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&ML* '
l, M. Aabrrt. #rraar.4.su {|I ''' ', ... 14 per Way. By Ibe vv.k i.assa4 ar* la* rIA of -1lIa 1 i I lib* ctwiiMjtir l.adj-Mr. usluctof.I or. eat *.bl I Arlu"-SCr.-a. )... .. .
truat |B>t* BA a aOft .
M ,vcKv ttl a.N'14.S. \i llVl: AM! SAI.K. hTAHLES. aisp *P' 4.0otf how do >.. buUI Ibi** c.ni wb B too | Woolalej, dated '. ktW.-J. hI.aq Gas.pw .

1 1HTUCAVT .t* *et *l .M rwtn tk* Mb. j ILNliU AAD E* WIT ... J P. .. 'I want l. m.-- atop t (.'- -"tuitaVUir M*1 !I .Xuiirl uffira baa I ) 1bss&, M.reb 10.

a.aperial aia.ur. wra ..la rnmt [ t 'CIL.T.U..H. FIB"wH flrwaPartm 0. I,. : aoaggtw .n 015W.UsulhIpaa.s.&idIlt14'sa j tbe I".ke. whifh at :
of Jrtiwi t j j an, w appt) jtMt .1 l h. 4.41..
tbeCVart IWuee la euy Ubv .. .. of gif.h. k. t... QeoW III. ., 'I
M"**yi tb*... ., sI Apnl JWI BI BUM.ora .;I ntt twai.-4 Ike well kw .. M _'. j dnrirta* U wrv* rBiaMnate .b..dd IISSII.O1vIIIamamaapspP3i. then [*4) bupp-ae, Mr. (Utidoetor
I by laSt,, I* Ike abxre artttat. I w I lib lur t tat U IIJ Eacl..afo.-41mg t* 4 II. ...,
*uva after IbeA.ktMtr ba iwafOaabbi. at nibUvAaMWa I ktra.-of Dwval and INraa atnwia are .w ,..) .. .au delti... l*> U ;I I'thai brake thuold .". wa.. ""a' doilu ,. a r.qaasi| |1"

...all..UM.a*._tal.,1IIt Ask aid q P,ars.rebi aW.offcutd K.u preaarvd.ki ParBbtk ii .bt mi arpsra r.| u4 reklrbM sa usa..a&Kl aid fail --- --. --- I O *r f..aad MM e>radM( ... .. litre C.oHurtr-MJ.. .c Iht-n TMMMaab ad I II. 1IpPWsI* '-1. Mat bos4. .,

ljM.4 tw baial CMtaiyt ttaM of fbeMa *adtaatkr. t ,. snus aa Pssa.imy miii \ S1ILEYwMapteaM4 0* f ... ...If. .. apply the .JQW) artiag ..., which you al I. d>r let K'tef't aus.1.a1 l tUo dwil. *al*. *4I Ulet, ...
.aad d tiwd OB tk* >k4 SI pta*of tab ., ..,...l,,..fIotI&,a rs-w ttf J1OtSE '
r. f\OU.Mo. iSIST OPJ'Ji
nod tlf lbs fnturr .aejill.
lit. "tiler Laxly OrU l"
al car* .. |. oj -
( t
tar ..rn>eaH j* lbs r.b*<' uP l ta .. I.- .. | *4 khM.!>*, .- tttttcva, lMa.7MaiM I .4.s11K4m"ararr raapvM..U,,. LIla IwMk.siQ .Mt.1bCrfl.i. iwIlwWas4III1t1t..it9ulr'a.Pli4ullilgfii ab HjU| BUI t br 'lJdk,., l<> iberk Ih* cart.h 'I"
i aid billet
atMtily .' It
.. ,
..._. Martaaa. fwAl.TaMiT J bit. ewort niMkaUii ] I"|: ,
\ .. ... .. .Tf 'JII|1 We llMrfl C>JO<|lKttK
.a*,Tw. iy 4w.*a4 Taeap'tkiwa.' **f '1-.11 gu lard
\ A u t- Ill lad ... .. .. .... I. Iaa& &Wa,4tsst f. It and briUi ; push d.ar-hl.|
en.a .w 1.0 SaSr = rub ,, yrtarls IK ".asp. .I .f. Milan*. l I. .nl <.lr< lile That ds'imn41
r. r. ru..,.. IIftula. $ JM Ana at 4't.|
DWDLlItrIy. a- : toapM
pif .au&XanK$5If f5ii. It lAu I" I* r**tkJk bow* alrtaL a ;. I I 1., 1JwM 42uW ,. lt*. In' la tblt 1. .

UI ... .,r.1. M. task1 .1. **all U*Hawb. I*lit J.cI.usW..Jiftk1 1r.I. I-U wott4. .a.d .N .., .., 3e0Iss1.. .d kb... 'rlA..


L .

5, ,


r_ .- -- -- -- .-- .- -- __ n_ _.n ___. : -_ & -- a S

i) : '. .. ".... -... '. 'Y' ..". 1. .f .. 5"- ". ,
------ -

------- -
: : .

Ii: '

1Loulaiaoa .

--- -- I
and dcney of oar pelitic The waalug power of I II *o diagrMernlly corrupt Theydid 4/FOU I,., \1..1
what coat time and to now
a* money I
Tri-Weekly Florida Union.) o*" 1"11arf i _, the o..IIII.cn- of nut care whether may beconvicted of LIWS OF TIIK: TElU' fl.OKIDi,
h, cri aoor
1 grape to o.o.t the charge cr not ,In the Interim of hi* trial rAe m AT rut
-- -- l.rg' classes of lat."I"' rake PoiiitsNorth]
--- cT.n..ltDiY All
= 9KVKNTII: : MP.islttOF
c Tilt: I.Kt.lSl.A-
Ua anee to a party which Mb to keep Its by the court of'lttvpebment They ifcUd
19 TURF:
"t.rn II" JO1IX( U T. i
promi***, the eettled set incr*. iag dUnatl to gathr power for the overthrow of the iBKOIXMV' J""IlI:1.1 *

'...u net take any In .tf!..." fartten of the eoeatfy with "if.* adalnlttratlo Kelhi**; government, but nnbrtunately for TUB Held' nnder the lletUvd rn.iliailaivr

C. P. JUvVllEY) A CO., Proprietor I The perfidy of human ae.attl.i forcibly | &II it .anlf" no reform in 1ta'r\oOl"'J| them the Jodkt.ry Committee of lh. lloo'* the Mate .r Flerlda.Iltirtea .

__ abown in John Ifs;'. poem entitled "The !i menu and In its .trcAtaaent of great' has found hal their chrgr *r* not _tal".1 First-Class New York Built Steamers l I'7.._|Xo, I )

--- Point published IID :1 .L IL __ the evidence AfT for I ho ... ,
: Pledge at Ppankr tit t1 r _ur. by prodnced. AN A entent and 4\ i.'iiBetrwilM. "
5. K. SUHIEB, Editor. J: DICTATOR Copt. Vogel .
,. "A'p The fart GovernorIratio K.11otJc'i hrlnia ,
IUrpir. <.( M rch the 7th.. .that
Bn.ime.e Manager.IW : .,.&.a..... CITY POINT Capt. Scott. d> if(tiot.'. nttr Add soa(.
J: f' U1fItR, h. ne4tted the 9ute ,lnmemrably ,
__ i Jge xii a pledge, sal aboukl notj i Ifcwrox Marrh II. .. 45. Wh..11 personal ph.p.rtt' ,htl::! I.

have been broken." It U pieamtnt to.I Tbe city KUritar hw nla decided a almt -tbat i I. to tl:>e bmlne*. community, and kited, upon| t-r any tateo. the rotlf-t..r thai)

We do an* ro.f **niiyinna Vum and believe that tiiMic -'_"; atwnka' who hJ i, women on the achool boatrd. thai peace and prosperity bav repUced rnla flu |>uhli
woaenifwtlun The cam anr'AM. iTT-t:
:' act the clock half him 'ane1! II i : twenty days prevlouf tu the "'.. by *'.t! r
aa run
_lit HI en** 'IndWpeeaaM UNIJ DISPATCHER. '
rtrrr EVE onraetvee that this
ever afterward from the cnmNJnction| of to congratulate greateat tlaefiMat, Ui be patr up In hnv. i'|"il.u a !
ty of oral teaL "liraTe -. and mot unprincipled) of all the effort of the J '. 'D I pliers in the county, one <>f wlh .l.,.!ll beat
i bail Mamner.
W taaatmt nauRi-uk* <> tulll It'OCf'. (
nMt. j democratic conspirator' h*. ben defeated. the mart-!IIOUM duns W"h..r.1'11, ."I lr b.>
_..MrmtloM UU *f n-4 draerv credit for holding op1'1 i Boarm March 1 t. I" .
i Mr. Ity ; WedonobeiitUM to warn ('oomi most .., *t |'IblkIt'IIo.a., and the |r"'I"| .ti\"
1 to public execration suck unreliableInen A ..J frcHng h over the city, canoed by .. old .11.|*ewot. if prartkahle; but at any

DEATH OF HKJUTOK HfMXKIl.: | u Tilman Joy and Abocr Fry. While the dying condition of Charle &mnr, al- eulemnly Ibat any attempt to dittnrb the es< "- 7" "' time pr .u.lo the*ae) the owner or ..\m.lltor.
t -
hating condition' of .(hits In !Ixwitian* will i neb prcwerty rosy relen* (beset". \liy" lh.
of Smttor' Sumner ,illl Tn death there will alway* conflicting \ bedeoonneed by the fair mlixted a* an act ofInterfrrenre pmytne.tofthe taira and rharire. !for wlmh'
mil over the country of the eowdoetf pmiwreMforthetnalrrMlt, yet.the death of I Ute Mme ia liable to be !". In
m.I.I..hb !tI..tlnt the propriety with" a people who have steady The ITT POIST, CAP?. J. W'. riTb.ir.iui.. .' :.mi--'or.'I.'I! r.ir n.rl. ritryU.mday "\ rats any
i II the all absorb ... I'nutv.fnTjTJinridajr!= ; "'r111ha.11 be mark, a* afarvmkl. the .lie
living be filled! BOI dense s great and good tatmeme and amv at Jnrk on for MI wen now f' I'anioo 8kcet'rf, certainly no I eudered InnameribU ,, ,fluh ami (liarleainn ,
at af .
t and of venation of wrong .aclonvUle everr hider m.>nm,, rrrn n-i m n-.uj..rrt\mg tar shall lie entitled) to th* astute In .., 1
to the ewtntry'e hUtory for I continuing hag theme, topic ourpeople. IIoIU",. connect with I" Xi" York 'niM. .
I urge( a *f>arts can lie made for IJmcnn Kedge'a ..enn! Mtlvitnf M .I*ok. charges 11II are allowed hrrlftn u.nu \> n
I The Aagail .."... MMaet nlr rAyqIl, CAP?. -. will Irate harlraloo every Frt-lay .
the pf ejttrter at m trewtnry. Hi* tu piny away the boy*' note when 105,111.cipryten. ). RIurntnawntlealc |<*h>.. ctcrr today ".tnlorr. JackMrnvtlto .* trap,
I me DOT. .Aoi-v4 March II. rrrnandlna th > .b,. arrlMnc at iBvannih itwl rt>* |fW1itt Sec. If the I let kit lnwnithjr .
aMlprdf'l.ll. for el.1 lthnoyh | TBMMnU Mnrnlnjl' In Mil rise lhl% < amine 44 |>rni-erl' > i | .111 I I "
death tcoIIIf8 to M !i lock wn again him. WMnrwoToii D. C., March II. The race continence at the Fair Oroanda every wedneana*. olil. 'fur more h. amount of tai" 's

Buffering for ,the year pat in 'e' I Samner died at ten rolnnte before three to morrow, continued three daya. Twenty STOP AT .1 U.: 1.1fiX' TIIK ST. JO/IX y R1YSH ,I j and roilrdUm fee. I Insurjilut shell \>r r.

riot "IJ'be patillc had nlffinat tome I i All uf our editions for tbe put two I II ',. lXae of the heart wee the ewe five borne have arrived' embracing the eta lL\TKt :- v !I turned tw the j p'r on in wh_ |>oii'.-(.,,' i '.
his Mid |>rJ J 'rtj wet when the Irty n.. i A.' '
to ..pet M" eoatianatec in preeent 'I l week, ute for tune or two day*, have ran of hi*death.I ble of Bacon Weldon, Lewis and Hltcbeoek n KNOM, or In the owner uf the property.ire. .

*uhi MI indefinite time yet to come, I ihott before tbe demand we*all applied. I BoeTim March II.' Pool Celling to night Weather unfavorable TIX 01, '' ( 45. In race any upon "i.i

Xehhc the Senate uttenr be had Du peer of issue l lf IIIIII.IIM; t, I' any tax may be .. e* ed rnno., rdmu.1 i iperwinal (
an> Maaaachneett
We printed slit; quire*! one !i The Lower Branch of tile it IiE1rtI: ) ENpiitugs: .
.loaal.' "ot. ohall ,hate rmnui.l .f
Jtajraried kunking. in untiring attention
to bit dull**. ID *e .f* of intellect. read rnnugh. of the new of Mr. Banner' death. Tbe soak tx .Uht l I.y taw to be rollr u.t .! It

more then Kuouu firmer* u( purple ID I (tag* nO the public baUding throngboot the Mypbu| 'introdaceil' a bill ap Taking Paiurnxrre \\'I'tll'"" ('I1.'tt of l' to I hall t to Mwlai r.." the mdleeliir of the MI..1\

propriating/m1 for Improving the mottlh by wnrr.nl' to autlmrin! the "h."ff..fI
to Use l"r<>adet principle ufb I [The JmtWftt Pro. IMtinfrhM |mblub l 'In ; at half mast ( 11AItLES'I'ON uim '
adhering city are VJ1N\1111 and .
of th* Mi'.i aipl>l, end endeavored to have it S'J\ county, whenr mush perMin hall r. -i.1 I. 'i
sal ulI.lhotlaJI.IIi'It"'I.' IhH pipet.am ruratoani io at by tile ouuxcnn I AUUXT. X V.. March U. III'' .
man rigbr of Immediate levy and rollert nieh las of the '... .U 41 .!
and niy rotnU tr1In a* a matter neceeaity.
Iilrtai/ir passed
of Uw stammers pro. iMlli i
nor the wwintre bMi be M> patriotically The dentil of Mr. chewer wa anttonneedU And \-iniu :tl h, j Ibrrv I; ,'h'tal..1..d. and rnrnre .. at the |I">rr-. aS.
ttM tn order It and it ,
?vMttMwm tml rit> but objection was wa
'aerredf CM) receive tbe Mui tiding of this to'1M t+ nrt otlhn rruu p atrnnaof trine the wnrbly by the Speaker. Lung ad to the Committee on.Commerce. The.fe Lrgi- 11 the Nen York lrnmfrn unit Nor I hern Tr.ln.. I I:i to ed which anti. In|person any rounlv shall within have rrim the :. d 1.1.! ...r

national. I liras without morrow sn.l regret. n..m.ri ID n.".- EbtTfm.) Jnaara were _. | rime up and Par (' nncrti i..n t+ nt.> mmlp at S vintnli" with theGKOUC.IA In which he shall .. and' unit .1 lu n'f,i iv

Who( )MaMarbttflett great men 'aD fill I.tn ".popbi of i protest lherrunwnttoniii.| net ui, I i
c.... ker. of Rd' Pennsylvania. 'KNTIJAL I.AILKOAI) I I
( (' lh* Clrrqlt lrt.
bit picot Who io the United 8taUBtnate BY TKLl-XiUAlMI I MMUH. March II.Tbe Kcllflgg. l'llett eeverally made ,Ineffectual '| tin. .". When any ..11.. ti".11...'\..r. that!
lake him mantle, and ta aolv the 1'", IV.int North it \la Au u-tn) mad Wr-t. land been .
will up I report that lenerel) Jote Onth U to struggles urhltel I any a mnl more than y

threugh go-xl and evil report manh .nla i be appointed Cap .ln General of Coha. In problem which had already too mael Lento oimtmutti Hull) *: a2.., 7.0::. I*. >l. I the name year h. nhall collect ",1.II". t'n
Union. pe
To The Florida jjuntly. due Ibrrmn, and' ohall make nmti u ,, ,if
the pathway 01 bib duty tradily. and place" of General Jobeller, to confirmed.Ornerel f.>r Ua.asfl.r6eh1 and Bt regard to' MiiHMM.( 1RAIV FUt M 1 S \VNA1ICoiinwU i the 'h.Ia..<'a. a douhtr .... Ionic, ci'' 'I
grandly until hf fat': with for harnrn ef Uortenaba resigned his nMnmand ,b relation between this and early year* villh I all Hull Koiilon: and lUy .Ino of Steamer" I I. credited tbrrelnr. by the 1'.Uh',1'' M,

little on. bit ptri< .llna and his far eeirg : THE ASHAXTKKTUKVTYHKtTII : : IIf ""F.I .\"'' 'In the army uf the Xorth. 'In eoMffraenee ofUlneM. eipenditnre*. I ", and the ComptrollerfW. ,

dafeewsnmhiplnJksrJ and ctal>lihixl. I At three oVU : the Speaker presented attlegram Pullman Palace Sleeping CarsAtlarhrd 47 That the |p rraidnt and *, .rr >

the death Senator Mwrlnlendrut| .f rn. railroad K a'I., I'.">
Of ('IlillLKHKI.KtTIOS rL'11rE11. .u.olcl. 0 to ; ", I' M, rtinniiii; thr..us1i, Ui t liMituut, l .llvTIHUU'till whiHH track or roadbed', or any lure| i U.". II. i
I Death of a leicrin.fniumLrni ftumner, and tbe' bonee. In view of the end I. iu thin Stale, hell anittall I"I .
WIIO l>0 TIIK TAl.KI.NUf TH'KCTs: sold toalnn.- .,j ul. ', -i !h. .rI.e "t'" umi- t. un m i
.1' Mirth II. Intelligence, adjournedTlnrbel .I tin* .md Mtllld." tn June, ttlur., t I. 11. .

It I I. <.t U Iou to tbt" dull..t 1011'1It't'1'|' : : AT ('AMI)EX, KKW JKKHEY.TIIK Captain W m. T. EMer, a veteran of the war th.up. DICTATOR and CITY POINT. Cwmplruller uf ihp'Slat, tinder, their ""' >I",

I list )f.%r&. Conking Morton, (Cartx-nter( I 90. lleport.Ci tlw' total, 'length of such rmlr.nU Hi, ,' I.I tat

and the I Cnite I StutnVngrvae. of 'IAD. died tbla morning. aged <('". March 11. of tbi'itii'iiift iaie "..'M al" n. T\. .I l ..in the :,'>r v-rv i"'mrtii, for i itnceev I.m a tIM\foI., length aud aluc of such r ad.. in' l.i., l lrtghu I.

Den Baiter are : nrnni.i; 11 LOll" tr'fiCRItELI. Uealher-lleporl.WinnourvK Flour ateady. (urn firm, U 6SI. Purl A number, Mi U; anllkni. Sad l 'tlrrih lu Hil'i" 1 u.. itM > ..n l I. ,nr.M .n newly app t'NknW of *.>'. road bed aide Iravl., itii'l ni. tin
They do 'the talking, abape track In thl Hint and the .
( the '"- *, total \l.-riMh n i dscum |
the polley uthu party kIN all bills that March II. ..I.r. at IMIMl l Lard. dull IIQI|
: rilAlUJEH \<.)T HfBTAI.VEn I'robabiiIUe -On Thoreday, for New Eng eam. Kettle Bacon, qt e. t.ou1.ti.) tlMTOH 'H l'I.OItll | town in this HlaUlln'y .,...11.1! .
suit iletrrmlnewhat menaure Till':
Jo not them, and fresh to makw return uf the nuiuher nndw] f all
laud partly etovdy w.>ber very clear rib tides V. Whisky 6r. .
ny be'lntnejncrtl. and Indeed. are I lie wkwl will recall with ,, b.Mms l I. not Ilkftr t.. 11...,. .hl.'b mule to,.. thflr locomnllti engines, ffrnrr In ,.I'l
brbk north to wet I LofUTiu.1. M.rchl1. whether Pl *im> trmbf the Omeromrrit.ThU TIIK MMMMI 1'r/'LI(1mtTr1:1'; I 'b. ad",nU*>"st?..rot bY .tM' "twmrr.1)IPTATuR) soil| i I'ITY 'mitr' h.lng Utnttur io all who bate 11'1.III1m. n'nttr11rtuaanJ; talker .r#. and

Irgblalhe tetnperitar below ftvetlng. and occenlouallylight Floor quiet Corn flrm. l"rl Ill} liaoonunrbnnged. prnt any lime on he M. J.".', III' .*. rt,." "f bl. hciti'l, without> any of the rtmfttnlun | o..".,. lill iit> pp..rti.n. d I'V
may La all vt ry well huh "h..n' ere ... Fur the Middle Mute and lower Lard TIle shore >r.vl.. .i.kf the' tran-ItT fr m the try r ofbl banatr.Klvtnn the .... ,. t
Sugar cured Ilam.I 18)) mliwl Im-ldMil upon onllnary rt<-"niiri-.. Th ,IViil m ukr rhnn 0\I'1.1r"II., pen nsrd; 'In U I i. !I.
the uber two .-r UI'I'C luDJ"tIIlWuILo'r. {t ttWnator 1UK VK\\: II1111'IIiRR; ELECTION: lake rvgluu freak north tu w.t .lnJ, with / and anilely rhwk for ihewnnwhlbl. an auenitiv wMrvii i at .nn u. tbm Ifcr Lathe suit CblMrvn !. main .,".. and tie Cufttplrullrr' rlnll? i I>tlv
\nlt"1"i. .. ..... on Lord are round den.fmfnrtalilf 2Odk.thaul.. an trrrUtHt t I now nod Ilim taiat-a lilt aad clear weather are and> ri>rt the awnwor of' rnunlv llir.viiKl wl.
1n low generally! ,
umpcratnre' and allriuln "lJ.yn ..' DUTATOlt l ii 1 TV 19MNTAm iMtyt dal mil Vtnttlalnl such ..ilr..I.III" of the iiiinil'ir i I ,n,>', .f
mull) .. Mi/r-K..B. (ht '
wire, an) Uuw hhrrutao rburtc I APfE1l\1)UY: 1.I1141''T'IUH. etcept puwlbly very Ugbi swum In Norlberu ,'tarlne.Ntw wblrb TV Ntr/I' ".nml-burr will .|i.n-<-liit<>i.i. Urn ''uriii .-..in*$| |>M rhM: *hll.llhi- rin.ulywnUa'hadoJ.hM | track and nine thrn-of, *".111.! j.t 'I| ,in I i. .

