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Title: WCRWSA Agenda and Minutes of Meeting
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will involve the interconnection study; and ihase 3 will address

the post-1985 needs. The amount available for contract for this

fiscal year is $125,000.

Mr. Duynslager suggested that Phase I will identify the

needs, but it may not identify a solution, to which Mr. Twachtmann

expressed the opinion that it has been his understanding that it

is imperative to identify the solutions in the first phase of the

report, noting that this has been Mr. Talley's concern throughout

the discussions. Mr. Hesse agreed that the reports would address

needs and solutions.

Referring to the Draft Outline dated February 18, 1976

from Ross, Saarinen, Bolton & Wilder, Inc. concerning the subject

project, Mr. Wedding questioned Mr. Tom Furman on the percentage

of work each section represents. In response, Mr. Furman offered

the following estimates:

Section 1 1% Section 5 up to 20%

Section 2 2% Section 6 3%

Section 3 3% Section 7 balance of work
in Phase I
Section 4 10%

Noting that Mr. Furman has estimated that up to 39% of the work

in Sections 1 through 6 will be involved with data collection,

Mr. Wedding suggested that 98% of that 39% be performed in-house

with the staff of the Authority. He added that the Authority is

seeking a working document and not recommendations for additional

study work; that there is an enormous supply of data available,

and that the bulk of the money utilized in this project should be

concentrated in Section 7 and beyond. Not more than 10% of the

consultant effort should go into Sections 1 through 6.

In response to a question from Mr. Hesse, Mr. Wedding


agreed that additional hydrologic and environmental investigation

would probably be necessary before well fields could be employed.

Mr. Twachtmann interjected that he has always maintained

the philosophy that "the system interconnects may save us some

problems in looking for new sources", and suggested that Section

8 be incorporated in Section 7, "because those might be a part

of the facilities needed to meet the 1980-85 needs". Responding

to this idea, Mr. Furman stated that sufficient work will have

to be performed on Sections 8 and 9 to verify the recommendations

contained in Section 7 and that Mr. Twachtmann's suggestion has

its merits and will be researched.

Upon further questions by the Board, Mr. Furman explained

that speaking of the project in different phases is extremely

difficult to understand; and that he views the project as one

complete study with two interim reports. It was the sense of

the Board that Phase II would constitute the post-1985 report

on needs and sources and would probably be largely budgeted next


Mr. Twachtmann suggested that there is sufficient general

hydrologic data to know where the water is in the subject area,

providing the study doesn't venture too far outside the boundaries

of SWFWMD. He added that he has always desired the study to be

broader and to address other means of obtaining water other than

via wellfields.

Mr. Twachtmann answered in the affirmative to the

following questions of Mr. Talley:

"1. Would you say that as a result of Phase I, they
should be able to come back and recommend the
project should be developed to meet those 1980 needs?

2. If you do the work in Sections 1-8 and you find out
that an interconnection will not provide the


additional water needed, and realizing the time
constraints, would you expect the next site would
be located as a result of Phase I?

Mr. Twachtmann and Mr. Talley agreed that you may have to

drill one well to make the wellfield development decision, although

Mr. Twachtmann indicated it might be unnecessary.

In response to the statement made by Mr. Wedding such

that "If we assume a re-distribution of effort between staff

and your staff, then I think you have got to look at your budget

and see what you can deliver for re-adjusted amount of dollars...",

Mr. Furman stated that based on conversations with his firm's

hydrologist, Geraghty & Miller, the best his firm will be able

to do in Phase I is to recommend two, three, or possibly four

general areas in which his firm would advise the construction of

regional wellfields; that the Authority should have funds available

to contract for the hydrologist to confirm these sites; and that

he doubts his firm can include any preliminary investigation of

the sites in its share of the project.

Mr. Walter D. Walker of the Authority's staff apprised

the Authority that there are some gaps in the available data

that require updating as situations have changed since the data

was obtained.

Mr. de la Parte focused on the importance of the study

done by Geraghty & Miller for SWFWMD and urged that copies be

made available at the earliest date.

In response to questions by Mr. de la Parte, Mr. Furman

suggested that there is sufficient information available, at

this time, to effect the judgement decisions as to alternate

routes or generalized locations for the drilling, providing a


wellfield is selected inside of the area of the SWFWMD

Geraghty & Miller study, which was done at a cost exceeding

$300,000; that outside the Geraghty & Miller study area,

considerable hydrologic investigation costs may be involved;

and that Geraghty & Miller has informed him that the reason

that firm was engaged by SWFWMD to study the Pinellas-Anclote-

Northwest Hillsborough River basins was because it was a problem

area and that if the Authority plans to put another regional

wellfield somewhere in that area, it may cause serious problems.

