Group Title: Key West citizen (Key West, Fla.)
Title: Key West Citizen
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Title: Key West Citizen
Uniform Title: Key West Citizen
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Key West citizen
Publisher: The Citizen Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West, Fla.
Publication Date: June 15, 1928
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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* 5.//.. //~


Associated Prc,.i 1HDa Wir
Service ,,

Fur 49 Years Devoted to the
Interests of Key West

VOLUME 1\W. No. 113.




', II f'lIoA' b ~lh t G-!R' k;.C :OP.

IIANfDS OF SUGAR DEFENSE The imperative'need of moure
OM.ot(ing places for the congested
L'OMMISSION IFOR 1DIS. dlstpict:, in Key Weat wan. itrcssed
t'OAL, fl.y Comfnihs3loner We in.. Porter
a lt Ih- rgula, nicetifli of the0
S. beard lait night.
Culn pruditcqd 80,7bt tilure HIe suggested that moro poll
bags of sugar llil.s year than lthe noad'additionnl crew,, of rmanagers
oitw h provided for the approaching
ttul oun wed I h nral election; n that, the
r ,,III tII. i.r ll;i) esiea. i, ecur. I county be redi:;trileted by the n,";'t
in'I to figures jitil niiu c Ipublic in legislature into a efficient in ,1
lavatii. hler of p 'ewilcts o that not murn
Il ov-]rp.rod| ,iin %%ill p iasa 11a s 200 voters will register a
int t e 'iih s .f t. suur Ifertie tolnlmis,,ioil of C.tlbu, go deI thati under thle present plan, Mr.
fend e mniniisioit of Cuba, m o in e Porter t showed, sih ce all votes
genstrot sugar ufiuketlu, li culctid be counted ,y mildnlght and 'et C. Hlober, secreter
gel ri Isugarb ilteets.tIttC. iobver secretary
ttal'ai r rr results announced. lie urged that prs deney of the Unitedl states b
ea:jon 1ju ended wa, itproh.the hroetro stol be taken at e ton at Kansas City.
s'"T:!ol" Just e^m~nd:, a HI;p'io'xi- 4)0 tO bringth, chung.ubutt.
mutely 28,00U,0100(l : hg of ;125 i commissioners agree to ake. .
pt'rid 'chii. t iw mutter up later.
fficlbiil-htillCIIlianlone Flirhhenr re.A
ll ih(, ,-, I, ,I i ,..r it :,7,- ported lhat there ov oo di ', el.I-
i1a hawn; to h. t, rthe amount~ oo CQ% RUPTION IN
hice< t)hl ,n povin.e o thie;. nary, staling that, sone ha re- AIMA
cro i, i ienti', clome 9uotid.,i fu..1 iLo l.p tdhe ,.Voueher, ,.E PR ARY
bHt I l:1in b ie. ,'in ldie i, th i bile others were anxious to get AT
8IE),0V(0i 0 ll r (, le io, paid ofu it v."a ::how'n that. thi.
which ,iiki,, the slinillest shwin.,r uamtter haid been definitely i F PROTEST STAT
in Phe lise blow, is the island'. o f t previous tln F PROTEST Hn STATE
rich tlnb,.co provilnc,. e d ,levaot that n thing farther ,, could bo C VASbSiNG B 0 A It D
but .ai ll nren ge to production done. owed that n a
of9 !ilr. 1 .urtei. -ti weyredthat inlDade. U S E COM *ITTEE M FE'T
I' p"',,,uci41 Id II -,ol I .' 1 l' 1 ;iaie rih.ent ann lto4i' FOR iR(VU8tGATION
.. ,.. ,, tl ... l .t th. the w re "
An"" ,,4 / Th .. l.,Ul an hi'-, "and yet serne i'olf ve...eialse res
000 tuOlorif ',,r. "l' ii ,,iUt., the themn- re not satisfied." he aHid,.
figure~shov;,. -i. exc.'ueded by In Miami the largest amount paid JACKSONVILLE, June 15..-
miore/l li 1111 tntils. to any one wua 831 for 02 hours Sidney J'. Cats, former .governor
f lull. n li~t shows the work. J. D. Rlodd, chairman of and candidate for the office nuw,
tie p-udilf i provinces tihe linde county comnimnaloners, pla.*ed, a protest with the state
br.l t(le u'mlr ..'i l ia"'s reported and the Mimnin niewspapers were laden ati pt canvassing bothtd over
by ecqh, rspectelygiven ias authority for theae state- atic canvasing board over
Pi Iar' dl Rit .Ss. ,972 iments.. The only change made the loirida primary election just
Hal iimt .... 1,67.l last night in the original schedule hel declaring it "was the culmi.-
t ta' ....... 'li,'70 was to ullow. th .managers at Key nation of tlie greatest orgy of' pu-
S ....... 8,5 targo t0 ach instead f, $5 and litical crruption the state of Flor.
Oi'nt- .8,204.),713 at Matecumbe $7 instead of $3. ouda h ptIoever e en0"
Cqnagie.y .... 8,635,211 A petition requesting reduced ida has ever seen."
rates over the ferries for tha mem- Irrekularities are alleged it0 i 0
RD ROA R ers of Girl Scouts Troop 4 was un charging double voting
OrD0 W ROADSTER turned down by the conmilsgion- and"~xpondituro of huge sums of
er, i Ance it had becnt ruled that minie .y. He l aid the contest wus
STRIKES POLE gr no td under ey condio r t. be ,
number of similar request, had Lers ani election fixLeo. The
been declined, and to make an ox- petition Falls upon J. B, Ste wart,
MISS 14ARY ROKER RECEIVES caption for the Girl Scouts would chairmnia of the state democratic
INJURY TO HAND; ONE derow it open to all, the board exec e committee, to bring the
U RY HUT decided. ... .connilttee into session It'r in-
OTHER HURT Complain-* of Taxes tvestigmtion.
i A communication from E. P. [
--- Johnson claimed that he lhad been
overcharged to thie extent of $140 O D ES AT
Mary',di il'l 1itI oruii td in on two tax reeeipt.. That he still yl l AT
SMary i.ii nt o i n'l iuoit tud,. owves state and county $75 In tax- Fl D
Sth hnell (~,, ls. Imbursed for the alleged over-
S nell o her htnds was insju ed charge. Commissioner Bervaldi, ---
ni lf litl .hid pliew. Ar ur head of the committee appointed RESIIRENT SENDS CONGRAT.
n e, h ct liiveli ne slighted Arthuvr previously to investigate thia com-rn. ,
ert :, e a slight cut v plaint, stated that the tax assessor ULA IONS TO HE. ". RT
the left ev..,lilr nic iell e had offered Sir.Johinson aproposl- v
ollts th. ir u ot h upntr ot.tion that was deemed fair, and \ HOOVER
th. i..r w not hurt. lhat nothing further could be \--
The ,lot tcclerrut ',r wit done. .. ...
l hih ihe ,u"r hnum ben fltuipaed -A. e, eeIqns addressed tihe tB A usnesse Prost
i rcportel I have. sleeck wthtn .commissioners relative to a plan SUPERIOT Wis., June 15.-
Sfo.rce d .Mi un d '.l e could not to advertise the highway, ferries The speclaL. ain carrying real-
.a r :"ced.. 1; c confusedd and Key West by an automobile dent anid ~l'r. Coolidge to north-
the driver alloweel the crush tou c- tour of the state, visiting all Ito. ern Wise nsin for their suninmer
cur. Tihe c adeswilpd the pule, tary and Motor Clubs and Chaum. vacation n BDrule river arrived
:imuelhiimg thee fender; and dIanug- hers of Commerce to male id- here this morning.
iig tite ltIldy. dresses; also to organize motor- '1he president sent Herbert
'lhe r ills owi'id b .y Mr. and eades to Key West and accompany Hoover a -legram of congratulu-
Mrs. Mlerrill ,ob'rts. Mis.11 TIok the parties personally when deem- tiona soo' after his arrival.
S it dimughte'r of Johlinieii loker, d advisable. The remuneration Mrs.-Coolidge wae none the
fartmrly,,captuiin of police here for such service he would leave to worse/for the long trip.
now fire 'inrshal in Sirusot. the discretion of the coniinis on- ---------------
crs. His proposal was taken un-' .---- *--. -**--.. ,

- U A 1 A L E 1 he proposed to write a three. A ULL [LI O
FLORENCE V V ADE. V column booster story, featuring i
MII NER Y, SHOP_ the routing of the proposed great Buttad Ulk, per qt 20c
MILLINERY SHOP nter-Continental H wa h ......
DY ...-RDA ..AND. through Key West, also boosting, K West Sweet Milk,
SMOUDAY thils city, the highway and climate, -. t.c
MONDAY illustrating the article only with i .............. c
lltne Assortment of SUMMER pictures from this community. Hel Pau1urized Milk, per
lHATS T'at Sold For $5 and $6, guaranteed the story to appear on qt. .. 2.. 2 c
4 N ow O n S a le A t . .. . .
I 12.4A (Uontinutd on Page 17ve) Crem, per qt ........ $1.00






n Standard Bearers. Republican Party.
- ................. .r.,4-._--...-T -..- 4 **... -,...- --... -...-.......---.-...--...-......---...

y of vommerc!,, chosen for, the
y the republican p-rty in' cob'n-



elly' 604eete,.Ie4 v Isra
cw11.T O T win, te l 'i 4u
fUv'reaentittive Cordll llud, ai f
Tennessee, nieinber, of the duio-
cratic national committee, ind

candidate for the presidential
nomination, today announced, he
will retire fronp the con'inittbe
when thll term. expires during their
,appracailin e o'i. t .. s0Q i..til?.







... I.. la LEONAIM)'S
LX letfor the BLOOD
SENATOR FROM KA' p.s.'a allqa'

ily A.sseenlated Pr.ess
KANSAS CITY, June 15.-Hoover and Curtis.
So reads the republican ticket. In a landslide of pro.
portions evei oultdoing that In which Herbert Hoover
himself wis ianal last night for president, the reptb.-
licns national convention at its concluding session
loday selected Seinitor Charles Curtis of Kansas, af
his running Imate.
...... EDRO LEO OF ....
I,'des Curtis, senator of Ka0as6, named by the republican PDRO OF HOOVER GETSI
convention as the running mate of Hoover at Kansas City today. NOMINATION
.. ... *TAMPA bSLAYS ...ertover ve

Fri%,-I l fIaN'S AU9U 4fIM e., eolfav o r esidp,,tial foli

jp .Opxvcpwv-e

SUVI ---- nee, attention turned today to the
S CIGARMAKER SLASHES WO. 1vice-presidential nomination wI.b
STO NANKING MAN TO DEATH WHI41LE a pero ct t' a ooi'er a
":"* "-, CARRYING FOUR.YEAR-OLD cahmed the party's stuaard ear.i
Bcroned the party's b sail takim otb
I'EKIN. TO BE. ABANDONED CHILD IN ARMS n the first ballot taken ll.
.night. I
FOLLOWING. INVASION. OF From a total of 1,084 vote-,
4111F Aosele I o roCai'Ant, Hoover 8i7d 37, with oiu)l
NATIONALtSTS, IS REPORT *I. . Aeete4 'reaa l5, required ti obtallm tlh inai
CIRCUIATE'D TAMPA, Jut 15.---Prdrr nneioti. i
.4 .nuie.. S5i.hiIC?.I .bewdefi, Wrnfr naie was N1ithi
S.- l a fei'rwn,had T7i,tiCrtis, 04; Wat-
S(Ii A..ssuetsted I4enss death yesterday as she walk- son, 45; Norrl 2t; CGff, 15;
PE IN, ed down these street earryins Coolidge, 17; D[ awes, .4 ,Ii'
l'EdilNt, ,JttnoJ5.,-The.- l'eld.n g their four-year-old child In IIughes, 1.
directorate' of posts was ot'dejed her arms. Florida's delegation vothd i
to remove to Nanking, aouthoiet' Leon was arrested last for Hoover and 1 for Curtis.
capital, by the natiounalat. It is alght when he admitted the Former Governor Lowde'n of,
undurstoi. the foreign offi.eo i act, according to pollee,' and Illinois, although withdrawing il>
nd tov thI forn aid h wanted the bahy to tarre fr om the race, being dt,.
Pekinlg 6 is hoin't Closed. I' ka -.a hem ...h u .. k . .. "... -.i _.40.h. ,f-u ....'.. ...:

This ib inderdtood to 'have.1 n i JQHN L. McNAB Since thkb nationalists captured fused to live with him.
political significance. :ans oa oo I Peking tio'h6f iis been runoor, that
N om ini ee 'of l' oo v e 'r a t tile na 41 1 4t" w i ind o j
---ity lust night appealed to the the natitmasts will abandon ICTEDI
republican e6nvention to choose Peking for Nanking as the, cplfil
WIND FAVORS"Amrica's greatest a(dmnihtrator of Chint. NuNankitg, capital of
g In umn welfare ." China in fourth century, and O SA D
_PNOBILEekih bPcoinig capitll l k. ---
ens A a r'ned sr' It teent i Utd St ie HENRY BLACKMER WILL BE
St left'withunnecessary legationlK
OTHER MISSING MEMBERS IS ;,AN FRlA.NCISCO, June 15.-. property oil its hands if the Peking BROUGHT FROM
iJohn iL, IMcNab of Sian Franeisco, government is moved.
SAID tO HAVE GOOD who liule te i Lsth at Kanutts .FRANCE
CHANCE City last night placing Herbert lawyer, never huas held public of- .__.
1 Hoover in nomination as the re. fice, except that of United States
--- i publican party's candidate for district attorney at san Frandsco tfl Auautetis Press)
(Ur Associated l're) president of the United States, for one year in 1911-12. But hei DENVER, June 15.---Henury M.
KINGS BAY, June I A ihus wiona reputation for oratory has long beeen prominent in Call-. Bllackmer, wealthy oil man who
S that moves audiences with humor fornia in work nther than that of engineered the Continental Trad.
strong east wind here is thought i aInd ilhus and that thrills with Iia profession. RIsing from nias. lng company deal in the Teapot
to be blowing the Nobile party ildramuulic cliuinx. ler of his Ma Bumon lodge and co.n- Dome case was indicted by a fed-
utili more toward the rescue party Til, .s to tile west. It is considered 'the :s, s a voice that can reach Iv;in distinetilon as grand orator,four counts, charging perjury and
ta other me. b ers.o t he p through huge halls and witl.l- of the Masownu fraternity In Call1 two evasion of the income tax
ten other members of the party lant ties sway the emotionfM fornla, he gained eminionce both law.
lost from the Nobilo party have a its atuditurs. as a pulpit and after dinner speak-' The action means the govern-
good chance tp come in. McNub, well known as an able er. lHe' isa iral rancher of the ment will attempt to have Black-
._ West, theo posessor of 10.000 iner, now living in France,
-e acres in MI'rmdocino county of his brought back to Denver to stand
ee*** geeboo* eee* o..e*eeee.eeeMU peeeeeooeoeHee e i,(p, trial.
Sflie was born i Mendocino
OP ear. at 21, lhe took a leading part I
fqr 14 yVeart in tbe frontier, twn Asseete led a M)
trials of il ..native county, and at MIAMI, June I --. h lenlimry
kaJU N E. t counEy ent,, he 'conBush, of Sidn.,. Ohio, Is deter-
J UE V A. .... .ducted a colu" -of -o ,,te nltned to attend the national Elka
S. I TheEDispatch-Democrat for t convention here July 0 to 1I. So
* MEN' N | ... .......OU.RS. ...e9.set upon coming Is he that he is
ME FINE SUMM T OUES Nalb has prtcUcedbuilding an airplane to fly down
l .aw i San l 'ranclsen. lHe mar- lhere in. The plane is a three-
ieglai' $7.50 to $P.00 $ 9 ed Jeessie (rover of Ukish. They placo cabin monoplane, with an
(11 liy . le. ....... .... ave three datfghteras. in80-horse, air-copldd motor. Mr.
*SE' fT MIlK AUTTR'MI" ,i itBush is planning on a non-stop
TI esepais are frouii suits for. sumnior SWEE T ILK .RtERMIL flight with George 'lumuor, who
V. E CR' will pilot the niachine.
MEN % ieadliuarters fore _--I
MEN'S FINE aNION.SU]TS Miaunlmi. Jrckonville, Key Wet NEW MASONIC HOME
P10u411 el k, clotchopelig,1'tvegil-a2111Milk. Pasteurized Milk- --
'ajuna check, rtch, h opening, regular, *C TIFT' ICE CREAM PARLOR (t Aoeetee r'r;
$1.00 and $1.25 grade .. .................609 Duval Street TAM'PA, June 15.-Members of
.- ..._ ...... .. .-_ -. the Masonic order of Hillaborough
I S TOR BITGEST own here shortly. The corner-
Pill stripes and cream olids. "Reguar $9 kind *0 ~tone of their new building is to
r n r o s g r I$ A A be laid with elaborate ceremony
0 Wide Finest SH O S ALE on June 18, with Anthony Wayne
Bottoms t $ 7oQualty IN OUR HISTORY master, presiding. d

