Group Title: Mimeo series - West Florida Experiment Station ; 58-1
Title: Annual Farmer's Field Day of the West Florida Experiment Station
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Title: Annual Farmer's Field Day of the West Florida Experiment Station Jay, Florida, July 10, 1958
Series Title: West Florida Station mimeo series
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Language: English
Creator: Hutton, C. E ( Curtis E. ), 1917-
West Florida Experiment Station
Conference: Annual Farmer's Field Day of the West Florida Experiment Station, (1958
Publisher: West Florida Experiment Station
Place of Publication: Jay Fla
Publication Date: 1958]
Subject: Agriculture -- Congresses -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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1JL t

of the
West Florida Experiment Station
Jay, Florida
Ju3y 10, 1958

Co E, Hutton Vioe-Director in Charge
R. L. Jeffers Associate Agronomist
R. L. Smith Associate Agronomist
M. Co Lutrick Assistant Agronomist
Co E. Pierce Laboratory Assistant
Lo Co Cassady Farm Foreman
M. F. Kenney Senior Stenographer

We are again submitting a
su~naarlze some of our research
'Sgures may change as the work
publication, We hope you will
general farm program

few pertinent data and remarks which
up to the present. These facts and
continues and are not to be ua d or
keep them for a ready reference in yow

r. *

. ....


West Florida Station
Mimeo Series 58-1

/ .

I Row Crops
Ac Summary of Results of S Rotae Je f.ientas
o1 Limestone Yie"..ds of c-'n-, soybeans, .ean.ats, smalD grains and
clove-r-P7avebeen increa&,d by the additica of lhlest3ne Three tons
per acre rate has given g'eatter increases .han, a one ton per acre rate

Soils should be limed to appiaKS,,:ately pIt '0.02., One ton o,'" doloritic
limestone will raise -"he soil rv; roxiirtel- i 0 :3 of one p4H unit. Soil
test should be used a? a guide in the amou :t to apply

High rates of high cdci um li]Js tone (ip to t1 tons per acre)have been
added to previously ~mliimed plyrs and to p."ots which b;d 7 r,-i: y received'
h-1/2 tons per acre ver an i,'i.- year per od,. No ddti-....erta3 effect
has been found for tIe hliahs.t rAte (h1 tor ) on prev'-i. Sy w liihed
areas However, on the previous ly lied ar-as, certain plots ihich
received eight or ;'ore tons in '956 showl pclr corn and peanut growth,
Soybeans are lesr affected F :tier, 6,00r poncmds per acre of hydrated
lime (builder's ",.ire) has not u T'fcted so:,. 2an pr; trth. i.': r. s
(up to 9,000 powu::ds -er acre) :re Imniting Jrno'j-.
We do not recormend m rox than tiro tons o.f imestonr.; .er acre at one
time, and in most ins:.ances, h ire rot received increasess in yield for
more than that amount

2o Residual Phoho o S and, Pota.iu. Resxjmse on :r. Whe-t and Soy-
band -T i e :xcel '"' t ,n i ""aI'O p is;hoeiphor" i a.: e: "iprcvTis years
a~T' teen found on jorI and wheat, First ; :ield"Us of srobea. will be
harvested :in the 19508 tL. aaon. L.%s t s. l. 1 I .ir has" been four
for corn or vwh~t above i po o:f K2( :oun m s of n'"a.,! e of .,ota).i
per yearn,
B,:, leoomoronded "reiees. of i.'leld Cro

1o Cott'.,/
-- '.lt Resistant
(Yo3"PTT/),R, A.lains, 'xbuknm $6 SCr0 t 78
Fettilizer Recvommenda A ions: 50(; j70 po'nda h-12.-12 at plant-,
inro 200 pbi : arl onI~PCT jj"iiis 100 p 'Iuds muriate of potatb at
e'.cpping timt

ALee, Jaockionri Ogden, D-.l-h4888
The Lee .:oybr-'r is "co iended on tie he.avi. soils while Jacks on
will do 'well on the lighter soils, 1 i.u.e io tht non-shatter charac
teristits 6f the Lee )'eaxi, it is recveitriUnded above the oth"ur tvar.I
eticso It is reconieorded that .oybeais be p'L],and between t'. Iv
arnc Jlun 1S.
Fertilizer Reconm.ndationas )00 pounds of 0-1i-ll, exc-, t
where oat strw Is WTrnediunr, then 600 pounds of ih-12-12 per
acre is r.ecomended as a fertilization practice, Exception -
Ca previously owell fe2o.Lzald land no fertilizer will be required
for good suybean gsrwtho

3. Corr,

(a) Ecarly HogfgIng OfI
N4.C: 274, U.S, 13v cwks C-50
(b) Cribbilng
Dixie 18 (yellow), Cckerl., 811. (whit.e). Ftlorida 200)
Fertilizer Recowendation_~!ds ~t >'a)-000 poi Pundca 14-122-112 at: plantirjJu,,
200 pounds simwionlumn nitrate 35 deyc P~WVt4r plaritirg

4, Small i raina (f'or grain)
Rye Florida BJack,. Gator
Wheat Biledsoe
Oats Florltand,, Seminole, Surgrain
Fertilizer lieComnm enldationst 5 00 pounds 4--12212 at planting.,
10-075U-Me arr, nitrate in. late Febaruavy

U -Pastur Crops
Aa Pomnamt Pastuzvs
1. Permanent Sumrrer Pasturest Coastfal iBermuda or ?etwcawla Dah.ih or
Arenin-e a"i Zard Crimon Mover or Ladino Clover

(a) Over the years bee'f gains fr.-mn grass-c'lover- ;3t.3tur (
500 pounds beef per acre) have berr beueial to !rasv--nitmron pas-:
tures which ha2ve been fertilized witn t',e mostZef cient nitrogea
ra'oes of 300 pounds per acre of amon:ziur. rjitratse kor equivalent)
per season%)

(b) 'In eperbiients whkev forage wa.5 c for Via r. 8r ilaqe. Vth
most, eff iLfrie-r- t yic,1 61,9 are at raI"e! of 1:C U ';r :I
per acore per senaswn, Yieeld p:sraty Lw; trer t.s ofis per
acres at M700 per Won for fertily~or .xast.

