"aibingt-Crt!, .itW ("KALEn IN CHOICE FAVI1.Y OUOCEBIX3 I S'fuI '
dbmtk ,. No. a-u Lop ami '." ".filiiji Storm. A Ud L"o'IOIIAIe.,1 I tnnuoy hit**\ iq \bUT! Vorplng, worl4. 'Tbo furniture carpetii'and; hangings j i I and in I4 a rnKJonty of ,11 such reiicViiavoter ; opted) fur the purpose of reviling the Begutra .

l"0I'IeIWi- Lkj_. $ears,TobMoiv *o.U He leama to wulk bravclv'altuie f are bjuo, whit and gold. The throne M of, shall have voted on tho question of boldinj tionli.tinaccordaoeewithPsriiiUen.ralOr.ders .
: TnVTTT.P.: T. BABAL .r et, JACUMIIIVIU.C,Jan. U, '87.-.* ivory, and stuJJod with diamonds, adorned with such Convention.III. NO 74. and the Act of July 19. 1867. The t

And yet not alone for our Father blue silk Janjiub. I sat down In this piece of I I revision will be made in the "RAguftratioa IUe .
03P3PIOB fl.TY Tbe faltering footstep wt 1 pcido Royalty to tlio fonteriii\tion a nd horror of my I It shall bo the duty of board of reins ord" retained by each Board. The blank page
Through all tin dark of cJTth-II trnlion in Florida, commencing fourteen day. loft at the end of each wiU be used for
-.., r.t>k Bmlib's Groe-TT Blurti Ftoor mart '. j attendant. .' exported to ice me Vruik down precinct
ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR And th rtvcr't* ,. I pnoro\ th.p elwtion heroin ordtrcd and giving recording all added during (he fire
S&2I8' DLOCIaI. o..r oVep I for audacity. The Kin; Drawing Room, I,I name ; day, .
.. (F..2.1 l.-ly. AT LAv.T.. O I hire.u a llo.| $ thereof to nwillO for period of fire days the
30 COU IT STREET, A ctKDgth we can perfectly treat, I I 11I;:on their viet to the tiuuen KuUn's room a I preceding registration. Sopcrate and duplicate
L. WABROCK, Mass. When all human aid iwaraiUnf, and 'Vn flYrk', room are filled with, risrfnal''i registration listn and upon being satisfied that list. of the name of these. refused registration '
Bosto i : "The Jn-i: hall return into duet." I I peintingsofthoegreatmL..ters. The long pio- !'I I any person not enutlnd thereto ha* been n-gig- and of those 'stricken from the lull, will be
AXP OESERAL coiriussiosJIKRCIIAST 444t II lerwl to ttnko the name of such, fnnnhe
Jt''r10nD: person promptly tout to thu office. .
I lure gallery, built under the guidance of the ex- :
list, and such shall not bo'allowed to
{ }'\ III. Printed list of registered Voter to
] con.
'l"isIe; taste of Prince Albeit ia the finest in the
PAT ZUZZ CKSoxrtLit, n*. J. P. SANDERSON, L. A. I! Kmipioi Tiiij gallery u particulaily intericstini -j,I I vote. The board of registration lvmU also, dn- form to the Registration Record" but arranged
i i4rse
C4XIOIKHToucrnp.. Upon thi il organisation i* now devolved to a as* it holds tho original of thno Irinls'' ring the same period, ail to eiicii* registry" the alphabetically! will be depaUhed to th.
rawmtMf lot fuOtf Uw eomrtry all artkk thrWMUCkwwM .&roB-r AT LAW.JACKSOy'II.LE extent the dnty of bringing to the balloti i I with which etrry oneissetamitir. IJttlcdArk I names of all persona who at that tinle possess .ra11''r.ts as fart ai completed.. Before the
market e.QoMIoortlI FLA. [ the qualification rrqnind by said! Act, who election Jay the Boards will add (alphabetical
box tho loyal Union men of the non. ? on5truc. 'I llonkjnij pictures that one mould birtllv rescue ]1 ,
have been
not I
I I already registered.IV.
Anri.t4-4f ash f') to the printed lilt the names of all
from Ii could persona
ted | an not ]\iii purdH,cJ at any >
L. F. DEWEY, Statca. No higher duty mold be inirxnu-J { price. Crown jewels would be .,1.1 quite at soon. In deciding who are to bo 'tricken fromor registered during the fire days, who are qualified

HOME INSDKAMCE COMPANY OF upon any organization. A* it ahall I* performed I The state horse are not kr|,t at \ llllsnn.but I aJ.l!.,. to the rtx ttration listi, the Hoards to rote. .

Attorney atm Law, or ncgloctnd by the members of the Let'uo, at 'Juikinghiim PaJaco. Rut one bundled horses -' will bo guided by the Uw and the act surplementnrv IV. The mcmbori of the Board tf Rcgiitra '
New Haven Con. thereto and their attention isesHca! !- tion in this of Election.
will tho late rebel Status decide for or '1 are at Windsor. and tweuty.Gto carnages ; | itate will act u Judges
HARIKE AND F1RKOffict ustU fE. egarnatroconjtrr.zti. I await the royal will The buries arc not uned, Iy drawn to the supplementary Act' dated JulylSh. In case tf a vacancy in "ny Board the remaining -

i: S. C0MJfISSfLVJEX, so the ,nur it. 1;. FUYJ Aac.nL>, I I; Under the auspiuc of our Order haTe Tcnnc -. Her lav: ) i..lea her airing in a Ion !i I V. The .,ulotlion shall le helJa! each with Par. VI, General Order No. 74, a

Jacttonrille, &<*. ', eo, Louisiana: and Alabama recently spokn : heIed thai tot. drawn by a runt of a pony.- 'I i county at the County i
y Office in rear It Frti'dman' Bank. W. M. IVE3 i i4Mt (I ilh unniidtHkablo voico for the Union, for lib-I Prince Albert' fa\onte hiiijes eland in the sta.I ', of the Boards of Registration as |>ro- Election and promptly report their. actIon and I

11.II loi-\f._,_____ _ 'I" 11..0. .itb legs *.olli-n for want of u for justice And *o will each of the other !I
V. TLa Election will be held in the Court
GAUDY 4'ITAIL"n COCNSi.LX.OK AT L-WT : Queen will not allo.* thc-n to be CXCICM!, nnr ; to bo hereafter issued to said Boirds.i .
J011N I States aociJo if the members of the order will 'I will she allow any one h mount tho hniw on HOUM at each county 'teat, and if there be no
L4E CITY, HA.iv i i All Judge and Clerks employed in
MAXCFACTUW.B OF si If : como "usr'-lr! np to the duty devolved npnn i jwhifh abe rudtt to l'G\ww'lho Uoops, _uU the Jutting laid uluttion, shall bufore mn'j! Co .It Hnuso at such convenient pas the
I Board of Registration hall wlect.VI. -
them. Evprjhour and every oppoittinity should Piin c at her side j i to ruld the' tame bn sworn to the faithful "r lut'nm'uc.i 4
BCQ-VR ROLtEUH James B. Dawkins '! : Tht Jud rs of Elation' will provide at
BAW UILU9 The led
JTUV ulSE-S j pti'ato apalm.ents '' by the Qie.nare .
I tl '; dutiii nnd thi H also tako and ,
be improved by extending tho organization into \ each place of o'vction: on. .ub l Hi&l ballet-
CASTIXO3.jjcKsoxririK and elegant! dor tcd under'
being .
IUO.V AiD BRASS EY AT SOLICITOEF.K JY rtjrr coy : submnK l '10 nitth of uflue |rui.ribod bylaw i '
FLA. 4TTOn. L'Yi.n I destitute districts ard by stimulating to cffJcr.tI | the ordur:th. Primp 1 IIH library remains fur ofhccrs of tho United States. I box 16 rproire the rotre Each ballot received
tt. E i I and unilfcl uctum tho Councils cluiiiged as does tbu nvnn in .jiih hp died un'l thall tg j innortrd through an aperture in the lid,
M.H.IW-_ __ ___ I : .1 L__ 0-UM.M-ILIK, i'LA.I, t nlrendy orgauied /-j The (b''n i. a iiritualmt and Ulnvcsln VII. Tho polls ,h..11 la opened ct cjch voting i ij'l.vo by the. Jpdge who icceirue it, and in no other
; There. will be no Want of Mgiltrco on the ) I during the ..\"q 81| I1 rr en of tho Prince in the chamber in "bif'h. -
ALBERT J. KUSSELL, 1- e \fJONERY ]I part of tha; RpfOiicnt bf l-et'on.tI'uclion. Tbcr I II I !I.e breathed his last his toilet "ticlni, dremingj in tho forenoon, and clnMil at six v'clork in tho j \II. At the time of the opening of lb. poll,
afternoon and shall bo kept open between those the ballot-box thall be exposed. II> that
amd .. I will endcM-or first, o defeat aConmitut.on; and j gon and slippers arc mtry night put in their I II puUicly '
Pcmrlleal r.rp..r .ltberfmu.n. : hours without intermission .
or adjournment. it be that there n. bflota .&.
> kTI vriett buBne with \i'J'lll lU> and second, to prctrnt the raUfication of Collitilu.i I .ccUJIlom..ll'lace. ibo h.u parod but six nights i iI.on.lon may teen are' '
9niti in AT THE POST OFFICE I VIII The Commanding ofiicct of the Pif- The box shall be securely closed bad not be
in smce the death of tbrt Print "
) i ,
11' >4 is ul the mml-bva. vorkmuUk nU nia4e.SDoiwr..pond .nnittiir. iriwi I ill :i tons *hon 'furoiod, especially if they are *> I I inC to paee than ill the ehaiatMw .mwiMlwhlcH prrfor-i I'i %tntt of 11
'alor_iwrv !lUU4 rbii_.. bbop)4f.Ilb _' -.t. KvTpnit ".Yel" i She iccnxiii with impalu-neA I tontlbnt of Kc.istr ti'in for th\t Sme,, such tintailed -!! after the el"'o of the third day of election. The 'iL
j i
M,ace'to c.110.. .6Lshmni-.eon l-tui j of I instruct inn} oj Maybe anwary to Die Judge of bar custody and be ;
is not, therefore lofficieut that you euc' a..4gatc.and | her Yin;.la11l who talk with lu>ron ,.I1..i..1 mat- Elecii'lIj'.ha11
.> >:1- I I NO tE. XEUAL. CAP. i ir I I (i conduct of Mid ek uon in conformity with tho j held the safcrkeeuing of the bal
tets.ben petitions aiu |' "<:iti> AJ. declare for Couvrntion. You inuit be i'
D. MITCHELL, M. D. r LFriTER. FOOLS CAP I a roreives,. thorn with the injunction that tho par. .Art of Congress and as La as way bo with the J; lot-box and Us roptnnta.VIII :

BILL CA I!. 111LLET. I" prepared to sustain thu action of}our Contention tics shall not w.k. InU in iro kept', laws of Florida. I Tho.Jij4gcj before commencing to receive -
| waiting ;
1'11"1':1.J \uoEOY J'E\C\V EN SELiI'tS" with a clear majority of the volf in your ol1loi lo by (the hopr. (.Adieu, <.f monk: sit likdjCuuiiAii IX. The return required by law to be made j ballota, aboil rauaud to W proclaimed aloud, .
HOLDERS of the .,11. of SHiJ ulKtion t> he Commanding .
TEN'S. PEN 1 > that the poll Bat one ballot thai) ba
I' Mala. be only aTvant* r>n K ot not a wu
vr Your shotild
S't fon" .t.k.'U, MI'D' f&
(''e M -41 WJtI1'101.'LJilP. 1'0In' 6e.OIOOL I GllIrrol l J' {fci i Mili rX Pwtnct, will bo I received iron each yotor, which ahall containhi ;
J Jb.iw .TacknrIIe.P4 continued but it nhouM be extwidcd until :|I till thQueen is in n hitmnr to see them. Sheis
rendered the to
TiOOA'S e\err itnpcnoni and issues her eommmtls to her by persons nnpomlod superintend rote upon the question of a Con vent ion and -

TN'ALife which to !. at New Y.rk I aIM loyal Union man counted in its ranki. !I attendant b of the thc, through the Commanding of&ocr of forduiogatoseitherorboth.aiheusydesirs.Ix. !
O T ; > pu'ulie pri>v> i > an im,>Htit lit waro hand, i irAllur I II II
loop fij hamt, aid inxire. .1.U".1I Nrv ) ork IXlir aVfckly '!4 ; Now, Jhe issue i", will yon reconstruct f That !,I ft. l>y a W-i!. |In |>uviiiq' llfu stjo i.\ the li"tn,'t of Hond.nnd in accordance with I Kach voter in presenting his :ballot, (hallgiio ;,
\ JJB.pen, M wi U ma ill the |>opu'arilaguumufIheilnv. the Ubl ili>l !n>trurtmns already rclorrcd tn. biD of who
Judge Election
Insurance Company is plain rnd t.n!.. Krery Union man in I dnml%tic. alfnbli*, w.unrkShe is di-ligttful 1 I name to \he 1 I
Urn, me a call, knd exaniluc ror )'I OnMe"'lio I at breukftM, which is toi): plain and soeial. At !' X. K o H'7Ii.I..r. who' i is a candulato for election shall receive tho ballot, and call his name audibly f

ASSETS OVER $$.000.000.00, VMt 1-:It. ItIED. &t'nctiyol'IIaYI yea. Ho Mitos for a 1 dinner she puts on the Queen-is f"nnaland I I.tely. Ii 1 as a d
l Hd rotes fur the candidates of hU choice. There .'.! To tho '.r. to tho nik, t'.tliu a-'o.l l. as a .In.lo l of tha! election in s ny county f.ich. ., year in that state and be Uio man hn rep .

4X0 urinLT INCBUSINO.V pLQT I D A AGENCY i j is littlo opportunity to mislead ""vlB! on no |.U a I,i she is am'niatiTof m icy, and (.ikes mora du- ro ifIs It represent. '. himself to be,his ballot will be deposited in the ,
i j| XI. All pnbl.c; 1.r moms, saloon. and other and
I tiox: his will be checked marked
.., funi..bed.r&.iifle. i e'lt ministering to thnr want than name DO I
r1L1C..tT1O8 "-.I. onJ an iasuc and where the true cuurso for Union plaunq;
A fir tho s..le of / il at the I '
:1. Yo' A. VcLKAX. \-. OF TIIK I the QIIP.Cn. a Itly in Kngland liii'J 'I j-larra liquors rv novcm in ink on the printed list as to pirrtnt a repetition ? ,
Jan. t\' F1. men i* so palpablo.I J I * nl Iron HX o'clock | of his vote. Snob check hall conclusive -
ut when Constitution chill bo tobmit- on the evening of the ThirUxmlh daif Xoim 't evidence of biD voted. .
> your ai \' time. 'J h<- speak .tll of l"sr M | having '
NEW ENGLAND ea ) "|ity. '
DAVID G. LOVE I ted it must land! or fall upon its mont All of One ojII1Irn.I."I.; .h., lm been at court tier ber, until six o'clock on the morning of tho I!! X. The poll will be rinsed promptly at 6, P. .t c'-'
Sc\onfconth day of November 187.| And tho' <
j, M, tho 16th of S"" the
I Iunue4 i I on day
f.OOCERAXD: COM MISSION' XEaclL\XT Emigraijt Aid Company, its flOV51OflI will como under diKusaion. Issue j(> _mic the plate!Q'leen wlent*'O5 Mute crowned thnmlfiH mourned and 1 over tho the re- i:I Sheriff of the Comity shall bn hold, rvupoiimblfa I i bnllot-boxn shall be opened and ,the ballot -

*/ will be multiplied and complicated. One : fur the ilnct enforcement of this pmhibitiun by f' counted of whora shall
the take
BAY sranr.r. UCKSO \1T.LE. rr.v.Rtrt | tircmebt oi U.o Qiic.n, lint ho lidded : The by Judges one !
J4cxsovriLLZ FLA. lion.U! be attacked tho nt of all parties who. may It"us1'1" the them scpcrately from (Vebbreedinkeerh; aloud 1al1l1
> by one man, another is a.1l1.a. bad
.. U>Mw Man44. a.i_ c., ". '- W. : plo !| Quabn a worn in, n toro loss, and I J Ji I I
tlanr w.. Co. AnguiU, : Banlrn GWIIM. I by another man, until uich in his toni will Sad I cannot throw oil grief an can a man Wo uvl 'Ianmt'XII.. The Sheriff of each County i.* further I the other two recording (m the naomi way)
1 1ugii.1 I each ballot a* read out.
omen: ..1
10- rtuctTAt to b4ve high time here *hen the Pnnro I I
106. 41 opponrot required to be rircoont at the place of voting during -j XI. When the all oVranted the
_A .a ,_ y 41 Tn-vont SUe-t IVxton Uunchiuttta.T. ulivo. We )had no pooce, i.ight or day, but it is I vote are
Some portion of tho instrument may not cnoijgfy tho whole time that tho poll*are kept open Judge of election shall make and certify a state
C. GILLIS, U YO R Bt'tHI. Stcntarjf.Ploritia quiet now. and until tho election i iq coml'lele.l.lnd is made J
quite meet the approbation of its friand Rebel _. mont on furnished for/ elect m returns, -
JrToxEy4TI.4r -S e a- II responsible that no interference igrith tho juili will be united in solid phalanx against it, fit .. of election or other interruption of good order .
Colored Hen Om.e-Jlol.lon. ngn the printed lutJi certifying the mm*to hav* e
1:1 TAI.XTKX FT.A.F.MEDICIS. tfB. Agency: be republican in tho true sense of the term. shall occur. And any Sheriff or other eivil nfliror : been the lilt of re,-lip4 voters. used by them I '
The loiter ir al Ireuod the Rev.
following to .
Oenu SUutt,{ffrrt rm-Ufllcr. ), JsUsonrUk Fta, For thcuo and many other reason it will require I failing to perform with energy an l good faith : at said election. They wilf then enclose, seal.
I effort I II. IL Garnet, por of Shiloh Proabtorign the duty required of him by this ardor, will upon and plainly mark the content of titfc t.n -liot

EDWARD ) CUEET,4PeII. a stronger to ratify a truly Republican church. New York by Major DcUny, a colored report made by tho Jndiros of election be arresloJ u follow.: "The ballot of Connty.tXII. -

i Constitution than it mill be to elect delegate I soldier : t and dealt with by Military Authority. The Presidents of the ItoarJs of Regi*.

