pups .. The,. lit. been an Incretve of )I' "Income unda at a S I adopted." hall rooted I that the I'omroittee oni gioVlrR tort Lraltne: hook $t.'renf ('tlU ,
ail aibtMila ,Iii attend- twenty |' eapeiiM-t, not pay more than four percent. while in (In / :i AaraodiiwaU U.J] the Conntllutioa have out ;_ L NATIItK 1'l.Ir.. .
forty an average I twenty ttnd, ten-ditliculty anti a.rrew. 1".1/0. the Jennie went Into Kicctt; j A utiar of the public patroMg ta re.| s ifiiiiriiiusl.
S | of the rural town land It depreciating live Srmluii. ,. humlrvd copies of the proposed 'lII.oJIII"n" || .
trbvl.tr many *
sgeofihItty.t x making in all Income twenty pound, and eipcnditurcacinrlein .n.II. .11. |1'lllnlll"| (
priolni.AMMiihly .
18,000 for tbe I"' The of lnctea jxiund, nineteen shilling*, ten In value. Whether Ihlt% be true or I were I .- feAiENT fur 111..1|,4ai tug THO Mnu..ti, 4
fate I j I i Ii. C. )' lobe.Hheritf of bill No. 41 I, In regard to the ial/" ti'rl'tend'eV. III3.p

tinct I IMS baa Utu nearly/ unifiiim. i pen .e-liappinett and good l credit.: |t nut it It certain that farmer cannot now ; count r. .'dlla.J.m.M. O..II.t. r o W.hl.. | of nwl cotton was reportwl *){ain t, tvmtijorit a Book and Job Printing --- -------.-- -

Aboqt one quarter r f the enrolled! at hoi- So the. but financial 1"lley'd found keep their sons at home Tho fact it, ',; Willb.ni. .\. (Illtf, to b.\.1' of. .Taxt-t, I ) of .the Coiumitter. 1IOOK 1MIINTI.MJ.
received from the Srnato that Sen-
ar in atbool Ibo oihrr three 'lourtbt | out i b after the Mieaw Ur |1"lIr.o. to make Mauacbu,ett< coin her wealth from her \Vnkiillu coulty.tv I \I.-.cw .
are fl.1'
j W. Waller/ to Collector of lUvenue ate bill 'eo. >. in regard to the ntatraof uit- : ( IKIAK; AT
S without school privilrjr the uIIt'IIN..I.1I below/ the Increase. brain not her land! Hhe grows rkh on' of Waknlla county.Jimse b flora .lc., and SeDate bill No. 7, declaring the We bate ayerr heftIly Dir Oolntf fund I I'V and

-S Tbe l Ihtcrett; vf the common tchovlfund j 4lt would nit l lea bud |,lan f.ir the llleLt'tI".turo her mechanical industry and her menu!I, W. Smith to U Clerk of the Cir- I lrgal ale day. in the Mate, and a memorialto TIIK: KlxmillA UMUN OKI'ICK.:

I. / fact ml Travel :', cult('"",111 W skulls county.It IVnyroi .sl.ing| (.r" transfer of the bar 1',0'1'1I1'I""D"' ; All Ihe natortallj lh<. ufflI .,
'l'IM.IftIt the countlet for to hate )JiuuLc', anunddnancial through the State and S, rarka
St. had
1 among II. 11,11 lobe Collector of I Ketenue: uf, at AunUKtlne to this State,
\ l8;, wa* | Ht)73.83.) In u"nta which policy reaL every morning after though the soil it generally thin and tier- Lr.),,". county. |>-". FHANK It. POND,

brought In cab $7,013,03. It It difficult prajra by the clerk It would be taking lie, you will nee urithn! town tprlng- .,.. A ('unl.. to b County Judga of( I I. flaw, lo .relir| etwMlmi ne tu do helter prloilng" "

l old Tbe Id I{! $n.8n. '..uII1.Iet ( K. tiriueiilrcd. seaasaiid >u'e.. IRON AM IIIUSS nX'.MiCU: AM
t.! to tell the amount ralrd by taxation In a go 1 .11'1'1.lunTh.t fugy the ing up. water every running:' Thrl. M.t'lI1.ttT( l I
Aptwtle 1'aul if not bim atMiio oilier and ttreaui I I. caught and mcd to set in i -The wasj of .iu acre not cut Jo. n durIng than tny setter olSee In Ihe lists. ".1 f"iirA.
each vt tbe c coubtie It may IM rttir up |I J"II IJuincy Stewart to lie Collector vfl ,
II the >auic. On nullnmrt. V mile) wrttnf the lvp.it,
mated, including the one mill cxnititui >]uate I W"I'. I. lb. FLOltll U.llI'IOn 'I.
tlooal tax, al about 10000. *ilict', oWe no man anything." If the chain, buckets, pail, paper, furniture, 1 A. W. Leuuardtolj. AMe**<>r of Taiea ofI I J C-I'neblt.'k U to be dra.ipe4| | by the/ partyndtr / .Jack sunvilie. KlurliU.MAM'rAITrillVil '
I Orange county, lU.U',.l of Senator Morton '
:.. aroutat raWd by ..110.. .| <)UOO State, it rill municipalities and ludi,iJ- carpel, cotton and woulvn cV! >tbt, Ihoula j j A.55W. Leonard* la l-e Cwlloctor, of l.evfnue: I Schurt'i AND ntl'AMUMI: MiCHIN- .- -- -'--

IVItale L cnatrttath., . IU.UOO ual, would (')u.e. back at fast at the oldfa / fact everything used, from the cradle to of Orange county Senator npnvli un finance la .u..nlloo. ant will IN.elm-utnl. All orderS will reei-e )
In wortnianlUeniannnr N. Donuxs()
l. a
said lo I t. the ablest ci- ilrhtrr III that .
l-Mbody Faad. H.ano .hiwbtU policy lo |my at yon go," tbe coffla, I I. made and theae are tent ('uIIII.on Judiciary reported in favor ."tI. rll.o 'In soy southern t-uj, ,
: lalrreat M Scboul fuad. 1,91 I of Senate So 19. to provide further comprnaation I
there would l he leu hypothVcatcd honda, South and Weal -and khippcd tu foreign )i Circuit body.It lI..tnI..n autMilnlmTAgeut for lh* WATTIl- Miniiii
S. j a.1 r ( la Kinrmtd! that the Domination of TOWS .nUI-ISUl\t: : Vi. fir. Iii' ci.t. ..r n. ct ,
Total .. . ,.IO't.US lea talk of repudiation teas talk of hard port here U the secret irf|.arv
S This lot fund .It of great \ltue, anjIU I limit better aJmlnUtral'uin of the U\v, uf wealth: 'in Mt Mihutelt>. ) .llender.9n and Sinilh of Lice
I nitttrerCLkirtetl advertclf Senate .. .. rln'j U'III"r.I.e.al.laall... Stationary and I'rtrtalilr Knirlnr: mid. IXKKSHITII IM MIlDDU.HAKI'.lt.: :
S f | f"IU) wlng plaIts 'N Its rwipicnU: and kern occasion for it.A.nKNU.TIK.'OT. I ace by the L'MOt that you are think it. I 7I.Menage .- li. IHB Uotrrnor. two 1.1'1 Holler, Tubular and l'j Under | I :

S Jaikaoniilk, 41,400 ; 81. AugUatine, I log ofluilding Agricultural. College. S r..Ieoulf l.fuH.J.n/ \In this body that ,: UUturra/ two sets ,.r .\: ., anti only on. I Also, l-orlnlile H.w'..MIIU.iibnt I '
I i DRY UKAcmiTioN or n iMni.rt rmo.KKVI'ITI'IMI ,
S 11.300 Uainetvllle Il.tMX) ; Key Wett, PHOPOU'O TO TIIK The trualcct I hope will learn from our the .\"uII/y/ pu.'d the!"-I "for tie 1"0 good! lolliry.Mr .
tO1TI f1tIO. I I I r 11'ul..n.II.I..tees ( furlheatio'e 5-
tt.OOO; TalUhaaarv, I-* Old !1)r. llranilirlh of fame liidiliiilily |mtponvd/ Srnatv No. )Id. ,
f 800 ; Use O.k, 1000 ; Lake City 11I00 ; I tlil I'ro.ruun.Ic'd a large umi of money in Ibe cutabliph- I 1.\IIII' reined. In ca. bi death in I U'athingtoo, It U ..ti1 J he will Ivaie lilipoulI
conundrum In hit advritiieluenl
M.tict-IU>, |300 ; Tampa, $300 ; Ocala/ | mi-al of agricultural vihool. Lait '11' wrongful act nf anotlu-r, thai ll i I at IWrliB la July Irlll: 'iiMiorrtl melt (Dn'nDa' rATr"Tn.

|300 ; gnlncy00 ; Apalachlcola/ ] |2UO. : What I I. jlba' | wbicli we call tbecou year iiz graduated only/ t two of whom pri>-I had adupti-d t the iiirmorlahi, rulathe a )err>- -The brw Uwk ul J. rt. like, oo The eve>,l"riantrr'u 1''RUltI.In Iheroiinlrf' Y.i.lE'ala" lu-eiU; a article u ra.ly| that oh- Sowing Machines Cleaned
"litulUm P It Vie old/ dot'tor wa at Millou' and the one to tonev.. fur an ap- 1.11I..s. new hcwlnv Maihlnor. Alit, ill
Total | $0t). I'ruetraW SI.,., 1 I. revr( lti > a good Ural ofI
S )HMicd to gin themselves fancy farming iiriipriatlonfor th.litiret. | ruirnt, of the har > | | H. l' A ttble bowlni the (fund constituting alive now, and was called tn makeaditgn while: the ulhir four intend to tliooteiu bur of lampa hay for an appropriation, for1:I i attention from Win' |1""_ tisThif J. ha'hiiie. F)1.. .""1 flf.tUI',

k .. the UlmIioW &"..I and Seminary fund*, .I.l of the ptrcbment cuuttilulinn uf >m 4'lhff.rallillg' la Junking over lIceul'jt'vta cleansing out and dred,in lliu tiAlawaha'rivrr I 1 I -<'..ry Uicbardtvia thiukt by April -': i

S It given The Florid' be would/ tlnd an abundance of ; an act (u the protection uf useful lila inoullily balance/ will ahuw. recess of, tH A liOOI'MAN, Tlll'bk flTI IIIY, IMlUMil. ANtI tM IIIIKI.L'I IWfttlK .
amount to Ihe credit. ol' which th( I
Si oyoungmrndiM.uM'd bird (i.e. committee In doubt about
; were |
the the aillclv, auih M U la. There U enough '' I rvfrlpta liter r." dllll". I I1.1 t K j-: n s .I.\i > aitov K n s I HIM:! WITH %YATM4'S -
.b.1 fund lo relation/ '
common principal, (out II oil the dy of their graduation, II would |ID act ta appeals| l Irul, Ju.'lr' Ir' ,
of it. and machinery tullUicut In ruu a Ih.I'ulr. ".. rejKirled >.. I!1 -lHlm.pti' U..n..1 l Crrtwrll will. nut, AMI I'lM'ATI ".
$4.O7I.G7. 'be pa
U bard
up Seminary fund "IIIe to MO what licariug moat ofithriu t
1 '
al, t8 UO. State with) ten milllolll.I |nvpl.. Why i bad The .., .. .to whom wan rifjm'd Su- I j I i hvv Uiv |>u>t olHir U* violated lo kccommu- I j iiiv tTRr. r. tirr-wco o EAS A ri.NE
l no farming. An agricultural
I tuch cumUraome fundamental law ate lilu I and regulate the feun and livr 11.1"bu t'Hitmi IIUUM UelnvtUo. -I I ke ., Cui'iirr of hey stat h llotfntlJic 151 tents.
a wa* I l / p i'" "' ou hand a lni'" nippl/ ofIIIIKtU .
The *chi>*l I.IIJ. arc granted under a IlidlOol that would leach jotiag men the S pay .r c'"rlall utliier*. ricointneud. that 4I
j The lice ItuMoa .' I I
frmetl for 1 wit of .IJ\ rl. t4)
State I It
a tliiuty-wttlvd tt do with ,
general I U. 'Uttowing the Iflih tectien i iIn |1"1Ot. practical dri.llt (.f agriculture, and hIll) pawl a aninidmriit J, section 16, '{ I .
track ., f .. "'rllIl.I'IJt.rr'&
Ji -arln in 1'n
itt ) -
lllgalnr ai
of v
put OMnpr lu-n.lou to a rntinnal mind. I .10 lay ahrriffln CII y3 lug urlo 1 ",to | <{ S .
every tow>"lili| fur the tupport uf' The al, I is I IM'II.1 |I them, with glove of it, and scud I latin the State Triton.. Ida, now llwl tiiurral Splnurr'i cliirogra) 'hyI C. tKK*. and ,
appointing >ue enough tu
school/ In that l power out a real I worker nf the bu 11* rrvaldrht/ anuouuced the '
tuwatlilp I *011. would/ ilrfnin-, lliu I I. lh..r<-. MUor lilA Hilt LUCK -
to political Irn cor.litla'1111"" i i"iI'in ( CI"PKc"nCl".It\ .
grate bill .
Tbe hcndnarv laud 1.0.1.| |I' benefit to the taul. .
S are grautrd i iS iby great terming interenl -1'1" W"J.ItII,1 M..l\.I""r' Ooligrtv AI.., I 1".1'1.J
the r..; jtar. tl'nll..llb.( (lovernor. : A hill "Ibul.. I Ihe Orv.t )MoutheruHallway
tbe general' IC.\f"II..ItlJt for the pedal i! :ucb a school we have not In Mawachui ('i'nian-,) to Cuninilldatv with tim lists iinirMcted lr I'...., the chairwn ;I I'.I.'IIII.\ (.IIIIII'I./lI1.

auppoil .'f ,*, S-uilnarirt In the Stalv We i A* tn agntuliyral college our I! Great $.'"111'ro UaiUay I'unipany' of IJeorel to report a bill limiting the jcrn'ul k II .11{ 'I.I'S: MAItATIKU.Fashionable I !,
notice that $llilrtcrn 'lIIc.n.lu..nuj I
S one Cat. me \Vr.t if the Huwannce i i, Stale institution it a failure *. l drculatlon to |I4.IO.OUt'O< ), .and aulliurlnuj
are to this An ail cU'nled Aa act to &'iz the 'Hut I. Rrta l l I Tailor
propned vtondeifully cumber- : j doUIUCIII twice a day to regula "" .I"IU'u. ,
river. Ut I1Ia synT.74, are unJd. i i Tbe papers| and magazines cunllllu\ the Circuit the i.. of the rwHirrr.A '
.. tome something wo call a conttilulion. I, j Huldiug ('ullrili the I'furtli Ji* i idlclal .. .1111I1, I LAl'IM STIin.T: : ,
;s The School YHind fit 1974 U dwell on the death of Agatai cud iucii Circuit. llruwkljn judg* charged' lUejury In a .

> 4 a.mowg flu couutlet a* fulUwt appnrtloe : We bare not the tpacv, to day tu enumerate i' dent in bit life are conaltutly comiug to j Hu motion, the oIL.ohl Into S rteciillve. Itcelil lilt fur breach of j.roiuut of luarri.!", I Jt'ks4)( ) % II.": i I llirvu d.... from-- IU* ..lr.'I.I .

*. '90Uh ."., | | |? 37 ; Urad I It"b what these change are ; and, bt-.iJ"1! light which Illustrate bit mtrvelleut J .lon.. fullowli; made by HI. i iTh that the '. glrant of I lie eye and tl... conjunction ) i Sale and Livery Stables Tb> iJitnl Mil** uf .bl"n.lol.| "..01. al..|.
this we vtrll wait what hUI.Uo. on ban.
at to It
ford f $ .IT may see aidedur and hi. i' L'lcrlluncy Ihe lJutrrnor. of the llp are o"rlurci. whtn they become -
lUcvard lId 67 lo\table
S ; ; ( lhoua, consummated many per were r".lilut: | S c'. J 11. MrCLKNM't ln> >rMor.Inril A aral..I_('11".r. from I'arU an4i'lM" | rt< 'n' .01
; $9V.fl8lq.; tI U3. (t'olunUt un tonal tr.llt. l.llal/ Lincoln/ Ibe more that ( It. liuckuor, to b* County- JUle o (. fivUFIit| and protracted | workmen always r i-uiplnynl "t tin prvuii.
lusts county. -It i* *4id that the ..yl. opened fur I on. ,, r.. Infuriu' the ibal I ha,.
: | polite pur- (lloibi< Cut' end rliiwl ainurillng i I" |lii.-.1..1
L' 50 ; 1... 110.01 ; Duval, II.U7.DW; K*. UO'TO ( O'&I&IC'.O .tI\( S, we know of him the more we ice tbe real II. E OnUcn, to b* lollector of Ret uu.or I *>.l from M. L. llartrlile the Stable n|>pi>.
mak prlalli for the iiilr frofe I'trl anil
to a Urge a > r" New York.
raoiblt. flli.lI franklin. 11004 .......... gtnuneui! >i ct> who came I | gr..s. | | alte I bo ) ut.I1It: barn plaiwlthorvln 1 .
; ; C lt cad lee The .....t |' th.l.n.1 \olla county. ( ...I..Olllalt'br'liua./ It lK-jjlu lo be uadereluot 'I arrrr ra a and 1 Mule I I '.1 SI.I.81"
Jadadrn $J79.$4.: Hamilton, $37503 r...-U.U.r.T..J J II" pvrtonal tuuti(.( with blui loved bim. I :. A. l>atid.. lo le County Judge ofUadadvn i for ..1.! ladies diaInhig> lo iiurcbaM will Dud It '
that ( rattit aliouldur thit
their Internal lo .1I.a
county. lIir. II" riinilim Chits uo-
I IIU1W.J.! t.l'l\ HilltMruugb $*au Irni el laidytirlalIV.a.I..r.1% EahIbIStoN-i'Crsss.5 .'tI..., At. I'I I Vice rretljenl Vil.onbas returned to I!I J. 1*. Cole. to bt (Collector. of Revenue ,.( ('...",1:1 job or U will be a ,fa illl,.. It i uiuatlj altrartU Mora, adapted lo all Unit. I' __ _I llit'SAl(_ ._ I).MiiuriMH.NKNV .:.. I: .