Howe but three m ie KC(>n ckarac- New York. Fur the Xxitb Atlantic and fuse. Marsh 1.1 1 1Atrhed kn altiira a )W<,i.llil, llumrtkHlr.Fur nmtH-rtil with tftclr niimrruni traps and '?u-. ale ,.au., u1 l |Ili I real l "prrt| .\ t tat ..I'..1 i I Inthiir

tan io tbe pie w the Ida| I J ia chum Io 111.110..1 rtnmntt. Kail: 1 ... CHtaiamnx, iAH fhr Wet t. IhtK ..lt:uliid' Slur shall .1 I tlvatur ,
the |ir at r"'. Mr.( la) .Va lit* "tbrril I WA HI'UT<>*. Merck 10.; .{ .. U w temperature end clear weather,, lUcrAnm.nil.ilftrakt, Ibf lrli ITIMINT.l.-lnK mulct"n i-W..y.bl".n.'Ihrlr *> I"thnmtchmii.HM' Th. Nn .1, Shuts wamm "I the v.r I uf|'l, all usher ten Mmwir I ni.i. I I .f'
lamUiif "r"I"" |
'j, tronul tla*, Ira.lcf |IJlchel l lulu I At Mew York a meeting ha bins called tojrl uolna puuibly' along taw east fur t Ibe |o.rr Arrival.. rmvnitillnir .Li. In >ni>..lhip.,)..li nil<.It.I..10.1 an l cnabi<\d l tn .h,*.lb..>-I HU h.'.wnnl.itiim.liUi, I) r their "lcli| >w sues' will all li luriniarhinery.. l"..1. u..l.I ilcrliroprrty

tbs tanlf.1ICe .'f the Quterninrut amirmmtUMrodnl tf. .|..inn tu public frvilnK on N. Mimi wIPl.1 Valley.' Fur Tenure, lure), TIIK 11'. H\!*- .'..u 1 A D U'. )"u- "At.11"Kit'". roil 4'411'|i" .1.''lu t.II..I"iuu tt\f ti\.' |pu.rrnert'> arilinl. >->l II" rbw) < i"r,"\ltut'"ii.u.-,.
th .. (arm I" lh: >' > ii"ii\ .1131 lr.d.| .111",1. and, Ihn talc'.thu. ... .
itltiet'> air IIHIII .111.,01
Hi tional Kiixurr and tu prulMt again I Ohio and Uk iun tfeMrally .n.'I..UIl' Sr. II .. .. itrCAHCIU.tbi' tat''
upper ... l 10' Uktiiit
a hew Jrlrrture.| .. .11.! > ) 4lii'i r al s
11111..11..1 IKMMBHW ..
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for the emit to mouth 4 Ind. And riiia, Um|"raturr.Th. .,. Ilillli- IXilHrr, I'lilU >U KXTUV; IIti I: amount nut ""i anyiiHinuy
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Unwbdka .1 lgii .l I 17 Uxltng taerrbiala, with' Petty Ohio and Camberland hirer will. fILnitcellaneou kill'l|>hU : J I furiu. and nf.I"'UUU YIJa Hue; t. In bin |.. .ltn b.l"ngli i t.. Itr.inil.
matter taw.lP ratting Java the, ppropriatiao '. Inl MrviJarman, n".h ; w Lltrueb.nJaon r MICALS AND I STATK ROOMS.( .
hnail of the II.
(\'|>rr at the f. II L 'Unit and ion,, .
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wa riled Join, or r<. ". t to the charge ; Tb I'...iiit (. It. I., March II. ; .
I TI..I.rii a K(, K II ; J H I.I.lrMtfn and a I H.rtf.irU; luotmli TlfUt-lo. CI,' NtirlliStihl or sillier sillier hlt mi.ki< tl.< rr
bf anntberrnniDilttM>, an Indirect way of Bu.tiis Marcy I' 1 t.. Urpnblicaa eo".Uoa( ,h.. h aomla.. MnBnKlfiml, NY : T" iHinin end .r. Hrw. x turn required| by thU art ; and ahmild any

killing the movriumt. In all'! the play The around Jay uf, the btllUriJ toanuaiefiteomtnrured .J Howard fur (t ioveraor.tw. Ira loam I MI;M WNUnaLKtAknrhY1ii lUtl, MIN lulUThll ;;J T .h..-,, on I...' hy the 1'urxr -- railroad. romptny, .r 11.,6ker\ roll, Io nslel. .

f Mr. Walla our I this aft.riKwn .illi th. thlrj \ Vna, March II. N SV .)"I."t w'. Mix.M.'" I Y.; L.'tar, ItyAl.r.the STKAM: "IIir LINKS: ai.il R.111.Itt11115511'11| ;-. \' return tv.|iifr.{ d by IhU ail 1''Io tln (I''l'' '
K> far. rapt the ttf"n ftn riu_ ; Mr Mm i i.a and x-rnt. Indian II STKAMKIWlnicea: work 'rum. t'A\'AJ\SAII.. NKW: YOKK. Stills on ur hfnn. > thu H-c'iud M"
dumb Unit gift.lt the .'1... between yrflle IHoa rodJwcph Tb. Stab Treaary will b. cloud tomorrow amlu| Mr* Urm-n, ends,. Indlan.inh.r| W It ) llll11.\IIU1U X t. NEW YORK
drle1 ltao ha Urn ai .,. fly S'IK.VMKIlKlvtcea: week June annnnib', .th<- Cuiiit'>tmller shall pn' "fulIn
< | thus. A fin' of 4 and ('II\lU.KtI't'Ui. aacertaln t the vidu. harrln ft
hound aid rordeO for Ibe tlauubtrr I"'n.| HI ; J M Iy. I..I.'IU., knr; foiMnil Hy t 11.111 from SAVANNAH rmiuud| in
t Ity (') l.. bI.. |>ol'.t., la the etcningCjrlll The tale\ of gold .. "" fur to morrow eL N w. H 1hur.lulill Ottilllllbur ; .. the l.rtl lufi:rnmtlon he *n niii\rini, nIl, "ih
tk't'IDi thai Congreae it ta>a>lo ujt I of out ) N V ; N Y.unlUranyeNJI.urgulion.; --(1'1--( lain. and add' thrh'lo In "tI.. t .
Maurice !1'.1 and ii" i r '11)
Then 1y will j.
played.Kh on Fr4dsy.Irmo oblu ,
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lb. Lilt,, tutu {iu the nntk,(. lI,r uf tbeBUM I' LatiKtnin *f *n .
rue the KIM' by 1 110 (1..lhl. an eminent French I.h'ela"| U 1.1"11 .rrralalhaa by al1oc'Ult and will m** Dl'tCUU' Ike,
bnoctt, tbtl threw I.i a fair bare ormfdi"citl"f N.Ilryandey r r T lUllry. !, K Holljf, linn *t among I M-trml countle. rllim and im. >rporal -
dead $; oM.MIDNKUIT. Emma: K'' how Morn ; ------ ..
)ear* Hruuklyn; '1'10' -- d' lowuk thrnuth *hl h nih r."i'lrun" .
Ulcot' owl hardly a inol- Acbaulee Tr..lr of ...<.. V K Mliw and wf, ..11" < '. ; MIM' AllenIlamtsarnIndJnnSWatI RlM.Og100Nrwi'urktCsmer., and titlTIONK and BKKTHftun I he Pullman (' rnmiRavannab In the iiiniiniT hfrriutieforw 'j.rol.inif'rc.
tl," of bounty to (toe, r"ulklln that( augustaMrU U,.m., lUrch 10. 1MHPATC1IKH.; MI.I.II" end mud lick 1.I.al fillsire l |;; 1..11 L.ql."I5U. and rharJerton, van bo Mcuml from .ibviu by .nlill in rwJ WMOB. 4U. Tlinl the ""r..1,".,'. .... ,.i.'irvUHrrintrlidfiit

OIi of law luakir why iltould A thulytm 'ttl'Tfrim !Ki'... the bllo InK .. 1; n.nJ ""r.n"L.n.1| ,.11 ':Llvlr ----.- ( | or nits'illt .f any real "
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taiuden Mt .., Taiwan "d .
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mats or
) bu lit-ard Why nut correct aceunutof the treaty of ( myth hhulrr HhuU, K.MIOB ; A L |)"nnl Nvw.ark ri'KTHKK INPlIR.II.I'I'O.11'.1. any( many
Dot wur Uuogixm"u rmtiMruu, March U.Th N J; l stab B- Hin end w f. Mi. Karen l-hlla i iA Till Nr :.t.YAkS, county Iu th" 14"0 t shell timl'' >.r ,?' d I
fir till th. Aiiwutre. The Kliitf agree Iu |pay to fcranliir and wf Mr In.M. ..r.; Wro delirrr ihn..ars.ora ,
My lu the wp. ring Cuwgicwmru ehxtkin In ('..., New Jersey, yes I Palattn.T. tu on or hcl' .r.- illund
of MMIO S S f.llto..klyn; It. ADAMS -
Kuril an case** of j-uM ; ,.II..tllI..11 claim to A J.n- cure. N I..1. Mi-fliinwn, HI 'U.>ut>; T" Emil., AMurttmcrRAustin. JacLMmtilW each cuttnty *h.r.. lb |Mp.., M ,
iHiiMlny cmtt-4 III.belll| tU*<4 to retUvtltm -. Alln and W.r .* wllh- democrat fur mayor, by 41 lunjocity. It. .. 'YI'W1; I nn.tsrKWan. JrtFFUKVs A nUu'l'Ill-lt, .lluated., a (.11..1 _iplet4i lug nl lilt |Int.'.. t
.hU l>nlrra ; F.rumndinr.hiht.tIYAllIi
.1. A : SON.
that K.nld* ba* her want*- ''pubiiean* elvetcd Itpcurdw by about Stilt uiajortly Ion tort im>ritr, ..; EililtrrrSrsnlCite.: Iki-. nt.t1It111l1tTIII:1I: : ( I l.u.1 town InS l t I by nectiitnn, t..t"l.| '| aid, I II
draw bl1t>fer* (froui .tl |>arl* of lbs remit tin ; F.I "I'titnur wtriM'xmw ; 1.111. ', |; ,t !I!( HKU'IMN:{ ( H.tiiiiutthiVKSIll.
waati that and l of such I the of Mix A.Imdu l J rirn. Situ .(' AtiruillTK raiitf.', aud LI.lot anti blevk uf all I I.,.. i.r
are s nrcrwliy < RMTiimpnrtanc olOn.(> tllriula Cud Ib* democrat receiver ". \.I."r. : : : 4 1'11. Charl<- >n.BLACK
brlohglttK to or nnder tb"I|prutectlun I L V 1..I..n. Mn tbvMtMM i lulu unnrtl ol hall' by them. the n..u 1II.>
r lhat her future growth I.r UrappeU I; ; uauVrtake tu 1fI.Ital.I road Use b y 41 1 majority l"> morr u dried >:.niMI.h.ll| t M ebb Mr A B llallt-r mini .New ir II'fI'l..rl y ohidlsidusla./ ,

Io ihmu tbe want a ,thorough Hi. uf el ht eonncUnMn. Tul I I. th* lint MrWtallr andoilH. Alfrnl Ural.ndcur.l rb"' If ihn IIn. Ui li r.11 i
up from I'uouiaMl* tu |*rh rl",. and U> |irutectlb ;;; lelkENM.4's; *.11Wkte.,1hhe'r' ". tta.' ; 1'0L1:11': 11111li. n ) '
IU'UI t>f the moutht the $t. did tlm' tbe dxuocraU boy teon tuceewful Iofourteen N IVrrr end a Ire. T T liner, 111""al. ., I .wmal *"t.,lii doll nut IH ,paid on t I I.. I..r.i
t merthoUl' irMwportcil user nwJj; .ud wife, Nrvuri ; R ll>M* J, y ; OHWiTihlunlnn STAI. LINK STKAMKKS.STHA.AIIIlt i llmri-!. day tlf iMtnilicr itf any .tmi q.'dnimrt ,J
ll In, accurate' UlijjomU of the y.*r<. iVtcUnd : Mr Hurthliinlnn. YII .
ell) |>rubiblt( human tacrlAve. and ** art to -A Wonblmitiiti: : : Tomnini; M T lUtunmnd. l>i tl ud.M llmrvlor' i h inailu ujjoii real i-'nl-" t' .

IrvuUr",, and thru all '|'|>rui>rlml',>u |>*rM'lutl| |..ll e11Ji KufUiKl.lnrrl I .; UHklmr, Mite llum klnir, tbliiiao: II W "TI\\n:1t: : IIt' TS"II.I, (.l.O" ell.. \In'.I'I'. sulhrtnrshall adttribe mid *ell in II. n uI
luiprvvaw Indian 0..11011., I.... Nr J M ,toil. N Y : Mr M.rk hklniier and 1111 Il. rMIII.1il In"I hi-ri'lnallrr jinAi4M,. II. .li,",ill N, ik,
large *o< ujb tu make a prriuiuirnt I ( Mul.y IUM not e>prcl that th* ('cellars. March II. cur. ihn Mi* r* Vkinofr, rntratv I J Knuliiiir : 11(1N ((:U.lI.ICl'nll'd..llI: 1 l"ut a .1.lr" III" all such rum( iol.il.

ul. If uur (\ rrwuu>a Mill UVe uf .the Indirtaaily will ever be I| .ld, wlfn and rtauitblrr. Mm W H vnwurk, rbllai' t Ilea -j.If 1
\ utimut The Loner has a ipecial! di.l"tch from rtiiher and brusher H 111I.11I 'nll ; W J fr-'in \\\NN VII r. "' I ,iit.n'd' 11'1:1)S1'hll.4'oniltll'nclnC. : : f) lug! Ito amuuitl' due uu oath |1.1. ai, ..if
hub. of IhU tualU-r iu raruat prve thIs but rr,*nl. the olh. UpaUttun* of tartly 1 Salter, .U" and Hlld. w..blnr.l..n.. H .'; J A "all utipolil loam of' ..III.'ly. luyi'llii *.Ih
Fort Laraiaile which any, messenger from Ituillh. lieu hr.I V ; ,, Uwlon lltirrll Ib. 171.I .
aud mat ooIbe ..1! more HWy ta be *,1 l lhrrd Die i-i t of! "dtirtl inu and xx-n' ,1 I 'n
crU'uu nwraing anal uigbt greats lninirtnce|
the Had Cloud Ajency, jot arrived rrvrl C W 1I..I.bn. 111'1'I I"III/ N .', I t.. Ap'11'A' \ .\N.N.\II 'i.I'OU i.\ > and\ such. iUi Ht" iiit-il ." ) d .11

attrollunV: fall the unmUr* that 1Ift'
tbtirtotra, U mill ..*-the tllJl.OOO 1b.tgarfieuli .ill U maintained, by 'Ib* eatalty and four of infantry alerted ...Irl"- TI.MI : TAIILI : u-ue'ulm.. Mild dull |t. .lillhlUli__n... .l m.iI ..

Hrltl.K at I Crthnbu.Tb ) 'CICW MW: ll UI., I such wink fur 'Surer .ucf*.U. ... k. HI, I II'' rIuubindrrui
we wean, ami the mrn jr.I fur Hpoltad all Agency. Th llruhloaad
day i
I i, cli rt a fur 'uIIOI\t'l' .l...II I'lur
York and fharleeton o"' iii<>hlp*
i War In kp.lu. !I MlaneeuDJahm were ixkncentretiai' ncr I!'. JI'IZI{ J11''S LINK: ; : OF STKAMSHIPS.; Iliu nUvfrllwinmil iif lint pi' ",pirl\ bi'l

DAILY I'AfKlt. LOXMX. Musk II. Ib* agency and threaUoed a fight Tb. In HIM UtBTH .unit AfalL, Dearborn i lunginu' tu cue Indivldunl/ firm Suit' I > 'n'

J.rb.uaTlllehalf rJltv1II iwurs ai from d'.an: ruder lied Cued dlxali Champion .March 1..N r n.Huuth Steamship Leo Capt. fur cat 10 .111.| ur Inn fur wh inin' mew are
The UM Ati 4ara' greatly
solai l uUUh lu > "
A "
| OarullnA II . 9
q| Capt. Dulklcylll I and a copy, of uili ihtr'lM-mrut I I. ,ill) r
sheet nUll every M'( >nd'). Wrxlnredy $leliuyytbti Ma.1 l JtrlalI< 6. and lh.r. I. much bad talk! about aotdier Manhattan . 14 . .8 Steamship Virgo, recorded in the nHinlj i-lvrk' urtU.. I n '.'

and Friday morning, nirli, taken'In iul... are at C-a lru UrdaiWi, t.ee4y.five being In that c<..w). Georgia . 18 .. .. >\ all from Satautiali ever) ullcnuli1 cdiieiUj.Ctiuiimm ,, to Ojf wi lf. When land' ar. abut .1 I I r

connection wild lit irgular; tri weekly ltr. duly re t'hsmptom. . 81. .Ii h'l'1| 'lll II l II |H7 | MO fur ta." .under ih* proti.l< ..f tiI
of .III.II 1-y'
rdlli. tOO Ibe alieruau muroiu t, ruaititut null "Ml Th LoaiUlaainVaiUa. 1'1...... Lau Carolina. t*. . .11 III N1Hl d \MMKI.I.. I art 1. the itiileclnr .h.UI..o I ..t\II -.II. |'I| |I".-r .

'** practically iu14.lpslit. Ihel'itivx telling hlafuraft.ak, I Manhattan . M. . .& Ml'ItIt.nIUtIi. Ji I'u i. AH-IIU Hi K \.'1..11 11 HI. tvjiumiulno' nil Inn amuiini .,1 sari 'I.I I..

receive all the noclied |I'itv.* .Iu'p.lth hue l"1ue bat urtk-red *rt-;. w|.'Ioa.. ,\ TU M rvh 1 II Georgia( . .April 1., .. .0 n. lgrut. n t_ -s".rL. liiHjnunl Im, wbrrr .etllal..l. I I. n..*.l<' and

,*, mtiktt rvpurla, "... up to ('w., a ctrl .gala.t rune aid tltl.. The tUututle rrgarding. a mar elecitoo ,la Champion . 4..1 | 1..111)11'to"" fur eat h rrrllllxt., ..if f.l..!

every mating."ibirh make the ptprrvrry UwUiaaa, undrr Federal .. ., I. II.,.. Houtu Carolina. .9. ".. For New York but uu JIctut shah charit or nit 1eo'l' '

dreiiU, partieglarlv( the buincaat D..lh.r e. :Apprehended. 'Three 1 II no ]ia *cratlv lure from Manhattan .. II . .. ... I' (.. ur rWnwhm4uu lib Ie.sold f bur U). S1
I. |1"1"| . W .. FROM SAVANNAH .. ..,
Wee Jfk. vill. and the Northern I WiawMVoa. Mink II. Georgia EMPIRE I i'fj d t mh air "provided fur in ihla *> I "
bkh Ula (ral4on of lip character
r Ui qeou a* an C
"l Is '
rtaitun .. the '..t. WemUhtb. CJ wit j jtc" i wilhnul .". I (Cti.ml.lun. All I such **I. MiII cuiniuencaun the' I.\t"U
venturele1 The Senate adjourned .ullI I I uf Owlr arrangement. The tidies' hug Houth ..,"".. *19..9 Tilt Splendid hldeWbrelh'rinlohhpa( |' ate daj-'prtncrlhul t h) Un, mid inui, i < ,

in 1 It* enlrfpcUlag '! any bnalne**, on account' uf \. llaa- tilravi bum a column edlturlal in Ibe Naliuaal MuhalUa . *4. . ". btJ \., 'I'U 4'111111' 1IIIIIIIr.l. llnuwl Imiii ilaj In
!/cite. ;I I 8umnrSenator( Sumner'. death I ha IUUUMB- i' lUpttblleaa AdmmUlrdion( Organ i.I l i. 'Ueol'tf .. *11. . '1111111111 ,.,.'r.ulI. linll I.I .. |I" tin, (I'li'Jklu.form! In unit
III" > \l.\ \
t' Tu.ek Uuiber. fur Itioj wUlie :: a
juu. 'II
,1 Urily 'l'I| |>rekended. Wlegrapbed : "Tb Hule uf Loaialana hue 1 i .. 1 N u ItEli: : NATlIIIitt HICK.:
4 and the Ju.t *pprMiUva of MAIM.NK: I IITELLIULICE: : I
the etpreM value! ft the pew .>i.-" url. We are I flaw' llamu.UIr r .''nll... .ta>,pl. .. from the mttrd4f a miUt' .r of Making. ri'W i-'lin. M..n at \\ iir.ili .ltU llr- .l.'.",,. i. .,1,11' lilt. tin "l's 111\ r and I 1.1/yiE' NnttMrU hcruhv gltej t that' ,ll I. t.oj;' .mss;

.. IktlVlULMarch Kamnuih.llvrtlu .il. ..-riUd !.:*. .(fll beaiddat' ., ... '.. .
l'.I' \. 1U N.ch II. I I the (ta4<*l, chile be bearing a fUgof UAk! !11111". will h. U"11..11 III pul/l < >inn
aU to that newt uf Mir HHpi >> t. -Mr Clll mli niwtraU. fluel'brulsauua. Si.xnnaa. _. .
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pltaMd > | :!I duwa the bf soh. M.eheatc.lr rate-mtune.me bturt1 lr 1sel'rubirert-1 r.I III" tit-it'f thus --- d.-.I' i n l ii.)

anJ the X<*tb tn ,Uiu>rt tla apprccialelbia :!i I One bitudfed and fifty-nine town gli I II truce In 1. tairy U tie rima la the- Mircn 1-Brbr. Marta 1CIa.. from M. Angus. All tbruua'ti" tl.'"tt. <"".( br' ..-tnnl ut Hi- "<,n'. ,'". 'In ii ,..... .b. ri t.
.UlttW. *4. through *
brUr Ikeitt MoOlkUMn i**.****. Beaton 2d,411 ; lUaik-j I line. 1.1\1 be uMeaaary to py the amount Id f In., .',
iflurt to place; early I wer I.0O4. Tliea tones lot year |*tScr.w city of New OrWn and I* tb* emwly. CarddwnU Miixh. .-,-hr Gamma UupUll, from Port Ross ane.Tbrotwll d Oriole ran he "Mln d on .rd *i.,".. iM....r, stay precut .1.l, I lame Valet' and star duly anMM d "lMt tald land, liv th.rwltb .

