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The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25, 1988 Page 3B

"The Storyteller," Tour Production at SJE

Appearing at Port St. Joe Elem-
entary School on February 29 at 1:00
p.m. will be The Storyteller. The
Storyteller is one of nine productions
on tour through the South Carolina
Theatre Company this season: the
SCTC is the first professional theatre
in the state of South Carolina and is
one of the few entirely self-supporting
professional theatres in the United
States. This is the company's 23rd
year of operation, and it is continuous'
ly on the road for thirty eight weeks

James Deschenes

each season.
The Storyteller has been in the
company's repertorie of productions
since September of 1979, and it
features stories and poems designed
especially for younger audiences:
selections by Longfellow, Robert
Louis Stevenson, Eugene Field, Ra-
chel Field, Joel Chandler Harris,
Emily Dickinson, Christopher Mor-
ley, among many others.
Noted stage actor and director
Milton Dickson arranged the pro-

gram, and he also appears in the
James Deschenes is an actor from
New York City, and with the company
this season he stars as Hamlet, Brutus
in Julius Caesar, Romeo. Quince in a
Midsummer Night's Dream. Launce
in The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing,
among others.
Considered one of New York's
finest actors: he has starred in New

Milton Dickson

Seeds or Transplants? Which

Gives You the Best Results?

York productions of Grease, The
Birthday Party. West Side Story. and
Much Ado About Nothing. He has been
featured in many television commer-
cials, as well as three major motion
pictures (involving the very famous
Heaven's Gate), and several soap
Evelyn Fannin has appeared in
Woody Allen's film The Purple Rose
of Cairo. Arthur Hiller's The Lonely
Guy for Universal Studios, and Connie
in MGM's Freeway. New York City
has seen her in many plays, and she
has appeared in many commercials -
most notably for Atari, Gillette Atra,
and Macy's Department Store.
Milton Dickson is the headline
performer of the production, and he is
one of the leading theatre figures in
the United States. His background
includes many Broadway and off-
Broadway shows in New York, as well
as television and films (both as actor
and director).
Mr. Dickson is one of the most
acclaimed Shakespearean scholars in
the United States, and on stage he has
played all the great Shakespearean
roles Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo,
Caesar, Antony, Richard III, Orlando,
Benedict, Touchstone, lago, Henry V,
Oberon, Bottom and others.
He tours for eight months out of
the year sharing his knowledge of
theatre and Shakespeare .with high
schools and college students from
coast-to-coast. In addition, he is in
great demand for his Storyteller'
program on the elementary school
circuit, and he is able to bring his
special style of acting and cartoon
voices to children of grades K-5.



We Want You To Be
A Part of The Friendly Place

9:45 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
5:45 p.m.

EVENING WORSHIP... 7:00 p.m.
WEDNESDAY......... 7:00 p.m.

Long Avenue Baptist Church


MICHAEL HANDY, Minister of Music & Youth




210 Reid Avenue Port St. Joe ^ ^
Telephone 229-8049 #

by Roy Lee Carter
County Extension Agent
Seeds or transplants? Which to
use is a very important decision for
those planning to grow a spring
vegetable garden. You can successful-
ly produce vegetables with either.
But, seeds and transplants both have
their advantages and disadvantages.
You Should consider all of these before
you make up your mind about which
will be best for you.
I'll talk about the pros and cons of
starting vegetables with transplants.
I'll also offer some tips to help you get
transplants off to a good start in your
.garden. My information was provided

American Made
From $9.95 Square ROY LEE CARTER
C G by,..Extension Vegetable Specialis
12', Ga. Barb ire.. $5.99 Jim Stephens, of the University o
6' Steel "T" Post .. .... $1.49 Florida's Institute of Food and
39" Field Fence .. .... $39.94 Agricultural Sciences.
48"-2"x4" WeldedWire ... $24.96 1 one advantage transplants offe
Quantity Discounts Available is an early start. Transplants are
Goldin Inclustries, Inc. grown in protected seed flats, o
Gulfport, PS (601) 896-6216 seedbeds. These allow seeds' t
d.7.1/21,2/4.2/18,3/3germinate under the best possible
d. 1/7. 121. 2/4. 2/18, 3/3,3117 conditions. Also, seeds in flats can be
/ started before the weather is really


102 Third Street

Evangelistic Worship Services Christ Centered Youth Program
Regular Bible Study An Exciting Place to Attend
, Ministering to the Where Everyone is Welcome
S Total Family Regular Services
Fully Graded Choirs Sunday & Wednesday


,Hwy. C-30

"In the heart of downtown Simmons Bayou"

Everyday Low Prices
Our Goal Is to Serve the Public


Friday, 7:30 a.m. 6 p.m.. Sat.. 9 a.m. 6 p.m.
PHONE 904/227-7220 I 79

Open Monday -

suitable for planting directly in the
garden. So whether you grow your
own transplants, or buy them at a
garden center, you'll be several weeks
ahead of gardeners who start with
Using transplants allows you to
choose only the best plants. If you're
raising transplants in your own seed
bed, you'll have many more plants
than you really need. So, you may
select the healthiest specimens. If
you're buying transplants at a garden
center you can pick the best from
what's available. In either case, be
sure you choose only the strongest
plants for your garden.
It's easier to start from trans-
plants especially if you only need a
few. For a window-box garden, or a
very small garden patch, using
transplants is much more practical
than starting from seeds. By using
transplants, you can minimize seed-
ling decay problems. Diseases are
t easier to control in 'a seed flat than in
f the garden.
d If you're raising your own trans-
plants, they should be ready for the
r garden when they're four to six weeks
S old. Those you buy usually are ready
to set out immediately. If the
o seedlings are in individual containers,
e moisten the soil before removing
e them. If the transplants are growing
in peat pellets, insert them directly
into the soil. Don't try to remove the
plants from the pellets.
The best time to transplant is
right after a rain when it's cloudy, or
in the late afternoon. Handle' the
plants gently, and don't press the soil
too tightly around the roots. After
setting each plant, carefully pour a
little water into the hole to settle the
hole then cover the wet area with dry
soil to reduce evaporation.
To give transplants a quick start,
apply a starter fertilizer solution. You
can buy these ready mixed, or you can
make your own. For. the best results,
mix one or two tablespoons of a high
phosphate fertilizer something like
5-20-5 (ration 1:4:1) in a gallon of
water, or you can use an ordinary
all-purpose fertilizer, like an 8-8-8.
Just pour about a pint of the mixture
into each hole as you set the plants.

Pvt. Lewis Finishes
Basic Training
Pvt. Angela J. Lewis, daughter of
Gladys E. Lewis of Port St. Joe, has
completed basic training at Fort
McClellan, Ala.
During the training, students
received- instruction in drill and'
ceremonies,.'weapons, map reading,
tactics, military courtesy, military
justice, first aid, and Army history
She is a 1985 graduate of Port St.
Joe Jr.-Sr. High School.
Available at The Star office
306 Williams Avenue

Year In and Year Out You Will Do Well With

Hannon Insurance Agency, Inc.

The Insurance Store Since 1943
Auto Home
Business 8:30 till 6:00 Monday through Friday

* Flood Life
* Mutual Funds

221 Reid Avenue

Phone 227-1133

We Are HERE to Service'What We Sell



h I


Lunch Buffet... 50MULLET PLATE
Monday Night Special Mullet .... .3.50 CATFISH PLATE.

Tuesday Night Special Shrimp...
Wednesday V/ Chicken..........
Thursday Night- Oyster Plate ....
Friday Night -Oyster Stew .......





CRISP CARROTS............ lb. 200
GOLDEN BANANAS........ lb. 29C
FRESH LEMONS....... dozen $1.00
SWEET POTATOES ........ lb. 200
SEED POTATOES ........... lb. 18c
LETTUCE . . head 45C

Truck and Car




HOURS: Mon.-Wed. 8-8; Thurs. Sat.,
PRODUCE, 8-9:30 and Sunday 1.7

OYSTERFlatbed or
YSTER BAR and do small me'

ONIONS ............
APPLES ............

SMonument Ave.
>ne 227-7226

AL --

Can Eat
e Slaw

....... s4.00
....... .8.00
8.00 ) ;.

Y, 8-9 ]

. . b. 15"
...... b. 30C
....... b. 29"
10 LBS. s1.10


Steamed Oysters... $3.50,wO.
Also by the Bag, Pint or Gallon
Flounder ............ ib. S1.79
Whole Mullet ......... lb. 690
Catfish ......... ....... lb. $210
Shrimp ............... lb. $450

309 Monument Ave.
Phone 227-7226
Port St. Joe



I ....,

Birthday Boys

Andrew Bracy
Andrew Bracy celebrated his fifth
birthday Saturday, February 6 with a
party at his grandparents house.
Helping Andrew celebrate were his
friends Andy Shoaf, Kristin Abrams,
Collins Abrams, Margaret Gibson,
Matthew Williams and Cheyne Todd.
Also helping him celebrate were his
grandparents, Bo-Bo and Linda Gail
Bray and his great grandmother, Mrs.
Otis Pyle.
Andrew is the son of Mary
Margaret Bracy.

Benjamin Matthew Collier
Benjamin Matthew Collier turned
one year old on February 17. He
celebrated on February 14 with a
Beary-Valentine party. Those attend-
ing included paternal grandmother,
Marilyn D. Collier of Port St. Joe,
maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Billy E. Hand of Blountstown, mater-
nal great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
James C. Adams of Blountstown, and
a multitude of uncles, aunts, cousins
and friends.
Ben is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mark D. Collier of Port St. Joe.

Wewa Elementary Spellers
The Wewahitchka Elementary U fEi
School Annual Spelling Bee was held hl
February 4, 1988, at the Linton Site.
This years spelling bee winner, Kelli
Jones, is the first recipient of the
Letha S. Rester Spelling Award which
was set up in honor of Mrs. Rester by
Mrs. Barbara Shirley-Scott.
If Kelli should go on to win the
Gulf County championship, she will
receive an additional $50.00. The
runner up of the Spelling Bee was
Daniel Rhames. Both of these stu-
dents are in the fifth grade.
Coordinator of the spelling bee
was Mrs. Sue McDaniel, Language
Arts teacher at Wewahitchka Elem-
entary School.
rja" v1
Ounie A.10

* Heating & Air

* Major -
S Appliance-'

Plumbing & Electrical Work
229-8416 or 227-1954 106 Bellamy Circle'
ER0007623, RF0040131, RA0043378 I 1 19

I- i

Highland View Elementary Releases Honor Roll

Mrs. Sara Joe Wooten, principal
at Highland View Elementary School,
has recently released the honor roll
for the fourth six weeks at the school.
First Grade
All A's
Jenny Brock and Troy Phillips.
Mark Barton, Katie Bosselman,
Mark Conley, Carl Hopper, Betty Jo
Ingram, Montez Lee, Jerry Martin,
Jason Richardson, Ashlea Scarabin
and Jessie Swearingen.
Second Grade
All A's
Spencer Riley, Shelia Hightower
and Kim Lamberson.
Casey Clark, Jennifer Gaddis,
Amanda Laurimore, Carmen McFar-
land, Tommie Richter and Layth
Third Grade

All A's
Karen Clark and Michelle Martin.
Jesse Colbert, Stephanie Padgett,
Chris Pendley, Jeremy Richardson,
Eric Sellers, Ivey Tatum, Karen
Thomas and Misty Wood.
Fourth Grade
Sharon Gainous, Lance Hammac,
Jennifer Hayes and Jack Spencer.
Fifth Grade
Amber Conley, Heather Hanson,
Reba Lindsey, Chrystina Marquardt
and Alicia Nagy.
Sixth Grade
All A's
Josh Colbert.
Jill Bryan, Jennifer Clark, Megan
Dean, Shelley Fettinger, Matt Hanna
and Dana Maige.

The Family Church
252 Avenue E Port St Joe, Florida Church Phone 229-8t37
Pastor: Rev. Napoleon Pittman

11:00 A.M. .... Morning Worship
4:00 P.M......... Youth Service
6:00 P.M. ..... Evening Worship

12:30 P.M.. .. Intercessory Prayer
6:30 P.M.......... 1st-6th Grade
7:30 P.M. Bible Study & Fellowship

WJBU AM 1080 Tune In Every Sunday Morning at 8:45

Wendell Campbell, a Rotarian of
some two or three years, presented
the noon luncheon meeting program
to his club Thursday, using the theme,
"What Rotary means to me".
Campbell pointed out he found out
quickly individual Rotarians follow
the organizations now-famous 4-way
test in their everyday lives. "I have
found out Rotarians are really consid-
erate of others and they really are
concerned about their community",
he pointed out. "In my estimation,
Rotarians are the 'cream of the crop',
made up largely of the more mature
men who tend to stabilize the world. It
is an organization of people doing
The speaker said he has been
impressed over the concern expressed
by Rotarians for the community.

We would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of our friends
for your cards, letters and prayers
while our daughter was in the hospital
Even when we feel so far away from
home, it is comforting to know that the
love and concern of all of you are still
with us. Thanks to our answered
prayers, Mallory is at home now and
has recovered nicely. Thank you all
Tim, Cindy and Mallory

We the family of Alvin C. (Bullie)
Morgan, would like to express our
thanks to Bay St. Joseph Care Center,
Gulf Pines Hospital and staff, Dr..
Barosso, Rev. Howard Browning,
Rocky Comforter and staff, friends
and neighbors for the great care and
love you have shown us during the loss
of our loved one. We deeply appre-
ciate everything you did.
Essie Martin
Nell Morton
Audrey Haskin
Louise Morgan
Jack Morgan
I would like to say thank you to
everyone who helped me in my
struggle to save S.O.S., Starting Over
Straight. By your letters, prayers and
calls to the Governor, Representa-
tives and Senator, we have received
the special funding we needed to stay
Although our struggle will not be
complete until we have a permanent
place in the H budget, we will be
open another year so that we can help
and save the lives of another hundred
or so youth who have been afflicted by
the terrible disease of alcoholism and
drug abuse.
Thank you so much
from a grateful mother,
Peggy Stripling

I would like to thank my friends
and neighbors for their prayers and
support during my recent operation.
A special thanks to Dr. San Pedro
and the staff of Gulf Pines Hospital.
John Victorine


* Fast, easy installation
* Goes directly over old
* Won't rust or corrode
* Low maintenance
* Reduces noise
* Provides added insulat
* Lifetime warranty

j Corrugated Asphalt
Roofing & Siding

The Lifetime Roofing


48" x 79"
26 square foot sheet




At Least 32 Squares in Stocke

- n L b & p
(frel alysIfadwr

"They want to make it better a
better place in which to live".
Guests of the club were Fred
Richards, George Chapel, Don McMil-
lan, Fred Mingledorf, Bubba Gander,
Cleve Randolph and Jack Taylor, all
of Apalachicola.

Howard Creek VFD
Elects Officers
The Volunteer Fire Department
Auxiliary of Howard Creek had their
annual election of officers on Febru-
ary 8. Those elected to office were:
Mildred. Marbury, president chap-
lain; Vera Wilson, vice president; and
Kim Seaborn, secretary treasurer.
On March 26 a Daiwa rod and reel
combo will be given away. Tickets
may be purchased from any auxiliary
member for $1.00 donation.

VFW Post Plans
to Burn Mortgage
John C. Gainous Post No. 10069
will have a mortgage burning cere-
mony at 2:00 p.m. February 27. Also
there will be the unveiling of the
portrait of John C. Gainous, for whom
the post was named.
Following the ceremony a seafood
dinner will be served. All veterans
and their spouses are invited to attend
the occasion. Members of the post and
Ladies Auxiliary are urged to attend.

Expert Auto Repair

Replace brake pads, resurface front rotors

Wax and Detailing Cars ...


...... s40.00

Specializing in Fiberglass and Body Work
(Rebates Back on All Insurance Jobs)


Paint and Body Shop
James Whittington
Phone 229-8061
607 Highway 98

Hihln View




have been mailed to all

property owners who qualified for exemption

in 1987.


1st is the final


to file for

Homestead, Disability & Agricultural exemp-

tion. Please

fill out, sign, and return


cards to the office.

If you purchased property in 1987, and wish to

file for exemption for 1988 it will be necessary

for you to come into the office in person to ap-

ply before March 1st.

For Homestead Exemption on mobile home

-applicants must own the mobile home and

the land on which the mobile home is per-

manently attached.

Bring a current license

plate, registration, and Florida title, or paper

sufficient to apply for a Florida title.




Property Appraiser

Campbell Is Impressed

With Local Rotarians

All Forms of Insurance
Homeowners Auto Flood
* Business Packages Group Life Boat
SHospitalization Pulpwood & Logging
Mobile Homes

"a INC.
S 322 Reid Ave. Port St. Joe Phone 229-8899

The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25, 1988

Page 4B

I? 1


By: Wayne T. DeWitt, C.P.A.
There comes a time in some of our
lives when we must care for an elderly
parent that can no longer care for
themselves. We rday do this by having
the parent move into our home or if
professional care is necessary, the
parent may have to enter a nursing
home. Usually this is done out of love
for the parent and a sense of duty in
recognition of the many sacrifices the
parent made for us during their
productive years and with no notion of
receiving anything in return.
Tax law does, however, provide
certain tax benefits to those who care
for an elderly parent. There are,
generally four tax benefits to be
considered. These are (1) the depend-
ency deduction, (2) the head of

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Florida
Statutes 865.09, the undersigned persons intend to
register with the Clerk of Court, Gulf County,
Florida, four weeks after the first publication of
this notice, the fictitious name or trade name
under which they will be engaged in business and
in which said business is to be carried on, to-wit:
Florida Sno
401 Williams Avenue
Port St. Joe, Florida 32456
Dean Middleton
4tp 2/25/88

Notice is hereby given that put
Statutes 865.09, the undersigned p
register with the Clerk of Cou
Florida, four weeks after the fir
this notice, the fictitious name
under which they will be engaged
in which said business is to be ca
Spectrum Home Healt
321 Reid Avenue
Port St. Joe, Florida
Larry Rister

rsuant to Florida
persons intend to
rt, Gulf County,
rst publication of
or trade name
d in business and
rried on, to-wit:
h, Inc.

