Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)

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Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Uniform Title:
Florida Democrat and mechanic's and workingman's advocate (Pensacola, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida Democrat, and mechanic's & workingman's advocate
Alternate Title:
Florida Democrat
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Pensacola Fla.
J. & D. Jordan, Junr.
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v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.


newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )


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General Note:
Publishers: James & Dillon Jordan, Jr., <1848>; Philip E. Lavallet, <1849>; A. Marzoni, <1851-1856>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 44 (July 13, 1848).
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Latest issue consulted: Vol. 11, no. 46 (Nov. 13, 1856).
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,^ I fi)o0*8 fi t ORkIDA,
Wf 'i.t pirefiased the establishment, of

I rlorida -Democrat.' Wd deem it
g; foupo piblise a ". Prospectus" de.
ll aY. of or,.'olitfcal creed. Suffice
ipii. hat. e 16've een taught trom
.7iearl;t .'da(ih of our reason, to ven-
teibprinpiples.of dertiocracy, and to
.iye;, it'sponitheir a ehdency de-
S.petpeermaneqcy anl perpetuity of
n;Vtilwu~tons of 6ur beloved country.-
'airoetiing and defending those princi-
s .W shall appeal, to the patriotism
| ELf tq and intelligence ,of our fellow
iljepsatid not to (hen pa'nions and pre-
W advocate a 'tidi" cintru,-
w of the Constitution of. the United
e,1. deny all power to the general
^v,!,>w eneit, whichis not clearly arid urT.
igtii vc!, y rcidrded to it by that' aabred
ohrn political vontrqversy,
'- 17 of be Corps f'diWEia^,
ti We&,ure ChazniiaL.w'e will e'ver caWrto
IS m ai,.Subterfuge or 'so phisLry,-;we-.,wiU-
~pr I''
RieqourO .ias warfare, to be candid,
".teoand farm,' askingon thtir part
ire$Onable forbearirac, and ready
ie.ess (or involuntary errors. We
Quann is -ebake-
,' teoung tis true, and have embarked
io. his a'dvenoure, at a truly interes)fig
^.r.npent- .9 the opening of the Presidential
"' :..paiggn1' althb sensitively conscious of
S. 1great responsibility we have thus as-
m*qd' 1"the diffidence ve" naturally feel
-- w.r suchk circumstances, is tr.tireJy re- our uinqualinld corfidehce in
and, t tty aEnd power of thoie principlesol'
*i. '1. 'w'ic lis constructed the Platform" e
1" "C It,.ir t,'bv our D delegates in ..the late Balti-
^^*.. ap B', ''' n .-'IL L-.
invention. Believinghim 'thrice
I w halh his quarrel just" we
.t and throw do,,z our' glove"
V.the hat rglve
.1u.-1u01f8'Pjsha11 iot be personal
on ..coiirovjcrsies. But we shall strive to the
.'^.esi-o&oiir alili.ity to make our. aper
t,: f.bti&thou.l be, a vehicle foithe'disse'm
ifna1 t sound political, religious and nior
IF) 6 1tpcipl.',.dinfusing such infoernafion
S' 1;ih'sing and improving.

p-,7_.fA -ILON J.Q.R:DA N, jp
^*t.' h..Laasier Ineillgcer, ,"
xECAuE U om V-Poo1, frre indlIesa,; -and
I Vtd.eboy, by a hile odr..riastry and
... -t... 5e hi-i'Tisent b.llie tighst place
,-.r ... wno to 'a itn
^ qtl. xpb itexe-iplifying that c.'robhing'xcil-e-
1Q VTI6I-pp furrn or' -C ernment;
-AA ,virue and iniit.ell"gcnee the'
'lffity^ rti...sao- public. favor. Having
r.( ,i'p "'r n uaked povert.,iritself, he is the
o spor Lo 'Wboirili IMan

.1sA Ev.4im 4&Qra. 66 .ri est bipjhood he
', te'lhe arde4it and devoted .(rnrh of
.'r.un igfy s r6igts and honor, thereby
Ai foimelf wbrtfiy-of his
i try aeestuir. He is, .in. i-he -true
iokn q4.jh.e ,,plirase an Ainerifcan
19 i' ho.'.i!" b never counted the cost,
hr beloved 'country has been in
U ue%~~

4 .. r i _at r" iii tude.d o r .land in tlhe
g M;IdJi^1,vindiead t ier fjag &*
w, ffibt,.ls, and:peiils, and bloodA suerin|g
'" -jo orio sLar. tq bs obliterated,. n4 onfn.

B.~ , ,na.sed,--l
rine?.im dne t i
hi Lame,..e dt. t 1
-th (It,,, ttE

g 1 wings% Q4:
f qa lWy tingiiisled
,+'c-ina. 'lishe,4l-5tat
.'- f t nited. tate
eti,,. d .thefirid

^-,.^'i- is *vatop relaur
"- p ubliq-q.qu^.s with
S.Ol., q, tatIe d by b

l7*. "^'. .'"'* '- "
h. K e is net*
v^,: 1P1 h <9iry's
.-, . -.:9ud....E. glai

'.;'. q e tjdj .,oft le I

^l^^p^ Gea}B.rii
., a% ,l,;e. or whetherr

4 ,- nev-'falter"-. in the se
i 'li l'.the S
"SQ, qi0ohne of her
..c. ; A',.J ASR a L
lF-capsistenL DUMoc
Critical emergency 4ir
iaioqi E0QUAL R
iii 64.ucji any man
L 6*4ScIncy of sour

ECAUsE he has ne
l.e r instance to s! avoa.or of hi
ft*: rfedy fra'6ik art as ever trusted hi
i PAT rtcni neorn

VolumeS3. Pensacola, Florida, August 24, 1848. Number 50.

verns. The arrows of detraction, byj The Over-pay Roorback
whomsdever spread, fall harmless at his.
fe Cy .1 i. n vr w We clip from the WVashington corres-
BECAUSE, finally, lie is. :n every word 13
and ded, n living exemplification of' gen pondence of the Pennsyvlvanian the fol-
uine American Democracy, whose event- lowing svynopisis of the recent refutation of
ful PAST is a sure guaranty o! a yet more the '-over pay" Rooibaek against General
glorious and successful FUTURE: At the Cass which federalism is Just 1ow so
rallv of such a noble leader, tens of ihou o
ands of trite hearted Men will again with busily mouthing over
sinewvy hands and bold arid buovatt hearts I yesierd ly briefly referee to Mr. Mc-
lilt a-lf t ie ancient flag of DEMOCRACY. Cle.aiand's tritimphiani vndication of Gen.
determiinedas of yore.Lto preserve the coun- .C'Iss from the charge hI, Mr. Andrew
-tr3,and her inlhtutionsirjOWthle of S'ewart, of having iecfitved enormous
l'ederalism, hoaoever a'cihus'and gilded sTits ftim the govertimtil,.as extra corn
the devices-and the-namines under hich t11 pensanon, while Governoi, of the territory
seeks to steal itselfinto power, of Michigan. 1 have sirce gicen tnur,
attention to my noiesof Mr. Mc<.'lelliand's
FL AN'DERS REFUTED,). remarks on this point, and give below sub-
.The Sentliuld republishes a long article sti.nutally a r-capitulatagnut ithit able and
from the' Louisrille .Iouulal,, i. wchli a conclusrive vindtication.
slanderons statement is rinde iu .reference It is well known to all who have knowl
to Gen. Cabs, now refuti.d by lthe best edge in relation to the political history of
testimony. It is stated that lbile h s a- thie North'wertern 'Territory, thiat of all
other, Major Cass, siiperinit-rnided :the re- thei posts Iof governors 01ol territories, that
cruiting service itt .1799 & 18U0. lor wha: of ;en- .Cass as G-vernor of' Michig-n
we democrats styled ite "provision-uatitng wi, perhaps, the most important and-. re
army, he (the present Gen: Cass,) was sponsible. H;Issalary as Governor was
the preceptor of a grammar-schlool i l2000 per annumn, while that allowed it,
Wilmington, and alwzoap. lippea,r' l ilth.a te Governor of' the territory of Orleains
black coc,'ade in his hat." )f which the wiho had no superintendency of Indian
Delaware Gazettl says;: Gen. Caaa "was Aftairs, was $5000 per annum; and the-
born in Octobre, 1782. Ti'he cra'f lte ^tiunz proliabililty is, the ditties ot the one
prevalence,. of the black coclfad.' was in ,s Guvernon wire us arduous as the othmr
1798 and '99i anmid conseq,'ieptly Geic Ca.-s To recapitulate, Mr. McClellantd s:iid
was then only sixteen or aeveiteen va,," Iliat le allowances,.as ,hown hy a rec..-,
of age. At the agu of sevenitec li e emn'-l )islysis of the documents which have
tgraited to the Noith western 'errhiory. 4eea so frequently referred lto, were as fol-
and settled at Marletta." And upon a re o16s:
vjew qf the whole ground the .Balt`anmore 1st. The allowvanc'-s made by ... C.ail
republican n well Te.4p'aks : -1l..0e vile houn, Nov. .2, 1821, aird saptcionted by
i.situ-alio{L made in reference,to a mere Pr. sidt-nt Moili o,,iand ..cliitiimiiied to him
b.'yj.-re as unworthy of credece as8 they by subseq',eiit Setr'td'rie.s of War, one
are of.mauly uwterantee' for rations Ifroin Oet 9, 1813, to M.y .29.
Another charge of the Sdme kidney iS \122, 10 rdtins per day at 2'0 ceits each
going the rounds-no less a fabrication --for supporting the Infians, $6:610-
than that Mi. Casi had ,poken in favor il and the other beimg, for office rent; clerk
aid --.voted for.the Pruviso in the hire, fuel, stattoierv, &c I'I'oImL Oci-ber
session of Congress 18-4i5-7. By a re-. it, 1613, to July 31, 18S1, ,$27.7 15, (ser(
ference to the publishedd .piuceedings ot f)oc. S. 112, p. 2, '2441, p. 2,) $33,32,5.
Congress, lstAlarch, 1847,.,t will be se-en 2d. Thlie allowance made tiider the
that Gen: Cass assigned soMlki SPECI- ipiuion of Mr Winrt the Secritarv of
-FIC RXASONS FOR HIS bDE rERMiNATION TO WVdr, dming .mr, Adams' administration,
M"Y4, A-AItNST TiE Pnovrstu offered as and stbse-qieatly--one lor services int
an- an 6r.l to three nilltu, bill, the, suiperintending the agencies of Rigna,.in
uU4det4dicit.siou; n- l V whv-n tthe vote was Ohio--Forit Wiyne, in tIndiana; clii
caken ithe amii df'n?,J- S14Cass'voted cag, i n Ill.nois, &c. at $1.500 pcr an
"wCi iVm-^g^t^.^^t^l-nm. for the years 1522,` 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and
.a 1u-sOnd o ter oiud W'fUYCu,;" r airot-her --for similar ser-
men and true to tIIe'uintL rt.-wi,, a-i;es, same agrickis, lor 1829, 1830, a-nd-
Cilloy, Davis, Evans, Phtip,-ad Webster the first seve.n-moniuthls of the year .181-l.
.the staunchest supporters of this measure- at $1,.5uo0 :r tanum, allowed for previous
and it was defeated. How low, then, .years, (g'e doc. No. 6, page B 112, p.
muit. be tlle- cause of those who could .) beitg an&unpt received for actual
.ale,. i!h. tbQ very face of the recordud services and expenses, as superintiridelit,
faclsi-a falsehuol- o ,naiiciii's anid' misch- in Iravelli ig.' alttrinlidi cotlncils, di.burs
ievous as that (eir 'Cass had "spvtke4 in mIin some $400,000. fI which other were
,.favorof.and voted for the Proviso?'" B.,1' allowed 2 1-2 perwcuit, $14.,75 000.
i, ts of I piC'c" wiilth that reck- 3ad. Theather alniancea, vizz s
S W;ch-can, at will c,-,mnssissaie, kc-see docnmnt
o3., c,, No. 6,'p. II ,nd l1, (1ead hy Ir.

sona between these two men--my only de-
sign is to show that Gen. Cass, has re-
ce ived his share of the public treasures,
at the same time I ant candid enough to
frankly admit- tny beliefthat he has earned
every fllrtitig lie received.
That Millidl FiHlmore the Whig can-
didale for Vice Piesident of the UJrPitedl
States while a Represenative in Congress
from ,,e of the /trbiigest Ab'ilitinn DMs-
tricts in the- Stl' f 'New York always
voted %% tth Gitipgs, \dams Slade and
Gles 0to receive ire inceudiary peiions
of Aboli'iotiists asking r'Ulwgress to abol-
ish sI:avcry in tile Districtlof Coltumbia
aid in the Terriiories-FLORIDA be-
ing e one f them!
That MIllard Fillmnore voted to instrLnet
the Conuiltee on l Ttrrtnories to brinii, i
d bill rei-alimig a law passed by tilhe
TE RItlTJlI., 'il.EG 1s-L,\'URE
OF FLOIll A, forbidmg 'the, emigra-
tion lrert of ifrce neroea atnd nimulattues, to
e.\cite our slaties to murder and insurrec-
Than: V illinormue voitd ,against laingil on
the table a petition I'roin Abolitiotil its a.-k
ing that they have ilhe privilege of sending
through the mails, mto oqlr counties aidi
aming our people, theiriusiuhing ain] abtiI
sive attacks on slavery and slave-holle'r;!
That- Millardl Fillmore voted against
la'Imt_ on the table a petition from slave
teauler :;id abolition iocendiaries, a.kin'g
Congress to exit its powirr to protiet their
"|persois'". 'when they- shall come ',row-
'ing .ainong its to rutn off'our negroes and
steal our property !
That aill.ird Fillmoie refused to vote
for a resolution censuring Joshta R. Gil-
dinags for initrodiicinig resolutions in ConI
gress, i, hiicli '"murder anl reason (hy
slaves) was .1LISTI' FED"'in terms shock..
mug to -ill sense '-lNw, order'and huwnii-
t I" -
ThFat millard Fillmore iii Congress, int
18:35, clianied to leagi-l;te on slav'erV in
the Dis'rict of, C,,l iitnbi:, and -staied in his
remarks tht .'ith-e people ol' that section
(if country (N.onrh) believed Slavery to be.
imnpropl)er, aid il ,aL it should not be toler-
ated' '
id KF. i tcFtcfftTE P'eJtL:, -
That'iigrd Filntmire, by Iti_ votes in
Congresss: M b-, en di.ttinguished for his
hotiIlity to the .Cointpromises ofthle Con-
bt tmiton, atd to- tl>, rights and interests of'
the Sontlir
,KLtri.'-,:yi,)9"- THI PrFOrz.
That ntillrd Fillinhere is claimed by the
i2arnburiipers of N-w York as. being t"in-
cerelv and EN I'HUSIATICALbY il,
lavorofl tho V Wiiilut Piuovio?'

