Marion free press

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Marion free press
Place of Publication:
Ocala Fla
Louis Brumby
Creation Date:
June 18, 1896


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Newspapers -- Ocala (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Marion County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Marion -- Ocala
29.187778 x -82.130556 ( Place of Publication )


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Description based on: Vol. 11, no. 38 (June 18, 1896).
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For County Judge.
I am a candidate for -re-election for
county judge of Marion county sub;
ject to the democratic primaries,
i hereby announce myself a candidate
for election to the office of County
-Judge for Marion county, subject to the
action of thle Democratic.pricmaries, and
roapectftllly ask the support of my
friinds. R. B.' BULLOCkI.
For Surveyor.
I lierelly announce myself as a candi.
d tlie for re-eldction to the office of
(.'unityy Surreyor of Marion county,
"l,.ject to the Democratic primaries.
L J, R. MooaU;AWS.4




















-Clerrk-Turnball, on instruction of
the chairman, read the call for the
conventio4a issued by the state ex-
.. .cutive committee. The list of dele,
the ratess from eflcb county was then read
by the clerk. After some minor cor-
his reotions were made the chairman an-
nounced the convention ready for
of temporary organization. Hon.'J. E,
n- Hartridgeof Duval placed in nomina-
tion Hon. Samuel Pasco of Leon. It
was eloquently seconded by R. A. Bur-
or- ford, A, V.; cilchrist, Mr. Palmer ot
Columbia and Morgan of Eicambia.
He was elected by acclamation and
or gracefully escorted to the chair and
lys introduced to the convention by J. E.
ed Ai. L. Dancy placed in nomination
St. E. B. Durlin of Orange, for temporary
secretary. Hon. Nat Walker of WVa-
ed kulla,and W.t.Randall of Clay, were
for elected assistant secretaries.
On motion of Palmer each delega-
tion was instructed to name a member
d- 'of therespective delegations to serve
S as a committee on Credentials.
At 1:30an adjournment was taken
ow tntil 5 .p. nr.
ur- 4 fe.iVngiutes after 5 o'clock C'hair-
ad njaa PewaSoeounded the hewgag and
tWeconvpeton came to order. A re-
pat of the-committee on credentials
- ee calMed aC e without a response. On
*t motion of Olr. Gilclhrist 'of DeSoto, a
' .amispittoaioonsisting of Gilehrlst and
'ot* \ GCenowy of St. Johns, was ap-
his, pointed, to Jpok up the credential
eovrfliutteeand ascertain how soon a
to report was forthcoming. At the end
ay of a short 'recess the committee re-
ported that the credential committee
,n- would.sotike. ready witp a report be-
rt fore8 o'clock. A. motion then pre.
failed that an adjournment be taken
until that'time.
on In.theevenhig session it. was ascer-
b tainec the committee on credentials
d. not ready to report,and an bdjo)urnmeht
he was Mtken until 0 a. m. Wednesday,
at -when the committee on credentials re-
ay ported. Their report, f'"aored thesenting
of the contesting ,(Chaires) delegation
from Lafayette, and against the contest-
rn- ing (Alexander) delegation from Volu-
Ssla, Broomne oj Gadsden, demanded a
r, vote on thle question, notwithstanding
no..oinbrity report had been presented.
bfg The action o.f the committee was sus.
ir- .talnel by a vrotp of ;311 to 19 whih live
mar (Lafavette) blanlk. Qn iq tion the fol-
Slowing comnttee on platfbnr was ap-
S.pointed, each county naming its repre-

tor.:' lachia,.~. J. Barrs; Baker, C. EF
- Pons; Bradfqrd, E. G. Hill; Brevard, D.
I.' Gaulder; Calhoun, E. G. Mack; Citrus,
SC,.M. DupreerClay, W. D. Riandal; Co-
oitr ulabia, B. H. Palmer; Dade, a. C. Sut-
h i.!o.n; DeSoto, A. Kinney; Dural, F. P.
,p. .letniming; i;ecambia, John O'Counor;
S.ifantklin, H. S. Grady; Gadaden, J: E.
^ 'Boo.rmne; iHa iltO, p.. B. Johnson; Her-
tti- -A^AaPulton;. Hillaborough, 1I.

Ir. 'C -;

or U r~

C. lMcr:irlaue; H.o!lms, IH Evans; Jacl
son, J. II, McKiune'a ; Jefferson, W. I
Girardeau; Lilaycltte, John I.uicas; Lak
\V. .I M -Cle',lan, Lee, G. G. Ileudr
Levy, (G. W. Willi-. Leon, N. \W. I:ppe
Liberty, J. H. Roberti; Madlison., Ri:
dell Pope: Alanatee, P. S. Harlee; Maric
R. Bullock; Monroe, A F. Schult
Nassau, J. G .McGillfan; Orange; J.
Melbourn; Osceola, J. E Pearson; Pasci
M. E. Loss; Polk, H. J. Draiu, Putnan
R. W. IDavis, St. Johns, T. Geuove
Sauta Rosa, C. O. Chunn; iiuilter, R. (
Wright; Suwannee, R. A. Rei.l; Ta\ lo
T. J. IFaul; Volusia, G P. Healey; W\\i
kulla, Nat R. Walker, Walton, k. 51,
Guire; Washington, W. A. Etuprous.
A motion by R. W. Davi-, t-hou.n 1lrt
vailed that one rnin i a.:*h di-regati,.,
be selected to name delegates'to th
Chlicago nratiu ,al l il, -,rat ,unl
t-ion and a similar commirtteefo nam
a state executive committee. As thll
roll was called the committees wer
named by lihe respeitiv,_ delegation
COMmirI EE lO Il.p'_ ,E S ATL X.:':1Ii.
Alaehua,- S. L. Carter; Baker, T. 11
Rowe; Bradford, E. I'. Ward; ]i eiard
W. S. Jones; Calholni, A. J. \Woud
Sirtrus, E. S. Grace; Clay, S. F. Hlan.
ford: ColunitLin, A. W. W\-ek ; Dadt
A- E Heyser-. DestSo, A. G. SmitIh:
Duval, John C'. L'Engle; E.,r-ambia. M
J. Fauria; Franklin, 1. L. Grady:
Gadsden, E. P. MICowvan; Ilamilton
C. F. Cohen; Hernando, E. Kersey;
Hillsboroughli, J. A. Bi-Ahmp; Huolmes
J. S. Williams ; J-lacksoin, M. F. ]oune;
Jefferson, J. M. Sf ingar: .Lata.yette, S.
L. Ham-e.y; Lake. F. S Riissell; Lee,
W. 1G. Sangfordi lejn, W. A. lawIls;
Lvvy, F. 11. Bul ler; ib,.-.rty. J. 1'.
Roberts; Madison, C. B.liher; Main-
tee, J. C('. Pelut; lMarion, E... .Struzirr -
Monrue, F. W. K-right; Nusoan, T. A.
Hall; Orange, S. L. \'aughn: Os,'-,.ula,
L. 0O0verilreet;- Paico G. W. Pink-
ston; Polk, E. CM. tuart, Putnam, S.J.
LHilburn;. Jobhu, 'liubert .)liver;
Sa.nta Rusa, J. F. Ma. port; ,Suriter, J.
R. Smilax; Suwannee, \W. II. Ogden;
Taylor, S, H, Pe,.'cork ; Volu.iia, B, E.
Prevatt; Wakulla, J.... 1larron 'Wal-
ton, J. H. Riclibourg; Washington, A.
J. Dean.
Wednesday afternoon the colniulttee
on; platform were not ready to1 report
Itl an adjournment was taken until S
P. n,.i .when the following were pre-'
VWhereas, questions of the coinage
and the finahlce are matters, presented
.iJirtoiH, for ur tiomid leg

proper functions of (he democratic rt:.
tional convention to assemble at Chi- '
cago at an early day -r _;rescribe the
policy of the part l on stnel b uestiit-ns
s well as all ,l1tier national issues;
therefore be it
Resolved, Thatall .:ur-h iluestions be
and are properly referred for deter-
,ination to the national democratic
con vention, and we pledge our support
o the policy of the party whioh may
be so enunucitted.
-We, the democratic party of theI
tate of Florida in ronv,-ntion nasem--
bled, do adlopt the following a,- its
larttorm andi declaration of principles
2nd, That we favor a tarill for rev-
nue only, with eqliual and exact ju;-
ice to all and special favors to none.
3d, We congratulate the-- democratic
party upcn its long and incessant war
,aged against all forms of abtses and
ppresion ti a t ll througlhou.t its lon
career it lias opposed tile formlation
nd promotion of all monopolie, syn-
,icates and trusts, hiol:din threat tlhe
aggregation of capital in tlhe hands of
tew Isa menace to olvil governlllnent
,nd a shadow of death to free institu-
M INOi irV liEIor.i i ,
We thle minority member, ;t the
onmmittee on platform an I resolutions
ieg leave to submit this thIeir report.
Resolved, lIr. Thal we are opposed
o the single gold standard; that we
avor the free and unlimited coinage
f silver at the ratio of 1,J to 1 inde-
pendent of any other nation.
2nd. That we are in t'a;ivor of tihe use
If silver and bold as tlhe standard. mRon
y of final payment of the country,
.nd of the independent coinage of

loth metals without dis,:riuminatiou
.gai nst etllher.
r.l, That we ae oppuIseli to the re-
iremen.t of greenbacks because the
ame would contract the circulating
ediumrn which is already too small for
he successful transaction of the busi-
ness of thile country.
4th. That the delegates who shall
e elected to attend the democratic
national convention at Chioago are
hereby instructed to use all honorable
means to secure the nomination of a
president anl vice-president who are
n favor of the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at a ratio N1 to 1.
R. W. Davisr
J. Hf. M'l-rl iNEV.
After hie finished reading toth re-

- -


Handker chiefs,


For Sheriff.
Thanking my friendsfoi past support
:1and conlllence, aud trusting that my ad-
ministration merits a continuance of
1saae, I announce myself a candidate
for re-clectnou to the office Qf Sheriff of
Marnu, county subject to the action of
the dmlocratio primaries.
I hereby announce myself a a candi-
date for Sherlt'ofr Marion county, sub-,
.)et te lie action of the democriatio pri-
maries and the suppor"tof my friends
May "I, l6. _i.
I hereby announce-myself a candidate
for the office of sheriff of Marion county,
suli.,jet to the action of the democratic
primaries. -A. B. DUPujis
I hereby announce myself as a candi-
date for the office of sheriff'of 'Marion
county, subject to. the democratic.pri-
mnaries, and ask the support of friends.
For Assessor.
I announce myself as a candidate for
re-election to the office of county tax
assessor, subject to the democratic pri-
anaries. J. G .MATHEWS.,
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the oilice of tax assessor, subject, to
the will of the democratic primaries.
Gr.'g. fn. 1 r? i> ."cK.
For Superintendlent of Public In-"
Thanking my friends for the confi-
dence they have placed in me in the
past, I again ask thier support for re-
election to the office of County Superin-
tendoleut of Schools, sbmitting my claims
to the action of the democratic prima-
ries. M. L. PAYNE.
1 hereby announcement myself a Ocn-
didate for Superintendent of Public In-
struction for Marion county at the 0om,
ing election, subject to the Democratic
primaries. W. D. CARN,
Citra, Fla.

i -11, NO. 38

". f..R .



S"": Ifl tedl1 Mer rcbautTailors,

ot; ltiers and

.bo r l V. .alues,
..j -- .. -

~_.. -RD,

*I4l. .a" o.
1: ." & aco.
'~ '":. :'" '- :i : -- : .. '
..: + _.;. .

