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Title: Bible picture book
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The Baldwin Libran
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Published under the Direction of the Tract Committee.



THE GARDEN OF EDEN ... ... ... ... ... 5
THE DELUGE ... .. ... .. ... ... 12
ABRAHAM AND THE ANGELS ... .. ... ... 19
LOT AND HIS DAUGHTERS ... ... ... ... ... 22
ABRAHAM OFFERING UP ISAAC ... ... ... ... 29
REBEKAH AT THE WELL ... ... ... ... ... 34
JACOB'S DREAM ... ... ... ... ... ... 38
JACOB AND RACHEL ... ... ......... 41
MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES ... ... ... .. 54
MOSEs STRIKING THE ROCK ... ... ... .. 59
THE GOLDEN CALF ... ... ... ... ... ... 62
THE BRAZEN SERPENT ... .. ... ... ... 66
THE FALL OF JERICHO ... ... ... .... .. 69
A 2

4 Cointeznts.

JAEL AND SISERA ...... ... .... 73
SAMSON AND THE LION ... ... ... .. .. 76
DAVID AND GOLIATH ... ... ... .. ... 83
DANIEL IN THE LIONS' DEN ... ... ... ... 89



N the beginning God made the world
in six days. On the first day He
made light, and called the light day,
and the darkness He called night. On the
second day God made the sky and clouds,
and the air we breathe; and on the third day
the sea and land, and trees and plants, and
all kinds of flowers. On the fourth day

6 Bible Pz'cture Book.
God made the sun to shine by day, and the
moon and stars to give light by night; and
on the fifth day He filled the seas and rivers
with fish, and made birds to fly about in the
air. On the sixth day God made all kinds
of cattle and beasts, and creeping things;
and last of all He made man.
God made all these things out of nothing.
He said, Let there be light," and the light
came. And so with all the rest. He spoke,
and they were made. How great and
wonderful God is! and yet He cares for
you, little children, and listens to your
simple prayers.
When you are out in the fields at play,
and see the blue sky over your heads, and
the soft green grass under your feet, and
the birds and butterflies flying about, you
should try to thank God in your hearts for


The Garden of Eden. 7
having made such pretty things, that make
you feel so glad and happy.
On the seventh day God rested from all
His works, and He called the seventh day
the Sabbath, and ordered that it should be
kept holy.
The first man that ever lived was called
Adam, and the name of the first woman was
Eve. God put them to live in a beautiful
place, called the Garden of Eden. This
garden was full of trees and flowers; there
were no weeds or thorns or thistles-in it, nor
anything to hurt or frighten Adam and Eve.
The animals that were in the garden were
all tame and gentle; there were no fierce
wild beasts then. God told Adam and Eve
to take care of the trees and flowers in the
garden, and He told them that they might
eat of the fruit of all the trees but one. This

8 Bzb/e Picture Book.
tree stood in the middle of the garden, and
was called the Tree of the Knowledge of
Good and Evil. There was no rain then, but
a mist rose up every day and watered the
ground. A mist, you know, is a kind of fog.
There was a river, too, that ran through the
Garden of Eden.
Now, do you not think that Adam and
Eve must have been very happy in this beau-
tiful garden ? So they were, as long as they
obeyed God: but after a time a very sad
thing happened, which you will hear about
in the next story.


H EN God told Adam and Eve not
to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the
Knowledge of Good and Evil, He
said that if they did eat of it they should die.
Now, the devil, that wicked spirit who is
always trying to make us do what is wrong,
did not like to see Adam and Eve so good
and happy in the beautiful Garden of Eden.
He told Eve that if she ate some of the
fruit of that tree it would make her wise,
and that God did not really mean that they
should die. She looked at the fruit, and

Io Bible Picture Book.
thought it was nice; and then she took
some and ate it, and gave some to Adam,
and he ate it. When they had eaten the
fruit they knew they had done very wrong,
and they hid themselves among the trees of
the garden. But they could not hide from
God; for He is everywhere, and sees and
knows all things, even our most secret
thoughts. And God called Adam and Eve
out of their hiding-place, and asked them
what they had done. Adam said that Eve
gave him the fruit and he ate it; and Eve
said that the devil had persuaded her to eat it.
Oh! what a sad thing sin is! Before
Adam and Eve sinned they loved each other
dearly; but now Adam tries to lay the blame
of their disobedience on Eve, and she, follow-
ing his example, tries to lay it on the devil.
How much better it would have been if they

Adam and Eve Driven from Eden. i
had both confessed their own sin, and asked
God to forgive them! Little children, when
you do wrong do not try to screen yourselves
by blaming others. Confess your own faults
boldly; but do not tell the faults of your
companions, even though they may be more
to blame than you are.
God said that Adam and Eve must not
stay any longer in the Garden of Eden.
They must go out into the world, where
Adam would have to work hard to get food,
and they would have sorrow and pain, and at
last they would die. God cursed the ground,
too, so that thorns and thistles grew up,
and weeds, which would give Adam trouble
when he was digging the ground. So they
were driven out of the garden, and God
sent an angel, with a flaming sword, to keep
any one from going into the garden again.