4tc 2/25/88

The Department of Health and Rehabilitative
Services is seeking approximately 4,462 net ren-
table square feet of office space to lease in the Port
St. Joe area. Occupancy not later than July 1, 1988.
Desire a Five (5) Year lease with a Five (5) Year
renewal option. Sealed bids will be received until
2:00 P.M. on March 16, 1988, at 2639 N. Monroe
Street, Suite 200-A, Tallahassee, Florida 32303. In-
terested parties may obtain bid specifications
from Robert L. Smith HRS, District 2, Facilities of-
fice at the above referenced address. Phone
The Department of Health and Rehabilitative
Services, District 2, reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
2t 2/18 & 2/25/88

Sealed bids in duplicate will be received until
March 8, 1988 at 9:00 A.M., E.S.T. by the Gulf
*' County Board of County Commissioners, Port St.
Joe, Florida, at which time and place all bids will
be publicly opened and read aloud for:
The contractor shall furnish all labor,
materials and equipment; and shall be responsible
for the entire completion of this project.
Plans, specifications and contract documents
may be inspected at the office of the Architect,
State Road 22, Wewahitchka, Florida, and may be
procurred by General Contractors, upon a deposit
of $20.00 per set for plans and specifications, of
which the full amount will be refunded to each
General Contractor, who submits a bid and all
other deposits for other than one complete set of
plans and specifications will be refunded less
deduction to cover reproduction cost of $10.00. All
documents must be returned in good condition
within ten (10) days after the date of opening of
Cashier's check, certified check, or bid bond,
for not less than 5% of the amount of bid, must ac-
company each proposal.
Workman's compensation insurance will be re-
quired of the successful bidder.
Right is reserved to reject any or all proposals
and waive technicalities.
No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of
thirty (30) days after date set for opening.
Gulf County Board of County Commissioners
Charles A. Gaskin, ARA
P. O. Box 7
Wewahitchka, Florida 32465 2t 2/18 & 2/25/88

Pursuant to Section 118, Chapter 717, Florida
Statutes, entitled "Florida Disposition of Unclaim-
ed PrOperty Act", notice is hereby given that the
persons listed below appear to be owners of
unclaimed personal or intangible property
presumed abandoned. THIS DOES NOT INVOLVE
Apparent Owner: Bonaventure, Joeseph, Twin
Willow Est P. O. Box 688, Wewahitchka, FL 3246b,
account number 2147-1987-0009; Bowers, Earnest,
1712 Dora Dr., Tallahassee, FL 2147-1987-0010;
Bowley, Ella, 2147-1987-0011; Bozeman, Claude,
2147-1987-0012; Brown, Henry, 2147-1987-0019;
Burger, Bobby, Rt. 1, Box 158, Minette, AL
2147-1987-0020; Burton, Edsel, 1321 NW 13th St.,
Miami, FL 2147-1987-0021; Capote, Hyder, 249 Kin-
ney St., Newark, NJ 2147-1987-0022; Carey, Archie,
2147-1987-0023; Dalton, William, Rt. 3, Box 71H,
Port St. Joe, FL 32456 0151-1987-0244; Figueres,
Inc., 1794-1987-0001; McCalister, Harold, P. O. Box
308, Wewahitchka, FL 32465 2722-1987-0017; Moore,
Kenneth C., 2498 SE Camarin St., Port St. Joe, FL
32453 3840-1987-1058; Parker, M.L. Jr., 619 Marvin
Avenue, Port St. Joe, FL 32453, 3089-1987-0002;
Paulk, William, P. O. Box 427, Wewahitchka, FL
32465 0042-1987-0003; Pope, Ivey, Box 52, Wewahit-
chka, FL 32465 0426-1987-0004; Ross, Ronald, Gen.
Del., Port St. Joe, FL 32456 0151-1987-0817; Rowell,
Thera E., P. 0. Box 688, Wewahitchka, FL 32465,
S2147-1987-0121; Sims, James, 210 Kenny Mills, Port
St. Joe, FL 32453, 0465-1987-0148; Wilkinson, Billy,
Box 691, Wewahitchka, FL 32465, 2707-1987-0296.
Information concerning the amount or description
of the property (such as unclaimed checking ac-
counts, savings accounts, utility deposits, stocks,
bonds, insurance refunds, safe deposit boxes, etc.)
and the names and addresses of the holder of such
personal property may be obtained by any person
possessing an interest in the property by address-
ing an inquiry to Gerald Lewis, State Comptroller,
Attn: Abandoned Property Section, State Capitol,
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0350, (904) 487-0510. The
Pensacola Area Office telephone number is (904)
436-8150. You may also contact the Consumer In-
formation toll free Hotline at 1-800-848-3792. Be
sure to mention the account number AFTER the
name as published in this notice. Unless proof of
ownership is presented to the holder by April 19,
1988, the property will be delivered for custody to
the Comptroller of Florida. Thereafter, all further
claims must be directed to the Comptroller of
t) Florida.
2t 2/18/88

household filing status, (3) d
for the medical expenses of
paid by the son or daughter,
the Credit for Child and Dc
Care Expenses.
There are four tests that
met to claim a parent as a dep
-The parent must hat
income of less than $1,900. T
ceiling pertains only to those
income properly inclusive
income. In other words, inco
as tax free interest or social
benefits are not included
-Over half of the
support for the year must be f
by the son or daughter. H
where more than half the sup

Notices -
Notice is hereby given that pursuant
Statutes 865.09, the undersigned person
register with the Clerk of Court, Gu
Florida, four weeks after the first pub
this notice, the fictitious name or ti
under which they will be engaged in bu
in which said business is to be carried
101 North Main Street
Port St. Joe, Florida 32456
Tony Larry
Otis Stallworth

S Ca

IN RE: The Estate of
ministration of the Estate of LEO 1
JONES, deceased, Case No. 88-2 is pen
Circuit Court for Gulf County, Florid
Division, the address of which is GULl
COURTHOUSE, Port St. Joe, Florida
name and address of the
Representative's attorney are as
All persons having claims or demat
the Estate are required, WITHIN T
Clerk of the above Court a written state
claim or demand they may have. Each
be in writing and must indicate the b,
claim, the name and address of the cre.
Agent or Attorney and the amount claim
claim is not yet due, the date when it w
due shall be stated. If the claim is cot
unliquidated, the nature of the uncertain
stated. If the claim is secured, the secur
described. The Claimant shall deliver
copies of the claim to the Clerk to enabl
to mail one copy to each Personal Repr
All persons interested in the Estate
copy of this Nl.,iice of Adirranistraiour
mailed are required, WITHIN TF
sections they may have that challenge t
of the decedent's will, the qualifications
sonal representative, or the venue or j
of the Court.
Date of the first publication of thi!
Administration is Thursday, February
Personal Representative
Attorney for Personal Representative
P. O. Box 185
Wewahitchka, Florida 32465

4t 2/18/88

Purpose and Effect: The Gulf County School Board
proposes to amend and adopt Pupil Progression
Plan policies, as provided for in the Administrative
Procedures act, for the purpose of bringing said
policies into compliance with Florida statutes,
State Board of Education Rules, and revised
district requirements.
Summary: The following sections bf the Gulf Coun-
ty Pupil Progression Plan will be revised.
i. Table of Contents
2.B Purpose
5.F General Procedures
6.3 Responsibilities
9.A Administrative Placement
14.B Promotion of Students Grades K-6
14a. Chapter I Program
14b. Course-of-Study
15.A Promotion of Students 7-8
16.1 Promotion of Students 7-8
20. Remediation
21.1 & 2 Types of Diplomas
21a.4 Types of Diplomas
22. Requirements for Graduation.
26. Requirements for Graduation
26a-30. Requirements for Graduation (ESE)
33. Adult Education
35.g & h Adult Education
39. Dual Enrollment
40. Honor Graduates
44. Grading System
45. Health Education & Substance Abuse
Economic Impact: These proposals will result in
no direct costs associated with implementation.
Time: 5:30 P.M., E.T.
Date: Tuesday, March 8, 1988
Place: Instructional Services Office, Gulf County
School Board Office, Corner Garrison Avenue &
Niles Road, Port St. Joe, Florida 32456.
The entire text of the proposed rules can be in-
spected during regular office hours at the Gulf
County School Board Office, Gulf County Cour-
thouse, Highway 71, Port St. Joe, Florida. Special
legal authority under which the adoption is
authorized and the law being implemented and in-
terpreted are made specific.
The addition and change are proposed by Helen L.
Ramsey, Director of Instruction, and approved for
consideration by B. Walter Wilder, Superinten-
Page Title
i. Table of Contents
2.B Purpose
5.F General Procedures
6.3 Responsibilities
9.A Administrative Placement
14.B Promotion of Students Grades K-6
14a. Chapter I Program
14b. Course-of-Study
15.A Promotion of Students 7-8
16.1 Promotion of Students 7-8
20. Remediation
21.1 & 2 Types of Diplomas
21a.4 Types of Diplomas
22. Requirements for Graduation
26. Requirements for Graduation
26a-30. Requirements for Graduation (ESE)
33. Adult Education
35.g & h Adult Education
39. Dual Enrollment
40. Honor Graduates
44. Grading System
45. Health Education & Substance Abuse
2t 2/18 & /25/88 ~aA.

educationn parent is provided by two or more
a parent persons, a multiple support agree-
and (4) ment will entitle one of them to claim
dependent the parent as an exemption if he or she
contributed more than 10 percent of
must be the support.
tendency -The parent must not have filed a
joint return with a spouse.
ve gross -The parent must be a citizen.
he $1,900 Dependent parents need not live
items of in the same home with the child who
in gross supports them for the child to qualify
,me such for. the head of household status. A
security home or household of the parent does
in gross not have to be a residential unit. It
may also be a rest home or a home for
parent's the aged. The son or daughter must
urnished provide more than half the cost of
however, maintaining the parent's home for the
port of a entire taxable year.
The child claiming the parent as
an exemption may also claim all
medical expense paid for the parent.
A child that can claim a parent as
a dependent and who works outside
AME the home may also qualify to take the
Sto Florida Credit for Child and Dependent
s intend to Expenses under certain conditions.
ul County', The credit is a percentage (deter-
blication of
trade name mined by adjusted gross income) of
business and expenses you paid to care for the
on, to-wit: parent so that you could work outside
the home. The parent must live in
your home to qualify but the parent
does not have to meet the less than
$1,900 gross income test.
Suppose your parent's only in-
4tp 2/18/88 come is social security payments, tax
free interest, or other income not
RCUI" OF inclusive in gross income for tax
VISION purposes. The tax free income could
se No. 88-2 be saved while the child pays for the
deductible expenses such as medical
expenses. This, along with the depend-
ON ency deduction, coule provide consid-
AIMS OR erable tax savings. While this is a
SESTATEN very simple illustration, other plan-
ning techniques are available depend-
hat the ad- ing upon one's ability to pay for the
MAXWELL support of their parent.
ding in the
a, Probate Over the years our tax law has
F COUNTY been used to bring about social change
32456. The and to achieve certain economic
set forth goals. This is one reason why tax law
is so voluminous and complex. But.I
nds against believe we would all agree that this is
HREE (3)
HE FIRST one time Congress is on target by
ile with the affording these benefits for the care of
mentof any the elderly.
claim must
isis for the D a ei
ditororhis Diabetic Services
med. If the
ill become Offered at Clinic
ntingent or
Ity shall be
ity shall be The Gulf County Public Health
Sufficient Unit is presently offering diabetic
e the Clerk
esentative. services for insulin issuance on a
to whom a sliding fee scale. Anyone interested in
Srhas been this program may call 227-1276,in Port.
4REE (31
E FIRST St. Joe or 639-2644 in Wewahitchka for
ile any ob- more information.

The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25,1988 Page 5B

Three St. Joe Students Attending

Leaders Conference

On Tuesday. February 23, David
Paul Lowery, Lance M. Campbell and
Hannon Capp Smith of Port St. Joe
joined approximately 300 outstanding
high school juniors and seniors from
across the country at the National
Young Leaders Conference. All three
young men are students, at Port St.
Joe High School and have been
selected as Congressional Scholars
based on demonstrated academic
achievement, -leadership and citizen-
The theme of the National Young
Leaders Conference is "The Leaders
of Tomorrow Meeting the Leaders of
Today." Throughout the six-day con-
ference, the Congressional Scholars
meet with key government leaders
and newsmakers from the three
branches of government, the media
and the diplomatic corps.
The Legislative Day opens with
welcoming remarks from Represen-
. tative Nick Joe Rahall, II of West
.Virginia on the Floor of the United
States House of Representatives.
Representative Ray McGrath of New
York discusses the issues facing the
100th Congress: To gain insight into
the lobbying process, the Congression-
al Scholars attend a government
relations forum where they will meet
with representatives from different
lobbying organizations. To highlight
the day, the three young men will
meet with Representative Bill Grant,
Senator Lawton Chiles, and Senator
Bob Graham or appointed members
of their respective staffs.
The Judicial-Foreign Affairs Day
begins with a discussion on the role of
the Supreme Court and judicial
review. A foreign policy briefing at
the Department of State follows.
Dividing into small groups, the
Congressional Scholars visit the em-
bassies of India, Pakistan, Belgium,
Japna, Peru, El Salvador, Grenada
and Venezuela. Next, they attend
their choice of informal foreign
affairs seminars led by John Hopkins
University graduate students.
The Media-Executive Day opens
with a breakfast panel discussion lead
by prominent journalists who will
examine the media's coverage of
national events. Following the press
panel discussion, members of the
White House staff discuss executive
branch functions and how the execu-
tive branch interacts with other
branches. Members will also discuss
the upcoming presidential election.
In a moving experience at Arling-
ton Cemetery, Congressional Scholars
lay. a wreath at the ;Tomb of the
Unknowns. To culminate the National



Interlocking sections form multiple 1-3/4".
compartments, 24 each per carton.
Beige DK3-16010 Reg $2 29
Black DK3.16071. -R 2.
Smoke DK3.-601-3 $O 80

SHanging File Folders
Made of heavy-duty high finish stock..Full 2" expansion.
Coated rod ends. Packed 25 folders. 25 plastic labs and
25 inserts per box.
Letler Legal
11.3 cut, 3.t-112' tb DOF-C2.1 $759 cut, 3-1/'2" ta- OF1-C53-/3 SQ025
neg.s13.4s NOW ax R.,.sis. NOW tex
115cut,2 tab ODFI-C52-5 $729 1/Scpt,2-tab DF-C53.-1/5 $095
Rg. R12.95 NOW BX Rg.x 4l14.5s NOW UBX



Side Load
Stackable Trays
Contemporary design, sell-stacking trays.
Letter Slze-2.3/1-"H x 8-316"t0 x 12-3/4"W
Beilg DK3.1600.0
Black 0DK3.600.1 Reg. S4 19 $235
smoke OX-K3.iOo.3 NOW2
Legal Sie-2-3/16'H x B.13/16"D x 15 -5"W
SBeige OK3.1602.0
Block 0D ia602.t1 Reg a$498 49 EB
Smoke D(3.1602.3 NOW EA



Felt-Tip Markers
E" in tll I $o .tn b 88
O e "- 88
Cascade [( Sanford
ascae Sharpie'
OD/Xerographic Paper .,,: ,.o, .
A multi-purpose sheel for xerographic copies, duplicalor r offset printing. on OIO
20 lb. while sulphite paper 500 sheets per ream. aI 63 0
Letter 812, x 11" Legal 9trn ,I,- 1a mn 6 X
Nag S785 $ 59Reg NO925 2$ 25A

SThe Star Publishing Co. Office
L .s_ w.llsam.,Ar.Au-. OFFICE SUPPLY STORE Pnoi 5.5t? 15 Supplies

Young Leaders Conference is the
Mock Congress in which the Scholars
assume the roles of United States
Representatives by debating, lobby-
ing, and voting on proposed drug
testing legislation.
The National Young Leaders
Conference is sponsored by the
Congressional Youth Leadership
Council, a non-profit, non-partisan
educational organization. Founded in
1985 by Co-Chairmen Barbara Harris
and Richard Rossi. the Council's goal
is to provide a unique "hands-on"
experience in civic education. Over
250 Members of the United States
Congress comprise the Council's
Honorary Congressional Board of

50% o,,ff

Paints, Greenware
& Bisque

Highway 71
(51/2 mi. south of Wewahitchka)

Our new Medicare
Supplement is
among the best...
good coverage,
good price, and
good neighbor
claim service.


403 Monument Avenue
Office: 229-6514 At
Home: 229-6103

Like a good Ia
neighbor, SU.ANCE,
State Farm is there.
This policy is not connected with or
endorsed by the U.S. Government or the
Federal Medicare Program.
State Farm Mutual Aiutomobile Insurane Ceompany
I hone Office: Blnominglon, Illinois




Announces the Opening of Its



303 Third Street, Port St. Joe

Phone (904) 229-8003

Professional Services

Baskerville-Donovan is a comprehensive

professional service organization offering

total in-house expertise for the following


Civil Engineering
Coastal Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Mechanical Engineering
Project Management
Structural Engineering
Transportation Engineering

* Pensacdla-Corporate Offices
316 South Baylen Street
Suite 300
Pensacola, Florida 32501
(904) 438-9661
* Apalachicola
P. O. Drawer 489
Market Street/Gibson Annex
Apalachicola, Florida 32320
(904) 653-2183
* Daytona Beach
101 S. Palmetto Avenue
Suite 2
Daytona Beach, Florida 32014
(904) 257-6300

* Panama City
127 West 23rd Street
Panama City, Florida 32405
(904) 769-2890

* Milton
104 Willing Street
Milton, Florida 32570
(904) 623-9449
* Destin
'P. O. Box 957
385 Highway 98 East
Suite 50
Destin, Florida 32541
(904) 837-2102
* Tallahassee
2852 Remington Green Circle
Suite 102
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
(904) 385-6788

* Port St. Joe
303 Third Street
Port St. Joe,,Florida
(904) 229-8003

Tax Talk: Supporting Your Parents


Page 6B The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25,1988

Retired Educators Will Meet

The Gulf County Retired Educa-
tors will have their regular meeting
Tuesday, March 1. The luncheon
meeting will be held at the Islander
Restaurant on St. George Island at
12:30 EST.

All members and any retired
educators in the area are invited to
attend. Those planning to attend
should call Elwyn Blount at 229-6900 or
Netta Niblack at 648-5053 by Sunday,
February 28, so that reservations may
be made.

- Public Notices -

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Florida
Statutes 865.09, the undersigned person intends to
register with the Clerk of Court, Gulf County,
Florida, four weeks after the first publication of
this notice, the fictitious name or trade name
under which it will be engaged in business and
in which said business is to be carried on, to-wit:
Interiors, Etc.
1902 Monument Avenue
Port St. Joe, Florida 32456
Renee Shoat Interiors, Inc.

