The Columbian

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The Columbian
Uniform Title:
Columbian (Lake City, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Lake City Columbian
Place of Publication:
Lake City Fla
Smith & Ives
Creation Date:
December 30, 1863


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Lake City (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Columbia County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Columbia -- Lake City
30.189722 x -82.639722 ( Place of Publication )


Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.:
Began in 1862?
General Note:
Editors: M.W. Smith, W.M. Ives, <1863>; J.F. Rogero, <1865>.
General Note:
Publishers: J.O.A. Gerry, 1863; Jos. F. Rogero, 1863-<1865>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 39 (Mar. 5, 1863).
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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I- ., i t CA

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JO 4. 11
JOS F. Or:ERO, EDImrn A.,N PoPitwrroR. : Fl'" OLT ARS per Annum.

: [...L KE cIT .Y.FE R 4,S 8:3. I NO. 29.

th f'irs if i.. ,. ui li ha i e u ,rer. -fr. "oin s it. pi rto' Y Wi* le r .onquer the rebe!s at this
IM df-, _,, dd I-IvI. r,-,nill 4,aj. W6, i t c, [ 1-0. 1..i.l t > .p i ri illsiow re we Bu .. .ing
j",*. Lvi iinuL, ^i-' 'i,-H^, l,,,.w ,ii'entrlit oi nil, ';.-. ni,-iI,' th ,i r,. ,na ln ,,, i 'i, ,.i b li',;r' e ;,' c,.pnte, Oh a n luawh rein th i biumlaia
,' l "lT'lfl d' L.- .th, 2. Sd ". tri if it 4;Vb: .r 4 ti..n liti h..i.,t r, cl. I J, i,. lir- t day t-- n i.r.. ,l Jiirbi, -"C. ."nd tip nt' nul tIh, 'sat' n our. capithlr-
-' *','_ QO V IRIN U R I -i it i n, r ,i di f.rb.rrhwlI, t ine i i't-l i n- i t[he si, ,dn, i i.n l.lh4, a i.J.-, l '
nilu iii' Din, rV tarinl. 1) 1 dirst.d r iq i A-11 W, 11.
S' if ln aitilllr a W*rk in thJ- vlt lti l TPir p1r iN iht Inrif rCatit i irtr *'.Ol, Ft' O -
*- WsnicaaS 'Th.eG Ueneral A enmhly, at ii tocirh'. .if ihir Mc. iirJ i.. r4ie tic: tiA e leinrtrlI-nrt. 'O 5. Ariv., N ETNDIVIDE$ ElnGBTHI{'l EREST ea
esion; pas.sag,,ar. act/a flli.w,. to I : rr. t an1 ,s.iuiirin .. y per- hi.e, l |i y t...tIe p l .S ol i.eH$ a.ri the .I ,'rrct. of .Laud. via:
A N'" .Ct' .even th distilling f iri- .','dr--til',ii'.a nr'.ri-- id, a'd t i l i .t. suh. in ult Sx tll..lars l, r e. tC i.nd i.-ten rtf' BAYARD TRA''T on tLhe wet aHdo
&A.L0 th 1 ao. arid tana iva thebisr i-3i .-n wV.negwherei. w'.1hye b. rein ti. i Ir lirt.
**.i4 *O iitoWk 1. Be'it nabted bytteSennatn te d o -- : t --t oer jiinrIs al d listed in, seals, the *i,,hd rA.tri'. oIr mnIle"a tr' m Pi' lata. nn the St.
WHose flll Re hirevenit rv el ni h Slte ioran- N ow. tth fettre. I do call u]or nil, date lrilvt e &rittn. 1Au1inste r.:n i'-Ait A'res
dh 1if' 6fert li i''Ass.alretiI .. oatened,, ht iL and lip n all ,'.i l it.liters f .t" ,,,dniti itfl i'fr, ED E .W tARD V. .I r), TN(..r s.]- -, A trv o L, west ,ide ..ffakerGerg.Le, em-
*. .fruo. aaa&er-ti e ns-a. eoft. ,ii. ,ll .,. I.. riils- llt l ih, .' a;" i.d c .r m lld ",l ,d i- ,. d, U ] . tl,,r Hlr ,tPHRheA'S. ,, n, e Ln'wn aR "Silve Spi n T i
a n4ry'.w .fini5 person r p,-' to:dis-- zen rquI itJ l lind their 'mta. l ,-. by 1 1. IN & r e 4. e ti
S ny ou.i r fr ui inl .,n r .i A' rct on 'ange Lake, Marioneunty,
rninin; uefr; n- ii t- .r ru). iade frein vi..tlatiii f... Ia li wfici..l.ini riu; n; tli-t in ris imSrlditd, TpotAs Sw ANr riiri rng1 miXi Acres.
.any other aliLle ur articles Il .tobsisence, d.....rl ii lr ni'g tidur p. ogd,, and thle. Rli ii- ., tret i. of Ind, n River, cP training i.oiOs
er s'eptTh.(fdittfMi 4e eoi r .; r intjhny ry o tfiter i'- the uiiin-d iiie. at mita -or f TIHEI STEM .i.ShlIP I I' ES. t1i KE Ai-re. am
Sway..m*4 m cu idafe s1piciartuis tit ttii.N t 'ire hr. y iiialli rizd fiir dit i e itta- .. Alf'r. a trka.?t in Tote Mile Swampt on thca
froirm a -aid art.Ali-si ; n.D an cinv.ti' n r d rn -i. I-, d r-r.. nmil :iniiin u U ,ii di- The New o k aper' re filld with r rn Jack.vlle s. Augusn. cn-
tI er ior', et- rei p.enron '.r per ll.-ii s iZll t' p rin- li rie' r ... I r li-re f-i r I .. o n li lo t i *ii a'ir. .t e drI b in ae f.t inr 're" isO A. res.
is. ed liv flin no it le th.m.i tli h .u-man d..I, T hal l r-..-,iid i,. ni le ii lir i. t1it S ,wil-it'i 'ie rW-nptu e nl tiL -t-mner fl '.-. Pr e yIst' s s- Lake GeIrge. er
lefr; an r ,ed n s 'i not l- ten in. d -ir.,- P hirr i. f th t r r.. i ,Sfe Ni .e s;- an.herd )l v. Ieri .dX sp tRh d a Florida p tu cop times a in n g biU, to
veer nor ut -i th n wo yea ir- tte lumiare- ; ,:1enin h h r u i i l'tt t& hr ern. tine 4st.- hpi,, t,|, le- officee^
tin .. i Lil .t L mie I m1i. r.

Ec.2. n Be l l turLeirL nt-i d. Thr t l hall lir .n tir J.-r irc hnnd. frd iii Ge-in, ins, whini nsmrun "seven en li- n 1 S l tL i FO I SALE.i
be the dus oft'lli, vrrim, r. and be i h-re- ih n C h ur. TIeS. .Joi'r (" fr Rkven ing MI J L FOR. ,SL .
aurhorizid aini r %ained ti V s' ru ieL b. rti [L S.]' binoni e. o ifii liih di i tol. i fDe Ir- I or. T S .J itierS ( ,b u thLi ttleia Acre'sr,'
w rli. ." l iii nth m.l n .t ii" m aru y, t -r, ti her, A. D ll 3. plot nCrd- rd the .a Tpbure 29 t-e p r "da .g a r. ,m .. ered ..r a t-le.
ahJLe n H ,a mi .rsure.ns-.ny'd till-rInTv wurk- lni JJH N, M1 LT )N p(ilnt rhic cd t id [r will iri t -. ibuek and all. %if able fu r
inut rni nrai l i Lhe i rur vii- ii tn i I itOt b .c, d,. '] (d..,k.vr fr .l Fl-FaA's. .l"t P n .irt g itel r ge. Sti I-o e The i.ll s in
irnd't La i iUy te arret ain.i L-.iiiilitiiCliii cf By the G .vernor :-Atut al, I'I[I sei.cmnee Wtas siailJ d u ere by Vrebel ,,-d:unpgee. r d nr g er hal been l a u ie.
any .p.ri' n or 1eronsridiaiillinniL' *- nt...r.r-e i.l., B. F Ai\.Lai.,'rts Meeiiiitrs 'wtre icttd. and thi- Fir term, i.adiraessi F..J.P i.inS adlrsin,
anmd o -eize all iquorM di-nl-l-d iiii.rari t on S ..r..-t r. 'f Stnt. passage money- of oh -h rt in iink the t a. C-MON CANOVA.
,. the pr,.vsiouns of tin.-,al, turn ..t -i te .p.i -,rSuhI r, ha Y.Irk i.DE &, 1,3 .3&
"' it thi. .iit ,t h i, reb" autimirized h ,PFt- AI*. a trart in Tweere M Swarp on the

ruinr a ...pii.ld -nmela Th ,at alloin .ll rl prhe Wre prIlised S- rti lch dWnth roa r,.,vlleto A.
t ihora r r, .1 p,1 r Lin ,,r U4n.n-ir., IIhI al I t ,- ,.. ,r h -t l.or T ,b in i ,ne f,,r tl r o, ng 5110 .Acre t.

"in, e i to.ilt notii l0miih l, ti .h .uret.mii d., Th,. LA,.t ? .D FtLA,. Ocl. -ith. i l, te.i,h is o in c Sf t ,. en. p. into W lU
getr ni or ojpetnso.le Lba t hi St a t iij.-' f M.. oe-i...rr iduin a c.nre ,n -r, t i w S lsane- .Ia ct VING b e p a Rponted y hais Excellency, .
an t t lei i I a l er. the tht Newl e nil I "the WVse o.11th Cio ee.'

