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let Ib* people bare their "r.ftn I concapondmr. and tile pleas of wall I of it* ...._ '' E... These with an "n" to bonx-. tarp aoue Mini tie ftwwt and I ,i> >>tt* .."".fiI n: .. t*n : cjltn- Per Jar at >MrVr
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I. ; WT* give i the G4bowtag epilOlM t 1 The Feraaadiaa }1..r.dDri.pear I 'ii.t..iJiur. maid incraen Iwenlv I'M. talk mwt door; : ,...n.1tIf"It,winos lees pnn *. FIB Cheer a.-n.*aKKtalk *.
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of the son: i having completed betiding plaradi Iowa engineer married a young rwaiai tkinj feet tact k> the *mMwaodanai 17..t tt-ABf. AgMt.in I IrNoinvuon
if ii ctiuiii .Iu l either and It ha mif I i '. 'it the mat approved wooal-workiag mai lady while waiting for a late train lest plan > flab)wt. ; -.w. .. _.. .

c..diJ office H il. or Dat )k. hard write a letter to Congr i _.ef'y. ar BOW prepared to furnish ah, t I"... That'*no(rent ahakrt* .couple A WELL OF GOOll *'.\ TERan I afatiLI'R(11'LtMtT1111 norsiJ. :

Walh that in t* w of tbe doon sod blind dress leather, it. Ac., at Tin: )1 \\11I:. .
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Da1n.'kk ig .l this mMtrt outttdr oflupenonal might marry a large family i wide.prend feeling ngstast him (Walk) the .horte t notice. ThU being the only est 1 children while waiting for a train in tome Ink .".. wash rvmmusl Situ. sop t.-** MATom-tt ortim. .
aapttt it ba .mm I h tag In **j I tabBahment ,f th. kind in the 9lat it should :, orcMpoo.I "UfO .'UII' .., ;.<*.,\ ru..Jtvi ... tst.I it lour'.'. r 1 Npeiei.rnu.lsos

and a doty to do to the public and 'the and in view of Mr Scott counte of putting { iwecir not only the pat-ze of our oat of the southern depot been CB"rvreatlT".la pale cwmpl.aad*rrpalrol.-'.tkn.uf h Tbe uU wmtrtaun but tag I '.. t. flu < I>T 1.1--1.-U at ihrirtt -"IC .en. .Mi..,. .et'ela.ali4a.aa..dhern .

: in a weak wont for \Valta and two dtUeM bat that of the people of other coon < -Tbe 9an Francieoo. Bulletin aajt there *oecUBle*a tell lot-IB*rtn WVWBJ..ifc* t'o' >t .".. "., th' IbHowtBR writ Iud this boee, cneprlhi 5Wm Ire

party I binraelfbe frrt "U hit I tl**. Their adrcrtifcmcBt) he found in 'is Burnr ft an mnreeedented wheat oat k arttf.hllllu1. upat ...11'* a ""..with 1..IoI.ttI 1111".
one f' r datyIn _. IIIiLITt .n'TI".
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A Sui in the National Cuogrra j aotbar column.f crop in California ,1.. season Some orat, Hiacfcaad Bt-rmaa JA* reL That m thr.pt.toa of tnKtA-uwlt.lt
M 1 under lartrtr rn"rll A tan on aortk Me o( rr I t'tfu"1 TAILS *t ,_Mf
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write stating bn iti*>n. BONtW of U.OI) oi Jacki
II to a'taeaaure by ll" delegation.If pn Tb rTorU Town Cdotpaay ratitnatr pine the septet for n port between Mar** and Uh n. a wo- Ie rtp.4teel to l 'w
Judged I Improvement Mk rtreet. navtli a.tar a. wit . Ih* State l i. s I progrel our, full; I nard al,tr* full that he U a candidate tat ka eontmenccd the erection of a wharf th* during the ensuing; year a* ilgh( a* KK-) story and tk a half buses owwe of thirteen sad .omi4rd rvwan. brit be .la. tf the ftafv "t MMnaT the debt ut.cll, ,'due. .. IB ta. 'lfURUa.A .

CiMcreaa, and aUo that t Scott ia. feel of Broom street It la U be eighty foot ;i 000 ti>n*. This quantity it perbiM| exIravatnt ire by *pnent tr M nrr. kavtac Uty feet frxatatv I sad It ..">ru Jlvl.l5l.KmNw I A R.II-ruts, ...,"MDe.'pnee h,
aliv ti. ill poaaibtlilie and full; aw.ak I M a privaw *. That It*<*nb ant. to iCe a.afltd the .. ihwrh rte world. .
tad IMOBAdaaw. .n.
feet I. width. and nilbe.seal I. a kalf lwely-a.
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fifty tr 4.
by 1
on .11' **d stet of Jan*. t..
To lisle letter)Ir. Wall rtpUea aharpiy,. taMwew Marcia two kuixlml rare nf tab elf*oa Ibe .I kHW nBMUfMMHI tar ...* sot ....
to the h>I.-oft.M. t of having Its atnmgcat we ., *. a laiuiiag pith for the team I -Th* Cbajle.U>n Courier of tile OihI ,11I.with tattle ctatera. baJb-rooaa.(wa.trie meek brtbr*iral k wd*of the*v will ke wise read Vnw c..evewtl4._ the
tar and ten fwt :
"I IMot. '1. dating that he i* a eaftdidata re aaon. led i,lIP amoaai sad a tb*plan p ere id rely,Mk. li the BMM tavm.ram to ta..,
Is it t and ws.roD tine InciwllM
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men IVogret I make a nmniary of Carolina olH- Hntrui, That tbe vote b* b* ballot and in*** r f .
f tent t. tnd third l Uf fuartti rate men wttt tine,and aba Mating. lhal MenmwU tau w Pratt .tell tbe following thin neck : dab under indictment is follow : lore a pall' lot of,ttlnaled,..,.ow A 11 Blfkftvnd.runaMrr.l the above menUowdrrotxrlj rotla* ta tae aaviaaunt abaU rail a ball** onwkk I I ohw .. ma 1131
". leprraenUtlrr Krpeetallv I* this the !; !I.ami lu Mcolt. Totbia krttnrnf I..rdi., i i wJvb>* oar jooo( porlt of the town in' 1 cmor I County Trea arer*. 3; SbrritT, u ,. "kkwbv"* Mult tb'
bund I| I Sfrtt replie at length; and now Meaard 'has oat tb* alligator that ar* lufohtlag tb, |12 : School! C uotniMUoner, 1. Trial Justice HK.tr.Tar w A\rrjKT a!( pit <-/rv.tiavlttf I I twiW tf .
It (adeflrimt In public 111IortIaIfI' In tans '
hen f Iminh-tnl
cue ) cot.. Tra dow *i far sad below Ituyd *I 1 : County CtHnmuMonen. 21. pint and nee rlrralaiioa' of air at aJIHam. rltloo la it 'T..nt..ouu. .

'legs fat national purpn***, alai when it ., rrpltea to Scatt. !I mill .:Sine the_ sudden departure of l_ Isa l ) Hill uB.WI.r I',IIOA *L a err) low Ocum I w ltbb the **r ibis I II alit -Speaker Dlaioe one day lt-t week between and aM .,Jut,IK-II tk*owwm .r..a.I I.I I -. ,.
We will gir comvpoodmceor i isabatDee I vt*. *ho made It a baaiae** to kill. very Dow Ike OMP tit Ihlrrlke.
bM bofid claim lot iw-cwtaiv conaio'eta- i .. And It iMt I Sow.thnen.rv. tinder and In cumptMnc IbMrwitk. I II
a .bead abut water.'lbeoe ; while presiding in tbe house uf Itcnre .. ..lrior >ttlla< up not dUT ukf 1-
of I of it anon I:. gator that retired hi + tkal, Iliac .lll t"Vl to f'-4 panln I Sate to hereby given that aa etoctton will !
Iwwtft had niUfortnoc .
tloot for I be eunmeree.hs revenUtirea to CONCKKSS: HAM.
t aalmal bare ben oa the i* rear. Not r..r parUrutaraapp!; to tbr Drr.JdriwwinKr. CM olJae. .
ettet. 'Am t. jot what it* -f>nin >' I I II .nrar* than a week ao a negro family reid' r bi. temper. Next day 'an IlliaoitCongreiMnaa l A. J k.'xl W new lw tbi .u,.on Monday. Ikr star .
deride wbrtber not bund olth >bI.t.rrllln., hfl" Iersent
FM.Ui.Il.. trta.51st .laatant, to nr i .
)LULL. said him ")ttr.( lllaior I
near tb ...'. edge were routed from to : am 1
..attd" n mike It; it will tiT }_tat J lag I IIT MRI writ. fr r'o;. a Mall! a..- ,0', otj of JartarcIUe.Issued to tan amuaailaad :
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sight a.lo1I. of !
I their nbMwber b the aj The 8Miihl in its bat iue for .
got lou four ruuin near the M JamHutrU attojgtmikiiib ft the *r 4 lI ID tbetwwtslWS'u .
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the ali'a,1 I It "rp
that .t.na.r Optiolbkblll f.lera Mlorral win and ".11.. tanSM
Put air.
thai ram In search of a chat her tpeak a* fteely! at i .! to an old ilunnf th. vumairr in ftib. Mn-l. i 1
tb. editor of the New South It I Ta.
deln stirs Urapuliknf ,iu .rt- t tUf. I Ii .i nnnpie wader their home. Imagine tb. eonditkM friend. But I feel I ought to tell that .
I you KOK Fit I.Ml <.MO- Then Will to two pratlaeta. see t e w etlt.ro i Wrtto fat Onruten III err aarf nuaii
t tog it will spire; Just that ..ifirra- i cbaryr* him with any of that family, with Uu laud t of the you made a fool of ynnnclf yetterday. J VL1IK>. >... h'O..hn.'IU1: ".'. I I J'Uft or tae cn at Ar fiat of Markrt ctreel I I Address Dr. 6. S.'r11i'II ni tm****,. v>.
\ net tbe ,.. lint aboald ut..t..I'f.dog* Suit ravenott* roar of alligator* oder i ." Itlaine answered wiha "I + t' .
tluffosttheEtvrulheIndfm O>ngnMwbich igh. the itber 1-t for w aMrt.A Ttrataat mrwu a wroe. w at dagrBoanl
the Aver of their chamber. W* cn conceive i iI "
for one t and Powvib Arena I
UcntiileU to lm,UcMuwof the terrible Ibis "M, of .
Living .
. it nothing ware* breaking into achlkkkbesJJml : Visatkind In. uno teed at.led as fie1.wctr.e vrr 10 y-Oven Mar .U o.c-.
I i iI I Tbe t.o11oWU\f1'f"i"lW
torch aa ipohigy' It bad deliberately dose wild Africa I II
l axel the iM/e1t.1
the l bUMloI
ability.tba iatvgrilf, ly I uf language do you ties when reproving 'oititi:,roni'NT uiJL 1 : I
the UEuIDIuT: :
energy c f It. ,pmratai( ".. sod l ao a.". I charged that Nearn net an orate in >i iI we are iaformed that there I I.a HMO !hint I' a man with whom you consider I Kbrw rVnr rr .. C. tVKnat*. W. II. bannsAced i Ii
ia Usage ,bo nMm feet Dreirl (. JIL htnb'e. !,I"ihrt I YUsir'_
courtly Sherman.
wtiol. The S-otinel il, and yourself thoroughly intimate t'NI',11' Uuaean e
fc"1i. Lib I,twt like {i4apfe"| and ritt MTM.So seal sit Itches ,In htbthl anal other ia* pro I' ITnaww fra'laefA.. tMnjrMU u.m sues and I -
I tb,n the New S utk -it did not re- I And mewl of tbr prominent, Dank IB the Coi"d I I
says TII .
tUtrtfor, this mutter or Clmgtrssairak aortioaably I..*. Her* i. a good ckM< D. Mr iBBlfcnr \ # Cabin.Lip oi .an.IJIMLIJ

i I cell ,I the luiln cUcvMuitanee) of ajin< i for l\a,._. or |*rliar>* cone of oar (ollUralul I II A I(VKUTISKM KNTSIliU. Vtauw.TUCBISTf ini aqr band and tk* Colt of **Mt
i I. melee vf grave irniwrt.twe.a grrar I ah.ee.na. !
s | than t ul5 I .1 ,.tuedl sDdp.et t -
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qre.laturS tuijlit more - -- -
tetli. I..tr be waa an owner, hot if it did, ia tit JU** : i corUlaUr Invited Ut call and rrguuilleadlna Porto JOMU.Male'. ; rI
tits of.Mail uor l 11II1"| "rt't> n I the} do on Stew booJ and acrip. AtU tUKoabK .. nuzux. Art'gCHpl"'rr. I I t.
t e/'MM iA l< .M*.* rHlW.1 1.ant Hut I xn1Iorouhs Rooms Attache sogt.r111V: !tXi \' .
this ep I { !- I
i>f the ,t...10'l nffic* l. nun ur Better torn tbe tory about end call M ."" r.1. x
-- j
t th.'. ItU a matter Ibet'lhe SH tat. ath" t rleht An aditor, wHla an anfcfe. d Ub.ratIy 3,I him eic fret seat nine incbe ,I THIS KTE.M>t5, JTM': l., ItTI, JsEWt-rAriRS from all pronUntat ttUov. PWnl1 X. DOBI\I\-) !i I
k .
bat it |pot In type. pt in the pa- Ur.Krpnbllran.
Interest in and and wed oa
"Urge ha a comm nJioj{ I Tbe Key Vest DUpatch bal Utaatajvicr TnU
pat;and then a day or two after give for seas II I i ; THt' K. II s .
UiHtj dwarfed Ui tb. 1
una Ibtt nut from Cube give nothing ilcAnilaa l ,anted ud fbrna+hd. I. etsgITll.
.n acuc f" not knowing tbat be wrote WALLACKSI - -- .
point of turns," ur of race, 4* of 1..1011'l to the trial of F. A. IXxrkray. lie i I. : -- Stale IA.: Committee.llitiNfOTtu .i

G r. test "ulJ lw I ttUlnl wbm the live it, or for not knowing that it wt In the I'! Kill la priano. i! .\WISH Manly KXTKKTAIXMENTS.THE : 1AiCE.Ml111 .\\It I II IIU.I.t: It.\ g
of< Btrtrnuct tlfU., \ ran. It "" ..
be bale the .
\ coo** to sett!. it I'T the twit ruM tu I* paper I making up I The Ditpatch alao give this account i>f I .u.LIO J.r.ltli4. ii iiC .

tether In the hut turn A nuwtln or..UM lUwiktlcaa .lal l.I.nUnaIU. Q t Z
ftiuexi ,bee w M&itrTiQN mxcitcrrnrnKHF.
p&l11. one of rratt't mjitrrie : I II' : WAIXACK I PARTY i*kr.r plead, to br heW at ik*. trot or

oa brood principle of filbe*, aUltlj to Brotber 1'r.It'1.1 seas from Lake KuIntnxF uf Ibis AflrrHarv. la tk* lily uf J c4McUtRTbure4.ytheik4OutofJeesL N I 'M .
IIKUIltllA KLKCTIO.VH.In i ort.A Prince i cm, and i"rri'11. vf iharartrr.fiecr I' t |ta.al t through, our city truss fasts oa* uri>
riling an spots we !b" tern pabli.binc Ik* liat.coI Sute, eke I IU M. ow Wednesday hit, boned to Ser I fl>MK rALLtrK. la* Jilfrqllr btulnnw of' uttawrwillnv I iHCMt.n atnatt.aU Y. ,t 11 -. i'
t lii. which will ''cvr ibis fill assay uf wber It I II belies,.! bU ancMtor hail K. M. (
JerMy. \ (nau daSaa maatrua. and ia>| noll n ArtWliS ITSlU. ..r.II'III; t:> rnA; > ii:
a :see ankle in frank Lnlio'a \c..a''l4'r i | our rh. gr are nuking a wl,,t.ke a* !t hen: How or ia what manner b* earn to wk.iM tlff-HV drllBramxw or tbr ,-ur.raarail B. Cnurut.leeutay ..-.. .-. .,._. __t -r ._"_
t lwuirg un tbi *ul jvct wbkh it will U In(iroril4| Tan .sue that tb* rtaorionJalInmiBu9tU I I Florid we were unable to ._"* .. la 'I|'- luUte,..,. u.. _... ,. L' "l1n.-a. n HEr t
-- .,i ,. ,u 1 "".1 I'"' J.,. T bw fulr.ir lea' I tint pinx ..,IktJiOurfDotnliri .u.auaua..Jo&.MICtIIa .. a ....e_-1..s.wa.w --t..rn'e a1mlra'nm.f .4s4s I _
leaving il lt be inlcrml tbatraru I sheet a feet 6 ia bell ht. a n iUL blue, daahtateye. : all clM. ia. nualavMn wise of the Wm i -t.. .11
\ bo.IJct"$4WIa'g tistrnwl" It ntgtar' ... pN.nawtclae her Ik. moM fiucloauuf F. .1OKDAN) & CO. .i.i '
>lr* of the Forty fwartk t'algreee hi* laartt| K( wa l.cob.n.l.l i ionMabatvi and* t(i W >> ,<"t'TLUTI'1WIOt. ASS .- kximlllc alr Hint; liter)

.. tote' a* the truth' U ..rr altii r*, and w ill b* C'b'1II that'day. There will the b llllaot#. II. eiiited tbeprofoaiMlert f TWf ..ri, Set / .4 talented MJOologl.t' i won tH>x wrru KCATHIW Mublr.

