Petition by Tom Fairfield Brown

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Petition by Tom Fairfield Brown
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Petition by Tom Fairfield Brown, on his own behalf and that of his wife, Katherine C. Brown, who are owners of adjoining property with NW Hillsborough Regional proposed well field.
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and a complete determination can be made as to the effect and
extent of damage to which Petitioner will sustain by reason of
WCRWSA proposed actions of the Sheldon Road well.
9. Petitioner would request, in addition to the foregoing,
such other relief as the Board deems appropriate.


Dated: August 3, 1983

CERTIFIED to be a true and correct
copy of the original filed in the
Public Records of the District.

BY: C / H^^r^L D. C.
CLERK, Southwest Floria Water
Management District


Slake, wholly contained upon the land of the Petitioner, which is
i fed by artesian springs. In addition to the foregoing the proposed
actions of WCRWSA will substantially damage the agricultural operation
of Petitioner and said lake.
i 4. Petitioner received notice of the August 3rd, 1983
hearing by virtue of a letter, dated July 22, 1983, from SWFWMD.
5. The disputed issues of fact which will be discussed at the
hearing involve those facts that allegedly support the decision
of WCRWSA to locate a new wellfield in Northwest Hillsborough County.
5. The Petitioner believes that his position is supported
by documents that are on file with SWFWMD which clearly support the
i fact that when large quantities of water are withdrawn from a
i relatively small area in the vicinity of Sheldon Road wellfield,
that exaggerated consequences occur on the surrounding property and
water table. These documents are too numerous to list in this
!] Petition, but the documents were prepared by SWFWMD, WCRWSA,
the U.S. Geological Survey, and staff employees of Hillsborough
County, experts and consultants retained by Hillsborough County.
i The documents cover a period from 1963 until the present.
6. The Petitioner demands that SWFWMD refute to permit the
new wellfield and also demands that the WCRWSA be directed to study
the availability of water from other sources other than a concentrated
wellfield located contiguous to the property owned by Petitioner on
Sheldon Road.
S7. The application of WCRWSA attempts to join it's Petition,
with reference to multiple wells in areas, with that of proposed
Sheldon Road wellfield.
! 8. Repeated requests have been made by Petitioner to WCRWFA
to provide response, data and information concerning proposed wellfield,
However, said information requested has not been forthcoming. By
reason thereof Petitioner requests that any scheduled hearing or
taking of testimony before hearing officer be scheduled after Petitioner
has had ample opportunity to recieve necessary information the WCRWSA,

relatively small area. Documents will reveal that when pumping
in the Section 21 wellfield was at the rate of 18 to 20 million
gallons of water per day, Petitioner and other residents of north-
west Hillsborough County were severely affected. Many of their
private wells went dry and potentiometric levels in wells of
Petitioner dropped. At hearing scheduled August 3, 1983, consideration
is going to be given by the Southwest Water Management District
to permitting the withdrawal of water from well located on property
owned by Hillsborough County, located approximately 250 feet
immediately north of Petitioners property line,and the creation
of a new wellfield, which combined, will result in total pumping
in excess of 20 million gallons of water per day. Westcoast
Regional Water Supply Authority proposes to pump from a well immediately
adjacent to Petitioners land, aforementioned, at a rate of 3 million
gallons per day. A quantity and rate nearly 10 times the consumptive
use permit for said well, previously approved by this board. Data
which Petitioner intends to submit at hearings on this matter will
support the fact that the area of NW Hillsborough County cannot
withstand the withdrawal of water at that rate (combined rates of the
proposed wellfield ad Section 2] without having severe adverse effects
on the surrounding property. Those adverse effects have been proven
to be the creation of sink holes, the destruction of vegetation, the
reduction in the water table,and the reduction of lake levels. When
these conditions occur, the Petitioner and other property owners
and residents of Northwest Hillsborough County are severely affected
in that their property values are decreased, their lakes are depleted,
their wells go dry, and the very ground upon which they live is
susceptible to sink hole formation.
3. Petitioner land ownership and said location is approximately
271 acres. Petitioner is engaged in extensive agricultural operation
at said location, including hay, nursery and tree farming. The proposed
withdrawal by WCRWSA will inflict gross and irreparable harm upon
Petitioner by lowering the potentiometric water level under the
Petitioner's lands, the surface water under Petitioners land and the



To: Southwest Florida Water Manaagement District

Re: CUP Applications:
Section 21 Wellfield 20003
Cosme-Odessa 20004
South Pasco 203647
NW Hillsborough Regional 206676

Date of Hearing: August 3, 1983

Comes Now the Petitioner, TOM FAIRFIELD BROWN, on his own
behalf and that of his wife, KATHERINE C. BROWN, who are owners
Ji iof adjoining property to Sheldon Road well of the NW Hillsborough
i Regional proposed wellfield, and petitions this Board pursuant to
Chapter 28, Section 5.201 of the Florida Administrative Code for
permission to intervene and be given the status of"intervenor" or
"party" at the hearing on August 3, 1983, during which consideration
will be given to captioned CUP Applications. As grounds, therefore,
Petitioner states as follows:
1. The Agencies involved are: West Coast Regional Water

Supply Authority, Hillsborough County, City of St. Petersburg.
2. The address of the Petitioner is 11720 Sheldon Road,
Tampa, Florida 33624. The Petitioner and his wife, Katherine
C. Brown, are the adjacent property owners to the property that
borders Sheldon Road Wellfield, located on Sheldon Road at
Hillsborough County, Florida. The property owned by the Petitioner
consists of approximately 271 acres, lying immediately South and
: sharing a common property line with Hillsborough County, Florida,
beginning at Sheldon Road and continuing West a distance of approx-
i imately 1 1/2 mile.
Said Petitioner has a substantial interest in the hearings
scheduled on August rd,and any continuances or extentions thereof,
in that the stake is the creation of a new wellfield located in an
area of Northwest Hillsborough County that has proven to be specially
sensitive to the withdrawal of large quantities of water from a