;V 1I.\lm., f tllf-t1 i JlC'k_. $.0*. 1/1 ; Jef- Washington to have an eve to what 1 I. JelTeraoa county. will COM eight or ten mlllloM I an alau rrcelttng a ounipltH oulOl for u,. 1' n -
TOX, January t H, 1674. I'I Kendall I'. to Le'terkottt.etir'cull cry arrv. or h.. IturirlM. I'haHlnna, farrlairni, I TUirJ
Unjf.t.m \ )
ttau4$ $1,0 JO 40 going on, Warrington of the { ( STOltE.H"I ( ) :
; Ufajette $10079 I I .
: A<% w nti'b I will furni.u al lbt< tbuiu l uolIM' at
V Oh tlrlg'ttlJ ( ( county \ llo llUawkiua -.U a reoftit i* Hln< of Mvilvan ptrani
)e ba1.1y Florldiant basking In the I "urt. 1.1..1. Ic ,.
: aaoual lii
moat r >
TfyiiUiAin will I I
II.4I13J fur
Avl lib.
,.0 ; Levy. $141 t ; Liberty, oon atarI un'I" ,. !' _
.o.L. old ao&dii'fs& | of (he .North ami'Houlh
; i: gcnUt ,,un and balmy/ air uf lie South j and shell I A. J. .'. it Waetiington !Flit. U. :I. ..urr"I*
$79.87 ; )It.u_. fI.OcSU1.; Manatee, we uilt* bit 1..le.. 1 hi.health .1.. ta be Clerk f the "rulll'rt mulled the broad of :' 1
p Think of uatbUeiing with the cold and will! that I StTmlurcountyIice J, S. Hawell. Cpus plalfwrm mutual ] to lot autkortiMl sisal and manatnr, awl will :> _1.1.Hill" '
flGa.1I ; Martou, 'I.O'U.UJi: ; )1tMar'e. prmi.0 doubtle/ J. A, J. ('russ. to be uf"I.'a.i memories of' mingled rdlilp and glory alwaia U Miud al the tlaiilrc wilf Intiulurvi iriucae4 .
the II'"hh
walking (he li-e )'I. .
; 1".1
trIpjIoguer bear front 1 t B. N.'l.IMtY.
$ Ut>.l3i; N* MU, $W4 74 ; UraD,,. ,,., i nd Yaol.ce .Ie".d l i 14. "M., S
aaltg iwpleuibur mPIAN'OTI'MNU
\ 03 iV-lk $.eo; )iHilnam, J03J3 ; :, fit I, anj the ,ov'IIi.lra IVum (be roof Mr, Black, of lie CVmnwitirrii/rA, bad a I'Nllll.. ttiU-oi, U be Aa*
f" $aut It. : falling upon uur buJ" TI.. Jauuar; treiuendout ruth ot friend lit. I county vim S. I'. KU, reiuoied. Till fMirimlONFI. I'R..I"1I.lluo'r 1111101 Ash IlIIfJlc'IHCI al Nt.. Turk prtrn.
$MUt| ; Rl. Jobii'sl1G at cheer 1 and repairer ol piano and
t'liUf- urftna
i The door --Th. conAriaatioo of Ir. W.tj a ,
I thaw i i. uHr..4 now the "earth ft manlM1n 1 I wtreDpeaed. J or molo-leon will be In Ih-rltr In the t..ur. G""law
l. uu14t11 $M3ft 8\&w"l. $193.03 ; I. \ed.IDI last week, Though lif did not, |i Oa motion/ the beatt .djqlrt until toworro j Justice ... by a larger majority than that of .et or len day, and would twbappir Uiatlnndluany I'U,-'I, 1I11"JIt1111, eurnpnwtcd.14iItfm .
1b .
snow sleIgh ming mer- Hew ; order la hi. lino nderml him.U .
TtyW flot..rm. $& tell not to ring the at j jAkaemblf.
; 4.60 ; Wakulta m.IJ'r&'btrl morning II u'cod. lorihrr ...1.ltt' character of .
'rI t
say luting U-ru II. lb. profmiiia ,
rily, sn'L| the talks buried In I many f
E--: fUlUtY.) $': po. and I I are fun rt twlI' he gave them a' tordial "tICII. I ITlu..ouull thIs one, he having, every vole fa.I. SjH>rcl>. alao bafliitf been maaii-Uil with Otis of ito larewil O*,, ,
Tbe Kvdtaltrt t piano' r&l.bll t tr I i who Ugan to frar fi-r ii i, IH7I >BII- .
S. Vbl.gti&, $ o1o0. t; I and they went a thousand strung, Hit S were "lid. by HiiuaUiM Hbtrnun, Edward, |! dent c.f"tl.fjii.' the wi erliu-ain 1.s ouUla.. IY I. wr rt.r.f'min .
their ".01.." go kbwut I with (valuing S A | ,prewnl.Mev I I II fl baa all faUJlUr for rrpalrtng, ,
boute 'IUu.11 uf )
The midwln'a'
numl < k
of ftlldrrt ass and he .
r c turned IS71 literally packed bltfrlendileft and sumner, Mr. I r,ia. taU, wTL.n.was and old .
i *. blokr h.. ljea. of 1jan.11. rvnotatln pl m. iu r tf rvrin>
If $J.H9; ,U W3 'l,38. iacretar, II.M9. ( fare*, while the pour ciouih In their cold I Ii a large ituiubtr vf valuable reinent- ton, Hawklo end ("I.* '] .a eeMHiiti mit a mae In tIe world who had lo a 1 1 them la a ..uod. rundillo ,llano rnxorod '.U'I.t Jiift.."IH '1..
I 1" Ihnrnrbiiut, or u and uwUidMiu laotoutblr
Tbe tiportt of tS. Mveral conn tie* we i I h''lt'1 the Ihtfl with scanty foil, In 1l j W.oe. Viet )lreIJ.IIit.. *i (lover i 'Inquire what loi.ll IW mui1i I IIt. gnwUrr .l.nl the rellotrl| and eotindence of i ".1.. Hrlnr nodxraUi, rl_ ..>* urd,i* -
t mound them their .a are II i I i al ib ixMl-omr. k, at. Jloul'la.
will wrap 'ru.t.woiD ; i I Df.r1. his nelghlwr.M Drugs and Medicines
11. ) auotber l4ie. nor ClalHin Julia Ward Howe( lall .11.
I Mr. McMillan iHrtillon of Foul _.
rK>lhlng. IUI i will I
turn lo more genial > Judge 8''lt ea.Mayor Lincoln/ and .I Jeatgaa in .fIe II'l fa Mdlou! ike -Ira* clnlt are laid to draw no laon "
.,'\n.! ft auu.. themes, About the "gltat mist ''11&.1// Other ".tl known la oUlk. on_ Ih._* I.I la 0"Coualy., aakioc tbat ties lgtiIUPIpa. I II. wa'.r' 1)111) woodiin fra| >*i. The llilrf .I'I Ii. :"\.\& uorma'Aiii: Ii New Goods
It we currently I r p *tcd, a wrtkurlwuagvy court., *'enw. ahall has time ; an act tilrn achrtnfortvesily I'
e lively
t brach, In the pulpit and "(hang* at ru'lal Engineeri ia a lelr to th Cuaamlttre CBVI
bet partirt were dlllgratly at Votkpurchuia al the frtate UcHiae. Tt Cll year tut a iUackwatoe lUinr.Ac > if rUIII' FANCY AND unrAr.N-IAL, THE OLD
"t governor's very a large tpriakUng tN lory aOalrc, among .lbu Inforonllon, ;, I STORE
if;: 'ttun Ui 'peeing 11I1."I.< tll.r' trtlf htf"*td iitfAge bat Urn read, tne oct'aalna by tbtlr .feence.th press.graceil i i Atwuibly uintoral( sad r..mlvtioss. ai;i 1 .') '. The Ur(..l wooden bl|" o/ the line | Dyor and Scourer 'Oil. IIA V AMI...:lit hTH. ,,

A lutrct t4 Making t rai4' tMt t Ibe titateTreatHry : and lit topic rtftrrrd lo ttriout committee was t 1"1 a large brilliant I''follow' w o. .1 tlzned by tics bt.aker sad of forner. d';' drew
ft* the fund thin 1& .to gathering ,, CbKfCUrk : I'uro .nll) 'rtcoh I> ant M .di Inca
< 1 *, Tbe legislature this year It madeupf ; Iwrkly-Mten feet uf aUf, sad Uher .<< j IU STRLEf )j mgt <

j i iKkOt v( telling) lit bmdt }. tbe tgeot men .>f more .1.m'J'0' character ;) & -wi B.Aa 'I hew AkUg Creek for. a(niallroukt from ralaiVatoj of j reaMMdlafty. It U prrei\, lUn. lb.ebsags' (IUViUII1.s WIHaoat'ltlllttr.... i: nUtyt UN hand.rbrtlrlant' .
I ai"I tl ul.8 -
Jf ... Africullatal ColU-ge ; but the I ban l tb* one t-f la t )',u. 1'\. Duller 'I t "q.Hulf. I.h 6..Io, ; trims woud ei .hJl'. to irvn-clad I 1..1' Jacieoseiua, ru>tu>', I'rr-acrlpllunt .can-fully
rcb'' of the U .d, of >rrka *hUa11 i *%tea jlng to tie lolal ulutlon .Vio Mr a mail I eba tune if' j
f11a g U'I.a, ;: rtnvtM itUtrd ep lhl gvaud at thl. ass < ..'t lot inaUrictly 4d draiqrht O9t.,. bU |..1n..1.. to the '1a41.. .4 pri-pared at all 1 bonra ofIbe

.. ,puiiiag the tuwtxy (I. that firm, 1 i tbe 4T jear In pohliks, the wlr]JII.| j tiI4 e w.1- A ., 0 a b.sikTs CVetUaTU )h".tie.ik mutt .IVrry ; k Met.vlUe rewdetiusi the beadbf for avail "(.t.r, anti the <)uaUo th""tor., at (o ll, gsaIecen ti' ella eli'..il>oi l lOst fcuM.rriEM list, cr .Mfbl.. .

L ;4Aair| dvf Tl,a Fut er'a L.a.qch.jsh.d. un.(1 IN" t aiWMibdily onur harbor U 'h aWp tit' YCAM txriKie.M" INtll r..1 -
wl ipoiledtlila j m u. 4iJged! t. )I"it toward Utter I Crv. .Orders from all parl of Ibe Male' ,
: tint (baancU) jt'. Thit b quite a mm. la c aRm where, ib' failed to do 'frealdrat thl.k the |.ty wlltUveW Mr. M''.II.INI.* reunUu rrqunia 1 II. war ol, foreign a lU.i, n far aa U 'ffilf tedijIli 'I e.abt hiss to glp prfact .u.,.. All tilled Mill$. .prcl.l rare and
1. y I'WI reMToa4 wttala IM> t, sod perMrt .
miahej| l ( **UrBkr *
e i
pbhM7It1wt4t4r0tht.It., ttd5 the Voter b 4tedl the pwlla and welt uJI It..II.II" I..* *1 Ul iiflt aa 1.t.1It. .t ewd U Ibf Ihln. .O > le. Iva1oov.r'it| 1 U will lie oUcrifJ, itijetd) 'h."'.' Mo*| '' II. A. I.'K.MJI.K': :,
to credence-- if t of Work
of Spectmeot
ifue .Ic Iftdeprtul**! randUatca. Thus Itlver, Tams ., : '
i" the Un_\tt4| >f theUw |ltrlf J.4| tvot reo- eQtet iwi E ao Mt Ik",. ajvf the, it* tbebmlt o lk. OWry rH.rUd| adtertely ''j.. rful arm red ships draw tlfhUvn feet q*/J '' stwayi' r"s.if lilt..... i Cor., Hr ansi I-aura M' *., '.
Wftrr ** we .
::. + r-- "H.t ,, /af on AawmWy WH :.. .to tnnad act, ..tre the draught cf frlg.Ua MDI\,. \r 1.15111 $ei.I My jMliMinitllei.. .,




_. ,

-. -. .- -. .. ., S
S ': *--7-. I
S -------5-- 1- -

.- ...., -_iltJ. Hr**- JT. .-. ., .' .._' ,..".,- "'W ,'-.. ",- r." :;..- ". ""'-' .. ._"IIIW_ P""l'l"_ _7B". ..._. .' .. ',. ." ,, -..... i" "iJ. '.f'', .. ''o .-7, 'JIFV'W..r__.' _. t"W", ."I,. .., .r."lP" ..,- . ".-

# t' I '

.1' .. .' .. .
? --.4 r 'A .__ _.___._ __ _u_ _un. ____ ___ __
t- .

.IACJC ontLLE AID! TICIXITf.rf JSDMSy T'unC'.ah'. I. 0.1 i la a tlmpl and nnifftcted mannn, I Theatrical. S LEGAL 'AUVEHTISKMEXTrV50TICE I JtlSCELLlXEOfS 1DYEBTISEXEXTS.Unapproaeliable -

_. -___ :_ -,?-' (.It jt lk. third dy of the week, I I. that jrt added to her run* anil rich role a At 1tt.pI.Hall!. Tuesday evening. --r=::-: ":: =c- ".- --.. : = -. _. -- : .- f

anrng; Ih. ft aoe., Tn JntfYtA !h. Tees A* she eonelad*! "n Snipiro. lU tiai," tara.tf, the MrivaUccomln OF Cr. ; : .

Taeadav, Janaarr 97, ., .. to'. kind wordt of tkaokt wee wh|. ; artist Mix i Itches Jft.h USOLE i 13argLlii!
hMy-frnmTuu.cn. mythic |roa, tupp tutay jxrn b.o.1 by /* n.."" ( .1. J/v t'ea..ty. }7<"J.

'I'nl-I'o.r' ,Ik. .

gru ."/ ./ "' .frilttfi,,ffil fuiKtttpapfT rlf'f'ln rlk* Teuloolo' natioB. Tb. Ancient Rnmanttjl ,tirsl. Imttfor I short tltuf from a world .d l, give an entrrUlamant; eve *iL kavtnr." lint ln In.rr mj, late nlflee'il t_w 'OUII.itnrfettlon dr.. I AUB VOW OKFKUEO AT

Witt, titty fJt i* it lfitvltnn+y\ toinfufm ,, .J the day J>,,t J/.rfi., tk. day of M(.,. fact am] pro* to a ethers of poetry ind aung, ,1 .\ programme' of rare cuvlltnt* will b of the 'InKilernrt of ahl rttateiN'OTICC P

a* 0/ (AimnnJixhlf.. heir. irnd of war. One k ndrtl ii"l ftjhUtnyear Thrt r/rr4loni are nut the trait featnM j.r'enl. In which Mr. Ua.1 tppr* ll anlnvt k_br Mid pines mute In all to pvnnn Bto Ike tarn basin I llID 6

.". 'n ._.-_..._. ._.- ,! ago today, j. ('. W. Maiari was born advantage. tinoojf tk,* rotny tie I'riory bai .I lh, Preacher, from /Apf,.Tc*. .".t4 *!ui'in' .. nf or ISiS('-cmintr* ", |th"JU.te*. lap of said nr Jut nranlr.. A. I oBraiJterXTa )). FURCHGOTT BENEDICT & CO

i On I lhe STth >la.r of Jtnnary. 1851 John added la oar city affording a* It dor. a they; .b.1 gnaw t file" K4. at whIch thn Ikere will ho a two +rta Alt }
.I.mn AttdiiboD died In Ntw YorkHty. Mr. ph>*tit .eniDf( la addition to thowlng out u Heartbroken. trtkauon amoif in* rreillton "f "1.1 eUM.Wlinn -- -.-- .
VXIQXi nr name a* Jad( of 110 court, .1 .

On* IVir, In a/fmn, ... .flJiOffU I f' Anduton was the pnn.l rrlcbralvd aal.raIUt visitor' that should they desk to remain [ Hilt fnb. the Yankee.M Ibis tak 14 Busier tmj uf In January the cuunit, A. D.and 14.5 aromald. I .

Jtf ml eel rml .. md kisa.'s '" 0

'l7trf4 14..1AI .. ... ... .. Iml i named many until thin talaowo ipt>rl. of eblldrfn a fine munical rducititn by UlrntlUarhi :1>. Item'atlna, a Gentle 1.1 o>Utctn otITUlitTni'iTiiiittti.ITORN.: : 'I _J .. .

1nww TWalny Tfturwlrtv and 5ari, |I.. blrdt I. Klerlda.Coffe >r* will not b* wtnlin. Summer T II ..\_ P E: !' .' 1.C K.: .

avirnlnf I IrrccMr nraa Ar.t aard a* a t"'rn' la 1 Ktig- -- f Mr. Wiggle, with charge. \LI. S'I""IBETTHI EStATE Ol I II
r.v/aT-: I I b.lyll I 4 Albert H. of 0
To tla ( Ie Lr.
elM Tear, In fhlmnrr, .. lisa I Isu land, on tblolay, In ICSJ Tb. fir.t ff.T( .. I With nuroeroBi Imilatloni Men and Man val Count,. til". ..."requested"- _0-J -
house b Ja- i ll It t'jmtwhtt of an error to .UrICI' lint, and also dial parment: and prrmnt btetnc ,. ,
win cottabll.ht In London t I'reachert Lawyen. .1 .1.
one ncr, ,
JI.IItM . .. 1.0 I I liC.r a
aralteel r ui. firrwnt them "" Illanhrl' Cnmroru, Hbawl. II pr cent, mltullwn.Hro -
tot.., a Jtw. although i few authori claIm that the morals a small city tikr our 0"11., lJurnttt'i sketch, entitled, .1 lime nmrribnt lij law, or Oils notlr will be Bloat'! I
Thrtd Manila tMlmt
I tk firat .. riiablfk more comturndabt thin tl... la larger hluieL'Lsurtng ,i In kar of their reratrre.MAtTIIEW. I *>* Hoo t', SIIK, VclrrU, si p.r rant reduction.ItlcacboAl .
ky MISS AT -
>l entry TTiurkkiyTh lit'. I on* a 10111.o.m" Ml. aen CUIU t. PHILIP, *. I
l'aqna ROM. one. liul knmaa natorc I. the ran In ham. i the" Kntertiinmrnt Mitt Itrlrij lids' r. nil UP*. Shirting, i-hr'Uiiff. ".., IS |wr rrnl. I'cOdllt.f".

Itla in and ritU _!1e 1 _tl 1 .
it tare town
j Nub will give a I''tic Oem, CBtttlrdI t'nrptt, Mattlnir. snot Oil flolh. tS pr r Ti mlnttUm.Joans .
flcamer Ilarllactoa. : IX COl'RT Ol1 flOIUIIA.) !
I Florida. IIou.r .l. Autualln 'apparrit: modesty and ptaerful&rta of CmerT
We meet the Level and part '
I upon upon 'll I ntrrt cr I Ii CmusImeree. antI TwnMt :}j per rent mliirlloti, (
This BUtmer tin been laid Urotl emtlrfy. "
op at W our city hornet th. tarn ditrord ant I mitrryprtvail ,.Ju'll tnl'
trara from At. A hip ytrd to nndrrgo 'thorough rrptlrt ud and l ipnclnoi addttloa to the Florid Hoot. at amtd.t tk. splendor and frttlrity i That all tho** who pairuolt* th entertain i II. ABBOTT, khi ri. wife. lull for forrckware I 1I011"'r. Lsrni, Kl.l Illovw, :S par rrnt. rmturtlon.JiH .

pilnllng. In that city, hi barn cotnplcitd and CIf"." I of Nt. York or Ikxton homrt. llcrt cotu |, went wIll be mor than ..IH'o '* feel 1 tliared. mong.". ix (hank fly.The j ) Man-cillp guliu, at I.10. __

ftrni.arrd. I for 'tkr ._iniRi'Mlall i>f In* public. : |jared ,lo tk. taller II.ctO.! on* arc but a I le ..I"II.IO sOcent. rrr,, .Half nf. flwl.1,1 '0 Oakh J. .V.trtt.ami Lnr, I 50O White ({alltm h.... only $t.JJ. '
J/ lMxifl, kit "Cf, air! tultiiffITbrlntr :
(U..tern) flirt I lit, e1Iat.I the Col (Reamer i i. a lint flan hotel man alw .1.I handful of ttore and .k<>p. but among tkrt t rrntt.Ticleti .
( ir 2nth Jay _
I ..t I toMe l ar-par bv adhUvli that "u. bO all-w ) Hannrl, at tj route |I"r yartU
< ,) ( un "..1. and' alvay arromtnudatlng trw *lif>pt ar* ctntrr fur cIty Ions," for .II all I'. I.. Mth< r A tV'e. fvaitant., mt.ln nui .| ib>> Maioojriurld ; .. .j/
with Ut *. in wit In .Ikr lists nf "" .. nnr ol lbs SlY ptrrrn Oprra Tantirl, only SO t.titer '.' .
lion of KI--II flu" Mtmlarln! mnrderrr. ,: Tk adJIUon just luMplctnl l. 13011A I..,. attendant mfanity.' amukinir, cardpU l>0uk t..rr. I'nttrd Matet. ami .h.l.ab.. adMrnwnl bras i .
and tier vul .ritirt. There In laid ramr k4i twin rvtnraed not emwuted k;
a I
four storks hijb th* riximn l and clgaatly > at.*
rye Itconi. la H.... .
the bttrlo of MM n unlT. i u hot \taint\ found ,
...,>omr.. brushed In Wan naluut quiet] tloort that had In'o" ".ck.,_." and I 1 I lire* uili of room la the pleaiantevl I I tnerrln. It I hi ikererbn ordered that TOO I.. and I

Two mall agtali, M.",. S. Ik.J..ill.dA. ; | Tk Colon.! 1 It *o .rll laown a. a intaagrrof I rktmbert" .... ti* Idle young men who part of the ch,. Some of thei' furaUhe.1 ape brrrtr ". utrvd bill 'tn tu four appear moths ant aoxrer from daleolpubllmilon. saidrVa1nant' I A 101 nIfitPPSIOI 1il'Klw, TOM Kl.: ". ... L1Ei la.UD" aIi..i4lgpa,

been MiUl. tint antic of him bat* na ambition to study, and ar* too lOll otherwise II ukall be lakes pro conR. .
S bav a ,
ItoyU, appointed to run ClDtb. any aprcUt ."e.iu, n..t ivnijoire of 1.(,k. 'Bay l1111" ,Cllt.

dally line blwta IhU cil/' and Palatal trrm (it LI a work ef ,uprr r
They .lll enUr ta their dotl** at toon .at tbarnnf I./IIIIJ., aped\ t* **|.l t lu. that BO e\m\ of men I.il|*i'! Cardt I The** are tbs .profao altars lwtUII9. I 314 i Upwmi. Oimplalnanft *.

*.11". trt rooiptrUd.Tl fully j'ttrliirJ, by ti* trolling 1 on which they go In loMcrlficr their branty, 1tsIe. .- I -AlIMllNTlLtTltiX'S' -. ( rJet:. -;-- r.Spinal

!''public bOIl those .bo know low I to keep ; .liC" and opportunities, fur growth. Ties* I'rof. Uchnt hat jiwt received a fire lo ul i, fly viinrr. nf AS onnrit BT THE Iftr4.I 'I' .. k> Ptflitt Ittuy *fturn *.

Alabama ,...''ua...,. a k"tII I II are tli. eneniiet that gradually undermine tU > ftamwl N. William. J,.,"nUb" Jodttv In and j
new frost New York, whl h he. it
I 1'1.10 for inv c.'miiy of Ilak... I will offer tut Ale, *ilubllr
Tb.ttblltmto eumpotiiig tbi rowmiiiiiiB. I W* prak wrr In tlii* city on Monday rn rW tu Kriftand'iiia Ui that l Isst .inl.,. It tb. ) *. And to what a earful exttnl this .I ('.url.b,_ dn.>.. In tb. town uf "",'.n. 'In I .
ally was only plac .
many fine Inatrntarnl. we noticed a | Mid county, on the flr-t Vondir, the W dav of I
.ml 1'1,. Auuuiitlne. W. hav* ankeard | shire v. eo 1I1d. on term, ansi shelter, lonfinj |I. carried on in our little city. ulor February. A. I Is. ITI. tbi-following-dcwflhnl property i < \
any tilth wlihont I U AH find*Mtc nrnitvi.r tow. _*j
d..ll.t. .. to 11111.: w .fIne n. V.and Jt of lb.
i l.h'Lrlnl.
as jet lint they |"ropo. t 0 tone, anil tk* landlord In tile v*.. .nl>,..J lilmf How untk the parnru vl the "Iu.r..," I In.I," *.I. ever brought laIhU V. .mii.jii :ti.1 H 1..lIItlllp..11 nap.. I
Rut Florida to our idler' BUt* of Atabamttiaiubler. Dust tuflt-r. lie ha kit tll.t 1 Tcrnw of, n ill lie nuile on dav (1 ... .
morning .
,! t* luueb ition. M U. The I'rl. .been .UIIA" A. A. MAHvrV. A.tnrtoWratrH. A rail lo our EsTAHUSII'S BIT wilt .; r-pan tkow la o r4 of DItiOICII.