, i prrht|, -1-'awt' alusye l twaaM ; llult. toe two dacdon in the rtu, this fail -sae .jrn>|.thr, i I. car rrpurter.sad l milej'oAra. shy' 1 1I _W .%TT HI%rtn M ..lLLtl al I'.*,i.,'wlhw Hall. hew enicminu 'on.- AND DdTAtCH.CtMTMT .
him roun'] th* city. I C. II. )lrC'I.SSl'repn4ttor.: .
in this utttrf trnJiiif tutu la Cuetu I on Die fourteroib October for tarml I Iwortrd wereb. ._ ,0 w.adrt sad d.llebr" eetbtlyv '
A. b reached the deck of lb.trmee
d the Ig...". awl one on the i W toe b* ikr.-.t8.pnpuiatlon. Of Uar and lloiftnt t4t. I .
Blii I.r. tlw that I
Grocers | Iu puktkr ha<. Rap
lawn d' Wholesale
gn tense. Mal MH In git* be gv the fint vidcuc of tb* "cuuiag --I'S..t.te..4 bar rltUra I
Ibird of Nurrtalwr fc-r In ebaard friar M Hanrhar* the MaMr >- >
Oogrwnxn. 1U. A. J. R 1 D E H. Ik* rupraro'ulallre of HMU '
I I his but ia 11.! .
thatting airing, by bailing > the H,45u.law )p4e. tUft kWi. 14.
end cbraotr "iittrfla I
dignity a 'WJI01tTf&.LL
arre'l rountrj1it J"W"
t. Janusry.1173. twenty oMrei will be .1 cvgles tee aUark put?, k kv how 1 Urr
\ barb sf Hntmn
Mateo mule tnvloJyua terry and Hut.-*
I I" then Pot ore aba do but aunt i/nke, .. JUne election mould .a,.., but nee ICr.W'i&IIO .t. aarailrM... novel, rirftnll; I fur HI.. !'.< ittru. < muvlMM winand.r
bate "rar\.1H' lnpb. ,
la. bank of oU hauium. a 1 / .v or Till im L.arIultt .
inipnvt rajl .
to ifcrir and >t a>ia uu
C lnlirt, dialika the Lolltar u r 197:1 tbongbt l. to AND MAtCW IX
anal wb,i b \ an r.t IoanU | I I nbesayS.lsbwanayib'Ac I.I I UHUilf I aHrarU.stoat a<*afd ht aU B M.I .
Yo.uaWra.r.at the ITulraa C".1I1I1Od
.r." kinurt of "**.,la arri 'ing .' thi .
shoddy I II : TIIE CCHII"- ot'oITE. VTIK: MIKV 1t ATIU: aw al* ?*-.111.c a maifM* swam ". u.
in the ,law. --.SWUM 4 May
foreign .
itI._ I I.k\ MIIHI in I Ihe Jay pan |I. T" to haluw. k.1 S r...eIc..U.'T..K .'' .of new "; ._(Mtn.6'.wbkhieH1turn _.
r et .11. .
1171 from llatana.. Cubs, Auirirn tress SODA WATER alta* .bift m .. f'
i ( 0>"'.. \U011 U'C U
I'T. ('Ui ,
nor nnaa I.. vatlf in the year. ltsi| *. ships t. Sf-anUh I t. Awrica Mihuoner U.atoop I II.w.i nl *.
I MIL W.iLl.OTE. Tu rt aclw, r>nk ,.tr1| 4i-t.'k'ck.milled -
ran do no 11 tr MTTIC lit the |xiblicIk a. from llrilUh llwudara. American : TM M* Wua.rr lit lk. eoML .I'r.: /uttrtl.\I:. 1161'.61\ ". ". n. IIItliTlt1 \
All t>( whirb w'uld br tree bat (* the aeboooer t iKmlaicaB from ?
1 I
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the frtnii A "LE'T Wo'IA4. NO. I HOUIfei' "lAX' 1 I. BI> eulb.rfr l *f.> .*>l _.. sad .1""i
v lorilrut f Iuwing| the fact that Wb tf I'lir* >iaM.1 .Ibr **Milo .!**<> br r..uu.l .. l.'e- .,.:... f.*JI I.. "..... 1bU .
of ad.I.e.CMire.
f' I I PupUr uunl h< H>**r.. It .,, '
eamrU Meter r-uu'Jta W..buit "U'TM 1.1 U\
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II abfetti the
JoQraal : when
w y.I o ew t'alaths llcraM baa Iron fettling :mat*' IU.I MrrwU ,Hire olira tl I $41. At ><. e.d.r G'UiSr Timlin( sad the e..'..., I* 'Ta-1'
, Wall la. lid*** I ie tastier off UM Ill I ttkcn, .a., )h. I.rn:. annuvncnl t, n ttut; a.aira/wre r a. .tot. that RIMtOHINi.' \IImn.1I4; tru.i

tv**!*, la. U,... lou >)M I i wben k* gave hi. pure f.. II, that bk col- i! on clabber.Wbat in thunder U cUb- I ). n.rwianlr NMMMiUkrlKvmiwai.thmfce of in i.eierH. lilt snir.i.r: .1' thruoh Ibrir ktatd n.l r+rdial .Ueul >a U b. anOlcdicinos
kf*i raiaiii*
.tJ.- K MIDilHJXA A (li Drugs
la,. tttftr tlWraw Yf tt 0,4jr : t kague. Mr Wall ... _Ii. let lrwrrsitwn1J I a her ri _________________ I ttB ale''> ,iMdwo rt<**Mil sign. KilbCMMmi ".. t| kklbl S.,aefed awtnoiiaMt. rr..rl \1 east.r National ",".I. ,
Krrr tk. 'a ll. !..! t' I I unI"t. .
struwgeal asa 1 rrn, cull._ tl .t..rwL ;, Jots& 171 1.8-tr.
IS ass au "tun... CklMna : I'U'IUI>.\.
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will |I*', daiaajm.Coart fearM |.bHc or Shoo hMtiUtio cmlbd the creditor or of diif_u tb. city. Weeiaiailo L Uajre Atatotut ".perlBUa.leoof <, Bool **J sloes at .bilouli piles al\ ..' rink Mrarb. ai.l 'l.Jie I airrwrarMM

1. lv. A N. Ra3roa4. 1's would suggest the J. I1 A M, ha bas the doll IBB BIH atoatlMpropuae '
lUilroad Crewelfluting
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list rarrtr* V* Mad to.1&11I tb* locotM br the Hcctioa U* tora of the road .. to aaark do.a oar emir ttotlat
17 i ihonld abandoa that daba faraxr, sad bkliMr (Piece Rlbbnaa, all C<..lor. $Uh It.t tmjPhiladelphia

J. J. 1'.1 n AJmUlnratori of tb* Ee-j U tIahn&Ioa baUrrMr

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IlucknaaUr AdmlalrfratrU ,.. KtUy ..ade .1.1n. Tbia sat b* tofantad lo IB ..ltabl". Ii".e torai to which he to held bjr UMBB. !3 tbi coaatjr sad they MH4 U old U I

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U., It W )&.. by rUietiff to atriki oat I ew1.i'ia AI .Li'ate"fir Ms ..refprvprry yeeterday I I
Ib. pla4tags| filaJ by JiJg W k aU1r r. I, .1..r.ad .- Atflerrs'd pc.a1.rpr'. u' ---c. etatlac that a robbery bad boa th* pobfie kr' iboir Ubrl, patroaag o ,
.1 n.w.1.4. IB a b4 sad .. vooJdr. la IW: ask thtoa to ... I S. RITZEWOLLER.
<*. OB croaaJt UIJ U the nOiua.aloi ( I way It Ilia a aat-ahell. you auy read***) C auUed at Wetbura, aad that one of IBM paat w* .
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II.w..lbD.llt amy aad pros. b* restored ass rotarawd with a BeaJ .1..._. whanhe i 1:11, 14y atrevt. Coraer of OceaF
lavt. "betheroa the "W. U U betlor I*
Alibmaa UuaafU a | MBg apoa fount .. La \nila. Jarkaoa dooli..red.p CHARLES L. MATHER & CO.
bond aa4 pays tax of IIC"t..ua. or sat ic r Heal.U ,
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ho im T.J that tit*CuoacCI ai ..w, I tit 'M I r-Ho U dir Tu-,, ". whlctk yo will bar*-* tax of I .
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tout( fiUi? of all of two i ;
It the of Ib 1 one per teat. ur Stationers Booksellers and News Dealers.
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rarll. ,la the Of COG r. b* : and War fifth Tai "No Itadi a4 two pw Hot* !. Bate ,...,. t rfl.L AltxiRTMIV! '" 'J II'"* lS 'l' .
a public K |pork tb* *rfritie of H(*. ra I. a poor bo*>*.
comultt Tbl ..Ja k nap Tat." This 1 taxi ia j4J caoagb fat Tic Ear b. t.Uaad ia oqraalled taw Plot alas*ok. Vtotart* Uwa h a ia
put oj ; that(watroMa*** be Ib* tar of Ib*ok. sad The Latest Novels, Papers and Magazines
inaa to tu J... sad It cat b* b- sad tk* atlas of Jarkaonf mrs IIIBliI .
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Ju*. t II. ndpwlal) CVmiBiIlt, auli** ; !stirs of both sates, /n*+t.|.o&rtlDnb I. f. '
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Tbar .Uy't fr.\ *n4 ar* .... tb* BUB. !I ... "II." .C faraUiud for th_. A am. ro b..u Tea Pavers Tla u.*.*, I'alnl. Ill*, Kir.W tre kkepard Orcait iI .1. II. (C'KOWICLL)

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11'1'"M bli aJJraTnu Jose II... Toreoiaa.I ua oar buildiag Leery 4y fawa II to I *v J. B. TujftilYMetroMrit I
SIB: Cotameaaarkt with th* .._.of aMnmiwlty'i ataterial fond tad the prier (air.W i
*. .r. ih. cut (..BIII. S.-W. ipru optaaM o* lh*<)urtloa < wealth to tb*facility with sItu M Liaviitt.II. BUHard *km. Its 1 unot.tatf : Boots Shoes, Hides and Leather.

CuincttlSitMBU.JIM IS. 1171.UIBM.H of boodtaf 1M city debt It provUea lU.1/ with articles that are ewe I II 11054e.V u>tutaal>t "II >>*.tI

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Iag.1Y..tJett \w..n.. Burly. Bmlvich. ,a' With regard to tk. fetUe |'UuU4y but baa beoooM na aitil \\S tt'rt of aUk I ooirlal ia.It... I fur IIe.KI,1,xarri %.w .. .'I\off.....- set par. sJ altor.laaaaatw
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Tbtbattt. A quorum prtacat I ITb I iaca*. I beg -,. to say I. reply by aiediral .... lathed.I cliaaof l..al aad Mi bhoriaf coaatiei.1 I -
its.I" l Iolld: neat Mall and la all tI' Ib* 'Ia''".
mlnalM, of tb* lul _U.( .,r* r4A to hi*jonibaeJ BUM of black fnardnra. that iHouUI the Ice w>.p|ply atirly I.ilr. aa oa, are hereby iurauD) nuiB OBed to b* aid appear 1)J .sl" .prl

uJ '11'1"0,01: tU boa dart ... sad illiukxt I. regmrjLdoijitaia UfO aeaaua, say Caws of sicken whichirouIdolberwU ., .,-', Uowllaja Ally oa Bay oar T.tI.IDS llraach. Ca h pai.l fur 1111)F1i: DhKlt: SKI.SS sod utb"t I'OIUSt4 ia a, s Mti.y.n .

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over lW kl. from Ib* frail *B.| M sassy
deal," ,U U lUy strut aarkt, .trt-blo'l that I propmd. to support him wk. fur ebb articl. haa hem eiarwiUal, why they oboaU' out rtMMrta| .ta on* at sew Caariaiiro sad aw Ftabioa Plate fur I .tHl

tb* lv..cll the rlvlUY| of arillaf% at OoBgr U b* veaiM "purl m* (or the very (forcibly lllu triliag la* ode of aaowopIy the B4 neitiac. balth gtitag aid etefBatterctoe Bpriaa;aad ftaaan"Sail, jot roteitod.lattf A. 0. lll'NUV.. J0. .. HWWaU.HUSSlvY .

Ib* aUr. day. )lcm. M nxxioa, la tb* j jTb LrtbUlar V* UM *ba b* awrli that I Tb. ma ia JechauarUh wb that ha* era Was ,... This I ... Bassist -t Co
poor .__ .
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M.rt"-uI -- - ..TBwnl I* b"* *b* oeflred yocr1!**' Yen. .... "U 'pro*He 'ffr, *.Ua
MI".I., eouwit. agac.M i the city'' ilker her **> ia LmuoUaa.; lie &r she W hi* family durlBg ow hc b.* naHkon.j sly far yeaUeaoM mho tau .apprackl a ': la. ertod MUM Ato oa ... ta at 10 eta. II I "tlO1..".. A0 a"1'.IoII_ fI\I" Id

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rUaac* ..1"..,U: A. B. O. *a, I ia oecwo m tki ..t,. It i I. mot very dat- -a prodigies, oa aa artbrio a* J ritrlaaii ws... eUaia .UI appreciate : s.lw.. Bay duet ,Mf Boots Shoes Leather and Findings.

baiillBf aa4 |I2 & A. K. rn4'a|..b.Uiita < tiring\ to li.r Marti aa* iary aa4 character tavaUal W m.'.oo&Wt M tbli |II to reAroah actvratafiy.. N* ewrtU ao soy sod at ( I.,-.. M la.. ,

fount <4 hat 1wAnoraaakwtiuotossb'r.IttItTU. ,i4 charg bias a.. tbat b* .ii dead. with 1 I lug to know that tbU lUU of thugs "ill at j Ib* imi tin 10 ..-c ** II *.. -

tb* ki.saU, by .. rffarted i j jLW I of T. Pls Las ,.. ta Ut briop t.neNI.1.. *f Vary ia* Claret w. I ..'. .
Wag eootiatt Two of our pru dNa oti A ftoBiaiatB awutal.tol New Turk ai>4 Pisa!: < ri I'1t i a. of etas "' hound.I
t', IV|"rtuBl U tb* aster of tb* UtaMttt I aowiaaUo II* li. .bea b. aa rti less, Ueaira. Uray sad Urtayitoa ar* sow !i" to play tt die *a.* ttoa th* aaacto*d I..*Jet bas reefed at BoUUUT
'I rasp wbkbj will b* aold at 1 1.7S par ffaUn. I As.ss .. JaeiatavUir iu UN I. rMUIl A ". "1.&. r J'II ('Jf..II&P"I
Mr. Lee .a*.on moUoa 01 AUvmaa bat Mr fbrtoty ear4 be my Molly Jurtoj erecting buUJiojr Sue II..t alorg of to*, sad the hackvlfc* araw aad th* It to a royal 1
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Tb rl iiatlim of Jam** 11M,. M Cpui ; abkb .. W .ht y to do. VUb regard Ui > ,_abl. rat* '\\. wtoh tb* ... cocaf., ;I peoaeat sod ready tu do late daiyCiioa ; Hll<. allra. & HOWELL.

oll'lalke ..".lTJ, atil, ok HkMi wf AIlUtUrJ j .i lB'a; oat ., Taflihaate. aeratal' eird ill saws Away with all .., iaihl *atd r my baad sod aaal Ihto ItthdayafJ I W poises Bubiaetat 1I l IA. t i plorei
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_111.. ; Wl bad aoU tb*** .t .beo b* was ay.gw Dialed IB proatiMat rbaracter o* u.Sew I "6-UT. .r Me. aaraa. Ar.Tbatbnoa Bay Street MM Laora. J....,. FinDAVIS

_.I" rt|> rtJ tb* $MW.I.( UU apMVHubb I Stasis Scv t *!M.. We le. lor We tal. iy at**!'heartily. P A. L I 1111 Arrlr.ls.Tilt I tar'i wharf a T Trudy (Cur >..
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W..JI"III'Jaat M tb* TBf blAXD alflDlfllr-iiae.- smut, P50.rueT. .
f,.. *44rr*. to tb. |-1.1. I I. tb* But.1 Patti a4 lilt free .. lie .a* .rcU..s ': rk 01 da,. After Ua4icr a lea pine .. !(..'..I c..... FURNITURE

tot vt UMiJlay tb* city r.rct4 aa4 1 by r*> to ."*3o. noW.. Blow, a r4hd4 Wat- rn Ib. W.by ibis prcceoded to tb* flaa| : J<*a A HaaOnM. ;..: C P wh.drLpNr,11e.'aa ut yaw UattiatT *tA Frdgeit b.ac.iut CJ1UI'E'FS MA'1"l'JtASSES J &U.

t)fi vf IVdncU rJ ire Beau !bas sad Orwley tau. aa Ilepaty t\4l.ctur. Bank abkh were reacW.itboat Jab Hli*>. fWaJt. J4>. 'A.- t'e'a Beat supply *ad loooM d ajrr*. o ,

0. nnm .t AUra>M Ua ". tb* *4. I: La ordn to furaUh tb. repair**! bit .I j 1"r rultf at I o'clock. Uae war tbea caat .,I T,*>wi. Tkuau.,. M._..._Yew.. Turk. I \A"U H_Stock.I toe.: I lilt Nu.In room 'In .tlr<'i>nlli.'* >ri* Illix k, hiss) ",.. <'orncr fir ..ii,- .

_*,ltJ. adnft .. .r4.rwl fob.UU 1IIaW. Ulettar. TU aha*J thai Scott thought i! later of about U *r It fatbocM aad Cahiaa;I, u.ia.HaAvrtMBMB 4 4 WrifM,sat... Jars urtautf U ;Miller t "T,*laiaaaaa.aTATV ... lk.-. Uea4 ThU.i was tar* <>'' lo U* pUe la* !.(.., add i-ei anwimi .ti r.1 (,n.i eta e*****!la ter.Lariat .

I salt *f th* abalcbty d JUr thou KrH.Wt, fur IOAI'I"" brca Mr. SU YaadergrriAaujkt B howls A Oa. .* raitto4i> aUr Coo.., la pan 01 ,

lloBMtr tb* Mayor aUu4 w CowatU b* .a)ilk i! ILl aM tab a4 M*. JMb a Koch I OP TIK WKATIIKH. |* tblpaMcrf gas Iraaa Taanr', alao TAHLOH lH .ua*nCtTr| |T,.... t1U'Cf CtMPKTW.UJrIJiG.I .. MLOH Mil> A t K K rll

1.04 d..IgJmt t..s ., .rsug k ball'i I A*'far a* the FVwVU Saa I* tuaferaeJ. i I 4. largest o** Th wrl
1.( tb* MM WMtiaf tb* Par 1w ._ .r.rr dace sgtt.M that pof-er ha bee '! ifUr belaf deed aid beiaf *Ca4L1.a rrru faiRHf0r.IC wMour

)III U. |"My nf(booJlBf tb. city.Tb I i ..-plly paW .bkb ha* aMal prraeale4 j i itaMapher early th* ...r..lWrt'. -5 1; Fl :' ca* If balk *kwbK<* ia Ihii Ilk,. W. I HAtsL. /1/4f. JnM M r

.1\Ja. 10.1 WC' IJ.y tight I I rut prff ril aid .).*y* Mete aI I j jf j.. poaad Tea aaapper *%J ..-.1 HjfjldtG .oat aaaatM a Itrf. hu.ar ka tb. baia
_ : .niicfi tBii i ai oiliT'to>lfcjf iL*MiyoCtTb .-.w.L, t. +f aay f'.bJai. Uat a. yeatoi .11.- ".1'r*dbhelr BWV wrfTtktltoud cjf.lat'h flp. llit t1'1" fair Jaisg ls.rts us4.1.. u. Mffl A 0 -.-.- -

Majftw aJe.a) .'..LtMI tb* seta ji'" ;. t** acaioai i la. If I aa post sad Mr. IMU a-.* Cahlaf AboataooatbcaUaawfA ;. .. N.a 54 t>tl I I ripe out** of it Uronito.btr* aloayi hoa too nr.A u NAx 115. I

by Ik*t\tllO Mr. Jerk, of X.w. Yari. UJt Mwlt M .. M tb... IbM b* sued c4 luraoawjr tb* Bails oa be* rviaratb ., trliagat : i i. ilwseeuiV( I .at.a! I 'lallar, 1igb. JacfceaattU. hat J. a Bt A Co HL'CH VAIUKTV OK HTYLK AM I'ltltK AM TO HKKT$ tIKT1EWH
I lr.irC
aad Ilat I dOa't bouU boupt biii t tfHBj to Wit In' .
beck 1't"1i'1L' aJ'tW.. ., P. Ilesllgt.54 ,. tM hdtrlts |Jaunty OF ALL CI7IITOnJJH.0.