1\ho will frame iuch a C itu'ion. It u, then, XI!. The following extrac.U from CkfipralDritcrn tration in each CO n$1. iTjHi n4teIl' altir the 4: ,
raopRrrrron v OF LANDS I MY DUll Sin In tiuh time these it ) '
CTENCIL CUTTER : a* requires Xo. 20 from these Headquarter
are re*
completion of their of etectio will forth
the duty of member of the Lcaguo and of Republicans report
J A&IOO'I"L1. FLA. IB FlnrUa. In Jmnjo or toftI1 p.rc'l a i winhing'e Bn.1 imrchMcnarMtt w"lll men of tho grcatot practit&l exphrmnco, puliliEhnl! nnravtth, for Ibo information, and guidance with proceed to deliver in at: thi* office,
mil ,the. ml Uus ol&ae in tho States that hare voted as mature and disrreUonal pease -
ill Hm M at II r. Bowes Ics Cream 'oon., VIC caD .rrl aiAjuired ability, intelligence of .concerned : I the Printed List Scaled of Ba1tclta.
W 3i.p itMn*J lT ltiu up. NOCI,. 4Itc. pa.onallyc1ykItor.'. I a* in the Slate that hav* not voted Ifi continue I[ wud m, to speak and act for the race "XII. Violence, or threat of violence' or any I Certified Itcport of the Vote, *M.IA* $et} fo.Jt 1
and essential
Pwi. .n l.Mi outoftheStiit wno may JoJro in- their ,oik of organization. To be defeated in I! now an iutngral part clement in other oppressive means to prevent any person : / J1' iMr.t- taking receipt therefor from' h.Superintasnient. .
1onNI'-Ho. .the".iii e._leers l-rv-'t ra t'lorUU mith a view ta rmiKrxuna to this the work of reconstruction nndiT the law is,1 st sincerely hope that and the other leading poIliliral I
m.> you and ia
btI uulprodUWf j right are positively prohibit; it XIII. The Board of
SI.'.01'Inr Ifee furfoM ef In".ne eal ofrljr I Th.gistmtionrueiJnne4tokoepaIocLlbooki&MapisElii : :
it to bund it minds take .
,CMAmfflJ lo IK Caiuiuuif ta ihwtiB,orAddroM either to postpone indefinitely or among our people may your j line 1 ;Announced that no contract or agreement tb'wrposWion

Upholsterer Cabinet over to rebel Union men in the Mouth du not stand.:11"10 out, nddufiiMyour truesunfimant* with laborers, which deprives!hem of their and by them only are they to be ex- -

EDWARD M. CIIJcalOuvlLLI.;}.T, I need to be told what kind of reconstruction I in relation to tho great points now agitating the wages for any longer time thtn that actually amonod until they are forwarded' to Ibis office!
AS1)KA.'rXRESB jL*. public mind, crpeuully the black man'* claim consumed in registering or voting will loe permitted O. B. UAUT. f:
would from rebel band Nor is it necessary I '
come to oRIro. to be enforced against them in this District 'Rirsi.s. FArnoluIi
: t.4.A.XEB. cAll UMors. wqulring. au mm, mint endow t.UJr the to say that the qppotition. &f rebels to the The great ptinciple always! advocated by our ; and this pflunce or any previously !pn.tinned 4'qL "

Cmv AlMM end PkM stiwU. glitw's Jh.lJdbae.UC pIe1.MaTh;, based the belief that leading men ba been to claim for us, as a race in this will cause the immediate I :
tui-ting law i* upon they I paragraph By order of CoL John T. Sprague,

7ob.l.1l8i-I,. SO"Iu.E FLA. ..GRACE & 'COn wil} have things their own way if they canto all American the nyhu utLwn and of the privilege qjOt favored belonging nut Itl I Military arrest Commission.of the oTfimdnr" and his. trial" before" :' .A CBJI F. Lo.aiux. | U. li, IA InTt'y A. t f

\ divide the Republican a* to secure their I do think that those who have 4.4.0.
WATER WHEEL. .AID RETAIL DEALERS Cf present not so long. so XU I. The exercise of the right of every duly
T'CRBL'\"E WuO.f4II! defeat. To (hi* $n4 the rebel effort i ia now steadilv, and determinedly stood up a* yon and authorized voter under the late Act of Con- The Uadiaon (Ha.,) Messenger report three

J Prsh and Salt fiSh mainly directed. And we regret to say that in other ot n* bass done oven to a national conct greet, to register and vote i is guaranteed by the weddings in one night last werk i in: uH .
1 'Qtt ULZ ( HE.A. won of thuw cUiou ever contemplated taking Military Authorities of tIns District; and all n. Instance the happr bridogVoom was *> I

I i.14ariItDo!.AL&*tI1IOIFCS. Water WII..1aJ eiorfVnti 2.ttft IIARTpZPpFS WHAR r, jjicxsoxriLLr FLA. a few localities, there i is DOme prospect that they I any position among our Mlo.--citi7.8l1a. till w
: 1R.ES3 W (uflp'pocked> In ."*and fcn-nlod to will succeed ; though we trnst.that our friend I I least ihonld be ready and pultjlri. It follows to interfere to prevent any man from esercisinz widow with flve children. -'

'PWK'SIIETALICBUBIALCASESka I' aol P OB th*bo*((the '. HaMx. I everywhere will unite before the day of final acdon. 41 a mttcr of course that mart than WA should : lis| right under any pretext whatever, A manufacturer j ia Wew York eitr b AUln"aa I -
0"fI the ornitry yntm" s atnudM. is ana be ready, before it II .A.V' to attain to such .
.' po other than objection by tho usual legal node. order for two" thousand thimble, at eightean -: ;

": ." -- .1'!_ceam aantna c-to the tty with theIr._iry< I positions. I am ton that upon this point., there XIV. Thn rogutpred voter of th* several cent per demo for the m,nujri) 6t popular ..
; .. W.BU I'rrease t ak. borne aniMs of. al rah dab There i* qo exenw for Republican who now will bo bat one sentiment among the. old.lino countir of the State of Florida shall vote at gift enterprite No blink I 10i. ., %

r by unplT'Banu*them pwkM lit Ice. altumpt to cow diuoosion limply because individual leading men of nnr race cotemporanrau with said .U lioi for de'egati- to the Convention according entitle the holder to a present.- ofI ,

:; .\ II .. : J.eaT..,...I..:Cft ru>' cacirr-, ,.J.II..TC"c*jOL'ct, I have not had their own way in all us, wlu.1 The rnbject u placed before them. to the following apportionment made In The United State Government to. it* flrrt**. fcf"

T '. .._ M.rcb2-I _- I thing. They mast be either for or against reconstruction I hare been induced to pen this letter to (von conformity to tie provision of thoecond{ *eD-' BeditMQ tq Alaska sent a iti* flf* *n fn and ; t-
urxeeding of the
_ A" by"Muting in the telograpt} lion of the Sunplomcntary Act dated March 23, aa-ortment of do-Mati animals iM poultrr.Bitkai %
if (in
_ upon the ban prescribed by the uinbii, S. C., Convention a claim put forth by '
Lzprssijiir.nuy aM sale taasale to U settled according to *
a PRANK .SMITH, Agt. &..., If they are fnr U they will advocate andveto Mr. X J. Wright in behalf nf onr race, for the th. lit District-coantiei of EcambU and ideas and as no town can get along without ffr* -. .

Jr 4ZB1Z rol. or7gn, and the candidate of Vice-Pmidoncy the United State. I hop Santa Rosa three delegate compaidsi&tkhtohaY.ea.hift&Uoperatoa.Tb. .
nxAi AXD TOM* mntrn, No : Sammis' Block for a Convention r no such nonsense a* this will! fix a rr.oiflejjt To the 24 Distncl oiunkio* of Walton ai)4ulmn <
AKU AM AUHKT ttnJC Pnnbr | ;Ihrf Republican party requiring only tlt *ncj! Lo ntertaine4. Qur eoomies would desire no one delegate.To Federal Unnioa MTII n. -

.FUL'Q candidate shall represent Ropublican principles. htavior nor stronger club with \II hich to break 3d District-counties Washington Cal- &ioa ordered by Qtn. Pope, w. denti4' ,>
C4L\'L ,
X. Del
rQl4Jaua&f. usd4 guLIS bAt.
I ,.....I' Individual and prejudice should bo the head of our friend and knock out oar hnnn and Jackson, four delegate be rtra-OG a ejlf-tloiL ,. 4. .
.Store mat aMuing. V.ttm 8 Jcs .. KaiItob.Tatm proujrsnce brain than tbiL W. are not children but To the 4tt IOU seeking offlo ia Uw CoavwiUont would do :.:
pEBB.U BOLTED MEAL Acn Pork .aM Ham Lsrd. Butter 1\A. (an4cjtrtJnharwtis lpM. ignomd in contest of magnitudo, ,and until men cornprohending the entire situation, and ttrne delegate) PiptricJo-poWlti Gadaden well to _her this fact Th par II sure to .''1 tI
hat tarreta -
\\HA .Kle mi Java (..TM Bri J Jhi 1 i* dure by our friend*' wo shall not hue should at'pncp 4ippquno{ anytting that To the th'Diatrlct-ooant of Liberty and come arIes while' bat aspirants' mn' 1te. pro. .:..' .
._ and Rec wiic! would make cat' and Tided with ea h, and willing to wait foe bask -
: HOMINT! 014 Bourbon Itl1j reached that unity of purpose and action seemingly n* paw*, ri4icu.Ion. Franklin, one delegate.To '* ) -
?*$***** U>*.***"******. i I CHential -Grtrt Btprtbt.Th in the eye and estimation of the OlitkalIDleUi the 6th District-conntia* o(> ton and ratioof. : --
.. ._ **. of .'' Let colored b All Instance OO1labial af.cUo I* aarrat.a
TnZavt4fM4tM** (, eaio fntiM la thta u' thft "orId Waknlla, six delMratea. I .
..a "JL'I1f&Arr ."TUA. au.hl.o th0 -, tatisBed to take thing'like other men in their To the 7th DuUk.1 county of mon four i a* oectrrln lately in New Hamp hir*. Aeooplah4

L ,_totiwwttt.u.n.-nxtruJ.. un UO)6DY. ,' W. A. JlcLEAX, Treasury Hepart nent.will
t n.-- JOUV CUDT.BUtJJS.fOltiSAtE. IOUAWINO the first .cF November, about twonty-evei in'pfery particular for local and municipal portions to tile, 8th Dirtrict-oounty of M4ioa,thre* .arriedUb, 4& hit tile btelM. wM taXaoOl, ---i
ANI\ O1M1I1STPNcHA.T million of dollan'ln gold a* inferest on ;ab4 they may expoct to attain to aomes delicate 'I and .YidM1tJra\on& to die. Oil Wife CJM to '. ,r I

; r flv.-tWOfltLbOnd.: TTW f 4 the krmt amoont other. ) in time. T.. th*. 9th District-eountie* of, Baaflbn, his b d. where; after she had_ wn Ui condition. ,. ( 4.

nSUUl'OE enr been Paid far allY naif- >fr. Wrj'ht i I. a young man, of aome 27 oeM and Suwanne, two de1mttIL' the Wlowhig ooHoquy -JoJ.: ;f.. -. -
AOEHI, 7"1.. possibly quutM of a third of year ot age and consequently without any political To the 10th District-oountls* of Taylor and 4 Wy. 'daddy; roar feet are sold w o.*4 : -4 -

f4TintiT.jACfxovra.iK, 'FIJI. 1.- h dM on )bniid hrid avbroad Bet with the eturrimce, except Mch ILl acquired tino* La1eyette.ouedeIers*. ir.eoa ayoi MM tt biVWa'allMirrIb.eoJd < -

:. -. JfaT"- ___ t' rate*at which foreign exckangoba*lately mW the war eo1land therefore may b* ax- To t ltlt p trkr-o,nty AUchia, ," <- 1- ..
--- of this gold i. likely tn e" t'ut f.f the eoan. cased for *o palpable a political } r. I am thioo delegate Vhr damdl. Tou'n tein'! teWs'JZiresssIheowwolIat'" .: .

IU.LI. Dr wn 'RABXLIN'DmBLEt trY. A dl'ld' 1& 'nit "1"T.t-r.4lr ho reirrota1 a'&Wend of hi,ihenforetalat the liberty To the 12th District-coonlle* of Columbia. .<> ): b. :

.\I'J'uc.nnn.J"ottn01lEb'T&DL )I1O 11\.mw of onri'1tth. 1'14 po of .peaking frankly abaat him.' I am Sir, foroazracl and Baker two dolngate. G6d41' ..10 tf tl "iN

.- .' Dnmox ncaAXT.t. tnnek of it isle not will V Mrf I 't".f"01' tLIIgCo and cotmiry at & friend'. To the 13th Dktriot-conatiM. 's( Bndfocd 4k'r'T" '.I.' -' ., 1.'

__ AZ ; LEGAL JSLA -n "- J.i r3orr1tu. rL4.1.u1uc. Th imfn". SoTr brrhf'rntwJl ramfab. a. ,- 1'rHWmZ48CZaly2T.iU7.a Pnurt.. and Clay, one dolegat Dvaso tad dant cant! .W"-t: 'wind '

Teo.itl'"priaIOf OFF1CL-no .ad og pereb.oL ceIC.aeata or to.c..iS.V_'.l/f 5?*!. -ood supjilj of specie for ser'Ce. : To the 14th Dutrc! $-- oa>ti 1II of Nassau bow II wat', to _ohat r ..; .

'. i ;
a ,
.. ,
: ,
.'; i ., "
.: t-. '. :
L I. !

;- ,-. "--2 1"; ; ,. .." -. '':,".,'.'. ...=. -'1" '. .;*',iL.. : ,. -:'. :, ,"-u-,.," -" : ;J."". _. ,.- '"_-i-_ ---- "-J-- J.,;;.'"_.. .1. lr.t y._: t'h- ...,... \ _. _. / :J
; < + ,
i t : '. "- : : : ::1" "st1. ; :
'c -
W '
;; rl" 'c :
; v
l.ti < c
." .- J-''* .' '. ) i :''I !
% 'C' .
; : '. ., ,.i, nit i

; .I I' .. .S. 'I ; foI .
t ., < Vf0 .. .' } I'. ', I / : .
--4 > <,'4' :' '- \. '; < '..:. ,.. .' .; I ''' ,__ -
.- : ;. : '
--r.1. n .' "::3"" ". : J
4 .04. _,,' -;1 aMe5.T sr m: s&&sssasR'-:; ''i: I ;(l'jf: Joji2 -
.. ... f-_ _ "... ., A ..
_. '''7- L[141111" I l t.. --a-- : 110T .. -s ____, -_- #, ,,. ._,, ,1a ...

t .

f5TL.VJJk' -u" "* .
ttttlW y / :- : .

." 7,'., ..,1 )j'j.rf. ; .

,) .

: ,
"''--'II''Y ,. .
t __,
r- --- -V.- -- ;1' -- -- V--



.. ._ ... .. ._ no ..
'00 '
. .- .- -. -

tG! !! li1 l t itself i8t kiLi"futh long I how their delegate voted and for whom, &n jhi lie ia intelligent enough to 1 c gui.kll.y] reason Tci.Euit.trara Sr. At-'ufnTixit.-'. .dl-.j -.t fleurd .I T.t.-- --,-__"
__ tmdjutdlant'dMlmt1lr"fhMnh5'jreention -th4..C tfoia""fo-tutaha V i1cdmttthcfo7rtwoeW Ji.rt Tt' p1r- wfit aoon'trect a .JcaI9ar1t.Lz, U l'ii, Itey
I ,, T I '- waa announced and commented motion f V > S havoieoQ' one of our jAok,, villa colored citiaimi Tcll",1'lP", t t ween Jackn and St. Aagiutijie. .A>*etajf'ojpie fpvA( trmSoWB

t: _. "J4lj_ &: ._'. upon. But eveniftto.Ltpulliea* had. 8. N. PppoaoJ a ncon*Slaratj'onitatIn -. In tho Con"cntiulIt'undCl' circurptancerwe It j !'eijBctJ.'t'fc5e) : )In working order this evening at 8 o'clock President j hi tile V

;. : : 'i y..Noi .. not uttered a 'wferdwe. aho dthave i toatrt ;wassJwayiii ,Ucoma.. -in similar are taUfied wfBxttw. idoctiotiof tie jlbout Co 1 of tKli estb.V Chair.: .t. 't( ,
,=.-'. -- & i e vtmt"bnitoTOtt bi ballot, and th'e:was nomaun Kanari !cnnty' dolegtxteal fVai V ." .V.' .5 ":;-' J. S. Sam mis, Chainnaa of the Comm Mice
j, \ v, X ; this' Oenreatiun .
toe great jnany lortari'from WU part of the ape why \ This teket the H ruWhnoten o(the M<> e todn4pg, _

.. l'IIqaeeti ;Qfurm tjoa tiYe t6F1oi.. from the facfpf its recent cowardly epos'tacy ,! should do otherwise.' V Vth'to&triot'oritcr 0i'' rampaijpi.V& '. -On" oJoe.1ar. Pet. y i rr SOW,in-accordance'with I tho bar tubmittod' the followiag agrccmeat en>

: L : ff Wte.uontainthe to llopublican? ppn ipl-1"ltS Haily. ,JiK'F: ;jr.,.dcfenaed the cnstomf roljntfTiy \ rKrwiE"atM> : K.SCT ova ciirpjt.>.,by a rail preriouelisiuod' ,t 1)e'J Aiutcn of the tend Into IcttrecK them end iljr. e'IOj 1.to1t:

"ry attainfor aa amwet.W donot object to sneers at the upich ld" character of thbt'and dononnrod tho'm; tion*or"a a majority Mrrt-fourt&i ofllie r wtcrwMJepubli city of .facklll..n.m..1II'I'I\" 1n Justice I JAcL.otruJ.z.' Uct 21Ih.1867.

riving ear tint) and' labcT-ttr-ftrfriihtag:-pp.- veto eke net "as a \ hIp 'tflc-n taodctana ; 'bJ.'lioliti. t. nn \(1tI.ct our watch-wordn Tto lUCoMa'j (.Oirc.; fL4j '..] 1' M.'for the i f : .1. Mad Of TraJo :..
: wMrtdci !dl rwati i; "but;th lIgn'tne Republican assemblages, and its moonfuyTunderhand > We. the undersigned a CeinniMee ..
; K ta B
they Mraranl tosovoral 1I\dr'amonth. Jt be- upon party. or pledged:W Vote'in1'jfertMular WMUT.Jhoin OP J.I H! A (p' IUWIICM .h-1MIIU.AL alo'"TIrov tHoronever being an organ.8d body al thtlond ,j jitf i pueithm of JIr.'Chark Campbell who propucei iw.

co _a.,protY.btl\VJ.Tu'w.r ler11"' & .uall tf disgraccs I :_ /Jon )nsiderirai put and kit- .PL UI JlEOWL S OJJUt.6& COW&I tItv><afi-

.Mary.n W ttanpit'teXtflsUnteM nelond AIr return*pontaee.lh.'ho-' If. a guilty.;conscience overvbelnyed I Oa motion'. E. }L Cheney, 0'pt a n.i I V __ ? and ((3lrv 9.; f-' uMnir.atal&O/that the i i I ruhna'tos, con.lantI..tatJuotcl liivcr[and U) :<;al e"aid ther keep Mouth of St.

itsdli; it .has done' BO in this,case of the i Wilder and iJnv. W,J. tklmond wens appointed The IladlcaU !. Cowed first biuinuM in orjor, would bo .tho appoint-I)I foot pr-m r,j.f water ool5L. JiAiu',thirteen at

4oiJT' i to' 'IIj.t the Socrclary! la sorting nnd cottuUing T'J-st week tho of CHairfrian" and orfctaryll lido aft. farofafc IxamlaAtiblt aad
R nem: llf'JlnUii: : In sscr JlgtM.t. the occasion Hadirala 'met bore in Convifitlnr mcnt a teltporHry. il..twI -
of I I : TCtcV&nd the Convention then proccodod In ; of: their oifidkl doings we aro .Iv ..l by and moved that.) "/ JE.'Fnjet bo called to J I kideration do consider hi.i pUijt as fiiunble, and
; r the
proclamation n.pror I tUto'a'n informal I..noeach dili-gnte \ l1rg !Jho cIty 1''I''n' of tl1..ll.-rI1U111iun. are j i the Chirr which Wan nJconiled and uniniiBoiisly I j jp I do hereby guarantee-itt'eaie ho .-lDltli..
.n Io.. posed Republican torc -light procession," inf-mnod tlmt thiVc ViA'tonia rf\arp priu-fl-e in i I what ha iiroponuo-pto givo hi* our inSuencetmtronaze
1 I four with the
,I nan following result : V .rri, l. '* '
the orj.'ar'ration rlw in'tlieRif f : and protection. f
.1 ,.. 1 1,,. -. .. we did not leii mWtf votes test %1. ip.i'ctmp, ,nd | dndf.-TKtood fro Cabipbrll
I that
say. |IM.lrtmr.nL ftrt ,.-n$ a' o the ticitnina; : j I Vr. 'S. "R. ?attar fcovod that Mr. \W\VI I II j jbo I It is is to hav*

1 'POCItt'EEin-rr'. .'E mol'l DISTRICT, was prevented b6cau8e 'tile ;prtxssin ]i E. K. l;ster,jr.;.. i... ;. .. w.. ;... ..' \4 ion of isnJi.Ut.-ji. 11m .hil' lno loadun enti |I 'lIeCO'1dcd 'sodrarriiL tEe Tug her-a within sixt- daVe, ami to commnne -
I'JUglOd Soriet.iry .
':1.1.,4 *, ; ., n.1J..rt. < *r O. .
; .i. ::. .
rOU DELEGATES TO was Itrptdih'cttn ; have i M11y-stat J the :,| 13 : hn-h wntild pnVnfUy lirMi o oter Ihofgro'll"'m V V 1 .:In: J that the rate vf to. je shall U rrrnhteiV -

