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I Am --


B. 1. Nourse, H. B. Stone,., H. W. Brooks.
Noiurse, Stone & Co.,
No. 46 Water street,
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fla.


Hfarpier & Holmes,
Agent. for the
of the City qf .A(ew York,
No. 51 Water street,
Dec 1'2 A,)alachicola, Fa.


It. F. Abell,
OILS, GLASS, &c., &c.
Also-A .general assortment of Statinery.
C )r. of Chestnut and Water-streets,
April Hl Apalachicola, Fa.

AlV'Calla A Romain,
No. 9 Columbus Block.
Nov. 18 Analachicola, Fla.
S. Tit. Nickerson,
HATS, CAPS, &c. .
No. I Columbus Block,
Dec. 23 Apalachicola, Fa.
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,Ot-All orders attended to with punctuality
and despatch. .T0n. '

Britisli PerioAical Literature!
Subasribe early wile the terms are low !!
TH'. E!:[-Nr$UR-; REVIEW', : "
The above Periodicals are reprinted A4n New
York iinm3diately on their arrival by the British
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BL..KWOOD'S MAGAZINE being an exact fac-
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They embrace the' views or t,e, three great
parties in E qland-Tory, Whig, and Radical.-
..4- Blickwood" and the London Quarterly" are
Tory; the Edinburgh Review" Whig; and the
.4 Westrninster Review" Radical. The "North
British Raview" is more of a religious character,
having, been originally edited by Dr. Chalrhers,
and no v since his death, being conducted by his
' son-in-li.v, Dr. Hinna, associated with Sir David
.Bri,%vter. Its literary character is of the ver,;
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January, ] 84i...
"A weekly pap.e'r', designed to advocate the electron
of ZACH.ARY TAYLdA, of Louisiana; to the
Presidency of the^ United States.
The undersigned proposes to publish a politi-
cal paper in the city ot Tuscaloosa, to be, issued
Sweekh" during the ensuing presidential cam paign,
'to he entitled/ a^ nve', and to be devoted t~p the
support t of Maj Gen. Zachairy Taylor, as the
people's candidate foe, the presidency'.
"'THE O,.D Z.CH" will endeavor to prosecute
lhe coinin,_ political w.r. in Alabama, as the
,Union ha,"so'often, threatened to prosecute the
'war iai Mexico,; "with vigor'," "i with great vik
jor," with increased vigor." W~henever the
old veteran shall be set upon by the myrmidons
pt power, rHE OLD ZACH" will stand up to
thfl mark, andI endeavor to give in return, a
little more grape;. Capt. Bragg."
That the contest will 5e a successfully one, the

6ndersign<,d entertains fiodoubt. He ri-spectfiflly
solicits the attention of all the friends of Gen.
Taylor, in this a,'nd adjoining States, and espe-
ia'lly of the Rough and Ready Clubs," now
forming in various places, to this Pro.pectus.
t is desirable that subscribers should make
nown their names and post offices as early as
THE O, ZACH" will be published until the
'election; at the moderate price of O(TE DOrLLAR,
nvariably in advance For a remittance of $25
thirty copies will be furnished ; for $40 fifty co-
pies; and for $75 one hundred copies .
, A specimen number will- be issued on 13th
March, which will be extensively distributed.
Tuscaloosa, Feb. 16, 1848.


Suoire fitt

Win. G. Porter & Co.
No. 41 Water street,
Dec 30 Apalachicola, Fa.

it with contempt or hortor. No! Vergni-
and is not greater than God, but God is
more just than Vergniaud, and will not to-
morrow suffer him to ascend a scaffold, but
tojuslify and avenge him in future ages."
Fauchet made an el ,q,,lt t lit- .n on
the Passion, 'comparing their death to. Cal-
vary. They were all much moved, and
many wept. d I
Vergniaud reconciled, in a few words all
different opinions. Let us believ'- what
we will," said he, 1,1 but let us (lie certain of
our life and the price of our death. Let us
each sacrifice what we'possess, the one his
doubt, the other his fiaiih, all of us our
blood, for liberty. When man offers him-
self as a victim to Heaveu, what more can
lie give ?"
Daylight began to stream in at the win-
dows. "Let us go to bed," said Duqgs;
-1 life is so trifling a thing that it is not
worth the hour of sleep we 1,,-,e in regretting
it." "Let us watch," said Lasource to
Sillery ;znd Fauchet; eternity is so cer-
tain and so terrible that a thousand lives
would not suffice to prepare for it." They
rose from table and re-entered their cham-
bers, where most of them threw themselves
on their beds.
Thirteen remained in the larger dungeon';
some conversed in whispers, others wept,
some slept.. At eight o'clock they were al-
lowed to walk about in the corridors. The
Abbe Lambert, the pious friend of Brissot,
who had passed the night at the door of
their dungeon, was still awaiting permission
to communicate with them. Brissot, per-
ceiving him, sprang forward and clasped
him in his arms. The priest offered him
the assistance of his ministry to soften or
sanctify death, but Brissot gratefully but
firmly refused. "Do you know any thing
more.holy than the death of' an honest man,
who dies for having refused the blood of his
fellow-creatures to wretches!" said he.-
The Abbe said nothing more.
Lasource, who had witnessed the inter-
view,,. approached Brissot. "1Do you be-
lieve," said he to him, in the immortality
of ypuir ,otul. and the Providence of God ?"
1 do believe jin ,them," returned Brissot,
,,and it is because 1 believe in them that I
arn about to die."." Well,." replied La-
source, "there is but a step from thence to
religion, I, the minister of another faith,
h:ive never so much admired the ministers
of yours Ps in these -dungeons into which,
they bring the pardon of Heaven to the con-'
de'nned. In your place I should confess.
Brissot made no reply, but joined Vergiii-
aud, Gensonne, and the younger prisoners,
inost of whom d(chlined ilie aid of the priest.
Some sat on ihe ston.e lparapet, oih~ers w.alk--
ed about arrn i arm ; some knelt at the
priest's feet and received absolution after a
bri' confession of lheir faults. All awaited
calmly the signal. of their departure, and
resembling by their attitude a halt previous
to the battle.
The Abbe Emery, although a non-jnring
priest, himd obtained permission to see Fau-
chet at the grating thai separated the court
from the corridor, and there listened to and
absolved the Bishop of'Calv:,dos. Fauchet,
absolved and penitent, listened to th,' con-,
fession of Sillery, anti bestowed on his friend
the divine pardon be had just received.
At 10 o'clock the executioners came to
prepare them for the scaffold. Gensonne,
picking up a lock of his black hair, gave it:
to the Abbe Lambert, and begged him to
give it to his wife, whose residence he na-
med. Tell her it is all I can send her of
my remains, and thatimy last thoughts in
death were hers." Vergniaud drew his
watch friom his pocket, scratched wiih a pen
some initials, and, the .dale of the 30ih of'
October, in the inside pf the gold case, and
gave it to one of the assistants to. transmit it
to a young girl to whom he was tenderly
attached, and whom it is said he had intend-
ed to1 m arry,. .. ... ,
Ali had a narme, a regret, a friendship;
all had some souvenir of themselves to send
to ihose they left on earth. The hope of a
remembrance here is the last tie that binds
the dying 1o life.
These mysterious legacies were all duly
delivered .:. ,
AWhen all was ready, and the last lock of
hair had fallen on the stones of (lie dun-
geon, the executioners and gens d'armies
made the condemned march in a column to
the eottrt of the Palace, where five carts,
surrounded by an immense crowd, awaile~d
them. The moment they emerged ,from
the Coneieretieie, Ihe Girondists burst into
the Marseillaise, laying stress on these ver-
Ses, whiich contained a double meaningg:
,, Contra no'us de la tyranme "
L'etendard sanglant est leve." .,
From this moment they +ceased^ to think
of themselves, in order Io think of the ex-
ample o'fth'e deat4 'qf republicans they Wish-
ed to leave the people. Their voices sank
at the end of each ,erse, only to rise more
sonorous at the first;line of he next verse.
Eaeh cart contained four, with the exeep-
tion of the last, in which lay the body of
Valaze. His head, shaken by the concus-
sion over the stones, swayed to andt fro be-
fore his friends, who were forced to close
their eyes to avoid seeing his livid features,
but who Still joined in the.strain. On tlheir
arrival at the scaffold they all embraced, iia
token of community in liberty, life and

death, and then resumed their funeral hymn.
All died without weakness. Sillery, with
irony, after ascending the plalfiorm, walked
+round. saluting the people as though to
hank them for his glory and death. The
hymn 1eeame feebler at each fall of the axe;
oue voice still continued it, that of Vergni-
aud, execu-1ed the last.. Like his compa-
n ions, he did not die, but passed away in
enthusiasm, and his life, commencing by
immortal oralions, ended by a hymn to the
eternity of the Revoluiion. ;
One cart bare away their bodies, and one
grave, by the side of that of Louis XIV,
: received them.

J. D y & Co.,
No. 52 Water street,
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
Agents for LLOYDS; also, Agents tor the
-,' _Etna Insprance Co.' the "Protection Insurance
Co." and the Hartor-d Insurance Co." Hartford
J. 1. & ,If. 1A1. H i, ,, i
No. 48 WateRr street,

",'tjC ldIan potu.

Some years afterward,, in searching the
archives of the parish of La Madeline, the
bill of the grave digger of- the commune
was found, w jih the order of the President
on the National Treasury for its payment.
11 Twenty-two deputies of Gironde ;, the cof-
fins 148 francs; expenses of interment, 62
francs.; total, 210,francs," ,
Such was the price of the shovelsful of
earth that covered the founders of the Re-
public. Never did .Eschilvus or Shakspeare
J.Lvept *a.more bitter derision of fate than
-this billl 01 a .grave digger, demnanding and
receiving his pay fo. having, alternately bu.-
ried all the monarchy and all the republic
of a mighty nation.
Aoaated "Dr, Salisbury, of:.Jareston, .Chau,--
tauque county, is on trial in itie United
States District Court, Rochester, forcouo-
terfeiling silver coin. Hitherto he,' had not
only borne an irreproachable character. 'but
was in high +standing in Christian society ;
,and after having spent the night, ot a Sat,-
urday, for i! stance, in the rmanutaciure of
counterfeit coin. he would go into !he Sup,-
day school the next morning, and lake a
!aIr n.; part in the exercises! He was a
.prominent mover in all the philantbropit
projects of the (lay ; remarkable for proprir
ety, soberness and bearevolence! This was
his geperal character in the community, a-nd
yet, fromn the testimony on the part of thp
prosecution, he was connected with a bano
of the most. deliberate scoundrels that ever
went nnwhipped of justice! ,,
It seems Ihat he had constructed a room
ten feet by twelve, and seven feet high, in
the rear of his barn, on a hill side, (lug ou.t
of the ground, which 'was 1co.vereJe over by
plank, and on the top of this was plhced Fa
hen house, so as effectually to prevent dis-
1 1 I' : E 1 1 I -
GREATNESS.--Moral.- greatness consistp
not it) the office.a man fills, or ihe elevatiion
lie has reached by the zeal of his friends.
The humnblesl individual in our neighbors
hood, may in reality be the greatest man in
town. le is. unknown by ;lhe erowd ; but
in correct~principles, mural habits, unbend-
ing integrity, lie shows grandeur ofcharacr
ler, which no man.inipower can boast. His
talents and exertions,ar'e forming and fixing
(he habits of multitlii,!r. .ho are, not sensi-
ble o(f the influence he htas u("on them. He
works silently, judiciorisly,.aod constantly.
This is moral greatness., Where you finq
a ,nan.leading you along imrlperceptibly, as
by silken cordls and silent resistless appeals,
you may be sure he',possesses in a pre-emni-
nenttdegrjepthe. elermen-ts of real R-w-"aeY,-
Such at) individual is worth to God and] hu-
manity a thous'sand, limes as much as the
nman who is elevated in the gJare of selfish
ness and popular applause-who h;is been
fitted up by the hands of others-hut
who never raised himself an inch by Jhis
courage, his steadfastness, his moral power
or virtue.

SERVANTS.--Tlie right management of
servants is byv no means beneath theatt.en!-
tion of a lady who wishes to have a firm and
judicious control ofher own household; she
should be careful in her selections, b.ut,.hav.
ing made them, should avoid. an irritating
and capricious rnmde of' treatment. Good
servants atre invaluable; hut it will he diffi,-
.cult to obtain or keep them, where they
find it scarcely possible to give satisfaction;
there can be no doubt that servants are 0ft,
en exceedingly troublesome, but they are
frequently made so .by i-njndicious treat-
ment. A firm yet kind demeanor, an avoid-
ance equally of harshness and famtiiiarity,
has often made a good and reformedtan in-
differenl servant. ]t need scarcely be hinted
that hothinv is more vulgar, than to ocCpply
the aiention of compa ny with complaints
of servants and the annoya)nces of tlie do-
nmestic economy.-Phi!,l nq.
STRANGE SUICIDE.-A weekOpr tWo ago,
a man. named Bruce, living near Cfncinnati!,
committedsuicide it. the following manner;:
Heiwent to the, church-yard andduo!
his grave, beside his, Wife, who ha,d bbeia
buriedjsome sixteen months before. Haviugin
procured a coffin under some pretend' ce, he
conveyed it tp its destin'ition unobserved,
.He then took off:his clothes, except his
shirt, pnt, on a night eap, .and jaid himself
in the [Coffin.,whi'ch he ha(d. p)reviousl~y pla-
red in, thee te~wly made grave, With a loaded
.pisto.l in, it. He now drew on the cover of
the coffin, and then placing ibe-pistol to his
right temple, fired it. l!t was SUppiosed h
died in~stanll,, Tlbere was no .doubt; that
Bruce was crazy, as hje had been'partially
so since his wife's ttealh." .'
LoNGVITr r AFRIAN'crs--The. Hano-
ver (Pa.) Spectator mcniions the death in
Maryland, ef'two ohd family servants, neither
one of whom could have been much, if any
thing less Ihan one hundred years old. T].hey
had lived and. died upon the farm on which
they w'e born+,, Similar instances of Ionge-
vily are, more frequent and remarkable among
negro slaves than any other portion of the
The Marri s Jersey~manr ellss a good story
of+ a well knpwn character who frequently
figured on juries in ,New York. Whilst oa
a jury, as soon as they had retired to their

room to deliberate, he would button up his
coat and "turn in", on a benrh, exclaimipg,
1! gentlemen, I'm .for bringing in a verdict
for plaintiff, (or defendant, ashe had:setiled
in his mind,) and all creation c^'n't move
me. Therpffre, as, soon ,as.you have all
agreed with me, wake me up, and we'll
go in."
BENEVOLE*NcE.-There cannot be a more
glorious object in reactionn than a human
being, replete with benevolence, meditating
in what manner he might render himself
most acceptable to his Creator, by doing
most good to his creatures.-Fielding.

We find the following extract from La-
martine's History of the Girondists in the
New York Tribune. It narrates the death-
scene of the Gironlist deputies. After their
condemnation they had been served with a
rich supper by some friend, and spent the
fast night in conversation :

Lbclikhaft &.- V 0ng, ,
No. 53 Water street,
nov21 Apalachicola, Fla

Toward the morning the conversation
became more solemn. Brissot spoke pro-
phetically of the misfortunes of the Repub-
lic, 'deprived of her most virtuous and elo-
quent citizens. "I fow much bluod will it
require to wash out our own," cried he.
They were silent for a moment, and appea-tr-
,ed.terrified; at the phintom of the future
,evoked by 'Brissot. "Mt]y friends," replied
Vergniaud, we have killed the tree by
pruning it. It was too aged : Robespierre
cuts it. W ill he be ,nore fortunate than
o61selves? No; the soil is too weak to
nourish the roots of civic liberty: this peo-
ple is too childish to wield its laws without
hIurti,-, itself". It will return to ts kings, as
babes .,:riurn to their toys. W e'were decei-
ved as to the age in which we were born,
and in which we die for the freedom of the
world," continued he. We deemed our-
selves at Rome, and we were at Paris. But
revolutions are like those crises which
blanch in a single night the haijr o(f a Inau-
thl~tey soon bring nations to maturity. Our
blood is sufficiently warm to fertilize the
soil of the Republic. Let us not carry away
with us the future; and let us bpqneath to
the people hope, in exchange for the death
we shall receive at their hands."
A long silence followed this speech. of
Vergniaud's, and the conversation turned
from earth to Heaven. What shall we be
doing to-morrow at this time?" said Dacos,
who always mingled mirth with the most
serious subjects. Each replied, according
to his nature. We shall sleep, after the
fa(ig6.es ,of the day," replied some. The
skepticism of tthe age cortrupted even their
last thoughts, Iand only promised the des-
truction of6 the soul to those men who were
about 'todie for the +immortality of a human
idea. The immortality ofthe soul, and the
sublime conjectures of that future life to
which they were so near, offered a more
fitting theme for their last moment. Their
voices sank, their accents became thmore so-
lemn. Fou, trede, Geusonne, Carra, Fau-
0.let, and Brissot, spoke in terms in which
breathed all the divinity of human reason,
andl all the certainly of conscience on the
inysterious problems of' lthe iin aterial des-
tiny of the human mind.
Vergniaud, who had hitherto been silent,
now appealed Io by his friends, joined in
flie debate. 1" Never," said the eye-witness
whom we have beIfore cited, and who had
often admired him in the tribune, never
had his look, his gesture, his language, and
Iris voice, more profoundly affected his
The words of Vergniaud were lost, their
impression alone remained.
Afier having united all (he moral proofs
of t'he existence of a beirng, whom he termed
lhe Supreme Bein--afier having demon-
sirated 'the necessity of a Providence, the
consequence of' the excellence of this Su-
premne Being, and the necessity of justice, a
divine debt of the Creator toward his crea-
tures-after having cited from Socrates to
Cicero, and from Cicero to all the just who
have perished, the universal belief ol all
peoples and philosIphers, a proof above all
others, since Ihere-is in Nature an instinct
of a future existence, as strong as the in-
stinct ofa present life.--after having carried.
even to enthusiasm, the certainty of a conti-
nuation of existence, after this present state,
which is not'destroyed but metamorphosed
by deih: "But," added lie, in more elo-
quent language, exalted even to lyricismr,
and bringing the subject to the condition of
his fellow prisoners, to deduce his strongest
proof from themselves, "are not we our-
selves the best proof' of imIrmrtality? We,
calm, serene, unmoved inr,. lhe eprese'Nce of
the corpse of our friend-of our own corpse
-discussing, like a peaceful assembly of
philosophers, on the light or darkness which
shall succeed our last sigh; dying more
happy than Danion, who will live-than
Robespierre, who will triumph. Whence
then arises this calmness it our discourse,
and 1his serenity in our souls? Is it not in
us the result of a feeling that we have per-
formed a great duty toward humanity ?-
What is outr country--whaJt is humanity?
Is it tfiis-mass of animatedldust which is to-
day' man, to-morrow a heap of clay ? No,
it is not for this living clod of earth, it is for
the spirit of httmanity and our (al'herlland
that we die. What are we ourselves but
atoms of this collective spirit of the human
ra~e ? Eaech of" the men who compose our
species has an immortal spirit, imperishable,
and eonfobunde~d wilh Ihat soul of his Coun-
try and mankind, for" which il is so sweet, so
glorious, to devote, ourselves--to suffer and
to die." "It is for Ihils reason." continued
lhe, "that we a!'e not sublime dupes, but
beings who obey t!heit thor, el instinct; and
who, whieni they ha~ve fulfilled their duly,
will live, suffer, or enjoy in itnmortality llhe
destinies or humanity. Let us die, then,
not. with confidence, but with eertainty.--
Our conscience is our guide in t~his mighty
Irial; our judge, the great Eternal, whose
rame is sought fot" by aaes, and to whose
designs we ate subservient as tools which
he breaks in lthe work, bul whose fragments
full at his feec. Dealh is but the greatest
act of life, since it gives birth to a higher
stlae of .existence." Were it uot thus,"
added he, more solemnly, there would lIe
something greater thao God. It would be

lie just ,nan, immolating himself uselessly
and hopelessly for his country. This sup-
position is a folly of blasphemy, and I repel

W. 0. A. Davis,
Offers his services to the public in either of the,
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals at T;>llahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846.
A. G. Seinmes,
{ti- Office, J.o., 2 Capt. Simmon's Bthilding,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.

Wood & Ballon,
Odice No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
Jan 16 ApalachicolH, Fa.
Wylie & PIcKenzie,
No. 42 Water street,
Sept. 1, 1347. kpalachicola, Fa.

S. & J. Schiffer.
Particular attention paid to putting up family,
steamboat and ship stores. "
No. 49 Water street,

Apalachicola, Fla.

T HE Copartnership, heretofore existing be-
tween the subscribers, under the firm of D.'
B. WOOD & CO., expires this day. The affairs
of the concern will be liquidated by N. J. De-
blois. D. B. WOOD,
Apalachicola, April 13, 1848.
"Dr. Woodrnfl's DysentAry Cor-
FOF Diarrhcea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus,
Cholera Infantum, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by < .
Feb 3 'J. C. ALLEN.
ULL'S, Sand's, Bristol's and Bailey's com-
pound fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just re-
ceived, and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

Nov. 14

SBe '|i n itin Salter,
i No. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
Dec. 1, 1847. Apalachicola, Fla.
Y. C. ,Wlien,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
GLASS, BUSHES, &c.,&c.
1 f.nera a.assortment of'
cor. .f Chesnut & Commerce streets-,,
Dec 4 Apalachicola, Fla.

Dr. Woodruff's Anlti6illious Veg-
etable Life Pills,
FOR sale by
Feb 8 J C ALLEN.
" f n BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign-
1}mernf, for sale by
Dec J. -DAY & Co.
VWarra-ated to Cuire."-
COSTER & COXE', ;' ormine Southern Tonic.:
_ componinded %from medicines of our own
fores', a pefect and lasting (ure for fever and
a2ue, and for beinz the be#t Tonic in cases of
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by ,,r}rl 71 H V ABELT. -
ErDLITZ,, Yeast and Soda Powders of the
best quality, for sale by ,. .
Juk 17 J..C ALLEN.
Yardage for Cotton.
OOM (onr 3000 bales in lower Cotton Yard.
Apnly to
Feb 24. N J DEBLOTS.

15. S. Hawley,
No. 28 Water street,
Dpc 5i .. Aialachicola, Fa.
Avet 'y, JoICi.s'
No. 3 Tater street.
Dee 5. Apalachicola, Fa.
B. Ellison & Co.,
Got. Water and Chestnut sts.
Dec 9 Aolrhicola, Fa.

Edward McCully,
No. 50 Water street.
Nov 11 Apalachic I Fa.
Jas. Farrier,
No. 50 Water street.
Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fla.

A FEW bbls pure Cider Vinegar, fnr s-le low
Nov 11 50 Water st.
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Y For sales by J. C. ALLEN.
Mav 4.

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Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
Dee 23 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. Dodge;
No. 40 Water Street,
Dec 23. Apalachicola, Fa.
Wm. W. SImS. *w- wW. CHI EVER
Sims A Cheever,
Office No. 36 Water street.
dec23 Apalachicola, Fla.
Roberts, Allen & Co.,
And MIanufacturer's of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
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dec 21

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Rose Water.
A FRESH supply of English and French Rose
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ITCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
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Apalachicola, Fa.



CU- May be found at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the, Mansion
House. v 'zov S.

Dec 15








opoatnl, tthey remove to su n .-of being dependent upon a foreign country
erritury, thie mA-en they iniy meet there will From the Charleston Mercury. o r cotton, f rget that Eng la nd is ncotrely
free their sa-v'. ,f ifh hey desire to do so. THE BALTIMORE CONVENTION. dependent upon one coutntry for tea, which
' But there i itlie i lditiary."V say' one. In norsnannce of nour nnris, we lo rn pmb ,, -t,--r .. .. -. .

'True, andt in such an eveptm. we would have
4o rely upnn it. But what peusible man
,with a small property will leave a land where
4his property is reeognised andi protected both
by law antd puthlic opinion, io emigrate to a
land where pulblie opinionmi is exeiteil aza.inst
biin-where societies, under the iulmu1enee
of suchl opinions as are avowed l y your no-
lminee. may exist tn aid his slave ito escape
out of his reaneh-where juries are formed
from such societies-where juid(es are to
be appointed by your nominee, if elected to
be President. who are to adjudicate his case?
Certainly no prudent imnn woulJ do so.
Practically, theni, by the opinions advanced
kiy your nominee, anul not negatived by
this body, representinZu ihe great Denmocra-
tic party--yoit will take from the Sonith
the prittilege of selting these fertile plains,
and will make it solely the property of the
laborers of the free States. I need not be
told that the judiciary will he our sheild. I
have read somn.evhero where the Devil bar-
.gained wilh a seusualjsl f hLis soui. When
the soul was to he delivered ut. his Satan-
nic majesty called for it. The philosophi-
cal sensualist, however, did not give up

ill Jil m .........- ........ ,................ ... .IU lfurnrsnes nearly ,.O,UUU0.0 U l f the annual
the subject of the late convention of the revenue, and almost emirely upon another
Democratc party in Baltimore. country for tobacco, which raises nearly
The proceedings of that body have fallen ,4,000,000oof the same revenue.' "
like tihe startling tones of an alarm bell on
the ears of the South. Its nomination oPf METHODIST GENERAL CONfERENCE.-
Gen. Cass,--its resolution about slavery- The following is. we believe, the plan ol
its entire proceedings, fromrn beginning to arbitration agreed upoc by the Methodist
en-1, fill us with apprehension almost amioun- Gene'al Conference for the settlement of
ling to dismay. The opinions ofGen Cass, ihe property question with the Church
pronmulgated in his late letter-lthat thile Sooth. It provides for the seketion of two
inhabitants of a territory, before they are in- delegates by the Conference, to act with a
vested with the aturib tesofself.government similar number frrm the Church South, ad
and sovereignty-tenants ofthe public lands ded to another jointly chosen, The five
at the sufferance of the States-mere squat- members thus chosen (an-d not Methodislt)
ters, have the right to appropriate the terri- are to act as a Board of Arbitration, and
tory that may be acquired by the treasure their decision to be finAl (&n the property
or the gallantry of all thile States. and to ex- question.-[ Charleston Mercury.
chude from its limits the property of fotir-
teen of" 'ie States-had been repudiated by SINGULAR MISTAKE.-The body of Maj.
the press and the people ofthe whole South. E. Kirby Smith, who fell in one of the late
It is a doctrine too monstrous to be tolera- battles, was to be sent home to the tlnitl.d
ted, an ostracism too degrading to be endut- States. The coffin was waited for bya til-
red. The Democratic Conventions of Vir- ity funeral committee, and the desolate
ginia. Alabama. and Florida, had uinani- hearted wife of the deceased, at Syracuse.
rnously denounced with inlignaiinn this fla- But when the coffin arrivedd, and was opened
grant heresy. And yet Virginia and Ala- for one glance at the face of the dead, it
banrio, to say nothing of Georgia, so far as was found to be the wrong body!



[From the Charleston Mercury.] without a struggle. He threatened to en- their delegates to the Baltimore Convention
We give below the speech of Mr, Yan- join further proceedings. The Devil gave can bind them, are pledged to approve and
cey, of Alab;.mna, at the Baltimore Conven- it up in despair. To go into chancery, was sustain the nomination of one who thus in-
tion, aswe find it reported in the \Vashing- i to waste his lime and his means, and never suits and degrades the South from its con-
ton, aswe find it reporttogain his point. stitutional equality with the North in the
ton Union. It is an able, faithful, and lucid And now a word or so as to your policy, common property of both.
exposition of the principles of his State, I rarely touch upon'policy hlen a great But if the opinions of Gen. Cass are thus
.which he was delegated to assert, and upon principles is at stake. But from what I objectionablee, what si'aH lbe ttio-ught o'f the
the maintenance of which she, in common have seen here, policy willdecide your vote resolutions and proceedings of t'he Conven-
on this question. True policy dlemanils tion itself, which has nominated him and
with the entire South, is vitally interested, that you adopt this resolution. Firs, be- made him the standi;rd-bearer of the Demo-
Asserted as they were by the Democratic cause, i. is ju-st. No parly'e'ver suffered by cracy. Do they--idie and iidic-ulous as-are
Conventions of Alab.maa and Virginia, it being just. It has been but lately since we such proceedings--,mete traps to ctcdh hdn-
was to havc been supposed that they would experienced this noble and gratifying truth, est and confiding people-do they. we ask,
S Martin Van Buren, when lie found the provide a platform on which the South can
have been maintained by their delegates at great financial issue upon which he. ;had stand without utitter dishonor?
Baltimore: but, on the contrary, a majority placed the success of his Administration to This Convention gravely -promulgates the
of the delegates from Alabanta and the en- be unpopular, and that the Democratic par- doctrine that Congress has no right ro iiin-
tire Virginia dtelegttion 'voted against them. ty had becomrne broken -undefr lthe issue, Jdir terfere in the Staftes, with State policy and
Flod an ha te ;i of pr not retreat, but fearlessly and calmly appeal- State instirutio'ns. Is not this 'tire whole
Florida alone had the honorof presenting ed to the sober second irought..fIhe tlpeo- scope and purport of the resolutions? Let
ant unbirokten front in their favor. They pie; and how ein'ient was ttile tritimph, any honest mind or ho-n-orabl'e man read,
were 'repudiated by thle Convention, nriot- after events have s'u'rcie'nly evidenced, Se- and 'then ask hinmRelf it it means anything
,ithlstandi~.g fhe warnings of MIr. Yancey, condly, you 'must adopt such a principle to more. It refuses to affirm, Ly the adoption
n whenhispredicions are realized they secure ottrU swucess. Cast.your eye over the of Mr. Yancey's resolution, that Congress
-n when hisrediions they States. Let -Frre enufnera-e--iassachu- has not the right to interfere with slavery in
nlmay rhtnmkl -theniselves for the consequtien- seots, Vernwint, .Rhode Island, Cornecticut, the territories. Why, Giddings never as-
ces. New Jersey, Delaware, Maryhland, North served the contrary, and Hannibal Hamlin
t.' Yaincey. Mr. Prr-sidlent, I am sure Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, are agreed to the resolutions of the Convention.
that the gre.it importance of' tihe subjecl- Whig Staies. They cast 105 electoral Was there ever a mockery more barefaced
matter embodied iu thI'e report anil resol.i.-ion- voles. New Yor-k cannot be otherwise anid unblushing? Anid Virginia and Ala-
just read fly tme will be deemed aimpl a p- I haI n Whi at tlie election. The Whigs, bama. with iTrei'r re-soluliorns fresh in the
Iogy (or my addres.witig to tie (onveinplou a I Abrolikionistss, a-nd Barnburners united, will memory -of the South, are cfalle'd en by their
,few words in supnportl of tbhem. T[hey a-re inevitably give her 36 electoral votes to the delegate's to consent to thisbetr., of their
presented wiih t ai sinc--re desire tiiai the a-- \VWhig candidate. This runs up 141 delec- rights a'nd repudiation of their principles.
lieu upon theti moay lend to promnole 'tlhe torsi votes eerainly against us. Now howv We cannot in sincerity say that we ever
harmony of the pairy, mil al'v, all, mniy is it on 1he other side ? Maine, New H-nm:r supposed the Convention would -uphold the
lie just. 1 have no a word ,f ujolv ci, i lo sl'(hire, Peninsylvania, Virginia, Sobilh Caro- -rights of the South. We know'that a frank
ilhe resoluIions ad,,ipled by tlie mjoriy of lina, Geo'g'ia, Florida, A l-ab;m.a, Missis and honest avowal of' opinion upon slavery,
tihe committee. As 'far :is lishey o, Iey apt- si|)pi. Louisiana, 'rTxas, .Arkimansas,Missouri, by any Preside'tial aspirant, or any Con-
pear toin me. e ch'epe. I took ;s active Illinois, Indianai, Michigau are Democratic- Vention, would drive off either the North or
a part in fraiminig 1itm, and in nmodelling Tl'hey 'cast 149 elv-citrI votes. Can you the South. We anticipated an atileipl to
the old resolw;n iis i thie shape iu which get all these votes without a clear, explicit surrender the South to the North, as 'we
(hey are now prescmel, as any olher mem 1avowa 11I -of adhesion to our conslititutioal knew the North would yield nothing to jus-
her orlhie cammitiee. Those resoilions, riths1? I know South Carolina-her I)eo- tice or the Constitution. Billut we supposed
however, dio h ot go far enough; rtnd the ple-her Sta.ivesten--their principles and lhat at least a pretext would be resorted to,
resolution repoitrted yv Ihle minority we de- v'l:eIiLg.s r dr delegate here-I say, as lie in orde" that the sacrifice should be made
sire m'ny be added 'o those reported by ihe .kiwms., widh kindness and respect-has as- with ordiiau'y d-e'eeecy.
41i,,uiriy .t suntid a fearful responsibiliV i'n giving her But the harmony of ihe patly was lo be
Wheci ilte only resolution reported by the voles to General Cass. He has, as I hum- preserved, and this could only be effected
nmjoitly upon 'ithe slavery qu,-sint w.ias bly conceive, less influence in that State by the prostration of the rightsof the South.
adopted, it covered ithe question as presenrt- than anvy ivtm who has had any pretensions Will the people ratify this shameless con-
ed at that day. l democratic hy were 'h, Presidency. If you pass a rigid set cession? Will they bow their necks like
then eminently jnst lio the whole country in of hih-toned principles, there is but a bare beasts of burden to this yoke, which irres-
adopting it. Then, *allition And faction possibility that Souih Carolina may vote for possible office seekers have prepared for
sought to enter tlie federal temple, and to tlie nominate, If she does not. you will be them, and proclaimed that they shall wear?
disturb the harmony o'f its inmates. A, reduced to 140 votes, or six less than the When it is recollected that the members of
worshippers a;it its sacred fane, you Ihave rin- number required to elect your man. Will the Convention that nominated Mr. Polk
yen them our. You have solemnly declared Georgia vole for your ticket At -best her have already received more than seven hun-
that there is no power it the federal govern-' political position is a doubtful one. Never, dred thousand dollars itn the distribution of
tnent to interfere wilh the question of slavery I believe, has her gallant democracy been Executive patronage. the inducements of a
in te Stawes of this condercy. It was s able to carry that State twice in succession, con'venlioh like that at Baltimore to pre-
no lighil thing, I araot, forY ou to s;iy so, bike the Irishmnan andl the log. iithe anec- serve the harmony o the Parly nmay be seen
Rnd minaiin ile posiranitiu fo our friends ay dtote I have heretofore told, she is as often and appreciated. But what boots party to
the northI. It the conflict which ensued, tuoderneathi as on the top; and when she the people? When trampling tinder foot
miny a noble spirit hais been sacrificed ; bil triutnph, is so wearied by the conflict as their constitutional rights, party becomes an
the trulth has triutimpld, and you have tiri- often to be unable to enjoy the fruits of vie- unscrupulous combination for the distribu-
umphed with it. There are now few so tory. Without an avowal of this principle. tion of spoils torn from the hands of honest
hardy as o avow that the doctrine is wrong. I believe you cannot rely upon Georgia. If and patient industry. Let theSouth-the
Driven, then, from their position in the so, vyou are reduced to 130 electoral voles, people of the South-reject this wicked
federal temple, the great enemies of consli Will Florida vote your ticket ? I know her contrivance to betray and deliver them., like
tutional equality tand order have taken up ia principles by heart. I know her high-toned sheep in the shambles, bound hand and foot,
new position ul)On thie borders of your ier- delegates. They have kindly given me a in the power of the North; If they have
ritories, in the bosom of which lie the in- seait amongst thet during yo r session, the spirit of freemen-tof men-l-et them
cipienl elements of many a Staite yet to be more convenient than that allotted to me.- bear it not."
,dlcd to otu- g-.laxv. There they meet our lorida will neversupport General Cass with .
pioneer emiigrants;' and it their (Iocirine i1 his present opinions-unless you cover Co'TToN IN EAST INDIA.-The London
to be mnaintinetd, they will welconte the la- then with an avowal of such, tal 'he ac- corresponndent of the National Intelligencer,
borer from the north, and turn back the cepts, Florida will have some assurance that in the followingparag-aph-wthichwev e-xmra-t
lalorpr from tle south. Your nominee en- her rights will be safe in lhis h:nds, from his letter of April 27th, furnishes in-
leritairns'similtr views. As to Alabama, I have some right to formation of very great interest and value to
[At this poitithegentleumtnn from Alab;i- spek. Her democracy never has been the people of this country, concerning the
ma was internt-iptedlbya delegate from Penn- questioned. Shite has never ihecu for an in.- cotton irade in East India :
sylvania, who desired to know in what the stant i1 the hands of the Whius. But site A late report made by a seleCt commit-
views of Gen. Cass differed 'ront the resolu- respects party merely for the sake of princi- tee of the House of Commons Upon the
tion reported by the minority of thIe corn.m- pIes. Whenever it becomes subversive of subject ofthecottontrade, seemsto phit the
ittee ] t liemn, she will look out for suOimIe sier mIIe- (quesiion about this country s deriving its
I will answer the d.-leaale from Pennsyl- hol dof asserting her constituitotial rights. supply of the raw material Irom the East
vania i. Gen. Cass, I uindersiand, hioldst lha, She has sent uits here instructed und,-r no Indies to rest for an indefinite period.-
while Congress canno interfere with slavery political necessity whatever" to suppol-i ally Amongst other things. this report states:
uvhihe CCngressgoodsnanniiltryerxpovtet fi slaver
in the States or Territories, tlie inhabitants man f)r office who nitertains piniOns on he cotton goods annually exltrted fron
of a Territory. while yet under a terrilori;l lthe slavery questionsuchi as are etitertained England amont to about o25.000.000 in
government, may make such regulations as hy your nominee. He has no personal in- value, or nearly one-half of the whole
will exclude slaves from ibein)g held in such fluence i*h Alabama. He was tlhe last ,man amount of exports. The manufacturing of
Territory. The minority of the committee her delegaiiou here would have voled for. cotton goods employs 3.000.000 people, or
hol, tha hihe in sth a stae or onion. Many would not have voted for him at all. about one-tenth of the whole population.'
such inhabitants assimtilate themselves to a Yonti mut avow the principles of Alabama. These two statements are decisive as to the
tenancy in common. Each has an equal if you expect Alabama to befriend your no- importance of this branch of business to
right to enjoy the territory, with his rights m.iit mn, It is clear, then., that you (.an- Great Britain. The importation of raw cot-
of property. Their sovereignty as a people no succeed with a set of resolutions which ton from India commenced itn 1790. a year
is in abeyance. They possess thie tenancy blink this great issue. 1 (do not speak to of two before that from Amterican began.
in- common, under the rules aid regulations destroy your nomination, but to poilt out Since 1813 the trade with India has been
prescribed by Coress, and have no ihts the means by which you my secure it perfectly free. India furnishes, in weight,
pf sovereiguity uCtil they meet in cotiven- success, about one-eighth of the entire British con
tion to frame a coiutiiuthon preparatory to I am asked, will you vote for a Whig in sumnlttion. But4 in point of quality, it is

admission as a Smate in the Unint. Iii lhat preft-rence 1 In the language of my in- only about half the Valne of American cot
stage they have an undoubted right to estab- structions I reply. "under no polmical ne- mon. The value of India cotton imported is,
ish or to exclude slavery as au institlionr, cessity whatever" will I vote for a man therefore, about one-sixteenth of the whole.
md not before. Before tht., neither Gunr holui ng erroneous views on this issue. If a India can never compete with Amer'ca ii
gress nor the inhabitanns of the Terry whilg runs, no better Ihan General Cass, the produ e of cotton. Colton is knotvn to
an establish or exclude slavery ('rom the thousands in Akibama will rem-tiu at home, have been cultivated in Inrdia more than
Territory. It mttsm be permitted to exist, f it candidate is offered, hotfing sound 2,300 years, but yet the quantity exported
if it is not there by the rights of individual views on this issue, no matter what his dues not exceed in quantity one fourth, or
property- ihavin.g attached to it none of the other pirilit 'ial pli >o"s, thousands of lhe in Value one-eighth, of what is exported ffomn
political weight given to it in h,1t States-- 'lenTocru.y here will support him. I am a few of the Sounhern States of the U niied
and which can only be revived, if the inlia- not one of those who think that it is all of Slates, where it has not been known sixty
biitmttschoose. ot admission into the Union, i ife to live. Office has no charmris to seduce years The voyage from India is about
to recognise it as a State institution. mre from my ditty--a minority no fears to three times the length of the American voy-
I will not argue this point further. It is deter me from doing it. age, and the freight is, ar least, iwice as
said, however, in what are your rights invol- Adversity is often a good school for par- much, bu" allowing for the diflerence in
Yetl by this issue? In what are you injur- ties as well as ildiviultals, value, the expieise is to r times as muchh'
Bd In this: vour nominee proclaims that I no clo.e by offering the resolution as Cotton is brought from its place of growth
ihe joint teun^ts nuf suil a Teri^ory can set an amendment to the report of the corn- to that ifshipment from two to six hundred
a sislae ^^oe.who is'taken there, and this body "" e,- .dmiles. 'Under all circumstances, the pro-
refuses ntake a different position. The quesfirnh was taken on Mr. Yanceys jecl of substituting Indian forAmerican cot-
Ut is puo d ,im ,d, thiet. to our emigrating resolution, and it was, by States, rejected'- ton is perfectly visionary.' Those,' says
l. ,_ 36 to 216. the report, 'who argue against the prooriety


14on. E. C. CABEiLL.
Of West Florida
Col. A. G. SEMMES, Alternate.
Of Middle Florida.
GEORGE W CALL, Jr, Alternate.
Of East Florida.