Notice is hereby given that pursumto Florida
Statutes 865.09, the undersigned persons intend to
register with the Clerk of Court, Gulf County,
Florida, four weeks after the first publication of
this notice, the fictitious name or tride name
under which they will be engaged in business and
in which said business is to be carried on, to-wit:
Lemieux Raymor Divison
301 18th Street
Port St. Joe, Florida 32456
Marvin C. Lemleux
Florence Lemieux
4t 2/25/88
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to
Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the following ap-
plication(s) for water use permits) has been
received by the Northwest Florida Watir Manage-
ment District:
Application number S0927, filed 02/0/88.
Mr. Bill Thurber Assis. Secretary
Florida Department of Corrections
1311 Winewood Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 3239-2500
Requesting a maximum withdrawal of 35,000
gallons per day. Withdrawal from (a) nw well(s)
for Public Supply. Well gen. locations) of Sec.
0003, Twp 07S Rng 09W in Gulf County, or Whitfield
Interested persons may comment upon the ap-'
plication(s) or submit a written request foray copy
of the staff reports) containing proposed agency
action regarding the applications) by writing to
the Governing Board of the Northwest Florida
Water Management District, Route 1, Box 3100,
Havana, Florida 32333, but such comments or re-
quests must be received by 5:00 o'clock pmn. on
March 3,.1988.
No further public notice will be provided

Gulfaire Realty,
Inc. at

Port St. Joe
.4th st.,3.bd/2 bt house */2 2 bd/1
bt aphts.good rentals. $49;500.
Hwy. 386 3 acres on hwy. plus
cute 2 bd/2 bt house, reduced to
Beacon Hill
Corner 2nd Ave. & 6th St. Nice 2
bd/2 bt house on 2 landscaped
lots, $57,000.
St. Joe Beach
Americus Ave., nice comer lot,
75'x135'. $10,500.
Indian Pass
Parcel 100' x 1093' MOL, hwy. to
Gulf, owner financing. $95,000.

regarding this (these) applicationss. A copy of the
staff reports) must be requested in order to re-
main advised of further proceedings. Substantially
affected persons are entitled to request an ad-
ministrative hearing regarding the proposed agen-
cy action by submitting a written request therefore
after reviewing the staff reportss.
It 2/25/88
Notice of Proposed Agency Action
The Department gives notice of its intent to
issue a variance (File Number VE-23-379) pur-
suant to Section 403.201, Florida Statutes, to Mr.
George S. Newman.
The variance is for authorization to construct a
boardwalk terminating with an observation plat-
form, over a jurisdictional wetland area con-
tiguous with St. Joseph Bay, in Gulf County, in
waters approved for shellfish harvesting by the
Department of Natural Resources. The boardwalk
:and observation dock are not to be used for the
docking of boats. The granting of this variance
does not guarantee issuance of a dredge and fill
permit for this project. The petition is available for
inspection Monday through Friday except for legal
holidays, 8a.m. to S p.m., at the Division of En-
vironmental Permitting, 2600 Blair Stone Road,
Tallahassee, Florida 323992400.
Persons whose substantial interests are af-
fected by the above proposed agency action have a
right pursuant to Section 120.57, Florida Statutes,
to petition for an administrative determination
(hearing) on the proposed action. The petition
must conform to the requirements of Chapters
17-103 and 2-5, Florida Administrative Code, and
must be filed (received) in the Department's Of-
fice of General Counsel, 2600 Blair Stone Road,
Tallahassee, Florida 32399400, within fourteen
(14) days of publication of this notice. Failure to
file a petition within the fourteen (14) days con-
stitutes a waiver any such person has to an ad-
ministrative determination (hearing) pursuant to
Section 120.57, Florida Statutes.
It a petition is filed, the administrative hearing
process is designed to formulate agency action.
Accordingly, the Department's final action may be
different from the proposed agency action.
Therefore, persons who may not wish to file a peti-
tion may wish to intervene in the proceeding. A
petition for intervention must be filed pursuant to
Rule 2S-.207, Florida Administrative Code, at
least five (5) days beforethe final hearing and be
filed with the hearing officer if one has been
assigned at the Division of Administrative Hear-
ings, Department of Administration, 2009
Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. If
no hearing officer has been assigned, thepetition is
to be filed with the Department's Office of General
Counsel, 2500 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee,
Florida 32399-200. Failure to petition to intervene
within the allowed time frame constitutes a waiver
of any right such person has to request a hearing
under Section 120.57, Florida Statutes.
The Board of County Commission of Gulf Coun-
ty will receive sealed bids from any person, com-
pany, or corporation interested in selling the Coun-
ty the following described personal property:
Fuels used by the. Road Department and Mos-
quito Control as per the attached specifications:
Fuels: No. 2 Diesel, regular leaded gasoline,
unleaded regular gasoline.
Pumps: One (1) for Road Dept., Four (4) for
Mosquito Control Dept., accessories for and
Oil: 15W40 (55 gal. drum), 15W40 (5 gal. cans),
30w (5 ga cans). a
Hydraulic Fluid: 10 wt. tractor (55 gal. drum),
10 wt. hydraulic oil (8 gal. can), 10 wt. tractor
hydraulic (5 gal. can).
Grease & lubricants: Moly grease molyy
EP--120 lb. drum), 85W140 Gear Lube (35 lb.
Bids to he in effect until September 30, 1990.
Delivery date,must be specified. Liquidated
damages for failure to deliver unit on specified
date will be set at 25.00.per day. Specifications on
file at.Clerk's Office.
Bids will be received until 9:00 o'clock, A.M.,
E.S.T., March 8,1988, at the Office of the Clerk of
Circuit Court, 1000 Fifth Street, Port St. Joe, FL
32456. The Board reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
By: /8/ Douglas C. Birmingham, Chairman
2t 2/25 &3/3/88


Wanted: housekeeper for
house at Indian Pass. Semi-i
cleaning. Salary will compen
commuting. Please respond t
Phipps, Rt. 1, Box 195, Tall
32303. Please include name,
and phone number.

Available at The Star offi
306 Williams Avenue

Do you need a car or truck?
with your new or used needs
mo. income & lyr. on job +
credit & $500 dn. may be all yo
toll free-1-800-342-7131 at T
Thomas Chevrolet. 4tc

1980 Firebird, good con

For Rent: Nice mobile hor
nished, 2 bdrm., walk to beach
St., St. Joe Beach. $275. 229-85

2 bd., 1 bath house, Mexico
across from beach. Great for s
1 couple. Furnished, cen. h&a,
rate. No pets. Call 229-6553.

For Rent or Sale: 2 bdrm.,
room house at.Cape San Bias
extras. Call 229-8385 or 227-168

For Rent: Mini-warehouse s
For more information call 229
Nice 2 bedroom, 1 bath tr
blocks from beach. Call 648-53

Apartment for Rent: Unfurni
bedroom, $335.00 per month
Woodward Ave. Very nice. Ene

ficient. Lease-Option available.
227-1428. Jernyl N. Harper, Lic. Real
Estate Broker. tfc 2/4
Warehouse space with office. Ap-
prox. 850 sq. ft. Suitable for contractor
or small service business. 227-1100
days only. tfc 11/19
Rentals: 1-2 and 3 bedroom houses
& townhouses for rent. Now available:
6 months to year lease required. Call
or stop by for complete information.
ERA Parker Realty, Hwy. 98 at 31st
St., Mexico Beach, FL 904/648-5777.
tfc 11/5

Mexico Beach: Lease clean 2
bedroom, 1 bath. Ch&a, carpet, unfur-
nished, very close to shopping &
beach. Reasonable. (904) 668-2110
work, (904) 386-004 home. tfc 1/21

2 bdrm., spacious apartments, easy
to heat and cool. Reasonable deposit
and rent. No pets. Call 227-1689 after 6
p.m. Best deal in town, save on utility
bills! tfc 1/7
No need for wet carpets. Dry clean
them with HOST. Use rooms right
away. Rent machine. St. Joe Fur-
niture, 227-1251. thru 12/87
Mexico Beach 2 bdrm., 1 ba. unfur-
nished house. Stove & ref. Year round
rental only. Also 2 bdrm., 1 ba. duplex
unfurnished St. Joe Beach. Stove &
ref. Year round rental. Call Charles
229-8282 after 5, call 670-8417.
tfc 2/4
Room for rent: By day, week,
month. Air cond., TV. Thames Hotel.
229-8723. 302 Reid Ave. thru 12/87

Year round rentals, nice 1, 2 & 3
bedroom homes or townhomes, furn.
or unfurn., choose a gulf front or quiet
residential location. Call or stop by for
complete information, ERA Parker
Realty, Mexico Beach, Hwy. 98,
648-5777. tfc 11/5
Furnished Ig. 1 bedroom apt. h&a,
no pets. Nicely furn., 2 bdrm. house,
screened breezeway, closed garage,
fenced yd, w/d, carpet, h&a, in town.,
No pets. 229-6777 after 7 p.m. tfc 2/4

beach Calhoun Correctional Institution
monthly Vacancy Announcements
sate for Position title: Secretary specialist
:o Cindy (FORR/CORR), pos. number: 17115,
ahassee, pay grade: 011, salary range $473.68 -
address 760.73, closing date: February 29,
1988. Minimum qualifications: 2 years
2tc 2/25 of secretarial or clerical work ex-
perience and attainment of a typing
score of 35 cwpm on the Dept. of Ad-
ice ministrations typing test. Location:
Blountstown, FL 32424. Contact: That-
cher Courtney, Personnel Manager,
425 E. Central Ave., Blountstown, FL
Vocational Instructor III
FORR/CORR. One (1) Plumber-OPS
I'll help needed immediately salary $10.00
$800up per hour. Minimum qualifications: A
no bad high school diploma or its equivalent
u need! and 3 yrs. of exp. in the occupational
details: area being taught, as defined by
dta employing agency. Closing date:
omm2/11/ 3-3-88, 5:00 p.m. College or vocation-
8 al/technical training in the occupa-
ndition, tional area being taught, as defined by
tfc 1/28 the employing agency, can substitute
at the rate of 30 semester, 45 quarter
or 720 classroom hours for each year
of the required experience.
Contact: Randy Rivenbark, Hwy. 69
South, Calhoun Correctional Institu-
tion, Blountstown, FL 32424.
e, fur- 904-674-8581.
me, fur-
49. Applications are being taken for Chief
tfc 2/25 of Police for a city of 2,000 residents.
Beach, Applicants must meet F.D.L.E. stan-
ieac, dards as set forth in Section 943.13,
eaorl Florida Statutes. Education, training,
' yea and prior experience will be consider-
2te 2/25 ed. Salary negotiable. Applications
2 bath may be picked up at City Hall from 7
a.m. until 3:30 p.m., CT. Applications
, many will be accepted through 3:30 p.m.,
9. CT, March 25, 1988 at the office of the
tc 2 City Clerk at City Hall. Contact City
storage. Hall, City of Wewahitchka,
-6200. 904-639-2605 or 904-639-5816 for further
ru 12/87 information. Mail applications to: Ci-
ailer, 2 ty Clerk, City of Wewahitchka, Post
361. Office Box 966, Wewahitchka, FL
S/ 32465. We are an Equal Opportunity
fc/4 Employer.
ished, 2 Ray Dickens, Mayor
;h. 808 Attest: Sharon H. Holmes, City Clerk
ergy ef- 4t2/25

Kids Instructional, Day Service
(K.I.D.S.) is accepting applications
for an After-School Program Teach-
er/Coordinator. Duties: instruction &
coordination in a structured school-
age child care program. Min; req.:
High school dipl. or equiv. & 3 years of
related experience with children. Col-
lege course work may be substituted
for the req. exp. Applicants must also
complete state req. governing licen-
sure of child care programs. Apply to:
Edwin R. Ailes, Executive Director,
Kids Instructional Day Service, 309
Williams Ave., PSJ, FL 32456. EOE.
Christian lady to live in and care for
elderly woman. Room, board and
small salary with two.days a week.
References required. Phone 229-8019.
3tp 2/18
Gulf County Guidance Clinic, Inc. is
accepting applications for a Fiscal
Assistant. Duties include responsible
independent work in maintaining
complete accounting and' financial
records. Responsibilities involve pre-
paration of financial statements,
maintaining chart of accounts,
payroll completion, accounts
receivable, insurance billings, and
preparation of various other reports.
Minimum requirements: two years of
college or vocational training with ac-
counting experience, minimum typ-
ing skills, and completion of HRS
screening requirements. Two added
years of experience many be
substituted for one year of the educa-
tional training. Position is available
immediately. Salary negotiable. Ex-
cellent fringe benefits are provided.
Apply in writing to: Edwin R. Ailes,
Executive Director, Gulf County
Guidance Clinic, Inc., 311 Williams
Avenue, Port St. Joe, Florida 32456.
E.O.E. It 2/18

Easy Work! Excellent Pay! Assem-
ble products at home. Call for infor-
mation. 504-641-8003 ext. A-9575.
4tp 2/11/88

Gulf County's




Golf Course and Runway Lots for Sale

JUST REDUCED- Executive home on Golf
Course, 3 BR, 2 bath, kitchen totally furnished,
lots of extras. 8/2 % financing available. $105,000.


Licensed Real Estate Broker
Phone 904/227-1428 411 Reid Ave.

Former Resident Listed In Who's Who

Dennis Ray Dawson, son of
Maurice and Virginia Dawson, former
residents of Port St. Joe, has been
selected for inclusion in the 1988-89
edition of the "Who's Who in Amer-
Dennis.is a 1966 graduate of Port
St. Joe High School and a 1968
graduate of Gulf Coast Jr. College. He
received his A.B. degree from Duke
University in 1970; his J.D. from
Wayne State University and passed
the Michigan Bar in 1973.



He is corporate counsel for and
secretary of Tecumseh Products of
Tecumseh, Michigan. He is on the
Board of Directors of the Bank of
Lenawee; on the Government Regula-
tion and Litigation Com. and corpor-
ate counsel cor. Outdoor Power
Equipment Inst. Inc. of Washington,
D.C. and a trustee ff the Tecumseh
Civic Auditorium.
Dennis, his wife, Marilyn and
children, Brett and Emily reside in
Tecumseh, Michigan.

Beautiful 3 BR, 21/2 bath home
overlooking St. Joseph Bay
Golf Course. Offered for only
$105,e0.- Now $99,900.

Gulf County's Finest NEW
Residential Community



411 Reid Avenue Port St. Joe, Florida 32456
(904) 229-8795 RB0043519

.. / \ REAL ESTATE 1
SINC. -..,

Corner 10th Street and U.S. Hwy. 98
Mexico Beach, Florida 32410
(904) 648-5146

See One of Our Friendly, Well-Qualified Salesoeople

Ellen F. Allemore, Broker 648-8939
Joy Holder 648-8493
Preston Wingate 648-8565
N. F. Allemore, Jr.,. 648-8939
Bobbie Miller 648-8398
Nancy Mock 227-1322
Flo Melton 229-8076
Charline Hargraves 648-8921

9815 Hwy. 98: Lovely 2 bd., 2/V ba. furnished,
$104,500. Unfurnished, $99,000.
9821 Hwy. 98: Beautifully furnished 2 bd:* 2'/
ba. townhome. $105,000 unfurn., $115000 furn.
9811 Hwy. 98: Spacious 3 bd., 2V1 ba.,
townhome w/f.p., nicely furnished, Reduced to
9735 Hwy. 98: Roomy 3 bd., 2%V ba. townhome,
completely furnished w/f.p. $135,000.
Ward St.: WATERFRONT, half of duplex, 3 bd., 2
ba., furnished, f.p., NICE! $140,000.
Gulf Aire Lot: gulf view lot, nice, $34,000.
Gulf Aire Dr. Beautiful 3 bd., 2 ba. stucco home,
cathedral ceilings, tiled f.p., hearth & foyer, 2
car garage, $125,000.
Gulf Aire Dr.: Good corner single family lot,
Beacon Road: Nice single family lot, good
neighborhood. Reduced to $25,000.
Beacon Road: Two large single family lots,.
$19,500 ea.
309 Buccaneer Road. Beautiful wooded vacant,
lot close to pool & tennis courts. $22,500.
219 Gulf Aire Dr.: Nice large lot with gulf view.
Single family or duplex, was $30,000. Reduced
again to $28,500.
Sea Pines & Beacon Rd.: Lovely 3 bd., 2 ba. fur-,
nished brick home, Ig. garage. Reduced
Gulf Aire Dr.: Duplex, 3 bd., 2 ba. ea. side, excel.
construction, $76,500 per unit.
Gulf Alre Dr.: Duplex, triplex or single family va-
cant lot, $22,900.
Bayside: Secluded, gorgeous view from head of
bay. New 2,bd., 2 ba. cypress home, jacuzzi,
many amenities. 1,150' x 100' lot from road to
bay. $145,500.
Cape Dunes New Listings
Unit 3A: Waterfront spacious 4 bd., sitting room,
4 ba., fp, custom interior, wet bar, private Gulf
view from hot tub on deck. $149,900.
Unit 4A: Gulf view from Ig. deck. 3 bd, 3 ba.,
new, nicely furnished, microwave, fp, concrete
pilings, $103,900.
Unit 5: Gulfsidelview, 3 bd., 3 ba., all amenities,
fp, unfurnished, $98,900.
Unit 9: Great buy, view of Gulf. 2 bd., 2 ba., fur-
nished, $87,900. Unfurn., $82,500.
Alabama Very nice 3 bd. 2 ba. mobile home,
ch/a, screen porches, fully fenced, landscaped.
Magellan St. 2 bd., 2 ba. Ig. froAt screen porch,
'/ bik. to beach oleyly rerated inside
& out. Beautiful s j appli., cell-
Ing fans & mM t buy, $00.
Bay St.: Big 3 bd., 2 ba. furn. modular home on 2
lots. 1%/ blks to beach, ch&a, cedar siding,
Ponce de Leon, Lg. 3 bd., 2 ba. 2 story home,
decks, ceiling fans, screen porch, sep. 2 car
garage w/workshop, greenhouse, exquisite
landscaping on 2 lots. Reduced to $137,450.
Selma St.: Super nice Ig. double wide furnished
3 bd., 2 ba. trailer on 1V' lots, with Ig. utility
house. Immaculate. Reduced to $49,950.
Corner of Amerlcus & Desoto: Mobile home
park 9 units, good Investment. $125,000.
Corner of Amerlcus & Balboa: 3 bd., 2 ba. trailer,
1 block to beach. $38,200.
Corner of Balboa & U.S. 98 Gulf Pointe No. 1:
Beautifully furnished 2 bd., 2%V bath condo,
great price, $79,900.
Coronado Townhomes. 2 bdrm., 1%' ba.
dedicated beach. Unobstructed view. All
amenities. Furnished $84,900; unfurnished,
3 lots PIneda St. 1st block, $55,900.
U.S. 98 between Cortez & Desoto: 3 bd., 2 ba.,
unobstructed Gulf view. Gas, can. h&a, great
buy, $62,000.
Balboa St.: Speakers, music system in lovely,
comfortable 24'x60' double wide 3 bdrm., 2 ba.
modular home, screened 12x32' front porch,
f.p., clha. Watch the birds feed from glassed
12x22' Fla. rm., as no paint brush needed!
150'x150', 1 V blocks from beach. Was $65,000,
Reduced to $62,500.

