: <. ,i=-tiu ;nt inert; a I n.g! llu chs ro,>e, 2 bd:= twine. 10 J.I P. ItO Rico Sa._ar, f r s-L by r'iU4iiiy
\ov-aij i r iti cv/n.-UHiitiojp M tie inv ... ; i u? As the bo o .V6 uo pui.M 9) do iio 1,
became! to 10
ir kegs iirJ Ac.We
: ;u I M.i't-r. lvid'\: or a week :as- ui riteir.? ijioyi:; riji- priivA.J, .a 'wflpr.-v.jUiij .4.. DOO E "GARDNER
cia uir} $l 1'tS u. --i..nve\er : ,
rarldiyadvanced. micforward :
; I .
I j' t: .' u ', ( !! ': 11i srn"t: ,
: 40
.ur 1'the r -' : I-I I Water t.
4 i: v 4&- article were; driven out of the I f arsj thtrne I ?
iu .
vj i. ,
u i-
> .1. ct
co ,ll
: L 4 : : ?:, ?l. .- Jif tu i ,-t.ju ,. .rt b< : u/, v> oefoJ to announce TTULL\D cN.-une nine HclUnd
.itoa Gin
i. I
-i> > th 4 -L: i i a !r.l'j / -t 1. lit ire -tok w.rei I tjeexteutof thegro.vingcrop. |jd3'in. ; \V. C. r I. I>AI I Eo. .i1 vlrst ,
j" u.thtyju3t r-ctivtd
t tt tiom l._ !.. r .. i as a Can lidate bv
.1 : : :: w ..
< n '.r- -iv er--'td t.KS> : i v/hi'-.i: c'l-aiea t < ,< !to
: ha.i 1 Is -t.-itn |
.. .. ; at daily: tii-re repre-ent Franklin
en 1= county, in the next DODGE &
'i.the '. bi every j ro p.'ct of god Legislatne GARDNER
e > v 5 ''W.-r t h-; vr HI : j I -l-t > ; -n crop being p odu-i j ,
th.iiy .a coa-i.vj3' increased ed
j ci in ne-trh: ai at the' ensum election. se-3O
; t.ie
I '. I fcectious ol sp3We 4) Water st.
t .1 -tl-iut country tnoatarv
.i.iriflers. To fh -i .r-
?M|<* ; estimates of tne; i t o this port, except the rich bottom '

: -' :- : *H t :t*jori ui Cav-ir1 i K'e, I I cEu. 1i' !_ ) 1.J i j.k:; wt tioi-itv put: j i aJ;tiL: :.. Iu ..iv. A..-. l- t/l, %V... lauds on, art ALT.-1,2O0 bushs Course Salt of a superior
,, ->r, :,1 1 .ill a jijjittt-J I5. >u. .MO PJ .1'.-. ] ad 1 tv.'ur.lJi t oulll- are authorized to
I j let a vessel is fairly tikets & :L:3 t .i11iOt1 .L: CtIl d.nc an- quality, just received on consignment.rur .

: :: i. 9 I.4 t :i i it V.t:4 would C with i t.e: cttli-. !L*! co ...jeuci.l i...' .tz1Iclst 'miIrc; ediiHcJ t -) rtouic- RULER 1'1 J. 'LOYO( ESJ., as a Candidate sale bv

: ? I: 4-d* '* # 1! in hf uvd u;', o\er.iv vv 01 I i.ie tivei> r'3.ouiu tue Li' i tiie >e.ite Irrl the Western Senatorial RAYMOND & HARDIN
i. y. to a s,) 'eu1411ve i uu eiop D.atrict ,
pric.- ot aa v 'ejl it t.'ie!
) : .. '' '-t; ii ;: A i a be made out of invs tune, iLers-Ci: > b tw ; gu 'i aiy :juticipiteii ut this rIIilr1;; L-iertion. jy2Ya sp".0_23 Water st.

-st 10 lid bet IT'- .. j ? uur iiiUe rlo'ibt that pncea uili
: ,-. ,. at i conb.'ted to a/i.'ance, br got erued cov-orJiuj'y, ,md wm'uie low ('iLRN.-it) bushels New Corn, received
t k. ( : d U: Mat '-, to from at hi me ? We per fl
$ i exiM,
I r IL .Ihi dic .4 N : fie! nudJ2h and ajroatj. Au ex.i.-neace. urwever, cf many are authorized to announce k steamer Siren, Icr s.l by 4

fl Januiry. on w.uca vear ius U'i.'it' ; it0 tat it i; no: only idle Col. SAMUEL sepSO W A WOOD 23 Water
., day BELLAMY ,
ti. but st.
r ? JK *? 'j them IN, 1': --.j=0i \\ > \ .in JJ 1:1 abfroljfci.. wi Jackson, --
by ** .vr-1<* tit>m estimates ot the os a candidate .
ihis cm. I'.i.. c >:A d- o .' '. crop f.i lor the 'vnatt trom the Wetem OOAP
3 ; .i rot ia (A change ti.eir | liciuij' i' .1' 1 d Lat bo eaiiy a pir.u a.tui.. & CANDLE<.-10 boxes .
i ) f. and '* K-iii ae> ery thing depenc District at the ;
t h 11 1 ,, si cnvjin election.
; au=
d '-iJ
I ti i -ile veseiI : iee'i lost ibr On th- ISili.J!. iipua lila catir..c.# i of time v jaiij i lororne nimiths sepSUre 10 do Sperm Candles, for sale by
tnuary operators wicT ,
Z .ht hi ?v:j come. '
0 A
: :
; tn tile "Jd'iuibi -t- rm. iiowed 'Y5 DODGE fc GARDNER
ist ol te : in by lon! a ,
shhp e14 *
V4'l I
f t ::14 jrdaVJ fl from : c.j.-iti.iue:; 1 rain, tr v.it o :, j, tq'uilyaba- .:;: r \\ are authorized rtfO: I 40) Water
Liverpool;, rjnein ; to st.
i wi > ? account- .,r :nd.-ej annnute -
> I -- >'j Ij'Ji't, t..A pa41 I intr- decuiie from; our jr *v. : ; >, in i.i: ; '.I t-ZIt ti.j: ftu4I. c;. otan'Pi.j i. III{ Jackson, as a Can .-\I3URGS.-Iu bales Cotton Osnaburgs '
i-, ,
and featM-i'". that i i c:> .tii3'the didate
1Eat Droving irily the M.mchreiei *inn ; v.i ,je j-_M.Ct: ol .tnail for ths Senate Iron the Western Senatorrjl Nos. 1 and 2, for sale by
.vn- >
: v' > .
: : : tiI : r-. i:5-"ad: oi b'inr willing aIIit4 Jo pplv
to f Di-tnct
pay a vecul ;j-r. ir iv) ,'iiCv's, wiieieas at the unviin. election. SPP3'J W A
: ta\ ; WOOD
a >! b.J; and extndtdj ..jy27t'e 23 Water st.
ui t : n<'e ir cotljn, orven the advance that had ;c.-.i.3% = -jo i wuuld render -
: : H : J i i Ihe i i- M.'iv taJen jief! in LiverjK>oi, were >ti 1 a d y.i-id c--nam; T IS-i' OF LETTERS in
at : -a, iuoj Sj; i'v.v reier*'( ce lo tae fctvjtfiii.-iii \ rein-imng the Pot
ituJe \
; .jji-i-iiea.: b.' c-n.J/.ti'-.ijo K, wor/.irjg up by the are authorized L1
I : -v -, I short time,, XiuKr.tPiice Current, wnica will to an- Office, Apalachicoia, October 1st, 1544. '
Vt.j up t i-ir, ? "..j i-. | ret.tig:: only half their we public
: v > i it? i it (HV r It Vj p .at ii ilutiriCe W.I. W. J KELLY, Esj., cf Escatnbia Austin, Edmund tAldridze, J C

j C h tn I J.u'Vju!, c\m., not only! P. ri. Jv eulng.: Since the as a c.didate tor the Bahcoc-1 J W H
% t\ ..< ijf *Hif ty '; --t I fu date of ray last Cir Se.iate from the AVtster :, Bryan,
)i r. Ct':- so- !ir, bin if
4 .
; ,' .4 a \ :-t! 't i .tj i n 31st August, pel steamer Aca-* Di tnct at the CflSUXLACjCCtIOU. sepSU Bvinu'ton Bush, Stephen .
< !
;i a j U f; \ '. -.f.V frth aiItnce. .. .._. arrival -trum England the I
I I r r and c i"diMa sec. : v.ivrpnnl .. .i_.. ; ,
aI ;. ht TSritiFe ; a IZt (1CJIOC TOth. WflCtI L We Baldwin, C N Barrett, Jas
cuies to are authorized
X w recovered, |atid on the 1t Febnian witli Auyu-t, and the Ihbernit, to an- Brown, Sampson Banett, J
:'a'ni' in j/ ri, / -It! ,- vervcv.- t ct 'it1Ii2 fraction of three d.iy.-i later, on he 2d inst, allowing a il lounce WALKER ANDERSON John Curtis
: % a tlfC! current of decline m that market ot Esq of Escauthia Coilin-, C & Co.
a i j lMCt '.t'-lli"t: 4>f the i'rit! V Utf t1 !2 Jji1dry. Jiie belief exi.-tni? that the Li- ately jitter receipt of these d per pound. Immedi as a candidate for the Senate ircrn the Dent, Mrs Ann Delano, Peter A t

i j" j.uuiv.-.i.jCv 01' the % flb'Ii vvouid account-, a brisk demaud Wester.i Di-trict of
Na advance 1'lorida.
yet nuten.tliy:
on : Dawson Wm Ellison
y. and John I
-prang up; being _. sep3Ve' -
t : 1'I( ireejy met th!
\ t'ie' noiltrdntnt o-1i.lir n\\s from til's' ide on ? part
(f Tan
jeis hieJ 1 s hhowuiJ of 1 holder
tf,e lfJth *, a tart business has been transacted for Ford, S RGilir.pr Foot, Jas H 2
I v. ; V bidf- i ia i EtiiTla-id prfi. s | fhu} Country, and the great coinj \
u i ) England and the!
particu ir- are authorized John Gardner
:. u' .il p d.-i tItIr eX'1'iit. continent ()Europe, generally at to announce D P

cin )4vrtei with the hriush: Naw < >: ti !i"ifc J 14ruarv.. w4 received a decline '.f half a cent. JOHN GHENT, of Gray, J D Gannon, John S I

r'Jl'\i which is a hnsk;_ movement in the fro:;! Liverpool 'i. '- Fair 1 I/plauda" had account-reached The traii.actiouhave been as follows: t candidate tor (the Se-iafe irom Walton tne county, as a Gabriel, Mrs Cry, R P Capt

: "H j tneel: any* eont04r ii<:* \vmrh} ii *"
I k irv: has ;jeen stt t
I : ; ''j\' >l tious, deiri4 to kuow b "
: \! line could he it Spiliir faire the week e'lJitu "Jd Vebruary auiouniur; to Some small portion of the sales; have been made COMMISSION, FORWARDING! Kruger, J D King, Ric'd

; *" '- \l lrs.. Th- Collin wood, '* is l ; manufacturers have bought only a AND SHIP MERCHANT, Kelly, C Larkin, John
r '. tt :\ith-* j to Taimicrs or U1 A- week ending ti3dpril, JS23, and the hnnied quantity. For the last two or thre dtys No. Lee. CaptLanninjr Low A
sold! : Water ,
\ ttreut-'st a.-nount e\er in street ,
i i j \ -, -Hin-? time not- tae operations have been more limited j-(
,, jsjn i dock aid ; owing ton JasMver
rep: jirQ v-i'naudt th favorable e.p30 Blaguire. Sanl P
: acftu K (' ;\co>jriN, a feehn? U : ui'Tiir'Jlty: ( in obtaining freight and tne advance Apnlarhicrla, Fa. -- : 3

: -, h. .,4 i n kV nearly re-jdv"" for i : of '] -ui '
, .- ore. t, is narIyrccr.ht.d.} ihef Yaild-to"TAivcr'"otlf-aV Jdy[ drooling of shipment to deal Britain, twelve thou- Fraieis Iiopinau, Myers, E MarshallFLMcLaren

, .a ?d .1 t. be bii1t. Tile Sin ifl-ilkets. A I :- lId oaiet', and to the continent ul Europe, eigtLttnoiiaiiid WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN T &. P O'Brien; Pat

,'l's like her me ; and reztliy Th* -auirtr that failed hence on t. istMarch, Tne marl.et closed) to-day, with less SHOES, DRY GOODS. CLOTHING Ortnan, Thos Parker, Ric'd f

ra ac.Vrtntiratia-i for soiuc- rimed out increased climates otthe p ; IMOJ1 ) ).- d k.tItOI! on the part ot holders to sell, and altoetilei HATS, &c. Pafnd e John Peters, AbmPrendergast

.(parent t1* %.;_..v K Swa. t,aie i, M lofi! ? c.ilculut uj>fc1iatn ( er e g with a firmer aspert.vcnangcd t. Cheap fur Cash, Pallais, D HRogers Pat

r : 'irk to i-jc yeaK .IUVar; ibamJoned, and two nnim s was continue without variation, with a octl Chestnut-Street, Apalachicola Fla. C G; Richards, JG 2
e %. we (fld! tl! -. tEtt: : a nx closing rate to-day being Rogers L Robinson WrIt
yew i -
\, ,
: } were ufir. 4O po :ivi ()IdE'IS I 0 Cil eonsderab > A. JLNOTARY.
b ( C1eiie,1s
, L'verjiool aij at the in on h*T smival iu a London..1 (Mi) a 1 10 Ropes, B G Roy &. Co. '
I pri'-- i\ *4 Paris . . . . .322a52I. PUBLIC
locon ii m Rhodes
- r u )' tuTei Th e .iiifl dhn f Heo.iun mifket th Mrf Lucinda SibJey & Ferguson
,. uccesftjlIv iri, __ Amsterdam . .. .. 40 | a 4U :2'J Water street
thuA ,
; i : a l-iad ejual It it i.i .mil < L W Stedman Jno
I < ? \ vas p'-r-h-ir. Mie tlure.Hv \ Spratt, '
jN own Hamburg . .. .. . 35 a sep0 I (J
level iat lrLn CUM! J & .i doubt} ttie mind of Apalachicola) Fa. Simmons Seuimes A G
< the
i 's irly ro; V.V.a upon A 3
e > s IJ lmnr. I Bremen . . . .. 71)) aFs .. i ,
l erpool Tunes of Oc\ ett )itn'r abr.M-J, that a fiinus decline mul James Sti-ith, HezSimmons Smart, Chas ,

3 I : .'. 'r-d:: th'it the !1kt, "\ h oriv" jn'lovv' 1,1 mia*, well as all Jyouthcrti mar- >idns have been active and in demand; to LivejH HOUSE Gibsoti, Capt A F Starr, J B LI
. had LTh o|, and an advance has taken plare. SIGN, ORNA.MENTAL PAINTER -
.b. tot *1 T.-mtsof cotton in ail the jThe
i '*!/. afleniidir.! ;' >ng; ports, ,> icci-3 the Smith, Capt DS 2' Smith, Capt Henry I :
1\r.ttior ;j"uit-1 f to 1I.I94 bale, while the total exrt up to 20ili in-itMrf u cl Hive, together AND GLAZIER,
0a : : i c-reasin its povver, 1r& f.w- !(,-, < uvre odyIIH.. 2 hale of which but 22,47-4b vviij'4u-ee: transient ves.eis oTF the bertfl, ,are en Apalachicola, Fla.CC Terry, HW 2 Vallau, W
0d z it t ot i' totn at the rate ol JVTTW ;, and demanded. WerfThosk Wade Miss R
:tl had been shipped t-> i rre-tt Britain ; tile stoc:S is now : :::?- Keeps! constantly on hand a full supply of
.L 'r'" ? compare S'A, IN! in -: '! i'i-'i J 'rts .iiii'Minied !o '),( Dl I bIes: tf which ii v, von obedient servant, Paint-;, Oils Glass Putty, fcc. &c.'ork done Walker Gee Wing A W :

e erurL1tse9! \ve tt'ad rii alone! held tt2.QJ'J h Js Ii ow b3.oirfifnt \VILLIASI \\TJt.HT, Broker, on the mo-t reasonable' tv-nn 0 Wood T MPersons -
UUiZI l'
I *'.; a TWS load on level rotd I : t' ;. to oieMtoii, here, that price wore L 4>rr's Uailding, Hanover-street. : wishing any of the above letters* j.

I ; t jt', .. J pi 1" 4) !fli1t: ; 'i 1 hr.'ii.? u'lJ, th.it y reaction WJH iin-vitable ; holu.re ON CONSIGNMENT.-India and Gunny will please say, they are advertised."

dr i i1'9Z.flIC i1IkxOUS lkr- : to (area Aivf'ul 1'tLt Manilla and GEO. F. BALT2ELL
---- ----- ; : : s 71Iu'7il.'rhie St. Louis New Era ; Kentucky Rope, daily P. M. ? -

Ic 'IW 'nsl.1. AU nat'ire wa< lushed i i i 1 t u -, freely made hj' many who preferedvii.7 : of lith in>t. 's In tne Criminal Court expected bv" brig Virginia, which will be sold

)_ *-* 'ik<:J of ta s sparkled in th H V'.i: the cnc of a foreign mar..ct, MtiuTthau tcnce was pronou-ared < Dr. Prdther and, sen Dr. 1 IOAby JAS F FAURIOR, TOCRNEYMAN PAINTER WANTED. I
j.-ilt to to a heavy loss Hichi$e.- utj n tl good journeyman Painter will find constant
: v t a.umie ( : Hall, for sep.'KJ: Go Water employ
e st.
t% pertnut.' the nuisance at the dissect-
ere tKo made for acco'int ircin tins ment good
by to
wages, appying -
fl..r iv; h4 ir.j room of the St. -
V** i'ci t vuiJ the great JnJk) of Louis t/niversity during last t twinter.
tii.: my gradually' 1LOLTR.SiJ; bbN Northern seplt) It JAMES GIBSON.
ie h 2'i ;v'i -ii For
I, r. TllSJn'.' iUI t >e l 'Vell 4 : ndkii: : dm MI? Ill(' month of March, was f five cant'?, ami imprHoMuenlfor five minutes. s lie bvW YARN.-15 coils Kentucky Pack-

t '! j* : *io w i fi" O
.- stop Itci'twg f. j of' Ai>ril! wf rec.MVfd Liverpool acing respective terms n.J ive Sien discharged. C OFFEE.-100 ha.. s Rio and Laguira Cotl e. & GARDNER,

iDcf sr > ji* giuTto'tithfit I f-I ( tineij'ect produced' on that iitirke t ---- w* i For sale bvep30 aU219. 40 Water st a

oi cretZcd eptimatesof the -. .
and-idvices ---
-- -
--- -
crop, W .WOOD 23 Waterst. --- !
(masester Telegraph anrwee1 that lijimejitsbeic? on the way ; the e vveieoiie Bill, why are all tl. lidte/in a fair way tobcome ) 1) RIME PORK.-12 bbls. Prime Pork, just reJ. -

;>n nrinii ciza editi raanixfactunnj*; ori': CdU' e.\teit, yet: had the effect of rulers in tuj! c.iurcb ; UGARS.-10 hhds Porto Rico and St. Croix ceived and for sale byDODGE .

t4dtCtS forth Icxtcsnpvcrment. poim ':es to decline turtlvr half a cent [trr P ecause,all, their movements' arc backed bv 0 i:D Sugars, for sale by & GARDNER,

t he flislzojis. .,eD3} W A WOOD, 23 Water st. augl! 40 Water st.




:' *. -
-- I

S 4'4. ),

: .. i -1t.
% __;,. ,

. .. -. .? al'I' I- -- - -

i: _'____ -- - ,- -. 1111 ,,
c-t4 - .
-'- -- --
_ )
/ .. "

.. .'..

q .: .'
tt. r

,,. *

I .. -.
-- -=: = -- -
t -
I : : -
I I :!Lze ::::_:: __- -_ .AI SPRINGS. INSU'H.AN' AGECI
,- -- -- ----- --- ---_ -._ -- --- this
= --- -- --- -- -- TIlE PROPRIETORS of watering
2: = &
J( IFrnliidill --- District of Florida. Cor. .AniuNc. Nassau streets, New Yoik. $ their FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY,
Superior; COLLIi. t..JJij place, have been induced open '
: FRANKLIN COUNTY.D. '. THE undersigned respectfully} NhJjIouse?| for the accommodation of invalids Ojfice, \ '. 57 Wall Sfre ., CHAMBERS. .1 inform the Old Patrons of the Insure Dwelling-houses, Warehcfees.and Build
K. Dodge, Compl't, ) !C ; and others, much earlier this season than usual,
Robert J. comp't. : FOUNDRY in
I t Floyd and W Chancery. TYPE & STEREOTYPE of the applications that have ings general, Merchandise household
V j V* al,1 I II',. J JAMES'' in consequence many Furniture Ships in
IN. HAtfvERY.Edavif'filpd formerly known as building, Sips Port
of the
Griswold et James Watson, et al. Def'ts. ) been made for Board, from difierent parts
Curtis and recently as and their Cargoes and description .
of and ,
more vary
the Court from the report those various diseases,
to under
defendants- f appearing country, hy laboring
; IF ca5eappomt, ,,""CnvN-r.ii & COOK'S, and the pub- of personal PjpeftyAGAINST ,
in.is in this -- all which
''t. to the Court from Master in Chancery, such as Rheumatism, Dyspep, &c
,., }/ IT appear:1g that said} L-wis Ci ancHleorge Tint the following sums are due by the parties lic in geiUM-tl, that they are prepared to execute readily yield to the virtue of the water. We have I.Oss OR DAMAGJBY FIRE.J. .
) cause, heretofore TYPE PRESSES, &c SMYTH ROGBS, President.
i instalments I orders for PRINTING ,
of the Land hereinafter mentioned; for the heretofore held out more inducments to persons
Griswold, trustees to form com R. \MARTIN i iDIRECTORS. *
and said John M. Berrien an-1; David called in, on their stock in the and every other article necessary seeking pleasure, to visit these Springs, than to
Company, .
I Selden,.who are defendants in said caus';', reside Land and Apalachicola Lot Company, public no- plete Printing Establishments, on as other es- those in pursuit of Health. To the invalid, we J. S\IYTIIIlOGEltS, ROBTMcCOSKRY j

1. beyond the limits of tins-. Territory, to4 it : the tice is )herebv dven to the parties respectively, terms, and of as good a quality as any I say come, and come early, if you wish to be JAMES HftYAH; HENir PARISH, '

1 ( If'- said Curtis and Griswold, in i the state of New to pay the: slli'c to Benjamin F. Nourse, Receiver tablishmpnt in the United States. is bothin I benefited. These Springs have proved a certain JAMES MeRRIDE, REUffiN WITHERS
Establishment, ,
r ,I York and the said: Befrien and Selde.i in the m sjfd: ria-e, together with the interest thereon, The Thc cast at this which it is cure in all cases of Rheumatism, Dyspepsy, &c. J()'I IN ADAISVILTJI SCOTT,
; of
J of Mircli, IS 13& or their respec- style of face, and tUe material bene JOHN' I IIAC.r.EUTY( F. S1f DAM,
state of Georgia. It is i ordered, that a notice be fo: :'ic dM day and in no instance have invalids failed to be ) ,
;1 .I once a week for the iucc.: of fou*'' months (tIn; s. ms wIll hetd at public auction, in ac- made, particularly adapted for service in Newspaper titl"tl'ho have visited them, for the proof of (;. c:. YE 1:::,' PLANTS., PKTIK: I. NEVIUS,
I published of the Court of Chancery Pri tin \ ole tllXTOt t KI: H( lARDinviN
- ,, the "Commercial Advertiser," a a-\.pJ', r I cord oenh a decree: I ; which, we ran refer to innumerable certificatesome .101( ,
in before the '-.lI t tern (for I the Districtaforesaid! t.1.pay.the several (to- AU l kinds of Stereotyping finished t to order. from the most ill tie JOS( KKiJNOCHAX: C VS. KOiSK\KLT I '
in thi district, : ens 14 i respectable gentlemen > ; '
I printed due and owiiuSale .irstVcdncs t 1"\.T. I n.j-.Such: I Newspapers ::1 s \\ ill copy the I above I JOHN: 1 i'ALMKR! 1.: I1I':> f.M'T, '.,
f of said Court, re imnn; said defendants, ;''11 each amounts s>> November next, will be Slate. P. I LOKIL.VM.( ', ( : : .I, 1 ii'"I.LLN.I I ,
.j and othcrs.'i the day in December next, to wit : I three times, previous to To those in pursuit pleasure, we will say this
} of them to appear answer bill of tour JAMES McLALL, \\ JU'L\ ATE,
; due 1st a
I complainants bill will be taken pro titnfes&o: : Daniel McDougal, principal and tut I'' entitled to pay in type, on making much, that we intend to otfer inducements enough LC )\\'i'.LL I1cIJL\OlH\. f
-I f IS J3. . . . .:$1,660( 0:) times the amount of the three insertions.
I against them (a copy-teste.) r March, I I S S SON. to make the Warm Springs the Saratoga ot UK* The undersigned have ben appointed a 'nts '.'.
; CONNER & '
'" 3yiO: GlBurtoii. JAMES}:
GEO. t.'. BALTZELL, Olerk. I Hiuiion A. Thornton, South.rl' intend to keep: a .better House thanwe I of the above Company, and.re empowered 'to isI -
I Apalachh-ii May 'th.l.t1.; 1 lei -1mFratilk2ii Hepburn, or his assigns, were New York, June 1st, I 1M- I-I. jes j :am ever have kfplund it' I', sod that ueirencrillvkept : I sue policies of insurance ajinst loss or damageby

; to --- -_ --------- indebted on the same day and year. 972 70 WAREKOOM l, Our Bedsure all erfriv other good
H RIN1'ERS' AND llI DEHS' a vfiy good one.) fire, on as ta\orable trrrf as offices
I \ 1, Superior Coce'rt.AT John I). Howell . . . . 3tio OS J.) Nos. 2i: I and 31 Gold street, New York.-The new ; our houses have: all been repaired! a i.l ;hewhole NOmSE & STONE,

_ .\ CHAMBERS. By order of the lIon. Samuel W. Carmack, and SuvMamifact } and beautiful lSM. 40 Water
f hoe Printing Press, Machine ; place presents a new apinnirance. Apalachicola,March a:p st
)' Robert May, comp't., ) Judge of the Superior Court of Franklin county, ury, being under the management and direction Thetemperatuieol'the atmosphere i is fine, I _

I "!I vs. i IN CHANCERY. in the ApabchicoU District of Flopih.U. oi! Hichanl1. l hoe and Rohert Hoe, continueto the t thermometer: seldom( risiniabove 'ifi de'jrrecs. TilE ETNA INSLTANCE COMPANY!

I C, Curtis and Griswold. et al., |} : J. .f'K-ES' rnannlacture, at zrc,tHy t rtdurod prices, Printing Our Baths ,are in as good l order a- they can be,and l'onn.- undersigned agent for

_ defendants. j jE J r Master i in i/iuucery.! Pfesses, Hydraulic JV'SHCS, Standing Presses, for the he.lit!! ot those who }have net'pi.&J us a t the said Company, is pniared to issue policies
... J the I C Ir'.I.l1 aii'it! til-: i \ilachiroij, Au.tust ILl, IS 11. insurance against Fireand loss or damage
appearing HUrt : Selt-tiiig; : machine, Cua-es, Cases, and every visit, we will describe them : t they are li in number, on
that stid L "-vjs: l '.;' ; ,1i 1' i this came, ; -- :-- ---- ---- -- article necessary for d complete PiintingOUice, u each ten feet square m the clear, with a dressing: ; on
Griswold, trustees ">' i i"' \ .;i'4jle"Lt; i NOTICES ink &c. &c. and as to above company i is large fill invested in the safest
., George ADMINISTRATOR'S l: supply of which, including! : type, room attached! to each, are so arranged
and said J.\1 :; ,',.1 .ui.1I' : possible manner, and itss-cttlement of losses haialways
Land .
Company, : -. ----- lhe\ keep} constantly on ham raise theater t to any depth required ; our Spring
David Selden, who are deiv.i.i UN i I ud c iu.se, -- -- --'- Press, has of thirteen hundred gallons of, been prompt and fiberal.DAiX .
TOTICE- months after date I shall apply Hoe fc CVs Patent Single Cylinder. atlbrds upwards "
the limits oi(tlrs tVrntor to wit : J. DAY, Agent.
reside beyond essential of the water
1. to the IIoa. Judge of the County Court of been recently much i improved in many water per minute; the temperature
th' :.He i of New SllS-l 1.
4 I the said Curtis and Gris-vvolJ, in iu'the Jackson county, for letters of dismission from the particulars, with a view to adapt it to fir t.rate i is precisely. t ( de.re(:. The analysis DS tak 'n byDr. Apalachicola. April -

1 1, York ; and the said Uernou ordered aul: that SeUh notice, he aumll11strltina'on: the estate of Sampson Pope, book printing, as well as excellent newspaper i I. J. B. Cutting, State Geologist, is i as folio?: rpiii: subscriber, asjenifor the! PROTECTION
is a
4, state of Georgia. It of four months late of said county deceased. work. A considerable number of these machinesare I height above hIP level of the sea, .tl1J' ] {.''{- I INSURANCE COJI'ANY, of Harticid

published once a week for the space' SARAH H. POPE, Adm'x. now in daily operation in this city and else- quantity! one wine pint, or 2SST5, cubic iruMspecilir !>''- Conn., with full power {tl o receive ; n-i-" "saU andto

t ti; in the "Commercial Advertise before the; cnsain a newspaperprinted term Jackson County, July 26, IS !. a3-b'm whet, doing the work very rapidly} and in a : r iit" 0.99S distilled water I ht'iug I'uO.UASES.Cafonic :'suc policies ( n ; s ?jvi rfcble t.'rn as (,thf'r'

i" I I in this district, .-- ._- superior manner. acid gas..2 cubic inches.Syl''htmur flhl l otJices is i .n'i'artiijtn ;nstav, 114,1damme I". -? lllst 'f
.. I of said Court, requiring said defendants visa the TICE.-SIX: : months after thte, I will apply The improvements in their Double Cylinder of f 1lylrYII..a trace.so1.l1 : by Fire, and: j '. kfr M m: 1 d
them, to appear and answer, otlie; ?T but Carbonate of Lime . 1 Kraui.. I :1.,1n
j bill will be take; ;vo nfcsu: 1 \ to the lIon. \V. G. M. Davis, Judge of the Press, not only greatly increase its speed, .iihonatc.. tit. Iron..3 5: grains.Caibona' tarn: n"hlIlt: re p' tlllOO CI !' \

I 1-1'1J >I complainants teste) County Court of Franklin county.. for letters ot! render the press much more durable and less liable ** of f Mamie.-ia: ... .. 10 j9 gramTlie -. sett ant: losses witi. pr iptitmle; a; d i;

,.t against them. GEO.(a copy F. -BALTXELL. Clerk. dismission! fiom the estate of [ IiO. H. Thompson.H. to get out of order. It is the onl} machine : tenipr'Tif.ue: of the Water, winter and ...iiinI \\t'h1 kno\\n.: 1 i D \N'L J. IAK.lac '.\ ,

I J B. STONE Administrator.Apalachicola t to the most rapid newspaper printing.They : .,: 1S4-I.
) I I U Apalachicola, May P.Oth' 1 s 11. jc 1 4ra adapted I titer, 9l) fiegrees. ( d.l. April n
May lo, lS1 1. mylS Om [ are also the manufacturers ot the PatentWashington : A Road has been finished, expresslY! ---- I
', Superior Com- and Smith Presses, which! are so extensively .
; Franklin United for ridinu, three miles in length: ; it leads to the !', ,:E:;: -KMEXT.
months after date I will apply the
Six throughout .j
AT C11AbLBEiS.I used by printers -
of where behold one of : I- I : E.
NOTICE Mountain '
-- f : Mitchel lIon. Judge of the County Court for States and Canadas. They call the attention of summit a you \\-Tui: .\ # : '
1 I Thomas L. Franklin for letters of dismission on the their Machine Card Press, with the 1nO.t magnificent views in i GeorgiaA; .z''d: % t x; rCrr .. : "u L. ')
County, Printers to new .
1 .
cOlllP"t'l .
vs. the well k .. .
road has also been made to 'H.-AU Sr r \ I" t'l
de the best -
in !
Norton late of said cards
estate of John county, which one boy can print 1500 .
{ Dodge,McDougald, COLD SPRING} only fths of a mile from JM-'; .- : -e w r.as
ceased. JAMES GREEN, Adm'r.Apalachicola This machine is Dimple, and i r- i I' -
1. and Bass, trustees of theFranklin I style per day. very Hotel; thiprin: si 1 said by all who have seen i. .211 i' '. !''.so1.: ncl, irei., n, 'cct1 -
April 17,1841. a206mNOTICE.Six liable! out of order. ,Its inking apparatus s- (
and not to
Land Apalachicola get
I Iii. to be the finest 'old water in; the world.i'hie 1 :.'ii, ti.e [..itj-eI 1.1h'I Cdnada .ntl ,teVSt
is self-acting.
,j lit Lot Company; IN C1I \NCERY.A months after date, I shall apply The" Hoe" Co., also manufacture a Cvlimkr amu-ements at tfie! Springs are \ \.iri'iH-: : Jnthn's, and the t'nl'tl.rl'TrIent it has receivediron
and George
Lewis Curtis t JucUc.of the County Court size which requires The Ball Room is i open-'d nuhli\ and the t at rvi.-c- the public of the Cu'ted States and Canada.
the Job of foolscap ,
\ Press large
of ,
I Griswold, trustees Land Co. : of Jackson couity, for letter dissmission from two bovs to attend it, who at the same time drive of one Oi' le t be.t Mu-ici.i"s in l l this -.'c tion! cf tlie: Three essential feattuis distinguish it frcmallcontemporaneous !!