h'irey richly n enIr' abailuupn .iiplnopu Ir avdilaitnl1 andu will t i-2,71"2,00 "K rP Ir BEF.R- TF'E P[JOP'L ..
., ,.-., "baivl'n 'ei recoal up0o mits originators with two-lold The first of'these items was shown by T hat Mr. Chtrles Hudson. a whig
'" ';" intireat.--[Fliridt.. Mr Mctl,-Slantd to have been fuor acitrtal tnitiber ul.Ctmgre.'s I'Oi -assachuse
iri ibu o..Cynlres iciii -muass ieu ,,tt
Laee :again, waved kxen-es at his local ciflice, as supt'nrnt,,. urge as a rea-sn wcly lthe free Siites ou
I ''.The Broken Sword.4" ,t-at....
ross ot'r l orirrs, he "Te Broken. Sword." " ofl Afllis, with, th i)eniilhI l, Ito sipp,,rt Millad hiurn that Je 'a 'able T.he following iscopied fr',m the Z tes. o'Michigan, during a space of over "181.- Nikorthern ta ltt-s have a majority in the
esman. (Ofthe.,en- -tille (Ohio,) Atwxora,. arid is the te.nimori years- I" was, therefore, no eHniotinei House of Representatives; but the Setn-ite
os re ictxpei Iasaitere. th fftee
W:he was at one the. bfabrav. mhan who was preset'" and. wit- or ,co :penisrion whatever'. It was P) ,re equally divie.d, there being il'tee,
- With a th6rouh c.. rver Ve expense, ofl the office atid. not slae sates.--if the line should be drawn
ry of'ihegoverinlan Aessed('-'eTeheroi enrt of Gen CASt the c ficer..'An d. G-ien Cass, wnen-t apply- o il e qiteltionuolslave etnsion. and Ilthe
ns, he gi'asped all at the time of -,,Il's surrender: ing fr itit' IS2I, saV It tiac' be r-a-Jily i.ihate ahuuid divide ou gographical lites
a rorce antd omnpre- Let fledejalsin repiiat her fooli-h I'a'se- pe.inm'ed thtln, upon -S't clh a frontier, and i--hif- 'IH'l E CAS"I NG VOflE A! UST lJE
)Ul few, surpasbdby.hoods againstt -Lewis Cas Her-'it es -my expenses nuti.t have I'nr GIVEN "BY" 'I'HE VICE PRESI-
sill one- in i~ficc cam DEN'1I 'Tle c-iews oif Mlr. Fillinore
-' -"t ''e illy one is,'that lie dlid nuokbreak hiissword exceeded the slavery ol' y olic ca DEN't lL viws l r. FIlmore
respe.ei. hf nations on hearing of Hull's sur:e-.nder. 'B,'lc26' solemnilyv eer, that 1 expended more. than ire ,\ E LL KNOWN ,ii'ti subject-
fs.. Whether 'a o we h;iVe a letter fro, St ire \Willis, nit ilie whole sum receiceJd assalary (2,00 HE Is A NoR rntRN MAN IN T116 HIG[H
nd at:thehead of our old and higil., esteemed ,_ii.en ol this per ainiimttn.') .aId rpIer to- Col HuIttland EST AND B-ES'l' SENSE OF' THE
e. Ca..ada ers-...couniv, on lte sibjoct. We can gel, Itt- Gen. Miaconb, aid ilicidelenItly to Gii .Me- TERM! .r"
F'reetom oTin :"Sea-, ters from others, we think, who were c-et- Arthur aid Mr. Gtaim, iIll genilemeti KEEl' IT BtFORE 'Fil PEOPLE.
arned o.diplmats .of witnesss of the tra.s,,tio. his abue i hei or their veicit ad int.-g- That ithe wliigs of the Uio'n utTer a
m tarsi te i di q) T 'egon f 1 G, I G ass is of th.etrav tl ,l etI ri n t a l t,!
vindica.e the .r-ego of G.. n. "ass is ntu: it all dletrimenetal l ri" (Se (Se' dc6 I 1'.2, pines 4 arid 5 ) direct insult ti) tiif people of the Slavehold
i'in,.in the Senafe hisprospects pfelectin) to Ilie' Presideticy. ':l'he second item was for se vices n)U ing statess by asking iem t10 contribute by
to u'hold the justice The enthusiasm and support of oil corn- expenses as Superitnendent anid AgetIt for their votes i,, placing such a tna- as Mil-
exic.n war-.lie has parlions iiI arms is called out by thesct- at- iinerotis tribes of Idiaatus not within his lard Fillmore in i the 'Vice Presideit.'
-rvi-ce of his country. lacks :.- spitiiPeriteitiicy, which dutires the law did ai
Smatron, poinN to- ZANEsAI'i,.E, Olhio, June Ir, IS._-1.. ui require him to perform, and lor-whicli,
" brighites.t jewels.-. To the Ediinr ofl',- uAro'ra : a decided by Mr WiEi, be w-.s clearly en. FRUITS OF A FORI.CED NOMINA-
hor.otmgh- wll.ttried SIR: In thi Zitnes,,ille (Courier of thi, titled to extra ccnpentation. Onie hill 'I'ION.
RAT, : wvho in ever dj.e Il. noticed an -nriiile- headed The l tis an,.uil, at last' was for expenses The di'aff-ctian :niolig the "Whigs'
s been the eloquent Broken Swtord," it, which it i's stated that Of the third item, it was shown that on is spreading b:oa.e.r anmid ttIGHTS. contributing Ihe honor of breaking his is -" bor- .lv i6.27G was for coumnpr.nsation, the b~il- Eist and in the WVeat; at the Noitlh ani
in the nation 1t row'ed, or rather stolenn capital ;' tht i anie hbeinr lot" actual anld uiipcessarv ex- even in the South, iunLreurs of d -i-s.isfac-
id republican. prninci- wcas Gen. McArthttr,i ait nor' (en Lewis p.,nsnes. e.. hu.,. iesteIad. of' hiS having i retlon continue 1to ladlen the breeze. Alrtadvy
C" Ass, who broke hi- .scwrdatthe time of ceived over $100,500, or -760,412, [see. my have thiiit.y -resp.cmable a- iinllit eii
weer beej known in Hilull's surrender Now, it may br- that letlr uf' 1st, in yesterday's J1eisylcvani.itn] 'Vhig' jotralds re-pudiat-d Taylor, anid
hrtipr'om 'the bold Colf.\McA.fthtmr did break his sword, mIt maiilVas extra comnpe atiot, the'-wilehioi, every day will add to the liht. So that
s pil'[ijaT'. opinions. he was a patriot .ajzId a brA'e man ;--butm I afneuil pail hi Ior extra services of-allI before November shall arrive, (unles,-
reluhdiii himsnafur.e he .id the writer of thkdi not s-e or he-ar kinds be,'ond his s-alry v'o'vdrtr,1 id. sonineirtg very extraordic:ut v happ,.n.) 'at
Swh mid'And oit a the i. d se C.ot'exc'el it IS-1 2 ear; I 3,45d f)0. least one thirdofi the W -hi' press will
is w Ifl ..,, -" d of it a:t the t ~e if :did se.,.C il.tC.' 'i""' ) s "-..-; "" -. :" :s
e._ amdiydgu ent""o' break his swcior at -".'picL" wl-re Gin':-'Thiu t prbsbabry a f'dr le-A sLInI. it- I at e.x- b int open h stilipy t tlio. Nomrina'-tion-
JlI- _jy d ,.o.I- hte- "I. "-- -. is i ' I ie h i --
'* -":^-":'-"" -;..Rrock. Ljip itilih commniaiher, met Coio- adiiir i.Lal 'hi 'ol the account, of hi3 dish f. o [the great ( J PfitadelIltia (_.onvenitr>t.
Sthe, fa.ence_ of ,1 McA,- irai Ca 1bce V the l itnsl,,ied *''ppo nent [(en, T.O'lors would A ad eenot ht ,tatc thms tg- t, ihciw
tl-he."'-i i 1t:ob e] Spnrio bel]o iv Detrt.,..- .l.-' as -,stanatnd 'i, dw til. i l ie has received, as f-.m;i coit, how iinp.udlerit'lyv the T.,q lor mn ,.iiha,
R e p1`d ee witit inaix feet of k sl' (- is :"a t' he t', ini. ; p-,is.tio idIt, riIIt,,g his c'.re ,-" of serv;ce-- aet)-e in, alter-npii, to thitiet upon he
Sits,'l t" ha fr the and I.--ver'wil' I'.rue,.ili'. i'idic "iibn and'lt is Vo d' '".pir, ",g'teni to him t,_n t. ,he h s |'i ht'pi"4. a1an "lili Zaehary. l'T;iyoTr?
33 M IA SO I -R-ionhIe'1,51,l it t bdessn tugt ot
-"rj ^i~~bs'- OeN neirietionhe':itbe-ya l oretr part of hs.tirne, coiit-'l,, [a noiolhe'lesssn "heic both mm-
V atrL .! 2.aLt-ian -Theese silty ag~inn'-t ,1e''tive Geei ",, ok' ihe fo,'m-l 'rotuti-re ath,,t rttr.psle__alt;rtcre :.orpr,
,Vd rhi- iIty' --' la nd a pi: C"i-l roti- d.- Iighm utiitury -pr', sm'rt1siev.Iiei rrJtaei rve'? Fjir ouir part,
A' ."cy-JAOKSO.N, G so' his p.it6'0ioi i a10 dl c-ra 'e I .Ibit- 4ir6 -at e,)inp 'fdtie6 V (irutrfl porait posts.. we h ni P.r tl lo.-r0p1r Je th,- onceplow.el-ul
so^' ) wed more., by orl ns f men,..b. l pr-st;rd, l. u whlc-h 'a -cal'etmf ition o('iit.V -is -\ l o h dpa. l Im.,ave; reFistidl .t fe kie-k.-
-sS .'r,. aO n.. a-n hoe6 dairk '-i''s, wiil o't',iV' .ie .e-.re1uT-1r 'a t i6 ii- i il:T .ly at d a 't oi w -, inces, d-tu to tl'.Ces ol 'he dLou,_hi f'a"e
n,.. ,. n ,. .- : --- - ..-o : s,++ ,
en' I' -. feet to ralilv to hi, st ,$ :IL i i h.i dLeir-n ; tmu spi r."l -gdes' thirou hi whih I. .
Il a '. -,*- A" -... ", .-..' -" ,." W 1-1.' 4 e- 1r, .Is t_,t I
.";.fe"l '^ -pure of. .' -Col ( ;-'c;s v'is' li ,,l-b1 '"alI h' hm h :i- s4.J],iI wrll -ht;6tc;^rtel- hie ha.,i ir,*e ,' "\s i ,;l a,,fnurenttlri:efthi.i'rTaylor ment
W n,1i ,: re- ieall:' ",,'' v; ? i',ltepy (iiseppoinwvd wth the
t.tta da 'c. -'l- 'I tvgl them all [ 'iiJeid.I al} Li- c'cmit1-'i ..'o'9- rhv ,nic ,s Ior aLt,_:ndni g and tr-i'tsJ (liht.ou. m.tnime,-.i,., ;,.l.Kc.i ll. r mtcontat-on ha.s
,,aW unuotroe ith iit cJo,,4 c .e. ,,i' .m lrtiil It sj,,,t con' ;.0o0 e,- b i 'r' i-. 'W her+ aral thle hti.
y^i' + rtt vote.' 'aT-r' i7 s' an' 60". st'pintflietnitarked A] I do-nibt deslre",i ttp- witd e, ahhusias'n ire iremnfi''oimt's.r.-
'h^TiaW, ia- : ....."6 + "L.I --ran shnhil- nblt-dravv any iiidio6u"cotnpari c lemint,'hi inmtryttIoi t't tr'.me-
rV M t.. .._ ..J- -. Lk .- r. .. ...

- .. *: ^ -' ,' ,-' "' .*.' .* * .
.,r'.-.4 -+ : -... -u c..

dieted, would produce, Echo answers.
where! Not in the East cait th'oso glad
shouts be heard, nor in the North. In the
West we hear an occasional (nuTe of ro-
jocing and at the South some entthusiasnt
has been evinced. But to all inmptnts and
purposes. the nomination of Zaehary
Ta) Ior has fallen still born from the-Con
vention. "Whig' I-aders nimay disguise
this fact as much hy.v p-le-ase, but there
it is staring them in the foce. They
may sl,'d barrels of ink tb prove the con-
trarv, of what we have written, but the
FACT will niot down; nor can it be stifd.
Itiis opposition to Taylor is no ereaitiomi ofl
Ike imgittatidn. It is talked of It the
public atreets,ln private cirrls, arid at
"home. Ahinr-st every where, apathy ex-
iis among the 'Whigs,' and i.o appeals
will he liable to ariuse them to action, and
why? Because they have no Cotifidence.
III their caiidate; b-ecaue ihey scareel-
know what fie is. or what hie means to be
and] more than all becaiis,-lthit-y feel asham-
ed of their abatdoniueiont of tlie idul of their
We ask every "Whig who heard tx-Gov.
ernor .lonpes in 1814, and who heard him
again at Contceri Hall, speaiking in behalf
of the Whig cause, whether he ever heard
him speak withl so little mpparni-t- haearti
ne-es as on this ri'tit not evidence to every- WVhig' pr6seiui that
his tTffirt was one of labor and not oflove
If the "Whig' who reads this be a frank
man, hlie will answer that it -wvatso evident.
Wh-i -aid G,v. Jones at this meeting
"1 believe tha H,-enry Clay is and ever-
has been the einmbodiment ofl' Whig pnci-.i
pies, arld when y,'I astfil'e at -Henry (li'y
you grike at thh whole f'aii'ori olthie WliM
party. Is Oov. Jones a minan f' truth?
Does he mean what he say,? 'Who ha-s.,
struck at Hepiiry Clay but the T'ytbr men .
a, d who aie responsible for the-' blow.,
sirutk at the whole fabric-'of the whig paj-iy
if it be not these same Taylor men. Gcv.-,
Jones knows iii his heart tha' in thu nomi
nation of' Taylor, the Whig-pany so'call
ed, received a fatal stab. Wel could
he say; and with eniphasis, If my voice
or-night could-maklce h'nn President of- the
United States though it-cost me lIfe'and all
t hold dear still I would speak-that word
X\hat hebtter proof can be adduced tlan rthii.
tha' this great WVhig leader of-Tennessee.
is 'sick at h-ear' that he is already ,.'earv
of the fight.. .
The liuuth isx that whenever a party
^a baiMinde'rr rcfaiirt^,ixffeadi.
with del' ad the truth wmilbe -amirtipe-
oil the frontlr-t of every 'Whig.sldier in
November next.-Newark EaZle;

T, N <; Y --MlS CO N N I AiNE
G(en. Tiylrr in hi^:Jettcr l6ny freely admits-the right of the':,ei>epli
to '.,.e advised as to the ipiniona. of.'.1i-hose.
tito whose hands the adniinistraltorot-the
G(ovtritiiniNmt may be placed. -
"*1 fully euincide with:.yot,'-!-snys -het)
Mr. Detlonv, -irn opitnionti, thtit.i-isa hap-
py feature in our Government-that..ui5-iial
funitiotiaries n mer it, from the tqw,,lt tu
the higl-h.t station, arc not bevm;. -rAte
I'iiclh ati supervision of the "IFtibl( s'
citizen, and that it is a right inhere-nr in
every freinmani to p6isess -himselt.of (lie
polit'.cIC: prinueiples and opiniol.itf .thosp
into whuse haudis Ihe adYiiMtLisj tiMon of-fh-
('o vernnrent in"yV be pladuced. "
Here he acq',vsces atid ?ikknowied.gfs
the rights of tie people to their ftlhbti ex-
tent. Biut how dores he act up to Iiz pro-
fes-ion, h'iw ildoes lie carry niut.his pnuci-
ples i, lIis own conduct? We shl!l show
the reader. Mr. McConkev -.writes him
a letter iqiiqirini, ofl hint. among oih,.-e
thimiz., heather If elected Plsident. .*"'e
would veto atty act g,1 Conrrrss. prohibiiin
,-harerv in the new Territ-ii i-es. Now h.,d
Gin. T",lhor answered this lertt I','a~ikly
candidlv as we mig;ht have stippo.sed. au
hiinest ,dd sole,]ier, who disdained al-I con-
'{ealmhnues wouldd have done, it we aid have
pieveit d the abolitionists ..a, the iJN.n:lih
from using h'is nuamne fr the -pur[poe of
,e-uttin- up the-r agitation' all oxer the
(jotm,,try, 'arid it wouid have. allaved the
anxiety on the suOejct" at the South. Bu.,t
hli.w does '-Old Rough and Reaidy,":. Lhte
Irank celi sold~e,' wlho is above all disguises
meet the questinn' Why he,'dodgoes it,
:inul s-iuds-thefollowinPt Ievaric;it'ini an-
sw'er, righi in the facc-ofhis previoisi.rtS a-
ion? of prncipe -', : -
H t- i't- li' w er: ; -. ;;;
,ABrON' ROUGE, Feh-b-i:, l.-84.8 .:
SIR,- 1 hd ve4he honor toua-k.0,-I,.edge
tlhe. receipt to t-he 3rtnd'i ntr' .- "- -;.'"

