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vae. Nor oo; political,lead: :.w.the*r4 first und If the xturow'"minimumhATK.4S*. f n T 1 I n'elnrte r t.gLIttlin.. tn.the'nrornfay' .,f the titi.

ers, stand bvevhole slated,. al-j

;. though legend ei tines ,ay' .
{ 'tbffy have.. I A ad.ertiin>; ti steers ted- u nit.! 'be tottgwteg.eui.4iltrns:' lee
.1 he average volem adz hh i eTFt. 'itflit tn's IvarIMn*, -ansfent 6? e4rttiart, r5 vitixe. .:111 be I
reep Mriii.pis tltr UI" toertk
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: I.i mind tip lone a 'o. Jfcl hoir or Ill-etas ti.ertt.iC* forinf'If"-" The a.Seal au.nurt'sf l'la-.itie4 Itpa.A'.rt1'I.. all4: its
_ w-hcA, he doesn't know hamse!:. 0 ftrs .Y"\ lit the ...ci\.l'\.iRUlf'. t.is ct,.. ...'...r a.c..r. 4"Vp.' d. ay tbt
S a tty ten: u? p."dierf .' .. a elatir .,_ w .. tlu '_ .... 'I- ..... ...1 ... "I''
-1 : ire:;: -.. -.a. ilt i
i tat rhenistry thtt toobody 'under-i i .:
lOlitFurni'ied X2MT
s T9fVC stan r-Z-!east 'of all the prcfesibAcI ,- j; APARTMENTS_ } FOR' ,BALE. ,;. ,
iitirian. PfS !
j orpl9 in epartnent. 3 ruoua. and S.tearoom fur fsfcrd Mio Art+Wr-
Eurocc thick ( election. ,
detioei tty whet our, a canJUatsj ace ) bath, ITeH and jamti fi-- j t bcfec. PrfrJv $150$). >67
ice., Iraens -iisl uUSties far- { trnfls. Jfjhtifan -
& Johiwohc
doon the
ray; .an.: hind end of
a tram, j ni3h$ Stirfnsr ratus. Coral j Fho& 272. trtl-ll:
lintel AprTrerfte> oapteiSe Post \ ..
I IKcxi
OfEce. vt.7:ctx .
._ spring Csnsrol ElecUicviil Cray rrmqne en "!hes and ten-Tee.
-- --
J: start building a plant to.\ C. K. Smttl oppost Flies rn5
V.1*> Yi p.u. generate elect icity t.frjra atainic Furnished 2 t-2--jAotr apSfttrfenv.UUities : S: ticn, Mliratbtntiins
'' i furnished. Children* '
,.,..... JWTH ALICE FOr.D lies In r coda .t her rern- '
*' i under. I 3'err accepted. Apply nad.1nce rase S.s
.haaa M tiltaeM.,..,. while kr brother Glenn 4. tries to' kWpIAJ : 8c.eaeb.
These: u'or s."CJr.h rentrembenng. -': 915 Windsor: &ie. 'octl-tf j! Fr'temak, 1121' C herir
J.w S;
ss.wq. Tlss lrsis pi baeD in a ml-coniciou con were said by England's

Ii:1/aw t.... a Mo.ia ..-&c. tut Dccmb. but her D'U1Nn. =. Foreien Miriater at a .recent j|I Four apatt'rents available. 4ll ; Q,. !

6aAtttf/ P.sdd. says 1tn prayers and tb3s. d hn zisI3h'oCirs mt-et-nj c* the Gutted Nation wir'ztam, Street.. jc!S26txJErf i t 1949 tar
... ....... wL t...> .... chHd .!... She will bi live ye1. '(,1" i! The oeiegatas were so aroused 1 j I I .. "" Division license.Street. Apply 1C18

'tihl ns,.. '-; Mft" n>) bj try ftitiv klhiay pirtf. ..* that they stood- up. cheering, and {i >i' .ipy opattn eta -for coupie. : oct9-6tx'- .-

.r that is roincthing seldom done S23 White 't tI '
-*- f Asby Craad pian X Star". rqel-
I i by diplomats. sifiped. pants. .
S oct4-3tx :
I .tilt roftr.rs \UU: \1. MOl unc'cl.F. :, lent cYTidft26n. Piano: Ttfri ,
1 ; .. 'If the black *uiy.'the m- IV 1 SOT DivfsTon, 'Ph'stte C25 J.
_, __ .,.. :I I ,1/ "
"A '<'--'" : calculable distsefcr of aft c AtlenGon., renters 2 new lill-j I I f. 6cttJ-t. c

I II I i j v.-ar. should fall upon LS one J JI electric furbished Oe-bearooinamens. >

II 1 I power, by ref zsing Its coop : A'tion. One f-toek from :: WpJtnrrneL. '$2.75. Cartel je
I 'w\ will alone .be responsible; j I'I I stores: and laundry avaiiiblt to *i white paint, $2.75 and $3..3 p'r
I If the "Soviet representativehad n ppy people 'who appreciate gafl+ ,nj 'uir. 5 .ft r4criljn

...;."' .. : any feeling for the simple j I pleat nt surroundings. A JanJgceped hose $ ;d5l Doherty' & 'Co. 8 ?
people: of S-JJrope 'or the world, i! secluded {." n'f')1" 'Oli ta. Phone I. &7: cct2-5t
,:;i !!1 leisure hou Call
if he were animated by any thing yo"r ,
10a .' 1
but ou.- -date backward LinnScientific i I llTff-V, "cciWStxi
i Mane motcr. C5 h'po "ChrisCraft -
: doctnno, Lo would b2 i I .. with 2 lo 1 rsdnoJfcn

the first to ctppl-aud the great, 't 1 Furftishisi apartment. atfu. i. ho g..sr! gold <
> unselfish contribution of the !.| pets. Con iicOv. rti5a10. tees manifold. Motor ai florae

,, United." States to world re- 1214 Duval Street, Telephone Bras. Garage. Price, SlOO.Ca.
covery. 100.-W.I .
oCi 13-!!
|i oc't2l tstf' _
I Aloxancer: McO ft, age 14. entered i I
--- EvenruJc
Harvard fab. the > ; lup. IS-tS engine.
this rna_ children At i I Furnished aprtirtrt 1t. ..Crtpreonly. ,, 11'\ ft plywood ak.f L 'civccl-
3 when
age og y I Apply 1128 MarkarezCucet. lent condition. 220
I Both $ <) orsold
find comic books tough reacing.he .
ccparately. 33 Rest ilea h.
had red a 20-volurae set ol i (
encyclopaedia. He likes to relax Phone 1529-R. dcUS3x8CJ

with Latin essays. Tier havebctn 1 mRT--R: ,
S' other case of dazzling $"_. ft. hsrd birchw. 'cod flooring -
chadl:ocd inteil-geisce but they ;j 1 I L !rgwell *Vi.tilat :i '.!eepir/g. $35.00 Contact Tony Arthur -
teem to fctlm taKsretv'ss out and I I+ roorrjs with adjoirJiig* bath a t Phone 418. oc.1<-3t

usually cad up in or
;I I'* : Rest.; 1721 Flakier Popular brands C.gai'Ett.an.: al-

Another ttr.er.dous; crowd ofj 1172-J :t n-u. >Wnye 2 for tic Rt Par Cia
freshmen is crowding into, college Craig. 1019 White
again this year. ACO'_t Lalf I I FOB BEirr;::A.PARTMEKTSAJIO Street.ee 15-I.x:

will not a a3ate. Too many -ROOMSbf .

{ : ----.EH-. ft.erlmenifu real abihty drop I .TOR SALE. USED...CARSi
out ire first yeJr. 'ib o' many "I SlaW Ho'eL 4SO JVmina I'
\.1"1 "UI.'P-.t'tf' others \vitn no imagination pass 'Sfre t. has' an ,efficiency tabs .
I/ 1946 Pontiac 8 Station Wag,
; kind.I their exams :..1grlau.te is and several k'eepifig rooms:vacant
%I: Am oners RAMJET HELICOPTER. first cf its I ind rt'nat. ri o rust 1215 Ctneru'e
'hen is tV aIr ft, !*.*% ia The first demonstration light '.u1teil tu U Cumbel1s.. j Low VeeWy 'frr wotitWsrates. S:rrt. nctH-h\:
i iI ccll-tf'
;.h ft was uralppt wlri gasoline burning jets weighing tent .
i The Best in Me and Other
i i ..
fa4$ dw Prtpun ferm?!f w.i used far fuel. Charles A. 'Animak" is a new book by 1 --,- -.' Buick. 1947 Sed-mcte Delivered -

'. WJL Jr. U p:I***? the 311 pound aerial moTorcyrlc.T': *
l' fLi ...bi. titl > se .TtiU ry petting end ccurler ierrico. lOs ; Bcaig aiir.jit blind and suffering IPrlrr.om' lo'sv. cretkicdI Northern car' s2 5O. 400 Si-

I.tl.eyret.rt! Is t!J Nb,.'. 'XHJD.1. the worlds largest hlicopl3r, very bad ht :h. n.anagei. to be I per h. all electric bungr kitchen.! two: ror. on Strcri. c't15.2d:

one of the great humorists of i
landsccpwl. -
Tocant'f-.tlly -
car gar age.
our time. 1 No $125.00 Best offer takes 1P33 D. ] t1.t,*.: IOIIY1IKI) 1XK TIM30) ; to Dec.pets.1st, tlienon *permonth easfcRa dan. G When hanging the wash, hang 6 (30. 223 Wh'terread Street
1st Pavl's TTTC: ;
to May
I'.t' y ". --- I
the articles straight and by tneir octl-tf, octl l 4f38Yi
strongest parts to make them : Shop.

13:>t longer. f :
FOR RENT-COTTAGES Po.tisG screamnacd scoj n-
WANTED-FEMALE .I i j+! ette. F.!. Ft. Taylor. Call

HELP ; Furnished cottage, hotater.. In-;; 1505-J. oct5-3t

ti Now is the time. The big Chr :.t- I faint accepted Apply re- 1012 .
Varela Street t; ietairrs. FOR SALE MOTOR. BIKES
big profits
{ 1's mas season means I II'_ .
lor Avon Rep:es'enlatives. We I octH-3ts
Whizzer motor bike. 1947 rr.cdcl
train )'OU. Write, giving home
address to Mrs. Smcdiey, Furnished cottage. 1GS6. FfallM' ; Good condition. 126-C Pc5nciaca =

Box 1101, W. Palm Beach P'O'I' AADPiy to2 Carol n..;. octl*.3tx
Phone 657-J. octg.stx

Secretary for Chamber of Ccmi i FOR RENT-HOUSES '
merce office. Local resident i Man's bicycle Billnon. :

desired. Good typist estenttal.Apply .] Very nic?. cool oh' -b droom $17.50. 1300 Staples Av.

; in person. oet3-4t; house. uD .1t. :.bed. Applv 320 CCt14a:

: Elizabeth oct3-4tx

MEN! 23 ft commercial fishing bjal.

I I I EXCEPTIONAL BENEFITS! i Overseas Hotel, lorates.. Coffee 9 It. beam. Trw Kermaih marine -
s 1 One of the most desirable bene- shop, bar. oct2-26t erfiire. Very 1;dcd condi-
fits that the U. S. Army and i tion. Phone 483-M-
U. S. Air Force offer is I onerous -!I octH-3cc
retirement" pay for the'I pLACES

man who makes a career of I, FOR SALE-.USED TRUCKS

semce Nothing is 'deduttctii I Restaurant. all equippe? for

from your regular monthly pad' '! bu nness. Apply Horc*, f,V this income. Yet n rnsario Bar, 802 Caroline oct4-3lx panEl track. 1 ten Good ccn-

a life time annuity. It means j d.tion. Heasorcib]> pnced.
s you bID wAire in SO years zt I Cp.hera"ho1 ..tc Groc2ry:,
halfpaygal'dl S of age.And Large store for rent. Res-son 423 Front Street octl -StSALErCABIHS
923 White Street.
remember too retired able. Apply

service men are also fully entitled I octl4.6t: FOR

to cemfi S ar)-. tfost ef.- AND TRAILERS
change and hospital benffid3.the .1 GARDEN AND 'WNSUPPLtES

; same as any soldier on toc- Cabin and trailer. CorapJcteiy
tive duty. Good pay is ordythe rniSht>d. Rt"iJSonable. Must
(-P Photo bcgrnmng. FOod, tl '.hirig. Parakeet at 53.00 ,,}.OO and eil. Pnephs Mastic Park.
I shoes, shelter are famished 1 $5. lO. Kty West Garden and; oct4,Stx
MR. AND Ml. S. Y LOC a Chinese couple. proudly display five. On retirement, you will 1; Lawn Supply Co.. S14 FUnlngj

.I AMfwta. a. their 11th child which they hare named Dixie receive a jcenerous Monthly in- j !., :eL. W18. octt5-tf WASTED TO BUY
od Loin honor rl Co... J. Strom Thurmond of South :oj come that means real sectsf ity'. .' "' '. .

I.**..... SUM Rights candidate'for precid!. The baby was '!'t Yes this organization offers !ICSCELLANEOUB Water tank 260-300 gallon capacity. '
.... ,
I .U..rd kr L J. 'Thurmond. the pOTernor's brother. K Im1 ii. Get the complste tOry... with 50-U. pressure.
1 o ;yourseltoday' riheU" ;:>.tWasherB, 'ir ri9.oaC1t_ n\S and Phone 1446. octl3-3tS
--- -. --- .. _.._- ,;1 Army and H S. ;4ir Force! ,Recruiting fans >aired. :OBrlant. Phone

tats Pill Did It Station. Federal Bldg.. : 11E4L octl-tf WXNTEb TO RENT
AgainLONG I Miami. Fla. Special representatives .
I are there to serve you. $EtIG RATION Unfurnished apartment or house

I answer your qtfesudns. ,i _. permanent residents two
;irl) 2. BEACH C h!. A .
njy '
s I N-O-8 Immediate service. domestic or. adults. Call Miss C<>r.neJly.
month ago. Neil Robertson S. I -
; I commercial Holbrook RefngI 1484. octl5-ltx
1tf1I'ROfr. 111. LIUW Hid down a playground Slide : School Do}; strong to Workevenings. I eration Service Phone 724-W

I ,,, t inline Ph-j'I and broke his left arra. Th'erothcr I Phone 1036-J. I oct9-6tx LOST

J r. .. hump t,t ain day, he"slid down the same octl5-2t i _
p hut Jenaw. .. : slide and broTce the same: arm.' HELP WANTED-MALE Black Coder Spaniel. with redharness.

t e4nt the .. BTOTIAGElied I I ,. AND FEMALE S! Has White strejV
elseet 4 rnHenTdRt Dumplings arc an Inexpensive j down throat Is about; n

piMy for stretcher for stewed chicken; Brick Storage Co. Furnitureor j Manager for Small hotel. Cou t months old. AnSwers to name

i .... I""I'd fatal I sprinkle well with chopped fresh J commerciaL Phone 79S. pIe. Apply P. O.,Box 708 Can of Ebony. Reward. JOCSI .
; ....
..... octl ;)
f' 1 I parsley just before serving. 6ctl-tf hold ether position. tfI I 1 I South Street


lC. I

t ...-). ::-0__ 1 r .
Co .,;,. ..
, \ L_ \ -. ...u __ .. .

_- -" "- .s--. -.,- >......"-.'.. .... -# .-- ,......,.......-'-.;":",.;"....., -r -
. ;< : .





uuuufmw uwunumunununuuu "Calendar Of The Weather I


Key West and VkteMr: l- y
Officers Wives Club has lunch- cloudy with cattemi 10****

Phones eResidents262R.d11Wm11nrm1mIuuuIinnnunllmmlfWjfl Citizen Offica-51. eon meeting at 1230. Election thru Saturday. Me4e Mc .* .
: of officers. fresh northeasterly wind.
Hallowe'en Dance at High Florida: Fair thru SMae.s
; u:uummunnm1uIunn un a uw uuJmuwmmauIuuaIuM
j School 8 p.m. I except becoming Perth tl<*w**

Cootiettes And Cooties ComingTo Monroe County Audubon Society with a few show e., atone lawn
meets at 8 p.m. in \VO- east coast Saturday.Jacksonville .
'man's Club building 319 Du-, tKru the ........
Town For
Meeting: val street.SATURDAY Straits: Moderate n.rtls..t
OCTOBER 1G- j ....
winds becoming frr h Mr1t.
Of Veterans Of Foreign Wars Audubon Society field! trip! to east SalurcUy. ParUy handy

Meet at, 7>3Q a.m. in front of; with widely scattered altr...n
Beginning tomorrow at J A.M.. to
.noon 1 P.M.Registrationat high school. |
in couth portion and fait wcattor
out-of-town Cootiettejf and Cooties Delmonico's. "Riviera Night" Dinner-Dance' in north portteft.East .

will start arriving in Key I '1 P.M. to 2 P.M.-Luncheon. given by Officers Wives Club'at Gulf: Matfcnt wrUieast .

West for the Veterans of For- 2:30 PJJ. to 4:30'P.M.=Coo- Commissioned Officers< winds thru Saturd*?. W.athcr .
Mess Ft. Taylor. Proceeds, '
eign Wars' district meeting on tiette meeting at Red :Men's fair.
: t
of Games to Go to Charity
;i .... ..
Sunday, October 17. No small craft er s to .j
i I Hall Cootie meeting at "Bake" Sale given by Room j I ben = .
Held legs have MMM
A luncheon will be inDelraonico's HalL VF'W'I Mothers of Poinciana PTA on j Restaurant on Du-J Commercial Row Poinciana. ,
!, 4 30 P.M. to 6:00 PJlL Sijht- i
val street a Cootiette meeting atf, : beginning at 9 a-m. |,I REPORT '
Red Men's Hall and a Cootie: seeine for out-of-tnwners. Key West Fla. Ort II 1.H NW MAa
meeting at the new V.F.W. Hall.I 6 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.-Dinner at (Observation Uk tt at City OfOOB. -

Dinner will be .served: at 6 p.m.!: Del mon ico'l3.I Intimate Glimpses' 8:30 ajnEST) 0 IrT1Ht4Y
at Delmonico's for bo'h Cootiette||I 7:30 P.M. to 8 P.M. FormaI I I T ap.r tur*. j jI !
and Cootie organizations. j I, tion of parade at Division and Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Thomp-j I Highest yesterday M

A parade will start at 8 p.m. ; Duval streets. sen of 715 North Oak Park Ave-! Lowest last night ttJ Pt

at Division and Duval streets I I: 8 P.J.i. to 8:45 P.M. -Parade nae, Oak Pak, IIL, are in Key I J,I Mean Pt
and come down Duval to Caroline j I I up Duval street, to Caroline. on I"West this week visiting with their Normal M (>t.wm A.Ia.s11119M
street thence to Elizabeth |I Caroline to Elizabeth to V.F.W. i I Yr.cipitatioa )' aws
I .w.
street, and ending at the V.F.W. 1Iall. :,son Lieut. (junior grade) H. San- I Total l...vt 24 hours 4a ... Is..M x.. Y. tt ..
Hall. where a dance will beginat 1 9 P.M.-Dance for members of doe Thoncsen, who recently reported I, Total thie month milt ioax *s (aver d Nay
9 p.m. Music will be provided 1 all V.F.W. posts. their auxiliaries to Anti-Submarine Development I I Excess this month tJM ... Ltd s/ ti.d
by Sam Korn and his their friends and guests. Squadron ONE (vx.u,1 I Total this year 44 tak
Korn Kobbs. I!! sponsored by local "Sea Fingee"Cootiette I Boca China Field for duty. Excess -thk year lJt ....

