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Title: List of regiments and battalions, Confederate States Army, by state with officers
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Title: List of regiments and battalions, Confederate States Army, by state with officers
Series Title: Special archives publication
Physical Description: 90 p. : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Florida -- Dept of Military Affairs
Publisher: St. Francis Barracks
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla
Publication Date: [1992?]
Subject: Genealogy   ( lcsh )
History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Registers -- United States   ( lcsh )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: Florida Department of Military Affairs.
General Note: Cover title.
General Note: 10.00
Funding: The Florida National Guard's Special Archives Publications was digitized, in part by volunteers, in honor of Floridians serving both Floridians in disaster response and recovery here at home and the nation oversees.
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Digitized with the permission of the



Digital images were created from printed source
documents that, in many cases, were photocopies of
original materials held elsewhere. The quality of
these copies was often poor. Digital images reflect
the poor quality of the source documents.

Where possible images have been manipulated to
make them as readable as possible. In many cases
such manipulation was not possible. Where
available, the originals photocopied for publication
have been digitized and have been added,
separately, to this collection.

Searchable text generated from the digital images,
subsequently, is also poor. The researcher is
advised not to rely solely upon text-search in this


Items collected here were originally published by the
Florida National Guard, many as part of its SPECIAL
ARCHIVES PUBLICATION series. Contact the Florida
National Guard for additional information.

The Florida National Guard reserves all rights to
content originating with the Guard.


were digitized by the University of Florida in
recognition of those serving in Florida's National
Guard, many of whom have given their lives in
defense of the State and the Nation.




Special Archives Publication


State Arsenal
St. Francis Barracks
St. Augustine, Florida



These Special Archives Publications are produced as a service to Florida communities,
historians and any other individuals, historical or geneaological societies and both national
and state governmental agencies which find the information contained therein of use or
value. They are automatically distributed to all official Florida State archival records

At present, only a very limited number of copies of these publications are.produced.
They are provided to certain state and national historical record depositories and other
public libraries and historical societies at no charge. Any copies remaining are given to
other interested parties on a first come, first served basis.

Information about the series is available from the Historical Services Division, Depart-
ment of Military Affairs, State Arsenal, PO Box 1008, St. Augustine, Florida 32085.

Robert Hawk


State documents are distributed to the following depository libraries and are
available to Florida citizens for use either in the libraries or on interlibrary
loan, subject to each library's regulations. An asterisk (*) indicates libraries
that are obligated to give interlibrary loan service. Requests should be
directed to the nearest depository.

Bay Vista Campus Library (1982) *State Library of Florida (1968)
Documents Department Documents Section
Florida International University R. A. Gray Building
North Miami, Florida 33181 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250

Brevard County Library System (1968) Stetson University (1968)
308 Forrest Avenue Dupont-Ball Library
Cocoa, Florida 32922-7781 Deland, Florida 32720-3769

Broward County Division of Libraries (1968) Jacksonville University (1968)
100 South Andrews Avenue Carl S. Swisher Library
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 University Blvd., North
Jacksonville, Florida 32211
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Northwest Regional Library System (1968) University of West Florida (1968)
25 West Government Street Documents John Pace Library
Panama City, Florida 32402 Pensacola, Florida 32514- 5750

Orange County Library District (1968) Volusia County Library Center (1990)
101 East Central Boulevard City Island
Orlando, Florida 32801 Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

St. Petersburg Public Library (1968) West Palm Beach Public Library (1968)
3748 Ninth Avenue, North 100 Clematis
St. Petersburg, Florida 33713 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

STATES ARMY 1861-1865.
NOTi.-The asterisk (*) opposite the name indicates that it has been taken from what purports to be
the signature.

1st Artillery .Battalion. 2d Artillery Battalion..
Forsyth, (*) Robt. C., Lieut. Col. Hallonquist, (*)OJames H., Maj., Lieut..,
Gee, (*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col. Col.
2d. Cavalry 2Kegimenl. *' "
1st Cavalry Regiment.. 2dCavalry Regiment.
SAllen, (*) William W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Carpenter, (*) John N., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. Col.
Blake, D. T., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Carter,. i chard W., Major. *
Brown, Cunninglham, J,:mes, Lieut. Col. .
Claton, ( Jame H, iet. Colonel. Eale, () G., Colonel.
aton, () MOes W., loeUl.,t Hunter, (*) F. Winston, Colonel.
Haunon, ) Moses W., ieut. Col. Marks, Matthew R., Major. .
Joundly, W m H Liet. Col. Napier, Le Roy, Major (temporary corn-
Johnson, A. H., Major. mand..
1st Battalion Partisan Rangers. Pegues, Josiah James, Mnj., Lieut. Col.
(Succeeded by Gibson's 18th Battalion.) West, (C) John P., Lieut. Col.
Gunter, William T., Major. 2d Cavalry Battalion.
1et Infantry Battalion. (Also known as 19th Battalion. Merged into 9th
st Infantr Battalion. Cavalry Regiment.) .
(Merged into 25th Regiment.) Le ) Allen, Major.
Loomis, John Q., Lient.-Col. Lea, () Aln, Majr C
Thomason, Zaoh., Lieut. Col.
e1t Infantry Begiment. d Ilfan.try Regiment. .
Clayton, (*) Henry D., Colonel.
Knox, (*) Samuel L., Major. Bradford, H. C., Liout. Col.
Locke, Michael B., Lieut. Col. Forney, Daniel P., Major ..
Steedman, (*) Isaiah G; W., Lieut. Col., Maury, Henry, Colonel.
Williams, Jere N., Major. 2d'Infantry Battalion.
(Also called 1st, 5th, changed to 8th. Merged
1it Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi into Cultart's 50th Alabama.)
InfantryRegiment. .: '-'-
(Mrd ntogiment) Chaick, () William D., Major .
(Merged into Baker's 54th Regiment.) Davis, Nioh., Lieut. Col.
-Avery, *) Wm. T., Lieut. Col., of Tenn.. I -
Baker, *) Alpheus. Colonel., of Ala. d Rgiment Militia.
Cani-ler, () Adolphus Philip, Major., of
Miss. Higley, (*) John II., Colonel..
L ampkin, A. W., Major.
1st Begiment Militia. Pillans, Palmer J., Lieut. Col.
Byrd, William M., Colonel. 2 egi eses.
2d Reg ihnrut Reserves.
- lt Mobile Volunteers,Local Defense Troops. Echols, John H., Major.
Cayce, Stewart W., Liout. Col. Law, Jumn'fis A., Limut. Col. '
Hartwoll, William. Major. Rice, (*) Olin F., Colonel.
Lampkin, Alexander W., Colonel. 3 cavalry regiment.
3d Cavalry Regiment.
1st Regiment ReseCrve Gaines, Frank Y., Major.
Davidson, (*) James L., Lieut. Col. Hagan, (*) James, Colonel.
Huger, (*) Dauiel E., Colonel. Manl(in, (*) Tyirie Harris, Lieut. Col. r
Yniestra, Bruno F., Major. Robins, (')'Josiah, Major.

,I. .' '_. ..


3d (Coltart's) Infantry Battalion. 4th Regiment Militia (90 days).
(Merged into 7th Roginont.) Buck, Wn. A., Colonel.
S Coltart, John G., Lieut. Col. 4th Regiment Reserves.
d (Smith's) Infantry Battalion. Stone, (*) William M., Colonel.
Garvin, John S., Major. 5th Gavalry regiment.
S Smith, W. I., Lieut. Col.
Patterson, Josiah, Colonel.
I., 3d Infantry Blegiment. Warren,- James M., Lieut. Col..
Battle, (') Cullen A., Maj., Lieut. Col., 5th (Golladay's) Infantry Battalion.
Forsyth, (*) Charles, Maj., Lieut. Col., (Unitedwith Chadick's Battalion to form Coltart's
Col. 50bth Regiment.)
Lomax, (*) Tennent, Lient. Col., Col. Golladay, Edward J., Lieut. Col.
S .Powell, (*) Richard H.S Major.
Sands, (*) Robert M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 5th Infantry Battalion.
Withers, (") Jones M., Colonel. (Prior to Oct.22, 1862, known as 8th Battalion.) ;'
'3d Regiment Militia. Shepherd, (*) F. B., Lieut. Col. (tem-
Forsyth, John, Colonel. porary command).
Irwin, Thomas K., Major. Van de Graaff (*) A. S., Major.
SLeBaron, William A., Lieut. Col. Walker, H. H., Lieut. Col. (temporary
", *command).. .
3d Regiment Reserves. 5th nfatry Begim.t.
5th Infantry .Reqirnent.
Brooks, (*) William M., Colonel.
Bulger, W. D., Maj.,' Liout. Col. Blackford,'(*) Eugene, Major.
SWalker, Whitlield, Major. Hall, (") Josephus M., Lieut. Col,, Col.
Hobsou, E., Lafayette, Maj., Lieut. Col,
4th Cavalry Battalion. Col.
Jones, Allen C., Lieot. Col., Col.
S Love, Andrew P., Major (acting). Morgan, (*)John T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
4th Cavalr Pegues, (*) Christopher C., Colonel.
4th (Boddey) Cavalry Regiment. Rdes, () obert E., Colonel.
Johnson, R. W., Major. 'th Gavalry Beginent
Johnson, William A., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. Colvin, (*) Charles H., Colonel.
Newoon, John E., Major. Lary, Washington T., Lieut. Col.
Roddey, (*) Philip D., Colonel. McWhorter, Eliphalot A., Major.
Winds, (*) P. M., Lieut. Col.
Sth (Norwood's) Infantry Battalion.
4th (ussell's) Cavalry Regiment. (Merged into the 55th Alabama.)
(RnssellRangers. Part of this regiment formerly Norwood, Juo. H., Major.
Russell's 15th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.)
Hambrick, J. M., Lieut. Col. 6th (McClellan's) Battalion.
;. Russell, (*) Alfred A., Colonel. (Merged nto 25th Regiment.)
4.. 4th Infantry t,.:jiment. McClellan, Wm. B., Lieut. Col.
i- Allston, Ben., Major, P. A. C. S., tempo- 6th Infantry Regiment.
rary commander, Aug. 11, 1861. Baker, B. H., Lieut. Col.
Bowles;(')PiuckneyD., Maj., Lieut.Col., Culvbr, (*) Isaac F., Major.
Col Gordon, Augustus M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Coleman, Thomas K., Major. Gordon,(*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Goldsby, Thomas J., Lieut. Col. Hooper, George W., Maj., Lient. Col.
.Jones, Egbert J., Colonel. Lightfoot, (') James N., Lieut. Col., Col.
i Law (*) vander McIver, Lieut. Col., Col. No Smith, S. Perry, Major.
McLemore, Owen K., Mij., Lieut. Col. Siibols, John J., Colonel.
Robbins, W. Mack, Major. Weems, Walter H., Major.
Scott, Charles'L., Major. Willingham, James J., Lieut. Col.
Scruggs (*) Lawrence II., Maj., Lieut.Col.
7th1 Cavalry Regiment.
4th Infantry Battalion.
(Merged into 20th Regiment.) Clanton, Turner, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Hodgson, (') Joseph, Colonel.
Conoley, (*) John F., Lieut. Col. Livingston, Henry J., Lieut. Col.
Morris, Benjamin, Major. Randolph, (*) F..C., Maj., Lieut. Col.

\ '

7th Infantry Battalion. A
(Merged into 4th Confederate Infantry.) i n nfalnt. egimwenl.
Baker, Alpheus, Lieut. Col Bradford, Taul, Major
Caldwell, Job, n1
::: :, (Merge h t h n rfantry ? 11., M L ie
7tk ICfantry 'leginent (12 months). Cuali"dft9n, Arthur. Lieut. Col.
Coltart, M John G., Lieut. Col. t Col. P. Aa
Rs ) J G.C, .St. Col., temporary conuander Februar,
Russell, Alj fred A. Major. Forney, ) John II., Colonel
Wood, (*) Sterling A M., Colonel. Foney, William H Colol.
8th (lath's) Cavaly Col. am H Maj., Lieut. Col.,
S(Alo called 9th.) e Johson, Louis W., Major.
(Alo called th.) o Marti, James B1 Liet. Col.
Ball, (i) Charles P el hlle (h Caval iut. Col.
iaun. Thoue Liect.Co.. Col. Smit, W lltia a Liet. "Ca l.

S eoses, Sidney A., Major a, (W ) W. o.; Maor.
8 m o oward, () James ., Ma Lieut ColCol.

(So e 2D (i adiok's) Battalion.) G lH, Cavalry segment.
8th (Livinastor',) Civalry egiment. 11th Cavalry Battalion.
Faulkner, Thos. L., Lient. Col. (Afterwarl d called 10th.)e Cavalry.) :
Moses, Sidney A., Major. Co. i rd, (G ) Jas I Lieut. Col.

on,( ) ung L.,Ma.,,Liou t. Col. relvile ., Major.
8tho ( I ) fanry Bat aolonellu. Mole, ., e
(See 2d (adic Battalin. ) mth Cavalry RegiCent.
r 8ty o nfas try R eginent.t. (alao called i eth.)
N l, I nf, a nr y ie o.Burtwell, John R. B., Colonel.

Erich, () John P. Majr., Liet. Col. Doan, John F., Lient. Col.
Faconner, John W., Lie't. Col. Sae, Melville w.r, Major..
sor ( HiarS A., Maj., Lieut. iColu ol.
IrBlount Robert Maj, L ieut. Col. I f 1 aalry Regin-ent.
Joe, Bhrod, MaLieor. o Field, George, Major.
loysd, (D uk Major LFletcher, Ric ard J., Major.
oy Young L., a t. Cl., Gracie, (r) ral Major.

I e( eCoo1 o ( Jo St^ ^O0 Colonel
Winston, (.) John A., Colonel. oale, () stepn ., Liet. Col.

M o o r e, T Li e t o l .
F 10a th and h B stta labama Cavalr 12th Battalion Partisan Rangers.
Falconnet, Eugene F., MajCr.l
Malone, Jamgene F. Major. (Also called 1st Battalion Partisan Rangers. -
Pket, ica rdO., Colonel. Merged into 12th Cavalry ,,egin ment.)
Thw ason, Zsch, Lu C.
T/om1 son, caeh., Lieut. Col. Bennett, Albert G., Major.
9th Infanttn eBattalion. l undley, (') William I., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Also called 5th. Merged into 58th Regiment.) 12th Cavalry I.egiment. .
Blount, Robert P., Lieut. Col. Ingrain, Augustus J., Major.
Jones, Bushrod, Lieut. Col. Pointer, Marcellus, Lieut. Col
Lloyd, ()W. D. C. Major. Reese, Warren S. Colonel.
9th Infantry I~Regiment. l th Ifanty Regirntt.
Crow, () James M., Major. Brown, John C Maj.
Hale, (*) Stephen F., Lieunt. Col. of llth BGayle, (J) BristorB. Colonel.
Alabama, temporarily in co(m andrB Clo
June, 1862. o omland Goodgarne, (') John'C, Lieut. Col. .
Jones, (5) Robert T. Colonel. ;
Henry, Samuel, Lieut. Col., Col. O'near, Theodorer T, Colel.
SKing, (*) J. Horace, Colonel. 1Pik s'ara, ()SclTheodore, Lieut Col., Cl.
1'Nenl, Edward A., Mnj.,i, iott. Col. Proskanou,. Adolph, Major. C
S ..it., Gaes C., Liolut. Col. Stikes, Augstus, Mkior.,
Wileox, (') Cadtls M., Co,,oll l'ray, Ewrd .Mar., it Col.
Willianls, Jere H. J., Mtjor. .B., a
10 Cavaly regie.Cnt. 13M h e artaliot IPartisan langers. )"
Pickett, Richard 0., Colonel. tlwet illR A M.o ange,,.)
Powell, Jno. X, Lieut. Col. Hewlett, Willi",.. A., Mlor.
Wrenln, W. P., Major. tft g,
10t Infant3ty natait3, Aik, () Jmes Mj t Cl.. C l.
Sn o ra ,, r ,. B ,.Aiken, 1j,, 08, Mae
(Also callcd4th BlattAllon. This attallonbecamo -e Bot, I j., Lieut. Col.
Sndgrass' th or 15th or 1i6h Battalion.) 1sotu l,(*)RicglnalI,Maij.,Lieut. Col
lfton, Jas M, Major, Fry, (*) Iirkot D. Colonel.
i tn Marks, Samuel B., Maj., Lieut. Col


13th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 18th Battalion Partisan Rangers.
Mitchell, (*) Julius C. B., Lieut. Col. (Formerly Guntor's 1st Battalion.)
Smith, John T., Major. Gibson, John H., Major.
14th Battalion Partisan Bangers. Williams, S. C., Major.
(Merged into oth Cavalry Regment.) 18th Infantry Rcgiment.
I'alcounnt, Eugone F ., Major. Bullock, Edward C., Colonel.
Malone, James C., jr., Lieut. Col. Holtzclaw, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut.
S*": 14th Infantry liegiment. Col., Col.
Hunley, (*) Peter F., Major, Lieut. Col.
Baine, D. W. Lient. Col, Ingey, (*) R. F., Liet. Col. ie
Broome, (*) Jaues A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Mxley, (*) William M., Major.,
'Ferrell, Mickleborry P., Major. Ruffin, Shop., MMajor.
Judlge, () Thomas J., Colonel. Shorter, Eli S., Lieut. Col., Col.
Mc"ord, Robert A., Major. Strawbridge, (") James, Colonel Ist Lou-
McLemore, Owen K., Major. isiana Regulars (temporarily assigned).
Pinckard, (*) Lucius, Lieut. Col., Col. Thomas. Bryan M., Major (P. A. CS.,tem-
Taylor, George W., Major. porarily assigned).
Wood, Alfred C., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col, ign
15ith Battalion Partisandnangers. 19th Infantry ) egiment.
(Also called 1st Battalion. Merged into 56th Davis, Nich., Lieut. Col. (temporary com-
Regiment Partisan Rangers.) mand; declined appointment).
Boyles, (*) William, Major. Kimbrough, George R., Lieut. Col.
i .- .MoSpadden, (*) Samuel K., Maj., Lieut.
S15th Infantry regiment. Col. Col.
S Cantey, James, Colonel. Palmer, Solomon, Major.
Daniel, John W. L., Major. Savage, James H., Major.
Feagin, (*) Isaac B., Lieut. Col. Tracy, Edward D., Lieut. Col.
Lowther, (*) Alexander A., Maj., Lieut. Wheeler, Joseph, Colonel.
Col., Col. 20th Artillery Battalion.
Oates, (*) William C., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. Waddell, (*) James F., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Treotlen, John F., Liout. Col., Col. Col.
16th Battalion Irfant'ry. 20th Infatitry Beginmet.
(Alsocalled 4th; also numbered 15th. Formerly Anderson, (") Charles D., Maj., Col..
Clilton's 4th or l0th. Merged Into55th Rogi- Davis, John W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
ma tt.) Dedman, James M., Lieut. Col., Col.
-Alexander, G. L., Major. Garrott, (*) Isham W., Colonel.
S' Gibson, John H., Major. Harris, John G., Major.
Buodgrass, John, Lieut. Col. Pettus, EdundW., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
16th In. Pickering, Alfred S., Major.
I 16th Infantry egiment. Porter, Mitchell T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Ashford, (*) Frederick A., Maj., Lieut. 21st Infantry Battalion.
S Col., Col.
Harris, John W., Lieut. Col. Gibson, Major.
lelvenston, Alexander H., Maj., Lieut. 21st Infantry Regiment.
Co)., Col.
May, Joseph J., Maj Lieut. Col. Anderson, (*) Charles D., Colonel.
McUaughy, (*) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Cayce, Stewart W., Lieut. Col.
Wood, (') William .1, Colonel. Crawford, James, Colonel.
;. sIngersoll, Andrew J., Lieut. Col,
17yth Battalio Shlarpshooters. Johnston, Charles B., Major.
' : Yancey, Beujamiu C., Lieut. Col. McCoy, Franklin J., Major.
Stewart, Charles S., Maj., Liout. Col.
17th Infantry Regiment. Stewart, Frederick, Major.
Burnett, (*) Thomas J., Major. Williams, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Farise, (") Robert C., Lieut. Col. 22 Cavalry Battalion.
S: Holcombe, Edward P., Lieut. Col. 22 cavalry attain.
Jones, J. P., Colonel (temporary appoint- Warren, (*) James M., Major.
meut; removed.July 3, 1662). 22od nfantry Regimeln
Moreno, (*) Stephen A., Major (tempora-
S ry appointment; removed June 20, Armistead, E. Herbert, Maj., Lieut. Col.
S 1862). Armistead, Robert B., Major.
Murphy, (*) Virgil S., Mij., Col. Deas, Zach. C., Colonel.
Ryan, (*) Johu, Lieut. Col temporaryy Donnell, Robert, Major.
appointment; removed July 3, Il02). Hart, (*) Bouj. R., Maj., Lient. Col., Col,
S Watts, Thomas if., Colonel. Marrast, John C., Lieut. Col., Col.

2'2d nfantiy Regiment-Contiin od. 29th Infantry Regiment.
lrico, T01o8mas McC., Major. (Iuluds th, Battalion.)
Rousn, Napoleon B., Lie ut. Col. C"noley, (') John F., Lieut. Col., Col.
Toui Weedon, Joarry T., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Morris, (*) Benjamin, Maj., Lieut. Col.
edon, John, Maj., ie. Co. ttnall, () John R. F., Colonel.
23d Battalion Sharpshooters Turner, Henry B., Major.
(Formed from Clq. E, ond G. of lat Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment.
Hilliard's Legion.)
Bradfird, Tau], Lieut. Col. "
Stallworth, (*) Nicholas, Majot. Burr, Win. H., Major.
23d Infantry Regiment. Elliott, James R., Maj., Lieut. CoL.
Francis, John C., Lieut. Col.
Beck, ) Franklin K, Colonel. Patterson,(*)n omas H., Ma., Lient.Col.
Bibb, () Joseph B., iut. Col., Col. Paitterson, Wn C, M., Lieut. Col.
Heter, James or. Shelley, Charles M., Colonel.
I ongdgrae, (*) Jon J., Major. Smitih John B., Major.
YTait, () Francis, MaJor.
a, Felix, Major. 31Mt (Hundley's) Infantry Regiment.
240 CavalryBtalion.Arrington, (') Thomas M., Lieut. Col.
Hundloy, (*) Daniel R., Colonel. -
Snodgrass, (") Robert B., Major. Mattison, George W., Major.
S24th Infantry Regiment. 31st (Htale') Infantry Regiment.
Buck, (*) William A., Colonel. (Afterwards Edwards' 49th; also called 52d.)
SDavis, (*) Newton N., Maj., Lient. Col., ilbreth, () Montgomery, Lieut. Col.
Co.l Hale, Smith D., Colonel.
Dennett, () William B.. Liet.-Col. Johnson, B. C., Major.
PIrce, (X) Junius J., MAjor. 32d I fanlry Regient.
Sawyer, (*) Benjamin F., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Conoliated with 5th Regiment.)
25th Cavalry Battalion. Ashe, (') Thomas P., Majo r.
Easton, (') Thomas P., Major.
Gordon, Eugene C., Major. East(on, (*) Thomas S., Major.
Johnston, Miles E., Lient. Co]. Ibllry, (*) John C, n.Major.
Mead, (*) Lemuel G., Major. Mauiry, (*) Aenr Lieut. Col.
< McKinstry, ( ") Alexander, Colonel. .
25th Infantry Regiment. 33d Infantry Regiment.
(Formed from Loomis' st B3attalion and MeCel. Adams, () S l Colonel.
plan's 6th Battalion.) Adams, (*) Samuel, Colonel.
Crittenden, Robert F., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Huger, Daniel E., Major (temporary coln- Col.
a end). Dunklin, James 11, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Jo nston, (*)George D., Maj., Lieut. Col., Horn, Daniel ., ie Coleut. Col.
CCl. Horn, Daniel H., Lient. Cot.
Loo.nis, ()John Q., Colonel. :ar Ifaty *it. :.:;
McClellan, William B., Lieut. Col. Carter,(~) John C., Lient. Col.
26th (O'Neal'e) Infantry Regiment. Eclhols, James W., Lieut. Col.
McCoy, Henry R., Major.
Bryan, (') DavidF ., Major. Mitchell, (*) Julius C. B., Colonel
arvin, John S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Slaughter, (*) John N., Major. -
Hunt, William H., Lieut. Col. :::
O'Neal, (5) Ed ward A., Colonel 35th Infantry regiment.
eeder, William C., Maj., Lient. Col. Ashford, A. E., Major.
Redden, R. D., Major. Goodwin,(") Edward, Liout. Col., (ol
26th onnt, William I., Maj. Lieut. Col. C:
26h (oltart's) fary legimnt. Ive, Samuel S., Maj., Lient. Col Col,
(See 50tl.) Robertson, (*) James W., Colonel.
27th Infantry Regiment. 3th Infantry Rgiment. -
Hughes, (*) Adolphus A., Colonel. l Henegan, Charles S., Majot.
Jackson, (*) Jamnes, Lieut. Col., Col. Herudon, Thomas H., M;ij., Lieut. Col.,
McAlexander, Edward, Maj., Licut. Col. Col.
Wright, R. G., Major. Smith, (*) Robert H., Colonel.
:28th Infan \egie. Woodruff, (*) Lewis T., Lieut. Col., Col.
2R8th Infantry Regiment. 37th Infntry eimet
Butler, William L., Alai., Lient:. Col. Aerine, ().olP.W.,Major.
aes, (*) T. W. W., M i. merinedll, () )JoPi F. MaCoo.e
Frazer, () John W. Colonele 1.owdell (*) PJ.es F., Coloel."
eid, ( ohn C., Liut. Col.,Col. Greene, () Aexaner A., Lieut. Col.
Reid, () ohn Leut.oL, o. Slaton, Wmin. F., Major.
I .. :" .' > ,. : . : !. .: ;

38th Infantry Regiment. 46th Infantry Regiment.
Hearing, William J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Brewer, George E., Major.
Jewett, (*) Origen Sibley, Major. HIanlley, James M., Major.
Ketchum,(*) Charles T., Colonel. Kyle, Osceola, Lieut. Col.
Lankford, (*) A. R., Lieut. Col., Col. Woods, (*) Michael L., Colonel.
39th Infantry Regiment. .47th Infantry Regiment.
Clark, (*) Whitfield, Maj., Lieut. Col., tBlger, Michael J., Lient .Col, Col.
S Col. Campbell, James M., Major.
Clayton, (*) Heury D., Colonel. Jackson, James W., Lient. Col., Col.
Clifton, William C., Lieut. Col., Col. Johnston, (*) John Y., Major.
Flewellen, (*) James T., Lieut. Col. Oliver, James M., Colonel.
Hargrove, Lemuel, Maj., Lieut. Col. Terrell, Lee R., Lieut. Col.
MoSwean, Colin, Major. 48th Infantry Regiment.
Smith, Drewry H., Major. Ifanry em t.
Alldridge, (*) Enoch, Major.
40th Infantry Regiment. Alldridge, Jesse J., Lieut. Col.
' Coleman, (*) Augustus A., Colonel. Hughes, (*) Abner A., Lieut. Col.
Gulley, Ezekiah S., Maj.,Lieut. Col. Iardwick, (*) William M., Maj., Lieut.
Higley, (*) John H., Lieut. Col., Col. Col.
Stone, Thomas 0., Major, Lieut. Col. Sheffield, (*) James L., Colonel.
Willett, Elbert D., Major. St. John, Columbus B., Major.
SWigginton, (*) John W., Major.
41st Infantry Regiment. 4h i y e n
49th infantry Regiment.
Huffings,() Lm T., Major. (Formerly Hale's 31st Alabama.)
King, Porter, Lieut. Col. Crump, William N., Lieut. Col.
Murfee, James T., Lieut. Col. Edwards, (') Jeptha, Colonel.
Nash, Jesse G., Major. Street, Thomas A., Major.
Stansel, (*) Martin L., Maj., Lieut. Col., Weeden, John D., Major, Lieut. Col.
Talbird, (*) Henry, Colonel. 50th Infantry Regiment.
mieWrTheodore Gr., Maj Lieute. Cl olt (Also known as 26th (Coltart's) Infantry. Formed
Whiting, Henry A., Lieut. Co1, (elected from Golladay'a 5th Battalion and Cliadlek's lt
and declined). Battalion.)
42d Infantry Regiment. Arnold, George W., Lieut. Col.
Fergus, W. C., Major. Chadick, William D., Lieut. Col.
Lanier, (*) Thomas C., Lieut. Col., Col. Clements, Newton N., Lieut. Col. (not
Portis, John W., Colonel. confirmed).
Coltart, (*) John G., Colonel.
43d Infatry Regiment. Gwynne, Andrew D., Major (transferred
to 38th Tenn. Inf).
Barbour, Thomas M., Major. Gilbert, T. H., Major.
Gracie, Archibald, jr., Colonel. Hutto, (*) John C., Major.
Hart, (*) Robert D., Major.
Jolly, (*) John J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 51st Regiment Partisan Rangers.
S'Mims,(*) William J., Major.
S Moody,(*) Young M., Lieut. Col., Col. Dye, James T., Major.
Kirkpatrick, (*) M. L., Lieuit. Col.
.44th Infantry Begiment. Morgan, John T., Colonel. -
S Thompson, Henry B., Major.
Cary, George W., Major. Webb, (*) James D., Lieut. Col.
Der y, Chas. A., Lieut. Col., Col.
Jones, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 52d Infantry Regiment.
Kent, (*) James, Colonel. (See Hale's 31st Alabama.)
Perry, (*) William F., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. 53d Regiment Partisan Rangers.
45th Infantry Regiment. Gaines, (*) John F., Lieut. Col.
Abercrombie, (5) Robert H., Major, Lieut. enkin, () Moses. F., M lonely.
Col. Jenkin, () Thos. ajor.
-Breedlove, (*) Ephraim B., Maj., Lieut. 54th Infantry Regiment.
Col., Col. (Formerly 4th Confederate Infantry. When'first
Freeman, Geo. C., Major. organized was called 50th, but changed after-
Gilchrist, James G., Lieut. Col., Col. ward to 54th. Formed from 6 cos. 1st Ala.,
S Goodwyn, William S., Colonel. Miss., and Tenn. nf., and4 cos, L. M. Walker's .
Lainpley, (*) Harris D., Maj., Lieut. Col., S0th Tenn. Inf.)
Col. Baker, (') Alpheus, Colonel.


54th Infantry Regiment-Continued. Brewer's Cavalry Battalion.
Minter, (*) Johlt A., Lieut. Col., Col. (Composed of Alabama and Xlissiesippi Compa-
Shackelford, (*) Thaddeus H.,, Major, Iles.)
Lieut. Col. Brewer, R. H., Major.
55th .Infantry Regiment. Excltange Battalion.
(Formed from 6th (Norwood's) and 16th (Snod- Weeden, John D., Lieut. Col.
grass') Infantry Battalions.)
Dickey, James B., Major. 1Fire Battalion (Exemnpts).
Graham, N. S., Lieut. Col. Moreland, William S., Major.
Jones, Joseph H., Major.
Norwood, John H., Lieut. Col. Foster's Regiment Volunteers. 1 .. :,
Snodgrass, (*) John, Colonel.
Foster, Thomas J., Colonel.
56th Regiment Partisan Bangers.ial Infan
Gracie's Special Infantry-Batialion.
(Formed from 13th and 15th (also called lst) Cav-.
alry Battalions.) (Details from 0th, 10th, and 1ltl Regiments.)
Boyles, (*) William, Colonel. Gracie, Archibald, jr., Major.
De Bardeleben, (*) A. W., Major., Lieut.
Hewlett, William A., Lieut. Col. (Dissolved Novetnler 25,1803.)
Martin, William, Maj., Liout. Col, Hilliard, (*) Henry V., Colonel.

57th Infantry Regiment. Thorington, (*) Jack, Colonel.
(Also called S5th.) Artillery Battalion, Hilliard's Legion.
Ameriie, (*)John P. W., Colonel. MotLennan, () John D., Major 4th Bat.
Betune, ni ) William C., Lieut. Col. Reeves, (') Wn. N., Major 4th Battalion.
Cunningham,; Charles J. L., Maj., Col.
MWbrey, J. es W.o LiMao l.Cl Cavalry Battalion, Iilliard's Legion.
:8h Slaughter, Miles M., Major 5th Battalion
58th Infantry Begiment. mergedd into10th Couiloderate Cavalry).
(Formed from 9th Infantry Battalion. 'Consoli. Battalions, Hilliar's Legion.
o .e dated with 32d Regiment.) Infantry Battalios, llliard's Legion.
Inzer, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. Cook, Hatch, Major, 3d Battalion.
Jones, (*) Bushrod, Colonel. Hall, (")-Bolling, jr., Lieut. Col. 2d Bat-
,Thornton, (*) Harry I., Major. talion.
Thornton, (ol, ( o) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 1st
59th Infantry Begiment. Battalion.
(Formed from 2d and 4th Battalions, Milliard's Sanford, ) John W. A Lieut. Col. 3d
Legion.) Battalion.
Stnbblefield, (*) Wm. T., Major 2d1 Batt.
Crumpler, Lewis H., Major. Thorington, (*) Jack, Liont. Col. Ist Batt.
Hall, (") Bolling, jr., Colonel. Troy, (*) Daniel S., Major 1st Battalion.
Huguley, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut.
Col. B arbiere's Battalion Cavalry Reserves.
McLennan, (*) John D., Lieut. Col. Barbiere, Joseph, Major.

60th Infantry Regiment. Forrest's Cavalry Regiment.
(Formod from 10companiesof st and 3d Infantry (Four companies transferred to Hewsomn's 18th
Battalions, Hilliard's Legion.) Tennessee.)
Cook, Hatch, Major. Forrest, Jeffrey E., Colonel.
Sanford, (*) John W. A., Colonel. Wisdom, (*) Dow Moore, Lieut. Col.
Troy, Daniel S. Lieut. Col. ardie's Battalion Cavalry Reserves.
61st Ifantry Begiment. Hardio, Joseph, Major.
(Also called 59th.)
(Ao called 59th.) Julian's Cavalry Battalion.
S Hill, (*) Lewis H., Lient. Col. in (* Wii it Col.
Pinekard, (') William E., Majgr. Jliail, (*) Doiliw oo I, Lijot.. Col
Swanson, (*)William GCone Wisdom, ) Dew Moore, Mjor.
Lewis' Cavralr! Battalion. ;.
Beall' Cavalry Battalion. Lewis' Ca y
S Harrell, William V., Major.
-Boall, T. S., Major. Lewis, Thomas H., Major.



Lockhart's Battalion (Exempts). Musgrove's Battalion Cavalry.
Lockhart, H. C., Lieut. Col. (No rolls on file. Paroled in Departmontof Mis.
aissippi and Enat Louisiana, May 5, 1865.)
Moreland's Cavalry Regiment. Musgrove, Major.
George, J. N., Major. Stewart's Cavalry Battalion.
Moreland, M. D., Lieut. Col., Col. Stewa
Stewart, -, Majjr.
S .Murphy's 1ndepleandent Cavalry Battalion. Trueheart's Artillery Battalion.
(Composed of Alabama and Florida recruits.) Truhear, () Daniel, Major.
Murphy, Samuel J., Lieut. Col.
Williams' Battalion.
Moreland's Battalion S. S. (Merged into Burtwell's llth Cavalry Regiment.)
Moreland, J. S., Major. Williams, J. T., Major.

1st (Brooks') Cavalry Battalion. 1st Cavalry (Fagan's and Monroe's) Regi-
Brooks, William H., Major. 'Nel, James M., Major.
O'Noil, James M., Major.
lst (Borland's) Cavalry Battalion. Reiff, A. V., Maj., Lieut. Col.
.(Merged into 3d Cavalry.) 1st Regiment ($tate) Cavalry, 1861.
Borland, Solon, Lieut. Col. Carroll,De Rosey, Colonel.
1st Arkansas and Louisiana Cavalry Bat- let Infantry Battalion.
(See 8th Battalion.)
"Buckner, G. W., Major (acting). lst (Rector's War Regiment) Arkansas Vol-
1st (Crawford's) Cavalry Regiment. unteers.
Crawford, William A., Colonel. (Northwest Division of Arkansas, Trans-Missis.
S Craore, D illia m A., Clone.Cl. sipp)i Department. Afterwards known as 35th.)
S Kiore, Dawson L., Liont. Col. .
Walker, John W., Major. George, (*) James, Lieut. Col.
t Kingll, James P., Major.
1st Infantry Battalion. Retotr, (*a Frank A., Colonel.
(IMerged into 3d Confederato Infantry.)
slt (Colquitt's) Infantry Regiment.
Johnson, James B., Major. (Sccessor
.- "Marmaduke, (*) Jno. Sappington, Lieut. (Succes or to Pagan.).
-Col. 0 Colquitt, (*) John W., Colonel.
.1 -man's') Bg t Sh'ooter& Little, Stinson, Major.
1st (Stiran') Regiment hashooters. Martin, () William H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Bridges' Battalion attached.) McGregor, Donelson, Lieut. Col.
Boone, Lafayette, Mior. 1. t (Cleburne's) Infantry Regiment.
Bridges, IHenry W., Lieut. Col.
Stirman, Eas., Colonel. (Changed to lth, which see.)
t Regiment Mound r Cleburne, (*) Patrick R., Colonel.-
;-, -:*. *, t Regiment lo'unted tfles. Glenn, John E., Major..
Campbell, Wm. P., Major. Patton, Archibald K., Lieut. Col.
Churchill, Thomas J., Colonel.
S Galloway, (*) Morton G., Lieut. Col., Col. 1st (Fagan's) Infantry Regiment.
Harper, (*) Robert W., Maj., Col. Colquitt, John W.,-Major.
t Laswell, George S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Crawford, Wm. A., Lieut. Col.
Matlock, Charles H., Lieut. Col. Fagan, James F., Colonel.
S-:Ramsaur, (*) Lee M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Monroe, James C., Lieut. Col.
. Col. Thompson, John B., Maj., Lient. Col.
Reynolds, (*) Daniel H., Maj., Lieut.
Col., Col. 1st Regiment Militia (30 tays).
Wells, (*) Geo. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Black, John, Major.

1st Cavalry (Fagan's and Monroe's) Reqi. Liggin, m Lies t. Col.
incat. MoCmalob, James H-., Colonel.
:' Davis, M.'D., Major. 2d Cavalry Regiment.
Fagan, (") James F., Colonel. Cochran, Thomas M., Lieut. Col.
Monroe, (") Jas. C., Colonel. Reid, T. J., Major.


2d Cavalry Regiment-Continued. 3d Infantry lRegiment-dontiuued.
Slemons, (") W. F., Colonel. Taylor, Robert S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Somorvell, William J., Major. To''bbs,(*) William t1., Maj., Liout. Col.
Withers, H. R., Liout. Col. Wilkins, W. K., Major.
2d Regiment Mounted Biflee. 3d Regiment (State) Infantry, 1861.
Brown, (*) Hepry K., Maj., Lieut. Co. Gratiot, John R., Colonel.
Brown, () epry Maj., Lieut.Col. Provence, David, Lieut. Col.
Eagle, (*) James P., Major. Ward, H., Major.
Embry, (") Benjamin T., Lient. Col., Col.
Flanagin, (*) Harris, Colonel. 4th Infantry Battalion.
Gipson, (*) William, Major.
McIntosh, (*) James, Colonel. (Consolidated with 31st Arkansas Infantry.)
Smith, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. McKay, John, Major.
Williamson, (*) James A., Lieut. Col., Col. Ross,(*) Jesse A., Major.
2 avar Battan. Terry,(") Francis A., Lieut. Col.
2d Cavalryl Battalion.
Barnett, W. D., Major. 4th(McNair's) Infantry Regiment. "
2d Infantry Battalion. (South Arkansas Regiment. Consolidated atone
time with 4th Infantry Battalion.)
(Transferred to 3d Arkansas Infantry.) Bnnn,(*) Henry G., Lient. Col., Col.
Bronaugh, William N., Major. McCulloch,(*) Jos. B., Major.
SMcNair,(*) Evander, Lient. Col., Colonel.
2d Infantry Regiment. May,(*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
oge, Jo. W., Lieut. Col. Ogden, Samuel, Lieut. Col. -
Bocage, Jos. W., Lieut. Col.
Brasher,(*) E. G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 4th (Peel's) Infantry Regiment.
Govan, Daniel C., Lieut. Col, Col. Hill, Major.
Harvey,(*) Reuben F., Maj., Lient. Col. Peel,(*) Sa-muel W., Colonel.
Hindman,(*) Thomas Carmichael, Col. Williams, Jmes H., Liut. Col.
Meek, A. T., Major. Wi, u.
Patterson, Liout. Col.t 4th Regiment (State) In.fantry, 1861.
Scaife, J. W., Maj., Lient. Col., Col.
Warfield,(*) E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Walker, J. D., Colonel.
3d Cavalry Regiment. 5th Cavalry Rcgiment. .
(Organized July 29, 1861. Originally called ltA Bull,(*) John P., Lieut. Col. f.4
Ark. Mounted Vols. Ordered called 3d Ark. Newton,(*) Robert C., Colonel.
Jan. 15, 1862, by C. S. War Department. In. Smith, John, Major.
eludes 8Bcos. Williamson's Infantry Battalion.)
Blackwell, Win. H., Major. 6 5h I.fantry regiment.
Borland,() Solon, Colonel. Cross, David C., Colonel.
Danley,(*) Benjamin F., Lient. Col. Ellsberry, T. W., Major.
Earle,() Samuel G., Colonel. Featherdton,(*) Lucius, Colonel.
Earle, J. F., Major. Green,(') Peter V., Maj.i Lieut. Col., Col.
Gee, James M., Lieut. Col. Howell,(") E.A., Maj., Lieut. Col. -
Henderson,(*) Marzarine J., Maj., Lieut. Murray,(*) John E., Lieut. Col., Col.
C61. u Jh Pope,a(l) Riddick, Major. C
Hobson,() Amson W., Lieut. Col., Col. Seene) Benjamin F., Lieut. Col. -
Shall,(*) David F., Major.
3d lnfatry Battalion. 5th Regiment (State) Infantry, 1861.
(Merged into J5th (Mclan's) Infantry. Norl. )okery,Thos.P.,Colonl. .
west Division of Arkansas, Trans-.Mlsissippi ea, ospll, L t. C
SGth Cavalry Battalion.
McRae,(") Dandridge, Major. White, David G., Major.
3d Infantry Regiment. 6th Infantry Reqimnent.
(Includes 2d Battalion.) Canmeron,(*) F.J., Maj., Liout. Col.
Barton,(*) Seth M., Liont. Col. Donglass,(*) William F., Major.
Capers, J. Hickson, Major. Hawthorn,(5) Alexauder T., Lieut. Col.,
Manning, Van H., Maj., Col. Col.
Reedy, Jno. W., Major. Kilgore, Dawson L., Major.
Rust,(*) Albert, Colonel. Lyon,(*) Richard, Colonel.
Smith, Samuel W., Major. Peay,(*) Gordon N., Lieut. Col.
t Series I, Vol. 10, page 577.,


V" 6th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 10th Infantry Regiment-Continued.
Smith,(*) Samuel G., Maj., Col. Merrick, T. D., Colonel.
Snyder,(*) Peter, Lient. Col. 6th and 7th Patty, Obod., Major.
Arkansas Consolidated. Venable, Luther R., Lieut. Col.
7th Cavalry Battalion. Witt, A. R., Colonel.
Cypert, J. N., Major.; 11th Infantry Battalion.
(Transferred to Turnbull's 30th (afterward 25th)
7th Cavalry Regiment. Regiment.)
Adams, J. L., Major. Turnbull, Charles J., Lieut. Col.
Bsham, Oliver., Lieut. Col. t fa y regiment.
Hill, John F., Colonel. (t rar ot.
Ward, J. C., Major. (Afterward mounted.)
Logan, (*) John L., Colonel.
S7 InfanMry Batalion. iller, M. S., Lient. Col.
(Merged into 8th Infantry May 7, 1862.) Poe, (*) James T., Major.
S. Desha, F. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Smith, (*) J. M., Colonel.
"Vance, (*) McDuff, Lieut. Col.
7th Infantry Regiment.
Cain, W. R., Lient. Col. 12th Battalion Sharpshooters.
Dean, (*) John M., Maj., Lient. Col. Rapley, (*) William F., Major.
Gillespie, () D. A., Colonel. 12thInfantry Regiment.
Hi l, John A., Major. h Infantry egient.
S Martin, (") James T., Major. Cook, W. D. S., Lieut. Col.
McCauley, John C., Major. Gantt, () Edward W., Colonel.'
Rutherford, James, Lieut. Col. Jordan, E. C., Lieut, Col.
Shaver, (*) R. G., Colonel. Reid, (*) T. J., jr., Maj., Col.
Snyder, (') Peter, Maj., Lient. Col., Col. Walker, Jno. S., Major.
8th Infantry Battalion. 13th Cavalry Battalion.
(Also designated as the let.) Witherspoon, J. L., Major.
Jones, Bart., Lieut. Col. Ifa egmen
Miller, John, Major. 1th Infantry segment.
th Infantry Regiment. Brown, ) A. R., Lie ut. Col.
S 8t Infantry Begiment. Duncan, () A., M.j., Liout. Col.
(Consolidated into 5 companies M Featherston, L., Col. 5th and 13th,con-
these consolidated with 7th and 9th. Arkansas solid.
Battalions same date.) solidated.
I- 'Grayson, A.D., Lieut. Col.
Baucum, (*) George F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Green, (") Peter V., Maj., Lieut; Col. of
SCol., commanding 8th and 19th Arkan- 5th and 13th, consolidated.
I sa, tem porrily attached. lo oll, E. A., Maj.of 5th and 13th, con-
Conch, (5) Henry M., Lieut. Col. solidated.
Really, (*) John H., Colonel. Hunt, (*) George B., Major.
Patterson, (*) William K., Colonel. McNcely, (') James A., Maj., Col.
Price, John A., Major. Murray, (') John E., (5th and 13th con-
S Watkins, () Anderson, Maj., Lieut. Col. solidated) Col., Lieut. Col.
.ilson, James H., Lieut. Col. Tappan, (') James C., Coldnel.
Witto (") W. P., Major.
14th (fcCarver's) Infantry Regiment.
9th Infantry Battalion. (Also called 9th. Merged with Lemoyne's 17th
(Merged into 8th Infantry May 7, 1862.) Regiment to form Cravens' 21et Infautry.)
Kelly, (*) John H., Major. Kelly, (*) John H., Major.-
Mason, Samuel J., Lieut. Col. Mason, Samuel J., Lient. Col.
9th Infantry Regiment. McCarver, John S., Colonel.
Bradley, John M., Colonel. 14th (Mitchell's) Infantry Regiment.
Bratton, (*) John C., Major. Allen, John, Major.
Dunlop, (*) Isaac L., Colonel. Dodson, Eli, ieut. Col., Col.
McCammon, W. Y., Lieut. Col. Fowler, (*) Pr :sant, Lient. Col.
S Millsap, H. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Messick, (Y) E. 11., Major.
Rogers, (*) Jefferson W., Lieut. Col. Messick, (*) J. H., Major.
Wallace, (*) William J., Major. Mitchell, (*) M. C., Colonel.
10th Infantry Battalion. Powers, (*) Frank P., Col.
Soott, R., Lieut. Col. 15th (Hobbs') Infantry Regiment.
S(Formerly McRae's 15th.)
i, 10th Infantry Regiment. Boone, Squire, Lient. Col.
Cargile, C. M., Major. Hobbs, James H., Colonel.
S Ford, S. S., Lieut. Col. Reynolds, Wm. W., Major.

S:' -.