_ -rr

iCoutinued ou fourth page.)

atopoo ip seenteas
.,yojtf dgrowM salorinng Tur
nip-yo oaberveh am dfrvl-
I t b anean eo.mutlolt.I .
etup11pm mati,rg want

Ir terthei priactical problems

i tactlle fotr ,lQrough busl-
i.n ea'"h of it8 Ihree distinct dor.
aot.avo taeow cooloe of eom-

'^y^,J" ^ t ^^overni.mwnt,
-.i l B 'rl it nWo
o ,.. '. etir Writsg,

p(a~nO rgiu~

^ ,:^."t^f aadreas ":
adPr ess

-!. ."
^A'4 pft( Bk dA n t. l

~a4;ra~+arz~rs~-rP~' ~

n .t
^ve antd i" t *a evenrt of fD.
number of delegates here ele;;ed tv>
attend sai i U-..r3rtrsent,
those -who are present and duly elected
shall cast the-full vote of the state.
Resolved, 40h': That imitating the ex-
ample of our revolutionary forefathers
in their heroic struggles for indepen-
dence, we sympathize with the Cubans lu
their ettorts to throw off the yoke of for-
eign domination and establish a govern-
ment of their own choosing, and urge
President 'Cleveland to hasten to put
into effect the resolution of congress gi\-
iug these struggling patriots the righ-s
of belligerents, and in this connection
we take pride in commendling the cour-
ageous manner in which the president
has upheld the lMourie doctrine in the
\'Venezuelan affair, which has given iu-
fluence aud dignity to the American
uame. and commanded respect for the

Resolved, 5tlb : Th:at we heartily en-
dorse the state board of health and
cunmmend its etliient work under the
ble.-sing of Divine Providence has re-
siltetld in preserving public heal'il and
preventing the introduction and
spread of epidemic diserses within thie
state since its organization, aud has
given confidence at home and abroad.
6th, Whereas, the legislature ot
Florida passed statute prohibiting
the attendance together of white and
negro children in the public ?schools Of
our state,
Wherea, t he ssid statute has aroused
general tliscussiion and caiised the ex-
pres.-ion olas as to tlie posi-
tion held Ft,: 4., on the ques-
tion, f
Be it r 1'B! the dreiocrael
ot Florida' iA cV.c jon assembled.,
dl. larc-s l tv'bBty Ppdomrijet rL. of-
said law, I- m H t-ise -e hope that
it may nevm,6 ipungt!d from the
statute bodok- f nor the prin-
,iple it etariodied be lorn from the
hearts of oar people.
2nd. That the convention expresses
the emphatic hope that the state will
never relax its efforts in the cause of
education until every child within its
limits ias- had opportunity of securing
the rudiments of a sound knowledge
of the English language and the prirl-
ciples of business; without distinetiou
of race, color, or previous condition,
but always and at all times in seper-
ate buildings and with different eachi-,

'-< ***'.-. : : ^;
Wo : :g..--.
'si "-Q ; :""';

^;-' -. .:,- ,- :. "


.. .;
... s

it _.^ + u ._^-_j,.:-
., ". '"

/. .* .'* -*" -,
P- olS, ,- :-;:.,
*. "* ^i ^ *, t *
,~.-[- ::


-. ...'- ,
... L ~-- '" "5' .:."7-

.' ... i

IsA itip ing h
H. Marean.
,tUled the pulpit
.t'"Galpesvflle Su

** ; ,- *
)AhL. of Jasper, spe
"' .ii -J., i.:| f Ki I l' M


S; W. MOODY. -

..:, o: -

fi;:.rM. ':dun ft a prominent citizen
'iverefes .a ip-the city several da

r..-is.Ilprf R. Qarroll has return
l-ioai sdhortvgl t i -her parents at
-"'tIe rsbu"rg.
.::c:;'i,.d Mra, E. M. Greggaccomrpani
'r:i,,:' .:M.9.i'L. Mpghin ey left Sunday 1
A-.i'+ i i .a r o l ln a .
.: :." -4 W in.' oht ir amd caught
.'.'I ..-ithetare visiting. friends to Cn
Is:-i. .a ttle..Week,
I ':: ir'and Mrs. J,.,[ oerig are expect
:-i't. -ut thuet r,eddig tour to Nr
40a;? fetWorrow.
^^U^Ho pqB A.lqheTse i ast
i. s o ,ytg y a tioee be h
Ja.ite fck10dle *euth #W

a,=. '. -'h*ea .oi. o h tbtteoarah
41W' eaawk~t.on o
iaimn prpt~at i a rptoya P
^^^ r 4; VISyto i

a .e r B
M k.' rot Watou returned
I .oo .pendlnga d
ITrn'R !dic Sta
shl;^tt ypre:^ crowded c

a :|':wt bcharge-or t
..a '. b dr m illn
own. Yesterd

^ring TesTaymor
Ar hbre e sahe w

oral: of V
a hoL

L .O
TN ,-_-

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Of New Orlerise ._ ,:
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,. %, .., :' . ",-
Phosphate .' ,
.._:u:.,...c -':a .^:
"*- .:. .

W. W. PICKFORD, ALget. ,
+. .-... .+,



A., TIH BDAY: JUNE 18, 1896.
D i...

k- p,.,rts, a mna+iq', a maade. .that the ANNOUNCEMENTS.
11. inori y r.porl' ad.,pted. Rigi -----
e, speeches \vel e on i th oOloion .b -. o Legislato r. :
-, ",Y-A, "t d i t S eari slicitation rf/ 1, many
1K^ .-^ f therln1 I a nouce mIyv lf a eantlidate :R .-:i
es, mar. G.D.lR'-.10-.g re, R .lact tothe action
Tu-sa- -- of tihe democrat, priuarytr. f
nn .. .., .. ::'.. ~ r~-.


Florida's Democracy Assembles in

cnventlO0n In Ocla.


Practical Violory For Sound Money
-A Uia'iponious Gathering on tlie
Wholo-The Free Silver C'aucus--
..cQlaThanked for. Her 1Tolspit"ality.

GO verinor.... ,S.....................V. D. Blo liainn.
Justell a ipk-eme Court......... H', II. Ma)I",
Secretary of State...... Juo. L. Crawmford.
Attorney-Osneral ................. W .B. nia r.
rleaeurer r^.^. ......................,.C, B. Collina.
Co.mptrolle".................'Win. H. Reynolhfs.
.lpt.,,anb Itistrnuctiona.......W N. Seats.
a., A .T Iul rd*'i ..................................... Maron.
W S. .Jed ale g .gs...................... ...Ilernando.
UdW. L Cirleul ...... Alclhun.
4.,F.W elYqrn,................................Oiange.
A 0(. i O'l4Lien, Emcambia; E. B. Lukun-
U t, MassaW G. 1). Sparkman, IIillsbor.
tough; C. p. Rogers, Duval; R. W. Davis,
Putnamn; T. J.'Appleyard, Orangr; F. B,
'Carter, jacedkon; Nat. H. Walker, \Va-
Alachua, J. A. Carlisle; Brevard, W.
S. Jones; Citrus, A. E. Williard; Du-
val Johu 0. Conper and J. P, Taliafer-
ro; Escambia, E. F. Wells; Franklin,
J. E. Grady; Uillsboro, H. C. Magoar-
lane; Jackson, W. H. Milton; Jefler-
son, NW. M. Girardeau: Lafayette, T.P.
Claus; Leon, W. A. Rawls; Monroe, P.
F. Knight; Nassau, J. D. I;eggs; Polk,
WV. H. Reynelds; Putman E. S. Crill.
SObalrpan, Samuel Pasco, of JeffBrscu;
secretary, E.B. Durlivpi)ragep: As- ,
ilatant a We* llr^r Wiker,: hI'. -
Wk.ula; second a-siipt secretary ,-rE .
Randull, of Cla. ,; : T.
; .The dem mcrtio sltaie convention to i
no innate tatB officers, to select delegates.'
W0 Llienallopoii convention at' Chhiago-
anp to select a new state executive-com-
mittee convened. in Ocala Tuesdpy, June a
10,. at 1:-20 pi m., and was pallet tpo oer J90 1

'X A.
f.;rOMAN .




_ _%



S. R.

_- -. .~~., ",, at'
.* .-.l ....
,/~~~ ~~~.: .. ):+v_::.+


Unequalled for Main and

.+ r ~ .. 1 .. .-


-r',/ --

Ihe Dt nociatle
_p" _. )alft Olq fy4 pe

r" ... :- rPlatka li ft.orga
Scoinpiiay to be k
<.'detfw ilth'Walt

Thle Cuban s3 111
Ville 1h.Milg 60
Mtcmner Three Fr

Have S


" rlaCP1

PMCLag of O 8at
an4. akpiv n'In
i, lotr making .

S,.'. t in th"o .
" tat urround lia

;^. Two _.pO14qetbn
; n" d one .in TI
O:'" ;..- ulJ.Lmueder
:L' .,.-.^ o 1,h,,,, ',.,

~Li~ _L

1 ~ _- ~-~U~cc~41 I





I --~i~~,-i~8SR~a~,~X~j~LL

m -


1 call on or addrti.
, Agent.
Freig h t Depot.
?t Agent,
''. S. l'ass. Depot.
r13- -- A --

. .~_ ._ ,



LEE AND WEYLER. than for us to pass at ouce from a gold I I
!REE RESSto a silver standard. "
T EE PRESS. Nobody that ever had the pleasure of All Aboard For tlhe Millennium. ~ .^ ,",^., M ----------_l_-^..
knowing genial Fitz Lee,. our consul- i. --v H --
ogeneral at Havana, will be surprised to f lfiD ,i'BBI'^^BI^ HB
-learn that be is hypnotizing General s ,". , ~,,H,,I,
Weyler in a heretofore unknown n degree Q_" If" 'b "-,''
n ofrnln assand coin plaisanee. In his 'i"

a nEzS S A S S On e w T I O N u iude bo n air p r isence b e fo r e l 1is a-mia b le S.
and aheerleul demeanor, i il t he b airing 14r,, B
11 with she of his hear ty laugh and with the cordial a '.-.
tF.IC AIdSOCIATION grasp of his hand even such a nature asi D i
nd to a lW evler's nst melt. It is qitie ebay t, v to
,nclv tatafera"rif"cq aita ceEST with a big 13. Blackwell's Genuine ulo'
e re c i v th atply afte r at u l o fief aeq t nta n ee liv in g D tnrh a m i In- l a. clags Iv it, Y ou is In a cd I,
' T, JUti: S, 1 6. w ith t"our Fllr z," a7 they call himn up in A coupon in-lrde each tm%'o ounce bug,or ad 1to cou-
pons Inside ceach four ounce buag or
Virgitlit so coinplat,(-y impressed hill)a kw~
self upon the eapL ain geu eral th^at the- .,TOV A -- 9 "
e'sitate convention in 5-1
d op t J ..Eoand bo la e r ju s t told h ii to d o as lh e w o u ld at t o i O T -] R 4 T n-
r h nme and belp hl ineisr. He n o r a
of the U. ingted Statese onsul-genrrad vis- Genuine Durham .
anizitd anew military titng Cuban prisons, havi,,g access f_.t m kn-To a c a .0",
a lage an the P talei JThe Courier-Journal Speaki Its Meind. Smoking Tobacco,

suh riecs onrsi bas hae debires toi s he, get- ^e-.ic 4psl- ouima
terw1U. aD vth c p uta nams. rs n rs a ed srs os e e The day i'ter the K~e~tnky primear- *Buyabplgof thiscelobraxtei tobaceonnd read th ,c-co 'pon--
tr. .permsisn. ii pert ainaron to vi .at the Spanish ie l LouivilleC urier-JournalsaidS al ual tu I l
sthiz, rac on Jackson-linessoil even going boyon,) to the hn- editorially:

ipa'bi re In Jacksoon- K itcy vrapaf hih1--- -- ----
a e c e do dwi ,, g e t n n bg t h u rg e t ,itts u l ..a l o i n. s I'le w e o b t ai nt th T h ey ( th e D e m o c r a ts ) h a v e r e tu d i -

acet e I it getLlo ng ta h # lrnprlonsVl leat Vayell~ b e yl er i s atd the onIH l~yi preidn t thew Do Jemc by t qi r ^ cn ~ -T T ^'
riends to boa With What im r .so h t V t ral o l r i partyatd hhas elected rsd nand thseated~ml raifor 59 '9,:''
General Fitzhugha Loe',d most, obedient yeari. Tbi -y ltqvo to the o os d ,t-l1
st, i, SuE~~~~ply of war ~~~distinguished Olfa d leg,-.,e t Duo'tcKtuky's living Sonils~~t, ~ tS H ae a d ................
lpa. big b ulyofoud watr servantlot an flu? can be mo iute groun. It.i d
Yr.,-. ,." '" .. .. ,.,,all," ries -- ,