_-. In' teply to yotr.inq.uirir s, t hbijej_.t, i n.,
form you tiat" L have laidc it .d:,c-cn u a
pir'c-tple, 'not, t1i fivermy op'iiii)n-i tp.d"-or
prrj'irtdge iLI ilV way .'ti 1 v-.i.pOts qtie.tions
,.pol ,-,,Inio-c'-at issuw, .bttYeeh t-hefpolit--
eCal parties ofthie coun.i.y.tor to -pronist:
what 1 would uor i ouild-i.ot do. were I e-.
leItud'.'lo Ihoi- P Fsld.jiev y of l the United
,t't'ies:ar -LIt-lta-ii the C ases presept.u .. in.
vour letner., [.,egfret to add, I .se.-np.teason
ior deparinti'g f1om l.h-arfciplt.. .'. .,
- .iW hi-a1 p.'ofotai. eu kn.owledgeme'ns-s
'r'+'rhe -'iu 6,ulys tliifnrttOrs "-.taewds me
,vh'h, ybu bretaB u.4ti. leased lo e~xpre?,.
;.,- .- l'i.a .'he hoti: to FM ) ,; .._,.
;. ).- .9E t -
'* .
*i=86 ,

I .111 III C II I-L -P--- ~s~L~ I ~ L -~ ~ee e* _

guit o,. W hern we leftl .,n"a's -6 6fi" + -'
.ioud&v'fek to fcmemlt-, o)' {Ii 'the ....
i rinps;, \v-e were sW' V.e d-", r : M'os : .:
zrfius-wiere drows itife-iciar n -I li'-
selfwas halt agJli--p ^We "#re.sf a -
under aV before thile :el.'r.apnrcon.'.in-. .-
;.- 'o ri,,.c_. e-.o ,t :ez~c~ / .-l f .' ..l -: --,. -."'
L'17bi'.w he l "-P tr N c .. .. .. .... .
* .Iii :yh6.1 ne.cks br T a,' t
fr fl" t!^ ?.:"- I ..l i rn t> .Se -,y< ^ J t~ im :tti t .'tr .:!t~ t S .. ..
i; l-p' t" ti e it t k" .'. ". L,]i g --h F.t..i h ---
be i.. 'e, ... SOplar "p "e "; '-
"' a 'A.mid "t- "c "- -'" -- l"
danger let. me1 say to v, ,a l conductor
said to us,, 'don't Ya.t' yii'r rick.s
.7, ;-.e ".lv ot ..cra-
brok,+,,~kee0_fplS. (Great applii'ise).." '* --; -*'' -

is. tsill *i .nebaoged, i He m;ii 'no't uib. ttnm '- -"'.
bh .sh' i dh a It, ,., .a -ot-ieis ak ."e j '- .".
ihe-F ljekorv pillar w~ s l i, i- 5r it-q: .t--
III e~x I # o ;, jL n o.W.stbi .D + :ro
.te ^..a~thi~s; a, d.w,1,;t4+iWt--_ (Tre-'

,. --n-'.t -m "retn1^\"v T+"'!-[ foeF-* ."
t ii. .. ., "., .:.I-. .. '
... . _. j._ f.a, .., .. .

'' *- ".+ .,A
<- .,.e". X" '-'** r. : ;if:-. ,
. j v+., -+- .,'. -. .- .... .- ,;,,'^ _-,'


Your mnst. ob't serv't,
Mr. B M,McConkey, -....
!Cincinnati., '" .. ?'-. :"

["our ,Jonal.
WOl. CN.&It Pa4i ,
The l-ansirmgb dgli'OazetIte sats-,
Mr. S" Beach, wh'o resides in Vt.,'tried'
the following experinibit wfth eorolefe ''
success: He took a slip Of Birch' aboutz
the width of three ffings th6 ho put
arodfnd'the trunk of tlhi iree, two t. tibree.
leet ftodm the ground a-rid'fase'n d ilie euds'
tougher by mneanus of a small nail, d.rivcn' .
in the ,iie. This bark he brnteari"f-
with the kinmings ofa pa ot Whei;e -s'. .rr .
prock, etc, ,had been boiled. l'Ohe.'rM'" :
as it is well knrwun sj.ii d) r."from the -
trees evry nighi. aiL, when .4he'y rtteinmpt'
to ascernd the tijee they .art--arested by..lH '
Jark,or-rather by the. grease on it. -They.- --
approach this antd can rgo to. fttther.,- .-
rhey g3ll..r in large qratiilie'i belw.iiis
strip oP!'*tj.rk atd .riiiu for a se-n ana
I4e4d..Ae so. Q. IJ. m pt,>9' .r0t2..
the hark wvdkI be fitA't" c-- ata. .
fult,'*nglh and dead.. It seems- p;6baje
t)1t tihe grease and sualt iog'th' *., *> -
'eiem. By this simple c6nt1ijvancq thi'*
gentlenmah succeeded in ,*r iq'a his or'-" -
chard of every woru, in -a shnr':ue..1 .i'
4ii-fo-med mie. that one of-hi's miegh'l.rsip. .
plied grease, or raiher.ud oii-ihe tree. it-
self. l'his he said prevenaed the 'worm' ro.
ascending but i; well nigh dt'slroyed- 4h'.6- ..'
trees ILt-s'.b el.i ed, that when birrih bark' .
cannot be obtiaited, ihat pa..t.boayrd.would1..-. -
answer thn-same purpose.. .

With plcaWir% we fe.bIfel th. di' low- .-
ing extracts .Fhi'-mi 'rf- nble".atrd il&qtiert .. '
speech of .Mr S. W. l31ack' at tiie"greai. .
Democratic meeting i.n Plh,iideJpb1ia on,' -
the 3rd inst. T t.he.Uil. Btack-t ih'
.vhigs claifieiedfer -Taylir. .-': -
*. .- i'i .--. -- *. .
Y ,"'e, do not cm>nplai.tha ttailt.i right
aInd conscientiSu saf ttJA'X
and) .n~cessJvy..pJ.tlte:.-'q^^r .rsanlatter. ..+-..
bl.twei"ll ihtut, rli~r coppnt.rv,. nu-d thn'ir
.1Maker. Butte.e oriplai]n ilthit JC',vgress,
after it.had declared that '"waTr "ei-'ted byv
.;heaqt of AleL5' co q
)]yGspo~sbre' ^.J'/sio~ld'^e stuhrj
lied. i'lseli'by co'iJiter rt1%i Mimr
under the t'iinal pro U14a,'o1l-+ 'Wad'6l- -
listed anol i iu.teert..d 'e ;lht ^l, ;'.e
country. ,Hpoo;e,.home, t'ia s'- ana.
hope, we.e _gjven' up toriH1er-"t Much -
had been rnuimd.d .irr. e _F'eiva-
lloni miet 'hI out a...u er.-- troops
v.eJe) the i centre o-tie .eR cWintrv he.irtiis e.d.*t'.wards
'home. A kind--"ari'd b esg6 were
ilue utInost or fhe hear-t ie.cton.. [n ..In
the distanco a traitji'ap.r'&rs'ftdd t'-e -.rc'-
NWrd uf sorr w is ir9ose viitn te -'suffp-
's 'hitard--the nimfubipui" aftid'ithe''worod
o t eic6 r .g. t*t-nl huri W-v ..Ae .pee-
ches of (towi CIay, Celheh and Vet,-.
ster-'then the voi.e ,i' th'"-"'Representa-
tires of the people' e.xpessed il Ashimun's
Resolution.--wth.n a ,.ek tlhi -speechrs -
appear Jin the .lex'icon"rais' nl'their
aubiho.s are elected honoraryi. inembers. of
'the e.M ii,' lh lanith i pim..' i't 'fo.
. '-_fe prionomi ofn 3ii.ri 1rlW5 I fiiantiy
ga er-i d lj y a n d t h _rI t eA.-? A .-, p | a ,t c l i r
-(.gr^ur set, a0t, ov) lb 4 gI o0ny
were t he daysaii.f t h 'ullow
the sytp.hy--r. -il. ha -from
h o m e '. 1 ", ''" "
hom e. .-+ .' ...
"We."a"vN ," ,th,' ttihe bani"rs of a
parly bpag iDun Woad letet'rs th devie e,
Prhic^i;plS, nt ,1101 men,"tid we ha'e sec.ii on' -
,ther banners rimfr,.mouito "prncilie.'s
and ,,u',,*. hut i ,'iourthe irst ime, wo
belhold ihe siaitdid in bur .'ouiftry; nfei-
ther'principes rior. qifi. "" ""
."It seednte~ a^s[the -st3rd" iipr:n our fiap,
were dim..meilaid '_d .e n.arigred baniiier hail
lost its !o>t i-ts b-eauty..; (' A plitS ) .
"In clo,, ng ,, t, 'ah,'e to ',,y .' lt-t o me
repej.'t rh4t fti GUii- T.:p-yJr.. Jhi.!. thee .the
,"tow ^,e.w am .:an'&.- vittirng.'n. -- _
But n fhef-the npiialon .tat.o..Lete es.,. ,-
nor thejius cause which "e~x'tesr" it,: H'ni'-
nink liim a stat ina f .. of sounr,: .'Fotltutal.
views or qtali'y hiirwtop.pif- rin dlui'-s:- to-
which *hi.' mrind has-uot beet trainedd"
"1 an worn out and..sop pre.yoa, lhlric-
Core tcrie's uf "nu, we are not,. otii cn.") I -'l
will conclude .wmth,..a few..wordYs. "You
are askedl to mount 'ihe "'l'aylor platfcra,
while no one cati tell .what i js: I part- of--
le, aud anxiuusly nqmrf-d w'harthe plat- ... -
foli, d$ but I. could i ,eito'uh'er ai.-wverL. +
ilian ihis, it i,?bruad.ahtd you' had better ,. -'-"

W\e had prepared' an ittile sinilar to
-he anne xed, but delayed its p.nblicaton for
w. nt of the Journals of 1832, in order
i'L* le ascertain who introdicicd aid voted tqr
S the Florida" The irinrexed
i: a:ticle fToni the. Fl1ridian fui;ished the
i ifotrniatGill we wtalel, arid we. therefore
subsltitute that for the orir we had pre-
The VIagrnt LaW.
'; he 3eijtinel, and ,,tier Whim papers,
seem to ho horrified il the ;prvisious of
vagrant law, passed l by the legi-slative
U 0 .1oun 1 ,il o f M ic hii~ an in I B1 8 Y o u
nmay b-e sure. -such a law would not have
rt:e(eivd the sanction ol" legislators elec-
S ted by the people," sa% our intelligent
negtibjr. Ah-how conmns it then that
th leg;siature of Verrinrit passed that
S very act, lor it was c.-pied lioin a-,Ver.
nt- mu law as-, was siatd in iho U. S. Sn-
ate and as is repeated in The Batiery,
it Taylor paper just st irt,'il in W a liin,-
ton. Anid lIpw comes it that o, own
''erriiomial jegislatiire' alopied a -simnilar
laiw in 1832 ? Will tie, S,-nmin,-i 'll us ?
And how.v-comrnes it that -r-o.t cte-1 V Slat.--
iII ti hu Union has a similar law on its
Sta'uteo book? Sllame "in such a picayune
spirit as thie Whigs nm;,ifest in this can-
vass -Why d;d not the Seitinel consult
Tlhompson's Digrst, ti see. whether or
Wot we had not'sucli a IlW in foIce in our
o"n Statie. On paige 5't10 will-be found
sonehliing that looks vr-v nitich like the
,i;ichian' law. HFere itiS :
1 2. Any person w.-iidlerirg or stroll-
ing about, able lt, woik, oir l,therwvie to
support himself in a rfspt-ecidli way, 01
leadrig anl iil,, iuinorral ir protligate
c'iurae .I Aif or keeor exhibiting.
or causing to be kept and exhibited.
e lher of rhe gaines.: "'r gainiiii, talbles
conniiion,,V cdiLed A. -B. C. C E. 0. table's.
or firo baiks or any other g-rning tahle
or bank. 'undt r whatever denaiinatimoni.
shiallbe. arrested by a warrant issued by
nity Jusficeof.f:he Peae-, rinyor. 6'r tlder-
im i or inteinderitt of police, and- bound in
buficient security for his good behavior,
and future indiusrir for one year, and up-
on his re.fisimtg or failing to gii'e such se-
:uritly, ie shalltbe coinmit'ed and indicted
as a vagrant, 'aidon convictioh .haH be
puniished by a npinotn exceeding five. hin-
dred 0oll.s. aid impriso'nmeit for a ter::'
not exceeding t(wewe. month-s,, or by heing
s.,Ild twelve Inontis ii, he hiighei bidder,
ur by v)iipping not exceediig ;hirty
rin u suipes,'at thediscretibn of the juTry."
By refteren.ce o page 33 ,f Jmirnhls of
,832, it will be seen that Mr. Be-njann
). ,rign a veiy gioe l t.wlii of Pisaco-
I. ih.troduced.l tie bi'lcoit"nrinmg this pro-
vision, and on page 75, it will 'be sae'n
that .Mr"jW.right; and -nine others voted it, and five voted- agalns' it ; nii on-
p)ge 10.,.-it will be seen that M1{. Jamtw-
D. Wesc'.t, then acting-t Gonernor of
ilih Territory, approved ii. No body ob-
jects to ibis law, although ii sell, whi:e
inen. Why didn't tire whivs repeal thii
horrible i.iw wien thvry lid the power?
\Whv did wnot Giy. 'Cthave it stricken
rfoa ttl-staiue, or why'did not lhe wings
diit at the ast isessionR? Oh, the hypo.
writes! They -can weep over the poor
people .of Mkhigan, imt they Ihave no ynin-
pitihies fiir;Homo"Jlks! "
-' .Fr-om the Nw -s.
Quest-ion. What aHe the Whig printci-
pile ?- .
A nwer.- Old Zae '"
Q.V'Whereis.'h V Whig plitfronr?
A. "lit Buena Vista."
Q. What is the common'principle that
lindsu the Wh'igs together?
A. The
Q, is there any other?
A. Yts, the fishes.
Q- Are ,he Whigs i, fa"or of a N-rtional
B ank? ....
A., '-Rough a, d'Roadv.'
., Are they in favor ol a high puotec-
ti.e "tIriff-?
A. "Palo Alto&"
Q Whiat do yoo mean by "all the dc-
cency!' -. "'
.\. .'OId--W\'hitev?"-
Q. What are Getrera1 Taylor's plinci-
A; '1-lurra for-Old Zack"
As liese tiswers are perfectly corrclu-
sive, and will silence the most "noisy
Democrat,'" we wvnuld recommend every
garud Whig to commit them t,' memory,
s0"than hie may have them opn his tongue's

