Title: Minutes of SWFWMD(R) Governing Board Meeting
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Title: Minutes of SWFWMD(R) Governing Board Meeting
Alternate Title: Minutes of SWFWMD(R) Governing Board Meeting on September 10, 1969
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Publication Date: September 10, 1969
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Brooksville, Florida September 1 1969 PiiS ;

The Board of Governors of the Southwest Florida Water Management District (Regulatory)
met in the District Headquarters building, Brooksville, Florida, at 10:30 A.M. on
September 10, 1969. The following persons were present:

D. S. McAteer, Chairman Myron G. Gibbons, Attorney
Edward Medard, Secretary L. M. Blain, Attorney
Arthur M. Pickard, Treasurer Col. H. C. Gee, Consulting Engineer
John Anderson, Member Ted. Reiter, Consulting Accountant
Herman Beville, Member Dale H. Twachtmann, Executive Director
S. C. Bexley, Jr., Member Donald R. Feaster, District Engineer
Paul Hubbard, Member Robert Watson, Chief of Land Acquisition
Boyce Williams, Member Robert Gates, Superintendent of Maintenance
Garald Parker, Chief of Hydrology Division
Clint Schultz, Chief of Fiscal Division

Col. J. V. Sollohub, Director, Division of Interior Resources, DNR
R. M. Bachman, Department of Natural Resources
C. M. Sanders, Department of Natural Resources
Eugene D. Crum, Hillsborough River Basin Board
Ward C. Tooke, Withlacoochee River Basin Board
Dwight Hart, Oklawaha
Sam Lockwood, Tampa Water Department
Earl Wells, Florida Phosphate Council
Jim Twitty, Tampa Tribune
Lucy Ware Morgan, St. Petersburg Times
Joe Bowler, St. Petersburg Times
Lowell Langford, Tampa Times
G. M. Price, Marion County Health Department

and the following SWFWMD staff members: Charles Miller, Jake Varn, Emily Black, Bill
Smith, Melodie Oleson, Bob Stoll, John Duddy, Henry Boyett, Ann Black, Derrill Hoffman,
Melba Beaty, Sandra Polansky and Cassandra Atkinson. Also the following delegation of
well drillers:

Burl R. Dunlap Marion Ward Leon Futch
Robert W. Hall H. P. Whatley R. Paul Everhart
Janet Behnke Larry Davis Joe H. Blair
William D. Adawn E. E. Sherouse Albert Wooten
Ken Turley J. F. Carroll Donald W. Sloan
J. C. Cannon J. W. Fussell David Ridley
Tom Pritchard ; :- .W. Mixon Willard Ridley
\.." : W .. f "

OCT 7- 1959

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JU .C l' -" -y

Minutes of the Meeting September 10, 1969
Board of SWFWMD (R) Page Two

Raymond Palmer Robert Huss Morris Gary
H. E. Godwin Dan McGuire E. L. NeSmith
A. G. Jones W. H. Grotefend W. R. MacKenzie
V. W. Athey A. H. Marguadt Bobby G. Taylor
Curtis Newberg V. E. Luffman Robert Schaefer
Darrly E. Wirtz Robert Luffman C. W. Leonard, Jr.
Cleve Frink Corbett Mullins F. B. McCray
Ronald W. Frink Frank Ravishati R. B. Dunham
Joe E. Zita John S. Hopkins Roy Wilt
L. L. Williams Wilbur H. Langley Harry Cannon
John Sronlon Charles Woodlin H. V. Hopewell
V. Castur D. H. Corbin D. R. Bryon

and others who did not sign the register.

Chairman McAteer recognized Mr. John Kriska, Secretary of the Florida Well Drillers
Association, who had asked for the opportunity to address the Board.

Mr. Kriska said that he spoke for the Florida Well Drillers Association and he emphasized
the interest that all of the drillers have in the regulations by pointing out the number of
drillers that were present at the meeting this day.