g.- r.'._ ., .i o.twi.. trera i W eylere andi fathe rs oti m '.. .-Bl to r e nameif'. 0 Tn D ,ho Sro-m nT iTt Ac rFn ni" y T' -.d Tl y i. t, :_ Be
'" eogiie 414-#s o cnprtiP1tl !ln *" WIF AT VW 1it ASK .FOR AND 'NO OTHE R.
3peie, J.. E Lanie,b itmt _Ale froln ita chang-e inuthe Wy- Clevelaudatraitor. For 1hefaithtad DAVID rE. r OUTZ BALTIMOREI'ID,
tIn.. %he 'eoi'l'any hap C ain nin et,.hd or adinlniitrs ion or con- ed dow n through a jiundred Years of "-
to join the state tloopk dueling war. Tieo inourgents and their florioui party history they have substi --

qas large an the state Js h ae ihri h lrn exponents of that faith they have 6ub-
-- ,.,fortressiies- ;,; or. i, the cane -fields or on the s it~ d-jutch apostlo-q ot Plopulism a
001 o ln t sry ro n-. enral Lee 'w i~ have F^ 1Tr such ex porters (.f s(- eia 'lis!tl pq
oplhL rKialMnieI n tobl i scrtiin 1htLbr I a illmau, Such E-vangels of angtre!isjaal11ANtUFAUTUIIEItS OF
pullt o Kl lmm e, n notrobleIn ~eetalnng hatthee i a.Altgeld]. Satt dayF's wvork palies .Keij,.
r _.. ", socc tv~ t v ..d tre o ,t p.. t 0rt or n4'bt- t e o p Ann. or years.. Be .re .% .
sarey,: ':lhesBell-l~are on ou Is ng h8~ d -i'he late unpleasantnead hterrdon, ,,se a "o. ,.,..urday Bradlcyisnii was du:ad,bt a rmae ''laeytpo i!oevr ,,.,,.,,... ,.h ."C EAI A ,A N ,\IG4" ,"

U' ll,,wt v,r binds iiselt" to the corpse o:f free silver.
9 htsowID ir;aunif-s t grahious'03letsato e o inh Woo ow u,
paltqo,, 11van, ,o .d o is als-ieW3"c..v s ha 110.h1019,6uvn.La Fl0i{ -Doe- Mi0ales. La -Alatilda
m Wendr hi pe- isIla. boodthirt..aOlS~e .y t ad'ion shall not ratify its stupendorti
m m f f e t ., . 0 l!bj j d e q nd t h a t c ~h q q c .c 0 $ I;!= g ll to o
11 B t t h e i n s u r e n t stio r iw o o w e r f li- S t r a i g h t G o o d s .. ---. .. __ --- ..
ipil have beJenkfoundll allik aj-ut ,vow: one Is th~e skwknelssitat Thiro ean be no middle ground. it
h tefrtd ntow atlaeks, the Spa.nlqlh In Cuba, and mustlt e somild moun D t a ~ n l
Ih !h f rstde o in qft sl s an a l
7:,' -' ": hii otlib6r Is the prospect of a revolution the time.--Boaltimore AmerieWO L Dg ,A 1 ip1 .1

>- I.0- .F.

I1-1 ': .'? :' *
:.. '' ..* .. .

:a'.' :. Al~llall
VO..: O N.k 1,oN~a PRI

,ANGE GROI l '.,,- .,--,'.---
Sn ... .l.., .:,,,
,om_. .\ ""*: ^
:t *m-;-. .Also%'-
-r, v','.- f :i
,. ;.. ., ..
'.', .-.' ,.:,-^ ^ |_"t.
nvdhtment. Also somest:Bple ,|,jt

.' *-1"': r ^ *', -, '-'"

Pr0oerty. _,



That will pay halndsome inter

Ocalia C

!r .-. _4 .. ... .. -

est on the i
bairgains in


E *"*

.tfp~lii nnti*, ^r 11

j -- ~ana 0-:-Railroa L ":'
-Also Some-- "'.- -.

". : .. ^ ':. *. ':.(
-- Several Large Traots of- --
.:' ,- : /^

Phosphate and
^ *. 7. -, r f. :':i.^ -^
-~~ ~~ ~ .-; ; ..? '-'..:.:. .
,' ., *: S _..
Call on or address -" "


.OALA, : : :
,* -* "" < '***'-^ '' '*": {*JS-
------- ----~-._-..._.._^ *.-j*Ai/ri
We wish to announce that .."
S.4 : F:f .

Hotel Coqu a--
1"- ,". '' ,;-:- -'^

Opened for the Win r Season on
..: ., -. .::, -.'-^ .^.'

'. ^ l :: : ": -X'
o oursl Re s IpectfulIy, :.; : ;,
L211Z-02 Y-TH:- _y E1-

.. :( .i "f ',
"~~ ~ .,'~ ^ 1^^ ^ ,, ..- ,.> = *
"argc'Iodies of- '"i "
,. '4


li.' 't 4 r'X', c-e"

made Opplialtion
Mvoon u a, vaca,
pt' present being

T he F..... 1w .t.
. fLe Florlda Pol


Is what gives HoodVtSarsaparilia its great
popularly,& its constantly increaiihg
sales, and enables it to accomplish its
wonderful and unequalled cures. The
combination, proportlion'and process
used iu preparing Hood's Sarsalparilla
are unknown to other medicines, and
Make Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
It cures a wide range of diseases because
of its power as a blood purifier. Jt acts
directly and posit ively upon the blood,
and the blood reaches every nook and
cornerof-the human system. Thus ell
the nerve_, wc-,-J. a -
' -'e beneficent Mnfuenc- "
kl-w fi_ i f,-~ :Mr At.S***K "

L-)Am. epaie?.neleone having beu .
..:, "PC'U- ** .w -eLlone lvlp I. ifi"Madrid, the posRibla i lt of the dis-
I.-;; P ?1,n S' 'e ,.,.. -, eL clouttrus which GeneIIP in,,pos thlreat-
-air. Of. the law does no' give s. fnihn a
E' -,"-:.^ to" .i l .... .-._ ea.a to lm aka it, the Coru z as to the con-
"U FWtOcmtrder asnmany of
'" *duct f thbe war on tLe island, Even
i!.t,:,&e ri0-,' area
^?;0t T,~^ '
: :-,,tE~ j~~P.!:.:~ q -on~ull~ n
-" "" .... "' ; '' "- "; now Madrid is in a rurment and thbe
"" .. .... et mosllr.fling cause inlight serve to pro
k-;_."" I N y V 0'. .,ptd b< y d uce an c xploio --Tatnia Tribu ne.
f _0 .^e9s C^FB^ --
... '
j j jendpo, yeater-
-.b y imber The Engish stlemor Drumrmond C' s-
kk-? "w.Ith4 hearty Ulsr reporte'iko bare satnk-1WA-. yesK r
ir ,for the oucesda-'. m,'m nlorning on.the coast of France and
Iraq:.. 1i.c ri if nI- over. twoi unrd I11p'erson drowned.
r r', .,n., . .... .,,, n ^ ....-

P J d-i ia "^. "Y>r .E ER FO "U'Y.
L~g ;::. ~ll Apilibsl~s what
.-' ,Sttnrda.rdo te mIll o "-f' BB-:'ll s ft "'*111ke and
a.* .... -- -m--' -7". *i


lirlar' saute, eet 4?A:..L 1t...a/
9 A,''^ ^y^^^ .-,0nd, Cff*cts -Pk? free caar
s.. ". ... "d Br "coi nago of "ver at ".
fts. 0lhe tmiz'," means that any pri\'ae owner cof li
--.- -. bullion may bring it to the miutj na*
jSpalleTam ''h ai r- have it coined without charge into dol-
4, -"1 ^ 0 U ci~baiztg that- e ars of the present weight and fineess,
.:e'i'iwhich, of course, would thereafter be
.7... ,, ,..*~ ilvi .s..%a~
.. worth as much Ps and no more tlhan lhe
W A) r.. (MI ^tt is builliol of which they v-wre voined,
^-T -'c ..^ county and one which ii now aboui0 e'cent3 to the dol-
r-" ".6 '.,may justly feel Jar. N, rold wou)d theu Lc coined, be-
-..,.- .cause with the bullion necessary to coin
W ^ ''-E a gold dollar could be purchased enough
silver bullion to c6lu two silver dollars.
sy 6 does otcare to make No one would use gold dollar's to pay
Y. Lmoe ech.. Florid. i e debts which be-cufld pny with les.3 val-
It*, n. f< iik m itkl one more during the able silver dollars. The first effect of
..".ii- n.ot the next Plegil-ture in- favor free silver wonld ae to drive o.nt cf cir-
0,.:4 it VUl be a. culation the $625,000,000 of gold anud
'.,.:eo t wod e g t to sink all silver and paper money to
_,k""* it to the-.rnmocratilo party in -the standard of the silver dollar.
^4l~Ae' '.^yiM t Cebonto office seeker. "There is no country iu the wrrld
,* .t'"di'Made for Ce l and free seile.r that could mIake this siudde-u change in
MAd for Cl and free silver its money standard without plunging
S. b.:Tlla .oola the Py bfore headlong into au indefinite period of
S.',-l4PNi.4!adth1e flectof repudiat- panic, bankruptcy aud distress, with
f .:tt boin'th Tillnan and Call by the voters. disastrous check to its development and
l i ol l. ong idleuess to its industries. The hope
O held out to debtors that they. would be
l ....... .-r-. ... -- able to pay in cheaper dollars would
61 : : 1LVi. 1. SrA*VAnD- COUNTRIES. never be realized, because tbihy would be
'."... .. at once pressed for their debts, and in
-J -; 0citre having the silJver isand- such a disorganization of trade and of
''i all business they could not get the cheap-
if i'hrdi .: tlhe dlreclor of our e dollar, and the idea that free siiilv'er
, ,mr,.l ; "- laaY 1 1896, weri, as follow,: wonld give us a larger currency would
f.Cetral American -states, C'asta not be realized, if ever; in the lifetime
o.... f the present gceeratiou,.
.i/a- dora ..Nica,'agua "The farmer is urged iT support free
__ rtkA q .V* W*icir pio,. or dollar, was silver on the ground that his products
,r riata .toint. have gone down with the gold standard
.: ....and would riio with t licsilvr.staIdard.
i' batw' -declined -They, Woul d net rise as fast c(r aimuch
:6e7t S; _:" "" .'- "* ".: .to see that, -While wheat and soro other m
r-hbe er dollar, wa O'gs have gone do-vn of recent years, a
Si -" '' "- ... i'is because.of the i imcuselyincreat(d
4iry aiSay !Yot, thloubgh -produciou anud the qpecd hnd chenpics3 M
""! parts of the woorld can 31
"",';ti:g.s etUlm, ca, and-
A_- ;A_ mafix its

av-eragC, ,
sas tiee M

Va.wt3 i t :,,ents' ^e^,ie. and cdmforts of life. r
':O'-ut of all the catastrophes, of such a .M
_,^"^,r;- 52^f2.: jaege no men would emerge unltannrcd M
6, ~ ~ ~~~~~~ 0 .0 I- .. ` f;. n ..... b11 1e lbojg ma ,-i e e
'A6-Q y:3 o-. h .t 8,"t exept those who owu gold or who own

