Field grade officers, Confederate States Army, 1861-1865

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Field grade officers, Confederate States Army, 1861-1865
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Special archives publication
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List of field officers in the Confederate States service
Florida -- Dept. of Military Affairs
United States -- War Dept
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St. Augustine Fla
State Arsenal, St. Francis Barracks
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131 p. : ; 28 cm.


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History -- Registers -- United States -- Civil War, 1861-1865 ( lcsh )
non-fiction ( marcgt )


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Cover title.
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Caption title: List of field officers in the Confederate States service.
General Note:
Facsimile reprint in part of: United States. War Dept. List of field officers, regiments, and battalions in the Confederate States army, 1861-1865. Washington : Govt. Print Off., [189-?]

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Florida National Guard
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Florida National Guard, St. Augustine Barracks
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All rights reserved by the Florida National Guard. Digitized with permission.
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001749118 ( ALEPH )
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were digitized by the University of Florida in
recognition of those serving in Florida's National
Guard, many of whom have given their lives in
defense of the State and the Nation.




Special Archives Publication


State Arsenal
St. Francis Barracks
St. Augustine, Florida



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Robert Hawk


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\I i : "" '

-. ;-- -

NorjM.-'The asterisk (") opposite the name indicates that it has been 'taken from
I'hat 1i( iin:.rtts to be the signature.
brr bi L r i t.'i ,eu at -o e In-

'Abbitt, Wyatt, Colonel 174th Virginia Militia.
:.Abercrombie, Leonard Arnder.-.nii, Uieutenaut-Colonel 20th Texas In- ._
SAbercrombie,(*) Robt. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 45th A labanma
:'Infantry. '
Abernathy, Alfred H., Colonel 53d Tennesseq-Infantry.
Abert,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th Mississippi In-
fa nt ry.
Abiugton,('*) :Hardeman A., Major 38th (formerly 8th, Loone.'s) Teu- .
nes.,ee Infantry. -
Abne-,(*) Joseph. Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry ;-M:ijr 27th.
: .-Sotlh Caroliua Infantry; Majir 1st Battalion South Carolina Sb.harp.
shooters. ...
Adair,(*) John A., Li'u tenan:t-Colouel '4th.'Kentncky Infantry.
Adair,,i,) Wm. P., Colonel 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
Adairel Ti hos. N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th' Mssissippi .
Infnutry: .
.Adams, C.,. Mjor Rawlings' Infantry Battalion, 2d Div., Missouri St ate .
SGunrd." '
Adams,(*) Chas. W., Colonel 23d (Adams') Arkansas Infantry: Major ...
Adams' Battalion Arkansas Infantry.
A1Adams,(*) Dauiel NW., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisiana Regu-
; lars. -
AdamIs,() Flemingu W., Colonel 38th Mississippi Infantry.
Adains,(") H. W., Colonel 5;id Virginia Militia. .
Adamns.,'. James P.,.Major 10tiM (also called 3d) Battalion South Caro.
*liuna C nlry. ""
Adams, J..L., Major 7th Arkansas Cavalry.
'Adams,t) James T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th North Carolina
Infantry. -
Adams JosephbW., Major 44th Georgia Infantry. .
Adams P. L., Major 42d Virginia Infantry. .
Adam ,( )' Saulll, Colonel 33d Alabama Infantry.' -
Adams, T. C., Major 156lh Virginia Militia.
hAdamn,()' Warren, Major 3d South Carolina Artillery lI giminnt (1st ..
Southl Cnaolina I.-gnlaris or Enlisted men).
Adams,(*) \m. C., Lieutimant-Colouel38th Arkaiusas lufantry.
dams,(') Wirt, Colonel \Virt Adamins' Mississippi Cavalry. .
Aderhold(*) Jacob W., Lieutcant-..tolonel 1st Coit'ederatL Infantry.'- :
-.: ,, ; :, .,;,.- .' ''
.I '-- '*, ; '
I '

/ I' 7 4 *
;i. :Adrian,(*) Thos. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion Tennes-
S;" see Cavalry.
,Aiken,(*) ). Wyatt, Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry.
Alken,(*) Hugh K., Colonel 6th South Carolina Cavalry; Lieutenant.
S Colonel 16th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
Aiken,(,) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Alabama In-
Si.' Aiken,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Tennessee Infantry..
Aikin,(*) James 1'., Major 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Aklers,(*) Wim. T., Major 51st Virginia Infantry.
S Albert, HI. St. G., Colonel 1st Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade.
Albright, Wmin. A.. Colonel 48th North Carolina Militia.
Alcorn,(*) Milton S., Major 1st Mississippi Infantry.
Alexander, Almerine M., Colonel 34th (also called 2d'Partisans) Texas
': 'I Alexander, Charles M., Major 59th (afterward mounted) Tennessee In-
SAlexander,(*) David W., Lieutenant.Colonel 8th (Baxter Smith's, also,
called 4tl) Tennessee Cavalry. (Canceled).
: Alexander,(*) E. P., Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander's Battalion Artillery.
Alexander, G. L., Major 16th (also called 4th) Battalion Alabama In-
Alexander,(*) Thomas W., Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Georgia Infantry;
Major Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guard.
S : Alexander,(*) W. J., Major Frontier Cavalry Regiment, Texas.
: Alldridge.(*) Enoch, Major 48th Alabama Infantry.
;Alldrid(ge,(*) Jesse J., Lieutenant-Colonel 48th Alabama Infantry.
Allen,(*) Alexander C., Major Ist and 2d Tennessee Consolidated; Major
27th Tennessee Infantry.
-. Allen, Augustus C., Major 19th Texas'Infantry.
Allen,(*) Henry W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Louisiana Infantry.
SAllen, Jack, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Cavalry.
Allen,(*-) James H., Lieuutenant Colonel 5th Virginia Cavalry.
SAllen,(*) James W., Colonel 2d Virginia Infantry.
S Allen, John, Major. 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry.
Allen,(*) John K., Major 30th Mississippi Infantry.
'. Allen,(*) Joseph V. Fl., Major (3d Georgia Infantry.
Allen,(*) Lawrence hf., Colonel 6-th North IJarolina Infantry; Lieuten-
ant-Colonel 11th Battalion North Carolina Infantry.
Allen,(*) Robert C., Majur, Colonel 28th Virginia Infantry.
S Allen,(*) Kobert Dickiuson, Major 17th Texas Infantry.
Allen,(*) Robert Thos. Pritchard, Colonel 17th Texas Infantry.
Allen,(*) William A., Lieutenant Colonel 51st North Carolina i, ut-y.
Allen,(*) William, Major 10tlh Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. "
Allen,(*) William W., Major,'Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Alabama
; '.'* Cavalry.
S Alley,(*) Alexander K., Colonel 36th Tennessee Infantry.
Allin,(*) Phillip T., Major 26th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
S Allison,(*) Robert D., Colonel 24th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel Alli.
son's Squadron Tennessee Cavalry.
Allison,(*) W. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th South Carolina In.
:; '*.Allston,(*) Benjamin, Major 5th Virginia Cavalry, Prov. Army (dis-.
i banded); Major 19th Mississippi infantry (temporarily assigned).
SAlltoin, Ben., Major, P. A. C. S., temporary commander 4th Alabama.
S Alinun,(*) Moses T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry.

Ki 1

S. .". -, .. .. ,,-

SAlston, Chas., jr., Major 18th South Carolina .Battalion Artillery (Siege
:' Train). ..
:. Alston, R. A. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Tenlnessee Cavalry; Lieu ., .'"
*" tenant Colonel 1st Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. .
'Alston,(*) Iobt. W., Major 12th (formerly 2d) North Carolina Infantry.
Alston,(*) T. Pinckney, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina
SInfantiy (Provisional Army).
Aluacher.(*) O. P., Lieutenant.Colonel 3d Louisiana Cavalry, 1865.
SAmerine.(*) John P. W., Major 37th Alabama Infantry; Colonel 57th
(also called 54th) Alabama Infantry.
SA mis, James S., Colonel 42d North Carolina Militia. ,:' .i '
iAnderson,(*) Benjamin,' Major-1st Kentucky Infantry;, Major, Lien-
tenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry. -
i Anderson,(*) Charles D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia In-
*> fantry. ,. ,
I Anderson,(*) Charles D.,Colonel 21stAlabamaInfantry; Major, Colonel .
S, 20th Alabama Infantry.
L Anderson, David W., Major44th Virginia Infantry.
:Anderson,(*) Edward C., jr., Major 24th Battalion Georgia'Cavalry;
Major 7th Gebrgia Cavalry.
A Anderson,(*) Frank P., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Virginia Infantry.
Anderson,(*) George B., Colonel 4th North. Carolina Infantry State.
Anderson,(*) George T., Coloiiel 11th Georgia Infantry.
'Anderson,(*) James B., Major 1st Louisiana Regular Artillery Iegi-
ment. *
Anderson,(*) James W., Major1st Georgia Volunteers. "
Audeison, J.;B., Major 1st Infantry Battalion Texas State Troops.
SA nerson,(*) John:., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d North Oarolina Battalion .
:Reserves; Major 2d Anderson's) Battalion Junior Reserves; Colonel: ;
-- 2d Regiment North Carolina Junior Reserves. .
I Anderson,(*) John I., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th (Fulton's) Ten- ,.'.-^
.nessee Infantry. .
.'Anderson, J. J., Major 3d South Carolina State Troops. ... .
a, nderson, Joseph, Major 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas InfaiLtry. -
Anderson,(*) J. Patton, Colonel 1st Florida Infantry. : :
Anderson,(*) Lemuel B., Major 7th Georgia Infantry. .
Anderson,(*) Paul F., Lieutenant-Colonel- 8th (Baxter Smith's, albo:
called 4th) Tennessee Cavalry.
Anderson, -Ilchard, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th South Carolina Infantry.
Anderson,(*) Richard H., Colonel 3d South Carolina Artillery (Ist
SSuth Carolina Regulars or Enlisted Men.) .
&"Anderson,(*) PIobert H., Major 1st Battalion Georgia' Sharpshooters;
C' Colonel 5th Georgia Cavalry.
A''nderson,(*) Tlionas Scott, Lieutenanlt-Colonel Gth Texas Infant ry .;
SColonel Aun Anderson,(*) William, Major Southi Carolina Palmetto SharlSiootors.
A.'ndrews,(*) Clinton M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19thl Not th
'Caroli na Volunteers (2d North Carolina Cavalry).
,Andrews,(*) Giarnett, Major, Lientenant..Colonel 8th Confederate Bat.
IluliU iinfiitiy.
Andrew-;,(*) Hezekiah L I, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion North lina Infantry. :
Andiews', John F., Major (0Jth (C.:,rg;.i nfuatry (declined appoint- .
- n' ment) : ... :
-Andrews,(*) Julius A., Colonel 32d .(also called15th) Texas ('.l\valry.
." ,, ,. ... "*"i-

Andrews,(*) Lorenzo D., Major 38th North Car6lina Infantry.
Andrews, R. Snowden, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrews' Battalion
S! Anglade, J. G., Colonel 1st Tennessee Zonaves.
S Ansley,(*) David .E, Major 5th Geolgia Infantry.
Anthony,(*) Oliver P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Georgia In.
F, tfahntry.
; Antrim, C. W., Major 88th Virginia militia.
A.ppleby,(*) M. T., Major 24th South Carolina Infantry.
Arbogast,(*) James O., Major 3Lst Virginia Infantry.
S Archer,(*) F. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry
(served as heavy artillery); Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Vir-
I ginia Reserves.
:Arcber,(*) James J., Colonel 5th Texas Infantry.
SArcher, Robert B., Lieutenant Colonel 55th Virginia Infantry.
Armant,(*)' Leopold L., Major, Colonel 18th Louisianla Infantry.
S:'' Armesy,(*) Thomas D., Major 33d Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Armfield,(*) Robert F., Lient. Col. 38th North Carolina Infantry.
Armistead,(*) Chas. G., Colonel 12th Mississippi Cavalry.
Armistead, E. Berbert, Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Alabama Infantry.
Armistead,(*) Frank S., Colonel 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves.
Armistead,(*) Lewis A., Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry.
Armistead, Robert B., Major 22d Alabama Infantry.
SArmstrong, D. F., Lieut. Col. Williamson's Arkansas Infantry Battalion.
Armstrong,(*) Frank C.,: Colonel 3d Louisiana Infantry.
Armstrong,(*) Josepb, Colonel 18th Georgia Infantry.
Armstrong, --, Colonel 2d Division Georgia State Militia.
Arnett,(*) Win. W., Colonel 20th Virginia Cavalry.
Arnold, Geo. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (Coltart's, also known as 26th)
Alabama Infantry.
Arnold, John W., Major 9th South Carolina Reserves.
S : rnold, John W., Major 9th Georgia Infantry.
Arnold,(*) Mark, Colonel 25th Virginia Militia.
Arnold, P. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Militia.
,Arnold, Reuben, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry.
Arnold,(*) Robt. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Hampton Legion, South
S Carolina.
Arnold,(*) Win. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry.
Arrington, John A., Major Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
Arrington,(*) Thos. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (Hundley's) Alabama
Ashby,(*) Henry M., Colonel 2d (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Ashby,(*) Turner, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Virginia Cavalry.
Asheraft,(*) John B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th North Carolina
S Asheraft,(*) Thomas C., Lieutenant-Colonel Ashcraft's Regiment Mis-
sissippi Cavalry; Lieutenant Colonel 3d Battalion Mississipri, State
S Cavalry; Colonel Ashcraft's, Ham's, and Lowry's Consolidated Mis-
I: -. sissippi Cavalry Regiments.
S Ashe,(*) Thos. P., Major 32d Alabama Infantry.
Ashford, A. E., Major 35th Alabama Infantry.
Ashford,(*) Frederick A., Major, Lientenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th Ala.
bama Infantry.
Ashford,(*) James A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Tolunteers.
i:-.* Ashford,(*) John, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 38th North Caro-
lina Infantry.

--, *' ^<

v :" ^ :' ". -.. '. '* *...: :. ., .

', : "' ,7 "
:Ashley,(*) W. P. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Georgia Infantry.
.Ashton,(*) Richard W., Major 2d Louisiana Infantry.
Atkins,(*) John D. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Tennessee Infantry.'".-'-
Atkins,(*) Thomas M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Tennessee; lu-
SAtkinson,(*) Edmund N., Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 13th) Georgia
SAtkinson,(*) John Wilder, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Battalion
Virginia Heavy Artillery.
.August,(*) Thos. P., Colonel 15th Virginia Infantry.
Aunspaugh, Chas., Major Botetourt Regiment, Virgiiia Home Guards.
Austin,(*) JohnuE., Major 14th Battalion Louisiana Sharpshooters. ; '
Austin,(*) John P., Major 9ch Kentucky Cavalry.
Austin, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 4th Division,
i Missouri State Guard.
Autry,(*) James L., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 9th Mississippi Infan-:,.
Stry; Lieutenant Colonel 27th Mississippi Infantry. : "
Avegno, Anatole P., Major 13th (Gibson's) Louisiana Infantry. : ',.
Averett,(*) C. E., Major 1st Virginia Reserves.
Avery,(*) Olark M., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 33d North Carolina ,..
: Avery,(*) Isaac E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th North Caro-, -:
lina Infantry State Troops.
; Avery,(*) Isaac VW., Colonel 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry; Lieuten- .:: :
ant-Colonel 23d-Battalion Georgia Cavalry. :. -
,Avery,(*) John W., Major 17th South Carolina Infantry.
Avery,(*) William T., JLieutenant-.ColoVel 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and ? i-
Mississippi Infantry.
SAyltt,(*) Wmi. R., Majir, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel- 53d Virginia ..
Aymett, Hans H;, Major 53d Tennessee Infantry.
SAy.res,(*) Thomas H., Major 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion Local
Defense, (Armory.) :
Baber,(*) Milton D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (Shaver's) Arkansas
Infantry; Colonel 45th Arkansas Infantry.
Bacon,(*) E. H.,jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Georgia Infantry.
B-Bacou,(*) Thomas G.,.Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel-
S5th South Caroliha Reserves.. :
Badger,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant:Colonel 4th Florida Infantry. :.:: ,'
SBadham, John C., Major,,Lieutenant-Colonel 5th North Carolina Infan-
- try State'Troops ..
- B:ighy,(*) Arthur P., Major, Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry.
.Bagby,(*) John R., Major 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery, which became :-:
S the 34th Virginia.Infantry; Major 34th Virginia Infantry (formerly.
: 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery). :
S.Bagley, Ed. F:, Major Infantry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion.': -.
i Baglcy, William H., Major 68th North Carolina Infantry. -
SBailey, Benjamin, Colonel 72d North Carolina Militia.:
Bailey,(*) David J., Colonel 30th Georgia Infantry. : .
Bailey,(*) James E., Colonel 40th Tennessee Infantry.
Bailey, Robert Augustus, Major, Colonel 14th Virginia Cavalry; Major .
22d Virginia Inlantry.
: Baily, David, Lieutenant-Colonel Camden County Georgia Militia, ''
Bain,(*) Seneca McNeil, Lieutenant Colonel i6th Mississippi Infantry. ''
SBaine, D. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Alabama Infantry. ---

," i .i .

S Baird,(*) Alfred H., Lieutenant-Colonel 65th North Carolina Volunteers
(6ith North Carolina Cavalry); Major 5th Battalion North Carolina
Baird,(*) Spruce M., Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona
Baker,(*) Alpheus, Colonel 4th Confederate Infantry (after 54th Ala.
i bama); Colonel 54th Alabama Infantry; Colonel 1st Alabama, Ten-
nessee, and Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion
S Alabama Infaintry.
S.Baker,(*) Bolling, Major 3d Virginia Battalion and after Regiment
Local Defense7(Departmental).
S Baker, B. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry.
S Baker,(*) John A., Colonel 41st North Carolina Volunteers (3d North
, Carolina Cavalry).
,,Baker,(*) John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Georgia
S lufantry.
S Baker,(*) Lawrence S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th North Carolina
S Volunteers (1st North Carolina Cavalry).
Baker,(*) Saniuel E., Major, Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry.
Baker,(*)Thos. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 55th Tennessee
Baker,(*) Thomas M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Ar-
tillery (1st South Carolina Regulars).
Baker,(*) Wm. N., Major 53d Tennessee Infantry.
Baker,(*) Wm. Y., Major 18th (Newsom's, also called 19th) Tennessee
Balch, Robert M., Major 3d (NB. Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel 18th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Baldwin, Gaston W., Lieutenant-Colonel 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas In-
S fantry.
Baldwin, John B., Colonel 52d Virginia Infantry; Colonel Augusta
i (Virginia) Raid Guards.
Baldwin,(*) Robert F., Colonel 31st Virginia Militia.
Baldwin,(*) Wm. E., Colonel 14th Mississippi Infantry.
Baldwin, W. W., Major Ordnanice Battalion, Columbus, Ga.
S.,Bale,(*) Alfred F., Major Gth Georgia Cavalry.
; Balfour,(*) Jno. W., Majorl8th Mississippilnfantry; Lieutenant-Oolonel
31st Mississippi Inflatry; Lieutenant-Colonel 6th (Balf6ur's) Battal-
ion Mississippi Infantry; Lient. Col. 49th Mississippi Infantry.
,Ball,(*) Charles P., Colonel 8th (Hatch's, also called 9th) Alabama Ca( -
.: .airy.
.: Ball,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 51st Georgia Infantry.
Ball,(*) Glover Ailing, Major 1st Florida Infantry.
Ball,(*) Lewis, Major, Colonel 41st Mississippi Infantry.
Ball, Martin V., Major 2d Infantry Regiment, Virginia State Line.
Ball,(*) Matt Dulany, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel llth Virginia Cavalry.
Ball,(*) William B., Colonel 15th Virginia Cavalry.. ,
Ballenger,(*) Marcus R., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Geor-
S -gia Infantry.
.. -Ballenitnle,(*) Jno. G., Colonel Ballentine's (also called 2d Mississippi
PartisanL Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry.
Bancroft,(*) Matthew V., Major 23d South Carolina Infantry. '
Bane,(*) John P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Texas In-
S" fantry. ... *
Banks.(*) James O., Major, Liettenant-Colonel 43d Mississippi Infantry.
Banks, Richard 0., Major 44th Georgia Infantry.

-; : .*L- ,' -..: I ..

SBankston, Jeff., Major 16th Mississippi Inf.intry.
: Banning,(*) James W., Major 28th Georgiw luJl'ntr-.
Barbee,(*) Andrew R., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Virginia Infantry; :
SBarber, Flavel C., Major 3d Tennessee Volunteers.
SBarbiere, Joseph, Major 4th Confederate Infantry (after 54th Alabama); ;
Major Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion Alabama Reserves.
Barbour, Thomas M., Major 43d Alibama Infantry.
Barboar,(*) William M., Lieutenant-Oolonel, Colonel 37th North Caro-
li. na Infantry. : : :.
Barclay,(*) E. Sandy, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, .,
Phillips Georgia Legion.
Barclay,(*) Hugh W., Lieutenant.Colonel 11th Georgia Cavalry; Major
30th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry.
: Barclay,(*) Win. P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry.
SBarden,(*) Wm. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Georgia Infantry.
SBarhaml, Theodore G., Lieutenant.Colonel 24th Virginia Cavalry.
SBarker,(*) J. J. A., Major 3d Texas Cavalry.
SBarksdale, H. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Cavalry.
SBarksdale, James A., Lientenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi Cavalry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Cavalry State Troops.
Barksdale,(*) William, Colonel 13th Mississippi Infantry.
.Barkuloo,(*) William, Colonel 57th Georgia Infantry. ,
Sarnes,(*) Dixon, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th South Carolina In--
fantry. '
Barnes, James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Texas Infantry State Troops;, ,
Colonel Texas Reserve Corps.
SBairnes, William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Regiment Florida Reserves.
:Barnett, Timothy, Major, Colonel 2d Creek Regiment.
Barnett,(*) T. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry.
B]arinett, W. D.., Major 2d Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. :
Barnette, Major 2d Battalion South Carolina Reserves.
Barnhardt, J. C., Colonel 84th North Carolina Militia.
Barr,(*) James, jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel; Col. 10th Mis-iss.-iippi
SBarrier,(*) Rufus A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th North Caroliua
Infantry State Troops. /
Barringer,(*,) Rufus, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th North Carolina,,
Regiment tist North Carolina Cavalry); temporarily attached.' toi
59tlh North Carolina Volunteers (4th North Carolina Cavalry). ,
,Barringer,(1) Wm. D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 28th:North Carolina;:
'; Barrow, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 04th Georgia InfanTry.
Barrow,(*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Louisiana Infantry. ;:
;: Barrow,(*)'Robt. J., Colonel4th Louisiana Infantry.
Barry,(*) James B., M Ijor 1st (McCulloch's)-Texas Mounted Rillcnmen;
SLieutenant-Colonel Frontier Regiment, Texas Cavalry;,
i~Barry,(*) John D., Major, Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Carolihna
S InIntry. .
B lrry,(*) William S., Colonel 35th Mississippi Infantry.
SBUrteui,(*) Clark R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d (Barteau's, after-
i:'I. ard 22d) Tennessee Cavalry; Lient-Col. Barteau's Tennessee Cavalry "
Battalion. ; ..
ar lc-tt, Frank A., Colonel Beauregard Regiment, Louisiana militia.
Barton, James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Texas Cavalry. .
P: Barton,(*) Seth M,, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry. '
Barton,(*) William 8., Major 30th Virginia Infantry.

i. -' -' -



Bartow, F. S., Colonel 8th Georgia'ITfantry.
Basham, Oliver, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Arkansas Cavalry.
Basiuger,(*) Win. S., Major 18th Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Baskerville,(*) Charles, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (also called 2d)Battalion
SMississippi Cavalry.
Bass,(*) Frederick S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Texas
Bass,(*) Mastin G., Major 59th Georgia Infantry.
Bass,(*) Thomas Coke, Colonel 20th Texas Cavalry.
Batehelor,(*) S. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Regulars.
Bate, Henry C.,'Major 1st (also called 12th) Confederate Cavalry.
Bate,(*) Wm. B., Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army).
Bateman, Thomas P., Lieutenant-Colonel llth Tennessee Infantry.
Bateman, Mannah W., Major 20th Louisiana Infantry.
Bates,(*) James C., Major 9th Texas Cavalry.
Bates,(*) Joseph, Colonel 13th Texas Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel
Bates' Battalion Texas Infantry.
Batte,(*) Peter V., Major 44th Battalion Virginia Infantry.
Battice,(*) Franceway, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Battice's) Choctaw Cav-
alry Battalion.
Battle,(*) Cullen A1., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Alabama
Battle,(*) Joel A., Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Battle,(*) Nicholas W., Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Texas Cavalry (also
c-alled -st Partisan Rangers).
Baucum,(*) George F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th.Arka'nsas
In fantry.
Baxter,(*) Eli ., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 28th Texas Cavalry.
Baxter,(*) James lM., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina In-
Baxter's Battalion Mississippi Cavalry, Series 1, Vol. XVII, p. 973.
Baxter, G. L., Major, Baxter's Confederate Cavalry Battalion; merged
into Jelfrey Forrest'p Alabama Cavalry.
Baya,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Florida Infantry.
Baylor,(*). George W., Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona
Brigade; Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry Battalion, Arizona
S. Brigade.
SBanylor,(*) John R., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted
Baylor,(*) Wm. S. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Virginia
SBeale,(*) Ricbatd L. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Virginia.',
Cavalry; Major 1st Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Beall,(*) David Edward, Lientenant Colonel 18th Virginia Cavalry.
Beall,(") James F., Maajor 21st (fbornerly 11th) North Carolina Infantry.
SBeall, Thomas, Lieutenant ~ orlonel 5tl Georgia Infantry.
SBeall, T. S., Major .eall's Battalion Alabnma Cavalry. .
Bean, Elwood M., Major Texas Reserve Corps.
:Bean,(*) Onslow, Major 3d (also called 14th) Battalion Tennessee Cav-,
airy; Lieutenant- Colonel 1st (Carter's) .Tennessee Cavalry.
SBeard,(*) James H., Major 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Major
11th Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Colonel Crescent Regiment Lou-
isiana Infantry.
Beard,(*) Wm. K., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Florida Infantry.


.~ ....



;'` ''



i:; `-

* a~ *

S. .. 11

Beasley,(*) Win. It., Major 2d (Anderson's) North Carolina Battalion
SReserves; Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Regiment North Carolina Junior
SBeasley, W. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Cavalry Georgia State Gurdl.
Beaty,(*) Chas. Roambrose, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Texas
Beaumont,(*) Thomas W., 'Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (old) Tennessee In-
Beak, Benjamin, Colonel 9th Georgia Infantry.
'Beck,(*) Franklin K., Colonel 23d Alabama Infantry.
Beck,,() James W;, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry.
Beckett,,Newton J., Acting Major 1st Battalion Mississippi Int.aitry
(60 days). ...
SBeckham,(*) R. F., Major Stuart Horse Artillery, Virginia. '
B. ]3eckham,(*) Thomas C., Major 5th South Carolina Infantry.
; Beckley,(*) Henry M., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Battalion Virginia In-
Sfantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Infantry Regiment Virginia State
Bedford, H. H., Major 2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri State
Guard. .
.Bee,(*) Barnard E., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Artillery
,:(1st South Carolina Regulars).
SBeeson, Wm. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th) Texas
-Bell,(*) Charles J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Louisiana Infantry.
Bell, Hiram P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 43d Georgia Infantry.
Bell,(*)- James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Cherokee Mounted iidles;
: Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Oherokee Mounted Rifles. '
'Bell(*)'James R., Major 12th Mississippi Infantry.
Bell, Madison, Major 11th Georgia Cavalry.
Bell, Robt. E.,"Major 20th Texas Infantry.
Bell,(*) Samuel S., Colonel 37th (Bell's) Aikansas Infantry; Major .
2 0)th (afterward 37th) Arkansas Infantry.
Bell,(*) Tyree H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th Tennessee Infantry;
Colonel 12th and 22d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
Belo,(*) Alfred H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 55th North Carolina In- -:
Belsehes,(*) Benj. W., Major 13th VirginiaCavalry; Major 16th Battalion :
Virginia Cavalry.
'Beltzhoover,'(*) Daniel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana- Ar-
tillery. -.
SBenavides,(*) Santos, Major 33d'Texas Cavalry; Colonel Benavides' .
Texas Cavalry.
SBenbow,(*) Henry L., Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry..
['Bennett, Albert G., Major 12th Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers. ..
i Bcennett, E. It., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th (also called 7th) Misissisppi In.- -
i t fntry. .'
',Bennett,(*) Geo. W. C., Major MacDonald's Missouri Cavalry; Major
issouri Cavalry; Major 11th Battalion Missouri Cavalry.
Bennett, G. W., Major 12th (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) Tenues.
see Cavalry.-
*. Bennett,(*) James D., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Tennessee Cav -
airy; Colonel 9th Tennessee Cavalry.
Bennett,(*) Matthew D., Major 4th Virginia Infantry. "
Bennett,(*) R. Tyler, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th (formerly 4th)
SNorth Carolina Infantry.

'. .' a,

*~ '-


12 i

Bennett, Thos. F., Colonel 156th Virginia Militia.
S Benning,(*) Henry L., Colonel 17th Georgia Infantry.
S Benson, Berry B., Major 12th (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) Ten-
nessee Cavalry.
Benton,(*) Nat., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th (Woods', also called 32d) Texas
S Cavalry.
Benton,(*) Samuel, Colonel 34th (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry.
Bentley,(*) Win. W,; Major 24th Virginia Infantry.
Beraud,(*) Dbsire, Major 10th (Yellow Jacket) Battalion Louisiana
Berkeley,(*) Edmund, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Virginia Infantry.
Berkeley,(*) Norbornc, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Virginia
I infantry.
Berkeley,(*) Wm. N., Major 8th Virginia Infantry.
.Berkeley,(*) Win. R., Major 21st Virginia Infantry. .
S .Berry,(*) T'hos. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry.
Berry,(*) Thomas J., Major 4th (Stiles') Battalion Georgia Infantry;
Lientenant-Colonel 60th Georgia Infantry.
Berryman, Richard C., Major 12th Missouri Infantry.
Best,(*) Emory F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Georgia
Bethune,(*) William C,, Lieutenant-Colonel 57th (also called 54th)
.Alabama Infantry.
S Betsill,(*) Rolet J., Major 18th South Carolina Infantry.
S Betts,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Alabama Infantry.
S Bevier,(*) Robt. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry; Major
(2d Battalion Missouri Infantry, Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry, 3d
Division, Missouri State Guard.
. Bibb,(*) Joseph B., LieutenantColonel, Colonel 23d Alabama Infantry.
Bidwell,(*) Bell G, Major 30th Tennessee Infantry.
'Biffle,(*) Jacob B., Lieutenaut-Colonel 2d Battalion Tennesee Cavalry;
S Colonel 9th (Biflie's, also called 19th) Tennessee Cavalry.
S Bilbrey, Josiah IH., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry. I
Billopp,(*) W.'W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th. Georgia Infantry.
Billups, Robert S., Major 61st Virginia Militia.
:Binford,(*) James R., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Mississippi In-
: fantry.
; Bingliam,(*) Jabez, Major 8th Kentucky Infantry.
Bingham, William, Colonel 46th North Carolina Militid.
Binns,(*) John E., Major 11th Tennessee Infautry; Major 11th and 29th
I'. Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
,Bird,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Georgia Cavalry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
.:Bird, Francis W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th North Carolina In-
: i fan try.. "
Bird, Pickens B.. Major 9th Florida Infantry; Major 6th Battalion
SFlorida Inflntry.
Bird, T. J., Major 1st Battalion Trans-Mississippi Cavalry, Louisiana.
.': Tirthright, C. E., Major 1st Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri
State Guard.'
,- Bishop, J. W., Major Harrell's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
Bishop,(*) Samuel.L., Major,Lieutenant-Colonel20th Louisiana Infantry..
S Bishop,(*) William H., Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry.
B i:Bishop,(*) William P., Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry.
Bisliiad,.John R., Colonel Terre Bonne Regiment, Louisiana Militia.
Bi..Bvi ns, James M., Major 19th (Thompson's) Battalion Georgia State

\" -- 'AW -

Black, Erastus L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d (Lyles') Arkansas
Black,(*) George R., Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Georgia Infantry. ;
SBlack,(*) Gideon B., Lieutenant-Colonel 55th Tennessee Infantry.
SBlack,() Harvey Hahuibal, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel .1st Texas In-
Black, Jno.4,Major 1st Arkansas Militia (30-days' men).
Black,(*) John L., Colonel Ist South Carolina Cavalry; Lieutenant-
SColonel 1st Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
.Black,(*) William T., Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry. .
SBlaekford,(*) Eugene, Major 5th Alabama Infantry. ..
Blackford,(*) Wm. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Engineer Regiment.
Blacknall,(*) Charles C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d (for-
Snerly 13th) North Carolina Infantry. .
SBlacknall,(*) T. H., Major 37th (Bell's) Arkansas Infantry. '
Blackwell,(*) John L., Major 5th Tennessee Cavalry.
.Blackwell, Win. H., Major 3d Arkansas Cavalry.
Blackwell, Y. H., Major, Lieutepint-Colonel 5th Missouri Cavalry.-
Blain, James S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles',, also called-.
18th) Georgia Infantry. -
Blail',(*) James D., Colonel 2d Louisiana Cavalry. .
Blair,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry.....
Blair,(*) Lovick Wm. K., Major 7th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.
Blake,(*) Julius A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th South CarolinarIn;
S-fantry; Major Ist Battalion South Carolina Infantry.
Blakey, D. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Alabama bavalry. -
Blanchard,(*) Albert G., Colonel 1st Louisiana Volunteer Infantry.
Bland,(*) Elbert, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry.
Blanding,(*) James D., Lieut. Col.,- Colonel 9th South Carolinau lfantry.
Blanding,(*) Ormsby, Major 1st South Caroliha Artillery.
Blanford,(*) Mark H., Lieutenant.Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry.
Blankenbeker,(*) E. Finks, Major 82d Virginia Militia.
Blanton, James C., Major 3d (N. B. Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Blaniton, William C., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Northeast Missouri Cir;ary..,: .-;
Bledsoe, Hiram M., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry, Sth Di,..
-:vision, Missouri State Guard -'- .-
Bledsoe,(*) Willis Scott, Major 8th (Baxter Smith's, also called 4th) Ten-
nessee Cavalry. .
Blessiug,*) William, Major 23d Battalion Virginia Infantry. i.
Blevins,(*) Absalom K., Major 29 Tennessee Infantry. ,: .
Blount, J. H., Lieut. Col.Jst Cavalry Battalion Georgia Reserves. :
Blount,(*) Joseph G., Major 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery .
Blount,(*) Nathan S., Major 7th Florida Infantry..
Blount, Robert P., Lieutenant Colonel 9th Battalion Alabama Infantry.
Blow,(*) George, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Virginia Infantry.
Blythe,(*) A. K., Colonel 44th Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenan't-Colondl -
.1st (Blythe's) Battalion Mississippi Infantry.
Blythe,(*) Green -L., Major Ist Mississippi Cavalry Battalion (or Mmn-
ute Men) State Troops; Colonel 2d Mississippi State Partisan Rang- -
ers .
Board,(*) Francis H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 58th Virginia ufantry. ....
IfBocage, Jos. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry.
I Bogart, E..G., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Cavalry, Sht Division. .
SMissouri State Guard.
Bogga.n,(*) Walter J., Major 43d North Carolina Infantry.
Boggess,(*)'Abijah F., Major, Lieut. Col. 26th Tennessee Infiantry.

Boggess,(*) Jiles S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry.
Boggs,(*) Francis J., Major 12th Battalion Virginia Light Artillery.
Boggs,(*) Thomas H., Lieutenant-Colonel 2dt (also called 1st) South Car.
olina Rifles; Major 5th (also called 1st) Battalion South Carolina
.Bohannan,(*) John G., Colonel 61st Virginia Militia.
S Bohannan, Lewis, Lieutenant-Colonel Ist Missouri Cavalry, 4th Divi-
S sion, Missouri State Guard.
Bohannon, L. C., Colonel, ordered to North Missouri to recruit cavalry
regiment for State service.
I rolling(. ) E. S., Major Waul's Texas Legion.
Bolton, Geo. W., Major 7th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
o Bomar,(*) Thos. H., Major 38th Ga. Infantry (Wright's Ga. Legion).
Bonaud,(*) A., Major 28th Battalion Georgia Artillery.
Bond, Thomas H., Major 3d Battalion Virginia Reserves.
S Bone, Benry F., Major 11th Texas Cavalry.
.. Bonham, ). W. C., Colonel 22d Mississippi Infantry.
; Bonneau, Peter, Colonel 19th South Carolina Militia.
Bonner, Thos. Reuben, Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 18th Texas Infantry.'S
Booker,(*) George E., Major 58th Virginia Infantry.
Booker, Richard A., Colonel 3d Virginia Reserves.
; ookter,(*) Edwin F., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th S. C. Infantry.
S Booic,(*) Bartley B., Lieutenant.Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry.
S Boone,(*) F. M.., Lieutenant.Colonel 26th Mississippi Infantry.
Boonm,(*)' Hlanibal lIJonostus, Major 13th Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Booue, Lifityette, Major 1st (Stirman's) Regiment Arkansas Sha.rp.
SBoone,(*) Squire, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Hobbs') Arkansas Infantry;
Colonel 15th (Boone's) Arkansas Infantry.
Booton,(*) Daniel F., Major 3d Georgia Cavalry.
Borden,(*) Thos. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi
Infantry. t .
Border,(*) John P., Col. Border's Regiment Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col.
.Anderson's Regiment Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Border's Texas
Cavalry Battalion.
Borland,(*) Solon, Colknel 3d Arlkansas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 1st (Bor-
land's) Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. -
Bosaing,(*) Win. H., Major 11th Battalion Virginia Reserves. .
Bossiicux,(*) Louis J., Major 25th Battalion Va. Infantry Local.Defense.
:Bost,(*) Jackson L., Major, Lieut. Col 37th North Carolina Infantry.
SBostick, Joseph, Major,31th (formerly 4th Tenn., Prov. Army) Tenn.
B'ostick, N., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 5th Division, Missouri State
S Guard.
SBoston,(*) Reuben B., Colonel 5th Virginia Cavalry.
Boston,(*) Win. J., Major 23d Georgia Infantry.
Boswell, T. T;, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Reserves.
Bosworth,(*) Abel W. Major, Col. Crescent Regiment Louisiana In.
Bottles,(') ,James L., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Tennessee Infantry.
Botts,(*) Lawson, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Va. Infantry.-
Botts,(*) Walter B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Texas Infantry.
i' Botts, W..H., Major 8th (Fitlton's) Tennessee Infantry.
Bouchelle, Thomas, Colonel 2d Regiment N. C. Del ailed Men.
.Boudinot, E. C., Major 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
, : *. *

S': .^ I \-V ': ... .. *. .:: :I^,,*.::::::..