.. I retort kit afternoon retort, and hi. errntcg :.II pole agrnt In Ihlt Mlato for the Chlckcrinir II, J. l. lunt 1\', Airrnt. I .

'V.1., ,,..,111". retort lie iinoket here, drinkt there, dropt I w.fUWAOTICE I1 I '' "filiI'
Prenlitil among tb* Inflat of viiiiort tin. 1'.n.Manufacturing Ou, at alto fir four .
Any oa* .tlen.lloJC j our cnurlt of jualic Into tkU |1..lIt chop and lkt otker tkop. Bo ( I OK) M ISTEK n <'II .VM'KltT.NoTtrK i
relebratrd, York
b other New Th.
preterit ***on, my aateJ tcor* Sr< 'I 1,10 ,
b. it. di. matter -1. fora tk l H $unnrnvnivFATo, AlL' rrn'n\ii Furchgott Benedict & Co.
In ci, mutt grieved at utUr rrj rj ", tulwar story or city I ,
of celia 1!
tkla trnn and
tner <.m. gambler* and kanrki I'r..t 0 very easy persona milt bold MilHIM[ nf bond. rlalmlnir alien I
I paid to tk* obligation an onlk. Th Ignorant gOM.p: with all the certainly a UlUr r.rirr. upon the Internal improvement Fund of lbs .
no... of 'the friendly! 'approach. lit ttrtn In>lug uf him i ve the f""rl from New :
tk. 11. i I. at th hale of florid .and whirn couponi base nut vet '' BAY STHF.KT.: : J.K'itn.u:
part of population ar undrr tkclmprttituu a rulr| gormandid-r *
(*rt of auav roton.rt tad go'd addrrai, fu I York and do nut run any risk of n been prevented, I lUst the are reiurrl| In priai'nt '
that If tkry tat ..rtr. Luiiijtit table, and Idle lout about the liOU4e. It. bu'III. I lb* "m.'o tbr undenlitni-d for riinilmaion$ *adrefltirition I'
If they "m.t .1'1I.1t" they ar* iur Inferior Imtruutant tt It* warranti irtry OMipnni must b<* I"nl.Uno, t" 1'llr flllW.I,
NI.bLlmIi.N -N'i.e.J.It.IJ&t.ue.." bible, ".., are al IHxrljr to Ii. at much mot li.. hi, tinier I I. a pcrpelutlianilrty' to I cell. 11311'. lbs neil day or ".'ni. 174. Tb., mist twin I
1'11I0. __. sontil ...". scertInl I. d.. an') .Alurll : ----
kit niotk, who
a, t'.11.1. '. llm :roa. ra.. of prrjurytint r, drrlvtt no comfort from wbiilUllroad
weed and 5cCollINnIc.I. with a list ibowinir bv
aiie. ;
ililjf oerur I. akucklnj: 'In kear. No In. him, a truutlo. Ul hi. father wh t gel no i mpanv bond ,.. numbers of r) II. CISOWKLL,
Wanted few thauaand
a send rane. Apply bund lo which coupons| .nor. amount i AllbOcca strait Trtilf Urtta elurtlitb dlclmrnit' ar* seen mt trfor tie hljjlirrrourtt work 'from him, cased' ktep lint at ..ehllOl.In. to C. Codrlnjlon at the Uxioi t ',. 103 roupnn, rotipon when die| andownrr or bolder ,

P..lor, IUr. II'I Hut'(>li.n. tiai lnlrwlor.. I forpt-rjnry, ao that lute l awrailngti .l tret nn protpert, ct muting an tiing u'l 11 t I, nf The coupe holder. of nuipiin are alw, nonniM that If '. l.t"'II'l !

S h ISw |.Un/ of wor.Upprofitable. to his ""("r.'ioll. carried on with Impunity TI.. oath ahouldb him. .11.1 .Hell they remain ,lonirrr lu d>.fault In irrwnltnff theIr

.Lh L Ls I.t ,. ).I.....' Ski '1.Iltu.lI, .lmlnlst,1) wish dlgnltr, ininity| and 8nrh I. the city loafer.' What It to b* !Imported| IU.Al* o draught lu rU. : ruupun In lbS brnrOti. they w nf III the OH trrrd di'.,. rrndrred from prlK.-lillnif by the If.I I 1 BOOTS SHOES LEATHER

The .,,1 lr, Uit Sunday *?toInif luiirr.itfnf., anl til* book shall b. tab dun with hlint Cannot we, |like many of th. a glass at J. II. Tognl'*, Mvlrnpolitan Billiard a. Intuit fourt for ib, Nortbrrn.lilnlrli of HorIda. .: .
In the nut uf Frni-l FHM r* iheTrusleca (>f
ron.Ut*f tervlc t>f IOnIC| und w.r* tiry >.rI ro up r r'jii full)., '.uli all l rrjKrd fur the northern chue..1'a. a compultury education :I"n. Hay Irr. Mif 11I..IDlrrn.llml'N.meAII'un.I"$ al. AM'
-- 1
A, I 'iMllirrr Master. I
InUrritlnK rlxrictrr.Ahtrm obligation ibis l I. arlduiu Ik. ran ; many law ? 11. Laud fer Sale. 11111.. uf Master, JtrkionvlllH. ?so. 4. Icroii4 : \

do not lies It it, all but *va<.1.1\l In a number .\ a of tics Truntrct t>t the.Internal I It dour, llorg'i. ..''. '.""1:101SSIUHIS' : .
"'PO" ."** >ol... II"Unl FINDINCS. .;! .
of wa... at kissing tin thumb. 140m. "lu Improvement Fond M> t!. 2 ( l \ Th. wboonvr K. It under
** onsnI wu .fd tq ,lb mallm > Abby Bentley -* .
nut rttn make a pretrae vf talutlu It, but her, 1873 Ilif following rrtnlutloa was .MI I.I. I'lttH'KKTY.'I'lIK : 1 -
drip'* of MttU-r M.."." In !)uI.1! going. repairs al Ilia thip-jard In N.w Vork .
wall It and.ihrow It down la adnptrd' : i : fMiMWIIiNTD: ; : Af lliH': :" OK t'C'T-1
Ixxlu, on S.turJ.y *v.nlnK .. IL. <1*. When, 'the contemptuout Ikltk -Many of the rlty "'III".n" r.l.uI't.1 A'rto/m/ 1 hat the litid. 1 '.11" A''. wlllx-ll ttiiikltiM| ntirr., ('."li .,1.1 for IIIHK.SM.NS.I : KfltS W" MOt)U suit TA LRAW. .
maunrr. niagtttrtU tee* pnx iminallygraBtnl I my srApais.| l hiOl, riortda, ou the I'Kk tap "f
IT** WM .infrrrf tliould .L. tI,. ertdcnc of 'ucb 'rrsi quail :, 'lo the Jaeksolii. ami M.111"' lanutrv twIt dblrd I\.n't.) e"riiisC I.11.*
Kv.4.ll. In liU usual 111I1"1.| siji.I and I tine Haitrotd foinpan-)-. to aid ''h. lertnt .fan BMlgninriu u.a "0 ibc .Ink dat of
with cauliun and value It *l Its 'tru ulall'.tluIltlCltblllj Aurunt 1..", Ilir Mlnwlntf ilnvrlbed' |' "| TtY.
the occailvn w.. market! ly at larg turn. -1 he 'trnntparfuey uf th. llrind Natlunalbaa ttrurlion of laid road, and which hn b ? i l\\\ HTIIKKP.: I'OIINKII Or1 \l'.:.'?(; .
from luarket, be and the are All till UukoM Male "fth.Mid Qotln-IIA
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U ri '0 meet na inch an ocraftvn. \ <.iio.$ IIlorr "1".tI.d.I the I.ut rca evenlno.Un th* land undertaken In Uf ronf I i.ih our bunked fort ".... Also WkarfloMl ___ .
.1. .ne .n. .I.'.. anil twrlve, each visa kundrvd fr l i tii.ssHv
I About 111110! o'rl'M, a law ".I.UK| since, the SHth uf Jln'I.,. 1770, I lori. I > )'.. or contracted 'u b tnn)." to the front Aim fmirtoea' lou 'In Hlork A. nnl raiMrc, A. t'. .rv. Juw. Up* .

Travel |. fUrlda.Tb our of tli* ttatluinni at rtrUlti lUrry ULl North commnneed bit adinlntnlrattou aifrlma .Southern Inland and" X.'II.ti..n ami hitlu'nPt1lPnt ) I numlwml. nr t rDi nn.,to numuvrrd f.iurtrrn,and Iwihlkree tin tot, art.tn .Ibl.likeSIi. i. I Il I : & I IIOWKLLWllllLOtlK !
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| )1'11' hrard iutidi liLt groamuuuy\ \ from the, hi. obvtintcy America w at lo.t to the Url having bern byirtil. uf a derrr I nuAibrrvdlwo, three, four, fir, fnurtiwn. ftfU-rn I .'MI HKTVII. '"I. tfcH" ,IX
tlm from use .larj. |.'lH'hW.r110 to tina .tlrd .11"... and purl of M venircn, 'lu Iii iblrtyIWII ,
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) *<) of flo..r.. lli. train on Id. Ailotlo l>i trlitf HorLU.In lluifvm IV t, niariilnnt slid' Leather and
turned from a funeral. Uatantly Iwa;tna.lunt -Ttiir. ,achoom arrlvt.l lu |I">rl ou Sun. Alan, Ike slash" lUll Boots Findings.
4 |iuJ have their .ti-b pnutpineoti.Ahwi .
OwlS |p.anrger ifrvvtlmt \\ bt.UIJ" whIt trrrort caiu thromjlug d..yllt. None utile. veiwlt dt>Urd at tie eotupliaui wltti tin f..rgi>iui( ".,.,. ib. two barl/.'. Watson' Am- ant| Fourth : .
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< illyby tourUti. bar I lute, ._ out. ,lion ,th. landt therein. named offi-rrd fur I ur JOl1. -
Into lil. "ID.I. lilt very balr stood on end l' Un Sunday they drew Also ifwiiuni-lriil" t term fir Law fn in the rltvf I t.1

*h, |>foMH* Inuring luther H utb.Tb trrft IL. <|iilll. upon the fretful i'.rcuiiu further Into 'Ilia harbor un account of it. susie! ItKN.MS: I .:.\\: Apillar..la l t., |perIlous of Ull and Water I A I'ouuMr nnwr*nw-nl ,., Now ,..rt suet i'htla.kIpbia l| nnr <...1.! .,....un h.B<1.
tmt lii eutid dl'. AIllie h'sae for a |Imrtknof I .
Llatl. Uak.r. I | .," and tllrrliig tk* ulirlck of un. In tri. "athir, Si's. Tr I'c. Int. Imp. Fimd, 1 S turf lot oiiuilx-r Ihl"... ruiiUUnlim mini.Mnii I hole JtfvuU ID Jaca4MVia I'M'L 1>VNlLtft A ti.'it MtMKoit' AND rttlUIIU" ""p.'

usual IxTll, lia rn>lirj arro tlio street Into Moniuvr City, I'oiul *rrirud from Su"n- twhulhI7 f"vl Hi Inrhni.and'f sIt ihMv-rluLihuof lot Ibcrvlo.At ttilrtt. .
Tb. lit w abaft of tlia .'..,U' 1.lul. lUlirL n-wr-n and I kairfit-t ailari-nl| I I100 piStil 0.fff'niels
the ".".t plui-r, and .. aoun ii kU faart nth )""rday. having, .. board lUrty-oot Free l.wurli I >. lbs interest.r' loiimll A Annie In .n'i loiwrluln I "
l"n I'licri) tutl tli* tlvawcr, ha agatamuntrti wharf Inta" iimtrvrd lo IhMii hr Itobrrt Mali i.( tie i hli.I -.
litr regular"lrl'|1" between K..nll.h. were ti.nicUnlly allard' to aprak It. toll bit p'*tt'h *'fur.thii city beside ijuit large Everyday' fr ui I It I t,. 1 at J. I T..... ; )vena anti olbi-n l.>vdiedi'f"lv Al. I"I I wat bjr or 1sm-lu.U pasta ,
kalf liik-rnu tu liUSI
JKhoaUI.! and I'alitlli. |Iurhig her .o. .1 glio, .t iury." Th* parllc ", hom ll "*irtUtr.l liuinbfr who puiMuml their way uji to 1'alatk I Metni.1iiItaii' ; Dllliiird >.li m. Il." .1"\1 I I1M 4't-ltii Aln) len ibeundhtilnlaw ibuuMnd two -biindivl and thinrfour4U.uiain ( I HUSSEY & HOWELL '
and other lit. Jukn'Tuuiurruw I | Biun not U'llrtliiK' % l In sash .iII niaul.fotatUm placet on > .
journln j S mulct tli,. li. d will tk* .,1111'\1 ul I'nil.T1 Hrlf flint, "
.nbautMl. rnpirrd| aoj .r.t'kd j tn JLaKiM l'ap1. *, uul, (imnilar., 1.1 heist A rrtpale.ST. I: ". the biilldliiin known n*' lbs Ai'cls.blruSs .
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Ufurm v' that lt6U ., aruiiiniudaihnssr set at hey tll> J. fraud l!to w r.ipai4of the .1.\1 uf one of th. unwt titrtardinary -. : ; I Mills-*, "In"nil.UIIMHT.IIIIlh.uf bulh'l.ApalK-nli-ola.ciii' ...11I111 ma- Iwt1tr: lUv Slr. > .l, near I.tiirt. J.d."llt.n.. : ".

tie bran 'to b. a man olio rlnlme.1, In (I. men that oer .1'1"."" '" on th. grral theatrtuftli JAMES ItTL ." "Iu A .tss'sluwl. hlnrrjr .. ,.U... : IHU* Iron tntmx Muh-jr MWinlll .
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almiHt Jxrf.,t, 1 '.'r'..., bmd l llurks l rraiik ttiBft and g""'.1
In lilt |Iroirn|> pUcr, lU a kvarnu, un tin M--I'.r, (..C'lnrof' Ituiiia.drtiTVedly till roniplfli, dent| ,twill ; one Knnir ..-.11: 'nul II 1_ M4TNIB, >a... ..UTtU.
Wtu II lun, P4. AU( ,Mlnv| Win MiiiUiru and hauls, tr Hrown, 1'1 rill 1.1.,. A to,
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ground list k. sac Jrad-drank, Named the lirtat.'. lie died January wlr Nib W f Ad4iu. maim ,' j jAI"I
.- Thai r i .c. llj JJIVM :8\I. ; 1 M 1..b.n.n. ,.. T.. lUtrtfli, ) v.n 11 inw*. two Mulrr & CO.
kit name at John Ju"." Had not th mo Phmoiilh Nil ; Mr and Mrt ImtU-r, ; saws, two iiniilariiiiilllm/ wlikan yalta saw, CHARLES L. MATHER ,
story /
The fmtiHnt and Li Haauolrll Mri .
I''P. traptytk .h".tlll' rrMn rut. Mll."p.l. MIO, .1T1.1fPA..1 all JUron BU (lewrga Ht. Ut>r., hat was of tk,. itabliMnn been 1',01llI,11118\1III11.I.d, _The nuiubert vf ,S4 .<-r'Jv\ ./lMy fu An". .rntun.(cnn | lieo; "'. | n ; duulilo r.tirrr, Iwiibuu-iff 055, ill i-otlrtt m- a.uI..iW, LIII PUliul
Jno M I biinub..Truv. N Y Junti, rhlla ,, .
I ; fine feel Inilln' jubUrkiwi
annwHar**].to tak* |ilir. on till'ay 'lad', |l.ru"J! k* would mi ili.ntt bsp had a true ifkunttt Auiiit| Srptrnibur, *nd UctoUr nest' will imi ilnre, ( "W l.lrawm. l'olllhll' ubl | JnuHHatbawiv I i vg\ni-\ In, li'rll inn mill' patent w pIStil.; fin. lump "I.\ "* p.> I

1 rj l, rv1ste i as long .. htlUcdkUurili cunlaln a dracripllon of Jicktuntllt and \>uk Hurdrn, I "11.r. Weaver I': It-nt ; CIne kumlrod ?.-.4 India riidl -r IIOIM to I Stationers Booksellers and News Dealers.A .
lulvoaly apracitril. jul |wr)>*tral'l byuu .born. V Meson, K I. lu-rnol.u, T rail |..uuiii. r'teut h....'., crow Ur bull te best and i ,
oilier part uf Florida, In the eerie of ptpertentitled 'Ulvrr.Maw: Mr. lull Wklli). Mr IVrn-r, MIMAnu :;, Uxllm Iwo Uabrnrk Urn rtllnvulnhrra.ilirw .
Itt tin ll* uf.our Iowa. Hi .,,.bIi "l.11.1.i I (oarllK:
; | < FrlulrrU InkWat /' | .Til, (;ireat South," by Edward >nou, '". __. ., i I i-urt Air liinibrr.. ll.iw$| anvil, vl>r and a '..L **' i TMeNf i Y w $MI .I.I imm' -
all t ((3rn
| (iiUnllun of t 1.,111-1. la luch : lot ol,'lil.r.mlih .l""K"i' >. pnoilrltrr with barnI I
what I ho M.)." said. when Informed TIE l SiRASI) NATIOVAL (Uo. HniiMV, 1'/0'' tier, set dmk. and rbalr. In 4th'','.
'port, ana VII tjull aaaoy.4 thai auth i it JIII VII iros.w : A nor" iwrtti'ular .1..rll..Ic.1I| of tbl 'proprnr I The Latent Novels Papers and Magazines
purl abonlil b* ctml.Uj eoec,ri la Line 'tliKl a Ktnllmnan uf Urge mine *ud u't.n -lArge '!ijututitlri uf dried Hunt hat rucriilly will on rt"nonlhf il.,i'f"If. or whxn .|Ulnw, "
| 1 ,(h. b 11.1... nl'corlrlH.I.d just romplttrd tteu .hll'IN1| | from up the river tgMntrt. I C ''..n.rnnD.b'l.tsartta\ ''lw 10"1' New and Ik* trnn of Mir will$ is l cash on Mlierjr, oftltlr I tiwiii 5,5 n."'.
Tort til"I u I I. ". t oroI'llrwkwar tilt Ill Ii. IIASLV" ,
rrn.wl. kit arrtujf 11I1'111110' ratabtUbtnK In Jekt '/' Keed: t Sikooley)', In lists rl,'. Thlt lltrlford MoriL; A ii RudiMI. J II F. J. RUICIir, 1'f.1llU'n.\1I.: : MADf.)!: To nltDKIL: .
HuddflU llll.ia B rirlrber. lutld Vlul.iu, Joba
Awlnmnl loltrrll A A rtt'O. I
4 0.|>l. Alti'tudur Mahir.y, uiter of ,Ik* : >11U a whoti*al, innrtnlil. 1 IMMM, and that parailllcal plant It becoming 'l.iL a lueratins I 1..ld.ln J.m.C Frrsuiun Ituhert A Null and I API.1I..I., ll*., !... a, d.. uovwjvj; .. l'MIIIR Tu THE PO T.rrWI.Jacktomtlllr. .
." A NUr
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II K: I) Burl, fir marking n.hn
| IU'"I..T4"1'II
*vhuua,r Abby K iWatUy arrltnl In Ik* city "the pntlrman had flunlly coin tu ,tl.lt run" .addition lo the coniinrrtUl lutervttt, of the L t 'MI.n.pl'l.'J.m.. ,. ..H luud.I ; | N The Stove ..1..1. ponliKinnl until further notice.HAM1I I Florida..
.lb. .
.lib LI .1 lf. ( l I. t cluiloa lit iom_iin-iir* of the rncuurjgloj Sl.,.. Kiuloiolij, Michigan | rkiWrl W Cubb, (;i. IUSI.V. .
oa Saturday > __
i iLrdlnrr Ikerman. New r. ii. K.HI HT, i tint S if __ ___ ___ __
ilr*. A, J. IfenlUy and b.r J nKM.r, Mr i) niptoi4 bf ""l'UiroJ" alfunlod by Ik. ,,,.Uinle -It I. ..|>ro|>wMHl to build a new hotel 11171 k.uel'.1..n.l.lo'"UOh'II. .N t i Nl. W.I A..lf".r.liundl A Arm.
of M"ucrU'f A'All"," the .Irtcl .rillykno 'a th. ritt side 'f( llm miner I A Knillkand .' Win II &tvulon.JMrr AI.iaehtstul5.| :it k ''o :. JT.'I' C1)RY
I' Kiu i' nearly uNh.u
HtrarJ hers
krrjtrU) tail u.k. Mr Ontr.1 >b M lu-uurlU JUVIII.IVK' IW-nnrtl. IvonlnKUl.lVoulliflun S. 1 HIT{ 1 Z HV (O) L L E U'S
.a a* tIns tirwl.llnrat Cune Caiil In ttin." I'Hrr Iwsu ant alto, fbll.. $ '
prlul My 11.
art itt l I. rt { |
f b.I'PI rapidly 'o"*rlog
| I Millt and wlfn j r Mill*. ludnni-lm' Mixrionoiti AlhlNlsTlL'l'Olt') I I $ >orirr.Sll ( .
from ktr **rtou% attack of lunar, I cr'diIIasluu tbevlty au'lu.rltle' who Tk* rhiif prtijcctur* of tint tcheiu see J.V, nitnioa. Halllinorvt$ Kklw.rd Mirrvnand I MIIKTHafter nullI) I will i>rm.>nl lo II..n.

Rubatt Siullk:fiij ,of Vtrant.lln. w*. w lib by the tkvUtlij of till* .1,... luta. tho,n lie I.anr. uf Portland, IVIiiiirl lUmlnjtoa and ,I ..I t I"ul.II.hl<-.r.'$: ;Mr r*. tins Tbuma., J Lawson O dn Voml antiS :i rtnrtda... A uiv. Mrlj-iu.llmiiUJn.lifui.f Itunl. I""MIII.I nmrk.I.nlll..t1.r*. as Adwln-" % 1 1i 1 (JOO1)S1i\PO1t1( 1 UN.