15th (Polk's) Infantry Regiment. 18th (Marmaduke's) Infantry Regiment.
(Successor to Cleburne's 15th. (See 3d Confederate Regiment.)
Carlton,(*) Chas. H., Major. 1 ( o) Ina Rgit.
Josoy,(*) Jno. E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 19th (Dawson's) Infantry Regiment.
Murray, George M.,Lieut. Col.
Polk, Lucius E., Colonel. Anderson, Joseph, Major.
Dawson, C. L., Colonel.
15th (Johnson's) Infantry Regiment. Hutchison, (*) A. S., Lient. Col., con-
"(Successorto Gee's.) mandlug 19th and 24th Arkansas, tem-
S Johnson, Benamin W., Colonel. porarily attached.
Johnson, Benjain W., Colonel. Hamiter, (*) David H., Major.
Lee, P. Lynch, Lient. Col. McKean, John G., Major.
Stewart, Win. E., Major. Smith, P. R., Lieut. Col.
15th (McRae's) Infantry Regiment.
(Afterward Hobbs' 15th. Organized December 3, 1 ( head's and D ) Inf y egi-
1862, firm McRae's Infantry Battalion.) elt
Hobbs, James H., Lieut. Col., Col. Dockery, (*) Thomas P., Colonel.
McRae, (*) Dandridge, Colonel. Dismukes, (*)William H., Lieut. Col.
Thompson, (*) William, Major. Sinead, H. P., Colonel.
15th (Boone's) Infantry Regiment, North- Williams, (*) H. G. P., Major.
West Division of Arkansas. 20th Infantry Regiment.
(Formerly fHobbs' 15th.) (Formerly known as Gee. W. King's 22d.)
Boone,(*) Squire, Colonel.
Reynolds, (*) Win. W., Lieut. Col. Fletcher, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Stuart,(*) avid A., Major. Haven, William S., Major.
Jones, Daniel W., Maj., Col.
15th (Gee's) Infantry Regiment. Johnson, H. P., Colonel.
Gee, James M., Colonel. Kelley, W. R., Lieut. Col.
Lee, (") P. Lynch, Major. Long, (*) J. W., Major.
Robertson, (*) 11. G., Lieut. Col.
15lh (Cleburne's) Infantry Regiment.
(See also 1st.) 21st (Cravens') Infantry Regiment.
Cloburue, (*) Patrick R., Colonel. (Forned from 4 companies McCarver's 14th and
Harris, (') James T., Major. 6 companies 'Lermone's 17th Regiluomn.) .
Patton, (') Archibald K.,Lieut. Col. Cravens, (*) Jordan E., Colonel.
16th Infantry Regiment. Dowdle, WVu. M., Major. ,
Mathenouy, Win. G., Lieut. Col., Col.
Farmer, Samuel, Major. Moore, (*) Harrison, Major.
Hill, (*) Jno. F., Colonel.
Neal, Win. T., Lieut. Col. 22d Infantry Regiment. .
Provence, (*) David, Colonel.
Pixlee, (*) BenjaminT., Lieut. Col. (On reorganization became H. P. Johnson's 20th
Pittman, James M., Major.
King, Gee. W., Colonel. --.
17th (Lemoyne's) Infantry Regiment., .,
(United with McCarver's 14th (or 9th) to form 23d (Lyles') Infantry Regiment.
Cravens' 21st.)
(Originally Adams' 23d, united with Powers' 14th
Lemoyne, Geo. W., Colonel. and Crookett's 18th, originally Carroll's.)
17th (Rector's) Infantry Regiment. Black, Erastus L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Previously knownas Rector's lst Arkansas Vol. Lyles, (*) Oliver P., Colonel.
unteers, a 12 months' organization. See Rector's Penuington, A. H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
12 months' Regiment.)
Dotson, () Josephus, Lieut. Col. 23d (Adams') Infantry Regiment.
Grillith, (*) John, Lieut. Col., Colonel.
Jett, Benjamin P., Major. Adams, (*) Charles W., Colonel.
Matheson, Walter H., Major. Hngbes, Simon P., Lieut. Col.
*Rector, (")F. A., Colonel. Robinson, James F., Major.
18th (Carroll's) Infantry liegiment. 24th Infantry Regiment.
Carroll, D. W., Colonel. Hardy, (") Win. R., Maj. Liont. Col. -
Crockett, (*) Robert H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Portlock, (*) E. E., jr., Colonel.
Col. Whittington, T. M., Lieut. Col.
Daly, John N., Lieut. Col., Col. Wood, F. H., Major.
Parish, W. N., Lieut. Col. Warfield, (*) E., Col., commanding 2d
Soutnerland, (*) Samuel H., Major. and 24th Regiments.'


25th Infanty Regiment. 31st Infantry Regiment.
t(Also called 30th about December, 1802.)
r. Bunn, (*) Henry G., Colonel (temporary
Franklin, James J., Major. command).
14ufstedler, (") Eli, Liout. Col. Clark. (*) J. W., Major.
S Noles, (') L. L., Major. Daugherty, (*) Davis G., Major.
: Siminigton, Thomas S., Lient. Col. ways, J. L., Lieut. Col.
Turnbull, (*) Charles J., Colonel. Jacoway, John A., Lieut. Col.
SJohnson, James F; Lieut. Col.
26th Infantry Regiment. McCray, (*) Thos. I., Colonel.
S(3d Trans.Mississippi.) rgn, Jles M., Major.
S Brooks, (*) Iverson Lea, Lieut. Col., Col. 32d Infantry Regiment.
Gibson, Samuel, Major.
Greenwood, A. G., first Col. (4th Trans-Mississippl.)
1.', Morgan, (*) Asa S., Colonel. Gause, () Lnucian C., Maj., Col.
SStanley, (C ) James Philip, Mtj., Lieut. Hicks, () illiam, Lieut. Col.
o: Jo Matlock, Charles H., Lieut. Col., Col.
Wright, John C., Lieut. Col. Stephenson, (*) Arthur F., Major.
ell, () P., Ma., ieut. Col., Col. Young, Charles L., M ieut. ol.
27th Infantry Begiment. 33 Infantry Regient.
Gaither, (') Beal, Maj., Col. Crenshaw, W. L., Major.
M, agents, (*) A. J., Lieut. Cbl. Grinsted, (*) H. L., Colonel.
Riggs, () James M., Lieut. Col. MeMillan, (*) H. W., Lieut. Col
S Shaler, (*) James R., Colonel. Steele, Wm. T., Major.
21 ra Thomson, (*) Thomas D., Lieut. Col.
I: 28th Infantry Regiment.
(McRae's Emergency Regiment. Also called2d 34th nfantry Regiment.
S rans-eississippi. Afterward 30th (Glenn's (Also called 2d.)
and )Davie's) Regiment.
Brooks, William H., Colonel.
Glenn, (*)John E., Lieut. Col. Earle, F. R., Major.
Hianna, W. S., Major. Gunter, Thomas M., Lieut, Col
McRae, (*) Dandridge, Colonel. Pettigrew, James R., Maj., Lieut. Col.
29th Infantry regiment. 35th Infantryi Regiment.
n7th egi. (Formerly let (Rector's War regiment) Arkansas
S (ltTrans.ississipp t.) Afrwar 37th egi. Volunteers.)
Dillard, John J., Major.
Bell, Samuel S., Major. King, (*) James P., Colonel.
'eoghegan, Jno. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. McCord, (*) Henry J., Liout. Col., Col.
S Pleasants, J. C., Colonel. Tautm, Mark T., Major.
S, Wallace, (*) John W., Lieut. Col.
30th (McNeill's) Infantry Regiment.
(5th Trans-Miasissipi. Afterward Hart's 330t 36th Infantry regiment.
eziment.) (Successor to MoRao's 28th.)
Baldwin, Gaston W., Lieut.,Col. Davie, James Madison, Maj., Col.
Hart, (*)Robert A., Lieut. Col. Glenn, (*) John E., Colonol
Martin, Joseph C., Major. Hanna, W. S., Lieut. Col.
McNeill, (")A. J., Colonel. Hathaway, (*) Joseph F., Major.
Rogan, (*) .James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Robinson, Walter Calvin, Lieut. Col.
S30th (Hart's) Infantry Begiment. 37th (Bell's) Infantry Regiment.
.Afterward Rogan's 30th Regiment.) (Successor to Pleasants' 29th.)
Hart, Robert A., Colonel. Bell, (*) Samuel S., Colonel.
Martin, Joseph C., Major. Blacknall, (*) T. H., Major.
S Rogan, James W., Lieut. Col. Johnson, .() Jeptha C., Lieut. Col.
S30th (Rogan's) Infantry Regiment. 38th (Shaver's) Infantry Regiment.
V*; .. (Called also 39th.) (Organized Sept. 24, 1802.)
Adams, (C) William'C.. Lient. Col.
Cobbs, (*)Paul M., Maj., Lieut. Col. Baber, () Millton D, a., Lieut. Col.
Dawson, Martin, Maior Ce, ( M D, Maj., Lieut. col,
Dawson, Martin, Major. Henry, Major
H,' Rogan, ( Jarmes W., Colonel. Shatver, (*) R. G., colonel.

\ -: ha er. Colonel. '


39th Infantry Regiment. Hawthorn's Infantry, Regiment.
(See Rogan's 30th.) (No connection with llawthorn's 6th. Formerly
SA. W. Johnson's legimecnt.)
45th Infantry Regiment. Cooke, John B., Maj., Col.
Babor, (*) Milton D., Colonel, Sept., 1864. Hawthorn, Alexander T., Colonel.
Polk, (*) Cadwallader, Liont. Col.
46th Infantry Regiment. Harrell's Cavalry Battalion.
Coleman, W. O., Colonel; Sept., 1864. Bishop, J. W., Major.
47th Infantry Regiment. Harrell, John M., Lieut. Col. -
Crandall, Lee, Colonel, Sept., 1864. Johnson's Infantry Battalion.
(Afterward Turnbull's llth.)
Adams' Infantry Battalion. Johnson, B. G., Lieut. Col.
-Adams, Chas. W., Major. Johnson's Infantry Regiment.
SBridges' Battalion Sharpshooters. (Afterward Hawthorn's Infantry Regiment:)
Johnson, (*) Alfred W., Colonel.
Bridges, Henry W., Major. Ringo, (') D. W., Lieut. Col.
Buster's Arkansas Caralry Battalion. McMartrey's Cavalry Battalion.
(For service in Indian Territory.) McMurtrey, (') E. L., Lieut. Col.
Buster, M. W., Lieut. Col.n y
.McCray's Infantry Battalion.
SCarlton's Cavalry Regimeit. McCray, Thomas H., Major.
Carlton, Chas. H., Colonel. o e's
Peoples, S. J., Major. MoGehee's Infantry Regiment.
Thompson, R. H., Lieut. Col. Grider, Jessee S., Lieut. Col.
Carroll's Cavalry Regiment. McGehee, James, Colonel.
(Called on rolls slt and 2d.) Matlock's Cavalry Battalion.
SC(Dismounted July 11, 1862. :
Carroll, Charles A., Colonel. Matlock, Charles II., Lieut. Col.
Johnston, J: A., Lient. Col.
Thomson, (*) Lee L., Lieut. Col., Col. Morgan's Cavalry Regiment.
Chrismnan's Cavalry Battalion. Also called 2d. Successor to Newton's 5th Cav.
,hina' av yBtain alry.)
Chrisman, Francis M., Major. Bull, (*) John P., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Craford's Infantry Battalion. C6arser, John W., Lieut. Col.
Crfor' Infantry Battalionorgan, () Thomas J., Colonel.
Crawford, William A., Lieut. Col. Portis, William N., Major.
S Dawson's Infantry Regiment. Phifer's Cavalry Battalion.
(Composed of parts of 19th and 24th Arkansas, Phifer, Charles W., Major.
t temporary command ) Po's Cavalry Battalion.
Dawson, () C. L., Colonel of 19th. (Composed of part of 11th Ark. Infantry, of
Hardy, (*) W. R., Lieut. Col. 24th. prisoners of war, deserters, etc., and serving
SWood, (*) F. H., Major 24th. in Arkansas.)
SPoe, James T., Major.
Dobbin's Cavalry Regiment. .
(Aso caled t.) eotor's Infantry Regiment (12-months).
(Also called lat.) (Became 17th Arkansas.)
Corley, Samuel, Major. Dotson, Josephus, Lieut. Col.
Dobbin, Archibald S., Colonel. Griffith, John, Lieut. Col., Col.
Jett, Benjamin P., Major.
Ford's Cavalry Battalion. Rector, Frank A, Colonel.
Ford, Barney,. Lieut. Col. A
Wolf, E. ., Major. Sho u's Artillery Battalion.
ordon' CavaShoup, Francis A., Major. .
Gordon's Cavalry Regiment.
(Successor to Carroll's and Thomson's.) Stirman's Cavalry Battalion. .
A(Successor to Brooks' 1st Cavalry Battalion.)
Arringto, Joill A., Major. Stirman, Ras., Lieut. Col. -
Fayth, William H., Major.
Gordon, (*)Anderson, Colonel. Williamson's Infantry Battalion. .
Gunter's Cavalry Battalion. Armstrong, D. F., Lieut. Col. .
Stele,M W., Lieut. Col.
Gunter, Thomas M., Lieut. Col, illimson, George P.. Major.
Woosley, James, Major. Williamson, J. L., Lieut. Col.

^ ^ .~'~1.



SWright's Cavalry Battalion. [ Wright's Caralry Regiment.
Bowie, James W., Major. Bowie, James W., Major.
Wright, John C., Liout. Col. Wright, George.M., Major.
Wright, John C., Colonel.

lst Cavalry Regiment. 4th Infantry Battalion.
(Also called 12th. Successor to Claiborne's 6th.) Clack, Franklin H., Lieut. CoL
Bate, Henry C., Major.
SCox, () John T., Colonel. 4th Infantry Begiment.
S King, (*) H. Clay, Colonel. (Formerly 1st Alabama and Mississippi Regi-
Robertson, C. S., Lieut. Col. ment. Afterward 54th Alabama.)
Baker, Alpheus, Colonel.
1st Infantry Battalion, Barbiere, Joseph, Major.
Forney, (*) Geo. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Minter, John A., Lieut. Col.
S McClung, (*) Francis B.,Maj., Lieut. Col. Shackelford, Thaddeus H., Major,
O'Bannon, Lawrence William, Major. 5th (Walker's) Infantr Regiment.
S: 1st Infantry Regiment. (Formerly Walker's 40th Tunuessee.)
(Previously 36th Georgia.)' Henderson. C. C., Lieut. Col., Colonel.
Aderhold, Jacob W.,Lieut. Col. Higgins, (*) Hiram H., Major.
Dodson, Elijah M., Major. Minter, John A., Maj., Liout. Col.
Gordon, James C., Maj., Lieut. Col. Steever, West, Lieut. Col., (P. A. C. S.,
Lovell, William S., Major. temporarily assigned.)
Smith, (*) George A., Lieut. Col., Col. Walker, Lucius M., Colonel.
Villepigue, John B., Colonel. 5t (Smith's) Infantry Regiment.
S2d Infantry Battalion. (Also called Oth. Formed by consolidation of 2d
(J. K. Walker's) and 21st 'onnuwaee Infantry.)
Malone, James C., Major.
Cole, (*) James C., Lieut. Col.
2d Infantry Regiment. Person, (*) Richard J., Major.
( st Mississippi Val MississippiMiipp. The Smith, (*) James A., Colonel.
3 Mississippi companies of this regimontformed
the lst, 10bh, or 20th Mississippi Sharpshoolers. 6th Cavalry Battalion.
Disbanded May 8,1862.)
Jessee, Geo. M., Lient. Col.
McGehee, Edward F., Lieut. Col. McAfee, (*) A. L., Major.
.Mangum, Thomas H., Major.
Martin, (*) John D., Colonel. 6th Cavalry Regiment.
S,:. Caary egi t. (Kentucky Mounted Ralpgrs. Includes -"hst
SCavalry Regimet was formerly H. Clay King's Kentucky hal.
(Also called 1ltb. Formed from llth Battalion talion. Succeeded by Ist Confederate Cavalry.
Alabama Cavalry.) Claiborne, Thomas, Capt., P. A. C. S.,
Corn, F. M., Maj., Lieut. Col. temporary commander as Colonel.
i. Estes, W. N.; Lieut. Col., Colonel. King, H. Clay, Major.
S Howard, (*) James R., Colonel. Lay, (*) John F., Capt., A. A. G.,P. A. C.
McCaskill, John, Lieut. Col. S., temporary commander as Colonel o'
Rice, P. H., Colonel. Claiborne's regiment.
B. d. Pell, James A.,Lieut. Col .
S 3d Infantry Battalion. Wjcks, M. J., Major.
SYeiser, James G., Major. 7th Cavalry Battalion.
3d Infantry Regiment. Prentice, Clarence J., Lieut. Col.
(18th Aikansas Regiment and let Arkansas Bat. Repass, W. G., Major.
talion. Consolidated Feb. 17, 1863, with 5th
S (Smith's) Regiment.) 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Cameron, (*) John F., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Part of regiment transferred to form 10th Geor.
Cole, (') J. C., Lieut. Col. of 3d and 5th C a Cavalry, and part to form 1oth Battalion
(Smith's) Consolidated. C. Cavary.)
Johnson, (*) James B., Lient. Col. Claiborne, (*) Thos. D., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Keep, Henry V., Maj., Lieut. Col. Claiborne, (*) William C., Colonel.
Marnnduke, (*) Jno. Sappington, Colo- Sikes, (*) Jesse H., Major.
nel. Taliaforro, (*) V. Ht., Lieut. Col., Col.

1': : : ;" .* ** '


8th Cavalry Regiment. 14th Cavalry Regiment. ,t
(Called also 2i Mississippi and Alabama Cay. Cage, John B., Major, Lieut. Col.
airy.) Dumonteil, (*) F., Colonel.
Garland, Win. l., Lieut. Col.
Falkner, Jefferson, Lieut. Col. Harrington, Pinkney C., Major.
Field, Joseph H., Colonel.
Rather, (*) John S., Maj., Lieut. Col. 15th Cavalry Regiment.
Wade, (*) Win. B., Colonel. Maury, (*) Henry, Colonel.
Wright, John T., Major. Myors, T. J., Lieut.Col.
Partridge, Robert H., Major. -
8th Infantry Battalion.
16th Cavalry regiment.
(Formerly 2d Foreign Battalion Infantry.) (See 12th Mississippi Cavalry.)
Andrews, (*) Garnott, Maj., Lieut. Col. Dearing's Cavalry Regiment.
FouchB, R. T., Major. (Also called 8th.)
10th Cavalry Regiment. Dearing, James, Colonel.
-HBarman's Cavalry Regiment.
(Formed from 5th. Battalion Alabama Cavalry ar n's Cavalry Regiment.
Hilliard's Legion, and 19th Battalion Georgia (Also called Harman's Mississippi Cavalry.)
Cavalry.) Harman, B. Desha, Colonel.
Goode, (*.) Charles T., Colonel. Tucker's infantry Regiment.
Rudolph, JohnB ., Major. (Formerly 1st Foreign Battalion Infantry.)
Slaughter, Miles M., Lieut. Col. ,
Vason, William I., Lieut. Col., Col. Tucker, Julius G., Lieut. Col., Col.

(Provisional Army Confederate States.)
1st Battalion. 4 3d Regiment.
Douglas, Hubg T., Lieut. Col. Green, (*) Juo. W., Major.
Rowley, R. 1., Major. Proestinan, (*) S. W., Liout. Col.
lst Regiment. 4th Begimcent.
Blackford, (*) Win. W., Lient. Col. Douglas, Hugh T., Colonel.
Randolph, Poyton, Major.
Talcott, (*) Thomas M. R., Colonel. Presstman's 1 attalion. .
2d Regiment. (Afterward 3d l.,,,iieiet.)
Wintter, D., Major. Presstman, S. W., Major.


1st Cavalry Regiment. 1et Infantry Regiment.
SBradford, Henry, Major. Anderson, (*) J. Patton, Colonel.
Davis, Wm. George M., Lieut. Col., Col. Ball, (*) Glover Ailing. Major.
Maxwell, (*) G. Troup, Maj., Lieut. Col., Beard, (*) William K., Lieut. Col.
Col. MeDonell, (*) Thaddeus A., Maj. Lt. Col.
Stockton, (*) William T., Maj., Lieut. Col., Miller, (*) William, Colonel.
le8 Speoial Infantry Battalion. 1st Regiment Reserves.
(Originally mustered as artillery. Merged into Barnos, William D., Lieut, Col.
10Lh i Iogiment Infantry.) ])aniel, James J., Colonol. ,
Holland, () Daniel P., Lieut. Col. Dial, Willia H.,Major.
Hopkins,() Charles F., Maj., Lieut.-Col., 2d Ca Regi
Scott, (*) William W., Major. 21 Cavalry Regiment.
lsl Infantry Battalion. I arrison, (*) Robert, Major.
*~ McCormick, (*) Abner H., Lieut. Col. .
Finegan, (*) Jos., Lieut. Col. (canceled). Smith, Caraway, Colonel,


S2d Infantry Battalion. 6th Infantry Battalion.
(Part merged into O1th Rlegiment Infantry and (Merged into 9th Infantry.)
S. art into 11th Roginuont Infantry. Formerly Bird, Pickens ., Major.
dl. IBattalion I'artisan ItBaigera.) Bird, PienB., M,
SBattalion artist ngr. Martin, John M., Lieut. Col.
Brevard, (*) Theodore W., Maj., Lieut. .6th Infantry Regiment.
Col.. 6th Ivfantry Regimet.
Westcott, John, Major. Davidson, (*) Robert H. M., Maj., Lieut.
2d Infantry Begimmnt. Finley, (*) Jesse J., Colonel.
Kenan, (*) Daniel L., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Call, (") George W., Major. Col.
Moore, (*) Walter R., Maj., Col. McLean, (*) Angus D., Lieut. Col., Col.
Perry, (") Edward Ainsworth, Colonel.
Pyles, (*) Lewis G., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 7th Infantry Regiment.
Rogers, (*) S. St. George Liut. Col.
S Ward, (*) George T., Colonel. Blount, (*) Nathan S., Mijor.
Bullock, (*) Robert, Liout. Col., Col.
3d Cavalry Battalion. Ingram, Tillian, Maj., Lieut. Col.
3d Cav. Perry, Madison Starke, Colonel.
Myers, Thomas J., Major. 8th Infantry Regiment.
3 d Infantry Regiment. Baya, (*)'William, Lieut. Col.
Church, (*) Lucius A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Flaok, RhThomas Erskino, Major.
S Dilworth, (") William Scott, Colonel. Floyd, (ichard F, Colonel.
Mashburn, Elisha, Maj., Lieut. Col. Lang, (") David, Colonel.
Phillips, (") John Lott, Major. Pons, (")John M., Liet. Col.
S Wright, (*) Arthur J. T., Lieut. Col. Turner, William J., Major.
9th Infantry Regiment.
4th( Infantry Battalion. e n
4th I y (Formed from 6th Florida Battalion.)
Gee, (*) John H., Major.
S McClellan, (*) J. F., Lieut. Col. Bird, Pickens B., Major.
Magin, John M., Colonel.
S" 4th Infantry Regiment. Thomas, (*) Robert B:,.Colonel.
Badger, (*) Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col. 10th Infantry Regintelit.
.' Bowen, (") Wiles L. L., Maj., Lieut. Col., (Formed from 1st and 2d Battalions.)
.... Hopkins, (') Edward, Colonel. Hopkins, (*) Charles P., Colonel.
S Hunt, (*) James P., Colonel. Scott, (*) William W., Lieut. Col.
Lash, (*) Jac .A.,.Major. Westcott, (*) John, Major.
Lesley, (*) Jofi T., Major.
i Smith, M. Whitt, Lieut. Col. 1lth Infantry Regiment.
(Formed from 4th and part of 2d Infantry Bat
S5th Cavalry Battalion. talions.)
Brovard, (*) Theodore W., Colonel.
Milton Wm. H., Major. Gee, (*) John H., Major.
Scott, 6eorge W., Maj., Lieut. Col. McClellan, (*) James F., Lieut. Col.
5th Infantry Regiment. Commissary Battalion.
Davis, Benjamin F., Major. (Temporary organization.)
Hately, (') John C., Colonel. Footman, William, Major.
Lamar, (*) Thomas B., Lieut. Col., Col. Munnerlyn, Cls. J., Lieut. Col.

S1st Cavalry Battalion, let Battalion Cavalry Militia.
(Merged into 5t Cvalry.) (See 16th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard.).
Spalding, (*) Charles, Lieut. Col.?
1st Cavalry Begimtent.
1st Cavalry Battalion Georgia Beserves.
Davitte,() Si'muel W., Maj,, Lieut. Col.,
Blonut, J. H,, Lieut. Col. Col. .
Osborn, N. C., Major. Harper, (*) A. R.,,Mj., Lieut. Col.
Tufts, Orrin, Major. ,1orrispn, (*) Jame J., Lieut. Col., Col.


let Cavalry Regiment-Continued. 1st (Fannin's) Regiment Georgia Reserves.
Strickland, James H., Maj., Lieqt. Col. Fannin, James H., Colonel.
Tench, John W., Major. Neely, (') James J., Lient. Col.
Watts, () George T., Lieut. Col. Park, () John V'., Major.
let Infantry Battalion. 1st (Symons') Regiment Georgia Rvserves.
(Merged into 86th (Vlllepige's) Georgia, after Cunningham, John, Major.
Symons, Win. R., Colonel.
Larey, *) Peter H., Major.
Lovell, William S., Major. lt City Battalion, Columbus, Ga.
Villepigue, (*) John B., Maj., Lient. Col. (Detailed Men.)
let Battalion Sharpshooters. Jaques, Samuel R., Major.
let Division Georgia Militia.
Anderson, (*) Robert H., Major. l t Divion eo
Shaaff, (*) Arthur, Major. Flournoy, R. W., Colonel.
let Infantry Battalion Georgia Reserves. let Georgia Light Duty Men, Macon, Ga.
SSymons, Wn. R., Major. Rowland, Alexander M., Major.

let Georgia Requlars Infantry. let Regiment Local Defense Troops, Au-
gusta, Ga.
Chastain, E..W., Lieut. Col.
Grieve, Miller, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. Moore, John C., Lieut. Col.
Harden, E. R., Major. Rains, (') George W., Colonel. *
Hill, A. A. Franklin, Major. 2d Cavalry Battalion.
Magil, (*) William J., Lit. Col., Col. 2 Battalion
SMartin, (*) William Liett. Col. (Merged into 5th Georgia Cavalry.)
.Smith, (") William b., Major.
kSmith, () Wiiam D., Major. Bird, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col.
C) J D., Liet. c Cumming, (*) Montgomery, Lient. Col. ,
Wayne, ichrd., Mj., Davnt, (jr., Richard J.A., Maj.Lieut.o, or.
Williams; (*) Charles J., Colonel. 24 Cavalry Reiment.
24 Cavalry Regiment.
Slst Georgia Volunteers Infantry. Crews, (*) Charles C., Colonel.
(Disbanded.) Dunlop, (*) James E., Lieut. Col.
S Hood, Arthur, Lieut. Col.
Anderson, (*) James W., Major, Ison,(*) Francis M., Maj Lieut. Col.
Ramsey, (). James N., Colonel. Lawton, (*) William J., dionel.
Thompson, (") George H., Lient. Col. Mayo, James W., Major.
Whaley, (*) C. A., Major.
slt Volunteers Georgia Infantry.ent Partian Rnger
2d Regiment Partisan Rangers.
SFord, (U) Martin J. Maj., Lient. Col. :'
Mercer, () Huh ., Col Hunt, A. A., Colonel. "
Olmsted, () Whas. H.,Maj., Col. 2d Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard.:
p Rockwell, (') William S., Lieut. Col. A
e r Beasley, W. P., Lieut. Col.
1st Regiment Infantry Georgia State Guard. Lane, J. M., Major.
Willcoxon, (") John B., Colonel.
Dabney, William H., Colonel.
Groves, John F M t.Co 2d Independent Infantry Battalion.
Hardeman, (*) Thomas, jr., Major.
1st Regiment State Troops. Moffett, (*) Charles J., Major.
Ross, (*) George W., Major. '-
Brown, Lieut. Col.
Galt, I,. M., Colonel. 24 Battalion Sharpshooters.
T'ate, William, Major. ox, (#) J. J., M r.
C Gox, (*) J. J., Major.
Whiteley, (*) Richard H., Major.
let Regiment Local Defense Troops, Macon, .
Ga. 2d Infantry Regiment.
Butt, Edgar M., Maj., Col.
Brooks, T., Lieut. Col.~ ; Charlton, William W., Major.

.. ,, ,. : .. -


2d Infantry RegimetConContinued. 3d Infantry Battaliohf
Harris, Skidmore, Lfeut. Col. (See 10th (Rylmnder's) Battallon.)
Harris, (*) William T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Holmes, (*) William R., Lient Col. 3d Battalion Sharpshooters.
S Lewis, Abnor McC., Major.
SSemmes, (*) Paul J., Colonel. Davant, Philip E., Major.
Shepherd, William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Hutchins, (*) Nathan L, jr., Lieut. Col.
SiIImmons, WilliiIam E., MZajor.
2d Regiment Georgia Reserves. Smith, H. 11., Major.
Jones, C. M., Lieut. Col. 3d Infantry Regiment.
Maddox, (*) Robert F., Colonel.
Powell, W.A., Major. Ilyeos, George E., Major.
Jones, (*) John F., Major.
2d Regiment Georgia State Line Lee, Augustus H., Major.
Montgomery, Alex. B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Wilson, James, Colonel. (temporarily assigned).
Nisbet, (") Reuben B., Lieut. Col.
2d (Storey's) Regiment Georgia State Toops. Reid, (*) James S., Lieut. Col.
Suead, (*) Claiborne, Lieut. Col.
Storey, R. L., Colonel. Sturges, John R., Major.
Walker, (*) Edward J., Colonel.
2d (Stapleton's) Regiment Georgia State Wright, (') Ambrose R., Colonel.
: oops. 3d Regiment Georgia Reserves. *
SStapleton,--, Colonel.
Griffin, J. B., Major.
2d Battalion Local Defense Troops, Macon, Harris, Charles J., Colonel.
Ga. Moore, J. L., Lieut. Col.
Walker, E. W., Major (acting). 3d Regiment, First Brigade, Georgia State
Troops. ."
: 2d Division Georgia Militia.
Johnson, --- Colonel.
Armstrong, Colonel.
So .. 4th (Avery's) Cavalry Regiment.
3d Cavalry Battalion.
S(Formed from 23d Battalion, Afterward 12th Cav-
(Merged into Clinch's 4thGeorgia Cavalry.) airy).
Clinch, (*) Duncan L., Maj., Lieut. Col. Avery, (*) Isaac W., Colonel.
Harri, Owen, D. Jacksoln,Major.
3d Cavalry Battalion Georgia State. Guard. Stewart, (*) Augustus R., Major.
(Atlanta Fire Battalion.)
4th (Clinch's) Cavalry Regiment.
Lee, (*) George W., Lieut. Col.
Mecaslin, (") John H., Major. (Formed from Clinch's 3d Battalion.)
Clinch, (*) Duican L.' Colonel
3d Cavalry Regiment. Harris, (") John L.,'Lent. Col.
Booton, (*) Daniel F., Major. McDonald, () Jesse C., Major.
Crawford, (*) Martin J., Colonel. 4th Cavaly Regiment Georgia State Guard.
Johnson, Hiram H., Major.4th ava eg t eoria ate Guard.
Kennon, (*) Richard E., Lieut. Col., Col. Key, P. C., Lieut. Col.
Thompson, (*) Robert, Colonel. Kephen C, Lieut. Col.
Thornton, (*) James T., Lieut. Col. Whteh, ') Rober, CoMonel.
3d Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard. fa y
S.4th. (Mercer's) Infantry Battalion.
. Freeman, John M, L Major. (Merged nto 21st Infantry.)
Martin, (") Luther H. 0., Lieut. Col.
Toombs, Robert, Colonel. Mercer,(*) John T. Lieut. Col.
.3d nfatry Bttalion. Morrison, James J., Major.
.3d Infantry Battalion.
(United with the 17th Battalion formed the 37th 4th (Stiles') Infantry Battalion.
Georgia.) I -
(Merged into 60th Georgia.)
Rudler, (*) Anthony F., Maj., Lieut. Col. Berry, ( Thomas J., Major.
Stovall,(') Marcelius A., Lieut. Col. Stiles, () WilliamHr., sr., Lieut. Col.


4th Battalion Sharpshooters. 5th Regiment GeorgiaState Troops.
(Formed from part of 3d Infantry Battalion.) Mann, Colonel.
Caswell, Theodore D., Major.
6th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard.
4th Battalion Georgia State Guard.
Culberson, Augustus B., Lieut. Col.
Whitehead, Archer, Major. Fuller, Haley G., Major. C
4th Infantry Begiment. 6th Cavalry Regiment.
Cook, (I) Philip, Lieut. Col., Col. (Formed from Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Legion.)
Do Graffenriod, Francis H., Major.
Doles, (*) George, Colonel. Bale, (*) Alfred F., Major.
Jordan, William F., Maj., Lieut. Col. Brown, B. F., Lieut. Col.
Matthewo, John J., Lieut. Col. Burns, John T., Major.
Nash, (*) Edwin A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Fain, (*) Joel C., Major, Lieut. Col. -
Smith, (*) Robert S., Major. Hart, (*) John R., Colonel.
Whitehead, Charles L., Major.
Willis, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col., 6th Infantry Regiment.
Winn,(*) David R. E., Maj., Lieut. Col. Anderson, (*) Charles D., Maj., Lieut.
4th Regiment Georgia Reserves. Arnold, (*) William M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Cleveland, (*) Wilde C., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Burks,J. H., Major. Colquitt, (*) Alfred H., Colonel.
Candler, A. D., Lieut. Col. Culpepper, (*) James M., Major.
Taylor, Richard S., Colonel. Harris, Sampson W., Lieut. Col.
Lofton,(*) John T., Lient. Col., Col.
4th Regiment, 2d Brigade, Georgia State Newton, (*) James M., Liout. Col.
Troops. Tracy, Phil, Major.
Gant, Colonel. oth Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard.
5th Cavalry Regiment. Lofton, (*) William A., Maj., Col.
(Formed from 1st and 2d Battalions.) Mangham, (*) Samuel W., Lieut. Col.
Nunnally, Aaron D., Major.
Anderson, (*) Robert H., Colonel.
Bird, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col., Col. 6th Regiment Georgia State Troops.
Davant, (*) Richard J., jr., Maj., Lieut. .
Col. Thompson, Colonel. :"
Wiltbererer, () William H., Major. T o l
5th Infantry Battalion Georgia State 7th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard.'
Shivers, James, A., Major.
Wilson, William A., Major. Stephens, Linton, Lieut. Col..
5th Infantry Regiment./ 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Ansley, (*) David H., Major. (Formed from 21st and 24th Battalions.)
Beall, Thomas, Lieut. Col.
Black, William T., Colonel. Anderson, (*) Edward C., jr., Major.
Daniel, (*) Charles P., Maj., Col. Davies, John N., Major.
Da.y, Charles B., Lient. Col. McAllistor, (*),Joseph L., Lieut. Col.
Hundley, (") William B., Major. White, William P., Colonel.
Iverson, (*) John F., Lieut. Col.
Jackson (*) John K;, Colonel. 7th Infantry Battalion.
Kiddoo, John F., Major.
Mangham, (*) Samuel W., Colonel. (Formerly Lamar's 26th Infantry. Merged into
Salisbury, William L., Major. 61et Georgia.)
Lamar, (') Chas. A. L., Liout. Col.
5th Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. Lamar, (') John I., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Curley, (*) Barnard, Major.
Hargett, Flynn, Lieut. Col. 7th Infantry Regiment.
Salisbury, William L, Colonel. Almon, (*) Moses T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
5th Regiment Georgia Reserves. Anderson, Lemuel B., Major.
Carmical, (") George H., Maj., Lieut. Col.,.
Cumming, J. B., Colonel. Col.
Findlay, C. D., Lient. Col. Cooper, James F., Lient. Col.
McGregor, C. E., Major. 'Dunwody, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col.

I .


S 7th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 9th Artillery Battalion.
Gartrell, Lucius J., Colonel. Leyden, (*) A., Major.
Hoyle, E. W., Major.
Kiser, (*) John F., Major. 9th (McDonald) Cavalry Battalion, Georgia
White, (*) William W., Lieut. Col., Col. State Guard.
Wilson, (*) William T., Colonel.
Witt, (*) Horace II., Major. Phillips, (*) William, Major.
7th Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 9th Cavalry Regiment.
Latimer, Reuben, Major. (Formed from Cavalry Battalion ofCobb's Legion.)
Lester, George N., Colonel. Jones, Malcolm D., Major.
Neely, (*) James J., Lieut. Col. King, (")Barrington S.,Lient. Col.
Wright, Gilbert J., Colonel.
7th Regiment Georgia State Troops. n y
9th Infantry Battalion.
Redding, A. F., Colonel. (Also called 17th Battalion.)
8th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard. Smith, Joseph T., Major.

Stephens, John T., Major. 9th Infantry Regiment.
8th Cavalry Regiment. Arnold, John W., Major.
(Formed from 62d Regiment and 20th Battalion.) Beck, Benjamin, Colonel.
C Goulding. E. R., Colonel.
.. Griffin, () Joel R., Colonel. Hoge, (*) Edward F., Lient. Col., Col.
Millen, (*) John M., Lieut. Col. Jones, (*) William M., Major.
Thomson, (*) William G., Major. Mounger, (*) John C. L., sr., Maj., Lieut.
8th Infantry Battalion. Turnipseed,(*)Richard A., Lieut. Col.,Col.
Jn Webb, (*) John G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Gray, John W., Major.
H:unt, B. F., Major. 9th Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard.
Littlefield, Asahel, Lient. Col.
S Morgan, Edward F., Major. Moll, (*) P. H., Colonel.
Napier, Leroy,jr., Lieut. Col. Peacock, Thomas P., Major.
Reid, J. T., Lieut. Col. Walker, (*) Dickerson H., Lieut. Col.
S Watters, Zachariah L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
i8h 9th Regiment, 3d Brigade, Georgia State
:8th Infantry Regiment. Troops.
: Bartow,F. S., Colonel. ill, J. M., Colonel.
SCooper, Thomas L., M i., Lieut. Col. 10th Battalion Mounted Rifles Georgia
S Dawson,(*) George O., Major.tat Guard.
SGardner, William M., Lieut. Col., Col. (Also called Oth Cavalry Battalion Georgia State
Lamar, L. M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Guard.)
S Magruder,(') Edward J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Mull,(*) Pat., Lieut. Col.
Towers, (*) John R., Lieut. Col., Col. Price, (') Hawkins F., Major.
8th'Infantry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 10th Cavalry Regiment.
Fowler, (*) John W., Lieut. Col. (Formed from 7th Confederate Cavalry and part
Henderson, John T., Colonel. of Mil' org talo.
Pinckard, James S., Major. Claiborne, (*) Thomas D., Lieut. Col.
SSikes.(*) Jesse H., Major.
'!8 th Regiment Georgia Militia. Taliaferro, (*) V. H., Colonel.

S Rountree, C. N., Colonel. 10th Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard.
Floyd, John J., Colonel.
8th Regiment Georgia State Troops. Glenu,J.N., Lient. Col.
*. *Hudson, G. L., Major.
: Chastain, E. W., Colonel. Hudso, G. L.,ajor.
10th Infantry Battalion.
8th Regiment, 3d Brigade, Georgia State (Also called 3d Battalion.)
I = "Troops.
'o.. Frederick, (') James D., Major.
Scott, --, Colonel. Rylander, (1) John E., Major.

10th Infantry Regiment. 12th Infantry Regiment.
Cumming, Alfred, Lient. Col., Col. Blanford,(*) Mark II., Lieut. Col.
Hawes, ( ) Richard R., Major. Carson,(*) John T., Major.
Holt, (*) Willis C., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Conner,(') Z. T., Lieut. Col., Col.
Kibbee, Charles C., Lieut. Col. lIardo3man,(*) Isaac, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Loud, (*) Philologns H., Major. Hlawkins,(*) Willis A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
McBride, Andrew J., Colonel. Johnson, Edward, Colonel.
McLaws, (*) Lafayette, Colonel. Scott,(*) Tihddeus B., Lient. Col.
Weems, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col.,Col. Smead, Abner, Maj., Lieut. Col.
10th Regiment Georgia State Troops. Willis,(') Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Davis, C. M., Colonel. 12th Cavalry Regimenlt, Georgia State
11th Artillery Battalion., C
Sims, R., Colonel.
(Sumter Battalion.)
Cutts,(*) Allen S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 13th Cavalry Regiment.
Lane,(") John, Maj., Lieut. Col. (Formed from 13th Battalion.)
11th Cavalry Regiment. Winu, Samuel J., Lieut. Col.
(Formed from 30th Battalion.)
Barclay, Hugh W., Lieut.ol. Infary Baaon.
Bell, Madison, Major. (Merged into 83d Regiment.)
Young, Andrew, Colonel. Gordon,(*) George A., Major.
11th Infantry Battalion Georgia State 13th (Yarborough's) Infantry Battalion
Guard. Georgia State Guard.
Cooper, John, Major. Yarborough, Christopher C., Major.
11th Infantry Regiment. e
Andorson,(") George T., Colonel. 13th Infant eg nt.
Goode,(') Charles T., Major. Baker,(') John H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Guerry, Theodore L., Lieut. Col. Iouglass,(*) Marcellus, Lieut. Col., Col.
Little,(*) Francis H., Colonel. Ector, Walton, Colonel.
Luffman,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col. Jones, S. W., Lieut. Col.
McDaniel, Henry D., Major. Long, James A., Major.
Welsh, Western R., Major; Maltbie,(*) Richard, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Moore,(") John L., Major.
11th Infantry Regiment Georgia State Smith, James M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Godfrey, William, Lieut. Col. 14th Artillery Battalion.
McGriff, Patrick A., Major.
Motityre, Archibald T., Colonel. (Montgomery Artillery.)
Montgomery, Joseph T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
11th Regiment Georgia State Troops. Palmer,(*) Joseph, Major.
Price, J. V., Colonel. 14th Infantry Regiment.
12th Artillery Battalion. Brumby, A. T9, Colonel.
Fielder, James M., Maj., Lieut. Col. -,
Capers,(*) Henry D., Maj., Lieut. Col. Folsom,(*) Robert W., Lieut. Col., Col.
Hanvey,(') George M., Major. Goldsmith, Washington L., Maj., Lieut.
12th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Harris, William A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Guard. Kelley,(*) Charles C., Major. *
Stewart, Thomas R.,Major.Lester,) Richard P., Maj., Lieut. Col.,'
Stewart, Thomas R., Major. Col.'
12th Cavalry Regiment. Price, Felix, Colonel.
Ramsay, Whitoford S., Lieut. Col.
(See Avery's 4th Georgia Cavalry.)
12th Cavalry Regiment Georgia State Guard. 14th Infantry Battalion Georgia State
Felton, L.'M., Major. ( n a o.
Pemberton, John S., Lient. Col. (Macon Battalion.)
Robinson, William H., Colonel. Jones, John E., Major.


15th Battalion Partisan Rangers. 18th Infantry Battalion.
(Merged into 62d Regiment.) (Savannah Volunteer Guards.)
Griffin,(*) Joel R., Maj., Lieut. Col. Basinger, (*) William S., Major.
Screven, (*) John, Major.
S 15th Cavalry Battalion Georgia- State
Guard. 18th Infantry. Battalion Georgia State-
Jones, E. T., Lieut. Col. Guard.
ST., (Augusta Fire Battalion.)
15th Infantary Regiment. Day, Charles B., Major.
Du Bose,(*) Dudley M., Colonel. Platt, (*) Charles A., Lieut. Col.
Hearnsbeerger,() Stephen Z., Lieut. Col. 18th Inantry Regiment.
McIntosh,(*) William M., Maj., Lient.
Col., Col.
,Col., Col. Armstrong, (*) Joseph, Colonel.
Millicau,() Win. T., Lieut. Col., Col. Calaan, W. G., Major.
Shannon,(*) Peter J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Fordan, W. G., Major.
Smitn, Joseph T., Major. Ford, (*) Francis M., Lieut. Col.
Smith, Joseph T., Major. Griffis, John C., Major.
Smith, Theophilus J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Johnson, Jefferson, Major.
Stephens, Linton, Lieut. Col. Ruff, (*) S. Z., Lieut. Col., Col.
Thomas, Thomas W., Colonl. Stewart, (*) Joseph A., Major.
,, 16th Cavalry Battalion. Wofford, (*) William T., Colonel.
(Merged into 13th Georgia Cavalry.) 19th Cavalry Battalion.
Clarke. Edward Y MajorMerged into 10th Confederate Cavalry.)
Nix, () F. M., Lieut. Col. Goode, () Charles T., Major.
Winn,(') Samuel J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
19th (Thompson's) Infantry Battalion
16th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Georgia State Guartd.
Gud (City Gnard Battalion, Columbus, Ga.)
(Gilmer Battalion; also called 1st Battalion
Georgia Militia.) Bivins, James M., Major.
Thompson, Dexter B., Lieut. Col.
West, Doctor M., Major.
19th Infantry Regiment.
16th Infantry Regiment.
Boyd, William W., Colonel.
(Sallie Twiggs Regiment.) Flynt, Tilnan W., Lieut. Col.
Hamilton, William, Major.
Bryan,(") Goode, Lieut. Col., Col. Hogan, Ridgway B., Lieut. Col.
Cobb,(*) Howell, Colonel. Hooper, John W., Major.
Gholston. James S., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Hutchins, (*) Andrew J., Maj., Lieut. Col,
Skelton,(*) John H., M'ajor. Col.
Stiles, B. Edward, Liout. Col. Johnson, Thomas C., Lieut. Col.
Thomas, Henry P., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Mabry, (*) Charles W., Major.
Nea, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col.,Col.
17th Infantry Battalion.
h y 20th Battalion Partisan Ranger.
(See 9th Battalion.) (Part merged into 8th and part into 10th Cavalry.)
17th Battalion Infantry Georgia State Millen, (*) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Guard. Spencer, Samuel B., Major.
SMcGee, J. W., Major. Thomson, William G., lMajor.
S20th (TWright's) Battalion Infantry Georgia
S-. 17th Infantry Regiment. State Guard.
(Iferged into 12th Rogi meontl torgia State Guard.)
Garden, (*) William A., Maj., Liout. Col. redintol2tRei
Beonning, () Henry L., Colonel. Wright, Henry G., Major.
Hodges, Wesley C., Lieut. Col., Col. 20th Infanty Regim .
Matthews, Charles W., Lieut. Col. Ifa y egim.
Moore, ) James B., Major. Craig, William, Major. -'
SPi cktt, (*) Joh H., Major. Coffee, John A., Major.
W: walker, Thomas, Major. Cumming, (") John B., Lieuti'Col., Col.
'. i'


20th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 24th Cavalry Battalion,
Gamble, (*) Roger L., Major. (Merged into 7th Georgia Cavalry.)
Jones, John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Anderson, (*) Edward C., jr., Major.
Rose, (*) Albert B., Major.
Seago, (*) Eli M., Lieut. Col. 24th Infantry Regiment.
Smith, (*) William Duncan, Colonel.
Waddell, (") James D., Maj., Col. Chandler,(*) Joseph N., Lieut. Col.
McMillau, (*) Robert, Col.
21st Cavalry Battalion. McMillan, (*) Robert E., Major.
Sanders, (*) C. C., Liont. Col., Col.
(Merged into 7th Georgia Cavalry.) Smith, (') Frederick C., Major.
White, (*) William P., Major. Winn, Thomas E., Maj., Lieut. Col.
21st Infantry Battalion Georgia State 25th Cavalry Battalion.
Guard. (Provost Battalion, Atlanta, Ga.)
(Merged into Wright's 12th Regiment.) Lee, (*) George W., Lieut. Col.
Kenedy, James B., Major.
25th Infantry Regiment.
21st Infantry Regiment. I
Glover, (*) Thomas C., Maj., Lieut. Col. Ashley, () W. P. M., Lieut. Col.
Hooper, (*) Thomas W., Maj., Lieut. Col., mith, (")Albert W. Major.
Col. Wilson, (") Claudius C., Colonel.
Lynch, (*) Michael, Major. Williams, (*) Andrew J., Lieut. Col.
Mercer, (*) John T., Col. Winn, (') William J.. Maj., Col.
Morrison, James J., Lieut. Col. Wylly, (1) Wi. Henry, Maj., Lieut, Col.
22d Artillery (Siege) Battalion. 26th Infantry Battalion.
Gallie, John B., Major. Nisbot, (*) John W., Major.
Guilmartin, Lawrence J., Major. 2h Infantry
McMullan, (*) Mark J., Major. 26th (Styles') Infantry Regiment.
Pritchard, (*) William R., Lieut. Col. (Also called 13th.)
22d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Atkinson, (*) Edmund N., Colonel.
Guard. Blain, James S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S Gardner, Thomas N., Major.
Carswell,.Nathaniel A., Lieut. Col. Griffin, (*) Eli S., Ma., Lient. Col.
Hughes, Daniel G., Major. Grace, (")Benjamin F., Major.
22d I.nfa.ntry Regimnent. Lane, William A., Lieut. Col.
22s Infantry Regiment. McDonald, (*) William A., Lient. Col.
Jones, (*) Robert H., Colonel. Styles, (*) Carey W., Colonel.
Jones, (*) George H., Col.
Lallerstedt, () Lawrence D., Major. 2th (Lamar'e) Infantry egiment..
McCurry, (") B. C., Lieut. Col. (Aherward known- as 7th Infantry Battalion,
Pritchett, J. W., Lieut. Col. which was merged into Olat Inantry.)
Wasden, (*) Joseph, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Lamar, Charles A. L., Colonel.
23d Cavalry Battalion. Lamar, John H., Major.
McDonald, James, Lieut. Col.
(Merged into 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry.)
Avery, (*) Isaac W., Lieut. Col. 27th Infantry Battalion.
23d4 Infantry Battalion Georgia State ridge, () ilf ., Major.
Guard. Stbbs, (") Willia B., Mjr.
Cook, F. W. C., Major. 27th Infantry Regiment.
23d Infantry Regiment. : Brewer, Septimus L., Lient. Col.
Bussey, Hezekial, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Ballenger,(*) MarcusR., Maj., Lieut. Col., Dennis, Charles J., Major.
Col. Dorsey, Jasper N., Liit. Col.
Barclay, (*) William P., Liont. Col., Col. Oirdlner, (*) JanmI Mioj., Lieut. Col.
Best, Emory F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. lolliday, Henry B., Major.
Boston, (*) William J., Major. Rontfro, (*) William I., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Huggins, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Smith, Levi B., Colonel.
Col. Stubbs, John W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Hutcherson, Thomas, Colonel. Zacbry, (') Charles T., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Sharp, John J. A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Col.