If Apalachicola in the aJminii:ration of the estate ot Joim S. Randolph the machine with their feet. It will print from country, is eniM'jed to taiie: charge of it. ptibluitions.ptrst t .

f Myers of, assignee George W. late of said county, deceased. 1;00 to JUO; impressions per hour, and do good We uitoiid to devote our tune exclusively this -It contains ,i till, correct and cor.pre-

r bankruptcy Ross defendants. FRANCIS R. ELY, ,Executor.Mariannab.ht,1SlL work. season. _to. the. comfort of our visitors, and we hope -nsive Shippu'!'; List, ;i'.T.ttiycd: on a plan sopkn
y iTT Iehi&mTax friend and to be able, between us, to please all, and sr-e that arid practicable, ti.J: I W'i! inn may read.:"
in their printers -
filed ,
t affidavit; "Hoe" Co.
Jutl The assure
appearing to the re by .'
--- _._ none away dissatisfied. \lr. and! Mr?. Johnson ht'I'i-L., :. .', ;hlltCOr1'1"1' rir:1
; go Persons :
McDourald James _at. -- pains! shall be spared to
JL that said Daniel -- ---- -------- g'E'lleLtl.that no .
this ---- -- ,
cause will have charge of! the house, S. R. IJ. too, will in i .s' t'Ld"; It 1 they
S. Calhoun and Charlos L. Bis* ; Lewis Curtis Notice maint i i t al.I t .e reputation of their establishment : : an i. ; '.
will receive give his whole'attpHtilJlI. s.ciC'Ih thi t r! : "r" >t : ;t' "i_ <-n rJhI
and George Griswold ; and Myers, reside conformity with u-i Ordinance: ;pissed: by and that im orders entrusted to them ,
Our chargesjll be the sawoas heretofore' t$311 ; :.. /I r el-
.n1t'.t..J.J i.I
beyond the limits of the Territory, to wit : the IN Mayor and Council of the City of Apalachicola prompt and careful .Het! ion it: t thu ;: Hn: # : ,
) month for, Board and Lodjrisi i'atr.s, .' \ht
; ; 1 '
: : th.t1\1'urH'\
paid McDougald, Calhoun and Mvers, in the sUte M-irch: :2'21,1511 1, entitled "An Ordin- Editors and Proprietors; will bo supplied with per pl: l'u'lu..twl: .
free. A tine stock of jjoods is !kept htre, a doll of U'ut: > ;
I in the said i detail l for Printing i OJices; ; or Binderies arei ititiii s the price
of Georgia; the said Curtis and Griswold, ance to raise a Revenue for the use of City. estimates in These '.5 miles "
the saiJ Bass in the state Collector have this informing us of the otyle and quantity of at fair price Springs! are > Fur\lt e.m l'iintScund'yhi -. -
state of New York; and I, Peter Hobart, City Tax by north of Columbia and 10' im'tes south of Creenville. ; cini.iiaPrwvt :
; of Alabama. It is ordered, that a m'tice be pub- day levied upon, iud: will on the loth' day of December work which! they .losire l to do.IK t ;.
i! \ .itcr will tine no difliculty in reaching '
'. lished once a ween for th.* s.iC'i of four months next, at II o'clock, A. M., in front ot the -. \, Co., mamiucltire! Ca-t Steel Mill.1 i Pit, ; ; reat Entish and Lu; .i-a" t:
# or' i in the sell other Saws: supply ot t here at all times, as the daily Stages connect principally tt> the vn. .. I; Ii' tri
before the ensuing term this Cuur, Apalachicoh Exchange, proceed to at public Cross-nit, Ciiruii! anil Savannah) .
i Mobile, Augusta.lacoii -eI..e t r.
Montgomery :
1 h
in much of the following li.inii.! mere imrnt'ii!' .i' ;
Commercial Advertiser, a newspaper printed! outcry to the !u.'ie.-t.: bidder, sn which they keep constantly on
LL I and Madison \\ nil\ Columbus and Greenville, and continent, aYId.::: w'.icl' tSf ti" trd.I
:' this District, requiring: said defead.it':1: s to appear described |property, a* will briiu double Jobbing and Machine: work in gell'r.ll.JUlie .
k \ '1f'k.\ rim d.'ily from both places here, so there IiIi! theman of hu i, ort: i fIdTJi
and answer, otherwise the complainants\ bill shull the aimu-it! annexed, together with oil l[ costs and M, I'I i it.!
f horse t"O'JU
i iil he v) .lisuMpoiprrm-nt. A tae '
\\ infer t. o-i Uu.1. u \ ; rHo "
J be takenpro confcsso: against them charges of sale. ft. Pn'.ili-luTi: i of Newspaper. in the! United "
JI ; times wiJc the t'.e sini -
J vtl-o 1 1 leaves Columbus I t ;! -? : a by I: tJturt' .1 1 f remarks uv. ,' .j I tv. vi
i (copy teste t nIo'k---. Tn WhOIIl (I-ol': ('d. 1 ; ciz.I : States or Canada, who! will insert thi* a-.iu-r- I'.. -" -.tnazIlon, flh3r
1 wav m' II aniliun, for 'r' :-* I '. r.wvn tatirrelstti a'fll; t :
'f -
'i.s n't".r. >
1 \ GEO. BALTZELL, I tisctnenl three times before the lt of next July, ...., '.' (' : wiftthenncipleciti&jcf ,
:Jd The Pr ?-< vitj} hU..K! t. i.e. : authority
U )' : .. Ii i net a 5i
.. . OUC' .n are in
i Apalachicola, May :itt, hIt.) \ j tlinApalacliicola i 1'L Bennett, -- and M-iui one co:/:\ of their paper to us 'nritainiriu!: '. .
D: : lir-l' >' 1 1'p.
j : I of bills I.) iiV. .t.-t ,.l fv.e .>-I iso!: ?<*-.- t'l .
it will be Mititled to niP I pa\nett! theIr; -, '
I : ;: ; .
DistrictoiVioriili.In 1 'c 1.' 8 73i12 l: r[ u ; jftl dt i .it. dl.li L'rd.. :
Bartlett .
L. 0 th} amomt t
J four tunes
Superior Court-franklin Bounty.Alphons ,_),; j.2 &. .1'J ;I ron- pnrcha-i'iir v : i-ii i JJIN.<: '1t-. : .i.> :a tew.pf[ > it presents: to tIrlCm

:: Loubat, i \JcERY.I I :J IL.Rirda1.q. . 2f CNT'S"MT: {( lTv1VTSTMT\GAXNE! ANbCU.MMEIICIAL The W m.i -.: 1'; "._ ., ..U. ko\vu tiuit! '. ..i.do .\! ; rtadtr, in a ( eiitrated state, aid

I \3' I'T. In.1 .1 J. C. nirdsal,.. . 250I 1-_ _. h REVi\V! E.tablUhed 1 'j'-- -'( : t'ie public 1 1 with along \\ire the intt-ret-t or inportance of the spbject ,

/ David D. Churchill, ) Bill to forcd, .Mortgage.. I Fl b & 12 IC:11hou'l & llaB: ,. . 10 00Al July, 1 hU: !hy Ftu-J-'I \ c h H'T.\T I Editor and 1: army nt"tv.,. I. -. .it's:... u-rtii their claims rmrds it, in the inc"'detailed and ample fcr

i appearing the Court by a.hM -v-it, that the I 1 JoinEvans.! . . .2 50Edinnudson Proprietor, Tun eIflt-\ !: rit Volumns, of about to the patron- .' j-v: > tr. ..i.d.: as v.41 ;ath! \"d'Y topic! M" p' L'tcfl commercial, domesticand

I IT David D. Churchill, tha aboe defendant: n 1 \c. ,. . ... (Xi) SOt) ;'irpsach, cirrih'tetl.,7ithi the numlier man, .! h..ll l: l..1 ..L asunVrunl l therrforeoul nii-cclbneoite! ifftrstvbcn has occurred in Ea-

I resides beyond the! jurisdioUo-i; : : of tlbs Court, and !Il"1ft& JI) : I for Ju1! 1 1 It J, cotnihcnevd the sixth year of the \' invite tu.jieiii'!! 'n! oft1.iv.d,-r to tUf: follovi.4 rope, or l'bewttt', since the cl parture,d tie

i out of the Territory of Florida, b\i within the 11 \Johi ii rnoi-c,. . . .I .) ) existence of this standard Periodicul. It i is the Utter irou. U l<. J. J. lios.vwli, et Colsnit- previous packet, special regard being paid to .

I t United States: It is ordered, that fnblication be .13 I .6 il'. 1). ("1 r'1.11'1." . . I u on) ) only work of the t kind in thi i II;' any other cou.itry bus: whatever i is vt conntcted with or relates to fee

11 I I \' made in some nevvspaper publishe(*ln the city of 1 I 0 I E.tLC! 01 JOlO ( ithispie. ,. .7 :. ; aii-J, although. mainiy devoted to the interests CoLUiisi's, March 3d, l: !IJ. political, "'(,'a'', and commercial well-being d

I .1' ;! Apalachicola, once a week for fo-J. months, requiring Co :G & 7 LI.L'b harvey,. . . 3') and wants of the comner'*ial and business ctmin'iniJx Dear Sir-It is due you a- the uccnmnodatinz the Unioi. the adjacent British province 1 h

t him to appear and -a :,A'er '?ic said hill ofcomplaint Imp'dA21 7 J1ih'i' KI'H, ,:. . a)11Imp' it has become an indip'I lble work of an I courteous prora'ictor of the Vna: priuss=, cf short, "i' sakes' a glance at every circumstance

1 i: on or before the expivitio-i! oi': that 10 3 ,.Johu Kmledr: . . :2)0 relei- ice ti t'ic( Stdfesman: and Political Economist Merriwether county-It is dn& the pn'.li.; who! hic.\tAe inhabitants of the Gt't'atV tern cot-

timp, or the said bill will be taken; as confessed S 2 '.. C. Love,. . . J ur I throughout the commercial world. I Its contents may wish to havc l their own !homos and apsides tm-ntCiin\\ possibly fec4 an interest.i : It puts ft*

against him, and su:;ti urthsr orJifen! in the 17 3 Willi'n 1.\\',. . . J (JOJ2 eiibrac every subject connected: with Commerce during the sickly si-ison, to seek a place where I .:TIHlCrn reader in possession, the moment it

to the Court may seeml1*ticc. 11 ChrIeslcKiniey; ,. . 5 00 and Manufactures hej.Jth and all the 'oinfmi ts of dunK
premis as and Navigation; ( ; Agriculture they can enjoy ( ( I CIt' S to hand, whatever has transpired
i ) GEO. F. BAI4TZELL, Imp'ct E2 10 \l.lrlill... . . .12 1 ; Tire and Marine them : and
4 (Copy-Teste. ; Currency and tLakms: ; cultivated oiul refilled.oei'ty, to point to t.ht interval in Furope-personal, political
I J. & L. BRANCH, Clerk. fmp'd: A:1 I jlitclteH Jar:7.ell: ,. . 32: of situ I
and iis
T I j j Insurance ; the Laws Regulations the Warm Sprin:;. In i'oiraThica1:; ; curt!timere:.
L Solicitors for Compl'ts. ? E2 3 .I no. T. \fyrick, .. 500 decisions in the different \VateriZ character
Trade, (including important tiort, it i is unruestionvbly, : interior t tll I It has already attained a very high
Apalachicola, Feb. 2S, la 14. '* mll-lrn Fl 11. !JJ ephIitchcll,. . ..111E2 Courts of tile United States, Great Britain, place in the United te The Medicinal f ir- I and may with great propriety be said to confoc

0 p K. I\kKenzie,. . . 5ojHi j the Chemical anahs.* ;("J" the BE
Waters from
i'ourt.SJrin France, etc.) tues ofit : the REST PRICES CURRENT;
Franklin Superior & J7 taithncl & ons,. 7 00 will continue be the aim of the Geoloir*t. }has I EURO
: /1 lIt It has and to milted to the pulilic by the States SHIPPING LIST; and is the BEST
-I iw szi U .: Term. 1 Ibll. HI / & 1:2 >r and Jos Mitchiel.[ .j G 01/ Editor; and. Pronriot.ir of thn, .?.f.<_M-r.bjr' _,__ >tV__ -Mii_.__:-- and everihl extl t a happy inlluence o'/'r Rheumatism AN NEWSPAPER which reaches this cou'Il1
A. G. Semmej; J. Norris . . :lOU( .t.
s 1\
15tmpM Diir-
-J1U :.\t latch t. 7.ine to avoid every thing of a party, political, or ; Bronchitis; Laryngitis; Hir>e.tti' ; from England ; t\.r it J comprises in a condenses
D.lma .i $)))J-< men
vs.Eliu ; :10 7 Our'len & I-'crguson..I 2.3 sectional 'lcH or beaniij.;, in the conduct of the rile ; Dysentary ;Dispepsy, and all di ( a- ot the form of twenty-four columns, every descripwn.11'' |

- ) Simpson; ) -. C2im 00 Daii'l. Ryan, . . .. .'] 25 work-opening! its: |1'l L-s to tiif free and fair discussion skin and Kidneys.In flewS ot.t inttTt-tt of America, which had t SPIr'
tbfeu-hu T.IE : of iiitl.uoiiislic :( addressing this note tojou/ri ('d. in and other Foreign parts,
instil 1411' te above suit, /
ed of the in > Frank White 300
2 ,
A2 the interests of Commerce, Agriculture, with the earnest hli/1t.tH'I'! of snrnekind the hour'1 departure
great complied : S sailing of the previous to
t and are required to aiear ,.>l pl .d as re juired 7 4 Thos. L. Winate, . 2 75 the radically curedor forth'
SEAIMES. Manufactures, Cur.vncy.The { friends who have been fjir.cr of the Steara ship which conveys16coininir
\ 1
by law. $. F:2 15 :tleiry: Williams,. GOO :\I'rchants'l.l ;l'Iill.: > is i published at ?To. gt-eatly benefited by the c-iJtJ..es of the Waters number.
Jan. 1 J' ISI It.! ap12'JI' : n
I Apalachicola, "'.. PETER HOBERT, 1.12 Fulton street, New York, on! the tin..t of each of the; Warm Sprin.I .!:. CCr"; It will be sold at 12$ cents :* copy onl!!

Franklin Superior .)otlrt. City Tax Collector. month, at five dollars per annum; payable in i advance I am, dear sir, with .yntiments of high consiticration Amongst other nurr. erous and *tte nStestt i

Spring Term, IS 1 11 1 1f Apahchicola, JUlie 71h, Hl-1. jet; OmAa A few complete! sets of t the work embracing Your obedient /-want, menials the llo-ton Morning Pc.VSOJ3--- I

f Hyllyer Bush & Co. j ten semiannualolunies of about SOU pag PS V J. J. LOSU'ELL.To We are greatly indebted to Hs newspaper*

vs. > Foreclosure 'f Mortgage. ) Ordinance each, n.ntly I and substantially bound: can be had Col. S. R.' n"t1cr. our foreign, mi;>cell. neous! aJ..iJmmerdal]! nWl

Wm. H. Shepherd. ) To ri!*.- :-i Fun-i for the City Hospital. I at the subscription price by applying at the oliice Warm Spring, Xciriwethcr_ Co. Ha., April 2 I.'Tcfl. L Une number (}t f Willtner 4Siath; '* E ')r. i iTiims

j : defendant a'ld all perovtir.teroste1 are SCetioi I. JL- it 'Jr.lauied .b.' the Jtfayor awl I as above. "*"r -f is worth a whole th1'Y:! other EIii't1tIi4.T
I :.
\ THE nntitu'J of the institution! of the above Council af the Cay tif.ipalacfucol't, That from i New York, July 1st, J 1St 11.J .' ,1teyrc4 ;, J tf'pr." .

; suit, and that I will aMply; to th Jude of the and after t the tiNt diy; of '> ptem )." next, the DH. GH EF< takes! this opportunity of f'xpr'- S T.ivc-nv.: I'! -\.r'' ,"a 1

Superior Co.irt; of r ra'ikin Count:' at the Spring following taxes shall he levied upon *ii .issengersarriving WM. G.well PORTER selected it C0.fottert..r.iiialiue stuck of! DRY GOODS, ,in that hij\ltltllll i.!hill: [ be his to con-tuut his patron f'ud-\'or; and to to a'irejeni render sails by \\ 11 I.L: AM % */ \ :(l 1'' H. '. <;;s-rr t1jJ I

;ft'I. term of said Court, ISH, for a Closure of said in said City by sea, viz: Up!). i-ach and ofC1othi himi' more useful in his prof"' sttln.011ic FU LTR"DOLLAR 5 ivjt.u.
consisting :-
mortgage. \. t;. .F.1 \IE'? Pill'sify.. e'er.Iacll! l' ly l sea, coastwise, the sum of fifty Cassi and /n Centre, near Water sircet. d. cus7' ]
meres, Kerseys
"tnttl lif"'}h. "lV. :21, 1 hit.I ap2'! 3iq: cents, and upon each and every passenger arrivinr, Satlinets Flannels and Blankets; -- / IT is i the H-Ur-.r/1 Ill; prcprictcrs i> cftl.

by sea from any foreign country, the sum of two ; ; / Jj. W. 8praff, "EuuoFL-iN TT._:' li> l'uMl5li .\ RScc'iar
Foieinii and Domestic Prints
FrLIKiiL SLIeLiDr-Conif. ; the Titittitiiig :
dollars. 171'0RNEY & COUNSFLLOR AT I.A\\ !
: Win.Elizabeth I4ibvrence, Sec. 2. ne further ordained, That the own- Rrown Drillings and Irish I Linens; t'TlLL( for the future re-ide in ('sis' city .AH! I but a dmet l'ule' 1CC three cents per COP!

\' 1 13. :"JJU of I)'I vorce.t er or master of each an.l every vessel arriving at ". Bleached" arm unbleached" Sheetings ; ',* who h.ive coruinitted! If al biis-ine-t !'.i> 1. which inure'i shnll I.orarded. by post and railajexpress

: Lawrence, formerly: this pert, after t the first of Sopte'nb; 'r :next, shall Shirtings ; care while! a resident of Quniey, will i lei.-e ad-I / minutes after each :
Elizabeth Burns. J rn-ler! without t udsy, under oith f'rj Trpa-I Cotton Osiyaburgs ; iliei?? him at this iili.ce lie will continue a in a and which may be obtaiDed *
defendant in this ci) "hI! talce 1tic, of all And every: oth-r: article in their line adaptttl tar!: attendancn'ujHiu th- con: IS of Jackson arrival in B- low
and ''u.i /'nit pric s.
of SLUt! cilv :a true' : ry
THE '. t ,,' U.funit surer to the trat dec (Gailnlens; counties, and the Court Appeals atTalhihaJSCf. quantities
: on the first day of On "- r ie< : sud couilry; 1 y EDWARD 'WILL3IER.
vessel and
1 jss.irjjers arrivi i "14 in hi!>ia owner ._ __ ; .
proceed to take the detiositi) H I : : t'o I "* '.i-f I or 'liter: of such ve>si-l, hall pay to the Treasurer ({lice! overV.. \VootlX ;\,). :Water: street. Et"HmTIMES OFFICE,
the above the Ct'e 1'1 i t.1 i ''ty 1 To Sit American SJir.npHEunder } JJI
i in case of( -,Iid city, the t tax aforesaid upon each and Apalachicola, Jan. !?, isIl..An nl June, 1.I.I.
,fi of Apalachicola, at which: Ii I' aid: oitv 1 i.u the vessel shall t >igiH' l (>.oakll\plat.? putting!) to Press i
which -
every \ssenger, for tax ------- -- ------ EA.ILd-
defendant d.1.U. JL the i tin* first of
the said may alt : of t ensuing I Spring, volume
also and master Orniitnee
; held bible; : any owner or U oii Owens,
J. M.:) "r.tt ) for PHI': uch to with SCENES .\ NI) ANECDOTES: OF THE for the Ut.
vessel, refusing or neglecting comply Providing arrest of offender?, vVe. & COtNSEUORS AT
Apalachicola, Jane >, H 1 1. j.'r2L)_IJtn the provisions of this ordinance shall be liable to AMERICAN I5AR." Section 1. l>e it ordained by the Mayor and -I Abbeville and Tn', Ala.

,. $ .. ; la Jackson SupurioV Court, said city in the penalty of fifty dollars.! Mv !brethren t throughout the TJyftod States arc Council of the City of Apalachicola. Tn.'it: in all practice in the :cuntand Citti

To the Spring Term Ali. Sec. 3. Be it further crdaintd. That the t fund requested touid. me with contributions from their ca
James Boon,) : arising from the tax aforesaid, shall be reserved 1 respective States, locating i particularly the of any ordinance full! of aid and city to the Mayor,his he Henry and IVnbonr, c mposing ti

; J it. vs. > LIBEL FOR )IVO1WE.I and used only for the benefit of the City Hospital, Scene" or Anecdote" in the proper, County or shall warraiit have directed power to the Mar.-hal authority of sail to! city Issue, c< n>- )th Judicial Circuit! othe State of ,Alabant
: Boon. under such regulations the and Council District.) As the contrihuti-'nis will hI.'l'ry numTOIH I :
I Piety ) za Mayor mandinK him to urie.M the person or persons ct "' \\ WOODSON LIGON,
i defendant in said case. will take notice may prescribe. ; < and many of themmm the t far North and plained against, and detain him, l her or them not AHeville, Henry co., .'

THE we shall proceed to tan.e the testimony Passed by Council, oiith June, J 151.1.RANFW. We.
(F of Dr.Nathan J. Pitttnan, \Vil1i*n Gay, William DAVID G. Mayor.James on them. 1 8h\l''.tx* aid-d in i this I amusingand Sec. 2 lie U further ordained, That in all Ca- Troy, Pike co., Ala..

I Proctor and James Barnes, Esq .. on Monday the I inlercsting work Ijy/some ol the oldest and most I. when judgment! may be rendered 111.the May/ -Kefirs toCcl. =

f ,I' sixth day of May next, at 10 o' .lock, A. M., at lFarrior, distinguished Menioers of the Southern Bar. Court against any person for a violation of a'ilf A Mc.\lli.cter, .

I the store of Battle & Brothel. ) Rocky Mount, PORT WARDEN AND NOTARY PUBLIC, i:'- All comwunicatioiw) must be directed tome the ordinances of said city, (the Judge ofM{ ('n. A J tI.illistt'r, 5 Henr) co.Aa.
Court remit such of said
t' I North Carolina, by interrogaturiv'* now filed with Apalachicola, Fla. at Pensacbla, Florida." in his may opinion be portion when jndgn'g its Hon'le. Jas t Belscr Montgomery, -..

.U the Clerk of said Court. May always be found at the otfice of Farrior & ?' RICHARD ROE.Pensacoja that such offence may was committed proper under micircunstances. npjin'' Gen'l. John, Dill, FortGaiues, Ga.

.4 YOXGE & 'i \YJ.OI:, Co.: No. 4 Water st. I le would respectfully solicit Jurist, IS I.\ I Messrs. Chester'& McGriilV Apala. Fa- oJ

,' Solicitors 5 for Complainant the patronage of his friends :and acquaintances. (iO-: Editors faA'or.iblc to (the ''"undertaking' l\i"s ed l by Council SOtli Mav" 18-1 LDAVIU [:_ yor, January 25th, ISM. jan29!.

Marianna, April 2d, 1M 1 1. ap'.i 1m dcettfff please: copy. )
-4 ,. .
; : .. ] _
{ ,
J -
: 1" 0
-, ., .-W.

I .
110 : \-. ..
( ,; J lf : .

l tL. ). : .' i *.l' .-.----- ______rL--, ._' ,_ -f' ".- ,- ,

: Z2---4. .,- -. -. --. .- -,.'-- '. -,.
',1: '.i -


';, '

{(- We call the attention of our readers to the
advertisements of fresh goods, just received which
are published in our advertising columns.
03- The Post-Masters of the several counties
throughout the Territory, will oblige us by for-
warding, as soon as possible after the Election, the
returns of their counties; and by so doing they
will confer a favor which will be duly reciprocated
for as soon as we receive the same, we vwill send
."to each a copy of our paper, containing the com-
plete returns.
{f We are indebted to Messrs. DUNHAN &
DI I.o], of New York, for the "Cotton Circular"
of Mr. Win. P. Wright, dated, New York, Sept.
12th, 1844;. which we publish in our commercial
columns. It is, in our opinion, a very correct
and valuable document, and should be read at-
tentively by all our Merchants and Planters.
The preliminaries of our next business cam-
Paign have commenced. Vessels are making
their appearance in the bay, and lighters are pass-
ing and repassing laden with their omnifarious
freight. The ringing of the auction bell-the
cries of the 'auctioneer, and the puffing and blow-
ing of the steamers, as they traverse our waters,
reminds ua of the busy scenes which will ensue
when they come booming down the river with
their tall chimneys just peeping over the bales
of cotton with which they are laden. Horses
and drays are running hither and thither, as if
anxious to hurry along the time when they Can
get a load. And our citizens, particularly the
"Summer Boys," as they style themselves, have
become so statiated with leisure, that they mani-
fest great anxiety to commence active operations.
In a few weeks our wharves will be covered with
cotton-our streets filled with people, and the
places of business and amusement opened, and
every inducement held out to'those who wish to
enter the field of competition and struggle oa for
wealth. Again, and again, will the latest news
be sought for; and again will the speculator rub
his hands, and laugh or look sad, and put them
in his .breeches pocket, as his anticipations of
gain gre realized or blasted. And again will a
few Af those young men, who did not profit much
bother last season's transactions, engage in wild
and ruinous speculations, refusing to learn, even
t*, sad experience, that the bounds of prudence
sltpuld not be overstept, and that riches cannot
always be obtained by one grand grab. Onward,
and inward, will roll the wheels of fortune, some
more, ucky than the rest, will hold on, while
others ,ill fall off-rough and tumble-up and
down--' a confused-like mass they will all push
forward-some will be whirled to the highest
spoke, and in the next moment crushed beneath
the lowest. Happier, by far, he who, near the
hub, keeps onn e ", even tenor of his way."

We have reAived a communication signed
SPatriot," which 'we insert with pleasure, as it
treats upon a subject in which we are all more or
less deeply interested. In speaking of the dangers
to 4e apprehended from the insidious and untir-'
ing efforts of the abolitionists, in carrying out their.
hellish purposes, we in some measure, agree with
him. We have within a few months back, heard
of several vessels being picked-up off the Florida
coast and carried into Key West with runa-ay
negroes on board, and in one or two i"staifces,
they have had white men with them, all of whom
were wending their way to Jamaica, or the$ other
British possessions, fully supplied with provisions,
water, &c. Indeed it was only last fall, that two'
runaway negroes from East Florida, after icom-
mitting a most outrageous murder at one of the
Keys, stole a boat and made good their retreat to
the Bahama, Upon representation of the facts
of the case at Washington, the President in con-
formity with the provisions of the late treaty of
Lord Ashburton, providing for the mutual snr-
render of fugitives -from justice, despatched the
Marshal of the Southern District of Florida, in a
national vessel, with a warrant, bearing the broad
seal of the United States, for their arrest and re-
turn. Upon application being made by the Mar-
shal to the authorities for their surrender, they
for some trivial cause or other, or iqformality in
the form of the indictment, refused to give t'iem
up. Sincej.$en, however, the whole matter has
beem laid before Her Majesty's Government, and
there is no doubt but that ample justice will be
done, as the English ministry cannot, without
disturbing the friendly relations now existing be-

tween the two nations, let so daring an outrage
upon our rights and laws go unnoticed, or un-
whipt of justice."
We differ widely, however, with Patriot,"
in regard to the abolitionists exciting the slaves
throughout the Southern States to a general mas-
sacre! No! no! we have nothing to fear from
that source-the idea is ridiculous and not worth
noticing. Suppose even an attempt of the kind
should be made-before the arrangements could
be completed for so wide-spread a plot, the alarm
would be sounded from Maine to Louisiana, and
that too long before the fatal day arrived for its
fulfilment. The only true fear we need appre-
hend, is the power wielded in the halls of Con-
gress by the abolition members, and from them
only, in their united efforts in trying to abolish
slavery. We have rights which were bequeathed
us by our forefathers, which are secured and
guaranteed to us by the constitution of the United
Stat and so long as these rights are respected,
we wtl be found true? to the constitution and laws,
but let them once be disregarded and trampled
under foot and it virtually dissolves the bands

whieh bind us together as one people, governed
by equal laws and equal justice. .
We again differ with Patriot," who, in
speaking of the abolitionists, says:-
"They (the abolitionists,) are every day excit-
ing the slaves to discontent and disobedience, and
even now many servants by their influence have
become so arrogant that they can wih difficulty
be kept from riding over the necks of the white
There certainly must be some mistake here,
'for (to our :knowledge) there has been but one
single instance of any thing like a complaint
being made by our citizens of our slave popula-
tion. In fact we believe that the colored people
have, throughout the summer, conducted them-
selves as orderly and as praise-worthy as our
white population could possibly wish, with the
one exception. And in that instance, we reget
to say, one, in whom we had reason to expect
better, so far forgot himself a- to chastise, in Y
most aggravated and unwarrantable manner, a
girl; so mueh so that for ope or two days after-
wards doubts were entertained of her recovery
by the physician who att6nde.l her, and this, too,
if we are correctly informed, for a slight and
trivial offence. It ig, we rejoice to,,say, a case'
that has no parallel in this section of the coun-
try, and we sincerely hope that the laws appli-
cable to the case will be rigidly enforced.

Cct- The Madisonian of-the 17th inst., says,
the rumor which is obtaining currency in news-
papers, that Gen'l. DUFr GREEN ,had been ap-
pointed o an important secret agency in Mexico,
we are authorized to srate, is without Ibundation.
He has been appointed Consul at Galveston, and
bears despatches to Mexico. He is simply, the
bearer of despatches to Mexico and Consul at
Galveston. :
W- The Whig.l of New York have nominated
as their candidate for Governor of the State the
Hon. MILLARD FiLLMORE, and for Lieut. Gov.
SAMUEL J. WILKIN, Esq,,of Orange county.
BU Both parties: in "New Jersey, have held
Conventions at Trenton, for the.selection of suit-
able candidates for Slate officers. The democrats
met on the 4th inst., and nomination JOHN R.
THoPsoNv, of Mercer; the whigs met on the
10th, and nominated CHARLES S. STRATTON, of
Gloucester, for Governor. Mr. S., was formerly
a member af Congress.
Dj The Democratic Cowvention at Harrisburg,
Penn., have nominated FRANCiS, R. SHUNK,'as
their candidate for Goveror of that State, in place
of the late Mr. Muhlenberg, deceased.

Maine Eleclion.-The following is the returns
of the election for Governor, which gives Ander-
son (dem.) 48,651 votes; Robinson (whig) 37,850,
all others 5,675. The Portland Argus, states
that The democratic candidates for Cdongress are
elected in ill th, di-t(iis't except the first. 'here
in conse.uei',,e of a split in their ranks, there is
no choice. The piesent delegation stands twd
whigs,'foiir democrats and one vacancy. In the
Senate 2" demrocrats and 3 whigs, and in the House
57 democrats and 26 whigs are elected.
Vermont.--The exact result of the vote for
Govr ernor in Vermont is not yet ascertained. The
'Burlington Free Press gives the following as the
full returns of the legislative election :-Senate 21
Whigs and 9 Democrats. House 145 Whigs, 46
Democrats and 3 Abolitionists, with 29 towns in
which there is no choice. Whig majority onr
joint ballot 103. .
Mfissouri.-The St. Louis Republican of the
17th inst., contaTus the official return. of the late
election ofthat state. The majority of Edwards,.
the "I Hard" candidate for Governor, over )Allen;.
his "Soft" opponent, is 5,651... Four hardds,'
Messrs. Price, Bowlin, Phelps and Rilfe, and one
"soft," Mr. Sims, are elected to Congress. The'
whigs have elected 44 members of the House of
Representatives, and the democrats 56.

8 "French dresses of a new style have recent-
ly been imported into this city, an'l ate 110W for
sale at a fashionable shop in Broadway. The price
is only one thousand dollars each."' -.
Some'editors are trying to make us believe that
the above 'is all moonshine-a mere hoax; and
that they have not got dresses in New York that
cost $1000. We say they have! We know they
have, and so does many a poor fellow know it to
their heart's content. As a great many will not
believe it till they see it, and as "the old saying is

"seeing is believitg," we propose to our subscrib-
ers if they will onlycome forward and pay up, that
we will go on and buy one, and exhibit it-a la
mode Barnum-free gratis far.nothing. -
So come pay up! -

01- The Swiss Campanologian Bellringers,
have arrived at N York, and were to give an exhi-
bition of their skill on the 17th inst. Their band
consists of nine performers, and the instruments
they make use of are common hand bells of vari-
ous sizes and tones. About fifty of these bells
are arranged on a long table, behind which the
players are placed; and the music is produced by
the ringing of these bells, which are passed with
incredible rapidity from the hand of one perform-
er to the other as the exigencies of the tune re-
quire. In this way, the most difficult overtures
and combinations of harmony are executed, with
astonishing precision and beauty of effect.

Wr$- The Dutch man-of-war brig St. Croix,,Capt.
Dobkum, arrived at New York on 17th inst. from
St. Croix, West Indies. She carries 12 guns,
and has a crew of 100 men.

03- It is said that a number of Millerites re-
fused to vote at the election in Portland, Maine,
on the ground that the candidates, if elected,
would not be in this world to take their seats.

Fro th Bosto an Ne Yor Papers

From the Boston and New York Papers.


At Boston-Fitteen Days Later.
Triumphant progress of the French in Moroc-
co-Critical state of affairs between England
'and France-Decision against O'Connell
and the Repealers in the House of Lords-
Frieids/iip restored between Spain and Moroc-
co, S&c., 4c.
The Royal Mail Steamer Britainnia, Capt. Hew-
ett, arrived at Boston on the 17th inst., from
Liverpool, having made a passage in twelve days
and six hours, by her arrival they have London files
.up to the evening of the 3d inst, and Liverpool
papers of the 4th. The news is of no great impor-
tance, except the actual commencement of hostili-
ties in Morocco and a slight decline, in Cotton.
Unusual preparations are iun: ..ir-ir in the British
dock yards, and reinforcements of troops are under
orders to proceed to Giberalter.
The French papers were all filled with specula-
tions representing the effect of the operations of
the Prince de Joinville, on the relations existing
between France and England. The Ptince de
Joinville will, it is said, be promoted to the rank
ofviceadmiral on his return from the expedition
against Morocco.
The Judges delivered, their opiniofis on the
O'Connell case before the House of Lords. They
are unanimousin their decision that the judgmirent
cannot be reversed by a writ of error.
The Minister of Great Britain at Madrid had
proceeded directly to Mor..cc., and had effbected a
settlement of the Spanish quarrel with that em-
The visit of Louis Philippe, to his royal sister
is said to be posponed until October. The Lon-
don Times however states, positively that Louis
Philippe will not visit England this year.
Thevisit of the King ofPrussia to the Austr,:iat
Court is taken as a sign of I more intimate inter-
course between the two great Powers of Germany,
and the present condition of;the world proves that
a rupture between France and England would not
only be a war of giants, but would involve Europe
in its consequences.
In Spain and other part? of the Continent,'the
belief is general that the affairs of Morocco will
lead to a war between the great Power3; and in
Germany it is even rumoured that an alliance of-
fensive and defensive against France has already
been formed between Great Britain and Russia.
The Italian insurgents are 4aid to be watching
the progress of events with unusual interest, and
the Papal and Austrian Governments are adopting
measures of precaution toymeet contingencies. ;
According to the Madrid Heraldo of the 19th
ult., the Mo.rs are busily engaged in repairing the
fortifications of Tangier, which were said to be
defended byv 1590 infantry, while there were 4000
cavalry around the town. The Euglish consul
had returned'from Giberalter and re.saBed his of-
ficial duties.
General rectuitingis ordered in .Russia. The
western provinces are to furnish five men for every
thousand of the l lUiilpn.
The health of the {-6 iniofHollan-1, now the
eldest surviving bran'ff 'the Bonaparte family,
has, it is said, suffered severely from the death of
his brother Joseph.
An Agent of the Texian Government while col-
lectingrecruits and arms in London was arrested
by the British Government, and informed that his
movements, were contrary to law.
SThe trade reports from England represent busi-
ness tas being quite brisk. Prices steady, and
stocks low.
It is said that the riots at PI'iladelphia caused
Father Matliew to abandon his Temperance mis-
sion to the United States.
Wilmer & Smith's Times thinkIs the Ine of At-
Yantic steamers projected in New York would be a
losing concern.
Mr. Everett has transmitted to, the English
government a copy of the resolution adopted by
Congress thanking that government for services
rendered by its officers during the burning of the
steamer Missouri at Gibraltar.
Two extensive failures have taken place in
Manchester. The old-established firm- of Burges
and Townsend, calico printers, whose liabilities
exceed 50,000, and Edward Benjamin Jackson
and Co., fustain manufacturers, whose liabilities,
it is said, are about 20,000.
The circulation of the Bank of England are for
the period from tLe 18th May to the 10 August.