.t*, .-- .THE- fact of'its'.preventitto, "a'n'd1whrtiJ2rp th1:I,I John Gonion .;. "9 .divbyhnCff .titrt'arid Wacko.! Vt Mr. FroaTonlakihs (he Chair stated the oFF F tho B urd Of Tradof!' if nn asoni.JOHN ..
I "if. C. V, I '
7 cnuclied In i'iiiining of SAJIJIIS
X/oustitutional COUy ntiou..u.v i jflelof tho "ting in a b il fratn defend what ,
> 'to
> begins was THUS. .1'ELLS
b platituilci. ,
Ilarrisoalrccd they ,
I. .. ... ... 7 weio nquolchod .
'.. .1.1. .- never.attacked, it .1iis.a sensitivenesswhichwarrants' V.V.. Burdwrfl.. ..:. ... a I merry aud the "I.uro and I m.lo manner. : 1 MOOBY. f"I
: COL. O. BrHAET: ; OP PCTAU jilank of equality! and iifllvo were carried by acclamatiim. "I'I The qnenlion then as to whether the Society I CtRDY.V ;
lf ".'' tho belief that there are J. C. Knierson.. .. ... .V. 6 At prtnt the down-uantcra era (

f J;.Wuw1EIA o!iUTAL, grounds' lot such an attae-. So too in I laborty Hilling .. .. ... ..; 6 I prolnttiim and must Uko the back *ent|. liob- should organize undur tho ali..nlllrrroI.,! J\rtsorrtl| tTal. Oci. 23, W67.Sir. .
i I mien Crui oo uiuct wait and hov.J.yLj..rjfr.Vrriiry. graphical Vnion; and apply' to the same for a John S.:::mmia, Chairman of the
:.I n"1r.'op ST. 10JU; .cv. \Vm. BradwolL. ... 5
:1 -!toll's "(' & assorting that tho Jtqntblwm was delight-j C. H. '\i14! '. 4 ., I i i (Charter or buiorrood iuto separate local or- |,, Committee of' Board of Trade:

1\\ E't' COISDOX op NATt'Ttuut tT.. od,'wo only stated a fact which tlut paper ] &ttet'ing. ..: ..v... 4IJLinlc "-0 congratulate the Mrrrmy on the vivid imagination : ganizatioh. 11>. Subject was taken np and dincuswl (, day Sir an-a Having mimnnt received about to from bq your entered hand into this between

? L1i 9WX that the recent did trot-attempt to conceal. We did I F 3 of ita n'portpr u displayed in too I freely by !r. n. SboAror M&ttair and :' tho Uoanl of Trade of Jacksonville on
) says above. The of n"I.naul1; C'ruaoe contains Fowler. The local body wu littlo fuvoroJ. the tint partamf mrwlf on the second Udredgcrthe
:, defeat of loriJ- in Ohio is not hint in the "remotest manner tit the !;, The result taring V tn V.nrioun'ced by the story I j'I part >
c ffrage rMr at the month of St Johns
: less fiction form and River
than this the to ur-
The Chairman
inmurial : The i put unwtion
| Secretary t.'Ioar&y moved that the C..D.'qO i I I
: reason of this delight and when there. end d. thfjTwwingrlwi-frie-ft. ohns Kar and
I II Ii 1
jl1l1 aoutasrnuehoCtyerdict, againsf{ i mention ivfurretl met of hut week tii a the National Cition of the United
i Oft TioV on Friday ?*
to take formal forth i
prooood a ballot for I Kiv'er, iut in my prop4 tpn to the laid
.w *he Teconstruetiow Jtofi'Y 'of Congress, foro, the'Tmiiiwi hastens so vobenont- i[r four delegates! to tho Constitutional Convention I! tfl nominuto Ilepublican delegates from the 14th '' States, which was 1. i i'I I Hoard of Tn liv n writing dlilwi JiMun.n\iCe,

I!! as'Tlfis In'tlvor of Joffersoh'JJavJa. ly to deny what was never asserted? the j t the chairman of oach county dulegation first Iristrirt to tho cuming Couatitutiunol Convl'n'I'''I The Chairman then stefoU that committeeof Fla.. An, :i5d 1SB7 'I 'do Jihrcby. accept fro

t I "' c,-.. __ '_. public ]have roen'to remember the adage j I I informing tho Convention to the tion. It w. the only "lutdical" three be nppumfed to drift a Constitctfc'n and t.nnn set forth in afuresaiil a i> 'ml'nt. and !j>Mlcommoice
a* prefbienoo > at onoo to fulfill imy part of said
; I. :Tiie t tuseryativca o i St.'J ohna' toon.F that""murder will out." Ho've vor, j, of its county fur delegate j j held, aid u full n.port of its proceedings ill be !\). &\'I\Trl to act as Hnsince Committee, : I I

I ;I .tl. lt at 'tio Dunham, Eq.I 1 wo are willing to accept tho Rrpubtican't !!i Mr. Rilling moved in amendment that tho | fuonti in another column. From that report it I i ij : 4c. Tho .m' of J. II Androti.C. K. Shearer ,'. agrre', air, most reepectfally rours.CHAS. .

as Uielc consulate jfor the Constitutional ;, vote bo taken tira fort. 'I j "ill )he' iiMi that the vrganinttion: e-f Hiainwting !;! end Jan. T. I. ille 11,11101.1T1mt! u'retod, U theCmnuittee j 1l. C. PHELL.
interpretation of our paragraph and to I\I Chair. On motion tho report was accepted and the
11,111011 an-1 the
I Mr. & "appointment tho only Commit1 1 I 'IJ'O.JI'tt..I by j ;
C nTt'.tioI. TILe 'Conservatives of Du- Cheney explained that the preferences of, ,
; ; assert that every statement, BO intorprctc4 -j:i tile *. veral counties and the candidate.. 'for tee (on crfdontia!!; api(intwl were both effn-tcd ,] The Sucratary reel by rOoUO"t an article of ;, Committeir tharge
, Uniy.are also moving and will I i ia true i i whom the delegate desired 'to votu'liad 'Leon j f t without trouble or discueaion ; that no'furm V, agreement and a bir.tlini of kltowel'i fur theprt'erlit I j ji applimitioii from the Young Mrn :

l&blyioiikato) ttro candidates, :How much. sympathy the lltjlllblit'1l1I1ha& '\I eufiicicnlly shown by the informal bollot just !| ""muiuiuli'lu" 01 Iwr\l'tio nut even a single ne-:i to whii-h the nicmlmrs wore nllI""W.| ry Society for the use of the Board of 'ra.IuItuoms

.rvot ,:i-T-r- : --'-*_- -rr -. i i taken, and that farther information was unuojc olutu.n[ containing "platitudes" vr an) thing I Itohto I F to sign ; the following g.. itlcnien went forward was and ott motion rf.Tml

"r..opu trituuph.clocU6nin at4e tlptc with the Republican party, and 1 i r nryho therefore moved ''that Iho original was ofirrvd or diavu.eeiI but that tho ConVention j and 1I.oc.od thi-ir nanit4 upon the paper: ', to tho Kxocutiv Committee with a r'OI--

New York know whether it would grieve or rejoice at'tho :| itfincd itxlf and to its dation Out th* B.e be allvwcdiJtr.
motif n ho amended l>v striking out aU the .mI4 [! ttriitly quietly \\. AV. PovntAM, .C. SIICVRRK. I
t4t. c, rt inii for Secretary Sow' i prevention of a -ll l>ublioan procewiun'Tiftor 'Constitutional Convention." j i proper L.wrlho clcctiou tf uominevs by ? It. MATTVIH, I* 1>. Aximrr, : Fairbanks 3rr.J11iJlm1l and otiwrs,

predicts that, it will '"gcT'Democratic,'" fliay'bo judged from thc.foiIo\Ting'pnro.-1 J I After sorw: furthor tliscmsion, Mr. OefKiy's j[ billot. I Ii j JJ.C: "Tnr'H.. Ftiwrrn, I made U13.eollJell'"n! of tEifrlcn .,

c a:)) preJictiuas""always.: "(" by on.tiaie."ie.7s. grajjh which we take from its account I i!i amendment was put and t'ariieJ.] I i j A few ilayr previous; a'f ting of no1'11I.lia" !!:j \\\ 11. CHR'J.*$. 'F. U MiC,):"LIi. rt-n.l.ti.rfl..H.of m the Bay city-.opwaOly' 'th, wretched

V V I, of:thft election 'in Savannah !i!i Tho oiiginttl motion, as amendodi; was then ; wiu held[ ,for the pur|_ of eoh'vtingd1..get i! O. \V. rjrrjivs, JlL, J. K :' ,> __ '\
V published moti J. Snmmls ardud
V V j ji tn .
from Duval th
i.l '. : --V : put and a divikion being calliid fcr by Mr. liil- county to iioaiioating "
; i
: I .
V Mn
ia'ite isauo of the 80th ult: i I, The a'f'lIIl'nt having siyiiil by e C nunittod to confer with the 'iiVL Commisaioiuj
lingi, was carried by a U 0 ; Couvoiitiou, but lu no platform ..U duicus1 1 i
otoo(13yi.a* >
i of the delo-' nnys. I i-ite.l that the lint It
0 2 .Jl t. ir! VOfl0 preomt .ocn'arv n'.i, .
No whltesniiig1ed with the crowd, !j Tho Convention then prwerjed to taVo a for- nul there, and on no n..hltionacuf'p\ as ro- I[ : .14.
4 gaiea.Alijilie late.iDigtrict : !left "' fur ether nJfiiatuto till the tutu i i 't5 r.o'Ci"t
..IsotninntingConvention ol' The memorial
or oppcared there to vote. A few htood i!: nUll ballot, .hh the following result : furred dir""tl)' to tho btuineu of Inc mooting i i, .l.I j following > ouncll
Jffwttrt .;: llrir ttnuf oM.'y after rea V q.
wishes us to contradict a ro- in'the and looked on, and M hat : was unanimously: po* _. tquaro Whole nuuiix-r of votes c.ut :21. wore introduoxd wo do not wo that tho abuvupnr.i !
4 \tf* 5'"J *-- :> '- I thoi4cretary
: port that ho-fovora any opposition'tick- 'I their fooliuga'I'ru nmybu -iiuagiuud. i Kcccuary for a choieo 1 1. ilia have any reference to tlraLWo I F I"" wmcot, if lho-\.i l. Agreml to j j' It is ruspectf ally!! represented to the JIfinonhe!

It was vury galling to those IHI onro ) I to tntio rh uf iho litt, to be found at the Council! ut the city, ttu.t the plank! and hlnrka Sy l)5 # ijncernod in gettingone were free, and proud of their native | O. B. : .,. .....'14 have hoard c f enterprising) j mrttaliit" ,: Lu.sice. i iJlr. at thu .. -'ns.r..C Vina end Boyj, KdnL for dn[.i-

.. .. .... who, I'y writing imaginary ivpcrU of mw-tinjs :' c.iwuin: during tho late high, tidu an lull
S OT> illo'ctauds square on th& EopuMican I I state, to seo her under the foot of tlu-ir'' E.K.F4terjr..J.V. -- 14 F, JJat'air prfp nl tLe Typogrr.phiral rary
.. lf took motto thomscl'm I i '*)\.\ in the! stivct, and art now an oU-lriu.-
< t they pliuw, ye.ticuto I ;
; j J. GoiUim.. ..-... ... ..13 vtry
I "plitrvrni and supports the former slaves. Huch inecsures will nevI I'uii'n of thn Ijin.l of rlowcra" ft nua.c fur the ti'11 Inil>y and nuinniu liv ni Cht. They
/ in they es v( tho put-lie. Hit 11 hal can
V traighticket er reconstruct tho sotitli nor promote I j X. U. Ik'nnett..7 i|! S.n-11 ty. Ket-rrfl I.. a C- mmiri'T.Svoral V' w-iuld aUu represent that tint Lu>:n<>. of liar
Y F. "" HiirdwuH... 7 to snU of journal, like the tttrtm-y, which j jcomni'U ,
: Tt
goo feeling toward tho north. They 1 I proiiuMtHin! &0., wrre mate'mnetL Pfwliuh ; rp'i.itri-s titO'I4hflat1frdiflg sate
:The Mayor -Savannah han issued only produce a sullen Etubborniu'. liberty -lulling* .,. CKov. I I : the name mulatto four days after the |i L TS-ITC tnin t. ;pr\-rt objwli and unyraud wvik! sluicld! be'rtrrinlont on that gtnf m rvl
; "" .. ,.. mcvting U over 't \ "rtiruUrU than on any other ami that fails
liradwcll. tJ I
prodaniatidn forbidding which will bo handed down from
any 'proccstdon of wiiirli
generation I : Uu. Uti-r. all were ont ty of the south ai. of the Lllv cmd
c tuuiie
I assemblage in'the streets of 11. K l S i Kutorjirisu: is an rVxet1tcnrtUnt. if kept V itii1 I 1 I m
qr -to ner tion. Ignorance rulec ) Chair.elocttil. V of th. U-nrtit il<.>itn. il by ILSV at ; al.s 4faC!
afler without hu .. in po.i' limiu but too much of thu invrcurwl F I II Ilia.
p city jughtfall. writtenjxjrniLiioa. I the hdur. I Scattering .. 9 I I.-.J mi'd roniL4. that wVi.'e-j'ree.le.t; the .M'-vr,.llt< on tho siwttt aiileuf AdMms street

,' : ., The occasion of this iiroclamatujn As to "th'o 'fitpM'reii't very -personal ItUuIc.. .. ... ,Ie. ... i. 3 I i kiud, vill ruin the reputation oi C TCU & kirli j I After .... h d. trie namu .f tIr.L al" in u .li.1.io41.: i and dttn rreus cun.lition an I
I .ww. a,' prV1rosetiBpflblieau ,I ( tonal tJuiiMrvatiw: eaii-w The Soerr-tary hiving announced the result of' II .tnreo ,1II\tM1u..l-an.H.locl. unantno.TIbly.
'vhich' and wngentlmuanly attack upon the odi I II th-t lhw'ily Kn: ;. iitrr benwjmiitnl' t 0 re-
j jetedthq is tlius
tolwhlight procession, prc- I tho tullot the Chairman divliirod 0. !>. Hart, i F Fi I'-c---:= : ; I I 'itiitv fli"i5 ..iiMtotuuty iu the. A. Uait aroTh
; intense delight of, tho t>. tor of the Union wo have nothing to wiy. i { '. .r 'hip C0a11- .
:. K. I'utlrr, jr., ami J. t'i\ion dnly' olirtcd, i I Mo..l II..t" TjlrrVitpi.ii.tijJ by tkb: Chair. 0- to."t.:
T ahhili .1ltp lJlic'UI.----J'tIr! nriU. Union, The same charge, that wo are a rapacious |r tHUuiial CuuTCiktlou* -- --
and the Cunvoution prorrtsh'd t; ballot van i iC..r [ till -n th*''SJuutar . EJ..i '
19: i > c l .
V political adventurer has Loon made the fourth fiJlowt I If rTICKt nicvul tint Into fnrxeh
jiominco, a* : i i r-xifty a
.The but fair'' fR. The M- the
State cloctimis[ le
.alwvo'paragraph aapedrnen I I >wmj; sro to
by other rfliol hoet in our 1 >isj j Wholfl uumbiT of vota 19. "flhe 'n the I..r.. eththe
of Iho 'Kpirit. of every c tf f W. pftMhh UIii. tie uuiiu-s of C.i.1..t] 'ry !.f..l .U; 'II.' heW thin year :

V fr ud and chicanery contvniptiblo to M'liich tliPtjO ra- trict and merely 'because wo have tlio Nwwaary for a i hoice, 10. dr the Ciial CunTcntum rjrularlyiiutninr.ti.l l '
i' )'. \\'. ltirdwrllhii.1. .. ... ... I 1! V M >.- $- November. (!.vcni >r,
jiaHons, jiolitiud wlvontuu'rs like Iho j hardihood-to edit a I'epublican: psprr ; 10 V bj- the publicanaity| in tho "ri- fri.-ntly! to not.h a maw HI the I'f>ito4 Ki t.<. 1..I."m-1 nl Walu TnnfT -..
Onmar.I'j' ,
editor of tho I'tiion, rosort wIIn.tht'J'i i'but as the same charge is made against'every ; X. 1.'. ]), nnvtt oi I oi .1.rkt.1 for as heard from : Jlr. Chri.t} eel| !tr. :JJWtair "rr tf.i"n cail!! Attoniiyner t, Counijillor and'mrm--

i &attorhi, 4 Hi<',.>i'JrcMthimivtitii; : thttformi-rdeclinetU ,.
desire'to make political capital. The liepuUican editor in the &.UUl V 3.1 luTI" U'at.iPei, eel"" ted JIlN." II p her of tn-iiora! Court. V
attempts to show that the tordiligh The Kucivtary announced th.' m ult, and dij .he Ir.ttor rtnKind"d in ha uvual forciblti and 3!lir.n.Ia.-I.'oxtmlx-r L-.Govnrmr, I.ii'U-
nidp ,
} ( ArnittaJ.. '\. J.
we consider it as. rather complimentary ; I I I rKn.'oi :- ? 1'urman nbe! mal11'r. 'i O"'lIuor.n.taiy of! tae. \.Ilur,
( suppressed j clarcd F. \V. JliuJwoll rloctcJ. j
procesu>nL vas by JIyoriAmittraou I duly i i .
| ( -u.cll-'oH.'I'! ) : lioiucr Hrjan (col- TimMinr, .\Ituc-u.v Ucnvral iuul nwmlirrs
,::. imply, because it was'n than othen-J\e. No rebel plaws any.j C. M. Clieitt-y then moved that the nominaf .,l. .J to K.Jjoll.mjlh the tttitu-rt that the :;'i tho I, gsI.ltlU" ', S*.

