Title: Board of Trustees to approve of business transacted in Orlando
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Title: Board of Trustees to approve of business transacted in Orlando
Alternate Title: Conservation 70s Inc. Board of Trustees to approve of business transacted in Orlando
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Language: English
Publication Date: February 13, 1971
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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..... ..[. _.,.-- c -~ L ':.~,..I...~ .~ .. [-.. .. u'. ,,':v D ,"-. r. .~ .:,.,; ", i,.- ,',.1 r.- ..- ."

. L 3 :, C ; *

T . '. -!. 3 ... i .0. M' ,. Of ;
TA 1 r :. c: ,1 A 3 04

M E M 0' R D U




Board members present at the Trustees' meeting c February 13th were: Lyman

Rogers, Christy Payne, JohnU y Jones, Bill Lud, Dr. Earle Frye, Ken Morrison, Hazel

Dillingham, Senator Jim Williai's, Rep. Levw Earle, Senator Warren Henderson, Rep.

Bill .Fulford and Senator John Ducker. AlthouJgh a quorum was not present, those in

attendance decided to offer proposals in writing to the full Board for approval by

mail. Many of the Trustees were detained at the last minute (12 were present and

this is the first time we have not had a quorum) but the following procedure will

complete the business at hand. Advanced notice of future Wjetind s should bde lace0

onv your calen dar as follows:

July 9 and 10 -- C-70s Trus.tees meeting and birthday celebration

December 4 Annual.meeting of Trustees
The following items of business should be marked in the left-hand column by

writing: "Yjea, ", or "Abstain."

N ,L ,;LM.AT: rI o R T( !I:s' A tPPRO)VAL:

( "(.[ <- -- ) I Minult '. o0 Deceilik r 5, 1970, Trut,,., :: ,.injg (c '.; iu .;l d
Sprevio usly).

( ^.. ) II Reinstatement of Mrs. ilazel Di1li n:jr, .ecretary.
( cCtr. ) III Election of Sen;, Wrrn i k ronP- 1 7ir-
4 no.^i of the L.egislative Task Force. ,, presnc vc. .,:.,:.,i-
.mously co ;ct S n tor H neiorson as Vi .. ..resi nt o ..ni-

zaI ,ion .' ,;.(( v.^ ji; cy cr Oatid by V -. Sn. ;si "-' (; t ) i O
Morrison. In tud i t ii it was undn i, i:'.,y ,...^.,t, ,
corcop, of having; ;:/he position of V.c- ?',, .
w '.L < i u i :. .* ,. t> \ 1 i V e .:" .) [< -< t ,- l . .

( .. ) IV It w',S i v, 3i L' ill Lund, s c.,idedl by Jon, Jone, ,, .i.,'t c; vjc,,,t
season the .card be filed by At'corney : .c ,, K<<;;ert b;.. :V,. ,.
vacancy resulted from the resignation of Ted Earlc. Mr. S'.vin .".d
previously expressed interest in bcc..i;g a Trust-e :;nd !'ose '.
att:i: ... o o el t Li- :, 'di tion of Mr. S ,-vin's 1e ,a, k.ow si \. \ ,
co;;> ,.it the prosen 3oard.
811 .u'fod ~b C st t rL/~1rr i ? I nIj B ni~ltic u ; E cuo~u m\~I est~~risin C ~~osei

adoptL the fo01 o~wi ng cateror es of bins to be Dpreseo.nte ote
1971 Legislat-,re:-

Cl a ss I "Tho sel spo ns oreda an d a cti velIy lobbied by C-70s.

