More testimony in the case between Elizabeth Gauthier and Lehoux (Jeremie Collection Box 9-Folder 10)


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More testimony in the case between Elizabeth Gauthier and Lehoux (Jeremie Collection Box 9-Folder 10)
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Mixed Material


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Papers of the Greffe The registrar of the greffe, known as the greffier, included documents from a variety of sources in his archive. He registered personal papers presented by the jurisdiction's inhabitants for safekeeping. The greffier also registered a copy of the ecclesiastical registers from each of the two church parishes that existed in his jurisdiction, as well as the registers generated by the civil and criminal courts held by the sénéchal. The notaries of the jurisdiction also registered copies of the notarial acts that they enacted for the inhabitants. Finally, like the greffe of the intendancy in Port-au-Prince, the greffe of the sénéchaussée also registered all concessions of land that the governor and intendant granted with the jurisdiction of Jérémie. The papers of the greffe held by the university reflect the diverse nature of the documents kept by the greffiers from whose archives the Jérémie Papers originate. No attempt was made to organize this portion of the collection by type of document (e.g., land surveys, notary documents, court petitions). Instead, the registers were arranged chronologically to ensure ease of use.

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University of Florida
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