You will be part of an organization I t R. I.c. I.pnnil I. The flames|'rea.J l from th ypost evening: : at Cactus Terra
acting; irayor and City l\1.\r..Ii.'j. 1 c \\ p o r 'I (;lor I i i Purposes of the organ( ..c' .
of 7.730;) men in m.reIhan i office and went up their' ps
Parhani Relieves Ralph D Spaldi at 3:11::: ) p in, t are to promote the dvclon..,. ,
2.320 communities throughout to the:: :second 1'htlihrary.
J I this afternoon at the CI'11..11 i "s (Fan 1 > .. the tlixraGHEAT .. ,'Iof! the mind body and ehac., '' .
Canada, the United States, avc the recreation halL a chapel and 1 peeia('.1 re t'......,
I It i.> antictpatetl ti1ttill';, littContinued I.AKr-S 111. Juno' :2!<), The ,
I the ,'
Cnidr. J.B. Hawaii and ,Alaska and on he quarter occupiPil" b>' the strwarxPs ORLANDO, FU. Jwn23, < I'I I purposes were m"
t Grady : ( : On fags Kitbt: < j .
I! : Howard L round-table
Yaibroushelcctri of discussion
a :
I Ii half of these men and the" i i, -- ,-- In the Pacific I males were badly dawaswdA T\v.
from the Key West
men '
communities I greet you. clan s mate: third clasU.SN. A large; number c,f bask! werei '!! which all members: ..rticii> > '
i i nidi W H Pas (IMIH USN. ThI'1 \ husband of Mrs Yarbrwush I 'area : ,. .
( would. I know have me I FaultyViring I II MM.IHU Shirley d.t Mt'fl.I are antong the Gzi: Air Re- j I,The: following committee> ;
commanilin. oificcr of lar.--\"I"lkrt: by 1417 Pine -street Key f :
foi appointed:
I mi i : congratulations and assure - :trve' Officer Training Corp* i j
the USS AmlMijitk i a :submarinestationed : .1 m.ill dcti. which was ,.l"n n igOUKISV West is dto arrive tt.di i in I I Program bins W Curry I 11 t tEmcrsem
of our pl. asurr that you arr !| (!iU5sef() f t : :slwcfcnts on duty al the annual I'
you t Fire .
swimming app.nentlv Horses .
at KeWe,-I Na.11ta: Newport R I.. aboard the cl<*stroyer i German ; Bccc as>e. '
becoming of our greatfamily I .
lion. hors assumed the first:: lieutenancy now : one ; straight al'nlth.: ocxan lifeguards USS William R Ru.-h. : -umm r ampnietit at OrlasKtoAn I'' Curry finance II nil..' ,>,

I of the Key West Naval wish that i Fur UK se-c-ond tin' i 1:1.1: week took to then p.dalc-boat-.. after a three-month cruise in I! 't Force Ca>*- I i I' W J. Horre. Mike WaacauI
Station "It is my receive:;sincere mild personal ('It'; 1 1 it-men wire calloii to. 515: The fawn was almost half a mile nuithcrn European waters 1 ori : Th.P4ul; R Schurk. ::ainof I Present at the meeting;

Cindr Pal ham relieved Cmclr you may, membership United street at 1 i-Li 1 p. .n today out before the pursuers could During the cruise the peion i f Louis: Schurk. and Arrhte R I I I Mr W Curry Hams. f;;c.i ,
J B. Giadv. USN new tone sati"fa that
mamlmx officei of the USS Sars- in Kiwanis and service your I'I firemen sated, bv f'fUIt.I: me Game wardens took over from an opportunity to visit many <.r f I If i ( I j .'"tt,.i. of Key West Schurk and c. Ira Alburv./ Thomas w..., .
render great j
fi u.Ivhuh 1 sailed. from i here club may a. stale and I The firemen found the: ame there and elil.'Ul"kod the fawn back the ports and capitals of the Old t Ptttt. ai i' attrtmin UN tTni\ r- I Johnny Espcrd Mike M.o/ .
lat week to /eo to POI11II0\llh: to jour (c-ommumtv. na- I place on fire about a week 390 to its canyon borne.: World on leave and liberty i 1 n.YJnt; ITt I. G;, iiium ',\1'1I > rte of FIori'L Roth& are vetern Rev James Mae-Conoell: '1 I I"iPirrc. JI.

Nil. fur a tenrral overhaul : tion" --- --- | -Horsrj, has<' :' i I i i Fiom O. K: J''t r. . ..
As fust lieutenant of the Station -- -'- - -- to hunger dnn .n,trali.>ns winch i u - ', Law rrnce. enoir and J.
International came .
of Kiwanis .
Cmdr 1'.01 ham will have I i frequent in Germany now 1 I Emersion Deccaisr and J<.. / .
the following; telegram: :T j arc lit:titil I \N: 1\11: :: 1titi1t.1N1I
4barge of the safety uf the station In a protest::: against; the inadequate sky
'Please convey to every (11t'm- ,.;:: !.;;- I fodder ration and it- ( ; .iou II; ).\ltlIIttii ; : i Tb- next mrrUns will I.- "

--- -- tier of KeWe".1' Club cordial :pt1radit-- distribution scvcial ,: ':(ion Friday. July; 2. A .niiir-nt cc '
occasion RtlbE; : IANMKO:; f At'TI.
this (>( i|
I'aTkTiii Ii'r1tIJlllP.L ;greetings marked:: In upon presentation of the I score of horses weie led to''I I, ,,' I-t', f i 1..11 ...I..y III ins the organization is t-on. r1't tmg
t i I : i the City foal .,ff..'('. While' adelegation ; ''orNeincho, l ihil'i 'ixat I
i .
''official. charter of Kl\-am: Int!:'r- n. /M: i t'.1 I--1\\ Ieinning; .
::; of'r" went , , ,, .tion .\ Ith no -uptivi I I p
national. I am sure, you will increasingly i-"u" }1/: i I..k. .ti 'n v. ''h''
: : Knpl.m-1: ; While.. enjoy your ff'lIowhip t.$4. !Jupbtair.another ;group uuaul: ,'' UUssi I I- i't: .01, "t. 1 -i ': --cc'Combination ,, !Ir..,h'l i .hip.!
eoncreU1 miser.l ed the Ivories clattering th"II' i I - -- - -
plating; mar a with the members of your own I 1 J ; __
)",,'i,1 l NeIt10., sUitetl. ( the mar club the Florida District and Kiwanis (hoofs on the pit\.n..n. .>i"'" icl

i hint' and mdcntally fill I inHe International W<- extend !;Ito lend weight; to the demands i

wa> .linlcd,. about for lest 'vishes as you develop i %uuraetliMties j .+IPi ... # J t of their ow nci,- Doors MOTOROLAAmerica's ;
I minut... ti.ippetl f<>i two of n.'iC'C" I '.isi .. City authoiitu, pioiiu>cd mi Finest AUTO RADIO
hour \tin'n h.lul(1 1 out dard l lbiuiMil Holland pru'l'mf'ntThl': immi di.ilc 11 atSTIU -
Lt Governor S S i ... '
I 's West Auto Parts
I l1..kul.. l bur' ul hc'i R IMiinliun (Continued On Page Ellthl t ::suit v:a<- the formation of .1 nO'w \K 1.1 MKKK:;: \ \U1) Roy Key
*; ,- hot---foodi i nil H ,die,n .,no i 'ii_'- 816 121 Duval St. Phofct: 442
I _ - i .-- ; : 'v_ tiibution, hh.rI: '+ -

- - -
I --11- POOR OLD CRAIG .w.www-mww..wwwr
Hydraulic Brake Experts
i SERVICE(:" ST \11()\ BRADY'Sfor FOR SALE: u '46 Ford. 4 Door- Palace Theater
42 Club Coupe-35 1
Service Francis at Division Phone 9134 Plymouth
j Lou Smith tour ri tit: till. hearer 3-Ton Reo Stake Truck. Bargain Ginger Rogers and Cornel W,; r

; White Opposite at Fleming Army Barrack'NOTICE Phone No. 5 LET I USWHAT'S Crease.Change Your Spray Oil or CHOICE POULTRY ,. NAVARRO. Incorporated "II' II M) 10 Hrlit:

I 1214 White Street Phone S<01 t Oppoeite Bus-9tihon NEWS and SHORTS

- - -- ........._. .. . .. I i

..mvvYYvt ..vYYvY rvvvvvv..y..yyy..yyyy.y.

i THIS? Body and Fender Repairs C.L;J \S"E.IoST! { \ -\UII.I"

Effective July 1st. 1948. our Ir TOt.tYSummer
office hours will be as follows:

I MONDAYS Thru FRIDAYS8:30 NO BEER OR CHICKEN? I Paint Shop 3... School

SATURDAYS- A.M. to 4:45 Yep, Thus Rigbl, .s : 3.r fl.'. t I/CS 1i':. III Iliph Scum' /

I I 12.00 M. ,We'iv, Clost-il ToddWEAVER'S iv\ 2:: ,. :.< ::-t: ..., . : ALL WORK GUARANTEED ... Grader) Tail ft hi
... .
I 7 TLi r.A
Key West Gas Company _'-.. $ : MONROE MOTORS, Inc. bliss AshleI

419 Street i. WARSHIPS I ON PARADE- Aircraft crowd after end of (flight deck of H.:M$, Implua- : 1119 WHITE STREET ... I
Fleming Mr aO the %000-ton British carrier heads Into the open sea in exercises off coast: of ScotUad Shipsin 1025 Roberts Lane
PHONE 61 CLOSED MONDAY'S I line are front to rear): H,:M.$>. Superb 8009-ton rrui'f: H,M,sAnson.. and H.:M.S. Howe, both : \tnir friffjffor//. */ Ihiitrr"L4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ... PHONE 871-J
............ tMlucships of 3j 'V3 toes. will Indies
a .r--"" ; M IDS cruise lo West : next Auluuiu. ........u:


--q-- ..

- ----... -- -" - - - - --- -- -
_. ..
: ---- -

ha' ZT5h
'''( .


1\0'\ ......... )JO=,DA Y. Jl NF.: 2 1948

r __ -- i

.. ...tIte 1Key 3IfPflt Qriti1lt I TRUMAN n DEWEY, KEY WEST I Radio Programs British Now Seek ON THE DESERT 1 ik 1i '

: Published IMUy Except Sunday by., DANCE I
L P. ARTMAOwner ..* P.HUk.|- Whatever is!' the outcome of the pre- Australian Homes a I
ORMA\\ D. ABTMA. BB BTKB Hmmmfmr. ........................ II
; From The Citizen Bul'dlOK & sid ntn;lelection next November, the I i Florence Theel .1 ;1iTJ\ xAP

Only Corner Dally Ke Greene*papcr and tn Ann lie*Street We.t a.h.' .n lti. dity i is that Key West still will be I Daytime Summary CANBERRA.-AP.( ) Interestof !': By ......._ \

Monroe County British people in migrating to ... r
the White House. _
piled below I -i
I Sel.cted programs"" as
JT entered at Key IVect. Florida aa second claaa matter arc at the urn time M...- Australia is C'Ontmuinltsays Im-
Truman will be nominated '
Undoubtedly day through Friday Eartem local migration Mi rust e:- Arthur A Chapter 1
MEMBER OF THE A SOCITEI FBE>" the Democrats and if he i- elected i-I' time. For central suktract who hour Caldwell The minister 100.-
say to
.- The Auoclated Prey is exclusively entitled to by for "mountain" subtract: two hour NO bus ever looked so zoos< :
awe roc reproduction of all newa dlapxlcbee credited it i is reasonably sure to he will 000 inquiries from prespectlveBritish Corporal Bert McLane es this
say = J
to it or not otherwise credited In tl ia paper. and I JULY 2 migrant, were handled. on*, bowling eastward on Los .
also the local news published here. continue revisit West. JUNE 38 THROUGH
to Key by the Australian Migration Angeles. Wibhire Boulevard towards -

SUBSCHIITION HATEAUIEBTISISU nut how about Thorna p.: Dewey? Menoieg I Branch in London in the first the big gates of Satztelle'5fihtary
One Tear _.____________. IJ..O :00-Hnncvmoon in N". .-cbo HospitalThis
ill; Months ___._ ____ 1.09 General opinion now i is that ne will be the Lreskfasl; Oub-abc iou months 01 this year "Each :
bite Months ___..____...__.-----:.- 1.7 1:1!>Barnvard Follw*--rfos 01 these inquiries represents., onth : bus: meant home after
.He Mu.lh __._____.__-.______ 1.41. next White House occupant so what rea- uzark alter, 1-oU-s. -nib. I > average two and one-half : three years with the Air Corp*.
\;..kay __. _- .25 10.00-Krcd l\ruiff Show-cboMIISMT and a boring convalescence lastlag -
son i is there to believe he will visit Key Forau-<.!>- : persons: he say> ; i long- beyond he' n4.f>* I"*"

: Hade Known on Application RATES West during incumbency? 10.SO Jly Half-Hour Story 1I..r..r of Ora..a111c trials,..rialaLs-nix- I I' _-.._.AI'-'"-HVWIll.-............... grand war. And scout home of a itteantiMBer little raothe-; de

SPECIAL. OTICK; The reason i is pretty good. J. Russell hot,. II Mlth Mtuui-uiba and her boarding house that nt-
Alt readlneT notices, lards of tnanka, resolutions !I' West In '
1140-Arthur Oortfrr ?IMJ.--rloe! Key had seen; only ui pictures and
ft tecpect.! obituary notices, poems. etc. wilt be Sprague one of Dewey's campaign mana- UrrakUkt in lIo1.y"uuot-.ioc his honey-colored little
1.arl.d: fur at the rate .... __
Notices;; for entertainment by churches from which gers old closest advisors is "completely I Isold" 11.3 -lien AlrxaiMlrr spaniel hs books.. and getting hi- I
all,... 11.4s! -berimls: J'. ..r.-t.... Cone :
c revenue is to Le derived are 5 cents Days By>, lips upon his saxophone again
on Key West. lIe was!'; here last win-
The Citizen la aa alrn eeneral interest but It will not publish anonymous ter wtih his brother Dr. Newman Sprague 12.00Vtlcom Travelers-aAe iAS TAKEN FROM FILES OF over in.. and heavenly homemade -

coutiuunirations.MEMBER. and. with their wives, were registered at 12.30-\\orttf Half and 31ullcnbc1:00Lesir (lour-sis I THE CITIZEN OF so many pie things and waffles.that made It a meant funny f a: ,,c

La Casa Marina. 2or-l; ubl".r Nothing_ I JUNE 28. 1338 lump now in his throat a* ne
Vucn for a 1.1<1)--tubs I: rAplltl8sviipYalBtliluuluavmnalfmiiBU8tlI8Ap4 picked his cane and suitcase
They had their yacht with them, went 2:30-Sfl-ial. for ;I'. bre!.-ateUrxle and walked up with his buddy."Carolina" 1rYt\

fishing daily and were delighted with their .Martin and liiotk\Oru-aloe Ueconb--..!>. Vandalism on the Roosevelt Jaynes, who was still
<3> 1948 4! 1/ouKearu in destroying coconut a patient to the curb. lie wa
3U1-Lioolw. Le i>*at"-ate '
catches of sailfish and other doughty denizens aO-TI. (louse Par >-<"!..- f I I palm trees resulted today in tall and dark With gray eve,:. f
of the sea. The only untoward cir- haul hilcuuB, Knairda-.Le Carl Ber aldi. chairman of the steady and far-seeinx and although -
40-Hint Hunt Quiz..-*. j Monroe County commission, 10' he felt and looked I
cumstance during their stay here was the Te I* Anuauiwcii-avt. to that older than his, twenty-four years
assigning a man
4.20-\\ mo.r Take AlletaTreakun
receipt of news by Mr. and :Mrs. J. Russell laud: ..) SJivw-ab i urea i in the hope of arresting the the of humor corporal nor had his not love lost of his life sent and
a:0o-l:4.ett 1.0d.!
IMPROVEMENTS FOR KEY WEST Sprague that their son-in-law was seriously .-i
ADVOCATED BY THE CITIZEN I ill. They left abruptly but before leaving .-
said they were so well pleaded; with - 'I today warned residents against "Don't forget you're coming to ,

their visit they would return again. : the indiscriminate use of firework our place for fried chicken, :won 1 .
1. More Hotels and Apartments. "
NETWORK PROGRAMS on the Fourth of July. : as you're discharged. <: fan
:- 2. Beach and Bathing Pavilion. Reynold Torres was their chauffeur Estern. Lecal: T.m" F.: central' I "Jes' someone try and stop. ller fingers, clinging ftrm.'x a ir.omcrA, ma

3. Airports-Land and Sea. subtract .Ae mountain> me!" Carolina drawled ;1 beat )faster.
during their stay in KfYe t. and he says subtract r 4. Consolidation of County and ...*. chil"II" near 01 rely' to ft the gas cabin mood airplane i i Bert smilea. "And get your alto j TTI EueerFarwell
that other time has again.e'No.
he head
at no run acrossother "total acheOUks Last. minute program out of hock before come. and office workers asj! her
City Governments. c..not be .nduotd contest held at Paxton Field, t sox you shoppers I live down tJt" tree:
ch.nllU **
visitors who enthusiastic boy. so ,Ue can have some music ne crossed the street. A pretty
Auditorium. .were as
5. Community Jjcksor.vlie He was awarded) a. Your mother and I are :.IJrn-
lie shoved his the bus. and a long
suitcase on with browu
girl eyes: I' ".
--- about J Key West as were the Spragues. MONDAY JUNE 28 .. gold cup '1 "Gee! I nearly forgot!" Carolina j i golden bob was the last one to I Iget landers"You're what, "

.. Hence the chances are that Dewey, t"' RUI3rul jerked! a folded songsheet from on. But. seeing the corporal I i She was laughing at his puzzled
; tG-'i": 1 C"rl., \li"-nlte An exhibition of the work hi tunic thrust it into Bert's > she stepped back with a warm I ciub. It started miI :-
if he elected I I frown.MIt'S a
is will be
president like any \rr..1 I I.IV.' I O- 'b.': dame m the women's! sewtnx hand. "All the latest and all i I smile. almost of recognition that 'ir street, but nowI
MONOGRAPHRonamy ; : -east the people on
ti.-.1.! I
other man-yearn a> times for a place to i .\.ist...,..... Il....r .ri..'"> --I*.-. '* room at Catherine and Grinnell hot!" joaid. "You take it. soldier. I its pretty big." "
Brothers" '\. '.....I- :-.._... .1 hr.a... -t i streets will )inhckl im Saturday The bus door was closing. Bert did not smile back. "After I!i "And everybody plays bridge.
to for rest and recreation ,,
KO < particularly 11.- ){wit Irtl.r.tlhi.swet9a . and SundayIIonr 'Take it easy: fella!" They saidit j you!" he told her crisply. Dog- : and dances and thugs like that""Why .,

Key West Florida. fio.hiugVht'n: that, time comes, the Ill-:MUM|MpriJlii II...n-f" "- H. -- together and. grinning touched s i pone! it, he was still a man. even I I not come to our enter-. .'