( Mu4k of AUofttM SMil it va*_ we.t"Ib* peep** bJ art biot b) Ib* Ja ser.lsg..id ataj tb* trip fnwa IV* t ..w nfIaI-.II. i It' d. ?___.

Shad (b.i KW aott bi 1U, !(1. Ter... to UU!_. 1 l-Hbt Bkla Uljr lfhl4 altar plat to .',. U ,..hoar sal wtiom'Vr' i'f.1 lUllata, c...., ... I White Pine Walnut and umber, Moss

r,r. / I- .4k. fWUa.& L4 tb* r-tolo j"'co,l.-w.i iachJitjC atafpatr uf tboalifta (raw ta*t1.1 I sad i rh***. Atrorii.aaia. ffi ajdj i.
AhleraW a..MI..s ,list (bumf! r01 ".raa. A* av tU "iM el5US ,. aoiaqt**. >mb.g occuT4 todMiek' .,*ew tWW .. .| adal. Ut 1'ttttyn I u.t ,J
---- --- .-



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.. .,.,..:,J\.t_.- ", .w.a' ._.,-',_ > t'; :"':Ad* ...." .. ._.......".., ." !. ...'oc ......III..) IL ,., ,L. ,'r A; ,'_ ,... 1 .. .

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I I .....tbaU .." law t nod and aufflrlmt ..I 91RTAI.I.IC liril ., CA!r.:!. HAILKOAD A.NII SUHOCK'S ITILtEIM.(
rA nni.i.twoenTiLLKti P'APISLYI SAXTER'S 1 15 COl'5TT COCRT, WHB eerb raretlm a* the Oaarll stall "III" .'

)', >tinorM t SiE Anwloaora.j I DwJ C.1tll.r ?FbriJ BOS DIM TilE CITY. and .approve. lbs earn af tm inoooand doliart'eark I
T XDKR Mrtoe of a
rMamil yrww at laser L".aN.f \. Iu.4 u .torlb* roartbctrran I ft, Th nnaae Commlttr ma ---- ---- .&n. C" ,\ nt.u. Pdwar4 optlat apt>1ra to a> vf Ike. trait berebf dHrrkled: end the raid Tr>*. '
'EHlt'r, IU Lt.I Jadirial o." .ronatT. atke UtwnefAilalaMnutoa' WIth tlMirlll .. I. r.'ut : teee ekall r mre o*r prr crelea epnei all atoner iii .
of >.. a
-.1 ... 00 IM MUM whlrb hatl Ikroagb their baa I tirrrr efI.t4qnqtbrc1h.sItrnsn .r maUer pmdm rn Pall ." wbereia I Tk.M an tbwrfor* w rtt aa4 adavmUk all Itarruim CUT M. TO APRIL I. W74.on taueei la fall 4's rur their terrlret under the prutlc ,. Of River I S ten mer s.IIt'1:1I

'rourt J 4lrlBl Mrrun ..f rral Y1.1* r-rf (niBT Maltmmi .ptalqtlff and raidarlne.1. .I and inwlar IM klndrad aa4 rrtdlion DfnUddvrvaiMl Original I Ion of his ominanre. .

roonf;. uu4 nnai.r rm A D.UMl.Mn 1 ant,11..u"o t .I'.b.ll.' : la b* aol brfurt tkt. Onun on or Nmo.due r.n'.D. 1, %." .-t.., mId Tnwtere nr Ihnr ..11..1Ia1l ... L.UJ' ,
a >m of tort forto wM'h hwtIn ..IIr I. brltira tk. rik .; of .1._ .. D. I"?* aad lil l. hell .. .. .. so report in tbr City Coonrti during .br *nib : II( IlIiDt LII.tte .
.r Owro M. ..,.. H"f A_ ( r$t- t.rUJe 1,1'11.0' .."" 1 "Dm Mnndar In June ,, IbM aar tk.r aam, wW. lb. ylauUu' Ortg'llwaeofbnndt I of Julr of enra-eadrTery ,.. U 'r. n..'
tiff. .. ...KH .1II.p..l. Hf'tHMBMIt' I ., day of MM _\) tkrtatvn.ibe l .' 'l- A. rt.V.AM.MIJill of I". and II "hall))
1 j due I... 1. !.*.. u.o> III' duO ellis bon leral of tele that fotlewinftaerrlbed
on I
:':IrTIOI Mnfi s.i;III..3pS for > :$1 pU: boan ml rt.at.. nTVMe : day, Co.. ",lad,. 0nii1! 1 l*.ue of hondudueJaa. be tbrlr duty further, loraocrl wIth a tulUMrtump WOOD) COFFINS
h-f.r. .ur fl sP 10 --- -- --- - I. 173Ortg' Ill all bandu tad rmpont due and paid hr ,
"f J rt. artl( .. I UTI' r/w ,'. .. '. Ann rerialn Inu of .n al..I".1 brlnf.taiba 15 IOU3TT lOtRT, I II..of bond.noldueanuijta.. 4.TM hem. tad laId bond and nmpnnt thall he ilr I

M.xt.,'.Jil lr' A. liMatmitiii > 1Jr... (100oi. ISSIiI daY nl dIV of Jar. "b'. or ua... ., heaped onre la earb year 'In Ibe prreeare at MidTtwmere or All "I"l '. nnd ilunltilra.anil .
kaowa on lb Dial
of PVirtda. florid
M*_ 1" WirI .h.! "tbs Davtl I'onilj I ..d. rommttire' >f Ihr
I. I,, . ion> ut I or any nf tbO. < '
of ) fortjd I'
fuarkadiSl aquarelM -
".'. HIT" tft* n M. ... Is.lc.qsos f kvt oath* tTik 4r "' N *MBA ..'. '\ I nftba
Pnrraaeen for m t. rut *mu-r* of AdmlaKtntloa on III.I PoldneiaillJan.1IB Joint rrruarate of the aombert tnnunle >I
.. O INSI <*tw n hi drv4 and Iftf Ivo,) T..t. Juau'ii paTln H., ,1. -tal. or Jibri *U "I .b. d",-'"& .- ./ ITJUOWTotal bonds tn 11I_.la sail la <.fcttiria) (trn<*t* t_i 0- 1f111 I para). .. i win Ikr cterk ef,".Council.
... Itl." of
.. .-., It no. m i,' la *** H.. '* I all from Warble( and M rMfUrJ Mate ..Iasatlee1.Ist
II4IMMlM'lJIR'M b.ut aro tkwrfor* to 1U aotl nlmonl.h ...... KO.UOOD I ).-That ta Lbs ''1 of a r canct
IVHM .. M !II. 4) M a4 a part.> I and in.wa r tk. kiadml and crrdilort of MM Uf th.i thoy.th.r tipQd. aS, raaae la '"Itnant of ike reMainIng will
I'.,. Mnrt Wo nil .**,**. a n
p4a... IK'. sad It** Ihrtr obimkHia. ... .. I (.430 (00 paut a nrraaani or nMreteora, hr tad wIth the LKOE: THE
fl.w14.. .14 raul .. u I.vl.4 tIiII a* tbr of of laid I of the rornairt-r: 'ILVIV 0.1 t. MIIPURll) "II .\lIt'
fr ... W. A, 1.IHI. ,. If .OT Iktf bare tu the f rmntlnif Lrarinf baltnreorNradrd rmemt ,
,,.., er Ia ,4 PaI 1I VtflS. I BT e." ( R. and .Count T of tllar W. A. XrLRAX.IK debt HI,&VOU) cwttItLr. w. t n.r. Jark.in'lllr. Julie I?. IH7S. 1.1'11I
-'I.In,111'1 aifcl wrttnf)*'! ,- / Kadirdar.tbe Jttt 1-- ribaan n.."..
DUTBI' Mate of I will oa Id ('oubI' Acrrurd Intermit on Cb'n "
n"n. 1).. a
act.14M s1 .
piatallO atonwjr I m0
Pr'ifIV pI4SI aus af .. ark day of lal.n. Ib* Court Hone*door the bond. aod oa The tollowiue reeotatloeit by Alderman
T... .rhtoo,yiM far tniurmrr. ,In eaM muntf. -, ;'to tbe blghaff hMderine MJT1CE TO IIOM)KRror: FREEI.I.M other drbta I ,

4IWI4 .I.V1,. IJN.w tI' fr.aP.' I"".". ". following inprnTetarntt drerrlbrd tbrreoa..belnngliigrotherelate or plrre' of land and- I ) no:MIS.la due ....' and float. ..1 1SA.4 81llldm. I>ftlBr, were. oa .. rt eiTr
,- -- - - \ .tald' demw.ul. TMTal Oooolnortda. (tu.oneiy ItIoltt04.&poh.oi. :
1 of Antonio barr I.I1. lib Ju4idal Clrmtt noon for ,. Anl,11513oflSPfount CASES
,1Ir.Klrr' MLR.LTJlDfm .. :.ThppaiarI .. M Ihe half' n of ..,.. Frrtt Tlial In the oj4nio .i'f IIo,. iw Ti 7l.VLVq TRR SAMS j>J r
; t..1 Nn ail IS>II. aqnare Xo. Kity-mar (W). k ,lalni ," Sle'm fire F..1I11MWI S
and HT .irsur ,ra'.t1aIn ,a-utI.n l' I t rvnnlai. and Ororn H. ,the
JartenaTni I.. /" I Cowncll. kt etdt at to lean Iot>nd. of(
"f't bnrruit f'..". Fourth Jurti). i iMrnilt .1 I > upon ibe rl..r Ibe CUT Hunter, TniMat, *1.. Amount due and 0011 fO..n"I ,.tsk ITs: I -
of .-oa ,.. fourth** nf Jnn>. A..1'I IId j mt-I r'.ogty." Mr i paydrblii. t.trmIra..b ; 1'- Ta.Tb cOTrrrd bf notr. rttjr of JtcktoBTiiU. to tbe .n..unlo'' tifivUtowaod "
!. I I.' pay for, llllm. C. L. 111'. f on ae't of Mrrba- doliart for the >... 1 I )t It "lib 4tPsfl04' fM Iorpabs aMlatrmTMwl ,-
ta a reeae ikrmia .. .. wftereta (av .. norMa. Atlaauc and Gulf f ((so.(>0.DO) I url| _

I.. Rnb-aeva le .... aad MoraA,w.dntra llaaM.bu h.,., 'I _. .1- .- --- C.I.III. central: Railroad CMnpany,j him Kern"loam. .. nr*I i 4.KWW 101 funding; tlet .' of the citr inr 11.1> I t I. :: ;: ; ? ; :;,. -_ ) .'. a r,> i'ii, wiftt ksp a. abate as ..

C n.wa Oarna emvr tad me -arm- .neaw.partner earf -jl, uf Oa'ilkmtker. .. I ( IwMllrnN' ; MALE.f : ,' 1 eta)T ,authorIty. of an ord f of Ibe llivsll Court I III A.', due and .,-' become da* priorlo Jill, I, 1 Ili, ant.\ II.K! m 1111 t s>iuMai>. and r4jy .'bI" .". .

a I n arr V vilTTTKnfenorrtrrof tbecoiinir JwtimI "r 1) tk. ..... td raiiMNoik rred bf nf noire Hook cmaeronnt the pita reconaMBiied by U.. eon'"II..I ,)te .-n111", -'

.. sin eiBoee Her aal n pffhHc auction.ervrfaa bPf"r" I > hutal Conntf. Florida. I .I .). at pnul" la b.,nr cin-n to the taoUnn of thtI aad Udder CoA .. ;Po U.. 1oance in Ibeir rrport of tblt ,ilalr, it tI. i I

la. tatf ta I. rtlf of JatIW3V1J.. .10. lion. 10 ih" bIb.sl In front of .) Honda aad Coupon* of tba norMa. Adanrie atUair mount doc on 110,. moat ail ilteble method of rarryltiit 'hr1111..' _._ .] d. II I Pt' Vs IP rrur1)e4 to fiv'15s' dawn
imtatT. norMa toe tbr nret W e4er I ., tmral. on tloiirtti I .. I
In.al I .qr, Hooertfoor of .1 rouoif VotrmJ lUllraad _..,. '110. .. roerd !
moorf.OoutandlK (lain effort It..' .n)
A.hKl.rbelMtktelttbdarufaaMm'nilkM 'I 'uiiiiij 'n.'u.
hit tat A. ii. 114. .. rWvnd Xirtfar "..till tbt7 airaqnlrwd ( i
or la ULUOI /. .ss II' ,
. wmm tb* wal bnejra af Mat oa) IbM 1.. ,aIke .' 1'.- r..ll"'o." 'real retale.in ".1/I to prmtil wi4, ".. and cwipoaanw <. ..I I j i !rcoBd ; That U ba tubnilttni t-i lb. iiu.h I U* JACUB MUTK. A$vni

rlgbt. UUa tad Is.t.dIb.a14 i.ar.li t : ,,.r>iatr "I UHak Han. dioBaaail, ) at KT .,fV. I. She (ttf or ...' rioraa. naIT'ntl,141$1 Illi11 0 Awl voter 011011 the fid day ..f.JaL: _

UrotberaaCow ataiilkril'I' erlberaf real 4 _eam..ktT. TM ra: and Part I IIke 'I'.' yiiur and (.lnf la lJP!Aiy' o J fk mtTirK lull. for"...I..U". and mrtMratloa on or "foiIk Total urf bonded aad! I I' 1574 10 Jarid whether or not bootltnfthreitjr Hay Hirri't. I'ftwi'rn Laura .t lli>ean.
liHnalt to wll: b'' IM.IMI nct' ri:
I o.ontt. Ini daf of Aiun nit.JAXfJl f.3Io 7J
Ike ... naatajrr ,.,.. IjoiadiJ ow w.jhj Une Fno.. fmir. I* Marl nnr-lwn t. X. BAI.CR,9poidal Maner.Ti. floating 1 b* Issued to the amount anil on the ).ltn '
Iea4, latelT bHawgla* to J'a II Itradlr . f land arftilnli Mid lot IDTtd Amount of bond. Id.lS i:. tt IMMTK.VKW .\ ol,l S-n 1'Lnr"Oi.n. .
frariiun "
I .' n-1 a ..1 o I MOW .. not fel due :I > ".&) nil propoerd. -
Ib* aortb kr leaik .", brleitglnr to tar mMetre. ,, at tbefinu a I ; -
t, l a "< : rViflonlnt --- -
.0 tbe eael bf lend
tv... ibe maainiaw, pnni'Mi ..* ad antniUlnlngoerkandr't I _! ;r.:a ,.rwr. tI..nP n e IIB Bw| i., roraeiii I .NOTICE 1O HF IITO Its AMI CHF.IHTOKS. from eli$ I t.tIIl the report of the Finance (I'oromlHce of i I > rrcrlrcd.:.,J ,'11""" at. i. WAMBUtU'V.iiiiit rttrnnifMUIIon*.
,. _'h" JIIak.a ''.L of. Am'tdue I pf'' ----
1..1. I ir, ah"ui .11, frH toae eom r Villa a4. ale date. be pnbNibed la the public prinU H
n.rl of U on TtuiwunUBUU
*.r... and fnrtkrr known i iA aloof Ibe line nf lot No f l lplant ,n of Ue.ll. : A .11 \ :\ *>,
MM Ini II." 4. LL ",.118 Indebted to tbr relate count or tewer thIs until the iUl of.iJ clrctlon. ,
| >| [7J ..rea* Brrtk. ill) lron <.f -alnnlne;. J.\ B. Mail, drrraurd. 'late of HuTtl' room I t !II l.; 1
1.1 "., _.. .. fml..I' ,.. ra.throawrtf I to* owv In rWS *wle ele-M. I non-la, .. requretrd to make Immediate pa,. 70 3J.W4 WI I FoUrth That torn be elected by the I ntUM I* 7 f ,
p..lat rt ".< b. ''.' Allom'TTt l..z.4.L ami *. In MiKknac bun'trerllot. ; ? I Council three tn .elort of election for each .
HvoU and all ."". bating rlalmt agalnat Meeutr Total City 4.1.1unproTI'I.d I -- | ; ...
a.. ft.* .rba r paflnf DI.arr Jer IJIP) i 11'. L.o.ItrbktIi7Iut.I.I,3. .. are rvfafHra to prreenl the tame with! for, ,i M.OM M .! of the usual nailing; t.... anil that the Iwlla} JIW'AHIK.'l.[ I'ROI'JfW.t'r.. : c .

J.w S.K. tlata) 'wtI' IvaI(,,.."". I I1H1fltln' II.blorl and.; .Muck. 2.. a,|i>4 4,:mId lota S I.in*. a.Mart..*He and: tote b, In 1. !I tao far fpo r.f a law the or toilf lbr notlre thee !will!T.he ts piII." taprrerrlbr.1 I 1 Included lh!. balanrv of .&. till arehidi e.nd. bekrjl ojiea from lI,. o'clock .. III. iinlltix tVuot <>r t*ara Mr et.) OM and *n., M.r. h IT, ,,. kn. and faaiI.IZXIK ptr.r.