llf'J'li liM'lt ,dE'lU6tration which, na we such, tharge at tho door of tIlt Rtj/\\Mi-1:f tious maJe by ballot be now l umigmotui I I II : 6th) Ht.nuOIt .I BaliJ/j r".ril7li j :.m..ill.' give liotji-B"(nrtt nirt-tiuj. ('errieLv. :, New YaHf.-.K'rremVrfcrrHiiM! .fI

haT before<,t; 'was not true. The I by vote of tho Convention. Tho motion wiui I j \ W IVHUL.VM, $ccretery.ranIzatIou ;i Stati;'Citin >tnJor! IV'aurcr,Attorneyrur-
ean. | Col. T. W. "1V1VSfl. (white) I:y. tV. H. terre. -t.i Kn: *
: ]i l l. : ,jneer ai 'l Jurv,jdr. Canal ''nmfssiiHi -
t.l I - -
C 9ii'of. proclamation was the i I'uauJ carried without a.1.. in the niativu, -
|!I ttitim li*>iJ.on,Jamc* O.;., t>. \nwal..nrr.. ) <-r, ln.-px'tnr o( l' ,ona. Jadj
presence of -notorious negro agitator Republican Nominating Con ano1llut Nx-r Uirr ttwl the fullowiug: lic, ulnr i i iKfpnhlican (coloinJ.) of 'lhlw.u (..101'1.-.1) t>f or Ihe; olcIF.tounz Men' ]DbstIu itmt M-nnlicTS of 1.ri-b.tu1. V
and 4isturb ir 'the l publicrodndedby peaz'e, sur- Ticket : 1 1U. i K4n"-S-u t'm:. 6.-VembeJs of Iy Io-
W.Vull.. J.,' .*o.viu.&. < IrtTlwi :21,1'.4) .
th nisands' of io6r deluded vention for tho 14th District. : 1(. Hait of Puce ; F. W. nanlvrtll, of I,ture. an.! :in>.m3n 'nfs to the Ciinslituti.m
I 1 1 Ik I .-"' .:'rli CbiHtf:-AV. K. I'._ (iltiiwin.4 prt-nraliir ht m. .xn eubiqit.1 X.-W JdiM-y.Nuvcuber .-)[ mbo'1'5 ot th.'i4c4iii4inovemI.Or .
frooJuio ironlrtlxo; rural tliehicts '.
many Uuval; K.: K. Foalor Jr.,of Si.John, 1U-T. Jot'iilur.Jon
X03I1XATIOX OF PF.LKUATES Tl\.TI11, r'. Cut Jenkins (white.) SurgL J. O. Wall., ted to'-.1 ty a nuuiVr of ti<- youninc. t.Mimstuie.
whaiuwura armed to the teeth 'and of ; .
!I I (colored.) .* ,.f th tlI; ', a 1I1.in6' WM called thareup- S.-4Jovi-rnnr. Ijeatmant -
ready for the confiscation or homesteadTbe" CO"XSTITCTIOXALCASDID1TE8.\'ESTIOS. After short renwtV? frC! i tnil of thn del'- tJovuntor No.- L.. ry of jstatck Ti'"nurtr,
'editor of the Union litll 1'..n1CT. (W,mAw oW lUlrr Cmnfirt :-.. "n. frat to liiishamoi.ioit l'ol1II"OII..r.lIoMIt' Int fIn
*, (ihe Cunvuitiun a.lj"unuJl1. I \ C.'lIer.?, .tntor
V : p qi id, w 's aware of..these'lio I gntc 1'r. S. i). Cvuotcr (clot.,) Auburu Irwin, (col- '\, kUnLlWo, ,-hoH> nan 'i are ht-rvto an- .in*. Membfn of teiislnnie. ant auiendLISC -
( .hI..u. nrx. belirfikthnl the well Len of ilo- Ibl'lIt t
faetw1ien ".penned that. malicious ''Contention for I on-d.) Kxuty .E
Tho It puUc n yomiiMUr.g | __
| n the il\t lrgo''l-e anil virtue of it. vuj .
Col. Hunt i is wtU kaown not I |
: '4Jld.falsely asserted that it of bt only throughout 14th nlllnu'T. 7> Kl.Miii ..f \ pu1Igra thoHthtfctrict, tor pf4w4 .tiog*!c >m | I j tar K that iy*v".aiul uEmm am the prinoi-. :
n'l1l1'-int' have too diktrict I.uall over the slate, a> cm- of the j I, .l.ric.GI.t.. H.-.lIart and ('"t. 1". j '
nso delight to -a Duval. St. Johua and Kat au touutica, (-mUcJ D. I pie ciurcui of evil to youii ou >, ami that ttuoviU >!uniy'K; thelo.' oflji-e at Jacksonville
Itepjiblican procession rrc 1 f.d.. ..Unliko in the licpahliean Club Ron Jacksonville i bent abiuod Rrpnblirani[ in tlorida. Nothing I j I (nhitn,) of Diiva' 11 K.'I'. Jr tI |"- may bwgtratly dininUIuJ l-y welt dilK'ti.l -
the1 ill.irti to ilbs minsto; nil tH bitm-b% ofjUfunleiL 1-10ri13. XfTvetnbcr 1 I8( r,
confirm >
,ih'o"I'trutlxful] : !; luid upriglit man of on Friday the 25th nit at 10 A. M. I we may say can more strongly j (white) ol r-t. John's, endJohn Iiordure.tlor.ett i V V
j I ?', w rto henibr form oorwtvn lUlu a J
.IiqJttokucHi ville. Union 'we do take do- j confidence of the loyal m. of thuconimnni-I J J C1TL5tIJ31.! I
V ) of Najeea. .
Convention waa called to order by CoL j '.x-tvty. to l. cUed tr.iVWI.NO MKX'S I.nltkUhrILT
.. D..ctnr
and | in his unyielding nopub'iran principle tli'.r -- ---- lIeFbcpwei.
Jigttirt sof ing pe co harmony reign, ty \ Or Jate.TtUCFZ.l,.: \Vm.
V BardweU who read the call and ttatod the first Allman IL IJlMUinkll WiUiwuc
Imt then' If -vre'were 'after an office, and the "014'0(111, trwn actn, an J the mfgrilj-i iI : Tlie Lumber production of Maine, is this}car 'Ii [
had h6 brains'to .support .our claims to btuinua.In. order to be tho election of a Chair- j I,-his rhuracU-r. 1.njf l*> Congress had difrrminnl ,I i <.lilu.W.t. 6r,0,000,000. feet ____ j j'.V.( II. I. VV.. J. K II tKTtttlKlR, i ii ; llnk.or.N.,V ,' r,4 ...B, Jacksonl'ran.

euch a position who knows but what man. j jOn impartial suffrage, an we upon ,j i \V. C I C. HKV JI U.IJo"DI" .
hit IiII"Q.
Commodore Vanili-rbilt of New York, .
I j lIe teln
4 motion CoL 'Burdirtll tu unanimotuly i naith, JoJ1ID
might become i of Iho Nurth had become awakened | I
as righteous tho
as pwplt !
our A. J. Ihl"'T.C. '(. SlMMF.lUi .
elected: Chairman and VA. M. Clieney rwcrrtary. I I ; lhirty-mllionair: >, is S"in:lan jly into the manufiirture I 'lT> .Din-2 -? jth..NI..ncl
captions Florida' cotcinpbrary and seekto to the grand nortwity> sustaining ihll'pR'M"tali'l'tl ,jioiiNC. (OKOTII, Jun-n L- J>' LJ.rr, V Unilcr Win. E. vjVerdicr
V pf iron on James Hirer comity, f
On motion of I'. A. ockray a coramittoo of
produce .1irs -* riot between ihe I ,j in a dwUive rl1.licalloOn{)', Col. Hart in !'. C. lit.N..iiiai>, J. E. F.OOT, !;! C Pr- J. U
fiYO.VOC C3e 81t&IZ, wai appolntud by the Chair j jai t t'ir&inia. I "C'tq1Loer. James W'. '1
whites ami blacks, thii being thb atiiet t J tho Southern 14k)al Convention at 1'hiladelphia F -- 't. P. 'l1t"tn. U. 1'rrn.'c, JR.j .-, : W
and cheapentway uow-a-daya of follow: F. A. IKx-kray of St. Johna F K. j ,; Amoii the greed city improvements in "'I| fkltinau, M. 1\\'ri"h4.l'hu.-
buying I declared for MAMIOOP SirraAoa to the colored i I { j After a reading hd .< tho -fureguinjt, the C'hriJ..barg-. A. John M.
Tote and reaping the glory th'itt is born Fosturof 7dhn,,Je *e Orondyne,ol Dnval, I York new prognwing, is the Katinnal l"Urk [ { -
and Ita for tho !
men of toeSouth rat nit principleofrqcAL meeting .fK.Ihtei U> theV'Uair, Mr. C. IL Hum1 1) r. M.
of hrrch heroic rnartyrddin 'ns 1ha facetious W. MbnrocKoUnaon DuvaLjuuI X. !<. CauoofKama. Bionrt. lot the oilotfl men of this district !I IUnk biulding ou ln> .l* y, the lintot Lank and Mr. W. C. C. 1'rsr.nin;; "s n trstd 11 I\on. })."I'II IWaN.'1--

V editor ol-theLNJfI doubtless imagines I remember this .hun they are told that it :t inc xlillro on the continent ; also, llooth's Now : to act as -n-rHnrr. Upon taking tb, Chair HevaL JaT_ 0. i _:
he is undergoing.;Satanttah lltpublictm At twelv o'clock, on motion ct C. Wilder, is not safe to trust man .ho lived here in Theatre on Siith: Avrnutwhah U to ln a a, Thunttu. It
I" a Mr. tiuiumers uiodo a CIIW ap( .priata remarks 4erl'rei ::i! oov t, ). UaiyCUrk.jJIr
: the Convention adjourned to meet again at 3, i tilft I magnificent dramatic temple cutting *450,000 >. W. I
V V alavwy l. in relation to the object of the inctthijr, ".! C
"Whenthoabpv'comment- of the .). r.1L.u'n.fOlflr Cot P. W. lUnntm.L is a native of itas adiuwUs I asu the pew Cotnnd's Astlum, and a 'rrupMtxl au iuiui diat; prrteadare to I-toatrr ok r.y. .'' *. Marrarel
: Church .nd of the\'Ilur of I\uuinic.1 buaoI I I I--wlr, -Klchrtrd r \t "v! -
t'alWlAAi: & pan our reference to IKKKIOX and a graduate of Harvard L'nivoniity.Al ., Monastery j motion lo appoint a committee (-uitoi'- 1 U
'MphrtM, Mre. M.' O.Jlc .
: the processiqix"" first appeared.We.'didnot I The Convention re-auomUel at 3, r. M. ', Ihe commonrocwat of the late war he was I on Lexington- -Avenue.--- -- .- .-. I tntion and 11).1..*. coiuiiling of three, the fray luuto
.consider it worthy of,notice bat as I The Oomaittoe on Crcdcntiala reportod the Professor of llathnmalics Astioch Coll.-jo' Jhksonyi11oandVicInlty. I um" t.) be d>.ig.ate<( by the Chair. Carried (igbuuuW. \r. : ''p _
following delegate u entitled to teati: which place he loft to enter the survice of hit I I fly Mr. }Froit a motion to add the Chair to JJ 'l'uUr'.1tn. CarvIiiMl
Jacksonrillo the ynuv.1jI.g8' -I | L 1.
our cotomporary, Hall!, oJ 1; -A. 4
V I VII'TAl county-.F W; BardweU, C. B. Wilder ooantry u Lieutenant in tho lOUi Ohio DauorY.1 U. K Pnrrai Co BT llurnr.-The (Jaw'rni i mid omiinUt Cat tied: V Ucyor, Juhu IL l"mith. MIL lhcby

1 for 'elegant,extracts .I EJw. )L'Choncy. P. X. XVillianri, (.white) lie aftorwards received a romniMion moot has eniorod SB appropriation for the 1'I"vair j.j Coitwirntr--C. H. ..npis.r., IX "\V. i'iu- J I I -TTarknort

SV anel-its oourtesy't irarda')
1 thought fit to're-prodtioe it,"w-o will,,ln; !. Kobituon, Adam White, JeMo Olcendyne,jr.,'. to the rank cT 'C;tob 1 and wat Tot onio time The court room and jury room will 00 rvly for || .\ inotUiix WM nindo by Mr. Richard tu noroi-II 1.i1lJ..llWilliaa.L ( \v L
Julgff Iflrft jrord or,$wp.In V : tL An Jerspn;Cbaa. T. Daloy, (colored.) Judge Advocate of tho District of Florida, the :: the Doeomber tunn. This JnM not wok much !j Pete and elott iiflicero by ballut-amonJtd by fAu.Lt V, V. C.

*the1 paragraphfrom iho Via on I Kaaaan county-W. D. Hammond X. LGane I duties of which office he discharged with firmnou : u if the Court Ilouso wu coming to Ja. kM>nville i j Mr. \ViUonto "acclamativn," which wee ac- -

fucfedVbovP :' ttw pi ie t elibw aotaing. I/iborty DiUings, (white,) John Gordon and fidelity. Co!. Bardtfcll lias been fi>rtanarly i ___ IJ' f "..'It..ll1olld carriod.J I f1e dr j tuf

i (by proxy holt Ijy BOlingt. ) t.nd 11ev..1. Folder four years a resident of Florida and hi* I
: .. We nssertetl three disthetfacts_ i'iu '(colorodO ervice to the party re well kn"1\. While he Marsha!, returned last week after a bi IIfia\ to .%tr. Wihoit pifipti. Mr. J. K.: Fm t for l'... = I .

ht.j \ tri: Savjinah'> Lad ,Et. Jokro county-E. K. Potter,jr., Chan. W. enjoys the confidence and .rem of his friends J olltlll'k,. iltit. T.ptm the yeas and nays being called, J j'xili$ A a.dem1-

V issued *.'proclamation.Oar ridenfeft F. A. Dockray, (white) John RobinWn he has also ,won tho respect bf his opponents. lion. Kathftniii Vsher U. R Distriet Attot- wee uu."im'lI'loc tcd.> -Tfco'Viee '', :

and hold and wo feel assured that by his fidelity to Ke Mr.[ C II. Hanionra ;Wmary,W. C.CL lbnni ST. JOUX-S EIYE lLo .
'actSru the "
.fih jprochimidon V -itselt :' ahat'vUie ''occasion! :.of this Robinson,) (colored.) publican principle, hi. wise exporionee his Rood \Veet. K ; Treasurer, (1. C. \ JlOIj; and lubranan, ''rk 111"w..J tho pofclfc'U i In
On motion f son.e and discretion, the interfcla of thi 11 hit* C'. li Hu'I1nor. WTO in the samenuuner eluct d, r Ilh sbev liMtUin oa DM U of October, iin.lrr
'a proposed Ecpulb'can B. M. Cheney, tho report Vn I Maj. John Hay has disposed of his Orange very MMnu fcaagwtfc Tb. locultoa l> one ol I botatiMf
prodamfttion I V VVr and colored alike Will be well orv4.l and V-itllOUt he&I'.IUI
aaoplod. race the OpKXUttuO.lly | among bcu MI Uw Utw,1t4
Orove at Angustine, formerly proportyof
youtbea'Ui from the
iorch-ljgiit procession.. This fact we V well protected in tlie comir.g \On venUou. the Chairman. dr, Sumuwc, the rrcti-- Je exempt pfcYiiMow aiam|>tcl
E. &. Foster,j jr.., of St Johns, Wori tiiat Judge !Putnam to tho lion honey fandford, ,iii4I..iajntiu..m..etaaa 1ntowUn1dtks.
gathered;'finoni.editorials in:>oth the R* the ConvV U<>ri now proceed to lake an Infori&Ibsnt E. K, FOMTH, I r., the candidata from St. U. S. Minihtor at JtrueseIIg.V dent elect was invited to thu Chair, upon taking 'D YOL" :

r ,re .from for four CotudftuliontlConventionl John's. cotmty, II a son of Judge' .ofConnoclidut which he addmued Ihe mveting in a briut and rtin.ai7.1eperIuiea.frt .w.1..r. lii l III
peWl ,' U' 1 t ;, cLa1eg.tet to the Ct nmoo KB>)kh bfrnnrlno,JMT_1.tIuro 4 o.
V comferenieatlon published ia both those V The notion V u'put Bui.carried.TJberty ,,and a resident[ 6t Angustino. Ahllll.) rKT1 o.-"A grand mass-moetint; of bppropriate manner, alluding to the "adqulre* ,V Lana Bouk-kwpreg nd biker ad btaoeh nil meaner. prr_of what.5-mnallu.ont taG 00
V ; from the 'resolutions passed by BfllufH* moved!that the ballot betaken lIe is a thorough Republican, end tn active and the ipublieanc of Duval county will lit held i-K-nU of mint!," as a moat noble! rharacfniiiticia .5>ol doing mcrmnulle Im'tarv ollt tit Killwat u-.

V papers%* A.*,t. f r*' '* 'J *. '* i w.on roll call by the Secretary. efficient worker in the party. A. young lawyer in Jacksonville to-day to ratify the nominationof I the Voun;:, and prooiioing to beatow hi* every i\n'ROUTe cam mn tat&MB bo obtahwul.ko at In Uo iteura linawdUl if. vldailjt ottKuitoct

V the nsur nca_.companies _o, pavaniiannxRlaA '. ., "' of promising \ titiCl, and 'of broad and gofter- ( efloit in Ibo advancement and elevation of the i suoduaIle". :
Chairman eiplAined hat veto 'rW1 To the Constitutional Convention .
JV ether 2 .doexuneata .The a delegates i *. ,.1. F. '.IJIuaq. I4 L<.fII"
published ,' tote WM not k yote by ballot in the niual' otIs yiawi, he will rend<>r efficiunt aid ia Uw important madn by ttite Republican District Nominating ocicty, by which ha h.t4 lo unexpectedly boon lIt iL 0.&,..\ U.auk'; .tfu.v V

I all $'Jri| k idrell'eif. 'Sfceetyl:
V rec:to the proposed torch-light process ballot had jarf been pawyl/Mr:BhlinpV, i with faithful caro over the interests of the great -r .. ... .. On molki*.v{ Mr. luchard, a Committee\ I A'tTmTIoL

awn.b4J Mi. 141, !l'. "'iar4 tion PTM put of order i RadIcal party.of Florida. Snann..1b.: ,I3or4 of Trade have taken tw6 were api* iol ntoJ, to'iccuroi soiUblo'hall'. fur I ;
.J noTecl' V the the. 'Wretotred condition of our streets into onsMerdtlon the miotmgs of tlw .ociat bl\ Commitk !In.110.111 ilrruina of the Court of 'JaI_ Olflc&wrni4
U ,w1orioi fft6fd utsr'rqtA.juM } JSfr."B"iUingi then reeon id ration of1J&metfohr ,JOH GOKDBX is one of iIn..rto.Uolmid .,, I". A Anoy krtwm Hf' Veil, all 1

V any psic t $cL'We Tted thin u Informal .ballot uotoded'byn.j. men hi KiusWcotiftty.; He I a local'preauW and 'een$ a V memorial, ..tha' CHyCooncil
V to have tl8t9 Mr. 'llraibe1L of the :Datiat.Chilrch |XJi\\Jo'tls\ I crtJit : wking for. their' repair, lIlY Vtret't I On motUJn," dju Hi. Vjbe.keceabky V .1. *. 1 jCai villi. Da.

the 1 It"'i'lP. 3anouricod thsocreypThoaio -- .s.Mr'UnlTiigi be i it said.-Ah'lnks and act*J5' i9olf in piit- and Ailams streets in partiouUr. iliorrld be'at- I. mil of the Cpaiaiiltoo oaWV0 h.naUtetiun., I I : 'x B.I.. .-.hum.
V 211i aisortien needed no proof the fact. d1aiI t atih*foopl had. S'right to know I v OM !: way by'fahjEn's vagiHc tended,to,,at., on I o..' : V JUiusKUo, Secretary. I I U
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asi .... .1...mNillt i i ''GRAPHS 1 1t GRAPES- 1 11! BALEr I
v. :; .. .NOT'tCEt 9 7 7tOR
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.- ..'IM. ,:i'" .'{ .' .E -o" : .'.10:, ; ..- ,. : '' WieUe*. 10 COTTiOfe g OUMBEB III
.r.f+ : SETTS "n
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.. .... .' ,;. tie t 5 .I"10 illSIfnar. 'oL'' .,, T1P ";DR3'vow'Ob9 AND 'GRObEI ES' Bi. 'A ralOokka other n 91LUg0 .. .
.. .. ,. ,: XleI Queen gad :0 TABLES,. ,. 1 1I
: .t & : ..n., ,.. f' .' .*. 1t > ,* d. ra f. I GEO. A'RECK
: LQG00 BEDSTEADS I ,_. i!
". .' f. .f'.o\: ,., ,(3yfiesehlhetb.hlk :, : :d '. ,, : .. : ; R.apDeity: : Rants Black .1JUJt.EA us '

'. <.'" .t. h u. .,L., .. ,. ptd C I.w+Iw Daihlnon'.1'hll.ddbIy"nrlnkk.and aU RW ra. MATTRAKSES,* WATCH l'H8S ;

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POST.DPPICB1.OTICBI. "-' : AI.AND' TARRED! ROPE ... ,ns It"UOI"all,.klna oae \UJdoa acid )' Watch that wII not ktp U- cell u4 gmypdw t ;

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.n. A a;fr.wm.. .. :'. ,; ; :" : IiHATHBR 'AND FINDINGS,. '... .*n l b'ump br Price Jat.and 14wtw_.with UMr OCJ9. 017 .B.CRAM' It
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.V'A. +S "" 'SM DLlmY L ; UARf r. l ''rsroLOCK.!,. iF
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.ootn' W..J: .\I L 1t \ 1. MM at Wbnlomk raUa and from any Xur- t.:lf t

o.-f])star (14flIe igoartsq .':a., iSBe ''L9fi; ) BAGGING AND TWXHS ; cry pmvhii drwiouiti-J>rr. All In stork Recbes MlMlnl with..ear eof*. chary,to i the 8C4L;, BELL XASGysb, 'ft., jt. nEu..F1L'I fy1 ;t .

