Title: Letter from Northwest Florida Water Management District enclosing copy of Land Acquisition Program to be submitted in January 1982 as the "Five Year L
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Title: Letter from Northwest Florida Water Management District enclosing copy of Land Acquisition Program to be submitted in January 1982 as the "Five Year L
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6 Route No. 1, Box 3100, Havana, Florida 32333 >O WE
i. William McCartney (904) 487-1 770
Executive Director November 13, 1981

Mr. L. M. Blain
Blain & Cone
P.O. Box 399
Tampa, FL 33601

Dear Buddy:

Enclosed is an information copy of our Land Acquisition Program as
approved by the Governing Board at their rega mbtng on ber 28, 1981.
We intend to submit this document to DER and the Legislature, on or before
January 15, 1982, as our Five-Year Land Acquisition Plan.


J. William McCartney
Executive Director



Chairman Port St. Joe Vice Chairman Destin Sec./Treas. Tallahassee

Chumuckla Marianna Graceville Pensacola Tallahassee


as Authorized by
The Water Management Lands Trust Fund
Chapter 373.590, F. S.

I. Intent of the Governing Board

II. Statement of Objectives

III. Options to Accomplish Identified Objectives

IV. Five-Year Acquisition Plan

V. Acquisition Priorities

VI. Acquisition Alternatives

VII. Acquisition Procedures

The Northwest Florida Water Management District

as Authorized by
The Water Management Lands Trust Fund
Chapter 373.590, Florida Statutes

I. Intent of the Governing Board

It is the intent of the Governing Board as authorized under

Chapter 373.590, F. S., to establish a land acquisition program to

the extent possible under available operating funds. It is further

the intention of the Board to implement this program in a manner that

will provide long-term benefit to the citizens and water resources of

the District while not placing a significant financial liability on

the District after termination of the program. It is also the intent

of the Board that other alternatives to accomplish the identified

objectives of this program be explored. Lastly, it is the intention

of the Governing Board to encourage the appropriate officials of the

State of Florida to pursue agreements with the states of Alabama and

Georgia for the planning and management of our interstate river basins

to ensure that any acquisition along the rivers originating outside

the State are not compromised by activities in the other states.

II. Objectives

The objective of this program is to acquire necessary interest

in lands to preserve or protect the waters and related land resources

of the District necessary for water management, water supply, and the

conservation and protection of water resources. It is also an

objective of this program that where justified, the District may

acquire interest in lands to enhance their natural, aesthetic,

recreational, or hydrologic values.


III. Options to Accomplish Identified Objectives

To accomplish the objectives of the District's land acquisition

program, there are an array of options available for consideration.

In general, these options fall under two basic areas: 1) degree

of interest in land to be acquired, and 2) types of lands to be


In terms of degree of interest to be acquired, Chapter

373.590(3) authorizes the purchase of "fee or other interest in

lands." This statement provides the District with the authority to

exercise varying degrees of control over lands to accomplish its

objectives. Acquisition options could include the following:

A. Fee Title Purchase

B. Purchase of Flowage Easements

C. Purchase of Development Rights

D. Purchase of Conservation Easements

E. Fee Purchase with Lease-back of Certain Rights

F. Fee Purchase with Resale, Reserving Certain Rights

G. Joint Purchase of Interests with Other Organizations/


H. Lease of Property

I. Gifts of Property.

Numerous options also exist for the types of land to be

purchased under this program. These may include but are not

necessarily limited to:

A. River and Stream Floodplains

B. River and Stream Floodways

C. River and Stream Flood Hazard Areas


D. River and Stream Littoral

E. Springs

F. Lakes

G. Lake Buffer Zones

H. Recharge Areas

I. Wetlands

J. Well Fields

K. Unique Water Features

L. Lands Needed to Retain or Store Water

IV. Five-Year Acquisition Plan

As provided in Chapter 373.590(2), the District is required to

file a five-year plan for acquisition with the Legislature and

Secretary of the Department of Environmental Regulations by January

15, 1982. Annually thereafter, the District must file a report of

acquisition activity along with modifications, if any, or additions

to the five-year plan.

Based on estimates at this time, the total funds available under

this program will be approximately $32,000,000 (i.e., 10 percent of

$320,000,000 statewide). Assuming one-half of these funds could be

available to the District in the first five years, the District would

have some $16,000,000 from the trust fund to devote to land acquisition

and related costs. It should be remembered that all expenditures for

lands after the first $2,000,000 each year will require a match of four

to one, or 20 percent. This matching requirement, however, can be

satisfied with any funds available to the District for such purchase,

including grants, gifts, city or county funds, or other sources of

revenue. During the first five years of the program including all


funds, the District could have a total of $17,200,000 to support its

land acquisition program as follows:

No Match Required

$2,000,000 per year for five years $10,000,000

Matching Requirement

$1,200,000 per year for five years 6,000,000

$ 240,000 per year to match $1,200,000 above 1,200,000

First Five-Year Funding Total $17,200,000

It is also important to note that the District is not obligated

to spend any funds under this program in any given year. All

unobligated funds each year accrue in an interest-bearing trust fund

specifically allocated to this District. However, any unobligated

monies remaining in the District's account on July 1, 1992 will be

withdrawn and deposited in the State's General Revenue Fund.