There has been an increase under every head,
excepting the bullion, viz., in the circulation, of
78,000/., or to 21,324,0001; in the deposits, of
113,000.; in the. securities, 437,000/; and in the
profits, or rest," of'58,0001. The bullion aver-
aged weekly the sum of 15,579,000/., or less by
188,0001. Great preparations are making at lithe
Bank of England and its branches for carrying on
its business under the new law, and the returns
from many of the issuing banks in general have.
been published inthe Gazette.
The clief topic of the day is the rumored inten-
tion of ht' Mlajestyto visit Ireland, preparatori
to an amnesty remitting to Mr. O'Connell and 'is
fellow prisoners the remaining term of theirim-
prisonniment. WVhether true or not, the mee ru-
mor h&d; created great excitement among all par-
ties. The Conservatives professto disbiiieve that
Mi.iisters will make the Qneen a pa4y to such a
proceeding, while the Repe.,l or,,-ad openly, de-
clarethat an amnensty wouili nei4 r received
as a favor, nor turn the rrish pople rom their
The Repeal Association .ported the ,amount 0f
rent collected for the Fk ending 'is8tultrt
1162, and for the we$ ending l6th'at 634 13s.
l1d. -

The affairs of WM.'occo, and the possbility of a

The following .telegraphic despatch has b.e-'
received a..aris from Marshal ,I, i... :'--
.JMarse-llcs, .dug. fl P. M.
The governor 'general ,ir Al,. ri l- tto e Miniter I f
war, Bivouac of K,,nd aItA'liiralrt-rii'i 14th;!
The prince de Join il.? has f'illhowed up (he
bomnha.,ln,-nt of Tangiers by the bombardrment
anl occupation of Magador on the 15th. After
the destruction of the town and forts, he t.,. )i-
session of the island and port. On this occsion
the Moors do not "appear to have awaited t0.h--t-
tack of the French, but to have fired Upon i*l..
before they could bring their guns "to bear ; i.I
the consequence, accordingto the (',i,'li .',.I .',,!;
is, that seventy eight mein,of v.'lonirn \'i_ wer.-
officers, have been killed and wounded..'i
Meanwhile the military arm of FrAnce,' lias not
been inactive. On the 14th, Mol,,liaT ugeaud
achieved a complete victory, at Islay, ivEr the
Moors, 800 of whiim wer-e left dead uton the field.
He took from a thousand to twclve hinlred tcits.
eleven piecesof artillery, sixteen st-,,ui ,''I','., a
quantity of warlike si..'re-. tle per,.i b ,-[ r,- of
the emperor's son, ann an "immense booty."
'Dreadful Battle bdtiw,'i lie French and the
.Moors.-We publish, says the Moriin' Herald,
the following extract from a private IUtter, d&tI:.,
SMarseilles, August 29', twelve o'ock-" Thei
15th, at Ih-lfpast 2, P M., the enems;s fort opened
their fire against the Suffren, Jammrnapes, and
Triton, who were mnanoeuveringtofake up their
stiti,:.u. At 3 o'clock the vessels llad took their
.-ratios. The fire now became general, and las-
ted till six o'clock. At 5 o'clock the enemy's
batteries were silenced. Mrv ie' 100 pieces
of cannon defended the town, and were well sre-
ved. At 4 o'clock the Belle Piule approached
close to the town; the brigs and !steamboats now
attacked the island. At half post five the forts
form the island were nearly J.ec d.. At this
hour some infantry, artilUery, hnd engineers de-
barked on the island and wermireceived by a vol-
ley of musketry. They, h. ,.ver sn :.._ posses-
sion of all the batteries-2arri':,ned by ;-'.>men.
The island was occupied. T'lPe ,eit ,11'v there
weree found on the island nearly li. ,-Jeadi, aand 40
severely -wounded; 128 were riide pri3oners.-
During the whole of the nightthe Pelle Poule and
Cassard continued cannonading the town. The
ships of the line anchored, after the action in the
roads. The 16th, the cann..-.i. : of the town re-
commenced by the Belle Poule with the steam-
boats. At half past three a landing was effected
-the town was abandoned, the guns were spiked,
and thrown into the sea. Several fl.'.:- uivl some
curious li.o.os f artillery was taken on board
the Suffren, aid. have since been sent to' France.
At five o'clock everybody returned to the ships.
The city was pillaged bythe Kabyles.
'LIVERPOOL, Sept. 3d-The Market' previous
to* the arrival of the last steamer from Boston, had
a better feeling and an upward tendency, but the
receipt of late advices reporting dc the probability of
a large crop of Cotton in th,- Ui" i--,::. ,ied
an unfavorable'7eaction. rPi--,- ione.i. rt,-ly be-
gan to droop; and il:- market, since Friday, has
been dull and heavy. WVe quote prices of Ameri-
Scan fully 1-8d per lb lower than thee .U'-i h-- point
of last week, and there are numerous sellers- at the
decline. The sales on Saturday were 4,500 bales,
yesterday 5,000 and to-day 2,000 bales, nearly all
to the trade. "
J1r. Editor.-It is withl pleasure, we notice
the return of our ,or'tly Post MAai,t.-r, and we
sincerely hope that his stay will be permanent.
Mr. B., has always been admired in his official as
well as private life. Should he again leave us,
we hope that he may be more i'brtiun.,te in his
selection of a Deputy, as there have been many
complaints against the would-be-dignified official.
For the Commercial, Advertiser.
Mr. Editor :--The Jast productions of "' Blear-
Eye" and." Citizen'a are. decidedly an improve.
r 0e1t on asv tlii .A', i-' *. from-thelite et.-
They have not u5rdy u.,,liut and scratched each
other like triU'g iilnf,;--it \\ hul name they ap-
'pear to be' v'ery inii i'r,7anit--nt expressed a feel-
ing as if tev deserve .ed what they look upon with
such conernpt, i. e. a ,aniir-;. I shall in future
ltave-i'iemn to 'their sijoU.ibble-, but would recom-
,ns . their rqiotlers.to keep ra i.,tclI,"i eye upon
thbrnm, else te'v ay gt out. _.
: *"*,. I :. OBSERVER.

813" The 'U. S. sloop-of-war" Jamestown," was
launched, at Norfolk, Va., on the 17th inst., in
the preseice of a large concourse of spectators.
The J., Ai 179 feet in length and 36 feet deep.
Hter armament wilt consist of eighteen 32 pound-
ers and four 68 do., all Paixhan.
,jt Mr. VAN ZANDT, Charge d'Affairs of
Texas, has presented his letters of recall to the
President, making a brief speech of regrets at the
fate of the Treaty, and complimenting the Presi-
dent on the frank and honorable course he had
adopted on that occasion. Mr. RAYMOND remains
in .charge of the Texian Mission, ad interim.

The fare fromTroy to Saratoga ha4' been
reduced to 75 cents.

greatness and glory, of your offspring. But your
influence is i4 sil \\bitlh Nour wives-a large
share-of it is exerted on outir children,-whethier
you intend it ,r niAt. T[ey watch you, they
imitate you and they imnbibe your principles and
feelings, and you cannot help, it. Now if you,
labor to ex, :i i1a ad iriIfluece incalculable good
mav result. You can inspire in \<,ur children
love of c.uintry ..iid love of Virtu?. You ca- ac-
custom them to obedience a',: ... k t Jove
-''..d laws; yes, love aid ..i, i,.... '.' .... il
land. By your i i :e-. e you h snd ,:id,n,,
.society men wh-,se moral :id i I-il- rn l career
shall be marked with all t',: traits of real ,.xcel-
lence. N.t o By ,o, but you can impart such a
turn 'of mind to ,r da,ii_.hlit,.'rs that generations to"
cine will rise up and call you blessed.
But as a hint to the wise is sutfficient, (and a
world of words and hints io d irref'r:,gable argu-
nii, it, are of no avail with fools, and self-con-
ceited imps, who are a i u ndidred-t',ld worse than
fools,) I pass on to introduce the grand'subject I
had in view in this series of articles on Educa-
tion, to wit: Schools. In the whole course of'
education there is no one point in which parents
more egregiously err than in reference to schools.
Here, fathers, is- a wide field for the exercise of
your wisdom and patriotism and philanthropy,
but 0, Mlalum! Infandum! 1 uerum! A'.fa&a
Where is your wisdom ;andr Ii.'.ltism and phi-
lanthropy? How many there are who meanly,.
dastardly treat the great inm,,tain source 9f ali,
our greatness (common schools) with utter neg-
lect. A man can be neither great nor good who.
undervalues common schools. But more anon.


For i-ho tiu+.s-*- .J-Alvert-ptr.- ;
MR. EDImToR:-There is no danger, in the Wdich-
ing of which we should b. in',re eagle-eyed ; andct
there is no calamity, from which we should mniore
earnestly pray to be preserved and there is no.
evil social or national more to be dreaded, thaa.
the desire of allitioni-s. COf all the, combined,
ci.u-,'s of evil in our land there is none so fraught
with awful disaster as'this. No wonder that s6-
many who stand on opr watch-towers so often cry
out," D.i i ;', !" aWppoint us to this hydra-nionter,,
s mliiig with exte.rded ja'\ s. ready to devour our
Constituiriin, Viinl and all. All that is gloiious
in ouT-Con`.iLu:ii.'on or desirable in our- Union must
fall a' prey to these abolitioc de-tryctionists if they
can possibly) effect ti'.-ir object. Their object is
well li, u i, .their diabolical plan, -,re deeply laid,
and they a. prose-u'._i'. with uin .vi,,nt persever-
ance, thei qi-h.--ih Iurp,:"., and w.,-.I ive reason to
epectliar. so long as their bli'.ul does not ;lag
,ate in th.-ir .,:in:, they will not r...t till from east
to west the dissevered ruins of our-.Tnion clothe -
the eatth in '.,kith. If these Northen despera-
-does were all r,., re' teil in tihe-ir distant dens, they, ,
could not harm us as much, l:t they are prowlin '.
around our own doors, crouching for their pre).
No wonder the Southern people look upon evey .
Northerner With suspicion and distrust; but te're
is real m. nride r. iliai so maliy are suffered to'befl
and breed aiboit our very heart is. It will be wetil.
if fthe'peopIe of the South, wake from this l-thargy
in time to save th irtn--lves from a genera minassaa
cre. They (the allition isis) are stalio,.ing them-
selves at convenient di.tnces, and Qpylng out the
whole land, and making all, needful preparations
to strike the fatal blow. They are every day ex*
citing the slaves to discontent ad disobedience,
and even now many servants )y their influence
have become so .,arrogant that/Aiey can with di''i-
o'ulty be kept from riding n,.eerh l,- ,ecks of the
white population. Yes, thee are clusters of these'
concealed abolitionists wh/stand ready, whenever
they dare, to resent any fancied' indignity to a
neg'o. The iron-hearte4 treatment ih.ti the poor
white servants and nppryntices at the North receive
is nothing Tlie vwremn of sailors and soldiers,
is nothing Ibu' O. e horror th it is felt, if acon-
trary, stubborn, df-obedieri and haughty slavp is'
chastised Ard,' where Iliese abolitioniistfs-4hese
mnobocrats, 'tli.- t lind--pirates, are sufficient iri
r'uinber, no fiuiilfil friend of the country eanilive,.
If there is ary one set of men who ought t9 bp
hated and l'i,,irtd out of the ldid as tel thousahdi
times i i,'' destructive to our institulions anrd
interests tbah'.;erinnoles er Mohawks, th,,e are
they. 1 (annot look at them wvithot hot indigna-
tion. ^' .-uli warn, every one to watch, and st
to watch, for the safety of our personal, donmeftie
and i'il in t e'ur. and let not ti country be i'li.-
uiun'.ur.ulv Vh'sti'd from 1ts..' !
{- Some idea may be ,i un of the immense.
mrnount of business dcmne ,'pn tile Erie Canal,.
from the Fact that at one of the locks, 14 miles west
ftQ Albany., a boat passes every nine minutes on an
average, night and day, during the whole season of
navigation. :


war with France, have raised the hiopFesot the For the Commercial Advertiser.
Repeal party, and it is one o:" the sis of the EDUCATION No. 16.
times,' that several of their journials\avert witli 0 pali-5. hi.! st inagis veri m atque hoc.
evident satisfaction to the chances tof a Feiichi Fronr what Ihas been said about the influence
invasion of Ireland. of ,mothers, some fathers may' think that I have
The latest accounts from Egypt, state that Me- rid them ,f all obligation aid responsibility in
hemet Alil had abandoned hisirtetiMn iresgn- .lie education of their children. ..But be itknown
ing power. His absence lasted but t'uor dts., uLIto y'i,. 0 fathers, that the very arguments I
and he had returned to Alexandria to carry ,n have uai.Ianced lay ten thousand more obligation,
the Iovermeit as, usual. It is now 0.eie,1V tliat on 1oq1, than ift' they were not true. Some fa-
his retirement originated in displeasure at the others think that, as mothers hare the direct in-
opposition offered by Ibrahim aiid the council to terTal r,,anagement of the household, they need..
measure on which the Pasha had resolved, and not coAcern themselves about it. ; Such men are'
that he was indnced to return only by the with- not fit to be fathers ; they .are without natural
drawal of that oFpositi.,n. aflecton, pests to societN, and traitors to their
Occupationoj'f.l'i. Ior by the French.-The coury. .Mothers had need be angels from hea-
Messenger of Monday evening publishes tliehi-' v.-n': Xitl istanld the baneful' influence of such
lowing copy of another telegraphic despatch rI- ap~tates. There is no ioubt but that a large.
ceived by the French government: pt of the vice in thle ieyrld inay be laid at the
".Magador, the 17th.-The Prince de Join- d(,r of fathers. As ft iers, the burden of re-
ville to the Minister of the Marine:-On the 15th sjonsibilitv rests ,n v-u/ and N ou cannot shake it
we attacked Magador, after having reduced it to ,. j.e f .. l. irs ave much influenced,. r
.. ,. I 111._ t nto,, he,; s ,ave-.-, muchn fln uenc~e,-
ruins the town and its batteries, we took posess- h y. ., ,. but on the,
ion of the isla nd a -d ,f ihe port. .,:,.n, men, '" -11A lle lei d y "
of whom seven are officers, wer' kilI-. and. ,idrary eihainis it. The influence of mothers-
wounded. I am employed in e-tail-l,.^ the 'dl e.-lds ii i a r,--,it degree on you. It is your duty
garrison oftheisland. I have placed th p.-'.rti-, t- ad. instruct aid inspire them aright. By in-
a state ofblockade." "Conformable to, ..,..v.- -
The vice-admiral peer of France, the .;isi:ISr of'' t a reh Iqr intellectual.
marine and colonies.. BARON DE MAC \v." / pursuits you mayl'ay the foundation for the future-

.5 --

jl ~lU r-k .. NI I l I II l i I IIII' II I I I I II IY "- -- I I _. .l "n I l 11. _A


S,.'/Wraluiin Siuperior Court.
., 7. U *?AT CHAMBERS.






~' ~-.

Fraukiun Superior Court.
Spring Term, 1844.

A. G. gemmes, )
vs. e Damages $500-Attatchment.
Elias Sihapson, )
THE defendant and all persons interested are
notified of the institution of the above suit,
and are required to appear and plead as re luired
by law. A. G. SEMMES.
Apalachicola, Jan. 18, 1844. apl20 3mn
., ) ... ,.-
FrankIlivi"' Superior Court. ,-
.I Spring Term, 1814.
Hyllyer Bush & Co.)
"vs. > Foreclosure of Mortgage.
Win. H. Shepherd. )
THE defendant and all persons interested are
hereby notified of the institution of the above
suit, and that I will apply to the Judge of the
Superior Court of Frankin County, at the Spring
term of said Court, 1844, for a foreclosure of said
mortgage. A. G. SE VIMES, Plff's Att'y.
Apalachicola, Nov. 24, 1844. apl20 3m
Fraaailia Superior Court.
Win. Lawrence,
vs. Bill of Divorce.
Elizabeth Lawrence, formerly i
Elizabeth Burns. J
T[HE defendant in this case will take notice,
that on the first day of October next, I will
proceed to take the depositions of Timothy Smith
in the above case at the Clerk's Olice in the C2ity
of Apalachicola, at which time and place the
the laid defendant may attend.
R. J. MOSEf!, Att'y for PI'ff:
Apalachicola, June 2-, -I14. je-29 3m

In Jackson Superior Court,
To the Spring Term, 1844.
'James Boon,
Piety Boon.
T HE defenat in said case, will take notice
That we shall proceed to take the testimony
of Dr. Nathan J. Pittman, William Gay, William
Proctor and James Barnes, Esq., on Monday the
-sixth day of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at
the Store of Battle- & Brothers, Rocky Mount,
North. Carolina, by interrogatories now filed with
the Clerk of said Court.
Solicitors for Complainant
dMarimna, April 2d,_1844. ap9 mIni


:.. / 7Roert J. Floyd, eomp't.,
SOu'tia. and Griswold, et al,
I :'rti c defendants.J
-. .W'T,Pcn l to tde Court from .fidavit filed in
I. Lthz.aue, that said Levis Ct ,is and George
s, /itwldtrsirees of. the Apa'lohicola. Land
-'eC ipany, and said John M. Berrien and David
W,'?, Sftin'"vwha are- def'endd ts jn said cause, reside
I.. amt tl'lnlt niotf thin- Territory, to wit: the
? .'* 'S and Griswold, in the state of New
'rk; an the said Befrenr' and Selden in the
S state of Georgia. Ijl is ordered, that a notice be
published once a' ekTor the spaceoff6ur months
in the -Commercial Advertiser." a newspaper
S: printed in this district, bllbre the ensuing term
S of said Codt, -requiring said defendants, anrid each
of them, to appear and answer, otherwise the
S 'comIplinahts billt- will, be taken pro confesso:
S. against them (, copy-.teste.)
.. GEO..F. BALTZELL, Clerk.
' ."* Apalachic..l, 'May30th, 1844. fel 4m


N OTICE-Six inonths aiter date I shall appil.
N1 to the Hon. Juige of the County Court ti
Jackson county, for letters of dismnission from the
administration on the estate of Sampson Pope,
late of said county deceased" .
Jackson County, July-26, 1844. a3-6m
N OTICE.-Six months after date, I will apply
to the Hon. W. G. M. Davis, Judze-of the
County Court of Fi-anklin couLtyV. l1"r letters ot
dismission from the estate of Thcs. H. Thompson.
H. B. STONE, Adminiimrator.
Apalachicola, May 16, 1844. myl8 6m

OTICE-Six fiths after date I will apply
N 1to the Hon. .wJge of the County Court for
Franklin County, for Iletters of dismission on the
estate of John Norton, late of said county, de-
ceased. JAMES GREEN, Adm'r.:-
Apalachicola, April 17, 1844. a20 6m

>* 1-

An Ordinance,
To raise a Fund for the City Hospital.
Section 1. Be it Ordfne,'.;-ty4h#-.ajor and
Council of the City of ./palachicoa, That from
and after the first day of Septeimber next,- the
following taxes shall be levied upon all, passengers
arriving in said City by sea, viz: Upori.each and
every passenger by sea, coastwise, the sum of fifty
cents; and upon each and every passenger arriving
by sea from any foreign country, the sum of two
Sec. 2. Be itfurther ordained, That the own-s
er or master of each and every vessel arriving at
this port, after the first of September next, shall
render without delay, under oath, to the Trea-
surer of said city, a true and full amount of all
passengers arriving in his vessel, and said owner
or master of such vessel, shall pay to the Trea-
sunre.r of said city, the tax aforesaid upon each and
every passenger, for which tax the vessel shall
also be held liable; and any owner or master of
such vessel, refusing or neglecting to comply with
the provisions of this ordinance shall be liable to
said city in the penalty of fifty dollars.
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained. That the fund
arising fromin the tax aforesaid, shall be reserved
and used only for the benefit of the City Hospital,
under such regulations as the Mayor and Council
may prescribe.
Passed by Council, 20th June, 1844.

James F. Farrior,
Apalachicola, Fla.
May always be found at the office of Farrior &
Co. No. 44 Water st. He would respectfully so-
licit the patronage of his friends and acquain-
tances. dec25



W M. G. PORTER & CO., offer fur sale a large
and well selected stock of DRY GOODS,
consisting of:-
Cloths, Cassimeres, and Kerseys;
Sattinets, Flannels and Blankets;
Fo eiein and Domestic Prints;
Brown Drillings and Irish Linens;
Bleached and unbleached Sheetings;
. .. ," .Shirtings;
S Cotton Onaburgs;
A'-nd ,'.,rv -,l,.-r article in their line adapted
to tlhe.cjit.-rv traI dec4y

T"o t(e American Bar.
rT HE iie'r.i.rnid contemplates putting to Press
JItl- ehsi.m., Spring, the first volume of
My b.ethien throughout the U1.ted States are
requested to aid me with contrwd{tions from their
respective States, locating particularly the
"Scene" or "'Anecdote" in' the proper County or
District. As thetontributioms will be very num-
erous and many of tI m /from the far North and
West, I must reque.y friends to pay the post-
age on then. I shalk e aided in this amusing and
interesting work bysome of the oldest and most
distinguished MeXIbers of the Sourhern Bar.
I All comBwiications must be directed to
me at Peisa6A5i; Florida."

Pensacola, July Ist, 1844.
8d Editors favorable to the undertakingg will
please copy.

DR GRE takries this opportunity of expres-
-.w hi-.r i ud'e to his patrons; and to assure
tnen i, hit 1 '1,h-tl be Iii constant endeavor to ren-
d-l- h iou ;m orI' useful in .his profession.
(fl-;1tin.Centr,, iear Water street. dec25
-, ..L. w. Spratt,,
C'TILL for the future reside in this city. All
who have committed legal business to his'
care while a resident of Quincy, will please ad-
dress him at thi- place He will continue a regu-
lar attendance upon the courts of Jackson and
Gadsdens counties, and the Court of Appeals at
Office over W. A. Wood's, No. 23 Water street.
Apalachicola, Jan. 8, 1844.

An Orninance
Providing for the arrest of offenders, &c.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Council of the City of Apalachicola, That in all
cases, upon complaint being made of the violation
of any ordinance of said city to the. Mayor, he
shall have full power and authority to issue his,.
warrant directed to the Marshal of' saio city, com-
manding him to arrest the person or persons coin-.
plained against, and detain him, her or them until
otherwise ordered by the Mayor.
Sec. 2 Be it further ordained, That in all cases
when judgment may be rendered in the Mayor's
Court against any person for a violation of any of
the ordinances of said city, the Judge of said
Court may remit such portion/of said judgment as
in his opinion may be proper, when its appearing
that such offence was committed under mnitigating
Passed by Council 30th May, 1844.


Apafachicola District of Florida.
D. K. Dodge, Compl't, )
and In Chancery.
James C. Watson, et al. Def'ts. )
TT appearing to the Court, from the report of.
the Master in Chancery, in this case appointed,
That the following sums are due by the parties
heririafter mentioned;for the instalments here-
tobfore called in, on their stock in the Franklin
Land and Apalachicola Lot Company, public no-
tice is hereby given to the parties respectively,
to pay the same to Benjamin F. Nourse, Receiver
in said cause, together with the interest thereon,
from the first day of March, 1843, or their respec-
tive shares will be sold at public auction, in ac-
cordance with a decree of the Court of Chancery
for the District aforesaid, to pay the several
amounts so due and owing. Sale first Wednes-
day in December next, to wit ?
Daniel McDougal, principal and interest, due 1st
March, 1843.....................$,1,660 00
Hudson A. Thornton, 3,310 61
Burton. Hepburn, or his assigns, were
indebted on the same day and year... 972 76
John D. Howell..................... 365 98
By order of the Hon. Samuel W. 'Carmack,
Judge of the Superior Court of Franklin county,
in the Apalachicola District of Florid i.
Master in Chancery.
Apalachicola, August 19, 1844,-

' L-'. -

JLigon & -Owensp ,
Abbeville and Tri, Ala. '
W7TILL practice in the Eounfn and Circuat
VV Courts of thecounti'e0of Montgomery, Pike,
Coffee, Dale,. Henry and Parbour, composing the_
eighth Judicial Circuit qt the -State of Alabanm r
Albeville,'Hr-irv co., Alas -'
C 'Troy, Pike oq., Ala.

-R tefers to-'
Col. A McAllister, ? Henrco Aa
Gen. A J McAllister Hnry I,@.'
Hon'le. Jas' t elser Montgomery, Ala,
Gen'l. Jol1n Dill, Fort Gaiu, Gia.' '
Messrs. Chester & McGriffi,:Apala, Fa..:
January 25th, 1844.. jan29




Cor. Ann & Nassau streets, New York..
1 THE undersigned respect fully
inform the Old Patrons of the
j DRY, formerly known as "JAMES
-_ ~CONNER.'S" and more recently as
"CONNER & CbOK's," and the pub-
lic in general, that they are prepared to execute
orders for PRINTING TYPE, PRESSES, &c,
and every other article" necessary to form com-
plete Printing Establishnmerits, on as favorable
terms, and of as good a qtiahit as any other es-
tablishment in the Unitec States.,
The Type cast at this Establishment, is, both
in style of face, and the material of which it is
made, particularly adapted for service in News-
paper Printing.
W AU kinds of Stereotyping finished to order.
N. B.-Such Newspapers as will copy the above
three times, previous to November next, will be
entitled to pay in type, on making a bill of four
times the amount of the three insertions.
New York, June 1st, 1844.*' je8 3m


' .

^ ,..,

. .

S ,.Fraukliiu Saperior Court.
Robert Ma)y, mp't.,
(: utis and Griswold, et al., N CHAN"RY.
O.efendiants. .
'.TTparing to the "Court from-affidavit filed
*in'bs cauime, that said Lewis Curtis and
Geotgk, Griswold, trustees of the A)alachicola
Land Compay, andf said John M. Berrien and
oDavid'Selden, who are defendants in said cause,
ftside beyond the limits of this Territory, to wit:
th.id s *and Griswold, in the state of New
et j 'h c said Berrien and Selden, in'the
state.6t")Oeorgia. It is ordered, that a notice be
published once a week for the space of four months
in the "Commercil Advertise," a newspaper
printed in this district, before the ensuing term
of said Court, requiring said defendants, and each
of them, to appear and answer, otherwise the
codipalainahts bill will be take pro confess:
aoinst them. (a copy-teste)
Apalachicpla, May 30th, 1844. jel 4m
Friaklin Superior Court.
' Thomai L. Mitchel, comp't.
Dodge, ThDougald, Calhoun
( and Bass, trustees of the
Fftnklin Land and Apala-
eiicola Lot Company;
... Lewis Curtis and George IN CHANCERY.
Griswold, trustees of the
Apalachicola 'Land Co.;
Myers, assignee in
,.bankruptcy of George W.
lRoss, defendants.
T appearing to the Judge by affidavit filed in
t4his cause that said Daniel McDougald, James
S. Colhoun and Charles L. Bass; Lewis Curtis
and George Griswold; and Myers, reside
beyond& the limits of the Territory, to wit: the
said Mpougald, Calhoun and Myers, in the state
of George; the said Curtis and Griswold, in the
state of New York; and the said Bass in the state
of Alabama. It is ordered, that a notice be pub-
lished once- week for the space of four months
before the elsuing term of this Court, in the
Commercial %lvertiser, a newspaper printed in
this District, requiring said defendants to appear.
and answer, 4ierwise the complainants bill shall
be taken pro gsfesso: against them.
(copy teste)
Apalachicola$ May 31st, 1844. jel 4m
ApalaehiOola District of Florida.;
In Superior Court-Franklin County.
Alphonse Loubat, IN CHANCERY ,
'vs. .
David D. Churchill, ) Bill to foreclose Mrtgage.'
TT appearing to the Court by affidavit, that. .the
Said David D. Churchill, the above defendant,
resides beyond the jurisdiction of this CqKtrt, and
out of the Territory of Florida, but within the
United- States: It is ordered, that publication be
-made in some newspaper published in the city of
Apalachicola, once a week for four mrontihs, re-
quiring him to appear and answer the said bill of
complaint on or before the .expiration of that
time, or the said bill will be takera as confessed
against, him, and such further yrder given in the
Premises a. to the Court may sfem justice.
(Copy--Teste.) GEO. F. BALTZELL,
J. & L; BRANCH, ,, Clerk.
a:'Solicitors for Cobmpl'ts.
Apalachicola, Feb. 28, 1844. mil-4m,

Nos. 29 and 31 Gold street, New York.-The
"Hoe Printing Press, Machine and Saw Manu-
factury, being under the management and direc-
tion. of Ri':hard M. Hoe and 'Robert Hoe, continue
to manufacture, at greatly reduced prices, Print-
ing Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Standing Presses,
Self-inking machines, Chases, Cases, and every
article necessary for a complete Printing Office, a
supply uf "whichli, including type, ink, &c., &c,,,
tlhrN keep constantly on hand.
Hoe &. Co's Patent Single Cylinder. Press, has
been recently much improved in many essential
particulars, with a view to adapt it to' first-rate
book printing, a- well as exce-llent newspaper
work. A considerable number-of these machines
-are now in daily operation in this city and else-
where, doing the work very rapidly, 'and in a
superior manner. 1. 11
The improvements in their Double Cylinder
Press, not only greatly' increase its speed, but
render the press much more durable and less lia-
ble to get out of order.'J- It is the only machine
adapted to the most rapid newspaper' printing.
They are also the manufacturers of the Patent
Washington and Smith Presses, which are so ex-
tenisively used by printers throughout the United
States and Canadas. They call the attention of
Printers to their new Machine Card Press, with
which one boy can printJ500 cards in the best
style per day. This niachine isv'ery simple, and
not liable to get out of order.- Its inking appara-
tus is self-acting. ;
The "Hoe" Co., also manufacture a Cylinder
Job Press, of large foolscap size, which requires
two boys to attend it, who at the same time drive
the.machine with their feet. jIt will print from
1500 to 2000 impressions per hour, 'and do good,
The "Hoe" Co., assure their friends, and prin-
ters generally, that no pains shall be spared to
maintain the reuitatmiona of their establishment
and that all orders entrusted to them will receive
prompt and careful attention.
Editors and Proprietors will be supplied with
estimates in detail for Printing Offices or Binder-
ies, by informing us of the style and quantity of
work which they desire to do. ,
Hoe & Co., manufacture Cas' S.tee1," Mill. Pit,
Cross-cut, Circular, and- other *awq, Salply of
which they keep constantly on hand.
Jobbing and Machine work in general.
June 1st, 1844.
N. B.-Publishers of Newspapers in the Uni-
ted States or Canada, who will insert this adver-
tisement three times before the 1st of next July,
and send one copy of their paper to us containing
it, will be entitled to the payment of their bills
on purchasing four times the amount thereof.




S THE PROPRIETORS of this watering
; f|'i!! place, have been induced to opentheir
J "" .House for the accommodation of invalids
and.others, much earlier this season than usual,
in coinseluence of the many applications that have
been made for Board from diffrent parts of the
country, by those laboring under various diseases,
such as Rheumatism, Dyspepsy, &c all of which
readily yield to the virtue of the water. We have
heretofore held out more inducments to persons
seeking pleasure, to visit these Springs, than to
those in pursuit of Health. To the invalid, we
say come, and come early, if' you wish to be
benefited. These Springs have proved a certain
cure in all cases of Rheumatism, Dyspepsy, &c.
and in no instance have invalids failed to be bene-
fited who have visited them, for the proof of*'
which, we can refer to innumerable certificates,
some from the most respectable gentlemen in the
State. "
To those in pursuit of pleasure, we will say this
much, that we intend to offer inducements enough
to make the Warm Springs the Saratoga of the
South. We iri.-nd ht, keep a better House than
we ever have k-1 I artd it is said that We generally
kept a very good one.) Our Beds are all entirely
new; our houses have all been repaired, and the
whole place presents a new and beautiful appear-
ance. The temperature of the atmosphere is fine,
the thermometer seldom rising above 86 degrees.
Our Baths are in aS g-,od oi'der as they can i, and
for the benefit of those. who have norupf ir s a
visit, we will desci ibhe them : they are 6 in number,
each ten feet 4qiiare in the clear, with a dressing
room attached to each, and are so arranged as to
raise the water to any depth'required; our Spring
affords upwards of thirteen. riundred gallons of
water per minute; the temperature of the water
is precisely 90 degrees. The analysis as taken by
Dr. J. B. Cotting, State Geologist, is .as follows:
"Height above the level of the sea, 793J feet-
.quantity one wine pint, or 28,875 cubic, inches-
specific gravity 0,998-distilled water being 1,000...
GASES-Carbonic acid gas,.... 2 cubic inches.
Sulphurate of Hydrogen............. a trace.
SOLIDS-Carbonate of Lime,.......... 1 grain.
Carbonate of Iron,............ .... 3 5 grains.
Carbonate of Magnesia,.........10 09 grains.
The temprerature of the Water, winter and sum-
mer, 90 degrees."-
A Splendid Road has been finished, -expressly
for riding, three miles in length; it leads to the
summit of a'Mountain, where you behold one of
the most magnificent views in Georgia., A good
road has also been made to the well known
COLD SPRING, only lths of a mile from the
Hotel; this Spring si said by all who have seen it,
to be the finest cold water in the world.
The amusements at the Springs are various.-
The Ball RIt.oni is ,-pened nightly and the services
of one of Ilie hest Musicians in this section of the
country, is engag-d to take charge of it.
We intend to devote our time exclusively this
season to the comfort of our visitors, and, we hope
to be able, between us, to please all, and see that
none go away dissatisfied. Mr..and Mrs. Johnson
will have charge of the house, S. R. B. too, will
give his whole attention.
Our charges will be the sajne.as heretofore,
$30, per month for Board and Lodging. Baths,
free. A. fine stock of goods is kept here, and
sold at fair prices. Tiese Springs are 35 miles'
north of Columbus, and 10 mii'e-.s.";rlh of Green-
ville. Visitors will fine no tlificullt in reaching
here at all times, as the daily Stages connect
Mobile, Montgomery, Savannah, Augusta. Macon
and Madison with Columbus and Greenville, and
Hacks run daily, from both pla,,-s hi'.e, so there
will be no disappointment. A .four horse Stage
also leaves Columbus three times a week by the
way of Hanilton, for the -.';r ;-.
The Proprietors wi!l be ready to receive Com-
pany on the first M''v.
S'...'. G. JOHNSON.
The Warm Sprinu? arc sov well known that we
dothink it necessary to troofle the public with a
long array of certlicates, setting forth their claims
to the patronage of the invalid, as well as the
man of health and pleasure. We will therefore
-only invite the attention of the reader to the fol-
lowing letter f'romrn Doct. J. J. Boswell, of Colum-
COLUMBUS, March 23d, 1844.
Dear Sir-It is due you as the accommodating
and courteous proprietor of the Warm Springs, of
Merriwether county-It is due the public who
may wish to leave their own -homes and firesides
during the sickly season, to seek a place where
they can enjoy health, and all the comforts of
cultivated and refined society, to point them to
the Warm Springs. In its Topographical situa"
tion, it is unquestionably inferior to no Waterig
place in the United States. The Medicinal/vir-
tues of its Waters from the Chemical analysigsvbo-
mitted to the public -by the States Geologist, has
aud ever will exert a happy influence over Rheu-
matism; Bronchitis; Laryngitis; Hi1,-r.'ii.i'; Diar-
rher; Dysentary;Dispepsy, and all dLieaas of the
skin and Kidneys.> /
In addressing this note to you /r, { have only
-complied with the earnest solintadons of some
kind friends who have been either radically cured
or greatly benefited by the catives of the Waters
of the Warm Springs.
I am, dear sir, with 5ditiments of high consi-
deration your obedient ,ervant,
To Col. S. R.'Boyner.
Warm Springs, ferriwether Co. Ga., April 24.

