pill occasionally to admirethe been forced) by his duty to punish him. ness-of the instinct of self-preservation.( .

: EC !--\'''r'ir'' 'she .?Fnr' |R v">exv at11\'t':! at.tip'. vvlliV 1 i,1>j 17. A,,.nicin-oLi! I'la. I J. Cliolfrj! Infatiturn.:: and! su'nmcr: ccinjilaint of (flying-fish, F.S they skimmed over the After a strict investigation the captain, appealed They see clearly that Spain must !go by the
, III I t 1 r! n1:: n ,1111n1 a; rhildreii: fur s.iie !
rlii \ -- --- Vy :
., : sIUlce.uf( the water, pursued by their cruel t to all present, when the prisoner wzs board like the rest of t the Monarchies and
: t ,II", 1?" ; t'l' 11; 1,,\ ) I ::1.) 1 t Ir'j! "W.i. J. C. Allots F(.h! .'] J. C. ALLEN.BULL'S ,
d. *
it i1v.T.' 'ir t 1 the fnur H*\'ip."i a'id m.1ck- 9 Wliolesil.-" and) IMjil! f)"-.f"r in -- ---"- M---- destroyer talking{ over' the anticipatec: hiss* unanimously declared guilty. then they apprehend a fate much more tobe

> I d!1. t ':::1"! ), wt':\ receive thrupretn'rrn: voijV !- L!JU< rS: MRICI\E-5! ( PAINTS, OILS, Sa.'sa IDlI'illa. their uniofj vould confer their hopes and{ The officers put en their i hats, and the dreaded or rather( far (less de>! irable. ilian

.I,. < LASS, BIUSIIES&c.&C. Saw! :, Bn"lol's111'' B.iily's corn- fears, the :approval! (oT their parents, their! aptain: proceeded to pass sentence. Great that of annexation to their nearest neighbor!

.1a.. ;Jr -ftopirf.Vt7ir /11 ni'nins 1'1,.jvrli al::o, fl'iid! p\ir.ict, of Sarsaparilla:J'M rc- bright prospects, indulging in future scenes was my surprise (not understanding one and largest customer the Unite:! fetates.

li 1,1' /hit ni f /*' M-Jf** fifacribal fur.L .1 ynctftl fi-iiftrtunrt >:tf ( eryl'drd. fur sale bv : of rife, as steady as the trade-wind before word! which the commander said) to see the The threat made by Lord G. Beniinck.-.ib!? _

' '. Cl.Pi1H!!: I.t BOOK)r.;';.of-\XK5ST\TIWI'iY Ch"siiut \; Coinni'-rcf: :! : : "tpptD &<>--,.Arc.C' --1\.1.---17--_ __.____ -_[___ '_ II"n F__ AIJF.LL. !_ ___ which they were quietly rurr: in,-when culprit throw himself on his knees and begin the House of Commons, to ap'pro'priate; ; Cu, .

t: -i,I' 'n It '.t t t'iiT4 allr I <',"; o'* 'MVioeut i.t rhi ----- ------- -- r.rid obdurate
l i- If! fills, even suspect hi< design; ; the cook rushed 1 manner in which he had conducted Spain has justly alarmed the Cubanerov

]'. 4.1 I i" -i.-'riiUd. f'lf tlrt'e-: the 1 lo'.jrtii coy; s. HI\.lcr, ale by forward and buiied his knife, with one himself such an appeal was unaccountable : The fate of Jamaica has impressed (},em.-
I* ''i; ,!, '':.=;- F.\-; rOR \XD! CO'I\Ir.' :;1 MERCHANT, FOR. R ALLEN. into the heat of for it with
J C | (plunge, the miforiunatc ; was quite evident he did I an awful dread of English
- :jo- v. ,' 'I'I''t':" alt '1:1b': ? "';ir'll fl'JPr'r tllt' No. :!*> Water srer-f! _u_ __ _. __ __ ._ __ __ fear government.
who fell not death the
will young man, without a cty, as the or repent deed he had They have, consequently deliberated
i' '1 1 Irci'irr i m-ilelo c/(5 n'ir pre- i)4"[ > An( .ii: K'iiicfiH i+ Fa.AvoryA O aab II' upon{
exulting I'oituguebC burst forth into de committed. What! threatened torture could the advantages of annexation the y
i j a-11 .1 iv: CMS; i h. fitrnnhei' wila-s; ihtj ; )- HALES; fifor; :!ia O,lIaullrgen consign- > a to United
' > : Mui I ; i /'! fa'ftjtlit p'iWiJttrxtvith" .f'!t 5ic's, 10 int-tit, lor :ale bv monia-n laugh{ of triumph.) thus bend his hardened spirit I was fit a States ; and! the agents; of the powerful party
(.HOCiI! T .V C<: :MMlS-r:I> Mh'i.THAXTS!: : loss
Unconscious to
of the
I i'c halaflrl. Dc' J. j D.\Y & Co.Waiin : full extent of her be conjecture. organized for that purpose are now in this
N 43: W..trv---o:
\ E \I IL1: r-iMEt:;; "1 Dpc ;5. o. :lp'a1!; ,'iri III.1. Fa. ----., lit- oil"i! Cure---- reavement the poor girl hung over him ; Four men now approached and lifted up country. with view of blinking forward aDd

\ ,1' lH,"z- r. --it truth tf-! .! Uriti;'i 7jMish; : .- ----- -- :and' :.I's a friend who had ru>hed forward t to ihe corpse. A similar number seized the canvassing the project. So warm is their -
;:! I Toni
1 TOXF.S) South
- :i- r j"<. \Tu 7i'j'? <(*c'ir.to iu early I I i-JAMl.\; IIU.I OV. \\'1I.1.1A" .\. \VilllHJI. C'"TI':",,' :'-!,'d!! fiot.i viiiinu'tin-dicines <;f -rn our 01'hrc.sl. support him, drew the knife from his bosom prisoner while ten or twelve others approached solicitation on the subject that they are

..I., ,I "I''. )it v ,r:'. ii"' whirl': eve co DlI--5rS ?1"II\XT-: ::
t' t ,,'I iir.- '1'1':1'1'1' ri tiie: tji-i 1< "f sa''f' )- :AMI fiKXT.r.-l\ : a,'H', and! (I..r l heiIg: tb'; bf-t( Tonic in cases ol t stained with Ills blood. With an eii'ort/ I understood! whole and could not wonder tender of a large bonus to the United Stales

e. i .1'I T' aiy, pTfrvmt it <'.t4 bjnjpriiV'l; uiiv: mns.; GIIOCUJMES:: !: ii.\rAv.Ki:: :, "!1f'r.,1. de'Mlilv! <\\eakrif-s no-v known, for sale I Charles turned toward her, gave her or.e at the struggles of tie murderer as I to induce us to take them under our pro
d I1.- \ j .11'ir.Til Tor tins and
: ,If' r.-'r-:'ared .. ; TIN ri',11E.11001S, f I II!iOF.-<. [HATS;;, by. [ \oril_ ->71 H F A HELL.CJEIDLITZ : !lace l look of fervent affection, and, as theblade saw him lashed back lo back, firmly lightly tection. As much if not more, than we
i :III I; < c.; t l O'H ta' rjll'r.
WI -- ---- -
rte' i r i"I.dtrolhwl, I HI.t w.. ,i'71h CAPS.'CUOrKKRY; : :I!::;:, .\.SHU'CHANDLEIIV c. ; : Y,1t;: ( and S.da Puc\ten., of the'' left the wound fell a corpse into the I without! the power to move to the dead give for our Mexican: possessionsr already

.. -J, 11t t ri.ilitv 1 i for sale bvJi.lv arms of him who held him. body of his victim. His cries were stopped captured by our the Cubaneros
.1 > tit the price 4)f tl:> % M] iiziue.atin Cor.. Water .iiiJ ('h' .-to!::t =t-. ; arms : are

.'. ," r.' r.:) 1t 's' ')\r.rif.c c.IrI'J u.4ile Iu' I P"c--9 \",.,!. "Itr'1._,.. Fit. __ .. h __.. ._ ._ ___J._ C ALLJ'N: .By this time the captain had come on by a sort of gag, and writhing as lis was, willing to give ta marriage dowry to Brother -
--- -
--- --- -' --- -- -
//r. ti Ier'it : .BM \vanlROCCi .U c tHIIJ": Vriae for- (;oflomi.u deck.! lIe shed tears: like a child for he he, with the body, was laid on the grating, Jonathan' to induce him to wed the

: r''rt"',. 1"1'1, C'1'r.'n'l'1C i ;st.n'ill Ti}II .: :: AN'IJ COMMI-iSMiN c ; :I 111 I'.!:Cl1\1', "f7 OJ.M: foi :;0::):) hales in !lo\Ver Cotton Yard. 'loved poor t'harles as his, own son. The i and carried to the gangway. The crew beautiful, Queen of the Gulf.
I\", ,II I Irt:,'t, 'l1..-u iicd or ti ''i i'.i.! t-. thMhen. P .1 would mounted the What
exas1)eratedcrew fallen on and
V.). 'Wat.-r sMv.f.Nov : t. Apidy!! to instantly: ( nettings up the portion of stir family! will be.willing -
LEJX -\HO SCO1'I' t. CO., Fel. '2i I.: N J D HI)LOIS. the assassin and taken shrouds. A few from
: U .AiMlac'-.irnh!!: Fn. on summary vengeance prayers the Danishbtirialfeervice to. accept the tempting offer} I Assuming

__ 7 9! Fulton. -.. St- --,- -NW-- -York.- Jtc. F. 1'tvviir--,--- .' Vinegar.;; -so( truly attached had they been to were read by the chaplain on that all sections of our Union are influenced -

". CODE VS. !>.\Dl 'S n ) fH', I i I EN'EHXL' RECEIVING. FOIIWARDING .1; I A FEW: bbls pure Cider Vinar! for snlo lowby ih: chief mate-and were only kept within board and the dead and the living, the murderer by -inteJt'st-uy local considerations

AXU FAMILY MAC.AXIN'E, COMMISSION.MEUCHANT: : r( E. iMcCHLLV, bounds by their commander's presence. and his victim, were launched into -we think that the North at least

t i'le, No. 50() \\'.!ta street. I Nov 11 :il!) 1Vater't. The cook, who appeared to glory in his eternity bound tort-tlier.: must perceive that its resources would be
e'ide.t >!'j!arir.e in the (aided! State*,
; -
_Nov_ II__ _Ap.tl.ic'iirol.t: + :_, FI-K_ i --- deed seized and As the dreadful burden -
}'41", : ...,"!lI't! ssxiy: pie nt' reaJi'U!, +.ilt'r, -- f IttLUIM. w .s instantly separated the vastly aULmenred-iti' strength increasedby -
.' "',..fir:, 1\111t'r., ; i II! tie! country-t'.iye' inr CII Is. P. :\M'CAM. Gu-TAVK; RuMAI.V.I WADE & IUT'HAU'S! [ Rodgers &. Sure The corpse was taken below.. while the clear waters, a sudden flash darted through the addition of Cuba to ibis[ Confederacy.

'1 t .Vcv, York; ini! :.tit! .< T\\" ijile'Hll.J ill'Calla: <\: icamaiii Razors: for sale bv wretched betrothed was carried, in a state their transparency and a general shudder The North would have the carry.ing.trade-

"ii.'rjvuij.! ) an undo!'! lIahly" anthc-ilw. i : r-il ire.ifVn COMMISSION: : I :; I : :MERCH.ANTS( : __Feb-'I_ __ _I_ 'H F ABELL.Cooper's _._ of insensibility to her cabin. went round as each one felt it was the expectant tlis supply of Cuba with manufactures. lumber -
. ,' .. in (p.l'1: : d.. .1 I
.'' te) ,, err)- k,'t t\'.)r t! aiJ: other! m it tois tor -Nov.- IS- -- Apalachicola.- -Fla.DEALER. -- -. received and for sale by when 1 received a summons to attend[ t prey. I caught a glance of the living man'seye in that Island ; and' they would get in return -

-- ..1r.11fe, all illustrated and well "pJJiJt.J| 1 S. Ti: N rl.cl'g'on, i JUST j. C. ALLEN. on deck. f, therefore instantly ascended, as he was falling ; it haunts me even t to cheaper sugar, coffee cocoa I. and

f" f, > oie which hclule the lIOI-1 .
year HATSi: s Arc.No.
; :
------- --- -
. their clothes together with all the in it from the
Sunday advantage
t 1d J;I0,1hr any measure whilst the
t'\\Ijl'r.; : ; m (in ; three 1 Coluinbut: Ulock, Henry's Magnesia,
IIr Ibliatroar i in ole nnnth .. .'. .. S'3 O'J' Dc'c.21 Apdarhirola: Fa.Uiulerwood I received and for sale by officers of (the ship and the male (passengers We paused only for a few minutes and interests of a valuable agricultural prod.uct

.;rt; 't tJlle; wuho-it!, the Lil>';; 1 D IUH -- A. ._JUST 2 J ._ HFAHKLL1 I assembled. The men oil' duty werelining imagined we saw some blood-stains rising t to of this region would seriously affected by

3'' 1daca1; 'r.. ._. .. .. .. .. .. _. 01 CaiPi* "OFFATS LIFE--- FfLLS- AND PIIUTNIXBITTERS either side of the deck ; the captain, the surface. Not one amongst us could remain it. The great West woqld profit !largely

r ; t".IIU: with one t
, liitYPh1.! ... .: ... .. . . III (rlf ) IJALTZELL'S KU1LDING! ) rsiESTNIJT-ST.! Nov 2S just H.} F. AUELL Drugget.Towiiscml's in front of ihepoop ; and the ., sought to forget the stem and stye inspiring chief products will always find) a ready mar-

f I :r.l1ei+ ... .... .. a . .. If 01: Ap-.I!-o-'hicah, Fn. -- body of the unfortunate victim lay stretched punishment we had seen inflicted.Of I ket. But the wealth of the whole Unions -
tl '- 't'c ';11"5., ... . .. .. . . :! I 07 Sat'sapal'illa--J '
which the national course, related
""J!!!.., "t either '1hp 1.11Ihllk$! till' f:J\II orders at'i-n.lfd) to \\ith punctuality and for sale on a grating, over (lag of strange sights were a consequently all its parts-would, not
-UJtlr! X tu' ; ur :(1c"I.Itt'h.) .h.1. '11) JUST .rt'cei\'cd 27 by.H. I'IhELT.Irish Denmark had been thrown, immediately, i in having appeared to the watches that night.t doubt be !greatly promoted by adding to our

n1 i the IV"rlpf-r[reriuit.; sent t goy: ptrui: pay.IWUe '- -_____ -_ __ _: ___ the centre. In an instant I saw that I had For myself: I can only say, that I was glad : territory this rich and productive Island.

Mires L. A r.ODEV ;11. N. Scott & Brother, Potatoes slid Onions. been summoned to be present at the funeral when! a sudden brecSe drove us far from the '

X WHOLESALE AM JU:1 All. mAt.ns: IV FINE article for sale by of"the chief and heart beat tragic scene i '
c [ > :IIS Chestnut street I, I'Jiljdelphia.: A mate my high A TOUGH CUSTOMER
t Jaanarv, DRY : Nov II 1 1 } : Watrr "t.
! I-1. wilrVgrief I uncovered head and
---- as my cusfomer I know is old
l ITTS, &c: Billy K., who lives
. ----- Liverpool) Sail, stepped on the quarter-deck. From the N. O. Delta.ANNEXATIONJAMAICA .
PROSPECTUS OF Cor. Water: slid Cer.trfi-!'h'ee'y!! on the Tennessee River 'SOSIKWHAR on
by ll was a dead calm : we had passed AND CUBA.
FOR nearly the known
.ICrt "THE OLD Z:1( f Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa. 3': ) B ELLISON & Co. fast The rapids rs Muscle Shoals. He i is
the trades and were approaching the revolutions in Europe have communicated the'hero of '
- -- --- a hundred fights both with
pi II of Ivpiperdesigned to 3flvo ..theelection A: Doc';l'( WIDE: : Iron Scotch do, 'Ve,, ji7nn; fcfardenH Line[ : the sun had begun to decline, but t new vigor to the cause of annexation BAR' a'nd other varmints; and with a human
ZACHARY: TAYLOR, of LoMi"i.itia, to the c>s, Biacksmifhs Bellow, Cotton and Wool 1 still burnt with a fervent heat : the sails in this quarter[ of the globe. The continental critter
'r; 1 residency SHIPPINGCOMMISSION( ; MERCHANT, and tihovi-ls! Ciu tiron and SuicarPans Although past fifty, yet be
of the United Slates. Cards Spades : the and
hung listlessly against masts, the'mairfcail powers of the old world compelled
X. No. 10 Water Street, Ploughs; ; &c. &c. for !sale by appears as hardy and active( as ever.
IV' was brailed up, in order to allow to keep ..lllhe r attention fixed and all theirresources Well
undeni'ied! Fa. B. ELLISON: & Co. one night at a 'Possum Supper!
proposes to publish a politi- Dec i23. Apalnchicola,
's DlJer; in the of Dec t 0 Cor. Water and Chestnut sfs. t the breeze should any rise lo go forwar concentrated in resisting the alarming (we don't here
city Tusce.: !') ), t to be i.ucd get oysters OFTEN.) whereat
(11 durin \t. xis. WM.W.CIIKEVBRSitus -- I had, observed all the morning a still more encroachments of the will
;;th elJS1Jin (preiticntial c campaign, WM. S] Salad Oil. popular most of us! POTS were congregated ihe con-
be entitled Ii above! &: Chccvcr sure indication ol'our approach to the torrid I home are necessarily compelled to leave
aid to lJe devoted to thefar received, brig; Manhattan, a few cases versation happened to turn upon this old fellow
J,)ort uC! 'I"J) Gen. 'Lechery Taylor, ai the .C OM M I S S TON 1\rr.: R C II ANT S, JUST Oil, that per is ood. J. C. ALLEN. zone. Through the clear 1 blue water I had their distant colonies to take care of themselves and one of our party, the 'best' mane

.'lttacandidate'TKr: the presidency Office No. :WatPr street. May 4. remarked a couple of sharks following the The latter, suffering under th i among 113 ; offered to beta Men spot he

1nm: OLD Z'CM"r will endeavor to prosecute dcc23 ___ Apalachirola_ !+ Fla._ -ii'cston's Extract ofLe.. oFOR vessel, accompained by their usual companions neglect, and the still more hurtful experiments i could knock Old Hilly over with a blow 1
; Political! war, in Alabama as the the pilot-fish. This the sailors: and oppressive legislation of the
mother from his fist. The
bet *
solo. S'1 often ItOIJCI.i, A l lCO. flivoring Custards, ;iti'-es: Jdlif&c. was accepted in
h, 1:1: : threatened"lo prosecute the DEALERS IN HARDWARE AND SHIP sales by J. C. ALLEN. had) expected, as a matter of course-as ihey country and fearing worse changes, course,' and 'he was to try it the first
U!, -lco. "with vigor, with great vi- superstitiously believe that these monsters are casting about for relief for as'lum.for oppor-
r' "wtth increased CHANDLERY, IRON, STEEL, NAILS, May; 1. rs an tunity. One was not long wanting. An
f veteran ..!wlbesf-t viw. the Whenever the SPIKES, AND CASTING? Hops of the deep) always attach themselves to a safety. Those rich European colunies.the itinerant Phrenological Lecturer happened

SP ') er. : OLD ZACII"upon by will stand mjrmidwisHE up to And 3Tanuftictur'fr of 7 iii, Iron, and Copper Fall Crop, for sale by ship in which a dead body lies anxiously anticipating Islands in our neighborhood, naturally) along and everybody including Old Billy
v: nark. and 'J' FRESH their dreadful meal,' In their 1 look to this Republic their
:k ; endeavor to give in return, "a res. 17 II. F. ABELL. appearance. great as most attended the lecture which was held in a

1ilI1 re;rape. Ca pt. Bra,;;." Dec 24 Apalachicola: Fa. Havana acliry. however, I only saw the usual available ally friend and protector in casethey log building, Used for n meeting house

}oattbf'Cotteit' : will be a successful: one, the announcement of our'vicinity to the Line. are cut loose from the old nations, .to sctnol} -house, and
a.CC\ \CCHAVANA( SEGAR5?, contain- town-house. Our 'stri
D L g'I>'d Ct.arles Rogers J"hnIunn.! Eugene.\V. ( \
c1' entertain I ICIUlt whichseems fill whose
doubt. In such weather in coffers have
I the no I respectfully: I tVVUU i irygan assortment of the "J'ro-} ; placed a ship to repletion they ker stationed himself near Billy wbo-
attention of all the friends of Gen. Rogers fc; Co.; bidad/a the whole world shutout been and trodden wag
,ift I Cabana "Minerva," "Britannia" to represent so long oppressed upon standing the
ilor tnis COMMISSION MERCHANTS near door and oueo( his
I )
d oI( "t'ld lji l>ininz States t and esp 1 ,
Routh and Ready Clubs, now schr Ann Maria from Havana for sale with the wide and fathomless el possession where
p *' in YarilJl/i- dec 21 Apalachicola, Fa. per ; by us, : so many Englishmen of six tallow dips stuck ia holes bored -
It, u desirable that places, to this should ProspectUj.subscriber make. Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st. ment around us-ihe ethereal throne from )ave accumulated fortunes tq spend at in a piece of rail, and was suspended: from

t r then names \ -* N. Ji Deblois. :Tliontsonian which God seems to look down upon us : at home has been utterly ruined and prostratedby the rafters. the
and offices early as Medicines, .At given signal down came
d't COMMISSION moment our voice rising in solemn the Emancipation Act. The white
> received and for sale by one prayer population the chandelier leaving us all of course in

TKt01j,, Z--CII" will be publrheduntil. the No.' 44 Water=..streef, .TUST 3 J. C. ALLEN. for one we have loved, and the nexj, the{ : is rapidly disappearing from this darkness. Now was! the lont;-looked-fore

"i atthe moderate price of ONE lor.t.4n, Dec 2 Apalachicola Fa. Hose Water plash of the divided waters as they receive beautiful and productive island and th chance; our striker braced himself-dou

: !-"" advance For a remittance of $-25: supply of English! and French Rose in* their bosom the creature He has made: blacks are sinking deeper and deeper i in+ bled his fists-set his teeth and hit

rt1; Jf+{ will! be furnished ; for $10 fifty co- A. N. McKAY. N C. Roost vs. CHAS. Ps.\TT' AFRESH just received and for sale bv all these at such a moment make (the h'artlhrill sloth worthlessness!' every year of their sockdollager'' under the ear. This MIGHTY Billy a

1I A 'Poi. $75 one hundred copies. A. N McKay &: Co. April 27 H F ABELL. with a deeper awe-a closer fellowshipwith emancipation. .Fauns are being; sold, broken effort was productive of a small
Jrci number will be issued'on 13th its Creator than resident onshorecan and abandoned and where very result
** will be extensively distributed.M. COMMISS ON MERCHANTS Piles. any up broad' ]It merely drew from Old 1 Billy a Look Gut
No. know-a consciousness of the grandeurof and teeming fields of rich cane once delighted gcntUsiKx.! Be :
M. D. J. SLADE. 40 Water-street, T\ITCHETPS celebrated Spanish Specific for I kerful ichar ?you poke otit
ed ;I' Feb, 16, IM8. \ Dec lH;) Apalachicola, Fa. JLJ. sale by [Feb241 H F ABEEL. God and the feebleness of man, which (the vision there are now only rank elbowsSpiit[ of the 'Tme .




.... .4 .






p.., ,
a .


. > ..;,._:. II.-"''"-,--. .. -----_-_-"',.-" .---- 4_ ::, "::{ ".". .'7"" ':''''!" ",,i.;':..... .' > ...-...... ,.,'*'. .... ..,,., -' .. \'. _" ____" _
'. 'Hi \: .'_' ,: ; ,-1' : ';"'C' 'i"---: ::::; _. 'IV' .


! -
' \i .
\ \ ) ( t ,,\ .

< .



,,_ _.-.- __., __. _____"_ _._-__._._._-- __ _u_. _._, _. A'-1 _-.. -_....,.,_,...._________. -.-0-,_, _.-_._....,...__ ............. _.._,_ __._..A --- tl'" -- ..-_ __ __n____..' -- .- .
".rrzd "'Ii J. :;""'!'II'C'r.P PW7 I. WCa fl- "" ----Yh -- -I FrnC" .
::; \t \1, tininclosnie like clephinis I han holies I the beggars : be shouting pt-ans; to the .f uncquivocattng: 1! lude lately assumed by the
: :
PutTtpal: :"Itc"I" f tlw :- w : : :1.u \ ] : t.c tine I :1-llli."ill \\111 loc ; CflfflJlERClAUDVBRTISBR\ l

::'. AXA& ). 111: lks.\u, rr"x.I-) ? J it covcis near three acies, its wall air: in I lie MM cts ; t the soldiers ; t the police; !. betrayer of our rights"-to the Federalist of cries i of u death to the Indian.|
I ,11c .- -._- -. -. -- -- I Indians "
ISIS5 I made oltone I to the boots and shoes -- -- -- -- '-' -- was heard !
Al'1I1 o, : 1 1I I 11t tine hi u nit ted feet in height, ,,. or notice sirn" 1312. That the leaders of the party-the at a recent u".

I A week lienj gives me few pleasant impression : and coveied! with while'lll' i'emenl.Theliont at I the chop windows i was occupation$ exciting APATjOHIOOLA. SATURDAY, .JuNE 17, 1548.Tbe Florida Old! Hunkers-will dare to set aside on the plaza.

*. The .. Anicti-us"! peihap* one l io; embellished I ridl-t iind amusing enough J' I lo lHsl we -- -- -- --. .----.------------ -- A train of wagons, escorted
Iciiui tiie ;poput.iiinn. ;are; HI always. I 1.11111'wct : '' ,'rvi:: j? front .solid ioik, uith lounik'sflgUies : :.: add, our fust, 1 vn,\"of those gaits dclh. following entl'-mpii are authrrizelttgelits ; the refusal: of the Democratic Delegates to oiead company left Vera Cruz bt

: 'jiatjiis! I hill I ;ail t-isf i to; 'so sji.uge, sojuni ', 11'1'1"| glided! silver, gold :i.Hidbron.e. SI I) lcd gut palaces," which make the for the Coimi.Kt IAI. Ai ,J.urf-riand:, will support Lewis Cass-that; they will cat their i 28th, ult. for Jalapa. They W're

\ M'-xican 1 and lull 1 lMirr.in.iti. The The, ;lllls are of solid oak, with ; windows lt apothccaiies pllp with I their receive anJ receipt foraub-cription.- adverli-e- words put forth at time Madison Convention, I! sent up to tranpor to Vera Crull '

town t'toulains aI\)()UI (i.i 10Joiil i'., yei I the feiv i'osilv l finish. The stalls., :a>cI'lllil to the gaudy splendor! and. fiunish b.y. far the mo-t Inc(ItS- and seek lo influence the Democrats of and discharged soldiers who are

Americans have rllm jilt'!f' ruutrul!i i in .iil I I t tii'-\: top are cut: fr(1 a solid log, arid aie capable ; :,' -Hiking U-atiiies in a iii !ht ,view of the \VM.Vr.. CU .:bvt1.l"q., Albany, Ga. Jaljpa. l

desire I -and I. were >ou dropped down 1 In-ie i of (enduring, peat \eight. The t IIII of '! !'flli'i of 1 Liverpool) we shall; i indicate t the .' llajo JACK I MAUIIMAV lfaula: Ala. Florida to yield him their support, we have I NKVV ORLEANS. June 4-9

you would exclaim, A Mexican town !" the Mission is a complete fort rtss: the ', chief source of our interest at the first .T< 01,1\:1. : Talaha .s.ee. Fa. but little doubt-:and we have; as little doubt Our despatches: from t JTUMJCN

Very few of the old) dismal; I adobe and : side walls reaching six leet above the roof I blush." _._ --._ --- _--_ h.--_-_ that they will ignominiously)' fail in the attempt. just been received up 'oseienoVul

and have been ; and where __ --- FUn J'RIIrENT) : the night of the 2Gih nil.
stone stoies duellings replaced where I the (anllll \vete $placed, The Democratic Delegates! to the fronHhe .
% with tin-Hull* Aineiican in From the Koston Courier. ZACHARY ; ;\JIC fully confirming te| b
constrpc- was used t to consummate advantage, pro- TAYLOR.
FLORIDA. Baltimore Convention from Florida and ab'e.
tion. The main church inclosed wji bin a I Icclill the city and i its t people from iio.st ilejnVaijonS CURRENTS IN THE GULF OF final vote on I lime t Treaty was
rude wall of stone and plaster, i is fast 1 crumbling I one hundred years since. The The following is from a gentleman of PIinsiDKNT) : South Carolina unanimously refused to support I Senate ai Queretaro at 3 o'c"kt ck I

I lo he r.irlh.I I It has five hells. all i;i roof is slightly oval and is four feet thick, much practical 1 experience in nautical matters -MILLARD--- --._-.-.__. FILMORE.-! -_ --. -.--- Gen. Cass'-they said) that the sense of j the 2.-th. M-y-and the Treaty wa.'r.t i

cracked and broken, which Ire constantly fist of stone, ,then of lime and cement. Thepiickly who has had frequent oppoitunilies for [FOIJ. ooviixou; : : n: the Democrats of Florida, as expressed at Yeas 33. Nays 4.
grating. the ear. The side and : in abundance and a peach tree From among the mass of I
upon top pear which
actual obseivation I the dangers Gen. ThOMAS BROWN. i the Madison Convention, was hostile lo before corup
*nds, are more or less !>)shattered: which i is i j bearing fruit, flourish upon the roof. There among any now us, we select

chargeable to the account both of time and I i is one main entrance. through the front, and I he describes. His remarks arc well worthy FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS : man who held such opinions on slavery as ters from Mustang : "i

the Texas: cannon and rilles. The Texans, I several minor ones leading to the cells and the attention of those interested in naviga- IIoil. E. C. CABELL.FOR those put forTh by Gen. Cass-they refusedto CITT OF MEXICO M3}

when they first entered the city aq raptors, cloisters, and thence |o the interior by concur in his nomination without such Ed),. Delta.-The officers and olh "

took special 1 delight aiming! their rules: at the I winding and intricate passages. Some of ion.Mr.. Editor :-The recent accounts from ELECTORS : pledges as they thought the South had a have had been been sentenced! to be hanged 011.,

old bells-for they had often given warningoftheir i these once secret places hive still the ap- West the usual budget of disasters General JACKSON MORTON, respited hy G0. Barle
bring us
Key >
right to refusal disregarded
require. order
was: special of ihe
Of We t Florida.
enemy's approach. .Mas i i's said I ptalII'f of hating; been tastefully furnished, on the Florida Cost ; and I see following Ilbslal

every morning the worshipers. ) kneel upon i i hut most of them seem to have been the among others, two of our largest freighting Col. A. Cr. SEMMCS, Alternate. -their demand was refused. Will uThe sentence of hV.

the dirt floor,-dip their fingers in a broken ; ,tart abode of the monks n of the hapless ships have been on shore thete at about the Colonel SAMUEL SPENCER, the People of Florida sustain them ? Dare passed upon persons by Courts of hW!

font. and look up to the Vngin. who is clad ;i victim of (ha priest. The whole of the same lime. Much has been sic :and writ- Of Mill.It Florida. the leaders of the Junker Democrats in Ihe rican i is Army whether Americans or [

shreds o with the....face and limbs besmeared '! rfal rom, for worship discovers undoubted ten as to the origin, course velocity of nEO\G[ W CALL Jr Alternate. State advocate the election of a man who ders.cans." : hereby sU51)eo&et until run ,,
and broken. The uhole seems disgusting I daces of thousands and tens of thousands! ai .
when 'tis Known there are ,plenty, ofmeans of dollars having been expended in its em- this these lime currenls.to examine I is not those my causes purpose, but Colonel JOHN_ II._. McNTOSH. has been tried by their own fairly chosen The good citizens of Queretaro

: I things in a better i condition. i Iellshnient.T1hle, Ut I';at Honda. Delegates and rejected 1Ve shall to give our Commissioners a J
o put most gorgeous paintings merely to point out a danger that I I resume _. .- --- ---.- .. see. The rDc
The. house founeilv occupied' bv the ( ;1)1'1"i i the most costly carvings the most beautiful of the mariners navigating t this gulf -- ---' exchange ratification, '..

lior i is long and low, and has a ;I\/('II rooms se ilipt ures, and the most exquisite workmanship are many unacquainted viz : t that u ihe cUrrent WHIG NOMINATIONS. IMPORTANT: INVEiTION.-Mr. D. Tsham.a I place to-day.

with non1 but I ctouid Hoors. The reception : are still there, ttioughJn a sadly)' in this gulf is will influenced by the wind, The anxitly lo learn the result of the deliberations machinist of Hartford, Conn., has recently Gen. Arista is to be ihe GorernnJ
when the
mom! is: however pav.-d with (lit rock=. dilapidated l ; : state. Every saint; and apostle much more ihffn navigaiois il't aware. of the Whig Convention, manifested invented a by which cast iron can Mexican Ooveinment u|,
process their
Now it is a tavern I but)l uilhont gla s wiodnw.s. had his place in painting or statuary wlm I hi obseivation rid itself the crowd quarters here. I expect to seeitf
1 have learned by a expficnce. by large who were be converted almost and with but Mexican
instantly authorities
The sleeping! rooms elf| the hotels : si stranger can still I see, with the awfully through thegulf here this week
tie dining many voyages (he wharf the arrival of the -
liavc all ;ground llnniN( and aie vcty I. re, I 1IIIIil.\lt.c j j l figoiesin gold and bion/.e, of our I I dunlin m stay at I Key West, on slight expense and labor, into steel. Twenty ing In.The
as as >
containing- fio-n five to twenty-flic Ijt-ds! each Savior t the Vir. in ?Ian'. The walls: and \\l peregfmalions :about the Florida steam hoat: Quincy which it was supposed, minutes only are necessary to convert a ton Corn rnissioners; )Messrs. Sljt

and when the luitise is; 1'1111..1'1 I i is often! the 1 pillar; ; and doois, are cut a\1 hacked and my keys that dining I I the prevalence would bring the accounts. \Vhen she near- of iron into steel of the best quality, a pro- Clifford arrived at .Queretaro at4ytyevteidav. '

cist*, the retlci inn i is not so ,pleasant.! The : scores who come to visit ,; range iilice.contribnt rf'eaUI a noilheily wind blowing directlynil ed the wharf, and the announcement was from six .
cess ordinarily to
requiring ten
streets ate filled \\iih Mexican caiton; two 1\ their iite by iccoiding their I Iii strong Florida lionuCapeSable Gen. Patteron's Division willthe

wheels, with 'lour yoke of oxen, dnven I with : ,). Countless numbers of filthy bats the to coast Mobile ofVf.St Bay, the current, runs out made that XACIIART 'fAYLOR aol MILLARD da\s. The inventor has been offered S12.- 30lh inst.. and all the troops WII1L m3r

;1 1on pnl"." fiiim ten to fifteen feuv. with : have tal,11 quiet possession of the I upper1 of the I gulf with a much greater velocity FILMORK were the nominees, the most 000 for the patent right for the Slate of immediately after. Men!

brad ill the 'nd. and which 'irs tic and imnad of little swal- I intense delight was pictured the -
si op t ceiling, a dashing than; the prevalence of any oilierwinds. on countenances Pennsylvania alone. Articles
cattle amazingly I i the Mexican 1 si tit lows with theirtduill! voices their during lal1ufac'urpc CITYOF MEXICO, 3Iny2GSo'io.,1
; ,
; upon i i caze one Those strong winds! from the coast the numerous friends of the Old from steel thus prepared have been proved
the cart. Th'H1..r i is la..hf'clIO; I I th<* horns : nests: clinging i to I the rich moulding!. Who the suiface of I this large Hero I have this morinl received the

of t lie animal and! has,: no h/\\.... Time is I i is loll lost t in wonder that these magnificent opeiating f water: drives on it South unlil I it.meets body t ) both Whigs and .Democrats-:and i and found equal! to those manufactured from ratification (,f Treaty of PejcekMexican '

not a particle of 1 iron IIhnlllllll I I > cait or oxen, i isjinrtuies t which would( do tiedit I to any I I: (wateis I that are driven down the South side corresponding elongation of visage could[ be the lest English steel. I this invention is ; Congress, and hasten to fan,.

-every thing beinj! dmu with ttwhi.I.lash-; j age alt a!iy people were built I inawildcr- of Culu by the hade Will., all find their observed among the few of the Democratic really what it purports to be, it will destroy to 'nn. It was put in vote in time :eol.

i ing.! These (':lIt.. dn most of the Jieijhiiiig! i ': ness, inhabited;! by t the most relentless savage; outlet between Jape Yucatan; and Cape St. Paity who have ventured to express them one great branch of English labor. add the 251 h. at 3 o'clock. The vote SI;

aim nl I the conntrv* ti.iveling: :Ha:: miles ;per ':'faraway from civih.ation.Yon I Antonio. into) the (iulf of Florida. These selves in favor of Gen. Cass. ill fur arid 4. against it. I w.- reported 0,
much the
day. In the I nut skill! nf thetouti t lIe i i tie i;, II. I in-the to wealth of this counlrv. Clnirman of the C"III1fe on F'r
called .' lii two cm rents meet directly entrance \Ve rejoice at the selection because we ---.-- -- elariln. on the :H. and the ileb ,,.
jackal : irkells occupied by the -- ---- of the strait between the \Vest end : "
SCK.NK MAP 1)on.-A I mrrow feel that under such From the Journal! E\tra, 1ft it. continued 1 several membM
poor ;Mexicans. They are built hv digging F'\rrm. : W.TI A of I the I Island of CuLad: I ihe Tortugas leaders victory is certain .fItifffr : by np i0

a trench in tincuth: Jt inches! deep) by it> pal; of (I ur Cit} was much ex'il"c ) esieidajbv \ I Islands, and rushes out through tins gulf -because we foel that the interests of G'I. Taylor in the I'iehl. hour of its heinz put on its paMajf, j jwiJ
vide nil setting therein! small I eisht I :a .Spanish poodle j in a stale of iad. the aid of the ? 'ihat it did, not meet
a and 'II
posts II cog I with a velocity almost incredible during the the country will be protected by him who By t Telegraph. our attentive ep wHi f p
feet in i height, which are I.tshed; together i II'SS. The dog was of a laige stir for 1 thediagcy I opposition; : in the I Senate as i m )Ie
continuance' ) : of those winds. lint as (Ins correspondents At I>alIIIR.MC
with) snips I rawhide.; 1'111' dill i t i is then! put or woolly I In'I'lt. amid was fust seen las declaicd that his sole aim will i I I be his Philadelphia. Ch iiidter of Deputies. i
back to 'secure the bottom 0'Iht' > pu-I ':'tailvin the 11rlin I livlr.. Hishop at theroincr rapid; urierit usually inns directly fut country's good-because we feel asii red and Charleston we all enabled! to G.'n. Smith l. ft for Ver.i; CruzcOJtb. -.
: of Third and Walnut stieels. In'i '! the gulf, the danger is hot! so great as whenthe lay bt-fotc our readers time Pd'owirg!' cbrer- mike I' fur
to )r | embj.il.i .
After putting! en I this tid;::e 1 poo! MUMP r; w- which does that our ri..hlS:3 Southern men can safely 1'Mr.11[ '
I itactiuu I til\es; place, as oon
hiites is used i in the absence of unod pols. i t his coui'sp IU\II.. Filih, *tr'e. lie dog in I In- lug intelligence' fOI t ly! National Wbiu I troop .
the wimUiease Ui.blow.! to one who i is himself
or brush, whih run {rom th" fop/ uf i the! question; bit seveial oih,'r (!Io:s arid) a "buH"jumpei \ as northerly; 11- Irt"c a :"uler Cometi!io" All the outposts; hive been order
| buv'.s latr but ills img the return of this larse: body of w.itei man: ;and, a slave Id cr.c .
posts lo the ridge; IHI Ie. The ioof is then ; at Ill : teeth II this rims-ihy will be ready lo imri
lhairhed with a he.''"\ :erase, ntfd! the house! '; luckiU perulrated his cap
j is finished une/ > the b'i iIslr chooses} to i" itiirmhir; ; iiiiiiv. The i rabid ;.jiiimal p.i-ed I Iup do lIt run 11\,1., t the -ante w.ty that they Taylor's nomination as t the downfall of misitjle The Whig Convention a-einhltd .|iis in a lily i'r lsvi,.

mud between/ lii" 1'1)1.! to make: ihf hoij--e ,: Fifth Street lo ihe f' idl'fCf flf| Mi. Kingi j i come into the 1'iilf, but din'city ovci the the morning at eleven o'clock ;and were called Get Patterson's Division ;hrmgih I :

light.! The fimnus .. l'i"d.uigos" ate held!, i !111,1 ol the St. vJiaiU-s! who had; .just step- !! IltCIUi i leels lid %%'crri I the Toiiugas) 1.lalds Is- destruction of the ShOiS.l1rty-! to order by Hon. Henry who nominated to move, will mirrfi in IHO IM t t ilirce. :<-

in these etti-di'iiciit.! w'uro: muc can :i ped Uoin: his rom on I to lu. door st t tp.. and j i ; : Calc Flonla: ; alc: pass baiklliioiiuh :and i we look, under Ins administration! for a \\111 In ten tt.t,:or less all the \merinn,

rJ ill/I'e with a Micin 1 : ;:i irl l'r ten centon ptlh.dt thd.. .,or loo :alter I him. At tbiin- j i passiges) between ret ii ra to t the gloiions( principles of our ) Hon. John A. Collier of New 'Vorl x',ill be on their man-' l t..r tht, i.... i.We i.
: slant he saw the dog furiously' I the island and bays which separate the I ear I temporary President ama! (Jen. oJKentucky : trill lie \'. I
the bare :ground' antlldd. up :a tremendous 1'llill' 11-I I .mil the ([plbial' : nilcis.Th Ialiu 1.mlrlll"'II" i I'l nur
I auls I him. his I teeth I his I :, bay fiom the unit fil up vacuum hut tins i.e h I !t. ,
dust of a drv 111zit' without extra char; ('. napping' I, eyes .it wehnl! le Secufary.PHILAM amtoi lp a* "tr ,".
winds.My surely successful itt thiscampaign
the I I
The Aincuoans aie the lisi-Jinf JIfl'Wi no laring! lnej, 3r.! it. comiufiiced kicking" ,i caused by t uortheily! ;:LPIIIA, .JInf T, p. .f. I .k 'I leave ttitSshiehinil who are aui
Mexican jnesuniing lo i Jake a jd ice in the j! tl 1'C with ail his miuln, but his: boot bclijht 1 I nlijeci is tti c.ai the .mention of timefliigaPr we folsiiMjed t : both In reason lit travel. Iit'

same ju-adnle j \! v/itl.ont l speeial! prniis: .;ion.! 'z iil f i texinre: no' !p-im;iiient eJlVct: : I II' .,I ; of the gulf lo this subject: fil he :and by the mnaie cl/lvic'fi'll of l our -ijimdas ,. Tie Committee 1 II nnrnin:111 sit1ers,1 ) 'r,. Sevser :tII':! !' ''t-n \m'

Mont? talilc*. i ton, always have J1.t.!; -. on tin- ; !, 1 ( 'I'r".flirh; an Ameni',:M) t -c, pot t

night: ) of the Fandango in thr h:4rkt.U.: 1! 111,1many : j he i r'titried:: for a better h"I. Sevi-ial I i times :: r ill'' noitiie'ilv'_ winds! bflore 11III'II'I1.1 d/, fear which we) see deputed in the mollified I leporud I that they hc; selecltd (_;ov. :r" e-\\ ._'"" 'f. .,,! 7 oVIoek. The 1. !i ite 01ns '

a dune.) dufl.sr! : ml i e ,_!JP. :!-j'"- \fji b\ I til;,!Mits ipf-ih tear the li- of( !his !;.IIIIi.tJ'! \( ee.s-.l 1 tu .low, but III'ali.IIU III ; head of Kentucky., for Prf iflp.r, r.i.d"one > will taLe pint-! .it t.n fir'"trt>,

'I, the wily lIt.a I...!". The J<.\ri's, : aKvigamble \'> ad'U( 1 tlie b.iut. Tins d -i/-i.{ ;!"' fncoitntii tll curt mt out tlnou'.h, (ii>;.iiian; .ill,, ills <'o'iiitenatce.s ot our ,1"rr : nies. Let every Vice PiesiJi'i.t from Sta'e. '. ..II..Issi.jfieis he 11.1 jiuv.' n tn rId
. : calculations anti placing! his ship m an uu- cant
p andn.- <:''il' are "jf'\e, .- Ithcll t .1 ffitrtnue'l I lor several iiisti mites ; we <;:\ ; :\ IIEI lClti heie rejoice I that I lie MA.N II' TIIK: I I tbne or h"re.It .

pack nf ('anls! n tin I -i;- ;p i Ireth had I some i list aucts, after f a stionjfnostheilywind : ,' The Convention. L of IDG ,handed the -Jtltli; insf.The .
the animal's vote I.3C
disappeand a tr m
and )")TifSl!S.': 1 luve IJlf'U! :ei-n I'MMTI! uT j it t mtiiirupsiid: IMS; been the Con il..y.
blow I hvc I thecurrent by great. ) .
i has: el'a..d: t in kmi.wn t \
beside! the road. ni i ''r. or ufj-i'V| ,. (ijeit I h.p- 4 from his I leg. refused: to id\w delegates! to cast the lulleltctoial I II withdrawal; of tic troops WLIlp
ill the golf to inn to \\\tv\ South :andWet st-native pirty; id i 1. t country, at I knowIrdge 1 1- 'I I
hi animal lIe orderl'amnersnns
the 'omh"t. tallowing
to im-et. \ : "'Wfa! otjj-1 i i..r.. j Leaving; : ( wt- :
Iwn jiit\ I vole t States, unices 1 lie I
oiiiei limes. in If at I flllfJ entire -
.it inn t
i i'i never given \\'ittoul! ; 'i2'.i'. .! Liingtlie t: !'lae'n: :,11 a boy' !'tIil' siii-i! :I, \\,1 I:. r..n vvi'hi ; od as most worthy lo sit in the ch.lir of i i ;t-( Iff. DivIsion : 2i-:
.. i mueh fiirv aud halioe 1 !in'id-! : !" nun a ii. 1'or} he tt .nli: iiuls: (;Illilt"? to "lowII ('iKOK-sr.; I tet.ali11! were ;''resetmt. :'i Dvi: : :; !I- :
leading: :1I1111. aWtl'. and i it i< I'" ('!VT I jh'i! : hgieat: !piotot\pe \\r.\ S. tilth side d"Cuba
,,. d''r!'' tint the dog jivt '11 iti. 'has" at : \\,111'1 c.\\1 I tie :.s I PIIL.\lEI.I'II. June S. i>. -:. r.iner1ts : 4111-2'! DII''I'I; II n
ihe |>a the end of the -/ nare. Heie hi was: tin-! : IIiHi( IH'Ulioll..L cuiient I l.rs under ( eu. Keam-r'v "yli-l>t D
wearshanis fJie: 1i : bya ( in ( { sc-t-siun. ; ; i
< < disemi-siog
ft '
.tJ : s.it
; { :
i chuff'h\\ .
; .1'crtWI : ; '
ol 'IL
wh,, lo head the water that lias Ijton luici'd our tountty -who wjl know odifierence --I. .i.j .. ..1._ ,?. ? \\. I..
:i flTI in I lie, Mtet's, hull s'ic; ;tti 1 all 0*her m in having a ic'.olver. ) 'amio' IJ'arin 1 I the mime i its' of c.itMiidate.s! ; at G o'clock (loots 'I l"l .ru.-u. % in I il.We
occasiuii'!,never! ftonnetti. The order to make! sure id' !kilu-ig him. that ili'i, th* gulf. between Ins i fellow-ciii/.t-ns m who J have 2.1100( su''rt II ike! ,,m. I.
poorer \ ,
claes lj.it ih..- lJut h" for ch"ap} living. the fll: ,pi .nig IIpOI htm caught) the! thumb! In pr.l.f of the loiegoing itlel known will not yield :allegiance It) any faction, and open and I resolution pn-sed 1 to go into i ; This will cut short our tran>puru:'..

