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The County record
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County record (Blountstown, Fla.)
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Wallace B. Finlay
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September 9, 2009


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United States of America -- Florida -- Calhoun -- Blountstown


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, ', 0 ,
II L 'v n I- . l I . i i I l",' 1"' II. ' ,1 '1 1


7IIIImlllhJlll!oIIIIl WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 E 103rd Year, No. 2 E BLOUNTSTOWN, FLORIDA 32424 E 50 CENTS (Including Tax)
"7 812090O

Tips for


Swine Flu

* Stay ofat home if you
are ill and keep your
child home from
school or day care if.
they are ill.
* Stay home until 24
hours after fever is
gone (without the use
of fever-reducing
* Cover your mouth
and nose with a tissue
when you cough or
sneeze. If you do not
have a tissue, cough
or sneeze into your
elbow or sleeve.
* Wash your hands often
with soap and water
or use an alcohol
based hand sanitizer.
Teach children to
wash while singing a
song like 'Happy
Birthday' to be sure
they have spent adequate
time scrubbing
their hands.
* Avoid touching your
eyes, nose or mouth.'
, Avoid contact with ill
For more information,
contact the Calhoun -
County Health
Department, 674-5645.

the 0ountA



Sept. 9...8PM... 4.9'
Sept. 11...8PM... 4.2'
Sept. 13...6AM... 3.9'

The helpful place.

[ - 1 You Pay
* $49.99
Werner 6' Type 1
Fiberglass Step
Man Rebate

25615 N. MAIN ST., ALTHA, FLA.


Swine flu has arrived

News Editor
Swine flu has made it to
the panhandle with stu-
dents from both sides of
the river being sent home
from school this week with
Liberty County has had
the most cases with 60 stu-
dents out at LCHS one
day last week. Fortunately,
the number absent had
dropped to 47 by Friday,
but Liberty County School
Superintendent Sue
Summers says they are
having two or three at the
- high school go home every
day and the number is
starting to spike at Iblar
K-8. The J.V. football
game was cancelled

Sixty LCHS students sent home last week.

Thursday to allow players
to move up to the varsity
team on Friday night and
replace several players
who are out sick.
As 'for precautions to
keep this* flu strain from
spreading even more,
Summers says, "We have
hand sanitizers all over the
place, and encourage stu-
dents to wash their hands
often. We're wiping down
high use areas more often
and wiping down buses
every afternoon."
Here in Calhoun
County, seven students
were sent home from
Blountstown Middle
School with fevers on

Health departments in
both counties are not test-
ing for H1N1 - the official
name for the swine flu -
but are assuming that if
the regular flu test is posi-
tive, it is the H1N1 strain
since it is running ram-
"Right now across the
country and in Florida in
particular, 70 percent of all
influenzas are testing as
H1N1," says Dr. Eugene
Charbonneau, who serves
as administrator at both
local health departments.
In both local school dis-
tricts, officials are following
the seven day rule as rec-

ommended by the health
department: If you're child
has a fever, keep them
home for seven days.
"If a child has a fever,
we're sending them home
immediately," says Vicki
Davis, Assistant
Superintendent in
Calhoun County. "Masks
have been ordered through
emergency management
after the state allotted a
very few for when kids are
presented with symptoms
and we're waiting for par-
ents to come pick them
A full week with a child
at home will likely create a
hardship for some parents,


Working the phones for MDA

A group of Liberty County High School students gave up port of their Laboor Day holiday to volunteer at the Jerry
Lewis MDA Telethon. The students, who are members of Inhe HOSA (Health Odcupalion Students of America) Club, >.
manned the phones for the lost couple of hours telethon at Channel 13. Their sponsor is Vicki Whittington who
teaches the LCHS Allied Healnh program and also sponsors the HOSA club Participants included (front row. from
left) Taylor Lowery, Betsy Bradwell. Haley Abbott. Angelica Lopez (middle row) Nikki Sellers, Dorian Williams,
Jordan White, Arminda Spikes, (back row) Joey Copeland, Cheyenne Griffin. Schelbie Bright, and Hitalina Morales.
They are shown with Jerry Tabbefl and Bree Sison of WMBB Channel 13


Drug investigation leads to one arrest
BY KELLI PEACOCK DUNN charged with sale of a con- Inv. Mark Mallory of the field tested and came back
News Editor trolled substance within Sheriff's Office began con- positive for cocaine. The

A joint investigation by
the Blountstown Police
Department and Calhoun
County Sheriff's netted
the arrest of an alleged
cocaine dealer last week.
Justin Watson, 21, of
Blountstown, has been

1000 feet of a public hous-
ing unit and possession of
a controlled substance
(cocaine) with intent to
According to the BPD,
the case began back in
August when BPD Officer
Timothy Partridge and

ducting drug investiga-
tions within the city limits
of Blouintstown. Contact
was made with Watson
and a deal was struck to
purchase several plastic
bags of cocaine for $50.
Once the transaction was
complete, the cocaine was

sale occurred within 1000
feet of the Fuqua Circle
Watson was booked
into the Calhoun County
Jail September 1 and
released after posting a
property bond. He is due
in court Sept. 30.

Who will be

Mr. & Miss

BHS 2009?
Homecoming week is set
for Sept. 21-25 at
Blountstown High School.
One of the highlights of
the celebration is sure to
be the crowning of Mr.
and Miss BHS.
Candidates for the titles
include (from left) Erin
Fowler, Stafford Dawson,
Shaterial Davis, Princeton
Grant, Sasha Simmons,
and Darren Huff.
Coronation is set for
Tuesday, Sept. 22, at
1:30 p.m. in the BHS
Auditorium. For more
homecoming court atten-
dants, turn to page 8.

but Dr. Charbonneau says
it's the smartest thing to do
to keep the flu from contin-
uing to spread.
As for words of wisdom,
Dr. Charbonneau stresses,
"If I have one main mes-
sage, it's don't panic and
use common sense. It's the
flu and they've not seen
any evidence of it mutat-
ing. It's a disease that, yes,
if you have underlying ill-
nesses, you have a greater.
risk of going on to worse
complications, but .that's
no different then any other
flu. So far, everyone who's
gotten it has gotten better.
We haven't had any hospi-
talizations to my knbwl-
Check out the tips at
left for staying healthy.



address to


News Editor
President Obama's plans
to address every school stu-
dent in the nation Tuesday
through a televised speech
sparked controversy and led
local school officials to make
some quick decisions before
the holiday weekend.
."The elementary school
will do a call out to let par-
ents know that if they do not
want their child to see it,
bring a note," Calhoun
County Assistant School
Superintendent Vicki Davis
told The County Record.
"Middle school and high
school teachers told their
students to tell parents to
send a note. Altha is going.
to record the speech and if a
teacher wants to use it in
their class that's what
they'll do." Davis said she
was unsure what Carr
School's plans were.
As for the contents of the
speech, Davis said, "The
Department of Education
says it's going to be a moti-
vational speech about doing
well in school, but I know
with all that's going on, par-
ents are concerned and
want to make sure he leaves
politics out of it."


1. Any Small Sub
2. Small 1-Topping Pizza
3. Howie Bread with Cheese
4. Wing Snack & Spicy Stix
(choice of Ranch or Bleu Cheese)
5. Any Small Salad
& Howie Bread
6. Baked Spaghetti
& Howie Bread


11 am to 4 pm only
19838 SR 20 WEST
Blountstown, FL


The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 2

Reader discusses the



health care parallax Wakulla Bank announces compliance

To the Editor:
Recently, in a bible
-study class with Dr Paul
-Joyner, the term parallaxx"
,was discussed within a bib-
lical context. Upon reading
:the near-polar opposite
views on health care
reform, it appears that
some desire the same
Subject, but disagree upon
how we should get there.
Yet, each view contained
the basic view that our cur-
rent health care system is
broken and needs repair.
Our current system is
far too expensive in that, it
currently takes upward of
16% of avg annual income
for health care, 'and likely
will reach 20% within the
,.next ten yrs. Considering
That we already pay over
50% of our income on
taxes, with 20% added, we
will being paying over 70%
-of our income towards
these two high ticket items.
View A - red


View B blue

View A sees a blue shad-
'ed object, yet View B sees a
.red shaded object.
View A, and View B are
.looking at the same object,
',but are fixated to a particu-
lar perception of that object
'based upon the back-
* ground. It is important to
Snote that these are not dif-
:ferent objects, just different
Views of the same object.
Regarding health care;
for example, a lot of talk is
-about "socialism". First,
-what is socialism within the
healthcare perspective (as
opposed to the political per-
Lspective). Socialized
'Medicine is 'a '"1$stem

wherein all health care is
single-payer, wherein the
single-payer is the govern-
ment. That means doctors,
hospitals, and insurance is
all covered under the
"socialized" system.
Anyone that thinks the
intent is to do away with
insurance companies, pri-
vate doctors and hospitals,
simply is not seeing things
as they really are designed.
Further, they are ignoring
the power of the insurance
Now, does that mean
that the current system and

the proposed system is
without any form of "social-
ism"? No, it should be obvi-
ous that .currently and
under the proposed plan
there is some elements of
"socialism"; for goodness
sakes, the government
already pays 45% of
American Health Care
costs. There is simply no
intent to do away with our
current system. Further, it
could not be done, if they
wanted to do so. ( "They",
being the President and the
Now, if the issue is sim-
ply an economic issue that
is a legitimate concern, but
let's not put bogeymen into
this issue. This country is
not now, nor will it ever be
Some people do not
believe that it is the place
of government to solve
social ills. That is one par-
ticular perspective. Then,
some people feel that is
particularly the duty of gov-
ernment to solve social ills.
These ideas have been
debated for thousands of
years, and will continue to
be debated
So, is it really useful to
debate different views, or is
it better to create a deliber-
ately distorted view in
order to create more confu-
sion about an issue? You
have to answer this for
yourself, or someone will
answer it for you.
. Robert S. Davis

When things go wrong the law firm of
Jason D. Winn, P.A. is here to help. We
understand how important it is for you to
know your legal rights and how to protect
them. Our areas ofpractice include:

Felony & Misdemeanor Offenses
All Drug Charges
Grand Theft
DUI 's
Driving Offenses
Violations of Probation
*Callfor a free consultation


Sept. 1: Justin B. Watson, warrant/sale of cocaine within
Sept. 2: Thomas D. Reddick, Liberty Co. warrant; Sandy P.
Griffis, DWLSR; David Griffin, Jr., grand theft; Erica Brown,
VOCP; Anthony Knight, FTA, writ of attachment; Justin Watson,
sale of controlled substance within 1000' of public housing,
poss. w/intent to sell cocaine
Sept. 3: Jena Dionee Demaree, VOSP; Craig Holmes, VOSP
Sept. 4: J.D. Owens, sale of cocaine within 1000'
Sept. 5: Steve Shiver, thefft'from victim 65 yrs.; Napoleon Byrd,
possession of cocaine
Sept. 6: Betty Hartzell, DUI; Eric O'Bryan, DUI
Aug. 28: Bradley Burke, grand theft; Jennifer Garner, grand
theft, burglary of structure; Jeffrey Austin, serving weekends;
Melody Robinson, hold for CCSO
Aug. 30: Jennifer Earnest, holding for CCSO; Tammie Brown,
county VOP
Aug. 31: Dale Green, county VOP; James Harris, county VOP;
Mersadie Amberg, hold for CCSO; Charles Jones, fleeing, elud-
ing, possession of 1/t 20 grams, resisting without violence
Sept. 2: Sandy Griffis, hold for CCSO; Erica Brown, hold for
CCSO; Thomas Reddick, poss. controlled substance with intent
to sell/deliver within 1000' of place of worship, sale or deliv-
ery of controlled substance within 1000' of place of worship,
warrant/Jackson County.