's lUl/d.1. Tlu and Itiiporlauc and really r,ud.rdneirMary 111', hnow. _... New York ; leo, |j>ndon ; r".n$lit.tllluandwlfis 'i '.,ralo, III th. eUI' tt lUiHrHT Tt MMR, Isacr5554
MtanMh | Hllll.mii M.AUfuilliml f ,..1.11.,1 asS fur aOn .
|1..1..r i>
tk rally ----
t -
Alfrtd Muor, t
arritaj br, on Maiiday, tb* oily For th. ..returnf a .,1 black and Tan J u.r.nJ V .. wit T cut Harncr, Mr Wllmlnuion.M* IH-I. IIDhlpmrn i $ .. Feb. 4. 11-71. w I 40.
". rll"l 1.\ J.rkmvlle.| n* HOUSE
lnr biu lia Ju\ 0 rut credit It nU.) due the .aff.lic shill. Hruokljrnt$ ; '*u. tUnisctiti.lO'n . THE LARGEST DRY .
Capt |( arrIved 1 from \ I ( with brat. collar, and I .,, padlock - --- -- --
IItUl.tn. .1 ant aurNew Hnimwlik$ N i.
Eruth.rs:% ttktn banant4. |"ln. pp1i-.. *4rf.. all .I'.". who III'' propurtorf, fur Ik* i 111"", Aavwtrt to the aauie uf "llill i l,." II H. Lily."" wileWnrrwierMUM; Mm IIturner ('Itt'ulll\l'uurt-.ath JtullrUl Clrrtilt, '
: .
of width ran I* d o.il| at Julia) Hark'* .karf.Uallr publld tli.* luiuUoiut drit .Idlii4" frau lila : I. Wins. at tillbert't Jessie, fw, I lln-kla.? and bosses wife, t Mrt Lrwn William K |>anuB Hilts" J 0 b Uu.4hM.IUIIII.1 irn ( HI \ AL tot'". t.'.111'. IX T1/K tiTM'KI

-- *,raut Muaerlrf Hprlu.*. sat .. uagraluUl ; J L lUlHu-U Mtannab. 11 tilUlUSW. I
,: 110WU.I. u. JIM,I'll N. lltblMMK -
... AuI4..,.. 'them ,tli. luadtHmi ,_ I HIA'llY ,. ,
on I.t.. N, ".d.J .. Samuel A. H lnl""r Mllrikriir. i
A. U.. IrtU fur CUr K. Fruit l LVrutI I II I I IIT.'TI UK !! \\'EiTlUESt.laL&aaraic 1i.rtI.l.rI..., Hi-nrt Jtuduu. .11...,' I
roatklng "hlelIII I Til ,. sad
ji ** pruMt, surely r* rrd tkm union J sinus Winter, Aitmlnlitratru of IhvUlila I 1.1. plMwuntn 'lnfurmln.iB ,.tt.K: itai I hate )urt rHtirnrd rfOCal. SunS bavI.4tband II

*t>l ru.ibki( \CatUka, It udd.ul I. t-aiiiu to a I'I'11I.1'the t''<*\,Mlt>n of tlirlr eui'rj>rU., lur their Just a"h. loU Klvitthcra, a Jim Lot of i alf U" "U.UJ jIU" ,'. of J.ini. L. W lilt r, W Illliui Jauilon.. Hit i now Ik* .larae varied .rod.. evoruipaenuvlloibl* city. vMf
.t.p. faUMd.by tb. ta. f.j*. oprvtt ant l rU.poit4 ."Uay. "tb. purpiM uf the owner rul, csl.tng{ uf lUnana,; lint Applet. and I __ .V.. f. *.. Or oparatatlosa. imr FmWrlfk* Jtudon non\ftaulxrn..,,'. II.and lUi Iwllv:.'I. I cm\"", niha Kaulfrn.II lined. |IXK|. ar* btHifkt fur tAltll. wktrk euU m. lu sill al Rtturrt wklrk .

null I er b.Uj tkrwwn trout tb. tratk. t'vrtuntttly ut ,Iti. r tl$ .U(. I Ijluf o* tk V ...IIU., of l'ulIIlII.; for .. rtry low, al, John Cltrk'i : $ H'J' ," Ike nVfk.n-Uaii bavlnc bHiB Illlim mate,I to Jstsl"n tpiwar. H'twrr bf arttdavll.*Jiudon' ,.' Mill Cult Kn-ry: runliairr :, :

th..* car. uncunpl! tbrni.al... k til \Ia.II. barf, Coo.ljncd J. T<*XI. r B. H.fk. tVniKiitha II. U, rrwh rlikon 1 .
proteUtu *uu at compUltd It -11 ; [ (lieurirv .tt.1$ > f.ful -
i i hon tilt WUQi. fAt Eff a
: Iri I F lianivra and Fmlli \'on lantern In tb* ibov.race 1 l..tI.r New, Mvllak atl-t ImlraM dw-d. and ao prepared .
f' >m Vh, )-pr'| car, aad tbua oo board Ut lb. laylnjt iluas ol, brink or /. aid- 1".11 '1 I I ii ii1iL' : reside out ol ih. *A rmaId tlitult ,., -,61\4111.1 I eb .,.rllllla.11I tim U,. Mr frtfrt Us a* tow a*

.uI ly bail lb*. |>lM'"r. of belli'! frlM| .a.J.ami walk, t*.U* or fouriwB fat .W..14 I dttctVUf I! \ limit of ,,. Mali of florid but w llbln tan VII "
.rnl I led l aute u u tbKri'forn orUi-red tbil .111.1 ., \UItK V.IIOLESALE: I'Hll'V.4.llW -
b.k.Uln, ecu tar on
tr"i.k, .d on. on lk' if .t.h.r. '... -.'.. lift (kit the Utlilunall* prv u ",l. tj '1"1ll. fur ea.b. l"lure{ uf J. II. Norton very, Agtut fur 1--. i'i'se stall, ----1---i I ..I t1r.I r.t. MB bill *on shall nr b.be fur takva. Nash i rw coiifaa.i.It. tit, K4. I i ) UfK.il* ,la all "ijta *a
I .<>f Ja l 'uUll. w", ftirrJ WIn Uaw-t. In Ikli uattctlua. w. 1tOOI1I1.s llitttrgrvtu : HerrlBK ''.inplon lire Proof $aia' gel Wt. '>U 3)Jto=,| 'U. .! S'JI ,,.. ,. .. B. WUI tP.. Jad.'i. CAUCUU. tlraebvd. aakkiail Cunov. .
I Hovrmbrr 19, IAIU. i Cc.bnIr rasauula. .
tlm l" calvb. Ik* IraU t h.r.. (t'p tit date, b* |.tailed In all <..qt *j.lacttn j, corner uf t kcs and Bay drunk J.c1.., ntV 'IK4'X&41.M 3U.445 M aiitCUk N t 1m.41 'flout,. A. LWKIETT.(plilttaiit'ill $illeltur.A I 'ILK olULT I'ARAOLA" ,uu bW. st.o fLr23ntS.Tg.gva '*>* wwrtfc f I.tt. I .

U 14 awl known .U.. tauMj the 11/'IJ.. ). tklt 0n" thoruuf ni. : Fi IIMUI'or I itt ai.ai1 ki I. ..I 1. [Mr true. M>B| pf(iiXiilltiT.iVUCIrruUCuun.lb. rtilual raw $OB HI* In toy I .114msfl.&Sllll'LCLOTU.' .." tb.a else.fc.... .

tut '''*' U WM 'I.JUII' by . | .
Puala | NK j, 4 | HOfII from IA rents 10 f', ,
l.a. 7.lIgcepr.D.C. I jAtiuai. NIosee sad ClittdF.S'S
: 10.
dltordcrtdIJ !
ftftven I au'rreh l
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t tb. tall*. ,, ,*.uu.u al lbs lrl.rr> years ._.:' ,ICU L'k.! 1 1 -h"""..--- .. -I
-- --- -
U l The of and Ti; out aiac i usel on. |.rkag* of Sits.ito's' |nrk and I -7---- ..ltllad.lpbla Bootsaud. "Gr'1, ladles Xl lecei ad (Chllarr | \
On Sunday .l quit. a d.llllailliC aootd.it rvorplloa 11101101' Mrt. Vouij, J Tb mount&ralafaU I I iv.e tj ** EXECL'TOH'S >OTICE.CIS .

t" 4 w1I4 I..rd.IIJ train fromfUntniab 1wJ.... UlUtaat Tans KufiAToa, lu thl day, wtkhU kandmbi, hiatus .
.I'I"| | oa atsrJa) uulwg a MONTHS iflrr tot data of thIs splInt, I .111) -

|U,'k Tt I.* tvuduttur AbvnlM talc ttllrvly IIUII-4I t.r.J\ wit .u.oJ.J1 now M viral year, I Len* ba
hill. weal of tliVblto House the nil ,J>y tb. .lit* af our clly Tk. lUihcp and lively a sound tolL i U tt A ._" .1..1 l pHj-tJukigleal" fact i, fur lu Ei_"" .., lb. isis will Clotbltiir ant furnlabUjr llooda for (l lul' Yooth' cutS Ik.)*.,

Irv* t>f!I.. third .ed frvw tie tnjlp* bruit Mr. \'. ratctrtd la the aurtbtut mount l M4.. A\\OLLt. 'lint tli. origin.1 of wut of 'U), lilt that'alct I and twltaicot of HILUAM ("&kl.I.l. of iuldaouoir $ J I a -
i '
,Ia..hI' cIa fr, Iron tk* track. if |ajurUi and. aftvr Ulng prrwuttd. th* )tu ,U f iso.J* 11.14' '-- Klalt.O. ". a deranged| coaditioaof th. decu..aed.IIl"IIT (CLARK Elurutor.Wll44. .
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c frt ie lrtdi. U. U W.jw road wa.Ur, halt wbrr* Urt tkew vat the aoutkMtt 10) l,rr>U paldwb 'rrlr. la store I barr u|.plat. .! rur*.'th U MO remedy a J bat,no.InfunuiMl auikoruy IBM lu lbs'Ma Or;ccrHtrauw uf Ik* nmrttrvurt Hi I DID ( '.'

chug invwptly k..d. cl.*r4 tk* tftck rooM-tb* J4,p*. Watery From thl I.I"| ,1 i ,1.l choir* atiig |x Ulort I I. An* order at "'tad sure .l*. Tut- Vrg "1.1. User tonuMT'i JvroM, the or muoly W ,-for inrn Mr w sara audll- .aitilil aor 8. RITZEWOLLER. "

ad lb. out..rj 114I".il ( wes ruwpaay r ty < 1 '4 close a ooBil nmtwl, tiwi other I'fll& I IB no '! entertaU anjr rUtm of IhU kind.n

.a fw inturYbll *. wupI lt$ bat U. IViury born _.tr K*.d with f r k> rkes. 11 r. I WUT Polar., at. I.p(. S. 'lEt. Ike tcAk iiAbl', sat. 1 I
of ( Orrult noun
1 W. H. TVm Iwwr Mn I kM* 'Invalid -r%
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.I'tttCM, lijt ftw TfrUaka****, "uiiii| I *. pU.o wa* la Ik* Ant drwi,,{ rs tad : apmin. .,... .elllen*.Bl. I u plum"anrlv. koul vwv....1 -J.know It w a*.M sue.I ,.. fiui n, "11. twu u I ,

.' t"'. .n tUtarday, tk. hIlt ln!t. tk* w )tnr "1_Wtlwr. th. Mt a** n-I \ h.w (.\oluay J J." settling .. th* last). I MM 4 flUe.kr MMM** wttck of .,..II.under lo.rwJoe.pour Trv fl H
p.', lreJ*r trvk. &III nit.< ,1K'.bl'tb..l joa tn>\ I>*fiaj ottrAiived lb. cowpatt) at Sprtaa;: Ciard.a. V"uoal".t,. 113 rulU* Mid eujt.wlkia. tt Mac S tamnkl* MM I .I A .'intlT-CLAHri kin.ejxiH-r rf luau tad H'.,wa ","rtt are usw

car fruw Ik. trtik, and tMl( .. 14,rtr*' um fe, rrndvr 4 la i ..see i whUhttUbUd I .I efJsrwtufll.. Und llk and KultM eve BUM, .ta Mali eel I'IbiS Imllk rffnrt.ti. fcr I wiltk bnior ,t H|"ka* Dnrbcr Shop I UVSOIAIU A" M5UI1 L ,I' brad ani>ai kurmt.
p MftW *Uk tk* train (row $tiiaaa I. UlMl far abort tk*ordinary ttaail.// tss4 iIl aI'W t ri.W.g vi (nell. Fulllit.wtte bnra v* lean.. I nrUlBlr VIse" tU 1*. ia'elkipouPut.l :: flUtnt AU! MILI.niUV, I IIaf\IIII. pleenea g.tsiu* liMPMT eU loea, .5M
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"..eob'JIkTIIa. u-ouual* &* Ihtyal a.. ar .,d, .il tu4d tb.whedi) tuai|>tv "k's' I Ikts. : ) 14 j.w sad Urnu raw .bad I* IB* ".il,. pus aiar k4 W it u a mat lUst ra.|.nl k** tjnad gtvutp salt BM a See rail.raottot elk' 104'VIPU&M4 W sSt| IsIis' Semis ,. ,. b*>. M" i.mo kd .,

t aatl 't ?.flsb**.. .w., "* 1 tsl 1. It f XorU*" &i.lVa IUytlrmt .,*.._A D. fU. rvkttoklf t,yawrfex A. **. .. .lni N PSJIEUMV al tketr aiiaaltt-a ,iDa ta lid$ ***' hair-1 a.* or BAT MB* snug'. t II.,.,...* add. seer.if sic.,!.1..1. '_. *ad 1.WM III sIt V 1:1..* .toa '
t. l t. 1a.I4i.hEhT.ur" .&siatib$ )ttus I III Jickwatta, FU, Wilt A>, TVtfl Itolr I,e t .N.. rw'ottac0"00'JOJlJII 1 k1Mi'IIs I: teall. tailS h .ie'e a..

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7" -

.... 4. '. .4.- -----:--. *. -- .,11J,.' .. ', '> ..... t ,' .\ I -.. t --. . .' A. '. ..., ,

'to .. ... .. .
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' : ... '"
; .


"- -- -. .- -- -" -4---; __ __........_ 4 -- --- ., ....-, .

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--- --- --- -
-- -
--- .
HEAL "ESTATEFOR I ..n:.' HEN.L ". LIntEL InBOAnD.I.tCXIOnru.r. -

OR U12.A Ihfo.u aun I.lrll araD
SALE. r b.. aM JWiI. ..., ..... aA DAVIS & DREW n1l1..a: Pensacola & Mobile Railroad
'M"..., I."" .. C. OO &J'I'!' TO'I.!' .
tw t'aIotI (fines in HAM l> In ..r.1"1. m-l.trf U II7>.
A X tueoAVT HONK, HAViMoitELr! PI*. Conners.Or : .

laaed.tMUIato, rtfkl rontao.Abxt I FI ridWinter Home ".A. ,,".A.K. IB01 AND BTKKL,.

Ml ....,. of .toad. ...,.atMftf. njukfct for I! EDGED: TOOt w ii o i. r !. ALE .ICU ItET.111.: l/L.II.Eit1: 1.\ ,I_. -
,. I Association Tab!.and Pockot CaU ry, ?-f aU., iliac, e=;l \
.turktrd oa HlrmHt, M tko Irrmfvo* FURNITURE TIUIX_ wtT. T*>,.* II'TJa. .
of IK JIa u-cI. ,. .trim.
ra. Ivltr+rtt*. ,
D B*kxHo from to.*. I AnUJHJTO: : DLCFK Prrrr. Gum, rtan, Oua .liotir'.m-. t r LaiItr' hall ARLR.r SUIT' OCTUBEft 1'11>.... ...
to .i Train will run w r rI":: ..

mm mw 01 THE tr. ioat wrtx. I T.. and /./ Mir.r.. .Jeci.Jk. 'LEATHER BELTIXO, RUBBER PACK. CAKI'ETS MATTKASSES[ & C -lair_ .11'rr.,,; ..mtMr.t .. ra..ttSoS. n\"i miii fi.a 55f yq,

'PHI BOBM DETABtlffCTr' 01 THE ASK! UfO.Slo'.TI. ,
f.MrUrkiara a"plr. to i 1 ttmUBu I* I.ts.. a/drt tar Ik* vlktrr.o ..adW1tI N.4lr.rooDi In ,...('onll.e''* >C'''' Illurk, Bar ("!., Corner or Ij4tirn,, pa. H'10 murU
.., ,. ... ..
CALL A BAJUCTT.l ". r. (www4 rk tTlIO.U rL&!t ; ware, Cl'Ofhr', Pumps, U WbH UM 4 f J''t. QnlnrrUot
] U.1! ... of .. 4C r. Haldwln 4i> 1 N! .rv tl4naar.
rt MU fa.
o> Sal
1,+d'alorl.. p...4. wkkorwl. kf| *> *.118,hpnwsttor"'.''''''1, ,_5Isrl.ttK | Li>0.aa Ikoi Prrt. : vtor*try of_ t. W ,.!iK tk.. .Iari4l sad ..'.. ......... aiork of (wil* *,., official! IB IkktBtkrkrt. -. 44* B> Oarturlll.! *.k P ,IM M fr' S Ie

.l Matt Coraor of Ha? kiwi Omaa at*. wKk pritm klurkM la ort",y .trtlclr sad Ctoutettb la part of .' k w O) .Psn4.r...n 115 .". 7..l Las Midi** ,eArrtr
-- -- 's: wk rot#o *. n ...... tk* dmnuuli of rawl : Door, Saab HUnd .Moulding* I "!\ ** Illiaauw 19. .M ........ U.. .Ia' '" .
"HOTEL Ail ORAVJE UKOVE ppnf tar stout Mr doOw prr di;. i i,I ,' P.ARLOR .t'.Tr. CAItrET4. rAKLOII nilATKET!* Arrt. MB .OftUkeOt I i I ,Ir.rsL.M.aCb55M I ..at MfMM1. f :t'f. m
I I ib.4hMtW .\...... I
VON BALK on HKJT.it'I ROOM "kol PCTrL CAlm: uvno.PA 114'01 iUEUV I
. j ..,.. ru14It,., pfrw per 1.'. .1.3. at Aaldirta kt Mt .. ... with tntM i Ants M Jut_,.... .... :J.. I: a mf
wit:. KtVT FOB THE $EAOf. nr ftU RJOrr O. JOBBI.VO ; ") iATfl h, wltitvw I1U+!DI.TaT..TtTEII Ire. Ptmandta* tor, ndar Krn. I Iroaaort
TVHMabool Clttr .
I "Iatir.
I .. U tb.Irrxf55A. "._'''iI'' ft... ,.
oa .I (.rm. lb. Atorboxo or ON.A : M Baldt at 4 ff, mnk Inta r1Mr I nt a u' + ,.R.
n.1..r > .. ..... !.Srtnp. v J.rkv>lTiIk>""/1}. flu.1.t..IL.pl BCOt AtD! >> Vit Cttti.1 Ptk.imD. p.
Ydlesnis..Onete PlnrMk.na .
AID froai lw E.*. Bw 1'1.""" ... .. .' tLnr .
dJ n'lovt! S .o4 HI .. z
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.. .
'. Urn firm, Or fcro tad '
Tkfcj orwctf ). aakj* oltttklr. loraktd..klUdfcMl. 5.4pw r'4.nl.t \ear.. tl1r.1fbnt, J.,1. T1D.-a' I>ono to Order. UM54EK. .. flAl ROHL W..t1'Kote, .Cttaari u U'>..<1i, wnk trala of JkrUoartna.rVoowoik Iws J.rlwltllk .. ... .. 'I.
N .
1 I Bad Mb> Railroad, lot TaUkkaiaa{ .
.nsWp.t t.... It 1 Md S l-UA-l-tt .
a. w awl a. ( Inre W. nt,
on and k Mir at.. from '
Id* ItttuttmU lM4)k 1,! 115 II 'I ._ __ AfT CHAIM MLCLOTH.) .ono..aN, oat feTMBkk. kt TJ. p. av.roaaortki ,
a Laa Maorw. r. tdr m JortoravUI larj.4w t4rtkjktrnl .__ Ut ..tAITIT ''' ,
for I.rtIM* Are rlUutt.. ..._ to n-'"d. .. Emnfn i/f trToni a11.i B 5 tbo '.I J i i W t 1. 1, H O % k 11'111T1.OCIItOCKILM k\;. CAVE CHAIB", MATTBABka. HAT TlhfJl. Jr1.unry UteCMfkikJu hwa uA.D4 Nubf a a.IWUwd.irowhnaah. wltb. tNI. ofTallkkaMn at BavaaaaaArrlirM .. an
ltatr1Ml Btror. rtum>. to tIt Illf.I31 I 1-.. AmtW
wtlre no Mrf of rVrWa _11ft.. .... p. mi 15+> wi
raour- to MM rrnwtk of trvpMj. fratu.If muj. i rnt* hat tour wfcr* tkr :I p. m. irlk to J..-.. OTiKt'EAlitftIP11q. Y1SD1. PRITLLAIRJI. and : r-.. ......... .. ..
mr 411_ .. : ( t (tkaarrt kl'JarkanaTUIr Will Bttajarr* Mr had- i' ..., YaNkvIM. 1'1..
rii 4* < or rfnU tkn .
... .
"' ,
a 4 MM trtor Ik Ira Nae1.. l
la Murk POUK5O (111._ rEAlUPIH.OfTKE '
IkTfM_ Of IV AMXttUMOI IitixNlOll flo..... oa the M. J. .. .. Sad for "" ...." mad .,
Aruts .
oit.lbI p<'nr S III. on tbat 457. I"*ot..rd klPLEMIMJ t7l.rkw0n, NT1JWawr I'dau
ptrtIftIr Cal.. In,... rtlnal M44.r.,,, .of Ik. ..... kmlf Buv o. Ik*ttMBbuo.1.f'r kadoxJonlaKtlN TABtBm ct..8OUB. au... la.ttprrtUD TtreMayh Tl<-l..nW 1.. a'l: po
AppM M A DAVIEf. AUontif funk frmtk tDr' .. .. I..... ...
r MrUraktri k* nrtoMOi DI11l:, IwIrl,. *.
Ort f *lira. JorkanaTtlK' Ptortd i ( F L O tTR AND Ir. I'il'T. t ,
j wivrtt HONE.tv .. PEED: T. .L Y.W. (fraa Afa. 'h' t. ;'
I* IfTALl'AULE .. WX M P >. liw.t! > ,itnl *"l"lI .
-.Ut .
--- -- .- --- o. Dui IM. Jk* .nilr.L. IAa IACTfttta IX HITII! "Am.rOf': HT1LK: AM> I'JUt'E4! TO MKKT THE ._".J I Tlk- 1 ...., Pn !.>., Af. nt sf.. rArh)