The pio-eee'dings of the B3altimire Con-
vention came to hand during lhe absence
of the Edito'r, and hence no comments have
been made ot them.
We would wish at this titn'e fuly to ex-
press our views on the selection ofcandidate
for the Presidency made by our opponents,
and also upon the action of the'Convention
on the subject of the Wilmnot Proviso, but
we are deterred from so doing for want of
time to prepare such atn article as the im-
portance of the subject demands. In room
of o'r 'own Views we present those of the
Charleston Mercury-a Southern Demo-
cratic paper-and we cordially indorse the
sentiments it puts forth.
We also call attention to the speech of
Mr. Yancey, one of the Delegates front
Alabama. Mr. Yancey proposed a test vote
on the Wilmot Proviso, and sought to bind
the Democratic Party anti Gen. Cass to
what has been determined by the Alahbama
and Florida Democratic Con)vetitions should
hbe the true constitutional platform on which
the Democratic candidate should place him-
self. The Convention refused to adopt it.
Southern Democrats voted against it. The
Florida Delegates, to their honor be it said,
refused to pledge the State to the support
of Gen. Cass, unless he would assume the
ground proposed by Mr. Yancey.
We have been taunted with the action of
Southern Whigs and their Votes on the sub-
ject of the Wilnot Proviso-we have had
our ears saluted with denunciations of those
S,-mi.-het iiiv'plr'i ,if Congress who voted
for Mr. Winthrop-we have been told by
Democratic Editol's that the Northern De-
mnocrats wet--e. our friends, and that no
Southern Demtocrat ever would be found
yielding any thing to Abolitionisun for the
sake of partly. How stands the account now
with our Democratic friends ? Let the
speech of M1. Yancey, the action of the
Democratic Convention, and the judgment
of the Mercury, answer for us. Florida will
sustain the course her Delegates have pur-
sued. She will give her vote for Gen. Tay-
lor, So will South Carolina, Georgia. Ala-
bama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas
-all claimed to be Democratic States. We
do not think that a print in Florida, will be
found sustaining the action of the Conven-
tion, and supporting Cass-but it is impos-
sible to say what party feeling rrtay do.

Arrival of the Niagara.
Telegraphltic intelligence has been recei-
ved of the arrival at Boston, on the morning
of the Id inst., of the hew British steamer
Niagara, bringing accounts from Liverpotol
to the 25ih ult., inclusive. We copy from
the Charleston Courier:
It gives us great gratification to state that
these advices are rather of a favorable char-
acter. especially with reference to affairs in
France, where all eyes are turned with the
most anxious solicitude.
Our despatch is short and concise, but it
is pleasing to know that the disturbances in
France have subsided, and that when the
Niagara left, entire quietude prevailed in
that country.
The English money market, too, which
was reported as being easier at the time
if tihe sailing of the United States, remain-
ed unchanged.
The Cotton Market is stated to be not
quite as firm as previously reported. New
Orleans good fair is quoted at 5j. Uplands
ire not referred to.
Flour is quoted at 26s. 6d. to 28s. Indian
Corn 3-2 to 36. Meal 13 to 14. No change
in Wheal.t,
The quotations of Bread Suuffs, compared
wi:h those of lhe 17'1h ult., show an advance
tin price.
This succession of steamers--the tele-

graph working with reguilrity-will make it

imperative on mercantile men to transact
business on telegraphic information, and
prove what we have ever believed, that this
enterprise is destined to be highly benefi-
cia-l to the commercial community.
The fi-rst case' has now occurred when
the arrival of one steamer has been an-
nounced before the full accounts by the
preceding one have reached us, and this
will not uofrequiently take place from the

Or- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WM. W. CH nv1fR, Esq., Albany Ga.
Maior JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula. kla.
JAS. J. OLIVER, Tallahassee, Fa.

this article of Champagmfe wine is about
50,,000000 bottles; The annual consumptiip
tion of the world, in the same time, is 300,-
000,000 bottles; so tha;t 250,000,000 bottles
of false wines gone down somebody's throat,
is a clear case."

GREAT FIsFHtr.--One day last week
Messrs Davidson iand Russell drew in. at a
single h'inl, on Mr. Hallock's shore, West
side of New Haven harbor, two millions of
white fish, as nearly as could be estimated,
weighing on an average about three quarters
orf a pounds each. The total weight of tihe
hatul therefore was about 1,500,000 lbhs or
750 tons! It is the greatest haul of fi;h
ever made in that harbor, and we suspect it
will not he easy to match it any where. The
farmers from the neighhoring country were
enragied three or four n'rvs in carrying them
roff in immense cart loads. They sold at 50
lo 75 evs the 1000. The fishermen are muitch
indebted to a bevy of Iporpoises, who drove
'he while fish into the hairbor, helping them-
selves meanwhile, no duubt, to a very large

We never knew riTe man disposed to

scorn the humble, who was not himself a fit
objcct of scorn to the poorest.



awmak: ---np~ --m %- a .MOMOERNWmwwwm"-

1::.. *51-

_ _I___l__*____n__dl__rTi~L__

JA. LIER Tllhase, a

multiplicity of steamers that are now tra-
versing thle ocean, and which are increasing
with great rapidity.

Important from Mexico.
From the Mobile Herald and Tribune May 30.
We received this morning a despatch
from the Delta office, containing important
-news from Mexico by the steam ship Edith,
which arrived this morning at New Orleans.
Letters front Mustang" were received up
to the 21st inst., from the city of Mexico.
The Treaty'was ratified by the Chamber
'of Deputies on the 19th inst, at six and a
quarter o'clock, P. M. The vote on it was
fifty-one to thirty-five. In the other branch
of"Congress there is no doubt 'thrat it will be
approved by a comparatively much larger
Orders have been issued for the calling in
-of the outposts of the army, and they were
'expected to march for the coast between
'the 1st and the 150h of Ju'tne.
Gen. Persifor F. Smith has been appoint-
'ed superintendent for the embarkation of
the forces at Ver-a Cruz, 'and he wa'a to
leave the city of Mexico for the purpose of
entering on this duty 9n the 24th inst.
T'hir important news is beyond question,
and we take great pleasure in laying it be-
fore our readers.

[For the Commercial Advertiser.]
We ar'e sorry to have to notice the posi-
tion taken by Mr. Otmnau, in regard to the
opening of High street. The antagonistic
attitude which hlie assumes towards the au-
thorised representatives of the citizens, is
altogether unworthy the intelligence ofthis
enlightened age; and, we are confident, will
never be tolerated by the law-abiding por-
tion of the population, which we believe
constitutes a large majority of the people.
So far as our acquaintance extends to ithe
individual members of the City Council of
Apalachicola, we state, without fear of con-
tradiction, that they are each and every one
of thern formed of "sterner stuff" ihan to
tamely submit and retire from the position
which they have taken. Without regard to
consequences, they will carry out the laws
of the city, peaceably if they can, forcibly
if they must." We notice with pain that
one of our citizens strongly upholds Mr,.
Orman in his views, and we fear thai tihe
"cacoelhes" for" political -honor has so
blinded his vision, that he can see only the,
political influence of Mr. Orman and his
constiiuiehts, (about nine in numrrber!!) ani
altogetherl overlooks the entire influence of
ih i'ereiiainder of the voting population. We
can assure the genillemran alluded to, thau
unless his vision is somewhat restored, be-
fore long, that the people will prescribe an
,.y-p. L cti fr.htim. that will most effectuallly
cure his blindness, however painful ilhe ap-
plivalion may be. Mi. O. should bear in
mind that the City Council, when necessary.
can, and will. act in an executive, as well as
judicial capacity.
For the benefit of such of our readers as
are fond of drinking Champagne-and we
believe those who drink wine at all prefer
this light and sparkling beverage-we copy
ihe following Statistics of the production
atd consumption of this wine The article
has every appearance of authenticity :
SThefe are 32.000,000 of bolites 6f.'alse
Champagne every 3,ear sen t o Russia;
about as.-miich is sent to England. and fully
equal to that quantity to the United Stales.
There is a company tn Paris who make na-
tural Champagne wine. They take poor
chablis, for instance. sweeten it wit h o'-undy,
refine it, and then pass it through an appa-
raius which charges it with carbonic nciud
gas, and in fifteen, minutes it is ready for
the market.
Immense quantities are also made from
cider, by tlie employrfieut of all sorts of
druors. and in England a great deal is rmade
from gooseberries aud the stalks of rhubarb.
It is not so good as the genuine, but nine
out of ten of those who drink it -nanot tell
the difference, and it will make them just as
drunk, arid give them the same horrid head-
achi-and why, lhen, is it not just as valua-
ble ? True, sOmne poisonous drtgs are
sometimes used in the'fabrication, but none,
perhaps worse than alcohol.
"The annual produclfon of" France in

[From the Baltimore American, May 27
The fine packet brig Glarmorgan, Captain
Focke, arrived at this port yesterday
From Jamaica. By this arrival we are in
possession of Jamaica papers to the 10th
inst. inclusive. The G. has made a very
quick voyage, having been absent from this
port only about foily days.
SANTA ANNA.-This distinguished Mex-
ican Gen. arrived at Kingston on the 5th
inst., in the Spanish brig Mortinez. The
General had taken up his residence at a
splendid mansion near the race course at
Kingston. The despatch says : ," It is said
that tite General will spend a few months in
Shis city, and proceed afterwards to Vene-
[From the Kingston Journal, May 8.]
Daring, and Ste'amer Vixen, all sail from
Port-Royal ro-mtorrow with orders to cruise
off the ports of Cc.ba and Porto Rico for
the interception of slavers. It is said that
information has been received of ten slavers
having some time since left Havana for the
Coast of Africat: it is not therefore improba-
ble that a few of'these may be fallen in with.
The captured Africans, we believe, will- be
brought here for distribution.
HAYTI.-We learn by an arrival 'frotm
Port an Prince, that the detail of the nmassa-
cre, hereiofore published, is.in part correct.
Armong the number killed by order of the
President, are Dr. Marble H. Bronard, Lau-
durn, Leo Hnrmonien, Francis Esteve, L.
Cerisier, Reuonfils, N. Ba.-quiat (Comrnman-
danit) Col. Ize, andu General Destouches It
was said by the Captain of the Warrior,
that the British Consul had refused to shel-
ter any of the unfortuniate -HIytians. who
siip)licaiedin vaiin the protection ofthe Eng-
lish fla ; lie likewise refutise to i allow the
British iflar to w'ave on any otilher house,
while the Consulate of Francn, gave un-
bounded hlelp to the nmiserabhlt people, a
number of' whom were received on board
the French vessel of war in port-iamong
them iMr.. Dijpu'y (if the firm olf Lloyds &
Co.) who it was formerly reported was
among ihosesliauighered.

Retorme gives tlhe following details of the
ex-King, Louis Phillippe:
The property at the disposal of Louis
Phulipe( ili his exile, is not heai- so cohsilde
r lie ias is in ineie'J. It is quite true thai
in 1829 anud 1831 he placed, almost daily,
considerable sums in the English and Ame.
rican funds, but since 1634, convinced that
his dynasty was secure, he drew out a'pari
of lthiese to place them in Friance. Tile ek-
King has left uiore ihou 30,000,000f. o( debt;
The observation of'L. Dupin, which seem-
ed a jest, I have i ( dbubt Ilhe civil list i'
poor, it is always mrkingu purchases," is;
however. a truth. Louis Phillippe was al-
ways buying, aind always left a part of the
price unpaid. Without this, it would bd
impossible to explain such nh enornious
amount of debt. His piosse.sioihs are inag-
nificent. After deductihng Shi (lehls his fdr-
Inune mnay be valued at 250,n0.000f i is4
well knowto uhat ille u-nods of 'ile plriv;le
'loutian are well manitedu. All the other'
fuimily possessions have been consideriablI
iriupoved since 1830: nevertheless, Loiii
Philippe nhas left his privaie affairs ii thd
gre;nlesl disorder. There never was a royal
household so badly managed: It wvas th6
same wilh that as with pu!lili f afiairg.; hi
uneddled with every thing, andil ot evel
Ihing intn confusion. Hefe'thouth y t)thait
to show his shiewdnes4 andl ability. Hd
liked to see ihose etpl)lo-ed bv hitr h diia-
,ree ; lie w v-is in tlie habit ofsa)ying,,, whed
the asses fight the flour is safe in the nmill.' ..
In short, owing to his low ounnin.g it was,
that lie measures of the 24th of February,
deprived of unity and ('coin roli, were worsd
than useless. Louis PhiHippe. was in debt
every kvhere; he paid none if hlie c6uld
avoid it. His tradestnetn weie ;Ilways ma-
king iapp)liiaitions. He owed the person whd
supplied hitn will vegetables arid fruit
95,OOOf., and his baker at Neuilly 25.000
fraicxs. No man ever hnd sticb n nani-i for
laying nip ouu misehold siores--always buying
without limit and t without .iudme.nt In his
cellar at Neuilly there were 75.00(6 hbllies,
containing curne hundred nind fiftv kinds of'
wi ne. ;rid more thun ]in200 casks. all full;
anl 24,000 wax c(inilies, w hichi served to set
fire to nnd bulrn Iha1it residence. The col-
lection of bronzes of V Ilieirs contained, if
o.bjets d'art,' ,siafuefleA,' crocks and brono
zes, entotighI to furntih three pal';aces; they
were heaped toget her without order, asthey
were hbohtl without lasle, ahlthougli hie pre-
ti'n-der to be a cornoisseuri. At the Tuile-
ries. at Eu, Drtcnx, a;nd Fcrle-.Vidamit. there
were as many kitchen utensils anrd sa uce-
pans as would have cooked a dinner for an
artiy. We are of the saume opinion wilhi a
person who knew Louis Phillipp'e well, and
had frequent opportunities of seeinfig anti
observing him. who saiid, thtnmt man is
covetous, rapacious, but too rhuchl of a
spendthrift to be called a mnise ."

LAMARTtNE.-More and more noble
grows the clharacterof Larnartine, the more
he is surrounded wilh trials, and the greater
the dangers lihat menace him. It is beauti-
fIul to see such a man! It works out a'
stronger argument against Kings than all1
the philosophy of the most scholastic adi.-
cals. For where is lier-e---where has (here'
ever been-such a King ? Lamartine l5s a'
wondrous union ,,f physical and mora c6ior-
age, io begin with ; the first of which the'
masses must always admire, and the other
lin, hes the respect-ofl every intelleIctuall
person. Then his god-like serenity--the
balance on which he always seems to be
calmly poised .Does he riot in leed, as we
said a fortnight ago, resemble our own
Washington ? Does he not show that he
is guidtled, first of all, by the principle of
right ; touch talked of among statesmen,
but rarely, rarely seen so that no man's
mind can deny it ?
Although it is early, perhaps to speak
ihese strong words of praise for Lamartine,
we cannot refrain from doing so. Should
he turn recreanlt-hbnt no, we cannot con-
ceive of that. Should he prove too weak
for the great burden which- even' yet accu
mlulates upon him-and his strength, thus
far, accumulating with it-alas,, for France!
a-las, for Europe for the world!--[New Or-
leans Crescent.



' ?




4 -


Prepar'atory to landing we began performing
our ablutions in the boat, much to the
amusement and delight of the Dyaks who
were assembled at the lauding place, and
who eyed us in, mute astonishment. The
application of a hair brush was the signal
S fur a general burst of laughter, but cleaning
,the teeth with a tooth brush caused a scream
of wonder, perfect yell; I presume at our
barbarous- customs.' They appeared to be
well made, and more than tolerably good
looking. I need not ehter into a very
minute description of their attire, for truth
to say, they had advanced very little beyond
the costume of our common mother Eve.-
We were soon in closer contact with them,
for one four party, throwing out of the
boat a common black bottle, half a dozen of
the women plunged into the stream to gain
'possession of it. They swam to the side of
c oar boat without reserve, and then a strug-
gle ensued as who should be the fibrtunate
owner of the prize. It was gained by a fine
girl of about seventeen years of age, and
who had a splendid pair of black eyes. She
swam like a frog, and, with her long hair
streamiing in the water behind her, came
pretty well up to our ideas of a murniade.
As we had contrived to empty a consider-
able number of these bottles during our ex
edition, they "were now thrown overboard
'in very direction. This occasioned a great
'increase of the floating partly, i't being
joined by all the other women on the beach;
for more than half an hour we amused our-
selves with the exerions nd contentions of
our charming naiads to obtain what they ap-
peared to prize so much. At last all our
empty bottles were gone, and the women
swam on share wilh them, as truch delight-
ed with their spoil as we had been .airused
with their eagerness and activity.-[Mar-
ryat's Borueo.
VIDEO -At eight o'clock I was sitting in
the custom-house Guard room, smoking a
cigar.with (lthe officer in conmttOind, when
tihe following incident occurred, exemplify-
1in), in a very striking light the manners
and tempers of the lower orders of ihe po-
pulattion of Montevideo: An altercation
'had taken p)laice between an old Spaniard
;and a South American. As it grew more
violent, lhe parties left the pulper'ia, or wine
'shop, where the different e had a'rise'r, and
'4lvaiineed towards the guard-room. When
within a hundred yards, they slopped, and
rep)roach,1d one an6tohelr with violent gesti-
'culations. Ifi a fe' /it'Outes, a number of
'persons had collected rouni theme, i'naongst
S'whott we're'two or three soranos, of police-
'Merr, who 166k'(ed 6n, not as peace officers
a'tteti)tii6ig t0 stay 'the tunMilt, boti rather as
spectators enjoying the dlist 'trbA'nce. S :8id-
Sderily, thl natiVe sprang under the drawn
sword of one of the sorainos. antid, (nick as
;thought, plunged his kife (rnt'6 tie abdomen
"of the Spaniaid. One of the lookers on,
*an Italian, perceiving the 'deadly intention
o(if the assassin, rushed forward to srty t'he
i iurderonus blo\'. tie was immediately shot
'dead by thle Wsiol of one of the soranos.
The tragedy 'ended As miright be expected.
The old Spaniard S'ta'ggered intoil the guard-
room, aind shortly af'ierw:rds died. Tlhe
'sorainos repeatedlly ejiacilated, "' Caraml)a!
'caraml'a !"' and lien lit fresh cigars; mean-
'ii. (lithe miuridet-rer r:in ;iwayv, and, of course,
'v:ls nout Ito lie funrlnd afterwards. Any indi-
vildmal who liis not had personal experience
of their state of" ihse South Americani towns.
'would not believe that so atiike'iois Fi deed
\vis hardly ,(talked abotitt 'ruIch fe'Ps, iudicial-
iy noticeil-. 'Tie'onlt y reo''irk I i1'ea'rd al'oul
it was rOfm paYtrly o6 sailors who were
'rolling cash froin thlie i'icttilling stores, to
lie shipp)led in lithe h6;s the following morn-
iing. As lIhII were pIshina their barrels in
'lie Ira(k of the bloody stains made by lHie
'dying main, the 'olhowing coivers;lionl'took
place: I say. J;ick is themn there p'ip's
SIod ov Inai' .i''s .,,,. ; W hy, yo,, fo oI !"
r Ieturn i l hi's 'coi'i'liiioh, pie's blood is
tmuich t'6o de A- 'to Ibe wiated in i ha't ereie
mantl'r Vl' a sieg'e like this!" Little dih
Jack know Wvilh whii i ruth he had spoken,
lind h, exk'iclly he had hit the nail on the
ide'-." -Mml'ck ni'On's'Stean Wai-fre in the
which persons who are unable to write are
'redliirted to make insletd of their signal're.
is iu the form of a cross; and this 'practice
having formerly been followed hy kings and
nobles; i contlmtanly reu'erred to as an in-
i ancee 'df lie nel)loralile ignbuh'tnce of at, cient
times. This signature is not, lhoweVer, in-
\'ariahly a proof of such ignorance. An-
'ciently, the use of this mark was not .onfi-
ned to il-liteirie persons, for among lie Sax-
'otis the mark of the cross, as an altesiation
til' ile rdodl faiih of the person signing, was
i'equired t'o lbe atl'aclied to the signaltre of
those whlo cdtlthl Write, as well as to stand
In the Ilac'e of ile sighatutie of those who
ieould not wriv e. In tli ise titles, if a mnaih
could write or even reid, his knoWledge was
conriideretl proof presnmtPtive i hat he was in
holy orders. The clericus, or clerk, was
synonihous with penman; find ithe laity, oi"
people who were not clerks, did noi fIeel nny
urgent tmlcessiiy for the Use of letiers, The
ancient use li" te cross was, therefore, uni
persal. alike by those who toulM and those
who couli not write; it was, indeed, the

Aymnbol of an oath, from its holy associa-
tions, and. generally. the mark. On this
account the ingenious editor of The Pic-
torial Shakspeare," explains the expression
of" (God save the mark !" as a form of eja-
culation approabchihg to the character of an
oath. This phrase coeurs three or four
times ii the plays of Shakspeare, but hith-
erto it had hern left by the commentators
in its original ohscutity.
Advertiser states that R. L. Colt, Esq., of
Paterson, N. J.. has recently, in the exer-
cise of a reverend horticultural taste, pro-
cured some grafis from the old English
Pearlmane apple tree, still standing on the
Charmer Oak Place at Hartford. and which
was brought over by George Willis, in 1637
-being now two centuries old. The vene-
rable tree is gradually decaying, bbut it bore
a few apples last year. Mr. C. intends to
perpetuate the fruit.

Ice taken internally," says the Medical
'Pimes, '" seems to be of great service in re-
wiving powers fast sinking. The reaction it
producees may prove curative in some cases,
while in others, in which this is iriipossible,
a marked temporary amelioration of the pa-
tient's state occurs."

Hold a red rose over thue blue flame of a
common match, and the color will be dis-
charged wherever the futti.e touches the
leaves of tli'flower, so as to tendler it beau-
tifully variegated or entirely whiie. If it be
then dipped into water, the redness after a
time will be restored.
If a matn has a right to be proud of any
thing, it is of a good action, done as it ought
to be, wiihoit a base interest lui'king at the
bottom of it.

New Orleans Sugar.
5 HHDS. prime N. 0. Sugar, receiver per schr
Montery, and tfor sale by
May 18 E McCTLLY, 50 Water st.

For Providence.
THE fast sailing ship CANTON,
Packard, tnaster, having the greater por-
tion of her cargo engaged, will have
qui'k dispatch. For freight of 200 bales cotton,
apply to

To Let.
'I'HE House lately known as the" Dew
SDrop." Possession given immediately.
Inquire of WM. HONE,
May 11. 49 Water-st.

__ ___Ir

gow Herald furnishes some curious parti-
culars of the eatables and drinkables sup-
plied for the consumption of the passengers
on board Cunard & Co.'s American steam-
ers. Each ship on her outward trip is sup-
plied wilh 50 dozen of port wine, 100 dozen
of sherry, 100 dozen of champagne, 50
dozen 6f Maderia, 50 dozen of hock, 200
dozen of. soda water artid lemonade, 300
dozen of Scoich ale and 200 dozen of Lon-
(ion porter, beside spirits of all kinds.-
There are also ample stores of ice and an
abundant supply of fresh water. Each ship
is victualed for twenty-one days, and carries
at least 4,000 Ibs. of beef, mutton and pork,
fresh arnd packed in icre. Then there are
16 d'oiei of fowls, 4 dozen geese, 4 dozen
of ducks, 4 dozen of turkeys,'6 dozen of
pigeons and 1 dozen of roasting-pigs, beside
ample store of tongues, 'calves' heads, &c.
Milk i$ furnished by the cow, though each
ship also carries a supply of 40 gallons,
which is packed in ice, and keeps fresh and
siveet rill the end of th-e passage. The
baker turns out two hundred loaves or rolls
per diem, and the co'nfectioner is never idle.
'Breakfast begins at half-pasi.8 and the cloth
is removed atq.0. T'Phere is lunch at 12 anri
dinner at 4. Tea is served at 7; and then
follow snacks, 'wine, pun'h, toddy,.gin-sling,
&c.-that is, for those who want them--ill
half-past 11, when the steward's bar is closed,
and tie lights are out by 12. Such is life
On board a trans-Atlianti,: steamer; and in
the Summer it is said (o he becoming quite
common for parties to make a pleasure trip
to America, in the fashion that people go up
the Rhine. There have even been occasions
'in which young married people have spent
their honey moon in a trip to Halifaix, a fly-
intg visit to Niagara and New York and a re-
tu'rn voyage tol England, and all in six
MUSCUrLAlR ExERCISE.-Muscular exer-
cise is a direct source of pleasure to every
one not suffering- from diseased action.-
Every one must have felt this. The effect
of using the muscles of voluntary motion,
when all flhe processes of the economy are
being justly atnd healthily performed, is to
impart a marked and grateful stimulus to
the sentient nerves of the part, and a .corres-
p)onding and grateful stimulus to the nervous
sstea g'ne'rally, sufficiently noticeable by
the mind when studious of its analysis, and
always ministering indirectly to the hap-.
pinesspf ithe individual, coloring and bright-
ening the thoughts and feelings. So much
is this believed to be the case by some, that
it has been assertetl--a man may use his
limtbs too much to leave him in the enjoy-
ment of his fullest capability of pure and
abstract thought,'antd t'the extent of making
him unduly imaginative. Although this
may well be matter o'f doubt, the fact, arid
its wise and benevolent inte'tion, remain un-
affected: that man derives an immediate
pleasurable sensation from using his volun-
tary muscles, which not only gives to labor
a zest, and even to nmonotonnts movements
somife degree of enjoyment, but produces a
reaction on the mind itself, embellishing a
life of virtuous toil with a degree ofl physical
enjoyment, a;ind mental energy, buoyancy,
and hopeful lightheartedness, that can never
be afforded in a like degree to the drones-
thie more fruges consuinere naili'-of the
hunritin h'ive.--[Robertsoin tn Ut-eard -Regi-

A couple 'of limbs of the law," who
were conmn!ucting a suit before a Justice in
Rochester, got incensed al each other and
firilly caime to blows. The 'Court sat by
and coolly looked on 'till Ih1 fracas was
over. Then the combatants ap6logised for
(listurbiing his honor, buit the Justice, wiping
his specs, coolly declared he had'nt been
disturbed in the least, and the trial went on.

THv: MAGIC DYE.-Nearly fill a wine-
glass with the juice of beet root, which is ol
a tdeep red color; add a little linie water,
and the mixture will be colorless; (ip) into
it a piece of white Icloth, dry it rapidly, and
in a few hours the cloth will become red.
filt'4- solution ol subacetate of lead with port
wvinle; filter the mixture through blotting
paper, and a colorless liquid will pass thro';
lo this add a small quantity of dry salt of
tartar, when a spirit will rise, which may be
inflamed on the surface of the water.
THE MAGIC WRITINo.-Dissolve a small
portioti of green copperas in water, and soak
in it shouts of writing paper, so as to allow
them to he taken out whole, and then dried;
hen cover the paper with very finely pow-
dered galls and write on it with a pen dip-
ped in water; when dry, brush off the galls
and the writing will appear.
ARTIFICIAL IcE.-Mix four ounces of ni-
trate oh ammonia and four ounces of sub-
carbonale of sodiurn wilh four ounces of
water, in a tin vessel, and in ihree hours the
mixture will produce ten ounces oh ice.
muriate of litie in water until it fill dissolve
no mote; make also a similar solution of
carbonate of pbi:,sh; both will be transpa-
reit fluirls hitt if equal quantities of each
be mixed amid stirred together, they will be-
come a solid mass.

...... 35674 .35674
oo.... .. ... . o
..... ..3730 .'.3730
.... 3944 .3944
.. .43348 .43348
.-.757 .30960.31717
..1346 .16479 .17825
........5t7 ..5067
...... ...939 ..,.939
...... 8ltf0 ..1180
. ..... ..1989 ..1989
...... ... 55 ...550
S21063 .f57064 .-57064
......... 102515

Per steamer Viola-J M Davis.
Per steamer Boston-A Pre,-cott.
Per steamer Qmncy--E M Skipper, RoLbins, F
Smith, Edgewotith, Thompson.
Per steamer Eufaula-13 J Hobole, A Girard, J

Per steamer Viola-39, bhales cotton to Harper
& Holmes; 1401o N J Deblois; 72 to Maclay &
Kimibrough; 41 to Wood &: Ballou.
Per steamer lBoston-79 bales cotton to A N
McKay & Co; 70 to Harper & Hohlnes; 116 to
Wood & Ballou; 124 to N J Deblois; 44 to Wylie
& McKanzie
Per steamer Quincy-29 bales damaged cotton;
72 bales cotton to Lockhait & Young; 2 to W G
Porter; 9 to Wylie & McKenzie; 7 to A N Mc-
Kay & Co.
Per steamer Eufaula-207 bales octtoh fo Ma'-
clay & Kinbrough; 85 to Harper & Holmes; 39
to W A & P C Kain; 92 o W G Poter& Co; 77
to A N McKay & Co; 3 to Lockhart & Young; 1
to B J Hoole & C-; 2 to Wylie & MlcKenzie.



June 5-Schr Elizabeth, Cravey, fm N. York.
June 6-Schr. Columbia, Knapp, fm Kingston.
Steamer Etifaula, Rynear, fm Columbus.
Steamer Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee.
Steamer Viola, Vaniveghten, from Columbus.
Steamer Boston, Morton, from Columbus.
June 5-Schr Flonridian, Cooper, for N `0
June 9-Ship Marian, a, Ginn, for N York.
Bark Bertell, McIntyre, for N York
June 10-Sloop Fashion, Thigpin, Key West.
Barque Cumberland, Iliscock, for Boston'.

Marathon, Johnson, 382 tons', for B6ston, load-
ing-N J Deblois.
St Lawrence, Bower,s- 461 tons, fm Boston, wait-
lng-T L Mitchel.
Probus, De Vress, 6-17 tons, for Toulon, loading-
I MNI Wright.
Rob't Fulton, Wade, 560 tons, for Liverpool,
loading-I M Wrioht.
Sarah Sheaf, Sands, 401 tons, fin Liverpool, wait-
Indiana, Watt, 255 tons, for Boston, loading-N
.J Dehloms,
Robert Watt, Johnsnn, 491 torts, fin Liverpool,
Butrtel, Mclntire, 248 tons, fmn New York, wait-
Covenanter, (Br.) Patterson, 612 tons, fmin Liver-
pool, waiting-J Day & Co.
Dauntless, (Br.) .Johnson, 689 tons, for Liverpool.
loading--W A ,& P UKain.
Selma, Smith, 407 tons, Ifm New York, waiting-

NEW YORK-Per barque Bertel-757 bales of
BOSTON-Per bark Cumberland-1346 bales

Most Extraordinary Work!

Sixth Edition 1Smo pp. 250. Price $1.
Years of suffering, of physical arnd mental an-
guish to many an affectionate wife, and pecuniary
difficulties to the husband, might have been
spared by a timely possession of this work.
It is intended especially for the married, or
those contemplating marriage, as it discloses im-
portant secrets which should be known to them
Truly, knowledge is power. It is health,
happiness, affluence.
The revelations contained in its pages have
proved a blessing to thousands, as the innumer-
able letters received by the author will attest.
Here, also, every female-the wife, the mother,
the one either budding into womanhood, or the
one in the decline of years in whom nature con-
templates an important chanuge-can discover the
causes, symptoms, and the most efficient remedies,
and most certain mode of cure, in every com-
plaint to which her sex is subject.
On the receipt of One Dollar, the Married
Woman's Private Medical Companion" will be
sent (mailedfree) to any part of the United
States. All letters must be addressed, p.-st-paid,
to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, Box 1224, New Yorik
City. Putiblishing Office, 129 Liberty-street, New
York. May 4, 16-tf.