S iul title(, n l qpr t .. r. ,, ii- t Ii A ... h- ,n t i New k of eom lte ue Rol o
W eim '- B .i t turL-Lr Pn'r tiJi Thit it hai mil ,-n t -h ,,murn ri F I rt '- l-nit St it- 4 th- iie il. i fniereri4 u i, tn ,S ,tsel- i .pIn0M L FOR S tkLE. rlier n '. 1 4.^1 hai1 ti-n-". d'*srruide nniit ,f tih ..n' r.idr, nmid Whin.-H!.l... l..rIi., i 1 a8 .i1:l i o u L iljili a-rev,'lv u r fr n. ln i I re rI rga rO ti mnybdcased C, Ilier
ba d hie ,,.d frin acd i ,l,er th,-, in hi-,,r,- i i ht' St.-ta it l > yn, and a ,air of il>.iutl cu s In i s b .t, i ur. -i b.. n ihohre( he r.-d we inhe
-itbi iuit. n re ir ..;.rtJ- .i. tl ..i tL.. r re' i l wia.'t-h 1, Ti.nt |i,. ,ri,,rlt. ie e.ri ri wt, ipp i U' n, enter. 1 DI[j Terr for .the L ite cnttied. wh waterr ,
sel .4. Bel it tli r m h r,. e riau.:p t Thnt.lth- in -id. \\, ti H. .J. .hin"tn 'ir. .- i n i. ..eenit vllil: l'i r, ]i So ut. i, and it i. -. ar e we State or Cr .r. if' .r"te 1b- colu
i. n > .an, le ii e.. pr, tul ur. d .ll l B iN.... ,. r n | i i e. i l oi,. pary otna bih he t.elonge.1, th tA erm plale.

St et the elitrl. li-u lt.n i .J-i;ll-rn.-,' .? 1 w i Ihi .r ,it. ..r u rAl I,, I l ,, '1.' l i i 1 1- l l ,r.i ro m ran s in -hi -bl be Ili. t hbb li .or
di-tillini ,he i'if wfs n. or *ti-.. p in'' -I i tri- Si .r Ir t i- oe r-by r.'p-al -d. ui.rd set a l'.I .Ltr.-K, I. |nr- lull. n pt'it .f An 'a t r rre i ..d'hy, te. Ie 'lie p tear etmi.enr .l. Tallt bi.s s.J.Pn
idt e ip r., .t d Dec br d i1 h. l W 2. t ah ,b n.. : in qa.rit- not Ie- nh- .lihr. ,l b-eon tak i-i while le iltin2 t riT, B.e c tl1. -4' T T. LONG. Aid-de.i-up.
Set.h e B. i f ther enron, ed. Thait th hunidr-d nil .ns ,-r ,.i. ."in-in, i, lt. t ,.h bl,.ck-l,*, ai.d l in wh s ten e"rt m," de C" NFEDERATE STATES 3iF AMERICA,
Givrni .r- nall a t.t t pr..- l ....n h r n uher pripe Ity. S reir or F"apm a, Countyof iholm ,tia.
U .: t e t. ,,: mi.,i:. is '... .' ..i -er." --i.1N"- fr h m' 'f all period ow o the e-reetal
tM- Sui' t e. -, d ,, i n n h,e, iii.rt, fe iriini-nt, la -.- T. that h. im ,. h IFET T.f_ TRE (?4PITOL. ,: M t-e--'.S.,1 beitel. taterefthesteamerl e

m I' ) t h i e 1 SrierittiIf e at t _,ii t3'. i.'ll'L.l-,; f .t iI,,r llir, -, ., a ,ii i I t, n ni hrc i~guredl.c. ,lnte st' rier St. E aell r,)
to. :- ti i l. ifi- i .. .. I ,l'jr ", hv rat -ilit* a.' t; .. wA n pint "- ", I. I

..ent t itle l l .erf t ,e,.1.b t i. yt ... ..if ,-, t, l n t 1. .11 rh ( ,,^ ;_n'1 ,. En,- .ii n ilib] i.J -, rieW r kn .u, k h o:f .. ,i (',.=, w ier-, .I. t the "R.13 Cabell, o
te.. public of .-i p-. r. ~.. i -i. l .it n .. -. r fr h.-re ii-.. a -iii i rr -, ,l, in'iia citi. -J :i -. r .i rin .rid hitm dd be il .re b an ierain 6i trument is c .nc.
Sheriff of thisStatesball fil or refuse to said A. B. N, -. A C. r i.. t-.. f i i: ,1 \n ha b be.. -'i e vr-y -t-ins to it ,i m Ci it-H.r.--Le i ri r .h' t.t. r-ne "a mp iwircar. :.
perform any duty r..linir-id of him by thi- d d W in. H..Jimliiri'ri S i J..itire .r-r c l- ncre ti a i ii5' i' li'ltf'eri writtilri ji i and .a- r Aec ni o-' the a-i aitamer dining
scon' id section of thi t Ii h ll, .on con- l H. .. k. y nd .. i i h tt'f '. 1 r > v:* t' e i e rm thth..rl-nc n C.:.n-. r 'l,- ,i
S .viction thereof, I .be ined and iupriso l ncd at the Gov, r ,ii..t- r r t i' I r.e.' i..-:-lr iir t..L.l h ,t tri. ,f v ftre. l Set.,-a l to foreign por ,, as by. th. said
Se. i. B- iit tirher .iimn 'td, Tlint m ith into a rid 'i n.i- I-i.>-d :i ....l |i iith- sairial rasal is off li l.llowii;g on t ha.e enter e r' ullre y and a .th large appear --
prnii.aiiin. of th. act hnul n;. ar ppl- l th'..e \w al y of t-,n tl,.u-arid .f J.i i .,ll.. thi i .. r lt ,, t | m i ,, the l,, pp ** N. t hi r rI 'e knlr o ye tha. It, the said S l
ao 'se.. a c, itra.' t with the .- r .a .. Is nou tric ,,, ti l t, trind atd t ,, r, t i, ,,iuri l .: r r re e
G veeninA n e. r t e dir t i. rd llin or.F-i n ll.t ,il t ._,rim ., .. ,tan' th[i rAI irerte.-T h'is ;a-.,enzineh- e n'lo h,, .v. _nr lIAn rne. to thd m v se reon.1 f.
are ,,rryin, .-o i t.h irr c irnr t in ..i.d faib And 1. itm-. 'aid W ru. l e ii sv.t--r, ,i' ?,I noi i e ',b', 1W l e ,,ii in tns whil 'ee ii tz -ti c to alle uniB4 T and purpose, b i
S G ,wh.e flact th. G. ernu r h. ll hl.- ti.' nur r h .iie tO iind it itth A. -i saa instrument I ri r Letter th.f A er, r
tillers oinic,iim l in ihie Sta.ti Ishnall 'mbni .Si] r iimy w i,-lk. y t ary .ih-r *.--.r .. r jul,., nt ovO D f er th imut. Sp t', !Siaee.ul, irreui' g iteid i, t oall matters .and
quarterlv returns to hie Exc-, llenc the (ov- person naswhatsopv except'.. ti e nl .pt ]uifti t.r c,.nl-Siin. Su.,k from wila,? E'h-- ,i., nl i.'nerdo n t all who tthe r and thi shall i ,. thi n St .i iled,. to, hom. d- A.
liii errdu and ci cmm piniJd winthith- r..ieipt of amxueunt or agents, so oIbg a- tie l..reti.. ro -' virtue Ihereo n tinauv 1iannre whatsoiver.
t-m t ficer r ofli- ers in the sa te or C nafed- ....n r a mit i. iil, ..rV.. ,., i -. n,,d r "we aVT bl -.i. d. wiom we have d in ~i,eins where, I have t ereunto set mar ,
e.. t" Stat service. :, pm niy .1 il- "t'.itiir ..t ihe bt i.u iita liveI of mills utd t iici t ie. '; wi.g --e hand and seal this eventh e day of N- vembetr,
Sice 'Be it further enacted. Th it tih- ib d contract. ., ibuue. ,ia 'e -. -i reore r. ;, ., v erta ntrBELL. i ]n wr
Gnernor .haui isu .e.i l in.e u Will ..i tG r ur'i1.-r ar. h. 'r,,l radi l,-l, tlhs h i -, 1 1n,' ,W lli,.a.l te t a ve ridm!,,le .tn ,p gn ea' led np -e- -. .of
H Jo hn'.:.n, i...n' thati be niy h be i:n"-- ti.... ... .. Oct.,L,.r, A. D 1 ..... "r ""g an i tn' (o whi" ),at -rCKLEEO rD, ,
exauut: anid carry out his contract aith ho. i.sien...J.l WM L .rOH NSUN.N ] ^ I '1A .Iin,'- r o e l r a hai;r a tips '4' tES.
Confrd irate State.s a .- iefs to i dA. A B. NOYE -. t -- in .. rl,.1 ,_. ,i ry -Ilso'w to itl I 'ol h t,', e d a bi
Passed nthe House of Rep reenratre N..- With-,, : ,. .i rl ut wth wl' hi fora l ing tit me, to Gi hurn Ll..unning m -. n U
umber-3Oth: 15m. 'Passed the ,-"nate De. ('Signed.) J. P SANDKRtI4'N e le use-d 1o erclianile pritaiers; whose nD 0 .t 4tt
cember istt; t8i3.' Appravedd h G..d' e rnrrenor (Suinsd., D. JC -l..Dr .oUse. ',m eg if e*igdlj hiist'ed' we 9uol. A M INITRKA'O 'SA"LE
Deceber3rd163m. llanzsl piia4 Ie horl capture ^ise ed ot eAureiLE .
Now. knoia ye that all license l. di-i-ll STATE OF GEir obIAeb:s, [i ua iulay o* en ,-os i]r I. ';-'f/ ctLy, Florida, .ro the, igtgSq bidder Lore
.,viprnuout liu..rireof, b ed prir i'is d MUit -oO E r*. NTY k'rd lately as u-red -ils wor. U,-'W S Ae ir1.c1 t tie fiore,i onday it, Ja uare by nterx. ha
day of Drrnberm 1i%-.. a,-. by Trtu. n Itho r nod ninth'l eshf'rt ti! Safe tr.fin c-4turer eo3n.iI "i Tract-mitL itf1ihd the Es--
cond t ue bove etd .at ;1. re ,l W 1 Memo ofi n ng ie-ntat made nn w ririg latin 3e h.sgthaeren
"o ?u iAher if-.c and into, thi flre d ,, Ni-, d er... I 1, i1 sah ir,,al l Al O ldt h Iillwi ot t: a- wil n i. efll'rvit dait larg-e a npebr --
i"ir n tid\oft h n. mT c I' cuIi t I, h,,_ii Iwelli brttm[v a,.'