Boughan, Richard A., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Missouri Cavalry, lst
Division, Missouri State Guard.
Bounds',(*) Joseph Murphy, Lieut. Col., Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry...
Bourland,(*) James, Colonel Bourland's Regiment Texas Cavalry.
Bowdre, Albert R., Major 9th Mississippi Infantry. :
Bowen, C. W., Major 2d Mississippi State Partisan Rangers.
Bowen,(*) Henry S., Colonel 22d Virginia Cavalry.
jBowen,(*) John S., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry.
iBowen,(*) lobert E., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d (also called 1st) South -
.Carolina Rifles.
iBowen,(*) Thomas P., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Virginia Cavalry.
iBowen,(*) Wiles L. L., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Florida Infantry. t
,Bowie, James W., Major Wright's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Wright's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
Bowles,(*) James W.,.Major, Lieut. Col. 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cav-
Bowles,(*) John S., Major 22d Battalion Virginia Infantry.
Bowles,(*) Pinckney D., Maj., Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th A-labapna In-
Bowman, Henry F., Major 15th (Russell's, also called 20th) Tennessee
Bowman,(*) James H., Major 3d Kentucky Infantry.
iBowman, John P., Major, 6th Mo. Inf., 8th Div., Mo. State Guard.
;Bowman, Samuel, Major 12th Missouri Cavalry.
Bowyer,(*) Thomas IM., Major Artillery, P. A. C. S.
Boyce, ----, Major 1st Mo. Inf., 3d Div.,,Mo. State Guard.
Boyd,(*) Andrew J,, Major, Lieut. Col. 45th North Carolina Infantry.
Boyd,(*) James A., Lieutenant-Colonel 12tWt Louisiana Infantry.
Boyd,:John RE, Lieuit. Col. 1st Mo. Inf. Battalion, 5th Division, Mo .,
State Guard.
Boyd,(*) Joseph 0., Major 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army).;, '
Boyd,(*) Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Louisiana Infantry; Lieut.
.:-Col. 9th (also called 17th) Battalion Louisiana Infantry (temporary.: .1
Boyd,(*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 45th North Carolina Infantry.:
Boyd,(*) Wallhr M., Major 19th Virginia Infantry.
Boyd, Wier, Colonel 52d Georgia Infantry.
Boyd, Wm. W., Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry. .
'Boykin, Edward M;, Major 7th South Carolina Cavalry.
Boykin, .Francis M., Lieutenant-Cololiel 31st Virginia Infantry. :
Boykin,(*) Stephen M., Major, Colonel 20th South Carolina Infantry. : .
SBoyles,(*) Wm., Colonel 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers; Major 15th ,
Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers. .
KBoynton,(*) James S., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 30th Geoigia In-.
'Brabble,(*) Edmund C., Major 1st Battalion North Carolina Infantry;
SColonel 32d North Carolina Infantry.
'Brackenridge,(*) John T., Major 33d Texas Cavalry. .
'Bradford,(*) Alsey J., Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's) Tennessee In-i :, '
SBradford,(*) Charles M., Colonel 15th Louisiana Infantry; Lieutenant-'
: Colonel 3d Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Major 1st Regular Louisiana
: Infantry; Col. Bradford'7 Regiment Texas Cavalry.
'Bradford, Henry, Major, 1st Florida Cavalry.
Bradford, H. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Infantry.
Bradford, James A. J., Colonel 10th North Carolina Volunteers (1st
.;;North Carolina Artillery). .

Bradford, James C., jr., Major 3d (also called 14th) Battalion Tennessee
S Bradford,(*) Jesse J., Major 37th Georgia Infantry.
Bradford, Taul, Major 10th Alabama Infau try; Lieutenant-Colonel 30th
Alabama Infantry.
Bradford,(*) Wm. M., Colonel 31st (W. M. Bradford's, after 39th) Ten-
S nessee Infantry.
S Bradley, Benjamin F., Major 11th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
: Bradley,(*) Benj. F., Major 1st Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles.
Bradley, Jno. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Stite Troops.
S Bradley, John M., Colonel 9th Arkansas Infantry.
Bradley,(*) Jno. M., Major, Lieut. Col. 13th Mississippi Infantry.
Bradley, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Georgia Infantry.
Bradshbaw, A. C., Major Bradshaw's Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
Bradshaw,(*) Charles W., Major, Lieut. Col. 42d North Carolina In-
.. fantry.
S Bradshaw, John A., Colonel 70th North Carolina Militia.
S Bradshaw,(*) Oliver A., Maj., Lt. Col. 34th (formerly 4th Tenn., Provis-
ional Army) Tenn. Inf.; Lieut. Col. 50th (new) Tenn. Inf.
Brady,(*) Andrew, Major 15th Louisiana Infantry.
S Brailsford,(*) Edward D., Major 1st South Carolina Infantry (Provis-
ional Army).
Branch,(*) Lawrence O'B., Colonel 33d North Carolina Infantry.
Brand,(*) Frederick B., Lient. Col. Miles Legion, Louisiana.
Brandon, Nathan, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry.
S Brandon, Stephen U. W., Major 10th Tennessee Infantry.
Brandon,(*) Win. L., Lieiitenant-Colonel, Colonel 21st Mississippi In-
fantry; Major, Lieut. Col.'1st (Brandon's) Battalion Infantry.
Branner,(*) Benjamin ii M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Battalion Tennessee
B' rantly,(*) Wm. P., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry; Lieutenant-Col-
onel, Colonel 29th Mississippi Infantry.
S Brashear, Ezra M., 2d Mo. Inf., 8th Div., Mo. State Guard.
Brasher,(*) E. G., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Arkansas Infantry.
Brasher,(*) Seymour C., Major 10th Texas Infantry.
.. Bratton,(*) Bugh L. W., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 24th Tennessee In-
Bratton,(*) John, Colonel 6th South Carolina Infantry.
S Bratton John C., Major 9th Arkansas Infantry.
S : Brazelton,(*) William, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (also called 14th) Bat-
' talion Tennessee Cavalry; Colonel 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry.
SBreathed,(*) James, Major Artillery Battalion.
,Breaux,(*) Gustavus A., Colonel 30th Louisiana Infantry; Colonel
S : Sumter Regiment, Louisiana Militia.
Breazeale,(*) Winter W., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Louisiana Cavalry;
SMajor 33d Louisiana Partisan Rangers; Major Breazeale's Battalion
-Louisiana Partisan Rangers.
Breckenridge, P. G.,-Major 3d Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
Breckinridge,(*) Cary, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (also called 30th)
S Virginia Cavalry.
SBreckitridge, Wm. C. P., Colonel 9th (also called 4th Mounted Ritle~
:. Ky3.. Cavalry;. Major i'ecliiiridge's B'attalion Kentucky Cavalry.
S Breedlove,(*) Ephraim B., Major, Lietit. Col., Colontel 45th Alabama"
: Brenan,(*) Peter, Major 61st (also called 26th) Georgia Infantry.
S' Brenizer, Addison G., Colonel Ist Regiment North Carolina Detailed

S. .. : .

Brent,(*) George William, Major 17th Virginia Infantry.
Brent,(*) Preston, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 38th Mississippi Infantry. ':
Breut,(*) Thomas Y., jr., Major 5th Kentucky Cavalry.
Brevard,(*) Theodore W., Colonel 11th Florida Infantry; Major, Lieut.
Col. 2d Battalion Florida Infantry. '"
Brewer, George E., Major 46th Alabama Infantry.
Brewer, O. H. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d OherokeeMounted Rifles.
Brewer, R. H., Major Brewer's Battalion Alabama Cavalry. .
']rewer, Septimus L., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry. .'
Brewster,(*) James P., Major 50th (also called 5th) Georgia Infantry.,.,
Bridges, Henry W., Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Stirman's) Regiment Ar-' -
kansas Sharpshooters; Major Bridges'"Battalion Arkansas Sharp..
Shooters; Major, commanding troops under S. D. Lee in Mississippi.
Bridgers, John L.,, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th North Carolina Volunteers
(1st North Carolina Artillery).
Brilgford,(*) 1). B., Major 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry, Regulars.
Bridgman,(*) John M., Major 4th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Brien,(*) L. Tiernan, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry.
Briggs,(*) Bebjamin F,, Major 16th (formerly 6th) North Carolina In-
Bringier, Amedde, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Louisiana Cavalry. '. :
Broadfoot,(*) Charles W., Lieutenant-Colonel Ist North Carolina Junior -
Reserves; Major 1st Battalion North Carolina Junior Reserves.
Brockenbrough.(*) John M., Colonel 40th Virginia Infaintry.
Brockenbrough, -- Colonel 2d Virginia Reserves.
Brockett,(*) Edgar L., Major 12th Virginia Infantry.
Brockman,(*) Benj. T., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th S. C. Infantry.
Broke Arm, Major Osage Battalion. ,
Bromley,;-W.., C. colonel, 4th Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men)
State Troops..
Bronaugh, Win. N., Major 2d Battalion Arkansas Infantry.
Brookss,() John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Texas Cavalry
S(1st Texas (Whitfield's) Legion).
,Brooks, A. G., Colonel 33d North Carolina Militia. -
.Brooks,(*) Iverson Lea, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel. 26th Arkansas .. .
Brooks,(*) John S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th (formerly 10th) ;:
North Carolina Infantry.
Brpoks, Terrell, Major 6th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves.,,,i .;'-
Brdqks,(*) Thorndyke, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Tennessee Infantry. I;':
Broolis, T., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Regiment Local Defense Troops,::
l Mac&i, Ga.
Brooks,(*) Wm. H., Colonel 34th (also called 2d) Arkansas Infantry; '
Sfajor 1st (Brooks') Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
;Brooks,(*) Win. M., Colonel 3d Alabama Reserves.
;Broome,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Alabama Infan ..
rBroughton, Dempsey W., Major 20th Texas Cavalry.
Browder,(*) Bartlett M., Colonel 51st Tennessee Infantry. '
Brown, A. D., acting Major Brown's Mississippi(?) Battalion Infantry
-. -(found in Featherston's Brigade, return Army of Tennessee July 31,
Brown, Alexander H., Colonel 1st Charleston Reserves, South Caro
Brown,(*) Alex. J., Colonel 55th Tennessee Infantry.
3Brown,(*) A. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry.

V: *.

S 18
S Brown, Benjamin, Colonel Ist Missouri Cavalry, 6th Division, Mis-.
souri State Guard.
Brown, Benjamin F., Lieutenant-Colonel Gth Georgia Cavalry; Major
Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Georgia Legion.
S Brown,(*) Blackburn I., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Tennessee;
S Infantry.
Brown,(*) Drnry J., Colonel 36th Mississippi Infantry.
Brown,(*) Daniel T., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Tennessee Infantry.
Brown,(*) Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Misssissippi Infantry.
Brown,(*) Hamilton A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st North Carolina In-
fantry State Troops.
Brown,(*) Henry K., Major,'Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Mounted
I, Rifles. ,
S Brown,(*) Jack, Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry.
Browd,(*) James P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Tennessee Infan-
r .. Brown, James S., Major 46th Tennessee Infantry.
Brown, Jno. C., Major 12h11 Alabama Infantry.
Brown,(*) John C., Colonel 3d Tennessee Volunteers.
., Brown,(*) John E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 42d North Carolina
: Brown,(*) John Thompson, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel .1st Virginia
Brown,(*) Joseph, Major 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, Provisional
Army) T.nnessee Infantry.
SBrown,(*) Joseph N., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 14th South Carolina
S. Infantry.
Brown,(*) J. Welsman, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina
: 'Artillery.
Brown,(*) Owen I., Major 37th North Carolina Infantry.
S Brown,(*) R. G., Major Oth Mississippi Cavalry'.
Brown,(*) Reuben lt., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Texas Infantry ; Colonel
3.5th (Brown's) Texas Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion
Texas Cavalry.
-Brow6,(*) Riidgely, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Maryland Cay-
"alry; Colonel lst Maryland Cavalry. "
Brown, Sheridan R., Major 53d Georgia Infantry.
SBrown, T. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry.
SBrown,(*) Thomas. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry
Battalion, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard.
Brown,(*) Thopas J., Major 42d North Carolina Infantry.
SBrown, Thomas E., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Batlalion South Carolina
Brown,(*) Uriah T.,,Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 28th Tennessee Infan-
.try. *
S:: Brown,{*) William N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 20th Missis-
!1i ," sippi Infantry.
; .' 3Brown,(*) W. Le Roy, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Virginia Battalion Local
-: Defeuse (Arsenal).
SBrown, Lieut. Col. 1st Georgia State Troops.
S. Browne,(*) William H., Colonel 45th Virginia In(antry.,
;.. Browne,(*) William M., Colonel 1st Battalion Virginia Cavalry Local
',;"D' Defense Troops.
Browning, A. F., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th South Carolina Militia.
; Brownlow,-Williamn W. J., Major 32d Tennessee infantry; Major, tem.
porarily attached to 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, Provisional Army)
: Tennessee Inufntry.

Broyles, Charles E., Major, Colonel 36th (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry...
Bruce, James D., Major, Liontenant-Colonl6 47th Virginia Infantry.' :
Bruce, Thomas, Colonel Bruco's Missouri Cavalry, 2d Division, Mis-
souri State Guard.
Brumby, A. V., Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry.
Bruster,(*) Ebenezer, Major 29th Virginia InfIantry. :
Bryan,(*) David F., Major 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry.
Bryan,(*) Goode, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th Georgia Infantry.
Bryan,(*) J. M., IM major 1st (Bryan's) Cherokee Cavalry Battalion.
SBryan,(*) John G,., Major 37tlh North Carolina Infantry.
Bryan,(*) Kiiig, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Texas Infantry. :
Bryan, Moses Austin, Major 4th Texas Infantry State Troops. :
Br.\sin,(*) Samuel C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th-(formerly 15th)
Noi th Carolina Infantry. .
Buchanan, (*) Felix G., Major Ist Tennessee Infantry, Provisional Army.
,Bucl!anan,(*) John H., Major 2d Mississippi Intfntry. :,
Bnchel,(*) Augustus, Colonel 1st (Buchel's) Texas Cavalry; Lienten.-:
ant-Colonel 3d Texas Infantry.
Buck,(*) John A., Major 22d (also called 1st Indian Texas Regiment)
Texas Cavalry. '
'Buck, William A., Colonel 24th Alabama Infantry; Colonel 4th Ala-
bama Militia (90 days).
Buckner. G. W., Acting Major 1st Arkansasand Louisiana Battalion
Cavalry. .. '-,''
Bucknrr,(*) Thomas R.., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry. -
Buford,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Tennessee Infantry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel 4th and 9tb Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
Buie,(*):Duncan, Major 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.
Bulger,(*) Michael.J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel- 47th Alabama In- ,
Buli'er, W. D., Maj6: Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Alabama IReserves.
Bull, )Gustavfrs A., Lieutenant Colonel 35th Georgia Infantry; found
also on Confederate register as Major of 4th Battalion Georgia In-
: '-fantry.
Bull,(*) John P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Morgan's (also called 2d)-'.
Arkansas Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Arkansas Cavalry.
SBullard,(*) James G., Lientenant-Colonel 10th Mississippi Infanltry.
Bullitt,(*) William G., Major 6th Kentucky Cavalry; Major Bullitt's
Battalion Kentucky Cavalry. '
Bullock, Edward C., Colonel 18th Alabama Infantry.
Bullock,(*) Robert, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 7th Florida Infantry;,; .,I
;'Bullock, Robert S., Major 8th Kentucky Cavalry.
SBunch,(*) Bryan B.jjr., Major 5tl Tennessee Infantry.:
Bunn,() Henry G., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (illeNair's) Arkansas.I :
fantry; Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry (temporary command). .
nBurl'ridge,(*) John Q., Colonel 2d.(also called 1st) Missouri Infantry; ::.;
Fl Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry; Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 3d Di-2:;'
Vision Missouri State Guard ; Colonel Burbridge's Missouri Cavalry:,
2d Division, Missouri State Guard.
SBurford,(*) Nathaniel M., Colonel 19th Texas Cavalry.- -{
Burford,(*) William G., Major tth (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry.
Burgin, Thomas A., Lieutenant Colonel 3d Battalion (or Minute. Men)
Mississippi State Troops.
Burgwyn,(*) Henry K,, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 26th North '
SCarolina Infantry. .
SBurke,(*) Joseph K., Major Stowe's Battalion North Carolina Reserves; :
-: Major 5th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves. .

: ; .. :

Burke, Martin, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry.
Burke,(*) Ross E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Louisiana
SBurke,(*) Thomas M., Major 55th Virginia Infantry.
Burks, Jesse S.., Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry.
S Burks,(*) John C., Colonel llth Texas Cavalry.
Burks,(*) J. H., Major 4th Georgia Reserves.
Burks,(*) Richard I., Colonel Botetourt Regiment Virginia Home
Guards; Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Virginia Cavalry.
Burks, Robert S., Lieutenant-Colonel Botetourt Regiment Virginia
S Home Guards.
SBurleson,(*) Andrew Bell, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Texas Cavalry.
Burleson, Edward, Major 1st (McCulloch's) Texas Mounted Riflemen.
Burnet,(*) Jas., Major 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th). Texas Infantry;
Major 1st Battalion Texas Sharpshooters.
S Burnett, Henry C., Colonel 8th Kentucky Infantry.
Burnett,(*) Jno. H., Colonel 13th Texas Cavalry.
Burnett,(*) Thomas J., Major 17th Alabama Infantry.
Burns, A. D., Major 1st Texas Partisan Rangers.
Burns,(*) James Randolph, Lieut. Col. 35th (Likens') Texas Cavalry;
S Lieut. Col. Burns' Texas Cavalry Battalion.
Burns, John T., Major 6th Georgia Cavalry.
Burns,(*) Simon P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Hunter's, changed to 8th)
: Missouri Infintry; Colonel 8th (Burns', changed to 11th) Missouri
S Infantry; Colonel 11tl< Missouri Infantry.
SBurr, J. G., Colonel Masouborough Home Guards, North Carolina Bat-
SBurr, Win, H., Major 30th Alabama Infantry.
Burroughs,(*) Edgar, Major 11th Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Major
S 15th Virginia Cavalry.
Burrow,(*) Reubeu, Major 12th (also called 1st Partisan Rangers) Ten-
K. nessee Cavalry.
Burt, E. R., Colonel 18th Mississippi Infantiy.
i Burt,(*) William G., Lieut. Col., Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry.
SBurton, Augustus W., Major 12th (formerly 2d) North Carolina Infantry.
S Burtwell, Jno. R. B., Colonel 11th (also called 10th) Alabama Cavalry
Major 21st Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Burwell, W. P., Major 2d Virginia Heavy Artillery.
Bush,(*) Louis, Major, Lieut. Col. 18th1 Louisiana Infantry (last commis-
sion declined); Colonel 7th Louisiana Cavalry.
Bush, Win. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th (also called 2d Partisans)
Texas Cavalry.
Bussey,(*) Hezekiah, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry.
Buster, M. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel Buster's Battalion ArkansasCavalry; Major, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel of J. J. Clarkson's Missouri Infantry Battalion.
Buswell,(*) Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Militia.
Butler,(*) Andrew 'P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina
SInfantry (Provisional Army).
' Butler, E. G. W., jr., Major 11th Louisiana Infantry.
,Butler,(*) Jno. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provi-
sional Army).
Butler,(*) J. I., Colonel 3d Kentueky Cavalry.
Butler,(*) Loudon, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Louisiana Infantry.
Butler,(*) Matthew C., Colonel 2d South Carolina Cavalry; Major
Hampton (South Carolina) Legion.


I t '

21 :
Butler, Samuel F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Mississippi Infantry.'
Butler,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d South Carolina
Artillery (1st South Carolina Regulars). "
1Butler, Wm. L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonil 28th Alabama Infantry.. '
Butler,(*) Wm. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Tennessee-Infantry.. ;
Butt, Edgar M., Major, Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry. :'.
Bynum,(*) Geo. W., Major Ham's Mississippi Cavalry. "'' ,
B3ynum,(*) Tom, Major 9th (also called 17th) Battalion Louisiana
Bynum,(*) William P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d North Carolina
Infantry State Troops. :
Byrd.(*) Stephen D. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th South Carolina .
Infantry; Major 6th Battalion South Carolina Infiatry. .
Byrd,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Texas Infantry.
SByrd, Wm. M., Colonel 1st Alabama Militia.
Byrd, Wm. W., Major 10th Battalion Virginia Reserves.
SCabell,(*) George C. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel ]8ith Virginia Infantry.
Cabell,(*) Henry C., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Virginia Artillery.
Cabell,(*) J. Grattan, Major, LieutenantColonel 6th Virginia Cavalry.
Cabell,(*) Joseph R., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 38th Virginia -
Cage, Duncan S., Lieutenant-Colonel 2Gth Louisiana Infantry.-
Cage, John B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Confederate Cavalry.
Cain, James G., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry.
Cain, W. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry.
Calahan, W. G., Major 18th Georgia Infantry.
Caldwell,(*) Alexander W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Tennessee. .:
Caldwell, John H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Alabama Infantry. -
Caldwell,(*) John W., Major 1st Kentucky Cavalry; Major, Lieuten-
ant-Colonel, Coloifel 9th (also called 5th) Kentucky Infantry; Major,
,Lieut. Col. 5th Kentucky Infantry (latter appointment canceled).
Caldwell,(*) Josiah H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th (Jackman's, .
afterward 16th) Missouri Infantry. ..
Caldwell,(*) Robert P., Major 12th Tennessee Infantry.
Caldwell, Major Ist Battalion Louisiana State Cavalry.
Calhoon, S. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry.
Calboun,(*) P. Ludlow, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th South Carolina In-'''
S..fantry. .
Calhoin,(*) Win. Ransom, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina Ar-
Stillery Battalion ; Colonel 1st South Carolina Artillery Regiment. '
: Call,(*) Geo. W., Major 2d Florida Infantry..
Callcote,(*) Alexander D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia.In-
Sfantry. :":
Calloway, Abner S., Lieutenant-Colonel 55th North Carolina Infantry. .
Calmese,(*) Fielding H., Major 23d Virginia Cavalry.
Camiak,(*) Thomas, Major Infantry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion.
.Camden,(*) G. )., jr., Major 9th Battalion Virginia'Infantry. .
SCamden, J. D., Major 23d Virginia Infantry.
'Cameron,(*) Allen, Major Waul's Texas Legion. .
SCameron,(*) F. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry.
i -Cameron,(*) John F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (formerly 18th Ar-
Skansas) Confederate Infantry.
Camfield, Charles H., Major 29th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
Camp,(*) John L., Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry.
Camp,(*) Raleigh S., Major 40th Georgia Infantry. -
I- ,' .

Camp, Thompson, Major 14th Texas Cavalry; Colonel 2d Texas In-
fantry State Troops.
Camp, Win. A., Major 36th Tennessee Infantry.
Campbell,(*) Alexander W., Colonel 33d Tennessee Infantry.
Campbell, Andrew J., Major, 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry.
S Campbell, Chas. C., Major 1st Missouri Infantry.
Campbell, Churchill G., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Kentucky Cavalry. /
Campbell,(*) Francis L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 13th (Gib.
/ .' son's) Louisiana Inflatry.
Campbell,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Missis-
sippi Infantry.
Campbell,(*) James C., Major 48th Virginia Inflitry.
Campbell,(*) James C., Major 18th Mississippi Infantry.
S Campbell,(*) James M., Major 47th Alabama Infantry.
Campbell,(*) John A., Colonel 48th Virginia Infantry.
Campbell, Josiah A. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 40th Mississippi Infantry.
Campbell,(*) L. A., Major, Licntenant-Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry.
: Campbell,(*) Leonidas C., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Missouri
Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Gth Battalion Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-
Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry.
.: Campbell,(*) Reuben P., Colonel 7th North Carolina Infantry State
Campbell,(*) Robert, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th (also called 9th)
S South Carolina Infantry.
Campbell, Thomas J., Major 5th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Campbell, Win. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion South Caro-
lina Light Artillery.
Campbell, William P., Major 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
S': Camnron,(*) Orville G., Major Ist Battalion'Kentucky Mounted Rifles..
S Candler, A. D., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Reserves.
Canfield,(*) Mercer, Major Crescent Regiment,,Lonisiana Infantry.
Canon, John Job, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Texas Infantry.
Cansler, Adolphus Philip, Major 1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Missis-
S sippi Regiment..
Cantey, James, Colonel 15th Alabama Infantry.
.' antrell, Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry.
Cantwell,(*) Ed ward, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (formerly 2d) North Car.
: ,olina Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 59th North Carolina Volunteers
(4th North Carolina Cavalry).
Cantwell,(*) John L., Coloriel 51st North Carolina Infantry; Colonel
30th North Carolina Militia.
Capers,(*) Ellison, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 24th South Carolina
S Capers,(*) Henry I)., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion Georgia
S Artillery.
'Capers,(*) James H.,Major 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers.
Capers, J. Hickson, Major 3d Arkansas Infantry.
Capers,(*) Richard L., Major 3d (Pargoud's) Louisiana CavalryS Major,
Lieutenant.Colonel 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers; Col-
onel 5th Louisiana Cavalry.
Capers,(*) W. C., Major 1st Louisiana Artillery.
Caraway,(*) Nathaniel Jackson, Major 11th Texas Infantry.
S Carden, Albert G., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Tennessee Infantry.
Carew, John. E., Colonel 3d South Carolina State Troops; Colonel 18th
South Carolina Militia.
Cargile, C. M., Major 10th Arkansas Infantry.

23 .
.arlton,(*) Charles H., Major.15th (Polk's) Arkansas Infantry ":Col. -
onel Carlton's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry; -
Carmical,(*) George H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Georgia
Carmichael,(*) Abner B., Major 26th North Carolina Infantry.
Carpenter,(*) John N., Major, Lieuteilant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Alabama
Cavalry. :.
Carpenter,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colouel 27th Virginia Infantry (ap-
Spointment declined).
Carpenter, Simeon, Lieutenant-Colonel 82d Virginia Militia. : -.
Carr,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry.
Carrington, fHenry, Major 3d Virginia Cavalry.
Carrington,(*) Henry A., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 18th Virginia
Carrington,(*) Isaac H., Major 38th Virginia Infantry.
Carroll, Charles A., Colonel Carroll's Iegiment Arkansas Cavalry. :
Carroll,(*) Charles M., Colonel 15th Tennessee Infantry. .
Carroll, De Rosey,.Colonel Ist Arkansas Cavalry State Troops, 1861...
Carroll, D. W., Colonel 18th (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry. ...
Carroll, Joseph A., Major 29th Texas Cavalry.
Carroll,(*) William H., Colonel. 37th (formerly 7th Tenhessee, Provi-
sional Army) Tenniessee Infantry; Colonel 1st East Tennessee Rifles.
Carson,(*) John T., Major 12th Georgia Infantry.
Carson, Robert P., Lieutenaut-Colonel 37th Virginia Infantry. :
.Carswell, Nathaniel A., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Infantry Battalion Geor-
gia State Guard.
Carswell,(*) Reuben.W., Lieutenant-Colonel 48th Georgia Infantry !" :
Carter, Benjamin F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Texas Infantry. .:
Carter,(*) David M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th North Carolina Infantry
State Troops. : : .
Carter,(*) George Washington, Colonel 21st Texas Cavalry.
Carter, Haley M., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (also called 10th) Battalion .,
Louisiana Cavalry. .
Carter,(*) Hill, Colonel 52d Virginia Militia.
Carter,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (also called 14th) Battalion.
Tennessee Cavalry; Colonel 1st (Carter's) Tociiessee Cavalry.
Carter, James W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry. ,
Carter,(*) James W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Mississippi In-- '
:Carter, J. C., Lieutenint.Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry State Troops;. Major 5'
2d Cavalry Battalion Texas State Troops.
Carter,(*) John C., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Alabama Infantry.
Carter,(*) John C., Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee In.- :
fantry. .
Carter,(*) John W., Major, Lieutenant.Colonel 2d Virginia Infantyr Bat-
talion Local Defense (Quartermaster's).
. Carter, Mosco B., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Carter, Nathan W., Colonel 21st (N. W. Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry
Carter, Richard W., Major 2d Alabama Cavalry.
"Carter, R. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry.
Garter,(*) R. Welby, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia
Carter,(*) Samuel A., Major 45tih 1cnessee Infantry.
Carterr,() T. 1., Lieutenant-Colonel ( carter's Battalion Artillery.
Carter,(*) Thomas M., Major, Licuienlnt Colouel 2d (1Bubridge's, also
called 1st) Missouri Infantry.

Carter,(*) William F., Major 2d (Burbridge's, also called 1st) Missouri'
Carter,(*) William J..; Tajor 14th South Carolina Infantry.
Carter,(*) \Villiami E., Ma:jor, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Cavalry.
Caruthers, C. K., Acting Major Caruthers' Battalion Mississippi Sharp-(
Carver, D. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 88th Virginia Militia.
Cary, George W., Major 44th Alabama Infantry.
Cary, John B., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Virginia Infantry.
Cary,(*) N. R., Major 39th Virginia Infantry (disbanded); Major 19th
Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery.
Cary,(*) R. Milton, Colonel 30th Virginia Infantry.
S Cash,(*) Ellerbee B. C., Colonel 8th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel
2d South Carolina Reserves.
S Caskie,(*) Robert A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Virginia
... :, Cason,(*) Caleb McKnigh Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's)
Tennessee Infantry.
Casseday, Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Kentucky Infantry.
Cassel,(*) J. T., Major 2d Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry.
Caswell, Theodore D., Major 4th Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters.
p. Cathey,(*) William H., Major 16th Texas Cavalry.
S Cato, William W., Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Regiment (Military Dis-
'trict) Georgia.
: aton,(*) .William R., Major'23d Texas Cavalry.
Caudill,(*) Benjamin E., Colonel 13th Kentucky Cavalry (also called
10th'Kentucky Mounted Rifles and 11th Kentucky Mounted Rifles).
O Caudill, David J., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Kentucky Cavalry (also
called 10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles and11th Kuetucky Mounted
S Caudle, John H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 34th Texas Cavalry
S (also called 2d Partisans).
Cawthorn, James, Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Cayce,(*) Henry P., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Texas Infantry; Major of
*; Bates' Battalion Texas Infantry.
S Cayce, Stewart W., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry; Lieu-
S tenant-Colonel Ist Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops.
C: earnal, J. T., Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 5th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
SI Cecil, William P., Major 23d Battalion Virginia Infantry.
Chadick,(*) William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (also known as 26th,.
Coltart's) Alabama Infantry; Mfjor.,d .(also called 8th)..Battalion
Alabama Infantry.
SCbalmers, A. H., Major of Major's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 3d
I Division, Missouri State Guard.
Chalmers,(*) Alexander H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Battalion
; -. Mississippi Cayalrq ; Colonel 18th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment;
Colonel Chalmers' Consolidated Mississippi Cavalry Regiment.
Chalmers,(*) James I., Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry.
Chambers,(*) Pinckney B., Major 49th North Carolina Infantry.
Chambliss,(*) John R.,jr., Colonel 41st Virginia Infantry; Colonel 13th
Virginia Cavalry.
Chambliss,(*) N. I., Major 1st Kentecky Cavalry.
Chambliss,(*) Samuel L., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (Pargoud's) Louisiana
S Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers.

Vt '-* .1 v :- ... ..- '

riG.bhanidlr, Greene C., Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry.
'Chaidler,' i Joseph N., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Georgia Infantry.
Flhamn,') \min. P., Major'8th (Dibrells, also called 13th) Tennessee:
v.r. Ca'iin .\
-.Clapviai.,(*) William H., Major 43d Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Lieu- -''
: teii nt-Colouel Mosby's Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers. ; .
lharlton,(*) Richard, Lieutenant-Colonel 33d (Hardcastle's) Mississippi "
Inf; initr ; Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Mississippi Infantry.
h~arltocn, W\illiam~VW., Major 2d Georgia Infantry.
2Ahaistini, E. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars; Colonel 8th .
', Re.gim-nt Georgia State Troops.
t hatheld,,*) Win. M., Major 20th Mississippi Infantry.
I Lheairs,(* i Nathaniel F., Major 3d Tennessee Volunteers.
h'l-eekl,(*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th North Carolina
.* Volunteers (1st North Carolina Cavalry).
libkLotue, Sainuel, Lieutenant Colonel 1st Creek Regiment. :
Clienanlt, DIavid W., Colonel 11th Kentucky Cavalry.
heni.-y, W. F., Lieutenant-Colonel Avoyelles Regiment, Louisiana
[ M ilitia.
htenoweth,(") Benjamin D., Major 21st Texas Cavalry. .': :
hlenowetli.(') J6hn Thos., Major 13th Kentucky Cavalry (also called ,
10th Kentucky Mounted Rides and 31th Kentucky Mounted Rifdes).
'leunowctlh,(') Joseph H., Major 31st Virginia Infantry.
hlienowetlil*) J. Q., Major 3d Kentucky Cavalry. .- .
Jberrv, D. 8.. Colonel 15th North Carolina Militia.
3hestei.r,() John, Lieutenant*Colonel, Colonel 51st'Tenniessee Infantry.
lhew,(*) Iobelrt S.. Lieutenant.-Colonel,,Colonel 30th Virginia Infantry.
ew,(') R. P., Major Chewc Battalion Artillery.
Lildiess,()-.James 1;, Lieutemnnt Colonel 40th Mississippi Infantry.
1hilds,(*) Frederick L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2d Battalion North
i Carolina Local Defense Troops..
hiles, Eijah, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division
SAlissouri State Guard.
hiles, Ifichard B., Lieutenant-Colonel Jst Missouri Cavalry; Lienten-: .
Saint Colonel Extra Cavalry Battalion, 4th Division, Missouri State
hiles, W. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, ,
Missouri State Guard.
hilton,(") George W., Major 3d Texas Cavalry. '
hlism, Howard, Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
hisun,(*) Isham, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Texas Partisani' :
Rangers (originally Stone's Regiment). '- ..
hbrisliiu, Francis M., Major Chrisman's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
'hri6lnl,(')"YGeo., Major 7th Battalion Virginja Reserves. .;;
bristian,( I Bat. D., Major 52d Virginia militia.
Christ iii,( Cihas.B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Virginia Infantry.
lristinu, Edmond J., Major 23d (formerly 13th) North Carolina In- ..
Sfalirv. '
"hristi;i.'), Samuel P., Majort Lieutenant-Col6nel 8th Texas Cavalry.
hristin;,(") Wm. S, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 55th VirgiuiiI .
hristie,(") Daniel Harvey, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d (for-
imerly l3th) North Carolina Infantry.
*hristy.() George W., Major 6th Louisiana Infantry.
hurcli,(') Lucius A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Florida Infantry.

Churchill, Thos. J., Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
Churchwell,(*) William M., Colonel 4th (Churchwell's, afterward 34th)
Tennessee, Provisional Army; Colonel 34th (formerly 4th Provisional
Army) Tennessee Infaintry.
Clack,(*) Calvin J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Tennessee Volun-
Clack,(*) Franklin H., Major 16th Battalion Louisiana Infantry; Lieu-
tenant Colonel Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry; Colonel 33d
Regiment Louisiana Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Battalion Con-
federate Infantry.
Clack, George, Colonel Continental Regiment, Louisiana Militiai
Claiborne,(*) James R., Major 37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Claiborne,(*) Thomas, Captain, P. A. C. S., temporary commander as
Colonel 6th Confederate Cavalry.
Claiborne,(*) Thos. D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Confederate CQw-
al'y; Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Georgia Cavalry.
Claiborne,(*) Win. C., Colonel 7th Confederate Cavalry; Lieutenant-
Colonel 4th Battalion North Carolina Partisan Rangers.
Clanton,(*) James H., Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry.
Clanton, Turner, jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Alabama Cavalry.
": Clark, B. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalibn Louisiana State Cavalry.
Clark,(*) Edward, Colonel 14th Texas.Infantry. '
Clark,(*) Edward A.,'Major 51st Tennessee Infantry.
.Clalk,(*) George-M., Major 34th North Carolina Infantry.
SClark, H. E., Colonel Clark's Missouri Cavalry.
Clark,(*) John B., j.,, Colonel 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry; Major,
Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 3d Division Missouri State Guard.
S Clark,(*) John M., Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry.
Clark,(*) J. W., Major 31st Arkansas Infantry. .
Clark,(*) Walter McK., Major 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves;
: Major 4th Battalion lNorth Carolina Reserves.
Clark,(*) Whitfield,-Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 39th Alabama
Infantry. ,
C lark,(*) Wi., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (also called 8th) Texas
Clark,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 46th Mississippi
:. Infantry.
'Clarke,(*) Chas. H., Major 15th Virginia Infantry.
Clarke, Edward Y., Major 16th Battalion Georgia Cavalry .
Clarke,(*) J. Lyle, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Battalion, Virginia Sharp.
S Clarke,(*) Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry.
K Clarke,(*) Thomas Erskine,'Major 8th Florida Intantry.
Clarke,(*) William J., Colonel 24th (formerly 14th) North Carolina In-
Clarke,(*) Wm. L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Kentucky Infantry.
Clark's Battalion Missouri Infantry, series I, vol. x, pt. II.
S Clarkson,(*) James J., Colonel Clarkson's Battalion Missouri Cavalry;
Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard.
; Clarkson,John N., Colonel 3d Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
r? Clay.(*) Charles C., Major 1st (Jackson's, afterward 7th) Tennessee
S Clay,(*) Ezekiel F., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Kentucky Mounted
S Rifles..
Claybrooke,(*) Frederick, Major 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Clayton,(*) George Wesley, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 62d North
!ii. Carolina Infantry.