I.1 X. a. 4, all. I' menu aralaM tbe city.mootillnr to nun o'clock the day nf election I .
I. tl..aodslabluekhilal. of their r.'.". CATIIARl. A. itt RT. p m on HtKt.II.O .
JU Scull In about to be brouihl ., other rredlturn on . FinOlbi.
: bkwk I I" Clrrutm.Junt tie ballot ,ad..d J..rUII"III v,
I Fifth That the Tole hy .
i to the). rlaima. ln "lrwoftbe fart that appllcalloi" >..an.I..1 l IK S 0.111 t ) t p f.trtixf. wilt! t h.t .
Itflit* '** .01'. * $ ran nab .,., Tnur moral**at Sea oVIork

1_, 4Mreru4, MBiO nMnf tbe Mri.Ul.u" par ,. r. Un."hl..III.I.o, -- -- -- -- riinprlllnc the ,Inr and rollrrtion of ballot which thall be written or jirtntstha : MUSt > for DUPOY BHrwi( ". IT wm i u. VIIi'IA NDIKa. .
(or Ike Pmink JaaVtal nrn.it of ".M& f., uM !! td. NOTICE TO liEHTosITORS.: ANtI rnr.u. I lax lo Mttofy thmr Judl/1ll""'' the iBrMoi| upon In Ihr .. JAIklSO'tVit.LP. PAI.AThA. and Intrrmc
tke .k daf of W.. I ICI I tn TV abnre7 eale I* poetpnand im.ll the Pin' tbra word. "Bood, and thnae ncg .
.te of( ay. M \t bat ".11 he done tu pnnrliufor .THANK dtati tan.lln/ armin tt Ja<'kauurlll* and falti'
Mrteia raaw berela ti.. wben-ia, 'h* VI! fLeiut Monday in Inly. ITI.Jimtt I i obllifillona of Ihr city brrntnee of ertre fr.rUral U,.. "\o 911... : J1: POND) it art,,. Wrdtu' .lat,

a.4 I.,.. < ,.paar ta "..,.111'. .. I $WH. J. C. II 'CIIIII. C..IIoM'. i i iLL prnniu lo4e teil to the eatate of Hlllla "! Impartanrn U> eTrry '.." ,. bolder.' W. I Mxth* : That the ) .. n aforewld .h.n I ....,... Ibf |jul>- Phi.r alt Irav* ralaika'

C. II .W.imu a ne. are 4rffranM ..,.? Tburrda. .l "*. aii.ljark*.I1.II."!.|.,
ea4 ..m..111.. inai. in fn.m .of n flltf I ( 'IT I co)cur.r'unrtk ( roam?. PlnrMa. def,a "d. are requtvlrd t" rnailnne I I prari/ralmrihudfor doIng ao. riP,r..ujwu.| .an'' prepare and rcfiort to raiTtilncal t <>'..,.. arrlrlni inftataMmb ..,..
ifc. i trlliia i *.*. at U>. "t .I. Itrvir.,01 i I laui IA'-" aad all ,,_. httloj d. othrr oldrnrre of drbl are rrltr for LII for that purpoM on Ihe day ancceeiilnu; Ihle ;. U'lllNIVr I) liar m. makincrhw.vutarrtinM, 'h.
_.". tbe Hra M..U> In I.",. "-'". itMH I Jiultrtal ( "rewl of FlonJx, /". I manIa araJiat lid ea'al am reqiwatmt to pri | i-.and an a .,._Uf.II. no mini,', /'III.IIIIIn.tb.Tmuury II uV Mid. avmiki hrt._ I Ik.Ea i V a oat ??/,. I i eat tane dulf' "1. eirrpilnf and that the tYntdrnt la hereby I liIrnrted i tin lUHri.vl. 6 mill' Writ "f thr lito,. Ma JarlBix. r r sea 'k.
.. 'Ibel.'. a")l IVn M. tub- ...' I 1"iIM !i prmrrlbed bT la the bond ur liitalM I ibl polite iiirrtur >
Ji.a loa,.,. uiw> ..f tb* ,,_ b... .. I PAaH .. DAT ire f. .. will be plead In bar of raamrr.rLLfl andolhrr rntploTrre arr paid In these rlulatrdobll la call a raeetlnf of the Conncll i.t J".lulmnUto norMa. : 'I Tbr Mraawr l l5 iiw and has(

I. 1Mb .r uf .*>. A. li 11* >* elitn-. '" ..r i iib '' I f n It4IuM'ri.ntara&r. At' ,-a.noJorta.fllPllrI" I I : t. AI.LtX, lm'i.. I .atlimii and are rontprlbHl, ta bawl them .but 1 that list,.. and rarrfnHjr .._. lh. labl I* Mit-pih..1!
> fv4l wlaa', nh .1 mu ..tat.. ..-wii Tb. IUT. I I",. fl.r, 4prSatj. .V I, .. '.. Ihr itrrrl formic to Ihr DUihrat lildilrr./ ThIS con I With '" bnrt Ih- nipPles aftinl. and Ibc nlbt.
I Ibe 'nor AI'III'V-
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twit "f I. l.-I l"" *I. T w urtilpa. .>uif I I II to ttu aallfartlon, bereln : !I ,.. aM-at, dlllon of our Dnancralna undlnc' rrproarb UPon Alderman Kueadl mad ih* following Mill \ I A., rrA TrntMi AIIZF.P.IR10 .'._ an ratrtaa .IB .."r, .iInatoad .'
nf ibe tnplalnant' .... All nrdvra will rerriremention.
Ibe amda.lt ; .< In .
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.. wl'k thr aptmrMiaan 'inrent
from I
t our I uf
Me > and la drltlnf away rny an umuirrr-tln StIlt 1110WlMSSl.fllIMatoysge.
t um of the rlcrtlmi othe. ; $
.r I i Inetlonrfor Ihe wnrkataallkenann.r.
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liMllVri.apart tr '.t ifcat tke OrfPtItIaII'10'1 MT Intpcctort and will lw rterulrd Hi a
of Tarp-ado. .n.1 l maaufannrlnc enlrrprttnWe kT rail
a UTIct ore In real ratate tn .n equally fatiguIng trip
knot Iblrtf barret* aad .,. ... Ufrther .ltll Ibid aiate. ao that tbe ordinary prorew ranm-t I 1It I I bare not Ihe excute tkal the ilrbt la. bryon.oiir tld oav of J_. U7I.) wbn were dilly I .nd.rheapaa la any Buatketa.,. r'iad. Ik* rattle .f the Usawhaavr lies S himugh the

two s-Mq. weawe* aorf a.ar .ut. .If. .. I.II, ('f,... ..rl. Fimrth JuUclal llrtHtf i./ aklllly It. pay ; uo thr rnntrary, i'oflptdriIn. I ..irul ra l.laiHta, i.f tlwrcta. In .._ of w hi. haabMnrtrallnirmrtatiarhr
Urab>,PIe of.p4rMeaflarp>*tia> ai>4 an? M, la ordered that a berln on Ihe fact rharn >.n>iii. toot OM.'". our rapid (rowth and the lark of eipmennlhat batlotled for and elected: Baring linen aptmlmrd A(r't fur IV WjlTtlt-horta *. Ponrnf Ibr Hfr '..

*r.le Bf MM. in mId mil of rmeplaln /fit bad on Ibe PinVoode CAMI'CI. B. 1l1001RDfiscueliG. 1 many nf mir rltluru puaurM In the ajminl.traihinof i kt Eastern I'rrcinot. J IL'Eoglr. '. rows rnCAM'KNlitNK. C', turlbalataflft ... llie drib .fib.ratf rrrlliHsaii.111"
1.IUi'N. Pnr'bae-T ., nf f.r uihePJoLAIIi ; la Aurtut aettcaod tbe Court will tbenupwa I I : IhrafralraofairniwInK I plarr,itlirdeLIsnrpflslnilp I; Eor Inapectora 'fat> ...>

"''''A.. I paaa a derive In Ib* aaaw. naaarr lOA If MI4I l AUM and "''UlU }f Attaebmenlr. aniall ..d..n Iw |>''''''- tw without \\V. II. Locat and Kichmogd Kinlo.-! i .1'. ,Itn rIbury ,.. _Of' IItf1l...".

.. kr.rH Hradfcprd Count r.SIIIUIFI'H I Pfooflllaa''ot furtbmirdVrrd appeared.. |a wu prrami of Ibe OourIt ab.Tk I II I r.... I I Incrranlnc Ihr hurdrn or laiallon.We For ln'l rrloni at XVertr-m lYeclnct. A : \1111141l1l1r( ( unit I'orUlit. rnclnra.: $ antI, _...... JOIIc 1.tllIi. Agarit.
I. ropy
---. ..D ad CM '''>. vlTr hrrewtlh a memorandum tullflrntlkrrurate II. Kobineon and I It. Uelnni.. I ITh. tat, IM .,1..11.,0.111.
"IIMm. |4in <> ,
I ...., .hII.. 'In lb" ruiaini I II I turn iworn to, '. Oow".
U.I lb. pruhablrrrrlpiaande ami. UnMr I
: ( ? ,for Ibe piirpnan allowIng hollers Tu\nllr Cj
11"., wptir nulill.. In ...." In eat I I i all .'. la Interval a:. AM. ,
I 'I'IlE ' I T_i>r.n: Axn RT ,'. or .I cinrt'noI 1"1'. f.f hi-i .parr uf timwo.th.. brfnrr 111ft I I I krrebT nflUDNtor ibenommenernMiiitiif thmil. valuation IJJkH.wu.un, aud a tai of one perrntuni lOlt Ok .\II CM k II: :,
a .
Imuad oat i>T Ike llr>eH >.rt In* IIfuorik dar apP"lnlrrt fur tbr hnirlnirH. ', and ui plead or "..., Ibi-retn nn or txtniIbe aihiftmlKetnlrtil. AlSO, rortabl. tt/l"\lIIa.
Je4t iai nrmtt .f rvirtda Fnr IIUTItuuatT. II. .1U.'U!Ri Lit, I lint Mkr. Harris 1'0.114( ansi lirintn.slltrrprlnr (
he in.lruflrd I I Iitanr I"
... ., >4 J>..". .. I). 174.1 I. I Jl.l .. U/IC All HART rierk. I That Ihr Ma\ur t V*ttrrutaraand prtcre hirnHheil for lb" ...

e nrrvain autirr ia. n la 4rpva4la la .bhWllllaaiM :'. aprKtwSmIN .. HI '. n. "Ia". n. I'. I I">I rrrrmie from Ui on real | hi. Cruclamatnia fur boMmy an rtr. Uo. ,, .fl .l'plh..lh'n. !> ,

110"." b. aad flMe L Ibwiwlrk. b. 1..4"113 tLiiTFin'Fourth -. .- and i*>iuiial r"." '... f3ftiiii fit)i in accordance with) llm fori-golng rcouluti.m.E I"1' tilt Stil: i .\llt..4 ll\ Tilt twO LAW,UIA
wife an platailBi aaOTKTIIIF.RIBV : Prom. wapors court .. |1"n"1(| ,: t r iwroxKnr itHAfiroftii' r..TO-r a.
..1., .. %. .. (aaMlaau Willie!. from fm and Frill of marirt 4.'nn I.K I ItutTerf lily R.
4elk.. I.'. J. L. wiiliaai f nelk.. kereuai,. Juiheint ftrtMlf fur /JMndnmafy.JcTWIR I caution all peraooa.,.''nelll.II..M., .. Prom Ili-enere .. <,:"> uiHalartMof I HOPKINS & CO. :, ( KIJMOH ITanirr I'ullTArll'In th. rountrf o.IIN.o nvnU t M eaatlf I "Ualnc.1 _
S.'J'. '.La.raT.Tnej areount mi alfli. Hu an Ihid ,
"... ".".P Irra I 1 "ti mj Pat.ofralnetrrylut. A pound .h. Varhtne. Appt tof.
of ttlaUnfrl'UIS "
ll.... J. MHavr I.. a rkaeb>a4. lilu I. H. rAtTMAV. AdmlnMratrll tbe >.. van baa k-ft BIT bed ant board vltbiH fora. .. . i "H.t I' I I" ae a low Poll .
w. tnrlriftad AIMn l
..... P r.l. and aawiiwl Mr r-l k' kiMban4 unary roUt Z"., Al I III lit. AIIOInHIrIVII' of Ihr (. '' II 1I".fr. I 49

".rI. ar. .'. 4ai>u. I bat u-.. opn ,I tale of Uil'U Nil KI' P. A t.IIIHT, ..Irrlus'd.VtaI 'I Uif 11, HT4. .U-fW. Izrrarl.1. I lIAr rrnfirr. Urilltl.tl.L"4I

ila.. .la rt.., of itCo Slam.all. --- Manor, Cllf Clrrk.iCollrrlor. I rhotrItnirrrtre VM I 11 T tIItI) %Ti.nict'i..i .
.. will "HI al raMtr A -- : I roktltntlT on band l full Mork of I ) !
Ie I awurn to |f.... ...d Bled. 1 1,amTbe TVs"oT.VE ._.,. CUT I Kl)r
in at1.11I. I IIITI'I OK I :>tY. I it tbr |owr t .-.li prI'-| ,.. I' murnUiygen Till: 4T1\mm: : DKAIU'MKKK: :.
.a4 ...1' .,Ibe Bret M<.otter la Wa,. A. H. Vftnilh' ./WIt... aad all otben lnlrrrelr l In Ibabntf Pht.lrl.n. M.rihal andHUrkrl : \ and all otflrrt 01'.1"" nn rat l<'runIVuniry ..,
4'bdaT --.I: brlwurti IIlist ". I rnlltlrd rattan am required In appear anptnui I It (..,', Court, Jlrnl/.rJ (..."1. /TurtJ... Clrrk. .. ', I-tIllS lit, pr"lucc takrn In en haogr lot, (,n..ilncctXl :( ; : KINKST. : A I. Itui;, )Mtirwr

Vwn nl Mb>. l.' ihnWUr, ton| AMI wllbln Ibin monilinun 111\.rnIow r. .. M. Drlner) Admlnlntrator of tt. Police ItrpartniMil 'I 1415' isP I Cat T

All tba vigkt. INIe aad ,lletM4 IbM Ibe Mid I ,".- ./a'.., thIs n"tl... oataleof Martin' l.rlnrr. I... of Mid. ""1,. diraMd fire lirpartmrntOat I Uti III, *"-- -" 1.'11 Will .>. Ja k">utlllv Pv.ty Tkur laT aatao.iwk. ,'"1'
tti, dar at Jaaaarf If it ittorm. ,. I'. 1tS./I for u monlht and ,
h-adaate bad oa lb b barIng nM la. n;oIlIer a written mitgnlinn > UHU H. ruVTKfc AI.iH.
la aart i. Ibe ><''wla ..Hi Ut III one !. Mart l lornriebl JthaI0VdF4. p14. \IttII *4th.I. ur the poor| I.W"1 1.1.u uuCllf AUGUSTINE
lad UK )ell lbr & m Htnrk W BAT-tbn*. I itaM I : : ____ I ".uT1rr I* ",,,btfl ea lo all p .'in< h.lrHalm Impnitrmrnta (. ; milAN ,, I HH) i MHO III i\r:it:
.,... ... I I In
1" Mid' to Die Mine
iWwa aa tbe pie or ptaa .U" rll* of Jar) I (1 IIUTir( ( Ot'KTOF) ) .(IlII.\, < airmln.t aud. paring ttrerta, "
the t.fHou of tbo OuuoiT Juitiro of MM' ruunty "r .. "1111"0
eoaTlMe. Htnpwir P<4aled em lit raiuMtf Ail ag irClranlng roirrrxiFIFTH 1 i-: .
perrka palater IHI. 'I JroJfopj C.- nmlAtrd.' on or before tbe flrM day ol Jul,. A. Il I IPCI. '. ""' Including'' KASV: )
raer Teraw reett. ?tiwrfi J..Ji..j..J ( .../. fur jllrfl .,. minsKi
J.tl'1l"C'"fL l al wblrb Hum Ikere mill be'Ir ii mid dilrIiWsSioC < ...."'.r. ,-... IJIIII." j J nni )1 -
Mw1 flIaitUI4IY. A. rm'a. amuo* iba rnxllUir, of r.iaie.Hltnrva I Ini'ldrnlal. .. I.t." IVTilal :
name aa Judge of Mid court, I.1 .-. > MM 3 1,
Apnltl, N. fur Mturtt.ALktikina HIT eiprnertLrtrlng -- Hili. \'If Ii (1"1' ( I ( j "IDA SMITH ,
.n.l Mate Ifareml'' '
lake Hutlrr I la Ibe count r balance
Tile .-. Ml. M pn.lpeaad U tb> Irat Ma. bitaJua ZJPS'la ran inta l itt tar of Jannanr, A. II. .K I. I ..f an unciprmlrj. I llJIIOn TIIK
KI. t. H. Dt'Rkif, I T batik* barn matte la .",r by due "ro..r Mid W". n.JtI"'rJUd" l.IUIIP j c.n. It. T. M..rUU*, .
a II will be reality trrn t Ihr tbote eeiiuiafIhatanvr wr1: tiiit: t os.I'bI .v
l. PttarHf IMTai OaeirTW 1 Klale I tPtviMa. ,
Jfd l<'. Ibe* Ibe dek>adaal reelaW at of Ibe .
liberally fur HIT impruTemrnla soil M. Au
providing KJt.'LY 1111..10.) ..Mtrlv I" i"r n thi.1* rt
tiwee *e> I* pnMpuawl to Ibe Irel MondeJaly. awl I. lbs Mate of lleortla IhiIbe zs oil v V. thrrr la a mirplu. 'Iprovldi'd the taira STall PUBLIC LIBRARY of ., 11 ill l.a..I '' 5 Iitsl.'t.t.I. i .|.ialii T. w. Lran.Ux ,
be wry- I gti-tt.i.
uf taw raiiam
J, H III RKKK.JVM untloary prorrwa .
IboUMnd .
1074. mllnlrdi of rlrrrn t.
I. over Chartailr
andlon' nf U H. llboilre, > t\*r1. Puurl* JtullrlHt (C'imiU / .. fr. lOll'. l-wiv of. .. ihnl'lark' SItuP, I
4, IKII. Bh- if Mial njuatrSil.K. I'd a-pna brr oa ai|" fit IV moll I whlih' ,.,""IIIf" tapir thrlnirrmt ourwbol.drl .. JAlk >'ii fI.I.fk t. nal
nioaarl fur .."1.,...'. II to ordt-ml that ",tn. IN" flnfu.LOVttl(11 *..d. sinking. fund of IXiiM par annum. Ila I II. :tIaI. 1871LIST I I. < II \", \. I'tlllf Mil II, fin.l uf Krwnan .

