diiuti'ie" lu > al.HI a mile fi tn tho river and: to s-acrifice a lv tn spptA-e it. ; i is the rounding of each pen V ,. ;'
i ruu '
: ,
L.1X1)1lXrS.. .. the ( iiiltand I that ud.inde.i, Ir\'iII..1 I \\ illl.a blaek-mith. i i- one by two uiiiein! ti/e : it i i- lu.nn- I, "Dead I \I'I'I: I cr nail" ij a favorit"form cil. and the marvelous! ta-e, pu-ci-ion
:: ::: i ,
[ r.a -- -
I C UHOVX, JOHK U. SwiBrown AURORA LAGER lalvi Okecbi'bee, the hitirMiiiiyciunIry and : tilI'r. Itjlr: ] .hI.: : '* Kvans: : : i- V ste'l l (>n the. t ;a-l by a.laige budv- of III' intimating ab-obite lack of : and: rl'guluilitlt! which thU i* p er-

.' J In Half Iiirr..K <-i IIlrh'r .I lUrrols i. C'III..IlltI)' fllla..lh: | )' cool :m.1 1 15nv5 the ol.t..t'UII'I\ : i-1 withal ;a nnv. -I.lt.1lIil h:1II\l'1 kinds and praiiie, I, vitality. U do.- iK.t mean! that ad 1 formed; ,lender.it one of the most beau-
ansi 1 IWthio.SAVANNAH. .
& Swingley ii? I:(>. 'i.itiii'4; hmvc*. ''fhwmt r.-ea- (.'filial, illl.ltn..1 Virginia' ::irentlem.in which aSl'urdpln.thd i: -111111111'r range : .Kr mil: I hi*> any the 1 lest life ia it i tit til iI' tho mtiie nunufacture.: "nil',

I If .i : oS the old regime.vi s juare pimil i is in&crteil in n s-rnall
.\ hor-tri
1 : s m I. p. eui..nlv ple.i-.int and: agreeable i I loitoiv. jre.it II.II) are than nn" driven ht.w:1l1, b.it that
Land Agents t "" .u' ) 1 inai'lime .ofitainin! : a toundirii chuck .
; : } and t the tune i- not reILIte wheninxaluly :r \ ii It.i .\..\ rai-td sail i without fttding i tU'1 un- in I the t time when kii''i'kersere ill :) iinmin ; < '
Lovengreen & ; at a high rate tif >j>Li!" Hetoio -
if. T. -Jf1.'PJ.lJUll.I." >fclal *attenti Iu ail. V ami t.uuitnho rome to i< :tile ntph all -i;iiiil%I -.tlli'l:1 i : I nw'i-e.;; TII..li\l, .. 11'll..t i the ca.t t u-e a hi.1iike; ud to be placed f..r I.; t.le't' can ieiae all the details I

I. t" WILLgire! l>)latvd 2 iu lluir ImnJ- in Kint on the: -'jll h -ide and .I.lt tl.U IxaiUUiiI d'al'h'I': j li-h the knockir to fall! on i i-: lead: and ', tlfl the PI..OC-S .llic pencil \\\-\s come one

i lIft r line uf Imriik; and m-llin ItllAL!: !1-- l..\\1.$, : <; to the Caluo-ahatihie: : whtio they V a L t'lKi mouth of the I'.ihio-uh.itfhio: lake me, .1 f I II.I .J.h:- II, .1:inic-, I I.ami : I make u Iloi-e without ,hnitiiitj the at the "I Ian ('ml oi' themailuneroucdid VV I

i L. TVTtX: : LOCA'riXi; llMlTl.l uiakinrnmr<* Bl1'KKKMPTJON'N .4,I OIL! wi i 1 Irill.1 wh.it tl.") want.dmlrary f! river. Thii ithe cattle shipping, ; licit. and .1. C. !I.I: igei' Any one t:1 \VH Ill tvork. The natuial illl tere'let'i'jtl to a niivty, without* il.Hvor Ulim-. 3 IVV
--S 1 Hnd t i JLVSS 1 1I i-h. OiLisitch tit
: mathiuer
STATILASIKACAC. in inn.um.ujiii :. t-> gener.il: belief the an- poi.it: tor the I Caloo-ahati I ; I I r. "iou, ; :It' \h.ltL: hit!Ii, Jeuili/iiig will d.j :fur. ::at mi}'thin,*; that waj knockc-I. on nil I turn puco *. .
iinUvi ix-fc-c- Fiiiiiu-t. (11..t. .nh-r. .li',) t : out twtnty t jroo; d! ;.
... toce ati .Sjni-5jl-&( .I ofl't.IUV1. }' -AU:''-tn j rvA-oujMt I'I i titial taiiifaU diuiinisliea; ai we gu f.ir- [ and 1H'.wuc iutoiimd! I by CX)1. J. S.uj-: ";. orllt ll'f,.* h)\ititing i Mr.I .J"III1':: the head ns often :ithat ulilF. > j r4 : London Timber TiaJis Jout-i V VV,

;. i V .
f 1ii

.2. I.; .-

; .,_. .. '... ..-. V l
\ : V-- \
T f t.
V 4,-( -, :-...- ,---i_ ,.N".- -s-- -' .., .. .. o V


; :' I I *


I 7V

4 d :

-. .ft __ _-:-=- -- --=-- S

t- -THE- ----SUNLAND---- TRIBUNE.--- I!| A Dt-flnltft Mtcp.I j Legislative) liiYestlgatlon.i The i. -gi .lati\e ponsibillty The Florida Everglades mid I -A talk with Mr. C. H. William. 1 I J-. fl. KRAUSE,

\ for ltai ln of invc.IigtionUDlertaken Fraaklia! & Zack Strcet'l]
We mentioned J hut neek the visit i was a mailer [Corner
--- --- -- --- - I will reach
WAilU V which The When OJ. Coryell, in LU interview us in saving that the road .
L P. Editor i by the Assembly iucrea.-e taxation by the leg
:i __ -- __ to this place of Mr, Charles Francis, with the the/lori-tini" a Ocala early in May. IIu i* laying TAMPA FL.' t i
_ _ _-- _--1_- we do not think should be allowed topa.s islature which lias: just hdjourned, reporter | ,
rice-President, ,and N. R. Gruelle, said .'If I : dthi iroa nt the rate of five or sis car I
: Tampa, Saturday. April 2nd. 1881. ; into a precedent without a pro- cannot but cause unfavorable com few days ago, : may no X
'. of the Florida )tjoutheru i enthu-iastiv I would loads a day. He txr>cc: to reach rn.tLEflIX.tLLKIIOFHARDWARE:
__ 5- Engineer, test. The editor of the Sunland' Tri- j ment. There was a general hope and appear to say

,.. ; Senator W. Call! has placed! us t Railway, in the interest of their road.J.When bur.e having made certain charges I It expectation that huch measures of that I hop- to live lo see the day that | Isaav Vaughn's to ui !it and Anthony

W-t under: obligation* for A uutuber of vol here they made certain pmpuI t against the members of the Legis'a- ', ecouotny would be introduced M to'dimiuish steamship'. will pass fiotnlhe Atlantic 1'iaw ntxt aturuay. Two weeks I .

: ia nowise iut.caJof increase to the Gulf over the Okeochobee fr.rnthat time ami he ay> Ocaia.and
of the burdens
rj nines Congressional Record anil ture from Monroe county, the
]: ; iitions wbicb,, if the pcoplo uf this he have had some IVm&ndina uiil be connected l>y iron lION, STEEL NAILS, S1H1* CHANDLEUY -
other public documents.t I .% connected with discharge of their of taxatiou. To au agricultural route, must foutij j CUILUKK3 IIAKD WAKE.I10l .

5i. puce accepted, woum inuuce inem to legislative duties, the Assembly undertook I I cople ajj annual tax of nearly two datioo for his prediction, as will sp-i bands. A15uv.-iiJj! two or even three ( >K,cI1F.NrEKsTxI. 'CAKKlAOEMAKEirS -

-Our thanks ate due ComptrolierG begin work at an early day'on their i to investigate the charges, apjiointed i j per cent. ujm all their propertjr, unproductive pear from the special dispatch wLicliwe weeks for accidents anti deKus" aud it SUPPLIES. .
-iY neral W. D. Barnes for a of ruad at Tampa. Iho>e prupiiiouwere j a committee and the committee ''; as well SA productive, is a I give below z L'nion 1 will Mill be poe-ilk! l".r vise trains to -

; copy ; liberal for summoatd wituevs, among them ; hcivy burden, and iu towns where au Sl-ecial dipatci! to the Baltimore Sue.] be runniuj; into O-ab. st'iue time dur- Stars Tin e&Bnare, Esilsjnraft,
the I sufficiently '
Compilation of Laws'for the Assessment anycommunity j Dr. Wall, editor of the papcr above | additional two per cent. 13 added for PuL.i>ELFUA, March 20.-Now 1 ig the iaoui! of ..liLv.-Oei. fli'.n r. Crockervwnr, Table and 1'wcUl CutltrjUan

1. and Collection of Revenue.Bro. that really wanted a railroad nan.ed. The co.cuittee exhonorated municipal taxes, the real estatejowueri that the Philadelphia capitalists who --- -. -------- I -. Pi-tot Actsuuniaon, and Lock. A

and was anxious to eee the work begin ] the members and, by implication, i may well questiftn the value of invest- are about to reclaim the immense State and ( enpn\l Now *. cho&'esuj'.ly 4-

:4 : .,. Wall of the TRIBCSE, has lo accept ; and now it affords u? mildly censured the editor. As to meats ia town property. High taxes tracts of land in the State of Florida -The! *r-ffic of tlie S iihert Fxpre** Cn. I Ia Farm Implements of all kinds,

'. brandished the tomahawk vrry *uc.cefu11y. -i unfeigned pleasure to state that some ; which} we say nothing. But we do ; in towns menu high rents increased :, known as the Everglades, have completed IVr: anuir.a fnhrokr'i intu J.x- w-tk

: : Mayor Perry ha resigned. I of our leading citizens have promptly : gay it was a matter with which the | cost of living, and diminished resources. I their contract with that State, I and tlif -jfe toi'tfJ: of *'JvO.T. iih. fc Traces Plow, H.uucAxt: ,
4- ? -Key 'West (JuTf. i iMf I forward and the Assembly could properly] have noth-! j it i is no longer a secret that one of the \V. ( -bnrie i mntior.d *. bfiig : j-j-a-ie*.Keflopes-

4 stepped accepted iug to do. The editor of the V*e believe the legislature wa? comi main features of the gigaatic scheme aj>jx>in: l (.otfci >r of CiKwru at Vtn'aCua. Paints & Oil,

. : : "The Sunlind Tribune vza in propositions made by thee gentlemen. '' paper is Wit a public ofacer, and i posed of good men, iairly desirous to | U the building of a ship-canal across ,

betUr demand last week than the The propositions *fere the guarantee ; therefore not subject to legislative impeachmecL ; do what wa3 fur the. l>enttit ut' the the State of Florida. This project -Jjilge ctde i* *Itriony ill in Wa-h- DRY GOODS,

; ; New York HcroU."-Key SVet DanJujt of a certain amount of money aud the He is a private iudivid-' State, but it needs cnly a glance at t almost equals in importauoj( that of rgon. (; Ud4

: uertit. i ual, and iu no eu,3 and iu no niuu- the Jung li-t of sets paed, to sen; that | recjaimiug 12,000,000 .1. tea of the I Mayor IVrry ha. re-itnttL 1; i.tp. hUq4, I1at. (3j1 ,
right of for the road. The requi- hand and rvLeiir.gIrcih
way to the Legislature for I I the interest ot the Stat richest laud ia the world south of thpfrot 1 mbrrtia* Ah ajvn
i uer responsible general were
: v! The people of Key West -1'. T. !.JrnIti. f r. l>e Wit Talmage ij'i'H vl
j site amount of money was prompihrabed what he dt To the iudividuab made the local ami iudi1idu.il belL the
_f says or c? secondary u ship-caaal aero and Jfti < ioiil J are TJ-ittrz I-"l rJJa.i .
Jtarc to,go i'tTfrotn h*>me to learn the and the right of way has' been whether members of the As- \ iutercsts of their foutiiuencie .ateof Florida has been the dream i -Mump* and )tet.ki! ate trtJcct in I Groceries&ProvisionS .

true iuwardura of Ke Wet idc.1.t so far secured as to leave little doubt !5cmbly or not, whom he may lave *. Relorms were greatly reded uf eagineers for many \ears. It ,; Ocala. Cihr ,

: but that the whole of it for the dis I wronged, he i is n>po i ibe! iu the in the whole! scops of the State rinauJ J would not; only shorten the distance; i -i uincr ri.jnii.i-i over th j t4 ("irtmnt! I Whti-h tle! IWuot I .r'-r at of U-tin the i ami| rk-S rr for

J- Under the tieT law providing couiu justice, not ei.ehcre, legally. cts, but none whatever were uuder-1 between the Amvricau jwru 011 the Ata hurnt inirvdace'l ir.to FluriJa.t I :
4 for the disorganization of cities and tauce required will be readily j taken or perfected. The le*k ,i nod ] Atlantic cut aud all Kuropeaa: ports t K. McCl oa '* mill!! atta' *ill*. I- -

tuwns having a landed iud bteJnets I I without difficult v. Iu fct we can !' As to the very tmiil iitatier of drains and waste of our old aud im- to New Orleaus, Mobile, and &1! shi;>- ; ntir Ra.liiin, ou die TraM it j.ia.I i, wil BlackSmithingIn

hardly coacuve that there i is ativ'i bringing Dr. Wall thrtx- or four htindrwl I l erJect svstem have all been) ciontinUed. ping point* oa: the Gulf of Mexico.t reetntIV burnet l, with 200,000 ft < r cii .

'. aad having no fund provide! for its i, where in ibis action a man with s*> i. miles from )hi* homo, as u wit- t but it would avoid the dan ei* to tuIvr. V I cvnn 'i. n with til* I am prvparr1J tL iiii: t';.
,, c.fHKLI. I'tK
: iwyment, proceeding nave been taken I i contracted a soul SJ not to readily t new, and then retting to pay his expenses The fxpvn-* thrown upon the Jttate: navigation which are exj.erietjceil on -< i irsl HoTa'io! Jen inj. Jr., wv.lor \\ : ll. Lirt\\ KlrllTt.N;.. ..l X1N > ttrII-

to dlsorganiie the i m ns r j Fernrudina we can only -ay it feens to us. i for juiifviai{ salaries and jaror and l'it' ciuntle-* keys and ivral reefs ot" n.rninat'i trayr.r of Jack -nviiu' at tl.f <.. A. mtli ll-i-au-h ar.J on rea* ovhr >
give a right of across hi* laad< } htltI rh '_*li!>.
tisbicn eunti.n.n
and Pcasacola by some of way by uo means a creditable! thiug lo the i itnes.-es, at.noual( to aU>ul oi: ; hundred the southern coast of Florida. All 0. trrnA -.

tie bondholders. rather than that his refusal should Assembly. Dr. Wall chart there tijuaiid! ( dollsis |>er anuurti. If ship (-aptaias know of this danger, -\Va.hfrzton li-patcli of the .4'h '. i..TIy' { : \Vacr;; >n', Cart

little : ot'iuth) Duvalj hurricausiwhuh MV* that the Vrc-ii'it! had *tii i.o the Uii.nfi-'. U'hrri iurioi**, Ac., on LttJ.1It .
be an impedmeat ta our gating a >fK>cs-5bIity of t1i.? piece ot the rcconU a cuunty a? which i is often aggravated by .
t ; 0 -4r -tII.8e the r.anic i'f W. M. Lbiith ft.rnnarrr k-t : iit !.
railr\ad.Ve spite uj oa Mr. Cniper, ot"u: John-,.j were txamined, it would be een that are common$ to the southward JacV.vc.r I
I I j- at
Senator Jones\of Florida, at a St. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. the tt'riiicf! court have been long of Florida, but which are comI ; I- .
ofiiccrs of .
\ that these
t Patrick* day diuueV, in response to I presume Let us }ho'$e he it tnltakeu iu liiis. I prctracud, that grand juries have re- I I t-aratively unknown cti the west ci<:v.-t, I, -. .i of w v-o-jii nj e -

4 I the projected Florida r nithcra Rtil- the weklh.it witrtiuained It i i- wore -iiicH) from r'ott M%er' on thv "vn.ill Goods !
: the toat "The land of our adoption, Dr. Wall, eiiitor of ftrnp.t Hilied$ iu sositn tcr j iu the legion of Tampa bay. New

i.aM I that if man rhould! feel way made their prepcticas: ia g'xtI Tribune, charges; that having Utu Zc'z4 ktVC a lon time in well known that a tiamir of .New' Un. IAn S

any I faith and the ttople have accepted brought umkr summon to Tallahasj HtteutiatKI'etvre tho cusr3 wer-j called York capitalists have btej. cudtavor-! orange trvr <.rv .*4r ofcii.a) ar> tJicr Low Prices !
po>ud to Hi I to the sentiment he I've rear- ftiif, near I t.be I'aTaHjiareinfuit ( .
reip them is that light, s-o that if the wok j ? by the As-eiably H* a witm-ss, he | iti which they were t>.. tCatity, ta ing for -ome years to get a charter biooiii.Snat ,

: vas that taan. tr ha had Und>! in j within brief was refused payment ot'bi* vsptasts, 1 1I I thc'r iu-nia\ftiience and the txpt-ne !r i is here
:: thi country a penniless Ixiy at tea Met corajienced a I which, f.AO, was, iu our judaiccl, t | .;! the SHO. It will: tiso l be een that ; $ !, but the Philadelphia tom $ fl'8I13i'fl Cfli tO .
by the Pre-idtnx tht it J .
w** *
|lflNl l, it cannot l e said that it was shabby act, whoever have$ I the criiKtual caicudar.- Israel fiilf : with a deal shrewduo-", K.
years of age.- very may f pany, great H' i-t, toj:* cultwiu.r of CU-UIDX for the dit.kt -- 1*
uu account of lack'of a res:>ou-5ve IH.VU rfspL'UsibJe *' r i. Rut i? the ol with ci s of av dul!; Jtnd |"ty Jaricny have got ahead of thm. It >s bclieve J' ; vCi. 'larkFlo., .
t c ." iJ f *ecras ia earn public spirit qa the i>art oi the citi- i I)?. not iLtateaVe a-k thU q uti -*- whsch i on Id nadSIy! hnve Ken j jsutuuarny l tat! in connection with the isth- -Mt" zctr. the < rinertret N s"h+ the '\ ? 1)1Rtl I"1L. /

rst about niakirg things lively for the rea* Tampa aad iaimtdiate$ vicinitv. *a beia'i?? we tiitd amon5tuis dithi : tried l tire' H ju
1 Fieridian. Tallahassee iHairs i in the legislative r''jb.'priatitn j jvace or j
- Certainly hiil! thi> "Ftir txi !- ntY. jon- Ictiufl. Ixep#, the Florida canal mu-t at 3ki, h4L'en ree1finired. .

:Jneed it thorough overhauling At any rate things are avumirg a j jihape rJrttr.'c.:: k'lVudieU-nl I iii the :aatttr of legislative one" attract the attention of the c.j>i1talists -The nysnWr t-f vt**! dere-i? fr faia r'\F; : CN.!: AND ALL .VMULXAMtrr -

vrhen a forger in a public otEce! i is aliljwx that will pcdly show whether Peter Knight, aud 1. I'Va1 te! t no irfort a: t ..uoT1lpto secnu j not only of America, but_ of l'rfl-It- for ;be th rstk ,, : ( it- I '- <-xr tr.tT 01 -tt'.k inTINV'AREHARDWARE

;4. l loj 0 $CtL free for far uf ia- the Florida Bt.utLern Railway Com grams and A.-cUtaut.Tfer at.t r.t-arais, have beenJo.! $ T'ie K ilaturejiacr Kurojv. .\.- to the tr.t-ibity, not only r. ) r. I c t Zabt r *n4 .1 :It.&ri AND .
la-t. #a.- 1; ). of LLh t ui1r thin hah"in *try
rnve.ti-.uiI ij charge* u itt the ten :ietl by ore-thini in it- ; otbuiJiug: ; a shipraual, but >f '
juriag the Deajucratie and buiu' or not. Samei I'eormlMr a&' J ii>ar v The FURNISHING GOODS
mean HOUSE
I pany r1cflli; I r.xn ti.u rt e' c't uV. 13- I Ue t cr dic-M: tiey! vute l Jrsinii1.: the Hverghi'le: *. the opinioa I Ii'f I of tiu-e rjacir fr' l IJ3IT-bi-r' ,

- ;.-. this too when the forgery 'w detected ;i thing will be done soon if there i- not "0, to bo paid itji.>u vuucher-! ajjiri.vc.1 CleJI,1vr! >: # s i v duhurs wtlh :ni 1r.Iz 1- c-miiia: *!)gifl.r. aitd army ofri. j 1 n arracer i&wt 6!' tI,4 4 1e vI.rt I ilIizc,1( SL u:441 liitin
bya&uateCtzutiiee. a square back.r.'Ut-at-urni> et the ; e, at ZtI ccut> JIT! jnile! ; thoay ; .t rs 'if the l.i-i giiicrati-jii! arc quoted ; .. \ : LeiiPW2 .

