leansa iL insuran aco mpadtqA for
something c9ce3 to $400,000.
Fe dral Memorial day was gener-
ally celebrated Monday. President
liogaovelt spoke at Ge.tysburg.
-Twe:ve persons were thrown Into
rivLer a.t BiSd.-i. Colo., by breaking of
a foot bridge during memorial ox-
-erc 'soC.
-Tlr d Illllirotl rbpublibaris ttssembled
agatri at ,'prringfleld Tuatsday to tIy to
nominate a s-'Lato house tlIckt.
-Cloudburst in Kansas causes riv-
ers to r!Fe rapidly and land to ba
o or lo( e'J.
-.Aavnr McLane, cC Ball:Imore, com-
mits suklildo by E-hooting himself
with pl,:ol. Criticisms of political op-
ponents, and woArq over the rebuild-
ing of the biti-ned idlttiJct arc aBsign-
ed as th.t cttidaes tr tihe dafed.
--'ho Prench government higa cals-
ed the arrest of an oflfcer who was
conlnec-.ed wlih the Dreyfus affair.
--at-ia results followed the army
walking match In France. At Itwst four
soillers died of prostration.
-The Unitod States wars'lilp Brook-
lyn and Allanta halo arrivel.J at Tan-
gier 10 to-cc the raletse of Vnrley
an'd p.riciarlis t 4li AmerIlan citI-
zer.3 ahdulLtLd by bandit.
Pre.ld \Vashington Sunday night on a visit
'o Gettyeburg over Meruorinl day.
-Mrs. H. .Plant, of Macon. Ga..
Cecllnes to accept any of the $760,000
ltiu;rnuc. ro irnoy duo tho la: liankors'
-sui I, rIA iil ci- rl ri'B will g tL every
p(niny or thil amniounl.
-Dr. J. M. Simmonn. of Dib'ln,
Ga., %was ins anlty I.ll)ed by a stroke
of ihianting nlile In the bath room
S f I .- on's r.si.ieinrc Sunday ,aflvr

-A lI)'.t'ness of Girover t I-/'.l.d
Ins teen In the heavens .at C iiun.ouIS,
(;., Sunmnay, and many regard ,(. ,Itut-
itr as prophoiir.
-I',tcilesnmfi.n lolin, of A.Lt'ini t,
,-. *-.Ily hissed in the salni cC- -
\ r.:'' n when hlie allurtcd t, Major
-c re .. l: wi lati the del.gatis .:..s.s (c.-
*til ian inruliing mani'r.
-New Orl, ns hiad a ha!f million
dollar fire S:niidy. several large plants
being dlesir yid. Insurance Ito tho
animmnt of $350(,n0tj was carried on
theo property .
--Pnni Y uiinit, o;' (AColumi' i. C.,
di a while vi-liung lils brile to be, and
'hbile lii Ilhing day was scarcely a
a -..erk .llstant
-Tin Tibetans hnvu abandoned
tl'tir Invistm in t (of the Frirlll n r.:,ar
:i.J comanlunttni-a' on with the mio.n'~ in
'Ias :.ecn restored.
-Ieporls recolved at Cliefoo il..ll
ri,.e :hat Hlie Insslans have lrie- I-al-
ly nbandloitnc-l aluy, which 'a now
lihl lby only a hanuilful of troops and
n it H ,ele-trical engitt er.i who r ;iain
it, l'ilo h.' l heo IIino laidl IIIn th o ar.
I r.
--The' m, in r I]r' 'rt of G('-ii-ral )k4li
tslat's that lieh iis.sian lines at N-in
Slhan h il wre, broken by troops of
S'., P-i.iurh dtvivion.
liusailan bonds fell only a few
rinlts in the l.ondon market as a re-
FIII of (he Kin C'hou defeat.
--Mr'. John B. C'obb has accepted
the lipOBlllon of secretary of tha wo-
nini's hoard of foreign missions, and
has resigned (rom the facutl'y of Wes-
loyan Fenmale College at Macon, Ga.
-Juge Speer slops the Savannah
Electric Railway Conmpany in its work
of laying track on certain street in
that city.
--Bondholders and creditors of Au-
gista, Ga., iCebentnre Com-pany ap-
point a irniTee to examine the Iootks
of the company and make a report.
-iro at Newport, Ark, Ark., destroy
over one hundreil thousand dollars
worth of property.
-First Assistant Grand Chief En-
gineer T. S. Ingraham fell dead at
his desk at theo engineers convene
tion at Los Angeles, Cal.
-Young white woman at Americims,
Coa.. has a doctor an. two other per-
sons Indicted on a charge with as
dault with InWent to murder.
-Gilmer county, Ga grand Jury
Indicts three eleclJon managerrs in
recent primary, charging fraud and
-Mary Hightlower, a negro woman,
niyeterlont.ly dioppe irs from her
home at Tntuum, 8. a. Parts of her Ils-
imembertl body found In different
places. Her husband soitpected of mur-
--Judge Peebles allows the hearing
at the Robeson county. North Caro-
liuna, bar contempt case to be Irans.
rfrred to Payett(OVille. where Judge
Oeomge H. Brown will preside.
-New Liber'y. an Illinois village,
on the Ohio river, was wrecked by
a cyclone. Every house was destroyed,
but no lives were LosaL
-Presbyterian general assembly at
B1r111ito decides to unite with the
Cumberland branch of the church, by
a nearly unanimous vtse.


Dozen Peopile Thrown Into River Dur.
Ing Memorlal Day Exercises.
Twelve personal were plunged Into
thenArkanmss river at Sallds. Colo..
Monday, by the breaking of I foot
bridge upon which t crowd .ad eth-.
ered to wttgs the eeremnay of east.
ing flowers Upon the water In meo-
ory of the country' naval ,"roes.
Ot -woman was drowie. wUlw "-.-
ea others were en1eSa"eVe
1?^ U4 s.,re ^0^

tab Nu abadet Ka N. i
IA iiW I i especti the teclmntl t',rin
Of the 0riftikr's trade are flie snire il
Dngiland i l ilitd United SItes. vrt
there re several ridlcal dif'r i.,, ,.t
nomenclature which sound Yinullitr id
the Anmeclelith enr, vet" tiat'-. n, Illr(. d
mait1 i'fi,.lURChltii hinde(r, or -imply
a iulAder. Whit wtd call a )ir,.s i'ro
here Js tjre called n nachblic pr,)f,r
wulle they give td press proof. i.HIpI'ir
meaning; that of a proof wll"hIh pre.
samed tp be the last before goni 1,1
j)resa! W itli 1 IR t couttr.e, 8 1, e
proof nela h il'troot iii 1, l it
preas, and ImDplFlug that tihe iLiniir.s.
eloin is more or.less made i";iil s,, ;
to give a result equnl to te Ii .lli Job.
Composltlon done by the ~,i*crk i I'.
land is "on 'stab" as oppoi.t-il 1.,,
piece.'" Al office correction wti 4l1in1
is a 'house mark." They 1do i1,1 I,1
the word "ringer," nit lotgh ,. j. ,,,:
rcctlions are nelvc cled Ily ii. |'..,,f.
Peadtln Mo will its. A ilI'.,-'r,..i,., '1
Fooa n F i onlpiirtuiL' Int is c.lllh I ., ..uIi;
Sind tnhe tueinning of tlie \<% 1 .,.1 1
ended to cover the proofret,.ij.i, .
ternily, which is spoken o I,
closet.," Just as we rIfnr to i. I,..
ness departinuiiit s Uie onit ,: 111111,: ,,.
Theo copyliholer aIs ubially d intt:uii. ,1I
the "reading beo" while ti-, fr.ii,
the "overseer.' A inlld .iI .
ages l ,hiln "s(.rew," while, Ii u I I ,.,I
letter l' Is t ntr : o 'h r i:o. *i i,
printliig ulchililes are indr i nt.lIi l.1 % ,I
tmipeirsl ey wvlli inko on. n il..lie
ilelny, cro.iwn and small er\Mi ivi.
clues. T'le woord press ri- I.i'rrI f.,r
the hfilandpressg ill the olli-,rs "., yii
of thle nalime being illed ., 111:1 I .
A paper cutter Is Ia "g' lll ti1 1. ,1.
stone is nil "iimposiiilig hburf'a. ,,
stations wiltlh them aire "hlollv .11:wl.. "
A priels-cllPpihig ur lur ilt Is -'
tut- ilfig Algency.'' I.lth11 grlP;Il .i l.i li.
tliogrltnpii rg i rt t t ln .t i ',r- isv
hlrehviltcd tu "litho,'* nu 1 n .1 .1
Kent, oI'f ei'el' substitute cf r I l. .-
"Iype wlashI.4
BTs r. J, IFI r DEILIi .
IIn ainy rtlaillO i of 1117i niiiil hi i
Wh"o wlhine.I wletl he Itnlhl.
'tihp pull of n Inllll'l l|i if 1 I'.
Inorseless AtI the I 1pull of a diili-I
You clill cae ilUnate 1n 11 t IU ll.t r-.
rectly by the men wholi.i l i- d. 1- i,..i
WVe li-ar n gre t dt ':il ii,,it I .. ir.
reverence o f \\:tr i 1.1-
rents I atu not sur e hll t ilh l- 'lIi. II
are altogether to blni
As soon as girls leariir n litit it
inelther r Itn mI mystery abo)l t 1 olit ori 'll r 'I .l.!I .
witli .voung elin, We :(111 h|-, r. II..
A tounig man who d.nl 4. I..i '
word Is nolt only n liar,, Ibti : 1 t
of fool. lie delves ,ionly i hinf-' i-
Is no better than rlie ft-elhiw \ I ,1 *i i s
faces at hlnifelt In (lie Imit rr-1 r.
If i young m all it iiik IFI iiLI 11
woisian to ask her to Inher'--ii- I- 'l
lie shouki insist upon lell i I; I I I: h-
world know it. If be (!o-s : 1 4-...-
to act honornb'y w th hier t i 'r'i il"' v
reason w ly lie rliotil w aio nt t i, 1H 1 i
IlVs and hl r roInt1 vtes mand fr',t 1111
-ie'rreay and inyslr.y. To lei-i I ,'i
gagegi'iient "ot ill- ,:.nlet" li. t, .,1l I
dilntstroubly for 4many 1i w't.:''.

Why shouldn't i youngg iin i- ill
]l.h father 1114. 1m other a lit il Ill .i i1I-
I-" orf lis marrying? iL... Ii 1 .. -
ni ire a tout 1ii U'lu nlo u it 'o llt In-i iu -
rents! Ifl I1 get. lilto i1i'ilil-.... I -
ic'il-s sie'k ht.' t: i wnv for li-ll, ii;-.
Ieldrest Ihm ileri'. V *.1 l I ( 41t., -; I ', ,
lhlt h t th se tilings r1 s 11 lhollin *1.
parel wlitli the troubles of ;:n i1li -,
pyi ulnatiled life.
Two Vallnaug Canileto.
During a heavy tli>:iw, i i. iI,%'
crossings \ '-weir runniiiiit. biri).u l I -.1
ilneakiig her in.vy ut i tit( ilt .' iI 'i.
found herself confronted by ;n ;.iii.
1lig0oi1. Going buck 9 o I (l1to-ia I
troi,".ed tL.c srteet. oly Io lll) u114
otilter larrimr letptweten lher iill li 4 l -
wnlk. )oDoubtful, Rie stnedI Mill. '.-
anmlnlig IminiULioeks of 111%u V [iii It
Inlight serve us stepp)lng-s toni. I,'''
small heys saw her diltliily. mii l, Ihi
enger words nnd gestures p -unl ,,I I.
a crossing ilaee.
"*S tep he re a ld s(el th er ,,'" i, W ,."
lille the other, will-li hue itellhnliii ,'
BhIr Wilter ItnlIlgl, Kelzil It '
block' of Ice olid deposalld It 1i1 |ii'
gutter for Jit calse-way.
Dlellghted with suclth iiniiiIl iltu'-l".
11c10 the Intly bowed cort.l- lly. -'11Y-
iii, "T'lhnAillc 3YOU, niy youling (.IVlli,-. "
1'hell. t site pa esl td ot1 It litlil"'
Oil fle- tbnitmims of yonuilful <.lii' l.,
one of the gallant kilghts crhl'1ed 1t.
"Sny, nin't you golun to give uni a ci :'

HIrniags otI Noses.
hin a pnpereread by MIis ..3m 1'hi'1 N
l".ehil before thie section of I'l":4
o"r tie New York Aeidelmty of Scui i-
Ile joints composing tile anittenut:,'
anntl weere described as a SMri'- t(i
tioier. bench living a sitl-cfal fu., liot".
The first Joint distinagilsies tliet : ll'
1n llve nest froul the liest of fti ut".
ciny; tlea second discl-imiulites bre ii'il
tihe odor of ints of different colnIeT.-
btut of tlhe- same species; tHi third 11-"
rfrnis lihe scent of the track left lif
thie ailt's own feet and enialles ItI
return over its route; the fourilhl al1i
lftlh joints discover the d.sill'int'i
OI'or of the larsae and If
disna.'_ the out from caring for I-'
yollng Pi a nest; the sxtli antMi nto a"'tl -
Jolnis huike known the preseclee orf lll
"it of dtfferTent species. Only 1fr'r
tl.i-e Joluis are developed will n1I1
4 1 different speeles-flght one.anIltlher.
IDoabt About ArtLieili Dliamondi'
Everybody has heard of the arlitnil1
:inamouds which tHe French e.'iinii-t'f
l-hurl Moilsan, pro4tUced several ai pSrS
.Igo by rusltug In an electric ftu.l"'e
a mass of Iron rich in carbon antu i'11"
miuddenaly cooling .L The mnloute (r),i"
Ills formed In the cooled inmss were
regarded as true diamonds. But n1oS
another FPrechman, Mealets Comberi.
attacks Molemlan's coaenfsions aud de-
clares that the crystals Ii question a"-
u9t diamonds ..ifto which they dlier
In their efaraettve i tr M ol-
sleor Combee also argue that unaitr
forms diamond at a.'eotopsrativel
low tempestm-%, In i f l.pport of
tmis "- I tMiion be qntsit ', *'b'u adt
D^>.>i r~t~l|.W.*W' 'l-p 521'1

;i.. ~"" -,
* .. .. j
* S *. I,, ,W :ui, 2.


