Title: Letter to Guy Spicola, State Senator enclosing copy of letter from SWFWMD
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Title: Letter to Guy Spicola, State Senator enclosing copy of letter from SWFWMD
Alternate Title: Letter to Guy Spicola, State Senator enclosing copy of letter from SWFWMD to Louis de la Parte regarding the WCRWSA.
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Publication Date: April 15, 1976
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it for us? Blain-would you rather us do it for you, rather than staff up and us pay

you money, so you can hire a .staff? Delaparte-no because we're doing it within the

staff that we already have, a great portion of it. Blain- 'are you asking this as

a source to replace your funds so that you don't have to get funds from the counties

that are participating. Delaparte- we're asking this so that we don't have to go

to the taxpayers of Hills, Pine and. Pasco again. It can only come from one pocket.

Blain- it's not-coming from the same pocket. It creates an inequitable situation

as far as the remainder of our District's concerned. Delaparte-no it does not because

the percentage that we're taking is only attributable to those three. Blain-then what

happens to the percentage for the remainder of the counties that we're not paying it

over to you? Where does that money go? Delaparte- it is used by you for the

distribution and the assistance of the Green Swamp and whatever other projects you're

talking about. You have the authority to spend it where you want to spend it.
DRF-this discussion about using the District funds-when we tax that District tax it

goes into a pot. There is no identity it's there. It's'for the overall overhead.

If we reach in that pot and.give this Pasco, Hills and Pinellas. If we do that,then

the people of the other 12 counties of the District .are going to pick up that and

pay that bill. It is one pot and the money that is levied by the District does not

go for specific projects in part of the District except the Green Swamp. That's the

way the law spells it out. Blain- why can't the law spell it out like it does

with the Green Swamp and say this is the most critical water problem. Delaparte-

when you have a .15 in the Pinellas/Anclote that doesn't bring you the same amount

of dollars as .15 in the other parts of the District. Don't you think there is

discrimination when you levy it Districtwide in that the areas in.which you are levying

that the assessment is heavy that you are getting a disproportionate amount of money.

We feel that if you divert some of that to the authority that some of those worries

that we are trying to create we could relieve you of. You wouldn't have to worry

about those inter-county battles that you're having. Blain- we stand ready to assist

this authority but it has yet to ask us for any help and it's got to do so as a condition

precedent for us to have authority to spend any money or to help them. Delaparte-

we're asking officially. Blain-I don't know how we get it officially done, but as soon

as we get it then we will consider what they want in the way of help and what we can do

to help. Delaparte- We are officially asking for help on the behalf of the production

authority for a percentage of the mileage which would be .025 as operating monies

for the authority to take care of those operations that are now being funded through

the interlocal agreements by the budgets of Hills, Pin and Pasco. It is my position

on the basis of the bill that is pending that if you don't have the statutory authority

to grant the request, it can be included. Blain-have you researched this to see

---~~ .... -

DRF April 13, 1976 % --

DeLaparte-I can't enter into an agreement tomorrow with 5 Basins in terms to put into
their budget a percentage of a mill in order to provide the administrative acth
expenses of the authority. Ultimate analysis is that the budget staffers from

the District that are recommending and putting the papers to it and presenting it
to the Board. However, the Board is asking for percentage, fixed percentage that
doesn't go to the Basins it goes to the Board for its operational expenses some

of which this money is going to be taken from the District, Hills-Pinellas and Pasco

and spent in Green Swamp and other places, and administrative expenses. That don't
ask the Basin Board how that breaks up, that's the budget. It's much easier if the

authority is going to get operational money to deal with the contract with the
District in this percentage than for us to go to each Basin and worry about that.

We suggest only that _it would be a percentage that would be fixed on the property

which is inclusive of the authority. And we're asking that any other monies be

asked for in accordance with the statutes'-through the ordinary budgeting procedures

that is set up for the Basins. Question is--does the District feel that what their
getting is enough for them and can they afford to share it with the authority. The
people of Hillsborough/and Pasco are going to pay for it anyway. It is the taxpayers
of Hills,Pin and Pasco who allocate a percentage of those tax dollars to the authority

anyway so the taxpayers in those Districts are affected no differently.