7*. ?:i

Clayton,(*) Henry D., Colonel 39th Alabama Tnfantry; Colonel -Ist
Alabama Infantry.
Cleburne,(*) Patrick B., Colonel Ist (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry;
Colonel 15th (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry.
Clement,(*) Adam, Major 11th Virginia Infantry (appointment can-
Clement,(*) Win. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Virginia
Clemeilts, Newton N., Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (also known as 26th,
Coltart's) Alabama Infantry.
Cleveland, L. G., Majot 1st Infantry Texas State Troops.
Cleveland,(*) Stephen B., Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry.
Cleveland,(*) Wilde C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infant ry.
SClifton, James M., Major 10th (also called 4th) Battalion Alabama In- :
SClifton, Win. C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colon'el 39th Alabama Infantry. '.
Clinch,(*) Duncan L., Colonel 4th (Clinch'l) Georgia Cavalry; Major, ,..i
Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
Clinch,(*) Henry A., Major 1st Louisiana Artillery.
Clingman,(*) Thomas L., Colonel 25th (formerly 15th) North Carolina
Clopton,(*) Albert G, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Texas Infantry.
Cloud,(*) Abel J., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) North Caro- .
lina Infantry.
Cloud, George, Major 1st Seminole Cavalry Battalion.
Clough, Jeremiah M., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Texas Infantry,
Cluke, Roy S., Colonel 8th Kentucky Cavalry.
Clyburn,(*) Benjamin R., Major 2d South Carolina Infantry.
Clyburn,(*) T. Frank, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th South Carolina
Coarser, Johi W., Lieutenant-Colonel Morgan's Regiment Arkansas
Cavalry (also called 2d).
Cobb,(*) Howell, Colonel 16th Georgia Infantry.
Cobb,(*) Norvell, Major, Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry.
Cobb,(*) Pharaoh A., Major 2d (Ashby's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Cobb,(*) Thomas R. R., Colonel Cobb's Georgia Legion.
SCobbs,(*) Paul M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th (Rogan's, also called
39thl) Arkansas Infantry.
Cochran,(*) James, Colonel 14th Virginia Cavalry.
Cochran, Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Cavalry.
Cocke,(*) John B., Colonel Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry.
Cocke, P. St. George, Colonel 19th Virginfa Infantry.
Cockrell,(*) Francis-M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d (Burbridge's,
also called 1st) Missouri Infantry.
Coffer(* ) Martin H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th Kentucky Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Cofer's) Battalion Kentucky Infantry. ::
Coflee,(*) Chatham, Acting Major 11th Tennessee Cavalry. '.
.Coffee, Jno. A., Major 20th Georgia Infan try.
Coffee,(*) John T., Colonel Oth Missouri Cavalry; Colonel Gth Missouri
Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard.
Coffee,(*) Patrick H., Major 16th Tennessee Infantry.
Coffman,(*) Isaac G., Major 10th Virginia Infantry.
Colioon,(*) John T. P. C., Lieutenant Colonel 6th Battalion North Caro-
lina Iufantry; Lieutenant-Colonel Cohoon's Battalion Virginia In-
S fantry.
Coiner,(*) David W., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Virginia Militia.- -

i '

Coit,(*) John T., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Texas Cavalry.
S Coker,(*) James L., Major 6th South Carolina Infantry.
I Colbert,(*) Wallace Bruce, Colonel 40th Mississippi Infantry.
S Oolcock.(*) Chas. J., Colonel 3d SouthCarolina Cavalry; Lieutenant.
Colonel 8th (also called 2d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
-: Cole,(*) Christopher C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 12th)
North Carolina Infantry.
Cole,(*) James C., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Confederate Infantry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel 5th (Smith's, also called 9th) Confederate Infantry;
I Major 21st Tennessee Infantry.
., Cole, Peter H., Major 13th Tennessee Infantry.'
Coleman,(*) Augustus A., Colonel 40th Alabama Infantry.
Coleman, Cicero, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Kentucky Cavalry.
!. "' Coleman,(*) Clayton G., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia In-
S fantry.
S Colcmau.(*) David, Colonel'39th North Carolina Infantry.
,Coleman, (*) Henry E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 12th (formerly 2d)
.: North Carolina Infiatry.
Coleman,(*) James T., Major Miles Legion, Louisiana Volunteers.
Coleman, J. G., Major 1st Texas Cavalry State Troops.
Coleman,(*) Lewis M., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Virginia Artillery.
Coleman, Thomas K., Major 4th Alabama Infantry.
Coleman, W. O., Colonel 46th Arkansas Infantry.
Coles, Thomas R., Major 37th Virginia Militia.
Collins,(*) Chas. Read, Major, Colonel 15th Virginia Cavalry.
C ollins,(*) Jose)h,"Lieuteiant-Colonel 18th Louisiana Infantry.
Collins, N. I).,. Colonel Collins' Mississippi Cavalry Regiment.
SColms,(*) Stephen H., Major 1st (Colms', also called 20th) Battalion:
S' Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 50th (new) Tennessee Infantry.
Colquitt,(*) Alfred H., Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry.
Colquitt,(*) John W., .lajor, Colonel 1st (Colquitt's) Arkansas Infantry;
Major 1st (Fagan's) Arkansas Infantry.
S ..,Colquitt, Peyton H., Colonel 46th Georgia Infantry.
S Colston,(*) Raleigh E., Colonel 16th Virginia, Infantry..
Colston,(*) Raleigh T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Infantry.
Coltart,(*) John G., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Alabama Infantry (12
months); Colonel 50th (also known as 26th, Coltart's) Alabama In.-
fantry; ,Lieut. Col. 3d (Coltart's) Battalion Alabama Infantry.
Colton, John F., Colonel 62d North Carolina Militia.
Colvin,(*) Chas. H., Colonel Gih Alabaiiia Cavalry. ,
Compton, John R., Colonel 198th Virginia Militia.
Cone,(*) James G., Major 47th Georgia Infantry. "
SCone,(*) Joseph S., Major, Lieutenant-Oolonel 47th Georgia Infantry. .
.- Conerly, James M., Lieut. Col. 2d Regiment Mississippi Infantiy (or
i Minute Men) State Troops.
Conu, Chas. A., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry.
Conunally,(*) John K., Colonel 55th North Carolina Infantry.
Conner,(*) James, Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry.
Conner,(*) James, Major Hamnpton (South Carolina) Legion.
Conner,(*) Win. G., Major, Lieut. Col. Jeff. Davis Mississippi Legion.
Conner,(*) Z. T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry...
S Connor,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col. 5th Kentucky Infantry.
Sonoley,(*) John F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 29th Alabama Infantry; -Lieut.
.'. Col. 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry. ..
Conyers, Win. D., Major Infantry Battalion, Cobb's Georgia Legion.
Cook,(*) Alphonso F., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry. -

V ,

29 ... .-

Cook,(*) Eldward B., Major 2d Battalion Virginia Reserves.
S-Cook,(*) Edmund C., Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry.
Cook,(*) F. W. C., Major 23d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard.
Cook,(*) Gustave, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry.
Cook, Hatch, Major 60th Alabama Infantry; Major 3d Infantry Bat-
talion, Billiard's Alabama Legion.
Cdok, Henry P., Major 2d Mississippi Infantry Battalion (or Minute
Men) State Troops. -
Cook,(*) Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Texas Ar-
tillery; Colonel 1st Regiment Texas Artillery.
Cook,(*) Philip, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry.
Cook,(*) Robert T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion,Phil-
lips Georgia Legion.
Cook, W. D. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Arkansas Infantry.
Cook,(*) Wrn. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry.
Cooke, H. W., Major 4tb Cavalry Texas State Troops.
Cooke,(*) Jas.,B., Colonel 59th Tennessee Infantry. *, .
SCooke,(*) John R., Colonel 27th North Carplina Infantry.
Cooke,(*) Oliver H., Lieutenant Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry.
Cooper,(*) Albert G., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Biffle's, also called 19th) .
Tennessee Cavalry.
Cooper, Douglas 11., Colonel 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted ::-
Cooper, James F., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry.
Cooper, John, Major 11th Infantry Battali6n Georgia State Guard. ,
Cooper,(*) Stephen, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry.
SCooper,(*) Sylvester C., Major 46th Tennessee Infantry. -
Cooper, John F., Major 8th Georgia Infantry.. :
Cooper, Thomas L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry..
Cooper,(*) Wmi. P., Major 31st Virginia Infantry.
Copeland, Jno. R., Colonel 59th Virginia Militia.
Coppens,(*) Georges Auguste Gaston, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion
Louisiana Zouaves (signs as G. Coppens).
Coppens,(*) Marie Alfred, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Louisiana
Zonaves (signs as Alfred Coppens).
Cording,(*) Jerome B., Lieutenant Colonel 49th Tennessee In1atry.'
Corley,(*) Jas. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 60th Virginia Infantry." '
Corley,(*) Jno. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Texas Cavalry.
Corley, Sauml., Minjor l)obbin's Arkansas Cavalry (also called lst).
Cormier,(*) Charles E., Major Ist Louisiana Volunteers.
Corn,.. .M., Major, Lieut. Col. 3d (also called 11th) Confederate Cavalry.
Corner, John B., Major 1st Mo. Cavalry, 4th Div. Mo. State Guad.
Corns,(*) James M., Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry.
SCorpening,(*) D. J., Colonel 5th North Carolina Regiment Senior Re-
Corprew,(*) Thos. J., Lieut. Col., Colonel 6th Virginia Infautry.
Coree,(*) Montgomery D., Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry.
Cotter,(*) Hamilton W.,.Major 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee
Infantry. .
SCotton, Richard C., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th North Carolina Infantry.
Coulch,(*) Iienry M., Lieutenatit-Colonel 8th Arkansas Infantry.
C( Councill,(*) Edtward C., Majo(r, Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry. -
:\ Counill,(*) James C., Lieutenant Colonel 20th V'irginia Infantry. -' "
Counselman, Lawrence W., Lieutenant Colonel 2d Missoqri Infantry,
S 8th Division, Missouri State Guard.
i Coupland,(*) A. J., Lieutenant-Colonel llth Texas Infantry.

i; -..ISli

1' -

'' .:



" '

-" '

'^ lii: I-


'', ...'. ~

r. '

c-'-'. 1 '..

,. "


_ ~.:...~i.. I:..' --.~,. ..,.----I---~~---

Couzens,(*) Wm. H., Major 2d Missouri Cavalry; Major 1st Missouri
Cavalry Battalion. 1st Division, Missouri State Guard.
Covedo, John S., Major Camden County Georgia Militia.
Oowan,(*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d North Carolina Infantry
State Troops; Colonel 18th North Carolina Infantry.
Cowan,(*) Robert V., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d Northl
Carolna Infantry.
Cowand,(*) David G.,- Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 32d North
Carolina Infantry.
Coward,(*) A., Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry.
Cowles,(*) Wm. H. H., Maior, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th North Carolina
Volunteers (1st North Carolina Cavalry).
Cox,(*) Daniel L., Major 2d South Carolina Rifles.
Cox,(*) Fleet W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 40th Virginia Infantry.
Cox,(*) J. J., Major 2d Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters.
Cox,(*) John T., Colonel 1st (also called 12th) Confederate Cavalry.
Cox,(*) Nicholas N., Colonel 10th Tennessee Cavalry; Major 2d Battal- -
ion Tennessee Cavalry; Major Cox's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Cox,(*) William R., Major, Lieutenant Cdionel, Colonel 2d North Car-
olina Infantry State Troops.
Craig,(*) Washington De La Fayette, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th
Texas Cavalry.
Craig, William, Major 20th Georgia Infantry.
Craige,(*) James A., Major 57th North Carolina Infantry.
Crandall, Lee, Colonel 47th Arkansas Infantry.
Crane, James P., Major 2d Maryland Infantry (appointment canceled.)
Cratcn,(*) Marshall D.. Colonel 50th North. Carolina Infantry; Lieuten-
ant-Uolonel 35th North Carolina Infantry.
Cravens,(*) Jerry C., Major 11th Missouri Cavalry.
Cravens, Jesse L., Colonel 5th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Cravens,(*) Jordan E., Colonel 21st (Cravens') Arkansas Infantry.
Crawford,(*) Anderson F., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Texas
Cavalry. -
Crawford,(*) Gibson M., Major 44th Tennessee Infantry.
Crawford( James, Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry.
Crawford, John H., Colonel 60th (also called 79th) Tennessee Infantry.
Crawford,(*) John P., Major; Lieut. Col. 51st Georgia Infantry.
Crawford,(*) Martin J., Colonel 3d Georgia Cavalry.
Crawford, Robert W., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th.Missouri Cavalry, 8th
.Division Missouri State Guard; Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Missouri In-
frntry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard.
Crawford, Wm. A., Lieutenant-Colonel Crawford's Battalion Arkansas
Infantry; Colonel 1st (Crawford's) Arkansas Cavalry; Lieutenant-
Colonel 1st (Fag'n's) Arkansas Infantry.
Crawford, Win. P.; Lieutenant Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry.
Crauvford,(*) William L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Texas In-
Crawley,(*) Win. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Holcombe
South Carolina Legion.
Creasman,(*) William B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 29th
North Carolina Infantry.
Crenshaw,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia Infantry.
Crenshaw,(1. James R., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Virginia Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Virginia Infiantry (disbanded).
Crenshaw, John B., Major 91st Virginia Militia.


:Crenshaw, ,. L., Major 33d Arkansas Infantry.
Crews,(#) C as. C., Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry.
'Crews,(*) J M., Colonel 58th Tennessee Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel
: Crews' B ttalion Tennessee Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 26th Bat- --
talion T nnessee Cavalry ; Major Nixon's Tennessee Cavalry Regi-.
1 ment.
Critcher,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Virginia Cavalry; Major
15th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Crittenden, Charles T., Major 13th Virginia Infantry.
SOrittenden, Robt. F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d Alabama,
S Infantry.
Crittenden,.Stanley S., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Catolina Reserves.
C. rockett,() Robert H., 'Major, Lieutenalit-Colonel, Colonel 18th
S (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry.
Croft,(*) Edward, Major, Lieut. Col. 14th South Carolina Infantry.
Cromwell, Elisha, Major, Lieut. Col. 44th North Carolina Infantry.-
Crook,(*) David C., Major 28th Tennessee Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel,
S.Colonel 28th and 84th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
S-Orook, James, Major 27th Bttalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Crook,(*) Williams J., Major 13th Tennessee Infantry.
Cross, David C., Colonel 5th Arkansas-Infantry.
Crossland,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant:Colonel 1st Kentucky In-
fantry; Colonel 7th Kentucky Infantry.
C row,(*) James M., Major 9th Alabama Infantry.
SCrow,(*) William C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 26th Louisiana In-
Orowder,(*) John A., Major 19th South Carolina Infantry.
Crowded,(*) Jno. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (also called 27th) Georgia- .
Infantry. ,
SCrudup,(*) Archibald D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel.47thi North Caro-i
S lina Infantry.
Crump,(*) Chas. A ,Colonel 26th Virginia Infantry; Colonel'16th
Virginia Infantry.
Crump,(*) R. P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Texas ay-, .' .
S airy; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Texas Partisan Rangers.
Crump, Win. N., Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Alabama Infantry. .
Crumpler, Lewis H., Major 59th Alabama Infantry. '
Crumpler, Thomas N., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North:
Carolina Cavalry).
Crutchileld, Stapleton, Major 9th Virginia Infantry; Colonel 16th :
Virginia Infantry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry..-
nCulberson,(*) Augustus B., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Battalion ;a.valry,
Georgia State Guard. :
Culberson,(*) David B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 18th Texas Infantry.,
S Cnlp,(*) Jno. R., Major, Lieut. Col. 17th South Carolina Infantry.
Culpoepper,(*) James M., Major 6th Georgia Infantry.
i Culver, Isaac F., Major 6th AlabanmaInfantry.
Cum by,(*) Robt. H., Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry.
:um~ming, Alfred, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry.
Cumming,(*) John B., Colonel 5th Georgia Reserves; Lieutenant-Colo-
nel, Colonel 20th Georgia Infantry.
SOuummning,(*) Montgomery, Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
SCumming,(*) Pleasant W. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th (Jack '
,man's, afterward 16th) Missouri Infantry; LieutenantiOolonel :16th .
(formerly 7th) Missouri Infantry.
Cummings,(*) Arthur C., Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry.

Cummings,(*) David H., Colonel 19th Tennessee Infantry,.
S Cummings, Thomas B., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Missouri Cavalry, 8th
Division, Missouri State Guard.
Cundiff, W. H., Lientenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 5th Division,
S Missouri State Guard.
Sunningham, Arthur S., Lieutenant-Colonel, temporary commander:,
10th Alabama Infantry February 1863; Lieutenant-Colonel, tempo-
rary commander 40th Virginia Infantry.
Cunningham,(*) Charles J. L., Major, Colonel 57th (also called 54th)
Alabama Infantry.
Ounningham,(*) Geo. A., Lieutenant Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry.
Cunningham, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry.
S Cunningham, John, Major 1st (Symons') Regiment Georgia Reserves.
Ounningham, John, Major Ounningham's Battalion South Carolina Re-
Cunningham, John F., Major 67th Virginia Militia.
S Cunningham,(*) Preston D., Lieut. Col.,Qolonel 28th Tennessee Infantry;
S Cunningham,(*) Richard H., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry.
Cunningham, Robert, Lieut. Col. 10th Mo. Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State
Curlee,(*) Wm. P., Lieutenant-Colonel Ham's Mississippi Cavalry;
Lieutenant-Colonel Ashcraft's, Ham's, and Lowry's Consolidated
Mississippi Cavalry Regiment.
Curley,(*) Barnard, Major 5th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
S Curlin,(*) Martin W., Major 4th Virginia Battalion Local Defense
S(Naval) : -
S Curry,(*) Duncan, Major 50th Georgia Infantry.
SCurtis,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia. Infantry.
Curtis,(*) Willia inE., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 41st Georgia Infantry.
Cutshaw,(*) Wilfred E., Major Jones' Battalion Artillery.
Cutt, (*) Allen S., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 11th Battalion Georgia
Cypert, J. N., Major 7th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
S Dabney, Wm. H8, Colonel 1st Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Dale, Matt., Major 1st Texas Infafntry.
Dalton, James S., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th North Carolina Infantry.
S ]aly,() Andrew, Lieutenant Colonrel Daly's Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Daly, John N., Lieut. Col., Col. 18th (C;rroll's) Arkansas Infantry.-
D )ancy, Clifton, LieutenantColonel 24th pi lntfntry.
D anfortb,(*) Jno. B., Colonel 1st Virginia State Reserves, Second Class
D' aniel,(*) Charles P., Major, Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry. '
r"- Daniel, James E., Lient. Col. 27th Battalion' Tennessee Cavalry.
S Daniel, James J., Colonel 1st Regiment Florida Reserves. : :
Daniel, Jno. W., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 15th Texas Infantry.
D,amiil, John W L., Major 15th Alabama Infantry.
D.aniel, Junius, Colonel 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina Infantry; .
S Colonel 45th North Carolina Infantry.
.* Daniel,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 46th Georgia Infantry.'.:/
S' Danley,(*) Benj. F., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry. -
Dantzler,(*) Olin M., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th South Carolina Infantry;
':." Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry.. '
Darden, Stephens Heard, Colonel 5th Inffantry Texas State Trobs.
Dargau,(*) Alonzo T., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st South Carolina Ina try.
Dark,') .Jos. N., l.ijor 25th Texas Cavalry. -
". : Darnll,*) Nicljoll. H., Colonel 18th Texas Cavalry.

'- : .I i

3 .. I ,i

SDarst, James H., Major 185th Virginia Militia.
Daugherty,(*) Davis G., Major 31st Arkansas Infantry.
Daugherty,(*) Ferdinand I;, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Dibrell's, also
called 13tli) Tennessee Cavalry. *
Davant, PhilipE., Lieutenant-Colonel 38th Georgia Infantry; Major 3d
Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters. -
Davant,(*) Richard J., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Cav-
alry; Major 2d Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
Davenport. John H., Major 30th Texas Cavalry (also called 1st Par-
tisan Rangers).
Davenport,(*) John M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 39th Virginia Mi-
Davenport, Stephen, Major Davenport's Battalion Mississippi State
Daves, Joel T., Major 19th Texas Cavalry.
Davidson,(*) A. I., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Texas Battalion (also
called 4th), Arizona Brigade.
Davidson,(*) Hugh H., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th North Carolina In-
S fantry.
SDavidson,(*) James I;:, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Re .
Davidson,(*) Jtobt. H. M., Major, Lieut. Col., 6th Florida Infantry.
Davidson,(*) Thomas J., Colonel 23d (also called 2d and 3d) Mississippi
Davidson,(*) William L,, Major Davidson's Battalion North Carolina
Infantry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th North Carolina In-
fantry State Troops.
Davie,(*) James Madison, Major, Colonel 36th Arkansas Infantry.
Davies, John N., Major 7th Georgia Cavalry.
Davies,(*) T. W. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Alabama In-
Davis,(*) Alexander M., Major 45th Virginia Infantry.
Davis, Benjamin F., Major 5th Florida Infantry.
Davis, Benjamin T., Major 22d Tennessee Infantry.
Davis,(*) Champion T. N., Colonel 16th (formerly Gth) North Carolina
i Infantry. .
Davis, C. M., Colonel 10th Georgia State Troops.
Davis,(') David S., Major 6Gth North Carolina Infantry.
Davis,(") Henry C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th South Carolina
Davis, Benry C., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi and Tennessee Bat-
talion (retired March 17, 1865).
Davis,(*) James C., Major 17th Tennessee Infantry.
Davis, James L., Major 11th South Carolina Reserves.
Davis,(*) James T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th North Carolina
Davis,(*) J. Lucius, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Virginia Cavalry;
Colonel 10th Virginia Cavalry; Colonel 40th Virginia Infantry.
Davis,(*) John B., Colonel 1.5th South Carolina Infantry.
Davis,(*) John R., Major of Dalvis' Battalion Tennessee Cavalry; Major
8th (Baxter Smith's, also called 4th) Tennessee Cavalry (canceled).
Davis, Job n W., Major, Lieutenant-Cooonel 20th Alabama Infantry.
Davis, Joseph RI., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Mississippi. Infantry.
Davis, M. D., Major 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's) Arkansas Cavalry..
Davis, Matthew L., jr., Colonel 19th North Carolina Infantry (2d North
Carolina Cavalry).

' fc L

i Davis,(*) Newton N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 24th Alabama
S Davis, Nich., Lieutenant.Colonel 2d (also called 8th) Battalion Alabama
Infantry ttemporarily commanding 19th Alabama Infantry, declined
Davis,(*) Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Tennessee Infantry.
Davis, Samuel Boyer, Major 7th Battalion Texas Infantry; Major of
Debray's Battalidn Texas Cavalry.
Davis, Samuel W., Major 18th Tennessee Infantry.
Davis, William George M., Lient. Col., Colonel 1st Florida Cavalry.
S-'-7;Davis,(*) William S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th (formerly 2d)
North Carolina Infantry; Lieutenant Colonel 23d (formerly 13th)
North Carolina Infantry temporaryy command).
SDavis, W. L., Major 7th Mississippi Cavalry (also called 1st Missis-
sippi Partisan Itangers).
Davis, Zimmerman, Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry.
Davison, Samuel, Major 89th Virginia Militia.
Davitte,(*) Samuel W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel, st Georgia
Dawson,(*) C. L., Colonel 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry; Colonel
S'Dawson's Arkansas Infantry Regiment.
S Dawson,(*) George 0., Major 8th Georgia Infantry.
S.. Dawson, John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 151th Senior Tennessee
S Infantry; Major 13th and 154th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
Dawson, Jonathan S., Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry.
Da.wson, Martin, Major 30th (Rogan's, also called 39th) Arkanisas In-
Dawson,(*) Reginald H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Alabama In-
i pantryy.
S Dawson, William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Stewart's, also called
14th) Tennessee Cavalry.
Day, Charles B., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry; Major 18th
.Battalion Georgia State Guard.
Day,(*) George W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion ,Ten.
.nessee Cavalry.
S Deadriek,(*) James G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Tennessee
Deakins,(*)' George S., Major 35th (formerly 5th Tennessee, Prov.
Army) Tennessee Infantry.
; Dean,(*) John M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry.
Dean,(*) Robert A., Major 1Pth Mississippi Infantry.
Dean,(*) William T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Louisiana Infantry.
Dearing,(*) James, Major 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery.
Dearing,(*) James, Colonel Dearing's Confederate Cavalry (also called
Dearing,(*) St. Clair, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th (formerly 15th) North
*: Carolina Infiantry.
S' Hearing, William, Colonel 54th Tennessee Infantry.
Dearimout,(*) W., Colonel 122d Virginia Militia.
IDeas, Zach. C., Colofiel 22d Alabania Infantry.
D. eason,(*) Jolh B.,.Colonel 3d Mississippi Infi.ntry.
Deatherage,(*) W. W., Colonel 34th Virginia Militia.
S Deavenport,(*) M. W., Major 34th (also called 2d Partisans) Texas Cav-
alry. -
Deaver,(*) William II., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 60th North Carolina

.5 -,-* .* -

De Bardeleben,(*) A. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 56th Alabama
Partisan Rangers. :
De Baun,(*) James, Major 9th Battalion Louisiana Cavalry.
De Blanc,(*) Alcibiades, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Louisi-
ana Infantry.
De Bordenave,(*) Fulgence, Major 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves.
De Bow,(*) William A., Major 2d (Barteau's, afterwards 22d) Tennes-
see Cavalry.
Debray,(*) Xavier Blanchard, Major 2d Texas Infantry; Colonel 26th
Texas Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel of Debray's Battalion .Texas
De Choiseul, Charles, LieutenantColonel 7th Louisiana Infantry. :'
De Clouet,(*) Alexander, Colonel 26th Louisiana Infantry.
SDedman, James M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry.
Do Gournay,(*) P. F., Major, Lieutenant.Colonel 12th Battalion Louis.
iana Artillery.
'De Graffenried, Francis H., Major 4th Georgia Infantry.
DeLagnel,(*) Johnston, Major 20th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery. '
Delony,(*) William G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry Battalion, :
Cobb's Georgia Legion..
De Marigny,(*) Mandeville, Colonel 10th Louisiana Infantry.
De Morse,(*) Charles, Colonel 29th Texas Cavalry.
De Moss,(*) Wm. E., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel10th Tennessee :
Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 10th and 11th Tennessee Cavalry Con- ::
Dendy,(*) Stiles P., Major 2d South Carolina Rifles.
Denis,(*) Jules C., Lieutenant..Oolonel 10th Louisiana Infantry; Colonel
32d Louisiana Infantry; Colonel 1st Regiment Mississippi Cavalry ;
Reserves. -
Dennett,(*) William B., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Alabama Infantry.
Detny, W. R., Lieutenant-Colob el 31st Virginia Militia.
Dennis, Charles J., Major 27th Georgia, Infantry.
Dennis, James B., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry.
Dennis, Thomas C., Colonel 84th Virginia Militia. .
Derby,(*) Charles A., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 44th Alabama In-
I)e Rosset,(*) William L., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colonel 3d North
Carolina.lufantry State Troops.
Derrick,(*) Clarence, Lieutenant-Colonel 23d battalion Virginia In-
Derrysaw, Jacob, Major 1st Creek Rego.nent.
De Russy, Lewis G., Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry.
De Sanssure,(*) William D., Colonel 15th South Carolina Infantry.
D)esha, Benjamin, Major 9th Kentucky Infantry.
SDesha,(*) F. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Arkansas
S)Desha, Joseph, Acting Major Desha's Battalion Kentucky Infantry.
De Treville,(*) Robert,, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina
Artillery (1st South Carolina Regulars); Colonel 17th South Carolina
Militia. ,
Devane,(*) Duncan J., Major 20th (formerly 10th) North Caroliha In-
Devane,(*) William S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 61st North Carolina
De Walt,(*) Kerr B., Colonel 1st Infantry Texas State Troops; Major
Texas Reserve Corps.

Dewey, George S., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North Car-
olina Cavalry).
De Witt, C. C., Major Texas Reserve Corps.
Deyerle, Andrew J., Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry.
Deyerle,(*) John S., Major 54th Virginia Infantry.
S Dial, William H., Major 1st Regiment Florida Reserves.
Diamond, George R., Lieutenant-Colopel, Colonel 10th (May's) Ken-
tucky Cavalry.
Diamond, James J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry.
Diamond,(*) John R., Lieutenant-Colonel Bourland's Regiment" Texas
S Diamond,(*) William W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Texas Cavalry.
Dibrell,(*) George G., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Tennessee Infantry; Col-
onel 81h (Dibrell's, also called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry.
S Dickey,(*) James, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 51st Georgia Infantry.
: Dickey, James B., Major 55th Alabama Infantry.
S Dickey,(*) Stephen M., Major 51st Virginia Infantry.
S Dickins,(*) John R., Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry; Major 12th.
Mississippi Infantry.
Dillard, James P., Colonel 70th North Carolina Militia.
Dillard,(*) John J., Major 35th Arkansas Infantry.
SDillard,(*) John L., Colonel 64th Virginia Militia.
Dillard,(*) Miles A., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th)
STexas Infantry.
Dillon, Edward, Colonel 2d (also called 4th) Mississippi Cavalry.
SDills, Major Dills' Missouri Infantry Battalion, 6th Division,
Missouri State Guard.
Dilworth,(*) William Scott, Colonel 3d Florida Infantry.
Dingle, J. Hervey, jr., Major Hampton South Carolina Legion.
Dismukes,(*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th (Smead's and Dock-
ery's) Arkansas Infiutry.
Dixon,(*) Eidward, Major 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina Infantry.
Doak, William R., Major 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army).
Doan, John F., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Alabama Cavalry.
Dobbin,(#) Archibald S., Col. Dobbin's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
Dobbins, Jos. J., Major 1st (Wheeler's, afterward 6th) Tenn. Cavalry.'
Dockery,(*) Oliver H., Lieutenant-Colonel 38th North Carolina Iinfantry.
Dockery,(*) Thos. C., Major 22d Mississippi Infantry.
SDockery,(*) Thos. P., Colonel 19th (Sinead's and Dockery's) Arkansas
Infantry; Colonel 5th krkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861.
Dodd,(*) Nathan, Major 61st (also called 81st) Tennessee Infantry.:
Dodson, Eli, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas
Dodson,(*) Elijah M., Major 1st Confederate Infantry.
S Dodson,(*) J. N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry.
Doles,(*) George, Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry.
Donald,(*) George L., Major 13th Mississippi Infantry.
Donelson,(*-) John, Major 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted Rifles).
Donnald,(*) David L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina
. Donnell,(*) David M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th Tennessee
: Infantry.
:' Donnell, Robert, Major 22d Alabamna Infantry.
'. Dooley,(*) John, Major 1st Virginia Infantry.
.:' Dorma.n, James B., Major 3d Virginia Artillery, LocalDefense Troops.
Dorough, Thomas'T., Major 34th Georgia Infantry.

2 ': .,

Dorsey, Caleb, Lieutenant-Colonel Slayback's Missouri Regiment.
Dorsey, Ed R., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Maryland Infantry.
D)orsey,(*) Gnstavus W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Maryland Cavalry.
Dorsoy, Jasper N., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry.
Dortch, John B., Captain, commanding 2d Consolidated Kentucky Bat-
Doss,(*) Washington L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th Mis-
.i.sbippi Infantry.
Dotson,(*) James M., Major 10th Mississippi Infantry.
Dotson,(*) Josephus, Lieutenant Colonel 17th (Rector's) Arkansas In-
fantry; Lieutenant-Colonel Rector's Arkansas Regiment (12 months).
Douglas,(*) Beverly B., Major 5th Virginia Cavalry.
Douglas, Hugh T., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Engineers; Colonel
4th Regiment Engineer Troops.
Douglass,(*) De Witt Clinton, Major Douglass' Batfalion Tennessee
Douglass,(*) Henry L., Colonel 9th Tennessee Infantry.
Douglass,(*) Marcellus, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Georgia In-
Douglass,(*) William F., Major 6th Arkansas Infantry.
Dowd,(*) Henry A., Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina Infantry.
Dowd,(*) William F., Colonel 24th Mississippi Infantry.
Dowdell,(*) James P., Colonel 37th Alabama Infantry.
Dowdle, William M., Major 21st (Cravens') Arkansas Infantry.
Downer, William S., Major 1st Virginia Battalion Local Defense (Ar-
Downing, Joseph, Major 37th Virginia Militia.
Downs,(*) George, Major 19th Virginia Cavalry.
Doyal,(*) Leonard T., Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry.
Doyle,(*) Robert L., Lieutenant-Colonel 62d (also called 1st Virginia
Partisan Rangers) Virginia Infantry.
Drake,(*) Jabez L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 33d (Hurst's)
Mississippi Infantry.
Drake,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Virginia
SDrake,(*) Joseph, Colonel 4th Mississippi Infantry.
Drane,(*) James W., Major, Lieit.-Col. 31st Mississippi Infantry.
Draughan,(*) Walter, Lieutenant-Colouel 30th North CarolinaInfantry.
Draughon,(*) James W., Major 31st Louisiana Infantry.
Dreux,(*) Charles D., Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Louisiana Infantry.
SDrew, John, Colonel Drew's Cherokee Mounted Rifles (also called 1st
and 3d Cherokee Mounted Rifks).
Driver, Wm. T., Major 2d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army).
p Du Bose,(*) Dudley M., Colonel 15th Georgia Intfntry.
Dubroca,(*) Edgar M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th (Gibson's) Lou-
isiana Infantry.
Duckworth, Wmn. L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st (Jackson's,
afterward 7th) Tennessee Cavalry.
Dudley, R. H., Major 21st (N. W. Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry (un-
Duff,(*) James, Colonel 33d Texas Cavalry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel
14th Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Duff,(*) Wm. L., Major 17th Mississippi Infantry; Colonel 8th Missis-
sippi Cavalry; Lientenant-Colonel 19th (Duff's) Battalion Mississippi
Duffield, C. B., Major 8tbhBattalion Virginia Cavalry.

S. 38 .
Duffy, Patrick, Mnjor 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Duffy,(*) Patrick B., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Infantry.
Duf'Wv,(*) Robert J., Major 1st Missouri Infantry.
Duggain, James B., Major 49th Georgia Infatitry.
Du ke,(*) Basil W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky
.Duke,(*) Richard Thomas Walker, Colonel 46th Virginia Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Virginia Reserves.
Dula,(*) Thomas J., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 58th North Carolina
Dulany,(*) Richard H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Virginia Cav-
I;: .Dumonteil,(*) Felix, Colonel 14th Confederate Cavalry; Major 10th
Louisiana Infantry.
Dunaway, George O., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Cavalry Texas, State
; Duncan,(*) Blanton, Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Duncan's) Battalion Ken-
tucky Infantry.
Duncan,(*) David R., Major 13th South Carolina Infantry.
I)uncan,(*) James H., Major, Lieut.-Col. 19th Mississippi Infantry.
Duncan,(*) Jeptha, Major Cth Missouri Infantry. .
Duncan,(*) Johnson K., Major, Colonel 1st Louisiana Artillery.
SDuncan,(*) R. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry,.
I)uncan,(*) William A., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry.
Duncan,(*) William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st South
Carolina Volunteers.
Dungan,(*) Robert H., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 48th Virginia Infantry.
Dunkliu,(*) James IH., Major, LieuLt.Col. 33d Alabama Iffantry.
SDunlop,(*) Isaac L., Colonel 9th Arkansas Infantry. f
Dunlop,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry.
Dunlop, Samuel J. C., Major, Colonel 46th Georgia Infantry..
', Dun ,(*) Ambrose C., Lieut.-Col. 37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Dunn,(*) David C.,'Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry.
Dunn,(*) John A., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Tennessee Infantry.
Dunovant,(*) John, Colonel 3d South Carolina Artillery (1st South Car-
olina Regulars); Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry.
Dunovant,(*) Richard G. M., Colonel 12th South Carolina Infantry.
Dunwody,(*) Henry M., Major 51st Georgia Infantry.
Dunwody,(*) John, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry.
Dupeire, St. L., Major Dupeire's Louisiana Zouave Battalion.
SDurham,(*) John A., Major 49th Georgia Infantry.
Durr,(*) t. J., Major 39th Mississippi Infantry.
D]wyer,(*) Robert D. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Burbridge's,
also called 1st) Missouri Infantry; Major Burbridge's Missouri Cay-
S airy, 2d Division, Missouri State Guard.
Dye, James T., Major 51st Alabanma Partisan Rangers.
SDyer,(*) Beverly L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Tennessee Infan-
S try.
i ;:. Dyer,(*) David, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 57th.Virginia Infan-
SDyer,(*) Samuel M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry.
Eager,(*) Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry.
SEngle,(*) James P., Major 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
Eaker, Jonas, Lieutenaut-Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division,
S Missouri State Guard.
K'~~reJns iueatOl lel~lMsor ndtg s iiin


S Eakin,(*) William L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 59th Tennessee In.
fantt y; Major 1st (Eakin's) Battalion Tennessee Infantry. .
Eakle,(*) B. Frank, Major 14th Virginia Cavalry.
Earle, F. R., Major 34th (also called 2d) Arkansas Infantry.
' Earle, J. F., Major 3d Arkansas Cavalry.
Earle,(*) R. G., Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry.
Ea.rle,(*) Samuel G., Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry.
Early,(*) Jubal A.,Colonel 24th Virginia Infantry.
SEarp,(*) C. R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Texas Cavalry.
Easley, Samuel A., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Cavalry Texas State Troops.
Easley, W. K., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina Cavalry; Major
4th (also called 3d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
Easterling,(*) William K., Lieutenant-Colonel 46th Mississippi Infantry. :
Easton,(*) Thomas S., Major 32d Alabama Infantry.
Eatherly,(*) Jonathan, Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Tennessee Infantry. .
Echols, James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Alabama Infantry.
Eclhols, John H., Major 2d Alabama Reserves.
Echols,(*) John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry.
Echhols,(*) P. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Mississippi Cavalry.
Eator, Matthew Duncan, Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry.
Ector, Walton, Colonel 13th Georgia Infantry..
Ector, Wiley B., Major 10th Texas Cavalry.
Edga,(*) George M., Major 26th Battalion Virginia Infantry.
Edmnonds,(*) Edward.C., Colonel 38th Virginia Infantry.
Edmondson, A. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi State Partisan-
Edmondson,(*) James H., Colonel 11th Tennessee Cavalry.
Edlmondson,(*) James K., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Virginia
Edmondson, P. M., Major 8th Virginia Cavalry.
Edmonston,(*) J., Lieutenant-Colonel Edmonston's Louisiana Battalion.
Edmundson,(*) David, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Virginia Cavalry; Lieu-.
tenant-Colonel 5th Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
Edmundson,(*) Henry A., Lieutenant-Colonel 54th Virginia Infantry;
Colonel 25th Virginia Cavalry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Bat-
talion Virginia Partisan Rangers; Major 53d Virginia Infantry. ::,
Edwards,(*) A. C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 47th Georgia Infantry.
Edwards, David, Major 2d Regiment North Carolina Detailed Men.
Edwards, J. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry.
SEdwards,(*) Jeptha, Colonel 49th (also called 31st, Hale's) Alabama
Edwards, Joseph J., Major 68th North Carolina Infantry.
Edwards,(*) Oliver E., Colonel 13th South Carolina Infantry.
Eells,(*) John, Major 5th Virginia Cavalry.
Egbert, Daniel, Major Border's Regiment Texas Cavalry.
Eltbrd,(*) Charles J., Colonel 16th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel 3d
South Carolina Reserves. '
Eliason,(*) William A,, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th North CarolinaIn-
'Ellington,(*) A. B., Major 3d Regiment North Carolina Junior Be-
Ellington,(*) James B., Major 8th Battalion North Carolina Reserves.
Elliott,(*) Benjamin, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st (Elliott's, also
called 10th) Missouri Cavalry Battalion; Colonel 2d Missouri In.
fantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard.
Elliott; James R.i Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Alabama Infantry.