-nid in cise-any nimpudeni questions should
,he pol.kedal him bI)v iiqutifive Demo-
'crate. T'WEEDLE DEE.
Curing a iwivere .ale of'wind at Niagara
P''- Fails, on MIonm'T. afternoon, the suspen-
S..sioti bridgwasfor a IOP time in jeopardM.
it.n cunseqiuec'. of its unfished state, the
fas-nwn riot being 1l in- plate, the fiot
vitdgle'aw3. made to vibrate until ooe sec-
tiui of-ih cabies,-slipped off the *sddle,
which caused the plainkiing ito urn up ed-
"" .' no other dam geitofhis section
'" of lthe bridge.-One rman oifly was. at this
S- art when th'c ,ind struck it,-w6o made his
-i W3yt ayo tohesbhi, amid the most 'fearful
lf&iA~~~.-. f -H had r-eN ed wiilnir a
... a.-,t hor. .h' n ahi .. v g sec-
^ti th~ tn sht-d foot bpdjr. M -rn-ik
., tkBsf n fi' h -osimio,, ben,
.ne a 0,ttwomen canlit hirr
;t'' ',,''+ _~rt '+ e ',r= ip at,,1
j -. aus,
-:* the 25gtifl^'r'W but just
*,\.t^W^fltrtd. Wh4^ rlA -was-
*-' -, .i', e -" _-. ._ -: _

.., ._= _ ,. '",. :,_- ..
., r-- ..-' .. .-'

_~~ __

townv of Marin, and bpf,.e hP was known th\rightsof the South, be sucr.ficed to
to our men, one of ;he guard, as we were t 1 .e.... H -rIia- ,.sa
informed at the ime --seeing a chicken, lut the vengeance of politica fanatcism.
secured it "for keeps." Stired as the. We of the South whodemaid and defend
men .then were,Ap h-'illy doubt if any our rights as slave holders can claim only
itran in. the airn)y roud have failed to -the cotmmon merit of contending for that
have done the "m. thing, fr,r the town ,--. oa wn u r d r
l~~h -,Sour ownf, but' our' democratic
was deserted and ,is inhabitants hadjoined l ... a..- .1. .. _
Urrea and his force. General 'laylor frirnds :tl Not'i f.ccury the6evilted
being near, and seeing the offender body position of defenling a principle, which
guard to- arrest him, strip him of his belis, can eff-ecliatre to themno persor.n befil
& c.. rod e u p to the g tma r d, an d o e d the a n g A nd -th e i -" im
,. ,'. ,E. or advantage. "Anod in-the-lr -ivii~ig~rnav 'cnr
following laugouage-11PS r-porrteJ by all or a g A i. t t m
thLe members of the guard, pme of % hosel -fforts they peril their own piospPets o0r
statements were. immediadly reported a preferment;0to p.lacos -faaf;vraidl-trust
mong the troops, and uioversally credited Were they not actuated by (he vmob)esa of
-V-Tz : You are all a G--d d-d se- -impulses-thtieotfrd infuiienc h'
thieves and coward. You never come "- i
L ," on, -le-y -con0d -.sapnd unmoved;. with
here to fight, ban. to rib and plunder, and ro d sa u .w
will r.n the first sigilt of the eemy."- aims folded, amidst the storm whtch is
laigrage in this strain % as thfi first'salih- now shakiig this Republic t its centre.
ration we received from Gen Taylor. It This spirit f farraniticism which hasenter-
was addressed to aboit sixty men, wo ed the political arena, and direct. its as-
-formed the advance gnard, a-nd were de-
tailed four or five frin, ean-i? company sarlts exclusi.ely against the South, and
The Inn rgje arnd condoiaio Gen. T-aylor now seeks to place its favorite in the sec-
went through 'he. eoinmmad like wildfire, oid highest office of this ReIpublic has
Ali~r. ha-hnimderioeie al'l thie I'auie~iis +',4-.--.- s -eulc has..
A .ir havi 6-rg .e l -. a.iie recestlV tomnd supporters in the whigs of
and hardships we hn i- to gain lis i army, 1 ,i" t- s .s o
a-t- "* &he ;S om ik :P 'art' spirit im itis w things of
which we anticipated were not enjoying s
a very criable positionn. ir starvio-g men disa.ppominttme't. and in its uncontrolled
to be called thieves because oe bad.g'ven aspiration f or dominion, is now willing
slight offence-if, j'inleed.nn ofrwee a.t a, r "
s.ilr o. ". a eo sacrifice the Union and the MPlpiness
-having captured a chicke- from an ene-
my who had-murdured and, plu-sered cur of'the peep-e. The wlig party have fi
friends without. me-cy, ann eto be en'-led nallv subscribed to the dark and d etest-
cowards after venturing, as we had, into able resolution, that theyw wil f lNle or
unknown danger, was moi-o ihan. we could, u' n : e hv ..t .t.ei
.. nl. Th .. RUn 1 ney have selected as their cal-n
with sealed lips, bear. heu< P d-or n-o ex-
tent, we did cover our renorse bylthe pros- &iA.te for .the Pireideney Gene.ral Taylor,
pect of a fight with the enemw, sL& we were a who a.dn-its,- than, he has no polit-
ordered to march in fifteenm ninuoes inl iical opinions, and if elected will not veto
pursuit of Urrea, towards Cadareita. ,I measure th,- abolitionists i' Congess
, lhe following ls a certificate ofthe h e ir .C .
ruth 'of the' above may pass. They have chosen a* their
Coshocton, Ohio, July I, 148 candidate for the Vice Presidency, .Mil-
The undersigned, membe-rs of conipanRy lard' Fillmore of Xew York, .who is an
"B," 3d reginient O>io vtl-unrteer, who abollitionist in education, in feeling, in
servedd under, the command of NlMoj. Geir. "
Taylor in Mexico, having learned that principle ind in action, whowill shield
.it has been disputed within thre last few this ticket prevail, and General Taylor
days. in Coshocton, that Gen. Taylor ever die, be the acting President of these
I -n1la .L raif.a -. a r -A

c.iieu lilt" O nio rIIiU[ t.ll a set.Ui i L--U
d-d thieves and rubbers, and that they
anme there to rob and plunder-, and not to
figilt, hereby certify that the above state-
ment, by one of our number, is a true his-
tory of the facts as they occurred to us at
the time.' And it ihavi-ig been denied that
sach statemeint- was ever made public by
-arty of the volurntcers uniil after the nomi
nation of( Gen. TIaylor for the presidency,
say thatth*" onr guard that day published
the fact -imrediately ; tht- it .became a
upi versal .mtk among .the volunteers; that
it was witversally edited; and that it
g*Ated uniiversald'ditialfaction ; and fur-
t.aer any, Skal ,'withWi exceptiona ur re-

QIO (ne government and as guaruiansnip
if tihe nation's rights anid honor, and invite
to treasnahle leagues those- ho may
be disposed to levy war against the United
;States, holding out 'prowmis3es of adhering
totheir enemies; and givtMig them aid and
comfort. .
Resolved, that this House hold the con-'
duct of said member as-altogether unwar-
ranted and unwarrantable, atd deserving
thesevere coiidemnatiir, of the people of
:b|. country,andm of this body in particular.
--Nile. Reg. il, 3, pr 62.1'
Fillmrore voted againesi1these resolutions
censuring and'condemning Mr, Giddi'ls
aud thereby sustained him in his asritienm,
that this cold blooded niurder of whire rmen
eom-mrNed by the ieiroes was..justitinble.
-Now sfijurd Fillmorfe bw*oxnr Vice PFresi-
dent, andby the death frGeveral Taylor
become acting Prisident. he has told is
in advance, that he will justify negro
slaves in their cold blooded anddeliberate
murder of while men, (especially if they
can escape to Nassau) and has it come to
this, that the sons of the Sunny South
will cast away their chivalry, abanddn
their-conititdtional rights, and expose to
death, desecration -and desolation at the
hands of murderous slaves, their homes,
their families their altars and
.fields, to secure a party triumph. .
For the. Democrat.

There is great virtue in kicking and
cuffing--The Editor of the Pensacola
Gazette is a noab'e illwtwtiot of this
position. -Few mern had itore of it from
the Federal pary to wVhric e be- longs
and n0i one 'has submittede' wh'i Bmere
meekness. To do all the work. of sueh,
party, were much to reqTiire -frovw the
favored insitrumrneni, he has done it ifr a
party that has heap.d on- him nothing but
contienpi. In an editorial of ter 12th
r instant in which he effects to warn the
people against the acts and machinations

SUhited States. And should that contin- o tie Ituree democrauic ource nolaers oe
happen, whthis city, he comes up even to the most of
ge, ncy ever happen, which OI the decencyof the party to whose skirts
is not at all probable (fior ywe have too he clings. The personal nature of the
much confidence, in the good sense, pa-.imputations contained in that article justi-
Striotismnand intelligence of the American ,fy the notice I no.w take of it. I am riot
people to think for one modern that such gong to coniFavert what he says. It may
.. .. be ibat the three 'office holders are acua-
a ticket will ever succeed) the Union is ted obvy. c.rup -motives which
that moment dissQlved. To show th1 i he ascribes tQ tbO:A.v. I ..p-P.resme".Ill of
Fillinmore is a deadly and imrncenpfomising. them are indifl'ere't a to th, opinion of
and untiring enemy to the peculiar-institu- tire Editor .upon the .Wec.'
tn o th .. h h that one of them. is. High authority lias
(tions of the outlh And that he "_ aan __ u. o a .en
t cautioned us to beware "when alli men
open and shameless approved and justifier speak well of us" and a democrat ought
of such negroes as kill and murder $heir to tremble whena whig can fid no harm

of country. -
Let me conclude Mr. Editor! with
telling for theibenefit of the Gazette man
a story about Mr. Jefferson. It may be
of services to him in 1849. A supporter
of Mr. Jefferson during the canvass-wvent
,to him after the inauguration to ask 'for an
office. AMake me a Cabinet officer" says
h,--" I anv sorr1," said Mr. Jefferson "but
my Cabiffe Iis already apoin'ted"-"make
me an embagsacor then' -" I am sorry"
said the President "but the'e are no' va-
canci-es-"Let me be "a Judge Ihen at
least"-"l am sorry to say the Mench is
ftll"-'-Cart you make me a clerk in
some of thedppartments" I am sorry"
said Mr. Jefferson "but others have lieen
before yeu'--" well hang it Mr. Jeffer-
son, then give me a pair of old breeches."
At last the hour has come. The days
of Sakon rule on Irish soil are numbered.
This moment may have witnessed tie eter-
nal separationof Ireland from the irtenubus
which has so long crushed her energies.
impoverished her people and trodden her
children in the dust. Even now the'
struggle may have commenced-blood'
may have |flowed in torrents-thousands
upon thousands may have offered up their
lives as a sacrifice upon the altar of their
country's liberty ; but should the survivors
emerge triumphant from the combat, the
universal world will send forth a shout of
exultantjoy- for a nation new born, re-
deemed and disenthralled. Our heart
once more beats high with .hope- for Ire-
land. Our confidence, once almost lost is,
now revived ; for in [he spirit that prompted
the arnied peasamry of Carrick to deniiaiftrd
the surtrender of their leaders, who h'ad
been- arrested' and doomed to Mitchel's
fate, we see the determination of resistance
to British .yrany. That the people will
fight, we" have never entertained a doubt;
butt we' ha, ve -sometimes feared that the
real timi'dit of sometimes feared -that the
real limidiry ofaome and the interested
efforts of others of their leaders would
dampen the generous ardor of. the nation
tintil' the moment to strike the blow for
freedon?'should have pasted away. We
believe we Were mistaken. The current
has nowx'become so strong that even the
most bac 'kird arp borne onward by its
impetious course. ."The advocates of that
great delusion, moral force, are how so
few as t6 be entirely without influence
while their numbers are daily becotntig
Less. All-leaders :and followers-are
at last awakened .o a sense of the .,great-
.trtuth that "he who would be free, hinsief
must strike the blow !' It is usele t`o-
talk of justice to men who do. not claim tnW
have-jwrtiee on their side, an'd whose only
to et;is based upon a palpable

-' '- -i -^- t- ** **
. : : .. '. ,
+; -' + ; "t "-"-C


cine, while another came beirindlbiM, andL
whh a tomahawk struck him on. the back .
of the head. A second' blou onArite top -o
of the head- laid him lifeless 6n the flomi. -
Then Tilankait, principal chief, who-M -'o
received.unnumbered- favor from the-'lbc- 'i
tor, and w'.io was about to be receivt1firiaj -
the church 'feli upon" the dead bodi o ut '
mangled it horribly, cutting the face an.d-
head, taking out the heart, &c. c ai ':
scattering their in the mud -Other bod;' .>i
were treated in the same brutal manner" .
and the ltle captive girls were cmpcMleO -'
to. pass 6 ter them frequently ti. tori them, They lay, forty-eigbi.ho.ri' t W
Mogiay.aill Wednesday) stfslcrted'e 1 ..
the premies. "None- were- ".
.. .. .. t ... ..* ,.
gather them up and> burr, tllf-t '
the di.traipt4.oid'ow;. welw.ot'rnti:

10 go olpti
their dyin
ger.d- "r n

the wind
btti# Fy,

the Indian
-'- '.

'. -- .

