Sweet girl Goldie


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Sweet girl Goldie a wonder story of butterfly time
A wonder story of butterfly time
Physical Description:
20 p. : ill. ; 18 x 24 cm.
Humphrey, Lizabeth Bullock, b. 1841
Spinney and Perkins ( Publisher )
Hatch Lithographic Co ( Printer )
Spinney and Perkins
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New York
Hatch Lithographic Co.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Butterflies -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Shaped books (Publishing) -- 1884   ( rbpub )
Bldn -- 1884
Shaped books (Publishing)   ( rbpub )
fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- New York -- New York


Statement of Responsibility:
designed by Miss L.B. Humphrey.
General Note:
Book cut in shape of a butterfly.
Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).

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University of Florida
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Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
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- i

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r.~-. '1u
'' a-a, *rdr


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-:'.'.';., . -,.....-..; .,i;: f '-;~iB~BL ~ ~~~~..it~~I B PFi_~-~~~~~~.
;-I. .[i-. ,,- L'=.~ B i ""I~~t:IF~] 'i i
; ',~~~~~~~~~ 1 .'' ..:.':i ': :.', :.

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-Y -
'" -H\

.L .C ...... . -.. .. .

FO &.,. ;PER N 7.

bells muffled in the dar .

i, igben the lasbes that lay lonp and pold-
en on the flushed lily cbeeks lifted, the bg
blue eyes opened, and -irl Goldie was wide
/ awale. With a little spring that school the

yellow fleeces of her hair down her shoulders, she sat

up among2 the snowy pillows.
"D00d morning2. inp sun," she cried; "dood morning, blue
syV, and dood morning, clovers and daisies and bees and sins-
birds," and witb the tips of ber fingers she sent a flihbt of
isses throu b the open window.
ibe 2reat 2old sun in the blue slxy shone down
its sbinin9 answer, and the covers in the breezy on
fields nodded bacl good morning and the
"bees in the morning glories bummed
it, and the sin2-birds :
sun2 it bac.
\ fr'

to you,
cried irl G oldie, "for l
8, you are the butterfly queen, 1["now.
Ond you are looking for your b uttC1,rfl,
people. You'll never find them, though,"
she added sadly, as the queen sailed mourrnfuly
out into the sunlight.
But 4 now where they are," Qirl Gsl,;, ta"ll:d on to
herselff "Unce acl caut them in a net, and ihb 're ali
Ioc ed up in a 21ass case. ond it's too broad, and d tnow
what i'll do, yes, J will. 'lli open the door, this very
day, and let them all out into the sunshine. e,
w, won't the queen be lod!" -Qil Qoldie r, Gl o
laupbed apain, this time a rininp lauph. ben of
she called to mamma that she was all awa e, 4 .to
"and ready to be missed and dressed.
6n bour after, Qil Goldie,
i n

sweet as a flower, *1


"The room

to Uncle aQc s case bf

butterflies. Z1bere were does of A .
rnd- ,L '"you re
tbem, all ises and colors, a-li2bt on long

pins. ,be e was in tbe loc. "foor, and

things!" said GQirl Goldie in most pitiful tones.
"gt's a shame to eep you locked in here, and 'm poing

to open tbe door and let you C1l out. i[e queen &os bere
tIis very morning Ioo;n2 fori you.
l )on (irl Golde turned ibe I ey and opened w;de the doo,,
and waited and waited or te o,: things to fly out.
But not a win) fluttered.
Ri G ,Id jES lc ,'e i tk t E SFrFoI-Ic ; ke Pt' ,
very sol-er,
"MW y, poor th1ns, she eA.,lomed at lost, ,n
real alarm, j do Lel;evs you are
most saorved. Tll bove
to to e you out in my
",,L" )..':...,,i;N:ib,

and too

them down through the

orc)ard to the clover field. t
was th)e loveliest of June mornings, and out

there in the sunshine, where the sweet red clovers

crowded iic, and the white diss of the daisies poised
a-tilt on their slender stems, Qirl Qoldie rew hopeful apoain.