Gentlemen : chances that J. Russell will b:30-1'I.age. Or..I---t .... County Health ClinicIaenuuntt'd their foreheads in salute as the :if he had been wounded. tai:,meat Monday night and se-" "
are ; Sprague I...." rfinl Alo.r rriMt-*.b..-..-t ....w..ythat- 2X1 cbilidren bus doc-hut. I I I The girl flushed, as she looked Smiling mysteriously, snf. pulled

._ By your IJu.ildingact \'itit' you suggest to Dewey that he visit Key West. *: S l-....Nrvwj...11 T.H*>!in4s Lt llr rtul. ...,-..!ll.)-cfcJa I in local pubiw sHiuoIs tt ere "Fare to"Alvarado and a transfer ''at him uncertainly: ''the signal" cord. "''liere'1rl4ir.i\ < no ,

i show faith in Key We.>t. May your faith -SU..IMT C h.-nk-hPk. i treated ilurin: the 1937-SI sriiowl buddy. "Make up your mind. lady! ': now.\ ..1
VIM bsWah ......-..... I The driver looked at the double I the driver" bawled "We ain't got : They got out at a short. up-hill
l JIt requited handsomely: is: the wish of r Some people( pay their( debts awl 1 :\ewa a'ed ('uw t yr.Ir ___ __ i row of service ribbons on Bert's' all evening. And the girl got on. : street.- blocked at the end by an P
Idles f..b. Jr.-nabs I turreted hotel set
t ctifst "Ut-en around a litUe ,The crowd had shitted now, t old-fashioned
TIIK OUACLK: others forget them if they can. 1- 1I.. sed c---.t-: ."" Dr J Y : '" .
J...'k Smith, awl SOS-vb. rSirtrr. Jr woo has haven, you'! making room for Bert and hiS I upon a knot! i 6
1 lady , -a!..' t.- rrubtng: tin up.h Florida; Bert smiled. "Yeah. And there's I suitcase. I "That's where" we meet" s'to \
Heie's n paragraph;', written in thesummer x*..a- !>>Hl rr !.:.!.-mttr Kry.- waters the last ten days. TJO place Lie home!" He stowedhis -How far to Maryland Street" [said. The Royal Palms_" i

of I'.Ml with Stalin's name substituted t-ja:-.rr\Van t1'.yairb.LntiMM vtoanvtaJ .. -. L1ur came in this nionuns f( r" aIt'lanti >- : suitcase out of the way and he asked the driver as they I It could nave been a spot t
CURE WORSE THAN DISEASE in Italy Bert thought looking
tUtr Iwanwi-.*clUiuy ptes left shortly afterward tok.:; ..i seat near the front, grf't'ting started I

for that of Adolf Hitler: "If there / : J. laykruOsa45Iau.nb..rn t'Omnrratabet. te, continue the ,'\iiff (vfj. an- the towering palms and eucalyptus "Can't say. My first trip this around trees m with the the front lemon yards.and 'Ttus olive t

are people in Key West who believe \ .. Crwdast.1.spurs. + other wttk be said : ind the lacy pepper line. Better watch:' the signs." "
any : .Jj+y ., part of towns all new to me he t
Just how important a part )proposalsfor e'mrneat-. f. . I ji; tn!!; bus sped towards the city. The pretty girl said helpfully,
---- said.
government can rely upon( a piomise of Josef .CO:>-Ca.m.i aJ..*f Am Tall puinitttia vanes flamed Tni off It's 11
}price control and rationing of commodities Inner iMin.tiun, M.>..i.-ry' tjiVVariMtw |Harry E. Pvrw retired" ; engiparer i. against! low white houses with getting at" Maryland "It's an old section. Used to be
) Stalin and thus secure peace by friendly .. '. Smtiiitt' -abe from the lighthouse Mriicrf rr tiled roofs. Hedges of scarlet only a few stops. quite ntzv." Eileen had slowed
: will play in the pending political The 1 ulcon! .\avcnuu ml. Bert thanked her and took a her to Berts and soon
negotiations, we would like to hear from ', died yesterday while in berries, flung gay color against step
laoI-n..rd Bac4.w ( nr tt-cobs
campaign* remains to he seen. Some candidates ';".ufe, laleat '. ....... -..... &wtHmitttt off South Bt"'f"h .r"a ...- Pale rube, Wooiiung Still in Janu- : good, approving look at her trim t' stopped; at a large yellow house
them. Uusn -ah.Mrfory .. .. -- ary. Home! The beauty he had'rtreamrd figure in th!,dark-blue tailored that had been converted rate
will undoubtedly them on the . the tallied
urge lied lnjmacobssaybiz ""' he' suit shell-pink blouse small apartments.Here's where
lovelier than
that have ay Lane .._..tI -..... t Mrs John U "fjelanev 'ami of. even the becoming trine of a hair! 1 Irve. That white house with fliDII
theory they may strong; appeal I had nbered After a while .
r b:00-1..o I I ee. t'o1v.vt.Cof5t-0bO |daughter. Jan jrnvttl Among now to her rtenOhness big She d
PEANUT GROWING IN AFRICA ; ; ( > &tt"I' he 1:>nkoii at Carolina parting ,I porch is )ours.
t 1 iu'otf'"H faced with a shrinking dollar Itadau 7hrater th h........floor-.. SM.aabecabled daY frutn Tampa to VISIt bbl:. fart I gill. f U* Wxzt.s( Hits I her brigjq returning smile. _,,**_, iwcrmg up at htfrt. then be141.
lliider these circumstances, the Ileol.hluld ) .- U".u, .-.o..t-..... {Bier's mother. M" J ttncg It rd J J946.iAnd his : eyes kJ "You art Bertram McLaae, her hand. "I'm so glad you're
t The bulk of the Americangrownpeanuts ':1S--X.,.... 1ruad.uot: -"...- i C4trry,1Jz: Eaton street. beyond the lovely California aren't you"" home Bert! -1.jI 1

give considerable thought to the I ':30-' in1.. QI..." 1hh.Ir-Sloe. scenery into a hopeful future. lie "Why yes." He was trying I Her fingers. clinging firmly al]
:- involved. are raised in four stales-(ieor- 1 IMTr -a.ur> UaiM*-ak> . roukirtt back to his old work, ;, ; hard to place her.I know I moment made his heart- beat.
problems 'jueet' 1'lvaM I>rai>*a-nib Today The Citizen 'lnsin fens go
gia Alabama North Carolina and Virginia 'OOOonl..nted Cmccrtrbeby not yet, anyway Too much walk- should remember where, we faster. He felt a new strtajtak
.T; First of all. .110 one i is going to make tr'rtrtut; iniia. Skil -<. !>. editorial paragraph: k, ai>;2, M but it looks as if the )peanut-growers of N w. V'.*miHentarBM. "A teacher says all pupilsaalike n-- he could do what he'd always shook her head. "' 'ehaven't those dismal lonely. en-"]
_= anything or produce anythingat a 1i..h ana Mum ..Illb-Hike less 'l
thin country will have competition before 1O-1S-Karl Godwin. -alte in many respects Also in wanted to do-play his saxophonein Your mother showed me months m hospital suddenly'seemed
;. could, for instance e>tabli:>h by law a ceiling -. 10.2O frr4 Waring Uuurxri -.... disrepects" a dance band'! your picture and I reeognized you '! far behind: 1
i long. I right away-well, almost" "Not as glad as I elm."" And hj
+riGuiitl! Pia;eea-i. !
I price of two-bits a dozen on etrgs and 1, LM> AuixKiiirwl.# alxDancr ... "Then you're one of mother's was telling her though< he didst!

: two dollars on a pair of sho..:;. The farmer The British government is consideringa ,. bail, S......-..... .' 'KIDAY'SNMIKSKIIS 1 ) THE Alvarado bus was meeting boarders he said, delighted."Wonderful" I say the words that she vas anew '

and the shoe manufacturer would then proposal to clear t live million acres of 11-O3\asa-\" wed i \.tr'.I'1.v t .\ : : { : at V.'tstldke Park and part of his gladness. '*"
:\.ss, 1M".. i.s ;:: 1.-...' filling quickly with returning She smiled at that. bu. shock (T. W ceBlu.ed) .J j
I turn to other products or call it a day. jungle; land in the sold Coast =Nigeria and '1'S--\nrarwt. tu 1-.lx12 (Know America) .J1
Gambia for the of developing :CO-1............ < .....11.11.02-....t .- -- - -- --- -- -- --- -- -----1
We could pass a law saying that re- purpose 1742-James nobinson pio- .

tailers peanut plantations. Already similar neti-huntiersiiian, ft thv T fnneanee Your IIOI'o.WOAlO'olDA )) Eagles Blackout 1 land the goat were found at I
must hell goods at uch and such project I !!
TtY( LN: IIIM'OKYKnow ( ,
f. foot of .
( ?ntl"1 arbitrator U1 thep il< ;in. 'jujlcwire. ;
is in
underway East: Africa where '
t a price -regardless of wholesale costs: or ( America) I tween Indians and whiles, born : Y. JUKE- 28 1948! -To 1n.'U'J1"!; ':.-, .. el] iiritd i

the costs of doing business.: Then also from three million acres: are being prepared) at 177S.-HISUH(' Hex olutionotn'b. }I tin Bii.nsiMik' Co \'.. Died on day's native will br ..yrnpa'.h.-'u Arizona (owns t.: charm-

necessity: the retailer would have to stop I an investment cost of about ...the of Monmoulh lJ.: i iI '1 Sept 1. ISI4.I and receptive: there will h' a :

the world shortage of .'$100.000.000'1 1803- .Jason Lee New Eng certain anv'uni of the gull of ..tqui '. FLAGSTAFF. Ariz T\\
ordering those; goods unless he were will I5-Hedainr, "i Americanaquddrun land MelhoUist clergynian. noted
Cwnnr odui Decatur ition. and o cotWKN-rabk- young eagk., fighting oet: >".,' Tour Grocer SELLS Thai CoodSTAR
tremendous '
i ijncfauis i
ing to gradually go broke. a (processing mtsbionarv; and promoter of UK good fortune with. possiW but

We could issue; ration books once of oil-bearing nuts and beans. This; terms tu off the Aigtrii Algeijan and corsairs.dictates Oregon Cwunli\.. burn Bear Quebec littJe kmnvteiigi- ot how to use. budof: a young gnat \\iuperched !., BRANDAMERICAN ] )
Canada Died Jttarch on the cmosarm ,
12. wealth Th- extravagant i.:
more, on the grounds that this would allocate factor explains the effort of the British 1864-The National Deaf-MutelUiei 1845 U> excvss. fond arc of c.terrMl \- power-lint- pole plunged hell!

scarce commodities equitably. And to get ito the production. of peanuts on a G llauaet) College, Washington t 1807-Rll"harn* IIiMreih HoI -.- '. show, and apt to be very' dozen small northern A' Uoll. and CUBAN COFFEE

then the l scarce goods would flow into the large scale. D. C., open 't\ Ion-New York juurnali popular wasteful A curbing of this nature cunununitN into darkness -Try A Pound TodaykuuutunlaJi88irim -

1902-An Act of Congress provides historian of hu day been: intDeerfwId aD: tl> much to in 'urt $U"t't'SI Charred bodies of the t'I.aliIH1DJUflIIIWWIlIUIIIIIIIII' !t':'. I
black market where they could be bought While American production i-s not i
fen the building of tike Ala.Died July 11, -
:' >. .. ...... .. -
is : .. .. .." ........'...."......
t only by the well heeled tew-just as they equal to the domestic demand there a Panama Canal I((1865 ---- ---- -------- -- - - - rulRldglilxiiYuulllglm9.

#+ did under OP A, and just as they are dung possibility that large scale production in Ii 19 I Austrian archduke and'i 1844-John BovfcOTietltv.. the. Subsume to TheLEGALS Citizen .
hu; wife assa siiuu-d: at Sarajevothe i i noted Boston Iiii-h-Americui ptt.juumalist : .
everywhere in the world where rationing foreign countries will give serious competition spark pelting off World' and patriot born In i '''

; lemains in effect. to our growers. Whether the British i War I. I Ireland Died AUK 10. 1890 l! 'a : .

191! -The Treaty of Vertaillesigned i, 1857-EmeiiMrti I li< = The only cure for inflation lies in individual experiments in Africa work or not the t 1nTl'CThe .
b%' Ueiuiun United alist. author of "The Covered i r1r I )
:. thrift a reduction in the cost of present: high price for peanuts i is certain to Slatta. Britain and others. .j Wagon guardian of the flatlI I J "f kr a.w\\.L a.rrst Klnrn 5,41 far of u.fir. .. ..".n' J

:. government, and in maximum production encourage other areas to produce them. i I 1939-Tilt: Dixie Clipper leaves I al peril burn an Newton., loma. l.,.' sill. Iw-. ..|M-n. tur invynlitl ..1", 1

by labor management and everyone el.-e. New York wn fust bucceksful passenger I Died April 30, 1933: t t1801wilh.m i nru.n|> .hlt., IIMi MI .IMTa-al. H..M. MM-MthniitKh '''"p.''','.' . ,. .
> flight atiob, the Atlantic ', E Bathmt eminj lr.i'v! i..-i.....rn hiI I I... "
Artificial controls always deal with effort Forty year afro Communism was justa !'> I U40--Soviet Rub,ui tak J ovei j lent Coiigiegnttor-d1 i lei gvman.I i, ,I < :... .l ". m. I'. MI ,,,',' .
I ill I "I'M I ;HI' 1rtl'T.1 r f
: :
and never with causes. Ami they always plot in the. minds: of a very few peculiar r esbiarabia from Rumania noted Io"'k'.tpl.l "i i 11 Lincuin. j jibum : I." 'I 1 1f .

than'tlUit 1943! -Amti ic: n'at.a .. .
situation .
( worse: people... Today : is a world I i 1 Jur : j : : --: .. ,
.,.,. attack U-boat braes at Saint 7; 1930 1'1.
they are .supposed to rorrett. force governing million of the human N4&Z UR'. 1- .

I rlet' 1HAmrnc..I! plan-'S timnbOkitvymii : I I I

ANEW WAY TO SAY IT in IIuMaiiu "Jvipjn, fm { r .N .

the! first time.I94fiC'hesler. WHEN IN MIAMI BEACH. .
E5owk-s Je>1&1I. t-'
:.. The Republicans are rather' careful its OPA fumpfuiiiibe bill! is :sent! Lrr 1 .

about going on record as saying who is Thousands. were killed and maimed l.> ttae Piebident Enjoy The Facilities Of A Complete .
947Paiis pdilerf Untibii:: !. g
their favorite ('andida t'. But a e nst> I through the brutal medical exierimentscarried ..
] Iussen: and Fn'nc"t'" tnie'tku hula HOTEL! .

tive publication in Wa-hington n'a-I out upon! them" in Nazi concentration I I 1.iste s v, wit 1.1..11 PI"II ehn..t.wlL 1 .. : I I'ii' .

: that "Republicans feel confident I ; lt..lutubill .II\' .1Icl pi.n ail. i '
f.f tamps. As lung 1lIittt'r and his ..
I j unified! tw"/I: I... .. .... t
fling the House next November but .. .
theyaie stoogeseie in -
t-upieme ronliol flf Germany ; I' -- -.Ai. !! ... : .. S
nut HO sure of the Senate." theie was no help for the victim \\"."urn u' /1.' '"'1" ': S.l.: .

I (IC"" n 1..1.$ !)ill 1.111.+.u,, ..t ..Ili II.bllt -_._ . : ass r. .
With the defeat of the Nazi.,. however '"

Many who flee from evil do not un- << the victorious: allies set up courttfa ,tlllI. -----. : FOR HOME .

.. -Fstaiid' that.. it is in their heaits.Hard try those guilty of brutal inhumanities I LOW or .

r r Recently, after trial and n\'il"tiull. I RobertsorricE --- SUMMER RATES : COMMERCIAL I i
work never has killed t : :
1 a man seven German doctors were hinged' on thegallows : I.U..h.'wtIo. : 1st.. b adw. c.,, Tr..p....' Palm Superb Ctl66laek .

leally interested. In the work he dut>:C. I I by the American I-'orct. ,,f < > cupation. wpm ( ,si.u I utahie lu4rium '..bear (..kbNEWSURF4t Ire Are Prepared To Furnish .
126 Dtivul M. I'lioiu- 250 1 Oll rl'iih a
The execution! of the (Germans; /.tIT't
i--: lure
.. President Truman'.s ir-cent jaunt not uiuli-itaken in a spirit of revenge It For Immediate Delivery: ROYAL ? ION UJEs: or (.|.| !'tIll/: ) cr; : .
: westward was paid t fur I by the U. S. Treasury .
g i serves; effective notice
upon the future 10 Monthly Payments:
i _- the president ingeniously i super-race:; of the earth that there are laws:
._ characterized it as non-political.) His wife which can not be dlHregarclecl.n I by !: PORTABLES . and ALLAN I 1.1:( (,E't:: : :. 1)l'hl) ::' ;'\l!,\O\. ''lrauager :
ami daughter accompanied him.} All those who I (ICE I")"' ln*)
t'x-j temporarily exert supreme pow former Manager of the Casa Marina. PHONE
NO. .
: (.lUll I if" 7 x/iv/ 2:iN;
Kull .ft
pensegvtre! paid for by the goveiument. er. I i < KEY WEST. FLA.
- "

i .

- --
.-r .