The consensus of the Board was that too much money is being

spent on acquiring a level of hydrologic detail that is not

needed. The Board is willing to make the decisions on a lesser

amount of data, much of which has only a scientific interest.

Pragmatic considerations should prevail.


Upon an indication from Mr. de la Parte that he has a

conflict with the next scheduled meeting of March 17, 1976

and following discussion, the Vice-Chairman directed, there

being no objection, that the next meeting be scheduled for

1:30 P.M. March 24, 1976 at the Arbor Office Center, Suite 404,

1321 U. S. 19 South, in Clearwater, Florida.


Upon the request of the General Manager, Mr. Twachtmann

moved, seconded by Mr. Wedding and carried, that the Authority

confirm the practice of following the State Statute's prescription


for reimbursing employees for per diem and travel expenses

and authorize the maximum money payable under same.


The Vice-Chairman directed, there being no objection,

that the meeting be adjourned at 2:44 P.M..


i 7 f
VWest Coast Hgional. VWater S; pply Authority
-.^"' ARBOR OFFICE CENTER, SUITE 404 1321 U.S. 19 SOUTHr CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 33516 o 813-531-5935
/" -ICHARD .1. fESSE-



C. P.ANDOOP wN s Arbor Office Center
,P.D Suite 404
1321 U.S. 19 South
Clearwater, Florida
February 25, 1976
1:30 P.M.


Call to Order

1.. Approval of Minutes, Meeting of January 21, 1976.

2. Financial Report January, 1976

3. Approval of Check Register

4. Consideration of CPA recommended procedure for obtaining
check approvals.

/ 5. Presentation of DRI progress report, Cypress Creek Wellfield.

6. Approval to authorize overtime for clerical assistance
(if needed) for DRI preparation.

S7. Consideration of initial staffing and recruitment for
Cypress Creek Wellfield operations.

8. Consideration of Contract for Engineering/Hydrologic
services, Ross, Saarinen, Bolton & Wilder.

9. Other Administrative matters.


The next meeting is scheduled for March 17, 1976 at 1:30 P.IM.
at the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority office.

, ... ^ '.t .
Clearwater, Florida, February 25, 1976

S est Coast Regional Water Suppjy tIx^^ity- (as
authorized by Chapter 74-114, Laws of Florida) met in the

Arbor Office Center, Suite 404, 1321 U. S. 19 South,

Clearwater, Florida, at 1:45 P.M. on this date with the

following members present: Robert Curry, Vice-Chairman

(Hillsborough County Commissioner); Dale Twachtmann (Water

Resources Director, City of Tampa); and C. Randolph Wedding

(Representative City of St. Petersburg)

Absent: Charles E. Rainey, Chairman
(Pinellas County Commissioner)
Curtis L. Law, Treasurer
(Pasco County Commissioner)

WCRWSA: Louis de la Parte, Attorney
Richard J. Hesse, General Manager
Walter D. Walker, Assistant
General Manager for Engineering
and Planning
Gus Krayer
Nancy Reichardt

SWFWMD: John R. Wehle

Pinellas County: W. Gray Dunlap, County Attorney
Pickens C. Talley II, Director
of the Water System
Shirley Colvin, Deputy Clerk

Hillsborough County: Clint Brown, Attorney

City of St. Petersburg: William Duynslager, Director of
Water and Sewer Department

Also present: Harry Oleson, Leggett, Brashears and
Tom Furman, Ross, Saarinen, Bolton
and Wilder
John Allen
John E. Moore, U. S. Geological Survey
Joe Stewart, U. S. Geological Survey
Patrick McMahon, St. Petersburg Times



On motion of Mr. Wedding seconded by Mr. Twachtmann

and carried, the minutes of the meeting of January 21, 1976

were approved.


