Title: Letter to L. M. Blain from SWFWMD re: Preparation of Budgets
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Title: Letter to L. M. Blain from SWFWMD re: Preparation of Budgets
Alternate Title: Letter to L. M. Blain from SWFWMD re: Preparation of Oklawaha Waccasassa and Manasota Budgets.
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Publication Date: May 26, 1976
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Water Managenment District

G M DERRILL McATEER, Chairman, Brooksville THOMAS VAN DER VEER, Secretary, Yankeetown RONALD B. LAMBERT, Wauchula
J. R. GRAW, Vice Chairman, Ocala S. C. BEXLEY, JR., Land O'Lakes ROBERT MARTINEZ, Tampa
JOE E. HILL, Treasurer, Leesburg N. BROOKS JOHNS, Lakeland LEWIS H. HOMER, Clearwater
Donald R. Feaster, Executive Director

May 26, 1976

Mr. L. M. Blain
Hilton Hotel
Post Office Box 1569
Tallahassee, Florida 32304

RE: Preparation of Oklawaha, Waccasassa and Manasota Budgets

Dear Buddy:

There are a number of areas where we need guidance regarding the steps
we should or perhaps should not be taking with regard to transfer or
annexation of the referenced areas. We would appreciate your review
and comments upon the action we intend to take as outlined below:


1. We are including in our current budget preparations the development
of a budget for the Manasota Basin, along guidelines provided by the
Basin Board, but intend to seek approval of the Basin's tentative and
final budget sometime after the September Governing Board meeting.
Then, in December hold a public hearing to amend the District combined
budget to reflect addition of the Manasota Budget (as well as deletion
of the Oklawaha and Waccasassa budgets) using a formula described below.
Significantly, Manasota's budget will be receiving it's required
Board approvals subsequent to, and out of phase with, the other Basins.

2. It appears it will be necessary to borrow funds to finance the
Basin's operations during the period Jan. 4, 1977 through September 30,
1977. It is our understanding that this is possible by borrowing
against the basin's taxing authority which will become effective
January 4, 1977.

During this Jan-Sept. 1977 period, we will be preparing a budget for
FY-78 (Oct. 1977-Sept. 30, 1978). It is my understanding the funds to
support this fiscal period, as well as repay the funds borrowed and
spent during Jan-Sept. 1977, will be generated from 1977 tax revenue
that will be paid primarily during calendar year 1978. The point is,
no taxes will be collected by the basin (or the District-see next item)
until late in calendar year 1977 within the Manasota Basin.

Mr. L. M. Blain 2 May 26, 1976

3. It appears the most appropriate way for the Basin to be responsible
for costs incurred by the District on the Basin's behalf during the
Jan-Sept. 1977 period, is to follow this procedure:

a. Recommend to the Basin Board that it borrow enough funds to cover:

1. Its budgetary needs for Jan. 4, 1977-Sept. 30, 1977
2. The 60-90 days between October 1, 1977 and when taxes will
begin coming in.
3. Reimbursement to the District for its costs incurred on
behalf of the Basin during the Jan-Sept. 1977 period.

b. In December when the Governing Board holds its hearing to
amend the combined budget, the funds borrowed by the Basin to cover
expenses the District will incur on behalf of the Basin can be
brought into the District Budget.

c. Repayment of the Basin's loan would be after January 1, 1978
or as soon as tax revenue is available.

d. The amount to be paid the District will be based upon a
reasonable determination of costs the District expects to incur on the
Basin's behalf during the Jan-Sept. 1977 period. Then, for FY 1978 the
District will include Manasota in its uniform tax levy as authorized
by Chapter 373, FS and the Basin can proceed in concert with the other
Basins to be included in the budgetary process of the District.

e. The Basin would include in its FY 1978 budget the funds needed
to repay its loan.


1. The staff is developing budgets for both basins for the full fiscal
year beginning October 1, 1976.

2. Upon transfer of the responsibility for the territory, SWFWMD
personnel not transferring will be redirected to assume duties elsewhere
within SWFWMD.

3. We are assuming the receiving Districts will be able to assume the
area's responsibilities with the funds also transferring and we are
not anticipating a request to continue functioning within the basins
after January 4, 1977 through interagency agreements. Along this line
we have written both St. Johns and Suwannee urging them to send a
staff representative to participate in development of budgets for the
respective basins.

4. Determination of a formula to transfer funds related to the Basin
being transferred is difficult because (assuming the "agreed to"
boundaries are approved) parts of a number of basins is involved. For
example a small part of the Oklawaha will remain within SWFWMD while
parts of the Withlacoochee and Green Swamp Basins will transfer. The
formula therefore, will have to be generally applicable and not specific
to just the Waccasassa or Oklawaha Basins.


It appears the most appropriate and least complicated method is to
consider each county separately instead of basin. If part of a county
transfers, then a percentage of the uncommitted District and Basin
funds generated by that county will be transferred. The percentage
used would be equal to the percentage of the area of the county being

5. We feel the most appropriate way to effect the transfers is through
written agreement with the receiving Districts spelling out the terms
of the transfer such as:

a. Effective time and date of transfer
b. Amount of funds
c. Method used in determining amount being transferred
d. Fixed assets to be transferred
e. Value of fixed assets
f. Requirement that the receiving district assume all contractual
obligations now held by Southwest such as with the Corps of Engineers,
the Oklawaha Basin Recreation and Water Conservation and Control
Authority in Lake County, or the Lake Apopka Recreation Water Conservation
and Control Authority.
g. Arrangements regarding the transfer of employees and any
benefits accrued while with Southwest.
h. Any requirements needed to restrict the receiving District
from spending the transferred funds outside the geographic boundaries
of the basin. It seems reasonable that transferring District funds
would also be subject to the same restrictions. By copy of this letter,
I'm asking Jay to begin drafting such an agreement for review.

Please look over these general guidelines and comment if you see we're
proceeding improperly or if you feel there is a simpler way.

Very truly yours,

E. D. VERGARA, Director
Dept. Of Interagency Coordination


cc: District Board
M. G. Gibbons
D. R. Feaster
J. T. Ahern
J. B. Butler

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