e e IOeOOO 0 O O.Oe00O0 ee* O L, .UT

ifsvti 'ith thre arm reuiIf
plank adopted, stated that hil
feeling' In this matter would not
abatbthis' ntevest in the repub-
lican cause.
MlNab in his nominating
speech sketched Hoover's actvities
in handling the food situation dur-
1"g 0w 1V 'rli d'War, deccAucng
that the commerce secretary hal
undertaken the greatest task in
all history, and met with greai
success in all matters pertaining
to his position at the time.
KANSAS CITY, June 15.-
Florida was early in the Hoover
landslide, casting nine for Hoovrr,
one for Curtle, by J. T. Hawklis,
only delegate nut contested b.;
Glenn Skipper.
The delegation id nut agreed un
lHoover's running mate, but Skip-
per said. the vote will probably be
six and four whatever course they
WASUINiGTONi, June 15.-
Hoover reached his office early
this morning and drafted a umes.
sage of thanks to the republican
convention for the presidential
He sent it to Senator MUl'. ,
chairman of the convention,
Messages of congratulation piled
(Continued on Pa.e Five)



The new picture by the author
of thie "Big Parade." Not a
war pletur. but a drama of
pd***O, ivery bit absorbia,.
r !

.4 N ~ N.

(iLttt en

'his season's Hats. No Old
u c 'i s t, Ht, All Colors and
A$1.00 !p *

.. -.-L-L. -I-- _____

--"~--- ---- ---- ------ ------~'~'''~"`- s~ --------- ----- ---------- 'II------' 1 ~-re ~,



--- --- ---- -- -- ~-11--311~- 1

..... ........*.;.: .. ..



______ __~____


; FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 1928

7: 'F.1 t i1. v. I ,' r it'' inda'FF F:I,,,o ti K (. I* matteri'
'IF Fl. .1, or, 'F'. IFIF .,

"I 6614 -a ma"a'sai % II I'a'&;%
F FF -
'.1. IF
'-i's -'

SI I Iol

nO r wr,/ Tl |%<. 111 **,

II P ngfI'l'K I n l ,i, -I, i. r rI ) 1 Ih ,ll 1. 1 i ll ll .ri (IfI
**h n : hit
l fti, ,i ,
,i .It l .
'.i Ch i .fi l o I F'il


1 V .il r ir a l !''wpraI,( e
'. ,,a t l ., ti i:inlanf
I 'i la ; h,.,' i iv I ; i y i'l..,
tni.,l .init Aprartimei
H .at1li iF I' J .,vilin,.
I; .\ fj ;i i' l ii).


will. aiw&' aeek I sI e t ruttu and pi'slti I,
t -...F 'atiiii n without tavoiur; never he
afrald Il, attack wrrooip or tu applaud right;
blw ya fight for progrolt; hievtr he the or.
traf or the nmouthpiee o f aany party, clique,
frictiorii or class; always do ite itrnost for the
publle wellarb; ntevSr tllefaalf corruption or
;,)Justih.m; denloulee vice amfi praise virtue;
,.JmmFInieSi 1o'd done by tindividlial or ogan.
Siatiu; tolePrant o(f ittierl' rights vew and
iplnlonir; print nulv news tmit wUt titevt
eald not contaminate the readerr; ievor eoli.
promise with principle.


"'>-. rr.l m n lIli on" ,,f 'ni |i .,iI,, ,I lonkin,.'
i', .F jF 1', :)h,,t now, oir \ ll1 I ,I n. I rPa i of It Iein
i: v- fin;-'hob tti'iii edlc '.ioFI. L FiF hIa i. hVt.' liailto
,.n. d1 n 0) '4 4 the lhill-' ", of Ftudiy (I o dnity l'fe,
i nl 0,oF l'. ,F >.4- Fheir letiminip-' i' gKoini; 1 I ake
hei-m. I'lh ri i. of them aro tryinlr l .w i InfI'e Lind
of i" k w rl'. f hor 1hf- ,l'Inm i'. M a 1,n i i F i'r Vyoilf 'IIr i-" .
9p eI ti '"f-r in Key \'e: l ar t Ill' ) hi i'it l'i:- i Ir' hill
I I'hl fi ow.
I i i. FtljF. a cnFel,( own 'F, r ) hIfCll I of' lh>,.- y. i liII |
i ,li .hif;F haiv( hteef n vceatly :utmi'redi andi applanide+d
in tlih r "FInd'lo l a ti i n titi ', I) F their places in
: liin : applieanot' in n ifme h. 'iFiF iF : offie<'i,'iid
,Ih'. (!h ir qualili4F si zrid up Ib. ionme hiring afidl
I i'iF!< (InllF,.
'th.' f:it. t hat they played a wonderful amc.
,I If'(,oitbill Jr kad a mnarveiloui su'cei;. s on lle so ial
FPi, lFiF.' m n .O 'peenm to count iuichi In tlhat, b.I sinmt',
'.F'fiF".. lThi employment man wannt,; to kInow
,thIelhe.' I, hns I hei old fashioned virtue of per.
'*i'r:fanc. He may not think: H iat tthe parlietilar
It; L' ,LIearn'rd in a 'school will help a yougii per.'tl I
nich ic n hii line of business. But he al'gut's that :1
FiiFlFlie FtFl IIth as dlmiFI well and faithfully the le-
'. i 1 'iv i ili i, ho i goinp' Fto sliek riri'hi tt the
..rF Ff i induf 'try and business.
.lianyv employers prefer to have applicnit."
!iti. ii.i t ifin application in thtir own hand writing.
i tin upFplianti wriles a neat hind, and hii" words
FF roirrf tly spelled and graninntienfly -vdl, that
.iF'irntf dstira fN r acruraney.
T''h. mrniployefr dofs not cirei' .10 miiiIh what ian
,.i)ticianl Itinivo' i:-' whether heo is willing' to work.
I ,., who i.4 willing to do any kind- of work and
." IFt raidd Ir' hard work, gets 1i euarefnll hariang
ini ot thie thlh;inp;es men off Key Westt when a po'i-
1.1n1 iC open.


ieno's famen us ; divorcep enter lpas obscured
F. I'i enrd in iiaIr'itim e,. Fiureiri s iivin nut recent-
h.s the 'onmmel're department IFIoW that 95.a1 per'
F oilI inirF- iu).lj>le- wer' mairried in Nevada in 1027
'lFnn ia 1926. In Warhoe county, of which Reati
F th co||nly sttF, and liwhere divorces gained 100
I ,r e'F1 i.n one year., the numbhel'r of mnarLin'ern wa,'
. early trebled.
Apparently a noid many ,,Ff thooe iha'i-iagInF
.I couplhle' from California, where' a new law re.
,ji~ira,.F lhrep days' nolltce to he ffiven hefor a
jIFelipe may le i11.lIed. Ihi, Nevad a's divorn'e, too,
F ome qolta largely from other states.
Sinre Nevada attracts both lthe wotild-beh mar-
ried and the would-be divorced from other stlal ,
i is iinmposible to tell from ordinary statisticss
whpi'e its own native citizens ,tland in there ema(-

ree. Do they profit by the many examples !oat he-
f.;re them and marry or refrain fram marriage' in
linsuual propotilen? Somebody should fig11ie this
oit. The eity and state might win ne* tfms from
the truth.


The preat Anmerean struggle for correctt
pronunciation" goes on, especially In radio. To
the iillirni effort' of broadcasting station. are
I:idedFt Ihove of Ihe Amerlcan Academy. Say .flam-
liiti Iirland Fof lthi organization:
"P'rvisioningp the, immense influence of
radio plii)poeh, Ilhe neademy desires to he onf
,' rv;re in maninlining standards of enunela-
lion, their vorrectl Iw of words, and also of Im-
provinp' Ihe qulilily of voice in which tle words
on-re spokent"
'lihut is laudable undertaking. But it has
ili problems and perils. What shall be the nitand-
:til.ts of judgment? What Is "correct pronuneia-
iFon" iind "correct enunciation?" Shall Engtlish
I'fr the nation be spoken into tho mlerophone au
it is spoken by the cultured folk of Bos(ton, or the
,iFititred folk of New York, or Chicago, or Ran
F'rancisco, or Baltimore, or New Orleans, or Pal-

Millions of ruilio listeners are Jarred when
-thy hear a culiivated radio voice from Boston say
"laiwr" andi "idar," and sense something strange
in 'fahlim" for farm. rThe easterner thinks it. har
ilfrois to pronounce lthe "r" right nut, an sa done
in lilol ref'ions WPtI. of the Huds-n and north of
Mason andi llixon'; line. The New Englandern antd
'rfw Yor(iker,, ail loutherjivrF don't apree in their
iinFlifi,'t.i0on- and omission.1.
T'I1 "hort "a," flatll.n.d moirje l and more ft. it.
akp ils way west rly, is u itonliniial olarce I'
iffitnse Ie tth ef illihl ed," just ap. their "a's" are
to the flatteners. There are many tricks of speech,
many idioms, -hauraeteri:sli< of whole sections uf
intellhigent, modern American'-, which ,off,-nd other
Th'lbe a so fl'r ha:' hadl thinfp'. pretty much
it- own way ii pnroinuncialtion, in school instruc-
tion, on Ihef stage and on the speaking platform.
utl, radio will probably require a more democrat ic
treatment, getting nearer io the typical or average
American lpepech, if Ihere is such a thing-rny
Chicago's standardd ,


One section of a school exhibit ion show int; de-
voled to the relationship between the public schools
and public libraries. School children in commnii-
ties where the facilities exist are being taphtli how
ti) use the library's resources to best advantage.
They not, only draw works of fiction, but. tihy
usie reference works and supplement their school
textp with readings In histories, 'hiogrnphi"e and
wrirk. or seienevind I'rt found in the libraries.
A big public ,library mapiptains many branches,
onimc- in school buiildngs. There teachers and pupils
fuilh n dinl rendy aeeticcpri o hooks, magazines and
T'ihe develoiniment of this so.nrt of lhlbary service
Itiilfit.edly aueenunts in large measure for the
anlazin'n- incr'earc in reading and in th4 greater use
it' public lirar'iles in recent years. Children in
who:.ti honies there aire fev books, nevertheless, he-
emin, farniliri' wih thrla in the library, interest
their parent-s in them, und s'o increase the use arnd
eiijoyment id' hfhooks in general. The treaFure
hwii-'e oit' literal tu'i is helinf thrown open to all who
'LI'- to i.nter.


A I(w Enplitih motor cur, a fine redan mode
:,hows the rear seat facing backward and two steps
leading up to it from behind, as they used to in
somee of our earlier cars, away hack about the he-
,inninep ot the century.
Ii looks III(r.'r, And to most Americans it
,,'Fould feel qurm(r. Oiur people are not used to rfil-
inp backward, and don't like it even in Pullmani
'ar'. t 'isn't imerc physical discomnifort, either, We
like to face forward nso we can see where we're
ioinip rather than what we're leavin.'. Also, the
uim-al urrangemnent of the present-day car gives
the rear seat people their chasee to moss the driver.
'Prhiey'rie hardly handicapped in that when their
lIacks are turned.
This Engflsh arasn(emennt, however, isn'l
neces~:;rily us Vreat .a protection to the driver tts
il ntay ipiear., "Ra.k scat drivinK," however iin
viF-h'nme, has tii'evented mnany a Wreck.


You can take two towns of the same size,
weal h, and advnntaget, aId find wide differences
b*ltween them. In one of these places you will find

when anFy pubil' Iniprovoiment is mentioned, th..t
people generally say, "It can't lie done." As the
result of that attitude, things are not done.
And then you cani pmo t few miles away, andl
find a ilval town having the same sit nation, wl,'ri
people are always saying relative to stich impepw-
menl.; :.1 the fir,: plare turned down, "It can be
Sdone." It is, just it difference of Itemperniment, but
it sppelil; the difference between progress and
M i nation. When people think they can do things,
Sthley uiiuially can, It i'-, :-o hre in, IKa W-t, any-

M'r. ttulh Bryan ha.-i broken the losing jiax
which ,ihas followed the political activities of her
branch of that distianuiahed family.-Tampa

Past 1Iui

P hwiiladllhia
. f it i fj


("cInlip fl IF i F




I 'hi('nno



purp e . of government is to
blican Convt nations ml ibl nC oUvt lon ( perity universal; estahlsh
0 "u '.1 1n i 0 u ji etic lleo between man and
00 tSeaveoted Presa) man, the ind4vldual a ind the
'f(r y'eket :lat: lnhat no man or set of
I:.,,l John C Fremot F rnF- is so hip:s to rise above
WildAim ), Dayton th .' povrnment and no In-'
1i:'0 Abraha Lineoln d ,ividal is so small ns to rall
Tannnlhal flarnlln elnow Its protecting cnre.
i' Abraham ia ncofn I "1 h.elieve in o, r form of
And tw Johnnson fovernnitil 1and that the
I'1TH' y s oS. Grant vpiri of the const Iution'uyler Colfax n-.hould he held Inviolate by
., Thly.ler S. f rant lefgislative, expcl'tve and
F it enry Wi. on juldivitld officers---bl every
Rutherford B. W layen eilltn of the land; th;t every
Willn A. Wheer hull have that"u nality
Willi lm A. Wheeler o reason amn right FIjRM ..
If 'IfJf r ~lames A. lflldd the meet
CPhitri A. Arthp i FTe raepeet, and t It
i-.'l. rin A. Lga vah l Ae s pould he up.
Iohnr A. t aI to /. line ofn