HEN God made the world He made
only one man and one woman,
Adam and Eve. But they had
children; and their children grew up and had
more children, till there began to be a great
many people in the world. And the people
became very wicked. They forgot God and
His laws, and thought only of pleasing them-
selves. And God was very angry with them,
and He said He would destroy all of them
because of their wickedness. But there was
one man, named Noah, who loved and


The Dehlge. 13

served God, and did not do as the wicked
people did. And God said that he and his
family should be saved in an ark, when all
the others were destroyed.
We do not know now what the ark
was like; but we suppose it was some-
thing like a very large boat with a house
on it. God told Noah how to make
the ark. He was to make it three stories
high, with rooms in it, and a window and
a door, and to cover it all over, inside and
out, with pitch.
Perhaps some little children do not know
what pitch is. It is black, sticky stuff, which
is used for smearing over ships and boats,
and other things, to keep the water from
getting to the wood of which they are made,
and making it rotten; and it stops up any
little cracks there may be in the wood, and

14 Bzble Picture Book.
so keeps the water from getting into the
inside, through the boards or planks.
God told Noah that He was going to
bring a flood of water on to the world, to
drown, all the people and animals that were
in it, and that he and his wife, and his three
sons and their wives, were to go into the
ark, and two of every kind of animal that
God had made were to go in too, to be kept
alive when all the rest were drowned.
And Noah did all that God told Him to
do. And while he was building the ark he
preached to the wicked people; but they
would not listen to him. They still thought
only of pleasing themselves, and did not
believe what Noah said.
As soon as Noah and his family and the
animals had gone into the ark, God shut
them in. And then He caused the sea to

The Deluge. 15
flow over the land, and made rain to pour
down from the clouds, till the whole earth
was covered with water, and every living
thing in it was drowned.
Oh! how sorry the people must have
been then, that they had not listened to
Noah's preaching, and left off their wicked
ways; but it was too late. They could not
get into the ark, for God had shut the
door; and though they climbed the highest
mountains they could not escape, for the
water rose higher and higher, till there was
not a spot of dry land left.
The rain went on pouring down for forty
days without stopping; and all this time
the ark floated safely on the top of the water
with Noah and his family in it.
God did not forget Noah and all the crea-
tures in the ark; and when every other living

16 Bible Picture Book.
thing was drowned, He sent a wind to dry
up the water, and the ark rested on the top
of a mountain called Ararat. And Noah
opened the window of the ark and sent out
a raven. A raven is a strong kind of bird;
so it flew about till the water was dried up,
and did not try to go into the ark again.
Then Noah sent out a dove.
Now a dove, you know, is a gentle, timid
bird; and this poor little dove flew about for
a little while over the water, and then went
back to the ark, for she could find no rest
for the sole of her foot: and Noah put out
his hand and took her in. And seven days
after he sent her out again, and she came
back with a leaf of an olive-tree in her beak:
so Noah knew that the water was going
down. And he waited seven days more,
and then sent her out again. And this time

The Deluge. I 7

she did not come back again, and Noah felt
sure that the water must be dried up. So
he came out with all his household. His
first act was to build an altar, and to worship
God by sacrifices.

-- ---- ........ .- .
S... .

When we read or hear a story from the
Bible, we should always try to carry away

18 Bible Picture Book.

some lesson from it to store up in our hearts.
There are several lessons we may learn from
the story of the Flood, but let us take this
one now to remember: God takes care of
those who love Him and obey Him.

J. ,-

i. -- : Is- --- 5-
V 3~b~~


VERY wonderful thing happened
to Abraham while he dwelt in the
plains of Mamre, near Hebron.
As he was sitting under the oak at
the tent door in the heat of the day, he
saw three strangers coming towards him,
and he hastened to give them rest, and to
make them welcome with kind words and
willing service.
One of these strangers was the Lord
He had already promised Abraham that
19 B 2

20 Bible Picture Book.
his wife Sarah should have a son; but
as Sarah was "old and well stricken
in age" she did not believe it possible, so
the Lord repeated His promise, and said

to Abraham, Sarah thy wife shall have a
son -in a year from the present time; for
that is the meaning of the words, "I will
certainly return to thee according to the time
of life."



