Title: Letter relating to Additional Supplies for Pinellas County
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Title: Letter relating to Additional Supplies for Pinellas County
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Publication Date: dated June 19, 1973
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June 19, 1973
Additional Supplies for Pinellas County

B. Recognizing that anyone developing in a well field may not obtain as much
water as he plans for, the financial risk is only justifiable if the amount
developed is reserved for the developer. We have no long range solution to
our problem of supply if we do develop 35 mgd from the A-Z Holding property
and then you cut us back in the future to anything less by allocating part
of the water crop we developed to someone else.

Pinellas County is willing to provide retail or wholesale service to citizens
in Pasco County at the same rates and with the same rights as Pinellas County
citizens. We are further willing to entertain any joint venture with Pasco
County under a variety of means for financial participation. With cooperation
in the regional well field concept and the joint pipeline agreement, Pasco
County could be in the water business years ahead of anything now available
to them. They could conceivably get into operation without resorting to
taxes or bond revenues, The 35 mgd we are looking for out of the Cypress
Creek Area can be shared with Pasco County or others provided there is an
appropriate cost sharing agreement to obtain additional supplies.

As you know, Mac Irwin was our last contact with Pasco County. To my knowledge
there is no one in a staff position assigned with water responsibility. We
would like to open. dialogue with,.ascojCounty. I would appreciate it if
you could ascertain if tbhe y would meet with us ad. ide onct for me
to make arr anger: ents- I;t:n.

Very truly yours,


P. C. Talley II


\ . --7'[ II30I;& ) ()F-" C00 TJN,'T'VY COMN4N1 ION I I'-

June 19, 1973 /

Mr. Don Feaster /
Southwest Florida Water Management District /
P. 0. Box 457 ... "
Brooksville, Florida 33512

Dear Don,

Subject Additional Supplies for Pinellas County

The next expansion phase of the Pinellas County Water System should provide
us with at least 70 mgd of water supply. We are planning tophold the
EldridgeJjilde well field to a 35 mgd average. With adequate storage,
also in planning stages, our maximum day 'should also be close to 35 mgd.

To successfully meet these objectives for the Eldridge Wilde well field,
we must obtain a 35 mgd source somewhere else. We have chosen the property
north of your flood retention area for this additional supply because:

1. Hydrologically it looks like one of the best areas.

2. It conforms with the regional well field concept as proposed by the
Southwest Florida Water Management District.

3. A minimum of improvements have been placed on this land.

4. There are less lakes in the area than other parcels.

5. A very advantageous mechanism to induce local recharge on these lands
is Cypress Creek, which runs through the property.

We were interested in purchasing the A-Z Holding Property early in 1972 for
our well field. We were delayed from proceeding with our plans because
the flood levels were not set. Now the District is buying the A-Z Holding
properties. We would still be willing to develop the area for our well
field if the following problems could be resolved.

A. Flood elevations could be set so that we could determine if sufficient
high lands exist within the property to economically construct a well field;
and should the construction of a well field be economically feasible, we would
need the elevations to begin design immediately.

Mr. P. C. Talley
July 9, 1973
Pago 2

would scem best t! this take place between the County Administrators and/or
tho County Corirn,:oncrs.

Very truly yours,

Exeocuive Director

Enclosures: 1

July 9, 1973

iMr. P. C. Talley, Sup5lintendcnt
Pincllas Count:y S:ror System
315 Haven 2Srcet
Cleavrwatir, Fiorida 33516

Re: AdcIional Supplis for Pinollas County

Dcear Pick:

This will reply to your Iclt'o of Juhn 1o9th even though we have already personally
discussed rrnmo of tfh p.oinTs in your letter. Our work load has been such theo past
few weeks that my cor-i-pondonco is about two weeks late.

You mentioned that you cre planning to limit production from the EldrldGe-Wlcde
woll field to an average of 35 rmid and h t ith adecquate storc:ag now noanned
your maximum day should be clo to Z35 m3d. Our best cEma-tes cat this tme would
put the average urc: which could be expected friom LIdride-Wikld in tho reane of
25-30 mfd and our testimony Iat the July I lih ubitic hearing will suggest rcgulatoy
levels which would permit pumpce within this range

We cacree that hydrcor ically the Cypress Creak Flood Detention Area apra-rs to be
one of tho boter arccis to develop a well field wiih a 35 m:.d capacity. We have
already filed suit on io A-Z property aend it sh-ould be coming up for tria in the
early fall. W\cton and Companny and Diack, Crow and IdCness have not yet connmploted
the final crnine'cril;.: ^':udy, but \we have enclosed n aerial photograph which provides
the Irenc.nivo flood cievaeions that we bol;eve will be finally adopted.

We certainly understand the problems you could cntcil if you developed 35 mgd from
the A-Z :cperl'y and then had to reduce pumay^J cat some future data if the water was
allocated to someone elso,. This is the reason that we have continued to advocate
joit pric:pation in :hO develoipnent of cadi;iaonal water Zupplies. If this is done,
then aJ'.utAo water fuppiics will L, available to those in need regardless of where
they may live.

\Vo acr-e it is desirable that Pinclias County open dialogue with Pasco County and it

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