'~ut~~ZI~TYr ~~l~~J1~lriR

being Enacted, iJhe second abot bride .o, rt', Jre above facts were publicly talked ma'teis;" we will pass r"r hisi. repeat`. d to syof him. ''et b which was planked half way across ilthe ii. by us ailar our return. abolition votes in congress Gfromj 18:3iip tor, as the Gaz~te tithn says-we have
river, was broken near tlie shore and a Chas. CoieyV B. Banks, 2d lieut. to 1842, and refer only to his vote-onAe good offices like to lose
section of some 40 feet carried away, leav- B, F. Sells. Samuel Burns, jr- uestin. hi the foul urder hem. This is tluman nature at least.-
ing four men flouting fearfully in mid air, S. B Crowley, Istlieut. Jos Sawyer, q u But is notthere a little human nature in
Their case.forafew nitiIutes Was one of fJasDickson, J. S. Hoover, oftile officers of the Brig Creole by the the whigs a well as in the Democrats .
the most iinniinent d anger, vibrating as R. J. Harrison, R. W. Burl, slaves ohi board was brought to the notice Are there not amongst them men who
theV were over thle feaifiul drf fill 601) fet Sam'l Alexander, Edward More of congress Mr. Giddiies .,i Ohio offer- havebeen standing candidates for office
holding on to whatever presented itself, I. H. Wlliams. -VanO. Gtsap, 1 fre ,tions, t.K;, o he negres.. for more than twenty ye'rs.-on the ferce,
until the storm v'%.s paevd. TIeyv were Edward Johrsoni, Moses Aunspaugh, ju .. tlfying the eroes on both sides of the fence-in cider bar-
thien relieved from tihir un,- :-,v pfition by i D'.V Workmnan, 2d lieit. J. B. Crowley i tlaetr mutiny and mu!.er, aid said that elis--pticking hairs out of old W...aey's
by. means of the basketaid .il -i'd.f'r. lThre Elisha Mlorrow H ry. Smniith any atiempl onr our part to regain possess- tail and all in the vain hope of propitialing
aiii litt ll worI e fo Ir wear. and n'ru':rJ'y Our readers will draw their own con ion of them, woui(l be unauthorized by the higher powers I are not the oyces
o resue-thileir work .isain- veserdavy l c iar referred to and into which uelnocrats
. Z ,I . -6','' he constlitiltilo ail%.l prfj tUliclal to our Ha-
.id bniht have all in l .i-y lusions as tothe support which Gen stitto a pj dicil to our n have interloped been looked upon as the
.ri .... h..ave all in placeora,. a c: the s P ort Gole house.. ..
-Roch. Adv. Julyv 12. Taylor can' expect in the coming carvass t"nal honor. he whole house of rep property of certain individuals And is
from the com paniors in arms.of the brave resentatives was electrified with horror not this the secret sore /
fr.. [om the companions In arms 6t the brave ._ c-j -, L
A t -h j 1 'r: ,. -at th e en o 'mI t i u tr ,Iason of ihese sen ti- 1 tell you M r. E d ito r 1 that w here
Abuse ol tha volunteers by G< r. s t mernts. Te house refused even to receive there are ten orfyr a hundred greedy
,-,. i us it seems a new !tv'e of hurrahing a .. to t. A..o n, them A i office seckers at work trying to secure
*n i- ,1 T. ,+ ..... .' : tthel or to take a v"ote.on them A nmo- c, Proof of the charge that eni.. Taylor military chieftain intorthe presidency 1 o t t a o e A their prey, that the efforts of three oflce
3r tlOn was-madtf to lay them on the table,
did slanderand.abuse the northern volun- ___ tion was made"to lay them on the tablholders are nothing to hem. The office
l.. "teers. q and Fillmoie voted against the motion, holdr has past over the honey-moon of
e READ O .hio TA DM- A 'ich as a rarliamnenti vtcst, is a vote his enjoyment. He ray kow how to
7The Sltate of O'iO, ) ; .... __ .... ---0--.4 -? -- ... -" appreciatethe solid advantages of office,
0 AU t : : .. .. .- .. .... in~favor of then). M r. Botts a whig Vneni-
Coslho cal nety, b Pensacola. Augt 24, 1848, ifo h r hshge- hthe has found also that they are allov-
ershll came. bore me the un ber from Virginia drew up and Mr. ed by many anxieties and cares. .It is
Jdrsimgn-d. ant actii,, j.i.'c.iol ,"the peace DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION-S. er a democrat from -Ohio offered the fol- not so with the office-seekers. They seek
in said coniy, Wi li.ihmin Jomts and Jacob .-.. -.,. lown reoolutions--viz lhr object of their desires with all the
"" I t I" ( + -A or Pr I esidle nlt, O tlle U niti ed S tateNt, Or- + o, :.
S t-un, a:d. made soV-.n oath that they -Fo residen-Totie Tr t" ,, t, li g h e blind and headlong ardor of an impassion.
belonged o the 3d regim-ltof Oliiu voluti-:-iE N LEW. IS CASSL 8_ Whe-rs the Hon sHu"-n. J d gs, -ed lover. They woo office as the Lion
,eers, were prenet in th,. town ,1f M&a. -t h. OF IICHIC.N tire rmn-,ibcr front theSixteenih .Corgres- wooes his'bride.
ri in arid ajd Ofiti. Tay lo ? .... siial District of the Sa:ate-of Ohio, ha .. Hungry as hyenas.and ravenous as
swear, iin the mcst blapheliiiou imner, For Vice President, t.isday p.-senied t the Ho e, a e wolves, they will stop at suothing-the
that all the volunlteis were a (. d d-d | n "r-T Ir I\ TTT T'T> of resolutions tou hntie most impor.'int veriest offal but whets theirappetites. Of
in terest connected with a large portion of
sel of thieves, aind hiat such:i men would' Ji WV U. D U LJLf, interest connected l large portion such let the people, beware. It is -said
rather run than fight kit tie fitii sight of the OF KENTUCKY. the Union, ow sbject of negociation here that in addition to the-pure patrioism
e.emy, for no other tn ta abo. .*.. between mhe Unied States and Great ane lofty disinterestedness promping the
had killed a chicken Ilt a dt-scrted raircir for Goeraor of Flrida Britain, of lhe most delicate nature, the re- whigs in their labor in behalf of GQe.
nors cabin in saidow. n Wtilliam Bailey, suItuof ichmaVrventuallvy involve'those Taylor that four of entem are willing, of
ors cabin in saidt 'oi ,.iA('v'v. it of which m ay1.. 4"ff r: az.. : .. +Y. .. ai n .h .....pri gst e w ~ e ei it e on e tt b p r u de t a e h vl
.A.(.B S. ---, -UNT. ...... nations nd' pp;w r: is lthe whole c ivilie consent to be persuaded ake te
\V LLIA..IM JONES. orJNTSem.ero rtoness wodwof e irva, tad whereas it is the duty Agency at this place-sixteen tre willirng
Sworn to and sbsicribuJ -bfort mtire, t of every good -i-izen, and particularly the t aid in ;he Collection of. the U S. Re-:
Ist d:v ol July, A D, 1848. On. n William r. UmVi-al. duty o etefry seleted-a aeut and represen- venue for this port-twemny three have.iro
,EO. F.CASSlNf, IA.. J P. .... .. ---'-'- tative ufhe people, to discountenance all objection to lend their helr in the waY- oF
Sr e t ; o 1lo Pre.lll V-.-Presldent .ffPrustlo.reateexc.itement. dissatisfaction inspection. and ab:t forty h've a fanry
I her, by certify that I ftiUllyvcicur ,vithh CL. ON ILO1. nr ^gc. sn. and divi.sion among the people of the Uni- for taking care of the Oranges and Rattle-
09, C.r'1[. t t sis ,f1.I -&.-g n. ted -States, "at sqch a time and -!miler such (=a
Messrs "-min ad Junes ii the af.ilavits HON. 14 .. PAIRRANKS. oSft John. ted States: at sh a t... eand .nder such snakes at the Live Oak plantation. I do
thiv have made. in relation to the bla phe- Andt meTeas miiftiy notmean to say that the Editor of frhe
moLs aid slanderous words uied bv Gen. Millard, Filmp and murder are in the said series of reso Gazee is one of io- the contrary
Taylor towards the volunteers at Marin, .- -" -i;,.e --in1hs jist..ied and .pprovej rn tlern, have heard fhat he e.*pressed a .in.e-
in Mexico. T he time has come when the friendsof shoekinir to all seliseofllaw, order and hti- ference *for a Cha,iiftcy in the N.
F. W O'HARA.- rhe South should rally and resist the botd, mnantVY," the. tendenicy u44 ithich re- but I mean to say,. that those wbxo ate
kiress-Janres Oicl.s, ,-, .' infeeling, --unblushing and unprmcmiped quire.sfrotis House it edfa most for ird to impute corrupt motive to
G F. CaI.i m. nhaq io ,, ,ti.onal rile b .prc..o"b of t s ,.. P others, ate ti-always the most pure.-
Co.hocion, (0.,) July 3, 1848. a uo t -, os ... y Thetef'fe ..t t (he paeOpe who are so benevodletlely
EXtract of a state.e" t .... arlt i hpo^eP"1itcal ambition. ,-7he aboliton of slave. iesslve., that lhis Hoffsedissems frum cautioned b the Gazette against the th'te
oflhe rolunicers. ry has been seized upon 'y the d.emacouu and empigifically cindemns the proposi office holders remember 1840. Otn.
Tlhe -advanced guard t t cd pointed politician r is. tfo'irs eontained- in the said resolutions. Harrison was literally trampelied'toudeksth
havin- -reached ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o the deet. ono IaiNita.whichffavorably pitjude atid exci]gO an in thre first month of his Presidency., -&Y
7a'nr-h3; ; r 1 -^ .l^ ^ --efi Hl-'sq.iifp-4c anti act o^ ^ ^ ^ ^d exc~~hrntett ustif and, Z T n o ^^
having reached the neseruelt.,wrol Mann, North.a. a means off acquiring p-ce and act of u ia'e homcide; justify and t 1 heru of the voracious crowd of -90Ee
in. (l of iureeting Gi Urpea, a 'ye r at thesacrifice of our happy Union. defe-nd viihout a dtrinit offltelged facts, par seekers who had aided in his election.-
anrticiparted, they -met Geli. Taylor with se
1.100 of hisconrmau, nimiRcludii rg' Ani shall this traitorous and damnable tics charged with co d blo'oded afti delib. Thi ame was legion and they darien-
battery, who, hat ilr- uleft-at ,idthe he;oisto( Pt 'rpose be- acconwtished.- Shall those cratemurder; instigatyvapldgeofleg ,dte far ftec of this fair republic wirk
Sauta nia, radnirciedto ipe Iis or-pue a~dlofy ari noledemcras f treistamive prote-etion and indemnity, crimes their n-dmhYrs. So will it b aigalit-i
S ~n~~d^^ ^ e l~ m~lure a.diiv lo sifvjdoble, democrats of tile IhS v3 e.S lerftn^ sfwi t^ ^
inunica no the rer. which had bee North, 'who i their devotion th -which may involve a large poio our perchance mle whifg candidate -is figain
enu uoff' by t re .r. Gen h T aylor e h ato this te7r d oy t c-mmon country in rapine and massacre. ekcied-a party avowing no principles of
c nt off by lre' (- .r a this t and in their ufishritiikinar ad- and the' whole 'of it in tumult, affliction ? litteal actisn,-nd--banrivig for acai.eidate
111 -Pstoodi high, 111 our e.,tlinallon, and we Ba l had hoped tohhiiouret. man a9,etero. as henrence d principlelabw-thirbooms anldi race; wanonly interfere with the who profesaes nothing may well be nts.
had hoped to tile-ret, a-man as.aernerous as hernceto ppr y legimate. rrockedgs another branch p ed of other motives than the love
he was brave. As h. was ernprumuj ihe In the shafts Hf fnperpiutnlfin in p t 1 -- -- 0 ;



wr-ofg. it ..if.. .tf -
to these whoka hae tqwdthe sw8ets of
power, the continuance of which
volved in a perpetuation of'-t.iE s- ]
sougli to be remedied. INo.! ther6 is t,
one way fto deal *ith sric:"and'-ia ,2
the force of.the strong _rmn,', aind i ,-*.-fJ
heart. The sword may win wheTrei
might despair. "'.". >-'.
This is now the posilioni in':*iNA .'..
land is placed. She has bur-iteon e cb
to rhake-ohe course to pursue' and J..OM
thing indianies that she will n''"-heite':
to select it. The -insurrecti'lon which l6t 1
a fe, weekss ago *as-a suhjecd'"fdr'-'H.'e
ribald jests and contenipluous soprs 'of .Pr
the iritish ~.~orv press, has now assumed
such a shape as seriously to Ilairm the M .c-.
inct of Londot. Lord John RusielI'htr .I9
rnriountced in Parliament that thie--O"'
ernment is determined to use every 'Iean :"
of suppressing the spirit of sediWit, While 2'
the Lord Liitetnant of Ireland,- to cal-ry '
out the designs of his master, has" iiss.ed .
a pioclamatiem from Dublin Castle, xcor,..-
manding the people td-ddlivA-- tfp hji.
arms before-the expiraiien of foQt' -fdsyS. -
Could- we think -fof a inome4tjihit'lI, e--
Government ex pecled complian-it wuith.- *
this ridiculous decree, We mightibe ftei.p-'"
ted to smile at the extent of .Eng',%h
credulity. As it is, we can only vie* it "
as an attempt to foYde imie poppI.4 into' ;ee,.'
mature reb-elliofi. Let it beware tfit-h .
doing this it 'does not light a flame ..tvi_'
-all its power will not be able to extgiti.. :N.d
We huve nt dioubr, howev,!r, thant tii .-is
the present: ainm of fhe Government. i. r .&
well knoows:hat a collsi-onis rnl'e,. 2.
and, as the Saxon is ofa eultiff a-
tore,, it wishes to e*'ife its- a&''TS. .' -'
open insurrection before ihe -r T r".-._
"hae 'ielded enough for the sust*e -"i:',
of the insutient lforces. The atfeimCa .
freirdy partially succe''ded. (d.k. S *
desperation by the arrest of some of.' j
leaders, ithe people ofC'arriEkroser irifl.s ,.
and forced the surrender o0:ih pri N1.t'1.
This may, therefore, be. co-si '4 ie A j
first blow in beholrofl risfi lbefy tia.4O
as soon as it wa's-strirkck- :aiJuI a'.
from enad -to end, with. biIi )6 ..,.* ..o -
bthe 'summits of a thousand-hiha,'s.TIte-fat_ 2
ofmillions.hangs rpon the -itim: 'c-.
hopes which thost-firee have i- d&1 in:.
their bosons.- "- -. -".-
SThe time has .come--and if U rehiiAe_-
act as men shouldl actl, la w-ill- be'Well',. -
Let them (re.mthq harvi.%t ofii l '-
Ohije a hriisbhso~die-fjreads ` jBish..
s i q 1l- .g .le t. t h .e m ".: s : -
'Strike il I he Ta:t armed foe 'i ,. -'
Sitike fnr ihMirahtiB ani vifRr-A Ir:. ,*,-.
Strike for tie geeen r0vaa.t&Vol ". "
God and their Native. landp (Crtn ? ..
-" j" ^ **. *r,.-' -, .
barily.-The .Missonry Iald. for. J. ',
colitainas W partlicular'account of the late -
horrilble massasere of o ifshha't'iir-s -
others in Oregova, a brief'.-M.n. M -.
which we publiUhed soznr Um0itJlA :. '
Trh following deiar.sag .oa.t..e .
by Rev. Mr. ,paldingr, 6e ofthelb iv-
"l ". '' ii
ing missionaries ofthe Ameneca-n Ipztf -
in that Territory. We. eXlract-a fO r addi-.: '
tional iiemit of iniefP t ..*-. .'
"The mtissacre tdok.-'ie. Nvre,'e.r
29. Mr. Smith and family ;wereafthv.-
saw -mill, 20 miles distaut-i. -Ie_.:.
Young, his wife and--tEt.* ioan. 'let- ?."
day Mr. Young cane-down to be ta-.
tion for.provision and was- Lkitltn ..-f -.-
others were sent for nine ga. :fo'. tl -'.
horrible .deed: and tbeir hive* wvere .`V"
served that they might take charge orf.-.
he' flour-mill. "But the- womf--n6s ati- ebi-r
dren, *o the nuuuibe: of-foir'y-.igtn (imutehld- :
ing the oldest daughterof Mi. SpaiW : -.
who was at the statiowr artitttlime,} w-g.
made slaves by the murderers, and treated1
in the morst cra-d and brtal
" Sgigt days after tihe first .iasea o,.
Messrs. Sails and Buleeyjouwg me* wh-bo-"
were sick, were diaggedJ froa tSlfr beds.,
65'ten-eted, and cut topiefte l ~ r ht s .f
horr-bie manner, iLu the ptrsBiceof the -
wome' and children and thetr dea' nod-" .-. '
mes l-ry uar the doer for -fo,.e :-""
hours in mud' and' bhloil and tite eaptqve.i,
among them a sisret .o Bltee;.l{ *re co'ei .
pulled to pass over themtt lot'/te. woo&d '
and water. No one wM almldwed to wisb. "*
and bury diem till two N#t .Perce.'a'-'- '
rived. -
Dr. Whitman had just returnedd from "
burying an Indian child, and- w8cigael d
in reading. An Indian, to divert his at- ...
tention was in the act of slicttide uiedi- -!