Abraham and tie Angels. 21

Sarah laughed with joy and wonder at
the thought of so wonderful a thing, and,
as if to remove all doubt from her mind,
the angel said to her, "Is anything too hard
for the Lord ?"

~' -':' T D-
"tr'^ ^^^7>


HERE was a city near Sodom called
Gomorrah. And the people who
lived in Sodom and Gomorrah were
very wicked.
One evening, when Lot was sitting by
the gate of Sodom, he saw two angels
coming that way. He went to meet them,
and bowed himself down to them, and asked
them to go to his house for the night.
At first they said they would stay in the
street all night; but Lot begged them very
much to go to his house, and they went, and



Lot and his Daughters. 23
he made them a feast. And some of the
wicked men of the city came to the house,
and tried to get in. And when Lot would
not let them in, they tried to break open the
door. But the angels made them all blind,
so that they could not find out where the
door was. And then the angels told Lot
that God had sent them to destroy all these
wicked people and their cities; and that he
and his family must flee away, or they would
be destroyed too.
So Lot went out and told his sons-in-law,
who had married some of his dailghters,
what was going to happen; but they would
not believe what he said.
And very early the next morning the
angels told Lot to take his wife and two
daughters, and to flee away to the mountains.
And the angels went with them till they

24 Bible Picture Book.
were outside the city, and then they told
them to go on quickly, and not to look
behind them. And Lot asked if they might
go to a little city called Zoar; and the
angels said they might. But Lot's wife did
not do as the angels told her. She looked
back towards Sodom; and directly she did
so she was turned into a pillar of salt, as a
punishment for her disobedience.
As soon as Lot and his daughters were
safe in Zoar, God rained down fire and
brimstone from heaven on Sodom and
Gomorrah, and destroyed them quite, and
all the people that were in them.
Dear children, was not this a terrible
punishment for sin ? God hates sin, and He
has said in the Bible that all sin must be
punished. But this need not frighten us,
if we really love and serve God, for Jesus

Lot and h/is Da,,'!Jics. 25
Christ came down from heaven to be
punished instead of us; and if we believe
in Him, and pray to God to forgive us
our sins for Jesus Christ's sake, He has
promised that He will do so. And if we
love God with all our hearts, surely we shall
try very hard not to sin against Him.


H EN Abraham was ninety-nine years
old, God told him that the next
year his wife Sarah should have a
son, and that his name was to be Isaac.
And God said that He would bless Isaac,
and make him great.
Now Abraham had another wife, named
Hagar. She was Sarah's maid. And
Hagar had a son whose name was
Ishmael. He was fourteen years old
when Isaac was born. One day, when


Casting out Hagar and Ishmael. 27
Isaac was quite a little child, Sarah saw
Ishmael mocking him. And she was
angry, and asked Abraham to send away
Hagar and Ishmael. But Abraham was
very sorry, and did not know what to do.
And God told him to send away Hagar and
her son, and that Ishmael should be the
father of a great nation, but that Isaac
should be the one from whose family Christ
should come.
So, early in the morning, Abraham gave
Hagar some bread and a bottle of water,
and sent her away with Ishmael. And they
wandered into a wilderness. A wilderness
is a wild place, without any houses in it, or
people living in it.
When Hagar and Ishmael had been
a little while in the wilderness, all the
water was used out of the bottle, and they

28 Bible Picture Book.
could not find any pool or stream where they
could get some more. And Hagar made
Ishmael lie down under some bushes, and
she went and sat down a good way off,
where she could not see him, and she cried
very bitterly, for she thought her child would
die of thirst. She did not sit by him,
because she could not bear to see him die.
God heard Hagar's cry, and He spoke to
her, and told her not to fear, for that Ishmael
should not die. And God showed her
where there was a well of water, and she
filled her bottle, and gave Ishmael some
water to drink.
How glad and thankful she must have
been to find the water! and what a comfort
it must have been to her to feel God was
with her in that wild place!