29 *i'r~anent Winter Pasturest Invtigations are ?.;,vadwrway to detarni'I.Y e
t"i-e-rcroi~ c-t"on"-irii?c~lrura1 priActicea needed W ur_ ,nt-A ucii fa or-
agse speeds& as Tall Fescue, archardgrass a nd c 4ei canarygrass
during the wvirter graz2ig season, 4aexrliy m~ksult,; indicate any
aumwn"r gra2iYtx on these forages will rIm~ult. in se-ritoualy dzo&sin
the atand"

.U KRecommioxdations;
(a) 1. Clovers (For use in grass-in,_ ilq n ,rtUrwn4)
Ladino Clover Wet nature szals jiy 2 pow4nd per aere
honland hiad lover All but-. drLre. q :,i r so.I. 6'i15
ppuds ,*.-r acre
Grtvnsorn Glover i.oist to dri Ix-u soils 6-20 Ponds
p r r ac re
In ~c'uS~:t~je ,i.X1 t3.OV.Xo-ve at ~~ZTrk: -?i 5P iyrl
2 ~rasesI ( r isle in rms A-c lover mrxture's

P 'ni!:c. g:'Lt: .nb 3' -, r.a F sC
Vmrr-ic._i ta ro 0Or acr



oruhard-,jrass or '1a.11 ?e~c ('lji.jt.d (.1iiirI.
For winter graA1qg only from and .IotoLer
tLo April V,,. .th Citt. sori iJs2;ovoz only 15-20
pawids per a.cre
(b) In adrI..tjonmz, two tzols of7 dolomi tic Ie.!inu e at s. .
earlier) p2Ilas one ton every threfooir years, iw jI~rejsr e, :u
1000 pounds of 0-31-JM or equivOaJrit a-1.t ti Uie tf .:- I.7, I;Y l mid
October and !-O0) pou.rnid oft O.I1L. L r"r epU~ra.!vcnnt a Lf e
clover stand isa po r, app-, 31. C po .nds of vm oni ~wi x4t~trale -pr
&are in t~wo or three applications dirLir11. t" :r. p),;ricfd If
small grain iz. to be seeded with pastmures. aJpjy- i3& pou,-no'il w J
ammoinuin ni.t~rate or equivalent ait. time off 'w l~o~y
during winter rnJ spring followirag seedrt1 W, i.,re~vowt, aMJJl *:lI,
and/or clover to crmid o>ut graCss
(O) Rotationg of aiximal between a mnw aro .i ..
necessary for hil:t,8l-s yield of f'ora~e iv.l 'erX a) 3-Y yng while animal-s are on th.a pasture"
Do TMOMU 131ksalt Patursa
10 Summwer Pawvla;r~e Stare V4Ij Uet is recorit-umdcd fo') the r';a,~Orf c'
.~ ~r~~ ioP~late J,., tr arr
slarrer gras np, neert.,;. 1 1,krtt Pjy~m ra~rtct. iC iJl il2i 9
7# 15 'and 30 pvurdts peBr scre ror raw p1.lall.ri ; i .

lqim urty fant, additlopal pm.,L at, fc rr-I:r;. of :itr!-sei j
wwkuvsv~it r~rai 'r-, UC C'S

down t,.* eml(; Inchim,, Ferf, I 14.ze wi th ('s 4- Z6;:,,l~i~El~j:ls1~3
bamdtaen t4Ir ad LopX wlth -100 pX4)'%hd': *.-`.` *p'T! oXV '
nitratei ror eqtlivat 1crt every 30-4.0 d~v.;
2e Winter fa-tur-a'si
(a) (ii-aU (`rainxg Proper, selection of' typei anCI VArTItice W1.11
ptrvo~z~rge~ smosurtg s fl ;!o ceeld ~ :c~ Irrr; i':f..t d :' -~~ r~l v.'
011M, fful~ly"
Nye wIU. provide grazinfg frw' iovember to -arrcth 21,r .inric-3 'j
)Ate September, Oatz ;inJ and hea w1l provi de trnin fromtc *oswtf.r
to April I when plartee. tri Ii3-OCtIr. Apprx#.itr1a* 800-AY
pouunds or L-s12-32 fertilizer per acrv a tim'be u4' nading c riand IX)
poundiv of arimoniwu izttrak.' per -.cre dVau J rtoocesaearry
for maximumn production Pn1 razrniw t .1*14at whot andl oats
6, 6 *Ad 12 peacks per acre, rejpe,,-ILv4,y t
Intemnixing sm.-All e gra.U with riograas s inw.ian clover will
oxtmA the grtasng seasoni for h-6 weeks.
Fwe" GatorEp t~lorlia Por~ r~ctk yo~
Oatz m FlorW nd, #,ninne
Wheat Bledeoe
(b) Separate plantinga of koria 0, i,ratns a. rygrass-crtjuson ctover
mixtures have greatl.y' Ln. A wuinste "orage prodtictions
1. Plant In tii Cct4r
(a) 1O0-42 po'msnd8. r,%-raoss wi 10- LO pounds or f riiusorx clover
(I~r acre
50e aO0-71b poimda tv-8 2U 62 1'1t iz2r, p t, r acre 'at t-.mW~f'
few) I-'g

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