oi isd n f f sns a th 'r"z it 'd uru in 4nd' har etr n E. .- ..Wa rin r i rnriTi ra.. un .c.ille u i n, ia t ie p ltul i n a i ,,,rai .i 'Te.. i~. g 1 crfee
hiso rtea aor William t..n ,Jbhn, ii. of M' ..Jw. lO l i oLuS.ilty Stath .iorid .r. rid LtnI ir t I i l.,udred t aoui .a rd 'ue '.i "- g a t.rk l.
ison county, wbl u at lien.ed n o d tiul t- n P ln. and aor n F... L': Hum .nrn ...r ot i, W idl.K ..t.i -th sti.-t.ri, ,utrecd. ,utJ- n.u n, t a l la lngn aog ai :e ,esta. e
w hith and alll wise- o, ee..n le .I c. Ul. i. Ar ud ,.fr l t,, second |.. r, wi- *t. t ,":I -u 0.M ave2 pt y R NELL,
1 a t,,: jTi-nd 1 ,i" N A C ,,t I -il a t l p ,l e a, j -, i ro n in
and dolia ona ,,I i thira 3-h. lt -, ri .,rday.f pir,, Ohb prt .rh, tri i i. ve 'r l Seehd. ,a_'. { i, n, ih t.r S 'a "- m at nd hn
A u u ,i ,18e ,aiand d t o, ah, ae l. ,e s,t e .p o.. e, r i ,. -" '' I h r. '. ls I Wi.l. r. o. done r peri' e y

,e nwltor i I, ,I. b y k I p 0,*n r t

SX ;, d L Ub" s p "a a"
7"" :' .. .. .. i. : .j .. ..'A :
,- ":''Cr


I. y




Wednesday Mornin*,Deo. 30, '63.

B Subscrtbers reteiing p4pfere with 'a
cross mark (X) opposite thkirtw names, will'un-
destand therefiom that th ie 'for which
S. they subscribed is about expiring, and. Mat if
n'ot renewed the paper 4)ill be di ce:.'itI ned.-
T'.i trul 1. imvariad. ..

APOLOGETIC.--t.)ur paitr.l-e ill parcJrn'us
for tfe delay in the publication of this week's
. iaiue. We notice thi tii laroe rutwbor of our
. contemporaries suspended aitugether during
.tle Christmas liolidtys.', We prefeted not to
suspend even for one issue, rand are therefore
in consequence coimpelled to be little be-
.hind time in the publicaton of the Cit,ni-'
"'inn this aeek.

S The, shade of 1863 is raipily passing,
'" g0

away, and before another issue of our,
paper is presented to its readers they
will be called to welcome a NEW YEAR.
We heartily join in all flie confident an-
ticipations and hopeful ex-pecotatieos which
the occasion naturally susgests, and trust
that few of them may prove illusive. We
are firm in the belief that the 'darkest
darys of the South are past, and that with
1864,aNEWERA will commence, brin-ing
joy and consolarion to every family an'l
fireside in our oppressed and siffnring
'land. "
It wilt prove a most eventful year to
the people of the South, and we can only
hope that it maay be decisive of th.e war;
that a kind Providence may smile uponi
our country and protect her i'n thio trials
through which she may yet pass; that
Victory .may -crown .bar ani' asi-nd--Rttu
reward the labors and sacrifices of her
brave and devoted sons and daughters.
Still, should such doomed
to dissapointmient, agd another twelve-
month not witness our finil and complete
triumph, the spirit of the South will not
be broken. A million of her true men in
the held are still to be dyetcome, and
eight. millions of her people, are stilUto be
subjugated Under any and all circum-
'. tances, the contest will be carried on by
"'.. them with the determination never to
S yield to 'the insolent invade,' never &b
submit to his brutality,' while life remains
or the ability .to wield ai weapon in defence
of their homes and families. Let them
* at home but labor zealously and faith-.
fully for the support of our men in Mthe
S field, and animated by this Spirit, the s
:, coming year'wvill prove to the people of 7
': the South abundant in' promise, and one.
of great and glorious aohievemente I

The legislature of Florida pasAbd a -a'ct -i
to jpunisi"all persons. Dnting and cultiva- ]
tirgin the State of Elorida over 4 certain s
quantity of land in cotton and tobaopoduring.
the continuance of the present wang'This att.'
itinim the timount of cotton that-rday be.1la.- I
ted to one acre to the hand,'and uhe' atler i
of arn acre of tobaco.- The.p'6nnltv of violk-'
tion of the law is 'one thousand: illars for'"
very acre over the amount litbited. The
act provides for tb.e practical enforcemeub
of this limitation. '
fij'-The Judges of Ciircuit Oourts'aretafl I
lowed, acretrdiag'by a'receptt 4dt.fthi Legis- 4r
lature, to appoint Sherifs.whera the regu)r tl
Sheriffris'sick, absent or di;qualifl.ed, in glany
way. b
S .
': i : L ", ,: : .

-: I I-

~. '*~~l2~

Tala/i assee District-S, WooDBERRT, P.
Tallihassee--F A j1rach. .
Qutilcy.-Jpsepht, And-rson.
Mopticello-J 0 Brdrscli.
.Gadsden Cii'cuit--J W Mills., :
Gadisden Col'd Misgion-G W. Pratt.
Leion Circuit-S P Richarsdon, one to be u
plied. .
,Leon Col'd Mi'ssion-J W Jackson.
Wa6kulla Qircuit-J D Maulden.
Li;berv Circut-.l L Williams.
'_u.ulucenih Circuit-C' P Mur. clik.
.utillii COrl'dl Missiop-R M-Tydini "
Madion Circut-,R WV Flourncy.
Tqylor .i'iori-LA T HMll-Ymori. .
Enfaiyette M-isi.,n--J M Brider-.
T/iomn-ai;te Dishict-;-V. KENN.DY, P.]
Thomniasville-J. B. Jsukson. '.-; ,
Bainbridge nid Fywlstown-A. J& 'Woo
Albany-.J F Urquihirt.
Trinitv Circuit--Th-,i H" Caprers.
Dr'c't'nr Circuit-V F Eautr-rling.
'* BInkely Cir'-iiir-S R W\\'u:r.
Grointer'vll, Cir''-ui.-S. Gnrdner.
C'lr.lun .i''it Crcuit-Wm H Thnis. '
Nes tIn irtuit-F M1 Wiltn,. .
Calhoun Cirii-t To bi! ;upplicd.
Cai.iilh1 Clhetit-A. Jhnoun. ''
Moultrie Misiion-isupplidl by A. V. MMnr
Qnitman District--N. B'. OUSLEY., Ei i
Qui'trniti Circuit-R 1 H lowren.
Vraldosta Mi-sion-w- K. Turner.
Nash'ille Mi-ss.ion--. G. Child,
Lowndes Col'd Mission-To be supplied.
Irwin Mii.-in-A. 1.ilcinib. ..
i.i'.nimlgee C.uir-F. R. O. Ellis. 4 -
Clinch Mi'sfon-W. A..McLaiii. .,
WVaresbors' Circuit-Lance Mur, detn.',
Holme';v'ille Circuit-A W Hurris.
Doctor Town Mi;si,,n-A R Byrd.
Brainswick Circuit-Supplied by B C FMhnk
lin '
tientrvillasze-J Bulloelk.
Luke City iQtrict-.J M HENDRY, P E
4lee City--A'(ji'him. -
',Di'val rindrNassau Cirenit-D l Bra..
Mic'n'r..pv Circuit-' A C:irruth. .
Coluiiibia Ci'reuit-E F G,.s. "
1Hamilton Circuit--.M H Fielding.
ttJincsvile--t) A Myers. .'
Black Creek Circuit-T R Rarnett.
N-ewntinsville-J .Seiley.
,outuori jCirciit-J J Giles. ,
Swiiinn, Miss it,--J (3 WVar'le. v '
Al^ociiia Coi'd Misiion-.1 C L-y. -
StntAtTee Gild Miiii'-c- H Gi0c.
..Tamnpa District--. G ACT..N, P E
Taimp"i and Rillsboro' Circuit--Wni Wil-
lih ms. ,.
1Mani-,-C-iretr.-t--BG4- -" -
O.-'n Col.' Mi-ri.,n--H F Smith
.Hernando M'issiorn-N 0 Jordsa
folusiaiarid Smyrnu tlisloui''-ro be 'upplied
Crystitl River Circuit-H- W'. Burgessi
Sumtir Ci -ti-S W Csrqon '
ey West-It-R I McCook .
Orange Mision.-W F RobertQ
Bens 'reek Mision--Sup plied by Z Herrdogq
Wm '1 i4dbhby Agent for tAritbridge Fe-
maib Cllee. ..
R L Wiggins and R Evans, Chnpltiriiin
the Army.
R EfL. cky and WV W Grifn sutqerinnaled
Next Uonference to be MonrtiIllo.