The above IndMvduals were booked Into the Calhoun or
Liberty County Jail over the past week. Although they have
been charged with a crime, they are considered Innocent until
proven guilty.

measures for regulatory agreement

Wakulla Bank
announced Friday that it is
ahead of schedule in com-
pleting elements of an
August 21, 2009, agree-
ment with state financial
regulators. The agreement
requires the bank to
increase oversight of its
loans and strengthen its
Allowance for Loan and
Lease Losses (ALLL)
reserves to support real
estate devaluation and non-
performing loans.
According to Wakulla
Bank President and CEO
Walter C. Dodson Jr., the
bank has completed several
of the agreement's steps
well ahead of the Florida
Office of Financial
Regulation's specified
deadlines. The agreement
requires the bank to
increase its capital and rid
the bank's portfolio of non-
performing loans, mostly

related to real estate deval-

The agreement follows a
routine examination by
state banking regulators.
"When regulators tell us
to 'write off' loans from our
portfolio, we don't see
paperwork - we see the
faces of customers and
friends who in some cases
have borrowed from our
bank for a quarter of a cen-
tury," said Dodson. "We
are committed to working
hand-in-hand with banking
regulators to implement
the provisions of the agree-
ment, but we feel the losses
Wakulla Bank has not
received any government
Like many community
banks, Wakulla Bank has
monitored the mortgage
crisis and corresponding

reduction of real estate val-
'ues since the end of 2007.
In response, the bank
increased its oversight of
problem loans, and in 2009
more than tripled its loan-
loss reserves as it prepared
to work through changes in
its real estate portfolio.
During May 2009,
Wakulla Bank completed a
routine exam by the State
of Florida's. Office of
Financial Regulation. As a
result of the exam, the
bank entered into a formal
agreement with-the Office
of Financial Regulation,
which ordered the bank to
reassess and evaluate all
processes related to its real
estate loan portfolio. The
action requires bank man-
agement to comply with
certain practices and activi-
ties that will strengthen the
bank. The bank must take
specific steps within a peri-

od of time to correct all
identified deficiencies
noted during the examina-
"Wakulla Bank has
been in business for nearly
35 years, and our roots run
strong in these communi-
ties," said Dodson. "We
remain committed to our
customers and will contin-
ue to provide efficient,
friendly and knowledgeable

Wakulla Bank is an
independent, FDIC-
insured bank dedicated to
quality and innovative
service, with branches in
Calhoun, Leon, Liberty
and Wakulla counties. The
bank maintains more than
$490 million in assets and
has served these communi-
ties for over 34 years. To
learn more, visit


* I ', . .

The 6th annual art show;'
will open this -Friday,
September 11, 'at ;-the ,
Veterans .Memoril .CiV(
Centre in Bristol. Times ar,
9 a.m. to.7 p.m. EST'rdlaK
Mdnddy, and Tuesdqyrt8f
noon tq 5 prrl.m'EST:;dn
Saturday and SundaySp
12 'andd 13!Fe
this -year Is Dr'.Tq.tL
Joynetr loa - .:i0rt4
teacher ih Cali0ounC16 1y,
,We will be showcds er
-work and.�tiat :of tier -sh
dents. Please come by'ond['
see how 'much falent-we'
have in lhis area.'Fo ffurftie-'
inft.or nat,0n, 'please 64
Minnie Shuler at 643-4798,


Calhoun County Library is awarded

$25,000 grant for Literacy Academy

In honor of
International Literacy Day
on September 8th and the
month long recognition of
September as Family
Literacy Month in Florida,
Volunteer USA Foundation
has announced more than
half-a-million in grants to
support outstanding family
literacy programs in the
state, which serve both
parents and children.
Among them is one to the
Calhoun County Public
Library Family Literacy
Academy for $25,000.
Former Florida
Governor and honorary
Foundation chair Jeb Bush
applauded the announce-
ment - the awards will help
sustain the statewide
Family Literacy Initiative,
which he and his mother
former First Lady Barbara
Bush launched ten years
ago. The Bush family
hosts Celebration of
Reading, an annual
fundraiser held in south-
west Florida each year, to
support the Initiative.
"Creating second
chances for parents to
enhance their knowledge is
critical to breaking the
cycle of illiteracy among
families," Bush said. "It's
quite an undertaking for
the adult students enrolled

the ount 'R cord

USPS 135-060
Published every Thursday by
Calhoun Publishing Co., Inc.
20311 Central Avenue West
Blountstown, FL 32424
PHONE 850-674-5041
*FAX 850-674-5008
Periodicals postage paid at
Blountstown, FL Post Office
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
P.O. Box 366, Blountstown, FL 32424
$21.00 in Calhoun & Liberty Counties
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Robert A. Turner
Sharon Turner
Kelli Peacock ...News Editor
Somehow, largely through the Grace of
God,. devoted loyalty, and the vast pride on
the part of many people, The County
Record has never missed an issue.

in these academies.
They're raising young chil-
dren, working and attend-
ing classes several days a
week, but they do it all
because they realize a good
education is the key to a
better future for their chil-
In the past year, the
Family Literacy Initiative

has provided nearly 8,000
parents and children access
to free classes ranging from
adult education, GED
coursework, early child-
hood education, and Parent
and Child Together Time,
as well as literacy programs
to assist families in commu-
nicating and bonding with
deaf or - hard-of-hearing

Volunteer USA, a non-
profit which advocates for
literacy, mentoring and vol-
unteer initiatives, manages
the Family Literacy
Initiative. Planning grants
are also available to family
literacy programs interest-
ed in serving as a Family
Literacy Academy.

Your customers are talking...

are you engaging with them?

Are you engaged?
Not to someone, but
with your customers? If
your customers are out
there talking about your
business, wouldn't you
want to be engaged in those
conversations with them?
With the popularity of
Social Media platforms
that are readily available
on the internet (and highly
popular - such as
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,
etc.), don't be mislead in
thinking that your business
isn't being talked about.
The problem that you have
is whether it's being dis-
cussed in a positive or neg-
ative light, and whether
you know about it or not.
The other advantage of
being engaged with your
customers is to get the con-
versations started to begin
with! The more you com-
municate with the cus-
tomer, the better they
understand you, your serv-
ices and your

products... but more impor-
tantly is that YOU under-
stand THEM. Another
positive by-product is that
your audience can grow
when you become engaged.
At the same time, don't
assume that the conversa-
tions are only happening in
some social media outlet.
Get engaged by monitoring
blogs, micro-blogs, forums,
and, most importantly,
Engaging in the conver-
sations your customers are
having about you is
extremely important. If
there is negative informa-
tion being spread about
your business then being
engaged in those conversa-
tions is one way to swiftly
correct the information and
turn your customers from
detractors (negative Word-
of-Mouth referrals to your
business) to promoters
(positive Word-of-Mouth
referrals to your business).
So, my guess is you're

already "connected" (on-
line) and possibly e-mail
engaging your customers
now. Why not continue this
process and get engaged in
the Social Media communi-
ties they're in as well.
If you're serious about
growing your business, then
be in constant engagement
with your customers, over-
deliver on the value you
provide, always grow per-
sonally and provide world-
class service in all you do,
work to become "known"
by as many people as you
can and watch your busi-
ness grow!

Until next time, remem-
ber: "Your Success Is My
Business!" '"
Joey Peacock is "Czar of
Customer First" as the
National Director of
Customer Experience for
FairPoint Communications.
Learn more at joeypea-
cock.conm or contact him at
joey (ijoeypeacock. coam

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 3

Youngsters gather at the old Clarksville Post Office and General Store during Folklife
Days at the Pioneer Settlement. The mid 1800s settlement will be celebrating it's 20th
anniversary October 3.

Pioneer Settlement to

mark 20th anniversary

The Panhandle
Pioneer Settlement will
host "An Expression of
Gratitude", a celebration
of their 20th anniversary
on Saturday, October 3,
beginning at 3 p.m. CST.
The event will feature
a special ceremony, mass
community choir, and a
country buffet meal.
Panhandle Pioneer
Settlement founders,
Willard and Linda Smith,
first envisioned the settle-
ment years before it

became a reality. As peo-
ple who lived the pioneer
lifestyle, they realized
with progress, the values
and traditions were being
lost, and wanted to pre-
serve the pioneer tradi-
tions that formed the
panhandle region. With a
dedicated group of fellow
supporters, volunteers
and through persever-
ance, commitment and
passion, the settlement
was officially started in
July 1989. Through a

land grant lease from
Calhoun County, the set-
tlement was able to move
its first buildings and
materials brought from
around the region to pre-
serve the pioneer lifestyle
and stand as a living his-
tory experience to edu-
cate future generations.
Mark your calendar
for Oct. 3 and don't miss
this 20th anniversary cel-
ebration of the
Panhandle Pioneer

Charles Jenkins elected

American Angus delegate

Charles R. Jenkins,
Altha, Florida, has been
elected as a delegate to the
126th Annual American
Angus Association�
Convention of Delegates,
November 16 in Louisville,
Kentucky, reports Bryce
Schumann, CEO of the

The family of Nicole
Purvis would like thank
everyone for their prayers,
visits, phone calls, flowers
and snacks that have been
received since the car acci-
dent she was involved in on
August 28th. She is getting
out of the hospital Friday
and is going to a Rehab for
2-3 weeks until sLrgery on
her right ankle and skin
graft on her right leg.
Anyone wishing to send a
card can do so at the,
address listed below.
Sharon Nicole Purvis
Tallahassee Memorial
Rehab Center

American Angus
Jenkins, a member of
the American Angus
Association with headquar-
ters in Saint Joseph,
Missouri, is one' of 386
Angus breeders who have
been elected by fellow

Room 1224
1609 Medical Drive
Tallahassee, Florida

The family would also
like to thank everyone that
helped at the accident
scene. The Calhoun
County Sheriff's Office, the
EMTs, the Volunteer Fire
Department, the personnel
who flew her to TMH.
There were so many con-
cerned people it is hard to
name each and everyone,
but we THANK YOU from
the bottom of our hearts for
your swift response.

members in their state to
serve as a representative at
the annual meeting.
Representing: 44 states, the
District of Columbia and
Canada, .the delegates will
participate in the business
meeting and elect new offi-
cers and five directors to
the American Angus
Association board.
The annual event is held
in conjunction with the
annual banquet and the
Super Point Roll of Victory
Angus show, November 16-
17 during the North
American International
Livestock Exposition.
The American Angus
Association has , nearly
33,000 active members
and is the largest beef
breed organization in the

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Yard E & qrouvld of the Mo-nthv

Doug & Janice Bulzer
"Flowers Make Me
Smile." So, said Janice .
Bulzer recently, upon learn-
ing that her yard was receiv-
ing the September Yard of
the Month honor from
Torreya Garden Club. Janice
and Doug Bulzer have their
own piece of heaven at the - __ ..
end of John F. Bailey Road.
Well-balanced and diverse ...._______. _ '
in color and bloom, one
finds yellows, hot pinks, purples, green grasses and shrubs offering contrast and balance.
Hibiscus, daisy, and roses are but a few of the flowers causing not only Janice, but also vis-
itor, to smile and know some of the beauty of the world.

