Newspaper article in St. Petersburg Times by Robert Hooke

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Newspaper article in St. Petersburg Times by Robert Hooke
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Newspaper article in St. Petersburg Times by Robert Hooker. "Compromise water-management bill to be pushed."
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Pumping ( jstor )
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida


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SWater from 1-B
SBEFORE THE first water could begin flowing this
spring, however, a Pasco developer won from Judge Wil-
S liams a ruling that the new wellfield requires a regional
impact statement.
As the Pinellas water crisis deepened last week, Wil-
ii[. hliams agreed to permit emergency pumping from Cypress
Creek while Pinellas appeals his ruling.
ge Swiftmud added its accord, but as Pinellas prepared to
: b start pumping, the Pasco County Commisdion entered the
n confused picture to say its approval would be needed too.
i -On Monday, ignoring the Pasco commission, Pinellas be-
Im gan pumping.
Spicola said Tuesday that his committee's proposed bill
woudl prevent Pasco or any other county within the 15-
county Swiftmud region from "pre-empting the district."
"That's the only way you can have water management;
1 you can't let each of the 15 counties have veto power," Spic-
I ola said.
THE BILL ALSO would specify that a wellfield does
not have to have a regional impact statement, as Williams
has required in the case of Cypress Creek.
With Swiftmud's membership based on at-large guber-
natorial appointments, Spicola said, the urban counties of
SPinellas and Hillsborough would be assured of better repre-
s |sentation, while rural counties' interests also would remain
Gov. Reubin Askew has said Pinellas and Hillsborough
deserve more representation but not enough to match I
the 63 per cent of the population and 55 per cent of the tax
base they command in the Swiftmud area. A one-man, one-
vote reorganization would allow "one area not to face up to pli
its problems and suck other areas dry," Askew said earlier te
-. this year.
Appointments based on the one-man, one-vote theory,
or a change to provide elected water boards rather than ap-
pointive ones, will be opposed by Spicola, too.
I in "Those fly in the face of the boards' objective of protect- i
J. ing the resource," he said.