-. company. Aau. rrrrv/w A&vIiIy.-TtiIaha--e Loilbi'f.Or I oi 119I.T- v4.riII-e: t1j'It 4J l Ev those who have this work in ti1tfl ?. :.i4 .. $ttt e'i-k tt ,it '2i4d pefr 'J.t-i'

Whellier there will be an extra .. ettch I-'r :-i\ty) !.iysr2Cf, r at the cnarge.iorors. and i kvt ;(t1shtr. 1i e L1L' i tt. a.i ,.-e,
cusrje aguicst majority oJ j It fc< nJwhisi.. nit
.. rate of c'-Vi'-V :r Their ere | Is to Ti 4W1 7tt Jnkoijik.Fli L"inhv e-v p
ion convened pt yar. |
e* Congrerf by destruction of ttfjrt J ----e.- UeurWtjKcifr: r -tt.L.t: :1t -: ..
--In the Northwest the the As uib'y' au to punish this i iw _, :4ItrVi1 :: .- h3.' JIF4I t
stat':tueut of 2tt.t i? uv.u 'commentary. I'i'iI 1tt 1t9.
President Garficld, feems to be exercising ofcftttleby "blizzard aud ibtca ? edito- of I I Ialsj & | 1 K 1 a <_ currfct b vhf h hr i i.e to II'ety..1 I elt iu.ir. } r-n4 tit
us as an by depmSa u- *
S ; The logislatu'e sKins l<* u. i ,. IbLuaAP'tTI v%* .
the mind. The cold the winter ha- becuenormou CovircT-OKUKKINO! ; OLTTHI i eTfy ora.cr grt.T 'n 1 rioriiH St c thin* '
public excuse otiriijg;
pan pay as a w'tuefs wo. 1-a.sed oa the folloring to have been txiruvsjr.at :Iu the j jtt'iis : H-drew hi* *'*i-.,V i'r an *n ir-:<'-ii knit u4 l t'r'. Iiott 1rStrP-< -.ms lU. -.
t for an extra session is the necessity : : *. "I cast pcint out to una. : letter from a member of the umkr itlu-s. and the't : K!> LK CUKIVliiK r 1'xCTTWKM I I i.j tP -a -un '_ tt1ie- (, tZtZ ir.jw> .e-t Y .; .' ;* SI

| vriius a correspondent of the i )ubu- oMM AQcurr- ;1| ha- -ked fjI .&::- -,
jt flt"
for a refunding bill ta refund public :tIaa1ILt 1-onting.T.t epcli--
1 j Herald from Wt ntr, \-b., "thfcatcA A-ernbly. The ?ni'unt; of nuiev NK-" P.K'-j>s AT LAi.e 1 i t"t: which Lt. .4--I i s.rian, 1 I N H :Mk I tan (I'er.! Ittvh) i-i; : F.n; *,
:1 : debt l whether ruth bill que lii- ,tp-I.1 o-l\ty davs C st (iboUt V_ ....,i I'attv i'an.of L Lnti.. I.I .
>ut any cattl! and and hog'. UVQIVv j boluteiv in the intI -IA.>-, a. it i ab.ri.i1kLti.L f : itat S
: >-c3 ot ? >Lp nthtg cwu 7iyie flhLii l 5 \\ eui toevirely! reprehend
or over per day j ji I I trVki'i p 1ttl1.
,. th last ) 'that aitvat! >r* will c'lW'j Itl tt t-f' S
v r.ttuit' IS
diiTcrer.tjfota lhatp6e.l by built bn lr .
enough iu a gsL4 : parei! to the ptiucipie of trvia.; to jraj j i he i.tx-i.ii:> .rs la\t a light to criticize and tI&'ou&e s-Jt-n pniiciebiig'! a* | <'i Mr i .:i # -i "-. f r Jr"j"- iV1py tsi*r'. _:'L-h ( o. r-. -, ip [.utk-. ,

Gingre aad vttoeil by Pre-hleut 1 every *tock-ra: in the: county." the press aa pabi-h t-diu/Ts by the ; t'li- vxci'litt1rt* i j'ih .ir !rj'j .< '. t.Kjk |'i."t in !m-; city tiU --.!'.-!aV Ir.-t. : '{< gmKr.I.- '! kC&MS.VIM...' a. i :kt Tritua.trhtU5 -. it&ti- r*

i iAll over the vat grazing trict#, he The t'cis .HS iveii to a-, ?'e si'i'sian- (t-r; chiig D.kt.;
: be when it i- ia thi- In I
. ; Hayes, can p.vcd, appears extremely : io' -j. as i-v-i,
.- j add-, "in Ncbr.ika. Dakota Golora1 [ A.inby! assiiniiri;: a ctnsTr.-hip! over \ inert-e oJ tmalioti.! The mill ': tially tt-e) ': AilM'j ci-'ar-maVtr; Count !rewi, lrohtrot the 1'wv, H I_ T.kb". Lflici' Lr.g ittI* -. }iaa2I4rtX V2ThC
an ute
aad *? a rttult did.
t 1 NV and Muatatui the the > -a thiu hitherto unheard ot j t tb..Vt PAz'L' uC 1ai.
ominp gr* pre l MartiK-z wa h.bt pndkiurl
:ddol ts the .""tit tux >a a nKuui"ti) by n.iice ? ? L.-t Lt iuI; 't-
places the Republican party i is under s-uj* aisd suvt ;o> dtvp that in free Anierica, t ei-au-e it, i iiu direct I'.tvsl Mreet on ihtf -4et.ri ha. r.rdtt.- I'ejIItenev -I :
I of #ol.I .i t".y''.p.I. UOiU i.t> tn l.'U.U'Ji.It : '. : on evertngl t ( Lt.e WirHiir id H J. t in rs iii.r IIinJ Ii.Ii JKi t nXqrw

in a rather puiz'.tng dilcnini.Suce I no bOVine cau rrtich it." Ni$twith--i I violation! f both Fedtral aad state the }liar of the l -!. : }had.l Friday l Iitbi, tu-t eri 7 and ? JjWEtt b .etn rNwtra j in hi** plscr.A .;ga ; ;rat. I'tinunLu ..Iunaid }ura.

: writing tht- above, we notice i standing the jrrvsl !o.- iuvoUcxJ, however ikt-t-t t ?4 jvt .icy! .L2t actual oVltH-k .; a (. ubaii l tidoiinz. tu the : I 'JrVS:,: ILte. iiIi :. SS
eItut3i)! ?
the buiue> f taitie! rairiag i iI isso ktiuwa "Lt I' vlw L'onh. w.i afuiiw' i' U .t1.. jC. Ta iz i I &.ee
that there rae1ni '< th" ii.-.r!! .- .v- factory :t- uiou, S
the Pre ice ,
: by dtfjiatclvw I ''. -.'EMBY HAM. ) ; or J T- I. i Ot- .r thr R.-yl Thttr i*$ Mdt1-i':. I I5t r; '. a1 IJrr .!I.I.ft*_ '
will be remutierat ve that t.iis ycari be- TALI.AII f t1 wotii-i !nave been upwards of '. ').- had ben ten in the company .f de- and a secret5s>re isf hfie> o.u idr tl* city IttrDrs.Ii -t. '
co extra stJ-Mon. : Ft.March .. .i.te1tizios.1
e-s are likely to W quickly made up. Wl'DK.VR \ &:,ti ;t f tr-e -e!--Iv'it had ln-en shorteiieil : ce.-ed uli the aUerrt. i<. wi1arrcrte l i i.a are-. ; k iL..: F.t-: .. 1tk .

IPI Baltimore Adicrttttr.( I savin ofovir <. ici'-,. .ad atiutht-r Cuban wa- j i' Kni-. Mjt.-lj liuXr-.t'.. <
to tiftv O'v?. A icritur: tj-j -ieraI (;rart. i 3 teprtit l.r rr Our almcj continued abu'e Dr. Neve o this place, has shown ItCt4)Ivterd.1% alut' $" ,* "'( Mouhl have IH-T.U ttfix'ivd, also srresteo, it U-iu: upj l that ( .(.- eV.. I bi.'A ;htt TiWen TAft'tir i >:..! !! I'cte ir..&... Mr-. I o.-' t.ildilV

: 'far a month! cj to last wetk, prevented NcI I 11: a. m. I ?tcp{>ed out of the AM.UI i so that th- ueixs ity lor iacn-asiu:: the he >*sH material wi: ie?, thOm ibeCoroner' tL.4I *traap> ist ot; ttt irt have : >. .! lr"i. J1.-; : '. the ;Lir-p a ii SI
u< a letter frc-m a rU-ck cnn in ; K-r hour bwn natraL ,, thi- -:. hi- i nt.l.!* -
our noticing some ihin ? which biy Hall AH or -<>, aud while i tux w 'Uld have bet:) obvMed. -* jury wo'ild iXitiviDO, tmysiIS ';rna! Gran' ha* been I 5 5I
5- 5-
bra ka who ha bvtn a heavy h.cr'iu th bill r nrk.'.!'./ -t..* altui tict-iin ihiotituIm. -
out appropriation cAme u > : ha\iu. th* ca-e Ktjre th'-tn and
have appeared.ia tome of our State j It tire sunji-ct v: cri'Hal exj 'i Oshae .. E. A. CLAHiCE
cattle fnJ is desiraus of coaling t to \ud | a.it, but by ?-..niintlueiKe 113i tiryi ttrtuhIv tx.nirtdi1t !Pi.1Ig! Without SUllIcSi-Kl t-viiliit to I r
contemporaries touching the course >f c'ij-tied. Gjazile. i itoid -1: !*k. trfl ;3Igei.rl In Pri&it3r- S
name ras verdict.
Florida to : i ir the cattle! racing your % thi' -airte f wariHut f.e r-ura o! a II *
: the TRIBUNE and its tiitW. At this tngare me cf it rhn I cAme ia and J i niti-hiv a1' i T Fatly ou Sunday! inoruiuj thtt- ; w. the. Iitt timkr cia-dz-- DEALER IN
bu rat>.-. For hi* >2forrDaiiU we will c.ultl Ueti? d tax DYt. II) ree-i! 4 lf' time do not know that it would do < hurried U' the Sttsate to Jne- vMc1 1 xi. Ptruandiua tl'lr ct the murdered uau apjKcred ,
vre i's tt.tJuc.t it.-teatl 4)t iucrt i 4g.gzi:" |pk, -u-j ttnliMv him !. late (beMh3jh1
i to tre-pa s 4.n the tale t ial 5tck cattle) including all Kay} and haJ tbe f-ili ameudeU i'i j Mirror. j bare Justico Gyan; and s-\are out a of t onraTt inird :hat General Merchandise

any go* sie* and a. are w nh.- ?5 or ?G a this {-*rLi.u.tr. a'-d 1 \.a ju-t iu j I wirraot ajaia a highly repectr.blej i: h euid b, p.fru l ld tifnig t.. ai cfpt in.VIl1J ':; ,
: of the public by rexiving the- utj : tir.e. the b-ii w then un-ier --- ..- be vf thr -t !. ft. thai CVI..C tbuWng (
btid, eu-i that fAllif rt-in; arid rhippiig a s o ti- j I j Cuban getttUmau, Mr. Fraaci-cv ih- I or. i.j .t .lturion .
iicvertheJews we want it di tiactlr under ?idtr.ti"ii.! and Mi-Ka} had it amended : i: i1.tirIng the 1Fn *\ ergIade. rera. ot'a eiptr mtnaiactor tl.n vi| the Reti.tnI2rty I S
are extremely prtdiahle the proprietor in zhe
tooJ that ** have neither rtrtt! by icrliug yuur uame. NVbtt: m ti.? I'l.ilaiie.'jhia rrtstcr.iay : \. iu who-e eairlov the raarderelr.iaa T.A ,

o3lr for what.hatran i principal m.rkcs Wing foucd t>u the the bdl vsa- itturiu-d to the A eiil iy had! tx en engaged; !, ttrarv to -In use .>?=: : the 2nli. KUse on
nor apol gi -s to UuJ Cuba. Vi\ would refer him fur its roaiurrciKe ia aaieudat-.ni.- \ th* contract btyrt. the ruit-; of th* director' :IIr. I>jv 3i, $'iuaoa pnvijdji K f"t tk4eicJoE ; NO'IUT.I\ i:; .; AN KyrntOF : : S
the ruriMlyMted : "
pirtl. And, fiirth ruore, weKrve state ol Karidi 2L 1 the$ l t t tYa. tCauai j ) ? f thf -.Ttteomrer- wa* ws uwt'1n
| toJcig! Z. Xing, Ft. Ogden, Col.Jacub :i>y iurnri-e. < V'y{>er, ot tt. jtihn-1 u and rrt.hot-re Jjnd ( < 'La t'tJii-a" t tctIrv, wJ- have c-- '!r. JIt'-ti p.irt.a tYt ihal tht ltpn.-
notice on public nkn generally i I U Cctoipa- iNew Stock
Summerliu. PUMA' Ks---a, or siL-it VOtfl t.vi1I flyJU.Jyj t.- unied to rejraUt the ra.at which ar1" tt>ae* the Tirun by :
bd l! deviate frora an ha 1 fk the all the i uy, fi winch H ir.itoa: Di-t a M ihs! ? U-e -ewtii fiart.r l .
4 that we iw t CS.Uou_ n ca-j-e ct cigHr-niike-'j sliHll worn in the svtmlJ > rraradjatk-n. an ithit
: Ft. Mvtr' Fla.i *
CjL F. A. IKudry \ sj-.rit. and iu which a nuteberj .
3 '--, Loa-L, straightforward cvursc to keep : trouble Vc. aad Dr. Perry ot Mourtst IUi.V1Slg coritin :hi* 5-aud.! TheaCI-iavt, J.nr.vintin; the cr-dh f th V"tfl- I ALL KINDS OF GOODS.1XUY .
;i fvr iurther information. ; j }'ti. :.' '-i ibit CHpiiaii i- art initrriteii. ce. a jHT-LH > rth i'eev.h.y .
s-cx/ideii fttta IH a ?h->-jut-ch in Lx Rvin-t Mare.i! aid there ben I
I rtrori
I off of the t ti the A etaUly wotlid p'aj
I iiyp r.ot re- iliaa ITO of that nsnic ca the
: hteuae
t % vht\rpdiaxi1in w' iie
--a -a rt-ji.i t---r t-r.KJt time hut a delay was GOODS;
.. An Act to Supjirc (;ariit1Iiiiic. 1 C'tdtut iUit uu i- nn;:iual biil. Nev- } i-i.rd, and th" tu*' riPHtn! saiil f> made h.m ktwi. 1jjj.,. I -
Ii- f1iniitl i ii tl rltlffAttraction .au-ni iu
the vt
&< ffjttifif jrs attoruey -
4"If "
erzhdt5iUr 1ir.ltnOt -trk-ktn h-ve cvrjtf frot.1 oue <.! the Cnbac-1- riai in-ih- PrftTi.I ;tM>: JIJ.-TJC/, oartiyfl uwt-
I ant pvr-on, t.y hiaj.- :if vr tierlf trin.i e\-iien'J' \Vngl.l and \V. C. ,
hicb ihe State has toto bit ct"cuBltretice by StBaUjr AnthtUty. nbitb J.cLr-i S
other h.'id have.keeptlerCide nt, R :tcnii.re r -i.l nrrted l au 1 ia J-ri-vu. the $ "r. .-tiT4: in &an I4 I_ ..1.d I1N-
-< r\au: or fc fi't, 1'ars.n;:, U.e Aiixutia caj itiiii.-ts who that th* Pe'Jkfl isc .ikI ui
immigrants aud the prcser.t cold WSJ rpp-J'.Ut* : Zlieel A ricitlxr! l-je re1-eable p"lk> ot'theCJDwJUp M.t
: or niaiuiaiu & ;ganiiUjT j jtrwni are iu-ene.! ii tt'e pfujcct s.v.1 vtlueyi more !iy a*> itef srith the rtf :..1.atortVir rnis. .
I uuderaiauii : -. _
to r.sve ive-n i. e >ettav. th&t -. ?(- !. o'i: leara'n the facts ttid'.v.j Mr. jfw ItM1;
winter; north seems t. hou-r b-joth If..n iafiwl'rtbsrr Mr
? table or rv m, or auy j Plummer Mi. f.boiti :naiu.v.ee Ufce? arOa 'nestMdiidayA. 1'4 ,:'. 4 }- 1br.\IS. t'It1LL.
.ol urirr itr.e oco lab! the cf three hun- i? tbe ,
flew impetus tlj the desire of hS: ofjx tent, or fheh r. T >tt er place li:r the j R Libiii r.r.au v I1!l lselur ia -um -a &t. tirrbui- -;ltp.iitsIF.FiN: : I'1tt'k ,
: k i the -riiu tfl1r.dd Ritk
u avti\e : i ) j ptr j < ;j dri-1 dollar: for th o err rgaa'.aa.
>oj *e ia that j-ecticn, to f.ad homes [ purprJj ot'punit'j:, -r in any piair4 of j jwh to leave wu out. He f'd' me Ja-t Kionrrn4 ef hi- ( Ii rrtb.tF.._.t"-'lI.iUIs.ii-tt-t;. ;, I
,. : ;'ii he or ?he limy huc tue crarjv. t i"r the e ui the tergla.it Mr. Jtni-Il n'i't4 in the irauv 1$1tt'AI.I
clime. Our fruit that the ? amendment j jvoulJ purjio txpaniug S
iu a more funny night x-uat? ;1u..tite rreuvni> the I } .' 'i- J1Nk.1s'IL.t; ,
cotitri -r na:> pciiirnt.) ?hail pro--ure, iu the Mc'i.ity ol l ikeeli"tH't' Owr \'r. l. io thr rv <-} 'o iriuw if MrrJiiKJivt *;*-*
production* are itcidectal t i cur climate daou iio guoi i sa } our caiue j jailtn e'L1iI'i the r-.riv PjiI wnae ; tyre f '- e 1 .IpIy iI S N'' KtF.-T :,1't :c.ft _
] fudlr, or peimiv J uy j crja or pvrrmu Tlitvel V.ill b. run wt: yi I : .
in the bill, cr rather tne .tmcudmeut j ? bit ; ,, !! k l'iN' NEt.I'LI_' .
ItascriVd : jri'.t": th} ? iciTirauoi', > .Ir- Li
\ an-1 ci ns rid 1. i cI4' 1LtsrFI
? by the >-uate. wit? wntt'-u 1 2It1' iit.ed lr.v:* dj e vru'0' -- : "f tnrcr .
to pccuH*nti of.il, though thing > "e-t
P. MteUftd 'f J. P, .\. this is the ly wa- $ %.:t, tCLrite-t 19d ..Mitrare1caiI 4 $ > r .1 -t I $ w. .
: latter is futfiv-i itly varied tf !? :- wi.etLtr iurrt t-jre prohibited >r or i t: c iur-vi_ a I I.- Z ISk'r:
: the siraw, :iat the-c gvUltr--n! ; cf ucim trr.Mr. 'ttifilt-ptti2L, L1ttrr Kfijs. E3 1 tE'l Cp Par1 i
not, ht, lie or they #.J vticu'lin,; >bfcllt itu ( ..rytH v.ho it'.ie i : Cir.4 '- { r* tSr o.etrv.. I -t that f pbHt f' ;Hu
j -
erchtble chatsctrr d who
: pet a wide soope of adaptability to coiivicuon, pay A fjje IK-I eiceedifif { 4F wer tf Kiio'N rf i I% t 4 ICIICt 3.UPI :
mild and the IptbreOt{ the' rjYeti- stijHjnuteiiivt.t : juat return .i"v l vi-itr l the r'eif ., .- .' ,. : I 7.Ij Ik.. .
enia '
: plant !life. With oar flf Kn? pH-ont l in cc-ua- 0' r v. i 4 : < -vsTrt f fcs* \'-- Fta ji't Ir. .
rVT i! iroia Ntw diJenuwhere heorilrrd
Uun, are ciiujTinj to to deprive wu, 4)f f .'u.o: e Gyin. Yctfroat-hin.: Mr Tv :! .-. ,- ; tKH''J..;' -; ,-. S
ii1! climate a fairly gfoerou* ..ii1, and t\ j jail hut !'** thAti >ix nor more than : is d-eJing tnacbiues.which ( : ) '
> I waaboutjo write deraad! you; ol ? bin, 'r tiHviutT rel l 1-e'j a wurdenrKrufi -. Kt IMt b--- e; j. 1. <. J'Ht. 1 'ir"Ulf. 000TSS-OES.
a great variety of prodcctian, it is no oje ytar, ur by *.iuth f ue ai'l l improumeut :*- ; the $7C due yof.I'licy ii l>e oil the ;ground And at w vtL hx- there ; rojcired to Marera'* -. ,.-. ., ... .y ,.

[* i.:i uodcr that a great iottr st and desire -; *t that the dicriliou of in tl-e thi.ct court ; -. *ett down in my lhaation lore Juy! lt. The ch'et'o' the esuMr.rtr rv-iiyut. IttI'tuey! ; hrtateti'ng : ::: :: : ai

fur snfomiati'ia thculd cxi tihn'U jiietAi-i, nothing !like a shot! iu **itr, hen I u>uud out our,>- iH ;;rUkmauel$ .-ted ?.t ttjaii-t! t hili.e.. AIK' >.:I thi- lrn- !: Lv: AYi
> pnji be !"o con tiu tl Ato 1r'nibit I the Mr. Di-tuu Prts-iiJ.-cl! .
hont the unlry 'relative to the puny trf.cis they \ tre making toavcige rtqurt l7ieut.! G.-'V. IktK-l aid J JL'. tUMVUU rr A : = '
; tron- eigigtti in any siicuvd UKris.. of the !Vmi-vlvauilUin! sd.aiid T1 ? *
4 I b\ tnelaws Fii I1kflieIr : rartvtt! at the h"U-e ofrd. Mar< ; : it L LLd _i..L. .L-L >>_7 i iA I
Florida. *Tne committee cf conference will $ fce viii io to Florida ca next and hy th-t-ir u ivice he ua.nitii! b SI J H I-LLINi.: OFK

z cotidactju:* the same. I .*-dcy, 1 t rt.utae. a> we adjourn ,[ Monday. Tne t isii'-eriiL' {'arty will uken th their
to ? jnii ii
of thr Government. eornli. r.\r.\:: -- I-LOKIUA.: i
11. s O C ;i K
i- ::1
ra : J.K.S.MF.AI : S
bave through -
lorat..rr,w at. 1 i-!, ia. 1 am wue iZ the t" cut ; -iH :i.led iu KU .i1iOIuftCi. .
w South 1'lorid.i Colony.Soveral i vtuith pr-tw. r'roni MX i to ten fret h.rh. ? KMv: -
.* -,/* -I- FearsUiig eiitertfiititetl for hitftiy -
q; \Ve appeoI th* pri&cipJ; il "t> of the ap-1prppri1 of the rnemlKr!. have tn 1 i "The Appropriation fur Porter and I Iwr cynt aules. l>etV>re reaching i..akei evia ilure, thv pr >c >ii ma4e lor the *urt of the Nose t tJt the UstI i. V t >N A l.Ty i U1 ;
Oi.eevuo'.Kv. r
: It
cf th- Sr.te of Florid the utKVrp iLt' maoi'II -. I i very S.
in ditferrut -! i cflUia le! KeyV
parts > ; n.t Jar "ut >lKidc .
)ct' l> the went Leg1zti.re: \ L rr A BU J i ; LI i. LL( K !.L- .
?-tte ili l-e I
the varijudeurtiutcts oPEV1ITLi,
I I w'.jiild! trinistfly I mea :u | AND SUMIE.I .
". aud their corai' ijed txperitrace{ ; neie \ y. f ?- CDijvaiiy v as mnd"
Siie.1 e4MkiI1 eZtc1t'C dptrtminL.Itjtttt--I'.t'-_... .33.t"it'. cover* nearly the whoieMnte. What give them llnii Cvluiubia. I vhv-eii tb Mr. I 'i-on t-r this w..rk. ( Hait !lUi!. and l r.u-jht *>ot t\i KmML > \ui-- i >i-t j. -*

,. .. (1et* ..,i4rnhi&pO5t'e. _.. I i ) they exjrfct; to do for a hviuz: Firrt.pbnt ; Your* \ .rv trulv.Tlie j' and anvthiuj that: : 5crteken t aNtui ti'rty' ttili-n-uipj''l: ; i lirfuncu.nadtr I Tv L.. -ir: % .,...V-L-. .wii.: i.'i-: !:ttrr-. .:. KJ Ru>rX>. &isd VA;>T OJL>, M >-"
$be d'a*> in the tuo-t lbrvu ruan1yr, iid tiit\\i> TUKAI
; v
J-T the itumMiate aiid uf
governor. pardtacgttahlcs .
Ibrr81e ze1Fy: tarly cuiuu .
> ...
; i IL za.- vf } HJinj'i'iiii -; }
i \ ie1I.i.ji :
t .
IJbrarlanJtnitor .;Jrewe eoun _... and &H d'.licah.'e* ovtnonje. A ktur F r 1 AK>. < tr riou- q'aItk4
uorthern markets ia r.jid natc-r ; s--c- : of the wriur i ias General Gjtzbe1uI1 Lieusenaut J. r.cx V 1 : :. .4 % 01 Ike ca 2zJ Ai trn.b5'
c.k4-------- 3&'Mk nime !: I'1'FLand}: TOB.\: .i UC LtX
: at 1 and hannnaa that 'ju-t rettrive l t'ruin (. eitrai ijjam<*y A. a-k ihe'.r\i tjio
.. 2,1 oiid, pine-appkrs I M"ks id .uiwu of the supremacy ot : : public u> give }:-. an.d .n ..thr a5rlkttI.
., ;z ociiaent eZp-T CUfl.VmsQ months t'o the leiier a? j riva'.e, thourb wt- \ (.iillmore, <,f the I'uiiei Stc l-is>p- m* a tAi, | romi-ta ti' 4U- etrthjn to
in eighteen to tLeI' and Marera befa under bail
\ at raplu4to ._._........ 4)t ) mature .
have ni doubt of cetin: hittirmL- t-tr c n>-, hichlv approves; the I the 'indoii ( tjr. Ti., 1.r! .
ThJ 'U.P.u) third srand aim >< to S
.isrtiing. the e-
y ;e3ertI flfltiD $ >tar : And a-uri1 1.1 j.r..tn-ti a oy tne rUe i41t1 i in tl.I-4-tqI. Ttrn,
.- Juror* and witne-w*_.__.... u '. tablish an oratgeroVe. These vth sion to give it H ueo--ary. -cheme. unti; expne: a wi-h to be proc ieit tbejail and returned to hihouo_ I'HILUApril' .t'I1.INs 1'wr.rku.r.'ei h.