At a Regular Communication of Colurbia
Lodgp No. 27, F. & A. M., held Decaiber
g3d inst., the'following Brethren were e+At-
Ad officers for the ensuing Mgonirc .ear
E. R. ricvE, Worshli.'ul Mats.
G.0 H HUNTER, Senior Vnrde.
D'AsnD JONHs, .Jnni,r Wardenii
J. W. CATrKr, Treiiurer.
M. t. Mo ooR, Secteiary.
The-Reeular t'.eetings of the Lodge ar on
he 2ar, vid 4th Wednesdby of each mdort at
P. M. ,
?lsh, &Maiter and Wardens'-ae the Co'muit-'
ee on Charity, .
We are requested to notice; that the Beg-.
lar, Amnfial Comtiunication of the Grand
Lpd e of Ancient Free-Mason's of Floaida
Pillbe 'held at'thit, jM'ee.of Wednesdty tbhe
8ub ,of Jahupr 12 R .
The sBaufdI1Afster has. called a Spedial
ibmmunication.o"f 'he qand Lodge to Wreet
i Talnabasse'e on Munday the llth of Jap.
TheeGra.nd Royftl Arch Ohi ter also cisA-
enes in Tlluabascee on the lIh January5

The. planters of. Leoajf Wa'kulla, Jeffersti,
[rliison and'Hamilton counties are notifled
y OCpt Bull, A. Q. M., at Tall asee. to
ltain fIebir'itshe ol. s'eet potatoes tifil unt-
ier orders. i, '
Te': Leg_ aure failed to pas pa filitia

)A [For the Columbian.]
E.- 'Flag of the 2d Fla. Cavalry,
Presented Dec. 22d, 1863,, ".
Motto--"Ubi libertas, ibipatia&"

P- Unfurl thy bright folds. to the 'breezes of war
Thou banner of freedom, thou flag'of our corp
While we swear by thy starry cros-, gleamin
on high,
'In the caijse of our country-to conquer ofdi,
For'thine be "our motto, thou flag, of tit
"Where liberty dwells,' there our country
s, hall le .

By womaii's hands wrought with awounderfu
- By woman'; heart brought unto us as agift,
With' magical charms'-by hei blessing een
S dowed, eb sg
WeMail thee our talisman, *pillar and cloud,
And thine be our motto, thou flag of th
f ree- '
*"Where liberty dwells, there our country
shall be !"
The women-God bless them I Like angels o
light, "
They cheer on our soldiers defending the right
And we'll owe our glad triumph, whenever i
shall cone,
To'the labors and prayers of the womtn al
Then ours be the motto that womengave
."Where libe tv d we,Is, there our country
S all be l"" "" ,

y With thee waving o'er us, we'll rush to the
To make-like bold Arnold the Switzer-a way
For freedomand joy, thb' we fall in the strife,
For who-without freedom-would care for his
life? ?
Henceforth, be our motto, thou flag of the
"Where liberty d wells, there our country
shall be!"
Earth's tyrants are trampliqgon liberty's laws,
We hear but "of Wars andiru m.ra of wars ;"
But we know-by thy btwss-0 thou banner of
That our sid will yet- favor "and prosper the
S righ! "
So thine be our matto, thou flag of'the
"Where liberty dwells, there our country
shall be !"
Thbe bate_ northern tyrant is subtle and strong,
His myrmidan'isawarm aT'- ti-'1rb i ttrihuy,~t
But we know-by thI stars, gleaming proudly
arnd till.
Thathe'll ne'er bend the South to his insolent
.--will I
For liine is our motto, thou flag ol" the
fre: .-
"Where liberty dwells, there our country,
shall be!"
Yet. while we oppose-by th1 robe ermine.
We would learn to-be just in the thick of the
Adtd when wounded foemen are met in our
Be mindful ofmerdy 'mid 'well-ds.erved wrath.
But aye bout' motto, thouflag of the free :
"Where liberI, Jwells, there our country
shall be!"
Ne'erflaunted a flag moqe defiant on foe,
Nor waved,.more triumphant o'er foemagp laid
low, ,
Than wilt.thbu, when we meet them in battIloqi
And a hearen-blest valor shall win us the day!
'We'll fight by thy motto, thou flag of the
Ire :
"Where liberty dwells, there our country
shall bet!"
Nor e'er floated flag on the zephyrs of peace-
With more of a fairy-like beauty and grace,
Than wilt thou, when our* liberty's sun shall
Bringing joy to our hearts, aqd glad light to
our eays!
We'll live by thmotto, thou flag ofthe
"Where liberty dwells, there our country
shall be !"
The North, like Goliah, came forth in its pride,
And thought to appal by its gigantic stride ;
But, .n many a stream of the South .hath been
ibund .
A pebble to brin] our proud foe to the ground I
Then triuriphed thy motto, thou flag of
she free!
"Where-liberAy dwells-..tLere,.oii country "
shall be" '
The plains oflManassas and Shiloh shall prove,
HowSQgu'leruers fighting for freedom can move;
While Riqhmond and Charlestfon forever shall
Stand, .
To point the heroicc jlefenbe of our lend!
All haii to''t kifcnttp, &hotl.g of tkhefree':'
S tishall be" o' n
s8all bhe!"

r i- cr:- '- .

- I

- I







In Lake City, on the 2.1d of December, 1863,
of pneumonia, *;EANNIE LOU, daughter of
HARVEY. and Ijp.Li D. GaAwoaR, aged one year
a.r&eleven months. .
S'Bufner litUe lildren toe .me unto me-and
Irtid them1not. forof uuh istfhe Kingdom of
Heayen." .


They boast of their navy-astho'we had none,
Ignoring what 8emwmes and aMaffitt have done,
But we fling ack the taunt: let them search
S; ,. o'er the main
/ For their lost steamers-"Hatteras" and "Har-
.,' Jiet Lane !"
Then show them thy motto, thon flag of
'the free:
"Where liberty dwells, there odr country
sa; Then fling out thyrfolds to the breezes of war,
g Thou banner of'free,'om. thou flngofour corps;
While we swear, by th1lstarry-cross, gleaming
tun high. ."-t- -
e It the cause :,rtrq country, conquer or die!
Fbr" thine be our motto,thou flag of the
"Where liberty dwells, there our country
l shall be!" S. of Co. .
Lll :' -'* S-* .
The legislature appropriated $506,000 for
the relief of soldiers' families, and authorizes
the counties to impose aF' additional tax for
the purpose; .' ,
rinAccoiding to anr Ct of the list Legisla-
ture, Judges of Probate, in case of invin-inn,
may 'hold their Court in other places besides
the'county site of their respective counties.

t uSBy an act of the Legisaiture unlawful
impressments isdeclared a misdemeanor, nrid
t .punishable by irnprisnanient not l6ss than
Sone, nor more than five years.

ET O:,..' December 12th. 1863. }
SMR.. EITOR: d,'ire tocuall the attention
of the authorities to a privilege which, altho'
intended for good, i most shamefully abus-
ed. I allude to the habit-of of the extention
of furloughs onr the certificatei'rprirlate phy-
icitans. There are mninny sldier- aiwy from
their cominisnds, and have been lir Ltie lst
four or five mninths, whou bve been able near-
I' tll the'tirue to have returned ti duty. on
the certificates of private Inhysicians. Fur-
lough;s hduld not be extended on ihe e ertifl-
cate' of private physician', only in extrPrme
ciises. When a soldier i iinnllpe t, get be-
Aire an Exsminine Board. then let th Perti-
ficrte be made under oath. -JUS-Ticc.

At an earlyy hour Friday morning, fire
bruke out in the thrce story brickl( building .
2li r -idt..if- .&i BU-e.e.-ieimr Chureh,. '
owrno 1 by and iljoiinin the'aiire grocery
-tore of Me?-Brs. Klinck. WicIenh 'r & Co.
'Ihe irenmises-v, ith the exception of.tie second
story. was forme-rly occupied by Mr. A. J. '
Burke, as a..printing e.tiallinhhent. The te-
cond story,wus usea by J. B. Campbell and
J. Niiihns, E-qs.. as Law oicees. The fire
conjiurniicited ti, the adjiniing building ronr
the East, the liwer story forrnmerly kept by B.
Frrd asaH.boot and shoe -tore, and the -ip-per
stories as.Law ,.fficens by Messrs 'Itro.-wn &.
Porter, and others. These two buildings were
entirely destroyed.
During the progress of this fire another was
discowred at the So thwest,corner or Church
street and St. Michael's ulley, which des.troy-
ed a range of four very old building', bs: ds
the Charleston Cotton the kitchen and
out buildings attached to the old bathing es-
tablishment on Church street; a!so the build-
inguoccupied by the Gerrian Torner's A*so-
ciation as a Hall situated in the rear, between
Church and Meeting sateels'." "
The loss bty'the fire is estimated at a mnd-
urate calculation at between one hundred rnd
uie hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The
molt serious'ls the Cotton Press, owned by
Mr. Wm. H:.Walker, who also owned the
house adjoining 'which was.consumed. The
.other three lilditngs in therange mentioned
above, were the" property 'respectively of
Wmin. Callahan, Mrs. Ldvegreen and J. Poz-
Notwithstanding the great danger to which
they were exposed, tbe'firemen and military
kept to their woh.k until the tire 'had been
subdued, andl4-t, o much praise cannot be
awarded to Mi'. E. Fourgemud, Acting Chief
and others having the direction of affairs
Pome few casualties occurred from the falling
of a portion of the walls in Broadstreet, and
flying picks.
The origin of tie'. flr has not as yet been
positively ascertained, .but it is generally
attributed to incendifnism. Captain Hale
reports distinctly seeing a man applying a
tbrcb to the German'-Tnrner'a Hall, and no- 1.
. . "" -.'Z"- '. ."


:-' ,r

... ., ,: .