HOTEL I'flOPERTT 0' 1 r.kr .......Ta11a'-' .
[ AVET. Cero Neal UKHM.: OK ALL CTMTOMKItH.: Atllr. M M. wtal I I r.i,l.
Y you LI:. Homlo/ 'rMke.J Corn", New Route u.n.. ... N5A1Arun -

"t'L: OlltH: IT PBITATE tAL.. Ik* p..,,> ,I C1711:0u: ; 1t1\L CtTTCit; Ira Nt44OLINtII J White Pine, Walnut and Cedar Lumber MossItOt : a& trtLlSnw; noirr wuln.i> P .

t m, .. UHI CMTIMT of Plar tad PuTMtk I from iitnnnitli lo (lie \orlli.j M. r PAMT Onarfk! su.. ,
Applaa to tat* ray" .loowa M tbs J.aad1 lei .... .......T ., .-.. !WI. Iac II A tYr. pton nutitb: WHEAT. All HIT AMI "$or.f). asap, t7.wenat.l, IAEu
of P *7 Tort kk* kaxauJ k ator* klj *
I. Mlf.XOLU riQTtL.Tk Stroll dwlar aid Wool. Taralar I.ORDER. I.
j Oaklwlir* J11. k D.. \' HTHEKT. s.ry '
...lIIIft, M e.w>(' r''h'', Sal I* .lo- 1 f =rF LIE.:
...? tab* fa IM oraM ietrJ part of tile rllf.Ikjav- =
...... oppwtte ibv '_.'. lie...... atlflktt; 1 :Moro6N1Ir ArD SEAL NIr/H' W.harnl.! fpllt kkd Iwtlfvnd '
Mr. .,.......* will of Mr Banrokd 'Ima. aad.I I I 1 Cat ta CAMEO A1t ITTAnUO. iCSrd55I.4. GILBERT'S I'OHTKOV.AMAILIOAI: : [ : 1 : Droll To the Upper St. John's.

kiMpbokl Uadlnr CAJ/EO LIKK\K
1 !.tiK.'iJ
: !'
POT l..tm. .M| >f, MrLtMIrU 1 SprlaJ attra
J (-ui amollranr ka*rarrrrtlr kl rrdaml N'''. .x orJ'IJI( .
- A tiiMn, Auntarrk.Oirow TlV r* u .n.1 1 "In' .r1.1 V .' t
1: AIt Ra.tlr !'It...... Untktts" Bad J.c
Otnk M4 Air MIMM.KOIt U.. Iflt,. t. from "niiiiHli 10 uiialn.

.,..., .. tr.3. lw .r Inure fair.. rp.w w 1 ,1 J E \V El.U'V Vt'.1'1''II( 1 1 !E S Cia0CI' 1C S .

I .... laud. tax! "IIN! ,.. ..,011" k.f ('J_ r"UI'f'IIOh'l" l lib l All l point" K:**t, 1 N1 ; f
HALK Oil HK.\T: TO A (1001'T'ofAXT. Frrftbliat,
; ,.i* f *t *.01.'&. ....,.., ....1 ,..., .... pint and lnrlh. '::"r' .. _i. _
:: IoI tJ ,. I' IOJ ,, 0

. : lh>r,K. mnlMif fb.r vno.: all of -- At'. At. gtRKEBASD A" HHOBT Ail. BT ANT OTHER oi',
Vnrw |
J .,. Sp.tb.rrerad .M plwteM Jon r"" 'YO'd. J AND PLATED ARE. tor'TL. "Ktw" I.CD H"CtJIIolU'.IM. .
r 15.Id. s lri, rmM ., ....,. 5w 5 ..... Ilk. .. JOHN CLARK w. A. ntw. Xa: tb

:..r'ti.' rah a 1 ri.SdW rM.S :. -s .\ Cargo of Turk'k Island mll, I 'i Tk Port Rnrkl Bkllrad I* now' npraknknaa IMwSM : oow pond pcrkMnrnilT t>n H. r. ". v '.
now Kq atr, nr r.l b' rod trn Si utd ..-. Tkkr Ihr "" ,.....It Sad ,i' j jAkk ten JwkkvariUo., frwai fcilar. .d'',.<;. Lv I."it
5.1 ., i i rot iu otiir ClsfkRaS lalln ad 4' I..I/ut./ O1r1DATN0 !fOatu'I.t' ,
ayTeo iI
I".IIA' per Mouth.A ij I I RoM, IIto( L, BIT !rrtir.rr JrlSt.ID:ik. PU. U i FLORIDA CURIOSITIES OF ALL .
KINDS for Mutt
j TlfVetn 515| |lie Port HofalIUllrt Ufcr. ULc !1I.n.. IjU J I I:
and Retail *
rl.Nr.JA.IoR.r .. Wholesale
"I -....-ot 11III,! ..'..... alt.LaeNrro.r T. A. wnijiox. w A. wiirrtoci.. M ;: >*.1. pnar, )1.n".III.! Votu.l., U : .".,

1.......... t1a.. rAMejt I.A I .FYLtk.T'rsi. i.(.'n.nC"t. --i, tAkd ",_
w : Tba .'KwmaWidklloiM. .
auprrl.4 DO IkU mall,
I r. ; i lilt> BM kHB. .u] 55W Bad Ira r$. .. TtkM Ud i kit. lk. IMrrkVillkl' Ikndtn.' .. lIT
.. f'On MALE.MO3TIOIIEk1 r Hun Win k..and" k, nt10a tho "", ..m kUCiitiiirrllon t lUll" RIYIR:
I DKtLFH .. ..T.. ....1(' 1 tI t- r..r Pnrk or hw jr. katli ; -. s
.: HorSE ,"rllI>, ,Q : i nrr Tlnilr 1'lo.c.l I oduioM, oppir ,... knird or i<.
I i E.: i'. .iMiiitr: t,. T : lor'
Ibr.rf d ra+"tY ss4 IL.... It..w, r. fs.aAL.a BURIAL CASES o Tn.rtw..d "1'a1.s..1II pan lkrotgl5. ... 554 I: Tk UlUJR ROT ...>.M""tikl lai.. > i ., .Ira

11rS Y .Inrr1Snt, funir& I fW ..n.,.,.... a I.t,n.. .., .... i I pknHkl nnwtry.ITAKE :t' "*tokkk>r Unto BMW, how K*< 4t.,?> t ( ij
I C'orncr ofllHj and >. \s URn *!.., fnlljkntTfrklMKaadMkkwJiwlrrtaraaifrDaB" Tart .a JanM i'd .kflk> ""' ... hew* rhkrt- .<... 41I .
f'GnIt't' ot .&... .1.4IAari Nn..trto.u .fl.. WOO! fO..US AMI (CASKET!' + 1 1 i ... Bad.. f....... -

kMrl. .w..rr.U'. ru'.a.AIp1T 1i,: KAII.ROAf. Oil IM)IA > ItlUII.::

to w. U. CI.JUtrTT. i! JatkaSuTIII.IlorL" i.. ..!d j 1. DIAMONDS Tkacc vt.liln. b il..li Port .B"raU. IIN..r1 rod .

(,1. )O. IItT-L l'..rnrrU.raii..l A..... ... J.c Ikv tr blkiwta .1II end Onti rk.. /,rommod.Ike. ..

l. ,t I o .U 1w ..... ?....., ? 14iJ24arI:1M1IL

A FIRhT.fLAt PrilAiJINVESTMENT 1 Ri'lis; IIItoocill': :-, riiAi > s, S7.4 'IILAKD HilTKL.THEOKLIT .
f rIPS COMTlVTIT! OK HAND "RaD.t f. C.t .

I I llOt.... Pt. Ora.Illy t : : 1'111,1 "
u !
. j > J.Ml: I.ICiHT( 11f: 11A.; S.1CO ,

lr I I "aaklaf d.! n>nami.<.... at Mtaimah f.>r A|4alnT. W LI, MLm ,
FOR 1741 [ [ mrrrt, between Laura 4 Jlor: a. O a. oa.c.><] A....... |i. t'. ml 1 if ,
A Full Assortment of |1.IoI'l.fI! U.I.M.I.H'TJ:1t: ) Kill 1'IIl1:: : TS. .." JU !>...,> ll.If fr..tnJ I rn,. .rl'r'" kf'kl !f.

'" TNRLLIITUNTIRUTYCTUdr'JIM..t. .1 I goods tsr. t. I!. W.I'" 'T.: AS MMV: ( ii : II.' 1.1.1: .to"l uf "...1M. rin-I

lat to ikr ..,... nf rvm. t'rMPar.r.. 4. I 1.ta..n-.,..". ., If v iL /i-" >

. --. JO kr III li r. laC 3B .FT .lift frrt., 1111t. : All the Above 1IMI' 11,11 NO !1 ...KCilirt* at H p. la,. ...uir.i iLr .
. w.rra..a aid tlrtrra.ll.aPJ l in WMb ...... Challenge Competition
.. ...._.VI _. ., ........ tat 1 mrr.i.i.it: : HI:um. <' %*>i:>. Q' ... M........tlllat /..'. 1.r4ft'
1I..t sold U oriltr In lose up the J .::= A.C.i. & W. I. T. CO'SMil : not.LkMra BmmnuMi M ; oVh{ 1,

"t.t I... i r'llrtU J j I ntriiMt; FOU qrii.irv OH ruler.:. It111N \I.I.ft 'lwnrWllJlsnruNin''hrb! ." i i.kl i.

Jfl I .*irL Lan Tr. iM, IpaNO1.
AUO. !.. rnrM* UrMmnm U IU rMf, tod I 'w j

!.ua Low la Utt cni ud Nsd4or Horvu. I ''IJO 'T KOIUIKT Till: PLACE: nilKIIKTO: : lift A IOOH ARTICLE u........ -...... I -.rvUUIO.

T.m. w,. f'"f furt....' AmMthM ...|.4y I* ; ; .i dt JL *..- SAL, L4tIkltt.mwn.Tii. ..1. .
Skkut..dk k| prr aaa Bwk. X..n Port M_ _x.: .
u. P. rRir r.'Clltllli. .. nutom MtflM .... Itat a. Hkouktrn. -. I I LSTAhIlt11L 11'1x' 15s, .wwnlua' ( .' tX'w."u.a.

Ksonuor. asrtsd I..i.t-Dl T*.n...MrAo>...('0<1..... r --- tfi. .'T TilE r11Urt pltlrlrnlr1:: 'fn IID Ut II 7 oVIurk.PUTk .

r. O. Rut 4IT. Jrlawrlk.L.. N.nts.. UM.. B .kcM na... ft..Sy.Mtv), mw .. I I '
lln4.lt TH .
IUBBU 1WMr.l.rtlwf! of all ....... j ArnrlStWJu'.b5rlutTblr.'I.I' .
[: '**.**'"*;..3 3 i I i I Pur funiwr ,informal .kpptF.
-If." or 1'Ib11r.5A1
\ TIII; <;OMII.tt.i.ic \
c .1TOlt. to - !
..." .U M ....... .rwoc. !%.. Tort "U,. unoctuns.: I or11 !M/r* nnd Quallllc*. I rt.<-. .-.,... :$:.t i I'I | ri....DlU..t.tCUkml l"WHf JUHH fl.AliI A,

-- aiaa I' I -, ',
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?' .. )....,.. Iw ns1. *515. '...m..... d: '. ."aula.. a.-.. Me.. 1..1iIS' ff I. 1Ut't. PUii ;

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-" 1 .... .... -, ...-. -.. ---- -- ----- .:...--. -. ---- -- --- '- :a:: .: .

The tri-weekly union
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 Material Information
Title: The tri-weekly union
Uniform Title: Tri-weekly union (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate title: Tri weekly union
Alternate Title: Florida union
Tri-weekly Florida union
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59-61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Carruth, Kellogg & Co.
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: January 27, 1874
Publication Date: -1874
Frequency: triweekly (during the summer)
three times a week
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 5, no. 154 (Dec. 22, 1874) = -new ser. no. 256.
General Note: The Florida Union was the "official paper for the Fourth Judicial Circuit." Cf. Vol. 1, no. 169-86 (Dec. 14, 1871).
General Note: Issued during the summer "in place of the Daily."
General Note: Published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
General Note: Publishers: E. Cheney, <1869-1870, 1872>; Cheney & Jenkins, <1871>; Carruth, Kellogg & Co., <1873>; C.F. Mawbey & Co., <1874-1875>.
General Note: Editors: E. Cheney, <1870>; Cheney & Jenkins, <1871>; N.K. Sawyer, Jan. 22, 1874- .
General Note: Republican. Cf. Rowell, 1872.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 169-86 (Dec. 14, 1871).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002038461
oclc - 02683874
notis - AKM6251
lccn - sn 83016243
System ID: UF00048589:00013
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r 4.. ( .",'..V. _. "* "-'-_'.. ..' .-""W". ':. :'.". ,.r,., ..,. "r -" ""4/ 1'. ;'Fpr ., .",IO1.." "tiw-.Hlf: ,1".;"" t.. ...,. ::" 'T"'. -.-, '.'.,'' ,.,:1-...I"r.. .r.f: 1Ii'. 'v. '. .. .1\-: '':
t -2 ,. .* ',11' "' : IF' "V "r'f. .. t.r.;' ." .' ,,. '
: ,
:, "
.. :dJc1 ,.;; t I-. .". .. ..' .

'. .'\ : : : : .\ ".0". :: .. f.

.' .' '

'_ 1t..
> ) 4 .' ,

**..: : > Jjc 'f cJ ctct.' nton. .' : ? :

: : :: I .

: -. : -- ._. .. '_ :: ': :-_: _.': :.' .___ .h : '..- --. -- _' ,.=.= : -.'_ _: -. -

0, F MAWBEY & co. { TEI&JI.'t Jr f, ? "-"f :i JACKSONVILLE, FLA.., '1L1JSDAY, _JAINTAIIY. I>7, 1874.. VOL. V, NO. 12.-NEW SERIES, NO. 115 .*

r .
wI '

General! Directory I I Tho Union.Directory. j 1 HOTELA AXD DOABDIXG HOUSES S rnOFESSI ClhDs. t tOmdiuM.1 I'f I "Were you nrrrilttG V longs to- k peciee eicn.!vely Auirricao.*

-: .--- --, ---"- :_ I j AtMODt HB. Jalll....r*. I never wa, hnt I h1" l lost Uog and pitA repreaj-nt In order nf f.hc*, <'bo gs 4- "t" .:
I Ttiefa wcr* great number fir large tor !i cattle their nf ankle of which few fimilii ,
bile One It
.C.Ca, i BiMlarM utfn rrnrn.brn.d. In lh nrtoii tiao* PALMJBTTO"HOUSE 4.. ('ODflI'ITQ4'OTAIY . by my neighbor ) pten
fAKjrrn--r-frK.ua R. H.rl. i lot ln..l aod ".1 lnn may nfrly' bar* rvruana to i I'VDUC.IWEU {hJ..e in tbe lake Cklwtra IDol 7'nV I1)*. wa out' banting and killed a rattletoake si.t. Thlfonr Is *l<*tft, ba a wide .

jAIdww-.". trn.l.w '. folk>*lne .nl..1w..' more fwftiralar.ad- GII K if corn \I PU1ME $. \ Jgritioa from.two to three feet long (g&r.fl,h *l 7.0, ,' that fay laura the path : be took r.IIII.ln lIlt'I'lu.I.'nlt found fmm Dondk .
*) /*-. II. hVUo.r. ; druM will "found ..1..1"o'fe.* Otnor.lxi( nu'eBlctk. e4mrt These'mailed ,
$* big k* lbs alligator bold of It kfter It wa* dead to move it to WaponMn. Aftothet American jt-
n..o, I'II''. FLOKOtA.'PHI -- -
A. -- --
Tr'.iawrv-C..H. 'u.i..r.AtbnV4.v.lW \\ARCIIITKCT8. 4. w. K.UHIT.fII..D. .unon, like the knightl uf old way and a. be look 1 it by the neck hi* t 1 noid I. ..,. WfM, the slag fists or bow' j
.. ,. Cork*. H. B. BEEDE.RAKKJiS -.. I'.Bieirie Ibeir the which i I. ia AV .\
*. OLD. AND FAI-OBm Horn U NOW .rIU'lEO"o prowe chiefly upon| finger dipped tad the teeth tcnttcaed l Ba, very fiumtroua enter*
irAJf! um
L ,4ft vQ>nMn( f; fmr
r .. k KKlfXAV.B.lSKlXtt ,ly, -'.. U ott* of Ib* beamt ..._ to I and II.... ttppmdiv Mr. i/III1'1' 1rel.t'.nee but I hate heard or half large alligator It, and tben went fin Soon lie ticgaala I foo 1. They kr* dotrribed by \:", kl .

flI'b flflSldlIW.uwfrL Gilbert. AXI EXCIA.K ; Ib* prlot .k..alItl' ..rk''. -l wnfT being found la the itorusch of I shirk al.1S feel ok II. II. tied his handkerchief beifij, cf aD phi tohlitned! type ,ich M .
w"rk 14 -
$ ay 1'ub4ItMtnAd"l.. C (0. Board pet | to IU, accnrdlBi to hieatloo. -- .
4IhM., I.IbiAIthLEL TflFZDK 16'Tt1 PR II. .'!. TICkER I river mouth. la .pit* of all the* dettrnyera ; tight round hi. arm. hung op hi. deer were common in tie early' geologic period -

Watt KnUnttr-X.'M.>ft'. BOA T-til'ILDIXU. i TraiulMit board |l JO per day. OrrrM hi, proft-wSonal Mrtlr lo the peopl the lake twirmed with Oh. Pecelti ml started for Itnn.e. Tin hid about I.. and thii U one among inaay proof .

II Bwprrm-r..,.. *. .turrEI slag; karat |L WL GRtrriTU', I'r\ .." ).. .,- c.old generally get enough black two mile Co go. tnd be had to lie 110' that Xortb America I II the oldest vf the .i'-
I Xarkelaad( MrntXorar
CHI M\r r. L. 1Und.ll. ItOtl.KR AX f) A-il/P tUITJ.va, j I tw 107-11 of rtuladdphla, l"ro 'M I'. OM. x.C Fellow rarwrnf HAft..t. Man bees'ptke or |rch at one or two c... of and ,..'H"J time, he got 110 weak. continent. ..