a= tr j3 i -_~
,.,-- '-"' "
1and t/gers angered
L [.: --v V

a long

mAi.ned reapectfnily inrornia ile
r fPensacola that he will keep a
r !the Episcopal church for the
Q dching all the English branches of
lo.aid others i f wanted] tuition mniade
jwn'on a ppication, which shall be reasotlable
ali cabes.
g'Augtst 24th 1848

kuachment--Debt $630.
,. ansoh Kelly, Plaintifi. 1 This suit having
vs. I been instituted by
: b Cas,.L. Bartlett, attachment in the
Edw'd R. Seccomnb, and I Circuit.Court of EA-
W:.'? 6. G. ourne,Defend'ts. J cambia County, the
Sdefendants and all otlmsrs interested are required
i"" toappear and plead to the Declaration fled at the
S.'-net term of thd Court.
S 'hANSON KBILLY, F'laintiff.
PensaeCdla, MNay l7,t81l!
'' ,.o t .-' <
SProetical Watch-makers,
A N. 3t Canal' Street,
"EEP constantly on hand a large and well-
i1 selectediasortment of Sw'is and English
l EVER. WATCH-ES, Jewelry,. Silver Ware,
Pocket.Cutlery, Qold Pens, Speclacles and Fan-
cy Go.qoh..
S Our 9,r'on.plienitioq will be devoted to re.
pairing' every :'escriptinir of Fine Watches,
S lbCekls &nd Jetrjy'; "whih shall, pceibrm asatis-
factoity+i OR NO CHARGE. ap i tf
r Grave.Stanes, Tombs &. 1oiiin ients
i f- HE-subscuiber will execute with neatness
[ and de'sfatoh all uordlers which he may receive
i;" Jl-o-l 2afy of (tlin ahave articles:
,'..- "-.... A s FOLLOWS: -. .
:-_ 1PfBfaia-, ead-"Pieces, 9i5 tb 25
F.W.'asfrern.Mprble, 12I to .26
.'''-7-.__FbiSt, 8 to IS
i etbriag 4 to 5 celits per letter.
': Ornatriental work we'll be dole at greatly re-
duced.prices...M.Aarble table tops mended in the
'n- eatest nwinncr. .
O. Qrderd kin_ be..buntry'will be punctually at-
tetded-.,tQwhen Ihis c,flice. -
june_.8. ELIHU PURVIS, Agent.
i. ** '-." -. O F -, ,"
STfIi I &T4i;N. .eONTINUNT, -
Sr. ,(Ke SEkai ...)

F^- wr..u._a^^p;,l,, "-..a:AD'-- JI tios+MlliN
..., i8To Ais Dn-PtOPanaroist; ,

F";st .mber issued, Saturdaj', J'hdly 8, 8f4S. "

.. .- .T .' ,- .
I '- hs glsTBR'NC CO,'TIKET l1ill o' condnctec
S tipoI a hi.n from -that if dny Journa
S r.futh of V*:York. h1'whi eeicflsiveiwy.-de-
voted to'Literattre and General Irelllgend, pre.
Sseerving a&srftrt neutrality uon" all po61111cal and
.'- zectarian-question. -",..
I. It will be mainly. devotld to the re-printing,
(- c foin the best.forcign'-magazines, of such article!
Am .amay be of greatest merit. "TJie- lefiddlkal lit-l.
'rature t.o'Europe is abundarnt ndl valuable; sus
gained P-;i i is at great .xppnse and by the. aid ol
-thacif-writers ofthe day. ThII r-pnblicalion,
at a cheap rate, of those articles wnicM cotlll riol
"ethcrwjie.l o readjexcepi at jth' expense of im.
porting--several costly magazines.and journals,
S)aniuot bul be acceptable to Lh -. blic.
S Tlim ey-stcrn Coninent wilcontidin otioinal
t'oittributio-'s. besiJes thIe editorial noticei''nd
.;.jtici.itma4:hich wdl aJ ways mafbe d4 part ofr-' its
.'-eontrnis. *.'he editors have made arrangements
.iclh willlthey tiust, always.ensure so lmuch
o .iiginal :iattex as should enlrile their journal tc
,, rgport.
J.-.laey i.ll, -nioreover, crafdly.'attend& to thl
SNews Deparniment of their paper. Foreign and
...Domestic inielligence-politieal, literary amd sci.
Seitlfic--.dimSgn from the mniost authentic mource4
-will"b. g.alw.aivs found in their journal. One o
1 taedTobs.of.lhe; Dapr wiJ de0ote his exclusive
'attention .thnse "Jeetions which. are'designed
ji'si a grea'tayt, to contribute L.:it9intiest.
S-The ediors of the Western Continent appeal
-to their Soutliken frie-ids for support in this tnn
ki-t,-rtaking. Altbough;'in taoe opiiion-,that no in
: tern'st re&d b-e sutisrved by d.evotmg its column:
'--'- p6litic7ai discussion, they have aietermiried.t
-.- keep the'-jodrdal aloof from such topics; ye-
heivrthclev.,-4s diiizens and natives of a -otl h
-ebrn State, seeing tostlablish. a FainflY Nebks
: paper, the: -feel jusii ed in relyiinfor stippor
la' ip the kd d c cmnin iymfpathle,
pT-, -5. .. ^ ,::.-
f-. the- O *1 Vt-M. ."- ..

1 i2 d.eari payable eva'rlabJ.y .i adiaucie
;Three Copies fot w year, oCE
t One Copy' for three years,-, $ 5 00
_.. Seven Copies ,, 1 '., 1.0 00
:--Twelve- ,., 0- 15 0
X., 'A 1berol d;sco0-,if wVil?l-he'allowed to
-Postmastrs wVho 'wit do_3Ithe favor'tb ac
i-as Agerints of the Continent.
I -** --^ *
Al.t-. e Waltm-atios .to be addressed
)',a id,, to -, .
_A Baltimore, Md.
:.-+"_ ... ,* ^*f -' .

T 'o every new;.Subccriber, enclosing us
T wo DOILA.RS (postagepaid) for a year's
subsfeription, and to every old Subscriber
renewi rg his sui'cbipiion in adraae-e, we
will AnM any T.weinty five cents' Public.
action adV'ttseiid irn-our columns,'or in W.
TAY-,L pitamph lel Catalogue.

cOite copythe. Continent and one.
:eof l e Ladie'1 Nai ional Magazine
[published.,at iwo Dollars] .foi, $ 3,.,0
n nc' nti .nent and one .-
ofa ,
I o v J.he-olowg T-ree
..D... o.gzins viz.: God- ,
: By'&U0io a k Orahari's Ma-- .

i ~ .. .. fr .y-
~-4zif,4~~j ooc's-Mrva' ; ,- ':-.
~G",-'.-' --
0.0flID!h MinktiInir-- -

'- f ': t '" "-
C+ ....


Magazine and-any one of the
Reviews, , 6 00
Two Continents and any two ofthe
Reviews [pUtlIsihed :at Five
SDollars 7 00
Three Cormments and any tib of
the Reviews ,, ." 7 00
Four Continents and any ddre tif he
Reviews , ". 8 99
Three (Coniinenis and three ofthe
Reviews [ published it Sevcn
Dollars] '-10 00(
Two Coritinents and th& Fo6ur Re-
views [ published at Eigt/'l bol-
larsl "10 00
Four Continents and two Reviews"10 00
Seven Continents and tihe P6t0

Reviews ,
Five. Contiternts with th, F'llr Re-
views and BlackOnd [published
a't Ten Dollarf I ,

-15 00

"1I 00

I'D- Remittances (?in all cases, posi.
paid) may be made at oir rick, provided
the cashi is enclosed and maid itpre.sence
of a Postmtster.

SSubscribers whdfidvb hot receiv-
ed thcir papers during some weeks pisi,
are informed thft owinglto the suspension
oPits ptbhlcatiin for ihat time, nom:.e were
issued. This ?nfirtmninliotn is given, in ord.
et to satisfy their numinerous inquiries which
have been addressedL to us by letter. The
time of subscription will of course.IP ex
tended so fit ae to provide for the l]bs b0'-
ca.-iorned by h'N- failure to puLlili, 6h W6
part of the former 'roprietor.

SpEcIMeN Ntmfi'e Y-,We fetid a-Spe
o^imen number of the (C'ntir.ett this week
to persons who are not Stihbscribers-, h, fhe
hope that. should they be pfeas'.d wilth the
character of our paper, they 0i1- forward
us their names as Subscribers,

-- Subscribers who are in arrears
are requesiel to remit the arriotnt to us
without delay, as we wish to close the
outstanding debts to the paper as soon as

We wish to employ local and
travelling Agents'. None need apply .who
cannot furnish Biatisfacto'ry references
Adress (po.i paid) '-" .. ""'

UntTpttid iettrc, wilt reein

In the first two number of the
New Series, a material error cfepit unper-
ceived into tho PROSPECTUS. Under
the TI fMs." Treli-e Dob!lari was ptint.
ed as the charge fini seven copier, instead
(if Tez% Dollars. Some of the t'TiSPCett-
uses printed separatt'ly conttainqd ih -same

-error. -

I a I~M. HENRT M. LtE is of Montgomety,
Alabama, is bur Generil Travelling Agent forjthe
AMadania atrtLTcnaesbee.

cj Mesrs.R. MORRIls Cd,bt'Black.Hawh
Mississip. i, are anthorised Agents of this paper.
Gzo BliLt. Jr., HiNRii' VWIRGMA, Louis-
ville, Ky.
JON P- WIfGHT, Lynchburg, Vs.
R. G. BELL, Liberty, Va.

I square of 10 lines, I time .
l do 3 times 1
1 do I mo 1
do 3 m,,ds ._ 3
1. d- fnbdt6h. 5
'1 eo |vear.. 8

00 -
00 -

Advertisements of two or riure squares
inserted at the same rates
A fair discount allowed on advertis.
emenid for (he year.
"tisitesS tCarls 'of.'six lines inserted,
dtld 'paper Served t" ihe' adveriiser onue
yeDr, for $5
Bill for advertising payable in advance.
except when special agreements are tiffade;
and all advertisements not ormherwiso di-
rected inserted till forbid at th a!aofe rate.
* .-,4 :

RESPECT'FULLY tenderwhis profes-
.slonal 9erviees to the citizens of Pen-
sacola andti vicinity, in the several depart-
ments of his proftsiit; having had some
years experience; hlie trusts he may be
dble,lo render entire satisfaction to those
who may favor him will th-eir patronage.
Office in the Room, adjoining the office
of the Florida Democrat-. -
August 17, lE48-49-tf,>

List of LetOr's ,
RDEMAINING in the Post Office rt Pe-dsacola on
the 1st day of July, 1'84S.


Alden C, Isaac, 2 Allen mrs. Corrina,
Arnold William, Ameneal mr,
I Allen Isaiak, Alel'res W Vin,
Allen Henry, Andrews M,
Administration Public. AUenimiss. Virgilnia,
Andrews George,. -
". B -
Burgess 3oseph, -".'. Birch miss. Seraphinie
..remO George W. Bentley Henry, .
6.E e-Charles, Baker Robt. S, .. "
i.dbarC. Elyahcapt.2 Bell MI. H.'-
u Ofer D .W. Bailey Tho..
i .wzioseph, Bowers" 'oep,
Bal- .J Bassett-fohn .f,

SCorita'uJai L, CozzensiRobit capt.
- CAiheTiriLothy, '*!-Critchet:John .5
S.Cole S"fven-&Co... -,Campbel -Daniel.
fiS.JbnO "- -Cmpltn IEdwvard F,
on-Edard,% CIlwk lAu(as,
A.." . : p,1 *A.... :. -.. -: ".

ue '.- '.t i .ti: ,?-. ; ~ti .-'a ., -." ... -*
EomW..rf' ,.'-^.-:..... ...., .:_,..... :

--.:..'-* .-, .- ..
E.. __. : '.- =M Y : .,
W ill.Ck... .t'

Fry miss. teildine
Favorite Lewis.

Garrisoin .lack-son,
Gamma Robert,

lIawkons S Gen. hon.
Heringlan Elijah,
Hyder A Quince,

Jackson Thios.

Tehmaiiu C..
Lewis Reod',nan Pevd.
Little EOhriund. ?-- '
Loremer Hlimnry Sergt

MTauIdin mhss. Mary A
Moore N\ m. G. 2
MorgaT Ji h ,
M,,urICII m-'s Mary,

2 Aorster Levind.

SGibens Nancey,
Gipson mrs. Harnet.

5 Herricik K Kendell.
': Hodgekium Thos.

3 '* : **
SJjines J Capt.

1 Linsey mrs. Mlary,
Lee John,
SLawrence Ch. [,.
, Loweryrnore Alex.
M. -*^ .'

Monig .inery W Berg.
Mc livain mrs. Jane,
Mc G(nrtty Jnn,
Mires Sl-a trach, -

inir'hl i 'difirict- of Florida, heroinn tiWe siaid- Surgical Patl ienIs-will ie opened, weni-. Sdi.
United States are plaintiff and John Me Arthur will have ihe opportunity of--PracticaIly 'Itud.-
defendant. ing disease-s.
SRobert Myers U. S. M. 'rTllahapsce, J.dy *0!rh, 1948.
N D. F." i nm J. 'T J-. iLSON, M. D.
per F. T. Conimyns VAN WYCK D.
," i L- Dorpiltv Marshal. A. g .. 3 VAN3..i'h. i.
Pen.acola, August id 1848-47-4w. i St -- .n.



Nie Joseph P, '
N'orton J. ;!'.
Nevili Ei--1.4 .+ ..

Oats Sepheurn, .
O'NeillPatirck, "
O'Briem rnrs:'Almiru,

Powell Felix,
Plaver S.
Pifelir miss. Sidney A
Popes Vrm'tente,

Rilf. itilS Ji/l'a',
Rogan Theodore,
teaoboaw D. P.
hllvlmbers M..
Rosakrdran JJbln '.
R ifey E'dwaiT,

Noreiga mmrn: Adele,
Nalli Joseph 1B.
-t ,i '- ~ *, : *; ,.-i

Ow'eBns Joseph,
Oyreanig YohfM,

SPlimer 'ha;. R.
Pilts miss.Aiq,
Al Proctor Alfred N,|
SPerry mrs Sarah,
I:R;.':+; *-.; ." _-:


Roberts Mehii.
Roan6 John,
Ryder : VW. eapt.
R er? Hertinan H. ci't
R6chefle John W. 6

Shuton G. b eapt Smith Thomas El.
Fiokes AIx. MulincrhonSmith Thomas,
(or any ,of th'e 'StOkes'Sffith Thomas A.
lamily'I. .Srar[e Richard 'aplt.
Samter J. Sanchez V.
Surriday Pitncts; .
..." T ". "

Thomso'A" Georgeo.
Tonrt Fraugs.