THE late firm of J. Stevenson & C6. having
been dissolved by the decease of Joshua
Stevenson, all those indebted to the said firm are
requested to make payment, and those having
claims to present the same.
The stock of goods on hand are offeredior sale
at low prices for cash only.
Surviving partner J. Stevenson & Co.
Apalachicola, May 25, 1848. 19-tf

LL persons having claims against the estate
of Daniel W. Faucett, deceased, are required
to present the same within the time prescribed
by law, or else they will lie barred of recovery.
T. H-. AUSTIN, Administrator.
Apalachicola, May 18, 1848,

or tohe" Bank of Commerce"--said incorporation
Sto possess banking powers and privileges, and its
capital stock to consist of not more than $250,000.
May 4 16-tf

The Protection Insmrance Co. of
-. Neiw 'Jersey.
itHE subscriber being appointed by the above
!I Company their agent for this city, is now
Prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks
May 11, 1848. THOS. L. MITCHEL.
Tat Collector's Notice.
TpAX payers are hereby notified that all taxes
I due the city must be paid by the time pre-
Sscribed by the ordinance 'passed by the City
Council, if hot the 'law. will be strictlv enforced.
City Tax Collector.
Mr. EDWARD MeCULLY is my authorized
agent for the collection of Toaxes duringg my ab-
sence from the State. . F. FARRIOR.
May 18, 1848.

Claret Wine.
SKDOZ. superior Table Claret, received per
2o, lm. Monterey., and for sale )by,
May 18 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

Hardware, Ship Chandl'ry, &c.
T HE Subscribers have on hand for sale-
SLOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screvs; Hinges,
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do', Planes,
Compasses, Augers, Gimblets, Chiiels, Brace
and Bitts, Rules, Bevels, Squares, Brpadaxes,
Ship do, Collins' do, Atlze, HatchetsI, Ham-
mers, Shutter Hangings, Blind do,Steelya'rds,
Counter Scales, Platform do, Cotton do,
Kilcnen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel anid
Tongs, Fire Irons, &c.
BLACKSMITHS' Bellows. Anvils, Sledges,
Hammers, Vices, Screwplates, Stoeks and
Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps, &c.
IRON-Sweeds, English and American, assorted,
round, flat and square; Band, Hoop, Sheet and
Boiler Irot-. Railroad, Spike do, Horseshoe
Iron anid Nails, Cast, English, Blister and
German Steel.
PLOUGHS--Single and Double Cornshellers,
Cornrr.ills, Logehains, Trace do, Ox do,
Shovels and Spades, Weeding Hoes, Garden,
S, Laue and Gru6irig Hoes.
CORDAGE-Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
.spikes; Bloclk, Oars, &c. .. ..
'CASTINGS--Sugar Kettles, Mills and Caul-
dron's, Bakeovens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled
... Kettles, Tea Kettles,, &c.
TINWARE-A full assortment.
Wholesale or retail. ,
Apalachicola, Jan. 20; 1848.
Irot, NailsI', &c. .
(20 TONS Swedq Iron, assorted sizes;
.,,J 100 kegs, Naili', do. ..
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
20 English and Amei ican Vises;
20 Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 -. -"--CotThs' Axes; .. ....
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.
5 HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground "
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java,
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
20 Sperm Candles; 50b, ro'n Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead ;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.
Boots and Shoes.
OY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans;
Genits fine Calf i..'-' i;.
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid aind Morocco Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and forsale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

PLAINS, Plain Irons, single and double, Ham-
mers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Marking Guages, Mortice do, Sawy Sets; Wood
Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and Staples, Butts1 Screws, Hinges, Shutteir Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps,Axes; Hatchets, Coffee Mills, Sledge Ham-
mers,.Smith Tong., Mill Saws, Anvils, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Gienesee Flour, woshieni Butter,
A ND a superior article ot CHEESE, fur sale
hy E. McCULLY,
Nv i 50 Water st.
ATSand Caps by the case .low for cash by
Dec 9. Cor. Water anrd Chestnat st.

SINGLE and double, for sale by ...
L July 17 J. C. ALLEN.
Drugs, Ifedicsnes & Clheiicials.i
A FRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines and
Chemicals, now landing from batk Reform;
arid for sale by'
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN-
Ha dare.
RACE CHAINS, Spades, Locls, assorted,
Wagonand Cart Boxes, Drawing Kn yes and
Irons, &c. &c. for .pale low by
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Bagging and Rope,
OR sale by E. McC[TLLY,
S Nov 11 50 W-ter st.

Q UININE, Camphor and Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

BEEF-Mess and Prime,
Pork-Do do
Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.


DOZ. Guava J ie( assorted size boxes,
jtst iecdived direct from Iaavana, for sale
ch .6 50 Water st,

M C A L CAPT. BENJ. HOWARD is my authorized
COTTON STATEMENT. t Agent during my absence from the State.
year. Apalachicola, June 1, 1848.
"iock on hand Sept. 1, 1847.....578 988
1Received past week.......... 1704 Notice.
previously .... ..114042 .OL. WM. 1I. HUGHES is my Agent during
Total .......*- 116324 105258 C my absence from the State.
Exported past week.........2103 my absence fro the State
previoubly..........100412 HENRY G. GUYON.
Total........ 102515 85752 Apalachicola, May 25, 1849.
On hand and on shipboard notcleared 13809 20500 Notice.
IN pursuance of the provisions of the Constitu-
EXPORTS OF COTTON FROM APALAOHIOOLA tion ot the State, notice is hereby given that
Commencing Ist September, 1847-and same certain persons, citizens of Florida, intend apply-
imei in 184 ng to the next General Assembly of the State,
time in 1846. for an act incorporating them, and their associ-
IPast Previ- Last ates, citizens of Florida, who may become united
WHITHER EXPORTED. wee y. TOTAL them f e purpose, bthe name and style
wek.'osl. Season wituhe for the purpose, by the name and style

for her, but without success ; at last, althiu'gh we
could find no recommendation in our circulais for
cases like hers, we' thought, as she was in very
delicate health, we would g.ie her so9ie of your
Sarsaparilla,, and are very glad ve idi, for it not
only restorred her strength, bqt she has had no re.
turn of the Fits, to puir great pleasure nd stir-
prise. She is fast becoming rugged and hearty,
for wh'icfhi w6 feel grateful ... I
Yours, respectfully; ....
Ferniae M edivine.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and
speedy cmure for Incipient Consumption, Barren-
ness, Prolapus Uteria, or Falling of the Womb,
Cqs(tiveness, Piles, Leucorrhcea, or Whites, ob-
structed or difficult Menstrpation.' Incontinence
of Urine, or involuntary: discharge thereof, and
for the general prostration of the system-no

Liverpool ............
Other ports...........
Total to For. Ports.
New York...........
Boston.i ..............
Providence .........
Philadelphia .........
Baltimore....... ...
New Orleans........
Other ports...........
Total Coastwise....





C _I_ _

Dr. Trwnsend's Sarsaparilla.
Wonder and Blessing of the Age.
The most extraordinary Medicine in the Worid!
This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles : it is six
times cheaper, pleasanter, and wa'rranted su-
perior to any gold. It cures iih".I't
vomiti-lg,,purging, sickeningor
debilitating the Patient. ,.
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsa-
parilla over all other medicines is, that ;while it
eradicates the disease', it invigorates the body. It
is one of the very best -.
Ever known; it not only purifies the whole sys-
tem, and strengthens the person, but it creates
new, pure and rich blood:, a, power possessed by
no other medicine. And in this lies the grand
secret of its wonderful success. It has performed
within the last five years'" more than 100,000
cures of severe cases of disease; at least 15,000
were considered incurable. It has saved the lives
of more than 5000 children during the two past
10,000 cases of Generl .lDebt|iity
and want of Nervous Energy.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsanarilla invigorates the
whole system permanently. To those who have
lost their muscular energy by the effects of med-
icine or indiscretion committed in youth, or the
excessive indulgence of the passions, and brought
on a general physical prostration of the nervous
system, lassitude, want of ambition, fainting sen-
sations, premature decay and decline, hastening
towards that fatal disease, Consumption. can be
entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This
Sarsaparilla is far superior to anty
Invigorating Cordial,
As it renews and invigorates the system, gives
activity to the limbs, and strength to the muscu-
lar system, in a most extraordinary degree.
S Consuimption Cured.
Cleanse and Strengthen. Consumption can be
cured. Bronchitis, Cornsumption, Liver Com-
plaint, Colds, Catarrh' Coughs, Asthma, Spit-
ting of Blood, Soreness in the Chest, Hectic
Flush, Night Sweats', Difficult or Profuse Ex-
pectoration, Pain in the Side, &c'., h've been
and can be cured. ...
Spitting Blood.
New York, April 28, 1847.,
Dr. Townsend-I verily believe that your Sar-
saparilla has been the means, through Providence,
of saving my life. I have for several years had a
bad cough. It became worse and worse. At
last I raised large quantities of blood, had night
sweats, and was greatjy.debijitated and reduced,
and did not expect, to live. I have only used your
Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a won-
derful change been wrought in me. I am now
able to walk all over the city. I raise no blood,
and my coig'.h t hag left me. You can well ima-
gine that am thankful for these re,'stlts.
Your.obedient-servant',,,. ..
WM. RUSSELL, 65 Catharine st.
,,, Rhleumnatismn.
Thisi9,only one of more than four thousand
cases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsa-
parilla has cured, The most severe and chronic
cases are weekly eradicated by its extraordinary
James Cummings, Esq ,; one of the assistants
in the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's Island,is the
gentleman spoken of in the following letter: I
--l--- -lw-I -Tlandr-Sept. -14, 184.1, L
Dr. Townsend-Dear Sir: I have suffered ter-
ribly for nine years with the Rheumatism ; con,
siderable of the time I could not eat, sleep or
walk. I had the utmost distressing pains, and
my limbs were terribly swollen. I have used
four bottles qf your Sarsaparilla, and they have
done more than one thousand dollars worth of
good. You are at. li6erly to use this' for tie & en-
efit of the afficted.
Yours, respectfiullv,
Fever and Ague.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is unequalled in
cases of the Chills and Fever and Ague. The
following letter is only one of hundreds that we
have received from the South and West of like
character. ,.
Oswegg; Mich., '0pt 22, ,1847.
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I purchased for my
wife two bottles of Sarsaparilla of your Agent,
Mr. McNair, of Kalamazoo, to try it for the Fe-
ver and Ague. Before I had finished the first
'bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and every
other day, when the ,Chills and Fever appeared,
they were less violent; and before she had fin-
ished the bottle, she was entirely relieved; andt
she was much better than she had been before
she took the Ague. A lady that had been very
sick with the Chills and Fever, u'tl had broke
them with Quinine, an was left in a very weak
and distressing state, and troubled exceedingly
with the Ague Cake, seeing tbe effect that it had
on my wife, she sent and procured a ,fewbottles,
and it restored her in a few. weeks to complete
health. Your Sarsapiarilla is Wvithout doubt, ui:-
equalled in diseases incident to the West, and if
you think that this communication will be of Use
you are at liberty, totise ,it as y.uVhoose.
Yours; .respectfulliy,
Canker in the IM1outh.
Below is an account of another chilli saved
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has saiu'e3,tlhe liy.es
of thousands of children. The folhuuwing two
certificates are selected from a great number re-
ceived this week:. .
e, New Yotrk; April 1, 1847.
Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-One of my children
was very sick with a Canker i0 the Mouth annd
Throat, attended with great debility, It came
near dying. I obtained some of your excellent
medicine; and it cured,, it directly, for which I
assure you I feel very grateful.
,. Yours, resnecltullv,
ELIZABETH TJ OWLER, 27 Desbrosses-st.
", Fit.! Fitiis! Fits!I
.Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsapa-
rilla,in cases of Fits, of course never recommend
ed it, and was surprised to receive the following
from an intelligent anrd respectable Farmer in
Westchester county :
"Fordham, August 13, 1847, ,
Dr Townsend: Dear Sir-I have a Iittie, girl
seven years of age, who has been several year's
afflicted with Fits; we tried almost. everything

matter whether the result of inherent cause or
causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci-
dent. Nothing can be more surprising than its
invigorating effects on the human frame. Per-
sons all weakness a.id lassitude fromn taking it,
at once become robust and full of energy rnder
its influence., It immediately cutln!eracts the
nervelessness of the female frame,, which Js the
great. cause of Barrenness. It will not be e*-
pected of us, in cases of so delicate a nature,,t.o
exhibit, certificates of cures performed but we
can assure the afflicted, that hundreds of cases
have been .reported to us. Thousands of cases
where families have been without children,after
using a lew bottless of this invaluable medicine,
have been blessed with fine, healthy offsprinig.
To MIothers and ilairied Ladies.
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference tp female complaints. No
female who has reason to suppose she is approach-
ing.that critical perjod-, The ita'n if life,"
should neglectto take it, as it is a cittain pre-
Sventative for any of thbe iiimerous and horrible
diseases to which females are subject at ihis lime
Sof lile. This period, nay be deayed fbr several
-years l/y usiigl i medicine. Nor i' if less val-
uable for those who areapproaching womanhood,
as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening
the blood and invigorating th.e ,.,i IT-m Indeed,
thlmrnedicpne is invaluable furra .l,'he 'delicate
diseases to Which women are subject.
It braces thlie whole system, renews permanent-
ly the natural en-ergies, by removing thb ihnp' i-
tjes of the body, riot so fatr stimulating as to.pro-
duce su'bseqpuent relaxation, which is the case of
most medicines taken for female weakness and
disease. By using a few hottlhs of this inedicifte,
many severe and painful surgical operations mnay
be prevented..
Greit Bllessing to Mothers ahi,
-, Children.
It is tihe "f'..-it qnd most eflictual medici 'e for
purifying the systern and relieving the sufferings
attendant upon child-birth ever discoverA- J.
strengthens both the mother and child, prevents
pain and disease, increases and enriches the 'i.; d,
those who have used it think it is ii 'l'-(..r--tm
It is highly useful both before and li. i c,.i'fiii--
ment, as it prevents diseases attendant upon
childbirth-in Costiveness, Piles, Cramps, Swell-
ing of the Feet, Despondency, Heartbui-n, Voi'-
iting, Pain in the Back and Lpiois, Fal3e Paii)s4
Hemorrhage; and in regulating the secretions aod
equalizing the circulation it has noeoual The
great beauty bof this medicine is, it is always sa.e,
and the most delicate use it most s6u'ces-'tfly,
very few cases require any other ie(dictine,,i in
some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.
Exercise in the open air, and light food ,ith this
medicine, will always ensure a sa!e and easy 6'on
Notice to the Ladies.
Those that imitate Dr. Townsend's Sarkapatiia,
have invariably called their stuffa great Rfn'.l
fr females, &c. &c., andt have c pied our bills
.an circulars which relates to the complaint of
wome .; word for word-other mei' who p6ftup
medici;pe" have, since the great success Qf Dr"
Townsend's Sarsapnril a in complaints incident to
females, V.ecommendedtieirs, although previous-
ly they did not. A nu'nber of these Mlixtures,
Pills, &c., are injuriou,to fejn.ales, as they aggre-
vate disease,.,and unden' .in 'the coatitution:
.,c'ofla Cure4.: .,, .,.
This,,cr'tfiicate conclusively prove, that this
Sarsaparilla has perfect control over fhp most osb-
stinate diseases of the Blood. Three persons
cured in one house is unprecedented.
Three Children.
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I have the pleasure
to inform you that three of my children hav
been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your ex-
cellent medicine. They were afflicted very se-
verely with bad Sores :, have taken only four bot-
tles; it took them away for which I fe`l myself
under great obligation, .
Yours, respectfully; ....
I... SAAC W ..CRAIN, 106 Wooster-st.
Opinions pf Physicians.
Dr. Townsend is almost daily receiving border
-frm Physician in differe.p't paits of the UVnion.
'This is to certity. that, we, the undersigned'
Physicians of tbe City of Alhai.. %i.aie in niin er-
ous eases prescribed Dr. Tor ri:.- ,1"' S'r'n]arilla.'
and believe it to be one of the most valuable pe-.
parations in the market. ...
it. B. BRIG(GS, M D.
Albany, April 1, 1847, .
Owing to thegreat success and immense sale'
of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a ndmher of men
who were formerly our Agents, have conmenced
making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bi3tlers, Ex-
tracts of Yellow Dock; &c. They gernerall put,
it up in the sairmeshaped bottles, and some of
them have stole 'and copied our advertisements;
they are only worthless imitations, and should be
Principal Office, 126 FULTON Si-eet, Sun
Building, N. Y.; Redding & Co., 8 State street;
Boston; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second .street
Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore;
P. ,1. Cohen, Charlston,; Wright & Co., 15l
Charters street, 1'j .O.; 105 South Pearl street;
Albany; and By all thug prin-ipal Druciets ard
Merchants generally throughout the United States
West Indies and the Capoadas.i ,.
For sale wholesale and retail by ; ,
., ,* ..,, + I-! F;.A33ELL,
May, 25; 1848 19-ly Apilanchicola.

,'. +, AND
Aggr'iultural Advocate,
weekly paper to be published in Quniy, Fa,
THE proprietor of the .QUINCV tiiMEs,. under
the repeated solicitationus of his patrons, who are
mostly qonfprised. among the friends of Temper-
ance, Agriculture, and other industrial interests
of Society, has ceternuined to devote his Journal
more exclusively to the objects indiated by the
new title he has assumed.
The Editor has consented to make this change
not so much with the expectations of" ret.tisrv

gain, as with the desire of exerning a -.sl'tary
moral influence throughout our gr(virg Slate,
in regard to subjects vhich he holds of 6tll oth-
ers, to be of paramount impo'tanOe :
The cause of Temperance; the inlere't of
Agriculture; and home irndistrr, in all its iela-'
lions and variedies--wil l'e.the, 'objects to w'icl'
the attention of (he paper will be principally di
reacted; and as connected with these. interests'
and as hearing upon them, nd. as influencing
them, a revieww of foreign and doinnstic markets,;
wilJ not be ovetlo6oke4.
The inpo#rAnce ,of the objects .nd the aid
which a wvell bonufedil niwvsqpaper could afford
themx aie questions tihich contd n6ot -be'fully dis-
cussed it a paper 6f this sort; but it will be mu-,
purpose to explain and enforce them in articles
original and selected which 'may appear in our
columns. ,. '
The Editor of the TFMPERANeCE ADvocAT
will not in any degree interfere with party poli-'
tics.. The events of the day, the passing occur-
repes of th.e week, he will notice wit4fas much
trut-h and impartiality, as the vature,oflhe case
will admit. He believes himself to je free from
all party bias, and he will endeavor fthuis to pre-
serve the columns of hispaper.
The Editor proposes to enlarge very ionsider-.
ably his paper frot its pri,.sent size, and fin make
other improvements; should the patr'qnge offered
authorize t. .
Tetms of f.%b iptin.-Two d pilar per an,
nuri in advartnce, or three dollars if net paid ia
advance. I : I-- I
Q uincy, Fa., May 27, 1848. I



~Sp ~I

Military, Fire Caps, and Fire
Bucket M1anufactory.
ENRY T. GRATACAP, continues to manu-
facture at his old stand, No. 392 Broadway,
New York, tha following articles: Military Caps,
Belts, Body and Breast Plates, Cartridge Boxes,
Knapsacks, Priming Wires, Scabbards, Saddle
Clothi, Holsteis, Bridles, Gun Cases, Fire Caps,
Bear Skin Caps, &c. &e'.
Military and Fire Companies about forming, or
contemplate changing their Unifbrms, can be
supplied with Pattern Caps, by addressing the
above, at the shortest notice, on the most reason-
able terms. May 4, 16-6t.
1 ~\SACKS Rio, Havana, and St. Domingo
100.JL! Coffee, for sale loQw by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

29 BBLS Whi;eY 0; v hhI0ls Molasses:
-2 1I tierce Rice, 1uqt rrc d and for salo by
Jan 6 E. M
SCOTCH and Mai',ahov, in bottl!-s and blad-
drs, just received and for sale bv
Pet; 17 H F ABELT,-
MDr. Wooilraff's Wora 'Specific,,
A SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, for
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.
The dIiiillns' Elixil-,
A CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever,/for
sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN. i
SALAD OIL, just receivedand tor sale by
Is AprI 17 H. F. ABELL
Sa~dlery, &e0..
S rDDLES, of varwiru |pialterns and qualities,
Bridles, curb and Snaffle bits,
Saddle Bags,
Martingales and Whips, for sile by
'Dec 30 41 Water street.

IWVIAW' I-OUC.'S ,Pana-cea, jnst 'received
anti for sale by
Feb llV H F AB ELL.

Groceries, &C.
JUST received from New York, per brig Alaba-
ma, a general assortment of Groceries, &c.
consi.-;ting in part as follows, viz:
Crushd Sugar, "a fine article,"
Pickles, Assorted, Lemon Syrup,
Cog. Brandy, a super, article,"
Corri. do.
Holland Gin; of the bet quality;
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,
St. Croix and Jamaica Rum,.
Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines,
Soap, Candles and Starch,
N. 0. Rectified Whiskey;
Brown N. 0. Muscovado arid St, Croix Sugar,
Bacon Sides; &c. &c.
All of which will be sold low by
Nov 11 50 W tar st.

, Window Glass.
TUS&T received, 50 boxes window glass, of all
J sizem. Fort bale by J. C. ALLEN.
Kay 4.

SPRING and Thumb Lancets, just received
and for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.

Uegat Noticet,

Dry Goods.
HE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
W white and Red Flannels,
Baangups and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton (1' ,h-o,,,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen arid Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shining and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super C.as'hrnre d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hi's,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladles' Cotton Hbse and Gents Hf-hose,
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings,
Cotton ant Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importersand Agents
of Manufacturers, at -the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or etail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street.

Constitution of the State of Flo-
SOF 1848.

Proposed and agreed to by the third General Only FIFTY CEJVTS for the Campaign.
assembly: subject to the action of the next
General assembly. The undrsigned proposes to commence the pub-
-lication of a paper to be called THE WHIG
AN ACT to amend the 12th Clauseof the,5th BUGLE," at Hamburg, Pa., on the 1st of April
Article of the Constitution of this State,'so that next, to be continued weekly until after the Pres-
the Judges of the Circuit Courts shall hold' idential Election, at the'low priceeof FIFTY
their offices for a term of eight years, instead oft CEJVTSJir the Campaign.
during good behavior. The WHIG BUGLE will be similar in appear-
SECIo-IO 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and ance and spirit to The Clay Bugle," published
House of .'. ... t 1/ r, the State Of F/o- by the undersigned in the campaign of 'S44, and,
*r1da in General dlssembly convened, That the as its name indicates, will be especially devoted
'121 h ( I ..... ot the 5th Articleot the Constitltion :to the dissemin ation of Whig Principles. It will
of this State be so amended as to read as follows, advocate the nomination of the gallant General
viz: That at the expiration of the )resent term ZACHARY TAYLOR for the Presidendy, but
ot office ol the Judgosof the Circuit Courts, with will yield a hearty support to the nominees of
the exception hereinafter mentioned, Justices of the appropriate Whig Convenlio s for President,
*the Supreme Court, and the Judges or the Circuit Vice President atid Canal Commissioner.
Cornrts,shaal be elected for a. term of eight years, The Whig candidate for the Presidency in
and shall hold the:r offices for that terrn, unless '1848 is already designated in many of the States
sooner removed under the provisions made in this of the Union-and ZACHARY TAYLOR is Ihe
Constitution for the removal of Judges by address choice of a very large majority of the American
or impeachment; and for wilful neglect of duty, people. This preference for the Old Hero is
or other reasonable cause, which shall notbe. both natural and right; for it is founded in a
'guficientr( ground for impeachment, the Governor grateful sense of long and distinguished services
shiall remove any of them, on the address of two rendered on the field of battle, whera he hag dis-
third:, of tho General Assembly ; Prdvidedhow- played courage, humanity, and judgment of the
evter, That the ca,,oe or causes shall be stated at highest order.
length in such address and entered on the Jour- The fame and services of the galland Old Rough
nali of each tHouse. And Provided further, and Ready are fresh and National, and have found
That Ihe cause or causes shall be notified to the a deep, response in all hearts. He has already
Judge so intended to he removed, and he shall been formally nominated by the Legislatures and
he admitted t) a he.iring in his own defence, be- State Conventions of a number of States, and
f(re any vote for such removal shall pass : and in by tens of thousands of his countrymen, in their
such cases the vole shall be taken by yeas and primary assemblies. His nomination by the
nays and entered on the Journals of each House Whig National Convention is now regarded as
re.-) tctiiv,!'iy pretty certain; and in that event his election is
S.EC. "2. Pe it further enacted, That the Judges sure by an overwhelming majority. He has
first appointed under this amended Constitution, fairly, honestly, and gallantly earned the highest
shall be di,,ided tby lot into four classes. The honors of the Republic, and a grateful people
"fll.! class shall hoId his or their office or offices will not Withhold them.
lor the term nf 'wo'yiara-the second for the term Gen. ZACHRY TAYLOR is our first choice
of four yesir-: the third for the term of six years, for the Presidency, but we pledge our zealous
the forth lor the term of eight years. support. to the nr'otinee of the Whig cNational
[Pa;sed the Senale by the Constitutional ma- Convention, regarding unanimity of feeling and
,jorly, December 2-2. 1847. Passed tho House of concentration of eflort, as essential to success.
Rop resentatives, by the Constitutional majority, And should TAYLOR, CLAY, SCOTT, CLAY-
.January 6, 'rf.] TON, or any other distinguished WhigStatesman
All Flrid A papers Will publish, provided not, be selected by that body, he will receive our cor-
more than $20 is char-ged.- dial and enthusiastic support. The union of
Apri 27, 1188, 15-,m. the 'Thigs far the sake of the Union," will be
Il-idware, S.Aip Chandlery, &c. ourmotto-our candidate, the nominee of the
'H-.E Su!bcribers have'on hand for sale-- Whig National Convention.
T LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Each number of THE W14GBUGi:F will con-
andsws, Millsaws, Crosscut do, Planes n a large fund ofPOLITICAL and GENERAL
Compass Aws, r saws, i etsChislds,PBrace. INTELLIGENCE-and there will be infused
Copsss ugr, ibetChsl,>rc through its columnsq that life and spirit--fun and
and Bills, Rul,-s, Bevels, Squares, Broadaxes, t^o~ t oun htheadszz-u n
Ship do, ColhnsB do, Adze, Hatchets, Ham- philosophy-wit and wisdom, that will be calcu-
Shipdo, ollis' d, Aze, atchts, am-lated to stamrp it as a spicy and interesting sheet.
mers, Shutter HIeAnsings, Blind do, Steelyards,! We'are determined to make the BUGLE the most
Counter Scales, Platform do, Cotton do, l y s ite d and to make th i pape the
Kitchen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and lvelyspirited and efficient Whi ppe at the
Ton-",, Fire frots, &c. Capital of the State
BBellows, Anvils, Sledges We coll upon the Whigs of Pennsylvania, and
Hammers, Vices, Screwplates, Stocks and, of the Union, to give their aid to this enterprise.:
Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps, &c. Let the blasts of THE WHIG BUGLE be heard in
I[[ON--3%weeds, English and American, assorted, e part df the y, rousing t
round, flat and square, Band, Hoop, Sheet and Whigs to ACTION.'
Boiler IRon, Rai SpThe first number of THE WHIG BUGLE will
Iron anIl Nails, Cast, English, Blister and be issued in the first week in April, and weekly
GIrma'Ni Ctast, n h B e a thereafter, until after the Presidential election,
PLOTTGHS-Single and Double Cornshfllers,I o the small sum of' FIFTY CENTs for the c-.,m-
Co, nrrill,. L ,',,i'o d Tr .^a a1 l, ^ pain. :

Frankliti Circuit Court.
John W. Rinaldi, Compl't, "
Daniel Smith and Lucy Ann In Chancery.
his wife, Resp'ts
UPON reading the foregoing affidavit, it is or-
dered that service of the foregoing bill be
perfected on the defendants in said bill mention-
ed, by publication in the Commercial Advertiser,
or some other newspaper published in the West-
ern District, for the space of f6ir heonths, req ui-
'ring said defendants to appear and answer said
bill, otherwise that the same be taken pro con-
fesso. GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
April 24th, 1848.
A true copy. WM. VALLEAtU, Clk.
May 4 16-4mn
At Citauzlhers,
APALACHI[COLA, DE-c. 29, 1847.
John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,"
vs. *'
George K. Walker and Mary
his wife, of the State of
Florida, James E. Better Bill for account
and Ann his wife, of the and partition.
State of New York, and
Jane McMasters, of the
State of South Carolina,
UTTPON affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that
U the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and 'the. filing ot the
amended Bill, be given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, 'for the 'space of four
"months, and if, upon due proof of the appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so published:
for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by the next rul'e'day,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said period of four months, it is further or-
dered, that the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
Compl'ts Solicifors.
A True Copy. WM. VALLEAUt,
Dec 30. 50-4 m Clerk.

Wines ou Consignanent.
JUST received per !hip 'Marianna-, air 'for
sale low for cash-
1U baskets Hiedsick Champagne,
5zeases',sfd Pale Port Wine,
5 Sanderlat"'s .. .
10 Duff Gordon Sherry Winp,
410 old Eiist India Afaderia Wiine,*
'" old Sicily Maderia Wine, 1)v
'March 2 McC LY.
For Sale.
/S^, 5 BBLS Hay, now landing from s! io Fiori-
0 di.n. Apply to
Dec 23 NOURSE, STONE &\ Co.
--i-nfmi Syrup.
I B RAY'S superior Lemonie n sy u;)pii rcccLived
and tor sale by
Feb 17 H[ F A-BE"LIU
lWestesr'-' Pra'ftnce.
tr. JOLIO S Fl.om-, O;iio (I ), Lard, Whiik,'y,
31i.;ar, choice and prim,,. Miias.,ePrMrk, rneis
and prm ,, B-icon, t-ia Si .?qid, ainu 1 ... I .,'(;,"
sale by R. EULLr-ON & Co.
D-c 9. C'r Water a' it Cheslnnt st-s.
G01:,va Jellies.
N different sized boxes,'just received from Ha-
vana, and for sale by
Dec 23 E MeCUE't.

T HE Subscribers take this method of inform-
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
cinity, that they have now on hand a very neat
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which will be
sold l.w, consisting in part as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles,
Fancy Prints, do. do..
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured,
Silks, rode i," ,,
do. Montella
do. Satin Striped
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino do.
,do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book
,do. Swiss, Luce and Colored
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread
Shawls, Damask Silk
do. Marino,
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion
Ribbons in all varieties
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4
Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4
Inrain and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Bags
Hats and Caps, all styles
Boots and Shoes
Clothing ol all kinds.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous to mention.
Call and examine for Yourselves.
Dec 23 Cor. Water and Centre sts.
B, Elison & Co., Cor. Water and
Chestnut sts.
MANTLLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oaknm, Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale'do, Olive!
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
penine-, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
- :eL ad oai _dn. .Yfi ..I w. O-ch~re._.Chrmns-J'_ a.,"_*n
Kmerald do, imperial do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris, Litlhrage, SulIphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine. Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tardo, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamip Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck, Eng-
lish do, Cotton dp, Heavy Ravenns do, Light do,
W hl4te, hilneand Red I .-...,,.-. Nails, Copper do,
dlo Tacks, Ship nSpikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
Tack Screws, Anchors, .Handspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Bi,, 9. Shines, .Jib FHanks. Hand
Pumps, Dpek i:.,.-l,. ,-, Cedar do, Deck. Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking M llets, Sarving do, Axes, Axe
Shelves, Hooks and Thimbles,'Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, '. ,'.;,,2 Irons', .farline Spikes, Ship Sera-,
pers,.Bung Dippers. Cook's Ladles, Tormentorn,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles. Sail. Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, tigging Leather,
Pump do, Shovpels, Hammers, Hatchets. Chisels,
Angurs, Planes, Hmids;iws, Gimblets, Handsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares. Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hinges. Padlocks,
Wood Saws, Pendant 1l\,., .,.l-,lHand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Deep
Sea do, Slieet do, B-ar.do, Funnels, I..,l ,,-,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, .. .......
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c &e.
Ap iltchicola. Dec 9, 1847
Net andI Twine M c '"turilig;
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan's Pate.nt
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, Baleing and
Bundle Twines, M,Carty's Cotton Herring Twine,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad, Bass, and
Dip Nets. Government Seines with B-: Cod;
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Senies,
X. B. ,Nets and Sei'nes knit to order at short
notice. B. ELLISON & Co., Agents,
October 14, 1847. 39tf Apalachicola

Franklin Circuit Court.
The President and Directors of
the Bank of Pensacola, I II Chancery.
.o ~vs. Y
Hiram Manley, and others. J
At Chambers, 24th March, 1848.
UTPON reading the Bill and Exhibits, filed in
t his cause, It is ordered, that service of said
bill be perfected on Hiram Manley, one of the
defendants, who appears from the affidavit filed
herein, to be a resident of the Middle District of
Florida, by publication in the newspaper pub-
lished in the city of' Apalachicola, for the space
of two months, requiring said Manley to be and
appear before the Cdurt on the first Monday in
June next, and answer said bill, otherwise the,
same will be taken pro conlessn as ti, him.
A True Copy.
March 30, 1848. 11-2m
Calhoun County Tax Sale.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by law,
I will expose for sale, before the Court-house
door, in the county of Calhoun, on the first Mon-
day of August, 1848, the following described
property, or so much thereof as will pay the
,Ctate and County tax due thereon for the year'
1847, to-wit :
The S W I of Section 5, Township 1, Range 9.
N & IV, joining the lands of Stepvhen Richards,
purporting to belong to J. W. Williamson.
Also, the N W I of Section 8, Township I,'
Range (, N & W, and the W I of the S W -i oft
S-potinn _5,. T-vn i h i" T? '_^ > -" a .'
-purtingi to'belo]ng to, W ;,. iV, ,,, -
Also, 80 acres of first rate land, number nol
known, purporting to belong to J. & B. F. Pettey.
Also, 80 acres second rate land1, number not
known, purporting to belong to Jas. T. Evens'
Also, 547 acres first rate land, number notC
known, purp6rting to belong to Call & Gamble.
Also, 8) acres first rate li:d, number not
known, purportinay to blono to Saml. Parkhill.
ISAAC JACK4ON, Sheriff and
Ex-Officio Tax Collector C. C.
May 1, 1848. 16tds

Soe and Spa1es1',1111, Weedin o, G arde,
Shorvels. and Spades, Weedingy Hoes, Garden,,
Laua and Grubbiing Hoes.
CORD AG,--Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
spikes, Blocks, Oars-, &c.
CASTINGS-Sug.ar K-tfles, Mills and Caul.
drons, Bakeovens, ,piders, Pots, Enameled
Kettles, Tea Kettles, &c.
TINTWARg-A full assortment.
Wholesale nir'retail.

Iroan, Nsils )&c.
0"0" TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
. 100,) kegs Nailq, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
0' En.'lish and American Vises;
:'9' Bellnws ;.
1-2 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10) CCollins' A,->s;
10 bxs Coltntn and Woolen Cards;
'1 paqe Rowlarind's Ca.t Steel Mill Saws;
t000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.
5 11HD4),3St. Croix Sugar;
1.5 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls;St Croix 6
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf -
10 bIbls ground "
100 sacks Rio Coffoe; 50 do Java,
40 bxs A'romatic Tobacco;
50 Mi't'd do.;
20" Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 hbis Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
10`0 lbs Lead ;
21T0 kea's White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.
Boots and Shoes.
BOY'S and Men's Rasset Brogans;
Men'ssew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
Wm's pe-'d and sew'd Shoes; Children'sdo. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large a;-,d extensive assortment, just received
and l'orsale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.
llard ware.
LAINS-, Plain hrons, single and double, Ham-
mers, DMiw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Marking Gua.ges, Mortice do, Saw Sets, Wood
Rules, ,Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and Sla!,le, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Trapps, Axes) Hatchets, Coffee Mills, SledgteHam-
iners, Smith Tongs, Mill Saws-, Anvils, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Ctenegae f lour, Goshen Butter,
ND d superior article of CHEESE, for sale
. by E. McCULLY,
Nov t1 50 Water st.

THE WHIG BUGLE will be furnished to C.LUBS
at the following low rates: Six copies for ;.
Twelye copies for 85. 'Sixteen copies for-
Twenty-five copies for $10. And for any larger
numbers in the same proportion. All orders
must be accompanied with the cAsH. ( Any
person sending a Club of Subscribers will be en-
titled to a copy of the paper. Remittances may
be made by mail with entire safely.
We hope the inspiring blasts of TmR WHiic
to by our political brethrie. The Bugle calls to,
arms, and in every part of the country the true,
and gallant Whigs are buckling on their armour
and preparing for thie fi_-ht. Let there be no
sluggards in our ranks in the good old Keystone
Let every Whig who receives a copy of this
Prospectus make up and send us a club of suh.
sciiber,z and we promise them a paper well
worth (heir money and trouble. Send your or-,
ders early, so as to begin with the first number.
Address, C. M'CURDY,
Harrisburg, Feb 1848. Harrisburg, Pa.

