in:il hereby uitinumcd, utleetini I ; of irfche of Education.Bo in
and each the i
and 11 U all Uie ix.itn.Uie* reajouAJblUtien lin- eoilcictwl the to comptrollers treasury, and have been actually and in good faith paid
aiiuiutitof re-vfwue al :wa.eit jMirt of not rX'x-edmc feilrteen th.iims.tnl dollars.Kor the life or liln-rty of iinv person, nhall be ex nted until!
posed usn collectors iu 8 like 17.cftM-s. .ntry lot tin last fiscal) year, and, a* far R p1ible. biiildmit lighthouse "n a proper tile at S-vnta il is uppitm-d by the iillleer in command of lie district, to the treasurer, and to tho register of th treasury it enacted hy the Senate and Houso of

Approved. February -, |jit amount ol cmiiire-ne sod navigation oiiM lie Cruz, in the 'l&tc ol Californi, at a cyst iwd. 'tSeettluut and I the laws: and regulation for Ihe ioveinmenl of the a full and complete list, duly certified, of Representatives of the United States of America cash..Sec.. 6. And be it further enacted That no

be-ucntUtl bv tbeoonijileiion ol eiwii | ulicular w. rk thou ,:tutI dollar*). army -iiill: not l's uifit-ted by tins ast: rxm-iit in wi fir an in assembled That there shall be ,
all the who shall
CHAP. C3CUIL-An Act to quiet Title to Land In the have been nominated Congcrss established -
ivuilunia i'roviditi, Tnat lie *I..tll t-oiiliuue lM IPluilmis : I Pioviileil[ Tlit his) persons such partnership shall bo deemed to have been
Tu iiol haUU Clara a.iid in the &Ulu olHo the fiint Moiientenei* itt de.ith iintler the pr iiiiinit ot thin net slrill I I to and rejected by the Senate during euch session at the city of Washington a department formed until a certificate shall have been made,

hi-i cia provide-d for ,luill I.e i_otitplt tz4. I liL-hthonne ll carried into elfi-ct without the 1'reiiidtnt. and liloo list of all tho of education for the of
ItWiJCted the Senate and House of binl'lii'i; a on a jiropeiViti at or ii'-ar the approval! of a oflcos to which purpose collecting filed and recorded until an
by Keprenon- acknowledged nor
Sec. 3. And tie il further e-naac I t. Tnat whenever theSecntaryof Hnidilock't: J'oint Ooorgm, ul u cost not e-xeeiilim fif- stub statistics and facts shall show the ,
nominations shall have been and
made as
tstlves vf the Umtci Stnten of America lu Cuingre-un ancm i War shall invite fur not confirmed affidavit shall havo been made and filed u above
|I.rt.h-&s any win k., tei n I lliiiiix tnd m : l U d That all the rUbt aud title > > filled at such session. labor for uork progress *
or lor uuy or any iln-re r the laud Itualod w Ithlil the limit uf uny on! tjf haid tided States shall ni any
the BtttUv torn Uf of Kunta Clan md I'etttlum.i, in the M-iie ofF bu ncpantto iirujiowiN ciwh und cit--is C'Iitni..lP wit for .meIi (Jt.uriai.t, at a Cod- not excwdu fifteen tlioitn.U'il: !- on-I nut Ion of cnvcrnmetit 'imformily jivilh the (!onctiltitii'ii Soc. 8. And bo it fuithor enacted, That States and Tciritnrits, and of diffusing such information of accident or mistake) shall b6 made in

California, as defined in the net nf the levl-Jnture of eah woi L,work moist,WMI suit lot li.* shill n-j-ort of to iu.itt-i OmurttWoti or Ultor tile tint for *. nl tin I'iiittL Matt-H in all rrfpe-clsi, framed hya whenever the President shall, without tho advice respecting the organization and zuch certificate or affidavit all the prsona interested

uJ towns, be aud I be aaine ielitnly Kor huil.linir rainio-lichtu Morris Inland us giubles oinelitimi of del--uates eleeted by hue male rititcnM ofam.h of schools and school and ,
that State imwrpuratiiig Monday bf I'cce-mlx-r next, all the l-id. with tIus. nannv on and consent of the Senate, designate, a ithoriro management systems in such shall be liable for
rvhtnql&il.e'I; l and granted to the wri-vnlv- in er.i'.ilig Chutikt'.itisi l liar, Soiilh Carolina, ut ii eont note ht ite, ulyonee.irri old amid upward, of wbalerer partnership
fittiders. All not eif aid the
the lioldugcoiiiniihciin m methods shall of
tluir of persons r.iee, tilor or condition who have been or employ any person to perform the teaching, as people all the thereof partners.
thorities of aisi.t towns aud iiuocuMor, in trui tor United \< er lnllfleell; lliousund dollar previoim enga-j-emtnts as general
of the who
and with authority to convey to much of Mud land an iin 's the uvular with uniiy tlie-ili-burM-im-nt of.Suites the aJprojurja i>hall l Iii. entrusted udtor For rrlaiildinj the HghtlioiiM- H lrIw'r1tent D'-t'p- r'osi.Iu-iit In .nd State for one year previous to tin; day ol duties of any ollice he shall fourthvvith notify- the United States in the establishment and Sec7. And be it further enacted That th*

the bona tAC occupancy of parUe upon the ]a >ngu the woik* named in this art, r-h.iil he requin-.l] |t., piiIrund WTtei Sbnilsin, J.nne Uivt-r, Virgini.i, ut it cost luexcer election, except sin h HM m.iy N dlsfrtmhised: for tbo Secretary of the Treasury thereof ; and ft maintenance of efficient school systems, and shall publish the terms'of the* partnership
of this net by th'-m>elve* or teu.mts to inich ]>artkit : xiMin'l dollar participation: I in the u-beliion or fur felony al common partners
fur limo iu.ll.ful otherwise the of education
aiwl ample M-e-unly upiiie-.ition shall bo the of tho
t causo
t promote
txu-nd to | > For 1 i\v, und shu'nisiiu-h toMKtitutinn fh.ill iovide Hint the. duty Secretary thereupon to when three times week &>r at
rrovidcd. lliat this yrant tall not etmy nwrtationof oueli duslursiuig o/Itoe-r hi tliu i eiim lihi tug I liL'litlinus- tower anti keeper's dwcliin I ;; i> registered, a
the jii'l l of
hAil Untied titatec, nor prejudiixany valid ad- same United, tUutc' shall ree-eivt ally coniini l.u ii.ruuuy or out ajieiinaium j jthe i lit, u prnpci site at Saint SimouX Georgia, At u cost notBXeecdiiii' nli'uttve ir.iiuchiuius, -ball l hp' enjiive-.l by all such per-onn communicate such notice to all the pn pcr accounting throughout the country. least four weeks, immediately after such regis

ten* pKht oT-TuUiun if such czl4, to mid land or an; for unking uh dlKbur.4uuenU. And the* loilt-lixe I IlioudJii'l >]! its hi\u I the iiulitle.itions| herein hUiled fur ele-eton of t and disbursing officers of his depart St e. 2. And iso it further enacted, That there in to be by the
examination anti $ 'i. And lie fun her i-inu-li-d That the- I Ie-Kx-'s lll'd' when silt h constitution hhall lie rail lied try two newspapers dmgnated
jiart tbreo<, DOT preclude ft judicial inom-\iihcnlii1icfoi iliiiiriiuri.iti-d shall ii-ranin and lieat ei it I T.ighut us iiiss mont shall bo appointed by the President by and
1 a4Justtnei4 tI.rrt-uf tbc dii-'KnuI of Uio tM-eietniy; ;! of War, and ulij
4ppretil, March 1, 1867.CHAP. his Control for flue purn| Iiumed iu tim.s m t, until thvevenl ban been nuule, at Cro*.le 1 in the the of an I when MR-h ( ,iiist it ill ii iii Mull have been submitted commissioner education who shall be in
fHiliit 1'elaw.ire: bay, in neighborhood said
,. works uud iiiipiovementii hrein pr.iitbet1 forarc money shall bo paid or received from the treasury vjok after the registry, and if publication
to Coigress for exuinln.itio&uiid, und
Shoal, and u-porton tbe to bo miide, or which ; iiL.romaI, Cungve.isshaill
urve-y the
trusted with of the
/ CXLIV.-An Act making Approjiriationn for completed, Adylaw. or ivgulnliuii to toc umtraryuotwithataudJng. has already Ixvn m.ule, lo tbo next Connfc ax U the lm\e iiipioxed] the .SHIH.\ and when said State, bya or paid or received from or retained out of management department bo not made, the partnership hall W

/- the Brp I'n-aervatioo, and Completion uf u-rtaln liiimbilny of ereetinjt the-ieon a permanent lighthouse, Mite of Its IcnUlnttire sheeted Under Kiid conKtitulinn, any public moneys or funds of the United States herein established, and who shall receive a salary deem*4 generaL The affidavits of the pmWlcation -
i 8.T. 4. And lie ll fuitlwr united, 1 bat the Horretnry and Khali liare iidnntiil the amendment to the. Coiintiuitumof four thousand dollars and
entimitt of tho of
PaUla works livretofure couimeiicul under the .Au un Amount necessary to beapprupriuled whelner in the not to for per annum, editors publisher
directed i-xuniiiuitioim treasury or or by or ut such notice by the era
of War is hereby to cause 01 uivtj thvnTur.Hti the United i'titeS vpn>|>oae* ,- thtntf of lw the-w
vet of{l ttaotud*>. United by btaU of America iu CougrcM as- iivint*, namely : At the harbor of i
MOriteg'Ttiat the foUomlnif sums vf money be, and tho wilh a view to the removal of "HJi, mim Kock," 1oals| in such fonn inul nianncr us to t-icure ifem-ral no- I'lilti-d Slntcri, said! State nliull bu dt-clured entitled to or functions of any office contrary to the of two thousand dollars per annum, one directing the same and shall be prima facie
If the e.n4hoold bafjuivd iu oi Ka.ry and 10roiumerce Ifprescnlatiuii in CNinifrcm, and! senators and provisions ,
to be paid out of I Ure tlu rent, iinl Ibo fHine flull only IKJ nnule with the Jtwreiien- clerk who shall receive
a MOM MV i > hereby this appropriuted not otherwise, appropriated,any to ; nt Cotfccnt city harbor, l.'hlifonibi; at Dui- lowest bidder therefor upon security deemed BUfJlcientin tativcH hh.ill) be Htlmlttcd tlierrfroin on their tffirng the of this act ; nor shall any claim, account a salary ofeighteetthtlndred evideaco of the facts therein contained {-theafnVi

$41 luouey expruJwd IA undrr treasury the direction and fcUpei iuteu
.- of War, tot the reialr, preerratlon and riser Green bay ; at 3tIUgMI1Ck harlot, mouth of }C.uI-! And be it further enacted, That, from ansi after hcctionn of this act uli.kll be inoperative in situ providing for or relating to such shall receive a salary of sixteen hundred dollars sufficient. -
brcreUry being -
lh. following works herelofore commenced [ajmazoo) river, in Mlcjiit-1" ** 1'ort Clinton, in Ohio ; the paiiiui of this art, thu SocreUiy of the Treanury Mute : 1'rovlde-d, That no person excluded from the payment annum which said clerks shall Lo subject to newspaper

*cooiplcbonof tudrr the autborUy of Uw aud fur the olbot Hi J'ultiifyvil! Luke OnUrio, Kcw York ; and ol the I e, and he i* hereby, authoriied and empowerod to privilege of holding officer by ails! proposed Hmenanicntto roccipl, or retention, be presented, passed, per Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, Thttte'rerjrenewal

: ; k *:lnan c named, that U to aay:- purim TcuncMeu river, from ChatUnoo a to its mouth : at reicnl'ite and fix the *dl*rle-j of the respective] keepers| of the Constitution of the United States shall bo cllji- allowed, approval, certified, or paid Ly any the appointing and removing power of the commissioner continuance of such partnership-
---c island and IJslon (tree) point, in tho Delawareriver isle to election! an a meinU-r oMIic convention to frame of education.Soc. or
for examiuoUoo aod survey of work* of Improvement Reedy UijIithouHcs In MH-II manner as he shall dreta just and! officer of the Unite States or by dnratiott
Jar its
any person fixed
for vhieh appropriaUoM iiav been iierctolorc made, and bay ; at Ulcbinond'a Inland, Cape Elizabeth, P-isr| | : Provide*], That the whole sum allowed olinll a conntltution for any of riaid1r9l>el State, nor utah any yond the time originally
r- told CODO.rIU'Wbk W' Mfneimt information U now UM Union met und the Out opposite the city ot Bath, not exceed an average of six hundred dollar to each such pernon vole for member of such convention. exercising functions! or performing the du. 3. And bo it further enacted That it shall bo certified, aclmowledgi and recorded,'

la imss'iritnn of UM dfp: rtn>enV sad for examinntlpn IJainc; the Conuectk-ut river, between Hartford cud Its keeper.| Ke-c. 0. And be Jt further enacted, That, until the people lie of any office or place of trust under the shall be the duty of the commissioner of education and an affidavit of a general partner be m4rf-

fourth aid fifth mouth : at lloek Inland, iu the State of Rhode eland, Approved March 2 1867.CILtI' of mid rebel Slater admitted United States for in
4ucyaIobsrputid4tnthe sectkidfttf mach ) be by law to representation or respect to such office, or to present annually to Congress a report and notice be given i i tae .WMer
the harbor of lUelnc and filed
UM In Lake If iehfgnft near
that b to : On the Allante In the of United State ,
ti U act spocfaed, My Congress any the
exercising or performing the functions embodying the result of his investigations and na
in Wisconsin with a view to a lighUtout-u and breakwater or fotiuiitiqxi-ft
Uwomndo.Uar,: oa Uu .fadflc oaut, civil government which Bu\y4exlit therein.ihnll bodetmed herein required for its origteal a,
.aft, thirty CL.-An Act amendatory of "An Act to
twjxktr-6r*thousand duGan: w UM fthwwt.rn lalwsjmntHjAn thereon ; and this Potomac river, in the District of A temporary Government for the Teiritory provide otWonUnn provisional: only, and m all respects subject to duties thereof; and every person who shall labors, together with a statement of such facts such partnership which ihalt ft oUywwaT '

UkooModiloUuc oo Ue western and northwtattojn Columbia. ," appioved May twenty-nix, eighteen hun the paramount authority of the United btatv at any violate any of the provisions of this section shall sand recommendations as will, in his judgment) every renewed and continued shall be tWSnw*- m

rlTsr*, ns haadnd cod tw oty4lre thousand t*. 6. And brlt further enacted, That the Secretary dred and sixty-four. time to abolish, modify, control, or supersede the same ; be deemed guilty ot a high misdemeanor and subserve the for which this depail mont
of War.-when the public in- of War ii hereby directed to cause a continuance of ex- and In all election to office under tuch previsional purpose general partnership.To .
_ Uan. A 4th Secretary lie it wi.irtcd: by tine Senate and House of Hepreflenatires any
trial and
: i. MOttir* h ahall JMUM fSMxAeaOm or w xamil ruinations or surveys, or both, at the folkwin* point of the United Htutes of America in Convrens a>- govt>inmenU all pcr on* hall be entitled to vote, and upon thereof, sha 1 be pun is established. In the first report made by the

- *tioM tt t U ftfat ,lth suitable Mrrcyi, of the workS namely : Of the M&bupj-i river, above the Vail*of dt semb1e1, That luu legislative .useuiUii-s thu seVeii noun olbe-r, who are vntlUed to vote, under the provi*> ished therefor by a fine not exceeding ten thou commissioner of education under this act, there ( bo continued.)


., ___ _.__ S.
-- -
.-- -- a --------------- -
,. -

T I .

I -"--FLORIDA! V 10 Supplement I ;

t t
-- -
.' ;\ 4'liSO"IIII; :, }"I.J'., IMAHCH 7, 188N. HEr. :{; The uicmbrn) of the = -
shall -- .
Assembly _
be -
chosen bier L I
: = _: tally tho-e of the :Ill other! civil officerrh ill ufficc-
firt : bMdfor
Legislature t mL-demeanoi-i .
on the first subdivjMoii
)! ,(f law awl
codas also in
r equity all of lw alone
CONSTITUTIONOF and \\ cdncs day of ,1 IIt, y, .\. D. 1868, and thereafter un, the fil'bt in such) manner; as the I Lcgislatiu--; : pio'.ide. ill all ciiiiiinal ta,cs in which! the; offences question ,
TUt'1 day" after the first l\Iul1 Seer 1The!) Legifl.itnre ..hiH, efcet "Tinted States Sclatuib charged amount to felony. .
Till: ay November in The ( omthall lute
Commencing with the to issue write of mandamus certiorari
t }power
A. I1870./ the manner d the ,
y car prescribed by ( 'onnrcs of the United State and
STATE (OK) FLORIDA( prohibition.. 'Muo warianto, habeas and also all write
SEC. 4. Senator shall be cho ',J thi >en for the term of four Cary or to the exercise
years, al, i proper complete of ite appellate jurisdic-
i Mined l h y :1 ( 'Oll Yell t lOn) ot t the People the tame time, and place wcniU-w of the Assembly : Provided }''. ::5U. Law.making; appiopriation for the f-alaric of 1 public tion.

< .\ -t'Jl1bh'd l HC< Tallahassee, on the QOth That the Senators elected the first election from the Senatorial, ffiuiB, and oth'-r ,euncnt expcn.c.of} the State, shall: contain rro- Lath ul the Justiico hall have the power to iwue writs of
I l.Sjs.; districts dcrtRuntcd i by even numbers .hall vi.-ioiiH on no other subject.. habea.,
day or! 'January vacate their seat; at the ul pu.- to any pail tf the State upon petition by or on be-

I' HE.( :.1Mu1E.I (expiration of twu years, and thereafter all Senators shall be elected AUTK'LVI.!; halt of any pcibon, held.l in actual custody, and may make web writs
fir the
term of four years, so that one Il11B'of the whole number uiurnable befoie him.-elf ur the -Supreme Court or before CirI
ANY the }peop''k 111.'. tIn s' I'"r< Florid4.lateful to Almighty, I i-hall be elected 1 bienially.SRC I.XU'U'IIVK 1IEI'\ RT.ENT[ nit ('ourt in the .S'tatc, or before, any judge of said, CourtJ..Sec. any ,

(:(141 flPinir 1t'(' <'m.'' 111 order: t to s sine< i it blesinand: form nT 5. Senator and member! of the Awcmbly shall be duly >ec. 1. The fupicmc cxccutixc poycr of the State hnll! be \r-
inn,. i.-ifoH i ;'U\.rlll"t.'t. msnrinudonii t tranouilitv, i 1 i tr. maintaining) i i 7 jualihed electors in the respective countic< and districts which they ted in n Chief! :1i1i' -fJllt,.. who -hall be styled the Governor;' ('urf. who shall have his office at the Capitol, and ehall/ be

},|he'n1cr. sprig}+''tn.'tiu- lilu-rtv and ji'nnantiM-inir 1: equal: I.hilltud} reprc.scnt.RC.. Florida.Sec. Librarian; of t the .Supreme (Court Library ; he shall hold his office

J ht1,nljlttYI! ,'i"h; <- of the ualificatioue] election ''. The (Go\ci nor-hall be c'J th"fuilificdhctor| : :> at the unlil his su.-ecfesor i I i" :appointed qualified.Vei .

.w.rrH '. E; 1. and return- of its own members ; ch.o.-c its own officers, except the tame time and jilace.of \oting for, the member.- the" !.egitl.ituiv. V here 1 shall he seven Circuit Judges appointed by the ..I

!" President. of the Senate, determine the rules of its proceeding?, and shall hold his office for f four years from the tin.'' ;iii- ill:ldh-: (Govcinor; and' confirmed )by the Senate, who shall hold their office

nil; rM'lo.N mil KIUI1T5.linen and may: punish it- members fur disorderly conduct, and with the tion : Provided That the term i-f: the first Go\irnor dcdl.lIUL.I'r. for eight jcar.-. The 'itatehnll be divided into seven judicial dla- .

ate bv naMive( I t'i ;old ijuil.; and have certain !na- concurrence of two third} of all the membuis} : prevent, expel a mem this Constitution -halll'xJ.ilt.. at the opening of the regnlar bcv-si'-u trict.the limit of which an defined in this Con ttution, and one :

I IkllfiUr ';.thl.tlIII'II' !1- \\ hih ar- .tl-i--e. of <. .lIjm'in.111.1) defen m" ber. of the Lcgislatuic i of A. P.l l 7'i: and until his snoccorhall, be Judge shall be assigned to each circuit. Such Judge ehall bold ,.

I I t life, 441.1) IJLti1 v JK-'jnifin-j l poe, .,\I". and; protecting' }property, and l"I } SRC. 7. Either IIou< c, during the pe.iou, may punish b] jut qualifietl. He shall take the oath of office piv.-ciihed, H.F all State two terms of his court in each county within hill circuit, each year

pm.-u5ngiind obtaining sM: tv. t1tll: happuicSfcv. !, --. privjnmcnt any person not a member, who shall have been guilty of officer. at such times and places ilS shall be prescribed by law. The Chief .

j :. .\111111t.'I11\\'r} inherent in the peojilc. Go. disorderly or contemptuous conduct} in itd presence, but such imprisonment Sec. ::. N'o l''r olll"laall be" eligible;; to the office of I Go\emor; whoa Justice may in his discretion order temporary exchange of ,ire

r 'UIUl1'Ut i> ilI-titt1Ir11 1 for the protection: sreuriu .md benefit of it. shall not extend beyond' the final adjournment of the not H (qualified elector and who has not been nine ) ear.a citizen cuits by the respective Judge, or any Judge, to hold one or more

tjir. narm'l ihvj hint; the right to niter Hi. anicnd the !rants of the United State, and three ) eirof the State of rioiidn next terms in any other circuit than that to which he i i8 ali ned.

,' "."\vr the 1 publi. OCltlI11:1J l r''gnjl. il. but he paramount; allenl'vtrrj rtwton.Sec.. 1'. A majority of each House shall constitute a quorum 1 to preceding the 'lime of ilk election.Sic. The Judge shall reside in the circuit in which he is aseigned..Sec. .
due ( 1. The (;O\'l.lI1' shall be. Comin, iider-in (I'hiel of the military S. The (Circuit ( Wt in the
'i.JUt'' ( li'/''11 \* to tinlYdeial (Goveinmenl; and tltl'tlltr7cias do bu ints>, but H smaller numbrr nmy adjourn from day to day several judicial circuits shall .

with the }people oi (hii Shtte to(i dis.sol\c connection and may compel the} presence of absent members in such manner 'fircci of the Stale, except \\btn they -hall; "l-e milled into thescrvicoof h-ive II..iiIl411, l juri.-dicti..n in all cases of equity, alp in all cages at

lhrtrvtith.Se. and under such penalties as each House may pre lcribc.SFC. the I r:lIih..ltttt'! .. law which} iirvolve tin- title or the right of possession to, or the pose.sjon

ThiUJc shall leniain Sei- .1. II t' shall I trun-ai; all ezeuitive busiin1.with, the uffiicrs of, or the boundaries of real of the .
;;i. tier a member of the t.11) person I who shall he convicted of embezzlement : property ; legality of any

American 1 lui.m. The }people thcrco!. :1 put of. the American or defalcation of the fund-' of this State, or of hiving given' or offered : unite govcinnienl, civil and inilitaiv.' .md' 11'1'. 1"lllIin'illtill-, t.ix. impost. .-,..,'vsnionf. toll, or municipal fine, and in allothercaiesin
fn whatt'rtin bribe niHtion in writing: from the ofVicer.of the "'"I'lI'lllll'lIl" \\ ]iih th- ilcma"-1'' "r the value of in .
JH..inn i. awl any attempt} iin ; ', or' upon whatever a to secure his election or appointment to office, or of property controversy c.
x'id 1 l"nk reeeivcd bribe upon any.ttl'jcet. relating, to the duties, ol thir' ie-ecti\e) ofliccs.Stv. .irdthree Inm1.h,.. dollars, .lu.l..r the action forcible .
prcli' <" di.s-olve ;' )n "" t.i "I"\-tilillal iCtll, shall be hating a to aid in the procurement of office fir I entry and
n'sisle'd} I with the vhole l power of the State.Six' ; other person, shall be disqualified l !from holding any office of honor any, f n.> He >hillee that the hits air f.iitlifiilly;: excuted.See. ( l. ;IA"I.I\%r"I 'ttim-r, ;aim'al.-> !in all criminal cateB amounting to felony.

: 1Tli'1 right; of trial b\ Jill n -lull; heccured to all and profit, or trust in the State ; and the Legislature shall, as,0011 n.- 7. When ails, oftitc( from any CHU-V, shall become vacant, Thc.> .,11f11lIla\"t., final aj vellatjurisdiction fa: all civil caaea ariring ;

remain inviolate foievrr; : ; but in ;111 i i'il t.';1ea. jury trial maybe practicable, provide by law for the }punishment of such embezzlement mvno mode i i. provided !11) tin.- (Con.-titnlion or I by, the luw.- of the in the (Comity ( "unit in which the amount in con .'os, (enyiaone huxjdrcd -
in tiniiiannci he defalcation State fur filling such vacancy; the, ( ;i\ 11101'hal1 have the jMiwer to dollar.and upward.a.vl in all
\\ttn..1Jt'y 1 ihe pavtie" to prescribed by law. or bribery as a f felony. cases of misdemeanor'Ihe .
-v.c.IO. Each Hou fill such\ \aeane} by :.r.+nt1uu:: a "comnii.-sion: ( which shall expire at Circuit Courts, and the
lic.'n.j..l' and of ) shall
111'.1.; The cnjo\iiieiit, religions; profession keep"a journal of its own pioeecdingi' Judges thereof, shall have

iu111vr-ht1sliYfl I; -\cr or ;allowed, in tlLi'ah'' and no }pertonchll ; which hhall be published, and the yea and najs of the members the next election.Sec. to issue writs of mandamus injunction, quo warranto, certioren power and

lit'! tendered iHi''itl jj.ctenl! :t-I \vitnoon. account of his rclijvoiM of either House on any IIUl'still1l'IhnH, at the desire of'an Y l?. 1'1-.' I Go-; eui'ir: nlmy; I'll ex t r.K.u, rdiItaly ocea.ull., convene all other writs proper and necessary to the complete exereie of .

.1Nn i .Ills ; 1',1 l 'II"' 1 lilniif" iuiiM'irmihereby K-cured. shall three members present, be entered min the journal.SKC. the Legislature' by pn I l-imation.! and -hall state to both Housed their jurisdiction, and also shall have power to issue writs of habeas
I 11 1. The door of each when organized the purpose t for; which, they )have been convened, corpus on petition by behalf of
I 1i(4 bo \'C1J1l'\trU"lt aM ju-ttty lieeutititiMH1-- ]practIce subvcr- : > House shall be kept open, during on any person held in actual cus
4c of the }1l'lI..I uJIII ,.
<'. G.< The I j'luilepe of tlwrit fir! I 11,1":1, \ ( '.r'u.- hall not neither shall, without the consent of the other) adjourn for! more that for' which! they ::1J't'Ii.dIJ; cuii\ened. o'- such other legisla- Spec
l 114. -.u>i cnded nil).. uhei mil (MM. of illI..i"1"I' lehellion, the than three ,1a01', to :iii) uther town than that in which they may li\e bufiness the tJovcinor; III.I y- call: to the attention ol the Le- M.iinty. Ph.-- (;,W1'UVI'hall appoint a county judge for each
he their session. ;i-latun1 while in :>('.-.-j'In. except! t >>y the nriaiiimcnis; consent: of }both \\,11" ;.h,1l.1c, mfirmefl the
jiublkKtfety jUI.n'fI'lin'; its suJC1)'i'1I.Sgr' ] holding i Tl7'!! by Senate, and each Judge
7. Ivw.x-ive; h.lI i] ,.hall11l1lll'Plllt; tI, Jiui'l' fine.- SMI I I- Any hill may originate in either HOUMJ of the liegiMlatnie l House.- -hall hold' ni.s ,flice for four- years: from the date of his comm
!1... tc'l and after being ill Sec. !0. He rl'.dl, oinmunicatr b\- Inc.-;ahe to the Legislature or until! JIM .-IIt'I.t' blr' is appointed and io2't
(-' i, nor Tue1 "r nun-tlal! 1'lJlli..ltllllllt jIi hit nor shall }passed one House may be amended in qualified.
%\} umvaMjiiahU' delmiiod.iKC. the other.SKC. tit each regular ,-.e.ilthl', ,'condition the State, and recommend! SI" J P u.> The County' Court shall be a Court of Oyer and Ter-

: S. AH j'd-' 1.ii> ..]idl., 'h },,iHll. hj eiitfuicn :urLtlu', : I lo.: The enacting clan. ot' every law shall be as: follow.-: : -uch measures' ; ahe may diem '-xpedient.! nnnrr.

uulc.-t fur capital Un"'II..I'-. when the }j-iunl j iident, or the Iretuulpti"u The peoplo), of the Sate of! Florid.i; represented in Senate and Ae- See II). (In i .I.M- of a di.-agrcemcnf;' between the two lionet-- V" 1 11 The (County 1'ourt.hall have jurisdiction of aU mu1 -
with t. the tini'-! of adjouinmcnt, the Go'.ciuor .shall hurpower dinipanor.and 1 all
nnbly, dt. enact u* follow.SRI .-*. ic-pctt civil*. where the amount in controversy J dow
; :; I 14. Each law enacted in the t-i "adjoin. th% Lrgi.-l; iluie tti .-uci time a.he muy: think nut ex'Tt-d} tlnee hundred) 1 dollars and its jurisdiction shall be final
SK/T. !I. \u ,nhall; bo tried 1 for' :a +onital: or utbcrwiceUjfauiou '\ Legi.-laturt shall Cluhracl'hut ;
/ r proM'd d it i. not )lH'j.1II'l', ( fine, f fixed for the meeting of in all 'rvil where
piojn} : ) cass the in
and amount
: rriiiH'. vswj'i in a.cof iJlIl'c: dlllll'lIt. and in ewes" of OllCul.jcd, matters pryjicrly} } conni'itcd thfi with, which controversy duet not exceed
the Militia, when in active xniec, in time of t war, or' which the ubject shall bo briefly exprcst-ed in the title, and no law shall be the next! Li.alttil'! "t.e' hu'lrci'lijdlarr ; hut in no va&o; hhall the County Court hare
Sic. 11. Tli- ( ;J'"iii.-M I ; .hil! hate r to 't nd tIle ll.r1l1 Jll1i dirt) hen the tits]
1 po\T .I-l'} l'- l ion w or boundaries of real
state ki" 'jt-, with I the t.u1l-'IIt..r, (Con;;I 1ill time of peace, amended or by icfcrcnr- it, title only, but in such cane, estate L* in contro-
m.iy timi. of fiiv- ;and lirtiit'IIt.1'1, ;.r.i'it' npiievc.- for a }period nut >\. or wh'>rl. the jm'-t\icti'Jl1 will conflict with that
and in of 1'etit I Lm''IIlIIall., under th-' regulation of tho the act as revised, or u section ;1.- amndcdball! be, re-clIuhil: and % : of thescreralM.urt'l'recwl )
I ,icdmgixtv d-i: ).-. d..itiiiir, from the tunof mnvietioii, 'for all : ; but tJ.,y may have coextensive with
and indii-tment Grand published at length. jari'dietioo
i J JifM'btun*, tulles un 1vr.'cutilt'mt by H } ofh. in ( .1. r of impc chi"' '*lit! I l'I" conviction for I'nutm of
nccr, except } th.-Tireui? d.-; forcible and unlawful detention{
1;. bill shall be entry
trial f..tIlt the) 'cil fhall be Sec Every rind bytetioiin in three feral
in by
and party :accii !H .
any }
Jury, any !IH ,jib-in, J hvI! Jlalll"I1"] \ | '\\i-i' (I. .-u.-ptiid, tin I'\'uti'lII of telltaleswail "f real estate, tubji-tt: tit. ;appeal to the Circuit Court. The '
aud 1 defend i in andith I eoun-el} in days in cash House, unle.: in case of two thirds of tin County
a.- -
: 1 per.-on
jtllvjM-cd }'jH-ar !1 th- Jw111 be t-. the I l,1 l.ilnrc it- t fession.b'p hale, lull
.1-( : lepe-iled" : (:gii ; iu \ (C.t"iithall 'lIlTO atc er probate but snb'ectto -
hall to be t twiic ill 1l0uI'cdu.ft such bill be pending shall deem it tt powers
vwla..ti'JIl.I''I".II J 1.nhjl'I'1: put may } expedient w ti!,,- gilsituie shall,; ithvr pardoiu !.diict the rxeenti utht. of ,1' : pr\'y r'
fj'hjll be in eriini1 iI. i- dispense with this inlc ; but the leading .fu loll bv "'ti"iis its J pea c r'
a tIll'.Ut'' "fl'"MS futnjudleil t" It!! -
j j ou1at ) !l'; ) any I sviitt-n .. or grant: '1 <<;rth ,
,, 1 I. '. .j,"' ; '.,' -'i-1 d! III'! i' "i' { pr') :' !.d', anal l j'.tv-.. ? -t.iii: !I"Ir i c.-" r i '.-.JHJSOI: lt wit': ; .1lj'I.:! v'.>t'' uf t1 ill .,. ,. .. C" .:,.
:. li. .J ip "I f i
IM' ). fi.M t t. |I" t 1 r' .itl''U 't-h i <* "' flu @en- I ITJ',+ ."H"'"] lt' h.v'1 Ct.-U. '
( ',, ",. ;12. Ir'tt't- l !:.N '1"\ ''I'!: It pt' final\ pas-'ug-1; 0'r/ ) 11111. p'< .joiuf rev.tbitui.; ., -.1.:1'til: i\ \ -, ,"
4 i1N i 11) i I : 1 ., .. Us'i'! l.HI'l l at _iu.l 1. vii;11.._ -nil) }JI1.fti <- J- *, x -- -y att. .' "+ ': 4 t1 airs Pd:via tie ml1'f'. t+l'EArji J"t 1 .'
,. :
,.."_. ','_.L- .:' .::.lo j:;.. ,- "Vcnjolid .:113., K ''uj i. 4li .' .lIr..frr' Tjijovnx I hl! t.r.. _CI.: j I" 'f' ''I.'. iLii!? /.111. .. .'. '. I f1t' 1es ;" ," < s
v. "' ";.1 1,1'r, '1 1. "' 'hi.oJ"l 111, ,.tt-. .' ft th( Nit 'cub present t.II a.:1. iluusc! fliall; l be ut-ct--sarv" i : .. '. .. '
lt9)atnrt-at} **<' butrint.i'iu; !! ; .I l '- ; t -n"iv'1'1 ot 'rt Itctturt \ f-ir- 1 I. ; t "tt 't. j''Ji--: o '"' .. !. :u..n: ,
N1. I 'iL'.iMuf .- b'H "t j lint r( -(Jllf1'JIami "11 i b"i;i!< or.joint 1".I.lIlnn: '
; : 1 I' 'j' : < : rlirn rig rh.4 pisevery counties.
: it I'litM I l. pitidon 01 loi'imuui'i'Ti!' ;rjnte'J Eta tert'd voters 'Jt'thc respective
._.i. .v..., :. i .' .\ \1'' .'-..".1 to! .'"'ltlrethehelty'ul( hJrtCh H> |l"l:->ned hall be -ignt'1 by the }presiding officers ol the rcfpcctirrHoucs ting the n.!MIIC ul the o'i'" it t.: the nin'c (l-ir;, 1.j'.h l if w.c.- cUllr ctld, .'..:t. 1 Uj.: In all trial, civil and criminal, in the Circuit aad

or, iic i'je>f. hi aU ri urinal pt-e.'ui:+,u- and l civil aetinn.for. ;, libel}, and by the Secretary; of the Senate and Clerk of th. A.-- th,' -ci'leiier' it- date' and Ill!' d.ite of it. t n'miIMII.. iiiniinntition,' t'uuuly'vllrt t.s the evidence shall be reduced to writing by the _

truth \ uiwu ia nleiive! t.. the jury, :and if it -ball} ; appear} .- tin. Court hi-
the uiayjc ; humbly.SEt' p.trdon u 1'1'l'i\ t'leik; of or deputy, under the con rol of the court; i
that time matter clurjvd t- libelous I It true, butv;.- puMi,I hv made law, Mid accurate statements of th'
by re
:wod !,1wtia'ltll I p.sity-; .hall1'trtniiittII'urtatr'I.} l appropriation ) GenualT; a lIrjol'! : | pait of dials i.-f f hut! th-j (Govcincrhall : at hbeit) to correct the evidence he has given, and afterward ebtllhrn

''i*. J 11. The }K-ople, ( ch.ilHi.uc" ; the iiiht; tn a--emblv" lng thcrto Tilts}' and expenditure of the public' money shall be a.ttadll} t-> be one, may up'-!! -ltiI i ''iiditiini.and' \' ith, .-nth' limitation- ,- the same ; such evidence shall be filed in the office of the clerk 1

.+oiMilt for the roiiiBiyu pxnl, to' in>tnn their rl1 JUTM) nt-ilh :,ltd published with the 11lwl'aI'd at every regularcsiun of the mid rcrfriction-:I th'-yiu iv ,1t"11I piopci. II mutt lines, and ferfeitures, vvithtthu pafera in the cast.SVe. -.

i! jui-1 t"toctitilll1 the )hcfti.-l fur r''llrl't( ,1''IIIl'f.,:; l"gislature.r 1'"IIIIIIUc puniMinicnt.and;, gi 1'Ult 1.11"11.dt'.J') !: e-inittinn. in all! : 11. All 1 plea: ..IHlll1c sworn to either by the parties or
shall local laws inmy
"i qtr. J 1AH lAWf mila iccncral UHtUiehjll haua uniform -r.<.. 17. The Legislature not pass' special 1 1a or ca-r.- exalt tre.i-on and iiiipe.ichiuint.-. -nbj'it. {tomh!, rcgnKition-. their attornic..Set '.

; of the following enumerated cases :-that is to say, regulating a> may 1c provided l law ieliti\e to., the I'l-inn-i of :apphing) : fur 1 L:1. Thv Govcinor' shall appoint as many Justices of the
$ liJ. 'l 1
:tae. 1 11. N" >"Ulier hall, in time of pease, 'IniHIl'fc.l| in 1AdJj' of crime or misdemeanor ; regulating the practices of court Sec lo.) 01 1 he zrallt.; .onimi--ion-chall+ !1'1, in the mine, criminal ..juiisdiction and civil jurisdiction not to exceed fifty dol-

IJMUM-:, except with the eMiixjnt ol the owner, nor in time of 'if justiee ; providing for changing venue of civil and criminal and under' the authority of (the .Vtate; of l-'loiida, scalds by the l.irs, but thi- .hall not extend to the trial of any person for mill e-

war, except}, iiniiauniT j,''n'>cribcdby' law. c cases ; granting divorces ; changing the names of l'cr..oll"acatill; ; great seal of the State, signed by the Go\eanur, and, tluutn.iIHl m -aiioi' "i1 crime

:\''. l 1">. llcprenttti; 1- -hall In' iip' | yrtioncd' actoidinj; to ]roads ; town plate, streets, alleys and public squares ; summoning by the Secretary of State The 1 cluticc of Justices of the Peace shall be fixed bylaw.Justice. .

ytipuUtiou, aa > well a-- mabv." but iw county :h,1 ha\c' mure' than empanelling grand and petit .juries, and providing for their Sec. 14. _1 Lieutenant Gouinor-hall; ( be elected at the -;alie, .- of the I'cacc hall hold their offices during good behavior,

rcpre>ciil.i\4';. .mll": t111 rqneltati\] the .\ .clbly.I compensation I ; regulating county township and.municipal business ; time and place, and' in the. same muniiei a3 the C Goxtrnor; uh"-, .- abject to removals by the Governor at his own discretion.

fUT t(. Ih- No per;+,I -11:1: ''C lor f; debt, except in regulating the election of county, township and municipal officer? ; term of office and diil1ilityhall also 1 be the -ame. He slull i-c .S'tL. 10. The Legislature may establish courts for mtmiciwlpuiposo
twMif: fraudVcc. fur the assessment and collection of taxes for State, county and municipal the Fiisident of( the Senate, but :shall have only a l'atillP onl> in incorporated towns and cities. All laws for the

1Nil 'bill .1 atlwimlcr, or ."'''/ }/''f". ."', impairing+ { purposes ; providing for opening and conducting electionsfor therein. I If during a vacancy "'the office of Go\crnor; the Lieutenant organization or government of municipal courts shall bo general i ia -

alit n1'Iigrti"n-. f*'litj-a<. -, -l.;aU! c,'er be State, county and municipal officers, :and designating the places n 11\cmor shall be i impeach'-d, displaced resign i; 'die. or become their provisions i and be equally applicable to the municipal courtaof
hur. tIter become of voting ; providing fur the sale of real c.-tatc belonging to minor.- the duties of hi- office be absent from incur urated,l awl
I>. JWciiriicr.who aje, "'' whu nuy \ incapable 1 performing+ i"r t }' town.-
IwuaGdc ivMdeul- the State, .1.1 enjoy the ,-amc rihtt in or other person laboring under legal disabilities ; regulating the the State, the President pro it 1ft. of the; Senate hall act aov( SVc-17.; \lIj civil cause may be tried before a practising attorney i

n'r}' "' t<, 1 po3M> ion, ciijouucnt mi') iiiheritanec: of IruIcr.; n* f fees of officers. crnor until the office be filled or the disability, (-!:<-.'. a: referee, upon" the application of the partit and an order
native-born citizen*. Sf.c. )18. In all cares enumerated in the preceding section, und Sec. 15. In the ca-c of the impeachment of the Governor or from the court in who-e jurisdiction the case may be authorizing

unlce for in all other cases where general law can be made applicable, all :"- death hi., official duties ouch trial and referee.
Jxc. 1t!' Neither hla\cry: }
the 1 jnnii:hmeutof crime h;ll en'I.I.1 !: tlI.ratld inthiState.. shall bft Jt"neralltld of uniform operation throughout) the State.SEC. or resignation, the power) and duties of the I "Ilin'.lla1l devolve .b'uch referee shall keep a complete record of the tie, ineluding i

let< 1'1u'rihl-11f; the }people to U-! -ccuie in cither ptrj 19. Pro\ision may be made by general law ior bringing upon tin Lieutenant Govcinor; t for; the residue of the lenn.! or until the c\idcnce taken, and -uch record'shall be filed with the papers
putt against the State as to all liabilities, now existing or hereafter but, the (Govcinor; shall without the ill the in the office -A t the clerk the
houHV, 1', all 'U'i.rta t aiii.-t t! unreaxjnublc: seizures alt the ,disabilityhall} cease; um, ca-c subject to an appeal in

} I3'i1' ) \iulated 1, : i i.uclll'ut in }proba-. originating.SF.C. eon.-cnt uf the Lcgi.-latuic, be oat of the Stat" ill lime 'ofwai.Ste manner prc.aribt-d} J hy law.

,.1",11,111:1. ( b> oath ull'ITllfc,dnlll.ltilll, )paitieitlaily, : dcp ribin 'JO.( lotteries arc heicby l prohibited in tlii* State. Iii(; The (;uvcrnornely: :at any ti""' ivijuiie the opinion of .Vce. 1 l.;. Xo other touit.than those herein specified shall bfcorganized
.US' .lP"I.t.'I.II 1'1 : SEC. !I. Th lcgilaturc111111! establish, a uniform system of ( Coin the of in thi- .)bite.
the 1'1 Uw: } } 1 "x-arclied: and 1 the pci-on or } -lu and the of the Supreme a- t interpretation any
ur tiling.-'t.. t"I. l.c. 11.'r county, township and municipal 1 government.HEC. portion it t'ni' (Constitution, or upon any point of law, and'the Supreme rSl'I.:. 11'!' The Governor; by and with the advice and consent
1Jil; 1. TnC'\1 atilt! the coii-i only in levy --. The Legislature i shall provide by general law for incorporating (I'nu t shall render truth oj-inion mil writing oi the .Senate, shall appoint} a .State Attorney in each judicial circuit

iu; war:c a::';IilI it. :adhcrim.- y it.t (:"I tile uil".hII.-, orliving th." aid and such municipal, educational, agricultural! mechanical, Sec 17. Thu t Governor; shall be a.-sisted by a Cabinet of adminitnitic vvho-c} duties hall be prescribed by law.

( ; ; and JIM JH-IMHI le onvieted oi'1: ticaxm,, unlcs! on the wining and other: useful companies or associations a* may be deemednectsviry. officcif,; of Secretary of St.ite. Attoiney He .-hall..hold! his -IHct for four years from the date of his

t<;'tltlIL.-tiin',!,iv. of t:1.:tn". t' tlrti. act, .f. conferion in open} (ticiieralComptrolI'-r' Tre.t-.urer, SunevT, (General: Supcriat* ndent, Commission, and until hi.- successor shall be appointed and qualified.
Thii-cnuiH ;t.ition itn(u\.r, ,-Vall+ not !,(' Ct.IJlln\. \ impair SEC. -;>. Laws hall be pn-ac'1 regulating elections and lrulllItilillt of 1'ublit In.-tiuetion, Adjutant HIII'.II: and ( 'utulml..sum"r
trrthl3yulllers"fnt! iK-t.iiiie-1 t \I.\ft.1. l"i 'ofJe.I i under adequate penalties, all undue influence thereon frompu"cr' 1IIiratil'l.lIdl, lnil.'rh.11I be" appointed' l the Go\eni-T; ,nidconfirmcl .-hall appoint in each county a sheriff and clerk of the Circuit Court, .

'ar't:.,!2, Th ]" the right to 1".1 ,'11- il dcfeucc411"iLttulls 1 bribery, tumult, or other improper practice., b\ the Senate and! .hall hold their oHicethe ,'.uu'- linn;; who tan, al-o bt clerk of the (County Court and Board of County

I I.I'I'I 1 71111.t\ oi the t"II. SF.2 t Regular ?..,..ion' of the Legislature may extend to a., the (G.i\erm>r, or until their -.uece; ',/"halll.c (jualiiicd.Sec'IS. ''oumoiseineketurder and rx-officio Auditor of the county, each
(v II.
"I tiru. .lttll"rit\ I Il law:to thuroll) sixty d 1a)i, hilt any special} sc.-ion convened by, the (;unrnor shall The (:t''\ cln"r dull} by and with the consent of til- d' Wh"lllhalll..l.l his office for four; years. Their duties shall be
:$4:*:. :$ \o ; :n 11 : I\II i :
19r : ,1 4,1 t1'i.I'\l lMii i ) not exceed twenty day*. Senate, jpjtoint 1 } ; all toinmi-sioiicd! i I officers of the State militia. 1 1.11.-..-..iuT"l, .-c- }I.v law.

1Ic,11 | Scc. -;). All projtcrty} both real and personal, oi the wile See 1!.tl.'hIh' (Govern"1hall! appoint, by and l with the u-n.-en.! ..SViU.! A'ic ;-hall bo elected by the registered voters

'LE, ; H. owned by her betorejnmrriagc, or acquired afterward by gift, d!- of the Sinatc, in Meh, r.'n nly. an Assc.-Mir III'| Taxc.and! : l (',oll'ctorof ,.;a!' f tllalry I'tu- t\ri: _, f JU") t\vo hundred registered voters j but

.KYIUI.-. vis-e, descent or purchase' shall be her separate property, and not Itt.tine, whose dutiesb.ill' be )prescribed by law, and v'.let sh-ill >..i b i unify .-ij.tll bo entitled to at least) two Constables; and no"iiuiv

|Ic' Florid' I-s. afollows' : liable for the; debts of her hufhand. {hold ther) .ffiL'l'} .; for;' two .\i-ir.-' and be -ubj-et. to. 1'1'111.HI''n the < ..ha1!( have m"ie than twelve constables. They shall per-
Th l B'I'l.LI"$ |' 'it II I'crdid-t:11.cll,1 lioin See. :6. The: Legislature shall provide for the election by the rccominuid.ttion.of the' 4 Go-.crnor' and' consent of (tinStiMte.. The j ': m !11111 dariv, ami+l under -uch instructions a.s sllall be pretseribei

<"Ul 1U\'J' ig at ,tli'mouth ,t illrmr" the; South thcjice Houndai up people, or appointment' by the Governor; mil'all State, county or municipal Governoirhall( ; ;appoint ill each county a (:loiintv 'I'uM-urer; (County ::... fiw..Ve. .
t.dw it -
the middle,. of .snid I 11ty i\l* < )"' lkr.-I'I'I... of officers not otherwise }provided for by this constitution, and Surveyor Superintendent of (Common: Schooland; |Ii'IIHllly( : : L .vU.'ut'y..11 Im1.., have been admitted to practice
thSi. "I i Mabama, thlffc-fir.-t degree .
Jilc ol' 1. fl.'hiitohoochcc. thence fix by law their duties and compensation.Sec. } ( 'uIHmi'o-I 1g11Cr', each:; of \ 1"111hall" hold, hisotr'ue lug tic l'Il': m !ny ij.itit of record ill any .s'tatu of the Union, or to any United
tithe < \ :
ship] j.i; I ( : ;
.clltl1 III' ; ti.'I"" with the Flint river !7. fiver: hill which may have p,.:.-cd 1 the Lcgihlaturc the duties of eachh.ill. I be prescribed law. orliccr. shall ,'ttte,, Cotut, hall be admitted to practice in any court of this

UWI' of *wi l I nvei to lonlbieiicc of the St. Mary's- river; thence; shall, before becoming, a law, bo' presented to the (Governor; if he 1 be siibjift. to, ieino\al/ I by the C Governor; when in hi- jii'bmcnt the ;'t4tte llll 1 prlm iiij tvidi lice of having been so admitted.
tromthen.c: ;.-:111 \ ih 1".I. shall it but if not he shall return it with bin objections
approves it ice sign wilfarc \\Illl.l' ad\anccd 1 thereby : Pros\idcil, Iu! u itcrh..11
1 down} the irndd'f' : .-id riicr; t.i Atlantic (Ocean) ; ; thence South- 1 public :
!- which it originated which, House s.hall ARTICLE VIII.
to the mil for wilful neglect of duty, or .a violation] of
tl be ieni'j\xd except
4.1-I\lJIh! :an-! Ihr ..a.I.i (I. i il II" ..,l kv "I the (;lul lraU; thenceH.iutlfUcsivndi to be entered its journals and proceed to .
and Florida cause such objections upon criminal lawn; uf the State, or for incompctcncy.Sec. Al'MIMIKAT1VE' 1'EPAKTMEM.Itiic .
the I Gulf; Stream
} : \ al..n. ili.-i.dgi- of reconsider it if after such reconsideration it shall pass both Houses and (Cabinet} shall toii.-titute a Uoaidof ;
The Governor; :
Thence! Northwestwardly :I :t. I. : hu; be a cabinet of \dwinietrativcc1Merv,
U(ffN' (te,11.1 iiiduliuthe r Tortiiga.Island I : by a two-thirds vote of the member? present, which vote shall be entered Commissioners of State institutions, which. BIal'.lhall' 1m, c :aipcnigionof .J.l'rdlr .I' :
( -
i t<. a point, :avrlea;: :> from( ; the) main: land ; thence NorthWMjwnllv the journal of each House, and it shall become a I law. 1 If f connected therewith, in such manner a.- c tin-j-tiul': tall'tturncy General, Comptroller,
livo lear 1 / thttpure, illdl.1ur: nil Islands, 'to ajHiiijt on be returned within five dash (Sundays excepted) I all matters Tn..Ir"lIl'l'rlIn I'JUt'1111.1'.1; Superintendent of Public Instruction,
tf.: 11011 bill tdiall nut
shall be by law. I General; and t Commissioner of
the the mouth oiIVuliitu any prescribed .Adjutant t Immigration, who shall
\v'lejgiic., situ from to the Governor; the flltUChall
1illc been ,
have presented of inturrec-
hall in
: after it See. 'Jl. Governorhall(: have power, cases usMj-t the I Governor: mil the performance of his duties.
llivcr. thence to the of IJgillilg.HTIlLE if he had signed it. If the Legislatureby i
in like manner as the writ of habeas A\ithin tinState. .
: ltu.c bo a law, ntall be tion or rebellion, to suspend corpus St _. The Secretary ot'State shall keep the records official
.\ : in. its final adjournment, }prevent) m euch action, such bill a avis of I the Let:i-latuiY. and Executive Department of the Government
within ten days next after the adjournment
,-LAT ur 'io\ElStl; : 1 law, unless shall file the such Governor bill!! with, his objections thereto in the office of AKT10LK VII. : and shall, when uquircd, lay tho same, and all matters relative -
.btfoic lithcr branch of the and uhall be
T1t,, Scat of Guv( eminent, !ha11'l' and remain permanent at of State who shall lay the same before the Legislature thereto, Legislature,
the Secretary ; JUDICIAL DJil'ARlMEM. the custodian of the (Gn-at; Seal} ol'the State.
lip City cf Tallaluiisc*, i iu county of Lc(,u, until otherwiseby session and if the same shall receive two thirds of .
at iM next of the State shall be \'e.tetllll a SL'. ;; The Attorney (General ha) be thulegj j adviser of theGevcuior
majorityAUTJCLK1V. '
l tkatssl a majority vote of the Lei ltlc, and by I it shall become a law Sec. 1. The judicial power
the rotes present the and ofi-acdi of the Cabinet officers shall
of ;
Ju-ticw I
Courtand perform
the shall have the sole of itlll'l'achUlcnt l Court, (Circuit Courts, County
II'cf- 1 .'8. The Assembly j I"wcr Supreme
1.,11. ti di other. legal duties as the Governor may direct or as may bprovided
shall} be
thirds of all the member present Peacc.
hut votcX: two officer and all impeachment shall be Sec. 'L The style of all proou :halll.1l, 'Thc> State of Jr'lor* bj law. He shall be Reporter the Supreme Conrt.SLC. .

JtlbTKIHI T10N oJ' 1")\Ell. required to impeach when any for; that The Senators ida aud all prosecutious shall l be, conducted in the name and by 1. The;Treaturer shall reeeivc and keep all (unds, bonds or
sitting ,
tried bv the Senate 1..I'.securities:, in such manner as be provided by law and
The nl f the (( of the State Florida shall affirmation and no shall be convicted the authority of the wine. may ,
1'J\4'I'j IIVrl1 lt .1 Kxceutivc ruall} bv upon} oath or persen Court hall consu-t i of a Chief Justice ,-hall ,di-buit-c no funds, bonds or other securities, except upon the
Letlivi'lfl into three( dopaitments. to wit : Lejii.-l.itive, of two third of t Senator present. Sec. 3:: Supreme
of the without the concurrence i and two Associate Justices, who shall hold their office for life, or order of the Comptroller, countersigned by the Governor in each
to one
and! jwld:1 Nt }ll'r.ul 1 rol'l.r.IJdIMil Chief Justice ehall etThe shall be appointed by the Governorand manner -h.I111Je prescribed by law.
Jt t! \\ cxw-cise any flldillll ;appertaining 1 } ; to either of of the Chief Justice, when the } during good behavior. They
lcjtartmcnt) + : u1 ? this rcpt in the trial confirmed the Senate. SLC. 5. The duties of the Comptroller shall be prescribed by _
in lh exprosly I provided for by by
c } }
die except} : preidc
uthcf shall
nor Governor members of the Cabinet Seo. 4. The majority of the Justices of the Supreme Court law.
Coii.>tiuti l. The Governor, Lieutenant and of the Circuit Court, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business. The SEC. 6. The Surveyor General} shall have the adminiatratiT
.lusbccs of the Supreme Court, each in the of all matters pertaining to the Public Lands under .
AKTJCLK V.LLtIsLAT1V'E for misdemeanor in office ; but Supreme Court bhall 1 hold three terms year, Supreme supervision ,

; : [ a'. hall be liable to Impeachment shall extend any only to removal from offi. Court room at the Beat of government. Such terms shall commence such regulations as bhall be prescribed by law.
lJ'lAlnJ judgment in such cases under Tuesday October, January and April respec- SEC. 7. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall hate
office of honor trust or profit on the l
>'EC. The legislative: authority of this State: shall b. vest and dw.uali6cation hold any shall nevertheless} the administrative supervision of all matters pertaining to jrabfii

i-i a Pcna'te 1 and Ab.scmbly, which dials be designated "the 'Le the State j but the party convicted or acquitted according to law. All WCiY Sec- 5. The Supreme Court fchalj have appellate jurisdiction in instruction ; the supervision of buidings devoted to educational JJR.'

l htul'c. (f thc Slate of Florida,1'; and the hessioiis thereof shall Dt be liable to indictment, trial and punishment to office by the Gov- all cases in equity, also in all cases of law in which IB involved the pose, and the Libraries belonging to the University tad Comae-a
been appointed
l heldit the scat of government of the L LltC. other officer l who shall han the Senate be removed title to or right of possession of real cttate or the legality of any Schools. He han organize a Historical "Bureau for the pnrposee
of the LegWaturc shall bo annual, the lit and and With the tOMcnt of may the demand such matter and information as be
? bcs.sioii.s ernor, by and consent tax impost abfietanient, toll, or.municipal fine, or in which of accumulating may Beceflsajj
e JSSi' second Monday of June, A. 1 n. 186R?, and thereafter from office upon the recommendation of the Governor liable to indictment or the, value ot'tha property'b controversy exceeds three bun- for compiling and perfecting the history of the State. He shall

on the firlt Tuesday after the Bret Monday of January, commcneiSg> or the Senate, but they shall nevertheless law for be m!demeanor in office,, dred dollar, also in all other civil cases not,:included in the general also establish a Cabinet of Minerals and other Nltgxi,] Pro4t (.,
th. to any
intemu CODvcno according
The Governor m
U. may IBd
in time year .\. D.IW trill puni&Bwnt
the Le an li.atuve in extra HOMOH by his proclamation. .



