Title: Water Storage Land Acquisition Fund - Chronology from 17 February 1981 to 8 June 1982; and Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Water Storage Land Acquisition
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Title: Water Storage Land Acquisition Fund - Chronology from 17 February 1981 to 8 June 1982; and Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Water Storage Land Acquisition
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17 February 1981 First discussion by the Basin Board of establishing a

certain level of funding each year for the acquisition

of lands that are important to water management. Basin

Board agreed to hold a Special Meeting to discuss the

matter of land acquisition as it related to the future

goals of the Board.

17 March 1981 The Basin Board established as Board Policy, until

amended by a future Board, the establishment of a Water-

"Storage Land Acquisition Fund (WSLAF), and authorized

Staff to designate $2.5 million toward this fund in the
8/ -0-
FY 3 Budget.

9 June 1981 The Basin Board requested that Staff provide information

on several projects the Board may want to consider

acquiring under the WSLAF. $2,500,000 was included in

the Preliminary FY 81-82/Budget for land acquisition

under the WSLAF program.

23 July 1981 The Basin Board, per the recommendation of the Staff,

approved deferring the budgeting of .25 mills for the

funding ofAWSLAF for a one-year period, to allow Staff

time to work with the Ad Hoc Committee for the "Save

Our Rivers" program in the development of a comprehensive

five-year/ acq\li sition plan.

(,ifC: 1ZI44 A'A? 4/&^^4cecf:^/^^ f/ /0

11 August 1981 The Basin Board approved an increase in the village from.

.08 to .10, resulting in an increase of $262,000 which

was to be placed in a reserve fund for land acquisition

(i.e., the WSLAF).

22 September 1981 The Final FY 81-82 Budget previously approved by the

Basin Board at its 15 September 1981 meeting was amended---

to reflect an increase in the Final millage rate from

.09 mills to .10 mills. Of the additional $101,600

revenue that would be generated from the .01 mill increase,-

$110,800 was to be added to the reserve for future projects,

and could be available for land acquisition purposes.

5 January 1982 Pursuant to previous Board direction, a letter was sent

to thirty governmental entities located within the

Pinellas-Anclote River Basin soliciting their nominations- -

for lands to be considered for purchase by the Basin Board

with its WSLAF. Nominations from nine governmental entities

were received. The total (approximate) land area and -

estimated land costs for all nominations received were

2,778 acres and $26,357,246, respectively.

19 April 1982 Staff briefly reviewed the nominations received with the

Basin Board, and recommended the Board schedule a Special

Workshop meeting to review the nominations in greater

detail, and to establish criteria for evaluating and

ranking same.

18 May 1982 Special Workshop Meeting The Basin Board established

the criteria upon which it would evaluate and ultimately

rank nominations for the WSLAF. The Board directed Staff

to inquire to each of the nine governmental entities

submitting nominations, the degree they would be willing

to participate with the Basin Board should their nomi-

nation(s) be selected for acquisition. A letter requesting

this information was sent out to the nine responding

entities on 3 June 1982 with a thirty-day response period.

A second workshop meeting was scheduled for 20 July 1982.

8 June 1982 The Basin Board included $1.5 million in its Preliminary

FY 82-83 Basin Budget for the WSLAF. The Basin Board

Members were invited to attend the 6 July 1982 Governing

Board Work Session to convey the Basin Board's philosophy

relative to the budgeting of funds for the WSLAF.




L E TrTEc iA. 1

January 4, 1982


Re: Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Water Storage Land Acquisition Fund

Recognizing the need to protect the natural integrity of sensitive freshwater
storage lands, the District's Pinellas-Anclote "River Basin Board has adopted as
a Basin program, the establishment of a Water Storage Land Acquisition Fund
(WSLAF). Therewith, the Board has indicated a willingness to provide funding up
to $2,500,000 each year on a continuing basis, subject annually to prevailing
budget priorities. The intent of the WSLAF program will be to acquire lands
needed for freshwater storage, including the following categories: natural
flood plains, flood prone areas, wetlands, ground water recharge and water
supply areas and stormwater detention/retention areas; with emphasis being
placed by the Basin Board on natural areas and the multiple-use potential of the
lands, particularly open space recreation.