BRAHAM always believed what
God told Him. God promised
that he should be the father of a
great nation, when he had no child; and
though year after year went by, and still no
child came, yet Abraham believed that, as
soon as God pleased, He would do as He
had promised. This was having faith.
We should all try to have faith like
Abraham. The, Bible is full of God's
promises to us; and we must never think
that God has forgotten His promises, for

30 Bible Picture Book.
He never forgets. Sometimes God sends
His people troubles and sorrows to try
their faith; that is, to try if they will
go on believing in Him and obeying
Him while they are in trouble. God
sent Abraham a very great trouble to try
his faith. He told him to take his dear
son Isaac, whom he loved so much, and to
go a journey to a mountain that He would
show him, and there to offer him up for a
Poor Abraham! how sad he must have
felt when God told him to do this But he
obeyed God directly. He rose up early in
the morning, and got ready an ass to carry
what was wanted for the journey, and then he
set off, with Isaac and two young men, and
took with him the wood for the burnt-offering.
They travelled on for two whole days and

i Ic


Abraham Offering up Isaac. 31
part of another; and then Abraham saw the
mountain he was to go to. So he told the
two young men to stay where they were
with the ass, while he and Isaac went on.
He gave Isaac the wood to carry, while he
carried some fire and a knife. And Isaac
said to his father, My father, behold the
fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for
a burnt-offering? And Abraham said,
" My son, God will provide Himself a lamb
for a burnt-offering."
When they came to the place, Abraham
built an altar of stones, and laid the wood
on it, and bound Isaac, and laid him on the
wood; and then he took the knife to kill
him. But the angel of the Lord called to
him out of heaven, and said, "Lay not
thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou
anything unto him; for now I know that

32 Bzle Picture Book.

thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not with-
held thy son, thine only son, from me." And




Abraham looked up, and saw a ram caught
Sr m _. e p,_.._ ...:.., ll., ...,.-

Abraham Offering ip Isaac. 33

by its horns in a bush; and he took that,
and offered it up instead of Isaac.
And God blessed Abraham, and again
promised him that he should be the father
of a very great nation, and that Christ should
be born in that nation, because he had
obeyed God. So Abraham and Isaac went
back to the young men, and they went home
again.to a place called Beersheba.



HEN Abraham was a very old man,
he called his chief servant to him,
and told him that he wished him to
go to the country in which he had lived
before God told him to go to Canaan, and
there to find a wife for Isaac among his own
Then the servant took ten camels, to carry
what was wanted for the journey, and set off.
When he got to the city where Abraham's
relations lived, he made the camels stop to
rest by a well that was outside the city. It




;;-; \1111 1

r .






Rebekak at the Well. 35

was evening, and the servant knew that the
women of the city would soon be coming
out to get water from the well. So he
stood by the well, and prayed to God to help
him to choose a wife for Isaac. While he
was praying, there came a young woman
with a pitcher to get some water. Her
name was Rebekah, and she was the
daughter of Abraham's nephew, whose name
was Bethuel.
Now the servant had asked God in his
prayer to let him know which woman was
to be Isaac's wife in this way When
he asked her for some water, if she said,
" Drink, and I will give the camels some
water too," then he was to know that she
was the woman that God meant should be
Isaac's wife.
So when he saw Rebekah, he said to
C 2

36 Bible Picture Book.
her, "Let me, I pray thee, drink a little
water out of thy pitcher;" and she said,
" Drink, my lord." And when he had done
drinking, she said she would get some water
for the camels too.
Then the servant knew that God had
heard his prayer, and that Rebekah was
to be the wife of Isaac; and he gave her
some gold bracelets and an earring, and
asked her who she was. When he heard
that she was the daughter of Bethuel, Abra-
ham's nephew, he blessed God for having
brought him to his master's relations.
And Rebekah ran home and told her
family what had happened. And she had
a brother whose name was Laban; and
when he heard what his sister said, and
saw the bracelets and earring, he went to
the well, and invited the servant to come

Rebekak at the Well. 37

to his father's house, and to bring his
camels with him.
So the servant went with Laban; and
the next morning he set off again to re-
turn to the land of Canaan, and he took
Rebekah with him, and she became Isaac's



" H EN Esau found that Jacob had
deceived his father, and had taken
away his blessing, he hated him,
and wanted to kill him. Then Rebekah
asked Isaac to send Jacob away, that he
might go to her brother Laban, and find a
wife among her relations.
So Isaac blessed Jacob, and sent him on
his journey. He must have felt very sad
at being sent away so far from home; but it
was his own fault that he had to go. When
night came on he lay down on the ground


Jacob's Dream 39
to sleep, and put a stone under his head
for a pillow.
While he was asleep he had a beautiful
dream. He saw in his dream a ladder that
reached from earth to heaven, and angels
were going up and down upon it. And at
the top of the ladder stood the Lord. And
the Lord spoke to Jacob, and made him the
same promises that he had made to his
grandfather Abraham. He told him that
He would give him the land he was lying
on, which was the land of Canaan, and that
he should be the father of a great nation,
and that Christ should be born in that
Then the Lord said He would be with
Jacob, and would take care of him where-
ever he went, and bring him back again
into that land, and would never leave him

40 Bz'le Pzcture Book.
till He had done all that He had promised.
When Jacob woke up he was afraid, and
said, How dreadful is this place! and he
called that place Bethel, which means the
house of God.