,4. *it.Jiu (**- ':rmwr: tod J. D. Wiwtaorire7iiT JAMESKOOA'S. NERnL -, -.- -- --.. ., .. hi, net to feed our whole "art1lr at any A* non a* lie gui home he drank a pint Jlortia Vlnrent and the other tinnier ",

.*ri.M I HTATIOXERT. At. TUB T. MrDoKtu.- -. Ji.J txtrt*, Ji. | iime it happened that they would not 'I! Of raw "bl.IIC',, ind Ibnufrh he U a Uinprranr brought in tt> dy k Urge tnpply of yam* 4 -

Jwtlrtil ",-W.I.I. Kelly. nUaLE U: MiTHER. m C.I l'hOO'ELL A JKKI bite kt |3he hook. ,. roan and not uwd to li<|ui<,. It -deer. (urkey and deck*-imt utlned
II'i r. W. wbii. I BOOT l/OI'S AXn LEA TiER OLAEENDON HOTEL A curiou feature or the lake and riverKtDrrl :{!: bad no effect till he took a si-e..nd! pint. the lot of one of MorrU'. '. deer huuiih

J*<1V r "H '*. R.Wm.*. AN-blbald RryMia.IB I f. Mownl I' AT1OItILTS"1'\'eC. JarkunnTlll AT UK.Fid.OBe, RoedV tfkKIOnB. Dlnrk. Kay i I. the floating inland. This U '' that made him drunk and killed the puion which 'they tupponcd; !'; nave hfcB taken* .
Mh ". J. II. M M.MB f'KOCKKKr.JOHX IKKKX: COSPHIXGS{ ,I .-; ---4 rjriocipally formed of tbe water-lettuce but. thongb he i U a very powerful i by kn klllgkirr whfie twimming lake lo
to. T. T. MM7t _. j (DRII"I'I A. a. .;&. I or /Win. an krtuath\ilnt! with long rood j ji rnnn be did not get over it for three pursuit or k deer They were maw mile
__bo w.OCBrr. '.. I MI.\TISTR' J1oUR/IM. PATTIonV MEEK, which dracrod la the bottom. TheM Dumtb 1 am more afraid of the mocc*> aoutk of the camp when this occurred..They ,
...,. a MARKKK.IUM V TTUK.NETS AT U T. OO7ce ft" Koflda | bed nf I'MI; ,.woOJ' matted I allf .
1' j together L-'. thin the rttlenake l they ire did not ee the !( "1''. but the .
VItaloai I
4 11AM.T.PFZM ,. oJ Bull"*r. <
>kl A
( WL4SJ, a. fr.O.IkV MII.L1XKKY.. t.t.II NOW orn ntieliy roR lor TRK IUIIO""! WITH "jInrt'Ut'd I 1-1M Jirtr*iu.A, nj.. | with gnu anti Weed*,*'*" '* trf'be tjJek 1[. WoHUVM tii\J >pi
rwsp.W.'M-C. h..w.JI oV.Ht.\"oi.VT cowt -- enough to ,lienr the weIghtf atnaironlml ny warning. T wrxtder we dimt are 'f be found after a long earch. ) ,'* tell i
pN't.WO9 ( Edward ."". U..LGUEII.'JRlr Tkff fnrmvr rtioitloa' ef TRI rLABCNDUX sia I j. p. (. K.n.MO! ", ),, "a-! even souittimM of man. i In them abnQt h,' tnurti ( the In* of this '
fv-t J'IItII<*-- rbB y.IHtrttnriif > $WKLLK. Bnt rlaa HUTU. will b* folly malatalord, They are genmtly j I' diguird by *
.. Inlfnat ,,_.. A. Idlgbl. \ TTORNET AND -Mi'F.U.IIR A* IAW. and 7'.sla theM ilod break I.fnOI looe .
wrong plenty (lm"aini-i, but prrhap the .1:1,* ialuable dog but he wi.brd to return to
W. ii rxiOK.
17..( $ : "' and ., .A '
:UrtMOMTftua ))R and ronlnd I* IB* 1 a r.-rt. JiwkMinTlllr.$ n.. V II tin ir nnchomge and 11.t.'A lt fur tors and telt.nth eat tlirm I know them the yatht and go down, ,Inward the Key
I. Dlalrlel r*.M.tu. MOISTS.Mrsl? i (o.HOItr I -" nit It., till thry bring up in ,',"r ijuiet tig, white birJi di>-the gannets .nine So we Martc.I the m\t morning and arrived ,

I i-rbutp _. .A. L'.. '.'.E ireen Cote "iVarm Sulphur I'prlu"l.1I..b"rlD I EDflAIenMII1E I'IT bl; )'. where the plant again tAke root. rail IIlf'O.'I.'r \Vliil( rail thrni the *. at the inlet on the 231. The wealhrr j
<*fonnRV UHODHrrm'wwrrr "" ART rrnur f->r nn'rki _U'. ...1 CUM.A Lake Oketho' ..contain mny nf theM wood il>Uthry lute on Mtnke* and young )had been delightful a* i I. ,"u.n'lhe 1
< ns'.t *-.. K. Tow-BJJKBd. floating srir.at retort I III It II I., rM in Florid lu 11 inl.,. but thedity we i
-.'. Ibis cprlnn Has 1 Invn ink t'orT-orru I 3 ifW.
fluI ('....,. ) II rzt NCWMXti.PitRWAIllHXU ol.Uf.'I'.1 aUrd0.' and .wlllnn''".. wnn 'lnuilarff fur duck and water f.",I. In fact. )10"I', ''' to their f'1I",. then.: armed at ,the inlet wr rwiMtnleied the ,

\ fliwitpJtp. A. "rIAD.,1er / .IXI 114)IIKIeAKI". lieu raBbnlhfldonbeany* \. with suitable.day diwlnc of lh. wa room* ,o.In l'lblmtlrf .,,.' II. .'' ? IO1TOIt.EY..T one would think that all the duek. div i ier raid the colonel. "I I will never hoot them beginning of the r
.f ..n-II...' "..rt.Hhertf AXJi ( .. w lihout dlvxunfort, or nnplraoant rltirt.Tbr : LAW. \ heron curlew ,. Hu_. rrane and ifiwji I. their hkbiu" hauled two daa and WB. very violent J
,..d. "4fr41.r-W. w. V.. .. JOHN (1.4117.'VIILI'tt'4 ..U.IJI..IO.\ wairr ,t.also iippllM to tb* Hotel wbere hot I :, J.\ wader* generally had .. muted) here in But what I ii very l'ulou.! aid Fecrtti. ?t. C 1'l.ABk.. 1
-Jnvpk H. Iiurkrv.IYv and rold bath turD''." lu M'. Him ., '
ar* (imrr. lIsp ulrrel
mask rattling. Among tlirnt are those that will meddle t.I .11:11'
_, J. W.II..IIft. I tIol JtrS'.0.VIUI, FU.LL ._ thealligaton not I..1iiu4i.s : t
p y wirrfar pI 'JOB**. ('.7 lI'RJW. ",. Itr1)tlf '.. (' \ A 1I\.r.7'; .
black "
tw"a''d Jim*, John T. IlntI \ tiweate' 'poonbill and necked atilt if )"ihoot one the alligator ,III sit it. llIgstor 5is.otIsi.
Mward* II.'".. k.rd, II. II. line aod mini IUIS. \ 1 he duck, U'ing bird of p* iuge. *|>end Do hew eat other bird 1" We nude' onr ramp in a grove near the .
!... I fIWC'mt.f.NI' KIVKHS1DK'l IIOUSK.I'll LAW. iii 'h.1rIInnll're, North are 11I.I'I'.llhl" do duck her- Irtke. aim,' thu >l where
p JuttUrt nf Hit fVn ..-.". W. tampua, W. II.'L. [ CLARK. ), acquaintJ : *, crane, on |i. Taylor -
Hurt**. J. W. H.mrl. A. Hiw.ln- !, I. """ it. I JltkMtilTlUt, rU>RIDA. J with men and thrir .'1'. and are com-' r.iDn. any other kind except gsnnet*. they 'I fought his battle in I MK! At aooo k< .
( ,""'*,-- II. Hittnll. J. II. HraWB.Jfin.ih.it "ILI." A tVIIITUiTK. $ $: 110\ U l). 4 r* :
I E lur."* to. i i parttitely .hv, but the native birdi am will catch hene\er they can get the j i 'Iii. Wit done (the pilot went in aeanth

"lr .t .. I&.III.. au.AXn l LOCKSMlTHIXa. i'ivis mjftnw WAU FROM THE DEPOT.,, II. II. A.MMIKU1-, - 'i very tame ami can .a"illl. approached. chance.' (I ,.r a tree to make oitnor They found

)f1I,, (, 0.-1.y.Ab1nwP ". N. HUBntXH.IIARIi'ARK. II TB' blk..l ground the brallhlnit and must,I TTORNET AT KAW. I wai awakened lie neat morniug %t ( "Itow Urge an ligtor di.l jou etf 'not far oil Urge cypmt whirl nrrted,
,. -T. .. Hnrknun. M. N. Parrell. O. t, \ .< IHHtRX. Jr.H. plraatat. In tbr vlrlnlly of thurltjr. Ronmt: A Feitv.srnv.. 'Wllllla. mnrine ty' nound from the w..i iii aq of a see, 1'nvtlir I r 'ansi by the tInt night they li"d torniibrtcd -
I..n I. ".min.. (h, ..rrM. iN-r W. 7ii.rviiL .I./ .11 Urpt and orally furBlnbrd. B<.rd from 110lo I
/ RI b.d 'un.Tboma LaarastorAf D. ICB nD.lITA.r. f sJ per werk. Inquire oa lbs premliw*. Will prartlr In tb. II.!. aid I rnllad Rlsl.1.41huT' gang tif khip rrHMilrr' ;', raulkrr* at'wurk. The largett I cur taw memuml wfiAteen .' two ranoe.. em-It about twelve f.eti

_s4l-. .raianiwl fortna .4 .\'/) nnARMXO '.J'. bowls 1w 3nI rouru. It WA the great ivory-billed WIHM- and a half feet loog but I have!I Ifetu I long and eightn-n iarbtx ".1.1.. kuiUUe

ririiiliitearing\ otf. the .ice that I believe wan near twenty for navigating tintake ami! able to carry

K. Iuunnni.biJ. RI rKI'lt.it llQtPit., TIIKMETROPOLITAN. bark and prehing the dead (tree. for intret '' fm I long. I cau tell you w her t-> And 'four' nun rlt h. In ;the mean time we
(0"1'1'11 A i.rn\viTii:
( J. lIolI.nd.. METII.JIMIUtAS IIUTEL.TIIK 1. ansI &\1.. and making a boise him. tmi. UI livr in den near I'" '- had commrnrcd hostilities HgninKt the at-.1ligattirs. .

(f VW Vrk,nf
( ''"" i-H'. Orw. Jr.rharrbr.. loL1LrAu.a. ,I in the stIll morning air. Another aound >it. (seen een about that river for the ,,, buld and ntimrnm*. They 1y 'tun-king "
la Lnlvltb'a niork, ..D.I 1 ;
.. TiE IE\I1 IIOU8K. ATJACKMmil.I.F .lId t. mry.. ranin 4 IV ,I uf a dilTi-rnt character now m.tde Itself laot thirty'F firfy jear liNt I eiHtt| he ;j I i in the nun upon the beach in front .'f cur

.'. M. John'* rriitmUnt !rl..,. TMival nmrt '"""" a IIUIIEU --- heard from the *wnniiii. It wa tome- ( hn. killed hunJrr.U of .Inll."' worth nflink I
II-.t 'M.rkrl. R, II. Wellrr, UM-lor. lit.11 ntiiUrMrrtu lotU, :. : H.OHIDA I. ruMiiu. j. i. pun r.r. 'UVI?". ; tiling like (the bellow i lag of bull, and pro : tit to dog, thry My that tint and ,>,, $it Ueainc PI'I_', 'to drive them away,

",..I.1t** r.A.w... and Hruoklyn IV' ,. *MlMloa I dally, "al"IM.: .*KO.Ori.r. ... .It'C LIREIN.I'IrALiETIo'eriltu : PI.K'1I\U; DUIEL: 'I eedcd from the old mile alligator' rail I ta.t, he ha* eaten "I..k cl' houudn. lr,l they hould' dnvour our ,dog, or even

.at 41" r. '. l'>rl.h ",". *,. -lii.'l at 4 ,. M.Nl"loii nUCl1 IITEL: \TTOUXET8ATUW.Ornec. log to their mate Thi indicate thei There, wn, it man from irorgln' iiniiiiiiBrown l our mute, for sums ..( tltrw monnlrr

...,1 la Bmuklya and Kant JarkMia.Till .AVA.,ltll.. U. HATING I nllrd DUN up In TIIOROl'tUILT all II. dr|>.rtiwm niTAI.YTED. fur lbs,I J 'i I coming of *|iiin(. Ih. 1 L.rcedixig aenMin of came in before the war and x-t i'I looked, able to do "it. We i'nrd| tire
S A. V. kurticr la .1 JackuBTUI R-wil' n..II. Orran and n.y'
L .uMy. us 4l"ir. *. *very k "1"'' lot.' romfart and con .nl.nr. uf cur.'., WIWU, Jarkinnvlllr.punier Ft*. I I IIIM i (the** treature William lUrtram: win tied in that hummock and I give )oii ,,I upon them w itli repeating title and if any .
I H.I1nf ". """..Mll..II1I..ulIl..)1.1..", rW.\ AXl. RRAStl( Vni'XItRY.TRASK Ill lie QK-n '' iMteli-d in I'a: >t FloiUU a liund.fil year lily word that old 'gator ate wi bun) ufj I Indians I were wltbin hearing they must

Moons,IMITCI lMtor.Inl and. NrwBaa *treru. Rvr. T. 4!. JKWKLKi' WA' IdKitt R. ro .t> On Thurxlari oeinbcr JO, ('II tllLDH: II. Hilt Xill, ', "K" (: .. k thrilling account nf the trrri- hi* bog list he w". forrrd !.> move'way ,'I have *upHMied| that Ikneral Taylor hJi

ITwbiturlan rbnrrb romrr nf Orecn *ndAlam }LOIIAlII.oITIA'.f. for bu.I,_. ', ble itimlmt which' In- ,,,"_I in the1. : he. couldn't' atford to live In Pep i i itr I come (sack again *ueli was lh- rapidity

ornw.*,lrr aumt.y,U. "morning. C. 'Dolphin.al II o'II...k It,end I.|IXIn .,. ( r. '. J. B. T MiI. IToprlcior.marrbUlw \TTtlRNET AND COfN ELU>R AT LAW. ,1 I bl. John. liver U'lwirn Ihetc rival chant-i I | Hummock he Mid. i: of our fu.lllaile. The biain ol Hie alllga- :

She evening I 11..01.,-*. ">." and Mihlo rlaMI "'. C.(l.nrRT.$ ). U. 7.. KCE.HF ..n.,.,. Florida falnn auUdln,. .inn*. who, did not Incited' to alUck C'oulilo'l' any one shout him nd! ']|i li-r i I. mmll i nd trl.ipe.l chiefly 17..

*V Crloi'k t "ra' ,.., Bmrllnc. on WMnwrtayrt.nlnn I.KUAL( srxIXKfi.s.) I. HUM-UI attention paid lo Mi-rroalll I Law.Di.4 I {din in 1.1t li'.it hut rim. '' region ff 'KlriiiliMiir .: but niter' a
.. _. .
pnNiII at 1V o *.linnf"r and frlrnii.rlndtrdluaiMnd. JACVilO.VIUIIfATTI.WN TilE ', The next da. Alarch 13 1 eIPjllll wnut "Shoot l.imt I I'll I.-, that ''.Inr In, ,I: down were killnl and wnny wonifled, ilMemtil .

'..'.. an, e rBr.of Kcwvaa an-l Monrot, J.IM- I.MMOX.AMKtK. ST. JOHN'S HOTEL. .\. ..;" .AKIII'ir.LU: :s. D- '' of ilu-kt. Colonel Vincent I Victor Marlend. ( got lilt; )>ouniU of lead in hllll.1'*' to tUwn tijion. thIr |I""C1I'IIhlll.|
---.I..tn' W. K.ASMI.CAM. ':: Morn and I started for a bunt liking after )e"r 'lI'li.hno gone after him i i I that lliu parl of Ibu lake w a* unle, kml I
.'taptbii.rnrDrrnrniurrb HonatlmtmHer. / \rnrB: .nd it.rtitr' of iMira and'
",. H .I..", luUir 1 M-rilrr. r Kuo- < )rr.n A UAnNrrr.i A u.invmi.M.ll.CMOa Tbl old and favorite IJOIIII non fitmrabtyiltualKd '., Ad.in* .tr--tl. J.'hll',IllII.. I'eeetti for guide. ,iu.oll.inlC i. eamer tut hv stiul Hurt He'a ar cumiinj a* they gradually 'tiHik thrm* ltreii ""*,. I Idisapprove

day kunreln Mi loo.rf'.* *l II"a'rhirk$ .' II in.l Tn.lkwul : .,.. .A A.MCI. I on I ILS 1 I than to. git lo-t in (lln ilJelll... We nn Indian. I ."" him about three year* ol killing anionlj for ineropport

bvlwMPB Lawn ii>4 ITn". Rn. MM Brv.. m r.".'H. BIII': II.A VOIINaTII STIIKKT; i*. i:. jon >n":, '1. u. kept up the itihi chore tu th* nor III on kKO \thin I wa. going with a party down and divtroy not llratety! t\rrpl
pwtnf'lhol. ,.- 11., .ItilS8.u""n" Four ...r. front Frrednian' 1I.lIk. I ho ."nd11..ch. toward (the month .hhe the rurr.V, 'iie| .,01UII.llh. bend of when I :\ih to il\ them for fond ; but
,... K.\lJa.W.uriwr of Puikl mil Ktviun iu 1n llotnuopathUt.TTAVIMI ; Ki.Mmineo' lllver, wbich here enter the lha nrk tailing wilh a fair wind and I I I the alligator i t. the enemy of all living
.. .
..1..1. li li-t prrnunrntly 'In J u.II.dotl'1l .
: .J twxod Ail..,' ii> BrncklTft, M r I,fUrtcnk. rnrt-. tQIOtS lIfe baa I,\ir9 nMliled a-.tund.hs.I.and l. BOW l newly\... tug Mlnlrd the. ,r and r.'|>lloa.a rw, I I ,.. hi. ""'r....'.., _... I.' It.. 1t.h.' j .". Tbi I* A dert|) nml a rapul 'uau.. the big brute wa lying! oa I ho ""1'1". Al mature. the tyrant nf the water, knd
J II..e....1t I JIr. \tnT'M..U. __ Jl fw *a---, ._ Iii:. tukeV.fIWr. of HUT nrarlr OJIIKJ.UI> IHMI* I whieli drain the rrut's.rt. praiiie ((3 the anon a* he rw us he took l.i the wait-rI I' the tI''Alh..f one .a\r* the lite itt bun
end CllnbvU MPfsU. He*. C. C. KuaimsMlh1..I.r. ursnr t'lm'1UU.T IlttATIi : 1I. $* ss4w.tt.HJ. j1I I 8onn; aiviflea7n, as.m'mi'-iarry I'' .ad swim lielft. a< blaiutekway- *-

(. .1CIU'U'' -'h. ran and "trsm.-r4. and 'la rhifff an I D. t1IT.tL: large WniiHMif: .', 1.lk" ThP Islip. 1mt what lie wn 'inlni. aUiard of'U .I the '..tl\". II \.. 1'lurid tourl.t4'w! ",

<. Firut.""p"eI.. t. If..W..onwr.. 'lMtor.Arnr.il .f.M"uIl417DI..0.u eva T4 fl/AN\1'flT.il'1L. TII14111'. sZprrI.neto'.te.purer? Sims. ran M do, iluru ou bHlvr.than".. rail fur a at lorn lue $)IITICIAN isis kirnoniN. Otfl.--.c..u..r .., it has |great ;'.ttlu.. of watei-letluct *, Ki I r lrbed lilY gun and gave him MIII will not kill ininy of Iliein, any why : .

.kMhmllM WublOfloo itroul, Je. J. 7DWAIIIP M. I IILT. IT. Juii', HOTEL, 1 Fonytbaud Julia iul.ela,JACKI>VIU*1.t.1t\, MA, ;: which lu ome. plarei'aliuotit (I.'I i.II' the two liar rrlii light III I Ihr. fit and ryea.He tliHr. nhcll nif tooiiiifk but *|"1'111(theHlican .

Trinity U. troll",.11.fulor.'''.(pivot,C *) I1mr*h, oppiwIM "I. I,. t'UUttLdiTO'4.rIICM ." Terms ala.;' m....... cbiDiul. Much of it. coun-f i in through I gate it Ink. at. the l.>nt ills hit t.lI. |" .. S..' It.t" litniih', *, nice of fltherHI.MHIUt .