.."''' ',"..:" -div,er.bullion or mines; and when we
h~id'ouce gotten to a silver bapis anklIe I
RAf -to buiNJ up again the credit syystem MIH
7 .. ,.'". ii it-sathat marvelous syst(i Nich
~~~4i ~~~r'r sw~f a~ e possible our inode rn dcve v lop-
'A' t d ishih represents manny times a,,
Ieki our -in cui'renry circulation and Tower the Po
^ ^ one y-basis. which it resls-we o
AI oUl& bare a cupmbrrsome, J- vy, in-
fijor ""letaf -noney, like the few nupro- 1t
H^ ^ '' i't ".- sire countries of the world, anl sur-
.Trn" 0 Mfider to our great commercial rivals 1
he best met.l and.the best mechanism ful
fo'tra de and commerce. dis
-W Iff congress tomorrow had the power
;a-'-"cdshould exact a la-w compelling all
ifid'ji' the railroad cf th contnv-, .imm.aioiAI. \/

El11- ,O-- 1
t)N'LYVTM. E e l

AND .-' Boilers andS

-K. W.
i5?'State '.-gent
Cu;rry3ing MN;chi


rough thbe

F ID Arrival

1i1:;0 0. in. daily for t
PuO It lj.
ps~i I1[$,
:O.1) a. min. daily for I
I'dalulkat awl -..avlr
ID)0 a. m. daily for
S11 NiiideTfl'i, U Oew
AllataL, 5Mouugomlle
nuli, 'I,. LouiiJ ali ,
*e | 1 I WC.l, via \Vel L'o.lSI
31> p. ni. daly for Ilrn
ti,il. p oiuis, nm I de
1 Passenger Agenl Ta>vaes biud Asol'.
,Jormalioin. *:u1 p. m daily for Po]
mi,l1iue pjilisi, and
P'nunta iturda aId l.t
G, D, ACKERLY, 1:010p. u, .dall, for lo
(_onn'l P's. Ar.
''TratiU IbavIl )
ON VILLE. Train, having,
|rouim via Thoriaavj
sleepers Juliette to
.nan sleeper for Sav
delishla tud Now YI
Trains leaving (

The hiigheot aniiiL of In.Itblednuc to whIich
iheC.)impnny may atn nny one Iline he sub-
Jectecd slal beSeveu ty-FiveTnonaaud 1 ollard S3mi-Weekly service
r.O a,. Seiamer leaveat
The officer who shall mianage the affairs of \Weekly service bets
lhe CoLmpany, under thoM Barl of Directors. Tamp 9.00 p. m.
shall Le a Presldenl, a .-cr-lary. an I a Tre is-
urcr, each of whom Rhill bo elected byy lie Steamers leavo Porn
UBoardof D.rertors; and or.e pc:-r,,oa mny hold ,auatce Rivorpoint.
tlihe il;ec of secretary anud thiblof treasur.r.
i.ii ruij
The ilrse cleclion of oll-oer. afier these FIVE GREAT W
aniendments slihall take ci'ect shall be nimade at
a niceiiigof llie stockholders to be ioldea for OC'ALA. IIUStE,
that purpose Immediately after such amend T1
inenisshlnlllllave Lken clect. The Di:eetors T E TA
and Presideut and Secrelary sr, lscn HOTl LI L PUN TA
l:,ld ollie until tIlh? ext regul ir liir l nia m et-
ing ( f the t,,cklholdleis and until their sue- F'or further irfrmailoo
cc-sors are quiialcld, aud those chosen (Ilhercaf- ROBT. TAYLOR,
tircrhall lu0.1 iintil the nunual meeLiug8s1-
cecding that at.whcih they are cliosen and un- Il. J. E, rBR-R i
til iheir sitc'tsmors ne 11nallllt.dl vacuncies J UE 1c(
shall I.e rllc((I in Ithe mar.n r pecsirlbcl by law. 1
Aralli iN1ii Iclhii: lIV IVi T1T w ...- m

ter bottle.
Is; easy to
peratc. 25.


L new
e de-
'es to
of a
t, the



1 51)

317 69
15,3 81

307 i;0
1..3 8t


3:l.J jU
127'0 77
615 S
15621 90

,'. ," ; ,. ,
ts for JefTry MIlnurteti-ing Company's Erevating ap ii?
i n e r y.} -. S -

-l----l I]1 L I I g. -

,, ~ '- .''g'>*.

----- -- --- -_ .... ..: a g -
*PI .TB :^lK**

Ianm Departure of Trains at Ocala.. *U
_______ ___^ __"__,__ ':. ,*

?ave; Arcive:' ; 7: I
t7ampa and intcrm dlale .-.' .
10:35 a. m. fromln Homoaasi.
f~~incs~~lll, :.~onil. .4.
(.icsevlJl3 JacksrnvLlle, 10.) a.m. dally from nrooksville and lutertfl- :- -
uah. aIlu },tUnIt, dally except Stunday from JEusli -- :;.,
* .ivano'nb C-are'tnn, auAs.or. .-.- --. ,
Vl, i, .,lon. Maeou. 2'p. m. dally fromall points n6rb'. a is'-
ry, Now Or.sans. C'lc ln wear. -t .- ..
I.ll poiu ts north, east and : _. --. -i, '-. ..
SLine. . i'.7.;
E Lt te :15 p. m. dally from Ualnesvllle, Pailtka ;aF ..`.-
ooksville and ui crnie- on ..w -: :. '=
il-y ex ept buuday fu :25 p. m. dally from all polasnL Uth ... .. ..".
5:11p.Ta daly fr m .L L--oothj.akt',,
Irt Tampanand iWermer ':t. p.daily fomalpo01o11hi--1'l."1.-'" rx,-epL Suuoay fou ... -
SPeLersburg. ,.,,.
'-'- '. K V
)m*^ ^a t', *. .. .".f ^

-:ila IU.40 L. In, I'rue ul.r Tir odr u Gdlleh\ Ie'.. ., -, ;' '
-ala lu.:.. a. 1.. ci, ..i Pnll. I sV.eapijL -._,&-d ..- .
ille, Mloulngomery, Birningbhaffi annl ,Nas ie, ial ob Pullalla a-
Atlant ia via Jasperand MIacon, connects ycross wiUi P'oull-
'autah, Charleston, Richinond, Washington, batUMibre, .PUii^,. g
)eala 10:50. in. snd 3.05 p.m. cawy Pullma alseepirt a itt..i. i-
_____sale" _; '^^, 'S^

Passes Tin

all of whiich are d.-icribed and
rated in our beautiful ,ind en
New Catalogue fc '1896. A
feature this sea-:.:n is tlhe Free
livery of Seeds a[ C:,taIl,_.ue pric
any Post Office. This New C
logue" ''e v.'ill jnmil on receipt
2-cent stamp, or to those vho V.'ill
where they saw thi3 adlvertisemnen
Catalogue will be mailed Free I
35 & 37 Cotla.dt St.. TewYo0

. D. Poorer, Tax Collector. in Aocou
Ma: I (.'Oudly.

1Write the

for Ili

lay 30. To licLeene tax for May 1 5:I
lay 31.. ly4pl Co treasurer..
lay 1. To bal Ocala schools 25, *21
lay 1. To bnl road fund ...... 4.:;7 03
ay lN. By pd Co treasurer .....
iay 30. By ril Co treasurer...
Balance due ...................
ay.l. To bal fine aud for-
" eitd ri f,,nd ............... ^i; o.:
ay 18. By-prl Co treasurer..'
ay 30. By pdI Co treasurer .
B lance dcue.......................
ay 1. To bal C'o schools ...... 17lt;8 0Mi
ay Ii. By pd Co treasurer...
ay 30. By pd Co irea.urer......
Balance due......................
ay 1. To bal Co proper....... IO1;7 51
ay 18i. By pd,(.'o tIreasurer....
Iay 30. By pd C'o treasurer...
Balance due.......................
[y I. To bal Poll Tax ........ -5 66 0m
ay 30 By pd Co treaiurr..


- the 157ih day ol Jtlue,'A. D. 1:'i, thle Cen-
ral Peninsular Muck MlUinin and Devtliop
uet Cjmpanya n .yly ct-porate under the
aw sof ihe Stlate of, will apply to the
Governor of taid Stale at tfhe Capitol ;n Talla.
iassee, for hisa approval of',lhe followving pro-
,oicd r.lterationi and aimenid t enti to it
eror artic:es of in:Orpora4lion na adopLod b%
hp uuanlihouis voteL of he entire caDilal
stock oflsaid colulpany a4- a meeting ofr Ihe
loclkhlold(rof cr sai.l company held In the (City
r Ocala, in said StatLe, On ie 18th today ol
Lpril, A. D Jb9. TIh, propjared amend-
ienlt ceriflned uuder Ihe.jcorporale b:eal or
aid company are on flleiB Iho office of Ihe
secretary of State of th te o-fe F lorida at
alladhaieb, and are as fo.l FIRST .
The Board or Directors l said Compa'ny
lallconbis-t of three direjors, of wli,on one
all be clousen by I ie UBoa'rdf DIreclors 1.) bbe
re iilont otf tia 'fm n p f li A nu l.^i- r

'. .; .' .. *"?

o between.PORT TAM PA, KEY WEST '"NdI' 'R^aSS^.
'ort Taunpr 9 30 p. in. Mouays and 'rb.rsday&' .. ",'.i
Saturdays. .' t
:t Tampa dany except Sunday at 7 1S a'5s. for t., Petersb-lilW--it
Beturuing"r&rri7v at Port Twppa 6 00 p. m.W .
-- S a------ -- ': ^ -

769 23
lW:O 70
411 00



Balan ce due ................... 21-5I 00
[ do crUriy lihat thai the foregoing is a Irue
d c3riceK copy of the acceou,nt of F. 1).
oser, tax 3ollcclor', nsis on ihe bool.s iu my
t'iines my hand nid ollicial seal this June
, 1816. |Seall D. A. BILLER, Clerk.

Ucala, Fla. SEMINOLE, Wintor-Pi'
E TA M PA BAY HOTEL, TamlFp, Pla. -
GORDA, Punts Gorda- THEINNPogrf

The best and cheapest line or genl's
rnisuiugsever seen in Ocala are now
played at Rowell's corner store.

C. P.FAIRs, .
City Ticket agewtt-OcAif
C-1 ^ : ^ '

SA NTED:-Several trustworthy gen-

J. H.


N- --- -- A -A KJ JL J .CXt X L 1! k3 A1 _J
; Florida, Don't Forget the



. Florida

41C*- .."-tt, s S IA



EEi^S B3^-33 ONTr'r^.OTO^
Decial Machinery i tade-o Orde ...'. .
Phosphate Madcincry for Pcbble and -IIald A


in your neighbi'orhoord this sea




Tl .kets

J, T. &

f Gitl .Supt.
'. .. .


joksmanimal- m Ei

r ."- ... Ordd^ |&?,(.toB auff'V -'htiti ... -_S. >. .. < ia,^ I ^ g .... I._ U ci g ?..^.^ ^-"^:: .
*_. ____ -reau o. ifelu rli tq eapsiide, London, -.. :' .-^. .-g
... c. Sub-cri'.ers wil b entitled, by- STEV ENS'"PO I T p. 'r v -" '",:
', !. E. ('. Subeni rit rswit lh,, 0 "":
: arraigeineanl with-:the Directors, to re- O '
ost Eleant oel.Cottoes an ceive either 'personal or letters of intro- -- "
M~ost Elegant Iioteq Coittges an,] ;
9 ducti6n toany of- these succesful pro' ---anufacturers rofo
Grountos in ..Flonilai. meters..- .. ,'
Thislistis first class in every reslL, ql bng and 1 Il 19'; -SM P Oila 'ald il. "C1 o
-," and everyman or fir whose na:a "i..p-
Pi to:rtaio mty Io ?Apendad:uou;.. Pots all shap's. hre srict b -to colnot 161
For placing the following :it wlH-i,_be
found invaluable'"-- Rond:or-shares0of' aud-- r-a T~giermcotta stoye Pipm ; n -i- .
HUNTINO, BOATING, IndustialCo mrF "in TOaot E- ,i .. -.." L ..
InusrilCormercial, and FiinancialN
TE PI ALLEYS, : concerns, Mortgage loans, Sale of Lands, .. -. ," '" : .-.. "
TEKPIN ALEYSV Pa~tents, orMino-,, 'DRAIN a.R QR vr T I1hu ,. ."
BF ID -reetors: : t e .. ..- ,. :. ,
'r" r) M .-0"se your o ne. uy eI e at horn m .ind f = ... ". *' ':
. .. [ -G1 FISHING. ON, WALTER C ,,PEPr ,:8.. ]tt l l, .. ..7,. .
.C A.. ARTHUR, T. I.- .-E. 4 .- e,,