., ",. -- ...,r.r

,. -

SW -


S _
5'4 -
.- -- I
_S ___ -- -
-' --' -S-S." S 5 J jPIS :-' t"S I't t>e; c 1l au'Tin *i"i "t uia- -ml; his triil br the rn. tf within rn*- vex r
h I ., S it itt'iti -l'1j! "I tIt.- I t '"
I ''t 11V I i< ; HXo. -Ub rrit-ttti'ot 11 'rntt tlim-.t.! 5- -S S
(Jdv' ( .. i: I iO .-' riihoi l',r ? i n fvumi ntli t1JiC* a 4 e VecitI 5.-n ) l. ; i 0 u1..J1JS rts.. lt '* ? 'g shall be the oath of olhce for i-.uli otliecr in tin?

k t 4 -' S : : '. p -x .- } Jvtded Stndolin' utb- of the Lepislatnre : "I 'un solemnly swear that I .*

b..i ft. '. _. ,, .4 I i'.. % .'. : i.t ital' ...ic ide. ( ( in tliff f'o i H ul ton llfi-Y.ilule; ; ( ol 1 Im-Tf.. ', .i.. h:dluotJie V. ii -;S|>S't: i i : the Constitution and (?eminent! $ of the
ihi ,4 Florida all enemies, ttunutti ,
noil <
te4t1; >< 4)1 i stirttt-1 against
t. i.. J.IM !3j4! In .r.'ui: ml-i I !r .1! tiiiiin lli >11.t$ iii i ihc :,.;ti., flhI.I ple.ided IIM| >II iniy elaim:( in (tho hnnd< flt111V': pcroii tiifil I IUI i i--t -. .&. tVth, loyalty and allegi.uue ti> the 3t'rl f

ol: I'.ir..., .. : : : ,, .. r UiO S S -l liuli 't.| ,K;| ih.( 1.IU|<1-||| .. ,iti| h'tL oflift under tlii Constitution Tlwt I ill 5 ;

sdfbr tho i i,, t.I)1.; i'1 ()I j 1). fNJl' ; :and the -JOtli! ilu> of October) A. l >. 1S "'. wt )$ .tu.l taulifiiiU jttTtnrm .illtlie < itie; of the R5ee of nlucU t ant 5
Tfce otiioe : 3f ktrn: .; ?**% U. s t.l\ -1 .ilI ill 1, \H-cl || ..|| ].,'i iuli I l"l' tlu i)' Ill-tit ill .iKi.ii' 1 i.. -Hi r- i iy4 *nt w -
bethel' pioceedinirsal: law had he-en )1tLUhI11Ce(1LtlbtCI Tbe"L* fe'li' twiv inrovWrfor tlie elonatiou t't f the niktie
tf fifteen ytikCtt.'SV-tta tl t. M''h'1 ., : ';M1 ULee. nf t'hi tc '%'l \\] ; 1,1.! tl.iM.i...\ ,t-i i l-n JMMH-; I! I lli<- inti nt miillV :st [
Oetobe-r) 18 i. not provided( !fuiHier 1 tu.ii setileii. Hul *ut.i donation shall! not exceed I one hundred
ihe! lli ol l > or tt .n
ii. ui
I d.ty ,
slulM I t
atui.0 : < > 1 -, Cili
\ l/-Ii'i-i 1 ixjiu-'l 1 ly >> )MH i ]li.o i t it 3 H d ||, $ | -. 4 'iiIst )'I | t.ituJi5 txraon.6tC. .
-- Szo iw Kaeh ..k-r < i *. v '. .. -k j ? :, f .:! JTRIS fur the ;I1i' ,i\r imiitiiinl: |iiHin-| -, .iii.I HIV j.( V > (II it (1it* rcnti., all chi ttiis \Vido\\s l Minior-* and deeedenls \? hiehn :tnl -itjiciei: I IAn tu f'Auitv VPy tu.OI.K-I -itt1I l : l! hold their repetue ofTa-* at Ikegf

or :U'iaisi..-: : *a r fn ? uiJ > "f:. d-* vi' bis < j IKhcrchv 'ilrciaicil) null) .m)y the! -tatnle-- (d'this State on thelUth! t.t)5tp1l # their itu.; S

gc ? ". i1 r- 1. .'- L J' -, ,: !w- at ihv ttrjjj d.iv I of.I.nniarv; .\ l >. 1 > ;11hall i I be eon'ideredrood( ;ijid j brt55'i i:;:. the l. _!-' .::'..reb..H i for the <-{>vedr pctfiFmifiott tj flf.4foilirt
; XIV.Cl I ratilieation of sn.d taw. of ;i ..-.icr 1 natnre. Alt detuiotu of thr Supreme
sii1U i from the
ix ft- w1tcr }; valid for! the period of twoeai -
ii'usal' deebioiihall t
and be for fn-e
I Ci nit. and nil 1ms | publication*
fl : dch : .; *h uJ le laid lfij th Le : l. AM' AlM'tiMIMN) MJ.M.i S
> *
> re ;- this ( ,ttt1ttItiflT'' S S S i iv pi'r-on. !R.t no jiidgn ii ()l tin >\i\m\ me Court shall take effect ond
4 4T L ht1' *'? u.1AP.T1CLE TinLi'tii 1 I hitiiH' h.ill in th<' \;i cm ( linusim) ,iuht t Iiiiiali''l, l lin1 Sec. I 1. That StateTie'.iurv; ; ( note, all Bonds issued.aii i.o"tipii.m\e until the op'i' >":'Mi ct'lii-t : f Court i.i Mieh 3 ra-e shall be filed with

j.'L t 1' tj'41ly % )Pi-vx'iily-.iMj' and cvriy i I tenth \ >MI In u'.ilti-i; .t ni r :u m imiinci.t; 14 l all I I ol ther I i I liabilities! I eontiacted I I 1 1 by t the State of 1 Florida[ Uic clerk ot s'rid cam .- S
& 4JL: **; ':. : il L:: :- tk'ii! u 1'Oiiiade "fall t thv iiihahit.iniil.r: ( St.ilr; ;.unl tlio\ >-hilltlusj ;) or any I e-onntv i)r city thereof[, on and afler the I lOlh( day : StI be: longer I 1t. The thai-L-i-liu.-font < : uan> ottice. the terhnll

IX.triaknt jiruicrd tu uppuitimi' t lie irpu-M i .I nl.ititm I 3 i i auiuiivr t tho dilloicnldU5iti'f : olManuar) A. J ). 1MU, and bclorethe i"ith day of October Hfcr. 1 FS. The G.ovin.'': C. i --.= s.., r ?,.. forirtt LCrI tbvir
: -. piviuu I : to each county mio 1 )1)411ttt ti\r j ) ,ii I l.irj: *, and on1i" !I ; such liabilities bo- duo to ottuis nt the neat ot'oviii''n') : ,; t >; i > "i iruiaion! or Tioleiit rj i- S
: a' I ). lStj I ( ;>, except as may
: : dit.uJial to one thousand lo ntciid \ titt' thou-in hut im deiiu<'J. the (Jo\inur nm tin. -. > u, i the guvernttirnt ;l iwU Ic
nulliml .
c\orj School Fund I be and( are declared i i
) ttflt CUv "* lllj. M.itf 1 1 .' A' ..IMJ.ICal uutv-hall' bo entitled to 1 four) Ut1'i' -t'iitntivt. I Seminary I or uiuee'd ti'i poi.u.I\ t' t' ; S S M t ,i<>n ol ?hr A',1..rc f l
; dI hC. II I voiet, and the I Legislature shall I have nopower( to flt.ty be ailJG.uni '.-. f i S : Jjgjgj ( tht.-e : but m tirh ct r. e
< onuiin'ratinn
; UM-ii-- lh1u U" Tini.oii i LUnio shall 1 also aflor '\ ii iMUI i jnniotd
of the part ol rei'MAal :di'' th'rs < -K'. *"VV 'lttllr': n-movrd tu i wc
r nref sh.lilull, oon-titntc tin provide, lor the payment I sinu e)1 r any any s
t1Tct ii
t" ti\ 1 y l.uv die inunbor : Sinatnr-) \ : : 1I.-e.! Uu! :-ui". u,1; 5- S 'i S 'ii.i;! the ni-f r sTty fur
-. fiC. a. 4 1oride : uuift.f L1 ILtuasha1I PoiHto of)j Floiid.i. and whichhall; noor I br lo.- I ono.fuuitii.iiir. the-reof, but this -shall: not bo en
: ..X'Vii.i] tic! !1ir.d l lm .u'H<.' than uno-halfof, : (lie \V13)1C) II1L1II1'I of the Aombly.. Wlitn$ anv authorixe-d) liabilities e >t1 f I the State, eontrVted t prjorlo'lhe -/ tiiix.,10; A j>Lu.i n, u v. S .. i. S i ::nu i ithe j ec l>Icieboit. ktI* SI

$,. 1i3 tlutaihall: ?'i: irttJj ) :;ii Iy Si-natniial: di-tii.t shall 1 be rompo-ed) "f t\\o nr' iinur oountio.-, loth() (hIT of .January A. I 1). IbUl( or Mib-etiucnt to ii-titute '. *it\ )( :!. -i :.' ; '-v tin- 4 4'on-tttutit
t t 7, 'rh : --' ''he Itrt deitio.t
Se. un.
14U. S CL ; *j s l *> tZupti1itetdLflt: 4F! Pu1i!Jiistiiw'.i'i'j the ( "untilof' which nch di-triit mii-i-l-. >lull not' h1 entirely the :-.Ith; dav o"f) October A. 1 1). 1803.See. Iii' thK CoUatttBl'i.tir .-. S-S j 5' : -5- U ,'- U.l( : lull i-ontimie t antillhsiitii -

S un M' isa 13(1 untH 1h 3t- .'pjvjhitiue'iii M-iaiaf! 1 3 i'Y' anv count) } belon' inu to aiiothrrdi-tiii t. and iiooonnthill .3. Xo moneyhall ever appropriated) ) by tin- tTinarfjijof Jit:
xtf: ': *j : 3 :I lf i1t J 1 btVe* trv.1-1 .ilupc! ri-iem : b- divided' in luiiniiiu a li-tiict and all c-onntie ,hlull 101:i.iinn Stale t i uVchaser.s IJniled( Stales Land( who ue-sor< excepting (l.t S ,S, j5 --lature..

'- : .t ? !9tate Jlistie: shall U- l- now oi.ini/.od) unle :'. changed; I b''y a twothiidotc' "('both' IInun1of pincha-ed I I t the I sat i re of I the- State of I I I ) ( Stc.; 1. Lac on- orj'tJrte4'l tty sh.sII niaIi* joiiuu for 'S
1 tfaHpporS.. < us (>5ivL5 tjii- : n>]t -t '<> -IIet regulation-1 a ntsir lie i rlibtilliy -*-
tin1cui I latuio.; ;. ;i. All jiroceedinj decisions ur action- accomplished S : 1 iu. L'.tii. 'jL\ -i t1I m.ikc Ir-ii\i- Mii) for tmiUtng aeoirt-

jfTLflfl1 tb int4I-cst
." .l'i '7* n i lunintctiantv of I'diinnijii S of the I iiiti'il State-s su'lxecnuMit to the 10th day ot Heell>. li'.it Ilit' jni' "hi 'of ti.f! Sen itf 'U any t-ession. the LieatrttnntU
surntA; : ANI> i.-i.icnm.rn.; ; i \ ) '
I Semite shall tlettoa !
.1f.liur.i itntl app.imtij'* ihriel'or, the State ( .,MTiioi h.i- ti'ii .cen '(jt i : !L'S i.ot [>r---I)1. the
restoratio'n of I 1
.. : ? rur( Sic, 1 1. E\ cry male jic-i-on il' the ;a.ue) '''F! t t\\cnty-nnr jcaih; and i lannarv: I 1K01 and J prior) thelinal I i I I I ; ai'i1; lai-itiic ; .1 t IMIH.M.'V i i. UK ut before- proceeding to blhcrFES btas. ,' -

-. color nationality oi '\ ittliM condition., te> (the ( vernnient> of the (Tinted States, are heiel.ydelared -
boon hc-ivaJ'tcr bo \\lulo\or
have : ,
upwards, ) '
I valid I and I shall I not 1 be'.subject to ill ij I it1iet tIOI I I in :2'' Tk- L- : '- I > -btt :'t ti'v l>rstciou udopt i t-eal for the
till the UnitidHtatos I(
fur edncati or \vbo .-1iiU, .it tho time ofofleiinj, : tooto, ben itii ( meritm silter dollar f'utsftid
I Srlc.. ,\'i! -MI! 'tl-i-M! !! o'tli' S i' of the
-1iil1 li.ivo doolarod hi- intention! t to) 1 bioome nieli inconfuimity the (Courts of this Slate; nor shall any por-em acting_ _in the .
v3uc.atifla1 11rr1cs. \1Irv- l : or \v1i' ( ; !wii1: .iJtiU not fltcn i c [tU54; .i i aHi-P it< i h>{ition by LtKsl lure ;
I :' rr4u of Ian:1 or '''her rnpeilyr ; ( to I lie l.iw.of 1 tho United) ) .S'tato, and \\ liuhall ha\o nMdcd the eapaeitv) of a M>ldiei' or otlicer of the L'nited Stale.- S)H i the (ilo.t.1 i if -h5>i!. '>_ .lid pitn-lr.iriuou. .uinouncc tint SiiLdcul

:'" :. : flt3tttJ The pro- an I had habitation: domii-il, home and pl.m"f; l [I'linaiinit) civil or military' benbjeiL) lo arrot ibr-any act [perlbrmd itKuonu i'lK. Uv.--.14' <1 eit tilhUte..
--. and in tin- 1 J''u six months.) uiithori/cd intrnclion.s iVoni his ri},' Jl I, Tli'- < >vi-i. ui IAI&'tIIefltaierttr.; and all the ritatp ollir*-r
: *% ; tAte, when the purjHwe of .such abode ih rimidi for "lie } oar, county b\ him iierMiant; to ( ; 'II in-Uile l on the Irst d.iof the meeting ti tie -
-! -I'-l II. -
f' : .. : ,- i>"f '?hic-1i ia-j ?b paid l aour next pixcoedin) the eleitiou' at whith hehall oiler tootc, ..dial) in :. ) ( ollieers (liii \II'J.\ the peiiod ol'timo itirn.ited. !L-t' i.i-I.iinre.' i ; (:! and 1,1.itu&tedi jii'b 'Ulj.! -n.:nt- the duties tlirfr re*| eetiTeolKcts.HEP. .

.* ': u : ? IJH .- roiltcJod niincr the penal Mich county be deemed n ijiulificd elector at all I electionundoi) U'i(1on 'i.. ; ?:2. Tbt-dovc' Lk-utentsHt Governor *U-all Five hreu b t.,reiJuwcl'ulioit

1 '.. : ; ;$>* : 4 t :' j'r t. apta1: ' sts> muy l L1 ( Twcnfv-ti.' centumX" take and -ubseribe the followinj oath : ,, Ijtjht t 11 o; utt rjH"-- .5U1 i "U"-r U Mts shIlI have been rae jest*' ti
) to : > w .a
: : 3irp.r-e per the I afterfhe I tenth I
of t t t of.lanuary
obtained I ( I against I i eili/ens I I t i t day t.i1.- .Mi'1 i iruijiUi .c iti/.i'ii fji' thf ountv from whUli tit-
tin- i\
citi/i If! t > ,
1 ". rvhirh LcivaiUiVr I that I will > Mid l- >SI
T- -olemnty swear U'puil
4 t ] hundred rind ( In- thall '* !lijjJb! to >mr oilicc nnfrsdrt
io\einmcntoi'the L I'nitul State.and the ; Ki: hte 'ii Hixty one pu-viotis) to) elfrti'5 <*t f !'|>- irt' % {>< i ti
fond the Constitution and (
( '
1 .. r ; tnenlv-liftli of! ( >clober Ki hteen I flundre-d I audSixi 1's't pi'"' r dl' S _
; ii --, : hai jnr T/\\ f r, the (iclLn* ul Constitution and ( o\tinment of I'lotida, agii: it-st all enemi'--, I (day .ST-.J.: .. I'll-t; i. 'ir :MIsUU> olhcir i& UereW |prLihites it tfoiuykuny
l-non ''! the will bear tiuV faith l"\at] and alIei i i.nice live and where- actual service was nol made on the [perKOII ot'i i-dvttii.ii.-f t>, Iwtingbtf
c'; t '. in ;, u other foreign or dome -tie ; that;) 1 ) } t o. ny per&Hi ?
.. : 'j ..r" .;ypcrtv.i.O't .Miaiully fi-r the to the same, any) oidinanee.-1 : I ie.-ohitimi( of) any t St:itt- (C'"n'n I I of t :any t t t de[ artment.i t I I Sue-h:; i delendant: t not servedith[ ; -,u tlfttUti lo tin) !Hoi, .- | '-n, i'it'm-of iKe r ite lsstitcj-r nprisoi ->,

L,.- t ion or Loj i-laiion; to tlu coiitiai notwith-tandin): So help' mo) | iroe-e-s) may appear in eouit within one \ear after the r the t'liittd I Hf ;r- > i. -5 '. 'h! '"" b e-i tvoiis a citizen of
anti Tfitrr.
L .1 f ''i- f ! \ Jt M- .t Mgiatrnti
,- I : ii.or. ; <'L,,- -iujutice :> S SKI: *. 51.) Tbf.nv rfr I t '! .t nih-.i-.bfth heretofore fr, if-

% Sco, 'J. No pel-oil under l ;uiuidian-hiji I i ', n-nt "iiujH'f uin'i"I i ha.-:, been' done and thai lie or she ha* a i ood LIId l rt. J'ts'-U t b*- ii>;. 11 In id\5t15ut), uiile such i-oq>f ratiou be for
-1 _'W T the- f1IUj'fl, iF U1z33C, shall be I' '{U.iliiied tu' vote at any ileilion) tunhall' 1111} ptroi valid' defence, statini; ;' the defeiiee! and upon mnkiiur. I.. li ( ) 41I : '' h ; _

-. !-> -. t"r c'unte .ft!.: .Slii: '> .-H)! coin ic tod i)if l felony be |iiialilied' to \ t tie at any election) unlo. 10stoied such o.ith and !tiling aid: ilel'eneo the jircK-e-e-dinij'- in it-- ::: ; AU: u5i-.S 'H ('r % r- tr..t-ui debt urv noteof uulat.i'Kliiij tin;*..-,.itt*

::3 : .:: g 'hcr.A11 l titwccna.nurtlK to civil i-ihts. S hall[ until the defence 5 heard.( thit'tti n4
thejiidomenl eea.-e ( is d'ltd Ci' 1 f'i'i-I 'P pai4 Ir-
l 4." c's *- < ... ,. -. Pec. .'{. At :an} election at \\hieh) a i-iti/cii! 01' -ubji'it of anfoieign _\ S I ill-i-in i'd''! t' i'.t't ;, 'T'- < on!'--iiit! Sute-s, an hrrtdt-
t -r r- ; hviia country shall ofler to) % olo, under) tb<- ]Mo\i) i"iiof I f this (Cuntilution _\ 1Piu1AI: : v-i'i. : e bred null tts'Vo't i 'tl' rb .i< : !t ,}{ 1 nuiuiuiiufctl d1ert'vu >" ttt. 4

t i" -.*V ., -..' not !li ? .- he shal present to, the per-on- lawfnllv authoii/cd' I to conduct Ste ..wiu't-* ijj--. S
.- {zch nny ii.r tlulFind. and supcr\i-e -uc-h ile( lion, a 3 dnl 1( ) -' alrd' and c-iiifk-d( copy of !:''jf'- !l in- tj-' >S iti' tli< tttrIto thai ttterr i .1
tit'l'iiI"L fi holdin fh'- Sf.ttiof i ,; .- i r ..! K,- .,., l'tti ,c tI.t' ourIs of tbtSttte,
th' .
1. L }i deel.iralion ol' intention, ntheiwi-i helull not 1 be allowed 1 to 1 \nv ] ''v-o.i' oni ,: in 1 lifnte tf< ? ) -r.

.z 11i' iOt 1 ij.s'rti4.!'. .ir .vrtiuii vole ; and! any naturali/ed eiti/.en oili iin- to otc, -hill pi!'Il13j( C 1 bo- 1-V-iida by lh"o I thild i _4 -tion ttI,f I the t-fotuh-i; nth .\ t tit-h- \j (Ikeiiniendiiiriit npoirtitb all tIflfttIt 4t--.l nr r "r rr: &nh.r :ti'f'* i liilfjs.ckivuith( bond uote reivrmtnt>r ,ither or vrarrantr fiidciwis."d ) *>f.

: : .- & 1 eh lc fore said iuth"ii/ed l tc conduct and Mipcr\i-e the ,-c I to' the (Constitution' ol ihe Tnitcd' Stifo-, tr .
u'- ])cr.-on- lawfully > i,1 iti dtLi$. t-tt t fl iit.. tuE: i. i 44 >ttVE- ivhich[ are now ouUtuattiiif
i .i- (4 Cc election' hiCoitilieate( t of :X.itnrali/.ation( or' ;a t 'dulealcdand' ceitificd v. hii.h) i.- :H i- followNo : afl tUji.tb U&ti &Uii li.ul tn.iaiuuo'd tht-reon: and aH jud nwnt?

4 t Cl,1y, thoicnf; otheiwi-e he shall not' l bo pci) milled tovctc :; ]ioi-"ii' I -hall I I I in- a Senator or I K<'pn--ent.UHc I Ui < 'i nie-t, ; 1)11 ,lt -L--T- t'. :: !'rt iL Z:>I-_ ., t'm; S <-'nn rtz ot'thiSf t >t"ince the I'kti
Florida union

Material Information

Florida union
Uniform Title:
Florida union (Jacksonville, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title:
Weekly union
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
W.C. Morrill & J.K. Stickney
Creation Date:
March 7, 1868
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 13-63 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1864.
General Note:
Publisher: Edward M. Cheney, <1868>.
General Note:
Democratic. Cf. Rowell, 1882.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 6 (Sept. 24, 1864).
General Note:
Supplements accompany some numbers.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services ( with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002038457 ( ALEPH )
02707184 ( OCLC )
AKM6247 ( NOTIS )
sn 83016252 ( LCCN )

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each ralMorBt Insertion.....*.... T f
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OCEAN STREET (OTIK 2iJ __- -- -- .__ _ 7 motkw....:.. ....... ....t.. W
rosr-omcz,) ---- -- -- -- --

VOLUME 5 SQVAM is iqVAi> flUP s.oirAsnarrM.
7, iscs. NBER 1O.

.. ...
r -'- .w UC WW.

Official Advertisement. MISCELLANEOUS.W. .
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tstr JIJ UlW .lo June 3n. ISTlon the fol- PHOTOGRAPHER Iluwn in the vale where the marl sine* Grant and Sherman, we have steadily disapproved
t-i"tr mW* SMe of FktrMm, will be receiml GW.EdwardD1PlifSIcL&N And the brook It lumine an 'M-tinw wheel. a dress coaC a hat and neck ti., & s
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Arrive Baliry'. MH1 1-y 11 a m. DR. EMTLE T. And this U the oni; that fill the glen, determine the validity of conflicting laws-the abandon. V "

MAIL & EXPRESS.St "Jtfhn o' the Smithy has all to pay." Judiciary. Congress cannot, wo think, by anywitUs V
FromtoJT tl',5 of tl law itself other device
: Jtffifc hill a daughter roTaml wet, or by any : .
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JfraYv !Ur|"'rt Saturday at 5 a m; Augustane & Jacksonville Over Frank Pmlth'ii Grocery Store, 2.1 Flohr, Ocean Street,(over the PoRt-Onire), Jatksrinvilte, Fta, My lord huts a son with a wicked eye; tli-prtrti him of this privilege of selfdefence.It The of V
Arri r t"r-n *,.vHle l-y 1J m: SA. MI' DI,.OC When the hears the Moutkl Of lithorura* fret in dt> to the independence of his office, and development philosophy most be rIght

l-a't JlrookMlUr ilatnnUy atI. p m; Jacltonn'lle, Florida. K-b. 2.1 EDWARD M.PPOriUBTORS'CJF. CIIENEY, Agent. HOT heart bvaU qukkcr,-ohcknow* not why. lo his otliciiil oath *'to preserve, protect,and de- Men did descend from ,yifopBit, and that is tb f
Am*at lUypit by 8 |i m.B1W A DAILY LINK OPrARSKXOKK HACKS WITH [ She will know vry well licirathe l: (tLP1" the integrity of the Constitution that he reason why so many animal traits are still left ,
relaj uf liorw-g, it floW running nffufcirly Utnn Hhe will learn tu detest their rank an l pri.loVlien ,
in the There
fi-m ni*ttahooct *.U- Mount rtrnmint,to'QuIn Kt. Auiu tiiK- aol Jarkwnvillo, Icxvlnn each plaee J. D. MITCHELL M. D. LANDS, \ she II.M the young lonl'K\\m\n- t'nl. should have the right to invoke the shelter and race. are uienhoggiafr'aMpiggish. ijeafh
.V. 23 inileiinn.Itiwk! : 'hrH ""ll"* ww fitattaliOofW /JioniUy, WodilciuJay, and in Flofjili<; in large or mal! pnro;!*, wlnhlns;to find pur- mudo of proceeding to dandies proverbially pnppyish. There are men
> PHYSICIAN was apply writ of
>'rldavntGnm ; THROUGH IN EIGHT HOURS ihnsuh.or M-ttlcrx for the sam can apply at this office There will be the old, oil story to tell that drink lilto a ahand"msstthaie.tlikI
Pr0I1Jr b Ititi!!'. Of tThIIDOUIi in quo warritnto against Mr. Stanton, compelling
AIflr at QniiK-y 'yl3m: Office athts former rcsidnro, corner of ForsythJ wrong pltier high; Borne
Li' Monday, W ftlnMduy, iihd Friday connrt>t'ne at Jacb'onvill<- with thr KMIrda yumcy 1'alUUAsHi.v J utrei-tc. ,Jacknonville Fch. 23.-tf Puraons resichtngthttnfthe tfttli w 'j put. desire in- The and Levitc foxes eels. "Then
t1iim ; rcrnauJlna, Ceduf Keys, ic. prWut pansiny by. duties of an office to which he wan not called some slippery si'b peopleiwlopnss
1 nrmnlion<'rnd\ice lt. to the pnirhitxe,sale xftttcment Aii'l the father
01 bow Li friM'etl bend V
7 tni may. cumnHn
.krr1tt at ChatthoodtN p FARE SIX DOLLARS.Br of lands In Flnrliln; with n Tit-w to einixraliiiff to thin When he *iv.the young brMe up nt the hall, by the tuuul authority. But tho President has Jbecrowd! M fc&sfid owlsfscap-

i lovrllV tJhittaltoOchcc Drs. BROOKINS & CLIFFORD State nt for tilt? purffi of investing ci-Hnl] ; safely, and Auil MV '(were better hiii-hiul were l teal| ; taken another com so, not so regular and not ping i'irtleM!, obatfruJoT males, serpents, hawkj,

tl-4 1rtrn, titd i.-Vy..v. twit a llii< line jKi s-nj'cri will po through in oomforUMevtMcIni profitably, can apply tn the Compally] In Boston,or But John o' the Smith- must it ail. very courteous, but which hardly changes the wolves, tigers,jackasses. Society ran show you,

,it ave iuii lla>iiii; > Tu'l l:.y Bn l rniwy at ./ a rnj. titan ami uiIh Jcii fatljrue.csiwsure.haiard or delay, DEXTISTf, Address merits of the in human form, the spread eagle,*the dug in theV

at t'Iittahiwicb.c ty pni : by any ntlserrtc.rtcA EDW.tTtD 1!. CHENEY, The smith ami hi* drftfghttr Will! pn.s away, the President in the removal of the Secre- manger, the cock Jibe, walk, the biggest toad *

jiiy f rliattihourhi* Nlnfdsy and Raturdsy agit fbi' fbttlhem JZrprets fttolpany de- JACASO.VrfZ.LJS> Ft O1U1).1.1DPO11ICE .T&KIONIILIPI, J" A.ILoTEtS. For Antl the another diiily l hail and make the the hol.Icn-.nray anvil rini;: rctary of War acted merely with the intent of in the puddle. One'entire tribe in the commercial

Am\t*t ft Al m Uitiiml I *y 5pm. lifercil saffjij and promptly. that the prol'it.rhall (.'" to piitt aiul king; bringing the law before the courts, he was in his world i ii made up of bolls, and anotherofboars.
23 ,opp44ti th InstOffice.l3Ifl. And over the wile world, hv couplet'should be reversed
day d.iy but if he
For l'a.caip, aj.iIy in JacVvinvillp, nt the "Tuvlor light ; acted with a view, or shall act ,
1 he
uniilh nlmll wnk
From h.rt Dad-sty tJiJaV I'Ms toDK Jrt Taylor' ILOIIISC;" tnt In lIt. AneultiM', at t Ii.-' Florida I Hou'-u." Lieu to 1 It'* tank in the od n!at dull early wny niom, with a viewj of asserting his own interpretation which declares that V

J i uiilian l Iwrfe. onrr a Vi 16-tf. NEKTON McNIIl 1., lroliriiir. To tread a measure ot pn1t.ttlcorn.. ot" the law by force, he is not in his and
'Yrtf** K T 1 J m: I.KOAI: will not be upheld by public opinion. In the
A n iv -at Fort yWy 13. FULLER And the smiths shall live on the coarsest faro Some bear or lion is reserted for thqej'We
Jtxc: Tort Tavlor HjtunUyat 1 1> H{ JOHN With little that they call their former case, we hardly sec how ho is liable to
Arrivii' W Tort JVW by 8 p lit.j.4fLFri'n H. BISHEli, Jr. UY While the iJltr in free from work aol care, imieachment| ; he is not opposing the law with hare to look back-not fbtwtad-..torn'

For the test of all nhiili po lo the drone. a viow to annulling it, but with \iew to test sight of these creature And if Sraitha
ia iirr. hy Jemima, to Ucihillo.anil hiliCil 47 M. T.OOKXEU MURPI-IY And the itniith c-oiiilninsof tin uuvil a they ,
Street New York ] )
hn.k,nro a wwk.J Dey City, ATTORNEY AT LAW C'oin]>liliw of tinyear< litIm* wrnntsht song-and pined: ing it ; und whil he confines his hostility to this Joneses, Browns, or any of ns, coold corpe Into

J La.-t. J. |MT Wp.lrw'wlny nt 8 a m} Fir the prleitH nnil rnh ra :ire ,w19 to wrong, limit ho is at the most but technically guilty ofa oaB08fiion of an entire portrait gallery of oar

.l Arrlvr llpllrvillc nt Ifc-lh illr 1 i |Ii III at:8 a in.. ;. MAxrrAcTCKtu: ixii I'Pxi.rn ixFOKTA1ILK (IFFICE is iioro'* BLOCK, OF LAURA AKD Dirv'AL STREETS, And the hn it uf God are luu i>grind. breach ot its provisions. If the court should ancestry, we might find that .we> had tnusmi.
-Vr huimUy
Arri '; at.1.ii.lit.r l>y 4 p M; AND STATIONARY decide that the law is unconstitutional, there is grated successively throagh'almost every shape,
Jacksonville But a clear strong voice troin *i'e (, ?.LOI:1Il. Fla. I over an end to his offence( but if they should decide of fish'flesh'or fowL V
iiicrcing the murk of tie mortal Ilht
s; Fmra M1ey Hall to MadMU, Is miicn and back, & ie.i.: it1trci.i i's c .iiozzzis, _._fiy; .: _ THIS HOrSK HECEXTLY OPEXKn.HAP BEEN Time i is, time wuu: and time i-htill ),.; ) : that it is coiiftitutional, it will be time enough Those birth-marks are not 'confined, to the

nn' n wi-rk. FUOM E.: K. FOSTfitt Jr..ATTOEHET l liv prciKin-il bir til( steeolIlInoqi.ttjn of visitors Tiiat John o' the hmilhy will have his right; then lor Cungic to inquire into the nature and animal kingdom. If men ,*doTeIop&I oat of
; Monday at 7 a m 2 TO 250 HOUSE TOWKU.MilN Alit those who
; have
I<-M.pVy-Hall du'ing tl"1 fill soil winter. wi rn the mitre and crown, of his
ArmV'At MadiMin liv 12 m: The TAIU.KS -KiippHiHl with lherhoi'nrtirlcn Who hmc, pre ctl hi'iiujre: iu lily and iou!, degrcu .ifenoo. As Mr. Stanton, by the beasts and birds, these first 'developed #*/ ef J

1.I1t.i Yn(110fl Mon.lav at ll> m; npjirrt\vd Oircultr rtttit trprlirht K-\w MI1U, Orl-l rnlMil liy the DomeMic market, or rrft-ivi-i] from the Shall perish horn earth when the in-itt i i. irroiinil in rest ol jrunerul Thomas, has appealed to the plant*. And so if'our mothers,:were brute*, out
.n flT lI't IOibY II1 1i) fI i iii.4j.arati $t'irIflIs, f HiJ nil kiu.N I1pO,nl P turn Invltrdto ft't CiloilMOIl OI tm n Mwliinc-ry >H IMml niui l l uilt% to onlir.ninl Tran-lont
swtnor permanent boarders:iccommo them back
resorts to other to seaweed and toaJstoels to find tM
Cuurt-lrfUHP. isittiiig. 1'IIII.L. Ls nn4 ItIIIIbIF go
pvrvice Taylor : tIcr ltiItiiig, SA IX r ; .VA-, FLA n ly oh rtiionahk terms. IC-tf.
nil kiiKlntil I run ninl \VtMMl-wi>rLini! !aiciIIIIer-. Periodical. procttxlingd. true origin of the race. It ia not strange that

I.r MacliiiH-ry nut U.airiind sui ilios In irton", aminl All this is simple, and the difficulty some of these earlier signs should ftl Lso bat.I '
'H"nTillp 22 tuileP and 1iack crop
UlJ* 1'rom Ortfriloto )% >*l at llie ht't niIi Jlnrper't Jfmrthly for March is than
jil M.11ANDALL more usually *
onnr* *"**... E. HC3USE may wUily settle ; but what we fear, and hare a neighbor who" is"'A "crooked stick,"

- Lcait1'id.ri1tw.'b..y nt 5am; rich in illustrated articles, among which idmi what exciter tho alarm of the public, is the apparent evidently of vegetable extractTon. Another of

': Isvr Arri\<-Mrlli at Mrll>iiiitr.n\ilV\VCibaI1Y l.y ll In ;at 1 ji m; A XI) ATTORNEY AT LAW, ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. interesting rtmiinf of the Highland* Life of disposition on the part of Congiess to my neighbors ia always recognized as, s> "cab

well known house i is for the ptTvipitale the i isuo. Tho speeches of Saturday bage-head." And I am *frtht
Arrive t Orlando 1-y 1( p nuf Thl now ot-on siason. Victoria and Albert, drawn from tim recently greatly my
; w..AT:1: i P1Pis JACKSONVILLE, FttttuftAiin'Keid fir jay, nml from *1I In *li per wcik.3im especially tu wu of Mr. Books, Mr. Farns- own children, at least in theurpresent stage of"duvelupmenC

4Sll i From Tanipv 'IT AUfh *n
; <.C':! mile. *and bauk,OIL* a wU. 1L( LS1 om- *' UiiiMinp.'cor. att.\1 li: y ls4 tj "We quote from the closing paragraph : We : S> grave a question as the impeachment ." It is doubtless a reminiscence of this

?- 1< *!> Tampa Hi Pcc*Crk w-H ft.7!lV R y-V WtArriVr i p rttiI Am* nfl Vin

Arri\- at rsin'a nvXt day ly 5 ji *1k. &;rTlietwst 'intl Lirgest n.'s..rtlniiIt In the city, sal G2EE.V COrj? $TKfJ\'G FLI1. has bonn so full of irt-rcst and entertain o. the grounds of accusation, and an entire exemption the flower of'the" family.1 !%ilosophen w&0' *
at (n-Atly rcJutx-J jiri. intt l fot rriiTURPEXTIXE Ltst1'EV .A'r :t.A.UctJACKSON ment, or so calculated to atfcct human front
sympa- party bias and prejudice. The are skilled in tKe"hnndHng 'of siAtW bllslerilikraa

fi46; )'rAin (.."netweek.,'<:,r Kryu to. Keyt.r' ti4, 4 inilci' and k) lt.titEt. VILLE, FLA. Ox TIII ST. Jnim'a HITBB thy, HS this, wbt'-h coA rt the happiest yi"ars of pita-ceding id iu the nature of judicial inquiry analogic, and the,hints of language hare no,

i.'doto: )rqIbM a ,chfJill> ofnrnral ,1irttt, tii' : AiiL'imt4-tf lIE underi-lum li.tvlni Queen Victoria'wedded life." The EUil r'g.Drawer" and ia nut to bo prosecuted like a debate at the difficulty, of course, in acknowfoding all such'

*. STILL, T tilinHotirt lit.UM him ?VHrinlPtnl hi-r new find com huatinjjs or a street quarrcL llar&b; names, facts, as signs which poiftt' enelasitttly to the'
?, now
opi'hc.1 >iiiiu tu thv is crammed full
of for
II.u-II14 inviinl to begin at St. Maik, anlitieltt tn Kxtr.i Heavy Bottom, 0. B. HART, Iltiblic as it good things, vulgar jests, passionate declamation, and threats al.e-ancI.fungns9riiIzrpfthe ace ,, ,?

e YanijituFn COCXSKLLOll AT tA\V Il'tlttT. CLASS 1UTElittrths ; some of which wo wi.xh wo had mom. of bloodshed, are wholly out of place. They And is it not amazing teal m h so ajjtnie ana
n X tW Smvrna, 1>V J Sin4 r. in. Tn.ian River. All 'Vfpkte for Said iMlch Mow! cot!. mlio.lln-rillnnuttr uiT niiKinifl by ItlHr tunl- The Ailantif for March opens with an article jar terribly upon the tone of the public mind. ingenious as the ntoucrn apostle* of derelopincut *' V

- .TnjiitiT. and Miami, to Key We*!, iTtS niilc and pt.sInla! "fall ,.izi* limit to onlc ami l>i>ti Jen flttdl JA t'KtX lLt.t t:, PL!. lief Mi-kilts t'liIliiM.iM.l, filial rlimtt of jolla, ( the St.
1IIi.twice a ui.'nth. nut at the luvie.-t nitcc. Will pnctiei* in the tflale aol Unilc.1 States Ct uri tliU hoUMh'O'lhVi nlll UIK all tie ccunfottn of a home at body dcprecatts. make a theory which will "nof admit*'*
on the Irt and IStli of (whArrivr sumo insight into the of medicine in '
Ix-avc ew tftnyrrui practice
: con 1 he people, indeed, are heartily of this them'( What
II.Iflth EVERY KIND OF rooms Itrt' lirce arel lily,iintl nh I'll farjM'tt-d. and weary spocfaTncceSafy-of bringing
at*Key Wwt ly the 10th and 21th of each tin-furniture new ftml edig- o down- through the

iJ ? PLANTATION \ Wilkinson Cal), oil ton!jtii't itfiy' ill Ti'oHS r'MinU. thi tlie K.snt: fur and fainilln.Pouth. ri I'knthen are Explanation," hy Dickens ia continued. "ITie want it t5 come to air cud. They want to go ape? Must the monkeys' father us all V It is
WeU the Ut aitd ISlli of each iirii.Iy(
i v Key ,
flllh; COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Tina hcUii-T'lri'' '>ttd within a frwhundrtiifHrtof the i Old Philadelphia library," founded in 1742 hyIknjamin forward with their industrial pursuit, tu repair more consistcmt-.-and .BaveS-'k'world of. troabtec7

,\rriMn't -wftnyrna.l.y the 10 ha d.21th of Knjrine-: *, hone lvir,firixt Mill*,Apri. nltu nl 1mph- TALLAHASSEE FLA.WIM.pivcatteiitMrt relrlir.itnl \VhllRulpliur: ) Slpiine/'tformffrly) known the breaches of the war, uot to enlarge thrin, too-to suppoc that the pcogonitof of my friend, # '.
k'.wtt PfluIithtI iiiinLf('xt-ry dcKiijition iu cu-rc, aid icr .ilc nt tinC01TON us lie 'r.iricii; Spnng"; lint: from ..Iuk.nvilloubuiit : Franklin, forms a topic for a long to heist the did wounds not upon now ones, and over the wa- sprung: from th head oTJoTBr./ ,
oest r.itcii. the <\ niili-K. All tie '
to caw In Supx mn thirty i.ICaiils itop it tbu int
] H>
-0- Ill., and in thi Ci iiW'flh ll"1 I". tu> tlir! rn* wp and >\.>wn the river. ""]? und interesting article.Ii'f 3Iissouri" is the to restore the republic to its ancient harmony, than that he arrivedAibiapn cs& igi.f] !aJ

? 5COTFArropn (JIXS f ,.. \\u-hingtoii City, M far as permitted hv tainting Having rtivOXid frrim St, AuiiiKtincl to thc'-aX* vc flint cif an interesting Feries of historical para, and nut to perpetuate the disorganization.A' .- long roundabout process pC aov traniiigtot
hIatillities. iov 3-If )lniL.e. tinlutlrunacr of niyold Ii huh.- tsiillv 1' r tt. "
re-j4i w>
mollusk and mammal into If
** through
;! kwnut lie to !!i'i mail with man.
rarrj' AM. Hi It.-d aiitl that uf us many n"Hr iCVs HM may IH- iieIl-; if we may judge from the instalirtent given usj
iltrftxWirinly\ and Mxiritv\ Using thn o'.l to cull nn nlc. I Iiur5. this lost was the Crrcuitoos roars nis aHteied tt4' *

k ti'tint (iUl( law, anti they nut?* \\to gattnth'I COTTON PRESSES C. GILLIS, s. A. KATON. j Tho high literary character of the Atlantit eccins The Cannibals ot Africa. had to take, why does he preeesve.. roch.*clear/
Green Cvrr ftjriniFla, AW. 1, 1N(>7.s to \be fully maintained tt traces ot his and '
Iy two riijsiini1i1e lrt1n fI1 t1t ti 'LU tt tt'fl occupies a field in vegetable origin, none of hia

liv i j wslvi' 4
\ ot
I'ro-ident Vi i'-c I I'le'siden! hold ojfte-o tivilor A.I). :T i U! i'i i'u.. bslU or upon :in% bond. Tuill.? -
ol' I or ,
01'1't tn.
.r : T ?, ; : Sec. I 1. The ] <"pidatuio shall ha\i power mid -lull I ( n.n; t the n"- toi or ally uii; '

,. : ; t bo U- rjowte 1 ) eosary l.nvto) exilude fioin i-\ei\ olli< e "f honor' power, ti iit orjr"rt. niilitarv) nnih-r (the I 1'nilod I Staff- iindor :i fly* ?, \vlo: havnf --4rI 11TlPV nttti derl.i( is55-ul <': I !i.5 4 z!.Ui.i t il.t d i'O'i(jik4.. of the f.iil'irr:.ile t r o?pnr iwutidyralitHiu .h.t.-v of ?!

"i! :* !1' 't-it- -aid !fn-i-i t MI- iivli.r( witr. tt I P11 II oitha-a: I nienib'-i (f < onuvi --. 01 a > an : -
,. :- ; d : 1b :; riitCt ] : -1 ,; n ,/, vt-i: > j pn-vion-U H hCII i1t frtite i.l itUioi*? ID .La.i; uit ; a'id tlmt iclurai'ttti i'itey'L
.. : i.-I ord miumot ifiroi: oi tin- I 1'nitiel Stai1'i: i .: nicmt er 'V : Sti-s; *"_. Tttuie f 'tl I lnvt-5 ;
; ii.i'I: j"i; i \uttt': i'\ ji.jurj I'I JF ? It )*. ttit ti te <;.tv > Juiia.m. iS| > err gi er.
.- c Lt fl' -n ,\ ]> .!' :t k<: .i ''lOc-usn'' dil'tM. .1' ("'tit in- or ;Kan i xi-tutivo "r :jndn-j.1; .'Ticer of J t-'ito, h\ !support : t-deneto for ruch ikrl'L thtt hlli L'! .iJS d :t faitare oft .nt i-
: a t'l; In in.r- ..uton for the tbbt-. Prei44bititr5a't'n : ----- .
ictio' itV'llion liiu '. jiveT.! 'f i .md c'nnTrfM{ ; vtt l'y the pirtie Us'tet hn1.-# teL ----
.. i .5 S i: T"i ItUI.'tJ' !-e m acicpt' z zii.ii 1 or aptin-t t -i( or <

-. :.': < : ';- S i .ti'ci 1kt-tyi' or l i llir- piu'Suii" tin ifof. lint (?oiij, .ia:> .f\ : \ t i' tlijnlof 5Set' c : T. Ai; pi5-.ot ouftik- : ( 5t---;It" ;HV.).iII tj.V i.5'r. -the,,i c Lu.' tZUTt

: ; ;' *"r1'* the I bearer: ofmh c-lulleu-jc; m) .u-eept.ou-e ; I nit I the le al 1ii1u1ity: each hoif-c', : leniovo? such! disability I; ," i T ifopurtyMjiitjtvH'I t : 1 .iii't -'':-' } .. 7 i rr -. -.i ig1an-s1t:r H l\v of ihc ..-

: -. -- ;I r n Jr t ,nu iit v -1id not 1-4. iii- until at i '.i' I tii.d; and con\ition)'! 1 by due' f foim til! 1 law.Sro. 5" heiebx (deb.irred from holding( ) ofii v Itt this Sfa'li; : i'-lied' i >'< <5:-' :'li-i/i: t Plorieli. .uWitteiit| t tiie'll'tli) S

-. '-' f Ji. .tui.f <,{ ). : .X i In di 4-lectiosi- 1 by the I Le-pi-latuio tin vote -Iiall be J'ton'iliiJ, t tJiat I nhener t I siu-h i di-abilit I i I I t y I iioiti: I holding( 'triv'crf'-I'>.''' A T>. !10'.1; -r'ur o the tbv of January. tSi.VsKilibe'cmpowered

: -i ;: i i3 i =I< Hy 'Li t&is iit ,-1 'I /-, <-. ;md in :all 1tti( pin- bthe people the votehall' : ; I be by olHce shall 1 be removed( [ Irom! ) bihe (Cpu re.sof to 'll-- -- '':'i ii$ '-'Hiium: rvic'Circu5t Court ot the Statt. stietb
any .11 1 lie i-tJt'Vk'd C t iin. rn':if .-,<;un t ihf State for all! etkiiia fc ,11Uiatd -,-
"' '' vrVe u* pro pr qiei3 t ihlibJ the L L'nited Stale-, the removal of .such diabiliL.shall bv saiel ?ae ."u -IM.v.o' proptru. The Court shaljtattiEate this

..a. $ ; : r.t halite 1iCtI44.i1] fi oinI Si i:. 'i. Tin; I l.' ui-latuie ii ituist I ( >---i-.n .I 1)21) the lalifieationol al.-o :apply) to thin Stale, and ouch person fhal bere toiod 1n'g.- m>on-Us ':5t.L.t '- u -'tt of "" rropertr taestiob in hit
,, t' i-vil ..jfU'i'hiM thi- (' litnlion.hdl bv l.n\ fur Ih- iirlralion h\ j'.u the time the
ie not .tn.i i : jmr.idi ; Sc < tr A. I> IE'--.t.: i- i wvrner was
'*. .'1 LU--and' hiid'r t : \ } (In- < *! ?t th ?>ttte stall l e paid

,. ', *j4 b:-M! 1.o tri<-n.i i jui .5! ;on. 'tt-- in MII h comih and l"i (tin lotnin 'ol'i, ]lectionand( for electors.See. only htxrt'f: -fh..l :.; :;t :-ecir.I' ; .itate Lmilc. S-iiel errtilio -

h 1L i-outrMftcJ i'r : nv !>hall td- : i that alu r tin- < oiiij-l) (-lion, 1'ioiu time to time, ol' : J. Any pel -on elected te> the Senate of the t tttsluiii is-ut S. < i* f': -. -'-eel li,5ithe b'etrtUry ot
( ...1 .e--i't:! :-:" .evuurs 41TU1 tt-tiLjun'
; t4Le -
., t, o1 !ij ji'o*. TU ',1- *. :e) :'ZJ(1) i-< ;I- I i lilt proon nut 1LL1' 3 nji-lcied: ai:cording' to law (Puked States b\- the Legislature of this State, or any bePllf't i- Iu :- "-:i i-- t S. -::. '- .-- ;ig been :1u4tLSSeC.

".. .4 t : '1r;. 7i tte ie : '..tii# hi .iHi.wcd,i to ve't<-. ] er.soii elected[ by tho people, or appointed( to olliee by 'X'T'! :. r" \ ". *! ;. rrtiactiou! : in this Siite oi.i.tu .

,.- : :' .J '4. ity iwj !itfl ji->: t rri s > Cl: .( S / S Th, I l.epi-latuic .-h:ill enact law.-; i'1ttiriiig< : eilucatioiulqirdid I the (Governor of! the Stale, or by :any; oflicer of the Stale, .K-count of i1* '. eiCr! i C '' -!- It. and tbe I.ePLtptre -

-..- '* n itjo r>>i'i nr< ajy IU I- '-:!: ? I'MII- li'i; t\\I--i--[ \' ( hie Thousand Kiidit! HUM under the }>rovisions) ) of i the C'oustitution adopted( by the shsil! 1 JH.ot .;. S hit; ivr }.t\- .> t-I-3 i; of persons on a *win t
: : f- Kott: ur bel t .'ar iice.i .
S -
firrd nu.1 I fi::hlv. I but nom. h lawhall; .1 be m.idi: applicable to an\* ( Onvention of tke pe-ople convened( ( on the ioth day ol' Le5otL ntce, :e .or Zti.I pic' I : :: -

> >:< : rr' ; .v d f.rii t','. frt e14t-1)r 'viio mu luixc lo i -toied inotni at anv chctiontLoclo jrw ii ti- October, 1SU">, shall hut t heemponered to hold .uch olliee SeeThe ..uIIM'.I.I \;> : : : : SS ':. .\ii! 1,1 .ta i, n w.S Ei ;-

- S $. (t' I ,5 h' 'JP .* r"i4iJ!!< CX MiJn- n 'fl'-'i t'Sfrtth'vi'C after I the =ame po-ilieii) or ollie-e hall haVe been lilted by two, : .tat" ftJicksbn & I -r. ot -" otic. tme -S
<. l '. -'ilia. *'. liberty Ottt. S
( f >$ t'a tnM; :- jv>"if rj-; i- (thicv. Ctlln 't b. t'fl
i. ..r tinr'h" tjtaT -t; "*S -*! !ut AIITICLK( xvj.client election, or .appointment under the provisions: of thir- \\ ''. ,11.10 --. f.-ua .. .5.5; S ii o. Tuli r eiff. H. wH-
;I .L oJ. Constitution.'r) )ii'/n/, That, all ollieein holding edlicenmler L'jU StRV.t1LrS i $5t- j'S : o., Cuiiifttbm iv,j. r iii f,.
-. : T.4. f : rwe.: .- LL.fM' ;. untj.5 'S
f : tjg : : I t t the I i L'roxi.sienis) of l t the I i Constitution t t I i adopted I theJ.'itb 1 ":;i-. Br.' )SL S :- I s .i Lt. 'jr. >t. Jolitt" -i our. t"ulOnuigv -
T y 'I; Thai ill Jidinanut"'mnl le'-olntion lioiejto A -- Itt- ( one. Brevanl >ne.
I. irii
: ( ou\: .1 I IIXvfe'onc' I k > : 5
; ) dae of l October) A. 1))., Ihtlo; and not provided fur tn
oneP lkt iiiMJIM
: :r! HuWLniWC ) : ; : ut1ter >
K>iv a l l \- ; ( /oti\cnlioti of tin-) )U'( ami all ; -
: i v ity ]tfui
tT4. .h in, this ( \ui.sitution| shall' continue t to hold theirrc'<;pee.t- ( <"ire)' r55 hid! i'i'; f tHair: ijeiKUuriat Uttitts which

>l'-"TTTf 8 r i.. :-31 .1Jt acl.* mil! ix-MolutioiM! of (thu JA-iri-'lulnri; roiulilictin! or)I in.151 i\e ollice-. .unl di-char the duties thereof, mstil the ih;dl hone ; sl0IT0 an ; 'S kuo .a Uv their reajt-etive nunibera ftctuous
.,'-. i.-h -nt. \\ilh ilic CoiistitiUioii ol'tliv I'liik-d 8tite"; and teitv-Yt
) to !
tfr- J)" i n, TV r4ymra' r ( lovernor "h.dl bhi..- proclamation, declare'tich otlieesvacant. '
l'.viththisCoiiNtitiitnui Jitid in dort Th i r5 ) .:. :i I-. ?n.!' 5i-tl. ut"caixzIric toting ,
iht"5 :ttUt-! ItCI& () :II1(1( ( (u tvfU: v
> .
"K : : provd3 1i e: ; 3J r''
4 S S fai- -viuVohki.i t "" u. !'. '- rl.t ,aixt
F. +t. ( ? : ::1c -r '' -_ .'! < .1 i iln- ) i flioStai'a( ( ( 'iK'ol) tin1Sltl :Set5.: Theeveral Judicial Circuitof t ilie CircuitOmK :u-
I$7 : : : .t : 1L : '- f thv L rnite-d! Slate- of Anicrie-a., anhcivln dcuvd -- rf theIfttttI! ,-' 4Isr t-1 U. !kt:15t i: .- ;!Kfifjht ot Leoli. the aolh ofno
( -hall be ,follow) .- : The I si t ..Indicia: Circuit .-hailbe
ji- T. <-!; iniii; and \oid, :uid of: t no rlle-cL( -JtflrOt3-tiIV-! i-mil .i Iiiwoitth t.S: :< u S tIlL or 'fujMtlllMi and Suwaiuie thtt.
: i-oinpo-ed oi F the counties of I M; -:.nubia. :Saul:1. llo-a .. i.ilrtetuih! uf Alachiut and tb)
I.evr. ?
r1 t; 'J _;i ;h -. l :. ; ...:ceL'. That :all ae-th and ic"M ,luiini( :- ol the- (JcncialAsr3iiU U i} *;ik a. S-
U'.dlon, 1 lledjnesVahhi! i i t on and Jackson : tinM: toiirU'Ctb u'! < 'uiiiI4! .5 .-S-S : M "r. diotdaud t'Lu. the -itttentt oh t tt
L and all ollicial acLs of lhcoi\il olliccis ol'1 thr
) .ludicial (Circuit shall be of the counlic- PI\: .-r.nd'\i--.u.; (hw! '\ .M iif i. Jalm'snd Putnam, the t-ightten 'atVylitF.
*- rrj.1 Slat i, uo't in con.-i 't-'iil t \\ilh the nioxir) 'ion.v ul( tao ( 'oJitit composed[ >; [nti!iv. l. flitWnitiff.! tf M55 I!t t'1tIiHtt'i' > ind t ninjre. tb-
and Statute.ofthej( t Tnitcd Stales orith this ( iiddeii.,. Libel-ly, Calhoiin, Franklin Leon. U'akiilla tv_ tUt' i: t ,.'TU. i i ..t I -- Lvi-1Iiy.t.-rnd. of Uitlaborougli antI
: ,. zr : : ILl 14)11 ( and I i I .leU'ei-'on i ; t the I od l .Judicial I Cireluit i t-il liall I I I be eompoaedof } I !!lt'rtiiniu, tiitt ; -t 3:3-j: t. Siti-i .'er and Poik. the tivent\-fourth ot 1 13Ia.Lte(5
ri nlil. n lion, or \\itli any onlinaiiK-c or Jc'-olntiun adoplCM ..,. ". l DLtrict hIt J be- entitled te> one
the counties ot Madison Tavlor ( Oal'4- ?
Lafavctte I
1i, ;*i r., ;S '.1 jLi; ; ) ( Hamilton.Suvanncc .
!)\* this> Convention) I, and I which h.ive not I he-en' and annul t3attF.v'.
if :'- _:s t xi< i as tli01 .,1iO. I and t i Columbia I : t the I :4th i Judicial( : I Circuit i t 'diallbe : 1 ; 5 ,'el of the
l annulled I I : 't. Nt) -S : .i.# tr.i< % dtt44L tt1.tente
: ,v this I i Constitution) I I I I I are 1 in I I 1 force, tnd( sludll : ; i |
: .: L3 composed( ) of the counties etf Xa-san, Dttval, Baker Court oVChVuitCAttorntr. )-. vi: i"- !. >t '\vct\-fiv: .' rent? wf.rfg* :w.l
l he eon-ideri'd and e-teemed a1 tinlawol) iheSt.ite until I
a ; r Hradford and St. John's the th Judicial S S
) Miidi a'-K or resolutions shall I I I he' lepealed I I hv 3 t the ) C'lay: ( ; ;> Circuit ,. ..
; -'Ti. 3 ( I : il fl4.13Ljft 1 Legilafnre : SLV. : i. Ti I : : :i .1- .0011 convenient Jopl a M.eteI.
p3uSfl rutnam
hall be 01 f the counties of f Alaeluta
*, of the Slate; ui. this Convention.Sec. (composed > : itLLII2& Il.LMi! ; Li-- t, _- i',.' K S-S -' ': t>.' thi- Suiter iaiir Baed HJOU a
hd :3 /
r : : 'vky Levy, Marion\ and Sumpler : the (lith Judicial Circuit while":round: "', : :'- i i\ i't-<. t teI p. SS
All I I la\\s of the
Isrt !J2' oi tft ( : >. : State( parsed hv. the'd I '
shall 1 be) composed) of the countie-s[ I IIcruaiMloJIili;J I [ : ,- .\ I IP' ru( N5\II5l.
fer jGver. ? J81! kue wcr t. ((55 Jenoral; Asseinhlinee, ) the 10th day ol'.Iannan A I 1)). S 1 .
borou h Manatee, I llk and! Monroeihe Tth JudicialCTircuit .: :
: ; -
S !' : ;hj'f 1i(; not eonllielin with the word oriiril| o.C'he Constitution
shall I be of the I of An\ ikiKnito this ('oIzIItLiShuh
\ eiomporJeel) ( eountio Voluia.Urevard auK-t'- iii'I; (! j.j'uvi'iin
;( : (' th- and laws of the United tttC-, orith( thin (ConHlilulion -

1 1 t I* < ft'h '.!s 'i' ',,) ll /; } K'_' '111 -
rfi ; :. : ; ; -\ ( :'i: i *ifu? UM: itJ) and decree of ihe -o-ealled (ConiK oftLo,[ Slate t e.1 L Tho salary of the (Sovernor of.the 'Mate :iliallbe : it tin' --.sin ii.i'.l: ; i ;3BBftunLva[ t\\e>-tliirdvoiesof >

I *4 ltC1l .letual serviceras Jive thousand) ( ( (dollars) per) : annum) that '''of the (Chief all[ ( heiiH i"ln: ) e JfTCliof fue two loii! >e.->
le athe
\ ma< defendant( ; all Keoiilion'h
If- ... : .lu-itie-e 1 t shall!I I be four thousand; ( five; I hundred 1 t dollar-! : .siie'ii jf'tn5)St5'd[> i :IH' ii- lin "i1 amendment fhall he S
i-1 : ILE I ; :: u.i and Kile.: made thereunder and all ae-te order) *
I that of each Associate Justice shah be four1 thou-and entered ihi-ir .. >i.niiU.\\iih the and
and of the J oil ; -) < i\v yeas
i ,* i i'i>ceedinu hidtv.sof J J'roUale :nid of Kxeeu-
\ ii dollar : that of each Judi e of (the Circuit Court shall nays th'ere\ td(I \l.f A. [ u > i ii v I l.i tci-.lature then next Uho >
to1 r.s ( iii1iit1at tl .; ( iuardiaiis and Tnisiec
Et .. ,n'n' it. i' -1 it J '' proudedliicy
> Cl\VO
.. in be three thousand, live hundred dollar : that of the- cluMen, and shall h-he.! ''or three nu | -4 next
.tIlc : : :.r- wl* ? ivi iO Ufc of thHJ1P < were onlorinily) ( with the laws then in force-, and
Lieutenant (Ciovernor shall be two thousand live hundred( ( jirecediivjr( the linn' of ''nu'viiu''! <-h t joice, ain Piii thtLogiblafnro -
ai p'4;. : ;:..... it.j'ii: ,n* to Cir did in >i <- ) '-| with the Constitution ;and Iaw'r> oi' the :
1 4.i.l ; .:t: ( I'nif('d Slate-and, this (\ju.-liiulion shall lie valid tic| dollars) 1 ; I that of! Kach Cabinet (OUicer shall! be three next eliocn, at- tIt1'Cstltl, such proposed
_! ,. i ,.. i -. :-41U HIdil:0Vdn' -ides of tin [uojierl\; ) )( )- ejr i-lleels of decea-ed( ( j er.sOLrhall thousand tuars.] ] The pay of! the members) e>)1 1 the Sen- ainendnie-nt t t)1 r ;uuendnu-ntri shall be agreed to by a tnuthirels -

: '. t p; : 4 no'( ,' iiie\' 'iit I the widow( !freiiii -laiinin.lid ale and I loUse of Ifeprcsentative.s shall lk'live hundred vtite of all the members elected lo each iijusL',

L( 1.. ;.y :. kind, in wJio.-oe\ei' hands the -.line( he propeityin found dollars I per annum I I I and i in I addition therein I ten i centper t then it .should V the dutof the Legislature to s-irbniit
,1, d .. ;: :. ; .: : ,. sis .'t3'e11u'nL: nj I where the sale had not hecn madi- for the may ofjinyin mile for each mile Iniveled( Irom their respective [pi.ices mh: proposal aiueudiuent or amendments te> the people

: ; ./ fora !:ii.U'iic ) tiudehi i of deeea-ed( I, and \\here either jnnpose than Ian of re-sielcnce to the Capital, and( I the same te> retmn. Uul Iii i-nch nmrmer UTM! at .-iu-.h time a.7 the Legislature maj

.tli: itp" -;, ; i til! i moiii'V f theI'nited t i Stale- vas ohlained i i for :nip1'uItel'ty. such dislance.s :shall I be estimated I by the shoile-st' eiieral prescribe) ulid' if the peo| lt> hhaU approve and ratify such

: L. ; : -i cf 3L juJtJ.t S public'' I thoroughfare. All other ollieers of t the State amendmenl anel amendments by a majority of the Cite

rjz !a lrt. : : : : : 1 ,1 iifi; :' tii.iUfitirnM : Nothing herein contained( shut I heso, toiiti'iictI shall 1 1 be paid( 1 by foes as per eliem lixed by law.See. S te>r.s tjmuth tied te> ve>Lu for member- the Legi.latureve
tb4 .Oj- jF as
:; f>. The Legislature shall: appropriate I two ting I thereoit. nch amendment or amendments shall
M i1.t : !; --: ;! : .:.. '1 tLer :3)i1iJhprr.n' ) 1 te) make: .tny one who, as an ollicer oi'any (Couit t>r who
thousand dollars( each [tor the purchase) ; ol l such become a part of the Constitution.IScc. .
( i S 4 '- : ; :; t ijI.1l&jca under( ihc authority of any (Court induiduully) liable

!%. !* .. 4. :: ; .. : I ; .. j pi ovidod : I the-y I acted I strictly in i i i aee-mdaneu with hook for the Supreme Court Library as the said (Courlhhall i'. if at any time the Legislature, by a vote of

/ -. t ..t1111lt1t.op1 what wasthen ('LiI'CCL.eC. ,, a majority) of all the members elected to each of the
; E (; considered) the; law of the J-'talc and notconflicting S
i; .1 tli' Stw It(1 14iuppre (G. The salary of each oilicor shall be payable) t\ve> I routes shall determine that it is necc.ary to cause"
: with the J
( 1 i Constitution, I and laws of)f I tho I I.United
$ c : -. .. Stales. quarterly upon) his own requisition.SeCi'7. : a isbn of this entire Constitution, such; d"eterminution -

'L, : A'L :'. All J lines, penalties, iorl'eitunobligations) and critical The tribe of Indiana located i ih t the Southern t I shall I be entereei on their respective jourmdn. wit!:

r.t.jrN- : C heretofore accruing lo (lie State of Florida bhall I portion' 1 -of the State, hiul known as; the Svminolo I Indians: i the yeas and zuiyiiheeuu, and referred to the Lt'i51a.