One by one, with deft fingers, she lifted the b hriht-winged N
creatures from the baslet, and set them a-liqht on the wild
blossoms about her.
i bey were so airy even in their sad plibt, their wings
were so set with jewels in royal fashion, the very sun-
12lt seemed so to 2leam and bri2ghten about them,
that irl oldie wondered if they were not

the princes and princesses of the butterfly
realm. at least, she was sure they
were The queens favorite
court people.

hostiy up,

and her beart gave a cjuicl

throb as she saw, floa'inq in the sunlit
air above her, the great butterfly cueen, e
flnd tben so. "- very stranco happened. ot i

Qirl Coldj;e never new quite how it was; but it seemed .

that tbe queen cau#bt sigbt of the bright creature she had last
taten from the basl et, and witb a .:!ibt flutter dropped down tbroub
the air to the tall clover where it was poised motionless. ,
(ben the slow stately wave of the queen's win s cbanped to a
cquiC1 movement; she fluttered round and round the motionless
one, she covered tremulously above it, and when at last she
tried to aoipbt beside it, and it fl. and lay still
motionless on the ground, her agitation was so

2reat that f ir! Goldie was sure it was the
crown princess, and that sometk;:;,,
dreadful bad h happened, ,
Of a sudden the
SOr &


like a bumming-
bird, sounded fortb a lonp j
sbrill cry, tben dropped silently down fife ,
into the deep grasses. iTe -. o; -
.Qirl Qoldie witnessed all this, and beard the "" 7 ofn

brill cry, witb a vapue wonder. (nd thbe wonder
deepened as witb widening eyes sbe beld tbe great queen .t,
come flying baco and stop and over in thbe air just above ber
own bead-as sbe saw, by twos, by tens, by hundreds, from all i ,' .
over the clover field and. the fields beyond, a myriad butterflies come
trooping toward tbeir q ueen. be air above swarmed the
with tbem. ibey swept round and round the great
golden tbing of li9 t in close and gorgeous circles.
a Ir I o1 ,c o, f o',r- t for a ni.:. ermt I,-.,- nct

cre, .,+ .: ...+ .:,, f:" ".

bad settled

lower and lower, till close above

oer bead, till sbe felt the fanning
of their wings. (nd tbe strangeness
crept boac, and witb it a tinge of alarm, as .

tbe fiery olden queen and a 2reat darl creature witb
a steel-6lue ,litter a6out his wins swooped down upon be;,OF

bead, and seisin2 eab a lon2 floating2 strand of bair flew upward
its full ientb, (as tbougb it were a signal, instant tbe
wbole circling tbrong swarmed akout ber ; tleir wins bhinded e
eyes; ,beY seized upon ibe ends of ber lonp tresses, ba by
bair, and flew upward and outward.
Stbinl no stranger, weirder sipbt was ever seen
tban sweet Girl -oldie, in wbite and pinil and
palest blue, ber rose face blancbed, ber wide

wild violet eyes, ber ionp yellow 'o
air rayed out Iie an : / "
oureole, and every / ,
3' '

WVVit one

swoop above Qiri (oldie's head
be had captured the cueen and half her
court, and put the rest to fli bt.
"and now wbat is it, my dear! said be.
airl Qoldie threw herself into his arms and sobbed out
the whole wonder story. a funny little smile twinlled for
a moment over 6ncle jac''s face. He 2lanced forlornly at
fthe emancipated "specimens whicb strewed th'e round. ben bex
comforted her. and throu2b the meshes of the net be
informed the queen and her warriors that it was be, not Girl
-oldie as they thougbt, who bad captured the princess and
courtiers; that sweet Girl -oldie was the tenderest
of friends to all living things; that her name oupbt
to be heralded through the butterfly kingdom; '
and that her gardens and fields migt
be forevermore freely and
safely bated k y.-
'. ,A '

Q;,l oldie's

gardens and fields above been

-,n- rn qay ,Ith b a tf'ul butter l es.

O nd ,heno ve!'. ,she a lds in the sunshke,

the daonty, a:nd euIsIte, creatures leave the

one-, hearts of tle fklcter's, and come and rciicle

about ie tender heart ,,nd sunnrv head f' the little ma;d,-

4- A