Class II "Those endorsed by C-70s butL- not actively lobbied

Class III "Undesirable legislation which otherwise needs,

( ^{^ ) Inst[antanj i~ runs -by LecisJlajiye_ JTzsk For ce dw ring the
\ g e i s 1 rat i v e s o S si o i:- io t ion w V11a s ii-iadea by 'Dr* F ryeC, s ec n G`
B il ILutin d t ha t thl c Legs1a lati ve T a sk F o rc Cbe d e 1eg1a te0d te preC,
rogative of deciding important 1e0 ltv dcsoswhc ih
not be anticipated by t~he Board of Trustees pr-ior to ,n esin
Thus the C-70s legislators could respond 1to on-the-spot sit!ain
which mi'~ght be beneficial or disadvantageous Lo the objectives o
C-70s witVhout having -to call a full Trustee:Ps meeting, hsato
simply formalizes prior tradition.,


4,-< l lisi i'on ~to irctth revJL^ision10 ofl Ch. 253 F J: "13 t "
i was made by Senator Henderson and seconded by Mirs. Di IngI a
to approve a resolution dir-ecting a study of the sb~merge
; : ^,^,.^land statutes. scstudy to result in recomi!-endations t h
:\ /-Y '19729 Legislat~u re. Purpose of the mo-c)tio)n is to assure the
v ,- l ,/^ eve-ntual S imp 4ifCic-14-io an cla-rification of the st4-atute
-/^^' '"1 '" Motion was contingent upon tho-se re~sponcrs ibl e for thi~s bil
"Vj.'"\';'- ^"/"(Rep.-Ted Randell and Joel Kuperberg oh bet i ncludn
s\^ spe c if ic re c omn d at io ns on w ho o r what agency will be
1 responsible for the interim study,

( ^u^. 2, */Fl ori da Env i ronm-ent al Poli1cy Act. Rep.ewEr o. ove dte

-7 U C I- U '.

^ l" .. i25ing requesLts as presence uy ichard 7T11s Envirorm
H Edutcation Coordinator, Stnate Depatrtme :t 3of Educatti on. 1*C 1
made, seconded, and unanimously approved by those present.

( ) 8, .. Arciition I.nar, t Areas HB 278 by Rep. Pcolrn.g; -r:-
Svices for increase in certain hunting license fees a.'d created
a three-day county residence license, provides for use of
Increased fees to purchase and lease land for huning and
other outdoor recreation with speci fic direction of nec funds.
Bill Lund moved that HB 278 be placed in Class I priority,
motion seconded by Senator Ducker and approved unanimously
by those present.

( ) 9. ACuatic Weed Control. HB 295 by Rep. Craig (Sen. V1eissenborn)
re qunres tha-t 2 of the revenue collected under t;:. first 4c
gasoline tax be used for the control of water hyacinth and
noxious aquatic vegetation (i. e., a portion of the tax paid
for marine gas). Rep. Lew Earle moved the proposed bitl,
seconded by Mrs. Dillingham, and approved unanimously by \ cse

S. L ) 10. Cross Florida Barce Canal: Canal Authority; transfer of
T functions. HB 317_by Representatives Earle and A. S. Robinson
et al, (and Senators Henderson, Thomas, Lewis, et aI) transfers
;lands held by the Cross Florida Barge Canal Authority to
y~ ^ Division of Recreation and Parks of the Department of Natural
-* *.Resources, prohibits further canal construction without specific
Yy r'/ legislative authority. Ken Morrison moved the bill, secondeC
'1 by Mrs. Dillingham and approved with one dissenting vote by
Senator Williams.

S* -.. 11. Cross Florida Barge Canal: Memorial to Congress. Requesting
r^ ^-{^' Congress to cease all appropriations for continued construction
.4 on the Cross Florida Barge Canal. A bill has been prefilea by
.\0 Rep. Lew Earte, et al, but has not been assigned a number as
(tS of this printing. Motion by Ken Morrison, seconded by Mrs.
;rdv .Dillingham, and approved by all present except Senator
V^ Williams who voted "nay".

( ^P^ ) 12. Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund -- Senaz-or
.^ Henderson. Requires Monroe County to come under the pro-
S'visions of Chapter 253 laws concerning dredge and fill. The
^ h / ^ r bill was moved by Senator Henderson, seconded by Johnny Jones
\ .i fand approved unanimously by those present. This bill was in
C-70s' 1970 package and died on the calendar.
A:-' \^

Please return your marked ballot within 5 days of receipt. However, all ballots

will be counted no later than Friday, February 26th.

A later memo will be sent to each Board Member containing proposed bills which

might be considered-as Class II legislation. Senator Warren Henderson and your Director

are presently screening all such bills for your eventual consideration.


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