-, .' px.saideiAkcthi._ 20.00-1- 00 soga.r-cue aad tubaccu for hotuc consumption j With! the>e facts lufure it the Ee.jn. *uuected with it. which wa* well ,:u.\rd"d' during the I i ''wi. i8t-tf. :

r.Ten* or as market cn>p. il! ''x- ': --- _- niht xnd until the Coroner's jury'
Sati-n-ry executive department (.0.tW') omitt can judge for ueli"K' to our S
'& .- : ;.' 1ot r.orctn rzaminazcn*_.... the principal ape! ron. Deer, Wing Ltakeu. Oar tame was rt- _Sp >3kinz of CIt culture the a- rahl<.d ft.raia.i B. W. BROWX. C. '. BtTJCfLlS.. ,

) tait and So &rnceoneaiit4, t l bear, v ild turkey ar,4t quailoyrUr>, Lve Oak) Hiittttin rtirk* : "Corfee i i I >.- <|s such a* traa-piretl in tiur

fact. ite....... .-.-.--.- -.- 2Il$(I) crali*, .ea turtle and fish >ill W tamed, however and we jr-it the 'pnv, will I b<- f.iUtid -rzt-ed! be-t in thi- city duriir.: th- wht-le ot la-t Sunday BROWN & REYNOLDS, 'utk-ry 1 :0., I

I'tr diem oi !fli..; .. i43flire. available, the latter in front of their a lapt over which we di not rrj- ice aus Mate; if planted ia hLh hatunivcks i is a di.-:race tii a cii ie'l tornnmov. !".' .-jT'.V.i i. Tat.',;, K.1Ves a.iilri'

-- Is1.-Pat of.ki*sJ sttwb- -**- -cfIe.- .1 door*, and sweet potatoes can be due : pIiret of the privilogtnd oplegt ; under tb -haje of the tree*, writi- and rvpugaau as it is t.ee arr.i.-. REAL ESTATE AGENTS, L r'y.

,46I from the ground every n. >nth in the ;.'runit .f rtrJ-tudu ut'ceetiib: on..1 who pr>tes> to kuow. All the mn patrohaj our ttvet. a A ]*> i ie -- ,. VARIETY OF FAHCY

Pri'ita fir .eS4O '.1 1q.j4io.pi) vear.__Garetnont Qm7olian. < ?.:!" tti'i.U the I wlaud* is the f-.rce, w thi ca- the end steuud tj'jstifyt.thc GOODS,
and itveji- >iatur of the Muidphy of the !titeA i 1: t : r ::' S }
j WIndie> grow i j3 thiway.. The rse&us. We tru-t that i.-tt.::; !jim&.2latiu; !

...- I LI &I) Th silver dollar of the Confedtuti3 eml.ly, by memoraHzing! ior relief, under hru-h should l be removed, to such occurrt-iKCa; Rill lx ft he reciter. : Gulf .Xur>, : t

4;# J e'e i is vsluod at S1U<>0. a kind cf till apparently quite in ;jrive plenty! cf air and licht to the CLE.tiV.T.i: CASK or Arpfiici ceiatrj Fnto.rr .
-Mr. J. H. Abbott, a prninnt There were only a few of tbo-e cuics favor. ci-d't; trte-. nir hot summer sun onI The jury of Infjue-t, which hive S 11j_ to.ar.tii; ai th I.4)a'h

citizen Jt Jacksonville! recently fell struck. The Confederate government .' _pe- -.-_ j I I the -and will kill the plant.- if srt ou; been jcveral days sittiag uader the -.0:- ( I'ree, The't1k t. ctuitk u

whia descending the steps to hi) rei- had the dies made, and a few r. iu* I -The Orintjt J aie flaridiaft i* ia the ttn air. The seed should b? aupicv4 ofJu-tie (iyun, c-xaiaioed .HVYK v>nw: tn- IKOra e LniL' his $ tire.
Q l ? Ma: V ale. *o4 forni-h the .14 ct-tt.wcr., arad tI. I
I Orleans toiat piatiied in nur-erie*. and not tranplaated -- % itnet and h.ive a tMir
daee atxl died rom the rSccts 41f he werertiuck at the rw many Ifl,
hw.X'r-t Ta-iw for
C tri
the uame of a new to be started tr3npsrtiint truei. ; to !l *nd eatij
paper \erilct that r!Martinez to hi, S
:?- hjirie4 received. He wts a large | for the inspection i>f the p>vcriimeutjutScia until the jpricg of the followAad : came Price t\.r trees, xad dt r e for tcxruxefTwnpa 't htfre putt ha-ir vt

Irtlk-r4y owner and hU life was in- !*. They found, liowever that at Lochbic oa-Orange Iike, in Ma- iijg 'ar. the trix- would ao > hii death Jrom a pi-tol shot by some I 4ZVd\VtT IIV. I 5 (.hsrr Mn.Irur;

: rk ] the cctfee frora the frost." unknown. A.Vy ofhe! > ;,th. tI'riI 24, 1-1.-h. thouiuaf
: I tud lfvr640.(00. tiic-y had i
county.'c S.

t 55
S '

tc'-T -- L ,- - .-

.. ., , ''''''''''''-'"' t..flo.- '-<' "W.t 'Jii YJ,7.f.o....;;;:,
..,.. K 1i.' \ ..; "" ;: : ,, ....." ; 1i '
': < .. .
_I. .. ,.""......'."..,,.......... ;---.n"..I.F,.... ; ..; .'."'i -''"..,., _. _-_.,. .< ,-:__,,# ,,". ...'. -" .,. .M. .. .. .... ,'_ .w. .. < ....;.-..... ... ... _..,.a_.. ..'., "'i..r' .A .r".o.-. "" ._... :"'! "Jf.i'.J'..,,,...)i-y--r 74. .. ..., .. ... -:-, ''''''

11!!. I;' }
,,' \
.. .
-'. 1<
.. .
.'\ :ii.''.
'.' ..

.:' 1. ,f : ...
'. 7 ,, ", ., _.'. ., \ -!- ,

,_._-- -_-._-_.._--_. -- -,-_. ------ -- -, ._ .
-- --- -- ---- ------ -
-- ---
_. -= -- ---- -- -- -------- -- ---' ----
--- ---------- -
---- -- -
' THE SUNLAND .TRIBUNE: 4 -All Royal Arch Masons are respectfully CapU Cade'has purchased a very TAX COI]T ... C.rOR'S 1 1.LE. *

invited nod 'desirable .tract of land two miles
requested to
TAMPA. April and ,:'' which he is HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY.TUTIGE _
A 1t381 meet in the Masonic' Hall next Mon. north of rap- f 5
-- --- idly improving. "" : IS 111.EIIriiv1:! :\ 1'11.\1'{ TJlg FOLLOWING HE.'CHlA1EO BONES :
MASONIC. lay, April 4th, at 7} o'clock ,p.: ro., ....l. luul.1\illllC Bold :111'lIblic auction on the lil'tlt 'Ii>lIIJty in April lsel, at"'lhca
Regular meeting HiLUBOBoroH LOIXJE for the of organizing' C. C. Kcathly/Esa., waj awarded i Court 11or1M in the CounlJ of IIillshonnlgh\ "r so lUudl thereof aoL will he tit'tcssary' to
I purpose
No. 2:3, F. A. M. are held on the fiN and the contract for. building a Dew jail pay the ant0n1114 due ("r 'J'UUI herein set ol'llUI'ile 10 the ladle, 1.'jt'IJ.'r with 'Oot ofadverisIf1.

'. thiN Saturday1 in each month at 7 J o'clock Royal Arch Chapter, K. D. for this'county. lie agrees to buildit ; \ .

.._- p. In. Jour DARUXOL, Sec ... THOS. A. CARRCTTI. for 11,790.- --OU, IIE'CRIPTION- of J.U -- -- --i.-- '1':- H.--- A. AIUtIUIIL.rl t' .- .'
._ ::17 loW
; I. O. O. F. Tampa, March 3lth,1h31.We .. -=--=.:.-:- :-:' ;:::- = :-::-"':--' -=- =- = : =-_ tp'1-= : \
lKkl- 'lofM.'land..jofn'lufp\'l} } } 1'1 30216:! () -'
I1 1 I -
-- ---- > AKTEIl.-Hi lada rwiiion 3R James A .t
lbe regular meeting* of Tampa Lodge ; I.Iwi\lfl"'lufJJwlYr.ll} } } ;94.tlSS0 14 :29! 19 10 :;.6';' We want the Bones of that
are under obligations, to Mrs teacher in private school or fannlj.: ()('c u. Allen Byrd every Cow \
No. 7 I. held 3-1 2.1)) 15 311 2.50: :; )
O. U.1' an CTery Thursdayt of the in the north.Higher John M 1 Brown, 1'art of lot :
I 7J"; P. M. JOHN 'DARUKO. G. W. Lyons for a bottln! of orange pie one Kngluh: highest branches( |position, French and Gtr- sign:! Ptcllt 'lot no. ". 2-1 29 18 1 :t 2 dies in South Florida this Winter to .

P. & 1{. S< Uumt'l1lhI.: s.! ohw I and w! of'i"l' } :27: ::s 15) F9! 3.0O. for
grind Growers.We
Addrew C. L. care'ofnook8ellt'rz our Vegetable .
LOCAL INTELi4IG1Ir1CE.t made, by her sister, :Mrs. Wm. C. 43 K.: Third St. Cinciuatu.Ohio. .\. Dr..wn, Fe traction of lot 3 allll ..tof lot I 13: :; )5 Ii up .

Brown of Tampa. The wine is of .- -- 10:" n.I" 1 and :2! 27 2S 1 Ir '
HS IS 1 189 tW7 will: $15 ton Cash or3, :
f Just Arrived. and lot :2! : : pay pr quarters {
.!.April 2nd. delicious flavor, greatly resembling J0.cph. BrlIInan, lIt.t of nw! 23:; 28 21 1 40 4.83

i> .: .-Rail Road boom. Madeira: and certainly: the best we The l Largest Tampa.t Stock. Stop of (in;hs'd the Store ever of displavid Est:, or Cr"++, 101" I, :, and 4 block 7 Tampa, 3 30 21 of a cent pr pound for. them at I f

O/eters arc still good. ever tasted, and the jelly is.i beautiful _It.- JilLLKK...t 1IKN1)EIISON"S. .wl M.'t} IIn.l..j ohwi}}0811.1' t'j} of ne! 4 :80 21 our mill. Pick them up and ship them '

; and delicious.[ Conttitu- i .wilt IIf nCAlr :md 8'Iir vI'nW'lf .1 :to 21n1 !
-New moon this week. -We have just received a large assorted } of n"ll' 4. 9 3t) :1: 440 31.-.0 to us. W. S. WARNER & Co I .

{ t' Tat sates next Monday. lion. Mock: of Jewelry, end will v-k! tlui...'wln. ; iu- John Lapp, Mqr or nwgr 20 29 20 40 4.OdDoer : '
tend purchasing to come I and examine: our IS 30 )5 40 2.63 l'talnin FIn. ,
01'lUl'llf Soln9
t -I>in Rice Circus did<.not get -We were pleased to greet here clock, before. buying clm>1\hero, !Ii t S Fine, )11\'ltl'"Iull. 2, 1.1..ck 3:1: Tampa, sew of: i

ill here yesterdastrange IWe the Hon. James McKay, wha came _. 1-:.._ .E\'E'A_CO., lot hl. 5 13 29 18 } 13,90last.
n I I. Frnuklin ufn"'qr fr 1M 77-.9-80 6 28 :21! 40 S.47
!Jad.the pleasure of meeting almost direct from Tallahassee. lIe homo.O
CCl dav at
OtoSI : Eliza iranlcrry, lot no. :! 2-1 29 )8 ::.63 "
many: old friend in toxin this week in wa an independent Sector! from : :Ntn.pl-. worth |3nve. 1:...t. J.lrillivu; ""'Irlor 2'4: 2d! 16160 4..0. BYERTSi! iI

attendance oc Circuit Court. Hill-borough county, and has earned Maine.. Address STlsoxl: Co., Portland, it n lldekncy, Mir of M"lr 1) 30 :2t!I) 40 :.5': .::
H H Hll'luon, lot'. 17 :n 17
The weather this week has been for himself enviable of -
reputation }part .if Mrir or st gr 18 31 17 80 4.:!)

cold and windy, making the young being! one of the very best :Senators:; in Notice. the G F Hill, w! (.fM"lrlln" lull orJhw1t'1"I'uL.tivi..it.n "
\"tTI1.I.11C I Hold\ at 1'lIlllic.\II"lion i 29 IR 1030
corn and cotton turn yellow. that body. Ho reports: that the old I \ \ \Varvhoui-ooftheTaiiipa :8. K l'.'. G W llalnrnud sNgrof.wtlr 3.S 30 15 40 .

-We learn from Mr. Warner that j09!', i. e. carpet-haggers and Confederates in 'Tainp.1 Fla., at 11 o'clotk a. in. April' ] .' htl: 35 3U )5 6.i 8.32 ----:o:---- ..' .4J tfH
l l."tl l, Itbl: I, the folluwiiiiCKotKh: not taken ] A 11 hunt, nwgr of n"llr oc.c'1f, and s! or scar
the first Lteue of the Manatee, County. have held their l last Legisla-; 1-y the con-ipnee,. to jay chargr; of Taiup.i I tll "' ''Ir 1 29! 18 30 tfI
1fi 8;. 1'0.\ ,. on wine and lor ,1..111 l it may: or of .' ..
ture.-Y('ungAmerica will! next take \ slier. n("ir. nalr nclr w! negrof
JYirw4 will make its the
: appearance on concern lh...clainsetl!. < in the meantime, .1.') 29 19 100 8.33
Sth insL charge of the 'Cluntry.-K. West Key! will be Milled to 1i' rata: of the Cot of this J I. IfeaJ ,.! 1I''lf of.w.lr 25 2S 20 b0 10.)0RJllbrrl : Stop at the STORE of I

advtrtieuifnt.CX3NS1JXEIS. uxgr of nwgr 2$ :3t C) 20 i 40 2.61; "
a 4Mr.: A. J. pathway from Iowa -It is believed that two men were ; ) I (JOOIJS: Tholuns Junes, t-t.>
ha selected a }place on'the, HiII boro' drowned in our bay 'last Saturday J. II. Cmni, 1 mill ..Ion *. 112} of 1I\'lf' 1'2 29! 20 tit,)
i in
river, about 6 miles froniTtown, to put. night. They were C. M. Walker Craford, 1 expre.esLOX.,'nlfnt-tuiriinHn" IIi tlf IIW'11' and nW'lr of nrqr 2S 7 29 27: 21 20.1'1 I 120nwgrut'tyr 8.63

up a .say mill.Lieut. (white) and Sam ;Manuel (col.) who C. II... Everett 1 1 ". pkde. A iickfghtcr, Iw'lf oi"Ir ulI,1 "'''qr.r !'A'lf 15 32 21 SOuxgr

i left town in a small Knit Saturday J. Forqurr, 1 X cut mill siw. of ncgr: 22 32 21I! () WELLERt
flattery I).
George Sag, J 1). Hnrrii, IU .I'kgs iron tic. s! ol'lo''lf: and Begr of 'wIlt 2-4 n 21 120 22.21
i of the 5th Artillery ..La tioucJ here, afternoon. An oar and come other C. F. Smith A Co. 6ilow<. 11':1 Lively I wJ "In"'ftr 26 2"9 ::1 'It 2.1: ;:I

:' Lieutenant thing belonging to them kave been I 1v.1v.'frapntll, 1 express box ctiutcnts A 1.. Ch \.Ili'r. (:! of 111":1': UIJ lilt 2 f 10 ::42 Iii 136 7.80 t
t. has been promoted to Ut unknown, 11'tu I.udai.t! BNgr uf.wgr, nt'1r of negt :21! 2I 19 802'1 .
1 in Battery K. found and the two men are !still mi"Jin ;- 'I Ttrnw Cnsh, J. 0.11LINU..1gt.I "'''Ir tlf t I"lr : 2: :J 19 40 3.83 \ .

L ,;. It i is said that both wero uuJer' Tampa: March 12th, lr 'l-4t, JO May: wi"f.wI1rof"w'lr: 89: 19 30 3.8'2 AND
f Mr. John B. Spencer .has FutCIlasCd ---.- F I'allll'r, t.! "f ;stir 2 2 :N 15 80twtir '
influence of when last
T 10 acres of lwdUJ Michigan the liquor seen. tk'J.uUO Itt:11'A1tt Ir I of IIw'lr 27 ::0: 15el 6.5 ;
- .
.. OPIUM I 11)1:1'111\1( E. J J I'ringie. 1I"'fifc> .eqr 17 3l 21 49Ii
lranycareuf ,
nuc-part of Danford's! tract-.am -There was very little business! in or LKjl'OU habit ; the treat South Aiuer- of uwgr :and sngr of sw.lr J 16' 31 11:':') C.8:;;

.' will set it ouf in trees this fall. Circuit Court which convened in io.ui Anti Habit preparation: fails; to cure. John P1rr1-h:! 'W'lf' oh'ncgr 1129 Ot 7.t.il;

TanifS- aU Monday, JUd =Mitchell The "nSdi.1U 1,,' antidote Itiuon nt the! 1v W Me.-ser, tut> 1 15 ;311 I ::O ICS GAO
-Prof. Bck desires to notify his HE
: I prift-nt ;lime i every caf cured!' to date, .'ames )1i1 )', w! of m'llf :and d of lIe lr 10 3) 1'!. 1601 1.t:4:: : li DB R S 0,1
un the lest uch. Joseph Mclliimy (col.) ., .
music; pupil.t that on account of ill I purely vegetable and pl.- -.ait to tske.- n .1 J 1ilhln'1I} } utd, s' 3 of 1I"'lr :3 :29:) II; r U 21.-1:)
and ."'ent anywhere by mall cr and evcry =
Iiuiltli; will be able its was arraigned houe-breakiiig eiprtw 5tI
1 he not 'to gr.'e I cae ;;ruiU-eti: where taken.\. HvarJ Eliza Nicks. H'1r of "Ilr. ; : O..1O 2M3; LAND
ttructions fur a: few wet-ks.-tf.Mr. larceny, convictedttnd f-cueuml to und' fin>iiw for iiat'eut-i vi-itinc the rite.Call .J Ord"1111" lst. \d} of w'jr 7 :32:! :'S toU)

one year iu the l''uitenthlfTh'rTe I << or write% inch-ing I .stamp I h:' ;.; A I'dtu-, Jot in II\\ -'orner of nwgr} of "flr 1,111: 1ft I !
I 'Rust and lady uf YU l1l'il' ia: I II.> 11.I > SYDKNMAM.M.: D. r} o1'segr of I :29} 18 20 7.31
, three other of misdemeanors sear
Mr. W. M. Johu of N. wore cases 91 Ganuiet. tuSce! ai.d re.,iJe'h":1, : \ LOOK (OVER ,
on .
l' county, (Tict) I; I'Itcc, s20fne'lr anti u: ofs'lr} 'u :19: It; ltiO THEIR j
two of'hi..1l were cc' iiStlcd anti Orleans, l--u [Cut tii! oct.
t r V. unit other, went out on a hunt in : ; --. --- -- .. _, lot in I lei :2:1!:I I.i In 8.0

p t. the Ilocky Creek: country Friday. the other tlisiuiss-ed by the State At- The' 0 u Iv ;a ml Lust t Chanc C 1'arrih. lI\\'lr of nW'lr :and 1Nlr of nWflr I1 J 2: !I 20 I till

toruev. 1I! of uenr :\11,1 ,} of uWllr II :9:I :20? 1tin
t 1 Mr.f S. L. Hell billed Weduwlay i -
: on -
H"jrt.fh" lr 11 119: : :'u 40 31.62

I' on Whiting, S:., in the rear of Mr. -Mes rs. Miller & Henderson with .1 dlrr:10t{ :, H'I r1 of 'eqr 10) :29 I 19 4U;1} ;3.6, IMMENSE

1 K. A. Carke: store, a rattleMinke.UKsouring their characteiit-lie public s-pirit, subscribed UNTIL Tit i: .Iuhn I'nrM/II./ IlL ;3; 11 29: lei .') 6.9 STOCKAF

1 4 fcet, having: eveu r tt.t. l one-third! :! of the amo'int: a-ked, L A Haul::, \\Ilr 10 29!J 19 If1)II ; ) :

;( to induce! the Florida: Southern Railway IIf II\Hlr and swqr of nW'lr 15J:!: iJ 110 H.Sj \
1 -Our typos ,were badly dieap-I!i I HAIL ROAD L F Httulcr'on! !negr flf r-\\qr for )'rs. ';.8-U.80 20 2$ 22: ,10) 5.46; ,
i tit begin the '"On }p inie I y.Mirt'ey' the circus: fii] :; to ; r }B 313 ::'''Irn', H"lr t.f nw'fr 1.9 :30 15 4\J\ ;:3.tRI ; CHAS '

)0 (Mine. Our deck laughs, and l r fccys, rt.d! at rlar.ipa.I : In mentioning: this I j ) H Turner I-t.: purl of 16; :29! l5It) ) 2, :2U.I : \.

and always sM we d.! nol .ju-ar. ta reflect on others .I I 't .1':1tum, I.,.t. lIwr of !'\\'Ir' S: :!8 22 lIf
Frank Harry ate Is lltiIL tOr1l1t1l1l:1.Avn { :
'who did not Mtbscribe so liberally, anti N } of \\Ilr \ U 2'l :12 10: 3.8:1! f'

t <"h;': p.Mr. uut merely mention it a* a fact to I 1.t Tatum, .. w! of tit"tir 21 :27 21)t) f) .

