Title: No changes were made to the SWFWMD rules pursuant to a hearing
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Title: No changes were made to the SWFWMD rules pursuant to a hearing
Alternate Title: Letter to Ms. Liz Cloud from L. M. Blain advising that no changes were made to the SWFWMD rules pursuant to a hearing; however, the rules were recodified and renumbered as part of the standardization of all five WMD rules under common titles, with enclosu
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^ \

[ THOMAS E. CONE. JR. May 7, 1980 P.O. BOX 399
GARY A. GIBBONS (813) 223-3888
P. O. BOX 10449
(904) 222-0960

Mr. Carroll Webb
Executive Director REPLY TO: Tampa
Joint Administrative
Procedures Committee
Room 120, Holland Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32304

Re: Southwest Florida Water
Management District Rules

Dear Carroll:

Zane Leeper has correctly pointed out that we have not yet
written to you advising the Joint Administrative Procedures
Committee that no changes were made to Southwest Florida
Water Management District rules pursuant to the hearing.
We regret this oversight.

This is to formally advise the Committee that a hearing was
held by the Governing Board of the Southwest Florida Water
Management District on March 4, 1980, at which time all
rules of the District were considered. No substantial changes
were proposed.

As we stated in the summary accompanying each rule, the rules
were to be recodified and renumbered as part of the standard-
ization of all five WMD rules under common titles. The only
changes made in the 16J rules were renumbering; recodifying
into the new scheme for numbering and labeling, which
required some restructuring of sections; and correction of
certain nonsubstantive areas. In particular, references to
"parts" were changed to "chapters." References to "chapters",
"sections", and "paragraphs" in some cases were corrected to
comply with the Department of State rule regarding the
numbering system for administrative rules. Finally, certain
scrivener's errors appearing in the Florida Administrative
Code were corrected in the rules as submitted.

As a result of the hearing no substantial changes were sub-
sequently made in the rules. The Board authorized us to
recodify the rules following the uniform numbering system
which has been agreed to by all water management districts
and which is to be followed by each district when their rules
are transferred from Chapter 16 to Chapter 40.

Mr. Carroll Webb
May 7, 1980
Page Two

Southwest Florida Water Management District's rules presently
appear in the Florida Administrative Code in Chapters 16J-0,
16J-1, 16J-2, 16J-3, 16J-4 and 16J-8.

These have been renumbered to appear as Chapters 40D-0, 40D-1,
40D-2, 40D-3, 40D-4, 40D-6 and 40D-8.

For your assistance, we have included a copy of the uniform
matrix, an index of the rules, a table of transferred sections
16J to 40D and a table of transferred sections 40D from 16J.

Following my discussion with you last week, I met with Ms.
Liz Cloud and Jim Antista to resolve the problem which has
arisen as a result of our transferring these rules to the new
chapter and renumbering them in a manner consistent with a
uniform system agreed to by all water management districts.
In transferring and renumbering these rules we have included
the so-called water crop rule portion of 16J with a notation
that this provision in the rules is subject to a challenge
which, at the time of certification, was pending before the
Division of Administrative Hearings. Subsequently, the
Hearing Officer has rendered her decision. We are preparing
a Notice of Appeal which we expect to file within this week.

It would be helpful to have a conference with you, Zane Leeper
and Jim Antista within the next week or so in Tallahassee.
Mr. Fred McCormack will be contacting you to request this
conference and select a date convenient to your calendars.

We appreciate your cooperation and need your best thinking to
help us to resolve our dilemma.

S'n rely,

M. Blai

Endcl. (3)
cc: Mr. Donald R. Feaster

kCL C^1K

^-^ ^ *I n) o|(D i O DO (D r
>l I' I o Y n Icn
0.01 CDon scrD CD r z
S(D n Definitin