l ^satE^ 1'"*0^.. ...y .rig ht>| | Ot. '-
ft, MTO. R hNB
THERE~;~zd~k~ ~~ ie NO .

T9irou ghb u impSeason. --EDi-,, ..H

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THERE O ,r oChae Fioett in the Worl d. :^..f
Timelile Ilo ycot i I yrrT hene glaeroa. are positively not suprplied to A1LMW-&b7'0 '32Wt~ ?-:-.

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Tim, e ,alit t ke t he onw (, lt r peddle, aor tiuveling Occulists orOptl- .j / .. .
your o] polrtunky.and buIly of Us cians at'any price, and:ean only be.VV 4 1 .A l lI=
now -il() haing is cheaper had from the local dealer,,. i-"
toaet l3.25sc. "and are fitted by the most Improved metho d .- ,
-rr V tNo Charge For Fitting. .. *
W1 Y "'," Allneyes fitted andd tbe to oaranted, yby r
H...... ,^ 1 M. ANDERSON.^ :
Set t k of it ", e n" o a Wholesale and Retail Druggistand .Op UeA,' ,
Sto oraer tor:8~ 9
WG J- ED RDS1 Flof da Ce

-No,~ ~ ~~~ Make -lo StSosoMasahos.,* h;-,-g|-'^^ *^ =^
__ ---.. .. ,"- complete line of fine' feats, h f,.'h 9 g!,B
---- cuaa weo oataiwyoot vegoti-iei -sold .at.loWe7st marB ot o.rtho
and vest for $12.2 prices

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..will you have another chan I .R 'JI A 1 19 3'-1
like this? kP n horgl f al
At- gyour narcest railroad stantiyon ,. p a S'
al' T HE" :I,,'.,,c._ .
PLYMOUTH ROCU COMPANY, with co 'rneares outfit; s rlodtat3io . la
tapprwval ,fter a triil.Hn a ourow. : ": ;: I : liS -- ..
SNo. 1 Elliot St. Boston 0 06s ,husa O

terms are~ ~ ~ ~~~It so reaonbl anon ****. *pajiaa.^ I...Jaaicburv. <. ...,.I~-tgr 7.'^ naTO !;"^'^ -
Mass. c "ucase9 35 a p fr6 S i ,. r,,. ......-.. foe .... ew L.. A"9

~tumn .,stn -- .. .r::: ,N, o- p Vl11..^ -.-.:..:,,,o"' _S "^"" ... : mlr 1
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,. 91 .... ..... L 'oret...--v .... 7 6a P. -
No M" of-l"; ............B 3tk ..L - ."a;" '
We solicit orders by mi. Your name on
. postal card sent to No. i Eliot Street, Bos- .i Yor...... = t B...... ....... Sa..h-... .. .. 68 ..
ton, AIas., will bringYou 6 large assorltment'-0 .... A ... F r a r "..= a_<.--
of samples and rulesfor sel tomeasureint. s a. i
, % . ....... ... ,m.-w-- ........ .t,.- ,.;. .~ ... -% :,,
npl 9) 2 11a ...Duiarx S. Ca
Until yoMarethorouhly sa2isfied. V: -' s..... .r ...Caol mb a ._, ........ k.i. .
Our.prices are. as..low as any house "'. ........." "-&- Ss.'--. 8am lr j ... ,. ..." -" .
86Y-A cood-a gent wanted in every 1 9 C"s"U aBkhm~anyPb11 ..f 001N,. .... 6.F..U~
tow,;-, ni.adS,1tos. n i he UnatodStatos and w i aeour m ey i.. ..... ..... p 2 1.. i .. t .^ 1BS '
,3 ...... 16 ......... 8-K 8 8p l h6 .
termsare so reasonable e anyone -g.... 98p.....- .e R o *a. ......-.'

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Sstrument 1 ........... B., -8 ...t. .S .......... S ... s .... ^^ -
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........... '" .... .. ...... imoie ...... ... I1f .r.
Geo.gia Southern. coloHER, SCHUBERT' ID :- :..... 3 ...",' .......r........... 12 lip 4 ., :.

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KIN GSO-T PIes S.Bent Thre h Day, S o" JAnexonvilti to Ct ,t^,,w N ra --
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A I W Y vl\ ll\ \-- -; .- ,a" a n aat :.,~.. ,.,-.; t ..a> ..,./
"uwandee y iveriottor to FlForida..d c 1 .... ; -..'.e8.-,?

cal .. J. ..Pp o h edn oe m n "" ; g .w go........... , g ^.-,.. .*" ,iS ,5 ...'g *',
and CO TGusic Bool t S 4 65 ". ......le, -Pan- ... ._'9 I 3 [ ..
cotf oo moaip.Ind ia q !p fM if r
W; c ai. urite us and we will save you moneT. ":,0ll,-l .. ::: -

Sortroute and qulekcheeuvea to lae an m al IntrLm ent .78 Lv "A I
Er ecnAlsla.~nlc~cga h~s-.JtdiCL1~Vl e ~ Fl.Day boaoh on NW.* lib ug to AtlsnW.L 8 J_
M e(( n Atnla "C~ttnr~c( ga l~esh- ' ll~vil~le 't a" 33 and 34 91!!" -vestibule" to Pld from ".... ,7"'i",
ville St. Louis (hlcago snd other~po~laiteCnelnoncatnd J~ltpnvllle.leepen to aud | |.' t -.4 :
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awest au icd norBoowkst. :l ... ., rom J Wcksonvll."i i *w .
;'~fw~ ~8~hstonal e 50p, 5 50a Atla j, Am- a- EbiSI

Wikee aasnts and we willlsav ryoumonme 41-."h3"0"
w.o oo o.,'F, .10a= 6Y... Ma-
. MCDOAL" LYONS& WILLETT, Proprioto...- .=_.----- ILno-
7 ... 7 46a ;.if Unit. 800P, SOP.- ~!.:..:, ,

e((n! ""l la CL--jtr a--The Finest Brands Of- l NIos 33 a -.l ..... ... Jned tsi ul o ad .
w est5pnd0 orlr ... .. -.Jldagia orn Ja...on.ilil.'.

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t When you vlstt Cltraithe great orange city a- "
--Torsaday. week or mc~nth you will do well to ..... ..... ....... ....Hom~ n.._.. -|1 i t' '""
call on J. 2k. l'pelr the lea~sin hotel man. i'~ ~aa on~..
5 | 114p-,. _s .iu .. .I. O ''.'
RaerReenrbl.SAMUEL W, EAGUE sc CO,, U 8;" :--~- '-": "~R :
Rstee eas onable.omo~ios I "l "Z~ 9 :611 "''...... .'.,.... ,..Y C:~~tD N, = Iq,

d Special ~o,,oo. R Eic A. T E "...... "......... -
Thle entire prescrip~ion files ol Dr. Ed T 7 0p- .... "a~-.---" Lm~ a ,.. % ,
D o lo u e st an d M r J B C a r l i sle a r e n o w L a d L a s a n Q c l F a r p =I 8 ... ... " m m---- -. t ,.i y p s e m o t tL m p e a e d t a y L e n c l F a L . J C C _m r l tl- I E Jl3 i :. :' i .
104 oseso lld Iampeaedt np llshl &r.......,Is oaM g~im' ...=: w MS M W $ : ".'.j .
reollll any prescription compounded by 12 15 19po -,. ..,ao -, 1 ,-. : 7.
eith er o f th e abo ve n am ed pers eus. 200r l$0p ....... ..... d l -. i "1 .0 ,-
W1I" M ANDEIISON, No leO Srap .,,-.*,.-,
5oie 688 Ipq 8 .w..,T l~ r .... --

Druggist *nd Optician. .......... 42p tlu a .. '
Ocala, Fla., April 14,1896. Notice is hereby given that the'Tax" 11 n p iu .... : '.. '
Through Pullma 2 11 01)P I,..
books of Marti City are now open. and Sleepers Jacsonvlle a^ OAS .4
Ar that I will be at my office in Marti City, s 7 .... 4rt .-** : 4
WhANTEMD!- Several trustworthy gRen- +Daily except Sunday. lCounee at&Tampatord Lm Ptr 11111r
i ,le,,en and, e li to trbei Florida between the hours of 9 a. min. and 3 p. m. and Havana teamrn. 8temaor ".-snawf lor alt r
t^ ^.oiipi, r^liafcbi., Salary A.,, OA i ii- er (or Melrom. Ccnmm att al9 bhMarMWNGM.CMiaB* fmu 616.



._ 4 -. .....
-. .." .-'.-


I HEICdT iionr:. Cabbage, ,.W. DCAg
it l-,Irr, i I, ett:, Icas, ,Bcets,
( ),:S.a, nd all \eetables, re- MARION OC=RA rOUSE BLOCK,- OCALA
[. :( move ]tr._c' i-nltantiti(s of Potash
e O:E T[IE from the soi. Supply Represents the fcollowing-companiee:
it : PENNSYLV" N' PHOENIX of Har "
a AMERICAN 'f Philadelphla, MERCiHAN'I
t 4 in liberal quantities :by the use uORrIEN, A
. ,_ c,:ntainincr not P ,oINOE.WASHNGTON, Go

-;less than ,o",, actualPotIFE and ACCIDENT INS
ash. B-:tt-_-r anil more profit- I-
y No, above all o. i CAo Lst ii -. a....l )li e esure. to follow ...... OUI V OLI
9 o C-t-. i r a -l ~r.. r ~' ca-:,lllar, 1-,-:.. O U I 8 0 L
e ( to visit tba am ou,. ;1,s.:, ,1,. -1.,r...I,,1E ,,: ., ...r: o....
.. ... ... .. il-.. i n. ni -.
11~~la g. J.r -,1. I. u ,L n.r .,a. :ttlf Q W a c m a e
iE.iA1 KA I %V,_P. Practical Watchmaker. Jeweler
0 S, ,,e e 3Sri ns IN ,,,r ., N, o -k _0A T ,1AT ,- I
-t En ls Ca ri farnic r ;si
"", Important to Americans seeking E- ve do not occupy gorgeousjew eiry palaces and ha'
S. lish Capital for new enterprise*. A t l d nke gOlOII D12fi4. S t rght here A1lW g
containing tt'o names and and eaade Stock of' GOOD8 501 :i LOW PRICIrS
S On thet lunks ofie Beautiful ."5"succesrul proutotara wlbo We .t 'o ... -.

:within the last six ^^akas,1 aRitjr--4
Q CTT11TAg 1 77.77"








v,:'y f-,:, c04:.iun1 ,:,' l (:',u1tv'y on th
). \V ealn i ) .,-,re ]lavi- t\ iuit_,-it
in :r.utu: l .use' and urni il cnL u ilv,
.ge than \vu. can havy,- a Fquare
d object-- or dry, wet Weather
rein would the people be benefit
ey get-double prices in half value
ey? If farmers' products brought
Ile prices, so would the manufacture
The benefits and advantages wbuld
ual, o;:llt that buyers would al
deduct enough to safely- cover th
nations of6,silver, and this amdun
d be a dead loss to producers andA
iuim to pI:cul], I 'knewv a-bo.
sold a cur (i.g' for 100, -but hetook
n pups at !",'' :\l:i, .:. so. he was. no
really benefited by the inflated
s.-F!,:,m Speech of Judge George
.All prices Would Advance.
t those farmers who believe free
Swill cause tho prices of farn
ucts to advance ask themselves this
de question, Will free silver. cause
t to advance to $1 a bushel, or corn
cLiits a iushel, and not cause a $1(
)f cllthee- to advance to-$20, or a
at to $-2: Canl it be possible that
iItc.] i=,.iit. fi; ,,, r t li' :*.., frYf ?_il
*ill advance die pri>.c.:. cf thx prcd'
of his labor an., I -..t t,..- price of
products of every other man'slabor
uderson (Ky.) Sun.
9dng Eack to '.'ic-ir C-rmdfather&
e siiverites wh ).\..., t tlioe A nricat
co to giv6 Lp t!i> Ktablo nimoac
I.;-'1 under w!L-' h h .- ey liavc *. f"
1, ia crdo'r tn g,., I.,:-.a to irhe. aie
r!- .-f their a -. tr -, ..i eu \who are afraid of everything
is l,-kw. They are like the boy wh(
tr the mill with a big bag across
orse's ba'ck.- In one end of the bai
two bushels of corn and in th