Earl DIllon. with the Key j|I Club.No. '371. Enroute from Oak Park t3 Key I Relatiio Humidity. Lair Limed. DsmaI..
West High School Band, and !| Sunday i West the Thomsens visited with I:30 .....
the majorettes will lead the ]I I 9 A-M. to 10 AM.-KeRistatk' >n i their daughter-in-law' at Valparaiso 71'; t.p 11w A..rsriwAe.s..1

parade. Visiting ,as well as I t I of alj out-of-town Post and,Aux-. Fla, and met for the first BarometerS .4 Ram
local Cootiettes and Cooties? 1, diary members. "time their granddaughter, Linda .. Level 1:33 ..... il1aL iw 111.v Vlis

will be in formation behind. |j I 10 A.M. to 11:55 A.M: 4ointmeeting II I Jill who was born Sept. 12I .. i 30.00 ins.-1 IS.9 MB.. 1srtrML' s-
The dance which in Cootie te.. I I: Lieut. Thomsea expects togo to Tomorrow's Almanac ki. as Ass ..i.plie.laltlwLi FR

and Cootie language >i called ai i|! 12 Noon to 1:30 P.M.Lunchj -]I Valparaiso on October 20, and I t Sunrise '. *. ..... asr..lrI

"crawl". is scheduled as the:,j, eon at Delmonico's Restaurant]I then accompanied by his wife Sunset __ $:1' M -
grand finale of a fun-and-non-:: on Duval street. II j I[I and daughter to proceed to Norfolk Mocnrtse fcl !.* 's'
nse-filled day, and will 1*j I 2 PJ.L to 5 PMvAuxilJsry I Va.. where he will receive I Moonset __ Sod aijax tat ...ass
] ':three months of instruction in a acres i# l rw
cpen to members of all V.F.W.1 I meeting at Red Men's Hall on -
before *00. 11 .wa..e s. ..
radar school returning
their auxiliaries. Elizabeth and Caroline streets.
posts TIDES
Ii'I with his family, to KeWt>St. I II ttlo NNI
Schedule of events: I Post meeting at VJ.W. Home](I I (Naval BaJC)
Saturday on Elizabeth street .j !
i[I Mrs. "Ninia Guley, returned I II Tomorrow t qMp
Eastern Standard Thaw)
----- ---- Wednesday night from San Diego (
j I Calif., where she had accompanied High Low IN$. r r..dnsgiro.
V.F.W. Auxiliary Is PlanningFor J!t her I'I husband, prior to his depart- 9:04 a.m. 2:9 .... era a.r.a& .err ..
I Sure i on the Aircraft Carrier Tarawa 9:00 p.m. 2:44 ,... 1_ 11 IRre.at _
District Meeting SundayThe i t for China. : Ual trM .s 1a.140l .
ADDITIONAL TIDE DATA ..-A liar. rww.ars! 4
Ladies Auxiliary to j i,,of the organization will be here. i j 1l|! Mrs. Virginia Purofy, Morehead (Reference Station: K.v Wool* land w is..Oaa r..tAA.

Post No. 3911 held its -V.Fw'l j! The members of the Southern- j I City, N. C. is visiting her cousin, Tim of H."hlar i ..*... ea11-

1? meeting last night in the Red- ;most' auxiliary have been very]j I Miss Myrtle Byrd 1120 Petronia I StationTIde hish water e tare!..tr.01
men's Hall at Caroline and Eliz-' :busy these last few day decorating I i street. Bahia Honda -. oISPt
beth streets. j|I the new VJ.W. home for this I (bridgeOh lent M it A"reft.ae1
Final plans were discussed in '',meeting. j\I To Well No Name Key s 1
preparation for the district meetj j|; A new member took her obli- i Apply (east end) +Jh 29m

ing of the V.F.W on Sunday, October .1 night's meeting, Mrs. Mary Cruz j ji |! Applications for marriage liccnjses Boca Chica ( it* .Mrw e,
17, 1943. at the newly fin- 'i,After her obligation was given tiled (Sandy Point*-Oh 49m yPt .alt.dd.r e
were yesterday in
ished V.F.W. Home on Elizabeth the meeting recessed long enough!'office i of Caldes Channel iNArt.. =
County Judge Raymond
street. ) for all members to welcome Mrs. ':R. Lord by George W. Gctgood. (north end) +3h>14.. +L4 r titM1 a(1
Visitors from the 13th district :I Cruz into the 0000' at1.1k
a V.F.W, posts will starjarriving in|I :Members auxiliary. j 132. and Beatrice Callahan, 33 both NOTE:
present were the Mesj j[of 1924 Seidenberg avenue: by JoeJ.
Key West tomorrow for this meet c."r .
dames ( Minus .iw:
: Vanessa Saunders. -)-
Mary McCadams 25 of
the U. S.
ing. A full day is planned with Bryant, Edna R.- Mird, Florence;|Navy and Florence K: -BozaJ 2-1. to be ..AtLt .bI... s.'I. ea*awLtMs

meetings both in the morning and Solomon Jrona Arthur Daisy'I;l of Olivia street: Herman II. Beth-I I (+)-Phis sign: C.n>-.!_ .. ,a.as !.Rf
afternoon with a luncheon atDelmonico's Curry. Gladys Trombley, Edith !leI, Jr. 27. of 924 Elizabeth be added liar ky f -
at noon. i[Whitney, Mary Smith Nell lIau- t t land Dolores Anita Olson. 26, of (h)-Hour.ft -
The 13th district auxiliary president .ry Vera Wood and Miss Beverly I 1214 Catherine street: by Stanley I ( )-Feet
Mrs. Bernice
Shumsn of N.
Arthur. Smith, 19, of the U. S. Marines (mMinute.WILL .
T. Rude Post in Miami has already !!I The j i jT. I II I
next meeting of the Auxiliary and Ruth Charlme i
I ons, 19, of
arrived, and it is to be ex- ::: will be I i il 'I
Thursday October 28, Darien W. Va. and by Thomsa M. YOU SM1UC? N
pected that by one o'clock tomor- ,,i 1948. at the new V.K.W. home as''Johns.l
28 of the U. S. Navy and i j
row afternoon more .dl nctaricsMary will all future meetings. j j I Monteen Griffith, 19, of 810 Du- : Slus Serious l'IIr

-- val street
-- -------- -
-- -- -
Martha \ I i 'Well have you give. .M.. COMPAIE'EJfSEARS Mt

\ Jr. JVOII'lll'S'CllibAlet Girl Saves Boy 2 !IhU, final answn."
I ;: Not. yet, >oi : M4 I've roll DNS >fY it Milt Ij
Circle III
Business TuesdayThe I him his final 'No' 0a

Meet Last Night Key West Junior Woman's!I I From Tar 1 1i j j WILL YOU SMILE? 1 EA5

Club held its regular monthly LOS ANGELES.
The Mary and Martha Circle of i,i -Looking for'
the Woman's Society of Christian meeting Tuesday night in the Wo- 'r little Larry Stand bury 2. at the I II I II Good Reason I 3 a
man's Club request of his mother, Ruth
Service held'their i j
monthly business Welfare ]I I I Vivian Orina, 17 found him Lank My ...,... adwtmd -.... "!
meeting. last evening at the Chairman Mary Sellers 'I I
home of Mrs. John A. Knowles. I presented two eases of needy J! buried to his eyes in the rlingI me to go on a oVi. AUTOMATIC SP'N.MHI
Lane. I ing ooze of an old tar pool. She Fink Did yi da H!
The theme for the 1 donate faftmlies and the club voted' to J:] quickly threw two planks crawl I Lank After I part .... ..."
evening canned
was goods.
"One World i cd out 10 ft. and pulled the child's I. I had to.Spajenbs. r ...
for Christ. A devo- Mrs. June Cook volunteered to: .
head above the and
J tar dug
tional program following this collect the food from the members 'IIr'IUII.- .. ...
theme i tar out of his mouth and nostrils. are c ...
was rendered under the and deliver it to the families. I
leadership of Mrs. Dimpsey. :; Then she pulled and tugged, got with canned tomato S. a- .
Following the devotionals him onto the planks and finally with onkm. brown ,-.,.. a r.! new.
business session.A wasa 'East Lynnc Cast I back to solid ground. Quickly. cloves and salt and pepiSI44F --'
began applying artificial
"family weiner roast its tshe
planned for next month and "pack Really Starts Work i respiration. $y that time, the IUT Wf CAW r Ml
a towel" for teen agog in dis- i firemen arrived with a respirator. A SALESMAN w" ..
placed Extensive rehearsals have start-i The little boy taken to a
proved. camps A social overseaswas hour followed ap-in ,ed, on "East" LvTme" and for the i|I I hospital is recovering.. CROSS eyes M
which next two weeks there will be
the Hallowe'en colors J
were Oas'l Ul
revealed: Orange brew, whole !nightly activity through the week I' The word "pride" is connected I ciou tin sat lilt . ti
wheat sandwiches, cookies black !in The Bam Theater. The cast of I with the word.parade' j : a k" .... sos"si'...
and orange jelly beans. Every one I i"East Lynnc" will rehearse tonight i -- __ ..", Oar II......Mum s..
present enjoyed the evening. beginning at 8 o'clock, and,i M *.lf act .... MO eMRSm s s. .. ..r .e
Present were Mesdames 'Edith ,Sunday at 3.00 p.m. ;I WOMEN I Sa'.. ttlKlM M ....
Hardin Allen E. Curry, Earl V. I! "Oleo" practice will be Wednesday i I 6000 casts d eta._ere u........ & s'1mi2lEf

Cull R. R. Russell, Harold Wood, I evening at 8 p.m. : who feel 1lRFE tooTui rini'w -
C. J. Peas, R. E. Nelson, P. B. I MM Ma r:" IMM '-M :.0a txj v si

Richardson. John A Knowles, WILL YOU SMILE? NERVOUScalsed i ciois aye rov &M. seal 0.s.
Merrill Felton Cievclapd John- "101 GINIAM ..,0. McUOwS..*..w
son. Carbon Dimpsey, Jack Prepared"Do by functional "middleJillDo ,
you suffer from hot n.abes.we.t.:
Weed. Dsjlfin Jimenez, J. R. De- neiroui.Irritable clammy frellDlra-
Land. Holland Felton, and Miss due to tb. functional 'mlddle-M*
May Sands. you suppose he's in a period pecuiu0 women 438-52
yr.s)7Tben.otryLydla E.Pintbam'sV.etable
position to ask
1 I me to marry Compound to rene**aura I
him"" symptom!It also hj wbat Dnetora
Gerald Saimders call >toxaacfelc tonic effctlDANCE
"I should
say so. Haven't I
I just returned him his ring?" LYDIA E. PIHKHAM'S =:= I

Given A DivorceCounty -. -- --- ---- ---. -- -- j IS YOUR ONE-STOP *P

Sounders was Commissioner given a final Gerald decreeof "ill'' ; PING CENTER FOIl ILL

divorce from Wilma Saunders, ,, "it., to the MUSIC ef

C.who by now Circuit lives Court in Charleston Judge Aquilino S.- SAM KORN and His : YOUR NEK*

Lopez, Jr. Mr. Saunders in a KORN KOBBS
bill of complaint filed with Cir- _
cuit Court Clerk Ross C. Sawyer with the COOTIETTES
tome time ago charges "extreme and

and repeated cruelty." ;, "f Sffiflty, O'tnr 1948 Phone or Visit UTininvWnrr

Seek DivorcesPetitions at the NEW h .

J'.F.TP. Home Elizabeth Street
seeking divorces were I 1
filed yesterday in the office of i 1j
Circuit Court Clerk Ross C. Sawyer '9:00 P.M. TILL h????" j

by Marjorie Ann Loci -j-ood I Members of ALL Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts. I

against William 11. Lookwood: bykrdis Their Auxiliaries Their Friends and Guests I

Louise Villaieal against II At* Cordially Invited To Attend This Crawll 1
Floyd A. VUlireal, and by Hor- ( SIMONTON and ...._... .,AM1
tense Johnson agaimt Herbert 50c PER PERSON '.I I I

1L Johnson. l 1 -


.-- """' -

-,>- .- '-' .,' -. ..- ---- -,-_. '--' -." .- "" .. ,. "".- :. -:"--. .,; ----- : '. ? ... -'' lIi-.r-. ... J'

tt3 ,


PMBAY. OCTOBEU 15, 1948 ". THE KEY .
.WEST CITIZEN -. -= -.-... ....-

r _
..f1II'II'I"#.P"' / ". I"I..1II .4TIIIII",11111.""I"-tT.I'PI'.t 'dIrA!PS; d.iiT.I.iIT: .l.lI'.I. .."I."I.I IIIIII'I"A

.......9VSSB.SBS)000j .'" .........................e>....................... a

T"j BENNY'S ., TROPICAL TRADE a. WH'i When s and certain there product i> doubt buy or u as eerrlce to whereto U needed THIS DIREQORY WILL Dm! ..

S :
i Motor Court S : 71* DUVAL STREET PHONE<;) 1000 : ............................................ ......... ......... .........................*..ee**..*..*....... !

9 11 : 909 OwnerthJ SImonton* Maaaeement Street :: Nice Selection of GIFTS and SOUVENIRS : a: If It Is Elctrical w'EEJ REI'AIR.ITI SELL | T \i ., a .... :S POOl: OLD OIAK; I j

.< BENNY Plenty of Action Toys for the Children ,
FERNANDEZ: : We Will Call For and Deliver :
; SEE OURSHOWING ; Sen'ice Stalls(
S I WILL RE OPEN ;- ofHOME Electrical I Appliances ; to Y.ars' Exyeriana In EUctriccl Work : :
J. K. BRADY. M****** fMHi ft*|
.. 5 SOON .........................-....................I.. L.LCaL1211 t Duval Street : : Marco : ,...... a.4 .I.ss.
: .... Mea Jr. Prop ;
1 .. ....
2* I The Best oISTEAKS .a aa .t 5555555 : ELECTRIC TELEPHONE ; ': 701 DUVAL STREET Tire* 1 uUr. 0....+.," A... tn111pT I"

55 i SUNDRY j STORE .............................. .............. 5 822 SIMOnTON STREET : "YourftlrCBody 0& etad GArtlrt)9t) Mwhh'
J J : 55 .. ............. .......... ...... ..
... ........ ....................... $ -
: Tropical DRINKS and : : 1207 DIVISION ST. NEAR COR.WHITE ST. : .5..555a Sea 5 Dry Cleaning : ..............................N.

Ji :. Tfmtttt Fresh_ FRUIT :. : Tour Patronage Ixmled" : : PRITCHARD : s ,RUSSELL'S ami Pressing : and Fendtr RmpqS
.: PIES will 1 b* aa Uahle : : : ; 24-HOUR SERVICE: :
: ihettir t et BCNNY Ice Cream Proprietary Medicin : FUNERAL : Free Pick-Up and
: MOTOR COURT a : Delivery Service ; AUTO PAINTING
ft K ......9*...eeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeei ; Sick Room Supplies School Supplier : DRY' GOODS SUITS for ?MEN :

I HAY r. ;..........Toilet......Preparation.. .....5.!..and....Articles.................: : HOME :.a : 11DS OLIVIA STREET: :, and WOMEN : COMPUTE RADUIOt IItfOtns" MftIOTONY'S

.: .. ......... ... ......... ... ... ....,55. : Ift Those Serve : r PHONE'373Specializing : ;MaileloMcasurePHONE. 232 : S '

+,re S i. MUMFORD? [) [ ;and;;;; ROSS a..aa. ; Who Save Best .: :4 ..........a55.....5.a. : GltlZJtt; JO8? .
.GOMEZ : .. .. ......
e e e e e e e e e e*e e e e e e e a e e e e e**e e-e **
.... ............... ...... ....
: : 220 DUVAL STREET : WE HAVE: NEVER inWomen's ,: ......................
1e1juRS FURNITURE CO. : : Easy and Blackstone WashersElectromaster : BETRAYED A TRUST- : GlAMOi : : and j
: :
l.5 ;
rey 1 i WE NEVER WILL .
; ,.. DUVAL STREET: : : : t Ranges : a .e .a '* lOPEl ... {+1 t.r r.M wt... "

.Ra......-" Advertised .: :. Authorized Dealer for Pureaire Units : :: Ambulance Service : e: Children's .. : ;: rSI:: ".cu."l [
.: P'Nw". (THE: : : )
t. I ; KITCHEN) ; Telephone Funeral : .
e...as.r. PUUc Floor : : 333 a Service r Cs113R t'e......".

L- S CT..aBV ... ............ ...PHONES9150_........................... : Never Sleeps : ; Apparel : S Established I U85Li ; I- S ,t. ,... .. "SSS. SS ............
: .CIItMy Fiber! Venetian : ........1........................................ .......4................. e............ ..' ......_... S Iha. "I'' I. Iw. a:
.... -- -- --- -- - ----- -----------------
.. .. .. ( IIM.--d Funeral! A'j
.a a4IS a. a a 14SW LOSS .1 .r a-;
rah.-- : istiW-* Apr>!UDCeI. : .. a.a : Directors andGmlialmrra : ). 4 It.. L_ $10 ,

: ....... ... Mohawk : .. f..Ji. ii : : III.fV Mae ea... \
A......... Rays .. 9 : e aw ,. .. P, r.1 .. ..
: : : .. .... .. ... \
1 : : '"% M. 151Tdlkc
51 ft ., .. i Licensed: ...- Insured : 24HourAmbulance 5 Your 11. .N' W ... ."S s.'a%.
: KX( Terms : '
: O4+W TILL *00 P.i .
., MOM. and 3AT. PAINTING Contractor i : Now
....................aa. \ :: FREE ESTIMATES ALL WORK GUARANTEED .. .: Service a Tal. 175 0....... .... fl. ,...... ...

....rt+ .. '........ .. tti : Telephone 9127. 114 DUTB Str..t. Jefferson Hoteleeeeeeeeeeeeeeei : :. Phone 135 Night C3S DONALD LA1Vtti

1 i c ....... J. Douglas Trevor .........a a...a........aaaaaaa................................a............. ...................... ..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......5.*........a..........*.*.*.*aa*.*..**. .*.*.*..*...**. t
% 11 1 Oar : .. .. ..
PRICE TOURS : 1829 Harris : ....................... 1s..B ee e. 555.
Are. Key West. Fli n Electric .s.;;
.... ytgl1tp i NOOK
Pa* rag rKepre. : ; PHONE 1374Reeeeeeoeoeeeeeeeoeeeooeeoeoeeeeeoeeoeeeoeoooeoe t./ /fa7 IC;. a Ranges Key West Fla.SOUVENIRS. Scientific B.utf Cullttr
.rte utattesFLORIDA I.".. : : : in All Br.nch" ..
... I.t a Refrigerators. Disposals and Electrical Appliances : : :
M : ; \ s : Wishing Machines for Imz ciliate Delivery : : : : Thurouahl, Ezp ti..c.d r 1
I : : (1111)W : (?'pe"1 01'1
.... EAST ..................................II.............. HOME APPLIANCE : CONCH SHELLS : Soft Hater Or) ** Lslu.t.lt.