041 Permits Required
CD rt
CD CD (r
(D p

Nos. Titles o

.001 Description of Organization
002 Deleeations of Authorip
.003 Interagency Agreements
.011 Policy and Purpose
.021 Definitionsr c
.031 mlCementation
.041 Permits Required
.051 Exotie o options F
.061 Basins
.071 Meetings and HWorkshpsng Req
.081 Agendas and Noticesiving Objection
.091 Reserved for Aocal Infor
".0921 Reserved for Iocalnce of
.101 Content of Application
.111 Notice ofu A ication Formf
.121 Notice and Hearing Requirements
.131 Tims for Receivin Objections and for Hearing
.141 Revoest for Additional Information
.181 Declaratory Statements
.201 Permit Processing Fee
.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits
.311 Competing Applications
.321 Duration of Permit
.331 tModification of Permits
.341 Revocation of Permits
.351 Transfer of Permits
.361 Renewal of Permits
.371 Reapplying for Permits
.381 Limiting Conditions
.391 Bonds
.401 Identification Tags
.411 Completion Report
.441 Temporary Permits
.451 Emergency Authorization
.461 Inspection
.471 Abatement
.481 Remedial and Emergency Measures
.491 Unlawful Use
.501 Permit Classification
.511i ..Declaration of Water Shortage
.521 Change, Susp. or Restr. of Permits During Water Shortage
.531 Procedures Under Water Shortage
.541 Declaration of Emergency Due to Water Shortage _
.551 Procedures Under Emergency Due to Water Shortage
.601 Minimum Rates of Flow and Levels
.651 Saltwater Barrier Line
.701 Construction Standards
.751 Enforcement and Penalties
.801 "Water Use Caution" Areas
.901 Forms and Instructions


CHAPTER 40D-0 General

40D-0.001 Description of Organization
40D-0.011 Policy and Purpose
40D-0.021 Definitions
40D-0.061 Basins
40D-0.071 Meetings and Workshops
40D-0.081 Agendas and Notices
40D-0.101 Content of Application
40D-0.201 Permit Processing Fee
40D-0.381 Limiting Conditions

CHAPTER 40D-1 Procedural

40D-1.121 Notice and Hearing Requirements
40D-1.181 Declaratory Statements
40D-1.371 Reapplying for Permits
40D-1.391 Bonds
40D-1.601 Minimum Rates of Flow and Levels
40D-1.901 Forms and Instructions

CHAPTER 40D-2 Consumptive Use of Water

40D-2.011 Policy and Purpose
40D-2.031 Implementation
40D-2.041 Permits Required
40D-2.051 Exemptions
40D-2.101 Content of Application
40D-2.111 Notice of Application Form
40D-2.121 Notice and Hearing Requirements
40D-2.131 Times for Receiving Objections and for Hearing
40D-2.201 Perinit Processing Fee
40D-2.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits
40D-2.311 Competing Applications
40D-2.321 Duration of Permit
40D-2.331 Modification of Permits
40D-2.341 Revocation of Permits
40D-2.361 Renewal of Permits
40D-2.381 Limiting Conditions
40D-2.401 Identification Tags
40D-2.441 Temporary permits
40D-2.501 Permit Classification
40D-2.511 Declaration of Water Shortage
40D-2.521 Change, Suspension, or Restriction of Permits
During Water Shortage

40D-2.531 Procedures Under Water Shortage
40D-2.541 Declaration of Emergency Due to Water Shortage
40D-2.801 "Water Use-Caution" Areas

CHAPTER 40D-3 Regulation of Wells

40D-3.011 Policy and Purpose
40D-3.021 Definitions
40D-3.031 Implementation
40D-3.041 Permits Required
40D-3.051 Exemptions
40D-3.091 Registration of Drillers, Contractors, and
Engineering Testing Laboratories
40D-3.092 Refusal, Suspension, or Revocation of Registration
and Forfeiture of Bond
40D-3.101 Content of Application
40D-3.201 Permit Processing Fee
40D-3.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits
40D-3.321 Duration of Permit
40D-3.341 Revocation of Permits
40D-3.411 Completion Report
40D-3.451 Emergency Authorization
40D-3.461 Inspection
40D-3.701 Construction Standards

CHAPTER 40D-4 Management and Storage of Surface Waters

40D-4.011 Policy and Purpose
40D-4.021 Definitions
40D-4.031 Implementation
40D-4.041 Permits Required
40D-4.051 Exemptions
40D-4.101 Content of Application
40D-4.111 Notice of Application Form
40D-4.121 Notice and Hearing Requirements
40D-4.131 Times for Receiving Objections and for Hearing
40D-4.201 Permit Processing Fee
40D-4.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits
40D-4.331 Modification of Permits
40D-4.341 Revocation of Permits
40D-4.381 Limiting Conditions
40D-4.401 Identification Tags
40D-4.411 Completion Report
40D-4.451 Emergency Authorization
40D-4.461 Inspection
40D-4.471 Abatement
40D-4.481 Remedial and Emergency Measures