Margaret Carter 648-5884
Mary Jane Lindsey 229-8560
Brenda Guilford 648-5435
Glenna Holten 648-8195
John Maddox 648-8899
Opal Everette 648-8409
Dot Craddock -:648-5486
Bobbi Ann Seward 229-6908
Sandra Scott 648-5849
Balboa St.: Great investment 2 nice 2 bdrm., 1
ba. houses, clha, on 50'x150' lots $95,000 or
will sell separately.
Between CdhiroadB&'Balbo6a Streets: 5-' loton
-Hwy(98,-$40;0O0 :!'i::'i": ,.? .: :".*:: r ; *:-
Between Coronad 9,5 Balbop Streets,:Nice ,50i,
lot on Hwy. 98, $35,000.
New Listing: Marvin Avenue, vacant lot,
75'x175', no back door neighbors. $17,500.
Ward Ridge, 136 Babara Drive. Comfortable 3
bd., 2 ba. brick home, plenty of room on 2 lots.
SWIMMING POOL! Nice kitchen, $84,900.
Monument Avenuej 2 tCome & 4 lots.
Great location & S~ a" 4r ,,000.
1314 Garrison Ave.: 2 bd., 1 ba. Good starter
home, $37,000.
230' on U.S. 98, with commercial bldg. & shed,
interested? $134,900.
St. Joseph Bay Country Club: 3 bd., 2%V ba.,
Reduced to $64,400. 2 bd.. 1 be., $53,400.
Fireplace, tile baths, other amenities. Peace,
quiet & the golf course. : I i..
Ward Ridge:.Beautiful 3 bd., 2 ba. brick home
w/swimming pool, deck, fp, quiet area. $110,000.
White City, Sealey Dr.: 3 bd:, 1 ba. frame & brick
home, wigreenhouse, stor. shed, fruit trees, 4
stall horse barn, chain link fence, set up for ex-
tra home with septic tank, power pole, many
possibilities. Peace & quiet on 6'/2 acres.
White City on Hwy. 71: 3 bd., 1 ba., 'A acre,
recently redone, fruit trees. Reduced, $36,000.
Cape Plantation: Lovely 3 bd., 2V/ ba. brick
home under construction. $115,000.
Cape Plantation: 3 bd., 2 be., very comfortable,
peace & quiet. $100,000.
Corner of 3rd St. & U.S. 98, 100' of waterfront,
$105,000. Reduced Terms.
Corner of 3rd St. & 3rd Ave.: 2 lots, sell together
for $18,500. Reduced Terms.
Periwinkle: 3 bd., 2 ba., waterfront, owner finan-
cing available. Good investment, $150,000.
Beacon Hill Bluff: Lg. 4 bd., 2 ba. home, ch&a,
totally furnished, gorgeous decor, screen porch,
deck, landscaped, $149,500.
Then assure your fantastic view Buy the
waterfront lot across highway at $65,000.
Lovely waterfront duplex 1 bd., 1 '/ ba. each
side. Furnished, Super rental. $80,000 ea. side.
3rd Ave.: Nice 14x60' Scot 1984 mobile home, 2
bdrm., 1 ba. custom built masonite siding,
shingle roof, other extras. $35,000.
Dolphin Run Townhome No. 7, End unit,
BEACHFRONT. 2 bd., 2%1 ba., ch&a, d.w.,
icemaker refrig., Super buy. $75,900.
Vacant Property: 110' waterfront and 62' lot
across highway. Good price. $140,000.
Grand Isle, Kim Kove: Two good building lots,
each 75'x115'. Cleared and high. $10,000 ea.
404 5th St.: 2 bd., 2 ba., cen. h&a, mobile home, 2
screen porches, Ig. outside utility house, very
nice, on Ig. lot. $44,500.
35th St.: 2 bd., 1 ba., 56'x14' furnished mobile
home. NICE! $35,000.
Third St.: 2 blocks from beach. Neat & comfor-
table 3 bd., 2 ba., mobile home, screen porch,
fireplace, furnished, stoneware dishes,
silverstone cookware & many more extras.
Reduced to $36,000 from $43,500.
12th St. Business Center commercial lot 2nd
from highway. $35,000.
13th St. Business Center Vacant lot, $28,000.
Grand Isle, Nan Nook: 3 bd., 1 ba., f.p. wleffi-
ciency apt., lots of extras. $87,000.
Louislana St.: Trailer lot, no utilities, $14,000.
Hwy. 386A: 87.5' hig by 194'deep
commercial. $29,9 '
Hwy 386 frontage: approx. 2 acres w/14' mobile
home, 2 bd., 2 ba., shed, comfortable, $27,500.
Lot 4: approx. 1 acre, 386 highway frontage.
On Hwy. 71 just inside city limits. Beautiful 2.11
acres and 3 houses. Variety of fruit bearing
trees. $65,000.
Honeyville: Lovely 3 bd., 2 ba. brick home nestl-
ed In oak trees. Pecan tree, peach, azalea &
scuppernong vine on 1.2 acres. $74,900.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
411 Reid Avenue Port St. Joe, FL
(904) 227-1428
JUST REDUCED Executive home on Golf 'Course. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen totally furnished.
Lots of extras. 8%/% financing available. $105,000.
OWNER ANXIOUS Very unique new 3 bedroom, 2'/V bath, two story home featuring cedar siding.
Master bedroom downstairs wlstudy & deck overlooking beautiful lake & golf course. Ceiling fans,
stone fireplace, wall paper In kitchen & baths. Owner anxious. $105,00 Now $99,900.
NEW Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large Florida room wlsliding glass doors. Vaulted ceiling In great
room & dining room. Wall paper In kitchen & baths. Laundry room has double sink. Enclosed sun
room has hook-up for jacuzzi. This home is located adjacent to the Costin Air Park. Only $98,500.
BREATHTAKING PRICE REDUCED A pleasure to show this townhome with 2 bedrooms, 2'/2 bath.
Sundeck at water's edge, also deck off master bedroom, beautifully decorated wlwall paper accents
& dramatic view of the Gulf of Mexico. $82,500. One unit just off the Gulf only $69,900. Owner anx-
ious. Make'offer.
HOME & THE BEACH Secluded single family homes under construction in beautiful Silva
Estates. Enjoy miles of magnificent, uncrowded beach. Prices starting at $106,800.
FABULOUS VIEW FROM EVERY ROOM 3 bedroom, 2 baths, overlooking St. Vincent's Island.
House on stilts wllarge porch & deck on 3rd floor. $91.500.
PRIVATE BEACHES GOOD FISHING & HUNTING New 3 large bedrooms & 2 baths. Large porch
plus deck. Covered concrete parking. $84,900.
plus outside shower with approximately 1500 sq. ft. of living area. Porch on beach side plus deck.
Storage room on ground floor. Best view anywhere. This house is extra special. $129,900.
CANAL FRONT 2'/ acres MOL wlapproximately 100' on deep water Intracoastal canal for boat
docking. 2 bedroom, 1 bath house needs handyman's touch. Lots of trees. $50,000.
SUPER LOCATION CONVENIENT TO SCHOOL This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has living room, din-
ing room & separate den. Features Include stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, ceiling fans.
separate utility room & large fenced-in back yard. Call today to see. .552 00.
COUNTRY LIVING WITH PRIVACY 3 bedroom, 2 bath double wide mobile home. has added garage
and large front porch. Kitchen has Island stove and double wall oven. Central heat and air. Situated
on 3 large lots. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE. $49,000.
CAPE PLANTATION Ten acres. Owner will consider selling all or part. $13,000 per acre. Zoned
light commercial.
ASSUMABLE 1 Acre waterfront lot at Stonemill Creek Estates. Small equity w/payments only
$105.89 per month.
RED BULL ISLAND Five lots zoned residential. Owne rmay sell separately. Mobile homes okay.
$20,000 for all.
LARGE WOODED lots at Red Bull Island Subdivision in Wewa. Mobile homes okay. Owner may
finance. $3,500 each.
GREAT LOCATION Beautiful restricted subdivision at Cape Plantation near golf & fishing. Prices
start at $16,500 wlposslble owner financing.
BEAUTIFUL GULF VIEW -Lot roud utilitle star at $25000. Cape San Bias.
ST. J itrftoe.
WOODial1'4T. N i Pce
SIMMONS BAYOU Approxi t acres, beautiful trees. Bay view. Located east side of
Highway 0-30. $16,500.


I a

I '
~~ :' :;

The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25,1988 Page 7B

Mexico Beach. Nice 3 bd., 2 ba.
home, ch&a, w/w carpet, fireplace,
Ig. lot, $49,900. Terms available. Call
648-5621. 2tp2/25
For Sale by Owner: 3 bd., 1 ba. wood
frame house w/large fenced yard.
Located in White City, nice corner lot.
For more information call 229-8824.
For Sale or Rent: 2 bd. cottage, 1
block from St. Joe Beaches, available
March 10. For more info call 648-5160.
% acre lot at Howard Creek. Lot has
septic tank, well and pump, and a
power pole, $8,500 firm. For more in-
fo.,call229-8932. 2tc2/25
2 lots for sale with 14'x70' trailer on
@4 lot. Has septic tank for 3 bdrm. house
and a well. Call 648-5048. 4tc2/25
% acre lots with 75 feet fronting Gulf
and white sand beach. All utilities,
owner financing, $55,000. Call
227-1539. 6tc 2/25
Beautiful lots behind DNR set back
line. Direct access to Gulf. All
utilities. Restricted subdivision.
Owner financing, $30,000. 227-1539.
6tc 2/25
Three 800 sq. ft. ea., 2 bdrm., 1 ba.
apartments. Good rental income. In
excellent condition, located 606 Wood-
ward. Call for appt. Phone 229-8385 or
227-1689. tfc 2/25
Moving, must sell: 2 bdrm. cypress
cottage on 1 acre, in Overstreet. $2,000
equity & take over payments.
1-224-8244. 2tc 2/18
Two acres in Overstreet. 3 miles
past bridge on 386. $11,000. Call
648-8644 after 5 p.m. 4tc 2/18
3 bedroom, 1 bath remodeled home,
cen. a&h, Ig. kitchen, family room and
deck, 1309 Long Ave. 229-8165. 4tp 2/4

3 BR, 1 bath brick home on 1
lots. Liv. rm., din. rm., den, carpet,
mini blinds & ceiling fans thruout.
SNew dishwasher & stove. Located at
*( 2004 Juniper Ave., just 2 blocks from
elem. school. Call 229-8372 after 6:00.
tfc 2/4 L
Reduced Price. 2 bdrm., 2 ba. lux-
ury piling home. Located in a C-zone
(non-flood zone), exclusive neighbor-
hood, bay access & gulf access in sub-
division, Peninsula Estates, Cape San
Bias. Also lots for sale, terms avail-
able (in same subdivision). Excellent
investments. Call 227-1689 after 6 v.m.
tfc 1/7

Mexico Beach, 2 bdrm., 1 bath,
luxury townhome. Priced below ap-
praisal at $58,500. Excellent term with
assumble FHA fixed mortgage. 904/
893-8386. tfc 2/4
Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for
sale on Selma St., St. Joe Beach. Call
648-5315. tfc 10/8
For Sale by Broker/Owner: 75'x300
plus feet lot, bay front on Cape San
Bias. $20,000. Assume payments of
$207 per month and owner will finance
equity at 10% for 12 years at
payments of $60 per month. Owner
will furnish contract for dee & survey.
Parcel suitable for 2 bdrm., 2 ba.
residence. To see parcel turn onto
Cape San Blas and drive 4/10 mile.
Property some 25 yards past board
fence on right, bay side. No brokers or
agents please, no collect calls. Call
227-7260 Wed. Sat., or 648-5190 other
days, ask for Sybil. tfc 1/21
3 BR, completely remodeled home,
Ig. lot, fruit trees, between St. Joe &
White City. Call 648-8664 week days,
weekends and evenings call 227-7468.
tfc 1/7/88

AVON-Buy or sell. Call Hazel Har-
ris at 648-5305 after 3 p.m. 3te 2/11
8'x27' travel trailer, heat & air,
ideal for camp. $1,000. Call 648-8644
after 5 p.m. 4tc 2/18


1968 Firebird, fair cond., good paint
job, good rims & tires. $2,000. Call
227-1890 after 6p.m. l tc 2/25
Attention Attention Attention
Need transportation but have repos;
bankruptcy or slow credit in some
cases we may be able to help. If you
have a reasonable down payment b'r
trade, a good job or a long time resi-
dent of the area, we can arrange
financing, call today, Mary Gavin,
904-785-5221, ext. 123 or 1-800-342-
7131. 4tc2/25
1985 Chev. Camaro, $7,000 price
negotiable. Magnavox home stereo,
$150. Call 227-2340 before 5 p.m.
1981 VW Rabbit, 2 dr., am/fm cas-
sette, a/c, 4 spd; 1969 1 ton Chevrolet
flat bed truck; 1975 % ton Dodge
pickup. Call 648-5239 or 648-8766.

221 Reid Ave. Port St. Joe, FL
(904) 227-1450

Margaret Hale 648-5659
Frances Chason 229-8747
Ann Six '229-6392

Roy Smith

Port St. Joe: Duplex, freshly painted, new appliances, excellent investment for rental income.
Owner financing. $48,500.
Port St. Joe: New Listing: Lovely almost new brick home in good neighborhood. Spacious 2
bedroom 2 bath, Florida room, 2 car garage, satellite dish, fenced yard. Must see to appreciate.
Port St. Joe: New Listing: Large historic home with modern conveniences. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths,
fireplaces, central heat & air, built-in kitchen. $125,000.
Port St. Joe: 3 bedroom, 1 bath masonry home in perfect condition. Central heat & air, mini
blinds, ceiling fans, many other features. $55,000.
ST. JOE BEACH, PRICE REDUCED on this 5 bedroom, 3 bath frame home on 2 lots. Has many
features including fireplace, central heat & air, intercom system. Now only $63,000.
Mexico Beach: Attractive 3 bedroom, 1 bath home within walking distance to beach. $50,000.
Port St. Joe: Owner anxious: Eager to sell this nice 3 bedroom, 1I' bath home with large kitchen,
garage, nice neighborhood. Must see to appreciate. Many other features. $55,000.
Port St. Joe: Make an offer on this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home close to schools. Has many features:
large master bedroom, separate dining room, central heat & air, ceramic tile bath, well kept yard
with fruit trees, carport.
Beacon Hill: Charming 2 bedroom cottage fully furnished including dishwasher, deep freezer,
, washer, dryer, gas stove, refrigerator. Has new carport, fenced yard. Asking $45,000.
White City: Price reduced on 3 bedroom frame home on acre with fruit trees. Now only $20,000.
North Port St. Joe: Good rental prop y&bdlrb 1 bath house with enclosed porcn. touse u
good condition. $17,200.
Mexico Beach: Easy living in this energy efficient cottage close to beach. Has central heat & air,
fan, fireplace, ceramic tile in bath & kitchen, asking $50,000. Owner will listen to offers.
Mexico Beach: Make an offer on this nice shaded lot with 3 bedroom, 2 bath trailer. Has larger
undeveloped lot next to it. Close to beach.
Oak Grove: Possible owner financing on this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, screen porch, outside
storage. $37,000 asking price. Make an offer!
St. Joe Beach: 2 bedroom, 1 bath, central heat & air, carpet, new kitchen, deck, gulf view. Only
North Port St. Joe: 2 houses in good 6Pi6 ,000.
North Port St. Joe: 3 bedroom, 1 bath, remodeled kitchen, new roof. Now only $12,500.
Oak Grove- Good rental property, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, den, carport. Only $21,500.
St. Joe Beach: 2 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home, nice shaded lot, $31,500.
St. Joe Beach: Extra large, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home. Brand new carpet, new kitchen, only 2 blocks
from beach. $42,000.
Howard Creek: Owner financing on this lot 100'x218'.
St. Joe Beach: 2 lots on high ground. $13,500 each. Owner will listen to offers.
Ward Ridge: 2 lots 75'xl85' each to be sold together. $16,000.
Mexico Beach: Owner wants to sell. 2 lots beachside of Hwy. 98. Can be used commercial, make
an offer.
Mexico Beach: Texas Drive, $10,000.
St. Joe Beach: Price reduced on lot. Comer Coronado & Americus, now only $13,500.
St. Joseph Shores:,80' Gulf Front, Hwy. 98 to fater.
Port St. Joe: Close to business district 50x170', $8,000.
St. Joe Beach: Large tract 231' on Highway and waterfront.
White City: Canal lot reduced to $28,000.

Mexico Beach: 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, $300 pe month.
Port St. Joe: 3 bedroom apartment, $250 per month.

Port St. Joe: 2 bedroom, 1 bath
home, $275 per month.

500 gallon butane propane gas tank.
In good shape, $350. Call 229-8817.
Lap robes; baby afgans, hand
crocheted. Call after 5 p.m., 648-8985.
1988 28' wide, 3 bd., 2 full ba., f.p.,
$16,995; 24'x44' 3 bd., 2 ba. for $13,995;
24'x52' 3 bd., 2 ba., f.p., for $16,995;
14'x56' 2 bd., hardboard siding, $8,995;
14'x64' 2 or 3 bd. for $9,995; 14x80' 3 or
4 bd, 2 ba. for $13,995. Delivery & set
up free. Call 526-1847. 4tc 2/25
Mobile home, 12'x40', 2 bd., com-
pletely furnished, set up on rental lot
on Virginia, Mexico Beach. May pick
up key from Parker Realty to see.
Call collect 912-439-7429.
Pop up camper, Starcraft Swinger
6, very good cond., price negotiable,
for more info call 229-6067.
Body glove wet suit, size small, ex-
cellent condition. $125. Call 229-8978.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Port St. Joe Serenity Group
Open Meetings
Sunday 4:00 P.M.; Tuesday 8:00 P.M.
Thursday 8:00 P.M. (Step Study)
All times eastern
same times as above. For further AA
information, call 648-8121.