Mcrrii Dzialyufkl, brother w! of !>I."lr !.7 I) hi) 4.4 iII
refute the absurd charge! M fre- Ut. S
<>f I'h. D/ialyuAi, han: nmnlua- n Thomas 1 d or n\\'qr n! of swgr} 8l: : 19 16'' ai.i2 U1 U .

led -Ily the Dx-macralb of Jnck"oiiTiHe queatly iar.de that they were opp"I'.Ito "JOX'T \'OV FORGET IT," \\' L 'I'nTea, "\\llr I of la"lr of t"lr 31 :2'8 I 19 10 X1.3; .

a railroad} because: of their largestcnmbip .J R} 'Tatum i!>w'lr If deer 1 -9 20:! 40 3.t .

for Mayor :1t the a-jruachinx| ; tlocrThcl interest. I-o-i! !F A C Turu, part (If lot 1 and. ncgr of 1I'llt

r :if11. ----- anti neflf 111' se''lr 21 .9 15 9d '

: hunters "who} went out to -('apt. .Iaii ei P. McMulIen: living To iH'Wt! and I'ul'da"'C } of 1Il"lf ::3':? 2 H) 1 1.'id Phat stands without Rival this

near Bay View in the Clearwater: : section \ ofnwgr, 1 33; 19, 13;; WI; ) a
3l<'clycretk la.'t seek, wliirh w'a- SrRIXU; and :6UMMKUGOOD8!
has a citrus tree which !bears i:1: w "rIlU' V 29:I 15' 2swgr
iu-imoned in last i.-vre, rcti'.rnet! on of {) ;;.) 1.'i 40 .')::1.64th
i'1"lr side of New
r I lx>(th oranges: lW1'II1Ju"\ +, which wjis York.
sturdily having: k15c.l six deer 2d Sher Unknown IIwllr uf H\'lr 2" :";1)) 15to 2.6.E:;
never jrfitled :nn l b.:irs the eharte .. .. ,
caught ccar.titles: uf fifh. ncgr 7 :27 22 1Gt 4.25I' :
teri>tic t.f tte' sSvttt orange tree. '. -0- t of 4 2M\ 20 40 :2.63; "*
-Th bsr ro.Hn :\I1I1. fixtures of : .. .. Consisting in part of :
Whet i is Jurther remarkable about'it \ 'wllr d W'lf 17 28 22 40 :.t.6:1'I ;; :
From tie: 1-o-t H..rhI.r and fiut.tSttx
Moaile I : c..1
Mr. R. C. Lr.111fctJ, nt Ft. is that slits of the oranges; arc oe-: -!>. ever bio.igt.1 out Ly tie firm t., '1 .un- II lot, iii,. 1 hlk. 5:; Tl\mpl\ 2.63; \ N:

r here Ijynifl on Sunlay: morning; tbout 'I. I'". .. IS JI! of uxgr aril hill ; 22 30 20 2.11) .').65
half yc'hw! ftvl l the other half red, .
4 o'.=k !-, evWeutlj t'e 'orkIf an 1'1lUl:. PEIILVU: : t' I frac. uo. or m'qr 24 ;30 19 1413 -t.2: '

inc nJ.r: ]. Isoss nr o. ease:: ccor !IK.-IUIJ CtIIf.II( to one hem- Mt>: LlX. LINENS.= :: B \\\1".1, 1I"'lr of IIl.'llr 2'i :2t!) :21 40t.) ." General Merchandise "

i sphere end the line of detuarkation' J.Y CUCOE.'.., 1Vil l..r \t Aikt'n )lot. :2 ;3.) ;31); ) 1:5 72: [I.ddille .;)" ,

The st 'am yacht Alice, of Mesrra.; 1 b'-tr.' ;ecu fire two colors being us tli.<- :-\-l': I m II.LoI1.'f : \:--. .\ Whilidl'n, U\\'lr of s p'lr -t-J: 2O I -ti)' 1.63:

AVann-r & Co came u:, from Palrr.* j i tinct :ts: if the coloring hail been jt'it CIt1ilv'I.IL'c. ): : S L Wilic'r, w'lr' of n"'lr :))1 :27 :1'2! 40sylr STAPLE AND FANCY DRY
brin inc ;Mr.: Warner (.f :3I; 27 :21 l lto) 10.li" GOODS
Suit 1 ;\fonJftY ; I Jon vith a 'tuh-.ter's: ''jru-h. Cunt. )1Iuh..u ('- ,\ ., Ac., AcCi'l la"lr ,
11' 11 Wllit\krr lot 4 3U: 19 n !.15
: 29 :
and family snJ: Mr' J. S. Leech and f : and see fur youri1veru -
) rent us; several fjv.viaiein: of \ truuLe! ..h..w ..Kl \VsItilaw, !\Wqr of sW1lr :;:1! :!, :!ntU :2.63;;
Terre Haute Ind. Thy i<> gi <
daughter\ this fruit for inflection.Comn turd! of
returned yesterday. l We delight in taking in the d I K""t". I.t 1.11'ihuu, U\\lit 1I\\"lr tlc'lr Ladies Hats Ri tons. Ha&flUicfi
-- HailmrE l&j Globes Bslts cur
t1 .eqr 111:10: ( 22! 28I O 6.06() : ,
'ro.Clnnt.: You are cure to leave when you call.:
1 -The learner: Araita. belonging to D.n'il l 11pd, s; uf.lyjr 5') ::30 I :2'! I n -1.4

Tampa f S. S. Co., and plying between :Mou-lay- Both1'r, ; 12'5. 15) M 1 17.72! [ud Cellars, Fancy Dress Buttons' Colo Res and Extracts i t

.J ;Mark aground rearIVusncola
N.0. and St. rin
I -:Mr. B. K. Cole I Ic.ives on unln' i II A \\.itl;. t lId, 111 I of IIw'lr of uwqr 7 29!:I 1 i 20 l.t-.3:
; recently! and ", ns ddn'.a! t'lM : l fir hiforiuer home, Ljtililo: : N.1'J. ., L c.; W.\Ilron, d} ut'sutlr! 31 2S! :21uw'Lr GKNTS: AXn LADIES HOSIERY,

as to rccc'sitate !her !being put ill the I P. Gentry: .if Collierville! ot 1'\\'lr and sWlf of tlwlr s

Dry D'JCk.1.:1f.3cIII:1.. Teisu., corrtf-tMtitdent" \ oftlie: )Mt-miiii! .\ii-l if you delay in in<; you \\ ill U- fur 'ji null 7'"i 82: 25 21 1 l5d:; 19.531v. BOOTS A.ND SHOES

Attention is called to the can: of f .'.;';>cd/ 1':' id the Tribune iflice aLit file il-i r..'n that l.cr!. tt! at ten niinutf F. 13l'I'l'I; C'vllrtor of Jt'l't'HIl llill borllll'! 'uullty. ,
.:l'\a '. I ":\ '' .r -' ; !:art'h ;;lh- I w. ,i.
in tltr \ Y" :, 1 i I.nr p. m. train.j ,r
Riverv.de: IIou-c lae. .
the ,; --Mr.: A. J. Knigl.t l au.l: wife; leftcstcalry i j hicli, : le-'V*'* T.ii>a: ,'i.1i.lin.'viile for th.i .- READY MADE CLOTHING OF THE LATEST STYLE .

)f:. Collinf, the rr sect r'lIl'ri-tor, '..:- : for: Hickory: J5urin! ?: Manatee I f i i "'11'.1 t and 1 ""-.1-1"11.! Vine and MeI : CEW1NG MACHINES REPAIRED. 'j S. A. JONES & Co., ,

hu elegantly reCtlf.1: : and f:niis-heil on a visit to Iel"tivc AVe keep alto! a ... of
'f- +< cocety, I I I ti< nt oncv and ve v. ill suit: run wiUmut. f..il. 1 1 I1'1Ntioi'INEIt.1I''IUS'l': ; : CL.C.UIXET .\ :- fj'Ioiuii.l a.-'- .rluJ\'nt .

the house EndU be peak for him K -Ju iL I I 1 ; SHOP are now L

liberal patronage; by the traveling !son !and Mr. 11. O. hake with their I I In need! of poods: ant are f.-iHiig! badly X. 1 lUlniild I'M i.iarhiiH: ". lla\r had ten Iu i ready to >-iijiply tlit-cili/i-"uf 1 lIiII-l 1 >OWIIh! Hardware & Tinware

families left for l Key Weal'on tae nfl account of not bring able tosl]>cnd a littleUjoney. : I .3rer'eritt"e: in rll.alrit'| an.l ;"ljll-lilll: 'I and 1 adjoining rouniifwith any and all Crockeryware, .
public C4i.11.'tl list M.)od.: ;. I I MwtG: :; : iii.fAH i / )tiler!!: Utlrd'ltn.t. :j jCtsidefr kiiuU. ofFUr.XITURE
The lior is the author of the : I I3:: IlIii.s 1':1-1: t.1 1'a'npa.: .
: j! -Mr.X M. J"IW..II1.uf'\'l'\\. MILLER \ IIIXIII'HOX.Xoticc.: : : \\.i ae'I l ni.iiii!, -. left at )1.1: <. lark,'\11111"1 WtOlUsnrlI.LOW.W.1a: .

article on the Caloofahstch-c! region, I arrived here the tint (;t the rrcek.: M Ir. |prulflptiY| xtten! '!U-vl! I < >nfh"rt! nnlir. I'phoNti-rinif} and 1 Kep.lir-:

which appears! en tlie first }1c.: He.hfirinlf .1. i. tra\i-iin! ? in the interest of thetoi'etcct \in.VN.. n. I 1In: : WrrH.! 1.Ihr. in>: done cltt'ap. \\1' ire. nl-'t'' )prepared to
\ !i I I I1)511'11. M: : !HEI.1"I\"ED.\TTIII: : ( 9.h. 1 IStiV: tf. for 111 ALL KINDS OF sTATIONEITSCIIOOL AND BLANK BOOKS
imprrastil: with the conviction r.t'tlttlt! gitir.g i : diem in>!'ructil\lI" h pw ] contr.ict: >11-'" HlliJ.til1'> t'.irp Rtirinjri
.. .
: counterfeit :"-'r'Itn' otfie.-.> the !; 1''i-ha-.l: : > ill lilt ---- --- ----- >f :alll.in.l.!, and (.tinting..
thAt there i is a grc't outcorae isi money. j Henys r.cupi: Ludtce.I.lJiliul t ; ""Iii the lint" .MotidrtV 1-1! k X oticP. Stti's: NVardn'hi! +. BureauVah"t.ind: : +, \\\ \\011.1! (!Ill p-ci.il Attention t.> our .Stoik ,.fGEOCEIUES
l has been tit.
fcr.that section! of the I that there more cowntcrfriticomy : iu June 11\11. at 1'::: oVdik, : in. T.vlile+, I'eil-teadt.: f liiHik ca-n-t and 1 lt) ',-!kmade -' I f I
the near. future !put in circulation! ii: the last E..l1.AHKE:, Sw. "T1-! :: won,1I I IM::>PF.ITITLLY 1 ix- : } to order, Full! stink of Chair":

:os to,tc. '. four nuuth4thtneir: :yi-ars previous Tat));':! Mdt. 2'th: I:-at. I'oiiM! 1 the' Tr.ivelin>: PnMie\ lh.it < .iite nt :a call\ and leave your orders
Alf Dunedin rcceivnl .-. having: : niMitlv '' .| (..I .ind\ :Mmktd tin- ." hop--ol'Ir..ite l'II't. J.HIHMc'Iay': : 's. :
-Mr.L., June*::, t All who l.avc instructions, | & PROVISIONS
SCHOOL"T'OI route ihonuixhly, l 1..1"1..1 TAMPA: nnd
TAMPA HIGH :: : --- --- .
brought in last Monday and; rot latcy i j say their numey is i well invested.Heruuiido n.\"E'\'H.lJ:: ; :::. that! viare. I...:,> I'r| i"ar- X fit i'e.
-- K'K: if. )a'l'd"'aiwn tnthe ciluonnf .
-- "
-* nltntarryI'1.l !.N: < ilIK: '; ";.iine-ville. I 5
: t'+
exhibition in the et! 're of Millar; fi I.ncaly.Frtin : <<. .1." 1'sr.ljis lli.it the, lic Ocala.'u'npterville: ; Cttr'k-ride: and FainI I LS:; liWtl'V given t 1.1 all |nr*,iHelainii h\\'il1 ;
Hendcrw. a rutabaga; turnip weitr;! 1'mokivillein ('re'etnLT.nud r.tnc'l l t.> i'jx-11 .i J liii! !,li Soluntl; tcr \..<\.* ] auld in Lt l'-bug at r.I.I'ak"! \ l It y thi- 8t\: L it-t the Maleof. X. S. 1'loinudneard : .\n.lt pv.it many: artiste: *. "I.i.-l h inu 11 be> wen to l>e appreciated.) Our gods; av tie *
and Rirls T.unjii; : the t t.1' M'! hnta'! in hue : late: of Polk! nullity, Fh'rid.i topn'sint newii-t U-t-eleeted in Ih* country, and! we are ili-unnini-d 1 to viler Ihull to T triroiii
tliifcctii i is whir'itr'e- the l7. :S. 11-til. PIM.IIsrers J
which by )Ir. >n : changing t : them the! .ii .
nndrr-ik.n adiiiinistratri .
ian 15 Jlw- was f.rocii April.! to ';' at 1 jTiivi. to -Ilt the nio-t fa.i. ; .aWe intend l to ell Jcr
x ean r-I t a i 1-+u'td .f re.ichini;; ti.iiiu- .
Walton WhitehuM! in the Dune.n: hands daily.High All tlee hither ?:'iigli-h l t'l'tnl'h"ill: 1 1i. I.etaugltl ills trmn' Tanii'.i in 44 li"iir-i, 'and} ullur1'i.Ki > \ at Ru'lOH, protirly ;UIlI.'uli'ah..l.ilhin ,
v.in.Uand weath ::I':". I j'.in.! < ir.fk ar.J Jlelirew. A w the time prt-ont-vd l'y l 1.1" or they
sieighbonccoL I I er for the" ruit three very days. ";....Mil nt'rpii j paid to She I inMriiCtion ,.1'! I xi .nn.ili..it- in .r4.ll.ri.n.ii-vniini| i n. :For the jaw route: apply<-r any top i|I II will Ittiarreil.: !. and all JITMHI* indebted! 101ti.1 CASH or r its EQUIVALENT ONLY i

-Are: the city authorities paying: I Y.I )III-i.. I .it.. I K..,........1 v. .. ,, .?.,, T.. "Hohlrtn ps n..i..i.,..,.. ....i....... N ;ill : : e-tate! will !iiha-e make ]>:a\nunt imimili.itilv. i
I Settlers are still jxiurin into this of : ,.ith.1' -
} A tlivrmijtli lonrno iVvilk-ket-pine
I ( li Tirlvttin. .l who authtuiv.i '
condition Isinq -
: our
any attention. to tho. saciUiry i county from nil quarters; er single or double t-uiry'M J'i'KI.:: J.T monlj. t j .\", nt, will transu-t t any ami: all bn l -i- )1.\Tn.\) A.C. I'l.orxT! And expect: in no instance to deviate from our rule. ,
Adnlintstratriz.Iartow i
of the town ? We s-iucetely ln t ; Dr' extra. i ; _
i Srmul A. Mc-Cmpbell: has I It.o. ixiniifcl'-il with the I.ineit'I'unpa.: :
: March 10h! 1'S1 l ->w.
will see that this 1 i.1llartcr..s:1Joitrn.rith. If Ih.; >. C ,IL'): 11"\ t AViI>( IN: i
that our : l f.ve: lot l'iou -
nem:1)'or purcba.'e.1 a acre Cspt. '-- --- ----
i -itii of vie iuitv.'ill I ijI .ProclnceOft
< n- f.UI'I"IUIII; t"1'1' in "
Line. O"ll.ll
j-'lj. ?
l Kik- JjMiu-s U.k iu "rriH kjvie.!! vhieh l'rtlPrntor4uf."tutlt : 'ap (Ammiissiom'rV-: JT .
important matter M thoroughly j > on IJa.ir'.nli.l| ; am! "it JHTI we |'rmii-e 'to ( I; : : .

rd ;after qua mer will BO"U ba here, he prl\I"l"t.| to build irjiueilictely.! 'uiJ.i} l nu a rr-t eItM'i: d.| : ,I K-tittf: of Xtfjdtfn IHockrr, tleciasetl.NUI'.lt.1NI'Itl'1'11 / a"
Mr. F. G. Seaof !'Illt": For further! prtitul.rnapply| : : | } to i LANDRETHS'SEEDS ..
even if it has been a little cool <'ecutlv. W. L.:) OOEI.E\;: : I IT : : ;TC1: OF AX taken in for gtsil4. at tl.oir f.l1l1.lI'k.1 %': '
e'1 t of bud! t IromXlr. I I K-HTpti'! escliangc le. ;; 4
> eighty arr'is very
putchn Ta-.iv, t 1'1.,.. 'rel! .. r-th; : *-'1. tf.Garden i fl-'k r ail decree i+-ued out if the .
I 1 F. 1:. Saxon ;alt Friilav.: Ilt'iuaudo _}_u .__ __u__,_ ___ __ i I, County 'onrt in :and for Ilill-hi.rnugh] (l'"., I -- -- -- I -
-The roromcacempnt if the ron-i i -}has gained l another gooil citizci of Eden 1784 tin' ..4.lm nur4r.n BEST 1881 I will nlLr for stir at ]>ul>!lkonierv to theRichest I ETIWAN\ FERTILIZERS'MAM.T.Y I C 1uEIEL1r. : : : 'r
r.nyen iValer injur _
I .
I. pit th.m r r mll.l f'r'.pm j ( bidder! it-lore the C oml I Ii'u-cilo.T ..
struction of the Florida Southern :. II II I I e.. 1'.1. 0....' fur.Cu.Iw. ....... ...... 1':11111'.1.| I'll the 'tint %1"'hl.l in May: A. j I II GOODS, CIOC'k1:1E.
t A house cf correction is nettled! for I I sad t'r.'q. r( oI.3. t.t .n. k.JI \ :: 1I .
this will hasten the I Ip. t eat! !I. the! deeril ed LtmU! IrItuiii I i
Railway at place ii.u: ESTATE: r.OFFICE.. i I I b.m.n in (A 1'.1 OnrrDASHLA \i folliiwin}; > I 1 1 I.t1'1trI'! Crockory, F'III,1 XodonsHighet
the ni hpn,wlers, .;'1'0 went about ihlttTttSMltruu.eniri.1lnnye III r.1id I h ill ) in ''\
of the road about a i e.t.te, >; .111' t..illi: Etiwan fiat. t'h.tning,1ovt4, :: andMuliunerr Sines 1twk.: .. :
completion yc-ar : Phosphate Ccmpany, [1I ,
town l lad week tni-placiiig saddle, -o-: tint utility of IIill-l ip'iiti!:! :11I.11.11.. oiMurid.i : &' .
and the terminus at Tampa, t: I 1.'Ul" : t 1 ( '. : II.I nitre i ikMiiUdI I 1:
secure : hor.Mi harness |
loo-iiig cutting rcruuviug : j .._ .
;J. E. ROBESOX & : < ;Jrovt., ont iininj SO I the of and l of in en AH: LITTON: & c. ++ .
CO. : ;: a.- | hH.jr uwqr nwqr .
to secure which is sell :. l Ae.VLeu fun de- VN I u.yr \ ,
two obj'*U ; bugt'y tap ; I 1-i' I ____ prilx paid fur Country l'ro.lIlC't" \:
j iI *l 1:11.1.! "I) It l: 'arili;:: t lrflIC": J ret*'. : 'n.t. and! sl! '.I' lilliI' in M-etioii It.nndi --
1= worthy of our earnest: efforts.A 1 I 1! gi'iirrait into crime; it hould )be se- iI I I j [ nl'tt''+Hor to A.l.ini and 1-.1: ) I Ij' ..! ....l :;>),IXK) ".r.iri-: : ;!'+ in 1 ""0: j!"nnI Ube' I}i .ti of >... .Ir| in Mi-lii.ii 14. all in unhij, 2>* 1: ETI\VAN CUANO 'f.UIl'FL.! .\. .
iu the,.fhaj>e of a ; vtrely putuhcYl.: I I I.r e Linif Tue, ;tln'ttthtr:t wide! ..th. rI +.,":h tit Miije; 22:: ,'a-t. ettlllailtiii; *.*'*::den ". -- -- -
phenomenon I{i There is not many if any fur |j' omiKATFoiTMi\I: ) : : aUtui! !.(.I'I: tr't < i.,1! I i.iy: tr.1.t'iLtt'I sml; li.rdiiiitnitiviii, to hiirTirm- : LtfyIxrler J, M. BOYETT & CO. S

h'!'TJ egg was placed on our table\ l last .,i i young; grovein Hernaitdo." than that t: \.I.YIs.I.lttiu: : ; ws1l('ngllilnn: .I I f.\'-!, 1\.I\'r" .iinl CLiiti-! are i.l.; uii.L: .' ", ", e l nu.nih-i aur:' d.ittand rI'V ... ETitIYAN DI ut,JLYED BONE ,

) Tuesday by Capt. James lJarJin,",. ;' "ffr. C. C. Keatbly. His bearings >O Mead located pttrnt.| !>nvnnii! and in 1 I" "IIr.,1 IIIIIrlg:.!.:<:. 'III'-I':1.'r) to pay| forI I
fact M land I matleratltndtil with Ani-t'ior panel of l.tnd etfltninia; ;! c0 ,I lilI")1.! c'. P.KnWX: : PERU, .'L.\..
This 'U an rg; u Large a? a g:"*r are nlmu-l I loaded: l ..townth; prtn.ptnt'.\ ... it 1 I I arr..-. -Jin:: ) I 'r.II; fr.s.. ,t1 tt them :kr'tli March t ]19. Ivil. 1'ufl.fllt i+i"l1\ r. St tae ndard Fertilizers fcr Cctten, Csrn, >

containing another egg with a 1 bloom. I :!tlOIi! re.of land wrll a.laj.l-,1 tu'i (-arilstInc.: PndnrtiFin1'.ti.th.alt4;; l 't{ DeALERS IN ,
egg Our >'lmnHluitV'a startled I Oranji -. )1':,HI !!i\i-- un.I.'r :t fii,:;iila'.e: a 1\.1.. in 'IIIII'"WlllUI\II. Ternx : i '
( on the growth of Oranr. f ir sale on Pc.u-e ; $66; ; Grain,!. Wd t, Maccc! 2Ri Vegelaliles.:
the ordinary me. He ".1 J.:% oinlit frt.-. Addrt-vt! 1L :
hard shell of ,cultivation. t'ii .,
oiiiv. GOO&
I >
i :Sunday: !alt. IK ing informtil tb-it ( 'n" ':'. \ppl\; t- i'r Dry Groceries & Proiisiciisi &c ,'<
hen which dej l oited this: on I . .._ ___ ___ I Jl "!?I'1I! IKMtl.l: : -. Tsnip.! n.i. !; I H'AI I 1 in r.\: (\)., Poit'and' !, )':Iim'. I A. l.TfUNKK( .lgutt, I '
says tbLt'the: )lts. \" II. IIo'jI"| -, the highly; etem ; 1'a: ljv at Ume i i hill-borttuh, I'oiinty, i iI I i ulifct. Price Pall :r Produce AcVe &
I laying !Uv.ifcof! )1 Ir. Kst-Mj II., La.l ,Bell I $tJ2"WEEK. may 1.". fvim.l+, re.tOo.r( \ \ thank our C--.tom+ IVr Pa-H Far
I conUutly
egg, !has ItWJ (1i. p;, : !e. (,'....11)' Otitfit (1J \."\'. :I \h'.trh..f1ir, iT7. """h'r..a 1, fHIS PAPER K WI-IIA.I c<0'. >f*..'l"'l"r A<\. lII.I.EI{ 1c, HE\llmo;: : and Soieit! : .
"ith twill I ).(,11;$. = Mid'iciily tie! previous night.! : J .-\d.b.+ '1 in'B A (h. Anu l.l. M tine.t j t! +.4 t..t:! [...J..I-IwrJ.Mllanot..._5.\:<)0:J' ''Mat't.........T_.1>> \.. I 4.ootrteoe.Inrtbindiiur.wultutii. pus bu wa t;,ru.to.ebt II IN\ xttrr..txl kMAV VOu'li*. :.\ "II'"+ ct 1'amP1.I : ,. (: .:I Uth 1.tt 1.\the Same in the Future.VI. .,



i_ 1;Tc: ..,...,... ... _'.,..7 -.:.;...-...... ". -- \ -- v I
_..,'.. .if'y'hl ; ', .. .
::ii -f-: :: ",.--' .-,... ',V Y'

.. ,, .'. .'' >_-_' '' '' JE '.".'''': ,. .
\"J' ...' r3: ,;. -
:. : ti" : i"'r'' V : -
: ." J& ; f '


.i r 1 .

i L '
__ ._._. .. .. __ ___ ___.__ -- -'._ _--_ _- .------_..cH
__. _. -
,- -:= -. -- - --- - -- -- -- -- -- -- _----------- .- ___ _'_ .___._ _. '_ u __ ___,_. u- 1 ; I

-.Slf FOR18SrjE"cr"body Fizial Not ice. Administrators Notice of Fi.t!; I 1 .r Cattle Notice.U : )

' 4 I I &tatcfJOAH G1UFFIX ('(c'l. cal Settlement. t i W.G.\ 1'mm'IS'; l\gelli.\ ( 8 \ PEItfOXS: AUK: IIKKEKY: Kill Nt'i 1 1

iii! IVn. .Milk.
, ,
liifutli frnm date 1 litiv i tll i'' 'T

reads Tan Sor.. IiI t i>S""IX acun *.vouehert, 1 to will Ir"11 wvi ii. }"t ltc of 1 E. Hvlim-, Iffciwd. j jiontlm HTAI'Li! : DKV) GOODS) BLOOD.lIn. }lu-ive: or Ship :\IIV" rut tie in the fit-r(MiiHj{ :: t

the editions of this uvwjapr| thruughont'the -!I L'rn., Jute of l'rtil .ileof Hill! "lHiri.ujli ) \ from date: hereof 1 will lire. ,. M.irk.- and i'-miid: )' t-xtept l.y jHrni--i rtttr .

aud for sent and 1 0111'11... to the LADIES' .,ii me ,.r niv IlTldu.rilt :lit; llt. Jo
Iw 't i year to come everybodyil| 1 j 1111. a tin.ilJisliarje) { u*> [ my tuititint &CHILDRENS HATS SSte j
: fiudjy" i i Kxrctitor: of late of 4oal.(iriibn, lute: ; 1'robate eimrl of I llilUU I uili o>nnl\ State i Ihnnn'fI IROr T""u' iJ prs.hUon or rL'QtnJ! of lroll. r"rllTb"."uk anll thI1HII.ita. S'
p I ITTA11 wttil! ,\'t'1"lahiO-AromaU.... ) 1I.lu"t"t1 Ity n., )1..11. IrofeiI.n
.. the of 'hi*count.r, .lixvaM-d. !: .f Florida I tor n final M-itKhicut and a-k to : .ntlChronic rirtiiniwistIt.c1' aA..Ia'.t IIy tllt.ltl fur Jy..r.i.. .n.ral libItI.YnI .. '.,.I. Pl....... 8X '
world' news so reent.S i j JCUN!{ JACKSOX. lie iis-har:el front luilhtT udiiini-traion Tin and Crockery V/are. i of' ...11&7. .rioa. -o..r.Unu. (.....1.._... f"rena 1eYVO aae 4 : : 'I, 1
ed that will the I CbllU .u4 Vetvr. 11 tnvt evrry jiurporicUioaliclarci lad, a YVII1C U flCCCf7.
-: : the render gel great-:j Tam!>a JIMIC 2 11 (Jin. Adiiiiiiii.Trator. of the F:late of 15. K. J Holmes, late of xa'ulcounty :, 't

4 _Ii cat amount of in form At ion with tlic I i I -'-- -- ,it.'t.I.- .I. riUM.lfCuLl.lN i >, II I, Hardware, Catlcry. Willow & V/eodware/ by THE DD. MOTH) MEDICBiE CO., 213 H. Ulta Street, St. InkDYSPEPSIA I

I !least unprofitable! expenditure of time Jn Circuit Gilt Judicial Alinini'trUor.Tampa : JYj.g. ,
; C.ilrt. Circuit
Fla. Nov. 4th iStH I ,
; : ,
ight. TUK tfCN long discovered I
ago Florida Jn and fir JIUUborouyliCounty. ____ __

: tin golden mean Wtween' ntlundnHt > 'I .-In Chancery. in Circuit Cvttrt' OfA Judicial Circuitof / .; BRIDLES, BITS, SPUR, &c, ,, .i '

:j iulucad *nd, utis N'lactorNbrevity. Florida Manatee j in C'icrictry. !I t. h. f
'- \ MARTHA McKl.LEY, ) county -I HKAVY AND LIGHT i .4.
1 '
I v. f Rill for Ji I 1 .