'CHAPTER 40D-6 Works of the District

40D-6.011 Policy and Purpose

2 -

40D-6.021 Definitions
40D-6.031 Implementation
40D-6.041 Permits Required
40D-6.051 Exemptions
40D-6.091 Encroachment Lines
40D-6.101 Content of Application
40D-6.121 Notice and Hearing Requirements
40D-6.201 Permit Processing Fee
40D-6.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits
40D-6.331 Modification of Permits
40D-6.341 Revocation of Permits
40D-6.411 Completion Report
40D-6.451 Emergency Authorization
40D-6.461 Inspection
40D-6.481 Remedial and Emergency Measures

CHAPTER 40D-8 Water Levels and Rates of Flow

40D-8.011 Policy and Purpose
40D-8.021 Definitions
40D-8.031 Implementation
40D-8.603 Management Levels for Lakes and Other Impoundments
40D-8.605 Cyclic Variations for Minimum Water Level
40D-8.611 Minimum Flood Levels
40D-8.613 Ten (10) Year Flood Warning Levels
40D-8.616 Posted Notice
40D-8.621 Operating Levels for Lakes and Other Impoundments
with Structures
40D-8.624 Schedule of Levels for Lakes and Other Impoundments

3 -

Table of Section Chamges

16J-0.001(1) T To 40D-0.001(1)
16J-0.001(2) T To 40D-0.001(2)
16J-0.001(3) T To 40D-0.001(3)
16J-0.001(4) T To 40D-0.001(4)
16J-0.001(5) T To 40D-0.001(5)
16J-0.001(6) -T To 40D-0.001(6)
16J-0.001(7) T To 40D-0.001(7)
16J-0.001(8) T To 40D-0.001(8)
16J-0.001(9) T To 40D-1.121(3)
16J-0.001(10) T To 40D-1.181
16J-0.01 T To 40D-0.011
16J-0.02 T To 40D-0.021
16J-0.03 T To 40D-0.061
16J-0.10(1) T To 40D-0.101(1)
16J-0.10(1) T To 40D-0.101(2)
16J-0.10(1) T To 40D-0.101(3)
16J-0.10(1) T To 40D-0.101(4)
16J-0.11(1) T To 40D-0.101(5)
16J-0.11(2) T To 40D-0.101(6)
16J-0.11(3) T To 40D-0.101(7)
16J-0.11(4) T To 40D-0.101(8)
16J-0.111 T To 40D-0.201
16J-0.12 T To 40D-0.381
16J-0.13 T To 40D-1.391
16J-0.14 T To 40D-1.371
16J-0.15 T To 40D-1.601
16J-0.20 T To 40D-1.121(1)
16J-0.30(1) T To 40D-1.121(2)
16J-0.30(2) T To 40D-0.071(1)
16J-0.30(3) T To 40D-0.081(3)
16J-0.30(4) T To 40D-0.071(4)
16J-0.30(5) T To 40D-0.081(4)
16J-0.30(6) T To 40D-0.081(2)
16J-0.30(7) T To 40D-0.071(2)
16J-0.30(8) T To 40D-0.071(3)
16J-0.30(9) T To 40D-0.071(5)
16J-0.30(10) T To 40D-0. 081(5)
16J-0.30.(11) T To 40D-0.081(1)
16J-0.40 T To 40D-1.901
16J-1.001(1) T To 40D-6.011(1)
16J-1.001(2) T To 40D-6.011(2)
16J-1.002 T To 40D-6.021
16J-1.003 T To 40D-6.031(1)
16J-1.01(1) T To 40D-6.011(3)
16J-1.01(2) T To 40D-6.011(4)
16J-1.01(3) T To 40D-6.011(5)
16J-1.01(4) T To 40D-6.011(6)
16J-1.01(5) T To 40D-6.011(7)
16J-1.03 T To 40D-6.031(2)
S16J-1.051(1) T To 40D-6.041