....::..:.----- -- .4 ___...:-. -'----
-- --- - -- --

It Means . *- ... .,- .. ..
' ;'


:j -.rr; /" t w4e .f k



AP New featur i Writer

1..iSinNfrro..1n authority fide-red the foremost U. S. rper
tnuiciJ diseases says a cialisL Ih. his. .field. Il.'! says
(.n '
'disease Ii" .
who dOD'tI..k *-whicn _
1I1111-<:n Americans
could be cleaned 'up with a weekwith
ill ere suffering from some proper diagnosis and treat-

ailm m picked up during rnili- men .

tty service jn the tn pics. j Msckie said the southern states
popularly believed to have virtually
Dr. D. -
Many of them says
rid themselves of their
Thomas M-ckie, Wm! ton-S llem. -
more notorious dices -e. sun have
K. C.. have been told by their
far to go. Among 1.000 patients
iMt/zkd dUHS that they have
cxsniincd at NortJi Carolina e 'w
malaria exare ychr.neuroiic. k N-y a ><
Baptist lintpital year few
On the other hand, he says thou- of them charity p:1ti"ntG'-pt-t"-
:ands of veterans are wrongfully
ctnt' had hookworm; en-' 12 percent -
collecting compensation for malaria unuiebic infection. As for '
attacks lie says what little malaria: {
malaria: they really have is ainq -
mild -1 haw Vet to ee. in a y'eat
,lA domestic disease,
of treating veterans lit Wintumt .
and no more troublesome then a
.. Silena. a Siuele individoul ii wing .- .,
( l"t, 1 ...
CI's any ,'aJitllon't> I.f *!is- '
Two of the the '-
. from malarial infection.The '
Pacific ability \ i '. '
brought home from the .
hazards of malaria havebeen -, < ,. ,.
islands the CBI theatre and the '"'k't '
Middle East amoebic dysenterytnd ttrtifically exaggsratt-d. especially '
then ,. i : g..
JLS regards mere
hookworm arc a real threatin ,
U. S. Public Health Mackis once or twice. The nialatU ca,.-'"
without haveproved I S It A E L'
exception S F LAC
said in an interview. Of veteran I A Haranah military policeman and an unldrntir.rd In.i..h official hold
; tieated'at his school of tropical to bt the simple viv&\ malaria the flag of ne"I .proclaimed Jrwkh state of Israel at airport in Haifa.
have in the United Slates I
that we
e nu-dicin he'fays 61 percent --- -- - - h ___ _ __ .
' had parasitic infectiurr, of which with n
3C percent were amoebic dysth- days of illnefj a couple (>f tiriic I Red Scientists ( naturalvcalth, flora and fauna viyited by other scientists The
I II [
U-ry and. 10 Ipen' nt hook a year. I I I I"? well a< the past of this Central greatest amount of field \\6rk is
worm."Amoebic.. I For the fut!;:'l'. Muikie recommends | to be done by the Institute ol

dystentery is very : . Study Desert occupies i Botany and Plant cultivation
dangerous. and there isnever arecovery 1. A'su"yey t<. .U-tt mime the I I V kilometers \\bithis sending 53 expedition-
without medical treat,' true incidence o: tropical disi 1 5-quare more to the republic '
I' MOSCOW.-(AP>.-Tuikmeni;- double that of Italy. Most of itsarea
i....lIt." Muckie says. "1 hove seen amoebic abscer. of rt about l.rioo.ww. the southernmost Soviet republic -
(>n tnoronious Kai a-Kum desert
the liver dev?l..p 19 yeas after 2. Training of doctors: end l..b- which borutrs on Iran and Plans for Onr pound ot smelts i< suffic -
expansion ot the output ent fi>i- tw.. pe<.r.lo. They may b_
infection. oratory social ts in tropoulmrdicirie. Afghanistan will be the scene of tOtal I'dm3tt''al lead fried in deep lat. broiled or baked.
"Evei-y huokuorm species tinder At present b- k ys of scientific
. numerous expeditions importance to minerals, hunters Tnc; should alwavl .:r\-ed
our study was identified as the U. S. has only 12 t'cetoir. Scientist. will study. the. Earthquake dt tru-t> will lye '-.vithvcdct .>! I 'mon.
unlcuiio. a foreign hookworm thIs field most of Hum v.iih the --- - -

more disabling and.with 4t greater VA. -
disease-nicking rapacity thin: 3. "Meanwhile ndmit p;-...xvni

the American ,'ern,"". Th; is )>otrntkJly cafes of ironical diseaseto tw p

: a very "trio-vis healthproblem VAVA horpital most convenient o/ivo'azk

partscularlv in the t.i the phvsician qualifrt'd. %.iv,
southern states. And the scandalous Irealp'ent.'

thing about theso patents: 4. Offer "common di-ccncy and
was that not one hid had Ian accurate '_fairness to the '*oys whit had t....
diagnosis! let along proper much d13ru'tl'r'ml guts to in-
tioutmtnt. i son hen evacuated"..-n ill Fur bathing

Mackie. Veterar ; Administration in the tropic*. Mjnv t-f h"tm- n and u-aihing

loon head of tropical rnetlk-ine at and {:In. nut get free veterans l

the Army nwxlica school, is con- medical assistance

-- - - -
WHO Bullies Malaria + s -- -


I .

WITH THIS NEW Fer lwertrderrr t r itut




matter when or why you may need hot ,

water-whether it's for a Monday washday .i

or a bath before bedtime-the new automatic t

Servel Hall-Type Gas Water Heater a 1

will give you all you need..u'hfnever you want R o ,.tit

+F A aa but ad you want it. t f .-1.

T For here's* truly different and better hot

water service for your home! Servel's advanced a $ s J

I ball-type design speeds up heatingand t oj

keeps water hotter longer . and hot.. -t 'l

to enough to operate any of the newest hone sir' f :

tii1 t + laundry and dishwashing machines. When J

there's an unusual demand for hot water. es '

4i Servel redoubles its efforts to keep it flowing ,1 i

I It at the temperature you like. A l ofi

I Streamlined ,
Beautifully "
,\ uitwtxr of a Geld tram ef the World Health Organization mark t :
(:..,rk kou:.e which has been sprayed with the insecticide DDT iu See Servel's handsome white jacket of heavy ta

the tVIIO' campaign ajaiost malaria. The diiea, which attack I
llt.lHHMHM persons annually was virtually eliminated in 1ircerea ; owe it to yourself to come in and see the ;1
*t irrtce with the use 0' UDT sprays, at a rust .( M teats
I beautiful Serve models . today!
|*r itease per year. The World Health Assembly wetting la tiejit -

*.. b rtpetttd to cite first priority to elimination of mal.iris.It'ILL I

6 outtfandlng features
-- -
---- - -
I i- that in rat* fflcioncy
I Returned \-v( S,'"'.";? \ .
YugoSlavs r cut fuol cost

: You Said It ,A Y + 1. It..t-Fr** C.pper TMX. !xeat"" oI
( Must I ,
Remain I MitMy Efficie Lt.rwal '&%
Nest [ac........ /
:rln Own\ I Lady! .,0. ; 3. SI..t Mi.k.. FUaM KvoMT r -+ -e, .. .

CountryUELT.RADE I Strivl's LxclusiveBillType 4. SfcapU f. M;.,. Ct.... ti '+'

.- i: Sally was a. smart s'.rlU"* Tank ,. pent.-TIrcY ...... '''t s, ,
AP). IlundretLi .:nart for her own gllt..t. Motheretas I C. -c..w.t. ......... a K
of YUgo.W'ho have re- afraid she to b,-
I tuihed here from Canada and
an old irtaiU. wln.1 with JUT 1'1-\--1
Australia have had their pasjpo exeeipat'unwith politics and Beer
<} ,fnHl. those countries confiscated nomiCs and sociology and what I
and according to Yugo-
Matt law can have no further recourse i tttit kf UM MUr.t OM Swwl U* tttri tnt.
-But. mother." the girl protectcd. -
to the services of representatives -
when the older woman chitiedtier
of those countries. for being too bookish "a mar 1':0..11 I' . IP- hkn .e-.o ....i '1\ "' !t-.t
Sin v it is almost impossible fur 1.
likes cabman who slums him v jti : Ai ,ing 'n iaruv yujseti IMin --
an ordinary citizen to produce a
, Yulftblav passport that means she is clever." i role und top \> ith tJ Ainth .1 \ ;:> ?! t>-.m. cut

these repatriates must stay here "Oh. no," leplietl woildly-wUe f C\\ ,- th..kd.1 a ntrtig niilk! to' water tto

whether they want to or not mother "a man like woman rI ,'f.\ come up 2 inchi
A number of these people o wlut shows bun he is clever!" I \\f. Btph ham with suuar. Cover. I'laci- a:pat agus in

. came with the idea of seeing I Of'CbC'.et' la9\15 pan with '=-Up water. Season with salt.
, theist adopted homes. They, of Fish fillet' that are to be bakedor Cover. .. -.' l"ineappc Upside-down Cake.
(curse. have been unable to do b roiled may be brushed with j ta-ci* Place cake on rack ubuve center of oven

sii But they have been settled mayonnaise firs-t. I II I acalotu Csi A e-do"n asparagus and casserole b ,I..w. list soup inpireaPp1AC'ke

here and given good jobs oftenas i h \ to'n. Cake may In- moved dining last 10
WOMENwho .. minultr& and -erode uncovered for browning -
Many, of course, returned voluntarily Oven temperature. 350 degree
with the idea of staving ffe*l Time. SS-40 minutes.
,}n the new Yugoslavia The
authorities have treated them NERVOUScamd
very* well. But there are some
who are dissatisfied They have by functional 'nidiflc-itil KEY WEST GAS CO.
t hounded British and Canadian Do you super from bet ftuhea.weak, I
consulates to absolutely avail nervous. imt..M*clammy fH11JI&AI I
no ,
due to tbs fUllet1oDa' 'middlegas'parted
I They are Yugoslav citizens and peculiar to women I38-1
Then Ly dl E Jnnkb mV I -. 19 FUMING STIIEET; I'llONK 61
: that's all there is to' it. yrs.t M>try !
{*UI>le Compound to relieTi such
I yiuptoni! It aloe bas what Docton
Eels call a tomachw route elect!
usually burrow during the J'
t ay and fed principally at night. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S ca:ru

-- --
- -
---- -
. -- .

. "
- 1" "- ." .-. ._. _- : 5.

t -
- .





THE VETERANSCORNER I On the Alert !' CLASSIFIED ADS Oil and Gas Dutnbutanh""fj" '

!, ; Major franchise 100.000 pikx

\ The lady from across the street monthly. 10 years to pay. $: ,.
I 000 cash de4lts.rk.. Businen
to the with
w came over greet man
.wwwwwwssw sswwww the spade. Information for the AthrrlUersrun Brokers, Little Rock .
ANSWERS 1 jun%;-I"
ON "I see you are digging; ; in your I I .. _
INSURANCE. EDUCATION I :" run 111.1 i \" gad r."Wf\T
,t vacant lot" she panted. "Is it a ::'fTsri Parmcol f"r <'l ;tiifi 'd .dvcrli.&- I
The number of Veterans Ad- ;I garden or the foundation for a !I Tnnt Is invanabt. ) in a>l\ait>-r. but Become independent' Cement
Ad..rll.m..nt" under this head mcular adv. rttFrs with ledger
ministration beneficiaries Insur- 1 house. Mr. Brow*" .. bird baths bcnchcs"pots. boxes,
I t will I. in..reed In The 'il'7..n at counts may have their
ance regulations and educational the rate .r ... a........ r.... ......It Inm I.. ..It.......riPI ae-I drain tile, made at home with
"Just little
a vegetable gardenfor ; : ...rli..n. but the minimum char,:. fur RI.KATIOHI:_tl>l.IM-:
provisions are the subject of inquiries ... .. .. our forms. Stamp'brings data.
my wife replied the neighbor the first 1* or less l sees To inure r>iilrli'atl n. c"p
and authoritative ancrs I I Th. rAte for hlarltfarr type is 3c a t>c in The Hizvn nffite trtf-,rv Concrete Machinery, Hickory
l \\ by VA This is pubished by .,r,l_ an.t m charge for clock In the murutag of the dallbe tI N. C jun28ltzMISCELLANEOUS
the "Ob** sighed the woman. "I m first Ii words la lc. "r pujlivation
West Citizen ,
as a service I
to sorry to bother you, but I thought
our veterans. I I
t Q. How if you arc putting up a duplex II
thc .
many persons in All adv.rti.ine 1. arrrpted under the ft'HowlnnondiM.iH' : in the
United States are eligible for Veterans mv son is getting married thin'' Tent <,f rrrvr in ad..r'i..ino transient vr r>Hilr..<.t. The Oiizn mill IM) Washers irons vacuums and
I ,
Adiminstration summer and would like to n-nt' r..p'.m.t.i..nly f..r ihfr" inirrtlon In <"la..irird ',"rrfi.lnK. and in
benetits ..... .. .. fans repaired. OTJnai-t. Phone
IIKvlar 4..ti. f r .nljr the Actual amount f space occupied by the
A' It is estimated that more ihtf apartment I I part of the adivrltoenrcnt wk..r. the_error o.curi<. I 1164-M. junl-tf

than 40,000000 person (living . . . . . .1. . . . . . -
veterans and their dependents) iBHiPBtiiiiiiuniiiiiiiBBuiiciiiHiiniinimiiiiiniiiniK 'I
FOR RENT HELP WANTED MALE Floor sanding done by experts
may become eligible for VA benefits I
N.C.C.S. Free estimates given Itvme
under present laws. By 1962, I
Two-room house for Completely 163 or call at 701 Caroline ,StCaroline
the figure is expected to rise to 1021 Duval Street YOUr MEN WHO WANTTO I .
62,300000 furnished. fijOO pert, TRAVEL junllt2

DEFENSE FORCESPROGRAM month. Children no pets 718 I
Q. What is vocational advisement There are strange and thrilling
i Bakers Lane jun262thouse. Shop. 223 Ann Street
and why is it required un- I sights to ace in the Far East i

der the Vocational Rehabihta ..,....'....".................ull't Itl n11111t111111111ttI1t11111ttI1ttiV I"ts'i i and you can sec them and be will remain open Through July
ironAM' t Two adults. no with increasing stock of ilex,
for the
experience Any
A: The main purpose of voca- MONDAY Phone 'i7-M. jun2(>-6ts who enlists I inexpensive cottons for sfcp.
tional advisement is to determine 1;00 P.M. 11:00 P.M.- illiar young man now In covers and draperies. From H
the U. S. for three
whether a disabled veteran Ping Pong. Writing s'j FOR RENT-APARTMENTS years to 5 daily except Thursday and
may elect to serve with the famous -
should for Showers. Saturday afternoons.
train a profession or divisions now stationedin I
for a particular trade or occupa- 2:00 P.M. Softball for Kav jun26-5ti
Furnished 3 after .
apartment. rooms Japan or Korea compacting -
tion based his previous education Wives at Bawicvv Park
and bath. Maid and'janitor i his basic training. Any
personal de- 630 PM.-Boxing Cla-s.
experience service, linens and utilities I young man with previous military -I I FOR SALE .
700PM. Junior
Sires and abilIty. He is requiredto hostesses
furnished Summer rales Coral service and who is quail-
take a series of aptitude test Meeting (3rd Monday).
at a VA guidance center where I 7;00 P.M.-Game-. Hotel Apartment.opposite I field in an MOS may enlist and I BOAT OWNERS. number 2 pitcher
Post Office jun2:>14ts be assigned immediately U $;;.85. .
8:00 PM pumps.
he is interviewed and counseled -Movies i :
Jjy a group of highly trained soe- I 3:30 P.M.-Dincmg. Far East serviceou may RED HAND boat copper pal
: cialists. This advisement is required TUESDAY 3 apartments available at 4111 never again have an opportunity M6 gal fn. $1.30 quart Mo

: under the program: to insure 200PM.-Navy Wives. Swimming William Street junl6-12tx I like this to see distant parts Killip Hardware. 602 Franca

.the disabled veterans proper Seaplane Base Pool of the world-with traveling:; Street. Phone 1433 jun25-3l

rehabilitation 7:30 P.M.-U.S. Naval I lospitalPartv Furnished apartmt Jdu'.'s. no i expenses paid and good: pay be- s

a Q: I am the beneficiary of a jointly with American peU Conveniences $50.00. ; *idco. Get the facts without One 15-foot Ivnan, 22 h.p. J k M-

$10000 National Service Life In- Red Cross (2nd Tuesday). 1206 Florida Street. Phone:>: any obligations to vou at the win outboard and trader Ja-

a surancc policy. Arc the payments ,,700 P.M.-U.S. Naval H..,:-pital.Entertainers 1003-W. junl.-U t U. S. Army and Air Force Re- quire Key West Boat Yard.
I subject to cruiting Station. 23 N.E. 3rd jun24-u
am receiving to Ward (3rd
taxation Tuesday). J Furnished 212-i-oom apartment. i Street Miami Fla.