POTATOES-100 hbl.; Turnips-'50 bbis:;
Carrots-50 bbhl.; Beets'5) bbls ;
ParSnips-S5 lbsls.-, for. sqle hb'y
Dec 319 B EI L[SO'N "& Co.
i- ~~ viOT r t wu^. r- 1c-9 Tyrisp I- ^^**- r
W INER'S Canadian Vermifuze, for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.
Oil Gloths alft Carapets.
!1 1PC ORtOloth-, I and 2 vards wide.;
15 3 p-s snpm Ingrain Carpeting-;
2 '- Stair "
'10 Tufrted Rugs,
For sale by WM.L G. PORTER &S-CO.
Dec SO 4 1 Water til i eet.

BaileyNs Tonic Mixtare..
T-HIS is a valuable compound fl:iid extract of
Cinchona and Rnbra-, a vegetable lebrl1uge
for the cure of Fever and Agoe. Solt 'by
June 12 1. P. AlBELL.
0 HHD3 West Inmlies; 50 tierees Florida,
50 for sale by R. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 3.) Cnr Water and Chestnut stk

( BBLS Whiskey; 10 do. Prime Pork;
70U 10 bbIs Floor;'l cask Rice;
5 superior old Reserve Whiskey;
2 very choice Hams;
Now landing per schr Louisa Sears, and for
sale by E McCULLY,
March 16 50 Water st.
D RAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
Philadelphia and Baltimore, bought; and
Sight Checks on New York sold hy
Agents Bank of runswick,
Dec 30 41 Water street.

50 BBLS Cham page, t',or sale by
50 Dec 30 B ELLISON Co.
School Books.
S HOOL BOOKS, of all kinds, just rec'd by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN.

Bacon, Flour, Sm~i', Coffee avd
ALWAYS on hand, and for sale lmv byv
Dee 23 E McCULLY.
SwIyI & -Wistmr's
COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry, just're-
ceived and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

B OOTS, Shoes and P'ogans, by the case.;
Women's Shoes ant Buski's.;
Men's, Boys and Youth"%-,Brogans:;
.... fine sew'A Brogans';
Men's pegged Boots;
,' final sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Dec 9. Cot. Water and Cnestnut s|.
01ry Goods.
D RILLINGS, Tickings, Coiton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, lannel,, BMan-
Itets, Tweed.-, Shiftings Sheetings, Cheeks-,
G5inghams, Calicoes) Delane4, Hosierv, &c &c
For'vale by 9. ELLISON &- CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

H ATR, Hat, Clothes, Teeth,Nail and Shaving
Brushes, for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.
5 KBBLS superior Muscovado, for sale by
25 Mch 16 E McCULIY, 50 Water st.
School Books,
FOR salteby
Feb 17 H F ABELt .
Cuba Tobacco Seed.
LBS Trbacco Seed, from the most celebrated
plantatioes of the Vuelta Abajo, just received
from Havana, for sale by
Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

-ood Ware, Ac.
BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
Brooms, &c. &c. for sale bv
Dec 9 O'r. Wafer and Chestnut s!q.

Blank Books and Stationery.
L EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Lettei Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books-
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Books for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March I H F. ABELL.

Bat, iouse & Cockroacth Poison.
,t IS very efficacious remedy for extermina-
ting immediately, if a proper application be
Tnadeof all of the above named annoyances. His
Flea and Mosquito Poison ha.s attained a very ex-
itensive celebrity for its invariable destructive pro-
perties to that order of insect*. For sale by
August 14 J. C. ALLEN, Drugimst.
IHolmes' Vegetable Pills,
T HESE celebrated Pills have become so fam-
ous for their virtues, in curing this disease,
that but little need be said of them, their action
upon the system is wonderful, they immediately
arrest all pain in this disease, no mater of how
long standing. Pamphlets containing 30 pages
of testimonials from the profession. For sale by
March 2 J C ALLEN.
Flour and Whiskey.
0f BBLS. Whiekey; 59 bbis Illinois Flour,
60yreceived per schr. Monterey, for sale by
May 18 E. McCUDLY, 50 WVater st.
Congress Spring Water,
'UST received, direct from the Spring. For
sale by J. C. ALLEN.
May 4.

JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale
by E. McCULLY,
March 16 "50 Water st.
Scotch Snuuf.
GROSS Scotch Snuff, in half bottles, just re-
ceived, for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
Aromatic Bitters.
D R BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, just received
and for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
Scidlitz Powders.
GRASS Seidlitz Powders that are fresh, just
received and for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.

HILL'S superior single and double Trusses,
for sale by
Feb 17 F ABELL.
Thompson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Naptha,
FOR the cure of consumptionkchronic, bron-
chitis, asthma, whooping cough, palpitation
of the heart, liver complaints, and affections of
the kidneys, fo4 sale by
Feb 10 J C ALLEN.
CASTILE Soap for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.
ADE on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool,
MHavre, New York and Boston, by
Dec 16 D. B. WOOD & CO

H ATS and Caps by the case low tfor cash by
Dec 9. Cor. Water arid Chestnut st.

SINGLE and double, lor sale by
July 17 J. C. ALLEN.
Drugs, iliedicsnes & Chemicals,
A FRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines and
Chemicals, now landing from bark Reform,
and for sale by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN

Groceries and Ship Stores.
RDIe COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
_,Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Goshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskey, iVIess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues; Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap; Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelli,. Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oa;s, Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
For sale by B. ELLISON & GO
Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Infusion Jarsm
A FEW Infusion Jars-every family should
have one--or sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.

Hydrostatic Ink Fountain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks,
Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
Nov 18 J C ALLEN.

Letter Paper,
1 ' REAMS fine Letter Paper, just received
10 and for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.

TRACE CHAINS, Spades, Locks, assorted,
Wagonand Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives and
Irons, &c. &c. for" sale low by
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Bagging anmd Rope,
F-OR ,ale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 W.ter st.

'' OZ. Sulp. Quinine, just received and for
e30 sale by
April 27 H F ABELL.

SIX months after date, I will apply to the
Hon. Judge of Probates for Franklin County,
ftr a final dvicharge from the administration of
the estate of Henry Beal, late of said county, de-
ceased. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r.
Aplachicola, April 13, 1848. 13-6m
Guava Jellies.
.,-5'K DOZ. Guava Jellies, assorted size boxes,
yk/ just received direct from Havana, for sale
March 16 50 Water st.

SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

A SPLENDID article of Ground Mustard, in
tin boxes, for sale by
April 27 IT F ABELL.
Gold Pens.
A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior
Gold Pens, just received and for sale by
October 21. J C. ALLEN

Razor Strops.
HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just re-
ied and for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J.C. ALLEN.

UININE, Camphor and-Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

BEEF-Mess and Prime,
Pork-Do do
Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

- n

AnUners' Oil,

FOR sale by
Dec 30


Drugs, MIedicines, Painls Oii
Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, &c.
q11g& THE undersigned returns his thanks
to his friends and the public tor their
liberal patronage, and begs to inform
that he is now receiving an addition,-
i f' al supply, which added to his former
stock, renders his assortment unusually large
and complete. English, French, German and
American Drugs; Cosmetics; Perfumery; Glas's
and Druggists Glass ware, &c., &c are offered
to Physicians, Country Merchants and others or,
the most liberal terms-all of which he warrants
pure and unadulterated.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
45 Water street.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846.
Drugs amd lMtedicines.
-,THE subscriber has, and witi
constantly have, on hand, a complete
assortment ,of DRUGS and MEDI-
CINES, which he will warrant pure
and of the best quality. Country.
Merchants and Planters will find it
to their advantage to call, examine and price his
Goods, before purchasing elsewhere. '
N. B. 'Physician'^ pr-scrip.,-.!+ put up with
care and accuracy at any hour of the dai or night.
March 21 Cor. Centre atnd'Commerce sts.;
(Late 7. CL2ARK.)
i ] CONTINUES to carry on tl'e
business in Apalachicola, oppo-
site "the City Hotel in Centre st.
Having superior workmen, he is
confident that all who may patronize him wi[l
find that they have called at the right shop.
French Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent Leather
Boots and Shoes made to order, of the latest and
most E,,!r,-,, (d ,t) 1-i Also, Patent Leather Gai-
ter Boots and. Shoes made in a superior manner.
He will keep constantly on hand a large and se-
lected assortment of Ready Made Boots, Shoes
and Brogans. All mending, &c., done with neat-
ness and promptitude, and on terms that cannot
tail to berecognised as in keeping with the com-
petition,in trade and the closeness of the times.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9, 1847. 47-6m
Underwood & Caighi,
'L ietoJiZ esMAplcf
| RESPECTFULLY offert heir ser-
Siy^Km^vices to the citizens of Apalachi"-
cola, and the county of Franklih
yEB generally, in the line of tehir pro-
fession. Having monthly coem-
munication with the principal
Northern cities, they will be ena-
bled to furnish their patrons at all
timeswithi the NEWEST AND LA-
....... TEST PLATIES OF FA ASH-ION, receiv-
ed zonthly, shoioing at a view the most Fashion-
able Styles 'of Dress, which will be a decided
advantage to a fashionable comnmnity.
N. B. Gentlemens'Morning Gowns and Eve-
ning \'ri.1.,':r. made to order; Cloaks of every
description made in the usual frnis of the day.-
Walking and Riding Gaitors made in a superior
manner; Tunic Dresses and Boys' Clothes of
every description made in a neat and fashionable
style. All.garments made At this establishment
warranted"to fit.
0- Shop, Sec6nd Story Baltzell's Buildings.
Entrance on Chestnut street.
October 14, 1847. 39-6m
{ A plate of Fall and Winter Fashions just
rec i v. d.

S....n.'-.) Second Story Batl}Z[f's Buildings'
L---' .: ..-./ (Entrance -.n Che.,tnut-st )
te-i~ia~zAv.'lA APALACHfiCOI.A, FA.
N B. Watches-, Clbt.:s ar I J. ,.. In carefully
repaired. A ,. '1. 1847.

Bowiimig Saloonf a d Bililliard
HE proprietor of the "Athenoeum Bowlino
Salhon" hlas used ever end, avor to malkl-e
the estab-lishnten4 a :i agreeatle place of' r-so.rt',
and is thankful that an ever discnminating pub-
lie prove by liberal patronage their appreciation
of his desire'to please. He will ahvay. keep a
choice assortment of Liquors, and refreshing
beverages, of a sort to tbcle the palaces ot 013
Bacchus'. most fastidious sons; and Oysters,
cool and delicious, fresh fro'm their native banks..
For a pleasant conminghlir'g of exercise and
amusement'- -tile cuml didce--there is nothing
within the'cercle of gymnastics to compare wilh
a gime of ten pins; but those preferring less
active amusements, can, always take a hand.
Uome one-=come all."
Apalachic-ola, D~ec. 30, 18417. 5(j-tf
Apal~tchicolsa .Exclnange.
p___ THE subscriber infowrns his f'riend
i;___,__.,, and the public in general, that hie has be"
.J3come the Proprietor of this above well
known house, and will be'pleased to entertain
any of the travelling community 'thai may favor"
him w'ith.their ctulomn, and will al,o acceonmo'-
date resident boarders. The bar Will always be
supplied with genuine liqnors of the choicest
Apalac(hicola, Nov. 14, 1847'.
City BHotel, TaBl'iaiassee.
,-NOTIGE--I have to infotrm my friends arici
.the patrons ot this house, that I have leased
t, and that it will hereafter he conducted b~y
mauy year's been connected with the first class
Hotels at the North, and recently (rom the Ame,
rican Hotel in New Yor'k. Believing he will
keep an excellent house, and spare no exertion or"
expense to make his guests comfortable; I recom
mend the house to my friends and the publiC.
Tallahassee, Nov. 1, 1847. 43-6m.


IN themanagement of this Hotel, the under'-
signed will use his best exertions to please hig
guests. He asks the public for- their patrcnage.
November 1i, 1847. 43-6m.

TrHE Subscriber, one of the firm of-Madden &
,1_ Adams, of Columbus, Ga.;, willPremain some
time in Apalachicola. He -mavy be seon at the
Warehouse now building f'or J. Day &' Co, at al-
most any hour in the day,1 and will'receive orders!
SLABS, &c.;&6,q
which he will furnish loter than Ilhey can be
procured from the North.
P. S. After leaving .-lalp ihic..1.a, le sh' .ii cri-
b'er will promptly attend to all orders directed to
him in Columbus. 1P, A.
February 24, 1848. 6-3m* ,

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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: June 10, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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I 4 .

: .
/ -
/r'., ; AI.I '/ ,
A 0- ..::-,"-"" \. ... ; .




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"- :- _____._ __
IE vii -APAiAcmcoLAs TURDAY. JUNElO, 1348. ['Wl\iBER-2 --

.. ___-_- -- -
-------- --- -- -- -------- --
--- --- ------ --- -

Bi l 1' 4'crio.lical, L-Ueia-t l uJmflttflJ.. ; ftttiori. iJinr: !: n-DCrcctotMj.! : StffJtdUIntcttL- it with contempt or bortnr. No Vergniaiid Somees.rs 'afterward, in the
: searching
PR8\I'U\I ; TO NEW SUBStotr8 -- ---------- --- ------ -- ----- j is noi than but God i is
LE --- --- greater I God archives: of the of La
'\".. 'U\ SCUBEIS! Win. G. Porter Co. JSP EM r AII DAY. DANIEL: J. DAY.J. DEATH SCENE OF THE UIKONDISTS. more j just than Vergniaud and will not '0. bill of the grave digger of the Madeline, the

earl wHle the ternn are low!! DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION Day V: Co., BY LAMARTIVK.: morrow suffer him to ascend a scaffold hut was found with the order of the commune

MERCHANTS[ COMMISSION:: r MERCHANTS) We find' ilie following extract from La. to justify and avenge him in future ages." on HIP N'Mionnl for its President

.puaLICATVN OF No. 41 \Vater street, ,No. 52 Water, street: iiiai. title's History of the Girondists in the F-uichi't: made nn 'liseoiirsp on "Twenty-two Trraswry payrrjent.,
rF:1r. REVIEW, Dee 30 AiMlachicol Fa. Dec: 2 Apalachicola Fa. eloquent deputies of Gironde ; the cof
'V' Q 1 in for the New York Tribune. It the draili- the Passion, comparing their death Ir). Cal- fin148 francs
:: ( {trr- Agents:; LLOYDS ; aNo;; A t-nts for narrates ; expenses of interment 62
in' Sri! !a, ;,t I IIvIE.v.TIlE REvrEVrjE : T.. 1'. Nourse, II B. :StoneII.. W. Brooks. /Etna Iiiscraiicp Co."the Protection lusunncp scene (If the Girondist deputies. After their vary. They were all much moved, and franc*: lota!. 2IOfiancs.l "

N : mi"1 iVoui'se, Stone & Co., Co." and the "Harlord Insurance Co." Hartford many wept.Vergniand. Such vas tin of the
\\Vzr.\u .; rER REVIEW, COMMISSEON- MERCHANTS Conn. condemnation they had been served with a price shovelsful) of
< reconciled in a few worlh all earth that
---------- -- --- ------- the
ASDnr.CKWOOD' No. -10 Water street, J. U. & J. 111. hull, rich supper by some friend and spent the difieretit opinions. "Lei ns belipv what public. evf'r cu\f.t.TEsclnJut founderof Re-

EDINBURGH !MAGAZINE. Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fla. FACTORS & COMMISSION: MERCHANT:!?, iill or Shakspeare
,) last night in conversation : we will. said he, but let us die certain of .invent, more bitter derision of file than

f.ockliart VCOMMISSION Yonn No. 49 Water street, our life and I lhe price of our de.nh.; Lei useach this bill o4" a
eri-J-lirili: are reprinted in New < Doc T2 APALACHICOLA, FA33rofCB3ioiial Toward the morning lhe conversation grave ciZtr. demanding and
The a'Jwe arrival the Hriti1itemnr. : ami FORWARDINGM became sacrifice what we possess. the one his receiving his pay fO having buried
itelv M their : b-v !: -- = more solemn. Bris-ot spok* : alternately
( pro- doubt
y"r" i'n'n' bM-itif.il. clear type, on fine! whitepilPt ERCIIANTS, ; of the the oilier his faith all of us our all the monarchy and all i lie republic
NotruL nheicahIy nfoloriuties of the
1'1 :a : ( ( : Republic. blood,
No. 53 Water street, for When .
t I liberty. man offers himself of
tI futhful I co;>ies of the I nriginitBCKw31D's '!" Mivnl of her I a mighty nation.
11 are | most virtuous and elo-
.'. Fla -- --- ------
fac- ; -- -- -- as a Heaven what
\zi'F: I Lain:,; an exact .2L 'ictir to can
of:t1C: EJII1J'lqh! e.lltlOll. Ilitriicr: A; Holmes, \\71L\ SYDNEY GREEN 31.: ]D jin-ni 1 I (cili' 10 ens.wash How? much blood" will it he give 1" lore TRIAL ron COUNTERFEtTIG.-A: man
simile r.qusr ; out our own, cried he. '
,.nn: till' "IlV'l f the three great COMMISSION :MERCHANTS, Daylight began to stream in at the win named. Dr. Salisbury, of JIIstfJ. Chan-
: ocr May be iUiid at his residence, corner olCctitn 'l'IJeJ were silclJl! for a and
VVn i Bi'lnlTorv.Vhii.l : and Rldlc.ll.Bldcl'Hi" .- also, and Ili;h streets, opposite the Mansion d.terrilied appenr- dows. "Let ns go to bed," said DUCOH ; tnuque county, i is on I trial in t lie United
partIti nl 1 the Li-id >n Q-iirterly" are Assent* fur the fit plrintom) ) of the future.evoked t ,' life is hat Slates District .
4' Hou<:e. Nov S. so (rifling i thing I it i is not Court nCHhl, rer. for counterfeiting -
: FJnVir<"h R9vevv", Whu ; an}I the SUN MUTUAL 1 INSURANCE; COMPANY: hy Ihi :,or. "MfritinN J ," relii'l| worth the
ti'! ----------- ---- of sleep we losein, regretting silver coin. Ilnheno i t he had
ISi R'view Rd'c( : The N'rthEriti4' of the City of ..Ycw; York Veigni.mil, "we have,; killed the tree not
ni iter .. : \v. G. iT!. Davis, it. .Let us watch said Lasoi.rce 1 only borne an itreproachable character but
v" H m 're of a reliio-i3: character: No. 31 'Water street U. It was too (
h Rn-ie ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR) AT LAW, ;tged : Robes-pierre
; Fauehet i is vas in high
I so stand.nj; in Christian
bv Dr. Chalmers, SiCY11 ; eternity cer :
h-'en orii'mllv edited Dec 12 A-ialaohicol. Fa. cuts il.Vill he be society ;
hlVi1 hi< -Inth.i bein; co-vl-icted by his Odors) his service* to the public in either of the' ourselves ? No more fortunate than so terrible that i thousand lives and after having; the night, of a Saturday -
sli-e he 1l'nt
111110 \ O'. 11 tT 1 I, aH).,l'1te.l with Sir;; U.\'id, W. T. WOOD. I K. ]B. r.u.i.ou. above capacities. ; soil is Iou weak to would) not sufel' lo prepare, for .it." They for I'Mlanct.; a the mannfaciure of
n.i.1. ", uuuiith, ih rools of civic
Its litcrirych! Mtcr i is, of the verpuc Wo oil 4V Ballon, He will[ practice regularly in Franklin, Calfioun liberty : this people rose from ; reentered their chamber COD raId feut loin.: 'IIP would so into I the $uu-

8r.v4tr.. CO M Dll:5-: 1 O N M E !RC H A NTS h and! JacksonCircuit Courts-and; will 1, upon ii i loo childish! toirld its laws without *, where of them threw themselves .r.hr. rot arid take
bi'et' t O lice No. 42 Water street.-Hp stairs. act Counsel j in Court hurting itself. It will I return t to its L morning a
KUSLY.; a special retainer, as : any tnzs; as on their bcds.Tlirtecl in time
FOR leading part exerciseHe!
J.in I Iii
-, E -- -- --- --- ----- remained in the
'Fir ,iy''ie fie! four I-view*, gl per "9flifl.F4t Al.VA WVME. Wiz A. McKKNZIK.Vylie arnuf cases:' in the Cuurt of Appeals at T.illaii[ ; as lo I the :age I in which we were born larger dungeon ; | prominent mover in all the philanthropic,
riFr ; sonic in others projects of tIme
1.1'"' t," ). d '. % A: :.ITcICeir/.io, see, the sessions of which, he will ..ih.u.be. arid i in which we die for (he freedom Ilf the cou'erst't whispers wept, day ; rerlrlallt for propri-
tIrt! ?... .1 ,. 7' unless accident. "' some slept. Al eidlt! o'( Iock they were al- : civ, soberness :IIIIIPI" \'IIff" This
aWl .. COMMISSION: MERChANTS I present at, prevented by world, continued; !I lit We deemed Wes
f"r 411 f"lr 'lfl'le' Ri' \'i. S U No. 1-2 \\"olt.'r street, .\i .il.i! 'hirola, Senterriber 8, 18 lO / ;al Rome, and ourselves 10wI'l I to walk; about in the corridors. The hi:;fn character: in the community, and
:J we were at Paris. 1 lutleviihiinins !
'f'lf IEtY': d'ol \IiZ.ie.: :Sept.; I 117. \, a1acIiico1.i, FH. Abbe Lambert, the pious friend of Urissof.who yet from t the testimony on IIP part of I hIS
III I .111 I 'J n i "vi 11'\\';, q A. G. Scinmes! are like those crimes: which,
F,riVUrkAtti a:,",-\ --- -- h.1 j.is&ed i lie nihit at the door oft prosecution:: he was connected with a band
: { lailt'w: I t lll'vje.vs 1'J.1)' S. .V T. Sclii.Ti'r. ATTORNEY A T J. A W. lilanch io a single' tisghc the hair of a mmlliey hel r dimiT'-on. was; I I I ;awaiting; ol I the mOM deliberate scoundrels! that

f' bt 1111 ,'- i.i *.'l CJKS I* ah nice.PREMIUM. \\' -flLiSALI'D: RETAIL GROCER, Cc5- Office, J'i2 {'( pl. Simmon'.< ItUIdig, soon hiring:: n.ilieus to Iii.IIlritV.: Our Slil pprmis-Mon ever
'l'J/. "Ilt.v ? : t II communicate with I them. J>ri--ot. went nnwhipped IIf ju"tir.- !
: .cr Particular ,lllt'ntilllllllid to putting Ul'f.ullilv. ('or. Centre ic Commerce Erects. hlood is fertilize
sufficiently to the
: '', : ; him I forward and seems I h"1 he h.d constructed
I ate:unboit! : and hip stores.:: nov' Apalarhicfih, Fla. sni I uf lie "sprang I a room
; C "141Z i of ''n t.'C volriH: of the fullowi:1: No. 4'J Water ..root, I Il with tile Republic. Let us not carry a way; !him I in his arms. The priest offered him feet by twelve and seven feet hli2h, in

'% i iMp( '* *'< cit : _:\1)J:: J ;\fl ilifhicola, Fla.II. : IVoticc.rT"MIE us future ; and let us lirnueath lohe I Ih :assistance: of his ministry. lo soften I or the rear of his barn, on a hill! side, du? out

i; i: 'ltI..v'4 \lw'.ll1'1V. Copartnership, heretofore exi-=tin be- people hope| in exchange; : for tile death; \ :sanctify death, but Brissot I of lIlt rlnl. \ li.htI covered
1 T It! \I I !!r t I .lIt! 1:1: \1 1 zi"hI! Auell, I t\V'fl t the subscribt-rs, tinder the firm lit* I lJ, we :shil| receive fit tlieir hands." (firmly refused. I l Do you rareful'fUl II-., and on the 'lop of ihit- was )ovrripIa
\V t 11 ': ; \.I.!: \ n n r.: r ui., !
:Mi iiinc. A ) :
TV 'lu'.i 'Iu.vr.ity \VOOD & CO., expires) this day. Tn-aflaT-!: IIMIJ; followed t this 'peech olVer
more holy than the death of honest hen house
>r.\LER! IV !tt"! ( ;. MEDICINES[ ;, PAIXTS.:=> an nai so as effectually to prevent dis
Bt' ; v..rsM.i'.i! : I'- of the concern will be liquidated! I by :\. J. Deblois. iji.iud's. ;uul lhe t "riters.ti: ion I turned I dies for hay .
the! Iorjiirt. i (OILS, OLV-N, &.c., &('. wil mg refused ihe blood of his cove ry.GREiy
'ft- t fnln. tli > Cl'iVir.i'1' 1. 'l I). B. WOOD( from f.nlh to Heaven. Wh.il. hall; we be
nl I t'f! vV-tni'H'-r It..iI\ \1011- V .?,; leril( .otttn2nt of Shtinerv.l Mlow-creatnrcs to wretches ?I" said he.- J J i- .1 %
Q 'I'M-I'II rlv, t ili-k'.v! I d, or t., ,ri.: ir. of Chestnut: I and Water streetsirtlll t X. J. DiiJLUl.v Join( ;; iii-iiinrrow al ihi- limp ?" -.tid: Dacos.viio : The Abbe said nothing more. Moralcreatness; consists
\,Y u- : : \l'al.H'hicrbpril: 1 13, I 151s.r. :
; ,' tI tw> (.fnlVrnlrilot _\ I I I A-nlachicoLi!: l'.i. \ ;ilwivs mingled; miith i uith t the mosteriuIis Lolrcr. who had witnessed ihe interview not in the office a nnn: fills nr the elevation
l aiy -
nft'.R.\.j.\1 :, t'1 -".alr.O -- -- -- -- -- --- -- -

I ;> l r>, wili( ref.ve, sntis, .):if' Ur'ijuiiii i Sailor > WooaruiPs D's::n.U'r C'or- subjects.! Each replieil acrordinj: approached: Bris (l. .Do 3011 'be- he has reached: Ly ih zeal of hi* friends.
.s''We tmi'd I to C his n.ituie.'e m slmll :-!eep[ alter the said he The humblest individual in
Oil n' I'' 310' tV : rewind COMMISSION r MERChANT dial, li..c. t to him. in the I immortality ; our neighborhood -
I. 4 iv tHr.' ..f t ne IVn.i liciN: at Diarrhcci. fat. igees of the day," replied! Si;Ule. TheskipUciirn of \ I'Hrib T N ,. ,13 Water streot-Up <:tairD Dvsentary, ChlpraInrII", \otr : I Providence of (toil ? may greatest man i irr
$7 4-\If, '.r M, fie 1.*., %r :H.-.M.' vs it !t;:'=, will r
r J ;nirnnn v ilu n .; :HI.: ; n". __ :_ children! for sale by last t (thoughts, and on!', pioinist'fl the drsiiuciion it is because 1 believe, in them I hat I in correct principles moral 1 !habits. unbending -

.-t4Il4 TO: .ri > !'J S EVtVt! d .1.t ir:e 'vu w<, J. C. Allrn, Fehjj J. AU.nr-T.. of the soul to those tneo: t who were am about lo die.. .\Vehl." ) La- inltrtlt' shows grandmr of vharacler
t'ii' 1 J-Vu-H'V'!"' vs :\1,1 151 ickWM'I. ; WJitIii! il I.. .. replied ; :
at 5> t-v.r ort > < HUT IJ tdil n..all'rn: about to die for the immortality' of a human no in
"there is but from ihence man: boast. I His I
source a power
fine! volun" D1tIJ'I! ; ) I Sarsaparilla.BI'M.'S step torelia'ion. C'I
pr.-tniutn PAl
'. in receive OILS
t. it :Sl'1. \ idea. The illlllllliialit of tile oul
and the talents
GLASS, IHtGIIIc.: : ., &c. I Sind's, Hn-iol's,: .!IIcl Baiic! \*- cntn-; ; ) I, the minister of another (faith : and exertions .!re forming and fixing

.- ptfufhfpirl't'ilir tn ni-n-m; Ihe pre- al-o ; fluid, extr.irt of Sarsapaulla: 1'Jst n''Ivl'd suldime I i coujeelures of I hat future t I life to Inve never so much :llmirpdllw( I rniui terofvours > I the habits; of multitiidrs who arp not sensi-

rni: :i-JO /pin, ailrt' ic n'ii H'jiCiifetlJor.K .-1 "'u-rf1' tortmnt fBC.OIv ('( ;!lld for sale byJVb winch I. t they were so near offered a more io in these into which ble of the influence he hasron them. He

; <, IJL\NKSSTATIONERY; : &e \:c. 17 II F AHr.M.Dr. fitiin i I llieme fur I their l.iit moment. Theirvoices tulgeon'
ihe works silently
CLU:111: ';. t they bring pardon: of Heaven; lo I the con- judiciously nrj'I!1 constantly.. ,
of Cliesiiut -
N Commerce -
i K 11' I"i.; of :\'w "r all nf th' a'vwevlr:(* I)';:cr.:: 4 ; :Ailachicol.i( stro< ,t."FI.. .. WotMlriifT's Aiitibillioiis 'c- sank; their a;;cents became more solemn. demned. I In your plat'e I should ronles I This is moral :rftrIess.Vherl you find

'a of I _ Fuufrt-de, GeiiMime, C.iri, F.IIIhe Brissui a man leading
'I 'i. it t-.1 n t Ir44 m iMvaieit lie ---- jti-c! Life Pills, made no reply, but joined \TerIaia you along ;imperceptibly, ashy

,1tr '; 1'U'rijltin f..r tiir-e-t's: l."'irti! 1:0.1.' 15. S. Il-iwlcy, by !, and 1 B.sor.. !spoke in I terms in whtrhli'.itlicil tami, ( enisim floe, and i the \\oungrr' prisoners silken cords and silent rpsisiles appeals I ,

b't rt'I' F.f.rO1); : C.) \I\tr ,-;MERCHANT' : FOR-.le J C ALI.KX.O :: -.lIlhe t dniiiity! of )hiiiiiar: reasim.ui'l most, of whom d I?( hued ihe i aid Iftl. priesr. yEll, may be sure he possesses,: HI i [Ire-cwi- ,

:zj' \*< !' J'II;" 'It .1P L.. :::1 'It fc'.e ltet"rj No.J Wjfer street, iul lllle i crt.iiniy! of cotm.ciPie; : on time sal on t lhe stone others nent degree the elements of real .
-- -- -- -- --- --- -- SOle parapet walked I .
n'" .. 'S" it' 'J1l1.t., Pgjq fnr. nitl trI !- n- ,\ 'Itt shitrla, F.i *' .ssi! n:';? ;. (ii-.leiiuu I pinlilems tif lie mtttn.il I iltsliny : :: about arm in ,111; some knell at the Such an individual 'worth lu Got J..n.!
I n. i -i- 1 II 1 .i tv "H"; 1-> ui-tiei, 'iil": the 'i1)i .- Vi'uryV .J uii'*, 1 IO 'n \LES (;('"' ::ia O-iatjiirg;, <--, on c )"si;'iJ of I llii- fin milan mind. priesi/s feet and received absolution alter a a thousand! times as rnuih as the
: .t i i'i i I j.. Mil :'! f'l' t'f ttt ) />//*>l. Il, v ith.t.etia t / ..'lit I lor .11"' :
/ I ; Ly \ri'r .
: : hi. ud, wlm h.ul hitherto been silent, man who i- in lie tare of
:IOCCIW&: c C ) \Jl.II-:-IU" MIIlTCIIAXTt l ?, '. l brit f confession( of iheir faults., All nw.iileilcalmly elev.ued I selfishr.p -

: .: r! 1 fI1.'It.F Xo. iJ: \','.L1ertrI. -- I--- .:1: f D\V \- -(-- -..__ now appealed! III by his fmt.ds' joined ill I the I signal of iheir tlepirlnre, andreseinMing and popular I applause; -'who has been:

: t'U'! CJPn': lJo 5. AiMi.trhicn! i. Fa. .' *lVaritiiti'i" to Cm1." I llie I iluija:e. Nevei" slId: llic I e\e.-xviine-s m i t attitude filled op "by liip hands! of others-but
\ It' irri' ," ii 'I* wh'i!' tJi .Sritis1: ,i'ii.'prt! -- ; by 11:11 a hal previous :
; Ilc'fore
: C"rc.nii aII.1
i tic i whom hive
!iF.'H'II't; ; r.1.rl..r; v, WIM.'VM A. Wv'00u. CSTKll -< wtj : eiled. i who h..d: to til battle. who never raised' himself n inch! l Iv his
.' ;
i r ( v I ).I'1':1 i..* wrirs ti in trlv! 'it tnedi .., nf ,.'> ; .
: < I urIfies
.1)i'nn &;; d>., r.i'I mi olieo ;idmired' him III ti.e tribune, never his si le l I.is
courage inoial
., The Abbe although S,
c4: : t'i llt w.rC: !,.' \vlrtt w- ..11 b* a'lle .:, ;a f'It a-d I li-'ru! 1\11'1' fi.r. dx.r 1 ;rn'.1! Emery, a non ring diilsIIt power
( I pi- had hiS .
COMM1SIhIC11AN'1'S: ; look, his his: I, > ..indlii or viriue.
ge.Mure nnut ie.
t- 1 'itir.' jr. he hnl J 'i to:uV : obtained I Fan
: i" 1" 1'1"1'f' T < AN!> l tMri' I'% a':'io. ",d,1'/ Ivi'iir, I tin- !I..t! T<>me IM /t-I''; /II l priest Iid permission losre ;
!;'r: ,.:.; I" If VtV II .r'l ,i IIi ( :t'l I, r. Jf flt..j i ; IOICP, more pioloundlv :jilfecifd hi, at the that the ------
Nil] griming
kI separated court
DRV GOOI)>. (HMKMCIUhHARD( ( ; \\ RL, z.::"lIi'i.: df'iihtv I: \vh; rtt''''; n> v OW" nr <- 1.I'1
.11' .,' !II; \ .. 'r. i"! I I'iriU h. :S'.'r this a'ilr Ii ii.v \\r\n: ;, nonrs siioh i <. hATS, I bv r v-.r.l I ,'-, H IM'l: 1.c. f. I I 111'.1;n'rs.. (troll I the coriidor, and I there listened to and I &'Iav.tTs.-1'Ie: right management: of

i-r i !i/n' q'< < .' i'1! 1 our ,.''t'I,'ri""r. 11' \': c.\I'-,. CIIICK"RY.l : :,i lIIP I I .---- ------ Th wtjnls!: of Ver "i.IIHIHle I! lost, their absolved the. I of Calvados. Faurhet: t, servants i! bv ro means be >p.iili IIP! nffen-

". 'r .t ..: 1rifls s, t'.t Wt' ''IlI'1 I lL \VDLKIJV, XcC' E !}(L1TZ. Ye.i-ii a-d S..da Pov.dei.l f t tl.e illlpiexMon ;iune! llin.lliied. absolved! and m BI.III listened to I tj| ; lion of a lady who wishes to have a firm and
::11'1"!' I' fI': : li :>"! nf "I' :\1'cll"f'; r. \\'-.!t'r aii'J! CIIP it'llIS 3 hc->l ., : ', for sale by penitent con- control of her
.: ,, '' Alter having nmied l all\I t lhe inoial proofs (ps-ion of Js'ilcr\i ', and his friend judicious own honsthold; she
1 f 1)) c J 9 .A I d "'-'lpr'"l.t.) Tn Ju| I 17 J C Al I.T,T'ucae :. : 1t'lnwcr on
i -: ', v rt.tMt ;:u!>* - -- ------ ----- ----- ; : having
-; --- -- ---- -- of lhe pxistpiicc of a hjtiii.! 'horn lie termed! I the divine pardon he hail just received. -
/'I.t flMivarilirOCEi : lIeUiilly; \ : : for ('ollon.T I tIme. : lleiir ..itier demnnslraled At 10 tick ihe made ihem.. should avoid an irritating
-- having; PXiM'iiiiohep*
cam lo
t"ttj.i! 'i.* mode of
"'.MW iiie-i: i ...l. .iwt-.
,t i ,::> I-H. J).j v \' ;I. x .i DEIhI.OTS.Viiivtv. : con';t,quenre} ol the excelU'ii e of thi* Supreme picking i up a lock of his black iii ir. cave n servants are il\"ah.Jt! ; hut it will f iV difficult -

'__ ___________-7 _::'iijt!)_":: t :\....,. Y"rk. Jis. F. Furrior jjeio"!!, and the tiecesity: jus'ice j a to (he Abbe Laiert. a trI! begged him t If to or keep them. uh>'re i hey
-- -- find
dl\ illc debt of t the Creatoi to-.vHnl his creatures ;it lo his wilt wltu.r residence he it scan'ely possible lo give SI"acliol; ;
give na
; ; ,: FEW lib!, Cidtr Vin Tr 'o Ii\v
> =
GaEY'S I) 11 YS ; 99: cENER \T4 IIE'EIVIVI ;, FOR WAR DING> & A pure !irar, r there he doubt liar
can no servants often
COMMISSION( : MERCHANT, rII> v E.: McC'Tr.r.v, -;.ifier, haling: cued! Iroiii ijociale-; med. .Ttl I her it is "I I tan; send her of are -