\.:' II.;Much <*f that ?/rt orne"'f\ 'hieh I 1 1'II."a \-,.:.,,".*.*v. II"IJI k YOf"I ( i iu>Kit: C "JI'Ilt I) I CROCERIES '

t. <:l
jxirUnue thai upon its imeresu to 1 .- n.lant in thin rau.. f'iJa' jAxr.Coorru, ) t tIT KLOUH. (:X)1X) n urrs, ) -:.\ u. s. MA.1.U33Y ) in : SII
D.ti.ill I &'fltt-7
-- ".f DlLnkiul.. Prutu wonii ug'to uioruiufriirta ; I without l.i.circuit ") that ordinr'I.r"a.| ajijiearitij to. the fatUfai-tK'ti: of the.j 1 1I : KICK.; OATS, l.ACO.V, '& ) 1.1' : % .. .'
of law unnu he tit-on him but within Court, from the return of William (e.
: ;;'u& Sux a continued nt' ..rn' SALT.COFFKK. SUUAK 1 ,
ttury t
the Mate of Flori.la. U i it I I II" nut, idieriiT *if Manatee county, that lI.
uidervtl ,
4 kthll'e4 vi ct.'alilleu and women, and that the Mid Defendant Ih"ffor.William Me.{ the'tkknIvnt, 'MAKV \>K 'tmnill reside- j ii', JJHIAD: UKAXS. 4 ... ;

.f tk<3r deed*, plaiiSr hate*, and! truu- t' Kin.-Ioy.tK> ajn".ar |1,1.'a.l. aiirwer or demur U-yoiid: the I limits i i of the rotate Fh.rida: to-j I FERRIS" CELE l1A TED hAMS.ini --L LI /"

-blt I *."' This story is more varied and to the Li tiled; Sicriin on the Mundaviu { wit : in the tal..1t.w \ ,.rl.. It i- or-1 j
I frt Mid I )[. J. (' AX It XALTKI* MF.ATS.dinned : 0\ .
-moire iuterwtin Uiau any romance- : : n.t; or the) Mil w luken :i it >> dertd! that the .t iY &N F 11.11'1'11. "..

: r- ; -that1 was ever devised. \I < >iit.*".. 1'rovided. tlmt a vy\ td this :aj'jvear, plead. answer ul" deur.ir to the nunjilainanu Fruit&c I'Mirri-itofaltkind*, f. L ''.'

: -F ntiti-* tjl.a'1 bu )'iit>li,Ind in the :t'NI..kIi liIllif complaint, ('r the same I i iI

) : : 1IL Gvxl writing in every Column TKIBO'K:, a wttkly ne hi-air iubU-Ind in will. U-taken tviite-M-d.. It i i-< further: TOBACCO & SEGARS. I t -A

and inahucdj, originality, Accuracy, | the (own *if1 atal4, once tt Htfk for three ordered that the |>iiliSu-atioii: of thi onUrIK And Fiinoy < I iruct-rif of vry variety I 5. 1: '.. *" :

i. \ .,.ud iJcctfruui MI the truauui-ut of every 1 eoiiculivv nitnith., from the date ..UTiofVint'i ; made in the M.'M.\XJ Tlilisi'NU J JnewviiaiKr [Ie kef)<- on )hand, a Iare SIH-! -!! ...ft1I..tauLial ( io. l .

aIjct.I \ : >s my hand mid the heal u. I,I ]l'II'li.h! l in lie Lou II of :Tampa I : :I Iin .' : liofd-. Miit the ,'llitntn'lruit' : !! ,

I- -, """ 1\' llmicst'comrueuu TUE Six's [IS.] Mid :'JH-uit Court at Taiujia in I|,i I mouths.Mid Circuit, for the fj-.u-e of three ;1 1WitneM Mii.l[ olJi-rn!, them cht-ajifr than e.ir ntlerettbt : THE NE'STEAMSHIPSTAMPA ? : j
ttiid tiiie/
this Oth .f iHxvmbtrr I
1 ; ; fcabil'i to PI|CaLk out frarlossiy! but. .county\. I>.ISM, ). day I I the hntid} and "-al of .I the :Judce! it4.J.: Fa'"Hi I''. I Hotels and l.ip! FlliI'li..1 ; @ 4 ( 'ir'II' t

e- .IKl"l' :u..ll tiling. I) \V.M.! c. r.r.owx uf ..,.1 ( ,mrl. II. L. MIT 'iiii.h; i I II lit the linrt rttt: I :

f \ .\ih..l..11101;rdili; i'irctiit I Florida. j ji I (>1,1' .U1IE ,
.V. K-.jtial' candiir in dealing J with ___ Dec.! 9h,-3m. _, t I lerkIn I I 1JlT. S. t HlI 11:ill I. I I "

-etch political IUPIV, nnd ctjual multies I Circuit Court, (j'.h Judicial! ('i""llit''1 Jerk. Nov. l I.h.: RICE BORfd & L1O. \ >.i-i3 IJv .n

1!", .* t 4I C'.ranietnl what i is pruisv"rlli"or }- t of Fivrlda, in and fur JMAUTHA / : ( ___ u .STEAMSHIP' ( to) W / -

to rebuke what is blamablo! in C'Jllltf. Georgia and Florida Inland Steamboat iMroinus: : AM. ilL) \ 1.1:1IS: : '

.Democrat or Ilcpu'ij.icaii. I I Snz.rus )) In dmmvrv. Company. FOREIGN, DOMESTIC & C3UNT3Y 4 1 :t" :'J > m

VI. Absolute iiiilfpemlcnco of jarti Iv.-t. } Kill Jor l'"is Till.: only STKH.TI.Y: IL1I1orT1: I SEMI-WEEKLY\ SERVICE 'Y" "EJ 5. !

-. > orginiiaiii'iii, luit unwavering: I JC'nUlltml SIXI.EIUS. J nme.R I')1. I1 <> f I cl :1'I. ', I H ARDWAREj j AI ,

*1 Joy ally to true i>i-jn..cratie praiicijik--. Ill' al'lll.ltill! : t', thetItCtIuIt of the 751 .

I Tim SL'S liel.eve* tliat thu (;ucrI..iedt : l'4IItrt.h. tie: rxtiru \Villi.iinl'. I llav-! 1, -- .\tI; UI lll:rn.L: IMl'I.KMKMS.! : : ;i iBiiilirs CEDAR KEYS TO TAt1PlND! .-.a3.e' J. S
lii.ni, heritfuf( Manatcteoienlv, that ,the lr- ; 1
, which lh.is t."LlllUilJlI_ give4 n lenient herein ll'tlt"n.lI: fi.i.i i iw live* ,i' i:! ? Kardwsre{ Grstesj Gallery .1
The and Ihvorite .
: 1 elegant H.eaiiu'r: |
11 a g'Kxl MI.-J to .tkp. lid luxiuu of : beyond the limit of the Natc..r 1 Hotiih, to- :I t ( ''. '- ..t .. ( I" .

tU' - rcMot to its uini'tai JMWIT wit : in the State of North Carolin.u i It i. !! H\, "ID CI.Aii\: j I I I--: \ (.t -i CEDAR KEYS TO KEY WEST. > '' 1'.. if. th' .
;" I !
tL t the tvtToru of t men i in the Republican : ordcre l that the salt! lelendtiit KrituotxiiiSELLKIIS : ('III'Itia JII 1 FrrzcilI\LJI; : : I \ttil* tinil Jltiittiinntri-, 'l"illll..1 .Q : lu n'ut"r. .::

jurty to eel another form of i : aj>iH-ar, plea!, anr onU-eieur lo I 1"I I' '
up g.ivern'iifitt Willla.lh".lir..t f..r FFKNAM'INAry ,'
: tie >wid (. %ai.laiiii'.V| ) bill of inpijiiit.:. ortlic .-/ot'I., Twits antl JirrI jst'*. I 1 r I B ( Utft ''i 5*
1 10 iw place that which exists.Tlieyear I Tii:l 'II.Y I and 1 K1PAY: ATFU- II !I .
atnc will Lr taken ni i. nf.> ,. It i ifarihrr i. .. fruiii, hut' ., ,'l, j q'.I ": 1 s57j' I .;" z-1-1J"L"J J '.7" s.7''' J'Il"' '.". 1tY. 7 I.d 4, lit 6 .t1t'lr '
1 5J<1 nnd tilt \"l'au inuiKiliJiUfly : unlfiitl that |'ul>liosti"ii t.f thi' .r- I %ti, \.hl.uilIJIl.liI.( u : : >: | TIN AND JAPAN VI Arl=. | ..l'- : .1 n.0. ...

:. (ul1u" will decide! : : 1 Lil..ln -trv t. l.nuliin.r it :i.: t d'.h.iriiK'-! *, : .
I ill' prodably) ala be niaiie in tinM'M.ASl TJH1coIi .
\ :1111.. 1:1'1I11-: ik '; < !.. ...r. 11.1J) t. H..III. >'i>n rvr S
I IttItt Ihri .11\.1 I T
f' 1I 'lhii uprclllcy; iitiHirtanl| cvtiu-st. i lI"w1oal'r f |1.ILIi..I..l! in the IOHII "fT.IIIII'I| : .: ii.'t. Ilcnting axiCoo'.ziig. Stoves. L<'::\p <:"d.ir Keys F.K! :>AY ,r V. :M. I.> :1\.' Cul\r Ke>- M iCl< >M; 11\\ Y f. I I' M. i
..- ;
F..nl.\II.llII.1 i:1Frattt d i I 1 1.. t.'iI.'J' RIi 4jiri
Si. \L : t r HI. .imn *
i cuiMmiiii'4 at "
t ;
'TlIBijCX believ that : in s.I til I'irruit, t fir tile>-]'ai:;ihs.VilniM : .1I.\ s'.' A i'l: I ."'111' :t ret; ">'.'\lautiiii: : >' .xneVar !. Arrive :at Tampa >.\ ITIM: \>.\ Y '.' 1'. 1.'I.i"lt. !Key \\ "I \ 1.11'1''I. j
't the. victory,, j llailiiKtd I I* lor J.ick-oi:i" t lle I! CVd.tri t i : 'L't : 'i. :il t. ". .:.dl! 1",dk! : \ halnl end eil. I Lc.t 1N1)\\1 A.M. II i I-a' :MYV i: ::'T WI.I.'MAY t hl'-1.i SI
': .' '''1.11n1h the people! as against tlie I |; iiv i Ke' t, '1'\1111':1.: Manatee: : Key \\\- I llivaj I : \ < hi-iiiotti: 1 t::. and 1 17 M'ia/ine I St. .11.1':1 > i i :. I. T. !i' .'j ,.1.t \.. Jl. Van- -
I : II. I.MlRIir.l.L.. Arrive at Ydar KeMONMUY: i \; A. 'f. Ar.i.v I if .-.tsi: !K- I 1'.1:111\\\I:! I (: M.h.t.Ltr
Lt. _.lling s fur UJ'IU"-II)', the iiinrs: s l t"r Attest,- Ji'.d!,e (iihL'ircuit I'l rid.i.Koi j 1".1 and New "d'IIII"t I I.rui'-.ifk; wjh: -'; 'I.\.Y"it.:11rTH! K.: "t'\\l \ (lI'I""II")) | | ( ) I |L Leave KtMl )' 0.to: P.I.. 5.-.V.- c.dr; I 1'-IIitIz.It.V)I: l ". \\.:\\. .5. i.'i"; .: .: n \ ." :-.: -I I 4'.1'. PatrUfe UM..I.M
M.ieon and! I.ii.--.rck: ..,1 HI|! i irk .1..1 l : 11".tk! ii-.ii antb--
: iin-.w :. : I arv ut\
: : ji'uudrr nul Ih: Ui IUn.3.; for iUJllCri:11ft r.s.iiirTiTJi; : i I I i t hOUlot'r.l.t. Arrive' at Tampa: H FS1 11> V Y :1 i' M. I Irn.v. at Kt-y \h.tTt III.\:I i> A. M t. < j
I .\:"..IIll_ i"'a.I.! .\t !1..11 i"11 Lii r.u-.ua- I I II ;:..1.I .;, .;' .1fl.-s.Iv.) ;
owr.I' 'lerk. \U\ I8sh.cicANcr : : I.ti\e 1':1:111..11:111 \ y j III> .\)1. j I K-y: We-t SA 11 1'1.1\ TfTl '
: for Altainaha, and rix-r.-,. I
( j
1' Our term "are fulo.v ------,-_. .. -- ir K-oiu-e \1 i I sou: AuF.Nrs; : IMI--: Arrive nt Ce.l.ir !Key Till : : *P : Fernaii I'n.i: wuli Ft'-r.i for all! .
: CJKOVI: TOKSALI:. : U-.inur Star, ItnM: r ss.:.I I 1 lulling: Co.. !I I For Krtijiii! ur I l'; _**:! '* ( liavltijj coh.it I : arfoiniiioil.itii-.1' i : "l'pynll.: t i' 1
fou I :; | It '
For 1 'uI-t 'N5-t
t : ihf Djily fffN, n I pzigtt jH'ii.t-i on St. Man'river.. i' t.I C
; l
; the) miWriUr! U-anti- I ilowc! i SV.iKv
I. sheet: the |'I li'HLE ly a 'I 1 hr"Ih lia I.d. :lIl1i .I.a- r''UI "1'L'ar..d Illj.r..1 (::Iptztiii I i l." 1.,tnl, .r toll.it !:. i I. T I(nz.: ." 1 :iiu I':t.
4)Z tweuty-eijfitt ciiuinu, ;
--t ? : I II""h
:11:11 l .
till all.llltri\'ill < i in 1I'n1 \-* : i 1 :
i; \(iim< Oranje v \ :1'1,1 i nil I I i inloliiiiliou I i "'nnii,:iie.l :nt ftli.v. e"-rue ;1.\ n-j| r \ .i. ;i.a.: >.. \IF i: ;ni! i tti ;.y ?*,r-
i is 55 cents nioath or $6.50 'I 1T". Tlttf the 1 !1'aitiit 1 FU Far.*
: .: price, a tiiiilainin Oran/e dl..h.1! r. : : ( J
: ]::11:1: :111.1 1r: .linTlh' I 4 nil.; : :ii. MI .II in*>. it i.kiii.nl
Iwr 'alt .lIa"l"i ", ;i' \ -
a or inclu,!lii tlic ijuiulay 1'-1]j ,.ti'et variety, mine III It-hrinp, 2.; aIr .Hi;( .11. :!n',' .\!. t'liril'o. :it., t '. I
i !
Iio:, year; : .- 1'iihi-ki I lluii-e an.l r.tn I 11 I, It.II i Ii4: "I'_ .i..i! ,.: al..al:1.!. *i! fill: .Uwnii'H; :
i lIIilllar l in unutlu-r ea-on al-n ( Vr.-1-hiiiirn: .v Minn I'.trh 1 FFxtvUior Ih'C.wil" 7
fhect tlf ixcoluaiu ; irajvFnilt. .
U per, au ihl-II1IC fifty : i l Frt ijht r.i'tiveti i *!!.dlv f" \''1.l t Sunday; I: I l lt:5i-: -t.. : in 1,1 i x--' i !,: j.t.r.i i.-i".ar..H
:. IA'IIIOII and t'itron the II Muwtrlieriff-,
mi jdaee.A
:f *, tho price w 65 ttuts: a i I and I thruiivh! rateivi'n,\ I lI .i.-i .;;r. .\ -,.tol"! { ;-! :" .I'!- 1
i 1 dwelling; l-.on-f trith 4 moiuhall, and \ il Cro"nt Sa: "s ]t I II II
:. 11.lanl.UI.I'l'r.: : .
month. or $7.70 'a jutr, jKi'>tu-f :! ,I'iazzj t'exti-inlini all Kni'ind the Ix-n-o, aiMi. i J.. 1ri 'l l'1I'ill..!,.\' ,'n.:'!' rCM.i -. :I -

4, .p.\I.I. :! kiu-hcn and ntl.er ..t'litli-.UM.-- '.iiu 1'1..,., : \;. F. UAKKY: '\-.alil. \\'o,it1 j15fl511it.u I .e w
t : i I t.;. I : ;. i'. .\. y.ifYon -4
.M :
I The Sunday eJ"uic nf TWE .*rx i iI is j I all fiame building' Fionturd witli It luv.j .- I : : : : \1 ttl.: 11.\ UTr \ I j'I'l.; 1.--: ; >V" I@

: alSo funii&liLii at '$1.20 :11 j t t-r.. laid a.:1:! tu>teiully und watliti >l'eiled.- I .
> aeparaiciy !
I !j I Water tl.u lt>t tin the CO.IH{. l'<..t- ; year, jxjstngtf paid. 4 D ke JOBS() 'r. HAKLUK!: !: :
one hiindnvlar.U, n'.Mi : hti>rt.>. can in:> UK n< y :auratI i; ,
4 The |price of tho AVruKi.Y .SUN;.I' ll'itvl and dkXfliirit; loi-s.-. uithin 1ivtrtL.Hf I nurk l for i i'i ll.un! at ;uiyliiu VM-. ,1I1.iI:: I i v N .J"I> .

eight pajj*?,.fittj. ix columns, i is $1 ayear .l the h.,.. StK-iety cxivllent ; l'hnifhf n it r' |retiiiretl.We vil:! iut ,.'i.. 5-li: aI )L\--\TJ.1'I.\: : : 4'3'S

For clubs ul leu nod School" .l. The hea'lhie-t *>l on I diy :iu.i upwanU made! ,'1 b'lIlI'J l the ii.ttritti.t. '
pelage j pail px r\\ I Ke.'j-: [ 5' .uit ant h on hand I ;x c"l1l'k1.
)iIt I Li\x, :11I1 I ti irl" 1
bending $10 we will .cuJ nn extra earth. N M <>uly (<> |pay debit. Thet.HiurrxMfti > < : ii. woi.u-r., .1I S
I to lit c neur here haUiuvof life. ti.'al.' 1 epi *h h re t-i 's ork i It f nIll. ;-. Now i iI iI 4 .t"'
I .
copy Iree. ,I I J'I ,' fuliinv: and I yarhtinnnd hiiidMiine I .,. li"i it.. \'II..II \ii:,.\t ite ".t.ii r it lsd 0 tiliit': 6ry Goods c'lrto"7'' ".'. n1 1 I. .

Address I. \\. ENC5 LA NI>, ]I bay in the Male ; Sttnerf jnand. Meanseri to the Hoikr: .iil\ :iiii'' hji.tre iiionu;". ., ,

ut 1'u1a1berofi'IIiN New York ('il)'. t-ntlIiItg; In re rt;ii!ifl nv. I l'li lee *2 lllhl 1 1Ik'o 1!1 :., oti! .T-lii-iiu-: uill j>:r. xnii r.e.irl 84will. --_ ---.----.------,--

--,-. --.- ; t1: "t h d"\\: .":1I1'' in :J _\tirtncur, 'j No a.IWilll't' work ran fill !oj : Clothing-' &C',j 7 t ..". --' .,. '. II Sel
; r- : )
The"World t for 1881'THE nl I I by l.ah.lu..te t-r in iri:a e. t lo Make i ii'i" ,ino'.ii I'"*; i oy t "":":iiiil' at otuv. '. ..Jt1'. \ 't. '. y.r.W" 'I ." 45K-

I will ;1 ;rI"l' t'l ul tint I'i P hearing S eel I Cii-tly Ontlil" ,lwll'II'I-t .-e. .\ gnat t <1"[ I| Boots CI'Of"'If"j'' Hats.Hlr(1.wlro .-'...'' .: -

j l iiMkiu ,.... ami! i ,
Orange Trttri, "HI 1 i.v>eel t tlrllnt tretold -*- 4 yetr. (Hirtunity <.r imny ily :;

WOULD! for 1S81 will 1* tl.c Let and take ':\' of |>!aee and! (;Iue : It.rahh'.I.r; !* : <", Tltl'CII... .\II ;:a..t I. f! I II -- ,. .r--.""..";_ co S
"hC31"1Ot] { newjiaj |,nlli .lied i., years. .AiMri: with .tnp.] i! Maine -t" t. J

the Enli..la: tongue un .iil. b\"r Idc of the I (;lO.: I. .TiN1) D'. I ;iiv.itltaiuv: t'IIII'a'III..II' I A.ND i i '.. 'a .. i ..1. &woo.-.(_ \22' L; j"y. t 1k