On motion of Mr. Twachtmann, seconded by Mr. Wedding

and carried, the following Financial Position Statement

and Check Register were approved:


Statement of Financial Position

Petty Cash 100.00
Cash in Bank (Checking & Savings) 38,437.79
U. S. Treasury Bills 281,316.69
Prepaid Office Rent 640.42
Prepaid Automobile Rent 185.00
Office Rental Deposit 640.42
Office Furniture & Equipment 8,390.53
Leasehold Improvements 402.50
Depreciation Expense 155.36
Withholding Taxes Payable 1,814.55
FICA Taxes Payable 716.15
Retirement Fund Payable 6.98.88
Contributions Hillsborough County 144,947.33
Contributions Pasco County 31,774.16
Contributions Pinellas County 238,640.51
Retained Earnings as of 10/1/75 36,108.23
Operating Results thru 1/31/76 52,525.36

$418,746.94 $418,746.94


Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements

1/31/76 Budget Mo. Actual YTD Actual Amount under Budget
Cash Receipts -

Interest Income on Investments -0- 1,734.44
Miscellaneous non-operating Income 17.55 129.05
$17.55 $1,863.49
Disbursements -

Executive Salaries 41,600 4,799.98 13,772.41 27,827.59
Program C. Cypress Creek 25,000 4,105.38 8,982.01 16,017.99
,7 Programs A, B & D:
Engineering/Hydrologic Studies 150,000 3,062.76 7,366.33 142,633.67


". Fringe Benefits 12,452 993.26 2,366.91 10,085.09
"Payroll Taxes (684.48) 1,628.98 (1,628.98)
Office Rental 7,250 640.42 1,921.26 5,328.74
Telephone 4,200 387.99 1,272.73 2,927.27
Office Materials/Supplies 5,000 719.78 1,922.92 3,077.08
Postage 2.83 503.35 (503.35)
Reference Material 3,600 155.86 633.14 2,966.86
Advertising 3,000 61.25 470.17 2,529.83
Office Equipment Rental 2,776 861.39 1,466.18 1,309.82
Automobile Rental 6,660 185.00 925.00 5,735.00
Gas & Oil 3,640 45.98 160.76 3,479.24
Travel Expense 3,600 120.40 529.65 3,070.35
Miscellaneous 12.08 103.36 (103.36)
Insurance -0- 605.89 (605.89)
SLegal Expense 36,000 4,416.47 9,339.07 26,660.93
Accounting & Auditing 5,000 -0- 337.98 4,662.02
Registration Fees -0- 75.00 (75.00)
Parking -0- 5.75 (5.75)
Office Furnishings 5,000 -0- -0- 5,000.00
Equipment Purchase 4,000 -0- -0- 4,000.00
STechnical Liaison 40,000 -0- -0- 40,000.00
Recruiting Expenses 2,000 .* -0- -0- 2,000.00
SConsultant Fees 18,000 -0- -0- 18,000.00
Comptroller 15,000 -0- -0- 15,000.00
Clerical Assistance 3,690 -0- -0- 3,690.00
'reserve (20%) 79,494 -0- -0- 79,494.00
$476,962 $19,886.35 $54,388.85 $422,573.15


> Check Register Period Ending 01-31-76

Check No. Date Payee Purpose Amount

307 2 R. J. Hesse Payroll 48.01
308 Adele Clifford Payroll 301.53
309 Walter Walker Payroll 639.42
310 Donald Dye, Payroll 433.70
311 VOID
312 Shirley Chesser Payroll 227.97
313 Gustav Krayer Payroll 340.67
314 VOID
315 Nancy Reichardt Payroll 222.17
316 APWA Bicentennial Ref. Mat'l. 15.00
317 A.W.W.A. Ref. Mat'l. 8.50
318 PeliKan Office Supply Office Supplies 29.44
319 Alan's Office Equip. Office Supplies 53.29
320 I.B.M. Office Supplies 10.65
321 Nat'l. Tech. Info. Serv.Ref. Mat'l. 20.50
.322 Xerox Equip. Rental 350.46
323 60 Second Printing Office Supplies 54.40
324 U.S. Geological Survey Ref. Mat'l. 1.00
325 U.S. Geological Survey Ref. Mat'l. 10.75
326 BarMor Printing Office Supplies 11.80
327 Sup. of Documents Ref. Mat'l. 2.50
328 Alan's Office Equip. Office Supplies 18.27
329 Jiffy Blueprint Office Supplies 13.60
330 Justice Corp. Office Rent 640..42
331 Bank of Clearwater Withholding Taxes 981.60
332 R. J. Hesse Petty Cash Fund 98.94
333 Standard Oil Gas & Oil '32.88
334 U. S. Leasing Equip. Rental 34.77
335 Alan's Office Equip. Office Supplies 30.50
336 Xerox Office Supplies 54.00
337 PeliKan Office.Supply Office Supplies 41.76
338 Nat'l. Tech. Info. Serv.Ref. Mat'l. 8.50
339 Tampa Tribune Ref. Mat'l. 41.60