309 Monument Avenue
(Highway 98)

All Forms of Insurance
422 Reid Ave., Port St. Joe
Phone 229-8899 thru12/87

REMODELING Home or Business
New or Old, Let Me Do It All
17 yrs. exp. Free Estimates
Jim Scoggins, 229-8320
tfc 2/4

408 Reid Ave. 229-6954
Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m. 8 p.m
Sun. 10 a.m. 6 p.m.
Self service or drop/off
thru 12/87

We Buy, Pawn, Sell or Trade

Indian Swamp Campground
Highway C-387 Howard Creek
tfc 1/7/88

Wauneta's Accounting
& Income Tax
Wauneta Brewer St. Joe Beach
1987 Paid

All Phase Carpentry
Residential, Commercial,
Suspended Ceilings
Wewahitchka 639-5818
tfc 2/4

There will be a stated com-
munication the 1st & 3rd Thurs-
day of each month, 8:00 p.m.
W. T. Pierce, W.M., H. L. Blick,

Going Fishing?
Stop here first for a complete
line of
Fishing Tackle
306 Reid Avenue

Must sell: 28' Chris Craft cabin
cruiser,. needs some cosmetic work.
runs great, older model. $3.150.
648-8155. tfc 2/4
Singer sewing machine cabinet -
like new fruitwood finish, 41" wide,
spool holders & trays on the doors.
Deep shelves. 5 cu. ft. of storage, an
entire sewing center in beautiful niece
of furniture. $300. 229-6889. 3tc 2/11
For sale: Grocery business and
8COP liquor license. Only serious in-
quiries. Only written inquiries consi-
dered. Write: Dept. K, Box 308, c/o
The Star, Port St. Joe, FL 32456.
tfc 1/7/aR
Brother: Electric computer type-
writer (compact) w/display window,
like new, $175. See at The Star.
To buy or sell Avon, call 227-1281.
tfc 2/11

Backhoe work, dozer work, root
rake, front-end loader, lot clear-
ing, septic tanks, drain fields, fill
Rt. 2, Box A1C, Port St. Joe
Phone 229-6018
tfc 11/12/87

LAWYER 1-265-4794
22 Years Experience
Workers Compensation, Occupa-
tional Diseases, Injuries and Ac-
cidents. No charge for first con-
tfc 2/4

Kitchen cabinets, bath vanities,
over 100 different formica selec-
tions. Old counter tops replaced.
Prompt service, sensible prices.
Expert craftsmanship, free estim.
784-7396 Panama City
639-2868 Wewahitchka

All Types Roofing New, Repair
or Reroofing
Licensed bonded insured. All
work guaranteed in writing.
Prompt, courteous service.
Free estimates
784-7396 Panama City
639-2868 Wewahitchka


Authorized Dealer
Bob's Small Engine
St. Joe Beach, FL
Lawnmowers Chainsaws
Edgers Weedeaters Outboards
tfc 1/7/88

The Gulf County School Board is
receiving applications for a part time
custodial worker (Highland View
Elementary School) position. Appli-
cation forms are available at the
Maintenance Office located in the
Automobile Mechanics/Bus Mainte-
nance faiclity just behind Port St. Joe
High School. Persons having applica-
tions on file in the School Board Office
and wishing to be considered for this
position must request to have their ap-
plication submitted and/or updated.
One (1) position is available. This is a
four (4) hour position. Application
deadline is February 26, 1988, 9:00
a.m., E.T. The Gulf. County School
Board is an equal opportunity
employer. 2t 2/18

Say You Saw It In The Star!!

Walt's Auto Repair and Welding.
Engine overhauls, brake work, tire
repairs & air conditioning service and
repair. A.S.E. certified. U.S. 98 and
35th St., Mexico Beach. 8 till .5, Mon-
day thru Sat. 4tp 1/28

Driveways, patios, all types
concrete work. Free estimates.
784-7396 Panama City
639-2868 Wewahitchka
3tp 2/11




& Uphotstery- -.


To Install Your
Septic Tank

Panama City 4tp2/18

Portraits Weddings,
Good pictures at good

Now Open
130 Gulf St. St. Joe Beach
10 to 6, Tues. thru Fri.,
Saturday by appointment
Owners: Gayle & John Tatum

I think it was something I ate.


kills bugs for up to
six months..
and saves you about $100 yearly
in costly pest control services.

Hurlbut Supply Co.
308 Reid Avenue
Port St. Joe, Florida
thru 12/87

Wanted: Boat trailer for 14 ft. boat.
Call Jim, 229-6908.
We are interested in displaying local
crafts on contingency basic. Call
229-6097. (Old Saltworks at Cape San
Bias.) 2tc 2/18

Yard Sale: Several families. Fur-
niture, appliances and misc., 9 a.m.
until, Saturday, Feb. 27 at 201
Madison St., Oak Grove. Cancel if
Yard Sale: Moving, Mexico Beach
Service Center, Saturday, 8 a.m. CST
until. Rain cancels.

The American Legion Post 116,
meets the first Monday night of each
month at 8 p.m. tfc 11/26

123 Desoto St., St. Joe Beach, FL
648-5977, 11-5 Mon. thru Sat..
Appointments available tfrV/

Complete home repairs or additions
Decks, porches, kitchen cabinets,
bath vanities, concrete driveways
& patios, roofing, new, repair or
reroof. Vinyl or aluminum siding,
trailer skirting, excellent refer-
ences. Licensed, Bonded. Insured.
Free Estimates: Prompt. Courteousi
4&erviee.,Affordable paiies. -
Expert craftsmanship.
784-7396 Panama City
639-2868 Wewahitchka

Electrolux & All
Anything for any vacuum
and built-in central vac's.
Callaway Vacuum
Tyndall Pkwy., Panama City
4tc 1/28


Commercial Building
Residential Building
Cabinet Work
Gen. Con. RG 0033843
GLEN F. COMBS 227-1689
P. O. BOX 456
thru 12/87


Across from Duren's Economy Store, Highway 98
thru 12/87



Permit No. 3
Wewahltchka, FL 32465



I. I-
,: !i !i ; APPROX. ..10 LB. BAG


Stew Meat
Ground Beef (5 Lb. or More)
Shoulder Roast.(Fam. Pak)
Chuck Steak (Family Pak)
Turkey Breast ...................
Pork Sausage (Hot or Mild)
Market Sliced
Bacon (Family Pak)

Lb. 118
Lb S$148
Lb. $22
Lb. 148
Lb. $168
B. 9968
Lb. gI
L.. 99

Ham Halves
Sliced Bacon
Sliced Bologna
Hot Dogs
Jumbo Franks ....................
Smoked Sausage...........
Link Sausage


s388 2 $69 99 9


16 i W L0 *4: Kle6-. i 1::-10:.A

PIZZA 120z. 99C
Swanson Dinners 10oz. $119
Five Alive Citrus Bev..........12 oz. 99
Seapak Perch Filets...............Lb. $239
IGA Ice Cream '/ Gal.$149
M.G. Twin Pops 12 Pk. $139



MERICO BISCUITS ..............3
IGA Amer. Singles
Citrus Hill Orange Juice............
Sealtest Cot. Cheese .....................
B'stone Onion Dip
Axlerod Yogurt ........ 5

5ct. 880
12 oz. 990
96 oz. $229
24 oz. $129
12 oz. 99
8oz. $100

~il ~' i : WJE:1~jIJ iE~~I 'sin

Final Net Hairspray ...........
Nice N' Easy (all colors) .......
Sea Breeze (Reg. or Sens.) .....
Condition Shampoo ..........
Condition Mousse ............
Condition Hairspray ..........

8 oz.
4 oz.
15 oz.
6 oz.
7 oz.


Nabisco 16 oz. $189
Ritz Crackers ...
BI-RITE 16 oz. $ 29
Potato Chips ... 1
Assorted Flavors 2 liter c
Ritz Drinks .... .
Martha White 71/4 oz.
Mac. & Cheese Din. 3/991
Green Giant Cut 101/2 oz.
Asparagus Spears 8o
Ramen Pride 3 oz. 5 /$ 00
Asst. Noodles. 5$ 100
Manco 12 ounce C
Corned Beef .... 99
BRYAN 3 oz. 3 1 00
Potted Meat.. / 10
Bryan 5 oz. 2/880
Vienna Sausage 2/ 1
Lindy Early 17 oz.3 1
June Peas.... 3/$
Bi-Rite 50 oz.
Apple Sauce .... 99
Delmonte Crushed, Sliced, Chunks
Pineapple .. h,, oz 68

Quaker State Qt. 9
HD30 Oil ...... 99'
Quaker SUPER Qt. sl 9
10-W-30 Oil .... $1
IGA 20 ct.
Trash Can Liners 189
IGA Tall 30 ct. $179
Kitchen Bags ...

A E!33S3S3-5S3SHH

Bread2 20 oz. 89
IGA $129
Pecan Spins........... 2 ~pr.
Rolls Pak 890

25 OZ.

Kiwi Fruit.
Crisp Green
Celery ...

Imported Fruit from Chile
Red Seedless Grapes
Red Plums
aac Fresh
. 2 for 88 Pole
$1 99 PURPLE
S5 1b. bag 1 Turnil

2 stalks 88C SEE

Jumbo California

0 0 0



Beans .... lb.
ps ....... lb.




for "1.29


lb. 69'

w~- "

12 oz. $128
$ s168
Lb. $168
$1 38
12 oz. $138
Lb. $178
Lb. $189
0o. $308

20 oz. W

18 OZ.






The star
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USPS 518-880


Industry-Deep Water Port-Fine Oeople-Safest Beaches in Florida

County Spends Road PaVing Money In Dalkeith

Commissio ter Branch Filibusters for Road C-30 to No Avail


This safe door is~ stimony that it wasn't easy to remove.

Hard rk by Thieves

Ends In Frustration
1Thieves entered the Piggly Wiggly Super Market sometime between
10:00 p.m., Sunday and 6:40 Monday, but spent most of their efforts in
futility, according to Pdlice Chief Carl Richter.
Thlle thieves attempted to enter the store by knocking a hole in the
wall behind the store, but broke through behind a power panel and
couldn't get inside. They then covered up the damaged wall with an old
door lyipn"eind the building"and brok~~gto the power room behind the
building anal knocked another hole iii the.miqp building. "They had a busy
"night", Chief Richter said. ...
Aft .they finally gained entrance, it wasypnother formidable task to
fM I .ly k the door.off the.storeipfe.'1Bit, again, there was only
Srustratio to pay, since the store hag.quit using the safe. It just stands on
the floor, but store owner Bradford Johnson,said he is going to get rid of it
Afterthi nigh og hard physical labor jhe burglars lad tq settle for
sm.--lain 10'fth ,auliahregite.inn.' a' tewigaettes.
,,P.'.t ,got'Iff0 Js sai bief`J'dl ter ", ;,.'j*'.,
A B Sohowt 53l E|i~W

I ,
lIcter said te Sherift t4 department is cooperating 'in the
inutigtio ia -said, .'We ,have several pieces of evidence in the
case. We're working h'rd on it", the Chief concluded.


Knocking a hole in the building wall met a power panel inside, which
prevented entrance here.

' Two Cars

Crash at

Two people were hospitalized for
observation overnight Monday, when
two vehicles crashed at the intersec-
tion of Marvin Avenue and 16th Street
at about 2:55 p.m.
Mrs. Mary Vaughn was driving
her mini van south on Marvin Avenue
and Chris Horton was driving west on
16th Street, when the two met at the
Horton's vehicle struck the van in
the front left as it pulled out into the
Mrs. Vaughn received injuries to
the head and Bill Ramsey, a passen-
ger in the Horton vehicle, had face
injuries from the crash. Both were
hospitalized overnight for observa-
Police Chief Carl Richter said the
accident is still under investigation
and no charges had been filed at press
Patrolman Tim Hightower inves-
tigated the accident.

Billy Griffin scoops broken glass off the street where this Mercury and a
mini-van collided at the intersection of Marvin Avenue and 16th Street Monday
afternoon. There were no serious injuries. -Star photo


It took three members of the Gulf
County Commission less than two
seconds to agree to spend the lions'
sh~re of the small amount of paving
mo ey the county has in the bank
Tuesday night.
With County Commissioner Billy
Branch kicking and screaming in
protest every step of the way,
Commissioners A.B. Traylor, Nathan '
Peters, Jr., and chairman Doug
Birmingham voted to pave four and a
half miles of the Dalkeith Road with
the approximately $350,000 in paving
funds the county has on hand.
Branch protested strongly, saying
State Road C-30 carried much more
traffic than Dalkeith Road and was in
just as bad condition and needed the "
re-surfacing just as bad if not worse .
than Dalkeith Road.
"If we'll utilize our County Road
Department to do part of the work
such as grading, spreading dirt,
building up shoulders, (etc.) we can
probably pave four and a half miles of
both the Dalkeith Road and C-30",
Branch said, making his suggestion
into a motion amendment which was
not seconded.
Traylor had already made 4
motion to re-surface Dalkeith Rod
and had Peters second his motion
almost before he got through making
Branch then tried to delay the
final vote on the decision by asking the I
Board to wait until Commissioner
Money was present. Highway C-30 lies
in Money's district and he was absent
from the meeting Tuesday night.
Branch pointed out the Commis-
sion had been talking about the need
to come up with a spending plan for
money they had on hand apd get some
paving done. "I think we need to hash
over the paving project needs in our
county before we spend what money
%yep haup aon usit on nr nie,.t O,.neh I,

said ..
Chairman Birmingha rifitted
Branch saying Money's pre~nice
would make no difference in the
decision. He pointed out the three
votes would defeat any negative vote
Money might make. "We don't have
enough money to pave all the roads
that need it, but we need to go ahead
with what we can do now rather than
let the money lay there until we get
enough to pave them all. We've got to
start somewhere. I feel the Dalkeith
Road needs paving most", Birming-
ham said.
"I agree with you, the Dalkeith
Road is in bad condition and needs
paving, but so does C-30. I will oppose
this motion strongly unless we sit
down to work out priorities to be fair
to all districts. You have the votes to
pass this tonight,'.' Branch said, but
continued to stress the need to wait for
the full board to be present before the
final vote is taken.
The Commission majority didn't
wait, however, over-riding Branch's
debate and cast a 3-1 vote to resurface
the Dalkeith Road for four and a half
miles. The resurfacing, according to
Commissioner Traylor would put a
new surface on the road from the point
where it intersects Highway 71 north,
to the Lister's Landing Road.
As a sort of salvage operation,
Branch then asked the Board to
provide $25,000 to the cities of

Wewahitchka and Port St. Joe to
re-surface roads in these cities which
were also in deplorable condition.

Doe Season,

Come In for
If Gulf County hunters and the
Gulf County Commission have their
way, there will be no more doe deer
hunting days in Gulf County.
S iMany of the hunters of. the
county opposed the doe deer hunting
day two years ago, but, according to
Sheriff Al Harrison, they didn't get
very far.
Tuesday night, Davis Stouta-
more presented the Commission
with, a petition containing the
signatures of 187 hunters, objecting
to the doe deer hunting days.
Chairman 'Doug Birmingham
advised Stoutamire the Commission
had officially objected- to the doe
hunting days several weeks ago and'
had sent an official resolution to the
Game Department voicing their.
'feelings in the matter.

Gulf County Judge David Taunton
handed down sentences to several
persons in crack cocaine dealing
Monday The sentences resulted from
a concentrated raid on suspected
dealers here in Port St. Joe in
Calvin Johnson, 36, received the
stiffest sentence of 30 months in state
prison. He will get credit for 90 days
already served in Gulf County jail.
Johnson and several others enter-
ed pleas of no contest to their drug
charges which were filed as a result of
the raid.
Kloskia Lowery, 27, was sentenc-
ed to two years probation on two
counts and must serve the first year in
the Gulf County jail. He must also
! serve 100 hours od community control
and pay $225 court costs. He will get
credit for 122 days already served.
A majority of the 20 cases filed as
a result of the raids in November had

"They can do the job cheaper than
we because they don't have to follow
the same procedure we do in order to

Beach Watf

Share of D
Commissioner Billy Branch
then suggested the Commission
accept this petition and include it
with a second resolution of protest
to the game commission.
Sheriff Harrison said the Gun
Club had tried this same tactic two
years ago and "all the attention we
received was from a biologist who
didn't seem to be interested in our
When it all came to a head, the
Commission decided to write Rep-
resentative Robert Trammel and
ask him to secure a meeting with
the game department director in
order to voice their objections
directly to the person in charge.
County. Clerk Benny Lister
told the Commission the Beaches

their cases continued to later dates or
entered no contest pleas._
Several were sentenced Monday,
Napoleon Hill, one year commun-
ity control, plus four years of
probation. He must also serve 100
hours of community service and pay a
$50 fine on each of five counts.
Carl Hudgins received four years
probation and 100 hours of community
service, plus pay $255 court costs and
a $250 fine on two counts.
David Lee Smith received one
year community control and two
years of probation, including 100
hours of community service. He must
pay $225 court costs and a $250 fine on
one count.
Walter C. Brooks drew three
years probation and 100 hours of
community service. He must pay $225
court costs and restitution and submit


Two Cities
et paving done", Branch said.
The Board voted unanimously to
ant Branch's request.

er Billing

Water System customers would
begin receiving their water bills
from the Courthouse beginning
with the March i billing.
"In the future, all Beach
system water -bills will be paid at
the Courthouse in our office",
Lister said.
The billing and payments
have been made at the Port St.
Joe City Hall ever since the
system was built, but installation
of a new computer system at the
Courthouse has allowed the Coun-
ty to assume this service.
Lister advised that service
payment checks should now be
made out to: Beaches Water
System. Gulf County Water Sys-
tem, or the Board of County

Gauges Differ but We Still Had Some Rain

Rain came down in buckets-full
last Thurday and Friday and put Gulf
county awash, just like it did the rest
of the Panhandle.
A rain gauge kept by Emily
Simmons showed 5.7 inches for the
three day period after 5:00 p.m.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant
records recorded 4.67 inches from 7:00
a.m., Thursday to 7:00 a.m., Friday.
A guage on Marvin Avenue
recorded 5.5 inches up to noon Friday.

The Woodlands Division head-
quarters recorded the highest total of
all. Their gauge showed 6.7 inches of
rainfall through Friday afternoon.
Whichever gauge you want to look
at, we had plenty of rain to do us for a
day or two.

Chamber President Mike McDonald holds the ribbon Ing on are office manager Ralph Rish and resident
e Mayor Pate cuts ribbon opening the new office. Look- engineer, James H. Slonina, right.
n O "We offer a general, range of
E gineering Firm Opens Office engineering services and provide
in-house service and expertise in mosi
In Port St. Joe to Service Area phases of civil, mechanical, electric
and structural engineering", Rish

A new professional service open-
ed offices here in Port St. Joe Monday
morning, when Baskerville Donovan
Engineers, Inc., opened branch offi-
ces at 303 Third Street.
Baskerville Donovan has head
quarters in Pensacola and has been
serving clients in Florida for several

years. Recently the firm became
involved in services for Gulf and
Franklin counties as well as the City
of Wewahitchka. "We're hoping to
become more involved in the engin-
eering needs inside the county", local
office manager, Ralph Rish said as he
settled into his new office.