HEN Jacob went on his journey till
he came near to Haran, the place
where Laban lived. And he saw
a well in the field; and there were three
flocks of sheep lying by it. There was a
great stone over the top of the well. Jacob
asked the people who were with the sheep, if
they knew Laban, and if he was well. And
they said he was well, and that his daughter
Rachel was coming with her father's sheep
to give them water at the well.
And when Jacob saw Rachel with her

42 B'ble Picdure Book.
father's sheep, he took the stone off the well
and gave the sheep some water. And then
he kissed Rachel, and told her he was the
son of Rebekah, Laban's sister; and she
ran and told her father. Laban was very
glad to see Jacob, and asked him to stay
with him, and work for him, and he would
give him wages. Jacob said he would work
for him for seven years if he would give him
Rachel to be his wife; and Laban said he
would. But when the seven years were
ended, Laban would not give Rachel to
Jacob, but gave him his other daughter
Leah to be his wife, and said that Jacob
must serve him seven years more for Rachel.
In those days men used to have more
than one wife. Poor Jacob was very much
disappointed, for he loved Rachel very
much, and he did not like Leah; but he


Jacob and Rachel. 43

was obliged to go on working for Laban
for seven years more, that he might have
Rachel too.
Jacob lived at Haran for several years;

f j

and when he left it to go back into the land
of Canaan, he had eleven sons and one
daughter, and a great many sheep and cattle,

44 Bible Picture Book.
for God had blessed him, as he had promised
to do.
Only one of Jacob's sons was Rachel's:
his name was Joseph. But on the way to
Canaan she had another little son, who was
named Benjamin. And Rachel died just
after Benjamin was born.


ACOB had one son that he loved
more than any of his other children.
His name was Joseph. Jacob gave
Joseph a coat with many colours in it, be-
cause he was so fond of him.
Now when his brothers saw that their
father loved Joseph more than he loved
them, they hated him, and would not speak
kindly to him. And Joseph dreamed two
In those days God often sent people
dreams to tell them what was going to

46 Bile Picture Book.
happen. Joseph's dreams were sent to
tell him that some day his brothers would
bow down to him. When he told his
brothers about his dreams, they hated him


more than ever. One day Jacob sent
Joseph with a message to his brothers,
who were feeding their flocks in the
fields. When they saw him coming, they
said, Here comes this dreamer: let us kill


Joseph Sold bjy his BYet/re7n. 47
him, and throw him into some pit, and we
will say some evil beast has devoured him,
and we shall see what will become of his
dreams." But his eldest brother, Reuben,
said, Let us not kill him, but let us put
him into a pit." He said this that he might
get Joseph away from the rest of his
brothers, and then take him back to his
So they took off Joseph's pretty coat, and
put him into a pit, or large hole in the
ground. And they saw some men called
merchants coming that way with some
camels. And they took Joseph out of the
pit, and sold him to the merchants for twenty
pieces of silver; and the merchants took
him away with them into a country called
Then Joseph's brothers took his coat, and

48 Bible Picture Book.
they killed a kid, and dipped the coat in the
blood of the kid, and took it to Jacob, and
told him that a wild beast had killed Joseph.
Poor Jacob mourned for his dear son Joseph
for a very long time, and would not be
And the merchants took Joseph into the
land of Egypt, and sold him to a man
named Potiphar, who was a captain in the
king's guard. The king of Egypt was
called Pharaoh.

-+ "N.


HERE was a famine not only in the
land of Egypt, but also in the land
of Canaan, where Jacob lived.
And when Jacob heard that there was
corn in Egypt, he told his sons to go and
buy some. He would not let his youngest
son Benjamin go, for fear any harm should
happen to him; but he sent his other ten
When they came to the land of Egypt,
they went to Joseph to buy the corn. They
49 D

50 Bible Pictzure Book.
did not know him again, but he knew them.
He did not tell them who he was, but spoke
roughly to them, and they all bowed down
before him.
So you see his dreams came true, He
asked them who they were, and if they had
a father and another brother; and they told
him they had a father, a very old man, and
a young brother at home.
Then he told them they should not have
any corn next time they came, unless they
brought their youngest brother with them.
Then Joseph had their sacks filled with
corn, and he had the money they had
brought with them to pay for the corn put
into the sacks, and he sent them away.
When they came back to their father,
they told him what Joseph had said, and
how the money had all been put into the