COAST RAILWAY : 605 SIMONTON SKEET PHONE 11 : ; All Sixes ; : Phooe 37 S36 FUmiaf. 3C

.... ..1 ..........................a.a.e........a....aa : : ........................4. ....... .:..!.N
.-., .... Hew Leoeted Jlert : : Save 20% ...... ...........a........................... COCOANUTSSPONGES ...........4................................
... 1.......ne.r ,. on dwellings. Fire i Insurance S Former Cu&LocMdo 1ewr ... .. P..... r.r/M1. Oil
... ..... S DR. COBO'SOFFICE S: :. nwrc bldgs.anti house 1. by INSURING with ; i Landscaping,Slarl and Top SoilTOP a Frances BeiMy W.

..: rt.r.Mt1'IQ. STREET: : : bold and per Atlantic Mutual Fire Insurance Cc. :: SOIL SG.50 PER YARD or $1.00 PER SACK -- : rrar.. P k (>.--
onal Will
effects. : Ship to Any Port
: .. .. a.. a Ull QHIMHil. I.Culture .. 91ttt41tifrIleaIuty
'q HeUI ; :. Save 15% on All Policies: Noa-Assessabl : Also Lots Cleared and Marl Spread-Very Reasonable : of u.s. or Canada :

\: PHONE=" 124 : MercantileStock /. L, Criuoe, Agt. Phone 674 : \! t 5: Marcy S. Pahcio; : : ear tit tM *. .._es
.: W!E 1021 Olivia St. PenzaauMt, t&.t..w.e9a
.... .... eeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoS ....... ieeeooeeoe>eeeo.ooooeooooooooooooooooooeee'" : O V\Y\ :.. HM PHONE 801JEFFERSON : Hear 401 South St. : : Y Fadale ...yra. M.-T ::: .D f ,

a r aaN'ra ........ ...... ..:544.............. .... ... KEY WEST. FLORIDA + t+Mu 1..
.--- ..................... ................................................! 1......e.....ea a.........5.a.S.......i.....5...a ............eeeeeeeeee :..........1........r....s..\1...5555.5555555'S.."n'.................S.......S ,
A : .. .... .. ... ................ .
: ** eeee
ap the Dus to the : : : 111 DUVAL STREET REAL ESTATE MARION'S rCA i
I : -
r .
S22 naming St. R. M.Daniels.Prop. Phone 1013 and I.
4( : Open Daily Sunday, : YO HUESO :
\ Sale
J4 Cuslunan Motor ScootersSales 5P.H.to1A.SI. :
: : BCRVING IV ;: Appraisal BEAUTY SALONSoutberamoit .f
and Service Immediate Delivery : COMPLETE Dinners : :. Lease : House .
: :
PARE 'tH All' ; I' : In the U.S-A. .
Also A La Cane and Sactfsrici : : Rentals : : 1400 DUVAL STREET: :

*iHW fH ktW( S AWAY. ...-............REASOlfABLE....e.....:..PRICES.....:.............., : Management SIH, ; liai"lf In : ..
!i TAn:: : RWE @ g& ; .......................e............ teeeeeeee :: -l Iprond nod VecutPropertU Hair COLORING t .
: la Permanent WAVING :
aft Key Wed ; ..
:;' ; .0.. I d A : : : ud. Monroe County ; : Hair CUTTING :
S .. .... Pya rid. ecoooml. i JINStilftA iCE 4 a Styling : \."
Now yrs can aD dg
.. COLI"LIXQ Ii. ,.cal l Cmb""" Motor Scooter J. OTTO : Slenderising :
1 whil.imyiac for it.. and the : FIRE WIND) AUTO BONDS KIRCHHEINEKREALTOR : : Spot REDUCING lws .
.; money you MIT OT_ other ; : ted ALL OTHER COMPLETE COVERAGE ; S Mechanical MASSAGE: : ..

[&MATK< SFH-ttHSI : Kerf Fun 1 for method*a Cuihman.omutiom.of transportation CIa pa forIre T. a; S Key \West Insurance Co. a: : Sit 411 Whitehead Fleming Street Street :; ; Open E..nlngJ.-\ppoiat.Mon.. -Wed. k TtL... .: \

... : KEY WEST COLT CLUBeoeeeeoeeeeoeooeeeoe. ,................................................ !: all SIMONTON Directly STREET in Front of Postoffice PHONE 1>71 ; : Pbo.... 124 and 73S-R :. Ale Naaas.ryPlhlNE d :i .'.

eeeeeeeeeeeee.............................aa., ..............a..e.o555Sa...................a i....................i i ir ; 1311"Coolest \
t............4......._....555555.............. Shop,In Town"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei "
a .. .. .. REPAIRED : ...................... t. ................ .1
.... .... ......., >
.., :i BICYCLES : .........................e a eee..........4DFJJUOt .O. ,
n a.1I : : : :
24-}four Sen-ice FOR RENT ; : JOHt CURRY INSURANCEOmCE 5 '
i Key West Jcwclery Co. : : FOR SALE : ;, : \
I :: Oar Customer Mutt B. :
Bur and
HAVE YOU I -See Dan!! ': : 820 DIVISION STREET PHONE 1380 .
I" .. l*.,5.4 t'mrtTf I'It :.. STREET In lie DiilimlnvPint ; JIfI
< Malrfc w.a ; .
: OVERSEAS CYCLE STORE : Opposite Bus Station
: a N J.wrlrt.. .. .tia.aar. ._.... : ; Installation and Repairs
_w. .. ................ .. .... : flu\ ti
j S '-' 554 ..._.....u_ I ............... .. eeee.. *
.....e e ee*.5.eee* *5. *
: iI .N. .a1r.......wa.IMr... It. ALL WORK GUARANTEEDFUEE Phone No. :
::" r .. .. M 5 1-. elr.kwel i : NEW ARMAYOTSLA
.. ar .5r......tr.re s..IIy .i t. .d..i
'.mfOtt & Ross H..,.M M .rl...... ..L..r.latlaillr. ......+. .a n : ESTIMATES ON REQUEST ; ,
... .
ttp/r .n .I. .fa a : FAROLA SUNDRY
j '' -i nmmrrOKOKOfFICE e..a.A..' "'r. 1allar.arg5. ,... ,-.1-... : PACKAGE DEPARTMENT : Call Jg and' Be Satisfied : -THE- : 1 1eeee

....... .......... -. ... a.... ar.t&...11..1. ...ra.rr : :, 125 DIVISION STREET PHONE 1112O a PorterAllenCompany ..
r -" 21: r. Magazines Propr M. fiin
K.:. : I/w ..... 11 m MkllV. >.. ."We Deliver : Phones 781 and 229-W : flMy .
: KEY WEST JEWELER: Best Drinks and Coldest Beer in Town : : SchoolWILLIAM Su"li.
: "CO SIS'. St. .Packaged Goodseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee : 512 MARGARET STREET
_. ...... .. ................................ ....... ..
J .J5. '.r. alal 5 ........... .
----- >'_ ....., ........ eeeeeeeeee::eeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeeeoieoeo .5..................... :... .. ..... l at WIf* OAR LMff
....0.................I .........................,......15.........1... ._u.uuu : ..
- ... .. .
e a a. e e .weee eeeee


Food Shopping ; i PLUMBiNG i : Moctng, Raising or Shoring Houses, Garages, ; : Under the New Ow er.Mp ... Y q ri I ,

FOR a.LI li*. Sura to Get ; i art Boats or What Have You : of OPAL E. VAN .urn" '- ,

INSURED CONTRACTOR : : UOISDED and LICENSED : Distinctive Gifts Per ttt (k..iu I
roc FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN-Telephone 1512 and Tails In .. W. lyres 1lirarr

....... ..... ..
0U91 Installations : e All Work Guaranteed Q Corner Whitehead tad CoroHM 1e

I e. 55 5555555555555555555555555555555555555S555SSa : ...............eeeeeeeeeeoe.oo oe o. +'
ENRICHED BREAD : : O Maintenance : ....5.........a.55555.5555....1...5555.5555. ...ee45.eeeee..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* ..eiii imi| r
Whr Pay More When You Can Buy For Less? :
J ( s Toihiv. ,' : I 0 Repair Q Senate .: ", mr USE YOUR CREDIT -32 CASA CORRAL r 1MwAl'Specialising

, T7i. Foundation of TodmftUM ; 1 Men\ ';, Ladies'and Children's Wear in SM..II r./.. fi !tliw$ YuArn.
: .
t[.*'-,.*.* 1 e? 4I! S PZfixninf : : Prompt. ReliableREASONABLE : Curtain Drapery Couch CoTen Bedspreads : : DAILY SPEClALS OiertM Qiswliis.. C't+a9M.
: RADIOS and ELECTRIC mONSUAlt.llTON : and Seafoods ANY OUDCKA LA All .
.. Mr and Mr E r ( artel! tier ....i *>*. e.a e
-- S RALPH E.erW". rARALDO.t.jS.t ,.' 'I f".0.=. r r i""--' PZSOrTZI EMO : PHONE II2 s. i\ MERCANTILE CO : Open Dailv) 7 .\.\1..2 P.M. MM! S ...$.. It M./ t tngr

a 707 Whitehead St. Near Cor. Angela St. Phone 1512 ? : WE ARE: SMALL MIT WW.T FM9 *MJ Xe
II M. "HtI( eeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeoeeeeooojT ..............................s...a.5.....,1jt.. ........................eee...eeeeeeeeeeeeeee e eee* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeo-ee oVW-ee-o

.4'.6' .6I JST""d'.u.4.'G'S'TI & .::4TIAfTl'.JIT.sT.D8' :dA '$_ :J'J Jj.e'ff'Q..r: :'C.P IJTH.4:!l'r..c ; .:'..:Jr.r J 1111'1' ..1ac'




.. .. ..... .. ., _. -. -" .. -- .
... "' = "
'" '
oX -
;.A ---" -- : ---- -r "":':; : -;:"' '''' .: ? : : ; -+ < '
L T : : : = :: : ,
: .
4. : ._- -_- .. .
a i.a & & & ; 11 '" .... ........ ::::- ::::-

sa=:xJs+ +AA-1' srce : .Test : a : S'.-." --. -.-"-: "--.ro.e' -
t1 3.u u.wr : -:4:"" :_ =._. : ,i >-_ ._' _.




__ _
______ :
.. ... _. ._ . r.. --g, ___

Four Wins Over: i t[Tampa Nine'Will 11r 11-FOllOW THE CROWD by Mnn i > and Frank Eck' Radio ProgramsBy i[To Open"Nc\\

I ; r The Associated P.Nmv ..- :'Salt t Water
:r[Not Be Able To
Veterans At SoftballWN.Mratr I. rN W x frjtOGHAM
: l Fish Stotiows: )
s SS vv YQf
Conic Here SundayA. i sRpWoctta ropetip h'k; Tq w k'S b Time 1..1.' ,. "ar\ Via*.*.
t test I staiMir auktract N. air, tee
.: .1 1 10-1( sT t k .J std mietadm; .tall4artl MiMrMt t*. MIAMI. Ort. It ... ..Il.h .-
: Castro, manager of one of eE S 4 pl ROt,1 1 X41 c-s ?iaover _KMr u,...?Sam reI.., IDeal t. tit stat t.eat_..**.*.*....*i M.*. ...... ..... t. M wtlm" tw-
: 3"X.L Hjrr Do%.nItMpiul NEW YANKEE PILOT the teams! in th. nlavoff of the Last ...;lIOt. *r..r.m c.a..... .... M ...... .. III t t+......
.. Industrial net lie inclutftA.HtlDAT. ... d rot .... ...
Tampa League has na- w A murk sty
:;1 ( It SIiuloiil {UO q y01yq nt
:! ) tified Jos. &r:ky. president of Nq v 'tlsai., a ...r litlaby -

::u.or I OTA n) t. the Army Ujirarks Leagu of OCTOtlt IS Dr F 0. lllrl.. rl/I1F

: baseball team, that he will be tfrsaim. 1.tat M $.r talrlhe IMx MMet tie_
.Te.o ..aEthdtarlw i Wft'W" playrfla.t f unable: to hvr.ifr hi*' team t--> Kev FAtd1 ::00-Ntw. Report I* Nla-.1t

wM a4 lire Ijik. In the ; xi !West Sunday for the projected A16 Network Kiwet Siatat KVwy HoJT Die--tb...... 'I'M' !e'. M .....
fpmit-s. IfJastro I KM41M. Hoar Irep.at/NW*t at C.Jaw .. ... ..

1- .jpfa a dla "U.xw Pour j::ii ii h'j; t YCn was in the Aaltv Network Kiddie float Sitoat(it-ljn 11'I' *t)-....-. M..r., tiat -..... ........
....... _. 1' V.4d1.n by a 10 to playoffs and would ho uns1Ju ir OM A : ':1S-Sport: Jtlwte Tint*-.... the..... d J ..... It
t 4:.... lddl'- h.I tltta. tars thetwt.ar.r \ leave Tampa Sunday.\ Hesai1 t tE5 150 0 to u pt UN PMUtc/ *-cb \\-nWt af *. Mat* loll dI

; err I Mar..... Slexe, \VU : : he wouU: cdSotact'Lor.ky at i = ? a(y 5t Vl R ear ':<5 Iowa-\w'TlrafM tjt ky 7m_.., ...

W& ell t JIIrIrWt t..rlt ,tM 1 wa for later data ..0-1' arrange! 4o hrinshi't ; 4 tag 1O'-911".0.--.t.. I ., g ... lMMlr1Ian ..
1to .
I *. ktw nines here for a serifs of: "arnoi C 4 TN B...t Ut..- *_ _1h sty! .. MieArrll MIiN
aa.. hN ..... .tlt I*%i icn ---- r q w aE 0 N NES q Fr l .a- of a K Vulton... and....Q.... J 1LUrr-aN\*-..lMi ts.M c.- ctrltaae/ .R be O.iitth
hie a ,wlgk an\ a J uble. .a t S74TE t)ti 5 1PP1_ Se beer Bi sP 7'S-Xt.t a4 Coa __t-.a. B VIHtf ......,. p/tlvtih r.
........911' h.r.M trot a.e1! 14 runs t3.w' Sports CalendarSENIOR I r CU o. -. !15 SAS v-' &0RGIATECN lT e Jack Daily Smith Camnwatary' Shew-_eta* I aetwflMiM r wapNMy I:

, ft1;}** tiw&J. rE ems yol 1 t.d overAU8URN DI..... Pot.h *>.... KWerve wail S t ..e.
..... 1 t ( 4Mb aniIHrt'srrs X4Sq 4) 7:30 4l l......b.
, .4 N. held ( SOFTBALL i iBayvtew ; -TIM gmo tla e.a.H IM I a ....._ Air rlrI
I w...ae the t- for Sub- w. Lon.Bob Crosby Kaiser Club Ora-_1ID__" OTHraaVHiijr, ,w* .. f..... ..
i ... awl t" ARN",. Cate.>s ant P&rk. Nights I ) Henry J. Taylorpbu7ys.ws rat.titIM011Itlt .rwvk.. ,...., irtal

I P.4kM.a fcar the Vita R *ri hit FRIDAY- J ttl Vr ..r. 8I'oeoka1t-c1le Comm*. -aaN ...... ...f tlMOe it OIl gardemy
, 0 lilt Me. wmrowfLMh. First Game-Adams Dairy vs. Sport* CoiBBMat.b* 1AIt )Art .tle) IM I. MaiI

... ......... Hhe V X..I, Hy Bob's Sport Shop. 1 IOC>-Pau' LaalU Ba4- ....:1 ell a .erl. ...... It 0IiIIrMe
.... ..... NIP by Second Game Elks Club vs. Jack Canon Shawe1.Fat .
i arms 11..1 aM ; tl w q ) Ua DetectiveW w..... eNf.a>dN' e11awlttY
..... k Hmsolte VX-1. P Nq w .... ,
f ed li fw ? Great flays Sce rM'e a .lsaei h .ayl t11y t-...
tI..d sew Nuke hit Everyafrly !:SO-Jimmjr Daunts Sk...-ube
; r1 rTH I Ii
3 .e J. cM 9'
.t U at )Ir. aid Ac*-
.t Uv tIC Mw 11F ts hit 3t SKATING fa I a. tt This la F.B.I.. L>r>_-...
... atnl%. at...t tv.rv Sine staeJU (A')- WJrephfato BayvUw Park. Night !..**. "It Ie Glrls1:55To -_b> i .
kat t t STp ii : Ke Amaokae.d-eN CHMr aaHialU. 1 Itw. u III .
a va [I CASEY STENa !FRIDAY 0:00 Eddie Cantor .....-afee. ) CII""""" ty (4 .... t....,
4" ... Jth dft tacit lit (our.Hamtl ( -
7:30 to 9:00 L The Friday Tb.ai r-<* .
I : : p.m. I ,.... >. itae rime.: a .
I altllr. Wbi Copper thrrrWt GEL (above) has been appointed Break t* Bank-*k*
Cabrivl U..n.r. Cvwveat ait* wmfrtHo .bR'.ta s"':1 I itdM
1 k a.... a ,; ....
tl the New York TENNISBayriew /: "- Broaaea.tM
{ hol tLli d1ab1 H...... hM two dou-- manager Park.' Afternoons (j I :30-lt.td Skrto S'.._be t------
{ ;, hiera/l. WIl./MwM, Clusori.. Yankees baseball,club lor 1949 .I Tb Sheriff. imunaU. )
and Nights .
-.1. N..aauar ploy'.. ttraet ball for end 13SOL H* succeeds Stanley ..Daily. ""play. : -. Five Bamptoa Mfeetea Sparta- -at* : t Einstemto Nt Hw
i Batrk Sh itry anJ t MlBttte -Btfe*
MbJ (Bucky) Harris who withdrew Newt for "
IJtii.I Mls.. ..d tall lee the Hast week. t 10fr>-Ufe of Rtteyr"HB --
f --tare. Aral .!... It 11. E. I Ii from job SHUFFLEIJOAUnBayview S BosJ1tfI.Baker Rrort.-the Qua-cM, I ..%... .%*. -, twy
,..,. SsI MO -tfi,13 4' t ( Park) j-b.IM.-- !(set the Preaa-arbary -M cede a* d NN! bee b.wN1dN. ::.

i VSl sill-4 I |IVo' Softball I t Daily play.SENIOR. f i iI tI W g )-fcMSpike t.Mm.eN... .......
.rww aavl. fta wr*; ArW5 *nJ C 31 I \ f beating Jon Ttewa** B.aw c e .... ... ........ ........- ..