Vanice Julia.

Wright Wj!liam.
Winkle H -
\VWIitney Isaac,
Webstcr N. B,

Taylor Jeremiah;
. : ,,^ ( -.- '*
...f ..:"' -*N


WN:teford C''Ag,'
Williams mrs. Martha.
S William R,B,

NAVY., ,. .- ,

Liet. John M Berrien Dr Jas Hafn',tonl,
James IV Cooke 4 Sam ; C? W.te,
." James R Jones, Pass nid W r'c'son,
rJames P McKinstry J ie" Briccla'nd
SJames F Miller Mid Jos L Breie 2
.Wals. R MeKinney HoMrace N Crob';- -
J W v William, t John Irwin,
Act IMi Joln Wiliest Jr, Thios r Looker 6
Purser W H Kenino Clinef Eng D B Martin
Dr John T Forney, nig, W K Hall,
Barron ArChabald J-nkins Jacob,
Rinkley Allsn 0, King James,
fBoall WnM, Iason Eduard, t-
Ball Jonsathan L, Newm-n Michael, -
Bremnn hugh, --ewell uenry,
Cooper Wmn, f Olivier Chas B,
(Man eorge:'W,'I O)rmsbre Aired, .-
Clay Nelson, a B Pollock ti obt. eU,
Cui'r Thos. B, Potts Thom, H uf
Davig Geo; t Swain Alfred,
Dauisari Henry, ShackmnvaWJoh aA,
Ferro Franviq, Strain John,
Gust in Charles -Smith Thos J,
Gardner John, Suilleran Francis, -
HaVns Win N, Senghet Guitar A.
Hafl Ed%'aid' Scot George W,
Hayes Samuel B, Stnne henry,
H.-rt Heenry Oj r Wheelock Jam G, -
j-j- Persons calling for any of the above
Letters will pleasf say they are adver


July 6,.isB.


.. 8berif-Alb "
W fITiL- t old at p,,mitibdtert fr cash, be
fore the Court Hdae d(o4r in Santa Rosa
County, on the first Mu.riod i' September next
the following defcrib'ed landt.-li- :
1st. A tract of [and containing 800 Arpens
siluateodn tlt East Lse of Esrambra River
known by the drVf6f t tf -SPtmall Blitflfbounde.
on the West by the RiVer arad don the N. E.- and
S. by vaceartfl ladii as per platt ol. gratffr6om th(
Sitnisl Gti'veffrtft;. .-
Sld. A tract of lartd cdrltdhIfng 400 Arpens
in Sdfita Rosa' Coitrly, 6drifffnn fnow' as the
Ph'ilaber: tract beiRg in Sgbt6fttr. township, 1
Range 29, Suth dd. West, .[irig on- Btyou
Mulato and ,formerly belongng 16' MenueltDo
mingo. -,
3rd. Lot No. ISlcton -32 Frictional town-
ship one Range 29 -Ndoth abid Wea containing
157 501o00 Acres. ', -
4th, Fractional Seclion 3 Fractional town-
ship one R.ange 29 N*'rthaInd West c6'6igining
137 2al100 Acres. '
5th, Lot No. 4 Practid'nit Sctit 2, FrViction-
al townshiF ene Range 29 North nd vWelt con-
laining 114 Acres,
6th. Fractional Sec'dion h 0. Fractio'ia t 'wn-
shp onre Range -39 North' and West, -6ntafn-
?mng fi6 5U|1lTO Ae?. --
7ti.. Lot No. 7 Section 32 Fra6tihnaf town-
ship one Range 2O Ndrfi'an'd West comitairi'nj
(02 56,100 Acres.
-'i hie above lands 'yr fRe sold 'o iatis inh pir
an execution issiied from the C erks ofice Oircuimt
Cfirrt of' EscambiaCounty Wsstern Circuit (f
Floi'da i.n ,t suit, wherein Walker Andorson is
Plainti, anid Thow. h. Blount; Administrafo
of thle Estate of John A. Camerconid'c'd, -:i
defen'daant. ; .
W. W. HARRISON, Sheriffs,

L. N. AMOU; D.S.
Peni'stcola Auagust, 10, 18458-3w.

,M 3N me; ARTHUR.
W' r'A ble sl' gl"al 'Public A'nc'tion for Cash, be
l- folre ihe dooY' of (h U. S. Court house, ii
the cify oTIpensacola, on Monday tne folWth'da:
of Sep Iembcer next, between the hours l'iescrii,
ed by Law. all the right titte and interest o
JOHN Mc. ARTHUR in, and to the f"illowinj
described properly to wit : -.
Forty acres of' land, being a Fraction 6T sec
tion 31. Township. and range 27. lying anm
being in the county of S. Rosa in the Stale o
Florida, about len mnil'es from' the Towiot',\Mil
ton. together with all the improvements -an
buildrings rhereon, consistiung f a Dwelling house
SawnillSi &,'., &r., -
. The above section of lana, y.igand bein, a
afcriBHaid; with theimprovesient 'hereon wi1Hi
sold t'satiihl- an Executton jammed, and io-' i
mrccted't'rbia the United Stktei Court or'ret


Nary Agentt's Office;, August3 [3 .
W Till be sold at Publi, Auction on Satfirday
V the 19th inst. at the U. S. Navy Yard at
TEN Condemna Boaits,
A LO'T of Spars.
N;avv Agerit.
ir2_JLPensF- ila Gaiz.tle, Mobi!e R;gister and
SJourndil, nd N.0.. Delia w'il; each insert ith
abo.e oonc:ea weeKuttil tihe ffth inst.
Auigust 3,. I48--47--3w.
SiNE siih-crib.'r continis thel impaporialiio'r of
PL orter, Ale oa'i efder, fI'rom lest nian'ef-
tdres in Piiiladelph'ie; New York, Poniighkeepiie
and "Al.bany ; 'hi'Lh he offers a tlie lowest cash
prices. Orders tlhankfully received and punctuil-
ly a tended Io,fat No. L'-1, Cominrpea sirbet.
B.ein nnalhie io digcharg; the Duties of hi-
Ministlry, rim] cni8Cf'ie-ce uf tlJ health, the
Rev R D. PITTS prop s ito open a School
on Mo'n'day nexl idi {i ileiehodisI Chir h He
will receive Bo"s an' (-;Giris; and give instruction
in the various branlbhes ol Education.
-< t.r-hfs A' jot.tow :
Primary Clais,
Spelling, Repading; Viiting. '
: and Anrihnelc, -. per month $2, 00
Sec'ind Cja'ss,
( rdrffrnar and Geoagraphy wvith
the above, -'.. do. "-2, -6
Thrrd C.las, -
SdcenUfic Stn'dieq, anr -:- .
Ancient Lan.idage., --, do. "3, 00
Taihemindcs wvilr be taught, ifa Class of mix,
or eight can be formed; but not otherwise.
Tuio'n pavabrf.di the close of each monthly.
Having thbe pleasure of personally Nfi'owin.
mostt ,f tfv Parents in the Ciu', he .ee'in it us-
eless say m'ore titan that l9' wil\ endeavor
honest and perseereingl' t'i renler utmost
salisfar.ion to ih'dise vho may .tend him their
patronagee, ., .// fit 147tf.
i L 0 0 D0
M 6 F F A 'S

The high ani envied celebrity which these pre-eminei4
Tcedicines have acquired for their invariably efficacy in al
the diseases which they profess to cure,'has rendred th.
usual practice of puffing uot nnly unneccary, but unwor-
thy of them. They are known by their fruits; their good.
works testify for them, end they thrive not by the faith' of
the eredulou. .
"In iQ llt q'pdl west, where these disease prevail, they wily
be romunj falable. Planters, faniers, and others, who onace
'M tdIme Med6icmes. will neveatearnte s-Wittbotit them.
BIL1.ofS COG1LIC, and SERIOUS Loomenss, BILES.
CONSUMPTION. Used with rs..a sucRes. in thin disease.
*. ISi rzFAa No Aepn with thi distresing di
use. should ily*ie modjineaimmediatey.
FEVER and AG i. Fior hbis escoure oft[he we
tern counlry these mJ''c'."i.i' be found a are. speedy, an
certain remedy. Othir 'nji,,ties leave the alystem subject to a
return of the diseues-a ve b. the medicines permasnlL-
9. VUnR- O Im1Z9ANWT .
Neow fails to mradica mtirely all the eofei of Moi ry iaHn
vitely looer mt then t most powerful preparlio o' SrsmrIilla.
'COMPLAINTS of all Wnds, ORGANIC AFFN'i)ffa.
IPZX B8. The oriinal proprilettor o $hts.p
waut cured of Piles of 36 year sitdin by the is oi e Lt
Medicines alone.
PAINS in the head, side, back, limbs, joints Ind o'pli.
R H E U A T I S m. Thosn a&ui oWi4t'
teitle ilisue. will be sure of relief by tho Lire Mediihae.
RUSH of BLOOB to ie HEAD, 8VRiJz,
:ICROFULA, on EZZI G'S i ini itis
worst forms, .ULOCERS, of evsy descrpla.
W 0 .158 of all kinds, are eftecluall.y eieed'l.
thee Medicines. Parents will do well to adminiser thm whn-
ever their existence Missumpecled. Relief will be certai.
And thus remove all disease from the sytenm.
A siuale trial will place the LI FE PILL S and
PH(ENIX B(T TE RS beyond the reach fteompe-
sieton in the estimation of esery patient.
The genuine of these medicines are now put' ui In while
wrappers and labels, together with a pamphlet, called
"Z0otfat's Good Samaritan," containing the difection-, Re,
en which is drawingg of Broadway from Wall street Io our
Odhe., by which strange visiting the city can .ry easily
find us. The wrappers cd -Samaritans are eopjrighled,
therefore those who procure them with whit9 wrappers can
be aeured that they are genuine. Be careful, ard do not
buy those-with ytllow wrappers; but if you d6, be stiiDed
thmt they come. direct from u, or dost touch them.
f : 7 Prepared and naid by
pS6 Broadway. corner of Anthony street, New York.
""For Sale by .
- Tensa&1'a Atgbst?,lO 1848.

SWe chaflrnge aivl ia 'f-icine fWors-
ihe public o10 comp'rI in TSTTE or cfI'tT-
AINTV O f CURE with .
DR. A. W. C-..,MAN' -
I We are adthorlced to refer .to
'tunihers of the first Physiciats iii di
Soith' and West'(pirifc'ikarly in Mobile
iand hwe-hrleant- ,ho art using it in
preteerine to any uth'er ihedicine.
fI 1 is ni, pti 0fi i,. LARGER
bottles' n'rid ?it iilejr style thaim any nmed-
;icin'e 'f (he kind V'vfure the piT. :'"
Ir made b 'd Pg si tDVS-
!, HJ ft is md.btFEStD~JS
jttsh tr'piitd irom /he iinportcei aad.vXRK-
iitTlt' 'b''t '6 fndiastd, 6r in any way
itizcKn''GiQ ce the pai~i',t.
S' Pee envelopOe around each bottle,
with dlif'eions. &., with description and
direcdoiis to CURE bLEET,S 'rRICT
TURES. &c.
E fein'red and Fold bv E. D CO-
LE Ki d jtll; b't ItIF STR'EET Mobile
and tot' shle by J. 0. SMITH1. stile A-gent
Pensac'by_. Jnly 6-43-if.

West oorit collegiate Institute-
THki :,'rltees,'pae the pleal.'re of annoumic
Sinnthal thbfai've securcy the services of
r.' WM. T. WALTHALL-, .PinipaJ u-
this I i tV'nni n'..
Mr. Witlhii' eminent olification lare
well known io'Ithe Trustees an'd hey unreserved-
Iv recomW'ie'd if[as school as d.servia:g ihe con-
fidence and iftonage of the public.
P/esadent of the Boa'l of Tiustece.
Ponaaerolia, April 27, 1818 -35tf.

Counstlmift of tie ate ofFlori.

P rI'posed .-id. agreed to by tie third Gen-
./at Assemblyl;' subjrct to the action of
.,the neti s'?lera! Assembly
N ACT to riiend the 12ith Cliuse of the. tlh
Article of ihp Constitution -f this Slate, so
0 that the Juiges at the Circuit Cou'rts shall hold
their ofli'cei" for a term of eight years, instead
of during' reod behavtor.
SrcTio I B'1i enacted- by te Fen'alte aod
House nt Represeit6tives ot" the St:e of Flori-
da in Geinera Assembly tonvei'ed,' '1 hat the
12th Claus'e of liVh 5tt Article ofthe Constitution
of this Sfite te so amended as td'.rea'd as follows
viz': Thas ll' f'e expiration of tlie present term
nt offit'c or the fudgres of Ihe Circuit Cours, wilh
the exception huir'einafter inentionec, ithe Judge
of tht Supremine Couirt, and the Judges uf the
Circuit Courtf,' shall be elected fior. a term of
eight years, and dhiall hold their 'h-e fur that
lerni, unless'soibher removed under the proiis.
ions made in ,ht Co.astilutiion, foIb the iemnoval
of Judges by ad'.ess or iiimpeach4eat ; and for
wilful neglect of duly, 'or other rea.gnabtle case,
which slall not b'e auicient gri'.Vtffor impeach-
ment, the Gooernor shall eremone any of them,
on the addresiof two-thirds of the General As.
aeinblv. Provided, however, ThIA the cause
or causes shall be stated at lengtiY'mh such ad..-
dress and entered on the Journil'ofeach House.
And provided, further, That tLlib cause or cau
ses shall be noticed to the Judge et intended to
be remnvwd, 4'riud he shall be admitted to a hear-
ing ini hisown defence, before a6k vole for such
renlarsh-'ll'ps..: and iii sucl cases the vole
shall be taken by Yea's and nays' aind entered omu
thie Journals of each House re'ptcr,'ly.
SEc- 2. Be it furtherenacted. Thd( the Judges
firsi a appointed tnddf ibhis eimended Conatituiion,
shall be di&iddd' by lot' inmo four classes, The
first" las shaTtholf h Wor their office or -ffices
lor tIhae tim of two years, tite second for the
term of four yeak/' the third for he term ol six

r -MEDICAL 'NO C ycIs, the lou'ilIourmn erm oi emina yeaIs.
r I I- M 1DAi 1oI fc 4 Passed the Senate by tlie Conslitutional nsa-
V WILSON- napd VAN WYCK, (Ilae joiity, Dect-mher *2; 1847. Passed the Hous
1 .Professor -of Surgery inthe Franklin Me- ,fRepresentali.ves, by,th 1 C-nstitutional major-
dical College of Philadelphia,) have firniMd a co- ity, January 6, 18'19.-Y
partnership for the practice of MIEDIMrNE and All Floridtd'apert, will ptiliah prouided'nol
SURGERY, aindfor the INST' CITPON OF more than i0 us .charged.
Patih.ents irom a distance can be well accom-rn -L LIURY r"-
modaled, and on reasonable terms," either at Ihe .GO I ,WLLL ,
Holds or Private Boarding Hotrsds ol'the cirv. WEHE sulshcribi lhave concluded tr spend the
and Can receive from the Subscrib'ers s'u' h Mddi- l summer il Pensacola, invites tlie ladiesL-
cal and-Suagi.eal attention as their dases may and gentlemen, to cqme and inspect his'a'psort-
require. ment ofGold Jewellery at Mr. Gardner store on
S A limited number -,fOFFICE STrUDENTS Pala.r stree': Withntit de'signihg to intici any
Y will be received, who will h isupplibd wiith compliment upon his own taste in the selection,
S!'ooks, Plales, Aiatomical, dnd' other Prepar- li feel confident, they %ill find the brilliant and
f ati'on-w-ill he regularly examined ih' the pro. glittering charms thereof irreestiable elpecislly
Sgrese of. their stadiesc, accepting ro' the mode when associated with'tiweupenoronlural ones*
pursued in the large Northen eitie-wall be with which'nilue has'endowed'heifa-rir'd ut1eAs.
* taught to compiind and dispense Medicines, and 3'lTCi-.F.'L ,
d will- he instructed the iinbr'-7Every ,day pensao61a, July 6, IAf4^-Si'n ".
f 'ditlies- of the Surgeon'-Bleediiig,.-Cupping,- V .--
. BDundaeing,-4c., &c.. 0 ft -,L-' ',4 "
d Perhaps no Plivate Cffit e in anyArlerican .. .F .O R. ,,'.,
', citi will affIOrd a grPat r Valev ol' nw. ant'.a. "a Tihe T'OKiI i PARS 'of; H"--or!y,-
proved remedies or pm'e''nt mre .prcetlcal fa- Th1 Tilpes aire new, anti iFe Pres a supenor one.
cilities'for studeis. l'wl1 b ld n very nibdeiute rms,WW dio-jts
.' In e'dnezion' with' this d.-partment. it maybe purchasii fine bargain1 ca to .to
E proper tostat, that as sion Is possible an In the propriitoe 70. l.-...--
' firmary, faor"the rd'eplion ol'b6th"Me'd ical'iib Ptisacoi, J'ul"3 19'3 .IS :.-'. -
". ..1 .-.