A si 'pence per day ii :dnindmt: ; nothing1! uf pi..tiil h.tc: in his 111111. andt 1 tI-I El- tl.1 alter the 10111:1)Iud.. I\; lie! tonli- nil govern as I the servant of t the People! nomination-the delegates voting! m\i r nc.l the well.

being requited !hut a half a jard! ol beef and ; tic Miuji'ilp ensued the lan: aim ualely riis 1111'" to blow ;\ -, waleI \\1 PHIL.UU:LIMII;\, June S, 95 I'. )i. The heavy batteries (siegp) of LIla
and their
the Iiijire menlioucd oasi. lit I the vuimiy not ;as la..II/-wll; shape his
a few cakes that the tri! bring ho'iie fiom : 104: the log flOll. and leturnmg; him! lo ihepaveuict.l on ; wil Ballot. Xtcvntl. Ballot. !fier and Capt. Rowland, nurJtril
the Fandangos. I It i is trti'* rhar'IJf d' is sold by his thumb. ll,i at la,t *ucceeded of St. Marks, Capos St. ( ;Jeoi e and : course lo meet their expressed will ali not Fist tiSih t niisi.Time .

by measure here and a boy is (ill."9) seen : i in geitmg: I Iis t ilium'') fiom I th I i' dog's .o.f'pl, is Horn one to two kct lower 11.1 seek to compe obedience to his mandates. Taylor, 11' 114 troops from Pachuta and Cur

going! fiom market with\ \ a .* yaid; y.nd! and a i iii'iuth. but not until it w.is li'irilhly, mau- '. at "Iler timot I is ol\'ill', thct.flrc.tbat May the Genius of American Freedom Clay: 97 91) are already on I their march direct for P'

half or two yaids.! and ;un:!.5ng I him;eiby !!" i s!l.-d. He gave; up his pistol I and :slatted : : larf; body (it I warl'l has IH'l'1 diivensomewhere him with Scott 43 49
: and; as soon as I ihe I noiiherly t crown Victory S\-Mp\Titr Our df!
I full for the Medical The A HORN -
aio'ind m.-hui" run
slapping it !'ome duty : f"Iigf' Webster, 22 22
alarm beeame : and, ; il. and wind ueases: the waleI ; \ the above mentioned ---'-- --- tic frieudji! frrl' :
and ag, in..t thc houses, or cracking; it I lil.e: a I genei.tl are lrtlentiu" to .rr
rise and attains its Clayton, 4 :
stagemnn's: whip. Rawhide! i* used for ;,I- others l bcame busily! f'1"acfc jim procuring point begins to : now TIlE nn.Mon) ::\TIC NOMINATIONS ;"nlhy for 3Ir. Clay on account ot 4.

most every thing; -clothes.lines) chair bOI.1 tire aims!': with whic:1: to dispitch I : the iiifuii:;. ustial cighl in the course 01 twenty-luur AU[ laCEn l. )Ic.lan. 2 being nominated for the PiesiuVnc

tom, fences tops of c.irt. lor tj'ma hnnces" ted beasi-but as generally happens; ( ) tin I rs. When the proceedings of the Baltimore Convention adjourned till to-morrow.
I Should I these renniks: be t him means of stufF is make sensible:
and fences together; viddlcs!I and bridle*. were at I ia tnt. A ian from a IPiolhorinf' Convention first came to hand, we looked to Taylor's chance considered the best. enough to a
and ox chains. Swimming, :: aiijl bathing i-s .1 street came l and discharged I preventing i one vessel [mann gelling I I on h"rt. sick. What do they care for Mr.C
"I those of in Florida who 9
piece" I should feel fur endeavors1. see our opponents PIL.\DtLPI.\: tOte p. )t.
favorite ainiibement here: and J' 'i is not un- but at such distance as lo miss hi 1lo richly paic my Where was their sympathy four l'v
"lher. A. U. pull the wires-the leaders of the parly- Gen. Taylor nominated for the Presidency -
(frequent that in the afternoon a do/.en of when the vials of their slander, f &
both sexes! are ftolirking about in I the San The dog now ran back I Fifth; to Main the llnwers that those who have preached: to the people on by a majority of 171 votes. ;
Goo has
written head
upon and abuse 01'his
Antonio. Most children 1 five >MIS old can street, wheie he was shot by some person sweeten the air-on the breeze that rocks the text of the Abolitionism: of the Whig On the second ballot Millard Filmore of were emptied
swim and if one drowned, it is a lesson arid the excitement now general was allay out measure. and without mercy l
gels I the flowers on the stem-upon the riindropthat party, rise lo a man and repudiate the selection New York was nominated for the Vice
to the rest to look out. Adobies (dobif) i ed., Such I scene was seldom or never1 bury and Buchanan were lately blJ
; refreshes the of nio>s that lifts its
sprig of Lewis Cass for Presi'Ietit.Ve
witnessed in before in !fact the cal- Presidency.
( in our .
used mostly now or building towns. ;
are head in the desert-upon I the ocean that shelf by their Convention, andttlht
They are moulll'c1like brick only! baked\ in oldest inhabitants of our place cannot recalla culated surely that they would sustain the
swimmer in its chamber
rocks deep
the sun, leaving; them very tender. Their more desperate lad dog scene, and in I every pencilled shell that sleeps in the course their Delegates had pursued-that Important from Ulcxico. I I tIer bowels' Inve lut been lorJI.I Jpathy
size is 18 in. and 4 thick. So it which: the lives of so many of our citizenswere : upon every RATIFICATION OF TilE TUKATY: P.Y THE i iI i them in their discomfiture. All tbti
of the less than the would to the resolutions
t deep, no act
caverns upon they up they ,,
end and) that horrible I SENATE-TROOPS UlITUUN i is reserved for Mr. eran.
but ingered, one a
takes but a few, ;'Inc1lheJ cost one to and : XIA" :
one and a half cent each. Lumber i is haul d.ath stared so many in the face and from I mighty sun that that warms live in its cliVers millions his put forth at the Madison Convention-that ( : I l from the bottom of their beans. :h.

ed from Port Lavaca, ISO miles. anT !sells which some five or six escaped very narrowly -i of creatures he has written, h None light of-us upon Vivethlo hey would imitate the course of the patriotic "We are indebted to the New Orleans I with : m.ilu-e as vind$-nve.u ill: 'S'

if the man whose thumb is bitten i is woks Delta of the 3d. for the und, iUI. The Whig* umlersi
here at 75 M. The almost impossibility himself." And we wiseenouhi Yancey and the staunch Stale Rights an extri containing II lOc
I were
of obtaining lumber has been the! reason of so fort uimate-[Cm. Com.TIIK I to probably we Democracy of South Carolina-but grievously following very important and gratifying intelligence I fancy feeling"&' on the par of thi-ir, desColumbus opK
wor\s. and will to it as it
dirt floors in the
there bemz nothing but appreciate.
should find there i is nothing, I the cold have we been disappointed. is true from Mexico : try
Merchandise ells here at a good FIST SIGHT OF LivKtiPOob.: -The I Enquirer.A .
city. profit I I i in the earth t the minutest creature
and is mostly from New Orleans, although Ilev. II. W. Bellows, in a letter lo IheChris'lan stone or that to this lime they have manifested no The U. S. steamer Hetzel, Capt. Baker

: some from New York. The expense I Inquncr, I thus gives his first impipsion j. that breathes: -which may not, in sOle way joy on(the subject- their distress of mind at arrived here at a late hour last'night: from new and somewhat better lilhrf.

of hauling from Port Lnvaca, is from of I the I double of New York, at t the I i I or other, minister I lo the happiness nf .ome Vera Cruz bringing ,the highly important group of the beads; of the me"
We admire and the being compelled to an Old Federalist -
other end of the Ocean route to the old living Cfalure. praise intelligence of the final rllifcation of the I Provisional Government bf s appea'W
823 to 30 ton. Yesurday thirtyfivecarts
per flower that' best answeis the end for which admirer of Louis and) SIU&I)1mysiignnInisl. !
an Philippe, once The Boulevards. It is i curious
important news was '
I I'he
taking 80.000() worth ol goods. started j world :- I treaty. brought .
(or the Rio (Jraude and beyond. This and We 1 li,ive spent two days in running it was created :lc] the tree that ln-ais fruit a friend to the Wilmot Proviso-an unei to Vera Cruz by ihe English courier on the 1: I will take hem up'

fitted often I about Liverpool never of staring at I Ii the most rich abundant : the star; that of the afternoon of the 26th nit., and the [1tlze' order in which the! Ianll : \V'and ilk uy
similar expeditions! are out by weary is most useful in the heavens we admire the i quivocaling betrayer our rights"-as
since the Mexican i I the life and(I manners and customs, and was ordered tu sea on the morning 'I291h. gentlemen There you
the. merchants great I Democratic, Editor of the, calls **,
L trade which they depended has been houses and equipage of a foreign people.To .- most. "lercury" with despatches for ihe Government i i Blanc; with his sharp intelligent,
upon And i is il not reasonable that man, to him is too strong to be concealed. When and the in this :: face. froning...
cut off by the war. The Mexicans dare not : u!, every thing is new and strange and Washington departments sensual Pagnerre.
come in, for fear of the Indian and robbers exciting. The very color of the city, largely whom t the whole creation, from flower the news first reached this place, not ; city. The English courier, it was said, :: unkinliv. with the air of ; maD looklIhe
all minister
the 1
lo I spangled heaven -
whom the road is infested. Thi party' made of stone, originally soft in hue, but : up smile was to be seen on (he countenances of started direct from Queretaro Vera Cruz, distance. Lamarline whom eJi

by numbers sixty, all! told completely' armed mellowed by smoke and rain, is I lull of charm lan, who and higher has power happiness of confeiring than deeper being the leaders. Fear and gloom prevailed in immediately after the raiilcation, which accounts !!;i j knows with his fine dreamy bead al

and equipped. huh I not had; other engagements for our eyes. The style of building re- misery any dUll for his arriving there before Major i! out a melancholy look ns i if I
who ( if he their hearts.
earth like
on -man, can act Disgust was plainly depicted of with acontented bolJII
I would! hive accepted an invitation minding us most of Philadelphia, is essentially Graham the bearer despatches for our imcnt of evil. Marrasf.
: is it not reasonable ill:it he should live in ihcir faces. The "Stars and l'Eure,1
I de
of peculiar. I is massivte, thorough wi Stripes Government, who had first to go to head i air. Dupont
to po with them living; a couple I the noble end of living-not for himself .tI
months upon'bear and biiffalrrmeat. iIIIO our inexpert ken, pictureseque. The but for others ] iV. O. which had so often, and indeed invariably quarters at the city of Mexico. Maj. Graham .1 old true-looking head. CremieuJ.i

I have visited the Old Missions. Theyare public buildings ate substantial and costly, Picayune.El been hoisted on occasions of importance to was however, hourly expected at Vera i I' good-iempered smile but an m"aojlion. *

wonderful-almost too much for human and the new La v building," not quite Cruz with the ratified treaty when ihe : air of the profoundest cunning c
IlJSCCtS their remained folded
PlUVILKGES. in its I
TOSIOLOGICAL party quiet
these vast piles erected! when completed!, is on the whole, the most splendid steamer Hetzel llefl. and one of the naval Marie, gentlemanly-looking.

this credulity country- was a wilderness. The first, edifice we hIve ever seen. We wonder generally must lead i truly jovial life. Think --the deep mouthed cannon" steamers of the squadron was ordered lo beheld I an inquisitive air, and, an under c "

Mission of Conception." four miles fiom (hat; travellers have: usually passed!': LiveI -- what it must bo lo lodge in i lily-imagine which had of old! belched forth Democratic in readiness to convey him lo this city of suspicion and distrust. ('.

the city covets about 3'KOOO'() ( ) feet of rollull.ancl I pool by so contemptuously We think an a palace of ivory or pearl with pillars ol thunder, was silent M the grave-and up to or Mobile on his arrival at Vera Cruz. | with folded arms, looking det'resnlue |
American, with for Gen. ( the Free Americanof t : but not ill.intentioneuheavyCrowed r'I'
walled in. It i is now fa"i unsophisticated l "ye Kearney says
: was entirely I silver and capitals of gold, all exhaling such the present moment the name of Lewis not *
there little of : ihe"3lh ult. is ordered commind in '! and rough but
a'.lhough! traces: of great : what is characteristic, (finds I a i I ) lo 'I'
going beauty!; to are decay lo be seen. No p trl N- inhabited)' ;> ccerijthinz peculiar in English civilization: ; a perme as never arose from gum or cen Cass is .never heard" save when some llie: city of Mexico in place of Gen. Smith I, able. Arago, a noble. intelligent,J

a human being.: The ground fi.inr was used" I and we are not ashamed to own that we ser. Fancy, again I the fun of t lucking yourself malicious Whig t touches the law" by who i is to superintend I the embarkation of |' seemingly full of srai"hlforw.rdor'

.. a while for a military stable ; now occasion- I were kepi staring: willi; surprise all cl'lhl. up for a night in t the fold of i rose, bringing up the subject of his tmoumiinntion.I the troops. Gen. Palerson.; it was said, I bert with a look !

'ally altle nke sh-lter there from tho cold or with painful i ut i-rest and tc curiosity. locked i to sleep by t the gent he sighs of the ii t notwithstanding I ibis of spirits, would come dowu to Vera Cruvi with Gen. 1 but somevvlutofa graspin pxpre

norther. Next i is SuntJose. (called Sail during every moment of the IIIY. Even to summer air and nothing to do whenou walt S omit ii.Great. lastly Ledr.Rotn. without oOCK"quality ,

Hosea") six miles from the city in the Nllne: walch* the endless variety of the caiiiages awake but lo wash yourself ill a clear dewdrop the leaven of parly is fast working amid we uneasiness was felt in the city ofllcxicn physiognomy-insolent, "
road. 1 have never seen a piece of archi- antiarts ; to. see the huge diay-hors.cs awl, (falr I and eat your bed.cluthcs. venture to predict tlll before long they wi. 1 with regard to the menacing alti.1 t conceited, reckless headstroug,aim




iI I



.: A .

--- -
..-- -,- .. -- .. -
--- ------- ---
___111II..7,1, -.-- .

',. r .-" w -- -w- --_ _. .
,, ------:_ : -_- -- 4- -. ,- -: -:-- ._ __.-






_. __ _. _. ___ _.
-. -_ =- .-- -- -- _. -u---- u a -___---- -. -__, -- .0 '_
-- ---
-- --- ------ =
----- ---- =
From the' St. Louis- Republican- May 29.] -i-; the forest will gO down ran: foremost and con: it granted the petition and allowed Kale I I iU U S i.( : M U SiC M IT SIC I. matter whether-the-result-----of inherent- cam or

[ up- I the of them will di"i The Nat Meaduwsl8a week !
IND1A ENORMITESATTACK tops ;lppear. as alimony.orIEuOIAL. : I causes produced by irregularity illness or acc .

t MORE 0\ Tim MOlt\1ONS AT TiLE CITY uF chez in passing through on Thmsday, thiew, II I dt-it. Nothing can be mere surprising than its .

! THE SALT LAKE. I her lead: and could! nol find bottom. Thisi ( j invigorating ttlecN on the human frame. PerSons

' steamer Mustang arrived yesterday i truly, a \viI h of astonishment the L.IiiiIiIIli;; all weakness told laliludetrom taVing it,
The jI
--- '
I -- ----. -. -- at once become robust
\\ e are in3ebTed ; -- -- ---- -- --- --I and full of underits
from Missouri river. State .i lId in i fit the inhabitants: I the energy .
111ornin g (. COTTON :TATE JE T. ;: influence. It immediately counteract
I az- | the
I To the officer for :a St. Joseph Valley of the Mississippi are greatly indebted I Yt"dr.Iock TilE. subscriber respectfuliy informs: the citizens : nervelessnrs of the female frame which is th
l last. i\1 Ir. Slir-der pased I for this grit to the of Apahchicr.la: that he iitends: to recommence *
improvement ___ itreat cause of
of Tuesday Barrenness. nclt .
(h It xviH
tue : on hind5ept.. 1. 1:347. .57 9&1 : be expected
on : I giving Muic Lemons the
diy for
that town on the previoUS .rfatigahlf editions I of aur State Engineer Received p-totweek..r& ( summer of \M. in cases ot so delicate
throu..1t a nature, to
".; f.om Foil Kearney. iiii! informa-; i Col. [I. T. Will Wnf,* and lie con- .. previou. . 11i7-16 I' :months Those,) desirous commencing Monday, 3d July.\ exhibit certificates of cures performed but we
his of oris the following
: ,hll n express b."l just reacliedj re :, traupr. Col. Dan'fJWjIoard, whose skill has .TOldl.117010 106610' taking les" on can assure the afflicted that hundreds oi sues
inielli- Exported past week .. . 15:3i: inslruments. Spanish Guitar, Flute, Violin have been
reported to to
, To". the l Mormon colony, nurdeied : :i I ready heen testeclTas an engineer: in put- pre viou y. ... .. Ilr.l615 I .(Tenor or Alto Violin) and Violincello, would do where families have been us.without, Thousand of cases
.l.e Indians had it 'ling in ojuftation the West Feliciana Rail well to children after
tint Tolal.-IO-tJ,32 899s.3 apply SOOn, as they can have the privilege using a few bottles of thfs
Snmber of Z lie' men. women and 1 childreifaiEiiynf I R.I_'I'ne ii distance say 28 miles 1. 'm I the of selecting the hours which may suit their have been blessed' with fine invaluable medicine,

the Salt Lake. No cause was old cnannel. n coin nioti running steamboat On hand and 00 slllpboard ootcleped 12.3.3S 1662j : .convenience. Music furnished i if required, at $2 To Mothers arid healthy of&pring.

ass.ned, for this outbreak would lie thiee honis in goinz round and ---- ------- -- per term,extra, for any of the above illi truments.N. Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla.Wonder Thi Extract of Married Ladies
sent in fiflVKAnf 1 EXPORTS OF i I'. Punctual attendance is and Blessing of the Age. Sarsaparilla has been expressly
The express had been now) we are told that a fast bo-it can run COTTON FROM APALACHICOLA requisite, as no prepared in reference to female
Belting assisiance' from the GovcrflTflen1 I through t the C u I-CuT in t ten minutes up and( Commencing Isl e11teml'.er, 1s..t7-dlld same reduction will be made for non-attendance except The most extraordinary Aledicme in the World female uho has reason to complaints.she No
purpose t through sickn This Extract i is .in Quart Bottles : it is six suppose is approach
Ihe Indian.bfr I' protracted s-* put up
ruww feared that in thus time in 1816.P that .
one or two minutes down saving ing critical l period The
as For times and warranted superior turn of lift"should
nd ._ sale extra quality of tip'd Flutes and No. cheaper, pleasanter,
: in still' large two hours mid fifty mimue.s, and the wood I IWtlTIIER neglect to take it, as it is a certain -
wou\J\ rimTrs' .tst Previ. j Last 4, 5 and 0 Guitar Strings. to any suit!!. It cures without preventative
murder U the eiuisrflils at that place. ItwouJ thai a |ar!e boat would burn in the difference F.XI'ORTED. I.week._ : !._,T.O :L I s s.o I TF.Rl\lo-flO for eight weeks of two lessons vomiting,purgin ,si..I\f'nil1gor diseases for any of the numerous and horrible
to which
: females
\ I sec" fciTff inieHi-curefrom) Ore. of the time I would be nine corcf11111 1.1\.ll'l.ol.. .. .. .. .3jti.. .-I1.,20 each week ; the cnni>e to clo-e23lb A1I lst. debilitating the Patient. are subject at this time

and Ih ity of lhe Salt Likellllt! lie atS5 I per cord would amount t to S'>2-i. so 11 d\ n:. . . . .. ,. .. ..... .2 92 I! Application at rny-olfice in Ballzell's Building. The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsi- rf life. This period may be delayed fur intralytcrs
tOil .. .. .. .. .. . \ liy using this median P is it less uluale
determined "upon retularwlr that will that i\alll .. . ... T. UNDERWOOD.. parilla over all other medicines is, that while it or -
: ;
steamer save .
nhive; tlmncli widely separated I every 1.1'Il'.11'. .. .. .. .. ... .... .. .J.64 ,Apalachicola June 17, ISIS. 22-tf' eradicates the disease, it invigorates the body. It forth.e who areapprolchr.t! ,
the collluies amount and the time specified. The expenses (;.11&)0\ .. ... . :. .j. .. .. .9j I IOlheritol best as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening
Sfrom upon each! other, and there j is too..much rea- of a large boat are about five dull,us I s. .. .. .. !. .... .39.J-I.39H., .. I I'l'otal instruments A large lot for of sale.r Instruction Books for the above is one SPRIXG of the very AND SUMMER MEDICINESEver the blood an'J invigorating system. Inded,

4 ion apprehend* that many of them will be per !hun!-. i to For. Porte. 1-----. .. ..Jl3I: !.4lH:, .31In-I known ; it not only purifies the whole system this medicine is invaluabe for all the delicate

cut off before aid can reach them. A military -eor"- ..... .. :.-. ., .-;.H7" ..32279.169i3.502 : I To Let. and strengthens the person. but it creates diseases to \\ hirh.! women are subject. .

force of *e%rral thousand men will he LATF.R KROM YUCATAN. -The Tampico I II Bo51on. ... . "..r' .. .17-$2 .1st .1.13717trovioIence 1 THE Hou-se lately known as the" DewOrop. new. pure and rich blood : a power possessed by I t braces I\vholes\slem, renews permanently

absolutely necess-ry 10 protect our citizens I Arco-Iris I of the 24th stales that accounts .. .".. .473..5067 .5.jlO..6)76! I t ( ; ." Possession given immediately. no other medicine. And in this lies the grand the natural energies i by removing impurities

hid been received at that poit from Merida P1mm l.tde1'hit! ... ... \.. ... ...9lJ1.; !) .J9: .fn"llil11o _Inquire of WAI. HONE, secret of its wonderful success. It has performed of the body, not so far stin.ulatmg! a* to produce
>D th..1 quul..r.We I ... . .. .. ( .lJ>:; than subsequent relaxation, which ii the of
from the officers of the Mtulan I to the 13ih l by the Yucatan brig rrciles.] ;. "I..2fifiOew May 1 II. .1) Wa er-qt. within the last five years, more : lfJO,000 case
learn f" Oi".tOs. ... .. .
; .
:\ ; .1 ?:):. .19&9.15 14.5Othmerpnrt ol of rlst'a'It I lra!t 1:,000) mot medicine .taken for female weakness and
that six hundred wagons. containing .Mor- This is four days; later i ihan our previous io- :_ ... .. .. . ...538 I.! .53 .2,37 P W. CULLEN i iq my authorizer Agent d.n- cures considered severe cases incurable. It ha9 :aved the hives disease. Bv using a few bottles of this medicine,
: l-i were
were to Ic.ve Cmp 1sritI, lelline'nce. IJy letters from Iramal of the Told! ring absence from the Slate.
mon enfant* + J.3rt: ,. !.; my of more than 5000 children during the two pa,t1OOOO" many severe and painful surgical operations may
iirv-fire; milts! above the Council BlufFs 'Jih ii It. it was I Known in Merida thai; the 1'TAL-ur.1 .. .1.. . I-I-1 M. P. ELLIS. I I'an q. 1 be_ prevented..
for the Ciiy of il>Great Salt Lake. I"Indians to t thft number of 4.000. had been !Apal ichicola, June 1C. 1SJS.S. threat -iles- iin- to ITIothers and -
.. of Gcnerl Debility ;
lotI. in the ; .., L I _. .. ._ _. -- -- i -- ------ cases
jur; after the (\IIS mentioned $preceding ilelcaleti in Mlipecii arm .joim ny meernment 1U"- PA.-;"J.\.EI.-. ---1. BEXEZET is my duly aulhoriz-il: Agent :i iui2 want of IVervous Encl';'.. Children.

pait ol tins a i tide, we think it doubtfa ,- I I lioojis. I It appears; : this success Per steamer Q.tJincy-II's Maclay, Miss Le- duriisg: in\ absence from the St.ile. Jr. Townst-nd's Sars-ipanlla invigorates the It i is the safest and most cftctual medicine fir

1 ,whether i they will! move forward without' h.is somenhai: ; revived t hue va'or' of t the Yuraterns. ]and, Dr iJellamy, X Hawlev l.aker (. :Stniiii, R. C. KKIJR.Juno wholr1 system permanently. To th
some promise oY protection from the Government. i : and I ihe Union of Merida.1 of the Cot Irvin, .Master Maclay, Jtafter Elton. 12, I IS. Q'UIVoticc. 10..1 t thrir muscular energy by tie? fflecfs of medicine up<.n d.i!. tI-Jil'lh ever di.-covcred. It

13'h expresses hopes of betterins I tjie conlition ----- .--- or indiscretion committed in youth, or the strengthens both} the motr.frand child, prevents
P.iwnee In H.ECCIPTS of the passions. and brought pain and di.-ease, ir.crfaa and enricl.f* the l.d*,
It is said that two t thousand of the {:Ollllll') by the )prowess of her FHOM THE I TEII01LPer exciive indulgence
BEXJ. HOWARD i is my authorized of the those who: hJHu'l.d it think it H indb'pf'r lhI..
Helleview for the.pur the Hercules Meamer Lo'ns-HI biles- CAPT. on a general physical prostration rervoussytern ;
into Nevertheless X J Deb1oi.
cotton to
dianInd romf! -on'" passengeis by -
during absence (lIe State. It is 11hlu"foful! both before and
my ambition after confinement
of fainting
i lassitude want sen-
16 te ,
which > IIIaclay h. ,
of they lie 18il ii ;
provisions, which left Uampeachy on i ),
of JOhN W.
;.intiz BABCOCK.
I it
as diseases
Per and decline prevents
pose eleanif \011(111-3110( bales colton to X J1Jt'lIO latilln!, premature decay hastening upon
were ill r.11allt.. descrilie: Yuca'an as being 1 in the greatest; l lI ) ;ia; 31 Io A X .McKay; 3<) to.Macldy fe It orbroimhi Apalachicc.la, Jnrfe 1, ISIS.IVoticc. towards that fatal di i",3e. Consumption can be childbirth-in Co-tivene-w, Piles. Cramps, Sell-
al.. bronaht to us tint Uie ..n..tn'lelill.l was crowded with 1i oilI ing of the Feet
A report U I entirely rp sfor.d by t-.is!: 1,1(:H3rt; remedy. This t. 1)es1ur.dency Heartburn. Vomiting -
fjp.1 1 n tel States, train which left FoilLrrenwoiili. ]: III'11t I ;* numbers! were aiismcniing fiom PerIt. \lll"r EufaiilaH! bales cotlon to Harper I.,I Sarsaparilli i is far superior to any Pt: ii: iu the Cjck and Loins, F is<. Pains

I ih" .Spii i il/2. was atlarked I.\ I d"y! to ILl). by those flyinj from the towns A: i Ilu'nics i : 2G to Wood Ac IJ.illou; 3-3 to LockhaitA (ior.vM. H. HUiII-S is my Agent during Invigorating Cordial, Hemorrhage, ar.d i in rrculatir. 'thMctitiot.s and
11III.l''i A: \ ; 2 to A X .McKay Ac Co. '___) raY ab-scnce from the State.
In.Ii.ii! at Walnut Creek : : Willi l Hie ;iinl villages ill the interior 'lecently attacked IVr--teamcr' (Qinney:'J-3 h.ile Lock- A" it reeva! id( ;invigorates the system, gives e'j'ializmn' the nrcuhtion i it has no equal The
cotion to HENRY G. ;
tllt'nlIWI"II") were Killed. Thi nani; II! i :and Aprdicliicf-h, JM.iy 2o, 1 15IS.lYotict I '
:11111il.t delicate: it
__ ,..t.i aii.l two Lt'rllarc ment'muoilanmii '. )Ih! <. 111ltr', savages: : had IIING upwards of I lar system, in a mo-t f-strai rdinarv d"gree, nsi rcsf *uccefully.' ,

; the irimlier.Ve: lIe, mil nifurin-:; 1 i J-AII 1t.1"! '"| uiiic! > The inh.ihi't.irits of '1' ?? j \ v "fi vi 1 Itl' 'Tfl *. Consumption CUI''d. very: a f.-w little t"-."(-C.istr.r* reqnir Oil any Magnesia.tlier medicine useful., income
; i ? or u
\\\H\\-\ THIS rep-Hi was brought: III I the "-iie-! 1 M"iiia! diietl not vei'.tuie (fifieen' leagues JLiuinrj 1 i ii i iAJAIUIL\tiIi.J \ J N pur'nnce of the provisions 1'i the Constif'itX'i |!! ClrancrIIrl Strengthen. Consumption can be E'\'fr-i in the: open air, and liLt to< d with this

ir'lis. h'll WI' ill' illl.lal/.IIII L luTu've ih-' i* j ;Sfuiii ih" lilf'rJrilr| of llu-ir bood-thir! 'tv I ... -. .-- -- .. .- - - -. : wt the State :notice i H hc-rcby! {iivcn that c'ir<-'\ Bronchitis, Cornm'tion. Liver Complaint medicine, will aivaysnsrre a sateaud con
--- -- --- rert.iin [pf-r'ons, citizens of Florida' intend, applying folds Catarrh, Coughs, .\"thma. Spitting easy
if not ah<'ae hi i .i i- 1 .Mie'iiif"; .'LIIIof the hboiing inbos.i'i ) finement.
i 101 IICKII t.x evti.'S-r.He. : nei: TOUT (OF : 1'\ LA'' 111(( )ILA. ., ionic l/ !
the Chef Hectic
to the next General iembly o' the .State, of P.l-iod S.lri'le.'I ,
"lIfr"" '. Tiie, .Mi'xir.iti whir came in iVi'inS.i ::. ;::1t..1! the in, ,'I r:'':I. nV.ir (Cauipearhv.; for an aet incorporating; them. and their associate Fl'isli, Night SweatDiflicult rr Profuse Ex- XoJicc to flu Ladies.

I'I I in! !1'.. tli' Ij'ter pin of I lt
I j. ,'i lU-n-!
,11", oi !I'M':!* aflYir.: .ililiou: h tit" "UlTieieiit in 't j M;,s."n ers mi ihe 1 1'I'fu1'I.till:1: : mu.t Z Uin:. LI\'I/II"rt'.lm Xew Voik.IjfK : of! the' B.I'lkIf Commerce"-.airi i I incorporation! I5ood.NVw for Ftnitlf" &C'. &c., and have ct pied our bills
)..Icirtn I'llJrf.Uel! fill Xew Yoik.r and l cirrn'ars! w'lirh! relates! to the inplaiiff- of
teif.i tu .11 I r.itl lh*",r an tIlIlU. ;i ':1't"( in a ieploruble; ; : iltlali"lI.1 the t to po''ess b inking!) powers and pnviljge*, and; i is York Aunt 2?, l' 'tT. rf
obr S ir.ta I ItK: "t. -:1I1IIh fin X (Jrl..tii-'. wr-men, wf.rd fi r 'onltl.er} men who put
I i IMIH* ol" their i
M\TI\'IS': : fiII':i:: ;i ln?T-' : and i if! I llie savages hau. ; ;aipro.uhed; ; I SliMin-r Nc'tioi ( ireer, fin, Cnluni-! May. I 10-tf ,c snparilb! has br-en the ansthrough Providence, Trwnsersd's Sar 'iparilla in n kiir.ts incident to

:''i L i Li.nirttue: is UillllC'.tjHII..h1| j. Ur.l- i .)i'M.-r llie city, as was; expected' famine 1".I1I1"r Eafaiiia; i IZyuedr.: tni C.1 1 Jinb'i -- --- -- -- --- -- I of -:t\'ill,: mv li'e. I have for severalears had aInti fomalrs, recnsarr.tr.ded tbtir,mj altbrush' ,ious-

I 41 11', l K.fnh' ':" -t ; w;lie:her Itt i is l.. li ii! 3 ;sti 1 A-uul.l) iuii-l[ the iiiiiaSitafits! to abnodiiii it. SU-.I.'IHT ti uiicy, Ail .l. I tiii Ct'II..t100C\I't': ; The .ra: djo n Iiisurisice Co. oi'" trtI uli. It be'amtrr-e an t \\"t!!. At I Iv they did iKt. A r.urr.her rf these Mixtures r-re ,

1 < a philusojdmr! aid s-u: MM.i. :\"cw J'l'SCY I i'I t I raked; l.srg: ? quantities r f birwsd.! hart niht
1.:1a. h.lti
'i.1; ; i- !rho' bi%lioii a ul all the cleijv: nljt'iint: d I Tills &c, arc irj'irifra t" females, astl>e\ airgrevale -
.\ fl'I"| "' 1.111 fur p'..ti-nty. Th I ( j r o -i'-.i;; : '; to !l"'unrj; and (1.1-\\ J E U. rr HE snSsri'i r being appniriti"! 1 by: I lie above I S-.VC-MS :1:1(1: 1 was groallv': debiHfate.I? and! reducfd. disease and unctei mine i Ihe I -r.-tituticn.
: i ir is. r: iititoiy ;
,! '" i<, pII/; : j' :]it; ; .\ nn nii/.i.::; P.inr.! t"r I'rovidencr. (Vi'p.irv I heir ;!g*>rjt i'r thi- city, is niovpreiar i"tl: di'l[ not exf" ct to live. I hny f'.n"Hf'j! } \< nr fci'ofta
ill. Cured
M i :nt I i'D.: | !II *ISI1I t-.vo ciinvents: fir the rc:1' : ; r-'i II 1 t.i'ce;' t < shrrt Time, and there ITH a wond -
.,. i.ihrxr"t! >-=. I.r '1.I..i. \.Iqll"( | l.>r X \ .jk.cnr ; tf> t Fir an I.Marine Hiskihy nr--aparila
1:1: K I ; ne. II f) a Thi ct-rtifir.tftr cl-'st\tly that this
i ":' : "-'-: : !1'liI! uf fujj'it.ves; ; ii'.m lite Mtrocittes olih > \1 VII'i' i jitv lieN Orleansr1.)1 :\l I H 1 hl l-i. THOL.. :\1IC1 I EL. 'rf'il change bi-rn wrri'jg'it!, in me. I am now proves
I i.t: jlll?' I' !..It ijr III 'ti 2H- ? ., .' .ft ;' t ulPIs.; ; .} Si r !LH': i ciie.fl Wt'r. X uri aa-. -_. --- :1t! w.itk: all over the city. I rai=? iW blood, Sarsapiriib;! h is ff rftt c.1? l over the rnot (bsttriafe -

1. ,: i 1 ;pr'i..t i 1 .... ,'Ii' c'a..11111'1" ''I '11: : .',' : 15 irk In ii.ina 'A'a !-, for lJ.>=.!i>n. T ;x !HptrH"s: % o1 e."r.X ind mv rough has l left' rr.f. Yotj can well iiaa- disuses! f the B!"'( Three person*

.,! .' ', in ih 'i ill i'aofi'f'I' letH.1 1 .!ii'. I.n. t<-.\ ; S A <'\ri'ity r'. :MKKCHvrs.u .-\Vu card' :s.ii: Fin!;"iD. .- '.'! I..=. fur Iv-rnuI.; pavers are li"rcby n'>!' -d i tint all! tav gir.e that I am thankful: for these results. cured in one hense i. Uip.E'C'f.d'n:cJ.
jir! Alecia, Mtoi, f jr :t. Maiks. .. I the ( the time I Three Childs'cu. .
I loll w'm It!.!1!. i b.* : I "5 "" i ir <" "..i. .fi city m'ut r paid hy I prpcribcd Your oheeH'-rt! s-rvanf,
!" .1'1,' 'iiu-v t ti.! tU .-tn: :' i' i I : I" f 5ti ) 4i s jnuius: o.juniiy gn- .------ ; by ti! unlin.in'-e jiHscd, by the City V1. rs-'ELL... C.; Catharine u.Tis Dr. Town-yew! : Dear Sir-I have the pleastue
or : !
tl' 1!in :. l IT".\ i'i. wl'tt 1! ; ('.1 UP io our <'iiv sanity d.ivs LIST OF VESSELS; ix PDIIT.II1I Council!, if not the law \vili IIPtrrlix'1 enforced.JAS. i itH : atiszt. to inform yon that throef mv children have

(! >;: i'j .. nil' i-i ;i lustily; r<'-j 'ctab! ; fir'anj > J <. F. FAIUMOIJ f.vrthan tV-nr thr.rjsand been cured of the Scrofula by the use cf }cur excellent
.. ... Vv.i! I !; i; only one of
.. Kr'1'1I'o'i'K'- i
j ,I : -t- pi: : j| of -: ': .. 4'1') 'INi* tlillI a. iluiv prcsnnied :,1.1r..ir:1.;: J.- !h-i-'> i I. :'tel tun-, for loaton! load- City T.IK Cnn cfor. of Rhfurmfis-n! that! Dr. Townsfnd's Sarsnnrii medicine. They were tfilictf: very se-
(;;< <
1. .. a'.ti-i: Ed n'lVf i.l Iji It'., H.d.1I1! L > : i.i-'-X J !" -'I. 'is1obt :Mr.i EDWAKD Sii-CL'LLY is I' H'rd.'ilh bad S
:Ic ,i Ti'i.i ncp.: ;ni
: :: t L 1'.. *.t'I'! i I. .\Vi-h: .' ", ''. ;! 'ji- 11. t f.f hiltn.l.! "li'iwi'v! dressed gf-ntb1. .Fulton.d.! ;-, :.j; \Vruit.", .,!M tons, for LnTpoclI agt-nt (fror t thf tlectnti of Taxes ({tiring n mv ;tbser.cf 1| (; .:'.-< are weekly eradicated by its extraordinaryvirtues. les; it too!; them vvay, fur wLic.h I feel injJelfuctfer

f... i. .-i-'iv mAM in <>' i 't'j" '") fn.ni tlc Slito. J. F. FAllltlOfl.M.v great obii4ation.
\\'h.! ind ciiUivaled HI'fLinl .
'f: ::1, ) ;i .\ ,. 1IIIT' :. j :
.' 'i:" -i i'.I :1.1 11"/ V i"-.::.V :?i :. : > : -. j :i 4-i-f..tt'h.ute wilh a gold' ;emi liis,.*u h'J I Ilin?. I LivHinn.T"" ;..] am: ? ic-NL-w Vrc, wait. 1-, 1-:1'. Jara-'s rurRTninz! *, Esq one r>f thr- a- istanf$ Ycury:, rvSju-ctful'y; ,

1:1V: i I t' Ill l'i 'i 'i L''i. '):' :1'" 1 -It-l---_ i.v.,1 f.! :!he bill!, t Li- ill( Ins undillcj ::i:- .1 1 ,-!' ---- -- in ti"! L initi' :A-\lnrr Bhrk'.vt-U's\ Islandis the I ISAAC \V CILAIX! Woofer-it..

.I' i :1' I" i 'l'! I i ii :i-. I 'i J r ': ... : ?a- .'1 S.i"; .f, S.m''s! 40J: ions, for r.\-rpll"l!, lo.d __ C'JurjitVin '. I gentleman spnticn'ff in the Ilnwin.j letter : Opiiiiojs of Physicians.
t i. r ..ij 'I'oj l' 1'.' j-.<;iiji4* i1'tI' '* :-. ', ... j j -i:_>t-. i I. f, II'? .".. J.] 'I'r"IIlIl'lolI; Toni'ikiiis. I 1.1.4-J I'Ar' .. 1 J':: <-uT iivuji'i i'l.l.1 :i' the -i .fMinn'. l Hiii'rVr.if: I I'h'H'i.i1J1' ;I, ] tons, fn: Liverpool; ---I -. ",Mo'itcrev! a-id tor if.* !bv Sir I !have saiL-red terri'iv from Physicians in diff-rrnt paitsoS the L'nirn.This .
; i'i'i .' l i i. ,' . ."T.M I Dr. Town.enJ-Dctr : -
i I" i J\. : : i : : i .t" ii s!<;w1!V. al-"i!:isl ;ii ill- i't>hioimbej tJtIg-1! i-tf-r ____?.riyj-j! MrCL"LLY[ --'J' Yi.II"r"r. for nine with: the Uheumatisra ; CCTIsiihrablc i J4 to certify that we, the uldt'fii: ntd;
'i .1 i n \ i-' !L":'' r t j t 'i-- I IjJrt-: !, .Meiniirr, 21S I: tor.?, fin NVw Voik, xv.ut- years .
I "I"n.it -<\iit w.'cn' i.H-ujTitio'i'v; twirl- : Phjs-icians .f the City ol Albany, have in numerous -
j 1. the rIII,1 not eat
.f time see > or
.. .. : ( ;
I i -'i !:: -: :i MH-JIH 1 I ,,I I J. ;II".I'.r: ;( Orcans Ssi:iir.ITHDv
i I.S, ... -,( .... .' .J: i. : "| vi-n-: i : oq..h.! i. '\1 I"\"r ;1:1") h.1I'1I11I1; I Ih.; 1i1.ll/v'r Co-.t-n tIIt"r. ( ic > P.rt-ir-.ri*, 012], tun.--, !',r LI'erI'.o : I prim: X. O. Sugar, receiver per -Jchr v.'alk. I had the utmost ditrp>sin? p:in?, and and cases believe prescribed to be one Dr.t.f Townser.VSarsaparilIa the most! valuable ,

... ft 41'.ft. I ('m :r.tlJ : | !, !iM1'i:I;;-J I lId' ) c ( iDa'j.iii > .. :\I"ntrv, .tn.I f"r s il!<- bvMylS niv limbs \vcre terribly swollen. I have used preparations -
'* -. t(, !,<" .: oj .s. 1 tij tll'J: 'II"! :iu ''.r I t1"te. --iranj-r.: cash th.t dl'attt'lIr: :" ; -.-?, (I bl.) .1..111I'l '". loJ "Ion', for Liverpool.baiu !. F. )I,:CTr.LY,1)' U'Ciller. "t. four bottles: of your Sarsapanlla, ar.d they have in the market.
I. i'ivi' I, ni, ( !;" 111"1-: 1. TSi*' '! '*'.> .. f.>; ii i-; I .-W A .V I' CKm.UitlOs. don-c than one thousind dollars worth( of II. P PULING M. D.
1 HI..lta'll. more
i iVitll : I:ttj1 IIi r.-plid lii3i
1\ i r j -i, .ti'i; _' iiy ihrt ",'a-; '.'.. 3 < ', .. I'. :i.ii- : :fiod. You are It liberty to use this! for the benefit WIL-G.V, M. D.
!<'-"utu Its V .wn jinpt-r; !-it I 5-a potiiveSMJiiii. Si-lirn. Smith, 4'J7; '.:.-, in New York v.nitingMatrr 11. B. Rr.IGfD..
,'r i nr.,lii., '. iI.jt.. .. >{< [ltI'I111"! r .. s..f... i.< I ." *. Vv'all. cati'l I ll 1",1'! .II." >.iid theountynrui I I ZfIJHLS Champagne: tor silo bv of the alllicted. :p. -F:. ELME\COKFM. t>.