With the opening of the Port St.
Joe office, the firm now has seven
offices in the state of Florida, most of
which are in the Panhandle area.
James H. Slonina, P.E., is the
resident engineer for this area, based
in Panama City.

to periodic drug tests on one count.
Tommy Garland was sentenced to
one year of community control, two
years of probation and 100 hours of
community service. He was levied a
fine of $250 and court costs of $225.
Stephon Sims had his sentencing
delayed until March 28 on one count of
possession and two counts of selling
cocaine and one count of aggravated
assault with a firearm.
Bobby Briggs had his sentencing
delayed until March 28 on one count of
selling cocaine.
Kenny Mason, Arthur North and
Anthony Lazier had cases against
them continued until later in March on
one count of selling cocaine.
Johnese Exum, Lula McNeil,
Carla Peterson, Meredith Rouse,
Michelle Sims, Francine Sims and
Pam Thomas were each charged with
one or more counts of selling cocaine
and will appear in court on March 28.

but Succeeds In Securing $25,000 For Paving In

Two Draw Prison Terms In Crack Bust

Sentences Given In Drug Sales



250 Per Copy



Editorials and Comments




Super Tuesday

Deserves Intense Scrutiny

Super Tuesday is just a little less than two weeks in the
future here in Florida and 19 other states in the United States.
So get your voting machine lever finger limbered up to begin
the first of several exercises of one of the greatest privileges on
earth for the first of several times this year.
The Presidential Preferential Primary day on Tuesday,
March 8 has earned a name which aptly describes the effect it
will have on everyone of the presidential hopefuls. For some, it
will spell the end of a dream they had of being elected. For
others, it will spur them on to expend greater energies and
more dollars because there is hope from the results of Super
Tuesday that they may just be acceptable to the voters of the
nation to fill the highest office in the world.
Super Tuesday is not to be confused with "Super Bowl
Sunday". Super Bowl Sunday was really no contest, while Super
Tuesday is designed to narrow the field down to the "Wild
Card" contestants, who will send two champions into the finals
on the first Tuesday of November. When this particular
Tuesday is over, one will be the winner over the other by just a
couple of percentage points. Super Sunday's winner was no
contest after the first round-equivalent to Super Tuesday of
March 8.
We haven't made up our mind, yet, who we will cast our
vote for in the Presidential tournament, but we have made up
our minds that we will not cast our vote for any candidate who
appears to us to be running for the purpose of salving his ego or
looking for power. If he isn't equally interested in all segments
and all of the people of this country, he had just as well stay on
in New Hampshire or Iowa and save his money for the trip
south, so far as we're concerned.
Selecting a president isn't going to be easy this year. Very
few of the candidates are everyday conversation pieces all
across the nation and most of those who are, really aren't
acceptable Presidential timber in our eyes.
We ought to be extremely concerned over our Presidential
choice every four years, but we think this year especially, we
should all make our choice a matter of intense prayer.

Not too Happy

Not many of those who heard Department of Community
Affairs Secretary, Tom Pelham at the annual Chamber of
Commerce banquet a couple of weeks ago were too happy with
what they heard.
What they heard was a declaration straight from the mouth
of the one charged with enforcing the new state requirements,
that private property owners will be told in the future what they
cai and'can.nbt;.do with their prppery,; '..,. p .4 ; '.
Many of those who opposed the coastal setback lines and
coastal zone control lines, etc., were not particularly opposing
them because they didn't want restrictions imposed to protect
the future of the coastline. Most of the opposition came from
people who knew that the controls were only a foot in the door,
which would eventually take all the powers of decision a
property owner may have with the use of his land.
It has now come about. There is property right here in Gulf
County (as well as other counties along the coast) where the
owners will not be allowed to do anything except pay taxes on
that property in the future. It cannot be developed. It cannot be
built on. Even if the owner purchased the property specifically
to build himself a home in the future; on some property in the
county he cannot do even that. Even if the property can built on,
the state's ideas about what can be built in a particular location
and a property owner's ideas about what use he has for a
specific piece of land, may clash.
Guess who will get their way? The state, of course.
We've read the titles of several law books and a legal
paragraph lifted from one every now and then, but we're
certainly no student of the law. Still, such usurping of the rights
of private property owners smacks suspiciously of treading on a
person's constitutional rights to us.

Hunker Down

with Kes by Kesley Colbert

Shoot the Messenger

. Not the Message

I don't know if the Reverend J.
Basil Mull would be considered an
electronic evangelist or not. If so, he
was the first I ever heard. Of course
he didn't do much preaching, mostly
he played songs by the world famous
Chuck Wagon Gang over the radio.
The show was sponsored in part by
Cas Walker food stores.
Rev. and Mrs. J. Basil Mull would
talk about God and then offer you
three Chuck Wagon song books for the
incredible low price of only $3.95. And
if you ordered before midnight tonight
you'd receive absolutely free Lucas
Railmon's Own Story. Lucas found the
Lord after thirty three years in prison..
Just write the Rev. and Mrs. and ask
for the Chuck Wagon Song Book
Special No. 5. Don't forget to send in
the $3.95 plus one dollar to cover
postage and handling. Send your
cards and letters to: The Mull Singing
Convention, Box 6, Knoxville, Tenn.
The first real serious radio
preaching I remember was from guys
like A.A. Allen and Brother Al who
came to us over XERF. They
preached, prayed, shouted and sang.
And then they asked you to send your
money to places like Del Rio, Texas
and Miracle Valley, Arizona.
Oral Roberts was the first T.V.
evangelist I saw. Back in those days
someone would roll the wheel chair up

on the stage, Oral would rub the legs
and the young boy would get up and
dance off the stage. And, of course, at
one time or another I've checked out
the present wave the Bakkers, Jerry
Falwell. Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swag-
gart and others.
Now, the question seems to have
,,come up about the Rev. and Mrs. J.
Basil Mull as to whether they were in
,"the radio ministry to serve God or for
selfish gain. I heard that discussed a
lot as a boy. Didn't know the answer
then still don't. But I tell you what,
when the World Famous Chuck
'Wagon Gang sang "I've Got a
rMansion Just Over the Hill Top," it
blessed my heart.
And them old time XERF preach-
ers would lift me up when they talked
of Heaven and scare me to death when
they preached on hell. The message
touched my life because of, or in spite
of, A.A. Allen and the others. I never
-"did know which.
I did have a doubt or two about
some of them at times. For instance,
Brother Al (that's spelled A-L) would
end each program by declaring, ".. .if
you would like to receive, absolutely
free, at no cost whatsoever to you, an
eight by ten glossy photo of Brother
Al, just send in two dollars and ninety
eight cents to cover the cost of
handling, mailing. .and living."

Jimmy Swaggart is the latest to
be found to be less than perfect. I hate
it for him. I feel for his family. I hate it
most of all for the church, which
unjustly so is going to take another
beating. You know those folks at CBS,
Johnny Carson and People magazine
are going to have a field day with this
I'm not defending Jimmy Swag-
gart mind you, I just feel sorry for
him. He's not the first messenger to
take a fall nor will he be the last. I
heard the news and thought of David
and Bathsheba. Satan had the where-
withal to tempt Jesus Christ-you
think he couldn't work on Jimmy
I know I'm not here to judge J.
Basil Mull, A.A. Allen, Jimmy Swag-
gart or any of the others. I guess what
I'm a'saying is let's don't confuse the
message with the messenger. The
messenger is human and prone to
error. The true message is infallible.
If we're banking on Jimmy or
Oral or Pat or J. Basil to lead us to the
Promised Land, well, we're missing
the boat. If your hope and trust lies'
with Jim, Jerry or Brother Al you can
hang it up right now. And if those guys
ha,-e tried or are trying or will try to
present themselves ahead of the
message-they'll answer to a lot
higher authority than CBS: -

So don t get too uptight about this
Swaggart thing. Let's keep our eyes
upon the message, not the messenger.
And listen, there are a lot of good
messengers out there. Most have
never been on T.V. Some live right
down the street from you. If you're a
little -tuned out on the electronic
ministry right now don't join in with
the David Letterman jokes: And don't
find fault with the message. Try the
church down the street.

Panhandle Gators
Meet March 10
The Panhandle Gator Club of Port
St. Joe will meet March 10 at St.
Joseph's Bay Country Club at 7:00
p.m. Bill Arnsparger, athletic direc-
tor, and John James, director of Gator
boosters will be in attendance.
Those who are interested in the
University of Florida and its athletic
program are invited to attend.
Refreshments will be served.


If I Just Had A Little More Time...It'

I KNOW YOU have heard people
say, "If I just had a little more time. .
A little more time, of course, is an
ingredient which just isn't there. The
Bible tells us the hairs on our head and
our days are numbered, leaving the
implication that when those days are
up ... .so are you!
For all of us who have been
looking for "just a little more time",
the year 1988 is the year we have been
looking for. It has been four years
since we last had the opportunity to
get just a little more time. It will be
another four years before we have this
opportunity again.
Monday, we have an extra day
given to us in the year 1988. Monday is
that famous "leap Year", we hear so
much about. Monday is February 29 in

a month which normally has only 28
days. February is the only month of
the year which will ever have an extra
February is the only month whjch
has a place to put an extra day.
Digest "filler" the other day which
went on something like this: "30 days
has September, April, June and
November. All the rest have 31 except
February whose days are too long
There may be more truth than
poetry to that little ditty. February is
absolutely the pits when it comes to
months. Its only redeeming feature is
Valentine's Day. I never could figure
out how Valentine's Day got stuck in
the middle of February in the first
place. Here we have a day whose
entire theme is love and attraction
between the sexes. Valentine's Day

emphasizes the attraction a sweet
young girl has for an ugly, rough,
strong-smelling old boy.
Here we have the month of.
February which brings along ice,
snow, rain, floods, freezing winds .
generally bleah! weather, and we
relegate the one day of the year which
emphasizes attraction by the opposite/
sexes and, bingo!
I could never figure why Valen-
tine Day wasn't in the middle of
spring or early summer when a young
man's fancy turns to a fancy young
YOU KNOW WHAT February did
to us last week end. It rained, and it
rained, and it rained. It flooded, it
made mud, it blew cold blustery wind
and it made life miserable in general,
only four days after Valentine Day.
I can see where civilization has
done the best it could to make

February palatable. With Valentine
Day, President's Day and a few other
memorable occasions, the makers of
calendars and the parents of great
men have done their duty in trying to
brighten February up just a little.
There must have been a special place
in their hearts for the month of
February by the parents of George
Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
The founder of Valentine Day must
have been trying to pass a long, cold
day or so with his girl friend, but she
rebuffed him because her feet were
In all likelihood, the originator of
Valentine Day spent February 14
telling his girl just how much the
season was conducive to love and
fraternization between boys and girls
and because he was successful in
doing so, Valentine Day was born.
It's as good a theory as any.

d Probably
Monday of next week, we don't have to
"buy" an extra hour of two of time.
Someone is giving it to us. Some
Roman made a slight error when he
made the calendar back years ago,
and another Roman tried to correct
his error by tacking another day onto
February to even things out.
Nobody has had the time or the
inclination to change things since and
we remain with that hump caused by
an extra day in February every four
I've got to sit down and figure out
what I'm going to do on that extra day
I have this year. It comes on a
Monday, so, since Monday's remain
the same whether they are the first,
11th or 29th day of the month, the day
is pretty well scheduled. But since it is
an unscheduled day and a fifth
Monday in a 29 day month, there is
nothing out of the ordinary scheduled

be Wasted
for February 29. So, for the most part,
I can take my time and select some
different activity to slip in on this
special Leap Year day.
I'm already married, so I had
better not utilize the day as some will
traditionally use it-asking someone
to marry me. I don't expect to be
asked to marry anyone, either.
My birthday doesn't fall on
February 29, so I can't celebrate my
birthday, like so many do who were
born on this occasional day.
I have no reason to believe
February 29 will be any different from
any other February day, except for
the little extra time it will give all of
us this year.
Since the day will give us a little
extra time, I guess one of the best
ways I can spend the day is in trying
to re-program my battery-operated
calendar watch. This extra day is
going to foulit up good!

iL St. Joseph's Bay Tides

February 25
February 26
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February 29
March 1
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March 3

Ht. Time
5:03 p.m. H
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8:15 p.m. H
9:00 p.m. H
9:42 p.m. H
10:35 p.m. H
11:21p.m. H

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L .1

The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25, 1988 Page 3A


by Wendell Campbell

Old Friends and Lovers
NEXT TO GOD and immediate family, friendship is the most
important relationship to me. I maintain that a person is extremely lucky
if he-she can count their real, honest-to-goodness, true friends and use all
the fingers on one hand. Most people will have three fingers left over. I
have four and one-half fingers on my left hand. I'm right handed.
It seems that the older one gets, the fewer friends he or she has. I
know this is true because some friends move away, some just become
distant and, unfortunately, some friends are killed or just die.

I HOPE I'M AS good a friend as some people have been to me. It
worries me that I might not be. I don't lay awake at night worrying about
it, but I do have some wonderful friends.
Why, when I was in college one of my good friends helped me out of a
real bind one night. I had a night class and the professor gave us a
surprise test just before we were to be dismissed. I could tell it was going
to be hard and take some time to complete.
I was supposed to go over to my girlfriend's apartment right after
class, but since I had the test I asked my good friend, Josh, if he would go
by and tell her I wouldn't be there.
He went by all right! He was still there when I arrived about 11:30. I
peeped through the front door and there he was, singing love songs to my
sweetheart and holding her precious little hand. I don't know what else
they had been doing but she didn't have any lipstick on and she was one
who wouldn't be caught on a bear hunt without lipstick on.
What a pal!

ANOTHER FRIEND OF mine was not too good a friend to his wife
and children. One night he didn't come home for dinner, so, about eight
o'clock, his wife and children had dinner without him.
When he wasn't home at eleven, she went to bed and to sleep.
About five o'clock the next morning he came creeping in from an all
night poker game. He was about to lay down on the couch when he heard
his wife coming down the hall.
He immediately put a big smile on his face, tried to stand erect and
said, "Mornin', Hon."
"Don't you good morning me," she screamed. "Where have you been
until this time in the morning?"
"Settle down, Hon," he said in a calm and even voice, "and let me
explain. I got home about 11:30 and you and the kids were asleep so I
walked out back and decided to rest on the back porch and get some fresh
air. I sat down in that old recliner of mine on the back porch and fell
asleep and just a few minutes ago woke up."
"You are the biggest liar I have ever seen," she shouted at him, "I
threw that old recliner away two weeks ago!"
Without hesitating and looking her right in the eye,he replied firmly,
"Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!"
He was a good poker player but not much in the family department.

FRIENDS LIKE THOSE are hard to find. I doubt I could stand many
more like them..


Willie Mac Ingram, 68
Willie Mae Ingam, 68, of Webb, Ma
Alabama died Sunday morning in a thr
Dbthan hospital following a brief E.
illness. A native of Houston County, Od
Mrs. Ingram had lived in the Enon Ea
Community for the past 20 years. She nin
had been employed at the Ashford Do
High School lunch room before her gr<
retirement in 1981. She was a member and
of the Bluff Springs Baptist Church.
Mrs. Ingram and her husband, day
Wilburn (Shine) Ingram had been wit
married for 51 years. Mi
Survivors in addition to her
husband include: six sons,,Charles H. G
Ingram, Port St. Joe, James W.
Ingram, Jiminy R. Ingram, Joe L.
Ingram and Carl W. Ingram all of Mo
Webb, Ala., Mark S. Ingram of He
Lovetown, Ala.; three daughters,. She
Peggy May Shepard and Kathy Ann Joe
Pendarvis both of Panama City,
Mary Sizemore als
Mrs. Mary Carroll Sizemore, a
widow of the late George D. Sizemore, Ma
passed :away_ Friday, February 12. grE
She-was a member of the First Baptist chi
Church in Panama City where she
resided for the past 15 years, former intq
resident of Port St. Joe and Apalach- iga
Mother Mary is survived by one
step son, E.E. Sizemore of Apalachi-
cola; one step daughter, Elizabeth Sc
Martin of Houston, TX; six step
grandchildren, 11 step great grand- sch
children and four step great great p.
grandchildren. Ins
Funeral services were held at
Wilsofi Funeral Home Chapel in Ro.
Panama City with Dr. N.B. Langford,
Jr. officiating. Interment was at
Greenwood Cemetery, Panama City.

* John Gilmore
509 10th St.
(next to Gilmore Funeral Home)

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Vintage Instruments
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irtha Ann Garrett, Ashford, Ala ,
tee brothers, A.B. Odc and Henry ,
,Odom both of Dothan, Howard"
om of Mariana; three sisters,
rlene Efurd, Robbie (Kate) Cun-
igham and Bobbie Lou Cook all of
than; 18 grandchildren; four great
andchildren; and several nieces
d nephews.
Funeral services were held Tues-
y in Bluff Springs Baptist Church
:h the Rev. Bobby Anderson and
nister Danny Butler officiating.

;race M. Long
Grace M. Long, 87, passed away
nday morning at the National
alth Care Center in Panama City.
e was a former resident of Port St.
She is survived by: two sons,
nald H. Graham of Los Osos, Calif.
d Rev. Bill Graham of Youngstown,
o a former resident of Port St. Joe;-
daughter, Norma Jean Petit of
rnchester, New Hampshire; seven
ndchildren and seven great grand-
No local services will be held and
erment will be in Jackson, Mich-
All arrangements are by Gilmore
neral Home.

school Board
The regular school board meeting
heduled for March 8, 1988, at 5:30
m.. will be held at the Office of
structional Services located at the
rner of Garrison Ave. and Niles
ad in Ward Ridge.

Bankers Institute Meets In Port St. Joe

It was a dark and stormy night
last Thursday evening, when the Gulf

Coast Bank Administration Institute
met in Butler's Restaurant here in

Kesley Colbert, left, is shown speaking with a member of the Bank Ad-
ministration Institute. -Star photo

Dr. Si Mathison to Lead Revival

At First Methodist Church Here

The First United Methodist
Church will have its revival February
28 thru March 2. Services will begin
each evening at 7:00 p.m. EST.
The people of Port St. Joe,
Highland View, the beaches and all of
Gulf County are invited to come hear
Dr. M.C. "Si" Mathison proclaim
God's Good News! There will be great
congregational singing, special music
and, of course, great preaching.
Dr. Mathison was senior pastor 6f
First United Methodist Church, in
Panama City when he "retired."
Since retirement he has organized the
Gulfview United Methodist Church at
Panama City Beach and still serves as
its pastor. He is also the chaplain'at

D.L. Mayo to Speak
at Highland View
"Armageddon" What does the
future hold for Israel and the world?
4A.W0_r.and unrest our .destiny? In
,Armageddon one looks at the Biblical
prophecy concerning the nation of
Israel, and the meaning of the
political unrest and violence occur-
ring in the Middle East. One closely
examines the chronology and se-
quence of events that characterize the
earth's final hours prior to Christ's
D.L. Mayo will speak on this
subject, as well as others, during a
Prophecy Seminar at the Highland
View Church of God February 24 thru
26. A tentative schedule is: Wednes-
day, "An Update on the Mark of the
Beast"; Thursday, "Israel: God's
Time Clock"; and Friday, "Signs of
the Times". Services will begin at 7:00
p.m. nitely.
Rev. Robert Rathbun, pastor of
the church, invites everyone to attend
all of the services.