Elliott, Stephen, jr., Colonel Holcombe South Carolina Legion.
Elliott,(*) Wyatt M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Battalion Virginia
SInfantry Local Defense.
Ellis,(*) Anderson, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 54th North Carolina In-
SEllis,(*) Daniel H., Colonel 11th (also called 9th) South Carolina In-
SEllis,(*) John T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Virginia Infantry.
Ellis, William L. A., Major 62d Georgia Partisan Rangers.
:Ellison,(*) Jesse, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th (also called 10th) Missouri
S Ellsberry, T. W., Major 5th Arkansas Infantry.
SElmore, Henry M., Colonel 20th Texas Infantry.
SElzey,(*) Arnold, Colonel 1st Maryland Infantry.
Emanuel,(*) William P., Major 4th South Carolina Cavalry; Major 12th
Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
.Emnbry,(*) Benjamin T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Arkansas
Mounted Rifles.
Emnrich, (*) John P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry.
Ennett,(*) William T., Major 3d North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
S Ennis,(*) Philip J., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Virginia Battalion Local
Defense (Arsenal).
Erson,(*) Eric, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 52d North Carolina Infantry.
S Erwin,(*) Eugene, Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel
3d (also called 5th) Battalion Missouri Infantry; Major let Missouri
Infantry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard.
Erwin, Marcus, Major 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry.
Erwin, William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Missouri Cavalry; Colonel
10th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard;
Eshleman,(*) Benjamin F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Washington
(Louisiana) Artillery,
Estes,(*) John B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry.
SEstes,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 52d Tennessee Infantry.
S: Estes, Win. E., Major 32d (also called 15th) Texas Cavalry.
b :Estes, W. N., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d (also called 11th) Confed-
S. '.: rate Cavalry Major 11th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Etheredge,(*) William H., Major 41st Virginia Infantry.
Euliss, Alfred E., Major 48th North Carolina Militia.
i Evans,(*) Clement A., Major, Colonel 31st (also called 27th) Georgia
'i Infantry. .
S Evans, Dudley, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Virginia Cavalry.
Evans, Henry G., Lieutenant-Colonel 48th (Nixon's) Tennessee In.
E vans, J. A., Major Crews' Battalion Tennessee Infantry.
S Evaus, Jno. C., Major 4th South Carolina State Troops.
Evans, John W., Colonel 64th Georgia Infantry.
Evans,(*) Jonathan, Major 24th (formerly 14th) North Carolina In-
S Evans,(*) Marcus Lagrand, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Texas Cav-
S alry.
Evans, Moses P. T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Virginia Infantry.
SEvans, Peter G., Colonel 63d North Carolina Volunteers (5th North
Carolina Cavalry).
: Evans,(*) Stephen B., Lieut. Col. 63d North Carolina Volunteers (5th
North Carolina Cavalry).
Evans,(*) Thomas J., Colonel 19th Va. Militia (afterward'2d State

Evans,(*) T. S., Major 11th Mississippi Infantry.
Everett, Peter M., Major ;d battalionn Kentucky Monnted Rifles.
E\vell,(*) Benjamin S., Colonel 32d Virginia Infantry.
Ewers,(*) Win. M., Major 3d Virginia Reserves.
Ewing, A. G., Lieut. Col. 8th (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry.
Ewin,(*) Henry C., Major 44th Tennessee Infantry.
Fagan,(*) James F., Colonel 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's) Arkansas In-
fantry; Co'onel 1st (Fagan's) Arkansas Cavalry.
Fain,(*) Joel C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Gch Georgia Cavalry.
Fain,(*) John S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel (i5th Georgia Infantry;
Lieu'tenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, Smith's Georgia Legion.
,Fain,(*) Richard G., Colonel 63d Tennessee Infantry.
Fair,(*) Robert A., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry.
Faison,(*) Franklin J., Lieut. Col. 20th (formerly 10th) North Carolina
Faison,(*) Paul F., Major 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina Infantry;
Colonel 56th North Carolina Infantry.
Falconer,(*) Thos. A., Major 3th (also called 37th) Misissippi Infantry..
Falconnet, Eugene F., Major 9th Alabama Cavalry; Major 14th Bat-
talion Alabama Cavalry.
Falkner,(*) Jefferson, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Confederate Cavalry.
Falkner,(*) Wmi. C., Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry; Colonel 7th (also
called 1st Miss. Partisan Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry.
Fannin, James H., Colonel 1st (Fannin'~) Georgia Reserves.
Fant,(*) Albert E., Colonel 5th Mississippi Infantry.
Faribault,(*) George f., Lieut. Col., Colonel 47th North Carolina In-
fan try
S arinholt,(*) Benjamin L., Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Virginia Reserves.
Faris, Wilson, Major 48th Virginia Infantry.
Fariss,(*) Robert C., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry. :
Farley, John D., Major 4th Mississippi Infantry Battalion (or Minute
3Men) State Troops.
Farmer, B. J., Maj., Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division,
Missouri State Guard.
Farmer, Samuel, Major 16th Arkansas Infantry.
Farquharson,(*) Robert, Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry.
Farrar,(*) Fred. H., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana Regu-
lar infantry; Colonel Pointe Coupde Regiment, Louisiana Militia.
; Farrar,(*) Lochlin Johnson, Major 12th Texas Cavalry. :,.
SFarrell,(*) Michael, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 15th Ml ississippi Infantry. "
Farrington, S., Lieut. Col. 1st Missouri Infantry Regiment, 3d Div.
SMo. State Guard.
Farris, OliverB., Major 2d (Barteau's) Tennessee Cavalry. :
Farrow,(*) T. Stobo, Major, Lieut. Col. 13th South Carolina Infantry. ;
'.Faucett,(*) Samuel F. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel th Mississippi .:
Infantry.' .
Faulkner, Henry H., Major 16th Tennessee Infantry.
Faulkner, Thomas L., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Livingston's) Alabama
Faulkner,(*) W. W., Colonel 12th Kentucky Cavalry.
Fauntleroy,(*) Robert B., Major 55th Virginia Infantry.
Favrot,(*) H. M., Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion Louisiana State Cavalry.
Fayth, Win. H., Major Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
Feagin,(*) Isaac B., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Alabama Infantry.
Featherston,(*) Lucius, Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry; Colonel 13th
Arkansas Infantry; Colonel 5th and -13th Arkansas Infantry Con-

Featherston,(*) Winfield S., Colonel 17th Mississippi Infantry.
Feaster, Elbert S., Major 4tJi Missouri Infantry Regiment, 8th Div.,
Mo. State Guard.
Feeney,(*) William A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 42d Missis-
sippi Infantry.
Feild,(*) Everard Meade, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 12th Virginia
Feild,(*) Hume R., Major, Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers; Col. 1st
and 2d Tennessee Consolidated.
Feild,(*) Win. M., Lieut. Col. 3d Virginia Cavalry.
Felton, L. M., Major 12th Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Feltus,(*) Abram M., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry.
Ferebee,(*) Dennis D., Colonel 59th North Carolina Volunteers (4th N.
S C. Cavalry).
Fergus, W. C., Major 42d Alabama Infantry.
Ferguson,(*) Milton J., Colonel 16th Virginia Cavalry.
Ferguson,(*) Samuel W., Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry.
Ferguson, Sanmul W., Lieutenant.Colonel 28th Mississippi Cavalry..
Ferguson,(*) Thomas B., Major 6th South Carolina Cavalry.
Forneyhlough,(') George M., Major 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Ferrell, Mickleberry P., Major 14th Alabama Infantry.
Ferrill,(*) Stephen C., Maijor, Lieutenant.Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry.
Ficklin,(*) Benjamin F., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Virginia Infantry.
Fickling,(*) William H., Major 59th Georgia Infantry.
Field,(*) Charles W., Colonel 6th Virginia Cavalry.
Field, George, Major 11th Alabama Infantry.
Field, Joseph U., Colonel Sth Confederate Cavalry.
S Fielder, James M., MLajor, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry.
Fielding,(*) Win. C., Major 24th Tennessee Infantry.
Fife,(*) William E., Major, Lieut. Col. 36th Virginia Infantry.
Findlay, C. D., Lichtenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Reserves.
Findley,(*) J. J., Maljor 52d Georgia Infantry.
Finegan,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant Colonel 1st Battalion Florida Infantry
S (canceled).
Finlay,(*) Luke W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel.4th Tennessee Vols.
S Finley,(*) Jesse J., Colonel 6th Florida Infantry. --
Finney,(*) Louis C. H., -Lient. Col. 39th Virgiiia Infantry (disbanded).
F. inney, Win. W., Lieitenant-Colonel 50th Virginia Infantry.
SFinter, Cullen W., Major 2d Virginia Militia.
S: :Fiser,(*) John C., Lieutenant-Colonel, .Colonel 17th Mississippi In-
Fisher, Charles F., Colonel 6th North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
Fisher,(*) Rhoads, Major Oth Texas Infantry.
Fisk,(*) Stuart W., Colonel 25th Louisiana Infantry.
Fite,(*) John A., Maj., Lient. Col., Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry.
S Fitzgerald,(*) Edward, Major, Colonel 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.
SFitzgerald,(*) John P., Major, Lieut. Col. 23d Virginia Infantry.
Fitz Gerald,(*) Wm. H., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st Mississippi Infantry.
Fitzhugh,(*) Henry, Major, Lieutetnant-Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry.,
"Fitzhugh,(*) Patrick 11., Major 26th Virginia Infantry.
Fitzhugh,(*) William, Colonel 16th Texas Cavalry.
Flagg,(*) John S., Sieutenant-Colonel'89th Virginia Militia.
F" lantgin,(*) Harris, Colonel 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
Fleisher, H. H., Lieuleniant-Colonel 162d Virginia Militia.
F leming,(*) David G., Colonel 22d South Carolina lufantry.

F: II ',:

Fleming, David P., Major 10th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 8th Division, ;
Missouri State Guard.
Fleming, William O., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 50tl Georgia Infantry.
Plemmink,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 49th North Carolina
Infantry. .
Flctcher,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Arkansas In-
Fletcher,(*) Richard J., Major 11th Alabama Infantry.
Flewellen,(*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Alabama Infantry.
Flippin, Wm..S., Major 1st Tennessee Zouaves.
Florence, Major 5th M issouri Infantry Regiment (mounted), 5th
Division, ,Missouri State Guard. -.
Flournoy,(*) Cabell E., Major 6th Virginia Cavalry.
Flournoy,(*) Camp, Major 19th Louisiana Infantry. ,
Flournoy,(*) George, Colonel 16th Texas Infantry.
Flournoy,(*) Petei C., Colonel 2d (Burbridge's, also called 1st) Mis- i
souri Infantry.
Flournoy, R. W., Colonel 1st Division Georgia State Militia. ...
Flournoy,(*) Thomas S., Major, Colonel 6th Virginia Cavalry. '
FloZerree,(*) Chas. C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Virginia ,'
SFlowers, Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col. 38th North Carolina Infantry.
Flowers, John Y., Major 38th Georgia Infantry (Wright's Legion).
Floyd, Henry H., Colonel Camden County Georgia Militia.
Floyd, Jno. J., Colonel 10th Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Floyd, Richard P., Colonel 8th Florida Infantry.
Floyd,(*) Watt. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Tennessee Infantry.
Floyd, W. J., Major Chalmers' Consolidated Regiment Mississippi Cav-
Fly, George W. L., Major 2d Texas Infantry.
Flynt,(*) Guilford G., Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry.
Flynt, Tilman W., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry.
Foard,(*) Robt. L., Major 13th Texas Infantry.
Folk,(*) Geo. N., Colonel 65th North Carolina Volunteers (6th N. C.
Cavalry); 'Lieutenant-Col. 7th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry.
Folsom,(*) Robert W., Lieuteuant.Colonel, Colonel 14th Georgia In-
Folsom,(*) Sampson, Colonel 1st Choctaw Cavalry regiment.
:Folsom, Simpson N., Major 1st (Battice's) Choctaw Cavalry Battalion;
Colonel 1st Choctaw War Regiment.
Fontaine,(*) Clement I,, Major, Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry.
Fontaine,(*) Sidney T., Major 7th Battalion Texas Artillery.
Footman, William, Major Commissary Battalion, Florida Cavalry (tem-
Forbes,(*) Wm. A., Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry.
Ford, Barney, Lieutenant-Colonel Ford's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
Ford, C. H., Major 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion Local D)efense (Ar-
Ford,(*) Francis M., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Georgia Infantry.
Ford,(*) John S., Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry (or Mounted Rifles).
Ford,(*) Martin J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Volunteers Georgia.
Ford, S. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Arkansas Infantry.
Ford, Win. H., Major Ballentine's (also called 2d Mississippi Partisan
Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry.
Forkner,(*) Sam'1, Colonel 73d North Carolina Militia.
Forney, Daniel P., Major 2d Alabama Infantry.

Forney,(*) George H., Major Lieut.-Col. 1st Battalion Confederate
Forney,(*) John H., Colonel 10th Alabama Infantry.
Forney, Wm. H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Alabama Infantry.
Forno,(*) Henry, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Louisiana Intjintry.
Forrest,(*) Jeffrey E., Colonel Forrest's Regiment Alabama Cavalry;
Major 8th (Dibrell's, also called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry.
Forrest, Jesse A,, Colonel 16th (Wilson's, also called 21st) Tennessee
Forrest,(*) Nathan 13., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d (Forrest's) Ten-
nessee Cavalry.
Forsberg,(*) Augustus, Lieut. Col., Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry.
Forsyth,(*) Charles, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Alabama Infantry.
Forsyth,(*) John, Colonel 3d Alabama Militia.
Forsyth,(*) Robert C., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Alabama Ar-
Fort,(*) William, Colonel 2d South Carolina State Troops (6 months).
Fort, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry Regiment, 3d Di-
vision, Missouri State Guard.
Foster,(*) B. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Infantry. ,
Foster, Thomas J., Colonel Foster's Regiment Alabama Volunteers.
Foster, William G., Colonel 65th Georgia Infantry.
S Foster,(*)William M., Major 5th South Carolina Infantry.
Foster, Wm. R., Major 5th Battalion Virginia Infantry.
Fouch6, R. T., Major 8th Confederate Infantry Battalion.
Fournet, G. A., Major 33d Louisiana Infantry.
SFournet,(*) Valsin A., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Battalion Louisiana In-
Sfantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Louisiana Infantry.
Foute, A. M., Lieutenant-Colonel Memphis Battalion Infantry (also
called 3d Battalion).
Fowle,(*) Daniel G., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st North Carolina Infantry.
: Fowler, Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Texas Cavalry.
~Fowler,(*) Jno. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Infautry Georgia State
S Fowler,(*) Pleasant, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th (Mitebell's) Arkansas
Foxworth,(*) Franklin W., Major 38th Mississippi Infantry.
Francis, John C., Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Alabama Inftntry.
" Francis,(*) John W., Major 25th (formerly. 15th) North Carolina In-
fantry. /
S Franklin,(*) Alexander H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Mississippi
Infantry ...
Franklin, B. H., Colonel Franklin's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, Mis-
souri State Guard.
SFranklin,(). Cyrus, Colonel 7th (Franklin's) Missouri Infantry Regi-
ment; Colonel 2d Northeast Cavalry Regiment.
S Franklin, James J., Major 25th (also called 30th) Arkansas Infantry.
: Fr Layser,(*) R. Dudley, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th (formerly 7th Tenn.,
-Prov. Army) Tennessee Infantry; Lieut.-Col. 15th and 37th Tennessee
re Infantry Consolidated.
i Frazer, (*) George M., Major P. T. Herbert's Texas Battalion, Arizona
Frazer,(*) John W., Lieutenant-Colonel Sth Alabama Infantry; Colonel
28th Alabama Infantry.
Frazer,(*) Philip F., Major 27th Virginia Infantry.
Frazier, W. L. H., Major of Frazier's Battalion Mjssouri Infantry.

Frederick,(*) A. D., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d South Carolina Ar.
Frederick,(*) James D., Major 10th (also called 3d) Battalion Georgia
Freeman, D. C., Major Freeman's Battalion Kentucky Infantry.
Freeman, Geo. C., Major 45th Alabama Infantry.
Freeman, Jno. M., Major 3d Cavalry Georgia State Guards.
Freeman,(*) Jno. R., Lieut.-Col. Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guard.
Freeman,(*) Thomas J., Colonel 22d Tennessee Infantry.
Freeman, Thomas It., Colonel Freeman's Missouri Cavalry.
Freneh,(*) James M., Major, Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry.
French,(*) William Foster, Lieut. Col. 3d Regiment North Carolina
Junior Reserves; Major 7th North Carolina Battalion Reserves.
French,(*) William H., Colonel 17th Virginia Cavalry; Lieut. Col.
French's Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Frierson,(*) Wm., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Tennessee Infantry.
Fristoe,(*) Edward T., Colonel Fristoe's Regiment Missouri Cavalry.
Frost(*) Thos. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (McCulloch's) Mounted Rifle-
men. '
Fry,(?) Birket D., Colonel 13th Alabama Infantry.
Fry, Hugh Walker, jr.,' Major 46th Virginia Infantry.
Fry,(*) Wm. H., Lieut. Col. 1st Virginia Infantry.
Frye, Moses C., Major Cherokee Battalion.
Fulcrod,(*) Philip, Lieutenant Colonel Border's Regiment Texas Cavy '-
airy; Lieut. Col. Fulerod's Cadets, Battalion Texas Cavalry. '
Fulkerson,(*) Abraham, Major 19th Tennessee Infantry; Lieut. Col.,
Colonel 63d Tennessee Infantry.
Fulkerson,(*) Samuel V., Colonel 37th Virginia Infantry.
Fulkerson, (*) Wm. H.; Major, Lieutenant-Oolonel 63d Tennessee In-
Fuller, Anthony C., Lieutanant-Colonel 9th South Carolina Reserves.
Fuller,(*) Chas. A., Lient. Col., Colonel 1st Louisiana Aitillery.
Fuller, Haley G., Major 6th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Fulton,(*) Alfred S., Colonel 8th (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry. ,
Fulton,(*) John S., Major, Colonel 44th Tennessee Infantry.
Fulton,(*) Saunders, Major, Lieut. Col. 21st (formerly 11th) North Caro-
lina Infantry.
Fulton, Winston, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Regiment North Carolina
Detailed Men.
Funk,(*) Jno. H. S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Virginia Infantry.
Funsten, David, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th Virginia Infantry.
Fnnsten,(*) Oliver R., Major 7th Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Col-,
,onel 17th Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colonel
11th Virginia Cavalry.
Gadberry,(*) James M., Colonel 18th South Carolina Infantry.
Gaillard,(*) Franklin, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina
Gaillard,(*) Peter C., Colonel 27th South Carolina Infantry; Lieuten-
ant-Colonel Ist Battalion South Carolina Infa;utry; Lieut. Col.
Charleston Battalion, South Carolina.
Gaines, Frank Y., Major 3d Alabama Cavalry.
Gaines,(*) John F., Lieutenant Colonel 53d Alabama Partisan Rangers.
Gaines,(*) Richard, Major 9th (Clark's) Missouri Iuftautry; Major 8th
Battalion Missouri Infantry.
* Gait.her,(*) Beal, Major, Colonel 27th Arkansas Infantry.
Gallaway,(*) Thomas S., jr., Major, Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North
Carolina Infantry.

Gallie,(*) John B., Major 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.
Galloway, Morton G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Arkansas
Mounted Rifles.
Gait, E. M., Colonel 1st Regiment Georgia State Troops.
Gamble,(*) Roger L., Major 20th Georgia Infantry.
Gano, Richard M., Colonel 7th Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel
Gano's Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Gant, Colonel 4th Regiment, 2d Brigade, Georgia State Troops.
Gantt,(*) Edward W., Colonel 12th Arkansas Infantry.
Gantt,(*) F. Hay, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th (also called 9th)
South Carolina Infantry.
S Gantt, George, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
S- Gantt,(*) Henry, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Virginia Infantry.
Gardner,(*) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Georgia Infantry..
Gardner,(*) Robert D., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Virginia Infantry.
Si Gardner,(*) Thomas F., Major, Lieut. Col. 29th North Carolina Infantry,
S Gardner, Thomas N., Major 26th (Styles', also called 13th) Georgia In-
Gardner, Win. M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry.
Garland,(#) Hugh A., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel. 1st Missouri Infantry;
Major, Lieut. Col. 1st and 4th Missouri Infantry Consolidated.
Garland,(*) Robert R., Colonel 6th Texas Infantry.
Garland,(*) Samuel, jr., Colonel 1lth Virginia Infantry.
S Garland, William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Virginia Militia.
Garland,(*) William H., Lieutenant Colonel 14th Confederate Cavalry;
S Major Garlaud's Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.
Garlington,(*) A. C., Major Holcombe 6outh Carolina Legion.
Garlington,(*) Benjamin 0, Major, Lieut. Col. 3d South Carolina In-
fantry. .
: Garnett,(*) J. J., Lieutenant-Colonel Garnett's Battalion Artillery.
Garnett, Ifichard B., Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Battalion, Cobb's
Georgia Legion.
Garnett,(*) Thomas S., Lieut. Col., Colonel 48th Virginia Infantry.
Garrett,(*) George W. B., Major 23d Mississippi Inlantry.
Garrett,(*) Joshua L., Major 26th Virginia Infantry.
Garrett,(*) Thomas M., Colonel 5th North Carolina Infantry State
'Garrett,(*) William N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel G4th North Carolina
Garrison,(*) Fleming H., Major 14th Texas Cavalry.
'Garrott,(*) Isham W., Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry.
Gartrell, Lucius J.. Colonel 7th Georgia Infantry.
Garvin,(*) John S., Major 3d (Smith's) Battalion Alabama Infantry;
Major, Lient. Col. 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama'lufantry.
Gary,i*) Martin W., Lieut. Col. Colonel Hampton South Carolina Legion.
i C;asiton,, Mafthew A., Major 18th Texas Infantry.
Gates,(*) Elijah, Colonel Ist Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-Oolonel 1st
SMissouri Cavalry, 5th Division, Missouri State Guard.
SGates,(*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry.
SGaulden, William B., Colonel Coast Guard Battalion, Georgia Militia.
Gause,(*) Lucian C., Major, Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry.
SGause,(*) William R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d (also called 2d)
Missouri Infantry; Major2d Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
SGay, William, Major of R. M. Russell's Tennessee Cavalry, organized
February, 18G4.

47 .
Gayle, (*) Bristor B., Colonel 12th Alabalma Infantry.
Gee, (*) Bolivar H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry.
Gee, (*) James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Arkansas Cavalry; Colonel
15th (Gee's) Arkansas Infantry.
Gee, (*) James T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Battalion Alabama
Gee, (*) John H., Major 11th Florida Infantry; Major 4th Florida
Infantry Battalion.
Gee, (*) Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Mississippi Infantry.
Genette, (*) Jones, Major 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.
Geoghegan, John A.,Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Arkansas Infantry.
George, (*) Forney, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North
Carolina Infantry.
George, (*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Rector's War Regiment)
Arkansas Volunteers.
George, (*) James Z., Colonel 6th Mississippi Cavahry; Lieutenant-Col-
onel 19th (George's) Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.
George,(*) J. N., Major Moreland's Hegiment Alabama Cavalry.
George,(*) Newton J., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Infantry (Pro-
visional Army).
(Gerald,(*) G. B., Major 18th Mississippi Infantry.
Gerard,(*) Aristides, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th (Gibson's) Lou-
isiana Infantry.
Gholson, Milton G., Lieutenant.Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry.
Gholston, James S., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 16th Georgia
Gibbens,(*) William McD., Major 40th Mississippi lnfantry.
Gibbes, Wade Hampton, Major 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery.
Gibbons,(*) Simeon B., Colonel .10th Virginia Infantry.
Gibbs,(*) George C.,Colonel 42d North Carolina Infianttry.
Gibbs, J. G., Major North Carolina Prison Guard Battalion.
Gibson, Aurelius W., Major 45th Georgia Infantry.
Gibson,(*) John A., Lieutenant.Colonel 14th Virginia Cavalry.
Gibson, John Catlett, Lient. Col., Colonel 49th Virginia Infantry.
Gibson, John H., Major 18th Alabama Battalion'Partisan Rangers;
Major 16th (also called 4th) Battalion Alabama Infantry.
Gibson,(*) Randall L., Colonel 13th (Gibson's) Louisiana Infantry.
Gibson, Samuel, Major 26th Arkansas Infantry.
Gibson,(*) William, Colonel 48th Georgia Infantry: ..
Gibson, Major 21st Battalion Alabama Infantry.
Giddings,(*) De W itt Clinton, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Texas Cavalry.
Gilbert, T. H., Major 50th (Coltart's, formerly known as 26th) Alabama
Gilbert, --, Major 20th (Nixon's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Gilbreath,(*) Montgomery, Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (.Hale's) Alabama
Gilchrist, James G., Lieutenant-Coloneollolonel 45th Alabama Infantry.
Giles,(*) James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 29th Virginia In-
Giles,(*) John R., Major 63d Georgia Infantry.
Giles,(*) John R. I., Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry.
Gillha,(*) William, Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry.
Gilkey, Charles A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Jackson County. (after-
ward 12th) Missouri Cavalry.
Gill, William P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion South Carolina -

Gillespic,(*) Clayton Crawford, Colonel 25th Texas Cavalry.
Gillespie,(*) I. A., Colonel 7th Arkansas Infantry.
Gillespie,(*) Francis M., Major3lst Mississippi Infantry.
Gillespie,(*) Henry C., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Ashby's) Tennessee
Gillespie,(*) James W., Colonel 43d Tennessee Infantry (afterward
Mounted Infantry).
Gillett,(*) L. E., Major Wells' (also called 34th) Regiment Texas Cavalry.
S Gillette,(*) Joseph E., Major 13th Virginia Cavalry.
Gilliam,(*) Henry A., Major 17tli (formerly 7th) North Carolina In-
Gilliam,(*) James S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry.
Gilliam,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 60th Virginia Infantry,
S Gilmer,(*) John A., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th North
Carolina Infantry.
Gilmor,(*) Harry W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Maryland
Gilmore,(*) Jerome B., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Louisiana Infantry.
Giltner,(*) H. L., Colonel 4th Kentucky Cavalry.
I Gipson,(*) William, Major 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles; Major Gip-
Sson's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
Girardey,'V. J. B., Acting Major Augusta Arsenal Battalion, Georgia.
SGirault,(*) J. F., Colonel Confederate Guards, Louisiana Militia.
Gist,(*) Joseph F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 15th South Caro-
lina Infantry.
Gist,(*) William M., Major 15th South Carolina Infantry.
S Gladden,(*) Adley H., Colonel Ist Louisiana Regulars.
SGlass, Wm. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Virginia Militia.
; Glenn,(*) Jesse A., Colonel 36th (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry.
Glenn, J. N., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Glenn,(*) Jno. E., Major 1st (Cleburnie') Arkansas Infantry; Colonel
S36th Arkansas Infantry; Lieutenant-C olonel28th Arkansas Infantry.
Glenn,(*) Luther J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion,
; Cobb's Georgia Legion.'
Glover, John V., Major 25th South Carolina Infantry.
S :Glover,(*) Thomas C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel-21st Georgia Infantry.
CGlover, Thomas J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel.1st South Carolina
:, -.. Volunteers. -
: 'I Gober,(*) Daniel, Major, Colonel 16th Loiisiana Infantry; Colonel 16th
S .and 25th Louisiana Consolidated; temporarily commanding Mounted
Infantry Regiment in East Louisiana in 1864.
Godfrey, William, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Infantry Georgia State
Guard. .
S Godwin, Aaron S., Lieut. Col. 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry.
Godwin,(*) Archibald C., Colonel 57th North Carolina Infantry.
Godwin,(*) David J., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Virginia Infantry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry.
Godwin, D. E., Major 4th Battalion Virginia Reserves.
S Goforth,(*) Alexander M., Major 1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Goggans,(*) Elijah J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th South Carolina Infantry.
S Goggin,(*) James M., Major 32d Virginia Infantry; Major of Goggin's
... Battalion Virginia Infantry.
S Goldsborough,(*) William W., Major 2d Maryland.Infantry; Major 1st
S Battalion Maryland Infantry.
G6ldsby, Thos. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry.
i Goldsmith,(*) Washington L., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 14th Georgia

Golladay,(*) Edward J., Lieutenant.Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Loo-
ney's) Tennessee Infantry; Lieutenant-Colouel 5th (Golladay's) Bat-
talion Alabama Infantry. '
Golladay,(*) Jacob B., Major 33d Virginia Infantry.
Gooch, Jno. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Good,(*) Chaplin, Lieutenant-Colonel Wells' (also called 34th) Regi-
ment Texas Cavalry.
Goodall,(*) David L., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Prov.
Goodbar, Joseph, Major 16th Tennessee Infantry.
Goode,(*) Charles T., Major 19th Battalion Georgia Cavalry; Major
S11th Georgia Infantry; .Colonel 10th Confederate Cavalry.
Goode, Edmund, Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry.
Goode,(*) E. J., Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry.
Goode,(*) John Thomas, Colonel 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery, which
became 34th Virginia Infantry; Colonel 34th Virginia Infantry :;
(formerly 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery). :
Goode,(*) Thomas F., Major, Lieut. ol., Colonel 3d Virginia Cavalry.
Goodgame,(*) John C., Major, Lieut. Col. 19th'Alabama Infantry.
Gooding,(*) John J., Major 11th (also called 9th) South Carolina In-
Goodlett,(*) Spartan D., Lieut. Col., Col. 22d South Carolina Infantry.
Goodman,(*) Gustavns Augustus, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Vir:
ginia In fantry. .
Goodner,(*) John F., Lient. Col., Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry.
Goodwin,(*) Edward, Lieut. Col., Colonel 35th Alabama Infantry.
Gdodwyn,(*) A. D., Major, Lieut. Col..2d South Carolina Infantry.
Goodwyn,(*) McGavock, Major, Lieutenant Colonel 15th Louisiana In-
fantry; Major 7th Battalion Louisiana Infantry.
Goodwyn, Wm. S., Colonel 45th Alabama Infantry.
Gordon,(*) Anderson, Colonel Gordon's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
SGordon, Augustus M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry.
Gordon,(*) B. Frank, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Missouri
Gordon, Engene C., Major 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalry. -:
Gordon,(*) George A., Colonel 63d Georgia Infantry; Major 13th Bat.
talion Georgia Infantry.
Gordon,(*) George P., Major 5th Missouri Cavalry.
Gordon,(*) George T., Major, Lieut. Col. 34th North Carolina Infantry.
Gordon,(*) Geo. W., Lieut. Col., Colonel llth Tennessee Infantry.
Gordon, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (also called 4th) .Mississippi .
Gordon,(*) James B., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th North Carolina. .
Volunteers (1st N. C. Cavalry).
Gordon,(*) James (7., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Confederate Infantry.
Gordon,(*) J. B., Major 6th Arkansas.i:nfantry.
Gordon,(*) John B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonol, Colonel 6th Alabama
Gordon, Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Tennessee Volunteers.
Gordon, Win. W., Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry.
Gordon, W. W., Lieutenant-Colonel l1th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Gore,(*) Mounce L., Colonel 8th (Dibrell's, also called 13th) Tennessee
Goss,(*) John W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel South Carolina Palmetto
Gould,(*) Nicholas C., Colonel 23d Texas Cavalry.
S 21739- 4
**. : .. -. :


Gould, Robert S., Major Gth Battalion Texas Cavalry.
.Gouldin,(*) John Milton, Major, Lieut. Col. 30th Virginia Infantry.
Goulding, E. R., Colonel 9th Georgia Infantry.
S Gourdin, Robert N., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Charleston Reserves, South
Govan,(*) Daniel C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry..
Govan, Geo. M., Major 24th Mississippi Infantry.
S Grace,(*) Benj. F., Major, Lioutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also.called
13th) Georgia Infantry.
Grace, Philip T., Major 33d Virginia Infantry.
S: Grace,(*) William, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Tennessee Infantry.
Gracie,(*) Archibald, jr., Major 11 thl Alabama Infantry; Colonel 43d
Alabama Infantry; Major Gracie's Special Battalion Alabama In-
*:- fantry.
Grady,(*) Williai'S., Major 25th (formerly 15th) North Carolina Infantry.
Graham,(*) David P., Major 51st Virginia Infantry.
Graham,(*) John W., Major 56th North Carolina Infantry.
Graham, N. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 55th Alabama Infantry.
Graham,(*) Robert F., Colonel 21st South Carolina Infantry.
Graham,(*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Texas Infantry.,,
Graham,(*) Thos. B., Major 20th Mississippi Infantry.
Graham,(*) William L., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Virginia Cavalry.
Grambling, Enoch G., Major Cherokee Legion, Georgia.State Guard.
S Grammer,(*) John, jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 53d Virginia
SGranbery, Joseph G.,.Colonel 4th North Carolina Militia.
Granbury,(*) Hiram Brinson, Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 7th Texas In-
fantry; Colonel Bailey's Consolidated Tennessee Regiment (tem-
Sporary command).
S Grant, Isaac A., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Texas Cavalry.
SGratiot, John R., Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861.
Graves,(*) B. Y., Major, Lieutonant-Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North
Carolina Infantry.
Graves,(*) George A., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North
Carolina Infantry (appointment declined).
Graves,(*) John A., Major, Lieut. Col. 47th North Carolina Infantry.
Graves, John R., Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Graves,(*) Wm. F., Major 2d (also called 30th) Virginia Cavalry.-
Gray,(*) Edward P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Texas Infantry.
Gray,(*) Henry, Colonel 28th Louisiana Infantry.
Gray,(*) Harvey, Major 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry.
Gray, John F., Major 48th (Voorbies') Tennessee Infantry.
Gray, John W., Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry. ,
Gray,(*) Robert H., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d- (formerly 12th) North'Car-
olina Infantry. -
Graybill,(*) Tully, Major, Colonel 28th Georgia Infantry,
Grayson, A. D., Lieutenaut-Colonel 13th Arkansas.Infantry.
Green, Allen J., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry.
Green,(*) Chas. J., Major 47th Virginia Infantry.
SGreen,(1) Francis M., Major, Colonel 11th Mississippi Infantry.
Green,(*) John Shac., Major, LieutenanteColonel, Colonel 6th Virginia.
-': Green,(*) John Uriah, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 12th (also called 1st
Partisan Rangers) Tennessee Cavalry.
:| .''Greeon,(*) John W., Major 3d Engiueer Regiment..

', .

Green, Martin E., Colonel Green's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 2d Divis-
ion Missouri State Guard.
Green,(*) Peter V., Major, Lieut. Gol., Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry ;':
Major 13th Arkansas Infantry; Major, Licut. Col. 5th and 13th. Ar.
kansas Infantry Consolidated.
--Green,(*) Thomas, Colonel 5th Texas Cavalry...
Green,(*) Wharton J., Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry.
Green,(*) William, Major 1lth Tennessee-Infantry.
Green,(*) William E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 56th Virginia Infintry.
Green, William P., Major 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina Infantry.
Green, William J., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry.
Greene,(*) Alexander A., Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Alabama Infantry.:
Greene,(*) Colton, Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry. .
Greenwood, A. G., first Colonel 26th Arkansas Infantry.
Greer,(*) Elkanah, Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry.
Greer,(*) Henry Clay, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Russell's, also called
20th) Tennessee Cavalry.
'Greer,(*) Hugh D., Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's)
Tennessee Infantry. '
Gregg,(*) Edward Pearsall, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 16th Texas Cavalry.
Gregg,(*) John, Colonel 7th Texas Infantry.
Gregg,(*) Makcy, Colonel 1st South Carolina Infantry (Prov. Army).
Gregg, Nathan, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 60th (also called 79th) Ten-
nessee Infantry.
Gregory,(*) ]Edward If., Major 10th Mississippi Infantry.
Gregory,(*) Nathaniel A., Major 2d Regiment North Carolina Junior
'Gresham, Thomas Robert, Colonel 87th Virginia Militia; Lieutenant.
Colonel 9th Virginia Militia.
Grice, Daniel, Major 3d South Carolina Reserves. .
Grice,(*) Washington L., Major, Lieut. Col. 45th Georgia Infantry.'
Grider, Jesse S., Lientenant. Colonel McGehee's Arkansas Regiment.
Grieve, Miller, jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars. .
Griffin,(*) Eli S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also called
13th) Georgia Infantry.
Griffin,(*) James B., Major, tieutenant-Colonel Hampton South Caro-.
Slina Legion (declined appointment as colonel).
Griflin,(*) J. B., Maj6r 3d Georgia Reserves. .
Griffiu,(*) Joel It., Colonel 62d Georgia Partisan Rangers; Major, Lieu-.: -
Stenant-Colonel .5th Batt. Georgia Partisan Rangers; 'Colonel 8th
Georgia Cavalry.
Griffin,(*) Sidney H.. Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Louisiana Infantry.
Griffin,(*) Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 18th Mississippi
Griffin,(*) William H., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Texas Infantry; Major,
Lieutena nt-Colonel G rillin's Battalion Texas Infantry.
Griflis, Jolhn C., Miljor 18th Georgia infantryr.
Griflith,(') Jolih Lieutenant-Coloiel, Colonel 17th (Rector's) Arkansas
Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Rector's Arkansas Regiment
(12 months).
Griffith,(*) Jacob W., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Cavalry.
Griflith,(*) John S., Lieutenant-Colonel 6tli Texas Cavalry.
Griffith,(*) Richard, Colonel 1l2th Mississippi Inlhautry.
SGriggs,(*) George K., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel38th Virginia"'

Grigsby,(*) Andrew J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Vir.
ginia Infantry.
i. Grigsby,(*) J. Warren, Colonel 6th Kentucky Cavalry.
Grigsby,(*) Thomas K., Lieutenant-Colonel 49th Tennessee Infantry.
Grimes,(*) Bryan, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th North Caro-
S lina Infantry State Troops.
Grimes,(*) George M., Major 1st South Carolina Volunteers.
Grimsley,(*) Daniel A., Major 6th Virginia Cavalry.
Grimsley, W. C., Major 4th Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri
State Guard.
S Grinsted,(*) 1I. L., Colonel 33d Arkansas Infantry.
Grogan,(*) Michael A., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Louisiana Infantry.
Groner,(*) Virginius D., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th North Carolina Vol-
unteers (4th North Carolina Cavalry); Col. 61st Virginia Infantry.
Groves, John F., Major 1st Infantry Georgia State Guards.
Groves,(*) William L., Major 35th Georgia Infantry.
Guerry, Theodore L., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Georgia Infantry.
S Guess,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Texas Cavalry.
Guillet,(*) Charles, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Louisiana Infantry.
Guilmartin, Lawrence J., Major 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.
Guion,(*) Henry T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th North Carolina
Volunteers (1st North Carolina Artillery).
t::; Gulley,(*) Ezekiah S., Major, Lieut. Col. 40th Alabama Infantry.
SGunnels,(*) George M., Major 3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry.
: Gunter, Thomas M., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th (also called 2d) Arkansas'
Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel Gunter's Arkansas Battalion Cavalry.
SGunter, William T., Major 1sf Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers.
Gurley,(*) B., Major 5th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Guriey,(*) Edward Jeremiah, Colonel 30th Texas Cavalry (also called .
1st Partisan Rangers).
: Guthrie,(*) John F., Major 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Guthrie,(*) Lawson, Major 43d Tennessee Infantry (after Mounted
SGuy,(*) John II., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Virginia
i : Guy,(*) W. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th (formerly 3d) North Carolina
I- Infantry.
S Guyton,(*) Cincinnatus S., Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Georgia Infantry.
Gwynne,(*) Andrew )., Major 50th (also know as 26th, Coltart's),
Alabama Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Loouey's)
S Tennessee Infintry.
Hadden,(*) William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina
Haddox, C. B., Major 34th Virginia Militia.
Hagan, James, Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry.
S .Hagan,(*) James, Colonel 3d Alabama Cavalry.
S .agood,(*) James It., Colonel 1st South Carolina Volunteers.
lHagood,(*) Johnson, Colonel 1st South Carolina Volunteers.
:! Hairston,(*) Peter, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Virginia Infantry.
S .. ale,(*) Henry S., Major 7th Kentucky Infantry.
ale, Smith D., Colonel 31st (Hale's, afterwards 49th) Alabama Tl-
S fantry (never took commandd.
ale,(*) Step)hen F., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Alabama Infantry (tem-
porarily in command of 9th Alabama Infantry June, 1862).
;Bale, Stephen F., Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry, 8th Div., Missouri,
State Guard.

S53 -

Hale,(*) William J.. Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Tennessee Infantry (Prov.
Hall,(*) Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Tennessee Infantry.
Hall,(*) Bolling, jr., Colonel 59th Alabama Infantry; Lieut. Col. 2d
Batt. Infantry, billiard's Alabama Legion.
Hall,(*) Edward D., Colonel 46th. North Carolina Infantry; Major 7th
North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
Hall, George A., Lieutonant-Colonel 2Sth Georgia Infantry. Found
Also on Confederate Register as Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Hall,(*) Henry G., Major, Lieut. Col. 28th Texas Cavalry.
Hall,(*) Houston, Major 62d (also called 1st Partisan Raugers) Virginia
'. Infantry.-
Hall,(*) Jno. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 51st Tennessee Infantry.
Hall,(*) Josephus M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Alabaman Infantry.
Ball,(*) Matthew.R., Major, Lieut. Col.,'Colonel 48th Georgia Infantry.
Hall,(*) Robert J., Major 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi Infantry.
I Hall, Winchester, Major, Colonel 20th Louisiana Infantry.
Hallonquist,,(*) James H., Major, Lieut.-Col., 2d Battalion Alabama
Halsey,(*) Steplhen P., Major 21st Virginia Cavalry.
Ham,(*) Joseph H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel I1th Virginia Infantry.
.lam,(*) T. W., Major 16th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry-State Troops;
Colonel Ham's Mississippi Cavalry.
Hambleton, John W., Major 15th Tennessee Infantry.
:i Hambrick, J. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Russell's) Alabama Cavalry.: :
SHambrick, Jno. T., Major 13th (formerly 3d) North Carolina Infantry.. : ."
Hainbrick,(*) Joseph A., Major 24th Virginia Infantry.
-. Iamilton, A. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 66th (also called 65th) Georgia-
S'Hamilton,(*) A. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry. :
Hamilton,(*) Daniel H., Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Infantry
(Prov. Army).
SHamilton,(*) D.H., jr., Major 13th (formerly3d)North Carolina Infantry.:
Hamilton, John S., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
SState Guard. :.
Hamilton,(*) Joseph, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel -Infantry Battalion,
Phillips Georgia Legion.
Hamilton, Oliver P., Major, Lieut. Col. Hamilton's Battalion Tennessee
Hamilton, William, Major 19th Georgia Infantry.
Hamiter,(*) David H., Major 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry. .
Hammerskold, Charles J., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 34th North Caro-:
lina Infantry.
SHammet, J. P.. Major 24th Virginia Infantry. .
Hammock, Porter, Major 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifleq.
Hammond, Andrew J., Major 24th South Carolina Infantry. *
Hammond,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col, 60th Virginia Infantry. .
SHammond,(*) Gray W., Major, Lieut. Col. J15th (formerly 5th) North
S Carolina Infantry.
Hamner,(*) TI. A., Major of Griflin's Battalion Texas Infantry. '
Hampton, Ezekiel B., Major 29th North Carolina Infantry. : .
Hampton,(*) Frank, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d South Carolina Cavalry.
SHampton,(*) Goo. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Texas Cavalry. "
'Hampton,(*) Henry, Major 4th Tennessee Volunteers.
SHampton,(*) Wade, Colonel Hampton South Carolina Legion. : :
; Hance,(*) J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry.