28th Artillery Battalion. 34th Infantry Regiment.
Bonaud, (*) A., Major. Bradley, J. W., Lieut. Col.
Dorough, Thomas T., Mjor.
28th Infantry Regiment. Joblon, (*) J. A. W., Colonel
Jackson, John M, Major.
Banning, (*) James W., Major. Jackon John M
Cain, James G., Maj., Lieut. Col. 35th I'fantry Regiment.
Crawford. William P., Liet. Col.
Graybill, (*) Tully, Maj., Col. Bull, (*) Gustavus A., Lient. Col.
Hall, George A., .ient. Col. Groves. (*) Williiam L., Major.
thall, George A l,ient. Co. !Mo., () Boiling II., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Warthen, T. J., Colonel. M ., Lieut. Col.,
MuCUnlohs, (*) Wil I, Maj.,Lieut. Col.
29th Cavalry Battalion. M1" Va Jn ., Mai.,'o u. Col.j
Thomas., (*) Edward L., Colonel.
Camfield, Charles H., Major. Williams, Lee A. J., Major.
Hood, Arthur, Lieut. Col.
d 36th (Villepigute'8) Infantry Regiment.
29th Infantry Regiment. (Formerly let Infantry Battalion; afterward let
Confederate, which see. Was also called Geor.
Alexander, () T. W., Lieut. Col. gia and Mississippi Regiment of Infantry.)
Billopp, (W. W ., Mia., Lieut. Col. Lovell, Win. S., Major.
Knight, (") Levi J., Major. Smith, George A., Lieut. Col.
Lanu,), (*) John 0., Major. Villepigue, John B.,Colonel.
Mitchell, (") William D., Lieut. Col., Col.
Owen, (") John J., Major. 3) Infany
Spaulding, R., Colonel. 36h (Gln's) Infanty Regiment.
Young, (*) William J., Colonel. Broyles, Charles E., Maj., Col.
Glenn, (*) Jesse A., Colonel.
30th Cavalry Battalion. Loudermilk, (* Johu, Major.
(Merged into 11th Georgia Cavalry.) Wallace, Alexander M, Liet. Col.
Barclay, Hugh W., Major. 37t Infantry Regiment.
Young, Andrew, Lieut. Col. (3d and 4th Battalions Infantry consolidated.)
30th Infantry Regiment. Bradford,.(*) Jesse J., Major.
Kendrick, (*) Meredith; Maj.
Bailey, (*) David J., Colonel. Iudler, (* Anthony F., Colonel.
Boynton, (*) James S., Maj., Lieut. Col., miton, (*) RJoseph ., MajLt.
Col. Wilson, (L) Robert E., Major.
Hendrick, (*) Henry, Major.
Mhangham, (*) Thomas W., Lieut. Col., 37th (Military Distriit) Georgt regiment.
h0Col. Cato, William W., Lieut. Col.
Thorpe, Cicoro A., Major.
Tidwcll, Miles M., Lieut. Co. 38th Infantry regimentt.
(Wright's Legion.)
31st Infantry Regiment :
st nf r nt Bomar, (*) Thomas H., Major.
(Also called 27th.) Davant, (*) Philip E., Lieut. Col.
w J T, Flowers, John Y., Major.
powderr, (" John T., Lieut. Col. Lee, () George W., Liei& Cl., Col.
Evans, (") Clement A., Maj., Col. Mathews, (*) James 1)., Maj., Lient. Col.,i
Hill, Daniel P., Lieut. Gol. Col.
Lowe, (*) John H., XMaj., Lieut. Col., Col. Parr, (*) Lewis J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Ihillips, (*) Pleasant J., Colonel. Wright, (*) Augustus R., Colonel.
P: ride, (*) Rodolphus T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
39th infantry Regiment.
32d Infantry Regiment.
Jackson, (*) J. F. B., Lieut. Col.
SBacon, (*) E. H., jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. McConnell, J. T., Colonel
Sarrison, (*) George P., jr., Colonel. Milton, William P., Lieut. Col.
SHolland, () W. T., Major. Pituer,(*) Tilmon HI., Major.
Prudent, (") Wn. H., Lieut. Col. Randoll,(*) Gabriel H., Major.
33d Infantry Regiment. 40th. Infan try Regiment.
(Not organized.) Camp, (*) Raleigh S. Major.
Littleld, A., Colonel. Johnson, (*) Abda, Colonel
Littlefie, A., Colonel. Young, (*) Robert M., Lieut. Col,



41st Infantry Begiment. 49th Tnfantry Regisent-Continued.
Curtiss, (") William E., Lieut. Col., Cot. Durham, (*) John A.. Major.
Knight, (*) John, Major. Jordan, (*) John '1., Lieut. Col., Col.
McDaniel, (*) Charles A., Colonel. Lane, A. J., Colonel.
Nail, Mark S., Major. Manning, Seaborn M., Lieut. Col.
Pate, John H., Major. ''
42d Infantry Regiment. Player, (") Samuel T., Maj., Lieut. Col.,,
Henderson, (*) Robert J., Colonel. Rivers, Jonathan, Miii., Lieut. Col.
Hnlsey, William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Williams, (*) Wiley J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Maddox,(*) Robert F., Lieut. Col.
Thomas, (*) Loviok P., Major. 50th Infantry Regiment.

43d Infantry Regiment. Curry, (*) Ducan, Major.
Bell, Hiram P., Lieut. Col., Col. Fleming, Wn. O.,Maj., Lieut. Col.
Harris, (*) Skidmore, Colonel. Kearse, (*) Francis, Liet. Col.
Kellogg, (*) Henry C., Maj., Lieut. Col., McGlaanin, (*) W.P ., Colonel.
Col *McGlashan, ( ) Peter, Cdlonel.
Lester, William C., Major. Pendleton, (*) P. C., Major.
Sheffield, Pliny, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
44th Infantry regiment. Spence, (*) John M., Major.
Adams, Joseph W., Major. 51st Infantry Regiment.
Banks, Richard O., Major. ,
Beck, (*) James W. Maj., Lieut. Col. Anthony, (*) Oliver P., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Estes, (*) John B., Lieut. Col., Col. Ball, Edward, Lieut. Col., Col.
Key, John C., Major. Crawford,(*) John P.,Maj., Lieut. Col.
Lumpkin, Samuel P. Lieut. Col., Col. Dickoy, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col, Col.
Peebles, () William ., Maj., Lieut. Col., Dunwody, () Henry M., Major.
Col. Slaughter, W. M., Colonel,.
Smith, Robert A., Colonel. Infant regime
52d Infantry Begiment.
45th Infantry Regiment. Boyd, Wier, Colonel.
Carter, James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Findley, (1) J. J., Major.'
Conn, Chas. A., Mai., Lieut. Col. Moore, John J., Major.
Gibson, Aurelius W., Major. Phillips, (*) Charles D., Lieut. Col., Col.
Grice, (*) Washington L., Maj., Lieut. Col. Van Div iere, Solodion H., Lieut. Col.
Hardeman, (*) Thomas, jr., Colonel.
Rogers, Matthew R., Major. 53d Infantry Regiment.
Simmons, (*) Thomas J., Lieut. Col., Col.
Wallace, William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Brown, Sheridan R., Major.
Doyal, (") Leonard T., Colonel.
46th Infantry Regiment. Hance, (*) J. W., Lieut. Col.
Hartsfield, (*) W. F., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Colquitt,Peyton H., Colonel. Simmns, James P., Maj., Col.
Daniel, (") William A., Lieut. Col. Sims, Thomas W., Major.
Dunlop, Samuel J: C., Maj., Col. Sloau, (")Thomas, Lieut. Col.
Speer, (*) Alexander M., Major. Taylor, Robert P., Lieut. Col.
47th Infantry Regiment. 54th Infantry Regiment.
Cone, James G., Major, Mann, (') William H., Major.
Cone, Joseph S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Rawls, Morgan, Liout. Col.
Edwards, i. C., Lieut. C ol. Way, (*) Charlton H., Colonel.
Phillips, William S.. Lieut. Col.
Williams, G. W. M., Colonel. 55th Infantry Regiment.
48th Infantry Regiment. Harkie, (*) C. B., Colonel.
Carswell, (*) Reuben W., Lieut. Col. Persons, (*) A. W., Lieut. Col., Col.
Gibson, (*) William, Colonel. Printup, (*) Daniel S., Major.
Hall,(*) Matthew ., M., ., Lient. Col.,
Col. 56th nfantry Regiment.
Whitehead, (*) John R., Major. (Also called 55th.)
49th Infantry Regiment. Brewster, (*) James P., Major.
Pool,* M. L., Major.
Cooke, (*) Oliver H., Lieut. Col. Slatbhtter, J. T., Lieut. Col.
Duggan, (*) James B., Major. Watkins, E. P., Colonel.


57th Infantry Regiment. (15th Infantry*Regitmenlt-Con tinued.
(Also called 54th. Formerly2d Rogimont Georgia Smith,(*) Suumeor J., Colonel.
State Troops.) Williams,(') Samuel F., Major.
S Barkuloo, (*) William, Colonel.
i Gyton, (*) Cinoinnatus S., Lieut. Col. 66th Infantry Regiment.
Shinholser, (") John W., Major. (Also called 05th Regiment.)
59th Infantry Regiment. Andrews, John F., Major (declined ap.
S, pointmllt).
Ba1s, (*) Mastin G., Major. Hamilton, A. S., Lieut. Col.
B, rown, (*) Jack, Colonel. Hall, R. Newton, Major.
Fickling, William II., Major. Nialet,(') J. Cooper, Colonel.
Go, (*) Bolivar U., Mal., Liont. Col.
Harris, Charles J., Ma)., Liuet. Col. Augusta Arsenal Battalion.
Hunter, George R., Lien t. Col.
Girardey, V. J. B., Major (acting).
60th Infantry RIegiment.
(Formed from Stiles' 4th Battalion.) Atlanta Arsenal Battalion.
Berry,(*) Thomas J., Lieit. Col. McCall, James K., Major.
Jones,(*) Waters B., Maj., Col. '
Stiles,(*) William H., sr., Col. Bradshaw's Cavalry Battalion.
61st Infantry Regiment. Bradshaw, A. C., Major.
(Also called 20th.) Camden County Militia.
Brenan,(*) Peter, Major. Baily, David, Lieut. Col.
Lanmar,(*) John Hill, Col. Covedo, John S., Major.
McArthur,(') Charles W., Maj., Lieut. Floyd, Henry H., Colonel.
S Col.
Mca enffe,() Janils 1., Liet. Col Cherokee Legion, Georgia State Guard.
MacRate,() Arclhibald P., Major.
Tillman, Henry, Major. Grainbling, Enoch G., Major.
Van Valkenburg,(*) James D., Major. Hill, Benjamin, Lieut. Col,
" 'ltRusk, James E,, Colonel.
62d .Regiment Partisan Rangers.
.R tt Pa n City Battalion, Provost Guard, Columbus,
IF.-rra.:.il let Battalion. Partisan Rangers; 2d Ca.
l. glnc,,-n Partisan Rangers, united with Mlil-.
S lend's 20th Battalion, became 8th Cavalry. Part Wilkins, Francis G., Major.
of 62d became l6th Battalion N. C. Cavalry.
Ellis, William L. A., Major. Coast Guard Battalion, Georgia Militia.
Grilffu,(') Joel R., Colol el. Gaulde, William B., Colonel.
Sennedy,(*) John T., Maj., Lient. Col. Gulden, Willim ., Colonl.
(transferred to 16th Battalion North L ,
Crolina Cavalry). conn's LEfION.
Towns, Randolph, Lieut. Col. infantry Battalion, Cobb's Legion.
S. 63d Infantry Regiment. Bagley, Ed.-F., Major.
(Formed from 13th Infantry Battalion.) Camak,(*) Thomas, Major.
SCobb,(*) Thomas R. R., Colonel.
Alleo,(*) Joseph V. H., Maljor. Conyers, William I)., Major.
S Black,(") George R., Lieut. Col. Garnett, Richard B., Lient. Col.
Giles,(*) John R., Major. Glenn,(*) Luther J., Maj.,Liont. Col.
SGordon,(*) George A., Colonel. Kilght, Gazaway B., Liout. Col.
'64th Infantry Regiment. intar,() Jeffersou M.. Maj., Lieut. Col.'
B 6rth Jam nt.y Cl. t M1cDaniel,(5) William W., Major.
S" Barrow, James, Lieut. Col.
SEvans, John W., Colonel. Cavalry Battalion, Cobb's Legion.
enkius, Charles S., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Afterward 9th Cavalry.)
Thomas, Gen. S., Major.
Weems,(*) Walter H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Delo)y,(*) William G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S Col. K King,(*) Barrington S., Lieut. Col.
65th Infantry Regiment. ice,(*) Zachariali A., Major..
Yancey,(*) Benjamin C., Major.
I(Formed from Infantry Battalion of Smith's Young,(*) Pierce M B., Maj., Liet. Col.,
Legion.) Col.
SFain,(*) John S., Lieut. Col., Col. Wright,(*) Gilbert J., Maj., Lt. Col., Col.
Foster, William G., Colonel.
S Moore,(*) Robert H., Lient. Col., Col. Cook's Battalion.
Pearcy, Jacob W., Maj., Lieut. Col. (See 23d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard.)
?' 5 .


Floyd Legion, Georgia'State Guard. Smith's Regiment.
Alexander, Thomas W., Major. (Also called 1t Georgia Partisan Rangers; sue-
Freeman, John R., Lieut. Col. cccded by Smith's Legion, composing an infan.
Yeiser,() James G., Colonel. trgy and cavalry battalion, the infantry battalion
ser, Jaes Colonel becoming 5tl Infantry and cavalry battalion
6th Cavalry.)
Gilmer Battalion (Cavalry). Smith,(*) Sumner J., Colonel.
(See 16th Battalion Georgia State Guard.)
Howard's Infantry Battalion. SMITH'S LEGION.
(Non-conscripts; also called 27th Battalion.) Smith, Sumner J., Colonel.
Howard,(*) T. B., jr., Major. Infantry Battalion, Smith's Legion.
(Merged into 65th Infantry.)
Molntyre's Battalion Georgia State Guard. Fain,(*) John S., Lieut. Col.
(Mergedinto11thRegiment( eorgiaStateGuard.) Moore,(*) Robert H., Major.
McIntyre, A. T., Major. Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Legion.
Ordnance Battalion, Colimbus, Ga. (Merged into 6th Cavalry.)
; Baldwin, W. W., Major. Brown, Benjamin F., Major.
'Oliveros, J. B., Lieut. Col. Hart, John R., Lieut. Col.
Stephens' Cavalry Battalion.
PHILLIPS LEGION. (See 7th Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard.)
Infantry Battalion, Phillips Legion. WIicker's Battalion.
Barclay,(*) E. Sandy, Maj., Lieut. Col. (Mergedinto12th RegimentGeorgiaStatoGuard.)
Cook,(*) Robert T., Maj., Lieut. Col. Wicker, D. L., Major
Hamilton,(*) Joseph, Maj., Lieut. Col.
SJones,(*) Seaborn, jr., Lieut. Col. Wright's Cavalry Regt.Georgia State Guard. :,4
Norris, John S., Major. (Also called 12th.)
Phillips,() William, Colonel. Kenody, James B., Major. *
cavalry Battalon, P ips L on Longstreet, Anderson P., Lieut. Col.
Cavalry Battalion, Phillips Legion. Wright, Henry G., Colonel.
Puckett,(*) William B. C., Major. Wright's Legion
Rich,(*) William W., Lieut. Col. 8th I y.
Willoxou,() John B., Major. (See 38th Infantry.)
Youngblood's Battalion Government MAe-
Roswell Battalion Cavalry, Local Defense. chanics, Columbus, Ga.
King, James R., Major (acting). Youngblood, E. H. (?), Major.


1st (Meyer's) Cherokcee Cavalry Battalion. 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Regiment.
Moyer, Benjamin W., Major. Hunter, Wm. L., Colonel (rejected).
Hays, Abram B., Major.
1st (Bryan's) Cherokee Cavalry Battalion. Martin, Samuel H., Lieut. Col. (rejected).
Bryan, (") J. M., Major. 1st (Battice's) Chocktaw Cavalry Battalion.
1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles. (Afterward 1st Choctaw War Regiment.)
(Also called 2d. See Drew's Cherokee Mounted Battice, (*) Franceway, Lieut. Col.
Rifles.) Folsom, Simpson N., Major.
18( Cherokee Mounted Bsfles. 1st (McCurtain's) Chootaw Battalion.
Bell, James M., Lieut. Col., Col. (After 3d Choctaw Rogiment.)
Boudinot, E. C., Major. Cur J n Co
Howland, E. J., Major. McCurtain, Jackson Lieut. Col.
Parks, Robert C., Liont. Col. Page, John, Major.
Taylor, Thomas F., Liout. Col.
Thompson, Joseph F., Maj., Lieut. Col. 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles.
Vann, Clem. N., Lieut. Col. Cooper, Douglas II.. Colonel.
Watie, Stand, Colonel. Jones, Willis J., Major. '
1st Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. Le Flor, () Mitchll, Major.
Loeriug, Sampson Major.
Harris, Joseph D.,Lieut. Col. Riley, James, Lieut. Col.
Reynolds, Lemuel M., Major. Walker, (') Tandy, Lieut. Col. .

\ "* il


slt Choclaw Cavalry War Regiment. 2d Greek Regiment.
(In 1865 known as 2d Choctaw Regiment.) Barnett, Timothy, Maj., Col.
Folsom, Simpson N., Colonel. Hawkins, Pink, Lient. Col.
SC C McIntosh, Chilly, Colonel.
let Chootaw Cavalry legientt.
Folsom, (*) Sampson, Colonel. 3d Chootato Regiment.
Harkins, David F., Lient. Col. (Formerly 1st Choctaw Battalion.)
t emnole Caalr Ba on. McCurtai, Jackson, Colonel.
(After 1st Seminole Regiment.) Lewis, 'om, Acting Lieut. Col.
Cloud, George, Major. 'I
Jumper, John, Lieut. Col. Cherokee Battalion.
1st Creek Caivalry Battalion. Frye, Moses C., Major.
: McIntosh, Chilly, Lieut. Col. Scales, Joseph A., Major. .
S1st Creek regimentt Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion.
Chekote, Samuel, Lieut. Col. Nail, Jonathan, Major.
Merrea v, Jamesob, Major. Sheco; Martin, Lieut. Col.
\ McIntosh, Daniel N., Colonel. Drew's Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
McIntosh, William R., Lient. Col.
(Called slet and 2d.)
2d Cherokee Mounted rifles. Drew, John, Colonel.
Drew, John, Colonol.
Adair, WillianrP., Colonel. Pegg, Tlhomas, Major.
Bell, Jas. M., Lt. Col. (transferred to 1st). Ross, William P., Lieut. Col.
'Brewer, O. H. P., Lieut. Col.
Hammock, Porter, Major. Osage Battalion.
Harden, J. R., Major.
Vaun, John, Major. Broke Arm, Major.


t Cavalry Battalion. 18t Infantry Regiment. |
S Sbawhan, John Major. Anderson, Benjamin, Major (transferred
9 Simms, Wm.E..Lieut. Col. to 3d Infantry).
... Crossland,(*) Edward, Mai., Lieut. Col. ,
t. Battalion Mounted BBifle. Johnston (*) William Preston, Maj.,
Bradley, (*) Benjamin F., Major. Lieut. Col. ;
Camron, Orville G., Major. Taylor, () Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col.
S let Special Cavalry Battalion. .2d Consolidated Cavalry Battalion.
(In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10, 1864.) (Organzed Aug. 1, 1803, represeuting .S comn
Sanies from 5 different regimixents of John H.
S- Alston, R. A.; Lient. Col. Morgan's dispersed command, Capt. John B.
Ward, Wm. W., Colonel. Dortoh commanding).

(Reduced to a battalion and merged into 3d Cay. (Morged into 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry.)
(Red1ced to C battalion ld neryod into 3d CavC atalin.
alry Regiment.) Prentice, Clarence J., Major.
SCaldwell,(*) John W., Major. 2d Battalion Mounted Rifles.
Chambliss, N. R., Major. Johnson,(*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Griffith,(*) J..W., Lieut. Col. Tenney, Otis S., Major.
Helm, Benjamin Hardin, Colonel.
.. Leavell, H. C., Lieut. Col. 2d Special Cavalry Battalion.
Woodward,-Thomas G., Lient. Col. (In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10,1864,)
lot (Cofer's) Infantry Battalion. Cassell, (*) J. T., Major.
t (Cofer') Infantry B Morgan, Richard C., Colonel.
(Merged into 6th Infantry.)
,(e-rged into ath Infantry.) 2d (Morgan's) Cavalry Regiment.
Cofer, martin IT., Lieut. Col. Bowles,(*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Hays, Thomas HT., Major.
s, Maj. Duke,(l) Basil W., Lient. Col., Col.
1st (Duncan's) Infantry Battalion. Hutcheson,(*) John B., Lieut. Col.
into t Infantry.) Morgan, G. W., Major.
(Merged into Infantry Morgan,) John ., Colonel.
SDuncan,(') Blanton, Lieut. CoL Webber, T. B., Major.
F~i" '-
C ..,


2d (Woodward's) Cavalry Regiment. 4th Infantry Regiment-Continued.
Lewis, Thomas W., Major. Thompson,(*) Thos. W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Woodward,(*) Thomas G., Colonel. Trabuo,(") Robert P., Colonel.
2d Infantry Regiment. 5th Cavalry Regiment.
(Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion. Brent,(*) Thomas Y., r., Major.
Became Mounted Infantry. Brnt,(*) Thomas Y., jr., Major.
Campbell, Churchill G., Lieut. Col.
Hanson,() Roger W., Colonel. Smith, D. Howard, Colonel.
Hawes,( ) James M., Colonel. Thomson, Preston, Lieut. Col.
Hewitt,(*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Johnston,(*) Robert A., Lieut. Col., Col. 5th Infantry Regiment.
Johnston, Win. reston, Major (trans- (Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion.)
ferred to 3d Kentucky).
Lee,(*) Philip, Maj., Lieut. Col. Caldwell, John W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
McDowell,(*) Harvey, Major. (latter appointment canceled.)
Moss,(*)JamesW., Maj., Lieut. Col.,Col. Connor, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Hawes, Richard, Major.
3d Battalion Mounted Rifles. Hawkins, (*) Hiram, Lient. Col., Col.
May, Andrew J., Lieut. Col., Col.
Clay, Ezekiel F., Lieut. Col. M ynheir, (*) William, Maj., Actg. CoL
Everett, Peter M., Major. Williams, (*) John S., Colonel.
Holladay,(*) John B., Major.
6th (Hunt's) Infantry Regiment.
3d Special Cavalry Battalion. (Seth Infantr Regiment.)
(See Oth Infantry Regiment.)
(In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10, 1864.)
Tucker, Joseph T., Colonel. 6th Cavalry Regiment.
,Bnllitt, (*) William G., Major.
i 3d Cavalry Regiment. Grigsby, (*) J. Warren, Colonel.
(Consolidated with let Kentucky Cavalry.) Napier, Thomas W., Lieut. Col.
Allen, Jack, Lieut. Col. 6th Infantry Regiment.
Butler,(*) J R Colonel.
Chenoweth, () J. Q., Major. (part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion.)
Griffith,(*) Jacob W., Lieut. Col. Clarke, (*) William L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S Cofer, () Martin H., Lieut. Col., Col.
S3d Infantry Regiment. Hays, (*) Thomas H., Major.
(Became Mounted Infantry in 1864.) Lewis, (*) Joseph H., Colonel.
A.nderson, Benjamin, Maj., Lieut. Col. Maxson, (*) George W., Major.
Barnett,(*) T. T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Bowman,(") James H., Major.
Holt,(*) Gustavus A. C., Lieut. Col., Col. Gano, Richard M Cblonel.
Johnston,(*) Alfred, Maj., Lieut. Col. Huffman, J. M., Lieut. Col.
Johnston, William Preston, Major (trans. Steele, Theophilus, Major.
ferred to let Kentucky Infantry).nf y
McGoodwin, Al., Major. 7t Infantry Regiment.
Thompson,(*) Albert P., Lieut. Col., Col. (Also Mounted Infantry; consolidated with 8th
Tilghman, () Lloyd, Colonel. Infantry Regiment.)
4th Special Cavalry Battalion. Crossland, (*) Edward, Colonel.
Hale, Henry S., Major.
(In B. W. Duke's Brigade November 10,1864.) Lannom, William D., Lieut. Col.
Messick, W. R., acting Major. Sherrill, (*) L. J. Lieut. Col.
Welborn, W. J. N., Major.
4th Cavalry Regiment. Wickliffe, (*) Charles, Colonel.
Giltner,(*) Henry L., Colonel. 8th Cavalry Regiment.
Parker,(*) Nathan, Major.
Pryor,(*) Moses T., Lieut. Col. Bullock, Robert S., Major.
Cluke, Roy S., Colonel.
4th Infantry Regiment. Coloimab, Cicero, Lieut. Col.
S(Part of Orphan Brigade or Louisville Legion.) 8th Infantry Regiment.
SAdair,(*) John A., Lieut. Col. (Also Mounted Infantry: consolidated with 7th'
Hynes, Andrew R., Lieut. Col. Infantry Regiment.
Millett,(*) Joseph H., Major. Bingham, (*) Jabez, Major.
Munroe, Thomas B., jr., Major Bnrnett, Henry C., Colonel.
Nuckols,(*) Joseph P., jr., Maj., Lieut. Henry, R. W., Major.
Col., Col. Lyon, (") Hylain ., Lient. Col., Col.
Rogers,(*) John B., Major. Shacklett, () A. R., Lieut. Col.


9th Cavalry Regiment. Breckinridge's Cavalry Battalion.
(Also called 4th Kentucky Mounted Rifles.) (Merged into 9th Cavalry.)
Austin, (') John P., Major.
Breckioridge, William C. P., Colonel. Breckinridge, Win. C. P., Major.
Jones, William E., Major.
Stoner, (*) Robert G., Lieut. Col. inllitt's Cavalry Battalion.
S(Merged into 6th Cavalry.)
S9th Ifatry egiment. Bullitt Wm. G., Major.
(Part of Orphan Brigade, or Louisville Legion; Blltt G Ma
also called 5th (Hunt's) Infantry. Deshaa's Infantry Battalion.
Caldwell, (*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Majr
Col. Desha, Joseph, Major (acting).
Casseday, Alexander, Lieut. Col. Freeman's Infantry Battalion.
Desha, Ben, Major.
Hunt, (') Thomas Hart, Colonel. (Merged into Sth.(Hawkins') Infantry IRegiment.)
Johnston, (*) Robert A., Lieut. Col,, Freeman, D. C., Maj.
(assigned from 2d Infantry Regiment).
S Wickliffe, (*) John Cripps, Maj., Lieut. Jessee's Battalion Mounted Rifles.
(Afterward 6th Battalion Confederato Cavalry.)
10th (May's) Cavalry Regiment. Jessee, George M., Major.
Diamond, George R., Lieut. Col., Col.
Lee, William R., Major. King's Cavalry Battaion.
May, (*) Andrew J., Colonel. (Merged into 1st Confederate Cavalry4
Trimble, (*) Edwin, Lieut. Col., Col. King, H. Clay, Major.
10th (Johnson's) Regiment Partisan Ban. May's Mounted Battalion.
S Johnson, () Adam R., Colonel. (Merged into May's 10th Cavalry Regiment.)
S Martin, (*)R. M., Lieut. Col. May, Andrew J., Major.
Owen, Washington G., Major.
11 th Cavalry Regiment. Morelead's Partisan Rangers.
Chenault, David W., Colonel. Morehead, J. C., Colonel.
McCreary, James B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Tucker, Joseph T., Lieut. Col., Col. Morgan's Cavalry Regiment.
| ;' 12th Cavalry Regiment. Morgan, (*) Richard C., Colonel.
: (Also called 1st Kentucky and Tennessee Carv
alry; merged into 8th Infantry Mounted (Shack- PI'ttOn's Partisan Rangers.
lett's Regiment), March, 1805.)
Faulkner, (*) W. W.; Colonel. Patton, (*) Oliver A., Liout. Col.
Launom, William D., Lieut. Col.
Malone, John M., Major. Stoner's Cavalril Battalion.
Tate, (*) Thomas S., jr., Major.
(Merged into Oth Cavalry.)
13th Cavalry Regiment. Stoner, Robert G., Major.
S (Called also 10th Regiment Mounted Rifles and
S1th Regiment Mounted Rifles.) Woodard'Battalion Cavalry.
Caudill, Benjamin E., Colonel.oodwr taon Calry.
Caudill, David J., Lieut. Col. (Merged into Woodward's 2d Cavalry.)
Chenoweth, John Thomas, Major. Woodward, Thomas G., Lieut. Col.

1st Regular Artillery. Regiment. let Battalion Slate Cavalry.
SAnderson, (") James B., Major.
Beltzhoover, (*) Daniel, Maj., Lieut. Col. Caldwell, Major.
Capers. () W. C., Major. Clark, B. W., Lieut. Col.
Clinch, () Henry A., Major. Wyche, R. E., Major.
Duncan, (*) Johnson K., Maj., Col.
Fuller, (*) Chas. A., Lieut. Col., Col.
H11bert, (*) Paul 0., Colonel. let Cavalry Regiment.
Montaigne, (*) Raymond, Major.
1st Battalion Trans-Mississippi Cavalry. Nixon, (*) James O., Lieut. Col.
(Organized at Shreveport, La., and the recruits Scllaiter. Gervain, Maijor.
were from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.) Scott, (*) John S., Coionol.
Bird, T. J., Major. Taylor, (*) J. M., Major.

;, :.. ^ .: ;. : : .: *** *


Ist Zouave Battalion. 3d (Pargyoud's) Cavalry Regiment.
(Louisiana Zonaves.) Capers, Richard L., Major.
Coppens, (*) Marie Alfred, Lieut. Col. Chambliss, Samuel L., Lient. Col.
(signs as Alfred Coppens). Pargoud, J. Frank, Colonel.
SCoppens, (*) Georges Augnsto Gaston,
Lieut. Col. (signs as G. Coppens). 3d ( Jingfield's) Cavalry Hc.imuent..
De Bordenave, (*) Fnlgence, Major. (Formed from 9th Cavalry Battalion.)
Hylloeted, Waldemar, Major.
Wingfleld, (*) James II., Colonel.
1st Infantry Battalion. 3d Infantry Bation
3d Infantry nIfatalion. :
Beard, (*) James H., Major. (Merged into 15th Lonisiana Infantry.)
Dreux, (*) Charles D., Lient. Col. ,.I
Rightor, () Nicholas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Bradford, (*) Charles M., Lieut. Col,
Pendleton, (') Edmund, Maj., Lieut. Col.
1st Regular Infantry Begiment. Shields, (') Thomas, Lient. Col.
Adams, (*) Daniel W., Lient. Col., Col. Million, RobertA., Major(on authority -
Batchelor, (*) S. S., Maj., Lieut. Col. of Col. F. T. Nicholls).
Bradford, (*) Charles M., Major. 3d Infantry Regiment.
Farrar. (*) Fred. H., jr., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Gladden, (*) Adley H., Colonel. Amacker, (*) O. P., Lient. Col., 1865.
Jaquess, (*)J.ohnA.,Maj.,Lieut. Col.,Col. Armstrong, (*) Frank C., Colonel.
Kent, (*) Frederick M.,'Maj:, Lieut. Col. Gilmore, (*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col., Col.
Strawbridge, (') James, Maj., Lieut. Col., HI6hert, (*) Louis, Colonel.
Col. Hyams, (*) Samuel M., Lient. Col.
West, (*) Douglas, Major. Pierson, (") David., Maj., Lieut. Col. '.
Richards, (*) John S., Major.
1st Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Russell, (*) Samuel D., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Blanchard, (") Albert G.,Colonel. TCol. '*) Willn Ma
Cormier, (*) Charles E., Major. Tnnrd, (*) William F., Major.
Harrison, (') Samuel R., Ma., Col. 4th Cavalry Regimet.
Nelligan, (*) James, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Nolan, (*) Michael, Lieut. Cot., Maj. McNeill, A. J., Colonel.
Shivers, (*) William R., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. 4th Infantry Battalion.
Vincent, (*) William G., Lieut. Col., Col. IBio, (*) Duncan, Major.
Wise, (*) J. C., Major. McEnery, (*) John, Major, Lieut. Col.
2d Artillery Battalion. Waddill, (*) George C., Major.
Logan, (*) George William, Lieut. Col. 4th Infantry Regiment.
21d Battalion State Cavalry. Allen, (*) Henry W., Lient. Col., Col.
BArrow, (*) Robert J., Colonel.
Favrot, (*) H. M., Lieut. Col. Hunter, () S. E., Maj., Lient. Col., Col.
Pennington, (*)WiI. F., Maj., Lieut. Col.
2d Cavalry Begiment. Pullen, (") E. J., Major.
Vick, (*) Thomas E., Major.
Blair, (") James D., Colonel.
Breazeale, (*) Winter W., Lieut. Col. 5th Caralry Regiment.
Thompson, (') James M., Major.
Vincent, (*) William G., Colonel. Capers, Richard L., Colonel.
2d Infantry Battalion. 5th Infantry Battalion.
(Or let SpecialBattalion. CalledWheat's Tigers.) (Became21st (Kennedy's) Infantry legiment.)
Harris, (*) Robert A., Major. Kennedy, (*) Jno. G., Lieut. Col.
Wheat, (*) Chatham R., Major.nfantry R
5th Infantry Regimiont.
2d Infantry Regiment. Dean, (*) William T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Ashton, (*) Richard W., Major. Forno, (*) Henry, Lient. Col., Col.
Burke, (*) Ross E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Hart, (*) Alex., Major. '
Do Rnssy, (') Lewis G., Colonel. Hunt, (*) Theodore G., Colonel. .
Grogan, (*) Michael A., Maj., Lieut. Col.' Monger, (") Brnco, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Levy, (*) William M., Colonel.
Norwood, (") Isaiah T., Maj., Col. 6th Cavalry Regiment.
Redwiuo, (*) Martin C., Major. Harrison, Willian, Colonel.
Williams, Jesse M., Col., Lieut. Col.
Young, (*) John, Lieut. Col. 6th Infantry Batlalion.
3d (Harrison's) Cavalry Regiment. (Merged into 31st Infantry :Regimont.)
Harrison, (*) Isaac F., Colonel. Morrison, (*) Charles IH., Lieut. Col. .-


6th' Infantry Begiment. 10th Infantry Battalion. .
Christy, (*) George W., Major. (Yellow Jaoket Battaliou. Merged into 18th Lou.
Hanlon, (*) Joseph, Lieut. Col. ilana.)
James, (*) Samuel L., Major. Beraud, (*) Desire, Major.
Lay, (*) Louis, Lieut. Col. Fournet, () Valsin A., Lieut. Col.
Manning, (*) William 1., Major.
McArthur, (*) Arthur, Ml.jor. 10th Infantry Regiment.
Monaghan, (*) William, Maj., Col.
SOffutt, (*) Nat., Maj., Lieut. Col. De Marigny, (*) Mandoville, Colonel.
Seymnour, (*) Isaac G., Colonel: Denis, (*) JIuies C., Lieut. Col.
Strong, (*) Hlenry B., Liout. Col., Col. Dl)uniotoil, (*) Felix ()De la (r6ze), Major.
SLegett, (") John M., Maj., Lient. Col.
7th Cavalry Begiment. Monitor, (") Henry D., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Bringier, Amede, Lieut. Col. Col. .,
Bush, Louis, Colonel. Powell, (*) Thomas N., Major.
Mouton, William, Major. Spencer. (*) William H., Major.
Mout, W Waggaman, (*) Eugene, Licut. Col., Col.
7th Infantry Battalion.
(St. Paul's Foot Rifles andWashington Battalion. 11th Infantry Battalion.
*Transferred in part to 1I5th Infantry lRegiment. Beard, (*) James, H., Major.
Disbanded in August, 1862.)
Goodwyn, (*) MoGavock, Major (acting). Shelley, () J. D., Lieut. Col.
St. Paul, (*) Henry, Major (acting). 11th Infantry Regiment.
7th Infantry Regiment. (Part merged into 13th and part into 20th Louisi.
ana, and part into Austin's (Louisiana) Battal-
De Choiseul, Charles, Lieut. Col. ion Sharpshooters.)
Hays, (C) Harry T., Colonel, Barrow, Robert H., Lieut. Col.
Penn, (*) Davidson B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Bitler, E. G. W., jr., Major.
Col. Marks, Samuel F., Colonel.
Terry, () Thomas M., Maj., Lieut. Col. Mason, (*) Alex., Major.
Wilson, (*)J. Moore, Major. Ventress, James A., jr., Major.
8Sth Artillery Battalion. 12th Artillery Battalion.
S(Pinkney Battalion.)
S Ogden, (*) Frederick N., Major. De Gournay, (*) P. F., Maj., Lieut. Col.
*. .. Pinkney, (*) Win. Elder, Maj., Lieut. Col.
S' 12th Infantry Regiment.
8th Infantry Reginment. Boyd, Jaines A., Lieut. Col.
D DeBlanc,(*) Alcibiades, Maj., Lieut. Col., Hough, Wade H ., Lieut. Col.
SKelly, (*) Henry B., Colonel. McCain, (*) Henry V., Major.
Lester, (*) Germain A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Nelson, (*) Noel L., Major, Lient. Col.
Lewis, (*)Trevanion D., Maj., Lieut. Col., Scott, (*) Thomas M., Colonel.
C Col. Standifer, ()Thomas C., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Nicholls, (*) Francis T., Lieut. Col.
S Prados, John B., Major. 13th Battalion Partisan Bangers.
9th Cavalry Battalion. (Merged into 3d Cavalry.)
9th Cavalry Battalion.
(Merged into Wingfleld's 3d Cavalry Regiment.) Capers, () James H., Major.
Do Baun, () James, Major. Capers, (*) Richard L., Ma.j., Lient. Col. '
ge, ) m et. Col. Chambliss, (C) Samuel L., Lieut. Col.
'i- Wingfield, (-.) James H., Lieut. Col.
9th Infantry Battalion. 13th (Gibson's) Infantry Regiment.
(Also called 17th.Battalion.) Avegno, Anatole P., Major.
Boyd, Samuel, Lieut. Col. (temporary Campbell,( ) Francis L., Maj., Lieut.
-command). Col., Col.
Bnum, ('n ) Tom, Major. Dubroca, (*) Edgar M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
m ) Gerard, (*)Aristides, Lieut. Col., Col.
9th Infantry Regiment. Gibson, (*) Randall L., Colonel. .
O'Leary, Stephen, Major.
Hodges, (*) John J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Tracy, Michael 0., Major.
Kavanaugh, (') James R., Major.
Peck, (*) William R., Lieut. Cool, Col. 13th (Sulalowski's) Infantry Regiment.
S ndoltph, () A. G., Lie. Cl., Col. (After 14th Louisiana Infantry, which see.)
Singeltary, (') Alfred A., Major.
Stafford, (*) Leroy A., Colonel. 14th Battalion Sharpshooters.
Taylor, () Richard, Colonel.
Walker, (*) N. J., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Formed from Ilth Inantry.)
S Williams, (*) Henry L.N., Major. Austin, John U., Major.

h. ,


14th Infantry Regiment. 19th Infantry Begiment.
(Formerly Sulakowski's 13th (1st) Regiment Butler, (*) London, Maj., Lient. Col.
Polish Brigade.) Flonrnoy, (*) Camp, Major.
Jones, (*) Richard W., Lieut. Col., Col. Hodge, (*) Benjamin L., Colonel.
Sulakowski, (*) Valery, Colonel. Holliunsworth, (') James M., Lieut. Col. 'i
Toler, William H.', Maj., Lieut. Col. Kennedy, (1) H-lyder A., Malj., Lient. Col.
York, (") Zebulon, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Scott,.() Wiulirey B., Major.
Zable, (*) David, Maj., Lieut. Col. Trne u; ( ) Richard W., Maj., Liet. Col.,
15th Cavalry Battalioi. .Winans, (*) Wesley P., Maj., Lient. Col.,
(Composed of all arms.) o 20th Infantrly .eginoe
Harrison, (*) Isaac F., Maj., Lieut. Col. ( ell fa egiment.
(Lovell Regiment.)
15th Infantry Regiment. Bishop, (*) Samuel L., Ma4., Lieut. Col.
(2d Regiment Polish Brigade. Formed from 8 corn Boyd, (" ) Sa' uel, Li.ut:Col.
panicsof 3d Infantry Battalion and 2 companies Guillet, (") Charles, Maj., Lient. Col.
7th Battalion.) Reichard, (*) Augustus, Colonel.
Bradford, (*) Charles M., Colonel. Von Zinken, (*) Leon, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Brady, (*) Andrew, Major. Col.
Goodwyn, (*) McGavock, Maj., Lieut.Col. 2st (Kennedy's) Infantry Regment.
Nicholls, (*) Francis T., Colonel (ap-
pointed, but never commanded.) (Jackson, afterward cCow ,Regiment. Formed
Pendleton, (*) Edmund, Lieut. Col., Col. from 5th Battalion.)
Wilkinson, Robert A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Kennedy, (*) John B. G., Lieut. Col., Cl.
Miller, C. C., Colonel (notified of appoint-
16th Infantry Battalion. ment, but failed to obtain commission).
(Confederate Guards Response Battalion.) 21st (Patton's) Infantry regiment.
Clack, (*) Franklin H., Major. Higgins, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col., Col.
16th Infantry Regiment. Ivy, (*)Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col.
h 2h I Patton, (*) Isaac WV., Colonel.
(Consolidated with 25th Infantry.) Plattsmier, (*) John T., Lieut. Col.
Gober,( ) Daniel, Maj., Col. Purves, (*) George, Major.
Lindsay, (*) Robert H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Robertson, (*) Richard L., Major.
Mason, (*) Enoch, Lieut. Col. Smith, (*)Martin L., Colonel.
Oliver, Robert P., Majorl. 22d Infantry Regiment Consolidated.
Raxsdale, (*) Frank M., Major. Landry, (*) Joseph 0., Lient. Col.
Walker, (*) William E., Lieut. Col. Marks, () Washing-tn, Major.
Patton, (')Isaac W., Colonel.
17th Infantry Begiment. 22d Ifantry Regiment.
Heard, (*) S. S., Colonel. (Formerly 23d.)
Jones, (*) Charles, Lient. Col. Herrick, (*) Charles H., Colonel.
Jones, Robert B., Major. Jones, (*) Samiuel, Maj.. Liout. Col.
Maddox, (*) William A., Major. Marks, (") Washington, Major.
Redditt, (") William Antoine, Major. Tissot, (*) Aristoe L., Lieut. Col.
Richardson, (") Robert, Colonel.
Rogers, (") Madison, Lieut. Col. 23d Infantry Regiment.
Self, (*) David W., Major. (Afterward 22d.)
Lovell, (*) William S., Lient. Col.
18th Cavalry Battalion. Patton, () Isaac W., Major.
(Also called 10th. Officers commissioned Novem. Th6ard, (*) Paul E., Colonel.
her 21, 1864. Formed from 7 companies of
Powers' Louisiana and Misisssippi Cavalry 25thRegiment Infantry. .
Regiment.) (Consolidated with 10th.)
Carter, Haley'M., Lieut. Col; Fisk, (*) Stuart W., Colonel.
Sherburne, H. Newton, Major. Lewis, (*) Joseph C., Lieut. Col., Col. *
thnfantry e t. Moore, (*) Calvin H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
18th. InfantryB egimet. Zacharie, (*) Francis C., Maj., Lieut.
(Consolidated with 10th Battalion.) Col., Col.
Armant, (*) Leopold L. Maj., Col.
Bush, (*) Louis, Mij., Lieut. Col. (last 26th Infantry ltegiment.
commission declined.) Bateman, Manunh W., Major.
Collins, (*) Joseph, Liout. Col. Cage, DI)uncan S., Lient. Col.
Leeds, (*) Paul B., Major. Crow, (*) William C., Lieut. Col.
Mouton, (*) Alfred, Colonel. Do Clonet, (*) Alexander, Colonel.
Mouton, () William, Major. Hall, Winchester, Maj., Col.
. Roman, (") Alfred, Lieut. Col. Martin, () Williiam Whitnel, Major,


27th Infantry Regiment. Confederate Guards, Militia
Marks, (*) Leon D., Colonel.
McLaurin, (*) L. L., Lient. Col. Girault, (*) J. F., Colonel.
Norwood, (*) Alexander S., Maj., Col. Noble, John I., Major.
Tucker, (*) George, Major. Railey, Charles R., Lient. Col.
28th Infantry Regiment. Continental Regiment, Militia.
Gray, (*) Heoury, Colonel.
Pool, (*) Thomas W., Maj., Col. Clack, George. Colonel.
Walker, (*) William, Lieut. Col.t
Crescent Regiment.
29th Infantry Begiment.
Beard, (') James H., Colonel.
(Also called 28th.) Bosworth, (*) Abel W., Maj., Col.
andry, (*) Joseph Lieut. Col. Canfield, (*) Mercer, Major.
S egues, (*) C. M., Major. Clack, (*) Franklin H., Lieut. Col.
rhomas, (*) Allen, Colonel. Hyatt, () Arthur W., Lieut. Col.
McDougall;(*) Myford, Major.
30th Infantry Regiment. McPheeters, (*) George P., Liout. Col.
S(Sumter Regiment, reduced to a battalion.) Smith, (*) Marshall J., Colonel.
Bell, (*) Charles J., Maj., Lient. Col.
Breaux, (") Gustavus A., Colonel. Dupeire's Zouave Battalion.
Picolet, (* Arthnr, Major.
: Shields, (") Thomas, Lieut. Col. Dnpeire, St. L., Major.

31st Infantry Begiment.
SE31st Inf y Rime. dmoneton's Battalion.
Draughon, (*) James W., Major.
Griffin, (* Sidney H., Lieut. Col. Edmonston, (*) J., Lieut. Col.
Humble, Thomas C., Major.
Morrison,(*) Charles H., Colonel. Johnson's Special Battalioi.
32d Infantry Regiment. I
S3T Infan try Regiment. Johnson, W. W., Colonel.
Denis, (*) Jules C., Colonel.
S- 33d Regiment Partisan Range. La 'ourche Regiment, Militia.
(Merged into 2d Louisiana Cavalry.) Vick, (*) Thomas E., Colonel.
Breazeale, (*) Winter W., Major.
MoWaters, James A., Lieut. Col. Lewis' Infantry Battalion, Militia.
Vincent, (*) William G., Colonel. ,
; Tenbrink, William, Major.
S 33d Infantry Regiment.
(Composed of Clack's 16th and Fournet's 10th Bat. McNeill's Cavalry Battalion.
tallons. Disbanded and battalion organization
restored Nov. 21,1862.) McNeill, A. J., Major.
SClack, (r) Franklin H., Colonel.
Fournet, G. A., Major. Miles Legion.
S Fournet, Valsin A., Lieut. Col.
Avoyelle Regime, M Brand, (*) Frederick B., Lieut. Col.
Avtoyel lee Regiment, Militia. Coleman, (*) James T., Major.
S Cheney, W. F., Lient. Col. Miles, (*) William R., Colonel.
SBeauregard Regiment, Militia. Pointe Couped Regiment, Militia.
Bartlett, Frank A., Colonel.
Breazeale's Battalion Partisan Ranges. Farrar, (") Fred. H., jr., Colonel.
(Morged into 2d Cavalry.) Powers' Regiment Louisiana and Mississippi
S Breazeale, (*) Winter W., Major. Cavalry.
Chalm ette Battalion, Militia. (Seven Louisiana companies and.three Mississippi
Merged into Chalmette Regiment.)
McKowen, (*) John C., Lieut. Col.
Szymanski, Ignatins, Lieut. Col. Powers, Frank P., Colonel.
Chalmette Regiment, Militia.
Logan, (*) George W., Liet. Col Saint Charles Regiment, Militia
S Szymanski, Ignatius, Colonel. ---- Colonel.