.: I : continue) lo accrue lo the its'; of the State. dia.ll be entitled to (ono member in each: hou'-e of'theLegislature. turo( then next to be chosen, anel shall be published for

: ;'iv uniirni itir All heretofore taken shall Such member shall have all the H hts; three-! months no S preceding the time of making such
: recognisances remain valid
:. : : : ;it rgutious :t iLhalIb:3 SCilOiCt
: 2u3i i.i ] and all boneU executed lo the Governor of theStato of |rivilogea and remuneration; ) us either member.Y of the ).

icl. r:;. ;?: '. 4 t 1e_ tW ti tiiunijrja1.pvrGna lueatici41 ec1)ting -- Florida, either before or since the 10th day of January Legislature. Such members shall be elected bv"thememhers S And if in Legislature! next chosen aforesaid,

A. ) of their tribe, in the manner preseribpd; Ru"'all rfirch proposbd revion, shall be agreed by of
I : ; ; j : : 4.rdjIc jur oc.t'hc D. 1801( or to any other officer of the State in his ; : a majority

; t : r'rv.t r r.isiiig rcvi-iiue sal. official capacity, filial I be of full force and virtue, for the elections by this Constitution. The tribe I shall i liv; repreHcnted all the members t ected to each liotise. then it shall be

o.' : ty < -. .' '-. f"> c.t -ij lipcal year, and uses therein respectively uxpresscdaud may be mied for only by a member, of the same, and in no Case by the duty of: the L gi haure to recommend to the elect-

fls{>"i-aS; < ;vrH.i 'f5; -T ; '.:Xtjal ;oid uitcwst .1 f the existing and recovered accordingly, unless they were contrary to a white man. Proved, That the Ivoprescntatives of the e>r.s of the next ellion tor members of the Legislature

iHeW"d'vi' '", the laws of the United States or to this Constitution or $$minole Indians bhall not be a bar to tliorep:-c to vote for 01 agst: a Convention ; and if it shall[ ap-

t r'. ;L 1. IJ -4 : 4 ) r,1unee' cflnv. lo any ordinance or resolution adopted by the Convention of any county by the citizens thereof.! S J3A. ,thtt t iiiajoritv! of thio electors votint at 5tIc1tt3tctioi'i
::kxI 4 ; 1lu 1 re.ury ( xcc1jt luby ; also all criminal prosecutions which havw arisen Sec. 8. The Legislature may at any' time impose. 411111 hay oted in ttvor of ealliui.r ConveutiouLtfie ,

may be prosecuted to Judgment and Execution in the Mich (Ux-pu the-Indiana aa they may deem proper panel imposition of Legislature : Jl at ts iiext se5iOtt rost1e by law
i -.; cxpcnditurc tax ahalt tonjtituto the InUians citizens, imd they bhall tIitforwttrd.botIILIICd
of lb pilII<*1Vr.'i'rT<: s .C feej "biiiln'-ti with ib (/ouvenuon to DC) tiokicnuhpassage s-ithiht six iiiotith atter
S rcgu- AH actions nt law suits in representation. ofitiei law and such Convention shall constsfof. -
': e; O. 15e:! t.f4 .d.j A1.( Ui cvcraJ cuntiQtte pending in the Courts of this Stateneither prior i'9. inipeaihod In d.lltion and to othQr tried,crimesnnd ha11 be'incIuwl misdemeanors dntnkpitit foik1nit ntL other plicrrnayb a nuuiber of members not less ban both branches-

itqot iaxc fir county anIff1 to, or.gutysequeut to thelOtli day January-A. D. 18G1( dLStiIH1IIUX3S( : incompetcucj', malfciuancc in office, KamblinpJ or nrp-wB(
-f.l. ,. 1 1 :iud all property shall continue in all respects valid, and may be prosecuted (Ictriiiie-ntal to good' inornls, shall be con Mereel' suRicient canso for imiieae'hmeut In determining What i is a majority ot the electors

ikall; be tared nr, '.:: : ,j .. !-. 1 fmute luxation The to Judgement and decree. .unl e-oinictioii. Any ufiiccr Mhc-n inqictu-hetl by the Assembh shall voting at sue li e-1 ticn( reference shall be had to the

f L.t5aJ.a'jre jauja- 111 )Vidv je.rnga cpcciil tapitatioi tax All Judgments and decrees rendered in civil causes the be define duties of under his office arrest until, nud ncquittnl shall be bj disqualified the Senate. fioui But performing any olh'cer so any im-of highest number of votes cast at sucli election for the

candidates for any office or on any question.SI .

1 LL;& .5' --S.__' -- 1____
&-- -

- -- ----- "- .I -P--

----. - ----- J__ -: : -I--- _. :. : ;: .. 1-" -I------' ---- -w -

-r---- -- -I-- -.' L ____ -. .-.. -- -.. -
--wr -- .-.." '' -


I' t

.' ..

4 -
i .

.- -.1 -_. -.... -- -.--. -- -5-- .-. -- -.- .-.. -- .-----..-- _._ .

f f' + c I TO ISUU OJUHF.JUhrnau.n'l'a""MT

; I 0. .'t1. ,_.. .. ._........._..
>r ., ..... ........-......-... ,-
ii .. I ,. -. ... ... .. .. .-. ..
EDWAKD..cnENDv. id At .. ..... .._. ..._. .....___. M
) c u I I i; x u fl4
..- ... .,.... TU AUVttTUUUr
1 ..... t '... ... ..-..-.IIMM4lmn
.--- 4 k ..-. I writ .'- tr.... -..-. ,.

,_-1 ..In. ,. '_ M.....u... .
ia .._. iRq1_..._. .n... .. .

OFFICE : ...... ............ : . .,.. I*
LMIi.fbL .............. ....-... Mi
-.r -- -- -
.. 'Ii
: .
OCEAN) STIiKCT: (OTEU r"cT-o"ICI;) '' ,.un .ttrak TO TUBA un. .... ",

J.e'.vtfl.I .. VOLUME 1 5. JACKSONVILLE:, FLORIDA, SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 1SCS. XUM1JER 10. llhrrml OwnmM Will W ftilu *4 .

1M1'n ,1Nw _tLa eYW.

-- -
r .

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u _
- --- -.- -- tiori.tlity or It. policy (hi th.nw puinU 11" concur .ad I. and he nirardeit UM ,:
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-_ _-. ___ __ _e n_ L ORIDA AGENCYOF with bun ; we ant sorry that CwnjrrtiM rt>nhitlenii tint htan wfn lu j come there not in&trnllldl in

<>_T4 rrii IIFPA.T.'T j I W E COOPER, ilEDICAL.G. I F I Hmrn"One who males or i-fTcUn C1Ithhll1'.1 it a duty' totaku tin nu-lhod ut it.trainuig tn" slave UaJtf. II.! obtaiiHMl an iatrwdnetioA

\ ..NIt.T,!. Jatiuar; :. Ii;.. TIlE ranter.iKiwn. ; tho "-",*."tho action: and, hke (;iiiu-ral i I to the Kin{. who W'I in full court costom*-
l'm.1. f.r C'ftl\'.') lUll ihr iu&il* nt tfir I l'rnte.1 in tbci.nle here Ihe" sInu.A .itititt 11Ithel to. oliqVI
PHOTOGRAPHER, we "e steadily a drAwl COaL a hat anti buck tie and a crown
"il.-. Ir-mi July 1. 1-*, lo JUTH341. ISTl.nn tltt- W. Edwards M. DH .", the lire..k l I- 111I lutZ tin .ll.t uiuui'wheel,
of of Mr. in .
t s.,1nat trt In MMSi.U.f .Florida .III||| NEW ENGLAND From iniirninii till night the iI tinifnWhere f ro\cKl the conduct Staiitoa con- I like what Homo actor may have worn. Tb.

I It} *| ilr t'f ,. .ICt. .'f this lx-].nnirtit utilil II') III. .'(0", the Tost office, Oeenn :Ir, rt, Juhu o' the Mnitliv I It (ut gilig & sentir. to accept position in :i Ciiliim-t wht-ro hel'' lecture was closed with an account '01 ft raoeptiiHi -

.4 ii.rc.i51 iwjLtto U-drrid.J April Ii) lItO! ill-. PHYSICIAN ft SURGEON. My lord lid. out at the rt>tle irate, was not wanted, and under u law which his con- and halt given in honor of M. Da Ch in,
M W.. .!.'/ fcc rrfuirc'Catf Iht nall Jacksonville. Fla. Aid M i i. Krniid bower and li.ill
(ovfrf'-f < jirf- Emigrant Company v l.idy in ,
.d r34' I.y 'I...'. <"*.'eai.m.iJf radcj Mr t>.,..11,..' AT R. (. )lx\.-". :.-\ .Id ..tiuhl rnlivrv 1 will hr plriwdi Yi'Ulj men and ni.iUeliK to erinne an-l wiiit.And M4in<'o condemns.. by the King and hi. chi officers, one of ,wl.
i mwt my o d tOt nuts nii.1 tin- l.ulII111'
tan 'rnm Ratlry'* WU1 t" Miecoik, 12 mil** unit >iriiu fir-t .'"*. ;iiictiin-Mif t',.- t.-iriou lOt)I.-< nn.t l't.ntlninivemint J"CKSrJ XriLLR, FLA.oricr exhausted his constitutional remedies ag.iin: it, I a forth a necktie> and one proMKted hi1UfIll

ha. 1.. tltii-rlnito* a .... villKUtnuaiiill.. .Sattsi.icliunKU.irant.ol. I CORNER OCEAN AND .ADAHB' STltEETJACKSOSritLK The Imhop rlde.H in a rnnch und four in oveiy Respect save one. lie may: test his dil- wearing only a pair of shoe The inspiration
,. '. Mill Tu.-. ntM a tfMAIL hut Hroonii and hnrm.- arc tat anHe shob ;
IUil.- d4jr, Thunday, Salur.l.iy -
!< ) pallfCIPAL : forcnco opinion with the Congress by an appeal the ball anti of the
at 11' in : --- ---- --- FLA. Mlurk.; .*}'. b..Ih..llln.lllOckc)'* l. fnrc ; at wan hiskj", a largo RJaM
Am. al )Ik.rosnkrq. by 5 p m ; l7XITED i !i-iy. 49 Trrnwnt Pln.t, Rostoh, 11I."t"hIlt11.1.T ? lie ride at. hundred Kuiutttx a werk.The to the only rumaining department of thoI'emm.'nt ardent was supplied to each woman present

Ijrave Mnr$ 'i-ukrr Turwlay Thursday, mid fiat TTE f h anvil i* ,stuslni it* "1..0 pound '.'n." whose appropriate function it is to M to induce her to d>flcd with tho QtrDCI.
unUv at 7 a 111.A..rl11lIr ; rUItltmml t'tttrJri; Thn mania jilpen from Mrken upray, determiii'i the of conflicting laws-theJudiemry.
)''. Mill l>y 11 a m. DR. EMILE 1 I.? SABAt Ant ihii U the mine that tills the glen, validity I abandon.
& "Jtfhn u' the Smithy has all to pay." Congress cannot w think, by any

ll'S Kr m It1t.It UrotikMlIlp/SOmilrt.and' liack, EXPRESS. o m c EJ Florida Agdncy : Jblih I vmiib ot It I law itself, or by any other device, I Ths fleSetiiM.e.i.sp.yeho.ia.
hrfU and!
a daughter ro y sweet,
------ l of
-- .1"pri1"C I'im this piivilego of si-lf-defence.
41i '' a .1. Over Frank SmlthV Grocery Htorf, III Flohr Ocean Slitvt. the I't.ut-Iiee Jtukxmvillr My lord han a nn with a wlrked l eyp ; Tho development of philosophy must be righ\
S (over ) Fli., I
1."Jl'H. rt alllr.II\ at a m; St It tit> t'j tho inde tndcncc of his office and
I Augustine Jacksonville M'lirn vhe hear the Aoun I of Inliorneit'. fret IH i; |> ,
BLOCJcf.Jacli'innllr did descend from animals and that ttw
dlMlUi' Men u
1..k.iII. l 1 J SA-I: : : .
Ml > m
Arrho > ; E1J\\\IlU M. C1IKXEY, .AImi.PJ1Ol'InF.TOnS'iIo' Her henrt quitkiridiekn..w. not a h\. .lo its: i-ath to preserve protect, and de-
latiHr<>.k In ; 1W7. why so animal traits aro .\lllieft
/ Florida. (II""h. 24 I -ly. She wliikiiow very well Infur.the end : I reason many
f..I.l the} of tho that ho
Arnvr 1U) pMt ly 8 jm.. I 11t DAILY 1.ISEOI-"J'A'C- Jo: Glm HACKS WITH --- ----. ----- She will learn to detest their nink am! ]ui-o! integrity Constitution in the race. There aro men hoggish, and inert '
ruli\is tit h..-.. i K n''v running n'1llllar11'h" '11 LANDS Wlicn, alto 11,1"thu %".UTug lurd'H IKIMto! ,'-".1. tihould ham tho right to invoku the shelter and
C4W Fr-mi ChaUahOOl'i..1lnt PIrn'tnttoQtiln. !t. An'ii.timnii'l I J.,'k"" mllr! Ir.-ult.g ,each jU.ej J. D. MITCHELL, M. D., While the bbhop'o duuglitt becomes hi. bride.There support of the O-ul.rcrne Court. His proper piggish. Lovers are proverbially sheepish T

.3'. 5J milrs an-l Iu'k. thrrM" llmrii a wprk.. j promptly| at 7 A. M.. dmijSinUajn 'kerr..I. in Jo'lot1i.t. in larffi- or umall! ]1utiCvI I., wiohlns 10 fln.II".r. mudo of prwifdiiisj wa to apply fur a writ of dandies proverbially pnppyish. There are mea

l>alv t'liat'nliO'K-hi-C M"II'uy..JJ.I.l and rilYSICIAN AM) srllliKON; ..hav.rmirM-ttleMfnr thr Mine Can npjily at thin officeIHTnoiiallJ will he the old, old story to till 101 that drink like a fish, and men that eat like .
THROUGH IX EIGHT HOURS varrtinto against r. Stanton compelling
I'ri.lav at Ii i a nt : I t tit I.! Ittier.lVr Of tjrai.uniiit wrung in |pI lnnhili) ; quo dragon. Homo men are Jsurly boa some air
Airi\<-iii ijiuiiiv hy 12 m ; f)nicp athH former ros.d.nricorner, of For yth A biftliup ; hue Jee !M-.I,* (}tItnty Mond>, Wt'dni'&i3, ntid Friday I roiinert' c at Jaik
*.t 1 11 m ; huh, 'r.iilUlia.p1\ r, rcruiuiil'.nii: CrduT Kt-yn, &c.I -- --- ---- -----.- ion..rstt lir"i fl" to the |mrvliini--, xale or sMllrmrnt the father may low hU tr.mie.1 bent by tho usual authority. Hut the President] has pju>s current in the crowd as fltapid owlsranp.
.\n1\1' nt O.attahooilirr t Cy 7 I> ti. odandiiln Flnrtilti; ,ith u TII-W tu pmixial'iiii lo thin When ho *....nlln-ynnni t g hi iliit[p at the hall, ping Wrtlw, obstinate mules serpent, hawks
1 I I. .\.nE. IX. DOLLARS.I & CLIFFORD Statinr for tilt piiri1 5 of invi'Ktmi- capUul nafely, and Aiul 1 MV 'twere better his.laid. wire d.-a I ; t.iKcn; another touisi, not 50 regular and not 'lL'ohclifT'rsjmck&Sllt'8. Society can show
f-4.4 friim )lari.1 tovrllX t<. eh"tla\I.W'hC\ Drs. protitulily, lln apply ttl the ('ulIIl'all] In ISoitton,or But John o' the Smithy mu,,hu-ir it uil.The very courteous, bud which hardly thanges tho
Py tlii luii i.' will in in human form the spread eagle the dog in tho
:! 11I11... llil. \ ba.V. t wit! A ..k. I ] s-iiii t't po tlirmiu'h ooinf.irta.iethltjcs AdJnMKDWAKH merits of the C.LSC. I ,
j ami .Uh 1tut f..llloru.tI'.iiiire, hazard] ,delay,' PKXTISTH the cock of walk the toad *
t lx a,r Mmiitim .wlay in l Fri-lny. at 7 a hi J 111m\ u l-v any oilier i.Iltc.1'cR.agctftq M. CIUY.Y..h" Mnith and hU liphMr H'1'!!! away If tho PrcMduiit in tho removal of tho Seem- manger .the burgest
.\, t ('lwtt.l..iili.' liy : m ; in the Ono entire tribo in the
r\'l And.inniher' *hal!I make the anvil lint; puddle. commercial
1.1' 1sRttIt&-htr 'Ju.JI\Y and Saturday f nffifrn JCrpre tVH/wwy flicrrcd /<'- Jji.CASO.Yrf7.LJft: FLOU!/*. _._ _-h._OXTILI F, F* A.UNION Fur the d.uly'I and Ihe ho.l.len-ray) : retary uf'ILC acted merely u ith tho intent of .1. world is made of bulls and another of
-___ ._._-_ ------. -_ --_ __--_ up
n bringing the law buforo the courts he in his
nt it in, Hut the -hall irie-t was
; pp.Ill- (!<> In ] und king;
Arr\t. At Maridiw ty i Ji In. I fiifrfy and promptly. m La-r.c ,ik4lCE OI'l"MItt 1"t.Onlc. .!gI. lit' YI'El4.: And over llie wide ..irld it..)' l h v d iy. liijhl i } ; but if ho pctud with a view, or shall} act bean. Dryden's couplet should bo reversed,

For )..sii.o, ill J.ii-kMnivillo. at Ihr T. 1..1' __ ___ _u____ '11 lie Kniith xlnill w... n at larly rtmrn, with a vicwj his which declares that
vf asaertinjj
ti Kmn t".rt Hsflc. V..V ti..%JaV 1trrtnQKurt Taylor' : I ontir;n ali I in $t. .\":11.111.:01'1.. l-'l..rij" j IlouV.I ; -\11I. rii'll to h;. tnik in the oM! dull way, own interpretationof
2d I inili-n .nH "..I. otM-r a .H"V. 16-ti. XKIXIN10IIX : \It EII.:! J'rul'li..l..r. : --- -- To trend a measure nt pril-jtlj curn.An the law by force ho is not in his right, and "In life's next scene, 'transmigration lo,

''.' ..' K 4 irt 1>..1<> titiir.lty: a"/5 a J ini ; l.KtSAL.U. : HOUSE, will not be upheld by public opinion. In the Some bear or lion is reserved for Utea."
.\ \'i-"i r.>rt Tax%W 1-y IJ in : : ; -- I .1 the nmitliK hnl! live on the ronrwct faro fuiinvr COM, we hardly' t*o how ho is liable to
I<-." r Y'I rt 'ayhr i.i'itittay at 1 1 I' rll*l.ri1v j Ii.) FULLK1I, Wilh litlle lint I they nviy call their ,\\'n. I is We have to look back-not forward-to m
ItyM. ho law with
not the
.' III "t.rtl'K Vy II j. ni.t5l.1lt While the i-lltr is free (tnt work anII'lIrr. ; ppring ,
1 L UISUKK) Jr. For the lu-ht uf all nlmli ,to to the drone. I a view to annulling it, but with a \iew to test sight of these creatures. And if tho Smith*, 4

t4s .rrftth in JF-r. by .Jmrnin.'. to iVanil \\il\\... l.hll1,, 47 Street New York T. J\-rUT PITY, And t the Mir.tli ('oinpl.iin I nf the ii it\'i1"M pnni:,- ing it ; and w hil. ho tonhncs hostility to this I, Joneses, Drowns, or any of us, could come into
Dey City'al"o: : nf tin- \e.ir1.I 1.. hOt wtoiiuht and pined :
... LAW ;
tun k. "n'.' a .1. ATTORNEY AT For th. | iie.1.-! and riil. ire ..;i'l '.> rung, I limit ho i.i at the most but technically guilty of I posbct&ion of an entire portrait gallery of our
t.,\' J.,_.. Wr.lhii-lay at S n In; ;
Arrivrat r .\"-.11ill, 'i -* i' lit : Mi.MTAI Trill U A tIi liKAIin IH UOUSEIl OF 1.tR.IIt'.U.. STREETS, And! lie hii \Istif ind; are1.A l -. ll gi ill.l. a breach tJl its proxisions. If the courts bhould ancestry, we might find that wo had tnmsmi-

VilUll.Mllc'" lItttl'l.Iflt R a ni; OIFICF it nori.'s n.I'II, decide that the law is i uneoiibtitutional, theie is I i grated successively through almost every shape

Arr'l. al J J>1...r !t'y 4 ;p Sn.Kr l'On'AHLXlI)] ]; ) STATIOXAHYI'UOM Jacksonville, Fla. But a clear! strong mice Ir nn over '!!.fff* an tilt! t'j his offcreBj I but if they should decide of fish, flesh, or fowL
JArKAqxrzt. 1 Vlt.'lfU. lo l.i"-"' lit' I the murk of the niuital iu0ht : '

4 ; .ni Mnarlw Hall to Madfaifo, li milpf ami! LarV, .'f '":-.1tJi4.'.ci.rh 8 ..bOZLEI.S, .__ r. iv_ _ _____ i ms HOI-SI-, :, uKnxTi.y: oi-KXKiMiAs IKKXiii : : Time II', time ....: and time linll lie that it is constitutional, it will be time enough 'I r These birth-marks aro not confined to the of
lor animal If out
then .dcvelop&l
to iinitiiro into the and kingdom. men
J Congie
Tnnt diii o tlu-Miiithy wiil i h.i\e I hi- right ; nature
0y| the i f visitorJimmr I
'. wcrk.1xnn prc'-in-il i'r ''' -"
4ili.- Viwlry n Hall Monday 7am ; J TO ::2:" IIOUSKultr POWElL E. }K. FOSTllli, Jr. tlio (.,11",1 N hit IT. A iu.i tI..... who i rn I lit. mitre and: crown. I dcjjiuj of hih oll'-iiti;. As Mr. Stanton, by the I I boosts and birds the first deeloped ml of

, Arm'-- )I\.h..n 1 1.v 1 J in ; The TAKI.VS .ir- mippli.-d with the rh"i<...' sirtiilisfuinKiil 1 Who iui\e prc-td hi:uore I in 1..1)| :ind i M>,1.| airtrstol tiuieidl Thoma.o, Las, aj-caiicd{ ] to the I I filantt. And so if our mothers were brute, our
1m..- :..iIiiitt Mon.l.iv 1)1) m ; t.:01'1..h..1 .. !. <. fj.riu'lit K.-\w Milln r.ristMiiU. |I\. the Dome-tie"I..r rmiil tmm the Shall perish tjnni earth when the gt II'I i i4 ifronndAnd and We
.' I ATTORNEY AT LAW tbe Mighty Millei has Llatmed Inn toll. courts, it i is incumbent on all parties to await grandmothers were trees shrubs. must
.\n ivr ilk >4 )Jh.t y Hall; 1-y 4i |I' in. "": '' llm.'IC nil kin1"I'M.tiin l; -,' ainl! I'lsuit.i- X..rth. I
...!' |>'>)" >al. an- inMti'.l; f"r CklriiNim ofM 2 .iii M.I. Inni-iy .irt ...",1 nii.l l-iiiit I., .ir>.''. Tran-ient permanent 1.,1\Nc.' -.-- -- -- the ri-Milt bcfoio either of them resorts to other I go buck to seaweed and toadstools to find tbti' I
.nice to Taylor Cuiirt-h-uw. I jSli.iftinif.i'; riillli-s r'alh'r niul I Uul.lii-r I:.It lug, I SA>Xr J v.-''.\7YVK, /'/ .< 0 ly on reiiKonaMe, IITDIH. IC-tl. l'rvn. lill'd. I true origin of the race. It U not strange that 4

an.l t1 U I kiiuUnl 111',1 Wmnl-workini! :ul..:lilnrn.iiti.ry .-- --. _n __ ___ __ I Periodical !, All this is ,!,;:.le cnt rhnl: the difficulty! some of these earlier signs should also crop out.I .

: I'rnm OrWrJoto M.-llonTillr milrf und l.arkj. t I pli.uj.tul.lor M at"-111.-! hiVti'vt m.1,mt.-!tL.ji_. t..a1 III ntoro, ami ---- E. f. j ANDALL ItAGNOUA IIOUSK Jbirptr'* .'[ontU J for March is more than usually may lro easily settled l ; I but what wo fear and I have a neighbor who is a "crooked stick" r\

onor a *"'t'It... --- I ri<.h in illustrated; articles among which wun \ hat oxclltc, the alarm of tin public, i is the ap- evidently of vegetable extraction. Another of

I Arm.-Ar ' 1..! a III' !i a in ? TI't.: t. U.\ ATTORNEY AT LAW AUCSITSTTN'K; FLA.rhi interestinij "( UlM of tho I lIihluulLife I of ; patent, il l"iliu. on thu halt of Coiigte&a to my neighbors i i& always recognized as a "cab-

lrxMrlhnitiUr W.-".- UO. Tho SIK.I-CIIUS of :atiir- ba ;c-1al.'ltll." And I am greatly aftjrict that iny
;< well known i now unfit for tinm.tunn. tlr
Victoria and from the !
AirwatOrliinJoVy ji m.Krnm Albert lwn recently day, ipeoiaijtuiwo! of Mr. liiuoka Mr. FarnsWuilh own children, at kast in their present stage of
vrl'l -':'' 'I I iir-r 4n\; unit] fr>ni 'I I2 to *l"i per wn-k. ,
I L IPI.PES, Jii.(fXIJ.LE. FI-iHI1'J. :3 2n: M'M.I C 1. llLTKIXliTOX.; ; I'r'.pntn-sn.; J4ilili"lit J siivt* of the Journal of the (!''u'n. I II and linu-ral; Logan, wen needlessly- "do\'el" ment," are >;Ule! better than "small po-

t 41a Tamp '.? Alafn ,i.l rort to 1'.cc "r"dc /rJ/: 1.11: }J. r E.\; - -- --- --- --.-- I \\. from the \\. It-nt. So, a question as the impeaihment tatoes." It is dt'.ess a reminiscence of this
4.:; luilrii aiM 1 ,. k, IIM* a ..... ; : Ollleo in'Ueiilr.nii.lni! :/(.,r. O.-tan :nKlla\ : y 1... ... 'r"'I' \Vi.jti..I.ty 41 7 It tel : I I ot tho Chiut MagietLito[ demands: the utmost primordial starting-point of the rape, that the
nil Viii-l u.t ZIri.u< ami' I 1..11 I UNION HOUSE Siifoly a.sert that no journal! ever yet puL-1
ri'-.titutsTnuit, &c., fur may !
t .\rrhV IVnri'iwk '.t ltV j> m ami (Jat P. SAXDERSON\ bciKjiibiutaud ,ilecuiuin a calm coiiMderationo. hurst specimen in the home circle is still called
Mi am: l l1d'IIc.I J.
1.\.1. -av(:n,k Kri.Hy at ; a m ; I cl haM bci-n so lull of it t -rest and entert" nI i; the grounds ot at'cl1"lion and entiie the "flower of the family." Philosophers who
Arnti*at Tamjn nt It Jay 1..y i l> t11..(*M-S| :.l.iruf-t "ttiiiiiit in the city, t\al (;7l.B.E.X' CO ) wjir.VG; ILA. an c.x-
at grritly r"IUL'looI.ri..-.-.. -1111 r..l'ri"I' ." AT'1:0RN'EY AT LAW, I I mont, or so c.ilcul.itdl to alfo t human syiniatliy ; Culijil ion Irom pAity bia-s and prejudice. The are skilled in the'hundlin'g of srtbtfc UtiUriftJ*

.f' 'ilf,41 n. ('..,:,, K. 't. 4".0 1\\.1.. tit4tttr >'K\V 3o"nAllKiLTfUPEXTIXE JACKSOXVII.I.K( TLA. Ox' mi ST. JI1,"',. KITIM II I I HH lii! w'' ;. h "cnvT-r the hai'piest; jnira ofQuitn pitt (tiling is in the nature of inquiry as analcigies, and the hints of language* have no

,.:.t'\. a ....k. : I Victotia'* wt"\ucllife." The K'li5'-tV\ : and is not to bo ;pr.s.ul.liko n deb.itc at the difficulty, of course, in acknowleding all such; 'o tt ..1'.1.... a .1.,1111. .r .1"1",1"1'1'q tl.iut : : STILL Aiiv.'ii t4--tf. 'T Hi: im.ler.iiiM-l li.-ivlnir C.iuil['lete |ier law anti com ',, : huntings or a triit quarix-L Haibh names, facts, as signs which point-conclusively to tha
-- .
: .. -- -- B7HART L III'.d4.iut| ll'-U )h.ik n" .1'.1 I> ) tluraillU to till Ihaw'tr" is crnnimcil full of ;of..l l things, for xulgai jests, pasMuiiate .lecl.imatiou, and threats algu-iiid-fungus origin.of.the race. .
1.1"1..1. invitr.1 to l" k'i'i at St. MaiUn, an t tn O. |11"'hlfe| |' ". ftI
Ittttlt': 't'01I jut. I'.xlm: Il'-.ny 11..11.mi, rll: ": r. (..\! iiori.u: I i-iic of \\hi,h woi.i.h wi hat 1 mom. I I ot blixxLihitl l. are wholly out of place. They Ana is it not amazing that men so astute arid

I .\1'IIHSII) C:<)". 'I'I.I.O\l;: AT fcA\V, I jar U.riiUy upun the tone of the public mind.Ihey ingenious as the modem aptwtlea of develop6'nillit
All ? Frtft Mich MOT I The A'lantif for Match wilh article
rle for ((Mt.L I t'.ntii a'-tl.!Iu.r; a iiintjMnMI liy I hilt finilI : .ens j an
6K-I rr aii N>w Smyrna. VySmi.irmnl.In.lUn, Jthrr.liiit.r. J.H'I"I"1Ttt:. P1A.i11 I ,... ". u kit.1t tt.-! luil-l, iti.l j-niwl. i !il1llllo..r t In'IH", i.nll i aie likely: to prookc disostei's that every should neglect tkeso evidences, and perversely -
and Miami'. to Key >V CM, ::10 iiillri> ami : SISHnof all SHUlimit to onle ami I'i-lilir. flU".1 on John C'hin.iman.: M. 1 >I. which j'ivt-s one *
] 11*- St..iK'itiV: \I I ill I'IIH! nil tl.i- c..inf.iil t III ..1 ;i home attl.i body dcpntatts. make a theory'which will not admit
'..k. twit a ut.unth. I! out .11 the I'u. 11010. '\ 'tilv in tl'i- :tate! ftn-l 1 I'niU-l ;"" t.I. '.,rl u. .
h > '
uM medicine in iiiMirht into the of
; sunn : l'rac' 'fJ 1 he iiidovd of this lit ni'\Vhatis the
I.Cl1.rn.1. on the JIOt and lt. if ,>a<-h -0--- -I (111\; i people are heartily weary t special"necessity bringing
Tinri>"InS i\nl'liire I'll f.irjM ti- ., KVEUV: KIND OFPLAXTATIOX the fi\nnturr t ni-ur nn'I "'IIf.| .1.Tin- h..,-.. toiiiamsnvrriittj Ito ('cli shut Kmpirc. (:Jo-r- o Silvennan's: long quartet: between the two powers. They every family pedigico down through the

\rrivaf Key West Ly the loth nnd 2U'a nf "" liJV.MV I Wilkinson Call 1u uounS.. 1"n tin- 11-:vt and N'ulli rl'Iut ken..rc Exil.inition IMi-kcns.) is continui"Thu! I want, it t. ClinIC to an cud. They want to jrloiward <> ape ? Must the monkeys father ns all F It U
,.,., ) ; | ; hy
(\ : r.\CnJXEHY ten ,u't; vf r."tI f..r tamillm.
.ii.nt..i.Iy wilh ihcir industrial to consistent and worfd of trouble
11 aiJ hIlt of -arh I puiauiti, repair inure saves a
the ,
Kry VTrfct 'Jl COUNSKLLOK) AT I.A\V '1 ln. I"\II'I l ic..t.! within n-w lun.II'.1or Hie Old founded in 1742 I
a Philadelphia Libniry, by
t"Nh I I .. | the blenches of tho war, uot to enlarge them too-to that the progenitor of friend
; .i.i..1 ,.itul 1 WI.I| i- nil' ( knovnn suppose my
I Kn iiK-vlIorM. 1"1'. \rrmt NcwSinjn-a.lytlH'. itt'1autd24th. of I J niu ;Iut- ..(c\-r> iicfe.iiiiiim; in ft. ro, Ur *.iv! Itt |the I T.1.1..\ I 1.SO EE. KI.A. t tinM ir.iiim.i"j: | .1i(ikt;mi, from .1..-;.>-.iui ill- r.t-ni.nnin: Franklin, f,'rns' for a long Il. lioiil the old wounds nut opon 1Itlles., and over the way sprung from tho bead,of Jove, _

''.irh '' ''( ;..N e..1 mien. |I \\TII.I.K"e nttenti'lrt cii.' u in the Sir7utut. ..n l tlnitj I he Mfameri' *l.>|' Ilil, jKillitf and interesting 1 iee )soiin" i is the to restore the rcpubl'c to its ancient h.trmoiiy, than that he arrived '&t hie pntvde.14.iJuiu.
---tu- > > 1'ireiiit (.iuyt- .-f Hi.ind in the r.iull* .1f i the 1 I'. t lit 1""I' :.".1'1 1 wit the "\1'1'.
. and nut to tho roundabout slow
; nTEK' COTT I INS .. .. .. roros 1'nnil.,1 h.Iill: ; I 1 ll.uiiu rc-ii-cA.-l fr"UI1. Ausiiotine to the aKiveI fiiht iif an intcn-stinij series of hitrlri"IIII.\1\1'1I.: perpetuate iur-.auiutiun.- long process pC tranigrM1ottthrough _
( IN ( \\L..hilll-lulIl"I) !
: . ... J.. 1i'.a.. mollusk and mammal into If
I II .t.l1ilio-_. 0..., 'I-If I lulu -. t I. | >Mjii.i .I| miM fiii.JI.I.I 1- re-.i. ':ulh' man.
J 1"'p'I. %uh, Cto rArry IV mail wilh AM -.- -- | lli I Itiil l II'l! nl .1- lIIa:1a". lllilj IMplr.H' if we jridg<> front the tHlmnt givr-n 1:1. this last was the circuitous mete his antecedents' "*
,\ n''ri\\-. I\'Lin". Ati.l ",'uri\'," Uviiii. ; lliotiiiuMoi - -' C. GILLIS 1.1 I | t\ril! nu lit. >'II.",.. S. A. KATOX.Hrrm ) Tho) high literary character of tliu stekintirtci>u} The CHiiulbaU of Africa. had to take, why does be preserve such clear/

'.Si- law ;iui'l thi-y mllrt \\to tt'l. \.L tnli..lI : COTTON PRESSES >'<-rr Sj.riny, ,..1.1'. 1 I. I I'i(I.. :I to In- fully maintained.: It occupies a field in I traces of his vegetable origin, and none of his

,y t"" r..III".II: it.1..I'.rh.I1I. ......lifi.,11 .Id\ I ATTnXKY) JT Air, I I American literature fur 1ho of which Thi New York Tribune gives tho followingsynojiBia animal? Why is not the cabbage crossed with

..i. 1"1 I t'r cor .jitul.i' ,1'1.n..t uf '''''..r.X"I"Y .\ I I Till- IVvtMiCAUI'lIY 1T1\1N 8 HOUSE ;possession of do'ivcred' by M. ape t There is an old lady near by, whose one-

'iIi lu. mt11. fur nil'i| lI..t jH-if<'1'111..1. I fiX EYE; !; MADE Dee 23.. '.\. \TK.\. "..\. tf no othi periodical has: been sut'tf-ssfally to rrcentiy Unit; that absorbs all others, is diligence.. She

4UI.l f..r ,.t',, r '<1, o\ni..I'n\. nr Mtii"Ui-t iriJy !! ,'itlitlifT_> I r, I-:.Lui.., Iir..n Co th.-rn. .".1 the new -- ---- --- -- --- I II compete. hit SIICCTSH is riihly tlc e1'Vlod. du CK.iillu in that city, concenung his cxpcriienccs is :ut lineal descendant of the ant. Hho works'

.!i.Uiiu-.l! tlmv tiling the |-iy of tViv\ trip] may < raven. :...., (;in (-it'nTi. I I'Mwilh, Kiminc "inlllMfM I I. James B. DawkiilS, I 21, 23, 25 am1 2? Eroadwiy. New York, Tho Edinburgh Jlrrinp for January precentsthi among tho cannibals of Africa tSome like an ant; she looks like an ant; sheis an aat_ -
1. .1..lm'I.-d. Fur -ivilH MI f.if l"'liio-l till ;i< I ''. p. an : "!i1 .iii.H.| ] K iii More, f.-r x-le at tinlt IX "developed" into in aunt. There is nothing of
ATTOKXKV, LAW AXH i'1I1.IITllllt ,. : attractive tablo of contents I. tho lecturer Srtid ho found
1h..t e.t Litei.i) Ol..iI.1..1.1 frrr ) following : years ago, *
It. l.rf'a1c .111".ti..11 ".i ih .1'1"\.tin; titis. tutu .1. n. rr.Liit. r.yrirv.Fe' : 'I' I the ape about her. It is simply! rfdicnlourfcf
hil lf hit coast of Afl cUltivated the
,um.\-\h' "1" '1. "II' f.\ .f the :3-tf. <7 I fjSticvt, New '.. k City. .. IT G.Il.\ .r//./#:. F 1..1. Ir OX TIIK i: KUIJOl'KAX( 1'LAX.THKHTK (;.Hthard's D.m Carlos and Philip JI. II.Op-( ) fricii'lrhtp upon of 'the thief and and claim that she reached her j industrious womari-v t

,.1t.*ti. \ f'.r ihttrip i. inLji'rt t. frf'ittiri.i -- - -- -- ----.- -- -- -- -- | terN and tint Oyster) F .heries. 111.IV. Anj..u' I i jicoplo, passed: hood through any branch of that family.! So
: T.XS: HOTHK i iM .,11! .iiviv Unownto a c'itn arati\cly ph-a.-ant time them
"" ] among
.. ill 1. .r.<. tutil.itc 1 ha.Ifj \o.\\ry 1., I of several other people thc -
< e Ay6irnJ
}i ionl' NOTICE. W. M. IVES Ih I t. tn"! '-I lili" ( (-.ll.1: The liK-iliuli i ;-.r-jn-..nilly Hiiil.ililelo TynduU's Itorttircs on Sound. V. Liberal Jut: he longed to visit the cmui1alcounlr 'and m ptlttsi ;
t'L'i.!. ,' "ril Iy' ".. )I.1lI'l: !f'1':111 itiR Iii t ak I I rt''S I! ;il..lili .111.; '':u.ili SR men : it i I.. In rluw pmxmiilyIn 1 lady is jubt Hitting by my window, whom as
1 hr uuuil fr..m itt into A |1"\61 .fiirc' : lorU "utft'rill JA "-"S"II.I.t, PIT T. 1 1\7.TIIK ATTOUXKY: ANti (ItNSEI.l: .(): AT LAW, ihe liu .iiiet>s l'"'I nf I the illy-I.1 on the. highway .,f Kdtu'ation Ilk England. VI. :Mi moirs of Sir tI.. the inhabitants tor himself. This dis-iro he evidently related to the butterfly as the afore-
'a 1 inexi of linr-luel
I : ip-irirf! < |I" er-I..I 'uitf. expn.-MM.-d to tho people of tho coast with whom
% \.( IM- iujun 1. .\,.tn.y il. rl'-I. cor 1 l".'i.t ; and i A. I.,-u'iii., is U; I H in} di.. il\.l !.\. i'iiiiit.. 1..fTi H CITY FLA, I Soiith.inin.l pi-in. i t I %Uiiilnmil\\ "AIt'11im.Iln.1 null Stu< 'ittnt.u.ut, ili-Miti.).uliu-t-nt. to all the j[ Philip Francis. VII. Do Fe/cnsac's Urcollecj | he was btopping and they sought to det r him aid old lady is to the ant. That woman, a littlo -

f.r r..f.ilIft'r! -m"iu.l.l l.K-tMixry th nuil .Vl F. \\.1\\1111\\1.:1.1.. |l'u.r. 21 'f. The ttu.\..,N h.uiHe haii hlii-nil I a. lluiilikjt: ion for j tinns of the K, .1. LOOM IS. per i from the undertaking by twnccivabla!
:'>uontly a" |
.. CVnt. I X. The (Queen's Highland Journal.: |Il Ho promised: be absent but
Thol -- ml I..rtl ifiij-rovmii; nt fur tlieii.infurt an.l entirt.iinnitntoil
i-nuxl, iii'iiiiiiVinir. vt'hiui.u .m lh> route. KNIGHT.Attorney of the other persuasion who is just mcetthgLhem
A. A. ,
< .
.. . The an-pieiouiin.l .ll i -II.illt..Il'r"'II.1 I three months ; c.'usent wtw given and a numl -
\>Hln>a<(1vr jMVrral nULamtltllht' t 'iUtAt\-t. f" ) with irn* ,inul ,uiter the ;u It. ml."'" i iN I Says tho waiter of Two per' (('111. : "A entertains very strong conviction astt
JXT'C ar J E l her of lien furnished to him to the
.! ,..l.- jug :hi- |1"*t tiili--c Uwx. or lb" SnMi(. At Law, Solicitor t tn ChanceryCommissioner pr-.mjit; ami rrt iH-i'tntl "t'il the tiiMe ii 1.111'01111'1"| .' .I heavy cloud, has covered all department* of accompany tho ornithological pedigree of his better haiL
tided dollC bl the nuxliratc next kiiigilii!!!. The cannibals! occupy a mountainous -
.i"IIIC .f thu) jctrlnvtit.: 11, n'*V a.1trr the 1 O I IX IIII nlh. a rrd4-I wit! apply 1., the Hon. .Tu.Ue A.ND i-nte'. 'ith1' ry commerce and industry wilh gloom. To all in- called Fan situate two The fervid spasms of many, a fourth of July C.
and al' 1 I lit mil.. < until f.-r It LIeU, .li mi.- conntty degreesr.oith
.Mul.f di-jiArlim-K and aiiiv*i <) ki ni 1'i.iliat.- n u u s oration have demonstrated theiriauthof
b4 lh" ..u'} .in ii.liinuitAor .f tl... f-rLite et 'tm. Iay, hiteofwnl The rnome h-ivi.iR been refiirniihe.4 and n-nnrateil vereriMliliil tent-i: :anil( purj'o.'. I tin; year 1S07 has been one ot the equjtor, and about 150 miles m-m was
wrirv l illo\\in r of Deeds looM.-r r.u-llitiiH for the ctimdirt IIn,1li.II".1
'"'.1.| -I' an iu "." uf i >y "' .1.! Or'LI' : extra sired by the American eagle..j j, ., s
011111\, : the e'.IL t. Ho carried with him a stock of coats
th o'lVtract 1 liet | our x ektH. long Knancial, indtistrial: : and railway in of these internal
!.* a prt fata jit'riuiNn Iii jxvy. i-;. S. s nl'lI.JIII'r.. I Now face all evidences of
0! TilE ; tC. CIIASK: A TO.
I JKO. | and pantaloons, and starting from I'arisco Bay,
rdisc-ontinin*. the wrvite in i J" "..h. J: filll.DESIEABLE. { divers descent how raft these- of
urMrurtAil From above
% tv ; I''r. : _____ 4'M"im.' Pnu.1uru.tora. (risilt. the extract it appears our men end
I !I. 'ill liutinrit tnlruttnl Aim.Will 'pas..t.J tho Minu river. On reachingthei
H t nltrntmn up
>\h..%. "' in at a pro arta dwrftawf! ;paynlliiwin trill yin i>r>imj> --- ---------------- --- ill idea shut us np to the monkey bypoUunds 1V'e
-- --- --- that thu of business intcrc8t in
depression i Mbondcno country, he found that his fame hwl
month's i-xtra e..Inlieuiat| ion on1lH I jiraitir-e' i.olllh.,1.. nn-1 -'..". r.mrio in I : sincerely want to understand this. But
out some
]; LANDS ONFleming's M IS1I1TNElS..TF1.N ( and
with. Uids Klort.ln. an.l in the Sii|'r. me Tom t ,if the United .Stntet. the United Slates hal not l' mnt of service diujM-nw-tl I about it keeps; at'every"'Iturn.
> I new puzzle meeting-ns
ntn .
I the l'nlte.1 StNtes.IA.c -- ------
and .11..1..11 c' and boxes contained irnmensn wealth.
.1a"t.llo1'\ nd.lrw-tMil to Ih. "Scond Awntant j side of the Atlantic. Throughout Europe[ biisfJ They 1'urhaps our brains were pot "dorualopeti'ptsrip17w4 --
; Island For Sale.] .
: CIT' FL'A.Nov. CLAHT( j! gathered around him, and he had apprehensions
I l''a ,lma.t'T trt-tieral, 6iiH"niTilnxl| "rroiKihalR :I- tf. : J HUM has been at a utanii still. Money has accumulated his but distribution of with the rest of our carcass. If sojwo

Si:il<- ..f Mf irida" a.I Mitt 1.\' tnoil I \V.i: oilS-r up" "T\rf. .if rnur tn"n i nr.rc' of gnodFtrtn'.it I Fl JItWA RI'I U AND COMMISSION MElt'!IIANT at the bank i for s.ilety ; the a few would gladly submit to be put through A "
1.I..n rlo-nolll' !l.4anl. IIitfliCIiIteIV1.cIos Capital is on a ;I presents niado them quite peaceably] disposed. '
nit Strmmfi-miHwal.\ *!'.: and other aliil .1'.111"1111'*. Fli-nillts's, and ri''' the : U. E. PEnny ANDWHOLESALE course of natural selection,if it would only bring ,
river. -
tug _strike out of tho writer. The lIe did not remain heic for atiy length bf time,
employ ma
t .u. .v "h\'rlIH1\\'nlll of Oct 31. 1HG8 and of .(nl kmwn a. thiS A ll,'r Tl.i |'|...*. Tu toe >...Id fIll DEALER IN ns oat properly finished lint the mystery jttiU in i-timtihlct) fOl'nIt thv rincii tvl I .tiNtl hut l.ut and divi,ion alnun; Ih..I".lte( ," .\. I Ilcmntj ; memory of tho crisis of 13GG, which swept but piibhtd on fur }"nall guarded by a man : returns,-how came the monkey- bo snca'a*
j .1....tsu.d. Teiiuc: one half (OMh. tinlAnco six months ATTORNEY AND COUNSEUt-Ort cmot'Kiriks.: : rUMViHioNK. IiA Y. GRAINuyn from lienui, "'hoore tho rnthoi airy costume i iI
1'C .tffi'f'1.tX. I tru..lit. A.T LAVT. its:, sniAKri: *... &<.. away houses like that of Overend, Gurney & I of a shirt. He anivcd at the borders of the I II good conductor as to i eceire and transmittium*-
W. 1IAXHAT.UJ'o I .', further "n1C'1I1orK 'I...' .?. .1\. tr \ '. \VII AOF.M VOH THR KNTF.ltritlSK NThVMkll.KT paired the traits of the ant aforesaid arid thopuucock
: t nr >- : ; I )
nEE T Co. i in still fresh in the minds of and!
30 CO( I U Jt T S T capitalists, Country very hungry and, while watching for
itVS'li.ntcm /(11. MM.Url.iir) VU.. W. XK\VTi: )\.JI'I."II\illi-
tmattrr { : X. ';, or A. M. UecdVhalf, J.U ....\:h., FliU I and "butterfly,and tho sprWid'eagte,
1'" <* to !'. iUHdlY.W. P nothing is done save in accordance with tho I an opportunity to kill a monkey for food, he How te
Mass and the hen ? it
-- possible foe. a. ima to .
-- -'- II: MKXl.KltS: X, Boston inn-in tr ;i paw two Fl.ns-a man an.l woman-armed with >
r'. n. '(iioMirox.? ; 41 2v --- --- strictest canons of orthodox banking. Ivailroad get a wolfish disposition through an-apo ? lojr{
l.'OU1Clt.. I convenient. Alone r
0' poisoned arrows, standing
1rtt.: n sii'rtx 41 >f Agi Ills Jai kiM.iuille, } 1 1.1r.l -- "seed cell
-- L. WARROCK float dowri'thaT'ages
rrili_. Kanua M.\n-II\ : ----, und joint stock companies never had greater in the presence of cannibals was not a comfortable can a or a "sporule"
1(1I1.ill.1 I'llnrtuTai-iora, FINANCIAL.AVM. I and ernergo through the tnohkBy. *
t nrtauta. J'f\1 difficulties in than tho situation and he felt somewhat
.. Ra"" AUCT10SKKK: .AM j;J-'i EI\I.: coMMtIoN I borrowing monoy during queer.
.. .1..11.0.
M.v.roiri. \ -" -iII ------ into a man of lion heart f Wo dent believe it.
fannr.1: O>M r'. I<..l.trns St Oil, (how-Chow, ':.'I..JJ.Jf 'tt.JIJ.N..T"uII :. MERCHANT:; past }'car. Doubtless the reaction has reachedits I I' They did not molest him, but became his conductors The great family-treo of life on thi hEI '

JkU.. Walnut C..I''I. '_ 'Iral Work an" hiusa 1. LEDWITII & Co. DM' .'f'ltl'/; ;") j.\i'Ksoxrir.iK\ F1.A. to tho village, and as ho walked down planet
f l'h\ Kilo ,
rfat orcxcry lowest and I almost infinite of branehefl
W...t..r.lllrc. .uC't'.: Pn.l Ajty\**. ;.. Pmtur.lliinif a Truate Instinetor for Ctit1NMKNTI "tlU"ITru. point;, we may speedily expect a | the streets and looked upon tho bones of men an tree-top ; nnd-tha

J IJrk..t I\.i-i }:nih; Vu iittfltP., i i. .l '..,"ti.M- tli.iKiali iil to In.,">'. loth m.ilu and ftniahi healthy return ot business to its accustomed and women whose H"h had furnished feast simian tribe cannot bo the trunk into Whiih all *
1 lrn! ,.il Xnts 1'rran N 1I1r.l Brokers Will punt h".- for parties in the ronntry all artlck'sthryuivh a "
J I i Ih rAenthliift I 'n..rlll" the) pMololoKy and reJnli.rtinf Exchange and Money these brunches Convtrgo. Such a Irnntt would
Frimitc.u .lr I.r I i ) at the lowest market I.rk" channels. tho thoughts that crowded him not
1\\\4 Cann upon wcie
A nondn, IttuHl.Uttiuti\ I'll- \
I exunl 'i.-iu, and the or not hold them. It would blow
.. .aV ftnl 1.. W Retail AlUL*OOKMT.BayHtmt II HVvniol I I n-iititm' of.ur(,t\;i tin!.j indmllhz the new .li rutmi* ( letIt.r_::.--I): __ __ - _ __ n____ __ of the most Consoling description. The people heft. For ourselves down "of its. -;
<> ; flAr ATWAAT.Wl own humble descendant .
JIT WHARF ornct, a
\Villi.unVoiinc : .
l -
I tuTiIMf ftivm In the KnKhih: huiugiitgc. Iv : Mienrcd to dread him, and ran away, a woman
.I-it. I !M. H. 11.U! I. n-ally \> and inti-i.-.tuiirtk. JOHN CAIIDY The WatliiiiKtou Broil. her house with the leg of under of the bee family, with perhaps a dash of J
,t. Rt.A Nii PKI.I.KXtJIIAXGKOXXKWVorK : : : entering a man
_.- I It i I. .',lto-llln pl.iin lainruaie fir the ifenemlaiidtTr of mastiff or bear-we indignantly scorn the in
iiid i illuMr.ited with pwnrd of onf: hiin.lntl i 0,1.1..101 un. urnint Fund M.\XHl',\CTlrmm (wHIM The conflict authority Washington assumes her arm. Ho was regarded as a spirit t-jr tFans. !" sinuation of blood.