.AtIntic.t1 fttz'a: An?". ::lh.- Ihmedin.I I 1''lt V'Lr"I Welled ini ; *> I tIt> Iarz' -i ni I III. 4 .1"1, ..t" .. ..f. .'. ,.,' ....r.' .,: I. r' ,t-_ ; i&.l I : .
t : .y. a jvrinji c S
\\ new 1Ireie&urIa*iiij allY everU-- ._ tout lo Ink.. 'nl-n riii'.n-; > It r I the l.u- G. nrJ.i". \\01:1.11.: I. :'_ .i- I."5 ... .I..a -'.... .' -
fore iiiauuuiciurvtl: l by lloe .*it.'o. with I I fry | **. t 'jr ,.
even : : otioo.n'AVIX(5 i I -* \ > 3T
I K( "'. *'!uape-t and I".l I llln>tiat: .ii 1 !l.ttuiI% : CORNER PLUM AND TWELFTH STREETS XOV__> S \ -rJ"N v C. Xv y S.
new aDd uueoiU;iitl .!,,. r.lj\llinll nnd I A it11 I"i":. fineV.M.S: A. 1.1''U'US.( 1I : -
AT .\ KKTAIN: 1 ATK: I il'liraii.i: ; in the \.>!,iii.! .Anvtiin-- ein: 1 I.-. .,. I >* S S
faeilitii. all SlIlII wi.lr CIJ"OI:T O ,6
l/uiiuc.4; ol >ort n -gt II! I..r a "" 'j':1i"llll-I":' t 1.1":""'. i-\ V'r'ri .
ia t ;" lo iiy tl<-j>aitnie III St!ain ] tiiiie a "ne<'(''till airm i tx d'-};::1II1 w<'rJct > :
better UI"tlli1t..llt'l.r''I.t :a"lrra"'I"'II.I! 'II\\ -- -'- -
| .iI1..1 a KIHT i.. the hanJ ofV.. IL Miranda. .1 t art gist ti lit e ii* 1I1.-, lilt r.. Tl.t j-ru-e -
that oiliET ] |
tlir American ugli Hit the jouni.i'" worJ.d',i TUE tiia.i W'iKUt Jt 'any for 1 ..1uill 'I Notary 1'uMiV xn.1 bein tutu ii'r- i ii MI low that ann! >-t I\t IVHHVuWi| !. !iL.! .-. I ECKELS & LESLEY'{ !| ARLINGTON NUESEBIES. .' u; t > S 1 -

afl'-inl: it* reader dally a ''OlIl'lc': \ t ant tif it> otMitetil". :Said dmtinuiit! 1.:1" -ill..- | Oiu-a' 1\lit 1..0| i. likii:: l'J-1 1 ) .Mili-erilt in I i zis.tc. c 'i n) .
arriial I il of Alter a .1.1.". .\ IoI ly apiit II-JMTI- 1II.I1.i"c" OMI !
) t-r
'am-IcuM."d and! trustworthy recod ot all my jTovi1t e a jHi I I HOTDmr Storo :i il in .
--- -
... iicv i i."u\,1 l I.! hiuitH-lf and (for luiit-i-lf, I', ji'i"i rliar j-rntit in tt-n il.ty-.c All \, lm itgsg t ; 1 -
--.I..n .11I14.iil I therel-y I million tJie piiliiic! tit In tran-art j jI <* inaku nii'iicy ta-t. \t'.i (';i n d!< \.t ti- all I I : ; '
: : ofjll I : 2't
{ With the >
Five Minute ers t H.aTUE WOKI.U inet-U and ke '" i iJllue I: iietfutliite t r do any l.u.iei .* uith \\'. I It. ) oiir lime M the Iui-iiu.i, r only your '|'ureliiae. t ('L'. TROPICAL & SEMI-TROPICAL: FRUIT TREES ROSES, DCCIDlkU CD. .

o with ,. made 11\,1| |: Miranda I :>> my :ii lit uinler l'o ir .f .\1- i i I: Yi'U ntttl lint I... an :ay ilolil holly. .I :7 I '
tliciiierca inisdeiiialil '
: I. I|' toiin-v 1..1 I ha\e in ver r>:r'tIitiit'fleh l iiund-! i 0 M r iiivclil. Ynil ean I," ila".ItI.t.aflC 1 : .
and I the I tdIIwDv f 20 ;9
rptiI l Iran-it, I lit 1 *.* teItir.tii I i of
of iruco. i ..1 l nor iTutndaid! iliieiiiuent t. If in.t !I... Knli .!iii, .ii"n-* ainl teitij- I'ui-. i l.le::aniI o'r .9 .1( _
th lime and ?
iitu-iiiiuii 7j"t
0" : ,
LU.i-1 1 U.M-KAPA. j I and I t xjtiiMvc ntiil'.t (rH'. I lt'n I W""II"l '>- ,
Ikill I l [I Corner I Fi : 's.iu .< \V..4.jt..ti:, St tit.] > t $
VJnd tf. I: iil.ddc walls. wild n> our il.lJitv ill onre. -
Jaiin.ir i JRS: "
Jail daily "aM, I letter* from !j.".!.: < "* _. __ NF.W A "if'Y"I'\\I'II.'I.'I"I"( : : : : : MAM: -iiciAii\: \ -
::11.1 ( 1 iur.tnxoTrco>
I I -' --- I 1 I It ...t. iiotliin; t Ii i try the nn-ii-e-,. No l'IW1'1:! %TI II: \ 'I' 1.1.\11:11.: IN: : t t )
-Ihc OSd: World to thc ..r'It'-f.1".1.1oloJ ol "It"ew. I _.!\ e', I.} ; i
q !I Xolif'( I one who fjijjns-* I'.iil- ,in 11..1.r".ll |1"I y. i Ptit & Phal1jjccuii Pr tiJ U. j jII 'J;/biL1; '4). 1 |
I ; ja --'- .
j I Addri! 4 ( ;iiXiJiliKTIN: : -t'N A It).. 1-1 dIII:1. : :
-- '- In ill W.U1'lrt't-t Jo-tiip and iN, Item j i I TO FRUIT & VEGETABLE SHIPPER I Maine. t Toilet ami Fancy Articles 'I j .. S'z

; Ill lnr .ior
rate, candid ainl .l* ljilv ,. having t-iniid all frti ight* I b T l Ia: rn 6 '. $J { > 70o
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an inirivalltil picture not only! ol RUe iru.roiiJilioa :; ,inins; lVrii.iiidin.1! the I lAHHHA I : I I III.l rillllC IIlIoI'hiII..II.k.l pb.i nrc t<-> in- I V.M'I.-\ I J .--s. \

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1, Fluei i I.d >nlr.&ll'l I K. KaUlMJn.: |I: I I.tthi: fur \ 1..lill11.1 l'i.m tuid ,!, | !I. .! C5' N
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t u thui.eIIterhlri.i| by the "j>.i-iil.T.ion: u.I.1 !- iij" "iI! tal.: ivitite 'hat ;:1.! <' H mrfthe ee ;' I a.n nlwi Tuning I'ian.t-: Iliilt-i! tn.iek !I.. I! PHYSICIANS': ; PRESCRIPTIONS I

a.hl.e :11..1. II.Il.I". :, Fl.ollIl1.1":1'"H'III.I: : L ,1.:1': ft .11 M I..-.r" I 1:11.: i 11.I .l.-v'. driia "iore. ; ADULTERATE N. -. ..,. '. .;. ... i '
4je "11t'I.'ullth'llI ; i I :1 n'lUll:1., : ndtd! i :.i At ,.11'). !. .ur i-f tu-! ".:. .h''t.. ; S .
i I Utn Hithdrawa IUMII .in i.i Tituiitit :i, < No tiun wliu o<"I.r "lIi..IIII.; own i.n |< > <>n < r \ ;; < ; i.i lit.J E "+' j \
iii:?ri.>l io cjnlorjte jirujK-rty; ntK.rd t. i',. It.tihoad and that li any
nil;* for 1& .:eC'le day the inonnji! tuynuJ I l/.tdin< ran Iv Irs'tteh.I IIJ''hl ulmvi.? jmi-'it- ,1'lir'"l.1gc,1: 1 r.n.uin I I'L I I Io: t l.t K" ; We kiiit'lv. : invio: the pnnlii- t.. ti.. ;11.:1 s :list ''',1111101 ,.!,. lp.t I( I::;. r in II:.. 11'.1":: : I..r .:1 i.is.I .s II. s. i I-n.: 1'1. ". 6r.i.i.ll. '- \

r exclui ivtl. given In Tilt: ; \Vol.U, ...1 1 l'I" ihi- l.iiutin il in>ii
I >tin luairitl Au.rJ.l ziul.al. 1 >. 1 II! Kl.l.lOl: I i; o.lli; tin lii-M, :st.I pMiM' )"..1. ,.I. id. .... i..dllllll 11. tiih. nail: ..lt.! l. ill'l\I! tlla: : ;1sf .. .!.' III' n :,' It.-, '. 1i ?:;. 101'' I' r ;. :; : ) ";" 1 4.J ,

tinly iu to : ..1"1'1..alll.;. Lut al-m timr Ci'II"l.'nl Horiu l Ili.l'l\ldl I.in-' I 115.51 'lI'II'r, :,. ,1 ,t rea-ws.shstt 8' \ a.. liair.t ..rt"11 l"rl'ltI'l. "illt..i, 05: : .ra.rlnr: ; ;. a I: .,'ie.. "s ..1 .1..;:. 1""lr-l..r j r 4\11 LU \ .
,atiliirn t : ad't tim ji'" I | | SherilFs Sale.
'. ; ai.d tvinoinatioiipiLirfi )lIr .1J\ji.' .1. .' i.viiji.t\ t is.r I :t-.i. and ..i.iI f 1"1 .5. II ItI' I.... n ,ii.t ,...:111 :.,. js.-I liv 11111.' I".III .l':";,'.'is\ '! : ,,1',11 r.." s seifl .. .. ,,
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., 7 Ui the liaii"! MUIIK.H C-, ). .A p ; 1
{ i! I fil -t l.i-H .I.ilil.iti: : : an I :M.nu.i.;! tnrin;: : ho 1IIO'lI.r"r.: : "II.i..1 "illt "I.illalh": ; : r' 11"1" ., ii I II'' "s .. !, i.S i. -',.. -'.: ; S.t,1Ilts I
inc. st'iI I Notice f for< Ldti'iv of Adiniiiisinitioii. \ II I- ?
-antly tnaScius 11:1111.1.- I ) Y VIlirt'L of nnln
i are ailivi ti. ( ; ( ( : >riveted! in menmlt j I I.HIM-| lliu- <-statIi.t; ,.4 I't 4t-il ri-a-n-iial! )I. r..1 ft.... .n! enror ....\Ia. N. ( ; 4 t t. lt ( .:! 1y / j ,t
Wall )
; jUte iiTand out of :r..11O i -c i I' II 1\1 I il of I!" "ii.i! i"-II.d I.v "
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i and gotxl .i"M .j.. ;::1.s ta.: I. O. i 1.1: ',:1 '- \V. :I'.u "i. .1!.1"S. 11:11: ,-. Ft! ,i. u a S
t; ..alll"1 i iTHK I I' t i r il.,' M-al of the < i vnit. I 'oitrt ;>f the \trv I is
: (! I 1"'lfull.\ i
W mia' c .I.Ii'i.aI.1 t' t-t: I hi; L- ,\ LUTIIIJ'I..1 : :\. : :
ft1ii-t, fnlle-i aaid r.itn-t in-tntti.-e ..(..iC' t .I I I Hil I 'i oroiiji;! au.t.tt:: t.f I t.., hI.i! X.iMinUr : tilt Crfm b tnl en ML n<,>Tk9>r tola ISO.111.t.rrpe.U ..,... <>.;( ; -,> S S
lilt' J.-.X'
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of"\" ct1.iI%SM<*" ."d illt.I't..ing in tin' ,t. /if! iffj ir j. jriatt (['(..Cl{. .I -is'l; .\. I >. 1 1:0'"I; \I j i.* r"IIIII"( NIl' j .ii.' '3 _; MARCHAL & SMITH ORGAN fIC' pflTr 3 ; S :

,' : >Mof* art. vf li.tlatnre and oflife. .,.eit1 < : l.iiid.i 1 rjaiiiiiil i I Kiiii.in _ it...lint rilrtvt fn a* ft.r.to "b *r. e.n.rll .5... h.* ttful t.u. 1 11tt
oix\yii 1 :.;:; AITKII i 11.\1'1 i t: IIKKKOF: o j ; :m< I'lalt; fo 4.1) -.' ,
W. -
Li I'. ( J. AYHX.! ) !: .*t Lit ,...10... .o.i4 .alu.teft*.. b .ta... I: ..;.. 4 *rl .r ':_ W W _.1 'ij -
d'::: 1 will ajipiy t.i the CtmiiSy Jiide in I 1.Ia-i.II.IIIII. I 1..1.1: iipmi iini v. ill| "...4I.mS.n.t Ih ..., ......h.....p..nit.siv .. ''1' ............ it I'I' ,
... It i* accredited! nt, an IIr the ..,::1(.;(. I I .iK-r I"'r -:.1. al ; .,-iter from r r -. th..Df.f.r.Ith.Nt.. .t 860. a".a ,u'l\d on Fifteen.. Oatr. ,' Trial. .. _ii ... < "i"i.. 5. ,,. S !
Iilt.1 lur lIili.J.rlu h ( .11.1.' I.4 h.'Itt'r4 .I.I.ImlIi.Itli"1I !jtiili.i.1 .%. ill <,1| ;i ) il': : S i" ?'4 it ...fSt 0gaft a.T4HL a''h" ., .. ,._,.. >... .,V til, T ;_ .
m a _
vivaeitrf ._.. ..,. ; \
; rf tliu 1'nioH. and the iIeurisi' and .\.! : .in the l.-t.ve tof.111.. M. .III.-1 ourt I IIi'u-e d-h.r in the '1'11 .I i TII.I- .__-_,_t ."reI.P at.On.. .IpUII... .Ib .,,. hu. any ",1'0.'bo..s. I. iI I
a it t.t.t .r.e h.vo.v.'l .If$ Lr.6 Ie f tu ''6 '
iu .i ortiiigco'.uinii! ., coviruj; all the va- I' .att. Jdc uf .i.l t)11iitt !....:. 1.j ;tia, C-'III11 oi 1 II I I liii-.U.nmii ;ni Mat .I( ;j 'L\ tI.\. FI. '.. 1 ...I. thft Only Houso In America a" -/... &..ai. ...m. t ..t..> *./.. -. .
... ..._. ..., ,. ... .. ,... .. 'f"1.
1'iwunu* of atblt-tic auoix.-m.nt M !.!ehJure t-iolid.i. : S ,: I .r. j t,4 .q f. '60. 'hra.I'' !.0tmtt1sUOU. i40ir ;
tl.e ti..tII'I 5
I'H.Iill: the 'ird; (UvU'J.1:1.1.1 A
i : 1'1.\Yr.I \ :' ." 1 -- MAUt'U'AL'X l.Mtrii.bI..l tWtn'lb ... trw V.k, \'. "r .
i 01'11: ; : :- reI.< \; \\111:1, IN VM t. :
uf 1..1. ". y Y 1.
iuiiltiiidl among UK jear | l-YVrnary it IS"l. (;tt. : ry l II. 1 I.>< \\ithin the !.vdhour ( 9 -v
Ainuieid it to the "lisiiijl .tI.4." 1 f ,- i.rMi. 1 1.1-; \L'I"] tiiv f : ( 1tut j I ol "t.I tin"nlov; : iu iar.d': : .il'I.II..I.| t'S CORfTSHELLER :
--- -'- -- ----- 'K f 1.
$ the S I l, in .nn.l in : t.sishtjjtsg and rolorim; l-a'i.i: <' .mil. ,I
lirHiphout ocvintry. .
: lieiiij tincounty ul I llili-U.r- i-
\Oti ; I V.M.VniEAt* ri\mci.r: IIAMHOKNJLAOU itrii Ei '.' ; t :.1't .
( l' dati at I
.\. tlul tail/ iiielroixi.itan, nif.niins j.mr- I tJllh and Mate of Fl.iri. !Lt. .-m/: : :1.,1 "I..ka'il shit ii h" hi its 11i"lr 11.1".1i S 11.1. IM AHMI Til ,tit .'"\ & IHILXAU S : r-isid-.p--: '

nil |KiUi. hti! in tl.e l.nliIa! 'Uncnn\ eIiicli In Circuit ('()lIrt. '::111: Judicial Cirrnitf I I 1 IK- *j vi tin j iifM.-liiiii I li tiiu'n-l.ij'2ji i .lii: t'. I luive :::.' 'e tin- Zi''...::< ;i' u. ni] I .S. MIIXU.U I.N 1UK MAUktT. .. : .'I : i 1: '5-5. :: -.5 .'00'- . 1- ;

lit ; ".iuain.; ail iin wt-rtiug (fidelity$j to I FIvliI.a-Iu and fvr I 1i1d.i Coun- tlill. r.tse :!: t'i.l. itst! tj 2 of iitl .i .. dris"ile! ; n -I 1"-( 1111" nndt'eel r"iti: ii-n; Cannot (.tout TWO IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES. .I ,: ,.IlI"I 1 : : '.III.1\ '. -t -I "

thejjrw; .t enduring t'l iinej iptt} !tof ihe I 1"111"- I I I./ .i.ii I II I tts' n.tsip ..11:11. r.is.g.. :: a.: i ..n ill_ I iin..vri"ir.: their i I'< ..n.'j of Order. S 1"lit.T.-II... J.i.'ii not I"Jo'a for the au.t.c..rn, and It thcrtlv Just tb.W"I \ .} \.\. Itt'i-lIUi.-t: "- -\ -5 1 \
for htlltnij corn .11\ J
x-ratic Will in |olitu- 'J ni: Wul.u lorIStil i Kuiuv\: .\. ON'l)l 1 llie t J tifi-cj ai.d tlie M'J\ .I! !I..i ul I Me'.imii I II-"Io I ; t Iv. :.; hlIl'i,is.ti git:"r. : ; 'Im.Inst Lit.- Unnc SKCOMITh t" lip rnd and butt to! of the corn rn b. ,S .

nillle f'lUu.l. where for the la-,1 fi.-- \" {t ]Ji1:;! for I>ivor<:c.VlLl.lM ttt itJ.I i p :' \"III.. rl: st.' :: ....t. I 1"\i i..! t.Vijrv' 1:1..1111" .\ -s4re! .,'{ .*>ii.r :I'. S 1.1 ,..I. .h -lid inl i on. Tf'ul. aud tb. body of 11. ear Into at ..th.A -. I '1.I1I.. .1 ,tit rt- :. S
S '
., ,_ bl..b".n tn.merats'etDvtt.Itcp.&a niucy friucrft 1'1.lIt l on It'hernl'll I. '.1. 1 ir t ,
rcari THE \\"oui.t> Im" U*" (found! alutelv }-*- \ Ol't-'M) ) !1"1"01\ as tl.<- jmijtrty! ,.1 J 11.: rri.lI1) I I'lau de- I. .1** 1.. .__S from thnitil'U f ihrjr.E ;j' I .

; : .- la'allu I iMnm ra.io: |TIU.J! ).!..: ul'utl"l"Y V\7'-KKAS' : !: it hr.> Iwn made! to nlI'.r .- I % ltO .aliiy! *..i j t"\iv.in; in |la..r ,( try.f..r,ry m Frrn.r*>.. fir .w..01.<,ta or lu\o for Shrll.r.T ,rfor sn.ar phrHiruconi pnr)..". bu fo iu, ..al.ir \ S ..S. ..1'\... I.., !. -j: .III' S. .-

., iliiUjH-tideJ.! wf al! :n.Tou-, ,-Ii.-iei If l-y n-t'irn "I f-1I1'IM; i?.I.a. that the th.I..a t>f FI..Ii.u.fl'I..f: e..il.. Canli.i.inlii : : .L. \ \ PI I = l' ( 'I bow tn.I1..I..or.1 Msh-prc| hlfer. ti. tn.jr Late. r" : "I :t-' S r \I. 1'1' II. ..5i _
11",1 Jactiot. ithin the lH.-ii 7 I
TIlE \\&RU' wil! iiia5i.ai the i-ai!- of : Mate of 1'hiiitli ; t'Ii i: : in the >':'* \Ci'KN .lI.I.I.Anv: .R l'iinu.Par h d MinJ. lo -"Trn> lht : : T '. '. -
llnl I.- !I' I' nron'iirn It I I. I'I I H isV
the Uuioti; agaut: Miiional i in ;, n that ordintrvj.roei..' i.f hut fun- I I' 1.-11. : 'IM'IfI U a. >r<.K<< """k.uttb.d".. When otei I tro.tuc..t Dn"'li.r.n'.''i I 1--1..1-: : ;i : '. t ;.' 1"1 1
will h. wnted. W*>h..11.\1..1"I..the Best H itid torn :hdl.rc\tr < .
f- (urluP, the can! )fk4.l JOnnll\"ot :j"ill,1nrlliun not reach J.iiu. Now, on A'l') : ."Ulio.JlI ol I I. -\\"cl\IT: : and ItoDRY ) .r(' Invrtit'd." r.nr .!.|lnor A41KNTS WANTKI) In *rry foon'y.Q .
i" .1i' .u. I t.- e u !!.lr all flr-t-U. t'ouimir Morn .n'l' IValrmln Ih.d... ant ,. j jcawn&
: ." >jiarkin.ui! 't :>|'.i<;ktnan, -.Ii. u..r i..r t .r'I' --.1..i:1 I : : t"Ki a.: -v S i
V 9 Au .. n.lU b.ts. not "t It. to S f" S .
I I i AI..ku'IU.llu.pl.m.nt.' l T os .1. as roa tr. ( :
e' aigit.4 li""I"I. IU.a. it, |I'I.aill'II it i i. t>r.'r.lllul i tlio i-uid I I lifiVn-: Th" "!>0k.ie, I' ]I"j"11"11!{ I \ .1'>:a' GOODS a (% wul Brni) a !mpli prupsiJ to I.IIT a4d. son f.'t ..f $1.| Ad 1rw ...

"rW. jl.ml .lo aj-i| ar 81h ph-Ad. aii>-". r <.r* ,!<., I! l itt Miitidae\ I;. Man I !i. V f alllllJ' Kallllla.lIllIU, PubllhN, FARM ft FIRESIDE. SprmgtUld.Ohlcw !" REVNCLCS.llLAL ,

-- iiinr to the l.il1l liKi I In'nin, on .r I.fore "Itut t :0,1.: i., j.. I"'I.I 11I:1 ... .': -
j : "
i the tir t Munday ill A|'ril. 1 1'.1. .-r tint.uno I lir-t "diKi.iy: ill J.in.-.1I MILLINERY GOODS, I llcrrmaii \\ t-i slll'Utld.; Dr. A. 1J. oCIKlLlCN: ESTATE' AGEim.t !

TttYS.l'\Gl: : l'AtH. I wilt lie t"1..a.II:1(', \'... 1r'.i-tt-,1 I.j I. .

p. &'I."Qloole Y(, :I It : .:x t "W .f thi4 ofler 'In |.tibli-ied! taehj j Notice BOOTS/SIOES Or. !"K'-: irsiiHT.! : .*. :. I'II\.III: :, I.I.M!: !: \v\ii i I !; II \t'll! 1 \ :. S .

Il..nh IblC, ffl; tln;unll., ft.Ihiilr j j Ktt-L for thrtv iixinlht 1111.0 M'M.VNH of Application [tcl[ >Ljl _it i ) i ) 14 E ". I I"r ;I"" t. : .!" .1. > :a- ol 1 i'oit \ t S
I ltf, .n.v j rt fl; .ir' :'liiutMa wa't"kl101'1" |1til.Ii-hiI! l AND c.U I I. .! .'1101 \ I"II..I1 i I --s--i.: ivlh. iiiuli.1.1 T | % i I.j i .\.u xL.Iritnt-c in .