Clarret. A. Hoba

fnlsai. )Taftn I ko oY E
.. p btor "oa I j i-sttle where imi'l"$f' every

ll .... n. . tI. lsM and ei*e ** s *he o l m et
Pelin. harrfmon ftt'a iroeth t o fnn

lal.i.e. ., latlh'c ia ..l -. *I n ltt.. tt ot

10:( Warren GA. HHardita '-" .' y o tho e btl ofr
1. Calvin. Coold. ; widely Velebrate i eorFin author.
... --. . .. w Twenty-five years ao today
oe* oee****** **o* ******l ten i 'OlO IIven wore losk and $1t,000,0t60
i, irll iwtie l l et J* IL ^ * in piroperiy deatroyed hy a ioud-
FI llhur,,Pta. f11,,pney, Ore
i IThe Pyveido l, and Mrt. CooK .
il in t o i e jarlidje' scheduled to start thpel,
v0e AHast A I d o',tlnmner vnataloin aday at, redar


Stations To. I A. M.
Abilene (pt. cloudy) .... ...R68
Apalachicola (cloudy)
Atlanta (cloudy) .............74
Boston (clear) ........... 70
Buffalo (clear) ............... i. .
Charleston cloudyy) .. .
Chicago (clear) ..................rti
Corpus Christi (pt, clottdy) R6
Denver (pt. cloudy) .....i. l 2
Dodge City (aol'udy) .....62
Duluth (cloudy) .. ........... 50
IPastport (pt. elaudy) .......00
El Paso (clear) ...........: .fll
Galveston (pt. clouly) ....t80
Havana (clear) ...... .......2... 7
Helena (cltoudy) . .. .49
Huron (clear) ................ .(O
Jacksonville (cloudy) ..... 74
Kansan City (cloudy) ........l
KEY WeST (ehudy> ........
little flock (pt. cloudy) .-R
Las Angelte (clear) ..'..i
Ioubville (clear) .............1O
smimi (cloudy) ................ 7R
New O rtiri teliir, ..):!4
,*w York (pt. clou4f) .it0
Npftnioola (cloudy) 74
Phoenix (clear) ..... ...R..... 6
Pittsburg (clear) .. ..... '
Rosehurg (cloudy) ........ 50
St. Louls (cloudy) ...........18
Salt Lake City (pt. cloudy) 60
San Franclaeo (cloudy)' .5i2
81it. St. Marie clear) 4'
teattle (cloudy) .. 41
Tampa (clear) ....... .76
Wahinpgton (clear) 6..
Williston (cloudy) ......
MI'ltlo t rlNI A peppermiunt
Ireeo dip-ovi'eed i tlhe interlie'lr I:
-11N fVet in height.

Mary Ellis, an operate, oprano
Stnvg of arfaweo, hebr ivs New York
City 20 years alro today.

All.. 'I.Coinar Co.

se coiavf t'F fth~iow
m' flax ies I les WPs4.Vic



The w nomM l-hW ~art,

trust, The oblip~atiol-h
il1)Ome-s ~toiS 0 1Wvidp
F adeqjuate, md dlwl d
awie services,

client and W41-1tylpr\co-
Q~pra't~iol of oult' !

fluit'afl ffwtfet 111J6

is -; ll 8 UN418i.t14. I

*lp lt on |;he ,tiniRver Wi-,eo, _._, | ho publ bis the+
ABOUT LAWN OF GOVERNOR'S MANSION on" tw iveO ototxpbk s oures,
,I hi etxil,, ii H..ollatnd WiliianI ana ntlll^Ot at,
eeee11eeseSee11111 eeeeeee1111ele111el e., lilhanzalehrn will i-e-all today 12:i 11V ff ai.
lHsI ase clated lrsal i ll e itru rowinpt, if:mF inll ntm o tF' IFrtietth anni-versary o isf his I I dOLEp ji.altifiM of 4i. 9'needs.
TAILAIIASSEE, Fla., .Ituno i5. stock raising.. WccSjooi t1, li, h (inrmnan inItpriatI lpl M a n P'osap rr If Ioylh.' (I rllton,; t1hI,. demino. The noimitne' 'political e-areer Ithri h ,'M A U l
r.atic Fp-IuIeo'irnatoriia noI I ineo, includes a term in the state- ---- .'. 'Ih tillta Wl A rtive to
tI, lk oever tliF executive iiislon s iate, ri pri(i ititig Hil ron'ih Today iF tio' teemt y-t'oir ant S RVI fulfill tlem a e We
h-i'e neot J nary, Plori,l;l.ns w ltl nd Pinllh. eountlegi hl t11 t7 %d niversnry of tlie (Soneral Sltcm fulfi ll tl W ieca1Se W
.:,,o (ittle chhlliirei platyi, z lunc ,'19itl He tok a prominent part '.E . the spalllo.s Ilawn of IiI, tnovr.- in Iliudito legislation, inclidin p in which 1.o131 peirlonp, mostly l A M I w t thi re 1I. h a full
nior'g hoiini for the fh'l iil ith in a roadt-ht0uihil :ii, ug-riciillurl anai women and childrhln, perih1d. men it th r i U 1
4liitOIarter Fof At altkiry. -eltmcational mca'iiies. -.wastme of satisfaction
Not ine,. i h a ndinirnii.:tiion oill' a'. (. lttron al I t e f w- Tod tile fllwy the anniv sary of In Ah IR Y Fi atw s, a 'Cto l
(,;ov. .LiFowandl huve Ivlall hil'el ii f whi ieell to'il n'oiut.' th' i....tivel. lorne. 'I;ovi. >i il' v norshlp: F.ngliBsh-speakingj people the wortrl i . l ,
Ir. "ho. l'tlive IwF F he Fitly "I j believe that puhli 'c of. ver vill p-iv (,-eognitlono o the MIAMI. FLORIDA Ila .
present mais4 lli 7'x' i. ,1 .11,1 five iu tt a publicly trust and a n coinnion origIn i f their l liher ie'
Icr lor .hhlrF II I oi1i 'O true l public officer l .- i a 110r- at that time. ~ '
FFI l, l, .. 1:11i ,.vsI..'.,es.n o IU lty ,WL, tk @. R MI
,.ldrnle, ,. ttl. tl.y I;',, e.,,., ,t ,, ,, ." h,,- I .eni ote he ou akl TOUAY'S BIRTHDAYS A. *
or )eari t ,I I, 'ov. *'rri-n .llr "Iadwerhiip," not "'dictation," rompt Service
iha; i.hildrtn, and Iov. Cilhrl.'t and take "e umtnsel," not. "or- L.eut. (sen. ,Sir Charles t'Falii. Will
\v *a I halcholov. ders;"l hi should gather wis- chael onro, a noted Brltiv.h com. Pleae YO Key West Divia
Mr. Carlton ha!, ilirce children, a boy and two gilt, neither of hearts- of all people and trans- y(arss ago today. -...
whom is ovE-r a ,itdozen years oft late this into the public wel- ---.-.-- - --........... ----
tp,,I. faro through his own clear Mine. Johanna Gad.ekl, eelkhrcut ****ee *e0****4' **ew***** @*******@***** eO-e. .
AS I4 T '"i l ...slikely to iot1ione, nira"tie judp-ment -d operitit und concert singe, LA ,ON A H OTELT
Iake ov<.r Lhtie iO o'F'il1'4 home, FF1I1 patirotic service., horn at Anm larm, Prussia, ri4 ycai; . *
barrini ,, any tunforten idevlop. 'I tloievo tho one great ago t Aday, NHL
ments, it would nnot hl aaniss heri .. .. ...- ... ...... .. Y O_ R H O T E L '
to rl-i- soll ethii' f. hof Ilifo. e*******a*****s**************s********* ****o snot delightfully located and appointed yo*r round,
IIo ,.w born atlt \\;ichtla, Fla., i 11 +
Ily (1.; 187, of it'itioneer fa ily, e 1Hotel it th city.
!hi I FX. ut F randfittlir having y, beelnU 4 l Our dsltlIg rteaem lelhhies In a .vared and e* tlleavl sort.
,it14 Fly iut lom, A F i I ebrn Hotel eet al ld.
ii the :inino d ,1, an, I South t S nd heI sSunday men's caretflly p pered r K W..est folk .o
same battle nil l't. Aleade.. i
ir. Ca:iliton';I fi ily has been HEADQFARTERS OF ALL KEY WESTERS Diner Parties and Banquets Invite
actively ith'ntifitdI with the do.e- Io* **i el*e*.s. e I lseeite********ee.le***ie**
velolmient of S utiiih learida from Centrally located to the' shopping antd theatre *-- -.... ........ 's....
its pioneer days. Ilo likpes to tell district.
about having t li-'vn "rained on hLiIP
farm h,,ut I 'll,.,, or,, y ,on. First Class Service and Real Home Comforts
The dolTocraltic nmine5's (eT.rly W*******************A***** A*I*ND HER FF'
edctatioln was in the pubthlic '
, hools 01'of I tvSott, cotuity. 1I" _
water wori'kcetd li. way throughh R OW ''
Ltetson University, the thniveroaty
of Chicaueo andl Columbia Univer'-
l\a )I( Tpa in I 2 ,1acice o fH elp T h ie S scouts Hvy reldiwinLfevre'stoi
timll of hils hnominiFatioln w. T o "The Wop* and Hei -Bo nds"? Ptittll
infnioe i'r of thI firt of Mahi y,
RioveS 11, (;ntCrito,,. le owas city IrG T o C am pT tie, i,'Wt;?? 'Yet men read ?., laughl,
attol.i.. ai T'iiin fora1 n, a nuturh e, and remark "Just like a wrwnan." But
ofl' yvara.
in addition to ihi'law practice, """ whose ftaut is it that women are utter.
Mir. 'Carlon has net ly engaged The ANIamual .SmnmJer Lmt S ae of 1Th K1 l ignt.oa to matters of lbuiness aMn

-- --..-....... -- Weost R .ctle C*. i Now O, flinee, What school for girls irn
r. f. RIiER I u a) a s curriculum a course VI
Sl. Cn E t IGET THIS I NUISUAL RIDUCTION these subjects, or what husband 6r
u,..Nr 'in Ges...i al .ar adi. N IAMNS father takes the pahis to .conch his wife
WALTIt'S CAAI VANIZED v4 dauOhtors hI thll ? To olflst
TI'rN SHIM;LES a~r daut'ers h them? To offset
rII wui d, h, 49 WATT MAZDA LAMPS this laek of training, bauka everywhere
SlindFF.'. ClOF. '-'. y's Ociment f yf.isW I onfree I i)eb
l 'ti 0, 11. B l tlvig 106 Per
0(:. ",', ll alnu .10 Pil.c. 23 le Cn section with their' financlar l ,ligl
PF'oN;, :40 6 8d thia bank takes pleasure in playing o antCabi ss. 1 CARTON OF 6 LAMPS at the (1isposral of th* WOlnel. f 0y I
........ ."a'n .... .4 WOMO a01 it facilities and the ko1k l4.i

1*.+"+a i38 and traiih lng f Its entire stifff in thM
...............-.......... .. ............. -... erm tifh, and the acceptance of thi t
R o" ' f e ntt 04" n o hliv"t ki lm

ST. E. MILMOR kE ,15 BIG DAYS TO HELI' THE SC1TR | ... etaI no o' r gat ,
. DO YOUR BIT 4% paId on Savings Aeamnts
SNOTARY PUB.IC .-...-...-....-.....- ..--.... ......... : ,

Residence Phos s7T 0 Phone 16 A. F. Ayala, aIle Mar. + KRY WEST' FLOgW r' "
-I+w.W Imi .. Ir1 i.+= i .



- -~CIC--~- --- ----- -- --- -C. -- _- -_. __ __ I_ i

... .. ._ ._ ._ .. . . __ I _

I ____

FRIDAY, JUNF 15, 15s8,






(Special To Citisen)
NEW YORK, June 15.-The
Chicago Natlunal\ defeated the
Brookln Birwgton ye"trduy in
* 7 to $ Score. Joss Petty weak-
oned'i'I the eighth, and was suc-
ceeded by Jim Elliott, ivho also
had a trying time when Rlube Ehr-
hardt was called in to retire the
side. i
Lazzeri hit a homer helping the
Yankees to win against the St.
Louis Browns in a 4 to )Oattle.
The Browns tried hard to tro. the
score in 'the eighth but!'foil ,one
,.t o the count.

MONROS WIN Yankee Pole Vaulters

FROM PIRATES; May Sweep Olympics;

YIRDIIN FORM _Hoff *s Absence Helps

9 TO.0

Yradi pitched his fourth shut-
out this season and enabled the
Munroes to defeat the Pirates yes-
trday afternoon by a score of I)
to 0. Yradl was in the best of
forming and Gates for the Pirates
lasted eight innings, At bat A. P
Perez, Gonzalez and Griffin star-.
red for the Monroes; Key and O.
'Fernandez for the Pirates, In the
held MIayg and Vidal featured. The
Monroes have won 14 games and
lost. two this season, CA Rt
Ilox score:. -. 4

%jmS;" w .... .......... .. .
Brooklyn ... 28 25 .528
Pittaburgh .......... 25 28 .472
Boston .................. 18 32 .300
Philadelphia ........ 11 30 ,234
Clubs I Won Lost
Pirates ... ................ .... 10 0
Carabinas .. ................... 8 8
Junior Sluggers, .......... 7 19
Amerloaa L eaie*
New York at St. Louis.
Boston at Chicago.
Philadelphia at Cleveland.
Washington at Detroit.

National League
St. Louis at BroOklyn.
Pittsburgh at New York.
Cincinnati at Philadelphnia.
Chicagu at Boston.

g< R J.UI o uui .ll nree.%I
'POR RENT-Furnished upstairs
apartment, 524 Elizabeth St.;'
modern conveniences. Phone
720-J. __ unel5-tf
-- r
FOI RENT--Six room house,
704 Southurd street. Apply to
L. P. Artman, Citizen of-
flee. Jinel2-tf
FOR RNBNT-Fu ninshed house,
modern conveniences Apply
512 Margaret street. apr27*-t
STRIET 8-Opposite City Hall
-Sulftble for storage rooms,
garage, repair hops, etaq, *Ap
ply The Citlset. dec20

Wedding Invitations and An.
nouncenments $7.50 per hun-
dred, plus $10.00 for engraved
plate. Engraved Calling Cards
$2.75 and $3.00 per hundred,
pltte furnished by us. Highest
quality. pricess good until Oc.
tober 1, 1U28. Place o1i eras
now for future delivery. THE
--How about that sale you are
going to have? Have you placed
your order for olroulars? ,If
you really have'somethlhg .te
offer your customers it will pay
you to tell them, if not of course
a 'circular is not advisable. THE

stood until Hoff sprang into
prominence and startled the
world with a succession of record
performances.' .
C.Crr vaulted 1,3'feet 0 during
a downpour and on a muddy field
at Cambridge recently to beat
Barnes for the second straight ;
yeo(r in the I. C. A. A. A. A. cham-
pionships. The Ell ace had the
bar raised to 14.2 byt couldn't
quite make it. Carr cleared 14
feet for the first thlie, ii thim
meet a year ago. He did 14.1 in-
doors last February. Barnes
went a half Inch higher 6n the
coast this spring.
Th'rty ye'irs.ago a sitak of less
timu .11 feNt was siUffiqlent to
win two Olymppic champlonships.
This mark would be vioraed to-
day by high school vaulter. Jack
Williauus, Southern CaUf~nlIa ath-
l '1 : '^ *' ,"

iI" it,'.W t> I'i N\'i ld for the 1 T ;. .,A.
A. A. A. U'iiii tlils lpri' g Ie.-
cau,%J -Ilhl 't do I) (;t conl-
SWrl ..a polo vault orurn is
freqluenitly tin-,irtailn. lnarnls tund
(Grallioi. tlh khid of thei Olympie
team Otil'ur yrUl's alr,, were con-
ide rd it*il outsidel choices, yet
they ' fitr l'ir'tl place, betint'a
out sMuclh v'te.rltlls is Jim inrookri
of Michignnii iild Rulph Spearow,
the Oveyoin pnaron nid favorite,
Vict'tr I'ickavd, the Ctanadhini
ltibr wIh ilacied in the lht.t Olyin-i
ple., inay ble (i oft' the leading!
foleigtn Ihreaits this year. rPick-
lrd i't'it'lreL'ctnted the University
tr.ll'ilrgtlh In American college
tOn iti' aand tied 'dmonds
ard i'Sturdy for third place at
12:10 in the I. C. A. A. A. A.
nmoet.:' I1' is guardedd as it real
throat bly Lawson Robertson,
Olympicr heid coach, but the
Can itdsm crack has yet to cause
Cai'r anything to worry about ons
a .da-i\hen the Ell ace was in na
vaultin": mood.