A: No. The payments of Na- WEDNESDAY I Utilities furnished Couple i.nlj. J3-]un2::-2l 1 Motor Bike lights new tires,

tional Service Life Insurance as 1 00 P.M. II ;00 P.M.-Cilli .rd*. Apply 915 Windsor Lane I speedometer basket 1943 9-

such are wholly exempt from Ping Pong Writing Room junl-tl 1 FOR SALE "t'J1.C $100.00. 820 Gcorpa

Federal taxation. Showers. Street jurqEt
Q: I am going to school under 1230PM. hospital Patents Three-room apartment, het and 1 Late model washing machine. !

the educational provision of the Fishing Party joint program cold water refngiration. Very t new gears and rollers. $6500 Pressing Club good busines'p-

fl-J'Bill and would like to know I CCS YMCA and Red Grots desirable Apply 1209 Virginia Can Ix seen at Tony Auto portunity. 809 Duval Street

whether I have to get; prior approval 1:00 PM.-Nav-v Wives Physical Street Apartment Six_ or I Body Shop, 603 Greene Street jun23-6tx
from VA if I wish to Fitness Ciao Phone 1104-M between five jun236tBungalow

change my course' 2:00 Pith Navy Wives Club. I and seven. jun26-2tx I iFurnished 12-foot din hy. For information

A: If you are studying in a I 630PM.-Boxing Clasj t. small store buildingand apply 1023 Virginia St.

public school or college you no 7;00 P.M.-Spanish Conversation I :ipartinent. new gas I lime grove OR four nice jun.--G-3tx
longer will need prior approval Group. range electric\ refrigerator; continuous -! lots size 50 x 120' each in good

from VA before changing your 9:00 P.M.-Dance, Three Sarps hot water. M(>nthl -. : tcction. This CPU be bought on Furniture. limed oak bcdroota

course The chance: now may be Orchestra. I Phone 215. jun26-tl i ibcdrom iI easy terms. Johnson & John- suite. studio couch easy chair

approved by your school. THURSDAY Mm. Phone 372. junl-ll coffee table end tables. Dud-

Veterans wishing further information 2;00 P.M.-Seaplane Case Pool 2- aoartmcnt large: living I can Fife SP) mahogany table,

about veterans' benefits Navy Wives room Child accepted 3750.f 300 sheets 31: x 11. white newsprint maple breakfast set rug. For

may have their questions 900 A. f. 5:00 PM. Sewing Onebedroomapartment for 25c Artman Press Citizen information call 312-J

answered by writing the nearest Machine Typewriter, Writing ct>uple. ,).OO. Phone 11S5-R t Building, Phone 51. jun26-3tx .
VA Office.) mornings. jun23-30-2tx ;
Boon Showers.t junl7-15t
FRIDAY Davenport bed. overstuffed chair
N .ltntmutmnnmlttnnrlminuutlssualnmNganum. 200PM.-Softball for Navy Four apartment"". Apply 411 White outside paint. white c na- and stool occasional chair. ....

'1: : WhaCs Wives at n.n'vic'Park.*. William Stre-et jjn2 a-3Otx I fret, $2..;; per gal. 5'.: DDT bookcase and two small 'H-

Doing 2:00 P.M.-Prenatal Close, De- I Fly-go, 29cier qt. Doherty & bloc 36 2 Poincia . "

e at the pal tanl'nt of Health Instructor. FOR RENT-APARTMENTS Co 8.16 Olivia cor. Packer. junaz

AND ROOMS Phone 1:>97. junl4-tf 0

ARMED SERVICES 9.00 A.M. 500 :..M.SewingMachine Fleming 1 Corner lot 101 feet on Fleming .

Y.M.C.A. Typewriter Writ- The Stutz Hotel 410 HELP WANTEDMALERetired Street. 50 on Margaret. Two

Jackson Square. Whitehead ing Room. Showers Street has a pulmanette apt. buildings two garages and vacant -
SATURDAT and several sleeping room-- Vacant chief officer full-
and Southard Streets petty lot. Will sell reasonably.
2;00 P.M.-Boxing Training. Low weekly or month? time position: as janitorsupervisor Apply 1314 Eliza Street
I 1;00 P.M. 6:00 P.1\I.-DI't''sing rates jan22-tf Ships Service. Phone jun23-3tz

Monday Rooms Showers for Bathers. 690 U.S Naval Station.

9:00 P. M.-Dance. John Pfitch SUNDAY FOR RENT-ROOMS jun25-3ts Youth bed maple excellent con-

ard and His Orchestra 10:00 AM.-Communion Break- dition. $35.00. Phone 1157M.jun253tx.
Tuesday fas>\\hitehat Cluo. U.s. Sub, OVERSEAS HOTEL Route 'alesman-truc-k driver.
&:30 P M-Little 917 Fleming Street
Theatre Group Bras (2nd Sunday Good pay. Apply in person.

rehearses;, Ping pong Shuttle 1:00 PM Picnic Swimming i Weekly Rates Cabrera Wholesale Grocery. Wrapping of various sizes.
Board the Patio.Wednesda. I $3.00 to $10.00 without Bath
on Pool Wiener Roast (sign a pin jun2S-3tx Artman Press Phone 51.'
advance). $12.00 to $15.00 with Bath j l-.t

1:00 P. M.-Fishing Party Naval Information services, housing. juil-tf Boys wanted Over $50 week. Sell

Hospital Patients. Joint Pro- city maps. name plates for front doors. Will sell like rent six-room unfurnished

gram. YMCA NCCS. Religious literature library. FOR RENT-COTTAGES Write National Engravers, 212 house and small t.,tHOUJC .

8.30 P M-Ye Ole Country Par- telephones, stamps, wrapping and! Summer Boston. Mavsjun23Itx. needs minor repairs.
ty featuring Square Dancing Furnished cottagt Apply 1123
mailing packages, railway express $100.00 down. $15.30 weeklypayments
Virginia Reels. Margaret Street or Phone
service pick-up- which includes interest -
10:15 Patio P M.Grille.-Wciner Roast on the available to all defense forces 846-J jun23-6tx HELP WANTED Write Citizen. Box C.B.

and their families. MALE OR FEMALE jun:33txMarhlc'p
Thursday MRS E. S. COUGIILIX. Small furnished cttttagi. thildrcnwtleome
-OOP.M. Dance. John Pritch-
Apply 1J06 Division
Executive Honest and reliable
Secretary man or woman dining table. $10.00.
ard and His Orchestra.
Friday MISS HILDA CASTILLO. Street. jun2R2ixFOR to make house to hoes Table-top pas stov. $UJ 00.

contacts for our studio. Evans. Fernan-
Secretary 594 Elizabeth Street
3:30 P.M.-Bridge. Pinochle and I SALE-USED CARS
509 Southard Street. I dez. jun232txRauland :
Movies ,
Subscribe to The Citizen. jun2I-tf:
Saturday 1937 Packard Six for-elor se-dan. I
II address < .lem
I public y
8 00 P. M.-Movies. .
; Good mechanical conHition
WANTED TO BUY. HELP WANTED-FEMALE suitable for outdoors
110 6 vnlte.
10;15 PM.-Juke Box Dancing on $285.00. Can IKseen at Tony's or indoors UVP Phone
the patio. I have a very clean car to trade Auto Body Shop cams.trcss! Steady; woik Collins Three speakers All new Ap-

Sunday as down payment on1 I to '46 I jun23-6tOldsmobile 505 Duval Street ply I30t Division Strr t.
9:45 Club discus
model car that >j equally elcan jun266txLANDSCAPING jun:3-:1
sion Group. 6-cvlmder Model
Will paydifIeienee if car suits.
1:00 A.M.-=x.o to CHURCH 1W 4 new tires and tube<.
Contact C. McCiellan. PCS1385 .l" pedestal fan and National
Naw' Base Excellent running condition from Ic to
jun2V3USecond cash register. rings
3;00 P. M.-Classical Hour, selections A-1 all around Navy CPO Power itwwerx for rrnt. \'!hips $9J9.99Roar. 706 Whit- St.

announced. I i hand treadle being transferred to sea duty. or reels. Reasonable Ward-
sewing machine jun28txMan's
8;00 P. M.-Fellowship Hour on Write or phone. Occupant : will sell for $-19:>.00. 303 Margaret low's Landscaping Co. Phone

the Patio. Community Singing Cottage *E". 74&-W. jun24-6t
43 Rot Beach. 1522-J bicvilc balloon tires scat
Beatrice Moreno at the jun2-5-3lx:
Piano. ,jun2631xREFRIGERATION rover and Iwskct $1700 Unit
10;00 P.M.-Coffee Hour I J-3, fort Tavlor

G. S. O. meeting 'Girls' Service juO: -3tx
Tip Top Bakery and adjoininghome I
Organization), every 2nd 1947 PLYMOUTH SPECIAL DE with two apartmentslUkcrv -
and 4th Monday. I
LUXE SEDAN. Just kcn business;
a nice
Holbrook Refrigeration Service.
Game Room Chinese Checkers
domestic and "mmerdal.Vl'I Wwk in. Very low nulage Practic 915 Eaton Street 1'hom 895-R.I IjunlSGts FOR SALE
chess cards, ping-pong, pool : Radio and heater : 4 Improved Lots-Sidewalkf.
writing desks guaranteed free estimate on I.I.I I ally new
: library current I I Moverx Gift Sewer Water. Paved Street
I Call 721 W.
magazines various table -
etc games II! jun2V6lx I Ii I Shop, La Cimelui II ltl. I WANTED Zoned AB
Showers. tennis rackets I
Gulf: I
dubs, fIShing. lines i HELP WANTEDMALEI i Home for two female puppn-s Hotel. Motel Cottage
cameras I ==
Court or Apartments
checking I Call 11 H-.J. jun: -
service. film
service, I 701'00trnntae
mailing and wrapping packages I I BE A SPfCI.\LIST
r rCl"Clnng"essacs.. phone booths IN AVIATION i 1937 P'.Ickanlduor.. New paint I HELP WANTED-MALE Very Special Prices

stamps railway express tCr\'ice. I I Ini fast \%Odd. the way to move ,I new upKoKtcrv $375: Close to New LOW Beach AS
available to 722 love Lan, GOOD PAY WHILE YOU PRICED AS
SERVICE PERSON- fait u, to learn one i>f the hills ('I' Walk-I I TERMS
NEL. I and trade demanded In the I miniature gnU cuUl -e. LEARN A SKILL OR TRADE $1700-

Le:leigh DavisDirector. !, future: You have a chance to'i Street. High School Graduates. choo-e MODERN
Gerald Pmder-Program Director I learn. .move up fast .ami .' 1 your future now: Here's an offer APARTMENT-FOR SALE

draw Rood pays while :you're doing 19:6 Chtvni'ct pickup truck' for good pay. valuable {'X- O.T'.A.. $2,026:
Lillian Weaver b !''. Can be aaoured future Inconw
bcerctary it: llercs how: If vt>u"rp a r..ct.rybuilt pTicncc .an
Doreen Cruz Information I I high: school graduate between seen Monroe Motors Paint The U.s. Arm)'s Technical Price F.H.A. Mortgage.
Desk Aide 17 and I 1404 Leon Strs ct.jun'o3t. School Plan will start off $7.180 Monthly
!: 34 :years ulo"'OU; can #elect Shop. or you PRICE. $104S3
: the spt-cialiT-etl Aviation ; x in the trade you choose. .and I PURCHASE
Radio disturbances occur when before enlist Down Payment. $2,050
training you prefer cuu.lifx BFIORE : you can qualify you
the ionosphere or radio icMectins I you enlist. and he .*ureof 1141 Butrk nvcrtibJc Readmaster : It.a real chance to geti.ead

region M to 250 miles above the that training It, available S9O9. Rear 7CH White ; for high Mrhool graduates,! FRED J. DION

arth is dimpled by the incoming : to you under the U. S. Air Force Street JUnI !&-:\ between 17 and 34 Get the I REALTOR

streams of particles from tin : ATiaticn Career Plan. Get the I full facts from your nearest !I

-run. i full facts all details, at your STORAGE \3S Army & US Air Force I \\".\ :rER BEEBEASSOCIATE

j nearest U-S. Army & I .1 Recruiting Station at 25 KE. ,
TII lly-si s: of Id..h 's Hun Force Office Co. Furnitureor the
1 Recruiting at 23 Red Brick Storage 3rd Strtct Miami Choose: I
tics {contain mineral of commcreial I : .E. 3rd Street Miami. t commerciaL Phone 793.junl. school you want now* Office 524 Southard St.Phone 1M

importance.. J2-jun2


._.,.. :. .:- - ------ :::- ..:




. r""I''jJr'.II'.JTI'I'AJT4TI / //AOA./'A.8..1'LTsrIII'1111111111..ur1111( 8.IIIIIIIII I III4
: ............... .. e .... .

; : BENNY'S : ; i..YRAD R.,j !!E1.E.E WbIn S and cattala thai product is doubt bur 1.service to wherela It needed THIS DIRECTORY WILL DIRECT YOU I

Motor Court ................ ......... ....... ............................................
t ; 718 DUVAL STREET PHONE 1000 : .

..t. Ownership 909 Simoiiloii-Management St. : Nice t Selection of f GIFTS and SOUVENIRS ;I .;lif It I I Is Etalrical WE WE REPAIR SELL I ITI T ,, :: .:, POOR OLD CRAIGService :. ..
5 : ;
of BENNY FERNANDEZ Plenty' of Arliuu for the Children :
; Toys :
We Will Call For and DeUrer : .. WHITE STARCLEANERS : Station
a ..: Serving . SEE OUR :
33 Years Experience- Electrical Work .
'. BREAKFAST. 8 to 11 : Llectrieal I : :
SHOWING of Appliances
J. H. BRADY. Manager PHONE iJ4<<
; .LUNCHEON.DINNER. 5 to 11:30 8:30; to 2 .........................._...................... ., 211 Duval StreetTELEPHONE .: Marco Mesa. Jr. Prop. Francis and Division Streets :

- The ; :S""..........................................; ; ELECTRIC 41 :, : 701 DUVAL STREET ; ; Tire Tid.,* Batlcrien Aulo Accessories) :

.. Itesl of Steak HOME i SUNDRY I ,............................... ....... 822 SIMONTON_ STREET . Yow PURE OIL and GASOLINE :
5 : Short -Sandwiches | STORE 111... .: ............... ........... .....Dealer"i.:
..................... ...................... .
j fc : Al AU Hours 1207 DIVISION ST. HEAR COR.WHITE ST. I : I : -: Dry (.lea 11111g : .. ............;...........:..... i...
\ Try Our Frozen ; : PRITCHARO I : : and Pressing S

. Open Ddily and Sundjy. Ice Cream 1'ru iris Medicine : f\1 IRAL :: .. .. Free Pick-Up andDelivery ;, -NOW AVAILABLE- ; ..:
' 0 A.M. to l1.dmght"j. : Service :
'.! ............SSS5..SS555. ; Sick Room Supplies School Supplies ; : : GOODS : : SUITS for MEN ; : O Rod(:.leaning Q Itejiairinf: and' flushing ;
Toilet I'rciKirations and Articles : : : 1106 OLIVIA .: :
or HO1'AE STREET and WOMEN : : :
.................. .............................. : : .. : TON-W'9S AUTO AND
. ...................... ......... : : : PHONE 373Specializing : Made-lo-M I r2al"2ure. BODY SHOP ; ...
. .... ................................... ; /.*'! Those Serre J 2jr :: PHONE : 603-05 GREENE STREETCAROLYN

: : : ( 'ho Serre Best J ...................... ........ ......
. GOMEZ MUMFORD\ \ and) ROSS i : : ....................... .....

. -220 DUVAL STREET VIE HAVE NEVER :S.2 inWomen's .5. ....................... ............................................. I
1 FURNITURE CO. Exclttsire Monroe County Distributor /orCarrier : BETRAYED A TRUST- I and : : : : +! I E.\UfY( : ,
: WE NEVER: WILL JAtidiid.mcc : SIIOPPE( :
.. 720 DUVAL STREET AirConditioningS33 : .: LOPEZFuneral Overseas Hotel 919 Fleming St. ..I
: Jmciiilc FuriiiliircIKll ; : ; b : ; St.'nice. Children'sApparel .. ... : a r.:: : I
( ( SKIIOI.l) : ; for Domestic and Commercial Use : : : : : .... DONALD BARBER : t
T ell) hone 5110
) .
PHONES 9150. d : : ServiceEstablished ., We Specialize In .
FITRMTl'REPlastic ; ...".......1.....................................: Never Sleeps .. .Y :: : : : Scalp Treatment** Hair Dyeing :.

: Axminster Inlaid BrO Congolcum dfelt ,................................................ .............,......... :...................... : 188S ,1 : Phone 175 ALL TYPE. of HE.t'F: rtRT11 .:
fiRl Electric : ...............................1........... : Licensed Funeral i.....................PF.RMA\E\r'.A.KS.... ......5555555555 i:

RADIOS andAppliances !U\\ fiiDOWUT! Ranges I. .,: J I! MYERS : Directors aud .................a..a........l-.. ......