S tlinr l than i ill the T'iMli .!' ansi Real and personal Pro; erty.rpiiiir. Harness '. I I in" \ntii\' t o'vii.utr. -'" 3'ui'"rl. r .
Tninjm Matt-
.-' nltnlb.?;; "1'lll., /A; I. Cointy "" : .'.ei', Upholsterer \'c :. it l.1! in.it-, i,, .
$1| moitri.TIIK aiVnaid.!. .\I Kultn: TUIUJM Fit.iida, I < aJ' 1" . i 1.. .d.. iiit.cltd 1 ." liiNiv -- ; nd H.
thn- ret /.t.llr .;... .
nH.l .
Utmlh" ij.htji /(1.1. W :.1 I |>;.,I.tttt' "i.1t i | 11.. Iai4.. m thf \< .
; It'SIU\ Voui., :one year, f'TltE Jsi'lU&f11.; J.I.I" : : 'DD1(1) rll>N -l l IIKIT: TMP.FLA.i : IHiLit' .'>'\'t.f:. Ivnt t HiiUtH I i i < .5
N't>"youu', Containing ihcIktok \VM.C. IIo\r : i 11\ \ ,:0I i )HUM: t.MI : i iw: ,,I, I I jVirt o! >rttt ,,,ul1n : i
: j I JL ri r.i.it ATION t of III., .. li.f, : C.itivi i ii *i,1 ... ... .f eo t i.-g;on ..! lituuDK.o.owifc ,,t i i l:... \Ii, .
Jt\i.-rii an.J! "wl.l.' t1Irunid. on* I I [I. :.] ( 'Jnk <'iln lt| t"rl.: I I EY.VES'r: 3F3L,A.. 1.51 I 1.e found! at ::1.. c.u'iu r of :j H1'1! "\ : >i; .t ::1 'l'l"I| )- ;i .rt nt the \,. il'.1 I lIiI.1: S
*\\M. I! I i ;i.IMsrtI.-l& Cuiinty, Fli. will "I'i':v in t'ie < o-uly: JII'!:,. i ill 101.1] for ( !; lat.t and mott' 'ur'>vcd} Medirti.e-L! }>ritu. ':" to rense" a.I : ', -

; .rrar 1'HK, EMIVrr.KI.rVui.t' (Tue.Uyi) Tampa, J"n. J>th, J Jf .I l. "ui I lltll-.hoii.udi I n-nniy. i I'luuia for an ..ritin j t 1t1IWI"I''O'II.\t l ; p 'I'11l1".1i i ii I il\: II''I"h'! rui.v; t i.. d; alt % !h'I..ti..iuol! : I I.14ilii-* | .V* .. at,11 palrlltf| ,t.\lI':,' I. ,tarti,. 1.-itil1' I" L0 I'. 415i

t : _ -e.l li.e 1t)5l.t1114 real I } kii.fii.f wi-rk in I.i- Inn- i"j'i1irt\: i'tiIt.hieji&.l.!. "4':101"1...'<. We.o'igr .
IIIII"in; -
TCufB t.o h \
AD.I Kridayi./-Two 1OLLIR. Ver. -) : ; i i Jinnloh.: 1I I 1- ". I 1I.lnw.:1"I : i re |I"< S.
-An lor cub! ofun : !1111 the 1'.1:11..1 >;. ]'Iuii I i'.l-:: ...ir 1 I !tc .f t \1' al"'II.a"tII"l'tH.'II.h. 1".1':in.: I .'r&-4i.- I 1-1\11.. .PHI S
extra i t 1
AOEVW- copy \.t.1Juillitrntcr" ; I I Ii. 1.llh. Mr J.. r !HtltI! for
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.: : ,.,01 ,...tllt.i.u..1. I He kei-p" I'll hand. .1 1:1: --.11"-: *.t f Lf.ttiu 1.ul. I. fptii- 1'1I1't''a. tI! ;"* .

) TUE; the I Wr.Iu..nu.)iiiv for cJnl">f iweim-fiv> ( .% .i1n&.Iay*. ), :; little nf: Mrjifien J:1..J"J..r.. dtfcn,1. : lii<- 1.,1] .11"'i.t 11.\l t.i.'i wit U\lt{ and nwj 1 : hltlridl!I -. I.lij.r.1i:1. I ru,'.-., >;\i' I K- !;1 lii J.lrti i piiriiMu n-I.ot' i>-.Iet..i.' .".IIh..t.| i -, ::11..1.) t1 tur. "t'n its.'. wt!;tlftlh".he -0".1' '.1i";u..y. "ur I...' "i,. *

h I .ird.
I ) in xi-li.iii : t I agit "lil'nll' I" i.t.h' .e. (".1' MtMi Of- l
.1. | turt
_J USE) iViiXAR yvur. u n.\.1 AGENTS- :. UIIJHI> r.YnTn: ; : : II tK .\ N an 'oi.iIs j "I| 'I \ \ ni"Nftmil I'ort i >-I.! ti. .Imi. I IT. ; ;
the SemiVwklrfttTtluIioriwcnty.iU i i.'ila'i ; 1 14. and H .f ,\ j iu n ct "t.
tlnlof n
; extra ("'!'v Itir tt-u, tfre'; tit .f the .-- S .i I' -
; .. \\1 J >.i.! for t ....lIItl llill-l. 1 .. ; .-...U.il'III'l'' :11"11.1* the .illi wiiiuiK.r I \ MADDKX !:. I it \r. iliroWX I S
GftvV iroii-5i, will ( !i iir; I>T ?<-. at j.ililic > : o\! 1 11.\. i. i".r I :
e.tf .. : ., I I .. ., 5 roi'-rty| '' to-wit. II..i > '.1\ and .till : .tr-.i-...- .' tlw" \\jlV .
liar no travelling aHjv. ;:( | UI.I'fI.: the liiglu-it 4.1.ttr! at nM.iuKyj 1 .i c 1". 4 I'. :s.l'IrsLIir.si..:, ntim.-, 1ii.. ti. I
) ': i I /' tuiif 'naitn. tine J:i.l1--. I ari.iinAt \ :.I IT.\I 'KI.KS.-f: Yrll" I Fini -. tht U-.J I 'utiiy: t.;r tfiu
) i May, .\. It. 1-ttl: the fitilowiui i". .iulin : ; I | 'j *>; \ -
: 1 iJ.li. l'hl.II' : i'll '. .dd I ., .1 A ypre i. a 11 i t Vl.ir 1.1II111..r. < 'rIII.e, IT -t ill ukfo.iitra.-r ,
in aiirt.nn s. .lril1i.I i fer I"
; T*rm'-rj-h invariably | 'i&Tty U'htngin to tlic t ta.e ofiid .I!i-- !1' And Shoe Maker.IJ .' :AM.'Commission ; At (I. i
4 |Kwt-iJIitv. motley o.tler, U.nk rmft! ceavtl! to-wit : )11' )1:1... and ( ',1t. ono I ITJ:1'ID.: : w. II.: \KK i u Lenmn' i nd all. N'< )*.'I1I! ic i t.ttt. f.tiiia sill ir<.\ -. u>.: rint! ;Ii.."*, ; S

: NIJ I5ill i at risk of the :' .ar'lUiU and K.u"II i A..n.r.TJ.IIJM -II tree* t suit |t\ ,him.. I d.-. : S
# \Vagi.ii, .
oia- Merchant :
I'.KI-i.Y: '
: o"J-.terIdl.'r. i. R'tv, F rniinj liujileTiiriii-vtiv -Jd fv : ; F.d1. "uli.1SS1 o",. I I : ; .8'"Iili.- tin- piil-Iic that' :ii-" ( 'ar.: (C\j I r '.. .nid 'iite l.,jr; antfl i lin .'t.II. ..l't'rlfl.i .1" '
r ,
v.en'cr. .
| *> '":t lun.I an ., ..rl nt 't l. itiiili I hi IiIt' CAM II I S
p- "a <
: \ <| >> -f < j>;ay a'\I I hi, ",.,. "Uf' ., .. i S
TIIK.'WOKLD..; tilftritiiitioiht, I '' .t.
:r .iWlRESS a.:; I'-irk ltiv in :lu-ir' T\ 'rall" t ;tli.iFPlIEx j' ,,-. '\.nlrh.. I1'. .. n.t"I..I..t.,I '" I I 4 :.1 L t h ..i.hessst: t 1l'r' '.lft 0111' to. 'tll,. v. '
: : ,
\ I r.UH'KKK .' "\ .' -,lll.fcf- >; ft.oili.il .ui>l lu-.t! \\cik ai 1 l.iii !.I'II..... .. tt; t.., tiie l'i t i'a-h 1i
:) nit n i pi I > .s WV-
t SJWHmK; Man! '!, 1 10, .J Ir"l. Aiintini-sruu-r.! : V!.:}} *i to 1"11.1111.1'" Y.o. V f ,)j.a.;: t. u'i- Ct.ni. r, Tampa, 1 11.1. !1t:- Jaiu.1 \n.l Wiiu* lur prKi '. !;! NU\V oiui-.x.I : I I I'S .\ : i '. N : .

4 S ii SS


4 4 d "'i"I & i.

_. "- ,
)- f' S -: -ootioL -

t .
\ -
.: Jr' .. -- -,:_ -.- r"r ----'S- -S-S --i"- t-- -

The Sunland tribune
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 Material Information
Title: The Sunland tribune
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: C.N. Hawkins
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: April 2, 1881
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Tampa Blue Print Co.
General Note: "Democratic."
General Note: J.P. Wall, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 44 (Jan. 6, 1877).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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oclc - 02711399
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lccn - sn 83016264
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Succeeded by: Tampa tribune (Tampa, Fla. : 1885)

Full Text
f -; :--.-'-;- --: :. c-d: -;:' ,- "' .' .. ;.: .' -
.om'r. ;
-, .-. b .- ".-." ..
.., .
:' '- >_' : IUW ', -- '. .' 7"7"- .
; !:< : : -- > : "-'. ; :
4'k ,_ -t; : : ;( '
4 -
-. i :
S : ,

tT ::i _:.'- \ I \ e : 4.

,' : .. .' ; .,

O ---.,-_._- _. .-. :.. -,. -- ," -. ,. ._--, ..- ..-, -- .. -.. -. .. .... --- I
"I' -.- "' ".. U' -' .
o. ,
\ ij' 'i. .:,',f.>,> .:._itL OCT-"i' !<. '",. '. \ \ 3 H \ ." : -TJ1: : .:o. .....
\ .
tJ l .. ,
; >:. ". ...
( : .
,., ," '. :"- ', -0 ". >')l' > ?' \ : ; "
1' ., ..:;'. ,,: t .," : .. ', \ 4. .- .'. __ :: .... _= c .. ; 0_ -.t- .- ', ':

& .... '
r-- -' p ...'

., -

"..;. '

,! '
: .

: : y. .. .t f.

,: SUNLAND "t',.

-4.... W. :'

.. .- ..- -,
-- -- -- -- ---- .- .-- -
-- -- --- '-"

i' BY T. K. SPENCER. -- TAMPA. FLA. SATURDAY, ..A.IllIJ.J'lssi .7"--------. "\ .-- .--x-ii.. :

. ---- --.- --- ----"-- '
_. .. .. - -- -- ----nflww..saa- -
-- r'rH --- '-' -- '-- ------ --- --- V V - -

1 SUNLAND- TRIBUNE J JIOTKLS.OllAXGE I I The Cnloc "aliatcliie i Country-Its t her south down the peuiu!:, end :, merlin who owns thc caltle wharf and I )'young grove, :\11 l still fartlur ca-t Hj niu-t IK very dead indieul.We l. Jofiii V

-- -- ." .- -- ----- ---- I I Fin Sugar iiHlN-Cliinntc thU i i-i especially inarkcil tin i iig the i: adjacent pa.-turoand measurably controls j i.: L. 1'r-ev, (;Jeo, Franklin and \V.I .:a1111 Jlngli-htuaj a .

T.. K. Spencer.. Pub'r. & Manager.. I: ]3r U I II I I vjJvAuiil\ illness-Tropical anilVotrctuble i \\inttr and \?l'riu{ For the years : the cattle shipping hu-into, that I K. Franklin, with their fine groves, Hull without: knowing\ that Dean.
= '-=- : : : : I Pr..luctiuu'i-Pt. HI j'- V Swift invented the name for that -
Official Organ 6th Judicial Circuit. I I IIO: .I.'E] j l.STl'-'Ti? the annual rainfall at the $ O .OO ) worth of cattle were shipped both!, Jargc and inall. :lr. George .puri
mitt I'uiita Ita etc.We ,
: 9 cru xa in his "Comic Hi-tory of Ku-
=.-_.. -.-. : ; .* i FiThta( llas-a t-i JIll H.\li.m at the I from there hist year.: l BI'i.le the lit.I Fiauklin has added to Ids farm 1 i jHe
PUBLISHED OS SA TUIU\. had occasion i to visit Ft. MCINIxt : To "tremble! like uii >en," .
hARBOR rope.
: V
iiiuiith of the Caloosaliatchie: ) was 54nnd I tie ware-liou there am hut two hous Comfortable ami large frame buiMingith
.. i month and! nbi-ut ten daysat ... ( is sfnule. It i i.* ilerivtslfrom
sfK-nt a common
ADVERTISINGRATES. I c> inches I for t t.I r respective Jit the j,fiiit.) ami! they are built .% every convenience necessity: addcd -
4 BEST HTi.VMIXAT: \ .\ tbat place ; and during our I tn) it' :1i I V a beautiful t 1 old It-jj:ml l \\ hidi.V ., '
Good tihing nnd \ ) ears ; and fl'l!a-t year it :' :;: inchfs j i posts t 8 tir 10 feet_ high to them 1 to it, W I'-I'le iiery uttr.tetive.V.. I V "
.\ NQUAKK ita One Inch) in *pac e. hating and I.athinflldliti",, ; availed tI\'s .:f every oji|>ortuiiitv I prlt'l tells 'of (.'hri : walking thn-u ti a
awe learned! 1iOflLli.. Fvans, ftoin the high waters of gales.! Col. K. has al-o) added about
Ii i iSuimnerliu i I
Legal advi-rtw mcnt will tyhargcd at and !ln-.tliliv I Coiiifuruble! about that I ; Fr.1kll .
: looalily, t to gather information wood in which nil the trees bowwl lt i
'ratci allowed Ly la.w. firvt chi table! and Low prices.Mits. I: the present Signal lc1 at that htaI i i U building, however t lofty j I 2))0 oraiJj; treis to his already 1iugiOVt I Ii
v lrtioll of Florida. whitli crsisteil l in
tropical him but
u. )'. ( truly i one, iiC j
lion. The structure which he i is lie has ia t
line. -.une cntlemau courteously a plaut
1 Local notices 15 cent a says a )
i i century
I lub'r'l i
} 11 The Cnt.'o! -':.tultchie river has its being uuci\iIy! It waan -
: Yearly) Contracts nw-le with nicrchanUsubject : _. ---'---. I I I) furnished us with I the amount II t nacle, but fur what exact purpose '[ lull bloom on his" IbccbtHt thirty ; upright.

: to a change every three. montinend TAMPA origin in wunt"( Jakes near the! jnai J1 rainfall ,for each month -incc last 0lo.c (, desiziis i it we did not I cam. hC'1:I fee'L in hi-ijrhth! which' i is very beautiful aspen tiikvaiul in ruul-Iauclt.a| i
( interior lake Okecluibee and in n I it that i it '
ettenicnts! accordinjjly.Obitnaricfl : ; curse was impo-id uj-orr .
to-wit November 1.81 1 in. 1 wondir if it 5 ii 100 .
: ; : J= : ( a :"lr 01) I '
: :. view-dins ten line -will be I I Is I lie)_ .-..LIIAIMi ml: V : ; time of high: \\ater: this lattfr lakoi I TIt II"I I should I I shiver ulwa\s 1 even in V the 1 1j
oii lilr n-nuvatcd and n-tittid.; Decunbir, 1.1)8) in ; January, 4.U2 in.; ; arc making some progress in the arts I Ij i The Ichcputke.-.i creek 'lie- about:
'charged; sdveruX-nK-nt*. i outlet f for its in : uuJ'tt has done .
same a* I find- an watei" tit'I I' i mildc-t weather -'' ,
iJpt fl; for the n-cijition of piwl' (:' Fibruary)', .h'2: in.; and up! to UOih of ciuli/atiou. 'apt. Ft A. HindryI I I mil oast ol the Thouotosfssa lake, j V
1_ AdrcrtWiaenlii inserted' )le than One.Jlonth. ''I The geneial cour.-e If t tI j I : : since. believer thai V ,
Th TaLIe! will be l same tream.. ( ever Many people -
--- 1 r"r.fir..t and 75 cent* "1I1'1.1i.1 \ March! 53:{ in.; total, $u.t in from )last I: inforincil nthat they plant sugar aril? itoii' ia is from a jJoiith-ia-terlv 1 1I
K : f HT Square ni.irU-t ufl-mN; and *
IusrytIie ii ? river 5 i.'e 1 l boiuh-\\i t, and! ('m1- i iI 1 I the 1 iI.t1jack: utlt AniTiian inv -:*- '
fur each_.ubxe into the I HilN- 1
tii into the lower end of all I ba ii t'tl"li4 I tl lak i
I ( Charlotte'j tl11 ; ) :
i > i \l1t Ill ;
t not marked with the KaU-i: at figtini 1 to Milt the I times. j I j 1 I no one will deny that for the northern syrup, having made pretty fair: woodci h.lnh river :abuiit hlfa mile ubo\c t

tvnnbcr of timi- will be ii.sorU-il until forbid 1 11. )ISAAC CKVFT. !I Harl",r. For sonie0! ) niile-j from it- ;::111\1. where jackiHtd 1 tI> asjHcial ,
old Ft. (Fo-ter here bctoiind
__.l : part of the Mate the pic.-ent has: bl'l : inill-i to ('I iislt the ('aU' V Billy may : .
mouth it beais rather the hnr.ictcr of hroTII dav .
: j
and charged ac.nlingl.M'ICI.I. .\'. ORANGE (..11 0 :( : i an extremely%' rainy) \\ iIltt'I. Such i IS Conapacho: \oting Indian, ha< mad*.' ; splcnditl bridge kl'Pt uj> by I the con- : \> dslioncy."Where '
; UATIS liberal Adverti-er than river fiom : the I 1 Iu I
to an c-tuary a biing I I I I" >c pinchi'V '* ai nf'
I I the climate of the rppion J\iiij: he1 ; Capt 1 1 ; h(,tiC hu i home ami ttl.I..h} the flooring J ii Deeding re
V .1..1.< ) .L"] 1 one to two milts ii: \ ilth.t tl.iditanre -> I I 1"lllrl' : \prl'--iuh, :..- old a3 the I U..1:1nh;;;
TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION : 1 twcen t tlc 20;lh and 'JTlh; t p.ualkl-I bel'l going to school for l the :Ja-t t WI: paint.*; 11tl: which \\I iarneslycall J
, I IX I I from, the Gulf it it dotted I' t. iiiu'.ttd.Thu niaiki X, XX,
ITr Aunu'm, (in advance) ,) f 2.tX) TAMPA, ,_ XI11 Latitude: Ill the Iwrthl'r part or three year.-: 1 lie( M-CIHI tfblhHS. the\attention: of 11.t county cummiioneis i
with numerous i islandfor some three XXX, to ale ,It'U.I' i it-( strength.Common .
. S fix Month t i.o1'1WI'ESIOX.1L 0 W p J-: : of Monroe county, the ino-t soutlurn i i I to. learn ami i i- quite slul1"u*.. He has: i iI : i V
JO I, mile farther and then contracts I into: t I ne! n-ed I., l be -ohl for ten
I I j county in I the State.:tI i iI I: dolled! tlie I Indian costume and a "timrd .\1 up and ,1.WI this i river for. sev-
i <.11/>... I .\II.lr(: bv Mail or Td< : ;; a deep t.IIW channel of from 7"to i j ', ; : -hiding a t.ar'I.1111 the V mere '
; I ( ) :\Olllt if tha remarkably! that ( t the white ; :aid: 1Iioe oral niiK" U. large hodluiut; goud, high f
1 I ----- : -- -- ':- -- X"1 i.ih: iftiit. II. L..,'V. : : 1 llK) yards width! bit\\ixn hi, it if !tvecbankfrom > 1\'c .1 11:11 : ,; !.)knt \'arietieI'ur twtii'y ami thirty -. V i
ihiiiactir ol till not :it<:>idin: :: illilllt: with! him,, stv tiut ho H re- :ami itiiiiiin-e'y I fertile:! humm-n-lv l.indin ,]' -
country '
j: 0. L. MITCHELL.PHYSICIAN V 4 to 1U) feet above the "I i i \ I'shilling.! "Taking li'ne f.th foi -
DR. : :_I.i,'..14E.. S (.'.' U 11... j [ drain.ijre ti) I the jilmo-t daily! : : : kll.l nnd neat in hi. jvrMia sinii' plaiv.-, I itwo or three I mileswide. i
.-1 fl'alll.: The levte is from 1 to H Aetab rlillll I: \ t'I1 i \ ,',: icki Jcri.ed. trom the :tC't. that int J
& SURGEON, I of the I -uinnitrroason, there is 1 .I ,,, and takes threat aiiiIsiiag I lint for ttUnuntnearer I t

-, FT. .:.\ FH.OFFICE ..\. E. XBYK & CO'S.Now !i ;;i\e the adjr'cint land* htrdcilng : that M-a-on a-i!1 accumulation: :of Url surface ::- !!, !i 'I' .; !iN clothii 1 : pllto .I I tlihn: one mil to it U the! mo-t particular :1'I a i ('it'llt pit tun's of the worthy father ,.. '