J AlN'Y t t 1l BASEBALL RECORD: 34 Hight 11 Wrong two Ties. 'PCT.: ::7SE._ Ties omitted In perctlltbge.t j I I 11:00--dews. Variety. r fcra.. -*_ '; /+ .n.w. w.:--.JI
Games Sci ForPark l yaws cad Da_ Hue.absN.wL 1a..s. ..
--- I | Municipal Stadium. Afterno InTo I ... _' ___ Vases Ban S brabd "C.. ..- .-- .*. ..
--- -- -- - -- - -- -- -- an < a M" -
.,...: n. II. E.i be announced. I etas-yew. ft Vartvtr .o !_" a..* .
e > **
s cal tu--ls n Army Barracks! : Afternoon _M_ t "DOC" BLAMCILVRD AND BRIDE CUT: CAKES 12:0-Dsaclet ..Ue""' _.eMS j I .annta........... ..... .....
1 Tonight, J .. sail '- .......
m. -
f Il.41A Ono CJM- 1 21E To be announced. .
.. .. ..
J -- -
--- ue Ceeee.
eta st-.M
E ji.i.r. aahi tMhilebrrat, ; M... i COMMENT I ON _. .. .. ...
'_ ..I fl)1.Ot.y.f t Fin; should not forget that One-Minnte ass as. r/ao : J
t Saturday Svmmary .-.... eCbS a .-.a. ;j
AlaI..1 CtUff'n
Softball rival will meet
f ; eternal 1 ; SPORTS sew tr.r ..* %. {..
tti.fstl .
1 ApliMr. in two games scheduled' for tonight Tm! fa caitcrii..trait. __ Net -. !. .- ee )
e .. I at Bayview Park. The outcome SPORTS QUIZ S l.r m*l....ta... Ita...r. tee am. .*, asps ,* ...* r a .eera/
tNId 1 I w. 1 1' *
of the contests mean a lot' By ED SIMS ,IS.. I,__ ..:- 7l a
----..-..-.,--_----- -
Iu/. 1'MftU' tapL' and the four: .r'" e. .r sMei i
-- to hoih league OCTOtlt \
1. How many homers did Lou j 1 ,. a SAUntOAT. ::..:= .; .* as
"M hart W tier '
"' 1r11rhg gel .
: : clubs in each circuit.In s .
Boudreau hit in the final play- RASEIIALLWashington. Meeelataae 1a1.1.1 ti' to asset 1 !isms
tllp.at' ('w* ant Pirates toJ'Ita, the first game: Adams off game in the American -Tt. Ctory .b..-.bSbepixn relit ............ ---
r aams_ ar a'n" elf ....... ; Dairyman who have won one League? Baseball! ID: still Spoetol-a*

dI tlm.ar ..... a the Uftsetnll ; game and lost one to the Sportsmen. 2. Did North Carolina defeat the nation's first sports love No, 1:1-BU1Il.rt F"IIH-C" t
.... .. Vnt for 1943.i Mas/.rs-aM
ieaaape Key will meet the Bob's Sport :30-UhMI Tees
Georgia (football) last ?
.. ult U. arema.' | year matter what part of the countryyou're l:4-QaarlI vanar f olka wfc*
plied r Shop nineIt will te.) Hancockfor 3. Whaj was the Notre Dame "
whether it be the .
... of the : deepS 10:00 Fn.ua-
.)< Yrdsl. ppf.manager ( : b.akes'i4eN
the.Spot'mett-against Purdue score b. fe,4r wecksback| I'' Bad B r* r-Xt
foC sst' -
) e4l.. .raise to .e me ant told i Griffen of the DafrymerC: :, This 4. What: American L agUe "of tb3tf-Vl! inteVeit IS>fv Jhere's aMt Thus ll for Tvtt-ta. .
today's .
.. a wimp; U |4ay the lunbt t ( ball-game games 10:30-'rcld. Aednra "- .,-- IJ/
Indicates a good teams! has Ducky Harrb managed ,-, Local papers.; boost 'local teams, Stacy Let jaj1pt: Taeab.
... 4hrr riut In Key West :
anti -
I I In the nightcap Elks Club/ ? and,IthcjVsSi.:: local ,league in almost 1.i 1. a : 110-)l t thW P k:- ,-'
i 'tte 4spuistM. *** 1 leader Cthe, Class "w Lea-tie,f 5 What has happened to 'J.3verne' haws: Peet' ..
yaw ,... .M rite f.... That to the 1err 1 W-l : i every populated, section of Abbott C_... .ma i -
will plays the runhera-up* Roach-the former prom> the Yet !loci.t Quia maw-otd
country the Major 1
fart ..... tat n.. of the ;
J Fly.rtaae l4puld the Fivers, win ]sing middleweight from Texas/ feown l1:>>- IftUt". EJ UeOimM kte W
League.pull the t ticn'sshare'
rt.k $ lee what!; ; Mlt Dn "
tweet now '
i Itprelrra. iw. Maniiten will have': they win >e but a'half-Canie be- 1 of the headlines: ui every The T... Cha1 Easiest l way to
i :. him .the l-ntler*. A triumph: for \\fHI;: ANSWERS: (;(t ion. f A--, I
i k
t!i ataaw Mrf.lter- : the Elks wiU'send them two and 1. Two. One reason the Snerdvilte ,1 ';:00-110..,.; .r Twh-c" 1! ''loveliest r**MIl'Hpl1il
half out in front. I Jnoior Junction-aM I II
..t1 IF VaMM .( the Dumber UtlZtaC I a .>gomes I II I 2. Yes by seven points, as they Squeak bills Stan Musical's hit'above T U: O-Coff.. U Wa. ... brwig the Qty ChampaSiit ,_ did this year.: that _of the : local' hero's tip' I CraM Olrtral Ura.. .-.rb. 4
is that Musical and the other Anwrlcaa Farmer. -ab. I rP
tal...t.na M a arrws of unwst I 3. 28-27. favor of the Irish. 5-
t tfc. near future ant IIi How They Stand 4. Detroit. Washington, New greats, have come up from the 1:00 Cotinir Farm Fair.aid V.ia u.-a.M
i i .N tie McMr aurreMfuU. fur j jta j York.. I minors. Musical might have 'tb LeecheI.t..t.wrsbd i
..,*MB ...... are mnre than _._ i 5. Roach lost a fight (?) with a played in )lots of small towns allover SiinAy lit "I'rM aK-ebS-'"
s t2> It, tee gond. hall Mmes snx'i I comparativelyunknown Octobers I the country before ma 'ng 1 > 1 :30-1':4 t-.!I". and ToaI&a-Take= I >w
LOCAL SOFTBALLClass Writers the big jump. lie c.rtamly has 1 A totals G ort. I I
t .tM*_Mv .. an swtatd. iub tosses I 4th in Washington. I ...llbtr tv la Nay Sn let'* hope "A" League i! called it a waltzing match. j jI' j played in smaller towns and \ .. d 1:45-Foot b w.H OmItarrard AruU-.-eN.5 I

c *C the Bxmbm bIt I I cities during the Grapefruit Cir- .Ww..a-eb
maswajlw << 3t 2:0 -Staia U r H |
( a.w talrl ...l then we will beJ Club- %V. L. Pet.i uIlubdSport 1 Only eight of the original 72 cuit in the sp'ing. ; l Fkactoatlnc. Rbytiiai-at aCai I

It IAA tot ere ..... ba>,ebolL I I Shop 6 1 .857 men invited to roottwil practicethis The Chicago Cubs, or the I at Y30--FoMban: Saturday isama-ab.a-..*a I
_. .
5 2 .714
t t I II I Adams Dairy fall at Michigan State Col- Pittsburgh Pirates.ion't belongto Cams-ca

I '::+* t...u l/a K.ttry from the NewUKBH 'I Ii I SubRon Four .3 4 .429 lege are seniors. Thirty-five are Chicago and Pittsburg fans r :" d dy 2:4S-FooIMU IOO-T.: IJe Ao.ese.d.bTak. f' rf! I -
i r.r'-: wanU to rome toW Vets of Foreign Wars 0 7 1 .000 sophomores.The alone. There is a guy on every .1 - \rsMr--N; -..a.l1:15To
f ..y ..t and .play a duuUeuai I championship team from Shady <4. > Wircphoto U. Aea.etosJeaa:30lltl. ..
I Ia.r a bv Sunday. in the very I II I Class "B" League I I Washington Redskins! last Lane. Texas or Ridgeville, Massachusetts Muaical ITa Way.ra fer i-sba r.., ......
I rs-t.. hrtwre The futchrr to Swede Club W. L. Pet. blanked the Philadelphia Eagles or JonesbUrg. FELIX "DOC" BLANCHARD. the Army's former All-America ; True er r.l..-.--ee** 1 Itler tI..aku :Jd....
l2Am anrf we remember, when I Elks Club 50 1.000 on)Sept. 17, 1939. do. Every year about this COlon\-1 fullback at West Point and his bride. the former Jodie King t 1:45-1.1I."Coeal.beYour tier Prmi --" ..- '..,ei

I --..- Hre* with the Lake VX-I Flyers 4 2 .667,I when the World Series comes i cut their wedding: cake in San Antonio. Tex. They were mar \V"k9 M e.........pea

I VlMi ........ and the Catrher I Kantor' Men Shop 3 5 .37.;:'::hard time selling his work in the around again-there',; a fellow ,l ried there: Tuesday at the home of the bride's parents. After .' I II petal.: :r,......

NU.. kt you gum. Sev- ; Naval Hospital 1 6 .143 i early part of his career and had a on the winning team who wants I the honeymoon they will be stationed at the Air Force's Shaw 4: Oars.:=

SI.e* k'MIC hard to .rand mental breakdown born in New to do his best for the home ton I I Field base: which is near McCall. S. C.. Toe's" home town. Grocer SELLS That c.o.t 1 N.thoMpr. r

t- rJI9 we tq.e we TUnA Y'S ;I YOlk City. Died Aug. 9, 1919. folks. _. .__. I STAR BRAND ; '11I11"MM i hLNei..re
-- --- -- -- -- ---- j
--- ,
larl. M anion ANNIVERSARIES j 1851-George Foote Moore noted He's playing for the team of !; -
( Harvard professor of the \ course but he wants the old i' 'I AMF1t1CAN I a.lsasthelh

t :Dqhilltk ti liN home (Know America) I itory>of religion born in \'lis-I friends back in Oak View-:th? !; Duke Among First Sports Shorts i I; mad CUBAN COFfEEi .i. !/.

.... aM-tree. him fly. Mar l t.e 1830-Helen Hunt Jackson, poet. (Chester Pa. Died May 1C, ones he grew up with-to know i A Peal Tadar- -4
1 -
) ...1 .....t laun he wiU novelist author of "Raniona," j 1858 John L. Sullivan he's done his best and macRa\ \ DURHAM, N. C.-(.. ")-)-Duke 'i.! End Jack RTcConville is the:i I __411
rttinr he. r* *ed rift ball who diet much good for the Indians prizefighter who dominated the good showing. lie. might be a | lone Ohio representative on the ___
( .HM ..tM HU Ittt a MAtfle to acute born in Amherst, Mass.lying' in the 1880's and early 1890's I member of the Cleveland i University was one of the first I, Villanova football squad lie i is ,

t. Mrs.. Rrtt and) Mt :a dnuNww Died Aug. 12, 1883.1333lnrnm perhaps the most idolized of all : Indians but Oak View is pftlj j southern: institutions to take up from Cridgeport.i .. -

bIa 1.Jim'. again. in Jhe ev- Thompson au- I:prizefighters born in Boston. Died !ling for Cleveland second--for :intercollegiate:. football. John i i _

N... ..... AtetluiK. Alt ury, ,thor and star in the famous old Feb. 2, 191ff. I their home town lad first. Cleveland -II Franklin Crowcll, president of the I I Eucky Walters is the fourth Overseas
I M.p Maker and vtlten alone play, "The Old Homestead." born 1888 Willard Huntington is part their team too. i sd.ool-then known as Trinity pitcher to assume the role ol r TransporUtbnCompany
pM.ker. M nay haw a ball near- Girard, Pa. Died April 14, Wright ("S. S. Van Dine"), author, For these reasons, baseball College! --organized the first squad I. playing manager with the Cm i
ab* M h..f.. he will whip 1911. detective-story writer born in leaves out few parts of the i I II when he came to :Trinity from cinnati Reds. Will White. Clark
> .PM*> VajrHhrr! t<> w>n anJ lone t 1841-Ralph A. Blakelock fam- ,Charlottesville, Va. Died April ll.i I I I country when it corner to local |I Yale in 1S ;S. I Griffith and Christy Mathevvsor Inc.

I Meth ,
.. ___ '
I The other day your rorr.'sI I est organized teams about the ) s1aI" aad ?c4e'14.
Fait f Frrlght .
II 'fullU''A'' 'T I INDIANS) I'AUADE( FOR HOME FOLKS !i pondent was flying to W..shini. ;:: \i.same time but they patterned Trinity played the game as YalI <<< 1 r T' f
ton.I j It happened to be the day I i thi-ir game along th- lines ofrugby. I played it, using an oval ball will I t -... ... it '"

: Cleveland played IIDston',! Ited:: ,i i u:.iag a perfectly roun-l 1 wH.I ; more rushing than: kicking. MIAMI and KEY WRST !
Sox for the p"nrwnt-il1 a one- I -- ---
game play-off. The weather H a.wawwwww. ............ ............. Ala Sent'.. ALL romtl' 1Ftl tl tlllhS
t 3 bad. the ride tough and every! ...twena N'--I ..i K.f ...!
lone, was being tossed mound :1
Y j more than enough. As we stopped -

e M. .w Ie t ; at the first airport en route ,1 FOR SALE // Express &'',.., ..
I someone:; came out to tell us
Cleveland led by 6 to 3 in the /, (N. heap t fip KMM f
> I
I'Uixth. With one exception, every i I.. ... .. .4 lUNDA Tat .. ap >> ji. !
man and woman on the planeturned I I Iit t rivet at Mlaal N .*N aT.lMj MM {,
around and cht.'CkedI /
tlf i it JflKULEAVES) I
I score. There were some whoopsI White
4 MIAMI 101 MLY !
of some sighs. .
I interest. I/ 4 SUNDAYS) .t..lr !
j 1 was general were 4 nledsad ....... at >Ie...y ai :
of the
Some passengers ; NEWSPRINT a.00 _.Ikx AM.oral .
I busy people. Some had very

: little time for anything other l/ / /. Shc, ,.4Ild4it

1.I I than business, for sports. But (Slot AI AW l.trrrail.t.
1 they all got excited about Cleve- [LEAVES KEY WtIIt' 1IMa.t
land and Boston though they I.it it 500 Sheets 4' CEFT S\11tDATat st- t4i
u were a thousand miles rom the 4' A. M. and artless at ..Nad it
1 scene of*the battle. For .interest 25 Nt10t P. M.

4- i ma sport that's hard to beat. j: 8'/2' X 11 ( 1 LEAVES MIAMI DA .Y

; 4, SUNDAYS} t.MatflT ....... -m
a mwvvvvvvnvvvvvvvvvnSTRONG I. .** at Key Writ it ..
/ -

(JPt)"Wirephoto TRIUMPH I / /I I4j

president Bill Veeck : Press fl8tYNQ:
: LOU BOUDREAU (left) And make it plain they fc very happy
iM UM Werld Series victory parade of the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland. They are passing MILLat :, CAHCO& INSt.1kAM2

a CWveUfid ttrt through 'crowd vattoosly estimated at 150.000!> to 300.000 people. .Mrs. I CITIZEN BUILDING I MAW OrnCK and WAMEHOVSCrPHONCSi OW. pw R...II .It
.,tta between her husband and Veeck. and Mayor Thomas A. Burke sits on the front All Grocer.AAAAAAeAAAtAAAA. : + PHONE 51 I : M AM* Mtl

..4l Its bees XI yens sine Cleveland fans base had the opportunity; fir sush a puadc. . . .
'4AAAAAAA . . . . .1, .:: -- : '
-- -



.....L. --

. .. .. : ..... .. -- :; ; --"=- -- -.- .
.. "'
I -. ------ T. _.. -'>- II' -- ;:::::- ,= 1' .:> = : :;:- c !DIr"! Ti'IIJIr{ 4" _
{ :
I -' : t

I ; t .

FRI l l \,,1'I x ; .
,.. ":01111 15. 1948 THE KEY'T CITIZEN H..a tit. .J

'- -' : = i-

I Follow! the Crowds to PAUL J. S!HER! ,Jewelers, f for' VALUES- of A Lifetime- ---I _, ,

I """ Sf = : ;- d_ .

YES SIR! .IT'S KEY JST'S)[ "ii/It You Can t

t YES MAM f =: t ,f ,

-' \ \ fl4je1l.Nt.tayjay to

6 6f1E6T3
\ 'SIb i t
iHdiIt .

I from This...

I"OLY.SI I wit EVER: ;OHS in
*.*, U PMOFIT br this Sal* of Mine I A
.. R'M
w.. I 4 tti 4* Ihn I made a decision.K .
-t tt.ke
anything from my old store
IJ" nq Rev Iocltton-I wcbUcTto show!; my
tfcttftt I* Y-O-U fax
your PttroMgviI
rie.4. mean mw to ,
in.thin Prollf-So
Pw lo N. u.,.. Ceod! Judgment lit Uw.bI4.Kia
: say price lags ta teces-Yes.. E
CM rrtm to th. .*...t YauU uve Mnwt
aa/e. K 7k GII tM Dc.I1u E..r. thiaq % '
Jit- will J b.-HM to)b. soldi This
.. e PUBLIC Sal. to the PUBLIC and j
viiiYOMra INVITEDtN'ov.. ,thIMC r' ,
YCM&l1.nn rort'tl CASH TALKS in this
MIGHTY s... BE: SEElNCkYOUJSigned \ -


+ o

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.... .
I..w..I: .e
1'1Ma ....--. T.NwNa 0 V
1 NIIttMN1N1 Special Group4llWB
M_, a/\ \ I* Klt.71:

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a -- +ma'ls

TEA and

".I"r'Sllnr W-.
1 Only to be Sold

I I;:: 1'._-.-".........,........ 5PlECESIHurty -For This
C:""7 t. T l ltur "
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VASES I Famous'Clastonbury' RItti

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+ -- q- ,,. .
-- -
, err :" : : );; ,
.. .. ...& .',..'.- '.' -- F ...-,.-:_._ ....-

-' -

.. _:;.._ =-: :"'r.' =' :.M+M5=w=:;;;':;';VJR"ie"A ,? L_ -r-rF'-.:. R-.%: -.wis..0 .... .......... _:!:.. ...'.4..:. ....:....= = -. ..."i;:/ s.y_ : : j :!:;:=. : ;- : rli. .. .,a -- '




---------- --- -----
s..I' 4 ....... -" ,... .
Quarrels Cu'en98Day THtM\N DECOR.VTES LINCOLN'S TOMB I Col.! Chambers Navy Man Wife j Liquor Licenses .=sd'1015 ..t w .M .cellar

People's Forum tp..s-d. ....... t1Qtl a *... wi
..... ..... arse Mae .-
Arrives Here Fined To Be DiscussedAt
) Jail. TermFor ................ -. .. Heavily a aiM ... ... 1 ..