; Refrigerators. Disposals and Electrical Appliances J I : Embalmers ; STELl.: .'S BEAUTY NOOKScientific !;z 41 ,

"Terms Arranged" \\a-h. iii r Machines for Immediate Del h-cry J I Licensed : 24HourAmbulance Beauty Culture -, ti"
OPEN TILL 3CO:: PJ&. ; : in All Branches ;: .
MON. and SAT. j HOME APPLIANCE j : Thoroughly Experienced f
: i i iJ
r : ...................... 60S SIMONTON SThEET PHONE 11 J PAINTING I I Contractor t t : Service Operator )or I
................................................. FREE ESTIMATES ALL WORK GUARANTEED ; ; Soft Water U: d Exclusively L----' ,,

' ..................... **..................*...................-....r.... .. Talephcn 3127 lit<< Dun Strt.t.Jaffarsoa Hotel :: : Phoaa 135 Night CSS .. Phone 637 536 Fleming St. \.1
: ....................5555555555555555555555S55 S...................... ........................... .................-
West Garden ..............................1..........a...*. ..............................................
: PRICE TOURS : Key & Lawn Supply I I I (If'hen<< ) art !Want FASTER, BETTER : ...................... : Fo"r Customers Friends and the Pubic Invited
2 914 FLEMING STREET PHONE 1013 t : : : : :
: FLOOR SANDING : : Frances Beauty Salon
Passenger :. West FlaSOUVENIRS
| I Full I PET SUPPLY Line : ESTIMATE Key! .
Representatives On Old or New Floors-CALL US FOR AN V : : Frances P.t k. Own ,

fatFLORIDA : :: Full t GARDEN SUPPLY Line I (Work Modern Methods *. : : 1010 GRINNELL STREET
: : :' Culture in all its Phase
EAST', ." Serrice and Delivery I J. DOUGLAS TREVOR :{ : CONCHIururinteerl SHELLS : Treatments

COAST RAILWAY ; ................................................. Ht.9. Harris Aicntie Phone 1374-R : :. All_SUs : : Facials Permanents Shampoo- Scalp- Manicuring ;
............................................. 1391
Vow Located If-xt. 5S55555555555555555.5..50..5..5..5.5..55, '..........1.................................. : COCOANUTSSPONGES :.................Tor.,.Appointment.........e..e.Phone .........1'
: : Sate % : : .......... ..................................
., DR. CGBO'S ., on weTli Fire Insurance . Landscaping,l\larlandTopSoil\ i :; ; Tl/l/ : ? 1 IMIOMin., : : ,: O
OFFICE narc ant II. : d rlll)) s 1400 DunJ Street I
; : Lldgshouse.. by INSURING with. : TOP SOIL SUO PER YARD or S1XO PER SACK : : ; J I Ia
FLEMING STREET . hold and per. Atlantic Mutual t Fire Insurance Co.-- MARL HAULED.$5.00 for 4 YARDS : : Will Ship to Any Part : CAYO HUESO BEAUTY SALON ,
Rev of La Concha Hotel sonal Southernmost House in the U.SJV.t" .
effects. ,
Also Lots Cleared and Marl Spread Very Reasonable .: : 01 U.s. or Canada ; ;,
Save 157 on All Policies Non-Asseusbl. .
; ; ; : rcafuring
PHONE 124< Marcy S. Palacio F
MercantileStock /. L. Crusoe Phone674 G 'EECH 1021. Oliiia St. : : O Spot Rriliirin.r( :MarKKICTII. \ Y
Agt. ;
.....................: ,
.. ........................................ VIti pnOl\ 801 : 401 South Street Mrrlianir.,1: I lla; sisi- / .
... .. .
.............................e/e....1......... : KEY WEST. FLORIDA T .iUK f It 71 Slli1 H.LFor :
...................... ............................................... n .555555.. 1 .......................... ................. 1 ( .llalll.| ... ... e.. !t
'. : : i f. : : JEFFERSON COFFEE SHOP ::' ..:.................::: .::_:::::_:::::_:::::_:::::_::::::_:::...:...:....::.
B.&B. CYCLE SHOP : : More Natural
Ride the Bug tu the
: :
: : : 113 DUVAL STREET REAL ESTATE Hair Tinting -
GOLF COURSE rr. or Finest ,
822 Fleming! St. R.M.Daniel Prop. Pbon Ion : : Open Daily and Sunday, : SalesAppraisals : in Permanent ,
: Motor Scooters : 5 P.M.; to 1 A.M. : a Waves . .
J Cusliman .: : SERVING TV : .; : ;
2 Sales and Service Immediate Delivery : COMPLETE llllllers 'f : Lease : Beauty
; BICYCLE : Abo A la Carte and Sandwiches : Rental. : +i

;' &Ruddy Seals &T Rental t I ServiceG ................REASONABLE..:..........PRICES................... :.- Management : r. Colony
TAKE ; :....e..e... .e .................11......... : ImptoTAd and Vacant ; .. y 521 Southard ;
BUS li Parking lugs r : : Properties in Key Weal .. StreetNext
N0. 1 d V V : liS S JANCE : ad Moaro Count to Southernmost ,
to the O Wimlr.lurl.l9' : : :'Q : : J. OTTO ""a .: Beauty

LINKS GOLF ll* ; Footrests; J : HUE( WIND AUTO BONDS : : KIR.CHIIEINER I.w AU School Licensed ,
: REALTOR ; "'W" BeauticiansSpecializing ..:
: : : : 411 Flaming Straat : .' :. inMost ;
!I\ Have Fun! Also DAYTON BICYCLES and : K eyes t I Insurance C o. : : IS Whitohaad Str..t : .1.?;;. Modern o
; 318 SIMONTON STREET PHONE: 1171 : Phones 124< ...................... ................................................ Directly in Front of Postoffice : --....- Beauty Culture .
.............................................. ............................................. ......................i Telephone I 20f for Appointment ,
............... ..........
.).' .....................................1........ 'SEHABLA ESP ANOL*** '
......................, BiCYCLES I R.EPt. RED\!\ > : t.....................1 ..............................1..............

Experience: in Watchmak FOR SALE : // :
.: ing qualifies to assure :, :, Our Customers Must B. :, Your Entire House withSatisfied between 9:30 A.M. and 3:30 : *
::1 you accuracy and depend , : ; P.Appointments are accepted : ;
ability in repairs .j (I INLAID LINOLEUM ,. 3Itt SOUTHARDSTHEET {( from public by Senior Students of .L, r
Whether it is the inex 820 DIVISION STREET PHONE 1380 : ;:
pensive seven jewel or TheSouthernmost '
the most costly seventeen . OVERSEAS CYCLE STORE ; or ASPHALT TILE : Opposite Bus Station :

jewel, infinite care is al ..... ...................................... School \
: ways5c.aranteed. ............................................. EXPERTLY INSTALLEDTELEPHONE
: If your watch is not. ; ; : : : 1454 FOR ESTIMATE : Phone No. of Beauty Culture ':

!giving you, why complete not bringit satisfaction DRUM BAR a n d : : : : S : 523 Southard StreetThere -\ )j

in? Our charges are extremely ; Key West : -THE-
DEPARTMENT number available
PACKAGE are a with over 800 hours
S reasonable. 925 DIVISION STREET PHONE 9112G : of state approved instruction who know the latest i
DAN VAROLL PorterAllenCompany ; phases m beauty culture. These student beauticians,
-"We Delirer"- Floor i Co. under expert supervision of a licensed teacher of
WATCH and JEWELRY ; Rest Drinks and Oddest Deer in Town : ()< Covering : beauty culture, do good work at very low prices Although -
REPAIRING a : appointments are not required it is advisable. ,
O Packaged Goods 130 DUVAL STREET KEY WEST. FLOHIT For Appointment
515 Work Done Fleming On Premises Street ........................................................................................................,.........................9. ,.SSSSSSSS55SSSSSSSSS.SVV S e. 523 SOUTHARD ST., or Stop PHONE at :.37 ;.
.11..1. e ...... .
ie.1.:......._.1 ...... 1 ..................................eee*

............................................. :. ... ..... .. 1leeee .... ...5. ................. .....

S : When Yon Go FANS S500 to 54900 ;Why Pay: More I When:You Can: Buy: For Less JOHN .c..U..R :

: amll.ay"h You Wear! or Use? :

; Food Shopping ;, ..rCASH or TERMS : : Jtar 512.95 Values S18.95 : :
Be Sore to Get . ; l\IEN'S PANTS Regular $10.35 Values $7.35 : ;
: The I'astenl ; : ; PLUMBNG I :
: Indies' COAT SUITS HALFPRICELadies7 ; :
:s c7VU&WM : a Radio Repair; j : DRESSES .. Greatly I Reduced: :. Installations; .",111.L.I'I."I'"I" ../".;" ::

I : in ,,oiilli I 1.,lorid.1 I : Just Arrived-WHITE DRESSESCouch
i Covers Linens Curtains Plastic Table Cloths h: _
y JI I See Beautiful New Maj'jc: ;: End-: J and Aprons .Silver war a .Radios .Electric Irons . .
Thf Foundation of Today't : : t.f. Table Rad o-Phon"grjph atAi's "Convenient Terms Arran ed" : : 'IIE; ; i>i I.MTE;> (1I.INI: : "KSTCall : 4
& : If and ;

Meal.Planning 1 ,H1>> Music Co. HAMILTON MERCANTILE CO. : : .11'lsaI'ifJ2e'2((1'f .:

., Phones 781
WS a. ,
Th Lat t Street *
Eq Wed&p.1 --: :'2 .- ___ : 1 HIT 522 Sonlhard 707WHITEHEADSTREET.NearCoraerAngelaSL :312 1 \RG\RET TT SIREITT : ! '........AE.:t CORDS....e.a..........PHONE........lOBI........eeatee .1ee......................................1..E (

.I.I.I.lII..JI1'.lIAr.lIJTI.lI.AITI'.I'II.T.# ..r..C"; ;;'S 1.r.-.lI.I'.I'.JT.I" ,' I.I'.I'.I'.IT..ITPJil"rS' .11.1



sr.rrer.. -- I I

'-----"; -.,,". . .
. . .
,...... -

.. '

--- .s.--
:T Ja


: : -,0.,'. :. _

: .
V "
.. V

. _. .. .V MONDAY: .JUXE. 28? 1948 ;
PAGE six .. _.._'. - -- ----
. ...... - :
- ---- '

-- : 1 TIlE CHAMP L "nS 1\ LLiT ;:. Two Games At I DeWitt Roberts f 1j j 1


i Park TonightIn Continues To Top ;j 4'F 1 1i

the the VX-2 Class L1 Hitters :
opehihg game
. .- -. .-- -- ,... !r
! Flyers will cross bats with the'

j l( <(<11.\.1..1 Split With. gen. t_ (Jj ; I Kantor's Men shop. i DeWitt Roberts Boris Kp"i' !.
I Shop performer continue; to
I This will be hard fought'from
( i atorITwo Philadelphia Iii Ricks; Heads I 1 f II start game In finish. They will) I i League lead the in hitting.ClassA"" Sot tball l

,: \. Victories Oter Chi- I be fighting for recnnd place J JI Accorflmg to statistics released; 4
-. '
I Hitters,In Class The old reliable, Henson 'will by TVdrt> ,Aguilar, official .:eorkeeper. -'-

sago ; I I be on the firihg line for the-Flyers i Roberts is belting the : 1

' ; "IT with Damams on the hail at-a'JiOO clip In 48 times at <-

; .. my i1 .A.led Poor, League I ing end. iV-t ba .Tie: produced J4:! safeties' and :

, j NEWYORK., June 2&-The sv I For Men's Shop Everette ( : ccofeci 23':rum.
Cleveland Indians retained IiI Official batting averages of the j 4r I to;}
I R fly J ) Sweating will have hurl lie Is followed bJj<'k Villa
"B" Softball tague as releaced '
slim lead in the American Class |and Fleitas will receive his real: also.()f, Bob's Spot Shoo.

! . League .standings by splitting by Official Scorekeeperj I )slants j: with'anavenge of .4SO. 24 hit

s i' with the Washington Senators Pedro Afwiaf reveal that 'Ricks I Icf I Inetthe nightcap the Adams'"*,' and 2(5( runs in 50 chance bt b.:i. w

yesterday. Washington; won the the Naval l Hospital is'ihe leader ( v Dairy ill play: the Subron Four. In third pot is Higgcnboth.imi : > r; +
1 i titst, 5-2, Cleveland the eecond with a mark of .405. Fleitasof $ma !
I This game/ will bring! together ,i 1 428, nine hits and MX runs in ,
41. Kantor's Men's Shop follows Sue Griffin with B. Villareal behind i,,21 i tries at bat. :
\ Philadelphia Athletics' in -runner-iip potition with an 1 ( I
swepti the plate ;;|: The averages, rover games uo '
i a doubleheader from the CbI'I average of .328. and Horner of For SubRoh. it will be Brem- to and'including June 25. Tl.ry 1 'y } ,

''I, sago White Sox. 6-5. 6.2: the New I the VX-1 Flyers is third. 380. mer and Huerts for the battery follow: ; i i

i i York Yankess won from the Detroit The averages, which cover I These clubs are evenly matched ,,, Player AB R II A\e : 'f .

,; Tigers, 7-0. while the Boston games: up to'and including thoseof and a very good game is anticipated ''; Caldwell. VFW 332 C67, .

Rd Sox took both games from June 25, follow: : i iI I i r Roberts BSS 482224 .500 I ,
the St. Louis Browns. 2-0. 6-3. AB ft 11 Ave
Player } .
I Baker. VFW 12 5 6 .500 -.
\ 'The St. Louis Cardinals beat R. Cards EC ,3, 2 2 667
V r. VFW 6 1 3 .500() i ii .
Arias ,
i I
j jI ji I
the Brooklyn Dodgers, 6-4; the Crandall. Vfc-1 I it 15 .454Patko. : .
I :
; I Recreation j i iJ. Vilareal BSS 50 20 21 480
Cincinnati Reds defeated the KMS __ 14. 2 G128 City .
lliggenhotham. AD 21 6 9 423Myers.
t New York Giants. 4-3; the BoA- Rick. NH .. .4M; < 17405 '
VFW 7 2 1: .428ONeii
i Pitts F1 ltas, KALe. 4J'15 1C .388 I \11.. ,
S-4 24 10 10 416 .
i i homer VX-1 :16< 5. 10 .380 : i ,Program J..... .H
.J. ; Foster 54 5 2 2 .4')0 '
Philadelphia PhillIps rpltt twrf Paao.IC'. '41I4 I t7 .361 ;,
; ; ;
; RUNNER-MetPatton.: s
r is C. Valdez VFW 33 16 14 -363!
with the Chicago Cubs. 2-9 'and<< Armgtohi-VX 31 11 11 .354 :7V V'V : Olympics hcprful. sprints at
i ; Joe Mira BSS 41 13 15 .365
7-4 The scores: Ua"ing.ton..NJV 3812 ..351MeJkdorKMSVW SOFTBALL I'ninrsity. of Southern California .
Hancock. BSS 30 13 11 .::63
AMERICAN LEAGUE 9 .S32Dion. CAP p ) where he is a studs:
r 3V wlre6y9to i Park. I
Night ,
\ Barview Walker BSS 28 10 10 .3571
1, 4 First Cam R.H.ETWellington EC: '_:: -. -. 15. ,3' '5'. ..33.1Ciosberg CHAMPION JOE: LOUIS.(left), lands a left to thbody in the first round of his bout with Jersey +I(TONIGHT I, Hopkins. VFW 28 12 10 .1o7J'
.:V-l 71. ,6 7 ..333Hennquez.'EC I One cf Benjamin Franklin's experiments -
C ._ ,'. ,5 10 .O.Cr..nlmd. ., ; < .._44105..326E ] Jce Wslcatt at Yankee Stadium Friday night: Louis won by 0 krcckout in 2:55: cf the 11th round.It 1 1 Firat Game-VX-1 vs. Kantor':.I Hernandez. BSS 34 10 12 .352 I'I'I with: electricity involved
+ > was the champion's 25th title defense in a record of over 11 1 Men's Shop. ,, F. Matthews. S4 18 3 6 T33 i iMalgrat for insulation
i. . 281 ,Sweetini'.KittS _32' 10 10 .312 reign years. I standing on wax blocks -
Scarborough, Thompson; Fer- '-''Solomon,.KMSi 9' 1& .9310. --, -- -- Second Game-Adams Dairy : AD . 33 C 10 ..33311C and peic;. t.ns currentb
rick and Evans; JJearden' Chris .I1oarigueraEC42iV: :: 9'13. ::309 i vs SubRon 4. I Lewu AD 632 .333 I J Ji rubbing n glass I tube:
LOUIS WVLCOTT TRADE PU AbtOn.. AD. 501016 .320 ,
tnpher, Gromek: and T )tort;. He* Cusson&VX-r! __ 37 ll 11 .305 L GJIES j TUESDAYFirst 1 i'
Bremmcr S4 44 14 ..318'I
'' Game Naval Hospital vs[ 9
can.. Kelly KMS .. :.: :44. 13 13 .302 ate '
; Elks Club. I I Castro, BSS 23 15 !9 .210 rll.4T AT .. r.l'
Henke. NH' ._ .. 43 8 15 .302.
Second Game-Bob'Spor; I Fallon. VFW 49 12 16 .:OC
Second CAme KMS-.Kantor's..ME'n's: Shop vs. VFW. i I[ Mason, S4 3": 8 11 .:WI: I Beginning A New
I RILE.Cleveland Shop:1 ' i I 1 AP Newsfestures; Serial StoryDANCE -
THURSDAYFirst Casado BSS 43 13 13 .302 ;
._ .
.. 491 VX-l VX-1 Flyers
t 7 f. Garhe-Elks Club vs. J. Lewis. AD 40" 12 .300 i!
Washington V f:.C-Elks .Club.. 1
V : .30P1 ON TIlE
VX 1. 1.Calero, AD 10 fi 3 (
oklak and Tipton; HaffnertCihtlini : NH aval Hospital.
Write roeh and Evans. ;- t Second Game-SubRon 4s..I Santane BSS 30 15 !9 J .3001

J, Pitchers. Records VFW.FRIDAY i I BSS-Bob's Spurt Shop. ) DESERTBy
't AD-Adams Dairy j jI
First Came >] I
Pitcher- W. L. Pet I
First Game-SubRon 4 vs BobN::I S4-SubRon 4.VFWVeterans. I
R H. ErPhiladelphia FLORENCE THEEL
< O. Curry ___ :...:._. 1 0 1.000 .' rf Foreign :
Shop. -
:. 661 .e Sport
__ _. _' 1 0 1.000 '
Parks1T. i Game Kantor's Men's I :
Second Wars.
_ 5 11 IBcheib
Chicago '. n 1 0 1.000
L. Glffen. :
VV Shop ve Noval Hospital. : -
Grove 'Judtan : I :
and Roar
Henson -. . 7 3 .,00loe
JULY 6- :I Other Records
Pearson and Robinson. Lewis '. _. 8 4 .667 First Game-Adams Dairy vs:!, Most times at bat-Jc-k VilljI : I' ,I

E:*, Sweeting __ VV 44 .500 VFW. I real and Abston 50 eacluj
Second Came' Rosam ._ .___ . 2 3 .400 __ 'I t I
R. IL E.Philadelphia .,. Second Game-W-l vs. Elks j Most run, sC'OnJ.: ViHart'
Martin __ '.__ _ 510 .333 Club.JULYS I Roberts 24 1
_ !
6 11 1'
_,_ __._. i 4 .200 Arts.
a Fetes : i
Must hits J. Vil 1:real and I I
:2 S 0. r
Chicago Fowl r and Ro" ..-ar; -Moulder'Gillespie Byron .. V_ _____ 0 2 ..000Othir a 1 First Game-VFW vs. Bob's'Sport :-Roberts 24 inch !