- iY-


r HE subscriber, agen for the PROTECTION
Conn., with full power to receive proposals and
to issue policies on as 4ivorable terms as' other
good offices, is prepared 'to insure against loss or
damage by Fire, and als ,to takp Marine and In-
land* risks. The i<- uiftiol' of this company-for
settling losses with proiptitude and liber.:. lr\:
well known. DAN'L J. DAY,
Apalachicpla, April S 1844.
I ......." "
') ERT'ri EN
11I. L M h & M T H' E U R 0 P E-
VA N T :i K:.--Dunrig the time this
uo,,n' i as b, e r ', ,.r i;.' w,,rldbflre proprietors
ih :'leasure t( .-.- i ..ise-'[ri'.i. ii has
,~~i 'has t
eiivJtd l'oin tite press I .:ld'i lmd,: the United Statesi, cnada ui'4- -he West-
Ihdies, and the encouagcnient it hat' received
from the public of the lnitrd States ind Canada.
Three essential featuies distinguish it from all.
contemporaneous publications.
First-It contains a ft1ll, correct and compre-
hensive Shipping :List, arranged on aplan so plain
and practicable, that "1e who runs may read."
Persons interested in th4 Marine of America may
turn in an instant to the.information'which they
seek with the certainty bf relying on" its truth.
It thus supercedes Shipping Lists, and other/ex-
pensive publications froni, Europe, some of which
are six times the price of Willmer & Smith's
European Times." -
Second'y:-it contaiis aPrice Cn'rez' of all ti-
great British and Eurn.:,(di'f. a .!Oar ;! & -1' ..::
principally to the ar!i- i- of tr'-d-. ,t :',: ., ;.
more immediately a, 'er nii'rn to ;.:. -'. r2ricainr
continent, and in which tie :'' t the trader
and the man of business [rlt.c :' iitediate
interest. On the score ofi'coi lI i .t..m, tt-e t.iliul,:r
figures, aIl tiie remarks ac,.. ... \ ai.'"the vari-
ons market -, n their. .1 editionon, my"1
'; relied on, aid are in'fi, it aiI authority with,
Ilost oi' the first houses in tile principlee cities of
he Unihtd States atd Ctnad' .. .
Thirdly-As a newspaper it presents. to the.
Amnierican reader, in a Geentated state, and
where the interest or importance of ,the subject
demands it, in the mostdetailed and ample form
every topic of VticA commercial, domestic- an&
miscellaneous itirst which has occurred in Eu-
rope, or lsewe, since the departureof the
previous packlts especial regard being plhid to
whatever isAmst connected with or relates to the
political, -'o1al, and commercial well-being of"
the Unioq, or the adjacent British province. In
shortly "takes a glance at every circumstance in.
whi' tfihe inhabitants of the Great Western con-
tinrnt can possibly feel an interest.` It puts the
Atnericiern reader in possession, the moment it
comess to hand, of whaover has transpired during
the interval in Fur.pe--personald, political, and4
It has already attained a very ,high character'
and may with great proi1priete Te said to contain
AN NEWSPAPER which reaches this country
from England; for it IcnImpriies in a condoned
form of twenty-four columns, every description of
news of interest of America, which had tyAnspir-
ed in England and other Foreign parts, from the.
sailing of the previous up to the -our of depar-
ture of the Steam ship which conveys.the forth-
coming number.
0 It will be sold at 1-2 cents rer copy only..
Amongst other numerous and flattering testi-
monials, the Boston Morning P6st, sbys:-
.- "We are greatly indebted to th1is newspaper for
our foreign, miscellaneous and commercial news.,
One number of Willmer,.& Smith's European.
Times is -%orth a whole G-j i.f. anyQther E',glis1,
paper." ..
Published at Liverpoci, just 'efore the stfame- .
sails by WILLIAM & SMITH. Subseri'-tioh,

IT is the intention of the proprietors of thl.
EUROPEAN TixEs," to publish EXTRAS, con-..
taining a di%-e-t tftilar to the European Titmesj
but more c,:ii, ised: price thrte cents per copy,
which I sl.i1ll,,-ave forwarded by post arid railway
express, in ai'w minutes after each steamslhip't
arrival in Boston, and which may be obtainP, i
quantities at very low prices.
Bo'ton, June,.1844. 3 1 yl ,

Tax Notice!
IN conformity with an Ordinance, passed by
the Mayor and Council of the City of Apa-
lachicola, March 22d, 1844, entitled "An Ordin-
ance to raise a Re-venue for the use of said City."
I, Peter Hobart, City Tax Collector, have this
diy levied upon, and will ,on the 16th day of De-
cember next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., in front ot the'
Apdlacl'm-ola Exchange, proceed to sell at public
outcry to the highest bidder, so much of the fol-
lowing described property, as will bring double
the,|mount annexed, together with all costs and
changes of-sale.
'Blocks. Lots. To whom assessed. cts.
36 1 A. T. Bennett,......... 2200
,1)2 45 -
C2 'S "15 C. E. Bartlett .......... 8,75
H2 3 L.Birdsal,........... 250
H2 4 J.C. Birdsal,......... 250
Fl 9 & 12 Calhoun &Bass,....... 1000
Al 1 John Evans,........... 250
D2H t & C. Edmondson,....... 2900
HII 5&16 ..
Imp'd E2 11" John Gilmore,......... 2 50
43 46 F. R. Griffin........... 1 00
1 9 Estate ot' John Gil:lispie, .2.25
C2 6 & 7 JacobHarvey,......... 750
Imp'd A2 7 John Kerns,.......... 3 50
'Imp'd 10 3 John Kennedy ........ 2 50
8 2 J. C. Love,........... 300
17 3 William Low.......... 3 00
B2 11- Charles McKinney,..... 5 00
Imp'd'E2 10 J. Martin,............. 4 25
Imp'dA2 6 MitchellMarzell....... 3 25
E2 5 Jno.T. Myrick,........ 500
Fl 11 Joseph Mitchell,....... 4 50
E2 9 K. McKenzie,.,....... 5 00
;H1 4 & 17 R. Maitland & sons,.,... 7 00
HI 9 & 12 Peter and Jos Mitchel.. 6 00
15 8 A. J. Norris........... 300
30 7 Ogden & Ferguson,.... 1 25
Imp'd C2 -00 Dan'l. Ryan,.......... 325
Imp'd A 00 John Ragan,..........2 25
Imp'd A2 2 &Frank White,.........3 00
7 4 Thos, L. Wingate,..... 2 75
F2' 15 Henry Williams........ 6 00
City Tax Collector.
Apalachicola, June 7th, 1844. je15 6m

lOfice, J'0. 5"7 1 tiw/ S-re a,. .
Insure Dwelling-houses, Warah sand Bmild- :
ings in general, Merchandi, .oUsqehold
Furniiture, Ships building, Sips irl'Ptrt
\ and their Cargoes. and vary de-
scription of personal P perry,
J. SMYTH ROG S, President,
R. W. MARTIN, Secretary,
The undersigned have b en appointed agents
of the above Company, and re 'empowered to is-
sue policies of insurance a inst loss or damage
by fire, on as favorable terns as other good offices.
Apalachicola, March 2:1 1-1. 46 Water st.
Hartlord, Conn.-T e undersigned agent for
the said Company, is prtmared to issue policies of
Insurance against Fire, and loss or damage ort
.rivers, qn favorable terns. The capital of the
above company is large md invested in the, safest
possible manner, and itssettlement of losses has
always been prompt and lIiberal.
DAN L J. DAY, Agent.
Apalachicola, April 8 1844.'

July, 1839, by FREEMAN HUNT, Editor' and
Proprietor, Ten Semi-Annual Volumns, of about
800 pages each, completed. .With the number
for July, 1844, commenced the sixth year of the
existence of this standard Periodical. It is the
only work of the kind in this or any other coun-
try; and, although mainly devoted to the interests
and wants of the commercial and business com-
munity, it has become an indispensable work of
reference to the Statesman and Political Econo-
mist throughout the commercial world. Its con-
tents embrace every subject connected with Com-
merce and Navigation; Agriculture and Manu-
factures; Currency and, Banking; Fire and Mar-
ine Insurance; the Laxws and Regulations of
Trade, (including important decisions in the dif-
ferent Courts of the United States, Great Britain,
France, etc.)
It has and will continue to be the aim of the
Editor and Proprietor of the Merchants' Maga-
zine to, avoid every thing of a party, political, or
sectional bias or bearing, in the conduct of the
work-opening its pages to the free and fair dis-
cussion of antagonistic doctrines connected with
the great interests of Commerce, Agriculture,
Manufactures, and the Currency.
The Merchahts' Magazine is published at No.
142 Fulton street, New York, on the first of each
month, at five dollars per annum, payable in ad-
vance. A few complete sets of the work emnbrac-
ing ten semi-annual volumes of about 800 pages
each, neatly and substantially bound, can be had
at the sul'criptio-- price by applying at tie office
New York, July 1st, 1844.

N OTICE.--Six months after date, I shall apply
to the Honorable Judge of the County Court
of Jackson county, for letter of dissmission from
the administration of the estate of John S. Ran-
dolph, late of, said county, deceased.
"" FRANCIS R. ELY, Executor.'-
Marianna, Feb. 1st, 1844. feb5 6m



i %aol i. ,l^
'I p

vl r [ 15No





Office third story Baltzelt's Buildings, corner'of
Commerce & CIb.stnut streets,

Advertisements of ten lines or less (twenty lines
or more in pr,)t,,jrt ii,) coaspicuously inserted;
at the following rates : "!
One year,........$10 01) One month..... $2 50
Six months,........7 00 Three weeks,......2 00'
Three months,.....5 00 Two weeks,.....1 59
Two months,.......4*00 Oaeinsertioni,....! 00
When advertisements are sent without any sper
cial directions as to the number of insertions,
,reqvdre4, it will be und4erotoodilthhathey areto.
be published UNFri4 iroBJpD ( tC.ltiirhi .
fore be continued at'our discretion, and charged
according to the bforegoihg rates.
Legal Advertisements of which thie term of pub-
licatioii is fixed by law,,.will only be excepted
from the above rule.
To those who advertise by the year a liberal dis-
count will oe i.cda; but all advertisementshot
strictly prt'i,i.ti.; to their, own business, as
vwell all I ',[ .'rt i; ,i-;t,3a sent in bythem,
will b-' c)'i ;1 a t atthe usual rates.
^'1 "., ", 1 gentlemen are our authori-
zed a.., .y are empowered to receipt
for tie ')y a-t *t of any subscriptions, advertise-
ments or ot'ier printing, to be forwarded to us:-
B. G. AXLDERMAN, Marlmna, Fla.
J. "S. A11cqz, St.; Augusitine, ,Fla.
J k, : ., St. Josepil, glea.
f.< t'1, rown's Ferry, Fla.
Li.' :. ; :.v>)OD, Albany, Baker Co., Ga

Regular Packet Line,
Ship Martha Washington,...J J Doane, master.
Ship Floridian,........... ..Win.: Pratt, '",
Ship Unricas,.............PW tatham, "
Ship Emblem,...........A L-ye,, ""
Brig Manhattan,.......... WI Doane, ",
'Brig Ann Eliza............ W C Park, "
Brig Metarnora ............. sH'jldeu', "
H1ESE vessels are of light draft ,of water,
Built expressly for the trade, of the hobest ma-
terials, copper `'istened and coppered, with hand-
''-a ao. -i 'nod it'ians, aid will sail .punctually
..a adl/lcrt,.'.!d. T:ieni thi day of sailing falls on
'i* 'd ,}, ,' .* ... .vil[ d'l on the Monday follow-
-: e.. ."," .'e e is i0, without liqu-rs.
; ll g',ods o.r'iva,-ded to the subscribers, at
New York, will be shiipped free of commission.
..... '--" .' .... '": ,' st.,J .Y. or,..
sep3 46 Water st., Apal'a.



3No. 136 Water Sr 80 Pine street.
Jas. L. Francis,
N'o. 4261 Bowery, near Rivington st.
NEW YORK. novel ly
Andrew S. Cooke,
No. 5 Canal, cor. 3Tchoupitoulas st.
New Orleans, La.
Refers to--Messrs Harper & Holmes,
jan15 tlnov .' Apalachicola, Fla.
", 1 Lippiancott & Wyatt,
,o. 2 New Levee anid 4 T'choupitoulas st.,
S\ NEW OA,.jANS. ap20 ly

Thomas Bertram,
\ No. 54 Common street.
NEWORLEANS. novel ly
T Doyle & Co.
:t'iov. 2& 4 Deld street, corner of Front Levee,
and at'o. 20 Natchez street,
',,K -,' -
ERS in Paints, Oils, arnishes, Turpentine and
Window Glass, &c. -ill keep constantly on
hand, a good asgort:nen of the above as follows:
WHITrE LEAD-Pure tra, Nos. 1 and'2;
White and Red Leid, ciJ; Venetian Red;
Yellow and Oxford Ocre Ivqry Black;
Chrome Green and Saxon .
Spanish and French Brown Blue Black;
Green and Blue Verditter;
Chrome Yellow and Orange 'ib
FINE COLORS :-Ulfrarinea Cobalt;
Allow Lake and C'lbrfon do;
Prop do. and Antwerp Blue; Ilian Red;
tChinese Vermillion; English ^;'
Vandyke Brown; Turkery Umni'
'Terra de Seinna; Purple Browan York do;
Crocus M,is; Mineral Green'; .
Emerald aiW Paris Green, .&c., &c. ,,
OILS & BRU,4E 3-Linseed Oil; Do.oiled;
"'1irit Turpentne; Sperm Oil;
ai .int msqes ^x No. 1 to 6,090,000k
yarnisli do. of rIl sizes;
a Sa 1, o fls-ti) N I to'$; BadgPHalt;
'-ktist -rle itlc hers, rht and round;
ARN[ISd .'-.Cop4, white; Coach do;
| Cait_ i I0ing, au, Furnituire do;
A tiofr ,ictures, .c.
,Wf.q.I ))) i TL \ -4 boxs assorted sizes 4,
lFrliq4, Eaisl and A kerican.
f; ?. ixed Paints of all citors, for Steam Boats,
Slippia.dg and plantation usn; together with a
variety of articles in the Painting. line, too num-
erous to mention, jy6 ly

Harper & HIolmes,
No. 51 Water street,


Apalachicola, Fla.

David G. Raney,
No. 43 Water street.
jan29 tin Apalachicola, Fla.

,i. Ellison & Co.,
No. 33 Water street,
deel ly Apalachicola, Fla.
F.icVellein & Butt,
No.2 Columbus Block,
Apalachicola, Fla.
f. Liberal advances made on Cotton shipped
to New York, Liyerpool or Hlavre. d25 6m

Ki.nbrouigh & iKidgway,
r ApalAchicola, Florida.
* *J .a 1, Riu 1CV; W. 4, ...
Liberal advanc"vs unide on otton consigned to
our friends in New York, Boston, Liverpool or
Havre. decl ly

S T. & C'. H. Austia,
No. 50 Water street,
Liberal advances made on Cotton' shipped to
New York. novel ly

Thios.; L. Mitchel,
No. 33 Wjatr st. Apalachicola.
dec7 ly

Dodge & Gardner,
No. 40 Water street,
decl.8 Apalachicola, Fla.
SamHel Sclilfer.
No. 49 Water street.
janl Apalachicola, Fla.

W. A. Wotil,
/ No. 23 Wakt' street,
ApalachicolIa. novI ly

Farrior & Co.
N.. 44 Water-street,
nov25 ly Apalachicola, Fla.
S. B. lamnilton,
No. 47 Water street,
decl ly \ 4palachicola, Fla.
N. miller Co.
>ff A:IC4, _s:,`,'
Corner Water and Ches,,'. streets,
Apahlachicola. \, novel ly .

No. 31 Water-street, \
marl ly Axpaiachicola" la.
P. lHobart, k..
Up Stairs, No. 42, Water Street,
dec14 ly Apalachicola.

Mlichael A. 11yers,
No. 28 Water street,
II. a. Wood,
No. 31 Water-street,
marl ly Apalachicola, Fla.
Seward Dill & Co.
No. 29 Water street.
SLiberal advances made on all consignments,
and business entrusted to them will be
promptly attended to ,-
'Refers to-LANE, & READ, Boston.
CARY COOK, Portland, Me.
S. C. WHITTITR, Hallowull.
Apalachicola, Aug. 26'. Ty


Wylie & lMcKenezie,
No. 42 WVatr street,
WM A. McKENZiE, 3 sepi ly
Wmn. G. Porter & Co.
No. 41 Water Street,
nov25 ly Jpalachicola, Fla.
McKay & lartsh rone,
No. 40 Water stret,
novi : Apalac'ie i :'.>,I Florida.
JEI. wiH DAY. 0.,NI.,C 1, J. D.,AY.
L..' s. O y & Ca.,
Nu. 52 Water sirei,
.)inSly VAp .idchicola, Fla.
W. A. & P. C. hain,
No. 4 Columbus Block.
Apalaine h cola.
l liberal advances made on Cotton shipped to
Liverpobl, New York arnd Boston, and also in
store. novl ly
Ir D. B. Wood & Co.,
No. 29 Water street.
jariL Apalachicola, Fla.

duced; and about 10 o'clock t
only a fine coup d'ceil, but a
Assembly of remarkable men
\ The different groups now
gather; to converse loudly a
an, raillery were often made
an -_ilarity and good humor
socie -, while a profusion of
ments' nd delicacies were
the gue without interrupt
was rathe painfully remark
exception the American a
ists, none 6lihe foreign amba
party with th:ir presence'
About eleve i'clocli, the
of the assemblyvere sucec
talkative guests re i.ned the
and a musical enter 'nment
Mada*i de Stael ta he
while Madame de Be aarno
the harp, in order to ay
charming duet of Jomme.
performing their parts wit
for which they were noted, t
.looking guests arrived, who,

U UL: ...... ..... every other city in France thrown into a state of the wayfarer in the rerrcte desert; fr'- ir the
atd women. indescribable anarchy, while the real friends of strifes and intrigues of par'y-spirit are uknw
began tojingle t3- liberty, the enlightened patriots now working for nothing intrudes, in these wild solitudes; to mar
and facouly. V i't the weal of France, will sink beneath a set of lea- that harmony of feeling, and almost pious, exul.
use ofr.-aby the fair, ders who, with louder outcries for freedom on station, which every true-hearted American; ex-
ptrya te hol0 their tongues, will be in reality only a set of sava- perience on this great day."- Greggs Comm"erce
all sorts of refresh- ges, worse than the Neroes of old !" of the Prazries.s"-.+ "s /
circulating amongst This speech of the hitherto unknown youth, de-
ion. But one thing livered with an air of authority which seemed f The editor of the Charleston Co.mwier-
ab, that, with the natural to the speaker, caused a deep sensation, makes mention of a curious plant hibw exhaibitingc
nId Swiss diplomat- I remember seeing Lalande, Dacretelle, and Bar- in that city, called boIiianiicl!,, ',.drifolochia
assadors honored the thelemy, gazing at him with the most profound Ftatida, and vulgar Thlie DNck Planat"r If is
attention. Necker, St. Priest, and Lafayette, a tall and bold vine, with hearrs-Jiabped leaf, and
hum and confusion looked at each other with an uneasy air. Mira- bears a flower, having a most e.tritorumnarv re-
eeded by order ; the beau nodded once or twice significantly toTalley- semblance, in body, head, throat arid bill to a duck
eir respective seats, rand and Gregoire, who appeared sheepish, down- floating tranquilly on some mirrored lake. The
was commenced by cast and displeased, Alfieri, notwithstanding-his duck-shaped flower is 18 inches in lenr.-th, and
r place at the piano, aristocratic pride, and his dislike for young men's 161 inches in circumference of bod\,, ii7.icbes in
ois seated herself at harangues, paid not only attention to the speaker length of head, and.,with a sl.rider, or swtichey
r with our hostess a but was delighted; and Condorcet nearly made length of tail behind," mneasurmii -24 iriclies-
While they were me cry out by the squeezes which he gave my The inside of the calyx is beautiful)l\''m.Nrt red and
I the skill and taste hand at every sentence uttered by the little, thin, j'varigated with rich colors, somewhat like Lt.t.A
vt rather indifferent pale young'gentleman, interior of a preserved ocean shell, but neither
t, avoid disturbing When he concluded, Madame de Stael with so brilliant nor so red, but rather of a purple cast,

.an. 4 --1


The tvi ant's chains are oni
While slaves submit to w
And, who could bind them i
Determined not to wear t
Then clank your chains-e
Were light as fashion's fe
The heart which. ightly fee
Would cast ih'ein altogether
The lords of earth i are only
While others clothe. aind
But what were all their pride
Should labor cease to hee
The swain is' higher than th
Before the lawi of Na iu r
The mqnarch were a useless
The swain a useful cre at
We toil, we spin. we delve
Sustaining eac0 his neigli
And who can hold a right i
To robus of our labor !
We trUk.h to batlti--be ir ou
In every ill and danger,
And who shall make the pe
To homely joy a stranger
Perish all tyrants far and ne
Beneath the chains that t
And perish, too, that servile
Which makes the slaves
One graid, one universal cl
One peal of moral thunder
One glorious burst in Freed
And rend our bonds asun

From Chatrber's
IN 1790.
The destruction of the Ba
was by political conseilt.uenc
of a great change in the socie
I had been a short .while
Notwithstanding the occur
amongst the populace, there'
of satisfaction with the chain
gay, fickle and voluptuous, at
have ever since been, had beg
er without regard to castes o
become customary to meet,
the men eminent for talent an
well as those whose distinction
It was universally acknowledge
nobility themselves as had
first emigration, that this jw
The parties given at the h
where his daughter, Madam
were of the highest brillianc
a great number of persons
foreign and French, as well
men of science and literature
those who had come into no
of the recent political movemr
party of .%hi.i f im nowv ro
celebrate trIe'nn-iiversary of ti
minister to Paris-.-an event
as auspicious to France. On
were assembled the whole eli
from assisting at the Fe'durat
de Mars. Conducted thile
dorcet, I had .no sooner iet
did drawing rooms than i
midst of all who were theRii
national history. Count MANi
Perigord, (Talleyrand,) Gregc
Alexander Lameth, Adrian I
others conversing animatedly
The venerable Astronomer
my, author of the Travels of A
trious mathematician La-_,ra
well known by-his tales, \ittl
Marquis ofFontvieille, (and th
were grouped around Madam
Marchioness La-Tour-de-Pin.
inais and M. Malesherbes, Cai
nave, and Target, were in war
the Due La Rochefoucalt Liar
man, the celebrated Alfieri, v
his poetry to a group of ladies
gestures of a maniac. At the
room, towards the garden, wa
in conversation on serious top
of MV. Necker himself, Montn
er ministers, and the Marqu
some of his staff officers of th
The handsome Viscount Mi
vorite ot our hostess-the M
Pin, the Marshal Beauvan,
ney, the dramatist Cefaucher
David, were admiring an orig
phael, which hung opposite
front ..i, ',*.., v ,, and Davy
man of the party.
However, /Iadamd de Stael
heroine, and seated on a lil,
most in the centre of the roon
the principal part of attract
our hostess, and the acknowle
the Faubourg St. Ge~nr iii,.
With my venerated cond
party of Necker and Lafayt
minutes had elapsed when t
Madame la Viscomtesse Beti
then separated from her hu
panied by Messieurs Killerm
by her beautiful-little son I
eight yearsof age. Soon afte
and highly affected Madame
Duc de Charters, (now king
Madame Campan, and other 1
of the Court and of the Palai

tYRANNYhe music, took their seats beside the entrdnrce her usual _rdvit., ,dadressinz the Abbe Raynal,
door. .ar lyv ti.iked iim i lor hi airi ,htrduced her
y strong: i .The performance being (enri.d, arid b,.th ladi,,s to so precious and so truly wond,.:rlul a politician
ear them, h / 'vin.; deservedly rqeejedi the thanks a;mid coinL- .idslatesmnari ;and thln riiiiuiigL to her l-Father and
6fe tthrong pliments of all, a rather sli..bbil,-i'ressed old his..colleagues. she said, "I liope, g.erilenen that
them I,
'en tho' the links gentlenani, followed by a veiNv plurii l-hatiwed, o,,ill take a uroiij'i fionl \l'at ob have
rather little, tlhin aid pale young manii, api ,r,-_.o-,ed the heard." In lort, the slender N'o th, v' ho had
els and thinks throne of the queen of the party, while all tie coirjn to the party a Ferl',t norentit%, became all .
her. company, and especiallNy n4.lf, had their -yes of a sudden the prime l., andthe general object
fixed up.ii thieri. The iold man i'vas then uon- :.f remarkk. I -. I. *-
fdgr at, known to mne, but well:known to All tMhe as.emil-; But the indi idlual most affected and rnost
f e e d t h e m *.. .. .o
deand state but the little, thi, at( pale yvou- g fari.had .e .r ..l,-a-d it .,ill was tlie lAbIte 1 -e ,ai.V The countt!e-.'
&._andrU state T, Ai, 14 o 11 wa t Vi A 1h F? -. I at Th c.l, tp
;d them? been seen beIore in iyv srciety, and with the O aff eoll io.-l ,Id ,.ta n,,it'ilsted thera.pturous
ieking- exception 1of iM,,nii2e and' L,.4riarit e, in, bod k!vi w t-.* li'iii',, .llis iiIIId in wit-;, .i'-3l tleriiit,,,ofhis
ge, him. The old ,eiitleuian, h u was the cel.ii .it- 1-'' ,,.'lege who, a f'ew weel:s alter, through
3s thing, ed Abbe Rayiial. then the leader of the !iit,-ri,2 ure. p'. liln iii ical shouol of France, ,rewnrtd to si 'n. -
',.. Madame (tie Stacl, as a young protege :f' hiS, R.jyral live.3 to hear'ofdthe s.riendid cxloils of.r
he mine, '.. ..'`ino1ion Bonaparte. All thle i. tiis and Por, arte, at llie: talkir., of T.'u''ii. o i 1\,, s his
|Mitne lionesses sLrutii.ed their shoulders, rriade a kiod ,:i.-'. r 1' f tIhe C ,i')i htiiln i, I; :'.), t ai iier oflhis
ofgrimace oflito:)snisli ent t i e. ,rna n sue a ple- .if.,,iii-,.-nrit ,s< n,', andellr-in-,'llIC of the army
. [ot beian name, atid uninindliilot' the littli-., thin and *:.ft 1,e i:.,i.r r. r, nd alcs, .t; b,:ii, riroF-d eirirrian-
pale Noun! ,rietl,:n-lar,,. a6C' r .sued his ci!nver- dr-in.; h .i h fe (.r'y ltoh k 1 'F h uay a7-
aceful cot sationand atiisernenit. H.il-Ii 1't-J few d 's lc:.'ro.-r, ,II, w.'.jld 'pribta-
r' RaynaLarid Bonaparte-renaired beside Miadame bIlv have a.-isted at i.ik uiii'a-e .With Mjdamue
tar de Stael, and I soun observed that MLsdamnies tie Visceotntesse J.,sephii:et de Beuiliharnbis, for
bindus- Beauharnoii, La-Tc'ir-de-Pin, Ca:ipen atid the tie nup.tiiJliti tok place the itli of March, and he
e fear other ladies, ,ot exc.ting the alected Madame died on the jtlh. i' ,
they find us de Genlis. i,,rmed a group around them. Con- I I I.tr r,,',jte?.rv n,- renIark, that the time
lai.m-- dorcet,-Altiri and rn_ Itf, joined the party. TIhe tid ,:iiircint hi 'f ( rf t ,,,-":,ei ,ni, ice f Na- '
er-- Abbe spoke ,--' his prob/^e as a very pr:,isioL-, pioleon with both .. pilihiu andMJ aM.md,,n de Stael'
iom'n s name, highly tileiited, very irdust'io.is, and \\ell ead are lipre s.t.ired dlitfe,-dI tilv f'i,.ni di'iiijnis hitherto
de. youngman,and partiulirly mentioned hisextraor- icrrentr. Tie ,'dir-.i.r h..i1n2I ma.de iii- rernark to
dinarv attainiiinents in tit hematics, military sci- hih writer et"i an ricle, '. vIer. .t'ui'ed w'iih a note
Journal. 'ei e,eand hi.-,rieal kuicumdge He ihen iiof,;rned a.-triiin him ti he ,iher accuiinsdr,- undoubt-
SM. NECKER .d Sel that B,,,,parte had left the ,r edlywrong,ashe feek '' -ied that thetrue
M'.diae l i.ing beenIt ted b- ii facts are as he here -taw. 'them. from his personal
Sin consi e .t hlgben IL-trted b i obsereation.
.stile, attended as it coltnel, bit that lie v'i. hed now to re-AItain a-
es, marked 'the era commission, h becai-:, Iir the future, merit and ./paclia.-Probhably few idies who \\far and
ty of Paris, to which skill and uot iitrinie, iid favoritism, would be admire the beautiful fabric called Alpacha are
before introduced. necessary for niiiniig raniik. and honor in France. aware ofi thi coiirse o it. prci'luctin. Tlie Al-
rrence of disorder Josephin, e.iiihrniis. who had been atten- pacha is a vuo'.l be'iriji.g tiimab, iridisgecus to
was a general feeling tively hearing all, and wh,.-, had been at the same South Aimerieca, and is one or fiir varieties
ige. The Parisian, time miniittel c\, inini the countenance of Bo- which b..,,"- ...r,-11r'l p,-'its oI'resemblance toeach
that time, as they naparte,withl that gr.ce and riaflt'ected kild,,iess ,:tlr Tilt, Li.:itn. one .tI thlo5e varietis, has
;un to mingle togeth-. that were so natural to her, said : l. L' Abbe, I ,e'it inl- I;,',,Wn u_1i ,1it-n described .; kWt it is '
r classes, and it had should feel great pleasure, indeed, if M. BonaipalIte .ily within r lew e.rs that the Alpaha has.
at all great parties, will allow me to intruduie and recommend hii 1-,ep, c..i,-.l ,,f' iiitticiert iitpor'ance to mrer-
id public sen ices, as to the ininiter of wa.-r. who is one of m\ most it- it p.,rtioul.ir ,.-tice. Niiie-tentlis of ihe %vobl.of
on lay-in mere rank. timate frielnds. ; he tliin and pale little enitle- l!tI, AlIIl'i i- li b;-,k, tile ri, -ii rider beinz firtdy
dged by such of the 'fmanvery spolitely'a:ce[.,ied the ofer aand anirn-- % hit, ':l il1 l!d riz:'.led.. It it a.f a ery long ita-
remained after the ted prt-ib.i..bv by the pro.ispect cf speedy apirit- I-, .1te:'; i-:1:l,-edl e -.lve i anliee, and iesembli;g
vas a great improve-, mnent, s.,on bean to, show in hiis coniversatiuiir thal ,:,Al -i'ss. h air ; %ic\ hieh rate i-; nrtlst by dye.
S .. .-" at the top. ot this little b idv Prov-iderice haid i I e f ,,dIii n in tll-.' Souti A reri,'an n oun,-
house of M. Necker, placed a head that contained a'greit and extraior- L on iiianiii'turie nearly all their clothing froi'/
e de'Stael presided, dinary mintid. "In a -.ihort time the great lioes, tlis wool, nid are eiial.l-d to app.ir iin blac
y, being attended by moved by curiosity, llu':-ked around to hear what dress-s witi,-,t the aid of a dyer. Both the 1IP,.
of distinction, both was going on. .. aiea a'nd tie Alpaolia are, i:lehaps, even mere
as by the pIriiincipdI M-ir!ib-i' was one of the euioIis; tndiA Madaine va'.hijliIe tI., th-e n;:itiv.'s '; he:,.ts ofl burden f ian
of the time, and all de Stael, as soon as s,.l- ; w hiMi ..cproachiin,.sadid, w,-rl ,' 'rin. ainitials; ad.Ltihe obsl iracy of aim,
tice in consequence with a smile,'"M. le ',.inte. c-iie here. we have then i rit.t-l. i, wIll ki.,lvii. ,i mritaice
cents The'|-'olitical got a little great ma.ni I will introduce him to ,f thi. animal iias aleidy been coiisidere by lie
speak, was given to you, for I know that von are naturally fond f mren ErLlish i ,their ihat, wodllen.and stuil ale;,ind
*e return ofthe great ofgeniinis.". The ,e\r1't,'j.i'V h'liv,mr been pefllbr- an e-l:iy )on i, e ul.it-ct ha- en i ,ehi, '.-IJ ,. l'r.
still looked back to med, tli- pale little ,- I tlei'i-ii slook iandckwithi Hanll.ii, ol L,,ondii, lir. wl it'ih i- s, ,t, le3e
i this occasion there the.great Count de MirIb.-ja, whi, I i-i t. say', detatl Ii.havi ,been cl leclA,. The \' .s SIrc re-
ite of the day, fresh did not appear as stool)in to hir,, but cductd iik.l. bein a et klos i-iii lair,
ion oni theV. amps himself w.th alltdure ,,_lit.i.,.--s. N.V ;...litic. flinth it is fitt -d tfi ,-r h ,,r,'d .i,': h ic.- i'.,ri,-i
r by my tutor, Con- chit-chat was introduced, and the.lutuiiire Eniper- dififrin, from ali others cc 'Iy ti-ridiu c .i-
dtie suite ofsplen- or of France took part in the ,1is,'usQion, and often tvion between wool and silk Itjrs ,ow minigled
ild myself in the received much praise !',.r is lively i-ti:ii'ks. with other mate'iali. ir snh a ;au.ilar manner,
(lied in forming the When Mirabeau andI the Bishlop of'A.utun bean that while a partici.lr ,IIv. w'-l t..i,'`6t those, it
abeau, Monsiegneur to debate with Madame de St.iel on the cha.ir,-ter ,'iil leave tl:,e .\A llUc w',-,wAith its original
ire, Bishop of Blois, and talents of Pitt, then prime niil'rter of E,g- cIol'r an Id h it -ive 1,3- I to ml'ial diversity.
Duport,, and several land, and the former st.l. ,l him"- a stit-.,irn o
together. -preparations," and .-a iiisrer whio ',,rine, s," happiiinesis maybecalled
ptreparations, and ..cf thebait, wl,- 'e ,,c,'sseu. a'
Lalande, Barthele- more by his threats 1,thn Iii, deis," L.iait.arle blhe it:1,ess of [ the Ileart, wl-le -ue'cssul am-
narcharsis, the illus- openly showed his (isda.pr.,bhatiiC ot such L,.- -tle head.1 1Eert ellarea ulaeof the world whiithatlooksf
ige, Marrnontel;, so ions. But when the isho ol'At 'I!n praised Fo\ t&home as the well sreiiof- tentd which f.rlooks
i A. Monge, and the and Rsherid:n., for having asserted that I her Frenchi ome as te %ell p trt frh
le inlfamousSt. Just,) army, bv' refusing to .,ey toe f-hii r. ot If l,.r a'l-imvite the taste-tli.:t sat)tv hut niever.cloy
node Stael and the superiors, ad of the E-ni it, will 'cultivate ihis garden of Inirnin ati-ctions.
me de Stael and the superiors, a,,d oft"ile EK,:uthVe, L,', 4-1`_ .1 r, "l'h- ... hihi i pe ed6 a .b iu ew
The Comte Lanju- ons examo:e to all th.-,,. oi'E.,.', ,. Thei which is impelled bi. ews
amille Jourdan, Bat'- by s, d.i,,., thev had shihow., thlt.en r, by beL, a cnes a .tr.i.er t te urffl-d vu-
byso(.. fie, adsllw-rent -1,bN ec m-,.l'o e lcc io's a i b, ,' slael,,du o
rm conversation with ing soldiers, did riot cease to be citizens, Bona- rent cflqrd esic Joys; his b 'k is launchn.-t upoh a
court. My country- parte said ', tried by-tre which eompe i tobe
was reciting soei0 of ,-Excuse e e 0n ,tc('.kl'the'titne. andh the c.ilin is closed to his
^s ^sm' ~r r Lbr to intr-w^ ^ il
swith tile"air and Excusemeoeneir,11'dIretoin 'tei,-n; Whi-te. he is suistined ion',by the hope 'of
rupt you; but as I am an oiicer, I bi-g to speak y rv-it. '.length ihe t,t-)' I "tle lpdeir
e extremity of the mind. It is truethat I a Ver ug m r sl' in te aen ofleace. But li," is
is a group apparently and it may appear prs.umrptioi mII rei t o addr-,ss like a ,misr, Vho barters theltreastre, of the hart
)ics, and composed the audience composed of so many great men;but for thie :,1, -ic rmntth arid rst -dl cm, rupt
orin with soe oth- as, during the last three years, I have paid the He.j I c,-,,ihtiiialtv cOul-intrg his -,rdid ains for
uis Lafayette, with most intense attention to our political mr..,lbl.s which hr ris -i"rificed.the-jovs of eislrce, and
National guard. and phases, and as I see with sorrow the present hardly tip ada .of se ration tr oiose lrea-
ontmorency-the fa- < 31 T nhn oardin-i Lip a'daN opf *ep-.irtion from'nifinse'frea-,
ontmorency-the a-. state of ourcountry, I will expose myself to cen- ,' h rii ; si T ofh
myse~t cen- S 11 Itfirich perish lIn,[fie Usin)g. Tye~qiaires ofthe
arquis La-Tour-de- sure rather than p-ss, unnoticed,-principles heart are not allied with thise which, s,vll the
M. M. Dupuis, Vol- which are not only unsound, but subversive to all i pormp arid t,,e'tii my o' nhe I u[lic hir'i.' Thiey
-and th painter estab__heverm ents. Asm uch asany 'you, a iltiated -, l icy; .
;inal painting of Ra- I wish to see all abuses, antiquated privies, and tare t he i e o thay ire yi, spo,-
the entrance of the usurped rights and iibu,;itih esatLsed ;n ay, tasweously to the smile of anfection, a.,ile thiseo
d was the spokes- I am at the beginning oh lly career, and nay, as who follow the promptings of Li' ., ar*. f not
ie without doomed to disappointment, compelled to del k. for
, dressed as a Greek. wealth or powerful friends, it will be my duty their treasure; which,/when acquired, is, especi-
,dfiesit ottoman al- and my best policy to s,,r,|-rt the progress of ally when the tempests of life visits uvs,uriaitee
nimed decidedly rPuar institutions, and to Iorw,.id lnrovement to purchase anything but barren mis r\v.
ibrmed decLidedaly b n every Lirinchi ,i the puhlic administration.
ion, a ntha eig But .i i1 tlilast t'vee months I have wit- I,,d elfndence Day in 1ie P,,i,i...--As te'eThy
dgedlion-in-chiefof nessed re1'eded alarmiiiig popular dishrubance,' ediCar,,eidi at MeNres creek, tIhe f'-urthi tif July :
nptnr T ioi h an't s,.l,.r best treli dvit'dedJnt,) factions which ,.I.iwe,:l iUi|on i<. Scarce had' _TW tvWrglit brush-
uctor bI joined the e r,," t," ire.'ureedoncle~iJlh, I sincerely believe ,d his dui.ky brow, i' -, tt I:r, ofr |Itti iori<'ag'f ave
ette; but very few thi., ,_',..more thou wer, a strict diciphne in lhi'ely de_-on,.trati,i.n of t!,;h i."\ tl,.ich pl^s a-
he usher announced te ;u'mm i.' ais,4utely necess.rv for thegood four riund the hi-rt of e-i.- A\nvrca,, o,, the ann.-
bharnois, who, being pii".t't,.eoial g^3Ve,,.,a, .,,,l for the maintain- \ersjrv 01 this ti'iiir, it d.,. The roar ou'ot'
sband, was accom- ance of oider. NmyI al'i,'eiie'd that if our troops artillery and rifle platoons resounde 'from every
an and Jourdan, and are not compelled stri-hy tI ,bey the orders of hill, while the rumbling of the drum and ,the
Eugene, then a he executive, we shall soon feel the excesses of a shrill whistle of the fife, imp.t td a degree of
r, thehighly scented democratic torrent which must render France the martial interest to the scene whici was welical-
do Genlis, with the most miserable country ofthe globe. The minis- culated to stir the souls of men. There was nt
of the French,) also rsm ay be assured that if, by these and dther limit to the huzzas and enthusiastic ejacftlotions
adios and er, tlemen means, the growing arrogance of the Parisian ca- of our people; and at every new sl,.. the dales
is Royal, were iitt.o- naille is not repressed, and social order rigidly around sent forth a l;.:,ie.., e resuione. ,.This -aR.-
theprty f d^. maintained, we shall see not only this capital but niversarv is alwa's hailed with heart-felt i \ by


