Correspondence from Frank R. Crumbie to Selden Rodman, 23 December 1954
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Title: Correspondence from Frank R. Crumbie to Selden Rodman, 23 December 1954
Series Title: Correspondence from Frank R. Crumbie to Selden Rodman, 23 December 1954
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Dinguan's Ferry, .
December 23, 19

Mr. Slden Rodaan
Oakland, W.J,
Dear Mr Redan,
Your recent book on HAITI is of great interest to me.
I also ejoyed your REHASSAI CE
In regard to RAITI I would like to eehaneo som
Tiewa vith a u, some differences of pinion, rather minor perhaps
and, one mater where.in I an in total disagreement. (Please ee the
"summary attached.)
In general, I think you have done an amasingy good
Job of ondensationB.-dithout omitting essential faets* like the
toehes of huor. and the lines of verse. Especially do I appreelate
war affeetionatke JM~u of the peasant, and your perception In
disaoaing the elites Praise also for your well hosen bibliography,
and your list of Creole-French vords.
A few points of difference your introduction xiv.
aUntou hed, "uilimpsed", ete I think such spots are "few and far
between", *Aerin Garde Offiars were supposed to patrol even the
ren1test parts 6 their districts; I think most of them did so. And
some of those ne vere in Haiti during the entire tire of the Ocea
patio One example, Captain Pete Hartian. Tortue as in his district
and he made mZa mar trips there--covering a large part of the isle.
Please see "sumuary' in this general connection.
Page 47, "Agouti" 7 Does that mean of the genera
Dasyproeta or Myopreeta? Or, does it refer to Solenodon paradoxug,
sometimes called "agouta" ? I do not believe the toSmer exists in
Haitit-the latter Is rare.
Pages XX8.X9. Regarding La Gonave. I made six trips
there---spent some four months on the Island. Entered approximately
one hundred caves-w olleeting Indian material for Heye Foundation.
(The things I collected are on display there. Also sent material
to Amerleen Mussum, Yale Harvard ete.) In 1938, I found no town
named Na Cafe, nor is ii on Wirkus map. However I must admit that
town nse are subject to change. When I was on L Gonave the
largest town was Pointe a Raequette. I estimated thy totEl pop- .
ulatien in exess of Twelve thousand. ( i ~A A. A) AWi U 4T
Well, there are some differences---sngles of obser-
vation aad interpretation, perhaps. Howver ,Mr. Rodman there is
one paragraph in your boo vhich has really disturbed e.

Please see next page.

Page 2,

AI'TZI Pag 2f. Fnua paragraph of section on Ocoupation by the
MrisOe elw Neh to this paragraph nay be you're how amet may b
1 Belate', I have no. Va of knowing
**ara of the 6000 killed-.died. in sorsequnae* of stupidity
Bsa brutality-l a the rfigre 6,000 be substatiatedT I very
mah doubt its
I wish other vors thal stupidityy" and "brutality had beo
oaea. Casem of both xirted S8tupidity" on the prt of both
ttles amad Amlr teams. ose rarely "brutality", and both sides
swo gauity of it. (t at otst. Math, for one example) As a gea
eFte11Uatnr X thlua "m~Lktendetandtig' and "undue severity* weld
"be IroI J trhe ftt..
-.-"owS at Ata Ccaves eealBted-- ntriger happy Martme I
to to ra R.P.Darvi whoaa I akn wetll and who est trt.
Xmaber 71i a o seats., Marching on Ant Cayes to dBae
t eo fnvor oie in ta it h t by a patrol of
aSt eQi vow l hvig failed to eheok the advaSe Rtn JL.
lIklf li open fiF* On trhe q, killing 6 Udwoundif 28,
atir diet." (Interlixeattbti ae a )ir 1)
IX ustationed in Jeremie at the tiae of this "affair" ad
ad ese *ia #i e ounts of it, They bear out M s "DtS
*d & the of o em out of ton killed, m do not thai k he.
t &su Jftat~ I thitk the tem trigger happy Mari" ias is
S ed an ilt ttfltable.
S*ombl htig' ef Charlemamg? Wei he as traokoed dowa by two
Mei taona a rl anp of Batias. wIlingl of his dead body to a
doer tPiat I h. a Isee showed the body 'roped" to the doo,
Ms it alght be Oarled dom the step hills. Friends of alao who
N rw the b~t r deW that Malsa were used.
Tho pnragraph La quest tin, in ay opinion, contains statu n
that a n et ub to ptrof I think it s unfair to the tawra
OlIe aMe by e*tessaim4n unfair to us eivilians. ho served with
O 0impamuoa. umWa of ua wr pilloried in the Haittia presso ad
we tad ano frlfurf na s-ilum by whieh to defeat ourselves, I
agret at the 0eupatloa forces r ar again Itho ubjeots of Vhat
I Oseast;d to be, at the least, aunde and unwarranted oritis~el
I had to "get that off my cheat".
10b the oeteptloap aotod. think your book is one of th best
of al thoae mttoe about Bailt, (I love th island and its people.)
eoglae he r ly ntuiona. I shall be pleased if y7u may vish
tTours siw seeo
low*a SIMOVOrly

F. ,R Cr mbi Jr.