The White 8ox wonr frtnl lIlos- Al A
toi, 5 to 4. Alex. Metzler's duihbl 1 ..................40 A
with the bacs filled in the fifth, .... 4 0 2 2 .
inning, which scored three runs, A ...4 0 2
was the punch that enabled th,e A. For1 endez, b 4 0 1 2 4
Chicago outfit to take the opening Avila' s- I. 0 12
gaMne of the series. rmando, l ..... U 1
Thq Pirates beat the Giants 4 cove do, cf ........ 2 0 0 i 0U) it
to 3 in at -.nnings contest. .Gates, p..........4 0 1 2 0
to 3 in an 11-innings c .o ntns., 6rnd
Adams' triple and Paul Wanor' O. Fernandez, r-p 2 2 2
acrificerufly accounted for the O. Pit, l-rf ...... 3 0 12 C' O
The Senators trimmed the Do-al hal.y f t p h
trth h In n 8 to 3 score. Totals............ 3 0 24 11 When Chaley Hoff turned pro h removed the only apparent
trit bunch in a 8 to 3 core obstacle to American supremacy in the 10 8 Olympic pole vault.
Detroit suffered its fourth con- Moaross America with its team vitrtually picked may stag, an at
secutivoe defeat as the Washing- AB R a PO A tractive side show to the big eveint with Sabin Carr of Yale an14

The Boston Braves loet to n the id n 0 g(Asocated Prn*. Sports Editor) gOnamoielee, an all-urouiid
Cardinals 3 to 2.. Perez, 3e b 52. 1 1 .ef NWe of Southern Californil clashin to decide Individual
of Athe sMERICAN LEAUE A. Perez, ....... 5 1 3 2 1 onorst Leeis the Olympic champion and holds the unofficial
The Athletics licked the .............Gonzalez, ..............4 1 2 10 wold record, but abin h b him twice n American meets,
ian Yto8. A three-run rally C.* Griffin, If .... 4 2 2 2 0i phnom co 0., te A.0' I'D lo.

Hofinann; Ftbo r i nd r cCulyo at eg aa 3000 000 000-40ia t. up'<1 By ALAN J. GOULD iotheiv. unton A. Ai oriO'eorl ,or
The Boston Brav os.......l. 0 t(As sociated Press Sports Editor) 1l'!in 'ilt geu, an tll-aroue tl
Cardinals 3 to l 2. C. Vdal, ss.. 0 1e hits. A.2 3 nImW s aO e Lu, Tlurnf:i or an i sbut. it h 't
hiladlph .........LEAGUE A. read, rf .... 3 1 C. Griffin 1, l8 N.Sout RKn C'iu.n c Il'-- e 0 ar1: .w t0

w e l l an d C hr a P y in s ; P r ~na n d, 1 K e y 1 e r o 1 Y. ... t h o I n ttn hll. . l ite A,'t w y *h e p *
At RChiago: R. GutE 2.Mayg, 2b ........ 3 2 2 3 7 41t huipion, nd ifliuity selected s yt cd
t...tile .pole vaul il 8, ofu FeY ne 4, off Gto 2 t o to ne o t.1 4 s tie Olympic Chain-
Wo hngton ". ........ .......... 8 11 3 ba e, p Monre th"i.iut, Anterica in thil Olympin 'l a tto he von Chicago ................. 7 ..o d t twill it a ult m o
fl T n. l :0Totals .3.rer 15 27A.17tla h ,tso ea -I (p at leo ltwhb tt iL- h, o Utol, ') ,j
W-41 1core by inning.,+ ,; ll do tilitai .nutlui. lphm loilll ctin ie h'lY I,011. 101p on l e;l

4Hofimanh Faber i n .d ptMCAdr G. t tirdy of Yule, -1tul I)IufriI ngto> t i', III %% A- rIno 0 a dI I
.a r, Pimrates ............. 000 000 000-- lti)g to . t.;e w i '. irh,, r.ll,.,Iti l I it hl'.in carird o.
-At Cleveland: o H. E. -----onroc..........-131 021 1x-9 y il --'t- heytt tll Jcgeyout ll I I lN%',illt,,iuic', V 'ill tnli.4

Nhlade lphw a Yor ................ 4_ 8 0 )1-1S m a : T o bs. , ,-,-,,-.i ree.., i l an0 c second fiddle to Bi Bill
.... a s......... ..) 15 Perez 2 .E, Mtayg 1, C. Griffin 1, Southelso ('a'it iiul ti, Lh 'e ii' 1: .... .. .
Stleve. lanou ...... ....... 0 P ATU llHalAil larl.ide"den.
batteries: 0. Fernandez 1; stolen bases, A n Co Thste snii tion )i , rd r is d.
JDattoirleS: Walbeurg l, nin li, ernand. 1, Key 1, A.. Pere .1 I, "Yole. the iitu-'i'o llgiutc. A. A.- i I(! V1 ',elv'ill ti (illy Itwo llt'et.

Blagholder. GanCohnd ManionI son- 1 w uAL .wU.M c tr ^ x ,,t11st lden
Pl.l ai Co .a- n PrenJ 1,--- nyg 1, GonsalcJay; AS cahnd iupio ; Willi'( ltt o r -I % _'I 11.,ut'. the r' t.

il iitt u w lh l...................... 4 10 3 w-.00 .,. t, >'A .. ... ... i i 'l, o' f rr.t
t' hi tonn .. .....t 11 ba. e 4, Mon Vik,lo.rn ho h f. .11'o11 ao'i

Br..klyn .. ..... 3 9 ., ************************************************* rt4 o tuo,, ,, e' A' nri.nn a.-
thlio 2:10; scorer, Apuliar; hits off lrjK tdo4,lep. a,_une..mfi' thcnsv Would be i .'o.'ltd:,rIn atk.,
'L. andthat i 8 g; ota .... .'rd rlj" thit ei6ii"i, nhalllocii L0 KnowZ
.- 4b ********************** ,-Gits.*************dy *******ofYulengtol IA.;' i 'n o a n li, i tin
"I\t I tls'' ,'(.ic ot] u ( ltiion ill 'a, ultillrn i.

St. Luis .I...................... 5 l Adverti.emenA und.r thl head FOR SALE w ln the lJunp-off from anothernt ,
New Y0r4 .... 4 8 0 Planving second fiddle to Big Bill
St. on ...................... 2 7 0 FATURES ON THE AIFR nITIlden.
Battorls: Fainmock and Collins; the rte o word or ch in FO SALE-City cemetery c ow off out of comptitions d
GBle wh and TGrayon but the l imum for the nor lot known and dcrd n tether aa reul thof ideal
first in-erotion in every instance ya Lt No. 271, according to plAt l andp htentiallyf n the great.

(Kin nti at Phldelphin, ra c. on record In City Clerk' offe tr, not only polling the pros.
?ATIONAL -LEAGUE 6:30-JJle ru;'heent Bi i nv-ViaJZ y Zn dn WAL HAM junollKA st of the .premovint-day crop, buap
BASEBALL STANDINGS but regular dv tleriA with le'Ar ii I'lall*- -WRAF W has nt yet dal tlayo n Americno
sb .............. ........ 10 2 W har d 1Aetiti e spiit of Barnes f th y ar n

ANDINGS AdvrUery LUdhold Cogiv their .-PECIJAL PLkCES on Posters and for, will have od hanc
New York .............. 3 12 1 900-itachpnnlivelowurt ausiov t AulF PWi IESS AR 1'. even thougreller, the Bar Northwas vaultern
(11 innings) W W1.IT lItt W01 WUlI Wf WVA8 tw'ri,&l WWJ WSAi WUN wollthe Western Conference

Phlladelphia ...... 88 1U .027 mouhiVB to 50, The CitiTen W, ----.' half inch higher th'n hin Yak
Batteries: Fusseli, M ju(s and 900-1.-tlnilled W lera Coin ally: "Atde'Xh tilh.-VOtm ivCAu \NAC title with a \'suit 0f 11 feet e11

StW LouiY1 ............ ai .0 ive with obi e anew ee -- WWivl. w Eithacer is o.nbl, how.
I(M Aluse3yZ: I %V c11. 0 /S y:;' olef the Vault-.
D r'1 ........ ni Viking, Charley o ff, we as aI
Chi o........................ 7 11 1 peak' breaking' records with
Bro,ltolyn ...... 18 32 .30 lde oraeeeee.A fore whe eeeeeeeeeeeeeeea eee ridiculous ease, Amlerican sr.
ltur'.ele+ + "-Nehf, fush and C olu n nacy in the pole vault, cheek.
rdt n the taement Mtor. Fve horsepower, 1,800 ed duhe r for anotheigh tu on rblein
At t "dAm injured heel kept Ifoff out of
At Hol'ton:,Olt, 19241 Olympics, where Barnes
t. u ......................3 5 1 Advertse me undqr this head FOR ALE 10 dy on the u-off frsh down anotheli-
Boato ..................... .......2 7 0 ill be Vsertolted In The CitizCycle.en atTh motor lif pornia youth, Glenn Grahmevio
flatteries: Haines and Wilson ; the rate of lea word for each In- FOR SALE-City cemetery cor- ow Hoftf is out of conpetitions
Geot wlh and Taylor ortlos but the minimum for the nctr lot known anid described tI altogethei as a result orf roes-
first....nsertionin every instance Is Lot No. 271, according to plat sinlizntsg himself in 'this cotn-
('tii-innattl at tPhiladelphhia, rain. lSe. on record in City Clerk's office. try, not only spoiling the pros.
.... Payments for classified adver- Apply'613 'Olivia street, peut of a duel with our young
otsements is Invariably In advance, junol,.4tx stars, but removing the' only ap-
BASEBALL STANDINGS but regular advertisers with ledger parent obstacle to, An Aneraici
o~eeoeoeoeu~eo**Cb oeooo letlounts may have their adverts- clean sweep.
meorts charged. Carr or lBr'nes, If they are III
'rANDING3 Advartlsarl should give their SPECIAL PIIICES on Posters and form, will have a good chance tv
AAtrcot address al well as their tole- Office Fornis for mouth of settle time qigestlon of Individual
Aln.iart Leagul .tphoo usnumber If they d 44r re- June, Novu isthe thne for l"upreinacy at Anusterdasm. Tile
New York 48............42 0 ,808 .Witheach piu I auverulA tPIESS. T en to fares has alt
Philadelphia ..32 19 .027 lmountanggto 50O, Tie Citizen haIfeven though Barnes hao vaulted
tit, i,oui .w.......igo 7 ,509*Ivawithut'ohbit a new seetlo.- rival. Either' ins-how.
j ~and ............ 25' 28 .472t 1, eoounty map. 1f Monros o ---W ,, .rifo-rsair. E inh of the Olympic
'=ngton ......... 21 98 .4tOItle.ufisp iietuo Ded t*,m lat~t.OLD PAPER,. a r eve' of knoekinl off the
Detroit .'. ....... 9 ......9 80 ,0Zt .ad rile !ori astlcn aisloe. The Uy Wevrecll or c~d of I feet, 6 tlr) h(,4, mat,
icairui i................ 2)) 5 ,04 ind- put up I. oovenlebit pook~t 111111 al sree ll t, b iby Frank FPoss of Cornell In the
otn....18 2 0 1020 gaines.
Ilostol .................. 18 32 ,460 folder, furm. Ask for It when o u0-4LOALE--General Electric F8ss, a great cOlupetittr, cle'ar.
-- to 'lng the adterisement, Mttor. Five horsepower, 1,800 ed 'ho record height osl a rainy
NtolLW.6 Pet.ORRETR. P. M,, 22.1 Amphereas 110. day and after a dt:sh down it Shill-
Club W. I,. Pet. 6OR RE1T Volt, 10 Cycle. This motor U. pert runway. Ile had previous .
C1nhlsnati ........ 80 22 .01t R -si in splendid working eonditilqa left his nearest rlvaI' over a
t. Louil ..............14 2; .0,618 FORl IENT-Furuished six roon and the trice Is right. Apply to t6ot below him. His leap was I.
New York ............ 28 2$ .500 house. Modern conveniencqt; Citizen office, mar2 Vorld's record at the time aimd
chiciffoh ... .... 31 25 ,554 ....554 ,...:l .so -t-_ -_

n ~ f~ r t, T h el i n Dr i iih i h at er w o r ic
iAtijovintluwonWuIld like to ha va-
aiimworA to thleso quolfo n.1.
"Stut istlii just 0111(10Public( iho W W
:that in th towns ofGlasgow auind
S ot e to-
:0 alos e d.In Engnland H1
the p-oipl,'of London and. i an-
chester are allowed only- 27 id in etdblrubym
22 gallonsFt(l Deal or


ECZEoMA b ml todUar.M
by, m 0 todi~g ~e
Are quickly relieved witlp a SI ~~~
fow .pplielitions of Yo IQW' 80
text Weore 8810 6i
SKIN REMW k*4iix;*S i atio.r,
W ooAY prom find
tgicnie oft 119000 M er.
4w r ON WWI# UAW
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P..__________GCMte. gp

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Are the lowest in

the state and we

are ready to prove

it." P e

The Artman Press

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125 Duval St.