Table of Section Chamges

16J-1.051(2) A & T To 40D-6.051
16J-1.06(1) T To 40D-6.101(1)
16J-1.06(2) T To 40D-6.101(2)
16J-1.06(3) T To 40D-6.301(1)
16J-1.06(4) T To 40D-6.301(2)
16J-1.06(5) T To 40D-6.301(3)
16J-1.061 T To 40D-6.201
16J-1.07 T To 40D-6.121
16J-1.09 T To 400-6.461
16J-1.10 T To 400-6.411
16J-1.11 A & T To 40D-6.331
16J-1.11 T To 40D-6.341
16J-1.13(1) T To 40D-6.481(1)
16J-1.13(2) T To 40D-6.481(2)
16J-1.14 T To 40D-6.451
16J-1.15(1) T To 40D-6.481(3)
16J-1.15(2) T To 40D-6.481(4)
16J-1.15(3) T To 40D-6.481(5)
16J-1.40(1) T To 40D-6.091(1)
16J-1.40(2) T To 40D-6.091(2)
16J-1.41 T To 400-6.091(3)
16J-2.01 T To 400-2.011
16J-2.03 T To 400-2.031
16J-2.04(1) T To 40D-2.041(1)
16J-2.04(2) T To 40D-2.041(2)
16J-2.04(3) T To 40D-2.051
16J-2.04(4) T To 400-2.041(3)
16J-2.04(5) T To 40D-2.041(4)
16J-2.05 T To 400-2.401
16J-2.06 T To 40D-2.101
16J-2.07 T To 400-2.111
16J-2.08 T To 40D-2.121
16J-2.09 T To 40D-2.131
16J-2.10 T To 40D-2.201
16J-2.11(1) T To 40D-2.301(1)
16J-2.11(2) T To 40D-2.301(2)
16J-2.11(3) T To 401-2.301(3)
16J-2.11(4) T To 40D-2.301(4)
16J-2.11(5) T To 40D-2.301(5)
16J-2.11(6) T To 40D-2.301(6)
16J-2.11(7) T To 40D-2.301(7)
16J-2.1 (8) T To 40D-2.301(8)
16J-2.1l(9) T To 40D-2.301(9)
16J-2.11(10) T To 40D-2.301(10)
16J-2.111 T To 401-2.301(11)
16J-2.112 T To 40D-2.381
16J-2.12 T To 4010-2.311
16J-2.13 T To 40D-2.321
16J-2.14(1) T To 40D-2.331
16J-2.14(2) T To 40D-2.361

Table of Section Chamges

16J-2.15 T To 40D-2.341
16J-2.16 T To 40D-2.501
16J-2.20(1) T To 40D-2.511(1)
16J-2.20(2) T To 40D-2.511(2)
16J-2.21 T To 40D-2.511(3)
16J-2.22 T To 40D-2.531
16J-2.23 T To 40D-2.521
16J-2.24 T To 40D-2.541
16J-2.25 T To 40D-2.441
16J-3.01 T To 40D-3.011(1)
16J-3.02 T To 40D-3.021
16J-3.03 T To 40D-3.031
16J-3.04 T To 40D-3.091
16J-3.05 T To 40D-3.092
16J-3.06(1) T To 40D-3.011(2)
16J-3.06(2) T To 40D-3.041(1)
16J-3.06(3) T To 40D-3.041(2)
16J-3.06(4) T To 40D-3.041(3)
16J-3.06(5) T To 40D-3.041(4)
16J-3.07 T To 40D-3.101
16J-3.071 T To 40D-3.201
16J-3.08 T To 40D-3.321
16J-3.09(1) T To 40D-3.411(1)
16J-3.09(2) T To 40D-3.411(2)
16J-3.10 T To 40D-3.041(5)
16J-3.11(1) T To 40D-3.301(1)
16J-3.11(2) T To 40D-3.301(2)
16J-3.11(3) T To 40D-3.301(3)
16J-3.11(4) T To 40D-3.341
16J-3.12 T To 40D-3.451
16J-3.13 T To 40D-3.051
16J-3.14 T To 40D-3.411(3)
16J-3.15 T To 40D-3.461
16J-3.20 T To 40D-3.701
16J-3.30 T To 40D-2.801
16J-4.01 T To 40D-4.011
16J-4.02 T To 40D-4.021
16J-4.03 T To 40D-4.031
16J-4.04(1) T To 40D-4.041(1)
16J-4.04(2) T To 40D-4.041(2)
16J-4.04(3) T To 40D-4.041(3)
16J-4.05 T To 40D-4.051
16J-4.06(1) T To 40D-4.101(1)
16J-4.06(2) T To 40D-4.101(2)
16J-4.06(3) T To 40D-4.301(1)
16J-4.06(4) T To 40D-4.301(2)
16J-4.06(5) T To 40D-4.301(3)
16J-4.06(6) T To 40D-4.301(4)
16J-4.06(7) T To 40i>-4.381(1)
16J-4.06(8) T To 40D-4.301(5)