.!." n-i i ttiTfi, ;is .H"1 |u';-iji'itMi-: t'HI":1: .. : if \ou ihnTt I 1I\'I..t gel Morf.i HldreJ'-'fi: !, :2il:;1 Jon*, fin h'tw: York, vait.i:1Mdftr. a) IVr .',''j l 15 ELLISOX: C.i. I Yours, respectf.illv,CTTLIMIXGS.Fever Albany April( 1,1S47.Cautioii..

l-' !f' i< mi !It... of "IUSI'9CI.! nr i "j.\: '!' ---- .TAMCS .
-n IW'1.1 !v el 1- uc.
I ihf r. "ilt I Ii\, ;i ut-ire h.U'mwi", ) .. :(,ut t I 'lt1I'r fiom si'-nin:: on 'Chinee. ihe mcrIn SCHOOL BOOKS, ot all kinds .just: r..C"d by Dr. Townsend's SJ.rtpariLl.l'is unequalled in of Dr. Townsend's number of
Sarsaparillj a men
f ,
( ! 1 .tt co'j d'11: l III rash the bill and juv- '. 1 J J. C. ALLEN. cnsM of the Chills and Fever and Ague-. Thefollowing who were have commenced
I : \ YOKK! -Per cchr Senator-5C2 bales of formerly our AiTents,
,1"1 "'I! over the m u:.'v to ,tiji; CII'lnlln".III.' a'!, C,11) i -- -- -- -- --- letter is only one of hundreds that we maldpg Sc1r .)pri\la Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters Extracts -
(nii1.i.: ." u.I11 lit; tifd! iiy Jllf r.f. t T )" .: ; Gacon, Flour, Sfi'jar, Coln iuit the South and West of like
: have received from
rn'P..r! Jniitn-m-3Ofljae'
.1! hi-ii qtui,-tlv. \\ ly. my I'nend. do you l 15' : bark cotton. I rf Yellow Dock, &'. They generally putit
r'ie in iicii i irnf Hl* lt"d -lf.AnBi'i'utr Cl11lOfl! hand and for sale l b.\ bv Mich. Oct 22, IS-Il.
IIIHllt. ; WI ;is VP.l4- ( in dis'Mniot' inc own pamrI'| I don'tininany ALWAYS on Osego, them have stole! and copied our advertisements,

of ih" revolution w.mM uftl ic : harm. s ranker ; but I'v'RJust j ot --, ---. -. : McCULLY.: Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I pnrcha-ed ll for my they are only worthless imitations; and should-be

flu in i;>;i'oM; tie iMir.e f for tu-! "io I uri " : 'his iIt..I'in skull, i that; wlll'n011 !ee a ?Io> t Uxtraordhuiry, !
my Sway ii cV Wistar's Mr. McXair of Kalamazoo, to try it for the Fever -
h a'tofli.iilZ' ivni ;' fiiudul t tfllnij: ,il>< ; Principal Office 120 FULTON Street Sun
'ti.t-4hliI't! ( with; that; liair: on his uppi-r) lip. /COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry, just received and Before I had finished the first
is C'liniil.ited.' I I J Tlif* .h.v.tIfIl.! ..\ i. III TIIE Ague. Building, N. Y.; Re!din- & Co., S State street,
,vhu xvriips his. ini'ldl' name out in t lull and and for sale by the blood and
i bottle it appeared to warm every Boston & Sons
Djott 1S2 North Second
; street,
Dn-K) .
'ii }lttn.f.! 1 '.::tinj ciri ti-! .i <.n il-J I
: ; i I <.I/fltll'-f.. lulls \\ miii a Cul'l pen. you may setj IAIlIUEDVOI. Feb 17 H F ABELL. other day, when the Chills and Fever appeared, Philjdelphia; S. S. Hance, Drujisist, Baltimore\ ;
:: nn mure 1 us. \ and before she had finished
j it.d'twri as puny f'.rn I ill: 11f s gwine i to burst PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION.BY they were less violent ; P. M. Cohen Charleston ; Wright & Co., 151

&",11I4 an 1 ilw J "Hin;.. I lungsruc I i H/OVVI'I. t! j :up in a we?..-.\ O. Delia. PH. A. M. MAURICEAU Wood Warc, Vc.B the bottle, she was entirely relieved and Charters street N. 0.; 105 South Pearl street

fir 'ill'ir: e.ir- It ,vc: Jiiutrl( ., t 1'"l''U': ; i.i Jli- \RI5EL Covers Painted Pails Tub, Flour she was much better than she had been before Albany; and by all the principal Druggists and

'Ji'jes of til" Ho Sixth; Edition lSno: pp. 230. } rice $1. Broom?, &.c. &c. for dlbv sick with the Chills and Fever but had broke We Indies
say |pic.IUrf'.rl'It"| Fri>ii<: im.iri., Oi.uiily i from Vi-ra Cm/ the details of a >t and the Canadas.
'. the "i TVVCXTYFIVTHOLNAXD: COPIES SOLD B. ELLISON & Co. thf>m with Quinine, and was left in a very weak For sale wholesale and retail bv -
n'lvp.h.t! coiUimri
niHToscojtie; of fratiic'hle I J by a man well
oriiMe i
case Walpr! and Chest nut si l*.
life j I IX THREE; MONTHS npc 9. T. and distressing state and troubled exceedingly H. F. ABELL
never traced: liD *tiiiili'flts of InSukes. 1 Known in this co ii lit rv. Tucker Armstrong, eecttha it had ,

Catker 'ir I).tniUi-v' in hid ."rr'I' ,''I. \Iii,. it will I b" rrcollocted killed, : a brother Years of sufT-rin of physical and mental an- JUanl, Books and Stationery.KDGERS on with the wife Ague'Cake,-she sent,and seeing procured the few_ bottles, May 2j, IS.1S. 19-ly Apalnchicola.

";tI..i'IO.i with a s rl' 'f'r ()ifltI' 'r"s f::jt :i irlri \ I :it Mount :'1tiz'; several years; since, under g'li-h' i to many an .lfl ct iOr1Jt'e wife and pecuniary L Journals, Day Books, &c. and my it restored her in a few weeks to complete PROSPECTUS OF TIll

it were linn. J.tlWlltll1l' !1"1. fl' im i lii.'j j '.i r('it iti-l 'm<;es of f peculiar: at! rot t\, has since diliiculties to tha I husband, might have been DO reams Foolscap\ and Letter Paper; health. Your Sarsaparilla is without doubt, unequalled FLORIDA TEMPERANCE

Tittfliar! I Tri's IIm'tll... (;ln1l1/r:' !t. -. nf his M.I 1 : I I iejie i' ited (lilt? crime by t the deliberate sli ugh h- spared by a timel) po-isesion of thi s-nrc. Cotton Memorandum Book ; in diseases incident to the Wr>t, and if ANDAgricultural -

.1I1I11 l 'I'I"li'rrl'\1. o.) n !King (iabriel} Arm- Ship and River Bills Lading ; think that this communication will be of use Ad oc:1tc.
: I 1 : LIIII"1 j jt t.-r of another brother. Car t. ; It i is iulendpJ) especially for the man ied, or Boooks (for Letter Press. you

;"I'r hl h'.1:0111.. an iihj. (lf \p..I 1ilxjiu .11'1I111.! of Col. llays's Texas J Rangers. Theciiviinistanees. those contemplating marriage, as it discloses important Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks, iou are at liberty Yours.to use respectfully it as you choose., A weekly paper to be published in Quinry, Fa.

lanIII' never Uki"i .m e\-it; <\.. .thi.il I : I .II i i'aiile .j these Tucker Arm-
: wer : secret which should be known to them Just received and for sale. bv CHARLES II. SWAIN. I; BY JUUA.V BAHTLETT. -
or i is "llu| \e,1,! tu pn' lh! :: III., MI 1 !' ".1 run: was I Lieuiemnt I I in I the company of March 1 11. F. ABELL.

out our knu>*! ;.l:c. ( I Ir in.!tun 1 III i- not I Ith Rangers coninianded: by his brother and on j pirticuUrly.Truly I 1 Canker in the Mouth THE proprietor of (the Quixcv Tiiits, under

.. oWrver but the sj>v tlf} events. Tin and threillenf'c1vilh ar- knowledge is power. It is health Trusses.. Below is an account of another- child Saved- the repeated solicitations of hU patron w ho are
liein j reprimanded, saved the livesof
:: and double Trusses Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has
superior single
Rive an occ:,oiniiil| peltine.s to a ljpler.| ; iest l by him for gross breach of the code of happiness, affluence. I-Iur.rs by thousands of children. The following two mostly comprised among and other the friends industrial of Temperance -

but in most rases has tiie fij Idll of actual drew a pistol The revelations contained in Us pages have selected from number re- Agriculture ir.fmst.s
military' duty deliberately Ft-b 17 II F ABELL.: certificates, are a great of Society, has cetermined to devote his Journal

parlici'Mtion: in ,the cvems.' Sir Walter from IllS bell and lint him. proved a blc.s-sing to thousand as the innumerable ceivvd this week. more exclusively to the cbjects indicated by the

Semi improved the writiti-j ,il F history by the lie attempted to escape, but our informant letters received by (the author will attest. Thompson's Compound Syrup of New York, April 1, iS 17. new title he has assumed.

method and, of llie Itiitllfk..IIJIJ\1.I G. Armsiioii2 i Tar and Wood Naptlia, Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-One of my children:
grouping thinks was arrested. Capt.: there aKo female the wife the mother The Editor has consented to'make this change-
but L I every the cure of consumption) chrome, bron sick with a Canker in the Mouth and
: m.iniiHC has was
jMjne a sfcji f.irlher ami Lieutenant McCulloush's t FOR very not so much with the exp elation cf
filled hi, was a the one either budding into womanhood!, or the ;, asthma \ hO,;lirl c-ou:h, palpitation Throat, attended with great debility It came pecuniary
canvas \vii 11 the mionli.f I of Did; and distinguished himself at Mon- gain, as with the desire of i exerting a sJlutary
fas and Sue. Hangers, one in the Incline of years in whom nature contemplates of the biMrt, liver complaints, and affections of near dying. I obtained some of jour excellent moral influence} throughout State
If llie IIi if lance ocr growing
: hiitory.somewhat he received severe ,
iiMy Il.'rl''llI're a
for sale for which I
the kidneys by medicine and it cured it directly,
an important change-can discover the in regard to subjects which he holds oi all ethers !
used already( sulUVis. readers! g.iin \\'1)1)1.Vhile, with ( 'ii. tl-iys lie had the Feb 10 J ALLEN. assure I feel very grateful. -
you be of
I i:1 interest and excitement. Certainly, if leputation I of being one of his flmot intrepid call e.. symptom, and t he rno The cause (>f f Temperance the interest rf
there is any warning to be pot %from expertnrf | and enterprising Captains.-Mont. Jour. and most certain mode of cure, in every complaint /CASTILE Soap for sale by ELIZABETH FOWLER, 27 Desbrosses-st. ;
and home
Agriculture in all
industry tU relations
intetsely vivid pit-tores in the concluding --- to which her sex is subject.On -Febaj Fits Fits Fits and varieties-will be the'ohjecfs to which

volume of lie .' Ginm-hots"i ol" the Mr. Kendall of the New Orleans Picayune the rfcceipt ot One Dollar the Married Advances Dr. Townsend not having tested nis Sarsaparilla the attention of the paper will be principally directed -

ascendnncy of the Mountain: and the ll'-isn I i was at the last dates in London.Ve Woman's Private Medical Companion" will he ADE on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool, in cases of Fits, of course never recommended ; and as connected with these interests,

of Terror will save France, Irom any sucli 1 I believe he I intends. making t the tour of all t the Havre New York and Boston, hv it, and was surprised to receive the following and as bearing upon them, and as intluencirig

horrors j in future, especially when the same principal countries of the Eastern hemisphere. spot (mailedfree) to any part of the United Iecl6 D. B. WOOl! & CO from an intelligent and respectable Farmer in them a review of fmeigri and domestic markets,

band that holds the pen guides the helm ofe.iome He has a jnssinn for excitement Slate All letters must be addresed.'p st-paid, Westchesler county : I will not overlooked1. .

$ Journal. Having remained; :Mexico to Dr. A.f. Mauriceau Box 122, New York Hydrostatic Ink Fountain 'Fordhnm, August 13, 1917. :: The importance f f the objects and the aid
and adventure.
FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Hacks! Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I have a little girl which a well conducted could afilnlthem

SHORTENING until he supposed all the (fighting to be City. Publishing Office[ 129 Lihert ;-sltt'et.New A Sand Box, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals, seven years of age, who has been several years are questions which newspaper could; not be fully! discussed .

the ThY lstIPPI.-Olie of over"; he wishes to become a spectator; of the York.! May, IC-tf. Paper ChiIi, Weights, &c. for site: by afflicted with Fits; we tried altn-."t eventhing! in a paper cf this. sort ; bnt it will b"e, cur

Boston papers recently published! acornnuIIie..iti0n terrific wars that threaten tu desolate I Nov 13' J C ALLEX.M for her but without success ; at last although we purpose to explain and enforce them in articles

announcing on the) authe.nIlc Europe. I He is not a bad-hearted man but Notice.TIIE could find no recommendation in our circulars for original and selected which appear fn our
y (If a mem'ier' If (whfJsf'Ke" blood lite firm (,f Stevenson & Co. having (tn i nin c. she was In may
Jongress. lie to look cases like hers, we thought, as very columns,
: ; upon
certainly manages
raph in th. removal I of the ?n dissolved 1 by I the decoas of JoshtuStevenson OZ. Snip. Qu.1 ue, just received and for health would give her some cf
y was fault) : and with especial composure.Louhrille 30 delicate we your The Editor of the TrsipEriAKCE ADVOCATE
cariHgit very all those indebted to the s.iid firm :are sale l bv
WanJ of Bermtida some 5'M' (() miles toiv.inls Journal. H F ABELL. Sarsaparilla, and are very clad we did, f r it not will not in any degree intrrftre with party jpoli-
to maUe pjymci.t, and those havingclaims ; April; 27
tbe restored her strength, but she has had no return -
tics. The
shore. Hut th.itv.is :i rjuis.we only events d the day the passing occurrences -
\Yb Meadows to present ties.imp.! of I the Fits, to our great pleasure and sur: of: the week he will notice
Miss with
speak of shorteninz the Missis- CURIOUS DIVOUCK ('ASK.- The stock of good* on hand are odorcd for sale :Mustard.SPLENDID as much .

'Ppi we mean what we s.iy. Ji has actually an actress of the Si. Charles Theatre at l low price for cash only. article of Ground Milliard, in prise. She H fast becoming rugged and hearty, finili and impartiality, as, the nature cf the case

""o shortened wcufive miles or iiKire has;, before one of the New Orleans courts a T. H. AUSTIN A tin boxes' f it sale by for which we feel grateful. will, admits Ho believes himself to be free frcni

hear Point Coupee r La., .IS will he seen by petition for divorce 1(1)111I r. Proctor, to Surviving partner J. Stevenson & Co. April 27 II ABELL.. Yours, respectfully JOHN BUTLER, Jr. ail 'artybias, and he will endeavor. thus Iffpre-
serve the columns rf his ,
the following extract from a late number ol whom she was recently married. The Apalarhicola May 2-', ISIS. l ltf!, --- -- Female 3Iedicine. The Editor! pap r.
Golll I'cus. proposes to enhrge :
the very
Point Coupee Echo : : plaintiff avers in her petition that accordingto Notice. FEW Woodward: & Brother superior Dr. Tnwnsend's S Ir .lparilla is a sovereign and ably his ;paper from its | rrQ,'': size, ard h't make

The Raccourci Cut-Off is now complete. agreement I she was to he considered a per'oiH having claim against Ihe estate A kill P.n<,ju-st received( and for sd'! bv cpoe.ly rnrc f.r In'-i.nent. C.lni.rt: '. B rri'n- I .tU.-r 001 ri.vvu.vnts, j.1: H.i! 11.,. 'atrpra t' f t' r, I'

The largest class (steamboats pas through wife only in name-thai Pi odor was to ALL!Dmiel V\T. Faucett dceased, are required October 21. J C. ALLENMOFFAT'S In'.s, Prnt.ipeitI'tfri u r t i'-Uu.g rvj ttt-, V.Vrn1.. f .'.1.111 rfr' if. .

tip and down without any diffi .ull}'. It is claim none of his marital rights: &c. It o present the sun within the tim prescribed .. C'Mi\PM<.s. Ptli'. ..-!!.-.jrllir ii'r \.1"! -._ '-- T ; ::J 'If ''r.l-'I'T;:!. J J. :'>'' .: !..: i f ... -

about four hundred yards wide and the turned out, however that after the ceremony by ;J-j'v or else they will be barred of recovery.T. [ LIFE PILLS AND PHCENIX[ stru"'le>l .r diliienlt ?>Ierl"lr'I.li"I. 4tIC&bflii.it.eiC .nia irtaUvai.ee. or thrte dollars. iCniiLir_ ,

I i banks constantly caving. W* have heen he attempted to break the bCWII. and H. AUSTIN Adminbrator.Ap'l just ceived and for ale bv'ov \ of Urine, or involuntary discharge thcrecf and ad\-ance.. ". ,'he...

toM! by an ey' witness that the largest trees hetice th: application for djvorc- The[ : :;ccla, hy IS, 181S. I > 21 J. C. ALLEN.. for the general prostrition of the sjsten no Quiricy. ra., :May7.. 1 15t .,.



S .


r I

1 1t 1

1. -

"r _

; I"- .. ..... .
; '' : .s1"i .
;. : ..'-" ... _. :.:. 1 -: 'oPJ r. ... ..'01'II". 'J" ; : -v 'I





i -- '_ j
rMiTn, --- -
.irimff.y gnii. | ---- --- --- -- -- -- --
ITlilitary: *'3rc Caps, and FireIJurlcr j 1tJ : subscribers offer for sale a large and sea Drugs, medicines, Paints
-- THE Oil
Constitution of the State of Flo- ------- -- ,
Z Manufactory.HENRY FOR PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN stock of Dry Goods, consisting in Dyc-StnfTs, Perfumery '
: T. GIIA TACAP, continues to manu rida. | TiE OF 1S43. Franklin Ci'cui Court. part THE undersigned *e.

;al his old tand, No. y02 Broadway I John W. Rinaldi. 1 1v ofNegro Kerseys and Linscys to hu friends and the returns his thank
public )
.7 New York, the following art!ides: Military Caps, Prcposed and agreed to by the third General j Only FIFTY! CEJVTS for the Campaign. }I .In Chancery.DJlrl White and Red Flannels ii liberal patronage and begs for their

3.>1N, !IJ-hly a-i.l I Br'ot Plates, Cartridge Boxes, ) .'liith1isubjcct t>> the action of the next 1 Smlh and Lucy Ann j Bangups and Tweeds, that he is now receiving |10 infcW

K'jaj:;"rkc, Prin'tgVirec., Scahbards, Saddle j General .issembly. \ The undrsigned proposes to commence the publication his :)' ') Super plain black arul fancy Casameres, al supply which added to an his addition

t'l V'iH f .t*?*,.. Hiiils.Gun! Cases, Fire Ca's; | \ of a paper! to be 'called .'l'iiEVIIIG reading the foregoing affidavit, it w or- Super Esjglish! and Fr.encKCIoths. stock renders his assortment forrn r

,"u !;'i'1 C c. '. .' AN ACT amend the IQlh) Clau! >ecf the 5th BUGLE; ," at HarrUburg, Pa., on the 1st of April I UPON lhat service of the (foregoing bill be Whitney Blankets, 1 10, ifW 12qrs % and complete. English French unusually large

Milinry a-;'! ';i r; !'.jinpanipgabout forming, orriTvru Article of the Constitution thi Stale, so that :, next to be conlinul.t weekly! until after the Pre perfected on the d defendants in said bill mentioned Dulfil Hl.1n1cfC.; U and 10 qrs. American Drugs Cosmetics German aud

>l'u<' ch-in.cn2 their Uniforms, can be I' the Judges of the Circuit Courts shall hold! idential Elecion. at the l low price of FIFTY\\ by publication in the Commercial: .\tn'rllo'r, Marseilles Quilts, 9*4), H ant 12 or. an\I' )rur. ist3 Glassware; &c.; ,Perfumer&c. i Gla"

npf Jit-il with Pait.Tii; Cjps, by addressing the their offices for a term of eight years instead of CKJCTSfor tie Campaign. j I or some other newspaper published in -- Denims, Kremlins anu Cottonades to Physicians, Country Merchants and, are cfW!

a!) Mfc., at Ihishortest iotice, on t the most leason- during good behavior. The WHIG_ BCGLE wi be similar in ajrar- ern District, for the space of four months, requiring Brown Shirting'and Sheeting the most liberal terms-all of which he other, 0,

siM( tcras. May 4, Hi-Gt. SECTION. Be it enacted by the Senate and ance and spirit to Clay Bugle: ," 'I said defendants: to appear and answer sllbi : Cotton' Osnaburg, & pure and unadulterated. : warr nb

---- House of Representatives tifie State ofFlorida by the undersigned in the campaign of IS 11, and, I otherwise that .the same be taken pro con. Cotton Drilling and Ticking, .
.. CntrCe. in General Assembly convened. That the as i its name indicntes, will be especially devotedto GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c. Linen and Cotton Checks, Wholesale F. ABELL

1 SACK'? I WII; lIanna and St. Domingo 12th Clause of the5th Article of the Constitutionof the dissemination of Whig Principles. It will April 21th, ISIS.A Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, Retail Druggist,

-Ll / VCuflee, !,01 -
Dt' -21-_.- -- -- E McCULLY. viz: That at the expiration of the present term ZACHARY TAYLOR for the Presidency, !Ull .JVIay .t- _j______ 10'4rn English, French and American Prints,
ot office of the Judges the Circuit Courts, with yield hearty to the nominees of Tit Chambers, Extra -
\ ::H'S (L:a Consignment.TCS "i a support super, plain and twilled Ginghams, Drills and Medicines.

I P received |1"1. ship Marianna, and for the exception hereinafter mentioned, Justices of [ appropriate Whig Conventions: for President, APALACHICOLA, DEC. 29, 1317. Super Cashmere d'icose: THEubscriber haC- and
the Supreme Court, and the Judges of the Circuit Vice President and Canal Commissioner. Extra Muslin de Laine "iU
J PlaintifF
pile !ow for rJ'baskets -\< \ John Carnochan, ) super constant hjL .on hand.a
( Hi, d-ir'k Champagne, Courts, shall be elected! for a term of eight years, Tin Whig candidate [for the Presidency in :1 vs. 1 I English, Scotch and American do. If assortment oTljfiJJGS and cnmrlfi

!; rae old Pale Port Wine/ I, and shall hold their offices for that term, unless ISIS i is already designated) in many of the Statesof George 'K'. Walker and Mary Super Italian black and figured Silks, CIlwhich Tfcfc heil l warrant IEDI.

'R \"n.1..r1au'I" sooner removed under the provisions made in this (the Union-and ZACILARY TAYLOR is the his wife, of the State of Black Silk! Cravats and fancy llkfs, and of the best quality. pure

'1I) DnH' (;..1')11 Sherry Wine, Constitution for the removal of Judges by addressor choice of a very large e majority of the American Florida! James E. Bcttner Bill for tccount Super English and Pon-ree Silk I llkfs, S Merchants and Planters will Coutnr! fir.dr>

10 .t ohl1 1 KM: India Maderia Wine, impeachment ; end for wilful neglect ol duty people. This preference for the Old Hero is and Ann his wife, of the and parli'.ion. English and American Cotton Hkfs, to their advantage to call, examine and price fcjf
<*> ol.li i"lh' Maderia Wine, by or other reasonable cause which shall not be both natural and right ; for it is I fOl11tJ .! a State of New York, and Madras ami Verona head Hkfs, Goods, before purchasing elsewhere. .

11:11'.11' E McCULLY. sufficient ground for I impeachment the Governor grateful sense of long and distinguished SC'.C'S Jane McMaters, of the I Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hosc, I N. B. Physician's prescriptions p
shall of them the address of two rendered the field of battle, when he has dis- up wft.{(
remove on
--- ----- any South Carolina Super Satin, ;far'leil1eVorsted and hour
of at
State I II Vesting, care accuracy any of the da* crnfeKr
For yio.r thuds of the General Assembly ; Provided Aoweter played courage, humanity, and judgment of the I I Defendants. J Cotton and Flax Thread, J. C. ALLEN '

i C BP.LS: '\ >\'. now landing! from ship Flori- That the cause or causes shall be stated at highest order. affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that Plain i and figM Swiss and checked Muslins, March 21 Cor. Centre and Commerce \

tJ'J ,tl m. Aj-ply toj length in such address and entered on the Joul'-j The fame and serviceq of (the galland Old Rough UPON Defendants mentioned in said do Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, sts.J. .

D1t :: NOURSE,.STONE & Co. I, nals of each llot1 e. Jlnd Provided and Ready are fresh and N.tional. and have found not reside within this Circuit, but Di theUnited Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &.c FL"NN; -
------- That the shall be notified the : in all hearts. He has already -
cause or caues to a deep response Which have been selected with in Late T.
4eol1 Syrnp.TH and States: It is ordered that notice of the great care ( ) I
Judge so intended to be removed and he shall been formally nominated by the Legislatures '
3 H! \\ *.> 'l-ri.r: L" !wm 'nli'ju..t received be admitted to a hearing in his own defence, before State Conventions of a number of States, and institution of this suit, and the. filing ot the offmur.ctur'rs:1t New: York and Boston.from the lowest Importersand market Agents and BOOT AND SHOE MAKER., 1
amended Bill be in rates,
given some published -
'..1 I *'-r st-! : v in t their newspaper
< votefor such removal shall and in by tens of thousands: of his countrymen,
any pass : in the Circuit for the of four are now offered wholesale or : etail on favorable CONTINUES to
n. the space carry on th,
1-.h II F BELL. assemblies. His I i nomination by
such the vote shall! he rlken and primary
cases : by yeas I terms by IV.\!. G. PORTER & Co. business in
led months,and if, \upon Inc of the appearanceof tk Apalachicola
is ( prn oppoiib.
Convention reial as
National now
and each Houserespectively. Whis
entered the Journals of
;;"<,!* "'!! i'r8'UCe. na\s on certain i ; and i in I lint event his dcc t on'is said: notice in some newspaper so publishedfor Dec. :'W, IS 17. -11 Water street. site the City Hotel in Centresf '

IQ i". !- }!'. Ki I'jr. O'i, di j Linl, Whiskey, prctlv majority. He has the time mentioned, the said defendants do --- ---- ---- Having superior workmen he ij
SEC. 2. Jk .Iirilm'moclcll, That the Judges sure "by an overwhelming
J .t.t'ir, <*!IMI.. ;tn'1 pri-iic. Mnlass, Pnr.tJII! >.ss and c--rncd; I the highest I not appear to said bill by the next rule day,whicJi A CA1CB. confident that all who may patronize him will ,
Constitution honestly,
first this amended fairlv, gallantly
1 tI.%.: I Hatm, Sidijni! S'uouldors, lot appoinle,1InIer shall corno% after days from the expirationof Subscribers take this method of inform- find that they have called at the right
.n ;'rp. :1. the"Republic and 1 twenty TilE I shop.
shall) be divided lot into four c1as-c:. The honors of t grateful people .
Iiy n i the citizens of and! its French Calf Skin Morocco
:. b\' IJ. KLLKOX & Co. It : said: period of four month", it is further ordered Apalachicola and Patent Leather
withhold them. .
t.4. f'. C,.r. V.Talcr xn>\ Chestnut ?!I.. first class shall! hold' his or their office or offices wil I not t that the same be taken as confessed cinity, that they have now on hand a very vi-I: Boots and Shoes made to order of the Iate.t
_.. ___ ._ .u __ ____ __ frr !the term of (two )-C'ars. f the second for t the term ;en. XACIII1Y TAYLOR is our first t choice against t (them. and well selected! Stock GOODS, which \will not approved tye.: Also, Patent Leather GaiI and

(;:1:1Venh' I of lour years the third for the torm of six eaIS, for I thl Presidency, but we pledge our zealous! GEO. S. HAWKINS &c. sold low, consisting in part as follows: ter"Boots and Shoes made in a superior "
: I manner
[J V .1iI1f! : ;;/.il boxes just received from J Hat ;. the fourth for I the term of eight years.Passed Mippr.rt to the nominee of the Whig National CARMACK. & SPRATT, Cloths: and ea&:imere;, various styles, HI will keep constantly on hand a large and sel
of and
\' m, "M I l if ,.1lf' !V [ the Senate by the Constitutional majority -. Convention, regarding unanimity feeling Solicitors. Fancy Print, do. do. lerted assortment of Ready Made Boots,
i Passed the House of concentration of f cflort, as essential to Compl'ts Shnej
December :2. 1317.
U.e.1. A ap'a Lustre do. and Rro' All
Figured ans. mendin .c. doiie
A True WM. VALLEAC ; with .
Copy. neatness
-- ----. Representatives i by t the Constitutional i majority, And should TAYLOR, CLAY, SCOTT CLAYTON Silks and-
.Grtt.vis. Dec 30. O-.t Clerk. Frodt Kvne, promptitude} and on terms that j
or other distinguished! Whig Statesman : m cannot
January G, isis.] any
f 'nn-T.'J ,\9hi".I'I! 1( Jihls! Mohs;es -- -' --- do. Mnntellado. fail to be r'uIII"i.d! as kaeping; wth ffJfiI .
) ; All Florid i papers will publish! provided nol !he selected by that body, he will rfcei'c our cor- Franklin Circuit Court. competition }J
1'': 1 1. 't.v fic! ", jn-J roc'd and fc.r sal b' by dial and enthusiastic The of S.ilin Striped in trade arid the closei.tss of the tiroe J
more than $20 i is charged.April support.f Iliol The President and Directors of I
MrCULLY. r(0) UMer'st.Macabov Fancy C.I"lm.rc: Robes Apalichicol-i, Dec. 9,1I7.
.1'"- t' --- 1! 27,_I l-'IS_ lorttn.HartEwarc : (; the Tf7//g.' fur the ,sake of the L-Iou.wi. be the Bank of Pcnsacola, }I r n CI lance-.- do.1f'iillo, do.do. ___ -17-Gia: .
metto-otlr candidate the the
SIULVE. &c. our vi;. Delaine de. tTIh I'\\'ood A Caagh.KKSPKCTHJLLY .
,, Ship Chandlery,
: all.l in hotl f1!,* and bladvc Whig National Convention. <
: Irfi! baud f for salJ. Hiram Manlev- and oilier Mu4ins, [India Hook ..", ; ," r. t
r Subscribers hive -
HM on
'.J .1 ro. ,..-t r.'f' t l uid for sale by | Each number of 'm.rHle Huni.K will con- At Chambers-21th March, 13 IS. do I Swiss, Luce and Colored! .I -If V cS [
Screws )
I LOGICS', assorted, Butts, Hinges,
II F \ UELI' fain largo fund( of POLITICAL ant GENERAL I .
I'.i : : reading I the Hill and in :
oifer heir
Li-ile and Thread
Handsaws! Millsnvs! Crosscut do, Planes, UPON txhibitlie.1 Edgings Cap services
'j T'p),. Vc *:h ''I.r.'Oiil Specific, Cclr.a4.sners,(;imHctol, Chi''I"! Brace INTELLIGENCE there will be infused cause, I i is: ordered, said Shawls, Damask Silk to (be ciii/ens ol Apalachicola -
; t through its columns thatand( < fpirilfun and bill I I be on I Hiram i Manley one of I the I it .. .HiiJ ti.e .
< \Fl ,Hul l oUici"*u an.iy for worms, for and Bitl, Uul" Bevels, Spares] Broadaxc-s. perfected do. Marino, county (.f Fran: m
A "it!,. 11't.J. ,\' Ship do, Collins' do, Ad/.o, I HafHipjs. 1 11amnifrs philosophy-wit; and 7'Sd01 that will be calculated defendants, who appears from the afll.Iavit fledhein do. Pl.i001; i I. t t: generally, ill the lu.e ot tehir prcfejs.ci. r

:; .1 C ALLEN.Tljv Shutt! .. We determined to make the the rnotlively ''iS
- --- -- -- ---- -- -- -- Counter Scales, Platform do, Cotton do, are rGJr Florida' l by, publication in t the newspaper published Gipsey;i Bonnets, latent fashion tnuairafi! with the pnnripal,

Indians' iI1NI.I' : '. Kitcnen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovd and spirited and efficient Whig paper at the in the city of ApalchicoL\ I hispace Ri!"b ns in :ill varieties I Northern cities, they ;vill hp n3-

tM--UTASN: : 4-wnnJv fur chill and J fever; 1 for Tone; Fire Irons, &,r.BLACKSMITHS' Capital. of the State of t two !months, requiring i Manley to be and Brown Shirting. i.', I-1 I and 3tBleiheddo. I j bled to furnish th'ir'J'atrtl1t at all

11.' !11t'A .v : Bellows, Anvil, Sedgp! ( coil upon the Whigs of Pennsylvania, and :ap..11 before the> Court on thp first Monday( in 7.51, 4-1, 1U-4 and 11-1 I Im.mkt.t'l times with the NEWiADLA.-
: ? J C _\LLEX. of the Uni';,ii, to give t their aid] to this Ju.-f: next, and answer said bill, otherwise the ----- T's'r Pr.xrf .' F ..
..'U __ ________ -------- Hammers, Vices, ScrexvpLites, Stocks: and lncrpric'l I 6-1 I and! 81Ingrain I s o -!Hrnf'.i.
sale Let the hl.loI of TIn WHIG BUrI.r < .; will I be taken pro contesso as td him. and Cotton ed monthly, shon-inyat it ritw lIP most Faxhwn
for nll
'C* %L 1 H OIL j'l-'t rereiveihml by Dies, TIII:", Files iia ps &c. Carpeting '
-lAJi.: 'lJ I 11. J F. A BELT .I IRON'-SweetN, Kngli.!band .American assorted!: every part CilON.I (. the country. rousing the !alantWhig. (JEORGF. S. HAWKINS, Ju.l.ge. &c. Carpet Rajs alle Slylt f Dress, which will be a decided .
: A True to t hon21tIc:
-- Copy. Hats and all r< m -1JIIilv.
rutimi l1.u and Band 1 Sheet t and Cap styles
loop, ,
square I number of THE WHIG Bfci.'fe will N. B. ,
:u1dlel" *Vc.S Uoilcr Iltilnud do Horseshoe frt : WII.MAM VALLEAU Clerk. Boots and >hoes G-nt.-meris' Mfrntnii Clowns and Ev-
: Iron.: Spike ,
'U:7 Y.T?:", liZ vari'cis: palll'rantI! qyalilic?, Iron and! Nails, Cast, Knglis-h! : Blister and be i 'IH' in the firt week in ,April and weekly March 30, ISIS. 11-2m Clothing oi, Jill kinds. lung Wrappers made fo or.lt-r; Cli-aks of every

Ih i11. \'tJru at.d Snadle bits: Gorman; Steel. I thereafter! \11 after the Pridcnl ial ok-ctiou, -- ---- AN,), a n".rtment of JEWELRY: and I de,i-ri.tion; made in the! usual ft rns* ot the da\ ;
S it11b. Ba's, for t the sum of Firry Cr.xrs fur I the campaign. Callioiiii Tax Sale. Walking i and Riding Gaiters triad.in
I'LOFGIIS-Sille! and Double Cornslielkrs, County many tjhcr articles too numerous to mention. a ]fljrligal: <'s r.ii'l Whips for \:.-;. G. PORTER & Co.O 1 i I: will sale. In-fore the Courthousedoor desrription made in
Shovel! and Spades, \St-eljn; 1 Iocs:, Garden, INDUCEMEXT.-i: FOR! CLUP.BING. expose for M. X. SCOTT & BI'.OTMER, a neat and! f.1.irablests .
,., Water streH.Eaiiarca. in I the of on the first Monday Ie.il garments made at thi
county ;
: 4 G"lhlI Dec : Ct.r. Water and Cfritr ts. es'abiishmenticurranlnl
and! I Hoes.
Lau: Grubbing THE WHIG will be furnished to CIAus <
UG. t I of' August, IS h. tin- following deirribjd! Iii fit.
-- (;OW'\GK-Manilla and I Hemp, assorted, Pitch, at the following low rates : Si i" copies I for jff.'J.Twelve I
property; or Sl) much tlu-re-if as will the B. Ellison & Co. Cor. ci tjSfiop, Second Baltzell's ;
Water Story
Tar 'I' pay I and Bui1Jio1.J
Tar, l>sin, Coal Bright Varnish! I Handspikes copies for s' >. Sixteen copies f Ir 7.'l'wentvfive .
: WAIM k HOrCK'S Panacea, just rccfivodid State! and County tax due thereon for the year Chestnut sts. Entrance on Che-tnut street.
Blocks, Ors, fee. copies for J 'I"' And for higrnumbers
} 1Itld l sale bv any 1 1', 17, to-wit : I October 14, 1 S J
CASTINGS Sugar Kettles, Mills and Cauldrons i in t the same propnrt itimi. I I orders( n
F.b t7. H F BELL. \1 The S W Section :, Township! 1 I. (0.) i and Hemp Cordite nf nil sizes i Jo.\ plate of Fall ani! Winter
Bakeovens, Spiders, Pot, Enameled mu-t he accompanied with t the c*"ir. ) Any Fashions iuf
------- N W, j joining the of Stephen Richards,
& lan i oc', Wormline I Marline, r"'CU'1 (I.
-lln'' hblTnrnips-T)0 bWs.', Kettles! Tea: Kettles, &.c. person sending a Cl'ib nf t Subscriliers wil entitled Spun-
POTATOES TLWAKK[ : full oitmeut. i t to a c..1 I the I : Iurpnrlin to belong to J.V. Williamson.! yarn, OakumSperm' Oil, Fall do. Wlialt- do, Olive -
:' W bk.! ; iJe'ts-50 bbls.; Wholesale or retail. ba tna'le by copy mail i I entire paper.i tf'milllelmay. i N \ } of Section S, Township 1 Ho, Linsred do, Raw do, Boiled do. Jvirits:: Turpentine J.WATCH SPECE: ,
P.'rr.iiis25. b'ls.: tilr sale by ROHHRTS, ALLEN k. Co. the will ;of Tun Ringe \.i, N & and the W J of the S W | of Pclinr:. Window la.Ic. I'ntry'hul' AND CLOCK ?.I.\KER,
JVr 3 B ELL1ELCo. hcpf inspiring blasts 'lf Section I R.inge 0, N W, L'".id, !:'d d'f Yellow! Ochre, Chr">iai' Green, I .
Apalachicola! Jan. 20, IS IS.I Dna.l:: will be and ; Town"hil & purporting I '; Secmmtl Story Balr/ell's I
.- ___ promptly heartily resjiondt-d) t to ) !l'luiirat'J: do, Jnl.'rinl! do. Chrome Y.-.il.t'r! I 4- : } 8uidir ,
--- --------- ---- ( VI.Vyat.
V or mi fuse. to bv our ,political bret hiren. Thl I5u-In calls to di. ris LilhH.tt"nlphur.. Bricht; V.irni.-h, Copal ---f----'f' .. (F.t.tr.l"r i r>n CJ.ftir.tjt )
Iron, iVuils .\c. I .Also SiJ l acres of I first 1 rate !1 ind. number not y. .
Vermifuge, for vale by arms and in part f f the country the true I. : ii h" Trir I nO.I Pitch Coal I Paint ; i- PAT.ACHICOUA. L .
I IVE1VS Canadian every Turpentine, iA.
W ) TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes ; and unown, purporting tooeiong 1 to j. cc IJ. [( i't ttey.Al'i I1...._,.... i.-. .: :. _I.. '' __ _1_ -uL _l_ .ro.uL
::f\t 17 H F A BELLClrttlis : 0 gallant Whigs are h'lekiirig on their armour I I""11"". ill "'-\1 "", l.nrlll 00. nil,' N B. Watches, Clucks :.nd Jewelry
icY kegs Nails, do. ), S'j acres second rale land, number not raMnilj
Black: Cii ilk .
-- --------- and preparing' for I the t fiaht. Let IIHTO; be no L-irnp Whiting, Russia lJt1d repaired. .
oU and Carpels.prs 4 I'likslin.t lInes, a;;rrted] U3liiie-J; ; luirgards in our ranks in the good old I-u?)stone known, p-irportiiiz (to belong to Jas. T. Evens': !i.-h do, Cotton 'do, I Heavy I Ravens do. Light do. -- -Octt.ber- 21. Is4?

and 2 wide 2r') Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils! ; estate. White Bine and I 11 nl Buntiiix, Nai!?, Copper dn.1
I yards Let
Oil who
Clith ; Whig (' a of this
1..) 50 English American Vise? ; every reC.i\ copy Also, ;;)57 af-res first rate land, number! not do Tuck", Ship Spikes, Boat II'. Brads, Screw.-, AT HE N M U M I
:1* 1 Ingrain Carpeting; Prospectus make and club of !
a su-
\pcs super up} IHII' I
20: TIt.II.\'s; known, purporting: to belong to & Gamble. Tack: Screws, Anchors, Handspikes.: Cap>tainP.ir.s Bon'liug Saloon
? Stair set ib.'r and we promise a well Cal and IJiilJiunlIlooni.
12 dozen Spades and Shovel*; tll'i paper Also, VJ acres first t rate 1 1111, ii'itnlx-r! notknown O.irs, Blocks! :11.htJ [friI,. Hand
'j Tllfh..1 lt1:'. woith t t their and Send orders .
money trInll. your Pumps I D'ek) Bicts.! Cedar do. Deck Bronr.is'
.* sale hV1. (a. PORTF.R &. C'O. 10 Collini''c; early, so as to begin with the fir.-t number. purporting! tn b-l ; Athenanm
1).1' :tj I II I Water eml. ,-
1'a Rowljn.Ts Cat Steel )lill Saws T Collector C. C. every av t. nuke
() x
C.ia do. Cotton do, 15o.il do FI-:, do.
Harris-burg, Feb. ISISHarrisburg, Pa. CaulkTn.5 i the !
nailer's; : Tonic ITEixturc.M I I 1000( IbsCastand German.Steel, for sale I byVM. May l IS IS. i ;tds I Ir"I1Iolkin: I ? Iron-1, \I.iriiie!m Spikes i Ship etab1ihmf'r.t ari airrefdhieluv| (.t f n.-rt.

'IIi.S': i is a vu'! comjmund iViid ovlracl d \ G. PORTKR & CO. Provisions.1 pers, Buns: Dipper; CooVs Lrvll l.??:, Tf>rni.- Scm-\\ and ?s I thankful. that an -ver dis.--iminai.nij: f.cj.

I l'inl"hnlUrl Uubra, vegetaMc febrifuge Dec 30) 11 Water street. BIlLS Whiskey 10 do. Prime Pork Cidt I'. DividerCinnMse5.; S.,ml Needle*. Sail Twine, lie piove by liberal patr..r'.it Jl.-ir apprrciutioBt.f

lor 1 IIP cure (f Fever and Agne. :uhllty 70 10 bbls 1; cask Rice ; BIlLS Champagne, fors.llt by Seine do, Si-win: do, P.ilm.: Ri:izrioz L.alher! his desire to ple-i>. He will al a\, k."t

Jn.n li H. F. ABELL.TA 7 HI IDS St. Croix Sugar; 5 Four; old ; 50 DIC ,.f'') B ELLISON Co. Pump do. Shovel, Hammers. Hatchets. ChUel.Augur .-. i. choice assortment, I.i';-1"r,, and! nfrcht.Ijeveraces ..
-- ----- 1 p.J I 15 do New Orleans Sugar; (' RteIHWJiskey; ?, Planes IIatdirnl, I !.r,. Hand-iv; of a sort to tcke! the pal-ires ot (Jill
Mo1tSSCS. 20' bbls St Croix 2 very choice 1 LlY:; School Itooks.CHOOL Files, [tat Tai! do, Iron S. ii.irfs. Cupboard; Locks Bacchus' most tidioiH sores aid

HIID.&t InLes ; So tiorces Florida, 5 bxs Stewart's Loaf I Now landing per schr Louisa: Sears, and for S BOOKS. ol all kinds just: rec'd byNov Stock do, Hooks! and Staples, 111O-" P.idlock", cnol and delicious fresh from tHeir; naiiv Uystfi banks.* .

DU fur sale by n. I ELLISON & CO. I. 10 bbU ground sale by 1: McCULIY. IJ J. C. ALLEN.Bacon Wood Saws, Pendant Hanlvards.! I Hand Lines, [For a pleasant commingling of sndamn
March 10:; 5t.Exchange. Deep Sea do, Log (10! Fish do.; Hand! L..adi'. Deep fstrt-ise
F I O"t" 31) Cor \\.aler and Chestnut sts 100 sacks Rio Coflee; 50 (IC) Java ---- .-- -- -- :f -: -t- ---- -- -- -- Sea do. Sheet rio, B.ir do, Funnels. T/inthorns, etnent-ntilecum tlufce there I is oothir;

Shoes and Brogan-- ?, by the case; 10 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; Flour, ar, Coffee antISalt Chalk Lines, Pitch} Pots, I.osr Books, I '.I 'O do, within: the circle of gymnastics to compare witha

BOOT '. Shoe and Buskins ; 50 Mnft'd di.; DRAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence B-'I.iyin? Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery! Carpenter'sTools g-irne of ten pins; but 1h,.
and Youth's JJrosan.?: 20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs: brown Soap; i ;,llia and Baltimore, bought ; and ALWAYS on hand, and for sale low by Sampson Posts Arc Arc. active amusements, can always take a hand.

Men's, Boys" finesew'd Hroaw; 100 !bigs Shot ; 50' !kegs Powder; : Sight Checks on New'rk' sold by E McCULLY. ._-Ap.il'ichieol- ___ _I lI..e_) __ -9.-_ 1'it7.H- Come one-come all."

Boots 10'iO, Ibs Lead ; I \1. G. PORTER & Co. ---- ------- JIEUICAXXct I JOHN B. JONES.Aralachicola .

Men's co pegged frii nvcd Boots; 200 kegs White Lead, No. 1,Exfrr and Pore. WAgents Bank of Rrunswick-: Sivayii cV Wistar'sOMPOUND D((. 30. 1M7.Apalachicola :o'.U

For sale; by For saleby WM. G. PORTER & CO. Dec 30 41) Wafer ,tnl't ( Syrup of Wild Cherry, just received anil Twine Jauu during --- -- ------

Htiiset Brogans. B. ELLISON & CO., Dec W I -11 Water Ftrcet. rushes. _._, and for sale by Company, Exchtllp'c.
Fcb 17 11 F ABELL. THE subcrihfr! inforiiis 'his friend'!
Cof. Water and Cncstnut sts.Dry I Clothes, Ted h, Nail and 12: CoMMERCIAL-SfREKr,
Dec 9. .- --- Boots and Shoes. I-IAI lat Shaving 9 and the public in general, that "he 'las: become .
Goods. : fur sale by (Up Stairs,) BOSTON. .._ the
and M pn's Russet Brogans ; Wood "aa'c, &c.J3ARREL Proprietor of tff.: above well

JRI LU NGS. Tickings Cotton OsnalnrgsLinseys BOY'S' sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ; Fcb 21 l F ABELL. Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan's: Patent known house, and will I be pleastd to mUrta-a

.jJ Kerseys, Jeans, Flannel, BlanVttJ. Gents fine Calf Brogans ; Molasses. Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, Twine Stands, Post Oflice Twines, Baleinand; any of the travelling mmmiitv that rna favcr

: Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheet ing:, Checks, Wm's pez'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. BilLS Muscovado for sale Brooms, &.c. .C. for sale by Bundle Tw ines, -Cart\'d Col ton I Herring( Twine, him with their clItI'm.lulviil aUo! accWn"Lite '

;in ham'. Calicoes, Delanes Hosiery, &c. iic Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; 2j> .Mcli IG superior E Water by B. ELLISON & Co. Cotton Seine Twine Tanned and Untannrd Fhx resident ,)arder:. The bar will alwatj be.

ELLISON 4c CO. _._ ._ llcCULI.Y_, :(__ st. I Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid! Mrsrk-
f"\t' liale by Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.A L Dec 9. rnrV.llf'r nod Chestnut sis. sUi'plied with genuine I li iners of"the ,-hMC st

Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.Oil. large and extensive assortment, just received School Hooks, erel Lines; Herring, Pohag.m Shad. Bass, and: IJl"y-. JOHN PATRiLGE

-- andforsaleby l WM. G PORTER & CO. sale by Blank Books anti Stationery. Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bai s; Cod, Apalachicola! Nov. It I. IS 17.

