Title: In re Pinellas County Consumptive Use Permit Application No. 27602673
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Title: In re Pinellas County Consumptive Use Permit Application No. 27602673
Alternate Title: In re Pinellas County Consumptive Use Permit Application No. 27602673 Eldridge-Wilde Well Field Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, Florida. Order 78-26, Order Granting Permit Pursuant to Hearing before Governing Board.
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Publication Date: April 4, 1978
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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This Matter came on to be heard by the Governing Board of Southwest

Florida Water Management District at a Public Hearing on April 4, 1978. Said

Public Hearing, being duly and properly noticed, was conducted at District Head-

quarters, 5060 U. S. Highway 41 South, Brooksville, Florida, and all parties
hereto were present or given the opportunity to be present, and, together with

the general public, were given an opportunity to present testimony and evidence.

The Board having reviewed the application and all documents in the File of

Record, having heard testimony, and having received and examined all documentary

evidence, makes the following

1. Applicant, Pinellas County, leases lands and controls water rights
in and to such lands consisting of 1,929 acres in parts of Sections 1, 11, 12 and

S13, Township 27S, Range 16E, Pinellas County, and Sections 5, 6, and 7, Township 27S,

: range 17E, Hillsborough County, Florida, and has developed a well field thereon
consisting of fifty-eight (58) production wells and other related facilities to

produce a portion of the total public water supply needs of the Pinellas County

Water System. The well field is known as the Eldridge-Wilde Well Field.

| 2. The well field has been operated since 1956. By 1972, production
: at the well field had expanded to such an extent that the Southwest Florida Water

Management District (Regulatory) initiated public hearings thereon. Through a
1 series of Orders beginning December 13, 1972, a well field monitor system was
developed and aquifer testing was conducted in order to establish regulatory

levels and controls for the management of the well field. Following a necessary

period of monitoring, testing, data collection, and evaluation, a program for
well field management was developed which provided for the regulation of pumping

in a manner so as not to cause the cumulative weekly average elevations of the

potentiometric surface of the Floridan Aquifer to be lower than the regulatory levels

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established for four (4) specified monitor wells. These Regulatory Levels were

accepted by the County by Stipulation dated October 22, 1974, and adopted by the

Governing Board by Order No. 74-1OR entered on November 13, 1974.
3. Chapter 16J-2, Florida Administrative Code, implemented

permitting rules governing the consumptive use of water in the District including

the well field site on January 1, 1975. From and after such date, the well field

was managed in such a manner that production was maintained at or below previous

quantities without exceeding the Regulatory Levels. The East Lake Road Well Field

was developed and placed in production to meet peak demand needs and increase

supply requirements of the Pinellas County Water System.
4. Pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 16J, Florida

Administrative Code, Applicant timely applied on December 28, 1976, (Application

No. 7602673) to the Southwest Florida Water Management District for a Consumptive

Use Permit for the continued use of water in the quantities existing prior to

January 1, 1975. Such consumptive use quantity is 35,000,000 gallons per day on

an average annual basis at a withdrawal rate of 35,243,888 gallons per day (average
annual). Applicant has applied for authority to continue to make a combined

average annual withdrawal of 35,243,888 gallons of water per day, with a maximum
combined withdrawal rate not to exceed 59,300,000 gallons during any single day.

5. Applicant agrees that the maximum combined withdrawal rate shall

not exceed 55,000,000 gallons of water during any single day.

