Title: Handwritten notes made by Katie Smythe at County Comm. Conf.
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Title: Handwritten notes made by Katie Smythe at County Comm. Conf.
Alternate Title: Handwritten notes made by Katie Smythe at County Comm. Conf. with Samson and de la Parte on April 30, 1985
Physical Description: 5p.
Language: English
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
General Note: Box 4, Folder 1 ( SF BASIN BOARD CONCEPT ), Item 37
Funding: Digitized by the Legal Technology Institute in the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00051953
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Levin College of Law, University of Florida
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Fla.Citrum u-tua Jl, Po) K Co.) 5 Fw M\
spporped b: Fia. Frri /ure/, Cat -ieLj ? V ,Y) ..'-
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A___U nL b i I ' rulu- Q d"->
00 -be a a^ 4 r3
\ passed Urirah)C JO's

r probteis oe booacdLr +han\ flood dtn+ro (ie re uia-tory
) 0 *4o 65-5ns ruL>er @ 15ss5. -tl pro pose- 5 ir/ tk rp Lp
es&'ve bas ins "ln p/ac )- re.- vecrn'+- .ware oF w ha-tk
uevc psssn lsicr 6d.- locar -LYIitnp friod Cn--+rol left
J.is. C..
4- -vvLnv & 6.Uc. CU- -kax p&-cr5 ss ( c5 +hjmn
S&V\.ir np\-5" \ o +- ti COU-h pCw5 rVe .
'Ad w oirer0 -lxsco bn. _vicd @ rwcre a-,t accrp- pudoLr Flat 51ad
Movr e probevi T+han Tr;b. (a\js o001t
C0imrif\\ee B \l i5 ano-H^^e )-n Je^^ eilcf bill
aIc\ Par-e ac ee5 j/ iK m
re( uit -- to ot acnm to oppos--H s cnYnuVi-ec b\i

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Sra4-e '4 (nvi r- co&nCYol4s
ia.Ci-tru Supports --in +iu r bes iln-,--t in \5 -o.s
k^ 5 in Stp 57 ^u g Y15 32% of +h L people wre hh'^^ o.-
"6vWr5, $ VedLCJL tu 1g
otcbS 10) of 10i have 1ev l rep. b '/z o-f Mis C.
p '/1. o 1 1isC o. "- o+ ad1c, repre.
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fir ^ appT+^r\ n -H cd.
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ee r v repFC4uk peopl- bI\ -pport-honia rcp.
pf c \-AJac-r e5S
ppLo c pendin \c }r\ TaIn

;il h o. 2 \I rGooe-es -rn ke Bd. -or 22^ 11 2

2 2 b(\s 5flo atnc aound sics is Oncno\/n
JSayn 1fu. prop. r egre caL favor
l:3si \ ^- rei"rack as y^s=. es-ab. pa or to lasu \s .

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o6 KA moU te ch bu H Od 4ho^ poae- cire/

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U) prob. w/ b 6 eCpyA x b &.B

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b.'^mJoK LrC o.3AJl.

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had b d1s. Co. Ya,.
b1kLoA *fctYYS, )tQT Jnb YL^-C &L 'i2c,& MIl^Oid
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i; % AcKJ #Jv CWLj OtJI < +L o to J btLe Xcn 'd ^ ^
i A1cu Ah ^KL \A4 ktQ c o

Th^ ^ *ICU

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