I .' L. FBUCIITWAXGEK'S Dec :{0 -II Water stret't.Hardware. IrOn 1 F.I 17 F ABELL. LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c. Herring, Mackerel Shad, and Menhaden Seines, ---- -- -- -- --

flat, iHoiisc & Coclroadal.oi"ton. I ( Foolscap and Letter Paper; tc. City Hotel, Tallal 1' 'e.

efficacious remedy fr oxfprmina- I Cuba 'I'ohIeoSeedl. Cotton Memorandum Books! ; ,\". B. ,Vef. and Saties knit to orihr at short
very .
THIS immediately if a proper application I he PLAINS I Plain [Iron*, single and double, II am- 3LHS Trl>acco Seed, from the mot celebrated Ship and River Bills Lading; notice. B. ELLISON & Co., Agents, NTOTICiI.la'e t'i inform nn rnerti.s! and
hNl..lhat'J b.tvr teasfiiif
made of all <>f the above! named annoyances. His t 'Draw Knives, Augurs, Augucr Bits, of the Vuelta Abajo, just receivedfrom Boooks for Letter Press. October 14. iSI7. 39tf Apalachicola ,a and that
attained Spring! Braces, Timber I Scribes, Turn Screws, I Havana, for sale by and it will hereafter be r-ir.ihirtecf' h!
Flea and M.wquito Poison hac a very exfensivecelebrity Blank Hills of Exchange Checks,
for invariable destructive pro- Marking Guagc-s. Mortice do, Saw Set, Wood I lIch 10 E__MrCULLY, HO Water !t Just icccived and for sale by CJroccricsc.. WILLIAM! HEMINGWAY, F.q'l.n. has tot
R-ilfs, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks received from New York, brig ALiba-. many years been connecter with the first class
pertie* to that order of insects. For by 01 i vcs. Marrh 1 II. F. ABELL.A JUST per
Ar.T.E and Staples, Butts,Screws, I Ilinacs I Shutter 1'olts,.I f a general assortment of Groceries, &c. Hotels at the North, anti recently from the American -
J. C.
Olives for sale
August Drtl--lsli superior Spanish ,
------ -- -l L -- --' Urads, Tick*, Copper Wire, M.-ltinr: Ladles; RatTraps 8 JAiSry E. McCULLY yI_'russes. consistinii in part as follows, viz : Hotel in New York. Deleaving t.eIil

Holmes' Vegetable Pill, ,Axes/Hatcliet*. Coffi-e 1\1111., SpJ; ge Hammers March 10 :Wafer,st., T.TULL'S superior single and double Trusses, Crnshfd Sugar, "a fine article," keep an excellent house, and spare n,> exertion or

FOR DY6MENORRHEA OIL) PAINFUL Smith TonJ l1 Saws, Anvils, &c. &c. ------- ----- -- --- ->----- _E1 for sale by Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup, expense to make hi: guetscorjferfabie, I recommend -

MENSTRUATION.pHESE Fllr1)113 by B. ELLISON & Co. Scotch SmifT. Fell 17Thompsoii's 11 F .\BELL. Cn:. Brandy, a super. article," the house to my friends ala} the public-

celebrated Pills have become so fam- Wee '.). Cor.. Water and Chestnut sts. GROSS Scotch inliall" bottles,just received ---- --------- Corn. do.1I111ltnd THOMAS BROWN.

'OUt for their virtues, in curing this disease --- ------- -- ------- 3 for sale Snuff Compound Syrup of Gin, of the best quality, Tallahassee Nov. 1, IS 17. -t3- m.

that but little need be said (,f them, thoir action Jenosye Flour, Goshen liiitter, April 13 J C ALLEN. Tar and Wood Naptha, Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,
imrm-diately a superior article of CHEESE, for sale the cure of consumption) chronic, bron- CITY HOTEL a
upon the ystera is wonderful they AND FOR St. Croix and Jamaica Rum: ,

arrfcst all pain in this disease, no matter of how E. McCULLY, Aromatic Bitters.R. asthma whooping' cough,palpitation Maderia.'Port and Malaga Wines,

I-tn? tandin:. Pamphlets containing :30 pa2;
of testimonial from the Jlrofes:ion. For p-de by Caps by the rase low for: cash by for sale by the kidneys, for sale by N. O. RectifitWhiskf'Y.,

March J c ALLf JJATSand B. ELLISON &. CO. April 13 J ALLEN. Fob 10 J ALLEN. Brown N. O. Muscovado and St.Croix Sugar,
-- -----
-- -- Dec 9. Cor.Waler and Chestnut sf.Trusses Schultz Powders.C Bacon Sides, &c. .c.
Flour and Whiskey. ----- I I CASTILE Soap for sale by All of which will be sold low by TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA.
\ GRASS Scidlitz Powders that are fresh
BBLS. Whiekey! bbls Illinois Flour, just II F ABELL.
60 w received and for sale by E. McCULLY, the management of this Hotel, the uwfa'
for sale IN
received schr. Monferey by INGLE and double, lor sale by .
per Nov 11 b*
S April 13 J C ALLEN. Advances 50 Witer st. will use his best exertions to please
IS E. McCUDLY. 50 Water tt. July 17 J. C. ALLEN.
May ADE on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool S Groceries guests. He asks the public for their patrcnae

Water Drugs, Ulcdicsncs te Chemicals. Infusion Jars. Havre, New York and Boston, by aiidSliipSzos'es. WILLIAM HEMINGWAY-
Spring ,
Congress direct from the Spring. For supply of Drugs, Medicines and A FEW Infusion Jar* .every family should Dec. 10 I). R. WOOD! & COM RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do, November it, IS-17. -13-Gm-_
JUST received AFRESH' now landing from bark Reform, have one-for sale by Flour, Western do; N 0 Susar, ___
bjr J. C. ALLEN. St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young
and for sale byIov ,\priI13 J C ALLEN. Hydrostatic Ink Fountain. Hyson MARBLE YARD
May 4. ._ Hyson tIo. Powchon? do. Souchong do Goshen
J. C. ALLENHardware. FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains Pen Racks *
Letter A flutter Cheese Lard, Bacon Hams
1 ,
Glass. Paper. Sides. Shoul- Iff COLUMBUS.
Window Sand Boxes Folders
Paper Stamps Seals
ders Molas!\Vhikt"v., Mess and Prime
REAMS fine Letter Reefless
TUST received 50 boxes window glass of all CHAINS Spades, Locks, assorted, 10 1 and for sale Paper just received I Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by and Prime I'ork Mackt'rt'l. Shad, Salmon, THE Subscriber one of the firm of Madd*

J- sizes. For kale by J. C. ALLEN. TRACE Cart Boxes Knives andIrons by J Nov 18 J C ALLEN. herring, ol1ndi and Tongues, Cod Fish Tunues, :, of Columbus, Ga., will remainsoO*
Drawing 13 ALLEN. .
< May'4. Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Stuce, Olivt's. time in .Apala!hicl11a. lIe may be seen t'j|'*
J &c. &c. for sale low by ( lillillc.
Notice.' IIEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch Tobacco. Navy warehouse now building for J. Day & Co. at I-_
1ov1 E.lcCULLY.fJOWatt OA OZ. Sulp. Quinine, just received and for Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar Dried Fruits most ordersfor
months after date I will apply' to the -- IJ bale and case low for cash, hy O\J any hour in the day, and will receive
: salo by Beans, Salt; Raisens Macaroni, Vermacelli Arrow -
SfX flagging jiiidOR hope,
Judge of Probates for Franklin County B. ELLISON! & CO.. April 27 11 F ABELL. Root Corn, Oas,Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
sale ,
(or a final discharge from the administration of F by Vtir Dec fl. Co. Water and! Chestnut sts. > For sale by H. ELLISON te CO MONUMENTS, t
; I't.
the estate of Henry1 Deal. late of said county de Nov 1 _! ------- Mustard.A Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut Ms. TOMB STONES,

ceased. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r. "IJINTNlCCampiiof and Piperine, !ust received (1 Razor Strops. SPLENDID article of Ground Mustard, in SLABS, &c. 'Vc.,

Aplachkota. April 13. 1SI'3. 13-: )m and for sale by HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just received t tin boxes, for sale by Lancets. which be will furnish loiter than they can be

April 11 H. F. ABELL. and for sale by April 27 H F ABELL. SPRING and Thumb Lancets, just received I procured from the North.
Jellies. Feb 21 sale
Guava ABELL. by
----- -------- ----- --
I I P.AD'UbP. :
ffDOZ.. Guava Jellies assorted size boxes, BEEF Mess and Prime, ---- Gout Pens. Fcb 21 H ABELL. S. After the subSCrt"

just received direct from Havana for sale Do do MOFFAT'S LIFE PILLS AND 1MKENIX A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior T Tanners Oil, ber will promptly leaving attend Apalachicola to all order directed p

L. McCULLY, Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by lj'FR just recivcr and for sale by Gold Pens,just received and for sale by : sale by him in Columbus. P- *'
\ 5'Water st. Dec 20 B ELLISON & Co. Nov C. ALLEN. October 21. J C. ALLEN FOR
March 1 IC 30 D ELLISON & Co. February 21, ISIS. (;G-3m


a .

a .


-- -
f -
..- -... -------
." .

,. '. --' ..*._ __ -_ .n __ _

[tC..' re.l |l -)',i,.'l.:-I>:,_ ,, r h, t,,:;**-'. \ ,..,lh -l,,I, .,',,1< ] | I .'(' iri.li n ,) ;i i:,l i,ll'h lh ; il li l Il II- l u ':,li fe
SA :".'.: .- "' .:,.i.) Cr LE r 'R, (,Texas,) it_ .coeis inear ilIe acIes, anId is %%all a,'
A:il'[ ..-' .'. ,- t." ,i 5, 1.'- 5 I -ni. .e liii.lien l e 'ei f in height, m ade of
A ': A we k e hero gives me lew pleJ s It-ilii IO) 1.,e. n',l c,:,v. ,l .1ili white lime. fi, e"i,.
pensions. Tihe Am'i ,i, s. perhiap. 'ii:' '1, fii,,t is. il,ril-llinl, I. with the richest
tlenlh tIie p1ipul iuII u aI.' ." i1Iways, I, td it.1 ii .i 'rorni s lid liit.i..vwitl couinlless
1at1I 11.0 p lnable?. bint .ll 1-li e is. so strong'. I i n'-"-., ir ivly gilded, silver, gold and
S. p.1rel it LXic'n .II l hill I. ri ] i n.1 1 ih r' IjrnI Iz,-. T ir 1 liif! are ('s,-lid i.,. iLli
0'l I, n V ni-tins abon 6"35in Su1 il-,. ,e- the few I ti iii '"e i- lii i de
A ItAnericans41I,ie cI, ;II.I, f if I .l',ii In all.-t.i- I tSp, I. re urn l ,f'n n I -olid h,, .iiI '1lIe i.,]li -
'; desire-auid, were vou droplIil down ilii'-, ;hile ol endiniilg gui .'- t ,eigli. Thi ip of
Vyon We: .d: .exclaimn, 'A.'-Miexicao Ir I i ilhe Misslis c. n . Ini.. till, i'
V .eIy. few w of'ihe old disinl adobe ai.d side ".ills reaching six teet above t lie Ioul'.
; stone sl.oies and dwellrnoas hipe been re- where ilhe c;ianrion ,ere pl.i(ced, andl u heie it
-...plitced-wit-h Ihe liiil,, A.merican constr.icc- was tusd to consuirninmae advantage, in pio-
tior.;- The main church. inlclhsed withiri a feeling the city ail is people I'roin hostile
rdide-.wall.of store anl plasJer, is faist cruin- invasions'. one hiiudred years since. The
bring o t lie earth Ih. It has five bells. all roof is slightly ovil, and is four feet thick,
S. racked and broken, tthjch are conitanlly fislt of sione, lien of lime and .cenment. The
Sgrating. upon tihe ear. The lop. sides and prickly pear in abundance, and-a peach iree
endsa, are more or less shattered, which is bearing I'rui, flourisli'upon lihe roof.: There
; .chargeable to',the accotnt bolh- tOlime and is one ninain entrance. lIhoutgh the Iront, and
t.. "he Texa.-eannon and ri.les. The Texans, several minor ones. leading to thle cells and
v, when they first entered the ciiy as captors, clo, 1ers, and hence Ihe. interior, by
...i rs an th nc *o .h interior.'. , -
t'ok.speial ldelight alminn their rifles at thle winding and intricate passages. onue of
'' k-s e a ie pasa es tir of.,
-old bells-lor they lihad ofien given war-nin2 these once secret places, hive still lthe ap-
oftheir enemy's apl)pro.'4ch. Mass is s;iil pearaice of having been tastefully furnished.
:. every morning, le worshipers kneel upon' hit moist of tlihei seem to have heen the
i he'dirtn floor.-dip heir fingers in'a broken dark abode of the munlis, or of the hapless
4hnl. arnd lookup io the VA irin. ,who is clad Vticlimn of t(it priest. The whole of tihe
slireds, wivth the fice.and limbs besmenr- great room. for worship. discovers undoubl-
*ed an'd broken. Tlie whole seems disgust- ed races of' iliousands and tens of lliousands
Sing. wheri -'Lis knoi n I here are' plentiy.of- of ilollirs having been expended in its em-
-me,,n5 to pun tliings in a lelter condition. bellilinent. The niost gorgeous pnitiings.
Tlie house furrmei lv oi'ciied by the Guyot-' the tiust costly carving.. tlife Mirnst beanitilnl
n6r. is'lnuandg-low, andlo has i dozens roe'ns scirlpiures, and i'hlie most exriisine work-
wildi none bitl ground i.-or a. Tl'he recep- n' inship. are' stiHl there, thouglhn a sadly
lion room is however paved t iill ti t rocks. |dilhpiilnted sale. Eveiv sain ti ani arosmle
S Nd'w it is a taveriin, ut. wiihlioitt l iss win- lhaid is place in painiini,,, or saltua,'ry, whi( i h
ndows. ,The sleeping room-4 of ine lihoels the si raner c;.ni still see, will .lhle awfullyV
..havte all grouriI fltoois, anid ire vervy.ige, mie iliiatied trigire in gold and bi-onze, of our
.containarng froin five to iwertvy-fire ledl ea-li Savi,'i antd the Virtin Manvy.The w.-lls,
S. an' when t.he lious.e is fill, as is oflen hile iill.',, and doors, re c1 t and :hicleed. and
.,.e, the reflecilon.is not so pleasaln. Tlhe scores wvhlo come to visir this strange plaoe,
ostire'ls are filled with Mexican cani-;. on twu cor rinbin lhif-ir mile by recording t1feii
-, heels, within fl'our yoke ol'oxen, driven wilh niii'. (oi.inltless ntimbers of lihlihv btls
I a Q"-l.. po6e,;" from ien, litteen feei, .'wiih have taken quiet possession of the .'upplier
a b"rad i, th-e end. an w7hicl, slits I;p the ceiling, and a miyriad of dashing little swal-
'.amile amrnazitngly, the Mexican silinig ni upon lowi craze'one wih, theirshi ill voices, their
thle cart. The yoke is lashed to the horns nests clihging to the rich inouldine..'. \VW-ho
of tile animal, and has no bows. There is i' not lust in wonder, that these 'tiagnil"cent
nout a particle of ir-on nbhot iihe cart oroxen-, structures, which would do credit .fo any
S--every tilhing being done wilh rawhide lash1- age and any people. were built in a wilder-
.;'.. ing.' .These carts di most of the Irei,.'hlnin. ness, inhailtedl byv lie most releillesssavage,
S -About. ihe'"ouniry, traveling 38 miles per fair away from civilization. .
-day.. In the oul skif s o1l' 1he towb iare lthe RYo.IS, : .
." :jack-als. called .1 lharkells''," occupied by tie 2-. "'"-. -
poor Mexidani's. Phev are built by diinoA Ft:.[rU'L SCEN'.lv'IH A MAI Do .--A
a trench in the e:irtlh 4 inches deep hV -par if onrcity was iiuch excited yesterday
wide;-aod -seijinu itherein small, posts *ei'ht h a Spinish ioodle log in a state of i ad-
.-fee't in high, which are hashed togel"her ness. -The dog -as of a large size for liie
wttliSt tsips of rawhide. Tlie'dnI is then pu sha.igy or woolly breed, anil was first seen
'bak. to- secure the boilom of the po.ss.- early in ilie nornini by Mr. Bishop at the
S.'"After pulling on ilthis ridLe pole, more raw. coritr of Third arnId WAlnut streets. In
hides is used, in the absence of wood poles, his eor'e towards Fiih street, the dog Iih
'"%--or brush,' fiihti-h run .from ihi i,p o if lie. question bit-seveiail other d-is" anl aI boy.
o 'post,4 to rhe'-itdge jIi'le. The Ir, ot i tIhen HIe jinipel d ;It ile boy.'s lIace, but lii teeth
S -:lhatched With a heIlvy ,grss, arn'd ihe house luckily penetrated his -cap, .lui- him no
S .is finished, unless [lie builder chooses -o I' irtii lar iniiy. The id pl iin I I passed
'""muad between the'poles. no mn.ike diH,- house p,|' Fif'hI +,i<-et to tihe ,es-i.rlneic-.f l\lr. Ring-
.light. The famo us ". 3FanJdaneos" ure held' g,-II1, e thiie St. Charles, who hahd just step-.
..,In f lies. eslablishiiietri. hli-re one can ped h'oin his room' on to his door step, ,and
'^ dance with n 'NleMxicin Zirl Ifur len cents oni' ptilled lie dor t- a;ifter him.. At this in-
: th 'bare gronuind, and kh'rk up a Irenentilous si nt hlie saw lie doi comir.ii fklrioipisl, to-
-.-dust of a dry iighlit without extra chlarge.- .nii-ds him, srnpping his ieth, his eye-.
-"The Americans 'ire ilie lea'lnh J'atons, ril, girin.o lirei! Mr. R. cominc-nced kickirng
-.'Mlexrcan presuming Io take a plice toi the hiedo, %-III a-ll hlis ii; ilihi, but lii- booit be-
-. same quadrille wiliont special p rnisi in, of liglhi texuoIre, in- p-pni iii ,i t effect,
\. Monte tables, too, alIt ays lihave l,,ces on ti,, c-nilJd lie made. n him, but on c:. Iih rebufft
..r'night of.'l6 Fariln,ip in lie harkhtll, arid lie ireitui.'ned rtor'ab-etter hold. Several times
m.mfany a ain-e, dd ilr and e:ile, Ire iotn by 01t1'hi: teth'i tear the leg-:of his l' I ,toiIns
th. be- wily dealer. ThIe ,-ii:ars always and even the boot. Ti l'-i.'-1 iie eAcoun-
gamble. and 'iis said are never without .; i ,criiinirn-d tir S-cr',rl ilinit s;_ we .it'
fack of carlds in tlh-ir pnclhts- nieni, women r. R. Soi .ifei,. ;nil i hetfore ,-th-e ihdenta'-
;.rand'-ipriek I h;ive ofien sepon t iem 'an it it :niof the animal's teeth I lihd dis l'|i.i-.lrd
S b'dsi'le f'ei road, liver, or h lier-ev, r they h ip- I'mi hin. leg.. '. .
"ppn t6'i- e't. A p:iritN. social or oilie wise, L" ivin, I lie cnnih t, iho animal next at-
is neyer given without atinbliri L_':.,In dl e t'r-ll e ;i Itoy in' ihe street, %i.,i ran with
leailing am usem eti, and it ii no 5-'c'*n t 11 n 1 m iii l11 I'lu, ;il lihilol_, i til, li'i I m-ur-
the padre alwa.. s joins. Tlite InIQ u r !. so 'h u-ilir. iIn %o .aVe up the ('i.i .at
m'en wearsha.ls upoi- derle i chiri-li h en ol lie ,.n3ie.- Here he wasmet by
a.. ,dl in the streets, upon si.ite ani all Other a i ,n il Iak a reyolhve-x, wliho- came so near
"- ..occasions,--'never bimnets. 'Pie poorer in ordler:to.rn_-ake sin -of killing him,. that
'classes "beal ile Duteli". fobr clihep ii. linp. he dot spras no i, on him, cugh thi thumb
*A sixpence per daiy is Fibunldan ;- notlh -flu fdtep.istol hand in hismmbuo ,and a terri:
;' being required but ahiif'ayard of beef and fi: sf hi iple en.-ued. ihe ria h alternately rais-
a few cakes thilt the gisq bring home. from in.fite dhg frorpn. ad leluirning"him to the
the Fandangos.' I-is trufie that beefiis'old prt,,,ent by his -thumb. lHe at rastsunc-
".' bynieaspre here, and a boy is-ofien is,:on needed in e lii,)g:his thuhlb fronm the (og's
'going filom market wit' a Vyard,-yard nd a ilm.,idh, iLi not Inii it-.11as hou 1lbly l ari-
-rye' half, or two'yards,! 5nd ''amusing hiuuitel" oh,-.i. Hie :,t'e up his pistol and start-ed
%"*bysrapping'ir'around. tiome dirly nitchins, Iull run fur the Meedical College/ The
, 'a'ndas:inst the houss or. crackitig it like a -ga.inr lieime ge. r il, mtnd ir. R. an"
S..stigeonra's whip. lRavhide'is usedao'nsal 01d iens liecreihe aisly enash ed in procuring
:-'." most every thing-clothes-lines, chair hot- fnd-' arie \itnh which to disgiuchi the infuaia-
thls, rsicest, tops'of-"chrts.. obr tying houses ,ed. Sieicih-but 'as it general selopprens none
';: anrfences 'mogei he, saddles and bridles, w'ere at hand. A rten frotae e inialoritng
..and ox chains. rSimming and1 haing is a s.reetlcamue up and discharged .is piece,
a' avoirlharriusemo end he-re, andy btie not o- bit it such a' dnsf'nce as to miss him taj-
,' 'r.Sgucnt that in-ihe afternoon a.adozeni of together.. ';.
both sexes, laigr frthicking ahouf in The San :The dog. now ran badck .d ifth to Main
*' :Atenio'.' M'ost children five years old can -swreet, where- he was shot by some person,
.- s.'win, and if one gets drowned," it'i aum er is au l-and the ecitero now general was allay-
j .io the rest to look uba aa Adobies (anolies) ed. Shch a scene was seldom ory never
'^'^ are- usdcrnosily hoiw for-building initowos. tvtiensseil in orrr streets before; in fact the
:'They are molded hike brick, only bakedips oldest, inhabitants of osfr place cannot recall
-i,. the~sun, leaving them very iend~er; Their ,a tmore dsperate mad .dog scene, and in
-'-2ulze .-i- 18 in. square a-fad 4 thick, So, it- which the lives of sp~ayo urctzn
Stakes but a fewv, and they &iist hut dore to wvere entdhingerenl,' aid~one that a horrible
^-*-'fona6anm a'half cent erich: -Lumber is haul- nle'ith stare.]Jso fliify inthe fance. and from
**'el fromi Port' Lava,ca/.l'80 miles. aniTsells whichi somie five or' six escaped very oar-
:he~re alt$75,M. *Th6 almost imaplssibrihiy notvly, if tie maim wliose thumb is biten is-
,u7 of obtaining lumber hma been the, reason'-of so fortunate.-[Cin. Corn.':, -
: "i.here beine, nathlna but dirtfloois'in' the .' .

.. ihy' ..Merchandise sehls'here at a good pro- .<- TH-E FIRST SIGHT OFT LIVERPOOL.-The
it,.- a' is mostly, .fro -"New Orleans,.al- Rev. H. \V. Bellows,' in letter to the
Lthou^8Lus1lefrorp N wYork. The ex- Christian Inquiirer, thus gives his first im-
; .p.enuseof hauling fromPort Lavaca, is from piessio.. of the double of New York, at the
2''- 5 to .30 per tion. y.stfrduy,.;f'hirtyvfive other end of the Ocean0 route to the old
l'Y narls,.taking $80.60'0worith ol gopds,started. world:- :
S.dr-iihe Rio Granmde, and b -yonu. sThis and ".We hive spent two days in- running
i a";' .thilar expeditions are-..fitted out' often by abo-ut Liverpool,:never weary of staring at
Ihi.iener6chanta,'eince\ the great Mexican the' life,'and banners, and customs, and
sc .,trade .pon-which they depende-d,:'has been -house4-and equipage of -,albrign people--
-' Catoff by th.P.iar. -.-The Mexicans dare not 'To us, every thing is ne-w,: and strange, and
conie for'fea.ot Indian and. robbers exciting: The very color of ithe city, large-
r c ~ i e '[ n 'if o r f e a r tf~ ifi I n d i 'i a a n d ro b r s e x it -. -. "T il e-," "
.' by whom theroad 'is infested.' This party ly tniade of stibne originally soft in hue,-,ut
. ). numnbers'sixty -all told, completely artned .mellowed by sioke and rain, is full of charmn
. .'aod-;equipped. Had I not had' ot-her en- forour eyes. The -style of building, re-
gs'gemeos, I wbuld have 5ecp'led an in'ita- minding us mostof bPhiladelpliia, is essen-
".tion toj'g' whhb, them, li0pg-.Ua couple of tially,- peculiar. It is mnassiie, thorough,
.'ontb&rupon-bear and b_.f&imeat. and to ou:r inexpe'rtken,'pictur-eseqe. The
-Iave visited thie Old -Missions. 'Ibey ptiblic buildings are substantial and costly,
Share wvnderful-alm6st too much for human' and the new "Law building2' not quite
"-i" redjolity-these vas l"pilts erected iWhen eompleted;is on the whole, the most splen-
9'-hIcobihitry'was a wilderness. The first, d(lid edifice weave ever seen. We wonder
;t"MrHssipn of Coneeption," four miles from that tfeavellers have usually passed Live-
-the citfco'vers abott 30,000 Cfeet ofground, pool by so contemptuouslyy!' l We think -an
nd was'"&nrlirely'walled in. It is now f-rt .unsophisticated American, with an eye for
.z'goinlg to deoay although traces of great "Vftat iL characteristic, finds there a little of
"-beauty re to be seen. No p:art is inhabited by everything -peculiar in English. civilization ;
a human being. The ground filor was used and -we are not ashar'ed to own. that we-
-'a -while for-a military ,t'dblo ; now occasion- were kept staring with surprise and delight,
'.'Hy"allle'take shelter ih':eefrom the cold -or' with painful :interest and .sadcuriosity,.
"'i,,rther" Next tis S aint Jose calledd San: during every mioent of the day. Even to
S'-" caSimilesromihe 'cit, p.tsme watch the endless-variety of the carriages
read. have never'sein-a piece of archi- atid-rarts; to see the huge dray-horses,.

,moi e like e-leplints I li..ii lii',.c ; th' be-"-
g.it in tie sir,.f-is ; ine -,l iliers ; ihe pihln-e;
of to notice the strong", boots and shoes
at the shop windows, was octu plininn ex-
citiiii^ and amusing enough!, If to these we
i :iIl. our first viev of those gates of death,
styled '- gin li.i].ic '>.- which make the
windows of .illii h:i?.,iies pale with their
gaudy splendor, and ftinmish by far the most
striking features in a night, view of the
ne,-tes of liveitlool. we shall indicate the
chief source of our interest at the first
S From the .Boston Courier. -
The following Jis from a gentleman of
much practical experience in nautical mat-
ters, hoi has had .frequent opportunities for
actual observation among ihe dangers bthich
he describes. His remarks are well worthy.
the attention of those interested in naviga-
Mr. Editor :-The recent accounts from
Key West bring us the usual budgetof dis-
asters on the Florida Coast and I see
among others two -of our largest freighting
ships have been on shore il[eie at abutit tle
same time. Much has been said and writ-
leli as to the origin., course and velocity of
ihese c(irrenis. i is -not my .pirpomse at
tlis time to examine lose causes, but.
merely to point out a danger n h-u' Iresunne
many of ie mariners ni iiaingig.rthis- gulf
are unacquainitd tihi, viz: that-lhe cur-
rent in Ihis gull is influenced by the wi.id,
iutich minore thu'n ann'nauors are aware. '-',"
1 have learned by ohselVnalni and experi-
ence, inrinig in y voyages through the
gull', as well a s iluriniig li'y s lyal tKey West,
arindi mtv pere in.,litins about the Florida
reelfs and keys, that during the prevalence
ol i strong othie ilv wiii, blohttin g direcllyv
oil' lhe co;,st of WVi,.st Florida, Ir`0r6Caine
Sabhle to Mlobile B iy,, ihe current'runs out
of lie gtulf" ilh a mut:i gre:,ter velocity'
hi in dui, ig lie previdence"of any otlier
winds. Those strong winds fro i thle coast
operalina on hllie sotiface of this'large body
uf waler. drives'it Slouhi uinlti it meets tlhe
waters that are diiien down tie Soutlh side
of Cub:, by tlie tiade tiiids. and find their
o iii bet etee n Cape Yuca.at aand Cape St.
Anti6nio into the Gull' o' Floiida. These
iwu cuirenis meet directly intlie entrance
of the. narrow s1r:uit berteen ille West end
-of the Island of Cuba and uie TUrttIas
Islands, mind rushles out thlrouh this ginllf
tidh ;tI velocity almost incredible dum-l thle
cuiinintiiiance ft' those "iuds. ButI as this
rapid -'utirent tisumally i ntns directly out o'
the gull' thie danger is nunt so great cis ilien
_the renciiont i,.L-s place, \t hicli domts as soon
ais thie northerl'v l'iids cease to.hiowi. [)ii-
ring, the nreli.in ti |t lis Irirge boly ,f' tmiler
iniaiV of the disasters t-c-uir; ly,,' fr itose wa-
ters do not run back the same iav thlu they
come into thie gilf, but; tliN'e<-] P% It lthe
dangerous reefs between the Triun,,gas Is-,
lands an'd C':ie Floiil.I, nnilt.d i- back;
through the iiinileronts iass-ages between'
-thei. il -i.s and b,i.s Whic0h si-.lm, e ,hlie
h-'iv fitii' the 1.6ilC. aint] fill niip the veii inm
c:iiseil-d by the nirthie'l wr in s-ds .. :
\ly riliject is to C ill lihe ;ii:iiir.,n ofr the
n lvigafor of. tlhe gil'f to-t I, si.lij,:ci. for he
has. not only one i rgier't o guard i,'-
afier the northerly, winds before m.entitibried
have ceased to' blow, )but the variation 'in
the cui-reit onf through, (il- -i'f i-in tl hi's
ilil-ii-,',io,4s and i.pacing lhisship in,:' a .n-
expected situatio-n. .. -
In some instances, after a str,:,,r,-ri!- iih.erly
it.-I has .ceased ib blow, I In, .-- hi iii the
corraent in tli? tilf If-) run I I1., S,,itIIi -alnd
\\'e1t ; aInd at-oi Oi'etr limes i Inn tIl, i'. if at
all;. For the trade winds tutu,,t, I,, blow
the water down lhe Squl; .,- s, .le ,i _' h.ia as
before mentioned, and ma,,- sifii,,ntit cur-
",enri i.t hihe,i'l the water tahas. hsbeenb forced
into lIn gu lt ..' ,. .. -
1'n proof of thefore,,'lin2 in ,1 6 tell known
that afier the northerly'winds' have coufnti-
nued t-6,l.iu 'inl' v ,-'\ [iu61iis, the :iihenr
on thie b,i-loie mleniined ioast.,.:inp.the vici-
itity'ofSi. Mairksi, C.I(htS SGumunq- and St.
Josep1h, is i'nom oe l o .6 -feet -'ower hbat
at other times-. It is o t, i,-iso thi, -fir,,e,
.that a large body of water has been driven
somewhere, and as oin ;Is.s lie norilthierlv
'wind ceases; the tater ai. tie above meo-
tiiinei point "ibeginis to rise and. ,t .aitis its
iis, afe ighit- in the .course of twenty-tour
"h o u rs. .*:: '.' ; -. ; '' '" ". r
Sh,,cld these .remarks be the means Qf
preventing one vessej fiom getllnna (il shore,'
SShouiid feel richly paid for my enideavo,-s. ;
:-. '" :, ,- .., A G .

GOD has': written .npon the flowi'ers that
sweeten-the air-on mIne breeze tihat rocks
the flowers on lIhe stem-nupon iie r'in-drop
that refreshes the sprig of m6ss that lifts its
head in the desert-upon t'he ocean that
rocks every swi'tnmer'ill its deep chamber-'
npon every pencilled shell thiatsleeps in the
caverns-of .the'deep, no hess tlhan upon ihe
mightytvsun ihan warnms and cheers iniihons
of creatures that-live in i'ts lighli---u1l his
works he has writteni- None of us vieth
to himrsell." And probably. were we wise
enough rto. understand .these- works, we
shiouhi find there is nothing, 'from the cold
stone in the earth, or lhe minutest creami re
that-breathes-which tnuay not, in some way
or other, minister to-the happiness oflonne

living creature. -'We admire andi praise the-
flower that' best answers' ie end forlwhich
it was created, and thIe tree ihat bears fruit
the most rich and abunidint: thIe sir that
is most useful in the heavens ke admire the
most. ;. '
And is it not reasonable that.' man, to
.whom the whole creation,, from the flower
up to the spangled heaven, all mninister-
iman, who has power of conferring deeper
misery and higherhappiness than any being
on earth---man, who can act like God if he
will-: is it not reAsonable that hep-should live
for the noble end of living-not for himself,'
but for others ?-N. 0. Piay uyte. -