end a big stone. When the mille
I the boy hy he did not divide th
and put half of.'it, ,on each side o
horse the bright; youth replied
h,-.r .and grandfather allus tool
corn to mill this-a-way. I ain't n
r than them:- What was go6(
gh for grandfather is good cuoug4
ne." .
a idea that because the men who
i this country, 100 years-ago
ted a free coinage law we should
tisfied with the same system, is not
d to progressive, go ahead Ameri-
I'The latter w,:t'lhle very best;;p;
tliiut and just as soon as 4 better
of o.lilg things is djscoverec, th<.
*ay is dropped and, the new taken
The question as to wliat was the
money system 100 years ago has
ut; on earth to do with the practi-
ifi ir of today. Pq itfal ofgeu
to free,si ilver merely because it was
Id system" is on a/level with tryqg
ablish a monarchy in this country
se we Nviee onie ruled by t-ho pr4i;
ings. When the people got tired ol
tb,-y kicked them *out and' stab
I the republic. V hen they got tired
ping t1 u1 ftq e double stadidar
nade gold the unit of value, and
:ntend to keep it. Out of date sys-
don't count for much with live

3 ontains no ars en,ic.
I+as15 years success. :
s purely-ve-getab, arult
Saves no bad :effects. I
, ast year produced :
' thousands of testimonials, _
) ne 56 cent bottle
I ever fails
n breaking the chills.
a all for Wintersmith's.
IRTHUR PETER & CO., Louisville, Kye

... *. -..-: -. '. ": '*

,-a'*. ,-
-w:- '. f .. -"' *
o. .
... /..4

R1CAN of 'o, ..
FIA, MA.I* -.

gURANCEt,,,: .

r, .:>. u ..
Rfv" '" '

me to p- ay, -
ill find at -ilt '.f "
and. 0"ta .' J ^ ^-^

IN --^ ---^m^f' .

FVtNT,:VL V'lTN P ev
^^^Be f nM tLflpN PEOPLE HAVe MONEY ON THIS RACE. ',f e'

"'"- '- i n.,un(

r:;.., B" ,
it the,

i" d ~.~,:,ub
L" ='* It is. relyarc ewe h neet ftq etradteceioso r


~t- N Ali


!o C;
"l ha
ally it
It is really a r~ace between t he interPests of the de~btors andi the creditors of v -r wi
this country. Cotrary to the general supposition, there are not more debtors vits 1
thau creditors, but four or flve times as maiy creditors as; debtors, ind, strange tht. p
to say, the debtors are not the pror and downtroddea of the country, but are the -Hen
comparatively well to do. The great debtors of this country are railroad!3.
insurance companies and transportation, manufar-ttnrlug -an mercantile corpora- Go
tions and companies One-lalf of the f0,000,000, 00 of mortgage iudlbtedmtss of The
t;his country i% in the states of N..-W York, Pennsylvniuia, Illinois knd i-
i.*. s t chstt3,. arid mostly i tn e greatcities of these states. Less ithan .two-nfrh: of p \'^
U OU ota mortgage ludebteduescs is ou farms or -ar.a The total number o _,r i
m' mortgages is 4,777,698. Now, whoarethe "rich" creditors? bepositors in sav- '
^*: *ings and other-banks, and trust companies, and stoch-holders, in building
.and loai associations There are over 10,000,000 of them. There, are at lpast of llr
10, 000, 000 more who bold life insurance policies or -who'are member-1 o-if co-op.-r- that i
native, fraternal and industrial aid and benefit asooiatltlais, into which organt-i- walit I
|,a. Zations they haw ina good 1 money. The avewago auloait to the credit of ch q) his hi
our 20,000,000) creitors is anou t$?900. The average anon[t of each de bt is over c.^.
1 ,': i300. Poor people canunot givo mortgages otf o'vw 41,300. If frt>;- coinage ,-/[ -
I;. v : wins, 20, 000, 000, creditors will ase an aviA-age oft abom I-; 1c.0 enh, and 5, 4.10ji'i, 1, ,
%0_. 0._fO debtors will win an average of about ri60 ech. If irund currencyl r

|wii% neitier debtors nor creditorm will gain or lh.e auythiug-except tim0 loit ctlr '
*while attending the race.
As tbt is, a rsacb'of an up to date with. an out uf (]ate boat, and one in Fa t t
Itsre-a.jhich ae ee the itest4tthier and htet of lbr-fik the ceati re, or tbdir
i- t..huld be, with theo crew the modern boa s hero c b-2, little drauot oe dbtos to b tser

v- the result, beyd
fo m"';(
S- ** -*The
?; 'Ti1 A Im'MT DnT^VTT the wldsaom cif."r frool ?ihd
t saythEA MdONEs DrIL, o The otber fdels held on to their magie ^^
!'4 -money until it withered to nothingness.
: ALWAYS ON HANP TO ENCOUPAGE in their Lads. When the itievitablo .-u i ted
FIATs.SCHEMES WITH SOPHISt RY crash came'rlIephistopl e les hadorrnsi neqs rg
.." to- a I d AND GLOm ueWING PROMISES- f t ome00e,0 else in his vast domain. Th i .
fsate personage again made his appear. ;"
a m e grnce to lure the French people t o finn- ,
v, i_.irst Began Spotilatons In the Middle h La ace a is ,
pjail ruin livheii Jc till.c~edashi
i o etlgadeEs 4,7 ed 6o. foethe' l at moner y aent in the Mpiris inai "re
i:,- tg anst-Ead r Band In the John Law scheme. He turned ochp e giu ltopersu had ,!l
fl. i a-ubble-The Frencih Ailsgnats-Areari- the French co1vetio0 to print. miliioue l., i t,
r: can G".0, reenbacks r- Now Buhsy Pushing of a Asigliats on the pledge of the conl-l3- ar.t
7- i gain the Sixteen to One Scheme. cateda iabds Pf the nobility and clergy. a
His cloven foot was eibited on(- it (,igta
S....I recent interview Governor Alt- when congress rwas inducedhto dtissue o iv va
,;'-. $1ed of Ulinds told how many unidrgd i omense vol ,tme of legal tender npapr; ,hei
winsl.- w00000 ero!or waitoinau aid 1ag jfaboi5 eah ,0,-e whe 'kn
p, ars gold auerl siilvur n\ mainead o ad be lag0e-led with Satanic glce hen y gs

'=circulation at r e ratio br the fiat this greenbacl cuenry depreciated to hslh]
'- ov men t.I; odpute that less than 50 cents on the dollar. W. i* .f ^
: .'": enever-t &legra'l f tin hl oti ewided now busyat the lugs of the numeron (in:
i.'.'-' *whih the smart hlne o d intwormetsl P of the free silver mania, whis- they i
i-; b,. theul be, wit vhe rew of the tomoern baim hr m utlttedu:t the b,:ie
:..b .,t w m mipgt to ff pIrf the wonderful pros- tem-
.;thy havo eircnlatcd together without itha oldflo foq tjhe coinage-
perity that *voald ifow Ame rionae ~ E~
A; n oyneea, f legislfla int. but whcu- of disks of sUver. worth 60 cents eamhij
^ ^er the Itgal ratio did iwt eoinwdo into full legal tender dolfara&
With tie commercial valno of tho tw& %heteyer the Altgeldt and other :i v
r: Tcctalah havig equa fn privileges at the demagogi advocate po f ag4t; money ,

;:-:: itt coiu bat was undervalned wh other it toist of iiTec ntgqblo Paper
; "ropiped fITrom circulnation bSy a iw more m,,urcu or o6 depreciated silver, uuder- c
;: pete.nt than the decree of goverunielt. (ksm to tha history of such methods w
-..,'< *'ed^'f^crrua~a- Egj Vp, kAy^,.lQ ja Ht~
wf^~ i-ifc^ipU- so l6ng aa-ev t ie. -Mlauiinep5W, Recoopd. *
i anayne tlwUug aud able to keep h Bo 1
ppoise to rdcem it s4 standard Some Spiten to One Logc.
vi ogssiwe a~s Mthe case wit the hlleyr Merxico has Hroe silver. The asexican
"^.4;.ar of th-be-Uited States and thle people ae uvery poor. Therefore, we S0
fra: .:rn-o iege cf FrSit ce. The enormous want free nilvr, i a 9
i04 and- e'bara-siftnt of a fiat cur- Wages in tills country are too low.
,-. enc rthe government of ehe United Wages are higher hro nuld iu all the -

i-?borrowinga of fe^1'1 to provi10 foT Ir3 re' tiidia and tolllcr sjlvrc using ualiouls.
/C demption. Tberefore, we wa4t fruea silvercy

To "-overnor Altgci id io 11 pntter of Who y lioeve io tho ioublo standard
'.I". Indifrgence, as he says, where r aita andhr which l ioth metals will be used

S'1 mratio fort tle free coitng e of silver th isgrePa c values. Free coinrge at 16i Cshe
A. e.-l to 1 or 8 to 1 with olt, since the Jo I t\hill dri5e ietl oll Or old. and put

:a' t of the governm.-, t; would Ie as coii- oar currency oa mhe silver b numsi ros SiSe.^
"ipot-nt iuthe on' ca.e .' in tb- o" 1r. foro, we toht free silver S-as
^.- IBnt in giving '.'?:' ieoc. for t.ho ins-,.ctiou of lli,, ot cdi- oh just wo pll t.ic people. The aonerption
I'; tora and speakers he might have : cu- .f .hL ilty r sthandad will Cnabe oineb- mer

Saionod .. th" cou".se of bis narrative the 50s to repudiate ..e-li.lf of tlieir oliga
r cotn clippers wio dl-nvid hl y de- tions. Therefore, wo erat free slver. ,,

": " the mo aey of their ro twls aend Gold dollar are tgoo scarc and doter f
*': fSBW\7 defrauded their subjects, jutlif to perve as mojney of t~he people. Under 'j
'*J'' &&tho Bilveritea propcso to dlo with tho frfca colunga ft pilver dollar will alwa-ys E(M
[:i^. m onetahi etaudardof the United Staes de waorthl jut as mrv c ae ;i 6lll oPney, "
-- Tke governor, however, dohs not go Therefore, oe want free dilverb WW

rop (aac^qnte far enough itn racing the The g.verumeut can make 50 cenfs
I(: : rigin of fiat money. We havC th hi gh wort"' ormfrtl worth 10s cherts in golde
*'* ttority of Gothe, who deeply pe:nc- -y e ... piu. U "pne do/l." Under .
n r trted tho Dature of thiuga, that tho free coinage euch _s dollar wonid buy

." ^eil-M'ep ,i '.osttraswe the hiivet- rtniy half islynch goodJ as a gorld dol- m
:B of thi kuitd of csrresanc (foi wlicb |-pr-elea la. it w rould be worth only
L,'" eee: ther nou d part ofraFnucte). Il( as Wich. T4hFefory, we e ont free iwe,