J.mM Uiili-l pn Ko.ro' .tn lur. .. B. Imnivll .'(. uolts.4In MR.4. r.. MUliNALL.TllK .. \, HliTTii: 'I BWituip*. tlx'li h in "''" plitcr the June' ami iiiniK- the w ati r 111.111'11 3 SW. One I..i"". Iik..J'\lr..II....

txwtur.rnrtoi.nl. ..... A.. J.W.WAkWiri.l KKHIIIT.I N.). It.A. I IHIVPKIAN AND sriuiro/ ; oiinami i.i- bamn* slut live irnlc huiumrak, nit>roitch of them, "'w.rhrr.. ".. hut wired
(Tiiirrh 'FtC'
.1. M nl
bull' lln> biHirn| A,bk; seA ('bll''' .lrrrte,.. 1. l I'. ytlTMUJ.' : KEEN IIQlISl. I ".n..,'n," c.n .n., ".,n". .".. -ntsrhy0p7.oaIle IIA bituka. It contain iniiiu'ti- .)U"nll- (liSt I thought he would h
lt.ib.rt IA.,.. llunor.Unnl. J. H.HOTEH. lb. I'tMbu-rlanIburrb, .IAnu'rj'l. tie i-f Hullpike, lu>,. .",,1.11|>enb.i I How would ton like to go alter (that 01 Hit UKtID

I.1-", .i.Rdh.". 1'r'wlil.nt 7 ti It.T... *.UIAL) I MRS. M--n. Ull 1lII.ICT.P1lIllL, | In the list bimnuM-k which we reached alligator, (' ''lJr1 \liic 'rl I" sail .Miitri, Mark MiUnulry. rhtrcnt .I lth .illag' a

PF'T.4 (:4.4 .vr.' KEE.: > R I"I.n''i'' i, Run i the, colonel: hot' "bll" ". and 1 t,">l 'two "I I .hoiil.'l likefit mmli. Haw far I iji hor.r l'tlmiiiii' l I. Juhn :..tI.., i>( lAbs ml;

I'I...mIC.Pul.Ufldl I Flint. BCTTCUM.IIALUAIIIIIIU j I /(Ut. of Ib. llarrndi/n/ lloiwjj Orrtc'CiNrcmiMiioif o''. FLA 'i i jomitf turkt). fiom n dolt k.1 we'I the i>Uci! trout I'apron' Mr.I I'ecetti ,f" I'...1' .'S 5. brought Uefur a uiixltlr.tr. aniieooiiuUlHl
to.tii' X.CD. J.I. llun-". W. ".1 M. N. .. I ,.. Iu ilrf.ult of
from, hit hauiiuock It j.il. a
( In1
emrrKcd I guide mukt I.> let me art about\ right
It. TU ;
". Cor. JiinM >' Ri-tfulr mrn-l
lurs"l list *n.l !U .j. i>f **<'11 ....Ib. J */'*:( r.i ('1A'.' j RMiwtfiillInhirmi the |>ubllr' that .a. luuJ II. II. ..;1<111-, Upietl i, a herd of wjld Cilllt fefdilig on Ilici mile from ('.|in>n bund

Du.l U>O(. Xu in, K. r. Ulltart W. ".1 I). fVM 11.lnu u.. j i .ile half mile olf, 1, Uido| i khr ban.
| .kliil> ul). JCIRM Ttlrr. lutul.r iMwtltut J Ukrn a bouw at lbs mrnrr of Bay and H hltif- i lU'lllTElT. |>r | ititd by hi direr "HlKhty mlleTint! : would l take l."ulIl,1o aiii'iag >r "\ "
., Ul .n<1 M Mi>n lrmU, shire .lm sill lw | | 16 ,,tr.
.I hap4i.rNu.U.R.A.M.A.J. 'lliiHi-ll JlLWWlUATltU.TIX f' Urn ,1< MI I X..1oI1 IUiun>u, I ,'.nr.lln" then IruMrd on (thi. Thai i I. |i>o far In go on an uncertainly." .ill .KHi ,lieBitu.lwrrd' astiong

'it Hi M.,ul.r K. H.imtlno r.l 'M. "I">..FrtiUT_| U.of J.mx.du.M Mrb '.iunih.7..su.wa ,. I A\H i ...IA.A.T.IW."A'. I hi>r frl.mU, and |75lOl1. Her bouw |I. ronv.' lan.JIO"'IU VLoiuDa. !! high gtaiM for ronrralment '1771i'! got. ( No uncertainly, enli.uel." oaid I'u ...1 MiUtoittiur.. Ih* .// Wiwith right
< '
John .. .'. I 1.1311 I* wliit-h''' twl will, *JJ, lh Nlntkt 'f lied IUle
t'umiu.ii'l.rj No." I'rln' \ K. : within a hundred ) turd of tie herd retil : "you'd IH .lire nut to tiud the
( .. ,JuoMt, .. lioiruUr mnHliif, A. W.LAHU. almiily and |"tnwanllf luraiisi and hu a nxwltuxnlflivnl '. I l '..... .t how. Ik. (IfUuttff rolU,tiuii uf liter
3. A.MrnnuNT coimUtrd of cowktidcnltc If fur Lint The Indian
i 1''lItuN. _, kboutlwfiity *, "'1'' ) ou went
rtt omttii.IMtH.1 I river ,!I... Trruu 01.1".1.. *ry and illlli-r.i'jr IB t'.ten Hule in roundniiiiilirr '
I L'.MnT.'KA'/UI TAILOR. wilh it couple. uf bull. The 1 doctor and liMit to that medi .
av 'gator waa grout
Jf.ufrr-Altwrt J. ttunwlU (Jwk. .nfUk). '. 1.671 I, ( IM'.' ':1'n"ll: AMI ItrfAlKIVO !I \ S. ta..1. atUnJanr*. '$.$aP0 en
IIr'.' liraml .,...-JI. r. i4.II." (ii>.l'J.W CALVIN OAK.j -. I n...'" iioiu II,. k"... i'uiuUotli un baud a ,i iN )I colonel, (Hied together, k'nd brought downheifer. ciockimi of 0 dLtIh. ,i'ou' know In.11 ,not 1 re.J .ti a.ooo. ''. I* truly .lIftIn[ h.
# < 'k-r Mind l Wil.H"Tboma W. Unvr, (.. I ,'"nu. auitful aMurtmrni" olsitrluK a A big immediately charged' poo.l puny suite folk twliete it. ti o," i W test .hall .. iln ? Me hat. nil lir.ilitiun

n4irMiHj nl,. '-. .t. r.I.I.n. ir rt> nru !j XlsnIXtI': .AUVKKTISK.HTS.'i : Sumnirr 1'all X Ulnlpr ((JooiN. toward II." iimke Inol ,\'S.nt of (Ihl' lI"n. \Vrll," luLl) Morrit, "I I abeuld like to in 'I..ollIlJl| | U I mill fu for tb* .t,1!, |
lhf> .Mrtn.wllUn lloirl' al M.
/\N AND Arrr.ll TIIETlR! (or NOVEMBEd I AQilrau'i iipiMMitn old land, cornrr| Day A "."D'II" 01'.. fi-r he c lIII.111II1 KS us.Un he .*ute, head try my brctrh loadir on him I beiirtemy
<; Omibl' "......'1. V. ,..". ...b.J.'".)''I HKLKCT PRIVATE IIOAHD Jrk. .JII III" ,I Kj erect ragek prove ktniugrr. .".nll"t uf 1M h.,1 .11..) *|'I."lio.J| l
<;nMnirklb. Cajttaiii from the Mat lo Ij.ilnilm( Ci 4JflN4l.siJ Ju41.I. JI4IUflt7ii') raa b* bad I In lit nuullj of niL A. ). IllS. j NKW: Hi\T.lL: OI'KU'F., slits an immcn cly heavy mck stud .limildrr I IK'ltitit 1'icetli and I went on a'' 1. I57W p3 \\ koln humUr srhuol-u., *lUudamr.

Dirctv ClAIM IT5U. SIT E.I like a binon, but wllhour the iiinnc. flkhing cxcur inn up the lake in a c'untie' 1.1M ; total MIK.Uhl lA public mum
j IIEIIDOCIIY.r.pth 1101 MK, i>4 <'.tor* 1 1 1.1.1:11: A n \ IMHDKNT1STS :\,
ftrW 'IWritf-L U. AMormae.lltlnl "."..1, I
Win'it within fifty yard* I ruo1.1 his hvad, A few caul' of list hell near the) uluioprocured rvtteitvJ from the ".unl). ($."'4.*'. ,frtmIb
Mr.iI lNMi4rl-W.Ifl -Jim.U. ,I.IT.II.b'1.. (.,(.'Ia')_) !1'1'":..dl..nl$ hirallon of Ibe florid HIM* .lr..l, ...... Lib.,, mush ) tlif ball ttiuck him full iu the fun. head a uppl, "f "u.ll d"h of the Mate, inltritt on .chmil fund | 4S. ,

I.*nll I-.J. I. l rt" iJsrkuoiitilk4. I| ..ulu'.I..II. 'la Alafbuaenunly having I \Va.blnilott. ', aud .taggc'.1 him. but lulin.k hi. head mullet 'p<
HIli M/lt Irr4-.Js.n.s liMHil-H. M.OnaiMilKiArrlKri.itiTiorri II. "p..sr. (10'1..1\. I, .It fkllnl* ". In""I.I.u of ".'la olKtarln. IMp buardvn abu Mltafltrtortly. .ivcouiiD
tw.ffi ,M.1r1c4rises llrau.". ITIU.p'' !j A'IIW t.I.ul..UUII III..r.t riinuAnl to 'Ih* order ut th* i Fur Infurnntlon apply It Ibis offlra or lu .U.li>', .X.w lll'Kk. 1 KOVIII: *17 Hit ,-rurnMTHOI abut winch .truck him in lheehr.t line we found lie alligator* aud gun* I{, I lki'4 ;;a.$ |.(5a ; |Iritst. tuntriI.titiii.. 11.11I1. .

iMo' aBin lKAflI'I.. A. ku 1 Tnntev .1 vl ". I A..M. JOSE lksId.-hs'e. -I PI \IIU ( ." At 110 I j' aud lurued hiui wbeu I'ttilti gate himjtUtccu tmi uuiuerou4, they having collected Mili..p IItNIlI. p

'M.e.I 1t4yb 1'rVooI'M. BO.M. (1.1.,11I.( a..fU..t Itl1T nitnl.irml for ib. palnlra. vtirariion bu'ik hot In the khouKjer from .\. prolmbly to prey Ux' the fIsh which Tbe iloi'ii' huwannrr. bullViUi.ot( \ (i

Zpue..4HQ.111111'.1. 'hM'-kalu" aI.I... l'IIJ'IIOD| are I I, I Io Mayor J. C..W.I.,. rirmlnf A iMinlrl. rlraurd and all apprvvwl of TII.1II..1,.. of I'urtk ArUBrUl Bltadand 'i I hi. big double barrel, which brought him there enter tile 'bi I.. III iuiit| 'hay | Kuiory: and uwiird l L) F; J lU-rry: ..,1.III
J. U. .Norton.T.
tIWN.t K"- oh. P. I"' fI.ivi..D. II..IYIII..I.u. ,. U. U. AoililKr. I"bI".II.. Teeth Hiiwrlnl from a .Ingl tooth lu a lull .(. I j I down dying (lrnfl11D ,It.r'ncelr hIs, f.m near the fringe i>f'i.( .
u"..... ?n_ ..11.U.I-Al4rrm'.n.(..'.'.1..01111..110.1,1I.t.n". i Mala frum,Ih wtun rhO'.'mitt or erh tb. .ladiKcnmabi*ad aver, county by .IB*,,b I orUMtrlfIIBTTKLIM'8 ,All'1._work. .U.IJaII'-J nrn-c\tn.. lust al Btod rah> !:: II,. where (the water sat ,Site ..r alt f.
i 11..1 "..re1urVIl.. V. hiss kI..I..ho.' I". I duualkHi tu Site fund nf Ih.eollrm or eoolrttmtum I A .,' number of J. mvlll* and Snw Yolk Hi CkfC*.> i It tuo old) and touifh tobr we trollr.1 with a tHMin| fur hut k Iiu., lowing i in a hol iif .thefliss.r.* and ir.. K.:

lflHM ( dp&fflIIcV.. Job' V1ns,. ,""'11.,.. t<* I'dttrvd tu Uw I It(ipKiiiv nrh _* of I"bulMlc. upoa ,Ib h..,ronrtllliio can.nd will of UKHTAVHANT: HIT ""''a.. iu br ..' aloe? iOWv.Ja ol any giMxl" ..ld the guide, '' but I'll ansi took 1Ii'1h.i.X larg al lt. eight J lit rr) iiiuini.ml.rilllam (i. )Kanory; .
kuntlllr Janutrt lilt Jil "
< ( lu hIsrakIis.
0" '. .... torailnalbt'r$ l. Ui. Tiorld Stale Acnrullurallbalof I HAl' TMIKT: ,! I.r.:. Ii. II U.I.R. take oil bit hide : tliu luifi-r will git. u* t len und tttelu' (P Hiuiid.. Thl r,xcie*, ..1. J.Ih.'I. .t..rt!uf ..'id. |.Ill'. hi. Urtdotf
th .1..L'.t..I"UIII l l ,
.0 Wkltu.r., SigIlt.Au4re'.I.U. t. .ul.r MiHrtliio. cepip TIM. i I' tie oDllif.B.>l|itl'lni>f I'tlrr Hikr* sad I'.tilt.I..

U..i w of ,lit Gruad FKlUd. ON..e,, furlaa.auBurtof lbs lh rmUl. l| H.I.1. lu ylrld lb.ni..gt fPUt wndrn>lfi> d rwnfull| Innirni, "bl>, 1'OHT-Or'HfK) M>TICK.I luuiitl to till cauip ku.) arm out TIMII The captain tiwl it rod and rrel with alarge ..a'H"IL'' ,iiI
u'u lnofc ,... ||A|. A. J. rMri, N- U.I i ". ( .11. p..r.rIn I rwuib Ib.t b. I It i>.uln a FlrM-ti.. UMlauranl pith Ihll ( Ibi I Iwef anj) till amliilloui
bring in lug
I I apiirwwil .Ibw ..mirluiv, and ,.. .. .., I AllRUALAMi lil.CABUHKor: MAIU. wagoutu gaudy fly, grow Ssi lbs ulrfUof Ib. 1111 h. lh, .Uir ,of Mr.lluuil .
and liiual\ .1. lb Bnr t 0, aa lU
I. I' N. t. uUr
V. U J. 'S WUlUmm "
sse.Inp ci|IB* N IUd lib TkvmUy ,IB web: 1 i TruMMM ...... ..tb to' I"-la..I..I'. with .iuur* III. rouuir ...,. ran bot ad at all' > kbltI. riKorthrra ... veniwui. II"as mil long Iwforv I. dot It he |h..I..1| en two II.; a, ansi hooknl, k I 'I) .adjoining* |purl vtttr, .5. fyrcl \l:llil
_.. ['111.'U.I.1. ; IlldID *> bout. In lie day aud nibi.Fr C.fllIl k.IJuIJ./lh aiHaird iu night .u,1 l "I.! big whiilt$ broke I.i.lln.. and rubkml vf tiluabte l ,14| )
t ,la aitiv .. '. 1II1Q .. ami Wntt'rm dally, IUM A. M. *'V'. V. | | pair' 1)1'1.) ) ruliro-l a ;
T..r.-.d. :tr' '<. o '''.''1.1111II111II Fluijiji H. n. dttated circle khov" our h..h. wail We tthtn took two 'i"iir* of nuke' of .nii.il. ** wrll 5. ",'t.-raI ocher .rlltht uffalur.
.j. .... | t. *. l I. *. L..," al II .rUrlt K..rr I>arRED. dally .. .lltJA.II'< P. M.lalbi .
fur di- tu their r.. < &W iijtum and I Ill!) a toUrrJ na u
I".IU..1 ,, log our jurlurv begin modarate the! probably JiuH'itlou upon
HMn.loa$ 4i. I. 0_ R.J.... W. .i. .., J. *. Auvwiliw aad IMIaika.
..... .. L R. ul. BMctlim *.'rt Tbur*. I lw.KISwIIU t ."..1. VETTrUM. U.llt. t'tujdsrs itreetiKli' k.W r. M. 'M A. M.dy >, It wa faruitili the opiuUw i>f naturaliataithat ,i K. JtorrntKH( which lepiewnt in Htiuthen B.mrd lir in, .I.. *.* .rrt i4. but .,ll. ,
4*, ."_'." (iuml TrHipl.r'' II.II, li Murk .\" t..tr '- ""1''<'' Ill w. a'Y.' every Ku* hurt birtU ntre guidol' by'Ktul inIbe "aier JL'. /n.'ml*,. and K rrivvliitiaof r .iniu.u brdirr J >liro 1 llurault, ll.
Jtfituniill U..ln of ll M4 Trial>'ln ). I. (il. O. : LlaTor 111:1:1 A. N. I'riwaer In....,,. II. w.. ."..
II. T.) J. t. '.. '. W, .'. T.I MUITM ..1.... 1."I:1 UALLAUIIKH'B' rvrv Tkurvday J4:) P. V.Zmt.r.pt'e dltcutrry ..f ibv Je".) anliuvl ""'. tim! Northt-iu nlale. *
at ., la )4.kvIIm.$ ps..4 1.n-.tDrlla.la. unrotly *rr lil (or horse ..n.,. .1| III
W. A. Keel ever! WiHlacwUir .0111' I which they li-rd, but later Investigation What aitil. much lo lilt
Uuc4> l ,
V ." JiK-kwudiUi) U 0". .o. W. tUU'EHS. g .tL,.. rtoma Tuesday and WUir- .Viiou ; amlnij own ilpeuciwe conviuee i of the rjxirt ami 1 the variety of ..tlt* j ji ( '.III'tI.' ".ulI'II'.oI.'i; bxbt uuir g"Bllcoirn -
.II' Jtuww, W. .._ .,.ryma slay ... .. tlWA.II. fr iui Mu'*iini-" muwly ".r* U Ik*
$ ,
ii.eIisit this i i. the c.tl.J.1 lake | tell whether
A. I. sill lo lbs IVrtda falon .m.., Bay atnwl. JarkTb : 11 e wire ra i *ud in l lil. we q'.1| not
.< .ui.( orvv* iiati, ., ib. >b.u. 010"11" Fan Own VUow I'Bttrd M.ti ,.< IdI.. enf.gMi la Ihnr *
rv 4 i I .1I'w. MArport arri<. Tur 4.j Arna. {I tinting tu t-u>|> ihruugh tbe huiuinvtk.IVertti the Uell I'lfif uulil Ui from aperts. |wa<.tiful' .
I 11" : burnt '' ...."ii u u( buniiio. time .iii" lu wb|" k
.tUosnL.OI of Uaiwn w d Claan.OYfTEM. .".. .. ,4.uur.M.. killed Urge uttlmuke. It asa boucding Uu*. a 1 piratical pike <
i I robin uf uUfcktU aiid
,. Wdowdy ansI IratrUd wan
rir D.psr.u'
nw N. I rtani Clion sad (TEAK* at all II.t' ..'. ,...,.. '.. .. .. *rtl I &. M. j i overlive IVel loog.and a* thick at the ralf or.a gfgabticgar. I 11'1.11 a (hub or a .lin oilier they 1"I.lun. fur C4II1)Jl. w the rw*
\ Viral l AttWtM KMtBMf.J...J. ll. 0A.*.. l"..n.tubeVlaHartfttrd Un. I1IIB .Ut Tod.sr $Mrkolu .-., .,. -. ". .KMO A. .. tt"u'A. M. of k itnta'a. |tjf- I 'niblln(: II, eight i or nine indies loog rutUry .. >."' "b co| .-rwl until they .

I -01 AHMaBl. *. M. km r I"C"h.'ford- ---.----- .--- --- -- urricETb 1I0l'11&t Said the .:,;I"otl.1 1 hate aka.! beard upon gang of largti hookt, and cast il bat iletaim across Ih.'...r .,... '

f _. VUS Lisgtms .AMaU D';.Purr ,lint!1.... .frvvvllnf. ...1" U.. fIl IUUDII.14 IIUtE.IAKtLL lot-offli1'* .Ul lie opvo dally tka4tu( ) *i.rrpt lhat tbrte shakes Ire very nutnvruu* in ; ashen "lIb. baud line I'rraeotly I MW bilhtr lbr) Lad bet directed a *wU.\UU I

i. .-. "...",I..t..T. La..!. (." .. L 5. 1*, \8.0..a$ lot T. RIPPEUrum .u) from I A. M.tolr. 5. Florid, but (thii ii tat rAIL I bneen.. a great t..lllu'A aid it from out tbe weed, i |>lc* fur cuiilng..N.nry | .

.- Aluet."I-Opa., 1, Uetai' rsbreul&k. M.r.. Kunwlan I'.S1.Norti-o1 W Ylr.. I'rvprl.lor.FRISAbPIlI. Tb* offli- wilt b* opra oa andr from ll. to i: Please take f tf the rattle for me Mr. !;i end luy lit* Hopped hort.. I bi.1 l tvinei J.rJn. ..ut.J of Harriet Jr4w.

.'1 "- I.I.I, A. J. au ,...1.. ,".1.NW.11..., rt.o..a.' IJUo'tkMir. V. J;: I'eceui ifyuu don't want them 1o .I1." t i thing very beul' which liowever, played! ax. about .llIb'|( '. -1I luotilb. look t.r'l haul
:; ._ Uiluk! BBd L l. _.I ., I ('brum>."" Na.fw- Tk. Urarral aad Boi lit",". wlU lit 11.1111 ;I|,, Not I :" aid be, Ibey af. ito curiolly *-( in the .hl')11 b f Ibe pike Uiully, h.lurd.v. ..... III.. hour bf fit. *".1.1.| l lI ;

l' .. .. ,. ada ixininwpla.. ". .. .... aft JOB s all HUM* during lbs mrolar .. .' war* to nl'u would aee p'raty uf ib.tia i ik anti l in tell luiauic, without much Is-sill. I oVImk. r M .*iH. .!.>!>. Iu tie room *l II.. -
K lu II
l n-a-4 "". Jvu M tAcrOPES 10&
/ fr
U.ar4C .t Tn'.. ..,tu'.r* ." ..... Ut. > sulK rwmMTBd, btr/itl lr1\ .. mouth or two later. You ice. it j i. awe 1 11..111 alongside ,the Cn4is, aD.11I hue brtb, *inl Uf I.r* *..,*". tuuU cviu.

L. A* 551U11L'14 of. .'M*.l( ALL THE VEAItCA1UIAOU MONET ou tnt orncK. I I cr stun that dou't Ilk. !-old. and il krrn. .*, gkff'd b* 1'rertti. U wa. a h 'lIe pike, to her rIse. Ill. lirlplr Child w*. M badly
!% *w.Mn tr "Mid 1 re..u,.. f IBM, M IttiMdUU kiwrtaf 6 *1 IJ9Boi I Mosey tIn arc unurd at "bb>o3k pajiU I la I I i; in U. bole all Inter.." four fetl four tnehe 1"\lIl and weighed t.uti,4 11..1.h.r .,.,al Lout fir *>lrr..

