Memorandum to Governing Board members

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Memorandum to Governing Board members
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Memorandum to Governing Board members with attachment of copies of the proposed state water policy with notice of meeting on December 8th.
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It is the policy of the State of Florida that, where appropriate:

1. All waters of the state should be managed to maximize reasonable-beneficial

2. Water necessary to support essential non-withdrawal demands such as
navigation, recreation and the maintenance of natural systems should be
3. Wetlands, floodplains, flood hazard areas, and lands significant to the
conservation and management of water should be protected. High priority
should be given to their acquisition.

4. Stormwater runoff should be managed to the extent practicable in conservation
of water and reduction of flooding.

5. All regions should utilize local water resources to the greatest degree
that is economically and environmentally feasible before considering the
transfer of more distant water resources.

6. The use and reuse of water of the lowest acceptable quality for the purpose
intended should be encouraged.

7. Water management and land use planning should be coordinated to the extent

8. Water resource projects of particular benefit to limited segments of the
population should be financed by those most directly benefited.
9. Encouragement and assistance should be provided in the assessment of non-
structural solutions to flooding, soil erosion and drainage problems.

10. The factors to be considered in determining "reasonable-beneficial use"
should be clearly articulated and adopted by separate rule.

11. Water uses to support new inappropriate development in wetland, floodplain,
and flood hazard areas should not be considered reasonable-beneficial uses.

12. Permits for consumptive use of water should be limited to reasonable-
beneficial uses and water conservation should be a condition of water use.

13. The constitutional rights of private ownership of land shall be fully

14. The implementation of this policy should be through delegation to the water
management districts so that water management decisions may be made as
closely as possible to the areas where they will be implemented.

The Governing Board recommends that the Secretary of the Department of
Environmental Regulation adopt a separate rule which would provide that
in determining reasonable-beneficial use of water in connection with
consumptive use permitting programs that consideration should be given
a. Quantity of water requested for the use;

b. The demonstrated need for the use;

c. The suitability of the use to the source of water;

d. The social, economic and environmental value of the use;

e. The extent and amount of social, economic and environmental
harm caused;

f. The practicality of mitigating any harm by adjusting the
quantity or method of use;

g. The method and efficiency of use;

h. Water conservation measures taken or available to be taken;

1. The practicality of reuse, or the use of waters of more
suitable quality;

j. The projected demand;

k. The extent of water quality degradation caused; and

1. Other environmental factors impacting the water resources.

k.rSouthwest Floriida
SWa t e r M a n a g e nm e nr t D i s t r i c t
1961 PHONE (904) 796-7211

SEM E B R U C E A S A M S O N C ha irm a n T am p a B T L O N G IN O S a raso ta JIM K IM B R O U G H B ro o ksville
Wm. O. STUBBS, JR., Vice Chairman, Dade City CLIFF STEPHENS, Clearwater ARCH UPDIKE, JR., Lake Wales
JAMES CAMPBELL, Secretary, Plant City DON CRANE, St. Petersburg
"RONALD B. LAMBERTJ Treasurer, Wauchula DONALD R. FEASTER, Executive Director

December 3, 1980



FROM: DONALD R. FEASTER, Executive Director

RE: State Water Policy

Attached for your review are copies of the proposed state water policy and
the recommended reasonable-beneficial use criteria which the Board author-
ized be transmitted to the Department of Environmental Regulation. John
Wehle will be taking this policy to the meeting of DER and the other dis-
tricts on Monday, December 8; if you have any comments on the policy or the
reasonable-beneficial use criteria, please contact John or Marcia Penman.


cc: L. M. Blain