Title: City of St. Petersburg of the Cosme-Odessa Well Field
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Title: City of St. Petersburg of the Cosme-Odessa Well Field
Alternate Title: Appendix No. 5: City of St. Petersburg of the Cosme-Odessa Well Field and the Section 21 Well Field in Hillsborough County and the Pasco Well Field in Pasco County. Order No. 74-11R, Amending Order No. 72-1 Amended, Referred to in the Minutes of April 20,
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9- .

'1' "* *" .

%-la,-I" ST- ..I .I t i
LD I .I I .
(t i.CU I./ K, '" "

8I IF.t l
I ,I.

F : .. .

TI;L CP,, ...T :,.i T;;:E CITY CF S'. ) '; '.: 74--IIR
I .T : r *. ,, [ '. ( SJ .1 I.) 7 I

I ...i....:^?.:;!I c:CU TY F .K-i A:... ) (:,L-rcrrd t* in t,,: ;
Ti';" Pa.CO ;:'ki.L FI'l.U I P; CO C1..'I;'Y, ) of April 10, 97 as 7 --
FL.;iIDA )
%.. c" r r! cv Gftn

"TfItS ,iATT,,R c.s before the [ourd of C.overriors of thi Soutl.'.;est Flori'.i

'at .r l.,aq n district (.rulatory), I%,reinafter r'crrcd to &s D.U)' t a
"ce "(,:' 1 I1,,, -; r I I 1# ,,,I 1 74
Iub'Hc [~t1riJ d,, and prop,,ry held before the .C!d.D o; 4ril Th'. ,.74

notice :vin.9 b; duly (iven to the City oF St. Petcrsbur>, a i>usicip, co;r' )"

tion, i r ri.,aftir referred to as CITY for the purpose of pror..latinn furti:;

Orders .(.lri; \,iith those certain well fields operated by the CITY in !Hillt'ro1:;

County, Florida, !:i.ownm as tlh Cos:ci-Od.essa iHll Fiuld and t'he Section 21 K.el1
"11 Pa. f "; r CO U"--. ., I I %.
Ficid, and in Pasco County, Florida, r kromn as the South Pascc ulVl Field, l@oc d

in tlh Sections 2, 32 and 33, To'nship 2 South, n 18 East, and t T

having cosiLrcd tht certain agrcci;.nt entered into on ;ove:;:'.er 14, I7,

between the i0'; RD P, [ILLAS CCU'\JTY, PASCO CO'J:1TY, ilLL iOKUGi: C0mTY Ai:l CITY,

particlrly nirL:u;:rcd paragraphs 27A (I) (1) to (c) and 27A- (G), aUnd the CITY'

havinrt [.:"-,; prcsc.!:t and reprlesentLed by its Counsei at said li caring, and t, .e

UOAP.D ivii. careCfu:.', considered the testir.:ony aid cvidince prcs'cnto, ttd-.r

i:1ith ti.c evid:cnce ji r(se ntJed Lhroulh cro:s-cxai)iinition and ar i,:.;e;,ts of C-:. s.' l,


!oos find as follow's

A. That, uindxr the evidence presented and in light of the
"existing circu1sotanccs, it "is reasonable for the COARD to

modify ('rdr Io. 72-1 as previously t) oneid lby Girdr i:o.
"73-4.il relating t*o the operation of t.he Cfo'm-Cd.ssa u :11
Field coi nsist.nt \RLiti ti., provisions sct forth in t:.t
certain tairc(;.im:c:t r(eFcrre'd to hreinii.bov'.
IT IS T i.,, ,'0; 'I.;',rI 'i tat .rdlr I!o. 7>1, as prev i ou :ly a,:cr. n (

by (Ydi.'..r .)o. 73-'-R is acmuCnded in its entirety to r'ad as i o'llo' s:

1. T!!:t h t CITY, i Ls a,,n'its ai' .pl1oy esy ,s il noi. v.i tiidra-

o (: ;:,.: to 1,. ':i : 0.ki', n fro-; t.:e ;< 1i in th.c- I; c I. '..
'*:,.;-:.i ':.ssi ;. i, l iS '( >l !;i I1 "' oroti i' o ntl n r any
UIXioui.L or tor v0ich ill c:'ai the we':ly avera( 2lcvati on

of thi!r |-0t;tgi(;'.(:tric ;urfitc of the Fl orir.z'n Aqwif'r as
.ctc riin:. ccu:r1ati/rl.y to be (:sz than:
(:) "ive;;i:y (20) "f.'t above i:an sea lrve'l as micasurec! at

.C.co 3 ObCervation I011 ( v0.,OG7f'i' 0::).
(b) Thc.:ity-five (2&) f(:et abov- r.an sea Icvel as ensureded

at tie "Car.s II" Cbservation 1' (2;07G3O023 17).