, 4

Saint John the Baptist Regiment, Militia. Terre Bonne Rleimennt, Militia.
---- Colonel. Island, John R., Colonel.
Saint Landry Regiment, Militia. Yellow Jacket Battalion.
Porter, J. M., Colonel. (See o1th Infantry Battalion.) :
Bumter Regiment, Militia. 1ashington Artillery.
Breaux, (*) Gustavus A., Colonel. Eshleman, (*) Benjamin F., Maj., Lieut. -
Stewart's Legion. Miller, Merritt B., Maijor.
Owen, (*) Win. Miller, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Stewart, R. A., Colonel. Walton, (*) James B., Maj., Col.

1st Cavalry Battalion. 1,st Infantry Regiment.
(Afterward est Cavalry Regiment.) (Maryl;ud Line. Disbanded August 11,1862.)
Brown, (*) Ridgely, Maj., Lieut. Col. Dorsey, Ed. R., Maj., Liout. Col.
Smith,(*) Robert C., Major. Elzey, () Arnold, Colonel.
Johnson, () Bradley Tyler, Maj., Lieut.
2d Cavalry Battalion. Col., Col.
Start, (*) George F., Liont. Col., Col.
Gilmor, (") Harry W., Major, Lient. Col.
2d Infantry Reginment.
1st Cavalry Regiment. (Formed from 1st Intfantry Battalion.)
Brown, (*) Ridgely, Lient. Col. Crane, JamosP., Major,(apLointmient can-
Dorsey,(*) Gustavus W., Lieut. Col. celed.)
Smith, Robert C., Lieut. Col. Goldeborough, (*) William W., Major.
I I Herbert, (*) James R., Maj., Lient. Col.
1st Infantry Battalion.
(Afterward 2d Infantry Regiment.) Maryland Line.
Goldsborough, (\) William W., Major. (After August 11,1862, composed of companies,
Goldboro ) William W., Mauarons, battalions, all roginmets of all
Herbert, () James R., Maj., Lieut. Col. arms. See lst Infantry Rogiment.)

1st Artillery Regiment. let Cavalry Regiment deserves.
(Withers Light Artillery.) Denis, (') Jules C., Colonel.
Holmes, (*) Benjamin R., Major. Meston, (*) J. F., Major.
Parker, James P., Lient. Col. Metts, D. W., Lieut. Col.
Withers, () William Temple, Colonel. 1st (Blythe') Infantry Battalion.
Wofford, (C) Jeff. L., Major. (Merged into th antry.
let Cavalry Battalion. Blythe, (*) A. K., Lieut. Col. : .
Herndon, D. C., Major. lst (Brandon's) Infantry Battalion.
Miller, John H., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Merged into 21st ITfantry.)
Brandon, (*) William L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
1st Cavalry Battalion (or Minute Men) State Taylor, (*) John G., Major.
Troops 1st Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men)
SBlythe, Green L., Major. State Troops.
lst Choctaw Battalion Cavalry, Mississippi. Harper, W. B., Major. *
(Composed of Choctaws from belowJacksou,Miss. let Infantry Battalion (60 days).
Disbanded May 9, 180..)
Pierc, J. W., Major. Becokett. Newton J., Major (acting). .
Pierce, J. W., Major. .
1st Battalion Sharpshooters.
1st Cavalry Regiment. (Also called 10th and 20th Battalion Sharpshoot.
Montgomery, F. A Lieut. Col. era. Formed f'rm three Mississippi comi
Pinson, (*) R. A., colonel. I1anes 2d Confederateo Rogiment.)
Simmons, (*) John S., Major. Rayburn, William A., Major;
Wheeler, (*) E. G., Major. Stigler, (") James M., Major.

I .*,


slt Infantry Regiment. 2d Infantry Regiment.
Alcorn, (*) Milton S., Major. Blair, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Hamilton, (*) A. S., Lieut. Col. Boone, (*) Bartley B., Lieut. Col.
Johnston, (*) Thomas H., Maj., Col. Buchanan, (*) John H., Major.
Simonton, (*) John M., Colonel. Falkner, (*) William C., Colonel.
,Humphreys, (*) David W., Maj., Lieut.
1st Infantry Regiment (or Minute Men) Col.
State Troops. Stone, (*) John M., Colonel.
L hon, Bej. a i Conel. 3d Battalion State Cavalry.
Sutton, B. F., Major. Ashcraft, (*) Thomas C., Lieut. Col.
Hankins, (*) E. L., Major.
18t Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi
Infantry Regiment. 3d Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men),
(See Alabama and Tennessee Troops.) State Troops.
1st Mississippi and Tennessee Battalion. Burgin, Thomas A., Lieut. Col.
Moore, B. B., Major.
Davis, Henry C., Lieut. Col. (retired
March 17, 1865). 3d Cavalry Regiment.
2d Cavalry Battalion. (Formerly 3d Mississippi State Cavalry.)
(Merged into Jeff. Davis Legion.) BaMrksdale, H. H, Liet. Cl.
McGuirk, (*) John, Colonel.
Martin, William T.,-Major. Webb, Thomas W., Major.
S 2d (Harris') Battalion State Cavalry. 3d Cavalry State Troops.
S. : Harris, (*) Thomas W., Major. (Afterward ad Cavalry.) ..
S2d Cavalry Regiment. Barksdale, (*) James A., Lieut. Col;
Kilgore, B. M., Major.
(Formerly47thMississippilRegiment. Alsooalled McGuirk, John, Colonel.
I : th Cavalry and 42d Regiment.)
Dillon, Edward, Colonel. 3d (Hardoastle's) Infantry Battalion.
Gordon, James, Lieut. Col. (Merged into Hardcastlo's sad Regiment.)
'* Harris, J. L., Major.
Mason, A. P., Colonel (not confirmed). Hardoastle, (*) Aaron B., Major.
.McCarty, (*) J.L., Colonel.
Perry, (*) John J., Major. 3d (Williams') Infantry Battalion.
(This was the 45th Infantry, reduced to a bat-
2d Cavalry Regiment State Troops. talion.)
Johnson, Joseph A., Lieut. Col. Nnn, (*) Elisha F., Major.
S Lowry, (*) W. L., Lieut. Col., Col. Williams, John D., Lient. Col.
Marshall, L. L., Major. 3d Infantry Regiment.
".Smith, J. F., Colonel.
Deason, (*) John B., Colonel.
2d Regiment. State Partisan Bangers. Dyer, (*) Samuel M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
:.: (De Soto Rangers.) Eager, (') Robert, Lieut. Col. "
1MoRae, (*) James B., Lieut. Col.
Blythe, Green L., Colonel. Mellon, (*) Thomas A., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Bowen, C. W., Major. Col.
Edmondson, A. C., Lieut. Col. Morgan, (*) William H., Major.
2d Infantry Battalion. Peyton, (E) E. A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Formed partly li~transfer of companies from 3d Infantry Reginent (or Minute Men)
21st Infantry. Merged into 48% infantry.) State Troops.
Manlove, Thomas B., Lieut. Col. Harlin, J.A., Lieut. Col.
Taylor, (*).John G., Lieut. Col. Mercer, F. C., Major.
Wilson, William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Owens, William J., Colonel.
S. 2d Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men), 4th Cavalry Battalion.
S 3d Brigade, State Troops. (Called also 2d Battalion and Pope Walker Bat-
Cook, Henry F., Major. talion.)
Baskerville, (*) Charles, Major.
2d Infantry Regiment (or Minute Men), 3d
Brigade, State Troops. 4th Infantry Battalion (or Minute Men)
Conerly, James M., Lient. Col. State Troops.
Magee, Jacob O., Major. Farley, John D., Major.
Quinn, D. H., Colonel. Postlethwaite, A. J., Lieut. Col,

'' i

4th Cavalry Regiment. 6th Infantry Regiment.
(Formed from, HugRe' and Stockdale's Cavalry (Also called 7th Infantry.)
aarp. Iennor ., E. I., Limut. Col.
MoLanrin, Cornelius, Lieut. Col. Borlone, (E. rh., ,i M.. Col.
Norman, James M., Major. rn s J., Maj., Lieuti. Col.l.
Stockdale, Thomas R., Miaj., Lieut. Col. larpedor, ()A. Y.., Major.
Wilbourn, C. C., Colonel. endon, (*) W. T., Major.
C. onel. Lowry, (*) Robert, Maj., Col.
4th Infantry Regiment. Stevena, (") J. R., Major.
Adaire, () Thomas N., Maj., Lieut. Col., Thornton, (")Johu J., Colonel
Col. 7th Cavalry Regiment.
Drake, ) Joseph, Colonel. (Also called let Partisan Rangers.)

4th Infantry R t (r M e ) Hyams, Samuel M., jr., Colonel (tempo-
4th Infantry Regiment (or Minute Men) rary command).
State roop rary command).
Bromley, e oops. Park, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Kilgore BW C., Colonel. Stansell, William N., Major.
Stone, J. J.. Lieut. Col. 7th Infantry Battalion.
5th Cavalry Regiment. Pardue, (') L. B., Lieut. Col.
dal ) A., Liet. Col Terral, ) James S., Lieut. Col.
chBarkols, (*) P.James H ., Lieut. Col. Welborn, (*) Joel E., Major.
George, James Z., Colonel. 7th Infantry Regiment.
Henderson, W. G., Major.
Peery, (') W. B., Major. Bishop, (*) William H., Colonel.
Reed,N W. M., Lieut. Co Carter, R. S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Wickliffe, Nathaniel, Lit. Col. Goode, (*) E. J., Colonel.
Johns, (") Benjanin F., Maj., Lient. Col.
5th Infantry Battalion. Mayson, (*) Hamilton, Liunt. Col., Col.
t t allills, (*) A. G., Lieut. Col.
Kilpatrick, William H., Major. 'Pope (i He.nry, l. jor.
5th Infantry Regiment. 8th Cavalry Regiment.
Dickins, (*) John R., Colonel. (Formed from 19th Cavalry Battalion. Consoli.
Pant, (*) Albert E., Colonel. dated wi th 6th Cavrldry Regiment.
Fancett, (*) Samuel F. M., Maj., Lieut. Duff, William L., Colonel.
Col. Mitchell, Thomas A., Major.
Herring, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. Walker, William L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Moore, (*) James R., Major. .
Stennis, A. T., Maj., Lieut. Col. 8th Infantry Regiment.
Sykes, W. L., Lieut. Col. Chandler, Greene C., Colonel. --
Weir, (*) John, Maj., Col. Flynt, (*) Guilford G., Colonel."
5Gates, (U) James T., Lieut. Col.
5th Infantry regimentt (or Minute Men), 4th McNeill, () Aden, Lieut. Col.
Brigade, State Troops. Moody, (*) Andrew E., Major.
Metts, David W., Lieut. Col.. Peek, George F., Major.
Randall, Samuel J., Major. Smith, (*) John F., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Robinson, Henry C., Colonel. Watkins, (*) William, Major.
6h vay R Wilkinson, (*) John C., Colonel.
6th Cavalry Regiment.t.
(Formed front, Davenprt's Battallon State9th Cavalry B iment. d
airy. Consolidated with 8th Cavalry Regiment.) (m from Steede's Mi ipp an Sndr
Brown, (*) R. G., Major. Tennessee Battaliosa.
Harriso, (*) Isham, Colonel. Miller, Horace H., Colpnel.
Lipscomb, Thomas C., Maj., Lieut. Col Sanders, E. J., Major.
Nelson, Thomas M.. Liout. Col. Steede, (*) Abner C., Lieut. Col.

6th (Balfour's) Infantry Battalion. 9th Battalion Sharpshooters.
(erge (Chalmers' Battalion Sharpshooters.)
Balfou(Merged ito 4th Missisippi.) Richards, (') William C., Major.
B3alfour. () John W., Lieut. Col.
Jones, John W., Major. 9th Infantry Regiment.
6th (Orr's) Infantry Battalion. Autry, (*) James L., Lieut. Col., Col.
(Merged into 31st Mississippi.) Bowdre, Albert R., Major.
Snto 31st Mississippi.) Calhoun, S. S., Lieut. Col.
Orr, J. A., Liout. Col. Chalmers, (*) James R., Colonel.

i: :J


9th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 13th Infantry Regiment.
Hicks, J. M., Major. Barksdale, (*) William, Colonel.
Lynam, (*) Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Bradley, (*) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Mills, () Andrew G., Major. Carter, () James W., Lieut. Col., Col.
SRankin, (") William A. Liet. Col. Donald, () George L., Major.
Richards, (*) William 6., Colonel. Harrison, (*) Isham, Major.
Wite, () J. E., Maj or. M Elroy, (*) Kennon, Maj., Liout. Col.,
White, () Thomas W., Colonel. Col..
Whitfield, (*) F. Eugene, Maj., Lieut. Col. O'Brien, (*) Alfred G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
SWhitaker, McH., Lieut. Col.
10th Cavalry Regiment.
14th Artillery Battallion.
(Also known as 12th; formed from 12th Battalion a .
Partisan Rangers.) Ward, (*) Matthew S., Major.
Inge, (*) William M., Colonel. 14th Infantry Regiment.
10th Infantry Regiment. Abert, (*) George W., Lieut. Col., Col.
Barr, (*) James, Jr., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Baldwin, (*) William E., Colonel.
Bullard, (*) James G., Lieut. Col. Doss, (*) Washington L., Maj., Lieut.
Davis, Joseph R., Lieut. Col. Col., Col.
Dotson, (*) James M., Major. Lawrence, (*) Robert J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Gregory, (*) Edward H., Major. Norris, M. E., Lieut. Col.
Myers, (*) George B., Lieut. Col.attaln
Phillips, (*) Seaborne M., Colonel. 15th Battalion sharpshooters.
Smith, (*) Robert A., Colonel. Hawkins, A. T., Major.
Walker, (*) James M., Lieut. Col., CoL
15th Infantry Regiment.
," iIlth Cavalry Regiment.
tBinford, (') James R., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Formed from Perrin's Battalion State Cavalry.) Brantly, (*) William F., Major..
..Dennis, James B.,Major.
Muldrow, Henry L., Lieut. Col. Dennis, James B.,sMajor.
Perrin, (*) Robert 0., Colonel. Farrell, (*) Michael, Lieut. Col., Col.
R eed, Abner, Major. Hemphill, J. W., Lieut. Col.
Prewitt, (") Russell G., Major.
S1th Infantry Regiment. Statham, (*) Wiufield S., Colonel.
STerry, (*) Lamkin S., Major.
SButler, Samuel F., Maj.,.Lieut. Col. Walthall, Edward C., Lieut. Col.
SEvans, () T. S., Major.
Franklin, (*) Alexander H., Major.
S Green, (") Francis M., Maj., Col. 1th Cavalry Battalion State Troops.
Liddell, () Philip F., Lieut. Col., Col. Ham, T. W., Major.
Lowry, ( ) William B., Maj., Lieut. Col. 16th Infantry Regiment.
Moore, (*) William H., Colonel.
Reynolds, (*) Reuben 0., Maj., Col. Bain, (*) Seneca McNeil, Lieut. Col.
Shannon, (*) George W., Lieut. Col. Baker, (*) Samuel E., Maj., Col.
Bankston, Jelf., Major.
12th Battalion Partisan rangers. Clarke, (*) Robert, Lieut. Col.
S(Merged into 10th Cavalry.) Councill, (*) Edward C., Maj., Col.
Feltus, (*) Abram M., Lieut. Col.
loundg() William M., Major. CPosey, () Carnot, Colonel.
Pound, Win. h., Lieut. Col. Shannon, (*) James J., Lieut. Col.
12th (Armistead's) Cavalry Regiment. Stockdale, (*) Thomas R., Major.
(: Also called 16th Confederate Cavalry.) 17th Cavalry Battalion.
Armistead, CharleliG., Colonel. (Merged into 9th Cavalry:)
Spence, Philip B., Lieut. Col. Steede, (*) Abner C., Major.
Yerger, William, jr., Major.7th Infantry Regiment.
:12th Infantry Regiment. Duff, (") William L., Major.
Bell, (*) James R., Major. Featherston, (*) Winfield S., Colonel.
Dickins, John R., Major. Fiser, (*) John C., Lieut. Col., Col.
Griffith, () Richard, Colonel. Holder, (*) William D., Colonel.
H-arris, (C) Merry B., Lieut. Col., Col. Lyles, (') John M., Major.
S Ilnghs, (*) Henry, Colonel. MlGuirl, (") Johu, Lieut. Col.
Taylor, (") William H., Lieut. Col., Col. Upshaw, (*) Edward W., Major.
S Thomas, (*) Samuel I., Maj., Lieut. Col. 18th Cavalry Battalion.
S13th Ifantry latltalion. mergedd into l8th Cavalry.)
: nf Chalmnors, (*) Alex. H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Harper, N. B., Major. Mitchell, William R., Major.



18th Cavalry Regiment. 23d Cavalry Battalion. '
Chalmers, Alex. I., Colonel. (Formed from three companies Powers' Regiment
Smith, J. Waverly, Lieut. Col. Mississippi Cavalry November 21, 1864.)
18th Infantry Regiment. Terry, Joseph S., Major.
Balfour, John W., Major. 23d Infantry Regiment.
Burt, E. R., Colonel. (Called also 2d and 3d Regiments.)
Campbell, (*) James C., Major.
Gerald, (*) G. B., Major. Davidson, (*) Thomas J., Colonel.
Griffin, () Thomas M., Lieut. Col., Col. Garrott, (*) George W. B., Major.
Henry, () E. G., Major. McCarley, (*) Moses, Lient. Col.
Kearney, (*) Walter G., Lieut. Col. Rogers, W. E., Major.
Luse, (*) William H., Lieut. Col. Wells, (*) Joseph M., Lieut. Col., Col.
19th (Duf's) Cavalry Battalion. 24th Cavalry Battalion.
(Merged into 8th Cavalry.)
Duff, (*) William L., Lieut. Col. Percy, William A., Lieut. Col.
Walker, Wm. L., Major. Roberts, E., Major.
19th (George's) Cavalry Battalion. 24th Infantry Regiment.
George, (*) James Z., Lieut. Col. Dancy, Clifton, Lieut. Col.
19th Infantry Regiment. Dowd, (*) William F., Colonel.
Govan, George M., Major.
Allston,Ben.,Maj.(temporarilyassigned). Lyles, (*) William L., Linet. Col,
Dean, (*) Robert A., Major. McKelvaine, (*) Robert P., Lieut. Col.,
Duncan, (*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Col.
Harris, () NathanielH., Maj., Lieut. Col., Staples, (*) William C., Major.
Col. Williamson, (*) R. W., Colonel.
Hardin, (*)Thos. J., Maj., Lient. Col., Col.
Lamar, (*) Lucius Q. C., Lieut. Col., Col. 25th Infantry Regiment.
Mott, (*) Christopher -H., Colonel.
Mollis, (\) Tohrnshlr ., Cient. Col. Col. (Called also Ist Mississippi Valley lgimnent; at.
Mullips, () iJohan, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. terward 2d Coufederate Infanuty, whioli see.)
C1. Mangum, (*) Thomas H., Major.
Reading, (*) Thomas R., Major. Martin, (*) John D., Colonel.
Smead, Abner, Major. McGebee, (*) Edward F., Lieut. Col.
Vaughau, (*) Ward G., Maj., Lieut. Col., 2 fay egi t.
Col. 2(i infantry Begiment.
20th Infantry Regiment. '
Boone, (*) F.-M., Lient. Col;.
Brown, (*) William N., Maj., Lieut. Col., Parker, (*) Tnlly F., Major.
Col. Reynolds, (*) Arthur E., Colonel.
Chatfield, (*) William M., Major.
Graham, (*) Thomas B., Major. 27th Infantry Begiment.
Maury, (*) Dabney H., Lieut. Col.
Massey, (*) C. K., Major. Autry, (*) James L., Lieut. Col.
Miller, (*) Horace H., Lieut. Col. Campbell, (*) James A., Maj.,Lieut. Col.,
Rorer, (.) Walter A., Maj., Lieut. Col. Col.
Russell, (*) Daniel R., Colonel. H-ays, (C) A. J., Lieut. Col.
21st Infantry .egimnent. Jones, (*) Andrew J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
SInfantry Jones, (*) Thomas M.; Colonel.
(FormedfromlIt(Bracdon's)Infantry Battalon.) Kennedy, (*) Julius B., Major.
Brandon, (*) William L., Lieut. Col., Col. Lipscomb, George H., Major.
Fitz Gerald, (*) Wm. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. MeLemorc,-(*) Amos, Major.
Humphreys, (C) Benjamin G., Colonel.
Moody, (!) Daniel N., Maj., Lieut. Col., 28th Cavalry Regiment.
Sims, (*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. Ferguson, (*) Samuel W., Lieut. Col.
Taylor, (*) John G., Major. Jones, (*) Edward P., Maj., Lieut. Col.
22d Infantry Regiment. McBee, ( Jo.sma T., Major.
Starke, (") Peter B., Colonel.
Bonham, D. W. C., Colonel.
Dockery, (*) Thomas C., Major. 29th Infantry Regiment.
Lester, (*) James D., Colonel.
Nelms, (*) Charles G., Maj., Lieut. Col. Brantly, (") William F., Lieut. Col., Col.
Prestidge, (*) James S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Isom, (*) Newton A., Major.
Reid, (*) H. J., Lient. Col. Morgan, (*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Schaller, (C) Frank, Lieut. Col., Col. Reynolds, () George W., Major.
Oitis, (*) Martin A., Major. Walthall, (*) Edward C., Colonel.

I Prsti~e,(') ame S. 8j.,Liet. ol.Isom (C n~wton A.,E~:j ~F


30th Infantry Regiment. 38th Infantry Regiment.
I Allen, (*) John K.: Major. (Afterward Mounted Infantry.)
Johnson, (*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col. Adams, (*) Fleming W., Colonel.
Neill, G. F., Colonel. Brent, () Preston, Lieut. Col., Col.
Reynolds, (*) Hugh A., Maj., Lient. Col. Foxworth, (') 'ranklin W., Major.
Scales, (*) Junius I., Lieut. Col., Col. Koirn, (') WalterL., Maj., Lient. Col.
McCay, (*) Robert C., Major.
31st Infantry Regiment. 39th Infantry Regiment.
Balfour, (*)John W., Lient. Col. Durr, (') R. J., Major.
Drane, (*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Ross, (*) William E., Liont. Col.
Gillospie, (*) Francis M., Major. Quin, W. Monroe, Major.
Orr, () J. A., ColonelShelb, (*) W. B., Colone
Stephens, (*) Marcus D, L., Lieut. Col., Colo
Col. 40th Infantry Regiment.
Topp, (*) H. E., Major. Campbell, Josiah A. P., Lieut. Col.
32d lvfantry Regiment. Childress, (*) James R., Lieut. Col.
r, (-. C., M r. Colbert, (*) Wallace Bruce, Col.
Karr, (*)F. C., Major. Gibbons, W. McD., Major.
Lowrey, (*) Mark P., Colonel. McDonald, Enoch, Major.
Swinney, (*) J. W., Major. Wallace, (*) George P., Lieut. Col., Col.
Tison, (*) William H. H., Lieut. Col., Col.
41st Infantry Regiment.
33d (Hurst's) Infantry Begiment. Ball, (*) Lewis, Maj., Col.
Drake, (*) Jabcz L., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Hearn, William C., Lieut. Col.
Hall, () Robert J., Major. Hodges, (") Lafayette, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Harrod, (') John, Maj. Lieut. Col. Tucker, (') William F., Colonel.
Hurst, (*)David W., Colonel. Williams, (*) J. Byrd, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Johnson, (") William B., Lieut. Col. C 42 Infantry Regiment.
33d (Hardcastle's) Infantry Regiment. Peeney,(*) Wm. A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
C Locke, (4) Robert W., Major.
(Consolidatod with 45th Mississippi.) Millor, () ltgh R., Colonel.
Charlton, (*) Richard, Lient. Col. Moseley, Hillery, Lieut. Col.
Hardcastie, (*) Aaron B., Colonel. Nelson, (*) Andrew M., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Jones, (*) Theodore A., Major. Col.
434 Infantry Regiment.
34th Infantry Regiment. Banks, (*) James O., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Also called 37th.) Harrison, (*) Richard, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Benton, (*) Samuel, Colonel. Col.
Falconer, (*) Thomas A., Major. Leigh, (*) Richard W., Lieut. Col.
Mason, Armistead T., Major. Moore, (*) William H., Colonel.
Pegram, (*) William G., Major. Sykes, Columbus, Maj., Lient. Col.
S Wright, Daniel B., Lieut. Col. 44th Infantry BIegiment.
35th Infantry Regiment. (Formed from let Infantry Battalion.)
Barry, (*) William S., Colonel. Blythe, (R) A. K., Colonel.
Holmes, (*) Thomas F., Mor. Kelsey, ( ) R. G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S Jordan, Charles R., Lieut Moore, James, Lieut. Col.
Shotwell, Reuben R., Lieut. Col. Sharp, (*) Jacob H., Colonel.
Shotwell, Reuben H., Lieut. Col. Th so John C, ajr.
Watson, (*),Oliver C., Major. Thompson, (*) John C., Major.
S 36th Infantry Regiment. 45th Infantry Regiment.
Brow J, C (Formed from 3d (Hlardcastle's) Battalion. Con.
Brown, (*) Drury J., Colonel. solidated with Hardcastle's 33d Regiment.
Brown, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col. Reduced to a battalion July 14, 1864.) *
SHarper, S. J., Lieut. Col. Charlton, (*) Richard, Lieut. Col.
. Partin, (*) Charles P., Major. Hardcastle, (*) Aaron B., Colonel.
W itherspoon, (*) William W., Maj., Col. Nunn, (*) Elisha F., Major.
Yates, (*) Alexander, Major. 4
46th Infantry Regiment.
37th Infantry Regiment. (Formed from 6th Battalion.)
Holld, () 0 Clark, (*) Wmn. HI., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Holland, (*) Orlando S., Lieut. Col., Col. Easterling, (*) William K., Lieut Col.
McGee, (*) John, Major. Rea, Constantine, Major.
McLain, (*) Robert, Colonel. Sers, (*) Claudius Colonel.
Patton, (') William S., Lieut. Col. Sears, (*) Claudius W., Colonel.
Terral, (*) Samuel H., Maj., Lieut. Col. 47th Infantry Regiment.
Wier, (") William W., Maj., Lieut. Col. (See 2d Mississippi Cavalry.)

48th Infantry Regiment. Jeff. Davis Legion.
(Formed from 2d Infantry Battalion.) (Composed of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi
Jayne, (*) Joseph M., Colonel. Cavalry. Three companies of Love's Alabama
Lee, (*) L. C., Major Battalion, and Company B, Millen's Georgia
lov T B., LBattalion alo 2d Cavalry Battalion, merged
Manlove, () Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 'into this unly, 1804.)
49th.Infantry Begiment. Conner, William G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
SLewis, Ivey F., Major.
Balfour, John W., Colonel. Martin, (*) Wm. T., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Stone, William M., Major.
As8crafs8 Regiment Mississippi Cavalry. Waring, (*) J. Fred., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Formed from 2d and 3d Battalions State Cavalry.)
Asheraft, (*) Thoman C Colonel. Lay's Cavalry Regiment.
Harris, (*) Thomas W., Lieut. Col. Lay, (*) Benjamin D., Colonel.
Hankins, (*) E. L., Major.
Slindsay's Cavalry Regiment.
Asleraft's, Ham's, and Lowry's (Sd State) (Temporary command. Most of the companies
Cavalry Regiments.) forming this regiment are found in Pinson's let
(Consolidated March, 1865.) Mississippi Cavalry Regiment.)
Ashcraft, (*) Thomas C., Colonel. Lindsay, (*) A. J., Colonel.
Curlee, Wm. P., Lieut. Col. Montgomery's Cavalry Batt. State 2Troops.
Marshall, L. L., Major. Montgomery, W. E., Major.
Ballentine's Cavalry Regiment. Moorman's Cavalry Battalion.
(Also called 2d Partisan Rangers.)
Ballentine, (*) John G., Colonel. Moorman (*) George, Lieut: Col.
Ford, William H., Major. Roberts, (*) Calvit, Major.
Maxwell, (*) William L., Maj., Lieut. Col. Outlaw's Battalion Partisan Bangers.
Brewer's Cavalry Battalion Alabama and Outlaw, (*) Drew A., Major.
Misisssippi Troops, _
Mississ i Troops. Perrin's Battalion State Cavalry.
(See Alabama Troops.) (Merged into 11tb Cavaliy Regiment.)
Caruthers' Battalion Sharpshooters. Perrin, (") Robert 0., Lieut. Col.
(Merged into let Battalion Sharpshooters.) Reed, Abner, Major.
Caruthers, C. K., Acting Major. Peyton's Cavalry Battalion State Troops.
Chalmers' Consolidated Cavalry Regiment. Peyton, E. A., Major..
(Formed by consolidation of portion of 5th and Powers' Regiment La. and Miss. Cavalry.
18tI Regiments March 10, 1865.)
t Regimes Mr 10 15.) (See Louisiana Troops. The throe Missisiippi
Chalmers, (*) Alexander H., Colonel. companies of Powers' regiment of Cavalry were
Floyd, W. J., Major. organized into a battalion to be known as tle 23d
Smith, J. Waverly, Lieut. Col. Battalion Mississippi Cavalry Novembor 21, 1804.)
Collins' Cavalry Regiment., Rea's Battalion Sharpshooters.
"Collins, N. D., Colonel. Rea, (*) Constantine, Major.
Smyth"8 Cavalry Battalion._ .
Davenport's Battalion State. Cavalry.myth's Cavalry Battalion.
(Merged into 8th Cavalry.) Smyth, J. S., Acting Major.
Davenport, Stephen, Major. Stookdale's Cavalry Battalion.
Garland's Cavalry Battalion. (Merged into 4th Cavalry.)
(Merged into 14th Confederate Cavalry.) Stockdale, (") Thomas R., Major.
Garland, (*) William H., Major. Street's Cavalry Battalion.
Ham's Cavalry Regiment. (Merged into Stew art's 15tb Tennessee Cavalry.)
(Originally 10th Battalion State Cavalry. May 5, Street, Solomon G., Major.
1804, Confederate Cavalry.)
Bynum, (") George W., Major. Stubbs' Cavalry Battalion State Troops.
Curlee, t*) William P., Liout. Col. Stubbs, George W., Major.
1Ham, (") T. W., Colonel.
Wirt Adams' Cavalry.
Harman's Cavalry Regiment. (Also called slt Cavalry.)
(Also called Confederate Regiment. See Har* d () rt, Colo
man's Confederate Cavalry Regiment.) C Adams, (*) Wirt, Colonel.
Cleveland, (*) Stephen B., Major.
Hughes' Cavalry Battalion. Hagan, James, Major.
(Recrnited by CoLHenrylHughes. Merged into Harrison, (*) Isaac F., Major.
4th Cavalry.) Lowers, (*) Thomas, Maj., Lient. Col.
Wilbourn, C. C., Lieut. Col. Wood, (') Robert C., jr., Lieut. Col., Col.

; y -


S 1st Artillery Battalion, 5th Division, Mis- 1st Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri
souri State Guard (1861). State Guard (1861).
Lanlais, John C., Major. Chiles, Elijah, Lient. Col.
SCliism, Iloward, Major.
1st (Elliott's) Cavalry Battalion. Hamilton, John S., Major.
,. (Also called 10tl. Recruited to a roeiment.) Hays, Upton, Lieut. Col.
S Elliott, (*) Benjamin, Lient. Col., Col. Martin, John W., Col.
; McDaniels, Wash., Mij., Lieut. Col. Weightimaui Richard II., Col.
Walton, Thos. 11., Maj., Lieut. Col. 1st Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis.
1t. Cavalry Battalion, 1st Indian Brigade. souri State Guard (1861).
Livingston, Thomas.R., Major. Brown, Tbo s, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Pickler, J. F., Major.rr, B. ., Majo
S Pierce, A. J., Major. 1st Infantry Battalion, 5th Division, Mis-
souri State Guard (1861).
i lstCavalry Battaion, st Division, Missouri hn ., L t. Co l
State Guard (1861). Boyd, John R., Lieut. Col.
SHush, John J., Major.
Couzens, (*) William H., Major. I fan Ba n.
White, James D., Lieut. Col. 1st Infantry Battalion.
(Merged into 4th Infantry.)
1st Cavalry Regiment.
SCavalry giment. Johnson, Waldo P., Major.
(Consolidated with Samuel's 8d Cavalry Battalion.)
Chiles, Richard B., Lieut. Col. 1st Infantry Regiment.
Gates, (*) Elijah, Colonel. (Consolidated with 4th Missouri Infantry.)
S Law, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Bowcn, (*) John S., Colonel.
Lawther, (*) Robert I., Major. j., iut. Col.
Mapin, () William D., ieut. Col. int. Cl.
Parker, (") William C., Major Campbell, Charles C., Major.
er, William C., jor. DuffyL, (*) Robert J., Major.
Southeast cavalry regiment. Garland, (") Hugh A., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
.:. st .NAortheast Cavalry Regiment. Col.
(Consolidated with 2d Northeast Cavalry Rogi- IKith, Bradford. Major.
uent April 4,1803.) Rich, (*) Lucins L., Lient. Col., Col.
anton, Wilia C., Li C. Riley, () Amuos C., Lieut. Col., Col.
SBlanton, William C., Lieut. Col.
Major, Elliott D., Major. 1st and 4th Infantry Consolidated.
Porter, (') Joseph C., Colonel. Garland, (*) Hugh A., Major, Lieut. Col.
(1st Mo.)
1st Cavalry Regiment, lstDivision, Missouri Macfarlane, (*) Archibald, Colonel (4th
i State Guard (1861). Missouri).
S' Jones, Andrew F., Colonel. Riley, (*) Amos C.,Lieut. Col., Col. (Ist
Kalfus, Columbus C., Major. Missouri)
Lewis, Edward A., Lieut. Col. 1st Ifanntry Regiment, 1st Division, Missouri
State Guard (1861).
S 1st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Division, fissouri
.. State Guard (1861). Birthright, C. E., Major.
;L"Panky, D. Y., Lieut. Col.
: Austin, --- Lieut. Col. Walker, James A., Colonel.
Bohaunan, Lewis, Lieut. Col.
Corner, John B., Major. 1st Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, A1issouri
Rives (") Benjamin A., Colonel. State Guard (1861).
1Boyce, Major.
: 1st Cavalry Reginment, 5th Division, Missouri Burbridge, John Q., Colonel.
iS. tate Guard (1861). Clark, John B., jr., Major, Colonel.
Bostik, N., Major. Farrington, S., Lieut. Col.
Cearnal, J. T., Colonel. Price, Edwin, Lieut. Col.
G ates, Elijah, Lieut. Col. at Infantry Regiment, 4th Division, Mis-
souri State Guard (186l).
1st Cavalry Regiment, 6th Division, Missouri
State Guard (1861). Hughes, John T., Colonel.
Mirick, William, Major.
Brown, Benjamin, Colonel. Pritchard, James A., Lieut., Col.

U' "


slt Infantry Regiment, 5th Division, Mis- 2d (Hunter's) Infantry Regiment.
souri State Guard (1861). (Served as cavalry until diamounted. Aug. 31,
Cundiff, W. H., Lieut. Col. 1802. AfterwardSth, which was changed to lltib
Samuel, (*) D. Todd, Major. to agree with War Department number.)
Saunders, James P., Colonel. Burns, (*) Simon P., Lient. Col.
Hunter, (C) De Witt C.. Colonel.
1st Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Mis- Murray, (*) Thos. H., Major.
souri State Guard (1861).
rwin, Eugene, Major. 2d Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, Mis-
Holloway, Edmond B., Colonel. sour State Gard (1861)
Martin, John William, Lieut. Col. Eaker, Jonas, Lient. Col.
Rosser, Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col. Farmer, B. J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
ir Pheelan, William G., Colonel.
S2 Cavalry Battalion, lot Division, Missouri Powere, Thomas, Mi lornl.
State Guard (1861). Tippen, William, Colonel.
, Hunter, Jason H., Major.
2d Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, Aissouri
2d Cavalry Regiment. State Guard (1861).
Couzens, (*) William H., Major. Jackson, Congreve, Colonel.
Hyams, Samuel M., jr., Lieut. Col. Vaughn, Joe, Major.
McCallocl, (*) Robert, Colonel. White, J. R., Lieut. Col..
McCnllob, (*')Robert A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Smith, John J., Major. 2dlnfantry Regiment, 4th Division, Missouri
State Guard (1861). ,
2d Northeast Cavalry Regiment.
2 northeast cavalry Regiment Gause, (*) William R., Major..
(Consolidated with 1st Northeast Cavalry Regi- lewitt, Robert A., Lieut. Col.
meant April 4,1863.) Patton, Tliomas, Colonel.
Franklin (*) Cyrus, Colonel.
McCnllongh, Frisby H., Lieut. Col. 2d Infantry Regiment,5thDivision, Missouri
Smith, Raphael, Major. State Guard (1861).
2d Cavalry Regiment, 1st Division, Missouri Chiles,W. P.,Liout. Col.
State Guard (1861). Murphy, J., Major.
Bedford, H. H., Major. Winston, John II., Colonel.
Jeffers, William L., Lieut. Col. 2d Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri
Kitchen, Solomon G., Maj., Lieut. Col. State Guard (1861).
Smith, John J., Colonel. Brashear, Ezra M., Major.
2d Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri Counselnian, Lawrence W., Lieut. Col.
State Guard (1861). Elliott, Benjamin, Col.
Graves, John R., Colonel.
McCown, James, Lieut. Col., Col. Kirtley, Cave J., Lieut. Col.
Murrell, R. K., Lieut. Col. Taylor, Samnel F., Major.
Sayers, A., Major.
Smith, Moses W., Major. 3d Cavalry Battalion.
Stokeley, R. Q., Major. (Consolidated with 1st Cavalry.)
2d Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis- Campbell, Leonidas C., Lieut. Col. "
souri State Guard (1861). McQuiddy, (*) Thomas J., Major.
.Jennings,D. L.,Major. Samuel, (*) D. Todd, Maj., Lieut. Col. :
2d Infantry Battalion. 3d Cavalry Regiment.
(Merged into 5th Infantry. Also called 1st In- C. mpell, (. ) L. .iaj., Lieut. Col.
fantry Battalion, lst Brigade, Army of Ten Campbell, () L. A., Ma., Lieut. Col.
aneseoo.) Canm>bell, Leonidas C., Lieut. Col.
Bovier, (C) Robert S., Major. Greene, (*) Colton, Colonel.
McCown, (*) James. Lieut. Col. Surridge, (') James, Major.
2d (Burbridge's) Infantry Regiment. 3d Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri
(Consolidated with 6th Infantry. Also called lt.) State Guard (1861).
Burbridge, (*) John Q., Colonel. Peyton, Robert L. Y., Colonel.
Carter, (*) Thomas M., Maji., Lieut. Col. Tler, Natthan L., Major.
Carter, (*) William F., Major. White, Martin, Lieut. Col.
Cockrell, (") Francis M., Lieut. Col., Col. 3d Infantry Battalion.
wyer, () RobertD. A., j., Lieut. Col. (Also called 5th. Merged into Oth Infantry.)
lFlonrnoy, (*) Peter C., Colonel:
Inll, Edward B., Lieut. Col. Erwin, (*) Eugene, Lieut. Col.
Sonteny, Pembroke S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Vaughan, Joseph P., Major.



3d Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis- 4th Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, Missouri
souri State Guard (1861). State Guard (161).
Rapley, W. F., Major. McKinney, Colonel.
SPeacher, --, Major.
3d infantry Regyiment. Singleton, Lient. Col.
(Consolidated with th Infantry. Also cllod d.) 4th fa y th D ,
Gause, (") William R., Lieut. Col., Col. 4h y Rement, t Division, Mis
SHubbell, (*) Finley L., Maj., Lieut. Col. souri State Guard (181l).
McDowell, (*) James K., Maj., Lieut. Col. Feaster, Elbert S., Major.
Pritchard, (*) James A., Lient. Col., Col. Hale, Stephen F., Colonel.
JRives, (*) Benjamin A., Colonel. Murray, Thomas H., Major.
Williams, (*) Robert J., Major. O'Kane, Waltei S., Lieut. Col., Col.
3d Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, Missouri 5th Missouri Cavalry.
State Guard (1861). (La Fayette County Cavalry.)
Hedgpeth, Isaac N., Lieut. Col. Blackwell, (*) Y.H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Lowe, Aden, Colonel. Gordon, (*) B. Frank, Lient. Col., Col.
Ponder, Willis M., Major. Gordon, (*) George P., Major.
Thompson, M. Jeff, Lieut. Col. Kirtley, George R., Major.
Shelby, (*) Joseph Orville, Colonel.
3d Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, Missouri
State Guard (1861). 5th Cavalry regiment, 8th Division, Missouri
Hy. State Guard (1861).
;Hyde, -- Lieut. Col.
Price, Edwin, Colonel. Cravens, Jesse L., Colonel.
Langston, William C., Major.
3d Infantry Regiment, 5th Division,Missouri Slover, Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col.
State Guard (1861).
r 8 5th Infantry Battalion Missouri State
Lewis, Levin M., Colonel. Guard.
Thompson, G. W., Major.
Thornton, C. C., Lieut. Col. Priest, John W., Lieut. Col.
3d Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri 5th Infantry Regiment.
State Guard (1861). (Consolidated with 3d Inf.ttry.)
Hurst, Edgar V., Colonel. Bevier, (*) Robert S., Lient. Col.
Ruth, Fred., Major. McCown,(*) James, Colonel.
Tracy, John C., Lieut. Col. Waddell, () Ow'en A., Major.
4th Cavalry Battalion. 5thlnfantry Regiment, 3d Division, Missouri
(Merged into 2d Cavalry.) State Guard (1861).
McCullocb, (*) Robert, Lieut. Col. Bevier, (*) Robert S., Colonel.
Smith, John J., Major. Lovern, James. Major.
4th Cavalry Reginent., Pindall, X. J., Lieut. Col.
Burbridge, (") John Q., Colonel. 5th Infantry regiment (mounted), 5th Divi-
Preston, (*) William J., Lient. Col. sion, Missouri State Guard (1861.)
Smith, (*) Dennis, Major. Florence, Major.
4th Cavalry regiment, 8th Division, Missouri Slayback, Alonzo W., Colonel.
State Guard (1861). Welfrey,-- Lieut.-Col.
Cawthorn, James, Colonel. 5th Ifantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri
Hartley, Henry K., Lieut. Col. State Guard (1861).
Hartley, Thomas J., Major. Clarkson, James J.. Colonel.
Musgrove, James, Major. Crawford, Robert W., Lieut. Col.
Walker, B. F., Lient. Col., Col. Lemmon, Alexander C., Major.

4th Infantry Regiment.. 6th Cavalry Battalion.
(Consolidated with let Infantry.) (Merged into 3d Cavalry.)
Johnson, (*) Waldo P., Lieut. Col.
Macfarlane, (1) Archibald, Colonel. Campbell, (*) Leonidas C., Lient. Col.
S Wood, (*) Stephen W., Major. 6th Cavalry Regiment.
4thInfantry Regiment, st Division, Missouri (Southwest Cavalry; afterward 11th Cavalry.)
State Guard (1861). Coffee, (*) John T., Colonel.
Grimsley, W. C., Major. l ooper, James C., Lieut. Col.
Hunter, J. H., Lieut. Col. Nichols, George W., Major.
Parrott, James, Lieut. Col. Smith, Moses W., Maj.
- Waugh, A., Maj., Col. Thompson, (*) G. W., Colonel.


6th Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri 8th Cavalry Regiment.
State Guard (1861).
ate Guard ( ). Jeffers, (*) William L., Colonel.
Bogart, E. G., Lieut. Col. Parrott, James, Major.
Cofee, John T., Colonel. Ward, (*) Samuel J., Lieut. Col.
Payne, John W., Lieut; Col. .iao
Smith, Moses W., Major. 8th Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division Missouri
State Guard (1861).
6th Infantry Regiment. Murrell, R. K., Major.
(Formed from Erwin's 3d and Hedgpetb's Bat. Owen, T.E., Lieut. Col.
talions. Consolidated with 2d Infantry.) .
8th Infantry Battalion.
Cooper, (*) Stephen, Maj., Lieut. Col. (Consolidated with Clark's Pth Infantry Regi.
Duncan, (*) Jeptha, Major. ment.)
Erwin, (*) Eugene, Colonel. Gaines, () Richard, Major.
Hedgpeth, (*) Isaac N., Lieut. Col., Col. Musser, (*) Riclard H., Lieut. Col.
Vaughan, Joseph P., Major.
8th (Burns' Infantry .egime,,t.
6th Infantrg regiment, 3d Diviion, Missouri th (Burne' Infantry fgiment.
State Guard (186(). (Formerly Hunter's 21 RIegiment; after changed
a- to 11th Infantry.)
Fort, -- Lieut. Col. Burns, (*) Simon P., Colonel.
Perkius, Major. Murray, Thomas H.. Maj., Lieut. Col.
Poindexter, Colonel. Phillips, James, Major.
6th Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Mis- 8th (Mitchell's) Infantryi'egiment.
souri State Guard (1861). (Organized Jan.28,1863, from Mitchell's and Fra.
Bledsoe, Hiram M., Lient. Col. zier' Infantry Battalions.)
Bowman, John P., Major. Hill,J. W., Major.
Veitch, Daniel, Major. Mitchell, (*) Charles S., Colonel.
Smizer, (*) John W., Lieut. Col.
7th Cavalry Regiment. 9th Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri
(Also called 10th Cavalry.) State Guard (1861).
Ellison, (") Jesse, Lieut. Col. Cummings, Thomas B., Lieut. Col.
Kitchen, (*) Solomon G., Colonel. Smith, J. Alexander, Major.
Walker, (*) James A., Major. 9th Battalion Sharpshooters.
7th Caralry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri Pindall, (*) Lebbeus A., Major.
State Guard (1861).
State Gard (1861). 9th (Clarks) Missouri Infantry.
Boughan, Richard A., Lieut. Col. 9 ( M y
Bolton, George W., Major., (Formed from 8th Infantry Battalion and the
Hunter, D Witt C., Colonel. Missonri companies of dlarkson's Battalion.
., oloel. The Arkansas companies of this regiment se.
ceded and merged into Buster's Arkansas Cav.
7th Infantry Battalion. alry Battalion.)
(Merged into 8th (Mitchell's) Infantry.) Buster, M. W., Lie0. Col.
Clark, (*) John B., jr., Colonel.
Mitchell, (*) Charles S., Lidut. Coi. Gaines, (*) Richard, Major.
Smizer, John W., Major. Hughes, (*) Harry H., Major.
Morton, J. Quin, Major.
7th (Franklin's) Infantry Regiment. Musser, () Richard H., Lieut. Col.
(Formed by consolidation of 1st and 2d Northeast 9th (nlWite's) Infantry Regiment.
'Cavalry IRegiments April 4,1803.)
nkli, Crs, Colonel. (Also called 3d; also 12th Infantry, which see.)
Franklin, Cyrus, Colonel.
Major, Elliott D., Major. *Holmes,(*) Benjamin, Maj.
SPonder, (*) Willis M., Lieit. Col.
Sandford, Tlhomnas B., Major.
7th (Jackman's),Infantry Regiment. White, (") James D., Colonel.
(Afterward known as 16th Infantry.)
Caldwell, (*) Josiah H., Colonel. 10th Cavalry Regiment:
Cumming, (*) Pleasant W. H., Maj., (Lawther's Regiment, formed from M. L. Yo-ng's
Lieut. Col. Battalion Dec. 1, 1863.)
Herrell, Jesso P., Maj., Lieut. Col. Bennett, (*) George W. C., Major.
Jackman, Sidney D., Colonel. Lawther, (*) Robert R., Colonel.
Lewis, (*) Levin M., Tieut. Col. Young, (*) Mer itt L., Lieut, Col,

10th Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Mis- 14th Infantry Regiment.
.. .. souri State Guard (1861).
I Cunningham, Robert, Lieut. Col. (See Jackman's 7th.)
Erwin, William H., Colonel. 15th Infantry Regiment.
Fleming, David P., Major. (No rolls,
10th Infantry Regiment. 16th Infantry Regiment.
(Aleo called 12th Infantry.) (Formerly 7th Infantry.)
t arri, Si'11, Mai, ieut. Col. (He"-erlv7 J ,sXnsep.Maor
Magofrisn, Elij, Ma, L t. C umming, (*) Pleasant W. ., Lieut. Col..
M FooreFn, (*) Wliah, Mjor. Lerrell, (") Josee P., Major.
oore, () WAle. C., CLioet. Cl., Col Lewis, () Lvin M., Colonel.
Pikett, () Alex. C., Colonel.
S Steen, A. E., Colonel. Bruce's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, Mis-
S1th Cavalry Battalion. souri State Guard (1861).
h a-Bruce, Thomas, Colonel.
(Merged into Lawther' 10th Cavalry Dec. 14, Miton G.B., Major.
1803.) r c lton, W. B., Major.
Bennett, George W. C., Major. Splaun, W. C., Lieut. Col.
Young, Meraitt L., Lieut. Col. Burbridge's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division,
11th Cavalry Regiment. XMissouri State Guard (1861).
(Formerly Oth Cavalry.) RBurbridge, John Q., Colonel.
Cravens. (*) Jerry C., Major. Dwyer, obert D. A, Major
.ooper, James C., Lient. Col. Hull, Edward B., Lieut. Col.
smith, Moses W., Colonel. C
llth Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Mis- (Clark's Recruits.)
souri State Guard (1861). Clark, H. E., Colonel.
Pearcey, Andrew J., Lieut. Col. ClarkonE., Colonel.
Talbot, Sanford J., Colonel. Clarkson's Cavalry Battalion Independent
Warner, William, Major. Rangers.
M(Missouri and Arkansas Troops mergd into th
11th Missouri Infantry. (Clark's) Infantry.)
S* (See Brns' 8th.) Buster, (*) M. W Maj., Lient. Col.
Clarklson, () James J., Colonel.
12th Cavalry Regiment. Morton, J. Q Mi, Major.
(Formerly Jackson county Cavalry Regiment, Dills' Infantry Battalion, 6th Division
Bowman, Samuel, Major. Misour State Guard (1861).
Erwin, William H.,Lieut. Col. Dills, --, Major.
S Shanks, David, Colonel '
V. iviaen, () J, Major. Extra Cavalry Baltalion, 4th Division,
S( J., Mao. Missouri Slate Gard (1861).
2th Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Miis. Chiles, Richird B., Lieut. Col.
"souri State Guard (1861), Patton, John, Major.
- Robertson, Richard J., Major.
Roetsn Rcaxtra Battalion Infantry, 4th Division,
12th Infantry Regiment. Missouri State Guard (1861.i
Berryman, Richard C., Majdr. (Attached to Colonel Hughes' command.)
Holmnes, Benj., Lieut. Col. Ifousand, C.B., Major.
Ponder, (*) Willis M., Colonel. Franklin's Cavalry Reqiment, 2d Division
13th Cavalry Regiment, 8h Division, Mis. Missouri State Guard (1861).
souri State Guard (1861). Franklin, B. IH., Colonel.
Crawford, Robert W., Lieut. Col. Franklin' B. H C al r Regent.
13th Infantry Regiment. rankli's Northeast Cavalry Regiment
"" (No roll.) (See 2d Northeast Cavalry.)
S Rives, Benj. A., Colonel. Frazier's Infantry Battalion.
S14th Cavalry Battalion. (Merged into 8th Mitchell's infantry. )
S Wood, (*) Robert C., Major. Frazier, W. L. H., Major.
14th Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Mis- Freeman's Cavalry Regiment.
sonri.Slate Guard (1861). Freeman, Thomas R., Colonel
S King, W., Mjor. Love, Joseph B., Lieut. Col.
i Ki 1.W., Slhaver, M. V;, Major.