. .'II!""in"11 yoiirtu marrifd t't. >''p."r 11|" 1 J. CHRISTOPHER, 'K .t 'diimntlnm : KXtllSES: SA\V MII.1>, SIMJAR( UOL in but it
tW.llJtV.iiij; \ ": marri-w"-, mid \ln4tn Imp. -- I character of tho parties cngnged it ; evil spirit. The king, however, refused to ace
I. % rrad thin book It t .ll-rlu-' M-- lUON AM HiAH f.\-: t'lNU8.JAVtlSOKVlLLh .
'11llialiniiht '
rri> LIlt, does in itself contain tho needs of serious ?
not him the oi his he fen red flow French : /T
orelinUr."." IIn" .h"I.I\I IH- atquainUdith.. Still it l'KBKUJI.VX'SSAVING on day arrh..I,1iS some a Officer Uarrl**.
MA.Feh. .
REPAIRER i. a lx>.. that must !.. lockt-U up, anti not lie nUnit the I results. It is a question of constitutional power evilif tho spirit looked upon him. Tho succeeding An ofBcer in the French
flndJit :
; GENERAL I linu*. It will I,' pciit to any Otto on lite r..I\r\ Fitly 23. ISfir. tf and liko all buck questions is susceptible of a thy! however, the king, With a large annT no very
Ybcsa :. llti nlm-t simple matter to pst married. 'He has
,-ntn. Addrem Ur.V* Sji'Ui.C) BANK pacific and Hatiefactory solution. retinue, consented to receive him. The Fans first.M t
OF nlw- Fourth rhil.idel.hla.| S-ly LOVE make a formal request of his colonel
DAVID G, The IVcaiilunt K'UcVM that as the chief cxeotttivo ar.ieriis-
am cannibals of the worst kind, and eat the *
--n- sion. lie
C XX Tllfc N.\1l()"AI. KUKKDMAX'B SAViNGS AXPCoVl'AXY. nfliccr lit the ntitich hn has Iho tight to bodies of their dead. It i is not customary for certifiEs to the condition in life uunJ -* t

PISTOLS, LOCKS, S1LOT SOHOOL 1'HI'1\1'( : GROCER AND: COMMISSION MERCHANT appoint with the cons-cnt of t the Senate, suhor.I I i families to eat their own dead ; and when a I i sends moral the Standing demand of-the bride elect. The cofonol ;}
to the
fIRE rr.OOFS.AFES ---o BAY STKHKT; JACKSONVlLTit-] dinattl civil idlicors, and lo remove them at his j death occtliB, an arrangement is made wherebythe the general commanding x

thetnmrol HATRE Q BY CONGRESS.I'lUXCU'J.OfFICI:1 KM KII* tnMci JELL UAXGISG tlt', TIlE: S.ho..l potnUMii-d on Adam .I..t. near I commanding the division. If the brid livekisL
SCALES, > I I'ine, .iil he continued and nojK'iied nflrr %'a"ox : \v.tshI I NUTON, D. C HenryVirrrll i: Co., Aiijtllstn, U.lklI'I1Uaine: we hnve the earlier legislative and judicial con- takes place in his household, reciprocate the another district ho writesto .

e : S.ivnnniih U.i.iiht utructi ns of tbo Constitution, and tho uniform I I favor and thus thn bodies are exchanged. The hisfeI1ow.oftlcr,tf >

A tnrker in alt LM* of Cojyff and Hrm YllE 2i DAY OF SEiTEMUEIl NEXT, HANK IN JACKSONVILLE, --.\ ; l.-t .1 H67.-.--49- I lyFRANKLIN- ------ precedent of the action of the government, from Funs aro the must intelligent and industrious of the division in which she does Gve. The di>-' ?

for Ca.h. for the, ref )U'in pUjidg or both ..eies.Tli3(8 THE is located on Hit, Street, whereIk'" DIBBLE ill origin i to tho time of the ftcmAiun of Mr. I' tho raee j in Africa. Tbo houses ale w:ll ordorod mand then descends the ccatQ from tlW!tivision'! '/
wahrAM.t the 100000..t trrma general to the who .
>11 work There in favor of be-sidcs I brigadier, fuSS. -
lIf'Cond door Johnd'jn. tiro itt and ttiadn of bamboo but tho beds hard -
ttriutsIsi':-lJIIf .tflCt ,ill be n-CL-hfil IInIUm"" piM.InlcrfHt : ;
} *
r."r 1'1."( 1& up mtitdanttlt who consulU
Ir. the "p Btt3U. allo..eil on nllnum of Five DfiUaraand up- COMMISSION MEKCllAMJAVKSOxriLLK. \ those general rrasonings upon the thnoty of tho and a night; upon] ono makes bones aiho in the place, icpin'missjo4erof

4 .ten. I'dmafCla881'8 l>er Month f 2 00 vanl.: hut d"IIO.i M.f One I oltr!: lire ronived.&T FLA. government which affirm the necessity und policy I morning. JVlygamy .is practiced 1 by them but police and a mayor ; then"1k oniydraij i :' J
IMnk 11,11! :, 1. .t. M. to M". "- commteioner reply to the amifusdaWd. ftat '.
Adv'anaxl Clawr 3 ot keeping the several departments of it, as
In SNJoTI'. slavery is little known, as they prefer to
U. eat
1'rodnrc ''.h'' or ndviinrcn: in cash or 'pj>ll who replies to the of di vjubn.
SALE. I Assort s in Latin DC Jfotforn lAngUatjt May 'G7-t l.i! -hicr. made on consifnini-nlii to U. It. 1\.100.. New Yotki far as possible, independent and distinct. Mr. I I their prisoners .t.seIIinj them into bondage. general .lift whq \

lOUSE :FOR "* per month 2 00 -- -- --- .- --- Madison, who had more to do with the framing I I Some years ago tho Fans lived 300 miles from sends his answer to his ca..frsrs.- TfwAvnaJld'then -
to marthal and.if Jv dutv rut
of the organic law than othtr m&n, wile at the but found goes a exacta
T" lw settled monthly. any coast now they are ten and even
HEAL KSTATE.FLORIDA FRANK SMITH Agt. any further information, .he propcxw*, to tpoMinuter -
of tho
-a first dillllOloocl to believe that thb coiiMwt j five miles from the sea. That overcame
to every of War to the pennwston? eMsU* .
.ar' -. '- Mid irdSans nnjuwtrd AGENCY.L. Senate WitS as to ft removal as to an other engaged batlo! .
AND nGcesBtiry mace they and have 5
| ,
A nrrtstercd at the khlJ l'Nom the horn the hands of the: t !
h.ive the pupil lug poetman -f j
rntoUCptt.; No' 1 Sammis'. Block: appointment, but ho afterwards changed hid j cither killed, or teiteti, or t1l1thcm. There who adds -
is clerk
unsealed a
by a sampO
J. A. S"OT& opinion, and in the Congress of 1780, when the I 11U\ also blacksmiths them sub-.4
: HOUSE among these .
DWELLING DEWEY ordinate roads it, bends it to another clerk,whd'-
18G7.ftltfSpecial CO. '
Jackionvllli An/ H, l & iulij'.tttvas: debated strenuously maintained evcr'Ial'b"tIILnTils woik iron
JACKSONVILLE I'I.A.I1A81o upon into
---- up splendid number above and record* tbe nuwber J
---- puts a Wfe nn'\\ ,(
that tho of removal excluhielyoxcculivw knives and
was an but what
ON TilE N oticc t at Law Btori! itwl arriving, tlncon Side' and Slionl power adminibtra WBitpons ; by means another sheet of paper, with an analysis of the,
Attorneys Mt-M 1'ol'h and Hatnis lj>rd. Butter nndI'heew power. During Jackson's they obtained the anvils ho never could learn. affair this sheet is then signed ly ia chief Bndl.$4

:, SOUTH WEST ERMN entpiecJ in nvinlntf early Fruit or V.iP Mackerel in Iwriel, half tmrrelx Site kit*. Cod- tion, also, when tho Whig party was so incensedby A visit was also made to the Osheba. Couutry ; then to a dim-tor who send*
P MartrU will fitid\ to the! OF huh and herring, lilo ntid .turn ClifRi-, Ten, lr..ken! and the numerous official decapitations made by the inhabitants of which also sub-chief goes iUf J| ;
the Northern AXD SILE aro cannibals.
I. rilE who
tablw. AGEXTS fVR PUKCIIASK refined l tiupirn. Old tlotirton Und UccllHed Whiskey, to the chef di brtajt, gives it to his 4n-
W ca1I' m >l<*ri.1 tho I.n'II dcnt, 1)anielVetuter himself admit While in this land food became "
hi .iLtlO
a % scarce, and the clerk 1'1* '
fMixrJackioiivilla. which ottered the juicangu olily.Nov. then reinecrfboa thq.i
Stfl. It. U. are hy an orderly
DUVAL ty ;
all oh
REAL ted that and -
policy precedents were King organized
f .Motr a hunting patty. On reaching berof the packet, registers hand kflndi} Uto , _Florida.! --------- IlI.lnellJo. the hunting grounds, pits 20 feet deep wort dug another, who makes a report .of ijie analysis.. .

Lot 6 in Block 54 r carrier of Ocean and IJ.iy Street, :FAIRBANICS SCALES. But Congress, at i K lato session, fearing theimproper and converted into traps by covering them with The three members of this list btfrewr&ea re14

WANTED, UBU of this power on the part of the the fallen branches, over which was scattered cord tho whole* thekiefthe4uigIi{
A II\luatloft.Teacher, in a ftrhool or fraroilT l>y a t/trcJi-f9nt't//e) flu. 1'ieaident paosod a law over his \\cto providing some earth and tho vines that trail along the to tho.dirocrcr, who submits it to thoTminta-;
JtIQV1at er O"mllill 'Dl"\'h lately .ndt'd. He ban had many ALL that no olllcur shall bo removed durinjr u sewsion ground were woven into a sort of oot. otk ter who refaaes. 'If )
acwpU ot tlift'Widi'knrtgroom
Unitlaod, Ocnnuny oud T1 ON rdrtt1a.iIoo l application, cither per- of tho Senate
the consent ,
eln without which formed
years ellltl"t'Il t'rantlL"d I MII\II\% iBclonina .TAP to post- miCES. of Congrews an inclosure. The men then are still liVwiffwhtn thef
O lijletwr. pny AT NEW-YORK Mi
C. L. ROBINSON. u jierfott in 11'C neb and.I015U'1I atili. oioe. ugo.VII1 atU-nd to the mnim;emcnt of the KiUtcs uf and that any removal made contrary to thin scattered beat their drains and made a great are conoUded, anti think Vworth 5 |jrJk tr
1M- I U non-rc.idcnt. rumiJilnn alwlracU of tllliit drawing of the act should be deemed a misdemeanor noise tho into the network whHs

X vnuber $, W-tf provisions driving elephant or married fof what litUe tfae **
L ROBINSON thoy1 hitrWlhtL1
and. through
deejU and mnrtiaiCN making collections 0. the offender to ]legal trial, into
.. subjecting the pits and the result was that in three
i __ UBNITURE ttorneyi al Wahinton) I). O., to tho pnwel'Ution cl Sherman the marriage i< orutunTn&t ft. ". \,. t
I 'tiK'thcii; F legitimate claim R amitt tho government. 1 tf"REAL AOKA'T fTit TttB STJLTK 0* FLORIDA. and, on conviction to penalty. Senator day 26 elephants wore killed. The meat was

.JJ.'J'Ju :. For sale by asserted on Saturday that this law was very tough, and after 24 hours boiling .-. S : -'. iTsa

iu-lt- WABItOOKTVE To arrive, by ichooncr Alpha a IMW 8IIIIOrt Tublw*D of, 74-tf. -- --_ _ not at the time of its passage, intended to boar ed In making it fit to bo chewed. Having seen I During the -
Iiid4cautl, Oioir. aI AGENCY. -- cast Wyeart 51 .
W1OT und Cottage Setts ESTATE the change of his Cabinet by the Picsi-! the cannibals and participated in ..W
BUUdilig. iNStffcAMCE COMPANY OF upon an elephanthunt fired London theatre
at the Uail Road Depot HOME in Eight *? tte
.-The celebrated COTTOJI J'un" BtovIMPBOVED UXbfIU JOXbn HAS FOR RAt). LOW.lId dent, but the words-of it contain no such exception be returned to the coast, and passed flame gut inch headway that the houses mttt WSIIVT

itutt1ibtgym. C L'.JWBI's2tUN. Apply at the IoeHou.ce.ttf TilE on liberal terms varinit TKALTB or I.*>n fo New Haven, Con. and aro peremptory and explicit. through a country to infested with ants in part destroyed. T1q )

s-ti lIoJ..tpot fur .UoDYUI. the vkinity. .Tiickkonvillc, and el"h"ru.ln East FloP Now, this statute, ab it stands is a law of the that tho elephant, the tiger tho gorilla,'an4 OTOA canae., ,
i MARINE AND KIIIK IK8VRANCB. land, and it continues vach Until invalidated by the rat and mice ran fron them. -time were curjooa ; efghteeQ were -
Ijnda and Town away
and )
to *
Vil1 attend buying cllng
AND UNIMPBOVED D I BEDS AND BLANKS' Lot*, en tilt moat rMtowable term Office on the corner of Jonyth anti Ocean rtrwt.-up atom potent authority. The President is bound ant travel in a continue '"" . .

Sale '
Thut.t! -or I -

.-- '
-, -w
.. ; .-- : _" ,


-- -

._ L__ _: DEATH.-Mr. Brcnnan, a brother of A. & E. Board, were referred to the Executive Commit Cz.tu'n (JiTtcK, '
net regulating the tenure ot certain civil officers. COVHT OK TUB UxiWAMUXOTOS ,
to meet dence in the "Land of Flowers. Slay success N. Y. who came to tee. S.'rnvMiu
Constitution of llochtstcr ,
The seems Brcnnan IMS.PIK .
new )
Mr. Dibble CITT Jan.jW,
from ,
how to develop received
he knows .
him ami was
fillow as communication
Sflnuw. in A
c kriL of Florida for his health in March Lu-t, died ? youfnttention to th,
favor all classes and build a IVrtnitmetocall
with general among the resources of a new country, Sixth. Attempting to seize the property of the cadet twisting circumstances, :
conteni- ills remains will bo stating that ef aAiptcd flho Sarcmo -
fiierds who rule practice
aJvi-o our may this city on nclosol
far Unvn we
our citizens, and its ratification 80 hie place a United States in ih'a War JjfpirtinonlSeventh. deemed it his duty to withdraw from the the present tenp. and to request
; Jacksonville : I.Itc "rai.jratin3 to Florida! to give sent home to-day. During- his sickness ho received ho Court at
is article first and fifth. il to the
indicate, Same as will take measures to puWish
ai present appearances \ the kindest and "' n.S Bourd of TroJo. ,; th-t you
: MA.J3.CH 7. cort.iin. Of course the instrument .tit.Jlr.. Gei'n hnvin:; corw t,> t>.is Sfito'frcm J:ight. Same as article sixth. cam Oa motion of Mr. Canly, the communication u-miiors ol your Bar. that

.- ------- r-siucnit *'* l\ird Tcnti. Same other articles indillcient I rider iij operation it is necessary everyrVtd
--- is as
-- >
-- had taken ir On Thur'diy
where ho FLOiUDill. It
I is not perfect; and of courso there Virginia, rp AI EOF THE was ruccive'l unaflimfluilf. fifo* in this office should bo accompanied

[{ > Republican State Ticket. are men here and there who are ready .fure the war, i is now allied at Fort l'allas, in form.Change. lat the Florid.i Central I'vl.; ml was sold ly II.: A. Fi InN: ttTW2, Soc. pro tern. Lv- a pra-cipc to cntor the appt-arancn of

Didc county, on tl.o boii'.ers cf i'i" Urg'adi* Plnil the Trufclct-s of the I ntt rita'! iminim-ment Fun 1 member of tho Bar of tha Sitprnne Court ofhe
in ill naturodcriticfftms of .ScluiluleThe
and anxious to indulge
in the cultivationof, tioii- of hundred itn'I ten thott nnddolliirs. T 3r.arth4th, lSi. States. '
lie is c\iciimcutiu ; for the snm one ..
TOTETO'MY'JIY COKSnTDTION.f l Tailroad l t\s 1 oncloso wnnf
TEE SDTne Tbjj Tj-n.oacola an< Georgia ttcr information a
\\rnn itfe iicpctf-'tion cal: fruits, ani 1 t Mng me.isun's to ht-tllo t ii p; that tha'i .1''! its MII\IUO! between Juuiey and ..T.u.kiMtviItt' Tho road was jitnch.i .tl l y the tr.-t A ccting o" tho l> For-ynnr m .

J are piqued because under the provision puitinn of Fiori I t. That ( fl'uts will \
__ .
W"'or CJoverror.HARRISON rlcnco for if i is puNS.V.c: hi-- rJ.iv. Tho i r train, running daily.Htr _. _, -"-" '- -
%which requires one yora-'r with succcts, Eucf ts pasn A: _O.___U._U._ for .ninety-imie jMars.Cu UK 5:1Miti1.----: ., .. nt-10.40 rv. lf>arr T ih ; \Vz MiiIli.i.-TUN.
Jr. Tvy read 1.i. -
REED excluded fr rf. the Dolts LknnwffIury it a sufficirnt guarantee. : The nunntcs of Jho last mottiag wtro '
voter are -
a they M t. at 12. to v. M. ; loaves Monticillo Junction ClcrK ni/ Court U.

and others think it hard thai 1>c me Olcason i is well kr.own all through S uth Floiiila at 2. 1 7 r. M. leaves; iFoli'oii: at 3 o7 I.M. ; arrits \\rp OF ricn>UH-ix.-Tho Atlantic and and; '.-d. A true .

: of Duv&l County. shoulu cci tlc and robaWy has; p Letter knowlidijo of out at J.iM-I Oak) at o.'J'-l! (lontiu-ting ,"iiii tlc,' Utilf U. U. has c1itni.Iits: M-hfiluk ?o Mr. ('.trIC, as diaimun of couini'ittec to cont'r copy.Att..Ht.. WM. T. DotKUiT,

provi-iun as to residence 1 I St.Mc th.n any i cw comer in it. ''Vo h.ill publish -M\iTtirth: train anti I.M\OS at'V' v. M. ; artnisat ttains Item Ssivannah u >w reach I l.ivo ( '.Lk in with ( '.i.'alit 1'ayno as to drawing the bar. Clerk I" S. Circuit Court, Fifth CtrCrtt; NortKcni -

Far Dlrnfrnont-CoTrrnor, llu-VA from office. ; in i f-w diyi: ;. a Utter triviiii; a d. ... :i ii tionof l-.ilco City at 707 an.l leavis at 7.17 Ft.tsun to with the trains fur Ja. ksonU njoiti-1 tlit CapUlii Tayre. I jiopodid Ufoitl.aving Dist. Ha.I' _
; .M. ; :ivii\os at I'aMwin: at 9.46)* and at I

WILLIAM U. GLHA80N, The 'cnstitiition was framed for the I 1'roiical I'loiili i wril'.fii: by him and ad- .' ">'i r. M and arrive .. ut ;.kttuiivil1c at JI .11 -iI,' anti -1zdLtlt.e. A'flw 1':. O. U. IL fir Saviinnah to awl wt>ikor S. CIK cit CutKT. CLtKn'i Ch-riCB) jj

benefit Of tic Stito and not to -uit the il.e'-st.i to tho ( fovrnor of the St.itc. I,. M.f '- .? !tir.u. 1IavL.T.v.hsint illu> at 'l.."> lv lii-s arr.iuzi- !wont w ill LJ tno.-t w- < toomc to tr.i- [ one month for 1H>00, besides the right to tlo Sr. Ai IV-TINF, Fla., FeK 17. l86. $

of DaJo Count-. 1 He wubo--.o (**" 1 iF} Crt t.> cailtljiiV.tcnlion J M- ; 1 MIOI I' id\\in! at 1.1 i>. M ; l. a\-- I.-iki- villoras the necititvi XiiJinK; iii iilyai the liver.On Sirurxr.: I'OIP.T o TIIK lrMTi'i) STATSS, \\
oliudiidual3. all the t< w 0:1
atl Rmbition ng
particular pik\i ces i "ity at 'l.iijt f. M. ; Ictus- Li\o O.iirrfvhrre it l&CT.Hull .
thr IIcd llectinlicr Tvim.
the public t-j tl. ne'Tisity rd.urat'nj: \\liolcd.iywaitin.jatLivu O.ik, is thus was reccivcil and "th.e
the l o-iniiLH-ts: \vitti th" Sa\ari: ; >ah! ti alit goingwist, ) motit'it. tiniejnt Xt :t t.Appt'ran'Nu'tie .
ll l liokod to greate .il -
POP JUriabrr ota tongsi, nail WTO'.C a pamphkt upon!) that >- .i* o.l. r. M : havts Maui-: >(.n .at' 7.HI; r. M. : I teil. minttM.tlU--hityd.: "- i jMr. of Jifctior1*.

0 HAMILTON goo(l for the rentert u'.uuiLer, and the ject, wl.ii-h vas noi&'fJ to 'b" Virninii; : l- iaLituio. '.. in "U'.nt'i i ii't! .1 ''tirt tinii; :it .S."i(5: ( arid aut t -----r- ---- FaiiKnks: otr.nd( thcfo'io-.i I r reo1uii | Oi-flinJ, That: upon the filinpr t-f the traniript -

few who are not Miited must *} r-ontenl at AKwndii'I rrfoir.TncrsiLrgjx11 p}>'. |mnf iI. l'a!lail t te at I 1)).: .1 i. M., 1aving t' r ( lucy MiTioi I Cittiuui.-1 I'lvinoeoiaineiue SrrVlce wi'.i Mi aiepte4It. : .- of a nronl'rfyit up by VTnt tif Krmr
Jackson 1 O.-1 > r. M., ami siiiivinar HITIat 22.i .v. to-morrow'at the ?1.' l.! (ChuitU, at Ill, wli wis 'f the voufw I for tin
of County.PKPt'ULICAX lio Edited. ami yltaral scfix>ols for tulsiol ofF. Apjieal.; the .ippearrtrtifc (
manual : .r
to the tho ii-signation
to u iro r.ytht4it Th-it in -eptins!
pivo many ;
way TI's irn'rnt; ehintn; n"cr'o "' ''ti, ; v'r.-f. !/ 1 shrill bo fntfroil;
Uov. A. 1'r.inih, > iiwill !
o'clock. in appellant
11 I
c-.= ------. _: -: -.- Mas have n'r r.-ly T rtV .lri.r In this jauphkl! ho furoshdiVr.vcJ that thi! tli! ; r<- s'l.Msld l.tit ii corroe|>onclif>! !(th.vv i inlhc A. M. I I D.bbl.-) !'.-'{.. our I ILtc: I'leriii.I if. wo ii.iretf '> .laintiff error or on special assignineiit -
meetings .' dl! tnoti..n to disnvj-.i. i.xcvpt
deiivtf a fiuirial *. ) ) ht unifoi .-utivitHs.iil uyl iu
STATl KCOMMUTE tl.c time \vouM tijort come v.hrniv\\ f Moiol i'- >- I '".-iM .in ,uiuvinrnis. IIen.infoi.% tho Nttrt I.- f !i n let- him flit thnt.k for- 3 m sh.ill bo beard, nnloMfrevioiis
held in "ovcral' coyntii's, at Mivt'i re bill -'ii ;ri''y: \ : t'..'::!.! uraivuntfj.. 1 p.i.-wi or llcv. .1. I fl. .J.o ksiia, l.Cu I'ltsliliiig: Jl'dtr: i-f th's int cleft" in' overv ineaunwhi>h lo. : :::. i plo \\v\i\\ \ IK---! !" j vrttrs. A rt-as : HH ij I no'iiccha-i Ufii given to
.shall stillrt'v
.. lutioiis v. .re passed retiring the 0 >u f <;',': r. 1 1-t': .-"nc 'I.ik to .f.i-kin\illr>. conf..ieicu d' trii tviui, \\i s lati-ly killul Uu '.. ii-iou'viot.t! <,t our city ; and of such party:
of Viidtib. tujroVihi ni : tin- counsel or attorney
T r
into i't! eir.turc ns lit or
j '.vh.ic it 1.1 .l 'Ui'fiinl' UPI'I ilien S( nl i" ck (in r UJ-HI hs: go')..! i1-! es iu.uUtV party
htituli'iii, and plcdgirtg the pay to th< aril t.> apprnpriatu oo: h.i'.f r\ Thi- I Kai'.ri'jul 1. bCt Vt CUlL this plac > and Lake City. for our eiarnereit.Iit r A truo copy.j .
; \\k nod future
ciirnaaEwz ; i such a sijrt the rnul: ti. I.i. I thr-n on et. pn'wnt and wjnarcst
y. 0. DE of Jacksonville I Wv. P. POCKK,
>5rrTi "
support bf the regular Republican ticket I usiurltairl: Ea-i..i, din' t'mv f>iat> -. '.'v ny (Id ji-t tdur mouth.Siih I Si i vices at 71.. k. :M. -bject i t hit )t.W -''j :ritv.A' j 1'Attest.. *. ( 'ircnit Court, Fifth Circuit, Nortbicrii -

> II. CiiENCTfOf Jackson Yule, JNxretarj i Jh'jvevcr as it v..ij mi :ii.ii"i'iiT.: I ; I i- s'.vitnli] ; on the j !il>- i I'.irth," 7th of n fcerii-a on tho lito of Christ. *'i-.-<.', That Iho S-x-retary convey to M r. F. Clerk SMETEOROLOGICAL.
rfinil: Florid.i.
tho 2. tl ; Tistrictof
.nominated at Tallahns-i-e/m > j.'irj"-- : ;c, un I )::.i< I to 1 U-i>tojtt'r'] \. -It I ji-jts tl.o rntin"niiitiy I IM.hla)i this x I SIt Uti' II.

r awl Trrawrcr.r ult. A mass meetinjy is c.illt"l to bc( j t i ii a-lvavi-c: nr M f *y at t that: time. 31 frt vi-t
j !. I.T h.1 1 a : xj-i i--r>j; A- ..I1:, :;;sl.itt.r, havi.i .n tli.- i' -i-i'i'l at the .Nun.ui ninil an I SII\M N' "OIK.-Tho sailing of tin d to Jiaw a .
0. 31. UIXII.TOV of Marianna.II. for the : 10 added W Iho'O.rli up
held in Jacksonville to-dny, pur ; Uvn in the l riarire! \-consn" at i5lftrcnt :! !'!!il)>o"ti ,n n-> i<.-. r tii I* I t.ilor.i'.; lr Irf'iMUM Mag from NowYoikto IVrnandina $i' : as.-istancc I.r --:.--
li'ainer UT
Jr.Nk.iMi, Ja., cf (Sordon.IloHC&T posb cf! ratifying the Constitution niv. tim'-rf. He ii 'tho iiuor! c* tiio siinrjiswi .i rcr :s no r.ivu .tj l"i ;t. ly! ti"! |>riA.ut ar- iiuiiiotial to (C"igieasking JACI,44)'tTIn.l.Ii. Mrc 6. W4 1 1ii.fMrntbcrtirtliTn -

Montiallo. r..Tgi lOu-fl!. I h. : tr -n xiuiI tv 1ady .rtixd in our columns, an-l we are informed iln3g' lhA St. John's Bar, awl tint I ho com t .t .- -k I*** "* ." cH fca* W VI
MFACiiAXof securetho Con&titutioit.
takir4': tn"J9inx'fl to biiceesso tic-It; in. our now ji.issofl j4-v-p. iffH' to .1a kuunvI1u., sixty t1- .t H te ugi.-iiii hu bn.ii ccUMJ in this Lily mitt>-o be to proceed atuiuc with Uieiwoik. I IK-IVV fn'-! at niilit lIit iitir ""'' *Jlm '" *"* **'.

F. A. POCKKAYJ of St.! Augustinq.llovrLru the llep-Muii'nn party.) Under thl i-3 cal m'li -' oi-'. v..i' re it i ilif i; riT.nj-I.! and is ri't'uiiitl < that tho stf-Anv r hlu uctiiAlly sjiileil,' with thii tyi C.miitl. .x tit tkerntttliitttr nt 7 rini"I A. !T. a-4 4 >.ruuii.w Mitfwrt: 61.
11. nvuiilc-1 is to Lo'vo-t
titk ', should bo eiulorso l ( 11 flI.! !. rreN th r.-.t \ Tin1 <-li-iii c of fit Tin .. 2 1" M3 **. 74
ight. into
KrFxf'rur I.aKeUity.V. the ( n.tttCii'iiH'f't llv-i I ili-'iil.iitinsT? i (V if l'l"ri- i$ paSMii Is ant a largo amount On motion of Mr. 1tV.trrnk, that we go .. U I'. XT.- .

\ J. rruvAN O&1U1Tkii..4 and incaurt"s .f'r t* 5'Ture its tri 1 1flflm'flat.l fur Jlomln-r of (.'ongrrs", \r.i* Lrrii i ito ir I 11. r.ot J at 1-; \i vI"! I I.-t "\T -. l-cil; tho j'stfiio 1; btcaiiu-r i-jcputs to .iud.utlue, j a sagi: '> Jn! _thii &- an cWtion for asvstani atiiut.iiy, \\ iti! salary temiKjm'lirc far tl.,-wtr-M.1C*.%4) Vs 3O.1OG.iLiit .
in ClinUn onitv.At i'cin-\lvaii.i.! .nl to tinin.itKT f.itthviith.He bills Lomaici The I.uu-t.T lets ruuri'i fomt
n.tfi-nt, .it i anti half. TI-ioi'xU tan hn.
in this for ihoro is bu days a motion lost. thwk.. O.I.JO inf
I>r. J. B. A. lUvin-ox, of tiuiph -ounty, thbroakin-* out of tho war, in April, Tilhe I I Li'.fiuH. 111 \\. '1 T: IMI knows! l!.iliii.rnj aria Mi l oats itnd al! Am .tint of l.m <
i with t the Liit/io Uaktr: ar : On ir.ijtion of Mr. Smith, the S crrt.-iry Inaithnrii'd
one way now to s euro the sif'cc'ss o r'.i'.iiiti-.l snMicr in the .">tii Ixogi ':j a hliril.u ,iul .1 t 1'i.iinl, that whili% tin- J ( ople I ,:
; aa priv.ito s' t ir< -i' naiy tiling*, I thi y "ill n. tsGnil fruit and \t'gittL1 l>! &hii-menti u ii: in he is un.ible t<> write up tin LIST OF LrlCTEKS.toinainins
that the Republican anil that i'i to l Irsurs.o; and M.Tci'! in-ty "
observe ) pjrly IVanv.lvaniji Corps
Wo urv surpriiicJ. mont i.t'| in vih'n' it ii> t" I tluir e\jx i\>\ \\ -1 1iinlifj. cart'l for. l.Lto:': tmploy S'.unperson to write them uptiri in the Post oBk-e at Jacksonvilloii1ii.h.

CoiificrvatiY neighbor, Die Jrrwrthn unite the party, find 50 bring the combinrd -.vt''> thAimy of tho 1'otnnian up t > 1SG3.: % li.iu: I liit: tl.o rh.tnc //.;/<' 1<4'' fre.q.u I'msoNu I'l'ho salo of the I1'., A. i. f-;. C. i ic.-o"itati n at the! lilt cling.2.r. Man 6th, 180S. ."j

of faction arid p.irti'-ip-itpd in fcixtern! battlos arid V.Avourt.h -- !!'.o |- | !! .Iri! di-ti-. iniri-'l! jmt tu Mil'init to imposition -- iAiUvJIlr.l: 8J
ucek hoiht* tho unmo of llarrit>ou IKvd strength every fir ur y :itt Ii -i'l lual, whether I 1 )ji..sni! .i--f r 1 1 IL! Fr.; ami d! s-essioru-iof the :Snpidiif; Court, C-Lnly oti-rt1 the following losolnti'niii (;,'dI.Eli'd -LiST. riekiJttt.n
1 throe times. At 1'rt'lrit1Liirg, on
for Governor.In every interest within it to' bear upon it .l.-ukbOuMUu tr wlittt not, any l'ngtr.-i'it.-. ha\e brought quito a numlH-r of ditiI1lA1tIt1!! \\ -hV r.dp.ti.4 -: .., H riry 1iobiit Nltc. .-
the 13Ui IVcunbi r, 'G'l, ho wa Jlsablo'l. AtIhii .1 fNorwootl.
.rd bus lratn 'fl'' fr.-hn I .
))1O the witkA'inong ll'ior''T i JaH. >: NtcliI.-t, WIi
; common
\isitor to out city during; puit IL ,nr.'t. Itinvit .
Isitt'o, ho foil with the! colors in liis h-iml- of the tbi ,U of this di ,tri: -t, he
:Mr. IlCvd: t1i. .iiccial Agont Department Moo lj', c < otor aj. .iIt U. R mrCirjplI -
of the general approbation It i rrjrted that the "mule team them fiosi I lie fLu : tl.ein wcio Col. IJ. HuiL-ton, IVcsitleiitof to have the \ I'itrre. it
splto having siitt'-! r t iig si tgcant..within informs us that in toiHo-judicc of ('Itjttj'liI.t.i plied to the! proptr d'-p-ntment : ; LprtH.tier, Nth3r!
the 1'. .Sc (U. H. li., Hugh A. Ct.sli.-y, H.MJ i-vl I in ii'; >n"i t tho ; that somtfif u
ljiui\s .i/>
of tho in t> |
( cninjilime'.it
trhicli our new istltutioi receives, tmcouragcd'by tlio indirect co-operation rnomy, fri various of the Way of !, Ih-iiry, Jr.-S I ICtr'
!: in jmrlcrs Kegi (er, M. I >. Patty, K-l', Co', I hcs, of I. ikt aivutlis have tlapsutl, and thu cli.iuncl is Itecul. 1't ri
vro cnnnot jut admit that one important of the grumblers, will endeavor to turn of whii-h ho was mado Kn-ijn.) :ui.1 l lllion. :he 'ot1erii letter mii!, oneJ.ubehind th* late of Ihu) SHU-DHUC Srirt, Major Us.boit -till r.uhiaik".1, thrreby cr.d.ingi-nn tho p'avag' .1,. J'hiTli"1rntor 1iiol'I rIM, H irliHAfhatitou '
consM'r* ntioa has boon ovcrluolceil. The this meeting into an engine of destruction .;]! tilen ; the mnttnt I.e f. U, laM new'1*!-s1-or ni.iil, lio iidxi.-oil to th'j maVing up \V-aiker. SIIJK:rintcndent of tho I I'. & < >. K. 1C ..f ve-ii.i, allt-itiug the Kittty ot C'iniinoreu t'brk.JF i lnl.ileltcun* Jrnei rnitIi, s\
doad of both uimios for '$.Utt, IIciuty-2
the ?fire
on the'ion.y ;i rIi.nn
'- instrument provides for only ant Governor to tho IV.: T-, by, if po e51 tic d ivs and nights.Ho md the :'i iland \\ tsA. Fl'.iid.i 1 to S.iv-mnah, J II 1 1'ii.
to the Superin'endent
1'Iorida.l'i'i nt
iaoksoavillo altme ciu furnish it to Ii')1.IjiiOtO mi ojipositioii ticket. for the llou-o of !! '! resontatives of vvnulil re.-j.ectfully rcj-itii .; .J3ritrn !TiIsou.Ftrivflitv1I. I -
tln-n to nr-l rnnyc.1! :iM'l
' \\ris onnvryrd f ir disstribution. 'I'll1 w-1' avl-it-'i j J tu buntj.j exit of I Lmliihoajtai, xc., that the dehi_ ir l>r J B fln&un,. K.iunnlr.iprt.!

two or throe. While fciu-h a movsn.ieil: v-iu'1l] l be with 'on. till) t-t'.rird fi, rrrtir1? (?) .f Ij'li'.y IViuon.Hu _nt. and tl.o Xorii'cm mails c-imc in thriiugh) -. I.i-'t .-\Vonotict'd c :i the ICailroa 1Vbarf in placing tit buoys is a jeiioiH injury to ()ItT (I -.* 1.1ST.

out precedent in party hibiory, it would I wns esehangei in February anil takon Non b '.igiditcur, and bvi.ited much of thjf i.mplaint. \ tinotln-r iViy some very largo timbrr. <'iiierci anl woiT resprcttully ask! thnc (tlcruiiivill irrrn.; tilmur.'l, I>r Jack II -

The time of the election for tho ratification on tho H-iJfof tnu-o boat 'New Yolk I ," whi'hliil and which h.i I Jho cirituitv to measure >- try b-.i-.y b.i j.l.u-e I .t.s st-i a. II 1ortan4, 351s., M5171Ilr.
di-sgraroful to ivory inicMiganti'opubliein I In '.nr.hi i 1'ienco of t tUo tlauuin t { s One plank. we 1 e'n'.V!. That; tho Se--ie'ary tri.isnittn.-; .1tItt I

: of tho. constitution aiid the choice ) \\ ho .should t.iko part in the brought! l'iwn from th.1 Noithti thick, and 5-> olutiou to the >ui t riattuicit of 1.htioi.-i"i: ; rtiion.; (E Ctit Ccoj'er,, Mri' -nztn M$D

I of tftato officers is not settled. The Va., fh-o hnndtC'l ix'liei l.idit.s.liifetob. ; t N"iihcm: uiiila: ate now dL-tsibuted at Savaniih 1 1 1 1 tug ; containing: t'i'-ret' ire, bonid A--:. .. r iIt-r't II 1kiti..R., JII'i 11 [ F
yet bolt, and if as would be not unlikely KrMcr,.M M A I'" o
r, 'tifi!, )hr that !purpose iii:' tc'rp. (hit, pin: o of J'a] i' ; l timber MovflL; Mr.-C.irdy :, t'tlntnIJ t4t.uaiid
Convention fixed the date upon the iir>l if tho movement thus inaugurated 'Ch.V.r'ut} Hill, in Fhilaldpiii! i, (slitu ..\cr one train.I S-j tlmt: all I the mail uutt< r fn 1- by IB.'ar.d w.ts O'i i fet in 1eic .Ii. All J'l nlrnl. Thi'.t then l' :i ponf".i't" appoint; l''n.rr L :' t-w- ai.. 1'IJ..i.t..Jt

Monday, Tuesday *c W dn sid'iy inMfty >houl gain any strength! -tho party =in:; filtchos.: Mhich tho charaftc-r! of hi! ,',v k-'un illc is -layoJ: : tVefltV-f. .itt li. >nr, while! the lauibor was of coiletit: (1 p.ility, fro join ,'-1 1 by tIe', I'lt-iltJiit t-> \viit: cot ill.- < .; .-ti.s anti Lttrn:. i-; 11 t 1irittt. Mrs Iucia. GL.nk.

next, but a request vva
mado to Gen. Mcado to alter the time to would bo responsible to the country fur at \\aiinton, vlu-io lie was' bv iaiiiiti tivt it would! Itif 'IHrilr.itfd at J.wk- rtt.iii'l it c'inio: front llrow's) : Mill, on th j Suwanne : au.I the t t'-*:' ir appointtd the t nWm. t I IM I'Kntr'tIrs. Mr rt* AtneliAMAHIXE

Mcade's order has not pri'iii' tiuii to -a licu'-:innvv- in tlio Oth Ki-giiii.jn: i: ir''effo'! ).' Ja"k onville liver, mid is d.tir f>r MnsAfliUMtti.i'loiicli inp1kiit LaTyM
April. Gen. yet the shamo and wrong of tlu defeat. -railio.Tt ? a frot > < <- mi-iubcrs : Card:, Ciam, JInling! and Fair Ti-1j'Tu.ii., I
\\t\; let'rvc! ( >ni'c nit ltan.ltint oJlice l. thediMriuutJu'j at tta\annah} is eel.brat for iU lurnbor, an I it i ii 'ty'Jawh..t -
been issued, but our latest advices uiakoit That the "mulo team" proper,-tho host J bLnkL - --
Lovill decido in no f-ilior int.'ancvi( probable that upon demagogues who were recently so thoroughly ioinoii'.i bo in that (Gr.S-iJL; '
to ai c"iccr| l-'Ioricln Ctivcittloit.
itt 'abor: cf dlMiiliu'in: ; } "t I if tl.o innil-i cam.l.rfpuirh .- [omit, tithi-r f.>r q-i mtity or ui-lit

' Mayas filed: by 'Convention and donated in the Conventioa on the ionti art the rank wi-; > at that time itivuliib'y lrc-c t to this, ?'ll tbo rna'l: tuntttr S-: :a-* th*! oxvu ,,ion of Billings and other MAUUH 1 1363.

provided in the Constitution. bo 1 au-l rciluci1" He I was at onto ap;"jintJul 1 lliittand Ja'-k- I'AIN. Dr. Swift is here wit !his lii'lic.ils Jfuiit this: bj b .jionl1 urged by rr'vcngft d'ip- t for; the St. John's riv. r, St. \uLl KIN or lato eo'.in-cl.s prevail, lu i-oii'-cit with tJovirnnViilk

pointed ambition to take this course, i is I o Advocate of a Gciu al Couit, .n -.ttitj11tand tl-.o r'>oil.i: Kail;vi.: ]: vyuld Loilo'ion ronv-ily, I lie King (>{ I'ain, anti cvt-ry if iuii \ \ >-r and other l-aJiug men of the Si.-ifi jItRI1T4't.IS. .1 \V S.'utt

\ Wo underslaW that sonw fault has not uunntura1!, indff d it would bo but whit 1t capacity, and that of i\\tp (Uictr cf tnlilitary l lio .t.s n in- i front of the market IIOIHO) ciuing .".hoi I Convi-r.ti"ii i-n.s to t>c staiiilii.g aloof! iron, FcV---wlirn.M >rch I- Mr City ri.1'oint Si.ntJi., .AdKin Xw s York.CIitrtcu4.u. .TcIT.,- s

. Dlitritt( of \* P.-I in. iun on the Siaii'filthu the i. thc cfli' .1' !"'*! c>r paity' ir.tKienct.and iul..j>ting eiuRiiiiMtr"
will to
for' the v.c t \\ go-out 5 day the :alilit-tc1! > 'rc-o of charge, jirovo aiyIif &
of the State J. Cork.
txnm found with our report of their liMic'M! KnU-nnze.
the fulfilment tot II.itM-
many passionate ni.l ttiii'iMtutii.i-.iil proviiif>n< as
: until tin
31 lilitary (S >vciiior, ho :iltrnnte ' it now icavcs Sava'siviiTIS : : ;. hin in Ii.'itt. Thu I I'octor.' from lon j cxii.- Mar,1i'i br Lrrur.ou. t>: ;.kll. New Y >rk.
Dominating Convention, because in ro- threats male during the latu content, li.tiict w.i-t iiuz.iu'.l) in i this Litter jcut of '(ii. in his .mni-iu-l tLC Jrspcft of all (I-i'rs'.ls whnrn j>-irl_ V Son.S .
ricnnv claims more t ordinary aVlity I'M-jti'liei-s' tl'j rtt Mii.d t', facts, or: sv.-ir\c frntrdu 1arh : --M.t.rM r \\ IlingbtniyU Lan1uaza-IWor-
' ding .the ballots cast wo put uiulr but that well moaning and patriotic hon h't was aiin ajipontel Jmlg- : I .-,\ or! \ ?.Ii iMitiu orTiis: lirofi .icn, has laborcil for years to make -.. nii *ort V.InMle. -
Stanf Xcif
tho general head of scattering," all men, inllueneod b- mere petty picpifs by O.-a. Dent, biothcr-iu-law <,f ( !< n. ( iraut- Tiio ii.I n. }-'.. 1 > I UI.WM-l merul-or i.f the tVnvuiition iliniSL-lf a v/oithy in. mber of bo 'iirultv. cU I remains yet to be En i-fl v.'h'st! the (Cor.stitu- I lianh) l-R-lir\V! I M.-nm.

and wrieil sucli until the I'j.11 of 'G't whou from Mas: I; -ion couriy. u lint in this I city tiou is to Ito. -in.ul I IK, .1 L me with ilV.'e M.rl iittar. jo htK.. T.nrtiltard.l'I.trii .
: except thoso cast for Mr. llcud. Nogontleman and dUtru-t .should leu.l ln-iraid awl a-j ..1! Sit''ii''iy: 1111.1-.ling last. 'JJth I'cbruary, tftvpl Considering: it I tho duty f if f every ph\si<-in to an- nott thi.-e wlio v.i i:' t;' w.H! an_, I lii"jMary Wall...-.-, l.jncii. Ftt.'raPP'ii'tt-

i except Mr. llccd received encouragement to such a puiciilal inm.'iit ho or-lt-ntl Ly the Sucntary of \\'ar \\f> report .5d 'Mr. I 11.! \\.i< a native ffadMeu d.) all the srooil iie can, ar t ;r"i.ii'l {atf a- much -nty I tO ctrrnt'UI" 7i'th : *. mi Man-ba-->tr l Utur, Ciitrr.. rruulistuii: J .irr
t.j I Con. Howard fur a-i.iincnt tn duly in < eouiiiy. in this !-tie. unit hail scvo.all'n'CS possible-every! ;it cne, i j- : in puWI and !a: !, Iwvnii.M it i" ni-t i-t ort yii ''.-. I'-t; : tl.iii &MurA5ftrIJuIfctVer.:.r.. I. !.:>!:. "., Savanna, 1 lilt!,!'.

It luoro than one i-r>tr. and a" wo did nut is 1 o'h unnatural and diruc1ul.; the liiue.i'i of H'.fuys an 1 Ab.i' J.inuRojiorlinj 1.' en elm' -to:-I ui the .o"i.-laturo ot FloriiH.llo gri his .f tl'fi. ( 1t-! ... '-uIli- e.inn .t w--Il 1! c rLt'stl v. i.ii f. \ > r thosillw < Mt'I I ii i >trint j.aht I*:xu-f IxiriUfcirJ. ltiLcrlti3,

1 suppose that the seven gentlemen thus Wo trust tho reports to whi<:h wo have ; u> (; in. Urun, tlscn L< iniu \V'M a iinJ1! ni' ('largo he.ul I, r>t fin- lt-li.-i private ii I'TIM.S ICing ( F i U.. .!uli..iii: ;' ii. I\u: i.i'Jc j u't -.'. Iti* n M-u-rii l.rlijit, Vtw-k, -JiUrpri*. J. tL&rk
( : :". and I.I; !', i- v ill i bo i ft !It in ti.o f < tnn: hours, il the Taylor II..UM-, Siosn 1C to 1 itai'y.Tloir.l .-iti.i.suV. \'Lil.! tb- ;. :i ,' ::1 i-ililru.i! ;.- -rfr
honored would care about having alluded vrithout fouirl;>l" >i i-it thi t.itf. ( &'it. I 1. v.a as-i i.c'it _
highly are : .ou r ,
..In ii-ho Las tf.-i-l: a fur the lar. s.-r pat ct I.i.n'.ivolifo. .-' I-i il: tIn' N.'rltt. :in.1 .:I ::0.; iren unit -

.' that honor recorded, wo put; them, as is t., w *h ul>i iI1 7, >, ? _, -hr Ma' : if,,,irh, n.' toit. JNf. WS-vi.

usual under, such circumstances, under 1ttkuLi4tu i.Iiatltj of l th 1ii-it: -tot V.'cst j'li.iiiln: whuo htiuvci I ll'.f b".ly, 1. ft on :JJi.AjIay's tidi Cunis h.miraojir a rtznlar imi.-tlsig:: of ti.i- Hoard; of Tru'K I ,<>k t" ur .- "" 'l i- ,:!,!" ,>n. :>i.
'<:;tv-i. :: eill1aiLd by his son-in-law, Jr.Mocd I urt.U'rt-Jtn: -I loti./. )):-:.-.'int'-; itt t -'t t.- I mmM *
the head of "scattering?' "Wo will t \Se g'ib btlixv sliort ic'cl cs cf the cnni !It-jr.-.' -{ ruu!. arti-ui. I.t u-! A Ms-vh r > '- ttr ';.xniT -iiiIVrry, Nuw York IT.

fur St.ilc ;ir.d C9iijjrc J.inal r-1Hrcs, !inominal. cull t. ,HitiRiltt. has Li-ca piotiute. thin \j.Prtsi.r.t Jol.n Cl.ul I: ii the rliuir. b we ut !, tti..I then art lik.' rit.tti; toruriiflNorth 1V14UjiTarh-. .- : .
if the : J. CUrt.Macl
all the :
gladly publUh names, J- >4'.i Knlrrj.r'.z
.J the Xouua.itiu.fCoucitiun I iI1ti "19r tj-iUaui ana ciaiioilous seixiuLS diii -- .li' I 'in'-nt..i.t at'.! % ': 1 it th.-
Lj licpulrlicai < At.r.r-Ti.'o: 1- A. I'm 'iLlcs wrt n.'iii-te.l to a t as s o- 0 I'I or I --S-' > w.t T>ix-, I.ur-.fft. H.trrnJa.
Tin u: : iri' ;r. ji.u pio-
gentlemen desire it. i inUic \\ :ir/' nwv s-in (.i.tflhu.oI| us to tel !.t' "0:1 iu- M tr-'i V 1t't.: ; < u-'ii. t'V frr- r.
\ : u\n bi& .
t.ri-I..r! ; it: theTalbilns-eii: c- nt'iy.I 1:' -i Ct.r.n.. "t t-tVc nf".. ii, :..tit w di.ut.e r u ant'ratl.e ) r ii .
114A.:1usN !UuD, ll was 4iiurcr-'l, ( 'nt ol lljc orvktIuvin: -'i-iiinont (tor ':i'e "sit. a j iv-o I.-v tkin (>viotill' U'.ports ir.innittirs i's I.t ing i.. i pir, 37Tariy -.-. '1 ft ; Ifv.- .- | h f. -- t.iii! r.i-ht ht.. I. riliar.tilar. .
) The of interest in our served sis in the thu iir .t uj l : ;lL.. umount of the >& iHiiiitif: 1T:>- : State g v.r.nn-nt. '' iinnot' : U t l>.. uur, TTilU-y, ( Linsun, Jeffrf yi ti
absorbing topic Oj Anny, 0:1 fi-'j ,
'ti.1 fur i .
nmri wt .
: ; V'rIIflr, 3' k ('Oti! :nan ot' &iir.'.m.ttt' -aLd/Ing 1 : !!ti 11 tw, w nrv in :i j I' >. :'.!un t' !...;> :i iii i:. .

Northern news is the progress of impeachment, P.n-1 fcurvtd ai apja '..iVf-'liiji to Use ,,U'Mury, ISOrf, by S. O. >'o. 610, *"ron IkaJrof \'Hire\'" hnvi iuria'! ; H'i -!h1< Jita'on thor!one in ol jiroiiointi-'iig ti.o [ :a l tv-.o it ji.irs.oli.>, c.f liar, row.rt.H1 jii-j-i.t, atij i.tat'-J mat: i Cn t.iiu I'.itfut tl.r .. *.. ; t.t !..:.-... Kal: : ..!--m hal.en ittuIo( il riC 'tr fjzzeItik'-i- La 1i't.V3nnhPCIlk

bincs V Ir. I Il'jutrh- tli.l I i : thn Ar:.i.Ho V.I ::_t _! ei ti'i; '-::r ni' ttt- Inn :
ud the condition of affair* print irts g : in < rinoi.tjUn T -I i I i'iiiino1i.uij'V"! itt intig; i.ili'cs i in ll-iMa.1 iT,'jyif wi, aV.u! SM.l/t-i try i1s crp-iimei.t. ; 'e.. r '
I titfl.t IL. CrI'n. I
in Washington. In spite of the fears toll, ncv T lite! of this fr.ilc)9, fl. (;,;: lti. In1S3G I I [ was al.r.iUni! to thc liar to practice huv fr '1 h a-'in'tii-.m.t of type is f xtfii>i\v and aui!u fltti -tiopeul t'lPatloto) make a lull ILZ4_
: tl.-tn jnjt culoiinghia in'jojity:;( LcJiii i- in thuiutl.i >.f( tuij. Statu ii. Xo\inbir l.iat. [ for a'iy vok. whHo tI.- !' o .- s-it. 11 >oii-ilwar, i.-port c't next iDfptl fJ.Mr. *.'Lli r\\\'(9 b* '" t" if. air! it l I-. vi tt> !in- p
I0 freely expressed that riot and blood- ( 'iiinii itt-a:;; Kuin,'J anil olin : ] r --wstio T. *
: ofVi In !S7 .. nl.iit'.tr wil iM: -> j Vu
t-.ited to tl* Tcnltory \Vaii1H tluvjoll wing r.-.tiio, hint n 'wi-y ;
tl.i'ir! l. Tin givo
!!i'c liiM -la's: of ku ) (
; shed would follow upon the attempt of i I rVwouM ;n> pile' an.l Mirm-il j-:..; l.i->y. u.-a v\i Iii i n.I .-' iYr. Z. B. EER1JDEN
M'tVispr.n 'of j .
r-ilsV.ishoiltho Milwaukee Nfl:4, i.J r> iiMi- th'o lirar.l .
hu ha. 1 lt
A ValimWu lt. ->li liv a Jii-.l.i l CMJ.>\ = :a1 hif 'i <-jiutiti"U. ii g tix ( at the ii.-xt ityu'ar inu I io vio'onr" to nc'r iiav.i. I \ t tk :i |> _-l ityn :>
the President to remove JStuiitou, and \\.1i it' \ -\n\ ami f?* th-t tmo :1 i'.n, :and a l.-.i-gc: rt''' and j ib p..lijniTiliv aniut'.d much of the titutio'.i "
to so eoii> [
per ( rir a'.ttnti n ) brnill"l: to a wovt litt'.c.voltV' move, : Lots vvl.iih I I'M PI.-; i i > utiarnl j rt Surgeon & Physiciarr,

the determination of Congress to imp ho wunnvcte1 \\iili tho l11: 4t.t r. rpuje.4 by our town ma-n (J. ThriitfjC .ti!(j't".) -< m -nti c.i-'l, d"'an cnt.-'pri-ing aS rogaidi the c'.ei tiou of secn-taiy, unli ''n nthty ure.-1t >.. 'n<-l'ibtlvvten Jstcer.ItItivut.y j.icx&>xriujf FLORIDA.C1.l. .

ach the President, no suck terrible until 1831, vhen liv I- !I.-f rtiiri'ii rt- .hr. nt the Pnij f iora

have yet resulted, ann as Southern climate irtho b nt fit /'f liw rrf'-fir 'lwiiV. rra'nil't'im :u' l\tiin; <' v-i lujliovc. entitle I 1 1"A |.i!.ti-1.- |u i l. 411ITI! ii.t'.y lElueral.: \"'- i[>i ii fi- I I i-iMiro th it h's: d:ity be T 'ithfiiHy? 'ot-fi'I, Ilir Pj>- tJctit nnU Sccictary r. ml-.k .V. I.kniIti. 1 10
consequences At llio iL-.u: of the \\-At, hf v.ii: .'ts- | r> firfe.stintstftnl the rror. fo' a.ll- that hi 1 it n''j'.vel a yeirlyalaiy of Hefr.Kocti.A Ji.huT. i.h. nw.irtir r ni.jtit. ,__ tyFUlL.
bsule M-mnal: of >i- : j il-h! *Qt-5 :IT< I ( ' .rtli i
the first excitement gradually s r-.i'e! uditvrof the 1piiLitaii; Kpitu ut thc '*'* :tur. -r f J-. ,' t. t t > cosriinitU'e 1- rumor it -sti pivvly cin-i.l.itiil in the civ
too. Aft/r the iuj.ur <- I IVij.ff thu S-fu'li. Tho >->ok 'vssVirinf Two lh--; < of tl.i- 1u'i. a-.uil i"r tl.c, oii.! ev.i'i M ivud by :Mr.i Ciam. lieu; a < Lftwctut'ie SALE
thoM fears are subsiding that -vrions pii.ud.aniitsdin ; xist! > -
Wisconsin.. I Heamo. South t.j'a. hingtnn
ijiitol il at th'I) veruwif l'nii'.ip't5'-.i: i jr U'.v'hLigton 1. n"jyjrii to lui ('viil ly y-{[- -l'- ieui'iiniiijj | :r.-M..inte'l by this lYcM.lcnt of thi.s llpid tdfA.iit 1'ie-i'lort and the'ri'ttrv ot tn! > l'u.i
terrible losson of the last great conflict niil there ti.I(1 until th winter (..flitO'J : HIT iSrinl at I the e-vpir.itirm; 4:? tit'4 an-l sul-iuit to ?iim I. Ilin:: BALANCE Of FURXITUKU OF .A (lEN- :
i is driieito'l tnei.! (O.) ( ). I lr< vrri and i : upoi; Colonel Spraguo, ;uiy, 1 gro\\ui! ; out of a di .;aul F-y the lattir ot t.t-'n.ui'4tk Kn.rlnil: :
the of thU cot will bo show when ho <-an.ef i Ilori'l i as T.ix Cumnisslioncr r I'to! :it1.soliio! ikin.iinls a ili'S.catu l coii' tttiii .- I ii.- 1 irM-.l W.ilnut; Jt-nnv ni-n.l-troiT. UM!
-peojde ntry i by him -<'iumrn'i! < l 4i a h:in(5. "ia<> ir.tod :a prop.rod :,
1 for nioto ai.livo i ( \ int't, anil nstr.i .uliu iry u I.irt', Malxusiny /rt4ng tine Siip.riir
to take up arms again, and ,110 fiuc)| trifle uiul IcM.-atM at IVrruimlhia until tho !>jinuder r.otT.Vc In'llevo tho ()rignl.I! tit u is-i ti t'jK- .r.ilin i tnents t it-sently oil' .ii.l the jiroi>iietr.r, tu 1 I er>rioOi; to tho St; John's liver, iiiul su-k hkupiiu.iirr1 liosc.'L'he ti.y r'-itiagi btrIts m-n itt givei the ,Now is to tho\"ork tll rlo.Lorit-< tt that LOCK-SITfCI I SE\S I NI ; MACHINE,

at thesinip1e loss or rttentioii of power wlun ho movml to Jjuksouvilk, :tnI l ljHirelixsci book wis: 1., furni.-h! tho 1.'t1'j of tho nitli \(->-<-j.t such i niloMiient; in K'intu. k\, ;at'o the fegad: to the hi st t modi- of prucflurtto borne d' --" >ta3tHii wa'. t-xurI- t with the rain- 5itscSaIfltit! rail-io.u; anti Fa1Iia-ier, ('tie % !nnt

: : proj>crty airdHe ( i11i1j 1tirnf.! ii.i-.iih in.liieiujr this unusual i.r.puiiion for un fi t ct thc eli'it.Viiii1i alter being iliseus'u and livu "nimr. Chrsu ff
by "a! .man whom no class refepects, will ,who are coii'-tinoiiusy sfho/il-h'.M't s and i'ktu'itp] 1- sii; 'im nt ot the nfl'i'r ot tlio eii-ieni-ionse, It.t rpliun I'lviirJ I'aiftlifij* giit | ,

has slucu Ui-n tl 3 .\jp-r.t of tiu >'. O.partm ( 1)- nottagoq, \\li\\\ simple modd 'liioHions a'i'l tlo- -: 1ia i tit -; 1 ly t "rrnl inembcis the l.o.ud, wa> Secntary McCully'li( thnciion! ) ileniI: I up.'ii a 1""' TOji: ''"'"' JHX, CTl\r.K. nt >I. 1UU
plango the country into another civil in tlioestal'lishuient ot ome o* tT-j i Wji.ils. 'lhi< fact be-
.nt an4 Lcftn bftivly engaircj -. change: >
1. its aiti I lo-t.
Jails so as to enablearry ordiniry mwh.-inir) to put) on pvvuge; ,
I'ic'i-idcnt '
strife. of the rti1 hrVko in tho South.Jlr. JacLsonville icinity.J Move Je '. C.irdy'hat l'ec be comitig : a3/qi'iTfruni.c.tiid t<> tho PARTIES '
sut/Miutial a
: eijii.ritet :i noat and (1fl( ,'. fuitalncin by; : by ceitam iIItuA'.t4 paities hie, who ileire.l -