generally, must lead a truly jvial life. Think
what it mustbe to lodge iri-a lily--imagine-
a palace of ivory or pearl, with pillars ol
silver and capitals of gold, all exhaling such
a pe me ais; never arose-from gum or cen-
ser." Fancy, again, the fun ,ftucking .your-
~~~~~ ~~ '-f.Y o- =:. +
self.'upl for a,.night in. -thet'.fold of- a rose,
'rocked Io sleep-by the gentle sighs-, f the
'summer.air, and nothing to do when, you
awake but to wash yourself in a clear dew.
drop, aad fall to and eat your bed-clothes.

___ -- __ -- .....

The anxiety to learn tlhe result of ie de-
liber'aiion's of the Whig Convention,n mani-
festedl itself by thea large -crowd who were
on the wharf awaiting tihe arrival of (ihe
steamn boant Quincy, which, it was supposed,
would bring 2lhe accounts. When she near-
ed the whailf. and the announcement -as
FILMOREl were lhe non-ninees, thie nmost
intense delighl w is pictured on ile countern-
anecsof tlie numerous friends of tie Old
Hero, both \VWhigs and Democi'ats-and a
corresponding elongation of visage conld-be
observed among tIe few of the Democr.aic
Party who have ventured to express ihem-
selves in favor of Gen. Cass. -
\Ve rejoice at thle selection, because wel
feel thaut under ssucli leaders iiclory is cer-
t:in-because we lfiel ithat the inieresis 'of
the- country will be protected by hin m who
has declared Iiat his sole aim will be his
':ir, iri.'s' goohd-benause we. feel a-ssui_
that our rights as Souiliern men c an safely
Ili- tnu.i'td ion one who is hiriself a Southliern
imi an ;it a slaveholder. .
\ \V e l a uIhenat-i slpitno.,s eentc oh ZIchIarv
'T-i '.r'-. rnouinaiin in its Ie do 'nl.ill of mis-
-ule-ithe desirticiiun' of the spIoils-pairv-
and .-we lou,, titdel hIs alulmni.i.,irnlion, for a
-return to the h,,liMin-s piinci[)les of our earl'f
Pieppibli an tilei s. a -. :
Th;itit ." -hall surely he siicrt-essful in l ihis
1iihtli.ii211, u ft eel e. i ,bi-fi >] b, ithI b r.-ason
';,i'l by the i naimiie' co vi,_ii'iti, our ,iiuls,
as i well as by tie, eil-,l'i! .|ilenc a
fear which. we see depicted in the mortified
11 lil-rie,;,o ii- ioInufr.ur ;it.iis;aie Let every:
Arnerican here rejici-: ih-, the :,\I\_% N0F T1T t:
-P -_ ; r I.
'PEOPLE-.has trinhmhilid over all (A :bil!- aindt
i 'liig..ie-, and Ir-is lo-n i., by'-he -nert Crmn-
I-',' tir0e 1"" .o'f' i't e Ci.),II ay, ,.ackriowl-
i-.lge .as i i,.tt \ i li .to-sittin the chmir- Of
'his great roi"oi, -1 e ( ,iGRL : WAsUi-'i;TON'.
In him-will ibe found nide,"r deviedi s'r-
vant. of our country--who 'v l know no
difference ir el een his fellow-citizins, -ho
wiUh u,_ ) i h1-1 allegi:iun e 1to itny f ir.iun, arind
who will govern as Ihe servan i of lie Peoiple
{i (" '" = :. ;
and-not as their M ister--:- heo % ill ihalpe his
course to imee t heir expressed w'ill, and not
-seek to ccompel obedience to his ninnlda(es.
May tihe Genius o"f Amenican Freedom
crown hiin withViictory!

K -.E R RECEIVED. .- -...
When tlie proceedings of their Baltimore
Coinveiiion first came to hand, we looked to
see those of our opponents in Florida who,
pull the wires-lie leaders of tihe party-
those who have preached to -the people-on
the text of the Aboliionism pf ,the Whig
parity, rise to a man afrid repudiate the selec-
tion of Lewis Cass for President. We cal-
culated surely that they would sustain the
course their Delegates had pursued-that
they would act up nl to the resolutions they
pitt forilh iat the 'Madishon Convention-th liat
they would imitate tlie course of tlie patri-
oiic Yancey and thle staunch Siate Rights
Democracy of South' Carolina-but griev-
ously have we, been displioinied. JIt is.true
that up to this timiue they have nilainifested no
joy on the subject- their distress of mind at
being compelled to support an Old. F.ederal-
ist, an adaminrer of Louis Philiippe, aim]d once
a friend to mie Wilmot Proviso-7an "uni ne-
quivocatin g betrayer orf our-rights'l-:-,.as the
Demnoctra"tic Editor of. the:," Mercury" calls"
him, is-too strong to 'be concetaled. WhVien
the news 'first reached this place, not a
smile wasto be seen on the countenances of
the leaders. Fear and gloom hirevinled in
their hearts." Disgust was plainly depicted
in their faces.. The ",'Stars and Stripes,'
which had so 0ften, and indeed inv':riably,
been hoisted'on'occasiins 0f impontance to
their party,'remained folded in its quiel ,'e-
ceptacle--the' "deep mouthed cannon"
which had of old belched forth Democratic
thunder, was sileint as die grave-and :upto:
the present moment, -the name of'- Lbewis
Cass is' never heard," save whei sonme
malicious Whig louchues -tihe raw" by
bringing up the subject of hMis noripihation.
-But notwithstanding ilis ,'wanut of-spiris,_
the!ekavein'-of party is fast working, and we
ve-nture' to piedict -,"l before long Ihey will
S. .. .. <- ~ . ..*. g,'.-* .* "

arrived here at a lale hour last'night from A new and soiewhathet e rl.i'f.-_rogr.aplhed
Vera Cr0z, bnirncihs Ihe highly iiiporint i ,rS',ipof hilie '.;N'd- t'hf.. i ''.i f the-
intelligence of' the final ratification of the P-rovisional GQovenimeIlii as; i.pp-ared upon
Ireaty. The important news -wais brought the Boulevards. It-is-4'curinus.study for a
to Vera Cruz by ihe English courier, on thie physiognomiist,-.. I will.'rake. Ihee.un-tp in the
afiernoin of' lthe '281th il., and lthe Heizel ordierin whiii hey4slaTrd'.'f.tai,..iesk
'. i-01 V .".- + S". C
was ordered it sea on the mornnig olflhe anud gentlemen- ..There.y.ou;..ee. Leuis
-29 h." wii It-despliches for lhe Government Blnc, with 'his- sharM,.i)i.ellio'.-t,''sl'g'[ity
at WVashington and the deparlti-enis in this sensual face. : Pagnerrei'rbwn'h'i.ig, bul''iot'
city. The English courier, it was said, unkindly,' with-ie aiir o i oi-fian-jlookin g into
started direct from Queretaro fbIr-Vera Cruz, the distancee. Lamari ine, wihotm-everybody
immedliatielv alie r he ratlficalion, which ac- knows, willth his-fine dreamny- heaid ao "witol-
counis'lorn lIis arriving there before Major nut a melancholy link, us ifm.withi apresdnL-.
Grahamn, the bearer of l despatches for our iniont of evil. MA-arr'sit wth a]lj6-ld butdie-.
Government who haid first to go to head- contented air; Duponti'de 1iE'ulre a mniild,
quarters atr the city of Mexico. Mlaj-. Gra- old, true-looking h'ad.- C6erimeix, --wili-a
hamr was. howeVer, hour-hy expected at Vera good-lempered snile, hut "a'i iignexpressible
Cruz within lhe ratified treaty, when the air of the prof6undest Cunning anni'].alcula-
sleamner Heizel left, and one of tihe naval tion. Marie, gentlemaniinlyiloKing;"b-ut vith.,
steanmers of the squadron wa's'ordered to be an inq.risifive air,'ati!l.an u'rdPr-.curreuDL'l0 -9'
held in readiness to convey' liim to this city of suspicion an'dm] distrust..'-Ganhiier- P Jge.s,
or Mobile, on his arrival aVera Cruz. ,wili folded arms, lorkinn'dei*tined-and
Gen.- Kearney (s"ys ilie"'Free American resolume, but hot iH-liiierirti'ied-. Floconi,
of lhe 8ih htil.), is ordered io comnind in heavy-frowed and rough, huit noi nnrcr,'-
ilie cii of Mexico in place of Geni. Smiilt, able. Afago", a nioble, in'relligeni; 61d had,.
ttio is it) o superintend le emnb'aihkalin of seemingly full oe slral'hilfqn waudni. ';iA-
hlie troops. Gen. Puier-on. it was. -.tai, benrt, vilth a look ol a "reeablh,- lliteUlieience,.-
iwould come dowu to Vera C'ruzi- with Geo. buint somewhi t ofa grasprig ijex'resii'io and
S,-ntli. .last l; Ledru-Rollitm; without on'.e, 'lning.
Great uneasiness was felt iIn Ilhe city of quality of phlysiogiomy--inso1!nf,.arrog.anrt,
Mexio;; wili'h regard to the menacing atti- conceited, reckless, headstroug-add-.ruel..
~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~ -, . ._-,.- -, ,, 2, -ai' -- '"




."I' f l' H %%k in', g ; i': i il min i are a i.,Ih ,rizeid
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
ments;-- "
Wm. W. OCHErvrp..Eq.. Alhinv, Ga.
Major JACK II r.r.:,.iAN. ELitlula. Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVEP., T l|3h..er, Fa,.

FOR I:;0VEI- N-': :
Hon. E. C. CABELL.
Of \Ve'it Flnrida.
Col. A. G. SEMMES, Alternate.
Of Middle Florida.
GEORGE- W. CALL, Jr, Alternate.
SColoiel JOHN H.l McINTOSH,.
SOf East Floarida. '

.. .... .. ...... ...... ... .. ... 4'7 --- -,I- "'+ ,
be shouting, pa-ains to the u" nnequivocatiing lude lately v.assumed by the Indians, whose
betrayer ol our riights"-to the-Federailist of cies.ot deatJiA-,.!heit.-whites--lo.ng live the
.... .. .. .Indians "' was herd "ate, recent bull- fight
1812. ThIt the leaders of the party.v-the pIndians wa he. d -- l l"-fig t
o'n dile plaz3. .- ': -
Florida Old Htinkers-will dare to set-aside A trn'in of wagonst- escorted by Lieut.
the refusal of ithe Democratlic Delegates to. Siead's companny,'left Vera-Cr'bz on the
support Lewis Cass-dihat ihey will eat their '8th ull.- l'or Jalapa. They'were wagons
words put I'rth at thle Mlalison- Convention, sent up to transport t 6 Vera 'Cruz Ihe sick .
and discharged soldiers who are now at
and seek to influence the Deniocrais of Jala)a. 1.
Florida to yield hinni their support, we have NEW ORLEANS, June 4"-9 o'clock."
but little doubt-and we have as little doubt Our despatches .trom -'Mlustang" have
that they will ignomtiniously fail in the at- jnst been received. np to seveno'_clock on
Ilhe night ol' ihe 26h1 ult.. fromrrthe cily- or .-
tempt. The Democratic Delegaes o the Mexico, l'nlvy confirming lit}e bove. T
Baltimore Convention frntm Florida and final vole -ontilhe Trreaty'-was-taken i'
South Carolina unanimously refused to sup- Senate at Quefeiaro.at-3 o'clock, i
port Gen. Cass -ihey said that the sense of the 25Nh May--.-a6d the Treaty was a.
the Democras o Flonida, as expressed at Yeas 33, Nays 4.- .' .,
,the Democrats of ', From among the mass of-correapondenrr
theMadison Convenlion, was hostile to any -now before us, we select, the-f0olowing let-
man who held such opinions on slavery as ters front Mustang : .' '
those put fohli by Gen. Cass-thev refused' .- CITY OF MExico,:May:25.
-to concur in his nomination without such Eds. Delta.--The officers.and o6hers who -
to concur in his notation without such had been sentenced to-be hanged on to-day.
pledges as they thought the South had a have been' respitedhby Ged.'Butler;by a
right to requiire. Their refusal was disre- special order of Ihefo1loiving-substance -
garded-their demand was refused. Will The sentince.7of death,.which has been
the People of Florida sustain them ? Dare passed upon persons by Courts-:6T the Amne-
I, rrican A rmv,:,whiethler Ame'r-icans .'or. Mexi-
the leaders of the Hunker Demncrats ini the cans. is hereby suspended' untiilfurther or-
Stale advocate the election of a man who ders." .' -'',.,_ -.
-has been Iried by their own fairly chosen The good citizens'-ofQueretaro are goijtt
Delegates and rejected ? We shall see: o16 give r-'Cominissionersa grand ball.-"
S The changee f.-atitfrea.nitf as t lake
-iMPORrTANT [rNitNTION.-Mr. D. Isham. place to-day. ",- :- -":'
a machinist of Hartford, Conn., has rAcei-tll Gen. Arisla is to be the Governor here
When the -Mexican Go.vei.nment lake up
invented a process by which cast iron- can their quarters here. I expect'to see-all the
be converted almost instantly, and with but Mexican authorities heren.his week-..com-
slight expense aud labor, intoesieel. Twenty ins ih. --:
inues ol are necessary o convert A on The Commissioners,- Messrsm.Sevi.er and
n-iuesoiy are necessary .o convert n ton Clifford, arrived pt Queret.aro at 4 o'clock.
of iron into steel o'l llhe best quality, a pro, vestendav.- '- .-"'
cess ordianily requiring fromrn six to ten Gen. Patterso6'g DiVisionwvilKmaech on
days. The inventor has been offered $12.- the 30th insi.,.-and all tle .tr'bops willfultlow
000 for the patent right for hie Saimle f immediately after. --* -MUSTA-NG.
Pennsylvania alone. Articles intnufacinired i .. 1 My "6,- :s o'\ -
CITVOF ME.xIcO, tMay 264 o'kk..p. M.
from steel ihus prepared, have been proved I have thlls morningng received Ilhe final
and fouud equal to those manufactured from ratification of tlie Trea.ty of Peace bI' the
the best English steel. If this invemion is Mexican Congres;,:and'fiasten to forward it
t o \yoii. It w;s pill lo-vote in theSenate on
really what it purports to be, it will desiroy It nt Iat'ats hlt. "-o lltein : senate on
t ine -251h1. at 3o'clock., Ilue voil stool ]33
one great branch of English labor, aud -add aains it. It- Te:ted by e
...for and( 4 against i.II. ]t-wsTe)-)poed by fie
much to the wealthi of this country. Chl4airnian el.f tfhe- Connminee on Foreian
; ~ Relations on the '221. nd the',debaie was
SFrom thle Jourin-il &. IMle!sener E tra. 1ti hi. ,- coniin ued by setveial .-nien.iber.1, up 1 o lie
:' Genu. Taylor in the Field., hliour of its beinu ptut onils.j..assa~e. You
By the aid of dhe Telezraplh. an-id otuir a- will see thati t (it] rot meel -witl so nmuch
oiposilin ,ii ltlie Senaiie as it did in the
lentive correspondents rt Phil.4delphia. B :ipoiloni e e. as the
t Phde' iB :tber ol' Deputies. -
linnoe and Chai lesion, ve are enabled to 0-en. tinii hIft for Vera' Cruz- on ihe
lay. befloie our leaders tlihl',llowing clheer- 4th1. to iniAke prel:iratiiiis for embarking .
ing itelligeuce, f.ioui id National W hi lle iroon ps, :" .... ..
Altl lli o.I,-O tlosts it, ive bleenu ordered in' to
o.'inititni. tlis ci ihm ev' -ill be ready v to -mat'ch in
PtILADILELPHIA, June .. ,h|ree days ali.en they arrive, whichh "wiill be
The Wh'ig C'iriveution assenb Idh is in a diy r two; .' .. -
norninig an eleven o'clock, and were called Gen. Paners6.is Division being tie'first
to order Lv HIon. Hlenuv Wlhin, who nomi- "l eove- t.llo0tach in 1,twon tL"ee dat,.a,.-
Ite tein d its or l;ss all tie A met anrniy
nated .Hon. John A. C.Ilier. of New IYol, ll. l on teir ,nor-I fr- tie Ac-otcn *r
tetnpoiarvy Presilenl. and Gen. H n, oela u, of \Ve w.ill ,himnllered sonme'wirhi ou'ur'sickt
k'enlt.icli, .'Ser ni-hr-v. l 1 1 thl s -:,riOl I be hi, lfeI. as ii'would liot
S PiILADELPHIA,, Jtne.7, p. M. L. i le;vet thuse -beliind.-whu ar .r not .able
Thle Conmiitee no ,lu i i n;,l e ii ,, e. -t .
h Messr. 'S'evier andCl lfitord.liftl here for
through 'tlieir C('b,in.minli, Hon."'h'. l. KI' ,, hie-.-i'e r t'ithi. ati Am e ii'in escort -on he "
elion'til iihat the' hy li;id seht-le'ld GOv. MInle- 2. ,1 an 7 o,'loik. 'T he exchir in e o1 rr61. -I ti;
dIe K, -. I l K it ( 1,tut ,. Io'r Pi-P .ile d, i nd LUtI I 'I,'oS till i-iLe plIaP at Qtteie arO -'L w '-
Vice PiesiJ,-.,,- t tium eia,.h Sinie. ( I'vut issini S hvel',l pow r-- io excra-l ge
'ih 'ie or hie e. .
PHILADILP-HIA, Jnre 8. M.-. I i, expected ihe ia.LifiL lions I %ill Ile ex-
T'hlie. Cu'nt-niin, b a oule of'15.,6 ltoI, J9t A hin-ed to1il-,t. the i'rinst. "
refn-seil to allow tlt -,leh .it- t o casl Ihe fill Tlie -[ihidi:,walof lhe lrob)pS wi'll be in,
(lecti,,al voie l lteir a tes,. nl-,i s ie- en- I t- w o 2ti rdi: .:. . .
Is,- G ,i .P.,.i-Ie s o r,'isx b i-' ,=d--Ge n.
tire I-eati .ons irre prI -sen t. Mt.,rsl ill's D iisi ,n: 31-v Dt i -icn new
PHIL.AIiELPHIA. June M, p. M. rainric'nts -ldth-2d D)isiuof". ol. tIl reot-
CoTtention in t l e- -t -sn-it lt. ilisijiisti -. I irs inn'ltr Gen. Ke ntriey 5t-I-t Divisioni
-o I rs adIh old ie21ilmairs-Gren Wort h.
th'e IIi tSO ildiln-. atA, 4 ork h -We have 210t)0 sick t -titde away .wilh us.
open. aid iesoiuion passed o go into i is .ill ut slort ofir transpo tal ionk o1t,
ilominalii-,n--lle dleleoles Voting it'.'. er-.a-'. Ithe well. o .= t
P" iL.\rELPHIA. June, e- 94 p. M. The heavy hitaller'is (sii 'e') "of,'-i,.int.,
,:- P I F,-,.t B-llot, .,-od _l./_ Haonier and' Capt. ,RotWlandh-"il, rchaed on
~ ~ ~ ~ F ,s : .B""a t DlIt. ,lt.. h.N t .outlB lot. -- "" "..,
T y lor, il 1 14 th i .- .' *"
Cly he io'nis froim ) achln.a ahd- Cueravaco
.. V are already oi leir narchd i re -'for Perote.
Scott, 43 49 .- -.I ,
b-se o.r 22 Sv'IP.%THIV-IN A HthN."-Our deino'cra-
C i ton, 4 tic friends are pirenen,.lirg io:fe-l' .orai.;..tii-
S.eatt | .iathy for Mr. Cla, on .acl"ount r hliis'not
-Con'enin- ad.ouirted till tn-morrow._ ein' nominaled for the Btesidticv, Stici
.... .. .. ...- sinfi' is enough to nimi;lke-a ensiuble&man
Ta or's chal-ce ,onideied the best. sic" What do they Csi;e'or Mr. .-.hley '
P HI L A D F L P H i -. J1 i n et 9 P -M .-,'f o -M ., --y ?
- ',". .. \here twas- t rsvhahvtr.eir --go
G en T ay lo r nom ina led for th e P residen the ,-a- .heir s_ --a. -- --.
7c b v a m ajo rity of 17 -1 volest w"e ti vials o d e hs:-e-' -l --h -
On the secontl ballot Millard Filmore of and abuse, were empte -. h. .... with-
Nei York wis non.i.aed fur ic ot measure, and wivithoU- mercy ..5od-
bury and Bazchminan were lit'el.hlaid on th'i
P-residency. "* .-' -- ,,-- ,s-_ -
Presidency.:- shell by their Convention, at:nd ye{ttheir-len-

..npoulann rro "--IPBco. u" ler bowels Iln-v-'not been moved towards-
RATIFICATION OF THETrP "ATV P, THE them in their nhiscomi tliren All- tieir s;w- "
"M L.Xi(AN SENATE-TI.oi, PS K-LTUI'N. p)anlhy is resen-'ed.for Mr. (.iay .'a m-'_. anit.h ft
.NG HLME... rom nie -bol tim ol thilr hieet"i ijylo.K'e -
We .are indebted to the New Oleans iviti a ,n,,ice 'as vindit,-iive.s 'in is .itn :..
Delta of the 3d. for an extr' containing the and undying. -he Tn hias tnderstlf ti's
.ollo..ing .er imponmat. and 'gratifying in f Jncy leelingon the part-of t ir*opp -eents,
-, .-" aud will iry to'appreciai.i .:-i'a .t- .deserves.-
telhi ence Iromn Mlexico: C'olumbus'Enqui'er?- -
The U. S. steamer Helzel, Capt. Baker, .--:-'-" ...

----------- I


. .~.:. :- I


- -- LMumma

L 1 ---- 1-. I -

_~~ ~ __~~~~_~___ ~ ~ __ ~___~ _~__

- I I~-~.-------C -p~-L- IC L


M11iliata'y, FJre -Cais. and Firn'
.' BHa~keie )flinufactovy.
e' T-^riNRY i' ,'R.\ i(.<'AP,e-uiiitir, i- t,- mr->,u-
'- "h*'b I';j:ture- at lin".A..l s&'and,. No. 3y:n Broa,:iivay,
': N"'ew York, Lhe loll'..%WJg articles: 'Milit ry C.,lrv ,
: : 1% lt-", B,l"", ,t' .. ,*y t' Phte,s', C -irrlnJ,;, B..,xr-.,
",:;,,k--. Prci-nc a "'\'dire. cabb rd- Saddle
'"C'l.;ti^ H .I-It ,.n ;'-i.i,..ll,.,Gun C i-:f l.'ire tT:,|_--,
,* B .L'' r lki,' tT:,N ?1. & .?. "*. .
lh .M ti-r\', #hiJ .'*'u .:.tt'lpMH lie.b.out. r.:rni i.n .,:;,r'.
"*? 'r.?rfi, 'lil^-" c@_.qii41~ t hc.ir,,lJ.iJ..r,,;'_-ai.- be
9'IL + tip l .'.] .'.ajy. l' i~I)'L"I' C')'p?, "bv adi'er.e'sii! 'th\e
ab'.,'e,-.tL i.-tlt:u + t notiu ce, on'the nicst rea_-,,i-
aqh?"tl. n -" -. M.aT 4. l'-Ct.
-', "'. ": "' ""^Ofe
+[' ~l+i'' ^'ACK'^' R,''^-Hn,m; arnd+St. Dnmingo
,' _l Z ! ol e ; _'.t o b)jr U: .:','ui <:- ''"o -- l lw b v.i .' -,:-
D Df,'- ..C.LLY.
.. n'+s oa CousimHihaen'.
]+ I'-: -". 'e,:e i'"i sh t> lM aria na, ann da or
,,, pe'I.'w t,.r r'.'t.+',- -. "
-. .- ..'s. c-rqr H ie,t.lck C lh.m pigne, "
't 'Q i c e.,:o' t P.,l e .Port "W inoe,.
S ' ; *.,..__ .-3,!r,-ir. ,il ,,'-+ .. ..
:' .' "* "^.J1--(:'-Pli ',,rdon Sherrv Wine,
l /.-.).:', ," .;10' *'^:. :: i E't- India Maderia.\W ne,
*.7: : ..* "i'- "';".' d Sicily a[.)deria W in ,'bv
.. +'M:,reh *2 'E MeCOLLY..
.: '. ,. -. Fat' Sale. ,
-"'5 BBI,2 H 0'. now finding from ship Flori-
t. '_ ,hn .. .'\].|>lY lt.o
Dec'23.".' NOURSE, STONE & Co.

" "f^l R \ V .'" ,,'I *r;-,r L,,m,.,n syrup, ju- t received
'' J-w ^ i .r sil,-- i'.',.,
* ..-1eb 17,:' -H F A\BELL.
NI-W",e PS'O 1c ,

'-- %1, hv :s.: Z"','* t1. ELLICON &S Co.
I')".- .Cor W .-iter ait Chestnut Mta.
i.-.1 1ft' n IeI i e, S.
:, h ITS+tt~r'i+,db'')X 'O, iust received J rom H a-
~ v: i'.,n l( .,,rt ."fr-ale by
Qe 3,. /^ .... E-McCULLY.
-,. ;.. :. .tCrrcen'tes._
-':* [ RT;"-q 'Vl'ii~le\; 1,, lblM,:,l3s.e+ ;
.,. .'"j [ l t:?'r,'e th .e, i',-t ree'd and P-,r .;al, by
.J|&, "; '*"'T3-1n Ti "*v. E "M '-.C rLI.Y, 51) X\'Ier ..

-.. *.*'^ ';:" mIlfl.. ,
,: t' .' -.: r"0 "rH ',d .Ma.;'Oihv, h) bonl-s and blad-
"-"'...i ?f l.'i'^ pi-4 o',vi-ve d ard 'cr 1 le b\ '
; '"'..,,-l. i. H F ABELL-
D5r. Wouilruirl's Wort Specific,
A S-I'E rnd eficient remedy Ibr vworns. rfr
';: .Tlae batliaits' ElIxir.. '-
C MI. T VIN remcdii) for chill and I'evr,. I.-vr
.-Y -" ',' .-,I,, y -/ '+ --'
...., ; ..' J C .ALLEN.
... ,S.'v, A D. OIL, j.-it receivelind for s',le by
*L' "k" .\ pr l. 17 H. F. ABUTL,.'


Saddlery, &e. ":. ,
...' " \I rT.R^, o va,'vi,,s patteins and qualities,'
".. Brill. rcurb and Snatfle bits, ..
'. .:^ ^ S wd,:ll, Baza :.. j
." ,l'l rt ngaldes aw id W hili,, f-.r c-le by .'
W&I. G: PORTER & Co. .
Dec 3'" .'41-AVW Aer street. i .
.' ** r P a ce ,

-J 1 ',(v['& IHO0CK'S Panacea,just p received
and tr sale b ; "
Fvb-17. ; 1H F ABELL,
T-TOEI- Onb .3'ls.; Tnrnips--): bbls.,t
--;;.: CCirrW-5-)"bbli.; Beets-5.) bb'ls.;
'--.:'!". Parwip ---0. bbl?., fur qale by.. .-..
.;.,-. .Deq3j .; B ELLISON.,& Co.
"jtf' I 1 ." V r Ii u e
W PqM7, SE"R'0"3'dian Vermil'|ne, for qale by
Fb 17 "_ F -HF'ABELL.
S' , ,i0l otlls. and Cau-pets.
:- "- 'P.CS. Oil CLoth, 4 and -2 yards wide;
.; .. .) 3,pes. sviper Ingrain CarpEting;,
. *' : .. S r ir .

..: "X, .!leby.' "WM. G PORTER & CO.
Det' D "-'". -41 WVater ?tre'et.
: B ai e y.rrTei~ie Mixtture. :
'HfTM'HTii 4alifahle compound' fluid extract (A
"I *Cinchhna anA Rabra, a vegetable febrilfge
"fwor"the core of Fever and Ag,3.e. Sold bv
@:"* -' J. /ie it ": .. H. F. ABEILL..
;,':r ... ... Mlolaises,,
.'- ,'^-" Q t st 'ndes ; .51) ttejrces Florida,
N ,,by B. ELLISON &. CO.
Dec 30 Cor \Water and Cheslnut 9ts
.,'"B"7OOTS .^Shoes and Brogahs, by thecase;
"J WorenaS~hoes anilBuslins; .
"'M'en', BVs*'and 'YQu h''Br ogan ;_
S r *,.": ',,,"' "",, finersew'd-Broganp;
1eh.s'p.gg ed 'Boots;, -- .
.5' ,, finp'sdwed Boots; ', .
S* -",'i '4sqt fr'ogan4:- F 'i"-6alfe'y ';.* .
,+.," ,;" ... "B...Eht? s6N'&--r.C' ,: "
'7" ''-^Oec.9" -C 0 at er+nd'!C fe.t n it.t ..
-,^'*"",,-1-.- 6DI 41O S.,.-1 ",-
"iR:I. t06GS, Tieklt!s, :" Cdtton"'.saaburgs,
L'i seys :4th s-;:-Klarhilk-BlAr*
9et, Twes, -.1r Wfirsn^'.Slieetirig.'Oe~s
For"Valeliy .-. N)B;EL 'TSOW'-C.O'^,
E]le!. .' .;"ebj r.:,Vater.,..a P hC h ln .t e ts.

Hat, -X6tmqte.-d 0a| ..r IS Lry fficaciot .sd"Iemedy rot. exter.mh na'-
-- .. -'I" *ti vnrmed.iatrly,"tf a proper application. e
I dt -e; o'*lJ-f'.'b'e abaov'n~amed .annoyances. _N is
"' af~ahd. tii~i6n'hi attained a very ex-
"tteh'v.e.ehrliytlo--+invariable'destruct ive pc o.-
,'"~oietS q tti~t ordqr o'f insects. For saLe by "
Abgtl''1''4.-'-* J.' C. ALLEN, Drugqist.
ttlei's,;"Veevabte, -Pills,
:.. Z-[-_'_,M .,ATION. -
.*_*J-ai.9heir Vihtues, in curing this disease.
(hft bn._ 1ene.Ar'e s.aid of/lhem, their aermn
lupon ; yfiS'''iA'.wo0iderfut, they immediately
.t-r)ct,6 'll0 ain "in thi,i'eae; io matter ol -Ilow
'.ftg.adla~n!<.'"Patmpblers containing? 310 pages
if.tetirltbjialifr~tbm-the profession. Fnrsaleiby
-. "' 'M'loh:3"-z '-. "-Z J C- AL'LE.
...,,]..our. and .Whimikey.
f(fA BBL'9 Whiek'ey; 39 bbli Wtnioii Flowr,:
JUI receivedd per schr.'.Mpnterey,.for sale by
.,My18" '"E. isC'UDLY, 50 Water st..

-IM.TST.receive'd, direct f'rom the SpLring-.. -For
i ,', "al'Sy =.,+ .. -J.'C..ALLEN.
M ay 4. -." ", ':.*

0r\ BPLS Champa'iye. fr sile by
:5 Dee !31:, B ELLISON Co.


School Books,
F PZsaLe by
-Feb 17" H F ABELL,.-

AC,-ASTILE Soaplfor sale by -
Feb 21.. H F ABELL.

J\/"ADE on shipmerls of Cotton to Liverpool,
J. Havre, New York and B-,itn, bv -
D'ec. D.- R. WOOD) & CO
-'"Hy11drostatic Ink Fountain.
A FEW Hy~irostatic [nhk FounfainIL Pen Recks,
Sand Bo,:xes,'-Paper Folder4;, Stmps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Wreights, -&c. for sale bv
.. Nov tS J C ALLEN.
-., Quinine.
3'fr\. OZ. Shlp. Qui'Me, just, received and for-
3 j:ssale bIy ') "P :- .":i "
April 'r2 H F ABELL.
.' ilTaI'sad.
SPLENDID -rticle offGround Mulliard, in
X -tin boxes, for sale by -::
-.' .pil27 .... -.--:^H F ABELL.
i. Gold Pens.
'A,.FEW of:,LWbodward & Brother's superior
-'Goeld Pens, jst received and For sale by.-.
October 21. ..., ... 1 C. ALLEN







, ,.: .#. -. =+- g


FlkFS.H'-ARRIlVAL OF. .-'.,...
Dru-s,_ Medices,,
lye-Sluffs,. Pe.r-.nlle awe.- - ';,-
^H& THE undersi'ged rerur-tiifldianki.i '
.'^^ ^S to,'hi- tgriends'and the-publc,' .lA eirH .- .-- -
,' t^ h?'liberal patronage,.anih&d.Bg9..tojnfmtjha ;... '.,.
,Jp^ "that he is now receiying" .,a.adc..l'i-".'- ,.-
"""- al su'jlply, which added to-hir.sfori.r
stock, renders,-hi s ,assortmrent "unusually' iaIr .e
and cnmplete. english, ren)cli German f. ln
A'erican Drugs; &stnetic ;- Peri'umiery; GTd -
ani"Drv'gglts Glass w r0 :.&-., 6& : re' irheie '.
to Physiciarns, Cotfim ry Merdlat,'lana l.d 11'l't bB-- :' -
the rf.-6!t liberal terms-all^r..hih ,tie WartallfiD"-t.T :-h'
ptre'and unadulterated.. .-'" '-' :' .-
.; *H. 'F. ; BELB^: ". -- ,' :--
IV h6lesale and Reial-Druggistov'-... -"
6l, ,v 45 Water street;:- -*"
^Tiala~chicd1a, Nov. 21-,'. lj-6..,"._ .*'-..-i' -11-'- **-,,]-(5'""
.. 2-**- ,-..- ;.-** : *" ._ ..- ; .. .
D rEibs rand edib ie ". --"
.I T -H E'^ bcriberL a a6 t-^ l' ---
^j t^conslantl'vlaiin-harid.+ac6trirl~lfe':-'-.. *
"e- '[* assoirI eft teiCBGSTani:!MEDI.-,--- .. .tt
W S "' 17 ^ N E S ,.W h i b l IIl ,v a.' ar:' tp ~u ir ^ Z-1, .
rA cltan olhbe bst qiiality C ".,Couiy. .--._ '
S,,, MAlerchanls and'Pianterk__wpl..findL.. ^,..
to their advartapfejo"cbtll; e'xain'ad M-f^gI? :e'"-#
Goodc,'befoi'e iuirchaaing"e']?sewve-h@e . .; 'rfe' l
N. B. Physician-sprescrip 1onts, put.- Ih,.
cdre and aicuracTya'l ain, -t1i'ror th tfd'v^. 'f.' '^ ^
_. .- _--, :-.7 J..-C-.' L L'EN1;:- :. -+.. --. + "-;; " -. -1
-.. 1Warch "_'2l _; J'br;J-.C^(tte" and' Oowffme~bestts.q-,- :% --..e^
j ." '. .-" ". -
^(Latle 7. -CLfR-K. ,-:^*".^ -
^P .- *cON?]lNU .,oj rry o
_ .J ^ business i,. patelac i',ola 'o6 pO-'=-- "
,,'P"'sfle' the-.':Cit Hcii ineHle-itn '',: eR<--e-
Hav i ng iiuperior" w\brkmenhe=ra "-
confidei, that all--\,vho!'' yPpat'roinize.- h'lmi.ll.--- -
find-Ihat t-hev- havecalled at the right l, ( .p'...-, -
French Cs-l" Slin,'Morocco, and Patent l6at A -- ...
Bootl and' S'fioe-_,_vn~ade: to order,. of-Th'e Ia-tes'an'.;,
riwi.t approved s006. -Also, Patenr LefihTGan -^^.:
-ter'Bu'-Cf;i arnd Shce's 41-inade in a superior M'ar~ri'J r." *'
He will keep consta'rifl' 'pn hand a 'large aridlsv .,.-
letted-lass,:rtment ol''R-ea ,y ]Fdde"Booi3;.SIls ." .J" ".-
a nil .Brnaan4.-. Ai1 r meiidjg, & c.-,-doie ,Wilhhn-atv:t ^: -
ne-_A ail--dprorp ltude,.and-on lerrai-s'lfar=.artpt:\.
tai! to be receokiw d-as ir, ae iiwnth 't .p0tn -""- .
petitjon i,, trade ard ihe closeri,.s olr t -f,.rir ,,.,,,-^.'..,-,
Aatichicula, D c. (, lPt>417. "i-"w^ ':'.
SIndei'vood Caigi-.1-"
-- --'" :" :, =.;'-;*'.'-.& *' "^ '7:;- t y
2 -5: ....^ ^^

-RESP.ECTF .LLYTeh'tei-ser.. ;:'.
S L vces to ,he'dli*ze;s orof Apalchi;:*.?.' :
[W _. co-'cla, dinld t e co lr, v -o:I' Fraiktjn ,:
MP '1^ t.enerall),'in the ',1el .tehir-.pro-',:1^ .
Af\ S I,=i,,n. 'Havir;, morithl corn-'+''-." "
S n <, '"" n ,,:' a t i(-.n 'w ri i h , p r in c ip a l : :; '-.K : "
f, U Nortlh,.rn cie ll s, ihey will b6,fri.-- -'.
SI n ble ,,-,o furnish their patron.-'at an'- "'''
*s .^l _l" tirnez with lhe. Nswrt:sANA-NP A ?-.-- "
TEST PL.t.'ri^sAS ,N '-e ."'-'- ':-
,l. inva .tl ~l, ilnl'y at a aieu' 7he'mostlfa.hi._.'w ..
able. Styl.,.o)f Drfsx, whiich wvill bed-'ae~die'dW*
-N. B. G ro l=tit s' M-orningx.
N .iina Wr ap'ehrs ,,CdeUP toorde"er; Clrcakrul.f 'tv.

ret^ ipred m .l -ii- ." na f ,,br 'i- .S-ol "i.1.a\--. r' :.5 -.' -
*ia Ikin arig d a Kid i. nGior made -in1 -a Supfrrjor""-**"* <-
i,,d ,:er; I Cies of
i cr i "ei .in radein a neat a-" d7"i=c-- r'orif, "- '-
Sf3l; e. Al Is g. 1rr iTe rfr m a d e a L ~h i iestdabyI j s hl~ 'fert

'r n iri 7- fi, : -... -- **'" A-, -. .' :-:-
I5q S h'lo Seco.id Sto.ry Baltzell's 'Buiytd(g "''
Elitrance .-.n Chbi, nut staare, ,et. *
October 1 4' 1-47. A .ia. ..;
'f A plate 61- Fall Lin.] Wintier Pa-slion^,3,mat:-*'' '

repairei d.. v .. .- .-
--'T H. sE r'E.* V- -;^ ..

WATCHl, I .,r I j;- -r A1!0 CL-; 4'.rcfll i'a" -

HE p- orai,: : .I. (-s.lI' tlc A the' i",A ,' rig, -
.B e, l, is' n cont 'a:.'liac -, e. ` Biii .1i-g .i"-;

his'- '-- ir"e :-" <.... ." r ,[- "-y-s. ..-.. -.4'
e .v .)I, In o k u'd dte trn the-irve '-a k-l -
-Aj dei T ,; H. t- Ji E +r( n.

F or a pleaba tt:it -i, ard.lr -" e ri .A.^ :'
are? rvt-e- i li cR o. .' ,r ;- .
%vitlh:n the ircle of. gvrnnast, l-_F'S 0 11ir' .h:. -
.T H :.r p it...r, "-.. lJ 'c- ,the 1-m -_t: -.B j -.. -'; -

T, 10 C. Ifl ^ l ,"I P i r f re', se l -ecI r, "" ;r r'" ""
a 'n i "l allt inelane ial-s' a. a ,. ..: ; -"- -
"_o me o e--ch a ll nen f '" ,L |Wr., Va ,. -'rc .rc i.i-g.5.-. .-
Acrj, aac -,lr Dec.n ,,i in 17 .i| +? t e- 5 **B.CC. .I.I' i .l ~d .. ..ft ^ ?r.. ,.+...'p,.r- _.'- .
-. ..l .-i. .ei Kasl'~ .+.,, fle r .na ,ve "'a.. ,',_ '"
ari. Apni l e-n i/e olai .ulP--t.xelare n ,s. *unlh .g' ..- *". .-

,*C m on,!. e-com e aa.- f "thW 'ii 4,'a** ^ *'
~~-e~h. IF. P"'F 'P'" t t1*;.. .JO .ab i^v :s;'.J^,'''

:. .,,, t l= i'l =a'- -* ce i,' =..'... 7 -^ S

"A pal ach i,-la ola- t~ ctate.f""'1 :- -"; - & *

..J**ff (.11} lloie I, ,q[,-' l*.^ !.c.:itJ *a ss eeV- .3 :.,.
kn'rn hOT u ,, an "il Ae... ~-s 'd'lj-t-'en-."ifi ^ ':
.a.ny <.rthe p trav, llns_. c h' rumm eir.lf at:-.1i\,ve ..". .
,t? ii|cpli. .wtl,, i git-\ n''1iitLr or, dd'0 t l:.e p .o'+!u. c^ .: -''-

i : '* --- '. ',i*/ .. ;,--

x p\nstloE -1khae ."r>. ilTrn'i-jirfa'a.a^ -o
lmend-titepar.ns: "i:.'0uslt t,,)'ttyi^fr:- CUtli-'-M.Prave?^'''": .-;;.
'.'. :,d -iu -, -"il -irM te -:,e,^ Dd ,uE S .. -.:, .",. ---. .

; 1lallahassee. Nov. 1., 15+7. .--:.,%....'*'43-7. ^K--* -
,-i 'l-- .* .... ^ ^
CITY, HO^'tf^^-: ,,:. :..
"',- '.' .;. F *.. ^ C ,^tSS W ^* ..
*Hll.,.+, -,+-^ : -?, -= ..

'., .;. .. .. ^ ^.I T-
...'q" a rt xt"..e.^ ^ T'r ,' "_, :. .

UAflal xotlcro.

Fraiiklin Circuit Court.
John IV. Rinalhl,C'..)npl't,
%-.. I I h n ev
DE:,ne, Smnith and L icXy Ann In Chancery.
},m \ v.'i e. RKe?'p'l? "" |
U PON re.-ilij th,-P fbre.',oing atfi;dvit, it is or-
l. ,ered thnt ,.ri];:e ,,of the lore;,_-m,[ bill be
p,.rl'e>ted ,-.1 the Jpeniid'jnsi in l j. l [il[[ iienlti,:,n-
,.,1:, l,3 pubIi.,'iticmI in the Col nIi on'. 'r-: 1.11 .k dvt,_erl i ',
",r s*iii. *:,lh,:r ne'. I-|iipr p, hilli ed in the W ezt-
--III Dl_-rici f-,r the L-s j ,:_, n of ',)ur monthly rei|'.1 -
rin- : ,?iid '.If-k r o i. r', appear anIl atwvr ;liJ
bill, outler%.ise that the -;ann? be taken pro con.
lfss,:, GEORi:;E S. HAWKINS, Jud-e,&.c.
April *2411, I.'-1
A true copy. \VM. VALLEkU, Clk.
M,1V 4 1.6-4m
At Clambers.
APALA.,-H ICOLA, DEC. 29. i'?17.
John Ai. Carnolhaii, Plaintff,
--' v s .- " .
Geoig.,K, Walker and Mary
his wife,, of, the State of
Florida, James E. Better 4 Bill'for account
and Ahn 'his wife, of the'"and partition.
State. of New Yor'k, and "
Jane .Mctl oter!, of the '
State ofSouth Carolina, 4 + "
:. Defendants. "
TPON affida..vito t.'L',ini, l.i nant's S,.,licilor that
l.J the.Defendants'mentioned in said Bill do
hOt reside wiwh'ifM this Circuit, but "within'the'
'rit;:..1 Stile : It i's Ordered that.hot-ie of [ the
institution, of li>5 suit, anAd,.the filing ,t thle
imende-d Bill, b-giveni in some newvgpaptr pub-
li-4lei in [lie 6.rIrc t, l i,,r 1he space oI" lour
,,.jiitl' ariid if, Upon due l-,r,l o-,f the appearance
of s'iol n,:.ti_'e in s:.rne ies1paper Q) ptiuh slshed
tor he trni mni ,-iiloie,., the s.aid' delendanli do
i].-,r at-,pear to 9:tid il bI by the next ruled-3v.v hiCh
.-lull ,',.,re alir,;r t\\e .rty *.a \ Irm the'exlp ir.ati.n
,.t +,,.I i, e p n, .-d of four iriiiill5s, it is fi'rtht-r o0 -
d&:red., liat tlhe same be taken a3 confessed
a.iiiit them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS. Judie, &c.
Coiripli'ts So:.l ilior -
A True ,Copv. \W". A.3LLtEAkt,
D c -,. ':')--il, Clerk.
Flranklinl Ci,,ilt Conrl.
'riie Pre'ide rit --ind Di 'rci-,rs o1l .' "
the Bank .-,f Peiscolas In Chancery .
H liram Manlh:.v. and tler,3. I
A t Chlititberi, *--1th M .-irh, 1_;4_7.
U PON r.?,dingy the Bill and Exhhi',i. file, I in.
this cause?. It is ordered, that ser-%- ice of said
lull he perfecte-> on Hiram ManleY, one of the
',.-ler, dac t-%, wh. appears fr,,l' tle, afl'.avit filed
lIii,,ir, to, he a re.'i,.leit ,:,If the M iddle-Di-t'ict (I
Fl,,rida, byl p blit- htlion in ithe ne% paper pub-
l.led. in hlli, 6 1:Y of A p:,larlhii'i:'la ,1or lli,.t pi ,:e!
.IA two mnothi, reiiirhig, s'i .%l MaiilEf' to be and
ae.,l:,.ar b>:fl-,re the Court on the first NMot,.lay-'n.
Jul e? n,?xt, .%% d a,-wer .aid bill. otherwise the.
~l- 'jIn uil be tak-n pro ,,oIes.PI a it ,him. A
GEORG E S. HAWKINS, Judge, &Ce." '
.A A Tru.,e Cpy. L.:: .
'3i V .LL-LT\ -VALLEAir- Clerk. m

Dry Goods.
T HE sgub-crbers oner Cue sale a large and sea-
patm..able,, stock of Dry Goods, cunsisting in
part ol
Negr,:, Kersevs and Linsey',
Wnite and R,.d Flannels,
Banguij); and Tweeds,
Stper plain black aiyj fancy Casameres,
Super EijlghI and FgerncCl..,th<,
WV-_ t eyL- ank'erq, I,, 1 Il nd l --qrs ,
Dt-,ffil fclarJiTatl, !, and lo qrs:.
Maar-.illepQpilt.-!,ti.I 11 and 1" Vqr^,
Deiiihii, Kre iPIn s IaN" Cottoh0ddes,
Bro.n Shirting-and Sheeting,"
C ,-,t.:,n i- n bi ri^ .. ..l i
C,'-t,-:n Drilhih-zarid Ticking,
Linen anid C.t-t:un Checks,
Irish Linen. Shiirng and Sheeting,
B[ea,'lhid C,:,tton Shirtinr, and Sheeting,
Eni-litsh, Freiich and American Prints,
FxIra up,]rr, plaint and twilled Ginghams,
Siper Cashmere d'Ec,:,.se,
Extra sup,-r M.Islin de Laine,
Engli'?h, Sc,,tch and American do.
Super rtali"in black arnd fiured Silkls,
Blw.ck Sill.k Cra ati and Ianc 1' Hh0l7, '
Suyer En liilh and P-,naee Silk Hkfp,
E,,ligIh: aind Amer.-an Col-ton M-I's,
MalJra- and.d \'er,-ona head Hkf-,
Ljdie' C,,otron Ho.;e and Gents Hf-hose,
Super S.alia. Marseilles &. Worsted Vestiugs,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and ri-'zd Swiss'and checked luslins,
.:- i Jacpnt and Canmbric MulP5ins,
.'. Needls, Pins, Tape.'-&de. ,&"' -[
=5'W\rhih Il re b.?en 'selected-%vith great care in
New York and, B,..,t',n.,frm'rn Importers and Agents
of Manufa,t,,rers. at the-lowes-t market rales:, and
are now offered :at ,' h,:,le ale ,r."etiailr,. f.3Iav rable
terms bv WM. G. PORTER Co.
Dec. :3.1., P747. 7,. -11 W ater street.

CostislagIion of theC S.-tae of Flo-

P.'p,:fIs(J a1s4rtt.i.1 0o by Ihi :Iii, d ril,,'ol
.14-r/lilh : i ,ttll"Clt t,) hc tt,'ltl Vf the lii. l
Gtfiii. rtl ] **i. i'hlh l _f

AN AC-'T _"[ dinetAd the 'I-'Th CltIe,,t lthe 5rh
.A N [II ,? ,.:.,Il h t C',,-i 1l -.n I. 1 *il . t1 Sl.,1e. s,5 lhat
the Judges ,:,t" the Circult -I,,urt^ -sh ll lI,.
their utic o4 for l.:rri ofI, eif' t y.i:ar.i, q n i t ead i:,f
d,',,,in g,,,,,'J b lta\'i:r.r, '
SETONr 1. -Be.il a,.'/ardlbq the Sinmte filti
H, se of Rtpor.tateirttis-vtf Vie Stute of .Fio-
r.,+il i;t i tnlirtt ..i-.intbly .'onim.nml, Thati thei
]"--thI Clans,-- ;_A tlhe 5tm Article ofr'e (-e-onstilultot
of' this State be so amended a-sto read as follows,
viz: Thatt st t.hetexpiration of the ,.r'esent term
,t.,of.'ice eo lthe Jutdesof ilhe CirCul Cou,,'ts. With
the exception hicreialtel inenti.-.ned. Jusli,:t.l ,: of
the Supreme Court, and t!,eJi,,:e ol..the Circuit
Courts, shall be elected' for a term,:,fcii'hl ye.irz,
nrid t1h1al holifd tlheir- ,fice 1,'-" that lerm, iu lelss
sooner removed under llie pr,:,visions made ill this
Constitution tor tlho remn'al of'Judtlses by ad'(lreiR
or impeaelimh rt; and lor witful neli lec" ,(:,I duty,
or other reasonable cause, wliidih-_l all n-,t b6e
sufficient grourid for impeachmei. thie Governor
-qiall reincve any of them, on the address ,:if t%%.o
thirds o.f the Geeral As.einl.fly ; P, oviddl bu,-
v6fr; That the ca'i-i or causes stall be stated at
length in such aiddre-a3 and ewttred on the Jiur-
imals of each House. .lnd Piothl,:il flrt/hd,',
TlI.'t the cat,,',? or causes shall be i,-,tified t',1 lhe
Judg.e so- ijitended Io- be renm.oved, 3,id lie shall
be ad.rmlted to a hearin:4 in his ,-.%%wn dlelence, be-
i {.,re am 'l ..c ,. ..r [J re-io, al lj)ll ia--: a il1
"ui.hi cases lhie vole shall be 1ke. b. %yea.; and
w:t). and tiered on the Jouril,-,, of each Hou.se
re l-?.,ct', el\
SEC.. "2. Be it fit r t .noehti, Tlat lhe J,,,jg.e
first apri,,:,iite'l iv, de, tliis a er,,.l. id C -ni .-t lti .
sh:ail be '10iddd by l,-.t int.), 1-..ur cl,;,-ei. The
first class shall l,,:lId liis or their .,five ,.r olfivee
161' the leim >,f t[%%.-. Neji'- ti the ?e,:,d I',:.r [lie term
ol lour vear. tlie third f..r thfil terr 'if six \eat .,