i gp: 'ar bak m the fiddle, ages we read f ilver. 4
i :>. titt the affair of tho Germaeii empire Tte Dtefty of the American peo-
S-'.were-in tkhegota& disorder. The treas- plo dep, ais' ta7 ws emptr and tterl npagble to re- productAoi'n t he fairness with which
m; a its )Ililgdtqos. T.i0 army waM [t b tl.leftlnd acpong thle producer-.
it. d / U wy uttw be use of tho loing ar. Measuping pjuLOfUl i4 0iver instead of
L'." Mg re ge W-- T'A in the Vold, t iu4. Ktwtr create any more C
i'imperil -rLatalme nplatued of tfe dep- wealth fubi- .jIttibpte it anore justly
l. : y. .ion of- the:4uxuries to.wht"h tly T~jrnfore, %w- iat free silver.
.l'bt lIM"' aeucn stomed. Dpoeutant and 'ihe e4jtry'is suB'ering because there
I''. tr ''ed ttrooubaou tHie em- it p hWt etwqif;rgh money to do business
i,. .witi. As WOpX.I at a free coippge ]av is
i. i *At this juncture Mephistopbeles ap- passed our $01), 000, 000 in gold will all 18 J
r,: -';CtBpii the scene, as he always does be 'ithdrawn, uud we shall lose all WAR
f; "bs'iaE ioe n (ehproceedad at ouoe (iant rounuit from circulation. There-
;'iaSat &.0-c41 icy ndcr the author- fore, we wiwt.frek sRlver, ___ 1II??
1..':.' -i.'1y .AiS ili-..i.risi eStyt. AtIst (the Tlhero is som;thiug wrtonsgi-h the'- t
-.-, ow ahocked-at tho DIO os country' somehow, though we don't ,,pLenc
or~.:!a~ bF~ wa.4 aockw~l'a h lasru Perience
6$'_-.sf d llta indiguantly nsled who had kIoIw t'h1at it ii nor lhow to cure it. UC0r
IA riUed'- to forge the imperial .nnme, But rverythilg will come all right if 4
"-:' -et.e n'.g at .thq oPt!- timii that such lot of cheap muey agitators axe elected
,1e cxme'shoul.d not geopul.igled. But to congress, so now and everlastingly
.cruples were soon emovcd Wo wnt frew Bsiher.-Whidden Gra-
-i',r NO M lt8o6f MePhistopheles and hlyaI. IF
I .bnl-lifanti;ensces offhe scheme. The
'ewies quickly ipli.p , The William Tell Up to Date.
16yin-g reoeive its pay, was eag- ''^^*''yiB2-^^/!!! j
l^ ^fwntEi In the imperial palace
|E;AA^8zs ( w eif-the pages had
-i{: nr,." afnd. pi 't" again- -- tAIR
A, the emptr.- 4r his p.sto- "
mp~erofr awsd-, "And doeo -
-19fl _old wYh my people?
d~tPPU ..PbyP the army

ma o papeJ, o~~~w~~ h he
60aoswa W4-sQho asked
i10 it. t!;.f" wad .Mioney e
,..c. have flthat- ,,--At a
:3t~bJ "bfy w'ibIt.'jit, fLeldi :iat tl
4 -V 'No. IQ

wi: !m' w": ; ,to_, you .n loC,
6w.'eO AndXLflzted rioes 'Fr Canr Domh



--ide0 TO ---

t$1e of Public Square, OoAla, Fla

, meeting of the Bodrd of County
nlisslioners of isarlon county, Flor-
eld June 1st, 1890, it was ordered
be voting place of election district
) (Moss.Bluff) be changed from
13 ut to Electra, ard that the
,-number and. boundary of said
on district reiina aR now eotab-
,I W it;,-aaa mi.. hnnile nidi iA t p|. tl



, %'. V J AC JM TI.



GALA- Q. $J-.i1,, oVi 01S93.
edielriuo O., Bl. rtul, -Q. a"
three C;ir's alruady thiW yewNx, I Loar co-t
o of 14 year. (R tn lrpg business, have
i 4 PA p(rttNlAe .Httgave Bucg universal atlis-
your Toulo. ,Yours truly,


7-1"I;(L5th, Sheats, 191,"Reeves 11. Smith, D. D. Kinney, C. H. Smith, A. M Williams, L ,..U Morgan, T W Thomp- T,,-. ,'' *:'.
r^1Ah _1_, M kT.. NV.5t, Gilchristes A.W.Gichis, K. r. helat ou R D DemlC eG uler SE e. The last\ ^, ^ Ji ^'.
ST. J S .,... EXPECTANT %e Offer You
+<+;^ ,++0= ^pTH ,. ^ =o=^i% ^u* I OHR ,,- o ,. MERClllANTS jNA....
^-.^ .'.: E8th, Shoats 194, Reeves 151. F g ;. 'S T. R<. RiE "Vhich,
::: ....:, x 5h Shats 1S3, Reeves i(P-' F B Genovear, 1, W1 Zim, A J Watts, A U n t[0 4 iN fe-toE5 Safer
V' A,.'- -, +)od fee h olwig 1t hesI9 evs16 James P. Taliaferro, E. J. Tridy, F. P. N Paceti, R J Oliver, Joseph Lynn.M H R
15th' Shit --" eeve 156 Fleming, J. C. Cooper, Charles Marvin, S0T -- "'UI ''"+'
.,:- ]~6t~h Shoats l19 Reeves 1-54.--: ...
^'- ]aolved, That the delegates selected 1t Sot 9r reeves 1;4. J. E. Hartridge, W. F. Coachman, E D C 11 Monroe, G T I eadon, 0 L John- "ll '"
c vetionto the national con- T W Rob, J L ugl, S H ston, S B Milligin, D M McDavid, C J ? -'lU "A
'-, ...&ig. n te are Shets o Reeves 144. Melton, J E T Bowden, 1 A Dzialynski, Prrenot, 11 W Thompson, H L Creary, O m O ,0
:_,"..- vdaiti"W-It' Chieitgo ba' and they, are 19th Sheats 2c4, Ree,,es 14j. rleton ETrowennII Dzi-ts
;.,' -hereb 'requeted;o express to this con- t S a 16 R' ve 4 I B Christie, W S Pickett, J S Price, C C 0 Chunu, W W Allen. r ER E
i o n their convictions in regard to S Norris, C Hupknius, F C Groover, C II FRD s R ,h u
1t ,rea lm, Sheats 9, Reeves 146. Haile, E C Pickett, F T Hulbert, W A lbd, George Nelso, J T Pemberon. ob Confinement fits Pain, Horror and Risk.
!- .,.4h1 free and unlimited coinage of silver landd Shoatsg e9Sv Reve T14emberton.
.'. : the ratio of 16 to r. 2,d Shears 19S, Reeves 147. Bours, S P Holmes, G V Burbridge, Lem SU\v-McN "--- *. \
S. otton or its adoption was followed ; 1 R Turner, P L'Engle, and A G Hartridge. uze., -inoril ,I' M. CAPITAL $I00'
"" -2th Sheats 2)o, Reaves 143. R A Rrid' H J lD mrian, J W Carnes, ,foil;- .,rth c-t" hir iii.-t ehlt-1.1 he flid no:t;,
-by a motion to lay on table. This was 2 Additional delegates--T V Porter, AI- 11 H Mosely, J H Johns, W f II .Jgden, A cf !t o 1. N-ay vA
; '.25th Shaeats 2:)o, Reeves 145,. ,4."l h1,d ;.11 t Ei",-tz' W~el hour sufl,-rmrlbut
-" " r-rled by a vote of 1S9 to 1,7 and the bert Suith, EL II Padgef, C W Maxwell, J McLeod. it i l. h.-..l ,, 1,.111, 3 I iicrr.;trd ait her ll-
_, money advocates wenthup in :the R 1; H Mason, Al E Hunt, E E W l-'ard, and TA'IOR. t: cut .. ry %-,L, r.A i.i.
.h 27h Shears 207, 13S. S L Marvin'; Sc IIP aco(k, TJ Fulkner. rS.oo,,, O F F IC E R S : '%BacCO01L EX L- -
r"' : E .28th. Shiea1tS 2(.,2, Reeves I143) SC M [. O U. pr,'.e.;' per' lo'",'. "Oo' "0" FO' -1,B1McO A L ,Pilsdll; ,
.' ,,- .' A GOVERNOR NANMED. lI. er. ulh:d F" c1. c' d II
: "" J Vtnth eoie ntad ur ol A.-. the conclusion of the 2-.Sh ballot, 1 F.O'Brien, T EWells,\WVH Kuo%%les B F Prevail,, J IV errkin., T L Rodtg- '(1,1FI L A F~ t'OR 0'., AtrdpaPei nt .C, RI T, as e', A Il tlIIA l
glhe r nthe excitement and turmoil J.^;^i E^^ ^ 5^^ BRADFILD^ ^^a BE fltna C. Pridet .C RGT ahe;f.A EOG
--.+(. .%!,+ .-+., HOD. e. W. Parkhill, of Esct, nbit in a enBPrhll cuby X .rer, 11 P Sinith, W C C-inuon%, S Ben- S OLD BY AL.L DRUGGrSTS, .
:. -.'"' d.sbsded a motion prevailed to nett, Jo n i ,GP eal-,I k Stew-.
::" prooevd to the nomination eo" a caudi- alost elocl-eut address withdrew the Vr DiLiistro,' A C2 Blount, jr J Holland, all,netIt'G hn MitchelSus 1 lel), A Stw ,.
date for governor Ifon R N DR%- mame ot Mr. Reeves and made a motion Wm Bazzell, Charles Williams, J hn WAkKULI.A. -
i.;.. oft Palalka, in a brilliant oration to nominate Mr. Sheats by acclamation O'Connor, G T Morgau, J T Harper, D N R Walko-,.W C Rouse. S M Reveil. l1csolu ion"( of Respecr.
', a' :l'tced, in nomination the .name e1 arnid great and prolonged applause. A Tobin, Wm MashLurn. Pat Mcllugh, L P S Smith, J W'Copgins, IJ Harvell, j At lh' regula-rdrill or thie 0. Ries, s
-er '-o"- -t.e T Biker, SlPlRoddenberry, G C Flod, ,s T~rly vt n, ,,ig G n r l B n iB s
> *. "* on W D. Bl a of eon. I member of theVolnsia county delegation SBioder, andJohn G\Ward. last ThirNay cVenin" Lim
H nlx iofLo. It was endedd the motiou. The question w'as J L 11i:'1, A S Robert--..rsltso loiah,,fM .S .B l l S
6. 610queitly seconded by C. B. Parkchill .....e adcrti-ed with a cheer. FRANKLIN, ,VWA.LTUN.rl utos il10ialhO *%rS.L
o.f e seamili, Mr. Lamar and George DrinS Campbell, N McGuire, J J Mc- lock were aBlol)ted: .
P. aneyof Leon. A motion to nom The nomination of a commissioner of GADSDEN. Ca~kelt, j H R hbur,!. J" t'oreas, [lie great '')Mman,, r has
'* -. ,-l,,,,,ol-n tin camas carried by a program. E Broome, M Bales, J B Shaw, W B 00S1iNGTON, soo tit to remnvo rioi, our ,'racls our -
B. B PAtkhill of Eseamnbia placed In oia0S161i ,UW )l
: :=uaiimous vote amidthe cheers oft I lie Forman, J R Truluck, TJ Peavy. W A Enmoh, J 11 Daniel, L R San- belovtd eo>r'e, ^ l I-uwooJ Bul-
!" ":--_ ,nomination, Ho. .L. B. Wombell of AIrl T M,l e.g a ih ford. 'leek; andl
M -tireconvention Alternate.- T I Scott, B G S Smith, '
J:- -. 'hpk Do ination re interrut-ed Jckou, the present incumb..nt. The L Mil er. Joel Rice, P P McJLOB Whe y, o o R .,,hi. "youero,, ,,i,, ld I og dfand c.itXracl-er were' G
'T.. he.. n.....minattiwoalnseodes weore intNerruptedvak eP 1 +Od 4AFP al- full ofaotioui worthy of imitation and

^m ^ ^ 11'1'" so^raneau o,,aon,^ ^:,,,,, ... "Kt^ drD*l;d ,*"L" -Le ^II^TEREST PAID- ON TIM D-][PO
.... ... :' or-associate justice of the supreme ,*J." .a W A Fulton, E Kersey, Thomas Shor- .larlesk ..t \ateru ,,_ ... of .... "R.sulved, That it is with grief andl -

by k1 --'-- ourtilon GeV P Raney placed o n teg .._ ck. tys most successful fdrmer of the Moss hear-fe'l sadnes that we bow to he will ......
"o ". t a roceeded far Mr omms appeared i,-t'SBORO. BR ufl d,tric t m nu g to take tl of thegreat ,
','. .... .. Z m-"" of .-.1., CO.. A. Sec-;r ~ rc al it d c,