- I






;^ ^.'\'' 11 -1 ,blow Lauglin AstS to his naI es o
I'J U *ouHT A UI i ,i",sted with the nprvoy ust,, ..
Si'*- ::';" ::"tt attit: tltt, i* -'r 4 a. iin tiluht hi wife bad stood
Sirrfier- Sirug,:e of & Fasterniaq Wl-h a walist deep In tie wilttft *s(chingl
SA Mrster of tile Deep--lhI3 Wife SctW Ihe with fr.lst-lbeatlitg heart the ,ifitoil
'Y%" -' i" Covies:- Re'urrirng From a Sail, Iacob t t't(igglpe taking plaicee lu the.lttti ridO.
W O M A N S i,3, ,rli o Crltatc Wn a Ter.cr t eha clmer L' time water wltt
Lcrjq cir rr e a- Ccqoca \ Wit r ialf-dellned Idea of w\adii'g oa Irwir-
i .. :;:t'n?:.i;.-:i- ::.; t::.:.< ::::.: ing but to the itsailcstaln ce of be&i hud
A LM S J0ILo iEHIP. length of a press dis- batd., so terrible wtais the agony of thel
Sptct.h Is mnot always mineams own u-actlion and helplessness.
S r sl ld i0 u1ieod by tihe iimporlnitm. 0 A laiftt-e6nsclotns gestUire or her hus.
444w F ban ha (ie event It croticles up- band had itnayed tle rash ant i. and had
Ill k -WOW- f on ill Individtunt 11f, .anys brought iher to I cr ienneg: nip nest-
a Ihtm Sau lrannc-leco, Lthilletin. taledl buit tiaoulsOellt to collect ei t
-.4 A. -- "They hait go down to (hik sea itt seoill roiel wits.
l-411 hll-'s" nMi AI rt le; meet. their fiate uti- nThan slite lialenled toward a skiff
'tion ):stsA dver theherdo ii not fit.r aseaff wonid acar" support brr,
.. t -t11at d ,e im .orI, L but a sh ao rn' ai, t siatiPr r id strt bit..
ferni or the lMantel. ,, h inet, ? h s ger A sIory of suffering. courage, ati.d rell h nl-k r intary eirai- ihiis an'es t $killff
A pretty way for decorinti g hi. wl ; iht .1 ll 1.i h tl s iltlh a' i lll'll hl speaks well for 'every t'lisre It I ay flo h n her Y. Al t uow
nuiatelptece, or oritani onnlil i shell fr.- ,,s im.1 1 la l 1,1.. v liu ,Itl;. a %ron m*ao ah w manhood lies bv-_ e It'n Jyg iiat ilet t h .: Ytnt the
y4lilt;. Is-sil l- rminwrerIth g el r At firt h. r tr.'Uiht
Atuently adopted in ll llo tropl Isl,, is, ,d IwII ,.,u' ,i ...lh i1hh 1. h h Ini d lhls lil ale fo riir- ll o tem that rap. e)t. gt e e itt t htllS, tie
. let it small wooden hovh1 to f .. ,, ....t -. I. ( l, '.I In tlhe dally piapersl or ia dy Water. Terror gavetherF lo r k t.ell
h l 1frfeet1 l6di .,lt .tl Il; tl Ifl h ild. "' *.1 'l I n t |l> 'l, fro.) S. a lnls: .oL1 t il ta lld .ltlon o her l..to s.nrk l.e
Ill k ( IneG R t Ire Wiecll 9i hi ll :Ii A 1 h loIn h iNil1, I 1. 1., a;t wll ilf r li-JhtiCo'i I ,Lu illy.n Liey Lse wats l ot lio, than 4 ti
Utie fl limb boil ly .tine l .i Is ll,. aIn This I 1i|In b < *.* Il 11ll t itll t t l The fight wailn't ga '. irbefore
with aI um ixture of rich'0li it.thonl iiil m -iin i iirta i,. "Jh. f.,li.' iiit., ., li'l i i P o devll hi rje1 1i it # f n te. anln. but iher
isamid, io ilchi ch i e plt l t as Il it, Iny i lw i i -,lei -a, ,, .. 1 lin off the c st .vesterdny.'i]i n r ti rovsnt y e it e irrlinsecd iUi s 'was
miiidell ferns i gI llte box will ho<,l. sn ood t m i ,. n ,l| ii'rt.uii l a .. I ', t ,,m ti .Ineo, b Langlhtint ind h io e wife, Susan,' nl t ievl i rt shel
i t t t t e m liiii l m i ti 'it' tiiilliiie esof lanira ni ]i ueem t it tiaftir i h tW hi elti
Iilst ibtl piitmd litcn a h ii :.1 ,, ,., l i lliip nt1lt mi a little point ti at dt oa iite fullt r Ir oria's froLU thio cIToffl
they fllat ilg aielt Auly Ov. e r (lie i .116y ',r. tl I. ,friio t m,.'i ,. m i,1t.a i il ,,i Uiei tm ittle pol ht oTlll' u O E'on- V MI RE
tmar box. I st t imi ltu-lll 1 ll,.l l i l.. n .. t tiJ l i y ki lw ii i i li irll k no Ia s dol"ts A .n says Al wolf tltn't oi i rohigh
w lhell tile sh bokt I n e. l oi1 ..l,,ii l .,i iht, nl. i i tlil-,,ilhi. lir ,mii ,.i,.l i -1 l. iarl retk lrunsl hy one l\ae o a e ,i f.t nil i a!nil
ti ll it nit ikefs lidt ii tty it h., ..li itlin i .i i. A .ll i ii .i..lti ,il t ll m lmii ,1 r |i t iitnid here J elb has A- L.nt flit a-,ciiltry. i, lim o i le cliar m *ll.r
tould bose8lbly b e al boal. for wlien stl wv lipr.s from ber >leep nn l
Wiladed IniV rat i id n ll,.1 *1241 1111. di dig n n i ill|y Ill>,.,iin1n |li:, I| Ji ,I ll-.. tc ris:oIl fts ti0 love to fish Ont sti fll wrs tha fhe rib.er |le ,p.i|
4lli lig t, iinaike he t lie n xil^r. iii--,di.,i*iil lI..- S,.,. Thi,, lsrniivly roiCli T It ki buttt 1 oi etnii rnt-itt1-gt: l 14 i-li i t r at n out
fer -liet-oratu d rtl vi ni i. i< i,,ur ilil ,.i.l l. ori. tthirty y ars. 6iA .Goi fnlt i inind. I lt e iS ittVh 'a niiii h r I t ie l a lst of .
lreitti r l y ila t i tha.i by i3li.*. mi .t l i ,nii tu b i r,, i.1oa ,i ma,! ri it, 1. I.niatl i followed ith i6, nlid o ..a. .... i i
trimel .Tim -- c ost't lI. !> lI:. :. 1 >11, i s.a a mi 1.,,!.,,m i I h,.e m vmll ImI hi d'18 l I [l p, in l t li t -lt'i- !UN tiil'a- OCEAl N VAM PIRES.
m 11 o nllt r trti W olli -ilir. i I ^ ,I t ll.,, ll] li t I i nil. h rr ) LI iT m. r I n y,'l al all s I mie I i l a"po lt Of ,;l' -lN- l t a l
"In personal convlt ern alilei, iii ilh Ih .thl ,' h. t.. I 0. l inI in ih fii al s e els hoi lt l will I.i'a wife to alend M i gi r e<.sm-tIn e ile b o vlr si nli iolealtdl
Cilnr o tne Is str iucki iin ilnl,.-l i ,-il |ln, '.I i I ,a .|lit- *ri'a t it lil- 1 renint I il er of hiis dlays; i I n isi ine, c oulesl' thie Hu llier.
lie shrinking a ihyniio Ani i_.l 'jlm .,1it i. ip,, i ,i itahi l i j il I 0 i t .- 'l nt,'h '. No, l 11 iI tlihin lhenrlitg dibtlin el of thia \V'ilih lte iults blo ex eptollon of nt
lineli niunilve, tilimost fetiiinIiii,. 1wvi.,.i,. is i'i -ho -iil, l a m, il n it sti l lll soel hi' or l ip ml' beislakitisg alinlrk, the ." Len I ? evil I or
W i\' tt ll ln veryboIdy' vs Mli ,i '.- f,. ii-il 1.11 it., li-.diIl o st i'; nh ,,s" l; o o i fltritooli trdin it A tlili 'ii, I lidd h-.:1 1;8te ora of the deepi. All utiii l li
ntchll.tde "Tia e co nia .st i ,t- ,.i I 1ti ,. It r i .nli. i sin ;i s ii. : *I i .l ilioIhti ii.' ih l' :ast I ti t.E l dei t tlit hatie rnit d his t r n t liL tAfl t 'illr't i Ito fllt from tllr mother.
liiellitholy anra d Electiv, ('* 'i' :,1,r iII,. I, Ii 1.iI ill li.dlf .* tlie i lip ,f t i liion gray iiIir ai a ide lIlghler inld Ill !ir se1-rvc4 it the l riltihl tlwellitxl, I"
exuberantly v'lla. IHals r.. lui;,llh. .0i ,,] i .i I''r ..l1 ii l mt Kleip i tlhrrateii lg nigtblh aire five fre-t loiill, and before mouillillik
bolling 11 'lt h I l iexpe athil lii. i ,,t4, r 'h,,ii. l ii ;.i ,, Ill- i i'f Is Ih.m fn i -i> 1i lI:as wi eiii wpg l iced ltw iily pouillds. sI'l.ie Uothi er
rui be npprechlftm a oi n lv l im \ .i... i i., i l 'ri: ii uini It I1i.i nls l ,ib a of ail it g la i e i I itpelnt p t i llni ll ?rn ti nl0il- Inuistu mol aoi ftn e n faee l le tu l ii l-
hMiii conversei i lli Ijoth. ; i,1,-i 111 iit i >| i illi i ,I v., i a ho lei" nis o t tho'l l'l wbas slowly rowli6 dr iftf ( iltet.o liteis h It brirtpd i.
lint be nup'1apl that Ih'll I'a( ,im i,,N ,.. il:t -Iil Il- io. >r tllh ,iot'.r i n l os't: tilt little l igOOl wlie-:o lie ts-. It Is nt. .ill llmeas l ll dall ro ti aunderl
1 I tliet il imbituil u tl ouit too n I11 Is i iiiht ,i I, ri l uoI .i l i s-rin l ItellmresP .iml4 Iet waI t mvi tlh i couple of liundr t li t gso io s'ter., sany tshe Mitllliiday lag oi-
of Orilctiful t'es pnlion i ht11111 ,i il.. lith l.. illic'li.flhess tlihat muiglht lit l ', I" in i ln llx.sit)I on of "i lo t to gh t ed aroiu lid fti- tki l hinse rings., of in niolhtIr necom[ni led by her iff.
fr om IP lite head of i -groat cl: ii l 1i, I .I i i 0 h nir. i I otieNd It bun"ll ti (lidugi@ drift ali9;ng. Shie In quite erniible of re.-
1;ilon. Trlh O ar t Jis ("niirklii lle i,,i "1 i l 1,1 I>'1, i iI l,"I liilv' flr iiiaiy i:ost oni his bow. i gav one o:t1 t rsliff ihle inll of liniiter and lhuinleJ.l,
a dlignilty which I lhe iiio i.e noeil...l, .I',' ,h, -rd i:i lr ril. O ill lt iiu 'i it twist-to dLrive his hlloat closer to It. tall hil innl ppaillilng ilia boat coln-
beel.nsis I le su]iall I i:7.>, I1i i --h- ll I.lk[ :iI Ishliore dweller., lils eye rovedl trailing hir woV uld be t ptt's, Anlid oft
v'ile Is gentle and wit(] n % iii, \. *l ,II r. L tv 1 lerih a I it lo -If It contalne. wreckage s ing t that noi w ge i of theio anpen alive.
dignilly is like the d illg i i ( tI.,;i T i I Air' a ll-i' ile i' lb coinml- uf itiny value. As hits boat swisliiel "h iiiii9gie," wri-tl te-s 1 ie lion. Willlilm t
Vietorinl, .whli l lb oii'lret tl-t i-'\ tilt. ll t i % i i ii t' l well.'i i'in iiIrmd r o li:unig1's l lie gave It ai co i it i tn o e illt, lit a'stl i tr ligi thie ex itling siportl
ilio tientered lite fresenciie." t i":i". I I ',if i i i la klot! fir u' li ta i. lit' ti ( ioie h tloltsnii. tile8 py e lie he il i Ia lmni g ati-ni voi- n T lpires, '"ia
0_11__ hii-: ,l. < l lii' atI l icillt lhli igs or t r w o a li i hlrge-si'gzd box Jiinmuied in mons ter f'ro al-*ixtaiun to twni'lty feet
Thie Bmhtiuess V nIi:'. il",. ii It i. it 1 I i a4 hotil lile ila. Il I. i- r 'i (w-a phlt''es ot llfe. Ie H I gavc a t'ro.a timo laceci, full Ilreoo feot itr
ihue lnsi not itiIndrc'td f mih ll.u Iu u i ll.,i I hI l i mllit i ia 'it illil u f 'l ori iiit.At I ;a ,- e a:' tilli hid ill' im sce whi tlii depih. poisf tinstd of pos erfull )'et flee
it'rlI upon li er w I altdr ,l. t n i l iai mI t d 'l I i liti': 'ir u.i ti-iiiti:i. .I: [ ast I a mili lilleuiod or eltpility. T IIlP i il Ha l i's w litt ig ill iwitlalith lia
I.% if 4hlic is wiite shl liii.ij i im min h th' I1 '. u- 5, i hiuii.n Cihir In Ihe li l u.t bia'mt ii t aili i unt,| i fill-. fu It, iI ...i :i iu 1 :irly in lil'e, uainidl r 6 i lri. 1i roI nil. si oltili taillg thal t or vsa ltl s is. l i4;i mei I h il mr-, oligroiih wt ltil'
Alt olfflis erawit u"f int of-filr in%.I ti.,, hi I y. loul.-. llike a iU linpld piere of fithe lie sk8n0 l t' s.ile no lmo'lito i ilrd; lis
it its (lie foullinliili iiItu ii \ hi. lh ,. '1 Iti.' air-' it.'''. ha. :ul:'tt-:'lo iu mm- i. The Ilii lig intoved; i a shliurp i ly feelCa' (eonii o01ly Cnllied hota'l i li ro-
butills hel r Kystein of ldre-tis l-'iirlltiili I;i lit- \ Iry 1:t I l ii in..q of loikiii t l'1:11; ricnred itself out of It t' Joe ling set'ral feet i yotild li ain niu th,
'Thlil color iitel ue alini i t It iuI i )I. ii, i i. Ii '-;i.: a-.. u Il'. a ci' .taa li tinhi 1cl. ann mlld ai -im wti.k- d 1 "rot lin gl iau n l d illAdi l lathilhi tcil li nmiiil fry 1 liiit
to ii oin' n rtlcle will van, i na -i.it i aun tg i. t ih '- l l at lhirh Iihl r neyesI rl.-irped l t I .al llvin over the slile coislitilte bhi rood/Into lhit calpialoull
Utl0s of clothing. without iI I ric i .ii i -t i. liatt -'i i'e it lioi Ie- u? tlhe boat. rtr-(iti-l)n c--a d yo'iu .lill h ve nil Idtit,
raillih ti cl lessetl like t ii iiirlt i iri tlih.,l u tU i -.. I 'le the Il'mi prinu'iilh-.i ainidl illiA Iur';or wn a thin? lit nil his Ihoui h lnagb iump rfect oai.e of thisll exx-
uli mi,, I ld mith mig i n I a n ius:ii,. --4. i n, .. t h :hi'It 'imit lllt 111 at im 1t1 1*lid -tp f'trring i,% xperlene- I.nigllim land nei traior'mll)inry1 tlilh."
fii.-' mll htilit dl aess i mam t i'i. .'il, .. a 1 I'.1 i a e l'"leh11 '" illa it pr tii he li ke aind It n-ai I not liam ll 'J'io -o-'illmed "hornl i" to whith anlhl- i
Villa i fite'ry. -i.i ll t. al, iii 'uI in .l' i tIro'lili.i- i ling sinkhe-like toaelln cle flafhit im i ) m itt sl 1 in lan lldo al eil a lhig iln faieature' Il
lilll.ltll., <.hc ll'm t iti.ss l iiar'aii0 i. a ;i. 1 t '- i '1 : .ll11' h,11 i l i ,'y ii'v a1t 1'1 i; rtl fell ihen `li.y acroeis th I boa t l.i t lii. 1 liintiii 'll. The peelo o r breasn t
tl. ir h ,0 t ;iinlli tii- es. ii.il l ii ) Ili ,i h .tI I i ;li' i'i'-'lt .l It'l lt liti I- ail:ial.' t Ill lite alas faiirly lu liac hia '. 4 i ilt li lm b i i.-n l.t i WtOt uiM '.SVmu .it \ .- ', l >th( fu.l '-i"- i' td-.:. h tiam i' hi l l I tu l tat it l t'a a g a f m h e i h 'li<'a d (l e mlldli d I a P hi fi'in f .l it, i ci lta p t l ilmh ith a .l s top a llmor't a t
sli lre lie w'iia in i,\li !i-iia lir.i t- i i iI .' h 111t orf t' 'rt iii r;-hlit. thllu i r ii,> i ti ops;' S m1 .'i'tyepd ith libo it Iha t e liin3ul, I i rI : i| h'>nr a'l f' roniiiil I
lu-'i ini tt ilt I II i- I -i I "- I 1: a 11 ,; I i II mlo t a i i 0 -:'i't-iat rnof 11am ,rits p iw er l l en t -itl It r' 'i ir.; i ti ced imon n ri h ldti e of tlie
lt :al|.1iin, as n r il ili iit i li Ilii. n- I- (, a. I m"w ili llt tif dj- .'litii 'ld n1o effort of lime linagima tiolsi L rmai. 'ilTb a." aip t-ndai i's take li, fmorm'
'.'.. 'iii c hlolr ind I1nitt li i 1 i i 11. I ror, I l.: 1;tin lo forces e lim e'nd phouild lan d r'limi t('c-ler of 1 1s lia s I 'lig flexilh lo ti
1 ,1 1. Iti tili'iitna iiat. w ith ti .0 'I- lr i i. i- ,i .i a i t t l. '.lli I,) I'itti h lie oa.1 it- blougii it w illiln 'rVaelh of m11i m' -'pal a'tIble of grmsli liig li'rry nlld t li i -. \ily of sai'ii- iniig .,i I1 ,' 10 l I h1 '1 117 lL i Ii h 10 im'pow erfulfr l leak. ryI II to) lit innall li. T'l., **f"I'el'r.a" I
Ii i l ili h llti n fills-' 'llili ,. i t I t liti trh ii ill 1 t** ini h 1 .0,. 11I t o osto a ,l oo a;pd gind 'r:t tpc- i hntlc -t na A tli ar.v Iy r alli-.all,I, ar>- sdmhtim e.s Ibhr'ee
lth l i it net ilae cloitc s tvhli.-h l I-. 11. tliu h, lla, 1 d 11 1 1 :111 11 i tlill I-4 it:l l in',v l r hl i Iln t e stern of llt f-'e l Pt i lr or l Ill leg-ilth, lined a i ret cirlo- u --
1lii. i a gIrl mo n dis'olit tilt I it t H ,il 1 i lt",i i i h -ll.y hal I' I-'It Iotl. i- lirli ng nultiously but swiftlyy ly inrll hils td at 1list onals so mib to arc-
lli1.1 1 Ill flar lh ftiture'. "ii',' t i I.1 t h.it'i-rh'l iilii". Ia',t fir-. air' he struck ; n aub!s lgla blow nt w n' ti it I ni gerA of HI l ii' iaan limiiid
i ti, 11. o au h 1liw e an tt. -.- t ive L a t.rlli ii it. iii l lu I i i 1t 1 tl- only ltentalnce et within reancli. The l1 wl n air l'liod.
Ihti li.%l 1 iitie i a n 1au u iosmlss is i. s ii. .ilil,' 1i lt t:.' :tl nlillt ofI i-r 10:1 hi'r- lotltgih Lmiselees yielded Tike rubber uls ln. I h l 'ny .t.lallhii long o ts a indi t aes el
IlIi Iililal fm <'lotlhln -lite ar.-t' n aul "1 1 iitf .ly l mfl'll aiw n i1 tia' t micar (tme use. He knew that thia was of a matel luatger w*bi' hatv- iien
lat" i. .a ineirantir-Ext i : %it-atit 'ni wi itm n mt PuiI'li't ullit one of but seven or eight arin., dragged froin thelr mioot'lings ill In
'a it-.ini apearaaei tl a iiillp l,, iiiimr L < aiil>irt li-r knowl niii despair nliuat o eapol were hin. soni. M cat capaplzed by 'tle oceissn v4iu-
T ie Le. Iup Year Proposil. 'ti' i a0 1i.11*'I Ipia'lyfi fit-ta1ii. Agnlih and again he struck. each tnaile piP tN Iat'lil aidhl d o fl ti theo nacltlor.
1. at .'" r itlIl ioldls lli n' hi iti tl t'i -nt ilon l of won ien9 Imtt o1 m lii' i a 11 IIIl e girl -1i. uoa' n', i', ll s. I t it IyinK r o g 1ettr the to et n the boat and liarb r o iniil -sloii. A selimc, ter ly-
-,' I,. tatll igimhiae lhe state tif aiinlail m, Iilt", to 1.' -m'u, hu' t i lluta h Ihm' Mirl liho nreds to hilin tir ol nati mkitt llm r" f'm-l lt-ure I.il liat site i of woakelin, but while hle was yet back- oft Its owncr i''olton, to tlo imnaseianeint
'lhli'r lion n -propose. tilven (I1e faitI illiilml'oi"ttiu I **'atalii -li+e I.- 'htliliiug It|g at It aniotier shot out cf the wa- sud o]nralif thliosee on board, stanrlecd a
lha lilti' laily wi is.cs to propose tihtn.re i"ll'-r" Nuiliiaiinks Kiiik r il llui i, r anind fell heavily across the boat; a furlouaynte cross thia birhor. UpoI
ir nn' 'i .ltu t lcly of wity-s openo to ls- Iih'r tlun flt lh ulla'tatimh Ililt ailie i another followed It. seitrling ite cppostle bamk its courlCe
ii't 1.- .. ly ailwnays an forniil pru- ilimii t'i)ii'.lhlliig hhih l'il l t vi ,iud': the (pressure of a hilndi, wala lid lot ml ert l'hiy.--Jinl'ir- itf iis -vife running up and down the aisa time tssel, antd t recrossed list "It
Slu.. ;i itroikema senteaice, n silent tlirr, I'tarmiiir. ieanch, crying frenzledly for help. She harbor li Its former noorlugs. he
-. flit-t f;ir more etlieat-lous; asd In u"i---- mtld ee pnlin'y the atraiggle that wasa T"ies wystlr;oalus tighita across the It
,, l,,.,.o love looks ad,. fo ,, ,-iu ot ndkuew ita som, tt,.,ing tarbarWo,. ,-i.. eanem,, .a of r
limit-i. ai u. lime muost dry-3'uatamrt' d nof U r'' h. v.'" happen ing w llhout Bt all tlnieI In ^ e pr esenpe .of bundled m of rl
i in it csry to pop the .' .,)milrnheudinht- what monster It was aton:ahepl snpcta'tors,. who were ut- of
il'rntt Ihik it iiee so isy dt"ino s" e *s '1 r. titbt halnd her huisbnnd In Its grasp. In leryi at-.. loas to nctoutnt for llthe phe- o
"ta--m; tatli In hooks md nia lramal life -lir agony :.ah waded olt walst deep iaomU'aiou. Thle iga-rafios ceased lis P
"h, trl of wvoollg Is very differeAt InIo Ithe water. The sun was turning saudleoly s Ilhry begatm. Not till. then
f. l'Itu Ierootyrped Idea of the to a re.l globe of fire In the west, but dlitilo btah aiailn undulating tulkes of
at ':'**i i ubllr.I Th'reeo cofesiotls of im."L t lhand lost its beat. on Inmmeniee ocea vampire, lppptmrlag il
lIt' Iltlm lfo would reveal in min.y ''_ igllin anows anys that In this terrl nliove itv wa-er of Who harbor, dial.-
'tt iatt ihie tiWomnna lend taLke, the og .ila ik aovrei nro a f.utitre of t"I lih. slianitloan hi ainid took td the mlan- clone t'-v isolive Power iant cussed d
hilt"itiii tI hat li' had encouraged, ohop ,ul are. n dspinaa i il crnt'tm 1 ^.-" atiud r.itally led her lover in- prcsnt fushiloi of elbir It-alih (hi g~'e'n or the hills, the trees stirred One of e euroau labi of his ht lb
atein,, i in marriage. ad that no sileevc. ve light breezes, the red iluking o thro soirs iuetites It to
'lal Ir .ia l erPr 'eve lly e t oi k pt ce, pe y ier -o for a tin. tt sbeeinl tf lihe light upon the oa eogmltltraaltl aihmitnaeo be-egtlm thsm *
ih ...it. 'b .ea nly m indeed d il'm'm lit ,iancde of tine w lm lto t -oll ota rr "in. .a... it, wi nttfl than lw n eih scune Him as Inin tin me ir ab ove the w'h -ir fa e ..- a