_ s i'- ..'..s ... -uw m**ilfh l i 1 ^. rr..jjj -. '4 4 & n -' U *b. *

'. -HASD-UARjSIiC, 1
PIk"_ Q D iT A.. F+AP, ,' }
Lakf City, .De l lur 24tl. 1863
No. 105. I
The follow'jg Order 'rom Dep.rtmeunt,Reaid-
Qearters aofDee 15thA, 863, is'pub'lishefa for the'
information of the. ofers of this Dislietj and
an immediate compliance therewith dtreoaed :
, No. 273. ,* .
...*'..', ./- ZEA.DQB& BTEfl~o T

1 ''
l/,ti' hi'rnerii details it po

0,, rie cer Prod
a, ad1m h-rp.i'enala

etid dur the
S g h eUoadq Iters,
4r- 6lri S04, a ppl *tipsi

y ha ted; period ard-ich
S f de War ae'r oed,i t h o. le

<.l, 1.-) "Ae. rortoo the' lt hep-

111. DiLtrlet Amanders will ese the
prompt return to duty,.with their retpeotive
commands, -after 31salfltd mber, 1863e 'of all
s. adn detailed priorJ e l a %

=.p,' s ydera-;,"
qlify Iae same in
S tin to U Headquarte es. .
By command ofGen'l BEAUREGanRD.
JNO. M. OTEY, A. A. G.
By order of Brig. Gen'l FINEdAN, Com'g.
Dec 30-It W. CALL, A. A. G.
l t
Lake City, "Decembu 28th, 1863. .
No. 47. 1-

The following Order from Departtment Head-
quarters is published for the information of
Officers in this District, and a strielcompliauce
with its'provisions is dirAetell:
-'--- D ... '4harlestou. bee. 19, t863. J
No. 129.. J ; ,
To prevent imposition in obtaining furlonglhs
when in reality the furlough shoiild be an ex-'
tension, andto secure the prompt return to
duty of Soldiers abIedt without leave, the, fol-
lowiiag instruction' lie isJued f.,r the futit're
guidance of Med;cal Orficers' and Hospital
Medical Examining Boardls:
1. No Soldier will be ieciived in future in
any Hospital in this Department, unlh-s saim.
soldier is provided with his DeIsdriptive
LUst." except in very extreme' cases'. --and.
should a sick o'r disabled man besent to a Has-
pital without his Desriptive List. the fact will
at once be reported to thbee Headquarter'.
Ii. When a Soldier is granted a furlough
Sbv a MeJical Examnining Board, it is hereby
made tbeduty of the Senior Surgeon of the
B.:ard ro have said furlough % ritten --uton tn.e
S Deic riptive Lit o-ft'lie and in no case
will any deviation from this order be imade.
11l. No Noit Commissj.-ned OfCieror Soldiir
will be furloughed by a Medical Exanmniing
Board, who is not provided with a Descrip tie
List : and in case a Soldier enters a Hospit.l
without bis Descriptive List. the Surg.con in
charge will immediately take charge of the
man and serd him to te nearest Pro ost Ma'r-
" shal. to be sent to his Company under gitard-
said Soldier not receiving a furlough, ekeept
when it is obvious humanity demands it.
IV. Hospital Boardsof Examiners are agdin
reminded that they have no authority to grant
extensions of furloughs. Boards can only re-
By commandpf Gen. BcaunKaoARD.
Chief of Staff.
By order of Brig. Gen'l Frwiean, Con'g.
Dec 0-4t TW. CALL, A. A. G.

THE Stocklhbldeis of the Florida, Atlantic &A
Gulf Central Rail Road Company will
bold their annual meeting at the office in Lake
City, on Wednesdav tbhe2'th day of Jan.. If64.
Dec 30, 1863--td Sec'y & Treasa'r.

' NUL'ltJL,, ,
O NE month after date I shall apply tn the
Probate Court of Harilton county for
an order to sell the lands belongiAg to tie6 Es-
tateof William Stephens, late ofsad cotiny,,
deceased. JAMES H. STE8'PKEtf '
Jasper, Dab 30, 1863---4w # Alfn

. "ik % ; .%.

'OUR hWeks fsom date I will make appli!
J' tion to Lhe Judge of Probate of Duval
fbr. leave to sell a family of elegroes belougcig.
to the Estate of Jeohn Houtaon, late oI f ,i.c
County of bDual, deca Hed.i.
Attorney Jk'r Adniuniitrat.ix.
Dec 30, I683 4w


W ILL be'old'.on the.Putlic Square in Lake
Qity, Cojlmrbi County, on the second
Monday in January. II64, one Negro Girl.
(Patsy, e agcd'i2 years, ielosging to the Easaie
of W J D P'tevatt, late of Bradford county,
deceased. Sold i'ordistribution.
I SAAC S t00ON. Adnrs.
-. WM F HUNT, jU,,
Dec30,,1863 3,"
or ConsCRipis FOR FLORriDA, '
December 1J4l63.
'tYNI'ER orders from the Burelu of Cons'cip.
ti on tlie amp of Instruction iT removed
from GiainueMvile to Madicon, Flhrila.
J. .. -DANIEL,
Maj6r'a C.:.rhd'tofi'onscripIsor1 'l
Dee 23, IS S ., 2t

AT Pubhic Auction to the hiehiest biddecr, on
S tile firtr day of .farn.trynext. the bt'.ei
no.' occupied by Mr. L. Warrock.
' Dec 2.3-2t SIITMH &1 IVES.

A Tract of Land. enta,ing one thousand
Acice, ab,.'ut ti'elve mile fron-Lale City,
on the road toL.Lwer "prince. andi hr-ee miles
from Wjlborn. T-ertrs miade knora n by rippli-
eation to J. D. GODB'OLD.
Dee'23, 1863 t i
THEpartershiperah etofor existing unde-r
the name and style ,of Beitiidini and Da.
mian' i4 dtst',lved by itsown limitation. Those
indeblted t.- ihe late firm are reu,---'red to make
immediate paynicnt. rind tli.c having claims
to'present them for settlement to ouwr ALtbrney.
F. F. L'EG,.tL, at Lake City.
Dee 23-tf D. DAMNIANI.


AFrUR,wee after date T will apply to the'
Judge of Probate of C.:,lumbia County for
an order tosell the Real Estrate ofW L D Edge-,
late of saidicounty, deceased.
K. D. EDGE. Adm'r.
Dec '2. I[8R' 4w'

FOUR weeks after d'te f will apply t.:, the
Judge ,:f Probate :'or Hafiilton County for
an ordeq to sell the Real Estarte of Caroline aM.
Smith, late ofesaid county, deceased..
Admin'istra tor.
Dec 23, 1363 4w'

in town.' Apply at once.
Dec 16, 1863 Major and Q. M.

, .w.A TED.
a SLA'iiAl'UN- TS'TE'ACER, either in a
SchoolA'rg priiale far'tiv, b;' a lady com-
,petent t$teachall tSeEnglil.'branches. For
pafrticulti-s apply by letltr to-X. Y. J.. or Col."
laes, Lake City. C Dee16-21


S to tile tate cf A R Bekley, cunsisting o'
.Buggy, Wagon, House 'Furnitnur, &o.,
Jill be sold at public auction on the lst day
f January, '61. '66
Lake City, Dec 16, 1863--31, A'd" nin'm'.,

S- Tax Notice.'
jrAXES for 1363 miitibe played.' Dplliquttents,
', please ti-k" nut-Ai:e. Alo back Taxes tor
18 2. Longer indulgr'nce chfSnot hr given.
'bake ity. P-ee 1, 1io j ni'

Fair Notice.
Y BOOK-S will positively bLe closed on the
S t ii,;iant. All p r'.:-nris who lail to
i ticir War Tax by t ial date will be double.
War Tax Cnllector 4tb District.
Lake Cfty. Dee 16, 1863 2t.

rSi raycd.
"YROM my wagon near Archer sometime
, last Aune. in Alachua county. a small
a.rk bany mule. blind in one eae liiut bcarcely
perceiv,'ble. A liberal regard will be given
r hi delivery to me,or for r ny information!
as that I' can en t lint. "
'Addresi E- J. HARRIS,
Dec lit. tIfi3 4It Ocila, Fla.

ILL persons are cautioned against trading
ft ftr a note of which the l.lilowing is a true
-.'py :
By the of January 'next weoreither
fu': prr'mise t,' pa',' the heirs of the lHfate of
I Ci 1l6s, niece'l. or bearer. the sum of Two
hundred and. sixtWt.oll-ars value received.
Witness our hanqa this Jieanuaryv 1h, lS'3
As the consideration hBs failed, anhd I am dt-
hrm;ned not to pay the same uailesa compelled
}y law I ..
Dec ?, 1383 -4t

T rHIRTY daysafter date we will apply to the
Probate Court (cf Columbia County for
Mlttar. deceased. ;oi said co'un:h'. t wit: All certain town lots in Lake City know.
and designated number,thirtv-three, ie'-
c,,pta porLnon of the south-west corner of said
lot, humniber thirty-four, number forty.five,
nuiiber forty s'i.and & fractional part of lot
niliuber Ltwenty-one..
SDec., 1863J 5

T 'E nole" and accounts, due Zimri Lamb
.have been placed in the hands of the un- K
dergiened for collection. Parties indebted are
earn',stly requested to settle the same at an
early day. in order that the outstanding debts'
may be liquidated. ,

Dec 9, 1868

Attorney at Law.