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~--L.-.- --

I N A ue 18,has stared training a t HOUlSEWORK AIDS FISHERMEN ARMED
~ LriEBI AU ND U 1Jimmy Iougihtrty's well-known "'"- iS" M --- -
"- .' B Y n Ridley Park quarters, which are HEALTH, DECLARED DEAL, Eng.--Fishermen from
B SJNNY R arranged for both open-aIr arid .U - this port have to carry guns. to
USll T1 J I lV indoor training work. The out- AUGUSTA, Me, June 15.-Du- fight off starving gulls that try
"T Ilia llm Iluuuuil l0 door' rh^g I1lt1hed under tlnlig housework for exerclso avoid.-to,. tdal their fish.
t JUIl trees, with a full view of l Ing cold and moderation In at.
>, IO0P.Ul, t ful plawarc Ili 'er about *a . .. . .. ... . . ...... . ..a i
| --..- mile while at this point. Near then hepd 82 ip a -old Mr- Maria
.BEX... HERWEIGHT CHAM. rig is ia fine handball cuurt. The E. Puller to retain her health for 'rU matllll
1:I "%i-w .ini ~m.big g. arage, only a few yards fourscore years, sho u'id in an'
IN '") BE SEEN IN AC. aiway, s fitted up as a gymnntilu, ,cq.,y that won the firrt gold pr:z Red swollen joints and nerve end.
th Imiil, e room for boxilgl in fathe Mai,-'i hr -art--C- JOESI stretching, tearing p-lia"s; a
TI 6N AT SIHIBE PARK, 1r0 ainywe un of the Afalue Thrie Quarter Cono.onzodsuffcria-a eedessiy.
T.ON AT SHIBE PARK, i -rainl, wct "(1hr. IGood 'uads runt"".isCi n -a y
PHIlAfELPHIiA 'for hundreds -f miles In every dl-i. ry Cu. O I f
rectio.i,. This afternoon a big ,t Mrs. Fuller express little symn- .o+: .uie t,
delegation of local sporting men palhy- for the iprecent-day tendone. I l ? rst o ts
,~ ,I ll mutur down to Wtdley Pork to to allow children to go mighty;, iwl n ienl!u
o .. oell known tI lald ,ee N~ he go through his training clad in cold weatlier. She believes henbour scuma smw stverrota.
fans, is .th,.duled to lntlt len"ny ,tulit," that protection from colds is a Thc,,'anothlaak rtFl6NAleI8
las*., I ?-l(t. hrcrwciglht (Ihtilnp on, mount Importani factor In prcsarv. ItIXIRtorethel or p omtum.
In Phthlal 'hitlin June 18, T1he' fol. I i$,s opetit d oid 1ncon0T
lowihllg ,,i'h front the 1t l'hlladl.W Y ARE TIlE SCOTS Ing healt. 'In the past 25 years l sd mm aon
Phlat, IcI' 1 ti'tildal with le lpro- BIGIGEST WATER USERS? she lihas little outitloor txerelse., "
pied bot: .... Her chief rocruations are readlnj;! LEONARDI'8
"PIete Nelvo, the little Seti-. ONDON-Whut, du Scott!.h andwriting. BLOOD
nole Itidia.n boxer, who its to meoet pe,,'pl doN w1tht wiltter that olHle' B true to yur ttl or thU'lll BUILDS VITALITY
Ben1t .s it Shibe Park ol folk dou not? Do ihey wah more, Be trale to your t.eti or th llg lldalssla
Siathe tmuore, drink more and cooA -
loti, Wi ot tk Ien onl the lil molore; or( do thme'y relyl. waste


I 1, -0 - a 1-91- li n -4p-91- 4-4- 11 .

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,; ".


RED KIMONO IS g"DA t'" Summer Sports Coats Japan', Young Actors
A DECIDE******************** Bring Yankee M banners
17 I 1 -Th fritilh reapuredl
1 1U 1\TIFSTRHAN1)IE nireal fm the Ameritan To (ovies n
VI Al i ll i I.I Al.ONt; 144 (, eorvi e A. ih h of -Ken.. N ip.1o n.
,i cky h l 'v rnie YtIvrvl lt v of , I e .,
TIll i' i PA I II yriai ut i ru ih,. t TI yler','

I, ...1I1. .' l ,I :l.l ,a l 'c r, I 0 1,t', l ',v. I t i Ito, l> h ; ,I .. ,. .. ", ...

'l i a, ,:,,. .,l t't' itl p I l t. it I -l Vl E 4y "
i i Iit J.fhhhion 1 h iz','," "

rorII III 'r n

0l0 1 ,. H 10, 1A ,tun tIpul, iov ar ern g >

t *tt I li, a nat-nl t,', "mmitt,.t ':i tt ret, l i', t llto to t (upp 'lf) o MI j N t ( ppe

lt i 1 t (oaI. \Vinsti y wted to c t rRht). M y of. tll r.. the old tyle 1 ovit

I. . 1 t*Ilt itt ltt'tt t its, h lr til i i ac i e >l t i f a t'lmlnl "IeTlf ott 0 11. d ys t y followinB.
IF it 1 1i ii tI p i t i I-I It i t it.
Sh .\ I ai i a leel, 1 a e, In Atd P Staff C o s l.i Il v

'- l Ir l chi tii'i i- ',' rn i ni-ih i tn'. t ih ;ti et ic'y a toi'n 1 WtIv .i W a l ii "'i t i .it

.I "44. 1 .sa' .g sana t h, t :t ti ,',r .tttti,,ntt,, l
S i '.i t.,, i'.'tft ti t l'i.,l- r t -'nititl\t'll l r 1 : .i ten I .hn g .t tie flc "; a i t' 'i s a ll l n t l ,l gt|) i i iis T ll'
I t ; ion Ir, ,'l *Vii ,,n ntl If i va ni

*:i** 'ii ti' Situ ''ii' it. :t", .nv.t i.' ' 'rI :-it h.tii x l, x l "it t' -i '{;*^s" "'; t le lt'' ilaeueirti n L int m t
, i ,,,.i i ,t ,,, .ri( i 1,,,,, II'*,t'A't'ii, :t",'. .K.
DR I. ING I i ,' ,; .4 N .w direct t, 1 grl ph .' i '
', i u r. w ilh, th, iopootopiny R efill:(""d o' 'itlltil t'l lli Il' t aiwel i N'.. .i
K ij.mY iBrk i'C i ttid i ti t (' Bat 'BCity .
I ft :1 t0 2 Pa d irs n. .\lv. ('..
.. i .... .. ,,.,, .... i, :,,i, ll, Smit hl,:, E en the Realmn of Sports
,,. ,, , .I ,, .. i. r i... ... ,oir 1, , ,., ,,. H as Been In va tded b a
,.. ..
S' m,, ,. n i, i,.. n in t In ti .sting a ... '
Sa .' ,'a.a I a ais 'll, lJillI aI T 0 u t' .. i a
l .\ I I a- 1 it ca '1V 11 W 11 1 J'l' ll 1\'l'l 1" 1 Th vol u ii for low, and i ory historical traredles on the Jap.

'. ,,'*, .' I , 1 ,' ,') itii til lli( ttin i l tng t(' hri- ttfnTewl tlht'-ltn!-|luu l' .l'lf.
'a ali a' itl an I it i i, n u. i h i, realm o f s ipiots l 'te d I e'Tokiho Okada (upi per le t) or Misv sl'i mtyd N atsui a." (uipe
' it, Ii .,'' a \ill I iiml l1.. t .t i roati entire ly nltedo i to littlee h ri llht). M any, of oili e, still p refe' r the old styles in Ioviesl and
-I I itb ihi 1 "*' tt .ilt ii ill rn.mthe pori we w ld are showilt Miss Naoye lFushiml (lower left)' and Ts isa llubuiru Bando, popular
aim' t. a uih -in rII 'r' ,, o 1,- lit t e t' l ther ofi a fem ini e t idols of other clays, f el in la liti fflollow a elis.
, l Ii. h i\ ni ui t. ;ti,. IlyV'.CTO hll-hlt 1i' rtl nru ,.' ta ll S I-t len i-ti ai lthere in i at f lnca 'i ':O'
l i tt t n T ii ntlinti t it In r us points tht t mark t iii t V ITi lU t n'l i tan t'nthur a' l tm'l t ilu I rit li
L .A' L' l i i t, , '. tmt" ...1t,1y .'i t t i" t t S i t t; , .t ae h e eni, -l .iow n t aor I n I I a i , ,,ci P, , r e s S t e o a: -o' 0 r it t lo u t 1 ,.h-l. tn i t. n a t i
.4.. 'lih r ,,f ,I t'lulli i'i.i , t ,.- [i e th e li t en y to lward a norm i ,; | l oiindent) w om e' l t lt ht tyerl s t* oIt. w without
l '. ,l I is i .I I i .1 t iu. AI i' tr i. is ntitn ,i i i" ,' i lt n tline th e s ofter, l po e ivolumn l. T' ) .I i i i l'ii th e Inl- i i a r ity. N l a y e

i \1)it I OI ' ( li lT III'T i-. lh i i itiI il4 -'. ttr: 'i -ti n i ii'l *..I I l i 'l 1..' o i i i i ii
T I, T II: I r ,I l t II, C i i,, lld 11:1f lh 1 ilhoutette, the subtle ulorinj l himh i 1,4,a leaditlg player ill ) il
aii 1i l 11 0i. iSt t a itt iiii i cat de l, I t- i I stn d th i l or thte fi Iuant i modern- il l i' tinti tin l
III ':' l i lll in i: ;i;l, 1 \ ''i ,-.- h .i ,I,.t, l.f a tl'.,\I I 'T p t -u isIi coat isf of course, f t'llillv (,I lihe wes rii i I 1nt vies Misi s hii iit N ta i wkawln is orall o
'h. l. i, '.'1 1 , ,t i i ll- i :n Ir L t irhiit.' t l lra 'inor vhIl, a t i-' i i ll t f b rli Ia n d in a ll o lo rst tr e t ll it' l h i f o r p atil l oll s t h e o l i u u l ,i lllo i t' i lt if u l tltd wtll I l ll ,

*- n iii fr d.i.n s itiiluvarIy'tu ctts. There I- s when soit pr1o-in tln ni;e The "t hewuin w tpu
ilt ul ii',, i'. tl ii, u t t'i' f;, Jt':;; 'nf 4t 12,l:l-h ln,' rI le,,'et ,l;i e, t iltey l t r p |tr 1 r he. tl> .i .-m as
*, l, ,-. i il ] , ,, t,. li. tii ; i t h ii l hil h c' i oit11 i L'
1.111,,L :a,,, ,. ., ,i s in l .i i ,ir r ilr ,w .ll ,, In i l. \l: l ,it 1 inyto ric l to ld F, I.'y I ,

i ,1 l .i:' in i l i, I l'iil lnfi ii Oflh ii ttrid lra, the I I'oll Mlr i. tw iIh i
l lr i I f'i l ii ii i hi .'',i ii U n ll l i, "'i and lln t en cy tot h 1 cent ie i .isort of dole
Sri ."'nl.,1 l .ilt.. it ..i ;.> DlattlO i- Kr I D Sul ra dy hal l n h a t

I, l iil 1iiii' I il' ii 'tih h it ti e 1 at liaa' a'wistti tl' l rtc lt S iT Ai l- i''rata
it' tId Ill l." .110 M IT I ll, : Ig-v If iii,' 't tilll ill3 T, 17 6 m e ti- ovilipSII i(-[ eatrS Aofoff Japan, at d L, sm ov ies avc
ii ii, ,lnlt, lh, lnil. \' i'n wlli:'ih, V, itt 0 R e11 [R ang W ith chevrollolo( imitt -t il" A '

ti l i, i, ;I A p .r1 'il lht Ill ,t l 'r,- r, hnrthl, la tt i tr t 0ll I t" % Ill' i 1 l l l it ,
; I ii.. .. I,'' t i Iir, 1'i lhig, Ifl.I .':i Ji .'l. l ii i 7 i fa1 ,, flth d ed which, Il l i Ithish Ii h \ 1 n h i
J, d.i.l.; ..... ., I .... , 41 I'l,,,h rl,,,f, I Il! Ih .i ,, i f i pp l, I O, li(tI.. (im of ll 't'i'lleLogop tlehucing "illt w ',hol" ( i v rr
1 1 1 ,' Iti h,,1y it 1 i, o a nti .I ,,hi I ,iioi lo fll l r ,
J.- \S ,- Ih-- I. Alh,),ill I ll,"I1 ht.t ]',. \re ,' 111,e :tlk,, il. li,,i-' tV Ii ,ill l,'tl I, ar pi o I tinly openl iI.111 l n Y0in .iela .of' n od lif
I, ,' '7 1l.i iun -i ,, : id thi e o t woulin th lovely m od l i prI ,Il p ll I fihls, II I h ir .tl t i i

,\ s-i-. (I n- it u -iu i t ut rt'i- 'f g P O c lT ivl 'r i N Ii. I. h y
C hi :011 0 N 11 A. If. uP,"'. it inelo line*, w) theat t res ill the wi t r Ion w hi e i 0 0 ilo t, whi b "e 01* 1 l ^S s p t m
S, , "c e at i 614, ,, ,41 d trisbig'l',Jl ttl lo xcw tio s ,, i U Br1 full r in lly l .in )-
l',, i:t.. ,,aii Iv, i IIw tli l i Si-t' tr helre,-tirel58h thr .... i Le M B uu er ^ b rhIt.'i thdl I,' I' 'l h ll "l

No.'I,,'J T l:'ll ~l!IhIT(M,,' i fi, off white shades in cotton :fi.,d, $1.v,0). l isfind phat
,- - ill ti' il-n,. l, i h d i. l S t rl i0,1 gh
i 1:1: l, ,, oirl M I ; ti ,. Iio I ', i.e. Scotch; plaids, too, rer c l I (Iio I thaI' (.''. .:n, ,i an t hllie chapi' llly Itn l _m ll i f houses i l ,h rgil ith v
1 11 , I al ui : ,\ I i, a ,w nl n innll ,ultu b le f 9 i hu iista lin th1 1t1, lhst h eh ry t he winl. i cio in hihitfor
III I till, I, .v el tD, o| mietong e at hio a l 'orir'nk ali it losehsecond. 2 :0l I .v(n 1 1 . 'rAdmissioy s it
S h,, 1.IL, 4 :,111111-f',- t i a dar l s or a w all In h lh r rt l thr e h t hol l'ih whi h h al ol
if I fl 1"1,1, 1 to3 :, 1 i.4'." .',1nItI il ,,f- l ,'s ,:1 11- 1 1fIT ll Ti h t rlsNill & U o ta t ilopta to r l he i ll t he ,] film l .1 o l, bu tle Filr l fl l to 3 f t ipro g am i l h
i't It I P: rcoui.,i '. .l ,h Hjs nat,;, Iin.i'st N it -n d f oi- O il Ilh i m l t" fil l Liom flt ,-enr il
Yon. r l .......... %,oiltol n al or ra tel, is a r e tenr of lhvi n 'ot -i' mi. g thv ol' th il o I' wI.
,' n ; III .t i ,'l' 1 ,.t( l mlrc ll t i onf wh"Nf la ct o Ge o fi I' ,, r i n l n, at o rs i le t,', the i, ctl r gil i h et
'th ll 0 l aillh wI i I % Tally lllw l'O1 alIT 1 ( 8I I I 'VI'i ( t, r, end t ,ow l lhlaAr c kfo, d soflm l l h let he tfa l- n 'lv thu (11,,.' h1 u.1tn w ho reat"
nr liT r oI' ym mil aI'. in anl l not s rit uo hlin lro
I, 1: 1 : ., n I I. , h t'i' e .\ t w oI f 1, hu, rI .1 1, Co t O e x t r ll i ot c h icr l i lll iiild r -nl i tl,' a l l oIe I o.
r\ her:by eilwl : wto t h": ln d gersis A n t, is that t heold thvitJ4 I dist w wll Ith sh a troilhe