,i$ In D/ialvn-ii A. .Miti, heir* More, the river. (juitc tuiinbv-r uf :11I:1111 i iMrvJiiu h. 'wasitpriscnled: an oald old n'ai ,
d Drug I : watir which raj: :: -. :: \-- -- "- -- Uitli titles of the liveri ) = I ; with! lock, f Iair S"
on I : only a single i> : r
DR. DUFF PO T. T.UH'FI..\., I howevir, on :ihe ('l.s\i.11 of the mill the 1 iriiiUhoonian 1 I ">tuUi.; wn-. at Volt ti\:1ti'JI and! inaki;!4 -4U or ;)() bJ"hC-!
: ,I empty' i into it, thus aili-diii.r: ihainagc I ITil ) (|! Mothir! Tim., to grab him Iy'ten I bo, '
I : ; : "S )'lv'r in IVlnnary, I.i-t /"tuII.yil,; the of' loin, or !>0 or 49!:) barrels of sngaror i .
j jof
; WI 1.1 m.;!: I 11\.TIF'l.Si I : I
j 1: rl:1:
for n !large of ("u'Itrv.! j came: tion.e late from the club.: .4\
: Till : scope II the (,'aloo-nhatihio: : legion i i. u IItI rZEIsed ;i I.iiimi.i( i- It lId cti-toms 1'1 t the Seiu:- :, 1V()!> I.u-hils ,.1 rite to the acre, : .tV
.BURGEONDENTIST.TAMPA. Tin! : I-\M>- | '. I ; 'i (;Jieck warner named Stci'tcrvln: >
:1I1.! night, rnd S'in.lafn.iu 7 to ) I ad! nole- and. the t though! I Impo the time i- n')t far di- !
.of' : ; : w venture: t I. a,"ert I that t tu\>nnrli :- i..tlwc.uf ; : > ,
l : I'
: the biMad porti in of the! Ciioo1sahalclTn I I had.l't.it C (11'\1: tn th.t of lifty com-
FLA., andt I.. 7 I'. in. f,.r the i 1'lIq..-( t.lIg 'I 11\\t'Jlia the Slate:: i-ai: be t foin.dpeople V Hilly): \ !10:1; l.e paid! $1t 1 ) a day to : taut when-onic ;toii 1 l: mini ; iinini-
I ,; are mo-ily piiiu z -- of all a ;c- Vi h\"o iippeat.incepvak : I, talk t.1 him, he i.i.ide iiK-rabU: > glII:* bgin --
lVvK-rj'tui! ;", whith will ,'ardul1: : side, nnd -.- iKal n.itnr- '! ca\e (the i.me: to a "stcnterianoiec.
pe noiiy
it. ii. 1:. BENJAMIN, hI the in thin f t think othir! that are I lying ;
.- D : Ie i i'or' t giii'raI health-j: prorv,, jjittinj up \ocabulary of lau. ; : ., "
nl ii-rlilitx' but alonir! the '
; t stnam I \ The time Gracewve time
,':<1..1 tu I I.; our 1wo\1'r. filling I;, ; the section. I In thiwe I the ?ienin: I lo I l.inin.i: e :and t jjainirj: 1 buik\ waiting; Jor N 5ntmdy! 1 cl-I ;', | :
Physician & Surgeon higher up where i it I bn-umo-'IIIl.t.eti ] "". ; 1'1 t ; IieautituI i..ti'ritl'l! : on Vennas V i
,) I lii.i-xiiiiin-ition I i mu-t ci>nfe-s 11:1! it wa- nut accoidinjto illl 'rm\ti'J: uLitivt, t t"> their. t t2-tLIl1-; \\i say, .1 wich it wi- I Ii" lur,' anl .
i haiii-K-el an
: '
narrowlimits i it boideivd
;into Tluir i
I : diiiii mriid
t )
) J"SlllJCl.0Ile: a halfniU, north : p thl impie,,Inn pie\5ou-ly made ; I Hr. McCauIoy aloiiuil the Indians ': to the ranpe thU ,cdivl cmt..liesi i i'> wine
/: Tunjt.i on \' rcl.tl. A f'/n,(. and 'hriui-t. / with an abundance of rich hummock : in I Il.tlttl ; _\glaia;: or Sn'undor! ; Kuphto-:\ :h', or ,
on cur mind. (On i and made of jewelry ; ( I t the nuiga '
.111-1.1..1 1.t
.ldl'\ thul
: tffi,' Corner of 1'ranklin & --- inijtiiry, ) .
: binds) wlne growth piimip.illy cabbage ln''ul" and! Thalia Flea-un.. Tho
I IVV. Joy ; : '>r
-- .- ,. WM. \\ &')riH;N. IU.MY : : we I found, that there wa abno-t a total : ., but in : t few; ;. the Indian- ;, I the (county, and :ltllll t :, -s) notiti i!
: p.ilnictto, .ak- and hiikory.Tiife I \ title of I the Shalia Tlirnter i- now
JOHN 1.. WALL, W.\ GORDON & ,exemjiiioii: I ironi malarinl! I di-ca-es l'\1 sent the j jeweliy back bu-an-e tlu-\ :, 1.'iii I ian-;; ', game and li-h ; } ,t there I! ap
.111lL l.i-.idi are ,-streiiiely.fertile t p:. j jt pln'lIt.hI, sh't-.4! like a ," ii /
al-m-jr! tlio bankof toe (Caloo-ah.itihie! :' :ii'I: l, i it wi: not I Dr.) ) : are some excmihigiyarable; farm.n.1 -- top(
: & i -"'. ...r. i<> 1'I I ) ,,ii: 'ran inexhau-table.-oil: ,tf several I IIcet : jtll.l hrwl.y. from an Italian .1'111'Cl1.laidl, h says. VII -'..
Physician Surgeon, and we wire In ri her a--u rest t this'i *.iv-; that tin're are 20).> Iml.in :> VV iirnn. V ,''t- "rl\> f.I..I..1.01 are ;
.-. T.l"I. Cotton .1 Ii'! depth on a haid: jian of day I'l 0:11) :; C. :;; : ; (' slieps like a t t''JMj," H 1( 11-(.
r W.
} 1 Dr. daunt all i tuI and fVtl- i-oniidenl that T. W. Tnrnoi. ,
point by : KtUII.' an ( i 'pli|< ;o t \llt'r. \:101 J: .
oJ1: li,* 9 1O nnd( 4 iu i.iarl. The -anitf ihai.ietir: i>f lain1i.i i- leI 'lilt'(0111VDtiII! cah:I "1 J" J I i-s a*
K ':"- !0 II. in. <> i 'J. ;t.
I ; : .J \\ and othirall
ANDCom'ission | compli-hed ainl I exjieriesici'd! j'iy-ici.t'i' ", ; I thi t'IIlI'ill! i I 1 t found torcll.t. or lay., ""I'ph il"ll : ,
-fJ t..1d. > iar I In tl : III. V* al-o fliUiid of thc1IIllIl'r
of the
t>nniiij corruption OtIC on name :i
'i/Fit" l i K-in ItKiek t-1 -tn-.iuis rnipi\ii, : into (the, l'tI'HI..Ihatdlil' !' saint I: ( ;; The fin-
: iiisgonlph.
1 Inti.e, ..rll'r..r l.itjrcitr aii.i :1.ai.rH- :I- i: >;o. llJIUYI': ., S\V\NX\1I ; !taiuU a!>o\e ]Ft. Myumi :. | Tlietlndian-i 1 I : not nnfu'"jucntly come j lai-inj; line rU\ t. on the same 1111; 'J--t.
.7. not: bl 30:1: Twd\e mih- (-rt e!', I non waa Muoiisli trnmj t. The
lUsjijins i '"n-I 1 TitaJ!ancitl 1,11 rn I i: rivui-icM. | into Mcrand, a> we Icar tail \i Ir. 1'V.. Wilder! ha, added to hi* '
:. }I lElMI(2l::Jt J ;:.. I 1'2 milf> :III'F! l :. \1)'I'r-. 'lhc,eliumiiKtck t Ft I olliee! ..f deacon waHIC intrtdnctdby
c. I.i'.Krr.il! (,i-l .\Ii\.U l'\-. iua(k" "!I( j nr->.Inctitinof. I thi- part of FI">ri.11: '; frl ahlt. I llen-lry, areeiy! f.lof farm: t tine frame building al.bl1 j
) 1 1\11.1.; fl4I1i' the nvir a.mlTwelve : the :ll)1.-tl! !. Ttie e\ee-- tux now '.
IlK'llNW < .iu I !' o'.lur convcnieik-K which I I i-,
: ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR. will eornprS-e :all that! :are rai.--d on I'i.uio :and or:1: iiui-ic :I'it! b,,lt : neec: aiy, >
'r..tIIl.t and i-unf-i! :atuutioti nii.e: ,'h't k niujiK.-tionahh) : i applied i'\ilu-5\i-ly to I Jj'llwr.oririnal- 4
; ; (
TAMPA.' .. | ,, really attractive with: hi line
\ llhei-huidof I ls't. At t MyirMij. I !; right into Imneheie t they hear prove.
to nil IPO-ill.i i i-*, "' I die fiiu-t sn ;ir laidia. i i tin- State: :1 i- ( It. : IIIl'lIIl'tt:1X on I.t" the ueci-ssi-
t1 4)irue TJllllt'-NK I:!.u!!Hiir.M. i l .1 Jm: ,- i K\.ii! !lt: half a sh'/ I < one uf tho-e ill.lrlllll'll bein) i1.I) t.d. !' .'1-u,: "t Ic. .\an'l: l'ti mc r \hit*. \nii.jj-i-: ,j,1y any :
h.iIHMI 1 ;,hulI.I.II.I: !1 .nioiii.tttd' ; Ii ie.> t.l lit."I lip, lip hurrah !" Vt
-- i \v.i*
H.B. .POST( S( i isg: rticnanut' tru1whuh; he1i : Though the I Indi.ii.I ; peu\r.l: >le, i i ted uttiiiitiveites- his place!: or I II II j
Li I. KU.H.: within the I 11st. V1 I f ". actual li:1 : appear ', I
I of the
.1 I I Ii : w \ .arby I I Ii 1 a battle-cry: t C'ui-aiKr-.
: I I Tii- r.cxtilln-le-s! commit he think -o 15\ 1 the \\iy.hicom: j
.J. i liO eaii' o. >" they ilepiedatioiiNon srue. .
i PUll'l"tIC } : : ..
-ATTOR.NEY AT LAW i GR (,). ( .D 11' I} I! *'\H.rtmcnl| o'i! a cn:<-.i.I"J'alil'.rl'! .. i 1 tn-e" -ire aliout :'JO; i f;.it hi h;all; h'.'ar. '1I I the, cattle of the :tock men and I the ud: 1 foil tI lot d;. go.is. In -pird t pub-1 I,I I ( '.'-IViuil-jlaKIn: -- :..
I I..
l'I In that ie:t"Ji tlf c.ine appears l I. ,1 '

.AX I I' ,S I. j>r_'i..:- IN J I ri-alK pv-reisnUl!! ; anil wc wrtc 1II.ldl':i : ,.i Irln;;. n.\ml't'! : t to t th. eabbi: '. |!1I lattir are ettin pretty well tired t.t lie nd\autage--: 'i I,| Fropi Oic irretsf 'Florid.i this,

SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. ': p-iMiu-tto.: t th.it kind ut t hiiii.'l'I'ie V j v.e are tolrably \\ >-ll -npplied, tim'.\t'r i i. ret i\i-l ii; rnhIghIiv.qntrilogs
T.UIl'Fl...\. Western susj-ri-oil! t I. Krii thai, .it thc tian I of t ;
t I: j '! l lithee\iiit: I that. the draining: \f':' I Indian i ", i it ;,-.I<, are very particular though( I there $$3 yet a plenty of room. ', } 'ab,, .
:, Will *j>ra(l3c? in all! tie! ti'iir1 of tii! ., uir vi-it, cai.etill! -:tlI.liH": in the .
./>>4atc aud the U. '. Circuit and I'i'ti.i, I 91 & 93 MAGAZINE STHEE. iXJAV i and uiid.I'tJlIli4Ih.1 !I lake (Okei-chohco 5- aivompli-lml! :andtutiire : I to pievent i't:! r-mirn: in r, foi: improxem iit:t. We I IE:1 p'v-t : eighteen iuche- stjuare. AlKr hung

- .-. t'o.irt for the Nwrheni IK-iri.-t of 1'lf.rM | ).:".\ l.f'rTiinip.i to ;;r> w hot ma; i .t")I.ll'cIt.I:1! daily I t.inil I and 1 men '
I I : 1:11': ot llu'Olo.al.itchie! I h t tlit tneolo iral lelationare! ( V I II i 1 opeind-that i-, awn into tl'iJCs
OH ie awuth HC.I oirner \\.llill.lol1 and 1 1D.ldin j i .\'nt. -.:"'lwl..hil'; ( t : tin-f, a- i n.i ic.it: ed by t.i.eilin .1- i i- -o i I"u ; 'I ',
i ii i iii the itch J-eil il-! rtet'd h the i fe inrush to <> to ihmeh t'HIlIHJ.n. .
; '' 1'. O box 31.! }f 1.11 iv, ] ivridu iiiul I I:a vjii.i M .a ui-h,i| I Iw t''OIm:11I: l 1lI.c:; the ,'ninnlatalk. : pre\enlwl, : njtii I (Xt'hl.iHIthllt I : by an ordinary do'ibFe-haiidid! ---

; __ u ,.__ __ __ VV up p will slOti il>tle"' be : males.To \Ve I kl1\., irl-t mill nitd pioil :,;: the the timljer !ii ithl4iV-tl-;
: : ."- of .wijhiig 1 1'J: 'tl-. amilT :trl':1 : j )ill MW |tnt, t
I' 1111.11111
> : : t ts' Tni-ta; 1.i-t the lM schoo! and I gnod I society generally, ]'I
i G.Ii'hrAKkMA D. i I i fitt loo; wvie, we Avue inf i ansi toiHo in Florida a : route i-j Cbr' ;,CV.i or IUIP01: bat would 1 hcrtih''h..I1I. moiejphul i i .
bii the
iinn-nal: 11I11! CVn-idciin I thepvat i t'lli\atilll 1or I 1I;. ['U-i-ed, log enter thewo-Mi- .ii \
;; ;;
; Attoni03r at Law: f iiaiui.tI! IVrlility I of t!lal'ui and 'i-u i ( < ('('-S. For ,earlv veiretable-: t the | the Tampa S. S. (Compiny'ale.i'ii: '.'r.4 moralt-t-i and cnterpri-in.!: [ ; iaunijraiiU ; j i cuttiie;. nx :ii. !Hero the timber i-. *-ut .

AND the tnilv cli-'iate ahmi! the (':-.ih.it'l.ie! i i- i the place ;.'r excel- j earning the U. S. mail to Key \\':, ; that would! add tll1-II(1I1 -.)1\'I)'. j l up into the required Icngtlis aiM.1' thick- V

i I I1 I AND! I tii'pv-tl t ;; i toiu-he-! I 1'n'it.i I K.i: t twi.v The'1 farmers of thiectioo: I
I11etVhu1. la-t Month roa-t-!! \\ hiIl' !i I: :.;.i ;a : are iroinj; i 1 .
,-1 I -l4lt.'ITOI: J.\ (:11.1 X'I-/: L : Ca"I! :1J\.llil'. j i- i-eit.iinly buii.d to tl"I' V m "ts by circularaw>. but a I* they
: : ,
I .' TAMP.1LA.I i i (Commission :)\I'l I be at no di-tant! d.i\ imti-d lor its i.\.- jilt:: e.u- of coin wire to U> hiatt} and : week. 1ri'll 1'irit.i* I'.u--.v, the littK- ahead I with new ci..'(pwi'h i i seemingly j jicnewed c-anr.ot l be r lied l upon to produce rlohiuly : .. f \.

Will Prsc.ir* in klitnci'imri l of Sunli I'l.i.SM. vci'tah'.e-; wire plentiful t I I 1 for; -ttMiiur Spittire: ( ipt. I .h.r Xelon.can'u I UKTjiy, imli'/atio-i-s: : promi-es ; I -urfaee-thelca\esa I *
1 : T.\ irenilliin tII-l' thev
*l-i\'C ofiiijnr.t V
.. I. p'od'ti'ti'Mi! .
,. -- '-. I Sf'} ('/lflllflll"I, t:1'(...'.;r.. the: a-t tl.rt-e "earthei i liih :t who! had: trii-d to rai-e tluni. Hap-: II the mail twice a \ vek tip tl..: :i jrood I (iop \e.ir. j' are Urnuil :are; j l'.used under thickliesin ,
,' SPAUKMAN, t ,.;"/.>,-. ( 'r n,/.'.rif. (Sin** 1'; : ;: polling in: -trre in .Vl. Mver' one ', Kt. 3Iyu I :, and PH': tin the li iv tr :!7III ,,I The jteople of this -ection are still I or pbining! lIlt'hilll"hich
tl { :land- h.i\c been iniiiii'i-.ttil I :; reduces -
by :m eicesie \-
ilfinlirnr('. I'liiht'-. Oil.*, I s1.i two bu-!heU of : I ics fuither once wivk. She: :;..o : I. )l.hlluk lluir oranges, waiting :
: ATTOXIV AT LAW.A -. I I",.,; MiititHH'rif. .! r, j ri-c ii: the: C'.iloouKitcl'ie.win )we 1li'e.1"I : I them to a perfectly u1IiioCHlb.*. ;
I : tninoe-i i in 1,1' : ly t tiip; to 1't. O;deun ., t tr I them: T:1I1fIIl'u'hUlI:j : .- to say **
Nl : :1:1.1l'flhl; maks.kl : Fiom his I I.! '
: t It.
I EIEVEST, : (. tj the o\cr:!>w tie' Like Dkioh : 1 110 capass :. .

-I. t. ._ .()l 4"CITIJl. i.v (:,Is.vct::: J-. ; ({.nwr Krunt ,It 1 1I'lval S'.r: .",.trcV. ., I! i Io.t" su.il the f.iriiahni; tlio! livn and V anil j ob-eived I t that: I, I they :appeared to 1'iace creek. i iII 'i I, that t hey want t I thorn. The .wTchaiiU } :_'e'nd wI''lIJtil1: room, hon f."Tlowln \ 1

I I' T.Il'FLA.. J! .. Taliii. .1 tt'\\ Sliij: r-ioroi. : ; \;I Twelve! mile (:n', k MibuKe.l to the: i !I", ot ('xtra: -izl' Picking up '1110" \\ (: I I the imiiKtlutoicinity \ of I'mt.Mer : of f Lfi-bur. ; are bmiti' ,j and paving H : : ; I their rro tfu..1 them

q-1 Will! Prat-lire; in aU l ti! C..n..r:;,. FLi.j ; at -liort! N"'l iftr I La 1 it Wtij.lud. and! found it to weiirhthricquailcr .: > time i N a con-idoraMe! ) ilepo-it cent. t tor tII'IIII' .'Tamp nicn.h I t i & V
extent of completely! e'Vt'IIi! ,; I the & : aramawn 111]> iuo.-lii.[ < -cnuiliuf-r.
: i : nnnlhir;' ol irol ore much: of whil'i.; i- in I h'hi1'e ant- about 4 ((111. What tl.emattir t : ? ;,
of ,
: : iDAVE-: }pound and.! '
;; ;f-iJ.tl.L: top? tif the cane 1 innn Ii to *"> feel hifTh '( : : t whie'i are k..t&tfU'lUy .t th tl
I : Wfi :h-d I half a ; Ii ocl.hidJ .::- beta n,.'d :, I !tit--s I tl'tri 1'.1:111)tn.laI: ;' nut.i ;, '
1 ;? ThI.IJIIIVO-r.; 17.s.. ,fit., j jj i but witiKiut! theli hti-l damage LIthe 1.1111 I !i, ; "top* and "ljCttlllll The hitter f* -
"ATTORNEY' AT LAW n.ir;: ill .1 f.illIIH es a- a colotin j.ijmeiit ;- i be t t.\ "fat.: .
r and ioi.-ider.ible! 1"11 ; the iH>rliui intorioovul ;: \hit'h I .
f ': ANDNOTARY j H. Myers & | ijrowinj; ( .ii; in ]>:intinioiao! of L the ho 'I I I la"lIdit in the il-t I <-tion o*' ;rase and i is'Olh' of the inai.v; n.ilitary postf- < I i [, the Il',1 1 'i: il..rtt.I.JIBe l taw -

: PUBLIC. i \llol.F.Ll: *. i'l: t.Ili. h..1 1 in : the in the placeA1 / I' jour j 1:1 per soon, I am jours re-'pecl-i! former i-j the :
I AivKn. weedSfir.t- the cane cip ic i- Fcilllrill.. .of. \ (j V lo'l'liu g that| prrh't.c" it/
:attention has been J lXI
V I' y'd t no groat I i fully, II.
I 'fnIl'FJ..\. 't'11I.rlhe r'eI1rrii: Somii.oh' di-turbaiicw. : V the
'11'11.1hi- \ Walt? I one slip: r.Cill6 jtM [liilt'tbc lhic.'k- I
; the cattle C-rk I Hill-borough I Floarid. '
I pad :to orange) growing, : county,
1 rJ1:) < lCC I i i' dtvnud Itl4cr! bimfioial than otherwi1 i- \ .cattd on tn, -oulli bu.k of: the! V n.-of titrut14.VE! V It'
Will I'rlli ic* in all llic M ate: t< :in* an.1in I : I lill the I L '- Vs V --- I .. The ')|l..ciOJli
hii iuoi5
tile rirctiii mi,l District i ( .,:\. .>f ll::1 f i ; and comio ait do' iwhen, it ( \:aEti.-a ahak.I'e,! riviro.iu- I 1.1 mili'" < ( : :. } it l.ujrut ilI Origin i otSoii: '; I'.uiuli.ir.s.ij! I in;-. ,; ('utn* ; the "tops"ami "1"1toni.i"arid: 1
II Kiiio: l lLUC for llit iviuihoni I Pi..lrj'" or teret.ltciu. VI '
[ -
Florida."A.J.ADAMS. Cigars: & T..iq no I (Mcnr.it all, towanN t the ind L ot the : front Jtmouth.. I Il i is !now" ijuite a re"- :i ._-__ i[ 'i'h'r., ate rny numliir 1.t"lm'l: "I I,I t,", -N>\iuj arc {urtornuil: by little .ia.- V V

f :':1.11h,11 othir (TI-J; : are pl' III nil V pvftableillaije, with :',I I) inti.lbiiaiit-: J I > and I
; :"':11l1la1t -' ( the laruur-aro di-po.-id to I IKJ little., Tybf) -1 nilate: regularly: laid I oil' :it t i iri li";a l.aUc! :111.t u-e amon: : in \t tn'i derivations: L> I I .-i.c-.l( ol '.tM't O r.nbitiuiwjvr 1
: ; OnK-r-! --.lid iul l } .
j | abnut it. (Of t itplow ht :1 iih l -. The piivato t i s.itletictausi ? : 'rl'I' ( [ ni'alunhuowii! the
., j' *alixKirtioil "iI'l tit..\.X.t*I.I.I'* : i: (''II'nll.1 cour-e ; Hit !<'hcpucl c:aNs.i C V (1'I'I'j ( < lo very p"1'11'] i I minute. The jjroove cut corrt. i

UNITED STATES COiIISS1aNEILf. : ditrinunta I and I .I'IJt'J'illII'S.: I <;ronid-: .lie ijuite reditablu =\.1 cliisi\c. V V V |:i who use 111\11,1. \\\. say ".iarst AIUIIIIar.l jKindexact!}. h) the -ue ;ol the ott.k i-I,

f. \ I 1 EC31.rET: \ S ; ; !i triiemc tt. '>ian;e lIht uilu-r fruit would I I be no j di-sra to a, miuh!. more: I'::1.01 i. 'L'tuuN1! : : ,,, ," but \.ho! t>j f lu arc :ti\\ue: that : ot'b-ad tu I k, in-ericil. From this ,te -I1: I
Notary I lumber 1.1' prctir.tiouphuv.. Thekt\ i- niltiatid I. AI I have the plea-uie j, adamant existed i
tueami: ijuite a y"nivi1 10111I; ; I uivc but. \\i\i: a partinent! th3v.ol.ir slips urejia el 'on V
: -.\SIIi i Wtolc! ,lie Dealers in I I II t* well I ad\.ineod have I"'I!II t'ilflIV nnd n Ii II'.1 TI"'f. area nice ,1 I irrdinir) your [>aj \'ri\ery \ ee1-if :, iiani. pveu by the .an'/niu! t to the diimoiid : to the "tilling ia" J'I tml. wiieie, when -

i \ I I destroietl it. 1 ll.iwi'ver it : J 1':. chnr-Ji } a SIl'O! ) lull, and a will allow in itcol! 'I .
JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, 1 plitelv! by f \\tl Hi I me pace! becau-e it was the hardi.-t: ; one operator inserts the 1 leul another ,

; t' !Dry) (Goods.:, Xotions confident.1\ ( \]1'1'1111 thai: -.h..III.I'I potury t building 1"1.,1 i.ilr a -chool tuiie.-: I will try to write a little j I i gem known ? The[ fojnilur tam of i slun tae..tn"S.! w. flw rl'1 D1o" V

i. .j _" .MAXATEiFLO 1' I the I'r..j""ll'i' training lake Oke) l.ohie ;, hoii-ii and) \1:t-oIic hal in the way: of about tiie .-('l'li m 111:1: :. a'I'c'"Ited ( "dog! la\-: ->" hu: no. appMcation! toI opi-iation) in-ing j l.rfllrnl 1. Ihe'ff'ndJ$ { 'V J

.- .p I'-d. Atrnli.sii i ia4nhIIIeut4: given i dr-d.hll ieinsf_!IIn.1, .od"'l-I! t.. jr..tI ,. SAVANNAH OA.: I prove -ucie.-nSul! 1, there will i be i.o public boil 1 imu; Time i i- al-i. :a nitel thinijr, :i I \I'I( I tun V not ahle :],I i hydiopholiij: ibitrc.Ucberand: i-tln ) an' plaovd: ia a fr lll.' and tight!! 3 V

:. (rI:I I>u.inei roioiri-uivnUof |wj ,vi'I!. ntHauinioik -. -- riciurenee ol thive! o\eilh: >w.-, and in l pa r-IIage i>to\ided for tlc lt.lol' of'Ills' | to give it justice i : i'i t tr'rd* of (tb' rauine ir.ee during:, the : scu'wnl iutlll'i .) ition. When iirmatnl _
-. 4 iVnui anil.,pine Lemon ljn.1 LWtIaTl a-iapIiJ lo {<;liettuarji .,, i>r.\ i:1.ItlFitNWm.HONE: : that opinion we fully concur.in M. 11.: dll'h There are tln't. !i The Lake and Crcik: abo\o !t\t.1. '!I summer: heat, but to' the fact: that the !! diy thi-y :are i't.iceil: in a ilurnpa jaat ... -

J I Olive! and, UanltD3.fcll!! a. to l'iue.\j; '- & I !:: tIVt IMXTI: ; 1'I'! :11 ill' I --1lll.lllll-, I I '.\. 1:r- i> Il the 11'111! t-i i l lo (,1 t the !Hilh.tn'II' .\I Uotuatit ti-ed ti.> 1 believe the dog I s.'ar: : a ti'.ie: and cut ntfhv mcau.: of a V

:0- I .:I J''rly \: 1.1o! .. Ii.:0,1 --'Ir : \\ lIul.t.\1.: DHI.LSIS I j i- piitablc 11III'II'ollt. .V with a naanUni : kt r iVr'l'o., !L. ( J. Thorl't ( o. :11t.P.'O. ri n'r and. ca-t frm11:1: : i I which ri.(..- nnd set with) the sun,. \., -> : ciicuLiraw, in ordtr to nuke the cnciU -
fur c-ale! iu'luf from <>ue lo one tliuit i iI i' 1 i
; lA"o I ). I Hid"Dr.I ) And.r-on hzi- a'
: ;j,I of ":! 'F. f.n nnd ,, and oMptiesinto: i i i' b\ I 1 the cnu'f: : t'Xl'l-i\'c heat and .
j ,
: au.'I arrm, un rrrr rea- "at.le termWM. WINES LIQUORS AND |>erinire Miaimor; Filll 'al. werewont one uniform length. The "nextoHiation -.
; J little and I the plate i U iurllurinore t
Ii: If ; 7":, "'. 1 f