.' f -
Hancock, Ezekiel W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 7th Regiment North Carolina
I. ancock,(*) John M., Major 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry.
S Handley, James M., Major 40th Alabama Infantry.
S Hanes,(*) Garland B., Major 57th Virginia Infantry.
Hankins, (*) E. L., Major Ashcraft's Regiment Mississippi Cavalry;
Major 3d Battalion Mississippi State Cavalry.
Hanlon,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Louisiana Infantry.
"" Hanna, W.'S., Lieutenant.Colonel 36th Arkansas Infantry; Major 28th
Arkansas Infantry.
S Hannon,(*) MosesW., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry; Colonel
53d Alabama Partisan Rangers.
"Hansbrough,(*) George W., Lieut. Col. 9th Battalion Virginia-Infantry.
SHanson,(') Roger W., Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry.
S Hanvey,(*) George M., Major 12th Battalion Georgia Artillery.
Hard,(*) John S., Major 7th South Carolina Infantry.
ii Hardaway,(*) Robert A., Major 1st Virginia Artillery.
Hardcastle,(*) Aaron B., Colonel 33d (Hardeastle's) Mississippi Infan-
try; Colonel 45th Mississippi Infantry; Major 3d (Hardcastle's) Bat-
talion Mississippi Infantry.
Hardeman,(*) Isaac, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry..
Ha rdeman,(*) Peter, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Texas Cavalry Regt...Ari-
zona Brigade; Lieut. Col. 'Hardeman's Battalion Texas Cavalry,
Arizona Brigade;.
Hardemanu,(*) Thomas, jr., Major 2d Independent Battalion Georgia
Infantry; Colonel 45th Georgia Infantry.
S Hardeman,(*) William P., Colonel 1st Texas Cavalry Regt., Arizona
Brigade; Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Texas Cavalry.
Harden,.E. RI., Major 1st Georgia Regulars.
S ..Harden, J. R., Major 2d Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
Fa Hrdie. Joseph, Major Hardie's Cavalry Battalion Alabama Reserves.
ardin,(*) Mark B., Major 9th Virginia Infantry; Major 18th Battalion
Virginia Artillery.
S L" 'Hardin,(*) Thomas J., Maj., Lient. Col., Col. 19th Mississippi Infantry.
S Harding,(*) Cyrus, jr., Major, 5th Virginia Cavalry;.Major 5th and
15th Virginia Cavalry Consolidated.
-:- Harding,(*) Henry, Major 6tst North Carolina Infantry.
Harding,(*) Richard J., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 1st Texas Infantry.
S Hardwick,(*) Win. M., Major, Lieut.-Col. 48th Alabama Infantry.
Hardy,(*) vVm. R., Lieutenaut-Colonel Dawson's Arkansas Infantry;
Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Arkansas Infantry.
Hardy,(*) Washington M., Major, Colonel 60th North Carolina Infantry.
I. HIargett, Flynn, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
I-' Hargrove,(*) Lemuel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Alabama Infantry.
Hargrove,(*) Tazewell L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th North Caro-
lina Infantry.
S Harkic,(*) C. B., Colonel 55th Georgia Infantry.
Harkins, David F., Lient. Col. 1st Choctaw Cavalry Regiment.
S. Harlin, J. A., Lieut. Col. 3d Regiment Mississippi Infantry (or Minute.:
: Men) State Troops.
S Harllee, William W., General Ilarllee's Legion South Carolina Militia.:
.. Harman,(*) Asher Waterman, Colonel 12th Virginia Cavalry.
'I Hrman(*). Austin, Major 54th Virginia Infantry..
'[ 1Harnian, B. Desha, Colonel Harinan's Confederate Cavalry Regiment;
,' (also called Harman's Mississilppi Cavalry Regniment.) f
Harman,(*) Edwin U., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Virginia Infantry.

.. ... 5 5
Harman,(*) Michael G-., Lient.-Col., Colonel 52d Virginia Infiantry.
Harman(*) William H., Lient.-Col., Colonel 5th Virginia Infantry.
HIarinan,(*) Wni. N., Major 47th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
harness,(*) Win. II., Major 11th Virginia Cavalry; Colonel 14th Vir-
ginia Militia, 18th Brigade.
Harper,(*) A. R., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Cavalry.
Harper, A. Y., Lieut. Col. 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry.
Harper, Henry H., Major 14th South Carolina Infantry.
Harper.(*) Kenton, Colonel 5th Virginia Infantry.
Harper, N. B., Major 13th Battalion Mississippi Infantry.
Harper,(*) Robert W., Major, Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
Harper, S. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Mississippi Infantry.
SHarper, W. B., Major let Battalion Mississippi Infantry (or Minute
S Men) State Troops.
Harper,(*) Wilson, Major 25th Virginia Infantry.
Harrell, Geo. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Tennessee Infantry.
Harrell,(*) Jarrett N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st North Carolina In-
fantry State Troops. .
Harrell, John M., Lieut.-Col. Harrell's Battalion 'Arkansas Cavalry.---.
Harrell, Wm. V., Major Lewis' Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Harrington, Pinkney C., Major, Lient. Col.14th Confederate Cavalry.
Harris,(*) Abram, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry.
Harris,(*) Benjamin.J., Major 47th Virginia Militia.
Harris, Chas. J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry;
Colonel 3d Georgia Reserves.
,. Harris, James T., Major 15th. (Cleburnes, also called 1st) Arkansas
Harris, J. L., Major 2d Mississippi Cavalry.
Hayris, Jno. G., Major 20th Alabama Infantry.
Harris,(*) Jno. L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry.
Harris,(*) John L., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th (formerly 14th) North Caro-,
lina Infantry .
H". arris;(*) John L., Major 3d Battalion Georgia Cavalry; Lieutenant.-
Colonel 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry.
; Harris, John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Alabama Infantry. :
Harris, Joseph -)., Lieut. Col. 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion. -
Harris,(*) Merry B., Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th Mississippi Infantry.
Ha.rris,(') Nathaniel H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Mississippi
Harris, Nicholas C., Lieut. Col. Harris' Battalion Virginia Heavy Artil- .. -
lery. -
Harris,(*)'Robert A., Major 2d (or 1st Special) Battalion Louisiana In:
'. Harris, Sampson W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry. :-
Harris, Simon, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th (also called 12th) Mis-
-souri Infantry.
Harris,(*) Skidmbre, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry; Colonel
43d Georgia Infantry.
SHarris, (*) Thos. W., Major 2d (hTarris') Battalion Mississippi State Cay-
alry; Lieutenant-Colonel Ashcraft's Regiment Mississippi Cavalry. .
,- Harris, Win. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry.
SHarris, William T., MaIjor, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry.
Hiarrison,(*) Archibald T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 30th Virginia
S- TInfantry.
ilarrison, Carter H., Major IIthl Virginia Infantry.
Harrison,(*) Francis E., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel let South
S. Carolina Rifles,

I : : .

Harrisou,(*) George P., jr., Colonel 32d Georgia Infantry.
Harrison,(*) Isaac F., Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry; Major,
Lieut. Col. 15th Battalion l~ouisiana Cavilry; Colonel 3d (Harrison's)
Louisiana Cavalry.
*: Harrison,(*) Isham, Colonel Gth Mississippi Cavalry; Major 13th Mis-
sissippi Infantry.
SHarrison,, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Infantry Regiment Virginia
State Line.
Harrison,(*) James E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 15th Texas Infantry ;
Major 1st (Speight's) IBattalion Texas Infantry.
Harrison,(*) John J., Major 1ltl (also called 9th) S. O. Infantry.
Harrison,(*) Julien, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th Virginia Calvary.
Harrison, Randolph, Lieut.-Col., Col. 46th Virginia Infantry ; Lieut. Col.
4th Virginia Uleavy Artillery (after called 34th Virginia Infantry);
Lieut. Col. 34th Virginia Infantry.
S Harrison,(*) Richard, Major, Lient.-Col., Col. 43d Mississippi Infantry.
Harrison;(*) Robert, Major 2d Florida Cavalry.
H arrison,(*) bamuel 1t., Major, Colonel 1st Louisiana Volunteers.
Harrison,(*) Thomas, Major, Lieut.:Col., Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry.
Harrison, William, Colonel 6th Louisiana Cavalry.
S garrison, Win. M., Major 9th (MaxeV's, also called 8th) Texas Infantry.
B arrod,(*) Jno., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi
S Hart,(*) Alex., Major 5th Louisiana Infantry.
Hart,(*) Benj. R., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry.
S Hart,(*) John R., Colonel 6th Georgia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel
S Cavalry Battalion, Smith's Georgia Legion.
S Hart,(*) Robert A., Colonel 30th (Hart's) Arkansas Infantry; Lieut.-
Col. 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas Infantry.
B Hart,(*) Robert D., Major 43d Alabama Infantry.
S. a rtley, Benry K., Lieut.-Col. .4th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division,
S .-Missouri State Guard.
Hartley, Tlioinas J., Major 4th Missouri'Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
S Hartridge,(*) Alfred L., Major 27th Battalion Georgia Infantry.
i. Hartsfield,(*) W. F., Mijor, Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Georgia Infantry.
artwell, Win., Major 1st Mobile Volunteers, Local Defense Troops.
SHarvey,(*) Reuben F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry.
H' ash, John J., Major 1st Missouri Infantry Battalion, 5th Division,
I- Missouri State Guard.
Haskell,(*) Alexander C., Colonel 7th South Carolina Cavalry.
Haskel),(*) Alex. M.; Major 6th Texas Infantry.
Baskins,(*) David C., Maj., Lieut.-Col. 3d Tenn. Inf. (Provisional Army).
S Hatch, Lemuel D., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel Sth (Hatch's,
also called 9th) Alabama Cavalry.
,. Hatch,(*) Lewis M., Colonel 23d South Carolina Infantry; Lieut. Col.
Hatch's Battalion South Carolina Infantry.
Hatcher,(*) Daniel C., Major 7th Virginia Cavalry.
H Hately,(#) John C., Colonel 5th Florida Infantry.
Hathaway,(*) Joseplh F., Major 36th Arkansas Infantry.
H' iHatton,(*) Robert, Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry.
Haven, William S., Major 20th Arkansas Infantry.
SHawes,(*) James M., Col. 2d Kentucky Infantry.
S:Hawes, Richard, Major .5th Kentucky Infantry.
S Hawes,(*) Richard R., Major 10th Georgia Infantry.
:. Hawkins, A. T,, Major 15th Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters.

Hawkins, B. W., Liept.-Col. Hawkins' Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 2d
Division, Missouri State Guard.
Hawkina,(*) Edwin RI., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Texas Cav-
airy (1st Texas Legion).
Hawkins,(*) Hiram, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 5th Kentucky Infantry.
Hawkins, James M., Major Nashville Battalion Infantry.
Hawkins, Pink., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Creek Regiment.
Hawkins,(*) Willis'A., Major, Lieut.-Col. 12th Georgia Infantry.
Hawkins,(*) Win. S., Major 11th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Hawpe,(*) Tresevant C., Colonel 31st'Texas Calvary. .'
Hawthorn,(*) Alexander T., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry,
SCol. Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry.
=Hayes, George E., Major 3d Georgia Infantry.
Haynes,(*) Alexander, Major, Lieut.-Col. 29th Virginia Infantry. *
Haynes,(*) Chas. L., Lientenant-Colonel 27th Virginia Infantry.
Haynes,(*) Milton A., Lieutenant Colonel Tennessee Artillery Corps;
Lieutenant Colonel 1st Tennessee LightlArtillery.
SHaynes,(*) Peril C., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (Starnes', also called 3d)
Tenneseee Cavalry.
Hays, Abram B., Major 1-st Chickasaw Cavalry Regiment. .
Hays,(*) A. J., Lieutenant Colonel 27th Mississippi Infantry.
Hays,(*) Harry T., Colonel 7th Louisiana Infantry.
Hays, J. L., Lieutenant-Colonel31st Arkansas Infantry.
: ays,(*) Thomas H., Major 6th Kentucky Infantry; Major 1st (Cofer's)
Battalion Kentucky Infantry.
Hays, Upton, Colonel Jackson County (after 12th) Missouri Cavalry; ,
Lieut.-Col. 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8 Division, Missouri State Guard., :
Haywood,() Edward Graham, Liet.-Col., Colonel 7th North Carolina ,-;
Head,(*) Jno. W., Colonel 30th Tennessee Infantry .
SHeard,(*) S. S., Colonel 17th Louisiana Infantry. ,
Hearing, Wm. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 38th Alabama Infantry.
Hearn,(*) John P., Major 15th Tennessee Inlantry. -
Hearn,(*) William C., Lieutenant-Colonel -lst~ Mississippi Infantry. .
SHearnsberger,(*) Stephen Z.,Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Georgia Infantry .
Heath, A. J., Colonel 41st North Carolina Militia.
SH6bert, Louis, Colonel 3d Louisiana Infantry.
SHbert,(*) Paul 0., Colonel 1st Louisiana Artillery.
SHeck, Jonathan M., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th- Virginia Infantry.
SHeckinan, David P., Major 57th Virginia Infantry, -
Hedgpeth,(*) Isaac N., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 6th Missouri Infantry;'
Lieutenant-Colonel 3d.Missouri Infantry,.1st Division, Missouri State.
Guard; Major Hedgpeth's Battalion Missouri Infantry.
Hedrick, John.J., Colonel 40th North Carolina Volunteers, (3d North
Carolina Artillery.)
Heiman,(*) Adolphus, Colonel 10th Tennessee Infantry.
Heiskell,(*) Carrick W., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 19th Tennessee Infantry.
Helm, Benjamin Hardin, Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry.
-Helvenston, Alexander H., Maj., Lieut. Col., Col. 16th Ala. Infantry. "
Hemphill, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Mississippi Infantry.
Henagan,(*) John W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th South Carolina Infantry.
Henderson,(*) C. C., Lieut. Col., Colonel .40th Tennessee Infantry;
Lieut.-Col.. Col. 5th (Walker's) Confederate Infantry Regiment.
Henderson, John T., Colonel 8th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Henderson,(*) Marzarine J., Major, Lieut.-Col. 3d Arkansas Cavalry.
Henderson, O. C., Major 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry.

l'enuderson,(*) Robert J., Colonel 42d Georgia Infantry.
S Henderson, W. G., Major 5th Mississippi Cavalry.
SlHendon,(*) W. T. Major 6th (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry.
.U- edrick,(*) Jlnry, Major 30(h Georgia Infantry.
S Ilendricks,(*) Sterling B., LionteniantColonel 17th Texas Cavalry.
ljenegan, Charles S., Major 36th Alabama Infantry.
HIenley,(*) John A., Major 3d Virginia Regiment Local Defense (De-
Ilenningsen,(*) Charles F., Colonel 59th Virginia Infantry.
Henry,(*) E. G., Major 18th Mississippi Infantry.
Henry, James L., Lieut. Col. 14th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry.
Ollenry,(*) John F., Major 4th Tennessee Volunteers.
S Henry,(*) Patrick, Major 28th Texas Cavalry.
Henry,(*) P. M., Colonel of Henry's Regiment Virginia Reserves;
k.; Lieulenant.Colonel 5th Battalion Virginia Reserves.
Henry,(*) R. R., Major 38th Arkansas Infantry.
H:.. enry, R. W., Major, 8th Kentucky Infantry.
Henry, Samuel, Lieut. Col., Colonel 9th Alabama Infantry.
Henry's Battalion Tennessee Infantry, Series 1, Vol. VII.
leensley,(*) James 0., Major 10th Battalion Virginia Artillery..
Herbert,(*) Arthur, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry.
Herbert, () Hilary A., \iajor, Lieut. Col., Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry.
Herbert,(*) James R., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Maryland Infan-
try; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Maryland Infantry.
Herbert,(*) P. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col.
of Herbert's.Texas Battalion, Arizona Brigade.
Herndon, D. C., Major 1st Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.
I Herndon, Thomas H., Major, Lient. Col., Col. 36th Alabama Infantry.
11 err, B. P., Major 1st Missouri Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, Mis-
S souri State Guard.
S : Herrell, Jesse P., Major, Lieut. Col. 7th (Jackman's, afterward 16th)
Missouri Infantry.
: Ierrell,(*) WiUiam V., Major Lewis' Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Herrick,?) Charles H., Colonel 22d (formerly 23d) Louisiana Infantry.
H erring,(*) Calvin, Major 27th North Carolina Infantry.
.' Herring,(*) John B., Major, Lient. Col. 5th Mississippi Infantry.
Hester, James T., Major 23d Alabama Infantry.
IHeth, Henry, Colonel 45th Virginia Inflantry.
S Hewitt,(*) James W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Kentuck-y Infantry.
S Hewitt, Robert A., Lieut.-tol.,2d Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Mis-
i ... souri State Guard. ,
[ Hewlett, Win. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers;
Major 13th Alabama Partisan Rangers.
I Heyward,(*) Win. C., Colonel llth (also called 9th) South Carolina
': Inthntry.
HIIklickerson,(*) Charles N., Major, .Lieut.-Col 37th N. C. Infantry.
SIicks, J. M., Major 9th Mississippi Infantry.
Hicks,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry.
H;, Iigginbothla.m,(*) John C., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 25th Virginia
iggins,(*).Edward, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 21st. (Patton's) Louis-
iana Infantry.
Higgins,(*) 1Iiraim H., Major 40th Tennessee Infantry; Major 5th
S (Walker's) Confederate Infantry.
Higley,(*) John H., Lieutenant-Colonlel, Colonel'40th Alabama In-
fantry; Colonel 2d Alabama Militia.


S Hoffman,(*) John S., Major, Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry.
Hogan, iidgway B., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry.
'oge,(*) Edward F., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Georgia Infantry.
Hoke,(*)'John F., Colonel 23d (formerly 13tb) North Carolina Infan-
try; Colonel 4th RegimentNorth Carolina Senior Reserves.
Hoke,(*) Robert F., Colonel 2tst (formerly llth) North Carolina In-
fantry; Maj.,Lieut.-Col., Col. 33d North Carolina Infantry; Major 1st
', North Carolina Infantry (6 months).
Hoke,(*) William J., Colonel.38th North Carolina Infantry.
S Holcombe, Edward P., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry.
S olden,(*) Wmi. B., Maj., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry.
SHolder,(*) Win. D., Colonel 17th Mississippi Infantry.
Holladay;(*) John B., Major 3d Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles.
S Holland,(*) Daniel P., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Special Battalion Florida
Holland, D. D., Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion Cavalry Texas State Troops.
Holland,(*) Orlando S.. Lieut.-Col., Colonel 37th Mississippi Infantry.
S Holland, William A., Major 40th North Carolina Vols. (3d North Caro.
lina Artillery).
Holland,(*) W. T., Major 32d Georgia Infantry.
S Holladay,(*) Francis i)., Major 16th Virginia Infantry.
Holliday,(*) Frederick W. M., Major, Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry.
Holliday, Henry B., Major 27th Georgia Infantry.
Hollingsworth,(*) James M., Lieut.-Col. 19th Louisiana Infantry.
Holloway, Edmond B., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 8th Division,
Missouri State Guard. o
Holnan, Cyrus K., Major 27th Texas Cavalry (1st Texas Legion).
SHolman,(*) Daniel W., -Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 11th Tennessee
Calvary; Colonel 10th and 11th Tennessee Cavalry Consolidated;
SMajor Holman's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry; Major 1st Tennessee
Infantry (Provisional Army).
Holinan,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Infantry (Pro-
visional Army).
SHolmant,(-) John B., Major 2Sth and 84th Tennessee Infantry Consoli-
Holmes,(*) Benjamin, Lieu tenant-Colonel 12th Missouri Infantry; Major
S 9th (White's, also called 12th) Missouri Infantry.
H olmes,(*) Benjamin R., Major 1st Mississippi Artillery.
Holmes,(*) James C., Major-30th North Carolina Infantry.
SHolmvs,(*) Stokely.M., Yitjdr 36th (Woods', also called 32d) Texas Cav-
Holmes,(*) Thomas F., Major 35th Mipsissippi Infantry.
Holmes, W. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Tennessee Infantry.
SHolmes(*) -William R., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Infantry.
Holt,(*) Bolling H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 35th Georgia
i; Holt,(*) Gustavus A. C., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry.
Holt(*) John H., Major. Lieut.-Col. 1st Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama
I: 'Legion.
Holt,(*) Willis C., Major, Lieutenant-Col., Colonel 10th Georgia Infanitry.
Holtz7claw,(*) Jamies T., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 18th AlabamaInfantry.
I: Hood, Arthur, Lieutenant-Colonel 29th Battalion Georgia Cavalry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry.
Hood,(*) John B., Colonel 4th Texas Infantry.
S Hood, W. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Virginia Reserves.

Hooks,.Boaz F., Major 3d Battalion N. C. Senior Reserves; Major 8th
Regiment North Carolina Reserves.
SHooks,(*) Robert W., Lieutenant-Colouel 11th Texas Cavalry.
Hoole,(*) Axilla J., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th South Carolina Infantry.
Hooper, George W., Major, Lieutenant.Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry.
I ooper, James C., Lieut. Col.; Colonel 6th (after 11th) Missouri Cavalry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Missouri Cavalry.
Hooper, Jno. W., Major 19th Georgia Infantry.
Hooper,(*) Thomas W., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 21st Georgia Infantry.
Hopkins,(*) Chas. F., Colonel 10th Florida Infantry; Major, Lieuten-
ant Colonel 1st Special Battalion Florida Infantry.
Hopkins,(*) Edwar$d, Colonel 4th Florida Infantry.
H opkins,(*) Warrenr M., Colonel 25th Virginia Cavalry.
Horn, Daniel E., Lieutenaut-Colonel 33d Alabama Infantry.
Horn, O. P., Major 4th Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade.
Horne,(*) Wm. R. B., Major 29th Virginia Infantry.
Hoskins, Lieut.-Col. Majors' Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 3d
Division, Missouri State Guard.
I Hottel, J. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Militia, 7th Brigade.
Houck, Win. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th North Carolina Infantry.
Hough,(") Wade H., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Lonisiana Infantry.
Hounshcll,(*) David S., Major 51st Virginia Infantry; Major 23d Vir-
ginia Infantry Battalion; Colonel 4th Infantry Regiment Virginia
State Line.
House,(*) John L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Volunteers;
Lieutenant-Colonel 1st and 2d Tennessee Consolidated.
Housand, C: B., Major Extra Battdlion Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, .
Missouri State Guard
Hovis,(*) L. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th (also called 1st Mississippi Parti-
san Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry.
H-oward,(*) James R., Colonel 3d Confederate Cavalry (also called 11th)
Lient. Col. 11th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
T-Ioward,(*) Jolhn, Major 2d North Carolina Infintry State Troops.
Howard,(*) Joseph D., Major 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry.
Howard,(*) John K., Major, Lieut. Col. 7th Tennessee Infantry.'::
Howard,(*) T. B., jr., Major Howard's (also called 27th) Battalion
Georgia Infantry.
Hlowell,(*) E. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry;
Major 5th and 13th Arkansas Infantry Consolidated; Major 13th
Arkansas Infantry.
Howland, E. J., Major 1st Cherokee Mounted 'Rifles.
Hoxey, Thomas R., Major of Bradford's Regiment Texas Cavalry.
Hoyle, E. W., Major 7th Georgia Infantry.
H-ibard,(*) Jnames L., Lientenant-Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry.
Hubbard,(*) Josiah R., Major 42d Tennessee Infantry.
Hubbard,(*) Richard Benncett, Lieut. Col. 5th (Hubbard's) Battalion :?.
Texas Infantry; Colonel 22d Texas Infantry.
Hubbell,(*) Finley L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (also called 2d) Mis.
souri Infantry.
Budgings,(*) Lemuel T., Major 41st Alabama Infantry.
Hudson, G. L., Major 10th Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Budson,(*) Joshua H., Lieut. Col. 26th South Carolina Infantry; Major
9th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.
Hudson, Samuel 1H., Major 31st (A. 1. Bradford's) Tennessee Infantry.
Huff,(*) James T., Major 60th North Carolina Infantry.
Huffman, J. M,, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Kentucky Cavalry.

ITnfstedlcr,(*) Eli, Licut. Col. 25th (also called 30th) Arkansas Infantry.
Huger,(*) Daniel E., Colonel 1st Alabamia Resrves; Major 25th Ala-
bama Infantry (temporarily commandingg)
IHuger,(*) Frank, Lieutenant-Colonel Huger's Battalion Artillery.
Iluggius,(*) James H., Major, Lient. Col., Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry.
HIughies,(*) Adolplhus A., Colonel 27th Alabama Infantry.
SlHughes,(*) Abner A., Lieut. Col. 48th Alabama Infantry.
Hugihes, Daniel G., Major 22d Infantry Battalion Georgia State Guard.
Jinuglles,(*) Henry, Colonel 12th Mjlssissippi Infantry.
Hi ughes,(*) Harry H., Major 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry.
Hughes, John T., Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 4th Division Missouri
State Guard.
Hughes, Simon P., Lieut. Col. 23d (Adams') Arkansas Infantry.
Hughes' Battalion Missouri Infantry, series 1, vol. X, pt. II.
: IIugls,(*) John M., Major, Licutenant-Colonel, Colonel 25th Tennessee
.* g IIughs,(*) Thomas t., Lieutenant-Colonel 48th (Nixon's) Tennessee
'.Infantry ; Lieutenant-Colonel 2~th (Nixon's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Huguenin,(*) Thonms A., Major 3d South Carolina Artillery (1st South
Carolina Regulars).
SHuguley,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col, 59th Alabama Infantry.
S Hull, Edward B., Lieut.-Col. 2d (Burbridge's, also called 1st) Missouri
Infantry; Lieut.-Col. -Burbridge's Cavalry Itegiment, 2d Div., Mo.
S State Guard.
I Hull,(*) R. Newton, Major 66th (also called 65tli) Georgia Infantry.
.Hulme,(*) Isaac N., Lieut..Col., Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry.
S Hulsey,(*) William 11:, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Georgia Infantry,
Humble,,Thomas C., Major 31st Louisiana Infantry.
S Hunmes,(*) James W., Lieutenant-Colonel p1st (W. M. Bradford's, after
39th) Tennessee Infantry.
flumphreys,(*) Benjamlin G., Col6nel 21st Mississippi Infantry;
Hlnphreys,(*) David W., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi
Humlphreys,(*) Win. W., Maj. Palmetto Sh'arpshooters, South Carolina.
Hundley,(*) Daniel It., Colonel 31st (Hundley's) Alabama Infantry.
i: Hundley,(*) William B., Major 5th Georgia Infantry.
Hlundley,(*) W'm. H., .Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Battalion Ala-
i:. bama Partisan Rangers; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Alabama Cavalry.
IHunley,(*) Peter P., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel 18th-Alabama Infantry.
Hunt, A. A., Colonel 2d Georgia Partisan Rangers.
Hunt,(*) B. F., Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Hunt,(*) Edward F., Major 37th (formerly 7th Tennessee Provisional
:: Army) Tennessee Infantry.
i : Hunt, George B., Major 13th Arkansas Infantry.
i Huunt,() Isaac F., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colonel 13th South Caro-
lina Infantry.
Hunt,(*) James P., Colonel 4th Florida Infantry.
S" i Hunt, John W., Colonel 44th North Carolina Militia.
Hunt,(*) Theodore G., Colonel 5th Louisiana Infantry.
H unt,(*) Thomas Hart, Colonel 9th Kentucky Infantry.
H unt, rWm. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry;
Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 35th Alabama Infantry.
Hunter, De Witt C., Colonel 2d (Hunter's, afterward 8th) Missouri
Infantry; Col. Hunter's Missouri' Cavalry, 186(4; Colonel 7th Mo.
Cavalry, 8th Div. Mo., State Guard.
Hunter,(*) F. Winston, Colonel 2d Alabama Cavalry.

SHunter, George I., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Georgia Infantry..
Hunter, Jason H., Major 2d Mo. Cavalry Battalion, 1st Division., Mo.
S State Guard; Lieut. Col. 4th Mo. Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Hunter,(*) S. E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Louisiana Infantry.
Hunter,(*) Sherod,.~Major 2d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona Brigade.
Hunter, Wm. L., Colonel lst Chickasaw Cavalry Regiment (rejected).
I luntou,(*) Eppa, Colonel 8th Virginia Infantry.
Hurst,(*) David W., Colonel 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi Infantry.
Hurst, Edgar V., Colonel 3d Mo. Inlantry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard.
Hurt,(*) Chas. S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Tennessee Infantry;
Colonel 6th and 9th Tennessee Consolidated.
I urtt,(*) Daniel W., Major 2d North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
Huske,(*) Benjamin t., Major 48th North Carolina Infantry.
Huston,(") George, Major, Lieut. Col. 33d Virginia Infantry .
Stutcheson,(*) Jno. B., Lieutenant Colonel 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky
Hutcherson, Thomas, Colonel 23d Georgia Infantry.
Hutchins,(*) Andrew J., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel, Colonel 19th Georgia
Hutchins,(*) Nathan L.',jr., LieutenantColonel 3d Battalion Georgia
S Sharpshooters.
I Hutchison,(*) A. S., Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas In-
fantry commandingg 19th and 24th, temporarily attached).
Hluteoison,(*) Win. O., Major, Lieut. Col. 36th (Woods', also called 32d)
S Texas Cavalry.
IHutson, William F., Lieut.-Col. 11th South Carolina Reserves.
Hutter,(*) Jas. Risque, Major 11th Virginia Infantry.
IHutto,(*) John C., Major 50th (also known as 26th, l'h) Alabama
Huttoi,(*) Elihu, Major 20th Virginia Cavalry.
Hyams, Samuel M., jr., Colonel 7th (also called 1st Miss. Partisan
[Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry (temporary command); Lieutenant-
Colonel 2d Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Louisiana In-
Hyatt,(*) Arthur W., Lieut. Col. Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry.
Hyde, Lieut.-Col. 3d Mo. Infantry, 3d Division, Mo. State Guard.
Hyllested,(*) Waldemar, Major 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves.
Hyman,(*) Joseph H., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 13th (formerly 3d)
N. C. Infantry.
Hynes, Andrew R., Lieutenant-Colojlel 4thr Kentucky Infantry.
Ihirie,(*) Ross R., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Caro-
lina Infantry.
Imboden,(*) George W., Colonel 18th Virginia Cavalry; Major 62d (also
called 1st Partisan Rangers) Virginia Infantry.
Imboden,(*) John D,, Colonel (6d (also called 1st Partisan Rangers)
Virginia Infantry.
Inge,(*) It. F., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Alabama Infantry.
Inge, William M., Major 12th Battalion Mississippi Partisan Rangers;
Colonel 10th (also known as 12th) Mississippi Cavalry.
.Ingersoll, Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Alabama Infantry.
Ingram, Augustus J., Major 12th Alabama Cavalry.
Ingran,(*) Tillman, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Florida Infantry.
Inzer,(*) Jno. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 58th Alabama Infantry.
Irby, Thomas B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Alabama Infantry.
Iredell, James J., Major 2d Battalion North Carolina Infantry (tempo-
rarily assigned); Major 53d North Carolina Infantry.

Ireland,(*) Jno., Major, Lient. Col. 8th (Hobby's) Texas Infantry.
Irvine,(*) J. S., Major I I th battalion Texas Cavalry and Infantry.
Irving,(*) Charles It., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry.
S Irwin,(*) Thomas K., Major 3d Alabama Militia.
S Isom,(*) Newton A., Major 29th Mississippi Infantry.
Ison,(*) Francis M., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 2(1 Georgia Cavalry.
Iverson, Alfred, Colonel 20th formerlyy 10th) North Carolina Infthtry.
Iverson,(*) John F., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry.
Ives, Samuel S., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 35th Alabama Infantry.
Ivor,(*) W. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th South Carolina Infantry.
Ivy,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 21st (Patton's) Louisiana
||-: Infantry.
Izard, Allen C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th (also called 9tb) South
SCarolina Infantry.
Jaekman, Sidney D., Colonel 7th (Jackman's, afterward 16th) Missouri
S": Infantry.
S Jackson,(*) Alfred H., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry.
Jackson,(*) Andrew, jr., Colonel 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery.
Jackson,(*) Andrew, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry.
S Jackson, Cougreve, Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Mis-
souri State Guard.
Jackson, George, Major 14th Virginia Cavalry.
Jackson,(*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 27th Alabama Infantry.
Jackson,(*) James W.; Lieut. Col., Colonel 47th Alabama Infantry.
Jackson,(*) J. F. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Georgia Infantry..
Jackson,(*) John K., Colonel 5th Georgia Infantry.
Jackson, John M., Major 34th Georgia Infantry.
Jackson,(*) Thomas E., Colonel Virginia State Line Artillery.
Jackson,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Virginia Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
SJackson,(*) W)V. H., Colonel lst (Jackson's, afterward 7th) Tennessee
Jackson,(*) William L., Colonel 31st Virginia Infantry; Colonel 19th
Virginia Cavalry; Lieut.-Col. Jackson's Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Jacoway, Jno. A., Lieutenant Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry.
James,(*) George S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion South
Carolina Infantry.
James, Lemuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 61st Virginia Militia.
James,(*) Samuel L., Major 6th Louisiana Infantry.
James,(') Waddy T., Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry.
Jamison,(*) S. G., Major 3d Virginia Regiment Local Defense (Depart-
Jamison,(*) Thos. E., Major 48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry.
SJaqnes, J., Major Jaques' Battalion Mississippi (?) Infantry (found in
Ector's Briga(le, Return Army of Tennessee, July 3, 1864).
Jaques, Samuel R1., Major 1st City Battalion, Columbus, Ga.
Jaquess,(*) John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Louisiana
S.Jarmon,(*) Wm. I., Major 8th Texas Cavalry.
Jarnigan, Rufus A., Major l9tlh-Tennessee Infantry.
Jarrett,(*) J. M., Colonel 109th North Carolina Militia.
Jarvis, Win. H., Major 3d Battalion Virginia Reserves.
Jayne,(*) Joseph M., Colonel 48th Mississippi Infantry.
Jeans,(*) Beal G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Jackson County (after
12th) Missouri Cavalry.
Jeff Davis Regiment, Louisiana Militia, Series 1, Vol. VI,

Jeffers,(*) William L., Colonel 8th Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colo-
nel 2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard.
Jeffordsi(*) Robt. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Cavalry;
Major 17th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
Jeffries, John M., Major 41st Alabama Infantry.
Jenifer,(*) Walter H., Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry.
Jenkins,(*) Albert G., Lieutenant.Colonel 8th Virginia Cavalry.
Jenkins, Charles S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 64th Georgia Infantry.
Jenkins,(*) John, Major 3d South Carolina Cavalry.
Jenkins,(*) Micah, Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry; Colonel South
Carolina Palmetto Sharpshooters.
Jenkins,(*) Thos. F., Major 53d Alabama Partisan Rangers.
Jenkins,(*) William A., Lieut. Col. 46th North Carolina Infantry. .
Jennings, D. L., Major 2d Missouri Infantry Battalion, 1st Division,
Missouri State Guard.'
Jerome,(*) Robert P., Major 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina In-
Jessee,(*) Geo. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Confederate Battalion Oav-
airy; Major Jessee's Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles.
Jett, Benjamin P., Major 17th. (Rector's) Arkansas Infantry; Major
Rector's Arkansas Regiment (12 months).
Jett, Wm. G., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Infantry Texas State Troops.
Jewett,(*) Origen Sibley, Major 38th Alabama Infantry.
Jinkins, Mansfield D., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st (A. H. Bradford's) Ten-
,nessee Infantry.
Johns,(*) Benjamin F., Major, Lieut.-Col. 7th Mississippi Infantry.
John.,(*) Wm. M; R., Lieutenant.Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry.
Johnson,(*) Abda, Colonel 40th Georgia Infantry.
Johns6n,(*) Adam R., Colonel 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Partisan
Johnson, A. H., Major 1st Alabama Cavalry. J
Johnson,(*) Alfred W., Colonel Johnson's Regiment Arkansas Infantry.
Johnson, B. C., Major 31st (Fiale's) Alabama Infantry.
Johnson,(*) Benjamin I.,'Lieut. Col. Hampton South Carolina Legion.
Johnson, Benjamin W., Colonel 15th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infantry.
Johnson, B. G., Lieut.-Col. Johnson's Arkansas Infantry Battalion.
Johnson,(*) Bradley T., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st Maryland Infantry.
Johnson, Edward, Colonel 12th Georgia Infantry.
Johnson, H. P., Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry.
Johnson, Hiram H., Major 3d Georgia Cavalry.
Johnson, James B., Lieutenant- Colonel 3d.Confederate Infantry; Major
1st Battalion Arkansas Infantry.
Johnson,(*) James C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Battalion Vir-
ginia Infantry.
Johnsou, James F., Lieutenant-Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry.
Johnson, James H., Major 14th Tennessbe Infantry.
Johnson,(*) James M., Major, Lieut. Col. 30th Mississippi Infantry.
Jplhnson, James M., Major 44th Tennessee Infantry.
Johnson,(*) James T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 35th North Carolina
Johnson,(*) J. A. W., Colonel 34th Georgia Infantry.
Johnson,(*) J. B., Colonel 4th Cavalry Texas State Troops.
Johnson, Jefferson, Major 18th Georgia Infantry.
SJohnson, Jeptha C., Lieutenant-Colonel37th (Bell's) Arkansas Infantry.
Johnson,(*) John B., Major, Lieut.-Col. 29th Tennessee Infantry.

SJohnson, John E., Colonel 9th Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel
1st Battalion Va. Cavalry
S Johnson, John 11., Colonel 46th Virginia Militia.
Johnson, John 1., Major 20th Texas Cavalry.
Johnson, John William, Lieutenant-Colonel 46th Tennessee Infantry.
S Johnson, Joseph A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Mississippi State Cavalry.
Johnson, Louis W., Major 10th Alabama Infantry.
SJohnson,(*) Lucius J., Major 17th (formerly 7th) North Carolina In-
Johnson,(*) Middleton Tait, Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry.
i Jobnson, R. W., Major 4th (Ioddey's) Alabama Cavalry;
Johnson,(*) Thomas, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Kentucky
Mounted Rifles.
i' Johnson, Thomas C., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry.'
{ Johnson,(*) Thomas H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d South Carolina Cavalry;
S Major 8th (also called 2d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry.
S Johnson,(*) Waldo P., Major 1st Battalion Missouri Infantry; Lieu.
.. tenant-Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry.
Johnson, W. W., Colonel Johnson's Special Battalion, Louisiana.
Johnson, (*) William A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th (Rod-
dey's) Alabama Cavalry.
Johnson,(*) Win. B., Licut. Col. 33d (Hurst's) Mississippi Infantry.
Johnson, Win. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Texas Cavalry (also called
S 1st Indian Texas Cavalry).
Johnson, Colonel 3d Regiment, 1st Brigade, Georgia State
Johnston,(*) Alfred, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Kentucky Infantry.
SJohnston, Chas. B., Major 21st Alabama Infantry.
Johnston,(*) George D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 25th Ala-
bama Infantry.
*' Johnston,(*) Geo. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th (formerly 7th) North
SCarolina Infantry.
Johnston, J. A., Lieut. Col. Carroll's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
S. Johnston,(*) John Y., Major 47th Alabama Infantry.
Johnston, Miles E., Lieut.-Col. 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Johnston,* Robert, Colonel 3d Virginia Cavalry.
Johnston,(*) Robert A., Lieut.-Col., Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry; -
Lieutenant Colonel 9th (also called 5th, Hunt's) Kentucky Infantry.
Johnston,(*) Robert D., Lieutenant-Colonel Colonel 23d (formerly 13th)
North Carolina Infantry.
Johnston,(*) Samuel, Colonel 89th Virginia Militia.
S Johnston,(*) Thomas H., Major, Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry.
f Johnstou,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 14th (formerly
S 4th) North Carolina Infantry.
Johnston,(*) Wm. Preston, Lieutenant-Oolonel 1st Kentucky Infantry;
Major 3d Kentucky Infantry; Major 2d Kentucky Infantry.
Jolly,(*) John J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Alabama Infantry.
S Jones, Abraham, Major, Lieut.-Col. 19th South Carolina Infantry.
f Jones, A. C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Virginia Infantry.
S Jones, Allen C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry.
State Guard.
Jones, Andrew J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Mississippi Infantry.
Jones, Bart., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (also designated as 1st) Battalion
S Arkansas Infantry.
S Jones,(*) Beuhring H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 60th Virginia Infantry.