5, A Th. Cltlsr. 1 ( s ... .( tfce clew..1 It. rr.drr '. Laic; A Navy man and his wife Mr. a special wfteUng d Hie CKy
: Taking l I FangMlMg .tl t.t rIFYI.. 5.1.. .1rle hr .editor e-ii.r.............rhea. theJUut YesterdayCoL and Mrs. G. Hooper were lined Commission rate ttxiar, th question .

tee .... ..... libel..r ....a.ra'r ..- in Municipal Court yesterday" by of renewingquoi; b'-.tnw. aM FASTEST wey
1 K. e ct-..... we. adl11"tI'" J ....,..... ..e .. J. M. Chambers USA chargesof ,0
Judge Hilary Albury on of
._ ....11_ t.e letter.. .. which lapse J 'JeClluoae non pav;
a* .Iwi M .a. in the ........ ..* writrI .. .... .r.r consultant of the Armed _services being drunk and, disorderly went of c t:". c-Minty alai state 47 aMakM MMIAMI
f 4h.t..l Mu...1 t .*, ""M< n< t' tare *.**t ..!). Mcwa i.c... ..1I Committee of the U. S. Senate and using profane language. taxes will t b- euaai iered.
.r .. ......... ,
I .. .
Ii Oars. M 4.y. M c.*M> Jed trH.: e tl Irltrra writer.... nlll b* ....t..r..a-? IYe arrived .it Boca Chica Field late Mrs. Hooper wa fined: $.j(0) on AIjJ; City. Cora-n. Moamr Louia
i by I.W ".......3 N.. ........... ..e..I.. yesterday to make an examination : these charges and assultin the Carbuncl! said be would aa* the
e... d c.a Cwrt The f nr I of the forces in the Key police officer who arrested them. comnbjc.n to scterH the tiMe fee'
w. wN ..nh' a ... Iillllal LOVES: TM BOTH West Naval Base for a report to Her husband escaped for$25 fine payment ..I rvrupataMal, licenses I IIVIUMJttlf '
I ........... ..... ...11, ., t I..t '1 Rt I Editor The Citizen:' ,. the committee. Oft the other charges.Admiral until November I. Ttate'taxes.
, air .... .r .. M-l t"IL.J" t He will also make an examination we-s due as ** October. 1. 1 :KCAU.:
i. ... a Key West makes claim to having :
p'svI' M r I '. ton of other armed services I.
lilt w. r fw1 ;y .s ....... n. the only lighthouse in the at many point J Joins trrhar's Ailv. Wrung ION<
naAar hs/.rtr. .It.r W" lie city itself. We in Milwaukee Chambers will depart from Boca I ',"
RaM .... t.sa asst a y... have one too, and it is in beautiful Chica today. It was not known! Here: In U lut# Coffee Al .,JJ'" !rn it !
.J_ c. ssttr Qua" t surroundings. We love both where the colon would be I t Flagship : ,
5 Pound For We!
.... .lay ssttit/ir air ui th"IW : of them. bound when he left here. I I
-, a1s1.. =1=..I-M Uu= <' i'p >t tSi .' I MRS. A. J. MIXDORF f Rear Admiral T H Bobbins;, In Arch-rs advertisement i in
In lad 5341 N. 76th St.. 1 The shawls of Kashmir are USN commander of: Carrier Th z Ci**e*r :"ste* far: M .' w. i!
-- -- Milwaukee Wk::c. ;, mad from the finest wool of thei Division 17 of the Atlantic Fleet, H..use; : Cotter' wjs 1 1.st ,t TS bean-;:
Himalayan goat. arrives here today bv air to go .. lave -x.un.-k ',* 41 cent. It rc 1.1 .
> Taken Prom APPEAL FROM CHINAi aboard bis flagship USS: Min- shot:'i rye rra'; .)T t ,u*; i tir
powers for goo-I. You can influence doro. which has been operatingin .43 r:''-t.,
Editor, The Citizen: China: for God Key West waters on training
706 Diiui1) Strr/
: .
( ,
H i sai list II it aiiie: r;* in Sor>ie "ears ;:RO I was talkingto ppei ations. -
a t tA Ivonr I fry>Pr ti.itru>. Mv littleChn a b.y'i1'1 Chicago I toll him it : .The Mindoro and the USS
T-.4 SA... S :1 : .-c Brownies \vr-h tai.t you : carrier will depart ,- GLASSES i
> \"/'}1I11 i hfine if he could be i Scily, another ; 12 FULL
fad aaaM I I.. In Ihs+ ......, r Ctsr. wout't tell your many :Santa'; Chug minister" He decided: to rlo so and on Tuesday. ,
.i M W I. ..... "o readers of my Chinc: .. qIr wend Ihilt at 7-11 Jt \..I .t ,thev would like some o-UH or largest; churches in America
ski'Ilhtlr !! .I dolls or pen -ila.! or toy ship i an i iI tI M:,k< Jlisskn-r <'s of your I'ea.l- in Six of These Bottles! !
Lt..AA May A' i'Inr.sAlarMd I other toys or capsor mils.. rrs. It i.1?: 2 big work. Your reii-
... Ion. t"\f' t I u 1 It would be fine if they could ers pre Santas They are sons and -
...... a wet arllNrw M-het, .?';: send a parcel pf presents each ar- dairKt;: and cnn do a BIG work rM' .' '- / I
ear sgir itlr aslW .M !"uor a ticle not more-than 4 inches tong for China and what a joy it would 1'r. '" sow oNLY .
__ __ nn ....' :\. (Pi wr..paulo, so that, they could 'be put in i be for you to know you had led V .. .... fr' LL E 30(-
--- .-j
/liltip r* _hw. .raiAlt. cat I a I stocking. Wrap securely and say some of the missionaries in China ...:. +l?" : +l
.... tgialMr. ... .... W'? .t'letflr PPESIDENT TRUMAN PAUSES in his mid-western campaignt on the outside "Free GifU for Chinese I'il try to 'write and: send you .'N ts7rt ac..
.... wal ..ek a a atat11 plan a wreath cf Hewers on the tomb of Abraham Lincoln Children" but it would be mv Brownies' "Zia Zia NOng.- S.i- -= :;:..< A.i. yje.M ard 5 +

ttr. .ar h.. wh lha thc/t, at SpricgficU. 111.Wallace better if your Santa Claus read- Thank, thank You" soon after 's..S$ ;IM"ffW : ;j Dlb' : =-,2 aaa
-- -- ----..- ers could send real money so that Christmas. May vou have n Merry : .; ,
IIIISIMI.I .\\1): I could buy for my 1,000 Chinese Christmas the merrier be- tHS! 1212 "1 +

M.-' Pram pt&. OW>> Race I I"If Brownies things more alike in cause you have made by Chinese
,___I. ._ u1t. hratl t/prw .' Jr't May Quit China.paper Send money by in personal sealed envel checkor little Yoirs-in ones happj Christ'b; glad service ,

b.. .+w wiAtali.w, w11h. p\f'WtI. lope with 5c on the outside (Rev) H G. C. HALLOCK.
of readers
..ftlwalta Truman Shows Strength your are boys 430 Chapoo Road, Rttiixa
dsl.kIa .p a.l.lwa
and girls and young men and wo- Shanghai 5. China
men. Tell them to plan to grow ]
.. By EDWARD H. SIMS September 17 1948.Portable .
......rt ttr .n./drgeas". up and come themselves into .
.... III aiailf. The Citizens Washington Correspondent China and be missionaries here
YIS/n.1.nM-g 04 ..I.pl"Np. .., WASHINGTON.-Despite emphatic denials that he will' and themselves bring a happy Welch Au-Fhght Circulators
.. : wHhdbaw from the presidential race, there are those who say Christmas to China. Handy No Blasts No Noise No Hea
.b gpsaltulllH"M asrsii i the worse than ha hates In work China I Free Demonstration
Henry WaUace hates Republican party m> in need led, t'.r h.
1..1/i11 tale1.Iti11'rM Hary Truman and that he will withdraw this month. Whetherit plenty of money This sheet oi i j HOT WASHERS ;: p..r+.... ..USM

/tilt .. tart WIN k H true or not it is interesting: to consider. paper costs more than $40000()( $46.95 w.t e,.....
de .VMI.. tttdAt M Wallace thought Truman had a chance and if Truman and this envelope $4000 Postageon e $26.95 and 36.95 "f I aiY r w.tr..
talf!.!..... lM'-'N" the:"next admin, letter costs $300,000 and ail Sold Exclusively by ff'SI: Ob4 r rw A...,
wra willing to:>> offer him some enticing job in ;
lilt hIMMiM mail $1,100,000 for 10 grams, a loa:
1 111a M1- M IWt Wost. Utrafecn. a deal might be worked out to be sure. But Wallaceknows n.taiatti!
of bread
'I costs $1,200,000 an or Mumford & Ross
I ..wMA.r r w n.. Sot Truman's chanecs are not as good as they could be. ange $60,000 and an apple $70,000 $5.15 to 11.95 Mata r1w/

I. ...... Olssiatl .. ... M. the : Afid Truman has said he wouldn't deal with the third party a ball $80000 and a toy S&O.OOC' 220 DUVAL STREETNext
..I.P+IM+.N r.... i. I'MII. Ida's Reader.There. tt- But an American dollar change
.. i Door Delmonico Re5tal ant Bottled 3yt pti-Cola BetUUtf C:.. .< Kq w..a i
"- fill .. ,.. for TROPICAL TRADER
f .U a possibility that Tru- twelve million Chinese dollars
tAuW. ... .....".... Back These are BIG days th Under Appointment from P p i-C.la C.mpaat. KwTliE Ytt.-t
in I man """IU win of course and to Boys 'ralen 718 Duval Street Phone 1000LEWINSKY'S _
tlr... ... I. K eltw Iawia.ld I world. God has given you grea t '
da just that, there is strong p(3bUfeiy -
t-. heat .Mlana-1 Awlw all -- :
r .. IatWl.tlt, t.. d. Mia he would offer Wallace a To Birmingham MEN'S SHOP :1.PEARLMAN'S
.u....... clan YaMalslwaia algid t..... pwMion in the future. Of .
... AMIw. .NYiral t'..'" IrIaaJ tsrwrae. it would be hard to swal- Officer C. F .Seale of the Alabama -
...... _a Ong--d a,4s ... for both men but not too : Boys Industrial; School of '. g
paalll 011 'WNI. .... utwlt .IM. if it meantictory or de- Bir-nin-jham arnved in Key West STOHK OK QUALIT"'

lilt I.wa II MI.. b'Ittiat .' a..L" I.'.t.I yesterday and :stvted back at .. Key Wests: Largest LADIES' MISSES' sad CHl4>REN'S: Star
.... ttir he ... 4. IIINrw .i I There u one anti-Truman once with" two young boys who t
... -- M .... h.p1' 111.1I .f..np.,. however, which will not escaped twice from the school I
I ...... ,a.rmr 111 anh.lt.f. i.1M lYMPf'UI1U None hs even sug- itic bu i.; W.l'e L riv Madden.
l tr .... '''f.ct.r that Gov. J. Strom Thur- ,ni Charts S.hietds., who were j
I .I-W .....*.. .... E- wanes ___ would step down in hisiakw arrested by Police Ijjeutenant: Ray I, s
I Uilian ......._ Itw ...* II rin the prraidtncy for a Atwell after a Division. street ...
I .. a p 4HM- l plum under Truman. market had been entered: the oth- V'\5-a: s
1 rvrsuwzrMiMMiiMt. Ma.t ..-.. I'Jrte Right IXnocraU will er night. i a ) s : ,' s:
a4 pea ad the 'any hH a clown southern btlte.i:
t iMfc ... *.* .* fill Mir "..* .-.a..v.>lHiC to well.informed ob- Sher's Place I 'I
I ....... -.**. .4M.y w.* |L.rvrrs--anl! then can't do Tru, I '.
CM. Cii ** sslt r luau Caitov ....'* (54eany good.Wall.trthought .
1 i .tstlllr'1. a1tMM1. seal In ass .....IYf receptive to a Filled Ye&tprtlty- I 32./
uyrt. ....P A, rlnttrtlR '''Tttw.on off-r a while back is
.... Mial Msr Kea ','u__ at... 1 a ran. th.t Truman will have ".n.Wrtrniwlt With PurchasersCrowUs I dress !
f N11.. 1h. tttttti w I1wi ...... 1. hard job, even withWMiacite were to large in front I R its a
i :::I:=I 1 c.rtIo..... i thrown in. For that t f Paui J. Shr's icwclrv store, 532 .
4 ..: wi .. .. .........'a.f isla.un! rumors! tnat: Wallace willWttntraia Ruval street' yesterday that the
f lr .." "" .... t-.J b'l hi> .ace moat be taken City Police were asked to send a, it's a jumper
......b M ....w. ise M1a.1 Aew wM, t ut&un& guar l tft the shop while shopors! : itF t!
t ..... ... M1. MM .( Hw dui wj It i- t t.ue Wallace: leader are picket up bargains being ir
1 ..* Hi. MM> Ut Ut-h... M. Mre T'unian ia beaten man"Ifcrt unt;1 a week from ;offered I
'aA rt.s IIi......_. MrY Grate ,.f..n' they figure they have m htSaer. I
f n.w r ..... alw .............. .. .Itlttr to flaw !in casting: their lot estimates that approximately .1 +
I ... with tar ... ///.i its a.i
?r .1eat. Th y prefer rte) persons were in front I
j .Mat a..re I"| hat* mwpiish that defeat of the;:; store when it was ready to i ,
1 it- as.u1.r) Mw Marie ',need. claim credit fir it open yesterday: morning
k.__. arri Mr.Mt .! The. MMt interestingactor to Twelve safes persons w .ie on / \ ..Y, /1
r pa.Msr..IM.rSai.ard 'i vMMfc ia TruaMn'c strength in the the floor of the store M day yesterday ra ;1
-1 .. !'HBXt Month If he picks up sup- giving prices ant wrap- t I
j .. Pre.k. was M .(*-rt. Wallace: might join the ping purch.b s. Sher said that thebest c i
1 .tom sat Was. pw1 t11. l.hlkMA ,jawing But if Trumanlocsn't possible prices were being; offered h 'i'/
l'aa l. Mllhatb all I ..., _pruW' hu puMtion, there u no '
I ...... Mrhm slrtlall pasts. ;Ichlnte of recapturing IIcnr>. V;a- Shers new store which will be 1 ,I

;; ... iri.IMp1..wi..r Mrs .Lri. at 693 Duval l street will be readyftr I .... ....,,, .. ... i
.. a- .... __ tnjj da.nS1 +
( I -- ---- opening on V"vember 1. l sI
... ttiwiw _*1 a "F11awMel" The day before the btorea sale .
(( ,
i iKmlKillsihibv f ft i
tataftts4w :opened on \/e-infsda The Citizen -' I f
jj .. ...... ha.- .... I ,
I : car:!'r"J 0: wo ;oage spl'c'd: advertising I 1
ti.aA tiuM..aty Mrs. ......., O.TRE.\L. Canada. Lcav- the sale i iI r
I ........ I tn. her 6-month old baby in his II /
; .Ilr.aaUr hslrrasisa .d "iNTaa.ae on the porch for a nap, ........................ I
t ...... w.. Week Mr Jean'Pierre Neault with her TAILORED BY ;r'- s
i ..... tits .. .. the. ., I .two. other children took a short -BKYCLES- HART. I /
nap in .t-e bedroom. When she '
i, ---run er, a ,n '*", Walrlsb. rviumed to .the porch she found SCHAFFNER "-.
( .. isw.s 19ratu ... Repaired and Rented
I t* batty dead in his '
1 carriage '... I /
t .,.. _. fi1My Lit OraIt "having been savagely attacked & MARXGABERDINE' ,
.. ptoYaw Aar1. ........ abwtt the head with part of its Also in Stock-NEW /

J ttllt. iltaH ....... r......... ...... head torn away. The baby is UltACLEb TRICYCLES .I I
.. .... ('.w11r.a .e."d".t believed to have been the victim I .' w.. .... .__rt iI..,
-. .........r .it v,.. M iarhR : II* *o atldik; by a bird of prey W t\GO\S SCOOTERS SLACKSOf J 1
... a... Arlan R..n'.a p.6biy di hawk. and SKATES 'I > ,.". ....,..1.... .... .
-.J.-A .sr/lw..) a ?lla. k: t "
Ill __ atM IoIIIIet IMter- Capper has been worked in the ; Overseas Cycle Store ;! course he made it1! That putt seemed half the I 01 at a fMI ef lei ,xwfcjr. .
t iltwa: .....a11 bir. ...... Kd mountain of Northern Chile for : )
...heel.lv... -.. p11hI.. t11) BMNC than three centuries. 920...Division......Su.......Phon......1380...I! distance in these gallery-stopping slacks by Hart II i / : ,. = {WovH, fw..... Mwr'..

... .rfc flt) h.. a l" l-, tea t.: -- '" : >' 01 ;- AH w.,.. Mr wr'"

I :I:: aver sslwNal we I'l': Schaffner & Marx. The master tailors picked a t i ;i .l. : our dr./vmpr s ,hat. M..

__ O _.._.-.... Located in the Heart of.the City winner in sturdy doeskin gaberdine; then needledit I I. L i land NT ,.,... ......

ti i RATES i WRITE or WIRE I' 1 \

..J.IAlltARCARDS REASONABLE: UUUiliO for RESERVATIONSwith into leisure slacks of gocd form and easy motion. : 1tM; R.t'.n F.... i.i r..tibr.isr.

>...*... .tf<*.!>/. Wear them everywhere under the sun! : ;'- Pnagrr M1p&. .

II I T.t,a 5nndriraI Ford Pershing Miller() s. For the Brands Ion knutc! -.u : _:::': .- s.--. ; ; 01... 7 I. 15.

II 'lel. ) Hotel .

I The HOBBY SHOP 10 80 H.E. JT1.SU 22$ 100 N.E.Rooms Ut AT"- 229 NE.Hotel Ut Av. .* - -. 59.7S

IIU Pi...... SIr.., PkM. S. Elevator Elevator Rooms
Solarium heated Elevator 526 146 CCT THE HABIT of SHOPPING at
up,." Sun H .1.l. .If. In .>'H'" 3 BLOCKS FROM UNION BUS STATION I :::

,1m J 1ftc 1 "J......,. .. ..., ..-_ _...."""- ""-.,, .... __. I .-- -- __ TOR ARROW>< SPORTS SHIRTS ____ I ,'. D Ii g R J' 5
----- tii
-- 'K I'
.. .
t ---- -- :-- ;: rv to Ir


.. -
- -- -
-c..esx .xsr.-+ .L!'