S- The (C2.,.'t:,utti Cinu-ciJal- '-- s:-->Ve Cm._,Tr.uC N CTINI(RCULAR.
learn that 'a gttI n 'il ,ti o I th ,_i. u C it a\ ,a lad ." n ,11-L ,' i' i.. Septeti:Lier 12. 1844.
unportankl 1 11:VL 11' 'r OI ru-E L'tici-'c .nAfxrE, 1_443-'44.
iznportamit, em' I j nt-kd r,. ii tl,:, sp I,:" &I ',*#tuq~ii -Oi.

light s tpa it 'fs said, the Biu.l- i. .,r Lu jim T.,,' I ,i'mii .f li e U-. .'..Ur-., 1 ,-l1.. .bales 2,I3t,4uy
m ond.' .3 sooq t' s the patA -t ccan be obtained it Stoc su- l. i, ,Lo. .. *
Stocks on 11' 1ai e commence- -
wilbe put ini us hre. One lamp atthe heightI.fit ,meni a,t hie ea, ]-,t S .-pi.1843,
)I:et, w I1 'Ili "In th e i, N'h p ri ... . 2 ,225 <
:' of 200) fef, wil\Jigiht the whole city,., The InI the --ithiet ports.......-.. 26,225-,
1.11**' *jI ,' ,i tae s'<.i][iiirn ports..,......... 68,2fi1,. '
ibrillianty i; said- beequal-to the sun at noon, nt pot--' J-- -94,486
: h and the material t eaper than that used for any s o-- -
-other hght. It i.id $300 will light, the. city Deduct therefi-6 214895
as above,'oney.ar1 I The export of foreign
,r b t to ports.............1,629,490
M3fammnoth Sledfr.i-A contract is abput to Less Texas and othitr
be made for a boat', be built in New York city, 6 foreign.... ....... 2.95
:,o--- 1,607,795 *
-of larger dimengioi than akv on tl-'Hudson.- Stock on hand at'the 'close of
Her en~th -ill-beiA ,'.tile year. Ist Sept. 1844,.
Jer length will "be340' feet with about 40 feet In ult y hern Septs.. 51844,
-, la, ., Bthe bo uthemn ports.. 52.854
beam. Site is to hTavt ?-2 inich cylinder, and every. In the Northern ports. .106j818
Thing to correspond, l.She is intended to be ready -, 159,772
Burnt and, lost at New
td run on the openiiAorf navigation next spring. Orleans".. 7, 5 .! atNew.-
of the 26t---lt-, an-EBtirat at Mobile........-.73 -
L TheLiverpool'lbonuof the 26thult.,an- trnt at Savai:nah:;. 700
nounces.the deathoJAX-Es NU-vG-I;TY, Esq., Burnt at (Chdir-r-n ......1.j1136
... .. .. '- . B an it a t N ,? ,v Y o rk -.. 1 LR A)- "
iS. Consul, who diec it th.t ci)y on the 24th., Brt at '-v York .
aged 54 years. I ... .5 I 17 '7. 1
Foreign Relations.-=e u.nderstihrd that ir- -, + bales, 4,744,
portant informnaipn hasteen received at Wash-. n,,,S. ,iiri,[,, ,ii ,e .ju'anatiry taken for'cosuip-
ington; andthe (C.abinetas been engIaged 4i se- ti-,,i, ii& ,-',twwct.ide at," cotton manufactured in -
rtous consultation upon \ie course they 'slouhl i' -,'t-8 -llh .ridJ w".-,, ofViiiIei., nor, any in
IIIM 1- .0 r I [1f l Ii, nord an dill
adopt. The advices fronrTexas, and .e-rai.lly that -tr'-,-.,t- tu i'- 'cuiy of'Pt-r.?buro ard
fri ni .Eajlald, ari d tor ev I4 tTiii, e t: -'*... JI -*. ,1I i
,Q 1c b Inr .d'. -I -V I q lle ec ,,r L ug larik i n S ti -' ',u *w ..+ *. ^', m .-. .. *, .. d,.
'tQ;. ,"h ...; ..tul .'t.. ,-i- "Vet Engati , ;].1 I1 t riit e ii, u'. i' u,,t~ ij i ,'u uci three' weekss Far "irk
ating ".e.xic t. to ri" ,w I.r wa- 'upon Texas. ,th t ut '.'-: An 'ilul'ea q :m r.',_land was
Santa Anna has.ecured th lrlii of four millionns putI -ii -'.liit.--ifd .ie ,l, extraordi-
of dollars, in part through the facilities which ii..r fr ,[iy l-,t,,.ild occur during thernemainder ofI
she has extended. The tiops-forthe invasion of the t...-,',. "-i. .i., rii iitt will -roub ily ,x.:--,-d that I
Texas are in a state o )rganizal-ion- andr it is of a'r,,%,,i ..ici, "" :. .-
.... ;~Tlhe quantity or"new cotton receivedath
said that the Mexican Mnl-tl-,r in -London has Te o new cotton received at the ship-' I
Written by the laststeame to the Mexican Admi- pingports up to the first instant, amounted t,-,,lit e
)sx 7500 bales,against only 300,',at the sameL 111 l? 1
ral, comma iding the th Mexican stemnships year. agas oy 3 a e same, ..,
n w in New York. sftt;ithat if "tl InY.: r-, in The period has now -rr-.,J whenit seems ap- .
cuidition, lie must sait----- t.-- i: Vet-a 'i- --- -give a biieffhistory ofthe cottorm trade'
Crnz,'vhe-re they would joined by ri oth(r Ir I 11- I.-i twelve months, atd -itr may be not kan I
fr-,;n E nl.,l with :,;i i, stores anaamui- unpleasant task to those i:it.-r.i- .in the great
tiii; a : -!ithey were notii repair, he must ro- staple of the country, to review a little in dptail the
e Must Po- tranactions. of thle year just t--rnmi.- t h :,
U.i itmedi;,.ely to Mexido withdspatches. He s'ots o the year just tri lih t
th4- 'lore leAt in the cars 01 the 3rd inst for New h ndeed, roved most unsafisfactory-to the mer-.
..Leftintecas o;the3rd I New chant, slaipper and speculator. 1'
Orletlus. One of the stemners is repair-ed, and Thie spring ,of 184 was late,, "-and propiious
t othehr'r will be irk ,,.,ttv weeks. Oune tea- for ,)lanting,and as I i-- 1i '- various 1 .
so .rv enf for this haste i, that the e -lt.i-, estimates as to the e't.-,t f i hIe ei'o, w-ie circu- 1
mlist be pressed, so as t(j accomplish the inva- lated, which attract: ii It tl- tl- i U.,)' nitlAugust, I
siln before the next C(igress of the, Uaited when a speculative feeling evil,-r, it.-if in New I
Sates meets. York, and ieit_'-h a;'-!ii, .ii was drawn to the sub- c
We understand that il consequence of this ;ec, which theniut-e i',iCic'larly manifested i4H.eif t
stte ofthinsotithe interrence o'England-the as the picking season commenced, and the p i;,, i
state oft hins,-the inter'!e oEne at which frost at VieS outh generally presents it- ht
facilities she has furnished, and the rapid ove- self, appro tiIllthe m.,Dt of september, it
ments of Mexico, a questi has been presented prices in i vanced fulty three quarters of t
to the, Cabinet at Washin4on, what steps should, a cent per poui d, eau-ed'entiely by the operations
they immediately adopt ? of if,-. ,. who were purchasing i ii( i ,, be- ti
he Cabinet has been utich divided upon the llef'that the crop must necessarily be -th-,t one ,
proposition of an Extra S@SIoB; and finally-it is and a considerable advance in price ta.--. place; r
early in October, however this feeling ea o-
determined for the present, to have no Extra esalyin, October, however, this feeling began to
Congress., A messenger, as within a day or two suvance was lost, caused by the n, the ad- o
+- .. a ; .: :.a ~ r' _-_ ., .. v n c e w a to s c u s e b y th e re c e ip t o f .* "'"',"ii lf i .,
been dispatched to Mexit with a strong rent.on- from Liverpool, which market had not r-_.i-,e-,, S(
trance upon the 'course Ihe is pursuing.-Rich- to: the atm_'l, on'this side, and also by the general o
I^fcs -,o:.-u
mod E -nqzr. fi. ,|,:- ,,,..,.unts from the south of the picking c
and gathering of the crop. Speculation was thus a
The 'or,. -ReeJ:-Ve haveof late heard not che.ked for the time; and would no doubt have 9
only very many conplainOfromrn the shipmasters of died avray entirely, had we not have received in c
our port, relative to tie remissness of the U. N-.'.-, :ui'. accounts of heavy and long continued e,
States Goverment, in n4t erecting li-g-i- ... L 'ainsthronghiout most of the extreme southern and 'pr
on the Florida Reef; but we are glad to find that:i ,-.7",, states, 'and advices from New Orleans of b,
the Insurance Offices of this and various other a rapid rise in thi i-ri:i--- tu ill h rid aall other neigh- st
boriag marketss, Fl')hlI htII[. (lme," 'say middle of ,of
ports are turning their attention to this'hiig-hly born markets. fr, I l- time,- say middle of the
n Loto S oe~jnber, sper-:' ilt'I 'Ih-.u-aiiirife thromhut t pr~
importa;)t matter. Sca'ely a day or a week p-as- country, priceEs rapidly a advanced, the legitimate wp
se.3 by but we have to,, itr,, the sad accident of a -tn,.u.i, i--r,:.I -, t,: circle were driven out of the f*'
.shin.L ..aI ,j-u ti-u, .l. 0, i 1 ill-fated ree. .a. ,; "I' _.'4 ii ,ri t to fit i. -_ i...,.n : .
Thi' t Is i. it ,im "l ; the inside of a trlflfng almost :;i.-,'Iii, ;: li.-e stocks were accumulated it
little affah of a light house previously erected;- at the S-,ith, v.. llii.-i changed hands at daily en- th
since which ~e e mpty iower has ever'in the day hanced rates; the shipments coastwisq increased c(
tune stood a arnin to riders. To beyond anuv finer precedent; estimates of the to
1_'ze s.tood 'aainers. T e or ,} h
we have ali1gh-t onhri o-Car- rt Reef crop not ts i ,'J 1,600,0-0J) bales were boldly put
whech can fve-l see, alter a vesse i rf, ort ) wle a allamutted 1,850,000 bales a,
ashcare, but rlI se/rai ter a .vessel is fairly to be a full eslu.te end if was calclted with tn
,"/./n "t( end it was calcmated with In
ashore, but rio/ fntt-u )- uSly. ,elel"llty that f-.regl1 mIrkets would be forced up, d
The s. .estiott f those of intelligence in h1ke o, lii tins country, to a speculative price, tu
tnesemarters ntace tons is ,that sorne perma- and that .lai.e r.noi-ts -ould be made out of the ti]
nent, high, rpl.-', i t. n.t should be erected at foreign sco;surier. Prices contiaed to advance, bP
the extremity of Carysl\K Re-f projecting into alid th' spetiative feeing to exist, from the mid- ar
theQulf, so as to enabl)b v\1.u x- see it fuly die of Novelinl.bcr i-to tile 12i January, on which yeVt
twenty miles distant; -thus g,'1 them by- its y the hlgheaort o, the season was attained in al
.. city, L +"Fai Ul au". ,ur,
warning, sufficient, sea room', their tis city, a' Uplands" being quoted' at 10i a so
c.hange 10.. and Fair Orleans" at 11 a 11,e1 ,ceri pmnd.- h,
course." --Man a noble. vessel -.been lost.for On the 16th .January operators werie strpin d by to
lack ofthis proposed light house; n we most the irriival of' the sh.. Sea,",in,'acry -rt co c
sincerely trust. that by thrs .ttenon sage from Liverpool, bringing accounts of a -'i- I _
of other pape s to this subject, that hl, intr- decline from our previous advices, in that rk--ti
est'may be awakened to its ii,:..,rtaiic?;ai3 lhat and proving satisfactorily thatthe Manchester spin- w.
we may ere long be spared the re proach,\hat ne.rs, instead of being willing to pay spectalative or
Britis'i maririrsis daily h'viC upon us, "timt -. price for cotton, or even the advance that had al- pih
have lighted Grn Koy, The Hole in the VaiI. ready taken place in Liverpool, were. adopting '
Do ) ubled .ad ",;.t ;,-.,,, : c., +hich yu rv 1nensures, by combinations, working short time, Ni
D o) u bl~e d H e a deSt d -mol, t ,1. -'il, .% c ., w ht ic h yo utr v .- sin up th ei sto c k, p urc h asi g o n y al t e ,t i
eels outward bpu-td use C 10 ityv ,vith our ownb,; bisttup telr sto;ckb puitthasmg only half their ne
neither you nor we ca-i. -dtne way ailing von- te...y conumpio in Liverpool, c",, nt -t
..-,.. _', " ,, ... t O p, e.evlt prices going higher, but, if puossible, to Cu.
coast, by light, houses at y rate. The emarl '- them down. These accounts acted as a din
isbnt too true, and sha-ns on us for It.-Phil. C ,',, to any further advance, and caused speen- Ci
UK S. Gaz. it- ',s ,, ".ise; a slight decline took place, which Li
... -'.... v-. J" 'vjn recovered, land~ on the 1st February wi
oVe'menlta i-n England--It is very evident ii t': ,-'vi within a fraction of those ,currertit o de
thatthe bottbastic partiphiet of tihe Prince de thle 1-, .Ilmary, the belief existing that the Li- at.
Joinv.le, on the supremacy of" the French Navy, I-"ri"I ,t.1r\,-- w",uld yet materially advance on. ni
toget-r with the bombardment of Tantgiers, have ,,, et_.,e^ ,! c-.a_r 4inews from~this side, showing of
prod-ucvery badfeelingin England, particular.- : h r ,'t'}.'+','his country,. and the great coin- Er
ly among 11 connected with the British Navy, ..On the 2 'I 1 ma our expreee a.ccounts
the. result tf w which is a brisk m ovem ent in the frotm .,Liv rpool tha Fair Uplands" ha rea ched.T.
navy yard o meet any contingency which may 6d, a.od '- O a 6 pr pns with the
arise. An i"iry has been sent to Portsmouth fact that immense sal had taken place in that I
and other n. stations, desiring to know how 'ualket during the leart of January, the sales
soon six sailo.he line could be at Spithead for the week endit,; ?.d ^ ebruarv amonntmn to
ready tor sailing -hr-Te hn ......8....~~ot) al xcedn -,...:- 6 b. es.te... t

"T -- *ly'ao bales, exceeding 'gS6 bales, the me- to
isarnorable week ending 230' i.125 n h i
ready for sea: wm iter go to Tangiers or Otanw morale w ending 2d pii, 1825, and the li"
hrite. The Vindie 50 s to Tangiers or Ota- greatest amount ever slu"in same tire ; not- the
in-t The Vnd e, 5 is in dock and repair- withstandirt th,-, e fevccrabe .e ,,,,,, a feelin i.
in. The Queen,l 1is nearly ready for sea ; of disappoiitimii wni r-'Ine I -ll .i e -o i dl
her complement of rM 9-50, is nearly recruited. ing, 5) i 'ljt-d Uo\ dvr' r o.,pi ,
The Cressy, 80, is ord to be built. The San marketss. ",
Josetf is ordered to ent her .nien ; and really The steath-r ihar ild dnLhence r'i M
every thing looks like acti reparation for some- cat-ed out im -fie -- ,t +.O ,; .. M .r .
thing of a belligerent char rN" 0 S 0 bales, "s.-u I ''ii- -. "tI.2er i-
,. 1 7 -r, -- -^ am ount, w a&; .,h -ido n ,id., .fd two ilfL ', ." I
SLooking back to the yea. .'.we n hat smup i th'. 1,h wer t. -
s u p p o s e d t( I ,.- ,,-- re r t h t r ai l .
in October of that year a prize $500 were offer- conveyed p-ii .-m, r rll oe 4-
ed hy the Liverpool anrid MA ester Railroad at the mark', r-, ,[ Lin hl- ',rri.lil -i eI l"
Company, for a locomotive en1 successfully Te ; p"o s itin il- '-- i",.ii i T t
i.ranspriing a load equal to thr mes its own country, at that date, was peculiar, and one uii ,
weight n a nearly level road, at t, could scarcely leave a doubt upon the mind of I ii,
elliesan hour. consimer abroad, that a -_cu-,, T- [muttnmust
And in t'Re Liverpool Times ot' O^, ', *nsmrcbodtaa-r.u d h. us \
And in the iverpoolrmed that the Rocket r 27, 1829, shortly follow in this, as well as all Southern mar-
we e a te R had se- kets. TIhe total receipts of cotton in all the -ports,'
cured the pze, afler undergoing so operations amounted to 1,]81,694 bales, while the total ex -'
i t s 0 e O, d te r a t o n
-"greatly easg its powered e enor- ports were only 419,882 bales, of which but 2":4l 'J
mous weight f 20 tons at the rate ol to bales hadbeen shipped to Great Britain; the stocks i
20 roiles an hdor!" This compares I roustlv in all thie ports amounted to 620,994 bales, of which
with performances we read daily, o.., in New York alone held 152,000 bales It now'be-
,drawing a gross load on level roads e. came apparent to operators here, that prices were
500 tns, a a speed of 12 to 15 miles at too high, and that a reaction was inevitable; hol-
*, f, ir. ders became anxious sellers; shipments to Great .-
Twasnight. Alnature was hushed in Britain were freely made by many who preferred of
Ts- oift sal sparkled in the w takn e cancer of afore gn manret, ratherthan ti,- ter
,repose- -m ri'adS of sta LKel H I t ea], .L.-.. L "-
,- mi a. of st. spark 'ea submit to to a heavy loss here; some purchases Ha
like purest diamonds-nought save the Iun- were also made for foreign account, and from ti. Ha
cricket, as hlie merrilyv cirped his eventin-, sont date forward the great bulk of the cropgraduall ".":tln
disturbed this awful silent. But look !--ehoitloved to its legitimate destination. The decline wlt
that fair form sta!i4in- in l0 thie loveliness of a this market during the month of March, was fivE
maide'i lust hnidding into w % nviihood-hark shet\ and a halt cent per pound. We
speaks:-" Tom, yaou darne fool, stop twisting n the 22d of April we received Liverpool ac- res
,rat cat's tail, or L'l/jqr your'4owels!" ,ts showing the effect produced on that market
") I r increased estimatesof the crop, and advices ,
(9-The Gloucester Telegrap, announces that e shipments being on the way ;'these were
a Boston firm is engaged in manufacturing one cld to some extent, yet had the effect of oec
thousand tents for the Mexican goviment. pou pricess to decline further half a cent per the
\ .," U%

Durin- .the m initth; of, LI .niid .TI.%l pri-...c s r
nu.itti.1d [ii ,it i r :;t ti-ri (l ci u-ItII' t, t- 'rii,.iiii,$
e11 o1 e.^ .d I! ,z : i I I ,: it r ut' a L ,i pri j n, d
[li- the a-t A.1,_.1 ;. r.-pid dr '-. ,li ., J` ,!, t t
p l a e l lin o .l l i ui ;] O hM aoi i aii i h ,. i i ,. -,_ i p r l.- i ii ,
(.'iLt 'd 1'ii ,-rn.,: m measure by oiir iij- ll ild 'l *
et,,.ii.k, .,,t ., ,,-ii.-1 .t ,f c-otip.,r.tliue 1 1e, i i ,i a
(toil la.itrhiit. Lit i -,-r,_ p~ rLtI:-tbr-}, [iV Ili, n],t-l l
Iontmu rker. i-i nti me ii'.\t u -ii. i\-ii-* C iii .
pl-.,-l,:'t.- ..,*( th,: [j-l 1, [ ,.:,,p il, .: to [ r'(.pp ,,,
of cotton kr th.1 1 ..., 1.:43-4. aim.,nr ,r t 2 i:!i 41
bales. agaii-t :7 ,,. aliles tile -%ear previou
-.hiovi, de,?t,, -.:,i ,4,t bd : hiow rn much
[!LIZ IN (ll.- K.710.11 row Ih Ot eo.[ ,:,n, n ae, ]
Itle now, b-.it 1 iu i cjii ..'d to hie|i.-e that th
amount doe ,-,. e.-eeed 1,_^,011j, ba.le. from ih
fact that ]a t yr. prite. w-I l,:,wi lo.%i han revw
before, the ,'i,,h, i. I|rg,-t-[ ''ver gu wn, aiid th
much Ce,:,t,:,, \w .,1ih ,ick in ih-eiriior which
the highly i.,t.ees of jl,i p-,tt .a ,.,, h-., br,,ught t
ilaI ,.naid swa d led the amotnt of receiptsbey6on
general e.\x ,c.itmiiion. In eidei 1, 1i i it ,ihe rains i:
Ki-.,\.einl,,..,.., December, 1.13. ,i ,i the crop,
.:l.ioie Ih., l l,_ ,-,',\ fin ,:,i ll.- iM .i,I |.t, ,atli e-il Sl :'
\1'!lh I..., d o. l'- .l,.llt y ,-f the cotton
brous.!ir it liii. ii,-id..I,,;ti e i.\1., -to renmtark tha
.then- ,, bet,- le-si ,-.tt,.l tlihia. were received
for sfi 1 .%' .l'- p if[. [ act- tIi .- L-...-II t bulk ofthi
crop received-here hau ,rie, ,,_L up from pick
ings after the ,,-ril.il it'olir ald l the occurrene,
of the heavy vra mi. ,, rI but ear, ,i,f the y..,r .-i,1
cornsequentily ,- "r-:.,- ,brl.ilt ,f it was iili"r-d Ii
Iap p, ,l, I -.II,: as .',ll aiiIi v. It is on thi ae
count we have i,.,d idru|iil ,n.irk, t ,o lnge a.q, ,,-I
tity cft i (',il,:i ar id ,I f ,.JI ir ,.r ci i',:,I (el iivit iare(
this season, for lthe lirat tilie \e lha ,e i.. n,.,
' iS to rm c o tton ,
The ie .ui-llift.ii- r.ll r ii i'i? OoiliitrV li'av i-
l r .f it .l fl] t lri -~,i *J l != i'i ;:.^ [ y V,. 3 i-ii |, ai'. -.
, i. Ir I.I I ^ ti --Jill ;"#4III(-, v al
p'.' 'i.rW. i, t hit h t' lt-h-'y |l tafei Irrn thI). m' i'a -
l it 1 21 '.2 6.15 i lh '-i ar ihe r. i,- of 2'.32 l,,i- le i."'
week ; ve also I,.,-.i d,,ng a hiilh f pru- ,ler-
ous, ,i i re i. I-presented a-, itein Cat tit rti,.,,n ,.
in a f.,i._urin. co6Aoition. Many nev ilili; hIi',
been built, cnd tIliore are.no 'w it, ,ur-r. i-, ,. r,-.-
tion; indeed, the <,n.-iit ctr.im i,,in oi tlhe
Unji,..d t S .l ei.-,. dj t,,,d to exer,:.. ,-,,iiu h '",-t-
er ] ll.,.i,:-i e ii.,-, I ,(i.' p i Q,.e it' i e rai' a i% ',-t-ri .,
than a- hiti ier ,u b ,.,-ii li,- e.. .
Ti- ^ i.-'-rti,-': i uu I''I C i -'.,.-i v.ear ha- pr,,,--d hiuw
. 1r '. i% i ri t iii i ,,- I'ti too early a -,,i.. ul iLut
iIi 01 ht M r.,.!-m i ,ii iii" r-,-ii,,n ui p tIn th-i=
I m i i-Am iLe ',ii i, l o i |, .L- in-. e
crop, if %:- l,-i l .| -.,,,,.i31 : ,m l I- hiw ;a
tw o 1111-i l i ll] 1 1, 1 Ili, ;_,.'I 11i1, ,| .|-d, In-
There i-- ,I u L.- 1i 1 I '- .) i, : I t -,r ;|.Lt die rop
ook s 411ii j-in .', iud jh it i l i ili ... -
-arliei cni .ui [ ,, iil .- .,i d t i %, .: ( i.e tt -[ I-
-,- v i c i s s t n, ,J ,- d e'i' i... u n&"\ I] I ,
-o nb i-r c ii,..ut b,- relied tip.On. Uiider rli;idr.\
%- it.'-%.i ,a. ,I h, -,d\rr, an e .1'-,-- lC'op ,,I 1,| i V.
secured, and-I -ii ,Ile ,v',' 'h \,i- I ill tze-,iA
So"nsu option i .,v ,.rt ,, ih,, orld, t1 l ,Ia-
ertau ,1JIilrIt Ill, tlicIi";"
eriallyJ ,i :ilU ,, ,- i ,n i n r, vh ii or hi, p h ll.0 -
n G-reat I 1; nil, b, t.. A o V, i ,- i v e1 1 d. ii ,
let i,- il t i l- _,tr ru.tiil .,.,.turers contifliel
o proSpPr u-', .,1 t .i
In ',)itim ii.,, ,-," thi view o' ilie I, pro p -cts for
hle t'_,mi.i l i xti,:. the l(,,m vii |- oi,,nl tilhe
jtiiri I t ir-ji-.i -n t ihe N w- iif.,s Pri.- Cur.
ent, of iih_- 2 ,1 ,_ l.-l,,n .l ri.-i, ,I,,:- l it', e liIg-
"Itwill 1 -:, ,,'I Oil rel.frLro- to our rgenerl table of
xpoit ,= ifAOtt-. !,iin ithe Unl lfd 4rdies litCthere
X ta '-t ii it[tr e i 'fl h e il-nei nsto Europe rh ui-er
3n, f-'jii-'rrd i;:' i thle .juWtity dipped lasL v' i-t,
f nearly :l')..ji.i bule bit ]'.,l\'ithl didi, hi_
onsideh!,l ,-i -.il-:': ,e. ll -stock it himt I e-i date
it iveri.-.. .I, tI ,- i itolltni iln.ir!;- ., iii ji, jl C)
-'2,'1 i baleis, a quantity soL iir ,ia 'to ,lifi- ,-r ppr-
lude the opim on tljI it will b ;1 -;,. t, ii .'die-
d as to cause any very iipo: .ai ., i '-'iete t i
noes before supplies of theC. .,. iI-, ,,i c.tg r.,-, ,' n
e s:-nt fo vVrw-.. o 1 -:.t a '.i,,1 ,,-,,1 h.,:,l.|,
tat ,.I" ", ',mi J i, and "s,-*. r'it in ,t.-.,-.
f- C. 1 1 t1!i tj,1 ,aw r:i i..j:.1 As to Ihe
ric!- ,1,,I ;"-i rif ,V ti 1 ,1 n L'ur,, ,.- Ji,,el r, lijj, '
,ill depend upon the exteur 1i -ii,,i,.I : p,pi
irward, and these, as a m.[ter i.fc...i-m.-, ,,1 ihe
-.. .., I J t by the extent of iti. groI itg crop. JId-g-
i- ti nte iitormn ation niov in o r ,,..,--. --tiI,
Lere is every prospect of.go+d crops being pi ulu-
ed in nearly all the sections of c'uiiiy tri,,ir,
' this port, except the rich botopi lands on .1d
Ily- ;! to re e itofsppj, Wiles a eIsarabi.. kdeii-
he, and toQan enormous extent, ii,1- b een d i o
ne crops in consequence of the aImost uge ry e-
dnted overflow of the rivers, Shi.uid th-- cio
rn out as well as is I tik atit[,i, tijd a1th is
ne, there canu be but ittle doubt that price ,I
governed accordingly, and witl leui owa, hnime
id abroad. An experience, Iiu' \er, of niaijy
ears, has taught us thd a Tit is 11u0i (\ iddle. but
solately wrong, to. from e -.ti lidIt it thle crp It
early a period as tijii, n;I ry to iti d-pt-- ,
"-a. toe character of the< 'i ii in i tot -''tie m n--tth[
come. A Septeinber Ei-,rnii. I wlie--id by liit1..
'n'tiluej rains, or wha: voiAd be equally a;vvi,
indeeda worse, as 6-^t-i fro.,t, wolict etiectiull
...thte prow, -ci, of the Plauitcer,.and chaun-'.- tisi
nute aspect of aliairs, whetiiar relating to -''pjpi
_to prices, whet-eais a favorable and ext. tinld
)aifg sedaon would render a good yield cet r ti1 -,
I beg reference to the statefienti made up by tile
sw, York Price Current, which we will *p~i~lii
P. S. Evening. Since the date of my laii ir
I-tr, made up on 31st ..August, per steamer Ar.,i-'
s, we have had two arr-ivals ft-1,rn England ; Pih
'-,it Yestern on the evening of' lie 3st oht, wiihi
verpool dates to [7i[h August, ar.-I the Hfibernia,
.th three days later, on the 21 iin.[, showing a
dine in that market of id per pound. Imtnedi-
Aly after receipt of these accounts, a brisk de-
ind sprang up, and being freely met on Hihi part
holders, a large business has been transacted for
igland arid the continent of Europe, generally at
lecline of half a cent.
The transactions have been as follows:
)tal sales since 31st August........18,500 bales.;
'por ''..........4,100 ( !
:port "........ 200'
Somne small portion of the sales have been made
speculators ; inanuf-acturers hayve b-ought only a

e operations have been more limited, ow5g, to10
Slti..-ily in obtaining freights and the ad. I
iiiui.-Jd by ship owners. "There i- no, 'h
[ i- f shipment to Great ti6,iui, t1,w i\e .
rI ialusi, and to the continent ot Euri..i,_. eigiit
-'1.'iii'I The market closed to-day, wiih les,
-itin on the part of holders to sell, and alto-
iil ith a firmer aspect. '
E-':-haiges" eitinue without variation, with a.
od-.-rt! -i'dPIn.aind, the closing rate to-day beintg-
'-,ii London...... ...,.i ..1 00o a ] 10
i" Pn ...............5 22' .a 5211
-" +.pi-terdim .... .. .... 41.ia 4il.
HI-1i. ribL .rg.. ........... 35.- 3-.
lt79.. a
Freight-; have be--rn active and in deniiiij to [ji-
.oot, andn ad\.tce:has tdki-ii l._en.. )he
," It-, ti o .t e 21.iit ]'it l l iim -luiii.- tolgt'th,- l
rtraasint vessels Cthe bertih''e en-
an. l ld --d is now demanded. -O ,
I .--crtai- your obed, tint s. i ",
',ILLIA\I P. WRI.T, Biroker,
P1rr% Building, HAinoveir-6freet.
I w~ L L 1 .1-I1\1
rdfu lii.- The St. Lou New Era
14th inst. l, Inthe Crituialrl.Court, Sen-
-',ce w.as '-d. :.,-i Dr .Prather and Dr.
et-t1t1, forr )er 111 the iuisa WQ e ?At the dissect-
i 'n f.tlie .,,i 1i Unuvu rsity during last
Inter. l t .e ,rt .,.' u]>o1 ea'c was a fine of
e Cc.,t. :irt d m lrtt ,,'yri., fi.4e tminutes.-
iu~i-je i-'t-t t' '-'seiwed out ,their
peetive teiris ji, ,, .] ,i charged.