Mavis Willis Insurance
The diverse and interest-
ing garden areas one finds
as they view the Mavis
Willis Insurance Agency
property immediately bring
a feeling of thoughtful cre-
ativity. A sense of humor is
seen in a small frog peeking I1l I
out from a mushroom, vari-
ous bird baths, Madonna's,
American flag -- all grace . .
the several garden's areas.
All serve as planned themes
for the variegated grasses
and hedge, roses, honey-
suckle, yellow lantana.
Love of country, respect for the sacred in life, appreciation for beauty, allis shown with artis-
tic flair.

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 4

Calhoun County's RSVP program volunteers are all awesome, but three were recog-
nized at Friday night's volunteer appreciation dinner for going above and beyond the call
of duty. Honored as outstanding volunteers were (from left) Aline Segars, Betty Hudson,
and Alice Ebersole. They are shown with RSVP Coordinator Maranda Hartman.


Moranda Hartman (right) is the volunteer coordinator
for Calhoun County and her office is at the Pioneer
Settlement. She was recognized for her hard work with a
gift from Linda Smith of the Pioneer Settlement.

The Retired and Senior
Volunteer Program (RSVP),
held an appreciation din-
ner Friday night at the
Blountstown Pentecostal
Holiness Church to thank
all the Calhoun County
volunteers who have
served so diligently over
the past year.
RSVP is sponsored by
Elder Care Services, a
United Way Agency. There
are many benefits that
come with volunteering
like insurance, recogni-
tion, RSVP newsletter, and
many more.
If you or anyone you
know are interested in vol-
unteering, please contact
Maranda at 850-674-
2777 or email at rsvpvco-


Lavaine Williams (standing) coordinates volunteers for the Calhoun County Public
Library Literacy Program. She is shown speaking with some of the local volunteers.

Calhoun County's history is being told through a heritage book that is currently being published.
Here is one of the stories that will be included.

Harvey and Ella
Mae moved to
Calhoun County,
Florida from
Pennsylvania with
their children:'
Elaine, Merrill,
Mary Jane, and
Sharon in
September 1954.
Our family' mov-
ing to Calhoun
County began in
the spring of -1954 v
9our Daddy, Harvey a
with several other
made an exploratory tr
this area in search of
estate to establish a
start for .them and
families in the south. I
an eight-year old lad
was privileged to accord
ny my Daddy on this
Prior to this trip our
cents had sold a forty
dairy farm and had a d
to relocate somewhere
warmer climate.
Some of their goals'
to relocate to an area w
they could rear their fa
in a setting that wv
include an evangelical
church, a country se
preferably a family f
and a friendly commu
these qualities were f
right here in Cal]
Upon returning




Submitted by Merrill Detweller

that initial trip my parents
lhen and another couple soon and
long traveled back to Calhoun a
men County and purchased cass
ip to property in the Abe Springs heday
real area. We were excited help
new when they told us children dto F
wasr that we would soon be mov- utili
was ing to Florida. Even utiliback
pand though I had been here on bac
mpa- the earlier trip, I could not uate
trip, visualize (from my parent's trip
par- description) the property they
esire that my parents purchased. dela
esire As it turned out my Uncle
to a Charles Myers and his fam- my
ily purchased 160 acres miss
were with a house and farm clas
here buildings on the east side of
'ould a dirt road (now Myers wer
local Dairy Road) and my par- O
chatting ents purchased 120 acres 0
tting on the west side of the road ily
arm, dividing up what was previ- Che
nity; p for
nity; ously a farm owned by or
ound trav
oun Alfred Brennamen.m ar
hounr arri
Prior to our actual move -
our Daddy purchased a

used bus that he
was planning to use
as a mobile welding
shop. He equipped
it with tools and
parts and got it
ready to drive to
Florida. He had a
1939 Chevy
flatbed truck with a
welder on it that he
towed behind the
bus. My cousin
a senior in high school
was finished with his
es waiting graduation
so he volunteered to
our Daddy get that rig
orida. The plan was to
e the rig to Florida and
:e public transportation
k home in time to grad-
d with his class; the
didn't go as planned,
had' numerous
hanical problems
ying them so much that
cousin completely
ed graduating with his
s. He told us later that
experiences on that trip
far better than any
uation experience.
)n moving day our fam-
loaded into our 1949
vrolet car and headed
Florida pulling a 32'
el trailer. As we
red at our new property
See DETWEILER, page 12

Blountstown Methodist Church is host site

"Angel Food Ministries" will

distribute food end of month

Blountstown United
Methodist Church is privi-
leged to be the Host Site for
Angel Food Ministries.
Angel Food Ministries is a
food relief ministry, found-
ed by Pastor Joe Wingo,
offering quality food at dis-
count prices. Unlike many
food programs, Angel Food
is available to all; anyone
can take advantage of the
marvelous specials. The
only qualification is "pay-
ment due when the order is
A few examples on the'
September menu are 7 lbs
of Assorted Meat Grill Box
for $23 or 11 lb. Random
Size Split Chicken Breast
Box for $21.
During September and
October you can pre-order
a Thanksgiving Holiday



will meet
Gardening Friends of the
Big Bend will meet at the
North Florida Research and
Education Center near
Quincy at 6:30 p.m.,
Tuesday, September 15.
The purpose of this
group is to promote garden-
ing and gardening research
by supporting and assisting
the faculty and staff of
NFREC - Quincy, an arm of
the University of Florida's
Institute for Food and
Agricultural Sciences. The
purpose of this meeting will
be to discuss and plan for
the group's October events
- Agave/Succulent
Workshop, Plantaholic
Preview, and Saturday
Plant Sale Extravaganza.
For more information,
contact Jill Williams at 850-
663-2280 or Dr. Gary Knox
at 850-875-7162.

Box for yourself or a family
in need. The Thanksgiving
box includes the following
for $36.00: 1-71b Perdue
Roaster, 1 2.5 lb Boneless
Netted Ham, 2 lbs. Frozen
Diced Sweet Potatoes, 3.5
lbs. Frozen Corn Cobbett's
(12) 2 lbs. Frozen Green
Beans, 1 lb. Frozen
Cranberries, 17 oz. Ready
to Cook Corn Bread
Dressing, 8 ct. Heat and
Serve Large Dinner Rolls,
4.5 oz. Brown Gravy Mix,
1 Dessert Item (Pie or
Cake), and a sheet of
receipts. These boxes will
be delivered on November
21, the Saturday prior to
Orders may be placed in
the church office, hours are
8 a.m. till 2 p.m., Monday
through Friday, or on line
@ AngelFoodMinistries.

corn. The following pay-
ment methods are accepted
cash, money orders or Food
Stamp EBT cards or debt
card when ordering on line.
Distribution is the last
Saturday, except in
November and December
when it is moved to the
third Saturday. Please call
the church office at 674-
8254 if you have any ques-


Em ilu '
nw thco-, .
g *rdno

i 9
? .' * 09

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Auto-Owners Insurance

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life Home Car Bu ess i*

Stoutamire Insurance, Inc.
1 6783 SE Pear St., Blountstown, FL
Phone 674-5974 * Fax 674-8307


ro11 Um

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 5


Never A Dull Moment

by J.K. Newsome

A good morning's evil twin

Double Take?
Anyone who remembers Gaskin Street in Blountstown in
the late 40s might do a double take if he or she drove by the
yard of 1500 East Park Avenue in Tallahassee today. Robert
Trammell, son of the late Park and Marjorie Trammell, who
was born and raised in Blountstown at 205 Gaskin Street,
can look at his only grandson and, by all accounts of those
.who do remember, see a glimpse of himself at babyhood.
Some say it's startling.
Jack-Douglas Trammell Roop, Robert's grandson, is the
son of Roland and Meredith Roop, who is the only daughter
of Robert (and his wife, Kay) Trammell. Meredith gave Jack-
Douglas (shown at right) the middle name "Trammell" as a
nod to her family heritage on her father's paternal side of the
family. Jack-Douglas has two older sisters, a first-grader
named Mirabella, and a four year old named Ava-Kay.
Jack-Douglas just turned two on July 27th and Robert
(shown left at two years old) turned-well, we'll say "had a
birthday'-on August 17th. We'll see how much this little
Leo will take after his grandfather. "Big Daddy" (as Robert is
called by his three grandchildren) says he just can't wait for
Jack-Douglas to be old enough to take fishing and to the
woods in Calhoun County!

Lizzie turns 4!
Lizzie Halley Speers turns
four-years-old on Friday,
Sept. 11th. Lizzie is .the
daughter of Kristy and Adam
Terry of Blountstown, and
Neil Speers of Altha. Her
grandparents are Mike and
Lori Halley, Debbie and the
late Myles Barfield, and
Charles Ray and Kathy Terry.
Her great-grand parents are
Sybil and the late Johnny
Halley, Roy and Montez
Golden, Marian and the late
James Peacock, and Martha
Lizzie enjoys ballet class,
rides on the golf cart, and
dress up.. She will celebrate
her birthday with family and
friends, and a trip to the zoo.
Happy Birthday, Lizzie!

Arthur Christopher
Jackson, Jr, a/k/a "Acee-boy"
turned 3 years old on
September 7, 2Q09. He is
the son of the proud parents
of Akwete and Chris Jackson.
Ace recently celebrated his
birthday with a Diego cake
at Red Lobster in Daytona
with his family, along with
Auntie & Uncle, Floyd and
Kim, Mr. and Chaz and of
course Auntie Jack and Kia.
Ace enjoys .spending time
with his daddy and cousin
Disco, riding his 4-wheeler,
riding his bike with his
cousins Mylia, Ben and Zikel
and spending time with the
Happy Birthday, Ace!
We love you, Mom & Dad


Happy 5th Birthday,
Beau Riley Landrum!
Love, Dad, Blake,
Aunt Dawn, Aunt Ann,
Grandma Alice,
& Uncle George

Tori Bowles and Drew
Hathaway of Blountstown
announce the birthday of
their son, Trace, on July 21,
2009, at 3:23 a.m. at Bay
Medical Center. He weighed
7 pounds, 14 ounces and
was 21 inches long.
Grandparents are Kibby and
Andy Hathaway and Pam
and Ricky Knowles.
Welcoming Trace home was
his big sister, Jacklyn.

( .-

Happy 1st Birthday, Hope!
Kimberly "Hope" Tanner
will be celebrating her first
birthday on September 12.
Hope is the daughter of
Warren and Kim Tanner of
Altha and the sister of Brett
and Colby Tanner of Altha.
Grandparents are William
and Margie Woodham of
Bristol and Bill and Christine
Peacock of Altha. Hope
enjoys being the center of
attention. She is a wonderful
baby and a complete joy!