',!,,: ... ,,i:t:,l, t ,,rro;i n on'l s ,4ea n~ l' ,, o y~l >.r. h,.r,,h lo ln lh H lll t u 1 ~ l N "'
, .. .., , ,. ,, t "tl l o itin a ri r m l r t o w a~,.' t l 1 l N P l e I o 0 h w l o i i f l .q t ., b M ,r r n r t h .l 'o rt l h
|:Ll. on l .ll '"dontrd w ,,
,I, ,,, l\,v l,,!,~ l~ i n~ll oin' < ,,,ut o h a oli t ;q lk v or llllpl(er \|i '
?? ,ih frl n'.y PROD-U0CTION Irrd ovildUfmllrll |
!',.. I ,I Ii', ,, .Il;, N tt ,,rt \n l.IL 'tvv h (it o xte e c lc lll fA ( E f1RY.m rcn ~ fna 'e ,lh ,L~~s t (,l~ r Io ,l
, I., r. l, ,,. ;tI Vili|hi il C. "."I t ,f .do r, 'o n y 1,' h l"r,"i x e t|II Y tt IO .c"] Jf lr3lO e (,ltil, h .,l', ll i.t tll
J/ %,:, 'Ll' nnlnln" l] r ra ', ti ao t r O l ,a n ia. 01g v a no .- .'il
I'... ..., ,: I ':t'ldl'il I ,, il 'u 1.3 ilh i fl 'i. t tRoberrtr-s, h Frank ,Is a f atie of rl %'l l([ l :ii8l. il ho o lnti. l Hoh,*ll l l we l lt. .tl
'I . ...," l', ~ -;, hrtfi s'l ,li' hr hh.ustband I, \ ,.andtn t n IStrebco r ol~t i( llv n'l s it c. ,, lleo fO ii lh ~ llt:,t u li, w l
1,, i ,l, t a fw ,t'n, :h, i- C1 r por at iotnl f, l,'hrhalu, Defhend r- whe e w r .'ra ll d'v u ih l, ) l~lJ h i( j~ ,..Ilt~a~,(il llL l,.ll|

r I

' r




i i'




\ Ti -aa: I Ilt IT 'oi i iti' 'Ha aOnt
T'a11-IM :T' i ,11 II. al'asIs- Iaasats-IT' JI tapptaring by' affidavit filed In
ti I IIIa '1 Taa: 1' II,.01B)I1aI I thN f li tnove iltta i icti stll0 t h at 'hO pres-
i1 a I 41it i t til maia.a- aa' % I'-.- anst I .ru ldenre itnd ,wherenbotiltS of
aI\ I mmI I ,amaP.s'ank S. lc -i ooli s. ni- of thi e 'de-
S, I; 'i ,ii itt-i'tlt' fllorat tI n- il'tt, I s arikt tOwati nlld
i,. I itt-i'I, IIn' a 's T, n hat I s trit di tndit tovter th(, naget
ll- ll.' ", ,, ii l, i,,laiawi, 0 'tlittiltilthi-11, i tt 'il, y-.til0t yearn-, un d athal l it-i'o
iIs liti-t lly on' I ti-ii-I ii tuth of' iit lt- u.,
I,,,,,,, \v 11111-101. 1.. ll I. l~ihL- 11) r(! 'u of a subl poi-111ll 11l1(111
tit : 'II,,,wl. ljii htl0i '|-lo |11, ",\11 111 11ou11{, I ndhlr l0 e dte| d fen'dantl ;
i, ,, .1 1, i. h l., her n I t (I t further a.1peaI, I I glbs x nvit
t'll1, ,, lu 110,1111 r(-iortifivatt, from ll th(- S ovt' ry (of
ii 11111i4-11 It' l, hitytt "'i.t h ''t 1 1,filtiSi rlld Ira .cti I ld vau"tle huti t lha
tq, ,i,, : 'l, -1 ;,U i i,4e t 11 ItbA 4d*"fni0lawl qtr ,,olw r (nr~lol'tllon of
'i~i It -l,,,,, .. t Il t. ni\, ,lhrnll itMFlor'Idta, a ut. olta 'ti ttlon organli--.d
,, 't, I ofIt e, -ti- the d i'r- litd-. Lv i Wt' n at'th Slate or i- l"t-
i, tii ii f1,-i-in -' iii lu ti t, tu i d u, thuam not n tenotpliedI w-ih I tlhor'
it.. 0' I .t- t i a''t-f n u#.rIho n ct',t, s I or :, I" nrpher 115'9l'ttaw."
-I W \ii'i,,. i t i lt u tihat thirc n of ,orhialu, 19277 m al, Innl., ri-tlaiv ItO
, i ,-- it, i l lihi SIt ( if' linrhtla, ve'Ial 'ItaIn I g pI 'c of 'liInst t ar
l i ',h ,t,',,il ,I ta i-'Ahdl 1 l r lll tIe, th r the HPr( t ,i r lr 1,s
,01i v 1, .i hinl .:ihI l drfolottl-t r wiillthin ths tate; t a
I i tt, ti,-,i rehr t that U1 Pit' It la thera f rn i Ordt e r l i'' t hul li
1,l ,n tl in, tdl iti. i h.ri by rea di ifenIn itr he and tey ar lI 11 h reiyo
i- i pi t ,il u -i*: ao li -hblll nf Iom- require tito appear to the I ll f ii
'1 n tl ilIt in t, 'i i ,,:itst I ia t o t n t i ,or urplaint filedtI tu ti-c l 'use ol ior'
V.1 1 v "1,I \ 1itt P It ' tt-ih rwlt t htp l 'Ifey July nti A,. A ,1). ,, olhtl-
Ih,-liti :- i iti , -uf ct!hf l ll S in -I t t towiseat e aller at liIstoni' asau d hl ill It ,
t-k .d.... ,. I hy F id ,,fi.ld- it- n ,p a1 v nfessed hl y subti it de-
h 1 r ti h i ,ic 1 rI'l that thl o- I Io fIt r1i. uth r ordered lhat thl.i or-
d0.fll h. ihbl! hot onv enrdh "Yek fir der le lplblilhed ntive ea'h w % k,
IMl ii ',,ks it fli p y for four confle litive wpeks I n th"
V., wf ,:1ri, n,.wspap.r pilli, el{ y WN est Cltls t. LLneWpappil,p ill)-L
li fi ll C-mi ll ny andSLItatolclrilh In 84idttounty and Statp.
Ti~' 2*I ,Ioy ,,f"MIy,.\ I' 1128 hIm 30th day of May, A. D. I.11.'
sTA1 i. Z. F'ILEtR, b'lttALT) D, l FIIitA ,
Clerk, Clerk. ,- ,
WM. IT. MAtLONE1,I.O WM. nMALONr, le o
cllit orCmpt~nlnt lol141tor for Complginarnt0
1g ,,,,fo.Cm .i.n.t j.,.oCp.,-22-# MONROE w 1THEATRE, Todsy and Tomorrow

T- FRIDAY, JUNE 185, 1928

fire throw n on the screen. Sopin t knew Y r 'Healtht Purify your entire oyftm btI tit.
ann'ors make salari 6 of from 5ng a thorough ou f
,0a0 to $500 a mnnth, By Purification tahs-once or twice a week. for
---- _Anyl physlelan will tell youn IhRi '*tral weekm-and ,e .htw
SOVIET WHIP FOR ARMY "Perfect Purification of the Sye- Naturt rewards you With health.,
tm r- Nature's Foundation of) Cakltabhe ari the' of 'ill
MOS(OW More than 1040 Perfept F llth.". Why not rid systein purlftlpr. Got a fthiUyl
i-any oflieer helleved loyal tto youself of chronic ailments that pIaeknge with full directions. Oly 1
Ilcon Trotsky have been removed.,'are undrr'tininng your vlfaitality? l ets, at druiigst.ors (A'dv.

NOW! You can prevent mosquito bites

without oiling or greasing your skinI

Asi.kour bn d puair e yourseNt to prevent bit and stinp? Why
, ifh o.w ..e i'ro.gsaml luaga, sticky liquids aMd greasy sales?
A"h J,&mop&* born los.e M ght mopdt punk? i
h--- You ean drive l'e off and becomfortableabouti t. Sin s
ply.get a uaak of Mosquitone. ub it on IIItly. No1i. its
VrsMnag sset. Feel how soft and mnooth it leaves your
Skin. Oe applian lasts for hours. After that em
walk throag0ka wrim ofosquitoes woatfearofa j
M e MsaKp atone e sft pill and stain clothes-easily carrtId I n
hiabg or poe t-al-hys ready to protect you a mt
e qao blpaek ii.fles, gnat. and other winged ps-0 '
2 i5c fr l;age sie stick in Mat container. At d nd
spungood- s ores


di preventt hites and stings

u. M._ I

It's the money you spend

wisely that counts-

SOMEONE has said that a rich man has more fun
keeping' a budget than a mtn of moderate means. Be .
cause the money he saves is tangible, he can'see it and
invest it, and put it to work. lie that as it nMay, a
hlidget is tia invaluable help to anyone.

A budget helpA you keep the right proportions be.
teen expenses, prevents you from spending morte
than is best for food and rent, or crimping more than
you should on entertainment and luxury.' But a bud.
g( t is not a reason for getting cheap things, things in
whlch- you forifekt-qualty 'hy attempting to save on
price. A budget says to you: "Here is the amount of
money you should spend for this. Spend all of it, buo
don't spend more." And it is up to you' to get the best
than can be got for that amount.

The person who 6pFnids list itmey wi~oly, who
likes to get the utmost for it, always finds out from
aidvertlsementi'how he can spend it to the best ad-


It is surprising how much more wisely you can
ot*l If you make it a habit to read advertising. A little
more value here ... a little better workmanship there
,. in this thing slightly more durability .. that pro.
diuct perhaps a lbit finer. And every cent of money
you spend for advertised merchandise will bring you
greater comfort, a higher quality of goods, and a
sthijnlard of excellence that is nationally recognized.

It certainly pays to read the

r.- ---

h I -

1 46 I

FMIDAY,-~UNt 1it, 1928.

eadame aemmLnerer i u I

NVodl Olperatic Singer *****.--*******
.i- -< iy Co r I + "on, who ihani
r ; J~irimf/I,-. ]l ]r.JrHiuli~m < ]r ./I f iiTJ Ali 1, several week In
Heard t fwt JLastNightjUO Mll l vii with ho. unc.l andg I
S---... .--...t. --.-... .... a .ft, iMr. andt Mrs. A. W. John.,
1110.0 .. .woi, vhatrnwdt to the ity yesterdn,
A W lllfpllPeelative audItie a nn oveU tme ist ('at ___
; e Pte.. t lMame Kaeminertr itut ht|0 laj inipa Andrew ('. RImmnons, ittachel
tinK 1up, iher appentance in a 1 t to the United States invy, was a
ert latitite which proved a passpeoe leaving last evening
tal1 treit to the audience which '--- the rast Coast for Phlltdel-
.lar hIer Ia the following pro- AFFAIR IS STAGED LAST' Ph
Tot, ~ lypio-L owe.. NI CWI AT HARRIS Ahe ReAenthal, who hau been
%, iM g i r oCf 14f Vlece-Meye.r- 41itpeifttls the past several days in
', l' .SC OL ami svrasv tdIcng points, is
*' ---- exeted- .to retwrx to the city this
-;,: A ,ltur-wSeotth evening.
iweet loAie-Btshop. The J bilie simnrps and comedy _.
0e ltoiary-Nevln. pEisformers, members of the local 6evsM Raftders, uecompaniel,
A*tfa-"lion Coeur W'ouvre a toa pptliat Young Peoples' Union an4 y i8s imth eritsl T, Th16.. F:. 4aun.
v "-SniApson and Delilah- friends, pered quite a hit wIth i lief ytoet'aay l r Wilk. 8I Saens. I -Iwvie, PN. Mr. temuntcf n'rlivell
'9Ave Maria"-Cavallerla Rusti their performanclstaled in the hee a few days' Age for a shot i
nelas--Ma.scagul. Harris Achool audiferlumn last eve- vh lt. /
S'"Visil W'arte, VisBl d'anliwe'- nliMa. -
T ilAch gtaimp Mtaa aing in i nutibeor' icated the large t of ta" he y t Ma-
orldinal -language: the first Ia allwa.y mpany M ,a
Gnerman, the second In English, elice wst higiy p'am"ed within the rived in the city this morning for
the aria It French and (lvorsp IV program*. a short business visit.
ln Italian. i Hiar'let Johnson whi* her Cypsy .---
MUdane KlRemmerpr gave a song anid Uenry Owen in two vio- F'. W. Kirtland, freilfght traffle
highly artistic rendition of each lin solos were especllly conipll- manager of the Florida East Coast
armlher of her varied progi*ap lt mented. The les anslid Jubilees Railway, with headquarters in St.
her voice was at its best in the scored strong and the little folki Augustine, arrived on the Havana
lyric tones of the Lullaby by charmed the hearers with their Special this morning and sailed
Moaart, which was swgi with in,- sog. for Cunha at R:30.
fillte sweetness and tenderness aa The playlit sponrtFred by Mrs. --
was also her very excellent in. Robert E. Breckroridge was an, C. I.. Heals, assistant manager,
torpretation of "My Heart At Thy outstanding, feature and afforded and P. .. Gaddis, superintendent,
Sweet Voice" from Sampson and no end, of laughter. of the Florida nast Coast Railway
Dielflah to which was given a 'DT. aind Mrs. Carr spent mlnieh companyy arrived iIn the city ye.s-
*ealth of feeling and expression. time and effort in training the t(erday on an inspection trip. 'They
The "Ave Maria" faio Caval, yottigstPei ftor the entertainment, loft anain last night for- St.
leria Rusticana was portrayed and a number were heard to re- Autiustine.
with remarkable spiritual appeal:1 mark upon the ptoendtid way in
the lovely background of peacefult which all parts were carried out. Mi'i. Malcolun Wllter and chill.
harmony made the intermezzo a The proceeds go to help defrJay iv Ir'i, icolliliiied iy Mirs, .1 hn
tone pictitre of exquisite musical expenses of local iaptist younio- EKdnii and chilhirol, ariiveil yesotr-
coloring to which the melody ej .people to the aniiana. e.ast. coast day frniinm Miami, lMrs. Edin i, a
the voice with its clarity of oroe assembly, which will be in session sister of' Mr. Maflcollin Walter.
was in lovely contrast. Ia week at Dielray, starting Iln'I Mrs. Eiden will e lit, gflists iof
One of the outstanding numbers 19. It is an annual institute of Mr s. M. W. Waltr. for twov wee, s.
of the concert was the finale- mission, B. Y. P. IU., chll'rl and .. I
"Visal d'arte, Vissi d'artlose" fvi*l 8i4tAdy Soholt work, an,d affords F. n. Tippins, sheriff of Lee K
Tosca, that masterpiece of a or*. A*pe** ftli dayfl of flase.. coinnty, accompanied by a friend
tic composition. '- .---- Mr. Brown, arrived this morning i
Madame Kaemmeret"s tragic @ *I from Fort Myers annd left on the i
and dramatic rendition cameo as i f noon train taking back with them
wonderful climax to the program W AY. M us a prisoner T. A. Roberts, want- 1
which proved mach a treat to thons e.Ae 1i -a** -*- *- ed In Lee county 'on worthless I
prealnat. ehe1k charge.
She Was assisted in her tmeelatt 4e60 Ai0a 1i h- Pot 1
by Jerry Trevor, pianist, whose the atuwttary yacht hosIaItee Mi+sses Lenta, millionn and Mary i
excellent accompaniments' oth. ,W* lt ,ort yesterday voan :etiiKhfhtoth Grilllon left! this mor'4 ,
ttibutitd greatly to the sutcesa of ~ "iS. While here, the tessel is ;ag over the highway for Miami, h
the program., s htltged to the Ploter flcik where they will spend several 1
Mr. Trevor played with splew. .'ttiM*y. weeks' visit. They will visit
'4$lt" undtlttthnsUng n01-Mt9tr 1e b ----A--*,,.- tfr'poett I m.ltition during '
and shared in the final utpplanis L It t* the tailp, and expect to remain in C
With the artiste of the evening. 'IW li rry Iiti .Jiosepht Par- Minam for the Elks convention, 1
rltt. arrived in port Inat night which convenes In that ,ity or. t
o***** ea** eo******* *ee tfrtmi fnaana with 17 eaornads iof ,Iuly 9.
MARINE N T piles and other tfwigcht. The c
rMlARINE iNOT i W let Kagain durg' the nl Miss lilia Rls.sell, acting chief'
**********************aa e e a return trip to the tilliani elerk at the local naval station,
P. & 0. S. S. Cuba. Catait Pat will Join a family p)alt, leaving to.
White, arrived from Pew Tampe it Meet. Tonight ovrlor'nTOW rning on steamvin si
this morning with 27 1pners There will be a regular', neti.g (ivnor Cobt week i l Havan to visited.
and sailed for Havana at 11418 a. of tile city council tonight, this jncent points of interest. Others
oi. with 81 passengers and UV. S. benp. the third Friday in the in the party will Ire Mrs. Frank
mail. month. As far as can be learnedd, Vellsco, Shirley Velasco, Miss Car-
P. & there Is nothing' other than routine rie Pearce, Mrs. Ernest F. Rob-
P. & 0. S. S. Governor Cobb ) business scheduled for tonight's erts, Mrs. G. E. Russell and two
Captain Phelan, will arrive, fo isilom children, llen lind Jack.
Havana this afternoon with pas chidr n nd Jc
senfgers and U. S. mail. T Operate D. y Caches n
The Florida Kast Coast Railway COMMISSIONERS ON tI
P. & a 0. S. S. Governor Cobb, Company announces that Iecom- VOTING PRECINCTS t
Capitali Phelan, will sail, for a. ing effective with train No. 75 t
vana at 8:30 a. m. tomorrow with front Jacksonville June 16, and (Continued fro Page On.)
passengers and U. S. mail. train No. 76 from Key West June (Continued from Page One)
NpaniIrh, Medaa or *lPrn. r' Ib 17, day coaches will be operated 20 f nt newspapers published l
<)na h)ntle hinperlal Eczsma Rerinr.y on these trains between Key West in towns of rnot less than irp0,00d u
rrarn Alitei K lue eiroul hti tfor any and ,Jaeksoinviile. Hr'eto'or'e population, for which he woulr
refnrd your money If it fafls.-Adv, these trains have only oeen hand- wat to receive $12.50 per paper.
-, iirrtg 'day coaches only to Miuni. Should he get it in more than 20 b