,2 The matter-will l>e pcaceaLly BeitlcOit Hi-oil was a'.vrrvvWhig until that j 1'atv our li'iv-it-o an.l the moans of I tb 1 < musof oui.I'0 appointed f i diaw u"p n nicimrial to Ic tnt to to pic etLbebuige riteirei! to. Secretary D>**Irni! to run-lKv Iti-al Jiitato. ia TtoriJa! ahayv" *
r-iU aL LIi uttire uf tin10 -
tfl'WN rn.-On Thuiwlay last: colored
a man
Court was di&gclvutl and the J' piVk-iin J'ntyva< <-s- <;-itiou to lie .ex- MuCuuinli-wivi inbtrui.ted by the I'lLSiiltnt tf t LOKII.V TtNr)
ty CongroB and 'tlio Supremo >)} !i 3Iri dm? has s'U'Yfiil'j.l :n tlii--) an.lnju.'h L'onjjress, akingifur, ;an-api'op -
/ iUruins. 1kWu5 i-onsis- named Drier., of)t ( ..linrsvilV, whilo oii1!!. onliomd to take no aution; t-ith rogai-d to tLo mntt r lit
talilibhul a
If 4it! await such of.tle ) ini.r.hi, this volume i.rbty-thmj lat g' jiui ;;
and to ;
willing a '
we OlitftnJ cnrrscit o ponrri of MaVray, and atimrnWr I I Ito 't(-'ti \ii-ht l>iie, fell from the gang the pittont ; but it is said; that di-sn'e thi nruiut T:< OK I 3i F O U M A T I O X
; riit-'il It trea'sf tl! rMil liver and it-noil I: the bn.iiio to this Board L-Ucr
rloKly j j's.; ji-U (| h>> diApatche.] a telegram or a. to 1 roiipt-rniii; tho most JosiniMp | JHIT.. for tile iii
and drowned. ,
ioz.'I cf the C:)r..stitntr'n'C'nrVcntioii' oViattmMn ) .,f uold, hi-tit, voiOT..fion'laws! of'l.oa'rfi, auhituri''buiMig way was at its nest rqtctinij. :';ow Yor"t about YVednuaday lost, ordering the K.tst: Floritla, apply tu L. K. IIWL0.33 K.UUlirckcr .
10 tf lU-al *
\ in \ ha fovcrcJ fuiv'lFrqo an-1 t -<- tnattmls and their prop.irii-: After inti-resting addresses by Messrs. Cardy, t huugo.Tlio -

The regular Republican ticlet nom was one of 2J minority in' that Wyefxf! vutcd HiriifTMi or t'I JL1C LAXHSJ-.-( Seiicral; 3Iunlco 1 lulls Warroek and 1 tlvjrwf.lution parties woiking''-t tie Secretary in
.Foster Cr.iiu Hilling, .
tion, tL. cot! and c.xpjns'of 1 nM'tt: cfon-uny idea of -what Iu4 been : 1ttry'tet: ; > '. %
tho 1cwly.apnntc9i I5egiil of I'liblic I this mr-atter {gained ah
eoUap-1 < ,
Inated bytbj Statq. Con>'eiition rejiro.eenU fur tho enfrtnrhwxT'int: of thr: man ill building, location of 1'"Mings, ohaJo tiusdraining : was put and carried: and Mtvsrs.S.indi [ done, anti finally fcceurtHl a cofy of tho telegram OFFICE OF rilE AMLKICAN 1.jv TIM KM -'
(rfiudri.. n.uir.ed! to 'I'tliliu'cc! lait week and
; ; ,
a* %r a possible, every boctiopf lie has alwajs l 'n known a? a raliral rjpuLliean / paving, fvnoing, .&C., 'c. I suit, Cardy, Cram, anl: JJuisvero ajinoint- or letter which mlirmcd their au picio'ii that THE J vifLiL KT THrTurnTp'AxnI>hUtiT uTa. ii.
aniiiu k'1urhj,1z.&ecr stuoil as tHochiintI'ioa assumed till duties of hit ofli--e.Sioxrn. the 1'rPaidfnt's tru.-titms hail not boon obey U vAanoTun, D. C.Ftb.m, 1-iCt |
the State. 'Tho Governor i is takon Tho volume is i hatidsonu ly illustrated withviod ed said corriritteo.jVIorcd'hy -
of the ri 'litsot the I'rurlinun, itiul itit eu. The rcsn't ot ttu-.r invcstigrtioarrrjn coin- TO iLL WHOM IT MA 1' LOXCERX.
from East Florida theLieut Governor \ cut dt4igts i of \t-ll as j ct>uomicil '[ lie Constitution has now born fr.'Caitly, Chat thn rides lie suspondud muuicatc.1 to the, who tKcrfu'p .r. nt IIi4 in {oiuilicntv an.l toA-rtifv that WILLIAM, r.
Bufi'rar atii'- ml laws.flrbt 1? :
ito of imjartial ; ch'Kjl-JiOUM, (otlagcB, uuthuu fiauiuw.ifc signd; by every Tc-inb'ir of the Convention cxoq.t and that Mr. '.1'\ 0' Aldon bo elected umcnil lot Stt-iotiuy 3IcC'ullv> anti had quit.! :i ngtby I tcsttT. Es1., of St. Auiu.-tino, H. Swuth Florida ami the Member ol'Ooogrcss i -int ant i"tricl CourtM. fc.f Miv Northern Jv from rc-'nlc l at Wa in IP
jietition cyir i> < hinglou guund plans add elevations, smd uSo! nlgniiiuds Cup'. I1): llowso, who was prevented by r of the Boaid. Tie motion buiujj put, 'iiterview with hlnj,, during which it is uiukritoiii i-tcct of t'lori.l.i, U the Mutt| 'July autliorULil AKfnt uf

frphi West Florida.. Uoyoudthia 1): lialf of tho color:1 man i.hil srd by thOn. gpnbJia and funiilurc a hpte-1 to thoijfttas'.tiiaVr.'d sickness and death. i was carried uzian innnsly. that there wero mutual repiiehrs, thuSont.iry .. T"B Atie'ti&4n'LAir Tims." an.l Journal ol tUtoui .
unil"l> m iJ Iiu.triu-t.
th selections are peculiarly was drawn by IhUi'JU 18S3( ami th-j lrg wrx* '1' business Board adjuurnod. protesting against: the unnecessary mtcrfLrcuins > IlICE.If .
gratifying further : t'V CUSTOM
c' of tho j eople. Y\ tjudgtj There buinij no and the President complaining of the ,

ai regards tho ctsiracter and serricM of resolutions'l at a i> iflL1'tlTE 5 < f Ui..l it contain: r' largo uniount of valjabV SrriiF"r. Coi-itr. Tu.lgo Douglas( of the Su- E.: A. l'EltANMt. ..-, disregard ot hs instructions, and finally: n in-uking : r 'pin: ;S.vV U nn.1 K.:Proprietor iM-r O. K.,.Am.E. O.1iw ti. Times, tto.AttiKt .

frooJnicn in Jat.k&nuviUAj w"j'?> dra'wn by hiui.vx. ( d who 1 trust !" The interview 1 I tM-t 'ly autf Jri rd Sir. Colinnbim Umr of
of thdv-nominetts themselves, ani information ujc'ii th J mbjocts of -whir-h ii piemo Coin I .ludgo I'.akor, ot the Sitincind t-'ccietary paa tea. "My *< can the thy of .liirk-onvillo. to rrcvive $criptionii hr tho

throe in tho treats, mil that by uttc'nion lo its fcu; g.'ftious, Court, an 1 Jud;o 1'utinan, of the Circur;( Court, is rcpoited it> have -iurred on Thursday :1' Ovt. uoik, an.l rn.fieX.MQT tIi y >B I* in uiy HMUB. In
probAbly no 'rtcn State oiFriday, aiul the breath, initial I ot having orbit to ttcvt'wmo4atu iil |Ue LarHiiit other*
aelficted would \ n. OLKASIIX, .V-y our pt-opli tbo ii'i5''.;; tbipgtJ itt tis i-r.uutry are holding a turin in Jacksonville.Mv.s J.vrKMixvii.t.K, Feb. 28, 1803. I lucn heuUvl, pioini-obto grow wider ; indeed, itis tItr. IOCKLtY.
souL! Lava bofn who. nordfnatoil fr I.t. (iovwii-r. is a Civil En- _
'; now slunk1 th. tat of at U.u A eallod meeting of> this 11 iard was hold at rrh'oifld in political Lit-C1s that tho l'>-eni!tnt Agent fur the Nmtlit-rn Piitiirt of Ftoridi

: bar more fairly mtt fli% expectations ginocr and Surveyor \>y jT fcssioa. Ho has pn'wnt tJT.o, maybe supph>nteil by indication ; JIcFTixii.-A Mass Meeting of liopnbHcans their room thii-cvt'iiiuj, Vit-o l'ie>idi.nt John exprts-od a desif to get rid of the otteiidm.; -. -

an4 Mtisflod the dejoroa of all Luscs oiuriUxona bpent mobtof his life on thtt fa outlet cf the N< rth of thrift, noat'rio.s and cider. Thcic} IH nothing is called by a mirtbcr of citi/ens, to bo in the Chair, K. A. Fernaudu/, Secretary Cabinet( i.ttiriT-\ijd. will at an early day wind to iBtt: .to it
in tin: Sefiiitu th ti.iiuw of u piomincut bunker of
\Vd5t and has had crience Kittlingup
---except tho "mule team" large that renders a l.biV1;! in the country so ittu lung lit Id ut I [at'g ( Srovr to-day, fir the p-irpowi or pro tciu.Tiio Cincinnati to.tb ccretarvihtiIt.-C/se/dc. A S M A I. L itow- BO'f.

adEcrenta if it ha* novr countries andizbtiiIdIug up new town ii'id -sirabe l iti oomclitCM und nc.i'.mss, thottiiino ratifying the Coixititation and taking measures: minutes of tho two last meetings were J2t K. n. CKAM, Tsy streot.
ul.Ua nny.TI hi'
I'ho Jim: lairs Jnir 1'rtit at
jtuViichM indications of industry and pn.piiity and to s>L>cuio tho succor of the Kcpublican party.CONVIMIO.N reed and -.pprovod. / Tiir. RuM v.s QiTii>M,-IJwiioM are current
rn|< eod is i knovfcrb only in former homo in Wiscontinj tXus'tpoaks of him 1'aiis of the tioi t !
Mr. C'h.iso hasTtndored'tH1} j'Kinlo a valuable IJep irU of C mimitteoi btinin onlw, the in iesiini[> > vt> nogotkUtous lot a Pork 4sJ ;

&U auction but all through'ttr> State, W. II. .Jlwifcon, one of tho original proprio- in that Junction this little conference between rrubiiis.rt.aly, and Franco KA'n'M' kss.l'sin. r'
M.TVICO iy jirg : S.CUU-.-The State Comptroller Committoo mi yl-cd 1kg the 1'ac hubmittod their i. n H.M
tora of thw) M &* earncit and omentworLi4be.b1fsocungfor \ 'ITio oldost! fottli-ra git'u hitn'rv' brartyrx'coroe book to the public. 'Major Board, }In's it-sued an order for the levy of report, which was approved... gjtiation ii said to be-tLe ovacur.tion of CivitaYrcchia I'ork, for sale low ry .- R, R CRA:'% Bit

the State a justf li drJilx and it mvst l bo a great satisfaction to the upccml tax for the payment of tho Convention On inotion ef-Mr* U uekrrlaTi'liusolvetl by the Fien h, the anniuirof the Pa-

jitm to witness the rapid ilridi-sof improvetrtnttfcat Iiiifieachuieut. pal fortiScationb and troops with 'i-netvuni),
and 'an cxpcnwia. Holders of ceitlfic-ates bonds bo to !
$al goremmont as' uncompftauauxg hni-e been madis not only in the city, but Mr. I'outwell from the Inv.-eachmcnt Cgmmittee That a committee tpppintc-l and the jirotection of th'rf' coast from Hrnbaiby ; .
and with the bhould not sell at a sacrifice, as the :- onov will confer \vitli Capt. Paine and asCLrtaiA if hfcvvoiildinj.ko.a 1 fleet. Jt is said thkl j aoi SALE
Eepublican, ox- in tho "ntire valley of tho (Jh'pjttwa, eincu his di&ns, u even 8uflGlL.kiEI
prestntol arliclLS and bpecitloutioiis uf bo foithcoining to rnlecm them at' thornp hcxfurimjnt.. of tl cpcniug has been aud
first n'lvrrtl here. It is warcoly ttu since maturity. this Ivisis : actually agreed upon,
enemies or tw'o fit aiiditionul tiy IL B CRAM, Bay ttm-t. 0 Itp
fttW personal tho bur tHit phull give ill ljuat -
a Andrew John.sou.Ve. ,
..p6on.of Mr. (iler otj Mid our fellow townsman Jt. F. impeachment against that franco ar.d I'rusbia have guaranteed the :

a rivals, i* personally popular, \Viluon, followed) up the Chippewa river upon have net c iHfe fcf the whole document, but thosulibtance Ax'mnrNT.--On Sunday Qftemoen last Robert .w.iter in ijettin within'thal the additional ijuxt'sixty depth day0.and, how ilpucccssfiil tninpobl power of thu ,rype aiy that Italy is O.R. S: A- T* '-;: 01* f'St ::I J T, it

Indian trail \6 thit now flourishing tity, and : it. to receive coulpcrl3atiUl, atH lF inco to have 1
an wiei ri follows Flo'yd Dryadalc grandson'of Col. F. ,
ciLfl7 with tiio.colored people. Mr. lloyd, much would ho a!,k aii a?roinunoratioh. '
pitched their tent commenced laying out H Luxemburg' But of the Utter part of this report A good IIc'cs For itaIip f rent a good Hmlille Horse.
wi bly.tnown but bia Firtt. ITnlawMly ifesuiug an order for the of this city, wai drowned near Green Cove be doubt ISy ..C. 3. witbm Laura trc Lrd
Q1on1ii not *o town.- Sir. Oloason vtf anumg the lirst to advocate On motion of Mr. Grata the name comnuitcp, ..especially there seems to most

the aoilthorn portion tho improvement of the Chij.i>e\va river, removal of Stantcn.Scoond. Springs, while crossing tIm St. John's in u, row consisting of Messrs. Buckman, Curtly, and (Icnsral Marmora has lately published a letter '>_. 20. s. ti'r_ ___ __ __ ___ ____-

ykIn4eveloping and'procuroil achArtor fur that purpose in 1857; Appointing" TjCriizxi'Thomrj !Secretary boat. The boat was overturned in a g"lo of in which*r-b asserts that France is i the true friend WiIED.. .
u. 'Mr; :HaoiUW has a at that time tho whittle of a twrnhuat was firtst .in. Hells, woro appointed. ,, of Italy ; and presses' the belief that if she 1 .
of *Hiich no jtiiical-nwd b* beard upon iU waters, and by many thu atletnjtto of, War ad intcri in. J, M.r. Eclls, on committee y Inland Xaviga- will allow the human qucitkm tOliG i by Jijr the WENTY-FV'? .

rioa navrgato the tntn was considered nr failure.Kow1 Third fjamo as sncond. Mirr.s.Tho'P. &X3. R. It.; having changed tion, asked for further,timo.ifr. present. Napoleon II 1 I. will enablo her to complete ', A.. IUM.1:A it-
thetnost-popuhir' P. B. C
8 2t ;
for .0
ihamod anfr by we have a daily line, and have LnA one her unity as Soon as circunstancci will ,
chairman committoo
Fourth. Conspiring with JMTI-TM.Q 'fhoni to its schedule so that trains now leave this city at Jb'tiruank'd, on o j jInsurenco'
froedmen in tire whole biitdhd'and uixty-uvo gtoamboat arri vale r.t tl ls ,.. permit-Motion Traveller. -
$* piano .
WcsI Mr'.iCWtoa's; most eanguino expectations. of War by intimidation and threats. journey is shortened three hours.-.tho hour of askod for further time. -IO2 SALS &Y
Mr. Thomas has ij
recommended that the Ma.
& mact&er odlutnii, troi a short and It is valley to khlivd ow
i of < <& fifth. v.omiziQe \\ e understand that he hu taken up his resi- prevent thu exocution of the act known as "an o'clock A. M.: for printing tho By-Laws jinJ Notices fyr thj to the Sonato. 1 u/l I. /t '/A a7IbeoS.t

; -: -. V ,
.. -
.. L.- .- .
-.. -

--.II -" --5--- 5S S.
-- ----- J; 3
::: : : : .
-- I .d I SS
__ S-- ____
\ w-- -- S .
p __

4> %


;. %_ -



District the United States theNorthern PROVISIONS
Covrt of for
East Florida;
In n'att'r mnth odu. iLi* 1L.iiutL' District of Florida. : For ,

( ttF.- uI8rA sI. I'C.I eigLt rreP4'rt : Wrn. Grot hi 10FFFR f.irn.1.I Tormni" ofllcc. In Femin- In. t1.CTi.Mtpr \miinm II. Ji'rnnigan, Bankrupt.Ktjrt""irn .-. AND i rorc-n.v (; .4 r D-th: ; vJtL.y3rLT.M.tRr.s. .
I r' T- > > it ni.r Irme pub'ibd..jj .
J ; W N rnar-'C! *Kyn. K. F. Wvhitir.. John uus! Hwua I. r ntlu-r iourn.i] .n Ji>tn-t ff Florida n. .. PUT GOOD VXD &ROCEIUKS ; 4 4LIQUOB' FLRX.t.VPXt,
Jo U A4fli.tofl. .. -- .' h:* H t" fi\t no'.ire, that on the SOtli day ofJinu
i ro t -t t :i!" iin tuo ih trit.ll.unl ru-M N.m.ti .
t '" ,y.i-i.*il*inu ,inpi*n-re real ana a cptv Tl r-( : I ... H'M'i-In.;.r-\.d 1tiriiivt.r, \rirh ir.-i! .rv, 'SO',a warrant of T ankru|>try niii" Umii-Jmit .| the JJ OZ.42.1.,
,inniitulniritinonltT, ; .triU CUcl-t of. thc lJijtLd StIt( lilt the N ,ilIiint
,,.i, .t-I fz-4ni. : 7t' Inr 1itipni tiwii ;
tIrrTIi.. I> < cf''lon.Ja. aiiiu the cM.itt- M' II.l .
likE 4" i n.J
'F .
%#* Z..o' if : .irci. t nn "Ii:
.. '. *'T>rt fjlmrr. < ruul. n cf loiiiI'i'y, in tin. ruum n f I'uluiuliu, iumtl \ --- -
1 I -
,r 1 frnn i i.ti ) 4l tth : : mi ) phtv and
( bch"* 'i"B t ql.t <4ty Ii.oi \ft J'Ut iu < di-lr-ct ail "')!" i.b tiiI
i.1' Furn .
in.1 ft fair a-sPttIttIt 1vp : iiiv ure.i
'' '" .: uii" ij i. u nly t i n-t. TLen* laddn* 3 Liir4h1tiIe i ; ltriroiPnf| ii4ii.\ &cFor That the jmy--i) t>f any tii-l.l* ami l tindcliviry <>f anl'ty \ W : ]. J .
:, '.
i l..r ,. r> < TVCoWHittifhavooyivf ,. r.pi1v l.ic i_i : 4 U li 1-iijI II! t. t. 4 r f..r
Vrt tin .i li, a J.T. 4t Itar in JOHN CLARK
fr-i' 'I11-1 "t* ,ury itt tli foHtVni" the j'itjiortil'1 \ hnn. aro fort'liVltiit
MI dra n ddrt ift lie 1'rupriitor, at Jn'l.v uMllc. Fin.W.A. .
linn of ttii- crtvlittirs of aiU
SilOlJLK: blf y law : tt4| tli.itauki "i-st ,
iiftt opt, to (tr.o t ti T I ..*. fMM non-!>ai ii.f* of )lu i -t t'.. will l..i.I I 1" i W ar tinci'iirt t>. rnn NEW AX n EUMAXT STEAM PACKET
T'.ti .. :il l iiv( tool*.. 2 fV TAEEED ROPE; BAY ST. JACKSONVILLE,
1 1y' i 1 : 5T.y In Bankruptcy No 11.CoMrioffJif $Iwi.Ui ui'lcv to lioliU-n :it .->rV nnillo.. Fin., in thtt- ,
I .4.r.t I. A '> 4iOiItrtc' li -*. ol I.. F. Ik'-c.y. -PnvT I JVt 'i'h& rn. &-. .4. W4 l*- JLizsle Baker
tirin 4UiikniU- ior Mid &it tthe iW tiiy of .
I ': 1h cfrir' .I'ls-M Slate teLVqrtern ] ) HAS 'fT BKCMMO ,
; for Mattlt, A. !'., lb_s,iii In OiIlOC. 1 I.TU.

Ji'ri nf i'iv ida %L1XllN1t1 I: f.'tt1TER,
Tm't .. .. .... .. iL.14.47 S ?t r. S. M.iif.i.1, ii. r '.i' Histr.ct.; of the CAPT. IffgE WHXA, ;

iti P.C9fl&$4t. f'*. In '"> Vit'.r..f JoiitiC UUJiwl.; llankniT't. XorllirrnI __ ACI14)RS AND CHAINS. . One Largest 'WoV- '
.alt .lners cvrrr
fur tir >vc
: tflN' 4U! LU. Czzvi1 n' ---. <.! f'luri In. *. *. Will leave regularly
(. .t; iL 4Ui..W4 1): &1id.tJ.& eutun. I TU< null. < i hat fiI 1 llcl> amiJ hgll4 1uip. -. 1' .' J of ,!. nsu,'..''l -TiJ an.t P einni1inI
i )U' I a 11 a :irrn' 4 i Mt.! <-y i':iIHH out ihii i 1 ivvrj
II.l.'v i j )
J- ; ;. V !' IT t <-. .r: .n tin I'mUM: ; 1I- tit.noriiwrn U.- j :s. )D LLIt % v -r- t'i't'i at atitnitIt vnrf
.4: 1414N CAU1JY, Chairman. Mnrt
tvCIls ( 1IC. Man h JU, 1i **. >l4 4a k. rti 'V-i-omi-yo! ,.r.lS -.!, .n -.,.m. '. u.ljr. 1- t'ofd'urn i ]lid r ict of 1'lvnda.'n i ?.(wtt hi Lcre 1- -

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    i.; tr1 d nr. 'li-'l 'V-T '.!-. tilO..)' ALSO
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    3 i T en-! j '.<' l .' .1. : I i4t.-l i'JtiCt 21 IaI l \ i i Plasters Hair TVmdcrwAXl
    i. LitwnnIC> utirt n.: iny IfI tt ov it ir.iri 1.. .l t.L BERCKMAH'SFRLITNUBSEKIES kinds of done nt hhort untie anti work .
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    : l A. M. *
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    $ G1-OTHE s
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    H.u. 'l
    1':. : a Show Case ,
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    .li3; tl.J! u I. i U" hAY
    ciu' ior : tt4 -- f 1 U .. .i.i f.iT-,11 will .K nil tlie". -.c. LO\Vfl3 STREET, <.hi-9 carefully repaired and gutnccteed, and hop 4

    j:. II :*iNCltjl(0jif < touu i. ,L iIpt.t flS Jie !hi a' a -ot,4 ttitii. % i,. .: Shot GUI j tl i ') tv.'" -. : that ith hU ex pcntnice a a practical AVatrhmakcr will fur
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    .ug44-1isI 'it! A .i K.1I.UKEJJ. Florida to al! who htuu (nod.atiim .
    I bcaUi togtvufuUk
    .! i".itv.r.ii ; ir i. I. ). i K'j.T'-j :.T : 1.1 -4--- S S '
    it zu-1eetir All latches warranted ouyiar.
    II41nC44I .ilii -- .' tltM'Ul .Jj-.y'iii' Mrli i. A. ti, I11 ,h s u; 111 rT *jj K: M< v1' C4X* 11.KTK: ; A I Ui 1C I-K: iiK 1 1 1Unt Ii. i to bo rt-purcd. '
    M fli.nin' *r..i UffIWI JflULt'l > JJ Jan 27-tf
    r. Uii4Vc u'.kic. at J. 1 111 u <*. v.i.t t' ..itI-i< i I i. 11 ? u cit ., ; si'j.r. i v; y> woe oj> Miyl.7-lr .
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    )I : an .iitz ttcnenl.. .* c wet t. .' ftndN&u4.Y.IIc. t -- -- _____ _.__t___ 'I' NOTICE : C. L.J HOBIN80N 'vtli r"i *al' REAL ESTATE IESfl S

    OFFICE *
    iiI l idrd I u.1 t L1 uI l) IW'U VL4)4.e1C 5. POST .L v< f
    In Bci1rrpcNo
    ar.1'nt4 : S GROCERIES ;

    tlII4 Io Ur.>r J Ii*< *a'!."(t4Ktl!; 114-l, })i iriff CUHT! nf fitc I 'i 'if .Sa/c-, for Cue OT'FIC IOtJ1t.S, & '&- .' BOUGI. & SOLE GARDEN SEEDS !.

    let* lucduul krriicei from April, 157 tc "' .VorJ.tri Jh1rii ':1 I J---i di S' *. M. to :5 r.i.. i wrpt Fun! iy. Corner of Bay & Can Streets,

    ) ditt, .. AT mnn.TSAi.i- itirrAtc. 15Y
    p.. iet* i tu l intcr : f li ,' lit \ ttilh: th SiJ>AI h tol'l .\. M. FOR SALT:. UOEESALE onE IUtrLS.

    )t tiiit t-fmntnK-tf'ir IniUdtti 7iiw4tr | li'tt.rf Kiit-t '.- rrhi.: rxiniMrxnn, TIIANKHM. FOR THE

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    is & (14! ..4i.t < .' .*'.. >. t t ti ;. i oj.1'- f.i :" Y4t:..ifiI rihro'v.Ii"lra>""IVK'. i oin-lie>, tow Yotk, Vtii.v1tI. > mm| :.U;i fui-U l the lnt qu.iRtj -ti liiilits -

    4I GIi4It1Ing -1 a f 14 |6.50 Ulftn t. i rT Tlrtr H, n.-. .', .l. vilitr, ill IKM.. Kt at .

    I I 4 M11I: $ 4I I ut Iu **, ist.It. '. dlt 1 t'li ofl .. ii iutt it tt.. ,Va4anuIuIi, Niw VmU I an.l l Vuhl.iiirtlll lo-iji 4l LOll EST POSSIBLE RATES, i.nwhxr f.tsii rJJeLx.Air3iwhhh HEAL ESTATE AGENT.

    riIitatIr Cii.ic : U lUlvTll rt 4JI *.*; lit;II jA:t lllJll 1! 1 till.- -#- I lal..l'lOj'l.-l1--lUl'' t, .1. III. ill be found J J ._ E WEBStEEWholesale &
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    a I tid;,is. ) A %.,.,....... ..._ ...... f.5.75 j tn"itiir"i-/! -titi-li Ifctiilcnt t J.itn. fi.r h!., -.1-1. ..! *l t t'1 .ui-i J'.iisi'--H I..irLit: 1! .linn.i I- IIKIIV, t. 11. 11t c.cii; 'KriTS( AND MEATS, DRILL Tracts oi'OF Lands
    .< Ii-rt.i.l hl It-n l li> 41 : aitd ci.
    a e 1iut IlaliAt
    "Jf Vy lICE-hAt u4
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    aiiJ II.HH'i' < ." Hi.M. ,
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    r1t'I.ijt V v '4 :rt L art Ol lt.-ikri.T\] toV1inM4ti *.. H ii.'ni.I'ptln '
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    S,* iqo.el4M k. .1. inI o1 cWEP.B.1Te' KOl'i:, Kl'UItKU riruoy. OR SJ1.E; AT ALL TIKES.3litKWCVILLI .

    I inIi V-irsiid- TTiM-.erial furuitlinl tjr f.rcVlf. I I AM! A'AXIUIU. t.. tLl.i'xKifrt mi I mo-t ciWtiM(< *.ivi: '- i IES J.xn. l.; 1SW5.; 3tf S-Sf:
    I c. -. I-. -v.a.r;.:i. i3 c.i 1 u.rnIn IE.tT11ET i HELllXO; :, ,
    l &tI,( A.-, *.,. : Hi MM- ii. I.HI''H Clf the I'l.'tit"i !- AD a .
    M- Jk.g i : -u.itii d.ii..y ti tier i.. i.Win r.i't- ;L.t1l1ir.41 IkII I Iii. ** '-S tIJUCKWIIEAT
    lur K*' fum"" >*' "ityF 1ltn1et-L% 1iIj', Eaiikruplcy, No e. ISK'S METAJ JC BURIAL CASE -S

    IlI e, 4r. ..... .... ... ... e1 oP "r.l'Tiisni'l l In iiiii iiit; to u" '< Tiliatj ORANGE COV.STY HUT F
    TJJsi B E ,
    li'fcnxil to ] itiuci- <..'in'uilt.v. Ihs: (, ic( Court nf tie i \dfiIF.SfCC for .'Z Or (ill -'Mix'-, *J" >i'l nn llnrtMIIK nofurt' f-Mtof I :.0, 2 i .
    .. .JijHN CLAUK, dior. Xort'trw J tiff fief nf Fl<>r&i.In 1.. II. 1nKI, IV M. TER, YEAST CAKES, 4, f;

    H K II..l*>, Q TK uf 'iuwU tlic i-ti'.t: < of 1 Ii-tu \ C. liQzhr, lUuti2t.! Xort' -

    ont lu-iriit ol l !'>nli; .. *. T"- LAND 5\r .isrTii ; ALMONDS, ENGLISH AVALNUTS, HICKOIIY SATOOIS' BLOCK, BAY ST.,
    !lu' IM'JJ .i..i:7
    i-iii>:i<-'-. i'ii >
    TIUM l I .i i>
    From tlit*;t rionda 1S.ITLzer.OrMur 1 iin w.u mm ..: !Sn l l.-Ui u
    : T
    44 Culture. i-.iiri Ut i'.'. '.II.--1 l MJ' -, f..i tli', X.-Mi. MI JL Il'.r1hA. In.mK M>it.l> to w tli.iu NUTS ITI.Br.RTS: T'LcA-o.1-3 zzzJ; FLL. ;'.i t tin < k-iti of !I< t-ry C. I' Antlj -. ut" localin null! ,
    utt.-nti m to fsVr.ti Hi-tn 1 ( f !< -n-. \ij if'f! laml, .1 -
    Mr. EdrtrV.-r-l junta- your z-r >i '<*Uit,- i.m
    in Jxfirt n"o*o the culture of the tiranjrcn mtliu i l Ii.iiI.iiipi t MI 'i.Ko-4-u ]i< l.iiiic: Iliai I'.irtiiil.i ivlflItii.l fir ical.- '*ill .p'eav coirr.fli p md STONL TKACAN NUTS, BUTTEU NUTS; PIJlv .I%_ .- t 'Tt il- llavine ramie arrangements to be kept it-alily iuo1
    rant<-d 'i l'u uii'l iFi "f u-s l>r'inrt '-,T I ,
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    U> u ut Oi-aln.. I will owumc us thiimvuiual / tin- istI.I-r4i1tit-4, htatiui AUW.K K>n iWXTitN'V. -. frutnalat-ge
    luntud t-ach acre ( -Inii 'ii- to"cilJ tanlru; ;*, toliiin, nr Mtrh'-UM', \ 01< iirniU l '., 'ili.'iil.-I.. .. i .j> Mjiin.tii. I jIllIt CANDIES HKAiJ f) T )MU S-tNE' J-
    l my-tivo tri at | op > Inliin, nre t.-rbj.l lm th> % i1, SERVES, ii. SEEDTAaEIIOrSE,
    i f-nit trr<-< i
    rat JiliJ-lK t-jti'l-rof ur.y |iroity] lit. n'-p-r: t :tfj J andthut thorn eu ;irht hunjrt-l ncrcs in thiit jiicetiu-4 ft the cjohlun lit1i.iikriit -.u .' !+) -f I y ntj- tnt -- Iu4dt.Icncli ("" ; FX&El
    v bv rut n AI. 1 ,<.lliuil'; l\ I i Kerosene Lard & Lubricating IRON T* have the soeJs put up for our own traite.With tmraddmw
    Iho orK>mto limits of Ocala. 1 will assume ; to i jir"'c Uitnr *
    '.l5i '1"' li"'t! "' a rmnl fl Oi >rv CALVtN OAK .
    UAl.I. & ,
    :0' '1 lj( that (Itch tree by pn pcr c'llta-e will pri'Jnee Tn tiiknhtctiV.t-e to !H> IwMi-Ji lit J* krf nI !.-. Fiji. s-i t Ju'oliU 7 if lidi1.iii C>). iii. l In hint n full anortmrnt of all Llmla of flh-c. lli-tf .ftcclis nivjie, F.: GJMDE3 SEED DEPOT
    uorth > _ ,
    uud thi'.t tNs-vj oro VV. <) i. .tti ;
    ouo-thoHMind oranges e of L. I. lHr i'j. UI' rT.. f.> .ii: .d1., r- / f Floriiltan C"j>y.T I i -

    ')flet'Tlt&1i4-'e. Ktu.h acre *tll produce two tor in UuAtu'itry fur ,.tt't iliHin-t, oil llu 'Ju-1 Jay __ AMIL GROCERIES.dill ALBERT J. RUSSELL twayakep a eomplet. stork .
    mdndlicrM A. I). IS 25. Ut T i O'cl *'.. nin.. Uf rOi Fiflil-and Flower Siwdii, niitaltoJ
    liundrod tuid fifty dollura, mid d rht: l- M Htlu XA.\I"ll MA<;Ii: 1t1I.> : PLANTATION (t't t'a.ts %U> n,
    .A1J- t and olkt
    : tirr 40rl R.-.i clint -tJ. >Tt-f.av. TO invite
    will fjro:tliAllital.l I UMilst.Inlia'iikniptcy il_ am) tT
    *.- At this rtfte tell mik} hqnirc vill pnnJaoorn'iUen : For Sale. 1 -0-- lit Ititt trtnlrd t tm.i- t'f l-riKTict in the City. Uttia.ha Ciq neat aiU i3rxt V geUh -

    luiliionnofdolirn'. It twill take eighty i--: ; No 7 .- L. JVORKOCK S'ejt-d! Jho foUq-ring fcr Fall url flitter plantI -

    thofliLpIl II1et\ ci-nts rpiund valu.'Wijilaet- ilk M.tnouJ fto'LItI JTIW .. .
    of lon cotton at fifty j rpll! nc.t } S ,
    tie V'n ird > c.JJix'rftl / < 'I'if l .lUllli: Uu'nniO V, Ii -
    '; of iLAMPS
    to lyjutith) tnp. nilc (K uare in orans w.Mariuo rif: ict J'lwitfa.In : 1.01(1r.ii.z-,8 11 1h.iil l, It-t 1.UII.III.W"i I.tuu-r! """. 1 WITH THE TATENlH 'Wnotrj.ii.: AXt niTJ.r 000 Papon $Tat Dutch Tornlpa, -
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    (-ottntyIn U>60 only produced atoutC .in.1 l*>nti iun 1, .ill i t.ItlflIititiitVtt- T iiQ.iBf 7ii H- .lf I3-tf. Eay SI. Jrtrtwn-fff-, >'fa.DENAUZ 1 000 4' PurpIaTopRuta 1'agii,

    thousand bs.iettziL thin was he* largtatrr"p. the maiN of OL4t4&1' l.uthir, lijii riil.t. XoilJ.eriliifin.l I jit-J. J-iL--; Tt ti..i.t Ill rc (llnrf nI-d lu-itt ixii Jn HL apar $,jfl turner" and Chimney- CABINET AND UNDERTAKING SHOP 1 500 J1 44 u iT; 1

    1 ben let OB not t urpoo that -WTJ trill not of K.iHivl.i I K H-i'lt ,Mr ..fJ ITH-ITT,"/ J1"< i- -uj if"ln i t'icairy. t j COO $: .t-vi' rL i-, .
    that on tV -. ti'tl' < in.'i
    TI 4tbinfrointiot>raDg j 3$1tunrr.oro than ono l Tbi 1 V.tiIlt* t" \ciintit rft Ii"iii2.rtiptc4.L4, i.tpot <.-i. of tic juiif-In*! f r--I:u u j T-.ll If ,ot|.. at u grr-it nacritifv to the latest and best thlny oi't ; vio NKXT DOOR TO riKMJLTf k 80!*, 1 000 Lonj fiiood and Sugar B1li

    K.xtMatk: ol lao Tunotmt net don Ly the above JMin!liiMTiot It I nun vl llw I i.iltJ: Mit lor tl* N"1'' rhiMTAuUiii) |my ut-li ti>r the in-iii-lwi lc j'urtirfvjK.it5 I ltq! i i 1 000 Ii3r ngriinihodCabbq

    value it.-tlU.- 1hi witli inn Ui/Oul- jr.trRirt-Jit <>inliiaiin | | for ccongmy find Cabinet to corner ofOccaH !
    t ho ,
    urt. ITiJt ill lh equal : F4Lr1yLurc5OO
    anount n I #Mi.t"f tlitCoft- .C'niifttil..a, H atl Vnr farther i>-irtU.-iilnrc. a Upholsterer, : 500 _
    In y iunl t' m 'rt.r.trr. _
    tf five tk of long cottuu at fatty I' rlI/iV ii4Fti'UT* ,IIIILflIPL flt liii. ewil"". thai 1J.x Ten,y nrmliigtun JKI ol'lci-; *-P.nt nd-tri* and Porsyth Streets -" Lanja 4' t ,
    2et'iM US1 I t/9h1.
    ctzt1 p p4 jhal&yerut any.iy.- 4 c ITUlTOlt JfiAJUiJJA 500 Dutch

    IfOc41aionCfl1p1Lr1tthe orango trco al th-IKrtyU.J.'Unineto_ uth n"ullt'' Vllillll"r-l.! .>lA ------ 0' r.A.TTths 600 Sugar Loaf *' SS

    lwn&IneMg to the town lots; he x>n wfll wear 1 .4lie trtnrferof M nypwirtr<*Ui. of the yl'l'n ettdlloi' a-:" of ,411dljktvTt. l< ; N-0TIQEJ !IPla. Ccrnir AJ.iii), ami Vine olrt-vt*, Sl gi-r' Building! c- !U P'ID1icCI orCbLOcFi 600 Long Orango CaTroi, -
    tUl *
    : '
    thc pie act ly law : nJ "" royal parplo of wc&Hh, , her crm JotwriluirJiM i ; ; ; JAC.-C&OXVILLE, j. p. ,

    jw nwRhbon in the vicinity ,* tho Turv4-w4.ncea ut.IiL i4atc. .lai IJ UluU sGn- :t:, 't,i ILcotli ,1Iiaik"u'e3 A. & G; C. R. R.CTu < PURNINUFLUID? & LAMPS Feb. 2. ISCIy... -S i V 500 K "Long Scarlet Ead ,

    c. cities richer that, tli 'golma Id te Jmld.-n .nt V. Oifl.e Ic', iWlIEKi f17. 600 14 Early -." t' ;. ;
    Istigtts fr thvE1.Dui Owor. eef t y, -itqs: t1t .SW tl-y ol auuuil mtlii(; f the dtwJiJwl kr ILL .- DISSQLVT10N. : HE SOLICITS ORD ItS7OR WORK -o-- '
    fur :ix t. -
    ttV i lilTc'JisUAV luUSXl"
    trrln k > Las bi-n UiungrJ w benlofcrc oxivlinu II-tWNfl tl < 15-Ot. of the GOLDEN MOETAB
    :iry hrix1up
    -- )iuelt A. 1*. 1.3 'it tO o'i.l1 j AXLE GREASE in : 5 4.ttSign ; .
    ] : II. JIAXEViIStf. T untlerAi-ifle'1. utulcr the hnnlc t>f M'nu-Uike, DcnnjLonry ,
    F* Ii NOTICE.rx 2t. U MrltfnItd Liairct. .1. -t Ii this Jay diieolv4, liy mutual coinq at. OFFICES TO LET. -- S .4 S
    A. H. .STONKLAKE -
    i .. "
    L. bS:cnjier 7r C.OInJaI', fle BccriUrj' f TrcwI GEbCERIES &c. .. 1W.. 1iENN4 \ m" ) Deai.3e oftteei oter my gtorp. tiH tx> rrntet HEW FCRK1TCUE BTOEE-ljirt wsie.tis.Li
    to (hgt11( Jutief 4 LI sAGE.-t unrer ; KOBT. C. LOWRT i low. Ap4r to It. TL IIulrThen* coiner ] ay M Lam actes ;
    ftltmt $j Z.vaa aisaty, torlettar* of 4rnhii.. !wv Aim it itt St 7 it 7. rtTfct.. -I-if C I,
    rrlvluz. nn 5 .
    tSO lb. wiLoii 140 of .atd STEEL C7/ r.V. fl VflE.-1avys Ipl now ] iii January lid t, 2 *
    ; wRrrORE ,M>. -
    ; 1L1yI R. J (1LM. 1 frH .ltieid I'lfcc. If C i; UOlJlKe! I A
    EwtJ. U. NTJY; niitIrOt *

    F Ij '-0a
    iI -


    S .:
    -5- 5.--- --- -- -
    ;;-_ -S- -S_ r-_ -S
    : :=


    I ,-


    .d -- -

    _ 1.-i

    -.-- I Iou of the fifth -cctK of this act ; and no pt-non sh1! sand dollars or by impri oment not exceeding shall be prw.-M.ted a statement of the strerUrranti

    jOFYJCIALJ mmiii and all oilier work pruxUed hy this set and Anthony amid between the Falls of feint Anthony mind Territories of the United State fttall not, after the pa->- pliKiMe to iilTi.--* nn-li anraui:h pros 1.-i onal ir*>\> said in the discrct of land made by Cong ,. to proox-t-

    tudI wmil. uch rhgi.ii.mi or im til.catjo me of the plann Roik liUn-l rnpiU : of th nrrr, and lo rontiniu 'yte of thu net. Kraut mint ale charter or fcpccial priti- who any would be dip naTflto.1 from holilinj oflloenndi ten year or both punishments, education and the manner in hich the

    ULIC ACTS OF THE TIIIRTY-- hi.-" t.itor-- ii.lni.ti.ul for thcii lii.;>ni\eiii ut no nball If tin iuTry uf the Illinuu river in acwr-Ianro with liptint tln y may, bx cetM-ral Ml Toratnm art, permit rrnmetiU tire ot the third article Vvf aid c.-t.t-: on of the court ** semal -

    .%e-*ai) and |
    NIXTH CONGKES3AT <.! uthe. haror! tttid plaam in the fourth of Jauii.try laeitr, rifrhtrrn hiinrlrtil an I nxtv- for inlninic. manufailunn, and other indu -- tuliouul 8CllVYW.Il ch1.X, if the* Hot-so of lu-prffK-ntatives. funds arising therefrom, tad the annual pro

    : ant tilth MH.-IIOC uf tbii iv t |>Tin<-d, upon| the *-u ai.dnki -t-il. And In-in al-Miilim-tnl to taitriLin| < and i-uli- tnal purml S1.caker| (
    l Tliat the Speaker of the. 1 1 1110 ati'l itfirtitiliiI K-e. J And he It further etwre proruvt.urtn LAFAYKITK i: : S. FOSTER. can
    : eo.u.tmi amid on wevtim HTiln, to tie ul.ijr aj mi ill enable | mali** to It of llir ilu..t pmiticaii.c -AYrrrrK s. ri\sTiH.:
    L.V *
    (bYtkJIrrrE1 determiue what im-nl* thinofnv limo-I nnrrotinthe lmil' >r at ll.ihetn. Tv-lan, auJof .' of the Terntorv flf y.nfan in their ramiI-ecivt| terminod.Sec. .
    Ii n to linprot Irt-miudcb( of the Senate Jd l. n>port.Il I'rvsiJt-iit of tin Senate, j-to tempore
    TJTi rcquir.-J to ri-n-lir limn ale anJ mtruiiul lit t.i'ri itv ing uilall Iirt.-Hku.iti at thai loml.Apri.x.J riuiattit-.i. in aii.liti .11 to ihifr prelate Juri .li< mba, an 4. And be it farther ena-rt.d. That the

    tjiuu'iifl of tl lie na\ul und iXMiimeri uil viel of thtI'mted March 2, If.". hut-ri-hy authonzoil to hear and drUrmme civil eau-vr --S-
    P.'FD Tilt.; XtVOXD SKSS1OX.l win- tbr damiec Jctft claimed dot* not rioted rommiasioner of public l-tiildmgf is hrreby
    rein or RararscTAb\ an*
    M-ite. "ii'l tl.e o U uf uu h :ni| io>emint- ; 1 B IloUSK OF S OF Title I'lUTED STAIrS, )
    und In "b H make fall r.-purl thereof and ol tl.e )>Nnlivliud f $ \ I'XLV. -An A.t u. ,.r..t 1 for n temporary In five hundn-d il.Klarand Mich criniual r rxn.lnat un- March 2. 1867. IS TBB NTK 1867. thorired and directed tg fnrni-h proper tifoc,. for
    '. <'. --.u "ft making Aj'l n>lTiati.n < flw furiHnol th Uut fi. I uf I liii. the Ann the (t'ni- ler the law of the Trrrilnry a.i du uut rrquirc llw inVTtinlion March 2, )
    the 01
    .. atHI aMe < rrtor, tu tom.ree ou in-ntH ol iay SIC in ) the of the partment herein e-stabliahed
    tltr Uilllaiy Auflrm} forts* lIcpj Yiiir cici- 1 h oIlier of a vrami jury 1' Thai they hnll riai i The lresiJont of tho United Sutcs havin-f of the United States having returned use ,
    4 il.rti.lx ot iMxTnber in-it, fr Mi< action a. lieu> ted ftt.*% anil lair Purj- P.IL. The President;
    inc -lui Iliiitkili. iHictiUill. buuJfed au4 *itj->rilit| !te.ju1odciedlnt) and iagt'(. And ut, upon| michitainiiiaiioii .- it ,-ia.i-lr-d hv thi Si-mitf Hii.1 Hmiin of Krrirfifn- hu.tvijiiri4uitioia in any m iltor In contn>ter y win n (Its returned thu House of Iopro.uontatkcs, in to thn Senate, in which originaU-d, the Ap| r>ved. March 2, 1867.

    *ml t.i otlMt Iunwi.Ik and ul wutki t.rn. t.en-in n.nnol. N- tixit. of llir I'niUlM.itiiiof AmiTiisi in t ..rn.Tiiw .ii ml" u. right to po&oraMf *x.uoviitii of Und mey Uin entitloil An art to Act
    ruit and hue fixing
    Jlounc of tenure
    tut. R.prrcnta-
    miM.'tnl Aivorce regulating
    It I'y ..Ii1.itIeor Olt.4fl'ity tit caiiw: Anil di-ui bill entiled An art
    : thr Itixt ilav of duly, pun
    of in ill-tiuii. auJ -iiili-.i.| 1 .. Is' trmu
    .I. wurk Ii"* < XI 11 UK' r III pnte n c : > .ui y.-sir
    theU* 1'iuln) *UU"I Amelia ill t'OuKlv-* aj4 J i inn ahull tiOiufornmiion ij iiu* in tIme )l'I ,-- i.Miiit i niul MXIJis mill nflin. sit the luau> urthtr.. Th-u iu till ea-v* an appr.U may K taken from proxiJe for tho more efficient government of the certain nx 51 office,** with his objrct.ona thtreto the Rights of Volunteers as a Part of th.
    rmUl, TUtl ihc'Mi'K: 1 as.>UIIIS IK. *yi1 l tl Y aaniv aitof M ,n i>flK. dyuaitineii', tlwie shall n m .in an urn i'n.i| |e-lomi! tli rank of m-iji.r- rnir-tl. iiuliiHiiic; Hie |tr<*li** any order. juj-ntont: or decree of caW. probate court toMio rebeL SUtni," with hw objections thereto, the the Senate proceeded, in ptiisuanro tf tie Army.

    : IM1I I M1'jfv1'n.4' 4 for siuN7 fl .4 11w .I ill.Ify etl) lii.anciaj: i n.i'iuii, l-ri.piily uppd.uI.1.thur.| .-- *j. C it \\" Ainl INit further enart-j. That the rhlof Comttitutiitin to ;
    Slut ulh1: < u -
    .t. o.
    which h in .nil-tlnnl lo lln-lr .ri .nt nxjir ,
    ,., I nan tb e millimi- l lfi-r. n aI18ol'r.M.d.; ] m } llit-f.ilii |is-r eviml urn | ]
    .cfrmny hi de er t1ILIng tl.ilkits of June. (tiiu.J.iJ.on.'nI of tK ".u-r. taly or Wiir, 1 Ie: jil li.moUi.PIluhi .} i IN-t aii-l I llu JMX UIK! imiliimi-n'P uf nil li.-t.l i.d! ttef and a-uot ule ju tiix-ol -AM 1 rmlory and the li-r- inca of the Constitution, to nxonsider the same; Uenolxnl, That the raid Mil do pass, tw,' of the United States America ntConTHM

    e iti II bui.4rrI pii1-t irutor iht ; ca-lcU and mwiielanhi towa" I)..'i.eottuuikol ilm'lfil uunlinuttmn -lln r ininitial uffi. .-rlull In r>-.i for Iai iluiiie a. iniiv illur) of Iilibo.hall i-uh ror-r-t\- nn annual (.lUr) of .mil. thirds of the Senate anrfinjr to pmets the ame. assembled, That in com-jntang thlenght ,

    .r p.') rtnT ni 0114ti'e.f atit oi-tre. time Sem-i ulery ..f Wur must.hirvtt |l.r.tid.-.l lit law fir iMv.ilrv oifii-'rn of like irr-uli llnrtj-litc Inindn-d Holl.-vr. Rcilvr l That tho riM bill do pass, two of rvice of officer of th. in
    .ired Mid fifty-four UkUJJht light lmmliU aiul or J. W. roliXEYVcretaiy ) s any arn.y.
    bul SnI.. And hi- it further rntfted, That the judc-. of Attest
    (nv olhiHI :
    Jh td.uv tu If aq4lrd| | and uJ Hec iolintfly i..c. 2. An I iiiIt Iurt.if.r rn.i litl, 1 hat mitiuii iinr
    Ion* JalUi*. but uion P .stumitl ha- -4d bru- h purp.* ex. Cptmug | I riitnlfln : 11m.. r.-H-x* the ]i.iy i.f wililiiit> the* court of said onitory, ur a of thirds of tho IIouso of Ucprc-ncntativcs agreeing !- of the Senate order to determine what allowance and paysamt

    For oii-mut-dion of utnl in tit.- Utiiliil Stti-" antIs, atiii fur oilier |" mula( them, shall, -Abeu zieai-mI.lod) at the (oat of piionmion: to pass the same.Attct of additional or longevity rations he is enUtbd

    4 fifty Julian.1V made for the >ociuc ixuniiiuliuii andtumyum iroti'! June t* riitj i-iu' lininloil sn n'Mj-f.i of .iiil lirntur) ilifine ilimri. of nan' ED\VD jrcPHKIU-sON the relative rank
    ofilcen' urnanti > herein | | : 1 S. > and also in fixing to hagixen
    omhmiJnl to
    lira of to
    |M) in dollilng K.. *, -ml tti>* -.imi is )hin-hy, inniinrnfull! \ r'nii miami Territnrxmid a-nicn the Judi<<--i who may U- I.V TIlE 1t'OISE OF ,
    and liftjii JuIIar: For Ii mi-ui meudin the pier at 1ehnrbor. Pe W rl anla..ind tt. u-t fur llinf J ears fr.mi ainl tin rliwi* i.f tin nMuni *> Krntor lo thoevenil distrirti, and lrtll al* Clerk of H. K. U.S.IX M.inh-J, l.Hfi7. 5 5Thn to an officer as l luctwi'cn himielfand nthrfi

    Ir.r current four liunJiiil llai>. <te tucntirtli .-. *. in the -n-A-crM conntie or *ubdmt>(on* in etxih .,foil Iliprett'nliiti'eS
    I lie il.ijI
    I' iH-arini MAn-h 2 1867. 5
    ilo'l'lii*. t i.ll. shalt be takrn
    thoiii.inl there
    au4 ol lit Wfe tIonI (Constitution to ro- and commission, into ac-
    ftd milLer the time-land of the ,
    fwf MT18U rj-cu-H. mry jiiliiM ill hi. i
    Fur inipr-m-tneiit at tno th of Conneaut nvi r> () -' Aii. il t. ii.'lri-i-n lain ln-d an.l *i i' lv--ix. in ce purfuancc
    tlii'U.iii l iliMhtt (v ;3. An.l U it tin tin-r i-natt'M, fbi the pmx i-i<>ii- li.'l-iliii; Ihc roiirt A s M thorndisU i Nj.ropi'r mid, lontonieni This Senate hav-ftg procccile.1, pttrwnanr'eof ronsid the bill entitb-d "An net le-julatin-j the count and t-rediUd to such officer whatever,
    >... rirpitjacof board uf vteltora., *vo Iu1I4afld) d'JXT ten *'* ii'hin but lot b-*- thin two termn ih til be held at eiehi the Constitution ti> ret-onsutlt r the bill ntit1oil "
    Jorlnpniiemcnt at Ait.lhuhi! harbor, Ohio, flft> 0 f tiir hunt rr-e'l Pt u.n't l Inly tn.-ntyft1 tenure of et-rtain, tInt officer( nttmietito the time hn may have actually aerved. whether continuously

    3ftrv.. and ulno thou- f..ur tJwju uxl l..liar l.iiitln-il a'I) nntjii i-ntliKj "A J.unt l 1f.-suIu- 1'1.1.xuf h.'l.iifl4| court each year.See. "An .Vt to proxiiln for the mon oRicipntkjoxcrnment ot tho United Statin. or at diftVrent psrioJ.. as a commissioned
    for cnvf fry r-orw
    tirage artilHfj S. And lie it fiirthi-r .enacted That for the Senate by the 1'n-sidcn.t
    For ,%nnent of uoikii at OntnJ Itlvit barlMir ii.iii I in ri-ft.ini In ritiuit nf I'nmn rt.lurl'i| M UP pn'- pur- the''
    M..AIIbML niipr thou-wn.l dollar ..HITiif," shill eiti-n.loi nt .t- tu nhlu'm (-ominiiitioii i>eof reviling the Ir ixlatite funcli of the Terntor of the rvbel States, rttiimefj to with his objto tion and s *nl by tho Sanntte Ii. officer of the United Slat s either in th

    rr IM-T-X for artillfrr nJ cavalry iracticc, one tliouaaitd Ohio tor Hixtv iini"i I tn tli* s.-i itlfimiit of tiVdiiin'n ) > ) of Montan-V 'it lit Ii hate 1-ei-n adjud. nl therein to Ilotirje of Kvpn'ArntRtiXfK by thtt Prcsidrnt of the Iloum->f Iwjinntatixeti, with the -mcta>ge n-pular army, or, since the nin.-iif nth div nf

    AuiUkfK *. t'liio twrfll thuukimllolliir*. nil inli tiil nti'li of tltv.rtnv, n ii-, nii'l nit- hato I.tlco-l 1. tincrttwmr ut said Territory be, anil! he iiheiib the Unitisl \xi\h Ml obj'ocUonK and sent
    to I_ ke fine, in ) fAr\ ?, hundred and in
    fire thiwvmH doltr! the bill sixtyonp.. the
    of : April
    in buf..rtIhur lira I'rvsidfirit nturninj
    of iluii.i-e Uij ( Mtiu, t elity thou- run, aliti Ih-il wli'.l.' liilil nn' mf-l" of } .
    .. .. f.rtMi** tito For hiiiiruvemt-tat rori'- the HDUIO[ of to the Senate
    nil h-atii \ rHaltl* It.'pn-tuMir.itivi ,
    V. Ak M.f linndrc-l nd sitt-.a-n Hviivlde Cil.l Fs-a-i- by Iwo thirds of service either under oppoi-tinrnt
    ,l.uil"-r" I lie n-l.4 1 M.iti >>r whu h ivtn*; U-ril M) In-hi l l ui {>riv>li- U.-solx-bd, Thai Ibn bill di> > volunteer imP
    huntlrfJ doIlra. BiMldre dollara. .aIi'For unproXemctit nf St. flaw: Pnt' in Viihitrm, on.hunJreJ .-rof h,;iniliiil nr in iy 1if i-iil*.iUiiit tii ri-lr.iM-! ; t.irtinto_ h irl .1.itlfe lsa'icI'j! for the 'fMcction uf nu-lnl.i-r with the ttfiAsAgo of the I'residoiit returning the tlu IIouso of Iteprc-aentAtivea agtoiing to pa*> roramia ion from the governor ot a State, of

    For furnitUre lor cadet* hodplUl, two mid filly ihou-nM ..lulUrto U- exi.eii.l.] l : 1 uirciid.iiire I 10 IM- pll'l. Il itl. MT, illilt t.I thll WI.IoW ol nil. l ll illMIMilIM i if jIus- c.iilit- ll ami hoiiof, rfpniit.ttivc-, mutt to apportion bill : > from the President of the Unitol Sta'm t aaid
    Hh thpltiw hilt I 'P''t ifiialioiis til t ul.ituT I I iimih a i b.r.-ra-un unmtrni-J. ui I lnnt i'th<-n .u flu.'a.' a iM d u-I rich s t llu* ii ntiniin.r of inrmlnri the name';
    a Th-xt thirds
    For ga jJpea, ganometon. and rvtortn. MX kunjrud : J < ram. Hi hi" lilOrt] of IXxuwutr titilh, nr-bte vii t,, ra' .n< h w .bnr thin t., the rnrtiMni; ibil.l'en of tinbciMM li--i-l.iiivr n-wiu'ilx! ppiii.ltil In I'lfor-mi' -- .1.1nltuil Kf*>lvcil, tho bill do r> tvvr Attest' ED\ 1). McI'IlEllSOX, the provision herein containe.1 ai tic nll.itivo

    dollar*. biiii-ln-d- miii.) .ii.ty-eix. --I : <>r if thenhe ni mirh vVIn* or ihiMrm. ti.! nto l'i rrhtoty. an 1 Iiii rlt-vtinn i.f-hii.1 nuiuU-ri* oftli uf thi! Scnato iiixiiig lo p.W tin H.IIIUV. Cfcrk.CHAP. rank shall apply to all appointments that have