Axu! F\MILV MAGAXIVC, No. ii,) Water .'trMM.Tov !. Nov t 11 5U() Water ">t. Cicero iiml fiom Cicero lo ..illite jti>t who my' remains and that my las thoughts in exceedingly troublesome, but they are

,.. The oli; M :Mj\ ..ne) in the I'rutetJ: SiatesfHiim : __.\.: II All; 11.1C' ucoLi, Fl.i. --- --- --- ------ -. -- have perished the universal belief ol all de'iili were hers." Wrgni.iud drew his frequently made so by iiij,iIicio us treat

\ tn iithly; t I 1 MVIV pijv*1 .it re.II"fI' m ii U'r.bvth Itazor.s.WADE ment. A firm vet; kind demeanor, an avoidance
Cuts, P. M'CALLV Gu"T.\VK nO Ut'i. IIAU'S ami. I peoples and philosophers a piool' nuove all walcl from his scratched vv'nh a pen
firt writers luthe! ; & nUTC Ridkers & Sull'> Iocket. ;
4-i t tit! NVw Y' ;rk int eutr1rywelve i.mTwo" I 1lt"llld! nmic"i 1 JI'Calll & I9iiIiIi, -rior ]Razors; for sale bvFchil others; since there is in Nature; an instinct some initials. ;all dale of the 3'Jih of equally of harshness; : and familiaritv,

.e tel I', I'I ", \l'lci'nlil: ': !\' all!he slit si c.ilred) COMII.IN I I :MERChANTS, I "II F AP.F.LL.Cooper's 111'a (future existence, as strong\ as the instinct October in (Iht inside of the gold case anilHave has ofltn a good and rtlurnl.t an indifferent -

., No. 'J Columbus Block --- --- -- -- of life after h.ivni" earned, it of lhe assistants servant. It need scar -c\ hinted
TflvI' ,h .KaVi'|'HI nhte t .'t"'A"l Cottages and, a present i to one In transmit it
Cnr-li. ... No':. IS Analrfdiirola Fla. Isinglass, time of whom he that nothing is more vulgar, Ih11 lo occupy
Cr. rk"1\V..ik. anJ other mttu-is; lor, _. cVt'nlu enthusiasm cenninly a Contiii lo a young girl lo was tenderly
received! and sale
-- - ---- -- -- for
-- ,
'the :Elites, all illu-trdted: and: well: esljnied*:; ,I -- --- ----S. :II. lVic? crsoii, JUST byJ.. C. ALLEN.Henry's : Ii at ion of e xiteIlmc. alter I his )present slate; attached, and whom it is said he had intei.d- I lie attention ol company with complaints

i.c &" DEALER IN CLOTHIVO, BOOTS, SHOES, .1. which is \not destroyed but 1II1'lalllorpho..d|> ed to marry. of servants and the annoyances ot the domestic

:''\e : \shich May _____.___ ___ ____ ___ __ -Plat. Jnq.STRA .
prrt/r yp.ir; indues the HATS, CAPS: \rc. by de th : "But. added he, in more eloquent All had a name, a regret, a friendship ; eccDomy.
I)">Uar :Ne No. Columbus IM'irk Magnesia ----- -- .
v4 I ,
> tmkinj IJlrcep
t' lajw ; I ha nguage. e\.ilted even i m lyricism all had some souvenir of themselves to send '
I ,r" f1') I.. n 0 |? fll''IIII.(} .. . . SJ: Of)p Dac. 21 Apil'icliicnla_ n-cfivcd and for sale by >GK SUICIDK.-/\ week or two ago
T, JUST ;ami bringing the subject lo lime condition/ of to I liiosp I they left on earth. The hope of a
""" \I'h'lar i'! H F AT'.ELL.MO named Bruce
} ) th 1 L.1 h'oj Ihllt""oI'I1'II'r' -Irfir. l 2-1 a lan ; living near Cincinnali.Cfmlilt'11 .
Uinloruootl 6Caigh, -- -- hi- fellow lo deduce his strongest remembrance here is the last lie thul binds
--- pnsoners
; ... .. ... . 5 O'J:p suicide in I the manner
PILLS rlnwil
.. TAILORS I 'FAT'S LIFE proof from themselves re not the 10 life.
( .fth''; wtl tt, Ihf : ; : : ; : I a we ourselves I "yil
? ? h
I''u.m I Hll- HP went to the chur. Jd and'
received and) for sail'! l dug
I \ HITTERS, ju.t t yNov the lest ol( immoilalitv 1 We : These all
l..Zthert.1t.) IJALTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. t prool mysterious legacies were duly
1 19 his
? II. }F. AHELL, Irnggi-t., srave beside his wife who litd been
as j
:::: >!,He< calm serene, unmoved in the presence of : delivered.I I .
V'"c i Ioi p Va.All I
Apalichicola, buriedsome sixteen tnonilus: before.
\er-opi-. .. . .. . . .) J f IJ: Toxviisciid's Sarsaparilla: the corpse of our friend-of our own corpse When all was ready, and the last lock of Having
A c ,.''"n. '1 ,.'f, '; ;!Vr fl.." f''dv's n.-ik; <.r ll.eiap'r.ant r orders attended to with punctualityan'lik ] U S;.I' received and'for sale bv -ing, like a peaceful: I assembly of hair had fallen on the stones of die dungeon procured a coffin under some pretence, he
L.dv..t patch.; ?" I conveyed it lo il< dcstiiriiion unobserved.
Uitlir ,' : H. F. nELL
t t to any ii.rri J I'.t v- __ Aprit 27 philosophers, on the light or darkness; which time executioners and gens d'armcs
I'tlaf.. .. -- ----- He hen took[ oil his clothes
,.' I hi
: : on the rc'1'it.t.Jfr ..11.. \. Scott .V ISrollier, lI'i"iholaloe's and Oniosis. shall succeed our last sigh ; dyin more made t lie condemned march; in a column to except *

A N F.. A OODEY I I WHOI.E! \Li: AND KKTAII UFAJ.FRS IV FJF.: article l fur .l 1 j.. \I" happy I than Daulnn who will live-than I the court of the Palace, where five carts sllrt. put on a night capind laid; himself

JVUUrV li> :, Chestnut street, Phil.i -- in ; ; with loaded
-a------ HATS, Aic., Sail, then arises this calmness in our (!iis2our: t The[ moment they emerged from grave a

PltOOPECTV'-:: ( ; Cor. Water and Centre-streets, sale by ;111111"i( :; serenity in our souls Is it not in the Concieraerie, the Girondists burst inlo pistol in .it. He now drew on the cover of

"TilE OLD ZACII Dec 23 Apalarhicola, Pa. ]FOIl' .m H I.I.T.ISOCo.! us (he result of a feeling that we have performed the Marseillaise. laying stress on these verses the coffin and tll'l placing the pistol to his
right f fired it.
temple Ii
------- : was supposed ,
A ofZ'weeV\v paper,desired to ad vocal. the election A. Dodge, SWEDE I Iron, Scotch do, Weeding; and Garden; ;; a great duty inward; humanity ?- which contained i double meaning : died instantly.,. There{ I was no doubt that

AV TAYi-OR, of Louisiana, ; to the Hlacksmitln Ilellow-!, Cotton aiid Wool What is our country! -what is humaniry'1Is ? Contra nous tie la tyranie Bruce was as he had been
residency SHIPPING & COMMISSION: MERCHANT, and Shovels. Cauldron and Sugar it this of animated dust which crazy partialyso
of the United States. Cards, Spades mass t is today Uetendard sanglant est Icve. since his wife's t'eaih.

The No. 40 Water Street, Pans, Ploughs, &c. &.r.. for sale by man. to-morrow a heap of clay ? No From this moment they: ceased lo thinkof -

tal paJer undersjej in ; prnposs! to pl1b1i! s h a Po-- Dec '23. Apalachicola, Fa. B ELLISON & Co. it is not for this: living clod of earth it is for themselves, in order lo think of the example LO GF'ITOF AFRICANS -The Hanover -

lVeeklydllrill.Yth"y; ot, Tuscaloosa, to be i issued ,WM.; W. SIMI. WM. W. CHEEVER "-Dec- 9 .cor.Valf'r and ChPttiltLt4.% the spirit of humanity and our fatherland of the death of republicans I they wished (P".) Spectator mentions the death in

:. rMll<|lelltld campolin, : Salad Oil. lhat die. What ourselves but Maryland, ot two old I
to be el1tJtleti"a' Sims; t: Clicevcr, ; we are we lo leave the people. Their voices sankat family servants, neitherone

S1IPport or Md'j" G)vel a'ld to be devoted to tht' COMMISSION I MERCHANTS, JUST received, per brig; Manhattan few cases: atoms of I this collective spirit of the human the end of each verse, only to lise more of whom could have been much, if anything
n. Zch4ry Taylor, the Oil that is good. J. C. ALLEN.
as ,
people', Candidjt e ,lit the Office No. 36 Water Ptr*-et. race ? Each of tIme men who compose our sonorous at (he first line of the next verse. less than one hundrf years old. They

H"fHt n... Z CH":' will. Presidency.endeavor I to dec23 Apalachicola, Fla. ""!May 4_ species has an i immortal spirit[ I imperishable, Each cart contained four, with (he exception had lived and died upon time farm on which

>econn: :,, pOlitical I: prosecute l'i'cStOII'SEXtE3Ct0 f Lemon, and confounded' with that soul ol' his coun- they were born. Similar instances of !
tUfli wa r. *' Alabama t a,! the of the last, in which hy the body of longevity -

War in ha!If' .rter> thre. encil. to prosecute the DEALERS Roberts IN HARDWARE, Allen & Co.AND!, SHIP FOIl (s.iles flivoring by Custards, Sauces J. C.!' Jellies ALLKN.Miv &C.. I liy and mankind, for which it is so sweet, so Valaze. His head, shaken by the concussion are more frequent and remarkable among

""?trI ?'"' "with' or." wIth ireat vi. IRON STEEL NAILS ] glorious, 10 devote ourselves-lo sillier and over the stones, swayed to anl fro be- negro shires than any other portion of the
old feteraTl Linnreased vi*ilr." Whenever the SPIKES AND CASTINGS, to die." "It is for I this reason." continued fore his friends, who were lo close Co Iii mu riity.

of< DO/ .,'hail be sot 'II")" hy 'the myrmidons! Hops, he, that we are not sublime dupes but their avoid his livid -
and lo seeing fl'alnrts.
rIlE : And Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, Copper eyes The Marris Jerseymau tells
for sale by
OLD ZCH" will 8fatd lo flESh Fall)( Crop, a good storyof
"Hi who iheii moral instinct
mark On
F beings obey I ; but who still joined in strain. their
and Wares. HF. ARELL. a known character
tit : who
endeavor to give in April! 17 Wf1 frejqurnily
lIttle return, a _
ten/ who when have fulfilled their duly, embraced
Ihey arrival the all : in
grapes Capt. RraoYzt" Dec 24 Apalachicola, Fa. at sctllr ihpy on juries in New York. \\M.ilst! on
That th e Havana Scgars.OH will live suffer or enjoy i in immortality lie token of in liberty, life and ,
... Contest will I Ce a sucessftil one, the --- HAVANA SEGARS, contain- (community a jury, as soon as ihey had rt'liretito their
.ig'lo-det! ruins doubt. Charles Rogers! John Mutin. Eugene: W. Rogers. nnO destinies of humanity. Let us die, t then death and I then resumed their funeral hymn.
)lleits nn 1 rpsiiectfnlly' J\J\J\J\J\ avortment of the Pff1- room to deliberate he would button his
: ing an up
the entJOn of alt the fri"ndof ; Clias. Rogers & Co., < not with confidence, but with certainty. All died without s. with
T.ltlr Gp"- Britannia \t'aknt' Sillery coal and
"Minerva I "turn bench
j in bid id lS Cabanas, 1" on exclaiming.
tb' .
tiaU I: adJ''ninz States and COMMISSION; MERCHANTS, brands I l.mdinp Our conscience is our guide in this: mighty! after ascending the platform, walked
of the ,Rid espe- Water Partu ns, and other choice now irony "gentlemen, I'm for bringing In a verdict,
'h and Raadv; Clnb ." street, (rial ; our judge, the great; Eternal whose the as though to
lIIill( ill now dec Fa. tier "chr Ann Maria,from Havana, for sale l by "" round saluting people fo (or dt'ftllanl. as he had"sellled
21 Apalachicola plainlif.
"_ U deir"btlnl1t places to this Prospectus. Mch 1(3( E McCULLY._) Water st.Tliomsoniaii name is sought 'for by aues. and to whose I hank them (for his glory and death. The in mind.) nnd all creation can't
'11011'1\ their "bsrribers" should make N. J. Dcblois. ----- -- designs we ate subservient IS tools which: hymn became feebler al each; fall ol time axe ; Therefore

ftr .icahl.: names and post offices as early as COMMISSION AND FORWARDING Medicines, he breaks in the work hut whose fragments one voice still continued it, thai of Vergniand agreed me. with as wale soon as you have all
received and for sale by me, me and we'Ugo
"T MERCHANTS TT.TST his but time up
fall at feet. Dealh is greatestact the last. Like his .
-1eot, oZACM" will be published! until the .J Feb :3 J. C. ALLEN.Itosc executed companions in."
? he No. 41 Water. treet, of life. since it gives hirlh lo a hisjlier! he did not but passed in .
'" moJerate 1 price< ot (J.VE Dor.nn, eif away -------
I thjpr;!; I II> ad.val'lt'e For a remittance or $!:> Dec 2 Apalarhicola, TV of 'Vatt r.and French; Rose stale of existence." Were it not thus," enthusiasm. and life, eon! iiieimcinig h by BEYvoLEycE.'fherpcannot be a more
pietf! ; .Vj'58!' will' be furnished ; for $40 fifty cot A. N. MCKAY. N CRODBINS.'!!. CHAS., PRATT. AFRESH just supply received English, and for sale bv added: he, more solemnly there would be immortal: oration ended by a hymn to the glorious, ohjert in creation lhn a luitimanreplete

. A '/!!; rar $15 one hundred! copies. A. M McKay & Co. April 27 H F BELL. something greater than God. Ii would be f-ierniiy of time Revolution. being, with benevolence, meditating

i lB .!'rth, ''met number will be issued on 13th COMMISS ON MERCHANTS, llt just j man. immolating himself uselesslyand One cart bore away their bodies, and) one Iii what manner IIP might render himself
g Which will be extensively distributed. Piles.TITCHETT'S 'hopelessly) for his This supposition the side XIV .
country. grave by of that of Louis most acceptable to his Creator, by doing
No. 40 Water-street forU
celebrated Spanish Specific,
't M. D. J. SLADE. and 1
j is of repel j
a blasphemy
J' them.
< ]Ooc;a, r.b'. 16, 1*48. Dec 15 Apalachicola, Fa. sale by [IFeb 24) H F ABEEL. folly received most good to his creatures.-Fielding.





., .., __ ...--- --. _. .. L -
J. --..-- -.-- .- ----- : "'- ':':" ---- .-.- --- ---- .---" --_- -- --- _.-L- ---- _: .

:i- pi- -- -- .


..V .
".... ,- *, ..... ,
\ ..
\ t. "' y -
"v. >. ,: "'C )
.. ,
..",. ,

i ..

!'II'" -_- -__ -- -. ._- -_. h____ -
[From the Cb-trlolon: :\lercur)'.] !:j without a struggle lie Illcllelella; enjoin (their delegates to the Baltimore Convention --- i multiplicity; of -I -' -L-- --- -:- -'-- -.-- -- --
I tJ steamers that are [From
We give below the speech ofIr.: Vanccy fUl her proceedings. The 1 Devil gave can bind them, are pledged to approve and CjBjEHCjAL APyERTlSER. I. versing the and now Ira ATE; FROM thcIahtunoreAmctc:,. rar 2 J
it in To into wasI sustain the nomination of who thus insults ocean, which are increasing J.\1\ICA TUB
chancery --
of Alabrma: : at the Baltimore Convention up desJair. go one -------------- I Iwith AXJ Fl. C11ARRIV,1i.or
I I to waste and his means, and never and degrades the South from its constitutional APALACHICOLA, great rapitiity.Jtl1portant. WI .
find it in the SATTJfyJAY, JUNE 10, 1848.
is we reported Washington g.\
'! to train his point I equality with the North in the =T.\ A.-SNA AT J.'UUIC.

Union. It is an able, Yuliful( and lucid j, And now a word) or so as lo your "olc j common property of both. flu- The following from Mexico. The fine packet biig Glarmor?+.,,,. "

exposition of the piinciplrs of his Slate, I rarely touch upon policy when a great I But if the opinions of Gen. Cass are thus for the COMMERCIAL gentlemen are authorizedAgents From Ihe .Mobile Herald and Tribune May 30. FOl'le, arrived at tlli| i port C"PI.il,
and will Jes
which he was delegated to assert and upon principles is at slake. But from what I t objectionable what sliaM Ir ihcnigbt-of' the receive and ADVERTISER We received this: morning a despatch from Jamaica. By ibis arrival replay
have decide vote resolutions and receipt subscriptions, or advertisements ; we ar :
here ol 'the ConVen-
the maintenance of which 'he. in common : eel policy "H your proceedings from ihe Delta office, possession of Jamaica
: containing
important 10J
on this qu estiin. I policy demands lion itself 'which 'has 'luininaltl hun and papers 'to the ,[
with the entire South is vitally interested. that you adopt this resolution. Fust, because ; W:!\V.CurevrREsq.Albany, Ga. news from Mexico I)the steam ship Edith In st. inclusive. The G. has made
Demo-cracy. Major JACK HAKDMAN. Kufduia.Ala.! : I
Asserted as they were by ihe Democralic : i i is jutri. No 'ever snfiVied by !I JAS. J. OMVER Tallahassee, Fa. which arrived this morning ;\New Orleans. quick voyage having been absent from very, I

Conventions of Alabama++ and Virginia it being, ; just It IMS) been hut lately since we such proceedings- mere 'traps to cntc'h honest --------- -- -- -------- --- -' Letters from lIls'an' were received up part only ;about forty, days. this
have been thai experienced ibis noble and Irall"g' truth. I and confiding people-do they we ask, FOIL I.UESIDENT to the 21st inst. from the J
was to supposed they would( I city of Mexico. SA=TA A --Tllis I
== distinguished .
'! Martin Van Buren, when the provide a platform on which the South can MM
have been maintained their fUIIc I The was ratified the iron. (,en arrived ai iiin '
by delegates at great (inanci.d issue upon which rut Isr3nd without utter dishonor ? ZACHARY TAYLOR. Treaty by Chamber; inI. !.lnn m ,he Ssh I

Baltimore : but. on the contiary a majority '.! placed 'the success of his tmilislr.liol to This Convention gravely promulgates the -==: .--=----_. ,'of Deputies on the 19ih lost, at six and a General: ill, ,the had Spanish taken! tri 1 I.rilez., The

of the delegates from Alabama and the entire be unpopular, ;llllh1 ihe Democralic par- doctrine that Congress has nO'ri11' ro rn- FOR GOVERNOR : quarter o'cuck. P. M. The vole on it was splendid mansn.n up |his resiJt.nce il I
j I iy had become broken under} rite' i issue, dif! lerfere in the States, with Slate policy and Gen. THOMAS BROWN. fifty-one near the race course
Virginia delegation toted against! them. lo thirty-five. In the other branch Kmgsion. Tht | .. at
I j not retreat', but feailessly and calmly appeal-; Slate institutions. Is not this 'tire Xvhole d.sp.tch sots : lt ,
Florida alone had the honor of presenting RF/PRESENTATIVE IN I of there is ihal the, General will
CONGRESS doubt lat
,the FOR : Congress no il will he spend few rnonVnf
J ed the I and
I to sober sClllltlShL .I 11r o- scope purport 'of the resolutions ? Let ,th hs, ,. and i '
nn unbroken front in their favor They Iton. E. C.. CAKEJLL. approved by a much city, proceed afterwards V.V
I jple ; and) how tl, was triumph, ;any honest mind or honorable man read, comparatively larger 7.1t1.:' to .

Were 'repudiated: by the Convention notwithstanding i I' after events have SU'II'II'lJIJ Hltel.Ct.ll. Secondly and then ask himself it il means anyihing FOR ELECTORS: vote. [.From the

the warnings of Mr. Yanccy.n .. you must adopt. sull.1 piinciple to I more. It refuses lo affirm, Ly ihe adoption Ge tCT I JACKSON MORTON, Orders have been issued for ihe calling in TIIK Kingston Journal. May 8 ]
j, secure oiir success. .your err u\-r''the I I of Mr. 'ancey's resolution that Congress SLAVK TR"JI. M S. AI
: Of VVet-t Florida
when his i 'of the of the and )
predictions arc l'f.ali7.t'IIIIt'Y outposts ,
they were and
States. LH rn-e euunrratelllssachurettP has not rite right lo interfere with slavery in Col. A. G. SEMMES Alternate. .army Darmg Vix.n. iill gnii 2

'tnay. thnnk Thejnsclves for ilte consequences. : I \7Vrnnitit. Rhode! h1.11i Coill"'liclit. ihe territories. Why Giddmgs never asserted 'expected to mar'l for the coast between Pori-10):1 to morrow with i,| inlets ,ft cruise

New Jersey. Delaware Maryland North the contrary and Hannibal Hatnlin Colonel SAMUEL SPENCER, the 1st nIhp, 15th of June. off ports of C.bn and PIr'u Ric.o for

C-irol, "na. '1 cuurssre, Kentucky Ohio are agreed the resolutions of the Conveillion.ViS Of Mid-tle Florida. Gen. Pcrsifor F. Smith has been the interception+ of slavers. \is paid, ,
$t t. Y anr.f'h.: i'rt.isrnt'. am sine II GEORGE W CALL, Jr Alternate. appointed infollliol r has that
Wbig Stales. They cast 105 elecloral \ ihere barefaced : been received of
ever a
that the sie.it importance* 01.the,) snbjrrimttterrluhdrI mockery more for the embarkation of 'en ,I"'ers
i''votes. New York cannot he othierwisc and unblushing ? And Virginia and Alabama Colonel JOHN H. superintendent Iavil.sole. : lime since left ,-

: ) in'ill lite be report deemed and oliHion: than Whiii at the election. TheVhi s.i with' their resolutions fresh in the Of East McNTOSI. the forces al Vera: Cruz and he was to ( .oast of Africa : i it, is nol t ".Inan:1,,,,. impnha: or !"*_

just read liv me, tlie ampta apology i! Ahnliinn!>.is., Hod liarnburneis united, will memory of the South are called en by ,their -___---_ -_ __-u-_ -_-__ --_-_--_ __-- _-_--__-_-- leave the city of Mexico for the. purpose of hie ,Ihat|, ; few of, 'these may be [ to
ronveniioo *
I for my addiessjng: tt' a The ,1"0 'th'
.few' wnrdaIn Hippurl ol tht'n1. They 1 ace | inevitably}' ;;ive her 36 electoral voles lu the delegates to consent 1 betrayal of their DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. entering' on this duly ori ihe tilth-, inst. bronchi captured here African,. WP t)" WJJ l>

jin.;ented with a ", SHUT-IP desire tKal; the action Wbig, ;; candidate., This runs up 141( el.c'ural rights :''c repudiation' of their principles. The proceedings of the Baltimore Convention This} important news is beyond question HAITI. We for distribution.'
{ votes ( against us. Now hut We cannot in sincerity I thai we eVer learn by an arrur.l
f'rl.ill1' say
upon tliem ni.iv lend 'In 1 promote thehar0woy came 'to hand during the absence and we 'lake great pleasure in laying it before Part i+n PnnrP. from
of the : and I above all.. I j is it on the other, ? Maine, New n ""1)- { sUPP"secthe Convention would "uphold)' the I Ih.t t Ihpletailuflhp m1ssa
p.ny. tinybe shirr' Pennsylvania. Yiiginia. Sotilh Caro- frights of South. We know that a frank of the Editor, 'and hence no comments have our readers. nf'. hereiolor? publjsh.d. is, in part ,"
of il
I Ilia\/e 11.1 word < >J Jllal the I a'U oft ,|' tins, OfoVgia, Kloiid.i( AlsbiiMaMissis; I and honest avowal of opinion upon slavery been made on (hem. -- Among: the number) killed by 1,111| cf the ''
llu resolutions ad..Ired by '" .junl) I I
Louisiana: AlltansaOIissnnri [For the Commercial Aclverti ] Pres.dent.. are Dr. 1Jarlrtll.' | [
; ) li"li.| ; by any Presidential aspirant or any Convention We would wish this time Hroa"l. Lau.
the committee. A> 1 1.T) ,1-: they gn. ''bey ap- i ip at fully In express 1 liim Leo
I Intiiann. Uemo:riiic. would drive off either be North We are sorry have 'to notice the petition + I.IIIIlip". Francis KM,
( .
lilllis. or i'l ,,
1 took active \lichi':1 ,
.ar to me I.i l.efmre I ( t. : as !j our views on (he selection of candidate' (: .... ,. ':' L.
i Tff'v cast 1 149 votes. Can you I the South. We an To taken Mr. in ,the
by regard to (
a p.rl, in fr-inti'i,;; fh! 'I/1. and in modelling: I II anticipated attempt for. ihe Ollal ,dour oUZe.andGJratnsaid I'fllf a.
I i set all these votes without a clear explicit the South the North, Presidency made by our ) :'
the) old r0u11tinn':: >'i i0: sto|, 'jl" in whic.lithey snrreule to as we opponents opening of High street.' The antagonistic' "
"enivd, :1'1 other member II nvunnl of :adhesion to our Canailllliorle: l knew the North would yield nothing to justice and also upon ,the action of the Convention wa by the Cat..ir, of the|1 War'r,
are miw pre any ittiiude which he "
lights i ? I know South Caiolina het I : assumes towards the authorised hat ,the ; Cs ul| {had '
of the oRiuir.itter.: Those resolutions' peo- or the Constitution.' But we suppostc on ihe subject of IheVilmol Proviso, but Brii..r refvl ,?tll hpl,, ,
I[ pie-her I; 'hlir principles and! hat at least would be representatives of the clizfhS. is ter ;any I'"
a .
lteSIIfI-- 'to .
{however, do not gH tAr enough ; :and l the ]! pretext we are deterred from so doing for want of 1..pi..n.+ who
resolution lepoitecl hv the mtnoiitv we 11t'-1 j iVelintfN.r> | ( e'l' ale here-I say as heknows in order thai; the sacrifice should be made altogether unworthy the intelligence of this slJplicllehl, V.I/; ihr prnlrt', II'hr Jn""
time I to such an article ihe importance Ii.*b Ill h. : .
prepare as : li"j.e
with kindness} and r.fM.i ,
site miy l he added! lo those tepuiii'd, } by the fe llct-ha l s assiuMod with ordinary dtct'HY.But enlightened age ; and} we are confident, will liriliOt I : in ..How ,lilt '

iiiaj'iiny.When. ) a featful r"slolsihih' \\n uivin her the harmony of (he party, was to be .. l of the subject demands. In rom never be tolerated the law-abiding I.I: ru uatP I any ftlfr| hut+e,
by ; while ,
votes' in General l (, has I humbly potion el""f.llf; of f''UI'-
tbe onh.J't'"lulioll It'PMII'all". l the C. as preserved and this could only be effected ol our own Views we present those of ihe nave un
(: less influence in ,that Slate the of the population which we 1'fli\'t IUU"f"! } 1I1Ip I to rh o ,
uiMJotiiy upon the sl.ivery (}lu- sjun was II.ivc. by prs'rilol of the rights of ihe South. Charleston Mercury-a Southern Democratic 1'.rhj. !Iupl. a
than any who has had) this shameless constitutes a large majority of the people. tiutii'ier of 1(hum \tr" rrrrrvrK .
adopted it coveted the question as 1't'(': 1'1 any pictcnsions \Vil people ratify concession : }I b"larl{
and) the 1
rd{ at that! tl.\'. The) denmcMiic party; \t'lIt'l to the Presidency.i If )1)1 pass i rigid set 1Vil they bow their necks like paper- we cordially indorse ihe So far as our acquaintance; extends to the French) vessel, Of wir m ,pfrr-alonl
of hi h-toned principles, lc is but a bare beasts sentiments i it forih. ihrm .'t1 r. D"pu.f( 'liroi
ihen eminently just 'to the whole! cinintry in hurteo lo this yoke which irresponsible puts individual members of the City CUllc.il.fplacilcola. i Co. who Ihl ol Lfu\llii |
adopting it. Then, ,, ahnlilioti: and faction possibility' that South Carolina may vole for office seekers have prepared for We also call attention to (the speech oMr f ) il WH formerly reported, sat
I lie. nomim{ F, If she does nut' and proclaimed, that shall l wad : we stale without fear of contradiction among I tbuseskuihterrd.
t>ntighl tofnieribcfedej.il. temple, ul.lln JOu"ill" I"m. they ] Yancey one of ihe Delegates from
distuib the h'U'ninny' of its inmates. As te.duced to 1 HO voles, or six less (ban the n it is recollected that the members of Alabama. that they air each and evtry one

wnrshippeis at' its' sacied; fane, you have (,ii t., nntnbrr required to elect )(11 man Will I lie Convention that nominated Mr. Polk Mr. i'ancey proposed a test voteon of ,them formed of .sl.ner stuff" than to Lotts PIIILLIPPK'S; : PKOPKUTT.: -.The
(;..uria ticket ? At best her h the Wilmot Proviso ;and bind Reimme: gv; tlif" ".
veil th"lII out. Voi; have solemnly ..I.d.lr,1Ihallhl're vote fu your 1 have already received lore than seven hun sought to tamely submit and retire bom the plSilil1 )1.\\ mg; oVt.uJ.s, of the
political position is a donbtlul) one. Never.I the Democratic and exKing.. Lot.is -
is no power in the federal governloent -' Ilrc housinc dollars in the distribution' of Par Gen. Cass lo which have I'liiJJrppp:
taken. Wishntit
to inleifrre with the question i of !slaveiyin I believe, has her (gallant' democracy twel x.cuti\e patronage) the inducements: of i what has been deteimmed by the Alabama: ihey : regaid,: to The property' ) ai the' di-pn ;af l' of Loci

the .-I.II"S of this coid..deracy. It w.'" able lo rairv that Slate I tviicc in :ucce:siun. convention like that at Baltimore to preserve and Florida Democratic' consequences they will carry out the law.- [Plnlipe.. in his exile i is not near. ..r'rsii|...

tit) llgbl tiling; I grant fur )"IU" to say: !'u, Like the Irishman and the lug. in the anecdote the )harmony "flh.Parts may be seen Conventions should of f the I'i'Jpeac"I' if they can, forcibly r I.Je I ;iv. j> ifingirir, I. It is (I"r. true th; I
I have heretofore told, she is as often and be the true constitutional platform on which. I, IS'JO! and 18-'J1:, b. placed!, t
oar ; But what boots lo if ..i datit.
of friends
++nd) maintain the position : at appreciated. p-Uly 'they most We notice with {pain:+ that ,.
the noith. In I th* conflict! which ensued 1 underneath as on the top ; and when .she.itiumplK. : the people ?tVhen trampling underfoot the Democratic c'andidite; should place him- of citizens l'Olslc"r.III stuns rot th" In: ( li.h.ut.lto.. ...

in my a n.hlt'spiri'! h.is Keen sacrificed ; bul i is so wearied |h1' I the conflict asI t their constitutional rights, party' becomes an self. The Convention refused to adopt' it. one our strongly upholds! Mr.I rtean fund*, bin :ir.ce L I. ciMivtiavil-lira
I often be unable the Orman in his views, and fear hi is dynasty was S
to to enjoy Troiis of Vic unscrupulous combination for the distribution we that the secur.h" drew oiii
I and
the truth has tiiuuiiiUed. you havt triumphed SOUlhf'f Democrats voted against it. The a part ,
with it. There arc now few so 'lory. Without an avowal of ibis piinciple.I of spoils torn from the hands of honest cncoeihes" for political honor his ft .1'( ilie-sp ro ,1t/'P i'h"l. 'I1 Freb'P T!: tKing \. ''

hardy a* to avow that thv) doctrine is vrouiDriven I believe you ca-snot rely upon (,euria. I If I and patient industry. Lei the South-the Florida Delegates, to their honor be it said blinded vision thai he can see only she has It fr mt.r'lit ',{l1UD.l() ) !thll)/ > ,' Mr. S

; then from their position' in I tlie ,|! so. von ate rlluc.c to 13<) elecl.al'nlf'S.. people of the South-reject Ihisiced refused to pledge the Slate to ,the supportof political; influence of Ir. Orman and 11.! i>/'etariiu of.1. Unpin wlnib stem- i
Will Floiida[ ) vote ticket ? I know her contrivance his J j-.t. "I I IIv.ri: ihe o
federal temple, the great enemies of conlitulional your to betray and) delver Gen. Cas unless he would assume ihe f1 Ib.fl ovil Intr
heart. I know her I constituents, (about! nine in number .' ;ao<> poor, it is a'vtay; .
) tr.
.. equality and order have taken. up( anew principles by hugh-tunrr sheep in (he shambles hound hand+l and foot,, ground proposed' by Mr. Yancey. : -,1112 r pun "a.. t. ilII

position upon the bonleis .if f your territories delegates 'l1) have kindly given me :a in the power of the North If they have We have been taunted with the :altogether, overlooks the entire influence ot however a ''rlh. : ..I' i'hillippe i wways i._ IIII

in the bosom! of which lie ,the incipient seat alon during )your sI'ssiul. the spirit of freemen-of menlet{ them action o f ihe rel..ilder of the voting )o )ulatinn. We buying, :Inc! -"scat; .left, ;. j Plr; tit| Ir:>" 'I 1
more convenient than that allotted to me.Florida .- .bear it not" Southern Whigs and their Voles on the subject price "1,I; (t'ah.t! ; this. i il, wiM" ,! .
elements of State bemMed
t. ,
a > the
many yet can assure gentleman alluded to, IhalcHlle's :
will never support General Cass with I j of Ihe Wilmol Proviso-we have hail impossible1! le> explain; such SHI .
: in our C; Ilax,'. There 1 they meet our I. his COTTON IN EAST I London his vision is somewhat l before .' /'f fits In"fll. l'
pioneer" cui'iinnis: ; audit their doctrine ito !' present npiuions-unless you c.vcrIhcm INDIA.-1he our ears saluted with denunciations of ,those r.sro.J "III/t 11.1: 11't' >intis.iff 113-
be main'aitr'd' thfY will welcome the laborer i with, ; / avowal of such thai if be ac correspondent of the lone[' that the people will prfI'rifwI'; nifirrnl.' Alter dodm-iing hi* >\i\ !,:< ''i. + I 6t: rSi
!Florida will have some assurance thai t i in the following paragraph which we extract' Southern members of Congress who voted tune may be valued at _:. : ( ( |. !
(roni the north, and l turn back the C"JI. eye lotion for him. that will mo-t jO.fPfl {:
1'1 h's will be safe in bis hAs :nls(! from letter of April 27lh, furnishes information for Mr. Wintlirop-we have been told by tllf"llily "+'11 known liar iI/P? \J J itrnr, '0 f'
laborer: from the sun tt Your nominee entertains I : cure his blindness however painful the : t:
I'inlliar'I'W... I lo Alabama: I have some light, to of very great interest and value to Democratic Editors that the Northern De application .1.111 air \YI'I mari'tgeit. All! fli,. iris
( never has ,the people of this concerning ihe I may be. Ml. O. should b-ar in familv p/'S"es.-tuns have :
[rAt I Ihi.'point the gentlctinu! : I'm in Alab.iina I l"lwik. leI democracy 1..0I country rJOat'h our friends, and that hlf'r i"oi.ri; n> itV
waS interrupted l by a delegate; from PeonKylvania. i I (11'Slio/PIJ She has never 1"1 fur :I in cOlon trade' in Hast India : Southern Detnoctat ni mind ,that the, l'ilt'' Council, \\hfIIPI.t.jrv.. jmrroved sjnte1830; IH..rl"'!.-.. Lt,
hands nf ,the But .A late made select committee ever would be found I Phihppi* h |rft ., l.1 l
who desired. toknovviouli.it tlir Ial'' Wb'ms. she report by a can, and icill. act in an flclire. as well a. ; bis rtfi: rl ah.ur: 1. < u ,.
I i of the House of Commons thesubject yielding, to for the greatest dj on1Pr.
views of lieu. C.iss d0Tr'red! 1'ioiii the) resolution tespects party metrJy for the sake ( I princi-: upon any thing .llulililnisl j judicial capacity. There never ao; "JII XV1v

reported the minority of the com, I|1tI's. \\.hl'll'\'e. it becomes subversive oi t of Ihe cotton trade seems to put the wake of party- How stands the account now household+ I l.tl.mana:.,!. |f t tame 1\". '