Po lIEfllYI"; :. bcannA- b*bad oa Ibe fane rbaitred la,lie. drfradant bill on. WUtSI I Trrr |,,.ueblr>. howrTrr, ..I"lh' from our pa' HV Hit UO) """'I. I. .." .11I., Ha.I Ercat au "",.,. at 11 o rhirk MMM
gras "ub.1&11.-11..111.1..1. I ._1 cannot l. .
1 1 r tII1TC.aI w. bwml ..! ,If. r..BlI do plreil,ibe aaiwer drnturr M>t be MOMsor lb I T*. l.Atlathvtttl. ekprrhitrr. that Ihe'nl.II..actual. fal -- LrairM r.i Atl' at lo |I'. ni., auiriUm.
.11..1. and thai Ihe mi nue niaT SCHEDULE:
I > Court la aa4 fur the I\tuai| ol .'.. aakuie Maw will be lake ae mnlreerd aealual ..,. III.I I Ifartbrr r. .. ii-usn. \ I .h".h..I..llm..n..ul/l1.. ) alMorb. Ih. OF 4.11'IM I CHANGE OF ls-.\
an norMa. akoni tbe tutf aai ef rVbfuer,: ordrred that a rrindnl ropy of Ible artS, Hum .worn .. | MIJ -IV.od bled .I IrpllC .. OTtithuuwail dullar* *. Wo wont'" ng.>
... ..f .... for I brr linking hind of I Our H,...' .aeb lIft .. '*Wlinr .
b. .. froM a JadiawiM la r be publlabed oBre a WITh vuttTelT* ..
A In Inlrrwl' .
.114.11 of
I ... parties not th-rrnir rrcommrnd a Ill lr a Ib&.ne *I''. .II.' Lratn .,uPIIIR. T .ll,
IWUrt o4ai. nMU< rr* M. ... A.J. PIt _lie ftvat dale.In ear or ibr new.|iar. >rre |>ukItabed 1 ..", BotlDed of the .."_n..nl of '1111 .1I'.hl..nn ...11101 the aMri mrnt rvai.h I J1:11. I i.rand Caab (m i. .
7VDue .
.,W ... aM .terll authoilinj in publtob eurloultmi. One Irand lab Illfl ,,.-. laki Jtwir al WoVhirk and ant.
I bee nrrull
... $. A Hall. ap la tbto June I'danil ?
Tan tbe Ural In of
I all,returnable on Mouua . : "
lo trust ef tAr fnert Uuvte dnuf. la ibv l<.wof H. II. ." 11I IIA Lt.. tbrreto or before alma ,. for rrtlr. .r.,1| raSh tUft ". al fiit LAhk Tufwla* otornlnc. ..
tu |plead of drmur on > 111111Ibat lltultable prurlaloa marie 9tV.i"" -
.* aad Male atomeM.oOk aHfin. l;l. Jlldll'. OUR (>.0./1./ tan nrn'Kiw
(Late butler. aiy I .
In law
)4..a.MJJ.a.l A. It ICI.: al WeVkira. ,. log Ibedrbt now due anJ Olltl..S.are paid tCa k 4.111., |*>,,iiUrar1l .. I'''."'
eras .II. I I OWAH HART. CVrk.nr to) Purrrnr,. that the Council will be able, bT ..U each IW.U! (its,<. MtTUkIal II nmm.Twaaaf,
M. ef lk.l ,,. aU IbM rrttaM ITart ur a4er et aa 0, 'w..... B. KXAIT.O.. t.IM-wl ." lead aupjleue .I.. wf PTwuMeaw .. Hradnaare .ty. 1 I. fVnlemln Twkrr,liar. r. Trarui reduce the I'll' l.a. IHIIal1 I \I I I' Atlfr thl> -i.l Ih. "| .'i, r liCTj| .r.11t __4.aAAMa.LMMI11LL.I, .. .4 a '- ..15U.WtU.i
LII/I..l'n. ,.
-.4utgJtuJaI -- -- -------- .1ftt.tlltOrIl. pIali to "" SnI-e.t "I"' I ICash imwa ftCTrii.iiri ifi. v&irrpim.i'iiM; imiirnirI
- piii .,. *R.r wIttttlnTrUttrntrttn' mi" __ : jiivhulru. 6v> MCB it T u'rluck.
K and miring the rlif drhi. \nrlou. plant ban Uifu 4.mi' each ln'.i' '" I I I Itirr 1,'"' ',Ih*
vf Krtfcjo k. Toweebtp Baaer ai. Mbl county. do brroby certlff' that ,. fme '
aw W
_lk ta''.,., tkeM IK ewrew bna. laeleJ laalrnernpyol lb. orlflaal" oritnr BOW 011 .NOTIfK.: lirrn 1'.1| lotrruinplliih.. thl.tlnilralileobjrilbut of, .rotI.S. foiIhepaTmrnluf ,. an lath (. a.'ISII tai b. MM' '" I ,'11; .* 1:11: < ir>' I'U'r., FAt3V.. at 4 u ekwi a. w. Thiiradar. ,

tag Via.lot ele.ee>, uf '.lewauf PtmldeatibTMtfapeaaelbeprvpeeiy : I" In BIT oOMe.WHaree ByinHMtftrrdaietthtii' applf fOr mf 6li noun u'.rlh.' arr aware whIch ; M uk Line; .mi' cack lilXUiIni Arrtilav JiOjimiTius Tniir laT ,"niniPw >
al band and pmI l 010 offlcr tble tbTU Su the entitle IJ Juilgmrntt are hanglui). (ash ilirtn. l.l'Hearti. I'.i"IO : ttntik i. w. PSTI11LAW.
.a I .. .. tdmlnlnlrator upon, ,. which, the count will compel. u. Ipa ftmavr latorawiliia apply$ tat
oter u>, .n IJISII.l.tP .
daritfAprIl. A. IIHENJAwIt l 111.. I Ca>h Shills 11m _It. I vi lnm htrliMon nti rf Turadar errMing ab.aa.nush
W4. I.a1A.I u.u"y.- ; in
| i J.J mre bf a Sal to onerous at lo brlujt .,'IU.I.uW.,. I II f'''' .Waif J-' ... .. .
I .. .
TaM CiUIparrbaeree' ."., lar IIUW.lUlljfli : P.. T"Utn. rrh at. Bm. fCTCU llEkUT! AduT.NOTICE OTrrtaml rummuntIf. .ash III" ,1.15 $ .','r, WvdnniilaT, fur '<1. arrtrfnfat
T'U.. I .')vim.I.N. l.'.. I log .",1 ruin lo our alrrauf 'I l I"J'(''" (, .) to each WilJ.ljlkl Jiii'k. jn>IU.in17 Tburwlair.
'harIful rUelk.ril r. -' 1-- WeiiiMiot tubinll: Ihlt I plan 'prrforl ame \r.\\: H C' lit: It 1'1.1:
_. t i'uniT; : : TO CKK1MTOKS.t : I Invllr I the candid rrlllil.iaa, the IViuncland ; l.rio.l Total ku .0 GIna thrash, ", P4.1111.01I'u14' Qi I ItE'lrItItllI .
.. )
with View la corrrrtlng, erronami
,. lemand.lgtlr..ttb. Hit' diluent a U-nti I'ltlaUit i i>rv ThumUr rtrnln*. jut atllliMun -
Theatorraalr. .. ul ,.tu"tbr ... : MmrtA Jmltftol Hmttt <.f ,1urUi, for /turnTbe I, A I IXprnon..e.tat of KHaabelh r*tnT. Brniivlt< late vt IIIITIIViunlT I to rvttolng Ihlt' ur drvlelng, another plan, I" i ,;: s.e' "117'14. I Irlilm n'.I.' anti lb.-i' I .
la ". .4*ltaWI.,4 .. (\,"NI,. .drrraMvt are tvu.ulreu'la p..II'lbe..n. I ailrlMbli'' but W.tIuufln..r" | with bal<>*,r ablll Whole Tl'-krt. t .1. I MIIIK thy, nrrhluit al Hni oo*Ji and Outlmii -

L.4.NIIEIIIF1'N. ,"rl l""I a "b., (' Ihe undrreigned, for pa)"'b'. within Ihe ttuiMvwrlbeil \ 1".1| hat glTrn ua, fallout* oppuaitlon to ar llalTHt tt "1 >u vn, iwiiiriluf.' in Make rl.. .'unhewtki S I \
I JafkeoB i iTa. 10 ( & \ I. T. CsF ( )
JIM 011I..1I I', bf law, of they that! r,.,,., altar for lirvliig ua frvni our dlmtraivfiil' Oman Tei.tbs.ur eaeb uvn|' : Kill) >0" .rk KI.-ullWlllpH.' 4' I. .
.."111, U theta are Tallil uhjmtlon. hfunding uitbol.TltbrLIfuf bats ibti'l ItllU .f .1.
IVaMWla A M.v \ loa'.. C. U KUBISWI.S" rigS I Through Tl"It l. auil .
jMaeuHTlllr. J
: Uf. l.anI I I if74. 1(13-17 Admluuiralor. diht In the nrI.: projioenl.thru I K ITlrkHt 1.11000 I .,.". lUll Il..t5.
Hallruail (va.$ ., and ""/ 17 '
I" Itt Mimeulnrr and plan at atariIbd rut t. brIg ur Information
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( "lr .MI ( (., P. UolleM.BY ""- ItilUTUUS.IL bin tl "...I.b.. ourcrnlllurt thai ...,. .Inearnral I A,Sires.Til I AllKtm.HAVIXKI. 1"J

IstThi)3) o< ter iMralMwaIf. I Tina* of rrrlala rruuvieO ta thabo .NOTICE: TO f : In our ilrtrrmlnallun til pay thejiut olill.gallon 0. Y.. iniAni.iTri: :, ... _.
Peurtb, ". ll.t of D. I inrtaia >. entitled ra. I a ill tell al publm aur.llea. rriUiO.MI who ba,. auf drmand tgalnt' ol' She ,'1\,. : i heist and ..Manager.luhll : A co "bltl, .'.". .-Jl.II .....i. t

M eaaee .t peaytiat. 11. to III. hlybMl ..,. toP .11.brfWs tbirumtJKtaM I 1\\ the ratale of .. A. V. "'. At.lna, late ol Uufkl W'* nubmlt brrrwllb tn or,"..... IIn.ld w"",'b Library ItnlMing, U>nl.rill) <>, kr 1IIt\IX IW.ItIlIllS$flS, Nt\ _._ .JI'.If ._u_ .,

,". la .i+m 'r ..I o.P dour la Ib* city ur JariKimriUa, Ini.lal rotiBlf,ilecrawd. are ..lopmrnllhi. WH brllrve Ihe boliil.of Ibe city: mar lie aafulr I Ututt 1,18'/IIa. I, JK: HIKYH: Itltl( A ".S. r'" ...
... ... Mil at ,. 1 _D" ''14. on tbe aral Monday tn Jaly. lo ibe umtrrdgowl' for uaimrnt within Ih.. tml, tn liitrrrel tnd.Inking fuutl tat rulln'Unl & IIII > IMIMI 10 .1." '

Ur eat.eurtwa.I bek
f JarkeMirtUe .Ufla. .. .,* Ike PlrwXtHwbit ..) itie Irial him,'. nf Mlueii 111.1.., : (.t, &, ,.."U be .,.. J. J. liAMIL ri'r..NOTICE. >noUialluu.AT :I Save Fifty Dollars : It. J. ADAMft? I'uUUiL OtllKli Mull. J'llMJ, bill)ni

ia. Jaly. A. l>. 111,'W Bt ibe'aXb ear .,I.reabrbra or can nnmbrred III*' HeTeo. (*IDMsbaetk .prlll. ,r... .IN... I oRMiAxr, TO rr.n wit mi Sill'. I --- -- T. A. I'M 'Kill. hL AUu|( tin.. PUaIith.4 ,'U'.. ill
1141 1' rlfblrr. and 0'l '.'hI1. kndw nkbrJaeieoe. I I 1\,,_ j
1 .
s.sI.ta'i kviaeeai tbe Waal auvrawf aateoitbetdey. imbiinnl li* In. ..Vnunr .lkl AI"'PIiC"o I of
aad *l.., iV>aip'Ji, roiirbea or rare, llr II TIH: .MU ri.our.x: :. : ,. i ''. I i 'ncp.
IkeMW'Jiea iiaerfledp raaaal :
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aft. Mufc d b, eaaJMrire aUxrawf a .ibl I10M.__._ JOUfcint_ H. ia-lkCK.U|. .HTTr.iN ._ I 1'1'In IfVI.UOl dollar ol), i iI -"I.. To the Upper! St. John's -! Uab I
H .. brlo ,/i/r (-
.4 ,) : i. -'- -'II _I". after data III prewnt our ar ,t..r., be Iwuml for the purpoe I'ltlfF.: JO n. ; ; .
ap IIII..od..f ir. .
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the ( Juilgv o d'IIt'IIf.
pertlinMarlfIme .. N..: : THE: Clltl'IT COfKT, eounla and 1/1I'11." lo uunly I ur paying eo much ur Ib. luilrbirdnrea or Ihr. II jt. :\ ALI K, Pie i. UI IS 1/a".IIoM"'ll"l) ,.11I"I
,. noo1. .. lur Bnal .111.10..11' an
HUHk MXre Male ra'Ird iMuebtM JuMelol Ctrrnif '/ IturiuVi, forJoba lorNl [rill to be k M apply .hi ",ul. .hall be Uvurd la .um. ol : : .
and that I
o" 0.",. ot Ibe eelaw of Joba I'. KarnVrxin, ilrC. .. .M DaMUB .I" 4.117"
INM .. k Hubert* 1.u. I .. L'KMiLE I one hundred I Mil" ') d..11. III and bearIng. al date inert Itt.lit .1; : /:.." "*ohDw W.irist : MBar'if jd J.lPtfl. 1101. 1)1150341 ."
M M M wary d.1..r JiilT, A. U iwtablit .' -. .... I ..-
u II .. .. ,11 rIt 1letILu.yS. t I CIlr.III\U'r..r..I1., uf J.T.1L&fttlLu.jAdasInIslIatur. I'. Mndareun'i MUItSIJ.vham.Ur .,.11..11 *,"l..nIY" iran from date, bearing I IID' .'I.rct..Il Irrait ,I.. rfultt cill.1} iur.4ri.. !I. IIUI" Trail lUdfe.i i lei. II. .
tMM _t Kuaa Uuraa .. II. Abkut'u bla utlu.I Jusa 1511. W-V4 ..' tl the rale of ulbllill( per ceuium per annum ... I : Atnd fur rirniltin, ,lo Ihc : ;;, 1101 I .!Muritu.patarae. i 11 I ..
of J.iTllle
LMSaa .1." wml-anauallf, ai the 11 I '.
railed : II rill' Sill? IW t lus.In
UqIu..aa M I I M>K4 and bT tlrtue of a uWree of rurerloeunBJM ] ,thai I. lo lap ua Ihe lint day and Fits,, S. 31 ('".. niw'r. 3iwut ; lIJa ,... I 1.' IUb'IJI.
N aalr In, SlIP ahn>e ..u,. ratter, BU'tr b, JOHN fLAHK"ORWARDI ,- I on the brat dar uf Jaouarf or each fear, MWI1I4II ::11'' ':1.1"I.

Uaw.6 11':|rv> Uraj Murx ,lk. l|.>n. H. It Arrblluhl, I..r.. Unlit, uIbfJM .VOIIK- 1 hat I brer rltltro. or ,". clIp be rlrleil > : II (.1110', Stjutirrrir lath*. : r.oi.ni;: HOV, I 1 IJkB I tt MalkMtllla$ '1 .,. .. II./I "

4r Oaiuf Iu_ *. H. Kl. I allleiDuee hulateal %fl AND COVMIIUION IlLltCIlAPi'la114 I l.r She I1IT ': .,'/ at lru.Iu. t to ta.u. itad.'. I I. ..71-1.. ._. . . . . .. I lID pm4al '11.ffltIuII4o, II'1 lump..II,
..I .. .,., pMbHrauillaa.brluniibeDoart b.Sawdt.iiInlberlir w. ..tail retail dxaler larnonsioxs mlul.li.r' ta'.1' | bon.ls with tumonif ta bate Iheiame.ullabf :I._ ._n_ ; W. A. Mitw.llvlcrIt f II. r*,B.IIIWAIrhrr. I 41, IO.la "
M .., I .JaraHHitll) IWTal' CiiUBIT, Plorhla, I : | printed orengraTnltnd warn dulf.igued : Bo. ula. .,.l imiiuiiii i.iln) "n ih, n.uir. iial bit 145 .5 .
paIuE l. ua the nm Moadai LOt I'"'. |111I.( .... Ike dill rnocrnir.s, HA r, flU ZN1.zut'uIic and eralrd.M brrrliiaftrr pruTktr, to ri- I II TEX 1 AS i ieevr Jai I11IIIIIII.' '. '''In ,,'.rf'. harf. KVEMVTUUMUAV 3.55 ll Tlir, <>neofll '' "I") 544am

nu c..t_ .. U. NU.. laj ..f eaM Bai.,.'. all Ibal ivrtala lot. I' "...1 Barrel of land .".., "Irlng and being In iNiTal) citains. .. .. .I iff prup "iy ...11..1 claim or rlalma aymlun the REAL ESTATE DRAWING I ''tit.IP, 'II .

$fut DUYl' cuwitf.Ativa. ( .uitpt.b.of Plorlda wuhln tbetaaaadaneeol. 1"'IdU. and unpaUonlbe brat day of Julf) IK7I ; Italt ... Uke lIrtt.'v. 1..11..1.._n. Knlernrieo ar7e: 'CUdSr beta \ !tim.I.$ .

u" W.I" r., treat of land made bT the panhib UorrniawBlle iGC.NTruatATiN.MH AND CXTEBI-RISE and tl BUT lime after Ihe lied day of January l letia I ,, ?Mrlltmulle. Yoliwia. W.Ia *, t ,

>. |aNI4.lliiziEt. rkarlaa ... tad mure partlGularif iltecrlb.I lTu.tllt aril .tS.H1141i31| or any of Ihrm. al a rate notIrwihan 8146,000
u Mhm, Tit : .. "-*.. VgUralag al a IlIt...iltie oa ,Iba Huiilkrmuuadarf AIDVU15a. ta llirrwif to Ihe pavni.'uS.' or Ihe .
Ihe pr rer i AMI I.'IIU'.
$ I M i.OLI>, Ami alt, lht 18"-rt".I1. tandlngt on lbs HT.jiiiis'K ,
ilrant. ,'... bad
line of xil>t eitbalu drhu of lb.eiSa aa hrretofon ,.."..
| T b> *m ,.f a rnUla, .....! l.- aloof lb' Heiilbera ..lat, line, of eaMii. % llraml A hIagkl'aUn. r.jnJT".lea'tI' boniW, nrr.ire the Mme a.1.-.1.i riiuv nirn. J tf UhllSl II.'. ..,
oul.1I ,
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I. /In.. Ibel tifrt. .1 la.llrrvlluf ". auath rt".()..,.. r>, lorn-air mmwa of balling Farketa from New York.n .1I..I.b.n..1I be tlgnrd bf lbs Mafor and Clnrkof CAPITAL i" ft-t Pirlgkt or Ihuwaif, hating. up .
"' tt,.*MM ,' I. .. ''.'',_''.rlll.''.16" .",.1.1nh I abu i Ibr i'Uf and bane Ihe corporate seal| nf ibrrllf ..*!. .., ai'iil' ) u b .i.l t. iII <> i. I Ponsacola it Mobile RailroadI

del vf"._ A. l>. .la a ._ Ibrrefn fault M hlwuoil Make la tbr wtntrib edge of a ty- I *".'k.. and thall Iherrupna be rrfIttrred 1.1ju 1171, .II'.I'
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|"f... Ike kf nf ee>. a* tbe Ul. all UKrtcai 11aa4. II.. RraTtoo'a, lavar tiy aadmurra .huoha SAVINGS BANK corporate llmluof J. ..m lll. a grnrraJ ..lu.lngfuad 4 IIUOCKIiHi w_. -J. ,,
IMiet ..1. llMI ibe aeM Jeaaj U vuaadry uf aUI l las 11I11II,".. Uati.t and Inlerml Sat of Ihrre ((31 mlllton,". dollar .
MMi' )nkuuUrwl to b* applied brat lo pajawulel ut lbs p11511*I. Most Extraordinary aad .l. 5 la nw UIU Anlll htDAT NAY IT.I "a

e* eUMP.M e kjthnrlaf arernbi'd remle.m led rurtalaaMfenaeraab auee lION M Uek. Tke I'rud.inskIlbgskl TruttCompaiT. annual Ineialmenle of Intrrret oa Ibe rollrrbuodrd ,, I'LCtSI .IbII KKKII.: Tral. wlil run M full... .
aM ie W ... "I t.'III. Mel of l lp ; fvrrlwarrt pailuf '". dtbtol Ibe Pity and trrood, to proriile a 'spits uf All r.l.lo( are oSrird To i 'hl"I..tII IIH.11N1 .
r aa. Ul LMa''*. o, f ....M; J. SI. Ul Hair.UpMlal Milking'. fund fcir ike reitrmpttoa of the bund* I"he Vt I ...... tilts MIII IK wUaT l ItS .11.,.
% .. mvett (w a-ue. ..lute we Maatrr aad atlfl UurtlfVtiBty.fuurui uuurd under lbs ',. .... of IbU ordlnanrr, ,IB "f Plate ..rFLORIDA tAi6dI asi' H.. in .orLfa

t at Mekt. flu alae ,IM leu I a Oil A Uuia ITU. l.oajpuUuaBW* Mlfltura.i tad uf all elbrr bunUt af the tin COt fri anr. tt'MlkaiTbeCllfCujtrrtortball '
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f4Ulb.Ib'b > THEllntal ('iUT) % fO'I1T, .rraal4 grnrral alnklnt fund tnd IDI.. Ulla .
r- ,. M. W. .. al the tame WHLA. | m
.L. *, lie Culinary of the Called MaM run R. 1'IUtItI.)
4 Ija.fl IVu.ljr' EIerWa.HEIIAI ,.. otkrr ell, i out. IasdIniu 7 '10 |I. lit ,
I lime and la lb.same BUBnerat
.l.r. I II Warn A* 'i'i ,
/.t. \' IIaIbI'W I. '-klll. tppllrale KM lori I lam. tad shall alike eiplralloa of each mooih lend fur Mel uf paprrt tnd wbedule ." ralee IStl'lI1I :0\4"111 l unit WOQ| TufnUf l 10 Lea iMTaUfaaif f. LIT Oak ,. L15n.AhllIi.Ii1|I' I'