+" -'r. t esrey ofnillsoro placed In nomi ." .h ^ .-tU ga lul .i...... P O Knight, W B Henderson, J T Los- eonventloq, universe, anil hereby o~mre.xs with sad- "'

*,_. m +---.-- ._ lm tn "nation- Thoma Ma. Snaeklerora ol ..m O L r. w womtand-" .... e mtat e" le Iy, G T Chaiberlaio, n3 M Plibop~ti,, 'rbe I'hrstl n taliota b md aeeom an-n ad bwe et ud to his^ beeao T ^^il"v
yd.'-- T. Car b .oueH eu te: a ry.- P B R yea s, l aca3u,1 d _U Aneron venio and. mace rr oa d Res lolve flurter, Sthate T copy, ill-: .
-'-= :" "out and as th lastnoes died away -U

Opor~~~~~~~~- wa als mae-A-'ai.116inS.A
ton, ..e .d -a t. majority .. aon, H K A cotton pniou a ben ore .ted highlyoror crd; a oy bes pread th ...-
: wa a nmous-byacclmat ,. ,.' Wide JL~oug, W CClarkson C i th westerupartortow, by Goorge on thear the ed'. _d as A, _r-W e.. ni td..t J A he: np, T F E F B C Mrywith rpub e it-
|.-.,+: o, +i. ....C^ fc D7'*o,," ,. 0,,,,,^ "*vo .,ooS s-pplyu of thae e!bae --e-elr
-11-,-.--- ....' "-- .. .anvedeo n' n r i grhaful i t F+. it D, gric, ,f and..-
#or i A0s t jut, of I J l ue Wi s of Fu t .lton er syll asr- Char les II ftry w on e of the Coup heors
.: ...;+.1ami w setusaieaD no i a- ."a~ ~ hc the" "av. .. .. .. .. ?y Tnoa Wl k Gse. ^ ^ ^ nl ewa to c ouretteaf e .s n Q ,,. _* ; ,, -; .
u't-5" Mon. Geo. P. ._ e c t tefyoorip al sult i lles /ulckwing I k in hiMi s. C Lsp a for Frn loridg thatth we tre al ..... l will
b m:ns' t o A l" C1 la on 1 c ii .,.. -J ,L BR "udoue "-'ie of ....Ia U.' tho of the grea CHulA <2o
t?^ .,:; .o ...-' < _; ...+ -^^ ,euniou : '.!ear, ed lhat h has bee II is Ewis J T Nhaerf, J S BWilla s, JV D t ln sipegd a tolk :it farn th. te* J u.Dac l',,rTube.,o bhnle tured Res M U?.?~lemN -.C^.Cf_.....UA UJLqG
_ ^^KS.-1^ '" ^^ !?^ -.-n "Tl Frank's Pcok j" Peacock, "M ,uva, J. ;" '. ., t,'k 'nl~ 'o haea u binaond on,,- '

in.c. ,, th flS^ ^:.e=^r iknd gra fullyt all ardeer
Lesle-y. of .i p, : "o fi on vert e he preliip i teMdered eoPK ig W,,re en d JMctneliv T Les- cn t lon..ocal u n dieations as hey wi t sead.

T h o m as A L lierd of lf G T p en erl P "Ni T he V i al -tIy ,i an a j n g e 'apd _o. h
Fil e 'It was man r in whith JEFF arSON ., CWS e. led e D uval- weeo he Coll- iy noar .i n ,t --
''i^ ^Jt^ ^ ^ ^ '^ ^ r rSff.: > -.,. -.; eondtf~ile tre hav fur ne,-lbr Tn a uWake Gee. la he ee eti o ran e glrov put nherest iah s o nfly c onedaition ofr e deafne ss ad '.

^A^fla nT" r I, ;'1"1t psp ~ar aly eu -bxfr^ rn o r deepest svrn. ,;. S- b
on dii The r09 call .. ..... : ...r.. 1 .. M acfarlane, B Ahertrees. vu e ,an h i urp il to and oe wn g v Ohe rs-o .
bout^^ BandU^~b as Bh Listh noe die SatJSswayn, htcnntb ue yHllsCtrh .J.JQ ~ \j LU

.- -,:' .f+0'O scar rialtea Cs fOllO-- C S oitak er, Fyea ago r o- the cam l l Re t. scve d f ur co riul T har reies. y o

i+.;f''"-=": te. -of ^ f^ 1' "c eom nsdat-nB llantothase bad Jo J SmH Mil C il.Sn PIS odlany rol'nte t Willia dr ing l h leanSoay Dfo r ns is ea .e bHNNy an Cnle on- --- ".,..j Of t -'li[""= *
-= ^ ^ .Z- .... -. -. .. -^eCro s~ eyk cornieh e s. H Mcine W^p s Ehoe, ^ nadGret .Hbr~fN w**' ^Tld-.^ -., ._, __^ ^
^..::!g.._ p1.]:,7".1B,^lr z2 ru.ewh.befleitendvent0onrncand ton j.,W Wynn, M B GKlp h tree, I ert tournen wit takent dow proiti..n Sof tby al uggseos l,in 7o. ----------e---- 1die l'efah

^^C^h~lpaf^'b SBB Ve b~ig crdbteku tfFord sat t~er, itAETB wad, aendalaronBbe or01 thesoriteR ,n b3 8011t, to LheI^ b. TIMIMF -
6! Les l aile l s 111L.10, re nohe i- coi ang on ion, 1A C.n.oJ. s pp ed L A cot to ;n 'rulmp.pd.
. i ---......a.) w I .I-. an lock.. K I RAlE. h av o n. or bm prncstor o aring, and ;hen of all kibe spre
..... ..." The .e.o.le .of con ventsl uionon of nly T J Lam on, W C Clarkson, !iy W. Spring sTue partorter t ,y the r oa t hen iioute baookis ofathresold cor a
joiiLCawod wsnmntd -WihSJBB|)e1rF1 Ju ABs pJS .lestem cun ipj n II whi ne r d WitF.lihdi t e l oal. Ct. e^ adopned tht tP deheeu thei aa i .la y dC, t pedt will be in operition so ots
T: --" Ro.VB Daniel, J n C Woreth Ot ooore, Robern will be d WM% AN RiSt O N, GOS -: .-----
sedu red 1'. V. ,lAluF NG PF C
ly. A.- IVBssfpriy1oojylistM of~e DeUE Willats- T. RevJCUdtn o--'e "vry soon. th highEbt honors Committee.L~i

':.:' ;.-as~ai" ,+,fli tion^ Tbe exte irsto whe n p Se nadi orli J ts W sN t es, Gree -McA ulty C HayW.P. A Ir- '7"Rl etlu frned Frisedy fo stroe d ioev r; nino ea8 out ofw ten ar '
ft-Jf i t ler, Se nator tadc e or he e nds Deko s, W Mi %ender HOLMES. Mn ae "nr wuen cay ctrh whle is n h bt""-
: (b -W .... rei hit re til en du et o the platf orS Pasl W B Coop r, f l oLon W reue Qd Ia ibe ror hrloads or anges ou .sur-aces. .- ." . .'i_
;*V'''.*:i^~ lfl a pialba H Evemod-hn U.I.rtmr and J D Nertlo, mJon hav Williams, NVn n eea y^ "*1 "g m'~ f. _______

^ .,'r^' .,lr-.. g< .eprs ... \V wlat9 giveo from Colunbia, Dollar int ,. -.r to "." as yt.-,.^ 5
t o-rr I hevair ate d ACoedteari m N Mr. A. J.y aKee ory das raise d by catarrh)

: '-n^ --^1 ^r"' Smith Sivr^ t h rpbia W GKinsey,d Jh u e i nla yson, W Teh. rp ubhcateon venti h~onnStLoui Cue Sn frciclas re. .'. )-" :/
Sp Mr. cao be cu. by alsCtrlie and Tfe C
Sa' of resp nth iM w ereeno lbnty today nollnat, W iour- ll Mc ninley fhr F.J )( : -
dol the woi d atz ns -nvo,, lbe r P Rmney, J A Ti l, Walker Geeen. A N p r n. G A. Io ro Ne Toledo, O. ,-- ,-- ----
l,:;. ..'w.J? were: eof Jackso n, placed in only farc ofv to~v~in th tire^nh^ hno deeastnas.o NO.and^^ --

Ibis co T rhe, and or ton. C. B. free yearsey, ro thee -i ereerd en. A p rolJcti .n thataisoi by alofdr ugists, remedies.
L" Oet wtea as k lee te,, all M Lin ,'. fl w: a nd iune counrt u se a don I T-
J5712 ;fJrr. ---1-,. :rm 'is s ah cdid no H MCoon, W H ebo e, W hTMl ur ay fo rild urin g Sathe firog o S h r uleo u i08 PI O "
Atol erlo t b pitened aou, and ithe F laV T 9 a. a la r om2l .ber of ie itP ;
Tuckl:af~~o~asal seone LouC-jr.,gW 13 Wynn, Ud3LSBERTe,ec Uk 1bturaeginting taken dow Monday OlnR or the fucos liin or1 the BBkGrV XS

4; e o w. pSe si. h ood bre d, tT E Robier s, id isl- L ,an d bolted tRe se ceto n "-- '. 11 a
ople of th s a e. Ev y n1 7reg1rpresene eoefo t heb arg in g, mina l od whn it. Js" "
hee the-Pon asb unanimoued and thed, An le- it-A r. c CanW mc plellan, J GjC reo r dlod bahwern this ciy a d t e ad u ls.te ifin a n c n b
freou i if u a i o s y J G a m m on g, C L W l so n R R R uselle W O uri 9 e T ile dmoeds sa eiza en o u- a.C n andF E.s t ube r so re d to its-
p~ enw ' ee -defe t Ted t maly
tpehlfl v e thei fato Ihe- rt R ob rert JcN Wilames, J A W oodarn wi' l lae narwdy o h ihad..o .
thr ao ptem d th'ao pta e ofil than reset in T a eJH (PrtOJ o r, brt N .t op ertond th y Sau ~mm r -i. norunaltll took 0heaPing winl be "e
...........~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~io be e ,e- Twvenb ered tomr the gooesdip Rose. Mhtr s, soo Dyes Gree a asMcleubanuiantp ady,~ay
.,.... v.. t, p/tt m0)ll a soce.[ N el~en a~tltrue emoUrcy,4fthesAternaed-foreReee,;Jnineom toaerganiedoheetenr soon
J"T"iLim~i'~ler' -|eiquntriu e r"1, Snt orug ..hadvceo~fo hecurlends, Dykes fer, R R B en net, WilacBikciy Teda.01 Vl
.... Manatee"ia.Y rebotid where heongreattrh wihisntin
-;,:'7i- .'".b.lisom eth omnaifo sable and, impront.otbia m anner in which JE F RS N Ha till ant inf "me condition of= e i
e-;.. .WeMr I~ .Zb IccSamation pre the deli.brrat-ions: to Sh Presubea W B L~mf~,I- Itmar H B Daiey, W refse 12.5 a. M onyo his orangedts on -sracs
._;'_ .n sW s mli~lt epn to e t e st ecre nt ari tes .foer e Il r.. pu1 i radeu D H Maspoundbm, hetes. U as i ilbNewIIIg eOe1 drdDilr o
b~:, _y~l fte!~dfl .+ew ik ean p, es wo T~d be~ "faior d! rriftdla G PRaneyi, J Al Hederso, N W Stikad large h s pn ee..
.14v-:+il~n oa raeumfneP, Ihmh+ tiinso-h'ovn Aynn WMv Mtinosh case of Rawsea (cale week ctLaotrtrndhonart-b
4&1#_"=6 Wrno akopae nTe maret of the proevedng~o waw the U B ppes, W Smth'roog, N esF, onSo Thegisratib'aonio,, InoStic.LoiCueBndfriclsfe.
tcooI'. "''ti nsatC~h na e o o.C B reSqaunl'-hd toIll th opra roeita~nboso clM -" .

egates-th c(lla o ntve ntion riflet~elud Gearg Mek bein innIe 03t on.
an son Io~ allrr wit adp Sluhe Sal ofryntu
Ii-'::l, fefbv nf qt. hignh J.O.dn otfo DLeAte--J Ro ert LeoJul and enW h eedStra

..... ,_:j r a -..#A r Fl ri a and.. andILdc49Iribe1 Inn-l u e tAlln la go

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was T~frs^ +

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on fltoln ^if ".. '+-+.r-

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A,.';S ; B il., S ea. D kin, W T ForbesJWJohnson. our branch store at Fort Myers. Call ... ...
"0' IR Wo before theba e do Jb r DAVIS
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wa.o.+ 8G w n ,T A H l G L B~ zl ,J Grainesville," Fla .7une 8, IS5.}1
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o"d' -- ti. ,i S 'upport of his claim. and that said proof wll Sttill 5 nd 7- -
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2141 W. W.Hernandez, B J McNeil, W H upto dtexeIvery respt Mro July 25, 1896, you p get m v m

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