    For innUriaU lor quarters for WlItcm ofllw.Tsc Fur ImiTineincnt at tii.itith of $ uimemi; : river, llubi"in tin- pan-ill or iiniviiii' ui tin ilii.a'r! it tin-rv 'I.I I.- l.- i-iititi I .n-einlilt-'1 l ui hush,I at such Him nit il.n Attest ; J. W. 10WSKY, been made under the Art to fix th
    Itu.uu4 thllIlVI. th.vii.l loltn'--.. ,. h wi.ltt. rinl.lri'ii.,, r then to tli. i ill I in i im.iiu..h! l in tin* in.inti*-r i-ru--ri'.l' hj, HIP'iti t I.- alr.-ady
    t .-nty < i -m icin-iit 1. jur.nt t. of tht? K ptto.CIL'iI' .
    the IMUT .4 MIicrKcmlnuk. : ,
    ** Socro.ary
    for.tthaliflUd beating -1 *1nf .I-I I'ririiorj at tin- ai--.ion tin CI.V. An derls.rotllid and x aco iblishim-nt: of the United
    Fur Iraj weini lit of M. ilwV mer, Mkliitt.. Itlj brut!hi-i< au-I 1 M-ti i -' of tin ilieia4.l.NT. is-i-ii r. rt- Ait to miht-iry |
    for kinK -
    bull lintf*t: linj-rotiii;( tbo :Ij.JM-at4I| | l o Uiow-omni 4.11 mt... 4 And, U- it iurthurli.t.. tnt, Th it !" for the CMitvu : r ii>iiKi t.ittdiia. m- Kiki. lluriin ot tin !nni.| il ami ci ix-t-f'>iir.ind i lit'ititii: Is ii n-hr-t ntimt mjtvit. I CI.IV.An Ihof 1"nnre Clint
    J-or month! of AH Sab.e n\r, ih '--t pKixliiiix I, fr I h. iH-tt.-r improMiitf > them and
    1' Ui tJitroJucliou et luith f..r i'C Mrlc, tlic coiitraitMnof rurMianre hundred sixtysix.S .
    clu.lln .in.l th. tiilli'ilioiis of tuti-rnb'l we tinunii ill
    -. iti a
    | llnr I rvbi -
    ibli liiniit,1', ,
    ur.iii4I'jli.n i1,1.ti''l tligiit
    ihi> nniitiiv! ( iiii Civil ( )MW!
    %aurclit in the library. buiUin nil itwm f.fu j'ur iiniiioiln;: Martjiii: -tte harln, K-ik 1'iiperhn, ', n lniii'ln-1 and mu X IViiiIr. mini liorism mi. tli" 1r-.m U-n' it I |ir. N-I I'l I'oi.h_ orjinicail, Ain{ im.l t Nij'tuhim cert. or of his (Ordeis. iu the of the late f tbouian-1
    } furiuturof.>rtbeiwlt tiin rwuns rtjr i-0lit3-.tive iht.u-iii'i tnlaut. lo :i'I) >olnt an nvi-tati ,ut-t-n-tar rf Mr, U> out IttiuIli. ,- ; the I'l-'tii-ninl thin-fn mail** ..n ac. oiint ol rnv IM i it ontctwl by tho Senate and HottM f'fKcpriNi'iit.ititts lMnlli.m against the 1'nitnl Mal'i !- *. matters relating to pay, allowances, rank, duties -

    Collar A* in igtu lmliciu #, 1, 1'q-iui ilaty-firu- |. .1. >. i.ilu. null I tli>- :i-1mhiv. ixt i Intul, thill.iiviiu 1 ; <-f the i'itite.l St.itcs 'if Amcri-
    lot IK| Uoule of of officers
    nkoll t thou | and rights and
    at fuel for orVXii reo en.ictid the Si-natf pfldfhftand a >Udieri
    Kor purchase > .- nit th.- linn t 0 .H!>. .l 'Ii. li--n-l.itixittstini-\ it by ,
    buliiri'. 3-r. .S_ And Init I liirtln-n u-n-iet"l, Ih:it *o ni orb of I tinirt pi
    thuti'uutil assfiniU l That
    ami d<41ar vi the 'vorkii Fur improving liailx at tlmque,4r Uylivoiinm, iiiutl l-.I I ".\n ul In i tn.r.M*- Jin-l lix tinmilii.irt I! I lie ---.ion I ht-t iif.iricit-l. 11n- :ipH| > i ,! nl,1'ov i ;i ill >ni rc58 ox cry I'lTwmhulilniij Ui-priM' nt.itiveb ot{ tins Unltnl Mates of Amerieain of tho army of the United Slates, th
    cnkueiiwnt i
    Iai the mnoT l ROd -i.liil in imp, -t--t j.'Ii shnH hi li .--.I HMMI MII-'I tit-il nftiiT to which he h.i: bvnmijijiiitttcj
    innuiiii ally ih/ill
    ;_ dollar nilti.lbieettioUMUtt dollar IKIHV ivli'-h-limi'iit 't ft InI'mli'l I MaU-s" approtnInh I t'on n-ns :L.lntllell| hat all arts, pr n-I.tmatinns s uni rulfj-i and regulations a phwithont
    triIty tlan4 Cur ..44rJ ) ini3ru.hIIg hnrburo Aui lk<>ii SirC- Mielii ;in. St tuentx-eiisli'i, eiahtivn .nnl am'h ix. a -r..linn i>l tin- '' t !.--m.l -. nt tin sctri.U l lt*.j- | | by and with tho advieti' and const nt f tho tnitid such time > be
    ntI fur have
    For additional appropriatI' .1"lull hi I and orui 11 "f t thn I 1'rutuli-itt <* distinction a they may or
    I ili ,
    i-l,it in* -Iu--m i ru-I-! :uhil.rmirt\.lli rvt'irn-
    ten th >u Were not midti Urt jiar :- five thnnn.l i&ktra.I 1-oriiHpiwiment of Grand River h-irlur, Mithn in, ears' ',ortuis, oh:ill tc :nu. le.let > ato ici-1 in tin- .il.i v"t ti.! *.ii-n-ttrv: "t i I T"u'oi-! i \ '. f>i> every jtsiaon Nt.itm, <>r a'-ri d ltbe his iiiitlmrity or a.roval lut-n in the rvice, alike to thus.- who belong

    ; fat *UrnUutc nl&rirHr fir cmjt dUn-tV< Inttn'rr fIIe1.IUII, obu buutltvd Jol- forly tiio*** ,hlarmi.jnnumvinint, .. and |) -ix'ii" it lni h.itii t1! nnix -..n -ri--'** mliiiV'n I nthi i --ir tu "l tilll fin'oli- thi i..t- miller bo apK| >ititr.l to ;any JtlihIfli'1, and shall 1 : after th I iiiu Iii of .tiltru-li, anno I I'. .mini ei httcn permanently to that service and to thoM mho,

    l>r ] of Hij.k Kike hnrlor, Mic'ii0-aii, tl'ri. xe.imntlii t-ilunti-T iii --hul:t I t.i <-!i. --n'>r. ttitlii-m i t il-inj u .1 IK** ,ii-ui, t.t "take an aJ;"..ri 1-4-nmio dulv I'ti.ililiM[ to Ret thi-rViiV, i is, atidsh.ill I and bcfiTV the first roluntt-era. It, have been rommitwi'inor
    )* L Jollurs.I'.ir i ,,! ,n-iit, tunli .il!! t.iiri> n-pniM-nt lb.pi.| *ople i.f the hundred :and M\tx-oiif, as may; or -
    P nit -->ii'- liiiwi-iuil i'titon to I'd- cram ol' npt.iin. Iw rntitliil t'l hold such flk- until MIO.
    of water > pnnno.4 i d
    For incrc*sirf| the thoiiMiml mjiply lol! ,., i.lucing main, nnpnrt inh irti-ir of St. Joneiih, Michigan, ti-tn- ; Siv.t fi. An-I I U-titvn huudrnl and or mu-sH'r1 tJ! Jritn'lhe military ervi e under
    I L', -hun* find a-1.llti..n i-ton* and fonauli' tj-iurif tbuUMkinl ".\ii.n '. m-iix- to pmtili- for the l b mjy any i sixtj-MX, rtpttiti; -nirtil latx, tiiilitary trials the law of lhV> Unitnl States for a limited period.
    roomx. vrren Ihouiwii.! lucliuoInd .li.nnin. 1 .T unj-rmint; hnrlior at lm! time, Ucoiwn, furty-flt .-n-.- l.v >-.tP.lihtn.! \n uiitf.mii, nulitin, tliI'liit" l<*:-i-l:uitiiLKiikt- nf the TJiriUiry IM GxtM b;? the ijiitiin.r. and diily ju'vlifieil.! exi-i-pt. :ui lun-in otfurttiai* li crumrts-hiiui; tint1. i'r military nniMons$, or lul nothing in this act shall be construed

    roof buiiJing lor Jiublic odic ., tjn m thca- ttMu-on't! Joll..r'. I I I'Sl la'.vV' mu|1.'n.t-a-u< M jy t.iI hl i >' fi !ntet n hniidie i iind riiMlfil : 1'rox'idi-d, That the Si-cntarien >fSt.iti )
    Fur rirr-j>. For impruriiu hnrlx S'aebov-gaw, "Wi-tconnin, culjttltoii m nun-l-l "is anl tlw1 .q' :ii.inn: n't': .r\ I thi-r. :---v. fi. .\ i'-I 'i, it fur.hirrn-ii.tiil. Tint all ai-t- |>T =rlIt I I the arn-st, iinpiisfinment[ ami trial of persons an aftVcting or in any way relating tin the mill.

    mid for..J.Llara.I brvaat-bi i wall uf water t attciy, five tbouimud iuil dullaro. if, Uml they "" hut Chv, ftiHi-n-li>.l t.y htukinou: till- l it-" l "lull" llf t'll* a )-etll--: ll'JI-l.itUl* a-Sfllll.Il, *, of the Tii-i-mry, uf \Var, of I tin; Nixy, I charged xtitii j-ui tiCijinit| jOlt in the Lite reinHumaiminst tin of Iho several States when ca'led' into Uie

    1 ur in,; liarikir of ManKuwoi*, i ei'H-in, for- he word "ttlilte.'* iiI In* I.-n it'ii *.- ut in i, ls--'i l in "utit'i'ii i i him.lie .tnd nt I tin; I Inlcri'ir I the 1'o'tnta' 1
    iniiiro aider iibettors service of the United States.
    United St or
    dohliAui. I the tttu' or sis : -
    A-mck on the wharf two tbousnn I tvile.tlii.ipiii.1 doll.tin. S,_r. ;. And !>. it fnrt her I I (t.l.t S m t;; t llu ui.l i-i\tv--i\_ .in- I In ii-ln- ami ihi-l.m-'l: null the rneIfnera! sh.xll: hold their ollii enrosptvtivi'Iy : : ,
    : For UuiiJn-J permmuwflt Jiiilir. 1r im..nniiishin>oruf Green l ..iyV IK.xiiiBin, furt- iirdiMiieot.'rdc'i': |>f r and [ aii.itan at tli I in *l pii iyln-ld? I ui'l I v ii-l. i v- i't utt rti" tinx I *, mliiiU-i I .t.*..iint.lIlLllIU of tin beiii}, fit :u ajnilly ot any dislojal pnetiie See. 3. And be it further enacted That the
    fur and thf
    iliir.ii term
    2 r tivu hki. 2. AliJ I he it $lurttirr cniu-lc, Tliat the cu.k-ti uf Ihi tluiuA-iiid dullar. _\rinuixwl'u Iii. Ih rnikspiv.nnil oemof a i in.iof .l.l'lMlll'l.I, I '! I" I N I'l" tl-ll"llllll III III'-I 111nh in aid llietiot, or of any ti.i itiuIt of the I art entitled An (U I to ini r.-a-un the pay of aid.diers .
    1 ;? ImibtT of ManiFto> MicUig.mulv eit.tltll ill at r-ke.-lN .P tif the *hjli i l.fl' -_ .L-- ii-.ii.ut.: 1'io.i.Tt.J, !n>- i-vor, iu all I'reaiil.'nt by -ahoiw they may hive; l-roii' apM -
    Il the AlliitarvAca: Iciii} lntHK W t c f <4i>n ii"m n ur unluTn f | .1.111) laws or us.i4i; ..f war, or of atfinlini aid ui.ilJ I II in the United Stat i army and for other
    b C ccitcd byliirwtinxTniJMiii'im-nattlieNiK-nl Ac.vK>m\ thiuu.miuid dollim.loriinproxeintnt. -Iter line I Hi- rank: pir: an 1 a I hta-i mini of <-.
    jinniiticinit Bt tl.e dttUt ot the approval of thy Ian uutbui of AVIilte Hi\er hirlior, Mn.hi-in, at alrt and the I*" rhapl iii' ii.uuI I in ,MI i' b.\ ir In-r,-- hi-1 s i'u'tchill! nut i I I-- n.ii.nn .f.inv Iliinin, iln, ,MI-II..II 1 .ind with the adii.aitil cons* *ut of J I roinlort to uld-N a ;.uii'-t the iiuthority of the j.urn| >ieF" appn>vtsl June twentieth eighteen.h'mdrtil .

    T the aisOmu.'cv. I fifty-M MII tl.iMif'ii'l dollar afti-r to l IN* tii1"iiiit..l.! ,-li.ilI\ IK.. ioinnn-*i' fifl bt tin- ,tuI.t ci. "1, ll.* pl.rlll.ll->)_ fll'lll 111-ikllU .tllll K'-llll 111 by l" Xates, an-I mill prod-filings and acts done and sixty-four, shall not bo so conitru-
    IZMIR m. nt <.! Murkcijon harbor, I. kiMicl.i- the uriifufIi linn in tin* '-.',lrt- nl sn.l | inii i\ : _\n a. Ami l f jjrukfi."rif t' >aiiii.Iiliall nifiutin MHIK jwyolid gafl. lilt) -1.hIlC tlioutkUid JoIIars. .siliin| %tli'! '!i line'iy C-tjiMi-ln-il t-i ran', ;a- <- i jit.iu.uf I f.iri-i.; Tint IHI Iri'-l'ti.iii i'r pirtiinii.l hvitl.HKiii inl'i *. 2. And 1m it further fnactnl, Thit mitheim
    t.tmi,441.t |
    mioUliooott aUuwt'd to oilier os, ioUut juvlcKMUs of 1-or liulpi'o tin; htilmr ol Niutu Haven, .Miolup-ii: infiiilrv, Kh.ill l he' h'li.'l' b\ the Pu.--i.tu| | a.!. by .ind nilhllii -Sit h I rrit--' y -jr tV-- ,i til nu.leii iiiuiuhit of Hi.* tirions, fir arrests and iinpri*>nm( matS made in the of the army at the date of itap.c

    tilt ni-Mcmy. f.ilH.lii'i i tlluil, .lllJ JolMrs. H.l'ii ,: r\ I ei-r" nt of LI'U it.-, mil .i"iiinj i h i |>- tltl! -i----iii''V "hill l>l* ill-Mill.I V.lll.l llnill till ill-L'lull any app-iinU-d as |In mis b> any jf rtou by tine authority of the .iLe, and the first section of the act entitled
    For iro\ini ImiKir of Kate Iluiftlo, Muhim, -h I" the t itiii .1to ti it! Iii'l'| *jit.itivi* .-oiuliy Inn-HI j mr..tin I fur! uf the IJmti-d' e mrts, h.ill, during
    Six. 4. AnJ be It further 'nnctej, That in par* f tN- ii | ...ui' ill bi-n- ilit-r < n vinn : I onlers or pi o< ii HIM i>f the i'tatliiit; ntaile I An net to amend tho wvc-ral acts heretofrrepas.
    'iatml l t.v this or any .itln-r *-' MMMi ) iixty tbiwMktnd t JlLir*. iilliei in-iiu-nl, ;ile.t-tmi'-.-, l.irt--rtiiean-l ;,.-n-i'ini. take |1.luee.1 a lei-t .> <.f tin St-n:ite, IKsh.itvn.! by fid.iucsVisfn.
    money tolbr al-lInhi.] | )Jiij urmibfi-tfitcoul nr.y i iidu mill) I l..i- nnt'ro\ius Ifrf'T' of IhinMrk, New* Vurk, oiehuinln i< now I bt- 1 tiw: for o'ii-r itli'vi< of tlie ..iriny.KT. : -.---, 7. Anil iiIt litliorintxctC'l Tint fnm mini :i!>ir to h Ihe 1'ti.sidfiit to l liii ir'tilty of as nli uruqi-l 1, or in aid I thereof, are hereliy ap- ..'eil to provMo {for the fcnrtJlling anil calling

    t bittc>| .t.lined! tu lie lu tvttrlliuii n nliirt tlic 'nrniiiu-nt t -lit I of Apiil nt-Nt tin- >-s Inure ul itu li ot thfIU tnry ; pros iii ill all I n s|. t--. l--r.i.i/i; and made vuliil. out the national font and for other purpoW,"

    the tIrt oltiiiU'trj.tiKbti.Hn lor impiuMiig har'ior uf Itulftlii,. :vtew York, our whi-n- on i nlitU.l toti-i:,-i\c nn'iit of luniiliin \ liiof tinM'tir:.1 Hiiprtnnri.nit i 111 iri'li of tin* nrL miieondiirt in ulHoe! fir -.tinic, or fir Any t.'mt--iiIt
    ,-f tin l;iitHj Stati itjmjniiitt-d| | alter diij- JH r pit tit the Mime extent! and! xvith lIt: a.iniettlett: as if approveil March third, < ijrhtet-n and
    bun in J aril pasts -,&-veil, utilil :rihtM hiuolr.l it. .us.tnL .kul ams. >ler the pm-itt ti.'i.'li'' of any law, i-linll 1 i in ik-- ajipliition; i.I IMI/.'-! L-r', iti-a l. .- (.-\- <-.I| M itI-imt .IM.| I Ic sh:ill litxumo iiuapabloor lo-j.illy iiiiililifl to

    .limill hue been ruMonil to it* uriglnol ruiiiii tu I:ui iinpiitu lurbor lit Olcott, New York fit mouth hl-r.f. ( or w-hi'r,' MI h nppV: .it iftIlhutli K-in >-''e by llnj t .MI IhoiiMii-1 I'IMhiti: < i in
    the Uutua- of Kw'iieen-uiilo Ci-ok, -Ixty I llionsr.rirl) iloll I.IM. j-r'ul|i"r r'-l pn-vitatite I ',-im.h pir-on, is-i uu d. e -.t-m .I. A'i.1 h I" itlinthir i-n.K-II-.I. 1hat mill ;it's mini S and in\di' }, Ititti l said an e-ts, imprisonments, pro- or retroHctive in its operation, and shall cot id

    4piruc& JcbruiuyCIIAl S. For iui| r.i..t-iit al him tar of U.k ( inh.inlw unl tin illh ni i- oliiih I h i- IM' n !i.a 'tliall : nitH l nf lit-is (4mt-i'o! -i't.'t*' onlt (M* att .in Iitr.hire- th<* I'/Qr-.idfnl/ m iy Sti1iimii'l j u.h offiitT and eci-d.n, and ;tu-t tc had: Im-n dour* under the *<> iiintruiil.AI .

    ii York, ilit-M.-\eii(; tliuui. iii.l dollar". ,_. l-t': it for I1" nn minting utliruT! toit.nvi i -, in inriliil.Ajijiroxnl. S sirnAfe MIme aunt.Llui.) i>crson to fH-rforiii tcmP'r.uily ,
    *. CI -An act to fix the CAImIu.ifton cf tioUiuUutvnuu fur mi; har.H.r of 1 if ixjJm lay, New York, 1 lieu uf Iho .fiml I pu'lin tion i-f MI< h oill! ,ir.-. prootof Min-hi, 1 07.CHAl' the; duties of nah ofKou until the next 1 prex ions expie -> :itithii't ity and dirf-'ior of thj proved, March 2, 1867.

    n Iftln. m ul CutUr N.TMCU, uu J lor oilic civilly tm.m1: 1 d. ini>. tin a lo-- of tin.line mil! wi'iiiidii! iv -r-st of I's j Cunijuas ot" the Unitnl Stale*, in pursuance
    I'urpGML I 1 or imprMt nif| ti.trbur of Little S uiIum b 4 Xev York, i l-u, in- and i- ii.lonti, IUJII'M'! ulth) pro if uf i lln id.-iiint I i I I 4 'M.'i A-t tn niin-ml an A't i-mitht.-'l! "An nni tin"; of the Senate, and until thu ease .shall of law t then-of f-.i-te.l and ixi3.sljlUthoiiinir
    1 t 1W- u ciiafUtl 1>> the Si-lute niM llooso of Tit-|ire cntB- fifit ihiiu ati I tI f tincl I ultTii orper I :iihri I Ii inedvfinia A--t l-j pr.a iI.mi 'I l- niiiiniv it ." mm. HI t.'rilielir- lie actiil up'iti bv tiO! St-nate, and siifhper uiiMdos'iti.itiil > I a tl.. lc dont CHAP. CLX: -An Act to gtnnt certain: Prixi'igtS -

    I tire "f tinL'uiUi bUiUn of America iu Couyn-r aiiil.lnl I impiuxiii) barlior nt Oswego, Jve'r oik, they t'u- i Ikiraeli-r aii'l Ii,ru ol the LI i-i.1 1 -ietai ill iitii't"I I luli.i! ," .ip.-rtivcJ il.irih thr"c, i-i, htu n ; -!hmth1ttku.! the oaths and n'vo 'h hond i and dntftin tmo: to ttf the Alexandria. \Vaflhin'ton, and

    Thut bum mil] tin tbirtj-lirnt ilaj tit I 1i. tb.'iisioI iKi.lan |hi\ni t>tei-iri n< HI:ill I im-'''-tln.S liiui'lri! 1 in 1 -I ixtvtlinv.lii i And ito i-ltjl court ot t the I'r.ited Sfatf-s, or if
    hnilior, of riattabtirg Xcw Yolk S ti'l l-t t'n riuli-an I I llniim* of niinired by law t crmUT ijthtM-ii liundn-J iiud i>ixt-.ix, tli i'iinji'utcitiuti For iinproTit-5 -c- a. And lj.-itliirtln-renAi.ti.I I 1 )hat si < (inn fif.eenof U -iit Ri'prcapn.tivi aluv 'slate, or of the l >i-trtt! ofilumbia.( or i-f
    ol time ulUii-rii llhincut ut tin* t'nl.c I Ituti". ill' Anii'ilr.i in <;oiiicn-i mue- I orn duly a[>Tw itttiil to fill sin-h ofli'iaid' ; Uni'til trkt of Columbia
    tho Statis.hall
    Iii .uiiipli 11114 Liii i ininrotemi-nt uf the na\i.'iitioii i 01! Knili1 iiiil l I.r oilier *,*' _i-iiiMirl. 1 I li it tin.j i'igi" nf tin->nr>n HID limit of smiid I mixdftiiei or tenitorx ot ,
    I Uut fulluttiu; nilia, \n ( of the Ntnti4-, i pIlr.--- it| iu am-h casii it sh.ill ho the duty of the ln-si c the K lie" mil i!.uiio, tat wi-en .Sin airt 1'ui I. oh i .1 in ot tin- .ill, tvlirii :ii--inl.l.-.l have ttk.Jim lii ti.'ii of. or in
    I < tun ]> fi lit iru.i-'i J lilt fiftli. e. !htiui linn nil and lliult-iMali', INiiin i iiilmt ijuritt in. j'l or a anyIn.iflhair
    PI IV i-tr. ; I atttr tin first day of inh Iepn-! cntatixc3 of the Unit -d States of America
    I ) thirty .li'iur.iml il'illnrstor In nit I'M* -rit nt -.ininn'ti .if sii.l Y. unry, -It-himi-| tin. tttijiity dd\s
    am Aujju-ta : ii-1 -.i III U :- !! -ril ullnei 'i:ill ni.l -u-.ilter Ii -V4-ri4t "'t the n-ni-diii hal I orS
    !f o ttcnty.fivt 1iuitred (ti.1IM, p.nnum.J mi] r..i harlor of < I jluiitiurg, New Yoi k, for u-a.-!ii.l-.l fri uim riv I itinj tin a.l-!Irio' r.i'i.-n lor en-rt 1imJ.t-utl i ili-lii-l- nl xi..l It'ri itiune. .1.1.1 .i'-.iiii Ih' jinlji I next rue -; in.r of tin- Sc-na'e, ton-port to tin* any i in <:'ongn-ss assmohbleulThat the consent of Con
    >lifit liLOtrnant and cblvfugiiiix,r., nglitecu liuudra tliuunaiiJ J.ilUr I fml'n I l.o lieu I.e > nli-1! t. r -,.u i-I I 'l'-i irit"r 11 sicts done a-i l.-.mL.t: nor StiLli! ; ,tnp, r>* .n Ini
    ii-i' <
    bv |
    C Iii,- tia.M-rt inan-t n i-> r : iy .tu.i- > Sen.i'e .ucli hti'iiaion| xtitii the ixi'lcnic! und rn us I is', lurid the same 13 hereby, granted to the
    it- >l slitLimi i-cr anuuio.xix.iicl : l r impiotini the h.irlur uf Lorlingtonnuont, til; .it illui-m-r'i 'in tin-! rr'nvl I ll t of nit. -It'iii-t- ai.'l nil ill lee ti\iiinl, .ipji.iiiit tin* liiiu-. much{ i held Vo untvf in any ot Kinl e>i'iit.s 1 f-.r any ai-td

    1 ( )heulenaui* nJ first aasktant ciifiurvrf| li ct nbuiiilml -lgI.ty tb >-and dollnr. i his ii tie Ill'iiThlI e ol: .i.l.hUot.:.i! r-ilium I lor cttrt Cue pin a 1'inIi'.1.Ititm' i-.>iiit in I tin* oir.uh i-oiintii > oi .<*ul-- reatifl tor hit ai-ti-m in thi* encsu r, und' thu naiiu- I ',ne or oinitteil to In dMi.i: ill |-ts11:1t1u.: or inmd Ahuxmtntdrittashismttr'n, and (teoigetown UaiUn

    lUlur \rt aunum.Iblrd K<>r improti in<'nlit Tli.nni-\< r, ConniT-tlcMt, thirty M-MI a' or. LIullii'i-T- i 1:1 a- Iii i- -rvmct-. I a i.i..ia-. lu t-.t-hi nf ui-h j'i.h.a-tI .ii-tnrtiK i nml lli-r flu I of tin* |>.-iM>n t-1 to j-f-ifor-ii I he titi'i'-n. >ad Company to use steam power in drawing
    llrutciuuiU ant MIXHIJ a&.i tant tiginet --is tlrwdm'l di'lian". 2 ; lllli-H :uiu'i| <* of 1.-il I -Illi, Ml.* li'lirtat lo tlUMll rllllivni of aiv of i ud prm Iatna'i'iii'- 4.i.-r .n ml. orI
    pjirovm..d, ), 1 ;. of HIH-Ii ollii'c..An'I if t tin* Soiiatii ah.ill concur the ears of sail company on the structure across
    1n twclr* LupJrcd dollars per annum l-or the pin ,es- of iniprnt iiii the nitimition of tin | ri.-l-u| T.inl C ileuiiiiut. atitiiouty or with thu aj' of I the 1'resiilent -
    M.illic iuIloi| llio .-. Ainl! In* I f her iCti-il. Th. th" in sui-h 6its'i-iiMon| and a It isc and consi nt to I the Potomac nver erected by said company nnIcr -
    litel 1.tig.tilt et2. it it ,
    I4T7OK MATE or ADMNOI Ok VltlllC 'A1TI>U OUDKIU.CaptiUiM M. C'roix e LMii llioinui.1dullaiit CHAP. fXLVI. -An Ai-t in rihll'| t.-> i c-v.opc im- url i rn in-xt u. *- within tl lt" (. .i-iml :ifiii-sad: t, :tn 1 remqwit t-
    : I'mxideil, Th" pr.ivm-e ol NtaJtr.i mm., ii kuliiill .| nn.b'r i-nti-iici-foriil'nci-.ig.iiI-I tinI I..-nirof -iiai .t tiu I ,.n-i itic'ma.s' if tRl l ri it'i-- ,i I a- the nni'itrtl o! such otlr, they shill upI leit.fvlo I the provis-iona of the a<-t entitled "An act

    4 HcMtumntxuiJ, < I 'remio 1.-mit-, who may: tin-ruUjM.n riinot.hUih .- :iiiij any of the it t'l.s :ifin td ; and all ofliifi to extend charter of the -Vlexandria! and Wash'ington
    Fll l engiiiitrii, like fur Mill vuJ I ),', u-tum'ur. huiimt.ln. .1 aii.l mmmlI I uiul other iu I th.1 Mrxii-,* if the Unittii
    i.i\nient INMIIm ii. eiauv.t-h.hit.
    a rum jizraoc, | i |( I He i in-nie'islb) tli l >- I HIIIPO I uf I KiprfK.nt.ittteollhi A. I IHI-OII -
    iillicr and [ and with th" advii-o and Railroad
    3.I, dolUr ftt annum.5eouu4 and firat on oiiiliUwn that in no tent hhill:I tli,- pro\.n (,i New I'nit'd Malei of mu-ri- in Co.i: ii-.. .i* I iluci e mt-r: tie' :: e niui-aiu'Iv if s tm'l hi-nm-mtomv by Siat\; or xxlio ;u tisl in aid t'.er,!, -tiriir Company, and for othT pnr-

    lidKwuauti aitant uiigiufcra, ckundjrd iti Utica uk be called upon fur more than Ii.ilf the DUIU '('Ill l.ii-l. Th 1 -it ail prison' tt I to luxe In" n, ui lllll '_itil hi-. lu.-l-l hieiui-tlIv., Amt.1 hut' litNtli.tiona 1'. ( ons-nt of the iS at.% ap'ioint amt ,ttu.r pts-non to i.inV 4 |MIS," approved March three, eightei hun
    be K Id i-ritna hate
    i 4 ha'.l
    d < f any fiH.-n.e .uMin-t t'ie' 1.1 I liI.'4llhM'i i4 ut tic l-jt'jtit e .L *finlily of t-nil rtrrioir tlUih ollioe. Uut if the 8'-n.ilu shall rcftisij tocoiionr in the pi'-mivs o dn-il and ixty-tlir-eand a'on-; the radwisy now

    : enxincrr-, 1-..i imprut tint tit of U ii'lui&l mcr, ?Ce York, from of the (I'nitisl MitiN, mitt-h I -.iilte.l in one *'.i'i- pn-.oti shill i I" In 11 "ii tin M-i-'ii'l'ivni I Aiiu-t, t. n". I Ixten aiith'iri/tsl by tiie I'li-sMent ; unit all art
    in Hindi h
    :k kaiij.rd thiee htiu.lred and live thoUh4n unebuinir"d or pi-niti-.ti.irt ill ,'\t-liI'C I hi- J'uiIlui-i.t m- M-nti, ivit) <-iu Ini.Kli'.l i i: .i'il I i-ivf., au>! Ihtif.iUr "..illIHI I Mf-Hnsioii, sin fillinr so susetidil and .irt- of ;tt-hs hiritoioin *,iM-eil, inconsistent laid by said company, or which may be hero-
    l hi. furl her enacted Tliat) fr and ]
    after [
    i A <4 it ,
    c. .. ,, .hall futli.nth ti-e fiiii.ti.ins othis after l.iM nndi the
    and < uiittl4ht i.n-h i u:it i.-tmn, tim HO i M.ilii. I lh. iiiM-hi- m mn.m iliit n-in sh ill l h.-M K-mil illt.S. le-'it'tic provi-ioiid of the said art,
    ,. the thtrtj -Hi>t ma.h oflim of the rvveiimw ctitu m ri ii >-, lulu ( haiKifiM nlNrfiiiiltn liall IMhiist inn1 1 a iin-t i c. I tho JH V TJ J.I-IM.II N) jn-r- along Maryland Avenut*. in the city of W.i hingfon -
    &ztyia. nui**-) >foui thu.i-aii-l 1 ilu.lar>. t'ninba'l! h itia ili'ilnctiuii of une in uilh ten nf I hue ri'iii-w* ol upnnl.i.. ivi-- ot -..tiI I U-M|:ituo i .,..
    ball Wcntitl'xl lu mtivti l t.urmmm Stui d>i.ta in hi< M'-ul i-lidh and
    on uut one IIMTV |MT day. I :Tig : CIMMN ti> the dipfit ui
    ) prvrnt Washington
    tf iiii .rotiineiit of Cheater hiirbor l'eiin ,i-'iill In i-hi--I.-.l li I llu- tent, iif ami ,
    ; tlraina m.'nhfiMin, I lii- ti-rm of tln'ir silit-lI'--\ .Ot1 1 sli ill l In/ i-n- Miiil.l.v i t i.u s ; Match Ir"'i7.
    bolt iKWteJ flint ,
    t fU i-c. 1. And of th. 7'rencur-further i out, the to viiatk i the vl < li-ten thouitKiul *. 'i h.l| to llirir N n mm h tbe mi UK r. njuni tli- tin* ni'-inli. IH nf ini-il if s ui.t! l./i-l.iTi\i' if* nij.lvhill tino.i I !.c al *?a'i.iry iind ni'.ltriiiiit--I tf VH-I ofli. i branch tif thr> I'.altirnorv j\url Ohi.> railroad Jmb-
    \ Midi m-tarjr ai't Uunug the List half ixrry of tho cum-ut pruinoiiB linealir For impruxenienl of elawire bnakwiter, Icimiwar! <> n-rtiliuiti- Ihe a.irlin tsr keep"r ol MII-Ii jiion oriN'iiitfn'iaiy ; Li11.t.'I l thrill'- ti-ini, "t Ii-ur .M-II-I-: 1'iotii .!, ill I, during such KIIS; >:ision, in-Iuii ti tho p T8 jet alwis! and in all particulars. tf> such nstnr
    bit one iiundied und nine tliouMn hour hundred aiul! with lli approval of tl-e ! ut llIntinor. t at III-- li.-t i-l.i 'l"ii h'i. it'll i'uni-"li ill nf hue -mIHT CHAP ('LVl.-An .u-t to proxide f .r the Allotment
    II slid durum the 13yrarti.thug June thirty, -nJjuiidnd ; -ui P > MI forming tho dtitii thi--of, and not to I tions and the
    regulations such
    | corieefning of
    ninel)-three doiLies ai.l l M.venty cent*. -* "I.n.i i'-mi i il I "h ill I I b-M li-i"- il ttr t hum term of twntiir ot tlir ilemls fif the Supreme Court us
    t and nixty-vight, the cum of ono huudivj antI >'or ill TaUpneo ) ant I tie lit.) I Ir tli nf f,.. the nllii-( r ii'> stispendiil, : 1', hmtrnr, steam as the ration of
    tliou uud four liuuilu-d Jol.iim u hivl improvement ritu, Miryh'i.: <1, fiv- .' iJ, Mirchr, IH'.T.CHAP. ; *>, n in mini1 : t nil ir tin Circuits and tor the jower ei>rj>f> Washington
    thirty-tbn fur the of the impose
    J.r.prmteJ reteniki cult r wrirr iy any
    expenaei f'liriiiipriAeinent uf muuth of Mi ifiipiiJ rlxir, two CXI.VII.-An Ait for the f of n-rtun i ll in tu IN* i-l tht triinnM anit *> .1111 tinillitncH a .Marnhal! for I Ito >upnmeCouit.;
    of In the otLn lielji titi-tiett that MU.II sitsMnision was lo ( litsiitjticint
    out nut ill time
    \ at iiin of
    any muuej trcat-urj ix.a | on. re< thu said r.iilruad
    iintod.Appruitd hundred Uuiuv.uiJ iloll.irH. Cuii'r.n, r'r the Con-truMioii of Yewl--i-n..t u and il'ittse ofllopi'rriit.itiii'i'i any { ,
    #._ ]>piu]< For improietntut of Uhiorivir, one hundred tliouuuidlolliir nn.l sic tin M .irhnnry. ilurll.i| ti-ini nl f itme tii.* nt il.-.-tn>nli.illIH L't., >iHnl-i, shall bu authoii/iil, at any COIJI uiflV_ .
    February 28, JS67.CHAP. < ( the UIIIK St itts of America
    t: ( *. Ii.! it tnaeled h y tho S-nate nn-I Houv uf IJi-pr.'ioii- ; ili-tirinin.-l I| vititi >r of -mui-l! tiinu )U'fire r.ortin| *,' wu-h Mi'jn-n-sioii to I lieS I I trth 2, 1867.

    ClI.-An act fur the llcllcf T rortoln tinfted For impioxement of Sano river, Maine, forty thousand tatiC-s ot tin I'niti'l St.ili" of AmiTiiit, in (;.ni.'ieK- an TTI.I 1 *'|> : rr.'ti'li-il. '1 ill null i-iiiintu in.l .-l.tii'nhitiii : n.ttiits abuxc |iroxidnl, to ri-.tiKi' t>ueh tumI | in COIUTCMxMiinbieI, Th-it the < htf: justice

    0 Men.'WbcreM iloli.ii -unlili, '111 it the >oi-ii-larv ol tin.J (t\ ilnrob) ..inthuiiiil < t Is uliii'h Ii* rn lit''. 1 t" c 111 tttu nit tnU-r- ol of the r'iiite I ,! St.ilis and I lie atsu i-iate ju.stiee of

    certain drifted Into the for jireiwnatlon and Improvement| of Ilot-tun linrhur anil ihru-ti..1 to !nt>>>ti -nt,- tli.- l.nin, > ol .ill i -ntrti the ninn ll, --u>- nlu-I nil-nil" in xh.ill lie i Ki:till lr l nyiaiH I jM'iiMon and I rui tit uitm' suoh ..fli! ir j in the jnriotiii.inic the (:'unit .siia'l; !1.' al'iot-i-l tnv> the
    miiitarj- Siiprtme : nir
    n persoim M.IMI ichuvlta thieehuiiiiiud an Idev ent3t lli' ui-I 1 tin- .t her tnr I-on ot I the duties t ot !ii.i oiTioe.S _
    r 1:1.
    nice under the call* ot the I'n-al.kimt l of the L'uiuJHtald toilor hiiiMui4 t-s.i-ls-.I'l itar a ti-I 1 ate (mit nn hi'n I I rlor \ j- CITA P. rf.Xl. An Aet authorizing' Hmitoil
    It made Ftbniary liret. d hti-ru Lnnitrid moot MXtyfour *. tin .llnl nnili runiiai I IN rnaib* aiii-r ihr lnl olMat sS.I.. AuJ lnu tm ir'lnr a-ui.u. tul, 'I hit all nrti am) -<-. 3. And lam it tuithi-r ina-ti-l. That the einiilti now ixislin bynider of tiieeouit ; ami l'artni'rshijus in thus l >isfric-t of Columbia.lio .

    and il.mli fuuilixiith, itihttin tinitdnil and lur iniproiinnmiMtionoii the Mia-ie-mp1l] river at i-l,. ht'- *ii tiiinilri-.l a-i i *ixlt l *on**, an.l pi lor to tinTiiKtiliv Pit IN ol .u-u iii'j.iuift' this ait nil e i.e nliy rui win-m vcr a new ;tI..tnuutt; .shall be n.j iii-e-1 or
    < lK 1'ii.ce or lower riijud'sncioidin to Mich *aliil.Ap.rovi. I'l-eiident jliall; )h.tto potter to fill all v.ieancii: it nil'-till bv the Senate and Honso of
    a ; .I.tnii btt'i-n ininilted, nnl MXtt-fonr, ;
    plan uf
    > l |
    irv, : ,
    tzly-timur, pal!l.irii m-n.4m i, found expulient by ri-!i "'n ot alttnitt'Hi I i.f one
    i,\ 5 In nut the amiiunt uf obininu atlun Itxi-d !<>r audi wr\ UfniKlrr the Secretary of War H.all on ci iip .rt of u IHIUIHO.I'tijjlliiHTn in I mil] iriti siiil i ion IIn* in:uli- upon tinfol ou nit: Kioi. |. -.l, M 2, t7. tvliirh nuy h.tppen; d irist I Iho ri-<*r--i of tin* tl of f.1lri95ffl'mitI-5\ uI the tTniTiil lVes f>f Amrriea
    ot '
    }i the fifth KTtuin of thc ami nJ.iUiry mroliiuiit let uppiiixe. lite! huinln d 'liars ; 1'rotlleil : II<- riall| it.i-i-i 1.un tIle s'h llntonalol wii.-ii! tva* *s>nate, by renion of d"\th or resignation, b\ or in n* t new aj poi'i'mnit in Congress a.sembleil.. That limited
    if Kcbtuury lily-fourth ti hUvn litm.ln au *
    ( unUJll'l f.iij >.-< MOIIK h or I. 'rmtiulm- t'-iiiitriir'niii, nf .I.tih I I i raiitin.t! eommtisioui! xvhith "hall expire at the ner. hij'H for the trinivtion of mercantile.meehaniial. !
    t_ Inn, and the mimic IK-PVIIIH w.n ufletHanU mig .im, Jmflc icet ] & ( the M l i iINMII i-u. lion ol t In- wink by n-x-i'ii o wiv <-h.ui-i-i. ur alt.-ni'umimill" -t .1'it-i ml in nn Inr it shall l 1a the duty! of thi louit I to mako hut, any .
    U unili-r the tall uf Di-n-rnlnr tmicu-itiili, nier I rhall: I Ie ama'! foittir ri-tn.iiu li.c tu tinnutirati plan amiMil'l( _ul ('unt r.-mi--.i .ui-I .i.'i:tj H intin tin* I In-tru-t ol C.iliiiiil.iVip 1 ;.rnti-l I .1 uiut* (Jtil)-l lt ;and of llir.'r! next 5uSjut then-Aft'T. And if no or manuf>irtiirn, businewith'n..
    tigutitnliuiidirjutd |..nnl btin nillit.itt-, thlit ten hi ii ni-i rI I .in 1 MXIJ--IX.u : and with the i\dtiee and .same ; And if :a new alli.iment Bhall ltfomenicecsiry
    MXt-four, (lielut within on<- j>ar .t tin ptii-ui J.IVMUunnt pointrnint by convnt the listiirt of ( 'olnuibi mav le fnnni-d by tw.,
    draft ami In-fore tinfilllni of ctt r be Jlcitiil thereui -liifh were in.t ]nutiil fur in i lh" oi: inul rfintnnt I 15 it.u.n-tcl lij tin-S.*. nil tmimi-I I I'tu -r ot llipri"n- ; at ,xny oil r limo than ilnrini-; the
    }xci lout ( tinmioUn amt d' the Sen.i'e! bhall let m.idc. t> Mich- ofH'iso -
    _- iKtieil under thc tao cull limt n.lined ulmre,) iinj en- Fur nmo\lnc iiti.n of ViMn jp}>i ritxr nt UotkIslin.l ; bill no allow tnee for .iuv: i.ltain i- in the un u-u- olnlMir I:itin I -s of tin- t'liiH-.I r.i.tiN of Ann-rici I in I : .tn-uns ut.I <- < > let In, .stiih (xllotmeiit.liivll 1 c III.I.IL-l liy Iii,, hie! or morn (.ersons upon tif! term, with the rights
    I .- -, tuohiili'lrcil thou-aihl ,ludam,. ,-hit't'I I l'uiiI h nf the i\lli uf Iii- v.-vant or tfinjMiratilv lillel! n nfiiivntid dtir-
    then retjutrol to emtiT the ocniui- fiiinnih eulwlHute. or material shall iui.n'nlerp.1, unliyn.. h al- MI nun at -i-u..ii t .n-l ; nnd p.ett-.n-u, and .subjn 1'> the conditions and
    ; and t\\\l\\ \ le bimiinj until lh
    and whrrea Lime true intent auJ meiiuini uf the fifth Funiiinroxii.K harli- of Onton.igoii, Michigan, iiiiie- t ani f- o riiiri-d ,I;irimg tie ]*)oonciil| lun I for conijil t .ntitli-) "An .nt ..i'ltli.'li/li-- r-iimlriiciliiii of a jail incsudi next WMIOII of the SilIhate, swh office justii. : ; nrst term: liabilities herein -ri'-ed.

    g vcilun of tlttf amn \ y
    g tliun imping uiiiniutnUiiii from further dr.iltDLlll For huilJiiiK and oKr.itiiii] f811,1,1 ],u-ulgwi mind Fiia<- from the action uf the I coti-rnmriit tfcim i-.uj !I. mind tin .1, ( j | twi'ntyfito. litu-n huii.lrnl ami i.|}t, a' S.ut2. And bo it f.uthir emu lul. That thfSupreme sti(_. 2 And l o it further rn.v f *>l. 'Hint miuwhpntrtners'
    that a should bu filled and Dot iMialn, to be iixd on the Mm ], iu mr IM tvveen F 1 quo ci&xtling one and lluck l.unj rapid-, thuuxaudJulUr nf iJitlniti..* l ?il.itilit* ih* Hit's nf xV.islii- be ; Coitit miv"iilit| a m.iifhiil; for mid | R inuv rriiiii-.t of one or mor-t pr i>n-i.
    I *r : Thczef.rwI iiDulj-rix t by the exi-rriseuf orhuti-try ami ililn I ; lire ontin fliAll lilli?! by ;ipM| >intim-nt thcft-tis 1>V
    lie it rtiacii-d l>y the Prnate and Iloura of Ilprecntttmtof part ul theinntractorani| from Mi.'li ii.M.tlo imeal m.t, l.ii an I f;.-,irc.-, r'*.ji"tivily, lic'orc i lie and with the Itico art-I 1 eon-iciit ot this i"tiuitmt: emirt, th'ia" u'uirmie.mnsnit i.'mi -hall 1-e tliMij ihoii who shall le i-allwl gineral paitnri.ind whim

    the United tjtutea of Amenta In Cuimagn-as ,m. For bul'ding and ojieratinK; one drmJ! <- or cm ig-xxit! <,n .o IM' :i oi-rtiuln-.l u. ucj, lln-re nliail bd!--.Ini ) ., H ill I j j.uul, is hi.-rel.y riK.i1..l.| ; I s ind live huttiln. d ill.u.s l per .tlln tim ami said dluill In jointly mind "cvrrally resniibTc aJlin'nenil
    aemblcJ 1 h it the of War i ha tin \XIIWIIIIMII nti-r. tony tLuui..iiiililiillirt.FurimprutiiiK Si mil mini HImiy: hate tiuMli pii.le.i- o'K'rtr.m |I-,r an tmii-. 2. An-I IK* H luriln-r ismtlu.I, Th it It sh-tl I ho lie and! iliirniimuh; tinn all tin.1 powtr-j and duties1belori I
    r-ecn-tary u ) mai.shil hhall i tke of all of Itue : arf by I.iw and of
    I l and dirtTtcd to refund to ealiiiij .n.. to such ollic .shull U fxert-lii-d, bys : : ultiigu |mi u.peity partiirr ono or

    foreankl ho |1.ujui cuiuniutalion amid aa ul-o rnIuIri. fill) lite UwiU'.ii.J l..IUir,. 'hill reiort| t.i Cun rv-ii a labulir ttntpnii-nt ot i- ..c.ui.5151' toll, .iii-l 1 lli-j .irf tii'-t-h'y ninr.l, tn rataby l tix 01ith.i ich othr iii '-er as by law exercivs uih I Uniidl St.ite: i ii* iil by.ud ciMiit or it" members, nirin* persons, xhn nhiiU rntriltitu, in actual
    4. >orimi'riiin< INtl le.r of 1'erc MarjuctrT', I ike Michi- hi h hall I coii'.un tinn uniM.f tin i miIs] nit-h I pay I Int.. tin* tr..t.tmry of (hut L'nitiil may cash
    to enter tliv Bert ice or fumUh a nnlwlltute an afureshiJ. miilrntor I a :and sImilE ei-rxe and exii-iite all pmre-F ami oidei.s -> payments a ijxiifi.Hum a< capital to thoe'nnm'.tt
    )- thuuwilid dullaia **! iti-t, at or tii'u..r.* tin- I hluti- .f i In of said! |i gull oi I the : ii-iinplilton
    the aum of thiee liundn-J Aillora, U-in the aumu of leMTipliuii! t ti ink. tincunt ni.-t pin-", timiiIiul tinnaedcoft -
    ii .ttid 1 01inaiU stock who s'l.Vl) leivIi! l
    of < t. the sne.-i.-il
    SDOuey ao M afoit aMl paid l>y him ; and there U IH rebyapi 1.. iniiiiiitetlic nat .ttion of lie Will!.imette nvcr. ui I Ii- it uik oier liii, u .in:r.I-t 1 i-ri.-, :in I t ha- ml I, lluIIIMI nl aii.uil-lZIit i t lion.ntai.l ito'!lur* ; mind uhall rjCui-o. issuing mil loin by < pirtnpr.s -

    Si >roj>naltd, out uf any muney in the lrca ury nut utbrwiw Oregon, below Uiu city uf 1'ortlaud, hilly Uiuuund do.- :inn.t uf ucli, ini-ri-a-4I iT-.*t c.iimmiu-l! by ln! Ji-lay iiI, I l llhi* I liki* it lit) of ll.e |ironr| limit ht.niti.u of tin,- Stc. .1. And bo it further ena.'ted. That nothing t1i-f juMue. i if nn i\r iH-iaie! justice, in 1iIflItmttfltt' and who sh:ill nft l o li-iblo fir 'the. dbti

    pruurUU'4> a auni iulhcutit to make euih jwj.tariitt. larf. -utl'inuf I Ii.- LOrnmrlll ax at.rex tnl!, a'ml I hi- .tijuomi,i: .-.itof Oi* iifii4| vin. and tli.-v are hfii-iiy rinriil| toraisi in this r.unttinemiuunill! lx conxtruod ; rtlnl shall II.Hiutu ihe I trciMiiy: ef | h,% of lh parfnersliip l-pyond the fund so r *nfributcil .
    } KI T rvmotii-R minagmi and InjuLlcrx thmiighnut tinMiniveulu *. I Into tin* net : to
    > t otiirr'VW trc.istiiitt |iinl I lln-i-onlru tor s': nter, lUriy-m-tuw iliuunuud Lto 1* th..l 5.xirit IH-lore ihe Ih. exti-nd Ihu utficc I l"r.ite fccc. 2. And be It further ennrtrd, That Iho Ptrrelarynf liun.lrniilolli.r icu : I I'r-iv i>li d. thervtrHnrvu* I III" Nat v. uu-Ur tin- n nt or linu of t-mlis- ti-rtn fif any the duration ofwhii

    a, M'ar u aulburzed and toiuired to iifuml fiom the I *. ''Inn--.oltilion.i -lull i inteiiiu.ite litcUmi el"V.. h II.Vib I. nl sttd) j ul, t lie HIIIII ol IweKc tluu-iuul Uuliiui.Ajiprovnl -h is Itntitiil: )by law, by law, and n-mler a nw aeeounl ibire-.f, at numlierof "p-ctial partners shall in no partner

    titi cnnucutation mutiny the amount (not exceeding three For iinppivi-mentof Pros l.h-nee ritir, Klnvlo IN anil, \\ tonuiiMrui-i m I Iii- .team r ] >und. !he.i >. appix- March J, IW7.CHAT. thf < lose of eai: h tel nl. t j the Set rtary of the ship exceed six.Sit' .
    o. And IH it further enactisi ihmtt if
    bar and! -ee. ;
    oil i'autuxit ut the Crook any
    Lundred dollar* in any one CAM-) paid by any iron llmuMitid Iii,- III!" plllM-IOIIK of tills u MKIlllllioll III .m-ll iiti-s'tktnmrx |- I Intcriiir with the
    .lullai*. CI.11I.Ami forOt mnrciflliirm sh ill the this ; approxal 1. And he Jt further enact s1 That
    tip drafted during the late war who'ms'r| C .11.1,1-r.iiioii shill b. II to Amttuprntl.le person eontrarj-to provisicun ot ; petmuons -
    or Jiold commutation money, whvre-er it t-lmll mmI.Iar) Furlmprotiment of the l'.cetUeki.river, l.holu IH- tinin..-ir I-id coat in. uiinl by .i.l| Wrl.l.I l b) r a-.oii o il'ivi-riiini'iit. of tl"I lt>:lnl .Muttf.Wlnn1 art, aori-pt any appointtnont to or uniployinont of the ch! >f j>isticc, may appoint asMtttants (dtviirnus of forming such partnerships shall

    tint, under the dixMoui aud rule of the War Department lan I I. p.-teiituell tl.oum.ind lol urn.c. inv al'eratiun ill ln-! pi.:1114 --Mi-ilii-alion-i fir tin : n i li -, il Si.11 1 if'i1 rrnnn-iits or a.h- poternniK at the time the snij peniou a an entitle $,. 2. And be it far,ht-r i n.ictiTliat! HIP .ipprojuintion i. I HiinJ.-rln-ru .lurin.I tin' pro/nii. ul (tat- wo k, utniln l xl|I--li lur Ii Ii- nr prnp-ilv Ilii' xi-U ill I tin* I Hi I M il<-enl lit any or or exercise "r at- with sej-rrally sign a which
    o such
    hi to dlacliargv from the obluatiun to rt'r.dtT ] >nioniil *erTicv ui *uttiit-nte thoiiiunl il.i.laiH for eou-ITUI.IIII? r ->m h niteriliin s wi-rc fir I in llrj uiuinalfinlriit t Virainn, North tmir .1 m mini, 1-oiilh I I'amlm i. ( i ti nipt to hold or cvi-rt-ise, any Mali olliee! or I IS incssenxorfc nowhtmi.liyLil.. t( mjenation shall rontafn tbc'name or firm under which

    ti under tbe draft for which lie paid money or turtitkhod wnrkN. an>l ImpnitliiK the cntmnit; nil., the h:irbor olMlli ur ml. wli.ii ':ivlil'-uIt lor the nann. was nul -!--.i.).,.*, AliKiiii i, I-mi-ia-i.i, KI"H 1,1 li t., tit'l I eiiijilot ini'itl, h" f.hill IHibt-jiinl, and is hereby .- as ii or m iy IN* ailotVed to otHeers of the such partnership is to be conducted : the general

    a niUtitutc.aud to refund, in like mainur, in all irmCll) Iiiduum iii.oh.iii and! liy ihe att .!|,- nibi:ii-<-il in the cmuf ra.-t prnc.Appioxvi .\rktiitit.: mu it-I I, : it I i- nnitrv thatpiM.i j ami dfflainl to l 1-u- of li in.sdinieinor House of Representatives of mtnilar grade ; and nature of the businres intended be
    case, wlwrrln it shall tlu.talaraon.ohaihj.g pruxiil J line twenLy.tlimr1, tl liKtn, hun
    tit liIuIJ cnnunutation money apjwAT or funin>hi-U a uUtltule ua itix, uliiill lie e\iH'"niie.l furl he pttj: j-ai'u loie-alil, UJH'IPthe -t n.t I n-pnl.lii-iiii Stai"i>xiraiiuiibi L.UI In: Ii gully! iiiL-ihi-' and!, upon I trial and conviction I thcivof_ he "hallU all acts and parts of aets now in force relating ; the names of all tho srenentl and sjieefal

    I Hut livally liable to draft : 1s-oijdt-uj, 'Ihat this terms and in the nmiiniT lu-rrinAfirr proid<*
    abatl aPplY only to cluimi ruxlvcil at the Vur Ltcgu- other .iproprlatmu| umU-r Iliii act : 1 rt.>t Hut uahull "_t ml \ct I'. exleml the Tune lor tinK.. ten-ion t tinUmUtl it i-n.icli-d hy the S.-natf mun-I 1 lloust of Uipni.ont.ilivit thousand d'jllirs apply to the said marshal of the Supreme Court, arc ger.r.rnl and which
    or by iinprismiment not urn special and
    lie nmt huwn to the M-utietiun of tin ox- partners,
    fcivrvtar ot I tie I'nitidtitisot 5.miai-a-h-a m ('
    lu .
    to Suti-iof
    went ) indt |
    tit pour Februarj paaae.4Ii.rvd. 18, 18G7.C1IAF. ; of Wai that the mini <-! ont liun.luil thoiiiMii.l ui..flirs! jiiul I In Hie Conntriu-tlim of a )gramuteth lUilronl bC'lniix(rum Anility- J lo i lili il. '1 hat y-tid: r.-bel| Mnti-s uli.iil I U .liv liliti into miliUiyill.trlUt cu'uudinig livo years, or both mid puni.shincnts, in.tlw except HO far as in this act otherwise provided.Approved. their respective places of n idcnre ; the amount

    bai bii-u rxjxi.kd by the Midii uu CIt) Harbor C'oiupinyin I'iI llilli'lal" aid I.lMKln/ a.,uui'. point nn or near i ami) inrl-le milijcrt lo Ihli'illl.uv u I authority diwietion of tho court.S.C. March 2, 1S67.CHAP. of capital which each spet ial! partner shall have

    CHI.-An act rela into the Port of Camden, 1 Oat ta-place uli trut.tiuii: And of a id.mimiC d. That and Traxi-rv ltiinlhu Mat.-of Mn III 'in, ami I for the tin- Unitui i-t-ilcs nip himremniler prvv ntjL-.t, Mid fur :-. I rt.! And bo il further enacted, That every ( Cl.VlI.-An Act to amend an Act cntitKil contributed to the common stock ; the period at
    a Ki w J errry.JVi prat the |i.i aiKu of Compli-turn uf Mid Km.!," three purjK.Kr Viriinia.h.illii>niiiitiititht' rtmtilmtm-l : NorthIniiolin
    approreti July eirfhtii "An Ait to continue, altei! and amend
    toK'U to mii'l fionikid ImiUir shah I be free ami ami South I I'.irohna I tin* removal >intnient or employment. Wade which the partnership is to and the
    ., U ctia'-ted l>y thr NinuUi unl Ilounc of IbprvaculatiTi n (| n hnndreil Ami mxtvsiX.ll. :i n.riui.1 ili'tnrt ; lieor- njif| commence,
    b <.f the. L'nitol fctatee of Aimiiua Inoupn mimi- Mnj.iA to lull or chaiif, afMl tins money ajiprupriulfdb .- U en-wteil by tlu- mu'ii.hmu and! Ilon-m of lleprcvn.Utitex :'i.i, Al.itain.i, an.l Kloi, nl.i iTs.I bird .li-tm t ; Mi i-sis-i1.-| had, or ext cro-msl, contrary to iho provisions of the Charter of the City Washington, ap- period at which it is to terminate.

    tnbloJ 1 but the port uf Cinid., iu tl.e .WI ite of NewJiney this avt uluill betHiiipp.icil mmmi to cuni|>h.U, ; ur make of tlw Culled i Suite* ol Ann-ri.-a I in Coiu-rc-n ..imiMiiuhusl pi ami Arka:U-.IH lln- fnuith ilutlicl ; au.l I>,ui>i.ina uu.l 1 this act and the making, nijoinsedlini coun- jinixtil May ncvuiitc'cn, eighteen hundred and ST. 4 And be !It further enacted That the

    I, be, and the Mime in hereby, uuiu led to the collurUuti the ueaiwt it/pmxlniiHiKii| to compleiing tin nuiklwrhlcUeatti TliHl the firft vi tlon ut the nut cnlille.1 "An I'l-xa*. lieuItitli ills;ri-t. toitviiht.. ,
    dUtnct uf IMillatlelpliia, imiil that an OMit t nt C Mn-eiiVap4-u| |>ruuliin M nia.i.i ; and it blmllIKS .%i-t Li, ixtend thi- t.m" forth" rever-lon lo the l'nite.1 Si e. 2. Aid U it Iii rt lien u-nnu.te'i, Tli it it tihiill I lie Unduly tersigniiig, or i&siiinj of an- eomrui-M>ion or let certificate shall be acknowledged by the several

    I culli-elor, to be appointed lu nccor Juncu Ith the la>> oftbr the duty of the &!< iu t.iy of War to iippiy the Mini St.-ut-, of time lamU gra ii Iii h l.y Conjr.'ii< fi ni.l! in t then of tin* I'rrsuliiit Ii) nia-i'at to tin m-.,iuuuim ind ol e.iehu ter of authority for or in rwjKi t 'to any such Jte it enacted by thn Senato and House of persons signing the sumo before a notary public

    Uuiled bUlrf, mush rt'tidc at CuniJ., a ho rIiallliatvpovtYtif hen-ill HpprvjiTMU-'l for other puipui tlioli for examuntion -(' -lril-t inn of ii lailinid lri sad Trax-bi in an.l rve>* by contra'I1'ruxMeJ, liux-t I. nink of, ami In dt-Uiil n mu lllDl Ifiil niiiiluv
    tider dun like nuioic mimi < r -i to homo point on or Trtiirul.i( -, in tinSi Coiinrehs a-SM-mbloil That the second
    tlH-eullectnrof ttillatfc-lilila| U authorized tu mimi| but 1 hat much fiuin the Iniliiixut thu a.rk to lie J.iue, tin .iti ol Mi'hiin, a-id f..r tln-eompli-tionuTiiiiiI) roa'I." fniif* to 111 iMi* MII-h nll'i-iT Inf| .l 1(0101 his .1 lIt li-S and are hereby declared, to Im, high misdemeanors >>cction and siK-h ar know If-dgmcnts shall be made

    b uch &amitlitlI collector hal! ni-\iiilHlit, a&l jim cuiif..r- I H.HUI iJinnot.iii tlieju.tguiuuit uf time rvir. U.i....,!.. I ppruxeil Jul)- tin i w, ei litoi-n h u iulr.-tt and MXM-mx, biui'l -uni rnfnivi* las aulhoiilv- with ill tin- thte ti let touhlch he and, upon trial andcrjnvii[ there of the act ntitltxl "An act to continue, alter and certified in thu same manner as the ac-

    ,1 laity tu curb Instruction amid ritulatiom at he Ahullfroiy I the nubjeet of contract. the liukimi-ary x ven jl.nn' in.tbe \ : I II- imiis ln-re-x- ami-inliil bv Hliiknii; out tin- I'm mas.i.miic-1. 5- of, every periwumi guilty thereof ahall IH punished ((nit l amend tho c-hartt'r of the city of knowledgments of deeds of land and when
    a time til thai leCetvc (ruin the coIloUor of MiiLidrlibia otbrrw UKurJenil 1'rux nhil Tit tiuoiurai-t .ii..i.f mini h -' Ki h.riumii- uheif HIM i in -all ami I s-i.. J. An.l IM it further cnaot.-d. That it it'iall IM- tho.liity so
    ) turn -x-ctlon Washington Approinl May sex-enteen *i-rh-
    () ; and the imiJ aanlntant colluttor kball reet he tot l
    ti: nuuiU wilHrj- flflcvii huinlitil JulUm in full fur all M r- in -.uch furm nud ininnir mmmi to m-cnn t' mti e Approved, Mulch, lsC7. n peiminx in t lair lights nf |*ormni minI pnipitvtu rni|i'I by imprisonment not cxcT-fnliiis flvears, or I teen htuulred and forty-eight shall bo so amend- office .f tho clerk of the supremo court of the
    Ln Uau there, f. nnd the wtme nhnll only I iv nun ;ta iil&) tile I jou.c ifi-Kt itiitiitii'tlon, ill-.trhtuuuuuil xiulince and to cut as to nud "To lit- tax and
    Tkx* i. Vy puforuic, uoul ui lieu ul cuiuuuMionaaodlaM. | hill IIi both taut punishments, in the discretion of the en *, regulate 1'istrict of Columbia, and shall bfl recorded
    S. t n I'p'iiisible therelur upon m<*uriir d.-enud C I I A I'. CLI X.-.\-\ttlo flu h.nlz' I Ihe llniMin.'of i,li. or rKl-o In IK pnni-lniU all dixtiirbom ul the, pui'lii: agencies of all kinds of insurance by
    Bee. 1. And be It furthw rnart eneanl cumin; ;il* ; ami tu this t-aiI ho luiay: allow loCll court : 1'roridcd, That the I'livsident bhall have conipunieProx : him at largo in a book kept for that purpose*,

    a|>puuit d under thin pete IK-. und litheixbv IK l I.e Ihc duly ul lieu raid heintuj .mt |j,,- vnprarttcabk 1 civil tilbnnals I tu I lake juiris I jet bit uf and tu try uf- power to make out and deliver, after the adjournment idnl, Tbat tho tax or ensulnhall not e.xi-ted open to public inspection.