Jones,(*) Bushrod, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (also called 5th) Battalion
Alabama Infantry; Colonel 58th Alabama Infantry.
Jones,(*) Cadwalader, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 12th South Carolina :
Jones,(*) Charles, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Louisiana Infantry. :
Jones, C. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Georgia Reserves.
Jones,(*) Dudley Wm., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry.
Jones, Daniel W., Major, Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry.
Jones, Edward P., Major, Lientenant.Colonel 28th Mississippi Cavalry.
Jones, Egbert J., Colonel 4th Alabama. Infantry.
Jones,(*) Ervine P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d South Carolina Infantry.
Jones,(*) E. P., Colonel 109th Virginia Militia.
Jones, E. T., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State
Jones,(*) Francis B., Major 2d Virginia Infantry.
Jones,(*) George H., Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry.
Jones,(*) Geo. W., Major 3d Tennessce Volunteers.
Jones, George W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Texas Infantry.
Jones,(*) Hamilton C., jr., Lieutonant-Colonel, Colonel 57th North Caro-
Slina Infantry.
Jones,(*) -lilary P., Major, Lieut. Col. Jones' Ba talion Artillery. .
Jones,(*) James, Colonel 14th South Carolina Infiatry.
Jones, James F., Colonel 1st Virginia Infantry Local Defense Troops. ,
Jones,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1lthl Texas Infantry. :
Jones, Jno. A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Alabama Infantry.
Jones, John A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 20th Georgia Infautry.
Jones, John B., Major 14th Battalion Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Jones,(*) John -F., Major 3d Georgia Inf'illtry.
Jones, John G.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 35th North Caro-
lina Infantry.
Jones,(*) John R., Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry.
Jones,(*) John T. (signs as John Jones), Major, .Lieutenant-Colonel
26th North Carolina Infantry (temporary appointment)..
Jones, John W., Major 6th (lalfour's) Battalion Miss. Infantry.'.
Jones,(*) Joseph, Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Virginia Infantry.
Jones, Joseph H., Major 55th. Alabama Infantry.
Jones,(*) Joseph P., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th North Carolina Infantry
State Troops.
Jones, J. P., Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry (signs as J. Jones, tem- -
porary appointment). '
Jones,(*) J. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 24th South Carolina Iufantry.
Jones, Malcolmn D., Maj. 9th Georgia Cavalry.
Jones,(*) O. I., Lieutenant Colonel 109th North Carolina Militia.
Jones,(*) Riclhard W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th Louisiana Infantry.
Jones, Richard W., Lient. Col. 1st Ihnfantry Georgia State Guard.
Joncs,(*)lIRichard WV., Maj. 12th Virginia Ilnfhntry.
Jones, Robert B., Major 17th Louisiana. i Inhantry.
Jones, Robert II., Colonel 22d Georgia Inflaintry.
Jones,(*) Robt. T., Colonel 12th Alabama Inlfantry.
Jones,(*) Samuel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 23d) Louisi-.
ana Infantry. ,
Jones,(*) Samuel B., Lieut. Col. 2d Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Jones,(*) Seaborn, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, Phillips
Georgia Legion.
Jones, S. WV., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Georgia Infantry.
Jones,(*) Theodore A., Major 33d (LIardcastle's) Mississippi Infantry.

S Jones, Thomas L., Major, Lieut. Col. 12th (formerly 2d) North Carolina
:5' Infantry.
Jones,(*) Thomas M., Colonel 27th Mississippi Infantry.
Jones,(*) Thomas P., Major 64th North Carolina Infantry.
Jones,(*) Tignal W., Colonel 1st Texas Cavalry State Troops.
Jones,(*) Timothy P., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Tennessee Infantry.
Jones,(*) Warner P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 33d Tennessee Infantry.
:: Jones,(*) Warner T., Colonel 21st Virginia Militia.
Jones,(*) Waters B., Major, Colonel 60th Georgia Infantry.
Jones,(*) Win. A., Lieut. Col. 55th Tennessee Infantry.
Jones,(*) Wi. E., Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry; Colonel 7th Virginia
S Jones, Wm. E., Major 9th Kentucky Cavalry.
SJones,(*) William H., Major 48th North Carolina Infantry.
Jones,(*) Wim. M., Major 9th Georgia Infantry.
Jones, Willis J., Major 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles.
Jordan, Charles R., Lieutenant-Colonel 35th Mississippi Infantry.
Jordan, E. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Arkansas Infantry.
Jordan,(*) John T., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry.
S Jordan,(*) John V., Colonel 31st North Carolina Infantry.
Jordan, Powhatan, Maj., Lieut.-Col. 7th Texas Cavalry.
Jordan,(*) Tyler C., Major Huger's Battalion Artillery.
Jordan, William F., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Infantry.
Josey,(*) Jno. E., Major Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 15th (Polk's)
Arkansas Infantry.
i. Joyner,(*) Williani H., Major 18th Tennessee Infantry.
Judge,(*) Thomas J., Colonel 14th Alabama Infantry.
Julian,(*) Wm. R., Lieut. Col. Julian's Alabama Cavalry Battalion.
Jumper, John, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Seminole Cavalry Battalion.
K. Kal t'us, Columbus C., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry, 1st Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Kamey,(*) Sanford.J., Col. 57th Virginia Militia.
S Kampmann,(*) John H., Major 3d Texas Infantry.
Karr,(*) F. C., Major 32d Mississippi Infantry.
SL Kasey,(*) John G., Major, Lieut. Col. 58th Virginia Infantry.
Kavanaugh,(*) James R., Major 9th Louisiana Infantry.
Kearney,(*) Walter G., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Mississippi Infantry.
Kearse,(*) Francis, Lieutenant-C1lonel 50th Georgia Infantry.
S Keeble,(*) Richard H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry.
. :" Keen,(*) Elisha F., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry;
i- Major of Keen's Battalion Virginia Infantry.
Keener,(*) John C., Major, Lieut. Col. 58th North' Carolina Infantry.
Keep, Henry V., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Confedejate Infantry.
Keirn,(*) Walter L., Major, Lieut. Col. 38th Mississippi Infantry.
Keith, Bradford, Major 1st Missouri Infantry.
Keith,(*) James A., Lieutenant Colonel 64th North Carolina Infantry.
.E. Keitt,(*) Laurence M., Colonel 20th South Carolina Infantry.
Kell,(*) James T., Major, Lieut. Col. 30th North Carolina Infantry .
Kellar,(*) Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Tenn. Infantry;
Colonel 4th and 5th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
SKelley,(*) Chas. C., Major 14th Georgia Infantry.
Kelley,(*) David C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 3d (Forrest's)
Tennessee Infantry; Lieut. Col. 26th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
S Kelley, W. R., Lieutenant Colonel 20th Arkansas Infantry.
Kellogg,(*) Henry C., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 43d Georgia Infantry.
S Kelly,(*) Alfred D., Major 21st Virginia Infantry.
i :

y 69 '

Kelly,(*) Henry 13., Colonel 8th Louisiana Infantry.
Kelly,(*) J. H., Colonel 1st Louisiana Infantry.
Kelly,(*) John H., Colonel 8th Arkansas Infantry; Major 9th Battalion
Arkansas Infantry; Major 14th (MOCarver's) Regiment Arkansas i,
Infantry; Col., temporarily commanding 44th Tennessee Infantry.
Kelly,(*) John M., Major 35th North Carolina Infantry.
Kelly, ---, Colonel Kelly's Missouri Infantry Regiment, 6th Divis.
ion, Missouri State Guard. :
Kelsey,(*) I. G., Major, Lientenant-Colonel 44th Mississippi Infantry.
Kelso,(*) George W.., Major 9th Tennessee Infantry.
emper,(*) James L., Colonel 7th Virginia Infantry.
SKenan,(*) Daniel L., Major, Lieut Col., Colonel cth Florida Infantry.
Kenan,(*) Thomas S., Colonel 43d North Carolina Infantry.
Kendall,(*) James S., Major 26th North Carolina Infantry. :
SKendrick,(*) Henry F., Major 22d Virginia Cavalry..
Kendrick, Meredith, Major 37th Georgia Infantry.
Kenedy, James B., Major 21st Battalion Infhutry Georgia State Guard;
Major Wright's Cavalry Regiment (also called 12th) Georgia State
Kennard,(*) John R., Major 10th Texas Infantry.
Kennedy,(*) Hyder A., Major, Lieut. Col. 19th Louisiana Infantry.
Kennedy,(*). John B. G., Lieut. Col. 5th Battalion Louisiana Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 21st (Kennedy's) Louisiana Infantry.
Kennedy,(*) John D., Colonel 2d South Carolina Infantry.
Kennedy,(*) John T., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel 62d Georgia Partisan
Rangers; Lieut. Col. G6th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry.
Kennedy,(*) Julius B., Major 27th Mississippi Infantry.
Kennon,(*) Richard E., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 3d Georgia Cavalry.
Kent,(*) Frederick M., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Louisiana Regulars.
Kent,(*) James, Colonel 44th Alabama Infantry.
Kent,(*) Joseph P., Major 4th Virginia Infantry.
Kershaw,(*) Joseph B., Colonel 2d South Carolina infantry.
Kesler,(*) Joseph K., Major 19th Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colo-
nel 46th Battalion Virginia Cavalry; Lieut. Col. 26th Va. Cavalry.
Ketchum,(*) Charles T., Colonel 38th Alabama Infantry.
Key,(*) David M., Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Tennessee Infantry (after-
ward mounted infantry).
Key, John C., Major 44th Georgia Infantry.
Key, Jno. C.. G., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Texas Infantry.
Key,'P. C., Lieutenant.Colonel 4th Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Kibbee, Chas. C., Lientenant-Colonel 10th Georgia Infantry.
Kiddoo, John F., Major 5th Georgia Infantry.
Kilgore, B. M., Major3d Mississippi Cavalry State Troops; Major 4th
Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State Troops.
Kilgore, Dawson L., Major 6th Arkansas Infantry; Lieut. Col. 1st
(Crawford's) Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
Kilpatrick,(*) Franklin Whitney, Colonel 1st South Carolina Volnu-
teers; Major, Colonel South Carolina Palmetto Sharpshooters (latter
appointment declined).
Kilpatrick, William HI., Major 5th Battalion Mississippi Infantry.
Kimbell,(*) Jno. C., Major 32d Alabama Infantry.
Kimbrough,(*) George R., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Alabama Infantry.
King,(*) Barrington S., Lieutenant-Colonel Cavalry Battalion, Cobb's
Georgia Legion Lieut.-Col. 9th Georgia Cavalry.
King, Benjamin, Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State

King, Geo. W., Colonel 22d Regiment Arkansas Infantry.
S King,(*) ~I. Clay, Major King's Battalion Kentucky Cavalry; Colonel
1st (also called 12th) Confederate Cavalry; Major 6th Confederate
.~ C cavalry. .
.King H. W., Major 14th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard.
King,(*) Jas. P., Major Ist (Rector's War iRegiment) Arkansas Volun-
.' teers; Colonel 35th Arkansas Infantry.
King, James I., Acting Major Rtoswell Battalion Cavalry, Georgia
SLrocal Defense.
I: King,(*) J. Floyd, Major, Lieut. Col. 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery.
S King$(*) J. Horace, Colonel Oth Alabama Infantry.
--King,(*) John B., Major 1st (Carter's) Tenn. Cavalry. -
: King, Porter, Lieutenant Colonel 41st Alabama Infantry.
King,(*) Wmn. Henry, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 18th Texas Infantry.
Kiloch, (*) John M., Lieut. Col. 23d South Carolina Infantry.
Kinsey, Benjamin F., Lieutenant-Colonel 34th Virginia Militia.
Kirby, Edmund, Lieut. Col. 58th North Carolina Iufantry.
S Kirby,(*) J. E., Major 3d Battalion Texas Infantry.
Kirk, Elijah P., Major 15th (Stewart's, also called 14th) Tennessee
Kirkland,(*) Benjamin B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina
Kirkland,(*) William*W., Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North Carolina
Kirkpatrick,(*) M. L., Lieut. Col. 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers.
Kirtley, Cave J,, Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State
S Kirtley, George B., Major 5th Missouri Cavalry.
Kiset,(*) Jno. F., Major .7th Georgia Infantry.
Kitchen,(*) Solomon G., Colonel 7th (also called 10th) Missouri Cavalry;
Lieut.-Col. Kitchen's Battalion Missouri Infantry; Major, Lieut.-Col.
2d Missouri Cavalry, 1st Div., Mo. State Guard.
Knight,(*) Charles W., Lieut. Col. 31st North Carolina Infantry.
Knight, Gazaway B., Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion, Cobb's
Georgia Legion.
Knight, Johu, Major 41st Georgia Infantry.
S Knight,(*) Levi J., jIajor 29th Georgia Infantry.
S Knott, John O., Major 12th Louisiana Infantry.
S Knott,(') John L., Major 12th ,Virginia Cavalry.
Knox,(*) Samuel L., Major 1st Alabama Infantry.,
: Koiner,(*) Absalom, Major 5th Virginia Infantry.
Kuhn,{*) John H., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d (Ashby's) Tenn. Cavalry.
Kyle, Osceola, Lieutenant-Colonel 46th Alabama Infantry.
[ Ijabuzan(*) Augustin S., Major 3d1 Battalion TexasArtillery.
Lackland, Francis, Lieut. Col. 2d Virginia Infantry.
l". ady,(*) Jno. B., Major, Lieut. Col. 20th Virginia Cavalry.
Lallersredt,(*) Lawrence D., Major 22d Georgia Infantry.
Ia.tnar,(*) Charles A. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Georgia In-
- fantry ; Colonel 26th (Lamar's) Georgia Infantry.
S lamnar,(*) Jefferson M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Battalion,
Cobb's Georgia Legion.
S Lamar,(*) John I., Major, Lieut. Col. 7th Battalion Georgia Infantry;
S Major 2fith (Lamar's) Georgia Infantry; Col. (lst Georgia Infantry.
SLamar, L. M., Major Liert. Col., Colonel 8th Georgia Infantry.
Lamar,(*) Lucius Q. C., Lieutenant-Colonel,, Colonel 19th Mississippi

SLamar, Thomas B., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Florida Infantry.
Lamar,(*) Thomas G., Major 2d Battalion South Carolina Artillery;
SColonel 2d South Carolina Artillery.
Lamb,(*) Jno. C., Major 29Dth Georgia Infantry. ,
SLamb,(*) John C., Lieutenant-Colonel 17th (formerly 7th) North Caro- '
lina Infantry.
Lamb,(*) Jonathan J., Major, Colonel 5th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel
4th and 5th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
Lamb,(*) William, Colonel 36th North CarolinaVolunteers, (2d'N. C.
Lambeth,(*) Joseph H., Major 14th (formerly 4th) North Carolina In-
Lampkin,Alexander W., Major 2d Alabama Militia; Colonel 1st Mobile
Lampley,(*) Harris D., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 45th Alabama Infantry.
Land,(*) Ceth S., Major 26th South Carolina Infantry.
Landis,(*) Absalom L., Major 17th Tennessee Infantry.
Landis, John C., Major 1st Missouri Artillery Battalion, 5th Division,
Missouri State Guard.
Landry,(*) Joseph O., Lieut. Col. 22d Louisiana Infantry Consolidated;
Lieutenant-Colonel 29th (also called 28th) Louisiana Infantry.
Lane, A. J., Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry.
Lane,(*) Henry, Major 42d Virginia Infantr. -
Lane,(*) James H., Colonel 28th North Carolina Infantry; Major 1st
North Carolina Infantry (6 inonths).
Lane, J. M., Major 2d Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Lane,(*) John, Major, Lieut. Col. 11th Battalion Georgia Artillery.
- Lane,(*) John R., Major, Lieutenant-Coloinel, Colonel 26th North Caro.;
lina Infantry.
Lane,(*) Walter P., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry; Col.. 1st
Texas Partisan Rangers.
Lane, Win. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 26th (Styles', also called 13th)
Georgia Infantry. '
Lang,(*) David, Colonel 8th Florida Infantry.
S Lang, David B., Major, Lieut.-Col. 62d (also called 1st-Partisan Rangers)
Virginia Infantry.
S Langhorne,(*) Daniel A., Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Virginia Infantry.,
Langliorne, John S., Major 2d (also called 30th) Virginia Cavalry. .
Langhorne,(*) Maurice S., Maj., Lieut.-Col., Col. 11th Virginia Infantry.
Langley,(*) Frank H., Major, Lieutenant.Colonel 1stVirginia Infantry.
Langston, William 0., Major 5th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Mis- ':
souri State Guard. : :
Lanier,(*) Thomas C., Lieut. Col., Colonel 42d Alabama Infantry.
Lankford,(*) A. R., Lieutenant Colonel,Colonel 38th Alabama Infantry.
Lankford,(*) William C., Major 47th North Carolina Infantry.
Lannorn, William D., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Kentucky Infantry; Lieu-
tenant-Colonel 12th Kentucky Cavalry.
Larey,(*) Peter H., Major 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Lary, Washl ington T., Lieutenanit-Colonel 6th Alabama Cavalry.
Lash,(*) Jacob A., Major 4th Florida Infantry.
Laswell, George S., Major, Lient. Col. 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
Latham,(*) Louis C., Major Ist North Carolina Infanitry State Troops.
Lntimer, Reuben, Major 7th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Latta, Joseph W., Major 66th North Carolina Infantry (canceled).
Lavender, Frank M.,Major, Lienutonaant-Colonel 20th Tennessee Infantry.
Lavender,(*) J. G., Major 110th Virginia Militia.

0 1


S Law,(*) Evander Mclver, Lieut. Col., Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry.
Law,(*) George W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry.
Law, Junius A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Reserves.
Lawhon, J., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Infantry (or Minute
Men) State Troops.
S Lawrence,(*) Robt. J., Major, Lieut. Col. 14th Mississippi Infantry.
Lawson,(*) Charles N., Major 55th Virginia Infantry.
Lawson,(*) John, Major 59th Virginia Infantry.
Lawther,(*) Robert I., 1Major 1st Missouri Cavalry; Colonel Lawther's
Temporary Regiment of Disimunted Missouri Cavalry; Colonel 10th
Missouri Cavalry.
Lawton,(*) Wm. J., Colonel 2d Georgia Cavalry.
Lay,(*) Benjamin D.. Colonel Lay's Regt. Mississippi Cavalry.
Lay,(*) Louis, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Louisiana Infantry.
Layton,(*) Pierre S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Miss. Infantry.
.- Lea,(*) Allen, Major. 2d (also known as 19th) Battalion Alabama
Lea,(*) Benj. J., Colonel 52d Tennessee Infantry.
Lea,(*) John W.. Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th North Caro-
lina Infantry State Troops.
Leach, James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st (formerly llth) North Caro-
( lina Infantry.
Leak,' John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d (formerly 13th) North Carolina
} Infantry.
Leavell, H. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Kentucky Cavalry.
Le Baron, William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Alabama Militia.
S Ledbetter, Daniel A., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Rifles.
Lee, Augustus H., Major 3d Georgia Infantry.
Lee,(*) Baker P., jr., Major 32d Virginia Infantry.
SLee, Charles C., Colonel 37th North Carolina Infantry; Lieut.-Col. 1st
North Carolina Infantry (6 months).
Lee,(*) Edwin G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 33d Virginia Infantry.
Lee,(*) Fitzhugh, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Virginia Cavalry.
Lee,(#) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Battalion Georgia Cav-
alry (Provost Battalion, Atlanta, Ga.); Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel
38th Georgia Infantry (Wright's Georgia Legion); Lieutenant-Colonel
3d Cavalry Battalion Georgia State Guard (Atjanta Fire Battalion).
Lee, Henderson L., Major 38th Virginia Infantry.
i Lee,(*) Herbert D., Major 16th (formerly 6th) North Carolina Infantry.
Lee,(*) L. C., Major 48th Mississippi Infantry.
Lee,(*) Philip, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry.
Lee,(*) P. Lynch, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infan-
try; Major 15th (Gee's) Arkansas Infantry.
Lee,(*) Stephen, Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) North Carolina Infantry.
SLee,(*) Stephen D., Colonel (temporarily) 4th Virginia Cavalry.
Lee,(*) Stephen D., Major Hampton South Carolina Legion.
Lee,(*) Wm. H. F .Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 9th Virginia Cavalry.
Lee, William R., Major.10th (May's) Kentucky Cavalry.
Leeds,(*) Paul B., Major 18th Louisiana Infantry.
Le Flore,(*) Mitchell, Major 1st Choctaw and Ohickasaw Mounted Rifles.
Leftwich, Joel B., Lieut. Col. 3d Virginia Reserves.
Legett,(*) John M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Louisiana Infantry.
Legg,(*) G. W. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th South Carolina Infantry.
S Leigh, J. Wickham, Major 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery.
Leigh,(*) Richard W., Lieutenant-Colonel 43d.Mississippi Infantry.

.': -_- A--w-

Leigh, William, Lieutenant-Coloriel 29th Virginia Infantry; Major 53d
Virginia Infantry.
Lemmon, Alexander C., Major 5th Missouri Infantry, 8th Division,
Missouri State Guard.
Lemoyne, George W., Colonel 17th (Lomoyne's) Arkansas Infantry.
Lescsne,(*) Henry H., Major 23d South Carolina Infantry.
Lesley,(*) John T., Major 4th Florida Infantry.
Lester,(*) Germain A., Major, Lieut.-Col. 8th Louisiana Infantry.
Lester, George N., Colonel 7th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
SLester,(*) James D., Colonel 22d Mississippi Infantry.
Lester,(*) Richard P., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry.
Lester,(*) William, Major, Lient. Col. 13th South Carolina Infantry.
Lester,- William C., Major 43d Georgia Infantry.
'Lesueur,(*) Charles M., Major 4th Texas Cavalry.
Letcher,(*) Samuel H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 58th Virginia Infantry.
Leventhorpe,(*) Collett, Colonel 11th North Carolina Troops; Colonel
34th North Carolina Infantry.
Levy,(*) William M., Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry.
Lewellen,(*) John Richard, Major, Lieut.-Col. 12th Virginia Infantry.
Lewelling, Thos., Lieut. Col. 22d Texas Cavalry.
Lewers,(*) Thomas, Lieut. Col., Major Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry.
Lewie,(*) Frederick S., Major, Lieut. Col. 15th South Carolina Infantry.
Lewie,(*) G. A., Lieut. Col. 2d South Carolina State Troops (6 months).
Lewis, Abner McC., Major 2d Georgia In'fantry.
Lewis, Edwaid A., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 1st Divis-
ion, Missouri State Guard.
Lewis, H. B., Major 25th Virginia Militia.
Lewis, (*) Henry G., Major, Lieut. Col. 32d North Carolina Infantry.
Lewis, Ivey F., Major Jeff. Davis Mississippi Legion.
Lewis,(*) James H., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Wheeler's, afterward Gth)
Tennessee Cavalry.
Lewis,(*) Joseph C., Lieut. Col., Colonel 25th Louisiana Infantry.
Lewis,(*) Joseph H., Colonel 6th Kentucky Infantry.
Lewis,(*) Levin M., Lieut.Col. 7th (Jackinan's, afterward 16th) Mis-
souri Infantry; Col. 16th (formerly 7th) Missouri Infantry; Colonel
3d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Missouri State Guard.
Lewis, Meriweather, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Virginia Cavalry.
Lewis,(*) Robert N., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 34th Tennessee
Lewis,(*) Thomas H., Major Lewis' Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Lewis, Tom, Acting Lieut. Col. 3d Choctaw Regiment.
Lewis,(*) Thomas W., Major 2d (Woodward's) Kentucky Cavalry.
Lewis,(*) Trevanion D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Louis-
iana Infantry.
Lewis,(*) William G., Lieutenant-Colonel 43d North Carolina Infantry;
Major 33d North Carolina Infantry.
Leyden,(*) A., Major 9th Battalion Georgia Artillery.
Liddell,(*) Philip F., Lieut. Col., Colonel llth Mississippi Infantry.
Liggin, Lieut. Col. 1st Arkansas Militia (30 days).
Lightfoot,(*) C. E., Lieut. Col. Lightfoot's Battalion Virginia Artillery.
Lightfoot(*) Chas. E., Major, Eieut. Col 6th North Carolina Infantry
State Troops; Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry.
Lightfoot,(*) James N., Lieut, Col., Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry.
Likens,(*) James B., Major 6th (Likens') Battalion Texas Infantry;
Colonel 35th (Likens') Texas Cavalry.
Liles, Edward R., Lieut. Col. 31st North Carolina Infantry.

" ,: ,, .

Lillard,(*) John M., Colonel 26th Tennessee Infantry.
Lillard,(*) Newton J., Licut. Co!., Colonel 3d Tennessee Infantry (Prov.
S Army.)
Lilley,(*) John D., Major, Lieut. Col. 52d Virginia Infantry.
S Lilley,(*) lobert D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Virginia Infantry.
Lindsay,(*) A. J., Colonel Lindsay's Regiment Mississippi Cavalry.
S Lindsay,(*) Robert fl., Major, Lieut. Col. 16th Louisiana Infantry.
Linkons,(*) Benja.min R., Lieutenant-Colonel 36th Virginia Infantry.
Lipscomb, George H., Major 27th Mississippi Infantry.
Lipscoinb,(*) Thos. C., Major, Lieut. Col. Oth Mississippi Cavalry.
Lipscomb,(*) Thomas J., Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. 2d South Carolina
Little,(*) BenjaminF ., Lieutenant-Colonel 52d North Carolina lifantly.
Little, Francis H., Colonel 11th Georgia Infantry.
Little, Stinson, Major 1st (Colquitt's) Arkansas Infantry.
Littlefield, Asahel, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry;
Colonel 33d Georgia Infantry.
Littrell, Leroy N., Lieut. Col. 37th Virginia Militia.
Livingston,(*) Daniel, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st South Carolina
Livingston,(*) Henry J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Alabama Cavalry; *
Colonel 8th (Livingston's) Alabama Cavalry.
Livingston,(*) James W., Major, Lient. Col., Colonel 1st South Carolina
Livingston, Thomas R., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry Battalion, 1st In-
dian Brigade.
Lloyd,(*) W. D. C., Major 9th (also called 5th) Battalion Alabama
S Locke,(*) Matt. F., Colonel 10th Texas Cavalry.
Locke,(*) Michael B., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Alabama Infantry.
Locke,(*) Robt. W., Major 42d Mississippi Infantry.
L6ckert,(*) James W., Major. Lieut. Col. 14th Tennessee Infantry.
Lockhart,(*) Harrison C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 50th (old) Ten-
nessee Infantry.
S Lockkart, H. C., Lieut. Col. Lockkart's Battalion Alabama Exempts.
Lockridge,(*) Samuel A, Major 5th Texas Cavalry.
Lowering, Sampson, Major 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles.
Lofton,(*) John T., Lieut. Col., Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry.
Lofton,(*) William A., Major, Colonel Gth Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Logan,(*) Geo. Win., Lieut. Col. Chalmette Regiment Louisiana Militia;
Litut.-Col. 2d Louisafia Battalion Heavy Artillery.
SLogan,(*) John L., Colonel 11th Arkansas Infantry.
Logan,(*) Robt. 1., Lieutenant-Colonel .
S' Logan,(*) Thos. M., Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. Hampton South Carolina
Logan's Battalion Arkansas Infantry, Series 1, Vol. VIII.
Logwood,(*) Thos. H., Lientenant-Colonel 6th Battalion Tennessee
Cavalry; Lieut.-Col., Colonel 15th and 16th Tennessee Cavalry con.
solidated and known as 15th ; Col. 16th (Logwood's) Tennessee Cayv
airy; Lieut. Col. of Nixon's Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.
S. Lonmax,(*)Lunsford L., Colonel 11th Vitguia Cavalry.
S Lomax,(*0 Tennent, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Alabama Infantry.
S Long. James A., Major 13th Georgia Infantry.
Long,(*) James A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel.llth Tennessee
Long, John O., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina-

.- ; ., ,', -' ..'. -

Long,(*) J. W., Major 20th Arkansas Infantry.
Longmire,(*) John J., Major 23d AlabamaInfantry.
JLongstreet, Anderson P., Lieut. Col. Wright's Cavalry Regiment (also
called 12th) Georgia State Guard.
Loomis,(*) Jno. Q., Colonel 25th Alabanma Infantry; Lieut. Col. 1st -
Battalion Alabama In fantry.
Looney, Abraham M., Major Ist Tennessee Volunteers.
Looney,(*) Robt; F., Colonel 38th (formerly 8th, Looney's) Tennessee :';'
Looscan,(*) Michael, Major 1st Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona Bri-
gade; Major 1st Texas Battalion (also called 4th) Cavalry Regiment
Arizona Brigade.
Lott, Elias Everett, Lientenant-Colonel 22d Texas Infantry; Major 5th .'
(Hubbard's) Battalion Texas Infantry. .
Loud,(*) Philologus H., Major 10th Georgia Infantry. .
i Loudermnilk,(*) Jno., Major.36th (Glenn's) Georgia Infantry.
- Love, Andrew P., Major (acting) 4th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Love,(*) James F., Major 59th Tennessee Infantry.
Love,(*) James I., jr., Lieut. Col. Infantry Regiment, Thomas' North
Carolina Legion.
.Love, Joseph B., Lieut. Col. Freeman's Regiment Missouri Cavalry.
Love,(*), Matthew N., Major, Lieut. Col. 25th (formerly 15th) North.
SCarolina Infantry. .
Love,(*) Robert G. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th (formerly 6th) North
Carolina Infantry; Colonel 62d North Carolina Infantry.
Love, Samuel T., Major 27th Tennessee Infantry.
Love,(*) Thaddeus D)., Major 24th (formerly 14th) N. C. Infantry.
Lovejoy,(*) George S., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th (formerly 4th) North
Carolina Infantry.
*Lovell, William S.,'Major 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry; Major 36th
(Villepigue's) Georgia Infantry; Major 1st Confederate Infantry (for-
merly 36th Georgia Inl'antry).
Lovell,(*).Williain S., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d (after 22d) Louisiana
Lovern, James, Major 5th Missouri Infantry, 3d Div., Mo. State Guard.
Lowe, Aden, Colonel 3d Missouri Infantry, 1st Div., Mo. State Guard.
Lowe., Jno. G., Major 23d Tennessee infantry.
Lowe,(*) Jno. II., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 31st (also called 27th)
Georgia Infantry.
Lowe,(*) Samuel D., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 28th North
Carolina Infantry.
Lowe,(*) Thomas L., Lieutenant-Colonel 28th North Carolina Infantry. .':
Lowrance,(*) William Lee J., Colonel 34th North Carolina Infantiy.
Lowrey,(*) Mark P., Colonel 32d' Mississippi Infantry.
Lowry, James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 29th North Carolina Infantry. .
Lowry,(*) Robert, Major, Col. Gth (also called 7th) Mississippi Infantry.
Lowry,(*) Wit. B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel llth Mississippi Infantry.
Lowry,(*) W. L., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Mississippi State Cavalry.
Lowther,(*) Alexander A., Major, Licut.-Col., Colonel 15th Alabama
Lubbock, Thomas S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th Texas Cavalry.
Lucas,(*) Henry C., Major 20th Tennessee Infmatry.
Lucas, Hugh IL, Major 11th Tennessee I infantry.
Lucas,(*) J. Jonathan, Major 15th Blattalion South Carolina Artillery.
Lucas, Thomas E., Major 8th South Carolina Infantry.
Luckett,(*) Philip N., Colonel 3d Texas Infantry.' .
1 '~. ,**

i''- 76 .

Luffman,(*) William, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Georgia Infantry.
Luke,(*) G. Gratiott, Lieutenant-Colonel 56th North Carolina Infantry.
Lumpkin, Samuel P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry.
Lundy, William T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry.
Luse,(*) William FH., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th Mississippi Infantry.
Lutz, Levi P., Major 1st Virginia Militia.
Lyell,(*) Jno. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry.
Lyles,(*) John M., Major 17th Mississippi Infantry.
Lyles,(*) Oliver P., Colonel 23d (Lyles') Arklansas Infantry..
i Lyles,(*) Win. L., Lientenant-Colonel 24th Mississippi Infantry.
SLynam,(*) Thos. H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Mississippi infantry.
Lynch,(*) Connally H., Lieutenant-Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry.
Lynch,(*) Michael, Major 21st Georgia Infantry.
Lynn,(*) David A., Major, Colonel 49th Tennessee Infantry.
[ Lyon,(*) Hylan B., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 8th Kentucky Infantry.
Lyon,(*) Richard, Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry.
[.. Lytbgoe,(*) Augustus J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th South Caro-
Slina Infantry.
Lytle,(*) Ephraim F., Lieutenant-Colonel 45th Tennessee Infantry.
Mabrey, James W., Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Alabama Infantry.
Mabry,(*) Charles W., Major 19th Georgia Infantry.
Mabry,(*) Hinchie P., Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry.
McAfee,(*) A. L., Major 6th Battalion Confederate Infantry.
McAfee,(*) Lee M., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 49th North Carolina Infantry.
S McAlexander Edward, Major, Lieut. Col. 27th Alabama Infantry.
McAlister,(*) alexander C., Major, Lieut. Col. 46th N. C. Infantry.
McAllister,(*) Joseph L., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Georgia Cavalry.
S McAlpine, Chas. R., Major 61st Virginia Infantry.
S McAnerney(*) John, jr., Lt. Col., Col. 3d Va. Regiment Local Defense,
McArthur,(*) Arthur, jr., Major 6th 16ouisiana Infantry.
SMcArthur,(*) Chas, W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 61st (also called
26th) Georgia Infantry.
McBee,(*) Joshua T., Major 28th Mississippi Cavalry.
McBride, Andrew J.,Colonel 1i'th Georgia Infantry.
.l:'. McCain,(*) Henry V., Major 12th Louisiana Infantry.
McCaleb, James H., Colonel 1st Arkansas Militia (30 days).
McCall, James K., Major Atlanta Arsenal Battalion, Georgia.
McCammon, W. Y., Licut. Col. 9th Arkansas Infantry.
S, McCann, Riohard, major 9th Tennessee Cavalry.
McCarley,(*) Moses, Lieutenant-Col6nel 23d Mississippi Infantry.
S McCarty,(*) J. L., Colonel 2d (also called 4th) Mississippi Cavalry.-
McCarver,(*) John S., Colonel 14th (McCarver's) Arkansas Infantry.
McCarver,(*) Samuel H., Major 25th Tennessee Infantry.
S McCaskill, John, Lieut. Col. 3d Confederate Cavalry.
McCauley, John C., Major 7th Arkansas Infantry.
: McCausland,(*) John A., Colonel 36th Virginia Infantry.
McCay,(*) Robert C., Major 38th Mississippi Infantry.
McClammy,(*) Chas. W., jr., Major 41st North Carolina Volunteers
(3d North Carolina Cavalry).
McClanahan, Meredith M., Major 41st Virginia Militia.
McClarty .John, Major, Lieut. Col. 17th Texas Cavalry.
S'.; N M.. .lcll;a,(*) George It., Lieut. Col. 5th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Is McClellan,(*) James F., M.i'r 4th Battalion Florida Infantry; Lieuten-
ant-Colonel 11th Florida Infaintry.
'"' McClellan, Win. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Alabama Infantry; Lieut,
S Col. 6th (McOlellan's) Battalion Alabama Infantry.

McClelland, Robt. H., Major 49th Tennessee Infantry.
McClung,(*) Francis B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Confederate In-
fantry Battalion.
McClure,(*) Robert G., Lieutenant.Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry.
McCollum,(*) Levi, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry.
McComb,(*) William, Major, Lieut.-Col., Col. 14th Tennessee Infantry.
McConnell, J. T., Colonel 39th Georgia Infantry.
McConnell,(*) Sylvester P., Major 25th Virginia Cavalry.
McConnell, Thomas M., Major 26th Tennessee Infantry.
McCoole,(*) Thomas E., Lieut. Col. 31st Virginia Militia.
McCord,(*) Henry J., Lieut. Col., Colonel 35th Arkansas Infantry.
McCord, James Ebenezer, Colonel Frontier Regiment Texas Cavalry.
McCord, Robt. A., Major 14th Alabama Infantry.
McCorkle, Matthew L., Major McCorkle's Battalion North Carolina
Senior Reserves.
McCorkle,(*)Wm. H., Major, Lieut.-Col. 12th South Carolina Infantry.
McCormick,(*) Abner H., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Florida Cavalry.
McCown,(*) James, Colonel 5th Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel,
Colonel 2d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard;
Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Missouri Infantry.
McCown,(*) John P., Colonel Tennessee Artillery Corps; Colonel 1st
Tennessee Light Artillery.
McCoy, Franklin J., Major 21st Alabama Infantry.
McCoy, Henry R., Major 34th Alabama Infantry.
McCrady,(*) Edward,jr., Major, Lieutenant Colonel 1st South Carolina
Infantry (Prov. Army).
McCray,(*) Thos. H., Colonel 31st Arkansas Infantry; Major MeCray's
Battalion Arkansas Infantry.
McCreary,(*) Chas. W., .Maj., Col. 1st South Carolina Infantry (Prov.
McCreary, James B., Major, Lieut. Col. 11th Kentucky Cavalry.
McCulloch,(*) Henry E., Colonel 1st (McCulloch's) Texas Mounted
R. iflemen.
McUulloch,(*) Joseph B., Major 4th (McNair's) Arkansas Infantry.
i McCulloch,(*) Robert, Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion Missouri Cavalry; Col-
onel 2d Missouri Cavalry.
McOulloch,(*) Robert A., Major, Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Cavalry.
Mocullohs,(*) William H., Major, Lieut. Col. 35th Georgia Infantry.
McCullough, Frisby H., Lieutenant-Colonel Franklin's Northeqast Mis- .
souri Regimeht; Lieut. Col. 2d Northeast Missouri Cavalry.
McOullough,(*) James, Lieut. Col., Col. 16th South Carolina Infantry.
SMcCune,(*) Samuel, Col. 32d Va. Militia; Major 3d Battalion Valley
McOurry,(*) B. C., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry.
McCurtain, Jackson, Lieut. Col. 1st (McCurtain's) Choctaw Battalion;
Colonel 3d Choctaw Regiment.
McCutchen,(*) J. S. Kerr, Major, Lieut. Col. 31st Virginia Infantry.
McDaniel,(*) Charles A., Colonel 41st Georgia Infantry.
McDaniel, Coleman A., Colonel 44th Tennessee Infant'y.
McDaniel, Henry D., Major 11th Georgia Infantry.
McDaniel,(*) Wm. W., Major Infantry Battalion, Oobb's Georgia Legion.
MoDaniels, Washington, Major 1st (Elliott's) Mo. Battalion Cavalry.
McDonald,(*) Angus W., Colonel 7th Virginia Cavalry.
McDonald, Charles, Major 18th. Battalion Tennessee Cavalry; Major
26th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
McDonald,(*) Edward H., Majorl11th Virginia Cavalry; Colonel
S77th Virginia Militia.

i. 78
McDonald,(*) Emmett, Colonel McDonald's Missouri Cavalry.
McDonald, Enoch, Ma\jor 40th Mississippi Infantry.
McDonald,(*) James, Lieut. Col. 26th (Lamar's) Georgia Infantry.
McDonald,(*) James R., Major 51st North Carolina Infantry.
;McDonald,(*) Jesse C., Major 4th (Clinch's) Georgia Cavalry.
;.- nMcDonald,(*) John C.,' Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Virginia Infantry.
j- ,. l McDonald,(*) Joseph E., Major 55th Tennessee Infantry.
\ McDonald,(*) William A., Lieutenant-Colonel 2ith (Styles', also called
13th) Georgia Infantry.
McDonell,(*) Thaddeus A., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Florida Infantry.
S McDougall,(*) Myford, Major Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry.
S McDowell,(*) Byron G., Major 62d North Carolina Infantry.
'McDo'well,(*) Harvey, Major 2d Kentucky Infantry.
:: McDowell,(*) James C..S., Lieut. Col., Colonel 54th N. C. Infantry.
.i; McDowell,(*) James K., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d (also called 2d-)
Missouri hifantry.
S McDowell,(*) John A., Major, Lieut-Col., Colonel 1st N. C. Infantry.
McDowell,(*) John L., Lieut. Col. 34th North Carolina Infantry.
McDowell,(*) Joseph A., Colonel 60th North Carolina Infantry.
McDowell, Williai WV., Major 60th North Caroliqa Infantry.
SMcDufiie,(*) James '., Lieutenapt-Colonel 61st (also called 26th) Geor-
gia Infantry.
S McElroy,(*) Joiri S., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 16th (formerly 6th)
N. C. Infantry.
.' McElroy,(*) Kennon, Major,-Lieut. Col., Colonel 13th Mississippi Inf.
-McElvany, James T'., Major 35th Georgia Infantry.
.. McEnery,() Jno., Major, Lictut. Col. 4th Battalion Louisiana. Infantry.
S ,McEwen.(*) John L., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Tennessee Infantry.
.. McFarland,(*) Robert, Major 31st (W. M. Bradford's, after 39th) Ten-
Snessee Infantry.
i "Macfarlane,(*) Archibald, Colonel 1st and 4th'Missouri Infantry Con-
solidated; Colonel 4th Missouri Infantryi Major Macfarlane's Mis-
S souri Infantry Battalion.
M cFarlane,(*) John A., Major 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. -
M'Gaugby,(*) Jno. H., Major, Lieut. Col. 16th Alabama Infantry.
MacGavock,(*) Randall W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Tennessee Infantry.
S McGee,(*) John, Major 37th Mississippi Infantry..
McGee, (*) Joseph B., Mnjor 34th North Carolina Infantry.
McGee,.J. W., Major 17th Battalion Infantry Georgia State Guard.
MceGehee,(*) Edward F., Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Mississippi Infantry;
Lieuten;nt-Colonel 2d Confederate Infantry.
.'McGehee, James, Colonel McGehee's Arkangas Regiment.
McGill,(*) John W., Lieutenaut-Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Caro-
Slina Infantry.
McGinnis,(*) Noble L., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Texas Infantry.
McGlaslan,(*) Peter, Colonel 50th Georgia Infantry.
McGoodwin, Al., Major 3d Kentucky Infantry.
McGowan,(*) Samuel, Lieut. Col., Colonel 14th South Carolina Infantry,.
McGregor, C. E., Major 5th Georgia Reserves.
McGregor, Donelson, Lieut. Col. 1st (Colquitt's) Arkansas Infantry.
MdcGriff, Patrick A., Major 11th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
M cGruder(#) Zachariah S., Lieut. Col. 10th Virginia Cavalry.
McGuire,(*) John P., Major, Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry.
McGuirk,(*) John, Col. 3d.Mississippi -Cavalry, State Troops ; Colonel
3d Mississippi Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Mississippi Infantry.
McHenry, James, Major 1st Creek regiment.