is simply a beautiful, wil*0i0p.
poinltd It6, afferdlfAgi W ti k
facHitist 4bleb atili s to
render the ltbt polsibli. mor-.
tuary s*eril, 11re itiw ad-
ditional charge for th* se of
our entire home. '
PHONE 54 -

PlumltRkta- Aoasitelle

Standard Enannelel PtFIct"0.
('ins, Brass and nteabbr foeds.,
All Kind of Pipe FluSttI*
Valveh And Repair Parts.
ino na, mEtCre prisN *-an
Prompt Attention To All Ordie*.
Phaero 848 Mi Sm I sft"te an


124 )uval St. Plione. f3i0.P
WM. CATES, Mana#e&
il 1 1 .1 ,, i . 111... l... l. _+-

Given H-arienti
', Gordon Oliveros, of Ramnroil
kRy,-'t*e#'ed 6n Sugar Loaf -key
Wednesday aiftitoon ;by Jlfhif
way Officer Everett Rivas form
driving an automobile while in-
toxicated, was given a preliminary
hearing before County Judge Hugh
lGunn yesterday and required to
make bond of $50' for his appear-
ance in criminal court.
To Give Danes Tonlhbt
'rhe dance to boegiven at the
K. of C. hut tonight ih expected
th draw an unusuallyhidtre crowd,
siede a very attractive program
has been announced, Iineludini
dance specialties and latest or-
chestral musical selections. This
is a regular Friday evening event
at the hut.
Exppctdd Home Monday
Captain II. W. McNeely, com-
mandact of the Seventh naval dis-
trict Lieutenant Commander J.
Rt. Peterson and Lieutenant Paul
R. Coloney, who left here Monday
to inspA't the naval activities of
the state, have almost completed
their tour and expect to return iby
Moloday. They are inslpectlim lhe
radio station at .TJupiter today.
ERatertaia Last Night
Mrs. Rlipli Spauldtng, wifr' of
Lieutenant Commander Spauldint,.
IT. S. N., entertained' at her home
in the. navy yard reservation last.
evening with a bridge supper and
nikeell4neous shower ai honor of
Mis Jima LLouise farthside, whore
marriage to Lieutenannt Charles
Warren Wilkins, U. S. N., will he
o sy t tXt Monda eveninul
i lv l 4 .

A .*', a


Woman Catches Birds,

Bands And Frees Them

To Learn Lfe Habits
..~~~~~~~~~ ~ r-" n -*** nTiirrr l i -**

Mrs. George E. Burbank of Sandwich, Mass., is one of Uncle
Sam's official bird banders. Traps on trees temporarily hold the
birds prisoner while she clips tiny numbered band otn their legs.
Records of tho banding subsequently reveal where the birds come
from and where they go.
tan Aanm'oiis rreusp traps it, Sarndlwich. Somen have
SANIDWICII, lass., 1Juno ir.-- founl Ithe traps iii eaisy IluIc' tIo
O)ne of lntiicl. Sin's little hobbies gett InId and I havn I l' oillmnir nui lis-
s stiidying tie life ialibit s of mi- MOPe by Ihcir insistence oin gfettiins
oratory thirds, aId onre of his anor 0oght.
isttants is Mrs. CGeorge E. Buy- ,he'lbiis really lio cnomie hick in
bank, who catches third's for oh- pj"es.sive years to nest iln their
iervation nit Sandwvich, Mass. Tl'. lhunits, Mvs. Hulrbank hiits
'Under federal ind site permit, idoift. On(i mother robin return-i
,s. liir'lanh has trapped and .4il three years in su'lcetssbion to
freed again appl'roximnately t ~ ftl, in the sime rose arhor. As
Mirds 'eirereenting 41 d(if1fer t Iruiilt, Mrs. Ithirank had tlhe
ipecles. She has handled th .uttiial experience of btintling
lrdBs 2,000)fl ime., I ro is one! l' iop ge'nerantioni of r'hobins -clil-
1.,h00 bir,-banding' stations while (1 en ltF' the same mother robin--
lave come into existence ill.
r120. '.*o it niortthl Mrs. Burbank roe-
Mrns. Biurlilbank tips iher hi tit the state ornitliolofgist in
hrtdtrim'nf-hint, alive aid eareifrull Tl''lNce, n yeur she -'i"ort-
'llps -Ipn the leg i'of ench a tiny tlo U,,ited Stiates lim'n'u (,of lit' -
lumbered hand. Then she records Io lo Wilt'(urvey.
he place and date ol' capture. Formerly 1i school t'itcliir, Niris.
From the oceanionnl recaipture l tllrnanki now is town librarimi of'
if numbeli red< birds evidence is Sunilwich. ti er stily oif birds,
lowvly piiling up from which tihe i wii h began in nlnornuml school, lilts
habits of the various species (c'in filled her spare nnmnwiilns vPrI
be deduled. Malny Individual birds I inc1 e and has it held her nr'inu i
iive come back repeatedly to the llinnd'of nature lo u ,n.

( LONDON, Jumn 15.---Following i ,,:
Ipon John L. Bailrds' experiments ,;,
n "looking" across the Atlantic, .
television nas commercial proposi- I:,
ion is heing widely discussed by ',.
technical writers in England.
Some say television develop-'
ments are far from ready for pub-
Ic use, while other's think ai public
utility service is close tit hand.
Meanwhile the lay mind haIs ile-
ided to "wait rand see.' *
Great interest is being shown ri
y amateurs, who are. now ah tles ,W

i,[,, n.fuicnllntu..i ,rne wniu tin purchase comploto 'oHets of tele- I
cost the county $10 each. Copies vision parts for moderate sum. i.
of aill papers carrying the story to ,The formaibn of the Television
he furnished as proof of pubica- Soey of grent Bitain y ceb .
fti.ure refereonicntiens. awafifcd< taln.member ( of the British asso-
for fututher Pre positferenes elation to further the development ,:
Oth. r Propositions of this new branch of science in !
Mr. Por'ter stated that a hulsf dicates the interest In the subject. :,
dozen other publicity opiolk Th ocetyexist "to form a con.
knownrd, all bef fo L m en meeting ground for the assist- '.t
ineIt, and that n ane of amateurs and for ietures.
Sy considered. for o o
Complhts nerned ker mand others interemted iln
Complaints wcncrnI e at nr'
service have beenreahig the progress of television "
commissioners, including "some Onefind o little confusion in
pretty strong kicks about theo-ca(e the mind of the general publi be e.
eItwa db m -tWeen tlevial on and telephoto
serp lavice, It wanih stated by had come some failing to renli.e that t'lh. 1
frolml out-of-townt people It was vidution of is the liing tantaneou r
shown, some of whom hll re-duion of iin and movin
marked on the ittny appearance miagles, TWvinle telephoto is ht,
of the boats and uncleanlmness. transmission of still pictures or
The matter of qiotorlstas having to phot0gr'aphs. 'fa

stand in the sum in their automi-n
liles until the ferry crews died
was also mentioned.
Engineer Bailey stated thai hoe
would get behind the matter the
first thing today anld see that
these objectionable features are
promptly adjusted., The com-
plaints, he showed, all concerned
the noonday trip south. The loaotn
hlie explained are littered by the
r'rowd going up, and that it is im-
possible for the crew to get the
vessel in ship-shape fir tho re,
turn trip. to No Naime, sunee the
boat simply tuIrns aunit cAeS back
without any layover whatever.
CIICAGO -A nnmmons for
jury service was sent to the late
J.. C. Rlatrdon, who diet two yeors


hli Ontarion rdistirlmll'nce i. '
dli-appearing' inoviird Ih t'
Cainadian ninritini provinces. S:
It was attended by ruits in :
theI north und middle Atintic '
.states. Another tlsuinrbainc, e *
ol' moderate intniisity, hius '
moved in over Montana from *
\\',,ier i Canuihi icr'nninpanid 'n
S'il'rnT'ls in their north P'acific
Stilteo, northern ,Rkociy
Al smntri Vtalley. Al so then werer'
sholiwers rnd thli derstornlms in
th in ifulf Mttilt s
It, i A beco-nte ninteriully
ce,'Itf in the nmilddlle Atlantic
States danI a further full in
S'raturit hits occiirri'l in
iL' i4ake r'tginri ivwheoe it 'is' '
,1 ,r thin ,.ensonlal. It is cooml- *
VIr, Alto, in Washin,'ton and *
ill, ittiii, nil d on th eontral +
rCiu ,.o.;At. u11d i nort'thuimn ;
I'li'"tiin t. 'rTmnlleraittires have 'i
,-i in the Dakotas, over the *
i,, uiin llocky Mountain *
r.i n, nad in Newv Engilind '
\\r I thlny ire : shove the sea- ,
: un.' *
a. B. BOYER, *
Official in Charge. *
* ,4* e * e l c * *l

Thelie' mv over 20,000 wonten
rnncs tit Englnnld nail Wales.


STRENGTH IN RACE Peoples' Forum .e,.i
(Continied from Pave One) ***eeoea eee ae**** **** ,I.\"ON',VlLE, .hne i,.-
NOBLENESS The Naval Stores Markieting Cor.
in amonir which was one frn .-'rafion, will n membershhlp of
Vice-Presilent Dawes and Ch( rl'iPs | 'Ihit is it? It is ihe Ilnl si riir.' five i nliisn, came into existence
ifughef4 and Amba.asadlors Herrick ily v r Iinn i or tih' 'litn dim 'nt rn hrnli.ri t a nt rt iniirg of naval stores
and Schurmnan from Paris aind i" l"nfty, i gee ne rl spirit, comnm nd- r ,r' r'a r .' I ,, Is. i nvis was el ct.
Berlin. "inp' nmiril l worth ani Imv' t\vtoward;n t
HIt0oover wasf all in smiles I s lie, ftnllow-riirn, foe ,in| ,rinld I r hihen. 1i lives at Alhnny,
was greeted by his office forn an lin'. Snnhlio I,(,)il' n 'ii il.nwnl. n 'I'llt' rho' raip'niizatlon waBt *apihalt
who staged it demonslralion I'ir will h i ncli.natioi i tio |i'rnrmu i.ndl $i .ni,hti,. The memlher-
him this morning. rmnille di n',ls. They reli i iii h n ll 11. ',iiI < v ir 'lir la, (4erf ia. \li-.
n"rllini' Ility toni hl.,rlnhle shares n'n t :)inli. s uftli I'lrn'liinn n.d 1.ouls.
W ILL STAND ntit er in(lil'l s nInr'l dI tvlln d troii'n. (i thIn'nr i' l'icers include .1. A,
ON PL0 R phiev, U Ir uipon their shmii o lrrs othir.n artn .,
ON PLATFORM hei', t1 c nIi,.th n'ir' vn. Then n ln W Iaui ',W li it i *il; '*I 'Hi, ranrln Al.
~nil's n'unl tii i's. 'l'hey niiowi 1 tnr'. t i nilln. (u ant I .
WARSHINGTON, June i.,. In ril lt happiness is iproliucerd ill all ira,'. li n e identirs
his message of aulppreciantin ntijycdl y lmi nl s nsf mI kinr oth ,r l in n rv t n i vnnllla h, a.,, v
Hoover said hlie stands oil the iplait- |inolt lt+ hippy, atul Ithit nolntod.s n li'n i, uim t general anugell",
form of the party and tpronisend n,'uhlnI love (God it' IW would dn's-. i",t. I. 'ol dn, Jackonv lle,
to discuss it at a Inter' date. I, piso nis nre l'ntiol. 'TI, ll in om- '1etiiCy l1 and tr*eansi''r.
i'ild the victory of the purty "will llnst ion0 i l ,t towaiirds Ithl. aft'l liiii
assure nnitional defen rei, m ntiinii if' others s tliowM ati.'il a liirsni'. .
orovornment, and protect the f'iriii- iv.-es .hll h l nd sHMit llr t ot ittror-1 nUI'I,0
er ant business in i nrelkrs i I'rni nlirn' ati t inl, I' t In 11'1 alln "'I To riin' irO n asn r oia *n mei.Br" I
tcomp tie tiofin arisilng' oi of lnw' r rnw ii' i'i' i irlt i nind hilt rillihh ir U irrelam i n- i rullowed, T N1,
:tanndnrd"s of livinIg abliroanl." il st rini.'.r, itl ,Im w',s hi is ?i Ii *i 14 N+pjIi a s,,nt mO,
*11. i-l% .i o l t w 'hi, rnnl nti.hy ry t uill, Ale iale.
TO MW4KK EXPENDITUKI; lnir oFf Ilntv.n, uld tlhl hi. l. V. .. Vurt 11, U. n)MI, PrhsUta l,
inn i. l i(-rt ir i n iut i mn ,nnlt niil 'n'nt n fri '-i ''. '.---..