Bill,, why ri ,11 t- ld.,jn a fair way to
corn e ri.l.r I ti th,_- c' tur -. ? .i -
'JEe-:ause all their mo-e Q0 t are backed by
SBishops "

rs ..-,..
w-MA RR IE D[.
, rI tlis city on llThiu sdav the *"?tth inst.,-tv Se tl
ec P. L'M Esq., JuOH-IN G. GILMORE to'M
,d ROSA\NNA McKNEX, ail.thosct,..,-

0 P'RT .F APALACHhICOLA ....Sept30.
he AR'F,.RIVElD.
v,? Brig Caro In,- E Pi.-f, R't..,:, fin New York tc
er &'IcKa A H ,risi,,.,n)''
at Brig O'iray.T.ifi. i, tv. fini Providence.-
,h selihr- P t,,,.., I 'Iinlh, fin Ne% Orleans.
to Sclir. irent. Win. W-lhingtonri, Dais, im St. Jo-
id trh. 'i
in Ste.aier Apalachic.'i.n,. Sutton. fin B Liltstown.
an St-.i-r Agnes. Allf-n. for Columbus.
at .-t':-lnir .fd Y S-:ih, Smith, for BaiuLriddg-'.
-d Sleouiir Florenr.- Floyd, for Col,)irr:us.
Le aimer ,rite,, w\\ieaton, for Brownrs Fet rv.
- leanimer -iren, Vh e;itn, for Chaittiahooclh,.-.
,i A c ,ri:--1ondeit of hi, P -i ,il '_eljiia ExiIii- ,.
- sriti.- i h ,. I. jlbt i,,unt l,-t't L.l,-w^ re- break \ .i ,'-r
I- ii4 in-1. t1i [iae puirp.-,e .,r':.t'ini' in-, the fiv,,: Iaihc-ri
d Light 1-;-.i froti her .tiiiot.n tu \Vil ,in-i.-.n L.-I' 1o
I, iifid,: rgo ir-i),dr}.

Fr' Pri -_; -i za, Pi,,t. aiL d iti inslt.. tiii N. Y.
S iL. !l I \, i..:ha T'" t.dol, sa tled 3th i '. t f'n do.
- -.' :l r _'- ) t h .* r n r l~ y r s i' d fl t i 1 a1 t it / i [ ,:sL ,n .
."'lir. .-.itt.i Anna,. \\ li d, el,-dred on lit. 12th,
- Im N t 'il .i
A. r ._. r ',.. ,,, idj ip ;-a N Y.' oi lith ,lst
S b1.,. _, 1M:.,[ I,,: ,A. _-lL.\. up a, N N ori l ."li
_hli. H,-nrv A"&?h;,_-,de], ._V ulibrd, uip on e.
191 lii jl t illt d,.- ;h it dalliior,:..

PerLi,; ',.-.,liiiie E Platt.- in' \Vo\urrik.-r and
I:idv, NI|- i.,, ,n, 'rA .4. LIMrs. AldridA,l'.
-' M.ey)i,,u, P .\t- i reev.- *iid 5 ii L.-re r
F.'r .-,r.t.?.ner If.,en Mr. Citis H Aihtri. lady,
arit Iaiitiy; Ii1. I.r(ui F B liz.-Il; Capt. SIh iple ,-.
aptl.,_ii..ii. :\%[ I, f ng, AI..-sr.s S -Hogc, T
H .ti ., \\ i L'.-j reti.c, Mfatin .

SNE Y'. .'--',r I'ri L C E Plau-611 bars
in,,ri, 2 1-ils'o., 172 p.sg- nu'ze to Mei, .v Haris-
hin,,:; R16 p! -,.. ,, pr-rrv ,\.-Iickin io : I" do to H
R .dv1t .,q. ,o to .t],eQl & o-iinnrv;-- 254 d, ti S
clhIu,_r. 25 .1,., io T L .\hit,.ej: 83 'do t, \V A &
P t1' Klri; 4- t,.i tii,-r & iRh-iile,; 20 toIJ LDiv&
C'o ; 11i9 p" :-i, tr:, i5 I .,.is iron, 175 pk.s indze
1t Loc.I..ort ,.7 \" 'iu : 244 nidze t) B Eih-,on .t
Lo; 3 ih to ri.iili_,l',.i [ v l;idg \wa' ; I t, o D (
ant ', ; .7 I,-i -uoVut-, title :o: "o',C -c cast-
it'r, l.l I'. ,r Ii'ii, 22 j p Tmaze to IV Porre-
V. Co : -. ;,t:i- i mz.- _0 F KIoppinan;l ,14 it itHmiond
c.-' ott ; I dJ, ) B ':- 1ti Iy; 1Ido Rub,-rt-,, Allen
\ ; I do V .V _l',i'f ei.: 100 tdls Idlliats to E J
V. o.id : 2,3. Ii.S ndz, Cu ,V A V.1',-, 5v do T" H
&IC II Aini-tIn: it do 4 d1') & ,'&,-r: 9 do N
Se\ Inu-III ; -1 ,., H F S.jiiimi,i, i". 1 to .J tchordt 14
ito \lrs il -i-f : I- to, P l ;.i "Ti'e \ v 6.5 to \ \.- W .r-
l -ikr ; i.)., [ i l:t : 21 t.1 ,, 1 u-m ir httelnl & S;i, itp-
lei- : *' t.,i t- i_..i,, ', : 2n 2 buindle-s to L i) C tJ tit toital
Adveri -. i 'lti,-',-'' .
If-ltV(11 ,LNI'E.-PeI l:ri OCrra' TJt.-. t,6 bbs
p,_It ie-.. 4 di) '.ii1,.m 6. Ii 1P ,lphi s fuv and 48 pk:s
id.i.?. ti 'I' I. P.irh.i.h ,: i;-Y7 bo:xes-s id 5 p.k-ga ln-i-
et!l _.i ,- l-l. t,-i'- .:- li I n:ls.
N, E\L ', L LLA.- : -I -p-er -,Ijr S &: T Parsoils,-
!, :. .;-;,y 11,. I r. pl ..,) 2 bdl: twine, 10
Lb:: U; 6t. jdo p, ..i:., f idb li:) r, 2u Ie- s Ilxd, .zc.

A We are authorized to an-
,Uiilic- UV. G. M. DA\VIS, E.i., asi, a CdiiJe
to represent Fiaiklin cournity, in the next LUcg-.
lat ic C...u1i.1il, at tlie etisuii election. sp3

We are authorized to an-
ujiihe-. RuiJERI J. I'LulD, Es., as a C.andi-
ld.t- t-A r [lie .S-, ti...te rir:il the lVesterni-Senat>rinal
D i/sti'ict at fli etli,,I relectiou. i\'1,1

(' We are authorized to an-
n,.uunce Col. SA-M0UEL BELLAMY. of Jackson,
as a candiddate ur the Seiadteh Ironl tie Wetslei
lisrrict att tie ettii-n ng tlI-ction. sep30

NVQ are atthorizMl1 to an-
IiJjr,-e LD,'.- A. LON'I, ol Jack.n. as a Ctn-
tii.dIe Cfur Ilia Setnat e it:r:, the Western Senatorol
Dt strictt at tine eiiiiri, election. j"i27"

Cr^ We are authorized to an-
i.uiince W\M. W. J KELLY, Esq., of Escambia,
jS a c.-i id.,tite lur lie Stei:dte from tlie \i-tern
Di-stict at t[ie eh5Ui.iin;., election. sep~ u

C Weare authorized to an-
nounce WALKER ANIERSON, Esq., of..l-
camhia, as a cuidite tir the Senate ,'rom the
*Western -District of lhrila. : sep23

e are authorized to an-
nounce JOHN GHENT. ,i W\aon citltv. as a
candidate for the Seiiue f-rum rTIie W\est.orn, Sena-
torial District at the ensuinj.. election. aX2i

'. A. Wrood,
Np. "-J.j \\,%rer street*;

-e.pi0 Apalarhico-la, Fa.
r- ]afi0s Kopiuall,
"" r'h/.np~fur Cut.si,"
oct CheI(''timt-StreLt, Apalachicola, Fla.
A. L. C Ieunieiils.,
N () [ARY P U B L I C,
- Z3 Water street,
sep30 Apalachicola, Fa.
James Gibson,
Apalachicola, Fla.
Keeps constantly on hand a full supply of
Paints, Oils,. Glass, Putty, &c. &c. Work done
,.,n the most reasonable terms. aug19

O N CONSIGNMENT.-India and 'Gunny
EaLtr,iig; Manilla-and Kentucky Rope, daily
':-xpected by brig Virginia, which will be sold
sep30 33 Water st.

FLOU-SO-50 bbls Northern superfine Flour;
F For ..,- l,v
-.ep30o: \V -A WOOD. *Q3 Water -t.
O.J.'EE.-I ;i) b.:-,s Rio and Laguira O.flee.
-f For sal,"- by
sepa0 IV \\ WOOD, 23 Water st.
S UGARS.-10 hhds Porto Rico and St. Croix
Sutgars, for sale bv '
sep3 'vN A AVOD, 23 Water st.

S ALT.--1,200 bushs Course Salt of a superior
quality, just recei\ ed on consignment.
S b ur sale by
^-ser,.0 'S.3 3 Water.st.

C"DRN.--2ij': bmshels New Corn, received per
, teamerrr Siren, for s :. by
W A WOOD, 23 Water st.

SOAU.A CANDLE.--I10 boxes Soap;.. -
0 do Sperm Candles, lbr sale by
" )I" ,, i 4H4 Water. st.

O.SNA1BAiGS.-Dl-1 bes Cotton Osnaburgs,
Nos. 1' and 2, focr sale by
sep3,0- V A WOOD, 23.Water st.

LISr OF LETTERS renriduinig in the Poste
Office, Apalachicola, October 1st, 1844;
Austin, Edmund Aldridge,-J. .. .
Baibco-k, J W -Y Bryan,-.H .. .
Bymigto-,V-C l Bubsh, Stephen"- ;.-' -
P.irlit, Simon '"Brown, Mrs Jane.A-' --
-.Baldwin, C N Barrett, Jas ', ,.
Brown, Sjitnpson Banett, J
C..lliris, Juhn i Curtis, C'& Co.
Dent, Mrs Ann, Delano, Peter A .. -
Da \\s,:.n. Wmi Ellison, John i -
Ford, S R Foot, JasH -2" 2
Giliner, John Gardner, D P .
Grai, J D Gannon, Johbr .
Gabrinel, Mrs Gry, R P Capt "
Hull, J M Hubbell, C B
Hurd, Gela Jones, TP P :
Jekins, Capt E B' Jamieson, Chas
KrugerJ D King Ric'd -
Kelly, C Lark-in, .)hn',.
Lee. Capt Low, A *' '
Lanning, Jas Maguire, Sam'lF^ ..-0
Myers, J D AlMond Robt
Myers, E Marshall, FL -" .
McLaren T & P O'Brien, Pat ..
Orman, Thos, Parker, Ric'd .
Patridge John Peters, Abm ..-. .
Pallais, D H Prerndergast, Pat .--
Rogers, C 6 Richards, J G 2 ,
Rogers L Robinson Capt Wid
Ropes, B G Roy & Co. -
Rhudes, Mrf Lucinda Sihbley& Ferguisen
Sprntt, L W Stedman, Jno
Siminmions, A Semmes, AG4 3
Smith, Hez Smart, Che -. ,
Simmons, Capt A F Starr, J B
Smith, Capt DS 2 Smith, Capt Henry '
Terry, H W 2 Vallan, W
Wert Thos Wade Miss R .
SWalker Geo, Wing:A W ;
Wornd TM M-
{t Per'sons wishing any of the above, letters
will please say,-' they are advertised."

good journevytn Pahiter wi'lifind .sg.tant emw.
ployment and go0d wages, by., i 0
sep16 It JS.t^S GIBSON.


ing Yarn,


.P RIME PORK.-12 bbls.
Sceived and for sale by
aug19 .:'

YARN.-15 coils Kentucky Pak-.
for sale low b'v :
40. Watei;st:'

Prime Porkji,'t rq4
40 Water st.,


-*? .-

"x: r',

" .*,'2




,A N ELECFiON will be held. in FR.AJiKl.
..1. Couty,Territuryof Flrrida, nn Monday t d
ti,,.irii, ddy ,:-I Noeniber next, for fut,.SeIatt- .
r?'t;'rc-eilt thie Western Senatorial Dilstiict'of'p..\
Sridla ; and Ior ore representative to the Jeg |a-' .5
itiie for Cth:- .,:i.unt\ of Frankliu. -
The P,,ils i ill be b ieid as followss., l. .
At FORT GADSDEN, under the i tl
Wm. Robmsnnri, ('arlton Evanrs and Io)' -
Sspection of Clas. Russell, SainU. GC. a- and
Jatn s Selde i '
At AP-PALACHICOLA., utinder the inspe i of _-4
Da; id G. Raney,', Wrin. Fc-stt.r and Anson H a'wck ._. -b
GI en indr my haid; this the 25th-.day o.-..
Se:iernber, 1.-:.44. JAS. F.FARRIOR,
se.t- W tde, Deputy Cler-, ''
'rceid a Fresh and (eIeneral A.s'ortment q_
FALL GO'IJJDS,.cunsisting'in part of:- '
Calucos. MAislins, Flannels, Lintsevs, ,
Silk Ci-avats, Quilt Shaws, Worsted Capi,,. -
Kr-e.,s. Doniest.-cs. Cafibric I-Idkfs, "
L idi.:-s' Kid Gloves, Linenrs, Suspenders,' ,'
Ponep Hdkfd, Black Italian Cravats, .
Ladits, Bonnets, fancy, fluted, Nepolitan, &6.: V
XWith a variety oi' articles suitable fqr theCm-,'-.Lt
ing Sv.ison. For sale b
Io~hintg, &c, "y_
"TT1 ^GOODS '--"Juta reruixa-eper Qralin s
1 E.3 ,,Jui Ne~w York ;T- .
Ovc-r CuatS,'Ac ,sin ere Patis, SfitinetPant9, t
R-,-i haiinl shiits. Kersey jackets hnc pdf,: +i

Drl',v; alw d utid'.r Shirts, Sattiuet Jackets,
Sack Coats, \\Vo,:ilin S,:,cks and M its ", J- .. |
FtU r. chit cind velvet Caps; Children do. '
Hen l ('lav Hats, Men and boys sporting do. |
FatiLyn m-rin. atid velvet Vests, Gloves,
0'iic-hall H-ose-, Silk & cotton Pocket 'Hdkfs,
Alou. a general a-.sirtir-ent of STAPLE and '
Nevw Goods I. '
rT HE subscriber has just received per bvi r
I Caroliie E. Platt, a fresh and fashionable as"--
s.rtmient of FALL and WVIN'TER GOODS, con.
si~lin-z in port. as fclw-s :- '.-
Get-ts Calf skin l .ir ; ,Do, e ft-a fine.;- .-
D o. C a ll si:--%\ I-. td i -[i.t i.,o d ,. ; '-
Do. do r-'d d. do.
Do. fine Ct. S-xil' Bi-,:;itns -
M.,ns k l. do.: fu.. : I l 31i't r; J 1
D o. ifs'-'.v-,' ,i i ,Ai.,m ,; tert-d '.i.,es;" "
D o. M ..li',,,:i. .:,j -.,[l sk il l ;li-p ers '
Ladies kid wa .lt-i. eli i i- u(: iti" .-, ; '."
Do lfluted lw,u i -i -l ,: t- ; ''
Do white lace- N ti.i.. lilai d'i ; "
Infants Caps; Kid glo e% &,.. &-G. "-
Fur.sale cheap b\ %
PAIN TS, OILS. OAKUIM. &c.-Jitst reteivel
S per brig Caroline E. Pirt. .,-; .
t k, gs Pure r d N.-. 1 l -iit- L--.', / .
'200 gals bst Lain1- 01; I
21.:0 d,, b,,iled Ltiis,,,d till; .
1 i0 ba le- s O ak um ,i-.r P oi.-, \ .; ., / ." :
ser.2-t- Wt V ,- ;-. 'U-, st.
')RTO I-R CeO : UGC R--I- t.il ,[, riiiudlity
Pu rto R[ico Su~ar, I, r s ;t Lbvy '. '
u 41)j water st. -.
toLL-\ND GIN.-Otne. ipe. Ji.Ld Gir
firt.t quality, just r,,ceiv'ed bv ,
sep'30 1 Water st.

-------lm L I; -~


- "I _. P. -









Commercial advertiser

Material Information

Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title:
Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Place of Publication:
Apalachicola <Fla.>
R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Creation Date:
September 30, 1844
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.:
Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note:
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note:
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note:
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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---- ---- : ._ _
--- -- --- -- : := = -- ----------- -- ----- --- --- --
the music took their seats LesIde the entrance her usual addressing the Abbe Roynal, -' .
1iIEaOI1Ui1niitTi& a : CARDS. THE STRE:\.;Tll OITVRANNY.. gravity, ; j
.__h __ ___ door.The warmly thanked him for having: iutruluced her -
MONDAYS! The tyrant's chains are. o-ily: srrong performance being: ended, and both laclios toso precious and so truely wonderlul a politician
PUBLISHED EVERY \. Wylic & McKenzie, While slaves submit: to wear them, having deservedly received the thanks and compliments arubtatesrnan. then tnrningto her father and
kPB. ; COMMISSION MERCHANTS. And who could' bind thn on the throng" all"a shabbily-dressed old his that
of rather colleagues!, she said, hope, gentlemen
J. L. \VY I.\. them! 1!
Determined wear
DOMINVttx not to
No. 42 Water street, Then clank chains-e'en tho' the links seritletiiau,: followed by a very plainly-habited; you will take warning: from what you have 1
Biltzelte Building, corer\ c( Apalacnicola. Were light as fashion's feather little, thin and pale young man, approuched the heard. In short, the slender youth, who had
)5:3 third story & Chestnut streets, ALVA WVLTK, > The heart which rightly feels and thinks throne nf the queen c-f the party, while all the come to the party a perfect nonentity, became all .. i ,

.Commerce V-,, WM A. McKENZIE, 5 sepl ly Would cast them altogether.The company, and especially myself, had their eyes of t a sudden the prime lion and the general!: object ..';. 1 -S..\
fixed upon! them. The old man was then unknown remark.:
At T.IHEE DOLLARS. PER AXXOl( I tV:11. G. Porter & Co. lords of earth are only great, to me, but well known to all the assembly; But: the individual ir.ot affected and- most "\ .

ir'tTA3t.EtNADVACE. 2 .)::Al4t; L< iJ'JJJS AN'D COMMISSION While others clothe and feed them but the little, thin and pale your.g manhad never I L-leased. all was the Abbe Raynal. The counte- f

}rertia-- its of te.ll lines or l less: (tWCfltS lines! 1.5: 1 :'iivxrs.NJ. But what were all their heed pride them ajid state been seen before in any society, and with the I !in1'ofti1igond: old tiiati rranifestedtlerapturotS .. 1
; ertctl1 t 41 vVutor Otrert Should labor cease to 1! I
or jjprs 1 II Jr) > ,m> i,) conspicuously ir;: novi5 Fla. The swain is higher than the king- exception of Monge and Lagrange: nobody kr.l \\1 !eltZsUftits mind in witnt-ssin..thletrTt1mph of histtwspiotegr. S j I

it the folio.vhjp rates: : ? > I .\ Jpilruniola, Before the law?? of Nature, him. The old gentleman, who was the celdn : who, a few weeks! alter, through

,)wrear. $U 0.).) '! One month, ... S2 50 lcJi.ay &; 1Itr1i9rc, The monarch were a useless thing, ed Abbe naynal, then the leader of the !!istorclphilosophical ; -f .r -dame de Beauhornoisobtaineda :,,;ccinmij-- .,.
ntlis,.7 OJ-j I Tnree: weeks. i.2
:three' tno.uh?,. ..5 th) ,j! Twowieks.4.1, 50 No. -10 Water street, Madame de Stael, as a young protect of his, snn.Raynal lived to beZifOftIC! splendid exploits of .
Tiro mouths: ,.* OJ i One inertion' ,. .v.l 00flei novl Apalac.ii:oia, Florida.DAY. We toil, we spin each, we his delve neighbor the mine, Jlf. J\iapolfon Bonaparte. All the lins l : and Boriaparte: at the taking Toulon, t to witness hii ;

\ advertisements are sent without an>; special Sustaining divine lionesses sliru/ced: their shoulders, made a kiod '.'O1C5t; of the Convention in 17U3: to hear ofhi S
directions as to the number of insertions :JEILELAU !D.IMEL. J. DA.I. \. And Torobusofourlabor'who can hold a right ,, of grimace of astonishment at hearing :sucn: a plebeian appointment :a> eon ander-in-chitf of the army .

reared, it will be understood that, theyi re to \ .i .. Day.Ca.., We rush to battle-bear our lot' name, and unmindful of.the little, thin and I a3 beirg named comman- S :j.
be publUheJ p.vriL FORBID; they 'Will therefore \, C&tMllucIICkIAN1'S: : in every ill and danger, pale young gentleman each'resumed his conversation I tl.rin.chiefcfthe arwy uf I Italy fill Ftbtiaryl7yC. \ :
be coitinuevl at our discretion, and: c.Lred! No. 52 Water street, And who shall make the peaceful cot and amusement. Had he I mil a fe\v" dj3: lo .-r, h:::; vciild probably ,'j 4

j-cm-din? to the foregoing: rates. '- I )!m'31y: _Ajulachicola, Fla. To homely joy a stranger 1Peri.h Raynal and Bonaparte remained beside Madamede ; have assisted at hi.rnarriatre' with Madame: 4 r". '

L MiJv< rtii. !Ilent3 of whicn the term o| pub. : \v. A. &: P. C. Itaia, far and Stael, and I soon observed that Mesdames: Viscouitejca Josephine: tie Beauharnoi: forthenuptiatstook !

iiratiD( i 1 is fiveJ i by Uw, will only be exited I COMMISSION MERCHANT, Beneath all tyrants the chains that near bind, us- Beauharnois, La-Tour-de-Pin, Campen and the : place the o'th March, ar.d be >!

!fra, ( the above rule. -* No. -Columbus Block. And perish' : too, that servile fear other ladies; not excepting the affected Madamede died on the 9th, ITU'o.* ; J
jv i >.;- -vi; i .iii'ifti ; bv the year a liber.!! disvil Apalachicola.Liberal Which makes the slaves they find: us Genus, formed a group around them. Con- It is hardly necessary to remark, that the time .'.,

:' ; aJo.u: ill atlrertisem hot advances made on Cotton shipped to One grind, one universal claim- dorcet, Alfiri and myself, joined the party. The and circumstance
.5 5., i.-r to Miir own businfis' : as Liverpool, New York and Boston, and also in One peal of moral thunder- Abbe spoke of his protege as a very promising, poieon with both! Jofet'phiiie und Madame de Stael -
S '. l.'jTaviN s-i-itinby "..iem, stor novl ly One glorious! burst in Freedom's name, highly talented, very industrious, and well read are here stated diflen-i:tly fr 'tn accounts hitherto .
'j i .. iaHUil: rates. ? And rend our bonds asunder. manand particularly mentioned his extraordinary : I. current. The editor h-tviua made this remark to .j i.I
---.- '- --. ..., .'?* D. B. Wootl & Co., young attainments in mathematics, military SCi- !. the writer cf an article, ".ere favored with a note 4 tr".! :

,. : ;4itlejnen are our auihori- COMMISSION: IE RC HA STS. From Chamber's Journal. ence, and historical kno\\' dge- He then informedMad. !.I a-suring; them that the other accounts undoubtedly the 1\ I.
feels that
he fuliy true
: '. ;ire :.npowereJ to t areas :
Fla. ..
S .j I a'iv < i'jrptions! : ad valiseti'jHni Apalachicola, 1790. in consequence of having: been ill-treated by his I obsereation. : i

S : t ) oii forwarded to as:- The destruction of the Bastile, attended a-? it colonel, but that he wished now to re-obtain a -- t' : ____
'j r.'; "'3.'i..'i. .1 irirua, I''''1 a. \. Harper it Ilohnes, was by political consequences, marked the era commission, because, fur the future, merit and .11pacla.-Proh\bly few ladies who wear and '! }t --

: ..;!, ..,t. \ujc.Hti a e, l'.1 1. ,.' COMMISSION: MERClIANT, of a great change in the society of Pans, to whichI skill and not intrigue, and favoritism, would be admire the beautiful fabric cdkd Alpacha are J
S S ';4 J J#',.I*:, I:.'tf L. j No. ol Water street, had been a short while before introduced. necessary for gaining rank, and honor in France. aware of the course cf its production.! The Al

S '.. ,.V'i.; ........rj, 'I J. -" jau'23 Apalachicola, Fla. Notwithstanding the occurrence of disorder Josephine Beauharnois, who had been attentively pacha is a wool bearing animal, indijjencus:- to

; :: )''', .\UU I'hk r Co., qa David G. KaneySK'X amongst the populace,there was a general feelingof hearing all, and who had been at the sametime South America, and is one cf fuur varieties d _
satisfaction h the The Parisian, the of Bonaparte which bsar: ceneral! points resemblance to each .
t change. minutely examining;: countenance
\:. AF \L'lJICOLPCI .ETS. :\ -: ( \: FORVAltDIIiH.CIIAT:! and at that time oth?r. The Liama, one ot these varieties has .
A-\'D DEALER: IX GOODS, gay, fickle voluptuous as they ,with that grace and unaffected kindnessthat
". -- ,&...r',t- No. \\Tatcrstret.. have ever since been, had begun to mingle together were so natural to her, said : M. L' Abbe, I II been long known and often described ; but it is _

:r;:} J.-t.t \ Jan29 tIn Ap .laciiicola, Fla. without regard: to castes or classes!, and it had should feel 2jeat pleasure, indeed, if M. Bonapaite only within a few years that the Alpacha has t _
...- .-... i .:... all been con-idml of sufficient importance *,!o merit .
; ;'Ia become customary: to meet, at great parties, will allow me to introduce and recommend him
Regular Packet Line. S. Ellison iV Co., the men! eminent for talent and public services, as to the minister of war, who is one of my most intimate I r particular notice. Nine-tenths of the vtool of ,: 3;
S S i Was:wanton,. .J J Dome, n-vster. DEALERS IX AilSCELLAN'LIOU'S: GOODS, Wiill as tnose whose distinction lay in mere rank. friends. The thin and pale little gentleman the Alparha i is black, the rernr.indsr being partly j

.;.",. .% .\Vm. Pratt, AXU COMMISSION"IE10.1AXTS X. 3:3:: :Water ; It was universally acknowledged: by such of the very politely accepted the olfer ; and anima- \ white, red and grizzled. It i is rf a very Ion:;staple -
; street
S .P \V Latham,j ji '." dec ly -I. ApiUciiicoli, : Flu. nobility themselves! as had remained after the | ted probably by the prospect of.a sp edy appointment i riten( reached twelve inches, and lesemblUcjsott I
,.-. \. L lrer, this t glossy hair: which character is not lest by dye. I _
.5 i : tirst emigration, that was a great improve- soon! began to show in his conversation: thatat I
!! : ..In.m.. '.\TJ DoaTie, E. il. Jti.-w:: : .t.I ic. .\1. M. iltrrT. aient. the top of this 'little body Providence had ir-;!.w The Indians in the South American moun- .

.5 \ X-iz: *,. WC Irk, i: H ?: Vji2e-a! A: Butt, The parties given at the house of M. Necker, placeJ a head that contained a great and extraordinary LMTS manufacture nearly all their clothing: from \ '

S ,':.Ola. . Ashley, *h F A.CTuiU;:'' & COMMISSIONXo. : where his daughter, :Madame de Stael presided, i mind. In a short time the great }lions, this wool, and are enabled to appear in black ,

:: \-ec l' : .J H' ,,' ILhT j r : "i '::,,:.t ... .UE.Lfi 1 \ 1's. were of the highest; brilliancy, being attended bya moved by curicsify! flocked around to hear what ; dresses without the aid of a dyer. Both the Li- \ .
T 1 : 2 Columbus liloc't' ama and the Alpacha are, perhaps, even: more
: ,
of of distinction, both I
:,11' <:.' 'f ih: !rJ. '.t I i..e: -* ; snai great persons wa goins: on.
.. Aj ak uucoa, Fla. I Ill I valuable to the ll tl\'diS beasts of burden than 'j r
i > well the and Madame
tl "Sb.r4)d.. v- j.j,! :-jnd-: foreign and French, as: as by principalmen .Mirab.-au? one of the curious ;
< i .- .'''' '-.J'.i't.! ; s.nl i.iruy.-tU" %:$- Liberal :-ddrAiices maJf on Coiton d23hmJi shippedin science and literatures' ,,f the time, and all de Stael, as jsoou a> ,. 1 Xew Vork, Li --Tpoi'l or .lavre. I when irritated is well known. The
S .1 i.-r. -J. V :. .,,' )saiir:: < .':;..-4'' :a __ : those who had emf1IlIt nUice in consequence with a smile, M. !Ie Comte, come here, we have irr.TXjrtanceof i
i '. .- *. U It. p.t rte :Mii) : i i\ jisjl.i.v.01 ; inb"\I:; & itiil way, of the recent !political w' "fluents.: : :; The political got a litHe speatuzn; I will introduce him to I this animal: has already been considered by the i' _
.' .. *. -1 t. ,-, *;- li! =i.i rs. CUMMISSIOI:) .A\'l FU1t'A1tiNGS party of which I am now fo speak, was given to. ; you, for I know that yon are naturally fond of men English in their hat, woollen,and stuil trade; and )0<
j- \I It i ..'s4. .'eJ !n : ..- v3-r': ').y.-<, at MERCHANTS. celebrate anniversary of the return of the great of genius." Tru ceremony: hanl;:; been performed an essay: on the SU )j.'ct has been pu.jl.sut-j: t hy Dr.

Xe.v fork, will 'i.- '. .'.d j free ofp nrnis lon.. Apalachicola: Florida. minister to Paris-a.i event still looked back to the pale little gentleman shook hand with Hamilton, cf London, from which sc':; : of these _

,' .". i, .t{r tui: &. ('I ) : W.AI. }1. KIMBUOUGH.J as auspiriu to i-'rauce. On this( occasion there the great Count de Mirabeau, who, I must:: say, details have been collected: The vtft' tl is i so remarkable :
-. '. 11"1' :'1' "1' :\:. :::5.. :,r, ; I. JiluaTTAY. S were -ivejuoied the whole elite 01' the day, fresh did not appear as stooping: to him, but conducted being a jet bhck,!:iossysiiS-ikp: hair-

NOLR .L,, '"' 1'tJNE k t "U..>' Liberal advances made on Cotton: .-'J'.- ]ijrned to Jroni .asiisd.i: J at the Federation on the Cnainpsdu. hioiselflth: all due poltt'-nc-s. Nw ,political that it i3 fitted for thnridutienctejehrics' ; iI

sep3 -1j \Vattrt., :\pa 'a. our friends in New York, BostL.xjr.joi. or .ltrs.. Load-acted; thither by my tutor, Con- chit-chat: was introduced, and the future Emper differing from all others occupyltiia.inediurr. ; .ai- -
.- :. Havre. J.t-oi lT. dorcet, 1 had no sooner en cd the suite of splendid or of France took part in the disous-sion, and often tion between wool and silk It [is now mingLJ
Ooiirid in the with other materials i i'i snch :o singular; manner, t
; ------- -- drawing rooms than myself received much praise for is lively remarks.
i CARDS. M. &: C. II. Austin, midst of all who were then busied in forming the When Mfrabeau and the Bishop of Autun beganto that while a particular dy will elrect those, it .