_ ~

-M ay t of the City df ,:". .- + ,-
In additism to .the aleve, wewn.'e -.
mnead'tdeas a Tome,n,dgu ansl -i :" ..u"
-lw- commnp& fevers of tHe Soutbhi-iis .....
Typhus, Slet, .Shik Ji.a.4 -- -
MT.yea utf lake.n manY and. Nin4 1 ..
beihg, S LET 7 V AUIJ cohIIouui "s.. '4K
0OMA9131'* Airo A 'aNjaw DE LWftci tW^._- -.; .
W ENT. .- ,. -, -... -- -... ,
,Pa.t up i quart ootfte, withh...,fta. -f ,. -
inventor i in Ian rai' letters, la' o*gh bwttle.. :-
Price, One DIN- p W .-& fi, o Sw P itt _.e:a '
15 -,.:., ,' .. .
Prepared and Soldk# E-: O tBAl .. ;.
.NA 106 Dauphin Ste#t;, Moliie,.ad t.- ,
dras street N. OrJeans. Wail sf a u. f -X4
SMITH, Sole Ageni" Penaiiha. -.;
: Poenasdsa,' Marchf ", 1 ,".. -- :' .- -,
-'.. +. -. .: -' : ;. .** "
TO THE Pt"BLS -."' '
::hia"e 16en the vi st"f Dr' S A. "
the BOW E.S Alnl G'.EN'E^AL pEBMrnTy for. -'
some I wev years or more ir;viou 1 Dee atr. D "'
last; my appetile had failed, I fnuiier': orm *.
continue liheavineos in'or abut tho r','on df ".' :-.- -
Liv(r Fietulenee, difielty: -ienjlrnpay .ikh -
,ny BOWELS were cotrpirkaf teto such .n ex- '
tent thai r co'is get, .n evaeullion sily after ta-" .': -
kin sovie DWAtfC PURL(Alfi..;. -wa'" ::-
corbelled to hve o light diet, such aa s'6zuHjj 4 -e
brdtn?, &c- ifit'f- my strength m.ast.eoiap]etely ':
exutisted a'nd'rridiuced almost t'o a .Lktiesi ,c "
"During the ti'me 'rny illness I' haj4aad "f I t--
tendanc and advice ofeta large number of lfttj. "* "
Physicians of tie South and West (to M niw' r-
ference can be had.) 1' wai discharged as ma;
cuinble; all pronaouncing nmy, case'a .hpe.. i
onb,'. In coneqchi'enab of which, and ibeio
phcion of dises; snti the suffering' I laboaed:
unar',l had become very mioagthropl i'-,
had gen upi the tesjtir, as my-disease had bif.- ."
fled' not only profesawol9v-en. but all tihe.- '"
runra of Ihe day had failed' S emlmg l0. A. W.'.
'TONIV BITTERS advertised, I cmcluded- ai.s..
perniersresort to try them. I comiie6ced vii-.---
them on the 13th Decriaber1 I-"t, aud Upere 1Y ."
had iused the third boll'le, my bowels regajnM-
their regular and na'tiril sti.te, my appetite im-., ,. -
proted, no food tdl. I no%.l-at disawreeas"wil -.
rime,' my compieobh'changed,- and' Wll thdiga- ,
grecuable feelings and dies-aees I foriimoerly[u6r-; e-, "
ed with- have left the. I bave regpjacd in-," '*
health and svelnglh to an cxteni I nrv'ir'-aiie, -
paled and I now return to Evanseiils, ;p.ja&-'I'- .
my lace <,f residence, tW lty f.I.atily, -'f6c1i4.f '.-
that I have a naw leak.6i IeQlj. '.. '. -' .
*-FREDERICK UN~pi D. #:6 0
M" "ayor s ,Ofi OyNlr feb. 8.-48- .-
f' -c .. e .. .,J482 .
Personal ap re-beforeien, "the 'nd-j ":..
sige4 Frederick L l-il-ad testiie ..:'-
I hin& Aat^(5 -1di& )iu cue :w V !-J.:

3' MAI
c .ally and: .b .tialL, u ,.,'V.

Attei.;:J. we.k
.. P 16 --,., + .. .,ul.,, .,-. ? .
1b' ', O A" -. 1o '


; -. 4 q

V -

JOYNER & V.AJGHAN having- by deed
coniveyed to the siembc'r-certlain property in trlusi
for payment of ihei crdilorA, notce is .hereby
given to all persona baking claims against th'
said coapaitiership, tu pr allpientii'ated' to hlh subliscriber within three
morinths froru i hie ,a.;e. Creditors preseditm'
theIr demainas witlihi that thne' 'are preferred to
Peiicola, Jil'y l*ith l1848.-44--3rn.
lie public are respectfully infifr-ped
mot"i that th lie Jpieiks Hotel, in Pensacola,
*I [ is nonw 'ln for ih'e aceoiri'odatln of
kgi visiters an'J retiilar hoarderB. The
house Ihas been thoroughly filted np. E'ery at.
t'.lntion wil be rendered tI, ni&ke it convenient and
pleaint to Ilkose wko favor the h,,hie with their
combfany. ,
P.nsa.:ola, Juie 29, 1810-42-3.--

NTOTlCE is hertby #l'en that sii months after
iN hia day, I sh;all- preiselft iijv aecontnis an:l
4"oucheri as iho Adniniistral'r of Truman Jiha-
ton, deceased, to the hdnorab'e Jidte f-ifP',.atle
Air the county of Ea'nb'aiu, Io'r stCmerinnt, and
ask lobe disVhirged. .
A .N BRiSE JOPES, Adminilrator.
P'npacola, June 2-, lS-148-'41 f-6in

1 ~


l-o-- aa*-



'.t^ < ....-. ,^_ V

DR, A. W. C.OJLE N E ,M A' M
American Mit1.4frtA e.. r--
Sh ta., :i '
ECr^This celphraivd.htdfri& B f ^s *
the past yep"wh ,i a dfe; -1
of one thousatids b'itles -haviR .P.- i-F r .o ad--
only Iwo retiwuid, Wtich ailne ."Itksl oi
in its favor" '- ., .: -I ": .
The prprietorhas puti.t ,p .n .W .r bt'.s
and in a.inater style ,han I aLaiy m t'jcf iceS o .:' :
the kIind before t'he public. ,' ,' .
It isrpade of Fresh Dr,'igs jufreei*ikre 'r
i linborrer and Wra.6-tUd-nn;'t6 aHSa.6igo .''""
[n any way iuicon-venir ccc ih' paiiei- '* ".
z., -" '. P -"t
lant, de in all cases of failure tie- p .w 'ar--- "
-ciurtit~d,. . ... .. ..' a. t-. -y '
;,e ;.velcpearouihd eaieh:'bItt wibh ir --
tlions, c-.-with deocri'prtioi-aid drrtc s- U1 :
lInre G kfet, Strlqturr- &c. -
Pre-Acd and sold byP:., D. C.F.MANb..g
Pauphin shrcet M;bile, snd -for sale by. "'"r ` .
J. 0 SMITH, Druggigte-P'nraco.a
Pensacula, Feb. 9, I848-3-1,"y -
S D AT, R iD TONIC D-l' 9
r" H .pr,,prietor ofthis cetLbut-d pfep.iini ..
1 o..,-2rs .;he fo!6ie i.&W.q ertl Ifficat-ts-tle ig tB. .
.ilg eff akS 'yf reh~ peran n tni *h o raft S fI w n.P46 "
th Ie Rxth.. *' .
LET^rL -no! S. !. JONES' '. MEB.G34N' : "
-..MhiL .M . -..-
Diar Sir. My wife "d5s in, 'vey- l ..
of heatfti, haoAiA p.L.iieo- a4d .-+iet.
debilitated S06 was reecer&PimWic. .
Co'fsuao'a'.Bi-teri* iim- fur .or
,ve days, 3)as ontirey e 'i. :" "
". ,-L".VilNIS-.J : :.N.-,.
LETtf*-` erJ?, ELLIPTT. '-:
:N1w 'oRX, Srpt. 2.0,- .. :. -
Der Sir,- reci'.vedyouti etter, ac ,,is8(ipl'. g "
with a boux a'Dr. A. W An -ti- .* .
fpeptic A'ndToni Citters; upo,.'Mi I;'
find their fh. anie atil as tn-ne a lbv '^'i"
your tfi'er. the ate Dr. A. ,W ;.;. '".' .
firrnisihed him t> ith cert-fi'diles -ol f'' 0"ei'-.1,,".
fetccir.q(pehi4iirtqeii r .5 t-,j.e 'g -1,-I .
stated Jfo him thai t.icv .ietfevoi8C, afy pdeg.-Q
terioti drug, whi'h I'was enabled tuo db notl o l, -'
rom ciemi ral tcsts, but .fruin ha+ngifsedthewj
pers riualy and practice> -saiT Is#] It--1v-
fhat f ,ave yet have y Inct ith a'y+ etupopoid
equal to them for tihe 'is',a"elo sr hkll_-r.f -
rccomnendei -particular y in +TeErep "M,1 '*- .- .-'-
,E*A. ISaIASEs imcifent 40a TRECNAN, 'Mn. ?- .- ,
MAL iPi--LAi Ti anid .Ievry "' "
0s areo eceshary. Vpily pIrti ut y ly .. .'
J-..EISLq. TT',D..FA..D
Po'/merly Chemisft .o the DAbltin .CoBge .' '
PhWinac Y. -
",lio. fte t^g f, B. 'D.;:-^ ,.^ *-:l'
EeFrJ- P. .ind-iorsmer .-of oMh-Il B.,d-~> .:
UonhNy. ow. I V 47
y,1L .. 1 614-7.... .
-. E fa,..- W .'+ )' -.'.1 .-: .S
Do'eMAN.s ,n,- yfi-fv & TONiC ITI.M|^.-
(e"er since you oaimieneed Ie mnnufostutea.4
theV) in my fxiAil a iid' 81] lbat Ifiaw
found them one fib fi'neat fiutrw,,. 44d',.
I Aiai trubed with a coii? inDnl. es(i 6,4ie
they 'mmdi at.y reliedd.. Thevy gi,- tatq "u --
hbe mitmac h arid rvEi s rerpail, ipJi dwoy O I La
peps'a iiMUiediaty, ai I find tijn ipot e- ."
celt@ remedy fr. w6,;n, in .-my cIildrei: .-o
coqctuiroif, I would i tiv that .hile 'they .t"a a
,eicini'sse, lheo l plca'1 ti to he toe:. W'-p.r,
kc. v, "v K. LiTrjiw Gr^ .
Ai,, 6the (ollewinj from His Hondor thorMv-
,rfMir b _.. -_-
'Mi~itf' Owic~.4lpbile Nor. ^W4#.
I Jo hereby ccrtf, L ls hi used, dpiu the
last summier.f'r IaILrT4fiI rf the z.u, ,"
severe bots of coli^|^ ili a 1Tr
I woud say wits gre AOamiure-ihitj- haev6 '
.rery benefited b am..i r use. '"ffiveu. .
for the STOMACH they are nolt .urpa ibtd m 6 1 ..
opiaion by-any "Ts_ '. ..

. I I. -


f f -!: "", .' n.. ', -. _-, .. .. '
*. ,- :". ......J" .... .. .. .' .... f ~ r .v ^ SK ,- .* .*^ ^ ^. i f. ^ .~i t ^ -. ^ -k .i j
1~ ~ -,q ^'ft A-DENMMAT NEWe G iveral tases where families been withrl 1 ~rA yt '*'"'^a le ;
k D. ." .*.. + ".._ _.. ,.hilihren, after usinga few bottles t in valua-
-- ";..'- ."..&D..JoipA., :a.jn .prBL:SitR. ,&^a=. bl! ,n iciuc,, have been hl,-1sed with healthy % AYNE'S FA1R TO NIC.
.'-o ii ^.^^ ^A .y.F.O. s'r S REET, Bl'rWEEN ..T 0 Dr" Townsend--My wife being greatly dis. r comNme to l a i or i e ad a
' . .., ;.-M^ s.MT'i-&' tAx iTRETrS. l P l ,ressed hy weakness and General Debiliiv', and oha or .. J r.l uirerin contlinualt hly pain and- a sen-amn 01f this e p aration. W e hea t everywhere n .R. J 1ROS
"A .J '"* 6y. Thursda3- be.rin- "owni .."g o. .- ..- ^e"**'yh^^ht^ -irannum ih-a^-^^ f^ Ilueir d-ll.qUiltei and having knownoewhere y cor
.i. .a tx;;he f.irst. -"nit -ali t-'n-ed-cine has c td et c,,re', and a-so "'- :-1ALKER ANDP-RSO1,. At'd hrrie' ^ Lit. ,,r1*t
- qr -ix nionihs or 14 s-r-.- .... III -. amply -nd G overneent proeet Sun. "" r a
hid,. iiil$1Jthill end ,,strled:,-1 o..,a1,,,ed a battle of..3,o,, xEtrac,, mL O O A jA tori~ tL w
"" '"" "'-' ',;ti~n:&k'6"foV le=+s- thana -it ar pavmyfent will ,A- I II _yea,= lAAu =t& H ailem as p~ m am ,uo o h
" .- -- -C r ': .t .." .i -', h.e'.o f l- e e a rl. N o I n,,ub -t't pi le riliod ti re m ove d h er n. 4 s e r
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