'S a v o M V .'


Fristoe's Cavalry Regiment. MacDonad's Cavalry Regiment.
Fristoe, Edward T., Colonel. (Reduced to Young's Battalion,which was merged
Norman, Matthew J., Major. into Lawther's 10th Cavalry.)
Tracy, J. H., Lieut.Col. Bennett, (d) George W. C., Major.
MacDonald, (") Emmett, Colonel.
Green's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, You, () Merritt L., Liet. Cl.
Missouri State Guard (1861).tt L., Liet. Col.
Green, Martin E., Colonel. 3Mafarlane's Infantry Battalion.
Porter, (*) Joseph C., Lieut. Col. (Merged nto 4th Inftry.)
Shacklet, --, Major. (Merged into 4th Infantry.)
Macfarlane, (*) Archibald, Major.
Hawkins' Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division,
Missouri State Guard (1861). Major's Cavalry Regiment, 3d Division,
Hawkins, B. W., Lieut. Col. Missouri State Guard (1861).
Owen, John L., Major. Chalmers, A. H., Major.
Hoskins, Lieut. Col.
Hedgpeth's Infantry Battalion. Major, James P., Colonel.
(Merged into 6th Infantry.)
Hedgpeth, (*) Isaac N., Major. Preston's Cavalry Battalion.
Hunter's Cavalry Regiment. (Merged into 4th Cavalry.)
(Organized 1804.) Preston, (*) William J., Major.
Hunter, (*) DeWitt C., Colonel.
aawlings' Infantry Battalion, 2d Division,
Jackson County Cavalry Regiment. Missouri State Guard (l~61).
(Afterward 12th Cavalry, which see.) Adams, C., Major.
Gilkey, Charles A.,.Maj., Lieut. Col. Rawlings, S. A., Lient. Col.
Hays, Upton, Colonel.
Jeans, Beal G., Lieut. Col., Col. Reves' Cavalry Rattalion.
Shanks, David, Maj., Licnt. Col. ees' Caar
Revos, T., Major. -
Kelly's Infantry Regiment, 6th Division,
Missouri State Guard (1861). Robinson's Infantry Battalion, 2d Division,
Kelly, Colonel. Missouri State Guard (1861).
Kithoen's Infantry battalion. Robinson, J. W., Major.
(Became 7th Infantry July 9, 1863.) Snider's Cavalry liatlalion.
Kitchen, Solomon G., Lieut. Col. (Northeast Missouri Cavalry.)
Lawother's Temporary Regiment of Dis- Snider, (*) Henry G., Mnjor.
mounted Cavalry.
(Organized August, 1863. Con panies assirgtod Thornton's Infantry Battalion, 4th Divis.
from Lawblhor's Partisan Rangers, Burbridge'as, ion, Missouri State Guard (161).
Shelby's, Jeans', and Thompson's Regiments.) Sate Guad (161).
Lawthor, Robert R., Colonel. Thornton, J. C., Major.

1st Heavy Artillery Battalion. 1st Infantry Battalion.
MaRoae, (") Alexander, Major. (Merged into 32d Infiatry.)
i1,t Artillery! Iegi ent. Brabble, (") Edmund C., Major.
1st Artillery Regiment. Williams, (*) Williaiim T., Livant. Col.
(SoIOth oluroors.)rp>.)
(See 1ith Volunteers.) ist Infantry Regiment,.
lest Cavalry Regiment. (o-Months' Troops.)
(See Oth Regiment Volunteers.) HJill, (') Daniel II., Colonel.
Ho t' HIoke,'(") Robert F., Major.
st Battalion Home Guard. Lane, (") James I., Major.
Moe G.C., ieu. Cl Lee, (*) Charles C., Lieut. Col., Col.
Moses, G. C., Lieut. Col. Starr, (*) Joseph B., Lient. Col.
1st Battalion Sharpshooters. 1st Infantry Regiment State Troops.
(Also called Oth Battalion.) jlrown, (") lamilton A., Lieut. Col., Col.
Wharton Iarrell, (*) Jarrott N., Maj., Lieit. Col.
Wharton, k() Rufus W., Major. Hines, (*)James S.,. Major.


1st Infantry Regiment State Troops-Cont'd. 2d Regiment Junior Reserves.
Latham, (*) Louis C., Major. Anderson, (*) John H., Colonel.
McDowell, (*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Beasley, (*) William F., Lient. Col..
Col. Gregory, (*) Nathaniel A., Major.
Ransom, (*) Matthew W., Lieut. Col.
Ski ner, (*) Tristim L., Major. 3d Light Artillery Battalion.
Stokes, (*) Montfort S., Colonel.
et Regiment Detailed Men. Moore, (") John W., Major.
Brenizer, Addison G., Colonel. 3d Artillery Regiment.
Sorcy, William F., Major.
Stowe, Jasper, Lieut. Col. (See 40th Regiment Volunteers.)
slt Battalion Junior Reserves. 3d Cavalry llegiv)ent.
Broadfoot, Charles W., Major. (See 41st Regiment Volunteers.)
1st Regiment Junior Beserves. 3d Infantry Begiment State Troops.
Armistead, (*) Frank S., Colonel. Cowan, (") Robert H., Lieut. Col.
.Broadfoot, Charles W., Lieut. Col. De Rosset, (*) William L., Maj., Lieut.
Clark, ().Walter McK., Major. Col., Col.
Ennett, (*) William T., Major.
2d Artillery Regiinent.. Meares, (') Gaston, Colonel.
(See 86th Regiment Volunteers.) Parsley, (*) William M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Savage, (').Edward, Maj., Lieut. Col.
2 vThruston, () Stephen D., Maj., Lieut.
2d Cavalry .Regiment.. Col., Col.
(Sei 19th Regiment Volunteers.) 3d Battalion Junior Restrves.
2d Infantry Battalion. Reece, (*) John M., Major.
SAndrews, (*) Hezekiah L., Maj., Lieut. 3d'Regiment Jui ior Reserves.
,Cl (Formed from 4th, 7th, and 8th Battalions Re.
Erwin, Marcus, Major. serves.)
Green, (") Wharton, J., Lieut. Col. er .
Hancock, (*) John M., Major. Ellington, (*) A. B., Major.
Iredell, James J., Major (temporarily as- Froenc, (*) William Foster, Lieut. Col.
signed from 53d). Hinsdale, (*) John W., Colonel.
SShober, (*) Charles E., Lieut. Col.

;(d Battalion Senior cescrves.
2d Battalion Local Defense Troop&s.

Hooks, Boss A., Major.
Childs, () Frederick L., Maj., Lieut. Col. oo, a .
Taylor, (*) Matthew P., Major. 4th Battalion Partisan Rangers.
d ft rd : regiment t er es. (Merged into 7th Confederate Cavalry.)
2d Infantry Regiment State Troops.
SoClaiborne, (') William C., Lieut. Col.
Bynum, (*)William P.,Lieut. Col., Col.
SCox, (*) William R., Maj., Lieut. Col., 4th Infantry Regiment State Troops.
Howard, (*) John, Major. Anderson,(*) George '., Colonel.
Hurtt, (*) Dauiel W., Major. Carter, (*) David M., Lieut. Col.
Stfallings, (*) Walter S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Grimes, (*) Bryan, Maj., Lient..Col., Col
Tew, (*) Charles C., Colonel. Marsh, Edward S., Major.
Osborune, (") Edwin A., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
2d Reegiimen Detailed Men. Col.

Simouton, (*) Absalom K., Major.
Bouoholle, Thomas, Colonel. Wood, (") James II., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Edwards, David, Major. Col.
Fulton, Wiuston, l.ieut. Col. Young, (*) John A., Lieut'. Col.
2d (Anderson's) Battalion Reserves. 41h Kegimente Militia.
(Afterward 2d Regiment Junior Reserves.) Granbery, Joseph G., Colonel.
Anderson, John H., Lieut. Col. Starke, L. D., Colonel.
Beasley, William F., Major. Wood, Charles W., Lient. Col.
2d Battalion Junior Reserves. 4th Battalion Reserves.
(2d and 5th Battalions consolidated.) (Merged into 3d Regiment Reserves.)
Anderson, John H., Major, Clark, () Walter McK., Major,

C -. ,... -/' ,, .
^* *. \ ;.: 1


4th Regiment Senior Reserves. .7th Infan try Regiment State 2Toops-Cont'd.
Hoke, (*) John F., Colonel. Haywood, (*) Edward Graham, Lieut.
Prior, John N., Major. Col., Col.
Stowe, Leroy W., Lieut. Col. Hill, (") Junins L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
McRae, (*) Robert B., Major.
S5th Cavalry Batthlion. Tnrner, (') John McLeod, Major.
(Merged into 6th Cavalry.) Young, Robert S., Major.
Baird, ('\AAlfred H., Major. 7th Battalion Reserves.
Palmer, () John B., Lieut. Col. (Merged into 3d Regiment Reserves.)
5th Cavalry Regqiment. Fiench, William Foster, Major.
(See 63d Regiment Volunteers. 7th Iegment Reerves.
5th Infantry Regiment State D-oops.
5th Infantry Rgient State ) s. Hancock, Ezekiel W., Lieut. Col., Col.
McLean, Jamons R., Major.
Badham, (*) John C., Maj., Lieut. Col. MoLeob James R., M.jor.
Garrett, () 'homas M., Maj., Col. Sober, (') Charles E., Colonel.
Hill, (*) William J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Jones, (*) Joseph P., Li(t. Col. 8th Battalion Parlisan Ra
Lea, (*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. (Merg
McRae, (*) Duncan K., Colonel.
Sinclair, (*) Peter J., Maj., Lieut. Col.
5th egqimi
Burke, (*) Josep
Corpening, *) D.. Col.
Stowe, (*) Georgg a ., Lieut. Co.
6 Gaa J'chison, (T) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col.
6th Cava
S (See 65th Regimint oluntoers.) Roge, Andrew J., Mjor.
S. Shaw, (*) Henry M., Colonel.
6th Infanlty Battalion. Wlhi tso, (S) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
(Disbanded July 14, 1862, a a Virginia orpn za, (
tion. See also Cohoon's Virginia Battalion.) Williamson, (*) George, Maj., Liet. Col.
Yellowley, (*) Edward C., Major.
Coboon, John T. P. C., Lieut. Col.
8th Battalion Bererves.
S6th Infantry Regiment State Troops.
(Merged into 3d Regiment Reserves.)
Avery (*) Isaac E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Fisher Charles F., Colonel.; Ellington, (*) James B., Major.
Lightfoot, Charles E., Maj., Lieut. Col. 8ti Regiment Ceaerves.
Pender, (") Williim D., Colonel. h eimt eere.
Tate, (') Samnel McD., Maj.,.Lieut. Col. Hooks, Boaz F., Major.
Webb, (*) Robert F., Maj., Lieut. Col., McKoy, Almond A., Colonel.
Col. McLean, Nathaniel, Lieut. Col,
York, Richard W., Major.
6th egin t Senior Reev. 9th Reginment Vo1lnteers-lt .Gavalry.
6th Reginmet Senior Geserves.
Baker, (*) Lawrence S., Lient. Col., Col.
Brooks, Terrell, Major. Barringer, (*) Rfus, Mia., Lieut. Col.
Moss, (") Adolphns A., Colonel. ClRck, (") William H., Lieut. Col., Col.
7to WnfSaiams T. Lieut. Col., Col.eu. 'ol "
Symons, James V., Lieut. Col. Cowles, (*) William H. H., Maj., Lieut.
7th Cavalry Battalion. Crumpler, Thomas N., Major.
(Merged into 05th Vols.-6th Cavalry.) Dewey, George S., Major.
Gordon, (") James B., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Folk, (*) George N., Lieut. Col. Col.
Siler, Thaddeuas P., Hajor. McLeod, (*) Marcus D. L., Major.
Ransom, (*) Robert jr., Colonel.
7th Infantry Regiment State Troops. Ruftin, (') Thomas, Xlj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Whitaker, () John H., Major.
Campbell, (*) Renbeg P Colonel.
Davidson, (*) William L., Maj., Lieot, 10th Artillery Battalion.
Col., Col.
Hall, (*) Edward D., Major. Young, (*) Wilton L., Major.


10th Reglment Volunlteers-r-1t Artillery.. 13th Infantry Regiment--Continued.
S Bradford, (*) James A. J., Colonel. Pender, (') William D., Colonel.
Bridgers, John L., Lieut. Col. Rogers, () Henry A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
..-. Guion, (') Henry T., Maj., Lieut. Col. unflin, (*) Thomas, jr., Lieut. Col.
Pool, (*) Stephen D., Maj., Lieut. Col., Scales, (*) Alfred M., Colonel.
Col. Withers, (*) E. Benton, Maj., Lieut. Col.
SRamseur, (*) Stephen D., Major.
Reilly, James, Major. 1th-Gavalry Battalion.
Sparrow, Thomas, Major.
Thompson, Win. B., Major. Henry, James L., Lieut. Col.
.. Roberts, Charles M., Major.
10th Regiment Militia.
Watts, S. W.: Colonel. 14th Infantry Regiment.
(Formerly 4th.)
Tllh Infantry Battalion.
Bth Infantry Batti. Bennett, (*) R. Tyler, Liout. Col., Col.
(Merged into 64th Infantry.) Daniel, (*) Junins, Colonel.
Allen, (*) Lawrence M., Liout. Col. Dixon, (*) Edward, Major.
1aison, ( ) Paul F., Major.
SfantrJy Regiment State Troops. Johnston, (*) William A., Lieut. Col.
e Lambeth, (") Joseph 11., Major.
Lovejoy, (") George S., Lieut. Col.
AiW' Roberts, (*) Philetus W., Colonel.

n ,' ieut. Col.

11lth Begiment itcLues R egiment.
(See 21st Regiment.) 'h .y 5.)
12th Battalion Partisan Rangers. Dowd, (*) Henry Colonel.
S ,, (Companies and B transferred to 4th North Gre0" William W., Major. .
Carolina Ctavalry, and Company C to 16th Hat rond, ) Gray W., a., Liout. Col.
talon North Carolina Catvalry.) Ihrie, (') Ross R., Lieut. Col.
'T Joromllo, (*) Robert P., Major.
'Wheeler, (*) Samuel J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Mroe () RWillaP., io l., Col.
iac~Ite, C') William, Lieut.. Cbl., Col.
12th Infantry 'egiment. McKinney, (*) Robert M., Colonel.
SrmYarborough, (*) William H., Maj., Lient.
(Formerly 2d.) Col., Col.
Alston, (*) Robert W., Major.
Burton, Augustus W., Major. 15th Regiment Militia.
S. Cautwell, (*) Edward, Lieut. Col.
.Coleman (*) Henry E., Lieut. Col., Col. Cherry, D. H., Colonel.
Davis, (*) William S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S Jones, (') Thomas L., Maj., Lieut. Col. 16th Cavalry Battalion.
r" : owe, (*) David P., Major.
I 'Wade, (*) Benjamin 0., Liout. Col., Col. Kennedy, (*) John T., Lieut. Col.
Williams, (*) Solomon, Colonel.fa y
16th Infantry Regiment.
13th Artillery Battalion.' (Formerly 6th.)
Starr, (*) Joseph B., Lieut. Col. Briggs, (') Benj. F., Major.
SCloud, (*) Abel J.,-Lieut. Col..
S 13th Infantry Battalion. Davis, (*) Champion T. N., Colonel.
(Merged into 66th Refiment.) Lee, (e ) Herbert D., Major.
1 .:er, t Lee, (S) Stephen, Colonel.
SWright, (") Clement G., Major. Love, (*) Robert G. A., Lieut. Col.
.McElroy, (1) John S., Lieut. Col., Col.
13th Infantry Regiment. Stowe, (*) William A., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
(Formerly 3d.) .. Col.
Guy, (*)W. S., Lieut. Col. 17th Infantry Regiment.
S' Hambrick, John T., Major. r f ery 7th.)
SHamilton, (") D. H., jr., Major. (Fornerly 7th.)
-Hyman (')Joseph H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Gilliam, (") Henry A., Major.
Col. Hill, (*) George IL., Major (temporarily
Martin, Thomas A., Major, attached).

^ '~r '* "^ ''. *


17th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 22d Infantry Regimnent-Continuced.
Johnson, (*) Lucius J., Major. Gray, (*) Robert 1 ., Lient. Col.
Johnston, (*) George W., Lieot. Col. Lightflot, (*) Charles E., Colonel.
Lamnb, (*) John C., Lient. Col. Long, John 0., Lieut. Col.
Martin, (*) William F., Colonel. Mitchell, (*) William L., Lient. Col.
Sharp, Thomas H., Maj., Lient. Col. Odell, (') Laban, Major.
Pettigrew, James .., Colonel. .
18th Infantry Regimenlt. Russell, (") W. Lee, Major.
(Formerly Sth.) 263d Infantry JRegimet.
Barry, (*)John D., Maj., Col.
Cowan, (*) Robert H., Colonel. (Formerly lath.)
George, (*) Forney, Maj., Lieut. Col. Blacknalf, (*) Charles C., Maj., Lieut.
McGill, (*) John W., Lient. Col. Col., Col.
: Meares, (*) Oliver P., Lient. Col. Cbristiau, Edmond J., Major.
Pnrdie, (*) Thomas J., Lieut. Col., Col. Christie, (*) Daniel Harvey, Maj., Lieut.
Radcliffe, (*) James D., Colonel. Col., Col.
Tait, (*) George, Major. Davis, (") William S., Lieut. Col. (tem-
Wooten, (*) Thomas J., Major. porary command).
Hoke, (*) John F., Colonel.
19th Regiment Volunteers-2d Cavalry. Johnston, (*) Robtrt D., Lient. Col., Col.; .
Leak, John W., Liout. Col.'
Andrews, (*) Clinton M., Maj., Lieut. L John ., Lit. Co
Col., Col. 24th infantry Regiment. "
Days, Mattthew L., jr., Colonel. -.
Roberts, (*) William P., Maj., Col. (Formerly 1ilh.) .
Robinson, (*) William (0.. Licut, Col., Col. Clarke, () William J., Colonel.
Rogers. (*) John V. B., 'Major. Evani, (') Jonathan, Major.
Spruill, (*) Samuel B. Colonel. Harris, (*) John L., ,iouJt. Col.
Williams, () Solomon, Colonel. Love, (') Thaddens D., Major.
Woodfin, () John W., Major. Venable, Thomas B., Lient. Col.
20th Infantry Regiment. 25th Infantry l egiment.
(Formerly 10th.)
(Formorly 15tL.)
Brooks, (*)John S., Maj., Lieut. Col. e., -.
Devane, (*) Duncan J., Major. Bryson, (*) Samuel C., Maj.. Lieut. Col.
Faison, () Franklin J., Lieut. Col. Clingman, (*) Thomas L., Colonel.
Iverson, () Alfred, Colonel. Dearing, (*) St. Claip, Lieut. Col.
Slough, (*) Nelson, Maj., Lieut. Col. Francis, (*) John W., Major.
Toon, (*) Thomas F., Lieut. Col, Col. Grady, () William S., Major.
Toon, (*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Love, (*) Matthew N., Maj. Lieut. Col.
Morgan, (*) William Y., Major.
21st Infantry Regiment. Rutlodge, (') Henry M., Maj., Lieut. Col...
C ol. "i
(Formerly llth.) C .
Beall, (*) James F., Major. 26th fanry Regiment.
Fulton, (*) Saunders, Maj., Lieut. Col. Adams, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Co.
Graves, (*) B. Y., Maj,, Lieut. Col. Burgwyn, (*) Henry K., jr.,.Lieut. Col.,
Hoke, (*) Robert F., Colonel. Col.
Kirkland, (*) William W., Colonel. Carmichael, (*) Abner B., Major.
Leach, James M., Lieut. Col. Jones,(*) John T.(signing as John Jones),
Miller, (*) Alex., Major. Mai., Lieut. Col.
Pepper, (*) Rufus K., Lient. Col. Koudall, (*) James S., Major. -
Pfohli (*) W. J., Major. Lane, (*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Rankin, (*) William S., Maj., Lieut. Col. Rand, (*) Oscar I., Lieut. Col. (canceled.)
Richardson, J.i., Maj, ior. Rankin, Nathaniel P., Major. '
Scott, (") William L., Liuot. Col. Vance, Zebulon B., Colonel.
Settle, (*)Thomas, Colonel (appointment
declined). 27th infantry 'Regiment.
22d Infantry Regiment. Coolk, (*) John R., Colonel.
(Formerly 12th.) Gilmer, (*) John A., jr., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Cole (*) Christopher C., Mfj., Lieut. Col. Herring, (*) Calvin, Major.
Conner, (*) James, Colonel. Singeltary, (") George B., Colonel.
Gallaway, (*) Thomas S., jr., Maj., Col. Singoltary, (*) Richard W., Lient. Col.
Graves, (*) George A., Lieut. Col. (ap- Singeltary, (*) Thomas C., Maj., Liett.
ointment declined). Col.

^~~~~~~ ~ ^* :: .^. 1.- ^


27thInfantryi egiment-Continued. 33d Infantry Regtment-Continued.
Sloan, (*) John, Lieut. Col., Col. Mayhew, (") Thomas W., Major.
Webb', Joseph C., Mi., Liuot. Col. Saunders, () Joseph H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
SWhitlield, (*) Georgeo .,MIaj., Lieut. Col., Weston, () James A., Major.
28th Infantry Regiment. 33d Regiment Militia.
Barringor, (*) William D., Maj., Lieut. brooks) A. G., Colonel.
C ol.
Lane, (*) James H., Colouel. 31th Infantry Regiment.
Lowe, (*) Samuel 1)., Maj., Lient. Col.,
Cul. Clark, 0) icorgo M., Major.
Lowe, (*) Thomas L., Liout. Col: Gordon, () George T., Maj., Liunt. Col.
SMontgomery, (*) William J., Major. Haminerskold, Charles ,J., Maj., Lieut.
,Reeves, (*) Richard E., Major. Col.
Speer, (*) William 11. A.. Maj., Lieut. Col., Houck, Williaiu A., Lieut. Col.
Col. Leoventhorpe, (*) Collett, Colonel.
Stowe, (*) Samuel N., Major. Lowrance, (") William Leo J., Colouol.
McDowell, (") John L., Lieut. Col.
29th Infantry R,.qiment. McGee, (') Joseph B., Major.
Miller, Eli H., Major.
Creasman, (") William B., Maj., Lieut. Nornient.'*) George NM. MMj., Lieut. Col.
Col., Col. Owens, (") William A., Major.
Gardner, (*) Thomas F., Maj., Lieut. Col. Riddick, (' ) Richard H., Colonel.
Hampton, Ezekiel IH., Major. Shoffuer, Martin, Major.
Lowry, James M., Lieut. Col. Twitty, (*) Francis L., Major.
Proffitt, (') Bacchus S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Vance, (*) Robert B., Colonel. 35th Infantry Regiment.
Walker, (*) William C., Lieut. Col..
Craton, (*) Marshall D., Lieut. Col.
30th Infantry Regiment. Johnson, (*) James T., Lieut.- Col., Col.
Jones, Johu C., Maj., Lient. Col., Col.
Draughaun (*) Walter, Liunt. Col. Kelly, (*) John M., Major.
: olmes, () James C., Major. Petty, Robert E., Major.
Kell, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col. Petway, (*) Oliver C., Liet. Col.
Parker, (") Francis M Colonel. Ransom, (*) Matthew W., Colonel.
Sillers, (*) William W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Sinclair, (") James, Colonel.
Taylor, Simon B., Maj., Lient. Col.
30th Regimhent, Militia.
Cautwell, (*) John L., Cohlol. :31th Reginumnt Volhoteers8-2d Artillery.
* Cautwell, (*) John L., Colonel. (wtlt bear Ii<3glieut.)
(Uape Fu;ar itogleut.)
31st Infantry Regiment. Lamb, () Win., Colonel.
Fowle, "(') Da*iel ., o. Richardson, .(") John A., Lient. Col.
ole ) Daniel iet. C Stevenson, () James M., Major.
Jordan, () John V., Colonel. Taylor, (*) John D., Maj., Lie t. Col.
Knight, (*) Charles W., Lieut. Col.
Liles, Edward R., Lieut. Col. 37 Infantry Regiment.
McKay, (*) John A. I)., Major. 3 regent.
a. Ytes, (*) Jesse J., Major. Ashcraft, (*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Barbour, () William M., Lieut. Col.,
'. 32d Infantry Regiment. Col.
(Formed from 1st Battalion.) Bost, (*) Jackson L,, Major.
Brown, (") Owen N., Major.
Brabble, (') Edmund C., Colonel. Bryan, (*) John G., Major.
Cowand, (')David G., Maj., Lieut. Col., Hickerson, () Charles N., Maj., Liet.
Col. Col.
Lewis, (*) Henry G., Maj., Lieut. Col. Lee, (*) Charles C., Colonel.
; Williams, (') William T., Lieut. Col. Morris, (*) William G., Maj., Lient. Col.
s a T Rankin, Rufus M., Major.
r 33d Infantry Regiment. Rankin, (*) William I., Major.
) Avery, (' Clark M., Lieut. Col., Col. 3Sth Infantry legimtat.
SBranch, (*) Lawrence O'B., Colonel. Andrews, () Lorenzo D., Major.
Cowan, (*) Robert V., Maj., Liout. Col., Armiiold, (*) Robert F., Lieut. Col.
S ol. Anliford, (') John, Maj., Lient. Col., Col.
Slo, (() Robert F., Maj., Lieut. Col. or, ( ir L C.
LeWis, (*) William G., Major. Flowers, () George W., Maj., Lieut. CoL

38th Infantry Regiment- Continued. 45th Infanry Regiment.
i W-tr iiijainnj iicij inlt.
Hoke, (*) William J., Colonel. Boyd. (*) Andrew .., Maj., Lieut. Cot.
McLanchlin, () Murdock McR., Major. lloyd, (*) San ewl Ii., Lieut. Col., Col.
Sharpe, (*) George W., Major. I):to, () JSames S., Liut. Col. Co.
Wilson, (*) JohnT., Major. Dliol, ( ) Jun S, Colonel. .
39th I tr Regiment. Morehead, (') John H., Lieut. Col., Col.
39thfantr Re Rankin, () Samuel C., Major.
Colemau, (*) David, Colonel. Shober, (") Charles E., Major.-
Davidson, (*) Hugh H., Lient. Col. Smith, (*) T. McGehee, Major.
Peirce, (*) Thomas W., Major. Winston, (*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col,
Reynolds, (*) Francis A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
39th Regiment Militia. 46th Infantr Regiment.
SStephenson, L:D., Colonel. Hall, (*) Edward D., Colonel.
Senkins, (*) William A., Lieut. Col.
40th Regiment Volunteers3-d Artillery McAlster, (*) Alexander C., Maj., Lie
Hedrik, ) John J., Colonel. MeNeill, (*) Neill MeK., Major.
Holland, () Jon. A., Majorlonel. Mitchell, (*) Rush J., Major.
Holland, () Win. A., Major. Norment, (*) Richard M., Mjor.
Tait, ()George, Lieut. Col. Saunders, () William L., aj., Lient
40th Regiment Militia. Col., Col.
Thomas, A., Colonel. 46th Regiment Militia.
41st Regiment Volunteers-3d Cavalry. Bingham, William, Colonel.
Baker, (*) John A., Colonel. 47th Infantry Regiment.
McClammy, (*) Charles W., jr., Major. Crudup, ()Archibald D., Maj., Lient. Col
Moore, ) oger, Maj., Lieut. Col.:aribnu (") George H., Lieut. Col., Col.
Waddell, () Alfred M., Lient. Col. Graves, (*) John A.,Maj., Lient. Col.
Lanllkford, (*) William C., Major.
,41st Regiment Militia. Rogers, () Sion H., Colonel. .
Heath, A. J., Colonel.
47th Regiment Militia.
42d Infantry Regiment. Neal, J. M., Liouf. Col.
Bradshaw, (), Charles W., Maj., Lieut. 48th Infantry Regiment.
C o l. "
Brown, () John E., Lieut. Col., Col. Hill, () Albert A., Major, Lieut. Col.
Brown, (*) Thomas J., Major. Hill, (*) Robert C., Colonel.
Gibbs, (*) George C., Colonel. Huske, (*) Benjamin R., Major.
Underwood, (*) Davidson A., Major. Jones, (*) William H., Major.
Walkup, (") Samnel H., Lieut. Col., Col.
42d Regiment Militia. Wiatt, Francis L., Major.
Amis, James S., Colonel. 48th Regiment Militia.
Albright, William A., Colonel.
43d Infantry Regiment. Euliss, Alfred E., Major.
Boggan, (N) Walter J., Major. 49th Infantry Regiment.
Kenan, () Thomas S., Colonel. Ch ber, () Pin y B.
Lewis, (*) William G., Lieut. Col. CDavms, ( *) PJame T, Ma., B at Colr.
th Infantry egi t Elon, () William A., Lieut. Col.
44tl Ifantry l l mi (*)John A., M., i, Lieut. Col.
Cotton, Richard C., Lieut. Col. hl:Af'o, (') Le M., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Cromwell, Elislh Maj., Lient. Col. Pelty, Clharles Q., Major. ,
Hargrove, (") Tazewell L., Maj., Lieut. Ramseur, (*) Stephon D., Colonel.
Col. -
Singoltary, (*) George B., Colonel. 50th Infantry Regiment.
Singeltary, (') Thomas C., Colonel. Craton, (1) Marshall D., Colonel.
Stedman, (') Charles M., Major. Ryals, (*) lloury 1., Major.
44th" It'a Vill look, (') .J0111 C., Mlaj., Lieut. Col.
44 giment Militia. Wasington, (*) James A., Lieut Col.,
Hunt, John W., Colonel. Col.
nt, oS., L e ol. Wortham, (*) George, Major, Lieut. Col.,
Winstead, C. S., Lieut. Col. Col.


51st Infantry Regiment. 59th Regilment Volunteers-4th Cavalry.
Allen, () William A., Liiet. Col. Barringer, Rufnis, Lieut. Col. 1stNorth
Cantwell, (") John L., Colonel. Carolina Cavalry, temporarily at-
Hobson, (*) Caleb B., Lient. Col. taseld.1
McDonald, (*) Jatnes 1., Major. Ctwll, ) dward, Liont. Col.
MeKethan, (*) IHector, Maj., Lieut. Col., Ferlebe, () Dennis D., Colonel.
Col. Groner, (*) Virginiun ])., Colonel.
52d Infantry Regiment. Mayo, (*) James M., Major.
Erson, (*) Eric, Maj., Lient. Col. 60th Infantry Regiment.
Little, (*) Benjamin F., Liuot. Col.
Marshall, (*) James K., Colonel. Deaver, (*) William II., Maj.,Lieut. Col.
Parks, (*) Marcus A., Lieut. Col., Col. Hardy, (*) Wahiugton M., Maj., Col.
S Richardson, (*) John Q., Major. Huaf, (") James T., Major.
McDowell, William W., Mnjor.
52d Regiment Militia. McDowell, (*) Joseph A., Colonel.
i.. Ray, (*) James M., Lieut. Col.
Spears, John A., Colonel. Weaver, (*) James T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
K 53d Infantry Regiment. 60th Regiment Militia.
S Iredell, (*) James J., Major. Ioper, James T., Colonel.
Morehead, James T., Lieut. Col., Col. t y
Owens, (4) William A., Colonel. 61st infantry Begiment.
Rierson, (*) John W., Major. Devane, (*) William S., Lieut. Col., Col.
54th Infantry Regiment. Mallett, (*) Edward, Mnj., Lieut. Col.
Ellis, Anderson, (*) Ma., Lieut. Col. ()James D., Colonel.
S McDowell, (') James ~. S, Lieut. Col., 62d Infantry Regiment.
Murchispn, (*) Kenneth M., Maj., Lieut. Clnaton,<*) George Wesley, Lieut Col.,
Col., Col. Col.
S Rogers, (*) Jaies A., Major. Love, (*) Robert G. A., Colonel.
S Wimbish, (*) John, Colonel. McDowell, Byron G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
"! 55th Infantry Regiment. 624 Regiment Militia.
Belo, (*)Alfred H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Colton, John F., Colonel.
Calloway, Abner S., Lieut. Col.
Connally, (") John K., Colonel. 63d Regiment Volunteers-5t Caa
Smith, (*) Maurice T., Lieut. Col.
Whitehead, James S., Major. Evans, (") Peter G., Colonel.
Evans, (*) Stephen B., Lieut. Col.
56th Infantry Regiment. McNeill, James H., Maj., Col.
Faison, (*) Paul F., Colonel. 64th Infantry Regiment.
Graham, (*) John W., Major.
Luke, (*) G. Gratiott, Lient. Col. Allen, (*) Lawrence M., Colonel.
Schenek, (*) Henry F., Major. Garrett, (*) William N., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Jones, (*) Thomas P., Major.
S57th Infantry Regiment. Keith, (') James A., Lieut. Col.
Craige, (*) James A., Major. 65th Reginmnt Volunteers-6th Cavalry.
Godwin, (*) Archibald C., Colonel. (Formed from 5tb and 7th Cavalry lttaiulions.)
Jones, (C) Hamilton C.,jr., Lieut. Col., Baird, Alfred Lieut.Col.
Col. Baird, (") Alfred H., Lieut. Col.
;.. 57th Regiment Militia. Folk, (") George N., Colomnl.
Siler, Thaddens P., Lieut. Col.
Stephens, John H., Colonel. Spaun, (*) John J., Major.
S58th Infantry Regiment. 66th Infantry Regiment.
SDula, (*) Thomas J., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Formed from 8th and 13th Infantry Battalions
Keener, (*) John C., Maj., Lient. Col. Oct. 2, 1803.)
Kirby, Edmund, Lieut. Col. Davis, (*) David S., Major.
: Palmer, () John 1., Colonel. Latta, Joseph W., Major (canceled).
lrott, () Williamu W., Lieut. Col. Moore, (*) Alexander D., Colonel.
hrSilver, ,) Samuel M., Lioet. Col. Notlirontt, 1) John 1. Liout.Col. Col.
Stewart, (*) Alfred T., Major. Wright, (*)Clement G., Major, Lieut. Col.

J.. *

I .....


-67th Infantry .Regiment. Hill's Battalion Reserves.
Wharton, REfus W., Lieut. Col. Hill, Andrew A., Major.
Whitford, Edward, Major.
Whitford, (*) John N., Colonel. McCorkle's Battalion Senior Reserves.
68th Infantry Regiment. McCorkle, Matthew L., Major.
Bagley, William H., Major. Mc ae's Battal
Edwards, Joseph J., Major. Mcae's Battaon. .
Hinton, (*) James W., Colonel. (Organized to arrest deserters.)
Sanderliu, Willis B., Major. M ae, J. C., Major.
Yellowley, (") Edward C., Lient. Col. Rae J Ma
70th Regiment Militia. Mallett's Battalion.
Bradehaw, John A., Colonel. Mallett, (*) Peter, Colonel.
Dillard, James P., Colonel.
Millard's Battalion Junior Reserves.
71st Regiment Militia.
(Called 8th, 9tb, and 1st Battalions.)
Mastin, J., Colonel. Millard, (*) David T., Major. .
72d Begiment Militia.
7d regiment Miitia. Moss' Battalion Reserves.
Bailey, Benjamin, Colonel. A Afterward 6th Regiment Senior Reserves.)
73d Regiment Militia. Moss, (*) Adolphus A., Lieut. Col.
-Forkner, Samuel, Colonel. Prison Guard Battalion. :
84th Regiment Militia. Gibbs, J. G., Major.
Barnhardt, J. C., Colonel. Stowe's Battalion Reserves. -
85th Regiment Militia.. (Afterward 5th Regiment Senior Reserves.)
Wiley, John S., Colonel. Burke, (*) Joseph K., Major.
Stowe, (*) George C., Lieut. Col. -
109th Regiment Militia.
,Jarrett, (*) J. M. Colonel. THOMAS' LEGIO
Jones, (*) R., Lient. Col. Infantry Regiment, .Thomas' Legion.
Ownbey, (*) R. L., Major.
Love, (') Jares R., jr., Lieut. Col.
Camp Stokes Light Duty Battalion. Striigfield, (") William W., Major.
McLean, J. R., Major. Thomas, (*) William H., Colonel.,
Bethel Regiment. Cavalry Battalion, Thomas' Legion.
(See 11th Regiment State Troops.) McKamy, (*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Walker, (*) William C., Lieut. Col.
Davidson's Infantry Battalion.
(Merged into 7th Infantry.) Whitford's Partisan Battalion. '
Davidson, William L., Major. Whitford, (*) John N., Major.


st Arlillery Battllalion. l ,Reg'iment Itiles.
(Merged into Ist Artillory ReItent"t. (Orr' .)
SCalhoeun,*) Wml. ansom, Lient. Col. Iladden,(*' William M., Major, Lieut.
Ripley,(*) IRoswell S., Lieut. Col. Col.
Wagnir,(*) Thos. M., Major. Ilarrison,(") Francis E., Major, Licut.Col.,
1s, Ay-tilleoT Reginent. Col.
Ledbetter, Daniel A., Major, Lieut. Col.,
Blanding,(d*) Ormsby, Major. Col.
ICalouun(*) Wi.r IRnlsom, Colonel. Livinston,(*) James W., Major, Lieut.
Rhett, (* Alired, Major, Lient. Col., Cel. .Col.. Col.
Wagner,(*) Thos. M., Lieut. Col. Marshall,(*) J. Foster, Lieut. Col., Col.
Yates,(4) Joseph A., Major, Lieut. Col. Miller,(*) George MeD., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
ist Artillery Regiment Militia. Moore, John B., Major.
Wageser,(*) John A., Colonel. Norton,(*) Joseph J., Ma:., Lient. Col.
Orr, () James L., Colonel.
1st Cavalry Battalion. Perrin,(*) James M., Maj., Lietu Col.,
(Merged into 1st CavalrY Regiment.) Col.
Bla(erged intoh 1st L, lryet. t. ) Robertson,(*) JamesTownes, Maj., Lieut.
TBlak,(*) JohnL. Lieut. Col. Col.
Twiggs,(*) John D., Major. Rogers, Leonard, Major.
SCaviry Regimet. s nfntry Regiment, Provision, Arny.
Black, (*) Jobn L., Colonel. ,
Nesbitt,(*) Niles, Major. Alston,(*) T. Pinckney,;M.nI., Lieut. Col.
Owen, (*) Moses T., Major (declined). lBrailsford,(*) Edward I., Major.
Twiggs,(*) John D., iet. Col. tler,() Andrew P.oMa., Lient. Col.
Walker, (*) William A., Major, Lieut. Gregn, (*) Maxcy, Colonel.
CGregg, ('). Maxcy, Colonel.
Sol. n amiltoa,(*) Daniel II., Lient. Col., Col.
1st Mounted Militia egimenlt McOrady,(') Edward, jr., Maj., Lieut.
Martin,(*) William E., Colonel. M eary Chares W. Ma. Col.
McCreary, Charles W., Maj., Cbl.
Slt Infantry Blatlaion. Shooter, (*) Wshington P., Lieut. Col.
S Charlesonn Uttlion. Ulitedwithllsltt lnn lon Smuith,(") Augustus M., Ma.j., Lieut. Col.
ShsrpBshoters to form the 27th Ifilttry.)
Blake,(*) Julius A., Major. 1st Regiment State Troops (6 months).
Gaillard,(*) Peter C., Lient. Col. Hodges,W. Lnd., Lieut. Col.
S Ramsay,(*) David, Major. Roberts,(*)Thomas B., Colonel.
1st Battalion Sharpshooters. Welborn,William E., Major.
(Merged into 27th Infantry.) 1st Regiment Charleston Guards.
S. Abney,(*) Joseph, Major. Magrath, Edward, Colonel.
1st Battalion Reserves.
D M 1st Charleston Reserves.
Williams, Daniel, Major.
1st InfantmrS Regiment. Brown, Alexander H., Colonel.
(Regulars -EnIisted men. See s3 Artillery.) Gourdin, Robert N., Lieut. Col.
t Robertson, Franeit M., Colonel.
Ist ,Regiment Volunteers.
Duncan, (*) William H., Major, Lieut. 2d Artillery Battalion.
Col., Col. (Merged into 2d (Lamnr's) lReginent.
Glover, Thomas J., Lieut. Col., Col.
Grimes,(*) George M., Major. Lamar, Thos. G., Major.
Hagood, (*) Johnson, Colonel.
ao odJaues I., Colonel. d Arlnler Regimnlt.
Kilpatric.k,(*) Franuklin Wlituor, Colonel.
Kirkland.(*) Benjamin B., Major, Lient. Brown, J. Welsnan, Mai., Lieut. Col.
Col. Frederick, A. D., Lieut. Col., Col.
Livingston,(*) Daniel, Major, Lieut. Col. Limar,(*) hos. G., Colonel.
*. O'Cain, Watson A., Major. uarlcy,l *) F. F., Major.


2d Cavalry Regiment. 3d Artillery Regiment-Continued.
(Formed from Cavalry Battalion Hamptilon Le- Butler,(*) William, Lieut. Col., Col.
gion and 4th Battalion Cavalry.) De Treville,(*) Robert, Maj., Lient. Col.
Butler,(f) Matthew C., Colonel. l)unovat,(*) John, Maj., Col.
EasleyW. K., iet. Col. lugnenin,(*) Thlmas A., Major.
Hamon,(W ) Frank,t. iet. Cl. Simkins,(*) John C., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Liscomb, (*) Thomas J., Maj., Lieut. Col., d .: "'m
ol. 3d Cavalry Regiment. .
Screven,(*) Thomas E., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S. aColcock,(*) Charles J., Colonel .
2d Battalion Sharpshooters. Jenkins,(*) John, Major.
(Disbanded December 28,186 r) Johnson, (*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col.
Smith, B. Burgh, Major. 3d Infantry Battalion.
(Laurens Battalion.)
2d Infantry Regimient. .
2d nfantr regiment. Gnnels (*) George M., Major.
(2d Palmetto Regiment. James,(*) George S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Clyburn,(*) Benjamin R., Major. Miller.(*) Daniel B., Major.
Gaillard,(*) Franklin, Maj., Lieut. Col. Rice, () Wi. G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Goodwyn. A. D., Maj., Lient. Col.
Jones, (*) Ervine P., Lieut Col, Col. 3d Infantry Regiment.
Kennedy,(*) John D., Colonel. Baxter,(*) James M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Kershaw,(*) Joseph B., Colonel. Foster, B. B., Lieut. Col.
Wallace,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col. Garlington,(*) Benjamin C., Maj., Lieut.
2d Regiment Rifles. Maffett,(*) Robert C., Maj., Lient. Col.
(Formed from 5th (also called 1st) Battalion Nance, () James D., Lieut. Col., Col.
S Rifes.) Rutherford,(*) William D., Maj., Lieut. .
Col., Col.
Boggs,(*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col. Todd,(*) Rutherford P., Major.
Bowen,(*) Robert.E., Lieut. Col., Col. Williams, James H., Colonel.
Cox,(*) Daniel L., Major.
Dendy, (*) Stiles P., Major. 3d Iegiment Slate Troops.
Donnald,(*) David L., Maj., Lieut. Col. .
Moore,(*) John V., Colonel. Anderson, J. J., Major.
Thompson, (*) Robert A., Maj., Lieut. Carew, John E., Colonel.
Col. Rouse, R. A., Lieut. Col.
Thomson,(*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. 3d Battalion Reserves.
2d Regiment Stale Troops (6 months). Gill, William P., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Fort, (*) William, Colonel. 3d Regiment Reserves.
Lewie,(*) G. A., Lieut. Col.
Quattlebaum, W., Major. Crittenden, Stanley S., Lieut. Col.
Elford, Charles J., Colonel.
d Battalion Reserves. Grice, Daniel, Major.
Barnette, Major. 4th Cavalry Battalion.
d regiment e (Alsocalled 3d Battalion merged into 2d
2d Regiment Reserves. Cavalry. .,.
Cash, (*) Ellerbee B. C., Colonel. Easley, W. K.' Major. : '
3d Artillery Battalion
3d Artillery Battalion 4th Cavalry Regiment.
(Palmetto Battalion.) (Formed from 3d or loth, and 12th Battalions
Campbell, William H., Major., Lieut. Col. Cavalry.)
White, () Edward B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Emanuel,(*) William P., Major.
Col. Rutledge,(*) B. Huger, Colonel.
3d Artillery Regiment. Stokes,(*) William, Lieut. Col.
(let Regulars Infantry or Enlisted Men.) 4th infantry Batlalion.
Adams,(*) Warren, Major. (Five companies consolidated into two com-
Anderson,(*) Richard H., Colonel panics, and the two companies thus formed
Baker, (*) Thomas M., Maj., 0ient. Col. united with the Infantry of Hampton Legion.)
Baker, (*) Thomas M. Maj., Lient. Col.hs ao. i'
Bee, Barnard E., Lieut. Col. Mattison,(*) Charles S., Major.