SIX months after date, I shall present my
Sadceounts and vouchers as adniinistrator of
the r'-ite of R. A. Doae, deceased, to the
Probate court 4f Bradlord County, for final set-
'tlement aud allowance, and at the same time
apply to be discharged from the further ad-
ministration of said estate.
Dec 9. 1868. dm*
ALL persons indebted to the estate bf Willipam
B. Farnel-, lateofColumbia Courityndee'd,
are requested, to come forward and make im.
midiate payment. Those havingelaim's against
the estate are requested to render them duly
tht0Ented ithin the time nres ibeU d

SUQWANNEE-SiHERIFF'S SALF,. laws, if not this notice wiU be plead in bar
BY virtue of a de-re? of the Circuit Court of ,of recovery.
the Suwannee Circuit of Florida in a cer- SUSAN W. FARNELL, Adm'x.
tiin cause in chancery, wherein George E Me- Dec 9,.1863 w i
] lsllan. Administrator. and MAry Ann Dexter, NOTICE
idniinistratrs of the estate tof' Tiomas D NOTICE,
exter, deceased, are complainants, and Josh- SX MONTHS after date I shall present my'
s arawa. Administrator of the estate of S accounts and vouchers as administrator
afidrew .1 Smilev:deceased. isde-fendant, I will of the estate of Win. E M Cousins, dec'd, to the
sill at public outcry tr. the highe t bidder, ip Judge of Probate fqr Su*anee County, for final
the town of Houston, Suiyanei',,o the settlement, am.d at the same time apply to be
t-ist Monday in .tanuary, l'i'4.o3ihe"Nerob mq discarded from the further.administtatibn of
erqmed George. ge-d about 2l q'viar. 'a- cid EsiatB- e. TON r
Teritn aeL. Purchaser to pay for BM!l of JOHN N D"TNSTON, Admr.
Sale. E B LEALMAN, Nor. 25; 1'863. 6m
Dec 2. 1863 lm sheriff SA-LE FOR DISTRIBUTION.
NbOTICE. ,' .1'[LL Be sold at Houston, on the Arst day'
T HIRTY 'days afl't-r J-dte I .sldlleappForto the of Jq ary; 1864, three Negroes-a man
Jii.t1.1t .:.1 Probalt of Goluambia uouLnty $'r age1l about22 years, womqa aged 20 years, and
sa order to.sell the Repl Estate of T'om'as child 3 years old ; will .bf sold for distribution
Maker, deceased, ait.ualte i;n'aid' CqunCy: amoqg the heirs of'D C Saunders.
Dec 2, 1863 Ad'miaisbratrix Nov 22, 1868 td

\ N


- -a, 4 .Gaine vUle, Fla-., 90 g
of'the 2JTt iagt, a 'da. brown Mart. .
With a rail, u w er un derjaw, btanded
' suLahle-rdwardwillbepaid for liear 'a -
hepsion ad'deliveir ty i, R. J. Ad'mn .
Wpgon'o~aater,.atGarpeville v ,I ,,- ,V
'g ... ' "'."--. -impX,';h-9
.ile eqn s Orn..(Capain &
ss8'TQ '-M;R'S Os O e.o..'. ,*,
_- a on. Q($e. 2&9SK.. tf.',

S, 8 'tPea Cdot TOP FtORIe ,
Ar.' CirPTfi'TALLaCsABs'seB..'
"Decembe g'erm, A, D, I'M.
S 7SKREAaU, Tio''pur%-age, 4B- J-J
-.Wf 4. Qille. hb e n.^. b.'t
anemy .a there is no accom'tfnod'Atlolr for h .
holding bT tfke'Su'p.raine Oourt. lapoiited.t
Iaw to ib' eld.atkhadplane 'on.he first NMibn
day ifLThtidaa'y t axt It is arerefoie ordered
That,. all appols &rising ir. the Elatern Jud-ig
,eigl Diviiioqp of la aState nmay, by consent
:parties;, -beheard sod .deermined at the teo.
of tL.Cotrt apuointedl lt'6e'h'eld at 'Lake C iU
,pA the ;hiit4 Monday in February prowsuo."g
I. E,-. T. BLAKEx Cleri df the'Supreo4
Courtofthe.8~teoTf.ioridk, do hereby.ret
.thi.tte'aboabveisa true extract. rom tle NE
utesdf said Court. Witnaea, Amy baud ta
qeaJe f 1I CotArt, this 26th day of DecoaeTl
lo63 .. .
10 L.S] E. L. T. BLAKR,
,. .. Cleer.k 8t of FloridA.'
,.f a i? 3 J .t ,.3

By Telegra ti

6, CRARLasTITO, Dec. N i.
Theenimyvcommencad shelling the citv last
hight, ke,ping up Ha tealy fir,, which is still
going on t 9 oi oI.: k thnis rIaorning.
A t ire br,.k, out 'hout two o'clock, destroy-
jng some ten ,r twelve buildings, and caus-
ing a few caurilties. '
Hleav during is bleard in cto .direutioqn of
Stono. '
'The shell;g of the city bas teen cortintt-
t ou.with only an interval of'onehoul at'ntobn.
OneR whitr- mirn uu-a mortally afid
one whii n, slightly wouri..le by ithe
shell. Three dremen were badly woupndd,
bvy the Itlling oif tlo f i ll'orf burnt build-
ilg. Sime .1-1l t ,r ['it others r tighiy.
Affairs at Sunoter-quiet. '
. CHARLEFITON, Doe. 26-1othina Urimusha
i.-day. One hundred !ndI Lhir'inells ierd'
flird at the city from Thilrsany bight to Ifoutr
ocliok Fridntv"aftbrarvin. 'ThL6e enariny fired
:from lIvr guns. three- aLtpd'ttert Gregs,' one
at Cunmmin.;' Point, and oineat rheat niotomrT
b ftter'. Thu daqmige is co.n'iparitirvey tri-
flingi. .
SThe engneement ctr. Jorhn'a Ilandrbetyean
our light biitL"ries and tbe-u otbads in Stone,
trivet' resuiltedj i drawn fight. hero #ere few
casualtie_ only on our side.
SORANo C0. H, Dec. 261-Gen. Ros6er made
r circuit of the entire Yankee army lauring
ihe pn-lt nck, it'rsinz fr,:m 1 redericksburg
and entering the ,valley at Conrad's store.
He burnt the oridgeover the passes.of Head
irun, near Lanriti-n Sation. just out froni
?-Alexandria, capturing and destroying thq,
Itriiupc left as a guard, but owing to the high
wuter ind bad weather, be v.3s presi'ented
from doing, mn.,re. Gregg's Ynkltee ciialry
pqrued, but did not overtake him. Rosaner.
4 forcedd to swiin Btill Run. Our loss was
slight. finy.

ON Jaiqary 21st, 1864, I will seilat Auction
U a'Tdet of Land containing 420 Acres, si-
tuated tb.reemiles west of Lake City,'tf not
previously disposed of at private sale. '
For particulars and description oti6 t& 4
apply to Ef R. Lives' .Post meter, Lake'Ott,y
to the subscriber at Madison. Fla.
.Dec;L6, 1863 4t "

WILL be pold in Lake City on the 10th day
e'i December next. 94 .Shares of t'e-Cap-
iel .Stockof the Florida, Atlantic & Gulf Cen-_
sral.JailRoad Conpany,%he same having been the President and Directors, by
tperatlon oftbh'i Charter; the original subseri-
berse 6aring"eailed to pay instalments as re-
quired. 1tM. 0. JEFFREYS, ,
-No% 11.1863 tds r Auctioneer.
.79, The above ale'is postponed till the eIs
day of January.
ItLL be sold, on the Public Square in Lake
S City. Florida. to the highest bidder, for
eshli, on the first Monday in January next, the
following.tract of land, belonging to the Estate
4 W 1,frnell, d 6oeased, situated in Columbia
county, with "a godd dwelling house and all
necessary out buildings. containing two hun-
drqd aeres of very good Pine land and some
Hammiok, and about seventy-five acres of
open Land, situated four miles from the Upper
White Spring..
Dee 9, 186J 3 4w*
To wit : In Chancery.
vs. Bill for Divorce.
ITqppearinqby affidavit that the Defendant,
lliam "W.' Adams, resides beyond the
jurisdiction of the State of Florida, but within
the Confederate Statei : It w ordered, That the
said Defendant appear and plead, answer or
demur, to the Comnplainant's Bill of Complaint
heroin.filed,,on or before the first Monday in
April., A. D. 1864, or a decree pro confesso will
be taken against him.
And it.isfrther ordered, That acoprof this
Order be published in the Lake City Co.umbian
for three months previous to that day.
Witness, Samuel R. Mattair, Clerk of said
Court, this 3d day ofDecember, A. D. 1863.
Dec 9. 1863-3m


f~ ~


.- ~...







TieMs--Fie T1). 1.rt per antw A.. ..

A GOOD ONE;--The.fulluwing is frorn
Rogers' Table'thlk :
S cter Fordyee somntetimrs drank a
egod do.Wl-dinneri. er uiliiumited
Sone evenpi, l t,> ee a lIidy iptiefit wtIb%'
S he wasuore-than Iralfl' over, and.con-
scious that he' w4it so., -'(deling hI r p.ula-,
and finding .Ijrum elf utiitaie to er..,i ,itit
beats, lie. iitutteired, ,"Dr.aunk,.b.y -1
S- Next irtning, reillectibg die',itcuiL-
Stance, lie was greatly, vexed ; and, just,
as lie was thinking. whit explab.iit'i.,na.
ol his behari'.r l'e sliould ofler to-the la-
dy, a letter her wvs putinto his hand.
S. "Slie too) well kiiew," said the letter,
S" that lie had discovered lhe uiifortunate"
condition in 'which shle ta. wliir he last.-
visited her ; atdi she treated hiiin to
keep the matter secret., -in ,copideration
S of the enclosed,"(a bundtc-'4 p.muni'i'oe.)

OOD DODGE.-A young lari in
S(alifarilia whose friends had censed lii
correspr:,nd with hinu, Soke their interest,
by sending .ettrs to buaincss men in his
native place, inquiring the price of a .J.1-
erably sized farm. Seveiti very affeotidn-
ate letters cattle from the friend ds' by re-
turn of pust, and two or three a day have
conime ever since, ir-,luding ohe trdwu an
old Laud cold) sweetheart.'