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I lenere 4 Adatlauaratb ua tap MT h4Ia, ..". a t 4" LMUfaa ,
iEIEirL : SUE liar.re4 A. -vaced. *la-." .&,. IIIMid ,I Nuance, or la tuck of Iheai at ealj Truatwai BUItn.t toi.iMted ,. addnaMr.o. OKOMk.W hiVe* al jarkeuartlte'uaaxnt ) lll.m I '

ivunty vf iMiial TbM are iker bire ta Ml* .lei re.TUt lbs taa .lBelaiMlbut <; : i. itou' 1:1.1.: .t < o. laitt,.bl ibid at Ua*.
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owl ,,II .a ilncnaeed lo appear balm tkMwri. j-bevlu, I'woftrtl. ..allll"" ,...__., of -
J.Jir e4 I= ) x if Bk>-t pen I ee or kelure ike 1Mb itoy uf Jeee. A. U.fI4.aa4 ; I .... tnd Ibe reralpl of said fnulre or True.KM AdrcrtlaluK AvcuU, sllI'i., .flu' .. aup ,.1.1..

lbs lath at hUi. A. j. W aerekk*. HI a A iriAb.r. Me thnr abjrrtiinti I., Ibef bkle, I luaU be hit TOO.her for ansi |'iawnlt.MJt to. 41 fallal 110i, HiitHIK.: I *turl+oillltoUa I III t WI p us
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hrr pe4raa- erV alt tanrrfnerefred.UMhM ThaI Ib. Ir 4.10 is' vlApinonli.Imbsly
tbe ireaMtii uf Mb4 Irilrra- Depoelleal inM TraeieMur eW4illB _
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ruai ..Uwra,a a e< I *_ al W. A. MrUAK.tVvali paid.*r >eaip*. la Jaaaa/f and iball.ant ar Ibe BMMwft tbut r*<*|red. brat .1 ttit BUM TO KMTOU fI, TBI* *fii-ta. : ":- lion .11. ho ,.$,. I" H..
UwaralM..a bare..- fl.44. Jad' C.V lltl, afeaib frr, al awb rate a.H einwdlMwa : I act-rare lbs _I..U. laMaltarnta of InirfKM .. ,> .1TIIe.. 'S 4I $.bilti04 (.1) .IM I It.
e .&. ibe bwbeiat blib JitrkeiMMAe.IM >i. -" -. -.-- -- > per eve*, per aaaoaa aa tb* protui af lie an tbe 061..114.... biHide of lbs out. nut J"! It'll.IMXJ Tat watet-arvuf ai.U-ltaU ,. . .. Want
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1.1. .o.lash I *. ,i"1 aa4b ., tem ul a atlalaua luai ua tbe eMatej* Tbeeewpeaf .il.| at a mta, pap aVpualta ea fa. That Ihe fua.l Ibid cnw>*4 tad ta. 0014' sitiad ,."". _." hIt I .u Al', Ar.I r

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u 1 I. iMialnMiiM.autWvf = ajt1 aoune W '.laieeUuei withdraw arpiwlu.lettee. kMBdtof tkerlif M they awtare aad Ibe -- I 3.1) r.'lm. ATL.IPATLJ1)f
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',iafrrtlwM4e e<*ea) ba.0 l- T* aint tkxilere (a tab* $ .UWaoolllo.Q'I I ead titleerel ,' \ now. II. T.. for 1.\ .' or .u'k.1 Ithinil hull lilt:1& S IIflt'0011)Mils.
tt-a II Path
>a> .I munOar tba kta a 04 tn iltiatt of utId ae. kaaka. Ka It ale lawful earrearf fur Slat parpoae I 'J P. toeru. Cak nrB I t.. ,
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Uwp-.." I, !". 'ltlfl (uu !tI1II*. W I.U._ .jI ..Itor.o >F.their 'IIK* aauVt I"N'IOIIOU' tkl 0nU. I, ft.at .. .

: "



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-- ,

The tri-weekly union
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 Material Information
Title: The tri-weekly union
Uniform Title: Tri-weekly union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate title: Tri weekly union
Alternate Title: Florida union
Tri-weekly Florida union
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59-61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Carruth, Kellogg & Co.
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: June 18, 1874
Publication Date: -1874
Frequency: triweekly (during the summer)
three times a week
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 5, no. 154 (Dec. 22, 1874) = -new ser. no. 256.
General Note: The Florida Union was the "official paper for the Fourth Judicial Circuit." Cf. Vol. 1, no. 169-86 (Dec. 14, 1871).
General Note: Issued during the summer "in place of the Daily."
General Note: Published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
General Note: Publishers: E. Cheney, <1869-1870, 1872>; Cheney & Jenkins, <1871>; Carruth, Kellogg & Co., <1873>; C.F. Mawbey & Co., <1874-1875>.
General Note: Editors: E. Cheney, <1870>; Cheney & Jenkins, <1871>; N.K. Sawyer, Jan. 22, 1874- .
General Note: Republican. Cf. Rowell, 1872.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 169-86 (Dec. 14, 1871).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002038461
oclc - 02683874
notis - AKM6251
lccn - sn 83016243
System ID: UF00048589:00074
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: '. "" :" I ".It" .. ,4\. ',":., ., ,).....-. 1114'.;.r-r..Jf, -., 1"f"i'-.r. ...... 7'. # ..' 11I- '.c..,>,: J.1P'l1. .. .. < .1Ii.. -. r ,.
,- < ''. ; ..! .- JIOIt. ,
.It; : I I t. ". I r "v
1 j .'
I : k' .."

1& .J

-1 : _._ __Tijjt$ TtfiMtektD di11fl1fl' ,' M 1...:

0. "P. MAWBEY & CO. {T.R.tr-.t.{ ---J JACKSONVILLE FLA. THURSDAY. -- .' -- .,

JUNE 18.,* 1874. VQL V.. NO. 74-NEW SERIES NO.. 176.

- _.. d -- ,

*l'KT!; ArTKH A- SIIOWKH.IK I the maintenance Itepobicaalam! t Is d. I I:, the morjoaient to the aaknown aoUier, j f -Why I. a yoong laJj Jn**lrnl ]MHI j GEUIULDlB J'gl r. I I '.

,.r IJMt blll-fot* fold upon Md I tirable; and thAl not by tbe overthrew are beyond Ib* tree*. 'j I jthe letter T > Becanoe wltbeot the PEQFESSI05AL CABDS.A. I IsLWEotsAbTun&mALADAMA ;
Uk"tb. blanf-vUtBMl barr .1111111 It.ikf, but by the gradual attrition of =- -- .. ._- --.---- ---. .
-. ,
In .
.r14'd vllh rnnuna uid tM.ptI ."li, t-ald. tIng : view of the Interest constantly ac- would be a "young Iii"A .....' il,- -" I i i'L =._ ..
la a B e of am_IM* t twad IK. I influence of one Mitt am) another il cumulating about the city of Wathiag- W. KIIGHT, "' :
pr la I servant girl write to J.hn W. Oocernne.spe.ttadLe ti..-.= ._ ... I i'
,... I. ..vnv tit*.liBtVrm lrood approaching a critical ordeal. It taD : ton it It natural that many families Forney that the admire him iXMnenaely ..vww'aaaa.- rnTI.'ik."" 1D t\ IiEUi.NaIdsoto. V '

pf wn bo*.II lr)wl4 wttB Iklfa ml*. surely do no harm to bombard tbe people J, should be deliberately choosing it aa a lately) and he I. mean enough tar fell tbe',, IesW V tool-. B. Mrtla. I Gold Lifo Insurance Co ,
.IIi a .pI.ol trukIuS bfZ4 with good for inert 4' A CtowflU. OfV u.1 Parma Mnwi. bleaiSIr. I .
of '
rincipUe nothing '
| place of retlderce. Here they feel tbt'IQ.I 7wwvr-c. H. f rt I t Lunt ..nl .E. ALABValBLA.
fa ni>..esa ib* b.adInl grata.T ,, PhHadelpaian about it. by pUblishing'' T. MM "B. Cfct'i rMduax .'
(, bombardment ,I. likely to move/ their Sodi&recce. I selves* near a focus of law, science and It la the I'resa. 4.rt.nrM.w... ".'Dr\*. J.fitttota ,. tot-ax Thi4flt' JAs'L'L'fl1LLZfl..4rI. .. .,
** wliMltn rt ". II bI tflviteam* A-Uutaot fioItwrdI-JoU I .
la the Sooth the Indifrerrtx' Varawa. --- --- -- ,
TBr>m.B ti..III' *M*< tut Mill sad tad., Lvmt\I ty. Keprearatative of all phases I ; Cmmttitner LaaOf '
( The principal agricattrat problem in : tf and j.aw1.ysst.aDtta A DMKWc, I II,.*". (Lab.t tstgs4iaiu.t. ill
Aaa ib.main,. f*Jlln.!.*,..tI1l1 _*a. iiofdenpair, whilst in the North it I I. ofprosperity. of life exchange Infloerw hi a way itimnlating j A. >. f rt.( .r$VIO.TT.au .
writr iIy la 'b. linn of Ik* It,'.,b
fin dtt18ft' ....",IbIt .1' ptadl grail to Grant mill.I I! tooSan Initiation designated ita charter tier wilt drive mt the gra.sbtpprm $OIbba.4s fIl'IoW.. Ja.riic(1ow-4. C !) tin ... ..u..nnrJ XIai. a '.
In rlnc4. .*.I,rt.l".. fcoiiod with tn. I I The reader i I. at liberty to consider : eitablithment "for the of or tbe grasshopper* drive out the acttlm. ''wv-L Atbcrvvr. f'tUU1IUA.rtmuaa.WM 11"I'.. .'. .,." --. --.- ,
a* an luiwituBrrmt
Tk"WOTMM la th.rkirrbrmM trI..and thlitr. I good t prwttr Is tb* Pad rwMni MMMi :
,ad II,.w..4a.t.aaI w a glidad WIN.Tb. these reflection a* tbe emanation of thee the world." h. the United State govern- -The other day an aged couple drove I i Oam. t.U: cuvrrm. .

.4ppfl....,II. a .. j ry or tbtmnagne, ..bld'.nlit.* him i iI i il men for It. trnitee. By it commanicaj into an Indian* city jet a* aa cmderta- 01., .toi-.upr..C.aI.If. *! ----.-.- --. - W. 1C l.aAV.tUlaa4UaibrrPr/ *> .> (*..

11II"u flU(of Ik. dm wtx-r.n4*rrtnM I 1 l bet ; or, if he like neither he may trace j it maintained with the worlds! acien- ker firm waa moving rtto a.bK] thorrh 1 A-**ntf fyMten-u.. n. taa. V-atkeBtMrf aad I. CALL. o.ETT, A.A. H...Hum l.*itircxTf J 1 J
Tk r-x-kf Kfdxi; .111'i brrd *i>.rUt them fcf D. W.,. 5s5IUUladLdsaeT'aw3d'J
ipvi* ,I age at all but in any event be may be I poti tan, at befit, a city which U "heir of.! old gentleman stood tp lit hU ,- Circuit C.BM.Irf U J. 11n.a. (iMtftw VuUaad IfraMT.)
A id n. bysd t.sseN atloud IN'_a C Vii Jar** Hrwk."tip"tMJ
T. Bt., burn. as lib toiMra ibiax; i lure that they are entertained by the so.b.tpal all the age in the foremen file of on, with rnooth and eye distended &II j JtuHttat. (0-11-11" J... isIl). I C. L. IMMMn*. UtVj BM Bl KMt ArB.tA t
,. .. ., aDd Coolest beaded in the Natinnal the mea carrwd d2n after Sd P W. WbM a
Wbil' ih lkrtow .01 HIM bill bMw_ men time. silently coffin W COOPIER LEDWITN BV _br.rf tb*11osr4 bl atb mrlt I bo..
4r ',,,., 'la* jrllo nM of(Urn*. Capital and that they are transcribed Public ipitit. hlu.lr.. L'nrcottn'a, into the church. At but fca tanned to sis B Will, B. .Brr"-'1Ia1ll I pMtraitoa for 1_.. Aa7ti 10 '

Ah.t a r.rm,,'.ton,. ail IllaN With I",. for theM columns with no other Inevitable in each air. The hi* half and gasped : 'ryv by golly. kll J.II.4e.a. m'L'iE"TI.W. I ptm ln b BH< IMitntfcMM taWM* faijbaitM*. '.
an art .
>{ in
p r Ihl.ieai .
be's. "-tr (Or .1111....t.Nd <".. than that which should if. the cholera let' !" and lh T. fi M" M>. JaCasestIUJ, I .alatft'Iut.
gil .
4i. >..<).. vtib |"II b ocl hip dirndl .l,ht, purpose InspIreevery gallery bearing hie name contain paintings i[ they got 7tb lena W. FrN. A. f XUTT. 9fKMI A****. J
S irij rtiin p> kl.roairwtiM 40. Mow nun a ho would preserve the in.titntiont '1 and urolpture worthy tfi be the -." I tell you." Mid a ..Wl.eamia uas.' IB UMTWIU-I aoara. rfM4 twer. ru.1 -. -- ,'

tb'a 1Mn.w eno..rirr. of bit country in tact. i i ginning of a noble coll .>. C. r.coorn. .
.1.1 r_0 f(>um-Johii K.NMI. w. a ,
AM tft 4
him*unk iKl l ft* kr tern to ibotl *ltk j jf i entered Watblngton a utilitarian bit wife **wb n I came to get iwto Imi, ; Bl**.. <

A Mwrlf 1 .(rrb to It. ktwk' OrH, vlAM .; rrom tbs Pro,ti>_JourotL% ] 1 mutt 1 leave it with an idea,vague or clear !I! and lay thtr. and not hearing Lncind I=.t.w. Hi/'/"." jM.EIIILET.11AUIL. :

tb. l.ctt nnc taiump* vam to..1.. I W.\8UIHTO'f IX MAT.It that architecture, sculpt a re and history 'i.|jawing( aroood for an hour ana a half it''! (Ia5 ....:.." .. ('b'DY. GmfIt.lit .J
i tisrtiwof lalmal ictwu.s.-A. nMBltM'JMNk MflaJWHt ftlnMpk "
<.Mnl .r.n -..lo t ratur.him*- (.have something to do with the in,piratkm "|I just made me fret! aa if I'd moved into a |: t'.s.(MsIIJrr-ThOtaa.WC 1IIIrra,. .1.1trttt. : t.t* .aa4 Laavm., .. If..t....M I r... / Wholesale and Retail .
Tb- "Ilido wralvird lubra*od (tnt: i i. ,pleanant la bate one'* pat triutlm j of lawmakers and lb. ** ol anah.n ,| strange coamtrr." iM 4 P. Moarr f
II ti->il>->*n>M In(k'UTtai tin 1 ** in full flower at Ibe same time that the I (prcgre f I'. ". Dlalrlrt r*>.rt1"'ltlp I lee' E. r. Wetaate Oil draw .1
.. j Z ... ....
Of f li nt .If,.&Ill.a rax. : /,- rrI ,. r.v. It* I
i I trees and hrul l are btoMomirg. There- i .
And .. THE fMODIRECTOUTi.: I ."..- A. toll"$
tbvm tho I IBovtanw
a pnrrb t Iav'r'II. *ou ::
., tlrnrtrr, *rur, bli*rn>oMU i i: fore let u. v).il WashIngton in May.RobIn. now r.r ciintcii. __ 1! MM'IIIIdI.-.flltIP"* 1'0".1. 1)R.] n.Otcn T1cEI4 IE C LESS.
W. ''III 4-'u., IHr4<.,r-mt Mil .Dd run.TIIIIIDTKIIU i. Mud birth and Enirlitb ,coarrow -- -- I (..tqJ.. E. To.d. ki I i
*a* A.4 Uib.l, nvr1Wgrraaa4g94. rgive r their mOlt delicious mC'&ges in Old Mr( ('CoIUmore i very deaf. The g ti> .aa4 mo bmtara ffmm*ara an,*mli i. nt .bar vartoaw nrvHi Hoe to* Datal (...t,. dtWe.s.v. *pea***

I I.: ipring. and likewise American eagle other Sund.,. in the midst of the tervicfa.Jir. 1".ttIr Mftira. vanw awe awtmrtar address .W.A.XLNa. OAarv f.E.evmwvef rcaM .MM***.

POLITIC I: .t his home can never be more winmme llofl; who sits iromcdiAtety behind I .UI b*ainukd rbvv.. lie?cnta.a,. jC'o..IIJ..y- --... A.r Xrla..II.II,". Bar Odd riMviV Baa. .. ('uru'r..r Its) Mini \riinn 'la..

1'1,. W.ll.ra...* Il.plf l. III ( rlllr.. I than now. Mr.( CMIamnre. taw a spider traveling ARCMTKCT ert Juwph H. DoI'h 'U."E\' ----- .
Tb t Ix>oITtlla Courir-J
iMih' bM k ttmng eJitoiUI Tln.llc.llof" placed in I'ennaylvants avenue on one of i pulse wa to nudge him and (tell him about ,j i R.4A1t.. I-/> I.RO'A... Aw.T.n.rt1tI.00rIINf.-1.J_. j\; >"T \a, riBLtf I
these fair ant,. how it ,.fl-Ae A I! Jaekauntlth5
day nature will! : : but remembered that Collamore was KOOTNAk. Owat Oxmnbofcinm-Bltbam Jw John T. I l1ertta4LuI
Mr letters
recent from Wish\
I I begin to u .otl. In the width of that ; d<*af to be lifted hi. ""n.IIOJ brush, : /.'.t'A!\t -i.YO / 7/.IACA.. ,._, Harrhwa kos' H. S. Dor tad MUM Pat OBtai._11I,.nd CnaaHmliUkaf fat IB*atat*, .
np of
Inglnn 6n third term pnItka The motfin .. |i Al tk* PMaal 8V
Ueet he take a *rtonai pride. .\* he ed the oft unit retro t'"cavuas a -nun co.i .. I .
"terl.! part of It U M follow* | [ spider didn't aim quit i I ka "f I"Ir. w. Ktu|*. W. I.I .. .
I walk under the tree the ..- W. I. <' A. 11_.. A p\\nL.:
over and I m. -1 .
green i high enough in hit \\BnjrBrttM.Y0. FLE.IIG "
<>t1%. Grant win tlnguUrly (fortun* inIbn ,: I f>n f.i'... J. U. Hrnwn.C QNft.UI'- c* .. ., .
p flrlil. 1'miJtnt ()rant li. I len tin- radually-iUing Capitol ground, and: nervounneiw he hit C'olltmore quite a to-1\ A.q.CHAtTCU. .\ .RKYt AT-LAW

gnUrttolr io the WblU lion**. The gaIns full view of the vat, ..p.rkUnc.bile vine U<. the old man turned around in j ji ; ROILKR AXD SHIP.&VITUIXVJAMM III .f Jaek0nlll. t :
building be with the I' I Jtf-kwr IvAitrrme .,J... t rnca. BM4% "'. nvm*' On**) aa4 Bf .
.worl'l hlcli biUove* to IUCCCM kml overr I t tgrnndeurnf a rage to tee who bad dared to lake such MEKIUU.BOOKS. 'I !! Mnvta.Jwkwainne.Pla.i.i. .