4th Infantry Regiment. 6th Infantry Regiment.
(Reorganized as 4tl Battalion.) Bratton,(*) John, Colonel.
Mattison,(*) Charles S., Lieut. Col. Coker,(*) James L., Major.
Sloan,(*) John B. E., Colonel. McLure,(*) Edward C.. Major.
Whitner, James H., Major. Secrest,(*) Andrew J., Lieut. Col.
Steedman,(*) John M., Lieut. Col., Col.
4th Regiment State 21'oops. White,(*) John M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Evans, John C., Major. Winder,(*) Charles S., Colonel.
Mellett, F. M., Lieut. Col. Woodward, Thomas W., Major.
Witherspoon, James H., Col. 6tR
Gth iegirent Reserves. /
4th Battalion Rsees. Secret, Andrew J., Colonel.
Williams, James H., Lieut. Col, Shedd, James N., Lieut. Col.
4t egient deserves. Williams, Daniel, Major.
S -- Colonel. 7th Cavalry Regiment.
(Includes cavalry companies of Holoombe Le-
5th Cavalry Regiment. gion.)
(Formed from 14th and 17th Battalions.) Boykin, Edward M., Major.
Davis, Zimmerman, Colonel. Haskell,(*) Alexander C., Colonel.
Dunovant,(*) John, Colonel. McKissick, (*) Isaac G., Lieut. Col.
Edwards, J. C., Lient. Col. Shingler,(*) W. Pinkney, Colonel.
Ferguson,(*) Samuel W., Colonel.
Morgan(*) Joseph H., Major. 7th Infantry Battalion.
Jeffords,(*) Robert J., Lieut. Col. (Enfleld Rifles.)
5th Battalion Rifles. Blair,(*) Lovick Wm. R., Major.
(Also called IstBattalion. Merged Into2d Regi- Nelson, (*) Patrick H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
ment Rifles.) Rion,(*) James H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Boggs, Thomas H., Major
Moore,(*) John V., Lieut. Col. '7th Infantry Regiment.
: i 5th Infaniry Regiment. Aiken,(*) D. Wyatt, Colonel.
,(* Bacon,(*) Thomas G., Colonel.
B. eckham,(*) Thomas C., Major. Bland,(*) Elbert, Lieut. Col.
Coward, ) A. Colonel. Fair,(*) Robert A.' Lieut. Col.
Foster,(*) William M., Mjor. Goggans,() Elijah J., Lieut. Col.
S" Gils,(*) John R. R., Colonel. olgard,(*) John S., Major.
S Jackson,(*) Andrew, Lieut. Col. Seibels,(*) Emmet, Maj., Lient. Col.
Jenkis,(*) Micah, Colonel. White,(*) William C., Major.
S"Legg,(*) G. W. H., Lieut. Col.
Thomson, (*) William T., Major, 7th Regiment Reserves. -
Wylie,(*) John D., Maj., Lieut. Col. McJunkin, W.., Major.
5th Regiment State Troops. Tolleson, J. B., Lieut. Col.
Bradley, Joh Lieut. Col. Wilson, William B., Colonel.
Bradley, John A.,'L eut. Col.
Sadler, Lucian P., Major. 8th CavalryBattalion.
Williams, James H., Colonel (Also alld 2d Battalion. Merged into 3d Cav.
5th Battalion Reserves. alry.)
SColcock,(*) Charles J., Lieut. Col.
Brown, Thomas R., Lieut. Col. 'Johnson, Thomas H., Major.
5th Regiment Reserves. 8th Infantry Regiment.
Bacon, Thomas G., Colonel. Cash,(*) Ellerbee B. C., Colonel.
Henagan,(*) John W., Lieut. Col., Col.
6th Cavalry Regiment. Hoole, Axalla J., Lieut, Col..
SAilen,() Hugh K., Colonel. Lucas, Thomas E., Major. -
Hen ) oStackhouse,(*) Eli T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
iFerson,(* ) Thomas B., eujor. McLeod,(*) Donald McDonald, Major.
Miller,(*) Lovick P., Lieut. Col.

8th Battalion Reserves.
6th Infantry Battalion.
(Merged into 20th Infantry.) Major.
S Byrd,(*) S. D. M., Major. Sth Regiment Reserves.
Manigault,(*) Edward, Major. Witherspoon. James H., Colonel


9th Infantry Battalion. 121t Infantnry Regiment.
(Pee Dee Legion. Formerly Nesbit's Battalion Barnes,(*) Dixon, Lieut. Col., Col.
State Troops. Merged into 26th Infantry.) Bookter,(*) Edwin ll., Maj.,Lieut.Col.,Col.
Hudson,(*) Joshua H., Major. Clybhrn,(*) T. Frank, Maj., Lient. Col.
Rollins,(*) Richard D. F., Major. Davis,,(*) Henry C., Maj., Lient. Col.
Smith,(*) Alexander D., Lieut. Col. Dunovant,(*) Richard G. M., Colonel.
Jones,(*) Cadwalader, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
9th Infantry regiment. Col.
Blanding(*) James D., Lieut. Col., Col. McCorkle, (*) William II., Maj., Lieut. Col.
avy,(*) Duncan W., Lient. Col. Miller,(*) John L., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Steedman,(*) John M., Major. 13h Infantry Regiment.
9th Regiment Reserves. Brockman,(*) Benjamin T., Maj., Lieut.
Arnold, John W., Maior. Col., Col.
Fuller, Anthony C., Lieut. Col. Calhoun,(*) P. Ludlow, Lieut. Col.
Williams, James H., Colonel. Duncan,(*) David R., Major.
Edwards, (*) Oliver E., Colonel.
Farrow,(*) T. Stobo, Maj., Lieut. Col.
10th Cavalry Battalion. Hunt,(*) Isaac F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
(Also called 3d Battalion. Merged into 4th Cav- Lester,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col.
airy.) Woffor4,(*) Joseph L., Major.
Adams, James P., Major.
Stokes,(*) William, Major. 14th Cavalry Battalion.
(Also called 2d Battalion, merged into 5th
10th Regiment Reserves. Morgan,(*) Joseph H., Major.
---, ---, Colonel.
14th Infantry Regiment.
10th Regiment State Militia. rrown,(*) Joseph N., Lieut. Col., Col.
Colonel. Carter,(*) William J., Major.
Croft,(*) Edward, Maj., Liet. Col..,
10th Infantry Regiment. Harper, Henry H., Major. -
Jones,(*) James, Colonel. *'
Manigault,(*) Arthur M., Colonel. McGowan,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col., Col.
Pressley,(*) James F., Lient. Col Col. Perrin,(*) Abner, Colonel.
Porcher,(*) Julius T., M1aj., Lieut. Col. Simpson,(*) Wm. D., Maj., Lient. Col.
Shaw,(*) A. J., Major.
Walker, (*) C. Irvine, Lieut. Col. 14th Regiment State Militia.,

1th Infantry Battalion. Colonel.
(Merged into 25th Infantry.) 15th Artillery Battalion.
(Lucas Battalion.)
Simonton,(*) Charles H., Major. (Lucas Battalion.)
Lucas,(*) J. Jonathan, Major.
llth Infantry Regiment.
Scaledt.) 15th Infantry Regiment.
-(Also called 9th,)
Anderson, Richard, Lieut. Col.
Campbell,(*) Robert, Maj., Lieut. Col. Davis,(*) John B., Colonel.
Ellis,(*) Daniel H., Colonel. De Saussure,(*) William D., Colonel.
Gantt,(*) F. Hay, Lieut..Col., Col. Gist,(*) Joseph F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Gooding,(*) John J., Major. Gist,(*) William M., Major.
Harrison,(*) John J., Major. Lewie,(*) Frederick S., Maq., Lieut. Col.
Heyward,(*) William C., Colonel.
Izard,(*) Allen C., Maj., Lieut. Col. 15th Regiment State Militia.
Shuler, William, Lieut. Col. Colonel
Smith, B. Burgh, Major. -
16th Cavalry Battalion.
1ltht Regiment Reserveq.
1th regiment Reser. (Merged into 6th Cavalry.)
Davis, James L., Major. Aiken,(*) Hugh K., Lient. Col.
Hutson, Wm. F., Lieut. Col,
Ryan, John J., Colonel. 16th Infantry Regiment.
12th Cavalry Battalion. Elford,(*) Charles ,., Colonel.
S C Ivor.(*) W. B.. Mnj., Lieut. Col.
(Merged into 4th Cavalry. nMcCllonglh,(*) Jales, l.ient. Col., Col.
Emanuel,(*) William P., Major. O'Neill,(*) Clhrles C., Major.

- -

16th Militia Regiment. 21st Infantry Regiment.
S Stevens,(*) Clement H., Colonel. Dargan,(*) Alonzo T., Lieut. Col.
Graham,(*) Robert F., Colonel.
17th Cavalry Battalion. McIver, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Merged into 5th COvalry.) Riead,(*) J. Harleston, Major.
S Wilds, (*) S. H., Major.
Jeffords,(*) Robert J., Major.
22d Infantry Regiment.
17th Infzantry Regiment.
Abney. (*) Joseph, Colonel.
Avery,(*) John W., Major. Burt,(*) William G., Lieut. Col., Col.
Cnlp,(*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col. Dautbaer,(*) Olin M., Colonel.
SMcMaster,(*) Fitz William, Lieut. Col., Fleming,(*) David G., Colonel.
Col. Goodlett,(*) Spartan D., Lieut. Col., Col.
Means, John H., Col. Hilton, Miel, Major.
Means, Robert S., Maj., Lient. Col. O'Connell,(A) James, Liqut. Col.
Mills,(*) Julius, Major. Shedd,(*) James N., Major.
Stewart,(*) James M., Major.
17th Militia Regiment. Watkins,(*) Thomas C., Maj., Lieut. Col.

De Treville, Robert, Colonel. 23d Infantry Regiment.
(Coast Rangers.)
18th Artillery Battalion (Siege Train). Bancroft,(*) Matthew V., Major.
Benbow, (*) Henry L., Colonel.
S Alston,(*) Chas., jr., Major. Green, Allen J., Lieut. Col.
Manigault, Edward, Major. Hatch,(*) Lewis M., Colonel.'
8 Kinloch,(*) John M., Lieut. Col.
18th Infantry Regiment. Lesesene,(*) Henry H., Major.
n t egMiller,(*) L. P., Major.
Allison,(*) W. B., Maj., Lieut: Col. Murden.(*) Edgar O., Major., Lieut. Col.
Betsill,(*) Rolet J;, Major. Roberts, (*) John, Lieut. Col.
": Gadberry,(*) James M., Colonel. Whildeu,(*) John M., Major.
Scaife,(*) Ferdinand, Lieut. Col.
SWallace, (*) William H., Lieut. Col., Col. 24th Infantry Regiment.
Appleby,(*) M. T.Major.
18h Militia Rgimt. Cnpers,() Ellison, Lieut. Col., Col.
S Browning, A. F., Lieit. Col. Haummond, Andrew J., Major.
,: Carew, John E., Colonel. Hill,(*) D. F., Major.
.. Shnler, Alfred, Major. Jones,(*) J. S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Sigwald,(*) C. B., Major.
19th Cavalry Battalion. Stevens,(*) Clement I!., Colonel.
Trenholm, William L., Lieut. Col. 25th Infantry Regiment. .
19th Infantry Regiml'et. (Entaw Regiment. Formed from llth Batt.)
Glover, John V., Major.
Crowder,(*) John A., Major. Pressley, (*) John G., Lieut: Col.
Jones, Abraham Maj., Lieut. Col. Sim to, ( Charles ., Colonel.
: Lythgoe,(*) Augustas J., Lieut. Col., Col.
SMoragne, W. C., Colonel. 26th Infantry Regiment.
Pressley,(*) James F., Col. (temporary (Formed from 6th and 9th Battalions.)
S command Byrd,(*) Stephen D. M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Shaw, (*) Thomas P., Lieut. Col., Col. rndson,(*) Joshua H., Lieut. Col.
Watson, Tillman, Major. Land,(*) Ceth S., Major.
; White,(*) James L., Major. ll,( rlis Major.
19th Militia Riment. Smith,(*) Alexander D., Colonel.
SBonneau, Peter, Colonel. 27th Infantry Regiment.
20th Infanry egint (Formed from 1st (Charleston) Infantry Bat-
2 tal ion and 1st Battalion S. S.)
Boykin,(*) Stephen M., Maj., Col. Abney,(*) Joseph, Major.
Dantzler,(*) Olin M., Lieut. Col. Blake,(*) Julius A., Lieut. Col.
Keitt,(*) Laurence M., Colonel. (Gaillrd,(*) Peter C., Colonel.
McMichael,(*) Paul A., Lieut. Col.
Mimms, A., Major. 39th ItRgiment State Militia.
Partlow,(*) John M., Major. --- Colonel.
,. Colonel.


SBureau Battalion, Charleston, S olonmbe Legio-o-Continued.
(Composed of clerks, detailed men, eto.) Stevens,(*) P. F., Colonel.
Chrleton Btalion. Walsh, (*) Thomas V., Lieut. Col.
rleto Zeigler,(*) Martin G., Major.
Gaillard, Peter C., Lieut. Col. :
Jenkins' Regiment Sharlpshooters.
Ounningham's Battalion Reserves. (See Palmetto Sharpshooters.)
Cunningham, John, Major.. Naval Battalion, Charleston, S. C.
SHampton Legion. (Composed of employes, detailed men, etc.)
Cavalry of the Legion merged into 7th cavalry
Regiment.). Nesbit's Infantry. Battalion Slate Troops. '
S Arnold,(*) Robert B., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Afterward oth Battalion Infantry.)
Butler, (* Matthew C., Major.
Conner,(*) James, Major. Nesbit, Ralph, Lieut. Col.
Dingle, J. Hervey, jr., Major. Rollins, Richard D. F., Major.
Gary,(*) Martin W., Lieut. Col., Col.
Griffin,(*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col., Orr's Rifles.
(declined appointment as colonel). (See 1st Regiment Rifles.)
Hampton,(*) Wade, Colonel.
Johnson,(*) Benjamin L, Lieut. Col. Palmetto Batalion Artille7ry.
Lee,(*) Stephen D., Major. A
Logan,(*) Thomas M., Maj., F Lieut. Col., (See 3d Battalion Artillery.)
Nicholson,(*) Benjamin E., Major. Palinmto Sharpshootcrs.
(Formed by transfers from 2d, 5th, and 9th In-
HarUtee's Legion, Militia. fantry.)
Harilee, William W., General. Anderson,(*) William, Major.
Goss,(*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
watch's Infantry, Battalion. Humphreys, William W., Major.
Jenkins,(*) Micah, Colonel.
(Merged into 23 Regiment.) Kikpatrick,(*) Franklin W., Major, Col..
Hatch, L. M., Lieut; Col. (latter appointment declined).
Walker,(*) Joseph, Lieut. Col., Col.
Holcombe Legion. A t
State Cadets.
Crawley,(*) Wllliam J., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. White, John B., Major.
Elliott, Stephen, jr., Colonel.
Garlington,(*) A. C., Major. Ward's Battalion Reserves.
Palmer, F. G., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Shingler,(*) W. Pinkney, Lieut. Col., CoL Ward, J. W., Major.

'. .-: ": *< %




1st ]Tavcy Artillcry Regiment. 1 t Infantryl Regiment Provisional Amy.
Ifoadley, F. W., Maijor. Buchanan,(4) Felix G., Major.
Jackson,(*) Andrew jr., Colonel. George,'*) Newton J., Lieut. Col.
Sterling,(*) Robert, Lieut, Col. Holman (*) James II., Lieut. Col.
Upton, .. I., Major. Holmau,(*) Daniel W., Major.
McLaughlin, Martin V., Mvajor.
1st Light Artillery Regiment. Shacklelord,(*) John C., Lieut. Col.
IHaynes,(*) Milton A., Lieut. Col. Turney,(*) Peter, Colonel.
McCown,(*) John P., Colonel.
Stewart, *) Alex P., Major. 1st Regiment Voluntcers.
Ii (Consolidated with 27tlh Inflittry.)
1st CavalryJ Battalion.
SBa n Feild,(*) Iume R., Maj., Col.
(Mlerged with 7th Battalion inloBarteau's32d.) House,(*) John L., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S McNairy,() Frank N., Lieut. Col. Looney, Abraham M., Major.
Malcolm, Green, Major. Maney,(") ceorge, Colonel.
.Patterson,(":') Johu, Lieut. Col.
1st East Tennessee Cavalry lReginent.. Sevier, Theodore F., Lieut. Col.
(Afterward, April, 1862, retdced to 2d (13th) 1st and 2d Regimeals Consolidated.
Tennessee Battalion; afterward C5th Tenn- q I
essee Cavalry.) Allen,(*) AlexanderC., Mjor,of27tlTenn.
McLin,(*) John B., vMajor. Feild,(*) 1lume I., Colonel, of 1stTenn.
Rogers,(*) John F., Colonel. llouse, () JohnL., Lieut. Col., of lt Tenn.
White,(*) John F., Lieut. Col.
1st East Tennessee rifles.
1st (Carter's) Cavalry Regiment. (Soo also 87th Regiment.)
Bean,(*) Onslow, Lieut. Col. Carroll,(*) William H., Colonel.
Brazelton,(*) William, jr., Col.
Carter, () James E., Colonel. 1st Tennessee Zouaes.
Goforth,(*) Alexander M., Major. Auglade, J. G., Colonel.
King, (*) John I Major. Flippin, William S., Major.
SVandyke,() Richard S., Major. Thurston, A. J. D., Lieut. Col.

1st (Wheeler's) Cavalry Regiment. 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi In.
(Formed from 2d and llth Battalions. After- fantry.
ward 6th.) (See Alabama Troops.)
Dobbins, Joseph J., Major.
Lewis, () James H., Lieut. Col. 2d Cavalry Battalion.
Wheeler,(*) James T., Colonel. (Merged with Ilth Battalion into Wheeler's 6th
1st (Jackson's) Cavalrhy Regiment. Biffle,(*) Jacob B., Lieut. Col.
(Formed from Lgwood'6th Battalion. After- Cox, Nicholas N., Major.
ward 7thl.) Jones, (*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col.
S; Clay, Charles C., Major. 2d (Ashby's) Cavalry Regiment.
- "- Duckworth, William L., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
S W Col (Formed from 4th and 5th Cavalry Battalions.)
Jackson,(*) Win. H., Colonel. Ashby,(*) Henry M., Colonel.
S Stocks, John G. Lieut. Col., Col. Cobb,(*) Pharaoh A., Major.
Taylor,(*) Wm. F., Lieut. Col. Gillespie, (*) Henry C., Lieut. Col.
Kuhn,(*) John II., Maj., Lieut. Col.
1st (Colms') Infantry Battalion. Smith,(*) William M., Major.
(Also called 20th Battalion. Merged into 50th
Regiment.) 2d (Barteau's) Cavalry Regiment.
Colms,(*) Stephen H., Major. (Afterward 22d.)
SBarteau,(*) Clark R., Lieut. Col., Col.
S1' (.Eakin's) Infantry Battalion. De Bow,(*) William A., Major.
(Merednto9thegiment) Farris, O. B., Major.
iMeh R ) Morton, George H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
S'Eakin,(*) W. L., Major, Parrish,(*) Wiilam, Major.

2d Regiment Volinteers. 4th (iares') Tcnesse Cav
(Consolidated with 21st Tennessee Infantry and (Also called 3d; formed from 8th Battalion.)
known as 5th Confederate Regiment.)an
Ashford,(*) James A., Lieut. Col. llayles,() Peril C., Lieut. Col.
Mclemore,(t') William S. Colonel.
Ross,(*) William B., Maj., Lieut. Col. llnuokin,(*) iiPeter ., oloaje.
Smith, James A., Lieut. Col. tarnes,(*) Janter ., Maor.
Walker, () J. Knox, Colonel tarnes,() James W., Colonel.
2d Infantry Regiment .Propisional Army. 4th TenCne'ss Volehtecrs.
(Walker Legion.) Fiulay,(*) Luke W., Maj., Lieut. Col .
amton, () lHenry, Major
Bate, (*) William B., Colonel. Jlenry,(*) John F. Maj.
Butler,(*) John A., Lieut. Col. Kellar,(5) Andrew J., Lieut. Col., Col.
Doak, William ,., Major. Neely,(*) Ruus P., Colonel..
Driver, William T., lajor. Strahl,(*) Otho F., Lieut. Col., Col.
Goodall,(*) CDavid L., Lieut. Col.
H]ale,(*) William J., Lieut. Col. 4th (iChurchicelr/.) If,!niry Regiament Pro. -
Robison,(*)W'illiasnt D., Colonel. fisio0a/l Aritiy..
(Became the 34th Infantry, which see.)
3d CaValry Battalion.
(Also called 14th. Merged into Carter's a1t Car- 4th and 5tih. Rcgimellts Consolild. r
aaior.)Kellar, (,) Andrew J., Colonel, of 4tlh.
Bean,(*) Onslow, Major. L b, () Jonalhau J., Colonel, of 5th.
Bradford, James C., jr., Major.
Brazelton,(*) William, jr., Lieut. Col. 5th Ctvtraly attalion .
Carter,(*) James E., Lieut. Col. (Merged with 4t.h ]lattaion, into Ashby's 2nd
3d (Forrest's) Cavalry Regiment. Canmpbell,Tliomn.s J., Maior.
Balch, Robert M., Major. McClelan,(*) George 1 it. Col.
Blanton, James C., Miajor. 5th Cavalry C 'caimcnl.y
Forrest, (*) Nathan B., Lieut. Col., Col. (Formed from 13th ,ijlsall0e4 2d) Calvary Bat-"
Kelley, (*) David C.,1Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. talion.)
SPorter, Edward E., Lieut. Col.
Spotswood, Edwin A., Major. Blackwell,(*) John L., M ejor.
ScKenzie,(*) GeorSe W., Lieut. Col., Col.
lcIain,(') John B., Colonel.
3d Infantry Regiment Provisional Army. onomery,() Joh n G. Colonel. Liet. Cl.
(Afterward Mounted Infantry.)ry, Jo G. ., Lieut. Col.
Boyd,(*) Joseph C., Major. 5th Infantry Iegiment.
Haskins,(*) David C., Maj., Lieut. Col. Atk John D. C., Lieut. Col.
Lillard,(*) Newton J., Lieut. Col., Col. Bunch,(*) Bryan B., jr., Major.
Morelock,(*) William C., Major. Lamb, (*) JoBran J., jr., Major.
Morgan, (*) George W., Major. Swor, J ta ., Maj., C
Reese,(*) John J., Lieut. Col. w, William C., Ma., Lieut. Col.
Tool,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col. Travis, William E., Colonel.
Vaughn,(*) John C., Colonel. Venable,(*) Calvin D., Lieut. Col., Col.
3d Regiment Yolunteers. 5th (Iill's) Infantry/ Regiment Provisional '
Barber, Flavel C., Major. (Becmethe 35th, which see.)
Brown,(*) John C., Colonel.
Cheairs, Nathaniel F., Major. Gt Catvari Battalion.
Clack,(*) Calvin J., Lieut. Col., Colonel. (Mergd into Jackson's 7th Cavalry.)
Gordon, Thomas M., Lieut. Col. Hill, Charles H., Major.
Jones, () George W., Major. Logwood, () Tliomas H., Lieut. Col.
Tucker, (*) Thomas M., Major.
Walker,(*) Calvin H., Colonel. G6h Gar lary Relimcnt.
Sec lst (Wheeler's) Cavalry Itegiment
4th CGvalr.b Battalion. ,
(Merged with 5th Battallon Into Ahby's 2 Cav 9t giments Cooliatled,
ailly.) ntoAshb d uford, John W., Liet. Col., of the 9th.:
urt, Charles ., Colonel, of the 9th.
Branner,(*) Benjamin M., Liet. Col. Porter, harles ., Colonel, of the 9th.
ridgman, () John M., Major WildPorter, George C., oloel, of the th. ,
( j o W ilder, James A,, Major, of the 61i,


6th Infantry Regiment. 8th (Fullon's) Infantry Regiment- Cont'd.
Harris,(*) John L., Maj., Lieut. Col. McKinney,(*) Christopher C., Maj., Lieut.
Johns,(*) William M. I., Lieut. Col. Col.
Jones,(*) Timothy P., Lieut. Col. Moorc,(*) William L., Lieut. Col., Col.
Porter,(*) George C., Maj., Col. Oglesby, L. W., Colonel.
Stephens,(*) William IH., Colonel.
Wilder,(*) James A., Major. 9th Cavalry Baltalion.
Williamson, Robert C., Major. A J ,
Akin,(*) James H., Major.
7th Cavalry Battalion. Gantt, George, -Lieut. Col.
(Merged with McNairy's Jst Battalion into Porter, Bradshaw W., Major.
Buarleau's 2dI Cavalry Regiment.)
lth. Cavalry Regiment.
Bennett, (*) James D., Colonel.
S Smith, (*) Baxter, Major. Alston, R. A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Bennett,(*) James D., Colonel.
7th Caralry Regiment. McCann, Richard, Major.
See 1st (Jackson's) Cavalry Regiment. Ward,(*) William W., Lieut. Col., Col.
7th (Carroll's) Infantry Regiment Provisional 9th (Bifle's) Cavalry Regiment.
Army. (Also called 19th.)
(Became 87th Infantry, W'hich see.)
Biffle,(*) Jacob B., Colonel.
7th Infantry Regiment. Cooper, (*) Albert G., Lieut. Col.
Fite,(*) John A., Maj.,*Lieut. Col., Col. Martin, Brclay, Major.
Goodner,(*) John F., Lieut. Col., Col. Gth Infantry Regiment.
SHatton,(*) Robert, Colonel.
Howard,(*) John K., Maj., Lieut. Co!. (Consolidated with 6th.)
Shepard,(*) Samuel G., Maj., Lieut. Col. Buford,(*) John W., Lient. Col.
Williamson, William H., Major. Douglass,(*) Henry L., Colonel.
S. Hurt,(*) Charles S., Lieut. Col., Col.
S8th Cavalry Battalion. Kelso,(*) George W., Major.
S(Merged into Starnes' 4th Cavalry.) Rogers,(*) H. A., Major.
Starnes,(*) James W., Lieut. Col. White, S. H., Major.
Wilson, Ewing A., Major. .
10th Cavalry Battalion.
8th (Baxter Smith's) Cavalry Regiment. (Also called llth.)
.(Also called 4th. Formed from Davis' and Spil- Smith, E. S., Maj., Lieut. Col.
ler's Cavalry Battalions.) Thomason, Z., Major.
Alexander, (*) David W., Lieut. Col. (can-
celed). ith Cavalry Regiment.
Anderson,(*) Paul F., Lieut. Col. (Formed from Napier's and Cox's Battalions.)
Bledsoe,(*) Willis Scott, Major.
S Davis,(*) John R., Major (canceled). Cox,(*) Nicholas N., Colonel.
Smith, Baxter, Colonel. De Moss,(*) William E., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
S 8th (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment. Minor,() John, Major.
(Also called 13th Regiment.) Trezevant; Edward B., Lieut. Col.
I .- Chapin,(*) William P., Major.
Daugherty,(*) Ferdinand H., Lieut. Col. thandlltihavalry egiment Consolidated.
.'Dibrell,(*) George G., Colonel. De Moss,(*) William E., Lieut. Col., of
S; 'Forrest,(*) Jeffrey E., Major. 10th.
S: Gore,(*) Mounce L., Colonel. Holman,(*) Daniel W., Colonel, of llth.
Minor,(*) John, Major, of 10th.
8th (Looney's and Carter's) Infantry Regi-
.ment. 10th Infantry Regiment.
(Became the 88th Infantry, which see.)
Brandon, Stephen O. W., Major.
:':8th (Fulton's) Infantry Regiment. Grace,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col, Col.
Heimau,(*) Adolphns, Colonel.
Anderson,(*) John H., Lieut. Col., Col. MacGavock, (*) Randall W., Lieut. Col.,
Botts, W. H., Major. Col.
Burford,(*) William G., Major. O'Neill,(*) John, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Ewing, A. G., Lieut. Col. Thompson,(*) Samuel M., Major, Lieut.
:. Fulton, (*).Alfred S., ColoneL Col.
^ '' ~ -

i^~ -.;^ *' '.'*


llth Cavalry Battalion. 12th and 471h Infantry Regiments Consoli-
(Merged with 2d Battalion into Wheeler's 6th dated.
Gordon, W. W., Lieut. Col. Watkins, (*) William M., Colonel, of 47th.
Hawkins,(*) William S., Major.
131h Cavalry Battalion.
11th Cavalry Regiment. (Also called 2d; merged into 5th Cavalry.)
(Forned from Douglass' and Holman's Bat- McKenzie, (*) George W., Lieut. Col.
ta ) Montgomery, (*) J. G. M., Major.
Coffee,(*) Chatham, Major (acting).
Edmondson,(*) James H., Colonel. 13th Cavalry Regiment.
Hiolman,(*) Daniel W,, Lieut. Col., Col. (ee 8th (Dibrell's) Cavalry Regiment.)
Martin,(*) Jacob T., Lieut. Col. (acting).
a 13th Infantry Regiment.
1th and 29th Infantry Begiments Consoli- (Consolidated with 154th Senior Regiment.)
dated. Cole, Peter H., Major.
Binns, John E., Major, of 11th. Crook,(*) Williams J., Major.
Rice, Horace, Colonel, of 29th. Dyer,(*) Beverly L., Major, Lieut. Col.
Morgan, *) William E., Lieut. Col.
Pitman,(*) Robert W., Lieut. Col., Col.
11th Infantry Regiment. Vaughan,(*) Alfred J., jr., Lieut. Col.,
(Consolidated with 29th.) Col.
n Th P., Liet. Col. Winfield, W.E., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Bateman, Thomas P., Lieut. Col. Writ, John V., Colonel.
B3inns,(*) John E., Major.
Gordon,(*) George W., Lieut..Col., Col.
Green,(*) William, Major. 13th and 154th Infantry Regiments Consoli- *.A
Long. (*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. dated.
Lucas,lugh J s., Major. Dawson, John W., Major, of 154th.
edford,() William, Ma, Liet. Col. Pitnin,(*) Robert W., Lieut. Col., of.l3th.
Webb,(*) Howell, Lie Lt. Col. Vaughan, ()Alfred J.,jr.,Colonel, of 13th..
Webb,(*) Howell, Lieut. Col.
SWeems, (*) Philip Van Horn, Maj. 14th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. :
12th Cavalry Battalion. (See 3s Battalion.)
14th (Neely's) Cavalry Reginent. *
Adrian,(*) Thomas W., Maj., Lieut. Col. (Also called 13th.)
Day, (*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
-Phipps,(*) Frank L., Maj. Neely,(*) James J., Colonel.'
Thurmond,(*) J. Gwynn, Major.
12th Cavalry Regiment. White, (*) Raleigh R., Lieut. Col.
(Also called 1st Tennessee Partisan Rangers.) 14th Infa y segment.
Bennett, G. W., Major. :
Benson, Berry B., Major. Brandon, Nathan, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Burrow,(*) Reuben, Maj., Lieut. Col. Forbes,(*) William A., Colonel.
Green,(*) John Uriah, Lieut. Col.; Col. Gholson, Milton G.,. Lieut. Col.
Richardson,(*) Robert V., Colonel. Harrell, George A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Johnson,(() James H., Major.
12th Infantry Regiment. Lockert,(*) James W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Consolidated with 22d and also 47th.) McComb,(*) William, Maj,. Lieut. Col.,
Bell,(*) Tyree H., Lieut. Col., Col. Morris,(*) Nathan M., Major.
Caldwell,(*) Robert P., Major.
Outlaw,(*) Drew A., Maj., Lieut. Col. 15th Cavalry Battalion.
Purl, lames, Major.
Rusell,() olert Milton, Colonel. (Merged into Russell's 4th Alabama Cavalry.)
Wyatt,(*) J. N., Maj., Lieut. Col. Russell,(*) Alfred A., Lieut. Col. :
121h and 22d Infantry Regiments Consoli- 15th (Stewart's) Cavalry Regiment.
dated. (Also called 14th.) ,
Bell,(*) Tyree H., Colonel, of 12th. Dawson, William A., Lieut. Col.
McMurry,(*) Lipscomb P., Lieut. Col., of Kirk; Elijah P., Major.
22d. Marshall, L. M., Lieut. Col.
Wyatt,(*) J. N., Major, of 12th. Stewart,(*) Francis M., Colonel.,

^ .. *


15th (Russell's) Cavalry Regiment. 17th Cavalry Regiment
(Also called 20th.) (No rolls on file.)
Bowman, Henry F., Major. Marshall, J. W., Colonel.
Greer,(*) Henry Clay, Lieut. Col.
Russell,(*) Robert Milton, Colonel. 17th Ifantry Regiment.
(ColHolidated with the 23d.)
15th. Infantry Regiment. Davis,(*) James C., Major.
(Consolidated with 37th.) Floyd, (*) Watt W., Lieut. Col.
S, *Landis,(*) Absalom L., Major.
Brooks,(*) Thorndike, Lieut. Col. Marks, (*) Albert S., Maj., Col.
S Carroll,(*) Charles M., Colonel. Miller,(*) T. C. H., Lieut. Col., Col.
H ambleton, John W., Major. Newman, (*) Tazewell W., Colonel.
Henrn,(*) John F., Major.
Taylor, James H. U., Lieut. Col. 18th Cavalry Battalion.
Tyler,(*) Robert C., Lieut. Col., Col.
: Wall,(*) John M., Major. Balch, Robert M., Lieut. Col.
SMcDonald, Charles, Major.
15th and 37th Infantry Reegiments Consoli- 18th (Newsom's) Cavalry Regiment.
dated. (Also called 19th. Includes four companies of
Frayser, (*) R. Dudley, Lieut. Col.. of 37tb. Je E. Forest's Alabama Cavalry Regi.
Tyler, (*) Robert C., Colonel, of 15th.
Wall, (*) John M.,'Major, of 15th. Baker,(*) William Y., Maor.
Newsom,(*) John F., Colonel
l Ozier, Joseph D., Lieut. Col.
S16th Cavalry Battalion. Parham, William T., Major.
Neal,(*) John R., Lieut. Col. Wisdom,(*) Dew Moore, Lieut. Col.,Col
Paine,(*) F.J., Major.
Rucker,(*) Edmund Winchester, Major. 18h Infantry l segment.
SBuutler, (*) William R., Lieut. Col.
16th (Wilson's) Caralry Regiment. Garden, Albert m., Lieut. Col.
S(Also called 21st.) );avis, Samuel W., Major.
Forrest, Jesse A., Lieut. Col. Palmer, (*) Joseph B., Colonel.
Parham, William Thom:s, Major. Joyner,(*) William H., Major.
Wilson,(*) Andrew Neil, Colonel. 19th Cavalry Regiment.
16th (Logo ) C y R t. (See 9th (Biffle's) Cavalry Regiment.)
16ah (Logwood's) Cavalry regiment.
Logwood,(*) Thomas H., Colonel. 19thInfantry egimnt.
Murray, James H., Lieut. Col. Cummings,(*) David H., Colonel.
Webb, Thomas S., Major. Deaderick,(*) James G., Maj., Lieut, Col.
Fulkerson,(*) Abraham, Major.
16th (Logwood's) and 15th (Stewart's) Cavalry Heiskell, (*) Carrick W., Maj., Lient. Col.,
Re- gimenfs. Col.
(Consolidated as 15th Cavalry.) Jarnigan, Rufui A., Major.
oore,() Beriah F., Lieut. Col.
Logwood,(*) Thomas H., Lieut. Col., Col. Walker,(*) Francisah FM., Lieut. Col., Col.
Stewart, (*) Francis M., Colonel.
Street, Solomon G., Major. 20th (Nixon's) Cavalry Regiment.

16th Infantry regiment. Gilbert, Major.
Hughs, (*) Thomas R., Lieut. Col.
SBrown, (*) Daniel T., Lient. Col. Nixon,(*) George H., Colonel.
Coffee,'(*) Patrick H., Maj.
Donnell,(*) David M., Lieut. Col., Col. 20th (ussell's) Cavalry Regiment.
Faulkner, Henry H., Major. (See 15th (Russell's) Cavalry.)
Goodbar, Jos., Major.
Murray,(*) Thomas B., Lieut. Col. 20th Infantry egimenl.
Randals,(*) Ben., Major.
S -Savage,(*) John H., Colonel. Battle,(*) Joel A., Colonel.
Carter, Mosco B., Lieut. Col.
1"-: 7th Cavalry Battalion. Claybrooke,(*) Frederick, Major.
(Merged into 9th Mississippi Cavalry.) I)ffy, Patrick, Major.
Gooch, John S., Lieut. Col.
Sanders,(*) Edward J., Major. Guthrie,(*) John F., Major,

; ^ -*'


20th Infantry Regiment-Continued. 25th InfanWly Regiment.
Lavender, Frank M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Lucas,(*) Henry C., Major. ,ilbrey, Josiah. H., Major.
Shy,(*) William M., Maj., Lieut.Col., Col. )avis,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col.
Smith, (*) Thomas B., Colonel. D)ibrell,(*) George G., Lieut. Col.
D)ncan,(*) William A., Major.
21st Caralry B3atlalion; [nglhs,(*) John Mi., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
McCarver,(*) Samuel H., Major.
Burtwell, John R. B., Major. Sanders, (*) Richard C., Lieut, Col.
Snowden,(*) Robert B., Lieut. Col. '
21st (Carter's) Cavalry Regiment. Stanton,(*) Sidney S., Colonel.
(Unofficial.) Williams, Timothy H., Major.
SCarter, Nathan W., Colonel.
Dudley, R. H., Major. 26th Cavalry Battalion.
Withers, Robert, Lieut. Col (Alsocalled McDonald's Battalion and Forrest's
S21(Old) Regiment. Formed from Forrest's 3d
21st Infantry Regimient. 'Tennessee Cavalry, 1865.)
S(Consolidated with 2d Infantry to form 5th Con- i ) Philip., a
federate. Allin,(*) Philip T. Major.
Cole, James C., Major. KCrewsl,(*) JD M., Lient.'Col.
Pickett,(*) Edwardjr., Colonel. elley() vid C., Lient. Col. '
Pickett,(*) Edward,jr., Colonel. McDonald, Charles, Major.
Tilman,(*) H., Lient. Col.

22d Cavalry Regiment. 26th Infantry Regiment. .
(See 2d (Barteau's) Cavalry lReiment.) :
(Boggess,(*) Abijah F., Maj.,Lieut. Col.
22d Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters. Bottles,(*) James L., Lieut-Col.
Lillard,(f) John M., Colonel.
SMurray, (*) Thomas B., Maj., Lieut. Col. McConnell, Thomas M., Major.
Odell, James J., Lieut. Col.
22d Infantry Regtimtent. Salfll, (*) Richard i ., Ma ., Col.
(Consolidated with 12th Infantry July 6, '63.)
Davis, Benjamin T., Major. 27th PBattalion Cavalrvy.
Freeman,(*) Thomas.J., Colonel.
McMurry,(*) Lipscomh P., MIa., Col. Crook, James, Major.
Pirtle, M. H., Lieut. Col. Daniel, James E., Lieut. Col. '
Robertson, A. T., Lieut. Col.
Stewart,(*) Francis M., Maj., Lieut. Col. 27th Infary egint.
27th Infantry Reginwnt. *
23d Infantry Battalion. (Consolidated with Maney's 1st Infantry.)
Newman, (*) Tazewell W., Colonel. Allen,(*) Alexander C., Major.
Brown,(*) Blackburn H., Lieut. Col., Col.:
23d Infantry Regiment. Caldwell, (*) Alexander W., Lieut. Col.,
Cawfrell, Robert, Lieut. Col. Col.
Kee"ble,(*) Richard H. ,Lieut Col Col. Frierson,(*) William, Lieut. Col.
Kee C C. Love, Samuel T., Major.
Lowe, John G., Major. Lve, Samuel T., Major.
Martin,(*) Matt., Colonel. Taylor, John M., Major.
Neill, James F., Lieut. Col., Col. WVilliams,(*) Christopher H., Colonel.
Nixon,(*) George H., Major.
Ready,(*) Horace, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 2Sth and 84th egiment Consolidated.
24th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters. Crook, (*)DavidC., Lieut. Col., Col., of28th.
olnmau,(*) John B., Major.
SManey,() F rank, Major. Smith,(*J William G., Maj., Lieut. Col., of- .
241h Infanty Regiment. Stanton,(*) Sidney S., Colonel, of 84th.
S Allison,(*) RobertD., Colonel.
Bratton,(*) Hugh L. W., Maj., Lieut. Col., 281h Infantry Reimcent.
Col. .
Fielding,(*) William C., Major. (2d AMountain Regiment. Consolidated with
Peebles, Thomas H., Lieut. Col. s infiutry.)'
.. Shannon,(*) Samuel E., Man., Lieut. Col. lBrown,(*) Uriah T., Lieut. Col., Col.
Williams, John J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Crook,(*) David C., Mljor.
Wilson,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col., Cunningham,(*) Preston D., Lieut. Col.,
Col. Col.

~~ "is


28th Infantry Regimcint-Continued. 34th Infantry Regiment.
SEatherly, Jouatlan, Lient. Col. (Formerly 4th Regiment Provisional Army.)
Murray,(*) .Toln P., Colonel. IBostick, Joseph, Major.
Simrell,(*) Eli 1)., Maijor. Bradlhaw,(*) Oliver A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Talbert, James R., Major. Churchwell,(*) William M., Colonel.
Lewis,(*,) Robert N., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
29th Infantry Regiment. Col.
Arnold, Ieuen, Liut. Cl. McMurry,(*) James A., Lieut. Col., Col.
Arnold, Iieulben, Lieut. Col.
bishopp,(*) William P., Colonel. 35th Infantry Regiment.
Blevins,(*) Absalom K.. Major.
Johnson,(*) John B., Maj., Lieut. Col. (1st Mountain Rifles. Formerly 5th Regiment
S McKamy,(*) Samuel L., Major. Provisional Army.)
Powel,(*) Samuel, Colonel. Brown,(*) Joseph, Major.
Rice,(*) Horace, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Brownlow, William W. J., Major (tempo-
rarily attached).
30th Infantry Regiment. Deakins,(*) George S., Major.
S IHill,(*) Benjamin J., Colonel.
S Bidwell,(*' Bell G., Major. Roberts,(*) R. B., Lieut. Col.
Head,(*) John W., Colonel. Smith, Joseph A., Lieut. Col.
Murphy, Robert H., Lieut. Col. Spurlock, John L., Lieut. Col.
Turner, (*) James J., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Col. C36th Infantry Regiment.
31st (A. H. Bradford's) Infantry Begiment. Alley,(*) Alexander K., Colonel.
(Consolidated with Maney's S3d Infantry.) Camp,(*) William A., Major.
"-r Dunn, John A., Lieut. Col.
Bradford,(*) Alsey I., Colonel. Morgan,(*) Robert Jarrel, Colonel.
Cason,(*) Caleb MeKnight, Lieut. Col. Smith, John A., Lieut. Col.
Hudson, Samuel if., Major. Wetmore, William H., Major.
Jinkins, Mansfleld D) Lieut. Col.
Sharp,(*) Samuel, Major. 37th Infantry Regiment.
SSmith, JohnF, Maor. u t (lst East Tennessee Rifles. Formerly 7th Regi-
SStafford,(*) Fountain E. P., Maj., Lieut. (imot Provisional Army. Consolidated with
Col.. 15th Tennessee.)
S."Tansil,(*) Egbert E., Colonel.
Ta ) E t C Carloll,(*) William H., Colonel.
31st and 33d Regiments Consolidated. Flrayser,(*) R. Dudley, Lieut. Col.
SHunt,(*) Edward F., Major.
Payne, Robert N., Major, of 33d. Moffett, Hunter P., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Stafford, Fountain E. P., Lient. Col., of Mcleeynolds,*') Joseph T., Major.
31st. Tankesley,(*) R. M., Major.
White,(*) Moses, Lieut. Col., Col.
31st (V. M. Bradford's) Infantry Regiment.
(Afterward 39th Infantry; afterward Mounted 38th Infantry Regiment.
Infantryy) (Formerly8th, Looney's.)
.Bradford,(*) William M., Colonel. Abington,(*) Hardeman A., Major.
Humes, James W., Lieut. Col. Carter,(*) John C., Colonel.
McFarland, Robert, Major. Cotter, (*) Hamilton W.; Major.
Gwynne,(*) Andrew D., Lieut. Col.
32d Infantry Regiment. Golladay,(*) Edward J., Lieut. Col.
SG'-reer,(*) Hugh I). Lieut. Col,
Brownlow, William W. J., Major. Looney,(*) Robert F., Colonel.
Cook,(f) Edmund C., Colonel. Thrasher,(*) David H., Major.
M"': cGuire,(*) John P., Ma.i., Col.
: Moore, William P., Lieut. Col.
i .' O'Neal,(*) William P., Lieut. Col. 39th Infantry Regiment.
Tucker,(*) Caloway G., Major. (See 31st (W. AI. Bradford's) Regiment.)
33d Infantry Regiment. 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and' Msississippi
(Consolidated xithl 31st (A. II. Bradford's) In- Infantry.
',',y) Avery,(*) William T., Lieut. Col. of
i Campbell,(*) Alexander W., Colonel. Tennessee.
Jones,(*) Warner P.,'Lieut. Col., Col. Baker, (*) Alpheus, Colonel of Alabama.
.McNeill,(*) Henry C., Mai., Lieut. Col. Cansler, Adolphus Philip, Major of Mis-
S Payne,(*) Robert N., Maj., Col. sissippi.

TENNESSEE. 69 .'"'9
40 th ieefantry rgImOencnt. 46lth Infantry Regiment-Continued. .
(Walker Regiment. Ordered known as 5th Con- Wl
federated ieb. 2, 1862. Co, osedl of 4 Alabama, .JToison, John William, Lient. Col.
4 Arksnsm, I MPlorida, and i Relntu cky con,,- Owens,(*) Robert A., Lieut. Col., Col.
Alabama. Cos A, Ie1.) K went.into tho 54th Wilson, Joseph D., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Alabama lnhitntry.)
enderson,(*) C. C., Lieut. Col., Col. 471th Infantry Reqiment.
JHlggins,(.) Hiram H., Major.
Minter,(*) John A., Mal., Lieut. Col. Hill,(*) Munson R., Colonel. ,
Walker,(*) Lucius M., Colonel. Holnes,(*) W. E., Lieut. Col.
Shearon,(*) Thomas R., Major.
4lst Infantry Regiment. Watkins,(*) William M., Colonel.
aVynne,("' Vincent G., Lieut. Col.
Farquharson,(*) Robert, Colonel.e,( Vincent G, Liet.Col.
McClure,(*) Robert G., Lient. Col. 481h (Nixon's) Infantry Regiment.
M ille r, Th o m as G., M asj i eut. C o l.
Tillman,(*) James G ., Lieut. Col., Col. (Formled from remnants of48th and 54th.)
Evans,(*) Henry G., Lieut. Col.
42d Infantry Regiment. Hughs, () Thomas R., Lieut. Col.
Nixon, (*) George H., Colonel.
Hubbard,(*) Josiah R., Major. Younger,(*) Joseph T,, Major.
Juline,(*) Isaac N., Lieut. Col., Col.
McCollum ,() Levi, Maj., Lieut. Col. 48th (Voorhies') .Infantry Regiment.
Norwood, John H., Lient. Col.
Quarles,(*) William A., Colonel. Camplell, Andrew J.,. Major.
Walton, Isaac B., Lieut. Col. Godwin, Aaron S., Lieut. Col.
Gray, John F., Major.
43d Jnflntry Reqiment. Howard,(*) Joseph .)., Major.
(5th East Tennessee Volunteers. Afterward .am"son,(*) Thomas E., Major.
Mounted Infantry.) Sowell, () William J. Lieut. Col.
Voorhies,(*) William M., Colonel.
Gillespie,(*) James W., Colonel.
Guthrie, (*) Lawson, llajor. 49th Inifantry Regiment.
ey,(*) David M., Lieut. Col.
McKemy,(*) William u1., Major. Atkins,(*) Thomas M., Maj., Lient. Col.
MKailey,(*) James E., Colonel. '
Cording,(*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col.
44lh Infatdry wRegiment. (rigsby, (*) Thomas K., Lieut. Col.
(Consolidated with 55t.) Lynn, David A., Maj., Col.
r cClelland, Robert H., Major.
Crawinord, (*) GiHenrybson ., M major. Robb, Alfred, Lieut. Col.
win, (*) Henry Shaw, Willi A., Lieut. Col. ...o
Fulton,(*) John S., Mai., Col. Youn Shw, William A., Lieut. Colne.
Johnson, James M., Major. Young,(*) William F.,.Colonel
Kelly, John H., Colonel (temporarily com- 50th (Old) nfanr Regien.
Sinanding). ( ) fantr legiment.
McDaniel, Coleman A., Colonel. Beaumont, (*) Thomas W., Lieut. Col.
McEwen,('*) John L. jr., Lieut. Col. Lockhart,(*) Harrison C., Maj., Lieut.
Shied,(*) Henry S., Lieut Col. Col. .
., Robertson, Christopher W., Major.
S 45th Infantry Regiment. Stacker, George W., Colonel.
(Consolidated with 23d Tennessee.Battalion.) Sugg, Cyrus A., Lieut. Col., Col.
Carter,(*) Samuel A., MIajor. 50th (New) Infantry regiment.
ytle, (*) Ephraimnde F., Lieut. Col. (Consolidated with Colms' 1st Tennessee nattal-
LMitchell,(*) pAddison Colonet. Col. ion and 4th Colfederate or 34th Tennessee.)
Mitchell, (*) Addison, Colonel.
Moore,(*) James B., Major. B" ra(dshaw,(*) Oliver A., Lieut. Col. (Col.
Newman,(*) Tazewell W., Major (super. of 34th).
numerary during consolidation). Colis,(*) Stephen H., Colonel (of 1st Bat-
Searcy,(*) Anderson, Colonel. talion).
Wandley,*) 0. H., Major. Pease,(*) George W., Maj., Lieut. Col. (of
46th infantry Refiment. 5 510st Infantry leegiment.
Brown, James S., Major. (Consolidated with 52d.)
Clark, (*) Johln M., Colonel Browder. (*) Bartlett h., Colonel.
Cooper, (*) Sylvester C., Major. Chester,(*) John, Lieut. Col., Col.
Dawson, Jonathan S., Colonel Clark,(*) Edward A., Major.



