Title: Letter from B. S. Hile to his daughter, Ella, 4 March 1862
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Title: Letter from B. S. Hile to his daughter, Ella, 4 March 1862
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Creator: Hile, B. S.
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Havana c rch 4th 1:-;

EI: Dear Dau---ter Ella

I h-.ve not -:ritten you by eit-e of the last -t ._ rs I ou --t to have
done so as ;our very neat and welcome left-; deCe:e-v b -tt-ir r.tti-,,in -
Todwy one year ago Our President Lin-c-in took his position at the L-a.'
of tMi: :-: :.te Nation then even then the centre of this rpi: ';lie
felt the heav- and r _p6eted strokes of treachery but now the cill-rs shake,
the very foundation trembles ":indoms u tiner Despotic rule Lny___
and divide ii-to other KingdomEs, subdivide a:d crumble, rise again and
fal:'. rain and at each and every such revolution there spriin th'
elements of Tibertv that can never re-unite -aain but Li: our .arlo sour-
aw.ay to the "land where Liberty dells" and no7; l:is .".'ea'tif.il ai.ric"
this I-od'.-,ile of Liberty and- Freedom "This tepublict caniio:t fn.11 no
earthly cm'.,rr can ovrthrowr it There are but. few- ,ov -rnInts th.t yok:e
do'.rn her dependence more severely than this S':.anisLh governiivnt o-es
end here Cuba is taxed e;on.: endurance ever:- 1an O' "ar leaving.
Spa.in intended for I!er-ico or Cuba quarters on us the mol_-Mnt sh-e -.uts on
steam that is Cuba bears the expense f7pain tx:-es us at the rate of
.150 to every nhaLitant everything is ta.:ed every r.ove.--nt is taxed every
name a public officer signs the paper he writes on If you purchase a
foot of land the gover-ni-ent demands a tax uoon its sale a priests
evidence is law and balances air:, number of laity that may be brought
againstt him It is death for any one to strike a priest no latter be he
drunk or sane a few years since for soi. reason not knoan a person
"struck r priest or ia&de defense of hi..s:elf he iTas brot imj.ediately up,
upon the e.vi.dnce of the triL-est an' was flayed alive All the gover-n'i ent
offices here are appointed in .p sein and sent. fror S-pain no erszon born here
ca.n hold office or bear arLms except by. sape-ial pt-rmii sion &nd. those do it
only to avail themselves of certain privelegis of arrests for debt
Here no young lady is regarded as respectable.while going or at a place
of a-:user-zent or in public or private circle u-less ;.he is accohi:-nied
within her Miother or patron It is now Carnival in the Catholic coc;.unity
cor. 1enciniG last 'unday and includes un .'; a.nd Tues,:day it is the gret
double cross, day of the year in full 1,nction of the chur_'ch and I
might to say that there is in three days; rention-. more sin vice
end corruption on this Island than the ;-ole year in ie;: orl: .rhaps not
but any one witnessing once the mask Balls at the Theatre an,.: other places
and the p-erfornances in the street must turn in cdi,,gust
,o ;nday morning 8 A._.
"Mairch 10/P,
I am do-wn nori to my office before .:rz.akfast Mr. Walters has not b_3n out.
of the house for ten days he is now rating better and will be out ni'1..
of the weel- We are so much in the hFbit of having different kinds of
garden ve atbles t-hat I. never think of I ;ntionrinj it but we have green
peas, new notrtoes, cucumbers, strain: be-anL, lettuce nd:... every such
in akurEJ.-ice '.lterts expect to co hoe. b. the Col-uibia on her next
trip and I will probably send on my articles by hin1*

I received your letter of the 23 T'by by the Poc.rio .ne I think you cre enjoyinE
the Central Park very much we have no weathe-r here to make skating or even
frost- there might be -le-nt of rlo',rs here but they don't eer. to hive
a taste for thea except out of the city in the gir(,ens- Tr. ;an.a has
written a book- called "To Cu.b .n'. B-,cl:" Eerhaos you ca: et it in .Y.
it 'ill giv- you a good idea f Cuba he :rote it on his visit years
ago and it is interesting Feme..ber i- to all thl Ei- ohrs -nd little
Rohrs ir. tuft c.nd Teige and all well finally you to

So good bye
B,S. Rile

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