the ouritli I':or le lerlm' Of eiglh't \ears.
[Pa'-eJ the Senale by tlle Coni(tititllt].-Ial rla-
j.,rml., Dec eiril..,.r 2'*.'.147. Pas-,:.- tlie H ,.-u.ie ol
, Rlrlresenitltiies. hy the Const[tultonal nmajo.,rity.
.Jaiiu.w\'. 6, 1"34%i]"
All Fl.iridi papers will publish, provided not
ir,,re lh ,ti .f.'2.! is charge,. '
April "7, IS-4S, l.1-6m.

A CARM.1 !-
Tr HE Subiriber.- take tifs .method, of iiform-.
1 W tlle citizens .1 1Apslachic.tlla and i s vi-
cinitv. that they have now on hand a v;er,, neat
and %&Ill -electcit Stock ofGQODS, wh'lich w,,ill'be
'sold l,,W corozi, tmcnE in part as l':,lows: ." ..-' -
Cloths and assineres various styles,'
Fanyv Print,. do. "do.
Alhpc,:a L',saJe; doa. Figured, _.
Silks. Prod, Rvne, -" "."
do. M,:,ntella .
d ,o S lin S t ri e, d .
Fane, C.j-:imere Robes .
d,-l. .M er ,, d.,.
do. DelA ire' do. "
Mu-ins, India Bwk
d.i. Swiss, Luce a',d Colored
E,:l-iiig-, Li-le, Cap and Tlire.d
Shlav, 15. DarnalkSISilk
d,:,. ltrin.r,,'.-
do.'. P laid ".-,,:,
Kid. Lac:e a-and SlIk Gl/.'es" .
Tusk in Gil,-\ Bonner-;, latest laslti, l
R ib bo:r, ill .,[l va ie i -
,row Shirtm. 7-4, 4-4 :d 3-4
Bleached d.I. ';-$. 3-4, 4-4, I,)--I and 11-4-
: Bl tnket?, l)-4 a,,d 8-4.
[,.l'r.iin and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Bass .
Hats and Caps, ail l tvh-.s -.: -
Bonsq and Shoes .
Clothgl '.I Ai4 kinds.
AI-,. a ieit ,z-,-wrtnieiit c.f JEWELRY. art.].
ma r,N q ler arlieler; t,"o rn mnver.is3 t f rneiht',,-,n.
Call and e ixami e l.-'r .,-,uis,:.Ives..
M. N. C',_3Tr T'i BROTHER, J
Deo! "-3 C,-,r. Water and Ceh re it..
B. Elliso &' Co., Cor. Vat trand
.-'*Y .Cl'lietn -sts.
M ANILLA and Herrl.p-Cu0'.d,, o'f al sz.sa
-L Hambr,..)'l- :W ,-,\'.-. il+fi.,..M'd tie,- Spun-
y'ar], lal.,unl;.i_,e^ rf 'l;.- [l? .i.,ShV ala ,I'o. t (_I1,% e
dJ, Lirj6ped-do,;lI.aTw- dh. Boi1ea-d', S ri s Tur-
,,-n'in'. 173-.- is...,-.tDdo' .._41ass. P,,1rv. \V h L 11e
L, ^,"r:l. :Rtd.d,, ,-Y'-llffw^:TQch -. ,-'ir.-,mn, Gr,,n,.
l-,_,ii.ralJ d,.', [ ii.,.'ri--i d,,.-" r:',r,",i-V V ell i,, '.- 'e-.
,di~ri-. Ln~h *'.r.,ffe, ^illrhur. E;,] r'IIl V,-tr,,-li, (',,Pal.
-if-, Tir, [L-.sin. Pilch1 Ti.' rpenrine. Co-il, P.,int
Bruhles. \-irr,.iii dio. TY ard,,, .ru d,_,..J Cl'nnp d.-i,
[i'In, BI-ck, Chalk, \\h-ilina, Rn,?,!m D,.tck, Enz.
fiQh ,d(o, C,:It'ln J.o. Hea vy Ri\ir, do. L'gli doio'
W hite, Bluer illd RId Bu tinig. N.ils, C,,,er. do,
do Trtda-, Shy Spke-,-Boat do. Brad,;. Screw.-.
Tick S rews. Anclhors, -H.,ndlfkcs'-. -ap-iain
_irP,, ,_,irs. Blo F-;' Soves, .lib H.-inks, Hand
Piinip.~, Deck .B,.i'kel?. Ceda-r ,doe ', _-k Ero,:nf,.
C.:,rn 1,,. C-T lki,,z M illelrr "r3 1" i.2- ,]i A d A .'
H.-,lv -~, Ho.:ks and Thi 'MesBo I- I H,:,-. _P.:.il- dl:..
C-I-, C., ii[.:) do. Boat do,.. F dh Jo,: Caz.ulki:n,
Irmn. M 'M Ir,,n.%P.m _, 14rih!n S ipikes, Sh.S i ,p S.:i-
P.'S, B' r.; [,'ipii.er-.'l."no<:,k-'s; ] ,]le';, 'T ,-.rr-,-r, r r.-.
Di\ idr ,ii ses. S.a Needl-. Sail. Twine,
?eine d.,, S,- ir, Purnp d,,4. Sh,_\.-',4 [-I,.m m, :-rs. Hai,-h i ..: ,_rlh ,: .
Aj tirs, Pl.anes., H3a, id-w's. .,l.'ts, HIanJ-.iw
Files. Rar Tdi l do. Iron .q,.,-,re -. _u.b,,ird L,:k,._
e-,, .k do., Hor,,lk. anJ Slap' .(. H ,sc;. P.altck.
WooJd'Saws, Penditnt Ha'ilyads;- Hand Line.,
Detpi Sea Jo. Lo- ,Jo. Fish d,;. H nd Le,-iJ.. r-ep
!,-a d,,, S dIe,-t Jo.. Rar do Funnels. Linidirns.
Chalk Lmos.; Plh Pi:,s.-L'g Book-. Ca7.o do,.
PRel iiwz: Pins, Ti \ 'are Cr.-'rcker\, Capente' 's
ToI-rl',..-Snmrnpon Pots, \-c \ec.
Ap,'l..,,:hi,:ol,. J.iL'c 9,;=1S-17 .-.

HMa'dwa're, Ship -Chatidllery,.&c.
T HE Sul.,'.;riber. h)ve on hand fur s..i,:-
J.LOCKS, as.3-,rted, Butll. Screws, Hing~e4.
Hajrids.,,v Alillsiw.'. Crosscut do. Pl-ie!e,
Corn passes..- Auie,'?!, G t tblet.;. (7 his l-, Bra,.'e
and Bitts, Rules, Bevelg, Sumre-i. Broidaxe".
Slh p do-. Collins' d.-,, Adz,:., H clher;,,., F.,i-
"mers.Shwlter I-lan,,: H g BlInd d.:,,Stee-lHarl,
Cou.nter Se.,les, Plat,.rm do, Colt.t:n do.
KItcn,,..) \\'3re, Table Cutlei\, Shoeel and
.TXoriS;, Fire [rons, c. -/.
BLACKSMITHS' Bellows, '.Arwis. Sledles,
Hairmr,.rs, V(es, Scew l:,lates, Stoeks and
Dies, Tong-., Files. Rasps. & L-.
.IRON-S.eed?, En, igh arnd A.&recan. as.,'rled.
r,',und.,1lat and square, Barn. HI:Np, Sl'heel and
;; Boiler-lTion. RPilro:,aJ, Spike dl. Hor-e.lr.oe
.."Iron and Nails, Cast, E,0I40h, Blister and
& ." Gern an Steel. ;. T -' I I ; .*'
PLOUGHS-SmiIe< and .Double C,,rnshellers,
;Cornmills, Loagehains, -Trace do',, Ox do,
Shov&=_ an.d Spades, \reedinin.Hoes. Garden.
L[3ue ar,,I-Gr,,bbin4 H.,es.
CPRDAGE--Maila .and -.in: a-?.-rr,-,], Puceh,
Ta.r, R,,-in, CG)Al Tar, Brialit Varnish. Hand-
-slikes. Bl,'-I z, O ir, &rc. ,1 .. :_
CASTINGS-Suar Ketiles, Mills :nd Cau1-.
drons, Bake.,vens. Spidrs, Pots. Enameled
Kettles. Tea Keitles, c.
TINWARE-A ful'L asormert. :
\VW hltsal or ,:.tail. :- *-
Apalachi.,ola, Jan. *21:1, l51.4":i.

Callioln cos'Osay Tax Sale.
B Y virue. -of :the p',.,er vested in rme by law,'
-_ ', I w ill ,- lx] ,e I'.r sale. bef,_re t[ e I ?,:,'li t-I ,,.ue
d71.n,r. in Iihe county <-.loCalho.n',ort.:the first M.)i-
di ,:,i .\ irtt, of-.4 fi the i',-ll,: ii, described.
_r,,|:'>erty, Nor sO fnri.?1h there,., as will p- i. the
.'ta-e and County tax d,.ie tiere,.,n I;:r [lie Year
t-4'; t,-,-W i~t : :-+- .' -* : .;*/. .- ,
WT-e S W=of Svition 5, Townslip ', Ranze e:
N-&. W, oimnemi-lj,"e la h- ,:-f Stephen Richards,
purprtii_- tIn beli-,; t,, J; W. \ illiamn-,,n.
.h,,, lhe? N W } ,-,f'Se,:t ni _L. Twvn-hip 1.
RPhw.!? -',, N & WV, arfd (he W\r of lhe S WXr \ of
S e, :.ti ,n -' T .,\r ,h ip t R mnze I, N & WI pu r-
pbrting-to b,-l.:.,u ti,, Wm,. \V~att. -
Alk ',. -)',-, ,re-s "f fir,t' raitI -ifJ. ,mim ber I,:,t
kn,,win f, plirp,,rtig to bel,,'rin to', J. &- B F. P,_tlev.
-oI,, -.-, ta're- -e.-',ond rate land, number tnot.
known, piirprtin.- -to .bel,-iig to, Ja.. T. Evens'
estate. .* : -:.-' .... ... -
'Al-o,: 5'7 ar'e; fir.It rate[- an,. number n,:,t
.kr,',vin, r:ir inor v ,,1.1 belmr., to Call & GIrrble.
Also, i acr,2e- first rile land. rmnber not
kri. n, purp.,rtlz t,. h l..,-,n 1 )o S t'l. Pa i hlill.
"+. ". *: ISAA2 JACtKSON, Sher riff rnd
Ex-Officio Tpx Collect,_r C. C.
I,, 114S. ltds

S.. I I-oil, Na il, AC.
, .00 TO(NS Swede Iron, as->.>ri'. sizes; "
^,,A 100 ,ke.3 Nails, do.
4 c'asks Weeding Hops, a-sorted ,1j1)liiie-i; :
S21- Blacksmith Steel Faced. Anvil., :
-20 ,," E6r2lish and Amer-can Vises; :
3,0: B,.:ll,,ws; :
1'. dozen Spades adtt'Shovels;s;
Ii "- Collin,' AXv.+;
10 bxs C,:,rt,,n an..d W\oolern Cardis .- -,:"
1 case.R.Ywland's Ca-.t Stel Mill Saw-;"
10,.0 ibsC fastand German ,rel. t;-,r-ale ,v
',M. G.'PORTER ,& CO. Y
..'D.ee\3j0 ; .-' :': 41 W1 .ate( 'stre t.

.: -Provis.iolns!
r^f\ BBLS Whi-,,.\ ; 10)>. Prime Pork;
.7 0 1':' bbis Fl.:nr;'l ,rask RM ee; .-, -,
" :r ,. :. I S 5 sup er,,:r olJ R eserve W hlis~iey:;[ .
i..'*" 2 ..... 2 "" \ rv im ce Hi-m .; ;
-.Now: laing per schL' L,,ui-a Sear-. and for
s-'le hY + E M>CAc LLY,
March I! "" 5 \5 W ater Exchange.
D1-RAFTS on New Y..rkl B,,slon, Prnvidence.
Pniladellihma and Baltimore, bIuught; and
Sight Checks on New Y,,rk ....d bv
\lG. .. PORTER & Co.
ents Bank of Brnswick,
Dec 3,, 41 Water -treet.

'*- HHDS St. Cr,,ix Sugar;
.. 15 do N'ew Orleans Su:Zar;
'^ 21) bbls St Croix "
5 bx- Stewart's Loaf .
1f bb l g 'ri: ,rd -
100 sacks Rio Coltee; 50 do Java ,
411 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
'50 -" M i'l't'd do.;
1)0 Sperm Candles; 5-,)0 bxs brown Soap;
10i 'bgs-Shot; 5) kegs Powder;
..t,,jr) Ibs Leid ; ..
,'-L)O Ikpg,'White Lead, No. 1. Extra-aid Pare.'
'For saleby WAM. (3. PORrER &i. C -
Dec ,1) .-. ', 41 W ater street.

H:I; Sclhool Books. .
,4SICHOOL BOOK, ol a.1 Iind It. iust re,:'d b)
'0 Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN.

Bacon, Flour, Sugar, Coffee and
A LWAYS on hand, and -or sale I,'-.%I b
j.1- Dec-23 E'"McCULLY.

Net and Twine.]VImi clr'inag"
2-_Co MltRECIAL-SaTRFEr, '
(.Up Stairs,) BOSTON.-
Mlanufacturers and Dealers in;Bryar,'s.Patenl.
l'wineo Stands P,-,st'Office Twine-z,"Baleins, aned
Bundle "l'w iiie% ,M'-Cdrl\ ", C.,tl ,,,,H1 rrrnr i T-wlx ine,-
C,-,tton Seine Twine, Tanned and [_.Untann-d. Flax
Herrinm, T% mne, Ha\set" mi d.Sh.' ,-ul jid" M,,,'k-
erel Lines; Herring,, Pnh,,g,r SI.::,,I. B::-,s.-ard.l
Dip Nets. Government Seines ,.\ itl] Bae-; C,:,j,-
Herring,, Mackerel, Shiad.. aid.. M iid,:-n.. S nes..
.,V\ B. .M'ets s and..ii'nc. knit lo. ordin.a-t short
nliee." B. ELLISON i-'C' Ac,. I;t-s,"
October 14. 1-.'-17. 39tf ApalarhMict-la. "
G Gu6ceries*,".& ._-
lUST received from Newv York,lper brig Alhta-
tj ma,.a general1a-siortsu, ent of Groceries," &-c.
con-wtinf inl pat.t as olnNws, viz :.
'Cru.;hf'd Sugar, I-a,fine article," "
Piki'les, asso.rtedt.Lemo:,n Sr*m'p,' -
C...,. BrntIv, "a super, article,"
" C ,',n-i d-.'" : '- '
H.-II ',- 1 ;,,, o1" the best quality, .
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy, .
St. Croi.x and Jamaica'Rumn;. ,. _,
-Midlerii, Port and. Malaga Vines, .
Soap, Caudles atird Starch"-
..N. 0. Rf.ctifii.d W hiskev,' -
.. Brown N._0. Muscovado and St;CroiN. Sugar,
Bacon Sides, &,c. &ce. ... .
All of which. will'be slAd low by' '
.. .. '**- E. McCI-LLY, ..
N.,,v 1 1 -. F.O.W. tr 't t .' t J'"
Groceries .-and SIhip Stores, ,
R1IO COFFEE, Java do, St. -D.3min-o do,
Northern Flour, W\eVterh -do,; N 0 Sugyar,
Si..Croix do, Porio Rico do, Yo'tin H%_on Tea..
Hy%-on do, Powchong do- Sticbong do, $.;oshen
Buter. Chet-e. Lvrd, Bdcon Hams!. Sides4, Shou'l-
ders. llolha.sse-, \X-hiis-keA',- Mess arid Primne Beef.
Mess and Prime'Pork, MIckerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herrin-. Sounds and Tongies, Cod F;iTit TLnues,
Plpper, Spices, Ctsups, "Pepper S.tuce, 'Olves
Capers, Pickles. Soap,-Stareh, Tob-c'co,',Navy
Bread, Pilot do, -Cracklrs,'Vine,.ir' Dri4"d Fruits,
Be-rns, Sallh.@ R~aisen;" Macarom, \'ermac.li., Ar-
rmw Root. Corn, Oa:s, Bdrkwhent. Mustard. Rioe.
For -lp by 'B .ELLl.'1-'N '-'C-.CO
Dec 9 Cor WaVtr awl Chlenln sic.-'.-
.Ita-Icels. .. !.'
QPRING- and Thumb .Lancets .justretcei.\ved
0 and for sale bv y" :
Feb 24 H.-F-'ABELL:. .'-

-.COMPOUND Syr,,p of \Wild Cherry, Just re-
,_J eeiied and lr sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

S Bl'Ilshes. *
Ht.AIR, iat, Clothes. Teeth, Nail and Shaving
Brtilhes. forsale by .
Feb "-4 11 F FABELL. -

4D'Boos and Shoe..
" a OY'.S ahMen's'Russet Brogans;
Meph'ssewv'd atnd peg'd Kip Brogaits;
.Gentsfine Call" Bregans-;
\Vm'3,pea'd and &eewd'Shnes; Children'L do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morcc(o Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine CalfB,:,ots.
'A large and extensi-eastsortment. jst received
and forsale by IVM-.-G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 .. 41 Water street.


I'ood W|'are, &c.
BARREL C.-vLer5, Painted Pails, Tubi, Flour
'B Ppjiits, Measures, Tra\s. A-xhlve_, Buckets,
Broom-l, &c- &c. for sal'e bv
B. ELLISON & Co. -
F,-c '. '" ",-r \ r:, I T hi .-'h -t Hitir '

t) BBLS tup1no r .rAI ovd,, for sale bv
Ah' .Me 16 E McCULI.Y. 51., Witer 'r.

Blank Books and Stationtery.
LEDGERS, Jourtals, Day Bookn &c.
I5,0, re-ims Fol-_cap and Letter Paper;
Cothon Memorandum Bonls;-
Ship and River Bilk? Leading;
B,,,i ,ks Ior Leelt r Press. ".. -
Blank .Bills nt Exctanri.i, and Checks,
Just ,e.,ei%;&d and fnr sale bv
Mar,'h I H. F. ABELL.

,, -- -" ladrd are.
SLAINS,"Tlain-frcion,stin.le andduble, Hirm-
m'rs,"Draw KiVves,' Augurs, Auuer Bit,,"
'qprr," Braces,' Timber. Scritres, Turn Screw-,
Marking Guares.' Motice do, Saw Sets, WVood
*Rule.,, Adzes, Wrenches, Saw3 Lrcks, Hook,;
and Staples; Butts, Screws, Hir-, ses, Shuter Rolls-
Brads, Tacki, Copper Wire, Meltini. Ladles, Ral
Traps, Axe.,*H3(clheiQ, Coffee Mils, Sledg-e Ham-
mers, Smith ToVngs, Mill Saws, Anvil-, ,.,. &,C.
For sale by -B. EL'LfSO'N , C,. '
- De,." 9. ... U' roF:,V:r"and Clrefr-sts.+' ,

Cuba Tobacco Seed.
5 LRS Trbaeco Seed, fr,:,m tfie most celebrated
. p I antat ies (if'he 'Vuelta,'Abjjo, just re'eiveJd
rrom Ha\%a31a, Inle b, "
Mch 16 E MN.-CULLY, 5r0 WarEr t.

8 JARS %erv superior Spa,,isl, Olives, Ior sale
, by ) E. MACULLY,
..March 16 51 Watr st.
: Scotch. Snlif.
3: .GROSS S ,-,le ui Srull, inial!" b.-,tlle_;ju'it re-
ceived, lor sale b .A
-:April 1" J C ALLEN..

H" ULL'S superior single and double Trutses,-
11 r,;,r sale by..
Fel 1, .o H A ABELL..
Thompson's C'ounpo and Syr'up of
Tat, amd Wood Naplha,
F OR lthe c,.re. of c,-,linumptir, n. chri,rn bron-
chIts-, a; 1hm0 ,%1ho,,ui rig colihit, paIpitalIion
of the heart, liver complaints, and aflections ol
the kidne s, tfoi sale b 'v
Eeb 10"- .. _J C ALLEN.

eleusce'iFlonrs, osheni. Butter,
A ND4f superior atiiclea ol CHEESE. fir sale
by E. McCULLY,
SN,-,v 1 50 Water st.

Aroinatic Bitters.
1R BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, j,,' received
and for sale b3
- -A"April 1.3 J C ALLEN.

-I_ ,e management-! of ,ltifH'o,,.,hui",; ^- .
I gned wvill use .hjsbesl .e.*-.rfi!Orti g ."t'o e))i .-.-.j
guests. He/asks the publ ecor thelrefo .'" ,:-.
--....,N ..4 1
November 1I IS417.. = =,-= .6m.'; ,. ,
-.* "1- "' < .. '-. "- ,r..' '(2.' -
.-:' ll'CUOLU'n!B US." "-..i^" .-' .- *<*,.o --.
rTHE SuE s ribeisone oljfi.[ d,:,;
S"Adam.*, of' .Colunibus;--Ga'., will2t'in.iii'tie-:,.,-'
lime iti..Ata tlehic,-,la, He ,n)y.-be-ev... .t'he*-*: .7 .
,arh, ou~n,o building, foO -2 Da'y.'i.c o t.'ag[l-...
most any 'hour in the dav, and 6wi2llrece,-e'Sr'ers ... .- -'
lur N "-[*I-.]* N T. .- .- -.," -':-*'.'t -.'
:- .OVC ',lE T "'q.. n .*., or'..,' .*-."^ ,' ...D -.
.-! S LA I ,$-'
w iich bfe wilJ *lrnPsh ,o~l-e^Pharfltfi,+,._h ;.-'-
procured from, the-North. '.:''., & ';. .'..';.1?": -^
"...**' .. ":=-..;. 'r -.,:p-"P^Aj.MiS. ."31-..
P. S. ('ter Teav-i g Apalack "ajii~j'rsB^ fc?'
ber willrompt
him in Colum bus. "' "' P "-A '-"- .
February 24, 1545-. 'i'3m" 7 ... -

Hr'ATSatid Caps by the e64_5e low I;:or cash by
.- "'B. ELLISON' & CO.
Dec ." Cor. Water and Chestnut 3t.

Seidlilz Powders.
':Q GRASS Seidlilz PowderIthat are fresh, jut,
received anid for sale by '
.,April 13 .... :.. --J C ALLEN.

... .. Trussesj,
.S NGLE .nd double, for sate by
.J,,ly- J."C. ALLEN.

Infusion Jars.
A FEW. Infusion- Jars-every family should
have one-for sale b) "
" April 13 J C ALLEN.

'Drogs, 'i[edieses Oz Clhemicals.
A FRESH "supply of' Dru^gs, Med,,-:ne.4 and'
Chemicals, now. lancdin from bark Reform,
and For sale by.
Nov : __ -_ : : I .:' C.-AL EN .^,-
-- Iarrdwa re.
T.RACR CHAINS, Spadei, Lcks, assorted,
_ Wagonind Cart Boxes, Drawing Kfiies a-nd
Irons, &c. &c. for'sade low by '' ,. -
-Nov 11" E. McCULLY, 5, Water-st.

Letter Paper .
I10 REAMS fine Letter Paper, just received
--J.J and for sale by
-.April3 "J.C ALLEN.
S;HEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
baleand case, low lor cash, hy
.'"" "'. .'-_-\ ..'." :iB^.r-LLISON & 0O.-.' 7
Dee 9. ," Cor"\Vater and Chl-stnut -ts.
:-:Razo," Strops.
C HAPMAN- and .-Emerson's. Strops, just re-
Fe b2'ed a 1 dfor sate by :L .
f Feb'24' 1 .. 'L;:.. ..\... :H F:.ABE.LL.

,1S' * g> tie_.^,Fo bale by. J. C. ALLEN.
.M a:lt ... .


l teI wil applyy to th"
zo or 'P ei for Fr'anklin-Cnunty,
tifii'a.ige firor.h-.ofM administration of
'*Hry''Beal, la're-"p said county, de-'
:'-: l'JAMES Gt13ON,8 Ad" 'r. 1
la;:Apriw3,"1848. *' ^ .1 3-6m

-. Bagging .and'Rope,
"OR sale by E. McCULLY,
,-'-.. NoV-1l1 "5-- 0 W -.ler l.
'Q U[INNE,'Camphor ard'Piperine, !ust re-
ceiv;ed and for ale by
- April 1"7-:. L H..F. ABELL.
BEF--Mess and Prime, :
'JU*Porl,.Do do ;-.:.
Br.ad--Navy and Pilot, for sale by .
Dec-30. ".. .. B ELLISON & Co.

.Ua r Jellies. .
,.,r-ng HZ. GruwarJ-lies, assorted size bo-eT,
J just received direct'from Havana, for sale
by .- .McCtUL.Y,
Marbi 16 350 Water st.-

BiTTERS, just received and for sale I-y
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.

l JR sale by-- .,,
'Dic 30- .. *

Biers' Oil, "
-' B ELLISON &<-Co.


*^ -

"'T11E WH" IG BUGLE." |
O_"F 1 iY.
O,,'y FIFTY ('E.VTS /,r he th .iir,,"g.
ThI, ,ndr.,i-i ,ned p.r,:>,,:,es to ce,,mn[ re? thepl:b-
li,.ti,...n ,( a paper to b, lle --,,.. I rHE \W HIG
I;tGLEI," at HW-I,. NW9.. Pa.. ,-0- tc le Me t ,1 April
,,em, l,, be cunlimow,'.d n.ekly tundtl af br the Pres-
ihleli .-,l Ele.ction. :i the low lprce ..,I FI 'FTY
('E.\rTSfiii I& Cawpaizi.ii
The W Iri c BUGLE -"'. ill be hnljr it, a].|,,;ar-
atice and spirit to "- The Clai EaIrle," puilhli.-he,.l
by-tle u.nd.rsiried in the canmpa1i. ofl144.,and,
as .V-s nime inrdcntes, will be ete,--al!,, del,:ted
,-to the dl?'erm r, aliot, of W h, Pri,,',plc.s. It w\Ill
-advocate lhe nomination of the gilljnt rGeneral
ZACHARY TAYLOR for the Prey,,d;,:-i.v., but
%%ill \ield a heart\ support t'j he nriihi ,c-- of',
the a'iMpr,,r.ite Whlig Convent=,o s l-r Prendent,
Vice Pre-ideent ad Canal C,.,rnniis,-ier.
Th, Whig candid:late lor Mhe Presidency in
1.P 4, i~s :ilrea'.JN de-ii.atetl in many of the States
"ol the Unio.n--and ZACIYARY TAYLOR is the
choice of1 very large majority 6o""the American
pep-le. This "pre-ferene 'for the Olt Hero is
both iiaturai and right'; for it is founded in a
grateful seNe e f I,,ng and distinguished services
rerld.ered ,on the fiel,] ,,fbittle, \v her h, I|P di s-
|played courage, hitmariit, ahd 1u,:n! wa..t ,:,f the
highest order.
The I hie and service-z', tlhe vall,,l O'd RRough
an'd Ready a'.- Irean iand Nutiliiul, and h'hafouiind
a deep response in ;ll leirts. He !,a_ already
heen 1,,rma.illy noininated by the Legi-Ljiij iLs ;,nd
Slate Conveintio:,ns ,:,f a. 1un1.1D r :,I SIate and
h)\ tenJs >if IIj .irdl of his Alifrhtl\ r n inthi r lheir
nrimaq a.-criblies His n,.,nii:ti,:,n b, the
W\ lhii N pletly cr.il ili ; al'id ri l th it eveh "t hli el ict n]': s
ulire h) an ,:,vers\ hIrl iiE n i,.,rit\. He hIas
fairl ,, lhon i ly. a-id .:ill.,-l edirnedl Ihe hle hest
10-,11"r13 of the" R,-i,,A. hlc. a`I.d a ,atelu[ |.,e,-pe
,.MI l 1 o t.w it h olhh : tIh e n -
Gen. ZAY('HRY TAYLOR i> olr rfist rhoicee
fIor Ihe Preidern'y, but we tdlehl:e *:ir, z-ilii.iq
-Ulpport to.. tli,-,$ inritee o'f the Whii-h Nviorlal
tliVc-itrOl, r l'e;-rdili,-r Ilianinl itt ,-.I' I leeli ; and
t'il iii i .iti- i ol,, i OI rt, as e -i enlial t l) u .c,--, .
'An, d sl,-,ulh TAVLOR. CLAY. SC',)T'. CLAY-
rON, onr d,,'y other di-(1n, wulslihe l BWl- i.;, atetismair
be sele,:lcd by Mhat bod, ,-he will recc-\e our cr-
ial a ,. t'li usksl;astic spp-rt. "-"' Th unht -it
the J1 ,iiq .lAr I The f/' f I$at diM:fw.'" will be
onr motto-our candidate, the nominee of the
W111:4 Natio,: al Coienri,'n.
E.rt,?h nu.nier o.,f THE Wrc\HI Ri CLE will enn-
rain a largp hind nI POLITICAL 'and GENERAL
INTELLIGENCE-and- there will be ntti:d
tlir,:,u.h uts ,Qolimnq that Q'/'( and pi'il--'ii anld
phblh. phy-- ',l and .l twisdo'o lh'it will be cal,:,-
1'"tcd to slarnri It as a |SWi. lly a1 ]iiteri.-tll j.
Wee nre dtmi'niee.: to make lie BuI-;I-E I heiro)t
I\0l ri'. sirf ,.ind effrr'ierit \W hig paptr at Ihe
C.'o'ta rl" ff the- Sr.tate
\\t- coll upon tlthe Whligs orf Penmsylvai,,, arn
o:,f tlM e UQ ,q.,n, to- gi e lIeir aid t.: o I eIi >rler|.rise.
Let the blasts"0f TH.rWHIG BCL'GLF he hpl:,r in
eier\ part o, tl'ie cou,1i-tr\, r,,usih,2 [lie gillant
W\ I,,'s t,. A'I'TION.
IThe tint lumber of THiE W\VI:; RtILE \Will
ibs i-i,. ed'ifi I,-,fir-t week in April, and weekly
-tlher,.-tlter, unlil after the Preside liai l eilh-c i,
l,.,r the smiatl sum' of'A 'CTy CENrS fo.,r llte cari,-
paignP A "-.- '; -" : "i- : '
THE WHIG B:L'GI-E will be lirrnk-lie,] t,-, CIAtB-'
at tIhe .,.;iit |..'\ lats : Sig c,,pies 04r .fo .
Tw'lve-copi.es",for .Tt'w. Sixteen copies I;,r $7
TwertN,-lfi e'copies f,;,r ,s-10. And for'a.6y l..gi,'r
,un-,ibers i in the sainie -I.;.i ,rtirn. All orders
m ust b-acc',:,m[.aried witli" the CASH. i ii=. Anyr
peir, si r,'hin, a lub ol Sub.ieribu. rs t ll to-e en-
tilled tI, a ,cpy. of the paper. RemnHai].es nia\
be nka..be byW mil-witlh erutire?"safety. -" ;
We \",, te hlie iiipirL,,z bli-ii of.-THnE-WHm-
BUGLE will be pro:,rr lmtly ar,,.l he,rtiI\ -e.i,,nlded
to by our political bret.lire-. T le B ;,41e-c ,lls I...
arms, and in every l,,ir ..I' tf l 1e ,01:,,i, the Irie
aind gallant \W hihi; are bnrlhi.ii on their arV1nn,.ir
and preparing for the fiht. -Lat "tler.:. be \nn
_sli,,.ards in o:,ur r.,irks in tihe (.,d ,4d Kc-.ton,
Lef ever Wlhig "I ho r,,eii\-s a copy of this
Pro-pleclu-i m.Ikel up aandl srin i. a club of sib-
S,', ibe,,g.r, .an.] i.,r,:,tnidse "lhem a paper- well

worth ihir nrmoney iad tru.mle. -S? "Ii.-, ri or-
ders eamlt', -- as t,: beiri \ith the first rntmber.
Address, C. M'CUIRDY.
Harri.birg. Feb. -I11--. I-i';riibur-2, Pa.

ml f'ra



I. ..' .-. -




." 1 i."r .. ..V- '*' ri r i *
+u .erdif' Literature!
"IrB VRo'ittrtiS' TO 'NEW U-V UB'
S ,... SCRIBERS-. -
-**"I~f^ 'te^ k llh~yhe fb$n.'dufi We Ow!!
-T,-e.. .......;....f. r,... .. ..... ,. .
Tw .jbONbot~geAR1BRrY REVIEW,.-
Ta(p, .BURM.REV.IL,%W, ,-,-
." -' .\ ,.t...-".. .' ,., -: .4N OI "". "* ; .
"slit' 'it<- .,.,? 1 '*r* ., -
,' i a,bova. 1Per.iod.ijQ l .alui reprinted *in.fl "e
.qrk imm&diatelyop bheii;.arrjiaL bfy,ihe Btish,
'steatmers, ina beauU'aL.le'tr+.type, on'fine vliize
Dapr.r and are faithtuCco'ies of the original-
SLA'&woos',1 dfrt.''h being a.n..exact fac-
*imi=te do'tiYafih#lV'edition. "'
W gitw^Ds i,.bwte'Lv*rof the>t h pj.great.
"paies inEEigln4-tory, -Vhig, and 'Ridical.--
a'rBflcktvood" ajd th> "' Londni ,Quartel."" _are
Tolry,i'. the"6'% nbiibh'gh'Rey.iwv" Whig ; 7anj the
''f,'Wqinii)3ter :Re .i,0"' .R.dicl. The ':.North
BrktiiReyLe.W-i t more of areligoits character,
hivinr b'e ori-inally.editedby Dr. Chal-mers,
and nov-ie-.'dhil death, beina condugtod by h is
?IiLi~n l'uy1, .'F:Harina, asociated with Sir Dljvid%,
Br ttier.- "lfs',ityraiyirihaiicter'tb il-the ve'r'
highest order.. -.'.- ; ;- -.
_Vwah fhe -T6&'r34qViewva, 3 .'per aiinuin.
ForA -.TW .' _0'd 5 : "
For'an-vithree', .-- "f*'' 7 .
For all tfiur"of'hte Rerl;eA. S
Bor:Blaekwi0od9' Ma[azioe, 3
E0 Blackwood. ad 3. Reviews,, 9. "
Fonr,81ackwood,and the 4.ReyJew3, i',1'.)
%1?ayuiaehifsb Be b iadq in. atl cases i. t.arloaticr.
*. .- i PREM IUM S, *. "
Ooxhiietir'd f back vy)inmes of'the followitng
valfatblei'wdriks,'viZ .. '
: Bsn'lteyj; Mis6Ll'atiy. .- ,
Te.Me.tropolitan.'Magazine .
1The u-blut.I.UniVer.iry.Mtagazine.
la.ckw,od's magazine. "
%iiton'don, th1:linbiurh,-hlhe Foreb'sn
"' Q' arteryry, and 'the' Wetrinit hr [eview. s.
Any nije sult3cribjng to. fllackw#,Ad, or to on-
6f.-hi'Review., tt -$31ayveat, or ti anV' two nf"
'th#P'flri lbats atx'S5, .t' tt .receive, gratis, one
volume ol ayrt-O.the.pcti'ntms abo.d named.
'' ..A*rasdbscrlbet'to an.v three.of the Perior.i.:l-91 at
47 A'r orto the Fo'vr Revin.T. at s, will re-
cei''9--RO prertiup.'n'lu fra s'r bova '
A s,'bcrtier' th Bla'ckwo'id and tree 1 views.
at .f 7 a ,'r',,or to th t",,r.ReVie.ys id II i,;k-
*cib ,. at '1. wift reil've 'ee Ore ,iiuin viIl-
"um s... -*^ .. "
PleM."'be particUlar in 'nannt t, t'- Ore--
aiufns deloireU fnd tMe uorks stbscesbed JW,.
4 "- : CLUBBING.
Pour' bopies of any or all of the a,.,ve '.vorki
will'bhe seit to hne'addres on 3vmrnri' ol' the
'"a..lAir subceriptioa tor-tlree-the tuurtli couiy
'bei-na ratis. : "
%* ..'Vj preiitins will 1be "t'o"/" e`cre the'
Saioae. alloibfole is hadile ta club, nor'will pre-
j'* j [i any case be furnished, ,nlesq thie 41jb-
v t* 2rt't p-i t ruwCt9t ,e, p ,ut t..Iar.q, kt 1` h -
.+. ite~orir3i'tto ar'CU se 1t.'
I'.'.la'te't a.h;einefft ith the Britisth piibliher,
l.ch k Baitcwor'-Wl M.4i;hzihe sec-urer i.-i us early%,
..p3 df'th:l-'t4,ork, by'which we shall .b? able
'"t ppot cee the' enti e, piinber in the hinj ,-,' sub-
S'ribers before ariiil-rtioh of it can be re.pruittir-l

'in any ortheArneri*C.n Tofirnal.. For ti-iis an.J
"other ad.lvantfages secured to our tsub'crib-r.i. w'
pay sj larg.a 6aq3ideration, ttit we i hy be
*,impelli',," -raise the price of tlih? M -,zriie.
Therefore .xe rapIat 'subscribe carlyy w'iile tMe'
; e Pic sti s 'i n h ., ".. .. -<
'iflCPitta.ite o rohnrrninicati.in-' should be4
al,,ayj..drep.ed, 0br-pnaid or t'i iriked, to the
pux-f. ..';LEON.RD scott_ S co.,
*: .. ,:- .79 Futton St ,New Yiirk.
Th' e, olW Z.gagtitie in.tlie United States,,
contains monttly )isiy pages 'it reading matter,'
by the firt writers in the country,- twelve in.-_rr-
tl!itthle'Ne,. VYotk inagazini'es. Two splerdidd
atael e6gta.vings, a undeniably auith'ritic cilpred
1RoaLhly .hi~ f $ite, M'jdL Cotlage'i aid
k'hurchlesatrdtekt Work, aid other millers Ior
It e-LR'&ae ll'uttfated and wetl explained,
r,,l/ l,<--;.. :.\'. *,'. .
i,-ce-4r,,o ':year, which. includes tihe
S -al,'.l. paper, fna'i I h'ree
l I d4j &ni dnfe e tnno th,. ...'..... .i3 0ow
"o i ;i-i.i"the .Lady's. Dolpir
., J e. ..... ... ...... ..o
o&i p .'tie_ ith '-o to'. the prspon'enil-
% tng. the'clt1hZ2-. :. ...,:.': >,.. ."..; ..-;.;' 1 o o00
~, Eigl .cop.... ....................
Twelve copies, ... *.....*".. .. ... .. .. '20 0')
'*Apeai i'rehoqftther'thb-rady's ,Bookl or thle
-ljf.-'lfl N'ewvnpaper sen-t.to ay person pay-
?iVpoastttnt the request. ----
,:'- J '. '.lJ,-.J5 '0 h ie'9Y ii t. s street, P .h ita'.lelp h ia.

,:..: :.,' :,-{ SPECTOS OF
*.- y rn,-~'.wE sol ',ZAC HI,"
-A weelclyp'ter, d itfed to-td ocah theeelection
'of Zx'o*ri:tR".rfl.cT', of Loni'siana, to the
*"' '# ^.4,PW lu"iy tfdrthe-tthlitcet 'States.
--- pyf.r..^ A : 7 ~.J EW Aa ....
,IThedI-flytrigw0J. proposes to publish apotili-
'eal'aier jt -thecity of "Tusdaloda. toaibe'Lejsued
'i eil...daning theensiqg, ptesiiiantial campaign,
.,,P e( itw 'Ws.u.!4yP,,a.atI to;.bedevoted to the
qLpp rt of iJ.j..Gen. Zradintf.Taylor, as the
lne~nf~l 'C d ,'nd e Iror tf.i pri ideh.'d cy.
'.A'", d'. ."^ idl'd enc.vobr 'to prdAife
l~te'c~i~e''pltlc^''w^ it- AlabithiarW tb-tt
1$itWti^ifi4G'Wc ttneatit.' vet tto Agragec,:e .the
3 'Mt In 3,.d$0f"' Wlth .!Vigtri" ",wvh great ,ii-

+ dtr bljt,.i.dciused, vigor." 'Wheever thie
l b+BietOrLn'.ahl 1,'ael[!lpon 'by' the myrmaidons

eli ":wM'"tf .Op 7-4DArI"' will stand up to
3hB.-iatk,qal. eQeavwor to, give in return, "a.
#*.' mo4rSpe,>,.apt. Bragg." -
7 ITht tbe coritst willbe a sukaeiifl one,' he
gnaertBiM'cT~nfe tatn nibd 6bt. 'f4fr p'eetfrIly
,id'",thl"-qtW(tl' of:TtH0the' frie Id, of Gen.
A'f 6eMi'1i*'tff~d'/ y6Witnf :States, :and '.ape-
&lyhbVNel.,,.lM ,ith',d it a'dy .Clubs," now
..tattii'sn.a.mious 'plums, to this Proepectus.'
It.; ikf.eami leu that ;.subscribers should .make
,k.ow;i.hexhwimes m 4fd ppst qffices. as early as
.pu, pab lp,. :.. ,,..,.
,, ,ifBOliDZt z wwili beput1is;he'd unfil the
"li" 6,le'lpxedratpe price bN" Orkt DoLLAtk,
' 1 A .vari"ihf aadvie. 'For a'tetilticree of t25
h.i will b futnivhed';tfbf $40 fifty co-
r'g %l ta*15?lB hundrede' tpies.
,* ,iAWE_ hi ehflMab'r-will ibe izasuedou Sn 13th
N dhIhltlkr',wiUll-brtehhively distributed.
T;a:. :l F'-eb. 16 M.. D. J. SLADE.
: l" Tuscaloois, Feb. 16, 1848.


Muiueuica mircmtorp.

I Win. G. Porter & Co.
'No.D4 'c0W aer'-treei. a
.Dec 30 Apala,:,',,'a. F.

B. P. Nouyse, H. B. Stone, I. \V. Brooks.
Notirse, .Sloie & Co.,
No; '4.6 1 Vatei" street,
..Dec'12 .- palclihic,-,la. Fla.
C loclkatrt ,'& ronntg,
C0MM I S'S [O N'and FOR A R D I NG
S- 'No. 53'TWVateid tr'Et.
-nov'21 "' a A ipala.hi"iola, Fla
.' ",-,nuta.er &t FIolon1hes,
.~Igenlt Jor the
.of'fit Citmt o/'.\ c r'k'i,'-
D e' No. 51'Water street,
Dee 12. I. A iIali-'hi,'.-l. Fa.

Wi. T. W\ooD, IL. B. r-.rLoi,.
'Wookt t Ballona, -.
C 0 1 1 M I SS I 1 )N M. f E R C F 1 NT S,
tih',:e No. 42 WVater street.-., p, .1,iii
Jan 16 A '.d ,i'i'h',il u. F.
A.VA [..kVyLtE, \iVM. A. \lCENZ/ir.
ylie & IflilKeizie,
No. 42 Water street.
Sept. 1.1.47. A.)al t i..'.-i., Fm.

S.- I, A J..Sehlifirer.
SPirticul irattentiiiionr p.ald ro pii rig ti i f.i ily,
ste.nl hoil i a.tid s.;lp Sui'i.
No. )49 Water 'tilct,
.N.'v. -I A..uli'-i4ii', ,'a, l .

H. F. .Abell.
OILS, GLASS.'&.c.. ..'.
AIh.,)- .A general assot tmeit ,',' St.ittiery.
C T r. )' ClhesltnIt and Wit.er ,Iree-.
A.ril, 'T. A IVhi -.-ta, Fa.

Beinjit in Saliter,
C0 IO M I S S bO N M E- R C H A N T,
No. 143 Water street-Ul t ,ir-i.
Dec. I, 1s17. -. Ap:,l.ii.:'!,.,la, Fl.-

* J. C. Alleln,
wholesale anid Ret.,Il il '- ler in
.7I ifrnt.ral ,'rirl'llf-llf 'if"
cor. of L'isiiut & Comniii,,er -,-rr,'-- .
Dec. 4 Ap i .aTi;.Li ;. FI..

B. S. Hr. wlev,
No. 2)S Water %trer-r,
S DPc f Ai> I-l.;'lI, I. F-.

-.Avery voI Janes.
No. 43 VWmr".i rtfe,
Dec 5. Nr ,l h i,:'."l Fa.
fENJAr'tiN Er.utsoN. \'W Li.t. A. \W -,D
B. Ellisom & Co..
,INOD r CAlr'. r'P
D"I' Guflt 'D;[.,iCW P.:.Z [E-'lI\? 'S'RC
DRY C;ODS. GRO-C)Cl[F.', -HA '.\;'.ARI:,
C(HAN[DLE. ', .c. *
Cur. Water anm.J TCheinii -r--
D 9c 9 Vi il .:-i. :1-'l1. F;
Edward fticet'lly,
',;P'OCER AND C, ,['HS.iN M .EftCHtIANT,
No. 5,, \Vjl.:-r -re.:-t.
Nov 1 1 A '.,I ,.'? .--1 F .

-J'mus. P. 'F rrior,
S. No. 50 Xaier ret
Nov I I Aut l- iclii'-.,1. Fl..

CHA.s. P. NIM'CALLA. .t.-GtL.T!T.VE RoM.Ar-.N.
II'Calla & Rosinain.
No. Co'omnbus.Blnock.
Nov. IS Apalacliicla. Fl..

S. NI. Nickerson.
HATS, C\PS, \-. -.
SNo. I Columnbus Bl.',ck, '
SDec."23 Ap'J:,ciiinla. Fa.

S Underwood &% Ca.igl)
.-. -' Apalachic ila, Fa%.
N rB--.All orders attended t., %itithi pnn-lnality
anM d qespatch. I'", ,', "

M1. N. SCott .& Brother,

H HATS, &c.,
Cor. Water and Centte-s e'tWe ,, '

Dec 23

Ap.ltiachi.:-ola, Fa.

AT Dodge,
Nu. 4) WVatt r Street,

Dec -3.

Apalachicola, Fa.

tVW'. g S 4-3s. WM. W. CH.'EVER
$Siiurs &'CIh'e'evet,
Office No. 36 'WVater street. *"
deo23 Apalachicdla, Fla.-

ah.-nrx zra:
be I, AlienVr Co.- .
And 2'anufactu Ars nf tih, Iron, andl Cop-
per 'lVates.
Dec'24 Apalabhimla, Fa.

ClarlesRogers John.Munn. EuJgenaeW. Rogers.
Chris. ',ogers ..Co,
SWater street,
dec'" Q Apal~',icola, Fa.
S- if 'i Deblois.
..,,' "No. 44 Water-street;
Dec 2 : Apalachicnla,Fa.

'A. N. McKAYv.:' C. RoBnINs. CHASE. PRAT-rr.
A. N 'Mcktty C& o.
No. 4') Water-street, .


Apalachicola, Fa.

SiniwIr.B li PIlll:LLUV'.

Jr.P.Exi,.l DA';. [iD.NIEL J. LIAY.
J. Day '&: Co.,
Nu. 52 \Iater 'tir-et.
r'i_ 2 A\iiil.i:hlc la. [Fa.
:'i-- AAjns fi,,r' L tL 'rs h ;: o at-., A ,u-i t for tili?
"' .E t[ia I i i ..,r.:u i,,. e ,p .>." hr P rle?: 'Ie :>II Il'i-.ltu im n ,',-_
co." hut. il,'- -"" -.ri' I.iiitiaiic'e C( ." H-arifurLd
J. IB. A J. ll. lufll.
Nu. -" X\raih-r stiret,

'arof..siofna [ Notfcrg.

t .' I.- .v b- iii.uti. jt his i.-siilrii'ce. c':.riier it
Cenrie aid Hli-lih streets, opp-oite the MI.iej.:iii
-r,,,j ,e. N t',v '5.
A". G. MI. Danvis,
)fi:-rr his sti ,-r _n','r In t ilia piu liic i either o1 (li the
rib,'.i- >atl3iCit IS.
He L\ ill practii.'e re-.glirlv ill Franklin, C.it-
holrjiiii a, k ..,u n:.,ii Cirrjuit 'ourt.---ind v'iLl, mii.i,
"a si'i-:'ijl relaiuiter- r a ,.- i.',i.i iil, iii aiV Ci''iirll i
.ol tihe MillI- .,r \V,shft-rn, Circuit, He a .i:,II
ar.iie '?ise in l1? C','uit .:, Alf :.'eal-' ;i I' t lahi,--
se,-r, ith. se'ii.ins of which, he will ii ,l%,a be
pre-r.ent nat, u.t ri hl's'. prevented hb. aceciideil.
.A i.jla<:]i].".':,l S. ,-tr. tl :r "d 1r _',.
SA. O.NiI'Cmnn -.,
A. T rt IN EY A T L A V.
f- -,fif., .\'.,. '-, C ',,/,. Si,11,,1.,,t' Bmtlliiig ,
rer. bo'Ceiitre & Cotnimerrestre-, .
not'5 A'palae<'ltwolq. Fla.

N iee.
HE ti'rlie-.r ilp, hieret'lore Fexi.tuing be-
It',-in the 'ilb)s'-riber_, under the firni ofi' D.
B. 'X,)O iD )& e C'O..- ex, Iires lIl-s d.i. Their? a uii,-
ti the c...ri.-ern '\ ill be hriii, it-le'j hby N. J. Lie.
i). D. B. \'DOOD.
A .l-, .t'ii,'."la. A pril 1-3, 1s-I .
Dr. Woodrili's Dysaillary Cor-
F tOF D iar'-h,'-a. Dy-critf-,r. Ch.i.hera M',.rlbu..
1 Cli.-l-ri lii, t ,rn. :aid su -inir :,c niprlatint ol
,liildhrel. F..r ,.-le b%
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.
B"UE.L'S. Sii,-, Rrit,:rls l,,i Bjil,-' c.:mtn-
t i,,, flii, i-ir irct of Srsaparilih, jmit re-
,>e, ',.l. *,,,J l...r s;,lC Iy
,i 17 ? -H F A BELL.
Dr. WVood ruff'% Anillibilliouls Veg-
etable Life Pills,
FOR ile b\
F-h h C' ALLEN.
I h\BALES i, ...rii, uiiabU ,, s, i:ii co.sin-
10_ iii-,, l>..r -., le b
I-),.- .I. D.\y f Cn.-
b' Warralmed to) CUame."
C '- t'-T t- i,'i_'F'.S yt,,'iiriie S<-'. rl r ri.'.
.' .ll':,..I{, {, ] In,, ll l ,:,Jc mt.lie -;I" ,, i' ,'- .
f.t r-e I r I i .- l. r :ii l ing; cui re ir I, '- 't1i '
32.',.,:-, .i l l.r he,'n i{,e h--rt i'i ii', iii ( ii u ,t
Z-ui, er.il -i l;el l', .r '., e.-ikn ..'-s rii'i kri, inv-i, lor _al- :
bv [Anri-,,I 2 H F" ABELL.
QEIDLITZ. ef' aui l S..da Pitudeis uf l[th]:
She't 1iiBiit, fr --ale Iv
Ji, f'7 .1. C ALLEN.
-arildage for 'D O OMI f.- :-,;'"._ ,le. in lA-Wer C,:,rtu.n 'aid.
.Ajily to
F,-h -?-. 'N .1 DEBLOIS.
SeViaiae 'ar.
*A. FE bb'ls pure Cidler V'ik.;,r, f'.- :fli- lo\v
bv *E. M,.CITI.L,
Nov 1 .'. Water -t.
S )TA DE RIUTCHA.i'S :l R,,dgrs & Son,'s
V sitperior Razo.rs for sale by
Feb'-4 "H F ABELL.
Coopet's I4ianglass,
TLTST recivetl; and f or sale by
,, J.C. ALLEN.
IeHeary's Magnesia,
UIST rec-ivedi amd lor sale. by
J -Feb "2 H F AR.ELL.
R BITTERS, just' received aid for site by
Nov H. F. ABELL. Dr'ujg'i-t.
Townmseaud's Sarsaparill,-
US r re-cei\Ed, aid f,.r sale bh
Aprit 27 1H F. A-BELL
IriSI 'Poldtoes nd Oi ion-s.
A FINE arrt,'ln Iir -il'- p\
Nv I E. M-UliCIfLY', \' Watf,-r4t.

Li'iverpool Sait,
"IOR sale by

'T Dec .;' ( B'TLLtSON S Co.
S' WVEDE Iron, Scotch do, WVeelliui- an'd Garden
SHoes, Blacksnithis Bellows. Ciotton ard' Wol
Cards, Spade iand Sliovcls. Catu'ilro, and Sukar
la'iisPloiigh, &c. &c. f..ur -hi? bh'
B. ELLISON & C.-..
Dec 9 Cf.r. W%%ater and Chestnit sts.

Solad Oil.
TUST recei ed., per brig NMaiha tan, a Iewv cases
JI Salad Oil, that is ,.i'6d. J. C. ALLEN.
M ay -4-. "

Preston's Extract of Leumon,
F OR flavoring Custards, Saiure, .t,-lie;. &c.
' Forsiles by J.C. ALLEN.

Mav 4.
FTRESH Fall Crop, fr sale b"
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

Ilavuana Segria's.
l '0f0 t HAVANA SEGARS., contain-
*fJ\J .. irgv tgan aucrtnment of the Pro-
bid.d4;'s Cabanai," Minerva," Britaniia."
" Partlugcs," and other'choice brands, now. land-
ing p'er schr Ann Mairia,f6om Havana, Ilor sale hby
Mch 16 E McCUTLLN', rWater sir.

:lholouiflthiian M edicines,
JUST'received and for sale by
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.

Rose WVater.
A .FRERSH supply of English and French Rose
Water, just received, and for sle by
April'?7 H F ABELL.

ITCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
sale by [Feb 2- H F ABEEL.

,~~ ~~~ i I 1 1

seems to represent .iheiwhole" world-shut
out from all saed'tie'liitle ba'nil wlilch'en-
circles us, with thepwideand fathomless ele-
ment around us-ilie ethereal ihrone'fromn
which God seems to look down upon us : at
one moment our voice rising in solemn pray-
er for one re have' loved, and the ne>x, the
plash of the divided waters. uas they Wceive
in"f their bosom ihe creature He has made-
all these, at such a moment, mik'ete lie hant
thrill with a deeper awe-a closer fellowship
with its Creator-than any resident onshore
can know-a consciousness of the grandeur
of God and the feebleness of man, which

been so long oppressed and trodden upon.
Jamaica. l tie great English \Vest I,,diin
possession, where so many Englishmen
Save accumulated fortunes, to spend at
iome, has been utterly ruined and promstl-ated
liy tlie Enimancipation Act. The white pop-'
ulation is rapidly disappearing from tris
beautiful and productive island,, and the
bl.icks are sinking deeper and deeper in
sloth and wortlilessuess every year of their
emancipation. Faims are being sold, b1ro-
ken up, and abandoned, and where- broad
and teeming fields of rich cane dnce'!e-
lighted the vision, there are now poly'?auk




I I I ~_ %


.. '~'



I I I i ii I "

f or tcitanrou0u.

THE ar had broken out between Eng-
land arnd France : Bonjp:rte had broken
ihe. really of Amrnienis : all was consternation
amongstl our counirvnien in India, purticu-
lit[ly 'hose whooiad V'iluable cargoes ;iat se4
anl lthose %%ho were; bout to relii io tohII
natliie land. I was one oft ihe later class
so I jioy iillyv accepted a passage hume on
bo.ird a Djiie-Denmnark, as yet, remaining
neuter in our quarrel
So l'ai as luxury went, I certainly found
her very in'etior 10to our regular Indiamen
butit, as a sailor, she was I'or superior, and in
point of'discipline, her crew was as well re-
gul.iited, and asst rncitlv commandedl, us i0,1
crew ol a Brtish man-ot'-war. In i':t, such
order, reguiarily, anld' implicit obedilience, I