Table of Section Chamges

16J-4.061 T To 40D-4.201
16J-4.062 T To 40D-4.401
16J-4.071 T To 40D-4.111
16J-4.072(1) T To 40D-4.121(1)
16J-4.072(2) T To 40D-4.121(2)
16J-4.073 T To 40D-4.131
16J-4.074 T To 401>-4.121(3)
16J-4.08 T To 40D-4.411
16J-4.09 T To 40D-4.461
16J-4.10(1) T To 40D-4.041(4)(a)
16J-4.10(2) T To 40D-4.041(4)(b)
16J-4.10(3) T To 40D-4.381(3)
16J-4.10(4) T To 40D-4.041(4)(c)
16J-4.11(1) T To 40D-4.381(2)(a)
16J-4.11(2) T To 40D-4.381(2)(b)
16J-4.11(3) T To 40D-4.381(4)
16J-4.13 A & T To 40D-4.331
16J-4.13 T To 40D-4.341
16J-4.14 T To 40D-4.471
16J-4.15(1) T To 40D-4.481(1)
16J-4.15(2) T To 40D-4.481(2)
16J-4.16 T To 40D-4.451
16J-4.17(1) T To 40D-4.481(3)
16J-4.17(2) T To 40D-4.481(4)
16J-4.17(3) T To 40D-4.481(5)
16J-8.01 T To 40D-8.011
16J-8.02 T To 40D-8.021
16J-8.03 T To 40D-8.031
16J-8.67 T To 401-8.603
16J-8.671 T To 40D-8.605
16J-8.672 T To 40D-8.611
16J-8.6721 T To 40D-8.613
16J-8.673 T To 40D-8.616
16J-8.677 T To 40D-8.621
16J-8.678 T To 40D-8.624

Table of Section Chamges

40D-0.001(1) T Frm
40D-0.001(2) T Frcm 16J-0.001(1)
40D-0.001(3) T Fr 16-0.001(2)
40D-0.001(4) T From 16J-0.001(3)
40D-0.001(5) T Frmn 16J-0.001(4)
40D-0.001(6) T From 16J-0.001(5)
40D-0.001(7) T From 16J-0.001(6)
40D-0.001(8) T From 16J-0.001(7)
40D-0.011 T Fr 16J-0.001(8)
40D-0.021 T From 16J-0.01
40D-0.061 T Fram 16J-0.02
40D-0.071(1) T From 16J-0.03
T Frcm 16J-0.30()
40D-0.071(2) T Fram 16J-0.30(2)
40D-0.071(3) T From 16J-0.30(7)
40D-0.071(4) T Frcn 16J-0.30(8)
40D-0.071(5) TFrom 16J-0.30(4)
40D-0.081(1) T Frc 16J-0.30(9)
40D-0.081(2) T From 16J-0.30(11)
40D-0.081(3) T Frcm 16J-0.30(6)
400-0.081(4) T From 16J-0.30(3)
40D-0.081(5) T Fram 16J-0.30(5)
40D-0.101(1) T Frmn 16J-0.30(10)
40D-0.101(2) T From 16J-0.10(1)
401-0.101(3) T Fr 16J-0.10(1)
40D-0.101(3) T From 16J-0.10(1)
40D-0.101(4) T Frao 16J-0.10(1)
40D-0.101(5) T From 16J-0.11(1)
40D-0.101(6) T From 16J-0.11(1)
40D-0.101(7) T From 16J-0.11(2)
400-0.101(8) T Frm 16J-0.11()
40D-0.201 16J-0011(4)
400-0.381 T Fran 16J-0.111
40D-1.121(1) T From 16J-0.12
40D-1.121(2) T Frcm 16J-0.20
40D-1.121(3) T From 16J-0.30(1)
40D-1.181 T Frma 16J-0.001(9)
400-1.371 TFrom 16J-0001(10)
40D-1.391 T Fram 16J-0.14
40D-1.601 T From 16J-0.13
40D-1.901T Fra 16J-0.15
400-2.011 T From 16J-0.40
40D-2.031 T From 16J-2.01
40D-2.041(1) T From 16J-2.03
40D-2.041(2) T From 16J-2.04(1)
401-2.041(3) T Fr 16J-2.04(2)
40D-2.041(4) T Fram 16J-2.04(4)
40D-2.041(4) T Fr 16J-2.04(5)
401-2.101 T From 16J-2.04(3)
40D-2.111 T From 16J-2.06
40D-2.121 T Fraom 16J-2.07
40D-2.131 T From 16J-2.08
T Fran 16J-2.09