The Key West citizen

Material Information

The Key West citizen
Place of Publication:
Key West Fla
The Citizen Pub. Co.
Creation Date:
October 15, 1948
Daily (except Saturday)[<1958-1995>]
Daily[ FORMER <1908-1909>]
Daily (except Sunday)[ FORMER <1912-1949>]
normalized irregular
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 68 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
24.559167 x -81.784031


The Key West Citizen (Key West, Florida) published its first issue in 1879 under the direction of Walter Thompson. Throughout the years, the Citizen combined with several other local papers and in 1905 became a weekly operated by Thomas Treason Thompson, Walter Thompson's cousin, and his business partner Macy B. Darnall. Two years later, Thompson and Darnall joined forces with publishers of the Inter-Ocean, another local paper, to form the Citizen Publishing Company and publish the combined, newly formed six-day-per-week edition of the Key West Citizen. In 1912, L.P. Artman Sr. bought the paper. He set out to modernize its journalistic style and began printing it on a Linotype machine. The paper continued publishing under his direction until 1954 when he passed away and his son, Norman D. Artman, took over as publisher. This paper has classified itself as Democratic since its inception but always vowed to provide unbiased news. The Citizen is considered a "paper of record," having outlived most other local newspapers during times of war, peace, and prosperity. For decades, the Citizen has prided itself on being the "southernmost newspaper in the USA" and has been a member of the Associated Press. The paper's aim has remained "advancement of the interests of Key West and Monroe County." From the 1920s to the 1950s, the Citizen covered major national and international news topics of the day, including the attack on Pearl Harbor and World War II, the Great Depression, and affairs in Cuba, with which Key West has close business relations. On a statewide and local level, the Citizen included reports on the development of the railroad system in Florida, the fishing industry, and the Everglades National Park. It featured recurring columns for local sports, news related to "society" and "improvements for Key West advocated by the Citizen." In 1953, the newspaper introduced the "Colored Community News" and "Notas Cubanas," both recurring sections. Colored Community News was edited by Winifred Sands Johnson and appeared weekly, typically, as a full page dedicated to news and social events in the local African American community. Notas Cubanas was a column published by Raoul Alpizar Poyo. Every column covered a different topic related to Cuba and/or the local Cuban community and was published in Spanish. Key West, Florida, is the southernmost city in the continental US. Although there are accounts of the island from as early as the 1740s, there was no permanent settlement until around 1821 when Florida became a territory of the United States. The island, however, was not incorporated until 1828. In 1815, the Spanish governor of Cuba deeded Key West to Juan Pablo Salas, who sold the island to John W Simonton in 1822. Simonton divided the islands into plots and sold three to John Mountain, John Whitehead and John Fleming; the four are considered the "founding fathers" of Key West. The location's importance for shipping necessitated both a military and legal infrastructure. In 1828, the United States government established a federal court to adjudicate admiralty disputes. Early in its establishment, Key West was home to substantial Bahamian and Cuban populations. In the 19th century, Bahamians fished, turtled, and traded throughout the area. Travel and communication between Key West and Cuba were a common occurrence. Cubans migrated to the town during political upheavals of the 1850s, the Ten Years War (1868-1878), and the Cuban War for Independence of 1895. In the late 19th century, Cubans established substantial cigar-making operations in Key West. Historically, the city's economy was based on salvaging shipwrecks, salt manufacturing, cigar making, and fishing. Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railroad expanded to Key West in 1912 and connected the Keys and mainland Florida until its rail lines were destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. It was later replaced with the Overseas Highway, an automobile highway spanning 42 bridges that today serves as an extension of US Route 1. The Key West Citizen (Key West, Florida) published its first issue in 1879 under the direction of Walter Thompson. Throughout the years, the Citizen combined with several other local papers and in 1905 became a weekly operated by Thomas Treason Thompson, Walter Thompson's cousin, and his business partner Macy B. Darnall. Two years later, Thompson and Darnall joined forces with publishers of the Inter-Ocean, another local paper, to form the Citizen Publishing Company and publish the combined, newly formed six-day-per-week edition of the Key West Citizen. In 1912, L.P. Artman Sr. bought the paper. He set out to modernize its journalistic style and began printing it on a Linotype machine. The paper continued publishing under his direction until 1954 when he passed away and his son, Norman D. Artman, took over as publisher. This paper has classified itself as Democratic since its inception but always vowed to provide unbiased news. The Citizen is considered a "paper of record," having outlived most other local newspapers during times of war, peace, and prosperity. For decades, the Citizen has prided itself on being the "southernmost newspaper in the USA" and has been a member of the Associated Press. The paper's aim has remained "advancement of the interests of Key West and Monroe County." From the 1920s to the 1950s, the Citizen covered major national and international news topics of the day, including the attack on Pearl Harbor and World War II, the Great Depression, and affairs in Cuba, with which Key West has close business relations. On a statewide and local level, the Citizen included reports on the development of the railroad system in Florida, the fishing industry, and the Everglades National Park. It featured recurring columns for local sports, news related to "society" and "improvements for Key West advocated by the Citizen." In 1953, the newspaper introduced the "Colored Community News" and "Notas Cubanas," both recurring sections. Colored Community News was edited by Winifred Sands Johnson and appeared weekly, typically, as a full page dedicated to news and social events in the local African American community. Notas Cubanas was a column published by Raoul Alpizar Poyo. Every column covered a different topic related to Cuba and/or the local Cuban community and was published in Spanish. Key West, Florida, is the southernmost city in the continental US. Although there are accounts of the island from as early as the 1740s, there was no permanent settlement until around 1821 when Florida became a territory of the United States. The island, however, was not incorporated until 1828. In 1815, the Spanish governor of Cuba deeded Key West to Juan Pablo Salas, who sold the island to John W Simonton in 1822. Simonton divided the islands into plots and sold three to John Mountain, John Whitehead and John Fleming; the four are considered the "founding fathers" of Key West. The location's importance for shipping necessitated both a military and legal infrastructure. In 1828, the United States government established a federal court to adjudicate admiralty disputes. Early in its establishment, Key West was home to substantial Bahamian and Cuban populations. In the 19th century, Bahamians fished, turtled, and traded throughout the area. Travel and communication between Key West and Cuba were a common occurrence. Cubans migrated to the town during political upheavals of the 1850s, the Ten Years War (1868-1878), and the Cuban War for Independence of 1895. In the late 19th century, Cubans established substantial cigar-making operations in Key West. Historically, the city's economy was based on salvaging shipwrecks, salt manufacturing, cigar making, and fishing. Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railroad expanded to Key West in 1912 and connected the Keys and mainland Florida until its rail lines were destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. It was later replaced with the Overseas Highway, an automobile highway spanning 42 bridges that today serves as an extension of US Route 1. Key West also played a significant role in military efforts. Naval Air Station Key West traces its history back to the arrival of Captain David Porter and his "Mosquito Fleet" of the American Navy, which began operation from the island in 1823. Key West was held by the Union during the Civil War and became an important supply point for the Union Navy in its efforts to blockade Confederate Florida. The island also served as a center of military activity during the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. Additionally, the base has functioned as a training facility during non-wartimes.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida and Crest.
Cf. N.W. Ayer & Son's direct. of newspapers & magazines, 1976.:
Began in 1879.
General Note:
"Independent Democratic." N.W. Ayer & Son's direct. of newspapers & magazines, 1976.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 30, no. 129 (Dec. 16, 1908).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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'. ..,. 'iF ,


: \O; : 'LXIX. No.:-21C KEY '"WEST. FLORIDA. FRIDAY._'OCTOBER 15, 1948 I'HMR MVH i cMi

-- .


Vishinsky Present At JMacArtlmr President May

i| Wants .More ,..-'",- .''.,. ,

Council Held Security Today ,1,. Aid. T PacificWashington: .-Ui "clo-os.flll 1r., .... { I Come ,Here After

( .
A Is Deferred'* Semliiig Of Bomb-rip .
dun i \ .. Legion Address
I Anil l'all"To' : t
For ,,r 111,( r _. ll; I
-- Ala-kan. : -
.t:c" ,

StudyH p IHy: Tt. A.MM-i ....l P.'ASIH ....... ".. ", .:,",,2<. Qj' t ..\\'IIM. Q krtr. Ii III
> .
HIM| .;.I W..I.I Not "\ ( *GiO-4, "ucii IG'n.- .. Ir-'f! :; Business And Professional r vot
eral MatArtfeun: in Tokyotxny: : I, CHIli HI"'"

\ltNf| Weir ikrlitIpo4tarlr : said that more fun:;:s for men -ml.mateiisl ;! fl

I ni'r."rcl t stujuI-J} "ba supplied the il I Women Hold 'Bring Your )Joss'I Oil It"/HW1/ t

Anr: eric3n: forccj-: i in ap-jin and

I'..%'. Croup; i Pacific.It Alaska. to tnsintidn peace in the :< '- ; '" ,.., .' ,.i..c Dinner I ; Mayor\ Adams Honored) l.ittfto Wyr4t4r. H.. ...

... 1s. % ... ,
.N.N Pr. .a, was repealed here that! 15 ft: I'"" Irws ...... t.lpp. t
's I Mite OH nr>ntyH.tfcr For. ',. f t Judge Raymond R. Lord j jI li
..t.a t'.r..'...+lrrr Mrlr.i \'W\inky r: bombers and 73 fights |Hive ., ,'. ft'... .. .. I W. Guest I 'ill.. ILelre4we .Irlrte.k4. .
been assigned; to the Air Force in 'I c Speaker:

II ....&. I. -4. t'tu-Mren tAt. -. 4e4a t cwt.te.attend whoM Alaska. The bombors can : are of 'the ), ',".,.." I Motto For EnDing At Session II LADIES' DAYCITY Wtt11 IW -ilrlip.e.isW.
B-50 that tons .
type I
carry :
**..... t< tin. Security Council \ .# # Was "Vote In IS4S" .
www M M...eWt. *f Berlin came L-i ..q of bombs to refueL 4,300 miles. without stop- .. '.., .. I AT HALL ikel !__
r 19 Inr rust.......... were present Other comment was that, JIll .- The -Bring Your Boss" banquet j I T.u..l .d/it teat b ..lrkSbwlm

'''i ....*.. ( MMC vimi; ltkrt.tU4tiun should the necessity arise, the !) Ih. -4 (.held at the South Beach:: Reslau-1 j 1 Il l The g leis ef taMMM..* liar' '"f fie e4dtw bslt. 7ti
I i-< f-awarl lor con&idera: United States Air Force can, fly rant last night by the Business I t the Convent of Mary rlrlsneM.e.. lea..... bste T d wAweea.

It'I" planes readily AUiiUsn bases and ProCe.ional.Womcn.s:: Club of took: the of Lgian lLriq. see
j !I over reM etfty ga-
h'f. further arttun" was dc- .
( *" '*.r \\oto Key West was; acclaimed one of -. lea .
tar .... .
nod ** 1IPW'r" delegates re- I eminent today traan 19-9 t*
wA.d ...-.. i......M more time = 13th !strict GOV. THOMAS &. DEWEY. thj Republican presidential nom- j j[,i Mayor the moot outstanding Maitland Adams civic affairs was <4:30: put when they cite I ait W 1A.. IdMN ...... M-." fl..

I. rMuW Unw. lte Council toeMMv inee. smiles; as he speaks from the rear platform of his campaign : I'crowned "The Boss of Key West!, 1 the office ,in Ute City lUll ..... get .... as... !.\ew..e ..
,' t v .......... which. they ,, VFW Meets\ Here train at Ml Vernen nu jUt after a tomato was thrownat : while Mrs. Ralph Dixon of the I It I,the iOMrriup !- .s_I I*.... Wlrcphoto the platform. Spot of tomato juice can be seen on the Beachcomber was crowned The land ProfeaMOMal W.MBI '. CirM M ..._ l,... a .
.Awr\. UK MUfM.V I I I front of his coat just above the platform rail. A body guard. Boss of the BPW Club." s a body the CM.IB was rriucted .
....Bkv 'I'' > nrfui. that the MRS. CONSTANCE VZRON- This WeekendThe ( holding a bouquet of flowers peers into the crowd in searchof ; Theme for the evening;: was I fromfop tu "kuMaav"the 4 albreMltC .tht i
M vfc. -lr nf BrriMi dors i*>t came II 1 1I I ICA KEANE: (above) haa filed the thrower. "Vote in '43." Each guest was presented City HUt. .h. Crt M....... ..... 4ttlaltsIva. .. --- ...
I rt. ... M. .nrw4*....n of the I 1 ....... -
I suit for support against her rrcular:i quarterly meetingof with a tag bearing this Ralph Spa HS.! wh Ntl w tbMt a eta
-- ----
-- -
1. newt We IMS ubtrt "n was --- t them that c..w ....
motto. IAssl .
IIftnrhMI site actress daughters Veronica the 13th District of the Veterans busy OQtwsa if .. .. .. .
of Foreign Wars will! ba held Mrs. Wilhelmina Harvey. president I t all u..na MrftoMCMnn of Canada.1c1.w Lake at Los Angeles. Mama EBERHARDT I I. .. 1
INQUESTAT of the local organization in!| The girls weM !. Menw
I .
Met t/r e>*innl aiviutdtaw. says daughter has ignored her presiding spoke of the achieve11 five "..ftee" itAJ "Late 11etM' del r .. a rr.Let .-
for Further On ,
... .... /nforipafion
.. .
ii. oft the since 1944. Veronica she .
says s a..
District merits of women through the They At at the dwfc < Mgr i taltr 1111N I I.
r _trfl.. it .sue been formally disc is supporting her mother. Meetinq See Paqe 4 9:30 A.M. TOMORROW\' years and called attention to a rial they were /q. (I1. err. fnrtree ..... t .

i I grandmother mother in law. !in Key West this coming week : stamp recently printed commemorating -I I answered' t*e tek"-'..l.as.. ; -.. I ....- tltltr t1ales.
M Ww ii iiidlr U the Union two children and a nurse.jCoalMinersIn. end.: The host will be Sou- : the hundred years that In the v.mMayur. .a prlM. welt .
j : ........... UM afcHcrven of condiMiaUm I I I I thernmost Post No..3911.post' Veteransof Assistant i Slate's 1. I II have passed since Elizabeth Stanton I, L urir *r -..i.Hi. City j .t /fN .....ss A .'he .. .slh.
j i live art reported that I Foreign Wars, of which Lucretia Molt and Susan B.1!r Manacer. EkMth: Kaanw./ C-. "I .. 1.- .. .. -
: (Wh "r.... ..* Jew feel hit : Tony .. .. .... ..
l : Arthur is post commander. Attorney Seeking Peace Anthony began the fight for wo- 'sionen -- Fi U O Sure
j |....nr atwwM.' s*e..a l there. The I The 13th District Commander, I men's rights. Mrs. Harvey stressed ''Schneider, Ebobrik tTylnr. Ma- ......... ..... ....a .
1, ; <'-"'-rv iMH| further that the l Bob Wallace, will officiate at the Ballistic Evidence; the power of women at the polls 'daline Hustll: I.BOHMT .Jaipi..In. I I.. rte ... tM ... .. ..
wwtfc..fc ... t*.lmbMe point* tuwarJ: I, 'ceremonies and during the November: : National Sybil' Mardi< BMMMM las.cer i .Ss.. ate b.q awn wMOLs ....
i meeting visitors Funeral
a *..... nwt ,4 the $ifferences&m4s : i|i France Still i afP expected to reach the YesterdayA In Europe By Election when women voters will Alicia aimla. Crtr Oartt *.* ate ...... .. I '

the txnteno'inft parties. I, 300 mark over the weekend.: Sat- I total of 19 witnesses have i exceed male voters by more than ,!! 'Gene '""' .... City i1e..rtttth.r. TMs ttAeet
-------- ''urday' night, dance is planned i 1 been called Peace Justice a million votes i'iBtlty i rarkhnfet. Ch f .. (.A.111111tjIL.. v wr..'.......,
; : Out Strike i under the direction'of the fun orj i j llamlin Roy !irmStandT Judge Raymond Lord IU.St tChristimj I ; ; tJtlw, ., ,... tr .... ttM.r .. r .*
to. tomorrow i!
Slrccl.llfpU\ing testify at ,
of the 1 1a 1lcc 1ik.rla
speaker delivered _
evening |
of theiauxili !
: =
; : fiaofcation
':100 .. ,"Coo'tiettesi {r ho'VrtfV'salsO-tnve: :or.vihe i 9:30 ilr,.. ae': ;the-ftignest.inttfi" -. rpteCh to.. rapt audience w>Lhe-1 velyo R-M.Tw < ;*Jt*

\fompmcnt(| Gels i Go\eminent Stat I.their initiations and parade during I ieath of Fred p. Eberh rdt. dcputy -!!> So Say 'General coming National Election and the Martinet.I Tax A....... t+. 'L *T
: this weekend. motor vehicle, : inspector, fount part of the state l legislatures play. i Arthur City Comptroller DMBMSalano
To ,i Strike Has CoslIA : I I This will not be the official! 'in ear of his home Tuer-day with : Lnriiio Clayhoilt' Judge Lord explained the electoral ; Fire CARL M.UMi M stet.A4r.. a/1i .s $.... e
Dredger's Key I oDcning of the new VFW Home on a bullet woun': in his chest ; college and the reason for our Mr.oi. AMI. F.re ChyC. 1 hto !.... U- Lit ...... -4 f ..' t ..
..* of \ '% Million 1 Elizabeth street as.it is not yet I The inquest will he heM in Circuit Western Powers Florida State Legislature being:kins; Fire H htor. Sylvia La'.,. litenty ttil.,....- .. .. ..-- .
Ru.4 hiking equipment: of'' Tons Of Coal I!fully completed. A complete program Couit room on the seconl called into a special session this 'Police o.'r.:<<. ...... c-... ......... Mr .... .... .
Fmtry $en111i. Dsma contractor : !I has been worked out in i floor of the Monroe Courthouse.It llainlaiuiur( Po!'itiottBERLIN summer. Guests left the dinner I j IPtihre Officer i ari ........ b ........ to I .. .r.w
*kK lereaOjr Oat a contract for' (By. Tfcr .,._..,.... I'rcxl J)great::; cictsil for the enjoyment of is a largeV room anJ' s expected ...iM-rl..l .0'fc.,.!!*.-.t : with a much fetter insight of National I Fire Fighter. Martha !....... Off "--'" ., tart .... ..Ift11 r
},''I pavad. five *tr.eU here arrived PARIS Oct. Continuation: i!:the visiiins comrades from the t-j handle! the many spectators Oct. 15-General Lu- and State' politics, they [I Engineer.' Plot w.... WtMv flee .... ,i.- -'------...e r .t I.IiOa
).-M0t*av at Dredter' Key and .of the coal strike in France is becoming !j' 13th District and fun will be had I who will appear before the Coronets cius Clay, military governor of the said. tD'rettor.:; MaryMrinbera W aNee.a caa Mrat.rAttune
i' Miss Marionne Simone toastmistress of the Nulsl.r ... .
w s eirm Net IB tllM"r..hn'On: Jby aU.City jury. 1 as ? wMdi ette '- -
critical the French go'j j I W. slate American zone in Germany1, said: and General Chairman i ProfesMon! WotMMi' Clvh 4i., .
..tt*>* tv wwkmen today. Curry Harris assistant of 1e" ere !.* .*.** *.> MI4 '.
mitli i* 'expected' ta arrive erment announced today.:: i attorney went to Miami yesterday today before bor-rdingq a planefor i National Business Women's Week !j picked up the Dais MK! tarit MHM -- ..... L.. Mfr sitar .
hale 4t* Ud y t. supervise the: The statement said that 325.000 Asks Bids seeking ballistic evidence on Frankfurt, that the Western ; celebrated from October 10th tpj i jto the City IUH wm Mr*. WilI a ....r ...'..vm;. ,>f SoawntwDuval.. i j miners are on strike, and that it the gun found near Eberlvwit's Powers will maintain peace in'' the 16th toasted bosses with the I' hebnina u.n.Mr.. A mail. C'a 1 raata. A
... form the pellet that woun:!ted him hope that employer-employee relations j tot Mrs. Claire Arten. .. Vir- ..
PWMBM and Whitehead For -.z. M .. 5-
has cost the loss o' one ar.i one- Bathhousei Europe[ if they stand, firmly to- I: .
Mock Mr. .
Mrs fatally ur.J the fhiat worn by the would be enhanced. > lima HM W4 .. A.sYM ... eertfllt t.iull .
half million tins of coal since i i i :teas roan. gtther. There should not be any' City Manager Ralph Spalding. : Mrs. Mary Le* OrahMat I .
I I Orb
Mad WM beiat crushed in the -
I I....... of t*>e Navy, at Diedger's; '' the mines have'been idle. |j i On South Beach I Harris: will prx>baly question recession: from the stand they guest of BPW Treasurer Miss Manger Sp..Jcaa- e.eul...s..'d r the .. /_' rl l twb
1 U>witnesses have taken, the block-' Marie Hart. Superintendent of; the girls to mttt .....-.- ..l _
Ke> five' thousand tons of it Strike of the Pans taxicab driv- I tciiiorruw morning. regarding: ..... .....4. .. ..
tnta, .be cnaihed for use in re- I'I'ers was settled today after a j City Commission is Funeral services for Eberh rdt ade ef western Berlin ani other the Municipal Hospital was accorded -!;general be wet' itty.utpw.. ..... lew .... ts1.. tilt!. WIesaw-.
|nrn g the. *.4r..*U.Mrs. walkout of one week for higher 1 j bids? returnable: November calling, for I were: hd! yesterday afternoon "it matters pertaining to Germany.Peoo'e : high honors on this festive i j'Ithe r.tanacetnent ( a city, fc*. r- ......
i I for ,
I '
f 11 II i St. Pr.ul's Episcopal Church, with who cherish freedom: he occasion also. "seeing today makes i.1 Irlftarwlrit .. d t11r d
j be wMe
i h ---- I I I wages.The coal miners say they are re- I I'm j I the and construction{lunch of a bath-house I the Rev. James MEcConnell'l. rector asserted can't be averted from Mrs. Ralph Dixon of the Beachcomber tee ..... *..
: Sinilh room at South Beach. j i their maintiin was crowned "Boss
G. Dies strike because of oliiciatint The body; was: att:rmindtion to ofBPW" j ... M.ItM11tn
umr.;:: out on : i i owned the -
the inability of the government I j by cij.v.. or by persons I sent to MiimJ: for cremation by it. He c-nrUMcd that despite the fur her sterling; qualities. 1 ... tlltl tllr tlal.e.ad
I to top inih in. Strike leaders'j',f wr-o arc "ill*- o operate it on! Pritchard. Funeral Home. ntaiusd Russian efforts in the This honor was bestowed: upon .. ....... ...t .. .
I In San Diego() stated that it is of little a concession basis. I 1 7jns of Germany that Russiarules. Mrs. Dixon by an essay written by ... ...-ud.A.4..hr. .. p
conscj i i I City Manager: italph D. SpadI ; she has made slight head- her employee Grace Crosby of n. Leaves For (Cuba: ... ,
f M' fSianiMi/ Smith.%. forl1.t'rI I j I!I qucnce the cost to of increase living is continuing wages while to J:!j ling I: said today that the city plans :I Steak Inn 1 Man\ ; way in expanding her doctrine of f "Why I think my Bas is the Bet": ss'e r/e e5