,,,,1 w.rslDjf, t>1I1I..h)1 eiccpted' the .|I 18.0a p >la>faMi I*.!*! ; 'lltatkner I.IIU. I II I. tk. atton|, to ImpeaohiHirrall .Lid.Msn'LII' AMAYame, Jilt, rraa run al Inn 'llallroad TlUel bmee la ,... .. tb, eoala. of .leand adverllilun

press dUpatfbr up (H two " I Three are t* 'u.u* p'I( M hear r.I I Arty I. 1ItoaU. W. U. '
>uck hart) lurk, and whether h.UI' be uf Uiroe i ii seen t pnUticat erima. It mattered not 'I.rk.If''""iin .J.uini"'; A ltlful. him $.lrulur.ru1L.DKLrIlIiAiIIAULI.r t .f'J" oil .'
.UI BKMpuMd '
CVBuarU peeb.Wj I from ;
I { 1 Yares1. -.", l1lol&an< ,
{ .fll .. I 't r A'" I
time pnly pruUl"or" Ut th* Kelfcfg; tioterniaeal Uti legally 11J- f i
'pay eipcnart i dvmueraLa. TU Stej x cater M. .
a'.0 : ,
rrpvUWaii I Wr '.re" ('MIIaI..I....."A.,IDa .." +j '" ''I'Hllll' Ml C. t .... Jodie U
j Ul prubaUy be a tie- repHbtteea immicrau ;| glad by the Wy, ems Shariof ... i .. C.SUee5EtallJ/. I .'_ ._ __
tbe iawt( RcpabUcaaiam Iuuvertbrvw 't( ..." .-.t Ullle r Unnur,. rt! ."'". N. C.Soh.'IK4IIJIC ,i'wi or ., 'I'dgyntS '
UI: lIIlIon. eoneairaey g Sail Satunl' ffniuh\ polite.A.NUse'Art. .
UKMAL : | a. I"I1.arWi.. tiers It I no cMve.iTh lima IItw 1 wS.YrbLkbr. Sail I every Friday !nuns bull |"iuu [ carry ) ( grSi'IS.Si..4.' m; ', '.

l.r neighbor ul" the .Vev wake bin- I 11'us. .W be very clue, ibe poUUtal' ItJ Bra ., H. fro. NewT llrvtaa I ,lueilalr..gwt'ty' :;I i| .'111.1 /r.rr. ilium 'I J.rr _'_ ._
J Tb ..utrtor*. either 'in the myna .' *' "' tu t *nr. t miWM <". ; -"-" ('"II..., of' Hn.nll"
Mlt"( err dUpatrbe vbirb be pit'. | com|.lekioaj depending ou luwa that did nut ;i ii it.reh a.-atr Metatoe. VuMi. RMn Qtil'.. 1 1.1..1.1".11.,11': i 1 1 i" ( bedglleti)
: ur Ufcre committee*. sad UCI the liter ofC Nmrvber/4hf Me 1*. t.. T'w B und.ft ,. : I 1 P.l' DU.MIHl.M.: i ,
.\ the kind e1/Ml.e.rd.tJa l ) Ut Ut 4-ct t.Jay. to' A.IyIK'fS.A1AK1. TIlt pwWle.rrs. l.fUI"I .. lt.J.dll1.1I11 ..fany
t1' travctty {
r may I Illah. !i ', er a Uk a_*atn* ... in" their M m..-b'r"ctlr Posh rtw *r iJ. tidal ,'"/ East: U.\ mat V'* nl. -". I Tnton" wharf.SC11KVKN t MMWMlAliK'P .blLdol. .n ..',11.. u

Aia.w/AIi') Ihn, Jkpstcbre i 'that *>. pulv bs J>a wMgkt to carry their object*by tbe 0.. '- ball 1 for.Mil r r |>.1..a I.:r ..I i ;I ,i
"'. Urb II.' rek'u! trots
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11" la wit II ,is tit klnJ that a : bun t tlI M -.rbr futnn IIU'S1[ g ] curl nutlet to I Ih. I ..J. < '

.kle Lire rho( lake UUi .H..,In.IIo.kJ*) .. ., rvnMrklag, pun the dmnnBiaainn every aantluieat Krol Me\It.'tudtw m***, Dnk**. from Cbaflaieh *- tUl'it.lIt aw] Clerk uf the Cuu-4) 'I 1,1 .. ,,1I I

.pa/au1 ; Ike New lUinfwUre efcwtt*. true dtlnmbtp, fad e*>r u*|>fti"lfaed! .' HA\'A\XAH' \ lJKUkhill'. I ...* an aAldavlt set ''its H- I r"
hum i tbe RIfIC eat! .f the ""gr*!* rhos." f. ) aided by the lytog uaueiaud pre **" -After BiakUf wana** r .|
I : Tar"
sad v.nWh any Rip Yaq VVInkku world I i! and |orl dUlarbaacea ,WM1* to lj'I ha-J s. wee their emaini rxt. sai' tie -- r R BRADLEY & SON, ProprietorspltleallAU I j {IMibUoalluB I.and ,.ubVrtbr and (fps, ewe) l I..t..f w ( ", i ij
"* tkiat warn Iu <
1 Ujku taJ*. U pot down "II"J, I .let I ie all rinetwMM, A* (*.t(e.et ". armory WM M AUd -*iUt wits:Glory Many .It.>I wentiepMh W Use nteainaUy kwaud .n tnf(u*> Mmrt rtiiuiiuf un J-bu/n "iur*. and I It nM wrpiiis4 a* a Avar aulburlted lu adiumiiirr *il. ,in t n, owounty

kkgfspFe, tbe fishy' nw paprr, sat other that t Ike re4t eia. ...rit,. afera fakf nearly ,; ii.t mnel that the peofi peps tn lock 1''._... L-t4I' ._,'-W'!: ..... Klrtar***, : U which ald ni-n. Mine U |..ui.h,-I i ied .

1.J1N' tnla et tble vehe .C' I I 4>iO In lk.I Ut lau )ear* hat a.1.invd |, 'F-( U* alleles of the ktate a* meddled : ..artyorPolM'rAalW *...sews I I It,'r 1. 'III" IIOTIIMU and anall aend iurb alltdavit\ t I. it"'y..

Th. l aaui (W Ike mt Uk ,in ibis pseticwJ .f mil, aad they tejn In Utoe el n party chub gal*. Iwlbt eI of has 4e pam u a. bf any howl In U. ket tea e4'sw. _} t of Ib* twunly:, .bt. aaa+b laud' I. -ni I u
bu anal) wouril wit am the
Miah alM. .
lacecumsetUtobitfmJhslbefatbattit < I .f,ald ('TBt BH* data 14 N| ytifajm dual The Me >*rylt' .e hop*! -t.1 i*. e
traps VM! IM* .|fVI h M lolt the di,. .u.j4 M **ir* ig a way *f e.e.c. lur talutnf article et tmfwaehntent againet ktm ,"j. T.11wa, reC..OSi fur ..uaYor1E I"" Mtenuen to HVM M u* tottm and letodraaMt ettUM atr Qm. >er.iinrvii> na4 (deUvff (u U, tlw Ue) ta('. Mlrnuo or the

dslort4i 1 &b'.t lUpKhee, I that be wlrhtfcu "| .G. U:
rh..dd Ml4 a.aI 1 Ivdit." Wallepll.aa Ut.I. '
get vet m Jay oainbig "pcr. W. tide .dJatt lie. bees a-lly Uirad.t : .. a till trig Aesl adl 1M9ta1lebelmb. ltf r* .U.. 1
J CItiIotMWMliIM (knt.gsi _
hire Mitt |Labs hwvi. u-1 that tfc* BtfnnHeaa party of 'I AacMttne: IcIoIur\a.
dlii wt ue'e' iL) W sneamsj mt i. MM. rich ) Iliwy+ .


rS ,



"" ''''I' ...,. ".."."1"e, r ., 0r.., F".1'. .. .-- ._ "- "'- -: 'i"--'r- ; x }\ro
I .' .1



---- ----- --- - -

Florida Union. Daecn %Pmidcnt of tb* IVnnijlTiniiMi 'I f bl* bwly beln? directed to the fact recited I I tin poor lead m bs ,n'l ride tateth a rlrrnUotblajt I Clare! WI... I JIIrSC1LUUocg AnTIRTI tlJ Tt' !

Tri.Weekly lad Mr lUeoo A.U. ynir prompt eonnblnritlon and rwnlicd in ... -.. I Severs) tasks ot fin* Claret Vla I
BMOB very
lUiI.-l ; > ; I :..= = __.__-. _-. _c. -::== 1
-.- the employment of a tUllful practical 1 rill. -\ bit ben heard shoal ).h. | been received at lUttlllnfl Reatia.j .
-- --. -_-. ---..-. i cp havejnt "
Meter lH tric At.
Caitod (
i Kra by. Ei Derr for rich engta I would BOW till the tare of tb* murderer feline, who' caciped ,j I rant, which will b* sold it t I.n per gallon, DRY GOODS! DRY GOODS

Thursday March tl, ,IITJ ton., for Sew Jersey; Mr*. fXxtd of New ttefeUaa of your HoBoriU Lady to th* neewwlty from. the peflitentitrr. II* wi lut. Men ia I or (Ito cent tier quaff Thi line win U iliaI )

--- TnrkVUH: .m 1>. KUbap frmMmt of the of etnptoylnj' buries IA move the eo- -Mae nnah. I'I! on d.".. ._ 117.III I FIRST ARRIT.II.OF NSW iIPRi1(1 (JOOI>S J JFurchgott t.
York New them and Ilirtford Red. pine ia race of fir*: lw thin one third-of' ='-AMvirdthjt to the Individual oplnlnvi of j
i1f :, of our nduerUr?,faU to ruder I the time would b* con,nmH In rt-mMnx iamb of the eftndMatea the coming raw ,', Inlereillog to lb. Ladle -- .,1
roid ; r, f R Buylii and .M S. Iimai. of New of the W*Invite the ladle lo con and ere oar new
are and be the means ennLIinu ,
Aft, fl'ill tIv. fI.ui lH W IWM>I to might olrlpal elertion, only they Individnally land
"1" York ; N. Trrry. Mayor ortl.k ; T. T. firemen roe berk In the comrornc Bicn'.whit, the .It,btrrt chance'If tl tk". '| tad 1. u"l'CItloll.t /VrWe jwcl ,.'. Benedict & Co. i
4,/_ taof tAe feet i.-"II, Klinry Kt; $ editor of th* Xwrk Iti y othcrwlw, might prove to be a .114.1'11' TIlt univerw would not be rich enough ':' Mr* ranre from 19 .tllIf' W* ales: n. ,

..- --. ._---,-.-. .--.-- -- AJrTlarr. mil .rr.1 l MhrM. rrtT J hr* eonltagralion.I lo bay the Tot of the honr man" bill a Vi hi bit Mm plecv uf mew prlng catlcue*. ring
I would again, call the mention; of )our i will pnreha many a tot. |perhaps not K ,, leg hum 10 rent* up. TIIK LEAMXr. PRY tiCHHH FIRM OF FLORIDA, / wti
TICR1'U oil' U.UIIPT'O'f. T edy erening| red proceeded to the t Ft.JIOM Honorable holy. to the ImraiHliite. nerd of honest, hiring Ik* next tare* wack II I ianf: Framoorv, RtntMct A CoU :
TJItirKKKLl'OntVtartn VNW.Y:'' 1 .hen .. I Known l* Die proprietor* of the Jack...till* Trade Palace, tafctrra tair nimrwt
Hotel thy now U.j.plBgOn longer ladder tlnn UHHW now in u", they -lIon",_m atmosphere H t dctD.de\llllJJ _
Koala I It "tii la the city and manse that tae man received and aN rwrnviif Mw .nUNO 6K Mwkiri
a-twnrt ........... ..IMnntht '-** TrMiy tb. party will pro ml to Entry being only nviilable it ordinary tir>, A lire permeated with the odor of th* bknanm of I tnevonVril very !low an s ria. j

Ate JAmlA. ....... .............. 11.0 nit III* vtramrr IiII.I1thI' may ores it com time where It would be i I the Hardy via, a speteeed Ih* tramp |,1 i Wlltiam 'lJlln"lf..bathf.., rrpct-, A emit at oar.eme ltt ..t lo_ xu tarn aad welt-rlecled Mora ot Cools w-ffl mnvlae* ml,
prt. I: ill to hiv nrb ladder would Hundred fully inform th* public that h* ha* BOW prrvnn IMI wein11ta0QttAWtiMFURO tiCKiW.j i
JTire Jf<*nW*.............". .. Ili important of beautiful wax like flower art under M< control the entire flee of boat for j W*onVr greet InducvaMOU BOW la the fuUowlac rwd: I II
,... .. I reach to the upper itorl* of our highest now in sight I
/.wtd tffIrW -" TAuraLdgam48W.Irdae Th. Kxrnrilon to G ( T |1 bulhilnir. I' Hirrlr ow Bed by Mr. \\'hitJ and that he

"l"r"lntf/ irrcjtir r.v/o.Yi. The "Sictabt.s" of till, city la lim of a !\ I would aieo! again urge upon you the immediate .-.. Floridact'.II Jarluuntllte| desire them-need Hill* nor them. bi fniVv prepared tu accommodate ill with \RrET4, MATTUU .ANT OIL CHITH.
dlltn IUI1. nbrkwt OBJ th* either all or row bowl mad competent ate I
| of water tank In iht'lvirk j .
.. ... . tVtI nreatty imperially ** the"rounlelnal election in.pruacbea. (
(hid Fed.tiMma tmrncr Flur****, OB Tonfaj ...IOft.\ hr portion of tb* city and hop *>me action N e are abort of candidate for I lewdanU at a mntneat' notice iad it moderate i LINEN DAM.VMC TOWKLS AN1e.N.tpliNrt$ 4A t1 ._.,

fU.1l1lll.. Or *n Ow. Mprlng*. nil (tub win wpr- j will be t.k.4i, at one, with a view Ui their the mayoralty.{ price mews "' either for dav I 't '
2'1Irt. ... .. ... .. .. >J tb _.' .. 1 I.. immured) thai lhl- much I. -f Hd Wright do right in being se fanny time or moonlight nijthl arc Invited to call f n&m l', SIIIBTINGs AND. 1OMFMTTCft!
d Err .IM ( ,
M nl by thirty couples on i 0 .
him. New boau built mid old
Inward rrrr" Tn'r.f P'Iom\H'end immediately na filing nhoird, I renew and lupportof I''y hol le,. I yea< barf nasaed over bin head w e wnold JII.. Remember the l>lic* ; ooe block 0) DRBSW (OtUS, RIBBOXS, Ht tRRT.CASSIMERKs' .

dMribttted tbvBMflve* In .irconanc with laellnatloa J, I mien rraxnmenil that in nttaitionil one i predict hI.early daath.inr.pncocloas or par. Mot of Ih. Grand National'II'. 'I&I..1 .\. vv. v. U' y

; II) fJrl. ln. or romfurt On* art danced upon| i' oOMnd feet of hoi be pnrchascl, M thiw ttrnlarly mart boy are grnvrally tranilited. !' Ale l .hell 0.v WATKRPHOtHFL.VSSKL8.. 'tO.1. --
now In ore (fourteen hundred fret) ire not I Ij { t In early f C *'
.. &lI.l&co. tile forward deck to the rotwlc of ilapgios'hand pmfl,-tent { the of it year laW | Imported ham** Al. \ 10 ct*. <(> j to mar* thoroofrh eflirlvnry I WM on the clay of the battt of Metmpulitas liv '
Hall lI"mlllonI.IIIh It cm b* .Ily a.. which, aa usual dttconnwl Umpiring lb* Ivpartmcnt. I would al. sujafrtt that Pavli this rrmei I. wrote hit mother a let. ,I a riw at J. R.'Tegni'a, BilBanlSabmn J fy :

dentood bow s thousand men might U dale mutlc; muffle engaged la card-playing, white tultablr rark ihould be constructed it each I her containing the nft"jaoted word, "All b } Bay Street Ntflloonia .LJ A. MARSKtLLGS AMI untRR Qtfll.T i, < '

', other In nmmtro due,Ira or mute, iriiledtliMBtclve of the engine and lux carriage hnute*. ,for lout Madam mare 1'011''." The young man lo I.... '. Q, .
by ht jawbone of all ear, And she c'.t .. teat th* jiw.bone neat t. extracted to lied hoer, fthuuld be placivi upon a rack to didn'l write any och. tri. lo hit I Yo V r

do It .lth"r. Ho derided I Ihe by .t",".' "n iBodaltoBi for quirt convernalloB. The night. ilry. The Inn from lack nf prnfier, mother.Argn. the Biy Ki* '.,,., are I'"t'for'' m 1111.I'J'ly to oftre U74f of! LAl'K: AMI! OIL RT.UNS." Ac.. ... Ae.Hetl .

/ IrWRO, U t !unH,>, watering w woe a fine one; the m on hint not been engaged f fur lu protection i* fully equal to f".III'.1 wad one nf the mythological I '_ !

Brooklyn colored for the M..I,". but the .1.,did their weir and tear In thin c wnwtlon t state I here? nf Oi.l.\ chd WM fabled to .bav* a t Ale! "let.UI 4y every.\ BOW low we ran put n down and aid bow push we ran male oj k.k .
oral end muscular fight between two beat IB the way of double duty enabling! the that I have in roj charter tevrril length of buudwd eyes. of which only two dept at a I t For I good elaca of William MMey 4 0.'. i

femtoltie avoid the .hoal. coadantnad boa which should be dt"l"MIfd| of. time, i IB Oil amvont Juan meat Mm In Celebrated Philadelphia.. call It Ueltlll ml' l'urutcbtuglaud( tend rrrlimit Titllorlnv n *>|>rrlHtljr.tn .
The tl.*-4lah- ".r.anl.. experienced navigator to it they are only an lactimbnnce watch In; ..he. llercory, by command of Ju i. ni'* Restaurant, Hay 11."... 117.lit. r
that the and *VM> to reik the dittcntt landtag it 1 would reVMCtfttlly Kgvit to your Honorable titter, lulled Argo to slurp with UM .l of on or nddma

The South Florid JmtrwJ .aye 1Rnjbem'e IVaM, whets l two l4Ja war body, that a closer obervinee, b. enforced hi* Ante, and tVn ktlted Mm. JtMW the* Our Tailoring llraneb.We rriu IICOTT nr.\iincT: 00...

queilloo of 1C""IIII"I1I.( li boot to taken In. and two anttoM swain from Jack / of ordinance In regard to the iran.f rml Arirun'i i-jrn to the tail of the hate just received some eke caealmer I mutt Bar "1'P01. jr. eBVtHB, Hi.

find t ulUfactory *olutlua through ih* m*. erection of frame building Aluo, the orJinancr "_.:. But the \ or the peatock doe for (tiring .",. Hive made a reduction t I.
.tntivlll whose coBotenince had worn molt relating to rlilmtH-y hire be rKcldlr xL. which track of the tnakln which ----
4(0.4( nf |lf' R...' W* I.rlII.a! a rn Mil aft L can keep Bp varment* ia an "
and In this rtty wretched ..d aaslou look at the prospect forced Much anno)inrv l I. nuflircd by. the I "trick now Mni( played hy the sundry to f>Hri! la want ..f rt"lhea. I'S.' nIT I / H W () L L K USDRY
wary b.u11.d."I.ndl.dl of not BtaMaur th* pufct, were mad happy I Ifpfwrtment being called ,t.1 e\err ..U,. and eeTeral candidile for the ins). y. 123 tf Ft (\.', ltd*cheer A Co
who* eil.lenr' U find Irlwimo throughtrouUetoiB ) cure of there fire In the city .
eervinU, would Ilk. to try tit for the ret of the trip. All the eompanieV ban*** ire greatly in 11".% ( ... of tll..lull Idei.lllt. Cedar k.,. Oj.iera. I '

BinJitk ,twra. Hi genial Cipt, It. pmided over the nan nod of repair; lime J the meine ire faMtCa Malls t. 1S74.Totftr Theae wilt known .).. with (game t itl' all .GOODS E i\1 I 1OIt1 UM.

inane t i Ural dvftlaiea of lh. craft, mid under tile hua- scarcely large noaxh ttt I T them. In the |pest Mt",of Me ("*;., : kind are fUlI.lan'l l) anted up in the brat

mi-It.* App.l .nl.On pliable direction every facility ali pnawawedalo four years the clly tin extended n>. In ill I ma sane I lUltII In Umlnft' allow atyle, at Httitltni'. Itcetiwrant Day alreetllrxular -----
shies direction thai It necemtiute a change fn the me spare| in )our .mluinn to vindicatemy 137.161
of the belt .r\oIDLm.I.I. to the WM "/ rde.| the company for rational _
btration of aome of the coiypanlra., The altcnlion charat.r fur truililuli.-, wield ita
of Jntllc of the Pio hi. reeenlly lw enjoyment of jour honorable body li railed lit wil" by M. R, in y or i 1..K- of this date llepubllnii Nowlnalloo.'I THE LARGEST DRY GOODS HOUSE

male In this county, In the perm of W. L. At half pat Iwelve the .., arrived it Ilila f met. a* it would be a great( ad anUire 'In 14. R. dent,> that li" e cr ofltrialeil ai sr,. 'he It.-I.u I1t'lln. are rrtlurateil] to meet at 9

Coin E .|1. )1,. (0.11 HM long been rend U rein tUu..nd em i.l a 'fMlb. til amalt the lii>irtmenHf a {utliclou wlcrtiun of rotary ..f a' club *:<. Now, Mr. .;.1110.11 .. on Monday evening the I nthol i. IX TIIK 1'.' TA'I
inch lorxlitiea\ with a view to aarh.change you -l. ml.l, visit a meeting from week lo March .t eight o"rhk for the i urpi er j ji.f I
Bed with the bnne! pmtjierily t-t Jiefcaon Irma the happy eeni mny traveled the abort were 1U4I week, and 'tb er. on rack occasion an Indl nnmliiatlng a clly lU-krt. Hy vr.kr of I IW .__
cathter of the Krcedman't Rink l I. s between the wharf mind the Union .T. 11\* n. I
dialanc I
tile, M It aiford nw more then an ordinary de, tklual .tlUtH{ i|"tt (rum the bwijrxf the

nun of tlrong CbrUlitn principle, with a 11._. At the' itop of Ul* Mole appeared IfTe* of ,pleasure to Inform your )lnn.rableUaly mlilor. near the i-h.iirni.m of the m.,i lilt. fhairman County t'ldnmlanucert, I take plnaaar ,In lnfiwmln. t. polite thai I ,have )just returned tram tin V-rth,ad II..' tat :0

kern ."a..f jutttr. ind *<1'1.1 t right, w.enngr.ul.t. the plaaidoit form of Major AneUa, the well hat during the lam *r.ion of the lsgitlaiurr I and should that Iw| -rM>n real the minutm uf t II: Mtl* 'l.*. band now the larceal varlel .r anode evrr preeauIIBIBIarttf.My .
bill drafted uml'-r ray mime liate Ih. |tre tb. onnimunUy spun tits *|' known proprietor,hum beaming be a cheerIng .a..I.I..I'd l nrremfnlly through both the present tune wobyew/ not very naturally I I'rrrB Jn.t*. S...rt.I..ry. laltd&lipnbltan

polntroent; end bI..IMtI"IIIIur. the abaentC brioche of that body, and now only await coorhwir that man l tv be thimcrrlary Will( Hull Kvrry: rurrhAwr. .