    *ilburumi tu enroll and hcuuu, *u >rUii4,' tu the lant, tlwu, to ,-fcn to Con.u.imthu roiult uf ant lie- Hi in-t'-te'I by Ihe SenaU- and ll'nw of lh-lna-si-Ii- Inmlors, or, when-I in bin jii'lmi it may Ii* 11011-*>':tr) of the Donate (-otn'risaiunie for allofliicn one PIT centum upon the cttsh premiums re-
    $ uf the t'uiti'U Htate>. :(U vo.eU ca/URod ui ihe rx-a.tmj nun' J mi Ub lime' i'i adupleil aid the lu-ntf of cxiK.ii.liture titlti-Kif Ihe Tinted tale" uf Ann-ii.-a in I'011,41, ;'" for the In il of olloiidift, lie liall IIHVO power to or in* ceix- *d." Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That at the

    jrs4umiu4th-.hiec..uneinwhu1cur lit ]mrt by nridinitauttbat under id! pl.ui : and he tJisiIl make irpuit of nil, the Serret irv ul the Tu 1 s-try In-, ami I In i M" nnnt.iry roust miIw-.I.mi-m fir tu'ninnls lor that piirHiM| > whnsw uppointment thai! have been advised See. 2. And bo it furthor time of filing tho original certificate, with the
    portum of the Iiim1.ttha iliMtiu lintiurtb uitiuutaki: n miller the pioterioim ul tile .u t, and he i U In-ii-Uy, authorize.1 ami direoti-d t-i piutlib- ooii ai.l| all inurli-n m-o ml-lor oolor of Male aiithunt) -illit&o and consented to bay the Senate.Soe. | enacted That all evidence of the acknowledgment
    a of Ailo% ) cnxV.. in theomiuty of Salem, in tie! .haUwTomniaIy| NiKl njuit vilU a HJII, n ,it of I heamuiint Intel, fnr building li hthoUM.-, at the folloarm,; jmu'tu ixummisu.r unlit ny auUiorily un Irf Una UU, ili.illIr 7. And bo it further enactcil, Thrt it acts and pat In of acts incoiis stint with this act thereof, as before -
    MAleof Ni w Jcrfc-}'. And all aueli) ciirulmeiit aihl ii.| und daliol all u.inicr njipropiLitioiiN fur e-uh wit : null I 1 and tuid.I. are hereby reeali-d. directed, an affidavit of one or more of the
    d-uxv lutll i.e aalli and iffivtii. cmi if tln-j bnd UN solk.anJ! a full iMlni.ilr for IU elttiri und JM'iin.fn ,itconuIetlon. For buililin a lIght hiuuisc. -itt-- shall bo him duty of the Stjcrotary of the Senate | general partners shall also bo filed therewith
    uffculed lie nn a iii flier[ nt Tum- .> -I. Ami lie ll fill tin-r u-nurts.i'h'hit: mill March 2 18G7. in
    ith Approved
    in oilier ort of the UufTed hut. mi I sii'.iiimt thai IMII Upi; <4iul>:ij- c.\- hri.lie I I'oinl in at the closo of f.11 h session thcroof to del it-er to ,
    ( auy | iiti.h the riiiimli'r I Ii i-. I iu Liii- t-iLtte ot M uehuig.imi, yain-t by tirluouf this iu-1 idi.ill IK trmln'lthiint the same office stating that tho
    ItenUed in time next enul tic sums specified
    said OMUtuul collector in Iheenrutmeut aim liu'ii-nii; uf year; uall aU, tilu in nt a taiNt nut oxtynilm i Ion tduiiiand dollar iiiiini"ss.irt il<*linn.l nit crud or unti-ual the Secretary of tho Treasury, and to each of in
    collucttan dl-triit i.u.h work pnninhnn thocertifieateto
    1 tt U lie euljoct to thc luw ot the I'mteil what U locale., amid at Or For Ixill.lin > have been eonfribnted
    | SUuatul -., a bight huiu.c un a proN| -n-lto at MunOota, -nt shall IN* mill. to.U Ami! f inill- Cl.VIIL-An DV
    no tn-ntomv i> his and tho CHAP. Act eptalulish
    what of entr any uiMtitiint.s to each of auditing and to Iopartment
    tiabMi afl titt iiaUioe uij in-ar port ), lighthoo, ur )>uit, what f $ a each of the
    U ualUUUe ake
    r (
    C ] >i iinpon ill < laIkrmulin) the $tate of Michigan, al u easthut t.Iry nr t tnVin hi-ri-bvanthoriiil! alli-UiiiL'I special partners to the common stock
    like amouHof rvtit ue Wel io.lucUxl; at thu :au.iut ufintry to each of the I irfehe and of 1- dtirati
    1)u.tI vollectun hi cluemi..ppru purt exi-eiilins fnuiieen thoiisiml dollar comptrollers treasury, n. have been
    tbe lif'
    of in
    the lamit IIcale and or liU-rty iinv jiorsun. shall bi* cx uI, 1vb1U417 2i I- vital br amount ol cmnnicnx'r, aud, a navi* fiumimi utraii pnutJcabk-oul.l heUucfitUdl.y For building K lu'htliniiM-on a pronrMlcat| Snnta il appioviil b)- the ollloor in command of the dIstrIct, to tho treasurer, and to the register of th* treasury lie it enacted by the Senate and IIouso of paid

    Cruz, in the Male ul Ciiliform, at a cyst lnt ixeixilin and the laws ami regulation: fur time of the full and ot the UniUxl
    thC onupli-iivii ul ouch Kovprtimcnl a complete list duly rcrtilicd of Itepresentatixcs States of America
    ; ellA!'. CXUIL-An Act tu i quiet Title to Land In the pnilicular M.rk1'roxidi ten tlm'.iK.i-nl dollar ,
    Sec. 6. And be
    l, 1 nut he ,,hall ntiuuu to luake Kiuh ml nile t-hall I hut IH aibi-tui by thiH much. r Vopt in HO fir am all the who hall hax.0 been in a-saembled That it further enacted, That no
    Tuwnaol S..UU ClaiaCaUfuniia. aem.1 I ieluluuw.lB the igtc ul flit Mon.hiy a reMirlthe | hiiih.auil.hjng; n lighthouse at ripwn ritvr, or s-lliuuily. they ounllicl with i its |IIOMHIIIB : I'lotiilo't, 'llmt n.icentoni persons nominated Concerns theio shall bo established such partnership shall bo deemed

    lleiein protUed for uluill lku.nimlimumnuauly lie Uil. uuul tho worku t/ikeSiiporiiir, MImn-mta, tldoeii thins Kind ulohimu re. -o ul ili-tlli flu iuhi-r I his provision* ot thin act sh-ill I to and tojected by tho Senate during such session at the city Washington, a department formed to have been
    -- ltd It vn. cted by the A-nate uf and Ionic of Kepmwn- Sec 3. And Ivil furilierc'na-te-l) Tlmt nhenctrr the Fur bniMii'i; a lnlithoiixe mini a ]lurnia-raiti'] at ur in-nr 14. earned into effect without the approtal uf the 1'reiii- and a like list dull tho ofl'coe to which education, for the purpose of collecting until a certificate shall hare been made,
    t tltc. of tile L'mtvl State America In ( .ncn- ancmbUiJ. nridil>Hk1'oint.. filed and
    That all the rtchl auJ talc uf lira t'l.ltetl $evn-tmiryof HVaf Juill Invite |.r.'i, -ul fur any woikur -, lei'n I Immutm.tiiit il.ill.u--i.Ui-orgm, ulu cost nul cxceodim fif- mIujt. nominations shall have been made and not confirmed sui-h htutistirs and facts as "hall show the condition acknowledged, recorded, nor until n

    br any niaUjlul or labor for may ttorkn. there ohalibe ,Scc. S, And lie It further' cnnrleil, Thit when HIP -- affidavit shall have been made and filed as above
    Mlualod iilan
    blame (4 ttw Uu4 theiorjmomau. limit ot For buil'litina 114)1liuii) * S of Bunta Clara mini IVUlurao, in tbe Mate ofCalifuinU ncpanite 14XIJKM4IN and epamte wiiilia fur r.irli fleorjil.i al cool ol any oihMif f.ild roliol Ktate! hate formod u I directed : and if false statement [not heresult
    the torn a nut eXu-.cetlii any
    liltein llnninaml d.j1lar 8. And bo it further enacted states and Teiritoiies and of -
    ; ae d.-fliieJ in the mints of the K l-Jnlurr of will 1.., JUI.IMJ-O ("remh clisn of matei nil or l.tlHir lur *. ion 'tiluiloti. of jfovernmont IJi eituformity jvllh the (!!unytiliition That diffusing such information of accident mistake

    ii It that State tneurpmwmiuilig >**J Ivwuc, be, aud lUe aauie i th rash work and li>' abel! Ir.ort tu Coti non the first <.f the I I'nitid* m nil I I n* iicl-i, frainp.1 by14on whenever the I'renident shall, without the advice respeetin-r) the organiAition and or ) shall be made in

    1 kmr4'y. ruhtnqiieu.r.t l mud granted to the L'le.rW MUtuorlue W a of the bidder All pcriuiniiiiot Iioldngcomnilasj.i., crs.iuiClisriniiau liar South Carolinaut ucoot hut aid Mite, t ntj-viu XIMM old and upward of what- in such
    of aj town and tin ir ULuris in tru t tot in partnership shall be liable for-
    5- autboritj U>cunvej' to much of rani laud a i* the regular army of Limo Unite SiaUai, hu Kliall IK i ntnn e-k<*if and with >UJ tilt). tbe di-btirwinent of the fun.hi For n-UilMiB the Iljilitliomw* rimtilonl in Kinl Suit.- fur duties of odice he shall the United engagemtnU thereof as general partners.
    la tbe boiia KM occupancy of pnrtle upua the ]-a< | > jpproiiia| e.| un a J.rolx-rcitent] Divpxvitoi mimic year: protioiis tip the diy otsjih any fourthwith notify- States in the cstabli.shmi and

    of thl< act, by thm-meelvt or teunuta. to nux-b partu : tor the wuikanamediii thliaet, i-lu-mit! be ro.jui.r.l to ivi'Iwnd i* *iiimiKixti-en Mnuls in thoiisnn.Jamo Idter, Virgmu, ul u toi-l nut ex- rlottlDii, oxoopt MI. Ii lit m.vy bo ilisfrnnhiriod fur tho Secretary of tho Treasury thereof ; and it maintenance of efficient school systems, and See.?. And be it further enacted That th-a
    staple l..r the dollar articijiilioii In the lelxliion for fol. al
    ? J'nrtlJ--d. Tl"* flue Krant shall nut extend to any nwr- M-eurily liithfulupiliiMtiouuttheaiiiiie ] For i cliii nh.liu.g liL'litliniii. nr my common shall bo the duty of tho Seeretarv thereupon to otherwiro the of educationtlirolghout partners shall publish the terms of the partnership
    S dtate* nor in\gudioe i.i4J alS lw l- an.l no much JiuWMiiK oJUcer in the army uf tuwerand ket-1ter's| dwi-lllm.I l.tii ami w hon nn,-h coliKtUution, rliall: I ploVI'lo that tholoi promote cffuso when
    -atlon of tU CnJtrd if mitiohi, e-miu..t, to .aI.t any land orS the LniUxl Htatef hail reecixe an) eonimi .alun or uoinieui on u pioK-i| ule at .- -unl SinmnX Ueor ;u, nt tt coi't nut -lite trim-IIIIMlull 1 le njoved by alt audi JHTKUI commiinieato such notice to all tho proper accounting the country. registered, three times a week fi>r at
    ( ptfrt imr rWims anjrIrt | :ion lor mikiiig .u.-4i dlhburaiiK.iiAnd the eifilniK I.ii tv-the IlinuMJiid il'ili-ir". at hato the iualirii-.itions| heroin hUtiit fur elettur-i ut least four weeks, immediately after such
    tbetwt .nur l Jude a judicial c-xitiuiuaUon auJ4)u S '. and disbursing officers of his depart Sit:. 2. And ln' it further enacted That there regis
    miMK-.)nherrllitirfuie itpproprLili-d i-hiill n-railti and lie <-e. And lie it fin (her emu till, That the TAglitluoiiai'| leliniti's, ami w lion MII h constitution shall be ratitlnlty try in two to be

    '- ) ) tincuttbrrrot.Approved 17.CHAP. at tIme dUjuiMl of Uiti vtutaiy uf War, am..! subject to Hoard it liert-b ilm-cltil to makii r. urXTy, if uu atari i y u lotij.irilji- the pernuiK xutiiii* on the question of ment.Sec.. shall bo appointed by the President, by and clerk of newspapers dteignatcd by the

    S : March 1, hu Control {.ir thin l'Urlsa| uumed in thai ml, mini thv 1 hilts boi-n miulo, at C'ron.liiUo Shiml, or itt nuninnlhirpolnl r.itin.-ntlot who are iniallHod as eli-ctur for doliifiti*, 9. And bo it further enacted That with the itvictaid consent of the Senate, a the court in which such, registry shall

    peiui-il work and impi.iteiuentH b<-n-iii pr.t l.Iml for iu the 1'elaw.ire bay, in the neiihbuihiMMl uf Mild unl tthon -tunxtiliilion| xliall 1 have l.eon ubmitted no commissioner of education bo made, the first publication to appear within
    Ale oKiupleti-il, Adf law or regulation to the' coutmryK ,->huul, ami lejiurtun llir Purity to IK mini', ur whIch to fuiiiiroMrj fur i-xuinin Ulon( and approval, and Cuntrccs money shall bo paid or received from the treasury who shall be in otuj wouk after the

    CXLIV.-An Act making Approprwiioiw for imotwitbenoudimig. hue. alreit.y) l bein niwlo, lit the next Jongi-cn a* tu theenisuh.ihuiy shall linve nppiuved the nnnio, and a lion cald Stale, by or paid or received from or retained out of trusted with the mannqvinrnt of the department tion registry, and if such publica
    tbe Rrpalr I'n enarion, &nd Completion of certain of ereitniz theioun a a xutc of tIN loi-iisliiiiitv vhxtvd sold herein etahliahodand who be not made, the partnership snail Ml
    lifhthouiu hider cunHlilulion shall
    _ ownniettuMl under the Authontr <. 4. And I"U further itun Ud, That the Secretary | auy public moneys or funds of the United States receive a sal
    I'tUta Vork licretofore and un tiiiiaUi of the 4iiuouut to be stimuli hnve nduptod the amrn.lniont tu tutu Coimtitntiunof deemed general. The
    I of xar l directed necouiary mspi.rulnln&hcui affidavits of the pmblication
    LiTeby to four
    5 of thousand -
    cauav i-xiiniinaiiuiM whether dollars
    of laW, MM! t* otaw 1'un off*. 01 *urvejr thm-for. the United Matiji > by the Thlitx-ninth Con- in the treasury or not, to or by or for ary jr annum, and
    ; *. or both an nlon-mid to be prnH| ot such notice
    I lundo
    the the
    the &1mIS and lloui of Ileprweiitatlrctof at fullou lug H.X- 3. And be (ft further and the benefit of who shall have to by editors publishers!
    IWlt uaote4y I uoiiile, nauuly : At thin harbor ot fan enacted, That no contract t-rei, known as urhulo fourteen, and wlieii saId article any persons appointed to or authrized authority appoint one chief
    - S DM UuiUd but- of America iu UtmcreM $> I w2b a view to the ruiiotnl of liliwmiiu frrmui.-jaio.lodi c'aiifiniUa "- .hull be mad.' cxr-ept after public niltertittcincnt for pro- Khali have become a part of the Constitution uf the to act in or holding or exercising the duties cleric of his depatlment, who shall receive a salary of the newspapers in which the Hems) shall hava

    fctaJ?That the folium Ing- .nuu-uf money be, and UioMMMrawl the mearehoold U buti4 and puMil iu such form nnd manner sis lu M-curc general no- United Slate, said Stile ahull bo doclared emitted to of two thousand boon published shall be filed with the cIer-
    to be paid out of any Itmt iwuMnry ciMctitlul 10eommerot I ine tin-n-uf and thu or functions of any office contrary to the dollar per annum one
    ulull oillam loprc-icnlatiuii in ,
    t>r, appropriated, Cooomt harbor PHIIIV made with tiniuwcst Uunicrr, and Honaton and JM>reenlatlTo provisions
    _k luunry U (hi tn .ury uot oU.erwiao appropriated, to I I bury beo-i! ;,nt MacauuhiwetU city; nt mouth, iVliliirnki ol Me;.at Dux- hid'lor Iherefur, upon itusmuulty deemed tutBcientin tihall IM Hitniltte.l thrrefroin on their tMrnf the of this act ; nor shall any t-Iaim, account clerk who shall receive a salary eighteen hun directing the same, and shall lie prim faCie

    --' und r the diro.-Uon aud nupeiinteu oflUbJwt I (IrotIi Lay ; at Bju/alnrk Larlior, mouth the jud, inunt of the Secretary.Hoc. oiith pnncrilieil by law, and then And Ihermftrr the fDeetlmt *- voucher, order, certificate, warrant, or other instrument dred dollars per annum, and one clerk who evidence of the facts therein contained ; the affidavit -'.
    ut War, tor the repair; preiert-tioa and 4. And be it further enacted, That, from and after M.S tnmi of (hiss act uliall bo Inoperative in mid of editor
    $rr xiri\-cr in Port shall ono each
    MlrJiifcuiat Clinton receive any or publisher
    a in of
    [an Ohio for a sixteen hundred
    providing salary
    : or relating such dollars
    oummcurad the atnte
    work berrtoforc of Provided
    umnpstluufthI! lullowlnf bake UuUrio New .a.sage Ibis art the SocreUiy of the Treasury I ; That no person excluded from the payment
    r 'jikt'!! the uUicrH>- of law and fcr Uw theK purpo*. Tcniu&MM at 1'ultneyville river, from IhattanuuKu, to ita; mouth and ul the Ic, and hoi! horehy authorixed and ctnpowerod to pt-irilct ct of holdIng offlru hritniil prtpoaod itmondnient roccipT. or retention, be presented, passed, per annum, which said clerks shall bo subject to newspaper being sufficient.Soc. .

    I I Lr elneJUc named, that b to aay :- Reedy Uland and Union (tree) jwiut, iu tho l>elu ;ure nt ll regulate hthoum.-and lix the Mlarie* of the respective kee|>eni of tu tile Ihe to electlfin Coiii-titutiitn nf the United Stales, tdiall be eligi- allowed, approved, certified, or paid by any the appointing: and removing power of the commissioner 8. And be it further enacted, That ercry
    M>d survey of work of improvement In nn-h manner aj he Uiall deem just and ate a incmlor olMhe convention to frame
    7or.zaw&naos vbieh pprottaUO iSVS ltn livrctotore made, river and tsyaL and KichinouJ'the Jut Ulaud, Cape Elizabeth, proper : 1'roxided, That the whole um allowed cliall a constitution fur any -miaWbel State, nor shah any officer of the United States, or by any person of education. renewal or continuance of such partnership-

    w itd'P .uoosrsiur'kcb i4 MIMCImiIL$ 1kmaIw z the Uaiuc Union: the nvit Connecticut river.oppoMle between tho llartfurd city ot and Kith IU, i lint exceed ail average of mimi hundred dollar to each such pel*on vote for member of Mich /""- 'lion.Kec. exercising the functions performing the du Bee. 3. And bo it further enacted That it yond the time originally fixed for its duratioir

    La VulPu'Sft of Ut. departilelit, and for mideU a mouth,: at Bock loliuid, in the State of Khude Island, koeper. 0. And he Jt further enacted, Tlu. Jl the pe* ties of any office or place of trust Under the shall be the duty of the commissioner of educa shall be certified, acknowledged and recorded/

    abA pwiry Mthr imLI to tbt fourtt OnU-AtUD.aid flrtU ( the reefs In Lake UicMpta, near lbs harbor of llncinc, Approved March 2, 1867. pie of said rebel State hall be by law aauitted Ul rcpreontation United Slatos for or in respect to such office or Lion to present to and an affidavit of a general be

    Ijuiti UI tiM ect spudded. that Is to my: in Wiaconain, with a tlew to a UghtluHiMi and breakwater in the CoiigrcM of the United State, any the annually Congress a report partner
    tIc iOs thirty th.sad d.Uan: on Ibi .rad e 0se4, thereon ; and the Potomac river, la the Dulriul of CHAP. CL.-An Act amendatory of "An Act to providu citil itovcrnmonu hUh uty,axial thotrtn ihiul bo duties exercising or performing the functions or embodying- result oif his investigations and and filed, and notice be given in the .t

    v4vs tboz4 duCaui M Vb$ aike ColunbU.iee.! a temporary Government for the Territory ol (ic-L-rued provisional only, and In all retieeU nibject to thereof ; and every person who ahall labors, together with a statement of such facts herein requited for its original fonnatiooievery anZ

    S tkoa t1ohlrtl& Ia Ike istert% $ad norikI < Momitairn," eppuoted May twentjidx, eighteen hun the parainount authonly of the United 8tati at any violate any of the provisions of this lection shall sand such oth-'
    4. And brit furtUrr enacted, That the Soerttory recommendations will partnership which shall be
    zfefe.nI ke4's4 .4 tweutyv.thuUMl4I dred and Hilly-four. lime to almlUh, modify, control, or upercH' the same ; be deemed as in his judgment
    elar.. A. lbs &orPteTy (WT. whra the publIc in- of War U hereby directed to cause a continuance of ex- Ito it mnivloil by tim Senate and Hou. of lUprcnenUtlrc mini! In all election to any office under lui -rox iaiunalKov guilty ot a high misdemeanor, and, subserve the purpooo for which this depatlment, who renewed and continued shall to deW* sr

    I t mIa tsqvk It, haU muM yr re-exam- amlnaUone or 'Urveyi, or both, at the folluwlmj polnic. of the United Hliite of America in ConicreM aitseinuUJ *rnmeiiU all persona dish be entitled to vote, and upon trial and conviction thereof, sha 1 be pun is established. In the first general partnership.
    of Lb. WVTkJ namely : Of the MbAaippI river, above the FalJ* of tit oibcr*. who ished report made by the
    untie entitled
    I. bi uti4e, !nb.uPhc eweye Thug thu legitlative acsewWies of the ct'VCIIII are lo vote) under the provi- therefor by a fine not exceeding ten thou commissioner of education I
    this act there
    .5 (To b tontinncde -)

    5- -5 -.. --S ___ 1 S ---- -


    FLORIDA. UNION- Supplement

    .' A < KSO\ *11,1,1;. 1,1t., iTIAKCH --
    7,181Bb. --

    -- -. ially;Sir.thus::;! of The the uicnibcTH I legislature of the Aweuibly the first nhall be chosen hien- all other civil .ffi'-r.h ill !I.. M.dfoi! ,( ; Hiwhiueanyi-! office, subdivision: ..f Lw awl equity ; aL-o in all question of-law alone I

    CONSTITUTION and Wednohday of frt May J A. I>. 1868 o, and thereafter Monday on, the Tuesday firtt in such Sec.manner: as the !Lcj'i.d; i l it in- m.n i j-mvidr in all in which the offence charged amount to felony.
    25!I. The lcitaint'h'fl) elect
    OF THI.STA'i Tuesday uncI first Monday of ; United f State.- Scuatois in The (Court shall have power to i issue write of mandamus, certiorari, '
    November with the .
    commencing the
    manner prescrib-1 by the t lVngrc.-c Of the
    t K: (OK [FLORIDA I ) }ell A. D. 1870. by thj. ( 'institution. United State:, and prohibition.} iuo| warranto habe.-w corpus, and also all writs necessary

    SEC. 4. Senator be chosen for the or {'rojuT" to the omplete exercise of iu appellate jurisdic
    Fi :+jiuHi by ; Convention: I 01 t the People the ate time and place hll members of the t.rl of four Provided}-cat, .it See. W.: Law.- in.ikini: appiopriation for the wlaricj} of ]public tion.

    .\,=-t*n11 1t'i1 l lit T.-ilhihnsssee I on the QOth That the Senators el'Ct.1 at: the first: election Assembly from the: offiure, aud other current uxpu.c-of. the State, shill: cvntaiu pro- Katli; l .t! the Jiu-tite.. shall have the power to issue write of -

    dent or .l8Iilt:+ rV. I H( .ltriel. designated j by even numbers hall vacate their SClaoria \'I-iolll'lIn no other -ul'jcett' hal-ea.- cyrjulo any |pant uf the State upon petition by or on beghalt'

    i'11E.1: '1U14E. expiration of two year, and thereafter all Senators shall teat be,elected HTIt'LE1.; of any person] held in actual custody, and may make rich writs

    for the term of four j carso that one half of the whole number LXtrU'lIVt I'Kl'AKiMENT. returnable before himself i-r the Supreme Court, or before any Ciri .
    i1.elk' "peoj'l< .It tilt tat -.1.r riiiridi. mat.-lnl to Almisrhtv /hal be elected bicnially.. (Court in the St JIl. oi before any judge of said Courta.Nee. .

    (;,,'. t froui lrt'1+,111. in, .nh-r to ...'m. i iibh-Mn;>, and form 1 'to Sec 5. tnltlrl and members of the See 1 The supmnc txeeutive j I"J\rl'J! ')f thc tate halt Let T>. The: .,'nprclue Court shall appoint a Clerk of the 5upii'in -
    Ill''1' |i-'dt"'I ""\rrnim-ftt. iH i -'I rill: ,1..IHI 1'i. flan/111 i 1 i t.r, 111, .-'i IItd i ininpubirc i ; 'f fUli6C elector, in the respective conntieand Abseinbly districts which be they duly ted in H Chief tlai-tlat'-. whIt} -hall be :tvled the 'Jov.rnorof Court whir -hall hat his- office at the Capitol, and shall be

    "l, 'T, 1 pcrp.tnin 1 : nlol'; 'I.\ and( :'Tis iiiil
    p ,bt', .1' winto' t ,.11.' .1.! till, "n.itMtkm.( f fi. Kneh; Home .hall judge of the Sl'(. 2. ThcGo\einor.-halll.: tin tel }JI) th. nnlifii'drIii-tor-attlie, until his 'U"I'llr i apfointed and qualified.A .
    elections a
    ; and return- of it- own cho, its fJualifcaionl f tame time uid plates voting f:'r the membtrof tinLegislature.. >ii 7 There' shall be seven Circuit Judges appointed by the
    .wrrH nH'whert; use own the
    # Iridllt of the Senate, determine the ofcer except :and shell 'hold his office for 1 four% from the tin.'!f iiiin.; .->i-il-i-!: (Governor; :and( confirmed )by the tVenatc, who shall uoM their offiee

    1 1'L 1Tlu: II! KIUI1TS. an may 1 puni I>>h its members for disorderly mill conduct it and proceeding with the?, tion : I'mvidcd, That the term 'T thr} first (;tovtriiur tlet-iid lynb-r; for eipht 3 carThe State shall be divided into seven judicial district t

    \lh\11 al' !1lid. '1111! e .' old "'|"::. IIIJII hat certain ina- concurrence of two third, .of all the members this 'oUtitlitiollhall t.xj'ii'- at the opcniui!. (')" ther.\cnlar -L..i,.n .*, the limit. of whicl}' are defined in this Con'titution and one a
    iiMiiUr, ri 1It.-. :iiiii"iiu:: vl' :".li .n '.1'1 "-,' of '_ nj ijinp and l dcfrn-frrv l ber. pret-ent, expel a mem of the Legislature of A. l fI> 1 7;:, and until his nTChall be Judge shall be, assigned to each circuit.
    M' ,<' and l libftlv' ;i, '(iiiriu! ; -l-:,ion.!' :md) protecting property, Hid :lC. ;. Hither IIou!c, during the "e.-iou, impri qualified. He t-ball' take tIC, oath of office, j j-n-cribcd fr .:11t:1tl' two terms of his court in each county within his circuit each "tar.

    putaiti:: and 1 "bfmiui'1 ._ r-.t. i\'. .111'1)11 li.ij.jiim--} &onmcnt any I pcmm not member, who} shall have may punish been by of- officers. at uch times and places us shall be prescribed by law. The %efltictice I

    't:.,. :. Ail p"liti. ..oIl"\lt"I'! i inherent in tit'] j joj J>lc. Go'- disorderly or rontemptuou I conduct' in ifa but euch guilty i imprisonmcnt Sec. 3. No per-on -11 1111" eligible to the oftce ..}' Covtrnor; who may in his -fiction order a temporary exchange of cir

    itiMicii m-titmed lor the jiroUUioncimit' ; aunt benefit of it.utuen .. 1 shall not extend: t the final presence adjournment, of theNeellion. j i- not H qualified elector and who lu. m beyond
    : and thcv hatl.. riuht. t." allci nr :i tirnd, tin- !am n f the United State.and: three )('.Ir. of the, State of Fl'nida next (termin any other circuit than that to which he In aMi ned.
    the linnof hi.- el"< .tion. The shall re-ide in the circuit in which he is
    "'1"\'J'-dw "puldi' gu..luw! \ ivijnin' it. but tin- I paramount, all Spc. H.:1 iiujority of each House: titute preceding Judge assigned..yic .
    ;:1..1 <'\' citi/.1 !it is dm. t-i tin1 1"< dial 1 { ;II\t'IIIUIt'III. und 1 no do hu.i,,, but H smaller number "hal cOI from a quorum f to to 10"1', \ The Gojn"i; h.ill be ( 111111",1 11'1'-111, (Chii I of the military l- S The Circuit t the several judicial circuits shall

    }"vr exists with the jn-j'le "i tln i. M..t!; .- t<> dissolve] it. connection and may compel the presence of absent may members adjourn in t.urh day day, I'leeof the Stale, i. \eej-t wbm tbejhall' l-t| into tb have original juri-dictmn, in all cases of equity, also in all caiwa at k

    l'\\itJL) and under such as each House : manner i-CEVicunf: the I t'nitid St.ite-, lj\v which iir>'olve tbv. title or the right of possession to, or the po4

    o'c o. Thit t tott.. lwl! ever iriuain .\ member of the SRC. !t1. Any l.cnalilI j person who shall be. convicted may prescribe.of embezzlement :0J.. He shall: tiMii-a't t. all Ciemtive, l'lI.-iIf', >.- with the t-fli sc---ion of or ib<' l otindarics- of real property ; of the legality of any

    .\tolt.l'i1I i t'llIftU Ihe |11'-1.1.| tin-mil -i J 1'.lIt "I( the American or defalcation the fund-] of this State, or of 1 of tcr"f the ;nvtlunn-Tit. i-ivil :and militaiv.. ,
    ,,llatl4al.' au'l alij attempt AM.H ,1t.11"H'1111I,',', or upmi \\ lmterrvrHeiiM fercd a bribe f\1 tl secure his election: or appointment having to given or of: in writing from, the officer.of tbe .loI", ,,' de|'aitment i in wbieh tli- dema', 'r' the!' value of property in controversy .c-

    -. 4o disoheaid: 1 I I'Hiftlt.i ni t"ever pail nation, shall( be having reeeivcd bribe to aid in the of ofce or upon} any -ubj'-et rrlatiim to the anticnl'thrit. 'f'ITti"ffitc 1Stt 1 .. td three} liiindn-'i1 'l..Iai) and of the action of forcible entry ana '

    rv,>,H<,1 with dIe \jol| ptmer-of ,the Stit.-. other person, shall I be disqualified, Irocurel.'nt, (f.c of! honor any : H. He hall. sir ,hat the Li w. .in- l.iithliillj; eiieuted.See. ;wiLiwfnl ib-tnimr, ami,. aJ-i mall e'lmioal caee amounting to felony.
    ] froH ( ta any 7. When office, !from, all lnl-'r, th-dl' l'I'IUIIII"a''lIt Tin- -h:1111le, final ,llat-' jurisdiction= all civil
    asyon a- :"d l no mode. i- provided 1 by thit ,".tilllli'.I11 or 1 by the hew of the tiir < 'ount (Court in, which the amount in
    .111!! -
    remain iiiviulaU-1 er; bw m} < iil "- '-.-- a jury trial may l 1.ewaived practicable, provide by law for the punishment, } of such embezzlement ) eonwTTeryaon Wdred
    Mate I f.r filling s'K-b 1.t'IIWY; the' (Governor; sliall} have the to dollar.and upward, awl in all cases of .
    : by the |' rt bribery I fill suclii! :"jiiv by :gr"ntiir.. a commission, which! shall expire at The Circuit .
    and shall
    10. Each .
    t*I:4': a. TIiclu'exmise eiit t.nWIII. ) religion* prof< .ion .e shall keep journal of its own j'rocecd- have power
    au yen nays c. Th'. Gini-riM-i; r n:1!. ''" ''xtr'r'tli"artca.iIJII; all other writs and i
    > -
    cuulcuetlc to the
    iiMt .-Tit ivitnon account of liip benof either house proper necessary complete exerciseof
    .hall 1 ht' \' iiiii-t :' a : rdiH on any question shall, at the desire of
    : any I l.epr-latuie by l.nn.ition., and, 1 -h.ill state to both Houses their jurisdiction and also shall have
    ;inu1., tfJtiui""I- ; ut tI"I I"'H ,1 "'IU'"' 11"J'c11'} rccuied hllll three member present, be. entered tin the pio- power to issue writs of habeas ,
    journJ when organized the 1nl'' ''c /f,r which, they have been convened, on petition by or on liehalf of
    i..t t", 1'' shal open and the Legi-'latun' then. s.h.ill, tiaa-uet Tint silaficrbuinessexceptthat in then chcuitfa..Vec .
    ; ly : respective
    t tin Stair.Si it. e5-ion the
    MV*: (,t the '.'.10 and M1<1"t except] Senate: while sitting to executiveesiun ; and
    -:r. <. *Hi j"ti'ilt'"r'- "' llu- writ ?1 Hub'aCorj( 'n- diall not lither hIJ. without the: ton-ent of the other, adjourn for more f"r which, tb'-y}the :an (''I'oTi.IiJ.'oIlHIII"J. ov such other legiilative !f I. Tbrreball; be a County: Court organized in eachMHinty
    bu.-inc., c. t Govtripir; nl.'( fill. to the attention of the Le Th.Govrnor hall
    IN"'nded mil", lain' c in, i'd.-<- .f invii' 1".jir nballion, the than tll.( la}:, or to any other town than that in which they appoint II county judge for each
    Nlfj.tJ tuari"Hiitt, iiuy|+en..tin bf holding their session.Sjr. may, ;;ilatunwhile in .-e. ,-i",,. ''\iipt by the unauimueonnnt of both 011I11.1,0. -hdl be r"iifiruicd by the Senate, and naeh Jude

    J'u1Jlit.;tied'. 7J J l<1t.irt. i'.tii rhaHnoti"rvjuutd! I jun \t".i\l' fino : I 1''. Any bill may originate in cither Hourc of the Lc- 1 llou.-c.-. ball h-1'1 bi- office I for t four yf-nrs from' the date ol' hit comaiaioa a, a
    See. I'I. He, M"dl; fouinuimeat': by to the, until hula '
    mea-agc Legislature "I' 'Ul" { b"r apj'Ointcd and
    t..1.. unr H..t..l.. ttatt-udl "puai.hni tit iN. iullidl'.1. nor that! _'i i.latut. and after "being passed in one HOUHC he amended in qualified
    ) may .illlt the onditi'jn t f tbr State and recommendueh 1 The
    1\\'it'If'.t'i" 'ill' ulll.'a>atuhlti .1..t1II.(1. i the ntjier.Sec. Yet each regnl'ir' ; ; .s't1" Coimt> Court shall be a Court of Oyer and Tv-

    $K":'. ". AUi"ii> atoll 'I..' 'bniliblt.iy\ ""Utti..H.llt"rlril, I :; Thv. eiiMeting claii.-e "I 1 every law l be a* follows : i mca-uit-- etc tH.IY diem xpcdimt inurt'rti
    :laJ :-'' 1 1" In 1.1-1'! ol a 'li.-.i'jreeni'M; bttwc- tilt two Hoiut.wilhii't .- ? t 11 The (County 'ourt hall Lave
    ulii-n the udent, the .The opb tin. Stitc of f Florid jurisdiction of all miadi -
    uiilv.-t fee l. iMpital l purse) i- or }prr 1 JK "I rrprc.-tntrd Senate and AF- :
    .: \ l .1 lo onact a- follyu. :' | t I. the, tin' ,1'1 :.'l.i'. itnutucut, the Gueunorhall lime m.'anor. and l all civil ea-f-. where the amount in controversy doff
    ,.umption 1"-lL 1\.I\ t-i :adj.'ilnl! tl"LiuKlatui'i : to ..tlth time *- }hi mu}' think not ix'vd thte hundrf-d dollars and itt
    ..It.H b" tnt-d J tor ital. Irtbcrwlreifitaluuus Sf.r. I 14. Each law enacted I in tin f liall cuibract power ; jurisdiction shall b& final
    < >
    C.t.t ;:1 : or !
    : ij IjcgL-l.itun .
    I; p'er-nn r. ,1..1 1 It '.- !i'ot bryind' tin tiut- fixed for the mevting' in .di! ivil taswhere the amount in
    j 1101.} torn controverfiv does exceed
    \ and not
    *Tliiw. rxtvj III < :t-t. vi ulIl'c dlllll"Jt., and in cases ofUK but one subject, llMt"rl proj'Crly} eonne'tfd th'i' with, which biii"lrtd
    L'Lid.itui'S dwllarlu'
    militia, when in avttvr T\KC, in tiimoi war, oi whit the -11'jl'c shall. t.t briefly ei.'rtv.-'d} in thr title, and no law thallln'amcuded tin n"'zt : ., / ill no CaaOhall the County Court have
    Tl"- ( ; 'b\ nheu the
    r II. MI-1'! -lL.l111i1\lI'u\f'r t') -'1-1'.11'1 l tin- cull, t tent IMII tubor boundaries of real estate iin
    . t''MI .. in time uf or revised by icferenr-t it title but in such contro-
    t rtaU Utrj, witli tl <- coal-rut "! 11"1'1 peace, only, cant, :
    may deal i'f (+ivand: ''i''III'1'1' _r.t! h l'licl'hiI' a j-irit'd uvt l'wh"r" the juri-dictiou will conflict with that of the several
    ib-- uf the the act as reused, or section amendedball] l rc-uwUd andpublished )
    l. uiidn
    ,'aot.4.f! IVtrt Kamnmad: regulation a- Il .
    and in xCte'Iti'ixt',> d i\. -. .1.lil': Jrum, tin tit!' of t ioiiviitii, tvr t.1I I Iuftt court-r'e.r: 1 ; hot fI,"y may have co-extensive jnri-dictioB with a
    J l."*i l.itmv., unit H" {WMMitmi'iit and i iudiftinont by K Grand at length.; nci-, cxeip' i'i .'-..' "f'I, I 1'1"] n eonvivtioii for the Vireuif r''Ul'tII r-., uf fort lble and unlawful iletentio.t

    Jurj, and in any trial I by any f'urt, tin1 Party .1''CUC'tl! "hall be Sec In. Every. lul fhaI1.c 1'H.1 bietion." in three ,. viral I,. :MS"II.! brh" .J'bii\' : "' !I''q''i t f" .impend the .-\t't utioii of tfenttncenn I.t real e-tate tiibjt-} M appeal to the entry Circuit Court. The County :,t
    alloMt-d t., .Ut.1 d.Ud i ii1 j 1r-l.tU. and I with nmn-rl 1, :." in day lit ,'H.h House: il .11' of emergency two-thirds of tin t-.I l he Lt' i la full
    "l.\tar} } 'l th-1 < d -v -Inll: 1 bv irj+'! t'i ( lure ..ililattiunN's t..I".t1o1..U Kubji't t.i be mite put ill House where such bill may be Iclll ,111 deem} 1 expedient Udi > Vli'-p tf! -gi.-latup -b.ill ,'itbr, I-:Ira':1.'Iii"rl't tIt 1'SBCnt"n! .* .1 Pruvi.v-!. l n j 1., V.-.V It'. /' .r1 -v r** *,w. ITtic* I
    .,ff;.,.' fbdll he l 'UUII\.I1c.l l in eriiniIM iI" i- ";viisc with this idle ; 1 but, the ,.f. I by -"i itstijofiiv '
    the,4ur tiny 1' 1..lj.l ;
    ] \ "
    th. ,
    ooloarl1J' tin -v ntfiu- or Grant :a ( urtlt' n-'jit'.i.: 'I..j it \ L< \\iyt tlJI'o.1' -1"' th. t vlLllti '_ ... tt"I.wieet 1
    : \ filial j".i ," .!.:j i+ \ :.., ;. ,;" Iascr1 N : j .1.1 .1 1 l''to of thtfinal ;. ; .. .. .. .. f.
    .1' : 'i : -b- "( 'i. 1 f.t !"i, h f .1 1 i Hi.; "'* f 'i.1'1'\ :tic! sen- I' .. '. ; : ,. ( .. .r'. six > ,
    'P'. : ., : ::: II' rj f !(,'.. '! ,. tilL'! u I'' .. ., .. ,. .... ., ,
    ,:.14:1'1) I t j. ; ; r'' :" .11' t rl'l 7 p.Ca"I 1'11 Jl T""JII / t.. .I I .r.J", _.1.,. ".t ..j. .'',.. .J.1..1..1.! .-- -. nL-L'-.' '''' !' : ; : l'd' 10. .. 'I'I.! ".ib. 1i
    . .. and :::1', ,t+ .j. .. r.L,4.i. I- ? .
    ', ... ;1A111+!.." w' .".M"J.i .- ; ;: < M. ; :'. hi!* or>. CI.t I1'1bi '" "Ph" h..H 1,111' :. !tilt (ti.
    } .." W:1. I.'1 1 .' "s '. j ,,-;!,: -1! .,1. .1.' ,, ," hi'on' "t fit w< tr present ;:1 .at.1 Ilouv t'hall be .,ItI'h'. l'Ibtll" fit ..i''.i'jilllill! !! 't-t t .,;" ,'t ,n" I 4.I fo/l' '., t'lrk.turl 1 .. :'j" "!- .',> rt A. r.. r'.j:_. iL_ itja-i itcred
    .. .,... ,. 0\1'1. .: .I '.Ln-.f hat ri p. '" TVIS* ev bill' sir joint rertl'ifion ami 11.i.; or..joint i *. ',Jation-. t*
    .t : } | r' 1,1'lItl,.1 1 r j I"l'ttt"l. pal thou oj ioiiiitiiict'i''ri' ;:l'dllt' 'i tta- voters -jf'tht rcspt-ttive counties.
    .,' U. ,,.. t:. ::1 1 .' '" .. l' <.at1; :"li'V't'' ilu'lilwitj,1) vt( rj.ech !') }pu." tllhall'C ri:nfd by the presiding ol the rej}>LctiTT tin th'.1 n isle of! th'1 nl'lj i{ t. the iiiipe for, wbitb h" wu-tonvict'.il Vie: l l-j. In till trialcivil and criminal, in tho Ciruuit aad

    or I" tlic 1''.> lu all .riwiual piu-fi-utjuu and civil ai-ti-m-, for, libel, Hon-es, l by the Secretary of the. Senate and Clerk ot thA- the -vi't'Mn'f. it- daf1, nnd 111<' d.ite, of it nmi--ioti! iiiiniitaU"i! County Court.-. th- cvi-icucc shall be reduoed to writing by the

    lie truth tuay be ;i;;wu iu elidlnll'totlit'. jury. ;and if H .haliam-ear -flubh.. !p.-rd"" )" w i'Ypri'1 vSin Clerk uf the Court .r his deputy, under the control of the court;
    that (lit' matter ciiaiji .- Wn-l-u- I' true, but "-1 j-tiMiabod fort SEr. l Iti. No inont'v -hall br drawn from the Trta.-ury txttjtby } ]12 Th'1} IIMV 1'iii'jr. .1U-tlt'Cpt! tl" Supii.iiv'" ( ,urt and awl eveiy \\ihH"-.-, alter hn examination than have defied, ahall bt

    w l mutiic the j-a1'Iyhull, be aii 111.c. <.!' %".iKI.aSec '-1. appropriation nude by: law. wid accurate statements of the neeijits .Attijrni 'Icntral; -T major:! part of tin'm, !"f vhow tb-j 'Govtinvrhall ; hLert} to correct the tiidcnre' he has given, and afterward ehalliign 0.Lt
    the shall be dn-d
    11. The }tea}
    .tuiuu.nlt1411theCOUIDUnMA,1t'- i instead flwir ir-lntali'cr' rsiH;; published with the law paved' at every regular se.--ion of th"I and re rietion- tb'"y dt"m 1 j-it-j-ei. I' nut fiu'+:- .J"lli.'rt! 'iturc- with the papers in the case. 7'

    and ujHititiuu tluh(': ,latttir' i fur r-,lrv.n,1'r; ;. x.i., I..gishituriSvc. .. finmutr j l'ulli 1"'IIt". ;iud ;;raut j>.ird"n .ilt-.i 1 jinktion.. in ali >Vi14.. All plea .-hull le sworn to either by the parties err
    j shall law ill -1
    :w. 1--: \It [.tww: uf a uvneral iiatuilull!: liiKi- .1' uniform :17. The Legislature not pass "l.ccialor es-e.-: eir''j-t) tie.i-on yn-1 iiiipedchiiiiiit.-: -ubj.ICl I to -\1' JJ b re iwia tbi'ir .I't'trnic- ;

    r1tdi'JU. allY of class of officeror for the
    S t.H 1. I;" 'Mi-1, \1I1ltII'h"t, ht' ruUudmato to tin t'i\ ii jowerSf jurisdiction and duties any punishment I feats a hi m.(: deem true" .1rY. Justices of the Peace shall have i
    >:. 11. NO .-,Iliel'111111., in tini'1 dicti"i. and mi! jurisdiction not to exceed fifty dolLir. .

    i JdI\'l.tI.,., c>..t'l.t with tin -uJiM.'iii t.J J lb'. "\\11' 1'. IIItI' in time of of justice ; providing, for ('hanging'l'nuc of civil and criminal and undCr, the authority of the hate of Floiidaeulcd by the .-, but thi-.-hat! nt.'S! extend to the trial of any person for miademeanor .

    Ava'r, silt.,pt in manner \jtv',cribctl f by law. ; granting divorces ; changing the names of l'crl'lIl1'acatilJ; ; great seal of the ..Statelgtl' 'l by the Goveauor, and touutcivigncd or 'I'I till:

    -'t.(. I l"+. ltd|.WM.iitatuhall il. ;.ij-jH.ti"iK-d) ] 1 wt-totdinj; t'j roads ; town plats, streets, alleys and public squares' ; summoning their by the Secretary of State The llut c,- uf Ju:tit-v ft the Peace shall be fixed by law. I

    1'lfJ'U1.ttiou. a.' well a> iaK'. but no, o uin> hbdl: h:1IlJ"re: than and empanelling grand and petit Junes, and providing for :cc.1.1..1 Lieutenant Go\; '} -h.ill bt dcdtl..t tli" -aui; Justice- the 1'iuei lull hold their offices during good behavior,

    fiiur rci>n>ciith '", ant le-s tli:ii our rcj-u >-"tati\(' in the A. -cmbly.See. compensation ; regulating county, township and municipal business ; time and 1,1'11:1allll in th- ante munim a- the I Govirnor, wh.-.. :ull1tlt to removalby the Governor at his own discretion.

    10!. >o per.-wii -bdl be itiiptvoncd fur d-bl, except in regulating the election of county, township and municipal officer! ; term of office and l eligibility shall also be tin sunn. He -11:111 i.(. St l. 10. Tbc Liiature: i may establish courts for municill'urI'Oit'

    17. No bill of .Itl;-i"ll.t., ?r .. -' .:tI"t" 1.. 1l1ll'airill nitipal purposes ; providing for opening and conducting electionsfor therein. If during "eRIII'\1'1 the office of Governor; the Licutt n-' organization or g"w.ru1\.ut; of municipal courts ehall be general i i.

    it- minor.-
    I. :l c.? 1;. lMrei.iiciwho tIC, (r win-1,, may "become, (voting ; providing for the sale of real estate belonging; to the ilcal'alllo] of j ertbriiiing the duties of hi-, office, r.r be absent from of all incorporated tovvu- awl cities.

    '""uaft'e) rcM.lcut. wf the State, ball ei.j..y. t the -ante: rijrhtf into or other person5 laboring under legal disabilities ; regulating the State, the }''lIt0 tun of tin Senatf -hall act a- 'Governor : Soc 17. Anj ci'.il l cause may be' tried before a practising at- :

    jxte-osiuii. cnjiueiit and inlieritanet: of jiroj-crty, fees of officers.Sf.c. until the office be. filled 01 the diabilityc:1: toiney as referee, upon the application of the partite and an order i.
    TI"It} citizenSec. -. 18. In all canes enumerated in the preceding section, and See. lo. In the c.i-e of the iuijwachmtnt of Ih,. Governm- from the court in vrho-e jurisdiction the case may be authorizing

    lH! Neither .1a\t.'ry or imuluntary .ti' itud'-, uulcf" for in all other cases where general law can be made applicable, all law- his icmtval from office, death inability to discharge hi- official duties :Huh: trial and pointinuch referee..s'uth .

    ihe iiuni>)hme it of t'1llllt'. :011:111cr W U.l'-rall in tin- Ststc.Sec. shall bft general and of uniform operation throughout the State. or resignation, the j'ower aud duties of the office -ball devolve : referee shall J..1"i'| a complete record of the cast, including

    ) -il.( Thc rihL", of the) jHj j jdr I i" !14'. -etuu in either jxr- SEC. 19. Proviiion may be made by general law ior bringing uHiu tin Lieutenant ',;on'llIur tor; the rc-i.!lec oi iln term. Or until the evidence taken, and -nch record shall! be filed with the jpapertin ? I
    puit against the State atO{ all! liabilities now existing or hereafter t.'tal.ut the (Govcinoi; .!! without the the the oSic. the clerk l1D the
    .' '. liln-es) i andtlc'tv. a-: ;"m.-t, unrca-.liable pcirure' andrdlrhry the di aIilit3'hall ; :' in.i.i ta-c in : subject to an appal
    " lllf.! 1.,: Awlatrd l, air! t") .1'1-; i..u.I'ut' in j.robaIde ) originating.Sr.r consent try the Legislature, be "ut of th.''1 in dial"- .if vvat.Ste iu.tuner In..t l'iht1l.y law 1!
    iU-c"1,1-u11rlrtrl I Jo, oath, or animation, l.:j.aitiiiljily) ,lc"riil) : 20. Lottrricarc hcubv prohibited in this Stat 111.' 'Til"" GU''rrllnl'IIP.Iy; : at any tii'if reijuin- the oj>inion t't ,Vc:<-. lv. No other tuuiuthan those herein specified shall btorganize

    the i'Uw'" j-luce.- tt be arehed, and the j-ei-on or j pi'i-pnl", and SEC.1 The Ixgislaturehull establish a uniform pystem of the ju-ti'es of th' Supreme < n'nit t a-t ) tin interpretation of any -! in thi.S't..,te..Vet. .

    1 'I" county, township aud municipal government.SEC. 'rtion if Constitution( or nj-on any j-oint of lnv, :!11'1' 'till' Su- 1 11.. The Governor; by and with the advice and consent
    ibtJi} or tiling to : L.-1 shall law for i incorporating j 1N
    ; :'I\ '1'1'c4iI: jtin.-t the Male t11.I1 tv.ii-i.-t only in levy- --. The Legislature i provide by general pnme C urt shall render sueh oj-inion} in writini oi the .Senate, hall appoint a State Attorney in each judicial tiltuit -
    't such municipal, educational, agricultural! mechanical, Governorball; be i-tl..1 J I Cabinet f ad- wh'} duties shall be law.
    ii-'aiMM it. rtdherii.v it. enruiie-i !irivin- thou aid and See 17. The ( .1-- by a i" '=e prescribed by
    i j \wv .ami tl 1 be c..l.idl.l .I! ticason, unites tin th. wining and other: woeful companies or .lAsociationc af may be deemedncctBviry. ) mini-triilive! officeis. I'HD.i-tiuz ut'a Se'-retary of ;:t.lh'UUIIlt'Y Ik- .-hall b"d! hi.the.. for four ears from the date of his
    mlolt li"
    u-uu."ii'v; ; of two 11"11.H wlnt"- to illovert .d..l .'01 I i.,-iOI in i.ptnC (;iineralComi'troll'T, Tn-a, urcr, .un t.1' ,Geneiul.; Snj.eriiit' .Irnt juiui--iim., and until hi- .Ut'lt. -or shall be appointed and qualified.
    1. .This I iiiuiKiotHMi .f rijtlit- hall iwl( b" CUU-tI1H'1.. to impair SEC. -';j. l)aws shall be 1'a-acd. regulating elections and prohibiting of 1'ublit In.-tinctioii Adjutant lcllt; 1.:1:! and l ( CoinniL,) ':,urrof 1m- Ibc 'Govini'-1.; :r, bv and vi jfh tht' advice' and consent of the Senate,

    ;' nrt. v-taim-d "by tb under adequate penalties, all undue influence thereon from 1IIirati"111:11' ..fhcrrsh.lll be' aj'jMiinti-d} the t Governor; ..uideontirmcl .taUll'l".iJlt ill eathininty sheriff and clerk of the Circuit Court, .
    otbei j.ruJ jje.S
    n- .1"'IJ" > lc right, t.I.1 ;'1 lm-in power, )bribery, tumult, or other improper jiractiee.SF.C. b) tl.l'lIlte.. and hall hold their urhc''" tinam1 time: who -hall al-u be\ clerk "I\ thc (County Court and Board of County

    uf the t li't'he-:. .2-'M.:, No 'lire:;1.1 tal: I h'I:! ; !.:. law to" airy thuroh, sixty la) but any sfH-cial session convened by, the Governor hall Seu'lX. The GoveinTlull; by and with the lotitcnt of the "f tth"iMliall.: bold hi> t fhce for t four 3caj. Their duties hall be \

    l".r. not exceed twenty day. Senate, tl'J"iillt all lonimi.-ioned officer.- of the Slate militij.KM p li-cubv'l bv. law.