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Priaai lSut1Fr'irsniy''6w,'rjVxaiaATa. 8,?, >4. .,, : +fcv FAME GROCEPkIEG
in and Oils rif" l1Kinilil AD work warranted at the'07 e,t Caab. -
tamp $ir
..1..c.i1tl1"BAT*, TraaaATt aTaiawAT..i,r.N :; BEEF UEEFH! (>n n.r"1ftIrt opnoAlte Mr.lan'i Grocory story and ... .' I I';t

jn R.rte..m.n6 tVtwimMV n,'t A.'1CfeCOXrerST *. MOT U 0. ItoLl.iW.\\." PROVISIONS, \1. .;i

!3ii6. Tar; Pitch and'Turpentine; it D.R.HOWELli&Brc.. S-tm.. \ P'.

n.ilil&'fNoW.a.! ., ; F '0 "ft 'SALE .And Shil)'tores'; t:
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I dp1 ihdFw.rdYamneutewdtpotaMwn heather Ueltihg avid Stear Paclang' old cutomera mill' '. 't
.,18 a. ; IM public withlhi t, Dos Ton U, Tablet.Counter-Tow, Mantli. "
,J-_. _r'tobs4 BES'r Ii.a.." Jlarblc In the rough ata.<.Alwi, Yruuiihtanacy BCVUJ3, ..
Fr u. r' : 'OF BEEF, *Iron Hadlnpand Yerondaimnd iittinerh.wii OARS.r"u .
p Y..Vu, BTOTES, AND JIOM.OW. W!RH 1'nf JVABE sin fE wARE lrn'tnockEl1 .|4 ? Iran)..'far Stem fmn noofn 41. >Mrff< high. -;
:-- WOODEJt 'W.AU'lJ WILLOW WARE .1'a&'l'holNaJ.or rrl.0. AIoo roRIC.ASr> WTT Unula,4.aM.nd H1U.Aittm and Y.auld at whole- AND 8W i'
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l.arStCsm. Vessel and Mill supplies ,'Ship'Chandlerh'flitsllranebes. : at nMidcnt0 rale !. ., 1'bail'a.wnod oppnftaaltr, ; liring or send In your ordera. -
r.BTrt iMrincBOABD r.c'A th WeF. E.: TM'EM 'I 1 or two* ..1 ah )t to at the Cownn u"_ tf
M.Mitbom .I. B3GIVE A CALL! toeshibd4 r .
fLY -.r W e wrTP S Rry ortyofl>.lrn.( nd UO. onlrrj AUGUSTINE AND JACKSON-
anw of Adam* and A wmM .r4*. 'Tlwr H'.j"! ARLES Aftertwowtek.ailvnk-n will ST.
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.oIIinI the y\"ter. !ateun .;..A ant o!. : & SURGEON. Currant.,PriiiM Eairftu <-ttran,Tapfoea. .s. Mail & Southern Express '
SbF M kdYea 6h.oltitCd.r7GIIF JACKSONVILLRBaya I VtifanMil. \'.. .Jrllrrn.-Hone HaJwh" I .
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O.67. I ,L' OFF) C7E: ,! smolt'U.'I..I..I'oIre.up. .
SUPPLIES.1 ", '1 t .' Rawv;Tlrir.1 Arr'... : ; .-
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u7>*waio < 'dwLkb kuMeuw..ieh' Ftrtir w.iV* arrr*1 T* den\f ihe t |V*nuUlmtion of OIM .5 dfcD\Y, FRIDAYS
,11''>!'*Lo.i both s >tin. T will ni'|i1) to the IiroHtHtr Jtulii of Irr>).to AVP MATt. tit>AY 1'. I",\. M.t .
V. .c*, tJ m. liy taklDg hey b>li well .he would. <.II'D\"I l jil' llct>r canyine trad*. lur f-jrtlKT |mrli.uuinBaiannnah ., ': I tot oft In IH) .;iutc *f ll.ulirti CvWitit.Tutu o( uJ wmn THROUGH ixTTiaiiT_liouniFur

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.Do from>'cw YojV, in'c>r111''t'ashortdeht ofABB Itjr r>. 1U HOMIAM, Attorarj- I aro-8nO !
THE UNION HOUSE. . Low. Captain James Tuckor
raMwe or Eiprcw nulfer a pply at Ih.Ode of lbs f
CnCXEH"F I.AUH ASD WTVAL'8TUEUTS, 'GIa a ll tuES PROVISIONS WIT.I. LEAVE ''Dnih errrr Tn..lay>| 10 A
JACKSONVILLE .,arrwtiic nt Jicli..q ,IIV! on Wrtnr'days.- Southern Exrcsa
;..iIIIPa. i unWhre4. loll Drrn hdutawell AOADEMYI1'TI.e lUtummi sill ln,. Jark-ot-villc Tkur Uy Company. 1
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.. for comfort and I 11r.T- WILL A li.ilB Ii
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In 110.nt any eehm markeL )/. A. !>. Vill.T, will kn.iw mil tux far In tlu 1')':
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.. and Miot, Naila, Katra, Ovens, fyiilora, ....1."i A'.'ht'.y. In |*ih.t of t'w-ijrtuu! ,. tlwrvash-
-- ".-**.1 m'ln>lar.hij'HtHl eel tiut1 lu the m.<*4.w.*.ful J U&& > L. F. DEWEY & CO. .
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,, ALSO hallN-usi I"a'_ I D A. K T J iX O T O 1ST, J JACILBOIJVrLI.E F1 aA.
1 1I I..M;. : atU 1..1..1.1 IIt.\o .no .I huIsI.Ta
ACRES OF FLOBHJ MNDS, . ,. ,\.1'11\0..1! 1. rtju:. ij kja |tu ,I' CAITAIX J.\U Jl JI.!K, K r K It E X CE8 N
Ij.juon, bjIho rso and bunt, which tlw\ j reopen roll.r g Rt Wl.o1t'A8.Il"il Jt (f"uul tJUIE3jE.3 pnrwth rt,I.. .. .HMI dnnaml.Ahnuurl'mtsilltrattsclwb I J V'INO llior.ui/lil "nll. 4< er' J,<" lII
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L. F. T+1>\. Cl, j 11utl.1'lInrtt..rr ifAlJf-, n'lla tnoCTtj'GIVE TlfKyt A (\1T.AT TtlY: commit Al) ,1..r ''. uel'Mtew '1 I ";'"'S o'rh.a. ,'.tol:,, n" I'-L.y remdLgl. ; .Cur lM-futiatiiif t Flondm La.4.. arc
Heel Estate broken JuuVMrnrillc,iia.ou.i J4 ININflt1. MA1G1ir.; : (.n.mgrhy, .AnUju.iUr,,J'ji ilsJi Dmnuutr and ... arrUinx hlk_Tillr InVlnrMV. M. lua1"-I.
'k"'t1\vill., l'la.Ior. 22-3m. Jl. l..nOitjr y.. .. .-.. ... ....... 1'' 00b.nH'tli I. ". i JOIIJJ tl-Ulfv.tAp'**. giml u>tnc maiMfrnirnt. of Estates
.sr.rquhins a"I tnnolt a s.'ng.aup' sw v li....lInl JUr'-tf. l..4'.W1wrf.Jnkwnnittie.1T -_ u6.m.-.klt.nlA '
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Kung led cn tor.o paths of the property tJtittn.-! v.kij..j.: .r- > th,nwiiirt, will be sent .
NEW YORK. <-: tiblti'tr i> ou ivr ;
..Ji FOR trraduithsml..................... 50"ptv ,. lrtt of a.tamp tv ,., .-.. .. -.' .

A FETE TWO STORY 11 OUlE'III Jtt.! !. .:''In; ) '1'.411III 1** eoi.+it*IUnttlneabad TIll)''E'i: V:1.r.\'DiD STF..JJfJRJ. fomiftt4 hell u tw riaulatMi***or ntHrr stet eta IIIFIoIl'ot. '
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100.1".01"1..1.r"II..II'.ir..the,.01.i> ,jriluatrd. an ouu. .f. the. ." ;.. SA.VsA.NN: : i >..!>,luli'Hi pm-lmtf f.r!10_.* iliw Ir 1'1011.l .ill !. ".Io',
.et Won on J.
'. VIA : rxni>t in*T\l;<'caffjfjtrJgjv4 of* *\t..r.awe. SELECT SCHOOL
IX 1'ITXM 0.>:'', .
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I.fMll rill ",'1.1..1 ) \oJI..I' ,
.ky.t.efi.aJat IV ",. J.'..*. mrl> o|.'|"..'lfr 'Ijw'''01'Jtn sal 1 I.._'ii. .J.. ."r. iNj-t:HtUf Stilt., .
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I..OW hue C cud Mbtr nst.pvwaltatt' J I' \111111". '? 15.,1'rin'e. :' :. IJIIJE eorm-r rl HM. will be ctmltnivN! and reopened aftrr Tannin.

A I.AJtl.a: TRACTunminoivl RISR.FI'/.: .%l I.. r 1- 1/-' r.

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I ), (irwautL HAIL\i'Tt SAN JACIXTO ; .I.For further Infc.rmaliun aii44| '. J1f'.Jf. 1'lt.". e .1.-k.
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GA11BEN SEEDS / Agint.
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FOR SALTtntoVteAtE Ojl '1kfrkl 1. Kiver WM|at aJI Rail hoed loq""ata BAVA1VNTs.1i lt irjda anA goii.1 hj any AEFJTB.lUbe a'mp Htrora Ship. E3 r. J N' D S DESIRABLE LANDS ON SmaUwpQd,, .Hod;kiss .& .Co;; 'j:!: .

", Fleming's Island For Salo.WE COTTON FACTORS (4
)[urray'. IJnr KaiUnff Ttxwl.v's-HUKTKRilAJDirU ARnnta. t .
1s"-r 04.npwarJ of Four Himdrrd .r,.. nf good : 'ttGeneral r.i" <
AtUnbo Mail K. S. 11ly'.WIUHm & FULI.ERTON Age .
AND Finnlug Land on Firming.Idand Imnwluirly .
Empire Linn NuhnR$aturda:-B r1& IIA1t1 E1:, Ag -nt. below and jfrtninx t'.O\n; ,'..and fronting the nrIT .CoiripussioriMerclianta>: '

E'EBSTER' &Cb1l GEO. A. McCLESKY; General Travellin AgtiiA .. . . ", and ka..sad.*oIiWon the A. .men llwwnt/the' To of lh..nt sold for K.. 10 Hearer !ft..5'.w.'.!. .uJ -. :

If Thilwlgh tiokuU to New York, by ttiu route, $28 00; to bo had on board Lbo buata or .txtt.n. ,Term,. nut half own, talanoi .1. mnlba .'L.1ImaII".dwm.rly Small+ od,Ea k Co &D i 1J1.smallvnmfkCtc
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'Qlnale and April __ .*i'llTnuteei GrotpI
._ __ H =u. I'. >f41O1T. O W H-Mt, Florida ] I tl IIoAgktM, Boot {
or to \. II48 IIEXI\y.nrl'If. p 11 (1-oolc Georgia. J Co.>.w To*,. ,rf I; :
Watches and c. Ai CASE & xj'o: ,' :
Jeweliy. \V. gvni] M. 6.13. TIInU'S. t 7 E an Bfrpand.nnrarbamlarll. through m tlln"1I''I'1II .- '
; < Jai kaontllle,lie.Jo1IN ,
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3 J.i W lJ..aJ or forward from theie porU to Xi f yak' t. < .

GEO. iVi. PECK, .- B. FULLER, LIYERPOL 1)1l ..TiCr.'r'
'WA.TC1I-II\Cdt LtrD ,.
rJ ... n If ottr frteiuU mat".. Ottr cAnnnrtlnfl hi",. ,
f'F" Vocuiy I't t f' 47 Dey Street New York City pool an aeh aa will fivt ourenatumera. ..all the adranla ': i
n-r.UT'i 2.
I. r Jacksonville Florida. gas of that market. Apply to t ?? { a
AxrrAcrcaia AID txAiia I. '
: :3 G. W SCOTT, & 00., .


sAD '! BLOCK, BAY ST., I cw NOTICE- 3TE.'L1r'r1ClavJ. 3:2iorj BRSj I

$ a 0c WM5
FROM 2 %rr ) -> f- r- i .
SF 'I Mat anprorrd Circular and Upri >it Law MI1U, Grist WATCH-MIAKER. ; I .
OCIHA A TICRRITT.Adaitaktmtrix of the goods UUli. Roost Mllla and aU kinds of Mining! and. llantation w1
I 1q \ A and chattrl credita and enVcta of 8mnrl I.llur- Xlyhmriy on hand sad bent to ortfr: i ITEXT TO ARCHWAY
I Itnmnc..a.mnrnngnMntt tw V. krpt bvabljr vafd. Irr II w run,late of Kid County deeaard having Hied in mjr tgtfliaftlnit, FuUles.3..thersadIebber8olting, 4 "" fcaaa*
r oaths a wrtttrn rafgiaUon of the inanlwnrjr of the K and all binds of Iron end \Vood-wnrkiM".. .. I 'Stieetl
i li IEF.D wdREIIOt fl, 1 I ".,. .' f tale of the said Bamuol L. BorrlU which U IndrbU-d to (fcj UAi-lunrrv and Railroad. tirppUc In nora,and tn 1. Hrtriclge'i.ElocV, Bj !,
AND nXAJ.E118.I.1f ,INE"ATCJIE8 FILTER an amount trrater than the value thiimit It b)orftnn! lb>)'pd at the kmrt ratra.'STEA5Ih. '
t whsiell s.d.patup k oar, owa lledrytrUh d\lr that mHx* be puhllihed la the""o da Uiiluo"a m... --0-- 'Jacksonville, Fla _'. ,...f.RESPECTFULLY ..
,\ We luwm.deon'&onlhe. WARE JEWBLttt" AND GOLD VXXB.A paper la Jarkinnnllp ani) by irrittfM the burl GAS infanna the dlUetu ef Jaekadn.
American patent laochronal enreX Iloise dal In spud Contt/r.for ell persons having tlnlmaajpilnrt \ ,that he ha rvrerocd spin and
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*. nnnwtar,the IneM watch in the world. American' .aid Elate appear sane f i opened Ua plaoe of bnMntnai aa ah*W. ...- r '' v r
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. atly kept hr the ,who O*make aublUhed prior Judge of Probate-Iunl County.J&lcnndlle. Steam and Oa nttcr'a nat. ,i" t. .' 4 give | I ,
.!*tmhwd -'cdioaed .Am"ri a" Mel'1 ptmtued JI all the wan bes 10 be repaired. AU watcaet warrantM one ;y
.. .Dell.1-em. i C Th best and larftit amptVnoal hUM city,and Jan IT-tf .
f of Nrw York
_. .-- at m>tly reduced prlcoa P.aai fot l-riot. LUtf
|- 1 I 00k rajas Flat Dnlri Turni .ALSO a6E1TIxc "-
r, i WJ ,., 'ktepl0Top lints a WATOIFS AKD ,&JSV do BARREL, f Furniture '_

r S 1 i0811e1; < M. '" %ar ) asd.te411J).. Gars, wjio k...U ateanierpc.Urkai .I NOTICEr : : tt
. tIOI + "ShtlA iaBauIsgtii. ok.. 'i7 Dr. iwur in New York wbuiRton and 1%rot ..AI TURPENTINE STILL; n,
!! 1000 U'.A '.r. task warranted a.rcprwnUid. C. 'A. CARE.D.asnbewddif and ,
''d lAte &tpr BI'Ci JUCIIr.iF..V J.JtQLLAND. I TO D1BTOrn $ CREDITORS. Extra Heavy Bottom M ,
1000 1.
bOO E.arl1 oYm6.DrnmlladGld.3.'torlt a .4.\/) A .Ar.1iTr or OTnEJ.Ar.T1Cr.'E.t. pet+oas indebted td1ba estate Gt("IIt :fl compktt for Salt much Mow, .coal. STOVES l lIN
ib i" ..uPt600" \ A B kind of n-paltinr don*at.wt BMior. and. work 'rl VENS IIOUB t ; ALL ofIur.l County deonued an requested tuwrhe boUt .. ,
RUIU of aQ alwa to orde anil DWillen flUedtut
Oak Oonra Da.
Mfiid of C. LI. ,
et wammtnL At C* old 8II | rune witboto& delay, and all permn harlnBto . GREAT .TAItIXTYtJ1 1
Datck al tin lowest rale* ;
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d 600" 'f1J Loaf II I -, same pro] rjr.autbenlkted wltkin the tun. preatrlbnl EVER'YK. Of 0. -L. EOBINSOH1 f t;.

KX1 long Oraugo Carrot N"OTX'OE 23, 25 *n?. _27BfMdw l1' New York, b, law or tfcianQtlorall be"cABOLlXE In .CMSCH.thnroererreftheaamu w'Jacksonville '.

ono .Collard, Offtntt Anikuv flreBV .f t' Administratrix.Jackaonrffle PLANTATION MACHINERY ?1lfo { '

6110 at; .ltAft&'fIoml.'t. \ ,Fry AprU W6w.Special .
the1roeZdre PIAlf. WOT. !- .
Ibo I will In
date apply
100 Eriy 1'.". UaadUeo County.tttft Ih."_ I i Kngtoca,nona TownLOnai Arrlmltaral Imp
---- IIUJ-admlul.tratur ttentateet wa.ISId 'kJapft f !IERSON8 ,55411 tJ"rJ dtaclptdIa. ,.iD pore,and for aalo al the i s
GOLDEN iroiTri. -. trot BTEVU8 n0T8EeJI' y 2SIb'Uben luwa nt4& tCOTTON 50.00V0CIOABa ..iiIii:
gigs ttf the Coostyd.ri yy ? I'Dr aaI..
Lsathn le e.porWl y suitable !
.. 'L' a. IIXI111 Msn11jSDn1.iSDeLugrneck'. the.dlnr public. 1be I 40-U- wAnnoetrCBACKERR t
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let _1'.:1_ Ie tol'l' lg red hMnees men. it\a to cues peosfmliypIwat.rtdlb. J ea and la raising early Frnll or GINS I ,
.. clt1-1a on the bllh"'Y dBanhrrn.od tables for the Korthera HarkcU,WIll find il U their ) It

! pL'RTrUIth: ',. 1 : :. D 'l Raiilead W.11 led tlleamboa1 aaM dcpdLs adjaco_'so_ all: t J''J1oe eprtndpol advaauc, to call oa or'adireaatftf. .I 11.eekaoe I i ;"n AND\ .' fi Btt'M'm a-araSsrJ&s",' > t ct PI.I.- .; l\*
tl Bead i '
"- \
tor ftoUt '
:, 1t-oI r" 'ff, I 1 8Lnt'IIA too N liberal COTTON PRESSES :
_.iw.k. ...M1it .&.c n r. 1tIfJIn1'IOlS t.weUmedicsImpcnre.entlettheesi4tM.fmvI".aDd-entr7 WARYJJ8 i
.._ t .. M-U.
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tIoo ken. ."It i .'( ,6bpM Tbereom'n'TM01M .U ytDliI tx'lne Halt yy
WlbT agtp,1 1'.1r .1tielamaw. aUen4aaee i. 1CKOEY LOGS WANTED *- I
.' .LI'II'' \. UssA..itdhrOJnkW1UVVQk1 ._ !? with 1 1ttWwtthewerr 11M'UIa labia to pro- II ItjCAKTIiY OIK vd MADE .
PP.t. : J..c' rapeath-sud Y
"1-tf '= daittesy *.f the' aua. oaaoaetaM**. KjV\A FEET FROM Ie TO ao nET LOBO dlhLbehIves Esgh.Browssouthmn, and the aew OF..t4D1NG. : }
\ ,
; ,
1 i IM 11f rrrrj'JTivi ri..Jt.t..J.enkli- &.. rrnrf. nWw. ; fttrnl hd and mKmilea/ t/V\AJ .12 inches to I*in diameter.. Craren aaw 01. Cotton Pew, with Kntrtn and I I"y .
1 he T0tna harlaf naan r" wjareMMbtedtbofierextrafafiiiil llorat aU la stole for au* at aha
D J JIOJlIUOB. uoiiiliiri andptoaaiu to Forma and supplies ,
Ii -D 1 DSAa T f.AIkYrByl. + .****t i'" Apply lavish F adalo '

NBW' ..-.JtlllTt'Jt2 ." c_ ..1' *ot oat panta CO. JOHN CARRY isles J. B PULLER' -" '..( it :

or 4rA1 't11 daelIa.La_ : CEO.. J CHAt- > 'Jruprtrtoc 0 46-IL A*raiFtfiXDar. Mf. .17 Del BUM,liar York amb = q7 T1Iia. om..J f fe r ';.
VUi9Y .
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'jv' ?:t ., J -- -
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-i111'f" f. i:: '-- : : : ;. -7"' ",'' ; f'" ,:

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-.!. 1 : ;.i .. =. '?.:1'II'.' '. 1. ... "O o ,. ,,,lfaMy5jtl_.- : -". .,iaJt <-.''' tI' ""' .