Methodist Women
District Meeting

The President of the Marianna
Panama City District of the United
Methodist Women wants to encourage
all the members of the UMW to attend
a meeting which is very important to
the life of all Christians and United
Methodist Women.
The District Mini-School of Mis-
sions Dutch treat sharing luncheon
will be held at the Harbour House in
Panama City on February 27. Regis-
tration will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the
program beginning at 10:00 a.m.
Lunch will be served at 12:00.

Bay Medical Center.
Dr. Mathison and his wife, Mary,
have two sons, George and John Ed,
who are also United Methodist
Everyone is urged to come every
night and bring their friends, neigh-
bors and relatives. A nursery will be
provided. Rev. Ennis Sellers is the
pastor of the church.

Methodist Bus
First United Methodist Sunday
School bus will run Sunday morning
February 28 starting at 9:00 a.m.
Anyone wanting to be picked up may
call Al Ray at 229-8850. The bus will
also return everyone home following
church services.

Port St. Joe.
Because of extremely heavy
rains, flooding and violently stormy
weather throughout the Panhandle
Thursday of last week, the meeting
was sparsely attended by bankers
from the west of Gulf County.
Some 40 to 50 bank administrators
met in only the second session of the
newly founded organization, with the
Wewahitchka State Bank serving as
host for the evening.
Gulf County's Property Apprai-
ser, Kesley Colbert, spoke to the
audience, using anecdotes and hum-.
orous stories to illustrate what he was
talking about in developing his topic of
the evening, "Be Where You're At!"
Being where you are takes a lot of
concentration and personal effort.
"We're prone to let our attention
wander on occasion... not do our best
in many given situations ... or just go
i. OW I. I .a -

through the motions in some activi-
ties", he said.
Colbert pointed out that "Being
where you're at" required full atten-
tion to the task at hand, doing our best
in whatever situation we find our-
selves in, applying our full talents
where they are called for and enjoying
life in the process.
All of this sober sounding advice
was presented in the laconic Tennes-
see hill drawl which is Colbert's
"style". Wherever he is, Colbert is
evidently more at home with a good
chew of Levi Garrett, listening to his
coon dog trail a fuzzy critter through
the woods at night, than he is speaking
to a room full of bankers. But, he rose
to the occasion, put on his polite
manner and regaled the audience with
his stories, illustrating, in living color,
just what he meant by "Being Where
You're At!"

Fe .



Duren Wins" Spelling Bee

Shown above are the top three spellers who competed last Wednesday in the
spelling bee at Port St. Joe Elementary School. Over 20 youngsters, represent-
Ing fifth and sixth grade classes at the school, competed in the spell down. Lee
Duren was the champion speller, correctly spelling the word "argosy", which
was misspelled by runner-up, Natalie Gant, and then spelling correctly the win-
ning word "argue".
Pictured above from left, are: Kenya Baker, second runner-up; Natalie
Gant, first runner-up and Lee Duren, champion.

Page 4A The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla.- Thursday, February 25, 1988

Miss Elizabeth Ann Ward Becomes

the Bride of Philip Paty Thomas

Afternoon Ceremony Unites Miss

LeAnna Rudd and Anthony Helms

Marriage vows uniting Miss Eliz-
abeth Ann Ward and Philip Paty
Thomas were pledged in a candlelight
ceremony in Port St. Joe on February
6 at the Long Avenue Baptist Church.
Dr. Daniel W. Duncan officiated at the
double-ring ceremony.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs.
Robert Keith Ward of Port St. Joe and
the late Robert Keith Ward. The
bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Russel Dewitt Thomas of Sarasota.
Maternal grandparents of the
bride are Mrs. William J. Peacock of
Blountstown and the late William J.
Peacock. Paternal grandparents are
the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ward
of Bristol. The bridegroom's maternal
grandparents are Mrs. George O0.
Marshall of Americus, Ga. and the
late George 0. Marshall. Paternal
grandparents are the late Mr. and
Mrs. John Frank Thomas of West
Palm Beach.
The central altar arrangement in
the sanctuary was of calla lillies,
mums, gladioli and palms. Brass
candelabra were entwined with mag-
nolia leaves. Family pews were
marked with floral arrangements of
orchids, daisies and mums. Mrs. Cecil
Harrison and Mrs. Wesley Ramsey
designed other floral arrangements in
the vestibule and the sanctuary.
Mrs. William J. Rish of Port St.
Joe directed the wedding. Mrs. Frank
Douglas May of Gainesville attended
the bride's book in the vestibule of the
Wedding music was rendered by
organist Mrs. Jimmie Cox of Port St.
Joe and pianist Michael Handy of Port
St. Joe. Mrs. Keith Coley Schell,
soloist, sang the couple's chosen
selections of In This Very Room, The
Wedding Song and The Lord's Prayer.
Other piano and organ selections were
Ode To Joy; Jesu, Joy of Man's
Desiring; Trumpet Voluntary and
several Chopin nocturnes.
The bride was given in marriage
by her mother and escorted to the

Bradford C. Johnson and the
former Eleanor Tice of Enterprise,
Alabama, were united in marriage
Friday, February 19. The wedding
ceremony was performed at 10:00
a.m,, in the Highland View Baptist
Church by the pastor, Rev. Jimmie

Mrs. Philip Paty Thomas

altar by her uncle, Joe F. Bracewell of
,Blountstown. The bride wore a formal
gown of white satin and schiffli lace.
The gown featured a Victorian

neckline with pearl and crystal ornate
drops. The fitted bodice was overlaid
in pearl and sequined lace. Sleeves
tapering to the wrist were detailed
with lace cut-outs and beadwork. The
full satin skirt flowed into a cathedral
length train accented by a schiffli lace
border, adorned with sequins. Her
cathedral length veiling, adorned with
pearl clusters was attached to a
headpiece decorated with pearls and
sequins with a double pouf of veiling.
The bride carried a cascade of calla
lillies with white rosebuds and baby's
breath intertwined with satin picot
ribbon. The bride wore pearl and
diamond earrings which were a gift
from the grooni. f, -.
The.- ma-of-honor was Miss
Paula, Iynh Ward, sister of the bride,
Port St. Joe. The matron of honor was
Mrs. Keith Coley Schell of Port St.
Joe. Bridesmaids were Miss Cather-
ine Elizabeth Rish of Port St. Joe;
Miss Virginia Raye Thomas, sister of
the bridegroom, Sarasota; Mrs.
Michael Schroeder, cousin of the
bride, Biloxi, Mississippi; Miss Sheri
Renee Bracewell, cousin of the bride,
Blountstown. The attendants were
gowned in royal blue taffeta. The
draped, fitted bodice was designed

After a short wedding trip, the
Johnson's will be at home in Port St.
Joe on 21st Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will operate
the Piggly Wiggly Super Market in
Port St. Joe which Johnson has owned
for the past several years.



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*- automatic shut-off
* automatic warmer

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201 Reid Ave. Phone 229-6195

Ask About


At four o'clock on the afternoon of
January 16, 1988, LeAnna Marie Rudd
and Anthony Cliff Helms were united
in marriage. The setting for the event
was the Oak Grove Assembly of God
Church of Port St. Joe with Reverend
David Fernandez officiating.
The bride, given in marriage by
her step-father, wore an eighteenth
century style gown. The intricate
design of the flowing wedding dress
was high-lighted with delicate lace,
ribbons, bows and buttons. The
wedding veil was made of silk flowers
and ornaments with the length
extending to the finger-tips. The
bridal bouquet with ribbons and lace
streamers, held beautiful apricot
colored roses and rose buds.
Miss Tammy Phillips of St. Joe
Beach served as maid of honor and
was the only bridal attendant. She
wore a gown of satin apricot. Roses
held tucks at the front hem and fell
into a soft flowing train in the back.
The deep V-shaped neckline was
enhanced by the short puff sleeves.
She wore a headpiece of silk flowers
and lace designed for the occasion and
carried a bouquet of live apricot roses
and rose buds.
The groom, attired in a gray
tuxedo, was assisted through the
ceremony by his brother, Ray Flory
who acted as best man. Dell Rudd,
brother of the bride and Jamie Vathis,
cousin of the bride, lighted the candles
and ushered guests into the sanctu-
Organ music for the ceremony
was provided by Mrs. Barry Richard-
son of St. Joe Beach. She played
traditional wedding songs and The
Wedding March. The vows spoken
were beautiful and witnessed by
family members and lifelong friends.
The unity candle was lighted at the
end of the ceremony as "Annie's
Song", sung by the bride and
pre-recorded, was played for the
Following the wedding a recep-
tion was given by the bride's mother
and step-father in the church social
hall. Full advantage was taken of the
talents of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Karen
Odom, who decorated the hali beauti-
fully using the bride's colors of apricot
and mint green. Mrs. Ann Ballard
assisted with the decorations. Others
serving at the reception were Mrs.
Lena Butts and Mrs. Tamar Phillips,
special friends of the bride, Susan
Wood and Laura VanPietersom, cou-
sins of the bride and Laurie Garman
and Sandi, Burkett, sisters, of. .the
LeAnna is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Paul W. Wood of St. Joe Beach
and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Rudd of
Columbus, Mississippi. She is a 1986

(Continued on Page 5)

New Arrival '
Mr. and Mrs.' John Ford of Pqt
St. Joe are happy to announce e
birth of their daughter, Nicole El sa
on January 30 at Bay Medical Cen r.
The seven pound, 7V4 ounce little 1 dy
was welcomed home by her sis er,
Nicole is the granddaughter of
Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Ford, Sr. of Por St.
Joe and Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Lipfo d of

rLU oy
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528 Fifth St. Saveway Center

graduate of Port St. Joe High School
and holds a secretarial degree from

LaVern A. Garman of Headland,
Alabama and Ray H. Helms of Dallas,

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cliff Helms

Haney Vo-Tech in Panama City. Her
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John
D. Odom and Mr. and Mrs. Loyd L.
Rudd of Port St. Joe, Mr., and Mrs.
Carl Wood of St. Joe Beach and Mr.
and Mrs. Atwell A. Pennington of
Columbus, Mississippi.
Tony is the son of Mr. and Mrs.

Texas. His grandparents are Mr. and
Mrs. Raymond W. Helms of Dothan,
Alabama and the late Mr. and Mrs.
Daniel Bell.
LeAnna and Tony are making
their home in Dothan, Alabama where
he is employed by Faulkner Construc-
tion Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Johnson

Newly Weds




,.-.1;- 1

The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25, 1988 Page 5A

Four Students Win DAR's Annual Contest

St. Joseph Bay Chapter Daugh-
ters of the American Revolution met
at the Garden Center Wednesday,

Amber Coaley, left, was the fifth grade winner spelling winner at Highland
View Elementary and Melanie Watson, right, representing the sixth grade, was
the overall spelling bee winner. -Star photo

Top Spellers at H. V.E.
Highland View Elementary competed to become the school's
School held their individual classroom representative at the Gulf County
and school, spelling bees the week of Spelling Bee in March. This honor
February 15 thru 19. The fifth grade went to Melanie Watson.
winner was Amber Conley and the
sixth grade top speller was Melanie The school is very proud of both of
Watson. The two young ladies then these students.

Party to Honor Mable Strange's 75th Birthday

Friends and. family of Mable
Strange are invited to attend a
birthday party in her honor to be held
at the Wewahitchka Community
building on Saturday, February 27

from 12:00 noon until.
Everyone is asked to bring a
covered dish and come help celebrate
her 75th birthday. An afternoon of fun,
singing and fellowship is planned.


with a basque waistline and shoulder Maurice R. Cooper, Charles Town, W.
baring neckline. White elbow length Va., Heath Johnson, Aiken, S.C.,
gloves accented the elbow length James Reimer, Charleston, S.C., Mr.
pouffed sleeves. The floor length skirt. and Mrs. John Frank Thomas, II,
fell from soft gathers at the waistline. Chattanooga, Tn., Mr. and Mrs.
Each bridesmaid carried a cascade of Michael Schroeder, Biloxi, MS, Mrs.
white rosebuds with baby's breath Russell Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Russell
intertwined with picot ribbon. Thomas, Jr. all of Americus, Ga., Mr.
The best man was Paul Stanley and Mrs. Marshall Dewitt Thomas,
The best man was Paul Stanley Statesboro, Ga., Thomas M. Rodgers
Miller of Sarasota. Groomsmen were and Amanda, Robert Alan Schunk all
John Frank Thomas, II, brother of the of Atlanta, Ga., Mr. and Mrs. Charles
groom, Chattanooga, Tennessee; C. Smith, Gainesville, Ga., Mr. and
Marshall Dewitl Thomas, brother of Smith, Gainesvlle, T. MartinGa., Warner
the groom, Stesboro, Georgia; Robins, Ga., Mrs. Clyde White and
Young Glenn Heath Johnson, Aikens,ivian White, likely, Ga., Mr. and
South Carolina; Robert Alan Schunk, Mrs. Clarence Massey, Sylvester,
Atlanta, Ga.; and `James Hars_ ,,i ..
Hlurst, Jr* aPort' e -H aor Ga-M..rsGerry Griffin,Dothan, AL,
stFollowi, Jr., Port t Joe. Mr, and:Mrs. Lewis Sumner, Alabas-
SFollowing the ceremony the ter, AL, Miss Cindy Bryars and Miss
bride's mother hosted a reception at Traci Carlisle, Bay Minette, AL, John
the St. Joseph Bay Country Club. The Frank Thomas, Jr., West Palm
reception was directed by Mrs. Joe E. Beach, Miss Virginia Thomas, Paul S.
McLeod. The bride's book was Miller, Sarasoa, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
attended by Mrs. Frank Douglas May. Morales, Rodame and Andre, Bran-
Floor hostesses were Mrs. John Core, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Campben,
Mrs. Joe Fortner, Mrs. Cecil Harris- don, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Campbell,
Mrs. Joe Forer, Mrs. Cecil Harris- Mrs. Flynt Gallagher, Jacksonville,
on, Mrs. Tommy Oliver and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Enzor Kimbro, Mr. and
Wesley Ramsey, all of Port St. Joe. Mrs. Ray Hudson, Sr., Ray Hudson,
Greeting the guests were Mr. and Jr. Miss Mary Weir, Mrs. Luther
Mrs. Neil K. Arnold and Mr. and Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Tommy Roselle, Mrs.
Fred Witten, all of Port St. Joe. Van Weeks, Mrs. Garland Stewart all
The bride's cake was served by of Pensacola, Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Mrs. Stephen Adams, Port St. Joe; Archer, Perry, Mrs. Frank Douglas
Mrs. Hayes Bracewell, Blountstown; May, Gainesville, Mr. and Mrs. Burl
and Mrs, O.M. Taylor, Port St, Joe. S. Peacock, Miss Kathy Archer, Miss
'The groom's. cake was served by Kathy Beene all of Tallahassee, Mr.
Mrs. Kenny.Peak, Port St. Joe and and Mrs. Stephen Rowan, Diana and
Mrs. Keith.Barnes, Port St. Joe. Greg, Chattahoochee, Mrs. C.W.
Punch servers were Miss Cindy Roberts, Mrs. Chuck Roberts, Mrs.
Richardson, Port St. Joe; Mrs. Tony Myers Shular all of Bristol, Mr. and
Strange, Wewahitchka; Mrs. John y
Strange Wewahitchka; Mrs. John oMrs. Bo Jones, Wewahitchka, Mrs.
Frank Thomas,, sister-n-law of the William J. Peacock, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
groom, Chattanooga, 'Tennessee; F. Bracewell, Miss Sheri Bracewell,
Mrs. MarshallDewitt Thomas, sister- Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Bracewe and
in-law of the groom, Statesboro, M L Bracewe, Mr. and Mrs.
Georgia; and Mrs. Stephen Trasseli, Niki, Lee Bracewell, Mr. and Mrs.
Jimmie Lee Holley, Dr. Louis James
Port St. Joe. Coffee servers were Mrs. Atkins, all of Blountstown, Mr. and
Al Gunter, Port St.. Joe and Mrs.
Robert McKiernan, Port St. Joe.
Distributing rice bags were Miss
Niki Bracewell, Blountstown; Miss,
Kayce Knox, Port St. Joe; Miss Erin
Oliver: Port St. Joe; and Miss Casey
Witten, Port St. Joe.
After a wedding trip to Brecken-
ridge, Colorado the couple will be
residing in Port St. Joe. The bride-
groom is a process engineer with St.
Joe Forest Products Company. The
bride is employed with St. Joe
Papermakers Federal Credit Union.
Out of town guests attending the
wedding and reception were: Mr. and
Mrs. John P. Evans, Bethesda,' MD,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Evans all of Silver Springs,
MD, Michael Ostroff, Reisterstown,
MD, Mr. and Mrs. John Frank UEDCR E H A IT
Thomas, III, Arcola, Pa., Mrs. HERE'S HOW IT WO

SWEET 16th
February 28

February 17. Mrs. W.S. Quarles, Jr.,
American History Month Chairman
presented the program, winners of the

Shown above are DAR essay winners, Amy Rich, left, Kellie Jones and
Randy Ramsey, along with Mrs. William Quarles, essay chairman. -Star photo
Lancasters Have
^A Baby Daughter
'Jimmy and Terri Lancaster of
Port St. Joe are proud to announce the
birth of their daughter, Ashley Nicole,
from Page 4) at Gulf Coast Hospital February 13.
She weighed nine pounds, 11.4 ounces.

Mrs. William J. Peacock, Jr., Blane
Cox, Greg Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
Dennis Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Porter, Amber and Michael, all of
Panama City.
A calling tea shower was given at
the home of Mrs. Dave Maddox on
December 5, 1987. Other hostesses
were Mrs. Neil Arnold, Miss Alma
Baggett, Mrs. Billy Barlow, Mrs. B.A.
Collier, Mrs. John Core, Mrs. Barnie
Earley, Mrs. J.E. Johnson, Mrs.
Randall McClain, Mrs. Robert Mc-
Kiernan and Mrs. C.W. Roberts.
A lingerie shower was hosted by
Mrs. Keith V. Schell and Mrs. Jay
Rogersi' at the Schell home on
December 11, 1987.
A kitchen shower was given by the
Mission Friends of Long Avenue
Baptist Church along with their
leaders Mrs. Gregg Knox and Mrs.
Arden Stephens on January 20 at the
Long Avenue Baptist Church.
The groom's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Russell Dewitt Thomas, hosted a
rehearsal dinner on February 5 at the
Shade Tree Restaurant in Panama
A bridesmaids luncheon was
hosted by Mrs. Wesley Ramsey at her
home in Port St. Joe on February 6.
Other hostesses were Mrs. Joseph
Barfield, Mrs. Cecil Harrison and
Mrs. Tommy Oliver.
A luncheon for out of town guests
was held at the Long Avenue, Baptist
Church Family Life Center on Febru-
ary 6. Hostesses for the occasion were
Miss Alma Baggett, Mrs. John Core,
Mrs. Barnie Earley, Mrs. Al Gunter,
Mrs. Floyd Grace, Mrs. O.E. Griffin,
Mrs. Mamie Harper, Mrs. Wayne
Hendrix, Mrs. A.P. Jackson, Mrs'.
SJ.O. Lucas, Mrs. Joe McLeod, Mrs.
L.B. Nichols, Mrs. Grady Player and
Miss Barbara Whitfield.