-. _,' R cards.Uast Shop. :I Most doubles Roberts 5.
Cald- -
Popish. Haynes. ; times at bat-Pazo 47. J.I|1
> Second Glme-Kantor's Men's Villareal, Means end Hancock ,
wen and WeigeL.- . KtUyJjand} tittiriouez! *.44 each, Shop vs. VX-1. : I i

t R. H. F; ..Henke'u. July 9First- ,(f''cacti.Mt triples-Rol>crts and Rig I':

New York __:._". :.__ '1. 9 O l.kIC'.tul\S-Ptlt' 15 Ricks Game-SubRon 4 vs.genbothani 2 each i':,

IVTroit *- _. _. '0' 2 ti jnd'Pazbl4'earH1Ee1ly'13. Adam Dairy i Most homers--J. Villareal 5. J.I|
Bryhe and Niarhos; Trout, Most hits-Rick, and Pazo. 17 Second Game-Elks Club V!*..Mira 3, Roberts and Fallen 2 '!
Y ,
each, FlE'i16.. .
SwiZL t i Naval Hospital. 'tflch. :
" OtjrmirrMWhrt 4' . J' -douLfes-Ricks Y, Solo- JULY 12- 1 Must stolen bases-C. Val le7 :

"* Night! Came mon and. Crandall 4'each .. ,First Game-rKantor's l Men's ,7. Santana and A.. Acevwlo 6'j

: R. H...E.' Most triples Fleitps"'"\ Ricks and Shop V',. Elks Club. ; (';:rh. J. Lewis 5.: 'I

Bocton ._._ __._ 2 C0. Hennquer. :2..eath. Second Game..-VFW vs. Sub-. Must sacrifice bits. Lewis I II
St: Louis ... 021? Most homers-E. Sweeting 2. I r rig 1 Ron 4. I{ and C. Valdez 2 eatli j 1I I
Most, .tolen .bases-Fleitas and r Eileen )had l loses) the
tTobfon find Tebbett; KennedyrWMmar : & JULY 13- Mc't: times struck .*it-Ahston J I gal-

oM Portee. pazo.7 gash First Gamp-Naval Hospitalvs. ,.12. Cusadu 6, J. Lewis., j, lant-lookjng Bert McLane
; I
hits Pazo 2.
Most sacrifice VX-1 .
.. J 'yas.I and C. Valdez :5 ? jcli i from the moment elic hail
S.cnd Game Most times .struck out-Burke tAl'' I Second Game-Adams Dairy Most times walked-Ac-\'Cfb \ been frlioHii him picture I by

R. H. }:.; 17.4 Ricks: 13. yS. Bob's Sport Shop. \1'17, Walker 16, J. Villareal 15 !i
Most times walked-Ricks 13, CHALLENGER JERSEY JOE WALCOTT (left), drives a left to the jaw of Joe Louis and takes a f JULY 15 his mother. To lice surprise
Boslon ._ _.. 0: Castro 14 Hopkins 13. t
St.. . 3 8 1' Kelly ii; Palo 10: stiff right to the face in return in the fourth rouni of their title bout at Yankee Stadium Friday First Game-Naval Hospital Less times fanned Stcnuer I. j t-he found that Bert loved

Ferfiss tLouis and BatU-; Carver' Bis-, Less: tim. s:fanned; -Solomon, night. Louis successfully defended his championship by knocking out Walcott in 2.56 of the 11th vs. Kantor's Men's Shop. I. Joe Mira 0 Santana 1. Calero I.l) her too. Rut when she errs

ran and MASS. j Me dor.. ,Whilehurst' Crandall round. Immediately after the fight Lcuis announced: "For ray no the r-this is for her-tonight I Second Game- Bol,'., Sport Higgenbutham 1. Hopkins 1, My- ;, how Gloria Ie .Sjhia can

and then (none' each). Parks and was mv last fight." Shop vs. SubRon 4. I Jin, I, Caldwell! 0. i help. the han l. he derides
I I Artington _(one time each). I JULY 16- f
NATIONAL LEAGUERH.E - -- - - -- --- I II to make way for her. But
,_ First Game-VX-1 Flyers vs..
how mistaken
Pitchers Records IPitcher I a oman in
______. 0 9 2. Elks Club. I
St,.Louis I lore l he i is elionn in
Brooklyn _ __.._ -_.. 4 8 2} How: They Stand Second Game-VFW vs Adams, W. J. Prt.1
8 0 1.000 heart-movin
Brazle. WUka and Rice: Roe}. i Dairy. HalK"UC'k ; tory. React..
; ji rias I 0 1.000
Milner and Hodges. ai'a -
Barney.. '. .fbtlda.)attrsiloed! d I, JUNIOR SOFTBALLBayview Roberts; 'i 1 ..873jI i iI DANCE
:. I I Marris
R.H..t> ., PtMbiOl League Park. Afternoonand
__ I i Gl'lffl'n 5 8 .:m;; ;
Bocton .- n 92 1 Club; W. L. Pet Morning i

Pittsburgh. . : _-. I> '8' 2*1favml . . ,54 27 .667 Daily play. .r C.F. Valdez 2 I ::1 1 t ,500.400 j jI
Sam ahd Maei: Lombardi;, ,Tampa..... .____- __ _;50 30 >&;25 '(I O'Nt1; 2 4 .3:1\: : '
Queen, Hifebe and Fitzgerald: .f|S U<, Petersburg, .' -- .43 40 .513 TENNISEayview ': Porter 0 1 ..000Turner TIP Serif Slttrfinyin

% LakelanU, _.:. ._ ,41 42 494; Park. Afternoon 0 1 000'llimner .
.RILE : ;: The (.il;:, Torlnys1
Beach . 38 463
'West Palm 44 .
: and
Night 0 9 000
Cincinnati .. -. 11 1:..MdaritiV Beach .__ __. ..31.45 .451Mlanir I "
Dally play. i Walker 0 2 000 "1 E1'dJ. 1id1.,00
.. . 393 waMk
Ne* York :' _._*. __ _34.45.438: i - -- -
Black*ell. Gumbert :and Wit ;.Fort: 'Luiftlertfa\e\ 'f"' :3A '53' '.346 i ...
Rams; Hartung, Jones and L3vjtngston. SKATING i i.. .

' ,. l' S<4 B< City ltttteball L9u BarvUw Park. Night

v j I Club-: W. L. Pet. FRIDAY7:00 Overseas Transportation
:1:: Flnt Gam* GilmoreL ,l .'_ 4 0 1.000 : to 9:00: PM.
-- *, .
: ;
't<. R IL EPhi1iJt.lphi:1' ''Bombers -il___. 3 2 .600 i

. 9 1 .::.Adams': Dairy .;:.. ,-_ 2 3 .400 f BASEBALLMunicipal I Inc.Fast
Philadelphia -273'''Scorpions 0 4 .000 Stadium. Afternoon Company, .
-" -
Scheffing : .
Mrjer and ; r SUNDAYTo -

moo.J: Dubttl:_and Semimck.J" .sim-I l..;Major j BawHall 1 Leagues t, be announced.Barracks. Afternoon I Dependable Freight and Express Service

Second Came f V AMERICAN ,t. t:? I Army -between-

*. R. Club- .= W. L. Pet .;: SUNDAY To be announced- t.j I MIAMI\ \ and KEY WEST

Chicago _. 7 a IChic:4go Cleveland . 37 23 617 1

4 10 1 Philadelphia : 40 26 .606 \; Also Serving ALL POINTS ON FLORIDA KEYS

Roberts and Seimmck; Cham- New York 37 23 .597 i j IALBURY and SON ser.Ie g i Between Miami and Key West

bers.1:*Dube nic. Borowy, Kueh Baton ._ -.. 31 28 .525 !
and Walker. ; Detroit __._n. _..29 32 475 We Specialize in All PIIO'I I :

\ F 1 1t [I I Washington _. 29 34 ,460 I : j I Kinds and Lighting of Neon Strippiag Signs 618-M I II :! express Schedule:

"JNtu lgt AIDS St. Louis __ _ _.23 37 .383 *, ; ,;
t ( -- : %. ...rrtUa Ullk May. (No Stops En Route)
i GOLF, SCULPTURE Chicago! _..r __ .. 13 39 .316I tt:.. ,+ <, ? .. Key peat C.....,. LEAVES KEY WEST DAILY (eX-
I I I NATIONALClub .' -' :.,.<- + l I EE 17.N! elF IIIO kT I CEPT SUNDAYS) at 6:00 P.M. Ar.rives .
SYDNEY, Australia.-(AP)._., W. L. Pet CI'S I I IN ANCIENT I GUISE I .\ croup of GI's wear dress appropriate to the ancient I at Miami at 12:00 o'clock Mid
A strange Australian fungus I port as they learn archery in Japan under the guidance of the rountr>'s No. I archer ToslmukeNa'U night. '
commonly known as "black/el- Boston ___.._.,3G 2G .581 i (right) The instructors school was taken over by the i'.S. Army for troops ho want to take
)ow'*-bread" offers possibilitiesfor St. Louis .. .. 35 26 .504 ,. up the sport. Left to right: SjL Martin Baumam. Baltimore Pct Uelbert Reed. Columbus.: T.3 LEAVES MIAMI DAILY (EXCEPT
sculptors and golfers. This Pittsburgh _. .--..._. 33 23 .541 Earnest WtHouchby, Honolulu: Pvt Raymond Sorensen Palatine..: Pct William. L. Rose Win.riCalif ,-" BROADWAYCIGAR I II I SUNDAYS) at 12:00 o'clock Midnight -
- and arrives West at
-' -- at Key
and Pfc.
Weldon G. Folwell. Forrest. ilL
fungus, which is often turned New York _ ___ 31 29 0511
6:00 o'clock A.M.
of 201 lb. or so. Philadelphia _ 31 33 .484 I .- ..- - ---. -. --- _._ --
lumps -
over tn -- - ----- STORE
resembles when it Is dug Brooklyn 21 31 :.66 I Local Schedules
-- --
Cincinnati ._. . I, LIGHT FOR TllEBALTIMORE I will be 800 less by the end of Kipper make a good Sunday
up and can be easily cut with a 28 36 .433 i (Stops At Intermediate Points)
pocket knife but when it hatdried Chicago 25 31 ..403I I..A\IPSj 1 this year if present plans workout morning bicakfast served withhashed : 610 Duval Street .. LEAVES KEY WEST DAILY (EXCEPT
: | Under the city's modernization browned and
potatoes a
been: in the sun it baku I SUNDAYS) at 800 o'clockA.
program 4700 gas lights are hot bread: saute them in butteror M. and arrives Miami
Whetherthe ; at at 4:00
into rockline hardness I I I Softball l Leagues BALTIMORE. AP Balti-1 I COMPLETEBASEBALL
) -
actually . I to be replaced during the next margarine orrtop of the rarfgp o'clock P. M.
Australian '
- more is beginning to replace its four 'l'ars. the broiler
,I. Oast ). t ) or put them in I
ever ate it is doubtful. fashioned street lamps I LEAVES MIAMI DAILY (EXCEPT
gas However residential
Children in the Australian out Club- W. L. Pet '. in many SUNDAYS) at 1:00: o'clock A. M. end .
with modern electric fixtures. .
b3'k"cut lumps of blackfeUow Bob's Sport Shop -- 15 1 ,;:ettion the city plans to keepthe i SCORESPOPULAR I arrives at Key West at 5:00 o'clock
And Baltimoreans dl'C't know lummmfammmmmSTRONG
Vets of pole and lamp simply = -
bread:into the of ball Foreign Wars 10 6 I 1 P.M.
: shape a whether to be sad or glad ARM BRAND COFFEE
.1' adding an electric fixluie ,
Adam Dairy __ _ 5 11 .
and use it for playing cricket. '
Everyone that the old'gas
SubRob 4 __. __' agrees ;, TRIUMPH
2 14 .
)t has bees. .claimed that'oU no lamps and the lamplightesj;t BRANDS of FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE

balk jnade from the fungus ate "B"Club with their little ladders give -the Leftover potatoes arc deliciousin : COFFEE .
as good as the rubber flnes. Small W. L. Pet I t city'much of its old-world charm.' an omelet. Dice the potatoes i t MILL Cigars and ColdLSoft FULL CARGO INSURANCEMAIN

statueS and ornaments carved Elk Club --._, __10 5. I But they Riveer> little in the then saute them. ''?ith a little\ i- I OFFICE:: and WAREHOUSE: Cor. Eaton b Francis SU.
from the fungus can be given a Kantor's Men's Shop 8 7. I way of light.Baltimore ', chopped onion. in a scilkt: add at Drinks PHONES: 92 AND 93

high polish after been VX-1 Flyers .:_ 7 8 All I
they hate V- has 16700 rf them the omdet mixture prod (tVtk.aV> '
. ,
dried.inline sttn.n "V Naval Hospital :. 5 ur'\: "* told" -'i4.1t '
1 -- raifuonej street lamps There usual.. ; 'rrr . .a. .. . -$ r J


Ki i
*- 1MOXDAY. l' ,

7 .

JUNE 28. 1948 \

Poe "'- i I, .
Banyan Tree -t


Is Doomed In Hawaii .

40I Don't you think t that the books we read nowadays and the

plpya 'that are written give growing boys and girls the wrong
impression of life The majority of movies and books which I
I f } have Hen and read during the past year seem to have thrownall ,
1 ry r. i ideas! of common decency'to the wind and to actually make -

I { heroines! and heroes of women and men that our grandparentswould : '.
not have let enter their homes. 'I

It seems to me that the false impressions spread by such M .
literature are making it awfully hard for the boys and gills to )
..valuate properly what is right and what is wrong. When sin ;
and dunking is so attractive as pictured and the !:sinner emerges .
so' beloved and untouched in the last act. 12 it any wonder that \\1 1

some of..our youngsters! think that things really work out that ;
.r 4 way and that all this thing,) j- : :
about purity and loyalty is -r
r1. merely I bunk \Wick Willies : : i
*m very worried over the -
whole situation and I wonder if L 11 rsa
there is any thing that we women I Gel ow-outs 1 1i I 1 -s y

who live in small towns
1t 1 and who have nice families!, husbands .i In i Stove I
and neighbors who love j Pipe
their own wives can do to counteract | II
these vile influences on i AP Newslcatures j 1 1I

our children's live.. Can ynji i j
suggest something i j! I .v

DEAR BANYAN SHADE: declared a In .' Mother-Georpia j j J I: had a blow-out in his stove, I Ir
nuisance Waikiki.
I" ANSWER I agree: with you that many I r pipe?
By DOUGLAS LOVELACE. ,of the books and plays are unfit : If you know a jet plane pilot. 11 1
APtNewsfeatuiesUpNOLUlU, i for r our children to read and see. 'ilhe I chances are yOU know one L "*r ? ss
.-rime has withered the beauty of Hawaii's famed I I, think that .theSe. are written j I whose engine quit-while in flight. I ItdE 1'1 1'1I 1 .
banyan tree. by a group of irreligious people ( That is what the question is 1
Sixty years ago, Robert Louis Stevenson I .who think, thpt vulgarity is 'sophistication ,' I
lingered under its
shade and spun fanciful tales to the lovely little Princess.Kaiulanl r and, as this group OLD 11 .
has a great deal to say about Y A
the /troop
Today tree sprawls ugly and dirty on a Waikiki Side- which books are published and i* A i+RF . .0 :-
street crowded by beach cot10ges. I h !
which' are not. the rest of us '
1 who dislike filth mixed up with : 1
TODAY'S YSKnow 1 h .
resident j) our romance can take it or leave C.
fussed: ; it alone and :
( cares
America) ,
"Rats cats red berries leaves: I I Gin. Carl Howeyer, I do think that if,
br.the thousands, dead branches .Spaau, burn in Boytrstown. every time we read an obscene c
Pa. 57 J '
years ago. .
and bird droppings have book or see a disgusting movie, | ]
Richard I II .
mad this tree a first class nuisanct. Rutgerscomposer wp would write to our local Iw !
It c-o-aulhoi of ""Oklahoma, I or the : t5t: 1
spreads over five [ newspapers companies I ,
homes distributing its first in N->w York, 4b years ago. I I|I putting them out, protecting !
:about using'some of the lanI i
class nuisance over all. i< Sidney Greenbit, auUiorleoUiier I I against such corruption the idea |I ; '
'.t 6uardi.\ .ns of the born in Dakota Territory 'I might gain momentum and have I guage. developing in the Air'Force. "
tree. the
Daughters of Hawaii complained 59 years ago. I i some. weight with the publishers. The "airplane: rivt'r"oC World j' American printer writer t patriotdiplomat I
that Loy W .Henderson, noted diplomat
pruning costs $700 yearly; i"I The_rnvwies and 1,001are War II is now.arirectn !podrfoY",1, } .
l burn !
the parks board could not l tIC at Hugers. Ark., j "flame rJYt.'r"VJi'k willy", i
bothered; llu Ruben Louis Stevenson year., ago i i wonderful' means of education "pipe pilot". "
land I it is a pity'that so many of I and
school did nut want any Rabbi Abraham J. Feldman: The crate he manages is a physicist.
responoibihtySjqiialid. j.i, CVmiu osited! rt"ll J JItadt.r ![: l low are written to appeal to "blow lorih". 'flanv thrower," .

!! Mirroimilmgs havestripped m ItiUiia, *>:> .yt"' };to?l.tay Jow strata; I of mean society people and of otter low' "squirt," And the .engine "blowout" -,- ,
the l In.n of us grandeur ago 1}: instead of "funking out Y
Vulgar Ust can be
s."J'bey run
Only a few fkntinxr.Ul.stb: ;; :. Di. Harold) W. Didds, )'re.'idp, j lor pOOr but what The in.pector'now turns the
can judge
: know that Tu&ilala. the stiett on of Princeton Universityhorn'. wick" "It-nds.the burner," checks 1
}'they are by the they react'to ,
which it stands, is tin Samoan! Utica )Pa, 5'! years ago I !. smut. way j i the pipe,'' and if he finds the engine Y ;I
name for St:ver' m meaning Prof. Hailan T. Stetson of j:, The publishers always come I I' doing okay it's at a steady I "
"'Teller of Tales" Only a few n''all..that Mass Institute of Technologyfam back with the answer that they I' boil or cooking" He starts it up '

( during Stensoi's v>- -d astronomer and geoph'acist [print what people want and they'are by building a fire or sparking up .\ A MASTER fields its From
i I 1
joi -n, the banyan was the center burn at Havtrhill, Mass. J Jy the books that sell. Until we pipes"And t .many part, proud heritage. ,
of'a beautiful estate. Ainahau. <'ar ago ; I the "'grfLce; ; !moneky" is: *>r '* *

There, dour lived Scotsman Archibald who S. Clt.ghorn. married -- Dr. D., Robot noted iiutlunM-Yamall uf 1 tiigi-Philadelphia j}!I let can' the support other the kind good publishers alone literature: and wrong thtt9prove and I j jt 'j I tender now.a ""jet monkey" or ."kernsT*" "|. Benjamin Franklin served his his small Philadelphia( printing i.