-__-.-- -- --. ---.------- -----------. -.- ------..-..---_.-.'..--- COMMISSION MERCdAXrs national history. Count Mirabeau, MonsiegneurPongord : debate with Madame de Stael on the characterand will J leave the A1cla} wool w'th its original _
.'. TOIK. X. ORLENSCULLTMIIJ&c. No. 00 Water street, (Talleyrand,) Gregoire, Bishop of Blois, talents of Pitt, then prime minister of E >:z- color \nd1hm give ri-e to great: diversity. _______

. ADVEE'1'ISEMENTS.! : : Apalachicola.! Alexander Larneth, Adrian Duport, and several land, and the former sUleil him a st-jt" siru'i: of:
Liberal advances!! made on Cotton shnned: to ul hers; conversing: animatedly t06et her. preparations," and <: a mi:;iis'er who -jAvrne-J 11'1;pinf'/f.-D. m sric: happiness: may be railed '

.I '1'f\ .::.J. ) ..1 J New York. 11O Ily TIle venerable Astronomer LaUude, Barthele. more by his threats than his deeds," Uuuaparte: the happiness of the hcrart, while successful ambition t _
to the of the wi-rld is that of
. enjoy aplause
author! of tIle Travels Aurctursis, the illustrious openly showed his disar.probatio i ot such opin- 1 .
.' ,. I.)-'; IHi '7s) Pale street. my, : the head. well rtulated mind, which looksto
ra'hos. L. Every
NEW: YOSK ( mathematician Lagraiige, Mdruioutel: so in-H. But when the Bisho; of A'U'in: praised Fox
: & FOR VAR D I X GHitCII.T. home as the well spring cf joys that gush ft rth j _
KIMBALL well Known by his; tales, with M. Monge, and the .rvl Sherichn; for having! ass rtf'd tint! the French
PHILAXDEIl! Propritor.Jus. _
:\ : and invite the te-that satisty but never cloy .
) infamous St. j tut, the f.tdfrof theirS
Mar.misotVoAtvieille, (land tHe : ) : arntv;: by retlMng to obey
it will cultivate this of human at{! ctions.
L. Francis, No. 33 Water at. Apalachicola.deci were :grouped iround: Madame de Stael and tiicMcjrcnioness ; S>': .. :'; -?, and cf the Ex''um, }r-i: ;-.ta ri- garden t
The mind which is bit \iews 'I i
r .. impelled by a- u-i
MERCHANT TAILOR & CLOTHIER lyGROCERS_ _ _ _ La-Tour-de-Pm. The Comte LaiijU- : <. .> -:-.: tflie: to all the arn.ic-: ,,; E'! "'.li..es : ise the u'rl1fi-d! !
duanybecome3 stran t> :
::1 inais and M. Malesherbes, Camille JourcLn, tJdi- byo dji".r, they had shown thutmen: by becom-: : a er
::1 .\<;. "JJoJ: : Bowery' nrafiwIzg(071 st. Doilge & G1VtI', I ; rent domestic joys; his b rk is launched upon a ii
in conversation \\ i tithe in.j st/uliers did not to be citizens: Bona-
and warm cease
NEW YORK. n..vlMAi MiiilCHANTS nave, Target,were
. : :; A: G OM'INSluN: : : sea, troubled by storme* which compel him to be
E.- La Rocliefoucalt LlJ.l1court.lj cuu.itry- Slid: ,
.o. ,1:) Water street, :l/arto ;
on deck all the time, and the cabin i is cli-std to his
et drc\v S.COJMM1SSION CooEi.(!" : ;i.c5 .. Apdlachicola, Fla.Scliiffer. mau, the celebrated Altieri, was reclUlI,., sumo: va Ecu-e rce, monsie: neur, if I dire to interrupt .vision, while he issu.tained: only.by the hope of t'
MERCHANT, --- his! poetry to a group of ladies, with tile air and you ; but as I am an officer, I beg to speak my reaching :at length the croal of his desires, ard : i

! No. ;5 Canal, cor. Tchoupitoulas s t. SXt.v Suuncl OCER gestuies of a maniac. At the extremity nl the mind. It is true that lam a.very young man, ring safely in the haH: cf peace. But hei 1:1 ii i

Orle.i-is, La. **" WhOLESALE No. 49: &\Vater RETAIL street.(.H ror.rn, towards the garden, was a group: itl'loirentl.\ I a \d it may appear presumptions: in me to address I like a mist-r,who barters the treasureof the bean: J-.J

.. Refers to---Me33rrf iLi 'er *:. Holmes: janl ..'"1.pJ.I'" jr'vil 1.t. r la.W. : j.i csi iversation on serious topics, a.jd: composed t ,tidieuro composed of so many great men ; but I for the gold which moth and rust do cHru.t-!
" jaal5 tlnov Apalachicula, lla. If1.. Necker hl.J Montniorm with some other I' a?, diring the lust three years, I have paid; the I He i-8 his ; gains for I _ _
nr ._ h. _______ __ ..__ A. Wood, ministers and the Marquis Lafayette, with most intense attention to our political tr'Jubhs which he'oll.finuallYhcou.n has sacrificed the ng.jovs of rdi.d.existence, and _

htPA.ItD T. Lu'rt"Co1n')1 II.! Wvn. COMMISSION, KOR\VAIli'-L\'J \1 '::uCHANr.AXD .. some ot his statl'otlicers of the national guard. and phases and as I see with sorrow the presentstute h 'ardinaf up a day separation from those treasures -

Lipiicoit .\Vyat, !. SHIP; CIUN. >l v1':;.1).. Theundsjne! ; Viscount .M Montmorency the favorite of our country, I will expose myself: to C(11- : which perish in the usn) r. Treasures of the .
CHOCEHS &< co-\i ,J : '; ,j,18HCdh r.", / No. i3Waurbt;'?':., ot! our h-stess-tlie Marquis! LaTourdePin sure rather than pas, unnoticed, principles heart are not allied with those which swell the .
No. 2 New Levee .11 i J IV'Hlj>ltuilt'.H -|., Apalachicola. r. -v : u- the Marshal Beau van, M. M. Dupuis, Vol- which are not only unsound, but subversive to all and of the public hour. They
NEW 0.1L3A:73.: _ __._________ h____ the dramatist Cefaucherest, and the painter pomp pageantry .
_all 'ly,, ney, established governments. As much as any of you, are cultivated in privacy ; they are yielded spontaneously
--- ..- Farrior & Ca. i David, were admiring an original painting of Ra- I wish to see all abuses, antiquated pri\.ilegesand to the smile or! :arfection, wi ile those -
Thorn U rh'\: :11, i COM l\II S S ION AND J"Oi. / \ .. ) i X ': pnael, which im.ig\ : opposite the entrance of the usurped rights and immunities annulled ; ray:; as who follow the promptings of ambitixi' ; ark if not S

COjijSSioNNo. M.:.: t HCHAMT\ MERCHANTS, front dr--v -, ; .''.;, and David was the spokesman I am at the beginnin of my career, and without doomed to disjppointnunt, compelled todchv for .. j

01 I COIn! '"itrtt.: NQ. 41 Watcr. trect. o! t t.,,' : :. wealth or powerful friends, it will he my duty their treasure; which, when acquired, is, especially t _______

NEW OaLCAS nl\'!/., Iv. nov23 ly Apalachicola} Fla. However, It/'; n,,: d<- Stael, dressed as a Greek: and my best policy to support the progress:' otvmlar when the tempest* of life visits us, unable: _
--- heroine, auu -aieu .>;. .\ luu..:,nsnjeut: ottoman almost institutions, and to forward improvementi'i I I Hut barren mis .
aiLUE "' to purchase a.jyt'iin! ry.r
StRE:; -TR' AXGLE:: BUILD] N'GS.II. S. IS. Ilasiiiitou, in the turuied decidedlythe :
centre oi LIt r J.'a, every branch 1)1'the l public administration.;
T1i. Doyle & Co. i DEALER IN READY MADE CLOTHING, principal part of( dtr.l: :Iu J, D\)th' as being; But ;as in the last twelve months I hs.vwit- Independence Jay in the Prai es.-As we hy -

FI. SHIP ClUNDi-rMs & GROOKIS, No. 17 WMter street, our hostess, and the acI\u',.v :ded lion-in-chief ol nessed reoeited! alarming popular disturbance*; encamped at McNePs creek, the Ff.nrth of July

,IoI. 2! i, 1 Dclyd ,: '< ..' ler of Front U'.vee, decl ly *ipulucurolcii Fla. the Faubourg St. Germain.: and $c en: our best men divideiinto factions which dawned upon us. Scarce had gray; twilight brushed -
and at Vo 2! J .V.ilohez street, ---,-- --- '0---- With my venerated conductor: I joined the promise to be irreconcileable, I sincerely believe his dusky brow, when: our Jatrioticcamp.gave

X ORLEAXS.W N. UliSter & Co. party of Necker and Lafayette ; but very few that now, more than ever, a strict diciphne in lively demonstrations of that joy which plajs around -
I '.. DCALEPxS IN CLJPaiXG, BOOTS, SHOES, minutes had elapsed when the usher announced the army is absolutely necessary for the good of our I the }heart of every American o-* the anniversary -

I -t. Vii )LET. AND RETAIL D::;.\L- S IIl' & !\ Madame la Viscomtesse Beuharnois, who, being constitutional go'verrnent, and for the m intain- I of this triumphant day. The roar or our "

I!, E'lhI; : it.?, JiU, \\irn U'les' Turpe'ilu.: .ivl Corner Water and Chem' streets, then separated from her husband, was accom- ance order. Nay, I apprehend that ifour troops artillery and rifle platoons rebounded! from every

''>,. J ; V itH xc. ,\\111 kesp; co'ist-inl' |,' on9JJ : _ Ap : : i 4 > .1
WHIM L2 V-''i.v Svtn, Nos. 1 and '%.. :1.: PUBLIC, eight years of age. Soon after,the highly scented democratic torrent which must render Trance; the tmrtial interest to the scf'ie which was well! cal-
White xovar and highly affected Madame de Ge/ilis, with the most miserable country of the globe.! The mini- culated to stir the soul of men. Tu-re! was n:) _
8 and ltd L i l Venetian
M :Irj' Ku ; .
Yellow aid Oxf-i.-J ; Black i\7 J. 31 vViter-Jtreet, Due de Charters, (now king of the French,) also t rs may be assured that if, by these aid either! limit to the huzza* and enthusiastic f-j rnl-tions

Chrome Greeu: : and SixoiV Jrrv'eIvory: ) ;i marl ly __--- A ).t.4ctco1aFla.[ Madame Campan, and other ladies and gentlemenof means, the growing arrogance of the Parisia'i canaille (,f our people l : a';d! at every new: shout the dalesirriund '

1'U Spanish and French Bro-.vn\; Blue Black' p. Clobitrt, vMANUfVCTUKKIl ,. the Court and of the Palais Royal, were intro- is not repressed, and social order ruutl. s-nt f rib a sjl l it5' e n-si-one. This: an- :_ _
p. Green and Blue Verditter \ ,; A.Nt U f ft! \r.F.3. IN duced ; and about 10 o'clock the party formed not maintained, we shall see not only this capital bui 'iversar\' ", !hv-'\s hailed with c-urt-felf i y by _

Chrome Yellow and Orane; d% ;, CABINET I51tIltN1: ['U It: only a fine coup (Tanl, but a truly extraordinary every other city in France thrown into a state .': I i'ie' wtxfarf-r in the re-'ftedi-s 'r: : f.r } etc thesfrie .
, FINE COLORS ; No. 42 \Vater Street, assembly of remarkable men and women. indescribable anarchy, while the real friends ,.i: ? and ntuu'ues of pary-s*.irit ore unknown ; -
Ulta"vrine ad :: Stairs ,
"' : : ; Up ,
Uliow Lake and Crin .Im do \ ()ecU Iv AjViid3Ii : coh. The different groups now began to mingle togvther liberty, the enlightened; ; patriots now workir.tr for I nothing) j-.trud'S! in t'.fse wild solitudes, to msr -
1 Drop do. ; f ; to converse loudly and lactiously. Wit the weal: of France, will sink: beneath a set of leaders I that hjimony of ftcingand! ain.cst' pi .U3 exultation _
fftiaese and Antwerp wue; Itdian lie;'} ; (:]iacl A. Myers, ari4 raillery were often made use of by the fair, who, with louder outcries for freedom on which every trn(>-he Irtt'tl Atrierican: experience
Verraillioa; Erulish., db; AUCTION AXD COMMISSION MERCHANT, pervaded the whole in set of this day.''-Grtgg's Commerce
Vandyke Brown ; Umbre angularity and good humor their tongues, will be reality only a savages on great
Tern de ; Turkcry ( *;. Nt>. USVater street, society, while a profusion of all "sorts of refresh- worse than the Neroes of old !1" of the Prairits. __ S
Seinna York do
Purple Brown ; r-
\1f ; ; )
Sale aYYEDSJsD.n"s and SAT1Y1tDAT ments ,nd delicacies were circulating amongstthe This speech ofthe hitherto unknown youth, delivered -
Crocu Enerall* :Mijtis; Mineral Green; %- ? ._ ,__ _____ __._ ____ __00 gue-I$ without interruption.. But one thingwas with an air of authority which seemed $3- The editor of the Charleston Courier, S
ca1' ii-1 Paris Green, &c., &'c.\ II. K. Wood, that with the mention of a curious hnt now exhibiting :
"LS! rathei.painfully remarkable, natural to the speaker, caused a deep sensation.I makes ; _
likJ1ii1* $ k URU.ULi'leld: Oil ; D&boed: ., ; AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION: AGENTNo. exception! c( the American and 'Swiss diplomatists remember seeing Lalancle, Dacreteile, and Bar- in that city, called botanically, .iristoJochia ;

rAiit J rit Turpentine>> ; Sperm Oil; 31 Water-street, none of the foreign ambassadors honored the thelerny, gazing at him with the most profound Fatida, md vuljrarK The Duck Plant-" It is
'Irjsiss fr; ri No. 1 to tOOYt Apalachicola, Fla. and bold vine;with heart leaf, and
manly: with tlrtir attention. Necker St. Priest and Lafayette, a tall shaped ____
VJ2 1i4 i I')>. fir all i7.ep .. party presence 0 ___ _____
; ,; hum and confusionof Mira- bears a flower, having a most extraordinary resernblanu. -
S ,' F. PAUMEU.Sewarrt About eleve 1-o'clock: the lookel at each other with an uneasy air.
.. '} "J. 1 tu '"? ; Tlt Ha ; SEVVARU DILL. A. the assembly were' succeeded by order ; the beau nodded once or twice signficantly; to Talley '*>. in body, head, throat and bill to a duck _
i. tli\r : Dill t Co. _____
ilit ____
: 11j rind'
: : mirrored lake. The .
; seats down floating tranquilly on srme
V.'ti I talkative guests reamed the r respective rand and Gregoire, who appeared sheepish,
. : .1 .v-C; :
?.:?tijre &.c. .; ; Liberal advances made on all consignmentsand slender
S with switcbey
V"- et-: will be while Madame de Be arnoi3 seated herself at harangues, paid not only attention to the speakerbut length of head, and a or
"CJ t ) V i'.. \ ; -VU boxs assorted discs of business entrusted to them 24 inches.-
> : attended to the harp, in order to ay with our hostess a was delighted ; and Condorcet nearly mademe length" of tail behind. : measuring
promptly .
; 1: i.tmn ui Vnarican.f { _
: inside is beautifully mottled and
Whilb he The of the calyx
charming duet of Jommeti. they were out by the which gave my
"" .:;r \\X i li'IU -) ill ohH, for Steam .E'oat:;, Refer to-LANE & READ, Ijoston. performing their parts viKjhe skill and taste hand cry at sentence squeezes uttered by the little, thin, variijated with rich colors, somewhat like :the
3LJL n.; ill plnfatiati me w4h; GARY COOK, Portland, Me.( every shell but neither _
; together a for which they were noted, two rather indifferent entlernan.Vl I I interior of a preserved ocean ,

It f 'Ul C'O'. ,ty to of mention article* in the Painting S line, too bo f1yS ::ium- ,.Ap avoid disturbing pale\ young;en l he concluded, Madame de StafL with\ so: brilliant nor so red b'U rather cf a purple cast. _


J.,< .
C.)) J ;
.,;diM .. S _
S .5 'UI1

11 __
; _
;I ... ..0 .. -- .- ,_,,

I ._ ...... ...... S S ....... --. ,l-- _
IH. 4 """ t -,. S" ;L.: .I ..1.---.. -
.;. .." _.' ... 'S aI :t-- -'::-- 7 %'_w ,. ____ _____ -
: 'T"o.. -. : S
1 4f.

-. : ... -
'it'wlueh -!'i --. -- .6 :;- ct- .,-' '. wr --
... :f1 1V '.
d r

I '" -......,.__ _._- ... .':-:", __1- __ ._ ___ _ _0_____ __
to" From I the Boston and :New York Paper war with l !France, 1 have raised the hopesof the For the Commercial -
bind u-s together as one people, governed Adveni

d UOJI I IEnCllIl: ADrEll'fISEU., by Iuallaws and equal justice. (: .r.- ARRIVAL OF THE i Repeal party, and it is one of the signs i .f the EDUCATION N'0.16. r,

'," r:: t< J' times'that: several of their journals avert withvident O paters. JVi U et
We : gain differ with "Patriot, who, : STEAMER l:] mag'u venan atque fo
1' speaking of the abolitionists, says:- satisfaction: to the chances of a I')',nch From what has been said about the in"t
4 tJ- We call the attention of our refers to the i "They (the abolitionists) arc everyday exciting } At Boston-til teen Days Later. invasion of Ireland. cf mothers, some fathers may think that I hate(

advertisements of fresh goods, just rec rved which. the slaves to discontent and disobedience,have and Triumphant progress of the French in Morocco The latest accounts from Egypt, state that Mc- rid them of all obligation and responsibility(

are publisheJ in our advertising colur:".'1s. oven become now so many arrogant servants that by they their can influence wUh\ duncajry: l -Critical state of affairs/ betiveen Englandand hemet Ali had ab! indoned} his:: intention of rz s'n-: .the; education of their children. But be it"kilo ro

_. --- j he kept l from riding over the necks of the white France-Decision against Council in;; power. His absence lasted but four diys, unto you, 0 fathers, that the very argunta!
0CJ- Th Post t-1asters of the :swell: counties population. and the Hepcaler in the House of fords- advanced Ui I
j and he had returned to Alexandria to carry oil: have lay ten thousand more obli t
throughout the Territory, will oblieIS! by forwarding There certainly must be some mistake here, Friendship restored between Spain and MorocCO O.uuon A \
than 1 if
: *,'"., x'". the gorerment as usual. It is now believed fLat you, they were not true. SOllle, :
as soon as possible; after the Faction! the for to there has been but one "
( our knowledge) thers think? that
; The Royal Mail Steamer Britannia, Capt. Hew- his retirement originated in displeasure at the as mothers hare the direct
returns of their counties and by so soing they single instance If t thing like a complaintbeing in-
; : ( any ternal management of the household
opposition oflered Ibrahim and the ,
elt, arrived at Boston on the 17th inst., from by they
< I'< will confer a favor which will he duly reciprocated: made bv our citizens of our slave popula- not themselves need
Liverpool, having made a passage in twelve days a mea3ure on which the Pasha had resolved, and concern about it. Such men
for as soon as we receive the same, uy will send ti believe that the colored people rre
In fact
on. we not fit to be fathers
I ; conducted themselves and six hours, by her arrival they have: London files that he was indnc-cd to return only by the withdrawal ; !they are without natu
to each a copy of our paper, containit *r the complete have, throughout the summer, affection, pests to society and
the inst and of that opposition. : traitors tot
-' up to evening! of the 3d Liverpool tht:,
!, returns. and) as praise-worthy as our
as orderly Mothers had need be
< Occupation "JT.J.glz'lor the FI'cuell.-The coui.try. angels: from
I ---- wish with the paper of the ah The news i ii of no great importance hij h
possibly ,
J i !QCJ* We arc indebted to )Ie: ro:. I>:Jx to% & white population in that instance except the actual commencement of host ili- Messenger: of Monday evening publishes} the following vinto withstand the baneful influence cf 51:
And we
\ DIMOX, of New York, fur the Cottoji. Circular" one: exception. react ties Morocco and a slight decline in Cotton.: l copy of! another! telegraphic;: despatch received ap<'5tatcs. There is: no doubt but that a1apa >

1 I of Mr. daled Vork to Slone, in whom we had reason to expect ;t of the vice in the world he '
"-m. P. New
1 Wright, Sept.12th Unusual preparations:: are making: in the British by the French :tiovernient : may laid at tle} i

IS 11 ; which we publish in our (:unmt;>rcialI.f better, so far forgot;and himself unwarrantable a* to chastise, in a'd yard*, and reinforcements of troops are under .llrarlor, the 111 h.-'Ihe Prince de Join- do r of f'.ithers.:! As: fathers, t the burden cf r 3. ,

most a:,rivated manner, agirl ville to the :Minister of the :Marine On the 15thwo ; : rests and '.'
t columns. ]It is, in our opinion, a vrv correct orders :- sensibility on you you calm t shake
to Giberalter.!
; and valuable document, and should l<* read attentively ; so ;mueh so that for one or two days afterwards : proceed to attackc-l: :Magiulor: after Iiavh: reduced it to f ii. The[ :fact; that mothers have -much itlaerlC I p

t'' ] doubts were entertained: cf her The French papers were allt filled with speculations ruins; the town and its batteries: we took pos.-ss- e ..
all Merchants recoveryby I elms not in t the I 1 lest diminishours
by our and Pl.} rrtcrs. but ..
who : representing the effect of the operations of i ion of the island and of the pott. Seventy( men, unti.Contrary
the attended her and this
physician too, "
enhances it. The influence
the !Prince de Joinville the relations of whom sere are officers, were killed and of merge N
BUSINESS SEASON. ] on existing
if we are correctly informed, for a slight and
wounded. in cstablUhi the ( in
am employed :ig depends a great degree on -011. It is-

: The preliminaries of our next bufness: cam- trivial ofli'nce. It is, we rejoice to say, a case: between France and England.) The Prince de garrison: of the island.: I have placed the 1 1a p trt i'i to aid, instruct and inspire them an.:ht ycurdutr. : '

t J' puign have commenced. Vessels a3 making that has no parallel in this section of the coun- Joinville will, it is said, be promoted to the rank state of blockade." "Conformable to co;'y.- mothers with relish l fJr By in.strucling .

their appearance in the bay, and light -';'? are passing and of vice: admiral on his return from the expedition vice-admiral peer of France: the minister of : a !: illtdlel't04: 1!
try, we sincerely hope that the laws applicable ,
'' ursuits the: foundation .
ifiir.ifarious Morocco. marine and colonies. JL noN: DC :I of K.U. 1 you tear: lay tor r '' tj'I'U'
j and repassing laden with their ( to the case will be rigidly enforced. against ,
/i %r- .tfn. ss a; id iil"ry of your otfspnn.. 'u ,
.'i freight. The ringing of the auction bell: -the The Judges delivered their opinions on the The h1 tk baet I nrii
following telegraphic despatch / ;
ll.iMV i i- itJ 'sl.ly I with
'uurI'l ,.
cries of the auctioneer, and the }tuflin! ,{..and blowing {:::.i- The Madisonian of the 17th inst., says, O'Conneli case before the House of Lords. Theyare received Paris from )1\1 hal Bn -.ul ) tr.!
at ,
: : :; : sliare; of it i.s i exerted on your children,
the rumor which is obtaining in newspapers unanimous in their decision that uhe.tryou {;
f. of the steamers, as they traverse -.ir water?, currency judgment Marseilles, iwg.20, # 1'.it.'t'he

1., reminds us of the busy scenes whic'ii j-vill ensue that Gen'l. DUFF GREEK had been appointed cannot be reversed by a writ of error. o\'(>nor general of Algeria ti) the Minster of intend: it cr not. They watch yep, t tjKimitste ,
when they come booming down the river with to an important secret agency in Mexico, The Minister:: of Great Britain at Madrid had war, Bivouac oi Kondiat Ab'ierralmran' 14th. you and they your principles a.j: ,f ffeeliag

The de Joinville followed the ,, and you cannot help it. Nvifvou;
we are authorized to state is without foundation. prince has up
their tall chimneys jut peeping over the bales:" proceeded directly to Morocco; and had efloctcd: a '
bombardment of Tamer !by the Inmbarchrjont labor to exert a gocd intlnence incalnii i
He has been appointed Consul at Galveston and settlement of the i 11may
of cotton with which they are ladeu. Horses Spanish quarrel with that em
and occupation; of ?\\la( a\lor\ on the l-ltli.) .Wcv result. You inspire in
i and drays are running hither and thither, as if bears despatches to Mexico. lie is simply, the the deduction: of the town and: forts, l I- t.X'k'-iio-! can seer" < ..fir.
pire.The 111fif virtucuilorrt ,
.::. i anxious to hurry along the time veer they can hearer of despatches to Mexico and Consul at visit of Louis Philippe, to his royal sisteris sessionof the inland and }port On this: ioof country and "t

thc Moors: do !not to have :,uted! tie 'attack them to ob..dit." r ,I :
Gaiveston.} appear; aw ;
get a load. And our citizens, partir.ilarly the said to be posponed until October. The Lon- .
of the French, but to 1 have fired upon t tffm'before ;,rlrJ law: ; ,tee. fur ; i- .
; I l "Summer Boys," as they stile themselves, IU1'eIt' don Times however states, positively that Louis ;lr
POLITICAL. could their! .
they ; bring; giris to l>e.raiici: By y nr ?. ,'. ,) 'itl"1)
become so statiafed with leisure, that they manifest ( .. The Whigs of \re-.v York have nominated Philippe will not visit England! this year. the eon a'tettrc:} according: to the French .,rc.>:'i its : '
.locii'tv vv'f: i rd! 't
; n tM aj--r : i -t.: : I
-. great anxiety to commence active operations.! as their candidate for Governor of the State the The visit of the King: cf Prussia to the Austrian io: that seventy:; eigiit rue.t, of whom Se'e.lVer : Jf"-r
f officers, have 'been killed and! wounded.Meanwhile siail be in irk- ,t ''' .t.l: ail! t':,e :r.Hs II; rt',: xrrj.
I In a few weeks our wharves will be covered with Hon. MILLAUD FILLMORE and for Lieut. Gov. Court is taken a-s a sign of a, more intimate intercourse -
1'. tin military arm of France has not len e. N t o 1 so, hot >ou cnn irnj,,.r' suchjhnd.

cotton-our streets filled with people; and the SAMUEL J. WILKIV, Est of Orange county. : between the two great; Pavers Germany, ben inactjOn the Pith. Mnishal Bugeaud; turn of mind fit voiir daughters! : that:: 1'neraton3 ..

places of business and amusement opened, and anl-the present condition of the world proves that: achieved a cumplct'ictIJry, at Isiay, over theMoors tl)
) t'ij{ 33* Both parties in New Jersey, have held come will rise and call you hles] -ed.
I t:I every inducement held out to those who wish to a rupture between France and, I England would not : f:1!) of whom were left dead upon the fit-Id up 1
Conventions at Trenton, for the selection of suitable I lie took Iran a thousand; to twelve Iriiicred: teats But us a hint to t the wise is siUicient, (and 1 I IWI
< i 11 enter the field of competition and struggle:: on for only be a war of giants, but would involve Europe
candidates for State officers. The democratsmet eleven pieces' of artillery i si'teenstanll iiVol<.rs, a :rri! i -A--irls and hints and irrelr.izahlearguHH'ifs ::1
wealth. Affain, and a:ain, will the latent news in its:: consequences.In -
f on the -1th ill?t", and nomination JOHN R.THOMPSON quantity warlike stores the personal: b IJTJ ige ol'tiie -r,' of nr. avail with fools, and selfconceire'J
1\ be sought: for; and again will the speculator nib Spain and other ports of the Continent, thee emperor's srn r, ;ann an i immense !hio'y.:' -
of Mercer; the whigs met on th ) i i.i-i; who are a hundred-fold, wv.r,etbwfo.I'
his hand, and laugh or look! sad, and put them belief general that the affart's of Morocco; will 1 Dreadful Bullbetwcen the Frtsch end ffie :
\ 10th, and nominated CHARLES S. STRATTON, of ,) I : to i.itrodu"e tic! grand subject I
l It in his breeches pocket, as his anticipations ogain f lead to a war between the great !b'.ter- ; and it 1 Moom.Ve puMnh! says the, Morning! H'-rafd, passoa
Gloucester, for Governor. Mr. S., was formerlya the! following: extract: (Ir.rr ". !nrivafc lttt-r, dated, had in view in this: series of articles on Educa ,
'! are realized or Misted. And agiin will a Germany it is even rumoured that an alli.i : <' 1'--;
JI' member af Congress.; Mreilles: Aiuu: ''Jl, t tvv-lve ode''I'hei tion, to wit : "'{boo.r. In the whole course of
{ f few M those young:! men, who did not profit much fensive and defensive against_ France ins already I I.i'I: if t half;) ist :2, P tiieenemssfort oppiedfi'ir !

I.'it by ther last season's transactions: end ge in wild 03* The Democratic: Convention at Harrisburg, been formed between Great: Britain and I Russia.The : !I 1 ; : lire against! the SuJren: Jonttiaes; [ and education there is no one point in which parents

and ruinou3 speculations: refusing to learn, even Penu., have nominated FRANCIS R. SHUNK, as } Italian insurgents are said to be wjtCM.v!i I 1 I'ritori: : who were nian-.cuveringto :Take tip; their iiK-re egregiously: ; err than: in reference to schools. I

I their candidate for Goveror of that State, in place: s ration At 3 o'clock the vr-.sscls bad took their E Here[ father, i is a wide :field for the exercise cf ;
1 by sad experience, that the bounds of prudence the progress of events with unusual interest; t, -md
stations. The lire now became !L'Mieral, and 1ns- wisdom and and
1 should not be and) that riches of the late Mr. Muhlenberg] ; deceased. the Papal and Austrian Governments your patriotism philanthropy, '
overslept, : cannot are adopting tefl till .ix o'clock. At :i) lI'do<: t :E' eneIl\"s s *
but 0, Mahtm Infannum verm/if iVrfat'Where 1
I t always be obtained by one grand grab. Onward, measures of precaution to meet contin. encie3. >.itt-'ries were sileMced. More {"ini It}') piece:

t and onward, will roll the wheels of fortune, some ELECTIONS. According to the Madrid Heraldo of the lUthuIt. of rannon: defended the!: town, arm were well sre- i is your wisdom and j .' ..)tim and philanthropy

Elaine Election.The following is the returnsof ved. At1 1 o'clock the Belle Pale approached ? How there are who r
more hHcy than the rest: will hold nn, while ., the Moors are busily engaged in repairing the! many meanly,
the election for Governor, which gives; Anderson Ch+a;.'1 to th.> tau ; the brigand steamboat-* IIOW dastardly treat the great mountain source cf all'
others will fall 1 roiuh and tumble! and t fortifications: of Tangier, which were said to he ,
.-MJ p dern. attacked the j"Lmtl.t half l jjcst::! live! th :* dirt?
( ) -ISc151 \ ; Robinson (whig) 37,850' schools with ;
I our :
: common ) utter
down-in a enifued( -like mass: they will all push defended by 159J infantry! while there were 40)0cavalry ;) f torru, th-. i bljcl"p.rl: nearly >! cnceJ.- At this! greatness ( ne;

fOr\\"ard-sl'\me : tt all others 5,37.5. The Portland Argus, state? around the to.vn. The hour son.e mf .ntrv artillery, end engineers de'arkr lect. A man can be neither great nor ,end wbundervalues t
t M t will be whirled tn th,? highest: English: rOlslIIlnd l
; that.the democratic candidates for Co'tgrrs3; are .i 1 on : 'I'!!, is-! 1 an.ll"tl'e received by a vollev common schools. But mere anon. ?!
flp! II P, and in the next moment crusht-l beneath returned from Giberalter and resumed his official
: elected in all the districts except; the first, when of musketry. They: hriwerercOUn: got }posss'um DOCTOR.For I
;,: thp ln\vest. Happier, by far, be wh'. npr the in duties. I < of all the batteries*arrif ned by :3V) men. .
consequence of a split in their rank;, there i is ----- -
hub, keeps on the -' even te'irr of his \v ay." general recruiting; is ordered in Russia. The Th' i>lu'id, was ficoupied.. The l ttt;:st; day: there tU? Cx.!iMit<*rcial Aclvrrtwr.Mn. :

oJ no choice. The present delegation stand two vve-tern provinces are to furnish five men fur every, v"vt-v :lo'nid!;, oi the inland: ner.riy '!')!O dead, and ,111 rnI'CClR :There is no danger, in the watching I'I

blrlILi ; ABOLITIONISM: Sc.We whig,*, four democrats: and one'aC3.11cy.. In the s-'ver'lv' wounded ; 12-5 were made trioners.- 1
thousand of rh- 1 poinil-jjion. of which we should be more eagle-eyed; ant! .
t Senate 23: democrats and 3 whig:?, and in the House D'iring! the whole of the ni hthe: Belle Pouleand
have received a communication: signed I It The health of the tJxvKing of Holland, now the ('a,.sard rotitiiiu! e.lHIOIHdI: ; the town. The there i is no calamity, from which we should( nor t

u Patriot," which we insert with: pleasure, as i it 57 democrats and 20 whigs: are elected. eldest surviving branch of the Bonaparte family, ships: of the line anchored: after the action in the earne-tSy;: pray to [be preserved ; and there is n \

1 treats upon a subject in which we are all' more or Vermont.The exact result of the vote for }tae, it is said, suffered severely from the death o i' r ,);ds. The! 1'jth, tin* ,;t'iin.oftlletu5: n recommenced evil foewl or national more to be dreaded, tha \

Governor Vermont is by the Belle Poule with the steam the desiu i of abolitionists. Of all the combined ''
l less deeply int're ted. In speaking of tl)3) dangersto : not yet ascertained. The)l his brother Joseph.