Charle.lon .l.*..,. >.tIIl.'.,aa with lusty htwrty voice, but the approval|| and liP.f) Hit Kkeetb-ney if the I\t .l na* ft nubl he not be nh .nttanliail >. I Cavcntln. i I oftr Vw.HvlUk and DoilraMe("wU.std am prepared Mr IM WWtttWUl THAP, vn It IotiB

Tb charming; manly. of manner, h* inhered In I the Uovernnr, In onbr to become pirt fit > T 4. R may nut hllho The IU-out>llran>'fine tin ot Ja<'awavtlle ire everything to the line Mr wrtw. trvaalowi.
Tb lUtiuert City 1'otnt and rum the I organic Uw of the Mate t.f Florid ! rlidul untweek. Id. gueU.. Shirt wit the time for rrajut\ but hv wrtirei of immtnatlnir .D4td. > KVOItK "lOUl'UIt.: : ..: .
tutnem running their new tide, bill our gallant' and crrtaioly performed the i of Itt.i. fur the pur'm :
of dialnrbej rai/ort, the dancing 1I..l..ltlon..r that thai U aufBrifnt to*tae eoojloit. city rl.-cium\ fix:
connection with the >.w Yutklmrt. meet any to the extent of thirty older and t. justify myajtuertl ,
)I. W* spirit had lug been in cherk. sad Bow Im members nf, eatb company| will to! b..", .- :m and p TL. Cb.I..I..n.u. the hall. l'ock, forth exempt Iron" time .nV11I1 i and irdaoot It. I It Imply a tvrhnkal rinM-m! uf the real > lust IIf lIIDC'1l.. .1 1 JCVM, bleached sad unMewbnt XTTON..
nnJi-rtUuil that th. Tout Ibind |I'rx-** to (hauled everyone to ihnlng duly nf nrrvlug 011 J jnrir Kvrr: ready to truth ]11.I.Alllaator tsar Aww.,. tai I'AI!RuuU aru English 'a1ll"1. I'AR**La
rrntula torn ton the, brisk and dbwrrning, dlrectioti of the leave dun fullcrtcr.UB t MA..F TF vw buy ft r ISrmta, one wortft ll.ta.MaTTINU .
,1,1"to Auifmllti to on the (lnit nt, their reeemtive comae Tmuutrrr sad 0
dint the made wai ijulfkly aUtioned, the time for tb. ._ of aavinit the oboes and Uoola. itdrruwm.Alin A-ND I'IIA.tAlrll.cheaper Iban etww bere.tf .
the l loinnr. 1 'nri properly blue
..rk. and will Iran on T..ley" | ,
J. f. rmwell, Bal .\'. corner of tte**!., eo elect ani HetmblWn CxocnUre I'tommltte .
,. Tilt 1'fMtnM of IhU r.ll nt bend on floor msec,, protn4ly| arranged the arts; of Ilivlr fellow citizens from ilv truction, lln-\. .ft',.h., a tplendbl\ aaaiH-tment of Hie for the enauln> MW. "'''10'' Udlea. Vlara and 11IIId'.. ll'''. from li rent MIL -

.bo"( will moil triih of volnptooa ,mnalc' the ill|>- have (boa fir |*rforuird their dntie iitire hove s.d.! ale 1 tinned MlUrator akin, the 1 The mellB will be railed to oriler att1i r. n.b'm .
the| iU.mr, wllrli dfp ru n men with a prmuplneta, teal and enrrity that fc a. J. I'hlUdclphU Hoot and Shorn, Indira .Ml"v" and hildrm |
IIIIJC iIOItIId of dmneiug feel and mailing (.f trad.aupplivd at rvilnced rate 1 II..HIl.nlnra i 4iiurr fom.JiUU .
Ifurd to lh. |v. rinrr who nl.'I.! ."'I l the cannot be otereaiimated, and that UK without A/ey
W. tiAMl; *. <'I")
.ra- tint .n Hirlualty| | to enjoy *n unu.u- dreetei hid inbreeded th* ilaahlog| of the idighti-at I remuneration from any l the itrtmer'a paddl-w hmU, and form (ngraceful tourre whatever ;wlth nnrewarii. exivpt the J. *. riHR>K. J.I Q1111l11nleca. crry
bind i will enliven
ally plMuot trip. M the of thi valuable grata can low be I II '. D. .nl"l l lu%'. I IIxLW
and animated movement had sue proud ct>nwiiu no. of laving ilnno their ('I tblll.ll suit .'lIrllll,.11I1/ OIMH!* for tents lonth ai..l Hoy. .
with torn of tbctr boll inatlo. duly In tb. f.ic* of d inger and d B4l., and I Immune. .l H I. hundred by applying, to 1 ,
the lttf ('. t+ .. JacL.. III,.
recited the iulet| rr|>ua* uf rlablali oa the enduraetnent and 1 the be l ltiea of the eoIteom n' I

ChUr f.rr.ll.. llrporl.la ..1'0"1 two o'clnrl Major Analla .1'| community at large, who iree,er l I. IfXTIWIII l.ta1.I .
j ready .: I ''tIaMn"U routine mratelvet br calling amid riamlne tk tood tad pane A nan
) another eulutnn ". putilUh tint -Ihi and the III'K>''''U .% M> III.u.n.I. ,
blared ioddvnl In the IDJ.' of the teen* i J -C"inlr appreciate, nrlfdenying On) .wiln ., the Nailnnal < went mw 7s 011 hand. ,
of M. N. I'trrtlU. Ut Cblvf berol. which U chiraclrrUl trait of WmlnewUy ( .
Annual m ertra.
a.pur' and .I&h. <'IIIIa.a"n.twro a joeo** rxpreitton hotel or betwtui Mere and' Brooklyn llotwr-vvu Ocean tied ftond advertised are la the Katibllthmrot not on the gaper| IVavlor vaaraeir aid V 11 the
Dura.1 tttrret
hole fouleil firemen ,
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urea, )"(\ "lure will betond (' office. I Kil-atwm. .. _
the condition of the di-pirtmenL It.tugfr it.. Fire l'II"1 181 a S. RITZEWOLLER.
put 1 atop to the dancing for a while it.Il to the iH'icli'nry uf 1"'I.rt.1II."t >-- I i1c."Ar.U.: : !
lieu ir* timely ind hupurtent| and w*. with I.... II..t ---. .i!,. I I I of the rily Xiilily I have oar firemen I,0,1.A until lelrtiwtaairel.asntta
lent evpiainiig, g. i :i "1.11 tu purcbaw i bona III.' '
the *.rall'lI"lIo.hop that! llv.City t'uunrtlsilt earned the eirmption Ibu icfurdml tlieui by now K.i.iim.-:..JcaaD: nail best, uxidVritr eoM. enotalnlof' ale ul ... ... _
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whb I..... The hid been prr|' to (pant mrritoriout nervioni, and no man in the with Uriilliai bug- The Under will be nuit I M past tw on IUtllI rruund cud In a tlewUaW urliborniMHl. :- I Ii i L tJ1'f\.l. .
dot I-'I.to. upon| .Urn Jam* of "M ,_. Whatever rrluc- while eounnunlty It more gratlAed at isle ably rewarded 1 by (1."alt at the .'UrIlID"1 leuretou not squish fur *rt.ntiBhtnlh ,

''11I1'1( loa fintmen fruin jury duly UUiUfly lane wit rBtrrtilncd to ."' plug\ prowvd- rrrtarntlinn and. ipprecialionollbelr valuableKrvbe L'xw. lee.l U3-la I 1 : fair prier*. llrun wilt 11 timing MITM with such tndltpoai-full dnvrtBtloB.Hce ofaia. I CHARLES L. MATHER & CO.
dos toIa.* colt* irrtl,ni of Mr. l'"rcell., .. the than he who, bal been liononil by ,*. J. U.A. ,

."0"11..11111",1 hl'l|>vrHinl ... "",.r< to loge wupmkLiydiepeiled' ennpiny U-lBK i pUcnl In pualllun a. tin-Ir tl.lcf. 1)11.1 I IH-I; ,- V* -&. r.. John i Home.i wHoiuiic. tin tt4M.
"*dirtl the '. ...ltII.toadl.1l'h. la cnni-lu.lon. I claim lo .clnowimu4tethe IVitt' celebrated Kennen suit Aitrillili. '
proeur the puM|{. of tk. bill wl>lvb tike t'oloolawt\ WM overflowing with "1.1! !, eourttiy with which I hate been (,<"It byyuiir ( it very I low figure, it the >u* I'alutKtlibllakmenl. i:. \ iii:\ \ \ ,

before kid filld In the Unl eIsture. While tort, mil |tie Mwtiiii'rt of th* Major t p pat to bonorible body irc'nprilly. the t Stationers Booksellers and News Dealers.
w.lcgio Ciptala June' lluty tHHuiultti Fire l mrtw.at U. A II. Wn.Ki.rr.IIW1S8 B.rIH:
w* cheerfully on hl| niy .h.lu. '
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the wvrrmt led terry y uu A nu. M'uuoi. nooicsi
to the bud of the Fire lii'pirlinaiil.. w* c.nol eiwlilly| due for their l 1..UI.ln. eml l wile| _Ledwtlir .I*.k,
>rrMnUd l In tb* hungry cxraralnnbitt,
wi lopromote
but rgrrt the Uw of Mr, '.".ll.. | llngueu to "rallIt'H wit uevemuiry For !.rev mneyrna, Ac.Tb (IIVIUI; nA Ut'E.h: Y "T.. I The Latest Novels Papers and Magazines
,e.l l pre.III..1 l tutrfally mewl pelmtaWy.Ample the (''- '1' of the ]Virlinelt.| To ,
KIt_*, Erie: Iteonell wl| | leave KoaIrr'n -
"i-UtiU. I tender sinner for
...., .tlo dan tu th and my my IheCI. I
.., jil" wit supper| their eclusbinrrrlcs in the wharf on. Thursday morning, for New JAt'iwN'It.t.E.* 7.OKfRl.. tLWtVH OX uUP.

W. taw the pUnnr y.I.rIa.f* wwt- thr anni| any nturn*>l irftin to tb. dame, |>erfurnini a of the dullet tt.1.1110 my .11 II. Ti Hnijrna. Port/Drauge.mil I iay WItII. 133 I l'rt1'lm'It.UItri: : ) : TO OltDKIlIUMH :

tag M,. W. C. Orirty.,, who U here rcpr- At J.W clunk the iuui>leinddBclBgeiM
noting the IrMt 11...., .... brie iHMtK TU THE PMTdtrr/Cl' ,

way, the shoed line north. ThU rout. !I.tollllI. I. the club, c rblrma WM ip|.tntd, sod a i rourleay and Lin catentlyd
nation In eitttutitiK order, by t.tII tnf
.. U ill It* 11\1I11'II"ulI| with .1..I'lo hearty r atutUm UMiniiaotMly ijtipud, myirlf and, Perry the public of Jaikvouvllla and. virinKv, that Inl.-rval-Uierlm OrtlBcilm of Depot Itmud

suwhH: on ill night triln, anti Its Whip oun Ih."l.Iaij: the pr-'prli'tur of the bouw. Major TruatlnKti.s.hmogou.llesungmay..Iotllia damns limy' have |*'d l tbii a .1.,. a paint Lutlnmt i on ipptlrwiton.It .
In tantaldmablock, whertb) will hat I :i r Italic* bought sad l .. )
r a i I. II. ri.OWKLL
trollnd by the IVnntyKinU n"I1,... \IIU.. Austin!| her bit very Mpltibl enterUtniPOt tiUt laid* Ivpirtnieit, and I It miy-.nlou. full itmrtnieiil uf these irtlrlea vent rally' Loan '.. .. t.1811'\0) ,

pear U luftlulr guirintk fur th* rttid mewl Th. Major rri>oniUil In a hippy manner .Ui |roivrity| belt in a ttnl rat( paint eMibliahnienk( i IXI'IIUch: Ot't'lrt
I truly, Ac. AM> : : :
tboM who .)>r*cat It W* hop our till- *sprvwdng, bit ipprvrUtlon of the buuur that rnuiln. your Si I, N..rn-m, Thai r motto will be; Mindard good at rraonible \'KI'U or I'KAIHI IN

sea mil .allon11 glee Mr, ()r.ty s Mr bid beau runferrcd OH Mm, mud the I 1.01"(* C'hUf. JurkKMtill Hr Kiy'l.lleoorler'a and uniform I.'k.'lIlIb many
n. G..t1111LEI1 ,
other rmninenial hewer here.which
rhino fur builniM II. buy b* found it thehe/ night *|{.la have tb. Pleasure of u.l.rt.IIJIIIC !moire. Mu"lent. they intend to*wake this place are their I'UU.'I BOOTS SHOES LEATHER.

M,. Kdird' Tl4..t lunc, corner of lUynd the club it the l>tou llou.," -Ihrlgi I. a .. I I'r'1.t bntno, ami ifriluUo l la the hop of being 1"1'1'1I'1' ,,'u"',,",.TIII.\I1'\I1'& ..uU1Pt;

Liur itrU.M w I h,.n h. would' endnivor' to more fitly nt.,. Irnl.Wbyo't"'I. W. W. W. In thUeltyt patrunltml by th* dtimna, whoae luUre.tIt 741 E MM l Uf.VTr Nl'('. AND (ITfLMM AID
(jur W. J. \hlk.) of Wi.blnulwn., the lain llii-iii. ThU |last whelm w*. toted se ia- I I.to rnsu age rotniuvrt-e, aid by It ties ruCI'ON'
{ further growth of I l ho city.IWUi ne oiliied. *)>*-lal uleniion given to lormlBiint. -
genet gent of the IXiitt UN lUtlrond. t U perdue| by Ih* dub M It wit doomed Ilea -find Die* it bl. tl'l*nl- I. H. n. Wataknrr.mlrauer for m liUU. dttlwtluiw emetic In aU FINDINGS.Cnli .

toppln it Ih* lit JIIIIM. me It *lo Ju,Ig.Buhley 1.[ >*H>l* fur mortal men, teen tb* major him.xdf 'I.\iu --- parts of the Nllntff.I' .
mated kind, w* mean. Florence.Un .
"r tUfininb ind Judge M.rk SUn- lo d<. teller thin lu .Una Jvn.. t'o'Tr.IU"TtJjOwtll ON i>rrw rr -
will l good arwrtweut ulbooks and after Thurnlay, itch III.tb..
..11 BtiaattJii laeUltr Md luh>rmatlu tttj
B.r 01 I.'hlreru Abiul 1;30 time' party embarked fur Jrk.undll it this('h'ulll.Library. steamer Klureoco will lace the shipyard] I' itranyen and fNl ctu. I IM Pall fir 1IIHKH: HKINM, ITItH! HAX M t>OI, nn.l TALI.OW.I

*. wbirf*l B 8u A, n,. std mop it ihe raifroad .m -
,... 1'1..1 hap.U.ag : -.Mlnl; )|w'uuU \tu "ft.l. church In I w barf uatlt Bin*. for pMtaMgwi and li "ig*p i"i i i- ii. K N umf. A ('U., -

( to th* InvUmtncy of the w.her ..... Annual II.parl.f she thief. tell .\yl.I the latest dec I .I y, and returiiinjf, will Und it thy smut ;i
then In it the .I Ite* fir .*.nrliu.*l.7o MiMt of those river rtmanloniata dbln't lint for lh.t e who desire off ii i
,U.t lgbt were dot 10 tinny place to get HAY HTHKKT: rollNKII tU' (('k.kN.

kind N.lU>Bit Hop it Biuil but Ibu. who M< Hanoi'wAle J/jyor, floor of .lU.nw* rise cxivtly with the lark ). .'4.1 mora tbtr*. JAI-OB Riot IHS( AND!) TOBACCO I I..f

wr present fiJord tb.m U mnUUuiljrBut eel thrr JA Ju/re del J.ukws.We 11. tnK. U lTo $.;... ... I -
C.nuJln : I have the honor herewith t".lIl'Ulh A. u. iiu**Kr. j.o. w. lltiP ru '!
to min the iburntcr, im( aura the -W* dug public nJ therafortt KaruratoiiUla Tolirlal.
Ui Second Annual Retort, it .Id I I'lpr unit Siniir '
uny ,
cell *uuid. ill rMK>ud. and tb. rU were rr.pn.re4| by) the Art creating the 1o'f..rtIU.1.III for! .'rn it t11 ..', dos.banded. at You Le Farni win find mud it to examine your adtai tb*tg good W tlgando. call HUSSHV & 1IOWKLLWltlHMUK t

quickly $111. The hour of rihrehmrnte HI d iug It fads! in* great L ,
., k.by| t li;. l 11 II;4ft A Co KXCLl'UU'ELV AT WHOLESALE.fnK.e ;
ooi irrired whn ))11110".1.iJ cl:rtpuocb bear Ualiuiiiny lo the rflirtanvy mid orderly ..Why ..a (I. 1 I'. U. be urgiolnd' la '114 *tf Corner I Ky and Fine itrMta. j Alt' Ha.Tll. IUUIKN II
the I which dill hoWe*
wn h.d4 iround 'libtn\ crrnu cal iharavltr ol k1wrtaiemi.| ibis city T They hair them In smaller plarr '
tliul high I putU.u I tl baa hitherto *lay* sue I Ta the Laalle. -
Shoes leather and
W tint cad chili than Boots Findings.
.h. iniwtr punch
tamed in the cuuiinuullyDl Ih. rlaett and mss dcliiiont eat* Wl r kept j ,
kill CfMIIt ... of the b*. Otto nor euufpinluik all Ih.briuche* ul nur uululi'il Uuvrunwnt That hl\mil h**,_."." laid l len I at Je'Nlwrfhtbrosr Hay end tin *tn rt 1. 11t..I" am tom uluMAKU.LI'tw --

wee druid thus the l!iuo *il* nttdYiattU -> UM rira, 1"'I.'iI.| ibould Hand old Uipr, b pUked hlmcl from the I islet. i

cr"ol wee ..n.'. All |I....U ulT llr.l. as it t I. the mot huge| >rtut Cud la or ,, *ld..*ik! j..ter.wy.Tb I Ciambomi l.*>*m. --- -_-- A CoBil-lTiT; aaaorlBteBl of New Toil mud rblla f Iphl. Roe ijo.l. always. out hand
drr lbl its aw -" should b* pntupt. and 1 niter I". Mt'jt'.tllh
will. lid It hilt pat l"*U* tb* hat quid. ..JU-ivul' la the dlwbargr u( Ibrir duds, they I "Mara" eipwrt, L phy "Uourl Tb ataMMwr l).ri| ..11I.lends I chip .- Hot ArM a I* Jk OB.IU) fir 4M'L I'l'MUR t ('U." NIIWt>-* AND <*||IU>ltHmeUOta. 1"1

rill WM tlmri-d with moon than lIall.1 l a.t lliould be men of quitk .ml ieli habtu 1< and Ourf.," both fl"o Uy i yard wharf H*turdfiar.li Mlh, at deem ron nil auitComuiUnloa Mrrthaiil4HB .
li kuus "f ill the dull r. fur pakiilM and Kuu.ri.riw dlM a UK "
..J tb* ou>|"ny rcthvd hum. tb* room, with a llwrou ledge ** .I'.rc*, two eirnega rapt week a, M '
cf the .ttArrlT t..l.! |*rfurim d. J I omcr.luUle Ut* ciiUv a Tli reek wl3H WUOUaaU MaUB III ..0 meal by "an ur i.pne to id pine uf UIf lisle. q .,
rich with Wly iBtUlpitlunl, "theak-youmarus" arrun Day
clan the (set Uut uf sue" It the lft|>*rt M-Bl '
N.ttum.lw. h"I" II"I-.J at tide lllUf. llrttt* ,y 14 feeling Irrfl *,ok* for I.t/ but dn Au: Lo.l Grain nod I'riM l lahnl1 l -, HUSSEY k IIOWELL
All ennnvlnl gtitit wltli ihrtx- ...
ilia ._ Ua ui.uiUr.. unity. ul aclU* I lillVe lavt ,pin 'I
j J C.ril t"I'b btuf will ,lid os IUXD a i Jar" sup* '
ul llai,. Tli tttiler rewarded by
*! .( IkeRteural.u 1'arly. lad ,' "_. whys duly rail l t. It.v'J'' 1\ St'UXitthTLT .'uUc,. trick Iliwrk,
| "| nnii "l.tujriBK the .....
you yin l P.e
la" ytb
|the irrrlvil .t -I .I' 'atlagliat I
W .utl Hsl Ma Krldiy i' Ut.ir4 i diecuun |
iritUaiciluataIiou; *
ChuU.tu of c member of prominent rtlro 4 Unaannl l" &y v..ti r>inib} and Uiduliu l mtrkcl, pul' him Uo.o 'for I raadldat for a .---. -.111-131- llarun.. I'tdiir. (Corn_ ll.r and iris tw,12lr hey '1. near L\",". Jn ..."1.. ..

cal other .I\d.l. IB J,, j u.-ii IUU Mac UI'"U. A *t>lril uf limitable luibltiuu U >toUrlr E city ultir a the i-omlnif I vbjtiliua.. tact. I

the Surth Tb s lea 1. In wbkb the ralt.i the t (v lthal tIw)' are liilllntf lu -A lt the exevrakMt to Green lila Ut* National 11411. Uu M. JIOMM i. at U>WM ,. SAVINGS BANK.The i NKW DHt'iiTOHI pert .. lr*..lln( lmprod J'ullmI .. good and uuiBu. cities, ill alriitug for tV .drlpN foresee will lUel.a black walrmt milk ".h. Tb. t tinier 10'" Pertiauar( .taNlm *tw* k* tww.r s1aa
I.libl ." ",.wlegrowece..h- eut."".' Ih. ntilile heehaw| uf living hue mach .aI >w. tl.'hl. .t b Ih. will b* rewardMl by Uavlog \tt it tb. lire j. "ltm.q ,,(14Wn. s-4, cud aj adrraete eu.le o1ero.ltea.ralal
buna TruitCompinj.
in our regular ou Tn rdy.. r'rf-eduiin'i SiilDjiiud
horn l. It wen. with dlBlnff OII1..J'| rU |IWy van iiwoMipilahlir Mh>* 1Wnlmer j
r, bod t wan, h.leis, Ac. cut up tba )prrwdiedEebreuy14.174thm -A >u rMa (SaurutB.) ttMlittic( for the A *hant. by lam Moull. the l I',nuU til nUruiilklB 1 ItrpartttwatlIIM I bran calM wit iitteB Utuv. Apalerbinda .* fray < lr Ho|. Clear, I
[ vary
(. lot hi. o". M*. The .uml..iliu Actual Urea, futtr, (clue alarms, tw.. lit n l ..of' "I Jest iwi ed H IWTrukI'alaa'e.. a free I InPceUw 1'"rt"\ TwuAM *- M4mdal.I i -
Ul IB the .
h*,* with OHM a dupe mf rttU, euok I Ih. (,-IT**) of the lparl Hl ouwaUltuf a on .u psp| |*r.IB aapply of bay' wear rangin Nets W *rite I j.----- -.. .. -.--.-y-- smaattael If THI eVIUIKMt or T8I rattan

nd porter. After plv..B|vUlt it l'h.rl" I, tbirtsnd two Aal 4Kl KeglB****, Bid wet lletlenail,pori lut.e la .ar Uoi, ., j'l.i ."n. tblHMTT 4 I'1!. j.I! ORGANS. IT"'' IiMHM Able MEOU1>t* ll less Tech peke.rllHsprlut. ,

toe th.y mot t* Au u.u, cud .rrl"rd fern htuidred and forty tin udders end members i.totin thud oily |'0"1 and ntacktr! Ir* ,/1 I aM.fvUi ca piweded.