Pnncess Miriam L.kelike, IM-*'r. horn I in Lklwurt Co.. 1'a '
; 14 not touch
sister: .of lI..w'.k Miriaml.i6e- 70 year5 ago :there T I am afraid we can do I-:i; H'117, Ynts,4in.F:? 'i ear 1 y apprenticeship a s ,a shop to the giant modern fl
likens1:_Ur of Hawaii last. qiutnCleg Floyd Dell, novelist, loon ,I
-- --'
horn built a fortune and I IH- Ban y. ilL 61 years tigo .4 r t Not Even
Address Your t.; \ At 16 he became the cr&ftsS.
cajne governor. Vice Admiral William 1i. ,P j' Letters to"LOUISA" : ; printer. i plants of today, skilled \ .
} P. O. ; .. .
cTheir child. Kaiulani. was a Blandy bum in New Yoik,. .

gay Stevenson.teen-age a few companion years\ before to years Hin.son ago.Snles managing. 1 J i Orangeburg. S. C. ]i.the Lawn Mower\ I II i | editor and publisher of his men have continually striven I

the'monarchy fell in 1893. But of the N. Y: Mirror, born, it I : "Haven you missed the ; I i . .
she left for schooling in England berta, Canada, 53 years ago..". :THIS ;TnANSPRT'CHIEF I. that used to live next door"folks! own newspaper. for improvement and( perfecI I
I and Stevenson went to II I '' I "No. The reason is that UK ry''
Samoa where he died of tuber- : A combination yorii N-J! \WANTS GAYER !
( ma LONDON burrow ,
i anything so Wl' j
To Franklin American lion in the technical
culosis.: and sour cream makes an LONDON.-(AP>. Londoners '! hardly knew them \ r publishing art oft
Kaiulani returned to Ainahau .ellent dressing for red and \
more i '
; after a few years <.f British education cole slaw add celery salt. opportunities for ao 5
,. Sh: tended her fragrant: celerseeds( for flavoring. evening in town. says TransportMinister i TRANSFORMER I.. ) and) prinlinjr o\vcs, in printing.
0 Alfred Barnes lie's not l ;
jasmine shrubs and precious peacocks j INDENTION! CLAIMCD :
worried by the Englishman's lack j
for little over a year andat own Islands and the shadow (
24 died-likt Stemon-of her mighty tree: and she willhear of social life. But he is concerned FOR Rli'SSItN! I S
tuberculosis Hawaiians said she the peacocks screaming ,by the transport tie-up caused:c1 1 1
died of a broken heal 'i the dusk and the wind 1,10\\ when hundreds of thousands of+I MOSCOW[ .-(AP). "Jzvestia"
For half a century the banyan in the palms. ." ,. or\teTit1l\ attempt to get theirsuburban i j recently announced that the t-lec_ , _
bas stood as Hawaii's hrine tot I! The poem began: : homes between: 5 and G.; tits transfoimer had been invented '
.u'rlock:. each ,: | by a z Russian. The s taU d I ::1-
the maid who might nabtcn it-;.I Forth from her land to name coining II paper >
And he feels that if west dI{ that l\IEomLtr-Cvrn.spoooent M\ ,
queen Now it. too. appear; she goes. en + + + .
doomed. i i The Island maid the Island department stores and shops kept A. ShaUlen of tile Academy of I :1I
But even if cut down the rose. "'. oPeil 'later at night the crowds f Sciences of the USSR had just ,
tree will live in a few lines Light of heart and bright of : .tieywould attract might lighten completed an..extensive oak on )
written by Stevenson. When face. . J the transport burden during the I the history of the electric transformer I
Kaiulani left for England. Stevenson The next lines inscribed t peak hours The restoration of The work of Shatclen has I '
facilities for 'proved stated "Izvestia," that
handed her a poem with bronze plate on the tiet i 'an evening in town'would
this note: Kaiulani epitaph: II probably do more than j the discovery of the transformer ;
"Written in Apnl to Kaiulani ,. The daughter of a double : vnvtbing else to spread traffic for alternating current was thr' i For more than thin f THE t ARTJIAN PRESS has spared |
I and work of the great Russian scientist y
In the April of her age: and at race. over a longer period so ease I'
Waikiki within an easy walk of: Her Islands here in southern the conditions of travel* Barnes of the beginning of the nineteenth ,
Kaiulanfs banyan. When she : sun. said. centurv P. N. Yablochkin. no effort to produce only the highest, quality printing. Each &
comes to m>" land and her father'> ,;, Shall mourn their JfaiuJamj The transformers were demon-I''
and the rain beats upon her I j cone The Idaho territory, which covered strafed in the seventies small the full benefit of
receives S5
dow (as I fear it will)!) let win-I I, And I. in her dear banyan more than 90000 square : ties of the last century: : at the : ( job, large or ) long experience
1. look at this page: it will be like shade. miles had only a few dozen whitepeople | Petersburg; Exhibit of the Rug1 1
ft weed gathered and pie -ed at :( Look vainly for my little in its population .is recently sian Technical Society, says I in the t trade.

.j home; and she will remember- her maid... .-.- - .. as. 1860. __'.__. ..."lz\.stl.A._. -- ----- I
II ----- -- --- .,
.. . .
: .. ".
. ti ie
( r' '
.:' : ,: .: '. .

t. ;: -, ;- .: A...._ .
. : "

I' i:1i'; l'T, j : : ; .; : :\ai ,.:... .:. With HESS/ nal :and) your business) 5prinling

.. .... or- i.'C' 'f., ... ..,..,..', ." ', .' ..., i. ' ..... '.'' .. '. r ,
-:) ,'- .. .....: ;..; "" . ( .... "J; . :'
.. F.t.
.. f"
I 'Iii,'.: """ .'n "' ... ',-'f' -- .......".:. .' ".:..r'.:....o.y'Vt. ;: /.' ...' #',... '. "" .. ....... .'\.; requirement( ( will:i he) handled( ( EXPERTLY . SWIFTLY .
i--e-4 ..
i. t. .. ; T- :: ": -:- .. l l : j.',, :: :, .,. , :;; i iJ
.. M .' : .and ECONOMICALLY.i 4
\ } ,- ,... ..., :- 1. . >
. . .,,;,, ',' -- .. . \
....... 5.\... ' -
K .
.' - - '. ... ' ,. ..... .
'..,. '
-1: ; :
.. '' .. ,
1 . H 'j11t.; : '
tt1 ; ; t"" .' .
IS ..
; If \
'" fI. '.-._" -_ 7t)1.. -1- "-vJA.-. l' twvfgt, -. ." .
J .; ,.- -,. .. : : : :
} #,* 330-? J.t. > *. 5" '.' .;'

'' ...'A dt .AI--V:; -. If
: The Artman Press

1# I' } II.... ;., >l. ;,i i 1 : !

f t'' ,I i


; ',:. [ gSiEaisEsaHHBBHBM B 3*' I .
0 W''N UNDER The New Ze Uad selling birque Ptmf-.vee tbrMrtrC> ctdhCkMot: { its way IIMH*, -
ON after WAY leadui D'*;ii a>> ..i 4a ud"f r voles ..I....U. W Z.BUr. .1 4t1hutcl( Be"1>>w"" *u4 &Mk'eSau.. I Ic *






.-- -- -" . . .
> .
_ .

'- '
:: --- ;-



I" 1 r I .
Keys Mcmoriiil "ll'lll, YOU SMILE? FARALDO DAUGHTERSAT ;
Names Officers II UnfinishedSynipIiony(
I The Misses Elsie and Kathryn

-. And Chairmen ; Faraldo. daughters of NT and -
; rww Last :; ) !Mrs. Ralph Far lldu. !1403 Fourth

street l I"it Satuidjy foi it mrLs'
Mrs. Jark Wilkinson junior I it Mount I\ht.-rwll. N C ,
The village orrhcs.ira; iia'l. just camp ;
chairman 145. American Legion Auxiliary sixth time. ',umnr ,
today announced the officers
"Thankou., said' the
comp -
and chairmen for the coming 'rer. who wa-; also .the cnrtcltict Add g. .t' n c'h' -, .h.. ., dlatlii.
junior year, as follows:
I : r.t ( "- sing; crd n : 1"uI. (
President Mary Teresa Arsua;
t "At last have given
you mea -- --
vice-president. Patsy Stone: sec
true interpretation of
retary. Barbara Parker: treasurer work." my k ,
Katherine Wilkinson: chap- Et : *'
a&t s t! "
"Gee! the ..
whispered roan / ,ri
lain, JORusscl1: -';ergeantatarrns .
Y M { tk with the's
l (ruicec
Jackie Sweeting and assistant
Allen. scrgcant-at-arms. Alice I've ;got two pages to play yet. i-

.Chairmen of various committees -* CIIAKTKK:( .I'RFSENfEI()

: Americanism Katharine (Continued From Page One Ipresided | a

\ Wilkinson; rehabilitation. MaryT. at the banquet The

Arsua; child welfare. Barbara Rev G. M. Ray. I pastor of First
Parker; community service. Patsy r Baptist Church delivered the in
Stone: publicity and radio. Joyce vocation. Group singing was lead !

Russell; Pan-American study. by Dr A M. Morgan.; :
Jackie Swectin: Pan-American City Manager Ralph D Spald- !! -

scrapbook Rose Marie I. zo, and I ins! extended the city's greetings. Newsfeatuies

scrapbook Alice Allen.I i Visiting: club presidents were in1.1 WRIGHT AND WRONG now have been separated in Washington. -
I At the last junior mcetine. ,: )f '. : reduced by Guy Wackstcttcr. Canadian Ambassador Hume Wrong ((left above) is left

) health rules were stressed an< "':;;. ''f Hollywood and officers and I i but his third secretary Hume Wright (right above). has been
I plans were being made to ( charter members of the local club
I assigned to Ottawa. ending the capital's humor over Humes.
} the 10th District Junior Confer-lj .......,.,., ;'.:;. were introduced by Calloway I
i ence to be held in Miami i .'4. jf' ,. j,. 1160 Entertainment features includ-I -- -- - -
-. a ,7o, ? '
: July %5. :"J JAPANESE DIE I T' .B U-1.:I L.D, VN.C-il.TheJinSicaped. : gardens"of'the imperial v Palace U" 'ki ed, songs a cricket by game Mrs. Eleanor was presented Dowsj j.j Duois To AtlerttlS'111CI1 ,1 flowers The rose to become was one domesticated.of tiie{ first '

Tokyo frame this view of the National Dietat3eil fn& in the Japanese capital. "
by Comdr Hugh W Bredin of
., . .. .. . .. More than 200 species have been
g West WinsSpecial : Confab
j Key' -' the British Royal Navv. and song discovered and named.
selections were rendered by Miss II. r
l Prize In JIEhAtiJ f Reds Are Building Faye Bervaldi. accompanied b"I Lcslcigh' Davis, director of the
I I Miss Beatrice Moreno Armed Services YMCA. will

!i Photo Contest ,IJerli I i Memorial Roc Fulkerson. editorial writer I,leave]1 here on Monday to &go to BOONE PISTOLThe FOR WINDOW NOOKS!
>' n of Kiwanis magazine of Fort I Silver Bay. N. Y.. on Lake .Venetian blinds accentuate the

Robert W. Braun Key West P LauderdalE. spoke at length telling I I George where he will attend the beauty oi your window treat-
High School-student of 912 Divi- {I I BERLIN.; ; -((AP).-Red marble of the history and growth of I i annual summer conference meet . eliminate undesirable

sion street. has, just been awarded and stone from the chancellory Kiwanis International. YMCA executives. Davis will be views..Insure privacy.. .difus! .
a special prize: in the third Officers ind directors of the( o- I j gone about six weeks. New lght..arid regulate venulahon.

I annual national high< school photographic av r utruct. cal club arc: In his absence Miss Wahneta Target r
ward.:. J 4 James M Calloway. president; Burt of M-uncie Indiana, will Air Pistol
1 + viet soldier who fell in the Battle I KEY WEST- t'
s Victor A. Lang vice president: (
Judges in this nation-wide come here to serve as director of
; for Berlin. The USSR i is the '''Isadore Wcintraulx treasurer:
picture-taking competition that the Jackson Square YMCA Miss I'rirrdTROPICAL S'-95 VENETIAN BLIND COMPANY

attracted entires from every section a a lt Y c _ only wne of the victorious Ailed Ygnacio Carbonell. Secretary. Burt is one of the few women .11 . . DUVAL
; 123 STREET
I Directors R. SiruKo.
: Joseph
Julien t. who is qualified YMCA: ecrv-
of the country were r.ZPO0.CM powers to erect such a monument I a
; William V Albur '. Dr Allen TRADER CALL 1042 for Estimates
i internationally known tary or
Bryan* C here Construction work on :i Shepard Lesleigh: Davis, C' R 718 Duval St. Phone 1000;)
photographer and lecturer; Once she served in Kev'l."t ..
the memorial in the IIreptower I Reagan. Harry J Mitchell. Rev.I1 -
I Scott Fletcher president: Encyclopaedia I I In 1946 she came here with the
Britannica films. Incorporated j I park of Berlin is already well i I Bronnie E Nichols. I department of the local
I i program:
I The charter members of the local
I ; and Kenneth W. Williams underway. It is expected to cost I j I I YMCA' and is well known

': 'anger photographic Ea.tmanI illustrations ten million marks before its;; coin j James club are M.: Calloway. Arturo I II ,!;: throughout the city THREE HOTELS IN MIAMI|\' / at POPULAR PRICES

\ Kodak company.division : plction I by the end of this year j Boza. Victor A Lan::. Joseph R I I......................... Located in the Heart of the
I The monument will bear the j I Siruco Walter O Wakton. Lou City
I !I '' Inscription Eternal glory to the' Ia I Smith. C R. ean. Myron I RATES I:*riAll 1C WRITE or WIRE

fighters: of the Soviet- army who Grant Rev. Bronnie Nichols. I)I i -BjCYCLES- REASONABLE llUUilJO for RESERVATIONSwith

The Weather ; PLAN V27t10aa4E { gave their lives to free humanity'j j Charles Kr;>cger. William V All BATH and TELEPHONE
} from Fascist slavery." Sixteen !j bury. Isadore Weintraub. I Repaired and Rented

I relicts: accoiding to the Soviet licensed i Leigh Davis. Dr Allen (" Lr.-I I Ford( ( Miller\
,o!I Fo1tECAS'I'I t I I German press will depict 1JW.\ E. Fowler Harry Mitchell. {!I Also in Stock-NEW
I the -life -Soviet men and women Ira Albury. Dr A. M Morgan. IUCYCLKS
'Ik : TRICYCLES: : I 1I..1t.1! (llolrl lintel
I Key West and Vicinity: Pat tly at-peace .the sudden attack Julius Kovash. Paul Mcstt. Jr.
cloudy and continued warm today !I J|I"C Germany; on the Soviet union George Fjraldo. Ellis Brddlcy. WAGONS SCOOTERS 60 N.E. 3rd SL 226 N.E. 1st Ave. 223 NE. let Ave.
CO Rooms
k, tonight: and Tuesday. Moderate j 0 OED400N the battles of Stalingrad.' Odessa Sam Itwrt"nI"t' Joseph KJoa.Glynn anal SKATES Elevator J Rio tootiii.; 80 Rwtl

N I easterly winds. Scattered j I II ; 0: 0138'xld s ,: stAEORQOUss. Jj!i and.Seva&tapoI. the siege; of Len- Areher. Tom C. Stallings. Solarium Elevator Elevator
thundershowers in the vicinity. j 1 rf S s 0. 1a I ingrad. and the climax of the Ralph Farnldo. Ycnacio:: Carljon- Overseas Cycle Store HcaU-d .
Florida:. Partly cloudy with j 1 I Russian offensive with the hoist ell, Charles E. Roberts Sam 3 BLOCKS FROM UNION BUS STATION

I L scattered afternoon showers and : vv 1 1llYIXG I the Red flag V;y"Soviet Lawrence. Mark Duffy. P J 920...Division.. Su..... Phone 1380
the interior soldiers t .e!. .........
thunderstorms over < w Y on the ruins of the German Ross.: Herman Alllu.;'. Robert I ISaunuels. I
i and western partions thru Tues- I j a sF 1I Rrtflis-tag building. Centerpiece George;: Lee. I II I - -

day. Few scattered early morn- I I of the memorial will ,be ---- I I
ing showers over southeast coastal ,J a 36 foot high statue of a Soviet I Add ct-lcry seeds to putiilo salad Ii
section.! I soldier trampling on the Nari i'for a change in flavor. I i-
East Gulf and Jacksonville Swastika.

Thur Florida Straits: Gentle to {! I I I Demonstration of New Radioear II ii -

moderate cast to southeast winds MOSCOW; llrS ..
Miss Etta Patterson. i
a lifelong
and gen-1
over southern portions f
1).0. FOR ; ; I Key West resident has worn a I
tie\ variably mostly; southerly J Jwinds'over MOMIMKiSTS. Be
northern portions this I B.EDROUM MOSCOW : Radioear Hearing Aid for the past : a Volunteer !
afternoon and Tuesday. Partly -- monument <( ,
cloudy weather with widely srattere i to r it";tanding Ru: j heartily recommends its use to
; showers and thunderstorm-. !OWl; have been -apporved by thet'mimitt 'i I anyone with a hearing loss. Then
a! on Art for erection i new Model 55 Radioear offers
i No small craft or st'.rnwar- an
-Mofcco'.v; ; A monument to Seicei'i I
of and dependability.
ings'have been issued economy operation
Et+iEft .' .' I Kirov pplithureau member and I 1*! .
Report'Key I Communist leader who was as ; JOIN YOUR LOCAL
AP Newsleatures : -I?, Never before equalled in any UNIT
sassyiated in the 1930's. will
West,-Fla_ June 20. M-13 Jo.. one price unit. Ihe built-in telephone I i
A SALT BOX MODERN u the architect-name? for this compact cottage up at the Pavcletski Station i}f
i amplifier provides perfect
Observation taken at City Office. I
8:30 A.M., EST) cf five rooms with six-room capacity ,Psignect by Jule Robert j I Square. A monument to A. P.!I telephone usage. You mar see I
I '. Temperature Van Sternberg. 144 Washington St. Hempstead. N.;.Y.: as' hls' Plan j Chekhov. famous short-storv I 1 j t this at her residence at 522 Caro- j OF THE NEW NATIONAL GUARD-NOW !