;.. )4e.UI.dl.and Ha ,t* IsrI ktaiil*, and MTktB* free. any ln of the t'.I'' SUIM,aid atennrtun pay. "They arejJrtilj; lo .utpiir llmol" when we got to r.uip thirty foar (MHiod*. ulfrriatf. at.!>. "l-tffd| I.,. in lot l>'lgl.l.i .
trputi4eitt.9t.1S4d.. AND roRTSR AT ITERT TRAMAKD able ,. ( .' Britain$ lattnarUnd a&d it i ru. *r *.l..ii.a.iJuriug .
) ... Tin** ml by wait al *iatl* aad dnm 0-0"1 \ Y-l'4'v4 I kill mine it my U''>f- > called I the Ulmd pike klid iiuaiuj
44 .tIlIIL5Ili .,'... _.o J ".u i."'I.fn., I. 4s11wer7 117,1 ) BOAT.i Tb. MIowlBf. tb. rates nf rom t yard trrrV umrwrr., I itkw a curluuttUIng had en lUtm *1* fret long In i tli* sturifi of but ... .**'.1 Ul ,
*I lure 1.sbt.e.. Tb BUHwy erdur oOt1. wUl b* u,' \Utb. Its l-nk ',n. heIr f..tcuiin, and
lmikIur'i I W. )J -"< a aid U I* .">. IMHM tnt 1 kt tbe door \\.OUI the lakr Ku tit I ill '
tv li .bauttn4 $ .. I, A A. I. I"n.nL I ry ti'r'r fc* to 1 49 r. .. IDol frwa tJW lu 4 r. .. I u11. wet itiinij |irhsi| ta juroVd *. 1I' bul M.UW. An*. I.eki..gt
lbl.g'. .. ubl | one okuralBg and ,."..iLci aluiutt M \ '. jte,. DSIIIIM Uuis.I --n- ,- I Tb Uwy 1. U tiki* Ibrc BilBuU walk. tKIHUTIC MiiblT .KMU.Oaar I n ) ( io our worthy 'frid Ib. r ua.m.st.r.
&' -. a' .\ C ('IIAI''ELL lwtl-1, _. t U.,.,.. a -- -" '- -- UuerIO..41s4a.sws.4ltAt, .. 'i: gate, with a big butck toako cnaiioghUii. alxiul u* &in ucb nawrbtfli that th. other 4aLaed I

k. street, 7ssts) I i. i. IIITITHnOAHDINO ObeiIAasnieuS.eir.-dtmg Jb----- K [ Tb. Wrk okke sit. much' the fish ililveo. k* we (Mutd it Im 4
i .11. .. I .. '1'i .
M .
'I J. BOAT BU I ILDER.'Anrr 0 f kl aad But k M .Il.n.4.lL. ...|..\I.' "..v".1"1a HOUSE o.w .and aut"-11114. ..t.\ ]r q*.irkf, sad) wm had, him Uy the nerk. Miocible to get a book into their' buoy ,,sdiag U tU (ee4s *t the W. At ,J

l.J...1. ... I. U I..U. POklKII MOSSY OWXMko i III. cul| .d aruun-1 Uv* ttttlrtnak at ftulclt| .w. or bill, Mil| only .tlCl..I.IIQ capturing u.'ia.1 UtAI'' cii T Jav .*." Ia.t.'l

,':" -- MflloMlilff OniBfr C "aitf Ma.I Od..ntite.ditPD .. .. a* a fiA.b, ,Bd >trBArl UnIt ra4. '.r ft*and a 'i*w*>fi. P' ui i U btcId. T off thy ,., brad lui'!',..,-. the
91T1)1. oter It U
j I | ) a < went aioc 4e a .t..I"\.I.\ .ad ..tibs.4&iItt
KCUKYKX UOC0K.lATiNVill U a aoal'aad amalurUM* pten* M lavsAd* aadwJMT DIM Ml aod <* IULaIIA.g Mi .. .. I were highly
T&W14. UIEI'S, ,' <><*r iu sad .. (* Aia. ..1.|.MU i: war rain*. I hm tttn Hut thing bail. Tin gkr full I* UN-It- its fixxl but 1."lIlyaIW"" '153w Pad s eiti'- Pr P ,
ai.V best' bUll p'.1t,4. a o-' $us4.tdy $UIlp.rwio$117 I pet .,. .'r iw aad m n SSipt* I*.. l. |.w .11 l vrr utolii' a lacki aPllk,', w ".10.1 a fr t t pixiu' !>..( It.'ior kiwi oJ *'hijtiiltili. w. .rc ": '" i
.!. .tnt*4)t .., ..
I | Fart*** aiopplM .taiaaaak .IM I I om.II I .._. t1it.5Juta41Jg1vem. $4. -.11.Ilu"Is SUM_sill'rwptE.srU.it ,.. gDw'DMrwEq3JppusTflIe. ".-.,. i though they d" lk.. mchh kft;. "" *\ Liii-. it bciuj; in dojrtiitl4 i* u.ssetla., libsi I w, I'1".iII f... h.C; .;

.' 'k<*Mi' rt i 'pir* .Ib* houw. I-U! ,. t < Jolt tH. > t ISCI lad tttcn.I ." "nl"nliiljr in foreign rmintrle.. at It 1*. IIuIi ."d I.rIl' \ al41nt. ..

,. I V .

,. 1

'.i .L

I .

2. .'
-; .
,, '.

".., -0 ,. ." ..: ..'' : .\ ,.. <** .. '- ---4- ;\

2c., ... .; : "__; ..'. __ :- _. ;___'- :. "" '.. _. .n.,9.. .. ... ', "' .-. .. .. .- ., . ...';' . ... ; '.. .1'1i., ..",-. ". "

,rr .
"; Ia .

.' .
.4 -

4ft. '. 4i .
- -U I

r i : Tri-Weekljr! Florida :Union.1Tt ''der such ID onataogbt. If itlemptcdl, ftUd I II; returned. Tile Ant vigorous Jelxitt will I LEghL.&TnB .PROCEKD'Gt! !1U I relation to defining the dalle* tai filing i' !.-'.-.',,n. >OTHKI I I "1 CU..UtoCtJVEtTI4tX.r .

t failure. Brctioi rl rrn of the at I of I! proVaU be oter the Bemner resolution, : .*n le.i the pay. of ooeMy, eomml'ttoner A 10,10relation _. _. .
-- -- -
i Janatry tl, lo tot provIdini
|: February, 19)1 crtatinj tbea toads .but/lit mOIl exciting questions will be J JI Tar41A. Irf a atm"fla caurt hlttkIca AND
I 'BIDA1. JACAHT' It. 114. I' t i The Senate met poranaat to ..lo'lmtlt, "hpl death' etitaea from t. wrongful act of EXCHANGE. OFFICE: JpIlN S. DHIGC.S,
reads] thus I the Itooeac tunnel and the liquor law Aside i I, Th Fr.si4atp.k*. lo the er.I another.tummittee. "oD.U.A.nRLKH.

t t MW MBMaaWaVt eMaVaw* The rrmtlolnff Lond..rt", requiring IbeComptrol" vote on the latter was taken a day or i Prayer by the Utf. Dr J Chaplain.I no Printing reported favorablyon i

C. F. JUWBEY A (0., Proprietor to bold 1500,000 for a special -, two tioce, which indicate ft majority In I I roll being called teveateea Senator Jenate bill _kili .".""1.,1.10 U> .ap LU.n* IIIArEnz. '(O.t ItKKIVft nUCKllAYHTHKKTweoitiut
de6clcncte tad I
(I parpxMf shall be sold| in >'ew York, or ...nd Is their aamee. ply r. / r. urn aius,woisioi UD 1IOC1' 1 i
.... :=. -- -- .. -..- -= :,: elsewhere, by IB. Qotrroor aod Comptroller favor ft a modification of the prevent Oa motion, the reading nf the Journal of tt.payment of juror and wlme certificate rMTI 4SD IXJCXTI ICRI?. AND CTTTCOCTOS 4UIc'SflU.r. U..
stringent There will be Iytt.d. was dl-r> oed with and the Jour- Committee on Claim*, through lt. chairmm *. '
f 3T. L. MAVTTEK Ml ltor.( at may be deemed l lit fur the lo* prohibitory". .
bill NoH. .
i, aim A **n>Hy
'' rnorh" ..
,temt of Ibt State at a urn Dot lea than I sharp fight over the State preliminary approved.Mr. .r'e ne.4tsw4. Kpxrlal attention flies to la*
A. Davlafft N&naxr.I police 11.1 for ff W. T. ( w..IL
; S I Irr 1 moved that Ihe upon the < Tewtmrnu for ceplultiiu. tVllvptlana made In all .. .nUl. u..I_
Ol.r yol ;
omit the dollar la United State
eighty on
i to the r,at battle patMge Jill So. I Ii. to be eni I Committee on Icrll.a* reported, Ia- parts of the eountrt.ISTRRntT .
currency, but in DB cue shall they be by- i,I ." / S.tt lo Ineorpora'sln.vutpnl '
I 1 The Hooaae tunnel question hit tomany titled Aa tel Relating in SUM Attorney o.bOi No1. ALUiWID OX tii'ttTA.Fy51 .
w. da ao& r.e4 .anoafmot letiort tad t pothcrated ; and out of the proceeds, to b* which motion over !i I ant charitable assoetatlun.. AIM. aod riilnn, Crorkrr) ami (iln**.

S ...&M. Tb. name and a4dre** of Ibenter be drptrited with the Trraturer or to hit railroad interettt that It will give (i I under,en.l.e.11. to-t.rrew. to nlhn,". Ilrlakly jHoket I.) establish a i i iI i -trmnor, pwlbte*'cud tirtlllT_101"11''I Information .It\'rdt'ot S \\ arc.

.a ire tn -1.41.poolI.1l1fI. a*t ruraaW > order, the Treasurer shill firat pay the :i ri\C to a deal of Ing-rolling. The railroad { Mr. How oflVrrd ferry. i the WlthUcnucha Rlnc. I IluJer I

-4 7 S or r.It.. amount necessary 19 redeem tbe bond "r j commitcionert will path their pet tch'ra eannol .ad.na'e to retare er pmrrrteetamaalraUoB I 1868-9 frun hypothecation, and neat pay j I t for thee location of Hghthon on the ( report .the dumeraberment. 0 r ) aiscti.i.AMor I : Lamps Chnndcllcro
4 i in favor of and .Iw
tbe State
thai are not .**& lh. Indebtedness the Plate owrsmy nfttrItrtt buying tunning 1 rout of Florida been ceded to tbr SUM .made The CO"IOI"recite I II .. .. .. - ,

1M.. Jav- ., nf.. Julu- __, _ftjkft n_. .._u.tot...._,.. a road through I hOlD Boston to the Weih tnlu.stat**, and over. which nf toy h..I all the fact nf can on slice up to now. ', t .10
'i..ndt.bilt. i and tow w'th a mntutton-tu invite the Tom HK.MOV.VL: !
Tom Scott, and Jay Oould retala eicluilon jurladittloo I: j
Of' )troUTOF T..IK..J.R.NTRN I This/ acrim explictl enough, and pUll tb',. nilllng asked and obtained lear lo ; mlaionrr from Alabarat to tdrlreit the I.eg-I

: K.IT orrinLic .!UTaacr.ot.1 I up the bar sufficiently strong to keep out will hare their men in the lobby. Then Introduce Senate Jttll No. II I I, lo 1.1.lurp.i llontc 1'iirnUtiliiB 4
The report firing np the blitory of the three who bad drafgot lbs Treasurer Ibo Boston A Albany the Fitchburg, and I An act to 111.n.ul.1 the I ad.Iill i ii following action Uwk place on the report j I

o whoolt to September 301 b, 1873. Tb. if t'urrc be. the Lowell will\ l>o oo the ground\ lookout i Diem of ( OtfioeM therein c.lpalt. .hrh veil adopted. II*.J't rwi-tteU a tare nor I of tar anon- inittotteil .
S aj S i the thereof Mr.I ltflinoved
Th* Committee the IVndinu ware*. pnrraaoiM dtmpt from the aiao-
for their ..rd.11 j Oi Judiciary r..U"1 L.'A K 1 HOCK(
(iHutltBllofl. detlaira it the blghect duly I Iof theN parties ) report. Alterably bil Xo. *ulburttiuitmarried < that the b dispensedwith. | .".". .lItrII a itt be 011'II..1 atI.v

the State to make ample/ provUion E.G09. lI"ItIt..O nr.r.n., will make the fight lively and sharp i "UO.a eontev. their Interval la whu-h mi not agreed l to.

for the What will be done, it It bard to telL On { real eitaU, and recommend that It do hut Tim r'tlnirts. Sits mil afrrewe nl* n Com-
education of the children, tayt The Gorrenor it memorializing lb.Leglatisture nil..tonrr* were read. KST: I' It let: s FOIl CASH.TOILET .

a the Pnprrinlendeni, and after quoting :| far jj-ttice Ht W1 Korcr. i one point the people are agreed and that j i I Also, on AemUr till N". I, to S, Mr. Hall moved that the report proper of < I

'S tb.. .llnI.,1c retua'ik of Xtpolron/ nor from June 8.1'6S In Jan., I973. Iud |lit that the mount shall not fall Into tbej J I o'gnl."fleJ.Conrtt, c., recommend, : lbeCommlttee 'I'tol..llbt the Mttof' :" Would "rwcl\llt1llYf MOM ikt be buKRMOVF.U I
the SUt of .\ ," the Aree-
S tb.t Gail I 1. OD.tb. tide ff the beaviettbaltalinna MKK! the oflVe anything but a bed of I hand of any railroad ring. S pw. went of the CominltilonntMr. ? II I err*, vr. is, 10 P'. f. .11. |% \\
Also, Senate N". in referent
S ," th8ar rintendfnl .Irml'j| roe*, the State Treasury empty, with no I II Shall we have a State Industrial b'xhibttion I. and "ptprr bi l have been' lout* W.routlni I ( ..n offered the fulh>.tiwc *< A tubttltnt I' I TUII5C1 lETS: I'KCPBATtO, pV 1 10 I" fl'l

S that tbe tilitory .f tbe'latt decade Lu j jproved I credit at Lome ur abroad lit found it next ft! that will put Cincinnati i 4 .. that It do pa,.. ro Jlr./ Bull1. niMbi: ;I

I and St. Louis in the shale t This i I. the ,I Taut to hundred,/ additional jnunuli b.printed TO HIS 01,11 TA.M> rRKMII CW5A! TIA MCtw.
that God it oa the kid. ohhuc.hooll i ltll'l to borrow large autos of money otDtt or r. PU conUlnlnf the full rrN>rt of the ComuilttM ,

botte ; and elite the conical between the '1 1on hit nun (prrtonal reopontitnlhy to retitt t qacttion\ discussed In same of our city j S tot bill No. 23. to encourage;c.rtmiu'tee ,I Mil \ Jocumcnli.Mr. 1't.'Q.' lh.rir.l.ClhAtrtCIJ5A. .

1 Qeiniaa. wh IIr.' tMIufII jind the !'' the eRortt that "c rp made to over 'I newtpaper Tbe Charitable Mechanic r".H11' uf.ir rate'* J.II..1 / Ball .pllnj *ub.titat ni th>
..lo.JiDI.1 i table nhlrh lULL LtXMI. U<(Tr.US
who are n.l, generally, at proof, tlitK'w/ t lila $imincnt. 'lU, law,)" fre .\.
r ftb. tttperinrily <>f r lu atr|iauy, 'Uken up tod w. i atikusa"tTluILb : S
brute (orvi.. S than flO.W"l fur which IIP hat rertired ten thousand dollar for one this year, but after varIous TISra. 'refvrreil It.the Cum Mr.I 'moved that the rxolutiun of- : '''! liIN and A)' MOI>M,
Ikwton I. routed. The did I I. on the udlcl.t.SUI. ( 'clly the joint curaraltte Im I II |
: lie ttaUa that the tate emit *H'i .1.I no retnancritiou Hu expenditure were pride out 1X o. 4, to regulate the fees and ,j Mr.I Montgomery. moved! the pout-i Cll"'rn'\'
the 'fart that that (litre are 71,000 pt-ront i large In Tariom ways, nnil but f>n hit eii with a leading editorial urging ibe flier I per : "I.il urncen, w a* real by lit :!>, (l'woMuent of .L. .tiibjwl until ")-_rrw ,I

S in Florida who ran neither read net ,i frtloftt, and t hi* rippmlitum the State I< dittit-t tu ral
S. it.. This It an alarming fati and one ,j; would bare U-en remitted '0. military i i I are a* a guarantee fund. Botton had iu t Judiciary.Senate till Xv. SI. to incorporate, the tin I't{i it I agreed Mr .lraioa'to. luut ion, that time resolution J j! Itfieetladuenent "('iitrli 'till .tilt t' .M ,uio Tnip,"

thai eftot be to, .rriouly, nor too often gnnftlftll ;, big jubilee with iti foreign band and itt da Cval and Iron Company, came up on it.second by the roinoiilUe, lx adopted. was ".i. 1>. a

ftII.J.rco.l orrr. Hut, add the Sujwrmtecilcel. ,' Ma alto joint iktue with CumptrulKr |i hngr collUeum! and Its faoimu (litmore, out. and rradine then ; the' third section wa< >lri. ken S_ _Mr, W ajjf moved t. lay the motion on the latest novehr.r.At .
until I 1
( the
S tb.,* I I. a marked intretae "t (mjrill, saying there was no such claim i''! why not now have its great State InduI .- Senate bill IIpolt. rt.n.I"dl.1 I;|"peri'Uxt j I'I, 31",. \\ Itare inoveil WM not to agreed a.ljourn la. until t* I, alIlbeott.Irtsd tD the J"'WIo. a >r.irtir.Lrr RATrnnATr-it nt.Ttti..

(*,.r in tie miod of many prr.>n* tu t In the hands of Il yne & ('0., legal or i|I trial Kxbibition): with its specimens of in. ,Ihi.I.I.t.| or ..tfye.wa ,t and '' ninrruw ruornintf. ten "'."ek. upon which the | I. 'I

ilmtry and art, from / Drdlr 10' third :j: and were railed ( The vote .. ttTl'rrpariM, Mocking( Illrtl rno.l.jZJ
ward* tbe trbonl tjttem' ,* a .),It'1U that equitable,' agairmt the remaining UtmK |j a tooth-pick to a D"t".1. amend .lnPO"I }c* nay, or. was : : - -- ,
S In lo.county VM -Mr/ r*. 1UII. ihadwick l I'oleroiB,
$It capable <>f In-lrflulte eipauiiun le.juir- w II kit the ComptrolliT cUImi to have al !I picture. from a whip to an engine I LetI;I organic.| court ".read and indcflnltrly -I I, I'rute, < asa. II gan, Joho_. UaiubUn, Lonu.MclnnU ranlentar attentIon (.Iren In onti r,.

I., _Iy lime and t>ppwrtunily tu bang itS ; II'wed." He alto claim to have ntfr-red the:. inutcum'of art, the school nf I tcchnulogy poatponetl.AMcmhly : .. Moot omrry, Neat of J.c\..,

to t high ttate! of (infection.:' Some i lii* arrvtce to the Comptroller to a.aikt in join hand with the fertneraciubs :' lb. bill \u. a:, lo cunfrr upon wo ': r..I"'. IVtly. Proctor, ",. I Roberts.lt.suse. I i: SKNTIXKI: !., J.vo.! a, lir.lii.,
miD \\t
right > their interest in real
S and, the mechanic, aitoclation. to that ;I convey | Small, Stolra. Thofflpami of Columbia, t al i ;1.8"f: n. i.r. Itb
amentlmrnli of the acliuul liw are tugge.tej the vtllnn/ iL. He nl*, any* 'that the { e.tate. 10. | Thoinpum of Jrftenton. \Nallate '11,1| Wt.liiitgton -

: IhtUbe ( uuuty Hoard be lieuite.1 bonus wrrr h< lil as .illnlrrul for only the work (.f the nimble linger and tbe 'I Senate ".IDlelI.'re.tbe. ruunty Pe I[ -SI. r ti ti'Alii,

brain uf the old be of lire and, w n lontponrd until 1 netdty,and .s.t.-I..n. Atkin. of Franklin Unaon
buy Hay State -
to three nirmlmrt that tJ. be alwut < > may
ta ,
; icuau I6tft0U. made *|cial oril.-r fur that 1 'cluck. ) I" r.nln./ and ('IIIIIII..lon Merchant
I d.y.t :0 ''ro ",. Bryant (;:. "". Urcru ll.-
:' ken Lj the Huptrlatcndmt. once In 'five Iveart I The Kx-Uo: >tnuir baa Uld nut "urk.DtMlllh put <>n exhibition. It this project gets A..mLbi/ No tl. 'rl.U"1 to ho.rcing. klni lUonili Harder, I*i of lUmlltoo, LMof i>ii wnmuitif Ptiua 11

,:. : that Ihe count v clrrk: ba rrnuired.i iby In lout B rdfinniltcf. &. a. wi -- -
: :: -'n" ; '' At it It only talk. The I're.ident of the rwnate was iufurraed Mcnard O gnml, binauu. Markc Sunday, iriilii tutu lrol l"flits,
law, tt> report C .II'111.11 flnr ,be juntice! I lit done, though the heavrni f.! .I, jet rew paptr that the had,
Aoemtily f. la a molu- ...rinrn. Vann and Wrek*-21Mo T.U.I..U/t c.e- :, r'f-OH/f .l
t': longing to the .11f,1| fund ; that Ibe I J The farmer are l bestirring thtinwlvea-- i lion: to apioliit[ ajn.mmlt.ur upon the memorMi lhi motion was neruejtu and the AaK I.LIT..."IX ''TANTI. OX IUND a l'at", .".
j % .ual'" .LO..U. i-l,
I They to ilm tail L dal ;adOD'1 i : uf iiaiiiituit '
nlonletla the btttda .>f aheriO* L.. )mid to i I Ii are wakiug up he. S susI5.l) "dJ.rnp".
Ihe State Treaaunr, &<:. ;{ Till* noted financier laid down an exrellcot pay to (firm alter the old fanhion. A i .'tlaojolrit.: r.lalol In n-aard t CentenMai I HH\, January 'a. ..j I. I I Iliicnn, I'lonr, ((urn. Hay and (oats) ,

S The w hd.t nuiubrr of Khoolt rrHirteti| i rule for Statca ant mnnciulitlct! | writer in onC of our leading agricultural j,j )1 lr..Iubllio.. : a the I Th"loIy. met pursuant to aljournment. at lew ait prUw.IV .

I I'* will at for individual*, to follow, at to thnt the invetted. in I'rri by bl. predecetaof was 411, with 1.900J papm Ian money ; re PartIcular attenitun .vln' >n to r. .111.1 '
I] current eipcnaet-: farm in 3Ia.aaku.etts whole doc !, tl.I.h"al Tallahaure their nimrt.Mr. Natal KinrrK, cXilton' AC., ami advan.t-> inn