._..M, irb lb- '

I. ,. .1. .
,.- II ,. 1 JJ'
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J. I' -" t.- .'- -" -.= -.a...< _...
< rt .I fJ 'i"-f. -V" f" 'S.1'r. :''

,i "'tJj'. .)'w\t.'t'- .'11.' ', t _J., .i' .jlfJ" ., t'jz, .,1- ., l.k'j. .9"-/";' .1..

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_._. ... '. u'a;
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--------- I'' C= < -' ..
..Lzelitlsa&se : tW '
J "I < r .
,- .-- --. .1 '- --- -.-.---.- 0 1'r - --_s -- L (" :'u _'-" .1u t...": I -',-._-- ==.: ,n : -



.. .
I ,.' ,

:?, -. ., .' .-- -, -- -- ..-_. .. -- -. -- -- 5silver -' -_.- -
-- -

,I .'..l, 't fo t \\ biking out a after. the *uc/t> elaase and Lag (t Vmrryfnj'on tho trade ot iuincu of n&UCtOt5VtO *, -reptrood I;corn'of motcial. i" broker.. .- J_J_ ", "-',,, 4. aij Mther of .ral .-
-. s. 1i, phall nangfkctoreby hand or machinery ,or not ekeeediBt
1 L&r DPTD sma STATES. inserting in thereof the folio That noperaun m
I' \;: rnsic t Tng: ; anh, goo or commodities for .Fifteen: e Jt4a-h eu
; broken Sail
: pay good wan*,or merckeutiu otherwise ivo- year two.handrail and fifty thousand
t.. lt i'JEI < or shall ant ow'\.oonr: dgCanL
i II 1 .. p.mge'pi3eis( 4I"Nftiq.X bV1fl. mgage4 Ir n, cy.or oorpocssoa on b, houso or premise wich: ptriou. 'or persons- (n/: 'said dollar Every person whose occupation it ia vided for, exceeding annually the sum of ODe hall pay ODe hundred dollar*, and two hudsad
any *
t UtJAOu&tIoG rCII p- .r of. prQ\ hmeinLftMmied ttarry as the agent of others to arrange entries and thousand dollars or who hati be engaged in the dollar when the value eaeeede two fcundMj
: -That amended III
t ( 'C'Ctiol\.wvcmtr.eig' bo btrflisiguu
: \li. r oilier
pCwn. custom-house
; trautttot business thousand dollar and
papers or manufacture or preparation for tale of any article fifty due ot.ezesed
5 Thd i"oz ded by ltn1tin a a" therefor in the they .ha'have paid m, lieu all ther-of afcr tu. e a.otin !clause and inTertmg at any port .f entry relating' td the importationor or compound, or mall put up for sale in hundred thousand dollar,aol five hnndred eV4.'M'

out all after UM enaetinfclaa**UM inserting i4} provided. I bl\1 number of the following; That aa; exportation of goods, warns, merchandize rat kagcft with his own. namO or trade mark lars when the.value exceeds five )hundr d thog.
r. Jieaihareof the foUowing That it. rtaJl ,.tho That section ba striking rini,except lawyers eon vcy%nccra, shall bo regarded a cnMtorn-hoUlMl1.rokor. thereon any article or compound ihall be regarded and dollar Any peroa or pih ons or
.3t7Ot&s OcUl etarafore8Jud,_tkair deputies, all after eventy-two the amftniScdby. claim ageuta, patent agiul. pbj l ici"n. stir I5 xtoon. Distiller shall pay one hundred dollar a* a manufacturer. 'ration wKoea bnaincs* or occnpatkia i* to eorpo
out clan and Insert dentist
; in their mpectire district' and they are hereby ing in thereof the enacting geon dler.*, doing,bmunet cattle broker in horse dealer, and *. Every person,.firm or corporation, who .Thirty-two. Pedler ' cla* ine4 andnjud rate gold %nd silver from other ;mclala or leui-m II.

; authorized to collect all _the ties imposed bylaw lon roUwlng'Tt' | hall copartnership at anyone dfrtil or manufactures pint*, or who brow or M follow, to wit* When travellmff with stat substance with- which ucl gold or tUvsr

''I ,K cvBr tt."saffls le&sJgoaUd, and person in any,trade,,, or profession, engijp tat tax place for; such required to pay but one spec. make mash .,.rt, or wash for distillation or the more titan two horse, or nmlos the Brat claw or both are alloyed! combined <>r united, or to
to IietulAl-ror.Uu "recoverV any"um or O wl'Q production of -spirits shall be di-omnda determine the
is law distiller: and hall pay fifty dollar ; when travellingwith ascertain or quantity of gold
J ; .tarn*;-which may1 be forfe ad by law; and'aU special assistant tax impored of by the ,shall :That section seventy-nine be amnndod by trj- Provtdod, Th-U distillers of apples, grapes or two hone, or mule, the second clan and silver alk y o .combuatitHi .pith other or
the assessor assessment district king out all after the in.rt
onae/tinj clause and in
:JUe penaUie and forfeitore which be in- pcarhra distilling or and be dVemed '
: *. may manufacturing fifty hall pay twenty-fire'dollars; when travelling ma atwyw. -
hi their and iu
or or style, case of a uu-tng) in Jieu thereof the That
; eudormpoeodbyI&vbslibssuedrarn1zarZfa frt naml of several a lost than ono hundred and fifty barrul per year with one horse, w'male the third class and Forty-nine. Miners .ahall pay lea 4on .
the nam of the United State*, in fr o company, such names firm person and- special tax that shall be, an4 hjiraby ii, imposed asfulluwi from the same, shall pay fifty dollars ; and those hall pay fifteen dollars ; when traTelling on Every person firm} or company,, who abal employ
or ia to
: any proper form of action or by any kpproprifoftt their constituting secondthe company ., IJatik say iOne. dUtillii ? or manufacturing lees than fifty barml I I four, or by public conveyance the fourth cUss others Mt'tho unaneiis of mining! roaL
; *w proceeding'qoi ql 'm or otherwise plscca. 0 JJc.;the ' porjcnr from tbo lIamp'.8ba1 pay twenty !t and hall pay ten dollars. Any person, except or for gold silver coppPrlead iron,rice, ipj.
circuit district court of the United pll.he au general I V..Itb a capital J ofc exceeding .fifty ilollan: And provided minerals
.before i ny or further. That no tax person peddling only charcoal newspapers, for, or other not having paid the Ux
ion is
State for the district-within- which .aid fine to b c.ric. ; ': thousand dollars and bankers using or employ shall be imposed for any still, stills, or other apparatus i I inaipuinc" bibles religious tracts, or the products therefor a*II manoiartantr andnoothrr, snail
third if the number bo
I : penalty or forfeiture ml bavo been incurred, a rtifer. o bl"L ing a capital not excc-edm;* the stun of fitty- uv Lbv. druitogists and Chemists for the of his farm )r garden, who sells or offer 1 be regarded a* a miner: Provide!, That thin

U or before any other eompetentjuriadit.k designs t Jly ; if a pedler, dosigns : thousand dollars shall pay one hundred dollars; ,' recovery of alcohol 1 for pharmaceutical and to ..ll, at retail good, wares or other commo- hall not apply to any.miner whose rwrij.u
j tion. And tae may Cr sued for and to t"e on foot, or with ono, t.o. or more .hen xcoudiiij fifty'lho lII\nJ dull all. for e"l'ry' chemical; scientific purpose- which has been di\i.. travelling from place to pIties in the town such shall not exceed annually I one Ihootamj aa

.j in the name of the Unit States, in rve.preperfbrnt hon or .; if an innkClcr. the. yearly additional thousand dollars in excess of Kl'y use.l in those processes.Seventeen. or through tho country shall bo regarded ped- dollai.

I of action any circuit or district rental value of the house prolr to he occupied thousand dollars, two dollar Kvery inoorl' 15ro.ers shall pay one hundred i Icr ; l>Provided That any pedler who sells or offer FiaTEaprclll cnrricrt and attnU; shall

t J court of the United State for the district within for I purpose. facts rated or other bank and every inrson firm cr dollar Every pcrs.>n, firm,or corporation who I to sell, distilled spirits, fermented liquors or ten dollar,, Every person 8rm, w pay
shall be certified such assitUntassessor
which the liability to such tax may have been duly by company having a "lacd of business tt here crud- manufactures fermented liquors of any name ord.tcrinlinn ., wines, dry-joods, foreign or domestic by ono or engaged in the carrying ord<-..liveryef company:
or HU be or,.he party from. to both the 1J11 and collector of the I itd are opened by the deposit or collec-U'on of for. sale, from malt, wholly or in more original packages or pieces, at one time to valuable papers, or anyitice* fir m ney
i wboji)ach lar' may rei \e the time of district; and the spocutl tax shall b paid to the money.or currency subject to Vo f.''d or remitted plut.or from any subftitufe thorcfor,. shall bo I the lame person or permits or who peddles jew. an express pay, or doing -

; th commencement of said action. But no BUC:h collector or deputy COIfto of district a upon 1 drift, check, or onlrr; or where money deemed a brewer: >vMod. That any person, city shell pay' duty dollars : Provided\ further, therefrom :; buainwlvAOEOIII .receipt.
| luit hall be commenced ana the commissioner hereinafter prvdel sm trade, 11.-inC or U advanced or loaned on stocks Ixnids, bullion firm. or corpnr.ition. who nunllf.l'ture\I..Hban That manufacturer and producers of agricultn-- liu* annum, dol-

.. of internal revenue shall authorize or sanction i profession .hl girt n receipt tb"leur. bills! of cxJbanOI'l"O'ui notes,.or whore fivo hundred barrels per j car, shall pay the sum ral tools and implement, garden seeds fruit !: earlier per: FnmJoO 'fhat Wt out ipteiattaibf etprw

the proceeding: Provided That in case of any : rbt soction. scvcnty-tbreo be amended by blockr \tIut.,,buaiun. bill of exchange jirn. of fifty dollnrs.Uijjhtecn. I and ornamental trees, stove and hollow ware, : ton dollar ahall be imposed upon''

suit far penalties or for( itures, brought upon information striking out licttibnroof all after thnunactirg clause and in- miSKirnotrS aro i-cccivcd for ,1L.c"ulltnll f ffir nprtifiVrs: whit shall rectify! any brooms, wooden ware charcoal and gunpowder son, company, in resect to any all one the biiaf-pertirm.

i received from any other than sorting in th f
1 a collector, deputy ,Illn.! o.assistant: ono who ahal excrciao or cairy any trade. :'Provided That any ssi Ulgs hank havingno hundred bmJs, paika es, or casks, containing :''I article, by thcinsolvesor their authorized agent, on a continoou*route, awl tile company

I i assessor, revenue agent e, of internal j I business, profession or duany act hereinafter capital noik HiiJ whose "buftincss is confined .. not more than forty gallons to each barrel, pock- j at place other than the place of manufacture such tax shall cover all business $,ne payment of
mentioned fo the exercising, carrying on, or I to luecivin dcpub.U knit loaning: lnviaCnr rf or"cask shall and shit! theicfor be to I upon iiuh
United!JStatoiahall not b subject or. o; pay twvnty-hve dollars ; t not required pay any special route by uch a or company
frnu t doing of which a special Ux is imposed by the tho' of its and I I ny-
lor depositors
t toy Ca of suit nor shall th of any lw. mime twrnfy-tivo dollars adiLtional fur each additional tax : Provided further That personsho sell whets in tlte tmted Son I; andaeh
I ,attorney 0 coamiol employed any such office without thereof a in that required which does no other busiiiuj ol baiiUng bliall.';I' al live h'indred s\i<.h barrels pu.k..lIr casks shell or other fish or both travelling from plareto bo required only from this prime, leal tax in shall ueh

I be in the settlement of hi; account, Ihll. every such oI'neo besides besides not lie subject to this tax. I I or any fractional part lhei. of. Kvery person place, and not from any ihop or stand shall I business and nut from any subordinate: 1'rovi-
t the payment tho tax, be '1 '). Wholesale dealers whose annual sales fIrm or ,atil.n. who bo to five dollars and
unless tho employment of such attorney or count ,! oUI'J! rectifies purifies or n-quired pay only ; no dcd, further. That drayman acid teamstor
t subject t imprisonment inc a term not exceeding do nut exceed fifty thousand dollars shal' pay I refines billed rr wines 'at tax hall be fur shell owning -
ael Ujall b authorized by the commissioner of spirit by any process slier| imposed lulling or only one dray or turn shall not be
i internal revenue, either expreekly or by two )01. or a fine not exceeding five him- fifty dollars ; and if ttcir'Innual tiles' exceed 1 1fifty j II or who, by inziig: distilled 8.irilor! wine with other fish from hand-cart or wh lharrowl. to par anl.h tax. required

: ser drrd bth and each fine lilt bo dw- thousand dollars, forevety oilditiunul taou- any mitcnata. monutictnres aDIIurolJ; imitation Thir'l.tbroe.1polhueari s shall pay ten dollars. 'ii-one Grinder of coffee

"' nJIGonl'hon forty-four be amended by etxrkI tributed betw Unila Status and tho informer sand Uolbers in excess of fifty thousand dollars .. or compnnnd JUo" for snle, under the Every person who keep a shop or building hundred or spices shall
one lall."JI
] Fly
I if there bo any provided by I.L.. sit ill dollar and th 1 amount 01! of "sJ'iri i i where medicines person who
ing out all after the enacting clan e. and inserting W they t iy one ; name whiskey brandy gin rum. wine are compounded or prepared manufactuct or prppatve for use and sale
in lieu thereof the following: That the comraituoner That section seventy-four be amended by all sale within the year beyond Jifty: thousand !'I its" or ",'iuo bitters" or any other name,shall according to prescriptions of physician' or grinding or other coflee by
l'rfll'f'Sll. spive
Ii I of wbjft to regulation striking out all after the coactingelauso and in- ] dollais shall be rc-tuincd monthly to the ia- |I! bo regarded ItS a rectifier. .'I where medicine are sold shall be regarded as lard, or adulterated coficc.pkea.or or inas-

intra rveouo the Treasury Sorting in lieu thereof the fuUowlfl : That Ihoreceipt assessor and the tax on sales in excess of i{j I Ninete-n. O al-oil distiller and distillen of an apothecary. nut wholesale and retail deal- article mustard or
(p by or compound ir.irnjej for
I shall be, and t Brtr on appeal for the payment of any Ipl..dall:shall | fifty thousand dollars shall bo asscssi-d by the'' burning fluid and camphnoc ahull pay fifty dot- J i el"ll who have paid the special tax thevefor,shall adulteration any of or for coffee use in the

i to him made I hlbj., aathorz, pay contain and set forth tho, bu.> -j assessors and paid monthly as other nionthh lirs. Any person firm or corporation who )I not bo required to pay a tax as an apothecary; I or mustard hall be regarded lea spices

i back all tae erroneously or illegally assessed neBS, or piofbatiion for lueh jq 1.aII. i taxes aro.ateseed and paid. Kvery |person bhalli shall reline, produce or distil petroleumn. or j jruelc I. nor hall apothecaries who have paid the special coffee or spices: Vrov-dvd. That .a grimier of

Iii' collected without authority, and all taxes and tho name and place ot abode of person i i bo re ard'xl as a wholesale dttnlc-r whose Lusiniisf .1 oil or oil madn of ecu!, asphaltum shale I: tax bo required to pay the tax as retail dealers who ball roast cjflee! fur use and, sale ny shall person

I tat shall appear to b unjustly assessed or ex- or person paying the same ; if by a rcctifyur! it i iq. fur himself or on commission, to sell or offer i, peat or other bituminous sulutanees or shall | in liquor in consequence of selling alcohol or of I required to pay the special tax herein bo
the quantity of spirits intended bo rectified ; I to sell prods merehandizo 01. manufacture : oil hall be the imputed
; in. amount or any manner wrongfully t j any wares illuminating regarded dispensing, upon physicians'preMi iptions, upon grinders of entice or si we*.
I collected and also repay to cUetr or deputy if by a pl" whether for traveling on footer !' foreign or domestic piodnction not including aa a eoul-oil diiutillcrTwutity. wines and spirits officinal in the United States That section eighty be amended!
or more horses or the l wines malt whose, annual I'l j of I and other national in by striking
; rollectors full amount of sch sums of mo .itl tuI. spirits or liquors Keepers hotels inns or tavern, pharmacopeias, not exceeding out all after the enacting cain and
u t be recovered against them for which payment in made, th or I/ sales exceed twenty-five thousand ilollisreAnd shall CJ cIiiHoiiicd and lated according to thu half a pint of cither at any one time, lieu too O. i insuiting
may lunt
1 : the
I or"O any of thorn, in for any internal time of payment, and (except in case of auctioneers -, the payment of tho special tax as a wholesale rotimatcol v early rental or if not rent*!. accordi nor rxcceding in aggregate cost value the sum not bo impoud 'O'ia1tax shaU

t '. t'ss licensee ay'cou them, with tho produce brokers, commercial bn.koJ !I dealer shall not exempt, any such person acting i iOH ill; to the estimated eaily rental of the houso of these hundred dollars per annum. butchers upon apothei-ariea confertoneri,
cost and o expenses cllle damagps and I patent-right d ler pholognlhor Imildeis, a commercial broker from tho payment ot i and pro|>city intended to tx so occupied as lolI jl Thirty-four. Photographers ihall pay ten dollars. keepers retail denlei opting houwji, I tcllo'I..
and I or tavernn, or
1t *, retail
costs assistant asses insurance1 agents, and pe-1- tho special tax imposed npon tho commercial I I lows, tj wit: when the lent valuation of the Any jwrson who make for sale) photographers except d.&l1r1
.Dye deputy or I| lees,) the place at which the trade, busiaeiu, or broker from the pa)mnnt of the special Ux iiiI ,- j early rental ol said house and property shall amlrotype, daguerreotypes, or pictures in spirituous and malt lniioit[ _lien their annual