Highest yesterday 91 V.27 to solve cost problems this house covers only 811 square feeL j( writer and dramatist will be erfected line Street. Phone 35.
Garage and storage shed add 235 feet. A on Naryskin Square.. The _. --I
t Lowest last night SO square non-bearing storage j -- ---
Mean _ 86 wall of thin plywood extends across the house from' floor to roof. great general of the war of 1812. :;

t I Normal 82 Trussed construction gives the living room a high ceiling.Rafters can Kutu/ov.: will he cotnm"mnrnled.,, t=-- I Serve in
by a monument at the Kiev Sta- r a
be left
Precipitation exposed. painted stained. or covered. Adding to spaciousness tion. i
t Total last 24 hours .00 ins. is built-in furniture, including chests of drawers and bureau tops 'I I FIGHTING ORGANIZATION

Total this month .&8 ins. with storage space above. A table folds into the ,,wall of the dining The Burmese celebrate Tagoo" :

Dcficlenc ythis month 3.15 ins. room where .a davenport bed will provide an extra. bedroom. their New Year festival by dousing 1 \ 1 I Here's how
Total this Tear 17 67 ins. ,: with i If you art quickly there may still ire I a placefor
c.Jthi'year; 4.08 ins.I IRelaUn every one water. The 5f l ,
Humidity r :' I lowest employee may inundate IT SAVED I you in the "MC'atiolJal (;iuanl.( Uul you the National Guard

.tt fc30 AJ.t.66r. Seeks Divorce !\ Broken I Mirrur\ his boss with. complete impunity j i. ME $64.50 AND I! must act noir 1 the National; Guard
I Helps You
A petition seeking: a divorce] CARD OF THANKS j, I GOT A BETTER lias room only for the best . men who arc _
; was filed Saturday in the office! Proved
( !**.!) 1:30 A.M. :of Circuit Court Clerk Ross CJ J Lucky, We wish in this manner to' PAINT JOB I! polt-ntiall(9adcfS. . men -who want to serve

30.07. ins,-1018.3 mhs.: Sawyer by Anna Edwina Rochcn i! JAMESTOWN. N. Y.--A broken thank all those who were: so kind ':,' their country with pride in the great military Pad rd.c.if.a.

Tom n.1 Almanac against Fred Louis Rochen. mirror proved lucky for the I! to us during the illness and foli traditions of the National; Guard.
Sunrl : 5:41 am. ; i lowing the death of our loved' i
Sunset 7:2: p.m. Fred Harrington family. A'' one. Fred Filer. !
MowuiseUoonset 12:17 a.m. INFAIST. IMHJSTKY light bulb set fire to a l lamp-1 I j We also wish to thank thus i
12:35 'j shade the flames spread to a' j 1 THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES r.Uewaldp Tr.istag
p.m.June who !
so kindly donated the
MEMPHIS. Tl'nn.--AP '
) Anew curtain and window ij
Moon last quarter 20:) sash and of their can and the beautiful''
service was born in Memphis then burned through a cord floral ONLY 100,000 MEN WILL BE ACCEPTED
because Mrs. Ellen Rowe offerings \| j .
holding a' mirror. Speyb 1..enJai.
TIDES had a tough time on an out-of- The mirror fell and the crh"j junZ3-lt THE FAMILY. HQUS PAINT BY THE NATIONAL GUARD THIS YEAR
Tomorrow i
town shopping trip. She had no attracted the family at dinner:' i I
(Naval Bare) one to take care of her haband downstairs in time to avert i fppy IAA
a serious -
Eastern: Standard Tune) department store play-rooms fire. I $5.48 Man II I The National Guard's; strength. this. year b w.....ow..,
3:30 High p.m. 9:39: a.m. than wouldn't four accept years children>ld. She less got I Let Us Help You GAL 'den I limited lo SJO.fWK; ) men. Already. SiO.OOO arc veweeme.ue.h..raetM

3:10: p.m. 9:13: pm. mighty tired carrying the child The hcdgegraw has ben a part i $1.65 t iOUAg7 meniliers. So there's. only room for the Iw-st

through the tnn"!'. of the European landscape since Plan and "h\-r.!J r t\ f.tJ1;
ADDITIONAL TIDE DATA Now her bahy shop henrents medieval times. j!i Your Floors ; mess Physically menially qualified y mm"r,

liaUoaTidt Reference Station Tim:of Key!:IbighwateiBahia Height West oi. downtown Iwby buggies UM and at strolloYs 25

IJonda an hour. ,i e Tile protects your house years looter. training that hells| keep America s-lrong. of the United States
Think what that means in saving
(bridgeOh 10m 0.0 II .Cork Tile paint time They earn while they learn . and }IIC ready
No 2 imiTISII:\ DKSTROYKRS'Continued ) Plastic and trouble. Expert- Tat ill the
Name Key : :Loses 65 Lbs. I Tile need painters prefer Vita-Var because to do their part in prolct-1 ing America's future. National Oaani and siS.S.l.etu.S.r.e. .

t (cut ChicaSandy end) _-+:11:010But'Ia ( fum Page One) Wears Size 12 Again \ .Plastic:CBroadfelteGpello Wall TiU they know that regardless oi ...d..Ace..viaS ... ;:.,.. boa(

Heave and the Crossbow will re Now aN TOO have to do in 1 tonsir the price you pay you cannot buy
I ( Point)-Oh 40m main'in{ KeyVcit waters for fat thn dehaouevw Wool Rugs a better house paint. See us today.
several ,
kind irf anrijt caned AY IIS. wAcouitie Ceilings '
Caldes Channel
weeks. Oner ISOlb." ItortMhT J.MiHtr, ;
f (north end) _42hlOm +1.4 II Tlr* Battleaxc anon W. TOia Sc. Chcato. lot i i .Hardwood Flooring : \
cOo und Crossboware Iba. weekly" for 13 weeks: w.totae Formica for Sinks 'PIERCE BROS.Cor. + ONA14,
remarkable NEW
fleet destroyers which AYDS
carry egad Counter Tables -
NOTE: ;Reduonc Flaa aad ahe BOW i j
officers and 250 .
(-)-Minus sign: Correction 250 men each. They are men 365 each.feet pa snapear moor ae.aMerperea.d posTrvvt ten!e .1teal.__t w .. .' .Floor Refinishings Sanding and Fleming & Elizabeth Sts. e. .... O

to be subtracted. tung. and report quick and aafr :loam "
( '
<(< ) rius erf 14 to IS rnumli. with *r100 1'IIO.NE: 270 ACT'NOW/
T sign: : Corrections t> You Can
be added. To winIarsatzMrsrr No eiercar. No! lua .... No dove.. Eat Cates Floor Coverings % Quality, SeeS
crust intended for
(h)-Hour.m add about one-half cup apple grated pic. all S yea oil u want.. p y Ahagluteir take AYDS Harrakax brton ;....!.ebb i' 9 A\L your Local National Guard Unit Today!
( )-MinuU cheese. awtonatirallTnrMtbeapoetttr.TlvraiUtai. ; !i J. L. CATES ,
(ftJeet.. t at le 1 fun... .t*nan than->ou wJl I':Iit Flooring Contractor Jm THE NATIONAL GUARD
Before frosting a cake be uie jroa fail to has wewhu tame w Dtonr.It 92S WHITE STREET OF THE UNITED STATES
Read the dassUied Ads in Tb.ltuea. to brush all the ,rumba cff: ins all .. ', ,, ..;dmB ...W. .I I i PHONE 1599
: top and a:.des. r..d siert. I" h., ".... .ad ... , Tbe' 'artr a'" .t! .tI.:" !u.!\ '' ; -r- "0" .T .




The Key West citizen

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The Key West citizen
Place of Publication:
Key West Fla
The Citizen Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
June 28, 1948
Daily (except Saturday)[<1958-1995>]
Daily[ FORMER <1908-1909>]
Daily (except Sunday)[ FORMER <1912-1949>]
normalized irregular
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v. : ill. ; 68 cm.


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Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida and Crest.
Cf. N.W. Ayer & Son's direct. of newspapers & magazines, 1976.:
Began in 1879.
General Note:
"Independent Democratic." N.W. Ayer & Son's direct. of newspapers & magazines, 1976.
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Description based on: Vol. 30, no. 129 (Dec. 16, 1908).

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University of Florida
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t Key West ,Florida, has the Associated Press Day Wire F

most equable climate in the !tlJ firM Qiti.! Features and Photo t Services !
country with an average Y For 68 Years Devoted to the

range of only 14' Fahrenheit 4 Best Interests. of Key West ,r


----- -

- -- -

Charter Presented, .,;'- -;-',p''";; -. e ql, ;Thousands Lose Lives As !

. -

.. .._...,, ., .,......: '--"_ _
To Kiwanis '" v i
; n Rocks
Group;.,: I I i: -\(" -l"': ; Earthquake Japan;

Here On Saturday,:'t. l t\t a Center In West Honshu

.II MI..IoS.I.S11: \ ; : : : : FROM : r IIU\Jlfl.l'; ( ' M>O I U0{ ( K-

PUKIo\IIJJol\T\ : 1IUill.IN J.1 !1:1): HIT iKinniKI:: I';
$25,000 BLAZE

.\\1>)> KIWIS 11' EIt. rui.iu: : OK. ".\J; :;

.' {1TIUU..UI.Is; ( : ir 111SIT; ;
,yI IS., .....__.... p"t
Key West Kiwanis flub
reeit'td j .
t TOKYO. June :38.-Tnou. ..miof 1"
( its barter From C;. Harold .
Alai tin. Fort Lauderdale. governor Japanese lost their tires bin ":'i'
of Florida KivamInterna, ii TCRAIG DOCK an earthquake in "' t-i'"
-c I areordinf to slur d.' ,
tional at a banquet Saturday ,
made by
night at La Concha Hotel j trmnFb this Japanese nvwspapci 11

With nearly 200 persons in attendance ,\f p2u .Flautti. Soar Tlirou :li :;.1<- I I city.While uwr colt of dead i I.. :e, ,:

the charter was accepted -, I known ,,
definitely the "j i
papers) ,1
j .h James M C 1lnway. I Story I'-Shnpnl; I ItiiilfljnM .
t by J j : ;: I that in one city of W9W t ti.niimlxT .<
1f president of the Key Wc:>t Kiwanis 1 of dead excecdeil t -bir'dg)
9:00) O'U.Mk: Ui-t
Fusty thousands are ln"nn !I. .
also' accepted, in behalf I m one province alone, and! I 11.I

of the local club, the flag: I I i I Night i levtruction of property is ergo.-
I Ravel and other accoutrementsof '! m''U!'. the papers stated
; Las of up'\arcl> of $25tNNac: ( )
the organiration which were, } : Fires started immediate: .1 presented by R M Bond, district j II:I suffered l by the Key West Naval ter the first shocks, and _> '., '

secretary of the Fort Lauderdale I I i, Pass last night; when fire gutted 'rlr blocks arc burning with tin
Club II j the .,?Ulh wins of the U-.h..pcd ,me continuing to spread
Canvas rampmc cabins two miles from BanIT MbrrU, afford Utilities .
During; the course of the I 1\ Navy operations development to.O habecn disi.i:d.'i! )
beautiful view of Canadian Rockies. In background is the rairholme mountain range. : .
I I in!?, Calloway read a short let ; "station near fOld Craig clock md government and C'OInn..1I c .1i c
ACTRESS CJ 1- onimumcatmns have been <>J'
Jams tarter I tel from Charles Ross secretary i I
motion picture ;actress modelsan of President Truman conveying i Starting shortly after 9 pm. ">li Supplies are being rul/ J I : ,
!. ..:r I"IJT 1'111; the fire had headway the locality the Ja '
ofl-lhr-shouldrr black lace the President's regrets 2 BRITISh DESTROYERS gained rapid by ant-si :c.e -

c\emn: (0\\D. that he was unable to attend the r bv the time the Navv'> lice inmcnt and the American ...

- banquet The I letter read a.i follows Ireland To department under Chief Hun upation i for<
Sharp 1 Note To :1 "Dear: Jimmie: The Presidenthas ARRIVE THIS MORNING\ Rtwiw /'it(IWASHINGTON. Baker reached: the scene The .'It.Shocks in this from and the other temblor citu\,\ < ",

asked me to thank you I flames quickly spread to tm Japan When buildings beg- '

Co To RussiansIn warmly for your kind invitationto I i ;)fore lilt' north wing:; of the building 'ick here tens of lhuu>,an t i T"q Ve-rr16 Will Kr Hin *-
him to attend the Khvam-.. Fifteen minutes alter the! tightened' r people rushed tnt: th.tKiU. c..
Club ceremony' on Saturday.June J I .! r h 1......rarer err./ firemen arrived. the had the' -. many of them with Berlin Zone 26th. He regrets that it is I)I For S,.tcral 111 t'C'I.{.. 1 nI June 23_ I flames, under ("Ontl"Ol'They had tulicnwrico 1 of the cal'h'I"1*.

,:: impossible for him to accept The I I The Department of State an- to bend their first efforts to stop .in this city in 1923 when 1 II 1
(ll> 'I be l."ria/N I'rr..1 President sends his greetings and .dr1oiu, ; Tr.iiiiiiiilli i the fire from spreading;; Onco t.Z thousand lost their I lives
nounced today that Ireland
1IKIILIN; June 29It v\a: reI best! wishes I | they had accomplished: this the t (Honolulu experienced: .".
panted I today that the American Please accept my own All of U.S. I:nil- hit been included among the : could devote! all their attention earthquake shortly after the .11'

commander in Germany is pre us here are l looking forward to The British. Royal K.iDC. ,- nations that are receiving ,Ilo putting the blaze out.I >ti. uc'k in Japan but local .',".
paling a shaipo worded protest. another visit to the Little White HMS Daltleaxc supplies from the United I J At the height of the fire the' moiogists/ aid the temblors
troy era aria HMS
to send! to the military commander House in Key West. Crossbow oinvcd in Kev We,' Slate= under the European (j I City fire department! stood o\ not connected They were 'Ii i,
in the ].u&>isn zone against: From the general office of Kiwanis I Fire Chicf Leroy Torres went to trot earthquakes, the scie. .it i
i Ihi.mUI'nm; at 930: a n> The ( fa Recovery Plan. .
the Soviet blockade which is c i International Chicago, J the scene! and personally; ollcrcd added and though the one h' I.
keeping urgently needed foodstuffs Belmont M ssra: president of the Baltlcaxe. and Cnt-sb-.A will engage The pact was signed today Chief Ba,or the u<>c ot the Cite was of far less intensity. it d.i iI .

out of western Berlin '! Kiwanis organization; sent Callo- j in training operation in in Dublin. a department Fire department The Navv department :- I rupted seismographs.hi:: ",i iI .

In connection with that btatef j way the following letter j Key West Batt'eaxe! water 'fi b\ % l fA spokesman!: said.It was not forced.. 'to call I I I buildings and broke glass "ACI ,
i The is Gorman( : .
j f meat it wag said that b> nightf..11 :'_ "When the charter which you Captain Sir CharT s' Miodcn! ; a is the first major treaty the. city! firemen I down in stores and other lion< .
125 fl-cight--arryi:11 planes ;are about*to receive }has been the United States hu made Tor a time the flames "si a;eel Kc-KlcnU: Here Hrf'hW*: M'i e: ,
Nav.nil the C..IJf. ,
will a.rive in western Berlin Hut presented to you it will mark the commanded Royal ; i I" with Ireland and officials in I high above the burning: building i but after the first chock the u'
: by Lieutenant ( 01">: 1mand'r i
they will bring only 300 tons of beginning; of a new cram n jour C S Cattcisl 11'-e.1: ., x that country wore quoted as ; The sky was leddcned bu' reeding: ; temblors were cvmp.I.-: (
freight: as compared with 2000 lives long let be remembered Navy expressing gratitude for the .the flames soon died down as the tivHv; light)

tuns that arc needed daily Each of you should receive from assistance they will receive Navy force department a.i,Unhv

New turiency was put into your Kiv anis experience much and Captain Lieut Sn', I'.M ut nun.,( h.n under terms of the treaty.H.LYarbrou f a number of officers; and men |I ACTRESS Ann Sheridan DevelopmentOrganization

million today in the Soviet happiness 1 because of the Sl'1'jf't' made offklililall.. upon the v ',>,,,> k i lot the development section sot i Ii of the slacks films during wears gray vacation gabardine at I II
Hfuplcdone of Germany From which you have the opportunity I.I.IT.I'lllfI1'I'f I their water lines to play on fin I
nvindc-r U S. N.ival Ba>-i'. t ''ip i Son \allev. Idahv.
the I time the hank in that area to lender to your fellow man and ., ----- I! Navy; firemen I believe:: tb lime Ii
lam C C Aclcll at 11'(1 1 (; ) ::1\\ ;
opened| l untli they .closed there to your community may:)' hav:: started on the g ci'wncl, ( i
lodav: and Captain Ati< II i 1" ned '
was a lush iu: exchange old. "Kiwanis is not a fraternal organization - the tall at II-n; .1. i ilioaid In '"n RABBI I Or Israel Itrodir hOn I floor of the:: po..t office, which "cIcupiO i 2 Key) WestersIn Holds Session
money for nc"mon crowds but it Is without the Catllcaxt senior Jewish rhavUin to thrKrtltsh I a part of the beiikiin that I Ia
.it one hank& Mvcn vvoic injuitd. doubt ono of the finest meJiuinf forrrs. iv chief ralit.i of \\ ", badly domJl'd; ; Tlirv saga !
It is cxiK-etcd that C.iptnn; Si:1. () Destroyer ,
one of them intuallv.. (luring: piomoling friendship and resulting I ailed Hebrew consrnt: nr I IN Jiort t' rt"uiOlav have :stat'"l( |i Air Reserve Youth Development 1)c.: : '"
CbaihIadcn! and Lieut CII-: ,
j. j jOfficers (I
lushes; to enter the think i, ; happiness; the British ('ommonwcillli. ndEmpin : the fire j I lihcM a meeting I i-?;
i i man
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