Joseph and his Brethren. 5
sacks. Jacob did not like to let Benjamin
go; but at last he was obliged to send him,
for all the corn was gone, and they had
nothing to eat. He sent twice as much
money this time, and a present to Joseph
When Joseph saw Benjamin he was very
glad, for he was his own brother, for they
were both the children of Jacob's wife
Rachel. He had his cup hidden in Ben-
jamin's sack of corn, to see what his brethren
would do. When Benjamin was accused of
taking the cup, Judah pleaded earnestly for
him; he would, he said, be Joseph's slave
instead of Benjamin, for if he did not return
to Jacob it would bring down his grey hairs
with sorrow to the grave. Then Joseph
knew his brethren repented of their cruelty
to him, and before they went home he told
D 2

52 Bible Picziure Book.
his brothers who he was. His brothers were
so surprised, they could hardly believe what
he told them. But he said, I am Joseph,
your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt."

T -


themselves because they had sold him, for
that it was God's will that he should go to
Egypt to save the lives of the people.

Josepy and his Bretkren. 53
'Then he sent them away to fetch their
father into the land of Egypt; and he sent
several asses loaded with presents for Jacob.
When Jacob's sons told him that Joseph
was alive, and was ruler over the land of
Egypt, he would not believe them. But
when he saw all the things Joseph had
sent for him, he said,
It is enough; Joseph my son is yet
alive. I will go and see him before I die."


H EN Jacob and his sons went down
to the land of Egypt to be with
Joseph, Pharaoh gave them part
of the country to live in, called the land of
Goshen. They had a great many sheep
and cattle, and soon began to grow rich
and great.
Jacob lived seventeen years in Egypt, and
then died. Before he died, he told his sons
not to bury him in Egypt, but in the land
of Canaan; for he knew that God would
keep the promise He had made to him and


Moses in the Bulrushes. 55
to Abraham and Isaac, and would some day
give the land of Canaan to his children.
So Joseph and his brothers took the body
of Jacob, and buried it in a cave in the land
of Canaan, where Abraham and Isaac and
their wives, and Jacob's wife Leah, were
buried. Jacob was called Israel as well as
Jacob, and his children were called the
children of Israel, or Israelites.
After a time Joseph died; and then
another Pharaoh who did not know him
ruled over the land of Egypt. This
Pharaoh did not like to see the children
of Israel so rich and happy, and growing
into a great nation in the middle of his
country; so he gave them hard work to
do, and ordered that all their little boys
should be drowned in the river as soon
as they were born.

56 Bzble Picture Book.
And there was a poor woman who had
a dear little baby boy. She could not bear
to have him drowned; so she hid him in her
house for three months. And when she
could not hide him any longer, she made a
little ark of bulrushes, and daubed it over
with pitch to keep the water from getting
into it, and put the child into it, and laid it
among the rushes by the river. And his
sister stood some way off, to see what would
happen to him.
And Pharaoh's daughter came down to
the side of the river with her maids, and
when she saw the ark among the rushes,
she sent one of her maids to fetch it. And
when she looked into it she saw the
baby, and he was crying. And Pharaoh's
daughter knew that it must be one of the
children that Pharaoh had ordered to be

Moses in the Bulrushes. 57

drowned. And she was very sorry for the
poor child.
And when his sister saw that Pharaoh's
daughter looked kindly at her little brother,


she ran and asked her if she should fetch a
nurse for the baby: and Pharaoh's daughter
told her to go and fetch one. So she
fetched the child's own mother. And

58 Bible Pzctuzre Book.

Pharaoh's daughter told her to take the child
and nurse it for her, and she would pay
her wages.
And the child grew, and was called the
son of Pharaoh's daughter. And she called
his name Moses.

; '_f C
,~bii r .iut-


HE children of Israel travelled on
till they came to a place called
Rephidim, and there was no water
there for them to drink. Then they were
very angry again with Moses, and said,
"Give us water that we may drink." But
Moses could not give them water, and he
told them they ought not to be angry with.
him. They should have prayed to God to
give them water, and have trusted in Him;
but, instead of that, they said, Is the Lord
among us or not ?" by which they meant

60 Bible Picture Book.
that, because they could not get what they
wanted at once, they supposed that God had
forgotten them, and was not taking care of
them. But God never forgets. He does
make His people wait very often for the
good things He gives them, but then that is
to teach them to be patient, and to trust in
The children of Israel went on com-
plaining to Moses, and said, Why have
you brought us out of Egypt to kill us, and
our children, and our cattle with thirst ?"
Then Moses cried to the Lord, and said,
"What shall I do unto this people? They
be almost ready to stone me."
And God told Moses to go on before the
people, and to take with him some of the
oldest and principal men among them, and
to take his rod in his hand, and to go to a