This Basin program should not be confused with State funds that will be made
available to our District through the "Save Our Rivers" program enacted by the
State Legislature this year. The goals and objectives of the State's Water
Management Lands Trust Fund (Save Our Rivers) and the Basin Board's WSLAF
program are similar, and the criteria for reviewing qualifications for each
nominee for acquisition may also be similar. However, the WSLAF program is
independent from Save Our Rivers. It is being pursued by the Basin Board in
addition to and complimentary of the Board's participation with Save Our Rivers.
The Basin Board has directed- District Staff to contact local governmental units
within the boundaries of the Pinellas-Anclote River Basin, to solicit their
nominations for lands to be considered for inclusion by the Basin Board under
the WSLAF program. Therefore, we are requesting that your governmental unit
submit any nominations it feels best meet the categories established by the
Basin Board and listed above. With each nomination that is submitted for
consideration, we are requesting that the following support information be

January 4, 1982
Page Two

1. Location (Section, Township and Range)
2. Map (preferably an aerial) indicating the approximate boundaries
of each tract of land
3. Approximate acreage
4. Estimated land cost and owners' willingness to sell (if known)
5. Present zoning, land use and development potential
6. Justification for public purchase (e.g., preservation of wetlands
and/or flood plains, stormwater detention/retention, water
supply, recreation, etc.)
7. Method and technical criteria used to delineate boundaries of
the land proposed for purchase.

Any nominations) submitted by your agency will be compiled by District Staff,
in addition to those nominations submitted by other governmental entities. They
will ultimately be presented to the Basin Board for review and consideration for
inclusion in the Basin's WSLAF program. We are requesting that you provide us
with any nominations that your governmental unit may choose to submit not later
than March 1, 1982.

Should you have any questions, please contact Michael L. Holtkamp, P.E., at
(904) 796-7211 for clarification.

Very tr ours,

Executive Director


cc: Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board
L. M. Blain, Esq., General Counsel
W. T. Allee, Assistant to the Executive Director
Z. Favot, Director, Administrative Services Department
C. H. Miller, Director, Resource Management Department
F. H. Musselmann, Manager, Real Estate Section
M. L. Holtkamp, Project Engineer, Engineering Section


The Honorable Bruce Tyndal, Chairman The Honorable Rollin R. Savage
Pinellas County Commission Mayor of the Town of Indian Shores
315 Court Street Post Office Box 235
Clearwater, FL 33516 Indian Shores, FL 33535

Mr. John J. Coleman The Honorable Clinton R. White
Town Manager Mayor of the City of Kenneth City
901 Ponce DeLeon Blvd. 4600 58th Street, North
Belleair, FL 33516 Kenneth City, FL 33709

The Honorable Leonard Avant Mr. D. Russell Barr
Mayor of the City of Belleair Beach City Manager -
444 Causeway Blvd. Post Office Box 296'
Belleair Beach, FL 33535 Largo, FL 33540

The Honorable J. Wilson Reed Mr. Ralph W. Rawson
Mayor of the City of Belleair Bluffs City Manager
115 Florence Drive 300 Municipal Drive
Belleair Bluffs, FL 33540 Madeira Beach, FL 33708

The Honorable Morton Raymond The Honorable William H. Wadsworth
Mayor of the Town of Belleair Shore Mayor of the Town of North Redington Bea
820 Gulf Boulevard 190 173rd Avenue
Belleair Shore, FL 33535 North Redington Beach, FL 33708

Mr. Anthony "Tony" Shoemaker The Honorable Sandy J. Francisco
- City Manager Mayor of the City of Oldsmar
Post Office Box 4748 "-Post Office Box 100
Clearwater, FL 33518 Oldsmar, FL 33557

Mr. Richard Gehring Mr. Ron Forbes
City Manager Acting City Manager
542 Main Street Post Office Box 1100
Dunedin, FL 33528 Pinellas Park, FL 33565

Mr. Ellis Shapiro The Honorable Andy T. Miller
City Manager Mayor of the Tcwn of Redington Beach
Post Office Box 5187 105 164th Avenue -
Gulfport, FL 33737 Redington Beach, FL 33708

Mr. Paul A. Piller The Honorable James R. Feimster
City Manager Mayor/Commissioner of the
1507 Bay Palm Blvd. Town of Redington Shores
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33535 17798 Gulf Boulevard
Redington Shores, FL 33708

Page Two .
Mr. John Downes, City Manager -
750 Main Street .
Safety Harbor, FL 33572

Mr. Alan N. Harvey
City Manager
Post Office Box 2842
St. Petersburg, FL 33731
Mr. Max Royle, City Manager
Post Office Box 66719
St. Petersburg Beach, FL 33736

The Honorable Juanita Gesling
Mayor of the City of Seminole
Post Office Box 3197
Seminole, FL 33542