I Burlington Free Press the boats. At t hilt'past: [ three a landing: was etii-cted causes of evil in our haul there is none so fraught
I be apprehended from the insidious and untiring : gives following as the An Agent of the Texian: : Government while collecting -the town \vns: mdoncd! the t
:!{uin= a erespilcd.:
I ;r' efforts of the abolitioni': ts: in carrying out their full returns of the legislative; election :Senate 21 recruits and arms in London was arrested and thrown into the sei. Several ih} :::= and somerunoiiH with awful disaster :is this. No wonder thatO t

hellish purposes, we in some measure, a-Tree withhim. Whigs and 9 Democrats. House 145 Whigs, -16 1 by the British Government, and} informed that his pie,:c3 of artillery vas taken! on board many who stand" on our watch-towers so often cr/ t

J file Snfrt'i' ; ; and have: sic:; b.etl sect to France.Af out Danr and point us to this hvdra-mocster: t
We have within a few months: back, heard and 3 Abolitionists, with 29 towns i in movements were contrary law.
five o'clock cvervbody! returned to the hip,. sMnuins. with extended jaws ready to devour t
of several vessels off the Floridacoa which there is no choice. Whig majority ; j :
being picked
up : The trade reports !from England: represent business The city was (pillaged; by: the Kabylcs. Constitution, Union and all. All that is glorious sC

\ t and carried into Key West: with runaway joint ballot 103. as being quite brisk. Prices in
steady, and our Constitution or desirable in our L'.tiottmu t

negroes on board, and: in one or two instances, .1i. sowi-Thc St. Louis Republican of the stocks low.It COTTOX' AfARKET.LlVjipi" fall a preyto these abolition destructionists if they
l I ? (!)!L, :Sept: :;'1-The Market previous ; a
\ they have had white men with than, all of whom 17th inst.: contains the official returns of the late H said that the riots at Philadelphia caused;1 ti, tiif! arrival of the! last Mourner from Boston, bid can possibly! effect their object. Their object H c

f I were wending: their way to Jamaica, or the otherBritish election of that state. The majority Edwards, Father Mathew abandon his Temperance mission a beat t"t'I'lingand: an upward tendency, hut the well known: their diabolical plans re d+'rplvlaid, e

i I 'sion, fully supplied with provisions the t Tt'c..i.r; of I-ite; :.deice: n'portiIJ7; th IP probabiiitv 1 o i|f and th! are prosecuting, with! .' 1 t
posse ) (Hard'5 candidate for Governor, over Allen, to the United :States. LWilruer a !la irircropcf: ; ; Cotton th" UU. I'd SIT; .. (-Iu -.-i iin : ur\ < nt ,,' rsever'ejv

water, &c. Indeed it was only last fall that two his "Soft"' opponent, is 5,651. Four "hards," & Smith's Times thinks the line of Atlantic ; tutf-ivorahle: reaction Prices ininipJ-atelv f>(>- :nc. :!t('u.Hisr! !! pnrpSI': an," w., ;: :e r..asot1 E

i runaway negroes from East Florida, after committing Messrs. Prior! IJowlin; and Rilfe and sran to drug; and the mnrJcet, since F' ill :t%, his : .hat% so long; as their blood! does not otag-
I'I'f one :steamers projected inew York: would be a II-'I'n diiii! ariil ht'aviV'l' pricet' _\ I
quote t : meric.i.'i ntt:10 their vein.tir' will till from eat
not re-1 t
most murder y
a of theKe:1 "
outrageous one 'soft, Mr. Sims, are elected to 1-b'd: Ib IOW s
Congress. The losing; concern. ; : fully : p jr /T than the! hiirhr: p nat
to wot the dt4ev *rert ruins of Union clothe!
stole a boat and made good+ their retreat: tIt 0 whiirs have elected 1 t members of the House; of Mr. Everett has of}lafl week and[ thm- are ntuuerousseUpr[ : at riie : our r
the Bahamas. Upon representation of the facts transmitted: to the English: decline. Tiusule I .- oi S.irw-iav; \cf'reit:";iO l b,Jp I ?. till earth in sackcloth! If there Sorthemdepera; r

t Representatives and the. democrats 50.fjr government a ropy of the resolution adopted by )'''-!t'rJIY: ;'',iK)0:) aril: today _',{HJI) bales, nearly ail d!?"*s wvr<* al! clJurl;: .ted in th{'ir distant dens,the?
of the case at Washington the President in
conformity : ----- to the trade.
Congress: :: thanking! that government; for services conla not harm us: as much, b,:t they are prowlinr
with the provisions of the late of *.. "French dresses of have
treaty a new style recently
Lord Ashburton, providing for the mutual ( b"oii imported into this city, and arc now for- rendered by its officers during the burning of the _1/,'. Kdltnr.-ft is with pleasure, we notice an-ind: 1 our own door:, erouchin for their pre!-

surrender sali' at a (.t.-hiIl111hle shop in Broadway. The price steamer Missouri] at Gibraltar., the return of our worthy Po of fuzifive-i from justice, despatched the is only one thousand dollars! each." .
Northerner with and distrust but titrei.
Two extensive failures have: taken: place i in hope that his: staywill be rermanl1t.lr. suspicion:: ;
--fl: tf-- Marshal of the Southern District of Florida in Some editors to make i i.s
a are trying us believe thatthe : real wonder, that o are suffered tenef
Manchester. The ? many
old-established .
firm of Burges l; B.. has always been admired in his official as
national vessel, with a warrant! bearing the broadseal above is all moonshine. mere hoax; and and breed about our very hearths. It will b* WT
and Townsend calico
Iis printers, whose liabilities well a:* private life. ShouW he again leave
{ a of the United States, for their arrest and re- that they have: not got dresses in New York that if the people of the South, wake from this bthargT
: exceed tttOU!( and Edward Benjamin! : Jackson we hope that he may be more fortunate in his
turn. Upon application being made by the Marshal cost $1000. We say they have We know they in time to :w tli2rn elve3 from a generrt mass.
and Co. fustain
manufacturers wl'ose'
liabilities, selection of a Deputy, as theiv have been ender
: to the authorities for their surrender, they have, and so does many a /fellow know it to ere They (the abolition! its) are statioingthens-
poor it i is said, are about ;:?U,000.t .
complaits against:! the wouldJe-dignijled en! cial. we
: for some trivial cause or other, or informality in i their heart's content. As a will selvt'S at convenient dUtances, and ?pw'ns out
great n
i many The circulation of the Bank of England for MANY CITIZENS. whole hind and makin preparations
are needful
the form of the ;
indictment refused to them believe
I give it till they see it, and as the old saying is
II the period from the Ibth .:Ma\ to the 10 ::0 strike the fatal blow. every day exciting
August. They are
up. Since then, however, the whole matter has seeing is believing," we propose to our subscribers i For the (]omJ:1! mia! Advpfti+. r.Mr. .

\ I been laid before Her )Iaj 5ty'S Government, and if they will only come forward and pay up, that There, has: been an increase: under every bead, ,. Editor, :-Tit: > I'Jsf! ;,loduetions of iiiearEe" the Lives to (discontent aid disobedience influence,
will their
i there is no doubt but that will be will excepting the bullion, viz., i: .the circulation, ot!' arid Cifi-v! r'-..r. i 'cid.li 1 inr.iweTiicy fv.'n! now nriny servants iv
i ample justice I we go on and buy one, and exhibit it-a 1 < ; an : h-Ire b -cotn? ?o atro.sant that hey can with di'--
73,0007. to
or 21,32i,000/ the /
done, as the English ministry cannot, without I mode Birnum-free gratis for nothing JOin / deposits, of ttr'tli}! _on apy tHUt' ,y.+ .hire-att; from tie;nt t. entry! l lt" kit| : from riding tier tli-! necks of fc
113,0 ; the !'ecuriticsln: OOtJ/ and iI'e'; ;
: disturbing the friendly relations now exiting between ; ( have: not only fought: and scratched eac'i the.- <
t ; So come pay up white Pi iul.tnon.\ \>?, the! *' are eluiter.cf!! :::

the two nations, Itt so daring an outrage ------ profits, or rest of 33,000Tile bullion \' t'other like h'ur nf.mtat: ; which name they appear (',),-ct'aed[ abolitionists whtrr-taiid ready, whenever

i ,I upon our rights and laws go unnoticed, or "un- c :,- The Swiss Campariologian: : ;; Bellringers, aged weekly the sum of la7t,000I.) : !) <) or less by to be very indignant-but expressed} a feeling tit H',' dare, to resent any fancied indignity to 1

whipt. of justice." }have arrived at N York, and were to give an exhibition I- 155,0)0Grelt: : preparations are making: at thee } : :as: if tbey deserved what they look upon! with fi.-3. r,. Til.- tron-h-.irteJ treatment that the peer

We differ widely, however, with Patriot," of their skill on the 17th inst. Their band Bank of England and its brandies: for carrying on such contempt; i. e. a canin'.,. I shall in future wane servants and ajytfntices at the North recede

in regard to the} abolitionists exciting the slaves consists: of nine performers and the instruments its business under the new law, and tie returnsftom : leave them to.their squabble, but would recom- is nothing r! The wbWinS of sailors' and soldier t

1 f' throughout the Southern States: to a general massacre they make use of are common hand bells of various i- many of the issuing banks in ;general have foci their mothers to keep a watchful eye upo:t i is nothins 1m 0, the horror that is felt, if a con-. tf

No no we have nothing to fear from sizes: and I tones. About fifty of these bells been published in the Gazette. them, else thev. pay got out. i tray} t-tubbora( } dsiobedient: an haushyU< ese

that source-the idea is ridiculous and nut worthnoticing. are arranged! on a long table, behind which the I The chief topic of the day is the rumored intention 1 ORSEISVEII. cj.i.-tis"d! An.l where these abolitionist.! 13
.\ Suppose even an attempt of the kind players are placed ; and the music is produced by of her Majesty to visit Ireland, preparatory t aohnrrat: t : ::, thc land-pirates, are l CTThe U. S. slopp-of-vvar': Jarrjfstovvri'waslaunched : i sr.Vr.1; no ftii'/ifsil: friend of the country car
: should be made-before the arrangements could the ringing of these bells, which arc passed with t to an amnesty remitting to :\Ir. O'Connell and !;is of who ought to b e
at i l'orfolkY'a on the 17th in't., i in r U"tlire t i i- an y one t.pt men
; t : be completed for so widespread a plot, the alarmwould incredible rapidity from the hand of one performer fellow prisoners: t the remaining term of their/imprisonment. i- the presence cf a large concourse ef ectators., !hated and limited out of the I I land as r.f'D.thonwtimes ocJ

I f i I be sounded from Maine to Louisiana, and to the other as the exigencies of the tune r c- l Whether, true or not, the mete rumor moie'destructive to our 1I1'StlrutHlI1Sinterc5ti and
The J., i 170 feet! in length; and 30( t feet
( that too long before the fatal day arrived, for i its quire. In this way, the most: difficult overtures has created great excitement among AU p3 rTier armament will! consist of deer ,ian Seminoles or Mohawks, these lift
eighteen th
1 -
-r fulfilment. The only true fear we need : ppret' and combinations: of harmony are executed, w'ith i t ties. The Conservatives profess to disbelieve f that pound th/.,}'. I lI nnot look at them withoot hot iDdi:?
ers and four G3 do all Paixhan.
bend, is the power wielded in the lulls of Congress astonishing precision and beauty of effect. Ministers will make the Qneen a par.ri to such a tiori. J t'ould warn every one to watch, anu' tiC

I by the abolition members, and !Irom them proceeding, while the Repeal] organ, openly .declare Mr.: VAN XAKDT, Charge iTAffairs of f to wdfch, for the safety of our personal, dom,tertntilously (* -

only, in their united efforts in trying to abolish ]03-;: The Dutch man-of-war brig; St. Croix, Capt.Dobkurn that an amnesty would neitj'r $e received Texas, (has presented his letters of recall to the and civil iratett'st:, and let not the country be

,I slavery. We have rights, which were bequeathed arrived at New York on 17th inst. from as a favor, nor turn the Irish p 'ple, ll m their, President;; making: ; a brief speech of resets at the : wre&teil from ns. i I'.''T'lOr

us by our forefathers which St. Croix, West (Indies. She carries 12 guns, "' fate of the Treaty, and ___t. '
.i :: are secured and t purpose ( complimenting the President i- Jiiav"b the :
and has a crew of 100 (Gljm(' idea lInme'J'J
guaranteed to us by the constitution of the United; men The on the frank and !honorable; course he had ,
Repeal Association r/portcd the Erie
mount of of h the
/ .'unou !it inr;I'* done'ip' ,
States, and so long as these rights are respected, (ccr> It is sid that a number of Millerites r erent collected for the w'ek ending IStfiult at adopted on that occa;;;iml. :Mr.: RAYMOND remainsin /rom the! ':lCt,? r1.1t.it! o->e Q' r thlock} t *, I.I :miles "est <

we wfll l be found tru ; to constitution and law, fused to vote at the election in charge cf the Texian Mission, ad interim. 00 an
Portland /
&: 1102, and for the wc. ending ICtb at ;03; i 13s: To Albanv;, a boat priseS: every nne: minutes
but let them once be disregarded and trampledunder on the ground that the c r
; if elected, 03- The fare from 'Troy to has been nightanddJydurin3 the wholeseosoa!
lid.The Saratoga: average,
r foot and virtually dissolve the bands ,
wouldn't: je in this world to take "
; their tr eats affair.of :M-/OCCC, and the pessbility! Of a reduced to 75 cents. navigation.f .

M I : (; ci ,"
S. "

r .
AI 'f'I
I -
l lt

v trt' : .


i f '

-- -- T S

--- --- -. .
-- --a -,-- -
-: '



'-:-:: : -- -- ---- ---- .
-- ,
__. .
-- ------- _.-II1)urin _.-_ _

c vj- pitlcinan cl this hia j dai Aiw* Vouh, September, 12. 1SH. 5 the months of May and July prices re ----J-
)eajjh ifl that a ; ca> j mained \\ tthout material MARRIED.In .
disoier c'rfF N ('fl"t'OF TII uTrrr.r 1fl3--lI. change, the" dictations I &

important in cja m? a nc :v J j Consumption.Totdtcro ce not th-exceeding 1-t August a qusurer ot a cut per pound. Sin this city on Thursday the 25th inst.,-by Seth ELECTION NOTICED ;

t, j., JOHX G. GILMORE to"M] : .: N ELECTION mil be held in FRANKLIZ4 ,

;nd A* s0005! tae paleat ca:* *i*<* 4t1red it \ c.md in tonie measure by per ;pound ROiA\\A AIpKNE\V all _t.t. Count, Territory of Florida ::
oar of{
1: : Sloe AS on hind at the commence- luiuaiiuilv 'hoav'fctock this cilv.iikiLIi en Monday tbe 4

i1 II 1 bc put in uslhere. One lataP :it ihe heht tZaLit ot the year, 1st Sej'l, 1S43, ton nurkct., at a season of comparative quiet in"the cot I c'urI:!' day of No embcr next, lor tctir Senators to\

I In th? Southern pon's. ... . .iOIn hut mure pvirtnulajy[ by tile f1attcrin ? represent the Wesfetn Senatorial Distiict of Flo \
eet s
the ,
whole .
The :
jM wiluiyht\ :
rf city, I rise Northern ... .. prosj-ects ot the ne.\t crop. The irp i rida ai.d !
ports ...G' iSl of total receipt? \ ( ; or ore representative to the Legisla -
h'.iliascy is *-11: > be equal to the suci! at QOOfc. 9I.4SJ; bdles cotton against tor the 2 ]year-73o75. I bale IJ-J, amount to 2 03(> 4Ui> liULuLlirihUiifi lure for ti.b .. (t. ountv of Franklin. .

aIi the material lieaper than! that us1 for $ me year prcvioufhowin -.. .. The PI il-j \\ill be held follows ;
any ; deer as
; u ot 3] :
Mkes a supply! of . .... . ; : ,...., lGobales : how much of POITOFAPAL.WHICOLA.! At FOR f ;
other hrhr. It M lid S3JJ will light lilt* city 11Jf1ft r'irefron- ,i: --ata'th .,t tIi. .. .> ( .DDEx, under the inspection of -

tie now, but 1 am inclined Wm. Kobinson. Carlton Evans and In
;o believe n>Elaby.
5CVt one ca The eSjK>u oi iuren that the \
33be amount AKKIVED. At OLD
ce; & n-.t exceed I,8oO)0j WOMAN'S BLUFF
ports. 1,629,490 ( bales from under *the inspection -
fact the Brig Caroline E. Pint
faciirno1z Sta4r._ eittrat: i about tofvT Less Texas and oilier beiore that the la-tyear price? were low, lower than ever McKav >\: H'iri.iorne. Rice, fin New York to of Cliz*. Russell, Saia'l. G. Evans and ,
frein eroi inc iar.je.t Seiden.
U a bOIt be bwlt ii New York city, 21,693_ much cotton, was Ket.t bdck m the grown, and that b'rig'Orray Taft, ivilv fni Providence. At APALACHICOLA :( I -
IC07,795 inferiorvhicti Sent cc'TParst'i.smnn. under theinspectfon of
1irnCfliO thafl the IIudon.viIl Stock on !jiand at the ; the high prices ot this j pat season { tm New Orleans David G.
of11ev any o Tii- I&t close of market, and swelled the amount' of me brought! to Schr. Gen. \Vm. Worhnigiun, Davi?, tm St. Jo- Kaney, Wm. Fester and Arisen Hancock
year. sept. 1844
beiu feet with about -O feet general expectation. In receipt bevo'id sepn. Given under my hand, this the 25th day of
In the Aj'jiueru evidence .t
ports. 52.931 the! r.tftia September -
Novembe.iu1 in Steamer Apalachicoh. Button fm 1MJ. JAS. F. '
t.j n. ne istohavti. 72 IUM: cylinder, ?ndi i'Lery la Uirfsoi.yeia ports .1UitjlS( D.-cember) io4: injure J tl- Bluntstown. FARRIOR,
crop, I se-3U, tde ;
quote the i ... from th<- Deputy Clerk
th.i, ,_-1 r rrefpond.She| i> inUnded to be ready 159,772 ment wing iMolnJi- animal state :f- 1
:- \\h .rd DEPARTED.
B'lnit an.J lost ; i.s' to the
at New
quahi.- uf
,0 rj. i the openiniof ntviti s )) next spnag. (Oj-t .ij.-< .. . ... .7213 bryojjht to !h3metr.iet] we have t'0 rwnnrk tile cotton that Steatri'r Agnes, Allen, f.r
Kntat there luve been lesauue cotton Y Smith, .Smith for Baimbridge. a f'rc5h and Geeral: Assortment of
.AM-ile: ... .. 473 than were
1 Liverj>oolKliU } of the 2Cui ult., :. i- J ;_ rti.: .it r-jvanah.. . 700tl for sevo.il ytar= past. In fact the great hi'lk!receded oi the teatxier F1orerxeI Fievd, tor Col'nnbus.tetiner FALL GOODS, consisting in part of:-

I : ,. iath a4Jti :., ILt-cur, E- ., at C .. .1,O36 crop received here has bee' made up; from picking Siren, \'he ttr 1r l.irovii's Ferr.ttaIfler .-. Cal' co?, Muslins, Flannels, Linse\s, ,
at AC york. after the Autumnal frosts and the Siren, \ttieittu, fr Chauainoocke. SiP Cravats, Quilt Shaws Worsted
kvhodieLath.it ciVoa .. ( occurrence Caps,
( .u, the 24th., 1,1(1)I ot the heavy ratusoi that Kfrre. lonrest
: : reason of the ve.ir and ; cC.in'>nc Hdkfs,
3 I : Mrs. coaseinieiitiy a i.Vut Vorlu'ii of it \va iniui'ed NOTICE TO MAKIXKR3. L :di s" Kid Gloves, Linens
I 5,151 I in A corre-ondent Suspender?,
l.H appearance as well asqial.y. It ; of the Philadelphia Ecatite Pongee Ildkfs -
[''.r. :fl !?4atwiu.-4Ve tr1erstnd hat ira- we have had in :thi= market Js On this account state that a Pilot boat left !)es-are! breakwaie r, Ladio Black Italian Cravats,

hales, SJ'J,744: ::t lily of inferior sa large a quan yrhiis.--!, lor the i5oinets, fancv, tinted, XcpolitanVth &c.
v'tratiGn of
: j r i taMaen\ ri.vaed: yi t Out arii1 of the aud oidinary cotton, denominated purpose removing I he rive fathom \ ,
quantity taken for consumpcfade this j-eo or, for Light boat from her station a variety of articles suitable for
i i' Cabinet Uie
.' i V j* !leM (-fltJ iia' s fl'i: iird tune \\e have known to Wilmington 1'ei, to Sensoa. -
any manufactured in I lOflI cuttuo undergo repairs. ing For sale by '-
:- ajioni course tuey should t -,; ith: and uWl of Vir-jinu -

: j' jia :nci iron Texas and cidfy I. ; ce;>t iii meicuiity uf Petersburg, nor, any in':I I for The c.ott.1Ixipi1ul1*flamitdcturers ; i in tV? country have ten! VESSELS UP & SAILED FOR THIS PORT I MJ. ___-__FRANCIS KOFMAN.com.
'J" u.miv ni's j n b.J"p.eVMiiss
:: U >5V1 C n't : v hicii year, 346,741 .-, ClOllliIg
; s tf.liiai i ; i'icrct ot ''c Brig Arm C.'tza, Park sailed! 9th c. \\k .1
< inst. fm
? 4j5t N. Y.
3'-1.3 ver tte
: LLtiiXI t muI> ; I U-I
fL ) rtini ved.t. yr GOODS !
I4 1i1 c It which they hive: taken wr.; Yji .u:.,, Tabot sailed -Ju>t received Caroline
; >is. ooiJi a ned three"weeksearlier In-Mi ffj; Uth iri ,t'.. ln do. per
t > mark .i:
( j1 war 'IVx-u -t JJ1.2w( balt-s Sjnr L.. FTati.fri4n New I
Ujiou or at the >i.thern York ,
rate cf Taylor i-Pd :-
: l i \ -.tr.: An increased 2ii2 bales 15th mat., fm Boston. g
\ .1 IS cured t i'a.ti nf tour ;.it < : -and, unles quantity of land wiliivuUou week ; tftey have also! Dt-en doing a highly per rfcnr.: atitaAnaa, Wtbb! cleared on the 12th, Over Coats, Ca- iria-re Pants, Satinet Pants, r

: .. i HI part throu. tiie iacihties whici.M nary litm htyiiuuid! occur during th ou- remainder c e.uraordi- in -, and are it'prescnted a bein at this moment jr.speron fm ..NBrig Orleun,. Rtd I'.anIt1.! *!its, Keriv jackets and pants,

\- >n, the quantity will probably exceed that of I been a ilouris-hing bunt condition Mimj new mill have > iratt.ga, )Bed.!!, np at X Y., on 15thLSI.. Linen bosom Shirts, T.ilicod') ; Suspenders,

'. ,. L' .' in i a fetate of of ci iv L and more are now ling M'-u>uiora, A-hby, X Y Dra-A.- \
t ml if is'r rev.rj i ear.inty tion indeel in cour-r of erec up at on Ittii. < and urtiL'r Shirt>, Sattinet Jackets
: the dome JSchr. ,
; Iica \ : in L.J T.I- :; (;t1v cotton received at the f=hin- United St-ae j =tic consumnti: of the 19ti Henry A Schrovder, r-talford! up on the Sick Coats:. Woi cks aid Mitts ,
? destined ,
.. is iiiit
a" UJuil
t ;'n:p4)r M. iti tn iir-t iitant exercise much Fur n.Ah
\ aii.ged great and velvet
o aboul t er miluenre Caps Children do.
u/on ;
70 ) price of the 4 1p
< u : a aiutt uuiy 3UiJ raw material
Il til Hie
,. % :it -' I v-r. SdUAC June iaat L than as hitherto been the case. r-ASSEl\GERS. Henrv Clay Hats, Men and boys sporting do.

V j. !i ,; The experience oi! the Per brig ('atohne E Fancy merin.> and velvet Vests, Gloves I.
das pat has ,
arriv year -V/m.
now : < d: whi it uselc. proved how \Vorriknr and I
':- Vi )r to 4.' : ;t ,rict ; oi' the seem= aphis u is to pretend to turin an accurate f-jtimate lady, Mrs. Gif>-.on, Mrs A Lry, Mrs. Aldnd e < no-halt:: hose, Silk & cotton Pocket Hdkfs, .
-ry C 'MOH; ;rjdeilli9 of! th-* extent the *
-i :j'- ?/. < ..ir ion & t1.t I Ve iud j: he (1 Clcp ;j f I'.o e.i.'ly a e jccn but Mr? fief.on; M'i. J Schrodt; it h K.-iijKukt. Al-ix at.eral oittnent d" STAPLE and
nuy no! ii be :
> i f a HJ .i-.iI .iJi .S ll tt '. lo tiiOaf I'll Ie4t"J the "u .nay reind.r.ied: hiat tnn ace i ut-> up to'this X treyniour, P McGreevy, and 5 in sfeerage. : FANCY DRY

I a )j ;"c ; in gre.it t H.ne lioni te outn$ as *o 1.1.* pr'isj-ects of Per steamer Siren-Air. Ch ts H Austin scrt30 GOODSVI?_.\VPTC MJIVev I
iro- rmiry, o rcviea litte in ; the lady WflP\fAN
detail ,
i .
the .
Cio ) hivc hexi iavorj1 -i r.. .:!? ii- ( '._.? ct 1-,1.. .-.. .. .. i
.. .. .. at /
.' '.:-,. -. .. .. .. -.--. ....- .. -.4. .,- .&.,.... '-t ; ) 'I ,.I I wi
t ;'J! ..: tor New htis 2 Aj] ]: ', j'-t.iVt.'J: uio.-t uuaaJifclaciory to the There i\\u uiiujuus aim a u.tu r ..re md-.iged in.- Capt lloiiinsoo. Mi.- King, 3Ies-rs. Ss ts I1ee, T Goods
i .. ji:, & j: i,. -r mid speculator. looks I is no! question ,: to u.e fact :Latihe TOO: K SniitbV, t L La>vrcnce, ilartin.IMPORTS. '"F'HE subscriber has jut received
ad T.-i'i.'r tli. promising, t nd thir it J. per brig
: \> .' U :.cf lil w.is late, air! uuuropitiouiti earlier tnin iai-tje.tr nt thcv v ks Carolina E. Platt, a lre lt and fashionable assortment t
s. I fc1 stad '
'u.s i'i dS th' : ta-on ; toe crop i.-i yet subje A ; of FALL
proreed. I arid l \\ ,
hi iy
t I III.tt' v .v. vei: .Mtuikaud GOODS
] NE\V
ex Vv <1> *: .- 1 ,1- ;o tiat of the estimate, made YOiK-l'er bii C E Piatt-611 con- .
extfut prior to ', s'iins
., ; t crop n-ere cue :- Di--.*:, -j T e t..Ot be- relied iro i 24 bars in part, as follow :-
jAta !,, -J 'J.a h'1!
I A atirui'tcd: tit litlle notice upon. Undercrdirjarj s I72u\z rndze toM"cKay .V Hart-
uflfll.A'Jg't-t : Gents
circ Calf
4 ? t.t 4reoJ the r .-11 a t'fL'udtive 1kittk1i'IS however, an horne; IM pksjss t-> skin Bfs. 3 > extra fine.
fe : ( f.'faijg e'.tnced it.-ejf in Xcvv -.'eird average crop will be f'iry c Dickir ou; "l cio to IICo Do. ; 't
.. i.i: uui niiich! attention wdrdwn: to ih- cub C; asidj>ric: = rule low, win eh wit! enable II Taylor; do to C-reti & Connerv; 254 do to S Calf &'-'Wf.i i .ier-.r'>uf dc.. ; !
i 1 t'-il' i n ( 'flsUPice
.. thpicki..-. y mcia .dt3 no doubt K will ticuiar : i u 1ci i 4 to H tl'-r & ilOi1lI Do. fins C .ft- / 1 Browns
'- '> : rIi.te$ ot 1 uj4id! J; sia on commenced, a 11 tinnod; in! Greit l.rruin wr-tre pat ? ; 20 to J D.-v ; ;
4t \.nsc <;.- r 1Iioulh >o ;rruny new cham. i liLt pe., csikn ; Men kr> d T
:. LII. i:4, ..,, ijT, .jei.cif.ny; prints it- h ive j-centij Li: < ; > iron, 175 pi tnde -- c-cvs itit Boots ,
ji ihe -ii opened for the exportation I) Lochdrt .: '., ut : -4 rnidze B Do. c-lf -.- -:
in uiti of to Lliison .
; :iIv'YV i a, ii .}1ik-.t i bjrt vtenbr. h'rjpoda.i vv.nh a .u 'j'i: :.u.-d Shoes
Veil ;
pre.tt'dt her : &,
t.r41t i manufacturers ; c n) to iinbn ii
'I .' utiC.-fj contiuue i A: liidjjway Do.
jlvjr ."
: : t >,; let .it .I'uj.tOa! \vh it Stcjij b''jlt.d M. > tirIe q 'artis i i 1 f to: pr--jjer ai -tt pi- n* JIanry, U7 ; 10 to D G ; U a.i. Sri-,1; SLopC; :S; 4
to .
real.- rj4. ,, ai-ed ; :\our--, :tcone 5c Co 30 *
: / .".liatehr! ad.n-t r 1 enureiy by fie operation's In confiuia iun I,f tiiis view of the i iig l"i faijiror. 22j ; pcs> cast- Ladies kid \vaI'-. r--i vs, C--t.rs&c. ; -
1ftC '- ; ,-
for ,
'MO i' :4* pro$p cts j'gs maze toV Porter
jmc.jj114 m the full the u Do
I ( .r c? 'la* a< i finch dh'id-1 upon lie : t'f xh.. lli crj m Ji Jirce-- ir.ly be short be co.nuig: y.tr? 1 extract Inc ft.llowng horn the A: CX : U ..I.- m.Jz' tu Kopman ; 11 to h uunond lluted law tjarts: ;

.' .'.-I ot t nn Extrj SJ-sioa; and fitv.lh* it is w'2.l a ccr4J-iJ'*r-. i ii > iie m jtiic- takes d !one, annual statemt-nt of the Xew-t >i-jcans Price Curr'iit A Scott ; I do B .S lia-Aley ; lthlo Robert-, Allen Do white lace S ti i. vs:t do ;

.," .--J.j. fur the pre4it, to have noAtra; t-aiiy itt < jt-tw j--% 1uv u, lui* f.'ehivr be .; au ace to; It will, ot th2d bsm Sep'vmbpr' received 1:tt eveim;?:- V Co ; 1 1 do W S Dem rel! : 100) tdU lathes to \\L J Infmts Caps ; Kid slow -, 1 c. Lz. ; -

I .., A r!1e4tL.r&3: 1 I** vrithiu adjy ov two Mib-i.j -, aji J b'ineiln"io.f cf the mon'h. ta-' adi \portfeofcott.w on from reK-rnce to our general table of Y/ood : 2" JJ'-H-S mnze to \\r A Wood ; 50 do T H Fursilc: cheap bvsep3 jt
vai c v a.-t the Uni'ed State* that tiiere &- C 11 Autiin : l do Doike A: Gardner ()
; .t d1t1 tu M v with a slruJi ci'io.: the r-icei of'jcco'ints i s a deiicjency the ; 9 do N -_ F'RANCIKOPMAN.! .
Fttl..fl3- rroiu iver, >-d 1, v.iih market ha.i m thipmentsto? Europe thisf-a- Seymuor ; 4 do H FSmii'ioid : 41 to J ch'irdti
a ) ) I eolrse e A :& .- advL nut responded son, compared with the to "MrHfrou 43 P T>AIXTS:, OILS, O.AKUM.. c.-J
to tue qu-intity Chipped ljt to -t received
i_ :ictoil liu? si jj.', and i'i' J by the nf year, M.irWy ; G3 to W Wornker -
i-'aera P
1MjI' t.-vor-ibi-i i.'cvui'its tiuin uie -'iUii- of the kMir.id S'JO/MU iulej:, hut nyfrith-tanding" ; <6..2 to C ileay : 21 to Van \"eurhen} : A: c'haiple i per briz: Can/line E. Fi,:!tt.

1 /' .'. /ii / fit'f: -\\tchavewflitt- .-. ; .!tl:icii'i:i o: ta.tro.i. x-c-j.at.oti was,>i> t-'j i co.vi.1 i L.--i iitabl 1 : ii *cieastf, the btociv at me laet; dute 1 >.' : 'J v!.< ii : -j'Ucti : aLi 2 LuaJles to Ccmmiicial 5 i !k. -s Pure a d N -. I \VlM L29' -. > ,

.. ar nrts ci.i---*. d I4f the lime, aid \\ u.i no doubt 9 tao controlling ir.ar\i: i, .iino u.ted to Adverii-i r t.>iricePROYIL' J enihe A I am.. 0 i ;
: : .Hi !r >4.1'. 5 a qaiitity o lj.rc NCE.-Per briu 'do
'i ezItiriy. had we riot have rt.ceiv1 ; u ti .i.uioat preciudetnec Orrd Taft-165 bbs 2'JO; boiled Lt: sd Uii
r i ; '' t : rrfi..i.. jf i.iaI'tj11I4I : }>iii!'>:i ili: .t f"v.- ) toe.- !'' :
j- s ; fh<* L. is of heavy and long continued ed as lo < > o. n.tiiv' reduc f pot a fl0doOiiioo. 1(50 I( ) bales hay and 4i pkcsj I'J baits Oakum for sle I "r fcr
:h ; 1 r-ctizr, ; ;Tir. cause any yen .. imtde: u T Satchel Ib7
i- !L. : bosw
it of *
: Iflc1 the I'.itrerne: aictinei.t ;r 1 and 5 pkgs mi- st'3O *'
sou'hi-iu and U
befi.i-e A U f
prices fcup.: h,> oi' chi. *' ; ;. W
a ... : : n >r f.
t *
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!-- Commercial advertiser ( Newspaper ) --
METS:mets OBJID UF00048473_00038
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METS:name UF,University of Florida
PreQC Application, 4.1.4
METS:dmdSec DMD1
mods:genre authority marcgt newspaper
sobekcm newspaper
mods:identifier type ALEPH 001960138
OCLC 02713285
LCCN sn 83016267
mods:languageTerm text English
code iso639-2b eng
mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated September 30, 1844
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
mods:recordIdentifier source UF00048473_00038
mods:recordCreationDate 770201
mods:recordOrigin Imported from (ALEPH)001960138
mods:recordContentSource University of Florida
marcorg DLC
mods:relatedItem original
mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
mods:detail Enum1
mods:caption 1844
mods:number 1844
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
uniform Main Entry
Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
mods:typeOfResource text
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sobekcm:BibID UF00048473
sobekcm:VID 00038
sobekcm:Point latitude 29.725278 longitude -84.9925 label Place of Publication
sobekcm:EncodingLevel #
sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
sobekcm:SerialHierarchy level 1 order 1844 1844
2 9 September
3 30 30
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