Blain- are you suggesting that the taxpayers in the other 12 counties, that'the

village rate levied against them by the District would be at a lesser rate than that

levied in the Hills,Pin. and Pasco.

Delaparte=- that portion that is mathematically attributable to Hills,Pasco and Pinellas
which is in your .25 or that portion of .15 that's been recommended which attributable

to the Hills,Pin and Pasco tax that a percentage of that (.02 or whatever) be earmarked

and paid to by an agreement, faK to the authority for its operational expenses.
Blain- is the lump sum for operation? Delaparte-Yes

Blain-what happens to the same percentage for the remainder of the counties in the

District. Where does that money go to? Delaparte- That's yours .

Someone else--- Are you not using that money to perform some function that the

water authority is going to be performing for you? Blain- No we are not.

Delaparte- I disagree. Blain-- what he's asking for is operational funds. He's
not asking for studies. We haven't talked about studies. He talking about the

operational funds that's going to pay the salaries of the employees of the regional
water production authority. Delaparte- we're doing the in-house studies on the DRI
which effect what the District's goals and objectives are at least, determining what

the botanical, the' biological impact of Cypress Creek. Blain- are you asking us,would

you like for us tc- 'o those studies for you? Delaparte-should we ask you would you do

Louis de la Parte 2 April 13, 1976

Lou, please let me assure you that we will cooperate in every way
reasonable with the Authority in order that we might work together towards
solutions to our water supply problems. Please let me know if there is
any information you need and how we might be of further specific assistance
to you.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Director


cc: Col. "Doc" Hesse
Governing Board
Mr. M. G. Gibbons
Mr. L. M. Blain

""W 'xWrater e ranag"ea enrt ILstrict
191 S, P. 0. BOX 457 BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA 33512

S DL:RRILL McATEER, Chairman. Brooksvillc THO(MAS VAN DIR VtI R, Sccrclary, Yankccton RONAD) It LAMIIIRI. Wucula
J.- J R. GRAW, Vice Chairman. Ocala S. C. H X.Y, JR., Land ()'iakcs ROII-R MARIIN.Z lmp
JOM E. 1HILL, Treasurer. .eeshurg N IIR(X)KS JO()NS, I.akcland WIS II HOMI R ( cr
)onald R. fIcaici, t cutiv I)ircctor

April 13, 1976

The Honorable Louis de la Parte
725 E. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, Florida

Re: West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority

Dear Lou:

This will confirm the request and conversation which we had last Monday
regarding the funding problem and needs of the West Coast Regional Water
Supply Authority.

It is my understanding that you are officially requesting that our Governing
Board set aside .025 mills of our District-wide tax that is levied within
Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties and that this money, approximately
$300,000, would be used for operational funds of the Authority.

It is my further understanding that you are requesting that the Basin
Boards within the boundaries of your authority consider as Basin projects
for funding by the Basin, those specific studies and investigations needed
by your authority.

These requests will be presented to our Governing Board for consideration
and it is my personal opinion that the Basin Boards will be receptive towards
funding those studies and investigations which your authority believes and
my staff concurs, will lead towards alleviation of our water supply problems
in the Tampa Bay area. It is my further opinion that it would be improper
to set aside a part of the District-wide village for use in only three
counties of the District.

We are beginning our budgeting project right now for fiscal 76/77 which
begins October 1 and by copy of this letter to "Doc" Hesse, I am requesting
that he write me outlining the specific needs for studies, investigations and
projects. If there is a high-priority need for financial assistance during
this current fiscal year, we do have the capability of transferring Basin
funds from projects which might be considered of lower priority.


April 15, 1976

The Honorable Guy Spicola
State Senator
806 East Jackson Street
Tampa, Florida 33602

Dear Senator:

Here is a copy of a letter from Don Feaster to
Louis de la Parte regarding the West Coast Regional
Water Supply Authority for your information.


L. M. Blain


cc: The Honorable Guy Spicola
The Florida State Senate
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32304

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