Title: Letter from Walter P. Corbett (Vice President and General Manager) to Charles E. Adams (President), 17 January 1914
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Title: Letter from Walter P. Corbett (Vice President and General Manager) to Charles E. Adams (President), 17 January 1914
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Creator: Corbett, Walter P.
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ar 2.I4. -3 flfl..-...t
Office of Walter Wo. Iorbett -
Jacksonville, 1 rrin.
Jan. 17th. 1914.
Mr., Ch:arles E. Ada a, -esident-
2aoo Bay Commeroicl Company,
68 .soex streett, 3onton ases.
Dear 1jr. Adams-:
All things omer to those who -&1 Ion L.nough and
work hf Canouga*
rToday I received< from i-on. L. Q. C. L Tar, our
.nvonas Counsel, translations of the 'Hevrral 'Deore s of the Cuban
Gourto (ral-o orljinals i.z 4;pniah) showing the final termination
of the o-.- ral suits bronuht in opposition to the Is al Jurvoy
of our ronorty et Bara oa;s shovdnrl that the unrveT.- an'. 'lan
givingg -Ion Aaries, M1etoa nd fl 3aan) JFn-d the xnaot n aber of &a-
balleries of -,and owned by the TZao 'fy Yonnmerclal Coo!ny
they nay 1072 CUAnlllerees, whioh st nquivFlent to 3j,733 aentsB of
l,"a. Also translation of the opinion of Mon. Joue Imque Ae
ileireidia, ouar nnttlRtiO Coitel, pronot oin G the S'1rvonr anidf .o tiotry
of same to be exact and aorreot In onnmlvinona with Lhaw, r.; th; t o
our TZI'L. i no., e.r noted r-.pnn*nt all noonrs for i;,ll t1io.
I nm senling .,ou one set of these tran lationa,
and I am holding one eot with the origin ln in uJ.nAsh, until I
oae got the ?lorida LAtookholders togothor ;.nV e.:cron upon a jefi-
nite plan either ror the f.rthir Developtent or I l of the
I .t1ll thank you to tonfer vwth :erl-.n/ leiLg.
Croaks,, ;ioU-ond and anuh others of the "tookh:1derae ra nre hrandiy,
with a view to fe".tltn; their Ru..:estiLons for plrn of Rotion.
As you h ve henrA nothing ?"om aosfl.. Cnnninhwm,, P rtix ton, nor t
the h'ld rs of the ailliaBs ind Crocker stock, I tm i.frald ";e
shall be 1..nioi both their ad- toe an3 finannril ._anistanoae,
Both Kr. .-Heredia Ani ::r. oCoorm wk r-re insistinl
utnon being .if. the balance of their feea. :erair: domnin d
I.f,000. ;n^ MoCorpmak '1,144. Of o'urne .w mwt ti;ttl with :iene
.;entlemra "ith ns little elay '.a oanible. nder all the cir-
ounLatianlOQs I advice that you e1Me z-,ormack a uliaeu. to cover bral-
anoe d-:o hx1, aias a a uhoWma tby our Oontract nnd io '- nt once -
if ".a ln are available, 6as yr hia requent onclone-t hore-v'tlh
As I -.ro o. .a I -an c.Lel.tedi to refu.e pen.tant of ItrTdia'g
draft fo- -.;.000. some A.v.s ago. I rFgree rfih ;r .n that his
feea ana t t.he ourt Costo have bi, :n nuch greter th.tn :inn exweted
but, '-,e hMa to cInply rith the A ranms of the nitnr.tion as the onae
progreane?, ran now that wi hrve n the feo does not seOi, so ex-
oesivec At any rate, mwe ofnot rfaord to break 'ith Jlerodia,
wi you 'ill recall that he has ;ent me several reqtestnt "fst t
WagoDSo- of to proert tO mt ne until i had teiko_ to hin"
1 nIn neocseary ndn aer- y nl. e t :'J JN rrtaal r'a
soon as ioansible, Nl1. before we do, I 'i.:lh the .o'Irfd >f director
to see and ppans upon all the lec;l doaowunts, Atle, surveyy oGioa-
tration, etc., man to determine vat aHftma further stepa te hall
take too:ing to the iroteotion of our lUnoral or .unraoe rights;
and 0or thone of uos ho have p1t ;u the none to save the pro -
orty, to take nto a to buy up the ntock o i flho:e hol'erla 'ho have
ma-do no effort nor furnished any money, to neet the Co nri$l's
dire emer-onotese
The )irootorn should nr-ot as early as possible
rnc, in view of the extreme col weather around Wonton, mnd tho
fac t tht three Directore re.:;iAo *:ern, ban't yoU in6duce elas
eBlding, Onkor m ia .i .aon, ,iled Mrs DiOkinson, if he will to jon1
y t on a little run rao-.vn to the and of '1- ors. I e::jC t to 0et
our -1 riA. hol d ra to lther a tout .":ontay, the 6th. i.'L, ea.nd
ist wfl rniact ottr oonvoanienoe AI yr party owlf be h ere about
that tixnou .~r-B few dai;'s later. If it is iaEmonibl- for ymw

party to oOme herea then anl, Svf anA I thr1l try to arrange to
ran up to Rosate axs sooa after the 86th* of Ji:nry ans oesiblts.
It -s impoeratie that the .Lircctorn meet at the
eftrlieat prwfotoeal moment.
I ,ia ending c- bon of this letter to Iieai;. A IT.
holding, C, P. Croaks aa T. J. Hmnuand,
"Aith regards to e.1
iMelerOly yours,

3 Ve ^f I? V n. t gr

Johedulo of :naol.-anmre,
Im- Letter MoCormack to Corbett.
2-- Tranelption of Cortifioate Of the opglateyr of propertyy of 3nraooa
dated Ilovember 86th. 1913, showing the r:ooording of' t survey
of the Jagia :Ioperty.
3- franstletion of :.inion oof Jioe A. Dtqnae oe Heredia, Aznte fheoember
5th. 1913, upan the Title of the -'aco Bay Comnaroi l ConTany to
the Jarara property after the Jndiotal arnwy T'hereof*
4- Trsanaltlon of ;.rit of the ICurt -o first Insrwnee of nraooa
"dated 3ovomber 13, 1913, aMA of he ?ina3l Oewr Of the. ami tOwart
ate' :iovember 3, 1913,approving the Jurvey of the TarnBn ropp-
5- Srenslation of certifiedd Copy of the Firwl er of .the onrt of
P?-et In:tanee of frrnooa an;roving the unrvo;y )f the 'toTprtyf of
the --aoo lay Ccnroiel CaonOpnua


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