Table of Section Chamges

40D-2.201 T From 16J-2.10
40D-2.301(1) T From 16J-2.11(1)
40D-2.301(2) T From 16J-2.11(2)
40D-2.301(3) T From 16J-2.11(3)
40D-2.301(4) T From 16J-2.11(4)
40D-2.301(5) T From 16J-2.11(5)
40D-2.301(6) T From 16J-2.11(6)
40D-2.301(7) T From 16J-2.11(7)
40D-2.301(8) T From 16J-2.11(8)
40D-2.301(9) T From 16J-2.11(9)
40D-2.301(10) T From 16J-2.11(10)
40D-2.301(11) T From 16J-2.111
40D-2.311 T From 16J-2.12
40D-2.321 T From 16J-2.13
40D-2.331 T Fran 16J-2.14(1)
40D-2.341 T From 16J-2.15
40D-2.361 T From 16J-2.14(2)
40D-2.381 T From 16J-2.112
40D-2.401 T Frcm 16J-2.05
40D-2.441 T From 16J-2.25
40D-2.501 T Frcm 16J-2.16
40D-2.511(1) T From 16J-2.20(1)
40D-2.511(2) T From 16J-2.20(2)
40D-2.511(3) T From 16J-2.21
f 40D-2.521 T Fran 16J-2.23
40D-2.531 T From 16J-2.22
40D-2.541 T From 16J-2.24
40D-2.801 T From 16J-3.30
40D-3.011(1) T From 16J-3.01
40D-3.011(2) T From 16J-3.06(1)
40D-3.021 T Fran 16J-3.02
40D-3.031 T From 16J-3.03
40D-3.041(1) T From 16J-3.06(2)
40D-3.041(2) T From 16J-3.06(3)
40D-3.041(3) T From 16J-3.06(4)
40D-3.041(4) T From 16J-3.06(5)
40D-3.041(5) T From 16J-3.10
40D-3.051 T From 16J-3.13
40D-3.091 T From 16J-3.04
40D-3.092 T From 16J-3.05
40D-3.101 T From 16J-3.07
40D-3.201 T From 16J-3.071
40D-3.301(1) T From 16J-3.11(1)
40D-3.301(2) T From 16J-3.11(2)
40D-3.301(3) T From 16J-3.11(3)
40D-3.321 T From 16J-3.08
40D-3.341 T Frcm 16J-3.11(4)
40D-3.411(1) T From 16J-3.09(1)
40D-3.411(2) T From 16J-3.09(2)
40D-3.411(3) T From 16J-3.14