    I., M'.t .ir llio-lr ut.t|.tJI iI'| Sec. :;). All proj crty, both real and personal, of the wife 1.j!. Tbe (Giivern; i -".111 appoint bv_ :and with the ton.-ent ,"" It1..I! t'jjit.iblehall: bo elected by the registered voters

    .j ;L t t'LE 1 11 .v.'J.ITIW..I >iv her beforcinarria-'e.; or acquired afterward bv 'silt, des of the vk Suiate; in eab eoimtv. an As e-Hir.; of Taxr- awl( Col.-tU'r| ,,! I;--h .UIII t' tiii-cvcij:, .'L"-') two hundred registered voters; but_

    I t : vi.el descent or jmn-nase, shall he her separate I property, and not of ito eitn', who.-e. dntic.b.ill' be jirescribed) law, ,1I1.j -whobull 1, : ,. I h, ...autyhall! be t'ulltled tt at least two constables; and no ,

    ., Ple-.t I 1'\\1 I rio.i'l-hallbe" a- l follows : liable fur the debts of her hu lmnd. hold their office.- ior, two .vi t\iran>l be -ubi| rt t n-iii"\.il upon: tbeleeomnmidation ..inly ,-isnJl trait m"n- than twelve constables. They han per"ut -
    Th. 1 HwUn 'It I V.-lido. I horn Sec. !'i.; The: legislature shall provide; for the election by the of th'1 t Governor, and con.-ni?
    <:'uuiuiFucil'rat, ,, the :mouthf tlr mn. l tll";' .uth thence ,upthe people, or appointment by the Governor, of all State, county or municipal (Governoi; -hall appoint' in cii-h county a ( Iinntv. Trea-urer, 'ountv t :: -
    lieieil) .I'd.. I
    11.1Il..t. said mt.- \ 111'1"iiththrfchr.t. degree oi officers not otherwise provided for by constitution, and Surveyor, Suj'trintrndi'i.? 'Common Schooland; rive ( 'ouiitv : Ji 1. AUm'ui'- Lw. who have been admitted to practice

    v liin- .\ r: Sfit. .I<\111lla., "riM"h.Mchee, river thence fix by law their duties anti compensation.Sec. CoiMinifsioiicr.-1, each: lit vvboiu' shall bold, his uifn e lor two jean, >i! :,mtwutt, yl' ret"ul in any ,stat of the Vnion, or to any United tn

    Noah LiUi.le : ihVmi due ." -' tltl.. with the Hint'river :'. Kvery: bill which may have pied, the Legislaturehall the duties of eachhall! I-L by law. Stub orncei> -hall ,Hati. lV-uU, -hall be adiuittcd t. practiuo iu any court of this := .
    .!uwt, iWiiddb- -. id I t.i\I. I. to t'.nlbuncc the Si ManV thence before becoming a law, be presented to the (Governor ; if he be subject to lemoval by tin Governor; when in hi.-, .jii'l,nmit the ;'Vtttc on j j-Tfiiuiu,: tviliico of havinjr bccu SH> admitted. ll
    sliaiub, I- tl, 111ll.f ri\r but if he shall return it with his objections
    th,' shall not
    t tram "" ; J-outh- approves it lie sign public, wilfare will be ttdvanced' thereby : J'ru\ idcl, 1:0 omter shall
    fM!i i r'i; '. th., \il.nte, < >.1.t'I; thence in which it originated which House shall Y
    House ,
    the the
    . .1.t\1 I 1..1.11.$ thence to lie removed except fur wilful neglect of duty, or a violation of the
    'tIi"1 .11 tl 1 the G UI'Stream( i i its toreconsider ,
    81r1I fl. .a.- to be entered journals and] proceed
    a. t\\ alol and, HondakSit ] cause such objections upon c.rilllillallawl of the State, nr for incompetently.Sec. .\1' \11\: 1'-iKATlVE 1'iPABTMESI.rt. .
    still f
    ) ,, tl!b ede the C tn'al reconsideration it shall both Houses
    Smime-tvvardival' : .I it 'if after such pas Hoard;
    and 1 (Cabinethall constitute.
    t The (Governor; ; .1
    N 1 iis-ic luui! }b'i.tbiiiet. a.
    trth"T"t"lr.1y t : of Adniinutrativc offitew
    the TortnpM.d: which shall be ,
    TlcJ'c members vote en
    .m.1 itdu'liu, two-thirds vote of the prcfcent, of State institulioiis which. Hoard shall have: supervision -
    by a of Conmii-sioncrs . t- ]point hve (k ?tc:
    ir- i ;Jibe t ItaKW--: shall be by
    \ th.w the ""l. of ( uf1't''ll'J any the hall prescribed _Adjutant General; :'iid Commissioner of Immigration who shall
    1.aic the ,
    41ut' ltl shall, have been presented to Governor panic -ball have in of insurrection
    J'tlt Ik.l H. : after Sec. :1. The (Governor power, 'a"c; a-si-t the Governor; in the performance of his duties.
    of KViniuiiR.AUTICLK If the
    thence to in like manner a! if he had signed it. Legislature habeas within! the
    law the of
    Hi\r, llt 11..c K- a each action, such bill shall be a or rebellion, to piujicud writ corpus >KITbc Secretary of State shall keep the records official .,
    final prevent
    III. by its adjournment, tate. the Lt) ui-Uiturt., and Executive
    of of
    unlc-s the Governor, within ten days next after the adjournment ads t Department the Govern- ;

    , .-LAT or (,OVKUX>IINI.: law, shall file such bill with his objections thereto in the office of ARTICLE' VII. iHt-ut, and shall when it{juirtd, lay tho same, and all matters relative .,',.

    of (,olcrtinn'ut shall be and 1 remain j-ermanent} atfiJLt of State, who shall lay the same before the Legislature hereto t -btfoic litbcr branch of the Legislature, and shall be !
    t thc Secretary shall receive two thirds of JUDICIAL DKVAR1MLM. the custodian of the Great; Seal of the State. ,
    ] session and if the same
    W'ssa.sri'SK at in next it shall, become a law.arc. Sec. 1. The judicial power of the State shall be vested in a Sir. :;' Tin Attorney (G,'ueral shall be the legal adviser of the #
    > ) the votes present Court1 and Ju-ticcj of the I ;iov and t'fiai-b of the Cabinet officers and shall
    t lot k. :8. The Assembly shall have the Pole power of impeach Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, (County ( nj. r perform
    { ,.1 t' th Itll' but'a two thirda of all the members present shall be Peace. u, b other' legal duties a.- the Governor may direct or as may bprovided

    ARTICLE: 1IlltTlJl lUcnt, vote:of officer ; and all impeachment shall be Sec. 2. The style of all process shall bt, -The State of Florida 1 b} !law. He shall be Reporter for the Supreme Court.

    . / TfJS OF 1'OWEK.Tliv required the to Senate impeach when any sitting for that purpose. The senators ," and all proeecutums: shall bo conducted l in the name and by S.LI .1. [lie lrclurcrhall receive and keep all funds, bonds or
    Florida shall tried by o.i'.cr seturitic, in such manner as be provided by law tad
    'townimtiit nt t the State ol1 oath affirmation, aud no hall be convicted the authority of the buinc.See. may ,
    : |xw,'tr ..1 the I to wit : 1 Iicp-lamc, Eueutivl chall be upon) or of two third of the persen Senators present. 3: The Supreme Court shall e'JUi of a Chief Ju.-tiee ;-hall'li-burse! no fund), bonds or other securities except upon tit
    \w divided] into three dej) bcloiiijin' to one of the without the concurrence Justice shall at all trials by impeachment, except and two Associate Justices, who shall hold their offices for life or order of the (Comptroller, countersigned by the Governor in Buck
    and judicial.lit |1er1 tuiietiuiib ;.1''I.l..rillil to either of trial of the Chief Justice, when the Lieutenant Governor during good behavior. They appointed by manner
    the othcr>, except in thc l-4. cXlrct-Iy hall, preside.The Lieutenant Governor, members of the Cabinet, t Sec. 1.' The majority of the Justice of the Supreme Court law.

    Lou-tjtutivu. Governor, Court and judges of the Circuit Court, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business. The SEC. 6. The Surveyor General shall hate the adainistratiTi
    ARTK'LK: V. Justices of the Supreme for misdemeanor in office ; but Supreme Court shall hold three terms each year, in the Supreme supervision of all matters pertaining to the Public Lands, under .
    : hall be liable to impeachment any the of Such terms bhall commence iuch regulations an bhall be prescribed by law.
    shall extend only to removal from off Court room at seat government.
    t LllHl.A1\'E 111IAUnl1XT.rC ; shall iudementin cases hold office of honor trust or profit under on the second Tuesday October, January and April respec- SEC. 7. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall her

    1 1. The klati\.c; authority of thi State nated b n.t and d disqualification convicted any or acquitted shall nevertheless ivery. the administrative supervision of all matters pertaining to pubEs
    which shall )be L the StAte; but tho party hall .Lave jurisdictiou In instruction the of buidings devoted to eduettiosu
    it 4 innate and At embly thereof trial and punishment according to law. AU Sec. 5. The Supreme Court t appellate ; supervision purpose
    1 liturc'vf the State of FloVida, ," aud the M.'ssious o7he7oftc to indictment shall'hare been appointed to office by the Govern all cUtS in equity, also in all cased of law in which is involved the *, and the Libraries belonging to the University and Cosuafe>
    t" held at the stint, of pvcinmciit of the Sutc. be annual tie first s and with the .omsent of the Senate may be removed title to or right of possession of real estate or the legality of any Schools. He shall organize a Historical TJurean for the parpcees
    hall and
    the Legislature or, fine in which bo demand such matter and information as be
    SEC 2. The bes-ious of ion recommendation of the Governor and consent tax impost, we8ment'toll, municipal or ef accumulating may necenan
    hcybiou on chc hccoml Monday of June, .\. H.> 1868 and thm oHfc"scnateVbut the shall nevertheless be liable to indictment or the value of the property in controversy exceeds three hundred for compiling and perfecting the history of the State. He eDJ1

    t '. on the fiat Tuesday. after the first Monday of January in tin, interim Md they according to law for any misdemeanor in ofBoe, dollars, also in all other civil cases not included in the general also establish a Cabinet of Minar&ls and other NMPl .

    \ in the A. D. 18U'J. The Governor may C trill jrunisbnwt
    year tiohion by his proclamation.
    iu extra
    the "
    vcne .
    \ J.g.otur ,

    Oj -


    --- -

    -r --- -i-; iB*:, tu'YiB 4 "*? teu."I. -:: hi* trwl=ty-the within ...nrear

    : t. 4 iI t i1 t 1iritit"aL2 : ixp1I4xLaI .
    Iltt1flF 511.411 he the ti.tli qonite for l"'uhot ot18-tr ivtb
    a f" t i.-iiintyor Lt'be'tlP'fl
    f-r'r ,
    Li. : tl c Legislature : UI 1o solemnly swear that I
    : tSk : a'liuuvfl&t11'! I 's ) i ) '-
    4 ;' f tin Cuostitution and Coverniwrt of the
    1.i. -.: ;' 5j5.,. 1.2 : .I''ITSIII'U DI1 1r-i .411flJ !*141 in tlit;' f'o ttll .uli. :, ; iitt_' 4)1 : -Il 1.e.iLJit. 1. 'tat4- S : .: MIII-'. -u.i'?, ,hr S .s i.- .:.t FloriJa. against ail enernic, duiitk or

    :- ," I I. : :'1' 1.e ,.; <.:' (iili. M I K'l st.i"I'1'! "' ''lie ;S:t if. :tli-l iir 1eIt..1Ci&I i iij+ Il any 1hitti, llon t1i' hflil OtiT1'V 1' T"T'U V i t'-t' v. Jia* ..- fc'tbr loyally a11'1 alkgiaute so the f".ei1 -

    bviij. : .. Sf tL' -elll ..i :;'t ti\v\ JnuTin' s. i.j>p.rt eel l t.II(' I ni fllilf I ilie- Mii'll .= lor .!fii ICdi it)' of thin' between, the tutu (lay 'I| ,ItMii.nA. J : > fViM I !'e! fr HiffHo !'t! **8io nn'ler ths Constitution. Taut I will

    s sd fcr ths ]. 4.I13 .I >. fatJl; aml tlioi! >tli ihtol'October) A. I D. I.O C 4 .in'l ;ii.H! > !'<'rform all; the. ;tie* ef'the office of- which I iii
    tbL t 'r. e ,,-
    ult I. Ic i4 .1 "l .t.eeflt
    Ti. :ueF : ; : IjMPII )
    \\hctliur } >i-ocuvtliiiir ;it li\v iui'"ri )cen conniH-ix-otl ) > l ll tl. .v't.i-\: 1"F ill- mti i it .-t i>ntiiv '
    r2 t ; : ;* :' 'oiii-anv e-i js.vmf
    | t't I jiu! li-.tli Uv oi't (Ortoln-r) tS'i. ) or nut, | inwin tion shall not exceed one hiMwfrr-l
    tit t *'.- I 5 treiICiI iuii i !11;, sti fu.. *.vii' .ni.l i.< v' In 4iic n-nti.;. t that( ;iII! ci.iiin- oi \Viio\v) | > Miniornnl lei'e K'iilU.T. -< : hohl their ,lIpiii Ihr
    .I Bictt ii fh li.w.nsx -a j' : t for : iiuiili'-in-'I |j.UrMe.] -, :ss'T i I ?. AD tMnmvoiiffi: ill;! respective (

    ., .f ',j2 UA4 : T ., -. .. .. Life vfhv, rAr ) irv licrc! \ 'lcchu-cJ null ;iiitl xui'l.AKTICLH. .- not) l.amt. l 1CV* lull! -tatnt ol'diiState) ? : on the 1'Jthi ,M'Mlyi' gfUu'ni.U: .-. .
    ; : ". *. ." : : ttLe 4 i IIV ilMiiniiilrv A I D. iMil 1 l hall ]li ? i-oii.-'i<1crf l iroofl uj ; XIV.CiN I 'itlf iflftiitK'.t'.d' Itt\V. tel' :.4 ciu-r. i n: tnrc. Alf .ici-isions of tbr HuprtMe
    { -
    &ii.l s'eTL P.'L:. s : J_ : tirt 'chli4wcr il.ire I C r.irfho f I i erio Ill for l.i
    1 i < tV4 fl : L'foth< I. tJ : > La AM' AI'l''Jjni' .NMLM.The I. 5t tlii-j CoM.-lUutt'> S HIV) pvrot. I'..t ii liirfli'i'1 "t" UK- Supreme *'ourt shall take ffet soil i

    4 4: L' ct t: : l 'triHl.-'turc' .shall in the >'<-ir i.m'l i ht hun-ln 1in1 > : S-c., 1. That SuikTieuury iiottv, ull UoiuU wiUuiUan' 1.1 *..;><-mt\c; U'UH tht'uj.'i ion of the four! in r'ich tae shall lee filed will.)

    tte4' ; t 9k.. I .*I ? ?1L fV.MilyLo, alit t-vuy t.ntho.n, In IIMI!' 'vu .1. :.'i I HIUUK-I.I, !! all oilier lial.iliiie. coiitiactc-.l. by) thu, JStat ami, I.1I411 Sri-. 1 U 1 I.i.rib.uun'! -'... S S :-...te any ofHte. the ten* hn !.
    Lr 41 uilial'itant-.til.i-- tlioylictj
    ; I
    : 'fall the ;
    $ lol-ciua-lc ; tliu I 10th I
    DpI y .it.eil I : or any t cotintv or city I Ildi dOt, I lit ;ami alter I i uaof \ be lon tinfour vw*"
    hall 'T ;: ( r
    flit ..Mnentoui
    ARTICLE IX. t '.rv".;-r "'" 'V wrthall krrp thr-i

    ,' (- t! fr. civin-:! to each county .me' Iu.iv-.rnt.) ti\ <- :.t larp-: ami one l A. I 1)). IfiOo, except .iich lial.ililies as 1 may he due to otfitiwnt the se-u iii t* <;overt.:' :. : i'e .' 't-'% ,sion ur iolent rp'tlfiMtc3. p
    ei'jitioiinl one thousand u-jrutcu'l M-tc> tbi-icin but ii'. ihiiiK.f.'H' ,J the te.eU t e
    t.i ever) loelareil null : r maY -m. t "t.t : : i'i.i. pivernlurut
    the Fiiml I he ami im?
    I ; :a' :: -- U3t CUT : V v. i c rtititv shall }tntitle-l to mole luau four iq.rc-cutjitivc.; <=. Seminary or School ivmoMil ii i-ij''I( I.ii'i-.' < .'<'' I '(Cu ''I h !.c .hs it'lII.IV

    e : ill tht :.: .. ,11 taj itj" i '!'!. ; 'j.latuI'e shall als after -\n> -tali inumi-ratioii jm C. .11 Itt void and the Leirislatniv hdl: I I have: I no power t' I !.i- -! ._ ... ; t. i" .y r.J.-.i i : lint ii' ';tte i. ti

    t.:4oi :: '.: tl tie tix l'y law tho mnnU-r uf Sfiiat.-rs which shall: uoii-titiitc th<- I provide lor the payment of the "aim- or any jiny part ul re.t"; '. i -'l- .- .;! ?: -'- S : tI't 11114's' h hi

    I zi I uh eli cf.f-Vnau- olTluii'la. aii4 l which -hall ne\cr !1.,. U'tluiu t .mc-lbuith., theiuof} ,' hut thHhall I not ho eoii tnu-d M > ai i 14 > I mvalidat I .- pl.U'f. i li'l'; '.' .. < '!! -' S S i '!. :. '" -' -s ft f br
    ; 1.vide & :i ; t-IL (henut 5i.ii n-jirl -.
    P 1._ ,' f'i he 1it1.iLI. ii'jr: ai-i th.ii jm.-h.ilf.jf \\hiiK-nuiiilt-rorthc AS When anv' authorised liahilities of, the Stair, roiilr.t.-tcd( prior ,-* ;: C u. i''. A jll.ll.... 4. v S ',. C tin j4'UCk4Itl

    *i : ': j"j"ti: 'iiit'nial: : .li-tri<.t shall l>e e. ni0-e.> 'u uS. : h5 ttjfl.ijtilfte'I).

    ( idrt jj< r.V' f.dcf.t { Iui-e I stt wti.i: t 1* ,,flhit'n- <.1' -.\ hirhtub 'H-trict n.nsi-i.- li.ill not 1 1- entirely the 2otli day o'l' October A. I). lSUSic. ->. _. 17.: Th". i '' S : firt ehethnl IIiti. -
    tlii-) ( titnii'i -S. !t:si! i ontimie until 'hf
    I i-T unt\ l.i-l > .
    $ anv (A c-ycrpv appropriated by .
    -3. Xo -' '
    : "I- C1IaYIII moneyhall .
    4 .
    : tir.-t "I %iu s'lpT. tel Jr: I( re: bi11 Hriflctlin lyiniiiiu a 'li-tnct. ami all ituntic.hhiil reiii.nnr.i ol'.ljiiited( States Land I lnpiichau .
    : r to reimburse pn'rchanfr.s \\ I> etr4tin t : .' i : C'' 1 -l.anrv.rat.
    : ; "Jat-e HisI; tithali be ur'anix.e l unkehaiiual( hy a nvnthir1ute' nflmtli Il.nwi.f i d! nuikc rovLion >
    u : now | t r'c
    LepHatun1.. tkc lIpLrt t.f t.: te' 'l -. 1-.:_ > ;IIC .'e isLitionaji! BiBy b* r -
    3.Jc ., .' I'lii'l.thiuf'rcst of wln'-l itl! t 0. All proceediniTJ, deciioiH( ( or actionacvom: ( critu! 1>s !I.e s !Hiiclj: l -y ii'i..111 m.-k' j>- >tvi-! n fur ImiMlojf a eoart-
    .. ; s AliTICLH XV. plMied by Civil" or :Military oiliccrs acting umlorautliori- ICUjOC: ..a.h' 5 'iL' :-fil for k< "..',- ir"i-- Ii o<>.l repair.Hre. .
    4L >-ij naintcnaa <,f 1'Minnoti
    ; iberefir SUITUAHI; : AXI Li.i: niLrn..Six. : tof the Vnited( States >*ub : r : 4nd qpar.stu restoration C.Air.. <. it.iuv't! I-uu n .evM1 uro s* I 1Kvcry mule: jiti-oii v15 the ae < 'I!' t tw
    C $4 1)efl or may 1Hret4'r! 1)4'J -, whatever race, eulor, nationalit} ur JIIt \ IIII-> fijj| 'hti'jn to the lovernmcnt of the (Tinted' States, are h.-rcby. dclarrd ""

    i. tt-.' dutta pW E-b :. or wli' .-1I.I11, at the time eif f uflVrinj.: to vutt be a titi7tlt ol'th.1 I'liitcl 1 ( valid and shall not be.ttbject to adjudication in 'Si ''. Tn f' '- i' .1 -!>.'"i: --t U-i: -' ': wfopt a tf.i! fiwr'liesSt
    *. v-'f '. ? '. -.h! .. *! : "' '' .\ nir""i: silter zllte. ) sliall U : c S
    : .41e4ti.1 1pru. States, (1 rvh ) -hall havehclaixl( hiiiitiuiioii tel ha-"ine Mieh inc the (Courts (ofthi.s State; nor any:: person autinm '
    ; i .; .hMI ,' '' rtft"" :t"I' ** 'ie' LLtLUT
    aut : lI < 5
    < sr: V
    r : .r.4 ',f lan.-l* or ihcr repcrtyS ,uiunuity unln-1 ]A\\- of the l'nite l ,Vljitc>, and' why --hall have i the capacity( of* a soldier)] ( or ollicer of the t'niUal Slat e.- t..I th-'J'j.t'} i !' i'H.! < ? -tii ;>.-')L1 nn it"ju .CIII'JU'I: ht *tiit Ct ba

    S : : :, (*-tpttf.: fjfrj.uv. ?JeIt.4: proS H'lcd' ; ;au-1 hnl; hii hahitation; il.niiicil, home ami 1i.t44- "I"iiinaiK[ ntaWle t civil or military beubji --L to arre-t for-any at [ crformd (Hi' ,! Uv, *' .-1 Ot 'iK- St.tL i.

    .. ;r't/1, when tIrt1114. 'tC ire I'lyii'Vi lor 'M.: r,. ;,,-.5 5,5 5 r.H-nttutt.u r.t..,.- .IV: i 51 the taLl jrrf
    S 5 i'b ny h._ riiel oil" next pixc .c-diirj: the- election at which he .shall oiler ti; \ 'tt(.chall, : inmth olHcers i the of time above ..Mlusirrnatcd. 4-t T"-*/" .i ;;.1.!: it '!'.-'- 1 I.- !F" ', m laite .:> th. -: "'the meetingvt thedrr. S
    duiln.u ) '
    ; -
    ih1It111)1 li1Ct-
    : -. S i>ii- r I1t l-- .es9.Stjte
    2-. TIKJiV< r r"e: av: LUwi -- ..tut Ouv.' ri.. r'.i !fl hare Preo before
    r j'tsl: ti: I'OV ( Kvciy cleelor !shall at the ttim"f hi- rc'/i-liatiuii
    S ; tnyrj may Se4 7. That i in all I ca-es wherejndirnu'iit.s( have 1 beenobtained tl-'ti- ; iw '.Iic-j. :--.s-- ; '1'C fl' I i,-ic it 1-i.ltj, iiotl tfatet
    .' !42fl.lS.e Tvcr -.--*5'per centum'j take ais'J uh.H-rilie to the following, .nth, : ii 't44. i. j. ...- vi--- -ii* ;fi.-i.s -.w: .i.ic '>eB one 11
    : ; .Ti % -r-v l.irhi. 1ltrta1ter I i:-J.j .solemnly* 'sear that I will -uj'i-oil i pioU-'J :unl .l<'- auraiiHteitixens: l of the State ;tlt''i- the tenth day ofJanuary Ulljr.%j n! i1! .'t..t u ",
    4Ie.4'. 'I.' *" fi'l: the: (Constitution ami ( ;Jo>-ernmciiti'f th .J'nit'J il fc'fate.-. an-l the J Ki:igI hteen hundred nnd sixty one) prrviotH to tin- .'T'r" ]j-j 1'j! i -'' Sn 1! .!'_ '. } .!" oiStt. ujstr.s S

    -. 'S rt-.5e. ;S S S l5Ll3 S4 r th.: : d1i. i1S ConKh'lrtUou% itij'l ( Imciuuicnt of KlonM., a i45iJIi't all cnciiii'Artci -.-, tVdl1 tv-ti 11.11 day of October U hteen E ffundred and Si.xiyti !/tw ; /t'r< ut.t. --

    S'S *.- r ..* tb4 .)t1.r n or domestic ; I will K-ai Hue iailli, lo\alty; aiA'i' aHi i \- j, amiyl( ( ere actual service( wanof made; 'u the perKOII ,> .u;st ti S ititit.:J_.. il f I. Ie.' >il t.-. ii- --4 ur,. Ji*:'' '. .' t -tii ..-r!.- t >.: '.'.'.17-proi',r-h .'. l -- T JJ

    t* ;' l* "-. -.jjrfrtv .t 1 nnoallv f .r ibt aijcc to .the same, any oi'iii.uicc'] > or icMilution ol'.my 1 'ttC' Coinrn of any I (idi 1nitiucnt. Such defendant I lot -icrycd with I i.tiii t.vcl< d s.-i .1. H'i! S f '*'? .1 il.' f "'-.I tt, tfi .' _; *

    : :: I 7, v, ivh.irrtri !- lion or Le isl.iiion to th- contrary notwithst.iii'iin-: helme] ju-oce-s may appear in court within onecar_ after tinadoj ,.ri-(- !h.Vj''. -1 -- '- :s:- i- *.' 'S 11 ,, : i .i.r a 'tt/: I. :hei.i

    ;" S I :>- ; '' t. "* F'-5.: hill ictuain: l" tion of) this ( -oiL-titutioix, and make oU'i' that injutlce : t-- t C: S 5 5 C. ;:- : rtgi.t'r -.ei .4
    -V-l : -S I. 'fl '- rtV I ( t.* s I i 'C' K rt-tofor.-- nr h. r. if-
    ,! L ;S.t.c. No I'soii uii'lcr U.II] iiii-h >, n-m "/! Il(')(''>, oiin T "I
    i jit ;; ] l/HC. I and I he
    I ( I ha.> ln-en I dune thai ()i.hC I ha*., a p nl :and I ? 1,.. : I i"'. h'e liii
    S S '.. ;--rtht i't j1jtl j'iii iu shall 1 he ..ju.ilitie l I to etc at i lei-lion norhall
    :eW : ;, ; .my i 11113 jirrfoji the .
    valid defence -.1tliuig defence and r. i-i. t-- .I' : t : 4I
    'S '. tl. S?'.' t ) c>'ii\i< ted.'f I'clony l .' Uai5lie' 'l lonic at election unle.-p upon .
    ) ;
    r fir 'int >e | any leftoieil I ::: 1.j It'' 4'4 5'. lit utit-' i !Ii!I'tiU:
    Hlch Oiitli] and( lilin.u'! > aid dcf S Tl.3 -. 4 !.'. efl bt'tW<'tllw'.rf to eivil i n hlh.Foe. pro V. 1 .i : :- : L. : i > .-1' ry siu-- "' ''It- it'i -
    ,4e. ,, S S S S St .'{. At any el.-cti"ii at \\hieh a ritizin l C m -nhj.-tt e.f any judgment : Iidl; cca.-e until the (defence i J< hettrd. .iiIC'i CSC I t. .. .. 't-ett- j)41i4 .Cfl'I ft *-

    t S ;n f / -. ? nuallj by fulfill) country shall ofJcr t"ote, uii'ler (tin- jno\i) i"ns .e't this; (Contilution \ L1'1(11.xvit.; .5. 1(4 IcC.1 j S .... (is-_ ., it-, iinhtrrtjjy.tlc! -
    lsr.-'t unit in S von. ll I)* .t55 !a. IVTCUN in
    C I. -- > : ii-T'n un not jC>- he .' lul j j.rc.scnt t'i the jn-rstjiis l.iwi'ullv alit IC. -izcJ t lo con'luct .S
    of i hi 't .
    S qS S '-5, i 1 'ch i'k \ 1.V th5jt aii'l Mipcnise such lc<-tion, a 'lul_> .C..I IC'1 nml .:'I ililJt"! cojiy ol .Ml.-CI-LL.NI.'US.' I. tvuats si.5i-;' ; > '. 'M5 i <>-." ,' i that itirrr 1t i- .1

    _* S.. 't $ S 5'i' FJI''. his m lioMuy i-lh- r in fluiliii1 S (,:ir..r S ; -.. :- J--- .' -' -.!. ;., ''i'e '-'!.'. f-v the conrU of thF *Litr,

    . S S s-.Uni'-''* it-i n.ili/ i' ii : Vole ; acid any uaturali/.cil: citin ofi.-riir to vote, -h.ill piuiluic l eiforc i.1 FI'ui'1.i 1'y !fl'' I 4tti"ii of tinfou, tcf-titli .\itti-le l iMi'liiMiit sf th. upon a'l I 4 b. i .1? ," M! <>f ,- -' ;i-I r. .- with rtn'-nan or warrant of
    5- \ 'rV, in1 .sai-1 authoii/fl he I titl- or wiimlw : *-> < ; ''1 te > -, hiBuLu( t' .- rother ritriwe
    I- l S : mar be .- ]j -rnonlawfully to coii-lm iiii'l e :-uj .r\i.-e tin1 1 I ( I l-cc ( Cuti-tituti'W# of lie I I'mted S
    S uI d L4 u ei I, l-.ei.i1 -C C. S. 13j..h iiiw utli.tIushiug 5ul.b
    'X S election' hi") ( V-ititicalc. ;, I of N.itnr.ili/.ation; nr a iluK -ialc'laii.1 ceilifictl '- v.lii'-li i.full'm: -- : 5 : LL.l C V jttju.itjrf.n.c at ii:1t'I I tbrtonami: all jutigfttiL
    4 . Oojiy thereof; C otherwise, hehall not l lt |nniiittr'l to vctcj'tr. -'N'' i.i'1 III 'ha I I l'. a i I [ei4.I tztti'ie: 1,11 ( .'ICI Cl' C r r- .:. :.-.} >': .: tU e '' ynS: '< -'nee the i l'"t'lJIt&U 'l v of

    S r : :- rr 1 1. 'I'he: 1 Ii'*;. i-l.iliur .slull ha\; < ] >w ''I- II iii l-h.ill I ( ne\ tlie n<.'- 'jr t thE i Ill I'p'-i'lfnt i e.r Vi' I J'irIII, 'r'liuij] .im *.I1i(: ', iivilIT I IS \ A. F*. ',' '. s !''. ''- "'- rc ;> "r t-pon any 'hciI. l1.ft'b.e .

    : S C S 4 % ): t.' ti,C ccssary' law.> t''> exclude' 1'ioin& t-\i e-I-\-_ I oili< e ..rhoniii-. J.OUIT) liu-t $orpr ) milif.irv. uii'I'-r, (tliu I I'nilfl S'tafti; ( or iiarloiIM: \ f.'t--, \vlv; 11,:iV1TM ord'lfi-!: : .< :!< i. e'! '*.-!'E .-' '! > -n, the ?:.!tur pnrth.i-c uhi't,,

    ,' S S S : I i -d 1L. lt.: '.\ \\ ii ii.5 11'! '.ry. ;'tY- ;: *h<- v''ati-! -tii'l 1'rom ( hi- iiyi!.i< .1' .i| 5' ,!* .1 IlICMllvi) 141 l" < 'UltrL't III! rrcff. r. fk.r tl : : .. ,-. i WL-t1CTCII4l&) &br sIIbu

    ; S. .Ir rip , Ute tIil 'lt. j.1flU5LrI. Licr.s .
    iLi VtT.Iti
    S .4. 5 '. SS .r 5'.v 1'; .'.' ,n n. Ue .j i 'Kfuui Jim Jj ; 'M-"tl\ inttr ((lid, or aau cx'-ctttivc icr ju'l'c-i Ticrr r.L St.-itc, i la, fiThCm&ttJtftUlIfll [ COitdFIWI lb'a fur o uih ii4.t'tv tjtt hfl a fjjjy p rrr( on4uatkn
    S (f-'i hi iI4 O--f '. 'H"! r.-siijc ot wLctv7! *. t viJ njien :; <>r tTie lTiiluHl r nr< -, hall JUrwtiou lsAa.'ti'1 u lbr ib* dvht

    nay t.i- s-tit-i- 1 1 .. i't' t, 1, >t oraiiej-t a IT n Ijfllio'i! a !jiiif-t I the -;t: or vrvt.* A :tnrl (.euIrt fi imnsa-tlWi nftdr t I.ytbe iM tthie thifl4cy bideutL :.- -

    S vlijtli--: > !!: ''' viio-!' ii': -. -- .. i itluiiut} or b i1.' tIlI1lliC1' t1IlICCf. Hut < ?uij .; m\ \ r > S t $M. 2T. ,\H persons. ifb* us slifs i-ncmic tJSSsT the ss aci

    .4S. rr54r5I the hearer
    I ..' *S S. 'S ST. '!if! *,'ii-'iJr< t* HU WJJ1. ncr<*t1r hJt.tll not n(_(-iiioviitil I I .it! < i r I .l iii! con\iclion'!I l>y du 1 <- t foini ol l.iw.h'ec. heieby deli.irrcd from holding, oflh-e in thSfa'tu? 1 uj4rLy $ 1fl. .j ''T .,u'< i err.i a ti-jj ni'ltr i* lw of t*> -.n.1r.1 -
    .. : : fo.t : e rt 1. : ;.i ; i'rIoiiia. ,,i-<'s..elIeaL t" the TOtTijnvfeTl
    i. S. > .i.ji.f ji, ;:i.- jnc : .>. j In all .-h-ctioji- 1 hr I Lr iLtuuth shall '
    fjiOmlCur 1 h '
    ; hy 1 < v ;te < ni-iifij *
    / that nhen -h di-alitliu f '.1 i-.t i.v'f JannAJT. .
    ver m ( 1 ; >iu holding: : VSI1 :: ; I '' 'u'c I !S'>T. 4aitbe :
    Si.- S S I ; i. f v-ri U4 this! St'jtc, / "> f tid} all elet t 'hv the tin rhall '
    sy 1JC '
    lit i'ii' j'coplf' vole Inhy ollixhall be removed( l Irom I In hid Cont cmpC'verr" oa .s* n.n;'; i:: the C.n.-'t Coan of the Stair, am*
    any [ier.on '.>.*;
    ,, .,. -. '1 '5:zhIM 14! pruMi1 ; < ii.uh! !be i e'nt': .vil t i ni-i" ..m' .'.' * L, i- sitv fOT ,|ji di aj r_ en -
    Mitt > : > i .'i. S < T4i< ibilUe i x 4t5l1 t'i1 jfl i'et:. ''i. Tin: I l.- i-l.ilui'1' .il j illiril -<--t' ,lI alter (the islitieationo' of the L'nitid( States, the removal of SuCh ( IiiitbiliLy lallal.o ; I =.iuj 5S.'c .'tu 1.1. .'.,* pr.ijitru. f..t Court t-tiiute the

    /HI t : ,5t t S ,-. Mid the i.t.1 l .jf !LI'I 'hnH not tin- (Con lituiioii. .shall] hli'.\ ]>io\i'lr, for ( Ii.- le i tritioii, b\ aiply(| to thin State, and oiicli person} ;; e-hall be ruatoicdin 1 'l'Tn g.- .' ' .; r'y m nestion m the

    S v -'I' ho-'>:and nriJ ; !r- : ..tL'j"I -., (lie (C!<-rk of fluCiicuit( (Court in I e.ith county, ol' all. ln-Iex] Hy). 'juali'Ic'i I i i all I respect to the ritrht.-> citizenship[ ahcieiu provided .v <. .r A, (0) l.-: -'. w '. "a* .'- j- :- '-'. : '' time the owner was
    ; i ih> 1 -'i il 2 -- h'i:: : :.State; shall bepy
    t' S Slj S '!> =} r-e c-st-n.i'; ii > :.. .-> vuti-. in sin h rtiiinli( ( and lor (ih- rcturiieel tkctioU1.ind; for elcctoiSee. ->. only hi i. ratts:" : .'" ..c. ; '.vte'it-l! .*' .- land S-d rpjtifi-

    5'.. I'; u. eflhitfl.4'tvd : :-ial! td-o I'lC .( Hi I r tin: ( tion, fioin time lo time, of -. Any person elected to the Senate' of the: L itc-i sli. U i i '--HI- ; 1 < i-...'-. j'.i -.z' i ''n the 5"C4.TtiIIT1 t'sutc

    C ,i r 1 '. !'. i' S "11* ,, t C :151 : Uf!) i< '_ ; ii.iliojj. no jit I-.SOM not duly ni.lcied according lo law l/nited States l by the Lcirislature of t this State or anyperson !.(iih.f': :. ... ... .. .. iS ur'e.

    f r.I j 4t on'lUi tI4 Ift s'ii-ii! In .tlo\\cd! to, vi't'1.' elected the -h.-l>e ;.' .. -' tk< -. *r -.. S..4..S-\ !L..-. ....c et-u. :niitL.
    l S
    by people or aiipoiutc) (to ollice hit .
    < I > "
    S T -l '
    Sccr. 2c'f". V > '' .. .' -jl'.!' >! 't5'tt.tOfl! ina.'tount this 'eatr tu
    d : 4)i.5 C "( / 1 III. l < -]. -hall: mail !.n\i-( reijuiriuj' educalional( the' (iovernor of the State t
    t .
    ; : or by any of the State, : of ff er1cri1r"; V. :- <-s.\: \ kri -'i-'Iil't. and the! In ; Ufiru -
    *t1' i tylif 'i ': tti* ; e* 'r.i:' 211 L.lrtt.L : : p fir!7-.]>- for !l'-e (t'i .ifter the (One) Thoti.-and Ki.ditllu'ioVdnnd I ,
    year ; ( under the provisions of the Constitution adopted by the( ilutK u !: 1. .u {in i i hi->.;. l y t':5flitd. --j oi per OKS CIII .u, mini
    I I iii 14111 V. I 1'Ul no such l.iwshall I IT m.idr' ajijilieahie i to t anyck Convention of, the ot 15tx45Ue_ : .oshI. <>v'C :. ">-. '.l'' -'Vnt..U. f* '... or liol.l.-::- '* e.
    people convened the 2Gth:
    of S
    '5' I 1 ?' t aI.; S S 't4 f-r n fv 6r tr (tor "% !lici mu have I ie;. i4eied i orotid at an\ eli-etion viouLtlcto ) on day Ltoiiii t'jtt' 'jn-itJicnj- v'i :w\ t... *' :" : ..
    : I. W tr,1 r'n :' 1. ( Jir (October) ) 18ij.( ), shall not be. em powered to hold ,ucU] olliee, .:t. Thi L1} -.'. : .r. '' I a l .- :;

    .) 3r.r?*. .! ". t' .4'sj d L't- ii after. (the, ;!e.; J1'I >! 1T1Ii'Y'.e! (>.'e.Jlikibn .

    $;bjL .te -t flf:U T : h' t ::1' !' .: us.P4ttI AUTICLK XVI. election or appointment I I I I under the provisions of this thrc">'. .<"?- ?(-It -ui- ,.': !! : <'n % Liiurt- / >c.
    S U -'...!!. Uii 1 f.IKS fu.i. '-,- '. ...i T1%I tI 'e % '* 'v1 rr : S Constitution'iwiilnl) rIlt.tL.ii I ollieer.i ollice
    holding .
    I _
    5- 4 u 4)UtL5S5UC. Cmt.: ea: iL t u. I tLII1h1t tn- ; 'CL
    .'.5 t: '::1 4 I sL'4e i1 -;.. ;., .. sIt1.. Thai, all I ordinances; and rc oliitioiiK lid under (the LYoiisioits( ) of t the Conititittion t adopted t the : :.'- r-aiir'; : 1 '. ;- '-: > '. ; ., ''. ... "_ : i. Jspltn III1C. b-tIL:
    YI :irY -" i : r1 tI.tlD4 do- nil] M.ii'iii:' l i '- ''. V" ". ,<.\ di Trrraret
    XLIV d ( 2r,111 day of October) A. I )., IhtJo, :and not proxidtd torin 9ar5 c > c.i :i i : ILC: 'ie.Lai'it' .
    :. S ri i 'V (1fl141 'I:1: .. C npjwit by any Jonention( of the peojile, and all 0114'. fii1Y ; :%>"/.! i" !tl'1! > '.lid on<.' ;1)I'I tine. rt>lkt i:*,
    ( .
    and resolutions of the Leirilatur this 'oi; litiition, shall" continue to hold tlieir're pectie -nth : i' !t.-t fl! -.-, .
    : *' : ffl 'Z4T heu* ( ( eonilllictintj oriui. cent, 'iro : > '- t-riji- >ur >'.''Batori.lIfctj' T. w,ieli
    e 5i4U ii Y"1 : e .4}, et j jS >n::i.-.l 'iit with the Cointiiulion of Ihe I lnited: 8tate and ullicc-( and di diar e the dulie> thereof, milil the 4hdl: ho -, :.ntn" z .:.i '. x U i y tiitr reopcclivc nuiubera front

    } tht' 1ll.uItClher&ol., andvithtliix Governorshall; by' his proclamation: ; d'clareiich otlievai'anl. ( *-.-- on.t'> f v.-.,' \ -* j- r s v SJ. ?
    S IS. ,r : *' piV.: :
    J 41 t' T. S 2 h !.> ]Jif I ittv T.a'- ol ihi exstrnruor position oftheSlad'asoiieof, the : S : JiP15Lfi ll T 1 T'" 'S fl.I'M:.! tif faet n. the 6 *rlhT

    : : v5c. cxt -.,,. ,. -t 4 ;? } i iL! Sinte h '. if'the L Tnited i i State.s t ; of Anifriea.I are heivb\ de- Sc< -. '*>. Jill .evcral; Judiiui ('irciiil-I of ihe Circuit tCCi1.t anet '. : I rt i Fr5inkrt,,. the 1tiiJ ti1Irft
    S (CouiK I ihall I be follow.- The tlt'4reVt..thi! >ilj". ; \ .kUhl.hit- t-rjrfct ot Li-ojt. the niath
    S. .r i SS -lard i null andoid( C and' of no) tfict.C : a- ( ) : Kl Judicial (Circuit "hallbe I t
    K'tVt'ou. tilt) nili i-; J4j>';icuI...*' : s ot iiaiiulioii aiul
    !&" wr !L't 5or :r : .5 .e' : ; .' : See.That all I arts and resolution.- compoM >d of the coiintie of I limbia.] ; Santa[ llosu Suwiuuir. tbtvvulitli
    ihe '.
    I (jeneral I II [ IlL L.ilrt i.t- S -i i.5; iij. C-ie- uilileialh trf.Vlochiu *"d Ler. the
    S ;b'4.. f ,. :' Assembly I :and 1 ;all I ollieial! aeLs of the ei\il I ollieeis of the Walton, llo jues; Wahhin ton and JaclvNin ; thei[II iouttccth e u'! I 'w!>tii.l/K. ii) iiv ulh 'f>r.t
    I I I A ill : 1 \ latc,, not in eoiiMitent with the provi .ioiih of tue Con- Judicial I (Circuit hhall be composed of the counties o;1'< r .sn'i'N' -- ;. i'.i -xcti; ..fSi. John's :"!'! Pntnani. the tiglifftii ui
    < lhCt1Chi I Libei I wV.'l., tlieWBtte( 1th! <>J"JIur' Ti. fVt! entitli oFVi,!n-i.i and $ thriv.iuMfl
    .. btitulion and Statute.- the I I'nited Slates ( i-l', Calhoun( Franklin. Leon( Wakullaand ; .' r ningf.
    ( I ,
    e. 45 < jr. I ntntI' orith this : t JM : !h-r : ::1. <. !;:-an-vnd, of iitbl.iwvngh! ami

    -2i, flr:. Ir i ri.' 'i. r.. n *+i tljj- iu.-.v. >. i iiti'l 1 1it (; -. ilution. orvilb. any ordinanve orre>olutiui_ adopt- fleUei'-oii ; t the ;>l d L Judicial; I Ciniuit.ffliall j : I I l ic composedof ( I IU-niii'i tile cji-t/i.i: tC: kuui,.t tr uml Polk the twenty-fwacth i.i!
    an eeI ,n uu.s t y < t t t the counties-) ( Madison. Ta\lor Lat'axette.: I Hninilr.oiiSiuvannceand M.iu.itCi and jiou.v -. .... .. /s '!t.C-:.1 DUtrict lutll lie euthli-tl ttp imti -
    i..r 'i ." v/onvfiiuuji ;iiii( !
    wiucii JIHVU
    : : 'e )* : .cini.i-: I i.i tiie pd.Hi! ,,u.4! |JIm,v not liccu timl an- '-
    1 not hy) llii.s (CiMislilution, aiiiiiilk'd Columbia) : I the 4th: .fudicial, :, (Circuit shall i !"'''S*
    ; ( i.i
    lr1ir4, % fl4 t Icy ib.S are Ibrto, Lull\\(\ nlinll : ;. :;,,. No J. C i .i.potni.. H rt JU.IULot the S Lirerjtt 1t"
    uA4, ; 8 & 3'.t.P b. 'I Im con.xiilcri'il and r.-ti''iiio< l as 1 llu lawsof, t tlioiStitu t until I be composed of the counties) of .tsatI. Uuval, I lalcr. Court oVCM'tiltf"t.'! '! M.-fcuty-five year? wf age and j uttsiiAttorntTi'

    5'S $ S I t'i: i 4 L 1ii.h. 1 114.lilitjj14'fI 'l siu-li a'-ls e ii r ivsolutions shall I Inrqicalcd Iiv the JjOgi.slunru Hradford( ('lay and' ( St. John's ; the r>th Judicial Circuit: S

    t ? efl eit' 4 v : ff, I 'rlvti ) {'tlu "hall} he nt{' the eumith's .f JNitnaw M : : tifl L :5it- .t titen IUflt1I1ICJit It )UtFI.IVJCI
    < > i ijiji ft* tv $'-.- i > ; State }y I f. l4.C.; "J in'' 2Iii" ia" r.t"a Jj. Sor. : All\ laws bevy, Marion and the Wh Judicial UKi. t' r : u! thie ii.tcjt'.t ULUtt, a
    <>] ] fti> < >. ut the Stale' pa$ ed Ij.- I lie cu-called Suinpter) : Circuit t \, IiUc jjro mil 'il ?} i iAn i -, i\i t litp.lo! .
    .5 f.rjver.'c Ci 4 ? 4 1'. ::5ti1: litlI ; ( i'inI hall be composed of the counties of
    .WU C ; ) since the lUtli day( or.Ianuar\) % 1)). lIeruaiMloJIiU.v; \ \

    4tfl.fll.ftg4 f'7I j ..J1.* t .11-4 M '-'-.iiiUiu' V ratjtff i'- ; nut ronHiL'tiii wilh the word( Vt. IljiiL> qf, 'lie (;on- borough.) Manatee, I I'oik: and! Monroe ; lie 7tli; .Jut 1iciaj, __

    S -' S a!! i.i-yvjtv in thirfl' titt1ti4)I1 and laws of 1 the Tnited Circuit shall J be uomponed; ( of the counties of Volti-ia .
    t ix ft4 4i i1'4' ( / -ill -r 'i | :, ur thin Coniliall ,I ; ; S : thi.s C'on.stitu-
    i-v.i\ ,
    5. .. IzLt:4rj: .4 47lHS. -. C' T l i. \ -MTU Ji. .1'tlllf" itva 2d rUf. eel'[] iLtflt(1i .- he valid, all writs, nets jiroeeedin s, juilg. Ureviird 1 ( 1 Urange) :and J>ade. ; ; tion I may j r >pn S I UI f (the Leisljtm I ..5I
    4 :fd .y .e.ei i ( 2uoiir; and decrees of the so-called (Joint of tic State, See. 4. Tho salary of the (Joyeniof .Ihe'Male.shall: I I lure, and! il the sain t I' tJ'-thIlI' lis

    'if "i tf ---i' ; 'S .vhen actual; serviceras made a.t t the (defendant, all Kxroutimir -- 1 be Jive t thousand( I dollars 1 : per annum ;, ''I I iut; /'1lr 'tI ( fliie'l[S volt! of ailihenuHa.such e 's I'( h I of ffie two IlLllS.j

    C 1' : T and KII! > made( thereunder( ;and all not* order( Justice shall I be four thousand t I five 1 litfn'ilred 1 I dollar-) ; j >fo| o.sivl; :imen l i. 'amendments shall b
    I I /, Vtud the I that oread-: Associate Justice "hall 1 bo1 j
    S iiruceediiix-- Judges of t J'roUate and of Kxecii- four1 thousand entered nil tI'r 1' !jMnas l i vi- .M II urnalttUh( the tiuul l

    (;j4 EL,' .. .. ... : t j Administrators, ( Juardians and TnHtei-s provided dollars ; 'that: of each Judge of (the Circuit Court iallhe I thbiv; n vd i\h1i&'d; Lu) tie. Legislature then yeas next; to

    ;;:% C t* 1' :' 5<"' 1,1-1'Vllii ui]" tl.- they were in conformity' with the laws then in force, and three tjioiMand, live hundred dollar'; thai of lh- heehi I4&'II. ami shall I I 1 pnhii-died I tor tlu'ec m< '- next?

    II.4i'e .S 'S '. 'Ionty l. ."'IJUR l-JtKlJ.! djd n.V i-iiulirt with the Con>tilution and laws of the Lieutenant ( lovernor shall be t\vo tliousand live hundred I ( (' I the I liii-! making\ such $% -
    c1 h'e S I : S 1'S ': f:4: i ',i 'iah: 'l Vl.iteand: this CWliiution: ,, shall 1 he, valid' ; tie t | dollars, ; I that of Kaeh: (Cabinet 0dicer shall be three: [ next lu..m. aforesaid, Mu-lt 1 1t

    S i'' ->i | ;*'i" military ;:!Id.4 ( II f I 1hV-4.n..ertyor. .] i-Ul-fls) of du y fc'e': S It l'l ? .: >. -. .... ... '.. < ',\ |;,V;. *lull I IIII1 iit.s agivod to l 1i v a ithinls \\\>-
    Ft- .' r ty J5 u-eyciA the widow from Haimin said( in-ojieity! and I lloiiso of Ueprc.sentalive.s >hall I live hundred Vote oi' all tlu- MU-IIIOOO.S. clccte l to carl! Ivyust-

    ma C. .. 'S C : '<[< ,;;cliM-il: nj: in kind, in WJKI.-OC\CI; handh; the may he found dollars per annum, and! in addition) thereto I ton i ceO te., per then JL .should It} > the liUy oi' the Legislature to Miluuitsiii'h S

    t S. S S S. \iJ.4. ,? m! jura; un.ivitnpprc where the, -.lie hcd; not hecu made, ( lor, the (iiirposo of j.I1L)11i. mile for each mile) traveled from their I respective places' pi-ojM >SIC [ aiui'iiilun-ut: or I auieiuhueuts to thu people

    rt3i''t'C ] liu% ( U'J' of dcc :aed, and where otln-rihaii Ian of residi-nee to the Capital and I the same to ict ii in. l >utHiuli I iu Hicli nmniifr and at -lu-.h tiuua> the Legislature

    : ''j,; ml, I i money df the I I'nilcd St atc } distanees .shall: be estimated ) hortest' !MieraljMiblie maj
    : f % ( was obtained, f.r r-aid: bytht; >> : pivrfei-ihe, iiii-l- it' thu people t Ualt approve and r.itiJV udi S

    lent 'r S. .. ;, < ;.! tI tj.o uili:lztabit i eFtq arty. tIiuioti1i tare. All I 1 other ofHeers of the iafe amendment I and amendment l llV a majority oi' the

    I )'; .' i. .t S 4- t. j :' ( .ivi.xrts IJi :'cotii.iiig herein contained) hhall he, st roiihtnied as shall be paid by' fees l as per diem lixcil
    j' :S. r S .. 1. SpsISn' u. "f tLt-Ir: O't ,Il4iuL. to make any one) who, a.s an oilicer of anv Comt or who 'o.r The Legislature shall: appropriate [two' S voting thereon, such amendment Legislature,
    r' or amendments .shall
    : : .
    , IS.-. S 4 5. 5 acted under( the authority of anv) Court indhidtullv lia thousand dollar.eaeh; year Iti'the puivha (i ol sjuvh become a part of the Constitution.

    Ce. P5'5 i .< ; Anuy.s lilc, i.rovided : I they acted( strictly in i -ordanciT with books) ) for the Supreme Court Library as the -aul Court Sec. 2. If at time, the Legislature
    any bv
    : ; i''t .
    < ;: the 'lilliJLV. .vhat then a vote of
    t pIe.S : . illi'.r z11(1 was considered the iav ol the State( and not Hhall direet. S a majority( uf all the members elected to e"aeh of the

    !? ,- B c.r, ie .. s 1ie ocjnUietiii v/ith (the Constitution and laws of I the t United See. 0. The salary of eaeh oUieer .shall be payable two I Houses .shall determine that it is necessary to

    S. ,.5 State4 quarterly upon his own requisition. S :t Fe \ isiOll of: this entire Constitution eauo

    S 4 S tj .. LL :. All linen;, jienaltie-s: forfeitures, obligations) and( CKcieat Sec' The tribu.of Indiana located i in the Southernportionof tion shall be entered on their respective' hueh;
    i* r- 1 : : heretofore iitiii to the State of hhall the tatc, 'Uil'kUOW'ui as the ftemiiiolo Indian I : ?, the yeas and nays-thci-eon, and referred }otirnal uitj. S

    ;..: 5t4.: J 'kr' .: .. I a uniAM JI1 Continue) to acrue to the use of! the State. whall be entitled to one' momber i in eaeh ''house of'the tutU then next to IHJ and shall be to mibliMicTl the Le-'M-i.

    S ::4r i .. :. fc All recoi iii uice.s heretofore Legislature. Such member shall have ) for
    taken all
    '* '** n. 1jtjj :t', fcball < .lia1I Lenialit valid( : : the-, rights,' tluxi; mouths ncj. !i reeedin- the time of
    e t-e ''t' .; / ''. :)1-1' Jat'J ln-Ts-oiial, cxocpt- and all bond-, executed to the Governor of the-Statu of privileges and rejhuneration 'as other member of the choice. makiiii'S &uuh

    iiig5uc1 r-- '*" '' I .t. ;'.. t 1 h.v iaw I'm muiiicjnul.) educaJ' P lorulu, either Wore or binee the 10th day of January .flcgii1at re. Such members ,shall'' be eleeted by" the V ( it' IF1 tly Legislature 1.AIll
    tj,41. .. ''- : j4rt.4Mc A. D. 1801 incmlcrs of theiriribe next chosen aibrc! < iid
    S or to other in the
    fun-oses. any officer of the manner prese.ijleji lbr''all ,
    *.| .,t "< 5 ,_ State in his ; ( 1 lTlIIIloleostuj rev ,ion shall be
    \ Wr 7ficient : rr r.iit s r lT )t. lor oilicial agreed bv a u .
    .iUSnj buf- ehull[ elections this majority of
    rovenuo be
    capacity, of full force and virtue for tlu by Coustitq.tiou, The tribe hhall l iv; all the membc-r.s -
    f- tr-- :. '.. ifUj.i t.v htatc !i'-i t.aelj liscal and uses therein repreHCHted t eeted to each house, then it shall be
    year, only bya member of the
    teJMrifcfSxrti.. r i"';,' tW J.riivI1; al aid uitc'ix d'tlic respectively exiiresaeduiul may be HUCI! for same,, and ill ito ease by tile duty ot the I. gislatmx' to recommend
    C' S existing and recovered awhite .Provided That to the electorsot
    accordingly unless mau. the
    ibde14ed they were eontrarv to liOpretcntatives of the the next ellion lor -
    the laws of the United States or to thm $$miuole ludiaus bhall not be bar of the Le'islatitrtj
    A tOiih
    4pt t'IR Coiwtitution enoiitativo; ( vote for
    .llf.'i't rep : :
    fyrr" ? ; Pel1nee: tflaw. or p 01 agr.ista t Convention si-all
    ; to any ortlinance or resolution of eouuty by the citizens thereof. ; and if it [
    flE4 L-1? iliujnt imui, th > Treasury except injt adopted by the (Conven any : iiti; : .thtt t 1t1aoritv oh the ap

    JJ. A rJcctritiT ji'j r. ',t ui* ti,<- r. ( clj.t.-anJ expenditures may be prosecuted to Judgment, and Execution in the such the Indian a4 rtbey'may deem p'ropei-faml sucbimpositfoA of *fn Legislature? ol. .11 311 ftvoi of a Cmx.iitioui)
    ax 4bailtcongtiU&te f .the : at .its
    name .of the State. Indians citizens, .md thefluH next session :
    rfib'a'pin ftj? e"t\t fc> vbUL! with be 1aif.each. riiUlled thentlurwtrd to pro\nde' bv Imtor -
    S ; j tQ ull thc
    regnItfti5iit priv1cge of otber
    citizeis ouvention to be
    aiid. thereattcr ji
    ( ft tSeVf '. .tu/c'. 4 K All actions nt law or suits in chancery or 1ccnt; ; rcpreccntaton. b lnirrtJ o hoklen within six months after
    any proceedings S ri ot
    : law
    rcera1 iu the Sr.c' *. In ;iddltiontt other p.sage 91101 : and such Convention i
    Courts shall
    e:43 Cuntie1Uf.IC pending of this Statp either prior cnmesan(1 miEckmeftuors ,M-t rti tftK: n ???,! ?,. of con-
    } : fur ciu.uya i], to, orimbsequent to the 10th day of January A B. 1861Bhall cerniay-b iini acnea ana tried, Hftii De-included! dninkpimfs ndohir. ) lllCmlcrR not j 1e ; hait both brai1chte3

    ;$ ? : t. ; .urpeIe :i'jil all pr.perty continue: i in all respects valid and be, proseVu-, detrimental diw.panwis,to incompetcncyinal good morals shall{ be wnfcem office, punblintf or nmiqWIct, o.c.t1io14egi dature.
    may considered suflicient In
    g.a1ibe-t: :cd upo.i i. The 1 ted to Judgement and decree. and conuction. Any Q1ccr when impeached by the cause for impeachment ,. dctenuiinuy vluu is i u majority ot the electors S
    S L.I3re: aj aa5 jrovitli"r levjmg a tpccil!* capitatioi tai All Judgments and decrees rendered iu civil causes the>Ice deemed duties of under hl. office arrest until, and shall be disqualified from performing'any shall of lug1Ist v9tlllg :tl.number such' l1 .fh"l' refereutc0 shall be had! to the
    acquittal bj the Senate. But ol votes
    any oticer so im- cast at such election for the
    any office
    or on any (1ucition.

    __ --.5-- - -
    j -- 5- -