He stated that in general the Florida Well Drillers Association and the other drillers in
Florida feel that some rules and regulations are necessary and certain codes and rules should
be enforced to protect the ground water resources but that in their opinion Chapter 357R-1
as prepared by the Board is too vague. He detailed in his presentation that thetwo inch limit-
ing clause should be stricken, that the provision for special certificates might allow even the
unqualified to obtain a special certificate, that the bonding provisions should not extend to
all the employees of the drilling contractor, that the "exemptions" portion of the rules be
stricken entirely, and that a well driller's advisory board to establish codes, standards and
act as liaison be formed. He said that the drillers were especially concerned about quotations
in the newspapers which stated that the phosphate industry does not have equipment capable
of drilling into the aquifer.He said they were willing to present testimony at a later time to
prove that such equipment did exist. He concluded his presentation by asking for a ninety day
moratorium on the effective date of the regulations while these corrections were being made.

Chairman McAteer responded that the Board accepts the recommendations for study and that he
would attempt to answer some of the questions at that time. He then stated that he agreed that
the two inch limitation perhaps should not appear in the rules but that in the final analysis the
sheer number of wells that are drilled each year in the District required that there be some
limitation so that those permits received could be promptly handled. Chairman McAteer stated
that it was the intention of the Board that all employees of a company which has been properly
bonded shall be included under one bond. Administrative procedures will be taken to carry out
the Board's intent. He welcomed the suggestion concerning the advisory board and said that it
was the Board's intention that the drillers be continuously involved in the regulatory process.

Minutes of the Meeting September 10, 1969
Board of SWFWMD (R) Page Three

Chairman McAteer then stated that he would like to make clear the matters concerning the
quotes by him on the ability of the phosphate industries' drilling equipment. He said he fully
realized that the phosphate industry had much equipment that could drill into the aquifer
and make large water wells. These he said will be regulated just as all other drillers
in the District will be regulated. He said that the quotation in the paper referred only to
his experience in seeing a prospecting rig that was obtaining matrix samples and that that
equipment was not capable of drilling into the aquifer. He then repeated that the Florida
Phosphate Industry knows, and expects, to be regulated as completely as the rest of the
drilling industry in all of those matters where their drilling does penetrate the aquifer.
Their equipment will be required to be marked just as any other driller's and enforcement
will be just as strict upon them as upon all others.

The Chairman summarized his comments by saying that the Board feels that they are doing the
right thing in passing these beginning rules and regulations, that they expect to make mistakes
but will correct them at the first opportunity. He said the Board appreciated the concern of
the drillers and their sacrifice in taking the time to come to the meeting to state their opinions.

A question and answer period followed in which the drillers asked some specific questions about
the regulations and their questions were answered by Mr. McAteer, Mr. Gibbons or Mr. Twacht-
mann. Mr. Twachtmann emphasized that on the matter of enforcement the drillers could be
certain that enforcement could not occur beginning on October 1st. He said that the beginning
processes were two fold; that is, the registration procedure and the permit procedure. He pointed
out that it would be impossible to begin any real enforcement until after the registration of all
the drillers was nearly complete and that would certainly take thrity to sixty days. Then after
all of that is completed and an effective mailing list has been compiled so that communications can
take place between the District and the drillerithe permit application process can be begin actively.
In general it was decided that there would be certainly a sixty to ninety day delay in rig id enforce-
ment procedures.

Mr. Twachtmann also stated that it was the Board's intention to share the data obtained with the
drillers when they have specific problems and when they wish to advise their customers. He said
that the geological files of the District would be open for the drillers to use and he emphasized
once again that he thought the major benefit of the whole registration procedure was the possi-
bility of obtaining a full mailing list of the active drillers in the District and the ability for each
to communicate with the other in the full exchange of information concerning the ground water

After the conclusion of another short question and answer session Mr. Burl Dunlap, President of
the Florida Well Drillers Association, thanked the Board for their time and for the opportunity
to speak. Chairman McAteer assured Mr. Dunlap that the drillers were welcome at any time
and that the Board would also be pleased to make arrangements to hear them as was the case

Chairman McAteer then adjourned the meeting.

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