" i lngi aul ulpolisied soldlel. of taloelue ilk. 'i-e' welHed in rage against the cold whmibh I kept tap .for IIl, l siot far '
lit ititlt I- his hPare tr inf lltha O of Elorte ole t of offu ria- around be y is bti boy p p s se
m'a s "saim 'iMenta ai ws lleTliW o be saved it mustis Jettihrlh. At linel the great lhsia wll T
!tii. I att his ltel.a, ommthiuli.ohs; bat- qlakethat It, io be latid around the lftim oWam strength said lin o'Vi COlil' as tri or taleh': feet unto gi.y -p A.
allahn nsandmb elety .that of Itegr cosmall(, citonso lte.i- ri fine v luid nev er prAy)'i and lie dId t'OlitlessAor w ellrofe4o
a il.nedh rph-mmvi hilut ia-ds, atu"tI,. l.. i.millfle i '-. i. t a m table 1 aie lit l 'l-e''i Iulie.' tilik tiilu Ily tlills lile tlhe lrrible monster bad -il) tri ll, n os or ce I oh s h b
-.._ white glassi and aire prettily deeora-ted tar-m of its great armus around the un- monstersl wlrh alrb"Iled opltely lte ll
I i't oln' ir n glo. with grhold tracery wrkt. fortunile man: one wrapped aroundMi over ils nd thp Illt boat he wall ft
lil i irl' whio does this'igs in this Dniauly little plitirllns ualrcdtly frainimeit hil legs atld utea around ile body. k tl
OwnI al a \li i rAtiljYe, both to ite in inalirow blsik iandil 'ak framires. l.angtin was clluging to tihe seat with 'o ilg.-- 1 lle
il I lira otwn seiX, 'vhclm last counts hotw'int a great variety orf ubJeclt. one arni and the other baud he was M.rdrimns lto Tree.
Il c. loo in te long run. are on the balgain l'uintOers for1 only hacking at ihe death-gripping arnt of A remnanrkrile i lotel is in illsiietll. '
hin. my not bl able to <;o great a quarnr. the devillts, e'spally where they on ,the road lptween Hanta Crus ind hav
Ilng ti 'alt great pletures or to Cora'sI that book li] lie front anda liy across the thwarts and offered hin K.Scti Jose, Californta possesses the --
o tIg ha aa pera, buhit you can learn have a plia ba'k are Itie latest in the ihe chance of a solid blow. largeKt trees lu the world, andi a tc
i,;n ..1 bright little thliuga for your- .corset line and are rallier costly af- i AL tie creature seemed about to lift shrl.wd hotelkeepcr lans h 'Il, i you' friends. lid-perhaps to falr. i'h. isalug is directly on the its repulsive body over lhe. slde of idil i of utillBing as a waynyde bhotelry h
l e li ,hlt "c, tchy'! airs of the day front and the hooks nar to one side. tIie boat. Langtin found al chance to a group of these mainuolths, thus ar. tie
i i ., do ,. nd will enjoy the. ,. Te Is a ,,n holder Just out. strike t a heavy blow etwe- I t he Ing lself fie -ont of lanlladg or rent,
1, i lint do tatbhlu g ellh s culd of T erel o01o i lle a se an d haa plar-es y'. It gave back slightly', -i"t still The hollow trunk of one tree, whope
,.aI: .s.rtoii talhiet. b i fo hotb flive andteallm cent piece. iamintained ttime bold of its tentacles. ertcmll .alenI ri about twetly-tw-o
F a .rlathetir. ie tI aih-er al mlan t I it b 1Not only that, but another rose. WIa- yards. SIarraage L us recoptlion room.
~.~/1 on ly o take ie Irotible il t d e rsing In one end uanldA Is. lo ea, a in g n the n a nir, ad circled -is waIst. and the su-rroutla since. sheltered
a. onl:.. tikl tinge trouble i a a ed a l ong enan, d Tile tentacles that now swept around lay a thick r of or spreading braneblm.s
Tiw'l that thins ;it. ofte hed ptl lon s iln.f his body atld seemed to be e-uahlng the se.,ve as inig rooi and arnokla
iht, llilty iretia; she wi oftes loo lt Pitty little dreis wsiil as IA( r sik very life out of him had no further roni, A uisiaber tof other sllnUler
i 1 oi epireat.o'i showtj or tohh, lo he lad, eUt ab In-lle imlic.n are Power to datnL him. He seized the hollow trunks antake 4tanfsortable lad-
I lail"I. :greatled owy orol- to b t all. it tltkd si ut lb repulsive, elhny thing witb one baud room. sinnished In Is tr isett ahiproted i
Sat allsee s;ad all, ad sank with It to the bottom of thebo lyi aml tI .ntiprees at a Iitlll distane (
hit there sre i hrr tilphti witllq .edt', with astl.worked scallop itml- is at. W-ith wo powerful blpwr wir oe-upied by the hotel stlf. I
In h i. wrl only i, look. aid ilese ton-hotedl In oleced silks. It be it cross I.h Ilhwart bhe evred -
i-us liay Ltie but t e tMfirt ta h-er "Ai Aid to ilressilners Is the slave it froi thf eeteature's body, Wbasremi n- thb Satei,
Ui er dark hoiatu t hat tit Will ltte form, w'blL hir Isa lltad of bron, tIekel A rew more blow! were sineea to r "'le little it Mhiutistol l enrictbal
n ih iIr ru 14 rAtsh frw lte p1tippld. And Ins toI' t tbe rt I eaos be ter the renaiatflt tmetl alliAd t to th sttest of 41 "A"i *11
S.o, attire. ... .. :iasemnduln wh:.- It Is- a thi bt r ,vat deiltiab. with *ekt l.at1 f 14 .Mra',

tmite-' -A*-

WOR 6 -- ---- I s.-v-*---- h.I t



Dr. Edw iard Ii erett Hlule, tliO va't- ''iiliu.v. 1 I' l s les. L;i'r u ii 1m ali, nu-
eruini Uita'iir aiiislel si nlii saullh.)r, i tllr m '"The M tit W without : ' hals bi-ie chosen 'le niilhnlii orf llia' Mia- Itry." <->iil of thli must widely diseussei d
ate to autcceed W llhiii II. .M1llllitimt. io if ii'niluri m books. In addltiont to lhis
al'o died hatt year. Dir. Ilih I Is ihi s t it m ll-lty -liI piliilarleluiIl a ud IIterarty
eelghty-tPceond yeair, eiud lin mbeenl 11.ii- w toril Dr. IIfln lhiinm lben prominent Iai
tor- of tleio tlllith 'oiigregv tuaiiht 1 irsmoil -i t.rrltris' s a the "Cliamn uliiit"
COhurell, Iln BiiHloi, for nintuit liill n iarrh enanil "'L.nrid-n-lida-id" ohlah.

nill Ideal Senatoe chapliit Tlih -Ile- Ihllhni g Us se mhiri t leeve'. nThe ae'icont-
tloni of Ithe Rev. Edwardl Eiv ro't I11a c li intainhg cut111 i'1uiir ly c'i'lilIrM it Ich-
to saetccted Dr. Milllirii wians Hli Io t sc pt'll hnmi. It Mlhowa iht device mauitle of
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noolil. Thl e alwIn ilihl' i n llata i i%% ih howttel d l
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ntMr. coi 'kfl I ,ik Is
imped from- o1 hol ei.1lrr.
Tlhe imt- samn rosM
ilace te Chi bk-ago Illitro. fire tlihe
o 1f the theatre usnnoager, i lellin
as iot been a happy one. T- police
cerbe wua promptly. l nssd iiider
htelh, ever slue, at trvery t heatret it
e Oity, thei Iron.ir. curtain hiem lind
btv lowered after every amt, aid alh
hs e',Mrtaln wetl about ivou tJimeao
Sco'inntant relptltptn AtCf lio 'opern-
1il not 'wlthlot Its li -Irovlin cnh.
e'loott! inhlist It thIbrotulit 1aubmo t a
e14rl doal4ofic at the .iMetrii l The
, wbp re, as the ire 'iirpat sthick-
tle "-ond of tbs Inaett blit oIe, the
rhtmasure iva stopped fs tIlip light,
siste Iherothiaits Wf thile public, .who
LAmt eveu ge tIheilr anownuy bacl.
g-only sacolace olpr-id by l u Vnisiage..
M* wa* to Ias thei IspmP mict fior tbh
IineoOi, peXt bit oalo, for which
t* Wtrere limited freo na thu aUdf-
0t left the tlseutre--LVondon Ulobs,
4* -"' iCt iulit-i'4 i r.. ., .-.r ....
'he. Uwam ssi..inmpein. pa-paM, to to
re a astle nt IVoXI :p "'e JliateZ.:
,PWIll, ... l-U. t! tfthi

itr qtiq rma tlio spirl i Ilitoi. so hint
le i'm lf at n be alju atld to thli length
of lie I l ir.e
f.Lenair Iiilldustry on tile cinat.
The r'e ilp t derived froii the Imusber
lindulmtry'on thm i'acilf (l.'oo t (exceeda
thut of built oilier Imlisi'cilea couibiImed.