* High quality, professional photographs will be made locally
and at no charge or obligation.
* We, as sponsors, will use and display the photos as a tribute to
* As a bonus, you will see finished color photos (photos used in
the feature will be in black and white) and have an opportunity
to purchase any for your family needs you are not obligated
to buy anything. No age limit.


"TOMORROW'S LEADERS ..." Feature is Sponsored by:
Call 227-1278 to make an appointment.
Photographs will be taken
Monday, March 14, 2-7 p.m.
at Motel St. Joe
Photography By

Ashley was welcomed home by her
sisters, Petra 10 and Christina 2.
Proud grandparents are Billy and
Juanita Lester of Wewahitchka and
Richard and Myra Lancaster of Port
St. Joe.



-- I--- -

American History Month essay con-
Each year the organization spon-
sors an essay contest for students in
grades five through eight. This year
students frorp four area schools
participated: Port St. Joe Jr.-Sr. High
School, Port St. Joe Elementary,
Wewahitchka Elementary and Faith
Christian Schools.
The topic of this year's essay was.
"The U.S. Constitution: Roads to
Ratification." All essays were judged
by a panel of three on historical
accuracy, adherence to subject, or-
ganization of material, originality,
interest, neatness, spelling and punc-
tuation. Winning essays from each
grade are sent to the state level for

This years winners are as follows:
fifth grade, Kellie Ann Jones, daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Jones of
Wewahitchka; sixth grade, Amy
Marie Rich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
David Rich of Wewahitchka; seventh
grade, John Anthony Lee, Jr. son of
Wanda Lee of Port St. Joe and John A.
Lee of Beacon Hill; and eighth grade,
Randy Wayne Ramsey, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Ramsey of Port St. Joe.

Meeting Changed
The Sea Oats and Dunes Beach
Garden Club will change their March
meeting from Tuesday March 8 to
Tuesday, March 15 at 9:00 a.m. CST.
The meeting will be held at the St. Joe
Beach Fire Station.

Our New Name

Life Madgentent Center
Of Northwest Florida Inc.

Formerly Northwest Floda Mental Health Center, Inc.

We've changed our name and soon will
change our location as we move into our
long awaited ,much needed new facility at
525 East 15th Street, Panama City,
One thing remains unchanged the
commitment we have made since 1954 to
z provide the very best counseling services
to you, the families and members of our



M. -

I*& AM1I

m l h. =

' 11' 1 "____ l-ETV-SS E

Large Capacity Direct-Drive Washer
6 Automatic Wash Cycles
S3 Water Temperatures
3 Water Levels
2 Wash & Spin Speeds
Easy-Clean Filter


- -- -- -- -

Large Capacity Automatic Dryer
* 3 Temperature Selections
* 4 Drying Cycles
* Side-Swing Door
* Extra-Large Lint Screen




Phone 229-8028

201 WiiamsA-venue k-



I- 1-. /i


. ,. A',,


Page 6A The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25,1988


Lose In Regional Play-offs

Lady Sharks Win District Title

T1| Not when someone is very sick and needs medicine.
Then, you depend on a pharmacy like ours, where you
get every possible service that can help you most.
It isn't difficult for any discounter to give you a less
than needed price on a few of the fastest selling drugs.
Part of the loss can be made up by also discounting
service, the rest by high profit, unfamiliar-to-you-
products. We offer no "bait bargains", just honestly
fair prices, always, on everything we supply.
prescriptions, health needs and other pharmacy products.
We consider this trust a privilege and a duty. May we be your
personal family pharmacy?

:3 Revlon Cosmetics

Buzzett's Drugs
31T WilIlams Ave. Phone 229-8771
.- : Convenient Drive-In Window --

Time to Register for Baseball

Registration for the 1988 Dixie
Youth baseball season for local youth
is currently underway, and will con-
tinue through March 12, at The
Athletic House on Reid Avenue in Port
St. Joe.
All kids, ages 8-14, interested in
participating, must register before
the March 12 deadline in order to play.
There will be a $25.00 per player
charge to cover the cost of team uni-

Ivey Henderson
Advances to State.
The wrestling team of Port St. Joe
High School finished the season in 16th
place out of 29 teams.
Ivey Henderson was a stand out
on the team, winning third place in the
regional tournament in the 220 lb.
class, with an overall record of 17-3.
He will now compete in the state tour-
nament in Bradenton this Friday and
Saturday, Feb. 26-27.

forms. Any family with more than one
child active in the program will only
pay $20.00 to register each additional
A player must be eight years, of
age before August 1, 1988, in order to
participate in the program. All new
participants in the league must fur-
nish a birth certificate for proof of age
when registering.

Alumni Baseball
The Port St. Joe Sharks baseball
team is organizing an alumni game to
be played this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at
the high school baseball field. The
game will feature the 1988 Varsity
Sharks baseball team against alumni
from past Shark teams.
Head coach Duane McFarland is
looking for alumni to participate in
the game. All past Sharks interested
in playing in the game should contact
Coach McFarland at 227-7245 or the
high school athletic department at

Port St. Joe's Lady Sharks
advanced in the tournament play
opener last Thursday by demolishing
the Florida High Demons. 55-21.
Holly Russ. the Big Bend's
leading scorer in girls basketball,.'
scored 23 points-two more than the
entire Florida High team.
The Lady Sharks took a 32-9 lead
at half time and didn't let up the
second half. taking their 14th win of
the season. The Demons failed to
score in the double figures in any of
the four quarters.
Pam Miller had 13 points for Port
St. Joe.
The Lady Sharks and top-seeded-'
Havana went into the Saturday finals.
as a result of the Shark win Thursdavy
Score by Quarters: 4
Port St. Joe 8 24 13 10-55',
Florida High 2 7 8 4-21
PSJ-Russ 8-5-23, Daniels 4-0-8,
Miler 5-3-13, Gant 2-2-6, Felicia 0-0-0,
Julius 1-0-2, Jones 0-1-1, Byrd 0-0-0,
Thomas 1-0-2, Carpenter 0-0-0.
FLA. HI-Smith 2-2-6, Lane 0-0-0,
Marshall 0-0-0, Pankowski 1-0-2, Lang-
ston 5-0-10, Williams 1-0-3.

PSJ 72, Havana 54
Saturday night, the Lady Sharks
trounced the Havana Gladiators,
72-54, to win the District champion
ship, here in the Coliseum.
The Lady Sharks had Holly Russ
scoring 31 points, Pam Miller and*
Litasha Daniels with 14 points to pace
the Shark scoring.
ffhe win brought the Lady Shark
season record to 17-6.
Score by Quarters:
The Sharks took an early lead in
the game and were never behind.
In addition to the double digit
scoring, Felisha Whitley had two
points and Tinnie Julius one.
Holly Russ was the Shark's
leading scorer for the season, with a
.505 average and a 24 points per game-
average. Pam Miller had a .315s
shooting average with 15 points pert
Port St. Joe's Lady Sharks had,
their best chance at a state champion-
ship in years snatched from their
hands Tuesday night, when Hamilton'

county of Jasper snuffed out the
Sharks' hopes with a 69-53 Region 2AA
title victory.
Port St. Joe went into the sec-
tional game against Hamilton County
Tuesday evening without veteran
Felisha Whitley, who was out because
of grades. The entire game was battl-
ed out with five girls, but the game
was lost to fatigue against a running
team according to coach Vernette
The Lady Sharks had gone 17-6 for
the season and boasted the leading
point maker in the Big Bend in Holly
Russ, but it still wasn't enough to get

by the Hamilton Wildcats.
Holly Russ and Pam Miller had
their usual high-scoring game for the
Sharks, but were the only Lady
Sharks scoring in double figures.
Holly had 21 points and Pam 14.
Vanessa Allen led Hamilton with
her 29 points for the evening.
The Sharks fell behind by seven
points in the first half and with a cold
third period, just couldn't catch up.
Score by Quarters:
Port St. Joe 9 14 8 22-53
Hamilton Co. 8 22 18 21-69
PSJ-Russ 6-8-21, Miller 7-0-14,
Daniels 4-0-8, Gant 4-0-8, Julius 1-0-2.

HAMILTON-Allen 12-3-29, Ow-
ens 7-1-15, Johnson 1-0-2, Young 4-2-10,
trouille 2-0-5, M. Johnson 4-0-8.
Holly Russ, leading scorer for the
Big Bend averaged 24 points a game,
hitting .505. Pam Miller was the se-
cond top scorer, shooting a .315
percentage for 15 points a game.
Litasha Daniels was the top re-
bounder, with Tracie Gant having the
most steals. According to Coach
Rosier, the best all around player was
Felisha Whitley, the young lady
unable to play in the sectional finals.

The Lady Sharks are shown with the District trophy and Ral-Lyn Lamb. Standing,from left: Fellsha Whitley,
following their win over Havana last Friday. Kneeling, Pamela Miller, Litasha Daniels, Tinnle Julius, Holly
from left: Wendy Osborne, Rhonda Pittman, Lacrethia Russ, Tracie Gant and coach Vernette Rosier.
Middleton, Lenora Jones, Tasha Thomas, April Carpenter

District Tournament Play Begins Tonight

Port St. Joe will host the Districtg
3AA boys basketball tournament with"
play beginning tomorrow night and,
.coq~tling through ,Satng~I with
five teams represented. P1rtSt. Joe is
seeded third going into the tourney
behind top ranked Wakulla and: se-
cond Florida High.
Blountstown and Havana will
meet Thursday evening at 7:30, with
the winner playing Wakulla at 6:30
Friday evening. Port St. Joe will go up
against Florida High at 8:00.
The winners of Friday's competi-
tion will play'for the district cham-
pionship Saturday at 7:30 EST.
Wakulla 61, PSJ 57
The Sharks took their last road
trip out of town for the season Friday
and lost to the Wakulla War Eagles,
61-57. The Sharks gave up a three
point lead at half time, as the War
Eagles took the margin to win in the
third period and held on to edge the
The War Eagles were unbeaten in
District 2AA play and posted a 19-8
The Sharks were 8-14 after the
Friday night game. ,
Eric Langston and Cody Tliomal
each hit three-pointers three-pointers the final
minute of the game as the Sharks

attempted to pull the game out, but it
was not enough to overcome their
Reginald Larry paced the Shark
scoring with his 18 points. He was the
on)y'Shark c6riiig in dodbletigures."'

PSJ 67, Wewahitchka 48
The Sharks closed out their
regular season Monday night, hosting
the Wewahitchka Gators and handing
the Gators a 67-48 loss to end the Shark
regular seasdn withra 9-14-season.:

Eric Langston had 19 points to
lead the Shark scdoing and Tyrone
Hamilton added 10.
The Gators had Wright and Hand
both scoring 13 points and Michael
Myers with 10 points.




216 Monument Ave.

Michelin XH and XA4 radials deliver
value and long mileage.


195/75R-14 WS $72
I s- $7695
two# l=t 205/75R-14 WS $6

S 205/75R-15WS $ 0

2 215/75R-15 WS O

.- :^-^'*- A FRIEND, COME RAIN

155/80R-13WS 4995
SSERVIC E 165/80R-13WS $5495

I CENTER 175/75R-14WS $66
Phone 227-1291 185/75R-14WS $7195


First United
Methodist Church

Sunday, February 28
through Wed., March 2
7:00 P.M. Nightly


Dr. Si Mathison who has served in the
Alabama and Panama City area for more than
40 years will be leading the revival.
Ennis Sellars, pastor of the church, cordially
invites everyone to attend.

Elementary School R
Gerald Lewter, principal of Port Tammy Pitcher, Amos Pittman,
St. Joe Elementary School, recently Joseph Price, Tina Sewell, Andy
released the honor roll for the fourth Smith, Michael Thomas, Nema Thom-
six weeks. as, Richard Wood and Bill Wyatt.

First Grade
All A's
Gregory A"ams, Justin Allen,
Aaron BeardenA Collette Carpenter,
James Daniels, Anna Duren, Cristin
Duren, Jim Faison, Tracey Fitzger-
ald, April Godwin, Katie Kilbourn
Rachel McCroan, Sarah Osborne,
Julia Six, Logan Smith, Krystal
Tharpe, Donna Thomas, William
Tyner and Lindsay Williams.
Samantha Ambrose, Shannon
Boyer, Kristy Bryant, Matt Cabaniss,
Sabina Daniels, Kiki Fields, Jason
Forston, Jason Gainnie, Deanna
Grambling, Jon Heher, Wade Ken-
nington, Michael Mize, Kenneth
Sharpe, William Smith, Janah Strick-
land and Mark Williams.
Second Grade
Reese Antley, Josh Bietenholz,
Seth Campbell, Lee Cathey, Crystal
Dunigan, Miranda Harvey, David
Jones, Brooke Kostic, Leigh Law-
rence, Ashley Middleton, Jarred
Patterson, Amanda Phillips, Gretch-
en Stevens, Amanda Turner, Casey
White and Casie Williams.
Amanda Bateman, Michael Bry-
~' ant, Sabrina Canington, Jeremy Dix- <
on, Alan Hatcher, Burgundy Little,
Krista Nobles, Stephanie Owens,
Lillie Richardson, Kabby WhiteEagle,
Reginald Wilson and Bonnie Young.
Third Grade
Amy Buzzett, Doyle Crosby,
Karen Falbe, Robbi Funderburk,
Stuart Griffin, Barry King, Kayce
Knox, Priscilla Medina, Katrina
Perna, Jason Terry, Matthew White
and Nikki Whitfield.
Ronisu Bird, Jason Brant, Mich-
ael Burkett, Jeffery Causey, Farrah
Daniels, Matt Dixon, Michelle Douds,
Daniel Elder, Amy Enfinger, Anna
Gay, Jonathan, Gilmore, Wesley
Jones, Tosheka" Langston, Kristie
Lowry, John Ludlam, Yvonne Mor-
tensen, Tory Robinson, Bryan Simon,
Pam Watkins and Clay Whitfield.
Fourth Grade
Jessica Carpenter, Dusty Daniels,
Leslie Faison, Heather Fields, Kristi
Lawrence, Jennie Smallwood and
Alyson Williams.
Scooter Acree, April Bryant,
Sheteta Chambers, Melissa Gable,
Kelley Graham, DeAnna Horton,
Amanda Jonckheere, Angel King,
Petra Lancaster. Heather Raffield,
Chaka Speights, Way' e Thomas and
Brandy White. .1- .. '

Fifth Grade
All A's
Jennifer. Bell, Jamie Besore,
Harlotte Bolden, Davida Byrd,. Kristi
Capps, Brian Cathey, Teresa Even-
sen, Angie .Griffin, Scott Hawkins,
Tawanda Jenkins, Alice Kennington,
Missy Nobles, Solitaire Pincus, Alexis
Poircillie and Neil WhiteEagle.
A&, "
Antwoine Allen, Heavenly Bailey,
Dysbhanda Boykins, John Bryant,
Damien Byrd, ,Cheleste. Dawson;
Natalie Giant, FIanci Garrett, Mich-
ael Garrett, Brett Hanson, Jennifer
Harris, Delana Linton, Dacole Mc-
Cloud, Keith McDonald, Scott Middle-
ton, Mike Mock, Tara Mullis,; har-
lotte Peterson,' Jonathan Pierce.
Latresha Quinn, Katie Richardson,
Shemeka Sims, Jackie Terry, Crissy
Wa~ler, Sabrina Warren, Jessica
White, Nikki Williams and Casey
Sixth Grade
AU A's
Steve Ailes, Shanhan Antley,
Angela .Carpeniter, Kim Cooper, Clay
Cox, Lee Duren, Timothy Hatcher,
Christie McCulley, lioman Northcutt,
Erin Oliver, Jiimie Parrish, Pausha
Pendarvis, Eric Ramsey, Micah
Taylor, Nichole Wilder and Kelli
Melissa Anderson, Brant Bizek,
Bryan Butts, Clint Campbell, Christy
Chaneiy, Chris, Enfinger, Sherry
S Fenn.ll, Marcy Huft, August Jones,
Kellie. Kennington, Ahtrone Lewis,
Mac McAteer, Shalonda McNeal,
Danielle Moore, Joey Newberry,
Stephanie Norris; Sandra Peterson,

Excep. Student Ed.
A & R or All B's

Gulf County Schools have re-
leased their menu for the week of Feb.
29 thru March 4.
Monday, Feb. 29
Hoagie or turkey sandwich, let-
tuce, tomato, pickle, French fries,
bun, milk and cookie.

The Star, Port St. Joe, Fla. Thursday, February 25,1988 Page lB

releases Names of Honor Roll Students

First Grade
Donnie Baker.
Second Grade
Kevin Lamb and Aleisa Smith.
Third Grade
Felicia Gathers.

Fourth Grade
Kelly Smith.
Fifth Grade
Danny Lamb.
Sixth Grade
Zyris Hill.

"A Place for the Whole Family"
801 20th Street Port St. Joe, Florida

9:45 a.m. ...... Sunday School
(for all ages)
11:00 a.m ...... Morning Worship
6:00 p.m. ..... Evening Worship

6:00 p.m.......... Young People
7:00 p.m. ........ Prayer Meeting

Pastor: Fred A. Goebert Church Phone: 229-6707
Sponsor of Fafth Chftrtlan Schook Three year old kindergarten through Eighth Grade

Tuesday, Mar. 1
Lasagna, tossed salad, fruit,
buttered rolls and milk.
Wednesday, Mar. 2
Pizza, cheese wedge, fruit cob-
bler, mixed vegetables and milk.
Thursday, Mar. 3

Hot dog, cheese wedge, cole slaw,
French fries, bun, milk and cookie.
Friday, Mar. 4
Spaghetti with meat sauce and
cheese, cole slaw, green beans, rolls
and milk.
Menus are subject to change

I oooomes

319 Sixu St., MIgM64d Vm
"Where Jesus Chr!/t Is King
& God's Love Is An Everflowing
SUNDAY SCHOOL.... 10:00 a.m.
WED. EVENING ...... 7:00 p.m.

County School Lunch Menus for Coming Week