It was the bus pulling
away that woke us up. I
begrudgingly came out of a
deep sleep, partly because
of the bus, but also I had a
stinging on my back side.
Had something bit me?? It
felt more like a sewing nee-
dle had somehow gotten
left on the sheet.
It was raining, good
sleeping weather. About
that time the phone rang. It
was Nancy calling from
Jacksonville where she has
been since Saturday doing

I am soooo busted.
Monday morning, the one
and only day that it fell on
me to do it, and I didn't get
the kids up and off to
school. I think she has
known this was going to
happen because she has the
back up plan ready.
"Get them to Wesley's
school by seven, and
Zachary will be able to
catch the bus to the high
school from there."
She wishes us a good
day and lets me get at it.
Oh man, I would have to
leave for work from there, I
don't have enough time.
Zachary has a back up
plan, too. He says to take
them up the road and they
can catch the later bus
there. Good plan. They
quickly get ready.
Because it is raining, we
hop in Jacob's car because
it is under a shelter and
close to the house, it needs
driving anyway, because he
is off at Navy boot camp. I
couldn't help but notice it
was a little cool, fall in the
air as they say. I did not
bother to . get dressed,
choosing to start the coffee
maker instead. I am wear-
ing my sleeping shorts, cut
off old sweats, and a ratty
tee shirt, no shoes.
We drove up to where
we knew the bus would be
coming and parked in the
ditch where we could flash
our lights to stop the bus. I
started fumbling with the
heater controls.
Jacob's car, 1977 AMC
Matador, ugly as sin, silver
with a maroon vinyl roof,

plaid interior, began having
some kind of attack, cough-
ing and spitting, then died,
no more engine sound, just
a bunch of red lights on the
dash and the wind shield
wipers slappin time.
Definitely an "oh crap"
moment. That boy loves
this car, had to have it the
moment he saw her. When
he was old enough, he
talked Captain Mr. Billy
Ray (that's what they
called him back then, I
don't remember why) to
sell it to him on a mutually
agreed upon payment plan.
Even though I already
knew what would happen, I
reached for the key and
tried such luck. Did I
mention it was raining?
I looked at Zack, then at
Wesley.. Apparently they
thought it was funny; the
humor seemed to escape
I got out and raised the
hood, maybe something
had gotten wet that should-
n't have. I dried a few
things off and asked Zack to
try it. No good. I pulled off
the coil wire and tried to
hold. it close to something
metal. "Try it." (Note to
self, this is not a good idea
when you are standing in
the rain with bare feet).
When my eyes uncrossed,
ears stopped ringing, and I
could unclench my fist, I
put the wire back where it
was supposed to be, mak-
ing sure I was not touching
anything. I asked him to try
it again.
Nothing. I am pretty
sure at this point I said
something I hope they
don't tell their mother.
I took off the Matador's
air cleaner and tried to see
if it was getting any fuel.
The gauge said he had
plenty, but who knows if it
is right.
I could not see, and I
could not smell gas as
Zachary pumped the pedal.
Oh well.
"You boys flag down the
bus, and I will walk home
and get the gas can."
We said our goodbyes
and I started home.
So here I am, sun barely
up on Monday morning,

not 30 minutes ago I was in
a warm bed, rocked to
sleep by the sound of rain
falling on the aluminum
roof of our front porch.
Now, that same rain is
soaking my shivering body
to the bone, as I walk bare-
foot, in my sleeping clothes,
the quarter mile or so
Most of you might have
read my last column. It was
about one of those "stop
and smell the roses" type
mornings. Well, this morn-
ing is that morning's evil
twin...the Black Sheep of
the morning family. This
morning started its day by
hurling something sharp
and barbed at the dart
board of humanity and it
stuck me square in the butt
Things were looking up
as I found the gas can in the
barn, and it had gas in it. I
put it in the back of my
dad's truck and went back
to the scene of the crime.
When I got there my Uncle
Ralph was there, seems he
had gotten nicked by a dart

himself. Only he had a flat
tire on a company vehicle
and was waiting for them to
come change it out.
I got about two gallons of
gas in the tank and, as my
southern education has
taught me, I saved some to
pour in the carburetor.
I felt a sharp pain in my
rear as I noticed that Zack
had forgotten to turn the
key to off before he got on
the bus, because hope
springs eternal, I gave it a
twist, but, sure enough, the
battery was dead.
I can hear that black
sheep snickering.

Ralph helped me tow it
back home, and I took him
back to his car.
Episode over.
Even though I would be
late for work, I took a warm
shower. I noticed I felt no
more sharp pain in my
back side, just a slight
reminder of the hits I had
taken. The evil twin must
have moved on...I hope it
missed you all, and that
you all have a great week.

the mount Record

20311 Central Ave. West
Blountstown, FL

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 6

Altha Middle School A-team

defeats MHS 9th grade JV

Nascar driver Sterling Marlin

joins locals on alligator hunt

Nascar drivers are known for racing around a
track at 200 miles per hour, bul one driver got quie
an adrenaline rush when he went galor hunting with
some Calhoun and Liberty countioans recently.
Race car driver Sterling Marlin was on a hunt
team with Andy Bailey, Vic Williams, and Jared
Roberts when they headed to River Stix south oft
Bristol on the prowl for an alligator. This.was
Marlin's first time and Bailey took him aside before
the hunt to explain everyone's role. By nights end,
they had bagged a 12 foot, 3 inch, 500 pound aill-
"When Sterling harpooned him, the gator got
'hung up in some stumps for about 30 minutes,'
Bailey recalls. "When the gator came up, he about
came In the boot with us." Bailey looked back to see
. Marlin.and Roberts in the back of the boat. He and
Williams had no where to run as the gator fought to
. : climb aboard. The gator lost his balance and slipped
r- back into the waler at which point Bailey pulled the
- ' loam 1ogetler Io.finish 1he job."Once-theg0torWoas -
.In their grip and under control, Bailey held the
beasts mouth and they taped it together to keep it
from biting them..
i "In the heat of the moment, with the adrenaline
rushing, ,Morlin remarked, "Ya'll are crazy."
The'team-is showr1from left, Bailey, Williams,
Marlin, and Roberts.

Lady Ti7gers open season with

wins over Vernon, South Walton

Buy iit online!^

Go towwwnthecounty0recordne

News Editor

It was two up and two
down for the Blountstown
Lady Tigers as they defeat-
ed both Vernon and South
Walton during their open-
ing week on the volleyball
"I've been proud of the
girls," says Coach Tanya
Durham. "They're playing
well as a team and showing
quite a bit of improvement
from last year, but we still
have some things to work
Vernon came calling
Sept. 1 and the Tigers sent
them packing, 25-15, 25-6,
The Lady Tiger serving
attack was most impres-
sive. Audrey Eubanks had
nine serving attempts and
nine aces. Selena Williams
came in with 14 attempts
and 11 service points. She
added four kills and nine
assists to the win. Brittany
Griffin offered four aces, six
points, and five kills.
BHS traveled to South
Walton Thursday and
brought home a 25-9, 25-
20, 25-15 win.
Williams brought in 16
service points and had four
-aces, along with 15 assists.
Griffin provided eight
points, six aces, and four
assists. Sierra Chason had
seven points and six aces.
Erin Fowler had seven
points and four aces, while
Shaterial Davis had six
points and six aces.
Eubanks provided nine
"Defensively, Sierra did
a great job. She had eight
digs and Erin had five

digs," says Coach Durham.
In J.V. action, the Lady
Tigers also ended the week
at .2-0. They defeated
Vernon, 25-22, 25-12.
"Tiffany Abbott did real
good and we had some very
good serving by. Kaycee
Yon," says Coach Durham.
Against South Walton,
the J.V. girls won 25-14,
25-15. "Kaycee had a good
serving game and it was
just a good team effort,"
Coach Durham remarks.
The Lady Tigers were
set to travel to Sneads on
Tuesday (details unavail-
able at press time). They
will host Holmes County
Thursday with game time
at 5 p.rm. for J.V, followed
by varsity at 6 p.m. The
girls travel to Marianna o
Monday with game times
the same.


Lady Tiger



9/10 Holmes Co. (H)
5 p.m./6 p.m.

9/14 Marianna (A)
5 p.m./6 p.m.

9/15 Graceville (H)
5 p.m./6 p.m.


The Altha Middle
School (A)Volleyball Team
traveled to Marianna
Thursday, Sept. 3, to face
off against the MHS 9th
grade JV team.
The Altha A-Team is
lead by returning players,
MacKenzie May (8th
grade), McKenzie Tanner
(8th grade), Mary Sewell
(7th grade), Emily Sewell
(7th grade), and Brianna
Yon (8th grade) who is cur-
rently out because of injury
but is due to return next
week. Joining this group for
the first time are Morgan
Lewis (8th grade), Carly
Schwartz (8th grade),
Hannah Register (7th
grade) and Brooke Boggs
(7th gtade).
After two games, 25-12
and 25-13, the Lady Cats
were able to chalk up their
first win of the season.
Leading scorer for the
match was Mary Sewell
with 9 points followed by
Boggs - 7 points, Emily
Sewell - 5 points, Register
- 4 points, Schwartz - 3
points and Lewis, May and
Tanner each had 2 points.
This group did an outstand-

ing job. They were quick to
correct their error and

offered words of encourage-
ment to their teammates.
They displayed the true
character of teamwork.
The Altha Middle
School B-Team is also look-
ing forward to getting their
season started next week.
This group is "lead by
returning players, Madison
Rowe (8th grade), Deana
Griswold (8th grade),
Elizabeth Bailey (7th
grade), and Jenny Moore
(7th grade). Joining this
group for the first time are
Brittany Graham (8th
grade), Ashlyn Barfield
(7th grade), Shelby
Murphy (7th grade) and
Aubree Bay (6th grade).
These girls work great
together. They are still a lit-
tle timid, but have shown
remarkable improvements.
As the season progresses,
I'm sure they will become
more aggressive. We are
looking forward to a pro-
ductive season.
Both teams traveled to
Franklin County on
Tuesday, September 8
(details unavailable at press
time). -They will be at
Blountstown Middle School
on Thursday, September
10, at 3 PM.
Come out and support
your Lady Cats!

Extension Service providing

free ride to Fall Field Day

The University , of
Florida Research and
Education Center, will host
its 2009 Fall Field Day on
Saturday, September 19,
beginning at 8:00 am east-
ern time.
The Calhoun County
Extension Service will pro-
vide free transportation for
up to 10 pre-registered
guests. Please call the
Extension Service at 674-
8323 to add your name to
the transportation* list.
First come - first served.
Featured tours this year
will target the following
groups: Bio-Energy and
Forestry, Forage and Turf,
Fruit Crops, Hydroponics,
Vegetables, and Wildlife.
Each participant will have
their choice of two tours.
Between tours, refresh-
ments will be served while
giving everyone time to
visit the different booths
and displays. These booths
will offer you information

and literature on' different
types of agricultural pro-
The Field Day is for pro-
fessionals and non-profes-
sionals alike, who are inter-
ested in gardening, land-
scape, farming, and the
quality of life in north
Florida. The NFREC field
days provide the most' cur-
rent research information
on agricultural practices
and highlight the impor-
tance of agriculture to
North Floridians and sur-
rounding areas.