The Honorable Thomas A. Ravelli
Mayor of the City of South Pasadena
7047 Sunset Drive, South
South Pasadena, FL 33707

Mr. Charles Barnes
Acting City Manager
Post Office Box 1575
Tarpon Springs, FL 33589

Mr. Peter G. Lombardi
City Manager/Clerk
Post Office Box 9578
Treasure Island, FL 33740

The Honorable Joe Anthony, Chairman
Pinellas County School Board
1960 East Druid Road
Clearwater, FL 33516

Mr. Morton Lipschultz, Executive Director
Pinellas Park Water Management District
-Post Office Box 1100
Pinellas Park, FL 33565 "

I *

*- -- *- -~- .'- *


The Honorable Barry M. Doyle, Chairman
Pasco County Cormission
Pasco County Courthouse
705 E. Live Oak Avenue
Dade City, FL 33525

The Honorable Agnes Deal, Chairman
Pasco County School Board
2609 U. S. Highway 41, North
Land 0' Lakes, FL 33539

Mr. James W. Robinson, Director
West Pasco Mosquito Control
481 Washington Street
Port Richey, FL 33525

T ,. I A1 :3a 45 a 4

\- V/ PHONE 19041 796-7211
S BR1'C E A.L LAM N. OC irma. T.mp. R. T. L()NGINO. Sr.so,. JIM KIMBROU'CH. BrIor-a
"W"- 0. JR. 13 1 r, Cairmaa. Dade ry- CUFF STEPHENS. Cara ARCH UPDIKL JR.. take W,,
'tsi ^ j&AMES CaWPBELL Socrwy. Plarn Cky DON CRANE. St. PrSte-mPru
5. :

June 3, 1982. LETTE A. 2


Re: Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board Water Storage Land Acquisition Fundc..

Dear '

On 18 May 1982, the Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board held a workshop meeting
to review nominations received from your agency and others for acquisition under
its Water Storage Land Acquisition Fund (WSLAF), and to establish the criteria
upon which the Board would evaluate, and eventually rank, the nominations. The
primary criteria that were established by the Basin Board at the workshop
meeting for evaluating WSLAF nominations are summarized below:

1. Acquired lands must have multiple uses and benefits;
2. Acquired lands must have primary benefits other than drainage;
3. The governmental entity submitting the nominations) must be willing
to jointly participate in the funding for acquisition, project develop-
ment and/or future operation and maintenance of the lands once acquired
by the Board;
4. The governmental entity submitting the nominations) must be willing
to effectively provide protective zoning for floodplains, flood hazard
areas, wetlands, etc., and acknowledge participation in water
conservation measures.

In regard to Item (3) above, the Basin Board directed staff to inquire of each
governmental entity submitting a nominations) for the WSLAF, as to the extent
it would be willing to participate in the funding for acquisition, project.
development and/or future maintenance of the lands, if acquired by the Board. ,
Toward that end, it is requested that (agency's name) indicate the degree, if
any, it would be willing-to participate with our Basin Board in this regard."
Additionally, we have attached a blank "Evaluation and Priority Criteria" sheet
on which the Basin Board has requested each nominating agency indicate the
benefits it feels would accrue to each of its nominations if purchased; and the
relative importance of these benefits. The completed forms for each of your
nominations should be returned with your reply to the inquiry above. The Basin
Board has established a thirty (30) day response period from the date of this
letter for your reply.

------ -- ~--I~- -- ~ __Ii---- t~T~*~)~ CIL--- ~-- CcT-C~--- -- ----- '~
-- ----------------, i

See Attached List of Addres %s
June 3, 1982
Page 2 .

o .t
The Basin Board has indicated its willingness to work with and assist other :
concerned governmental entities within its boundaries in the protection and ;
management of our water resources by the acquisition of sensitive water storage-
lands. Whether or not the nominations) submitted by (agency's name) will receive
further serious consideration by our Basin Board for possible acquisition may.;"
depend greatly on the information contained in your response to this letter. -

We will look forward to receiving your early response to our inquiry. Should r:
you, or members of your staff, have any questions, please direct them to
Michael Holtkamp, Project Engineer, Resource Management Department, (904)796-7211.