(c) TI.cnty-four (2,;) foot above ;i.ean sca level as measured
at the "Cai 3" Obsrvtion (.).

2. Tlhat ti,: CITY, its acents and c.'.ployces, shall not withdraw,

or cause to be .",tbYa;',.'n, froi tr,?. v:alls in t!:e aforc.aid

S"ct "!1 .'ll F'(uld Ilill-c!oroelh County, Florida, any
a:iount of :atecr :hihic '.:ill cai.use tlhe V:c'lly aver.rage el:vationi

of the poThi;'. ci:('tric surface of tlie Iloridnr Acuifer as
dotornri '(d c1u8'tIlaii'.\'ely to be l .ss thanr:

14 ___ ____________

(a) "Tiirty-t'Lv (33) feet above mean sea level, as c,,aurcd

at the "lil.;sroe;cih 13" Obcervation 'olI (2"07CCl23020).
(b) Ti'ty-'foir (;4) foot above iean sea level, as ilcas.urcd at
"d)ckTson 2CA" (Obervation Vl&'1 ('?Ctl;07 ).
3. In coinection vith t!:he opcraticcn of the Co s...e-Cj'ossa and Sction

21 Ill F-ields:
(a) At ho time sa'l te eey average relations of the

potitic.etrki surface orf thei Floridan Aquifer be more

than 3 fooeet blo the elcvations set forth in paragraphs
1 an!d 2 aLove.
(b) Lccl.i.y ,avcra" elcevatic;s shall be calcilaLnd by c.ddng

toCethcr t! hi1,h rcaJng for each day and tLe 10o: reading

for each dy, th'n dividciog th1e su, thereof by 14; each

cokly pe-riod ll coi..:nce at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday
or c':cih ,cek.
(c) Th:: ;,ecJly av'.re;,e clevations slha'll bc: detcrr.iined

cui1;.lat ivy;1 i 'fr:. covc:..-.r 1, 1973 tio:.iou h Sk;l :;!. er 30,

1974. A jroc!!cLionl y 51r sh-1ll rt on Cc tioc.r 1,
1 7;-! uI!d C'cl t\t r 1 tl.'r:i af r. Cu:i;'1a t.iv. 1..(c !y

,v'.'.::' .' (I 1 v.v i (:;'.*;I. I.h t, nI t c.( 1i'y (.V f.r tt'l ? I ro p 'd ctli"
year to an.othicr, and .roCl'.d:ction c.us'inJ r(qulaatory levels
to drop b-kl.:' th. cu:!jlative Uehly ev\ro'aoe olcvations
shall only be pmr:;itti'Jd duringrj the first six ;f.:e:s of each

pro,.nctioni year.

15 -----

(d) The; total i.axiinu::a i'ilthdra;'als fro:n the co;::-'ned Cosrme-
Odcssa and Section 21 Ilcll Fiulds shall not cxcecd 1C3

Itillion gallons per w.,ok whichh ai..ount shall not L-. figured
cuiLulatively. Production shall L- reasonably balanced
between the two well fi elds.

4. The CITY' its agiuts anld employeOs, shall not withl'raw, or cause
to be withiJrian, fr- tl- South PCsco elF Field, any a:uount of
water wh;ic'h S;ill cause the loevls in certain observation wa.ells
to be lo;:er than the eolvaticns prescribed below;:
(a) Thre weekly avcrage elevations of tihe potcntiormtric
surface of the Flori'cc.n Aquifer as deterl;ined cu:;.ulatively
shall inot be lo'";er than:
(1) 42.0 fco.t above r.ican sea level as tesurod at th
State Ro5(Jd 5 DJop Observation :cll (2011431323047).

(2) 41.0 fc;t atov;e n:can sea level, as measured at the
Southi PIasco Deep Cbscrvat'icin ;7ll 145 (281G5,;323?2).

(3) 37.0 fc.t aLbove r.-ean sea hlvel, as i:'easurI-d at the
South Pasco Deep Observation ;cel' 742 (2G103i'C'23C7).'

(h) At no tire shlall the- v.cccly average elevations of the poten-
tio;':;tric s-rface of the Flloridan Aquifer be r.:ore than 4 feet

kblow the elevations set forth in (a) above.

(c) Such weekly av';iraJue lovatiwcrs shall be calculate:t by
adding to<."th:.'r the hi1). reading for each day and the loz.

reading for each ckay, t:;cni divi',ing thcr stun thereof by

14; each \:eckly period shall co.::'.icnce at 12:01 a.i:i. on
Saturday of cch \;cl;.