This field day is free to
the public, compliments,pf,
ADAGE http://www.ada e- However",
pre-registration is required
with a deadline of Monday
September 14th.
For registration informa-
tion please . visit
nts / p df/Fall F D -
Sep2009.pdf or call 850-
875-7100 ext 0.

Chipola College Golf Classic

at Indian Springs is Sept. 18

Chipola. College Athletics
Department is hosting the
First Annual golf classic at
Indian Springs Golf Coursek
on Friday, Sept. 18.
Chipola has won numer-
ous conference, state, and
national championships and
will be using this event as a
major fundraiser for the
Format is three man
scramble with morning and
afternoon starts are avail-
able to help with schedul-
Entry is $75 per player
which covers greens fees,
cart, lunch, and the chance
to win door prizes.- The
Birdie package-$100-
includes entry in the big
contests, which offer cash
prizes, and two Mulligans.
Three sponsorship'
options are available: Gold
($350): three birdie pack-
ages, a club house sign, and
additional advertisement;
Silver ($125): one birdie
package and one hole sign,

Porter Wagoner

Field Day set

for Saturday
The Big River
Longbeards Chapter of the
National Wild Turkey
Federation is hosting a
Porter Wagoner Jakes
Conservation Field Day on
Saturday, Sept. 12, at 9
a.m. at Buttermilk Pond in
the Apalachicola National
Come out and let your
child experience the out-
doors through supervised,
hands-on activities at this
local event.
For more information,
contact Justin Ford at 850-
814-3907 or Jerry Lewis at

and Bronze ($50): one hole
sign. Merchandise is also
needed for awards and
For more information,
call David Lane at (850)
718-2234 or e-mail

"Tiger Town"

5K to be held

September 19
The BHS Homecoming
5k Race-"Tiger Town" 2009
is set for Saturday,
September 19, at 8 a.m. on
the Bike Trail (aka the
Blountstown Greenway).
There is a $15 entry fee
to run or walk and a $10 fee
to join the one mile fun run.
Proceeds will benefit
Blountstown High School.
Registration forms are
available at BHS or register
the day of the event at 7
a.m. Come join in the fun
and help support our local
students!. For more infor- *
nation, contact Michele
Futch at 674-5724 or 643-

Deadline for
News &.Ads
at Noon
Email news@
Fax 674-5008 .
Ph. 674-5041

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 7

Tigers win season opener, 27-7

by Robert Turner

"I was very please with
our defensive effort Friday
night", head coach Greg
Jordan said Monday fol-
lowing the Blountstown
Tigers' 27-7 victory over
Sneads Friday night at
Bowles Field. "However,
we must continue to get
better on offense each
week. We've got to get bet-
ter in the passing game.
We completed only one of
six passing," Jordan noted.
The Tigers will have two
weeks to prepare for the'
Chipley Tigers with an
open date on the schedule
this week. The Chipley
game will be in Chipley at
7:00 p.m. The Junior
Varsity will be in action
Thursday against Liberty
County, there at 6:00.

Game Scores of Future
Tiger Opponents
Chipley 14, Vernon 21
Wewa 28, Maclay 14
Graceville 16, Northview 34
W. Gadsden 0, E. Gadsden 21
Marianna 26, Cottondale 6
Port St. Joe 19, Bay High 17
Franklin Co. 6, South Walton 37
Liberty Co. 28, Bozeman 0
Baker,0, Crestview 35

Jordan had good reason
to applaud the defense.
They held Sneads to 63
yards rushing on 44
attempts. Sneads gave up
four fumbles, one being
returned for a 30 yard
touchdown by Jawon
Mosley. Paul Mosley inter-

cepted two Sneads passes
for the Tiger defense.
Sneads gained 26 yards on
3 of 9 passes.
Linebackers Jason
Money and Alexander
Garrett led the defensive
effort assisting on 15 tack-
les each. Bryan Hall
assisted on 12 tackles fol-
lowed by Frankie Murrell
with 10. Jawon Mosley
was in on 8 tackles followed
by Stafford Dawson with 7
and Princeton Grant with
For the Tigers on
offense, two lost fumbles
stopped drives and untime-
ly penalties slowed others.
Fortunately, the running of
Leon Broxton and Jawon
Mosley provided plenty of
'spark. Broxton had 113
yards on 15 carries while
Mosley rushed 8 times for

47 yards. One of Broxton's
runs was for 15 yards and a
touchdown. Mosley scored
on a 2 yard blast.
Quarterback ' Charles
Buggs, Jr. scored the other
Tiger touchdown on a dive

from the one.
The Tigers' first score
took only four palys and
covered 40 yards.Broxton's
score was the seventh play
of a 61 yard drive. Buggs'
touchdown was the third

play of a short 20 yard

Blountstown vs. Chipley
September 18 * 7:00 PM
In Chipley

Charles Buggs, Jr. stretches to get the ball into the endzone for a touchdown.

The football rolled out of bounds after Leonn Broxton lost control of it on this run.

The Tiger defense held Sneads to 63 yards on 44 carries Friday night.

The Tiger defense made the going tough for Sneads backs all night.



For the' first time since the 2006 football
season, the Tigers are 1-0 to start the sea-
son. ,
There was a lot riding on the opener for
this football team. Maybe more than. the
players even realized. It was important for us
to get off to a good start to the 2009 season.
This can how be used as a stepping stone
for this football team to grow.
The most glaring difference this week vs
last week was the play of the defense.
Sneads had just 89 total yards on 53 snaps
for a 1.7 yard per play average. We changed
some schemes and moved some players
around, but the biggest difference was ATTI-
TUDE. This week our defense played with a
little chip on their shoulder and things were
much improved. This team just has to con-
tinue to improve each week as the season
goes on for us to have a chance to be succ-
cussful. The entire defensive unit gets credit
for the win. Some of the leading tacklers
were Alexander Garrett and Jason Money
with 15 tackles each. Paul Mosley had two
interceptions in the secondary to stop two
scoring drives.

On offense, the Tigers only .ran 42 plays
for 210 total yards. Leon Broxton was the
leading rusher for the Tigers with 15 carries
for 113 yards. We need to run more plays
during the course of a game to keep the
defense off the field. We lost several posses-
sions in the first half on some mistakes that
turned the ball back over to Sneads when we
should have had the ball. We lost the open-
ing kickoff on a bobbled kick and gave them
the ball back on a roughing the
Rushing wise we had 199 yards on 36
carries for a 5.5 yard per carry average.
Passing we were only 1 of 6 for 11 yards.
We had the lead so we didn't want to make
any game turning mistakes. But we have got
to be able to pass the ball against tough
competition to have a chance to win. We will
get better in this area of the game as the sea-
son goes on.
The Tigers are OPEN this coming week
and then we travel to Chipley week three. The
JV will travel to Liberty County this Thursday.
Kickoff is set for 6:00 cst. Good luck to the
JV and hope to see you at the games. GO

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The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 8

English 1101: On the flip

side with dual enrollment

Seniors on the BHS homecoming court include (seated, from left) Rachel King, Allison
Wroblewski, Sasha Simmons, Shaterial Davis, Jessica Collier, Allison Slongo, (standing)
Princeton Grant, Stafford Dawson, Zack Segers, Jason Money, Cory Baldwin, and Darren
Huff. Not pictured are Tyler Prowant and Erin Fowler.

Homecoming court named;

meet teacher Debra Betts

Teacher ,Feature
by: Trent Smith
Whoa! Take a step into
this teacher's classroom
and find true team loyalty
utterly blazing! A parade of
blue and orange brightens,
the smile of anyone who'
dares enter Auburn Alley.
Have a seat, and you'll
soon discover that even her
abundant amount of team
spirit is nothing compared
to her sense of love and
dedication for not only
teaching, but for each and
every student passing
through her B.H.S. class-
room. Who is this epitome
of inspiration? Read on to
find out.
Last Thursday I had the
chance to slow down and
interview Mrs. Debra Betts
of;' Blountstown High
'oto.h- Over the course of
q*_-t thirty mingjs, I
learned much about Mrs.
Betts as a teacher and a
Mrs. Betts was born and
raised in Alexander City,
Alabama. Due to a job offer
her husband received near
here, she and her husband
moved to Blountstown. Her
favorite music includes
music wonders such as The
Beach Boys, The Beatles,
Nancy Sinatra, and Petula
Clark. Mrs. Betts enjoys
reading to a great degree -
her favorite book being
Cold Sassy Tree by Olive
Ann Burns.
Mrs. Betts has an
astounding twenty-five
years in the field of teach-
ing. She found her calling
as a social studies teacher
but soon found a new love -
English. She has been
teaching at B.H.S. going on
eight years. Mrs. Betts is
an alumni of both Central
Alabama Community
College and, of course,
Auburn University. While
attending CACC, she
received an associate's
degree in science and then
transferred to AU to
achieve a bachelor's degree
and a master's degree in
education. Mrs. Betts grad-
uated with high honors

Underclassmen on the homecoming court include (from
left) freshment Kenya Baker and Hope Jerkins, sophomores
Nick Cessna and Savannah Prowant, and juniors P.J.

Baggs and-Sierra Chason: -

from both universities.
When asked if she would
like to achieve any addi-
tional degrees, she
explained her satisfaction
with teaching.
Mrs. Betts loves to tell
her life stories. I was-
amused to hear the one .she
shared with me during the
interview. Who doesn't
want the luxury of a car,
right? What's really special
is one's first car! She got
her car and quickly dreamt
up the color she desired.
She envisioned a. smooth,
light orange color for her
beauty. Dad, of course, had
to be of some assistance.
He offered to take care of
getting the car painted -
her cousin being a' car
painter. When the car was
finished, she was told that it
wasn't exactly what she
had wanted. The car came
out to be the brightest
tomato red imaginable.
Noticing that her father felt
that he had failed, she
cheerfully noted, "Hey, at
least I'll be able to find it in
the parking lot!"
Mrs. Betts also includes
quotes into her list of
favorites. One quote that
she admires is one of faith.
"God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I can-
not change, courage to
change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the
difference." - Unknown
Mrs. Debra Betts is
truly a being of wisdom,
love, and dedication. Never
am I left uninspired.

Senior info
Are you a senior during
this 2009-2010 school
year? Do you participate in
at least one sport? Are you
a leader in your school and
your community? Then
don't miss this opportunity
to be recognized for every-
See BHS, page 9


Blountstown High
School and Altha High
School are sharing an
English class this school
year! English teachers Mrs.
Joyner of Altha and Mrs.
Baldwin of Blountstown
are teaming up to generate
one unique class period.
Every day in Mrs.
Baldwin's first period class,
students take their required
English course. Their
teacher though isn't Mrs.
Baldwin, their teacher is
miles away. How is this
possible you ask? This
technological advancement
in teaching is called the
ENC 1101/1102

BES will

host open

Simulcast. ENC stands for
English composition, which
basically introduces stu-
dents to critical thinking
and writing. In this class,
students learn how to use
proper grammar and how
to understand the impor-
tant connection between
reading and writing.
The ENC class is com-
prised of two separate
courses, the 1101 and the
1102. ENC 1101 is taken
the first semester, ENC
1002 is taken the second.
This class is a dual enroll-
ment class, which means,
these students are enrolled
in Blountstown High
School, and Chipola
College. To be accepted
into this class, you inust
pass certain requirements
set by Chipola. The class is
made up of mostly seniors,
but there is one junior in
the class.
The students receive

o two text books, which are
the same books that
Chipola gives their stu-
dents. In this class students
1st grade will write more essays, they
must have a set number of
words written by the end of
BES will hold a special the year, and they must
open house for first grade have a particular amount of
parents and students called essays written. This is the
Families Building Better first time that this type of
Readers on -MQn4dyr.-,otrse has been offered ini
September 14, at 5:00 P M. Calhoun County. ENC
The first grade open .1101/1102 has been taught
house will begin promptly at at BHS before, but not with
5:00 P. M. in the BES simulcast.
lunchroom with a special What is simulcast? A
presentation on teaching

students to read by
Panhandle Area Education
Consortium representative,
Donna Doelman. After the
presentation, first grade
teachers will discuss grades,
homework, and other
important information
about first grade.
Hope to see all parents of
third grade students on
Monday, September 14, at
5:00 in the BES lunchroom.