340 Jiffy Blueprint Office Supplies 25.20
341 Dimmitt Chevrolet Auto Rental 185.00
342 General Telephone Telephone 282.59
343 Xerox Office Supplies 95.80
344 BarMor Printing Office Supplies 44.75
345 7 IRS Withholding Taxes 194.30
346 8 Fla. Retirement System Retirement 674.31
347 Social Security FICA 654.34.
348 General Telephone Telephone 105.40
349 Cities Service Gas & Oil 6.31
350 PeliKan Office Supply Office Supplies 37.81
351 Fulmer Photo Service Office Supplies 8.50
352 Phillips Co. Gas & Oil 5.79
353 VOID
354 I.B.M. Equip. Rental 65.50
355 Tribune Co. Advertising 1.05
356 Pitney Bowes Equip. Rental 34.50

357 8 Dept. of State Public. Advertising 60.20
358 Alan's Office Equip. Office Supplies 15.85
359 Iouis de la Parte Legal 4,416.47
360 Blue Cross of Fla. Insurance 473.44
361 16 Richard J. Hesse Payroll 948.01
362 Adele Clifford Payroll 301.53
363 Nancy Reichardt Payroll 222.17
364 Walter Walker Payroll '617.35
365 Donald Dye Payroll 433.70
366 Shirley Chesser Payroll 205.90
367 Gustav Krayer Payroll 318.60
368 Pat Murray Payroll 14.12
369 Fla. Clipping Serv. Office Supplies 28.40
370 Alan's Office Equip. Office Supplies 6.30
371 Jiffy Blueprint Office Supplies 7.80
372 I.B.M. Equip. Rental 32.00
373 University Presses Ref. Mat'l. 10.05
374 Bureau of Ec.&Bus.ResourceRef. Mat'l. 2.00
375 Water Info. Center Ref. Mat'l. 23.50
376 23 Xerox Equip. Rental 344.16
377 Bureau of Geology Ref. Mat'l. 2.50
378 Alan's Office Equip. Office Supplies 41.73
379 PeliKan Office Supply Office Supplies 25.78
380 R. J. Hesse Petty Cash Fund 96.46
381 29 Gov't. Printing Office Ref. Mat'l. 1.25
382 30 Weatherwise, Inc. Ref. Mat'l. 3.25
5000 R. J. Hesse Payroll 948.02
5001 Adele Clifford Payroll 301.53
5002 Nancy Reichardt Payroll 222.17
5003 Walter Walker Payroll 617.35
5004 Donald Dye Payroll 433.70
5005 Shirley Chesser Payroll 205.90
5006 Gustav Krayer Payroll 318.60
5007 Pat Murray Payroll 76.79
debit 30 Bank of Clearwater New Payroll Checks 10.02



Recalling that at the last meeting the Chairman expressed

a desire for additional financial information in connection


with the signing of Authority checks, Mr. nesse presented the

following procedures for obtaining signatures on and releasing

all Authority checks as submitted by the CPA firm of Ernst

and Ernst:

(1) General All checks will be recorded in the cash disbursements
book or the payroll register as appropriate and must be supported by adequate
documentation. At each Board meeting, all expenditures not previously reviewed
and approved by the Board must be reviewed and proper disposition made.

(2) Payroll Checks All payroll checks will require two signatures,
the first of which may be either the Board Chairman or Treasurer and the second
of which may be either the General Manager or Controller.

(3) Regular Disbursements Checks for regular disbursements (except as
noted in (4) below) will only require two signatures to be released. The first
signature may be either the Board Chairman or Treasurer and the second signature
may be either the General Hauager or Controller.

(4) Disbursements requiring full Board approval prior to release The
following types of disbursements will require full Board approval prior to
releasing the check for payment:

a. Final payments on contractual obligations.

b. Major fixed asset expenditures.

c. Profession-:il organization dues or fees

d. Travel vouchers for overnight travel.

e. Expenditures which by statute or Board resolution re-quire
the approval of the full oarLd.

A detailed listing of the payee, reason for the payment request,
amount, and any supplemential information required to describe each ;;ucth
disbursement should be prepared by the General Manager and presented to the
full Board to assist them in their review.