:--.-* .


a-m... m. mmfltt4Ibfl" fllibf" tAJUSTABLE CPrrF OLbER THEM f4NQ

EDWARD EVERETT IALE A Inoulion wifiih nimes jnust been
). I Willinm H, Plnge is likely A great dt 4i h
CHAPLAIN OF THE SENA TEM tairulamr wnll the mainl who ga--at 'ai i, has ,
A U4444 44%lt4t' bW44t is e10 "qd io hitu lainshiril rendy mautimi, maid Jt i
td*c 1. m I "'" M i '~e"an atily,. hill illl'- tiit anot lia1ifr of what
'hieil a cvrirythnmit d genIams. liW ke dih'e efthiaj.n-eu t1h1s>.s Mr. l'nge' I '
tIe nalit ly-lookhliig, .blhid til; SLilbtmrn. lniv-ntllou h II I .ina W .lhr*4 e tcr attain.h ,
andl cnit quake at prayer. In tli il."s rc; ; ing tie uliff to to ll y.ltalt l ld. nd will ta- IIr
olil* fhat will hlvo all tile fervor or a r,1itultiltidld ita f to I $ amien from tim
Icn-uiniditflt betltifal by allithej he i fuI n tii t h ir m i use wsit pt! cault In Inma -

t#I 1.1H

1f!i :o

TICa lViaClSnA'!A'otl ttCA&LmU,.".i'

wrill11n iwoinll li e allowed to Bgo.tlr
flan I'litlld MlitnPon ni alli1 on accouniti"
lts niie r in i |lir ernatn. elot of llll ltha hard tb1lli
tlilit thnatvn been direted it tho e t.l.mt"
e'.i.r of lihe daily pleen of ire have be i
traithillin at i -mitrl mliort welgltt.tF '"
ltin' i .lr, l oi r i 1h- noliillig ui nit'M.' .
will li liw it l. Insure getting yonu7 1 r'
mliuoiey's wviluli of thll cry' atill.ed etit fe '
of witter.
That there a-iny be asf llttl dispute -
over thle point asm poss ltle thflv I"
ibees inventedl nd pet.,nted anl a I.U I
meant for the refrilgerniHor ic Wlci U1
lthfe eei n it Is laid in that re
MisleUi the eniemans conlliet O11110U.l
dulmps the lee into lie refrlieoratt"
eallsm out .""iTero's your lac." -ftiI
litive to do in to look lit the int
in tlisa omilshle to find Ihat liei
poiliids lsihort. Confronting the-Vii
wiih tils nsaiiigig i evidence, the I
will beo b to Inlioe l ipetrsutading I .l
to uinke tip the i'd'tliclncy.
lRlvilnar World'a Markets.
The Gerninua Empire hna appoitpttm.
aniaiiitoredul experts a nt St. PeterasUti .'
Now York, Itieoles Ayrei. ValpartilM ,
Sliinniglinal, Sydney. New South Wall.';
I'r'rii alid (t'a)iinlatl tiauopl. Dotbtlieo "
(lie number of e.pelrt will be Ali *-.
..rmait'd frolu time to tlimie as tbiellt i
vnilie liasi been Indliateidt by reports ",
lu iee i rL'rinu papers. *..,
rullt For the health.
''lhlIr'e aIre people who ciunnot cat the
moro iteid red frulsta without suSering '
froii a 'rshli or other disturbances. But
Of o'ranig, giraipe fruit, pencbes,-iap",
pleas, pit-irs anid grapes It is safe to a
thilt niost people would gula in heil; ',
by nmiiiing one or tlie other of thelt'
smrvo each day for an entire meal 4
Wine rarmnisnlg Coulr 'y.'
'Tlioe Cihlalieo iltter'ii Itallway, the '
noutleaantmril teruliimi tf Oc (lime giret .
lierin h Itsilawny. In It course through
Michuiria ao Its eidl, nt Port Arthliur.
pLassen thlroughi IUU inliles of an con-
tintiously rich lmgrkiiltiirail country as
eii b1e founitd nitwltiero In the world.
Every cro Is cmiilt'lvmted. "


S. Walker" oB.-"I."y, 111 S'
of bad taitet 'eor ,6tfrk 4 ati
-^ 'w ood pile! W'owv!"-f** V*nf

AnPiMls n t se, ...,.-'.
SOH{V D ROCHEPliL..ER Pin,- have n<.. (pd teeplftp
8 1B 1r *DA'L. e yptilan pjumaUiii ,u l i.a i
rwat rom Liea tore cave of Iwltarlmiiapd.a .

nL., ,, ;Bi-p

Ito. aal5hhAiI







hdltor and Proprietor.

S tmred April 28, 190, at Caineaville,
Ssageond-clasa matter, under Act of
of blareb 3. 1879.

hbUaphAd every Tuesday and Friday,
.00 a year in advance
S5 Cents for Six blotths,
2 3 Cents for Tirree Months.
Readers in brevere typt, 5 cents
*m ra. '. h Insertion.
',for display advertisements priced

editor is not responsible for the
of correspondents or others con-
ting to his columns.

L 'Put a cross X mark before the
me of your choice. If you want
.vote for the people's candidates
rk your ticket as indicated below:
I,, For United States Senator.
Pti for one.
Representative in Congress,
B'cond Congressional District.
'te for one.
I. For Governor.
'Ar one.
%t )OBT. W. DAVIS. -

j'z ive Barrs a rousing vote for
| greas today.
Zspect no man who will offer
your vote.

'Wan who favors honesty
vote for Stpockton.
Floridians do themselves
today by nominating Napo.
ard for Governor.

meann enough to accept
.ur vote, then be gen-
SB bto vote against the
s candidate.

Olmen who are going around
trying to buy votes for Talias.
"; Davis and Clark with Stan.
.011 Company money, is very

toe this issue of the STARI
i all of our readers the pri-
jaticUon will be over. Let
an vote so that he will not
i ned of it in the future.
Whether the candidates we are
rting are nominated today or
we will have the happy conso-
Ion of knowing that we made as
a fight as we could for the
R whom" we conscientiously be-
ta should be nominated.

'f one Republican member of the
dard Oil Company is willing to
hundreds of thousands of
ra- to have Taliaferro, Davis
Clark nominated, as Mr. Flag.
1Whose only interest in Florida
wq' red in a little strip ot doun-
M ,n the east coast is doing, are
men the onts for Alachua
;ians to vote for?

-e-Wiy is it that if a
.|tan doesn't mary before the
taM the ag- of twenty-four, she.
bma marries? Brown-Because
iMOtnan of twenty-four or more
ttld, really have a husband of
Sthirty-five to forty, and lose
a-.sUch chances while looking
*+t7.ansr catch. Miss Smith
idedon me, gpotilmen; but let
answer tre qutstloa. After a

ais btwenty.fo .n'e she

H ha p cpes to aOiuav ki84.4
"aI u ienitly many ot at

o lastt Monday-.
6-lachlua county wa
aI good majority, and
t --was one year

deeiared the
the 'sa-

ilared th

i, but

We Have

"^1The GainevilleP PI,

T In Stock, and ar a con'1; n tl I 'Cis -
.in"up-to-date" Shotze iur MNI, ',
Vomen and Children, at 'popu1r ,
prices and ot the best makes.

o'-e* Particular attention to the Ladies
S "Brockport" and M ens "All Arn er-
ieae fand "Walk Over" grades. m

S is J. D. Matheson,

I $bo. o .' nd 81 l 8 l qa ne ville, .

*IQN Woe Strict. P tji G ,e to lu 5
S%obt. McClellan

o p nwa R, aJ.n '. AND ElIBALItER. 5
Tereope 's drlnd t ai landi' Strict Personal Attej99 ionxGi('eu to I mportel
The People's Friend ad Candidateor Congress-Second All Business in This Line. Tele- Iport
istrilc. .graph and Mail Orders Attended to
Vote for him, and thus elept as your Congressman a man who is .......
opposed by every corporation' intetest-.J the.State-.and honored by
every man who admires honestt and ability and han watched his wObrk, -DEALER IN-
Vote for Brrn, the man who compelled corporations in Duval county to IC|UR 7RAM
nay something like their Just proportio| of taxes. We need BarraIs in I
1.,re ....ace-mys...elfacau ARf GOODB AND UPHOSLSTERY.It

city Is today more prosperous than fi.E~ S astman Kodaks and Supplies. boen1)4
ever before. More brick buildingd le L tio Ataor hua coanty, I o .116 5 o
are goi0 g u'p here u11wthli$ V n tabl_ e est e otin of the Democratic OAGAINESBVILLE. FIA. 2 '3' 3
S bqt V o t ; 1. t here s ;ow o s7as and wepectfULly solicit the sup-
aereted hqr 4qI3 tthe last te post ll deaM tratic voters. 1.1USfiCsWIg2 ag,4sse,.e*s.es ........
pFara of lugsg.al 'l. u-digs and .Respectfully, t v. "a
Nomle of them ever would. Itave 2ount upe 2nt3dnt. .
'tevn etl a d had thb saloons re- n dan f t. W5hIomPa7 0A
alaed here. peraintendent of Public Instruction of I 3 .
Alachuas county, subject to the action of 7 -Srp ) I ,2 .a
Io thaIi expected better results the Democratic primary, and solicit the a 7 28j1 1 46a .
from' the prohibition victory. than wup- is"ofr retern t a d ot7I49'12I lh ,
d th. n-...lfortfk iraticvfeect e a d tb.-.__ 6_p6 5

did tbe.e dtor of the STAR, and we
are now frank to say that the gpod
to the county, from closing the sa-
loons, has been much greater than
even we expected. Prohibition has
been a glorious success in Gaines.
ville and Alachua county, and
liquor dealers can never be at home
here again.

Some-oOdd l ms.
In human beings the two earl tre-
luently do not match, though, ai both
Cannot be properly seen at the same
lime, this defeat usually escapes our
notice. The same thing is true to some
extent of monkeys and quadrupeds,
and owls have one ear directed up-
ward and the other dowuamenm, which
enables them .to bear both above and
below as they fly.
Taking the word "ear" In a broader
sense, there are some animals which
possess two kinds of these organs: A
fsh, for example, has a pair of ears
imbedded in Its bead, and also a pe-
cuiar streak-the lateral line-running
down each side of "the body. which
appears to perform mome of the. fune-
tions of hearing, as It Is concerned
with the detection of movements in the
surrounding water. '
The two feelers which project from
the head of an Insect are almost cer-
tainly auditory organs, and when these
are supplemented by ears of dnobther
kind we can say that the ears are net
all alike.
OGrashoppers -d locusts have ektra
ears In their ga. and the coilluoL
house ly bas a pair of little club ped
projectlons behind tIe inus (bal-
aneers) which probably help It to hear.
--tray storlee. i
Odd Death or .a *iL.
A curious iastanice of bird death sto
recorded by W. Z. D. ecott In his
'"tory of a Bird Lover." He I"
story of a kingfisher who was ,
pursued his light, apparently unurlt,
fotr 300 eoet, and then dropped 4'eS4 .
1t1ll, when the body was. ea an
there was no mark of a woUttMn 0pe K,
wlob gave rise to the powtb*tt that
a wild bird could be frlbtend to
uatk. "Ihave seen the sa iM thI
a "fte mary times since.o" eoatone
h o. PtlW* pw w the sesaon fo
thist A ptoeshc tetolking a bird I t

Very sumal chtsuuiatheaer-
shoek to the I fany e haerdy
feels pVt6 1 our the i tal

.aa tiolent to al-
f a asal a ,-e.rr1 O -.
J. '* a

meat of the school debt.
' J. L. KXI.LUV.
Solicited by many friends, I announce
myself a candidate for Representative
from Alachua county in the next Legisla-
ture, subj ct to the Democratic primary.
If elected the people of Alachua can feelI
assured that the" interests .will be well
taken care of in our next Legislature,
and I shall especially exercise my influ-
euce for the enactment of a vagrant law
similar to that now in force in Georgia,
which has done so much to solve the
labor problem in that State.
A. U. HIItI.CBav.
Democratic' voters of Alacbua county;
I respectfully announce myself a candi-
date for the Legislqture anud solicit your
'tpport. I will abide by the action of
the primary. Yours truly,
County Commisslaioner.
I herehy. announce my caudidncy for
County Commisioner front District No.
4, &abject to the primary, and solicit the
support of the Democratic voters of the
district, pledging an economical and im.
partial administration of thie affTairs of
the office If elected.
A. A. McRAit.
County Commissloner.
At the earnest solicitation of many
friends I hereby announce myself a can-
didate for County Commnisioner from
District No. 3. If elected I promise to
faithfully and honestly discharge the
duties of the office to the best of my
ability. Respectfully,

Ths Celebrated New York City
Will Visit Golneaville,
Thursday aed Friday,
Jun 23 and 4.
P'1stively s days only--Office
I rewn House Pasle.
Dr. Otheball will visit Geanee-
vil UMoatill' during the year.
.High bapring, Saturday,' fune s3.
NewbertV, M oday, Jtnd 9.

T. F. Tho.as


PE1 \ **: ".'-

Call on me when you want to bttY

Horses, Mules, Buggies,
Carriages, Wagons,
Harness, Bridles,
Saddles, etc.






I.v Jncksonville .
fAr I'ermianliui .
Ar iruiiswick .
Ar Savann ah .
Ar Fairfax .
Ar I)Denmark
Ar Columila .
Ar Camden .
Ar Hamlet .
Ar W iiiingtn .
Ar Southern I'iies
Ar Raleigh .
Ar l'ortsmouth .
Ar Richmonl, Va.
Ar \. ashington .
Ar Itnltimore .
Ar Philadelphia. .
Ar New York .

- W





& CO.,


Iice paid for ea I0land Oottoq
ed or Lint, Large or Small Quantities.
Ld Sea Island and Selected Florida
Planting Seed.

1~ :6 A 3D

Air Line Railway
Schiudule effective December 7, 1903.
5, | SOUTHERN DIVISION. 54 i 34 1 hi,
p I.v Jacksonville r 5ua 7 ISM 5
up .uhlwi ........o. 0 12 la 6 3u .1 2.
31. . Waldo 8 20a 4 o4a 2 s"
6p ar ..AINESVII L Lv 7 t4& l,
bp v t Ar 7.148 .....
5P Ar Cedar Key ..... Lv 4 50a .....
v .. Silver Springs . . 12 5211
*..... O.a8la .. i 55a 12 411,
.. Wildwood .. 12 23a 1 561,
Orlando . 7 oop H 2S
I)aRle City. .. .. 10 28p lu 37.1
. 'la t City .... 9 23P 9 4511
. Palmetto . 4 45P 7 4-1
Manatee 3 5p 7 27H
. Snrasota . a O >i.->
Ar Tamipa .. lv 8 oop 8 5,t
:AS'' 34 66 WEST & NEW ORLEAN8i 56

9 9 a 7
* iu 15a 9
* 12 ip Iu
I 1p 11
3 091P 1
3 57P a
5 30p 3
* 7 .lop 5
9 55P 8
Sri 18p 9
8 uoa 5
*6 15a 3
Slu ioa 8
2i N ios i
* I1 250 31
S 36p 2
4 5P 6

L.v Jacksonville
Ar Lake City
Ar Live Oak .
Ar Madison .
Ar Monticello .
Ar Tallahassee
Ar Quincy .
Ar River Junction
Ar Pensacola .
Ar Mobile .
Ar New Orleans.
Lv Jacksonville
Ar Macon .
Atlanta .
St Louis .
Chicago .

3 40P 9 2s.
5 51P 11 2tu...
6 3.5 P 32 041h
7 55P 1 2 5sli
9 IOP 3 1 -9
9 40P 3 251.
4 1710
5 0510
u 501
2 555R
.7 2.5,1
3 4.,..
*7 51-
.9 201)
7 73-1
9 1 sa30

.Conmections for Plalhetto, Manatee. Oneeo and Sarasota, on 31, except Satu.r
days, from (;aiuiesville.
I'rain No. 34, Seaboard Express, drawing room l'ullman sleepers between
Tamp.a, Jacksonville and New Vork, via Richmond and Wasnington, Vestibulel
day coaches between Jacksonville amd WaVsshington, via Richmond. Cafe dining
car servicee frorn Jacksonville.
NlO 6, -ehoard Mail. (Jay coachie, tnail, baggage and express cars letwee,.
Scksiille ud Wahington, I drawhg roo Pullman sleepers between Ta ,,
Jacksonville and New York.

59 SMS*ofSQMSsM- esX4 t*9eO(h % %@^No 55.coninects ot Sitark for L.aCrosse. Alachua Williford Wannee and .t r
alate points, mid at Archer willth Ilarly Bird branch.
T Nos. 56 alAi 57, 'IPllniam" sleeper hetweenu New Orleans sad Jacksonville.
Stauers for Key West and Havana. L-ave Port Tampa "undays. Tues Auys aiI
A. 1.1,As't Gen. Pas. Agent, Jacksonville, Fla.
S E. C COlilt I tickett A-enit, Gaiueisville.