51st Infantry Regiment-Continued. 60th Infantry Regiment.
S Hall,(*) John G., Lieut. Col. (Also called 79th.)
Shelton,(*) Edward O., Lieut. Col. Crawford,(*) John H., Colonel:
P., Smitheal, Green W., Major (declined). Gregg, Nathan, Lieut. Col., Col.
!', Williamson,(I) John T., Major. ltIhe,(*) James A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Wilson, Andrew N., Maj., Lient. Col.,Col.
S61st Infantry Regiment.*
;, "52d Infantry Regiment. (Also called Slst; afterward Mounted Infantry.)
S(Consolidated with 51st.) Dodd, (*) Nathan, Major.
S Estes,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. Pitts,(*) Fountain E., Colonel.
Lea,(*) Benjamin J., Colonel. Rose, James G., Lieut. Col., Col.
Oliver, Lieut. Col. Snapp,(*) James P., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Randle,(*) Thomas G., Major.
62d Infantry Regiment.
53d Infaunty Reginenlt. (Also called 80th; afterward Mounted Infantry.)
Abernathy, Alfred H., Colonel. Parker, William, Lieut. Col.
Aymett, Han, IH., Major. Reynolds, Simeon D., Major.
S Baker,(*) William N., Major. Rowan,(*) John A., Colonel.
S Holden,(*) William B., Maj., Lieut. Col. Smith, (*) William R., Major.
Morton, T. J., Lient. Col. 63d Infantry Regiment.
Richardson, (*) William C., Major. (Afterward Mounted Infantry.)
White,(*) John R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Aiken,(*) John A., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Wi lkes,() William H., Lieut. Col., Col. Fain,(*) Richard G., Colonel.
S. Winston,( ) Thomas F., Lieut. Col. Fulkerson,(*) Abraham, Lieut. Col., Col.
t54h Ifantr y Regimr Fulkerson,(*) William H., Maj., Lieut.
S. :..... 54th Infantry Regiment. Col.
(Portion of this regintent united with part of
:-4Stli to form Nixon's ls1t.) 84th IIfantr/y egiment.
Dearing, William, Colonel. (Consolidated wlit 2Sth.)
S McMackin, Andrew J., Major. Smithh,() William G., Major.
SSkillern, David S., Lieut. Col. Stanton,("') Sidney S., Colonel.

S55h In fanry Reqiment 154th (Senior) Infantry Regiment.
(Consolidated with 4.1th.)
' .' l : T> C si I iratcd -kit T i. Dawson, John W., AMaj., Lieut. Col.
Baker, (*) Thomas IT., Mnj., Lieut. Col., iDason, JoIhn W., Maj., Lien. Col.
C ." Col. Fitzgerald,"') Edward, Maj., Col.
..Glenette,(*) Jones. Major.
S lack,(*) Gideon i,,, Lieut. Col. Ociaelte,(*) Jones, Major.
r ) Aleander J., Colonel. icel r., Lieut. Col., Col.
f, Hillsman,(*) John H., Major. lMartin,(x Marsh ., Major.
Jones, (*) Willian A., Lient. Col. Smith.(*) Preston, Colonel.
: McDonIald,() Joaeph) E., Major. WVriht,(*) Marcus J., Lieut. Col.
MIJloin, James L., Colonel.
R- eed, Wyly M Lieut. Col.Alliso C
Allison's Cavalby Squadron.
S; : 57th infantry Regiment.
(No rolls on file.) Allison, Robert D., Colonel.
S ;'Morgail, Colonel. Barteau's Cavalry Battalion.
58hnfantry egimet. (Became Barteau's 2d Regiment.)
'. (No rolls on file.) BarteAu, Clark R., Lieut. Col.

S Crews,(*) J. M., Colonel. Cox's Cavalry Battalion.
S(Merged into 10th Tennessee Cavalry.)
' :'. "- """' .59lh Infantry Scniment.
59th Infantry Reimen. Cox, Nicholas N., Major.
(Afterward Mounted Infantry. Formed from 1st
i'a-'-, (nkin's) Battalion.) OrCes' lfanty BallWon.
Alexander, Charles M., Major. (Itemnant of this battalion "formed into one
.- 1.rown,(*) James P., Maj., Lieut. Col. company and united with Hunt's 5th (9th)
Cooke,(*) James B., Colonel. Kentuicky Infantry as Company F.)
: 'f Eakin, i) Wn.:L., Lieut. Col., Col. Crews, J. M., Lieut. Col.
L', :ove, *) James F,, Major. Evans, J, A., Major.


Davis'.Cavalry Battation. Nashville Battalion Infantry.
(Merged into Baxter Smith's 8th Cavalry.) .
IHawkins, James M., Major.
Davis,(*) John R., Major.
Nixon's Cav(ry Regiment..
Dotglass' Cavalry Bdttalion. (Consolidated with Logwood's 16th.)
(Merged into 1th Tennessee Cavalry.) C
Crews, J. M., Major.
Douglass, De Witt Clinton, Major. Logwood, *) Thos. H., Lieut. Col.
Forres's (old) Re ent. Nixon, Geo. H., Colonel.
Forrest's (old) Regiment. z 1,
(ee 26th Cavalry Battalion.) Rucker's (1st) Cavalry Legion.
IHamilton's Cavalry Battalion. (12th and 16th Battalions consoldated.)
S >Bnclker,(*) Edmund'W., Colonel.
SHamilton, Oliver P., Maj., Lieut. Col. cker(*) dmu Colonel.
Shaw,(*) Jo., Major. .
Shaw,(*) Jo., Major. Spiller's Cavalry Baltalion.
Ri man's Cavalry Batlalion. (Merged into Baxter Smith's 8th Cavalry.)
(Merged into llth Tennessee Cavalry.) Spiller, C. C., Lieut. Col.
/l Tnn,() Daef l W., Major. Smith,(*) Baxter, Major. '
Holman,(*) Daniel W., Major. -' ,

Stewart's (A. P.) Artillery Battalion.
MAemphis Infantrly Battalion. (See Tennessee Artillery Corps.) ..:-
(Also called 3d Battalion.)
Foute, A. M., Lieut. Col. Tennessee Artillery Corps.
(State service; transferred to Confederate serv-'
Murray's Crvalry Regiment. ice.)
(Called also 4th.) Haynes,(*) Milton A., Lieut. Col.
Murray, John P., Colonel. McCown,(") Johu P., Colone.
Stewart,(") Alexander P,, Major.
Napier's Cavalry Battalion.
(Merged into 10th Tennessee Oavalry.) lelcket's Battalion State Troops .'
Napier,(*) Thomas Alonzo, Colonel. Welcker, Benjamin F., Major.


Ist Artillery Regiment. .1st Texas Bangers.
S Cook,(*) Joseph J., Colonel. 8e SetItTexas Cavalry.)
Manly,(*) John H.,Lieut. Col.
Von Harten,(*) Edward, Major. Ist (McOulloch's) Regiment Mounted Rifle-
1st Cavalry Battalion. (Reduced to a battallon--th.)
(Merged Into 32d Cavalry.) Barry,(*) James B., Major.
Crump, R. P., Major, Lieut. Col. Burleson,(*) Ed., Major.
Frost,(') Thomas C., Lieut. Col.
1st Cavalry Battalion State Troops. McCulloch,(*) Henry E., Colonel.
Holland, I>. D., Lieut. Col.
Taylor, Joseph, Major. 1st (Buchel's) iCvalry Regiment.
st Cary Baalin A a B e. (Formed from Yager's 8d and Taylor's 8th Bat-
1st Cavalry Battalion Arizona Bnrigade. tllons.)
(Also called 4th Battalion.) Buchel, (*) Augustus, Colonel.
Davidson,(*) A. H., Maj., Lieut. Col. Myers, (*) Robt. A., Major, .
Loosean,(*) Michael, Major. Yager, (*) William 0., Lieut. Col.
1st Indian Texas Regimnnt. 1st Cavalry Regiment Arizona Brigade.
(See 22d Texas Cavalry.)
1st Regiment Partisan Rangers. lardeio, (*) Win. P., Colonel.
S -Iardeman,(f) Peter, Lient. Col., Col.
Burns, A. D., Major. Looscan,(*) Michael, Major.
Crump,(*) R. P., Lieut. Col. Riordan, Edward, Lieut. Col,
Lane,(*) Walter P., Colonel. Terrell, Alex. W., Major.


1st Cavalry Regiment State Troops. 2d Cavalry Regiment (or Mounted Rifles).
S Coleman, J.yG., Major.
Jones, Tignal W., Colonel. Baylor,(*) John I., Lieut. Col.
Stidham, G. W., Lieut. Col. Donelson,(*) John, Major.
a Ford,(*) John S._ Colonel.
1st Battalion Sharpshooters. Nolan,(*) Mat., Major.
Pnyron,(*) Charles L., Maj., Col.
Burnet,(*) James, Major. Spencer, William A., Major.
Waller,(*) Edward, jr., Major.
1st Infantry Battalion State Troops. Walker, (*) James, iieut. Col.
Anderson, J. B., Major.
: Settle, M. G., Lieut. Col. 2d Infantry Battalion.
1st (Speight's) Infantry Battalion. Martin, Major.
.'.: '. (Merged nto l5th Regiment.) 2d Infantry Regiment State Troops.
Harrison,(*) James E., Major. Camp, Thompson, Colonel.
eightt,() J. W., Lieut. Col. Parks, William H., Major.
: .Sublett, Franklin Bolivar, Lieut. Col
e1st Infantry Regiment.
2d Infantry Regiment.
Si BBass, (*) Frederick S., Maj., Lieut. Col., ,) X r anchard, Major.
Col. Debray, (*)Xavier Blanchard, Major.
Black,(*) Harvey Hannibal, Maj., Lieut. Fly, George W. L., Major.
Col. McGinnis, (*) Noble L., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Clopton,(*) Albert G., Maj., Lient. Col. Col.
S Dale, Matt., Major. Moore,(*) John C., Colonel,
Harding, Richard J., Maj., Lieut. Col. logers,(*) William P., Lieut. Col., Col.
McLeod, Hugh, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Runnels, Hal. G., Major.
Rainey,(*) Alexis T., Maj., Lieut. Col. Smith() Ashbel, Lieut. Col., Col.
-. Col. 'Timmins, (*) William C., Maj.,Lieut. Col.
: ; Wigfall, Louis T., Lieut. Col., Colonel. Ward, J. F., Lieut. Col.
Woodward, John R., Major.
Work,(*) Philip A., Lieut. Col. 3d Artillery Battalion.
1st Infantry Regiment State Troops. Cook, (*) Joseph J., Maj., Lient. Col.
Cleveland, L. G., Major. Labuzan, (*) Augustin S., Major.
S,De Walt, (*) Kerr B., Colonel. 3 Cavalry Battalion State Troops.
SStubbs, Thos. B., Lieut. Col.
Morin, J. M., Lient. Col.
2d Cavalry Battalion Arizona Brigade. Scoggins, L. G., Major.
(Merged into 2d Regiment.)
Baylor,(*) Geo. W., Lient. Col.
Se'. (Merged into Buchel's Ist Cavalry.)
2dr Calvary Battalion State Troops. r,
(Merged into 2d Regiment.) Yager, (* Wm. O., Major.
Carter, J.C., Major. 3d Cavalry Regiment.
.: 2: 2d Cavalry Regiment Arizona Brigade. (South-Kansas 'exas Regiment.)
Barker,(*) J. J. A., Major.
Baylor,(*) Geo. W., Colonel. Boggess, () Jiles S., Mia., Lieut. Col.
Hunter, Sherod, Major. Chilton,(*) George W., Major.
S Mullen,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. Cumby,(*) Robert H., Colonel.
:...' Greer,(*) Elkanah. Colonel.
Mlr2d Texas Partisan Rangers. Lane,(*) Walter P., Lieut. Col.
"C:" LMabry,(*) liinchie P., Lient. Col., Col.
Chisumni,(*) Isham, Lieut. Col., Col. Stone.(*) Absalom B, Major.
Miller, Crill, Lient. Col.
Stone, (*) B. Warren, Colonel. 3d Cavalry Regiment State Troops.
SVance, James G., Major.
SDunaway, Geo. 0., Lieut. Col.
2d Cavalry Regiment Stale Troops Richardson, T. J. M., Colonel.
Rogers, L. M., Major.
? Carter, J. C., Lieut. Col.
McLean, Jas. B. Major. 3d Infantry Battalion.
S mith, Gid, Coonel. Kirby,(*) J. E., Major.


3d Infantry Regiment. 4th Infantry Regiment-Continued.
Buchel,(*) Augustus, Lieut. Col. Townsenld,(*) William P.4 Major.
Gray,(*) Edward F., Maj., Lieut. Col. Warwick, I3radfute, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Kampmann,(*) John H., Major. Wiukler,(*) Clinton M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Luckett,(*) Philip N., Colonel.. .
4th Infantry Begiment State Troops. '
3d Infantry Regiment State Troops. .,
Barnes, James W., Lieut. Col.
Veal, Jesse Turnball, Colonel. Bryan, Moses Austin, Major. .,
Wilmeth, J. B., Colonel. Sayles, John, Colonel. -"'

3d Cavalry Battalion Arizona Brigade. 6th Regiment Partisan angers.
(Merged into 3d Regiment.) Martin,(*) Leonidas M., Colonel.
Madison, Geo. T., Lieut. Col. Mayrant,(*) William N., Major.
Weaver,(*) Wm. M., Lieut. Col. '
3d Cavalry Regiment Arizona Brigade.
5th Cavalry Regim,'t.
Madison, Geo. T., Lieut. Col.
Phillips, Joseph, Colonel. Green, (*) Thomas, Colonel.
Ridley, Alonzo, Major. Lockridge,(*) Samuel A., Major.
McNeill,(* Henry C., Lieut. Col., Col.
4th Cavalry Battalion State Troops. McPhaill,(*) Huigh A., Major.
Tai, C. Wil C. Shannon,(*) Dennlan W., Maj., Lieut. Col.
.Tait, C. William, Lieut. Col.
Townes, E. D., Major. 5th (Ilubbard's) Infantry Battalion.
4th Cavalry Battalion. (Merged ilto22d Regineit.)
(Merged into 27th Iteglment.) iUihba, iuhlard honnett, Lieut. Col.
(Moged into 7th len.) Lo t, ElinMs Evoertt, M.jor.
Whitfield, (*) John W., Major. 5th Infantr regiment State Troos. .
4th Cavalry Regiment..
Darden, Stephens Heard, Colonel.
Hampton,(*) George J., Maj., Lieut. Col. Jett, Win. G., Lieut. Col.
Hardeman,(*) William P., ,Lieut. Col., Walthersdorff,(*) Albert, Major.
Lesueur,(*) Charles M., Major. 5th Infantry Regiment.
CRaget,(*) Henry W., Major. oer,() Jerme
Reily,(() James, Colonel. Archer,(*) Jamees J., Colonel.
Scnrry,(*) William 1., Lieut. Col. Botts, Walter B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Bryan.(*) King, MaI., Lieut. Col.
4th Cavalry Regiment State Troops. Powell,() Robt. M.eMaj., Lieut. Col., Col.
SE dQuattleba ould,(*) Paul J., Major.
Cooke, H. W., Major. Robertson,(*) Jerome B., Lient. Col., Col.
Easley, Sam. A., Lieut. Col. Rogers,(*) Jefferson C.., Major.
Johnson,(*) J. B., Colonel. Upton,(*) John C., Maj., Lieht. Col. Co
Whatey, () David M., Major.
4th Cavalry Regiment Arizona Brigade.
6th Gavalry Battalion
Baird,(*) Spruce M., Colonel.th Battalion
Riordan, Edward, Majior. Gould,() Robt. S.,Major.
Sbowalter,(*) Daniel, Lieut. Col. 6 ry Re
4th Infantry Battalion. !'"":
(OermanwBattalion, 6-months'organization.) Griflith,(*) John S., Lieut. Col.
Ross,("*) Lawrene ,S., Maj., Col.
.Oswald,(*) Theodore, Major. Ross, (*) Peter F., MIj., Lieut Col.
Stone,((*) BII. Warren, Colonel.
4th Infalntry Regiment. Wharton,(*) Jack., Mij., Lient. Col., Col.
White, (*) RobertA M., Major.
Bane,(*) John P., Miaj., Lieut. Col., Col. Wilson,(*) Stephen ii., Major.
Carter, Benjamin F., MiSj., Liet. Col.
Hood,(-) John B., Colonel. 6th (Likens') Battalion Infantry..
Key, John C. G., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. (Afterward lth (Spaight's) Battalion), .
Marshall,(*) John, Lieut. Col., Col.
Martin,(*) William H., Major. Likens, () James B., Major.


6th Infantry Regiment. 9th Battalion Partisan Rangers.
Anderson,(*) Thomas Scott, Lieut. Col. Randolph,() John L., Major.
Fisher, Rhoads, Major. 9th Cavalry Regiment.
Garland,(*) Robert R., Colonel.
SHaskell,(*) Alexander M., Major. Bates,(*) Jas. C., Major.
S Phillips, (* Alexander H.,.jr., Major. Berry, (*) Thomas G., Lieut. Col.
Dodson,(*) J. N., Maj., Lieut. Col.
". 7th Artillery Battalion. Jones, (*) Dudley Win., Lieut. Col., Col.
S. Quayle, (*)'Wm., Lieut. Col.
Fontaine, (*) Sidney T., Major. Sims.(*) Win. B., Colonel.
Townes,(*) Nathan W., Maj., Col.
: *7th Cavalry Regiment.
h C y R 9 (Maxey's) Infantry RIegiment.
,- Bagby,(*) Arthur P., Maj., Col. (Also called 8th.)
Herbert, P. T., Lieut. Col. Beeson, William E., Lieut. Col.
'- Hoffinaun,(*) Gustave, Major. Burnet,(*) James, Major.
Jordan, Powbatan, Maj., Lieut. Col. Dillard,(*) Miles A., Lieut. Col.
SSteele,(*) William, Colonel. Harrison, William M., Major.
Sutton, J. S., Lieut. Col. Maxey,(*) Samuel B., Colonel.

McReyuolds,(*) James H., Major..
S7th Infantry Battalion. Stanley,(*) Wright A., Maj., Col.
Davis; Samuel Boyer, Major. Young,(*) William H., Colonel.
S 7th Infantr Regiment. 9th (Nichols') Infantry Regiment.
h, Jeremiah M., ie (Called also 5th, 6 months' organization.)
Clough, Jeremiah M., Lieut. Col. s, it. Cl
Granbury,(*) Hiram Brinson, Maj., Lieut. Massie, Josiah C., Liet. Col.
Col., Col. Nichols, E. B., Colonel.
Gregg, (*) John, Colonel.. Tate, Fred., Major. -
Moody,(*) Wm. Lewis, Maj., Lieut. Col., 10th vary Battalion.
SVan Zandt,(*) Khleber Miller, Major. (Merged Into 5th Partisan Rangers.)
8th Cavalry Battalion. Martin,(*) Leonidas M., Major.
(Formerly Ist Regioment Moiunted Riflemen. iOth, Cavalr Regiment.
Merged into 3uclhel's lst cavalry.) ary regent.
Taylor,(*) Joseph, Major. Barton, Jas. M., Lieut. Col.
Craig,(*) WasbingtonDe La Fayette, Maj.,
': '* 8th Oavalry Regiment. Lieut. Col.
(lst Regiment Texas Rangers.) Earp,(*) C. R., Lieut. Col., Col.
Christian,(*) Samuel P., Maj., Lieut. Col. Ector, Wiley B., Major.
Cook,(*) Gustave, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Locke,) Matt. F., Colonel.
:., Evans,(*) Marcus Legrand, Maj., Lieut. Redwine, HuluI D. E., Major.
S Col. 10th Infantry Regiment.
Ferrill,(*) Stephen C., Maj., Lieut. Col.
'Harrison,(*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col., Brasher,(*) Seymour C., Major.
-Col. Kennard,(*) John R., Major.
Jarmon,(*) William R., Maj.. Mills,(*) Roger Q., Lieut. Col., Col.
Lubbock, Thomas S., Lieut. Col., Col. Nelson,(*) Allison, Colonel.
'Rayburn,(*) Leander M., iMaj. Young,(*) Robert B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
.'' Terry, (*) Ben. Franklin, Colonel.
i :.:.IWalker,(') John G., Lieut. Col. Ith Cavalry Regment.
S Wharton,(*) John A., Colonel. Bone, Henry F., Major.
SBounds,(*) Joseph Murphy, Lieut. Col.,
8th Infantry Battalion. Col.
(Merged Into8th Regiment.) Burks,(*) John C., Colonel.
Diamond, Jas. J., Lieut. Col., Col.
SHobby,(*) A. M., Major. Hooks, (*) Robt. W., Lieut. Col.
8th (obby's) Infantry Regiment. Mayrat,() John W., Major.
(. from b th BIattalo,.) Messick,(*) Otis M., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
-(FPormled fron 8thll> Bttaliorn.) Col.
Hobby,(*) A M., Colonel. Nicholson,(*) Andrew J., Lieut. Col.
Ireland,( ) John, Maj., Lieut. Col. Puryear,(*) John B., Major.
Shea,(*) Daniel D., Lient. Col. Reeves, (*) Geo. R., Colonel. "
Veruon,(*) John A., Major. Young,(*) Win. C., Colonel.

,-- *" *

S 1th (Spaight's) Cavalry and Infantry Bat- 14th Cavalry Regiment-Conitinue.
(Formerly Garrison, (*) Fleming H., Major.
(Formerly t ikens') Battalion.) H ) Abram, et. Col.
Irvine,(*) J. S., Major. Jolnson,(*) Middleton Tait, Colonel.
Spaight,(*) Ashley W., Lieut. Col. Mains,(*) Samuel F., Lieut. Col.

Purdy, Lem., Major.
11 th Infantry Regimengt.
Caraway, (*) Nathaniel Jackson, Major. fan Regiment
S'Coupland,(*) A. J., Lieut. Col. Byrd,(*) William, Lieut. Col. ,
Jones,(*) James H., Lieut. Col., Col. Clark,(*) Edward, Colonel.
Soberts,(*) Oran M., Colonel. Rogers, (') Augustus H., Major.
Rouutree,(*'rThomas H., Major.

12th Cavalry Battalion. 15th Cavalry Begiment.
(Merged into Brown's 35th Cavalry). Cathey, (*) Win. H., Major.
Brown,(*) ieunben R., Lieut. Col. Master,(*) Wm. K., Lieut. Col.
Perkins,(*) Samuel William, Major. Pickett.(*) Geo. 11, Maj., Lieut. Col.

Sanders,(*) Valertus P., Major.
12th Cavalry regiment. Sweet, (*) Geo. H., Colonel.
Burleson,(*) Andrew Bell, Lieut. Col. 15th Infantry Regiment.
Farrar,(*) Loehlin Johnson, Major. (Formed from 1st (Speight's) Infantry Battal-
S Mullen,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. ion.)
Parsons, (*) Win. H., Colonel. Daniel,(*) John W., Maj., Lieut. Col...
Rogers,E. W., Major. Harrison, (*) James F., Lieut. Col., Col.

12th Infantnj Regiment. Speight, (*) J. W., Colonel.
(Also called 8th.) 16th Cavalry Regiment. .
Clark,(*) William, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Philpott,(*) Beoj. A., Lieut. Col. Diamond,(*) Wm. W., Maj., Lieut. Col. .
Raine,(*) James W., A.ij., Lieut. Col. Fitzhugh,(*) Wm., Colonel.
Smith,(*) Erastus, Major. Gregg,(*) Edward Pearsall, Lieut. Col..
Young,(*) Overton, Colonel. Col. i

13th Cavalry Battalion. I 6th Infantry LRegiment.
Boone,(*) Hannibal lTonostus, Major. Flournoy,(*) George, Colonel.
Wrtler, Edward, jr., Maj., Lieut. Col. Redwood,(*) William H., Maj., Lieut.
f Col.
13th Caalry Regiment. Saunders, (.) Xenophon B., Major.
Shepard,(*) James E., Lieut. Col.
Beaty,(*) Chas. Roambrose, Maj., Lieut. '
Col. 17th Cavalry Regiment.f
Bnrnett,(*) John H., Colonel.
Crawford,(*) Anderson F., Lient. Col., Col. Hendricks, (*) Sterling B., Lieut. Col.
Seale, Elias T., Mijor. McClarty, John, Maj., Lieut. Col.

Moore, Geo. F., Colonel. '
13th Infantry Regiment. Noble, (*) Sebron M., Maj., Lieut. Col.

Taylor, (*) Jas. It., Colonel.
Bates,(*) Joseph, Colonel. Tucker, (*) Thomas F., Maj., Col.
Brown,(*) Reuben R., Lient Col.
Cayce,(*) Henry P., Lieut. Col. 17th Infantry regiment.
Foard,(*) Robert L., Major.
Perry,(*) Stephen S., Major. Allen,(*) Robt. Thomas Pritchard, Colonel. ,
Rountree,(*) Lee C., Mijor. Allen, (*) Robert Dickinson, Major.
1ih Cavalry Battalion. Jones, Ueorge W., Lieut. Col., Col.
ergd into 3d aalr regimen Miller, (*) Joseph Zachariah, Maj., Lieut.
(Merged into 33d Cavalry Regiment;) Crol.
Dnff,(*) James, Major, Lieut. Col. Tabor, (*) John W., Major.
Sweet, (*) James R., Major.h cavalry Regiment.

18tiSh Cavalry Regiment.
14th 'Cavalry Regiment. Coit, V() John T., Lieut. Col.
Camp,(*) John L., Colonel. DJarnell, (*) Nicholas H., Colonel.
Camp, Thompson, Major. Morgan, Chas. C., Major.
Ector, Matthew Duncan, Colonel. Ryan, Win. A., Major.


18th Infantry Regiment. 22r Infantry Regiment.
P Bonner, ThomasReuben, Maj., Lieut. Col, (Formed from Hubbard's 5th Battalion.)
Col. non,(*) Jno. Job, Maj., Lieut. Col
Culberson, (*) David B., Lieut. Col., Col. "ubbnrd, (*) Richard B., Colonel.
Gaston, Matthew A., Major. Lott, Elias Everett, Lieut. Col.
S King,(*) William Henry, Maj., Lieut. Parkes. Benjamin F., Major.
S Col., Col.
Oechiltree.(*) William B., Colonel. 23d Cavalry Regiment.
Watson.(*)John R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col.
Wood,(*) Joseph G. W., Maj., Lieut. Col., Caton,(*) William R., Major.
SCol. Corley,(*) John A., Mai., Lieut. Col.
"Q Gould,(*) Nicholas C., Colo~g.
19th Cavalry Regiment. Grant, Isaac A., Lieut. Col.
K'. Burford,(*) Nathaniel M., Colonel.' 2.
Rurford, 24th Cavalry Regiment.
': : Daves, Joel T., Major. tavalry Regiment.
: Watson,() Benj. W., Lieut. Col. Neyland, (*) Robert Reese, Lient. Col.
19 fantry regiment. Swearingen, (*) Patrick H., Maj., Lieut.
S19h Infantry Regimoent. Col.
Taylor,(*) Win. A., Maj., Col.
Allen, Augustus C., Major. Wilkes, (*)Franklin Collett, Colonel.
Crawford, (*) Wm. L., Iaj., Lieut. Col.
.,' Graham,(*) Robert H., Lieut. Col.
S Taylor,(*) Ennis Ward, Maj., Lieut. Col., 25th Cavalry Regiment.
S Waterhouse, (*) Richard, jr., Colonel.' Dark,(*) Joseph N., Major.
Gillespie,(*) Clayton Crawford, Colonel.
i- "0"th Cavalry Regiment. Neyland, Wm. Madison, Lieut. Col. ,
Pickett,(*) Edward Bradford, Major.
Bas, (* Thomas Coke, Colonel.
Broughton, Dempsey W., Major. 20th Cavalry Regiment.
Fowler, Andrew J.; Lieut. Col.
.' '.Johnson. John R., Major. Debray,(*) Xavier Blanchard, Colonel
.. 'liaerr. T. D., Lieut. Col. Menard,(*) Medard, Maj. Lient. Col.
Myers,(*) John J., Lieut. Col., Col.
.20: th2 lifaii-y Regiment. Owens,(*) Geo. W., Major.
.Alercroruble, Leonard Anderson, Lieut. 27th Cavalry Regiment.
.. ell. Iohert E., Major. (st Texas Legion.) .
Sr.. Elore, lltnry M., Colonel. Brookss,() John H., Ma., Lieut. Col.
Hawkins, (*) Edwin R., Lieut. Col., Col.
.' l 21s Cavalry Regiment. Holman, Cyrus K., Major.
'' Whitfield,(*) John T., Major.
Carter I' ~ Geo.-Wnshington, Colonel. Whitfleld,(*) John W., Colonel.
;'' Chlenoweth. Benjamin D., Major.
Giddings, i DeWitt Clinton, Lieut. Col. 28th Cavalry Regiment.

S' 2 ttInfantry Regiment. Baxter,(*) Eli H., jr., Lieuf. Col., Col.
formedd fr.-.r. Ashley W. Spaight's 11th and Hall,(*) Henry G,, Maj., Lieut. Col.
S- &.S ... H. Griflin's Battalions.) Henry,(*) Patrick, Major.
[ '. .' 'Griffinl, i' W'illiam 11., Lieut. Col. Randal,(*) Horace, Colonel.
-McReynolds k*) Felix C., Major.
S .Spaight, I* Ashley W., Colonel. 29th Cavalry Regiment.

"''" 22,'l Cavalry Regiment. Carroll, Joseph A., Major..
S;Also called 1st Indian Texas Regiment.) De Morse,(*) Chas., Colonel.
S. ck,(* John A., Maj., Liet. Col. Welch, (*) Otis G., Lieut. Col.
'. Johuson, Vm. H., Lieut. Col.
Lewelling, .Thos., Lieut. Cbl. 30th Cavalry Regiment.
M' .ericlk.I )Geo. W., Mn, Lieut. Col. (Also called Ist Texas Partisan Rangers.)
eveusI Jas. G, M ., Col. Battlee,) Nicholas W ., Lieut. Col.
S- SIone,(* I Robt. D., Maj., Lieut. Col. Davenport, John H., Major.
-. Tlor, Robt. H., Colonel. Gnrley, (*) Edward Jeremiah, Colonel.

J Is -.:*

31st Cavalry Regiment. Border's Cavalry Regiment.
Guess, () Geo. W., Lieut. Col. Border,(*) John P., Colonel.
Hawpe,(*) Tresevant C., Colonel. Egbert, Daniel, Major.
Malone,(*) Fred'k J., Maj., Col. Fulcrod,(*) Philip, Lieut. Col.
Peak,(*) Wm.W., Major.

32d Cavalry Regiment. Bourland's Cavalry Regiment.
(Also called 15th.) (Border Regiment.)
Bonrland, (*) James, Colonel.
Andrews,(*) Julius A., Colonel. Diamond, John R., Lieut. Col.
Estes, Win. E., Major. Roff, Charles L., Major.
Weaver,(*) Jas. A., Lieut. Col. Chles L, Major.

33O"Cavalry Regiment. Bradford's Cavalry Regiment.
(Formed from 14th Cavalry Battalion.) Bradford, Charles M., Colonel.
Benavides,(*) Santos, Major. Hoxey, Thomas R., Major.
Brackenridge,(*) John T., Major. Mann, Walter L., Lieut. Col.
Duff,(*) James, Colonel.
Sweet, (*) Jas. R., LieutCol. Burns' Cavalry Battalion.
(Merged into Likens' 35th Cavalry.)
341t/ Cavalry Regiment. Burns, (") James R., Lieut. Col.
(Also called 2d Texas Partisans.)
.Daly's Cavalry Battalion.
Alexander, Almerine M., Colonel.
Bush, Wm. M., Maj.,Lieut. Col. Daly,(*) Andrew, Lieut. Col.
Candle, John H., Lieut. Col., Col. Ragsdale,(*) Sam'l G., Major.
Deavenport,(*) M. W., Major.
Russcll, John R., Maj., Lieut. Col. Debray's Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Tackett, Sevier, Major. (Merged into 26th Cavalry.)
Wooten, George IH., Lieut. Col. ( Sr r
/ Davis, (*) Sam'1 Boyer, Major.
35th (Brown's) Cavalry Regiment. Debray,(*) Xavier Blanchard, Lieu Col.
(Formed from 12Lh Battalion.) Myers,(*) Jno. J., Major.
S Brown,(*) Reuben R. Colonel. Frontier Cavalry Regiment.
Perkins,(*) Samuel Wm., Lieut. Col.
Rougntree,(*) Lee C., Major. Alexander.(*) W. J., Major.
t ei Barry, Jas. B., Lieut. Col.
35th (Likens') Cavalry Begimeut. McCord, James Ebenezer, Coleel.
(Formed from Likens' and Burns' Cavalry Bat-
.talions.) Fulcrod's Cadets, Battalion Cavalry.
Burns, ( ) James Randolph, Lieut. Col. (Merged into Anderson's Cavalry Regiment.)
Likens, (*) James B., Colonel. r P
Wortham,() William A, Major. Fulrod,() Philip, Lieut. Col.

C Ganos Cavalry Battalion.
i S Woods') Cavalryc egiment. ". .
36h (Woos') caa regiment. (Merged into7th Kentucky Cavalry Sept., 1862.)
(Also called 32d Regiment.) .
Benton,(*) Nat., Lieut.Col. Gano, Rchard M., Lieut. Col.
Holmes,(*) Stokely M., Major. .
Hutchison,(*) Wm. O., Maj., Lieut. Col. Grifin's Infantry Battalion.
Woods,(*) Peter C., Colonel. Griffin, (*) Wm. H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Anderson's Cavalry regiment. Hamner,(*) H. A. Maor. ..
(Formed from Border's and Fulerod's Cavalry deman,' Cvaly Battali Arizoia
Battalions.) tdelt's Cavalr taion Ario'
Anderson,(*) Thomas Scott, Colonel. Brigade.
Border, (*) Jno. P., Lieut. Col. (Merged Into slet Regiplent Arizona Brigade.)
Randle,Jas. A., Major. Hardeman,(') Peter, Lieut. Col. .
Bates' Infantry Battalion. Herbert's Battalion Arizona Brigad/.
(Merged into 13th Infantry Regiment.) Frazor, (*) George M., Major.
Bates, (*) Joseph, Lieut. Col. Herbert, (*) P. T., Liout. Col. ,
Cayce,(*) Henry P.,. Major. a's Cavalry , *n. "
Mann's Cavalry regimeift.
Border's Cavalry Battalion. Mann, Walter L, Colonel
Mann, Walter L., Colonel.
(M erged into Anderson's Cavalry Regiment.) Oliver, John E., Major.
Border, () John P., Lieut. Col, Upton, Win. F., Lieut. CoL ,..


Morgan's avalry Battalion. Waul's Legion.
Morgan, C. L., Major. Boiling, (*) E. S., Major.
Cameron, Allen, Major.
3fullen's Cavalry Battalion Arizona Brigade. Nathusius,(*) Otto, Major.
(Merged into 2d Regient P) J'arker, If. S., Major, Cavalry Battalion.
(Merged into 2de nt.) Smith, John R., Major, Cavalry Battalion,
Mullen,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. Steele, O.. Maj., Lieut. Col.
Tiunions,(*) Barnard, Lieut. Col., Col.
Ragsdale's Cavalry Batrllion. Waul,(*) Thomas N., Colonel.
Willis, (*) Leonidas, Maj., Lieut. Col., Cav-
Eagsdale, (*) Sam'l( G., Major. alry Battalion.
Weeks, Benjamin F., Major, Cavalry Bat-
Saufley' s Scouting Battalion. talion.
Wrigley,(*) James, Lieut. Col.
Sanfley,(*) W. P., Major.
STerrell's Cavalry Baittilion. Wells' cavalry Batlalion.
(Merged into Tcrrell's Cavalry Regiment.) (Merged into Wells' Cavalry Regiment.)
Terrell,(*) Alexander W., Lieut. Col. Wells, (*) John W., Lieut. Col.
Terrell'.i Cavalry regiment. Wells' Cavalry Regiment.
SMorgan, (*) Hiram S., Major. (Also called 34th Regiment.)
Owens,(*) Geo. W., Major. Gillett,(*) L. E., Major.
Robertson,(*) John C., Lieut. Col. Good,(*) Chaplin, Lient. Col.
Terrell, (*) Alexander W., Colonel. Wells,(*) John W., Colonel.
Texas Reserve Corps. Whitfield's Battalion.
Barnes,(*) James W., Colonel. (See 4th Battalion Texas Cavalry.)
Bean, Elwood M., Major.
Do Wa\lt,(*) K. B., Major. Whitfield's (1st Texas) Legion.
Do Witt, C. C., Major. (See 27th Texas Cavalry.)


1 st Arliller? Reqimenl. 1st'Cavalry Regiment.
-' '(Known as& Hiardaaay's 1iltalion: also stVir-.
g(no ,n I -araii,, 1.1l ht .aMrlint, Vir Brien, (*) L. Tiernan, Lieut. Col., Col.
Carter,(*) R. Welby, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Brown,.i Tliariii[.on, Maj.. Col. Col.
S Cabell.(*) llenrv Co.tllhr, I.ieut. Col.. Col. Drake,(*) James.H., Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Colem.in. Leiwt- M., Liiei Col Col.
Hardaway, Iolert A.. AM.l., Licnt C.:. Irving,(*) Cha:rAts R., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Moselev.i,- Eb.ar 1'., bM.... I.icnt. Col. Jones, (") William E., Colonel.
f* Raudrllrl-I, i Gco W.. (Culonel ** Lee,(*) Fitzhugh, Lieut. Col., Col.
L_. J Stribhliu-. i:.,l)erl M.. Man.. Liut. Col. Morgan,(*) William A., Maj., Lieuf. Col.,
.. atsaon, D.ua.1, Ml.ajor. Col.
;. D1% .'. '- ;? Stuart,(*) James E. B., Colonel.
.I." lt Artit,, BR.l,honn. Swann, Robert, bajor.

-!~ -~ 1,st Infantry Battalion Regulars.
"* .'.t*'y C .,n ,(Irish Battalion.)
-( M*ere.d i"o 91, cavalryy) Bridgford,(*) D. B., Major.
Sl chard L. T., Major. Munford,(*) John D., Major.
S, -'Johnson; Jvhn E., Lieut. 'ol. Seddon, John, Major.
..'Z'ls~~l ry .llttalii I.r .oc., Defe nv Toop,. 1st Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops.
; Browe,'. an M., Colonel. (Armory Battalion.)
""-, *" l'a. i,, P,,, ,', 1..s. Ayres,(*) Thomas H.. Major.
Sr' ''. .. Downer, William S., Major.
S: (&t Cd lounIted I,.,unr .) Ford, () C. H., Major.

*. r *-..- -.----.- .. "T


1st Battalion .escrves. 2d Cavalry Begiment.
(Also called 30th Regiment.)
Duke, (*) Richard Thoias Walker, Lieut. Breckinridge,(*) Cary, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Col. Graves, (*) William F., Major.
Strange,(*) James M., Major. Lanchorne, John S., Major.
Ma f' Munford,(*) Thomas T., Lieut. Col., Col.
S1st Battalion Valley Reserves. Radford,(*)Richard Carlton Walker, Col-
Miller, W. A. J., Major. Watts,(*) James W., Lieut. Col.

Ist Infantry Begiment Local Defense Troops. .2d Battalion Reserves.
Jones, James F., Colonel. Cook,(*) Edward B., Major.
1st Infantry Regiment. Guy, ,*) John H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
(Williams' Rifles.)
ooey ) Jo, M r.2d Infantry Battalion Local Defense Troops.
Fry,() Wili H, eut. Col. (Quartermattor'sBattalion. Afterward 2d Regl-
Fry ,(*) William-II., Lieut. Col. mcnM.) '
angley,() Frank I[., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Moore, () trick T., Colonel. Carter,(*) Jon W., Maj., Lieut Col.
Mumford, William P., Major. Scruggs, D). E., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Norton,(*) George F., Major. Waller, ichard P., Lieut. Col.
Palmer(*) William H., Major.) E n
Skinner, (*) Frederick G., Maj., Lieut. 2d Infantry Regiment.

Williams, (*) Lewis ., jr., Colonel. Allen,b(*) James W., Colonel.
Botts,(*) Lawson, Maj., Lieut: Col., Col. ,
1st Infaatri Reginment State Line. Colston, (*) Waleigh T., Maj, Lieut. Col.
Jones,(*) Francis B., Major.
Beckley,(") H.enry M., Lieut. Col. Lackland, Francis, Lieut. Col.
Nigbbert, James A;,Major. Moore,(*) Edwin L., Major.e e T
Radford,(*) Richard C. ., Colonel. Nadenbousch,) John Q.A., Lieut Col.,
S" gs, (*) E. Colonel.Col.
S1st Rita egient 7esers.r andopn, ()William WE lford, ieut. Col :
Stewart, (*) Charles H., Maj. i ..
Albert, H. St. George, Colonel.
Lutz, Levi P., Major. 2d Infantry Regiment Local D2efe.se .T, oop?.'
Sipe,(*) Emanuel, Lieut. Col. (
Scruggs,(*) D. E., Colonel.
1st Regiment Reserves. Tanner, William E.,' Lieut. ol. :

Averett, (*) C. E., Major. 2d Militia Regiment, 71h Brigade. .
Boswell, T. T., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Farinbolt,(*) lenjami' ., Lient. Col., Buswell,(*) Thomas, Lieut. Col.
Col. Finter, Cullen W., Major.
R Col Keid, Peter C., Major.
1st .egiment Slate Reserves, Second-Class Spitler,(*) Mann, Colonel.,
litia. 2d Regiment Reservcs.
Danforth,(*) John B., Colonel. Brockenbroigr, --- ,Colonel.
Spencer, Thomas J., Lieut. Col., .
1st Kanawha Regiment Infantry. 1, .Se isR M 'li .a.)
(Became the 22d Regimeit, which see.)
t2d Kowinlin [,':iiincOl Infaniry,
2d Heavy Artillery Regilent. (Becamc ?il, I.CrgiVLi(I.. hicli se)', )
(Homo Artillery; also Virginia Home Artillery. 3d J~,,tary R,,'mt Stale Line. .
Became 22d Battalion Virginia Infantry Miay ,.
23, s182.) Ball, Martiu V., M.iior.-
Burwell, W. P., Major. Harrison, Jiames, I.ieit Col. ,
Pannill, Joseph, Lieut. Col. Peters,(*) .\Vll;., u 1:., ColoueI .-
Tansill, Robert, Colonel.
3d Artillery Local Defcnsk fopd ; .Q
(Transferred to 5th Cavalry.) Porter, John C., Colonel. -
Sate,) H. Clay, Lieut. Col. Shields, John P., Lieut. Ql, .
_pnr ,(*)l

[ ". ..

3d Gr'waflr Regiment. 4th
S ". 41th CavalrylRea;mcfl.
Carterin o ienrlla, ajor. L obson,(*) Alexander M., Alaior.
Carler.i \\'i llamu I.. Maj., Lient. Col. Lee,(*) StephenD. Colouel tlenp.orarily).
Feild.1 I William M., Lieut. Col. Old,(*) Charles, Maj., Lieut Col.
C otl. ,1 T i r., Maj., Lieut. Col., Payne,(*) William H1., Maj., Lieut. Col,
John lon, *) .'obert, Coloel Col.
Johnwn,,' I' oberthon Ci e.t. Col., Cdolph,(*) Robert, Maj., Lieut. Col.
Pi Owenlli' ThoJanis., Lient. Col., Col. Robertson,(*) Beverly i., Colonel.
TPlilhop, i '. fferon Ju ., ajior. Ut terbck,(*) Robert E., Major.
Thorut,,u John T., Lieuit. Col. W iai(*) Williais C., Lieit. Col. Col
Wooldiridge,(*) William 3., Maj., Lieut.
311 Batfrl 1))" Iterves.t Col., Cl.L
'Archer,1 -, I.. \ Lieut. Col. 4thA Ifantry Battalion.
Bond. h'Loomns II. btl.ior.L
]o- \V. H.. Leult. C u. Tyler, Nat., Lieut. Col.
-Jarvis. t 2 \ hllam Ii., blajor; "- "

3d atti.l 4 Infantry yat alon Local Deense "o :
3,1 [:nitrlion I )tit,.9~ J erues. (Naval Battalion.)
A+(u...)-aie Curlin, (*) Martin W., Major.
M-cCune,(', Samuel, Mai: a inor, R. D Major.
J- 3d i rimnet. 41h Battalion Reserves.,
4Fo r~ tn tl 3 d B tjtln l, o'
I o ru1 dBu i* Godwin, I, L, major : < ;. :. .
,.- Callcotle,( Alexandi r ., j., Lieut. Godwin aj
.M. .layvo,(*) Josepl, ,r., Lieut. Col., Col. :th InfantrLy Regiment.
ror, (*, Roger A Colouel.
SPror, Wlht H., I.ieut. CJol. Bnnett, (N) Matthew D., Major.
: Scott,(*)Joseh V,,.Mq,,~e(.Col: (arne,( 1 i D., Tieut. Col.
Col. Kent.(*). ocp 1, Mjor
S)i ar R ,, Moore, Lewis T. -Lieut. C'l.
f Tl.nrn, fi. Troops: 'rston,(*) Jates T., Colonel.
". (IF 1P. 1 P"endleton, (*) Albert G "
:. aer,( Bolling' M jnior. A -Major.
lie l, I .B..m ..< Iionul,() Charles A. "Colon oonel .
S ..llen y ,I AJo l.t or Terry,(*) William, aj., C l.
Jamisou, ,l I S. G:- Malor.
u Anerney. John. jr, .. it. Col., 4th Mil!ia Regii t 7th Brigade
sutherland ,(!) S F'., LAn., Leut. Col.
: orn, 0. P., Major. .
--. 3d 3hlirh/a Igmt n 7th Brigad Maupin,(*).William A., Colonel.
S '. hotel, J. A., Lie t.Col: 4th Reg ,:t "Reserv "
Newell, John H. .lajor: (Also calls S thi -
bert,i JamnJes H., Colonel :; Poage,(*) Alpheus W., Maj., I Co l ,l
....-.i. rPreston, () Robert-T.,.Lieut. Col ; C
I .~kr, Cithnrd A., Colnuel" infa try 'egment e Lne..
.. i lle MJ.., LM,,tor. Ilounshell,(!) David S., Colonei.
Le which .el R, I. tLiut C6 Jackson,(" ) Williani AT Lieut. Cl
-d nt""adford. i Jn nt ate Line Radfo ) Jhn ., Major...
'. .r.keurid, p. G.; Maor. hCafCavalry4 iment Pro'visoa. rmy i
ClarLson, John N., Colonel .. .. (Disbaded
SaiA 'n, Tlho. B., Lieut. Col.' A o.llsi'on, l.;nianmion Major. '' : -
S ... ; Mullins, Johnb Major.
A 4t h HeC y Artillery Rlcfiment. .. ..
(Ordered kiwn as 3ith Virginia Infantry.) : ) ....' rl"'h ' ( :'
.' gby,.Jobnh r.,'Major. unoll'd .it ` l t : .o
Goode,(*) Job Thomas, Colonel A.llen1 Jn)es11..T Lent. Col. : '
H, Harrison, IRan'olph, Lieut. Col. Don,-'l.(i' ldo .l onr, .
Leigh, J.Wickham, Major. el S( I b M Yjor :



R G J .N '.
VIRGINIA. "' 81 "i,

5th Catalry R?,(nia,,f-Continued. G/i, Battal l 1'.-Reseres.
Hardiu l,I *1 Cyru-, ir.. M.ijor. ..\ Cl. i l l3. h.) I
Pate,l* H. Cln. Lieui. Col., Col. Smith, J.oh u H. A., Major
Puller,' Iliohn W., Major. Smith, Robh r. l.ieut Col. '
Rosser,(*I Thomas L., Colonel.
5f l o I '15 .1. 'i, r r i,,.lr.. r/,. I.litdlry Uflm' ctl ... .
(Coiisoli.daled Noten.-cer l.. ,i r ,pe i ,I T ma S. '4
Corpre%%,,f .- Tli(om s J.. Lieut. Cu1.. Col .
iarling, i C' iru. jr.. Manor. .uidy, W illiar T., Mai., Lieut.Col .
Slie I i) W lliam, Colo el. .
Ath fr,1 lo,., l,,ert.. l.o ers.i -i (Genor T., Mal.. Col.
STa Ior.li -i iert It MAi 'or:
Henr,v, ( P. A., Lieut. Col. W\illih n.n,I i H,-iury W.', Liut Col.