Deadline for
News & Ads
at Noon
Email news@
record .net
Fax 674-5008
Ph. 674-5041

simulcast by definition is -
simultaneous broadcast.
That is just a fancy word
which means that the
teacher can teach the class
via a video feed. This pro-
gram is used primarily for
business purposes; in this
case however, We are using
it to teach students. Mrs.
Joyner, who teaches
English at Altha Public
School, is the ENC
1101/1102 Instructor for
Calhoun County. Every
morning she "calls" Mrs.
Baldwin's computer to start
the video instruction. Mrs.
Joyner has six students in
her class at Altha, whereas
Mrs. Baldwin has 17.
There is a camera near the
ceiling to the left in Mrs.
Baldwin's classroom. This
allows Mrs. Joyner to see
all the students in the
room. The technology is
incredible; Mrs. Joyner can
see every move a s 'idents
makes. She can answer a
question when a student
raises their hand, she can
see their facial expressions,
and hear what they are say-
This class is a new ,nd
innovative form of teaching.
Students will learn writing
and English skills that will
benefit therm in their busi-
ness lives as adiilts. S-o 'f
you have a child that will
be in llth or 12th grade
next year, think about sign-
ing them up for this fun and
engaging class!

NOW and See What You've Been Missing
--------- --
One Year For Calhoun and Liberty County...$21
One Year Elsewhere...$26

/ ---NAME ________________------







10510 W SR 2 In Brlstol
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,,,t /,, t ^Jh"Al ^^^^^^^^^^^^^



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 9

Enrollment up five percent

at Chipola College this fall ARRHOO EWS

College officials are cele-
brating a five percent
enrollment increase this
While the numbers are
still being collected from
on-campus programs and
high school dual enrollment
classes, college officials esti-
mate that more than 2,000
students are enrolled this
"We are pleased with
the continued growth,
which points to the ongoing
demand for higher educa-
tion opportunities in our
area," said Dr. Jayne
Roberts, Chipola's Dean of
Enrollment Services. "It's
clear that the current eco-
nomic climate is driving
more students to campuses
across the nation, and
Chipola is no exception."
Roberts also points to
growth in Chipola's
Bachelor degree programs
as an important factor in
the overall increase.
Enrollment in B.S. pro-
grams is up 85% over this
time last year with 158 stu-,
dents compared -to 85 last
Roberts says, "The
Bachelor's . degree pro-
grams have drawn great
interest and enrollment
demands at the associate's
level as well as the bache-
lor's level."
Chipola offers eight
bachelor's "degree programs
including math or science
education for middle and
high school, elementary
education, exceptional stu-
dent education, business
and nursing.
College president Dr.
Gene Prough said, "We are
glad that so many students
are taking advantage of the
opportunities available at
Chipola. Our goal is to pro-
vide access to higher educa-
tion to all the citizens of our
Students may still enroll
in classes this Fall thanks to
the new, shortened C term.
.llaes ru .Oct. 16 through
Dec 16, with registration on
Oct. 15. Financial aid
application deadline for
Term C is Oct. 1.
The majority of Chipola
students are enrolled in the
Associate in Arts (AA)
Degree program designed
for students who plan to
complete their first two
years of college work at
Chipola and then transfer
to a four year program at
Chipola or another college.
Chipola offers more than
a dozen Associate in
Science (AS) degrees which
provide professional train-
ing associated with specific
careers, including: Business
Administration, Computer
Engineering Technology,
Computer Information
Technology, Criminal

BHS cont'd-
thing that you do! Apply
now for the 2009 Wendy's
High School Heisman! Visit
for more information and to
apply! The first 41,100
applicants will receive a
FREE Wendy's Gift Card!

Guidance memo
The next ACT is October
24th. Deadline for register-
ing is September 18th.
Students can pick up pack-
ets in the guidance office.
Also, Seniors, Elks Club
scholarship packets can be
picked up now in guidance.

Football ticket sell-
Students can purchase
'Home' football tickets on
Friday in the front office
during break and lunch for
$3. Please remember; these
tickets are for students only!

Calendar of Events
Thursday 10th
-Volleyball, Home,
against Holmes County @
- JV Football, away at
Liberty @ 6:00

Chipola College officials are celebrating a five percent
enrollment increase this Fall. Here, Chipola students Monica
Guilford (left) and Hailey Moravek, both of Blountstown,
head to class on a warm September day.

Justice Technology
Enforcement and Crime
Scene Investigation),
Culinary Management,
Early Childhood
Education, Fire Science
Technology, Networking
Services. .Technology,
Nursing (RN and LPN)
and Recreation Technology.
One Associate in Applied
Science (AAS) Degree pro-
gram in Criminal Justice
Technology is available.
Three College Credit
Certificate programs are
offered in Child Care
Center Management,

Emergency Medical
Technician (EMT) and
A variety of continuing
education programs are
available on campus in
areas ranging from Child
Care to Real Estate.
Through partnerships with and,
Chipola offers online cours-
es in courses such as health
care, internet graphics/web
design, business and law.
For information, call the
Admission and Records
office at 850-718-2311, or

Carr School campus is undergoing some important changes. The old portables are
being demolished and hauled away. Pictured is Mr. John Smith checking the progress of
the job.

BAS Class of 1999 to take

dinner cruise for reunion

The Blountstown High
School Class of 1999 is
planning a 10.year reunion.
The event will be a din-
ner/dance cruise that
boards at Captain
Anderson's at 6:30 pm on
Saturday, October17.
The cruise will last three
hours and will return to the
dock at 9:30 pm. The cost

is $48 dollars a person and
that includes a buffet din-
ner of prime rib, seafood,
chicken and pasta.
Everyone will need to call
1-800-360-0510 with a
credit card number to
reserve your spot. Now, the
most important part:

feel fee to bring a guest.



Call 674-50414
* .3-


Makes It Easy.:
my est .. -t 0

' ..-

I ,.


S.- . . - - t ...

�--<. ,# .

I. -
* .4.
,j i'.....

Monday 14th
-Volleyball, away at
Marianna @ 5:00/6:00

Tuesday 15th
-Volleyball, Home,
against Graceville @

Wednesday 16th
-Early Release for stu-

Sho a aretyof ega ad acc

.�... . .,--.
I --i_.m . . , "

20291 Central Avenue W.
H 0 M & U R N I T U R E Blountstown

MOre,,,, Phone: (850) 674-4359


* -- 4"e]a.aj. :,� ..

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 10

History Project meeting

Thursday at the Depot

Mr. Jame.s Allen Cain,
51, of Kinard, Fla., passed
away Friday, September 4,
2009, in Panama City.
James was born on
December 11, 1957, in
Panama City and had lived
in Kinard for most of his
life. He was a Tug Boat
Captain for 34 years with
American Commercial
Lines in Jeffersonville,
Indiana. He was a 1975-
graduate of Blountstown'
High School. James was a
member of the Cypress
Creek Missionary Baptist
Church in Kinard.
Survivors include his
wife, Gwen Cain, of
Kinard; two . sons,
Christerpher -Cain and
wife, Jessica, of Kinard and
Jeremy Cain of Kinard;
two. daughters, Jamie
Roberts of Kinard and
Miranda Cain of Kinard;
one brother, Justin Cain of
Clarksville; three sisters,
Kathy Franklin and her
husband, Ricky, of Kinard,.
Darlene Layfield and her
husband, Jimmy, of
Blountstown, Violet Goss
and her husband, Seymore,
of Clarksville; a very spe-
cial mother-in-law, Ruth
Stevens, of Blountstown;
five grandchildren, Austin
Cain, Jonathon Cain,
Jordan Cain, Taylor
Roberts and Jaden
Roberts; six nieces, Erica
Lambert, Chante Stevens,
Jennifer Goldyn, Amy
McCloud, Melissa Parker,
and Morgan Stevens;
seven nephews, Bradley
Stevens, Ryan Abbott,
Branden Hall, Matt
Layfield, Chuck Layfield,
Tyler Stevens,- and. Noah
Stevens; a son-in-law,
Jason Roberts.
Funeral services were
held Monday, September
7, at 11:00 a.m. (CT) at
Peavy Funeral Home
Chapel with Rev. Carlton
Cain and Rev. Joseph Yates
officiating. Interment fol-
lowed in Cypress Creek
'All arrangements were
unler the direction of
Marlon Peavy at oFeavy
Funeral Home in
Blountstown, (ph. 850-

Mrs. Lucy Hemdon, 88,
of, Tarrytown, GA,. died
Thursday, September 3,
Mrs. Herndon was born
in Emanuel County and
lived in Calhoun County,
FL, before returning to
Treutlen County in 1961.
She, was preceded in
death by her parents,
Aaron and Kizzie
Hutcheson Phillips; and
her husband, George W.
Herndon. She was a mem-
ber of Carr Advent
Christian Church, Altha,
Survivors include sons,
Troy Herndon,
Chattahoochee, FL, and
Edward Herndon, Lyons;
daughters, Georgia Sands,
Lyons, Esteen Merritt,
Vidalia, Christine Allen,
, Lyons, and Annette Tiller,
Inglewood, FL; 'brother,
Elmie Phillips, Soperton;
seven grandchildren; and
13 great-grandchildren.
Graveside services were.
held in Zaidee Advent
Christian Church
Cemetery at 2 o'clock
Sunday afternoon,
September 6, with the Rev.
Marvin Nichols officiating.
The family may be
reached at the home of
Mrs. , Herndon, 12054
Hwy. 46, Tarrytown, GA
30470, 912-529-6655.

Loyette Williams
Stephens, 89, passed away
Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009, at
Calhoun - Liberty Hospital.
She was born Nov. 16,
1919, in Covington County,
Alabama, where she lived
all of her life before moving
to Blountstown, Florida,
three years ago to live with

her family.
She was proceeded in
death by her husband,
Homer Stephens, May 11,
1995, as well as two sisters
and one brother. She was
retired from the Alatecs
Corp. where she was a
seamstress for more than
40 years. Loyette was a
member of Southside
Baptist Church . in

A u a Fought

to Remember

77m Adams
Funera! Dsrctor
More and more people
are coming to us to
arrange for their funerals in
advance of need. Many
who have planned ahead
have already known the
responsibilities of selecting
merchandise and paying
for a funeral. Others have
helped their friends or
family members while
making arrangements. All
have thought "This could
have been made easier on
everyone if some
preparation had been
made beforehand."
Today you have the
opportunity to decide what
you want, calmly and with
a clear mind. Isn't this
something you would like
to do for your family?