: 79

Mclntosh,(*) Qhilly, Colonel 2d Creek Regiment; Lieut.-Col. 1st Creek
Cavalry Battalion.
McIntosh, Daniel N Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Creek Regiment.
McIntosh, 1). G., Major McIntosh's Artillery Battalion.
McIntosh,(*) James, Colonel 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
McIntosh,(*) Win. M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 15th Georgia
Infantry. .
Mc[ntosh, William R., Lieut. Col. 1st Creek Regiment.
Mclntyre, Archibald T., Colonel 11th Infantry Georgia State Guard;
Major McIntyre's Battalion Georgia State Guard.
Mclver,(*) George W., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st South Carolina Infantry.
McJunkin, W. S., Major 71h South Carolina Reserves.
McKamy,(*) Jas. A., Major, Lt. Col. Cavalry Battalion, Thomas' North
McKamy,(*) Samuel L., Major 29th Tennessee Infantry.
McKamy,(*) Wim. H., -Major 43d Tennessee Infantry (afterward
Mounted Infantry).
SMcKay, John, Major 4th Battalion Arkansas Infintry.
McKay,(*) John A. D., Major 31st North Carolina Infantry.
McKean, John G., Major 19th (Dawson's) Arkansas Infantry.
M'cKelvaine,(*) Robert P., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 24th Missis-:
sippi Infantry.
McKennie, M., Colonel 88th Virginia Militia...
McKenzie,(*) George W., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Battalion Tennessee
Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Tenn. Cavalry.
McKethan,(*) Hector, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 51st North Carolina
McKinney,(*) Christopher C., Major Lieut.-Col. 8th (Fulton's) Tennes-
see Infantry.
McKinney,(*) Robert M., Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Carolina
McKinney, -- Colonel 4th Missouri Infantry,.3d Division, Mis-
S souri State Guard.
; McKinstry,(*) Alexander, Colonel 32d Alabama Infantry.
McKissick,(*) Isaac G., Lieut.;Col. 7th South Carolina Cavalry.
McKoin, James L., Colonel 55th Tennessee Infantry.
McKowen,(*) Jno. C., Lieutenant-Colonel Powers' Regiment :Louis-
iana and Mississippi Cavalry.
McKoy, Almond A., Colonel 8th Regiment North Carolina Reserves.
McLain,(*) Robert, Colonel 37th Mississippi Infantry.
McLauchlin,(*) Murdock McR., Major 38th North Carolina Infantry.
SMcLaughlin, Martin V., Major 1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional
McLaurin, Cornelius, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th MississippiCavalry; Major ..:
McLaurin's Battalion Mississippi Cavalry....
McLaurin,(*) L. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Louisiana Infantry.
McLaws,(*) Lafayette, Colonel 10til Georgia Infantry.
McLean,(*) Angus I)., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 6th Florida Infantry.
McLean, James B., Major 2d Cavalry Texas State Troops.
McLean, James R., Major 7th Regiment North Carolina Reserves; Ma-,
jor Camp Stokes Light Duty Battalion.
.McLean, Nathaniel, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Regiment North Carolina ''
McLemore,(*) Amos, Major 27th Mississippi Infantry. "
. McLemore, Owen K., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Alabama Infantry;
SMajor 14th Alabama Infantry.

McLemore,(*) William S., Colonel 4th (Starnes', also called 3d) Tennes-
see Cavalry.
McLennan,(*) John D., Lieutenant-Colonel 59th Alabaina Infantry;
Major 4th Battalion Alabama Artillery, Hilliard's Ala. Legion.
McLeod,(*) Donald McDonald, Major 8th South Carolina Infantry.
McLeod, Hugh, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Texas Infantry.
McLeod,(*) Marcus D. L., Major 9th North Carolina Volunteers (1st
N. C. Cavalry).
McLin,(*) John B., Major 1st East Tennessee Cavalry; Colonel 5th
Tennessee Cavalry.
McLure,(*) Edward C., Major 6th South Carolina Infantry.
McMackin, A'ndrew J., Major 54th Tennessee Infantry.
McMahon,(*) John J., Colonel 63d Virginia Infantry.
McMaster,(*) Fitz William, Lieut. Col., Colonel 17th South Carolina
McMichael,(*)Paul A.,Lieutenant.Colonel 20th South Carolin aInfantry.
McMillan,(*) H. W., Lieutenant.Colonel 33d Arkansas Infantry.
McMillan,(*) Robert, Colonel 24th Georgia Infantry.
McMillan,(*) Ro'bert E., Major 24ch Georgia Infantry.
McMullan,(*) Mark J., Major 22d Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery.
McMurray,(*) Francis, Major 23d Alabama Infantry.
McMurry,(*) James A., Colonel 3 th Tennessee Infantry.
MeMurry,(*) Lipscomb P.. Major, Colonel 22d Tennessee Infantry;
Lieutenant-Colonel 12th and 22d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
McMurtrey,(*) E. L., Lieutenant-Colonel McM urtrey's Battalion Arkan-
sas Cavalry.
S McNair,(*) Evander, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th.(McNair's) Arkan-
sas Infantry.
McNairy,(*) Frank N., Lieutenant-Cdolnel 1st Battalion Tennessee
Cavalry. -
McNeely,(*) James A., Major, Colonel 13th Arkansas Infantry.
McNeill,(*) Aden, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Mississippi Infantry.
McNeill,(*) A. J., Colonel 30th (McNeill's) Arkansas Infantry.
McNeill, A. J., Colonel 4th Louisiana Cavalry; Major McNeill's Bat-
talion Louisiana Cavalry.
McNeill,(*) Henry C., Lieut.:'Col., Colonel 5th Texas Cavalry.
. 'McNeill,(#) Henry C., Major, Lieut-Col 33d Tennessee Infantry.
McNeill,(*) James H., Major, Colonel 63d North Carolina Volunteers
--(5th N. O. Cavalry).
- f MlNeill,(*) Neill McK., Major 46th North Carolina Infantry.
MPhail,(*) John B., Major 56th Virginia Infantry.
McPhaill,(*) Hugh A., Major 5th Texap Cavalry.
:: McPheeters,(*) Geo. P., Lieut. Col., Colonel Crescent Regiment Louis-
:' iana Infantry.
M;. McQuiddy,(*) Thomas J., Major 3d Battalion Missouri Cavalry.
S MacRae,(*) Alexander, Major 1st Battalion N. C. Heavy Artillery.
SMacRae,(*) Archibald P., Major 61st (also called 26th) Georgia Infantry.
i McRae,(*) Dandridge, Major 3d Battalion Arkansas Infantry; Colonel
15th (McRae's) Arkansas Infantry; Colonel 28th (McRae's Emer-
gency) Arkansas Infantry.
McRae,(*) Duncan K.,Colonel 5th North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
McRae,(*) Henry, Major 8th North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
S McRae,(*) James B., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry.
McRae, J. 0., Major McRae's North Carolina Battalion.
: McRae,(*) Robert B., Major 7th North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
McRae,(*) William, Lieut. Col., Colonel 15th (formerly 5th) North Car-
S olina Infantry.


McReynolds,(*) Felix C., Major 21st Texas Infantry.
McReynolls,(*) James H., Major 9th (Maxey's, also called 8th)- Texas
Infantry .
McReynolds,(*) Joseph T., Major 37th (formerly,7th Tennessee, Provi-- i
bional Army) Tennessee Infantry. .
McSpadden,(*) Samuel K., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 19th Alabama :
McSwean, Colin, Major 39th Alabama Infantry.
Me Waters, James A., Lient. Col. 33d Louisiana Partisan Rangers. ".
McWhorter, Eliphalet A., Major 6th Alabama Cavalry. : :
Maddox, (*) Robert F., Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Georgia Infantry; Colo-
nel 2d Georgia Reserves.
Maddox,(*) Wm. A., Major 17th Louisiana Infantry.
Madison, George T., Lieut. Col. 3d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona
Brigade; Lieut. Col. 3d Battalion Texas Cavalry, Arizona Brigade.
Maffett,(*) Robt. C., Major, Lient. Col. 3d South Carolina Infantry.
Magee, Jacob O., Major 2d Regiment Mississippi Infantry (or -Minute
Men) State Troops.:
Maaenis,(*) A. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 27th Arkansas Infantry.
Mage\ney,(*) Michaeil,jr., Lient. Col., Colonel 154th Senior Tennessee
Infantry. "'
Magill,(*) William J.,Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars.
Magoffin, Elijal, Major 10th (also called 12th)-Missouri Infantry.
Magrath,Edward,-Col.lst Regiment Charleston Guards,South Carolina.
Magruder,(*) Edward J., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Georgia Infantry.
Magruder,(*) Jno. Bowie, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 57th Vir-
ginia Infantry.
Mahone,(*) William, Colonel 6th Virginia Infantry.
Mains,(*) Samuel F., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Texas Cavalry. .i
Major, Elliott D., Major 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry; Major 7th
(Franklin's) Regiment Missouri Infantry.
Major,(*) Jas. P., Colonel Major's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 3d Divis-
ion, Missouri State Guard.
Malcolm, Green, Major 'st Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
.Mallett,(*) Edward, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Glst North Carolina .
In fan try.
Mallett,(*) Peter, Colonel Mallett's Battalion North Carolina Infantry.
Mallory.(*) Chas. K., Colonel 115th Virginia Militia.
Mallory,(*) Francis, Colonel 55th Virginia Infiantry.
Malone,(*) Fred'k J., Major, Colonel 31st Texas Cavalry.
Malone, Jas. C., jr., Colonel 9th Alabama Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colo-
nel 14th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
:'Malone, James C., Major 2d Battalion Confederate Infantry.
Malone, John M., Major 12th Kentucky Cavalry.
MMaltbie,(*) Richard, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Georgia Infautry.
Manyy,() Frank, Major 2-4th lBatltalion Tennessee S sharpshooters.
Maney,(*) George, Colonel 3st Tennessee Volunteers.
Manglami,(*) Samuel \V.,Col.5thl Georgia Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel
itli Intintry Georgia State (uard.
Mangham,(*) Thomas W., Lieut. Col., Colonel 30th Georgia Infantry.
.Mungum,(*) Thomas H.,Major 25th Mississippi Infantr3 ; Major 2d Con- -
federate Infantry.
* Manigault,(*) Arthur M., Colonel 10th South Carolina Infantry. .
Maniganlt,(*) Edward, Major Gth Battalion South Carolina Infantry;
Major 18th Battalion South Carolina Artillery.
Manlove.,(*) Thomas B., Lieutenant-Colonel 48th Mississippi Infantry;
SLieut. Col.2d Mississippi Infaitry Battalion.
21739- 6

Manly,(*) Johnu H.,Lient. Col. 1st Regiment Texas Artillery.
I- Mann, Walter L., Col. Mann's Regiment Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col.
i. Bradford's IRegiment Texas Cavalry.
S Mann,(*)William lI., Major 54th Georgia Infantry.
S Mann, -, Colonel 5th Itegiiment Georgia State Troops.
S Ml .11ing, Seaborn M., Lieul tnanlt-Colooel 4d9th Georgia Infantry.
I\l..,inmng,(*) Van Il., Major,, Colonel 3d Arkansas Infantry.
Ma ;uan ing,(*) Win. II., Major G h Louisiana infantry.
l' Manlaiiig,(*) William I., Colonel 5(0th Georgia Inlintry.
S Marls.(*) Albert S., Major, Colonel 7th Tennessee Infantry.
Ml lail .) Leon 1)., Colonel 27th Louisiana Infantry.
M. I1,-, Matthew RI, Major 2d Alabama Cavalry.
Ma rls, Samuel B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, 13th Alabama Infantry.
S Ml;i l.s,'*) Samuel P., Colonel llth Louisiana Ilnfntry.
Mar kls,*) Washington, Major 22d (formerly 23d) Louisiana Infantry;
-t Mo IIr 22d Louisiana. Consolidated.
Ala Muaduke,(*) Joln S., Colonel 3d Confederate Infantry; Lieutenant-
Colonel Ist Battalion Arkansas Infaitry.
1 M.11n st, John C,, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 22d Alabama Infantry.
Maiisli, Edward S., Major 4th North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
.-.. Mariall,(*) J. Foster, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st South Carolina
... Marshall,(*) James K., Colonel 52d North Carolina Infantry.
Marshalll,() John, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Texas Infantry.
Marshall, J. W., Colonel 17th Tennessee Cavalry.
,: M marshall, L.L., Major 2d Mississippi StateCavalry; Major Ashcraft's,
..: -. llan's and Lowry's Consolidated Mississippi Cavalry Regiments."
*'i Miriall, L. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (StewarL's) Tennessee Cavalry.
l Masli,.ll,(*) Thomas, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Virginia Cavalry.
Martin, Barclay, Major 9th (Bille's, also called 1.tfh) Tennessee avalry.
S Martin, Geo. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 38th Virginia Infantry.
':. M.lrii,(*) Jacob T., Acting Lieut. Col. 11th Tennessee Cavalry.
]Aliirtin, James B., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Alabama nlfantry.
Ma rlin,(*)-James T., Major 7th Arkansas Infantry.
Mart i, John 'D., Major 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.
; M martin(* ) John D.., Colonel 25th Mississippi Infantry ; Colonel 2d Con-
.' lederate Infantry).
l. Martiii, Jno. M., Colonel 9th Flo ida Infantry; Lieut. Col. 6th Battalion
Florida Infantry. /
Martin, John W., Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
: Stat Guard- Lieutenant-Colonel Ist Missouri Infantry, 8th Divis- .
i.'., ion, Missouri State Guard.
-. iM tin. Jos. C., Major 30th (McNeills) Arkansas Infantry; Major 30th
(Hart's) Arkansas Infantry.
Martin.(*) Leonidas M., Colonel 5th Texas Partisan Rangers; Major
S lthl Battalion Texas Cavalry.
S ar tii, (*) Luther H. 0., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Cavalry Georgia State
jlin.(*) Matt., Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry.
MmI tml,(*) Rawley White, Major, Lieut. Col. 53d Virginia Infantry.'
l M;i ti,(*) R..M., Lieutenant-Colonl 1Oth' (Johnson's) Kentucky Par-i.
tI li<:a Hangers.
S M.rtiun, Samuel II., Lieutenant Colonel 1st Chickasaw Cavalry Regi-
::: I ment (rejected).
; Martin, Thomas A., Major 13th North Carolina Infantry.
Martin, WVn., Major, Lieut. Col. 56th Alabama Partisan Rangers.

Martin,(`) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Georgia Regulars. :
Martin,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Virginia Iiintutry.
Martin,(*) Win. E., Colonel Ist South Carolina Mounted Militia.
Martin,(*) Williain F., Colonel 17th (formerly 7th) North Carolina In-
Martin,(*) Win. IT., Major 4th Texas Infantry.
Martin,(*) Win. H., Major, -Lieutenant-Colonel 1st (Colquitt's) Arkan-
sas Infantry.
Martin,(*) Winm. J., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 11th North Carolina
Martin,(*) William T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel Jeff. Davis
Legion; Major 2d Mississippi Cavalry Battalion.
Martin,(*) Win. Whitnel, Major 20th Louisiana Infantry.
Martin, -- Major 2d Bat.talion Texas Infantry.
Martz,(*)Dorilas Henry Lee, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Virginia Infantry. -.
Nlarye,(*) Morton, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry.
Mashburn,(*) Elisla, Major, Liontenanit-Colonel 3d Florida Infantry.
lMason,(*) Alex., Major llth Louisiana Infantry.
Mason, A. P., Colonel (not confirmed) 2d Mississippi Cavalry.
Mason, Armisl end T., Major 34th (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry.
Mason,,(*} Enoch, Lieutenant-Colonel I6th Louisina Inftaltry.
Mason, Samuel J., Lieut. Col. 14th (McOarver's) Reginient Arkansas
SInfantry; Lient. Co,. 9th Battalion Arkansas Infantry.
Massey,(*) 0. K., Major 20th Mississippi Infantry.
Massie,(*) James W., Lientenant-Colonel 51st Virginia Infantry.
Massie, Josiah C., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th (Nichols', also called 5tli)
Texas Infantry (6 months).
Massie,(*) Thomas B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th.Virginia Cavalry.
Maslen,(*) William K., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Texas Cavalry.
Mastin, J., Colonel 71st North Carolina Militia.
Matheny, Wmn G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 21st (Cravens') Arkansas
Matheson, Walter H., Major 17th (Rector's) Arkansas Infantry. -'
Mathews,(*) James D., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 3Sth Georgia Infantry', .
(Wright's Georgia Legion). '
Matlock, Charles H., Lieutenan.tColonIe 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles; ;
Lieutenant:Colonel, Colonel 32d Arkansas Infantry Lieut.-Col. Mat- :
lock's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
Matthews, Charles W., Lieutendut-Colonel 17th Gedrgia Infhntry. '
Matthews, () John J., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Georgia Infittry.
Mattison, Charles S., LUutenant-Colonel 4th South.Carolina Infantry; '
Iajor 4th Battalion South Carolina Infantry.
Mattison, George W., Major 31st (Hundlely's) Alabama Infantry.
Mattison, II. S., Major 13th Battalion South Carolina Infantry. .'
SManldin,(*) Tyirie Harris, Lientenant Colonel 3d AlabamaCavalry.
lManupin,(* Win. A., Colonel 4thl Virginia Militia.
Maupin,(*)Wmn. D., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Cavalry.
Maurin,(*) Victor, Major Richardson's Battalion Artillery..
Maury,(*) Dabney H., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Mississippi Infantry.
Maury, lenry, Colonel 2d Alabama Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 32d
SAlabama Infiutry.
JMaury,(*) Eleury, Colonel 15th Confederate Cavalry.
Maury,(*) Hichard L., Major,"Lieutenant.-olouel'24th Virginialufantry. ,
Maxey Smul th ( ey's. also called 8th) Texas Infantry.
Maxson,(*) George W., Major Gth Kentucky Infantry.
Maxwell,(*) G. Troup, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Florida
r .'^; '
i \ _. -

Maxvell.(*) Wim. L., Major, Lieutentant-Colonel Ballentine's (also
called 2d Mississippi Partisan Rangers) Mississippi Cavalry.
May,(*) Andrew J.,Lieitenant-Colonel, Colonel 5tl Kentucky Infantry;
S Major May's Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles; Colonel 10th
(May's) Kentucky Cavalry.
:; May,(*) James H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (McNair's) Arkansas
S Infantry. (Found also on Confederate Register as Major 7th Arkan-
sas Battalion.)
May,(*) John P., Major 12th Virginia Infantry.
May, Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel lith Alabama Infantry.
Mayhew,(*) Thomas W., Major 33d North Carolina Infantry.
Mayo,(*) James M., Major 59th North Carolina Volunteers (4th North
S Carolina Cavalry).
Mayo, James W., Major, 2d Georgia Cavalry.
Mayo,(*) Joseph, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry.
Mayo,(*) Robert M., Major, Colonel 47th Virginia Infantry.
M : ayrant.(*) John W., Major 11th Texas Cavalry.
i Mlayrant,(*) William N., Major 5th Texas Partisan Rangers.
Mayson,(*) Hamilton. Lieuteraint.Colonel, Col. 7th Mississippi Infantry.
e' ad(*), Lemuel G., Major 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalry.
Means, John H., Colonel 17th South Carolina Inftatry.
Means, Hobert S., Major, Lieut. Col. 17th South Carolina Infantry.
Meares,(*) Gaston, Colonel 3d North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
SMeares,(*) (liver P., Lieutenant-Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Car.
olina Infantry.
S Mecaslin,(*) John H., Major3d Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guard
S.(Atlanta Fire Battalion).
SMeek, A. T., Major 2d Arkansas Infantry.
Mell,(*) Pat., Lieutenant-Colonel 10tli Battalion Mounted Rifles Geor-
gia State Guard (also called 9th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State
Mell,(*) P. H., Colonel 9th Infantry Geofgia State Guard.
[ Mellett, F. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th South Carolina State Troops.
* Mellou,(*) Thos. A., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry.
S Meuard,(*) Medird, Major, Lieut. Col. 26th Texas Cavalry,
M engcr,(*) Bruce, Major, LieutenanLt-olonel 5tl Louisiana Infantry.
Mercer, F. C., Major 3d,l1egiment Mississippi Infantry (or Miqute Men)
State Troops.
Mercer,(*) Hungh W., Colonel 1st Volunteers Georgia.
Mercer, () John T., Colonel 21st Georgia Infantry; Lieutenaht-Colonel
4th (Mercer's) Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Merrick,(*) Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Texas Cavalry.
Merrick, T. D., Colonel 10th Arkansas Infantry.
S Merriwether's Battalion South Carolina Reserves.
Messick(*) E. H., Major 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry.
Messick,(*) J. H., Major 14th (Mitchell's) Arkansas Infantry.
S Messick,(*) Otis M., Major, Lieut. Col, Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry.
S Messick, W. R., Acting Major 4th Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry.
' Mesten,(*) J. F., Major 1st Cavalry Mississippi Reserves.
Metts, David W., Lieutenant-Colonel 5th MississippiInfantry (or Minute
SMen) State Troops; Lieut. Col. 1st Cavalry Mississippi Reserves.
Meyer, Benjamin W., Major 1st (Meyer's) Battalion Cierokee Cavalry.
Miles,(*) Win. II., Colonel Miles Louisiana-Legion.
Millard,(*) David T., Major Millard's (also called 1st, 8th, and 9th)
North Carolina Battalion Junior Reserves.
Millen,(*) John M., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Georgia Cavalry; Major,
Lieut.-Col. 20th Battalion Georgia Partisan Rangers.

L? ; .1 .

Miller, (*) Alexander, Maj.21st (formerly 11th) North Carolina Infantry. "7
Miller, C. C., Colonel 21st (Kennedy's) Louisiana Infantry (notified of
appointment, but failed to obtain commission.)
Miller, Crill, Lieut. Col. 2d Texas Partisan PRangers.
Miller,(*) Daniel B., Major3d Battalion South Carolina Infantry. :
Miller, Eli H., Major 34th North Carolina Infantry.
Miller,(*) George McD., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st South Carolina :
]Rifles. .
Miller,(*) Horace H., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Mississippi Infantry; :
Colonel 9th Mississippi Cavalry.
Miller,(*) Hugh R., Colonel 42d Mississippi Infantry.
Miller, John, Major 8th Battalion Arkansas Infantry.
Miller,(*) John H., Major, Lieut. Col. Ist Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.
n3iller,(*) John L., Maj., Lient. Col., Col.*12th South Carolina Infantry.
']3liller,(*) Joseph Zachariah, Major, Lieut. Col. 17th Texas Inl ittry.
; Miller,(*) Lovick P., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th South Caroliha Cavalry;
SMajor 23d South Carolina Infantry.
Miller, Merritt B., Major Washington Artillery, Louisiana.
Miller, M. S., Lieutenant-Colonel 1lth Arkansas Infantry.
Miller,(*) T C. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 17th Tennessee Infantry.
i miller, Thomas G., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Tennessee Infantry.
Miller, W. A. J., Major 1st Battalion Valley Reserves, Virginia.
S Miller('* ) William, Colonel 1st Florida Infantry.
Nliller, Major 8th Battalion Virginia Reserves.
Millett,(*) Joseph H1., Major 4th Kentucky Inlfantry.
Millican,(*) Win. T., Lieut. Col., Colonel 15th Georgia Infantry.
Mills,(*) Andrew G., Lieutenait.Colonel 7th Mississippi Infantry '; ;
Major 9th Mississippi Infantry. ::.
Mills,(*) Julius, Major 17th South Carolina Infantry.
Mills,(*) JRoger Q., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Texas Infantry.
Millsap, R. W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Arkansas Infatntry..
Milton, G. B., Major Bruce's Missouri Cavalry RIegiment, 2d Division,
Missouri State Guard. ''' .
Milton, Win. H., Major 5th Battalion Florida Cavalry. "
Milton, William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 39th Georgia Infantry. .
Mimmns, A., Major 20th South Carolina Infantry.
Mims,(*) Wm. J., Major 43d Alabama Infantry.
Minetree,(*) Joseph P., Major, Lieut. Col. 41st Virginia Infantry.
Minfoid; W., Major 1st Virginia Infantry.
Minor,(*) John, Major 10th Tennessee Cavalry; Major 10th and 11th
Tennessee Cavalry Consolidated.
Minor, R. D., Major 4th Virginia Battalion Local Defense (Naval).
Minter,(*) John A., Lieutenant.Colonel, Colonel 54th Alabama Infantry;
Lieut. Col. 4th Confederate Infantry; Major, Lieut.-Col. 40th Ten-
nessee Infantry; Major, Lieut. Col. 5th (Walker's) Confederate In-
fantry Regiment.
SMirick, William, Majoi 1st Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Missouri
State Guard. .
n itehell,(*) Addison,'Colonel 45th Tennessee Infantry. .
Mitchell,(*) Charles S., Colonel Sth (Mitchell's) Missouri Infantry; Lieu. '
Tenant Colonel 7th Battalion Missouri Iufantry. : .-
'Mitchell,(*) Julius C. B., Colonel 34th Alabama Infantry; Lieutenant-
Colonel 13th Alabama Infantry.
Mitchell,(*) M. C., Colonel 14th (Miitchell's) Arkansas Infantry.
Mitchlell,(*) Rush J., Major 46th North Carolina Infantry.
Mitchell, Thomas A., Major 8th Mississippi Cavalry.

I ;

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j~ "






'' '


Mitchell,(*) William 1)., Licnt.-Col., Colonel 29th Georgia Infantry.
Mitehell,(*) Wm. L., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d formerlyy 12th) North Car-
olina Infantry.
Mitchell, William R., Major 18th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.
Moffett,(*) Charles ,1., Major 2(lIndependent Battalion Georgia Infantry.
MoIf tt, Hunter P., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 37th Tennessee Infantry.
Molaghan,(*) Williainm, Major, Colonel (it.h Louisiana Infantry.
Monier,(*) Henry 1)., Major,Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Louisiana
Monroe,(*) Alex., Major 18th Virginia Cavalry ; Colonel 114th Virginia
Monroc,(*) James C., Lieutenant Colonel 1st (Fagan's) Arkansas In-
fantry ; Colonel 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's) Arkansas Cavalry.
Montague,(*) Edgar B., Colobel 32d Virginia Infantry; Lieutenant-
Colonel 53d Virginia Infantry ; Major of Montague's Battalion Vir-
ginia Inf entry.
Montaigne,(*) Raymond, Major 1st Louisiana Artillery.
Montgomery, Alex B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry
(temporarily assigned).
Montgomery, F. A., Lieutenant-Colonel ast Mississippi Cavalry.
Montgomnery(*) John G. M., Major 13th Battalion Tennessee Cavalhy;
Lieutenant Colonel 5th Tennessee Cavalry.
Montgomery, Joseph T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Battalion
Georgia Artillery.
Montgomery, W. E., Major Montgomery's Battalion Cavalry Missis-
sippi State Troops.
Montgomery,(*) Wm. J., Major 28th North Carolina Infantry.
Moody,(*) Andrew E., Major 8th Mississippi Infantry.
Mqody,(*) Daniel N., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 21st Mississippi Infantry.
Moody.(*) Win. Lewis, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 7th Texas
Moody,(*) Young M., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 43d Alabama Infantry.
Moore(*) Alexander D., Colonel C66I North Carolina Infantry.
Moore,(*) Alfred C., Colonel 29th Virginia Infantry.
Moore, Benjamin B., Major 3d Battalion Mississippi Infantry (or Minute
Men) Sta-te Troops..
Moore,(*) Beriah F., Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Tennessee Infantry.
Moore,(*) Calvin H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel25th Louisiana Infantry.
Moore,(*) Edwin L., Major 2d Virginia Infantry.
Moore, George F., Colonel 17th Texas Cavalry.
MIoore,(*) arrison, Major 21st (Cravefs'). Arkansas Infantry.
. Moore, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 44th Mississippi Infantry.
Moore,(*) James B., Major 17th Georgia Infantry.
Moore,(*) James B., Major 45th Tennessee Infantry.
Moore,(*) James R., Major 5th Mississippi Infantry.
Moore(*) John B., Major 1st South Carolina Rifles.
Moore,(*) Juo. C.. Colonel 2d Texas Infantry.
Moore, John C., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Regiment Local Defense Troops,
Augusta, Ga.
Moore, John J., Major 52d Georgia Infantry.
Moore,(*) John L., Major 13th Georgia Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 3d
Georgia Reserv'es.
Moore,(*) John V., Colonel 2d South Carolina Rifles; Lieut..Col. 5th
Battalion South Carolina Rifles
Moore,(*) John W., Major 3d Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery.
Moore,(*) Lewis T., Colonel 31st Virginia Militia; Lieut. Col. 4th Vir-
ginia Infantry,

Moore,(*) Patrick T., Colonel 1st Virginia Infantry.
M oore,(*) Robert H., Major Infantry Battalion, Smith's Georgia Legion;,
Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 65th Georgia Infantry.
SMoore,(*) Roger, Major, Lieut. Col. 41 North Carolina Volunteers (3d:
North Carolina Cavalry).-.
SMoore,(*) Sydenham, Colonel 11th Alabama Infantry.
Moore,(*) Walter R., Major, Colonel 2d Florida Infantry.
SMoore,(*) William H., Colonel 43d Mississippi Infantry) Colonel 11th
Mississippi Infantry.
Moore,(*) Win. L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 8th (Fulton's) Tennes-
see Infantry. .
Moore,(*) William M., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th (also called 12th) Mis-
souri Infantry. i
Moore, William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry.
Moorman,(*) George, Lieutenant-Colonel Moorman's Mississippi Cay-.:
alry Battalion.
Moragne,. W. C., Colonel 19th South Carolina Infantry.
Morehcad(*) James T., jr., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 53d North
Carolina Infantry. -
Morehead, J. C., Colonel Morehead's Kentucky Partisan Rangers.
Morehead,(*) Jno. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 45th North Carolina
Infantry. .;.
Moreland, J. S., Major Moreland's Battalion Alabama Sharpshooters.
Moreland, M. D., Colonel Moreland's Alabama Cavalry.
Moreland, William S., Major Fire Battalion (Exempts), Alabama.
Morelock, (*) Wm. C., Major 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army).
Moreno,(*) Stephen A., Major 1.7th Alabama Infantry (temporary ap-
SMorgan,(*) Asa S., Colonel 26th Arkansas Infantry. "
Morgan, Charles C., Major 18th Texas Cavalry.
Morgan, C. L. Major Morgan's Texas Cavalry Battalion.
Morgan, Edward F., Major 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Morgan, G. W., Major 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cavalry.
Morgan,(*) George W., Maj. 3d Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army)..
Morgan,(*) Hiram S., Major Terrell's Texas Regiment Cavalry.
"Morgan,(*) James B., Major, Lieut. Col. 29th Mississippi Infantry.
Morgaii, James M., Major 31st Arkansas Infantry.
Morgan,(*) John H., Colonel 2d (Morgan's) Kentucky Cavalry;
Morgan, John T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 5th Alabama Infantry;,- -.
Colonel 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers.
Morgan,(*) Joseph H., Major 5th South Carolina Cavalry; Major 14th,
(also called 2d) Battalion South Carolina Cavalry. '
Morgan,(*) Richard C., Colonel Morgan's Regiment Kentucky Cavalry;
Colonel 2d Special Battalion Kentucky Cavalry.
Morgan,(#) Robert Jarrel, Colonel 36th Tennessee Infantry.
Morgan,(*) Thomas J., Colonel Morgan's Arkansas Cavalry.
Morgan,(*) William A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Vir-
ginia Cavalry.
Morgan,(*) William E., Lieutenant-Colonel 13th Tennessee Infantry.
Morgan,(*) William H., Major 3d Mississippi Infantry.
Morgan,(*) Williawi Y., Major 25th (formerly 15thl).N. C. Infantry.
Morgan,-- Colonel'57th Tennessee Infantry.
Morin, J. M., Lieut. Col. 3d Battalion Cavalry Texas State Troops.
Morris,(*) Benjamin, Major 4th Battalion Alabama Infantry; Major,
Lieutenant-Colonel 29tl Alabama Infantry.
Morris,(*) Nathan M., Major 14th Tennessee Infantry.

Morris, Robert F., Colonel 179th Virginia Militia.
Morris,(*) William G., Major, Lieut. Col. 37th North Carolina Infantry.
Morris, Z. F., Acting Major Morris'Independent Battalion Va. Infantry.
S Morrison,(*) Charles 11., Colonel 31st Louisiana Infantry; Lieutenant-
Colonel Oth Battalion Louisiana Infantry.
Morrison,(*) Emmett M., Major, Licut. Col. 15th Virginia Infantry.
Morrison,(*) James J., Lieotenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Georgia Cav-
alry; Lie tenant-Colonel 21st Georgia Infantry; Major 4th (Mercer's)
Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Morton, George 1l.,Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d (Barteau's, afterward
a 22d) Tennessee Cavalry.
Morton, J. Quin, Major 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry; Major Clark-
son's Battalion Missouri Cavalry.
Morton, R. C., Major 7th Battalion Virginia Infantry, Local Defense
Morton, T. J., Lieutenant-Colonel 53d Tennessee Infantry.
Mosby, (*) John S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 43d Battalion Virginia
S Cavalry Colonel Mosby's Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers.
Mosby,(*) Robert G., Major 59th Virginia Infantry.
Moseley,(*) Edgar P., Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Virginia Artillery.
.* Moseley, Iillery, Lieut. Col. 42d Mississippi Infantry.
Moseley,(*) John B., Major 21st Virginia Infantry.
Moseley,(*) William P., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry.
Moses, G. C., Lieut. Col. 1st Battalion North Carolina Home Guard.
M.oses, Sidney A., Major 8th (Livingston's) Alabama Cavalry.
Moss,(*) Adolphus A., Lieut. Col. Moss' Battalion North Carolina Re-
serves; Colonel 6th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves.
Moss,(*) James W., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Kentucky Infantry.
S Mott,(*)'Christopher H., Colonel 19th Mississippi Infantry.
1 Mounger, (*) John C. L., sr., Major, Lieut. Col. 9th Georgia Infantry.
Monton,(*) Alfred, Colonel 18th Louisiana Infantry.
Mouton,(*) William, Major 18th Louisiana Infantry; Major 7th Louis-
i iana. Cavalry.
Moxley, Wi. M., Major 18th Alabama Infantry.
S Muldrow, Henry L., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Mississippi Cavalry.
Mullen,(*) John W., Lieut. Col. 2d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona
Brigade; Lieut. Col. 12th Texas Cavalry; Lieut. Col. Mullen's Texas
Cavalry Battalion, Arizona- rigade.
Mullins,(*) John, Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Mississippi Infantry.
Mullins, John, Major 5th Va. Cavalry, Prov. Army (disbanded).
Mumford, Wn. P., Major 1st Virginia Infantry.
Mnnford, (*) John D., Major 1st Battalion Virginia Infantry (Regulars).
S. Munford,(*) Thomas T., Lieut. Col., Col. 2d (aluo called 30th) Virginia
Munford, Williani, Lieutenant Colonel 17th Virginia Infantry.
S Munnerlyn, Charles J., Lieut. Col. Commissary Battalion Florida Cav-
I alry (temporary).
I Munroe, Thomas B., jr., Major 4th Kentucky Infantry.
Murclisou,(*) John R., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th North Carolina Infantry
.;' State. Troops.
:' Murchison,(*) Kenneth M., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 54th N. C. Infantry.
M. burden,(*) Edgar 0., Major, Lieut. Col. 23d South Carolina Infantry.
M urfee, James T., Lieutenant-Colonel 41st Alabama Infantry.
Murphyy,() Virgil S., Major, Colonel 17th Alabama Infantry.
S Murphy, J., Major 2d Missouri Infantry, 5th Division, Missouri State
* Guard.