5th I i ,,tr. B ar, tl,,, ,,,t Lw / L re ,va I T r o o p v ,."" .i .t .
A,, er-,al Btraii Oh I Ashby, Turner, Lienit Co., Col.
LBr o n e lI o y L .L e u C o l [ '. i Ir h a i t i 1 H l l .i e a C a
Du IatJ,te i Cii hv td H.. Iltell t. .,]., IC.
VaugI Philp .., Liout Cl Hatcher,* i Daniel C.. Ni.dior.
SV"aughan, John B, M .oi[j .'one.-i, ir. E., Colobel ..
Ma hat' lli, Th.iv,., Mi,., Lieut. Col.
5h Inra,,trry Bna'ttion M(i Ic.nnal,d i A ngun \'W: Colonel.
Sl Myers, I' I Saruuel Bl., Major. ,
Archer,i'i F. HI L.ic t Col. L. C,,
'oster, W illiamn 1:., Major. ;/t, ,l,,, l '- 'i .'T
W ilson,i ,-I Job, h ', jr., Paajor. ,., .. .. .,h : on : ,en'
W\ilson,, Simiiel M.. Lieut. Col. 9I
511,t o ,alntry JlR lm it. '
> i I'; n [ l', ia'IIt" I viLtIol Local Dtlen te TI on
sylor,i*) William S. H., Mnaj., Lieul. Col., C'.. -nor ..
Col. Morion, R. C.. Major. -
Funk,(') John H-..S., Lieut Col., Col. ,
Hlaramno.l William H.. Libut. Col., Col. 1 th-.ittalorn Re..r '.r, :..
Harper,(*l Kenton. Colonel. '-
Koirter.l' Ablsalom, Mlior. Chrilmau,i i George, Mlaior.'. .
Newthn.* I Jame-, W., NMajor.
W illiam-.. lla.-l .1., Mlal., Lieut Col. '1, l I. alry 'ti K ginaent. .
r lowerree, *I Chas. C.. Maj,, Lieut. Col.'
61l Iaar p 1,ar n[l, t Surt L,ae. Col. I. L al
Edmundsr,nt'i David, Lieut. Col. Keiuper(.'i James L., Colonel '"
Preslon. C. If., bMalr. Patton. I Wa\\ller Tazewell, Maa., Lieult .
Preston Robert T., Colonel. Col., Col ,-1; +.
Swindler,i'l Aylett A., Major.
1th r, Ctatry l'i, n irnt. \'illian.is,l *i Lewis B., Ir., Leut. Col. .
Cabh.ll. .1. Grattan, Mn aj Lieut. Col. 8th (.;,drl, lft lairon. .
Field, I C(hair le- W., Clonel. TrAin.'rred J o 10 I C(.aval'ry.) j
Flournny,i' IThnm:i.H S Mai., Col. [.a.t i I L.Ui.:,- I.iin. Col. p
Iolouirnoo3,I I CI t E.-l i 1:.. M.Ijor. D.uff;eld. C. L. Mahjoi. '
;reeni.t I Jlohn a.' .., ...j., Lieut Col.. '
CGr.,'A 1.. ,,i l:,an A N ,ior. ., C ,,,try, Re., n,,rl. .i: i
Illartpr,i, 1 t i .h lien. Lieut COl.. Ccl. [:ow, ii.I Th,' I'.. NAi i., Lieut.,(
ieiti~n~r ,, D I)arniel 1'., Lieut. Col. ic'.,I.,t Alphoi.,o F.. lieL t. %ol.I.W
C-i -.- i Jn. .Al., Colonel.; iit
il 1, t.,,tr. lh;. ,il,(,. .]..In.r,,dn on. '. Mi., M ator. **. '
I itz : h, I I .'.ry. NM.io*rij'Lfa M i
Wils..n, John F., Major. .I.-niler, I W altr.r :1., (ol.> y ,a N1 a
J enkius.il A rlert G., Lietit.
etl, i ,t ), y I itirI lt l ,ffioc T',io .' 'I I ..II"' Z
(Tredegar Ba iittaion.) i 1tl, Oill .'.'i .e.
Tannei. Willinm E., Ml:or. Miller.-- Major.. '.
21 3t1----6

"t c.;,i' ',. .
.,. '' .' '' .' :, i'j ""i '''"LJ'... r -i S L it'

82 VIRGINIA. ...

S :h In fantryq Regiment. 10h InfantrlyRegiment-Continued.
Berkeley,(l Edmun. Maj., Lieut. Col. Stover,(*) Joshua, Major.
[Berkeley,1,*) Norborne, Maj., Lieut. Col., Walker,(*) Samuel T., Maj., Lieut. Col:.
i, Col Warren,(*) Edward T. H., Lieut. Col., Col.
S.efkeley,* I William N., Major.
Huutonu.t* Eppa, Colonel. h Cavalry Batalion..:
Tebbs,(') Charles B., Lieut. Col.
Thrift, James, Major. Bradley, Benj. F., Major.
.9th Cavalry Regiment. 11 th Cavalry Regiment. ;:.
;Beale,(* .Richard L. T., Maj., Lieut. Col., (Formed from 17th Battalion and two com-
Col. panies 5th Virginia Cavalry.)
Johnson :John E., Colonel. Ball,(*) Mlatt Dulaney, Major, LieuiiCol.
[Lee,() Win. H. F., Lieut. Col., Col. Funsten,(*) Oliver R., Lieut. Col., Col.
Lewis, Neriweather, Maj., Lieut. Col.' Harness,(*) Wm. H., Major.
: Swann, amuel A., Major. Lomax,(*) Lunsfbrd L., Colonel. / d
[ Waller, () Thos., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. McDonald,(*) Edward H., Major.' '
9th Infantry Battalion. .'
S (Nlerge into 25th Regiment.) th Battaion Reseves. '
SCamden,(i) G. D.,jr., Maj. Bosang,(*) William H., :ajor. ,, ; .
FHausbrough,(*) George W., Lieut. Col. Wallace, Samuel M., Maj., Lieut. Col.
91th Battalion Reserves. th Iantry ime t.
Taylor, Arch.,'Major.
S.' i.'- Clement, 1(" Adami, Major (appointment
."l 9th Infantry Regiment. c.inmeled i. .'
S" Furten, David, Lieut. Col..: Col.:
jCrutchfield, Siapleton, Major. Garland,(*) Samuel, jr., Colonel. ..
'Giliam,i*. James S., Maj., Lieut. Col.:, Hutter,(*) J. Risque, Major. ---
: Godwin,t'i David J., Lieut. Col., Col. Harrison, Carter H., Major.
llardin,) Mark R., Major.. ; Langhorne, () Maurice S., Maj., Lieut.
IOwens,(*) John C., Major. Col., Col.
IPhillips,() James J.,.Colonel. Otey,(*) Kirkwood, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. .
Preston,(*) Jno..Thos. Lewis, Lieut. Col.
*TiRichardson, William J., Lieut. Col. .
SSmith, () Francis H., lonely. C. 12th Artillery Battalion.
S i:' : 9th Militia Regiment. Boggs,(*) Francis J., Major.
Greham, Thomas Robert, Lieut. Col. 12th Caralry Regiment. 'i
'Saunders,(*) William A., Major..
,,.. 1th Heavy Artillery'Battalion. Burks,(*) Ri eH ut Col. ,'.let
.. ,. Harman,(*) Asher Waterman, Colonel.
Allen,('I William, Major... Knott,(*) John L., Major.
l HensJey,t*) James O., Major.. Massie,(*) Tho. B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
l'' 10th Cavalry Regiment. 12h Infantry.Regiment.
Caskie,(1 Robt.' X.'Mai. Lieut. Col., Col. Brockett,(*y Edgar L., Major.
Clenjnt, Wm. B.; Mj. ient. Col., Col. Feild,(*) Everard Meade, Maj., Lieut. Col.,
Davis,(") J. Lucius; Colonel. Col.
"lcGruder,. i Zachariai S., Lieut. Col. Jones,(*) Richard W,, Major.
F Rosisr,(* J. Travis,. Major. ewelien,(*) John Richard, Maj., Lieut.
i B'. v.: -- Col .
'". 10t.',Battalion eeserves. May,(*) John P., Major.
Byrd'William M Taylor,(*) Fielding L., 'Lieut.' Col.
yrd, illia Ma r. Weisiger,(*) David A., Col. '
I 0/,Oh inian'r Regiment. 113th Artil(ery Battalion.
-.Coffnran, I )laaac G.riMaior. C ibhe_. Wade Hampton. Major. : .
I.Gl tlions I .nimeon B., Colonel. Kin .I iFlovd, Mal Lieut. Col.
lMlartz, I Dorlos llery Le,-, Littit. Col. l .en, W in. Miller, l..jor.

1 "
; 'i .:
ik ,


l3th, ,alr ,/. /. I ,.15 R-yi,, -Conlinued.
Belschei. Be. W.. laor. Crh .lamn ., Lieut. Col.
Ch bi-nlp J ohn IC., jr. ,' C'ol,..I. rIh ,:,I, i iL ti A.. Mu,.. L u-nt. Colt
Gill.h L., I Joselph E.. MSior. le.Tton. I "l.i'a,,, U .. SA i., Lieu t. Col
i'hill'Ps,i *i Jcllertsn C., Lieiut. L.)I., (,Co. li k Fl.,r, t Gent,4e, Ma leut. Cot.'
Snsage,Alexander,'I.enut. Col WValker., Jolu tewvirt. Mjr. ,
psh a- o h "s co, o Li, ent. CCol. ,
'in eld,') be ninnin ., Nao R. t lr i ',rat t, ..,.
,, F rarn.errcd i| 13Is (. lrr .i '"
SBelslhes,.,'; Ben. Wt., iM jor. "
Crittenden, Charlt- T., Major. '.
Gc.lua.n,i *i George g.\ tgu s,A l.eut. l]oth av.dr, Rg m nt. "' "
Colt. IFer2.u,. ) Milth n j1., Colonel.
IhIll,c' Anibro.e I'.. Colonel.. 'r 'la i iltn L l.,eu Colonel
juntrri, I N idn 1t Al al. Nouun.,n.i '" Jain- If., Mnjor .:. ..
Jerrilll .la l : M a ..ai_ .ie .ut. C, ,I C ol. P.
Walker, -,I .tan e, A., Lient. Col., (Co. : :

n7u'nt r o(' nifil d. i aplelon C.i. nel. -
Burroughs i ,( Ed ar, Maior. -io ph HI.. Lieut. Col., Col.,
rh,, l .d r i Holll:sll d y, I" I rancs 1).. hn or. io .
1-1 ( sI ll'Rs agei' .' oh C M.,u I,1eiti. Col .
Eailey,' obt. Augus11tu, Lieuti. Col. llV.odhoele I JoI l r 0 M i Lieu t.Co
C'oehran,' Ja., Colonel. Woodhoue oiT. r.
Eakle.- *) 13. I rank. ,l:m or. '
G ibso',(*' Juba A .. [.L ut Col. 170. ', ,,r,','; [ iItul,.i,. ,- J
Jackson, Geo., 'Major. 1S l. iin-r.l e.J Io liii Cvi,,lrY., .
Tborburn; (* Chas. E... Colonel. .
.SSo~ .' Fausten. Di e r It.. Lieut. Col. '
l th lt I, .ntri /i ,,,,,, t. Patrick, W\ in Ma.or. -. ''. '.
Evans. lose, F. T.. M.I i., Li.eut Col. I-i, Co'an r., R, irmnt..
g o il.l "1 avi ., D i eu Col. (Forned iron. French ls i.Ftvalry Ba.lalion ) r .. .
HodJees., I Jamef G., Colonel. fi t I ".-'.-- .-I.
Poindexler. 'i J'.rke, leut. Col. I rnch i It.. Colonel '
Poore, 'I lial.ert II., M.aor. ruitih,('t 1 rel ler lt IL: .. Malor. L :
Sheltou,-i W'llian I .. ilorJ. C n T eonner i .'.'-iW C, Lie Col.-
'hite,i W'ill ,iu. Nl.a1. Lieut. Col.. Cl. ol
Wood( 'Willam W., M,.i_., Lieut. Cotl. r, .. .*a.
141) Io I l.'l. Jlent, f i Georgs !.\ i tlloil, Sneor.-. ,,fr
Sft ,,. (.Cursee') 5i ont,-_,o erv D., C61',nnel. Y-
Co" o elL ." I lerbert.ii 'Arthulr, S Lieu.?Col.. Col? .
H1arnes, ..l llian H Colo Ial. lary,' o r, Lieu Co,'Lol.. ..'L
E / ./. rA MITlunfo.:.r.. \W illiam. lJ.t,. Col. ; ': ,
S.5th t'" .r-. B,,H,,!o,,t. Sui,~pon.l' I liobet [ t.o,M r .,io-r. '
(Noitherr. Neck R .n .r- r. r.-ierre,. to I lih lyler, l 1 Crtayn, Muj, ,e Col. p' .

Calituhr,i'l John, inMior. l Marl P or. .-' i
Sr1.i,,/, I., ,' ,. Sui, .nrk nior. '
,Cons.li,.,,ecd ,'il, l,,. I';un ,ert Nov.l, 1,.1 ft. -a. 4M' ;A
Ball,i i W\" t f .. Colonel. '- hFll.I-' L. 1 .l e utr CoLIut.Col' '
Sirroughi i L.".i r.lr M nior. IIlbOten, I ,, \V Co ,lij t 1 "
Collius.I Ch.13. u-1.1, Mai.. Col. A Monroe I'* A i.\ Mao n" '
Criteberi Jolihn, Lirut. Col. .,. -. ; .' -
Sq151, Iqanti, L r, nw t. Carrincio I I. Henry A.. Lient. Col.', "Co: "'
SAugnst,1' Thonma P., Colonel. Cabll.' ;Enr:e C., Ai.iLut. Col :
Clarke,( i Charles H., Major. Withers, Roben .i Colonel.

ft I' -i
.%~~~42fthel: I' Ls'ikI *C -r : :l
*gs~l~i'*cunvi F r. ,C *,o li..*. -e4tl.f~

.'i o ,

I 9th tMa vIr A4rtillery Battalion. 21st Infantry Regment--Continued.;
Atkinson, IJohn Wilder, Mj., Lieut.Col. Gilham,(*) William, Colonel.
t Cary, i ) N. ,., Major. Kelly,(*) Alfred D., Major.
*;'1 1,0, r Moseley,(*) .Johbi B., Major.
19th C ry Regimen. Moseley,(*) William P., Liet. Col.
SDPatton, ("-*) Johji M., jr., Iient. Col., Col.
Do-ni.s I I (co., Major.' Shipp,(*) Scott, Major. .. 1' .
Jnck:o I'*1 im. L., Colonel. Witcher,(*) William A., Lieut. Col., Col.l.
Kvslr.( i .los, ph1 K., Major.
.Thomps,-in,i *) Wim. P., Lieut.'Col. 21st Militia Regimen.: : :
Dlo, Ifnfaantr/ Regiment. Jones,(*) Warner T., Colonel.
Seawell,(*) William H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Bo, .. ,I ler M., Major. Taliaferro, Thomas S., Major.'
CV':kV I'. St. ,'eorge, Colonel. Taylor,(*) Fielding L., Lieut. Col.
I Elli, I' JI ohn 'P., Maj., Lieut. Col,
Giantt,) rltiity, Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 22d Cavalry Regiment.
SPe. t,.n.I' Ci.irles S., Maj., Lieut. Col. :
I. ust.l' Ariustead Thomsoli Mason, Bowen,(*) Henry'S., Colonel.
C' -Clonel.. K .endrick,(*) Henrv. F., Major.
St an;.i.t J.lin B., Lieut. Col., Coi. RIadlord,John'T., Lieut. Col.
Taylor,, i leniett, Maj., Lieut. Col.
SWattsi i Wlam, Major. 22d Infantry Battaloiz.'.
191l, Militia Regiment. (Formed from 2d Virginia Artillery.)
i.Afrer"ards 2d State Reserves.) liowles,(*) John S., Major.
Joh*nson,(*') James C., M*aj., Lieut. Col;
Evan-;. I-Thomas J.. Colonel. Tayloe, () Edward I'oinsett, Lieut. Col.
..-Powell, D. Lee, Lieut. Col.
Pendleton, S. T., Major. .2d Infantry Regiment. ':
S20th Artillr y Battalion. '(Formerlylst Kanavwhn R'~,irm.Pnt ,
'';. De .naglel' s unutllon.) Bailey,(*) Robt. Angustus. Major.""'
DeL.eqgne.') Johnsn, Malor. : Barbee,(*) Andrew R., Lieut. Col.
Poblern,(*) Joames E, Majo Jackson,(*) William A., Lieot. Col.
olerin,(*) James E., Major. McDonald,(*) John C., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Patton,(*) George S., Lieut. Col., Col.
:Oth (2Gavalry Regiment. Smith. Isaac N., Major.
i: Arhett,() Wim. W., Colonel. Tompkins,(*) Christopher Q., Colonel.
Evans, Dudley, Liet. Col. 23d Cavalry Regiment.
*:.Huttou.(*1 Eliho. Major.
Lad, t' Johu r;., Maj., Lieut. Col (Formed from consolidation, 7 companies 41st.
Jn ", Battalion, and 3 companies O'Ferrall's Bat-
S 'talion.) I;Bat.
-., i,,., r..try Regiment. Calmese,(*) Fielding FH., Majo -
D'' i)anded.) O'Ferrall,( ) Chas. T., Lieut. Col.
SCrenshawi i Jarume. .,Lient. Col. White,(*) Robt., Colonel.
"~P'eram, John. Lt-ut. Col.
Svler, Nat., Lleut. Col. Infantry Battalion:., .
21st ra. I'.hlry egiment. Blessing,(*) WVilliam, Major.
e Cecil, William P., Major.
dmnnds.l *aid, Lieut. Col. Derrick,() Clarence, lient. Col.
eHalres, I' 'Wteen P., Major. Hounshell,(*) David S., Maijo. :
Peters, .) WnV. L.. Colonel.. ..
*'. '" i" ntrry Battalion. 23d Infantri Reqeiment. .
(Pound Gap Bal niii Mergea into 64th Vir- Camden, J. D., Major.
SSltmp. Cmphell. ientCl. Coleman, () Clayton G., jr., Maj, Lieut.
Sletrp,(*i Canpbell, Lieut;.Col. Col.
STho mplon, ) Curtis, (*) George W.,Lieut. Col. .
2st ry Regiment. Fitzgerald,(* John P., Maj.,Lie o
Pvimilclont -1 Joa.ph H.. MAIjor.
Bcrkeley,I'* William I.. Major. Plld-loan, I dre JH.. Major. .
Cunningham,l () Richard H.,.ir., Litut.Col. Sutt. '.Andrew V., MaJor.

.. .. : ..'.; A .. .

Tallterro,i *i .Ilexauder G., Lieut Col., Crump, I Chirles A., Colonel.'
Col. I'lizjugh.i I-'airwk H.. liiinr. .
WVaJdlou, Siameou '.. Mai.. Liiient Col I '.arrnit,I .i olosu.a L.. Mi;, o. r. I
'2,*e., P.o I l- n Iri. l. e I 1il. Col., Cutl..'
.. l.', D'tlt ,,, I r-:tol,-i, ,ild ,r- lorr- i. W, 1 illiam K., Mikir.
,LiIn.sn ii n li u,ru I \' t-l rii.i t \\ illl:nm II., M major. .
$Cott, I. Jobu h iiajor. ./gi ,. 'r,. /;litri,,o, / t;ii:.,l, ,,n ri .

I lI l, l (,l ,r,,',, 1.'..,, +,,ia i. r"rg n>i" .h u "1 ra ns 'erard ,1 C1.O ,r.r.)r .
Siolr .co L Ian l ..J-s.ou,I- It ury l Ae .., Mai., Lieu t.
h arlinin, T od'l..re i_.. l.I ut Col Co.
o} ; l ,' r t _. r i i i J o n t [ ; M l rt i i r .. .- ,
IIobin.,-, I in \ i Colonel -,*l* ,iti il /l"'iil.. ,. *
iI-- ( arpen ter,i ,i .o-,pl.. ieuL. Col. I tappoint-
Leutle i I I\'ll iImIh W.. M loJt l , t. C.L Cu l '

Earl ..Ilubal A..X'olonel raz:i,-io h, hili s La ut. Co., Col
J-ar.i,, Peter.. r Lieu Col Gordn, r illiam W\ 1 Colonel. .
ambr.,. Josph A.. Mor Grig., Andrew J., Maj.,. Liet .'CoL.,
Maury. l i rch.rd L.. Mai., Lieut (pCol nnlu 0 Charles L. ien t. l. .;
yR e' 11, ;,**n.^ r C, arles L., Lieut .
lTerry, 'i W illam 1., Colonel. Paxlon,i Eni'ha F.. Majlo. .

25t/ tara reument. Striver, ILianteil M., Mai., Lieun Cu],"J ."
Edmiundso)n,, ) Heury A.. Lieut Col. ?tih .LJ flllrry tantralon.
}Hopkins.l Warren i.. Colonel.
lMcCorouell,(*) Sylv..-ter P., Major Tabb, (* 1 Vm. B., Major.

2S5thl Inflantri, Liltilki., Local Dc f, w T,..!. "'2.Hi Itf. trf o fcgn mel. '- i ,

:osieux,i,*'l Louis J.. MAior. .1ien.l"i nohert C., Ma. Col. C ,
Elluott,l') Wyutt M., Ma.L.. Iieut (Co. Paul. i s i, nel B.. Liieu. Col.
lPresioo, t li 'oher T., C.luneIl. 'I '
S 5.th l,/ fantry teifluiienI. Sn.'tpcsi i.i Mi alit c el P., M.alor.
Watts, I William, MAfi.. Lieut. Col., Col.
Iuffy,(* Patriek B Lieut.Col Wirugpeld. iWrillain L L, Lieut. Col. '
Harper,('; Wilson. Maior \Vl-onl', INahauielC., Mjor. i
iHeek. Jonathau MH Lieut Col. r f',
Blimubhothami.( iJohn C.. Miij.. Lieut. g29th Injfont Botta ion. '-. 4.
Col Col.
ille'y.i Robert D., Maj.. Lieut.. Co No feld officer c:'en. lost of line tff rs '
Porlerfield,I Geor'e- A., Colonel founo ai tiih lInrantry.i .
Reger, Albert. G.. MAlior. V
R1obilBono. *l .l oh n A M Lie.Co. M '29lCh1 Infantry Regiment : ,
Smth,'l George H., Colonel. .
1Thompson..'illiani T.. .Malor. Bruster.i' i Eenezer, Maljor. .i 4
homI. o Giles.i*i James, Ma., l.ieut. Col., Co ('
t/, F / i/,lhli,.- bfj ienlt. HJvues,l'i Alexanner. Ma)i Lieut. Col ;,
1-Horne,* Wilit.iru I .. M inor. ...
Pold, Mark ColOnel. I.eich.Willinn, Lieui. Col. I
old, P. M.. L.eut. C. ol. Moore,', AllIred C.. Colonel. .' ".' ,.;:',
is, H. B., Maior. Smilt, ) Edwin i., Maj.. LieuLt., C -

" o i".. ..,
r \\ i tr e i* I Risni, ilato r i. ,
rood1 h rrui "Isi aidl '1 i C r.i liiil i ',UJ li (ill/riP ','t ifi (ut., -
S ler, 'i .'Joepi, K.. Lie Col. ,.,.. ,1 t~ i ri v hegliment. .
S1noer, I i Henry l i MIaor. .
th l,..if r B.t l,, l, \,,ti/al,.r, Siarp shooter.- '. "
Edmltr,i (ieorie AM.. Mai.. I.nrut Col. l Clark. J. Lyle, Lient. Col.
\Wd'ndrawm,* II ichard, b.itor. Otrylv, Pecer, Major.

,ioi, o .o ,I., Lt. Co VIRGINIA.
,30f.,n,,tr R..,,,,,,,. 33d Iafiiry Regiment-Contin ed.

.arton illiam .. Mlaor. Humocn., i George, Maj., Liet. Co .
Cary I Mihoilc ie't. Col. "
Chew *i Rolrt S. L,.ut. C l.. Coli ,w G., ., Lieut. Cl., Co
Gjuldi ."j .Jno ,ltoli, Mai_.. Iteut. Col. 1\ 1,i .,h P"., Colonel. ut Col., Co'
:.-~liarrisni .. ul. .p r. Abraham. Lient. Col., Col.
S 'teatro6,,( ') ;olecrt ti., bliltor. -
31s L It i ;llt,~ B'ttal .,t, : lilit Oavalry/ battalion.
S Nelsou,!i* Win., Ma; Iieut. Cul., Col. M-rnrlane. I, John A., Major. -
tra,,.n t \VWu., Major.
,31.t ir,,,in Ir ba :,' nt. ti-W .l'-h r, f V\iuson A., Maj., Lieut. Co
31q 1..rIorb Lie *t -. CLiu.
ArLto~.t.i' ( .Iam, _'., Mior. 3 1*i flfantry Regiment.
y:olin lmljs M., Lue.t C. Coth Iei-at .uirlery.prior to March 8, 18d.
Chenowcth, lier-iph I.. MaJr. 1: n, .,hn Ii., Major
Cooper k' William P., ac.r. C,,ode. I Johu Thomas, Colonel.
H f 'anl l hn SrH., Leieut l. Ilairin o, Ln. .,ulolph, Lieut. Col.
Jackou.i -i Willd aru L., ColodCl. 3-1., .ilitia'Regimer.
MhI-Citcheill,l, I.S. Kerr, MIj., Lieut. Col. lita egime.t.
S l:cynold-, amul H., Colonel. Deatherage,(*) W. W., Colonel.
31"l .Blrl e~tHaddox, C. B., Major.
31t I,,t Reget. insey, Benjamin F., Liet. Col.
Bald win, I :..l:brt F., Colonel.
lenny. W\. I.. Lieul Col. 3!5th Cavalry Battalion. "
M(Ccoole. ,i T' omiS CE., Lieut. Col. ,1 '
? Moore,t-' L. T.. C.,Olonel. Ferneyhough,(*) Geo. M., Major.
:lJe lvy. J. C., M.Ia.r Myers,(*) Franklin M.. Maior.
\vnashigion, B. C ., Major. White,(*) Elijah V., Maj., Lieut. Col.,

t, -. 32. Cav! ry Battalion. 35th Infantry Regiment.
C. Consolidaledl irin, Ilih Cavalry Battalion.) (No roll or roster.)
I obertson, I-o' John I:., Major. 36th Cavalry Battalion.

S 3'2.1 I',,nr' Reqgiment. v Sweeney, () James W., Major. .'.
Worked from M,.nirhee's and Goggin's I'n-.
rtra I.ato Is.)n- 36th Iufantry Rei/iment. .
Car,. Johu I.. I.eut. Uol. (Formerly 2d Kanawha Regniment.)
Ewdll,' B'_ninin u" .. Colonel. Fife,(*) William E., Mai., Lieut. Col.
Gogaan. I .I n M Major. Linkons.(*) Benjamin R._ Lieut. Col.
Se, ) ial:er I., .ir., Major.. McCausland,(*) John A., Colonel. .
S Mot.uie.i L.d .lr B., Colonel. Reid,(*) L. Wilber7'Lieut. Col.
Sin.l ir l .. rson, Major l. Smith,(*) Thomas, Maj., Lieut. Col., C(.n1"

S "I ,.'itia .., iment. 37th Cavalry Battl lion. _
Claiborne,(*) Jas. R., Major.
SCoiner, I' I rl,. W., Lieut. Col. Dunn,(") Ambrose C.. Lie:t. Col.
hMcCunv.1i .ili,.l, Colonel.
S W, lson, \ iils:,ni M. major. 37th Infantry Regiment.

..;... 33-, 'r." Cl y Battalon. Carson, Robert P. Liebt. Col.
tai, F ulkerson, (*) Samuel V., Colonel.
(rir i, 'rr.l to 17th Cavalry.) Terry, (* John F., Lient. Col.
S Ar c-v .Tl. r.. Major. Williams, (*) Titus V., Maj., Col.
Wood,(*) Henry C.,. Major.
234 In antrr Regiment.
Sl'n..' .Regnt. n37th Militia Regimente.
S ni hur C., Colonel. Coles, Thomas R., Major.
R oll rae. ,' Jacob ., Maior Downing, Joseph, Major.
oI" liGr.e. lellip r T ,.. Maoor. Littrell, Leroy N., Lieut. Col.
Holiday Fredericl W. ., Maj.,Col. Straga amel L.,C'oonel. .

- .-." ^- ^'r ''.^ r i' .,,, ,, .,|,,, ., '-, -_ .


38th Artilhlry Battalion. 49d Cavalry Battalion.
Blount, (*) Joseph (., Major. (Transrerred to 24th Cavalry.)
Hearing,(*) James, Major. Robertson,(*) John R., Major.
iead.(*) John P. \., Maior. Robins,(*) William T., Lieut. Col.
tribling,(*) Robert M., Major..
38th IJnanlry Regiment. 42d Infantry Regiment.
Cabell,(*) Joseph R., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Adams,.P. B., Major.
Carrington,(*) Isaac H., Major. Burks, Jesse S., Colonel.
Edmonds,(*) Edward C., Colonel. Deyerle, Andrew J., Colonel.
Griggs,(*) George K., Maj., Lieut.Col., Lane,(*) Henry, Major.
Col. Langhorne,(*) Daniel A., Lieut. Col.
Lee, lHenderson L., Major. Martin,(*) William, Lieut. Col.
Martin, George A., Lieut. Col. Penn,(*) John E., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. --/'
Whittle,(*) Powhatan Boiling, Lieut. Col., Richardson, Jesse M., Major.
Col. Saunders, Samuel 1H., Major, Lieut. Col.
39th Cavalry Battalion. Withers,(*) Robert W., Lieut. Col.. Col.
Richardson, (*) John H., Major. 4'id Cavalry Battalion.
39th Infantry Reginent. Chapman,(*) William H., Major.
(Disbanded January 25, 1682.) Mosby,(*) John S., Maj.,.Lieut. Col.
Cary,(*) N. R., Major.
Finney, Louis C. H., Lieut. Col. 43d Infantry Regnient.
Smith,(*) Charles, Colonel. (No rolls, no roster.)
39th Militia Regment3d iliia Regiment. 43d iliia Rgi
Davenport,(*) John M., Lieut. Col. Wright, John A., Lie. Col.
I Wright, John A., Lieut. Col.
40th Cavalry Battalion.
(Consolidated with 32d Battalion to form 42d 44th lifantry Battalion.
Robins, (*) Wm. T. Lieut. Col. Batte,(*) Peter V., Major. ..
Wren,(*) John F., Major. 44th Infantry Regiment.
40(7 IIfantrnty Regi ment. '.
40th Ifny Regiment. Anderson, David W., Major.
Brockenbrough,(*) John M.,'Colonel. Buckner,(*) Thomas R., Lieut. Col. .. J
Cox, (*) Fleet W., Maj., Lieut. Col. Cobb,(*) Norvell, Maj., Col.
Cunningham, Arthur S., Lieut. Col. (tem- Hubard,(*) James L., Lieut. Col.
porary command). Jones, A. C., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Stakes,(*) Edward T., Major. Scott,(*) William C., Colonel.
Taliaferro, William T., Major.
Walker, Henry H., Lieut. Col. 45th Infantry Battalion.
41st aCvalry Battalion. Beckley,(*) Henry M., Lieut. Col.
(Transferred to 23d Cavalry.) Woodson, (*) Blake L., Major.
White,(*j Robt., Maj., Lieut. Col. 45th Infantry gent.
451h/ Infantry Regimet.
41st Infantry Regiment. Browne,(*) William H., Colonel. -*' -
Blow,(*) George, jr., Lieut. Col. Davis, (*) Alex. M., Major o
Chambliss,(*) John R., jr., Colonel. Fickliu,(") Benjamin F., Lieut. Gol.
Etheredge,(*) William H., Major. Harman,(*) Edwin H., Lient. Col.
Minetree,(') Joseph P., Maj., Lieut. Col. Hth,() Henry, Colonel. ., J
Parham,(*) William Alen, Lieut. Col., Peters,) William E., Lie. Col.,
Go0. Sanders, William C., Major.
Smith, Francis W., Major., Werth,;*) Wm. H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Wharton, Gabriel C., Major.
41st Militia Regiment. 46th Cavalry Battalion.
Garland, William D., Lieut. Col. (Consolidated with 47th Battalion to form 26th
McClanahan, ,Meredith M., Major. Cavalry.)
Oldham,(*) Thomas, Colonel. Kesler,(*) Joseph K., Lient. Col.
Rains, William W., Major. Ruffner,(*) Henry D., Major.

.'I: --


I 46ihjnfantry Regiant. 51st Infantry, Regiment--Continued.
Daivi iucins',Colonel,.'.. :. :. Dickey,(*)AStephen M., Major.
,Dke~ C) lthal id floniasWialkerColonel.. ForhMrg,(*) Augustus, Lieut. Col., Col.
Fry, HIg.ih \ '.ukLc, jr. Major. G rahbail, (*) David 1'., Major. .
Harrison,.Jimidolph, Lint. Col., Col. llnshell,(*) David 8, Maijor.
'Hill,(*) James C. 'Major ,. Massie.(*) JamesW W., Lieut. Col.:'
Richardson,(*) ,Johb H.; Lieut. .Col. Cl evnolds, Sat1unel H.,; 'Lieut. C (d
Wise, () Peyton, Mij., Lient. Col., c.lined). :
:' \ "* Wi~Wharlou,(*) Gabriel C., Colonel': ;i
i .thMiliti. 'cgiment. W ol e,(x) John I., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Yonce,(*) William A., Major.
'Johnson, (*) Johu.H.L,. Colonel. '
Militia R e -47th Cvflry Battalion. '. ,
(Conso'idted with 40 talion to form 26t Glass illm j., Lieut. Col. :.
i valioy.) o form 'ritchard, Sololuonl ., Lieut. Col..
.... rm .M ajSh. lryock,(*) Charles E., Colonel.
Harman,( 1 Wm. N., Major. Wotring, Daniel E., Major.

471h Infantrl gimn '. 'i 52d Infantrgq Regim'ent.
Dru'e, ().anues D., Maj.4,Lieuf. Col. Baldwin, John B., Colonel.
Greeu.l Charles J.. Major. ; Ilnrman, (*) Miclael G.. Lieut. Col. Col
GCre., \\ ll.m T.. Lieut. Col ,- Lilley,(*). .ohn D., Maj.; Lieut. Col.
yIveli,l' Jolhn \IV. lnt;Co;l: Ross,(*) John D. H.; Maj.. Lieut. Col.
Ma\o.l*l Pohert M., ] ... Ckol Skinner,(*) James H., Lieut. Col., Col.
Richardson,(*) George '., Colonel. Watkins, () Thomas H., Maj., Lieut. Co
Tayloe,(*) Edward Poinsett, Major.,
47th Ailitia Reginment. 5d Militia Regiment.
S larri, I i Benj. J. MaIjor. Carter,( ) Hill. Colonel.
Harr ,." i Be.nj. J., Mjor. Christian, (*) Bat. I). Major.
40, ahnfiitry tri'ni'. Vaiden, Vulosko, Major.
Campbell() 'Jaihes Cajor. 53d Ifan y R giment.
Campbell,(*) John A., Colonel. (Eor.id from T'nilin's ni I Stoa.a'net' B
Dungaih;() Robert H., Lieut. Col., Col. talions and Co. A. ot Waddili's IatittIlion.
Paris, Wilson, Major.
Garnett,(*)'Thomas S., Lieut. Col., Col. Aylett,(*) William R., Maj., Lieut. Co
Stewart, D. Boston, Major. Col.
SWhite,(*) Oscar, Maj., Lieut.Col Edmuodson.(*) Henry A., Major:',
Grammer,(*) John, jr., Maj., Lieut.' Co
49th Infantry .Regiment.: Col.
S Leigh, William, Major.
Christian,( *)Cliarles B., Maj., Lieut. Col. Martin,(*) Rawley White, Maj., Lieut. C
Gibson, John Catlett, Lieut. Col., Col. Montague,(*) Edgar B., Lieut. Col.,
Muiray,(*) Edward, Lient. Col. Stevenson,(*) Carter L., Colonel.
Smith, Caleb, Major. Timberlake,(*l John C.,t Mn:j., Lieut. C<
Smith,(*) William, Colonel. Tomlin,(*) Harrison B., Colonel .
mh, "a 5h -.el. Waddill;(*) George M., Maj.,.Lieiit. Ct
50th Infantry Regiment. .
53d Militia. Regiment.
S Finney, William W., Lieut. Col.
Perkins,(*) Lynville J., Major. Adams, (*) H. W., Colonel.
Poage,(*) Thomas, Colonel.
Reynolds,(*) Alexander \V., Colonel. 54th Infantry Regiment.
Salyer,(*) Logan II. N., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Thorburn, Charles E., Major. Deyerle,(*) John S., Major.
.Vandeventer,(*) AlexanderS., Lieut. Col., Edliundson,(*) lienry A., Lieut. Col.
Col., : : Harman.(*) Austin, \Major.
s. t Infantry,.Regiment. Shelor,(e) William 8.. M\s., Lieut. Col.
S 'Taylor, () James C., Major.
S Akers (*) William T., Major. Trig.,() lobert C., *Colornel.
C n*inghltin,(*) George A., Lieut. Col. Wade,(*) John J., Ma.j., Lieut. Col. .

'.Vr1: ,' ...

V IR G IN IA ; ,,

54th Militia Regiment. 59th Miliia R imen.
kobinson, E. C., Colonel. Copeland, John i., Colonel.
55th Infantry Regiment. 60th Infantir Regiment.
Archer .,Liet. Col. Corley,(*) James L., Lieut. Col.
Burke,(*) Thomas M., Major. Gilliamx) William A., Lieut. Col.
Christin,(*) William S., Maj., Lient. Col., lamol,( W., MAaj, Liut Col.:
auntleroy*) Robert B., Major. Jones, (*) Beuhbring H., Lieut. Col., Col.
Fauntleroy,(*) Robert B., Major. Rowan, William S., Major.
a Lawson,(*) Charles N., Major. nWila S., Major.
awsn ) Carles N., Major. Spaulding, J. W., Lieut. Col.
Mallory, () Francis, Colonel. Siarke,(*) William E., Colonel.
Rice,(*) Evan, Maj., Lieut. Col. Summers. (*) John C., Maj. Lieut. Col.
Saunders, (*) Andrew D., Major. J.. Lieut. Col.
Ward,(*) William N., Major. Swank,(*) William A., Lieut. Col. (acting).;
Ward,(*) William N., Major. *
Sweeney,(*) James W., Maj.
56th Infantry Regiment. Taylor, (*) Jacob N., Major.
Green,(*) William E., Maj., Lieut. Col., 61st Militia Regimennt.
Col. illups. Rohert S., Major.
McPhail,(*) John B., Major. Bohanannn,(*) John G., Colonel.
Slaughter,(*) Philip Peyton, Lieut. Col., .ames, Lemuel, Lient. Col.
Col. Shipley, James S., Major.
Smith,(*) Timoleon, Maj., Lieut. Col. Shipley, James S., Major.
Stuart,(*) William D., Colonel. 61st Infantry Regy nent.
h infantry R n. (Formed from 7th Battalion.)
5t Itr Groner,(*) Virginius D., Colonel.
(Formed from Keen's infantry Battalion.) McAlpine, () Charles R., Maj.
Armislead,(*) Lewis A., Colonel. Niemeyer,(*) William F., Lieut. Col. /
Carr,(*) George W., Lieut. Col., Col. Stewart,(*) William H., Maj., Lieut.'Col.
Dyer,(*) David. Maj., Lieut. Col., Col, Wilson, Samuel M., Colonel.
Fontaine,(*) Clement I., Maj., Col.
lanes,(*) Garland B., Major. 62d Mtuntcd Infantry Iegiment.
Heckman,(*) David P., Major. (Also called 1st Virginia Partisaln itangers.)
James,(*) Waddy T., Lieut. Col. Doyle, (*) Robert L.. Lient. Col.
Keen,(*) Elisha F., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. Hall,(*) Houston, Major.
Magruder,(*) John Bowie, Maj., Lieut. Imbodeu,(*) George W., Major. "
Col., Col. Imboden,(*) John D., Colonel.
Ramsey,(*) William H., Lieut. Col. Lang,(*) David B., Maji. Lieut. Col.'
Smith,(*) Andrew J.. Major. Smith,(*) George H., Colonel. *
Wade,(*) Benjamin H., Maj., Lieut. Col.
63d Infantry Regiment. .
57th Militia Regiment. 3 r
Dunn,(*) David C., Lieut. Col.
Kamey,(*) Sanford J., Colonel. French,(*) James M., Maj., Col.
Lynch,(*) Connally H., Lieut. Col.
58th Infantry Regiment. McMahon,(*) John J., Colonel.
Board,(*) Francis H., Lieut. Col., Col. 64th Mounted Infantry Reg.nent...
Booker,(*) George E., Major.
'"rutchfield, Stapleton, Maj., Lieut. Col. (Formed from 21st (Pound Gap) Battalion.)
'Goode, Edmund, Colonel. Gray,(*) Harvey, Major.
asey, (*) John G., Ma., Lieut. Col. Pridemore,(*) Auburn L., Lieut. Cq1., Col
Letcher,(*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Col. Richmond,(*) James B., Maj., Lieut. Col.
Walker, Edward T., Major. Slemp,(*) Campbell, Colonel. -

59th Infantry Regiment. 64th Militia Regiment.
Anderson,(*) Frank P., Lieut. Col. Dillard, John L., Colonel.
-lenningsen,(*) Charles F.,Colonel. 7 Mila R t.
-Jones,(*) Joseph, Lieut. Col. 67th Militi Regiment.
Lawson,(*) John, Major. Cunningham, John F., Major.
Mosby,(*) Robert G., Major. Robinson,(*) Israel. Lieut. Col.
Tabb, (*) William B., Colonel Sencendiver,(*) Jacob, Colonel.

S 7th P litia Regiment. 122d Militia Regiment.

McDonald,(*) Edward H., Colonel. Dearmont,(*) W., Colonel.
Simms, Gilmore F., Lieut. Col.
Smith, Abraham, Major. 156th Militia Regiment.
fr-. YVandiver, Joseph L., Major.
..-"* Adams, T. C., Major.
82d Militia Regiment. Bennett, Thomas F., Colonel.
Ross, D. Lee, Lieut. Col.
SBlankenbelfer,(*) E. Finks, Major. Taylor, James A., Major.
Carpenter, Simeon, Lieut. Col.
Troyman,(*) James W., Colonel.
157th Militia Regiment.
84th Mitliia Riegiment.-
.84th Militia met Terrill, George P., Colopel.
Dennis, Thomas C., Colonel.
162d Militia Regiment.
87/th lilila Regiment.
Fleisher, H. H., Lieut. Col.
Gresham, Thomas Robert, Colonel.
Saunders,(*) William A., Major. 174th Militia Regiment.

88th Militia 1?eqimsnt. Abbitt, Wyatt, Colonel.

Antrim, C. W., Major. 179th Militia Regiment.
S Carver, D. C., Lieut. Col.
McKennie, M., Colonel. Morris, Robert F., Colonel.
Richardson,(*) John H., Colonel.
S89th Militia Regiment.
S185th Militia Regiment.
Davison, Samuel, Major.
Si la g,(*) John S., Lieut. Col. Darst, James H., Major.
Johnston,(*) Samuel, Colonel.
Rider, E. C., Major. 189th Militia Regiment.

91st Militia Regiment. 1Rowan,(*) John M., Colonel.
Crenshaw, John B., Major.
198th militia Refiment.
108th Militia Regiment. Compton, John R., Colonel.
Rowan, () John M., Colonel. Boteourt Regiment.

S109th Militia Regiment. (Home Guard.)
Jones,(*) E. P., Colonel. Aunspaugh, Charles, Major.
Burks, Richard H., Colonel.
S11thN Militia Regiment. Burks, Robert S, Lieut. Col.
Lavender, (*) J. G., Major. Cohoon's Infantry Battalion.

4th Mia R (Seealso 6th Battalion North Carolina Infantry.)
114th Militia Regiment.
Cohoon,(*) John T. P. C., Lieut. Col.
S knroe,(*) Alexander, Colonel.
S.: French's Cavalry Battalion.
C (" .15lth Militia Regiment. (Merged Into 17th Cavalry.)
r r.ahrllory,(*) Charles K., Colonel. French,(*) Win. H., Lieut. Col.
I 1mith, M. B., Major.
; ray, George, Major. Goggin's Infantry Battalion.
121st Militia Regiment. (Merged into 32d Regiment.)
Sperry,(*) J, G., Colonel. Goggiu,(') James M., Major.

-------- ------- ----

'* arris' nr,, y Artillery Battalion. O'Ferrall's Cavalry Battalion.
(Disbandeu Junel0. 1862.) (Merged into 23d Cavalry.)
Harris, N. C., Lieut. Col. O'Ferrall,(*) Chas. T., Major.
S Henry's Regiment Reserves. l ichmond Howitzers. ,
IHenryv,(*) P. M., Colonel. (Also called Richmond Battalion.)
Hlobson, Joseph A., Lieut. Col. Randolph, (*) George W., Major.
Reynolds, A. D., Major.
Jackson's Cavalry Battalion. State Line Artillery. :
(Afterward Jackson's 19th Cavalry.) Jackson, (*) Thomas E., Colonel.
Jackson, Wm. L., Lieut. Col.
Jak HospStuart Horse Artillery Battalion.
Jackson Hospital Battalion.
SScott,(*) H. C., Major, Beckham,(*) R. F., Major.
SPelham,(*) John, Major.
Keen's Infantry Battalion. Williams,(*) S. C., Lieut. Col.
(Merged into 57th Regiment.) ann' Cavalry Battalio n.
Keen,(*) Elisha F., Major.
S ontagues fany B Swann,(*) Thos. B., Lieut. Col.
Montague's I1fantry Battalion.
(Attached temporarily to 32d Regiment August Tomalins Infantry Battalion.
10, 1861. Afterward (Nov. 9,1861) merged into ome r ins Infantry Ba .
53d Regiment.) i (Merged into 53d Infantry.)
Montague;(*) Edgar B., Major, Tomlin,(*) Iarrison B., Major.
Virosbn's Regiment Partisan Bangers. .
I addilt's Infantry Battalion.
Chapman,(*) Win. H., Lieut. Col. (Co. A of this battalion went Into 53dInfantryS
Mosby,(*) John S., Colonel. r i "
R ichards, A. E., Mlajor. Waddill, George M., Acting Major.
Morris' Inde endent Infantry Battalion. Wade's Reghient Reserves.
Morris, Z. F., Acting Major. Wade,(*) James M., Colonel.

-X .

S, 1.:..

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