1r any eo'tr cletr ad iosptr.1, I i' profe-ssion for _hich the ta i il paid shall be ear-1' itfucd upon cammurial brokers : Provided ho two hundred dollars, or less, they hall pay by the action of light, shall be regarded a pho gross receipts.doll shall; nut exceed jthe sum of one
.hal b lt thousand provision law
or any of them by reason of anything that 1 j rio on : l'r.iJ. That the payment o the That no person paying tho special t.ix' at a ten dollars ; and if exceeding two hundred ilof. tographer. tay to the
sPciar! t.ix horin imposed not exempt I UuloaUi Ju..l'r in liquors shall bo rajuiicd tu tars fir additional hundred nntrary notwithstanding; toe amount of .wh
I halt or may be done in the due performance of I shl any true dollars or Thirty-five. Tobacconists hall pay ten dol annual receipt to be ancertaiuod
, 1 from an tax peniou or Ior- an additional special tax on account of the fractional thurout in exaasof lara.n I' or caliioatod i in
two hundred firm
the dulses; and all jndgmoot and mo- j j aditnnallpio pay |lull ) person or corporation whose I such tho
n .la for for- sons, ( xrl'lt 1.(1 ,cians,"urn dun- Si '0 of other/ pjoda. ares or merchandise on the I dollars live dollars: Proviued, 'lhat a payment business it is to manufacture cigar snuff or tobacco manner' aa commissioner of_ internal
'- j .roorrevM tXfcoa paid i i lists, lrklr. delHs pedler, '' 'I famo I'rcmi.nol provided further That in of mi h "]>rciul tax shall bo construed to permit in any furm, iiiall be regarded a tobacco- revenue ahall prescribe. as well as the &onr.tof
elI all other al
Cetar Ihal b
pate > duce brokers anai or receipts wLere th.
as required to bo paid : patcnt-nghl et.tiniatn; tlu amount of sales for the purpoxea I tit poison eo Loping a hotel, inn, or tavern, to mat.
f ,
lot! tae tax the
inta ar j graduated by Of
I rrTiaetrhA; .b second assessment i ibaraJbeau dealers photographers buildurs insurance | of this Kition. any sales inado by or through furnish the nc x&aiy food lur U.e annual of Thirty-tix. Catcher shall pay ten dollars. amount sales or receipts -
made in case r. of jt may or '! agents, innnrnnce lnokert and auclioneoi,) or .';I another wholesale dealer on commission: shall!' suili travellers or sujnurncn without thupay- Every parson whoso business it is to Sell butchers : ; and where the amount r>f the tax has
I been increased law above the1
return which in tho opinion. ls stet I firm, company or corporation doing fcnsiuc" in not be aiin estimated and iu.ludod as sold by I im-nt of an additional xxial: tax as a livery iiu-iit at retail shall be regarded aa a butcher; ,I by amount paid

I" _' assowor was or con o- any other place than that stated; but nothing i the party for whom the M!, was mn.Io. stable Wptr. Every place where food and I'rovidcd That no butcher having paid the spec i[ by understated any person firm. or cumpnjiy or has been

I iat f.orrudulent or I hurcin containo.1 shall rpquiie a afoccil\llax; f.r I Three. Retail dea'ots! shall pay ten dollars I lodging are provided for and lurnuhcdto travul- ial tax thcnfiir shall be required to pay the.;.- | or un'Ierssimated, in h persct.
n. j
such assessment any shall not m'I remhteH, nor Shall tho fctora' of goods ware, or .umivhandiao In K>ery pcwn whose bu.!ni" or occupution it isto leis and sojourncr fur pay shall bo rwardc-d a> jet tai as a retail dealer on account of selling firm, or company shall bu ,agotn aw-saud. and

taxe collected uader inch b assessment be -I other places than th& place of business, nor f. r nl! or oftw for silo' any goods, aiv.. I before

that o or was not fata own goods, warm, and mcrcliandiot", at tlm including spirits, iuos. alj, Imcr, or other malt ], liqiiois are sold: by retail to bo thank upon the 1 butche.** meat exclusively by themselves or this act has been asteavd for ja liceuse this

or fraudulent,ItatmM&. .rt\r contain understatement j I place of production or mannfactorc, and at li'iuois and wince annual ales exceed one thou-i [."., .'.. elicit pay an additiuiial tax of twenty. I Im. I agunl, travelling from place to place, and not I amount thu assessed Lola; "inal to the tux
.ne dd any i thir principal office or place of business, Irc-, ,.' tand and dn not everest twenty-five tliousaud! live dollars. 'Iho yearly rental shall be lUed I trom any shop or stand shall be required to pay ; hf'reilimlr tha buiimss cpvored by such

or ern.lltion I IV I IEl vidod no coeids. wart*. or merchandise! ; shall! I II Ie ,, dollars, shall U, re tidiil as a retail de-alur. .f arid vistabluhnd by the assistant assosor of tho I I five dollars only, any existing law to the cou- i i -!<. no Rfer-al tux shall be ai' csse-d until the

It I That: section forty-eight bo amended by striking -I kept except as samples at said oifiVp or place t-f !: Knur. \\ holi.ain dexlct in liquor nhoso an- i propvr afeCM>moit distnct at its proper value; I trary withstanding i ;i expiration of the period for which such license

W I. out all alter the matting clauso and inserting business. And every person excrcwuig or carrying i I unit! sa1* .I lo not exceed fifty thousand dollai bul it rruted at n/'t Iws than the actual ranton I I 'ITjirty-sev PropritUrs of theatres mu_ was ax.esse.J. !
( the following: That all good, .a mer on any trotla bumieas, or profession, or <: shall par onu hundred dulUis and if exceeding ""n".1 by In* ptnie* AU Kteantets and ,: urns, and coi.cert h..lIs. hall pay one hundred That sntuin eighty-one be amended by itr.k-
rtJ CMnde Articles, o oljet on taxc* are doing any a t for K huh a special tax is impofed -'; fifty thousand dollars, they shall pay one dollar viesi-la. upon waters of tho United ::..*, 0"1! dolLus. Uvcrj-eilaO.-o used for the purposo of i ing out all after the enacting clauseand in.t

) imp the law, which shall j : shall on demand of any officer of internal and such (... h'ill lie :i,**_l and!put in the : \t.nnl of which p.i."in!.'rs or traveller are proiJed dram.itic or operatic or other reprceutatii, !! ing in lieu thereof the folluwing j llut notho?

in the possession, orcnJWy.or within revenue produce and exhibit the iceript fur pa>- 1 san-o uianror n< ro-iiired| ol hol..lo dealc-u. | n Uh tx-1 or l..l,ing bhall be ubtit| to \'l.ifur Jinisbion to which entrance money i* in the precouEn: s.i-ttwi I of this ait

tjiu control of any person o persons, for the j ment of thetax aud unless ho shall dj no may '! 1'rcrv: |ioroa C ho nlmll K-I! or oiler( fur slo any [ and required to lay enty-tivu dollars : Provi- reci.ited I, not including halls rented or used vccaaioi -. shall be construed to impose| special tax upon
purpose of being sold or removed by such person 11.0 taken and deemed l not to have paid such tax i' distilled fpint ierme-ited liqnorn. .ili<* ol I I .... That any pet*>n who shall male a false! orfiaudii lly for uiicertg or. th|'atrieal repie unl -I rioters who seat ama tl iherr oWn growth at

1 or persons in fraud and of the internal. revenue i I : in case any pollcr shall nifuso to e\lol.t nnk nd in .|fIsaitjtes; of nioiu th..n thrra pral- ', ; lit return concerning the oftlual rent tious titn'.l l>f regarded u a theatre; ProxnUxl ; th'T ilaco wbero tM lame ia nvtile, nor oponj

laws, or with dig to avoid pa)incut of i his or her leccipt I1Il\fOn""ill hen mandol 1 loa at one tune to the same j.urf h er, nr"h"c I nientioneil in this paragraph hoU bg I..bjld0 That shun any'such'etlinc-e it nndur lea' at limpo.a.urc 1' aputhec-ariss, as to '"..'S or :oI rilIoU.'lliqoon

said tU b the cUl or dnjurty I by any oilicor ot internal revenue raid; "lkcrro annual s-.ih-t! 8, ii.clinliii tales ot other nierehan- '' 1r\' iU.rcJ'ur uf uuublu thu amount ot tho ,I of this act tho t}$ sh ll bo paid by the which they use eitltoii ely in thct |reparation or

( collector of the pp diltrict pr eu -I "y seize the hares or ionIc wagon and cmi- dire, hhall c\cet-l tuenty-live thousand dollaisshall .i tat. ; Ipscrr, coke. otherwise (stipulated between the I mating up of mediciue; nor skill physicians

c.the collector or r may L, lents or pock, bundle, or or any |<'I"B ono : ho regarded ns a 4ulclu.lo de-aler in I I Twenty-one. Keeping of cat'ng-houvs:: ha11! partie*< ti/ said Icasft.'llutiycight. 118 taxci| tor kurpht; on hand nvdicnvn solely

l.yautori by the commission of I refusing, and tho aMcrst>r of the district in 'llunI1.; | I pay ten doll:U9- l.\er: >' place here food or re-1 I 1 bo proprietor or proprietor of I for the pnrpotie of matirj up tjheir -own ]>ntj -

j purpose,and the saaa l'l i which the seizure lias' oci'urred may,'on ten i ],'o. Pet-.H denims! irtliintor shall pny twentvfive I (fmhminl of any kind. not including puii" j circus-e bhull pay [tine] hundred dollars.: Every j I senptions tlns.1 on |>utic-Qts nor shail faj-

b forCieUo the Unte Statl. And alo al I I diy'R notice publikbod ia try newspaper in tlii, ,':.HI.. l.-er' I", iO s *!"til"wl: ot 1 a inns, ale, I".T, c." other malt liiyiors, aro pinv1,1 i| building tent, BI.ace, or ere-.i, where feats of I men be taxed as uaabfu-turers or prodi.cmf r
ra' Jqon n any district or wrvc l! tho podltr or a: odr hr taic: t' clem. : (pint*, wit ''1 I t"i cu>uil ".t..IS and told lot conoinnp- j horiunianship or acroliatic" alerts) or theattiral making butter or c'oocao. with Wilk from thrir

'I' person or persons intending t the h l-w ltng.hQnse require inch pottjcr to show \:. boor, c.r other milt l. in quantities tit'I[' tint, thi'rein. .h'I:1! : be rc.I.-1, as an eating lid xnanrr too exhilulril. shall be regarded asn j I own cows or for anV".ibtirinpn; "iuc .. Jrovuied. -
I sniQinto article of I kind suljoct to tax, fJI i I cinse, if be has why the hors1 ..1rwa .. I" ,- !! ,. I That the paj meet ot any to.x ,l
any fir n .: or !Li. ui.d \\I") niicuiu 5-A1. hoUfe. ttut till b'p'r <.f nn eat.iig-houw| circus : IVoviJdd lhat no a| eial tax paid in tmpn
the pnr of fraudulently] 5lln such man ;;on, and content, ssetc. t9ndic! cr ba ," "i-.d'",; ail vtaji of other tr.a1 hllnJi do m t mg paid the lax tlurefor th.i'i' not be required one Sute shall exempt c\hibitiun from the tax by law shall nut be beLl or eon"rao
!: uf ace or with evade thepayment i seized thAll not be f-rfriu-i; and in ass no (-a. taimty-luo. thousand dollarsshall be rut to ,pay "IM'Ci.ltan as a cvnfcetiuner anything in another 8Ute. And but one special tax ahull 1 any person carryi on any trade, busioex.. tr

; and also all tools, imllc!: nfG( ient -v is shot, Iho assessor may di- I I I gtrdud .LI a retail dealer! in liq iors.I in tllsl'j to the contiary n.itsitliatanding.-- bo imposed for exhibitions within any one Mate.Thiitynme. profession I from aay penalty |Ic |.uuaiiiufiC

ment instrument, aodporsonalpropcity "lat. :| ret a forfcr.aro, and i'sncnn order to the c !.-I I Sx. l-ofcry ticket dealers shall pay ono hteuI And keopois of hotels I inn, taverns and eating Jogilers shall pay twenty dol j, provided by tho laws ot any SUtc for carrying the place or building or within any i|,, tor or to any deputy collucWr of tho district for I tired dollars. Ktery r"r"n. u.-ocmtion. firm. houoe. having pail the SK] ' tax then'for, shall lars. Leery {-ersnu she poiform by sleight of ]I I on ueh trade, business! or (-itu: at ou wih.n

yaedprenclosure _her such aitir>a or Euchrw the Lila of the property w> forfeited ; an.l the i or corporation who shall make, selL or ofler to I not bo required to pay aildilionul tax for ailing h.uul Shall bo regarded as a juggler. The fropiietou > such mate! or ia any manner to abtu>riza thecommencement

nateri;U .hal be found,may also ho.seized. atpe. after payment of the cxpcwis of the pro- sell lottery UtJ.itj or fra ti'mul r..rtl tluaeof, or lohu'co.llnuff. or cigars on the ""o.'rcmi.1 j or agents of all other public exhibitions i or coniinuaccif ot such tradu.

by any t or deputy coHactur, a* aIOTes.Litlthe j; ccwlinRS shall bo paid to the collector for the any token cortiUcatn, or devi n rclnxmting or I ar.lhin in this act to the contrary uct ithstuiidinir or shows Cur (money not enumerated in this "t'- I beuiiipt, or profe ston contrary to the laws nf

nod lame hall b flrfit.L* aforesaid; and j i: u" of the Unite Male And all such special !' intending to rcpuxnt a lottery tuketor any ; I.on. hall ]'ay, ten dollais: Prowled, That a ,reels t>tat% or ia 4acn .hltitl'li by" municipaL|

1, and tho proceedings said forf"itnr f tires shall become duo on the first day of May f'Qllon"-IJllu-t 'tb'wof. or any 'policy of num-I "".ent.two. Confectioners snail pay ten spot ml tax |paid in one State shall not exemptexhibitions ,'I Uw ; nor hall the pn 'tn.11t of :tty tax borviziprecut.

shall be in the nature of a proceeding in rem in :' in each year or on commencing any trade, busi- hers in any lottery c-r shall manage any lottery, ;I dollars livery: person who bells at lelail con- I Iron tho tax in another i>: And .! ho heid or ctirstrnott to |>rvhibifc or

;. tM circuit o district court of the United Slatrtfnt j n<*i, or profession upon which said tax i i. bv { or prepaio schemes of 1u/t.'reb.r sill crintcnd inc'iuuery, sweetmeats, comfits, orothercoQfocls. but erie special tax shall be required for exhibitions : I, prevent any St*te from plating a duty or taxi

1 thS district where such seizure is ojaia, or inany.other j law irnpoKnl. In the former ease tho tux shall) the drawing of any pottery shnil bo dei'II1P11I\ I in any building 'shall bo regarded as a confectioner. ")thm any ono Mato. I i!' fur Stat> or other p.c-... on any ttadit, boat-

eourtofcompetentjurisdidion. And I be reckoned for one yar, and in the latter cow.t '! lottery ticket dealer : Prm 'I hat tho nian- Hut w hrlejj ito and retail dealeis huvinVul J'orty. l'r l'r"t rloC howling alleys and bil- ness vr profession. upun which a. tax, Is impe* d

I any person who shall have in his custody oranr t proportionately for that part of tho year from : *sees, of any lottery shall iue bunt in the sum :I too IJIK'iallL't thorefor. shall not N?required rad rooms shall pay ten dollars far each alley or by Uw.That. ,

(mammon such goods, wares, merchandise; ; tho first day of the month in which the liability of one tuou's,ind dollnis, that tho |rv.n paying I t<> pay the special tax us a confectioner table. Every place or building where bo.Uai. I,I section eighty-six bo amended br strikI .

t artirloB,or objects, dubjoct t tax a* afurvsaid5for I to a rpNiiat taxVommcnccd., to tho. firvt day piSfay :, such tax ahull not sell allY tickuu or xupplerjinatitary r 411tiling in thin act to the contrary qutwithfttandini thrown or billiards played and open to the pub-I ing out all after tho enacting cl iltIC and nMc t-
dut wrth i ins in lien too fl V
U"f riling lime tho do- Wlowin- til.k..t of touch lottery which Las not f ;. lip whh or without price, shall be regarded as a |: : >wing: lhat any parson, firm.

I. 1 sign; of pavinentof the,f iDp I Tht'section .vonty-fivr bo sm.ndeI-1y 1 I been duly stamped ai-cordinp law, and that I 1 I I Twi.nty-three. Claim agents and agent for howling alley or billard room respwtively. :: company,or corporation manuttctunng| or pro-

thereon, shall b to'a :'sinking out all after the cnnctinir clanso and I he will, pay the tix, impound by law upon the procuring palenti _hall pay ten dollar Kveryjir I r'ortne.. Proprietors of girhnterpm..haa i ducmg OOaas and mtreOwnuise, sold orn'tum'o
j for
I dr dollar, leas than double the amount j inserting lion thereof the following: That 1 gluts reci11.U of his .. I *>n business: it is to prosecute claims pay one hundred and fifty dollaas. Leery person ,i consumption or IMP, upon which

3 4 1 (frandutrotly attempted ,to be evaded, I.I I upon tho death of any person having paid the | Seven horse dvaleis khall pay ten dollar*.- I liD any of Ilia enixutiva dvparlmsntt of the tdrral -, firm, or corjroratioii who chal sell or ofle-r : of taxes the an. isnposnl by Uw, ahalll m their return

,, 'tcovo in- any court of competent jurisdiction (i special tax for any trade business or profession "t Any l*rOn whose business it i is to buy or toll I ; government, or procure patunt/i/ shall he I II I I for sale any real estate or o niercaandixn the vain antll'oauuL1.1WWc\1' aa cccualof .
te'ar menbndi. ar-i'i it may and hal! ho larrful fur the executors or i horne or mules .lil1 l bo reg'wde'i 1 a horse dealer I I. ih-mji-d a claim or patent IIlcltt.lla the case may I..f any d>.ri[tion whatsoever, or any ticket of I judmiiiiiioa amount of actual. salra; mada by the

tiE or' objet wbihebt b I by *py administrators, or the wife or child or the legal I Provided.. That ono fpecinl; tax having boon i, be. II I to any exhibition or performance ih maaufactmer'01 rr.d., or a oilt thereof, and
t J 'sy. .t the optionof I representatives of such deceased person to oecn-I paid no aditional tax shall be imposed| upon any /' Twenty-four. Patent tight deaW shall pay I with a promise, express or implied to give or''[ state whether- any part tuxi if a V what

ftto oUer. bo delivered to marshal of ,I py the house or premises, and in like manner to I I II horse dealer for keeping a lively ttabln. nor np- !i ten dollars. ,Every pecan hone business it t it I bestow, or in any manner bold out tho prom- been part of said goods, warm, and Bleixhandue, hiI

'I Mid diJtkt remiin in the care and custody exercise or carry bn, for the ronidue; of the term .Ion any livery stable keeper fur dialing in hon**. | to s>-U< or offer for sale { loot light tall bo i.e. of gift or bestowal of any artk-loor thing I I cooBumw* or used by Ihewncr .wn s-..