Based on the requirements of the program and the objectives and

options identified in sections II and III above, it is suggested that

the Governing Board obtain the necessary interests in any of the below

listed land areas. The suggested acquisitions are not intended to

identify the extent of area to be acquired or to be on a priority

basis in the order in which they are listed. Rather, it is important

to maintain flexibility in priority so as not to influence land

values, to be able to move quickly on purchases which can be made at

the District's appraised price, and to take advantage of the

availability of any funds available to satisfy the District's matching

requirement since without external matching funds the District could

lose the use of as much as $12,000,000 over the life of the program.


The suggested acquisitions are:

A. Rivers and Streams Within the State of Florida

1. Wakulla River littoral

2. St. Marks River littoral

3. Littoral of Econfina Creek and other watercourses flowing

into Deer Point Lake

B. Rivers and Streams Originating Outside the State of Florida

1. Apalachicola River floodplain

2. Chipola River floodplain

3. Lower Apalachicola River wetlands

4. Choctawhatchee River five-year floodplain

5. Lower Escambia River floodplain

6. Lower Blackwater River floodplain

C. Springs

1. Springs on St. Marks River near Natural Bridge

2. Blue Springs, Jackson County

3. Blue Springs, Washington County

4. Blue Springs, Holmes County

5. Spring Lake area

6. Wadell Springs

7. Bosel Springs

8. Williford Springs

9. Hays Springs

10. Morrison Springs

11. Other first magnitude springs


D. Lakes

1. Lake Jackson (Leon County) buffer zone

2. Sand Hill Lakes in south Washington County (Deadenings)

E. Other Areas

1. Jacks Branch retention area

2. Ocheesee Pond

V. Acquisition Priorities

Upon adoption of the five-year plan by the Board and its

acceptance by the Legislature, the Governing Board may wish to

establish a systematic procedure to establish the priority of areas

for purchase. The Board might also want to obtain recommendations

from such groups as the Basin Advisory Committees, legislative

delegation, state and federal agency personnel, or the general public

in the establishment of priorities.

In establishing priorities, the following would need to be


A. size of area

B. degree of overall impact of acquisition on the water resources

C. cost per unit area

D. availability of matching funds

E. extent of development pressures

F. income-producing value of land

G. type of controlling interest needed to achieve objectives

H. management costs after acquisition

I. long-term administrative and financial liabilities


VI. Acquisition Alternatives

As there are many alternative areas which may be considered for

purchase under this program, so are there many types or degrees of

acquisition. As noted in Section III, the purchase of fee title is

only one of the several options which exist to control land for water

management purposes. In some cases, a lesser interest in lands might

well accomplish the objectives of the program at a lower cost. For

example, in some floodplain or similar areas, the District might

consider the purchase of development rights to prevent building

construction, built-up roads, surface mining, dikes, dams, levees and

canals, docks, retaining walls, or any type of structure. The

District could, however, allow, either by agreement or permit,

selected cutting of timber, lease or use of hunting rights,

bee-keeping and other compatible animal husbandry, recreation and

camping, and in some cases, perhaps the oil and gas rights.

By purchase of development rights as outlined above, the

following might be accomplished:

1. the property remains in private ownership and stays on the

county tax rolls;

2. the owner could retain certain rights to the use of his

property, such as timber and hunting, which in northwest

Florida are of major importance;

3. the District could hopefully obtain selected development

rights at a significantly lower cost than fee purchase.

(Note: This has, however, not been the experience of the South

Florida Water Management District which estimates that they

have paid from 50 to 95 percent of fee for flowage easements.


This may or may not be the case in northwest Florida. I would

suggest that all appraisals be accomplished in a manner that

would allow the Board to compare the various costs by type

and degree of interest.)

4. The objectives of the District would be accomplished to the

same extent as if the District owned fee interest in the


5. The District would not experience any management costs after

purchase of development rights as it would if it held fee

title to purchased land. This could substantially reduce any

potential long-term financial liability to manage District-

held property.

Whether the above would provide any advantage to the District's

land acquisition program remains to be seen. In any event, the

District would be wise to explore all types and degrees of acquisition

which could be applicable for individual parcels of land.

VII. Acquisition Procedures

As agreed by all water management districts, it is desirable for

all districts to utilize standard acquisition procedures. The

standard procedures are presently being drafted by the South Florida

Water Management District. After these procedures are finalized,

they will be presented to each governing board for adoption.


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