674-5449 *643-5410

Andalusia, AL, where she
enjoyed quilting with her
friends several days a week
and church socials.
She is survived by one
daughter, Betty, and hus-
band, Wayne Posey, of
Blountstown, FL; two
brothers, Archie and wife,
Wylene Williams, of
Andalusia, AL, and Coy
Williams of Red Level, AL;
one sister, Mary Lou
Cowan, of Blakely, GA; two
grandchildren, .Shannon
Posey of Bristol,, FL, and
Melissa (Posey) nd hus-
band, Paul Cessna, of
Blountstown; FL; four
great grandchildren,
Nicholas and Justin Cessna
of Blountstown, FL, Shelby
Posey of Altha, FL, and
Taylor Cessna of
Tillahassee, FL; and sever-
al nieces and nephews.
Funeral. Services were
held at Keahey's Funeral
Home in Andalusia,

Alabama, with graveside
services at Fairmont
Baptist Cemetery in Red
Level, AL, following.

Mr. Donald Ray Warren
of Hartford passed away on
Thursday, September 3,
2009 at his home. He was
He was a member of the
Blounstown Masonic
Lodge fbr 53 years and had
received his 50-year pin.
He was also a member of
the Order of the Eastern
Star Loyalty Chapter 438
in Geneva, AL. He was
born on April 1, 1932, in
Calhoun County, FL.
Donald Ray, as he was
most often called, grew up
and spent his early years in
the Broadbranch
Community near Kinard in
Calhoun County, FL. He
served four years in the
U.S. Navy and upon
returning, to his home
place, he obtained a job at
Tyndall Air Force Base.
Later he became employed
at Graham Air Base in
Marianna, FL. He
returned to school- at
Chipola College in
Marianna and obtained his
high school diploma. He
started working at Fort
Rucker in 1961; after 38
years, he retired from
DynCorp Corporation in
May 1999.
He loved to read and
enjoyed the history of his
birth county in Florida. In
his early years, he loved to
fish and hunt. His hobbies
were working in his
grapevines and plant prop-
agation of fruit trees. He
enjoyed his grandchildren
and great grandchildren
and spent as much time as
he could with them. He
will be greatly missed by
his family and everyone
who knew him.
He was preceded in
death by one son, Donald
Ray Warren Jr.; one broth-
er, Charles E. Skipper; and'
his mother, Pearl Skipper.
Survivors include his
wife: Lois Jeanne Warren
of Hartford; one daughter:
Elizabeth Jeanne Warren
of Hartford; two sisters:
Evelyn Rushing of
Broadbranch, FL and

Joyce Greene of Calhoun,
GA; four brothers: Johnny
Skipper and Reggie
Skipper of Broadbranch,
FL, Gerald Skipper of
Grand Ridge, FL, and
Tommy Skipper of
Wewahitchka, FL; five
grandchildren: Eida
Ballard, Dwayne Warren,
Rita Getz, Ryan O'Rourke
and Heather Smith; six
Nathan Miller, Kiah Smith,
Krista Ballard, Troy
Ballard, Lorena Getz and
Whyatte Smith; several
nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were
held at 6:00 p.m. on
Saturday, September 5, in
Sorrells Funeral Home
Chapel with Rev. John W.
Withrock, Jr. officiating.
Graveside services with full
Masonic rites were held on
Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in
Cypress Creek Cemetery
in Kinard, FL, with
Sorrells Funeral Home of
Slocomb directing, (334)
886-7777. Please visit their
website at www.sorrells to sign
a guest register.

Heritage Book

publicity chair

extends thanks
Publicity Chairman
As publicity chairman I
would to express a heartfelt
thank you to each of you
who submitted stories and
photographs on behalf of all
of the officers and members
of the Calhoun County
Heritage Book Committee.
The book would not have
been complete without each
of the stories that was sub-
. If you have not ordered
your book as of yet you may
pick up an order form from
the Calhoun County Public
Library on Highway 69.
The books should be back
from the printers some-
times, this winter, 2009, or.
early 2010.
In ending out our publi-
cations of stories we have
chosen 2 that we hope you
will enjoy and encourage to
order your book today!

The Blountstown
Historic Preservation
Committee - , Calhoun
County History Project
invites you to attend their
board meetings, the second
Thursday of each month,
5:00 pm CST, at the
restored M&B Train Depot
on north Pear Street,
Blountstown. The next
meeting is Thursday, Sept.
10, at 5 p.m.
These meetings are
open to anyone interested
in local history. We need
your help . planning our
upcoming events.
The mission of the
Calhoun County History
Project is to acquire And
display items that depict

Community choir

to rehearse for

Settlement event
Please join us for the
community choir rehearsals
for the Panhandle Pioneer
Settlement's 20th
Anniversary Celebration.
The celebration will be at
3:00 p.m. CT, Saturday,
October 3.
The choir will rehearse
at"6:00 p.m. CT, Thursday
night, September 10th,
.17th, 24th, and October 1 in
the Frink gym at the settle-
ment. Please come out and
help us prepare the music
for this celebration.

t Fami


LAB on
Service on
Repairs and
Relines Dr. Monica Bontrager,

Laban Bontrage

Monica Sontragq
12761 NW Pea Ridge Road, Bristo

the rich history of the peo-
ple, agriculture, industry,.
and natural resources of
Calhoun County arid sur-
rounding communities.
Donations are very wel-
come! Currently we wish
to add a vintage piece of
farm equipment to one of
our outside gardens.
For more information
please contact the Calhoun
County Cooperative
Extension Service at 850-
674-8323 or email mbrail- . Thank

Red Hat Society
meeting set for

the Lighthouse
The Red Hat Society
monthly meeting will be
held at the Lighthouse
Restaurant in Wewa Sept.
10 at 12:00 CT. Members
are asked to meet at the
First Baptist Church
Activities building at 11
a.m. if you'd like to carpool.





er, DMD
1l, FL 32321


vChurch Directory
-- -

For Information On Listing Your Church, Call 674-5041 W

First Church of the Nazarene Christian Home FreeWillBaptist Church
17826 NE Crozier St. * Blountstown, FL 32424 . 850-866-4036 19244 NE State Road 69, Blountstown, FL 32424
Sr. Pastor: Dr. Ernie Gray 850-674-8169 850-674-8169 Sunday Services Ron Burger, Pastor
Schedule of Services - Sunday School...9:45 AM 850-614-5194
* Morning Worship 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship...l:00 AM
* Sunday School 10:15 a.m. Evening Worship..6:00 PM e-mail:
* Wed. Bible Study 6:00 p.m. Wednesday Service...6:00 PM Come Be Our Guest!

St. Mary Missionary - Blountstown United Methodist Church

Baptist Church Located on Hwy 20 directly across from
16345 SE River Street, Blountstown, FL Sub-Way & McDonalds
DR. C.L. WILSON, PASTOR Wednesday Bible Study...9:00 AM
"We Minister To Needs Without Magnifying Faults" Sunday School...9:45 AM
Sunday School - 9:30 AM * Morning Worship - 11:00 AM Sunday Worship... 11:00 AM
Prayer and Bible Study Wednesday - 6:30 PM
General Mission & Brotherhood 2nd & 4th Saturday - 10 AM Telephone: 674-8254 Email:

Meaningful Bible Study.............9:45 AM
Exciting Worship .............. .11:00 AM SOUTHSIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD
Bible Study & Worship ............ ...6:00 PM1SF
Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study..........6:30 PM 15164 SR 71 South, Blountstown, Fla.
Pastor David Throckmorton Sunday School 10:00AM Bible Study 7:00 PM
Located two blocks south of the intersection Highway 20 LARRY WHITE, Morning Worship 11:00 AM Kidz Jr. Bible Quiz 7:00 PM
and Main Street in Blountstown PASTOR Children's Church 11:00 AM
St t- C 482-4825 Evening Worhsip 5:00 PM
FiSt Baptist Church CHURCH PHONE Kidz Sunday School
Helping people follow in the footsteps of Christ 674-8884 and Church 10AM-12Noon

Blountstown First For information on listing

Assembly of God Church your church in this

Sunday Services Pastor, Shelton Kindig directory, please contact
Sunday School...9:45 AM Hwy. 20 West, 13thStreet The County Record
Morning Worship... 11:00 AM
Evening Worship...5:00 PM BlOUntStown, FL
Wednesday Service...7:00 PM 850-674-4331 at 674-5041.

For Information on Placing Your Church in the Directory, Please Call 674-5041





There was plenty of loe-lappin' good music
at the River valley Marketplace Saturday morn-
Ing. 'Thee Southern Sounds" opened the
September event with their own blend of south-'
ern style country and gospel music. At left, one
of the bond members gets a little help from
Griffin Pickron
The downtown farmers market Is held thea
first Saturday of every month in the greenspaoce
next to Wakulla Bank in Blountstown.
Sponsored by Blountstown Main Street, the
market is free to vendors. Items must 6e
homegrown, handmade, or homemade. To
reservee a booth space for October 3, call Kelli

Legal Notice
DEMPSEY LEWIS the holder of the follow-
ing certificate has filed said certificate for a
tax deed to be issued thereon. The certifi-
cate number and year of issuance, the
description of the property, and the names
in which it was assessed are as follows:
Certificate No. 92 Year of Issuance: 2007
# 33-1 N-08-0002-0013-0000
Begin 70 yards East and 210 yards north
of the Southwest Corner of SW 1/4 of SE
,11/4 and run North 35 yards,thence run
West 70 yards, thence run South 35 yards,
thence East 70 yards, to the POINT OF
BEGINNING, and being in Section 33,
Township 1 North, Range 8 West.
Lewis ETAL, 4717 Fox Hunt Dr., Tampa, FL
Said Property being the County of CAL-
certificate shall be redeemed according to
law the property described in such certifi-
cate shall be SOLD to the highest bidder at
the Courthouse door on October 1, 2009
at 10:00 A.M. CST.
Clerk of Circuit Court of

Legal Notice
LEE HOLLEY the holder of the following
certificate has filed said certificate for a tax
deed to be issued thereon. The certificate
number and year of issuance, the descrip-
tion of the property, and the names in
which it was assessed are as follows:
Certificate No.395 Year of Issuance: 2002
# 02-1 N-11-0560-0002-3900
Lot 39 Lake McKenzie Homes
Subdivision, according to Official Plat filed
of record on the 5th day of September,
1961 and recorded in Plat Book 1, Page
52, Clerk of Circuit Court Office, Calhoun
County, Florida.
Irene Fernsler, C/O Linda L. Bridges,
18180 SW 66th St., Fort Lauderdale,. FL
Said Property being the County of CAL-
certificate shall be redeemed according to
law the property described in such certifi-
cate shall be SOLD to the highest bidder at
the Courthouse door on October 1, 2009
at 10:00 A.M. CST.
Clerk of Circuit Court of