Moses Striking the Rock. 61
rock at a place called H oreb, and to strike
the rock with his rod, and water should
come out of the rock. And Moses did as
God told him, and the water ran down out
of the rock for the people to drink.
A rock is a very large piece of stone.
You know what a hard, dry thing a stone
is, not at all like water.
Was it not wonderful that God should
make the water run out of a hard rock ?
God wanted to teach the children of Israel
that He was indeed a great God, who could
do all things.


g OW when the children of Israel saw
that Moses stayed so long in Mount
Sinai, they grew impatient, and said
to Aaron, "Make us gods that shall go
before us; for as for this Moses, the man
that brought us up out of the land of Egypt,
we do not know what has become of him."
Then Aaron told them to take off all
their gold earrings, and to bring them to
him. And they did so. And Aaron
melted the earrings, and made an image of,
a calf out of the gold, and set it up, and told


TH 00:E AF


The Golden Calf 63

the children of Israel that that should be
their god; and he built an altar before it,

and called the people to a feast, and they ate,
and drank, and then they began to dance and
Ssing before the calf that Aaron had made.

64 Bize Picture Book.
All this time Moses was in the mountain
talking with God. And God told him what
the children of Israel were doing, and God
was very angry, and He said He would
destroy them all. But Moses prayed to
God to forgive them, and God listened to
his prayer, and said He would not destroy
them all, though He punished them for their
sin, as we shall presently see.
Then God told Moses to go down again
to the people, and God gave him two tables
of stone with the ten commandments written
on them. No man had written the writing
that was upon them, it was done ,by God
himself. Then Moses went down from the
mountain, and Joshua was waiting for him,
and they went together towards the camp of
the Israelites.
And when Moses saw the people dancing

The Golden Calf 65
before the calf, he was very angry, and threw
down the tables of stone that were in his
hands, and they were broken in pieces.
Then he took the calf, and ground it to
powder, and threw it into some water, and
made the people drink it. And then he
ordered the Levites, who were on the Lord's
side, to kill those who had worshipped the
calf; and they killed about three thousand
men. Then Moses prayed again to-God to
forgive the people, and He said He would;
but that He would still punish them by
sending them troubles, because they had
made the golden calf.



(. H EN the children of Israel had
wandered in the wilderness for
about thirty-seven years, Aaron
died, and his son Eleazar was made the
high priest in his place.
Now the people were very tired of
wandering about the wilderness, and they
complained again to Moses, because he had
brought them out of Egypt; and they said
there was no bread in the wilderness, and
they were tired of eating manna.
What a pity it was they could not be more


The Brazen Serfent. 67

patient! There were only three years more
left, out of the forty years for which God
had said they were to wander about for a
punishment; and now they are making God
angry again by their complaining !

punishment upon them. He sent fiery ser-
pents, which bit them, and then they died.
Then the people went to Moses, and said
E 2

68 Bible Picture Book.
they were sorry for what they had done, and
asked him to pray to God to forgive them,
and to take away the serpents. So Moses
prayed for the people. And God told
Moses to make a serpent of brass, and set it
up upon a pole, and that every one that was
bitten might look at the brazen serpent, and
then he should live and not die.
And Moses did as God told him, and set
up a brazen serpent; and every one that had
been bitten by the fiery serpents, who looked
at the brazen serpent, was made well.
Once when Jesus Christ was teaching
some people, He told them that the brazen
serpent was in one way like Him : that as
Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,
so He must be lifted up upon the cross, that
all men might come to Him to be saved
from everlasting death.


HERE was a high wall with gates
in it all round Jericho. When the
people of Jericho heard that the
children of Israel had crossed over Jordan,
they shut up all the gates, and would not let
any one go out of the town or come into it.
Then God spoke to Joshua, and said that
He would give Jericho and all that was in
it to the children of Israel, and that they
were to kill all the people that were in it,
excepting Rahab and her family. But all
the gold, and silver, and brass, and iron that


70 Bible Pzcture Book.
they found there, was to belong to God, and
to be used'in his service; they were not to
keep any of it for themselves. And this
was the way they were to take Jericho. All
the men of war, that is, the men who could
fight, were to go round the town once every
day for six days, and the priests were to go
with them, carrying the ark. Seven priests
were to walk in front of the ark with trumpets
made of rams' horns, and they were to blow
these trumpets as they went round the town.
On the seventh day they were to walk round
the town seven times, and then the people
were all to shout out very loud.
And Joshua and the children of Israel
did exactly as God said they were to do.
And on the seventh day, when the people
shouted, the wall of Jericho fell down; and
the children of Israel went into the town