co0ld never have believed to e6ist'oa board
a miei chantil man.
The chief' mate was one of the fiiest
young men I oversaw. He had just been
promoted to his present post-no l'ioni Ihe
Inm-eo act uL his beill ilie owniier's son, but
re;illy fiom sterlingmeiit. He wais helhvel
by tlie crew, amonl.t i% horn he hail served,
as is sual in tihe Drni,-h service., fiveveai,,
andr %as equally popila) r .itb IIis brothlier
otrii-ers, and Ilie Iassenge'rs rettIirtjinI to
E U roIlpe.
The only bad chiaraceler we ha ron board
wos the cook, ;a sairlihy, ill-looking Potii-
guese, who irman:ged soinehow or olher, dai-
ly to catisesoinedisttirh'aicea,,,on't the ea-
inen. For tlhislie hid ofien been repriiian-
ded; an]d thlie evening when this sketch
opens, lie w%%as just released Irom irons, int
whliici lie had beeim orJdered for l'onr-and-
twenty hiou by the cliiri' niine, lor h.tirn,
attiie i|led to poison a saiiloi. whu lhadollen-
del ii im. in retmiuin for li;iving _priislhed
him thus severely, ldie irmitated Poiuiugues
swoie to rereu.g,' himself on the lil ,iffi-
Thie minale,'who 'wvas culled Charles, "as
x',ilkiing the waist with i beautiful yoiin-
Eni lish gilli, 'toi Ioo i he was eniia.cIl to
be i:irried,.-ste-pping ocasiiohjallv Ito aJimire
the flying.tish, a? they skimmed ovei lthie
snif'ce uot'the water. ptisutedl by their crulI
de,ro;ert, lall.iirg ovt-'r the anticipated bldiss
their ih.ioh i ould confer. their hopes anil
l'e.irs, ,lie ap:'roval oi their priients, th!?ir
bright t pi osects, indulging in ilutuure scene-,
of lire, as steady as lie tiazile-itind before
which ', they weie quietly rimimin --when
suddenly, ere a soul coulil interpose, or
eveu suspect Ihis design, tlihe cook tshed
forward ;id buried his knil'te, withli oine
plunge, into the heimt ri ithe uiiti unite
young man, l iiho fell without a evy, as ihe
exulling Portiouese br'st Iorlth into a de-
monid'r laugh of' triniipli.
Unicorsi-cious of' Ihie I'11 elitent of her he-
reaveimei, ithein poor giil hung ,over himi
and as a fiienJ. %%ho hadI ru'll.dl iirwarJ In
support himi, drew their knirl'e I'iiin Ihis bo-
somn, hIer whole idres, % hichi was while', was
stained withh Ins blood. \W iti an effort.
Chlarles turned towa id her, g:ae iher one
'lr',l look oi lef tent affeciion, and, as the
blade leTt thie to-tind. fell a corpse into lithe
arms of him who held him.
By this time the captain had come on
deck. He shied tears like a child, for lie
loied poor tp'hiurle9 as his own son. Til'-
exasperatedl ciew wutild in.,iijly Ihave lallen
on lle assassin, and taken Sullmmary ven-
e:-ince-sUi truly atatace ieu 'i-d Ilthe been to
tile chiel mate-and wcieoiil kept wilhmin
b)inds by their comnmainler's ))resence.-
Thie cook. iho appeared to glorv in hisi
deed, tas inuslantly seized and conriied.-
The corpse was taken below, while the
wretchedd betrothed was cantied, in a state
of insesiihityv, to her cabin.
Eiliht bells iad sti quick ille IollonviaJ even-
inig, ilien I received a siuiinmons to attend
on deck. I, therefore, insta-umtly ascended,
and founil lie whole of ltie crew. dresse'J in
their Sundav clothes, to-gethlier with all the
oflficeTS of tie ship. and the male passen-
gers. assembled. The Ihen off" duly were
lining either si,' of the deck; tlie captain,
surrounded b hisufficems,'wasstandint it-
ie'lJatel; in front of Ihe poop; aid.l the
bo'Jvy 'lie unlortuirate ictim lay slreilchlied
on a giving, over which Ithe national rlig of
Denumaik had beei throit, iimiueliaiely ill
the ceiitme. In an insiant. I saw th.,t I lid
been sumnm,oned 10 be present am die funeral
of'lte chief nmie, and my he'ait beat high
it iMriel" as I uncovered miiy head, and
stepplied on the quarter-deck.
' It was neatly a deaid calm :we had passed
lhe trades, and iter'e la.lt approachiig the
Line: the suni had hgin to rlecline, but
still burnt with a 'ervcnt heat: tilhe -ails
|IttII listlessly against tie rnasts, and the"
inma,,rail was brailed t\,, in order to allow
lie breeze, Miouh.i any tisi. to.go forward.
I had'observed all lie norniii g a still more
sr[e indication of our approach to tlir- toriii
zone. Through tlle clear blue watpr, I had
remarked a couple of shamlks following the
vessel, accompanied by their tisu,l comi-
panions, the pilot-tish. T'lis the samlns
had expected as a matter of course-as they
supersiitioutly believe thait these monsl'ers
of the deep alw,'3y attach theitiselves to a
ship in which a dead bod) lies, a~iiously an-
ticipating llheir dreaih'ul Ine,i." [ni their ap-
peatatnce. however, I only saw hie usial
annouheement of our vicinity to the Line.
In stich tveathioi,.placed .i'u a slip, wltich

those alone can feel who "go down in ships,
and see the wonders of the deep."
I took tnmy place with the other passen-
gers. Not a word was spoken, for we all
believed we were about to witness the last
rites performed over our late friend, and,
consequently, stood in anxious silence;
when suddenly a jepdy tiamp was hard,
and tlie larboard walcli", wilthi diawn cutilas-
sea, slowly niarched down the waist, escort-
ing the murderer, whom they conducted to
tlie side of the corpse, then witlich-ew a few
pacets, aindlobrined a lite,'hliich completed
tie hollow square.
-We now began io exchange glances.-
Surely tie assassin had not been brought
here to %%itiness the buriaI of his victim-atnd
et tvhalt else could it be for Had it been
for iialh.--w-4,j4. hea-rd 1hat -te Daes
often pro.ceedJe'd to instant investigation and
sliinni:r .pu)lishniiti) we should probably
have seen the tackle e prepared for hanging
[lie clIprit at thlie ard-armn. This, was not
tlie case : and we all, therefore, felt puzzled
as to thie meaning of the scene.
We w%%ere not long kep) in dotibt. The
second mate read fromA paper, which lie
held in his hand, the lull powers delegated
to-ilie captain to hold court inurtial,. and
carry tllheir sentences into effect, lie law in
Similar cases. Xc., &c.; aud called on the
prisoner to know whether lie would consent
to be tried in the Danish langatige. To this
lie willingly assented, and the couit was de-
cl.I'rIl open. "
The flig was withdrawn from the face of
the corpse: and even the monster who had
. iick thlie blow% shuddered as hlie beheld the
cilm, almost seraphic, look of him whom lie
had stricken. .
Thie trial now proceeded in the most
solefimn manner. Evidence ol ithe crime
was adduced, and thie deed clearly brought
hmine to thlie arcoused. I connife's tihat tuv
bloodI turned cold %%hlien I saw the knife pro-
diied, which had been used as Itlie instru-
inenit of llie murder, and the demnon-lihkc
smile of lie prisoner as hlie beheld it, stained
as it was with the blood of one who had.
been forced by his duty to punish him.
Alier a strict investigation the captain ap-.
pealed to all present, wlieti the prisoner was
unmiiimously declared guilty.
The officers put oin their hats, andti the'
captain proceeded to pass sentence. Greal
was nmy surprise (not understanding one
word which the comnimaoder said) lo see the
culprit t hm-ow himself on his knees, and be-'
gin to sue for mercy. After the unfeeling
rnd obdurate manner in which lie had con-
duicted himself, such an appeal .was unac-_-
countlable; for it was quite evident hlie did
not f:ir death. or repent the deed lie had
comntitlied. VWhat tIlhieatened toliturecould
thus bend his hardened spirit, I was at a
louss Io conjec tne.
Four mien now approached and lilfied up
ilie corpse. A similar nutiiber seized the
prisonier, while ten or Iwelve others ap-
prouached wilhi sTrong cords. In a moment,
1 understood the whliole, and could pot won-
- der at the strugglEes of r'ie murderer, as I
saw himni lashed back to back, firmly, light-
ly, without t ithe power to move, .-to ihe dead]
body of Ihis victim. His cries wPre stopped
by a sort of gag, and, writhing as he was,
lie, wili the body, was laid on the grating,
aril carried to thie gangway. The crew
mounted on the neiltngs, ;nd tip the
shrouds. A few prayers from the Danish
bttrial-bervice were read by the chaplain on
board, an ltlie dead and thlie living, t(he.nimur-
deter and his victim, weie launched into
eternity, bound together.
As thie dreadful burden separated the
clear waters, a sudden flash darted through
their trunspaiency anid a general shudder
went round, as each one felt it was the ex-
peclant shark -that rushed forward for his
prey. I caught a glance of the living man's
eye as he was falling ; it hauunts me even to
'this umomeiint-tbere was more hau agorny
in it !
\Ve paused only for a few minutes, and
imagined we saw some blood-stains rising to
the surface. Not one amongst us could re-
main to see more. \Ve turned away, and
soulght [ o forget the ster-n d ntd ae-inspiring
pittnishment we had seen inflicted.
Of1" course, strange sights were related as
having appealed to the watches that night.
For myself, I can only say, that I was glad
whiem a sudden bree'e drove us far from- the
tragic scene,

From the N. 0. Delta.
The revolutions in Europe have commu-
nicated new vigor to ihe cause of annexa-
tion in tllis quarter of thIe globe. The con-
tinenial powers ol lie old world, compelle-'
to keep all their atternttoin fixed and all their
resources concentrated in resisting lie alar-
ring encroachmeutsof 'the popular will at
home. are necessarily compel~d to leai:e
their distant colonies to lake came of them-
sehes. The latter. sutlering under Ihe
tieg lect, and Ihe still more hl 'rihi'ul experi-
ments and opressite legislation of lhe nmo-
ther country, and fearing worse changes,
are casting about for relief, for ai asylum,
for safety. Those rich European colonies,
the Islanils in our neighborhood, naturally
look to tlus .great Republic as their tiuost
available ally. friend, and protector, in case
they are cut loose from the old nations, to
fill whose c-offers to repletion they have




weeds and wild vines. ''T6o complete .the
nIisfomtiunes of the planters of 'Jamaica,'l' he
reduction ofil the sugar dluties has compelled
.them to compete .with slqve-grown sugar..
Despa'iring of all relief from Englamd, the
whites of Jamaica Ihave awoke o ihbe im,.-n
luense advantages wlhichi would accrue Ip
them from annex-tion to this Union, and
they are seriously agitating ihe subject.u ;
We alluded a few days ago to the opinions -
openly avowed in Ilimtl island by the, "Des-
Spatcl'" newspaperr; .anid, in futiher proof Qf -
the exiklence of this feeling, we refer to. a .
communtnication in our paper of to-da.y, igW--,'.
ed Alpha," wriltien by a gentleman juSt
from Jamaica, who has resided there twelve.
yea s.
Next in the class of petitiofers for.annes-
,atian coinea lial t .hrihtest-. jewel .in .Ithbe
crmtvn of Spain, the sentinel of Ihe Gulf qf -"
Mexico, ihe Island of Cuba. Wedded, as
the people of this rich Isle have been. to the
Old Gover-nment, whose ,mild and paternal'
domninion, in ihe Pearly history of the.alo6ny'
contributed so largely :o thiar prosperity .
which has since ripened to sjich'a degree of '
luxuriance, liat even mlIe exhouibitant exac-
tions of the now tottering throne of .Old -:- .
Spain, cannot check its growth. thle cuief
weight ofsstslaiiuiiig tlle expensive anod cot-.
ruli dynasty fliicj succeeded to thlie thlrone
of Ferdinand anmu Isabella, has fallen upop
Cuba, whose enormous <,contributions to .e ,h
ireasuryv of the Mother Country have pre-
'served its (Gov'ernment, ii more than Olse
occasion, fium tiner bankruptcy ind dowqt-
faIll. But -trongs ,a-s are tlie old affections
and ties of Cubi to the Moiher Country,,...
her,.people are not blind o-itlhe-present un-
certain aspect of .affairs. When the old
household is about to be broken up-when
its foundation shakes and its iurretstopple
-%ihlen t lie eartli around it is cracked into
gaping chrastns, and niany a proud edifice is -.
seen to sink into the tat homeless abysi--il ig
limie for each member of ithe I'fimily to.ltake
care of himnsplf io look .out for'a. shelter
and refuge. The Cubanrros ae not. mpre-: -
tihan the rest of humnianit'v. devoid ofselfish-
.ness--o'f the instinct of' sel'.'|)reservytion.
They see clearly that Spain must go by the
board, like 'he rest ofcluie .Mona,-ch.ies, ald
then (hey apprehend a (ite much more tu
be dreaded, or rather,.far klss desirable, Tian-
that ofannexation to their nearest neighbor, .
and largest c-,stomer, the United '.1atg.j.: -
The tlireat made by Lo'rd G. BeninckK'in"-
the House of Commons. to alspro'lpria'"Cte'.
ba in satmsfact-ion of ihe English cieditors of-.'
Spain, has justly alarmed the Ctihanei-o{..-
Thie fale of Jamaica has impressed-.tjhenr..-'i
with an awful dread-of English government.
They have, conseque-nily. deliberately upon
the advantages of annexation to the United
States ; and the a'gentis of hbe powerful .p-y
organized for that purpose are now-in this
country, wiltli a view of bringing fr'wa'rd and
canivassing the project. So warm .is their
solicitation on thle subject. tbalatlhey are=
prepared, we understand, to advocate rhe.
tender of a large bonus mo the United Stales,--
to induce us to take them .under ottt pro-
tection. As nmtich, if not mndre, tlhan we
give for our Mexican possessions, already
caiptured.-by our arms, ihe C',tibaneros are
killing to give as a marriage dowry to Bror
other Jonathan to induce .him to wed dlie
beaiifuil Queen of the Gulf.
\Vhiait portion of our family will be wil-
ling to accept the tempting offer.? Assu-
mniug that all sections of our Union are in-
fluenced by self-inrteresti-by I'ocal conside.'-
rations-we think hiat ihe Norm h. at least
must perceive iht its resources viuld be
vastly augtneuted-its strength increased--
by Ihe addition of Cuba to t(Iis Confederacy...
T.he Norhi would have the canmvingtrade--
flue supply ofCuba witih manul'act'tres,. lum.-
ber, Aid the agricultural prodUcits not raised
in liat Island ; and/Iihev' would get in re-.
turn, cheaper sugar, coffee, cocoa, ad
fruits. Tlhe South would receive lille i41f
any advantage from.'tlie t.easure. wlhilast the
interests of a va;ilu;ble agtculhural..prdd .q t -
bof this region wouiuld be seiusl afflTected itby ''
it. The great West would profit largely
by the annexa'tirion. of ai .Istand where its !
chiel produces w%%ill alwa'vs find -a redy mar-"a-
ket. But ilie health oli thle wvlhole Union--
and consequently all iis Liar.lst-iould, iT'
doubt, be greatly promoted by adding to our "
territory ihis rich aud iroduciie aIsl nd -.
.. .t .. .- % Y"*
A ToUGH CrsTOEa !--Tlie -doubg-he-ste-^
cusifutier I kniit, is old Billy Rt,ib liveh.. Im-
on tlle Tennessee River, "S,-VIE-HA$R-dn -d
the rapids kir.tin rs Muscle Shoals. He,:is'"
tlie hero -of a huntdreh fGihst' both" witih '
* BAtR," and other varniints;',- nd.ivithi-aiu "
man critters.' AIthotugh pnst fiftcvt: he "
appears as hardy add acmi'e as-ever'-', i'" -
WVell, on. night it a Poss-um S'upper,'- -
(ive doim't get oysters i here pfTEN.,) 'vwie -"q
most of ns BOyS were coigri'gated. .lhetcn-.
versation liajhiemued ib turn urpon ihis did lel
low, anid o,,e of our l'aiim, ieh '.best' .maQ '..
aruong us ; offered to bet a .ten-sp)ol'' i.,
could knock Old Billy over with a ,blouw- "
from his fist'. The bet wasyaccepted'ia. .n
course,' and lehi was tolt.v i thli.e first oppor
unity. One was not 'long wantingn. A.n i
ilinerant .Pliremiological LecpturPr happened ,:-
along, and:'everybody, including Old -Billy.
attended jlhejjec-ure. tihich was held n';..a
log build Asetd:" for :a oeetirlu, 'n-s? -"
acluool-housltYn'id .ttwn-.house. ,O,ti.-B stri-

( L

ker'stationepd-.-huiself near Billy, who'iwas
standing nea'...the do'or, -and puttbim-,of his
friends near the..rCt r.Nr-iiR,'-.wthWiiDn-
sisted of six tallow dips- stuck in holesb;6r- -
ed in a piece of rail, and was ,uspandetd Joni.' .
the rafters. Attilie given signal down cashe
ihe chandelier, leaving us .uill. o.fr ourse.+In
.darkness. Now wa thie.- long-looked -for
chancee; our strikpr braced hirtisPelf'-detj
bleil his fists- set.his teethi.ani liii Billyl i..' -
Ssockdollager' unler ihe-ear- This, -tiltH-a.
effort wa;s prodt-iive (if a very sinal-!.r.esutl(,
II tnPrely genfleMEpJ "Be.kre-'ul -ti/ar 'you poke,96& 0
elbows!'-*[Spi;l. of I"e S '


* ,I.b


,-. I TFrom"tAhi Sf.'Louis Republican, May 29 ]
',. T-be stiamer 5iu'Stang arrived yesterday
,- -' .'m6roing froTliIMii-souri- river.- W e are it
..-" debatedd ro the 'officers for a .St. Joseph Gaz
S. tte-of Tuesday last. M r, Shrader passe
through that town on thle previous day, o
hBis way -fori Fort Kearney, with infornia
.....-'' tion that an express had Just reached jr
.. t" f.-{r. itle Mormon colony, bringing i'nlell
,- .'. genee thhaLolhe Inu.dians- had 1nurde-ed
.. .- number of-t*he minen women and childrer.i
'-- .4ilhi-city of the' Salt;rike. No cause wa
.* i-i ;asi~inbdlfor-this outbreak.:- n ._i
eAM ..'%"-e .".xpress -had been sent in
,-. .--, PArp.se.fiCgettit' g-assisiance from thie Gov
-, eirnrnent, qa- it was feared that tihe Indian
--:e h .d-twould tlhor in. still .large numbers, ani
-in" '.;.Tdjd hll the eUhgPftis at ihal.place. I
S"' would se.ein Wa iffe intelligence I'roin Ore.
., ~ ~ L 'Il",.i.ad.'llTw-othe Silt. Lake, tlihat til
..; zir"'I-ndia'0sdhave'determinedl upon a regular wt
"f t-^l'upon. tIQ e' hoi es ihou1h ividely sepXrate
+':(o.rlrm ;kcb oth'e'r05,and I here is Loo inuch rea.
t.son to appireihend 'that iniany of themm will b
.,'f' t*l;off tb.fre'aid can'reach themi. A mili
'.- '-. -tr. force: of-several ihousand.-iien will b
it.: a0M.tdi ely necessary ti6'prrlectr our. citizen
tin-hat quarlntr.- ,
,": :`. 6.- ,arn rnmih', ofmcers of' he.Miitanp
i^j*'"r'i~tI'tritiir-4red1 walivns, cJ ntaining Mor
.:-- ,+~t red.1wadpris. e+ n"t L."
'.1-.nyn -C.,alkts,-were to leave Cirt l[-rae
,1., ,,.Jy.'t.ye:.-1) v e.e abovee thie Q''uncil Bluffs
S to-day, ,fdr the I' iSy ol the Great.Salt.Lak(
f ;" But:_afier the exiemit mentioned in thie Ip
-- ... cedrdg part ol'ihis article, we-think it doiibi
; il"U ifu'l rfliethe'r they will-move forward without
-." .- o'rn promise oi" protteio'bn from ilie Gov
." ': rnmenl. .
- 1 --v' .'li's said lhat two lotousand Pawnee TIm
.. ., dial0 had come into Be-lleview. for the.iir
pose of ol)iainrig i)rovisions, of which tie
w.-. were:in great want,--. ..
'-..--"'^ .-'iA-rport is also b-roight to.uis hlirt Ill
.h.fi-" United Siares ir'in which left Foin
.. .Levedr'worth. this Spring, w,, ati;iacked Ih
., ii:.'T' a'i'n. at -W alnut Creek ;. -.nl in l i ie an Iu
&-; 1uv'ntly- persons were killed. The nnmi(s ,I
S;".--f Sisoii arind t.vo Leros are ineuii.,nei
r. .i"'--mnong tlie ninmber. \V, are not'irifil--um'
"-.f':i.'[dv-hl'js report 'wa.irs ouln-itl to6 ii e 1-11,-ik
I'- .-_ in nt hts ut w' -are inclined io-.)ielieve ill it i
S.'." is 'tituch exao2c r,,ted, if nit allo e eil r ir
,.. .correct. -Thie 'Mexic.ini' who c-ame ir n l'i.n
.. S;inrt-i a e the hil ier Paii of IRstr teel,. :ii,
-- left there n.n tihe 2-2,1 ,if A iril. rnad6 't,, iar-.si
t i' .on oh rhis aft'air. ahliiou2li of Slfficleltin In
teresi to',a;tract their allenilirn, '
'. ."--' .- : '.,.
-, JxL. L'nirin11ie i s Unuihp ti onl h ily ti'-il
1i r pa i re 'h pornt ;, wvireihli-r he 1 1' l lill .tI
ha "" r'"a m.'l.rank as- a philoiS lihl a,>iil 5t.i' -lurii
-. J ',ai q.aesilon fair ,-,) i e-niyv. T he i i i"i'
soluiiiojt l of the PitIoblt.m bein-s jl- nI,,, .
progress ira Frahj^e. in a n utiC i-.|'it
s.',- )le. it ji iv b. b,ittl f.-iir I .jlu lie tl iie i- -i.i
nt tu r l0 irejid~e ile caq.. A-lii Il h ii .i ....
r.. 'f' 1 l 1 tii I : ,i il iii I v.ku ", e ie I; ir- l i d ]il.i, .1 ,
*'.-A ,h1 hwi iiinti mnielj be pi;is.e.l a inatuer.( .I .i
I y rii rn in. or'li'in ir in 's. ihl's ,.. 1t r i ll. ill ,
N" l :.n ,ipiise l..;ire ini.uit -dl l o-hiol. li .,il,. ,ii isl ii
i he present -i ie -of F renr |l I 11is. \W 'i i
..iJ .ilt 'rrar\',e lo LeF Iltl R ll 1n 1 -s11u"i
d.e([, nti L .iui..irlirip ie. i 1 13 W tItllfiil')'l ilrI
( -.-.-eye?~, of in.r n v in u v' I io" it, (ii lIsr-, vi-ia -ii n
-* s s ,',&7,IiC113 ui ,n, h ph .-slblty u,.,lt ua \ i ltl] ,
.i-t'.. u, re ofe h,,,tih.,i :,i Ct l.iyy te.

iere a-re sin e i -iR iin'.; i, i .ill"',i ini .l -s -
f .' vi;. "a'. 'I upi R nJ .p.thilo-oi liiih (.Ii Io lh 'i i- 1 i..
re:eniily tiulurl srleiRl a.-iriili-l ;" !,i' i.f"7
^.A "'I ', II :li work i-1 ljeiii'" ifn!i l..l 1 .i th e
i'm i rlti-ialrl~ i'ie i rluijr 01iin.illiv l I i ,,'iS'P'I
"" :-,2 ir.aj cet', .-y :tii : ,.ri es, il s i i I i i. ,
_.- "._ etci;eleles'. t6 be it' siJ i'll il.is, Is is-
-.'. tllV.1$i. j. Pj'),' lu-i ,Irn. T ie l'lu'.-i r, Is:-.
A;' j.,-'-i_ ',' il h.- i.rm ng by i ihe r,-:,ler ". ." -,i i 1 ., p.1 ii -
I r:'l'.,:..a.r.._-in lh[ aib.ii ,i ni .-. a i '])e f i ,ii ~, ',''I" i)t
,*;l.' .'"': le," num erons li.,i ty I'iP.'ilii^'. ,lniigh
'"'-" '"(dITu W 'i Irtano life, of tiis skeic.li, ir 1 i ,I .;s,,
if Jhe rr ult bl, a inre lihairiir ,,ii -. it, .- 1' 1
*. I calorini;- so ihe,-in'irti le rails ,I i IIi Pri
.:. Or cimra.ctler, d lge tlt ci)lr cti,' l is ri,
S.i -' '1 n Iion ilisr-s'! wv-'i.4 1Ie iIse I by ihi' i, I-r as
'v'" (thie in'ileriiils "R1r'oniA;w In h in,' l r. .1 l
meh-t, anj in r ;s:[t he I seji lid e',Ir.l'.'iI -rf.
S -Aoueedftres -! r.lhe','6toItmti :f. "' t.tinjraaplpiolirlte ,iine loi i, ii- is ....- i,,," .n.
Ii ina-istonishiing wli ,a lsi ull id e-llii,, /s ,jf.s.p
"., 'a'eCuin'iulated. 'Phe dev-' iir-i,, \,s r 1)
1 -W'L, D eikens himelr, lfe";stllg ni il iiI, r:i, i,
'.'', (tri heir no m ore .'lor us. T Ie .l l, ivi ',l ,11 l n-:
.-. "-.' ^- eg ons al}ij' dw'eli[n lo.uo.s ein .r, [ii nvc l lSi].

fo f..- roj:..their'ears, hdve .louu'l.a t,,i.ii,,,e inr tlie
p*r. 'e.p.iges oftIl go.s'pping.,or ,ltl~i1llwe nut r
,...'.'oy-,, ther saty picturesqu~e" Fre.iiiliih~n. Ce "-
'-,,, f'' 't'l.,ii hI e -m.ImicroscOtic nnvel it oilI cnit non
$. i''*i"e- never ,rlraced ihe ,nirov'.in,,,ts nl his
". 'e"I-..Cl[r nr Doinhey 1im ,,, l,-.ertet.L
** .'naiisol^ il' grx'aier-^~rri e.ioir-errnii- i--I try.
s^."'J..'"..s't were thin. Ltaiarrpf1e l,-r.i u-i intl the
S i.., .'Tlttlebat rTiTrlrnse f.nr i.liiri u..-i ujf 1i's \1en-'
r. trsi and R'oh'Ipier'res. 6l'|""" '-W, In,.lis,
'.b af u.e'b tjmes an obje> t o .1,, it- siju : .tu-1
: y .%-..li r.y,. he never iak.s art petima -iaihiiii l l,..,
s. ^ .' .t; Inhe, or i "ailrwed .6-Jiac lits iin;ii, xiattlin.
..... '-', .:. 9t.t" o-tlr-" knowledge.- 0. ,r lii-,IOr.l.iU i-, nrt.I
.,.-. (*: ^.ohssrver., but the spy of evenits. "rlis
l.eti'i ste-n'. casion Il e |eirre-i o ;, cliaper,-

b.... l )'..b:t"jin, nosl c.ases has the fiil.lity-ol" a'luuil
-p"'t- r .'" pnioh)^ariuio i1 t,he' events. Sir Wdliti
,'t -rilili hl hi'sory by t1^e
r e mtethq and groping (f. the historical novel,
+::.:^.. butl.Eamarinr has gune a step f;-rnJIp.r, lnd
:\," '.':fi'ned-".sc-d'n'afas-wih .ibe .ri,,irtliue of Dick-

-, t"'' cU -Oit Qt. '4{.""r-imu dianomy--pof' -history,
'o '" .mnewhaiused already. sufleri,-re.iJers g-iin-
"'-in".iit:erest. ritid retirement. -Certainly, if
,h y
r-. "*fnre "is a riy' earning to-be gut-lrnn expeni-
... I beoc e., tbeiInt e T ely viyid pictures in-,the con-,
c:' t ". i1DKng.:vd,!.th e of tihe 4, Girndisis," of the
-. r~~~p i tiel~~irr
S- vi. rir nce. Tro6 ma nysp uc Ii
I" r' iran~fant-lre, especlalLy'-when..lhe same
banutolli holds the peh< guides tbe helm of
- at u..--Hone-JTournai. ,

+. v ",' + -* ". .. + ,. .. ..*
... .SORTENI'Y-r E MIssisSiPPr't.-One of
^/':: ,' te- Boston pa-ier recently publishedd .a
f;icommutication ann.q ncing orn. the authenO.
-; -*.. ti'ity' of a Iriemlier "ofCongress,. (whose
S., geography Was in. fauti,) -Lhet. removal of the
-. ;.---1tland wf -Bermudfa soame 50O'inpiles low.-irds
.- "' the XAmnerican sh6re. But .th'atupis a qui.
W".," -." hen iwe speak of shorten i' s rhe a'is 1is-
-.*ippi we mean what we s.iy. It his actually
+' &, shortiened twenity-6ve iutdes orihjOe.
;.-., near Point Ooup.e, La.1'as- :will-be seen byp.
-'"t" he fo.llowina exirmc-t 'from latee nQ-nber.of
.. -' t -.- o. i n t .C o u p e e 'E c h o : +. r +
S .* .. The a.eourci Cut-ffis incomplete..
Tljlargesatclass of steamboats pass through
.',.up "diddown-wibont.any di-fficulty-- rt is
-S-.,iout rour-hnndred yards wide and the'
-- -banks cona~artlv caving. We have. been
tolcby an eye witness that thelargest trees-

L~Z~nqCr~-~~ --L

rer6y, ,-where he received a severe lance
wounds. While wi th CGIh allys he had-the-
SrepU latln minl o' eing oni of his mo-,t inirepid
and enterprising Caplains..-M--ont. Jour.
Mr. KendaiI, of the .N6w, Orleans Piay-
.unrie, was at the ltast:dites in London. WVe
"'lielie've lie-intends mniaking llie tour of ;rll the
principal countries of the Esistern Htenis.
-phe're. H f- as'a p-issinh ifor excitement
'and -ad ensure'. :Having remained in Meti-
0o0ounti ;lie supJlposed all the fighting. d be
ove,:he wishes-to become a spectatotff, dthe"
Sterrifi"-',vwars 'that thrmeailen to desolate all
Eurdpe. He-is not a bad-hearted man, btit
ihe- %eriaTnly.-:iiianares- t. look upon, bolood.-
and .aar.-i .wit h very especial comnposur'e.
-LoidsviUle Joturnal..: ;,- -. .
t ," -I" : = : "- '" '+ : = "
Culr'ous Divo6c6iE' GAs.4-s Miss Mead-
ows,-an avlress gif 8tle St.,Chareles Theatre,
'ias before one of ihe NewQ,rrleans courts a,
-peiitior' for divorce-frorn, M-r. Proetor, tb
w,hoinm she wag -recently ..mar.riedi. The-
plaio.tiff aivers in her petition- that, according
to agreemnnt,. she. was: to.'be consideredd a
:7fe o6'lJ. in ornirne-that Proctor was to
-:cibim don: of his mharitai rights, &c. It
turned out, however, that after the cere-
mony he atte.mipted i6o break the bW, aud
hence t.he application for di.orce. The

in the tforr-..wt uill o djwn roo: loreiuo-lt :in
P- lthe nlop3s o I lltem % ill ii,;.iipear. 'T'lie Nat
F chez in ptasi1.ii thiouLji Im ThinsI, iv, thier
her lejadl ard c0coiiJ nuit iiil boiloui. T'hi
Y is, iruly. :i wolk oi a ,,i, i ii0hinenr. aridl ih
a- State. i, d i 1,i l i:tl. lile inhdlablii.ils ol" ih
- Valley if lie !Mvisisippil, are 2er'iatlv in
il debile'Il for this rtt improvement ino h
u ik l i't1 i,- 11- e 'el1T n n f01 o' QU? St.iIP Encri
Sneer. Col. H. T. \VWillil,.'anl ihe con
re Ira r. Col. Dani, IeAro.ird, xhu-se skill ha
M ir edv been tIe3e-, ;is aln fn2ineer. in |)lt
i11 iug in (i()nIi , RoIP'Ae di,-iance. say "-8 miles., in ih
13 old ennel., a i)conmon running stepainboa
Swoulil lie iliree h,). sin goirn_ around, ann
Snow, %ie are iold hlit a list bo-il ca.in ru
". ihrnougiih Ihe Cut(-OrT ii lten minutes ui ann
is ill one or to mijlillites down 1. Illi1s saving
Id wo hours ;it) liftl' iniinuies, anid tie wioo
It haai a .,1ir2e boati -iildl bhi in in i he ditler
_- ene of (ihe lime xuhul] bt tiue coCils-4 which
e al .5-24 pe-r cor wi ioilil aIm un miiln t I '2!^-. so
r lh. eveiv I tge sieamiiner %ill s.te thaili
d iiiimouitl diitil e limei spe-citiedl. The ex
- pen[nes of' a large heoal ale about five dullir
e |I-r hour.
e LAr i-'.R ROM Y UCATAN.-Tie Tfimpnlc,
s Ar:o-lris of 't.he *2-'ih sales that i ct-oiunt
hild been received at ithalt polt Ifront Merid
to ( ire 131hi, by thlie Vuc;,ani bri2 Herciules
r-.. This is four dla.vs laii.er haii our previous in
, lellimence. By letters from iraim:il. of ill
'4. 9 l ni. it liisi k uoitii ill ]einuila [ii i t ill
SIndians. to10 ilhi' niiuimbvr ofI" 4.0i), I lideel
l" rlla.iled in Siilpecrh iij 31M iiil lIv ilie gov
" ernilent tlops. It ap)pe.ni s liiis bsi re' s
S ih., z.,sompeiwli.il ievive-v l lhe vulor el tlie 'Yun
e- c:tecos. annd ihe Uniun of Merida. of tli
13i-l, exprrp-ses hol,-5 of l' etleii i pi con
- lit trin o'f tllie con nivy by the il rowes- of lie
r son.. NevelrItqei 1ss. p, us-r ig, is by ti' e H-i
y' cule.; I llw h lel <.i_ niiieneiIh li on ihe l 'ihi
,.les,"r'ilt- ,.caitl.An as being ii the 4riP:Iles
e ,'Misirrs. leridi was ci. w oi'es.. Wlilose niilileis u-ere ;aiilineniia Iioin
S il,iv ii- ,iiv. bv llose ltviri mfrom lie tno n ii
I A and, vill,.i in tile iIihterior tecernlly ti aclvi
;l ;l del i ri, nd by ilte Inli.ins. I l oine o
i lie I .io iv liith s'.t e5 lh l II' UNG ,li)x ird.id o
t I.l iO i ,ii l tii l I| I T ile iliht- l.in irl i-
" i, ti', ,l ii.ie iii i,, n- iire lil-2 iieil ali ic-
Isis* I, ii i. u s. .,r ifiar o l" Ie1ii'r C.,hlo t- l iri
I i. i ,";-. \] iv ,iii ilhe ne ,i--hlb ,,iri, ihee
' ,l.lIl i,,,,,,,, lI 1,, 11 111 11 ,2 ,, i, l ,rF~ ( '., l ,, p ll:hl .
I ,,, s is [,t.i 1I, n 11 liI T' e- i lI s l:. .ii ut ,
S I 1.,'. A r coi i[in 1i 0 i ln ;,r<.it 1 1 01il 1Ill
*|'' i, Intre. 1 1 II)1' il-r-,v uLes. Mt ii. ii 11111.
"I'r, I i I ilt, a il-CiPIhle lI ,n A I i ill-'.
1nn ,Jl" ll d I' l I-,|l> 1 r1 Iotl_ -iuh ii e -
-." ,nce ; .-nt'l i l e .i ,s ps l.\e Ai lIIn 1i i l ei
,r',.i.r lhep ciiv. n!;s W s e\|ieciltJ. fill'lll.
ll )i, ie, -l 1 i- Ih Ii ii tild i 1,1.; o ah.-i n ii-n. it

il i i. i- I i S. .
Ii ,"I h['Ii S. I,- ti ,I in ,rvu u In --I i n'l nIi
iit[ ir sl l si, IlA ll1, i-t,-l :hi',l1 I -ijun-

,5' t "1 i",, ,, f t ,s- tush .i- .dt ls i l
s '- i l utN rU ,I irc1ii \T i'i \r', i_" ii'tir

,iuss si's', ".111 ,,I"uhl ai , ,t~ a;- i.; J sihl i ,'-'iu'l
I, 's i .l li\I i* I s 1 i i i V' 1" IV n- 1\ li -
i) n- -1ii t iii..s' i 1.s- i) r r iiimi .1il.

i-.. i [i i lI l ,e i ; lir'hilv I's iii:. l iltj e 1 ll-

l n-. i -t i. i' "1 J lIl -ll
I Ih,. ,i,. stan ei h--ll ist. ,J su.l_ ius'r-ito
S I',,,' ..', l sI ,, l suit' i s-ii I s.I l l? i ,uI lerchan t,
d i 1. i ti i'- l ]l, % -.% li :' -it v 11"%_"fs^.l r-n il,..

,i ,'- hits i il i :"l ifll .f.'y' d,.nt I ,i r ust l
.i ,' Is r-i', e e'i l0, d t .'- ,ll ; oJ 'll pr 1vent hi-,'1
l. .i ..i.. i. i in olte, l, hIur. i,,t i in i an id-,,ir-
..-si Ir i ',i l l ,i,. T 'ii tilvn r T ),ill. k in.1
I 'll- ,s'r r il I 1 i, l r -,.l ,i lli ..uit .- rn ,l i in '

i f l u O i e 410 e- : ii i i x nn L ltr a i n (rl im il I
re ad .i u l ,i' i l I i .l .l ,i e f, I ,p l olli
> i +Lrn c h rc h ii 'n +v t l l t .. ? .+-' I i y 'l '. I ,. I I 'I I I j _' l \ I it i i i .

lii. e,, in, vil,e's, .i 1i t1 1 wli en. tih b ll vere a
o i n r. i in i e, 'i l - .. .. .. .. .
"' [II ',I siranndp '. 'c.i'li h ,i ,I,.? :.).; i ,,ii .'"

\\i i ,1 0 111111.', that haito 1 i s ,it.i-rn.e rch nt,
%ns- ilts;.'.;A" ikil m d, l eiahit heoulp, ithu" si :l t'h.et
i ,Dli, vns ,ii; "" 'if.-'yo-i don i t g I ire ust bue
.... ,e,,) ai ek\ .l-N. 10. d1 -ii." T0 prevent .
S]>iittr foru .,,;'' in- ,ri'+'Cht'inr ,, ii e ineit -
: in li, he c-i' ,o (l.,,lr ,l if r..tieli the by ll. a and p,.-
vi'." 11 i lie ill ,l; re l ca l l' a- + asb t -
u.t. I lIIni r ei-lvl "e \ !]vn my iir i ,.I, ido ye
-ir,',r ,ii.tl]ae.21, if" ti,,-,'it iisul t o ,.-rer+ ,airiciei
i a ID-itli'O Uhe I c ,ime own haelil." n 1/ ,nul,'i
t e n F,,v h irino t s'ilno.'e r; C tni. I'veieust Arm t
0i.hisfidef in iol siyll, ih.sT whean'y,-, see a
r"iii-i+'l,? i ia, 'ei:!h. thei e baijc.on hts ,ic er limi,
,ihn, w iip 'lsii min h~le name i i -u in l n tll. ;mn
r'nd,,ir-is-l)ill.s iili. .w,lil pen, yitl m:,v set.
iWs--wn !es'ir,,mV 5pi>'l-'H-we~ek.-L. O. Dl ~.tt.

e CAtI !i--\Ve h, n from ri a nenile I anr
rp;reillv 'rom Vr'-ir. Cruz, tihe .dfl~ils of a
I'.oihyle hism : of fr.,be.icihle by tirean wcdu
Ir.on.wn in..this chu irv. Tucker A-rmStong,
.wl,,,,. nt will be-,recollie6ed, killed abrt'lther
" Oiit.einhl ner'_'s sev er l t ie-ur?. since, foiter
:'.'lrr'llnl',l inr'es of |pec,,i .i~r ail'ueiiv, has since
.n' +I~e 1'f.,t he? erimne by lihe ilellie rate !>l:tt|lh-"
-;tter fihirrltolwea hroilrer. Cap\t. G;Ahriel Arm-
il'on,, ,f ^'ul. '[-lay:s'.8Texa;.t?.in,e~rs. Tile
,:i,'iimstaiices Were tliese : T,.icler ..Arrh-
.iron"n was" Lienueeranr in lIe conmuin o1"
R.,Hgers comrianded i~ r his brother, and oe
hl,,ms repirimaindledl aod thireantem-d wilh] ar
,p',sI.hy him 'for'gross breaeh olf llhe code uf
military 'duly, deliberately drew a pistol
fro m,. 3'i'i bel1t~ariid:8hot hilm -.' --
: e:. e-i,,i emilP; IJ "to ;Sea p e,'bi io rl in for m-
anot :iliinks, was kirre-iled. C~iil .G. A rm-
.,iro iig :,yaa a; L ie~u tenan t .in, M C('ullo ,iiaH's
Rpgeprs5,*ahd ii.tin'i~iishierd filmself aI AJ1on-

P- er seai'.uie'" Quince-lxii.s tl ail.ay, .Mi- LP-
i irl. l 13.-llAMnu N H-la-.-. L) t luker, G .in)Iti,
,otl Itvurn,-l\lastl.- Mia:|iy. Matter LlDon.

Per s- i imr Lolis--14-I- Lls-couon to N J l-uew
ti,',- 1 rt3 o itlaclta % KIIJhrl-iro l. -
.Per r- tnier Not il-:31.) hbdles cllorn Ito N J
IOebo; :34 o .A N l\lck\; 50 o '\lwiM ,- & Kim-
Per, reanluer Eufiula--44 baieA critoin i H iaper
-h losntsi-s. 26j l ki \Wi...j ,- Ballou: 3.5 lu L-cklhAiL
,X" \'uj.; 2 nio A N \-Aielv N o
Ps-rit-,-. ipr Qirui...-, ,..,|l.- e ,colilon i.-) LLock-
I Ii ,r & .'.niI; 4 10 orlie;s 6 rI, \\" le -I ,:' -K.

i'i IT i-'F AI'ALA H[I ..L........ lu e 17

I. AIriti Ei6-N -
S ,.[lir M --ii,', isrle, lI', N,-\i Cirleari--.
FI -,rI Z Iii,' :. L- ri- '--. si N i'. ''"tk "
- "-s-sui,'M .i-r i~-- i. l ul .l s-,| 1i, .-'t ii i N '***
" '',:hlir : .,' iiii i L' .,. .',,niilh I'l N i - .
" ^ '...iii-r L...IH. J.ni,,+ l',n i_-.;.|,,inb'i._

i. ~_ f.:. itn..r L-.,rI' i,[ ;. iri..l .. tn, ,,Im l. iim 1bliq ..*
/ *'.: i,1.: i 'l- "ii.:]- .:", A ll l' ti h l I t[[,I j .,i r.

Lill.' _'pLEA D. :%
s ,, .-\, in i Eli' i .i1- i I,-r Pli.snisl.,.-as
--.hi :_ s-is .i i,-: ,,,.. i.,r N 5uo.i| .' .
$ch-r Mystic,- Cratm- N- rIs -
Ship St Lawience, ;..'.s N O.rleans:
Bark I, l; ia '.VI r L-.-.stoi :. 1
Ship' P -.... i'r, U,-.=. f,-- [LverpQol.
Sclh r A -: '\i, ii,. i- k,, t. '.. sl i .-,

S LIST C-1 L[ EL U' P' 'RT. '..,
*. '' 'S n IPS .':. *''; -' '
[ iii .i I-in. lns..,-.,. :l.-2tons, for Boston, load-
S i,.;-- J [-,:,I- ,rI +'- / : .. '* .
R-t,,Li I s-,,Ilu, t ,.1,-, ;5itl tons, for Liverpool
Is.,llin- i IVI;\X'titi *c-, -^ ***::
I h [ M. I EAROTfIES '. -" .
Z [ i I'-". Li '- -ril,,,'- .. .,-!- ,, I Iti ,: Y onrk, itait.
'in-- i -ii r .;
.t ,h -r; ,f :J ,-, .I ', h:, I. ,, L .. .. I, :,* d -
S.,li .- j r \" ,i ,I -,. .. tu .i .i + ,:,:i
P .= r l ,ni ,. | r..... .. 9 : ,- ..i ,. .'If- -
,lrl,'l, I'l, .. 24' is-.,i;, inn Ne .w YoI k,; wait-
i'o..n ,-i. i i- 6 P..jlioil -.ii 612 tons, for Liver-
l- ,,.,,., lr.,.. i], J L',x' .- t. r- o
Li.,,iu i.. -. (t I ,, i r _s. isi ,', i--r Livx -rt' os..
l..ti n"- \\ A -.Sc P i R iin. .... +
. li, 1. Sm ,iih. I -11. 7 1 .ir liln) 'ew-y r!:;. '.iii i' --
I ;- r ork wait-
iii'u- i Ltd s-,Js.-], 261 toit frii N- -.x York, wait-

'R- X 1 *XPO1RTS. -
N.W YORK-'Per .clui Seiattr--562 hal-s of
eco i i+ . criro ... 'y -
I, .i.Ti -P-rl ,iark In-J]sai-5-i dits-]e- oiinn.
Pf'rlyI[EN\C .-Per ti g Ann Elhza. -173 hales
:cott on .. ... : : '. ,

Most Extraordinariy Work
,: : THE .

BY D A.t Att. uA U RiUE .i,
-ROfESi$,R ,F DtSCt,.ES OF W'-iMEN. '"'"
Sixili Edition .81mo0 pp. 25). Price 'i.;-,
Years of sufferiniz, of plisical aad mental an-
guiih to manu ain ailctionite xife, aid pl,-ut iary
difi-'jltie-i t6 the husbatid., might have been
-"spred by a simply po-sessin of tl'his work.
It is iilende' e-iecially fir th'ehmar ied, or
thoi?'critnempliiliig mirnage, as it discloses im-"
portlant se-retI wiwhich should be known to them
particularly. -
..Truly, knowledge is, power. ft ;is health,
happiness, affluence. .,;- '- .... -
The revelations contained in it- pages have
,proed a.ble.in; to .thousands,-as the innrlmer-
able letters received b'y (he hatihor will latest.
'Hesrealso, every female-the wife. t lie inmother,
the orn either biu-idina into woniatiliriod, or the
onle ih the ,.Iclir se i-f h IrS-i n whom nature c-'n-
tenplales an important changs'-ca.n discover the
causes, _Symptom_. aiJ the-most efficient rermedies
and most certain lmode of clre, in every com-
plaint to which her sex is subject. ,
On Ihe receipt oq One D llar,-,he Mair'iAed
WVomian's Pris+ate'Medicalt Companion" will he
sent (mailed free) "to any part of the UTnited
Slates. All fetters nust be addressed, post-paid-,
to D. A. M. Ar.auirice',., Box 1-224',- N'XW'York
City. Publishing Office, IT9) Libert'-sl reel, New
York. -. -"s- May 4, 13-tf.

: Notice.
rI-HlE late firm u-f J. Steves-e n & Co. hivinz
I 'be.'n dissi-vedI by t'h'e: de.ease olf J.ishi,
.Stevenson, alll h'ie irdub-ted to the siii firm :are
requested t-i rnake pjniet, and those having.
-cl uri s ti pre'-ent the pm.trn?. .nt- n ,-