Ihit Uy it H U..BO. Hotnisliy night\ I. the autiv tulle <>f Ih* miiipiBla, U M- i stored IB many pieces! on the t idwili; < kllle'aelebralyd l hid a. eu NEW DANK 1ICILU1MI
with s "|,ll Uiln. usLb.. l>nlr..1 l ttitltmaJ low*, Moo"'nl.c\.* ". 47..Via BIZT UVIXbllUK a 1XIll.irSTHt.LT.
IVraldoBt W..11, jiiy. I -Tb* etra.grr .exeth fttimourrd .rtorldiwbU > Jtei relt4 1 45w; MUfIl ul th*** i.iu- I (trr'i.r of ,. and tarreln J.ahi.m'4ile. ,
'I Hoe
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dUoiUhwl : ItwdHli .
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.4 ge b**. to Jaukuvttle, I'loridi. llmaanJCt* t.\owl..1I\Mums Oowpaay. U; br* thtiilh| air ".If with ,h tar KM Olove F*.NtIuan Ever). pair iamtaey aarr.t*.(UiLof la.. .II.I. TI1K CllBAl'h) .l (>mu**( BaMwta' Hlart.tlrush's .

t.."., iftyrwuoK the* ere? ( tout Aawrk-ua Iliwi mud Ladder tVotpaay. SUIh I j rwrfutn* g the BMdt-vrng blowtum.Th l ambp.4ecle hr t' Made fLrt4aItl I AUETI1UisiIKPAllI ,v.d. tills!-- 1ar! tllrtli.!
at man avotif
*1"11" the **. *..iUf r tu TU" Jtdrr+ cow lu u**, twlouftn It> the the it I r. '
prvpvtly flag at lily .. ba if | (MMt aaOd. or rumpaufA*. la jaattain cad
eel pwiii U cud *ivu.J the Ulta' -", 1"1.1.. rueista ut ere nlr.et f\. Lee __ : I July .J* art ,Mr.at Sorb m.nwedlpf .
M Tb iJ. '' uthrr >1"lte.d 0.. .r- t give, third via**, male by lUby, utt l one ; uuit yesterday at a Mark J rt.f $ \ Free L.*irb > OH lNS.. .even pet .rilow.laauua. aa la* |.ro l. of the nutl4w writ tad PPIJ. wad COM FUTE Al.ssfCTWLi
reeks .J .lt M4 I' drill '| out "OU.tIHUr minry wf *t I. Fillttjor I fro it to I at / U rampant win a -
J TagaJYJUUlard
i taw tlr* tailn third loam, wad by ffrrj 3i lttyelay' A MclJlt' aul*uf alk>wia(laurMl fmoi, ,/ !"t both 4 max* cud BB4n . fuf e, ..J **h ..., U the fukI'hvy k" ItuUl|I.. are In ".ll. order, -T.\ wreiller ."I" ..per the M limY .n $4o. )1.NtI%. t Hun TIIIU! I ot wrh .OCt woe of M sat.*...ill.I
men n- urapi.l.l by mom* of ourpaum4ret i.ad h*,., \ pre ..wartiy N their the euBJMMwily t rare fit .r pm' ftICIi .f NUI.IA. I | M U K U ,
.h gate u'I Taa roj.ar will aa a rata pat .... ow.
,IlbM. coiL were uwn terry with Hine 1.1 KEi TUK4J i .
kU.. Tn Hot tint gei I > l Nester MOVLbiQt tl kU blade. Mad
; jftttrday. S1 Mktg 1,000 l *Bai4U >* d.am4. ret II rwaorte Uw rWM$ .m' slat, <
eocan., suit .u tlv. dos, *aw4i| 14 cue hook *. Ladder ,. 1 I .c.._.. labtBUokla> wVMraaVt.>la.
N ..r..iL AM)
rcrtvwd M
.aJ.l the t -it i. hat. u.t bum ill "l BUUItE T 00 DC'll H .
t4.alrut kdv.m bi Mery Tnui .Ub Udder. "i*, ewm Ul*. ill k to I 4.W cuerr.gatit4II ee$ .etI ftuai lajHvtateakk rum, i..w..u HINU 5hlT4GLihS1
arrw.gweeitl fur the ..,. s l'Uf" of I nidhnmms to goad red tttiiiWoi tr'k*. I .)''(u .h..I rbal** IMBM, by A, Il IhtMV, Hjr ar arru*i. 4a: >. n, "".'rll. ..tgrnl.ttrnebet. i ..a tu.at.816.1ansue.a IItIII lnterr.tL.uesM ..0rn/IIIra... .i *
lIk'UM eta the -at-
. 1M ". f to i At the dale of my ir.l 'vgei Ibe arsteet. WM like hack air to I I., rem he atM kf lUBTM or >**> .
Atisstle emit (!Jlf lullrcMJ.- Xeme.1fare1 I tU *M4rmee,tkdd'. f. .t rtm.h> (UmWer h ct. '"
rah doge flee S a. II..l* S *"*
/. the wadmf wuml ., opens J"U
for guu rtc III }
ltA uu, aepr tweet1
per por igIt. ., ewe 0 a (Mr **
J W t se
'. Th* |paler. **"Il I II' i>f A. U l>r.uU, t' w hunt *ar,\ at ill dents. U* -TV* mke/lL 0 lUy trt, Wlweca gv+( ite4 fib A "-1,,. y..Jta. I .4 .." IIt'M.,,"rat."I M ktOIr .,{:I "*.f BHit I -"

hrc+Jilelt 01'a T N.w Jersey .4.Uk file atteutknu t4 ylutta.mwe.w. $ "Plum *.Law.Uif /a ).... 1 ,.u.- h__ ,, I..1M.I.. W. IWAIN. ... I tw .'txi. J .. '

: I

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.. .. .. _._ ,.. .
+s.w.- -- ---- ', ---- -- -- -- --- +v.-- ----- '- --'--- I't

; -, a. -7'--,: .: :: : :.: : :.. .,o :. :: ::_ '. J_ ... <. .,_u' . ',.. It, ,j ... ... ., .. .' ,.. ., .. ,- .M' .,. '. ._ a> ," ".. .
-- ; .
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-. .. ,_ r -- -- > -
-- -


*, :..=-....; ..----. ------. -- -- '" ..- --. -
---- ""- *' -- - ---
4 -
1---- JOHN CLARK II I Till{ OTlrr.
IlEMOVrAL}; '1'81111""" '" Rusts 'e
Great Atlantic Coast Line norni tf and R. t. !MARFY
FOR .SALE. I : DAVIS & DREW After the. flrel of tvtirttarr will rharn. oar recta'
I per I.OV' net on Lumber. ln l....l of lie r-
I I i I P."a.'.ffjni: Icot'TIt rear .prr font on .11..r. 75.n rWt and arwant. .
A II KLEQArTT HOWL tlAKIMOXELY nxMi Wholesale and Retail I .: under tits aantltr.. a I.brldermWelatMtbtreoaM.. ,i JAIVB. PHIN.K,
.. 1.,. WA It H UCK [ 1Y110LlRALE. : ASI) ILET.t11.: DILtLCRl1 I' : Ta P M(\)l'"">.
AUo. t arrr* t>( MIA IIdjjllolnr, tnliakl' fur -kwnillK J.ft. SI. II'.-t?
(ard tilB|. i S.\"HHII, .\na'sT."IUlnn.' _. -. -. -

rr.ml_ t..rau><1 on .1..1" Ika frmlnm' DEALER F UiNI TU RE I( TON ..INIItICIIM01U.i1 : NB\\ LINE!'
"of tha' Kail....., runnlnf mil from J'a..IIIfo, ,
..MM mile,' hoot loW.. I p. M. trout aarannak dally. To the Upper St John's
mm TIEW 01 THE IT. JOHN' RITER.' WMrM rwpwtfutlT pre. notlm thai b* flu rALACK: SLr.JrISOR: |

Corner of Uny nod \t'U''Rn llill., Kalrtroom' In "<<,('onlllC"1 New Block liny ill., Corner of I.nurn, !, ""*rann.b to Rlrnatom without rhanr Ikrar TK tint. and rti.ni.i.ir.. .". tteimsf
For pmrllruUni apply" to to rew Vnrk-all rail i
CALL DAM! ETT, I l *. o A. M. from Haraaaah, dali.. Pullma.'. /
Ibvwl'i niork. when they offer to lb. public tee urged and best .rrpcl. .d iiork of food ever offirn) IB able IwpliK" tar A mat* to "III.......... Iherw, ;;ir':

market. Cotnlrtlwt' IB af'llIt It.tare to Wridun. thro** Pullman a,..,',,,.
,. !.lostf Cornrr of Bay and.. Orwao .<" JukllODYUle, norMa, HF.flOVEI TO HIS OLD STUn, .. I tan t.. BattlBMire' or Bar Lln rvaofrilon via .
--- -- 1-orum.iuib. .
I PAULO.I at.TR: (t'AUrET P.UILoli RIi.ICKETRCT1dMBER : to : "-
ORATuE ...
ft'1'l'. CARPET LP1 G. BOO: AHELTEA: 1 : no\'
FOR BALE OR BK T. I J i II.II p. .. ,._ .jirana.h.coflivrTtluwlth' Rlcb ,

\ WILL, RENT!' FOR THE MCAKO1. PELT. IErrA1ONRtA.MTLT! Of HAND IOU!!, )lAn"o, WINDOW 11"11I.TrflllTtTtS ....d. Mrrvft at ... fcjfi .. II. from W. A. /lMA.. Muter
\1 ,.......... l'Ollmena ..
oa nur \HID., ttax Alarbaro" of OnnlfJf. t BLOBANDMA1%!. CtLTAINflILCR17LLOrIGITy I cuwptut Car nom
...-, b.et )/.nlll"|| ||| Oran" CVantr, riorwia.with Ella aD (Ch.rMtr ronantln with ornlmr tralw From. It. now plaint. prrmawnilT on ibr.' )Mule. and wit
Ik. hlrIII, Oraaai* Orate, and /kunrrf attarkwl. !lUIB nol! WIU't."O'J'l\ n iiminttoB, and arbtOnbai ham. thaorv a.. abon .h.n> Jarkaiintlll' From Men wharf. H IKV
I IlU< ..>Wk. f..
This "? t a w.IInWPd LUT C1JAIn. OILCLOTH, IIIt>EDOnM.CANI ro'lu.mOS': AUH MADE .11. Af lATAwfh
mliA: .
one and a half from lk. i BM>amb>*t Landlnc A Full Assortment of Goods ,, !Salt I.BB. Lake liar.\. take Jeesup| ""It'f|
IAks IInnme. II... rl ChrMt
Tnt Invalid lh" cttmal rannnt aurpaMMl To Tkrwi.b Palan sleeping. Car and Parlor |prier, Mellon*m. "Vtdn.Ia.l W. aka,
whlla no part of n..M,'. combine M Bianr .a4. omu ru.u1Ul, SrSUNO BWA.. t"1.1\1: T.\IILtII. I Car BtttrowBt. ..r in* "'Ian.1t11II t Unr i* now 1 Palatka.Ttwd,9lnrnCove lpnn, .
amass In Ik. *trowtb of Iropirtl' rruit.. TIIIKLY: NEar TOCK atMBlulrlr pf rfrrt.
It not ....ld "bnfur the Ont M ndr la March i FOLnI'IO CHAiR.c rutlltM LITENMON: !\ URL' And kit the tntrrrardtatp' larding on ttw IT.
Mil, tba property will nn tbat d.r, be ofl.red atrabllnaala ,! If HM LttE. CONMSTINO If PART or OFFICE: TULJII: I"tIU.lD: HAIR, l11.IIIU1, AGDDER TnUOt'lIll Tictrr Jons' HITCH.
loth. bth, .M bidder. I rv-r freight. or Pawn-. having iuperlnr,,' 4..nBVidallaB. >
Fold at all Ik* Florid ilckrt oftVni.If .
Apply to rLEMISU: A UANIEL' AlU>rn ,r.. !!, BUXlrTI IIF.OITUfII! ., apply on board ..r In
i IVrtka and ...-ilon amirrd br tvh. .. II. T, .
,. r ni ntTA ACTM.Thr
it .
one I, a. J..alOp.III..11ol1 4 l. ,
or Mtlvr to Mn-ptna Car 'o1hl"'toI'I" ,, PulMkHalMn I.OUJE: RIFT runnn-taalPalaikawlib the
twtrTALUABLE JMtOVlrtlOJfH, IN SUCH VARIETY: OF STILE AND PllICK.: AH TO MEET!\ T1IIVIEWS .: ..at....... A. POTR.livarral steamer Unlv Bakrr, tree" ftatauuab. and tltf.
Greet Ia4dn>nimta will te offtrfd to tb .
riiorEliTf" -'-' ,., and Tit krl ..fretIeiSl Polni. frum CnartaMrtn. lalt-tf
HOTEL OF ALL CTHTOMKHH. : .III .IIl.hlf. t\am. U"", -
Drf Bait Damn, MnM PntkM tw3H( "I l
FOK BALK. SmnkMtand >a Market ii-f. II..... KhouW-M. I Ilrork'n l.lnc of It{It er Mcitmcra.<<
fiDoin B"f Hmok.4 Tonaruc, Mark.lw|.CMflub, --. White Pine Walnut and Cedar Lumber Moss NIN'tculnl'I.C.: : :.
ttrR orrm. AT pmrrATit HALL ih* proppf Hrrnn*. Lard Butter. cnmw> hit. noar. /10"' JOHN) :S. I 1)IIIGGSW I -
1 at II.. >rwr of Pin and r..r,>iliatmta. wheat rionr. llnmlnr, Meal Hint Bread, cra..k.r.of noruiir AM! HOLD.GILBERT'S. I TIC t tun xo, B. f
$In Ikl* rltr, kauwa at the all kind.. "IVIc I ;i'-

MAGNOLIA' nurrx.Tfc A.i.v&< W. I. T. CO'SRAILIIOAP. .
KO.7 JtKEIVB nr.oCK, DA T STREET "- "-= .. ..
bulldlnf U eoBiparallrrlr. n... and I. .b.. (WOCKIUKH: II = I .
ral...1 la tk. mnrt eratral' ,part of IhK rttr, Immo.dlatelfoppn.lt I ON AND: Af-TCn: rrSUt'AKT tI.
the tr+wtm.n'I tlan ,.ntl within J ACUClN'u.u:. FI.A.
a.. ailauM* walk of Uui HallnMul IIIH.I n< ...1 I IWIIOL I Thr *l 1..aan-r : N. ',
Cu..'. i*>rp, r... ( a w, liplrv, *. nulU' NUU, FI.OIIKirtK.Capt !' Kl"o.
/ Lanrlln,.. O tardlnra" iTrwrr**, Him Can't!**. Nap" Mao will IVBT ib* Miipr.nl. M kart .,.11.. i'im,tats.i>

ruf term apply. bILItYINO "'Mol, 'tfrmli-rlll. Tapioca. Manlnra, T..Iru..d..ra *ALI 1.O kfTAIt pall l U IX .:4J.4 -- r.ov't'lI.1' ) al9a.MrTumlandlnlrnmdlatt.' land
A DAMEL' Atturnrra ''trlll... taWM" DI tarb. "ftHla "MI 1"(hum' I In.."..
( ,...m Tartar. Cr>"p".... /lIUtD,. "' ''''.11. Lye FHOn: Kl.lfMlMUft: : TO ("MllltUUIMi ru-turnln.!..'<.T...... fi>r Ja<'tnnt. I II..at: P.II.
Ourn., ()roo.IIILft,1 Bay ..Up.ta.J.'t'abri.IrJ .,,.,,,. khida ....
*f all .111II.1'1I0' tltnn.
*, .JErELHY W A T C 11 E S rLOCK .
S KEIs Tbo
( twit China, OorUcrjnn ( rXHTH i.tnv! I. XnUTll wIllmnitMt. alia I the riorrnrv ally bflwtwnTirol ;
nre. iamsaaol.a and .Palalka.Tb .
FOR BALK OH HUNT TO A Hoon Llql'OHf. t! \.1. cItsialt's
"d I TO ':J :I T" "".MUBrr It II I.1 1 UTO>, Captain R.11.Pn .
TEN ANT. a rRDAR ties. A?, ,Se. )! ,, rIaRAAnIk A. 'abt'. mil lm I I'
A>r titirrpn, muriiinf .1" male.
A Inw 'RuriK. rontalnafunr r<, .m., all of Mamm't Chwnm4m. Wlnm, Rnodf, Cherry Lamps, Chandeliers o AND PLATED ARE.a '.16..m. i rirnnndltiaIt JIM .Wpninw dar*. mibtat'lo. tvnnwtlun. IK aid, ti" ru (it
which arc wntbirrboardMl and planu-rrd, 4ppM limnilT. Holland and 1' I IUI1I Hart. /Road. ,111, Argiu.llnrand rntirprt:
.kraldna a tarts ram Dp .tat,.. and a Ur.. kltrh' UoOln, ttmkft't Rl* .hl.kfTHl .a, t?(Mbi>r with a *pl"$ndld vardrn IM. and a I, I'.n" bla_",.(bmmmflgrads rot whiskey, mirrrrMxlmla ATB 11.10" I .kt>iiiuin : II .
bark w.n. M BOW fur airy or rrol lo a Tad. Unantalonlr I ,. .rnrl and (lapel wines. Hani' Ale! snslpurer. &6.' 'ar'ty !I IMd1 Baldwin. \.1"1:1 1 !. 4 IS .; For Mrllontlllr. ., r.nlr-rprl and !Sun-'

I Home I'lirnlalilng ( imtl, Ten Doll Month.Apvlf FLORIDA CURIOSITIES OF ALL KINDS.i reII IUd, 5.10. ) Spring", ,
am peer PHW I
.KII .. =" .. ..m"
). 10 Mr. J. A.roRAOV.oppixIM!\ Mrtropullun I CAMNKI "KHUITH A.-., 1.lIIn TS'Warkn' itii rftUtVx, anti

IMrl, mnH r of ItaT and Newnan .u......., llai lust r vlTd. a Urgittnrk of the store mmtlonnl lo..tt roITPlall"". .. : a r. M INTK1IMHDIATK: : : 1.\ IISClK.r ( .
Jackannnil. ".. octZldf: warw., purrba rd dlrrrt. from the nanufaiturrr I n6M I nl i WaldoArrvtkHido. .. 91T I I.
-- - -- -- )....-. ..., PlnoipplM Pan, Tft riiimis" Mrtw 4J: Its Natanlls, | I IV: "
1 brrn...,ltalnun, <1amii.Ton .biva.iirrrnlk>rnPru *, width *111 be offered at : .. IM 1j' l .. I' m
A FIKHT-CLAS! 1'\VI.Ml Mrlnf. limn. Um. .H..aiM.0'."'>r,. Uilxlrra SfljvUAI |1.., liailoa... .. '* ** r
OmiloniMl Milk, Brandy |Varhr. .., tlrklml. II,....,.. ..c 113: :ArrbvrM ..1 AH IJ.'III H TVN Irsr,
LOWEST: !' I1 H CES!' FOR CA !H II i: I' iii.iiiiiT: :'4.0
INVESTMENT Tumbler" Jelly, Caper. fawiip, Miulard Oil.. I Ion I Hmnann I 11 I v a ro ..
Oil, Prppvr Mure.TAINTH. ly )I.> intrrcrrtk.: ':h' II le"' -.:. .. -

FOR SALE. a Intl.'III. blll11.n, frtrad. I""ft baa lu.t returned from New York with a lara* iork Of rantullr g.I. ." IU Palmetto .''It", IOU"
n'lrcivd' from. dull' .t.m_. I lift IVilar krt. I I taw .
O gads, tba "moat itnlr sad on favorable iftmu ike llraauAl.ar,1.P: '

'HL THREE TORT BRICK Bfll.DI.Nc!\ ), 1Ito100.. AM UILH, TOILET /MTU, W. U J.IOp..... U.50IQ it.60. b. E. MAiwriu/
1 Inf In Ik* MUM. of P.rr. rn .. IU br 110 r'''''. lot m by Ink|( ,...i, BrlrkWarabouM .
and C1al_ .n..., d In Ina brat bu.,. londUbwm1011flaw Uiwwl Oil K aaag portion of Bar airvrt. Turmntlno., Whim Lrad, eN Ii.... It. Etwnaihart, Bpd of pin

Most be told In order to close up the I ral Ned Palnu lead. l Palnu all cbadnt' oil., Pultr.WOODKNMVAHE all rotor.. *.OrptllU'. tbrml- CHINA: TEA PETE I o Pcnsacola & Mobile Railroad ftrrwt. Mrrr Tl'RKIltt' sod' HUD f M< ri.lngm,

Ntat Plain and Dmx>raU>d.. RINGS, IIHOUCKKS) :$" CHAINS, al 9 uVliN-k. fur the it eta | ('i,yl: l'.1 '\ 1
/ .
AUtO. two Pn.aU IU..ldrnn.. In this rity, andTown I : Ac., *;. will err \/1.LI.oS\1IJ.1. k.NTER.
Lola la Uk CII7 and Madlauo, riohda.Tif .4. 1'IlIfI: : andr01lH rvrrr 'ttIISIJ'IIU': and

Mf, rurfurhrrlnfuroalanapplyto I | )arkrU.Tul. ., Rraoaw. Mca..., (tiurtu Meas.nreWiabbrnl4AI.Hrltea In great rarely. U] ........j[..............'" 1 i I "l'M'A.1'1I1..**, and will arrlir, at J*. ben.
tI'UIUI.MucnJI! : : : nut FRIsINTs.; : "
n. r. I >
rnint.NBr.iuj :!
Match, Wood = ilia .
.::_ .
V.a vlllr arty T6un.lur and I..d.i .n. i '
u n
r..u'..', I d rtn, BukrU, Krbn. Wall RurkcU, Dour TAPER BfCatTSDi and rolflfOllF.8, I
r. 0. M"l fIT JarUonrlUe, Fla. "Pallm T...., kblte"tsb
Rota, latnl' Rnnhm, Rnubra, llNDrTOitP.COFUE call run .. fulluw. .
HARRIS ROLOMAN.Einrulor!\ .scrub llru....... Hunt Hnuhr. *. Mono Hru.hm PMu All the Above Challenge Competition I l rrBttvd during. lie .paat inmate. oral l I Ie t..w tb.