.tp the v lne, iliougd not tbs power, of bit couoiry' destiny Year !| a liberty with him, and Hoff began to i j.rjr/o.Y 'Br. **. 1 I n.."* W.i:. M.W.IV-talr 1W-s.,. .A.A.J,J.Hratter.a-B. A.B. nmn t,t. >4 m. C.P. rtntne. A Full Assortment of Goods

C'imx*ur* .flhl! illt ire _a la bi.* error after year the 4th of July may have la-1 I ei plain with ge turc* the cause of the oc- (1aLuLx&rttO.ROOTS Tbrtaal.. W. W. II>MI.,,Joc>Htiff. tielLs..sIl.EIIE
bored in vain to thunder the truth (into .-WOKS ..t.YZU TWJOtjr. t"m.nD4t1 ront.n,. .
the ttl'NrrOUrII which was to be, eiti ;l cnrrenoe. Hut (oU.ruore.lo a load) voice, j I f'H..."rbI'.
hi* coociouMcii Hut now he i is proud demanded what he meant. It wa i n.caowru- 1 n.'II. FrMiu10Yv. : .
lJt'Ctl iI' 1ft Soul'Crlenced .'sItew.n In.J very i HrtMT now cLL '
to be a humble unit in the "fmlmul. : painful to Holt The : .tmfmmtr-TTiiiiiiliflrr Lanra..e..r.fl.I.t. .
>wo* tltripfof lIES tcU of guotlnJ KnH eve of the whole t'JWeA'A'RI' I ... Ntlltp w.n.or. \IK'ItITIit.T. HHIsU.WV SSTIPSGIPAIYOP

good fevltmr. M erlJrnce ,that 11.bflo' can nation. :: congregation were upon him, and he grew I> JOHN a. t>Moea ?/ V,,r**<-.. W. CiarTll4 Haw I.

heart U in the right plQ'e l .on bat H. i I. not urpried that under the .un- i red In the face, ana, in desperation, exclaimed : JH..Tl.qRT.rru.aa.a (V. tt-.... J. flaley. PkarVta. M.t1JIIo.1-aV i.
light of them StuAtor Anthony ,W. t'houi.i C Orew.at. .
daya "There .
hi. hettl U not to very wrong tlW all was a spider on your | l'nOnt410>It.
It I I. but Mother vcrWoa (.( th, eiri-| thoold be impellwl 10 otter a tribute bead' "A white place on my head.ney J / BiauoKiN: a nlti"Jki..1j f.kB-ret**.. 1 it I D..TCUJLL,

coca that w. will not (orghresgood ruaa of admiration for to nobly. oo %ived 14'- there la. what' that to von r i t. MAKi.VO.. OUUliftr.L.J1H.L1.\JfttT j,I s t. J.bu.. ..'..I..nl PvLmipat Duiu Mntd I.Jt'SI'JAS'to SI I a:. S.0a4.d 1In Pall M_ "I. 11_ -.
a city, and t to claim that the edifice in tail CQI.lJtort' "You11 i iiw 1 BfBdnr 'darkrt, a. H. WIlrr .. "
a IIDf' shorteoming "b1l.t weave fta.)1 | know what iti I.to t Hwtur. $aadsy t'blses tI. .
DRILL WKLLSw. oTalys II .. Bod 1w.tumor t rsoflb a4 Mia Utt J,e ..
which the Senate hold It. deliberative baldheaded m p a; daily at t J* .. .. .,III...nIft
to take a bad one to our arm the lint yoartelf tome d'y. -It i I B. a'uc mole p. .. IrO'OYD$ )Ilados .nw I'tuo- I *o'-aoU.n.. I.':* 1Ittn1atr. t...-
time wa catch him io. a virtue. We donut i I. one of the moil splendid atructuir that wa a rpider" shrieked i Hoff, while the II It( ..T.. "at 4<, P... rartab BaB<)*'..'... al I P.a. i .. ".. .-.,... c ;
the band. of have Mfcalna ,-.._'l I ATTI0 AATTUHMVsiATLAW".EK. of at., u..
man piled upon the congregation smiled and the pcr.iireUou i In Bnx klfn and rt Jvkn j J
mean to imply that tlen. Orant I I. a / j't uviNtiarox' a co Till <. m-nicM ,la tui JarkoHiTUl ,
bad man in the worldly ten*, though be aulid earth. KHolcing In thi fact, to, began to roll of hi. r.. "Certainly* I[ HC-VKt. A.fUUUL. Bandar M 4''* P.S. *ererv i I j

Certainly it Dot a good one if we take hi* often edioed by Kuropvtn 'traveler, one wider," Mid ColUmorr "and got more I Tffsr f' of xrracwxrrr. s:. raal' X"hu.lUt rpUra|..latiuth.l( '".l.fumrrof I1IU'Eltll2s: .
It comiciout that the other I I aisrcfcer l>a'"l n.lIWD. streets Rn.. .. B. Ii.,.-. sd'. t, IVrt4 r loai BvtMl Iac.
j ytt ttatetnentII In It than a t\I.;
Hut let it alone do
moral meaaurement 'ou -- .
: for aurveyed bej'j you ; annwou.aa. \, ',. '.1.'. ;I, .I.-tt 5k. .
Iwet'U.. therry and the champagne, It U i I. equally) true "It adommect ha !I you ,ntind You I let my Lead aLone in Hurt l'r.wbtt.rlan fhnr. b. mrnrr, uf vkww aad i .. A. Finales. a .. L .. .
; I) I'lUX'; .) MOUIUA"a.all. i I C *>. .
AJan H. KMXM \
| hardly bogan. At the year roll on, the church. ")Ir. Collamore. there a'I Mrn-ta. f *ut|"bln. 0 I' I'aa.r. O ta.
to' I te IVared he would pretentiy fall be wa ... MPBBAftP..4A'fl MNHnns rrrnvn-t*, aa *v OMJafca, .
"tcr Kuiulo
mornlBf *l II ii ffcwk >O4 I *#-
nrath tbe table. There ia little room In I i I i statues of the mighty dead will not only I bug on your bead and I brushed it off- i j 1"oN" I tRfJ/.a COMMtSSIOX.I : la u. ruIng; (ui lm'-*<-b.Kj and BibireUM' | i i iat I p. E. .I.0U\'I0". n. D. CMMI, VrntdWin.Pk,. Tftttt .T V MM
doubt crowd the ball dedicated to them, but i iI fhi and Iloff made another *H oMot k t pntrr mtlnr on ".daradv ... .
that hi way,
however abilille are tf gesture OBS .. onmrtnawHVMCIAX a. .
I I I tT..tnt&I? oVlm .. $ .
tbe governing order, and that he I I. I I j!I I I will meet 'Ibe eye in the corridor anti |i at Collamore' head. The ol I man thought 1,> )> A wmruttt: esediI1,m,li"l ii to*it<*>i.tnogn and frtrBil I I Irolt.urtn.rvrnrr AM sn t.us. I..at -.l"tInMta atite.Ll1JtIl ..
i .
by no turan drttiluto intellectualtrenglh ; pA t.gei, and Vlimvcr there U appropriate he wan going to tight him then tad there !' r. 'QO..I of II"WDID sat JI.,. i
This i la the tecood I I I and ,.WRSITI-RK. C.4 RPKT& Jtr.I .. --101'. I.. .. nurtb Me of .f am**. IB br. attaInI I I
and forecast Hi* conduct upace. hurling his hymn book at Ilotf he |I i DAT IS a MEW.i B. bai ruptl.tr,' 'n''h..II.. II...MrtrU, i'I.. oc* kolhtiac m*rs atoik MM of aw {$.
of tbe grett unndered, which he bandied I.! charm of \, .hington-th&t, like the na-; aeixeU the kneeling tool on the floor of,i OROCKKtKX. 1k.. )1,. blli... l wlttr; tmUfn ..rt, k. IHart.

like aUtctman aa welfaalik* a I I Iaoldier lion of which it la the cifioncnt, it be.undcrehpeti < the pew and wa about ta bang Ml*. Hoff II I II JOHNRIVrMtUK cua.IC.L 4r moralnt 101.111*! II OI1iWk.' rtartb.IWTal.,_lnf..I'As '! C 'u.: I ... (. w. .
a "
rmwn AV.fc
*ibilitiea. Its ..U.&lIC.. r
and his courage In tltnding bv po present I when the tel too interfered. An explanation I Laura and llaa. 1Ic*. MM Bra*a, Hr mu. A lkIts.e sad '
; treasures however than vititen nIt.L.o a w wrrux KE. i Jt'.VTICE' OK I lie"" "'.r'. Itai *..
It* term, and forcing the Administration : more wa written on a fly Icafuf the hymn j I noriis a 1 THE PEACE I _
hi's a. .
.. .IIY.ON1'
lime ''I I H. w.curwr ot Dul and N.. ''I .,.
in tbe aa nrua *, ..
can tee thoroughly they niu- I
.Andrew Johiuon ttaod it b..k. whereupon Mr. Collamore lit. .
Io by them | apofo ,! .I.VLOVKSUITBtya.. r Lad S0TABT ITBUT. (MBw Uk I. "MI CIaN& i.
a time when the paation of the North | ally allot (Memorandum fur the tenet gized in a boisterous voice and returned A. !. O RilL'S.I1.4RlIt'.tkA j, fc.nJ i -1\I'O U'D. near 5.lrtoVi' rrw|. !i,! But BafMtmr. ., .. UM I j .. 4 l. ''t
him, and when of 'the next tight m-r who may go : Nay i his HIlL Then the irrvice I j ._t'. w. O'ODOllr, ..,. <
all of proceeded.They .i.t..H. DOOMS
agalmt At
were men I
|'I week .if bat if I' j I (k>n Mt bodiiit ri,>Uni|>*l, N. I.<.,uf ". rui IlKlltHD hiLls CottL" '
a you can. go you can only think of caking Mr. Collamore B. MCKBIKO.BOEtlUT ( *.NKU:
rwcognluti political ttanding might to sad Cllubold mrcrU, ..10r.. C. Mulcull MiriT, .L,..
argue him down would be proof of hIs I stay two day.I The coming man I I. un- wnrijiip( cbewbere.noitCEHTKU'8. A >MfCOMtf ..r.ftra KEAL: KxfATK: : .t'.v \ i r"A.
j doubted! anti a. a H. "u.konL tuptlit. ". W.ft.rnrr of rib, *and t.. .
tine. often think w
JIM** of will if that had ever been doubt. I I tery one I lfV)Th'L'I/JO.fRD/\'fN10ll'iJi.s. .C.: H. Hiiiiiu<, lutar.ifrican ._." IUi ."..,... I, 1)1'IlIt'.. reai-T rttia..,"..
%d. and I I. proof of a Mgaclty with which of hint mhlle in WashIngton but the ECCKNTlttC: C'LKlt- <1 lIT. JOH'ItLaa1t* 1ttJ't MtiluidlM Wiabluglum R>*. J. 411 ,b-oil'ft' ta at JIrc l sta:. u.i.ttl and .ili1lll .(1s. ..
he ha n.t \bern umially a rrJluJ.0 man of to-dy I prvur* all kind of tub (IYMAM.IUv Hot. I B. s.'et. ..".,. U's.-. >r 4rtl. Txir. ftkt flllo IMulUnl. (." String ittItouU_ ..
t TrtnUr 1II "oI1tt f.I..I..1 l OIu"". UIIL" I\faatIJ'
| UVBMIW M. r----..
In Ritm .
attention 1 H '
ject our bewildering kf riwfc
man could have out I..tt'tlauch tcheme a. ,' upon ; .LrR&eU1A'I I JM II.-. <>o Munru *l.. Hrv.t. B. Imrartl.rpl | .< tItSibler, Jelly. l5wfa, I'is55. .Nd -.
profusion, the man r>f yesterday meet u* > Mr. Tarry of \Yorceter bat writ I 1tEJ. I .. WtU3aSAflvn.L.4.w V>"t areusdilpcas *T..w M n li, I UII. rppir Mura,
the 8.n Domingo Job and such bhaoderia. ; nr.mxtir
l ; Ei.4i. ..It o an". ht-H'.'...'!
in marble and OthC'II1ICmMlto at tea letter r cop ('buret. rukr,4.aIIdIs. BrtrkC f
the L'huf JuMK-e tuuddle who waanoljudiinlby many a taking ,exception to tome recent ,I MCDliUCa Hoonrt&LATSS. bntr" <-a A.ti'' ..Dd'It.,11 '"'' ... ro.' Las. H.a..ltIpllll! Hun
a different atandard from turn and the primitive man la waiting ta allu iont to his method of drawing I IauJIC'Dt't'S. I I' .ben Ions {..tur.BoMh Tlttim. )- Ua.I'OIT.OFFLCI._lul-ITV. |! I'AJ\1':4 AM* 5111,.
that tpplletl to the ordinary routine iii.p show ut hi* lake-dwelling and his carv. ': The topic advcrtuedheya I rut acwrrr x< vaz.flfta.aaa& 1 1IortrC lirarl. ., --- -, PrasI4.wt;

minittraiion ol'civtl atTiraai df a. the logs and his weaving in the museum of. are Dot the tubject of the sermons i>ut I klm'"LL: mirs, I >OTICK.Nunkrtaaa4Wn4craviteltf.HltA.il. .
i tlwtiinlttnoman tllltttut" -. tlnt"1itlt'-o _. ._- -.A&ISJAL.A5.St J004 "P_ ...
I'rwTJonl li.. ntTr.1W nTe"livcullar. f the t TtS. -The' advertise r I IIO.WVI.J'ttm"'r.1" t- as aw hr---- -- -- a.passn-i.Ia. i ellAgiant. T )nn-t. It .

tiandard applied to bint, why maybe not The quelon' u What 'to oiuit acting t tI. j ment and the text tallv. and a* the tonic "" roes uaesoaI I !. ._.. Unljie No. 9(1.( M. B,,.,.. W. .11.If.. H. el.5a 'IIIttII.I UM, ralMM lnMI.aU.a.r,I. .

IIOIK). and with ".. la continue to ur- j jI I I I. an important one in a briif -Iait. and j I only i Is advertued, many'l jx-rwvnt are thus r&I.nrrroaovas.c L3RruI'o' lt,1TTl .I .Altoa. ,l.*l r.1.n4 1 ad D.WnlnrwUr l.Uf*. T'"ofMb. R.fTlUr...ibrrti.. !i I rrraaa.ias..erarras.n. a. 1",. a. I. ml PalaStatta4u.p5fl$5. .

the answers mIght vary Innocents ;j Ird from a natural curiovity to "tearchI I 4&U,. .... )*Uav S-ot P..a .. ,, .
vive I and nmirltii t>y) tbo tame token oldntUiy f $4tAaIH. (U. ,' Jurat U dtre : 1 IA, riw ttfat*', W. M.; B. H. MInI
f The time are prvpltiou There I Abroad are iwually of an eclectic turn, I j the Scripture fur the text. For example; CCKCC.H IIOCTt.BKASS ," WrlMrr. krr.j ti). Jonns, on':1 BrfBlar rrtmt .,'ruessu..'..*'. I MOUHK.VMAHK. ..
: lot and l X..n.tava .
1 Is no popular Idol to erg** hi Is |>atb. and d'vclde to ace the I beat points of every Topic M Up a Ire*." mo..f..11 PO1XI'kflLASLLIOsD. '.. *oitI.Js.DILIbapttu.tt.LA.H..A.J.. BiiwrU. I t Iff Wm arm**tirrj M_ ; ,

prominent Institution Instead of studying Tu&'urue down Zaccbeu." .1. .. lu II. I'. M. "... Knl>. day IC A. a. )*,- Tutj.
There i 14 uu compact (pi>o.lUon to- say : : Jonm I tI_ .. l-kwaw. M_
1 I. few do I "'ELIn' W.UCIIES.t' B>4rul.r ...1..1$ rn.s.o' osviv fttutoodta tits ) .,.a. _
him Arrow 'tht ww-IJIng Hat( of more thoroughly, They not regret Topic Id'ormoo.'tet. rwb Bu>oll. i b. U# wtslbl. FeadItAst. I ...Y. .w.nd
nay. .
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: EISttI.t
c'LIfqT1xz& na.r'S. I'riro Lt': a*****, kwirn, **u it
uol'1 folllfied I their course, and who ran prove Tut-"llC'pblbo..bt"h wa I Lame I 0.0. K. arrIars ws.as.eaanOFelSiday ( Ilk. .
suIfrags 00 object t of j ji upon i Jonas. RIse Icwullr..u. Tw. rtmaaM ,
.1.I.ut.I i are to be tetn. The strategic that they were unwIse I They have inconsequence both bit feet" 'iL.r.GUIIt1'c..raa .:L". sesti nsvttau.ffi.i.d r"- turaday sad ... 4mp I. "aI''.. .. I'aUtt "r5. .