Very truly ycurs,

(W. C. TATUM" 1
Executive Director


cc: Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board
L. M. Blain, General Counsel
W. T. Allee, Assistant to Executive Director
C. H. Miller, Director, Resource Management Department
F. H. Musselmann, Manager, Real Estate
M. L. Holtkamp, Project Engineer, Engineering Section





I. Planned or Potential Uses and Purposes for Which Subject Land Might
be Used (0 to 60)

Water management, structural (0 to 20)
Flood control (5 max.)
Water storage (5 max.)
Drainage imrpovement (deficiency or excess) (5 max.)
Recreational multi-use (5 max.)
SUBTOTAL, points

Water supply (0 to 20)
Wellfield (5 max.)
Recharge (5 max.)
Reservoir (5 max.)
Other water supply (5 max.)
SUBTOTAL, points

Conservation and protection of water resources (0 to 20)
Flood control, natural 5 max.)
Water storage, natural 5 max.)
Water quality improvement (5 max.)
Floodplain flood hazard area or wetland (5 max.)
SUBTOTAL, points

II. Environmental State or Condition (0 to 30)

Pristine (30 max.)
Virtually no evidence of man-made development or disturbance
over a majority of the land being considered.

Natural (20 max.)
Little evidence of recent man-made development or disturbance
over a majority of the land being considered; ecosystems
have adjusted.

Rural (10 max.)
Evidence of significant man-made activity, essentially
agricultural in nature, over a majority of the land.

Suburban (5 max.)
Evidence of intense and widespread man-made development
SUBTOTAL, points

III. Perceived Level of Support for Acquisition by Local Government (0 to 10) .

SUBTOTAL, points



June 3, 1982 -

Re: Pinellas-Anclote River Basin Board Water Storage Land Acquisition Fund

1. The Honorable Mary Bonner
Mayor of the City of Dunedin
P. 0. Box 750
Dunedin, Florida 33528 -

2. The Honorable Charles -E. Rainey, Chairman
Pinellas County Board of County Comnissioners
315 Court Street
Clearwater, Florida 33516

3. Mr. Charles H. Barnes
City Manager
City of Tarpon Springs
P. 0. Box 1575
Tarpon Springs, Florida 33589

4. Mr. Morton S. Lipschultz, P.E.
Executive Director
Pinellas Park Water Management District
4930 Park Blvd., Suite No. 9
Pinellas Park, Florida 33565

5. Mr. D. Russell Barr, City Manager
City of Largo
P. 0. Box 296
Largo, Florida 33540

6. Mr. Barry M. Doyle, Chairman
Board of Pasco County Commissioners
Pasco Government Complex
4025 Moon Lake Road
New Port Richey, Florida 33552

7. Mr. Anthony Shoemaker, City Manager
City of Clearwater
P. 0. Box 4748
Clearwater, Florida 33518

8. The Honorable Sandy J. Francisco
Mayor of the City-of Oldsmar
P. 0. Box 100
Oldsmar, Florida 33557

9. Mr. Alan N. Harvey
City Manager
City of St. Petersburg
P. 0. Box 2842
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731


Alligator Creek 1 6 $ 360,000 (1) 1
Alligator Creek 1 11 $ 660,000'(2) 2
Curlew Creek I 8 $ 240,000 (2) 3
Bishop Creek I 4 $ 120,000 (2) 4
Tinney Creek 1 10 $ 300,000 (2) 5
Long Branch 1 20 $ 1,300,000 (1). 6
Pinellas Park
Ditch #1 1 30 $ 1,200,000 (1) 7
Pinellas Park
Ditch #1 1 18 $ 720,000 (1) 8
Allen's Creek 1 25 $ 1,125,000 (1) 9
Cedar Creek 1 9 $ 270,000 (2) 10
Cedar Creek I 4 $ 120,000 (2)* 11
Booker Creek 2 27.4 $ 213,000 (2) 12
Sutherland Bayou 2 2.5 $ 75,000 (2) 13
Stevenson's Creek 2 8.5 $ 255,000 (2) 14
Allen's Creek 2 11 $ 495,000 (1) 15
Roosevelt 2 40 $ 1,200,000 (2) 16
Klosterman Bayou 3 5 $ 150,000 (2) 17
Roosevelt 3 10 $ 300,000 (2) i 18
Smith Bayou 3 1 $ 30,000 (2) 19
Smith Bayou 3 3 $ 90,000 (2) 20
TOTALS 246.4 $ 9,223,000

NOTE: (1) Land costs from updated estimates by Pinellas County
(2) Land costs used in the comparison of alternatives for
the Master Drainage Plan
3/19/82 Natural area (no excavation)
MLH:jp t All stormwater Detention Areas listed were recommended in
connection with Pinellas County's Storm Drainage Basin Study

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