Currr OHitba. Tai ka, Ularklnf, llrlar' Wood and ivra.! .\>
U Rrada,...... Now York CII,. fanrf |. < "At'nh! lLlr.leer. :. !

ellis twit _. :: "' 11 I( nuul FOIl QftLITV OH IMIICK.DON'T I | (JBlnrr. . . .. II" :VI p m c.ro.; : n. n>.Tt II.
-- -- twnorKlfFUU .
ItOl'K AM CO 11 1)A UK << <<'Inlh C' .Miinat* Tnii| ; imnTallshawn.. . .. .. ... gelpm I Aga nl
l I.>a** :Miinitiwllulfr . . 4 l In p inTiepm : it
fEW, Elrraal and enmmiidloiu two 4it..rr the lalot 'd ( :MiKll, .B .. / 1\III.tN: Inn.i : .

A V HOUM, with an arm of bl k .rou..., la lb. \ Dorvll/ = FOHdETTHE I'LAI'K: WIIKKKTO: : ItCA HOOD ARTICLK.AT ,leave 1J..I..a .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 4 ill a ui .
B."rtkw.ira pan of lb..llf of J..a.'MU.. FIa.Plf.ra Manilla( RnM.. hi'r''d lulling Onttoo Rope, rt I ArrlfJIt..auob! .. BJ i.m
inn ""' ....Ian rtatora, fruit tree jrow- OHIon Uakum. Ulllln ".In.>, ""In. IU 1.IE'1I CELEBRATED WATER FILTER.lr1'reparnl I leave .tarannatiL .. ? 4iipin i
leg, flaa vlaw. and r..an" >nl'.nl o t-kouar*. Tba. Twin. Fish UwwlandsIrb. ktrrawnn; Wlik, aa 'lAb* illy .. Lid a m i a' !
plot front.. on lhureb. Aihlof. and "".1.. tirwla.Alau all ...... Mwklny Dint Food.JU AT TIIK ,Arrive at J..lamtilIs* .:. ItllZa m i iI : j
Iklrtf tacanl ktitkttnll .boa la u.. aortkarmand I l ; ,
wf..u-r 0 .anurba, rack, fut """ rA....
t.. O.LHAST. VKPV.Jl : Particular atu nlloo.. given la order. I Au, 10111','.. '
tel-it !* 1'I.tJI1.K: : : 1'111.1NI.t: '"
Jackaiiafllla ria.OKXTRirUOAL SIG% 01' Till (.ou:\ AI.I.KJToit n..UI ,
: : 1eat3.ksttilli. !" .. . .. Stopni'J 'ILea i
JNO. R. PRIOG8, .. Isle lllrIrttf .. ... . .. .i- .p in Captain T. W. Iran"
: y, Torn, Oat. a hive 1 IM> .. .. 4 HI. a W 'I
.J:1 Rltwt, Arrive' at 1I.nn.lI. ,. Sal: a j LrarraJAtkWiMllir<< trim J.iknClaik'iwkarf" ,
.TR"! : m .
.:,\ liT II I HUM.SMITH'S \VII.I.ff.: .. twJI-tf JAl'KSOXVILLK' :, KI.UltlDA U ar* "hoantmblrt .. I W> P m(117am 1 al fix>l nl Ni'Hn.n., ."..'1.
HTONK-WAHK, 1M.MM.KS wf I Maillaim::.: .: .. .. ::: : H.ar /Ain. brat, al, lluiloik, n ?.n,

J'4TKXT. ISAIlATIKIt.Fashionable Learn MotiUmllo. , . .. i ArrircalTallahaMecLMI .... ilOMam' .
A RtTMRER of tow wolla bare bee ,., bra, nhdAl'hurnaButterPutsWine --- --- '-'-- --- .- -' .. T.ll.h.uww. . ... .. .in amIt Mujjim I IM I al o CM .lurk Mi "'la)) II'.' irn-
it sunk lalbl.rltr and tli'liiliT, and kav' fIu J Ik.'U.... Tailor Arrive gutnrr .. . .. .ft amtatix lim.l.
la .,.r7 In.lanrv fl"n aailihwllnn.Tknw Jacksonville Pensacola & Mobile Railway I l ativ rvTmraiai. al t u'llwV.iMina ,
walla were awarded lha Dratrmtuan T" ar MARK, (flrautira, Tin aaiux AND .
LAURA STREET, I tail J_,', al lito......-k mil. IntrtaAalf
at tba Mlata>'lppl' Mala fair la .'. Snt..,) .
iiiulSUMMER ('ullneelluna '.n a Tunisia, aurning.IISTCIt1IM1..,.
1 t
IiMjand l M 7ll, Ml .our1 fliaia lair la 1.'fIIII1) ,
Three 4.10 .
from t
Bar '
LiHilalkna Plaut r.IJI, O. I .AareTallahaae II ki a in ).
A fond iiipply" of dear water I. alwarifaaraalmid. Ann at III'. Hark lluiamlj. !
]' Aura Wnvllnii HUM Comb Hum. .ardm label WytM est raahluelblflootte alwaytun l laVKKi.. Mark.Arrive : ipuiiI I IA.tte 'ttf 1.ua. It. anon Tii'l

Tka. uml-r.l-nrd.. a "., fur tka L" latiwtinWaah.stnsFr. Pan. W n....'...,- band. al Tallabtam- I 110' ) Pili'| ltTUrallllt: W adaerl.p" lI.unllll.1 II I .1,
.uu* of riurltla, lt.nla Carolina and row.AwnTrurbn Hal' bHa, Lanurita. Hollowam A Orat-rUHruiur' bun Paris ware! IIOIIT UAlklll.I ,
.. ... .,. Md Iruna and erlx"rlrncoUwurlmtn \ )I. '. PAPY. liru'ul I Rupprtnii'ncliintManlrrlran.portailnn. M ulAlaru I It, al T.rl..a.
Uwtrtla. baa rviuutml fn>m kit vld sand Oblp > "'. l> r\l< tdthal,,raof ....... Wllbun. AH bit.lurk rana Plow. HIM lets, l/lpprra. Lora Mllla' O.B.Mllla .-. always employed ua the I I'rvnibKw.Clothe I II i'lun al ( &efos| k a. m. Tbunaluv

oa Par Greet and rafcra, by per lirlu"..".... rut and flllird arranllDf. la the lake I I ArrltlogInJAAdartUJa Tkumlal < t' ". "gIjikrs ,
taalun. lo Iba MUiwIni. wbo 1 I "WIIIIfJTIt.I.> :: K\II.KO\I>:
.bad ports : tyl.rrum. Part and New fork.V I I SCIIKDIM/K( I I ; For furlhi liifornntuni applr, I InIftlifrf
kara tkaaa walla' seek oa lk"lr pr mU I h pl CI, teem I
earl t Hla Honor tba Mayor Hun Jud.,. TOMACfO( AM CIOAHH, TIME: <'AHI' >. J"IIX11.An1Ag''it',

M>......, n.Wm.. M. LrdwlUi..' M_ra.I. Cloac Connection I Hitltlttlii llli A. .\. <., "' I T. (' '. It
<< a 0. 1C.
I. H. Mr A. .
A flninlhall R'I ,
1OIIb. l.I. l'iN' 11'1/ITIe11CK: I. rA '. Ihinl., "r I, l'C3.Lnna | .
L Mra. R. i. llluu"II''ll'e..III. Hurknika i nit) Ilkllll'likll\ 1 t:I:.
k ............ .. /\bnk'o. Irirlnla Tol a.Y .
a. Kvlla' p I. arult, Mra. McroI 1 I, and Iaiwengen leaving Ji' .o.lII. at T:10 A. M. leash rrrnandlna to iramwiv aa.lnra luring i:
lJ Nary and l .m'III'I'" Tobacco. .buss J OUOUKIIHanddnhnla
I In
Int, Ulrlwrala Ib* dar and rrlurn la Jarkwintlllr Mint Firming" at 7.11 : .
I Tows. walla.. an Bow unk fur %\1,60..put ", ,'n... brand tntq.randdIUnyAlll'bewln ".........; IIlIrtl..III..II..IIIIIII(< .iininslltrrt
T..l.Mi>n. .In Ml. II .u. i
I Ih<". Urval r... .II.a. a- i
::; "'
...... .. I Sprint! ,
I Ordort dr mall, will niwl wild prompt C1an, rartuuu Dratnt.lmst titan.HIINpltIEla .
I ... ...*, and all ,lalorinailun rkmrfulir I1ItAIN TRAIAer.R. TU''m' ti' ?
iltaakr ..addrMaln ai" lbruunk 'II. ""'" PLO1'It AND NEED AND orilllt 1..M'INIiIi( ON 1IIK (ilKLAWAIIAKM
inn. 0' ..........11' loanj un. who mar rail at Shortest Quickest Safest and Best RouteFROM i 4' 'l. Uk" CllrI
my .1.... -r 111I.'"_. IIurracynru .r JI..a..n.III"1'a,, lIT nl" .. I In .. .. III
Ire IL I'll I I > Ja.lwpvllle. '
1 ',
Bar arntJ"hr.urulu,11.. I Iluvdrr, Abet .....d. (\>w Ik-IU.. IMnnrr HIU.. CV.ru Meal, Ilomlujr, Cracked", Corn, HT. Al'UfHTINK:, JArKBO.NVILLK and ALl. nINT"I I.N KLOIIID -. / L -*. II ._ h .
Prrl""IIIt.. "" UI. anl''., lion 1"1" "Kami. Paper. Emory: Lear:;;. ..I",,'mI- !I IJn-kWllvlle "'I'enl.l''"::."n.. r III
1.I ISSIdI Ctotk,Irma' Tar Maw ", llrl 1111I Varnish Rrt MAIL. SJV: I jll; White Ilnua ::10. ,t IM: .. "
.. To the North and Northwest. .
4117 IK, llaliUln.' ,4il IIM" r'rill'
el'ROCLAMATION Auto, ORAIIAM LOUR. CRAtKED WHEAT !c, 4 17 ,A iMirh)vllU.. 'lit.. KIM "
.". 6.111" in'!' hamlnrwin. .. ''Hi" It TJI" I : RTKAMEUA : : OI\AIIl'MI\I'J: :,
Scroll !Sawing' aniloo \ -- O II" 44 ...1..1...* I II ,
FOR AN ELECTION. Other arUi-lrt boo lo < Tarnlnf to "I" '
nuiatrmu mtntluo, all of I "
Arrt. 7 ill ,iiu n faJM
L4i' I j..v. a H. j jlonnwt L If" K, 1lsster,
II n...', (I'nl'a ,Which will b. iwlJ. low for (. Wood Bawml, April and Depend. at HaMwIn. al h.lR a. m, wild train* I ,,
JtctaokVILL*. r... Mank S, Ita.(. by Uird or God.I at 'd'" a. lM II. .'onL'1' .. .
from rrnand< fir ( o. .
<< r km* J'lJh..Wr. ria. Jut, a, Ill. ,1r1'4
Motet,, la k..n bf iu"a 'lust aa .,...."' furl. JOHN CLAUK, f l'untied at Naldwln al 4 07 p, m., with train )
Ikilliiwlnc. flir oiBt.ra will Inks .place In ibis city I MpN 1 laI aUl'nf'rrlrbUng. from t edar bs). for rvrnandiBii I
oa Ika bank dar of April neat, Ikvaama. "' .101 turner uf lUy auj Newman SlrwU: CUBBWI. 'Uki-lltr .ltn train nf Jw'kaonvtlla, I .
r va Haunter. I PUI.LI.P.luCJ<: SLKKPLVC: (n? CAI.S OX ALL Pnaaoxul. and Mobil luilroa-l 1. fur TallabaaaMi'ami IM.\M ItlI"iI:

Una Mayor iwl 154 .. tlon gll'rn to .. "" Catauuab '.1.11.., m. I i iIXmnwt
late Mankal.liua .. --- I 1 1d at Uk til; al Ali( a. 'ni., wIth 'train' uf I (Clf.\XIH: iJt.C'IIEI'I'LI! :
Aaxaaur. Tho Santa Rosa Hotel NIGHT THAI !**. Jai .", ....II"', ivnuuMla ami. Mobil llallrvail from I I ITaUabawMandl ---

Kaa Culliirtor, + I : .ataiiiuib !II OQ and after Tuwlxt, April|. 9.179, Hi. ,'< iin "r
Una I'Ufl ofMiaxll Through Tlcketa"' l And "' .. AMarowo.TIM ;I dinm OB tba Hi. Jukn'a, and for Bavannah and'
I rKNIAl: 'Ol..I KLUIIIUA.n top ofur at Inlennnllate alatloua au.l &..rlllluallltJlutll.| LlarbsWn, i
poW will.k* .....Ied ss...u.I.I. two plat**, At', At. I 1 bruugb Tk'kw. auld to all points Nuhh and i
,-....,.aad W.*4.ra ","k...of ika rlijl. and lha I //Iou"II.
.ftilluwlnc pvraona.r. k....., appulntod. (nsp run >l .o" burl Hoi*! harlot" bt-.. ndhrnl.hd. Just rvr.lvW, .. l.1Qltil11ECK1D: : : 'rIiIlOI'.1I TO OISTIVVTIOTHAIN8 : \. : r. B PAPV.. *, ii'9"

ofaakl' """, ". EaiU-ra W"Woo-". DUCMI. J. Ibruolheu4anow open. to Ib*. ""III't'\ \ The a M. Hrnwa. W. II. L_ Wnlara I''II-Co''' are, H :', ..".'I Ttrkvl and. Krt lubl Agnnt.taMif I
... ...11I-.., William Caulk. a. s. .,n... FIRST' CLASS.TIbl. i tu CNUP. LEAVE: JACKSONVILLE. n.II.YT 7:10: A. M.DAILY ', M/< ll< \1(1(11.
AIMI l W. H. "" ...n. I fMssulguu..ry. ROM' BLOCK., BAT ITREaT Jsrktour111.'fla. : WlU. ..n BOTONETUH'PIRWrrE! .
) >.IU supplied ell" .a Ctlrllnrk. ..
. \ Mobil. .* and l"luai.la marina raoiiiI. 'T. A. W1LUWS.!\ W. A. 1I'III1'LOU.1 .Ip'. annall every Tilxadar Bi.rnln al i o ao'clw
... IwiuM twrda*. iwlMIM.HKTTKI.IM'S 1-114 ALL POINTS ON THE 8T. JuHVf RITER. .: k f JI.) r
OTICK. ttsT.rii"T.1 I Train Sin n n n n It | o HMNorth.. IultutY'
rrtXtl; tXiHONIM, and oth..r. 'Inorvalrd-, are -
A karakr lafuraoHl that tbs hark. of Ika llnulltXHiri fOR tTRTHKR J.'ORJI.iTIO..iN'lJ .4 r Otr/r&h of TII/a.C>(U1P.1 .VJ-. -*** "--nKili"f HHIWU/ ,
.kaa aa amkorlir to ..... reruantes" Mal' .TIIItIKT.Q -r, MARrs.FERNARDISA. ---- -
MKTALLlrBURIAL { ? : *......... vvi KycJinI'OllTI.OYAUtAIU.OAI\
loran t"t Juror or "",_ nor to audit" aarawoual %I noon *APT or UI.Ia"U JAMES L TAYLOR tf", 'l TVlrf .iftitt 1. U I (i1111LYnil: lilrruJnulmL : "' .
:: :
acalnat, the amalr her curb. aanilr and : ". p'wsA::Y kJ:1*\.
wlUia k.. .... ...."aI. aarrlalm of Ibis klnil. twIlM i, JAI IUu''" ,I .tCPAI :
,*'A" HART '111 n4rr.Ui>ml reap.**fully Id.,.... his ) ) ) U I lilA,
Clwrk of |k* Cln-ult bur, andAliaiMI.HTUATOK'H 1 frlmJi that k, la vpvaln, a Vlnt-ilaM ...- JOIM: ('LA IIK, I E HOPKINS & CO I I 1u'IHDAI ,
AadiWr. of lb.l; tutllt ...,.01..... Dakwai. I alas 'lle ....... u>*u>ra and )J1001) COFFINS AM CASKETS : .
1m. MMt OI'I'.N Arriniif 'I l ....''U ,..
AY1u.Ilg, (wlll Uqaun the r..untr> afftw>). ran b* Wl at all COMMIMION MERCHANT: ,j J..1JjtI1I1IIS tf W..1;I'
_. _.__ "tIIda .
bun* U lbe day IDol alibi MIIOI.KrUI.K' : : A RETAIL (monns.D.U .
NOTICE.iSII ,_ ._ -- c sad wbolraal and retail desist laruomtoxs I'roiu aJTraamo.
I Ratlin n all lo .\flan.'" .'
numlka. aftar data akaU Kr. Lamtki aC II oHUrh E.erg:: Day. : .... ;0---. oui.v.AQE.NT rrum. JA('K u\i ILLE, will !Ink.,. Palaika, ...rr Tkuradar. ,,1'1. Ht ..
apply fcr rip Ale C.IfO(11UE : iur. ('lose ('on '116111 IIh all 'lnlil.l: j t and JarkwMrUla rrlilar owrala at g d.'i 1'.
..,.. aa aUailHWraiot, ups Ika aauia. ) of au n.ianllr unhand a full Nosh of rkuk I III'( |M> k,
Jaoua (taw., .laia of lMialnHi rain .- 1.11// l'On.'I. rllJ.A 1L'I, .tc..tc. I K ... .rflrtlet/R1MvacasbNt.dly' MM>'ruinir. n,.klu*
) i drad.IVk. I I i'rupb'N ... ururvrttw al Ika k Mt rash p'. .. i Planlura, rli,. .
loll" Urit. and l Norlli, 1 I' M autinm ituna with low" iMUi'laa. ildi "b",1
M, km. 1IfLRMESRYAdm'r. ur and. all
__.___. __ .. ._ .. _._ i I -_- -. FOR IATANNAII AND ENTFRFRTEgTIdMRA UiaTfr otben.uppnd" on Illn-ral Ivrwa.Ittuulrr MMBMlklp. oan lirdur. and Nab Jail.' ', Lo t 1rna. \".
-- pmdurUkralnArbairifi> Unuelr.
HALTinUHKPEAUL R.ta1UCL U.Iht'I111A1UJACIWRVILLL /, ROBLOCK, 04'Ul..tllllWStl.LCT.!. ... -. Ql"1I1 AND Al fllORT. AI BV ANT OTHER i,i I.t|. |1JoI Julll at il.Allk h"'llh tt- n.,<.

AID lOa KOIJiE.1\lW AND 1f..IIII111O.U'M. .. .
PLA. : I'UIUTE SCHOOL.' I I 1.---- '

HOMINY.HUtnMORS 1 Hay Hlrrot, between& Laura A llo.an.ln I Taai llrwBl 4k BU.kH'* \ t'Ol'SI) MAN FROM Till SOUTH/ ,na>tua'. Tk Purl Rural llallruail U mow open. twiwanB JIK'ttaontlllo "Pall, Il, mill I.It
ivruaru a10 paw inIIAUUrAUK t J of a New L .lallfll.II ,. and an ..iiwrmuvdwl.k ftaraitBak and AIItI>I8IL Tat the Ka'aanall aid :' cry }
11 A r NI YTBR 9uLt AGLNtT Of Trot IS 1I. %TA.<)ATB. Un of lalUni. Packets hum iii... Tort, Teacher. .. to opva. a 1'm.i School. IB JarkLaBfu. CkarlaaUMi nallruad u !Ull..... i l !rXltltlta.
Hid I
|w _,u.... ..... Bnilof
a .iwtalir. rfrrnrwrlrB.
IIIOM: AND ITKKL .. .. C. II. McCI.KN.M; : 1'ioprlotor.
run HOMI< T COKTANT, Mirr.ii.Lic -- Tvroia RHMWraiK Ad.lrs.IM Ask fur 1'1..11"1. vU lUa I'nrl HojalItallroa.l.
r iirititL (:.un:.. -tf I. 1'. Florists. L'ii .
} Iwo tafaJI ibaii. ili>a nf Qrumra sal Ik* Puklk. UWCUTtNDA ,j New HMhut to Dralal 1'Utra. _,,___ _. Iltti I ; in, lulurn ih. 111.11.1'' that I 1 are, mr.
/la Uj *al II.IRsMkwl.g.nklsat.a.tenred. ...... from M. L. 1/.,"'<111. the Stoma
Table sad INw. .& ('QUor Nalla Due| .! 11"A.. kOOl'i.titRins Tn aedK aiu4altMM are urtnr Ibl.,. mad app.'
at that,.>. aaavd tlHBpaai, huts Pvr*> amiikra i iIe oa .iu> the. MHn., ltian HoteL and hate Pie' ..I
White rUat torn, aa>.J warraauM lo k.. fort ik. ran k 'ittf all Yew and ITrM. 'la**. Tim salmob.T Ikorvlo. a vary lay |. Murk uf lloraua and. Mu. ...
Mra ,la at r Mtmat.IIMWAUA ,FrVt1\.ut...**. rii.rOiLa, j, ,, : A\H OKOCKUH, will.Iw meld. br laklaf. this wow, a* allConnection. fir ..... lanlws.lnkt lu purchase alit' cud II

IT .HtMRT,1a baron lad CUM., : I.. belt Inlrrral to rail pod .....IDa nil. MI'
MfeMI>.afk pas _II. RAMP of "tbbAR LKATI1KR IIKI.TINO. HUUUKR PACK .! arc Made (1014'| Usually acir.ftl'" pInch" adapted. | la all *...,
HvlMUk(... ..ihkrwUk\flrftKlaaaa4. \ kurtk. : It.nUT., BETWEEN: "('au PINE.i I
era Maw ajhtf nut. MEAL la Barrvkt led ..._ I 'NI.!. 1 i. j T.........al. tavalU will HUH through a Its. and I JO also. r ndrl uulAI' f.i l.lr
MWp.a ad..WlNplaApuad ....._ ''OL'I i I :: I I (*., coBMantlr M hand k large . I 'It9)r.TIRWareeruekrry t'Rrp. I Ar.. .. .. ,. al
mt': .. veto rkatnfcaa wait* M. MOW; Nil k* 1 I wfclik I will .k.rt' i i, .11 "
Red .uaaartfea aUk What. rlwur. fur IU a...... 'i. -. i HUKAU, VIA lilt I1)KT RIYAL lk* at.... raaaubakt. raiea.pill. .