Iwsillons are In bU poe ion. The 1 t an Idea of the site and gen- Topic-."An .\ JoIIIa.'. Lo t UaglC.".." U.tJ.U BUSI./iS.f f ri>uiy tlutrr
knulirrn cUatr are ready to tell out for 1 I era! 1t1M.'ft| of the Treasury Department Text-MTh Cloak that I left at Trots I I J.n."TQ.U: I *e'. Urand II onfait--TD IB < W.Carter, (UirH'ttfiVH tart _am T5>,* TwvUr LU sadS&tr A I .*' "**. sad
I the I'atcnl OlHce Agricultural IV with |-6"- A (ii! .. ..
a mew of pottage. Tbe Northern 8t.t. ,( Carpna. 11Ir.1. Jaaw UN' rrvui .. rU ..
men t Smithsonian |n. ", thellutankal i i Topic "The Content a' j. r.l' EXf'",, E. r. Jwurdaa. ifercas.dImS. traits wada II' s'.d .
of .
part Strange
orderly and 1 pnwperona are willing to I 1 W. B.ANXO. >.... .... tc u ItOPK AMI I'OltPAliK:
t. avoid Garden and 'the Corcorun Art teat Trunk. 0 fAUItKilKB 'ITT.I rmml TYnuxrvr D. L. o.klr.. (M wtkwtlo). J
ta Tho old V MrtMtM MM
anything a row. j' ) A. H. MW A. M.omct .
UrOwt IOrrtMr5-D. Co Lisa '
Fourth of July aentiiuentatitlc' are grown Oallery. Tht'1.' not tatirfrd without I Text-" The Oolden Put that bell rutm a a a UDW ITB.. 'hWfod t'Psa&iia-....J.'s kin I"..,(.Jackov111j uotriM.Tb )

olwulrto and ridlculou under Ibe(j driving ta Ibo beauillul Soldier'Horn* Manna, and .Aaron' Roil that liudded, '! I'. H. BaMWU.MrUDNUXA I\In.. tIN* 71,4.tvld .... Ja<'kiu*
blighting fr"t of a qnlcal jour ill- ', at the north of the city and across Long : and the Table of the Covenant JDI1308.'UJI. 1W 'nd curairr,B.PUtTY'1. Alttrniwi au, 5457555.Mwi uilM fraai f A. 5. u t ri a. ., .t. III 10k. !

tlo"hll p. Emotional patrto.tam :: Urid e to Arlington height on the wctt. !|j The publication of tbetetubjeclt, Mt ; .,.,,, _. _. ,| f Hariri J._ U 11 ...iTnlli.i nTturl Tb*OOf V5l b.ugwt os ., 11:30 to I all.
B. a. .. .. r
I I. dtacouragttd. Appeal to the 1 I:! These two pilgrimage are lich in inter- ;;,; Mr. Parry, ha been the occasion of much I I LUll'VK& 1DLWL >\., "l*IHftririJohn*>rtri W. LTali'.IU5.tsIJ a. 'wt"| IJ..b.tUrI. 1.30 o'1oonI P. .. ,

Constitution are cUbes laughed at1 i et. The ground and building of the ItiUle reading In Worcester for there arc JUHX ruu.LIVKRY t\1k Jadrk'i'45.. M.UunnplU.14N'.1. T1Ht 0t'IIaRI.. ea- alIt 10'open IIsl )KKKD

or dU<"i-d with hldi1r fYOI The :> Boldicn'% Home are eitmnely attractive hundreds l who regularly tetrch their be SUBLS. MisS Itutrirt.-Jm *U. *p< r.H'cMoruatiin 'rl". u- |k* rr
aober coa ld raiU'o ,.r everything except i I in thcmtelvea,and a* a refuge for the dl. 'i r<.Imo and dust covered Bible to find C. B. HcCLriVT.CiXU. 'lrwat sTars'ftidr..n. ..c..II.ITa.II'J.rria-a. A. .. Bull n>n4n>d. are bHa duuibutod.MOSIT Hay, Corn, ll.tt.i J

1U1l.'IfUipg.I'tulrubluo.bl.: t hbmildaa I. abl'l blue coated men who are strolling ; out tbe corresponding text of the next I a TUBA UEaV Orml JfltA ,ow.-. 1ItJ...
able and ambitiou toljier wUb a 1| among 'the thrvbbery and poring over ;,!; Sunday' sermon MI plAn," he coot In.geti ."QT.IRI; rt BUC. ''UN'tlUI.r.MI.L"'iN'. Hd 'noAt..iIfIt roJf_ I Htt..j .are'Ia1IM rot IbUIk'P pajabts Ie I

._ p.t.hb* u..,4Pp.estitH.Th.e.. newspaper in..the. rtadins ruoov the; ,. rery Ilmplc.&at. 1.&W any e.EDWARD" t !w. rni:.->tv.- iIlMfr ,J.o LtIgga.UVIIIA.tintwl t I'i I aaf part,W IW tUv4 qiki .ka4alpBCTjm jwii.i ------.---.---- ttTOS." .:-"""" AUK.t j ; _

it no l law to furbid a third or a fourth ,! seem ta neftcmt at 'to be Mill inure fair. text ; then 1 advertn* the tit!* of the r t /.I/AT. OILS. 4.l I I I'oor.-B.u. "krru. saj1asaI, 'I a1abesM hnula, tvttweUwl awl u.,.,.
term, and tM CIncinnati Cmnmerclal teltt'ut 'j .'r ideot Lincoln' IIDUeO standing near text ; next I make my sermon then I1lracb. j'I H. a. it. wr&toru. : 'ke..t1'ifftyfrlrtrlI..c 7isvr-.D.l C.L. oa.l.v''.Uoa..IJI.to.s.I.-:1JJoo.: file IblWiwlB. *M lbs ri.**f --tr..1 I ,J 1tt6."M.....a.

that if Ueti. lli0t be again etectvi), ;| the Home, la pointed out! by the aoldier-, and l"tly 1 forget it, and leave hI j nfr"'CI.tXs. 'InNsJ('iil4iILrV, Juba I IVBBT. f..IIrrI. ..Ta M*IJO mutf tfOrroUrf m w.> rma, fc*..

It IULit I Ixt with the content uf the people i guide, with tbe tame reverence that a cnlI '. ta the Lord" A. w. 1 041 V.ll.ws. r. M.

whu govern and <;ao prove no great mate I[1 ored uia in town bad shown when inJi1 : j.4.J.WA rx ''WJD i n-ritla l>-liiStf.. I. W, II. .... !. li., *, W. nonamc easir." )IU1IIIWAIIK) .

ter after all quit forgetting ,thai ,th* eating Senator tlnmoer' houc. The number A OAT WHIPPED BY It lit HI4. i. v BrrfcaT .. 'wk.r. U. a.. .uUr mrUUfs *vrj Twr urn 00 0.lot aM aol.54 sitdlag |k*m SloweSt"
tlotalUm of national tradition aflrcta of colored )pwple in the galleri\ of T. l4eakk.7t ar ..... i I txcf rii.Ml u-.a M '
tie riCMttt "
a M> U "
R. Amdlww's Ualifi of Ut.Onad talid Qt4tt ail*. Air W4555 Ut.,1arub N.m
fra. i al
tbe mural nature of the Stale and that i Congret and in the ttrrct of the city Ut An exciting conteatwa* wilnewod in% X. 2GCUU. S! ufctlcltow*. NU. l'tIIt.. A. .1. rI.tN.Lu.G. urn J.u sad aol saeaadt*, 5., .. ', ...TIB "aa .1'11oM." a

the plea that uih violation have- lbs i t noticeable and In driving to Arlington the court house yard ou Friday **. lw-1 I t'IUXTJ. I". V. li. ; J. V. *imo>*. P. IIi. r. oteroa UIestblsa4.olsasaaa.w 11\ .Poe., Sln,, TNel Itatcatea. J LaaIreca,. .
nttn.QAUUOUtB. .
III. Id .. .
aad frn.pura
eta Tbundar luaoa aeiy nar'rca.Os tie4s .
auction ff "the pcojiU"1, "it Ibe oMnt of on* term ta be entering Ethiopia such I II t a ecu a cat and touie Itobina that i Iii| i -.. la Wi5hI8II.7i,5hI. .oSuri s.d 5. I.. I...... tta, Mppvrv tMltte...till.

mlchv and gag, 'fauilllar( I. lbs nioulh t,11 I Is the preponderance of dark fair Over worth chronicling A robin had a nest ( ('LI I ... I I I 01.1. ... ate asW.h.t ai'wadtag SI'UmlSssduoles.wstlertw .'I II Mlllm 1..40h....

of all whu Krk the overthrow of etablithetl Loug Bridge, where Northern tUOj'4marvbe.l under the north stoop of the court houtv D. GU U.IJ. I timID I".. *". r i I. Wbai.. .C.l'. .J. tJ.I .\
and ; ,A too. a. B. A .. lUf ulni _lBin..,rrt frVUatpH 0". *.. ... 1WIn. .fl'"
thing Violence ta known teas I ta their death traveler ride oa Friday her brood of young robin lions.J. M toaSt T WiW HU Uuf .... *T t tI'sad m* u. 1.2Enw'Da. TOII tf'111 AM I) "ICUJtiJ,
wa) lit p'inlkbed. Viotenr) to traditioait ) slowly in 'the calm *un et.light to the mad their Ant attempt to d1 one < JI1UA A.1VBMJV..uurua. I' nlatlEr.
historic from those ball bird Tn pran.* B.*III**. _
r*_i>lmioti.rinalty country troop poor Hedged waa I faborioutly j 7/.V .1 XIs .'iN IUITllit'QNA$ : Jwkw>*>lll. Loo*t'. So.:"I, lna.iwBiluei wtrt ut ".,UJa left t 1M l'Wi I I 'ek'u VlrtaJa TSite-es. .ta4lla.
the condition bring ripe, and lifted, the chain The beautiful city bee lying near the ground, a ligeiUh looking a, M Hcaaab.A Skied TMB|>Ur B. t. Ward. W. r. T.; A. '1 .___ _. __ ______, I \' iii.II ": :ti .i
lb. CthlDU} willing LiII: sure that thtumof on one *ld. ut( the broad, river the graves cat spied and gtve it rbaae. The bird W. UWtQl.tJA.RT.t ._*. W. k.fa,1. 1', .) 5'*.*.. tI" tWuwId AMMIMR Iuu4 i =

. u. who are dt'po*d to make a nghlfiK tiC Its defender* oa the other and the Potouiao flew a* best it could, but the itt't swift, ,BR.- _toot.'. ,la llHlr Hull la llorf Blurs, scare ;1 aitast MkVtf WAKIaOik1*. "ie .
) jI i I ,
lUpubtkatt government and who : U ua longer a dividing line but ,' ttealthy ttepa' calnexi upon it, and the e. W4..1T IIoni ''l."i'.B dM |I- t.4s.e of TMBprraiw M.k.ta lUKUCK'S AUTICE.l ) : .
S uwan t. tuak* at kist W>* luore tight In simply. one of the uncounted Imam of a. fate of the bird ..tM-mod aealed. Hut it* CALVIS OAb. I *. W. I' foe., w. .r,...,. B. a. $.'esIq I .
I BMUBtT, every r5UlWa7 01.50I II iC r_ u, way slab cm. ., .rt'. t4l' (IIItUl4.ilmaw. : .
a&ktnJ LL defeat tht wcood re-tlvitUm I ur' great United country. Perhaps a little t rrin r** *f rr.,.
Ik. Irani, mat not tf they fail. tee In uperttUiou shudder tccuntpanle the the cat pounced upon and *ciied it la THE t'MOX nL$1LSIC.ILtt11U.t: a01ca14Isa, Onl.r at Goad aw4tsn iw avkt .'.-
th r.t sight ofth. red I Jt.\II' her mouth half clOUD ;: Trtaplan.(tras J..kI1... a. U. w..w. AI awn es******bass _
tbe per** vf the "Cretldent t pttmtnentruler Virginia.Tbi old robin lit oa I B. T7 M. II. WI.,. W. b. a. MM<. rnsp I *ui>h sad-wt ib*kit a a* Iff... I FLIsa. .
M twxplAUl% at any ulhtr, and having ., !. t I. tjuUklj rvatoned dona by a weon. ., her back with a fury that was perfectly wmda' CCse10(; M JiauavlU todw Hat. T*MM Ib*oMbwir uT Mw (wv; ..
d lc'i plf d of good govtrnment front .| tbouitbl a* to the geoh>gf of th. r< uto ihlng to her cauhlp and dropping ': Siimpjiffi! ma'. "_.a. 4., s5f.wSt t ailS 5.4 : I
T _M Uk* IM cast WH It salad
tbe uiH-eiUlDllc% and rifruplioa of ual ,Iou where the r4 And stone of thebmlthfiuian her prey. at.e. Incontinently turned tall : I Vt,. JhpanI.ul.ceI.1 ,
,, .It ttavea 0555515' lbs c.i.a 0. Isap I
>efMl Iutr"'lll\ that they may not becomercctvnnletl building w4 obtained and and flew acroa the yard, the rttenttea* !'I *-. -< i t .,iflf t:iw' .Lt4'I5&w5.AIi*l,..I J.. tIa.yrk.Seoc4 Hurt.etrit "- U..lh\UX4 FerW.Jadtarnst I 10Mif' irIi1s. .- 50

like theIr neighbor to the 1 wjiere Uriel are found alm<"l ,-..*. robin \wr.uing her w lib the greatest fury *. as a ,. mI .--r. It. A. L'&.. ru. j j e'G n. V* ."mkich .

ttroog. mintlning btnd of the one man ; lUack men driving home their cart.Iron and filling the air with their vengeful 'n I5I1iCIt.55 BUM n HITft: ,H1mstmtw.D.'j *!* MB i.* *..a&ate aivua. Fir Enfte HaI. T. J. HoSt riRST-Tiass ""." \I I'i I", will be sell lea far 4'e' .
1 ruraa
parr W. .. uld by na ai eaAi give out the eitenlve AriTngtou Ukk-wotk are cne* Not until the cattook refuge in t r.... Llaa "n tefla* Hu. *. Wullw 1s.y :,

the Idea that we are to h"e a "*/> fit-it : Diet in long pmcclon, hat that were the adjoining building did the Mrd f!, to*. .'I.i *, a,l'a t '4. ti C i I.&a .T atwti ,_. ,JNVE8TMENTIFOR JOHN) tUttI011 \.
la the Frcwh. .r tkat there art to ; once alive cabin art to be teen, and the ; ghe up Ibe chase and return to the young i j, wesoliuhsia.Iat4t1.si.tft nun u ASset -Hww.. n.i.nr K. t. C. <. Vadrfnfi.tw ,. '

S be' say eroau* or tceptre about thetIIlwr.It. tidy Krvt\lmcn' Village I. pointed out by WnL The Utter wa* unhurt and, the .OMSHH *'. .I.$tt fl14b31112i 6.r. I unriowl*,*n.. |*. .. a. A. i. I I. () SALg.'AJ "'-." Iv .J oN.*1M. ..

witU which we may be the driver of pathetic counteaanc SVb*. aoiaa of th* contefl having drawn tt the I.. I.a W 1 .
the of la reaette/j .five Ur i 'I *. a : i ABIMMqM Hm4 Bad Uiktar UuMMBf N*. 1"T. A.I| THUS flVBT II&It I at IU'11". ti4sg. I I ," -
Arlington tpot twenty or ether v area
gate thirty t
thr' "iwa It it I nut bt4"1 r *5iUh cemetery roUaa it H il*. r.>r'**n.Uarf7Tra4. L uIII Pai1.'a VvbbwA.wt. .
U I I. already ''d fut the night. AU that cocoplclcd the day** practice Under .il IS"' s.s n tt ILIt..t$ A. .! .\ \,
i>etu htel' II Uftait tr ftiraUh anew 'to each ... sea be doc U ta bait 'lirfW it and BeadfU protection, and amid a eUtlerlog of :nsri3.r' 'esza.sa. r/L .. nf I*sir Stieas 'n uiii ASH 0 HOC It it*, V.
*puruss IMr-
rate rrHtltUxi. X f da we with to be ln* riptiout bird torgnea seldom beard in Northern \ 'II *>.. _pit.iam...PPol.rcI.ta .I I'
H. _
.. "U'-t'i'. .t :! .' 1 .__!sstb.Mt4s.r9rrotlea.sspjb! aA1m1uL .
e4isnGciu.. ? ataa mi.k _
- nadattoaa M tarter tbst 'ttlll wwanu'po "OB runt*!etenaM "IJlP11ICrnelt t1I"'nt1PCf H l 17.ulJ --- -- T r-w--? jrm'ilf y-41..s4 54ft SSeaOal'a SOWi_ -

'' i* Aumka "-1) uiwrA.might n>ii Aa4 bt IMIU" iiM tr*M n.CUI4r.

U l1f'fhrabl./ to the .ur of the wob uC...a-t." N.w Urieatt* bileve4 tbe wtata a I I ,. ., '*. tI.it m"ieii'a BkttMr. .. earwf cot n.* tod I{I LIt,I*. ht.. Lsaur is SAIa.. .ad ', HHKAtrt
,. -
Mly awl .oajurtly) wblded. AH that : Tb. 'QIIIOQ of U.. Iff U constant ( 1 _,. I 'j ., t 11 Ci: ,. 1 IpisSLb a. .-51)1.05. .* ..W. issue, tu.lu.( f,*m UW U Ui OH sa4 ..SbrMa.Twiti .
cwrr ( caaj supply trppkal fmit. tad la j .,v. i i; .1\. .. t t. .. a'' %., p A $*f aspw4 M | -
we pre'lltow i to declare' la that the prtet- *>.. through ,the ah *fJt and in J A*.-i gain; to baud .p a **.in.hlr> ,rioo with 1 isittntaIa' a .Hlini. I' t.*. r.j** c..11.. BuiklM isy. Pw fIJtt'mese'al5j t. 5-Akea, an1 ,
ofuist tutseweM 1_ aU 1. I Itnalaa 'i&ttteitciltI u.I&ItIrL H r-. .nrkcxo.U .
tallun "Irt" litg the tang front irouaJj whkU core for that pvrpo. I
....J.. (0 11 V n.e Tun.U,.
lit .plril aol In in faw, with lie trip- were 'M. *od are now the cavalry11 OM! .Mpix ; ::",:--1 .kf: .
than two U wund ofnestr.tatstatbsdtj X.. -
BrU u
|poss ih. But ama aar B s7, J. *v :,.. .nT. hi ii.t MP.aUKMM .. LanV4M1&Y'
d"tl&rtfUllt ....1tc' '. .eel tae tcUtUMt* eta it l 1i4 aa aartaUag* el JJ1en' tj Cbartfatoa '' "A.f', T I. lt .ai i ".1 l prqnflrtort M, 4'usss. u.Jt trees I j 144.HLir t > G'IIW"' '
' of ; the 1.1.> ".inhu d UotUI 'a I. were e r a. a aa4 ..IIA-4b iatMli a A..UI5aaia. ,
.e LItt* IQ n : < jjiavet tuutied with uniftjna'atabe. but wetk forfeited the .
14 Stet(
, j t for *' U-14 .
Jvica" < u.-
i I4- I ufT* a '5.. Mr* 1. 11..1. ra41ai
\ ti a eowad Jttpnh1 : IbM The ether Iii".. t L.cht1iag paytoeait at taif*. ?/:' I II I $1-. .- ,._.'11&.. .u.1. .,f' rw.JtoT.f-.i .fI .,; LI4M ,* ,'4 j i i,;_.... I .ca_.

I .. .I
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_. .._, .
,!., .-" ._ 4 "tJ.'A.., ... -,. '-- ".A.. ',aar .Ai -" '3f. .'S-- : .- : .- .-:- ;--..: ;: :: .-; .-, -t..; -. -- -- --- -....,..l' ,.'.- -.I.Iit.JI.b- .. -". .. rw".1/. .--s. .. -.-.> -.. __A'J --.:. ,w .


'...... /-'ii... ,' f .' .. : -.--. .
,1. 7. ; .
_" .. ;. 401 : f-.' .-. i- -- r '. .- -

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., ?
-- - -
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I Id' of B. w. nr. I" CAPTAIN wmn u, HOTELS AID lioARUI HOUSES.
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Florida Union. i -
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