t- he. stock ofgoods on h'gnd.are offered for sale
at low .prices for cash oply -
S."*'-. .; -. = ^T.--H-. AUSTIN,' .
"'" "' giving partner J. Stevenson & Co.
SApallachicola, ay 25, 1SI-lS. t9--tf .

*.. Notice. -
A LL persons having claims against the estate
-L.-of Daniel W, Faucett, deceased, are required
-o present the- same within the time prescribed
%ylaw, or-else they will be barred of recovery .-
:'T :.: TH. AUSTIN, Administrator .-
-Apalachicola, May 1S, 1848., '-


1 I I1 1 I .

To Let.
'HE Hou-e lately known as the Dew
il Dr,|.' Pusi-sssioI giv n im iniediati-lv.
iinquireof WM-. HONE,
l a.y1 1 II. "I-I9 W ater--..
p W. CUiLLEN i- my authi-rized Agentd-,-
* rin-. ,rI v r ba., e froin the 1t,. "
t: P. EL'LiS.
f.A pallcli,,..ht 1,3, I J1.
S BEFNEZEV is i-,y Iul. tlu-horIz-dI Aehi t
* durii, it, \ sbseh,..% I'roin lihe Stile.
R. C.- KEFrR.
June t-r, I. -,. 2'-';r
(1 r PT. BENJ. HOVWARDI) i nm aithoi iz,:-
C-', Agent dur.inrg mniv a,-r,:e frum tthe Stale.
* Apalactisisola, JuiTe I, l4S.- ,

-. Notice.
CO)L..WM H. HLGI-ILS is nV Ai,,:n'nt during
iI \ ab cl e 111i n ti hl e t s- 'Sr t,i.it .
Ap-,l,:l-i',-Ii,,l-s, ,\ *:i. l-5J$.


I N ii n,III nC ie ,t tie [,r,-i i--..ii, tI" tote CiistiiF-
lL5,i ,,I r.e S[irLe._I''t?, -? |- uei,-ei) i.'nt.e'r fhAt
i-i-i ~iii .i- -..iK ci /e-id or1 oi, %%iti-~ *lph
Il I ,L tlo t e II \t l;,_.llel,^. ,-\:, .-+libi ,t' t~l," .Si.ile,
I':'r ;.l "J''r iiL,,.,.r|,,,rjtilit tII em. ,,I' tr.+l"^i .-I+...,:..71-
..tie r .. -iiis A i.i lL-ni --d "\ l,, Irj-\ Liei'- .-h i.n- eu-id
'w ith li : n l'. ,r the .' li,,,sil-. l.y rh e a d.r ., tvle
ol l'e -" Biuil. ,iii' -C ixni-r, ,-'-- i.,1 ii ,-i ,ra-i':n
to |:".., oi--c l)jrI'l.;|,,, IOtV -1 ,||i I lalnd llI 4, an.I Its
i 'l, t l f i jso,: t,'-' .'.i, is i.t ,-, I iot iii' tii .li q -" _','Y .
AI 0 [ .tI

The Protection iUIn'-m Iice (Co. of,
New Jers_'ry.
,'1 '" b ,r" i. ,n c ji .. '! .:i by tIe Ci v
S.L l.',...'in ,1 i> l],e-r ,.h;:,I t t.rf lii. ,' \i h, ,i 110 'A
-i~', .r, f.l o., r l a,: w wiille :| iF.-1rine s,4I.: '
\llH, 1!L TH,_. L. M I 't'HEL.
-Tax ollleciom', NOlafc.
T AX [*Dr,,ISV aleD 1 ir.,i.-_d hut .,il-lii=s
Ln fl.o t .- l i"-- hi i -.t ,,.l.r i, l I [ I,.. n ,,i I.!'.-

-~ Mr t- ti-
.-, iiZ l) tl .drdina*nce p l i-i., by the .CIty
C.,,in..dII, if'not'fl', ,law w ill I_,e et,.,: ] l e,,.r,',:-d.
'' i '" '' i. ', J t IS .Au-I,[,.,I;.

't ', hi' E Ms-u tTLLY,: .sr u T i i C.l -4ro.
I -r.',ID I kRD p im1_JLe N .,IIi, e i 1e -i7l
agents t+or-ti.- ill',,t ..-ii ,f T.-.I T -,%,i.; iii,- [ v di-,
!sence from t, IStte. LJ. F--\I'i :.''R.

I' i de' r r- n c d.
-'i:i Z L ,i -,i ,=r,.r .!l, ? ,_'L ,a'.:r, r -.: r.-,: .
- 2 [\ 1-, R M -5vI.TLL ...',.i \V ii,:.' t.

~N-sx'i1. J.TCL LLEN
New, Or 'eas, SCufar. .t-
[ 1-HHD-. pr ur.u y N. S. iL ,", 'e;'.?iI er i3r ,?iir
VM ,.,t, o lr. r, i ii, 1 '..r I r b i l.
lIv 15 E M.C-LLY, ,0 \ ,terict.
Kit RLS Cl'h:iii,tt.:ii, t,.Ior :,le3 h\'
' Q ..Dec30. B ELLIS, ,N '-Co.

School Books.
IC'HOOL PJI,)lK ofat dll l ;,l- |ip t r.,'-d hv
0 -,. I11 J. C. ALLEN.

,Bacona, Flour, Saigar, Coflfte eand
A'. LWAYS on lari, d. and fI-r s'de lowv Iv
:Zk De,r y ..; E McCCULLY.

Swvay(l & W vista's
c OftMP0UND S',-ip ol' WJid Chiern, just re-
c- ecei'ed and lor sale by
.'eb 17 H F ABELL.
R Wood 1Varel&-c. -
, \RrEL tCoi-ers, PaiiteJd Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pakil, N Me;te-i, Tray', .\xhelve_, Buckets,
Broom_, &,c. &c. for st-'? hv ..
': B. ELLISON ,. Co.
Dnc 9. 'r,'r \ .Valer -n.,] i he-trllr -;iQ.

Blank Books and Stationery.
L IEDGERS;'Jtournal-;, D.iy Bo.:l-,, &c.
.L 5.i ream-i Fo.tlscap andl Letter Pap'ir;
Cotton Mmoranduin BE.,-ks ;
"Shiip and River Bills Lading;
Boo-iks lor LeIter Pre-i.
Blank Billk ot Exchaine and Checks,
Juwt ecceived and for sale by .
Mir,'h I .. H. F. ABELL.

UTLL'S superior single and double Trusse-a,
.LJ or -sale by
Thomnpson's Comipounld Sy ruip of
Tar and W'ood Napitfa,
FOR thie core ol'.coriaumpl,.sti, chrn-:ic, LiI,-
chinr a-shna. xx !to,'iiit .', c-iili. tiaI1.itth.,iint
of the heart, lix r sniphliinlts, anrl al;:-.tion-s ..I
the k-idners,.lfor sale b',
C' ASTILE Soap fiur sale by
Fp-b l- H F ABELL.

I\ \DE on shlilpmnents o'r Ctton to Liverpool,
Havre, New' Yprk and B'-,ion, hv.
Dec ie ) D.. R '. WOOD & CO

Hyd'rostatic Ink Foutmitaini.
A FEW Hydro- ,,.tiui [ink Fo-ritalnu, Pen Racks;
Sinid Pi.,x-', P per F,-,l.lr-, Starnp-, S.:l,
Paper Clisp-s, wVrighits. &c. for -le b% -
. N,-v I. J C ALLEN.

3 Sr mQuinie.
0 l-OZ.Sutp. Q1,1iijinte, iuit rec-cived sx rJ I",
O3 lJ,by
April 27. H F APBELL.
A SPLENDID article o 'f Grouiid Nihliard, in
ti. r, t-,Xe-, f'tr sale by'
- April -27 F- H F BELL.

Gold Pesos.
A.-FEW rlt Wo' d.va rd k. BHr,-,liti-r'a '.iperi.-,r
G,-I, P -ni, -i-It re,'?eivedi- arid ',ar I :nie b
SOctobe"r 21t j:.C-: .. C. ALLEN -U

BITTER- :, list received a nd for -ae h'
N ov 2." : J.-C: ALLEN." -

(.A-i l i tlalneJ e lpel ion, andii'J allowed l\.ate
Meadows $18 a week as alimony.


S, year.
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1847-.....578 988
Received"past week.......... .686
previously....... .115746
Total.......- 117010 106610
Exporied past week............1537
S" previously......... 1026156
Total........ 104152 89985
Oil handandonshipbodrd notclepred 12S5a 166225

CbonuenchiiiI 1st S.ptemhler, 1847-aud same
time in 1846.

casi-ie like h-,- 'w e thtoigli ht, a-s she x'uas in xcry
rdli,'ate health, e wiiikld srveltiitr sim, of' \.ur: -
S.-tr.sararll) aridd are erY "l-idI \e- did, f,.r it not
r'lv ret-loroA-i her strengRth, bitle h- hailanuti i'e-
trn'ri of the Fil,. t,. ouw"rgreat pIhaure aird sir-
pri-ke. She i- li'st Iie-cornirng r'urgged and heart\.
fIor wxich wxe fAeel grateful. -"
Yours, res-jecttully, t-
".o- JOHN BFUTL[E,'Jr: ..
eF u.ni Me. ilicilBe. -,
D r. ToxwnseniJ's S rs-,p-,'iIla i ar"-,-verci ,r anid
., -p .,-:.\.. ,-n e f-",r Iti.ti|i|;irt l i.ii",ti,,i B 'sits-u-
neC '- t r.e- t ip,-si l ,-.ir -,r 'r iln ,.,ri tn Vi ....ti.;
rii --4 i l'. I -- o [iii i i.. I u .i !<- I i is
ua:in te.l .. diriclf Mii~ dr ii-. s.n-ni ic -
,-ft Urilne, or inv .lunt.ir' ditcti&- rge, thiereht-ol, aiid
fI r the i,;nerail pr rro Ir tia t o r -tii tl. rt',-':-i '.10




III r S I.C M1 iU S I C! IM U .SIC!

THE subscriber respectful lt inltiiili the citi-
zens of Apalachicola, that he nilesi-td to re com-
n.ence giving Music Le (6.i1, Itl' thie S11iiiri0
monthss) commencing on M.rinda\, "Md Ji.-l.
Those desirous of taking lI---ons on llie tillow-
ing instruminets. Spari li GIIt,,r, Flute, Violin,
(Tenor or Alt,-, Violin) and'VI...Ilrincellh. would do
well to apply soon, as they can Ihave the privi-
lege of -iselecting the hlrur which miay suit their
convenience. Mlu-iic lurrni-hed, if'required, at.$2
per term, e\xirai, for an, of the alive irutrunleits.
N. B. Ptlritu.l a i'idjnce is rAjii,]-ite, as ino
reduction xxill he m'Fde Ihr hiin,-atttuirdance. ex-
cept through prolrnictcd t-icknes-?.
For sale, extra qui.-dir- of nIp'd Flutle, anj No.
4, 5 and 6 Guitar Strings. -
TEtMs.-$10 for eight xeku--, I lw,, leasoisis
each week; the co'in-ise is cI.-ce 'it hi Aisi'u-t.
Application at rri'v.tffi-.e in B.[iz, lt'. lhI il.ling.
Apalachicola, June 17, 184S. 2"-"
A large lot of Instruction Bolooks lor the above
instruments for sale.

__ ~_~I_I_____~I____ ____1_ Y_~ __ ~~___



T IP E Past Previ.TI r|Last
WHtHER XPORT wee .l tously. ITOT season
Liverpool... ....... ....35674 .35674 .25820
Have ......... .... .. ; ................... 2592
N antz.......... ..... ........ .... .. ....
Trieste-................ ...... ..330- .83730..1364
Ge noaa ............ ...... ...-...... .... 958
Other p0rts........ -........944 ..3944 ......
Total to F'r.-Potts. -......43348 43348 .30738
New Yk .62 717 .32279 .1695
Boston..........- .....-,..5j2 .17825 .18327 .13717
Providence ... .. ... ..473 5067 ..5510. .6976
Ph ,iilaitiini ............... ..93 ..939 .. .667
B-al inlo .I ......I .... ...... 11 Ii) .. I l .26 0)
New .rtle nh................. .19.9 ..19, .154,5
Otr lie rponrs ......... ...: ...... .53.. .55, ..2-37
Totii 1 Co(-_ t7-ie... 1:5:-7 .592j7 .611i-14 .59247
T'i-,TA L-A-I-r. .. ...... ...... 14 :,2 .95

L~1~1III111111~- '1~1~1~

Dr. Townisevld's SMrsaiamrilila.
W"ouder and Bleing- of l (he Ag-'.
The most e.xtr:aordinary Medifcine in the Wrorld!
T"i's EtIrat is pt t'up) in' Quartr Bottles: it is six
tifuieS chir-aper, pleaiiarier, anid -'a'ranIed su-
peri,'r I. ari\' isol. It cures Wilhout
Vomiitin-", purrginog', sis'']en ir igor
debililatinig the Patient.
The great beaitmy and .pEi'ionitvy of this Sarsai-
parilla -.,er all-othel r rnedilichei i., that % hileit
erad1s,'ate lthe di-ea-e, if tiiigoratgs the body. It
is tiie of the ve ry best
Ever kniwn; it noti onil\ purifies .the wMhile 'S-
tem, and slrenitlhen-3 ie person, but it-crealfs.
ntim pure and 'ch blood : a power p',ssessed by
n., other medicine. Ard.in thii_'lies the grand'
seorert of its wonderful srjcce_. It ha3 pertfrnired
within the last five Year-, noire than lii,"i)ii
,irn-e. t severe i cast-s I.'f disease ; at l'-3:-t I.-',.1tri.)
were e',n-id',--re, mi:,ur:rhsie. It hai- vei-d the lives
is,' lh -,r- .hii .uiii chl.i re dn'ri,.i the ti'o ra-I
cnqS;Ol,.. U ,
'10,000o c.'es of (Geieri Debility
and wang of Ne'rvous Eanerg'y.--
DIr. T,-,,',v 'l d' Sjrs.J.parilli invi2irite, t(he
hol. s'\ -;tm '-perrinarieritl -. To i l rn whi- i d've.
i-tat tl ni-in niiscular energy by tlie eftects of need-
I.hiiw- ,-r i,,di'irtioisn corniniitteid in \uiili. or tlie
e-ssc.- e Ie ridulrg'-ice of the phis-iotij, aid bruhlit
,n : t:i er i-ernI pli\sical prostration tsiern,. I a.si.tide, \j3nt of a irnbii -n. fAinti r eh-i
t,,iin-. 'prematiire decay and declirne. la-teniig
--t: aids- tli3t lat.-il diverise, Csn.unritli on. can be
r'oitlrIelv resl i-ed by tl-is pieajaiit reinc-dy. Thlis
S~i'Sai arillli i lai' siipPrinr toi any
-[li'igo'atlntg ('ori"dial,.
A i if l 7:-'e" t' ryl, i i; h-i us>t ih-sle g.teD. gJts
.-wili ii, t.1 lh. lItnb., aLiid stlr nr lih t, i tle- u scu--
iir -fsi tin, it hissi ,o-.. irioi innavl d;.-gree.
-' Con'sHmutopionCim'red. ..
C(l't- e- and:ii Stiet-itli,-i,. C'oi r. iTas .tli..i c"in libe
s,-'-slt. Pr,_siish nii tl',is'irInl'Itoi.. L.xt- |i'srn-
p- i ii C, i. a t r r i C i ,, i- ..-. A -. i irh i a S i ti r -
t i,.-. f F: ,l-.:,1. S..,r.r,"i-i i Il l lie' C -i',-t. H ectic
Fl.-.li. N...lt Sweat-. Diff'iuilt -or Proi'luse-Ex-
eet,,ralti-si. Pain in(i the Side. &c.. li-axe be-i,
1aiA can be irrsrFd.
Spilitoig Blood.
New Y-"rlk. April 2. 1-;.47.
[Dr. T,,wsxiiNord-I x-e I, ieli-toic iii ir Sjr-
S p,-iari ii ,] l .- l rei tlie irnanl. tlri, ih Pri idmeis t e.
-:, -i ix ,i'z ir'y Iih I lt.ve i1' -xev-rn-al -)e r lihad "I
tluJ ,.'o.,, l:,." [t .L.,-:- atre v,-,...r-:e ,,ind w on,+. -A t
I -'t f r-i-el Is 5'' .... iitsuist-e. s i, blood, hnd iiizht
xi--..l, l i,, w s itt\ d.tlb Iit its-i. andm sotit-1. d -il,
ni, ,.I..l il-t --'Xi-- 't to lais I i;:.xi- ,,rlv ii. ,s-. ,u',ii
Slr.- i-ii 'illi "i 'li-,rr lri-e, i.- d there iisaa a xin-
.-i 111tl ,'h1 l |Ls-C b-.fn x \ u.r iJ ht iii ile'. [ ail rii v
-,ll to I, i .'." ill .. -il .o,-r the c 'ity. I rjis, no bl,,,,,.
;-,i1 t,1 -i, ,,, i I-t ir m e. V1 -'i) <:jn x hll iti.t-
^'lie tliat [ i it i 'II-,,,kfhi^ tor t!.,e;e r-s,,ilt~. ..
s i.,ir _.,... li.- i -- r'-.L l ,
I\-\ RPLT.I-ELL. 65. (CaItTii.ii'ne .
RIliea] 111a 11iii.
Ttii .- i- O il l, r.1',e h.f iii s'.' ur I-r-isu anid
.. -- I .,ii- n il- liit t [Dr. T .,%'. r -..ri1'- Snl'_a-
I -'i itl-, h-i.j-: o'ur-.l T I r i -1t ,i- i i-, i cliroiic
c ,'. i, -re w teekl I' era'.licate, l b h ilt- tI\lri-:,rd:rijry
t 1i ihe-',
J.lrti,,-. Ci'mntir,'_',. E-q ,.-ie sft" t'sie a t'aati is
11,1 |it,>: L 'lin ,t "' _A <:,- l'n B -i cl ", ; 11- I[' -l ; il. KlI I i tl :-
-_iil [ iiih l 5]i ,i i u-I" t' i ,i r f-.| | I- xi]i- l|.-[t,:-r :
r, la.'l> . el l~i's [ l.Ju,, Se-l.,r... I1 J, -- :."
Dir. T...s- ,'evil- Deir S-r: I r la _iiff ni. t ite-
iil.l, f-.r iiie \em-i- v itih Itse Rlieilimir, nri ; co:n-'
-i.l r:ibhle of-Itlie ltim [ ,tihil nIir t ei.i, a tc-p ,or:
w-ilt.. I had the ntnt'-, t dii'i-:inij 3 ,. p ,In-, aid
niv' huib- wxs"e lerribly-swxllen.- I haxe .i-ed
fi.ur bsttles ou ',oitr' SarSa.I1p'illa. anrid they have
s.-,se iri.-re tlian s-ne thious ind, d,,slai's %,.,rthi of
gn,,' d. You are ait libelty-to U-se tlins or thebeIn-
of-it of hnie atiite-d.
Y ouis. respectfiutli.
Fev'e' andd A-lle,.
Dr. To'.xn-seid's Sa,-'stl.artlla i? urem|.l-.ilied' in
E..-, ol the Chills arnd Feier andl Atire. The
llo'. in letter is only none of hurindireds that we
liave received Irom the South and We'-t of like
chlija cter.
.. 0sve.,-., Mich.. O,.'Ct -2-, 1 .47.-
Dr. To,',eiend : Dear Sir-I plircl,-ied -lor n6S
Avil'f two b,-ttles of Sirsapanrlla orf yoir A. i nt.
Mr. M.,Nair, of Ka-l:nimazo, to try it limn the Fe-
ver and Ague. Before I had .fiii-lLed thle tfir-t
bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and eve-ry
rather day', when the Chills and Feveranpeared,
tlhe', xxere less violent ; -and belbre she had r in-
i-lied the bottle, she was entirely' relieved, and
sihe was much better .than she had been before
4he Itook tie Aglie. A lad, that had been vetr2,
sick within tihe Clills arI.l Feveri, but had broke -
th-in witlh Quinine. and 'wa tlelt in a very .weak
and di-ti'e-ssti state, and troubled excee]dinglIv
xii h tile Ague Cake,'seeing ti e.tlcct that it- had
oi nNv wife,-sih sent and procured a few- bott:sF,.
and it re-OrtEd lier in a few week- 'to .nmpletle
health. Yonr Sarsaparilla i3 withotir d-,hbt, un-
e duiled in diseases iicindeiit to the.We.t,; and if
,iou think that his coiqnroinricatiiin will be of use'
you are at liberty to use ii ,a-t tou c.1oose.
'Youis, reppeclltf l\;, '-
Canker in lihe iioiulh. "
Below is ahi acco, unt of anotber,- hild-. ?ar'ed.-
Dr" To+v'ns-_nd's Sarsa|irilla has saved the lives.
ol thiousards of cliildren. The allowing twxo
iert',i,'ates are selected ftrom a great number re-
ciexv'id tli's week. -' -
Nex'w' York, Aplril t, 1t-.
Dr. Town--etd: Dear Sir-One of my c[iM,'en-
wx.i. xvei' sick xxitli a Cacnker in Ilie otuth artsI
Throat,'atterds-d wxxithl great'-d'billtv It crnie
i,;,u- dyi hir. I L-btanh'J -di.,d,,. x: a.:aih i \ elli ]t
n-edicrie, rand it cured it di rctlv, Io' xxwh-ch I
asstiure you T feel.;,ery r' ratefLul. '-
Y Ou r l'- r ice tfu ll' -
ELIZABETH FOWLER, 27 riesbrosses-at.
Fils! Fits: Fits! _
Dr. Toxvnrsend, not having tc-tc-d.his Sarsapa-
rilla ir cases o-f Fits, of course tlnever recommend .-
il it, and was surprised to' receive thie nollowo ing
fr.im an intelligent and respectable Farrner ii
Vosti:.iheatr coulnty' : -" .. -
'Fsir-dlmsx A'l_-iust 13, 1- 17. --
Dr. T,_iwxn.erl : Dirr Si.r [' hl'a- 'a Itirtle glu .
,xev'sn vei'S of a'ge, w'1ho lu Iseier x-evernl Ve~iis "
,_-tised] witth Fit-; we tried] ahnl-,.t ever tJuinig -
t.r herr, b'ut xxi this.ut SICCe_: "-at last, a)tIio'ingltx-i e-
courld i fi'd n'oI ri-c'iintseriuij i,-,n ir our ciren.iltr's J.r r

-* *4

--The Edtior. h ii ,ins.eriteidto pektdj, cliange
notaso nuch. wnl-h the. exp',.clxatun., '. peciri arv
gai,',-'.-as witl, HIh de ric L. e.;;xtrrig a ."salutai'y
irmoral Iriluerce itI r ,.iii-loirt our, .-r&Tj n r, tate;
I fi readgd to ,iihj-cts- Tii, h fe -] fs't.,i olr-
erg. t o -e ,:f pa iar, (is f&t rd .i.. h --, .' ":
tile cailse rof Tniipe'tance- 'teinterept of
AOriiilmiere i; arid hl 1ne ii;.iinri-.'v .,--,i Lj, riel-a
ihens arl:d ii et'e_---x. i 'r-:be h;' -e' ct, tlo. .bicl)
lIhe. attleition-o- the papir p a it be.,prir ipally di-
.reled; arnd a-. coii'fedd_ .v.ithlAefie i ttre-tB,
arid a-sbearitrg', upon then. arpd as-.>influenciiig
them, a revew o1 lr-eifUrin'.d-di,-es.ic iarkets,
will iot.beoi -rlo'edA'. ;
,,...-.I- ., ; j .". ,
[Th' i Jmp-.ritnr e .(.1 fi.e'.bject? a-id -f1e aid
which a (-%elf.cr.--,.c..t ..'V ap'er .could afford
[-no,.art q eti)in- r v.l- 'iicl i'-c ilb f.t e fhlly dis-
c-is'ed in .a paper 01 th i i ;,-(-"b6T'iti.t L.1 l4e cur
piurpo's .to.L,--plai r id'-e-,rit,.rce.them in iiticles
,rneiaaL.aId aselec td '.,..lTnhnia',ap[.ea rin our
c i -l u rr fn ; ." .. ; : -" . -
r .I'.ri JEditor..of the_.TrmgP.nACE A-r'CVOCA'
will not 'in an .derecree intritre vitr.h parlyTpoli-
tics. The e%-lt- i.J" the day,' t!-, passing7'ccur-
rert'os ,l the .,uek, lie wii-']ihioitic p.i ifas much
tiJ i h and i aup-irtioLitf; "s Tie'h..iatre o" the case
will adr.it. blrt e hfiml.,^tit-e Iree-from
all prtitbiani adid'i'e %%Mwil- eIndNa UW:..'tlus lore-
s'erve ii- c .lii. irrulS.,|',t-h-i- luip' -.s '- ." .
T he. Edifl,.,r .pkri ;[,..-,_?i:-' ht :, ^e e. ..c'ri'iader-
ahl,, .. r |.'a -o.. f,, im 'it+.. r a- ,4 (... r e,:,( :. si_. .. .d 10' nriale.

it r .-,t M, -,e[+t u-.,_'f] l,-----]s+ ii.-|l. _r- m 'al-
w '. W R, c i "ll q -4 x d,. d ._ l t l, 1" a l l-
ihnim irn aitvulc cr rh'.ree di .s r;i.'"..ntt-'qp d inr
advance. ,
Qi-nle'v, -Fa-.. i, 'A 7, r-l4v. '- .:

- ----- -- ------ -- --- -- -- _____ "

_1__ 1_~1_~1 _____

". .. .. ?..

' *1

matter whether Ihe result of inherent cause
causes produced by irregularitly, illness or acci-".
deit. Nviling can be more surprising than its
invig:.raring ettlct. on the hi'timan Trate. Per-
SOiS all weakness aad lassitude, from taking it,
at once b-eccnie robi-t .'arId full of energy undek.
its influence. It i-mmIim"atly .couinlea'ict the
nervele'rsneiss of the femile-Trane, w hicb is the
Xreat cause of Barrenness. It will not be el-
pected ol us, in cases o0 so delicate-a nature, to
exhibit certificates (.f cures performed but we
cabi assure the- afflicted, thbt hunrtdreds o f eaies
have *eef relportd to us. Thousihds of.cases
where families have been .w-jflout childrenn, after
.using a lew bottles .of thTs irivalIabITel tnrdicine,
have been blessed wilh fine, healthy offspring.
To Motllers anad Mlarri'ed Ladies
Thiis Extract f Sarsapari1la has been eXpresily -
prepared in-ret5rence to female compplainis. N6.
leniale It ho ais:reascnri'(tsupposesheiwrapproach-,
in.g that critlicil period,. t" The tirn of life,"
sh',uld neglect to lake it, as it is a.certain pre-
venlfiive r, ary oi' the nurne'rous arjd horrible
diseases to which h females aie subject-at this.time
(.f Jile. i; pe reiod moay be de(ayeidfir ag'tral
yf.ais by 1tsi,;. Eithis mditine, ^NoUs it. le;.var-
uable tor th.-.e % ho areapprod'h nmgc..mrnfinhood-,.
as it is calculated to aasist natunre,-.'- uickening
the blood and ii igioratinglh.e.-sv tem I]ited; ,
tIbs medicine is ival'uable for' allitie delicate
disea.-ss to <\ which women -re subject.
It brakes lie %'holes',sternem, reiiews'e-.rra'nent-
1. the natural enr'rgits, i rriioving e'lmpuri-
ties of the body; not ko far stirrulafii"g as to pro
duce siib-equent re'l-i.'aticn, tbhich-is'the case of
110t ,irediedin,:.- .tjli nta r ir riale.'w6e-kress and
di-ea;e. By' using a le-w bottles of this ncedicine,
mariy severe and painful ui-gical operations may
,be...p-reen _d;- _-.- ,,....., ,,
Great.. Blessiing to-.]lothers and
.. -. Children. ..
*..It is the saie-st aid rriot cffTctntl riedicine for
purnil ing tlhe ,teii, and relief' ins. ii.suflerings
ater dant ui,.-n rhliM-biith- eet(,dioovc-red. it
:treriglhi,! b,.th it riotherard. a bifd, litevents
pain airn d i -.1se, itcera-es aid, :i a i -. the food,
t hir,- lo I, I h .e zu d it th ni; i:ir i pimrsahle.
It is highly i. it",-i''..h "15ejir-"a -r` &rcfinne-
mr-iit, ai it ..rieventk dieases4.a'l=c-Tcdanit 'upon
childbirtlh-in- Co-ttiven.t--., P1e-.;r"ip, S, ell-
iri oiuf the Fe-et, fespoadehicv.-..eH.urn, 'om
i r PAii iii jI KB.'k atid Lc I .'ir al,, Pains
IHlnibriiie, rid i p, tullt.,i t'tsecret.ios and
eC-qializii-g lite ,'ircidai.,n it J)ia- no ejual .-Tue--
gr-.Lt bLeauiy ...t tli rridicir-e i, i al. .ii aivs e, ''
TTid.tlihe iri-,st .di- cir.te ii.c it ibsi-'Suece's--lulb .-
ery. tw c-si s ireiii r ali, .olt'r medicine,'in -
(n_ i tit <,( r ..ril. or. MIgnre--i i, istiseful. "
Ex--rcis? i tlie oipeni ir. aiD.d ligl.t tb_,,d \ it-hl hi.- "
rtdr~ li-n e, \.ill ol,\'al -riire a siale ai'd easy c3 6 -
tilie rLt-elit.
.Notice to Mhe Ladies.
-.Those that rnmre Dr. Ti\vtisr-,id' sarsaparilla,
have nvaiuby eal',ed tbeir stta ^,ealhmcdy
.for Ftiai/_-i5,. ie..&C., aril ]h \> e ci.pieci ,ur bills
inil cirJl.rs w lii,,h relat ro. tile .c ln|.lairls of
w.:-men, .\w\.r.l f".r ,:,rd- i:.tlier riien hlio put up
ri:lciri', lihave, s ilii c tln.- o-ieat ,,uces of Dr.
l7'' r-eiid'- S~ lrs~ipnrtrla in 'rri|:'i|iiir(?inciderit to
-1.nrn.al. -, r,:,;>- n.ijLrnn d di lih-ii, ahilii.ni h previous-
.I- tlh.:- did i:.t -. A. n- mirphber -,lthesk-e itures,
flld. &- are iiiir"ns t'ni tlerriafei, a, libe', aggre-
di ale..al.'. -y
\vate di.-'e. ait iird-iud fnluOe ihe oori-titulion.
Scrofula Cured. .
Tlhi ce, Ltii''i- t:.:.achiisit[y proves liat this
?.j.r--at, hriil; s h 5 |-'i1lc't coiitpr,-J over the most ob-
'1j i 1`3 e di.1-ves s li''t[llsdo Thrce persons
cured in ,:,ne l,..i.i- un]]|rip ie dr-,it': .
Three 'hildi iqu
Dr. Twri3.,-id,: Dear Sirr-r.,ave'rte pleas-ire
to ill.-r v..i ,ii -it tlir-ie itf inv- children have
bee-n cured o-( hi'S- rtula by lhe se dof-your ex-
ci,-iitt. muie:.iii_.5- T -hl wrie at'ictHed'very se-
eit-l with ,I,-i1 S':rts: fia.e talkenrdi'lv four'bot.
Lies; it ttl.k Iihe ,i e w \, l'(rt- -,hiij *I f' rl ir, ]f
uudec;r;r f oM ,j..' tmini) *"..:.; .
V o:.lrs i:,is,,e.-:trulLv, ''*..- "
.. -'. .'? ->., A, \' i:%I R IN i6'\WVoositer-si.
SOpilliOls of Physi-in.
r I-.(]^T;; _i ,-J :irA,;.:i T rec-'"tinlj orders
t'r.on -'h ->iang in di> ;-rent paifk;ol thre Union.
'rr, is is t,:, cjertily tliit"\e. the ,iidersigred,
Ply1,si.i.,i? ,:of tle C it' of Albanv'bhare in numner-
o,. cases p re.ci ibed Dr. Tn'xneud-.Sarsaparilla;
pard believe it I.i be ion relfthe mos't"v.a5liable pre.
parationrs ii t, he hiarik0-t. -'. '
*-. H. +' H. P PULINiG, 1'. i.
J. WILSON '-. M-D.
PB. BRIt-GS. M.-D.
Albany, April 1, 1S47...- -"..
Caitio.to the -ai n
Owin to the- Lreii ccessand im'mnense sale
of Dr. Townsend'.S Sarsaparilia;.'a lumber of men
who were tr.rmer'rl our Aeerits, have,'coni.urienced
rak.(HSar~apc.1;ll Exsracts-Elixirs,-Billern, Ex-'
tracts of Yellowv Dock, c. "They-generally put
it up 'ir lite anme shaped b,-,fii.-and. srorre of
then.-have stole and cpcqed outr-'.ad -ertisemennIs;
tiey a a ,ided.. '. .
Principal Office, J'il FULTON-SireeLt, Suri
Btuiin,r.-, N. (I; Reddin, & Co.-Sllttae .tTeet;
Bdtoe ; .Dtt &. Soiis, I2 Noith 'Ser'topd street"
philidelp~ia ; S. S. Hance, Diupgi.," Baltirpore:
P. M; Co-en; Cha'rl,-'ston ; i .Vti4T: & Co- i.51
Charrers ..tr-et, N, 0. li"5 Ssuti- Pear'l.street,
Alban', .nd byo ll ihe principal .Drutggits and
.M erc ,;i.r i eretally throngli(.ut-he iUnited.Statei
We ( tr, djie. and.-the Canadas.-' --.. -_.:;+.--
For s.ale w holesale andTr-etail bv '--',.'-.-^% '
-- H F E ..LL2'
Jla',..?5, il4..- -.19-1', A\pjrrc~hiuila.
e',:'"' PliOSP.ECT~i-S OF THE ".
'y J + ." ., -fii ^ *--. .,-*' '
-.'6 A$ D .,.- -. -. "
+_ -.- Agi'iuilufra. .A[iocatc.
A weekly paper to be ptublishled.-i-n t .Quiny, FVa
., BY C jUi'ANHa'r~yf \,:
. THE. proprietor of thtle QCuNcy .IMEs, under
the repealed s,,[icltahois'l bITMs patrLqns, y'+,iq eare
niiot I h cnrniprised atoont'hl'e I ried.- 'Tl tei' er -
ance, Agnctilliire, and .tiher td stf|-r.l jiferests
ef .Societ y, has cetern'iined'.t drev'oiehlcs-':ou i'at
tfnore .xexcirsivdl. to tjiie- ob-ect- *iinil"'d'.b; the
[ic .'title hie- lra s a-.'u rn e-'ff '" -':- -i "'

"*#-' :
^l." "

Commercial advertiser

Material Information

Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title:
Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Place of Publication:
Apalachicola <Fla.>
R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Creation Date:
June 17, 1848
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.:
Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note:
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note:
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note:
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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eM.w fDL JrtJ / 7 /) .


omnctcai .- \


If bUCttICt .

X ,


rid te ------ --- -- _________ ___ ___. ___ ___ ___ _______________ ____ ____ ...

=--=-=---= ---=====- = -:- ==-- = :: ===. =- -- -
--o-:=:== -= ---- = ==--:" -==-= "" = : -=-==.o= ==c--== = ----
----- _
JUNE 17 1848. nvfrnrm.Ti"T ?
_. __ 22_
___ -- --- ---- .
-- hh .. ____. --- -r- ,.
Literature : --iJtt -'ll rr01ll !I n =- ... . __ .
: .. pcriotlical 'iJurJinrufJ ftttovn.lyttt. ?. itltffi fa tottLiantotio.A those alone can feel who down in ships, wild -- n jjweeds.and
Britt --- -- --- go vines.1'. o complete: the
TO NEW SUBti.1BLE ------ --. --- --- -- -- -- "' --.::. ::- = : : -- -- and
:: the
PREMIUMS -- -- -------- == = =::: :- :: = = '- see wonders "
of the
------- misfortunes
deep. of of
"V planters Jamaica the
'a\L mnCMJQiKE.PKBUCATIOK I G. Porter & Co. JEKUMIAH DAY. DANIEL: J. VA.I. \. SCENE AT SEA. "I took my place with the other passen- reduction of the duties has

_ ,.arty1e4ic the term' are low !! DEALERS;; IN GOODS AND COMMISSION: ; Day & Co., TilE war had broken out bttwcen'Eng- gers. Not a word was spoken, for we.all : to compete sugar with 81 compelledthem
_.----- MERCHANTS{ COMMISSION: : I MERCHANTS land and France \ye.Jrown sugar
had believed
: Bonaparte; : broken we were about to witness the last Despairing of all relief from
in! OFt No. 41 Water street No. 32 Water.-root! the, of Amiens nil. rites England the
REVIEW. Dec 30 Fa. Tf'c2 Apalachicola Fa. treaty : was consternation performed over our late' friend and, whites, of Jamaica have awoke to the immense .-

( O DJ", QtHRfERL EnE\ Apalac'nfo'.i. frj-AKents for LLOYDS ; also, Agents tor the amongst our countrymen in Jiulia I particularly consequently, stood in anxious silence ; advantages which would accrue to
I. .1.
Eo7.rfURsll REfEW.! B. !'. Xourse, II. 15. Stone, H. \V. Lrooks.iVonrse ".'Etna: Insurance Co."the Protection Insurance those who'had valuable cargoes at sea, when suddenly a steady (tramp was heard, them from annexation to this Union and
te \ RrIi ( lUTbll Sloiic V CII." and the "llartord Insurance Co." Hartford: and those who thefr and the
: ) tIINSTERREIIEIV, Co.. were about 'lo return to larboard watch, with drawn cutlasses they are seriously agitating: the
?! :11:: \VGf't COMMISSION MERCIIAN'I'S, Conn.--- -- native land. I was one'of the latter class ; slowly' ;"marched down the waist escorting We alluded a few days ago to the opiqioos
AND No. 46 Water street 1. IB. V; .J. lu.-flnll. I
< so joyfully accepted a home the murderer whom conducted
onboard ,
lit I; Dec passage they to openly avowed in list island by the "Despalch"
'..,r.F,111 130'S: EDINBURGH ______ Apalachicola Fla. FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS a Dane: -Denmark, as yet, remainingneuter the side! of the' corpse, then withdrew a few newspaper.; and in further proof ofthe
,1'SVatpr street
IIh Periodicals-are reprinted in Newiiitelv Lockhart &; Yomt, Dec 12 APA .ACHICOLA, F.JroftfJufonal \ I in our quarrel. paces and formed a line,which completedthe existence of this feeling, we refer to a
t.t t. aJ.we! COMMISSION: So far as luxury went, I found hollow
fh on their arrival by the British _. square. communication in our paper of today, signed
,;: a11aJ: bMitiful clear: type on fine whiter --' her very inferior to our regular Indiamen ; We now began io exchange lances.- Alpha" written I [h?.?' ,III a of the No. 53 Water, street, ) i i1 Notices. but, as a sailor, she was far superior and in Surely the assassin had from
- ,:,IJ futhfol: copies ordinalUGHVE nov2I _-_-. -_-_-__-_ __-_h _-_- _-_---- -_ _--_--_-__-_-_ not been brought Jamaica, who Las:: resided there twelve
'. \ beta; an exact (ic- Apalachicola Fla point of discipline, her crew was a.s well regulated here witness the burial of his victim-and years. .

,MI'1\1.-1-0'thr"Fiutb''lrh.edition.. -- Harper .V Holmes, VF3I.\ SYDNEY) GREEN, )I. I), and as strictly commanded as the yet what else could it be for 1 Had it betnfor Next in the class of petitioners for annexation -

. ; m"'n,. the views of r the three greatTev COMMISSION: : ]MERCHANTS, OMay: b-, found at his: residence, corner of crew, of a British nian-ul'var.. In fact such rasa{, (ad: we had) heard that the Danes comes that brightest jewel inthe
and 1 Radical.rrwr .
I.... III) Et,.'!-.i-T.'rv W!1I:. also, Centre and! )High street, opposite the Mansion order regularity, and. implicit obedience I often proceeded to instant investigation and crown of Spain the sentinel of the Gulf qf
I.e -.. a-ilth-I "f/inJn Qmrterly" are Jlsents for the could( never have believed to exist boarda summarypunishment should
Home. Nov S. on ) we probably Mexico the Island of Cuba. Wedded
'(\0 *lI .. Elmb-irjli{ Review"Vhii;; and I theViniwtrr SUN :MUTUAL 'I INSURANCE COMPANY: .____ ___h_ _____ ______ _-____ ______ merchantman. have seen the tackle as
for the
Radical. The "North prepared hanging prople of this rich Isle have been to the
1 I. t R-riew" religious character of the City oj'.1cioNo. Yci-, '41<'. (I. M. Davis, The chief mate was one of the finest the culprit at the yard-arm. This was not Old Government whose mild and
of paternal:
'.v" H m >rj a fjl' Water
II _.!' p -tie street ATTORNEY AND; COUNSELLOR AT LAW, men I ever saw. He had been the case : and all. therefore
IU \ ori-jmll.v edited! by lr. Chalmer Dec 12 Analachir'tlla F young just we felt puzzled dominion+ in the early history of ihe colony
''po ''':'' sea,,sore In* d-Mth.: bein.:,' conducted by his Oilers his service* to the public in either of the promoted to his present post-not from the as to the meaning of the scene. contributed so largely .o that prolpe.itywhich

''t'r :. '"IV!is'r. 1 11i'1'11. aso-iiateil with Sir Dividliterary W. T. Woon./ I I-:. B. DAM.OU. .. above capacities. mere fact of his being the owner's son, but We were not long kept in doubt. The has since ripened to such a degree of

lid IIi character is of the vert Wood t: Rallou, He mil practice regularly in Franklin, Calhoun really from sterling merit. He was beloved second: mate read from paper, which iV l luxuriance (that even the exhorbitaut
'I r exactions ,
41. ., },,( ,Ir.! r. C O O\.Hce( M No.M IS SI O N :\II K IIC 11 A s4tirs.NT S I Hid Jack"onCircuit Courts-and will, upona by the crew, amorist: whom he had: served, held in his hand, the lull powers delegated of the now tottering throne of Old

(,r. |., n F.IX. ljl I'1, (!t.slT CRifF..D I"C'R falLY.j) .Tan I hi -\Valerli'treer.-UI'Apal<1citieol.t, Fa. spcci.il t retainer" act as Counsel, in any Courtof as is usual in the Danish service five years, to the captain to hold court martial, and Spain cannot check is: growth, the chief
L the Middle Western Circuit will
He also
'It:' -------- -- -- ---- ----- or and was equally popular with his brother (their into
.\. the fG'Jr R -\'iew,1. sn per anmm.! carry sentences (effect the law in weight oi'sustaining the expensive and corrupt
1'1" AI.VA \Vf .1E.'M. A. .MclvK.in.Wylic argue;?; : cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee
d'l.{ nI officers and the to. similar cases &c.. &c. and called the which
returning succeeded
passengers ; on the
dynasty lo throne
d."l. McKenzie: : the sessions of which! he will always: be ]
I(f' \ t'lf"l'. .11.! .. 7., COMMISSION :MERCHANTS present at, .unles prevented Ly accident ; Europe. prisoner to know whether he would consent of Ferdinand and !Isabella has fallen upon
,.!'If IlffI"! T\ ri": ;. 5" The only bad character we had! on board: ,to be tried in the Danish lan To this Cuba whose contributions
:3)-) No. .Water street, Apalachieoln, Septembers, Ih-lG. allgp. enormous to the
b. H'\..,-\"lJr"( 11the,, :1".. Se,t. !1. 1517. A,):l1 ""hila< r ,. -- --.t.--' --- --- --l--- \ was the cook, g a+ swarthy; ill.lookin, Portuguese he willingly assented, and the court was declared treasury of the Mother] Country have preserved -
vifwi tl
'1.1",'" II.t! .1'11 1 1'M: -.- Seinmcs, who managed !;somehow or other, daily open.The its
Kandthe4l.vicw4, I lU.f)'} :1T'1'0UNEY on more than one
_ S. cV JT. Scliiaer.WHOLESALE AT LA1V.c.3.
: '' to cause some disturbance amongst the sea- flag was withdrawn from the face of occasion, from and
utter down
i nil aloanre.I" AND RETAIL (GROCER Office, Y,. :2 bankruptcy
be nt11p in cases >n : ; Cnjit. Sil1lnlo/11Jtliltling.
For this he had the
mi* men. often 'f and
been the
:; corpse ; even who had fall. But "
reprimanded ( monster strops as are the old! affections
r;3* 1'artical.iruitpntion paid to {)'J1lin.upf.ulily.. ecr. of Centre & Commerce streets.Apalachicoli .
PREMIUMS, stcambo'it: and ship stort s. nova: ) Fla. ; and the evening when this sketch! struck the blow shuddered as he beheld) the and tier of Cuba to the Mother' Country,

'rt 1''- 'i-it'ii' ;: of kirk' lIiaes! of the 'f\)11(1\\"i:1-. No. t 1'J Water sticct -- .. opens he was just released from irons, into calm, almost seraphic, look of him whom he h her people are not Mind lo (he present uncertain

i ,. 11\' 1'I', 17. : :N.nIJ i 1_Aptlf'i'cob' Fin. Notice. which he had been ordered for four-arid- had !stricken. aspect of affairs., When the old

.. ::I'tsar,' ,r"oI/'lIlr.v." II. F. Abel!, -- r.rIlI' Copaitnership: heretofore! existing ho1 I twenty hours by the chief tote, for having The trial now proceeded in the most household is about to be broken up-when
r'1 I' {:! 'I'II ltnll.l7.ine: : 1 the subscribers under the tirtn of I).
: solemn
I : : \V"f.E".U.J- I Rir.viiM attempted to poison a sailor who hadoll'en- manner. Evidence of the crime its foundation shakes and it* I turrets: topple
; T f.: ;,)h >In+ Uui-er.ity lilaztn: ; : : \.vn B. WOOD & CO., spires; thi) ; day. The aiair!; <
'1: I ,-.vnr Muisrw. !)I CALKR INT: DlirOS;, MEDICINE': PAINTS.: \ Jed him.! jn return for having punished was adduced, and the deed clearly brought -when the earth around i it i h cracked! ) into
!,. j t1 OILS GLASS &c. ,' *. of the concrrn will be liquidated by N. J. Dublois. him thus severely, the irritated l'orugucsswore home (to the accused. I confess that chasms and ;
i1,. ,i-ilM' tu! 1 niiaVir'h.; the Fwi-: 1 "< D. B. \V001), my gaping ninny a proud edifice Is
., r ,,.t;t-rl.: i a il I th-i UV t'iiiuitcr lt'vl.'wD. ANiV ieral oitment of Statinery.C N. J. DEIJLOIS. to revenge himself on the first ofii- blood turned cold when I saw the knife pro- seen to sink into ihe fathomless abyss-it ii

r.', [t] v:: ?|I' ii.-i: I i.'i; t-) BU-kw-nl: : t.1 OM >r. )f Chestnut! and W.lh'rtl'tl't.--, .\.pp'itliicola: :! : April I 13, t IS: l IS. .duced I !, which had been used as the instrument time for each member of the family lo take

,(rl| :t.,.,..*.., a5J:: J A-yiMr or tu. a-aye-.,.n (,f V,ril : ,,\ :Anal.ich'V, Fa. .._ .__ u______ __ __ ____ ccr.The mate, who was called Charles was of the murder and the demon-like care of himself+ to look nut for a shelter
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!-- Commercial advertiser ( Newspaper ) --
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METS:name UF,University of Florida
PreQC Application, 4.1.4
METS:dmdSec DMD1
mods:genre authority marcgt newspaper
sobekcm newspaper
mods:identifier type ALEPH 001960138
OCLC 02713285
LCCN sn 83016267
mods:languageTerm text English
code iso639-2b eng
mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated June 17, 1848
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
mods:recordIdentifier source UF00048473_00124
mods:recordCreationDate 770201
mods:recordOrigin Imported from (ALEPH)001960138
mods:recordContentSource University of Florida
marcorg DLC
mods:relatedItem original
mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
mods:detail Enum1
mods:caption 1848
mods:number 1848
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
uniform Main Entry
Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:BibID UF00048473
sobekcm:VID 00124
sobekcm:Point latitude 29.725278 longitude -84.9925 label Place of Publication
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sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
sobekcm:SerialHierarchy level 1 order 1848 1848
2 6 June
3 17 17
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