IHM4rr.ltnwd.Ma.. WkltaCera. M.al. till _.*. 1 I\I LAA11a. IaN! Ftf I.l I If WOOD COFFINS III RAItKOAD.itoM .' : C). n, 1tUl'ifA1P1I
weal adaptwl tor ,"*airy Tra-le. Mill TMd mjjlwiKa is cAKra, a M.'OrYE'TIONERI'..
" aupMtar ankh, u/ftmi a...ab Mlt (htU.i f, >o.tr*, iMith, lllln l.. Nluuldinga. Br Ibis I toiBnnrMwat. flat*, eau k. ndaMd la __ tar aiAkurla" agent andalwajr .....t't. and will
..w.. f.'M'tt'.. Yrtag ct-I'd'. tNd or All fcl& .......... C' a.
Jwt laaU aad ik ; MCLLLhk
ar tasrvaato- I. uw eL .11' I* ItOaK HILUk ;MArUkUTOU IIa a* kirt. "aotKw"" Uka aatt 4 r.
allO 'Also at iww akY *
..- I K* OHM boat al MM l .. rw.la. a, .........'".. I t Mpb.FR'7I. ..
All wf wklr. will. ka sold. at ................"* Muh19 ad, Xu lfbl'4 SUUCAUIMbAE.XUUH rturtda. aeaU.Uc4 krV. McU otM,. I 'J r4SIIL1' GJIUCiRLLd MA MUVD wan I --. .-
'"'-*.FUR CAli, rr *M aad PIMMUM .......... ourmnm. nOOrl\o. Abram' #1 1' braeRe/; 0. ; I
., .II. ". namrlKH, ..uT > Mato Hruthl Aa w. have neared I* aor ow.m..... w*_BAT I Iaw I Im.blPt1 I : IIOL'HK
r laamWkte Marvoaal. cad dvak la ,,_...4..al I rt"'1IrM4a. .*v.talrJack...nUa) na .. ._ TlLOELTLIt} IAVAX! A1IUA.PXUM ,

...... iiiIEi7 ,'7U", ... .al (y.) 'r;.".".....'._' b I (,...NJnttLtMt {IMI' ., J Or4t) pup sal. by BHOOKI.IB DUI(''' I Brad. Tfr4lkr. a day MrtfuUrruOun.. w WI II i H ka>aaaak. fur dugw.ta.eaihdAlkql I I ........ will J
I J.cI.anuee Jtb It, 1m 1-LR i. .. ...U.... en, ... .11.. twin' her...... palM W, I tadnw



....;J .

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'. wa
., .... --_ ""r .
wee a -.w- n ? ew
r- -te
.. 4 1

_. -' .

The tri-weekly union
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 Material Information
Title: The tri-weekly union
Uniform Title: Tri-weekly union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate title: Tri weekly union
Alternate Title: Florida union
Tri-weekly Florida union
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59-61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Carruth, Kellogg & Co.
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: March 12, 1874
Publication Date: -1874
Frequency: triweekly (during the summer)
three times a week
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 5, no. 154 (Dec. 22, 1874) = -new ser. no. 256.
General Note: The Florida Union was the "official paper for the Fourth Judicial Circuit." Cf. Vol. 1, no. 169-86 (Dec. 14, 1871).
General Note: Issued during the summer "in place of the Daily."
General Note: Published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
General Note: Publishers: E. Cheney, <1869-1870, 1872>; Cheney & Jenkins, <1871>; Carruth, Kellogg & Co., <1873>; C.F. Mawbey & Co., <1874-1875>.
General Note: Editors: E. Cheney, <1870>; Cheney & Jenkins, <1871>; N.K. Sawyer, Jan. 22, 1874- .
General Note: Republican. Cf. Rowell, 1872.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 169-86 (Dec. 14, 1871).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002038461
oclc - 02683874
notis - AKM6251
lccn - sn 83016243
System ID: UF00048589:00032
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I .



bt .?i-Irckth: ianiiujt 1o

= :-

& C : : nn < Trt-frrrUn.per annum4Jn'i-< JACKSONVILLE.I FLA. THURSDAY.: MARCH
0. F. MAWBEY 1874. VOL. V, NO. 32.-NEW SERIES, NO. 134.


-" -. ..---, : = I TIII; rLEiKjK AT $I'C'KTu' lila papar.are furetobed I* by tbe xaa.g'rrof i, WAatn.Toi, Marsh 10.

I I11RUi'TcT; : TO ( oNMiMi I( : :'* rtu: -f' 1'0 I"T. Ib*tteaoen .
Florida Winter Home (0DIIltT01OTARY | Tt HO.M JatBelary Onomitte baa r*
fill J. H. riLIcu.TItt : I rM them at ffnt
n1IOI'f.fS r." for HUtt.
,,eM Thu'vd
olrvd bark S.
PCBUC.tTtf tb ..
,. \ ,, A tu or Ttan..i. Teroay tb torrjort baakrvptry
J'"fIftIoInI llWrf/I't vi : ; IIIMAINtflt fI'"A linn *r THi pHor I t amtt rtarmr. to *faa fnrt of
la Id* naar ofCLICT WTOAMWl Ian' 1 n.,Ia aow readf fr>rddi,ery -To tbe laaurvd Association, Vilest OBee. "IIIM. I plasma, ha Wit wKb -t'VIIftIrY'.fWI.. aaj atk fur a ConBrilte -

n1'4o by inHretrnKx "ntr bnBd. to Ibe aaHttvrwll ._ It'* all *ry well for pnacbte' _'.,n,.
bat th'abm-- .am..1 l lit l-o tbelr depoxtinc tfty per real on 'aliMofr I AHLIflTOX IJLCF1',
t/TH K" nenwry TI A. W. K3IUIIT. DI .
.. tli'i'tht date taM ) will Bat prMebhbz gel prMf't X 9. Uier. BomUallon _II".U-
l-wudaaier. wb ba 1.-. ullutif-i, a tti rrom and rarra I grt ; o or .
J&"'Julia,.' .nder aa An nf ">nfr-n. .,nt|\.l .. .,n ...., ruk! and ..r._ >oTflri.4Eo... ?. P'flPTR'canulinar. 7W _/* WJfda /" Jarausaili. 1)HtIOAf! AJTO iTEBHMI. fm potted .> ylrive! U4 Im'prwMc, BY { A rewtoriM wit ado| Art f.e.AOtt b B unlf'TWI .'r lem .r BBBlrtftrTtbrmnrboal I oe.It. ,V betwteai Aid row eat riaa; U i. OB M
fb. railed atat... ipprtwed M.rrli : r'Ht lick f1O F.P.AItT.crr or Till AMO- IJUTB and Honn. oppoOto .,. Mt't rMwMe*. JIM tofl aloa with abjdk. tatr crtnc /.dietary C mnltle* to ia-
2. tm. bsa fU.d In taM'<""t Bi. priKKiii, pni- Sri w. II). __ i I nation to 'la toad ordr tor ike W1_. aid ".-.,,. norMa. tv Kflilt. your SatjJrr, !!
h rnadwfW Kf: thrt-a "lkM ro. wait is to To The -S .bat b falatio. spa tII.I .
lad t<,be rharred frota all hl..I..I..IIft ntlnrUlaw will be o. tb* rraortA iluV.Mnta -- -- j ( r1"
pr...aMe under .,,1 ..t.an-l Ibal. sIs b-uine: "tiiitIrl"a: aI.E.I I hefne**rnd by bin of fire, .revrptenttnc .. 71. XIOrrCB 1I Eli, Betwixt me and you. rYe bass tbor. H tfce 8ute of W.t VlrjSaU Id bus
wu bad apfffl tke"" .m<"'iT1'if Bankrtiptk. $ .:.NrtEmndbyrrtB! *<.f a .ri.l. ... .UlI'fl Ia ", of r'd.wbtltanBH d... mrerally are. h1. pmftwIoMl arrnee to UM papal i' Aad ru But uk* aay i. MM.| l I Ir |. |pay
te br k..i.tlM. Ike nr < f Jt. k->tivllle.In eaMIwr BMdlrii. tewed nut "f tbe Or every artlrle sadat .'. .. I' F.ST.nD'.1 .rufo| tw.B of BW.war deb of old VirilaU.,
).i.befare;: :, fr .T..F.l 1re. ffrVlI..r.;. ,.., ike fcunb Judicial rtrra.it ot""'. for Data! wb rate*a*Ia BBtwr *nandt ef a food : I.
ei ft**n .* ibe wib .>. .* Ai-Aii. .. i'. .; .-..n..o' ItM. of Dwrmber '0113.1. arertutii .I appetlle, far abwat we dafbtr per day. I j, OfkVe. ?1.E. '' 'Mtrket bad A *M> A year am l_ r"o'U July I, TbfSaabor. ..'re load. partial I ,enlilatioo. -

al )f. M Irk .. ... el "hi.( b 'Mmr alel. |.lar. nilrredi raiMn ih-rHBtr*. |![I near udd r.luw. Halt erMlBV !r rI A M o bv. wa* ber; \ 1rw ta .ht. tb. affair *tt urteaafeJ by
'a Ih'$If ib M and i.th rprwirt Mt (It peeaoos. per I
wa ba t epro linfttrr W Puma A.
II ir ntalnllirmd .
W ; eorned
Room nn4dlBtw ,.- day. (1.7*. -- trot aad tijned Ib* pted *
in Intrreel. Biayalt'n.1' and .bww rau I bate kflnl "1'0.' will .11.1 paullr per ;I ( assay meabert who .poke. rtrept Puller
.', Hi' j>raiT .( .t prtllWm' r .h..'.' ,i.... I- .Hi mrtil of ibe ."ri Hout door la Ike rty of j jJK Tbe Kieaaibaal CHflna. ... In Ike A-| 'i! .. A. r*rraw". A. IL nx.. f.,r U.drink ao pier,bet v.ar. \otIs b abc 4ef.Bdd II at a DMB of naklof rkbroepnratiooa
i...11I. in aM ....',. on tbe Ural Moodatin allon.make fnartrtpi In Jar..,oi1llr ctaI"" Von- > IMTTIOJI ft nr.r.K Tkrre wa*Tilmaa. Joy said Shrrlff irPbaU, |> '| '
rao.tr.1.F.. TiiW\nEM> n.', A"". KI. .s -tnr lisp ilb day of said Bu nlki I stats .'...) a* ftffnwt p aid 10 a .-. and < I f>, 4. TTTinSfTO AT LAW. Offlee No. .. rtorMa I I.I. Aad n* and Al*er Try aid thrr I I. bat sad lndi\Ul tU |'y thrir ....

Xiit .' L I IA IM i I,5'.i''u.-.c-...."n-ib._>_-._I'-rti.. .'.,..noun. .._.._.... ..of....._Mbm-.._.. ....tnat.... ....>..lay.HH _-..t".. ..-.. ,I I .;-..,Ttllr.i ft .al p4apta.t and 11-a.. BL.1..l1.ii.*M 3 i.t i.';b.UP5mull -m.:-Jaefc..n --. ;, \1J.C'IIIO""UI.inl"li BulMlBf PLA.J. And ShHbj' boy 1"tilktw. mouth sill foil Otteal I... of bf in" to ralM ,"...

All.FI'l: stf.E: or VU.I.AIIU: A.. 'It I ".., "ii 4bf Jl.t < f l i..mIs.r I"' ,. a m. trip frooj Jrt nonile Inrn4| - And tb* .,In-, In .n-1 to 'Ihf f>ill"..ln. il'wrlhMl real I. delte lfnl Kxmmon nf trreral mile Ibe Arllnftna .
1'JI'ItT.: up
MILt. F. C. K"M":
tiir in "lt ThaI "".'. par'-'l "f land In nntalHintr Hirer. retanula to Ike tttaS' t.J.a. m. ; 0" McKntcMM. Senator I'ookllaf prremlej a ,petltioa of
rtEM.iYf', AIWI1UfJEIIiII .P 4ir- .- "..,. drtrrlUitd M ftiHow brglanlBfal II. rl'lnf a batS lost betar UM S p. BL trip M Jack'oaIUe V TTOByiY AM> oocmnum A? uw. aid And wr lip a haadrtd.I. .
MdTlM.Criavold 4btr ..
rl'JI&* >f Jwkwnttltii aid for dinner. If deatrad.or..,.n tkrowff JKoMrtWT In Cfcancry. ins Vor-*> Bar .I. the baixl. tlMCMl* Ibibn. nmeNOr. aflst |1.1. tHU
1'A. norlda em rrMay, tkWH Alllcautrllaak-road, la tbe. ytrtnlly of tbe two liP rramdi of lie **nrbMloa.Ooeat amet JaflnonrlUe.' rta. .. .|M > For br di .. lit ,_ W'? .' u is11>le pot ,tbenr Bonb !tp wisp 'US forty two *of Ik* basis kaif lar*oa the Me.B)boat. -- yMT. |
-- -
.aa,..f*_a eI, Sao a.i. '. k day*1 ,Mft Ia.I raatn to a tillS wood BOH. TbeoeB r*< pwl I : ,,:.\, :. I .R :,: 'MoOfM tb* boya lbt.UM 4dt.. irrvnUftd aid Yr .b Iroii.nllfol, Itipf'I1 "tf l tweatyjilne CBBB| to a n..: taae tnmb HT for ranker.rt1f'/IIa" addrea* And .. kfivrwed ewb etber M w B, Amrtr,. tbit tb. t tWalur
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eat.aRtlimych4lato I m4 Plank nad. tbeae TTBUr for rwial* a.ly. and Coav IB Ryr tht fr
All tk LeatekoM e. at* WO 11/IIII Oltlrell n/iiupA wtrrem HOME.I NOTAHT Vovmay take .y oralplorataolEf
Av'. Is*aNd \0 .rf 10M Sea 4AM. .,. ,... I''I anwiiTi*weirt. alonE isM 1'1IIa.-.sd tobrflnainr. Vise..of ,VLM _P.:O._lint M. JartMTllle._ tor tke Nate of Xaajarkaartt I *T.rr raaa when b* MMil hte LAOJ I I. .iffd I IB th. pron-ea of rrj-odtatUM. "

rtereittBdlweiva.'WAim toneeo bit*I Ie blwk 011.A. trat Ii.d1..."ten VPlt.!I.** I I fenmi.... rurrbafn paylnif f.r title. TIIKMETROPOLITAN -A'"I.'n..ct- -. Wdn'l feel dead par of tb* pool Th ItemomU ; r*yt'i ("."* ,to., ll. ttil Introdiwwi I,

I.bkw. (Mini ranee.. and etkt "I'M In hi'Tlf C. tuTu JMaTU II. DtftKfZ.r.iwvlI. ".orJ4It.. "'. II. .,:011 O, bIapO eIeI'te4 ? ,... (.11..eJ.| or n-. taaU-
._1. itt II II 101.IItu 1'0" m -binery and i ..t.&wll J"rUk.1 tr..II"I '. HOTEL I A TTOKTtr AT UW. Far V a.wbil it.all vast forely; thkatfla. b.v I anal 1+1.11. t I.. bl to t>r&Uci tbelrTb
tl oi.nia7aBd .. A re I __ pot op jab aeit dar -
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*$,.dtb. 'IVrt ..4JIy.An ClTIC'I( j, O'i *. 0tIIUMI.. nay .r et. ''I Ito mak Jar b'lir. bit wife wa* dead; ( ; I r1pta.

.,lie. .sjtird' _.r I..do froq ."It, '1II8T1' EAr ArTCK riATB. I ...11 ipplr WHon. I .Jitut'i&l&P.a._ I A1 b* wrat'txHoe mlddn' gf.The. lp to tMi "' ; CutvaOllee IMtibM .oJ Hectkmtnraaplnl
wi A.I. .. 1.1 ,... .f .isii md .auor 1. )I the W. A. 'Ira,. O.atitT Jndg of Bw- Abar b ktlM .
Hn OHIU.r .'IJJIIII.\ fry s taw. tb .N
"1'f'O'1A Se ...U'.04 *iV S rnnof wb.rfk4suLbi' ., ,. A IlElT, I lawn. g .. Jay o B
..rr1bd,b.tll.n.fl.t.ijnfflItt'Il .. i VII County. ilia.of HoOda ba'ln. Probate tarte- Aid rfore b* spa bur, XYlttilJei )
?ebl1rft.I. i I "''.. rtir an ",.i.?aWkorldn aw to nell aDd Ihetnwr
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A Ah I. II4 Ssr.na ninterihelatrreal'if m,U4. Arthur I*. ..- LAW.l.euotryLLI.. Mlbtrf tb. wlAW alias baBy abtwr The f.ale' .8 ....

wbrf .41,..n'.d In ,- W UobTIAl. 1 1II a minor' nvl-r at*of twenlr-ooe TMrt.lntne I ftritth. him.|.vd i. ML '. (WO U>..lIt If .,.- 1""".. March l\
,_..,.u. II'fI-a I 1 l.nI.l It-miiHtilK amt beretttlaatMiU of whlra rt.o\diI..
.,. ='; Iflt.I itt (Ut.I.l.v I I 1 Ttinu, M wunrn. hi..fatter late at Mid. rountjr. I I aid tiled if In an tie deaartaMBtt for tkeromlorl 411. Is p llh. Mm* l Tb etwwer I'itj of Ihiblt.. fmm IJ,.,
,, bltfttIfl4 td tIIrttPflPurt. .., s'd' .1 aS4 --.r. pad rontenlenre of .ur.l., -.---. -- Bat ("''111M Hb riaTTb ->
.... .IPUf or..ne land Itoale m rrankIbe III. |I I JAM: ). MTVE, win b*opra II. II. AMltr: 'I.TI'O"'IIT ettrartt elbere hint laABd WMIMI will b. paul t m alertd a fearful gala oa her |>..
..U",rVPWflI' l. lit.. 0' ,krP.Is.' I I malutorr "".''/1 of Artuur II. PIrTi.na.r.bniatrI.IAt. The L UUtart ) Kb bon lour
A. LIla ".'10'1'" t'D .. Apalarhlmill -|. WU4TAIMI.M On ThnnwU)', >'or_br 20, \ AT LAW. STb, boy U.ltica sat* at Ui tlijt and I..

Mil" MetTr- A.\I'... .11' ih.t.It.l. .. ---- tor btttlae.. I A ?IaaidUi&. Wa Sew.Y.*r-t tight ... ml by a clow.. few bmu awl .u.INU. "

.Mn_ bmh...ae ... ..mill BM'on ) I *TKATHIX S\U J.. ft 'I'nO"r' _._ Win .ararttr.- IP tke Male and- CalledwiL- And aloe, I. Jaairh the 001, }Run, (mt I
eli Oar
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eblaerr.mw.pM* aad ..-. j jIroa IM !casTs.. __' Got *o droak that a freak WW owl I II..'* L._ kr fir*.
iraw fr$ia- ..I., MW.m. ranij IIU: Iv TinTfR or AH ow rn or rut HOX. P. 110 o. L. KU5K. Naair. l O7I. \VMto
"- atlly r*n. ... iwo Maley.*.. ,' I ) X M'llttam*. IT..4i"'tT Joiir-. ,In and Air Ibe s Co ,. '. w. .. ,_. I WoohT ... lotarU. o' Ibem two young f Ui.iwi, M J.r h 10.I .
two nrewlar taw-mllla, wltb rarrltert Ar. emwi ruantrnf Baker .1 .III$ offi-r ..r Mleon ib.cmMnndar TIlE BMB. Tb MUM tows I. .
T I .. lam ., I>unde.
doable etleer.' two ,.. fletrrlbnl I OOFKII A.TTOBAtrilATLAW.. L.U'Tit.. epioBine BitbnroaJi;
.. Ifl turner "> (.tub dar of Affll.) llowmr
__ botlerm, oar endae titrllMpaiewZOn .. ST. JOHN'S HOTEL. Like a aitUrr ten4 rBC*10.1.I 14....
til$ I land ( ufierll| till TowaKbl. ; ,..., tkoc.ad en)4e turmuaJeJ the
_. pW. wllh India rublrb _. .,..., "01arm. I \
IV I. ne Ian.- 21. .In'o"' i-lKht J ( A mo..u. Upabltett 1 IOM U
*_s ball wbeH aad ."".. Two Dahntrk Ira ILUARmi r. BtRD This. old and farorllr Haul i I Poor .tooth*aloe* I walked lbs chalk bvrBj|( *4Ur*-.Ixw* on. humlrej thovwadpoaoda.
.lUBVBtobere,rare ft*.lumber.bbvk.mltb't tool*, I' ..'taIIOWra'', cr th- ...'.t>(iMlah lurbe*. Bom. farvrablralluated (t Vw I. Ifldwllh', .,. aerond 1t4rJ.1 heart wotdd Ketm h..dm! threw
on tbuogbl ntr f-eopl CHI't
aol oaa ptki."?.r wlib baa ioer.A %tsrU t. 1-'. .UAllHIMsTKITOK'S-.. saiL iVPI. 11ft/Io't. !
annf par1Ira.r4rrba will be etrealfWMU4.Mapt.llrall.Hl pOIInTIl : --- I And all thota Iiuy. a-eoippto my back, The .pIo.t.
tU nndenlcned orW. '<> .TIIF.T. I ..,. runuo. I.J. DAJIZL. ,... PilS t __
lo I ) MlTICK.IN :. Four door rr.. 1',......'. Hank Aad asia wnat'II mm tak*T mwrtln|(. d.iml .
.U,A'who.will,aim.. KH.tbow!ort pbutorraitht. "loa,.of lblladelU Ibe ..11I..) r.t it writ ruov tMTr I HAUi. ArI'L1' YLEYIltIL: UtMKL: I sam tlept lit,., cIftetaIa' 4nsaa.I nrl."t.a\I | A .... P...... .., ....,.