(d) Th ii: l:clly o' eo clev nations shall bo diitcr1cd
cuiulatively *fr'e:;i ALuust 1, 1073 thl.roijh SCe'tc.'b er 30,

... J\". A nc p!:'odi:ctioC. ycar shall ttairt on Octo1l.cr 1.

074 .6i d :, c t. C ';tolo c(:r 1 tIl.,r.aft,.r. C:.nia ativ \;v.:iekly
'Vt-.;C 1 v 1 .tiun.5 111 Sull t.o c n'ty OV;' frcl. O,;
plrod(ction yu:ar to anotlnr, and production causln,,
re:julatory lrevwls to drop bef.cu the cui::lative V.::ely

avcrvelj clcvatirois sh;ll only be lpe'rmitted during tlh

first six weel's o each production yCear.

(o) The CITY, at its ow.n expnlse, shall by June 1 1974,
provide the follo./iirNg facilities:

(1) A deep observation .wll located west of the w\cll
field at a distance of not loss than 2,009 feet
from a prclduci ig welv .1

(2) A recording procijlitation Ugaoe located within tl;e

well field.

(3) Specifications and locations of thec above facilities
shall be approved by tlhe staff of tL;h Southw;est

Flor da !atcr lianagcment District.

5. Reports of ;eekly average elevations for each w-ekly period
shall -be: i;iade by CITY to DIST-ICT by telephone on the following

lionday and confirr.:d in writing' on forms to be provided by

DISTRICT; such w.eelkly periods shall con::;ince at 12:01 a.n. on

Saturday of each w,'eek.

6. That the CITY before April 1, IK75 undcrtaick the necessary
modri fi :cation, at its o\wn e:peiise, of .-10O ::ell to convert it

to a val id slual tat' ecrreach::nmt rconitor w.ell and cpcrCte


Grace 3 as a regulatory \(,1I1 and le operated at no less than

as set forth in Iaravraph 1 (a) ablovo.

7. That tl:e CITY construct and install a total izing flow: m.:ter

on the 1l o. 3A ( 7 3 ').

8. lThat said ieeckly averag;e referred to in Para'graph 1 above will

be calculated by using two readings, tle ligh and low for each

day of tie calendar w-.-ol, tlihn dividing tle suim thereof by 14;

each \.c:ry.ly period shall co::;.:::lnce at 12:01 A.li.. on Saturday of

each v.(e k.

9. TII j:.!!Jy av (', ; i elevatiionisi siall be d!Lter! irined cu.iU'latively
v (. .,. 3
fro"' i!.vO .bcO r 1 1'73 t l:irou'i. s ;i Ccr 30, 17-1. In d ter in i.

tK w.,,,i Lly iovt,:.: elcva io. in o Grac : 3, t cuti; u L't.ive ito ly
avr,: (,1 v. i e ',,t. o:! !.-1,',) '.',11 ',lT "1 b tranif Irrod a id
"r ^ d LJ..' tU tlii co; *pu' l i on'; oil (.race 3 *;14r 1h: r ;.aii;d'r
(of this prrodlcicon ye:ar. Cur:ulai.ive woc'l:1y average elevations

shall iot carry over froi.n one pc)rd'.ction year to another, and

production causing regulatory levels to drop below the cu:ul.ta-
tive w"cklly average elvatiois shall only be p)eri.itted during

the first six we.'cks of each production year. The transfer of

Grace 3 for latcr Plant E-100 shall occur at 12:01 A.J1. on

the Saturday fol 1 owi ng tihe filing of this Order ;'ith the

ep'artr:nt of State.

10. A I:..ring s:.ll )be held on August 14, 197 to consider

cstabli',isi" tle r.conitor levels for t:he shallow auif:er to

beco:e effective October 1, 1974.


11. That the1 1ncitor levels set forth hereinabove shall apply until
Octo!.br 1, 11.74 and thereafter until such regulatory levels and
controls have Lzen ,r.odifived by order of DISTRICT, provided,
howvcvcr, that the well field will be closely .:or.itorcd; any
adverse horizontal or vertical l:ovci.icnt of the sal t;ater-
fros :ator interface could neccssita to appropriate modification
of rcnulatory levels or such oLther action as Iay be required to

halt such adver\se r:.ovenent; any significant adverse environmental

change attriltablc directly to the operation of id well field

could necessitate appropriate modification of this Order.

12. That all other Orders issued by the DISTRICT except as aiended
herein shall reu1aiin.in forceand effect.

DOI1E and D(iRD_! this ; cth day of Amni 174.



ATT1EST: 1. ... 27 ) @*. .)-..---
C i/ .C I.L ; 3If. i

6.,.. ... -.y.19


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