THIS PAPER is published in the inter, choice of Tw Through Car Lines

est of the Moral, Business and Politica In- --")--
terests of Gainesville, Alachua Colnty and ST. LOUIS, MO.
Plorida, and in the financial inter-st- of iTs IA-
editor and proprietor.
]HL ST R is the pr :V Atlantic Coast Line.
TH E ST.\R is tllc I,.' ; jtlper, o,.
and will advocate such- candidates for o[lice. Montgomery and L. & N. or Dixie Flyer Through Atlanta
as the editor conscientiously believes are the R and chattanooga.
people's best friends when principle, experi -' Round Trip Rates From Oainesville
ence and ability are all considered, and, $44.10 $36.80,
while friendly suggestions are always wel- ,On ,sale daily. Good till Dece'- On sale daily. Good sixtyay
comled, the policy of THE STAR will be con- r 2- 2235da Go
trolled only by its editor and proprietor. 2Q.6522.3 On sale ay 16 a Good t

SEND US-ONE DOLLAR and receive 2Q6| 5iften da" OnslMe ot
days. days and in coaches ily.
for twelve mUSONE DOLLAR and receive resertions a informationappltoAgents Atlantic Cost Line or write
for twelve months Address: FRANK C. O'STON, CoIAg. U. STARK, Tay. Pass. .Agt,
ER Traf. 38 W. Iy St., Asor Building, jck m ll, Fla
wiiWanaiugton,, IW. I. CRAIG, Gen. Plam. Agt.,
niug Wilmmgton. N. C.
TH STAR, Gainesville & Gulf R'w'y Co

D. E. GODWIN, Editor., Et July 3, 190 3.

6* O t XW XunI it Daily O ST4TIos. D o p
a n ilFl d L PN.. D '.
C C. THOMAS. LvP M. L, P .t. Lv A .
At-'oaNXV AT LAW, RINGUS .. -PVairfeld Ar P.M. 6r. M rP M.
__" a ,=, -.h .... .. wi .. ,. .;

(IalmesvtIle, .ri



peIn hitlkers Law Iticlsagme.

Your Chickeim, IEggs,
Vegetables, atld in fact all
kinds of Country Pro-

Highest Priced lor Coun.-
try Prod ee. and Sell as!
Che p an the Chenpest.

Opo !d; d

a 45

f 4.0A r
go W i
96 a
it to
is W


5 .a..

S i& Ar

T u
Ar A.
3 40.
Ar A. N


Dan 45e 4
A Its
in go


4 ~ 4,sit

.* [ L' ,*;

and Coffin Company.

SIs sometimes lard to, keep pace with hu,
i our facilities are equal to all ldeinain,
whether you want to build one hotuie tr
on e dozen. You are on the right road for
the right kind of lumber when you qcomnt
our way, We deal in all kinds of Huihl.
ing Material for outside and inside finishli
to complete any dwelling, hotel, store (,r
factory. Tell us your wants. We ujil



The Gainesville star

Material Information

The Gainesville star
Alternate Title:
Gainesville twice-a-week star
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
D.E. Godwin
Creation Date:
June 7, 1904
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


The first issue of the Gainesville Star appeared on May 1, 1903. D.E. Godwin was its publisher, and the paper appeared semiweekly at least through October 4, 1904, by which time W.L. Hill had taken over its management. Some issues bear the heading “Twice a Week,” and publisher’s information occasionally referred to the “Gainesville Twice a Week Star.” The Star appears to have been affiliated with the Democratic Party. The Gainesville Star carried reprinted stories from around the world while providing a good share of local news as well. Among the issues discussed regularly in its pages was the adoption in 1904 of a “dry ticket” and the resulting closure of the town’s saloons. The prohibition of alcohol would contribute the following year to the relocation in Gainesville of the University of Florida, the state’s college for men. Gainesville was known for its good drinking water and the lack of any other beverages or activities that might get young men into trouble.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1903)-
General Note:
Publisher: D.E. Godwin, May 1, 1903-<Sept. 27, 1904>; W.L. Hill, Oct. 4, 1904- .

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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.5 1- -, -

I '~'L, -

T.3 r TCY'-F.1--1


.f' .^ -
J'-- .. it.'





Four Pastors and L)locks Unitd
..In (he Services.


Methodist, Presbyteriatil Epih-
Lopal and Raptist- PLastors
SpokLe--Pla-8shnt Time.

le ri.testanlt Christialn Cihurces 'c
it.'iit iii (Sti Stat follow ai luore hlietiii
mil niil Christ>liaisoiky custom t iiWili utt i
-iasor ctiies to one of tlie chltirclies
thaii do the churclies in Gainesvillt.
The custom is the coming together ol
the several pastors and cotigregationis fit
a .Sunday eveutiig unliotp service a wel
totiing service-When ever a now i.istoi
comes to one of: the churches, T'hi;i
practice hav been ;Li vogue here for sevi -
al years. Every tiniet a new t
cones to one. of. the churches, t.: ii-i
$uftibliy evening service is held it thil.
church to which the new pastor lhas c-.tint,
the other churches are closed, and lthi
several pjistors and flocks unite in vetl
cofintg the new pastor. -
The services have been very beautiful,
-pleasant, and have lead nianv persons
who are not inetubers df any church at all
to lorni a -high regard for the christian
spirit miainifested by the church people
here, and have, in that- way done miiuch
good for the cause -for which they -till
One of. the usiost delightful of these
welcoumiiig services yet held in this city,
*as held at the First Baptist church last
Sunday evening. For about six months,
the Baptist. church hadbeeti without a
pastor, aild Rev. S. B. Rogers, of Mlariaiia,
oieofthie most promuinentt Baptist divia.es
in the State, and president, of the Bapti.si
State Convention, having accepted a call
to the pastorate of the church, began his
-labors here Sunday, Acrcordinig teo tie
beautiful custori already spoken (of ilhe
Methodist, .'resbyteriat and Episcopal
chatches were closed SuTdaiy evell-Ing
and thle pastors and "flocks attended the
welcoming services at the Baptist cliircin.
. In the choir were splendid singers froui -
the various churches, and the nihic wasii
"oal -ohl familiar hymns being uiedl.
Rev. W: J. Carpenter, pastor of Kava
tollgh, Methodist church, ad whlio lihais
rvedl as a pastor here longer than any
other pastor now ill the city has, coll-
(lucted the services,.
* Robert McClellan; senior deacon ol
the artist church, in behalf of himself
Sail the church welcomed the new t-astoti
itl words that were appropriate and
touching. .
Rev'. Thitos P. Hay, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church thenii pok& for hitm-
self and church, and as~sured. pastor
Rogers that they all extended a hearty
welcome. Mr. Hay said the cu toni of
-elcoming 'iew pastOrs by all churches
it is dlone inl Gainesville was a pew one
hitim, when he came here, buti the cus-
lie thought a good one, and "one
Oni winmi. line had derived much pleasure.
' Atelihcuo liision of Mr. Hay's address
theu chirtr autIl congregation song Blest
itlie i. thit l iinrdts our hearts in Chris-
tii lu "
Rev I'. II Craighiil, pastor of Holy
"rniilt i:i.i)oipal church then welcome
uhe Lie. p.itor ins behalf of himself anid
e mnelbers of hln church. He said
Il will the different churches differed
o es-ential things, but all believe
t Jes-i, Christ is the son of God, which
ithe Oneie il ig not only needful but

lRev W.. Carpenter, pastor of Kava-
I1Ugh MIet hilist church thentvtelcoined
tor Rogers inbehalf of hitlielf and
k. IMr Carpenter said too manyy
ings to be repeated here,4iM nt they were
Sgoodl and to the point. Dpriug the
i ain a half years he has been in
tiesville the good people of all depo.
Ui1~tos ha\e learned'to love him, and
work and manners have forced all to
et hini. lie don't walt to get in the
llit to tight Ihe devil, but hedonu'letem
Ihav0 asy ,I-tter sense (?) than to jump
ohi oi ime old imp wherever he meets
ammi his welcome to the Baptist
rt wa, in about the same spirit thpt
nally goes abomlt thing,
h bo:dcluding remarks were by ti'
Pstor, Rev. Rogee-, who delared
ly on the occasioi Of hsli .arriag e
el ever bc(wp ipt -sie aSpecally

-continued to tt tH-
1hy bad atrtad oat ta 4p ihe
for Mrs. Roke*i t stoaeieaew!
thsiked Pastoe ftty, i ti hll d
Cr, nsud ihelr s
Christian welcome qb
hihim, and holt;,ag ,

B~been expes i'
i conc as ahratiUe
f sthe churh %

., '',5
,e t


The People's Friend, and- Candidate for the United States
Vote l(o(r himi anl. tihus elect as your Senator a man who is the
friend of Ithv lieuc who toil-the men who make the wealth of the
country lbut enjoy less of it than in-iy who labor not. Vote for the
nan .who would rather shake thle rough hand of the plowman, or the
axe mani- tian the lov.d hatid of the. millionaire.

Board of Trade Re-Organized.

n Look Out for Swindle.

Ai)tlt t hirty-live of (aitnesville's pro- We-are relilly informed by parties at
niiiiilt iusiii.-s, linciit meMNloldav to-re- Newberry that every one should be on
orgiini/.t tht-e ttoal if ITrtde. o the lookout for a swindle in the form of
o Tl.iiprar ,)rg, ,i.r,'ti0v1 was perfected a "Washing iraclile main." The man
by th. It.ltito chairiii;,;n ,,i 11> *. I lIipt.on secretary. chines, and iasald to be awindliug many
('It r,,1it ,1ols )n ii was authorized 'to people. Look out for the swindle! Re-
< ,,niit. *i, ,,minie-olf lice to nominate. "member the Calendar Clock Safe fraud,
ofici tith, <-iiiig seasr, after which and let the Vaihing machine man alone.
tlt inectnigi .atijuniel to c6nvetieagain
it ti: At ptti -- Brooklyn, d. V., April a2, '99.
Sr; -pn If t itiias.n marked Dr. 1, Giddings,
s i-i r t' l it "ts, t "elt that" -' th-.', G idd ins,
tIii, l .. .i, ev r i e at t Dear Sir:-Will you kindly inform use
getw1,tue li, c, ,. i -,tther with a bj return mail if you can seud your Soc.
(let .it.t i l I)Ariony or bottle of Hair.Grower the Unparalleled
' ", -,i. ...... lv.c." <.,(t of Trade Mark)'ad if o I will .send you
Si ..i.. ); ."iii-i- a poptal'note for the sane. Please inform
-.. me the amount of postage If it can be
TR'.s.lF. ". iWhen inl .Floriidl tile winter of 1897
i an'il1i I run if- a final decree and .'98 I used five bottles of the twenty.
iiia le ttiil -t e I ,n the 28ilt dlay of five cent size and produced a ntee growth
Jaiiirv \ 1. I<).3. 1101on 1W. S. of hair whee it had been enthiely bald
liullock ge tof tie1 t Uicilit i ourtof the for fifteen years, and now I would like to
'50h J.llicial irciuit of Flotridla, in and for try it once more if I can get it.
Alaciu'ti comilty, in ;a case there pending .. Yours trly.
w)1 tile Clitlceiv side of said court; 59 tHicks St. J. W; HAvxas.
wherein Rachel... Jaiiersron of Alaclhua Stateg o Florida,
coni.ty, -lorida, as adiniiiistratrix of- the county of Alach"a,'
et;ati- of Jaimes A. llrock, deceased, late C o Gan iaville: J
of said place, an J. 1, Jierso. her eronally appeared before the sub.
i hu-band, are conrplaintats, ani Heier ay scriber, a Notary 'Public, a and for the
IBrooker and Drew liroo,;er, his wife, are State of ,.orit i. at laig In. B G.dd..t
defendants, wiherein I was appointed as who being duly swora byM dpO aas id
a special master in chaucery to execute say that the above testI onal was seat
s.id %,cre.e. -ill sell at public out-try, to hint eby ail by J. W. t Vhe a
i.f ii drt.lk. i AI lliia county. Dt lor. also that he had no knowledge t the
ida. on ,."a" lthe olh day of June, A. juan ever han used or pr.0yed the
1) iUl. ing I. g.l sile diiy. Between paralleled Hair Grower,-and as far as
the leal our Iii, o sale, itte follIwg ri e- lie now no one had insaueced him to
scribetd real este situated, yinK ad be- eud it and that the an bas never re-
ing i lie coint of Alachua, State of ceiveld an thin for sending IL
Iclril i a it-.' rticilarly kno'm amil -e- -arn to andr subscribedbeforeme this
icrilK I .as li toi. t ,rit. 2th day of November, A. D. .
The w sl I allf olf tle ,rtielt quaiti)relLr : GIDDINOI, D.
of S ,ecti.iln s i iteei to), Towisltip nne tlva
19) soi, Rainge lourirteni ( 11 cast, sit Notary iPublic for th State of PIaridas
unteld In Alaclii counlvt. I lorida, to-. at large
gether l tli all a niul ,ngulr the telie-
uelits, licreilitAnen sian apperteila.nes
thereunlo belonging or in anywise appear. mnl.emv berd That Co.as.
Sai property levied upon anwl to Le After all, It Is the lndependeine ti
sold as the property of said ldefeilatirt, counts rather than either the wealth
to satisfy anil pay sidl decree, fees anild or the poverty. The slapHlty of
costs. Termnis cash. standing for Just what one Is, without
This 26tlh day of April. A. i. 1904 ama or pretense. lIfts a burden *f
Speci al a S. nlterih ret of r anxiety and leaves the spirtt
Sp ecial Mste r iu CencerSO. i fre.-Wellsprlng.
Coneplainiant's Solicitor. Too pasaplllar.
CountcsIs (to new valet)-Jobsan, I
observed yesterday, to my Intense hior-
Big Iit of gouol work tmules for sale ror, tht you clean my healsad's
cheap at %a%. R Thioas' stallies. Call clothes and your own with the same
and see their and if yoin need Iany ihores, brush. I, must strictly prohibit any
wagons, ihuggies, liarnies. etc ll on such familiarlties for the funtre.--Fsrom
Thonisas. the German.

B oDoes Your

Watch,, 41^ I


SIf not we'll cure it, and when we get through with
it you'll wonder why you didn't think of us long before.
i work guaranteed. No hasty slipshod job leaves our
sl Noase but the best material used, and you will
teot grUmble at tbe prices either..
i C. Stevens,.

'~gti ~ps1ngs,

- Florld*.

STry l'a..aii's inarket for hetl iniats.
% I'. "l it -' f Iighl Sltriii'gs wa ill i
the city -.' -rinv,. I
W A. I)liiii n %il H's in tile city yester
in'y frou i Iigih Springs.
If y)il miantl to bhuy, rutl or uioll i
I hanlu--4ee 1Royerm.
Col. W'. S. Ifroonme Inide a rn ofessionl l
visit to Newtlirry the ltai of lant week
IMle.srs. Tlih'. iF. Owenmi and J. C. New-
I erry were in the city, esterda) fromil
lligh Springi.
Col. Chris Matimhean retirneil Saturday
froui a trip to laC(rosse. Alachna andi
other points in that section of LhU county
I.I Cainnmon, candidate Lti Coutity
Cr'iiiii.ihionT.1 riiit ii, of ilie CiOUlly's
liA,.l t1,11, wasl ii lthe cil, S1iltrday from
Rocky i'oil.,
JSTr RlCRIVil:ln, thle latest slhoppiig
iiig, %%e liave lllrii in lilack,l lroun, Iitn
anl grey, they are. iiuiilly sold at SI 5., I
our price 1i on. I.. C. -mitli.
Miss .''histiue Richards has returned
from Raleigh, N. C., where she Iina been
attending college, and her many friends
are delighted to have her home again.
\Vondle what those youni nen think
ahoul the reception, they received at the
Sink pow how last Sunday. If they will
attend church next Sunday, they will be
treated better.
SNA l'PV tyles in shoes and oxiordta
that please the eye as well as the foot;
can be found in our shoe department.
We make q specialty of comfort shoes for
women who consider comfort first and
can fit almost any foot in soft easy asloes.
I.. C. Smith.
Major W. R. Thomas has installed in
his feed and livery stables up-to-date
electric fans which add greatly to the
health and comfort of the place. Not
only do the fans keep the stables cool
aud pleasant, but they keep out files and
others insects, so that when a horse is
driven in town from the country, and $
lia it u at this s table even for a farew

hours, he goes out rested and greatly
Mrs. Made Cloud, an estimable lady
of High Springs, was in the city yester-
day, and dined with Mrs, dith Hunter.
lrs. Cloud left at 2:50 p. m. via the At
lantic Coast Line. for Jacksonville. From
Jacksonville she will go to Williston, 8
C., where she will spend a'few weeks
Then she will pro ed to Asheville. spend
the summer months there, and return to
Florida in the fall.

Enoanh to Kill.
Doctor-i see what the matter is. It's
dypeposal. All you have to do 1S to
laugh heartily before and after each
Mrs. Bins-lImpoasible. I get them
myself and wash the dishes.
A *eer**r sooftnr.
Mabel-A lot of us girls have aetab.
liabhed a secret loclety. Jack.
Jack-What are the objects of It?
Mabel-W. we tameet together and:
tell secretsiCi .pourse.

bample Biallot.
Now that t bh been oeluily announg-
ed that thberwill be os eepad primary for
the nomination Of Ullt4d tatss senator
and certaien Ctangiqs a Ptlto std
t % C the Ifblyq*ar s-uple
It tiba ,l tbe nd lt primay,
.IAte 71i, f 1 PblLjbed,,r the laforiatloa '
Sthia vot9r"9DfAlaetinin ponat l -

For tpalted States Senator.
Vote for OnEd
JOHN 0 (. SrOcr ON. .