1 > \ Y T O N A I ,'I A ( 'CH .li e i tirn i .'n iiA t i t t
T' nhe ede'rnl novernmienit will A i nil'ltil i I'" I 'li i
.snrtll .$.I 7,377.,J5r, in Vnlltwinand .,ti dI.on'intr,, ittn, in 1 |iiinict .i FOr Rzest Sand
1 1741,!181.60i in IFlailr corntlir in I'iin" ina 'Tlr.h lv .'H'ti'nit 'th C o I
',.n' vat>int r rin ht nt way for tlthe rmciis ,",' thin' nn' 'lr.nrifl in r .,n. Ill ealth C o ie t
l-"lnridnin li .st ('lC ast ('lilnill, C('hairhls '6 y \\''e t brillit' lh ,It' ihf Vl hin il in
',. flurn'srinn, chairmoni of' the lenln''!t'n n ml \'rmnii': u s. 'tin
'nil cornillssion, announced here. ','i"n iiniin'l i i ''nnit l, ;iv(nI nit
in 'eltectlon fi I r the prinit eii r ild is- h1, with I',' 1p11t l ih .iIn tt4n. mn nr-lec 'ss-
-t:iin'n' ofi $ t1,887,(I000) in npI vnii I'ni l nr' iltln-ti' lli ll' thi conrni'llt t
ii'iil lias li ii called fI'n' iu 2l I' e i l.i' it a 'i i 'r ii li', Iy. beau tf
Ior i ii' l h'i l snl it e r 'li llt d no wViy. This tI Ir' n- 1 n l ther i I :1
v..... i-rn'V i' lI ii'olr i t l nl'r, illn Ky' \V n.-' Hampto Sp
TAXIDERMY DESTROYED wliniht, in connrcli'li wiih the i ac
.. .--- .unrii iiin'ni li .\lr, I'rretvorl, \W;1- inTaylor County, Florida '
nlil'y A .*n. iaiit "een res, -'bl hilin ',. InItit rr till hliat, there .
FI"ORT PI11"1''1I., Iline iS. -lFi' w:is s.intthiling still rIII.'.' thrill .i aotel in the brco o 't
dln ltroyed thie l ome of I' r. nllni laiunltvy, l thl utnlt rly oir, l r-ychloi ,\l North Florida.
Mrs. 1.. J. I)yrenlf'lrLh. nit .St. nin tln' i art ib' thl' hldi.s whol
l.Iuci, ainlld a vitllalhlh i)ll'etlioln il' w\ ''i'r inl1tr ri inilnll, llth in W U ful P in
taxielrmn y Wenlt tlup in ;mimol( will inill" nitl ltp't sii..'lln InI s nHinr,, lnll U
i loss oil' ahout $1,500. Moiiunted in giving, s n 1il1 '-lltt I x' ll s ) tt nting, o ,
'trnup, Kgr iipwr, a paiiirot fish, If' idIlevtini'i winI lnibrihirl-lv Ive ti T'i liS i i, a th
sheophead and other sen denizens others. Thei l'uitiful oinpftns- DnCiWg
'werel. destroyed. Some nof the. col- tlins ti n hi' niri'vd fo'ni "suli ",
election were looikedi ution as ('.- noble dre(I lie in the I'lct thliat ni, ",
1rminely ''alnuahle. mnn in inn l'er',lY tryv to help HAMPTON SPRINl
-n ------ nollr wih'o'it h lilini t hlr imsli' inr WATERIT~ W T
CARD OF THANKS iranyiV \\'inys. In co'nclusi on 1 wiNshi siworld-fanmoueforehew.
-- .n nt t ii'' rirmyV drt'i ai''ratitude for, tismand Stomaehorl
We wish to sincerely thank our ansI ilippricialltion olf the unsnlfish- Disorders. It te Msel
relatives and friends for their ns- ness ln ian nobil-ness of the' memni r I ystemayndrater'us
distance rendera'd and sympathy lits nlt' ifor Wolinn'n Cluh. Chihe painsoi_,nti ia 5l
'xtlnded during mil n rec1innt' i Pl'R 0' itL .T SCHT'.l p'lna In'
ilerenvenent --the illness unid .innit, l., \ Open the year 'Ioijild.
d11etih orf thie ltet RIoger Irw owe | Rates $5.50 to $7,50 par d a
jtnnlfr-itx T. R l', AMiAll'Y. 1-IAS'T. -Ta*-M ES Qi'y. including e-.:elltnr meul.
* .* * * * | l ill|,I'TIW .1linn. Mrs. Vier- Hampton Spring. iS iai5
* lIrdml' Stin.-ker PislwspaId and died in.- west of Perry, t'a C Iirt
* ARE YOU ADVERTISING? in hr. ltti lini exra ttld. Seat of Taylor Count,
A YUnew gate.w ,tothe
o ... -.. .. of lo O0 SWhat is tihe opposillon do- Te' . . I roadarilaUdirootlia.
lng? Wi:ATIFr.It FORKCAST I or wireforrirsaitio.
Is the question thlt a big A ...... M .
hluitsi'ts" executive ash.1 his t ni,'h l,rih: -I' lv ild l- '':m I rMoS f
in secretary at frequent inter- iilit,, SliturnIly hnl y 'lrtnw-"*- H C oti r i
Svals. Whiy? Because the ac- .'. n' .. .
tivity of tie opjmrsltl n nm t nth AIi nt tit:n : (rlein
Sfreiuel'itly inrlicates the .i s. i lli'ist \Winlds miv i' l.'trl ie -,
treni toward l rial business. .. ,m h, renalhr'it, iiti 'lt St" i iL nl ni
Wht l is your completit.or i ., t'in' trl llnd n imodnerlite .
t doiii' ing the way of A DVR-JH. il ,),rtthnrsl rin n' r'\t r mm NEW Y
n'" nh t'"l "r'w nn It h ti:'rt l ver r x "trme NEW YO RK
l* li or lthead of him i the I, ilst (h ill': M.l|,,l.,., ,, *
g 11pa fef inlwilti it snnp, ? .. ..... rY SEA. I

(Check up onll yourself and o n *
* your comnipetitor. It will do *
* no harm and may do you a *
lot of good.
* Advertising in The Key '
* West Citizen is a business *
b Iarometer that indicates
pretty clearly to the discern- "
i bfg who is Roing -fter busl-
n* i: und whoie Is getting it.
Are you getting yours?
* C
* a
cc'l ae e e see n OC


C 7ood

i, * 5 * * * * 4 .




Ring Worm, Ground Itch, Much
Itch, yield like mai gi.
For Sal. ly All Druiitsts
soc Bottle

A food for pro. Miami-I
tein; a food for Lenaves lotel
mineral salts; The 1
for calcium and lecinnin.g a through
phosphorus; all Mianni ,b ynot
the essential ele. I Tl.' ulln.,' tnHII
ments for health r 'I'1:P dIi
and strength are C (om.i rtl,'e ius...s..
found in gool
cheese. And all ... ...
the essential ele.
ments of good
cheese are found
in Kraft Cheese.


Lv. Key West for Ft
day at 8 l30 A. M.
Lv. Key West for
Tickets, Raefrvstlos

Solid Comfort
and Excellent Culshie

Steamer to Galveesoh
Direct Rail Connedtdonc
for all points in Teoabi
Arizona, New MexopQ,
California, eti, .
Automobiles Carrie '
The new Oversea' Aiutoio
bile Driveway enables you
to drive your car to the'
dock at Key West.

C. E. SMITH, Aflit
Key West., Florida

fecilve Merck *, 198
lavana daily except Sumday and W*d4A"t
Port Tamps 7 PN M. Tu*ee4aytsld Slater

and Inmormatlon at Tiaket O.t" aso 46e
DIeh,'Pkm aift :


Key West Bus Line
l.a Conclia dally at i15lS,a. m.
Lovell Bus Lines, Inc.
h er-vice both ways between Kev Wy et
or bus over the Over-Sea Ferry May I.
Frl'nmnr Kr'y wVr't to No Name Key
- th I Exhilarating Ferry Uide
4s le'IaIll nMatcuIlrem to Miami
- A Pleasaint Ride --. Reasonablla _ _Me 'l

-- -- - 4-


I . . . . . . .


_ _~ ..,. ___~~_ __~_~__



ii, nt I II it Iiaso *ge, m--o ---
OR SLIMNESS, (.-I, 'tit omn H( e rt'Iw Hoover, His lum ily At V;I Uii. ititly signi'i ant., W*" know -- -- --

A111111 (o,) liitt frood ind inot n.L ,.

LACK OF SUFFIICIErNT VOOD ,l I ,,ra' ul oud, ,,UU ,,nil,
( I th ,-o elves C nol( ilgl fowl0I '
SAID 1'O HE CAUSE OF I',, C luii a l l r, g yull w o '
MANY HAVING WEAKENED "c ," toI h pa itively of tie in.
CONSTITUTIONS I 'lThis stat-tlelfnit In'oIl thle Illinloi.
lit nIlth L IC II artm n en I of C'speialI
........ t t l \ if '., ,',,ite ,', *, ,w of experin r. ; 1" .f
Slim1 flu r.ur. , I ll a.t ital hi 1 tith, d 'ieting o hditic ted rec.t," at
ac Iordiil g to fijureC IC tll h i. Univt ri.' f to hi go I'h po i
'Iv q t C Ilt'n ., C I VlI p 'Ov, that v.Iollli Iw.t h- A'"i' .' i'i."
the IllinoiH otitC l ) rtnl nt, u I hr,:In-it t halld n thinoi to do;
Ilialth. figilin-S show 1lIt it
tulbreulwui,, tihl, isow c zf oil ie ra1i th wihinn 0g to f ri duc- h" "
Ioi e-ss, iu 12 ,i l't CIditV iu Cl nt I harty bcakfaCst i L ll
thC Iit r.'Ct t l It, I uiit s aices ,' meett eveIy n ,
clos, of yooplh ixvept gir k h. ick who conpaiedla n d ot ..
tC te l the li.,, CI o aI l C I thve ,xC rh ent. Cn hiusClf. (
C ,,Jlik lJ tilC CiChC C- lI 1 C i Ili l.,t i01 CC i '" ~ -
. co Rsr, ulR St n Il I ttll Ba it f l .h an cll tl
ing el~C')I 11 VIIII11C 'I ti hit i tfi 1 1 o1 i tl Iure I ce ivercd to your
C.ont ofl ti ir w h, i-,i i ,th r, g l ," | : loor--always keep a fresh sup-
;,; urP.tir onn l\re 277.Jr hUelle' a A C CAlit
a ,,h h ., ,o .ply during the hot weather for
,. t ....... age. "HEAVY W K DONE and drinks.
C"r utI,,l ,'i i .'... BYI ,,'I, ic E O ,R o:,l BY WOMEN PORTERS

SBEll'lS, ',,,C, GuC 1, i- .. C Full Weight Prompt Delivery
N I.arlyC I il w, I l( tl' il l courteouss Drivers
iCoClik it potIC I l.' I ill the fill iI

E electric P aste w,,. ,,C l l ll 1 ill When Hrbert Clarik Hoovr l tint called elsewhere by officila duies, tli, ,d hlife f, ,ily pmake their io0bi-t of l ttolo rd
Easily Kil. Cockroaches, hii h ll t t h, i 11 lnu ketvi anI .tolivri'sity, Califormis. Their residence thers is shown belpw. Mr. N oov Mre. Hooer elid their elder noI, I C jr., ll wr Sianford
IWaterbilg, Rat. Mice, EIt. IIIST. Ih oihi to tih dllIlihi gradu'ter, and AIn, th )yotuger sol, Is a stuclent there. At thi left ,a r. Hoioer on'theporchof his Waashinton iome1; abfvXt air Mrs, Hoover,
'2t 0s4o by i ,io eke ies**I l c rirf I. I I'k IMIrI i r [hl l l rC I ..cou. . _.
e 0 size 5lC-iS OsI 0 1o n $ ll. llil 11cts i ndi t t I vy fre fre export, to Eigla. foV 0h...... .e etrie. through 4 .. . all ... 1 .. . . l I

nCl Coir li, -rl, l.I the ilai CIIr f.ll till CIlil 11e CIIlCCl t li C h lhl7ii o ii l r il 10 CIr ril~l 1? \1 ri III C C tt. l Ci Ri 1 M E I
MONZY BACK IF IT FAI li i-l l ovrbrdtd. 'P h stuie lle (illltlfltL porel i. I'l ,hilingle p i stop girad-d to theltheir'loadis b iakling a do epLiu o iout ovrl their hl61ais.



I C W. 4 r _
a. Tourists, and citizens of Key West, will find in the lists below, shops

.. and business places, to meet every need. eep this directory handy and

when you have a particular need, consult it.

a -" -... ........ ...- - - -

FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND BILLY'S UNCLE Eyes examined and glass, s properly fitted.
o BE GROCERIAS Uroken lenies, frame, and mounting dupli.

Phone 277-J Duval and Greene f..Ae'D .0M .) E LL.E O k.c A.,L A 14. P R A T T
- ..... -- GYT ) \ ) SP' S Y 'S Campbell Buildin,
Br. Sure You Get 21,\ .. : -) I B O Fleming Street Phono 32S
AICFR BOY BREAD O Q- TA. TU9.9 Office Hour 9 to I and I to
0 . $.j .T- We specialize in cabinet photo work of the

@4, -"" | +"" --- "" .Twesnty.foisr huur service l, Kodlik E ilailhigtl '
--RIIP'S DRYu.t. + .,. WORKS OR. TR ST Kodaks and Supplies-We also carry Moudling o frsmo

I),ffr.ecnt, MItE! O
*: *reqisiri different claning.
* e I br i t .-,,.t, haInd the boy your suit and say cleaned ,1
and pr, ssreI. Our 27 years' experience enables Un to judgs .E"T
* the helt Cmethod for the. individual garmnont. Prices lowe! i -
,, s 2 J 31T4 Ma gaIAet .

: .... ....... .WDR. E. L. WEBB DR. H. HII YOUNG
Y r firs r I X CA FE "' IH t ,' A.C--l '" Podlistrlh .
WH nOLD SI \%R I Tw -T P ot +" 143 N L 1ST STREET KI MIAMI
SS I BYour first and last chance fur SANI* A %CRS%;V0; SL1 P.P I. S ^ OO&T AIRO--
I.. ,,H .V. r ,r" As y .INGLETON MACHINE w4
Stock Island The alteway into Key West. I \ Mahii BA OlermakeO and lackm .
Pr op MaCrhlnrts, Boilermaker, and BIiac klsn*..t ;

LYMPIA FLORIST L C r hone 5 eCr. Gr.eonu nd Ebth sts
SIA I R I ORI) A 44 16b sU \Tr
S When in doubt as lu what kind of Flowers Afe 111re 9* .p
** propriate for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, .. THE SHOE MASTER
0: etc., send a wire, or telephone one of the Lechilh's, awnrs OOBY P- \ZS .
90 of the shoppe, who w|il give even the most minute order A "C " He can doctor any trouble that your shoes na hv. '
9 their personal attention We will appreciate the courtesy Alo er of rated 00 Soe
9* of your business. Price list* on request. ..... 612 Duval St. Hu Da ndi, P p

S00******************* ******** O**0000 0************$#o so****** **** 0 0 e a9 ***************************************************************** t*
o0oo ooooeo04 *o fee *** *to 9 .



- .0





* C..
- ga

* C.
* C.
- eq
* Ce
* eq

-i CC




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