.. mil ce !] by Ii heIII"k) out' fur some+ II'r me- question I about this country's deriving its-' with, our Democratic) fiien-ls ? Let the .Fur J r"TITI. llU.vr. CffilVM"S [FKME.For ET will, : :as with pnMf: ..?! ,;!:
thrall. constitutional. supply of ihe raw material ( the East O'I.\ meildfeil with I
I 1 I of asserting rights. : mm --- --- every lb!. _
.unrn ;
the III l from
I will legate Pennsylvania I I- ,
answer of Mr.I :
speech Pr.
Indies lo for indefinite ptriud.- Vancey, I the action of ihe .1G1t.; thing inr .
She has sent here instructed under rest an f
ien.. Cass, I holds Ihlr.I I I i : us upolitical ? : CI.- llfl'lilo. llr .!::!h'' n.,
while Congress wnnl 11tI'rsl.ur.interfere sUveiy: :': necessity whatever"' lo support ;anv' : Amongst l oilier things, this report states : D.rol'ralir Conve/tioll. and ihe judgment t the benefit of such of our readers as In siow his sf istr+tiar.i: ;alll! ,''I ""f., I.

in the Si.lte't' or Tf'nillrif., the will inhabitants i i;!: 1.11 for office who f nl'ri IIi opinions (IiI :. TIn' cotton goods annually exported from I of the Mercury answer_ for us. Florida will I are fond of drinking Champagne; --and webelieve liked! 'to see shox rrrpnyrj!" f bv I.I.': I 11,
i the slavery question such as are c'llerlaio.IJ.1 England amount to about .OOO.OOO i in .'rte ; li : s in the Irabu .:.f .
t sustain the her \a ST\I. ', ,
of a Territory, while yet ull.r a territorial: I j course Delegates have; pun those who drink nine al all j-rcfei .,
make !I!! t h y your Ilmilff'. He has no personal in- value or nearly one-half of ihe whole ilie ns-es frgbt the t ll.mr is afe IM rhP
such as : sued. She will : a" ),
may tt-gulations give vote for Gen. this and
light ll
11\'t'r'ICII. : being held I in I 1 I (Olenr.in 0-Alabama.: He wt: s the last man amount of exports. The manufacturing ol I Tay sparkling, beverage-we copy MI slmrt. owing to hi- low ell tllll'tl l/ll

,Terriioiy.excutle' The sl\t'l minority 11'11 of the committee 11'1 her d.lpalill here would have voted' toot cotton goods employs 3.000.000 people, u lor. So will South Carolina, (ipnr ia. Alabama the following statistics+ of the production that' tflf: measures of t ,the :4th( of Fbr! 11 rri

hold that uhile in ut state or cu"lilicll.t Many w'lllrlOI have voted for him m l all.)I about oue-tenth, of ihe whole population.' Louisiana Mississippi and Arkansas and consumption of this wine The arid.- deprived of unity and iniri- .l. t.er<* Ie nn

such illhahilllt as"illla'l! I, ;:' lliemseUeH to atenancy Yon must avow ,the principles of Alab.llla.if : These two statements. are d.cisive.s 'to ihe -all claimed to he Democratic Slates. Wedn has every appearance authenticity : 1 1: in n-eless. [Lni. PhiMipr.e waiuevery iota:
.. yon expect Alabama 10 befiiend your no- importance of (his branch of business I lo whirr ; hf paid lip'
in common. K: cii has an eqii-tl I not think that in Florida .. flit .1.10
a will be There
: "It is Great' Britain. The of are 32.000.000 of nffutsr avoid( it. His .1
right to enjoy the ,teiritory, with his rights I i mil.llilll. I Clear, Ihel. that you cannot importation raw cm-' houl.s i 'tradesmen "re ilw.it; .
of property. Their 1 sovereignly a people succeed with a set of resolutions whi.1 Ion from India commenced in 1790 a yearof found sustaining the action ol f the Convention Champagne every year sent lo HI..ia: ; kin;: applifMtiofis.' ( {row ..Ihf', r-r M' I II":11, ;

is in abeyance. They 1 possess Ihe! tenancy blink this great issue. 1 do nut speak to two before thai from American began and supporting Cass-but it is impos shoot as- much is sent to Euh'lt: and fully itit-j'lied! 'him I wirli ".+.rI 5jfs! a"d', IV

and destroy, your nomination but lo point out 1 Since 1813 the trade with India has been sible to what do. l that 9.3.00f: () til common under the rules re prescribed by Congress ,1,1 have; n'l.hhlSnf ) Ihp means by which you may secure it perfectly free. India furnishes in weight There : Xu man ev r 'had sloth .1 irwt .
i is
a in Paris who make,
about natural LIVin'|
sovereignity until hey I meet in convention success. one eighth of the entire British con company tip hoii"rhuM! .sure-altvat: + ''P v\ n

to frame a ('fHtiluinl preparatory: I to I am asked, will yon vote for : Whig i in gumption. But, in point of quality it i is Arrival of the Nia ara. Champagne+ nine. They take PlOIch uiihout! lirr.if and! vTiifi.iui judi'tneot.+ i i'f

admission as a State. in the Union. In ili.il I I preference: ? In the language of my instructions only about half the Value of American col THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. hls, for instance, sweeten it with nndy.refine I 1,1!::1:1 Neuillv 111f. were 7o0t0fc"coistaitnng ; i- i.

sta:.they have an undoubted' ri lit to extab- I reply "under no political; tic Ion The value of India clllflmporl.r, is. Telegraphic intelligence has been received it, and then pass il through an apparatus { niii".I'111rt1! J and, liar' .c: b.vnob
fe: sjiy whatever'' will I vole for ,therefore, about one-sixteenlh, of the whole wine and morr.mil than '
li h exclude sl'I\'en' as an : of the arrival which JIO! ra3ki a!
(1'11 in"lllilll. al Boston the charges it with bunic acid!
nn tau
and not before. Heforeth', neither, Contess holding, erroneous views on this issue. If ; India can never compete with America in morning I ,,.1,((){) vvar.. ndle( ,. n f bird I s ,t SMrv.n
nor the. inhabitants of the Territory' whig runs, no better than General Cass, the produi e of collrn. Cotton is known to of the 2d inst., of the new British, steamer uis.; and in fifteen minutes it is ready+ r for I II fire to ;nxM I I>oro that:( rrrll I"1:1: e."r"r1. lUl'

establish! or exclude sl.a-ery theTerritory. thousands in Akibama+ will tern'tin at hum P. have been cultivated in India) more than Niagara bringing accounts from Liverpool I ,the market. lertinn.1 broiizes of V Ibejs rfnllt-

-.I It mii-i he permitted;I 11'11 to exist, If a candidate is. offered}] holding' sound, 2.300) years, but yet the quantity exported I In the 25ih ult.. inclusive. We copy from Immense+ quantities: arc als ( of views on ,this issue, no mailer what his does not exceed in quantity one fourth, or /" ,, ei_ >oijgh 10 furnish r'irre I nod I
if it i is not there by the rhl' individual I the Charleston Courier : (:itf'r. by ,the employment of all sorts of f pahtrn
other politic" opinions thousands of Iht in value fn. eighth al'what is from were heaped, together{ about ln'
property-having: at tacli l to it none of the eXplrl.r u o.ln.a
political' weight given to i it I in ih II Statesand I M democracy there will support hi". I am a few of the Southern, States of the United 1I I I gives U! great gratification lo slate' thai t drus. and in England a great deal is made ttrlrln'r'hr- wiihotn taste. alib"" !" 'i 1' for I I

winch can only be revived, if the inliabitanischoose. I- 1 not one "I those who 'think that it is:1 of. States' where it has not been known sixt 1' these advices are rather of a f.lvorallp character from :gooseberries and the stalks of rhubarb.It "'oltdl"( h f a (.ntuu'i i..:.I! At thr Tries. -. r"q'l

) on admission into ,the Union, life lo liv, Office( has no ch.ri. lo seduce years The voyage from India: is about t especially with reference lo affairs i in is not so good as (he genuine, but nine at I Li. Drrnx. rti.J Fer'eViil.iKiwer : ,,, too.
me from my duty-a minority, no fears 1 1t o'I I three times the length' of the American voyage as; nutty kitcFien ntrnj i.'s! an.1 In II 1
to recognise it as State in"iitmion.I ,1 France where all eyes are turned with ihe out of ,ten of those who drink it' <'nmiot: '
I deter me from doing it. and the freight is, ar least twice as 't'l as have rnOHeil djrsr/ ,. Coolmi
It pans WIII.J :
will not this point further. is I
argue most anxious solicitude' ihe and it .
l ,I Adversity is often a good school for par- much bu' allowing for the dil:tepee i in ,1.fftr"llp. willl.IP I them just as ? ( )I
4nicl. hnwf\'er. in what{ are rights involved 1 !I .
Ly this issue ? In what your are you injured !I l i tie.s as wfIj t! individuals.I I value the "expense is lour limes as much.' Our despatch is short and concise but( i it t drunk, and give them (he same horrid l h.adach 111'1"11 rsnn/\ tIH..V LUI" II I. Pl' '' run"
I now clo+e by offering resolution as I Cotton is i brought from its, place of is pleasing lo know that the ami had: holysvno I
In this : your nominee proclaims that :; lp ( growth disturbances in why, then is it not just as valuable ; freqii: n[)|>firltitiitirs nl sobserving to'
the frnantsuf an amendment to the report of the co m. to that of shipment from two lo six hundredmiles. + France have subsided and ? True him. who said.; That *
joint :H'h a Ter'nory can setA :; that when the some poisonous drugs are
slave (r''P who i is taken there and this body, ]/: "Iill'p I I 'Under all circumstances, the pro covetous rapacious, but inn ihucfl ""01'
'II I! The question was taken on Mr. Yancey's jeer of substituting' Indian American cot Niagara left, entire quietude prevailed i in sometimes used in the fabrication; but none. spendthrift be nrLl.
refuses. ; (I. lake a different! 1 portion. to called! miser:
1 I IfJupilalilHl. 1 I r."IUlifll. and il was, by Slates rejtcttd- I I'on is perfectly visionary.: says thai country. perhaps worse than alcohol. : anci.LAMARTI.VK. ).
i ia I : { 'then to our emigrating 'Thuse.
I PIc.iu.,1, li. they remove to such, ;;; 36 lo iJlfi.j ihe report 'who argue against ( y The English money market too, whichwas "The annual production of France i in -.--More-- --and--. more reri.

erritory, the uen litey may inlet there j jire. i j From the Charleston Mercury. of for being cotton dependant, that upon England a foreign is country)' reported as being easier at the limeff this article of Champagne wine i is ilbuUI50.000.00n grows the character. ; I,'),,-,rtin'ih t SVlilf who ,
( their "{la: +>#. if 4bey+ desire 'to do Wii THE BALTIMORE CONVENTION dependant one for entirely which I the sailing of the United Stales, remained hOllp The annual lie is :l.rllillel'ih' ttiats.; .IIIht4!, lions;
But there is ,the : ( > i upon country lea, consump the iiao rersihai I"'
; Jtid.ry. say In pursuance of our promise we resume < bun.
furnishes unchanged. Linn of the world
( of ihe in She limp
ar.nualII same ,
nearly, is 300, 31101
True, and in Kucli an eVPlf. would Ira Vey I the subject of the late convention of the i .5OOO.ono ful to see such a man Il' sort
rerentie. and allost entirely another The Cotton Market is staled be 000.000( ( bottles torts
upon lo that
not so
what ensible II ; bottles
i it. Hut
t 2,0.OOOOOf
to in {Baltimore.
rely upon mil Drmlwratr parly I for tobacco which raises stronger argnmnt against Kml5 l'p of .(
with a mail property wilt leave :: l hnd where I The proceedings of that body have fallen ; country of the same t nearly quite as firm as previously reported. New of false wines gone down somebody's throat, Ihe philosophy; of the most scW' till..!,

iris properly. is i eco:tjised' and protec.tr.d both I ICy J like the startling tones of an alarm f(1 on c4OOOOI- revenue.. Orleans good fair is quoted at 5.iUplands is a clear case." cols For where i is I'-ere' .-wh"' oath; ,,

law and public opinion to emigrate to a the ears of the South., Its nominill, ofGen. j METHODIST GE.NKRAL are not referred to. ever been->nch a King ? Lamar"wondroiiH '" tunes

and where publie. opinion is excited! :t:jiii.ibilil Cass.-its, resolution about slavery !I The following is. we belit're'GONPtRENCE.-.h.plan ol Flour is quoted al 26s. 6d. to 28s. Indian GRKAT FISHING.-Oise day last week 1I111 ,.f phy,jr.il :41,11+ t* erto i
-where societies, t/fl'r the iuftuene! e its, proceedings, from Davidson :and I Russell lo ot '''u
en'irf beginning I to ,I arbitration agreed upor. by the MelhodislGeneral ies..r drew in. :tt :a age ht'1 will; the first in its
of such as are avowed } no- I fill with aprehen ion almost I Corn 32 lo 30. Meal 13 to 14. No change on Mr. Hallock's masses l 'i1)
upiniull by your en I. us amounting I Conference for the settlement of sinl. h'll. shore.. Westside must always admire, ,
juinee. tiMy exist to aid! his slave to escape. In tism! '+y. The opinions of Gen Ca.ss the properly question wfih the Church in Wheat. of New Haven harbor, two millions of din hps ihe respect ol' evr anlp I i A:,

out of his reach-where juries ate formedfrom ) promulgated in his late letter-that the j I South It "rovicts. for the' selection of iwu The quotations of Bread Si. ufs( compared white fish, as nearly as cold hp cSlilllfc.Vpi2hin I, person. Then his !olr.lir srr' Ad I''rh.llan.e
such societies' -where judge. are to inhabitants of a territory before they are invested \ on an average about on whirl \\n Puervcise
: delegates by I Conference lo aci with a wih: those of the 17il> ult., show an advance thrfc quartersof always .5t
be appointed by your nominee, if elected to with the attribniesof self anvernmP nl similar number from the Church South added a pound each. The total weight, of the calmly poised .Does be not I ,(
be Presilenlho are to adjudicate his case? and of,the in price. haul ,therefore said I a *
sovereignty .ten-mis public lands to another Jointly' chosen Th (five was :hull 1.500000 Ih or fortnight igo. resemM cured)
Certainly no prudent mm wonll: dn S". at the' IlfTeralre of I hp States mere squat-j j members thus chosen (, not.Methodist) This succession of steamers' -the telegraph l 750 tons .It is the greatest hall) of!fish Washingicin" : 1D urs I be ant shut Pt'atl

Practically, then by the opinions advanced tern have the right to appropriate the t.rri.1| are to act as a Board anc Arbitration; I working with rf/ullri'y-wil' make it ever made in thai harbor and we suspect il' is cllit.t. first of all. by lit p( Chanri

by your n'Huioef. and not negatived, by inty that may be. acquired by ihe Ire:4lre' their decision to be final 1 on ihe atc imperative on mercantile men to will not he easy to match it any where. The l" t. much 1 talked I. m"n." ** ass hr

this body, representing the creat Democratic or the gallantry of and to exclude question.[Charleston Mercury. property business trtnnc'l j farmers from ,the neighboring country were but rarely tartly' seen so that I _h fln

party-you will take from the South from its limits the property of fourteen on telegraphic information, and engaged; three or fonrdi\s I iorarrying ,them mind I can deny I il ? nhle t.

the privilege of Rettling, these fertile plains, of Ate States-had been repudiated by SINGULAR MISTAKE-The body of ;V1a J. prove what we have ever believed, that this I off in immense cart loads.; They sold at 50 Although i it i i-+ early perhaP't a ee..,

and will make it solely the property of t the the press and the people of ihe whole South. I E. Kirby Smith, who fell in one of the late enterprise is destined lo be highly be'I'f- lo 75 rls the 1000. The f..h.rll'l are much these :strong wards of praise Ir' rl)41

laborer of the free Stales, I need not be It {is a doctrine ion monstrous to be 1"lpraj j battles, was to he sent home lo the UnitedSlates. riot lo the commercial community indebted to a bevy of pc.rpoise p*. who drove we cannol' refrain from doin f .* '*""1 .,

('(told; trut, the judiciary( : wit) be our sbe.ild. I ,ted, an ostracism too degrading to be ends The coffin was wailed for by a mil- The first has the while, fish into the harbor+ helping themselves he turn recreant-hut no, wet I ef

hive read ftnmewhera where the Devil bargained red. The Democratic Conventions of Vii ily funeral committee and the desolate case now occurred when meanwhile, no doubt lo a very big: CPI vr of that. Should be pro"1 Tim!,,

with, : sensualist fill Isis fOI'Vhen' inia. Alabama, and Florida, had unanimously t hearted' wife of the df'cf'llfd. at Svracune. ,the arrival; of one steamer' has been announced number. for the great burden whichertsi. '"ing+ j

the soul win to he deliverelllj. hN Sata, n- denounced with indignation this flagrant : But when ihe coffin 'trivecl. and was opened before the full accounts by t the mulales' upon him-and r his Ilf' Pro'lul| c.I ,

called philosnphi- heresy. And Virginia and Alp (- for glance the We never knew thn{ far with it a'' whiP!
pie majesty yet one at face of the dead, iljvaa preceding one have reached us, and ihis man disposed lo accumulating ,! I

1'l til l sensualist, however, did not give u bam, to say nothing of Georgia, 50 far as found to be ihe wrong body will not nofrequently take place from the i scorn objcci ihe of scorn humble to,the who poorest.was not himself a fit leans alas, for Crescent.Europe{ for the world!,.[ t a ent'sl tlrkt






I - -.- -

- --
"''T r",. '; '""' ;. -' ',-" .,. '-' 'I-,"." ",; -' .- ,
T iii -
'!'," :,; ., r. : -
" ''' .r", ,.AI.. t. ,- -
:- -- '-
./ -- : L _


t. 51

.1 .



__, .
--- a -_ .
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= --. _
h _
----- : r---------- -
:: flAK' GIRLS AND TIlE BOTTLES.r .- .\ S-ATLASTIC' STEAMF.RS.-TIIC Glasgow TiE 1 C 0 \I 1\1 ERe I II I Notice. matter whether- the-result- tit-inherent- -cause--or

.juratory to landing we began performing; TBA>Herald furnishes curious -----_-'_-- -. --_h---.- --_ ____._._.__ CAPT. BENJ. HOWARD is my authorized causes produced by iire:'ilanty, iilnm or ace -
ablutions in ihe lJo?t, much 10 the some p.irti-j COTTON :TA TE)1EXT. Last I during my absence from the State. dent. Nothing can be mere surprising than its
our and delight of the Dyaks who Cu lars of the eatables and' drinkables supplied I year. ( JOHN W. IJAECOCK. invigorating efiects on the Lumen frame. PerSons -

a1t1U semenl and for th. consumption of ihs passengers Apalachicola June I, ISIS. all weakness a.id
ihe landing place h.imTc Jai"'iudfrom taking lt.
sernble at Mock' on l'I'1.| | ), 1I7..37t: 9SS
,ti'e a Tne on board Cunard & Co.'s American stc.i in. :; at once become robu-t and full t.f under
astonishment. 1 ct'I'l'JI.I.t. week. .. i
USmn mute $ .1711-1 energy
,bo 1 tftt' of a' hair brn i is
'N; lclinn but cleaning' with 50 dozen of port wine, 100 Total.116321,10J2jS! my Agent during nervelessness of the female tratne, which i i. the
\ central burst of blighter.) I'lift dozen of I Exported pat. week .. .... ..210:3It : absence from the State.HENRY. great cause of Barrenness. It will nol be expected
dIP caused a scream sherry. 100 champa<:iie, '
irethwilha toothbrush l'reuouoty... .. .100412' I G. GUYON. of us, in of
"I perfect jell ; I presume at our dozen cf Maderta. 50 dozen of hock. 59\\ Total .. ._ 102515issuy. S5752Onhndandonshlpboarclnotcleared Apahchicola, May 23, 1S43. exhibit certificates cases of cures RO delicate a r.a'urf'.tu'
wonJer I performed but we
(r( customs. TJy appeared to bft dozen of sod.i water and Icmotr-ide. 300 can assure the a afflicted that hundred ol
Notice.'IN ca'c>
b ArbAroU than tolerably good dozen Scotch ale and 200 dozen of London I 20500 I have been reported to us. Thousands
and more of the of casks
made. pursuance provisions of the Con'ltitn- .
,,11 I 1 need 1 not enter into a very p.rcr, beside spirits of all I I kinds. EXPORTS- :OF:: --'h'COTTON FROM: --_. ::== ol the State, notice is hereby that where famijiw? have been without 'hiltJrtn,aUer

kllOn., df'owril'llon' "f iheiraitire, for truth I Th"rl are also ample stores of ice and an'' Ifl APALACHICOLACommencing certain persons, citizens of Florida intend given using a few bottles ct this invaluable iLtdirine,
little ( I abundant supply of fresh Each SojtUMiiber) 1S47-and same apply-I I have been blessed with fine, healthy
""nl'v ) )lH'1 advanced very beyond water. shipis time ing to the next General Assembly of the State, t.ffcpru-g.
IO4"o they tuinV of our common mother Eve.- victualed for iwemy-one days and carries in 1S4G. I for an act incorporating (them, and their sori- Dr. Towiisentl's l's Sarsaparilla.Wonder To mothers and Married Ladies.

i" closer contact wiili I them I at least 4,000 Ibs. of beef, mutton and pork I Po1"t \IPrevi- I Last !, ates, citizens of Florida, who may become united and Blessing of the Age- This Extract of SdrsdpiriHa ha, been nJ-rf"M)ly

\'e *ere soon throwing, out nf the I fresh and packed in ice. Then there are WhITHER E POItTED. .week.!ouly-/TOTALIsCaspnLuvrpoo1 I with them for the purpose, by the name and styleof The most extraordinary Medicine in the World: prepared in reference to female cmt! latM*. No

IlIr one .,f our l l\art'h\Ick boll Ie, half it dozen of 16 dozen of fowls. 4 dozen geese, 4 dozen ... ... ... .. tj-\ ..2lj l) the" Bank bf Commerce"-said incorporation This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles : it i* six female who hal reason to suppose she is approach
4i. .
boat a COI00fl into thifl I Ieo stream to gain of ducks, 4 dozen of turkeys of j l.n'rt'.... .. ... 'i. .. .. //.3Jt.ii. .. to posseusanking! powers and priiileges, and its times cheaper, pleasanter and warranted superior ; should ing that critical prjed, The turn t f lift;"
Wllm ( dnzf'r ""tz'"I".1' "" ,. .. /./.13.)7 capiti(: stock to consist of not more than $-2.:0,000. 'o any sold. It cures, without : neglect lake if, a it 11 a ceilam j>re-
,the fp-jvv swam, 10 the side J of pigeons and 1 dozen of roasiinsrpigs, beside I .. .. ... ... .. 730.. .... .1368 1 M-t vomitir\,ptirgi;i :, iC'kf.'niflgo'r ventativc for any of the bilnf'rflUS and horrible

1H7boT i,hout reserve, and then I a strug- ample store of tongues calves' heads &c.I (enoa ... ... .. .I..I"n.-,2. "... .. .. ..," ---.--IG-tf debilitating the Patient. I diseases to which females are subject at Ibis lime

T f'd liS *" should I J I le lllC f rlllnaleJwneJ Milk is i furishpe by the cow, though each Olher ports.... .. .:;)Ii )1-11 : V rElict Protection.. Co. of The great beauty and superiority of this Sa'rin- ofile.) This period! may It dIadjor ttvtral

'he l'rize'' I II ""* gained l by a fine ship carries a supply of 40 gallons, Total. to For. P.r1 .......I..I: H ,': .-: .275S, V New Jersey. parilla over all other medicines is: that 'while it : years y t/Ai'wg./Aw medicine. NIT is it less valuable -

of andio I II which is in ice New k. ... ... '-.--'-' ';" ;' eradicates the disease it the It for those who areappruachirgomanhcrd.
seventeen years of age packed and keeps fresh ands lor ., ..;/.)II I), ">1-1- .1 f')2 subsi-rib being appointed by the above invigorates body. j .
gin' | of about of bl.lck' ces- She sweet till the end of ihe Th.1 r.,5'nf ..:.. .. .. .1:4G: .fitit .17S.j'.13717, TIlE iheir is one of the very best as it is calculated to assist nature, (t.y quickening
pair' passage. a ent for this i is
; hl f *nlen.1iJ' l'rtvtilenc .. .... ;, .. : city, now the blood and i invigorating
r I baker I i .50( : i: ('ml.; .6976 take SPRING AND LnIER1F.DIC1 F.S tl\?. iu-rn.! Indeed
with, I her I rolls to Fire .and
turns two prepared
and. t longhair hU'llrellloaves or Marine Risks
rtMnlikesi f'fl4'.' PIlllddulIhla; .. ..+- .. .9. 1 .I):; .(i 7 Ever known; it not onlj purifies the whole system I lht .medicine is invaluable furp'.l! the delicate
Iirramms in the water! behind. her came per diem, and the confectioner: i is never idhr. notllllllOrt'. .... .'.. ... . ,:. .11.,11 .11"1'91' ..26jO"W May 11, ISIS. THUS. L. MITCHEL. and strengthens the person, but it creates disease to which women are subjert.It .

v well UP to. our 'ideas ol a IUllrll'i\f I III t'. Breakfast begins at !half-pasl.; a'Hllhc cloth UrI..II1S... .:I ... .: .193:),. .19-9 1)32. Thx1 cuIisN-ij-eje---- ; flew, pure and rich blood: .a, power possessed by braces Ihe wholeil_ lrf'm. rertus pfrmarieM-

rrr ?WC hid l comrived f 10 empty a conih'rable J JAi is removed] at 10. I n hi at 1 12 and O 11I.rporl".I.I ... 331 .53uj' .237. T.AX paver are hereby not i tied that all taxes no other medicine. And in tin lies the grand ly the natural energies, by mromjr, the i:1 ci-

nunilM-rofthi-w bottles during our exnedition. dinner at 4. Tea is served at 7 ; and tllf'P ::2t0-) .37o1. ..iUii'; .jW.I1TlTA I due the city mtht be paid hv the time pre- secret of its wonderful success. It has performed f tes of the body, not !o far stiniulatir. a* in ).io-

they were now tbr..wn overboard follow snacks wine, punch) I toddy, gin-sling. I.-f-\U:" .:. .' . '12il3'. ,>752 1 scribed bythe ordimncpiNed by the City within the last five years? more than 100,000 duce subsequent rf.'lnatiffIhid.. i is tie case cTmrM

(. I I This occasioned, I a CreatinttClC &('.--thai ,is. for those who want. th.'in-i till -. -- Council, ilnot the ']w. will he sfrctlv enforced. I cures ot severe ca es of disease; at It'a''t l-.OOO medicines taken fir fC'n.llHal.f("4 aid

10,1'rtlirf'cti..n.of the fl"tin2 liarl.v. il b1l'ee | half-past ] 1. when lie !Ipw..rl's bar is closed, P.\& I-EHS.; ---- 'I :3AS. F. FARRIOK, I were considered incurable. It has saved the live dNea eBy using few' bottLs .>t II.i- rHdt"i,...

: alUhe other women) on hue beach; and the lights are out by 12. Such is I hie Per steamer Viol.i! -.1 M I j I.lns. I V City Ta\ Collector. of more than 5000 children during the two past be many severe .arid painful! surgical <,;erztitt.5 uiay
,| .EDWARD MrCULLY" I prevented.Great
IVr _
e Meainer IIIIt'ICJIIPrt" \t. authorized flPaQOnq.
J"III hllllre "m iisetl l ') "- (Ill board a trans Athoti" steamer ; in -cort. my
hall $
I nrmore ,dun an ml I of the Summer it is said be ale Per ,''alll'r Q'IIIIf'\--E Skipper! it(>!!.biflS, F assent for 'he c-'llectioii (f Tate 'd irin my absence 10,000 cases of Gen rl.DebllilY Blessing to mothers and
Ives "i.dl I tht' exertions) contentions 10 becoming quite' Siiuili, EdieAv; ,"Iii. TflIlIlIP-II"} i from the Sl-.lc. J. F. FAURIOR. and \vant of Nervous EllerDr. ;). Children.It .

!our c/i-rinms/ iniads! to obtain what; they ap- common for parlies' make pleasure trip Per ie.inier Luf.iu|1-H j .1 Iloole: A Girard J i May' IS, 11S.J Townsend's Sjrsi-'anlla invigorate, the :i's tfu lii rf'r. : r.d n.f..t rtl"; dual rr.dirjf e fr
"lrl- Al I 1\oI..11 I "urfinii' to America, in the fa.shion that people go up F Ii urht's. t'tirif the and
nrirrd m P"1" I I whole iern rprtT'la'u. Tn tt-sn'lP who havi.1nt ing sy-frm, relie'ina It e lInenrJt!
'? 1IoII111's'r" C"n' and tiwomrn! the Rhine. There have ,"el been occasionsin -- -- Claret Wine.I I their muscular enenry by the t-ffccts of med- attendant iifion child-birth e'er di.-rner d. 1 Jt

Oil I'h ..rt'lIh ihein. a. niuch dph lLhI_ ?- which4inng married; I'lpl. h.I"t speiii KECLIPTs [FIU'\i' TI1U 1\ TEl lOlL I I. CX DOZ. superior Tdbl Claret, received per irine or indiTetion committed J in \youth ir the strengthens both the: mr-trf aridIuId.. prevents

4 S..II, ih tlfir t-p-iil us \\1" had been amused their honey moon in a liii t afl>'- P'r .11".lInfor Vi. In-:>fJ h.ile: cotton 1.1 HariicrvV *J.11.:: Moii'erev! and tor sjle by excessive indulgence of the passions. and broughton pain and djre\sP, incif-aien' arId cnirl s tt. h..d.

tli(| "! and ac'iuty.' [Mnrui's ill visit to Niagara; ali Now York, and re K'IJ.Lrcouh111.II"lnie140 io \.J 1".1"17,2! to MdcUy A: i j MaylS I F: MrCULLY, 3U Water st.ltaidware a general physrcal prostration of the nervous those win have n-ctl it think il is iidspenraMeIf .
/lit) ihm eiCTness ; i I to Vv'o.id \ Haiinu; I .
? Uoiueo.luprMTV tun voyage 101| England! and all in six IVr sifdiner to".IOIl-7;; !> lidto'ollon to A N '" system, lassitude, want of, ambition, fainting sensations is biglily useful both bf fc:re a-id alt. r ....fine-
,I'. __ Ship CJhsindiery, &c. and decline hastening runt as it prevents disfas; atfT.int
: weeks. McK-sy: & Co: ; 70 'in linger' & Holmes: lit; to premature decay npc.ri
: OF MriiUKnr.us 1 : : AT MONTKVjt Wood \ B.lllllu; 121 1 to \ J L>fJ/ :lois 44 to; \Vylje r J.I HE Su'wcnbers' hive on hand for s.tlt-- toward that fatal di iealP, Consumption can be childbirth in Co.tiver.e-w, Pil*, Cramj! S'w ell-

_Atrisbt o'clock I t' as sitiinu in MUSCULAR EXEKCISK.: : -Muscular exer- A; McK"n/ie : LOCKS, assorted, HutH Screws, hinges: entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This ing of the Feet, Dei'm.dei.cy. Heartl.urn Vrtc-
.. :" PeriCdiner (binc"h.lles! l I Handsaw, MilNaws i Cro""cnt Planes iting, Pain in the B.ick
d.imacfd and Loin- Ft Is
('" aril ""m- sioolxin, a i is direct source of pleasure 10 cotton; tpr Sarsaparilla is far superior to any Pains:
e .
lIl,' ellllImlI"u" f't every 72 bole, cuttuti ti> Li,;ikir'! .vV YOllllz2 to \\r G Compares AILPrS, flimblels, Chisels, Brace Cordial Hemorrhage, and in ,- tllitrlr.!: the str.-tons artf
(fl'"r| mill lilt officer in rotiiin.ind. when blip not sufiVrin<;- from diseased action. Potter; !. to \\'} he .\: .McKeir/ie' ; 7 to A N \1 c- and Hilt. RIII", lieveN, S.|uares, Brpadaxe" Invigorating equalizing the rircnlalion it has r.r e.tul Hie 1 '
AS it and invigorates the gives
ed. exemplify; Every one must ; i this. The Kay A: (:o. renews system
:. iiicidenf U1 ( U ri h"'f ff'1 effect SIrfp do, Collins' dodze Hatchet.
iiilii.wiii Han c-f this
great beauty
? : the limbs and the inediif i.!, it i; ah\at safe,
strength to
Per activity to muscular -
St"l I'S''hl imnneis ot iisini; I the muscles of voluntary motion, >tt ainer Efjil2t7: '! hale.! octt"n to Ma- Shutter! I lIal\
ill and
l in? a VM> ni2 tilt mcrs, : !; !!", Blind d'ISret yah!., the n o in-) : day A; Kimbroniii S3 10 I i system, in a most extraordinary degree. >tcc'.s-luiry.
.,,"d.| uMiipris of ihf lowt-r (1.1. of t ihf ;Jl. when all flip processes of the economy arebeiiis to W A .N: P C K.IIM: ; !I!2 oV JI.rp..r.\: (J Po 'ter I Hohii'-s fc Co; :39 77 I Counter Scales, Platform (5", Cotton d.., Consumption Cured. very few cases require any othrr m"I.-i.p.! in

.,..:.i,nn of :Moultvidm i : An altfic' lfl jtisily and healthily; Ilrforltc, is lo to A McKay X Co: :3 ,to Lnckliart >V: Young;; 1 Kilcnen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and Cleanse- and StrenrzthtnConstimptirin can be some a little Castor Oil, or Magruvi.i i i. u-aetul.

JH.1| Ilht't plu.t lif ween ;I ell .s panuud I imp.itt a marked and :grateful I stimulus i to to UJ Hoole.V C ; 'J In \Vjlte X' McKenzie.JURISB Tongs, Fin Iron-, &:. cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint Exercise th > open air, ar.d! lid; t tud with Ihw

". As it rew II't'I the sentient nerves of ihe andaxorrespondin BLACKSMITHS' Bellows. Anvils, Sledges. Colds Catarrh Coughs medicine, will always ensure a $ae and easy rcnfinemenf. -
,, JlI( a S"I,1li'ril', : 11'1. Hammer Vices Asthma Spitting .
I ilie itie. the pulpeii i. or winei.i. i and grateful I si i in ti I t ii I the nervoussysteoi fl1 (( {1 \i *, Scre'p1.tejtocks! and of Blood, Soreness in the Chest, Hectic ,
\) ittit. ;p It'l 1 1 I I I 1\\ I II C tJE. Dies, Tongs, File-*, R.nps. 6cc. Notice
; to the Ladies.
,| liere the hffer 'ii'e lud ;iri-ef ainl generally sufficiently noticeable by i 11 j U.' IRON-Swccds Ensli.hand American FI'sh1I ht Sweat, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration -
that .imitate Dr.
hip mind ------- the Side TowMend.ilr'apariird
Pain in have
; f-tl tov'ard. I ihf) linl.r'll.1'1 "hf'1 tlUrWls "fils analysis; andalwavs -- ----- ----- -- ------------ roundflat and Sac., been
< i BarldlInop, Sheet and have
j m i bm: 4 hundred vir'ltt.. t'hi.\. stopped' ; and lililui-tering indirectly to the hap- POUT UF :''.,\( i If..''iLA.June 10. Jloilcr !ToIh Railroad square! Spike do, Horieshoe and can be cured. V for ftmalen invariably, &c.called&c.,their an.! i-tuff have a n sr'"t our Ibni'df/till1

rriviMili'-J' ot.e :nimther,; with. vioU-nt er siiCIJI..II.IIK. !I- pines* of the individual colnting ant bri !ht- Iron and! NaiN! Cast, English, Blister and Spitting Klood. I, and circulars which relates pied' *
I I .'I I t! I li: IV Li iJ. New York to the fHn.laintj, of
uf! the thoughts feelings. So German Steel. April 23, 1517..
I li: few fllflh3tta. lumllr ,"il ali word for !
.tl.er ,
: womep( wen -< men wh> put
Z li.nl, ] them. .i IWI.t! is this beli""fr lo be the case by some, t thai Jute 5-Sfhr Elzah'lh! Cr.t\''}, fin X York. PLOI'GIiS-Sildc I : and Double Corn>heller9, Dr. Townscnd verily believe that jour Sarsaparilla me hicoe", have, since the up
Ilr."I") culJcttlmull il has been isried-a June (5- Hir) ( 'nl'iin'n' i, Ivrirf|';', fin Kingston.II CornrrilN, L'. chain-*, Trace do, Ox do has been the m'a.nl,through Providence, Twnsend's guat tticce>s vt ,
his in
I nere 1" us I\I' vur.ir: tin Gid'imS'is.fiumcy Shovels and) C! saving my lile. I have for several years had a
1lul. M hii $IrtoUvd, 4111. not as ;pf-ac officer limbs, loo much to leave him in the er.jovrneni :ll"amt"r i .\ ltiu. Im ( 'ha t lool'hpt' Lane ? Spades( Weeding Hoes, Garden, bad cough.: It became worse and worse. At females, recommended theirs, although j r( vfou- .

t teiniiiins, : > .lathe_ tumult. bill rat ii.r ;t. of his fullest capability pure andal.striid fledlHl"r \ioU, VanveKfiten, I irom Cohmbus. V am Grubbing Hoe last I raised large quantities of blood, had night ly they did netA nun.ber cf these Mixtures,
hi'i aad Steamer Uoston, \1011011. from, Columbus. and Hem:>, J:-orrj d. Pitch, Pills, &.c are injurious t III fepales: a< Ihcy s
{ fi'f''f'i enioMtiS thf h: ihi..i i rbrfiire. :: udMiU. !- I u ght. to the extent of making i Tar, Rosin., Coal Tar Bright Varnish Handspikes sweats and was greatjv: debilitated and reduced rate diseasevand gre-

'. thr Urttivc. "pii iii under lh. d Jiawnme i him unduly ilaginal; 'f. Although (his C1ltI-D.: Bl'ick-s', O.VT&c.. and did not expect to live. I have only used your Scrof undfrrniae 1 tie ctn--'it'itit..