Murphy, Robt. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Tennessee Infantry.
Murphy, Samuel J., Lieutenant-Colonel Murphy's Independent Ala-
bama Cavalry Battalion.
Murray,(*) Edward, Lieutenan t-Colonel 49th Virginia Infantry.
Murray, George M., Lieut. Col. 15th (Polk's) Arkansas Infantry.
Murray, James H., Lieut. Col. 16th (Logwood's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Murray,(*) John E., Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Arkansas Infantry; Col-
onel 5th and 13th Arkansas Infantry Consolidated; Lieut. Col.'13th
SArkansas Infantry.
Murray,(*) John P., Colonel 28th Tennessee Infantry; Colonel Mur-
ray's Regiment (called also 4th) Tennessee Cavalry.
Murray,(*) Thos. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Battalion Tennessee In-
fantry Sharpshooters; Lieutenant.Colonel 16th Tennessee Iufantry.
Murray,(*) Thomas H., Major 2d (Hunter's, afterwards8th) Missouri In-
fantry; Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th (Burns', changed to 11th) Mis-
souri Infantry; Major'4th Mo. Infantry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard.
Murrell, R. K., Lieut. Col. 2d Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard; Major 8th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Musgrove, James, Major 4th Mo. Cavalry, 8th Div., Mo. State Guard.
Musgrove, Major Musgrove's Battalion Alabama Cavalry.' '
Musser, Richard E,, Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Batt. Missouri Infantry;
Lieutenaut-Colonel 9th (Clark's) Missouri Infantry.
Myers,(*) Franklin M., Major 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Myers,(*) Geo. B., Lientenant-Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry.
Myers,(*) Jlo. J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 26th Texas Cavalry; Major i,
ot Debray's Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Myers,(*) Robt. A., Major 1st (Buchel's) Texas Cavalry.
\Myers,(*) Samuel B., Major 7th Virginia Cavalry. :
Myers, Thomas J., Major 3d Battalion Florida Cavalry.
Myers,(*) T. J., Lieutenant Colonel 15th Confederate Cavalry.
Mynheir, (*) William, Major, Acting Colonel, 5th Kentucky Infantry. :
Nadenbousch,(*) Jno. Q. A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 2d Virginia Infantry.
Nail, Jonathan, Major Chickasaw Cavalry Battalion.
Nall, Duke, Major 8th. Alabama Infantry.
Nall, Mark S., Major 41st Georgia Infantry.
Nance,(*) James D., Lieut. Col., Colomiel 3d South Carolina Infantry.
Napier, Leroy, jr., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Battalion Georgia I infantry.
Napier, LeRoy, Major 2d Alabama Cavalry (temporary command).
Napier,(*) Thomas Alonzo, Colonel Napier's Battalion Tenn. Cavalry. -,:
Napier, Thomas W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Kentucky Cavalry.
Nash,(*) Edwin A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4!h Georgia Infantry.
Nash, Jesse G., Major 41st Alabama Infantry.:
Nathusius,(*) Otto, Major Waul's Texas Legion. :.
Neal,(*) James H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 19th Georgia Infantry.
Neal, J. M., Lieutenant Colonel 47th North Carolina Militia., Jno. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Neal, Joseph, Lieut. Col. 5th Arkansas Infanftry State-Troops, 18G1.
Neal, WVm. T., Licutena1it-Colonel 16th Arkansas Infantry. i
Neely,(*) James J., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Infantry Georgia State
Guard; Lieut. Col. 1st (Fannin's) Regiment Georgia Reserves.
Neely,(*) Jas. J., Colonel 14th (also called 13th) Tennessee Cavalry.
Neely,(*) Rufus P., Colonel 4th Tennessee Volunteers.
Neff,(*) John F., Colonel 33d Virginia Infantry.
Neill, G. F., Colonel 30th Mississippi Infantry.
Neill, James F., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 23d Tennessee Infantry.


Neilson, C. P., Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Mississippi Infintry.
S: Nelligan,(*) James, Major, Lieut. Col. 1st Louisiana Volnuteers..
Nehns,(*) Charles G., Major, Lieut. Col. 22d Mississippi Infantry.
Nelson,(*) Allison, Colonel 10th Texas Infintry.
Nelson,(*) -Andrew M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 42d Missis.
sippi Infantry..
Nelson,(*) Noel L., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Lousiaila Infantry.
Nelson,(*) Patrick H., Maj., Lieut. Col.7th Batt. South CarolinaInfantry.
Nelson, Thomas M., Lieut.-Col. 6th Mississippi Cavalry.
Nelson,(*) Thos. P., Major 4th Mississippi Infintry.
Nelson,(*) William, Major 31st Battalion Virginia Light Artillery.
Nesbit, Ralph, Lieut. Col. Nesbit's Infantry Battalion South Carolina
State Troops.
Nesbitt,(*) Niles, Major 1st South Carolina Cavalry.
Ne Stimith, S. Perry, Major 6th Alabama Infantry.
Nethercutt,(*) John H., Lieut. Col., Colonel 66th North Carolina In-
fantry; Major 8th North Carolina Battalion Partisan Rangers.
S:' Newell, John H., Major 3d Virginia Militia.
Newman,(*) Tazewell W., Colonel 17th, Tennessee Infantry; Colonel
2Jd Battalion Tennessee Infantry; Major 45th Tennessee Infantry
(supernumerary during consolidation).
Newsom, John E., Major 4th (Roddey's) Alabama Cavalry.
S Newsom, Jno. F., Colonel 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry,
S Newton,*) James M., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Georgia Infantry.
Newton,(*) James W., Major 5th Virginia Infantry.
Newton,(*) Ro)ert C., Colonel 5th Arkansas Cavalry.
Neyland,(*) Robert Reese, Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Texas Cavalry.
S Neyland, Win. Madison, Lieutenant-Colonel 25th Texas Cavalry.
S Nicholls,(*) Francis T., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Louisiana Infantry;
Colonel 15th Louisiana Infantry (appointed but never commanded.)
Nichols, E. B., Colonel 9th (Nichols', also called 5th) Texas Infantry
(6 months).
Nichols, George W., Major 6th (after 11th) Missouri Cavalry.
Nichols, Isaac B., Acting Major Nichols' Florida Battalion Reserves,
SSeries 1, Vol. xxxv, pt. II.
S Nicholson,(*) Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Texas Cavalry.
S Nicholson,(*) Benjamin E., Major Hampton South Carolina Legion.
Niemeyer,(*) William F., Lieutenant-Colonel.61st Virginia Infantry.
Nighbert, James A., Major 1st Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
Nisbet,(*) J. Cooper, Colonel 66th Georgia Infantry.
Nisbet,(*) John W., Major 26th Battalion Georgia Infantry.
Ni lIet,(*) Reuben B., Lieutenant.Colonel 3d Georgia Infantry.
Nix,(*) F. M., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.
Nixon,(*) George H., Major 23d Tennessee Infantry; Colonel 48th
S (Nixon's) Tennessee Infantry; Col. 20th (Nixon's) Tenn. Cavalry;
Col. of Nixon's Tenn. Cavalry Regiment.
S Nix.I.,(*) James O., Lieutenant-Colonel Ist Louisiana Cavalry.
S Noble,(*) John I., Major Confederate Guards, Louisiana Militia.
Noble,(*) Sebron M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 17th Texas Cavalry.
Nolan,(*) Mat., Major 2d Texas Cavalry.
Nolan,(*) Michael, Major,Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Louisiana V61unteers.
Noles,(*) L. L., Major 25th (also called 30th) Arkansas Infantry.
Norman, James M., Major 4th Mississippi Cavalry.
Norman, Matthew J., Major Fristoe's Regiment Missouri Cavalry.
Norment,(*) George M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th North Carolina

Nornient,(*) Richard M., Major 46th North Carolina infantry.
Norris, John S., Major Infantry Battalion, :Phillips Georgia Legion.
Norris, M. E., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Mississippi Infantry.
Norton,(*) Geo. F., Major 1st Virginia Inlantry.
Norton,(*) Joseph J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel Ist South Carolina
Norwood,(*) Alexander S., Major, Colonel 27th Louisiana Infantry.
Norwood,(*) Isaiah T., Major, Colonel 2d Louisiana Infantry.
Norwood, Jno. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry,
N.orwood,(*) Job n H., Lieutenant-Colonel 55tl A.labamaInfantry; Major
6th Battalion Alabama Infantry.
Nounnan,(*) James I-H., Major 16th Virginia Cavalry. -
Nuckols,(*) Joseph P., jr., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Ken-
tucky Infante.
Nunn,(*) Elishi F., Major 45th-Mississippi Infantry; Major 3d (Wil-
liams') Battalion Mississippi Intfatry.
Nunnally, Aaron D., Major 6th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
Oates,(*) Wm. C., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 15th. Alabama Iufaptry. .''
Oatis,(*) Martin A., Major 22d Mississippi Infantry.
O'Bannon, Lawrence W., Major 1st Battalion Confederate Infantry.
O'Brien,(*) Alfred G., Major, Lieut. Col. 13th Mississippi Infantry.
O'Cain, Watson A., Major 1st South Carolina Volunteers.
Ochiltree,(*) Wm. B., Colonel 18th Texas Infantry.
O'Connell,(*) James, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d South Carolina Infantry. ;
Odell,(*) James J., Lieutenant-Cdlonel 26th Tennessee I~nfantry.
Odell,(*) Laban, Major 22d (formerly 12th) North Carolina Infantry.
O'Ferrall,(*) Charles T., Lieutenant-Colonel 23d Virginia Cavalry;
Major of O'Ferrall's Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Offutt,(*) Nathaniel, Major, Lieut. Col. 6th Louisiana Infantry.
SOgden,(*) Frederick N., Major 8th 'Battalion Louisiana Artillery.
Ogden, Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th (McNair's) Arkansas .Infantry.
SOglesby, L. W., Colonel 8th (Fulton's) Tennessee Infantry.
O'Hara, Theodore, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Alabama Infantry.
O'Kane, Walter S., Lieut. Col., Col. 4th Missouri Infantry, 8th Division,
Missouri State Guard.
Old,(*) Charles, Majoi, Lieutenant Colonel 4th Virginia Cavalry.
SOldham,(*) Thos.; Colonel 41st Virginia'Militia.
O'Leary, Stephen, Major 13th Louisiana Infantry.
Oliver, James M., Colonel 47th Alabama Infantry.
Oliver, John E., Major of Mann's Regiment Texas Cavalry.
Oliver,(*) Robert P., Major 16th Louisiana Infantry. '
Oliver,- Lieutenant-Colonel 52d Tennessee Infantry.
Oliveros, J. B., Lieutenant-Colonel Ordnance Battalion, Columbus, Ga.
Olmstead,(*) Charles II., Major, Colonel 1st Voluuteers Georgia. .
O'Neal,(*) Edward A.,.Major, Lieut. Col. 9th Alabama Infantry; Col- .'
onel 26th (O'NealPs) Alabama Infantry.'
O'Neal,(*) William P., Lieutenant Colonel 32d Tennessee Infantry.
O'Neil, James M., Lieutenanl.-Colonel 1st (Fagan's and Monroe's)
Arkansas Cavalry.
O('Neill,(*) Oharles C., Major 16th South Carolina Infantry.
O'Neill,(*) John, 'Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 10th Tennessee
Orr,(*) J. A., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th (Orr's) Battalion Mississippi In-
fantry; Colonel 31st Mississippi Infantry.
Orr,(*) James L., Colonel 1st South Carolina Rifles.
Osborn, N. C., Major Ist Cavalry Battalion Georgia Reserves.

! '''*

S Oslorne,(*) ,Jdwin A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th North
SCarolina Infantry State Troops.
Oswald,(*) Theodore, Major 4th Battalion Texas Infantry (6 months).
Otoy,(*) Kirkwood, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 11th Virginia
in 1fantry."
i, Oltey,(*) Peter, Major 30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters.
Ontlawv,(*) Drew A., Major, Lieutenault-Colonel 12tl Tennessee Infan-
try; Major Outlaw's Battalion Mississippi Partisan Rangers.
Owen, 3). Jackson, Major th (Avery's) Georgia Cavalry.
S Owen,(*) J no. J., Major 29th Georgia Infantry.
S Oweu, John L., Major Hawkins' Missouri Cavalry Regiment, 2d Divis-
ion, Missouri State Guard.
Owen,(*) Moses T.,' Major (declined) 1st South Carolina Cavalry.
Owen T. B., Lieutenan t-Colonel 8th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Division,
Missouri State Guard.
Oweu,(*) Thomas H., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel3d Virginia Cavalry.
Owen,(*) Washington G., Major 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Partisan
~:R 'angers.
Owen,(*) William Miller, Major 13th Battalion Virginia Artillery;
Major. Lieutenant-Colonel Washington Artillery, Louisiana..
!: Owens,(*) George W., Major 26th Texas Cavalry; Major of Terrell's
Regiment Texas Cavalry.
Owens,(*) Jno. C., Major 9th Virginia Infantry.
S Owens,(*) Robert A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 40th Tennessee Infantry.
Owens,(*) William A., Colonel 53d North Carolina Infantry; Lieut.
'Col. llth North Carolina State Troops; Maj. 34'th North Carolina
Owens, Win. J., Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State
,: "*. Ownlboy,(*) I. L., Major 109th North Carolina Militia.
Ozicr, Joseph D., Lieut. Col. 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry.
S Page, John, Major 1st (McCurtain's) Choctaw Battalion.
Page. (*) John C., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Virginia Infantry.
S .Page, (*) Powhatan R., Lieut. Col., Colonel 26th Virginia Infantry.
Page,(*) B. C. M.,-Major Carter's Battalion Artillery.
,Page,(*) Thomas J., Colonel Page's Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery.
Paine,(*) P. J., Major 16th 3Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Palmer, F. G., Major, Lieut. Col. Holcombe South Carolina Legion.
Pfalmer, John B., Colonel 58th North Carolina Infantry; Lieutenant-
i Colonel 5th Battalion North Carolina Partisan Rangers.
S Paliner,(*) Joseph, Major 14th Battalion Georgia Artillery.
Palmer,(*) Joseph B., Colonel 1sth Tennessee Infaintry.
Palmner,(0) Solomon, Major 19th Alabama Infantry.
Palmer,(*) W\illiam II., Major 1st Virginia Infantry.
S Panky, D. Y., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Inilantry, 1st Division,
:', Missouri State Guard.
; Pannill, Joseplh, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Virginia Heavy Artillery.
Pardne,(*) L. B., Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Battalion Mississippi Infantry.
S Pargoud, J. Frank, Colonel 3d (Pargoud's) Louisiana Cavalry.
Parlmia,(*) William Allen, Lieut. Col., Colonel 41st Virginia Infantry.
Parham, Win. Thos., Major l(ith (Wilson's, also called 2ist) Tennessee
S Cavalry ; Major 18th (Newsom's) Tennessee Cavalry.
S Parish, W. N., iieutenant-Colonel 18th (Carroll's) Arkansas Infantry.
Parkk,() James M., Major, Lieute!ant Colonel 7th Misissiippi Cavalry
(also called 1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers.)
Park,(*) John W., Major 1st (Fanuiu's) Georgia Reserves.

Parker,(*) Francis M., Colonel 30th North Carolina Infantry.
Parker, H. S., Major Cavalry Battalion, Waul.s Texas Legion.
Parker, James P., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Mississippi Artillery.
Parker,(*) Nathan, Major 4th Kentucky Cavalry.
Parker,(*) Tully F., Major 20th Mississippi Infantry.
Parker, William, Lieut. Col. 62d (also called 80th) Tennessee Infantry.
Parker,(*) Win. C., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry.
Parkes, Benjamin F.; Major 22( Texas Infantry.
Parks,(*) Marcus A., Lieut. Col., Colonel 52d North Carolina Infantry.
Parks, Robert C., Lient. Col. 1st Cheiokee Mounted Rifles.
Parks, Win. H., Major 2d Infantry Texas State Troops.
Parr,(*) Lewis J., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 38th Georgia Infantry
(Wright's Georgia Legion).
Parrish,(*) Henry T., Lieut. Col., Colonel 16th Virginia Infantry.
Parrish,(*) William, Major 2d (Barteau's, afterwards 22d) Tennessee
Parrott, James, Major 8th Missouri Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel 4th
Missouri Infantry, Ist Division, Missouri State Guard.
Parsley,(*) William M., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d North Carolina
Infantry State Troops. -
Parsons,(*) Win. H., Colonel 12th Texas Cavalry.
Partin,(*) Chas. P., Major 36th Mississippi Infantry.
Partlow,(*) Jno. M., Major 20th South Carolina Infantry.
Partridge. Robert B., Major 15th Confederate Cavalry.
Pate,(*) H. Clay, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 5th Virginia Cavalry; ;
Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Battalion Virginia CaValry.
Pate, Jno; I., Major 49th Georgia Infantry.
Patrick,(*) Marsh M., Major 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry.
Patrick, Win., Major 17th Battalion Virginia Cavalry.
Patterson,(*) Jno., Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Tennessee Volinteers.
Patterson, Josiah, Colonel 5th Alabama Cavalry.
Patterson,(*) Thomas H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 30th Ala. Infantry. -.
Patterson,(*) Win. C., Maj., Lieut. Col. 30th Alabama Infantry.
Pattersou,(*).Wm. K., Colonel 8th Arkansas Infantry.
Patterson, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Arkansas Infantry.
Patton,(*) Archibald K., Lieutenant-Colonel 15th (Cleburne's) Arkansas
Infantry; Lieut. Col. 1st (Cleburne's) Arkansas Infantry. .
Patton,(*) George S., Lieut. Col., Coloiiel,.22d Virginia Infautry.
Patton,(*) Isaac W., Col. 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry; Col. 22d
Louisiana Infantry Cousolidated; Major 23d (after 22d) Louisiana
1Patt6n, John, Major Extra Cavalry Battalion, 4th Division, Missouri' .
State Guard.
Pation,(*) John M., jr., Lieut. Col, Colonel 21st Virginia Infantry.
Patton,(*) Oliver A., Lieut. Col. Patton's Kentucky Partisan Rangers.
Patton, Thomas, Colonel 2d .Missouri Infantry, 4th Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Patton,(*) Waller Tazewell, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 7th
Virginia Infantry.
Patton,(*) Wm. S., Lieut. Col. 37th Mississippi Infantry.
Patty, Obed., Major 10th. Arkansas Infantry.
Paul,(*) Samuel B., Lieutenant-Colonel 28th Virginia Infantry.
Paxton,(*) Elisha P., Major 27th Virginia Infantry.
Payne, John W., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Missouri Cavalry, 8th Divis-
ion, Missouri State Guard..

Payne,(*) Robert N., Major, Colonel 33d Tennessee Infantry; Major 31st
(A. H. Bradford's) and 33d Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
Payne,(*) William H., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 4th Virginia
Peacher, Major 4th Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Missouri
State Guard.
SPeacock, Thomas P., Major 9th Infantry Georgia State Guaid.
Peak,(*) Wm. W., Major 31st Texas Cavalry.
S Pearcey, Andrew J., Lieutenant-Colonel 11th Missouri Cavalry, 8th
S. Division, Missouri State Guard.
Pearcy, Jacob W., Major, Lieutenant.Colonel 65th Georgia Infantry.
S Pease,(*) Geo. W., Major, Lieut. Col 50th (new) Tennessee Infantry.
Peatross,(*) Robert 0., Major 30th Virginia Infantry.
Peay,(*) Gordon N., Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Arkansas Infantry.
S Peck,(*) William R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 9th Louisiana Infantry.
Peebles, Thomas H., Lieutenant-Colonel 24th Tennessee Infantry.
Peebles,(*) W1m. H., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 44th Georgia Infantry.
Peek, George FI,Major 8th Mississippi Infhntry.
Peel,(*) Saml. W., Colonel 4th (Peel's) Arkansas Infantry.
Peery,(*) William B., Major 5th Mississippi Cavalry.
Peery, Win. F., Colonel, recruiting Missouri Cavalry Regiment.
S Pegg, Thomas, Major Drew's Cherokee Mounted Rifles (also called 1st
and 2d Oherokee Mounted Rifles).
Pegram, Jno., Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Virginia Infantry (disbanded).
S Pegram,(*) Wm. G., Major 34th (also called 37th) Mississippi Infantry.
Pegrami,( )William J., Lieut. Col. Pegram's Battalion Artillery.
Pegues,(*) Christopher C., Colonel 5th Alabaina Infantry.
Pegues,(*) C. M., Major 29th (also called 28th) Louisiana Infantry.
*Pegues, Josiah James, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 2d A labama Cavalry.
Peirce,(*) Thomas W., Major 39th North Carolina Infantry.
Pelliam,(*) John, Major Stuart Horse Artillery, Virginia.
Pell, James, Lieutenant-Colonel 6th Confederate Cavalry.
Pemberton, John S., Lieut. Col. 12th Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
'Pender,(*) William D., Colonel 13th (formerly 3d) North'Carolina In-
'antry; Colonel 6th North Carolina Infantry State Troops.
Pendleton,(#) Albert G., Major 4th Virginia Infanitry.
Pendleton,(*) Edward, Lieutenant Colonel, Col.15th Louisiana Infantry;
Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Battalion Louisiana Infantry.
Pendleton,Joseph H., Major 23d Virginia Infantry.
Pendleton,(*) P. C., Major 50th Georgia Infantry.
Pendleton, S. T., Major 19th Va. Militia (afterward 2d State Reserves).
Penn;(*) Davidson 1B., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 7th Louisiana Infantry.
Penn,(*) John E., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 42d Virginia Jufantry.
Pennington, A. H., Major, Lieutenan.t-Colonel 23d Arkansas Infantry.
Pennington,(*) William F., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th Louisiana Inflatry.
Peoples, S. J., Major Carlton's Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.
S Pepper, Rufus K., Lieutenant-Colonel 21st (formerly 11th) North Caro-
lina Infantry.
S Percy, William A., Lieut. Col. 24th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry.
Perkins, Lynville J., Major 50th Virginia Infantry.
P lerkins,(*) Sanni. Wn., Lieutoeant-Colonel 35th (iBrown's) Texas Cav-
alry; Major 12th Battalion Texas Cavalry.
Perkins, --- Mjor (th Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Missouri
State Guard,
Perrin,(*) Abner, Colonel 14th South Carolina Infantry.
Perrin,(*) James M., Major, Lieut. Col., Col. 1st South Carolina Rifles.

Perrin,(*) Robt. O.. Colonel 11th Mississippi Cavalry; Lieutenant-
Colonel Perrin's Battalion Mississippi State Cavalry.
Perrin,(*) Win. K., Major 26th Virginia Infantry.
Perry(*) Edward Ainsworth, Colonel 2d Florida Infantry.
Perry,(*) John J., Major 2d (also called 4tb) Mississippi Cavalry. .
Perry, Madis'on Starke, Colonel 7th Florida Infantry.
Perry,(*) Stephen S., Major 13th Texas Infantry.
Perry,(*) William F.,. Major, Lient. Col., Col. 44th Alabama Infantry.. *t :
Person,(*) Richard J,, Major 5th (Smith's) Confederate Infantry.
Persons,(*) A.W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 55th Georgia Infantry.
Peters,(*) William H., Colonel 21st Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Col -
onel, Colonel 45th Virginia Infantry; Colonel 2d Infantry Regiment
Virginia State Lin. '
Pettigrew,(*) James J., Colonel 22d (formerly 12th) N. C.'Infantry.
Pettigrew, James It., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 34th (also called 2d) :
Arlansa In fantry.
Pettus' (Allen T.) Battalion Infantry Arkansas State Troops, Series 1,
Vol. xxxIV, pt. 1. :. :.:
;Pettls, Edullmd W.,iMajor, Lient. Col., Col. 20th Alabama Infantry.
Petty,(*) Charles Q.,lMajor 49th North Carolina Intintry. -
Petty,(*) Robt. E., Major 35th North Carolina Infantry.
Petway,#*) Oliver C.JLieutenant-Colonel 35th North Carolina Infantry.
Peyton,(*) Chas. S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Virginia Infantry.
Peyton,(*) E.A., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Mississippi Infantry;
Major Peyton's Battalion Cavalry, Mississippi State Troops..
.Peyton, Robert L. Y. Colonel 3d Missouri Cavalry,' 8th Division, Mis-
souri State Guard. i
Peyton,(*)' homas G., Major, Lieut.-Col. 15th Virginia Infantry. .
Pfohl,(*) W. J,, Majoir21st (formerly 11th) North Carolina Infantry.
Pheelan, William G.,i Colonel 2d Missouri Infantry, 1st Division, Mis-
sonri State Guard.
Phifer, Charles W., Major Phifer's Battalion Arkansas Cavalry.
Phillips,(*) Alex. H.,jr., Major Gth Texas Infantry.
Phillips,(*) Cas. D., Lieuteinant-Colonel, Colonel 52d GeorgiaTnfantry.
Phillips,(*) James, Madj. 8th (Burns', changed to 11tli) Missouri Infantry.
Phillips, (*) James J.', Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry.
Phillips,(*) Jefferson C., Major 3d Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant-Col-
onel, Col. 13thVirginia Cavalry.
Phillips,(*) John Lott, Major3d Florida Infantry.
.Phillips. Joseph, Colonel 3d Texas Cavalry Regiment, Arizona Brigade.
Phillips,(*) PleasantJ., Colonel 31st (also called 27th) Georgia Infantry.
Phillips,(*) Seaborne M Colonel 10th Mississippi Infantry. > :-
Phillips, (*) William, Colonel Phillips Georgia Legion; Major 9th Bat- -.'<;
Station Cavalry Georgia State Guard.
Phillips, Win. S., Lieutenant Colonel 47th Georgia Infantry.
Philpott,(*) Benjamin A., Lieutcnant-Colonel 12th (also called 8th)
Texas Infantry.- -
Phipps,(*) Frank L., Major 12th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry.
Phipps,(*) Richard W., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 19th Missis-
sippi infantry.
Pickens,(*) Samuel B., Lient. Col., Colonel 12th Alabama Infantry.
'Pickering, Alfred S., Major 201h Alabama Infantry.
Pickett,(*) Alexander C., Col. 10th (also called 12th) Missouri Infantry.
Pickett,(*) Edward,'jr., Colonel 21st Tennessee Infantry.
Pickett,(*) Edward Bradford, Major 25th Texa s Cavalry.
Pickett,(*) George B., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 15th Texas Cavalry.

:! =: -: ,.,.

".. Pickett,(*) John HI., Major 17th Georgia Infantry.
Pickett, (*) Richard 0., Colonel 10th Alabama Cavalry.
'* Pickler, J.F., Major.lst Missouri Cavalry Battalion, 1st Indian Brigade.
Picolet,(*) Arthur, Major 30th Louisuian Infantry.
Pierce, J. W., Major Ist Choctaw Battalion Cavalry, Mississippi..
S Pierce,(*) Junius J., Major 24th Alabama Infantry.
SPiercey, A.J., Major 1st Missouri Cavalry Battalion, stIndian Brigade.
rP,. J'ierson,(*) David, Major, Lieut. Col. 3d Louisiana Infantry.
Pillans, Palmer J., Lieutenant-Colonel 2d Alabama Militi:.
Pinckard, James S., Major 8th Infantry Georgia State Guard.
-.' Pinckard,(*) Lucius, Lieutenant-Colonel, Col. 14th Alabama Infantry.
Pinckard,(*) Wm. E., Major 61st (also called 59th) Alabama Iqfantry.
S Pinkney,(*) William Elder, Major. Lieut. Col. 8th Battalion Louisiana
Pindall,(*) Lebbeus A., Major 9th Battalion Missouri Sharpshooters.
Pindall X. J., Lieut. Col. 5th Mo. Infantry, 3 Div., Mo. State Guard.
l'inson(*), R. A., Colonel lstMississippi Cavalry.
Pirtle, M. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Tennessee Infantry.
Pitman.(*) Robert. W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 13th Tennessee In-
fantry; Lieut. Col. 13th and 154th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated.
Pitner,(*) Tilmon H., Major 39th Georgia Infantry.
Pittman, James M., Major 16th Arkansas Infantry.
Pitts,(*) Fountain E., Colonel 61st (also called 81st) Tennessee Infantry.
S Pixlee,(*) Beenjamin T., Lieutenant-Colonel 16th Arkansas Infantry.
S P]att, Charles A, Lieut. Col., 18th Battalion Infantry Geoigia State
Plattsmier,(*)'John T., Lieut. Col. 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry.
Player,(#.) Samuel T., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 49th Georgia Infantry.
P-leasanti, J. C., Colonel 29th Arkansas Infantry.
Poage,(*) Alpheus W., Major, Lieut. Col. 4th (also called 5th) Virginia
:'R Ieserves.
'i.,(*) Thomas, Colonel 50th Virginia Infantry.
Poague,(*) William T., Majoi Poague's Battalion Artillery.
Poe,(*) James T., Major 11th Arkansas Infantry; Major Poe's Bat-
talion Arkansas Cavalry.
SPoe, Wm. T., Major 8th (also called 9th) Alabama Cavalry.
Poe, Wilson W., Acting Major Poe's Battalion Florida -Reserves, Series
1, Vol. xxxv, pt. II.
'' Poindexter,(*) Parke, Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Virginia Infantry.
Poindexter,----, Colonel 6th Missouri Infantry, 3d Div., Missouri State'
pointer, Marcellus, Lieutenant-Colonel 12th Alabama Cavalry.
Polk, (*) Cadwallader, Lieut. Col. Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry.
Polk, L. 1., Colonel 15th (Polk's) Arkansas Infantry.
:. Pond,(*) Preston, jr., Colonel 16th Louisiana Infantry.
P* wonder(* ) W\ills M., Colonel 12th Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Col-
onel 9th (White's, also called 12th) Missouri Infautry; Major 3d Mis-
souri Infantry, 1st Division, Missouri State Guard.
Pons,(*) John M., Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Florida Infantry.
S Pool,(*) M. L., Major 56th (also called 55th) Georgia Infantry.
Pool, (*) Stephen D., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th Volunteers (1st
North Carolina Artillery).
SPool,(*) Thomas W., Major, Colonel 28th Louisiana Infantry.
SPoore,(*) Robt. H., Major 14th Virginia Infantry.'
Pope,(*) Henry, Major 7th Mississippi Infantry.
: Pope,(*) Riddick, Major-5th Arkansas Infantry.


Pope's Kentucky Battalion, Series 1, vol. II. '
Porcher,(*) Julius T., Major, Lieutenaut-Colonel 10th South Carolina
Infantry.. .
Porter, Bradshaw W., Major 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. .::
Porter, Edward E., Lieut. Col. 3d (Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry.
Porter,(*) George C., Major, Colonel Oth Tennessee Infantry; Colonel
6th and 9th Tennessee Infantry Consolidated. .
Porter,.J. M., Colonel Saint Landry Regiment, Louisiana Militia. "''
Porter, John C., Colonel 3d Virginia Artillery. :
Porter,(*) Joseph C., Colonel Ist Northeast Missouri Cavalry; Lieut.
Col. Green's Cavalry Regiment, 2d Division, Missouri State Gluard. :.
Porter, Mitchell T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 20th Alabama Infantry. .
Porterfield,(*) Geo. A., Colonel 25th Virginia lIfantry., .
Portis, John W., Colonel 42d Alabama Infantry ..
Portis, William N., Major Morgan's (also called 2d) lh-_inmviit Arkansas
Portlock,(*) E. E.,jr., Colonel 24th Arkansas Infantry.
Posey,(*) Carnot, Colonel 16th Mississippi Infantry.
Postlethwaite, A. J., Lieut. Col. 4th Battalion Mississippi InTlantry (or
minute men) State Troops.
Pound,Win. M., Lieut. Col. 12th Battalion Mississippi Partisan Rangers.
Powel,(*) Samuel, Colonel 29th Tennessee Infantry.
Powell, D. Lee, Lieutenant-Colonel 19th Va. Militia (afterward 2d State
Powell, Jno. R., Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Alabama Cavalry.
Powell,(*) Richard H., Major 3d Alabama Infantry.
Powell.(*) Robt. M., Mlajor, Lieut. Col., Colonel 5th Texas Infantry. .
Powell,(*) Thomas N., Major 10th Louisiana Infantry.
Powell, W. A., Major 2d Georgia Reserves.
Powers,(*) Frank P., Colonel 14tli (Mitchell's) Arkansas .Infantry.-
Powers, Frank P., Col. Powers' Regiment Louisiana and Miss, Cavalry..
Powers, Thomas, Major 2d Missouri Lfantry, 1st Division, M.issouri
State Guard.
Prados, John B., Major 8th Louisiana Infantry.. ,
,Prather,(*) John S., Major, Lieut. Col. 8th Confederate Cavalry. '
Prentice,(*) Clarence J., Lieut. Col. 7th Confederate Cavalry Battalion;
Major 2d Battalion Kentucky Cavalry.
Pressley,(*) James F., Lieut. Col., Colonel 10th South Carolina In-
fantry; Colonel 19th South Carolina. Infantry (temporary command). "
Pressley,(*) John G.. Lieutenant-Colonel 25th South Carolina Infantry. ..
.Presstman,(*) S. W., Lieutenaut-Colonel 3d Engineer Regiment; Major
SPresstman's Battalion Engineer Troops.
Prestidge,(*) James S., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Miss. Infantry.- -
Preston, C. H., Major 5th infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
Preston,(*) JamIes T., Colonel 4th Virginia Infantry.
:Preston,(*) Juo. Thos. Lewis, Lieuten;ant-Colonel 9th Virginia Infantry.,
.Preston,(*) Robert T., Lieutenant.Colonel 4th (also called 5th) Virginia
i deserves; Colonel 5th Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line; Col-
"'onel 28th Virginia Infantry.
Preston,(*) William J., Lieutenant Colonel 4th Missouri Cavalry; Major
SPreston's Missouri Cavalry Battalion.
Prewitt,(*) Russell G., Major 15th Mississippi Infantry.
Price, Edwin, Lieut. Col. 1st Missouri Infantry, 3d Division, Missouri
State Guard; Colonel 3d Missouri Iufantry, 3d Division, Missouri
State Guard.
Price, Felix, Colonel 14th Georgia Inhantry. .,,
21739-- 7 :


SPrice,(*) Hawkins F., Major 10th Battalion Mounted ifles Georgia
SState Guard (also called 9th Battalion Cavalry Geoltgia State Guard).
Price, John A., Major 8th Arkansas Infantry.
Price, J. V., Colonel llth Regiiment Georgia State Troops.
P rice, William J., Lieutelnant-Colonel 8th North Carolina Infantry
State Troops.
Pride,(*) Itodolphus T., Major, Lient. Col. 31st (also called. 27th) Geor-
gia Infa~nry.
.- Pridemore,(*) Auburn L., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 64th Virginia
S Mounted Infantry.
Priest, John W., Lieut. Col. 5th Missouri Infantry Battalion, Missouri
State Guard.
S Prince, Thomas McC., Major 22d Alabama Infantry.
Printup,(*) Daniel S., Major 55th Georgia Infantry.
:,. Prior, John N., Major 4th North Carolina Senior Reserves.
Pritchard,(*) James A., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel 3d (also called 2d)
Missouri Infantry; Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Missouri Infantry, 4th
i Division, Missouri State Guard.
Pritchard, Solomon S., Lieutenant-Coloijel 51st Virginia Militia.
Pritchard,(*) William I., Lieut. Col. 22d Batt. Georgia Siege Artillery.
i Pritchett, J. W., Lieutenant-Colonel 22d Georgia Infantry.
Proflitt,(*) Bacchus S., Major, Lieut. Col. 29th North Carolina Infantry.
Proffitt,(*) William W., Lieut. Col. 58th .North Carolina Infantry.
Proskaner, Adolph, Major 12th Alabama Infantry.
Provence,(*) David, Colonel 16th Arkansas Infantry; Lieutenant-Col.
onel 3d Arkansas Infantry State Troops, 1861.
Prud(en,(*) Wm. II., Lieutenant-Colonel 32d Georgia Infantry.
S Pryor,(*) Moses T., Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Kentucky Cavalry.,
l Pryor,(*) Roger A., Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry.
Pryor, Win. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 3d Virginia Infantry.
Puckett,(*) Win. B.C., MajorCavalry Battalion,Phillips Georgia Legion.
SPnllcn,(*) E. J., Major 4th Louisiana Infantry.
SPuill.-r,(*) John W., IMajor 5th Virginia Cavalry.
Purdie,(*) \Thomas J., Liout.-Col., Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North
.- Carolina Infantry.
Piurdy,(*) Lem., Major 14th Texas Cavalry.
Purl, James, Major 12th Tennessee Infantry;
.. Purves,(*) George, Major 21st (Patton's) Louisiana Infantry.
Puryear,(*) Jno. B., Major 11th Texas Cavalry.
Pyles,(*) Lewis G., Major, Lieut.-Col., Colonel 2d Florida Infantry.
Pyron,(*) Charles L., Major, Colonel 2d Texas Cavalry.
Quarles,(*) Win. A., Colonel 42d Tennessee Infantry.
f' Quattlebaum,(*) Paul J., Major 5th Texas Infantry.
Quattlebaum, Walter, Major 9d South Carolina State Troops (6
Quayle,(*) William, Lieutenant-Colonel 9th Texas Cavalry.
Quin, W. Monroe, Major 39th Mississippi Infantry.
Quinn, D. H., Colonel 2d Mississippi Infantry (or Minute Men) State
Radcliffe,(*) James D., Colonel 18th (formerly 8th) North Carolina In-
fa.ntry; Colonel 61st Nortih Carolina Iiifiinttry.
S, Radford,(*) John T., Lieutenant-Coloiel P2d Virginia Cavalry; Major
4th Infantry legimen t Virginia State Line.
,Radford,(*) Richard C. W., Colonel 2d (also called 30th) Virginia Cav.
alry; Colonel 1st Infantry Regiment Virginia State Line.
Ragsdale,(*) Samuel G., Major of Ragsdale's Battalion Texas Cavalry;
Major of Daly's Battalion Texas Cavalry.

_; : t ,

SRaguet,(*) Henry W., Major 4th Texas Cavalry.
Railey, Charles R., Lieutenant-Colonel' Confederate Guards, Louisiana
Raine,(*)James W., Major 12th (also called 8th) Texas Inlfatry. ,
Rainey,(*) Alexis T., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel 1st Texas
SRains,(') George W., Col. 1st Regiment Local. Defense Troops, Augusta,
Rains,(*) James E:, Colonel llth Tennessee Infantry.
Rains, Wm. W., Major 41st Virginia Militia.
Ramsaur,(*) Lee M., Major, Lieut. Col., Colonel 1st Arkansas Mounted.
Ramsay,(*) David, Major 1st Battalion South Carolina Infantry. ..
Ramsay, Whiteford S., Lieutenant-Colonel 14th Georgia Infantry.
Raamseur, Stephen D., Major 10th North Carolina Volunteers (1st North
Carolina Artillery); Colonel 49th North Carolina Infantry. ,
Ramsey,(*) James N., Colonel 1st Georgia Volunteers (disbanded).
Ramsey,(*) Win. H., Lieutenant-Colonel 57th Virginia Infantry. :'
Rand, Oscar R., Lieutenant-Golonel 26th North Carolina Infantry ..:,
Randal,(*) Horace, Colonel 28th Texas Cavalry.
Randall, Samuel J., Major 5th Mississippi Infantry (or.Minuute Men) -
State Troops.
Randals,(*) Ben., Major 16th Tennessee Infantry.
Randell,(*) Gabriel H., Major 39th Georgia Infantry.
Randle, James A., Major of Anderson's Cavalry Texas State Troops.
Randle,(*) Thos. G., Major 52d Tennessee Infantry.'
R ]andolph,(*) E. G., Lieutenant-Colonel, Colionel 9th Louisiana Infantry.
Randol'h,(*) F. C., Major, Lieut.-Col. 7th Alabama Cavalry.
SRandolph,(*) Geo. W., Colonel lst Virginia Artillery; Major Richmond
Howitzers, Virginia Artillery.
Randolph, John L., Major 9th Battalion Texas Partisan Rangers.
Randolph,(*) Peyton, Major 1st Engineer Regiment.
Randolph,(*) Robt., Major, Lieutenant-Colonel 4th Virginia Cavalry.
Randolph,(*) Win. Welford, Lieutenant-Colenel 2d Virginia lufantry.
Rankin,(*) Nathaniel P., Major 2(itl North Carolina Infantry.
Rankin,(*) Peter T., Major 4th (Starnes', also called 3d) Tennessee
Cavalry. :
Rankin, Rufus M., Major 37th North Carolina Infantry.
Rankin,(*) Samuel C., Major 45th North Carolina Infantry. .
Rankin,(*) Win. A., Irientenant-Colonel 9th Mississippi Infantry.
Rankin,(*) William R., Major 37th North Carolina Infantry.
Rankin,(*) Win. S., Major, Lieut. Col. 21st (formerly 1th) North Caro-
lina Infantry.
Ransom,(*) Matthew W., Liout. Col., Colonel 1st North Carolina In. *
fantry State Troops; Colonel 35th North Carolina Infantry. *.
Ransom; Robt, jr., Colonel 9th North Carolina Volunteers (lst N. C.
Rapley, W. F., Major 3(1 Battalion Mo. Infantry, 1st Div., Mo. State
hiapley,(*) Win. F., Major 12th liattalion Arkaii:as Sharpshooters. .
Rawlings, S. A., Lieut. Col. Rawlings' lBattalion Mlo. Infantry, 2d Div.,
Mo. State G nard.
Rawls, Morgan, Lieutenant-Colonel 54th Georgia Infantry.
Ra.xsdale,(*) Frank M., Major 16th Louisiana Infantry.
Ray,(*) Duncan W., Lieutenant-Colonel 9th South Carolina Infiantry.

Full Text


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PAGE 100

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