Por Repriuedaitiv1itMv6 lilgri- ee oo
Distefct. :
Vote for One
J, iBAtL8.

Vote for one.
"or 6se.'ta oef St. *
Vote for one.
JAMES 1S. BRooMXl. ,
Por the Legislatuire.
Vote. for one.
For County superintendent of

V'ute for one.
lil. J. I. KELLBY.
J. G. KELLU. '
For Suplovisor of llegxitratlo,.
Vote for One.
Fgr countyy Co0mnisaioner-ThiI d )15t

Vote for one.

7, t904.


The Peopl<

e's Popular and Leading Candidate for
of Floridad


Vote for hlin, and thus elect as your Governor a man in full syni
pathy with the plain people ot his native Slate-one on whom th
Railroads and Corporations o0 Florida have ino claim for past favors
i man of the people; big of body, brain and heart.

C00m8l.ATI .


Two Former Alachua Count ir tA'
Heard From.


Pettit Defends the South-Olinm.
sted For Broward, Barrs .
and Stockton.
The followlag is from Mr. George P.
Olmsted, an old Alachua 'county boy
who is now In Mexico City, Mexico, and .
was intended for our last issue but came
too late: .
Mexico City, May 30, 1904'
l'ditor Star:-I enclose you an article
by N. e Pettit of Waldo, now living in
Mexico City, in reply to an editorial in
the i Meixeo City Herald of the 27th iast,
Thiss HRald so owndas, as 46sd s ofotlW ,
S"great" dallies, by the corpo3llUAtio ,.~
rhis being controlled by the Mixlni .
Central Railroad of Mexico. laolah l ?1'i
iers as the enclosed eaan come duty ftag
itr:at controlled newspapers, and -hal4
Im read with interest by t6iso ase di-'
voters who are supporting the Tte-t-'
Union candidates. Solong as the peoplI,
of Florida read and support such cop' "
ratloa.ownsd periodicals as the T.-U. so
"r longaopld thaT be forced to pay more
than Ithef shabn of tazes o support the
govermqlmat otrolled by the s .f.raid
I- corporation. AiL sorry nlded that I m
; not itn Alachua county to east y vo te
for Droward, Barrn. and Stockton, ise '
best friends the people of Florida have*

y --. .. --* --.--' '- .:- h....... -- had In a quarter of a century.
Giddings' Hair Grower does the work. BILL POR PARTITION. Yours Ira
For Sale by Dr. S. B. diddings, c.ine. In the Circuit Court of the E.ghth Ju- Gao. P. O.Mia
y vi-Ile, and the Postotfice Drug Store and J dical Circuit of the tle of Florida, In-,,,_c
SA. Stephens, High Spring.-a. and for the County of Alachua. 1n MR. PETTIT TO TH9 MKXICAN HI
MASTrE'S SALCh. Floridancr d omp. To the Editor of the Mexican

Under and by virtue bt a Decree of Iy,v Complainant, 8ir:-"The latest standard Of
Foreclosure of Mortgage, made and ren- Vi as. ... ... deid is aatiafactorily to fhamj
erd on the 7th day of May, A. D. 1904, Kickerbock" Trust Bill for Partitin. Mr Rockefeller will hae toseep
b HonorableJ. T.Wills Judge tfatmpourd 0r t he h i ina ed ucti those Poor' child of- tU
,Circuit of Florida, in and toes Alcbus at e e tates. e i i doing an in
county, in a certain cause there ding Upon otion of W. Baker, Solicit amount of good In puttlngl the m
on the Chancery side of saiu Court, ./ the. irlrdoL~ a a mode living its th, h-a.ds od
wherein I. .Q. Gracy, is Complainant, ap .arllg b a m a .lt 8104 an t.-le above .In the .. s of". a
and T.. wideman Is Defendcanmt I, e"itl.d caue that the defendants ed chilusen. The reeog ais
Ferdinand Bayer, as Special Master, by KnickerbOcker Trust Cown pny nd bedevotng eatra hours to the pi
appntment of the Court, will sell at James KR. Whittaker, are not nhlabitatIts hia ledger apportioned to the oill
putlc outcry before the court'ho le do nor ouud within the State of lod*, rom the toneof the above, Mr.]
In the city of Gainesville, ini lacua tnor have voluntarily utere their ap
county, Plorida, on. Monday, iie 4th day earance herein, and that the Kuncker. feller is, In your judgment book
of July, A. Da, r o4. between ta me 4 a bocker Trust Company Is a resideatiavd heaven. Iet nme ay to you that
hours of sale, to the highest and best bi. i t.of41 Sae of New york *d -i .tives In. ewy ison in the
dier therefore, all the followlitm described .e -in t, Ci t .-of New York t pre is onIn" fro .the.
piece, parcel or tract of land lu Alachia h-lVnga Pal gei and ta H t fe t 11 W toa.n l ahe pa
county, Florida, and described as ten K, Whjttlktes a reett4. it ild t it
acres, situated, lying and being iu the e State of New* York kd rel Ifslt ,Mr- Oiear by hi u
south-west corner of the south-east city of New Y ork, and. ia p Vu yo know b u laimi
quarter of the north-yest quarter of Sec- f8as at West36th Stleet, aud i O -
ion two (a-), Township eight (8) south the age of tweuty.owe -ears; It i _,r oA.la -, -... b ,y ; ,-t---lra nd .B
of Range seventeen () est. onta- fore ordered that stf noit.relidfd d, wmi a It .sme t s t e
lag ten (to) acrs. Together with all efndata, Katiokevbocker Trust a wty fthaeo' judwettua w
asd singular the tenetients; heredita. and. Jam.s K.Whittaker, beand t i RecordingA i0 ia
tuent.a and appurtenancei to the same said a okerbovker Trust Comis tlidren of L
lontua or in anywise appertaining. d tM id K. Whitaker are her ,be r a
prierty to be sold as the property.oflthe quhred- toappear to ethie Bi heRher know thldit fatlU4 r
aidT, H. Wideman, the Decendant a t fld in th said & t I Mt0 .e1theraM i.rt
hetin to.pay aa Daeree. othnday, the "4th dayc. tet 4l6 g agso tv
teNrANwHMAVAa beate r inath
W t al Master in Chancery. bt is fi .

1. t-tT ..-- t. ; .ir

J. RIrnik., ProfrIftar, a 5 li 51tcAeS i
Lab Clerk of t aP.'
GA* N VoiL 4LI h t. pbAl er 8. I.t T.
^ 1; '. Uv. weeks .

P*W siIi

ii v..... '


Oil dvi..


t all the
11140- *

IT --w

For Member Coaaty behool Boatl-Se-
and District.
Vote for one.
S 0., Rt01CKER.
W.. lARTLIN. .

I~ 4as~ t maiU


I I I II n .. .. ... "i



.- ;ti'iti


-rci a, -T T-,. 3BT-TE--3XtSTIT-'JBkS ^W,3:). 3:1-4WMXIW-nSWS C:)JP CX%%'St.



L foll

)V. 3. GODWIN,
S Idlter and Proprietor.
led April 128, 1M. at Gainemville,
sk.eood-claas utatter, under Act of-
SMarch 3. 1879.
o vary. Tuesday and PrAday,
ina n advance
go Centa for Six Months,
U Cents for Three Mohths.

editor is not responsible for th
af oorrespondents or others eo
ig tp his columns.

ut a aro XK mark before the
ie of y t...rhoice. If you want,
is for the people's candidates
kour tcket a indicated below:
t United States Senator.
I't.f one.
tive In Congress,
-.0ongressional District.

t S,

I For Governor.
r one.

no 111 of the dead-unles
'|I*.t* gineer. Then lay the
i hls-New York Mall. .
P say ; "Nevtt tell
4-4 the ground she
lt he owns the land.
ksard r. unfit for the gub.
t chiir, or 'any.r other
t,' ttt-Tallahsasee Daily

ilson, of the Daily Cap-
probably been talking in
.,says a man's wife
.fl~ry word he says-when
Ilt his sleep,

`aiatic voters of the Second
lllnal District can not af-
nd a Republican to Cong-
I they should vote for Bart
r. keep Cheany out.

It. Alexander whooped
1Daicn thefirst primary,,
1 M a.kiAbw what corrupt in.
4V@ behind "Our Bob"
d, and Is now supporting.

htlUeman who was in Gaines-
mesday said: "I travel several
i in South Florida, and I
..you that there is a strong
y growing Stockton senti-
Sthose counties.
toat and Barrs didn't do
b'tu' bnr way in the-first pri-
laId4. a gentlemen from the
.IuAd Wednesday, "but they
.y coding it now, and. Bro-
satim to run a head of Davis

y who didn't mtea"n wit
hsl declared that Bra
''n the governor's ot'
01d sget it. If Broward
'thing about the slam of
ior' ofle we would
,e the man who can.:
|eman who travel in SQuth
says he naw a ReputblIck
.an a few days ago dism
,l4liaferro campaign but.
wuat Of that? Don't a
cfan ,mish the 'dough" to

saloon section, and bthaer

Davis and Clark its '0.,
Stocktop, Broward ad
frat primary. Saloon-
$l other law-breakers are
ieetokton, Broward and
i* have nit kick to
o*, Davis an4
L e, honest
it that

, 'A
'iWa fet f

" T .

7 In StrI c.:, an ;rl" cL II ':!i' 1i '- COiv- ;
ing "up-to-date" Shoes "'flr Mien,
SW..-men and Children, at popu'.;r
prices ard of the best makes.. 4

We caI. to ** 11

*4 Particu'lar attention to the Ladies
S"EBrockport" and Mens "All Amer-
Stica" and "Walk Over" grades.-

oJ. D. Matheson,

a hoe nd LeR agei $tope. .Binr$Ville, FI a.

i** e'^@ 4 b *OeetR l^ m e$fi****E ,'PHONE


E Iil(

andCoffin Copany.

l q toiui-thiiimp ihad to keep pece with lnut
onur 'fitii'ita StPe tqutl toa'.l demands,
whether' oin want to build one house or
oi te desit. Vo "rat oil tl st iKght ronid for
Sthe right kind of ltnimber whei y3 U come
our way. \'&e deajl in all kinds of uaild.
iiig Ma'erii. l fr outside amtjInside finish
to complete any dwelling, hotiel,'store or
factor" Tell Ius )our wants. We will
do 111V rif t.


. -o ...mm .. -. -.. .


The People's Fiienid and Candidate f9r Congress-Second
0 *l %Distris. w *
Vcoe for lilit. aid iltus els*c t as your Cigresmnn a man whi, is
opposed by every corporation iitutrest in th.le Staie, auld honosed by
every man who admires honesty and ability aud has watched his work.
Vote for -Barra, the man who compelled corporations in Duval county to
pay somethingg like their juat proportion of taxes. We need Barrs in
Coftrtm, ,

Democratic voters of Florida, ., We areoaftn asked, the question,

look here The Times-Union, and'
dther papers owned and controlled
by the rppublicak milliottaisie, who
is piling up i jnmense wealth on a
little strip of land eit the eastern
.coas of the State, where th1outiuds
Of PioridalAns will neve,- see it, but
Is putting not a dollar wheie it will
benefit the people tt general, say'
Stockton r-hould not run ini the
second primary because Taliaferio
got more votes than he got in the
first primary. But the same papers
are urging the election of Davis
over Broward, notwithstanding
Broward got more votes in the first
primary than Davis got.
Mr. Davis received majorities in
only five counties, as follows Dade,
Duval, PUttnam, St. Johns and
Volusia. 'Mr, Broward also got
majorities in five counties- Calhoun,
LaFayette, Iiverty,, Monroe and
Taylor. He also got just as many
votes as all the other candidates
combined in .Olay county, and in
Hernando county he lacked but a
single vote of getting as nntty as
all of his opponents together.
It is a significant fact that Mr.
Davis did not receive a majority in
any county save those: through
which Mr. Flagler's East Coat
Railroad runs. That railroad is
now suing the State for 2.040,000
acres of laud, and Mr. Davis is ac.
used of being willing for the road
to have theland. Is it not reason.
able to suppose that the Republican
~alllonaire Standard Oil trust mwag-
wate who is suing for 2,040,00j
-'hti of l"ittd that belongs to the
people of Florids is not spending
hundreds of thousands of dollars in
ganattenipt to bave Taligfrrio, Divis
and Clark elected all Jus;. for fun?
Voter, think of these things, and
then'vbte for the best interests. of
the people of Florida who live apow,
and those whp must live hereaftet

A few days ago Hon. J. M. Barts
pobUmed'- In the Jscksonvlile Me-
tropolis a ehallage to Hon. Prank
Clark to submit the Ouestiotu of his
right to get tlcte at Ot election,
should 1e be elt. to thep Attorney
General, wi'i by virtue of the
CqcsIUttiotu"no.fthe state, the legal
adiua, of tbe Sitotof ferst'. Mr.
ClIrk rSftted to d6iw the question
subnitte" to the proper authority,
a ciwl s t- push his dais to
t | (tt AEghgttesoann,
though aORny pruttneapt -and dis-
tgh1 d alaw e affirm that the
oero tA ot -giy Clark a
catificata of ction fl be should
bt. eleiUt~, 'p that h stecnion

"WasR W. Davis a soldier?" We
will itate the following facts, and
let .our questioners draw their own
Davis was born March 5. 18496
muia wI l t'erufore. a8 ye,ark. I
inonth idI 4 ,Iny. a ih i i t-i 1,,.'v
surrendered Ia, Gr.it. Hi, I i-undi.
clain that lit' .e vcd f ir yi' :is ts a
soldier. Our re:ti-.--:rs c.an ju'lze
for tllemselve. ats to whether. Mr,
Davis was-erving in the Confeder-
ate army at the tender age of twelve
Mr. lIqvis atid his supporters
have been asked what camp of U.
C. V., he belongs to, etc., but the
question has inot been answered.
The stupposition now is that all,'
of the talk thint has been indulged
in abtwL Mr. Dtvis's gallant service
under .General H:ir( 'e, was simply
campaign thitiuder and Ivaany old
Confederate vtt trans arc loth to
believee that hIt.- vr siinl, d1 yankee
gun powder

We take our lint off to Josephius
Il.miels, editor of the R.-eigh(N.
C.) News and Observer, who says
lie will rot in jail before he will pay
a $2,000 fiue on a charge of con-
tempt. Judge Purnelr, of the Unit-
ed States court had appointed a
friend of his receiver of the Atlantic
North Carolina railroad and as the
State owns two-thirds of the road,
and wa't opposed to the appointment
of a receivers--the act being unnec-
essary---ditor Daniels critidised
the judge's action, and was fined for
it. Daniels refuses to pay a cent,
antd the people are with him. The
judge will probably find that Unit-
ed' States judges are only men,
after all.
The Davis folks are getting very
uneasy. They are going tip in old
Oeorgia to learn something about
Bob's liebage, and then publishing
It' in aItorida. Better be careful-,
,boy, w, hard a prominent pracher
say recently that, it is dangerous for
people to try to trace their ancestry
further back than grand parents.
Don't handle your fruit basket too
lroqghly unlessyou tlow Thete are
no. over-ripe eggs in it. And be
careful how you crtwl into a hol-
low log after a nice fat 'possum un-
less you are sure that no rattlesnakes
a cin the hollow.

The Metropolis charges $1 an
Inch for every line that it publishes
in favor of Broward. The Times
Union absolutely refutes to publish
anything for him at any price.
The Times. Union don't need
Mtonuy; Flalter has plenty of it,
and would give a nUillion bW dollars
to have 0tbckton, Broward. and
-arri defeated, and iTuAerro,
eis and, lark elected. Dato-
sa, can you volt ,r th Ti.iqtt-
iotw's andtdat* sand rl eightt
V. ,6 ', ',', : :, : -t:. "i

Try Pagan's market for best nieats.
J. I'. Bunch returned last afternoon
fr ni, Jacksoniville, where hlihli 1 heen on
Ifr I 1el Wfl i h rto lit l'|I|t i,'N ue'll a

We do not blame Mays for sup-
porting Davi-. It was but natural
lor him to do so Ie supported Mr
Cliipley. tlie \vice president pf the

I -1 e-- ee r. ),. L. & N. Railr.s.rl. :-, :nst' Sti it.r
Mra. Luiln Moody returned a few delays (j.C 11 1vllt'in It.' w' :lt1i tl f r i r'-
.,-froiu High Springs, where she visited | soni .1yI s avi- kn .w : I I_' i c ,"
hi r sister, Mrs Perry poratioin ilan, lult ta1c did not think
A. B. Siamona of. Bell, is in the city. it of Brown. Heaven pity himi-.
Ie sa.ys Bro'ward is leading Davis in..that
section of the county. e. T C .
Independence That Coumnts.
1. 1. Hudion; o f .Nodth. Gainesville. After all. It 1i. the Independence that
lins. returned from ai trip to Cuba. and he counts rather than either the walthb
satys that is a great ncoqntr.. or the poverty. The qwmpllclty of
see Dr. lHarry l.ee Jarvis card in tis. standing for Just what one Is, without
S Dr. card lt t hahm or protenso. lifts a burden of
issue, and when you need the services of sht' or pranxiety nd le a bve the spirn ofit
a first clasm dentist call on him. free.-Wellsprlng.
A.U. Hlltery, candidate for the Legis-
lature- was In the city Wednesday front Too F..mimllar.
'his home on the Suwannee river. Counltea (to ntewv v:alet-Johann. I
observed yesterday. to my Intense hor-"
C. W. Chase of the Dutton Phospliate ror.. tlint you clean ny husband's
Conipaniy, returned yesterday from a clothes and your own with lthe amie
business trip to New York. brush. I must strictly prohibit any
Wore is progressing nicely on Plaifer such amtllarltles for the future.-From
Ilrother's Site brick building, aind other the German,
brick buildings now going up in. the city. E 4, ilXessxes .
The EMst Ploriida Seinna,' iroill.'il;
ore stu,,ei stlhi-iyer ,tham a, it-or.'