CON rEDERIATF -Mu.u EYV,--TlIo iel'l-
mTond crrespoiident of the Charlest.-mi
Mercury writes ir the faith: Mr. Meniiuin
ger, it Is said. theopiuioii thaf
three weeksmwibl not elaps belufe Co.fed--
erate notes are. as gi-od as'gil'd, SernsiVt'
people hope for nothing so luiraculus a
this,thorugli they are.anxiiuus that ana and
ever 'tiing that ,ii be d..,ne shall be
done at -once.. Froii what I hutr. '1N'
Gregg's pipn is more favorably regadced
Than any ..ther. .

TH E ut. -?rilbh ro er f.,r ale
h ,Lis hoJe arid lot in thbe tI',%, nof
Madiesn. 1 lie t-,n-e ii very
comuodiousie. conttanirg .+ae
roo) m and w... pazzas, with all n 'iet-i arv iaTl-
liilding. vi, kitchen sm.tie ho,.e
room- poutrvhb-i,,e~Buid varI barns, st4blis
-arnd.cirriage hr.-i'e. two 'izre'- rardrens and a
iar'e I..I, for planitiI. and a n-ir, 'er.-'u l;ng is-ell
of c Ie,, water. It wll ibeotffered for s;ale p -b-
li'ly the Court-houze in Iladi.on, on
t -Ahe second Mon'day (113tb) Da.. '
v, -, A' E PHiANDLUER.
Madison. De; 2; 68 2t -

W ILLbesold. ,ii the Publi eSquate in Lake
City. florida, t,. the bilhest h -ildt r.'f-,r
c a 'on thoe '2th" daIv o' De.ernbt-r u. xt. the
Eqlljt-. fRedem tironri b-elonging t1 0. M. D.:.r2
nai,O. Alien Eneiqy. n ari.] uiibo the loliowng-
desceit.ed Lati. i t I t
W W f'i fW W i'f.-Se'T27, T 2, R 14 8 E.
of S'c s; ".. .. .. t
W. W o1 S E,'tSec iS,- ." '
..- J -q'4ff N-W .ofSe: 2$. "
E E'diS.W Si of e28 *, -
S 'ot an '72'Acres m. or lei A r.
e-n, t siite','ipn name willte tau tn- erol.
-' -. .. .. 3"*A-:',W, B: -.O,-,.jr ti ,,
No" ?,, 1S63 \'A eC iri- .
S ., TICE.- *

''S month's'after date I hall 'resent my.
S11 Final Eac.nt'm aBd voilh'ers' tb tb et 'I l te
I'tlrtfn l'att-rijA'Vr e CdintS-''as Adrhiti tfttor,,f'
the Es ateo D '. t nd 'i deofa 't-d and *np-
p I': lfr-'nvy 3di-hs rgh ,ai d diasti ssal from said
administration.. r
N. A. d[ILL .A'dmW'.
-, No.v 11, .88 .-, ,' -, '' t
. '' O T I E .
6,'N E month. afie dAt41t ,Ell applyio th't
O, Probalte..C'curltr Q.Jolt4ibia cuuty for
Slave to-sAil the .R al sEtate oi' J'iteph B \W.-..1,
dte ;.,, abused ,i i d Ea .Ct n. ic county.
.. rt. orhe p6 meap' o(taebts
.Dee 2, 1 1J lu ELIZA. WO'D, Adm,'.
,, ,. NOTICE.
V. NE month. tfr date %e *wiV..66pplv ti the
'..=7 U -" Probite' :dc'.rt.i i lu m bi 'I-' 'ount-, to '
S-.. leave to sell 'the ,Real *satse *f-.Caleb CooJt,,
,'deoeased-, situated in said county-.
'P. I pA'RMiL[IA'eJ, Adrm x,' .X ,
T ._TH0,. P. OOC Acta'f .- .
De I ;,- 2 A ,

,lsi Ut A..lnibt ia County. Fl,, f or the n--xt
,_ __tj_ ear.' Aymiply at ionce a bcribr-r
at the rla',e. N.-tei takeiI '..r' rent Oith ap
r.. ,: y. S.. FiEI. D.
Nv..v I, 16., tlj" l'Propr,, lor.
,.' Savannalh RP-eiublcar.n opyi, timresand
en 'l Iii'toathia.SSdie

.SLuxu.otio Lib ar,

(i.rli unlea4itn:he pt--,ple will suppl'i ,- %-,tu
LEATFrIERor SKINS wk will pay.One Dollar
for a.pieee of LEATTHER 6 b'y 22 inches. 'isd
Pifv cents fir SK [N'Sof the same aze. a rid will
fIr ri,:h W,,.,I cards at Six Dollar per pai r, an-r
~c -., E.;,1 nDollairs r piir. ravable
.," ,., t. ',.-l-" ,ii S r tb, rt /i inr
,,iifi, i t'lic, priet -/t Ae Card -
The above are iur terrnt intill riirth r rol; -
W e ti Il t Ie an.,',ri,airL ttv of ;it.tlici l SKINS
cr LEATHER anrd l. the part;i have Cards-
ro the amount at the ihab me ratc .
N. B --Cd on .S'i.nis ire 'i,'- ir' .I d and no
dn.mesgadSl'Ii, s criialeaLher will be, received.
LAKE Ci~~i', FLA. et- ATismirer

S LAKE CITY, FLA. r A .1 -.
A.., Ate v. A Tria-uarer.
S -' afr .F E q : i Sept.S. Jl. S3 Sf. f
BANKS & 'I,'b 1 b, ) -1
S- 'L'TA K' Lak ity. n\ viitue ra rle of the Prob.bati Court of
B. KOSS. .-B vl,, i.bii couttyi I iall sell at public
H oti. ," L- TI.LEE aie. to thb hbthesa. tiI'der. in Lake City. on
S .D-' A L S\V% N' .qainehlle. fb- We t, Mornday i January, 161, the fcill,:.
S. SWAI -. I
lI i sg dpibedi lhnl, ,litted tnjbe Couiity of
e t i .. ..o' umbli. to wit.: W .
| No.tice The NE of the N E.,'Seetio:f 28, and the,
,. L O c N W o f the N IW I orle,'tion 21. and the W 1
S" To 'a Hi t i t ofirbjS W t. l'Se.t.ion :2?,'in Tovnshhi.3 S. of
To-all Hl' ;t Maloy Coieern .' Range !5 E. .
T -;ll ech,,i." L-.,ther l--,r Hi.. T" -' Wl.LSON CARVER, Admnr.
1 Beei Wae lIacon Lard. Sue ad Syvrup Nov I4. 163 "
at the old prer.s- anti put mr.y -oI L- itihr at IN C ,IR .I.T 'uLiRr. .iiwNR.CE (0IR.
-s"icent.s rUpper and Hrnel at 4ii cents CUlT, FLORiFIA,' COLUMBIA COUNTY.
cents penr p:.und. i w0 r: FJI. TBRT, 16,J.
S. P. r THER JtRo D' PitF. ,; Attachmen.:
Lake City. FlI., Sept 9, li's3 Lf j D PE t um tworna nl'1 38
COLU1 l 13i.-SHEt iFF'S SALE. Dcar. S'TAtlLAWI, J 'BinJtt ild for f2.b
f r f t', ut -'uT "I -E Defendant and all .,th I:r iaiterestedare,
SIre 'a "" '. Fl I r r he eby tti ed of the; c min en- u at1
,in theuw'nnee inchraice t l v im-cnla. tna ce. A ,h shore Oid .sit. and are require to
i. t J'. 'a 'a'ndce or. g,-- N C anse and' ppea p d or eim r to he Declaration
her r .em it I-' ll a r.ub ti-oui- el th ere accled trdin.g t. *
oth, i' ,lel,.,r,, ll 'r uS I H-a i U. pT min
cr y,''ao ie hg et uidd r. n Iroi t .c t tS5t1,316 ...I'6" t IJt,'Att'y ,
i'" LaNke -ii;' p amb-a nlt30., O. the S. e pt_.
6-it M.idav tr .Janua'r A D. l., t.etien IN 'CIRCUIT ('OURT.SU WANNEE CIRCUIT
the usu'l t.Is .4" salet r lotmrg Ioands to LORIDA, Co. A Coun-To-
*Wtt[TL4' ru $O.h'test LaOPer, o a Not rbortet LORIDA, C i -n W ,'.
u.e' and 'lb Nolihuest. quarter of the Fall Term.13 t.3.
=oiltfeait qu'ter, sado th.- 6ouleast quarter W.,,am B R, Attaehment.
of the ljorthy4' quinarter. and the NortheastIr,"l B. 's, Sum Snrri.m $ent0.71
quatrer of-thd .6uthw,' t quprt ot secron Zimri 'Lamb. ,BoDafied 16r $13200..
'n i h e l .e n i n, in w. t nw h i p i t R a n g a n I t. e n .a .b n. .. 0.
South and 'Sst s.tuatae in S ra rd .;,otv, r .HeE Defendant and 'all others ihternsledare'
iTorm'erNi a Tit,ton ,f Polumbia runtsy.i con- 1 hereby n6ttfled cf the rconmencement of
talning,o'e hunfrcd l a. sixty ahe5 of land, he t-ova entitled suir and are requiredto ap-
mir- or 'ls. pear and plead to the declaration tbere&..b filed
Tr .ir Sal"., --Cabh-Purach.a, to pay, for accordingto law., . as a n d Deeds.'- ,a.. ,
T~ e 1 N A.JAMESOj, Sheritff C. .a -n -
S eda,1j83 t han-to-f Oct. 14, 1363. mo
NOvOEy. t t NOTICE. -
01 mouths after date ll ly to the r bpi notes. due-bill, or
v.. d g.,o Proluate ror the'Ui Brad. A.ofEr obligat~joilfo, the payment of mor,-
frd rf.tteIr) of dimrnisa on snd).sdiichargS ey.,rag in4h th ." s- n.ea.'e- t d at
J"rom "e ia f r L adrnLmi.liration oi ,e .stale;st aw. Ti 4 t b o.til,
1W d~.R f Wfrd,'.dedcaed. :i ; -, '.L -
1'cit %glfl'r Ida ill oid