He stated that he supports the recommendations of Ernst and

Ernst; and that in the event the Authority desires to add

additional areas of approval to these procedures, it should

identify the areas and adopt a resolution, accordingly.

Mr. Wedding moved, seconded by Mr. Twachtmann and

carried, that the procedures for obtaining signatures on and

releasing all Authority checks as submitted by the CPA firm

of Ernst and Ernst,be approved.



Mr. Hesse reported that,since the last meeting, he and

his staff have concentrated a substantial portion of their

efforts on the preparation of the DRI document for the Cypress

Creek Wellfield; that he has received excellent hydrologic

input from the City of St. Petersburg through their consultant,

Leggett, Brashears and Graham as well as input from

Jake Varn,Cliff Burgess, Pickens Talley, Mr. Peacock of the-Pinellas

County staff, Mr. Courser of the SWFWMD staff, Mr. Moore of the

U. S. Geological Survey and others; that the major portion

of the DRI that still requires a significant effort is the

environmental impact section; that he has received some input

that requires reconciliation; that he foresees a draft of the

document will be in the hands of the staffs of the member

jurisdictions by the early part of March; and that he envisions

the finished document will be presented to the Authority for

approval at the April meeting, following which it will be

submitted to the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council.

In connection with" the preparation of the document, Mr.

Hesse predicted that he may require additional clerical

overtime assistance in reproduction, typing, and assembling

of the document as well as significant printing costs.

He added that it will be his aim to minimize the overtime

requirements; and that the printing cost may be as high as

several thousand dollars, noting that approximately 100 copies

of 500 pages each are planned. -


Mr. Wedding moved, seconded by Mr. Twachtmann and carried,

that the Authority authorize additional clerical overtime

assistance and printing costs re the preparation of the DRI

document for the Cypress Creek Wellfield.


Mr. Hesse reminded the Authority that construction at

the Cypress Creek Wellfield has ceased for the time being.

He stated that during meetings with Mr. Talley and his staff

and Mr. Hesse and the Authority staff, the staffs have concurred

that as soon as one of the houses is completed at Cypress Creek

that an individual should be selected to supervise activities at

the Wellfield. He explained that he is seeking approval from

the Authority to recruit a superintendent of the water production

facility; that he intends to recruit from the member jurisdictions

and the local area; and that he intends ultimately to bring his

recommendation to the Board for final approval.

Upon question by Mr. Wedding, Mr. Hesse reported that

the estimated cost of recruitment is under $100.

During discussion, Mr. Talley advised that he has qualified

individuals trained to assume this responsibility as well as other

positions at the Cypress Creek wellfield, but that the Authority

is not obligated to accept these individuals.

Upon questions by Mr. Twachtmann, Mr. Talley responded

that the plans for the Wellfield should be completed in May of

1977; and that a superintendent is required at this time to operate

the wellfield in about four weeks, if construction is allowed to

continue. He added that it is his opinion that no new personnel


should be hired L.. -cil the facility is actua .y transferred and

that Pinellas County should continue to operate it. Commissioner

Curry and Mr. Twachtmann concurred.

Commissioner Curry expressed the opinion that Pinellas

County should continue to provide the Wellfield staffing, to

which Mr. Hesse added, "I have no problem with that". There

was agreement that the staffing situation could be re-evaluated

at the time that the Authority assumes control of operations;

that Pinellas County would assume full responsibility to have

properly trained personnel on board.

Thereupon, Mr. Wedding moved, seconded by Mr. Twachtmann

and carried, that the recruitment process be deferred.


Referring to Agenda Item, "Consideration of Contract for

Engineering/Hydrologic services, Ross, Saarinen, Bolton & Wilder",

Mr. Hesse stated that, at the time he compiled the agenda for

today's meeting, he wished to present to the Authority a completed

contract. However, negotiations are still in progress. He advised

that one of the remaining problems involved in arriving at a recommended

contract is the determination of a cap on the project -(cost plus

a fixed fee contract with a cap on the total).

Upon questions of Mr. Twachtmann, Mr. Hesse replied that

the total amount budgeted for four Authority study programs is

$175,000; that the 1980-85 needs will be solved in this fiscal

period; that he expects the subject project to go beyond this

fiscal period; and that the project will be broken down into three

phases; Phase 1 will address the 1980-85 needs; Phase 2


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