I h ..I K4II. w_ deed October 11 i im : 'higher and higher. on erection of a building;: to con-j :communism among Germans. which was chosen as the best essay -, TI r LC'I Ft110 d
go ai.iv Alert -
t H-n. t ** t CW fornii; after I II !, tain 720 square feet of space and I II i Fined For I Noise General! Clay flew ta Frankfurtto by Mrs. Anita Marten-tine; i; l late ynte>xi..> ... a Mwral !. //IRUa'1'
I a .h.t .... t I it shall be occupied as a lunchroom I II confer with John Foster Dulles. and her committee. Jud 1 ine of -eivr ,'nu.. 'ruse Mml.. MM
K. *
St.! .k+...... Iww alters. Mrs. ti New BATTERIES for all Cats i I j and bath. house.t I,I Flank Ac-osta of the Steak Inn special envoy from the UnitedStates I (Continued On Page Eight; ) The ve..H hill Uae ,ill .tale fc> 1 .tI...
i { i -- .. fwlpet'A'lIlMi
I. Ill.-is. Key West, and Mrs. i t I :i I was fined $25 yesterday by on foreign affairs.BRADY'S --- day tot lUvaiid .he.e
l..uI, II....u. MUmi: two bro- : lIltran'p'd for 13 51 on tit.- \! '; Municipal; Judge Hilary Albury ...........................rl I .tafoi mifdtiin r (In t>... rtnm S
Ihr l M fwnd FeI n. Key ROY'S Palace Theater j i when he was convicted of dis- II ho'n' of it.. 'I""t It will' then -",> %,.! Hmrgv. l+mtm*

Wr. .<.w4.. UMiad' Fdtun. Lo.it KEY "'ESTUrO FARTS i j Roy Rogers and Andy Devine" ;turbing the peace by having I GLASS DOORS I II tinue .,n II'u.' ... r.nM Mil l. "....,;. ,r... f",rJ. '..JJ.
t I 1 in j lound singing; and loud playing t goin; ;; bat! u t.. (I' I. ( it..j nn4.l ta.k plo1 e on 121 DuTal Street Phone 442 I : STKUMK LUMBER I YARD> _
I1 ,\trht Time{ In Nevada" cf the juke box in his place afte.' -for- I
I Thu' l..v toen_ ; IM'I&i t 1- '; NEWS and SERIAL I I being warned by a police (,fficerthat TELEPHONE 816 (
J he was breaking the law bv CHOICE POULTRY 1 Si
i allowing! those after mid- FINICKY NIBBLEROR R. SWw < C.
CENTRAL PHARMACY\ I! things .1214 White Street Phone 540Slurring I -- ------ S. .

night. .. .... ... ..
j i ,-
fine fishing Tackle>t < l'r..*rl.llo.. "prrtl'.11.. lor ..4lOll For Sale! For Sale! -- -- ---- -" POOR OLD CRAIG FAMISHED FEEDER IlonHlUinI

19 IK no 1))(;1<:. l% TOllt
w. Take Them AN I. Out ..I>M<
Cutiiiwre our tirtvea on frracrtptlouii I SERVICE STATION
- ; Thompson Enterprises Inc. CALL .:LEPHOHE 754 I t Panel Truck-Like New J Sulnnhiy Francis at Division Phone 9134> and :Send Them AN OM ....... I DOLLS)()I I.II
Our Reties
i : \V\RIJirS\ 'S, Inc. ,..,
ttriar l.fWon-Pbone SSS .'.r... \\..... mm4 .HUI. ,..i"a PIKE OIL ItvmtttGre
I Opposite Bus Station 1 E1' | *.. Spray or 'a+ TH. f*. t.r*
i ---- ---- -- I; PENNY t.J US Change Your Oil ........ a.... ... ....
,raarq.. ....... l I1dtiA/ul/ .. --- -- ---- .Jk{ .".ww.. t-- .
i /i1' S Tart FENDERS |I FOR SALE! FOR SALE! --- S t..... ... otarMh.ti.2i

}; It ..... 1 bwyRt Ira.)a CHASSIS-Mt of f.nd.-r i I, Good( Used (Cars:: i i RAMONIN'SRESTAURANT JUST GOOD rOOfM I
.::1 i Leu Smith Auto Service I TWINS GARAGE I I

J W1iItte at n._ii 3 PhuO No.OppoMte : Your ,
Studebaker Dealt
1 Aim Barracks I Friendly TELEPHONE 169 r f American Legion Home I I 615 DUVAL STREET I 1O'IIfF. : "H'' t1Il I i1/N" !It""

' ... .. .
. IKl lliJllllHilHIIIMIIIHIllHH. >'' NOTICE: IS H.ftUY MVCMCxecular t41aMU e.tsetr.rr I
" L j _n- STOCK ISLAND I :0f to 6:00/ IMDally; This ocular 1'nreKeupesis : ef tfc. Easels ef Deese La.'. .....eeA ..as ... I

scaled lee the .* .4 .... ,
r EverySalllrc111Y Hntinri. fei4 # *at airy tt.are earl w a r
etc-WOW OPENBAER'S I 2 for t the Price of 1 + 1c for the sass H 8........ ... lwal.ef KILN Aq wlh'
Salu"l '. Sr I ft
1 ; ,
Night on ( Florida and kwa M a past .. Lee T11 tltltlle Meet

err tltt at :;:()(J I'..". I ((101.) up to alMA ....*tm II f-M. talssa se tble.L IS... Itaj
MARKETCOIUttR ) t 114. Said property wilt be nN. See leek r tilt 1t.... .... .
RUIZESLegionnaires / Special De LuxeDINNER and the purthatr wane ... tase4ee as i.e4.e.rti Desil d !

i: / I *. Tb undeaiga.r.eees, Me aqM M ..... tit __ I
: OF OLIVIA and DUVAL STREETS I and Guests 1 TOWN ROOMof I any or aU btd*. TN.haute ... b. .... IM l..rs1>Mll.i w
Music i by i 4 to I P.M. Octets .. 14. ... H. rwIt Llel... itite.ers
i Quality Service Satisfaction i'' Me the MU....'a.*.

i .W> Hill .11,.,., ill tdrertiseil Prices 'I THE THREE SHARPSfrom the La Concha Hotel Saturday and Sunday I Dated at Key WML ,..*...... t1Ae S.I...sisb.. .....
Till 1:00
PHONE 215 PROMPT DELIVERY I I At I'ojmlar I'rirr *
B'JS SERVICE: EVERY HOUR I A* EaeMtot .! 41e frlsN of Deeee Ir.y t
I --.... -- .-- .. .. r



i. --- --.---- .- ... ... .. ,
.. -
;.-y-- ::. ;.. .z.'C ._ Y:- ,:- '

R .....";. ..
:.... .
,"! .i'Prtf
1 M.-

._ -- -': ",:. .- : : '.. ; "" ," .....-. I
T -

r.n. d ,



.', p a Tx..et br # DAY'SBIRTHDAY
1. .. .! .II'T.... 9w. .... .....-- in various parts of Flor- Related ,, ffR.
.: *?_*. a. .aT.A- ........ ...... Newspapers '
..... TM at' a 1id111ae ida, in.ducuaunff the constitutional amendments Magistrate You cay the rL:8
Ara. tDr.... sae A.. atr-.u .
; :. nosh parr t. .* w*.t and to be voted on In the state-on. November -, 4 plaintiff 13-A, relative .of yours?
y".a u..lil7p 2, have published stories about the I By (/p/ ) Newsfearures Witness -' Yea. .by bigamy. I I Wade Miller ,

.w.d a rot _.... 1'i.r1la. .. ...u4 saw eater ................. .
amendment that will give Monroe countya LEGALS !I
rcraaa Mr. Tar Aatut'UT. "."! I JONAS HOWARD INGRAM. Ii i Chapter 4 With a quick amity Clapp began -|! ."ts. agreed tb 9tg. P.fOIrItIA
th. Aj.nri>tc< rr**. u .acl..I..I I ..titi* w .... .*. ..*.....*..* .I all .... .tp>>ck,.. .r4ltdiw IT nile r rr.aT eft THK / sat down ponderously !..... tllal -
M .* ..* MMrwlM r4lt4 !. I hi* p.Mr. tad thirty-ninth, and make a district; of Cal- leI IncL. ,xn of A sand and gray .ht a<<...L (nit' *- by the pair. "Well. Mr. .1.. ,

w- Ml th* la>.l _v* p.fclUh..4 hr*. houn and Washington counties, designated contractor Reading ,the H* 1- ".IY. I KLORIDt., .'eHI l>rOSlewisolves. t >l'\-_, Junes have ," he said ."you yourself seem in to )L'iwhere J.uas.uk)did you aI1"-.! CU?* l and '"t N the

:. J.. *J... .LRMirrl.t_ .Kat,0.. ,..... as the fortieth. boy ty books be decidedto a4 a "'.:RT. X*. l$.draAn3oC I I our behalf distinguished ton &hL" WaIter James nodded .his bead :.= +. .
...... _. i-It M. .' toward the other .* UM .
1 w-- -- ------- No far The Citizen has 4eOis ,I I "It seemed the thing to do. the side -
: r.,_ k_t" .. __. r... S.Ti paper, so as : enter the l.tKA theater down front "Right where
"Do I
-ua I.** has criticized the proposed;; amend N.'Y7-and went lteTitBTAalfF1R 't t smaller man repLed. get a that blackshirt of yours 1 is tt.....v* 'I.alte et ilpt !.tU mete1.
i : seen, 1nLUAC merit badge?" He lit more cigarettes .
i amen staDvray1ITO R. Lie'Kwtrou, i j I nails. Fourth aisle 11''* hat atlas ant *. amtifM.
.. ment, which would increase the member- to Anorpoli9 at L'- .octant. j I for the redhead and himself.Clapp ing his row HrrrrtJi. ... .1
RATL'.. IS where he TO): L1.t.aII.. 1AJ:xwnwt pulled out a pipe and seat inside of the right * J. -. ..... It_.. .. Ap.,W.I... ship of the senate from 38 to 40. Should became- ,a famous titts.4lya HP 3f.rttaana. ?low ts.ek.ensantser et1nM. 4 I, began preparing it for use. I came number in j Jut before S&aataLynn's .hard......A aw.* a fr.*w

.etAL Jl8'hC: chance is fulltack.at ) .... he considered -ae. 1
no ilosition develop the good tnvkwttt. -Naturally w..
All ....... _..... eato .f ........ r..l.ttn.. 'o"p' .- -- keeep .ey.ta d 'ta' flee should be grateful. However -WbyfTm t ;
.t .. _. &. ..._ will be A senatorial district. 16iDtng-tvett rs U& Ibt .-. ..... very .
t try k Soo eta for Monroe to get Vet ari aa.k I being af a suspicious nature. I'm a music lover. Ahm from .ft...t .. "" W ..aai i iI
..r.*4 fw at la rat* f t* rata a lla* .n N bele.e tkY tint: d>S'al ...t.-.1.1
....*... foe _.___.._at kf" e .rebe. frm wh1.\ that reason, not a single voter in )Monroe sea ia WorM bet U41\! )doe a...._. or gonna reserve our city's thanksfor Atlanta and Ah just Juhvo the = a Il.l.rdd ant 1 1tMa l
....... !. *. N ..tl,*4 arc t **.'. a flaw Wit: a. fie- be- .re sa tb* Ottt- K E1tw.Itl.i for a while., What's your angle blues." i I ..
-' IV CMtoo I* a* b*.. t+tum .*4. .m,.lt.. 4t*. except in the case of illness!, should remain -- .-- '. I _.; ..tllepwt._ the. antTationati.r.f Mr. James?" The girt gigzbtf. Walter J-met '" ..o4bIU ., wsoh._ .!!!!l!. h I

I loo.s.....1 $.4....aa1..Iraw. M ells sae net aabl.ct........, ...teca&-,--.r. away (from the polls on Election Day. **.*.* Iny.- ea admiral I tea ant wile teeter betaken ptw a.routs.ft oaalesrrdSt entered ;:"No angle Mr.\ Clapp," Walter winked at her. Clapp said .Yeti Nr .hal. .. I ... ,.
i ..--........ ef the Atfanl anblllt 90, James said, an amused glint in should work here What .U apt. m* W riIrpetelly tallttphiri !. i
'Political leaders in the county should fleet.ia World War K annul used I IfootbGU haW .t ic*> West a'lattda this!' his blue eyes. "I acted within my work by the way. Mr., 'OU'I

: begin now to work to get out a big vote. tactics on the Nut tm H i.-It! tear. er.kt.keR Rrs's UtLlE.'L. r sewTzn.- = rights as a citizen." Tve retired for awKn" .. dtaoldJlrtrar ...... -

: They should discourage such talk regard packs." Football I fc still his atecahon. t'srk! .fit tba CU-r.ltr FLurt.Mr "PO ft background "From what?* I .. .. tIrptteiMs. ..
l ...
t t M
:tt IC ;;
ing the certainty of electing the entire I Ooy L.nawoth.Ierk.t "Taught functional law three tz"rLantzaaaies Agency, Atlan -. .... t:t s u.... trhqlwalt .
WEMKK @ 1948mmovrxcirrs -.ct.ba"-t..e.1.UU.. I years at the Cincinnati police I Ilhkt. teen .e3 .
Democratic ticket. All of us are aware Your Horor'A school" What make of ears" ........ ra Ir 4 .. ?I
lw Tees cescse oltu'F rya' THF. Clapp waved at the remaining Walter James exUact4: a pa-
out .W had.. .....
that all Democratic nominees will be elected i aba.,. TJ.terraai ...
members of the audience by the per from his trim black waJM .
i .rvtne "A" or .. wA1i. .b........ nalt1e. .r. Tara
whether the vote i is small or large irr FRIDAY OCTOBER 1 1W! .* A,It Para _,-.. ...1.1'1 runway lined up to talk to the and handed it to*the big. nom -..
detective. "You pull a that I want back. b* remarked.
the county: But we need a large vote, -Today'S native will be se deep % rllavewtet row e11..n-a .. gun on those other citizens" Clapp read through, running. t..elk:. ..lulli =
in meditation that the towards el: ?XATARRfk 4WTLtfr 43.rp.ratbd 1 ." his between bia teeth and !
a I 540
which should be unanimous, for the amendment ... .... ?. tongue fIr. .ar4
ron KEY WEST : the worM may be allowed ta t suP 11( .... ant .,.fItt.c aad.t You got a gun!* his heavy upper Up.WelL I r
ADVOCATED BY THE CITIZEN: that will give :Monroe[ county a sen by unnoticed. There is ronsidera- and* State.kt +Inv.f_.n-.Pttts.el the.{.aCe ., t rot course." ""*" by God.5 he sail! -I i hiM a la.iatt ti M M 4 hM. Wder.