_ -I

.__ _

. ----- .- z -
Attorney at Law,

W ILL attend pr:.rmptly tm all business en-
truste-d to his care in the Suwannee
Ctreimit and also in the ConTederate States Dis-
trick Court. June 4-6m


S II. months after date the iin-trsigned will
) present their accounts and vouchers for
final settlement. sad-I atk to be discharged from
t.he administration of rhe Estato or )liver H-.
Th I man, deretased. o J
July -9,-1893 :. IOka

8 -hereby given to all'whbiom it may concern.
I haLone n.o th alter daIst Is alIll apply to
the Judge 'of Probl.e of Columbis County for
leage'tn sell the following namned lands belong-
-in a t hB Estate of C. M. P:rn'll.-decciied,
it atlpd in Calb'&Coiuly to wit :
.N ijfN i*W of Seption 34, and the ES of
N EE'. of SBetion 33, Townahtip, 2, Range 10,
- -'E.'..... S.M. PARNELL,
. ;N' ,.V t1863 4 Admtn'x.
-.i .... 0TCE, -': i

TS hereby kiven to all whom it may concern,
L "thAt one mimnti after date I shall apply to .
the dge of ProbaTe of Columbia County for
leivelo seil the following named lands belong- !`i
'i'{g (. the Estateof J. W. Parnell. deceased,
'sitnat5e in.'Oolumbid Oounty, to wit:
SL .of.S W 4 of'Sectiop 27,2N W ofS W1,
'in. tbhe"i..of N Wi, T runship 3. Range 16 'i
Eamt. anI t e. N.E btS E i of Section 34
Townshbi 2. ARane 16 S A E.
IAS..i ELL. dm'r,
,. .. "AAkTfl -.PA, 4-L, Adm'X. ,1
i. fl-y 9, 86.w. e;. -
. t m. B. -" .

ILI persons indebted to theEstateofMaryA.
A Rowland late ol'Suw~oneeCounty. decd,
are reqlfested to make immediate payment to
the. urderaignsil ; and ,aIL persons having
claim.against said- Estate will 1eseni them
pro&ekly ale4ipdctu' eti e described
in [y "'wor tIi'%dbei'wx lle' ples. in bar of
AL .... / HULL,.
-'invay., I' :

S Pincknoy B. Cole, In Equity.

ACRES OF. LAMN ) toames Mosee, In j
Thomas G. Ieleken, and I a

.; .= =-. Ti affidavit made in-this case.
S* ^,. + --'- -- r 1 -hat the ciid James L. Moseleyresides be.
... .. yond the limits of this State, but within the
I-Lda Be 1 st f D a n,1,y.e -T- hu' 1- .' Siate of Arner ;a. and that theo
SV. day the 21st (j| i an .r' E'. li o '.
t t .r h .'-a d Thomas G T1nkens and Saruiel B Sri-,h-
th" ".tl 'i- pr" ; t t er.rai.r l l.rt ar ea s r rb l arte b, t bey-.,n-i. the limits
r- the .' ... i .t tt ur r e of this ,ircir it it Is herefo.r-.,.rdered. That
..f1, ri l n.. r k rthe said James L Moselevy, ThomaunG. .Jenkens
,&raT. k re, 'r,.,- i 't, r e .nt Flmdng ,d- ue .tgher. s ad spper ,nd ari'*C
i LL r Pr -va .i and i B.d In S i' .l' ll o -r ,'1 ,I'I ; --v
Tnc n iV rE T 1 S. t R, E Pr ,rty. I. ii.a i am r. t. I ,r i i e the id
Bie. nae rd B. n t.. Bl -i n -nea-d
S2.191 -. t .l t ,r county, Iarit tb-rn. aid it i- hijrth:r .rlred,. that a
l.- is rthe G.rn L i .. in TBre.I county, 4p thi,.rder be put.lib. ione a week r
T r. .R 4, E : ,T R.- E T 4..1. R 42 Ir rn.,nriths prior to the irai Monday on Feb.-
.P 41'. R 4 i E T I1 S, R 43 E : -Broperty of ru a WMn Ke CNE, ,lerk.
C-,mez. Gom z 4.rome. -' .. Wt. K. (, S 4m e
ft,.F ter-r4 f- L n ,d tin He, nle, ,i .3n6 ty, Fl- t 1 4
ritla.'mnprising th E.( ,r. N E of. Sec'" NOTIC E.
the'W, 4 f N W j .-.'r 'ec- 211', E j ..1r N E "t "
See N W I aYrid E l f aN d B iX months after date [ shall preserL mny ac-
5' E l T 22 S. R ni E Pr.periov ofJ curia and voucherae fr. iual i.ettlnent,
Th.n- T Parn.,.i. r and apply tl: the .Judge or Probiste Crurt of
1im, i ..r.-i of L.,nd i ri n r-earl. r ir county Hamitl r County. i.r a diB, har2e rr.:m the a.4-
uite, Li. s N.. 2 and .:..See 2i' 7 3,-S, R 41 E: ,,inistraiion ..f the Eatate of Dan el Raiwlingp,
P a'-rtvy ri Philip Hernalies. -. t ate ao said c,uutv, ,ieeased.
S.i ,O areito riidJHm.m:rouch c.rounty. Fi.r.df. N AAR&. N .M. DEAS. Adm'r.
E I ., S E I ,,f Sen .T. I 51 i 2R 1i1B, a and N W i00,28,1863 (a m'
4 ..f E ; S ..f' E j ar.i N il t 1 E.S NO TI.E ...
..f'S-a T l S. R 2 E- Prr.pertj ,,f he,rs of
.Luit.her Wil.,n [IX months after dste I lshall present Wiy
L u r r -r Land in i i -i nl . final a, e.:,.unt and vo., c ,?r to ithe Probate
PI,,rt ,,t' uwaonee ".-,untv a,. Ad initr I,,,r .I'
Fl,.rida N # of So e 1.4. Tr '7 B 2m1 E : Pro,. i, rar .," l 'e -re de,:e-td. a .m ir kl
pr- ,l Atwater. Mulfr- Eetat-' tMoses b-c. -Icede-d. .1-i aril,.
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rid. N- r.f N W i ma ,.e :,, S~ 2i.w : E: final atec.-unts, anrid apply t.:, .t'he .Ju.g of
Pr.,r, rty ofr Arthur Bell. Prot.ate. ,-rr the I .:.unty .:.I Brad .-.r.l. for a .1i
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nhiiitdii M,'e d. t"...l.iC.--rati Strit,--E D.itrit LakeCity, Aug. 19 1863. trn.
A4 tri t v. m r'L ke i_'r .li-i-, &i. .E, M` lA ri !v &l M
I bumpito, at Tainpai. Florria. V k lUDS K, It 18 I
F' 4, EIt.D, C.*. Stlte Att'y 1 C" M PAN Y. br-dn-ow ianuifa. r;iri, Wo.:.I
il, 21 18a .I3 t.ja2 1tri C'ards ii,11.i wv.-- %arrert Eria Il I,:, Ihoe ni por
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(O 'i ready it will be imerr.'i. ibltt t'.r iji o) make
2.ZTHE H T L atW ~ SPRIN m .iuts toe ...t Wii upim..... i im.... +L

I I I-

Our New Terms..
The imniehse advance in the price of all
material uied in the publication of a news-
paper has made'a corresponding charge in our
raole ofl' bscrnpttiO and advertiiinmg an imper-
ative necessiti. We have. thereflre, adopted
th'e following new schedule, which 'we believe
will compare favorably with that of any other
papr'in the Con feder.?:y:
I .year ................................. ... t n1
--t'm oath ....... ..... ......................... 2 .
.S f, o .....
I Square. ?oceupyin l(he'spacei of 12 Bre-
v;o r iine .mr lessi0is) rt insertion ......$ 1
For each subiequ -'-ia-ertio-n .......... ..... I lt
-Estate Notices will'beeharged as followa:
Application for Lttiera of Administratr;.n # in
To Debt.-r. and Ci'edilors..... ....... .........iI rI
.For Final Settfement and Dich-irge.........- I 1.1
Cerilicates;ofpubli-m3tion of Legai ov Esiate
Notices wl not be given, until .he advertismibg
'ee to paid; .
For announcing candiditei for othce the
charge w ill bi ..... ............. ...... .... fli 00,iuaries not exceeding ,ci linet- wll tbe
published free W.f'chrrge. b, at the rate
ofl.rIedollar for every twelve printed lines cx-
ceeding that nirmber. mrnct aimornpany all
longer notice. (Eight words' make a printed
line.) '
'Tribu'i Bof Respect are regsrd4e4,a Obituary
Notbiqen aid will be aubjelte d ie the aame rule.

W -iLL practice in the Cireiit t-..urt .f D.j.
val and o Mar.',r, a'ounii.-. oft'le E.a-itrrn,
and "Nass-u. Bra f-.1ird. County bia. A.a]ii ha.ia. id
I evy Countie_ of Sutwaunee jIrnuit: ali.. in
the C'uttedermmte States Dlitrict '...urt '..r LLat
and South Florida, and the Stipren.- C..url of
the Saye. Aug 12., I6S; -6nt

'At t o r ne y at Lal.w,
W ILL attend prompril to all .builiness hn-
trusted to hIs care We ll ai,i artei,.l to
the Entrvy Liands. and all matters .*..rnee-ed
with the'RIereiver's ull>. at Newnausville.
Sept 2. loeJ 6m

__ ~ __~_


. .+'..

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mods:physicalLocation University of Florida
mods:note dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began in 1862?
Editors: M.W. Smith, W.M. Ives, <1863>; J.F. Rogero, <1865>.
Publishers: J.O.A. Gerry, 1863; Jos. F. Rogero, 1863-<1865>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 39 (Mar. 5, 1863).
funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.
mods:publisher Smith & Ives
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Columbian (Lake City, Fla.)
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