I' of InbaI and under his control until be I for which the tax hall )have been paid the sonic I U;ht. Livery stable koepors; hall pay ten regarded a* a patc-n'-ri; do.ilcr. I for and in consideration of HID purchase by any I! or manufacture agrnt \I8eIlfnr. the prediction anoTher'

I Ib ob&n by process of law and trade, business or profession as tbs deceased 'dollars.. Any poison whose liusim it is to keep Twenty-hve. ISont estate agents shall pay ten person of anf other article or thing shall be regarded let or product togvth.: with the mar

th' seizure made 1fo process issues before exercised or carried on. in or upon the hoi sen for him or to Itt. or to keep, ". or dollar Every |>eison whom business i it is to I as a proprietor of a gift enterprise: Pro- value of the sumo at the tlou of such one or

; ahall b wabe by tho cart Prvde. Tat 't| same houses or premises, without payment of Iwai'd horses for olhers shall be rcgirdixl as a gall or offer fur ale real estate for others or to vi
I when property 1 may b la'le t any additional tax. And in case of the removal livery stablo keeper. I I rent hou s, fctorei, or other buildings or r >al estate -I of being th'i taxed shall bo exempt from pay. t ) were shipped for a tireign port or

I pmriah or* become trrcatly reduced i or I of any person fit persons from the hones or :ine. Ilrukcn shall pay fifty dollars. Every I or to collect rent forothers, ,cxi ept lawyers ing any other tax imposed by law, and the sme.ul consigned to aoe.on or commission merchanUi.otncr .

ydlite bylng. or when. it be_kept I premises for which any tnidrt business, orT>ro- I prison firm, or C1"I..n| )', how business it is to paying a *!' lac. Wlh. thall bu reg rJ,l i Ux heroin required shall be in addition there 'return than accordi"agents for sate ; and shall stake a
..Uie owner tiur negotiate sake of !, .. bonds real ctatt atrcnto to. :; to tho valne at the place of
g UUrf Cession was taxed it nhall bo lawful for the 1"1'- I purchase or ex- as a
Colby***, te'mha of the- lt may r eon or persons removing to any other placeto I change, bullion coinexl money bank notes, pro- Twunty-six. Cmveyatic shall pay ton dollars. ). forty-two Owners of stallions and jacks'tuiment.ben, nhfpped for a 'foreign port or

apply to the ar district !! J I curry on 'the trade, business or profefwioq miMory notes, or other sucUflUn for themwlvesi Every person.other than nno having paid shall pay ten dollar Every person mho keep ture according to.thexu-aa._ the' tIMe of mannfao-,

art prmimtyand if, in the opinion of 'tM as-'i specified in the tax receipt at the place to which i icr others shall be regarded aa a broker: Provided -I the special tars* 1uy.rorelaim agent whose a horse or a jack for the UIII of m..res.requiring or prodeaiost; moved for uo ofcooiumpUQn

sor.if_ ball )noeessar _tba) th e'awd proper inch or remove without That any person having paid the special business it into drawfloods bond, mortgairca or rocei\lag pay tlwrotpr hall b* reganiod aa or.cyiwj ned to other* than agent
person person payment of tho
may roamiftettirer-
ty should b to prevent euh wa or exp of additional tax : Provided That all tax as a banker shell not ba required to pay the wills, writs or other 1l'jlLll'al erl or to enaminet.'ks the owner thereof and shall furnish a statemunt and praduuar. "Th* value
any of
Mlha Bppraiaetiie lame; the case of death'change or removal,u aforesaid I special a )'rokej.I. : or mvl estate, shall bo regarded u a On-I to the assessor or assistant anctcor, which shall quantity tho wdv ware*; and seevthaatitan -
have taid returned to contain brief of the required to bo stated a* afow: akl hall be
a description
property > animal it
Pa *
Ten. <
ah *ball be registered with the assistant : Bbrokor using employing a capital 'n anc r. age
assessor, ( estimated
the maio
by actual sale
2du.ppownbendia euchformumaybo and with tho with the of not exceeding fifty I hoiuand 4ollatshall Twenty-seven. Intelligence offii-e keepers shall 1 or placui h_ used or to be aned: Pro,ided V> the maa.
collector '
rjrescpbed; by the commissioner of internal re- or name of the together name inch pay fifty dollar; and 'It hon usingor employing par ten dollars. Eery porson whixo badness That all accounts notes or demands for the one nfacturer or by his xt AW where such
fl ,renuV4 ift frn amount equal to the appraised change removal person or person to making I a capital exceeding fifty thousand dollars inc it.i to find or furnIsh places of employment, for of any such horse or jack the Owuer or keeper ge as, wares, and merchandise. hava been removed
or or *ucc e )r for
value, wi jnsok sureties .the laid. assessor deceased under be any person every additional thousand dollars in excess of other, or to find or furnish servants upon application thereof not having paid the tax M Jurcaaid. couar.LupUon. or for dc&nu-y to others :
hall good and lulEcient, t abide the. final\ the commissioner regulation of internal prescribed by i fifty thousand dollars shall pay two dollars. in writing or otherwise receiving compensation shall be told.Fortythron.. or placed on .h;:11O&n1. or. 'a no, loader
within the
: i orflor. decree jadgmont of court bavin? revenue. I Every person whose business or occupation it is thereby shall be regarded as an iutcl' Lawyers shall pay ten dollars. ewrto)_ eentrul. ojC the _&Ifac- :
cognizance of the cue, and to pay< the amount That section seventy-six bp amended by strik I to take or receive of pledge Iigonce office keeper.Twentyeight Every person who for fee or reward shall pn ae- tutor or hi*agent Dot king ia hL factory store ;
by pawn or
leg out all after too enacting clause and !inserting way or warehouse .val ue shall b*.estimated th
Of Mid appraised value to marshal, merchandize cute or defend causes in court of record or other *
or'othorryo; he th directed in lieu thereof the following: TJiat in every exchange, any goods, wares, or or Insurance apvnts shall pay tan judicial tribunal ot the United States of average of the market value of (..he like goods ..

byth.eoert,4cundshaJ1 pa ] 1IT b a fe by aid case where more than one of the pursuit*, employments any kind for of personal property of whatever lent as security dollarAny portion who shall act a* agent of of the Slates, or whose business ia to give or legal any .: wares and merchandise at t S'usc when th* 'c
repayment money thereon I fire marine life mutual, or other insnrance lame became '
hereinafter any liable to tax. :
occupations, described
aamnor with the United State ihall l1 doomed dice in relation to any cause or matter "b..t-i .
which said proceedings in ruin shall be pursued carried on in the same place a pawnbroker. ''I company or companies, or any |>orson who shall over shall be deemed to be a law)er. I {To be Continocvi
Cta( by the same at the Eleven. Land-warrant brokers maIl p"T negotiate or procure insurance for which he receives -
same time
; Ip.r. That in penon except a* I'm t-fuur. Physicians argeons, and dentists -
I t I casa mT saM bond abaH Pi executed and hereinafter provided, the tax shall be' paid for twenty-five dollars. Any person shall be re-I any commission or other compensation shall pay ten dollars. Every person (except -
hYe Jet each according to the rates severally prescribed carded as a land-warrant'broker who makes a. shall be u regarded an insurance agent : Provided JUST RECEIVED
,thereof by : apothecaries) whose business it is, for fee
io/otiU proecM w,, marshall ahall'r- Provided, That in cities and town having a lewpopulation business of buying and tolling land-warrant or I That if the annual receipts, any persona and reward to proscribe remedie or performawgioa
& than ix thousand of furnishing them to settlor or other such agent hall not exceed one hundred dollar .
notice of the inpoort persona aonwding operation for the of '
give to H. partie*pendency exectttUf pin to the last preceding census one special tax Twelve, Cattle brokers, whose perlOlll'l' *, be ahaa pay five dollar only j And provided .M> or ailing shall be deemed cure a any physician bodily I. er Schooner 5UA,, I twn.n

Mrrie pljjeionaudim.ner pew. hall be held to embrace the business of land- do not exceed ten _thousand dollar, further That no special Ux nhall, be imposed suritcen, or dentist. ..:
*> r :
.form.M tk. tonrt may direct; &V4thO court warrstbenku, elaim agents, and real estate ten doHar; and if exceeding me Mm 01 ten npon any person for selling ticket or con }1'oity-five Architect and civil engineers Olin Tl- S-&Sgdierent( Sues)

hail4t0m bajarisdict3onof said matter agent, upon payment of the highest rate of tax thousand dollars;one dollar for each additional tract of iNsuraaaa against injury to person shall pay ten dollars. Every person whose ',', lOODoora, '4
>pBA applicable to either of thousand dollar and such excess ihall be **- while travelling by land or water. .'
one rvid pursuit- ; 100 Pr. ,
and the same if such pro business it is to plan, design or sup urt. \" the JDliiuls, a
pta erjBi odby m&DD irtoe a :That lection aoventy-eeven be. amended b y enod and paid in the same manner a* requiredof T..c nl-nloo..Foreign insurance agent ihall construction ol buildings or ships ot ofnaflt AMO
kfopasaid. i(* id owner striking out*U after the enacting clause, din wholesale dealer Any perSOn whose buri- pay filly dollars. Every person who shall act or bridges, or canals or railroads ahall 'tjo to- '

r'f4 to rH. Ba. i Jbf 4 tha aalI in lien 'thereof th' iIllo'wlne : That nj it"fl tofuy vll or d *l ill cattle hog, or u agent of any foreign fire, marine life, mu- garfod aa an architect and civil engineer) Pro- ltVOITCKOFBCUrUVK.MoUl.Duf. IEB3",, .5#
considered broker.
to the collector or marshal aforesaid an order no auctioneer shall, by .virtue of baring paid sheep, shall be a* a trial, or other insurance company or companies ,idutlThatthisshalt not include a practical .

I trU the special tax M an anctionwr, 1 any pood Thirteen? "Produce .broker, whose annual thall ho regarded a* a foreign insurance agent carpenter who labor on a building. ,' PL8-rrIuo LU1NAtLS .. ,
sales do exceed the of ten thousand dollars Th t1y.?Auctioneer*, whoso annual salo do ,
I than therenpoc other property at prir. ..tale nor shall he not sum }Forty-six. Builder and cooti acton shall LOCK,
) afuai4F.
a9 other to act auctioneer in shall ten dollars. Every person other not excsod ten thousand dollar shall pay ten
employ any parson a* pay ten dollars. HINOfcS.
j toot pertyai* p aI execntwuaa m1e ii* behalf, except in his own store or warehouse than one having paid the spacial tax a* a commercial -I dollar, and if exceeding ten thousand dollars it pay(a to construct buildings Every person VMstili whoa% bovine** 'HUlTH,
or ,or bridges
in hi broker or cattle broker or wholesale or shall pay twenty dollar' Every person shall i. BCHKWS
tbees1.after4a4UcL. and whoahall '
'I trfctan4th.prooesdaof or presence; any auctioneer canal
or railroads by contra.c whose \RPKXTU'3 TOOLS,
whoso it U to be doomed auctioneer whose business it i II to receipt -
nd sell or commodities otherwise than retail dealer or pedlar occupation II an .
ig the r .*onabl costa of the eiinre 8 good from building contract exceed two thou SHOW CA-4K AXD WtXW. qL.aRI,
i ihat.toth..4st afore aid, to by &auction without .vu g paid the tpacial (ax boy or cell agrioultural ot farm product, and offer property at public sale to the highest or sand five hundred dollar Jin ?tLd,$sLTs,&o.*0.-
& not exceed ton thousand best bidder ProviJod That the provision of any on* year siall. :.
whose do .
sale ;
I I rwor Jndffavmt. ,,_ imposed apott ueh'busine**, shall he rabjeef and annual be regarded M a builder and boatractor.Forty.sevtm. W. UEB4BA
.J. Jlfty-thr ty3ur.fftJLVS. liable to4he penalty imposed upon such person* dollar, shall be regarded M a produce broker. this paragraph shall not apply to judicial or executive r Xasi4iuia'
Ill ..FomCoDJmerclal' brokers shall officer; making auction isles by virtue Plumber and.'galiter* shall
in trading pa _
ai A MM7flfl iixtyJ dealing or retailing or selUJijgoodsor ; 3-4 I
a'X.1o ten dollars. _
ti of any judgment or decree of any court nor pay Every pesiiofrmcrcoqo-I -
siaty'I coramoditie without payment of *special twenty dollar Any person or firm whoa bnsi-
: Ixf. 'trade public tale made by or for.exeenton admin istratora -' ration, woM KnannAbB e** i* toBt.-furnhh, 'or sell P. HARTI1XE
tu for exercising or carrying oa rach or nci it is, u a broker to negotiate sake or purchase -
: ) : irJi t blllineear and'whorO goods or;ImodiUel are i of good*, wares, or merchandize, or to negotiate ,'or guardian of any estate held by them plumbing material*, Kas-plpea* -oamen, or Merchant, "
= b. ) hundred the property of any penon or person taxed to freight and other business for the owners u other and gaa-ftxUre. hall" ,* 'ncvded."r a plumber JACK90XVILIJB ILORihtPresent

1 h> Sb deal in or retail-of trade iu or ell the same it of vessel*, or for the ihippen or consignor or Thirty-ine, ,Vanttfactaren'shall pay ten dollars. gafiUer. 7 attesilon Etvss is '-"t tTiinuM

j: T 1 r tr b amended by shall tad'may be lawful for*&y penon exerclf- conmgneei of freight carried by TeU shall be Any person, Onp, or corporation who Forty-sight. Aoayers, assaying geld and Apnlli-n ,.-4'-|


7 .

I um- we. ...JAya-es.,, < _. _. '.1 '. "d.,,', "..,.' .. ." ;-:. ,: r-J r :' -fI -;' -

ir 9 oW'{ ..tiII. "Ii__;. 11 1' .;:_, '< '7', Ij.t"; "

!\,. \J "':: :': .>" '-,.- ,.-' -,." ._.--..- ._. ,i

Florida union

Material Information

Florida union
Uniform Title:
Florida union (Jacksonville, Fla. Weekly)
Alternate Title:
Weekly union
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
W.C. Morrill & J.K. Stickney
Creation Date:
November 2, 1867
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 13-63 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1864.
General Note:
Publisher: Edward M. Cheney, <1868>.
General Note:
Democratic. Cf. Rowell, 1882.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 6 (Sept. 24, 1864).
General Note:
Supplements accompany some numbers.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services ( with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002038457 ( ALEPH )
02707184 ( OCLC )
AKM6247 ( NOTIS )
sn 83016252 ( LCCN )

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:.,..,-. l' "n., .. ..- : ".. 'C' _."< .. : : ':''''' \i' .ii"1.: : -' -
.' ... :', q<"Ij. ,. ,- to-, ,. ,. ,.. .Gv. ..
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T : : : I .- .4 :

.i; t i .,i Cltr.. :' *1 1 t ;-p_ _____ I: ._ or._ T mfnB ._ ; .:' -u. Hf

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"1 ""''' -
$ AaD M..CI -" .. fl4 flLVOL Sinai.IIOJIJ-......" ._....;....;.. .......r 10

,iY.4mrwpviU' '. TO 4DVDTJ8USi. .
I" It' One.IIn&. --1ICb Instto ................ fI81ial I
Q- sub.sq., lsswthjs.'e.. II t
... _DCJtba -_ pw !...,.. ,
..,--,'..... ....... :: -
pr C'E : a 1'\1-_.......... -... ... ., 2 I
.\ pous.......:;..... ,_.:::; .. t I I _
osrotrici \ .
EAN.rona a & ts &va&; ; .
., 4. 1 '. JACKSONVILLE, PLORIDASATURDAY NOVB14nER 1867. NO, 10A. 1dI1'be dl4uIm. ell M.U..1e. .
-.-- _.. otuuIntl.bree-OJIi_ '. .
JM7_ .- _._ _.__.- _._ .- -

"._ RP441'S A. KNIGHT, II 'GOI5Q.ALOSK. .The Royal Horn* .f 4o. Victoria.Tk .. .Plirida. BlueUom-O*.U1 Order.: I I >oYa1aDCl : f ii

Wil h oath In th*tunny air lonlaf. Butt 'Hatttackuiitttiletttnger UlADQUABTXRS TalKD MlUTABT 1Ez'i -
*eomeponden the *, DuTUCT) o .
SAVINGS BANK 1 : Attqaej t 'L. &w, Boliclor" la .,OLucerjAJSTD With\ Ught in th* nwrrv blue ercs, (QcoiiotA ALABAMA & FLORIDA.) i 1tU\ota uc1

: : ;. Wlik bu btcr so clearly oulnngliif. write recently t AxtAKTA OA.,.. Octobei 6, 1867. ) tr-9nntlss: fI
'--4- A laugh of ddi llbi ao{|wirprU Nothing in U than the and Snmter.V-
; England grander Royal 0rdW.
ruaaat *ATCTO* .urD Commissioner' of Deeds G J7..
Ad .
IU, xanuuL frleadlf eMUtancs dixlslniEg, I the t
tUCCT-OOJIPJOT.CMARTKRKOMBr_ .' FOE THh.DLFFZnrTT TATE3.k.zLbIuIvuctfruJoH.uN.. .And cntuicg no Mrrnyth but Ut own,, Apartment at Windsor. Her tho Queen received I. nTurtat/By the'tern s of !n Act 9fCot I folk? and IIth Manatee, on .1 of' Hattoro.. S .

CONORCSS. 11'\11, .! -. The post fears and trials hr oiln, her guest bolero her day of mourning reel entitled, ".An Act" to provide for the more To the 18th Lou t1ee of Tola*}** '
Tbo babs U lone ;" efficient t of rebel tStiitP'piamsod : Onrnge, Bravard and Dad
(oiog gnveenme
'WASUINQTOX.n.CriHE WiUpracti *Ia 011 tile Stile aM FMlent in *, on}dalent
TiJSaP.U.OFMCB, Courta commenced. The Royal purple and crimson March 2d, 1867 and the Acs( sunplwupntwv'thereto 1'"%' 9th :
Florida 3i4 bt the Sapranw Cow ot tho Umtod Stbtiw. } of Monroe. M
BANK'' JACKSONvTUJS, and eollMt' alt dalmsazMu*the Uattnd States.. What nful rabrhips b'i jaryettf vermilion and gold adorning meet and dazzle it is mad the duty of the Commanding delegate. P

1 Ulocatedou Bay Street wheroVBOLESALE X "'W'IOrrY.Ft.A. This diy of rrjotdnf snd pride" General of this Military District, to cauw a rcgiatration -
By of
} 'J : .. Conjman.d Brevet ilaj-Oca. I
Ii Joe"att's .DrafU pM.iMwe Vov.l -tCPAIRBANK'S :; <>. 01(00( the kelp that be needed the eye on all sidos.Th to be made of tho male citizen of the PofsVH.

_aII_01 1'\.'Da aA4 up- DM carekMlr' from hi*slda I Grand Staircase open into th" Waterloo State of'f 4011. 'twonty-ojae' ear! of ago s\4 CLAY WOOD,
: ..eta..L DI1M"11' K.rsocls&.c.aE5KE1r. I, SCALES. Be has fallen uhllt rtuchlif for sunbeams,' Oallory. The wall are covered with painting upward*, and by tho term of aul Act qua1i.ed Aanstant Oa.

cT' 0.II. ,. Which joel .1' be parped th.. hart down, of that ba LIe of the great captain* and events. to vote, snd, after. inch registration i* complete Adj. -
)10,11". ,. : Uh1.VKVA&DIlU i JLLt SETDS;' And Ux tnrs of vcjwion 110", fpllfwd, Th. Queen' -c\.14dicncelOUcn come next,' with to order an election to be held, at which __tna.U... for Baud .f Kglt>*U.m.HEADQCAKTSM .
I ; But jp "coin aIo_" cnmsus* curtains chairs and carpet. Th walls I the registered voteis ot said State shall vote tutor DUTBICT .

JOa. ,. OD.ARK.. ,. ..1 AT NEW-YORK PBIP55.C. tbroasb are bong with golden lapetlry telling the storyof against, a Conrotion for $9 purpose of establishing Omci Si-ruusrixDEVT, or Fujire, J -
OVlSSIOS IUllUm And bb life he will .tn.yfbu Raman and Esther. T\o Queen'. Presence I'I : a iJIhtUt"n! and civfl government for or RioimuTtoir.Vf -

,. un .'L.:HQBDfSOl,* lesson agala and sgalB : Chamber follow., radiant with blue and gold said State, loyal Lo'the Union, and for delcgakt Ac.o21LUI, Ft:*., pet JJth 1867. \ -

DEALEE : Be will oarulcMlr Icaa opon ib4oIIcrit1faflendw.cpovmthp pt, paintings, statuary and ornament The Grand to said Convention ; and to give at least thirty Cmccni so 8. )
.Ji9XXT fOJt tat STJ.TZ Of .. Jtoom come next full of tiaral and military day notice of the time and place at.which the 1 General Order No 74 -- .Third -

oJWC l. .ROVI810NB &c AT.isirt .. ewcLQuoAIM.c ;. i : The bund vbaM nod cla p WM the soraat trophic with tho bust of ijllton, Wellington I I election shall be held ; and th; said'nog atr'tion Military District Atlanta Oa., October 6, 1867.!

MB THI lurrunuMX a 4:11EL i 'Wi'J coldly' withdraw trom bLown, nnd othcrTieroc The Banqi ottiiur Hall of St. baring bcpn, made in the State of I Honda It itifrti M herewith. transmitted' Tot,., your. information" _
The tnamnt will be ilhn' where the annual hat and guidance. .
rvt-s clouded Oeorge< entered <
M&M*>Vb-rl JidsaavjL .J'IawI _: Q.B.HAHT; J. _... I ) The detailed '
following lottnrUofl for
>. .' : *-' AXlJ COL"'SELLOR..T .ad.Skua1kInga1..a.III. to the Knight era* given-all silent now-with IL That an election be hold i ia the State of Board I
)6 ATTOKSTf LAW, it* throne of ouk and crin'8l.n; with the immense Florida commencing on Thursday, the 1 4th dayof of Registration in this State, are wnwd ia com !

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