'1 ator. I ble ability ia a quiet way WtUeK 1 P1:aPatiftCa 'The brethren down there i see should have known. He returned .1t. plNd oar'ea anal:
should be carefully trained ia wIder tt7- the paper. "Now what are totreally .
i. Mar Hotels and Apartments. As matters stand now Monroe is a : to avoid the losses due dt; rLArru: w. r'nesIkf.S4aht "My coat"WaS unbuttoned.Maybe doing..rBestiaLAid I .a

? B*.cli and Bathing Pavilion.S. part of a senatorial district that includesLee. carelessness. This provided for, Mt.1, TV teOt ......rs:i I someof; them saw it""Suppose.I I Walter Jame*.'4 I11aMtM
it" Deliout "X have for ...
WPRTa7 Y LI&'_ see Clapp enough money qitM.
AlrfMft*-Land and Sea. and Collier counties. there is a good choaee fer'a rep., ipt9 under 1N
Hendry Lee D.dt 5.dan. a big hand. From far a while so I'm resting. Tees ascheck
Co CMMlidatiea 01 County and tain amount of reputation.The .. essN'ATI.fT3
I .
his left lapel, Walter James extracted it easily with
1 tNittiire
.. alone in flame w. .
can outvote Monroe a senatorialrace. : ;; hto.
City Cvvcrnmenta.f. ell! Iia-:! ketralnhit' .......:and. ". a Distal and handed it te You anticipate 1Dt". Mr. James"
Cemmuaitj' Auditoihun. Naturally, Collier and Hendry will Capitol Grounds, Wash- e.pNaval: AtarFfy I him. It was a'.38 on a .32 frame. said Clam. r !1

support a candidate in.the mainland partof ingten, comprise approJumatery t t'.r..= ,k.r.by vJrgtnta., .lved M as- The shells showed shiny brass Interest widened Laura Gil Ji1.
b "Are
chamber. ,
tat acres. Mar M the en1-ee Ptetpishi In caps: in every CseUn you a private .... .
the district; so that Monroe will never r above styled ran.. oa .r before :::1 "Got a license for this?" ?* I .*
lot day or \oirmbvr. AIX late "Not here-Atlanta." "He was,* corrected Clapp. w 1e
have a chance, with conditions continuingas othrr l 1''"e tb. altvKallons therein "He's ,
bOW.- The
I "Oh. Clapp's heavy eyebrows resting girl exchanged
MONOCRII'IIReaders 1 ; DISQUALIFIEDLIST till b. tak. .. -
they. are now, to send a resident to the <>rd.r n.i I.a to ronfesiwd.ThU tee published onrea pushed up.. "A stranger! in town, smiles with Walter
asp A .a.d m N lib
WHit for four ronorenH. vrekvi,i You like our little city? James
Dear : senate. In TIIK KETXBST CITIZEN a1, Walter James's eyes flicked toward i Jim hurried Ia I from the lobby, wwt+... ... _

f."mf'nt" to fret Pf'opleto eonJ Two weeks from next Tuesday; Ls Election "Ifoorae.."Dapr C....publivbnl...,.. FJorMa.at 1>:"T. West. '' the second seat last row, :his face _wreathed ia ...... belt sad M aus a. ..
I Ilion 1 it help ...t-
center section. His lower lip Clapp looked at him questioaly.The .
., J..p..to money for private enterprisesMem Day. We have no time to lose in reaching Key West. Florida .l foarne, and Cosnty.'Fkrldd Itr&errA) at ,&IhU.y Went' Gothdarof I twitched. "You put on this show detective tossed a HaJIat.I t

M. .* undertaken, never popular every qualified voter in the county. October 13. IS4& : Septetnber.A.' D. 1545. I I every Saturday night I eight green and white sport easton =:
I The following is the list of all MEAL; ) RIOtS c S.'ITEP. Around the edge of his tight the empty seat in front of tae -i. M
*ful. I Let's, make it tell Clerk of the rircuit rou.t. I M.H .
sad generally un. ucfe a point to every one about who are Qualified' to vote in t Monroe County, Florida collar Clapp flushed. "How long big man. ( '

: THE ORACLE the importance to Monroe to have its own the General Election to be held, By .sd) Kathlr Nntiafe.r you been bere"Thursday?" 'The Filipino's?" M-sf* M-a ilbwalNc MNM
j [ I nine Jim i i Bi
Deputy nrk I morning, nodded"What >
the 2nd :
on of
Cay November .
senatorial district. J- Porter IV. 'clock. Serra Apartments, 3B. do you have!" Clapp .JaflH. *) ;
A. D. SolUMto far
1943. Plaintiff
: i tW .hS hta1. .
Talbot 11311. How "YO\ tw
oet.l-s-li: -?!.msix about a receipt probed. re not grteatng. ,
PRECINCT NO. l' : __ for that 1\101. about a coat.TODAY'S." it* h fT1'111,
BOLTS, NUTS AND WARt The author of'a popular book made Bright Hatt. B. WBath Inc ciRrrrv rainiTor' THE f I
--- ---
: --- ----- - -- --
nearly a million dollars why don't Sam W .
; you : *>F THE STTB Fl.OHH -

Tt.. United State and Great Britain write a book? Curry William M W, 'ro"'T.I'%. l4XD rUANCFRt.X FOR HO\RUR.. IUlIDUIIIIDI1IIJIlWIIIIUuummlllllll l : BIKTIID" 1 1I ',... .... K...... pw. ....

Goldberg Benjamin W' ,'see *. tl-SM I ilk .......... A -- are
Aff twat. to announce an agreement by Hamilton, IIr'nry C 4ALOT31Ad.; BE-IKRFS MEVt; I Key West In (Know America) 'I 11M n., n Iwlt_ noonr,

.w.ta Urlt aiMl nut would be standard- LIVING IN DANGEROUS TIMES Sister Mary Loui Gabriel W 1 I v.. Plaintiff DIYORCE I Admiral Arthur J. Hepburn W.rl/ng/rs, .. r M
Matausch, Edna W saroRGE p HEinK. II born in Cartel, Pa,71.paars ag:*.. ..'! v- Atrll alrelt. I.

: e4 r. that the two countries ran make J.latausch Ferenc W( eitnea OF: CXfendant. Days Gone By Ma). Gen. Phtttp B. ,......... eelbed, Iw.r 4. .... .

which will be inter- \\V' live in dangerous times" declares Malgrat Nemesio W.TO: EOR';E p prtir.vro ufiAim I Federal Works Ad aiRiIItr.a. N ,...,. ...

wapoa the parts ef ) Dean Acheson, former UuderSecretary Ochand rena, Suflie W. little Eaut ti.ea Road. i AS TAKEN FROM FILES I I born in Burlington. la....a., M y*.nago. J K.Irtelli Oail ;

......,..bl.. of State, "because of the decisions of Perez Marian'1. W I( New Habflan Tort Iong'lslaod, OF THE CITIZEN OF amt. an eaaar! ... Pe!
Roberts. Joanne C,' Tops i arepereby rtuvjret{ to .appear i OCTOBER IS.: 1338 I l I Dr. Wilson M. Centpten. pn* ti/..., -arell- .p4r
Under for p"ureof military plan- another beyond the control of ; to:the awl .f'Ortmplaint for
power any Sanchez, Jrsus W, i 1IUIHIIIIIIJIUlWlinlUll: lWllllUlllUlUIIIS1IIItlll1ll1111! dent of Washington Stattle4.. ..
JI orc in th above rl l -] !
< ;
> < rr.
.tit,. th* agreement' will accomplish whatReburial or all of us." Sawyer Julius CZutnbadolJulin on cor brTor tile tat day of Va raw-'j The CCC youths who came to born.at Wooster, OKMTCS.; .' yean ails, .
..... uur have beerf eekineinanjr : HV{ .i ber. A I.>. UfI. thvr ri*. the West because of the tropical, ago. .w..w.I- M __ Itr.
the Key
Despite crises and problems! that ran: ton 9 Ikrrrla wilt b. take" :
PRECINCT NO. 2 j tronfcRsedV disturbance in the Gulf returnedlast Mervin Le Roy. movie ...... a .. .... u... ....
'ear !' year There ban been a rising remain, :Mr. Acheson believes that the Cooper Albert B. W{ This Order to b. publNhrd Once to their at West er-director, born in San .'rWMY night camp
; -.._..i r la the type and ,pec ifrcatioan of past three ears have witnessed a turn of Cox, Collie Wl'via a week Tfc Sor Key fourrooivpc West Cttl.n tiTe, a wek nv Summerland Key. The 43 years ago. -.

.. ulna and t..lu. with variations{ measured the tide against' Russia. He notes that the Cox. A. G. W t paprr"'_t. .Florida uLli.brd in the City ..f Ky ; a:ice, still of slight disturb-j I Dr William C M..aaaet'I' .of a1iw. Ta n. a-..

.In lftM+i..thA of irtche and variable de- Soviet "does Fberhardt, Fred O. W J. lnrK ASU <)}*!>ERFD this 39th reported this morning ITS: south
power today extend I
day of .
any Hayes LoUie H. W Septemb.r. A. I) J'41. west of Tampa and moving slowly '
: $4! of turn Some of the differences where beyond the lines held by its mili- Hodge! Hugh C. W tsKAt> 'ROSS rk of f C/n-iiit P4WTKR.O C.urt.. northeastwardly t i' GALEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

: )'* /. been. eliminatetl by private agree- tary forces at the end of the war," and Kerr Robert A. W Ey: 'V(sd:)ilcnro 4nn C.County.t.oefworlh.Florida! i i i
Pert William W benches that had been KEY WESTS ONLY PRIVATE HOtiPRW
The 375
I me Rb. but then w part will make them that the non-Communist nations of Eu- IHBntT clrk-
Roberts A. IL W "' l.Slnee 1. have Attorney tor Plaintiff Emergency Itwuu SMr/Pr 21fWrs I ffc
rope made great strides in economic PRECINCT NO. 3 o<-t.lSU.lS4ixonre <. were reported today to have I i % ,

the I-<
tbe' tw. rovrrnmenbt have been trying to The State Department official does Curry Carl W, To.tt. or fLErTlO'l park supervisor said that several Day and bight
J of 3lonr ,
Dementt. Alfred H. >brl/f rouaty of benches have been taken from the II
: baulk for the manufacture W I the t-tat of Florida: I O t Out-Palienl f./inir.: JI'JI /totfExeejtt "
mmon not
believe .
pot a t that the Russians have givenup Felton, Benjamin W B* it Knowrt. Thit I. R..A. CRAY park. */.,
tic in eatejrorie From the in- Secretary': of fotate of live State of I On anti Sn" .
ftwols war their effort ito extend their power or Felton. Earl W< Florida" do hereby Eire.notice that a I Sflfur.lay y'O I

4HtrUI 't and point. the new arrangement that the difficulties, dangers and crises Knowles. Cecil I.\.!. W GFM.HtL: KLfcrtlON I Owners of sponging boats were COIIIJ,.,,. ilntrulitry and .V.K(*y fm"rtr will i il
.be held ,
In. 1oI.nroeCoe.t
Malone, William S. W reported today to be getting ready !
: wIN facttitate manufacture techniques in have ended. He believes, nevertheless, that Weber Henry W Furceedmt State 6f Florida the first, on Monday Tuesday. In next No-' for the first of their fall trips in l I THIS HOSPITAL IS EQUIPPED TO CAJMC P0a I i

: .e..t all type of machinery. Communist intrigue and propaganda have I Wells, William: H. .1 W ..int.>...r..Inethe A. n. 1.'4*. the paid Tuesday I the waters of the Florida Kt> MATERNITY. MEDICAL AND aHHMHCAL CAMS ',. 1 i

failed to make progress despite the eco- PRECINCT NO. 4 .It.o'\o: UlY OF XeFFUBI.R: Sponges now are selling at YS'1
Brady. William B. W For Elcbt 18., Prcvldvntlal ni.ctora. a little higher than several GALEYSPITAL
: WART NOT NOW SAYS ROYALL nomic plight Western Europe and that, Bethel James K. W .'or.Covrrnor nf the State of"Florida ago. : i

in the long run! the people of the world Castio, Hector W DR. JULIO DC POO. Dir e1 er

Kenneth C. Royal! Secretary' of theArmy will thoroughly understand the ruthless Cochran, Morris W State For of Secretary Fioriia. of State nt the I June Marie Yelvington celebrated I

advance the opinion that i foiH ('ate. Frank C. \VCorlx.tt For Attorney General of the her twelfth birthday anniversary !I 417 Eaton Street Telephone. 611 1
war Soviet policy of domination. t
State of norlda. ti
Frank G. W yesterday in i er home at 508 i 1
likely in th. near future in the ab- this situation the For ComptroHvr. of tile State of j friend-
Facing diplomat Harnngton, Pauline P. W I Florida Olivia street. Many .

tHWtt ef .imme "a< .. Pierce, Elvie II W in bingo was won by Mary
.....rr..f.. For Superintendent of Public In-
ment concessions will have
any Russell J. E. W FtMirttoa the t.teor FlorMa. Knowles, and the prize in the:

3Jr.. Royall make it plain. however, upon Russia. While the road to negotiation Saunders, Miriam W of For tbe r'onnnixctoner State ..f Florida..t Aariculture guessing contest was awarded to''1 -#

that. th. question' of war or peace i i-* not in must be kept open, the free countries Tynes, E. R. W For Four (4> Jostlc of the <$.- Lorraine Goethe. j
Robert H. W prime Court or the Slate of Flor
tfc. *. hand of the American people "but in must continue their search for security at Thompson. NO.5' ida. i7ro 9 1. !. '3 and t. .
PRECINCT For Ooe (I)' Railroad and Public Miss Elizabeth Rosam will be !
.... band ,f. fw despotic and powerful all cost. ', Utlhtlrs Coramlonlnner. of the State hostess at the meeting of the ) tt .

........" Apparently, he includes in this NonePRECINCT NO. I of For Florida.RepreMBtattT of the Fourth I Young Women's Missionary l t

i If Borden, Blanche F W r"on.re""lon41 Jtrlt. of the Stateof cle ta be held on Mondoy ] II
lFnwp the reprexentatire of several An advertisement is cir-I
signboard and
na- a Coward. Frank M., Jr. W Florida. In the tl btT-Fjr1 Con- !, ,

i 11 t+ttM. one in The Citizen is read by the buyersof I Davis, Frank U. W' grew .f Seven the Circuit lotted Judge States.For' Crow,' Miss Alee Curry left this

\ )h. Royal) calls attention to the !lU(- Key West.ARAB Neff Mabel B. W 1. t.Tlrrutt s'' 4. i. of* and.the'State.7 Kleventb of Florida.Judicial ing for Mattcumbe to visit friends I .

.......s lIC'e..d by the Communist in Eu- PRECINCT NO. 7 her one State Attorney Eleventh for a week.Enrique I
I Bethel J. M. W Judicial. Circuit or the State of ,

*.*.. by fraud" and by pre-vure tactics and NATIONS IN NEW BLOC Hemple. Charles W Florida.For One Member of the liner of Esqutnaldo, Jr., justice I I

."ffertathat Moscow I has I Wen "embolden. -- Lowe" L. L. W Repreaeutatites left this morning to visit Tampa i I .
e.l 1"by" throe. MlrceftAes. Consequently; he Something new in international affairs For County Judge
I Key West Florida. For Fhrrlff and other cities in the state.
f a*.!*., the Communist have attempted to I is indicated by the attempt of twelve October 13th IfH8.! Fur Clerk ..f the Circuit Court I
For Jude Criminal Court of Record '
apply. the pane tactic to the United States countries: to create something like a Middle I, John England, Supervisor of Today The Citizen says in on I
ad. Registration, in and for Monroe For Solicitor Criminal Court of editorial paragraph: I I
ther nation j Eastern bloc within the framework of Record "You
County, Florida, do hereby certify For -Clerk of the Criminal Court can get a of kick from
the United Nations. II that the above and foregoinglist ff Record. holding a political office if you .
The Mat that contains the names of all who For County Attorney. County first learn not to take yourself too
help one can get is seifh4t The countries are situated close to the Court "
I are disqualified to vote in the For County Assessor. of Tax seriously.
!, from others i is usually ex- crossroads of the lines of communications coming General Election to be For Tax Collector

I ri between Asia, Europe and Africa. They held on the 2nd Day of November Pabll For County Instruction Superintendent of It is said that one:half the

I include Afghanistan Egypt Ethiopia A.D. 1948. For Supervisor! of Registration. poems in the Chinese language I
I JOHN ENGLAND For Three Members Board ofCounty are poems of parting separa- I

1 1I iapa; a prominent UentU: 'The man Greece, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Supervisor of Registration for 1,3sodi.CommlsrionerM. Districts l tion. I

-. f MT' woman In the dental chair I U! not the Saudi-Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Yeman.In Monroe County, Florida. County For Board Three of Public Members.n..tractlonrtiklrut .f the. II I FOR HOME or

... person he or she is on the golf course general, the nations are opposed to Approved by the Board 2, 4 and a. !
In thurrh ** of County Commissioners: For JuvenUe Judge ROBERTS OFFICE SUPPLIES
or home. Soviet policy.It FRANK BENTLEY. For Justice nt tk* Peace IB amf COMMERCIAL USEWe
for the following Juntire DiMrirt!! and EQUIPMENT
is also somewhat apparent that Chairman. viz: No I. No I. No 3. I
For Constable IB and for the following 126 DUVAL ST. PHONE 250
An attempt ia being made to build they"are mostly of the Arab race and, conceivable Justice Districts \u: Ne. 1-, Are Prepared 'To Furnlih r... ITfA
NOTICE No :2! So. 3In '
HHtrk power into a major domestic polittoal l one of the purposes: of the bloc There will bet:: meeting of the (1.C 1 I Place Your Order for Clear, Pure CUBES or CHVSHBU ICE

: U* .. According to one school it will may be to exert pressure in connectionwith I Board
) I W n**+**ary to put more and more billions the settlement of the Palestinian at the County Court Houseat at threat Talllha.e.e Seal cl the. the State Capital of Florida, this Cards Inc.ICE
11:00: o'clock AM. Friday Thompson Enterprises
.f the the TMrty.first .
taxpayers' money Into socialized question. Only recently the representativeof October the 22nd, A.D. 1948 for A. D. un. day of August .

p"w.r f proj.ets!i. and all who oppose this! Pakistan told the delegates to the the purpose of restoring any name B. A. OR'T. NEW DESIGNS I
art branded at enemies of progress and United Nations in Paris that his country that was: wrongfully stricken To lion Berlin A. Sawyer, Sheriff At Invited To Look
I .Monroe PHONE NO. t
i from the legistration books. County. KCY W a?. ftA.
Wapetitr. would not accept the proposed settlement. ;' Over Our Line I
i cctl3ms .3J-2/tt41.
o .1.1"1t _
.. .
} '





r _

4 -4
1 .


-- P" <1 ,.

$ tMTOBEfi IS 194g '

I .: I j jML :

i Hastings Thinks :'
iD S Dr rUsm ri 83\ic1\ AD S

.. 44- iI ii it i Again tve are. -j.i the, midst o!.'. -'
; ,
Information fo> lhe.j\dreriiser
31F poIf.JC' parties beatir.g the't ; .
--- "
he.., t' pet t' c vr-tes. But n'po1iti. ; ..tyee ,fist QJ.G\f..ft ....iNi.ACkPA'ii ;i t'' n,iPalri
S ti'Pli 1 rent tor -.pir/I asJ.nIM.men's
G -
,'ii T> (h !'t nave : 1. In"'JyI&7 'f! '.d=ante, brit
t liy.f;...,. Wt rt"t; 'e iJlfll
: nn I 1rdter'fl.A
r ,.rof-.r!S aOfl'. D.1 it ever'srire i in4 d be tn. rteJ Jn The rmren attn : rnUt.is 8'aT' havts their' .'.rll\ll4le
ti : 'yours? L bor leaders' rats .f t'<* } wjrfl-fJir ,jt.i IR- meet ":$srsed.PI'ltr.IrtTtbS. :
<*rtl<.n. Let lafnttowit c>k rjT.. ,* 'mbefe -\\ \ ;
don't deliver the ;
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'19017' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile22' 'sip-files00101.txt'
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'4807' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile23' 'sip-files00102.txt'
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'15923' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile24' 'sip-files00103.txt'
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'8859' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile25' 'sip-files00096thm.jpg'
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'8706' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile26' 'sip-files00097thm.jpg'
virus check
'13418' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile27' 'sip-files00098thm.jpg'
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'11840' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile28' 'sip-files00099thm.jpg'
virus check
'9333' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile29' 'sip-files00100thm.jpg'
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'257537' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile3' 'sip-files00098.jpg'
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'9418' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile30' 'sip-files00101thm.jpg'
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'11670' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile31' 'sip-files00102thm.jpg'
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'8642' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile32' 'sip-files00103thm.jpg'
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'14612' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile33' 'sip-filesUF00048666_00224.mets'
virus check
xml resolution
'256026' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile4' 'sip-files00099.jpg'
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'274975' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile5' 'sip-files00100.jpg'
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'284575' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile6' 'sip-files00101.jpg'
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'276853' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile7' 'sip-files00102.jpg'
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'242206' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile8' 'sip-files00103.jpg'
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'1202866' 'info:fdaEL3Z63PJA_4GP65Wfile9' 'sip-files00096.jp2'
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