I. A R.,sboro ig,.%va:, 1 A1,1 1c ili ;
,A in the 'eiy O'e.-. .., I sro I is .

Prof. T. F. Mle.euat ..iI ...1 w S.
llroonie were amongg;: Ciisea ille's pro-
nainent people lo spent a while in Jack- DIe. Meril 80ptheol,
sonville this week.
The Baptist Witness and S utliern The Celebrated New 'urk Ciy
Blaptist, both published in lacksouvili6, OCU LIST,
have been cansolodated, we ido not snow
under what lane. Will Visit Gainesville,
The friends of iMrs. WV. 1;. Ellis, who Thursday as (I Friday,
has been sojouring at White Springs for J 23 and 24.
a few weeks, will be delighted to learn Sune 2 ana O4.
that she is improving nicely. 'osiiiely 2 dlays only-Office
T. Li. Townsend, a prominent young Brown House $Parlor.
n (in( froin Williford, was tranuesacting EXAMINATION FREE.
bu-iness in-thecity Wednesday, and paid r. Corthell will visit aines
the Star office an appreciated visit. vill)r. Corthel will visit ainesar.
Mesdames T. B. Ellis, .W. l)Dale, vTlle Monthly luring the year.
T. W. Pitts and the latter's daughter, SATIS Ti0.IN GUARAHTEED.
.lis, Curtis, have returdnd front a pleas- High Springs, Saturday, June 25.
anut outing at White Springs. They re- Newberry, .\1lotalay, Jund 27.
port the spring in excellent condition.
A large number of people, old, young
anl middle aged, went on the excursion
from this city to the Sunday School pie. C- C. 'I IOMAS,

nic at- Cedar Key today. Thie various
Sunday 'School in the city were repre-
Have you seen our lines of low shoes,
we have the greatest values you ever
h-earl of, come in and try on a pair and
>ou will be convinced that our Shoe De-
partment is the place to buy shoes for
city wear, for country wear, for World's
Fair and for travel. L. C. Smith.
We have received a nice little paunph-
let called "Perfection in Ginning Sea Is-
land Cotton." It pictures and describes
the "James Doig Improved Biugllah Se.r
Island Cotton Gin," and gives many testi-
ponial, inpraise of it from meq who have
used it. If you get a copy keep it for
future reference.
County Superintendent.
I hereby announce nryseif a candidate
for the office of Supeiintendendent of
Public Instruction of Alachua county,
subject to -the action of the Democratic
Primary, and respectfully solicit the sup-
port.o all democratic voters. .
Respectfully, .
J0. G. r.T.UM.
County Superintendent.
I am a -candidate for the office of Su-
perintendent of Public Instruction of
Alachua county subject to the action of
the Democratic primary, and solicit the
support of Democratic voters. If elected,
I will favor retrenchment -and the pay
intent of .the school debt.
S- J.. L, KsuI.yv.
Solicited by many friend.4, I announce
self a, candidate for Representative
from Aleiahua counting in the next Legisla-
ture, subject to the Democratic primary.
If elected the people of Alachua can feel
assured that thr interests will be well
taken care of in our next Legislature,
and I shall especially exercise my influ-
once for the enactment of a vagrant law
plimilar to that pow in force in Gergia,
which has done so much to solve the
labor problem in that State.
A. U. flLr.sARV.
S Legislature.
Demowcratic voters of Aacba county:
1" repnltfully anluountce myself a candi-
di for eU Ieislature aud solict your
supyfo I w abide by the aetlon of
t s ty. Vours truly,
J. A Rososouoni.
CesUnty Commleuoner.

Ge wa. I1

-'l '-


I lainesville,


Opposite Browni House.
'Phone No. 97.

A'trotiNF.V AT I.AW,



Office in Milltr' IL,aw 1 .v range

)DR. IH lI i-'I r 5. srs.N'R cJN.
Porcelain Inlin) wuik and the regular
tion of teeth specialties. Office in Mil,
ler's Law Exchange, with Dr. G. B.
Tison, Gainesville, Fla.
a ._

Your Chickens, Fggs,
Vegetables, nnd in fact all
kinds of Country Pro-

Highest Prices for Coun.
try Produce, and Sell as
Cheap as the Cheapest.

Us when vYo uant s Stf

ple a



Mo t~tt#" ..

Frank (Iark'


Second .Disrtrid
Fof .Florida,
elttotta Year V94to and Support
in the Qemearamlc Primary.


Opposition to the Trusts,
Favors Income Tax.
Perfection inter-State Commerce Commission.
Federal Aid for Good Roads.
Duty on Egyptian Cotton.
Rural Mail Delivery.
S nAmple Appropriations Suwannee River.
Military Park at Olustee.


Cotton Department, QAINESVILu

Hlighet price paid for $ea Island Iottoq
In Seed or Lint, Large or Small Quantities.
Imported Sea Island and Selected Florida
Planting Seed.

Choice of Two Through Car Lines


Atlantic Coast Line.
Montgomery and L. & N. or Dixie Flyer Through Atlanta
and Chattanooga.
Round Trip Rates From Gainesville

$44.10 $36.80
Osi sale iaily. Good till Decein- On sale daily. Good'sixty days.
her 25.

2Q.65 22.35
On d On- sale May 16 and 81. Good tell
Osi sale daily. Good fifteen days. i days and in coaches only.
For reservations and information apply to Agents Atlantic Coast Line, or write
Address: FRANK C. BOYLSTON, Com'l Agt., W. D. STAR, TARvK T Pas. Agt.,
138 W. Bay St., Astor BUdiAng, Jahs .e r .
II. M. EMRRSON, Traf. Mgr W. J. CRAIG, oa. Le.Ant.
Wilmington,ton C.

Gainesville & Gulf R'w'y Co
Tm ri t I': s t July B, 1993.
I ^_ k- -_ ,
No. a. N o. 4. j P Igo. ,.
dy.xt Daily. D STATIONs. a. l.
Sunday., DOW. 2zr

nd Fancy Groceries, M.Lv -
Sive us a Trial. t. M, L4 A
-E GROCERY CO. ...... r ."
srille, Fla 05 Du n
*uumuunt 8 le HI.

-1-2S 7it r
hArs a ..o.F.U.. m.

t ^ t ".8' "i ". r... ,
48. Z... i ,- ....
7Its '" T 4

P40t u.r. 41pbbs

,I t ,'.'t YI eal sa"te. '
*wtrltIf' -*[x '~ IfU~ rm cw&e d^- i4 ',t

iAr P. M.

.... .. ...

ArA. Ae. Pri..
. ....... 4

. b::: : ,I

II jl: ...


I ..

IreMt Wrl wi e W orth
isesatuetel GSame Wherein United
i w w I teC Will Be the Lo.aer,

P' The State Convention'in Atlanta Instructs

Delegates to Vote as Unit for Parker.


A Strong Platform, Eniunci-
ating Views of Party is
Adopted --List of Del-
S egtes Who Will Go
to St.. Louis.

The Georgia state democratic con-
vention was held in Atlanta, W edneB-
day. Governor Terroll was nominated
I to succeed himself for a term of two
years, as were all the present state
house officers as their own successors,
nominated Judges and solicitors gen-
eral of the various circuits, elected
' four delegates at large and twenty-
two district delegates to the national
democratic convention at St. Louis, In-
s tructed this delegation to cast Its
vote as a unit for Judge Alton B. Par.
her, of New.York, as the democratic
candidate for president; nominated
thirteen electors for president and
vlte president, elected new state ex-
ecutive committee and adjourned af-
ter a hard day's work.
S" By the resolutions adopted, the par-
'ty in Georgia serves notice upon the
country that eo long ea there Is a
S reasonable hope of the nomination of
Judge Parker, the Iwonty-slx delegates
who represent them will be found
'working and voting for him. There
SI no doubt, no equivocation, In the
Georgia position. It Is Parket first
an Parktr Just as lonf as there is
a chance for him, and the democrats
of the state hope for his nomination.
Georgla's delegation to the national
'deeooratic convention Is as follows:
Prom State at Large-John W. Mad-
dox, of Floyd; James M. Smith, of
Oglethorpe; James R. Gray, of 1Pul,
t; Charles R. Pendleton, of Bibb.
First District-R. C. Neely. of
Burke; MU. W. Dixon. of Chatham.
,- Second District-Henry -M. McIn-
pth,.of Dougherty; J. B. Norman, Jr.,
"-At Colqultt.
Third .l4strict-t. P. Cocke, of I.ce;
L.. 0. Riley, of Houston.
iou, rth Dlitrict-W. A. Little. ol
"'., uaeoegee; 1H. C. Fisher, of Coweta.
l,. tith District-A. H. Van Dyke, ol
Pulton; A. C. Stone, of Whiton.
'1lgth Dlatrict-Joseph 10. Pottle, ol
'. Baldwin; R. T. Daniel, of Spalding.
Seventh District-Moses Wright, of
Floyd: Albert 6trickland, of Bartow.
S Eighth District-J. D. Price, ol
Oconee;. J. H, Skelton, of Hiartwell.
Ninth i4striot-W. E. Candler, ol
pUlion; W. W. Stark, of Jackson.
Tenth District-C. Druce Young. ol
lfi abldoind; W. B. Crawford, of IUn

., venth District-J. S. Adamn. o
B Laurns',; 3M. 0. Dickerson. of Clinch.
The convention organized by elect
ing Hon. 3. 3. Spalding temporary
chairman. Mr, Spalding took the chair
'' and nominations for permanent chair-
man were called for. M. J. Yeornans
was unanimously elected permanent
Governor Joseph M. Terrell wa-i
loudly cheered upon being esortet
l" Into the hall to accept the nominatloi
acorded him by the people of GeorgRl
for his second term as chef executive
Ci. oe .the state.
,. The Platform.
'A summary of the platform adopted
's as follows:
4. The democracy of Georgia, In con
-People of the state upon the success
fu administration of her cvic affairs
A. thbe prosperity and happiness of hel
ea'ttliena and the general sttlsfactlor
*.':tloh prevails throughout her bor
-!' 4 '. We cordially Indorse the proa
4l111nt; state administration, our chief ex
qetitlve, each of our state officials
~ mst O nding them for the faithful


The.Woreester, Mas., Spy Ceases Op.
* ration Owing to Financea.
, The Worcester (Mfass.) Spy. one
It the oldest newspapers In the cou7 -
t7,. has suspended publication on, ao-
out of. fina ncal troubles, The Spy
was founded in 1770. the first Issue
B hearing In Boston. Boon afterward.
', It was driven from the city on ae-
at its utteranes Id favor of In-
pe.nd'esre and Its p Ahllaher located
| Worpester. Since that time The
has' appeared continuously, first
Sat weekly and then as a ally until


Sate Convention Still Tied
v Up By a Tight Deadlock.
ppblican state convention
*W pWtre ballots at Springield,
'without breaking the
mgadlock and without
4la" change in the
Idatee. Governor

boilot de-I


a --e ntathe

7 oo'nint,

honest ad iiVtlent. aginner lt whlob
theW have 4,56avrie4 thb delicate and
arduous duitig Shtbheir several of-
fige ... '
S'0 e onatuulate the people of
GeorQg thet the rate of taxation has
been lbwel*, that all property, real
and oorpotte, by reason of recent
statute, Is now made to bear its proof
portimoat part of the burden of taw-

We reaMrm with emaDhaels the pv*
rviulgy expressed demand of demo.
cratlo o00tventioas of this state for
an elective system whilh will guaran-
toe fuH protection to every voter an4
will throw around the ballot every
eateguaird. Especially do we demand
that our primary election laws be so
amended as to give assurance that
the ballot of every regletered. Toter
may be recorded and counted In a
manner that can leave absolutely no
doubt as to the fairness of the eleo-
lion and the accuracy cf the result
To this end It la the sense of the
convention that the legislature should
promptly enact a law providing that
at all elections the Australian secret
ballot or some similar saytem, shall
he adopted, wherein shall be included
very safeguard necessary to insure
an absolutely pure and secret ballot.
We favor the emaetment ot such
laws 'as will afford iqual and exact
Justice to labor and capital alike, and
the administration of those laws la
msuh a spirit of fairness as will pro-
t* oot 4nd foster the Interests which
are already In the state, and eneour-
'age the establishment of new enter-
prises, thereby affording larger mar.
kets and wider fields of Industry fot
our oltimens.
We rejoice that the opening of the
present 'national campaign finds tie
party of the state free from disturb-
Ing dissentions, firmly resolved to re-
tain control of our own administra-
tion, and ready to co-operate vigorous-
ly With our brethren throughout the
union In -a Supreme effort to recover
posesplon of the federal government.
We charge the republicans with ea-
tablilshng and main4Ainlng an unnec-
essary, oppressive and unjust system
of federal taxation, and we demand
relief for the people from Its burdens.
f We charge that within the last few
years, under the republican tariff llle-
f gal combinations of trusts and com-
bines have been encouraged and foes-
t tered until so multiplied in number
and power as to excite the gravest
f alarm that honest competition Is to
be stifled and finally crushed. We de-
f mand the republican party shall be
. stripped of the power it has so mercl-
I lessly abused. We believe that the
time and conditions require a change
f of administration and we know the
. democratic party may be relied upon
to undertalie the task of purifying the
f administration.
We demand a change of system, a
change, of adminlstratloin, a change of
y measures and of men, and to that end
r we earnestly and confidently call upon
. the people to rise in their resistless
a power and apply the remedies ready
t to be furnished by the democratic
Whereas we believe that Judge Al-
d ton D. Parker, of New York, Is the
n choice of an overwhelming majority
of the democracy of this state, as the
e democratic nominee for president.
And whereas It Is the duty of this3
convention to give force and expres-
sion to their wishes,
d Resolyed. That the delegates from
GeorglantY the national convention to
* be held In St. Louis be and they are
* hereby instructed to cast the vote of
, this state for Jqdge Alton B. Parker
r as the nbminee of the democratic par-
it ty for ;reqiden8t 8o long as in the opin-
- ion of p majority of the delegates there
- is reasaable probability of his noml-
. nation: a&d that said delegates shall
. vote as.a unit on all questions as a
, majority mpay determine.