The Fall of Jericho. 71
and killed with their swords all the people
and animals that were there. But Joshua
remembered Rahab, and he sent the two
spies to her house to take her and her
family to a safe place; and then they set fire
to the town and burnt it till it was quite
And now the children of Israel had at
last reached the good land which God had
promised to give them. It was a very
beautiful land. It is called in the Bible a
land flowing with milk and honey, which
means that it was full of everything that was
good and nice for food. They did not want
manna to eat now, and there was plenty of
water to drink. God left off sending the
manna as soon as the people had crossed
over Jordan; because now they could get
corn to make bread with.

72 Bible Picture Book.
They had still to drive out and destroy
the people who lived in the land, for it was
God's will that they should be driven out
and destroyed.

-. --------


FTER the death of Joshua the
children of Israel had judges to
rule over them. One of these
judges was a woman named Deborah. In
her time the children of Israel were in sad
trouble and distress. They had sinned
against God by worshipping idols, and to
punish them God gave them into the hands
of a king called Jabin, whose country was
close to theirs, and he treated them very
cruelly for twenty years.
At last they cried to God and asked

74 Bible Picture Book.
Him to help them. Then God told
Deborah what they were to do. And
Deborah sent for a man named Barak, and
told him that God said he was to take ten
thousand men of the children of Israel, and
to go and fight against Jabin's army. But
Barak said he would not go unless Deborah
went too. Then Deborah went with him,
but she told him that he would get no
honour by the battle he was going to fight,
for God would give Sisera, the captain of
Jabin's army, into the hands of a woman.
Then Deborah and Barak went with ten
thousand men, and fought against Sisera.
And God helped the children of Israel, so
that they quite destroyed Jabin's army, and
Sisera ran away to hide himself. He ran
to the tent of a woman named Jael, where
he thought he would be safe. And when



Jael and Sisera. 75

Jael saw him coming, she went out to meet
him, and said, Turn in, my Lord, fear
not." Then Sisera went into her tent, and
she gave him some milk to drink, and he lay
down and went to sleep. And while he was
asleep Jael took a large nail and a hammer,
and went softly up to him, and drove the
nail through his head into the ground and
killed him. And Barak followed after
Sisera that he might kill him, and Jael
came out to meet him and said, "Come,
and I will show you the man you are
looking for."
Then she took him into her tent, and
showed him Sisera lying dead on the
ground with the nail through his head.
So the children of Israel were free again
from their enemies, and they had no more
wars for forty years.


AMSON was so strong that once
when a lion met him, and would
have killed him, he took hold of
the lion with his hands and killed it as
easily as another man would have killed
a kid. Another time he killed a thousand
Philistines with the jawbone of an ass.
Once when he was in a town called Gaza,
belonging to the Philistines, they shut the
gates of the town to keep him from getting
out; but in the night he carried away the
gates, with the posts and bar belonging to


Samson and the Lion. 77
them, upon his shoulders, and took them
to the top of a hill that was near.
The Philistines wanted very much to get
Samson into their power, for he did them so
much harm. He used sometimes to go to
the house of a woman named Delilah. And
the lords of the Philistines told Delilah that
they would give her a great deal of money if
she would find out how they could take
So Delilah asked Samson what it was
made him so strong. At first he cheated
her, and told her to bind him with cords
and ropes, but he broke them as if they
had been threads; but at last he told
her that if his hair was cut off he would be
weak. So Delilah had his hair cut off while
he was asleep, and then he really was weak,
for God took away his great strength-his

78 Bible Piclure Book.
hair had been cut when God had said it was
not to be cut. And the Philistines took
Samson and put out his eyes, and put him
in prison.
Then all the great lords of the Phili-
stines, and a very great number of men
and women and children, came together to a
feast, in the house of the idol they worshipped
called Dagon. And they praised Dagon,
and said he had given their enemy into their
hands; and they had Samson brought into
the house that they might mock him.
And Samson told the boy who led him
in, to put him between the two middle pillars
that held up the roof of the house. And
he put his arms round the pillars, and
prayed God that his great strength might
come back once more. And God granted
his prayer, and he stooped down with his

Samson and the Lion. 79
arms round the pillars and pulled them
down. And the whole house fell, and
every one that was in it was killed.
So Samson killed more Philistines at the
time of his death than he had killed in all
his life before.


^ I1::c

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