2 -

Table of Section Chamges

40D-3.451 T From 16J-3.12
40D-3.461 T Frcm 16J-3.15
40D-3.701 T From 16J-3.20
40D-4.011 T From 16J-4.01
40D-4.021 T From 16J-4.02
40D-4.031 T Frcm 16J-4.03
40D-4.041(1) T From 16J-4.04(1)
40D-4.041(2) T Frcm 16J-4.04(2)
40D-4.041(3) T From 16J-4.04(3)
40D-4.041(4)(a) T From 16J-4.10(1)
40D-4.041(4)(b) T Frnm 16J-4.10(2)
40D-4.041(4)(c) T From 16J-4.10(4)
40D-4.051 T From 16J-4.05
40D-4.101(1) T Fram 16J-4.06(1)
40D-4.101(2) T From 16J-4.06(2)
40D-4.*11 T Frcm 16J-4.071
40D-4.121(1) T From 16J-4.072(1)
40D-4.121(2) T From 16J-4.072(2)
40D-4.121(3) T From 16J-4.074
40D-4.131 T Frcm 16J-4.073
40D-4.201 T Fran 16J-4.061
40D-4.301(1) T From 16J-4.06(3)
40D-4.301(2) T From 16J-4.06(4)
40D-4.301(3) T From 16J-4.06(5)
40D-4.301(4) T From 16J-4.06(6)
40D-4.301(5) T Frcm 16J-4.06(8)
40D-4.331 T From 16J-4.13
40D-4.341 A & T From 16J-4.13
40D-4.381(1) T From 16J-4.06(7)
40D-4.381(2)(a) T From 16J-4.11(1)
40D-4.381(2)(b) T From 16J-4.11(2)
40D-4.381(3) T Frcm 16J-4.10(3)
40D-4.381(4) T From 16J-4.11(3)
40D-4.401 T From 16J-4.062
40D-4.411 T From 16J-4.08
40D-4.451 T From 16J-4.16
40D-4.461 T Frcm 16J-4.09
40D-4.471 T From 16J-4.14
40D-4.481(1) T From 16J-4.15(1)
40D-4.481(2) T From 16J-4.15(2)
40D-4.481(3) T From 16J-4.17(1)
40D-4.481(4) T From 16J-4.17(2)
40D-4.481(5) T From 16J-4.17(3)
40D-6.011(1) T From 16J-1.001(1)
40D-6.011(2) T From 16J-1.001(2)
40D-6.011(3) T From 16J-1.01(1)
40D-6.011(4) T From 16J-1.01(2)
40D-6.011(5) T From 16J-1.01(3)
40D-6.011(6) T From 16J-1.01(4)
40D-6.011(7) T From 16J-1.01(5)

3 -

Table of Section Chamges

40D-6.021 T Fran 16J-1.002
40D-6.031(1) T Frcm 16J-1.003
40D-6.031(2) T Fran 16J-1.03
40D-6.041 T From 16J-1.051(1)
40D-6.051 A & T Fran 16J-1.051(2)
40D-6.091(1) T Frcm 16J-1.40(1)
40D-6.091(2) T Frno 16J-1.40(2)
40D-6.091(3) T Fran 16J-1.41
40D-6.101(1) T Frno 16J-1.06(1)
40D-6.101(2) T From 16J-1.06(2)
40D-6.121 T Fron 16J-1.07
40D-6.201 T From 16J-1.061
40D-6.301(1) T Fran 16J-1.06(3)
40D-6.301(2) T From 16J-1.06(4)
40D-6.301(3) T Fran 16J-1.06(5)
40D-6.331 A & T From 16J-1.11
40D-6.341 A & T From 16J-1.11
40D-6.411 T From 16J-1.10
40D-6.451 T Fron 16J-1.14
40D-6.461 T From 16J-1.09
40D-6.481(1) T Fran 16J-1.13(1)
40D-6.481(2) T From 16J-1.13(2)
40D-6.481(3) T Fran 16J-1.15(1)
40D-6.481(4) T From 16J-1.15(2)
40D-6.481(5) T From 16J-1.15(3)
40D-8.011 T Fran 16J-8.01
40D-8.021 T Fran 16J-8.02
40D-8.031 T Fraon 16J-8.03
40D-8.603 T Fran 16J-8.67
40D-8.605 T Frdn 16J-8.671
40D-8.611 T Fran 16J-8.672
40D-8.613 T Fran 16J-8.6721
40D-8.616 T Fran 16J-8.673
40D-8.621 T From 16J-8.677
40D-8.624 T From 16J-8.678


New Sections Created By SWFWMD

40D-2.441 T From 16J-2.25
40D-2.801 T From 16J-3.30
40D-3.091 T From 16J-3.04
40D-3.092 T From 16J-3.05
40D-6.091(1) T From 16J-1.40(1)
40D-6.091(2) T From 16J-1.40(1)
40D-6.091(3) T From 16J-1.41
40D-8.605 T From 16J-8.67
40D-8.611 T From 16J-8.671
40D-8.613 T From 16J-8.6721
40D-8.616 T From 16J-8.673
40D-8.621 T From 16J-8.677
40D-8.624 T From 16J-8.678

(Vf 0 %.

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