Trouble.ietween strikers and Ne'!y-ec
In Ohio Is More Strained.
The sheriff of Laurence county,
Ohio, Wedncesda morning wired the
attorn- y general making a request for
military. aid in putting down the In-
surrectifp .t Hasngig Rock. in that
county. Ifs at',14 that an entire bat-
taion be sent forthwith, as there Is
every Indication that there will be a
bloody outbreak at any moment.
The troqlfle grows out of the timpor-
tation of pegroep from Virginia to
take thq pliaes ot the striking fuP


Colombian *lifer birulation Will Be
Guaranteed by Sovemetaht.
The currency question at Panamu
has nearly bee" solved on the follow.
ing ba ss:
The gold stoatlard wUill be adopted
and tbeC0olpmbim silver now in use
will he mbthanged at 110 per cent to-
prevent .SfatMatons In ( the value of
the new af1 coOias. the government
will up*ajate1 their .ftee value by
maki* pt deposit of gold to their .ful
.. ,vL ..


i -

The comment In St. peterburg of
te ettlentat of the Rtuls-Caallafid
.kr 0ts0l0% wAWhleh a.ussia ha
"Al fegland a long.stlndilg Indent-
ln.y for the selsure of Brkltlh vessels,
Ip very significant. The agreement is
welcomed by tae Russian lprees ap an
evidence of Increaling probability of
an Anglo-Rusasian lliane,' th DplPers
pointing out that public opklithn in
Great Britain, Pratsn altd Rttalk is
becoming mero kibatble, h war in-
stead ot p'ovtifg an obstmet lo an al.
ltance, serving as one of thtb rgu-
Inenta In its favo-.
Mbr e' aAlhititit still is a strong In-
tlltl fth of The Novosti foreshadow-
ing that a commercial treaty between
the two countries will pave. the way to
a purely commercial raproachment.
The Novosti adds:
"The realisation 'f this is easier as
both Russia and Great Britain are,
bound by enormous commerelal deal-
Ings. It sk true that Rtualia 1' t1ur-
ther from Great Britain than PIrunce.
but she sla nearer India, whose rail-
roads could be Joined with Russia's.
The paper makes the further point
that without such-a commerclat treaty
any political agreement would be very
"Although It Is Imposdible to sscer
talh at this time whether the tfuetion
of such a commercial treaty has act-
ually been taken up, the possibility of
Its being the next step In the program
toward a political agreement arouses
the keenest Interest in diplomatic clr-
cles, where it Is considered fraught
with most far-reaching importance.
"The United States will probably be
the chief loser by such a treaty. Amer.
lea has already suffered from differon-
tial duties levied against her In retal-
intion for the Impoajtlon of a counter-
valling duty on Russian augar, Im-
ports of American agricultural machin-
ery. etc., which a few years ago were
very large, having fallen almost to
"With tariff concessions, Great Brit-
bin Is bound. to succeed to all this
trade with Its big potentialities for
the future. The Impression Is grow-
lag that Great Britain Is playing a
shrewd game, for big stakes commer-
cially as well as politically, and.that
while complete agreement would be
mutually advantageous to both Russia
and Great Britain, It would be at the
expense of the United States In both
these directions.


White Men Balked at Negroes Eating
In Their Presence.
A bloody fight occurred Thursday
night In a restaurant at Knoxville,
Tenn., as a result of which one man
Is dead and two others are mortally
wounded. Constables G. C. Gamble
and T. W. McCarty were eating when
Lum und Wash Miller, negroes, came
into the place and ordered something
to eat. McCarty ordered the negroes
to wait until they bad finished.
A war of words followed. Then
Whsh Miller struck at Constable Gam-
ble wMh a knife, and the trouble
started. Lum Miller was shot through
the head by Gamble and killed, bil
not until after be had shot Gnmblc
through ihe abdomen and twice in the
right leg. Wash Miller was shot
through the right arm and In the
cheat by a negro named Cor'i, who
was trying to hit Constable McCnrly.
Cook escaped. The two wounded men
are at the hospital with no chtnneo of


Mob of Colored Men After Number
of Their Own lIcoe In Ohio.
Another lynching was attempted at
Springfield, Ohio, Thursday night. A
crowd of negroes surrounded the jail
at midnight to lynch Walter Fisher,
colored, under arrest for killing fd-
ward Stone, colored. Sheriff Routza-
han had Just returned from Davon.
where he. took Fisher for safe keep-
ing., and so Advised the crowd, which
yelled back that they would get Fish-
er -when he was brought back for


Democratic Convention Instructs for
Editor Unanimously.
The state democratic convention of
. Wyoming Instructed for Hearst unasni-
mously. He Is strongly Indorsed in
the resolutions. .
J. F. Loup, the temporary chair-
man, made an encouraging speech re-
garding the condition of the party In
the btate. and pleaded for-harmony.
qThe Carbon scouts delealmtion o' ten


Involved in Imprisonment of
of an Editor byj idge


Much Excitement Prevalls i1 North
Castlllea Over VaIrleoib b6urtk
esas andt trAngltt Ariing
a Therfqrom;

A Washington dikpatc1 s.lys': ,iudge
.8. t' fitiard, of the fourth Unitenl
States circuit court, has granted a
temporary writ of habeas corpua or-
dering the rerease on ball of Josephus
Daniels, president of the Ralelgil. N.
C., News and Observer, who has boon
held In contempt W touurt by Judge
Puraell,' Ot the federal curt.
Attltheys for Danlels presetnto
thlef petition and affidavit in the (case
at tutt hoite of Judge PrItchard In
Washington. Judge Pritchard decline.
ed to sign the writ because he was 'out
of his Jurisdiction. Accompanile. by
the' attorneys he went to Alexandria,
Va., where the writ was signed.
Hfe will hear arguments in thd r-aqu
at Raleigh, and will then give his final
decision. IbrtneP Governor Thorn: s J
Ja-rvis tt Bt redtville, and tRobert. 1f.
Gray And James It, Pou, of Rleilgh,
who eoamib 1f Washington to represent
Daniels. received a telegerm Thurs-
day stating that Judge Purnell had
approved the bond tOndered by the
Atlantic and North Carolina railroad,
and that the receivers who were nam-
ed by the court wore ourted. Plhii
action la the result of a writ of sup:-l'
sedeas granted by Chlef Justlce hFul,
let, suspelndilg Judge Piltnel's order
-naming A recalver for the roid.
The attorney in the Danicls cas-i
first presented their affidavit and po-
ttilon for a writ of habeas corpus to
the chief Justice, who acte, I n thbo
matter of releasing the road from the
receivership, but referred the ctheo
matter to Judge Pritchard. lit.lad
Prit0hard arrli 'd In Washington Wedl-
nesday from Richmond. Va., whero ho
had.qualified as judge of the fourth
United States circuit court. In ho r-
Ing the Daniels case he performed lida
first official act under his new imill-
clal honors. The contempt case grows
out of a published criticism of Jila-, i
Purnell's aclion In the reo-lvcr:;hlp
Not since reconstructlin (lays h.is
there been such excitement in Nurthb
Carolln as now prevalls, this lif|ng
due to three enuses-the coneumlpt
proceedings against Editor Danlel.i. of
T'he Raleigh News and Observer, by
Judge Purnell, of the federal c-.unrt.
and tile $2.000 fine InmposeIl upon lin,.
second the placing of the Atlantic and
North Carolina railway under a re-
colvership by order of Judge Purn'.11l
and third, the naclon of Judge Pe-bltmi
in sentencing In contempt the clev-
en members of the bar of Robesuon
county, also three men. one a pronil-
nent lawyer of Sampson county, for
Many prominent men Ray ihat there
Is now made a clean-cut Issue bl ween
the federal court and the press ani
the people. Editor Danltaies w-nt-, to
go to Jall and expected to be esanl
there upon his most positive refusal
'o pay any fine or to accept mot11 y
from any persons with wllch In pRy it.
Scores offered to pay for him, thet ng-
gregate of such offers exceeding $1')-
0"D. He has received hutndre.ls tf
telegrams froth alnil parts of North Cai-
olina and other states relating to theta
tIaanels wrote his editorials while
In custody, and so headed them. Th-re
Is no telling what further elloitlcal nal
vancement nnd prestige the arrest an-I
fine will have Ipon him. Ho dinclares
that every newspaper In tho country
Is interested in his course and hin tdo-
termination. His friends said frotr
ihe -beginning that the United Stitos
supreme court would decide that
Judge Parnell had no power inmaer the
act of congress of 1831 to ptnish htiu
for a newspaper publication, rhe
Judge says there Is nothing personal In
his action In the matter.


Man Haled to Court to Keeping Noe-.
ore In Involuntary Servitude.
A Savannah dispatch says: An either
peonage case was launched Thnreday
when H. E. Barnes, of Builloch conn
ty, was held under bond by the I'alt-
ed States commissioner on a charge
of holding Mark Smith, a negro lih->.

In Involuntary servitude. The charge is-
made by the boy's father theoigh
Barnes' says the boy went with him
voluntarily and was well pleased witllh

I wam.a.; ., u y ...., u ,.a...u u .. his stay in ullu och county.
members wore bronad white and red
badges emblasonoJ with Hearst's THE DOOM OF CONCORDAT.
France Anniounces Readiness to Sepa-
FOUR YEARS FOR SULLIVAN. Pre Churchand Staten that

Amerlous Merchant sentenced for As- the question of the sepsrat ln of
church and state would come up In
ault with intent to Murder. January hbs drawn attention to the
At Amerleus, Ga., Themis 0. Bull- law already formulated for separation
van, ruerchant, was sentenced to a of church apd stato. The opening
term of four years In the penitentiary clauses read as follows:
uppo. conviction of the charge of as- "The republic assures freedom of
sault with intent to murder In bav- conscience and It guarantees tho free
lag procured an abortion upon a young exercslae of religion without restrlc-
woman. The usual appeal for a new tloo.
trial will folloW' and In tkq meantime "The reVublic will nelther protect
Sullven'sa bond has teen assessed et nor pay salarles under any form what-
14.000, ever to any denomination. It will not
MICHIGAN VOTR UNINSTRUCTED. reogla e any minister of religion."


Will -s enskt IMt KbttA tS Harase
S. kita ot Russlans and Stop
bepredatil is.

AIdvlItc reeflived ini Washington re-
port the departure from Ja.pan of an.
other army division. While t o destl-
nation se not stated, K Is n conet.eCil
at thm oati u rps'r adliut id ciose
iii the Riesmlane' rear in northeast Ko-
-rd, chuttlig off thit radingl partIes
wbhieh have threatened General Ku-
roki's communications. 1ihere ft'S nd
leas than fifteen thot!a3tld soeldlers In
6i bxilllori-.
The report offer of Japan to China
Ito srreader her so much of 'he Man-
churla as alre-dy bas tooeen taken by .
the Japan'.se troops is lviwed in
Washington with interest because of
the pc.-,':bilty, if tho offer sla cceptel
I by China, that RiIa will hold It-it
thn ec.lel. l mnir'ire hPa. thereby vid-
Slt't.d her utelge.d nJ.utrality, Lbui af-
or\ldiug gcand fei "r a.ltatl iioiin cle+-
kalth tartS of Mongolia that would be
of groa- startegile value In tho war.
Al thong-h I'-e sPtte depariTent hiis
cou'riteently insisted upca recogniz-
1 Ing tlio sever"lsr.,:y of China over
I Mrnchi'rla. as evlden(c-l by the sp-
pointment of conrIulsq mnlr Peltin ex-
oqiate .r~F to that pm vlnc., It also has
acrd Ito a Init tho existehc6 of ht
1i,rd lof war 1iI th-u sectiotl. Whlll
fl('d was unikir Iit4'.nuli ecif tFll "At
I'ho OU t'brek of iiucn irlns.
l 'ie altern-Ilvo ,a! I to bo presented
by Japin of an amiln:e r-i'tlon of ilte
captured t-rlilry by an Intern-ational
coinmis isn Is not l,'kely to meet with
murh favor In WijA-:ington 0 the ex-
pt-ricuce c-f tho government In the
boxwr utrl-:nng nnd the suibsOqdant dif-
flcilite !uIn getting cl(r of the oil-
llr Iinns Itcticur-r' In conjuncllrbt fr
F'.-.rolieaut tnatl<'n hate iot eascdilrttgMt
furheP eilerurrent' move-mlnts of that


Dead Heroes cf Michigan Honored In
Shaft at ArderSontill4.
tWith howl[. tland., liftysit people
from l MItlilgan, a large deloga-.lon
f* rom tho Crand Army utf thel Repul'.llc
colony at Flizgr.-rtlul, tGa., and many
other cl :;zens of the coutinty, stool in
the rainhl M:alay aftern-ion and watch-
ed the unveiling of the Michigan mou.
miunment at tho i'e -of Andersoaville,
Gi ., prison.
As Mrs. lils.a, wire cf the gover-
nor of .Michlattn, reverently pulled
i aside thl iatlln:ioal chl.rs with Which
tho is'oiiumiienr had L,,':-n draped, Rev.
A. 1. Ln. Lon ,r. urf Peorti Hlroa, Mic-h..
oufferl t n slni|l-I ibut itonchlug prayer.
Pho lde. itauory s ,rvlr.-., whilchl were
tih main falt rliulIlttcfrluti litlthrdt i t
th nialin fealiurte of the Docrallon
diny servicess at Andileri)ivivllle cemr
olor'y, ocu'rilIorIhdrtily after am violent
rain Fl'orin in vlilrh miny of ilhe
vitllors were dr-enc<.,hei. Tne eerclises
begin nt tlhe' i)nnim n*, 4but on nc-
count of tho rain Elwir.l R. Jamnsin.
Soha'rman of the Michigan Ainlderon-
Tvllo Monunhi nt C>mmlesoIJ'.Yn, who prle-
slrtl i v<-.er the :.i rris f-, announced
thit lithe r. nflaiitdlfr .f i lhe roglrainte
would be nIrril l' i't at ihe collttte on
lth groun-sl. nnl I i ..s 11 tiIillng ona
the lI)r-h of lit- (ol. ngr- i loitli tIit
Fl Sars a "nn.1 S lp-l-S i II-'ll in su|llhif rn
honpy.R'rl<'rnl .1at li.' ih 4tt oilamenti %\as
formally n iru '. o'.- tr lt- Ihe ( s'ai ? of
Ml1tchgi l.y I'r-s!'i t nt In-m- -in. of Ihe
ionnnumpni t i (nnii -idii.
In lul. atmirilih. n'ilr.';s .-i-ishleat
In his. r1n atln nilirli'- -, Fresideat
Jnno 11in s lild. "\\'- e ',iin:- i ) ( orgli-
wi'h nn ,i )'. rp-'a.; In <1iir h arisa., ]lnt
with charily t\.,|, iln aI an.d maltre
toward nolie. A mn lint'ti ulrerpied to
a soldler f (Ithor larmiy la a. nrnt
Snielnt to tn Ariaor'can se t sui.s foiihi ftr ihe rixghti. naa Ihy
saw tho rlihl "
This oxproe'ano w'.-s r.e'piveod will
cheers, anl was rico ko.no (ti the
sever-tl aedltreites of iht? ncrz lon. all
of which bre'tiedI a 4hilrir of frafer
Half Acre Burned at Cleveland.
fire whi, h F.tarlete In Clevelanl],
0.. thom-ly h|-"ore t:'idilialil Mondlay
night burned n01r nn ar'-- of lcIf
an acre at Iho c(.-;';er of Oreygn.
Pn-ty anld Et. Clair ,Leo's. 'The less
wll probably roc'i $10,0.000.


Governor Vardcman Says Prelate Is
Worsa Traitor than Benedict Arnold
Governor Vardamnan. of Mississippl.
Is roeolvlng Itnint'r< "., fetflirs- from hisl
friendsin all pairtifs of the stnt, making
Inquiry concerning the remarl-s heI
has I-cen quote:l ns nmainlng conc.-rning
l3ishop Gallo\ ay.
SThe governor ba:. boon quoted a.
having dienounced l i.sholp Galloway as
"a worse trlitur to theo nouth than
IBenedict Arnold was Io the colonies."
and'havlug branded the bishop as "a
low-down little par!.on running around
with a belly fall of hot air and yellow.
legged chicken, pandering to the nig-
ger-lovers of tho northh"


Painters Objected to Carrying OMu
Plan of House Owner.
Pcinters employed by a P aterson,
N'. J., contractor to decorate the ex.
terlor of a wealthy silk manufacturer's
house, struck because .h'e colo-
scheme (hosen by the owner of the
house did not sult them. The ,11k man
afacturer ordered the bahnidig dressed
In white with green hautters. 'When
this paint had been ld on be told
the moon to make the trimmntag a
bright yellow. They remonstrated, but
In on fiztrSL. rhalt mu-- ur e h

Hoeret Men Defeated in lStat Demo. -"'7-_ -- -. t- ,o v00 v: 1110 imenu assere t&t
H raete Conventeson. I U n In Texas ty Calls ut M o n .smith a combination would ruin their
he au teat Welegti on un in in Texa Clty Clle Out Men on employer's business and declared a
Michigan da 1'1bs-ed by Dan = Street Rallway Lines. t-rike. It Is said the unlvn, witl sup-
Sel .5. Ca*taum, f tttii national .om. The street car mena's union at HonUs- Port their action.
ltteMDena. tr U1Uph8 Over the as Heat ito. Te4s., Thursday morning at 2:48 suar- Irhm Goees I lIt Wall.
SwppeF Ort *Yd#? et4lSP# 455*03 q'elook ordered a Strike elective at w'yf tue junior partia ssnKthe

|Cream o Newsj
It tit t U^t !_ itrl tvt it1I

rrief tJndrrialj oI MIost
Important Bvent
of Pach t Vwa

--i're Ifi the woodk eaOs aL boJier
asd o1310*ws whltle idf engine, thereby
saying a large amount of lumber and
a Eaw ml: piant at Marietta, Ga.
-Mhdiday'I' flr loIolsg i N