\wut: .I : II 'his| VJ-.HMI. ill'l q>iick ;.. may \\11 1 be matter of doubt. tht f.ict; and June .)-Sr-hr Flondian Cooper, for N 0 CASTIXGS.- Susar Kettles, Mills and Caul Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a wonderful This certitcate. la clUSIVrJ cured .

iliuii' :hi.piun2) 'il hi1 1 I.IC" 5ntc. lue abdonipti! it" w-i-e and] benetolent i intention, remain unafiected June9 ifiiip M.>run n, Gmn, for N York. drons Bakcoven", SpitE, Pot Enameled change been wrought in me. I am now SarsaparilTa has con control proves that this
]Hark; H"rlf'Ull'1al'r.., fur X York able to walk all over the city. I raise no blood perfect o\er tk? most ob-
that derives Kettles Tea Kettles ..
Il1l.ltul. Our of the on.m ; : man an immediatepleasurable &
(f i If 1'1.1"0 June 10-Sloop! F.i-hi"n. Thpin: !KeyVe TINV.AREfull and my cough haf left me. You can well imagine stinatr diseases of the Bl'od. Three persoi.s
,l I 1'ali.iti), 1'n..j\'I:: the <-a-fU!_ i itjifuti'iioi.l & t'I"alill u from n..iul his voluntary I Uarque Cumberland, I Uncock: t'"r 1'oatou. a'snrtment.Wholesale that I am thankful for these resut cured in one house i is unprecedented.

J ih" H>>.. ''', u.\,1] \\(1)! If ,hy ilic muscles which. not only gives to labor ---- or retail..ROBKRT.t; Your-obedientservani, .- Three Children.Dr. .

t flU)rihu')!hot Z''SI. iml) even I to IIOIOlol"JI'S movementsoiredegr LIST OF VESSELS IN POUT. AP3hdoi.101, Jan.. ; 2U, 1SSS.<;, ALLEN & Co. WM. RUSSELL 65 Catharine st. Townsend : Dear Sir-I have the pleasure

j hu'4I I H\ 1\!' ..i.ii.h" ul' (,Uf(If I lie -ur.no. < c of Cnjl\ tHeuut. but produces a fiinsMardtlion --- _._-- .'. Ithciiniatisin. to inform you that three of my children have

t Fi.t Ila.t1' (lli"11 i.mht he f' J"fI"IJ: reaction on the mind itself, embellishing a Johnnn.2 ton, for ]BO"lolI, load. Iran, Nails &c. This i.onJ.Y one of wore than four thousand been cured of the Scrofula by the use f'f jrur excellent

T1w] oM! Sp.mi.Htl;\ *'4j:.'ereiJ into lb. muiid- lile \'irlwlo toil with ;degree of physicalenoinfni. ; iii--N J 1V.S! J 0 TUNS Swede Iron, assorted sizes ; eases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsa- medicine. They were afflicted very severely

r"'H.' :-Mill$ t aiiuuiU| di tiii.: 'J'Jie and mental i/nergy, biiojaucy, Si Lawri mice, 13owr.4il( tons, fm BO :"I\. waitiizJ' -.J 10'J' ;kf:" 5ail., (Vi.1 panlla) has cured, The most severe and chronic with bad Sores : have taken only "."If br.t-
1 I'liy : L ;Alit.-uel I -1 casks Wi-wling Ilnp- eradicated its ties;it took them awayfor; which I feel
.Cnrntiiba ,-ful assorted tjualiMe-J;; cases are weekly by extraordinary. : injself
"j.lt'Uh'I'd. ; hnp I'roSul! l Iv Wb'i7 for Toulon:
in ti-i-
.111" f"I"ilt.tl ut ldl"lrpdll'.lhal f'il I'trtie : loading 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils virtue i under great obligationYours
.. and! 'bf-n In > ina like to the drones 1 M I \\'rig!!! ;
a frb -t2ii -;
!11'MI' flf'il' T'"M,'. fe uiirS. ifi tun .i\\n\. aid, of riiiir**", the IIIOM- Crime' rot>siiiner<* lili.-ff I i the I, IUdd M l V. n-'lit. Liverpoolisl 20 JMIi.ws; in the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's IltantI,1'1 the I ISAAC W CRAIN, lOfiWooster-si.

.tt i" nut II !I.., 'fiitnift; *'<'ttnrd!'. Ai'nidi- !I", :I[hh'e.-l[ H.j/erf!.'jT} en Jlti unit Ilcginttn. : 12 dozen. Spades and Shovels: gentleman spoken of in the following letter: Opinions of Physicians.t t

\I h.d! \% !l.I l iii nm bid er! Dr.Town nd-Dear Sir :
b\s Cotton and Woolen Cards
,.r : !il .I.I I !!ff til ." Iuh A iti.i ill 11\\I". --- -- iu"-.irier 10 ; This i it to certify. that we, the ur.d.'r-ip-cdj;
IndIan, Watt, "25.3 ton, fur Boston loading-N 1 Rowl.in-1's Cast Steel Mill J Saws rihlv for nine years with the Rheumatism ;. considerable
case I
A couple of l nibs of t the law, whowrre ; ,
b.'li.-n1! ibat inu l t. d Physicians of the f have
\iin.l f tint 'U 'Ii ;( I J IVhuiif.Robert : 1000 Ibs Cast and Gernnai'teel, for sale by of the time I could not. eat, sleep or City r Albany. In nan er-
\i.liu ,flY i.ilkfd, .hlll.1nudl li-,,ji1Illtt8- c.1. tilling: a suit before a Jiisiicc itiRochester I \\.itt. Jdbns'in, 491! ton, fin Liverpool WM. PORTER & CO. walk. I had the utmost distressing pains and ous cases precribed Dr. TownsendVS'araparillaJ;

1 1\_ '.(iiH-nJ 1'iu DIlly r -':'K I v''at, .1"llt I got incensed at t each other and \\\'Hilln-\Id: Dec 30 H h Water street. my limbs were terribly swollen. I have used and believe it totbe one of the uost valuable preparations -
The Court sat I Burtel, Mclntirc, 21S ti.u.fin( New Yoik, wattin and have in (he market. .
: to
I'' \A" hn.1 : ; 11./h of :ui.s vlmIII "''If I fnr-illy ( IIiIC btI by (four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, they

hi' :,". c .,4. h":1 11t; if HwIJ t..I'.tt. t(, and mollv looked on till- thin fracas wasover. :-Mater.Covenanter lIHD Sr. Cn.iv Sugar ; done more than one thousand dollars worth of II.. P rt'T..T G. M. D.
(Hr ) Pa't:rson. Cl 2 ton.Im Liverpool 1 WILSON. M. D.
:.,t. .iJi"i. ::1 lf'| "linl" llul l IHi"|!4.u, iiij; flnl.1 Then}; I the combatants apologised! : for vuiiiu-.t r I 1'ay 'c Co D 15 do New Orleans Sugar. ; !nNi. You are at liberty to use this for the benefit R. B. BKI,;c;=\ M D.

1, :. \.I ili.-\ xn-re jiii.hui-heir 'b.neU ini. disturbing ln.I I Ilr. hui the .Justice. uiping: Dauntle.n.r.! .) .I"hi;-"n. V>:.9! tons! for Liverpool. 20' bbls St (tj'roix of the afflicted. P. E L .,jL ClnFU.: D:
roolU! he. been lo.tdwI' CKuin.BKIUN .) b\s Stcf-art's Lmf Yours, respectful! Alnany, April 1,1>17
his.pec" ;
r u.t j tkof; ''lt tiuiit1 J% .tn 4n:,i!" "% iheii" : c'chtte Ia'UI
10 hbls iroiiid JAMES CUMMINGS.
disturbed i iu the least and the I trial went on. Caution.
".: 1111. die I f.iHim'n CfII'1.1'.. 'tHO\ Seliii.i. Smitli! 407tcu=, JIM New York, waitingMazier. 100< ) sacks I Rio Cofl-; "iJ( d-> Java Fever and Ague. Owing to the great suc.''>S ard imrrer sole
I' : -1 I ".\\ J .it-I i j. I incases
: t1tfl 11.n' tI.! ., 10 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is unequalled of Dr. Townsend's Sanapanlld, a ntimf-er ot n>!i
....1'' 'r wan') .!i-iml! ? .\"bv.; )." (111 Titi;: MAGIC Dn-fa"I': fill a wineglass :HO Mnft'd do.; of the Chills and Fever and Ague. The who were frrmerlyur, Agents, have c, mrner.red

'':"'::1' ,j his companion.: upi:'" blood i is \ili I ihe j'iice of beet root which is ol l KXPoi.'TS.NiV !: 20 Sperm Candles; "iObts brown Soap; following 'letter i is only one of hundreds that we making Sarlaprilla Extracts Elixirs, L'itter, Extracts -

', "!''lCi! t.1. rf\r ,, 'lie' w.siei., ni thai} cie.fk ,1tf'l red color ; add a Intle lime water : YORK-IVr banju.Uertel' !-7.37 bales of J 100 bags Shot ; 5'J kegs Powder ; have received from the South and West of like "of Yellow Dock, &.cTMJ' generally put

I 1""t. r ,'j a 1 "'1 11, Id- Lilll I l aii! illd mixHue' will be coloiless ; dip into cotton.P.OsTON 10W lbs Load ; V chaiacter. it up in the same shaped Iff tiles, and: stfn.e-i.f
: -Per bark Cumut'rlanJ-131G bales 200 kegs White Lead. NO. 1 I. Extra and Pure. Oswego, Mich., Oct 22, IS.7.
.j knuAuiih uhat inuh l he; ha1 l ) it a piece of while cloth, dry it and 101101\ them have stole ana copied our sdvertis rrenfs;
"p"II. rapidly For ale bv WM. G. PORTER & CO. Dr. Townsend Dear Sir-I purchased for
.1)1(1 : they are only worthless imitations, ar.d st..uld b
: hrw e\anl\l had hi Ilr| nail on i iu a few hours the. cloth will become red. javoided.
tl"1'.f. Dec of Agent
30 -11 Water street. wife two bottles of Sarsaparilla your .
.-< t"il:; I. SnaiijV.rl..re. in' tIle it for the Fever
--'- --- -- -- ---- Mr. McNair of Kalamazoo to try
\\"IF CHANCKU: IYTOV.Tn.Mix: i ?Iost Extraordinary, Principal Office 1'2* FULTON Street, Sun
1.lrI> little solution (ii l "ubac'elall ol I.it with port Boots and Shoes. and Ague. Before I had finished the first Building N. Y.; Redding & Co., B State strett,
and Men's I Russet Brooms ; bottle, it appeared to warm the blood and every Boston
SH\ BOY'S ; Djott 132 North Secord s-frcef,
TCKK OK Tnt: Cno"s.-Thfw.idi ma'h' wine filter the mixture through '
; tlolilj MARR1EJVOMAN'S sew'd and peg'd] Kip Brogans ; other diy, when the .Chills and Fever appeared, Philadelphia; ; S S. Hance, Drug -t. Baltirr re;
: petMMi, \111 aie, titiMr! to nrilt ;11 arid i colorles. liquid.) will pass Ilr'; Gents fine Calf BrogansWmV less violent and before she .had finished -
Jil".r. PRIVATE AIEUICAL!( COMPANION.BY they were ; P. M. Cohen, Charleston; Wright & Go., 151
r-q ., -' to in"kv in"'u.i I ol heir siUtl'H". tlis add a small quantity of dry sal If peg'd and ew'd Slio'es; Children's do. the bottle she was entirely relieved and Charters street, N .0.; 105 South Pearl! strret.Albany .

N I.. die form II ano<> ; ami, ) this piactueli ) lartar. when ; spirit will I iot'. "hil.1 may be DR. A. M. MAf.Kir.KAV, Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; she was much better than she had been before ; and byall the principal Druggists and

) niiia I lurmeily I lie *' lull.t tt t-d \11\ l kuie I ,1.1! inflamed. ou i Ih surface ol ihe water. FtOFEOIt or- IJVASJS! OF WOMEN. Super L'adies' coarse and fine Calf B' "ts. she took the Ague. A lady that had been very Merchants generally throughout the United States

n.tliU'! \.1" \''('t'.1 tl'I.,. refertd!I"l j; a. a iuie Sixth Mditiori ISino pp. 230. Price $1. A large and extensiveasu'rtmettt, just received i sick with the Chijls and Fever but had broke i West Indies and the Canada

!' : .':1 l i thl".(;.',orhLp! i fioraufpof: 8 lit I.I ient THK LGICVRTI .-Dissolve a small TWENTY-FIV': TMOIN \NI> COPIES SOLD and for sale by W \I. G PORTER & CO. them with Quinine, and was left in a very weak i For sale wholesale and retail hv -

i""f. Tbi< !i't,.U! lit,!. hitt $-'.fr. in I portion of green copperas;) iu water and soak I IN ThREE :MONTHS Dec 30 -41 t Water street.Blard and distressing state,. and troubled exceedingly V K. F: ABELL,
,. \ I ;UI it sheets of writing paper so as to allow with the Ague Cake, seeing the effect that, it had May 25; ISJg. .
\.n.t" J i (puuit" I uf 111'I icnorancr. AniMii.A. Years of suffering, 11 physical and mental an- \varc. WIvpalnchiccIa.. ..
iheni to be taken out \llle. and then dried ; on my wife she sent,and procured a few.bottlos, ---- -
( !: i the' (jMof t|II..nMiU was; tt(,' I .tfi then covi r I with finely powdcieil giin1i to many an illectiotiateifpand pecuniary PLAINS, Plain (Irons single and double, Ham and it restored her in a faw weeks .to complete PROSPECTUS OF THE

t" d! IM illiteidte |fCIIIHc. forauionu 'hf.Sax- I lie and paper! it very with dipped difficulties to the husband', might hive been Draw Knives Augurs, .Auguer Bits health. Your Sarsaparilla is without doubt, 1JI'- FLORIDA TEMPERANCEAgricultural
!Ms ,lite, uiMik I 1 galls write on a pen Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
tb -
of the West and if
all in diseases incident t.o ,
: "I.S" : iu when brush galls spareflbya timely TJO4ei()!)
I-! i It!:> CD.id" frfiih, 4.f ilie pi-r-nn -1 vaq I: ; of'Ihe ; Marking Gua es. Mortice d>", Saw Sets, Wood think that communication will be of Use Advocate;
'- ITIIIIg. and the writing will appear. is intcndesl! c-'ppci.illy for the married, or Rules, Adzes, Wrenches Saws, Locks, Hooks you
I In
1t.1 to : : at liberty to use .it as you choose.
ofi".f are
nbn f (1.1llf'!madwl. II z* ti.Ul-l| siJalll'as siaod, AiiTiriciAL lE.-MiX (four ou'nces of ni- those cnritemj'latniK marriage, as it discloses important and Staples; Butts,Screws, Hinirrs,.Shntter Bolts, you Yours: respect fully, V A weekly paper. to. be. published in. Quin'ry, Fa :
Brads Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles Rat CIIARLF.t"n.. SWAt BY C. JULIAN BARTLETT.
\i'. ili. which should he known to them
;pllrf .f IU. ci:?': $11E'. of ,111"f who 'rilf ol ammonia :1'c four ounces of subcaihonate scrn-Js Traps,Axes, Hatchets Cc.hVe Mills/Sledge Hammers Canker the I

C'i'ilil',; not IHI'". I I, I|I.. tl "-". if i mm : of sodium wuh four ounces ofwater IHrl iCU 4 ny. Smith Tong-j Mill Saws, Anvils &c. &.c. in Mouth saved THE proprietor the QCIXCTI Tiair, under

mild "rltf 'ur even I tend I lIlt I,knowledge\;SnM.lepdpro.if iu a tin \essel I. and j in three hours t the Truly, knowledge is power. It is health For sale by' B. ELLISON & Co. Below is an account of another has saved child the lives the repeated solicitations 01 his t>!tr..r.!,\\hr are

I <<, ;'ru-.n Ill pI I""- I hat hf was in mixture will, produce ten ounces ol ice. happiness, aHlnencc. Dec 'J. Cor. \Vater and Chestnut sts.GenesL'c ot Dr.thousands Townsend's of SarsapariUa children. The 'following twoeertifltates mostly confprist-d among the 'fnetds ot Tet;>;-trance -
niny onlers. The Agriculture, and otter .ndnsrnal li.ttr.rs
dcirtls. or ik. was SL1n.-Dstulve The revolutions contained in its es have i' lIGshcn Butter selected from a number received -
with e. Two LIQUIDS MARK A paj: i are great of Society, has cetermined to Ctvi. hi* J,>utn.>l
nllillril" ) leniiiHti) ; and t lail) otpoik muriate of lime- in water until il ,"il t.oolvf proved a ble..mu tn tbonsaMd-<, as the inuumer- a superior article ot CHEESE, fir sale I this week. more( exclusively to th* objects iuicatt b} the
"!hio were not i |IIk'. did not feej AND E. McCULLY New York; April, 1'1-1;.
Tinynnesviij similar solution ofcaibonaie title he has
no ; make aUo 1 : able letter'. received by t hue :author! will aItett.I new aS Uf'd.
ttrPnl 110'f
fi.rihe, use of tellers. TI, : will be 1 v I 11 I 50 Water st. Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-One of mv childrenwas The Editor has conser.ted to make thiChanges
II 'potash: ; hOll transparent I 1I' al-tn evory ft'mall.-I t he wife, t the mother, ._/_ Mouth and
t'U""III I. 0't IJIP I cro. w..lh"r.rlr.t I utiia'lte I bill if of each; re, fur cash very sick with a Canker. \ir the 'nut so much with the expectation il j e"lfl i-rJT
fluids the .low by
'' hy iho I -e who could -and I lh. <>sf : equal quantities, will become the one either bit I lini; i into \\urn It h 0(1)), or the HATS Caps by rase & CO. Throat attended with great debility It came gain, as with Ihe de-ire t-l fternrjr a lut-ry
I' lie mixed' and stirred together, they f excellent
( not write il the in tt.ed'. I'ih""r[ u-irs in whom nature contemplates near dying. I obtained some f )Hlr moral influence thru ughout M ,
: ; was, indeed one D., I. Cor. Water and Chestmt '..t.Trusses' f'Urrl wn g ; te,
solid mass.To ._ medicine and it cured it directly, for which I
Stitiusl. of an oath, from its I holy asm.cia- i ; an important chan! "-ca'i discover the --- -- --- in regard .uhjf'rI4 k\hirh he hi.Id*, ot all ethers ,

1110., il''. || CIIA.NGK COLOR or A ROSE. assure you I feel very grateful. to be of par m'unt imj! ortar.Cft
Ct'IP.I" tilt |"oIr\. Q,, 1111'|||<4 TIlE: "ymtorn", an I I lheino t ellicient remedies, Yours. t"pcinillv,
rJl1oj's. : .
a'o.Mii. I|I' ,, ; Hold the blue ol a : INGLE and double, lor salebv The cau"e st Temperance; the intere t of
editor of I ir'orial a rose S
III"UI'.11 uTIi I.t 1\'r ,f.IHP discharged and most certain mode ol cure, in every com- July 17 J.'C. ALLEN ELIZABETH FOWLER, 27 Desbrosses-st Agriculture ; and borrc ir du.try in all it. rtla-
Sh-Uprai.1 I", 1 lh-I male h. and i the color Lt '
explains common \il Fits
ol -linil "Irtoill touches the plaint to which hersPX is "nlijerf. Fits Fits tions and \iI itt it'J-will} be tIe i.bjects to which
tap the as wheiever, the. fume Drugs, illcdicsiics V Chemicals. Townsend not having tested his Sarsapa- the attention of
Ilarl : of One Dollar I the Married .Dr. the paper will be principally directed
CuUio I .ppraclrmg 1 I lo the I character of an leaves of the flower, so as 10 lender it beau- On the receipt AFRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines and rijla.in cases of Fits, of course never recommended ; and as connected with these intcre-ts,

oath. This phn.se conns, three or four liful variegated or entirely white. If it be Woman's Private Medical Compani will he now landing from bark Reform; it, and was surprised to receive the followingfrom and d* bearing up m them and M inf uencirg

'"'"sin the ;pUjsof I Shaksppar- but liiih"o I tht'l dipped into water, the redness after i sent (mailedfret) to any part of the United and for sale by an intelligent and respectable Farmer in them, a review. of ieign and domestic markets,
e it Ill |I'ff' ,I.fl| |Iy the commentators lime will be restored. States. AH letters must be addresed, p'-sl-paid, Nov 11 J. C. Westchester county : wiU not overlooked. ..

10 t. onlnal, | uilucutjty. If has a right to bp proud of anything to Dr. AM.. Maurieeau, H.\ 1'1, New York Itard\varc.; "Fordham, August 13, 1847. The irnpott nce.of the objects and the aid
i fin CHAINS Loc i assorted, Dr Townsend : Dear Sir-I have a litte( girl which a well) conducted n newspaper could afford
A ( Newark il is of a good action done as it oughtto City. Publishing Office, 12'J Liberty-street! New TRACE Spades, of who has been several them art
I T APPLI: TRKB: .-The the Cart Boxes, Drawing Kn ves and seven years age, years questions which could not be fully discussed

A.ltfrl"er states that R. L.. Colt. F "q.. of be. without a base interest lurking at York. .. __ __.. May. 4_ IGtf.w Irons, &.c. &c. for.fale low by afflicted with Fits; we tried alm-Tst everythingfor i ii a paper of this sort ; but it will be fur
Ptterfttui, N. J.. has ren-rnly. in the exercise bottom of it.rev. -- Novll E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.itiui her, but without succes's ; at last, although we purpose to explain and enforce them in articles
Notice. __ could find recommendation in our circulars rot
of --- no : original and selected which in our
Clirpif. a rerereod hnrli.ufural taste, pro- """ Orleans Sugar.3HHDS. T lIE late firm of J. Stevenson &, Crt. having and' Rope cases like hers, we thought, as she was. in vejj: columns. may appear

ome cr;fis Iht English schr been dissolved by the decease of Joshua McCHLLY delicate health would give her some of The
prime N. O. Sutwr.. receiver per by E. we your Editor of the TEMPERANCC .ADVCCATE
P.artI.n.) "|tple tree still Rtanding on the acid fur sale by Stevenson, all those indebted to (the said firm are FOR'sale 11 50 Wter at.Qv Sarsaparihla,.and are very glad we did for it not will not in any degree interfere with party poli-

Oak Place at Harifotd. and which May 18 E McCTLLY, 50 Water !t. requested to make payment, and those having only restored her strength,.but she has had no re. tics.. The events of the day the passing 'I'cur-

Li* "roueIa over by Grorgf f Willis in J 637 claims to present the same. UININE, Camphor and Piperine, !ust received turn of the Fits, to ouV great pleasure and snrpris'e. Tepees ot the week, he will notice with as mucK

"" *lnl row Iwo cf'ntlrif1 ulel| j The verie- For Providence. The ttick (
nblt Itt js gradually decaying "but it bore THE fast sailii't ship CANTO low prices for cash only. April 17 II. F. ABELL. for which we' feel grateful. will admit. He believe himstlf tn 6e free from

af| |Iat Mr. C. intends to Packard, master, having the greater por- T. II. AUSTIN Mess and Prime Yotirs, respectfully; all party bias, and be will endeavor thus to pre.
allllfA year. &, Co. -
prl"IUil the fruit. _lion of her cargo engaeed, will have Surviving partner Stevenson BEEF Do do JOHN BUTLER, Jr. serve the columns of his papT.

qui"k dl patch. For freight ol(2UO bales cotton, .Apal '"hjclJlal\Iay 21S.J3.l 19.tf Bread--Navy and Pilot, for sale 1 hr Female medicine. The Editor propose to enlarge very'consider:

utItii taken say* the Medical awh'( 10May Notice. Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co; Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla i is a sovereign and ably his paper from iU prr"ent size and ti> make

Ilfl. "gfertis internally.to o great service in re- 11 __ HARPER & HOLMES. having claims against the estate .-. i.--- speedy cure for Incipient Consumption, Barrenness other imprnvemenf'a,1 should the patronage* tIered
''int ALL persons Ouava.Je1te. Pfola'rfeua Uteria or Falling of the Womb, authorize it. .
powers fast sinking. The reaction il D.IIUP! W. Fauretf, deceased are requiredto V
pto4ucps 'ro Let. within the time prescribed DOZ. Guava JMHes,_assorted size boxes, Cqstivene.ss Piles, Leucorrhcea, or Whites, obstructed Terms of triptiOf1.Two Collars per an.
"hlf'' ,' may prove curative in Rome cases, THE Hnu!e lately known as the" Dew present the same will he barred of 50 just received direct from Havana, for sale or difficult Menstruation. Incontinenceof num in advance, or three. dollars if Det paid ia'
in others) in which this is impossible immediately. hv law or else they recovery.T. '
Possession given and
;;;] Drop. Administrator. b> K McCULLY, Urine or !involuntary discharge thereof,
'linked. temporary amelioration of the pa"fni's ,i ii Inquire WM. HONE!, May H. 18, 1848., March 16 50 Water :t. for the general prostration ot the system-no Quincy, Fa., May 27, ISIS."p(j
state occurs." May 11. 19 Water-st. Apalachicola,








-- .
-- .V '.
-- .. -' V. -. -


: 7, ..,_. "
7t'.c "' l' "
_ _ : : _


I .


I .

___ _____ __ ____ ___ ___u -
__ __ _ _ --- -
_:1 L--r !
_ -
!-_ !!! _' y :- liry Goods. FRESH ARRIVAL
: OF
ITIilitnry, I'ire Caps, and Fire I : subscribers! offer for sale a large and sea- Drugs, medicines
of Flo- ------ -- TIn I'ainiy.
State --- o.
Constitution of the --
Bucket illaiiufactory.HENRY FOR TiE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN Franklin stock of Dry Goods consisting in Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery
T. GUATACAP, continues t,. manu rida. I OF ISIS. > Circuit COUI.t.John I'art of rsiafjfr nil i': "ndersiRned 4e.
at Ins rid stand No. :>9) Rroadw.i.vew W.RinaldiConpl't; Ncro l Kcis-ysand Linsejs to his friends and the I hi' I

\ York, thi following articles: MilMaiv ('ai'eflfLt4 Proposed ami agnnl to by the third General j Only FIFTY CEVTS for the Campaign. \'. } In Chancery. White and Red Flannels, lY-r. liberal patronage, and ubl e IOflI
B-ixt-f 1') the action of the 1lt xLI Daniel l Smith arlll Lucy Ann f Il.ingUi aiul Tweeds gi 10 I
trid. :.1stntMisubject
Body and Brca Plates, C.II | that he is now
Knapsacks, Priming \\'ir,>*, Sca'l IHl'd Saddle Gau rill .;sttnbfy.. I The uiidrsigned proposes to commence t the publication his wile Resp'ls ] Super plain black and fancy Casamerw al supply, which receiving added an add 4
ol i im called .Tn : WHIG reading the foregoing aflidivit', it is or 10 his f4
a to
Cl>\th Hulsteis flrI4IIt'., GU:1: Cases, Fire Cap.--, paper UPON Super English and French Clot thoi. stock, lenders his asscrIndent(
Bear Skin Caps, &r. &.r.Military AN ACT to amend the) l'2th Clause of the fit h I BUGLE at Hdrri-burg, Pa othe: I l,t of April I that service ol the foregoing bill he Whitney UUnkots; 10, 11 and I I2qnDutlil : and complete- Engli.-h, French: unuI ualrJ j

and Fir; Companies: about forming, or Article (ill the! Constitution ot this Stale, so I thattheJndg.s next, ,be coOt inn'il weekly unt after the Pn' perfected nn the defend ints in i rut bill mentioned : UIankels,8, 'J and 10 qrs. American Drugs Cosmetics Gun.anIIi :
i ;
contemplate rh.uuing: their! Uniloims, can i he (.f 1 the Circuit Courts shall) hold ideniial Election at 'Il ; \\ price of FlfTrj by I publication L in the Commercial Advertiser I Marseilles Quilts J, 10,11 allll12 qrs, and Druggists Glass ware, &c; ,Pttfumrr& }'
lor I term of eight instead of CEJCTSfur Iht- nr simii other newspaper: ; published! in t the Wetern I- .c art e
supplied with Pattern Cjps, by addressing theabive their; nllices a 'ear" CttJfigl. De.ii us, Kremlins! ; and Cottonades, to Physicians Country MfrchaMsardoil t
dining i'd he It.1\'t'r: The WHIG BUI similar i in appear- I 1)1st net, fIr I the space of four months, re>jui' Brown .
g' i
at the shortest notice, on the m-st rf.i-on-' 11 Shirting and Sheeting, (the n.ost liberal terms-all cf t winch *
able terms. May -I, U'-'.{t. | Si.cnov: 1. He it marled by the Senate and \ ance and spirit to Clay fln..1e,.!publishediKkrsiunid ( i ring said defendants to appear and answer said! Cotton Osnab'irg*, pure and unadulterated. t.e"a

------- llon.'ie, cf: HI'J'I tJltil/It.'s cf the: State of Fluj i j by I the I in t the cam pa i 1411:. of, I IS I 11 I, ind, i!' bill, otherwise that the simo, l bt> faken pro con- Cotton Irnllinngaid Ticking, 11. F.

cou..t!. tain in titiin-al ..Isfnubltconvened.. That I the as I is! name indici.tes; will be especially devoted fesso GKOIU3K! ; S. HAWKINS Judc, fee. Linen and Cotton Checks Wholesale JUtail AHELL,

-/\rv SACK1? Rio, Havana% and St. DI\:1liago I-Jh! Clause: } thc :tsi \rI iele of Constitution: t to t the disscuiinalit,: I ,n ol Whig i Princi ple. It will April 21th, l'' &IS. Irish Linen Shir and Sheeting, Dru ** .t
ing .15
JLUvCollee, for sale low bv' tf I this state b.' sn .11.11: tided as to read as follows, 1 advocate I the noininition of t the gallant I General I A true copy WM. VAI.LEXU, Clk. Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, ApaachicchiiNov.! 21, 1SK( Water st;.

Dec '->3 E MeCFLLV.Vines I II viz: TI.atit I the <>\!'ji'tt ion of the iresent' termitt ZCl1All'.VLOl: for I the lre 1h'llty. but May-1 _ I H i.trnAt English, French and American Prints >

-- ----- ---- ----I'I l i'ln>e o; I he! Judg.'snt! ,I the Circuit Couits, with will.\ield a heal ty support to t nominees (If Cliaiiiaers, Extra juper; plain and twilled Ginghams Drills and l'i jyipcliciiietT

on Coiii'.tsnn. I !h' ovcpption ht-\'I'11I1111' mentioned Justices of I the appropri Whig Conveiitio s lor PrcslJenl.Vie Cashmere THE:
Super d'Ecosse
APALACIHCOLA I [ 29 1817. subscriber ha.
J UST received pet 8::'Marur.in! nin! for t the Supu-iiif i ( nurt. and I he J ure of the Circuit Pre--ident a .d Canal Commissioner. Extra Muslin de Lame cc constantly and .
John iu!. Carnochan Plaintifr! super hatp.on tar.d.a,
sale !ow for cash- (.::4)'t its, oh.ti! !v i-lori-d: for a form of eight years, .- V7hig candidate for I the Presidency in English, Scotch and American do- a ". I.fOnt of I DRtGS trltl

10' baskets liied George K.
cases: AM Pale I"l it t \Vi'ie. is 1113rrant
winner rernowd 1I'I.jl'rlh t !.e pro\'iionsmade in I Ibis the nioll-md ZACHARY TAYLOR the Black and .
Silk Cravats and fancy Ilkfs of tie. best
of the State ,, _
5 Sinileih-i", ? "' I ('oi.4l it ill I'it" for tlie removal of Judges by address choice of a very large majority). of the American wife ol I Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs ILUL Merchant and quality Cr.
10 }'IT G.-rd Shrrrv Win. Florida, James E. Rettner ( Bill for account Pljnters will
n and for wilful! neglect ol duty people. This for the Old Hero is fit4
or impeachment
; preference their
; English: and American Cotton Ilkfs to advantage to
old EI..I India Mad.TJi 'Vi' ',. and Ann his wife; of the r and partition. callex3rrir.ear.d
1I) i.
which shall not bst"cfFifienl and for it is founded i in
or other t renj.'nhe! cause, ar.lli natural right ; a Madras and Verona head Ilk fol. Goods before purchafcirpelstwlfre.m J.f1tel

fi old Sicily. :Ma-Uii. Wn.\ l.v i.i 1 v'nJ' (for<. impeachment; I the Governor grateful sense of 1'Uig and distinguished! services State of New York, aid: I L;lilies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, B. Physirhn; prcscriptur.s on.J
Jane of' the
hrrh 2 J E Mcrrn.Y.For : _. saall; rorni'Veanyf; them on the address of two rendered on the field ot t bit lie, whera he has displayed McM-i-ters Super Satin ;1lr.ellhJrsted Vest are and hour rot
----- -- -- State of South Carolina ting, accuracy at any r.f th,da rrnI
third.f flu-: ( Assembly Pi ot tiled how- humanity and judgment of the ,
SaSo.BRLS elt.: ; courage, Defendaniti.JJPON J Colton amf Flax Thread, J. C. ALLEN

I thy. now landing 'i .im <' in Fiori- r'5 5 'jj lenth! I ii; s-i-i: : ;'d Ireand entered on I the Journal The fame and services of I IhegallandOld Rough Jaconet and Cambric \tn.illcl.! -- 1.
tn. .\PI'I.v tDecJ3 f Defen huts mentioned said, Bill do I ; -
NOURSE; : ;, STONE x Co.Ijinnta !; '.f t I'il U-uo. .Ind P'ocidnl further, : and Ready are fresh and National! and have found not leside within f this Circuit in but within I the i Nivdh-s, Pins, Tape, &.'. &c J. FIa1N,
Tint t the call ; or causes shall be notified to I the a deep response in all hearts. lIe has already Whirh, have been selected with great care in ('Jtlt 7''L..IIUt..
United States I It ordered! that notice of I the )
Syrup. Mii-lgi! ,' s,; i itiid-d 1 !be reIJlII\'e.l.! and he shall been foimally nominated by (the Legislatures and : t is New York and Bostonfrom
institution of this suif, and the filing | the Importcrsand Agents BOOT AND SHOE
11 B n\Y':; ""iternrt- Li-iii-tn .s\ic.>. p;i i, rt. voaid 441 i b.' adinittc.i to a h.-n :g in his own defence he- State Conventions of a number id State-', and o Manufacturers, at (the lowi-st market rates and MAKER