.term of aale will be one kaif. ra.b. ooetoartkalMl. 1 Inthp lloo w. A. Mi'LCAV. Oiunly Jmtifi- of baa been "." newly "'a'H. aid eallrely TTORETIATLAW. i I \M B. rt a. I'eaeb. or Ryw I Lt. tiwoBTH, A..., Uarrh 10.
and mrtk al iwelre nonibe.wltb Inital "..b.. for U-ti.r l ..1 A'lnlntalrallon upon m-elled. aid I k BOW ope* tor ibe rwaaOoa A j Skit I ebawod .t aiiortr bead. awd ..aar.I Final Itrfarm .
.._ al etcbl per rrfl(.per ..... ee.rwrvd tut. n alei.r Tb.ma*.'.r. den-Hj.NICIUrL. of f,iienu. ("'11'' B e4'* Blork mnwr Orrae sad Bar i I IsltaIeIhst pool my or me Mr Carj-mlef.. a widow ,.I.n", her,
by mraltu oa Ib* proterty .NIb ..balltalaawndby russ crvmALLT .ITt'AnD I I shot awl U.t.ntlr killed Join Whit. of the
.'.11I..111' PI .
..1 Ibe poHrlra 1..11I.. r... 3. t '..II .1 ro. !
ibe. purrhmar.
laranae*,.....,.| to saW_1._ f>irln>,lrtn- - ivrtenoiHl bear Ik* rar,_aad _CO- aid to rkarrvof aa I ._I-1W _. ':! Al but-tbe fa'tb_I bamped BiyaoU Tb First 1'ifkb lafantry I.... ).,tnd.,. fur ..kI.,

kleafl.I flm .aaIU,lie"A"I".IU"I'saouaI be ... I i :> nncriroi'KT or FIAUIIL.I ttaatr. na d
t\nuik jtuhrlat t'IrriaUfow I>utal to"'1/. iT. JOHN'S UOTEU > Then tenuted down to Tagfaif ator* p.Uf'IP"JI !
r. J. tCHIUtT.A..I I TTOBMT AM CXirXt-PXIXlll AT LAW. tb. klllitj)juMifUUe.Tfce .
,neeofrollrellaBd Ayr*.a.4vfr4is. JOHN RunKBTK t..TAUJI.. AniH>TT aDd LCCT Term .1..,. amderai A For the pledge waa off M BOOB; rain *. TU WU I

.,.. 14. 14''. a$444.AISIGEIS I spuflas II. *HIM i,.IT. "" "... Mil for furwlowr nrV4sn ___ KM..E.CAKI Ht" 1 florida e/l.$ 1Iu'1dt.' And all the buy wa*ratberod( .,. rallwl*) ,b. Chorcb i TIh".r.r (.1.'.....

50TKT. fi F AlTOlST- IV ("UII'' T. ). flpwl.I.U..llvtt paid to Mercantile U*. Lad uch assa hlle WI.V.I gisas : Lu..., March i 10.I .
abes. lilW (
If: T. flu (,S' of ttrUit tnC&rliJ. Jnbitf .."tw/ TUfTriBtT an-IM ., <"". me aid tbe dock.ij.it.oUnn like w. 1 Tb 7V 'TJa ... a bar "itatemenl
--- yr |
-- -
If. XMntfl .H rrf/,.uVrwInnla.IT QX AND AITER or XOVCMBCR. '! For lo UM bat uinat* wMd- _
/. id JIMrlrf ,rf of(k< tJ..u. >l'l .,, Helnf' auwlw In .ar br aHMttll that .'. .1. W AKKFIIILH: : :. I). I l, pate .'**d by lTnrU-i (trloa. U -l"Kb ... writer .
apt T"U.HivMl4dpf ht kisS
... SIMCT mlcbl
'irtVra INWrirt uf 1HY.ITE (10lW.( .
... ml.lo nut ,.f lisp Male ofriorttla. aid .. .-., rvrner ofJaiknonilllf. Laura and Tb* rloek ulrwrk hurl..! I rat.d Ih* juglrwa rue.nM-i thai be ''ai rd 'I.. Tic h.borw .
!. the JUtttr *f Jo"'pbY.. 4rot tc.( In wit: In tbc mat of (tbK one of tb. I (Orncl) .", n*. ohurcbe nilrr
I'""., Male and that vubptraa aililn" MI il to tou tall be tad la Ib. C..fly of COL. .1. X. JIINH, I I: AM I... .. "1- rUlmar. .. bit bmthrr. II.. thai lime
TO .. SNOW It W.? CU*tt..: In eaM, raoae ba. ban nlarnwt a.K eirruted by I __ L : killer$ rlar truss .kll lo boots :
,u n Dor 1 b* .. $ sail hi* ailrnr* Wit %Utlit with
CMiiBAiuiktn iirurnr UITM ktrrirc 1 not.:, ip. ;
tlH Chrfllt r uld muolf. i Itiundlaereln.
t> you > hHuv
1'at r. I:. JOH>% )\, :. P. ; Mvned I rttakrt rll toll.
ku.,.., a.AI..tI I It I I.therefore ordvrnl that Us and ; | Ki*a* d,
o.oda for
you aad .
roraylb atrrel .. .. paid Mutttkly a .r
Liberty awd '' I | ,
raft,fit thttaUYmatr. ?.., wltbln taldlitatrtrt aw iMtrrbj .ulrwl l., tpprar aid an.wrr sail' :I UUl u'1 bit But I waumveni by a fkwdbb KMBrh A boiler l lh
wbn bat b>wa aHadr) t a bankrupt bf Ibe ruoiplalnaoi'i, Mil la lair _III. from ".,. ofpuMlralloa. \% aahlaia-tai., !I That might bat ralard dead- proBtia* ala !IhoaMBd or two addiliuual. at

IHetrlrlCMirtofaaM PIMI.1.Jv.. UttttLtT.. A&n4'a.fltwmIiTh.ftf r olberwlan a sKill .taken |ro ton- Day boaMert alao MthlWturily I arroa..".. I viu MI iv .'" It i'IILGIo\: 1 Tbeto ovary aaeaJn barf ant Jh* dark eJ Ibhi mornlpf l .I tb* _cliMk of the trial.

; -. w >anlnet Y0U.ft.. B. AHCIIintLn.'". I For lafo..I1.. apply a&lita oof or' I II j i frriff Sniti "We of -".. 'IB pr. .. !I A baWaa boor ahead alt,.. ..d lillfnrf I .. *

: ... .'_. rintera A ."D"''..OD". '."""'. HniltlUira.N'uTM'E A. .. JOKES' lklds.ira.1&r.wc,3. ',>I I _-.1mW, bulld'ne.ne.fill rant if i rh. rUy I U .t f', nixellaneoH.

!* IfceCoaili v'ari lor natal loamFlorldA /, .a'.. I : .. I,; All rbt" I .1... "yes'' pit me; milerii wbtch .. 1 Ikf., Marrh 10.
- ----- --
------ -
ItlIiL'i, IIII "lln: Mayor J.5'.' ..'. newtl c A PaaM.l 1 order your drtak .., TV billiard t-Hirniuirol eimnieBeed lattereBleg
mr( II ILL ion .
I j. U. M nxin < '
>. U. AmMer. J. u. % A od we'll paddle to lb* drocoB'tA
T* W*OM IT MAT IUIUL'tftttg onoa.C. I
iimrnT cnr.i THAT THE ro. at Ittra trt| 11.11. 11.. fir.t am
of1 (
I. Bobtaaua.FLORIDA I IJTI'o"'US AM fI..r.us. (idler.nrwr .d _. '
I .
( 1 II HEBrnT liUEX. Ikal eta lk. 1Mb known a. IHrktnaoo "i doIng ort3llrt 1 I ronytk IB A' daAVUmilO 1 of p,1 liii, tbo ."_pa'' will uf a dnt* IH UITM ,la lUMwtn'a bios,. Hay ttreol, II 1.- But wbea wegt4 to Kede.'. I pl*>od by t'b.wjr and It.ly.lKe. fcm.ri

BAEBY.eraM aM of I raiounr, tnla d*. dleaulred' by mutual eona.nt.. -- What a 'twill wat tbat we at* The I i ."l .ili' by lit |.ili>U: Itit tonj. brine,
w 111 bw iirmnied la thlt burl tnl .n>*...aadiwoed r a. "islept'fr.oN : I
sad a, ....time apolirailon will be B. I J. I. W A 111\:. HOUSE .. *. llhTTKI.: ;, Tb.llneue.8ft l I'_. $keettrtIn i Garntrr and J.r-li| flioo reeullcd IB the d..

It, rraak T. Hernandet kHtere of admtauir.tin. .- Tb. 1..1$_will' he n"lln. by tb.Irm him i ikuoWBatUriVliKTUM IXITKI'UN? A\n aiifbi| : ;|. spin* aid real- tb. '.11., a ,._ of lr... U the A.wmbly frat of lion by 10 |.1ot| .
Ita" wltbtaMwill
o* ash eUlvf Antonio ,. '
An.. w u-u I ".. ",inn 1104 Mitnrtie Mie -wearl, ,
aaneled.Tbtia* ar, tberaftirw. to die. sad a.luaat.b all --- r. .cra l"JTI.\"f:. }' .. opinalle th*rrmhrtertto, ,'IIu... it I.IUIUJ.lK.E'IlLET.RSAL They bad oho... 'rn tb* MIl ef Ib* iBdmla'. _led l |fUtUM weil"i I !1'M'u"u..... Mardi 10.

sham H may ruorera. lo appear beam tbla ttwrtM 1'd'f iL. I ItTtrkdr I Irl : Tb. par.*'. luck w at fa'r.Anil cmwl of b*Tlng' I A *trik orcorrcd y*>lerday la th. preM
di "I 1"7..It' ttf lltrttob ( I': J. II. IU'IIU.: : Ir. .rlH. ,
I el4 ) <1 T Alfl | r.
I k. raked. 'N Btiawle w. '''.
wtlMta, U a., tbef U,., .by aald will' .Id ruwiot, T uia..>k. ria.S4.1K7I. I jptt 15) l-oUak.1 deo1c. ,,... of th. AWixw TVdyriMi by ... (frdr

L44 b*%4aiUI4 to probate aod ... and Mlrrvof The unler ber 4oiim IOIWN!trollS tblt omv andrrdato Om Tt t i> rrrroy iioffr nciijuvoUr4ju'l ELE.Aft I Tbe sat "f.*r |. ok a pa r.ho m..|"ll. of the < tb. I>r.-., also quit .nrk .,' an boar .
adailaleUalloo with Mid will aaacxed, rrmnld of APrtl t.1 A. U. '1f7J..t.n.ilh. ih. I Blurt, fu ,*.... I'LA au mew iMBperaaee Inr BM njuirr, ; I
M eaM arrDraat.WIIMM .I. Murwlri ItriMfiHtUH I.. aa offlnal .ir br Ib. '"E momirruK or TilE ADUTE itnTn. 11'1'I I I 'low ).'* all rery 6oe. Iniaiediile rao"" brfur 'b.I,t .... It UMally ItiueJ.They .
$ ., aam a* Ju lff* vf aald Couil,tb.ltfta ruurtb JtMtrtal I ".,,1b,"? ni...".. and I baa JIIM mwtpMrd an ....l..n t. isis H.tUI -- I
da ... rcbrua'T ,I" lAiU fert. four efatrle* hi.b. with .t.. But ri for ot.trlf I tbaok >.. deMawled bl:hrr ..<.' and wanted to
; Ib*BBld Icvidu ,,,_.. i a aot autHorl**! larvrrltre I ry B 4eni 0'IIL D'E'. 1.I.LitiII i>, i; 1'.. I'r.l4enl
,. -. ". A. MiLKAX Cvnal*JtU*. and mbUeb, aBT hwal aotlKet or ailtrertlMntenU ,Improrvment. Tb*rmoa ant .III1o_ airy' tad I'll tak *ny In .. r '. aa>lrol their hour of .ork. r..' set.I .
furnUbed risK .." r_'rt and .., ,... ATTORMT AT LAW. -- -
after .. .daw, nader and bir virtu. *of lbs :.. lUr.CKHTIKIKU I
''OTICE or MASTER l> C'lIunIt\: authority flven by Ifee Kwnuri ur Wale.la Tba whole eetabltabaMvi. U rwrneud risK t-M-tanl t No. tn ftrrrnl. rtiwet Y(. W.. trr.I.--.lu l-rumptiy dMrharjfad, aJ (irla are ass en4ojrd -
taetlimmt. wberwif I bav bvn* Briweela rar|..ln<. aid "ratob.d with aa abundanre .
> I IL'
VWTICB It IIEHI8T CITCNTO ALL rl RIIO" I "to iet m> baud and amId Ib* of b.".-.. Wart wilnitt, ".,,.. It ,. {I VIlsb1ilgiUfl I). C. | : : fllKCKK.: iinl.liun. nirt ': | at tl. MOW wigt furnierlj gl.* to
i> wb*map bold foul***of bontfm rlnlmln alien lui | Unit fffl uf |Bll /,. lbs dyabtiT In ...r' revrt A FIHbT-f L I5" IllTKL *- "FA:1.<Tb"r.u'Io..r.1I tisimp for; asia.I
B.BKO Ib* lawraal lmMo.._., rund or IbebiaUW *wrlllen. ; Tbrbambpnarlat vr.a reiaaayaBd I .. pills II .\ late deriaion of the Suj rtme Court funeral uf ei rrrtl }
fJ.. wblea eou. i. bare aot yet U I'L II. Ml'LIN.BMnUrf I .,.,arranged thai lk..e ofotber eeiaMbbaieata I lIn w bt-rpln tile ISvta.,. waa .... br kaurdwrof Ay, from !& *. i Th .. Miami Hall I t. lUrriaburf J...,
hma Kweeolvd. Ibal Ihey art..lrl Ia JJ: tI'tfn) of.... tblt ,. I..rt.sliming* sit,., 'I' Ibis ruetBMaKriKnrral, dated MtflUIJ o( NOW York prut Mince* tbe law to 1 III ; I* tV-dir t-l Srteral itaUt aa l .'...
tad .
Ibe MI H M Ike MBdenliB to rail Ir'. 'tkrBueUr. ,.,, l. ___ p. /I* -_**_. a* Mlnwt, In in regard to the I liability rOfr.lwd lw military and | I
.""-. (\>apo.* nud be preeratod bc9.ra - i l lTIII I "'".\.
tb**rat day el April in*. TIM, mail be ,la aa.aurvid A. N. nOIUUNS ,: II. II. IIKKIIK, certified check : gram k. bee. .
p rka M, araonUn!.data and ButurtM.aad I ..licilla Iou ,tu- \Vi>Niioto*. March 10ki
aenMnpaalMl WHb a Ilal abnwlnv br wfcalKalliwod 1 1\\ EA-nrrtc: So.t. '1 The M trine Nation! 1 lUnk certified a |( i i Tb Howard Coorl vf I Inquiry| .."".d
ii>.|.a bundt twiiml auHibnrt of CLARENDON HOTEL '
UI 'II' I I T IIA'I'1lTII S check for *l.679INI. 1'Ihi check witlepnaited
bwada M wbU'b eoupun ..11I,.aatounl of rarbwyoa. j MiaOKIC IlrItJ.lmt. I | ',. Nfcrwi pr oUld
nwpva V.. da*, aadowanr or tutor in Ute* National (1i. Httikn.| Comnitlm bT
et r.iw.. I (1ICN'F'{ : ( SlMtIXiSi( ( t*(1 J0 TIUX. ruMUB : that bank luRer-tnl the amount throughthe ex I'retlJeot FIII ( _. UUIrt'. DBOM will U wlihjrtwa
Tb* 4dn of roBpona ar. aUo* aotiDail IbM If % nit MoDIIME1Ic.: : 1I. ..1 apprainer vf rorrfljaadi. at bit
-- -- -'-- -
pe.t II'M U afterward. dil'
''' rvatala kvr ,la dHuuIl: In |TeMillW taHruopoea. i' Clearing wa* ,
.Ibey w III b*debarred Owa frUflflinif }'LfNIJ. flIUL: OIuI'E.IPilisri : ; oivi-reU that the check hal! Un-ii "raiartl"i. I Tit.\'naa *M. sad It I. ".1. that b* will U _lito
a la, Ctrewli tb* .,..l*it W for'100t Ib. b. WITH A"larr ,
*. ,. 'M east ol ,... Pas ra. Tb*Truatnvt ofIk. I .UIJ. Dame "f the payee being rhangol at the AlKIXI'tu. V... March 10.
.utty itTb
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Offlr of Vteler, Jrkk>.*Ule. tta. 4. itacvttdwe. a liii. "1'u rally "A"'UIS IbAlsepoft aur.l -. i..1 City hank t
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Sowing Machines Cleaned arrtnnMeau I,Ib*_.*. llaht.iu' .. fllosk I ftw.tn l7. flat STBCKToxmt : hut the court reject* lbS MIlL Had the | I ..,. tKJ '& .
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Vrwtlurd.M ar betor ItI'_ day uf 111I,. A. Kt (' irn.r of Hay .u.l llotfau Htrrvla, Utwean baib d rta. nay day at lie,-, Jackwartlle, Jaauarr. ,r.LI.! las rumination of ... pa all& whir* hum Ibere will be a i'rurs4 waier wimouldleaaatton : u. rrix* L ink aealeti l '
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let day e f ".attar;. A. IK toil. I A AJUTr I I'OST-OI'FICU XOTICK. jocular Stratham correaiMin.lent i>f lly |byalcU.a .r ri.w ha*. b*
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..1 ..... eiUicn*.Ian have kept "I.rve number fI .
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Court-4th Judicial rlrrultl $ .- IUltIUI.I.: : ... dalty kill :i. lAIrI I h. h" re riTcil Mull return lr t-'*'. ( tt "yy, yu>att>t.in ;1'r IOl''I I, ...u4 F1tIJ1da JL 6. ; To such we vaultS tar dons he I couata v UU Uy .. will ..L. a-r around tb. world
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Manb L. Uaddtirk. .1 A. Winter. MIMI I ( UIIO: .Ult i.u> : -ITTIU: t.4JPA.tidIla i 1., *.mini.,." Xtatarprue I you |
triea tiwrtfUM 1'rt.KS 'Uris" Jautbia UMabrlk da7 ... . 1IttI.. trial : Write upoa each ocat egg with1i miu a of tbt niy : FraMbvu UTT1.X lU* I'.ited Malta
iaadne, Lorneti M'.". Admiaunmru *t ib* i Utely la Ibe.*pksy of M tar*. ** I. KldrK A(' toisu rainy n"'J ... lOt r. .. I' i dliuM ink egg flee eeal .<.. boos 'with, a Anal .
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bwJMf LIla K<>teof ". OKI wlibib' lb I bl-, &artbttlvnll aid correctly at redumd rate*, j iUIT.w f fihb tear*"* WotUPaday tad lav I< slId mark the I'.. ,. I. aUBa | Ikertftir orden4 that MiW-
bed.kulaa oabill Ii.I.* Marrkaad ..er -&.. AUo, K.ille SUndt. Ur.rkflt, and | aos.y ps.i4.fs.M, I. > boo,, I M.XIcaohuTb lada ... . v.. .. .. .km..A..II. dove. 11ud'tfsiIlp1blg If you 0", we ; 'ii e.rnisp )t,t by 1i11.t.1Ic.t
*o wr .>r* >U .., *ib.**kM theKwnwber OrtBff r'as.. TB. U ul l la wukU Ur atlaMea' 1 few "e '_ll .will BO* ha bttitfacUtry. i ..11I. March 10.
'_ I '1 nIL' I Jar. Bo.'
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L K. A'I4&hILJs* I1Idp. j ia kaad bad.(tctttml to usda,. j 111. Ir ; ; ( ff,4Sa. |II dr I! 1 It U Mid ,lUl Qeacral J_ COM 1.. It to
t.liCL ---- --- rVaUiUh wU| b* opti daily (OB4i>* **. ; TlUtkJt MfT M A Ij" .- U"aIJ.- 'I y
4. |iMMnTiuai llBa f....,. i /Twndlt OirtonAi*, .iuf e datf rwr. OIl ,I IAji New England House: j; erptad Ixaai I A. .. to 4 r.M.Th I "I ass 1" sir Me at tbe kirk Ib. day', 'I road aad raaal U I' M *d Jv,*tlar at CapUi. liruef al ofKn.rtl (lut.
A .OMi *f la* urtclBal attw .a lie I. is, 1.111.13I I f OMlaeat C'arlUit, Kaiabr.. .!.
.. at.u Utky,ilerk itrouu tlHuvnu -. "." -. .__ __ __ h ._ I *ftflJc will b* $. **baadaj. fIe* UJtt M bash IkHiaJdVeer reel ; I Lad ;.I: ty UoaJ. of "u. |

Knq.mK.I. ut. i .\. 4 ('II.U'I'II.I.: j (UTI-TBimta.") 'I ...- orkr. a. I. cupprn for the platr, and I Bawd the j i 1.6".u11.. **t .d from Madrid.
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Tb*Gaunt MftartM wtll loa ooea al bit fur ubawky the.morn. "eaLii. March l 10.lVaje4. .
AIKK! C.MOLI.! A.t threefJBBy .Vtw York la *
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Jults .H. KtT,., A4*>lBMr .ini of atrtale or I I VACHT*. TAWU. n irmaa.l all' 0I ... *U i a !*..k w of|bw HieUaad.Past aad i I 111.-, ..M la.us4 aI tAil nrl P.,.. (aSI :j rModkular raiiruad. Slim lean ware *p .
I" tibIa lbna aUantaa walk of tb T. ;. K MnMwa
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