6. Objections have been filed in response to notice of this pending

application. The Board has considered the many objections and the concerns

expressed by the objectors. Some objections relate to lowered lake levels and
sink holes, but most relate to effects of production at the well field upon the
"water table beyond the well field property, and particularly adverse effects upon

surface vegetation alleged to be directly related to a decline in the mean annual
elevation of the water table. Whatever effects caused by this well field over

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the 20 years period of its existence would have commenced when the well field went

into production in 1957 and by December 31, 1974, would have reached present levels.
The water table effects directly attributable to production from this well field have
stabilized and have not worsened since 1974. Well field production has not exceeded
1974 existing use withdrawal quantities, and no increase over existing use has
"been requested by the Applicant. Permitting continued production from this well

field in the quantities of the Applicant's existing use should not cause additional
adverse effects in the area.
7. Of the 35,243,888 gallons per day (annual average) withdrawn from

the well field, 96% is used for public supply throughout the Pinellas County Water
System, 3% is used for irrigation within the well field, and 1% is used to augment
Lake Dan which is located within the well field. The portion of the withdrawal
consumptively used is 35,000,000 gallons per day (annual average).
8. A proposed Consumptive Use Permit has been reviewed by the Board.

A copy of the proposed permit is attached hereto as Exhibit 1 and is made a part
of this Order by reference. A copy of the proposed permit was submitted to the

Applicant for review and consideration.
9. The monitoring system developed for this well field was designed

to evaluate the effects of well field withdrawals upon the water resources of the
area and particularly water quality trends indicated by chloride and conductivity
levels in selected monitor wells. The data recovered to date has been unreliable

in many instances due to inadequacies in observation well design and to variability

in sampling techniques. An adequate and reliable monitoring program is vital to

provide early warning of salt water intrusion or other water quality trends.
10. A reliable-water quality monitoring program can best be achieved by

reconstruction of six of eight monitor wells so as to isolate the open intervals

in the bore holes at the depths specified in paragraph 10(a) of the proposed permit.
Reliable sampling can be best achieved by installation of sampling tubes and samples

taken in the manner specified. It is important that reliable data be available

^ as quickly as possible, so the construction should be completed within 8 months.
It is reasonable that paragraph 10(a) be made a condition of the permit.
11. The sampling program set forth in paragraph 10(b) of the proposed

permit is a reasonable modification of the current sampling, analysis and reporting

program and should be required as a condition of the permit.
12. The first chloride data from the reconstructed monitor wells will be

submitted by February 15, 1979. The Board desires that initial data gathered

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during a period to August 15, 1980, be reviewed and reported to the Board as it
relates to actual or potential lateral or vertical salt water intrusion. The

initial Consumptive Use Permit for the well field should be short term so that this

Board can review the data in connection with the renewal of the permit. For this

reason, the initial permit shall expire on December 31, 1980. Applicant should

apply for renewal during the third calendar quarter of 1980, and all available data,
in addition to data submitted by Applicant, shall be reviewed and evaluated at that

time to the end that this Board will be fully advised regarding the effects of

withdrawals from this well field upon the regional and areal water resources.

13. Continued stability of the well field and reasonable assurance that

continued production at the well field will not cause additional adverse effects

in the area can best be achieved by continuing to regulate this well field through

the existing Regulatory Levels management program. The present Regulatory Levels

continue to be reasonable, allow for the full beneficial use of the well field
in a reasonable manner consistent with the public interest, afford protection of

the water resources of the area, have been previously stipulated to by the Applicant,
and should be reimposed by Order of this Board as a condition of a Consumptive Use

Permit. Paragraph 10(c) of the proposed permit sets forth the Regulatory Levels

management program, and compliance with such paragraph shall be a condition of
the Permit.

14. The existing well field flow metering system should be maintained,

and withdrawals reported to the District weekly.

In accordance with the foregoing, and in consideration of applicable

laws and regulations, the Board makes the following

1. The Applicant has established that the existing consumptive use:

^ a) is a reasonable-beneficial use; and
b) is allowable under the Common Law
of the State of Florida.

2. The intended consumptive use is in compliance with the requirements

of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 16J, Florida Administrative Code.

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Wherefore, upon consideration, it is

1. That the Executive Director of Southwest Florida Water Management

District, or a duly delegated member of his Staff, is authorized and directed to
issue a Consumptive Use Permit pursuant to the above numbered application, in
substantially the form, and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in

Exhibit 1, attached hereto.






*i SEAL:

j 3/31/78 dmb

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