?.r sile tv fimmy vdef'1 r such: removal shall pass : and in b.; tens of thousands of his cou-itryiren, in their amended Bill I I, Iv given in some: newspaper; (published are now ofleredat wholesale nr ctail on favorable CONTINUES onf'
17' II 1 1q F A13LL.ST. !! s'l.dl be taken and nomination: the I in the Circuit for t the pace ..f four carry
_.L.J: : : s'I-'III'c tjjo v.e! hy yeas primary: as.-emblies His by of the terms by WM. G. PORTEH & Co. 4 business Apalachicola ,
months, and i if, upon due proof I appearance 'i lays ::n.! "';tcrOM I the Journals of each House Whig National Convention i is now regarded as Dec.J': '), 1517. -II Water street. site the City HcfelmCentrVi
"Vc'1 t s.1 .; :HH i'. his election is (If said notice iu some newspaper so published ,
1 and i in that event
1Or'O I (' : certain I
; !pretty ; ----- --- -- -- --- -- Having
-I.onFl r I i.ir. O I III .1! '. Lir.lV'i '. I That the I He has for the tune mentioned 'the said! defendants do superior wi.rkir.en.f b,,.
i SEC.: 1. !.e if.fuduI'Ilwc/rtl. Judges Mire'by an overwhelming majority. A CARD. confident that all who
'I..tr, ch'iiro :ai I nrt'iv.'v! I->!i.j c.r"l'k.II'H'! :< :, an.endid Con'titution earned the highest tint appear 'to s.iid lull by the next ruleday.which I may patronize him*.:
fir-t tins and
appointed: II'1' fairly honestly gallantly riMIE Subscribers take this method of inform- find that they have called at the l
and ;rn: ', Bico I. 1 H 1 im! *. "idST !I..tltt'r.t ,r I <'iall be d"'id-'d 1 T.\ 1: t I into four clas-cs. The honors of I the Republic, and a grateful people shall come after twenty days from the expirationof JL ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vicinity French Calf Skin, Morocco arid Patent right .
fi ELr.n, )\ & period o
tile by 1.r-J t ci s.s sh.dl! !iic.id: !idS! cr, I their ollice or offices will not withhold) them. that they have WIfill hand a very neat Boots and Shoes made 10 order d' the Ntih
('.. Wili-r' i.l C'i' .'sinitt tC t.. that the same be taken as confessed
Dif ) i .
.,-_ -- -r T lor !!;. t-jsn ''I two V..The{ second for the terniI Gen. ZACIIRY TAYLOR is our first choice ; and well selected Stock GOOD5- -?, which will be mo>t apprnvedstste.t Also Paleni Lciih rG.-

!i.jvi: .5t Hh s. I jut four; v.' 'r- th<> I thirl 1 t f'r I the lenn of six yeais, for the Presidency but we pledge our zealous agun-t them.GF.O. S. HAWKINS &c. sold low, consisting' in part a.s fi.l'ows( : fer Boots and Shoes muJpn: ; a superior: mm '

*| N diiF-rent: iz--l h s'ct.j j.irt receiu-d; Jroin I HaJ I Iv I 1 :the l-niith I! "Pa.1'i ;''ie I t1'I! I f eight ears.i -upport to the nominee of the Whig National; CAKMACK & SI'Hn"r.Co'npl'ls Judge, Cloths and! Cassir.eres, various shIes I He will keep constantly on hand a hrge"nd p'
IIH. tit' f"i '.>le liy i[:P.is.">d I the "Ulte; by the Constitutional ma- Convention regarding I unanimity of ferling and Solici'ors. Fancy Print, do. do.AI.tpara lecled assortment ol I Ready Mad' Ii .,.itj Sht

DOC2.1 E Mrcmv.[ : JMJ-IU.; Doceinlur :U. 1 h I7. Passed thw House 01 concentration of rllorf, as essential to success. Lustre; do. Figured, and Ir"aflll! mending.c.d<-wu'hnj

-- j: }j..;-,n'S?!Itlli\'I's. hy the Constitutional majority. \nil{ should TAYLOR, CLAY, SCOTT( CLAYTON A True Col'i I. VALLEAU, Silk's, Frodt I Kyne, ness and prnnjptitnde! and on t.-rrns that

Q 'ic l'i ''. i t Ja t :.u.ir> <.. 'I'JS-] or any other distinguished Whig Statesman -Dfoc31J.---r,0-lrn- Clerk. do.nnh.lh[ fail,! to he r'orti'Ht iI' in. :...i-it'! wi run Ihe

9 9 nt.c: WhiAev; 'if 1 h N M<>h. ."e*.: i ..\! Floriih! pajtcis ,il[ publish, provided not he selected by that body he will receive our cordial Franklin Circuit Court. do. S.itin I Striped: petition I in t trade; and. th.. rl! "'en5: t the, :1141

I tierce 11i'{'. ]urrd\ ;and t' r .ti.] hv I than "I i ch.u' and enthusiastic ic The union of The Pre.ident1111 Directors iichid .
: i m : : support. Fancy Cashmere Robes: \j.iii <| ", I) r !9, 1 1"1'7.j .r:

J.IIII;_E. M-'CITLLV. Watrr: .t. I A!iril 11, l ISJS, l-'i-i'iin.f _ _ _ the Jf'/Hgs for the sake of the Union" will be the Ha.k of Ponsacola) I! [ri chaccry. do. Merino do. --- -- -- -

SJu'r.SCOTCII :'. ; oui motto( -our candidate, the nominee of the I \i. 01'1 d!>>. Delaine do.Mulins Uiider\vood *VJ ('aih,
E 5 .<:.thYal'Ct Ship Chandleryr tc. t t.I"
and Jr.lhuin! botf'-s and] Watl- j Whig National Convention. Hiram Marilev, and olhN"t J [india Book ..., ,., .I. "
HUE! 1 : Su'isfiilKT.s hand for 2 !S .
>t r,. .i\'ll.ll\ll fi I" sale l>yFehl I h..ol s.II'- Each number of Tm: WHit BUCLE wi1\ contain .\ Chambers', ::2 [arch, ISIS.& ih. Swj.ts, [.nce and CotomiEdgings : J J ,
17 H F A KE LI. J. 10._ !!", as-i.rl--d, Butts, Scew Hinges, a large fund ot POLITICAL and. GENERAL; : reading I ih. Bill I and ':"hi'iits, filed in Li-le, Caj!> and Thread fl 1, :';Pl.t"n: I rl.tl i r.r..
I AJ'lN.iws j Crnasrut do Planes, UPON t .
; : ws, ,
f.ji"'oi. f ifi i l INTELLIGENCE: there will I I be i iI infused I i came, It is ordered, that =service said Shawls. Damask Silk V&ti f,111 1'11f'elt't: !
JDr. U : jK'ci C'li'i.i.issi-s, AugrrGimblcts, Chisels, Brace J Y
I through its columns t that life and spiritj'tin and) bill: he perfected on I III1'alllfallh'y.; one of I the I1'J.brion., N. "# C"I.I. -rid "... ; nL
A SAFE and t-lh'cient remedy for norm: ?, l lr and Hilts, !R'll -s, Uovels, S juarcs, Broad.ixes, l1fdlmoph./-ll..it and whilom, that will i I I Li
aaleVyFeh3 Shi:, ting sheet.We"nre !herein to !>. a rerid.'nt of the Middle Dil net ofFlorill. Kid Lace and Silk Gloves I.r.fi1 fl'' I'n. having Jr"'t.I. tit]
J C .A U.TX.h
---- -- -- -_-_-_--__- __ I. Shutter: 1 M 11 in'irigs i dosteelyards, determined i to make 1 the BU<;JI: the fIIoel hv ,iti'l' jc': ion i ill the Rcws.uuer; tuiVlii'.ed Tuscan; : Giijsev; Bonnets, latest fashion t \\ j mnnicatiunIi \\ nUn IIi. rllr!:

The Indians' i2J\n'. j C'lir.ter SMlt-.s, Platforsn do, Cotton do, lively spirited' and efficient Whig paper at the in t the; city of ApaUchicola, for t the s|>ace Ribbons: in'.til vari"t irs 1f ) T I fcr.irn ritte I .' tI': y \\It UI.\.l,

CERTAIN nct tIy) for chill urvJ fvv-r" fnr i isale Kncne-i Waie, Table Cutlery, Sho\'c and Capital of the Slate ol two months, requiring said Mauley to he and IJrown Shirting, 7-?, I1 1 and 3-1 I. I \I I "' V\ I bl..d. l to hirni-1! ', filt'lr, ,I'. slr"M" t.

A by i Tongs. Fire i liot.s' &,c.B.CK.rnl We coil upon the Whigs of Pennsylvania, and appear befyre the C,inrt on the first Monday in IU! i=hedd'>. 7-S ".- -1-1.10..1 1 and 11 1 _-,. .: -' I ,-: Ilrnt'n'l'I flu,. E\t'I !T'u,:..

'eh) :. .J (' .u.L1N. [ ; .B'l\ws. Anvils, SIbI of the Unicn: to give their aid to this enterprise. June next, and a-iswer s.ud bill otherwise the RUnkPt, G- I and !--I TKsr Pr,.iTrsoj' i'\"m ..w.vnJmont

1:1r.t'r"Ie.: plates, Let the blasts of Iii. WHUJ BUCJJ.K be ln-ard! in same will be taken ;pro conte-so! as fii him. Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting I ,'if>/, 'tt'lTrng tit n iinr t'i' mil.? J'ohuhle -.
\ OILj! ; rtfivlvfdjnd,;1 t'al" 1 h.I l ;, Tongs, l-'iles. Rasps, &..C.I sI,. of Dn'VIIl":1 wuladvarirugs !h. rktr
S\L\1) every |hart of (he country routing I the gallant GEORGE S. If.VKfJude.. &c. Carpet BagsH.its i
II. F. AIJKLI: :: N-.vee !" E-rgli-liand American a-onrled. .
I 17 ( ; Whigs to ACTION. A Tine, Copy. and) Caps, all ->t tUs (10 a fdshi trM. m' u- ;ifvN .
i (
| '
S;aitci' &c. 10"1. The fir;t number of TUB "'lit! BLV.I.K; will WIM.I\M VALI.KAV, Clerk. Boots and Shoes arid E
y, n"II' If ii i. Rr.lroad h Spike I Horseshoe he issued in the fir"'t'Ci'k in April and weeklythereafter March; :30, l"-ls. 11-' m all kinds. ning Wriprs; made to rdrr ; t'l.1 IK* divdevn i
.t a'.d i1iti. ) Clothing ul
.1.1a& :
: : "
< pllhcr
a-il I X ill English Bli.-ter andPLOl'
11'1 *, C.1t. : li"l i-Je m tie u-u.i i ir'' t.t i .
SDDLES Presidential eU-cti-m itieo.Walking
until I 1 alter I the .
ai.d .Sna'ile hits, I t -- -- --- Als", a neat as-ortir.ent of JEWELRY: and
rur1 (''rmrl ;('. fir the Calhoiiii Tax Sale. and, Riding (,a11..r- l'lrd; !,. i I. "
for t the small sum of FIFTY CKNI campaign. County mj'l.I I r articles: (ton numerous to rr.euti-m.: a 1 i"trnasner
Saddle Bags, I (;JUS I 'single and Double Tu-nc Dts-s .. .tl: i i1.:. ..*
CCr.helers. the cii law ; ; t 1 ihrirtTV
1drtInJkVhi .", f'.r < .1. bv I BY vntue t ol t peler'bl i in me by Call and ex inline f"r, vnirselves.AI. :
G. POR1T.R & C.. I t'onurillLogohains I : : Trace I will I I e\po-el'or' sale, before the Coin rt-liu'i-e' X. corr' & BROTHER, descriptor rna-iV in ;, Or.t tint", I shion*

\VM. Water .* t.WAIW I S'lovcls and S.lo: ,,, Weeding Hoes,, Garden, INDUCEMENTS FOR CLUHBINTr: door i in I the county of Cal huu'in, on the lir-t Monday Dec -23 Cnr.II> aId Centre*. ,tve.| All I I g-irnier.ts made! a: :|I..i- rstabjahBiC'irrKiiti
!tr ,
Tjt-c 31)t .
Liu :and! (;i i'll.'UI.: : I Hoes.COU' [ TilE WIIK- BUGI.E will be furnished to Ci.unsat .' llpr"l'crly l f) fit.
I of August t. 1S1 I5, t tn:i filloi.virg' ---
: ) \-\l:;!: i 'n! I nssorted, Pitch. the following li.w rates : Six Copies for ::{. C:3Shrni: 4contl Cfr n.ltzl'f:; Bmldr.
t'ainec Irm'1. rr so' much th.-reof) as will I I piy the O. EUi-ou fc HOUCirS Pansrca. j jlh received T..r, I H ''si'i. C,nl Tir, Briglit Varnish, Hand. Twelve copies fur S.. Sixteen i coj ies for -7'l'ventvfive "tate and! County la': due tnereon for the year Chestnut sis. Ettrarce e.r> Chestnut trl'l't.
snkjs Hl.ic'isOn--! for And for laigtrnumhers October 1
; copies $10. any 117 to-wit IS Hrer 3llr;
,,J ailE ''or sale byFeb'T7 H F A BELL-: ( _\STlNG'-Si.tr K .ile: ;, Mills end CaulR i in the sinn prOpfll'1 ion.11 1 ordiisinu The S W } of Section 5Township! I I. Range 0.V a'.dH.-im I !* Cord.ig.cf nil si/fs, c:;* A j-lat of F..11 an I W.rter. Fastj'I., .d

lro'I", h i.I! >I\o. Spiders, Pots, Enameled I ,t he accompanied with the C*!I1. CCAn; \ N & \ .joining I the lands; cf Slehfn: Rifhards. [in.*, \Vorrrl ire, Marline: "pnnyanr..lkllll1.pt'm .\ .t. t

!J h'iN.-' ; Turmp.-)111Jhk' ; IC.-ttli-s t t I To i j uHlk-s I &.P. person sending a Club of Subscnbtis! will h,' entitled purp'rting i III belong to JV.. \VnI 1 iar'i.oi. : Oil. I 1 all! do. V.lwl" *f., Otitv; I : --

POT.\TOE)!< ; BHs-!rhhls) ; TIXW.lmfun! o.Jtmelt i I to a copy i'f f (lie I, paper. Remittances I; nny: ,AU', the N W \ of Section 5, T-'wnsliip! I do| Linseed do, I I.ilw! III. Roiled do. Spirit; Tm-- 11 .T. SPITM'E.WATCH .

P4rnipc-Qi Lbls: ., l Inr sf'hv: V;"hi'lisili* 1',1 .- be made by mill I I with entire *.iety.! i Ringe !9(, N & W, .ind the W i of the S W \ of II ;IIIIlui'I I'Hral'IIHla\ I.tt"! ?. PutfvVhie AND CLOt I K \ ''-fJ{

, R'JP.ER'IN: .T.E'T t Co. We hope; the inspiring bh-ts of THK Wnii; ttilft t. *Pi, ,_Ii I 1* .. f>. \T \IT .... I I...,.. !U..1! do. Y..II..W ").h..., ('iir.iifit* >.nr ,I ". .
ELLISON! Co. 't "n' *
& tw t <
B I sf Secur.d : ;T' .
|s. Sit :
Dec 30 ___ ,' ., .. .. .. .. ....., f !? rc' ';
1 _!_ .II U4. fy* tlfftljr 1.:1: v dl."I"Oto itt irui.' l lu> li'-long' In \Vm. W\.itt. I:on'r.lltlI/r rn'I'ral; I rln. (hr. ')it Y"I''r:: ; T. ,.. ,
" p ,,
VcrIRifn ( ; 'ro .. ', '
. by cur political brethren. The Bugli' cjlls to durK L"uliirn ", Snl.ihiir, FJn.'fit ': n.h f' i II. .r-- ( .ur 'S "
Iran, :'Vails ttc. .AIs.i t ij ares nf tli I-1 t r.llt1.l'ld.1 mniti-r not .urzt ",wi / .
\En'S C.mallidlll'I1llf,?., fnr nlc by T.N':) Sv.edf Iron sizes arms, and in every part it f the country the true 'l.a! T.ir Ro-iti Pifrh, Tiirp'-nrpie. (0,1 I 1. IVmI'pifi .1" .\ M.N \.f 1 \ .
W known .
:: > a.slrlC11 ; purporting to belong to & 15 F. IVttt'V.
Febl7 H ABKLL.. )0 I N.nN. and g.illantVhigs: ; are b'irldirig I 11:1: t their armour --:. Viirni-ii; ln, T.ird >, : 'fJlh4.! ,. ('IrHiipfin! B WaM.e-.CU-: ? 1 .!' J
keg d'l. .
I'M -\I I-u", st: 'J aojfs 'oI.1! I ate' haul ntrnlier! riot .
Bl.iek. C Ill"1a1lrn ,. .
-- and: preparing lor tll,' fuht. Let tien! he nrsluggards Lmiji; : hn' > IMCA. EriIi'i repain-tl. ;, '
I rss\s \\\ ('lIlfl4! !'i'h'I aborted quiliiie.J: ; known purjiorturg t J b.-l.ng[ to .J.i'. T. Evens': ill ." : I
Oil Cloths ail ( ar:>: ?s. I i'i our ranks i in niP -..''"'J old 1.*\toio : ( .ijf.! ". Heavy !:t\'n. do, Lught itt --
PCS OtlCloth, I and 2 'Yoirds VM,1" 0 I Bijcxsniitii: : :'tit.i I'.iced .Anvils ; .--.t:ik- Wir.i'i: [ ; i', i ;JJd: !R'Hitfi!:?. N.ti!!*, ('n'r"-r, Itn.1 I Il IT : ;
15 ; ,I ? 1 .. I I': .,d!:- ;:1.td.-llelcal\. : ; Let P'f'ry'hi who rerei\es a c/pv , .">17 aTs tiNt rate larjd n'unVr m t l" T.ie'-. '. r iu! '-. R" tt d<>. TctiSerf-. j I 1'I' t-i E"IS .E l'I!
3 Ingrain Cdrpttiuc .
p-s super ; in ike a-id s.---id us a cluh /.' ;MIsiibers. '
up ,
2l 4'I B.I.w"; ; !known, iiuipo-ting, 'lo lieliing! to Call vNi (Jirri'ih' tIe :- 'v.Anch..r: ,, B.tll.I..ik"! ( ;t-i'i, "
Si air I OWH1M tUO ul JiiilJia!
2 :l :
,. :;iiil' we ,prnitn,> hen a j.i;,;>i-r well I I P > Hia.-' ?: Jib! H ILIad
I I'2 li.z"::1 S !It .1 i1! "hovd i; AUo I s ) a'ru'4 lipl t rile 1 II.d. ii'iuiS n,"t ir- i ir' ;- n\v.. t'i.-
10' Tufted Rug*, I worth t Ihi-ir 111.1.a'HI; ln>iitle? Si ndi.rfr, orders P.r.u.i-: l Ii"e:, iJickfN, (Vdir ,do. T'--k r-n-i.tn-. j I. .OOH.
1) C"Hil.\" known t t for b-l'in.-! eni. P.irkhill.! I
; isirpoiting tn S
For lIp. byVM.. G. POKTfiK & CO.nec lit '. and (?aids eillv, so as tu; b.. ill with i t tlie firt t mrnbur.Ad.lress [ ISA \C \l'I.'CX. '''ru d.! ,. C iiilkiusTilleis S Irvir'!tin. .Ax--.Ax '-[PHE ; ro; ret", (.t J.,. .'. "i !' .
S : I I i's C it Steel Mill Saw I'.vO.Hci.i:
----- ------ -- ; rmf Ih\111 Tax Coliect.-r C. C. '.
; ,.b'irg' Fi-h I ISJ I ic'. I I Pa. CI: do! ( 's\I on do. BUll do, Kt-fi! do. C.uiSkiicIrmi : _
Bailey Tonic ].iEi\tjr i ItU'j. t'e.L4, < : and 1 C;1'1 ::.1 n "t teel, I f.rsile by .irri-cir2, May 1 I. 1 ISI I.. lords .-, \I!,ikinc [Iron- M.jriUic: ; :|l'lk.titl; S(-r.ii I I. : ent at, :i.r'- ;; ,' :

i is a valua'd": ...pound! ll.*ul cxJra'-t d I ; \01 G. POIlTEll &CO.j ). 1'visions : ------- i p- <, Buns [Jippers. Con!,'.- l.uIbr.! 'riiiPrif'TDiy ; -. I' and i istf.aktnl that ai: rr ,.. ,

THIS' .: arid Rrjhra a vi-getah'e !tebnuuffor i D.'cTJ .11 Water Mre t t. Cider.BBLS ; l-r-, C."III"I"atl i| \H.dr-! Sail I Twitif; I lie {i'TI'v by tibi r.II 'afl'.. ,_I' i I r I

the cure of Fever and : s.t ld bv j 70 BBLS Win-key, ; 10 iii Prime Pork! ; frriJJ Champagne; torsile hvIVv'Jn ,'iiie: du I Sowing (It,. I'.ilin*, I'Ii:i.a'tr.g L."illt'r, i'f his d.,ire to j Let. IU \\ .. v- .'
Jine 12 H. F AIIELL.: I ;: I III I I HI > ::t. .Cn.iSntrar; I 10 I bhis, Flour; 1 cask Rice; 1 B F.LLISON[ C'). P'ifni' ;' d". :: llIi! 11I1III'ri.lrl'i"I! ,. ('hi--l-, I ,'h.t"e J Iurtm'rlt it r.I';'l. r-. .n! .

-- -- -- --- I I. I 15 il.>.i \i .. Orleans Suzar; 5 V supeiK-r old R.'ervt'Vluiskey; ---- .\'I\"r", 1'I.t'i'I I studvs. 1"lIIh.t! fI ...r.i'iFil. \ l hevtr.I'*, of ;i soil f" f'i-klc: \ > t! i- 1'1'1 I II

111 01s e". I tit I Mils .us ; oJ' d

HHD %%ret In'lies : .", i tierces i Flori.1 ;h\< Stewart's L-iaf Now Ian.ling per schr Louisa Sears, and for ( BOOKs, of t all kinds just f''rl.hy Smock; do. I Hooks I and Sta;>!ie-, I llingt-s. P-tdlork (.'Ii and d.lic i.'U->, l're-"h I'. ri. ii i lr: ';b1'.t '
50 t.r.l.hllco.. I lUtlMs.r.1dj sale by E )klTI.LY.farl'h SCHOOL Wood 'a1'I'nll- nt I ILriIy I rs.ileb r B. I I J. C. ALLEN.IaC9i I a ,'! .aanf iv.nirritt :!:' g il I t-v n-w :t
Dee 31 'Cor Water atd; Chestnut! &1J I I.II s j t 'f'neksliio! Crj? -e; 50 do Ja\'a. : ,I 10 n nn; U'i-r: ct. __ __ u, St-a I fc'-i p c1o Sea, Shdo.do! L"?.do.B ir Fi-h tin,(1*[l-ur.npl-). I H land F.e.idIV 1.nnnltrns.f> I arnusen.i rsf-iitife flttii rfu/c.-- t.n.i ..e L' t
--- -- --- ,
-- --- ---- -- i i 4ii hv? AroRiali'{Tobacco; Exchange.DRAFTS Flour, Sn '-:II', CoiFce anil withu Il'.c!: circle of tr rnt. .*? r s i art'
Shoe and Brogarrs hy the case; < lo Tli ik! Lines, Pitch P.its, Log Rook! ?, ( .Ii<;" do, : : : c II
BOOTS Shoes and Bu:kimfen' i I : fnf't ; on Ne.v Y.'ik I U.il on, Providence, Salt JVhviiis; Pins, Tin War-, Crockery; Carreutei's a ctmcot' ten ;iir. ; brt tl, -ti> r. t. :r. j-
; : 'l'l"\ Spf-rm (.I',-lies; 1') !b\s brown Soap; I liii a and Baltur.c.re, -light and on hand and lilr sue l-', t II\ T'on!*, S ITI1j.1I0; 1*o=t>. AC fc vc.AI active aIrli-erie.nmcari cIwa s taAi' aunt

; Is $, Boys'I and Youths" fine.sev.MBrogir.p Kroirani!; : ; liri I 'n:s Sh(.I ; ')'.) keg Powder ; Sight Checks on New York .<.1,1! by ; ALWAYS l E McCULLY. :> d! 'nbr._![lic 9. I Il7 ___ ,___ ,, Cum oc-c,>nie .,h.:'

; j II.) "I 11. Lr.id ; ----- ----- --- ---- -- ---- JOHN JON T!
\). G. PORTER: : & Co.Agents -
Men's pegged Boots; \> n j ,' Bink ol !.''run-wirk fiiw'.ya 5 & Wisfir'sCOMPOUND .I'\1' !!a. D.-e. ::1. IF; "
Co fii p sewed Boots; For alchyVM. G. POI I'ER & CO. : asiil TUMMC TI 'luti 1tuinCaJIItU1r --- --- -
1 / of Wild[ t're- t
Dec Syrup Cherry jtit
) -II I Wat r-tn-ft.
Riuset Brogans. For ale Ty '' .pafu hi : :: .
n. >.1 41 Water eivi-d ( ( a xcmnt..f'
sllef I amll"r sale by .
B. ELLISON CuOPe' ----- ----- .t..h..t_
x ----- --. ... ...,- 1 F.uihscruhir I r.! 'II. ins K'fst'
9. 'or. Water ..,.t <'estunt >ls. f 5>03>ls and Shoes. ClotheTeelh.Nail aid Shavi'g Feb 17 II F A miL L. 1 12 CoMMEKCIAL-SrRfEr, J' : & and the public[ in g -'.--rai.! att.et;

nOY': an'l4 I"Hu; d Brogans ; I-IAtR.Hal Up Stairs; ,) BOSTON.Minnfartnreis ijj
Dry Guuds. I' fur sale by Wooil Vare % ( :! ri'ine the Pro: ru :< i < t f I s abm '
) :c.lmEr.
Mt'ss. 'w' and
i : "!
TRILLTNGS. Ticking', Coit' n 0nahmgs, .t i, Gents. \\i\i-\ ( lirogans: peg'd: K.ijBriigans ; FebL'J J II F .\ IELL.HI \ Coven, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour[ and Dealers in Iryans! Patent known h.usts and ;\ ill be '$r.ts. Ii If er.tt'
\ < : :
L/ Linsfys Kerseys, J'alll. Flintu-1-! Rlanift3. -j Win's .. '(Cal, sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do. .B Pails I Me.isure", Trays, Axhelvcs, Buckets Twine Sta'ifN' Post I Olfice TwiN, Bailing aid any of the travelling ci.r rnnnir\" !':'it ir.Jjn

\ Tweeds! Shirtings i Sheetings, Checks,, 1 p alll.' ; olas cs. Bro ms, fcc. &.c. for sale bv Bundle Twin sM'-CdrtyVC' I ton Herring Twine, him: with the:.* cu>t.'tn, and w u i.;! ,ii.i, anti',!'
S'lper L n.lie Kid! and Morocco Shoes
Ginilam.a, Calicoes, Delaies, II 'siery, MC ice : ; 20" BBLS superior Mu.covndo, for sale bv B. ELLLSOX & Co. Cotton Seine Twine Tanned and Untinned, FIixllerrins date resident b..ird-rs .1, t.l' L' n wtilalrj-

For ule by ELLISON! k. CO I Sup"r Ladies coarse and fine Calf Boots. Mch 1(3( E \McCULLY Water st.F P.r O r'r \\'all'r ',1 Crwtltl1f ut't.' I ; Twine, I Iliwst-r and Shn>nd-hd Mackerel supplied'! with gcnuir.tr li-t; % .rs r 1 fIt **
.ii.d{ .
A -
receivedar..iiorsleby -
< ; just --- ----
Dec 9. Cor.'atl'r ai:d Chestnut *tsDIC. I Iir, eXI"i\'Caiqortl(ll. School Hooks Lines; I Herring, Pohagui Shad. B.iss, ar.il! \ inVdity. JOHN( PATKI1C-
\VM.G Si CO.
JORTEI ,) Klaiilt Books and Stationery. Dip Nets. Government SViies with !Haus; P-M 11!, ApLH'hica.)0! II, l" :iT.
I Per W RsalehyFeh
I street.PLAINS
L. FE1JCItTVtNEfL'4' ------. 1 Journals, Day Books, &.c. I Heiring, Mackerel Shad and Menhaden Seines.V. -
17' III F 1\BELT..
R it, Mouse V Cockroach l ui"ion.T. IZa4l ware. -- --- .LEDGERS') FooNrau, and Letter Paper; &c. City Ilotc-J, Taai'sce."XJOTICE .

.us very erficacious remedy f,r extermm.t- J PI.11 Ir'iii-, single and double, Ham Cuba Tobacco Seed. Cotton I Memorandum! Books' ; .; B. *\elanil firiiir.v Jui't //, onltrnlnotice. 'd ert -I h.i\r t- i it.-rm fi' 'I eJ. -:t

tin* immediately if a proper; application !hI' I ] Ir.iw K'.iveA gur", Auguer flits 5 LUS Trh"ccII Seed from I the most| celebrated Ship and River Bills Lading ; B. ELLISON' & Co.'III I i t the patrons. of' tinhc'tif.. ,holt )i'"..vif ;

made, of all of the aSove named annojanfes. II i. i *>i'ri'!nz Ur.u-es,.Tnn'ifr' Scribes, Turn Screws, plantatioes of the VII'ltab.ljo, just received Boook for Letter Press. October 1-I 1 IS-ti. S'Jtf. "\paiactjceIaGroceries and that it will htre'iit-T he c 1I'.-.1

Flea a'id% Mosquito Poison ha< attained a verv (..x.tentivet't'll''rlty j \1 irking G/.l 't.rie: d.. Saw Sets-, Wood from Havana for sale by Blank Bills ot Exchange and Checks, WILLIAM HEMINGWAY. 4' "h b

for itsinvatri'!>tc slrnctive i |j'ru- Rules, Adz.s.Vn"lrle", Saws. LOCkS Honks Mch 10 E McCULLY, .V) Water 't. Just icceived and for sale bvMirrh [ received (from 4.Vc. many years been connecfHMth (tl.e firs

nertiet to that: order of insect For sale by :allISlo"I.-. Bf".Srl": I Bin!(',, Sh'itler Boll, Olives. I_ 11 F. :\BELL. ,JUST general \'rk.l'f'r brig Ahba- Hotels at the North arui rl't't.'nllIrum' rhtJ
a assortment of Groceries, &c.
August Ii. J. C.__ALLEN.._ __ h!)_rii.rzt._ _! ___ (Brads) T.ItkC, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, RatTraps 8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale Trnsseji.HULL'S consisting in part as follows, viz : rican Hetel in New York. Brle'-inn? .t

Holmes' Vegetable Pills A\e<, I Hatchets Coffee Mills, Sledge Hammrj. by E.: .McCULLY superior single and double Trusses, Cru.h' d I Sugar, "a tine article," keep an excellent house, and sparenoexeiti"!

FOR DYSMKNOIIKIIEA Oil PAINI'UL :, Smith: Tun ', Mill Saws, Anvils &e. &c. March 1G 7)0 Waler'st. by Pickles assorted. Lemon S\ expense to make his guests cl'mf..rlahll'.1 1 11
------ -------- rup '
Forsilcoy B. ELLISON &, Co. mend the house to friewN aliI Ihtp.JItTilOIAS 'i
Scotch S.lIf. Fel. 17 H F ABELL.Thompson's Cog. Brandy"asuper. ,
D-'i- Cor. Wafer and! Chestnut I BRO\f
sM. --- -
celebrated Pills have berne so fami : Com. (10.
GROSS Scotch Snuir in half bottles
-- -- -------- ,just re- 3-
flu. for their virtues in curing this dis. ;e, (.2 UC:4C: Flonl', (.OS1H 1 Butter, 3 ceived for sale by Compound Syrup of'I'al' hull nid Gin, of the best quality; Tallahassee.. 1, 1547.

that but little need be aid of thc'n! ), tiieir! action t superior; article of CHEESE:, fir' sale *April 13 J ALLEN. and Wood Naptha, Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,
itruno1i..te1sarreit \\TD ___ __ t the cure of consumption chronic bron- CITY HOTEL,
upon the IYltp.rn i is w.inderf'il they 1- E. McCULLY, FOR St. Croix and Jamaica Rum.:

all pain in this disease, no matter ol how Nov.t 11 I 5''o Water st. Aromatic Bitters. I I i js, ast tuna. \\ho'oi| rig cough, palpitation Maderia Port and Malaga Wines

lonj standing. Pamphlets! co-itaining. :'JO; ;pa ('" --,--- -- --- DR: BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitteis, just receivedand of the heart, liver complaints, and aflections of Soap Candles and Starch

or timonials from the profes.ion. For sle by [ IATSanll CJTIS hy I the case low for cash by for sale by the kidneys' for sale by N. O. Rectified Whiskey,

March J C LLEN. L 11. ELLISON & CO. April 13 J ALLEN. Fcb 10 J 1 ALLEN.. Brown N. O Muscovado and St.Croix Sugar,

-- - -- _- le'_ 0._ __ ___Cor.__ _Water_ and Chestn-it t. --- -- Bacon Sides, Ace- .c.
u Seidlitz Powders. for sate .
Flour and Whiskey. Soap by TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA
CASTILE All of which will be sold low by
BBLS. Whiekey; 5'J bbls Illinois flour, Trusses, 9 GRASS Seidlilx Powders? that are fresh, justI 1 H I,' BELL. Iher'
McCULLY N the of thilUtel
: and sale management
60 double lor by received and for sale by I.
received per schr. Mn'lreyforssle! by SINGLE 17 J. C. ALLEN. AdvancesMADE N't'11 I I 'SV( ,tpr st. signed will use his best exertions' to f
April 13 J C ALLEN.
McCUDLY. W Wat.-r st. _.
Ala y IS for their?? .
------- f on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool guests. He asks the public ;
------ I Groceries
l)2'1ILs, .lli'ilicsiios V and Snip Stores. hIEh1NGU
Chmlical" Infusion WILLIAM
New York and Bo!ton, hy
Congress Spring Water, of Drugs Medicines and COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do.
supply FEW Infusion Jars should RIO November 11, iSli.MARBLE. 4.
AFRESH -every family Jec lt O D. B. WOOD & CO
received direct from the Spring. For A i
Flour Western
JUST now landing from bark Reform, have for sale do; N 0 Sugar --
one- : by
by J- C. ALLEN. and fir ale hy April 13 J C ALLEN. :. Hydrostatic Ink Fountain. St. Croix do, Porto Rico do. Young Hyson Tea. yAr,

May. Nov 1 J. C. ALLEN t_ FEW Hydrostatic [Ink Fountains, Pen Racks, Hyon do, Powchon;; do, Souchong do, Goshen
Letter Paper. A Butter. Cheese Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shonl- IN COLUJlBJS.TilE .
Window Glass. Sand Boxes, Folders
Hardware. Paper Stamps Seals
tiers Iola< WhiskevMes
) ses
and (Prime Reef *
received 50 boxe window glass of f all THRACE CHAINS Spade, Lock asqorler. 1 f\ REAMS fine Letter Paper, just received Paper Clasps Weights, &c. for sale by Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel Shad, Salmon, Subscriber, one of the firm of "I1

JUST For kale by J. C. ALLEN. J. Wagonand Cart Boxes, Drawing v \\J and for sale by Nov 18 J C ALLEN. Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fih Tongues, of Columbus, Ga., will reo*_

May 4. Irons, &.c. &c. for Kale low by April 13_J ALLEN. Pepper Spices, Catsups Pepper Sauce, Olives, time Apalachicola.. lie may be"...

Nov 1 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st. tic tlullllnc. Capers, Pickles Soap, Starch Tobacco. Navy warehouse now building for J. Day k
Notice. -- --I -,.--- ---- 4RagIiig HEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by 30 OZ. Snip. Quinine just received and for Bread Pilot do, Crackers Vinegar, Dried Fruits, most any hour in the day, and will reccl"
SIX monthi after date, I will apply to the and Rope, 0 bale and case low for cash, hv sale by Beans Salt. Hilisen Macaroni Yermacelli. for

)n. Judge of Probates for Franklin County OR ale by E. McCULLY, B. ELLISON & CO. April 27 II F ABELL. row Root Corn Oa.*, Buckwheaf.u'ard, I Rice. IHONIttlEXTS

for a final di4charge from the administration of F Nov 1 11 50 W-.ter st. Dec 9._ Oor. Water and Chestnut sts. For s-ale by R. ELLISON & CO ,
the ettate ot Henry Beat. late of said county de- --- -- -- Mustard.A _Dec 9 Cor Water and Chestnut st!. TOMB STOKES

trued JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r. Camphor and Piperinc, !ust re- Razor Strops. SPLENDID article of Ground Mtistardin '- SLABS, Ac. 'tCs d

Aplachicola. April 13, 1848 13- m QUININE for sale by HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops just re- tin boxes for sale by Lancets. which he will Inrni lower than I the!

April 17 H. F. ABELL. ied and for sale by Aprll27 II F ABELL. SPRING and Thumb Lancet, just received procured from the North.
Guava Jellies. }.' sale by P. \0.\
2.1 H F ABELL. -- --- -- ----- -

t DOZ. Guava Jellies assorted size boxes, BEE '-Mess and Prime, -- -- --- -- Gold Pens. FehQf 11 ARELL.. P. S. After leaving, Apalachicola, t the"

4 50 just received direct from Havana (or sale -Do do M OFFAT'S LIFE PILLS AND PHQNIXBITFERS A FEW of Woodward &. Brother's superioi 'I'auiiers' Oil, b will promptly attend to all orders d'r)

b, E McCULLY, Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by just received and for sale hy Gold Pens just received and for sale by sale by him in Columbus.

March 16 S J Water $t. Dec 30 I ELLISON &Co. Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN. October 21. J C. ALLEN FOR C' 30 B ELLISON A Co. February 2.I.lS-IS. -3rn.


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---.-.,.-- :_.::_ ___ .,--i;::=-- -I -_ --- r--- -
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