Legal Notice
REEN MCLELLAN the holder of the follow-
ing certificate has filed said certificate for a
tax deed to be issued thereon. The certifi-
cate number and year of issuance, the
description of the property, and the names
in which it was assessed are as follows:
Certificate No.401 Year of Issuance: 2007
Commence a the SW Corner of N1/2 of
Lot 2 Original, Section 12, Township 3
South, Range 10 West, and run East 1407
feet: thence run north 420 feet for the
'POINT OF BEGINNING: thence run north
70 feet: thence run West 100 feet: thence
run south 70 feet: thence East 100 feet to
same as lot 7 of R.L. Leath Unrecorded
Hyde, 612 S. park St., #1, Carrollton, GA
Said Property being the County of CAL-
certificate shall be redeemed according to
law the property described in such certifi-
cate shall be SOLD to the highest bidder at
the Courthouse door on October 1, 2009
at 10:00 A.M. CST
Clerk of Circuit Court of

Legal Notice
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to
Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the follow-
ing water use permit Is being recommend-
ed for revocation by the Northwest Florida
Water Management District:
Permit number 20030010 issued

November 21, 2002
Hartford Farms, Inc.
General Withdrawal locations) In Calhoun
County: Township 1 North, Range 10
West, Sections 9 & 10
This matter will come before the District's
Governing Board in a public hearing to be
Meeting Date/Time: Thursday, October 22,
2009 at 1:15 p.m., ET
Meeting Location: District Headquarters,
US Highway 90, in Midway, Florida
Petition Deadline: Tuesday, October 20,
2009 by 5:00 p.m., ET
Any party claiming a legal interest in the
permit should immediately contact Ms.
Terri Peterson, 152 Water Management
Drive, Havana, Florida 32333-9700 to
request a copy of the Notice of Proposed
Agency Action. Substantially affected per-
sons are entitled to request an administra-
live hearing regarding the. proposed
agency action by submitting a written
request according to the provisions of 28-
601.201, Florida Administrative Code.
Please be advised that failure to submit a
request for administrative hearing before 5
o'clock p.m. eastern time on September
22, 2009 may result in the full and perma-
nent revocation of the permit. No further
public notice will be provided regarding
this permit.

Legal Notice
Notice is hereby given that sealed bid pro-
posals will be received by the Board of
County Commissioners of Calhoun
County, Florida until 2:00 P.M. (CT),
Tuesday, September 15, 2009, for the fol-
lowing items to be purchased -by said
Board, for and on behalf of Calhoun
County, Florida. Bids will be publicly
opened and read aloud at 5:00 P.M. (CT),
or as soon thereafter as practical on that
Specifications and Bid Form may be
picked up at the Emergency Management
Office, 20859 Central Avenue East, Room
G-40, Blountstown, Florida, located in the
basement of the Calhoun County
Courthouse during normal working hours
or can be downloaded at www.calhoun- Bidders must show in their bids
the total price of the equipment. All prices
F.O.B., Calhoun County, Blountstown,
Florida 32424.
Each bidder must furnish detailed specifi-
cations with their bid.
Each bidder must state the condition of
and period of warranty on their bid.
Any deviation from the attached specifica-
tions shall be clearly noted and marked.
Proposal must be clearly labeled on the
envelope "Bid on Equipment."
Payment will be within thirty (30) days of
delivery of equipment and receipt of
Address all bids to the Board of County
Commissioners, Calhoun Courthouse,
20859 Central Avenue East, Room 130,
Blountstown, FL 32424.

The purchaser is exempt from payment of
Federal Excise Tax and Florida Sales Tax.
Said taxes must not be included in the bid
The bidder can bid on one or both items.
These items can be bid on separately and
awarded to the lowest bidder.
The Board reserves the right to waive
informalities in any bid, to accept and/or
reject any or all bids on whole or in part
with just cause, and to accept the bid in
their judgment will be in the best interest of
Calhoun County. If you have any ques-
tions, please call Don A. "Sonny" O'Bryan
at (850) 674-8075.

Legal Notice
G. or E.W. PRICE the holder of the follow-
ing certificate has filed said certificate for a
tax deed to be issued thereon. The certifi-
cate number and year of issuance, the
description of the property, and the names
in which it was assessed are as follows:
Certificate No.90 Year of Issuance' 2006
33-1 N-08-0180-0017-2000
Begin at the Southwest Corner of Lot 20,
Block 17, L.T Fields Subdivision, to Yon's
Addition to City of Blountstown, Florida,
and go North 88 Degrees 30 Minutes
West, 55 feet, thence go North 20 Degrees

at 899-0500.

06 Minutes West 55 feet, thence go South-
88 Degrees 30 Minutes 132.5 feet, thence
go South 20 Degrees -6 Minutes East 55
feet, thence go North 88 Degrees 30
Minutes West 77.5 feet to POINT OF
Begin at the Southeast Corner of Lot 21,
Block 17, Fields Subdivision to Yon's
Addition to Blountstown, Florida, thence
go North 88 Degrees 30 Minutes West 110
feet, thence north 20 Degrees 06 Minutes
West 55 feet, thence South 88 Degrees 30
Minutes East 110 feet, thence South 20
Degrees 06 Minutes East 55 feet to POINT
Thomas, 16343 SE Gadsden St.,
Blountstown, Florida 32424.
Said Property being the County of CAL-
certificate shall be redeemed according to
law the property described in such certifi-
"-cate shall be's-8LDtohe highest bidder at
the Courthouse door on October 1, 2009
at 10:00 A.M. CST.
Clerk of Circuit Court of

Legal Notice
All qualified General Contractors are Invit-
ed to bid on the PANHANDLE PIONEER
HOUSE PROJECT in Blountstown,
Florida. The contract work includes finish
carpentry, painting, HVAC, plumbing &
septic system, electrical & lighting, and
. general finishes. Plans and specifications
will be available at the Pre-bid Conference
at a non-refundable cost of $15 per set.
A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at the
site on September 28, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
CST. The Pre-bid Conference will be
Mandatory for all General Contractors to
be eligible to bid. All questions prior to bid
shall be directed to the Panhandle Pioneer
Settlement Office - telephone (850) 674-
Bids will be accepted until October 8,
2009, at 4:00 p.m. CST at the Panhandle
Pioneer Settlement Office (2nd floor of the
Firehouse at the Settlement - fax'(850)

Legal Notice
Pursuant to Section 98.075, Florida
Statutes, and Information provided by the
State of Florida Division of Elections, the
Calhoun County Supervisor of Elections
hereby provides notice that the following
Individuals are potentially ineligible to be
registered to vote in Calhoun County and
may be declared ineligible to vote if they
fall to contact the Supervisor's Office with-
In 30 days after the date this notice is pub-
Tammy B. Brown, 16432 NE Camellia
Ln., Altha, FL 32421
Casey M. Byrd, 11715 NW McLendon
Rd., Altha, FL 32421
James E. Davis, 20552 SE Fuqua Cir.,,
#1034, Blountatown, FL 32424
Jacquelyn M. Dawson, 19363 SE V.L
Grant Rd., Blountatown, FL 32424
NIcholas T" Lee, P.O. Box 244, Altha, FL
An individual who fails to respond to this
notice may also have his or her name
removed from the statewide voter registra-
tion system. Any individual listed may con-
tact the Supervisor's Office no later than
30 days after the date this notice is pub-
lished to receive information regarding the
basis for the potential ineligibility and the
procedure to resolve the matter. Should a
listed Individual need further assistance,
he or she should contact the Calhoun
County Supervisor of Elections Office at
(850) 674-8568. Published September 9,
2009, as required by Florida law.
PHONE (850) 674-8568


Deadline Monday Noon

Please Email Your Ads to

no faxes please

STobacco Free

Meeting set

for Tuesday

The Calhoun County
Tobacco Free Partnership
will meet on Tuesday,
September 15, at the WT
Neal Civic Center at 3:30
pm (CST). The public is
welcome to attend.
For more information,
contact Pamela McDaniel
at 674-5645, ext 236.

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 11

God Is Suchi

A Nuisance

By .
Paul F. Joyner, Ph.D

Some years ago, citizens of
a Detroit suburban neighbor-
hood went to court to prevent a
church from building on proper-
ty owned by the congregation.
The property had been pur-
chased several years earlier,
and was in the heart of this
neighborhood of lovely homes.
The basis on which the resi-
dents sought an injunction
against the church was a
request that the church be legal-
ly declared a nuisance. And
they were successful. The court
declared.the church a nuisance
and enjoined the congregation
from building on its own land.
Now, legally a nuisance is 'an
annoying, unpleasant or obnox-
ious thing or practice.
I was shocked when I read
the story. It is unbelievable that
a church could be ruled a
neighborhood nuisance not
worthy of institutional existence
in a lovely area. This might be
true of a bar, a junk yard, a
night club,, but the church a nui-
But, as a matter of fact,
many who may be shocked by
such declarations may have
very little room to talk. How
many people'.often find God
Himself to be a nuisance. Who
can claim exemption to being
disturbed by God and His
demands on human life?? Who
among us does not find trouble-
some to be faced with God's will
when we think the situation
calls for our own will in order to
fully enjoy life? Many of us

would quickly call God a nui-
sance because He does annoy
us with His demands, He does
irritate us with his challenges
and He does interfere with our
Well, if it is any consolation,
we are not the first who have
-found God a nuisance. The
brother who wrote the book of
Lamentations can offer chapter
and verse on the proposition.
This is a book which should not
be .read on a rainy day. It is
gloomy and sad. It is based on
Israel's failure in loyalty to God.
The nation had virtually
declared God a national nui-
sance and had sought to live
apart from Him and his law and
However,- life did not prove
easy under such a ban on God.
The nation was infiltrated with
all kinds of 'enemies. Warfare
had gone against Israel. Her
enemies had made fools of her
people. The writer of
Lamentations is certain that the
problems are because God had
abandoned Israel. But he indi-'
cates that if Israel would
change, God might return and
strengthen them again. So he
closes his lament With these
words: 'Restore us to Thyself, 0
Lord, that we may be restored.'
These are timely words,
wouldn't you say? In our time
there are many who have
declared God a nuisance, and
then have lived to repent and
seek restoration and renewal
through grace.

Creative Christian Counseling
* Paul F. Joyner, Ph.D.
Tamaria E. Joyner, Ed. D.

* Pre-Marital * Marital
* Post Divorce * Anger Management
* General Family
Call for an appointment
20869 SE Sherry Ave., Blountstown, FL 32424



This Intent to Issue Permit (File'No. 07-0296117-001-DF) to Calhoun County School Board, 20859 Central
Avenue E., Rm. G-20, Blountstown, FL 32424, to impact 0.329 acres of jurisdictional wetlands for the
construction of a High School consisting of ten new buildings, three new FDOT driveway connections, three
new stormwater facilities, two paved parking lots, and other athletic fields in Calhoun County, Florida is
hereby granted unless a sufficient petition for an administrative hearing is timely filed under sections 120.569
and 120.57 of the Florida Statutes as provided below. The activity is located on State Road 69, Blountstown,
FL, Unnamed wetlands, Class III Waters of the State, Section 21, Township 1-North, Range 8-West,
Longitude 85( 2' 54" West, Latitude 30( 28' 5" North, in Calhoun County.

The procedures for petitioning for a hearing are set forth below.

A person whose substantial interests are affected by the Department's action may petition for an
administrative proceeding (hearing) under sections 120.569 and 120.57 of the Florida Statutes. The petition
must contain the information set forth below and must be filed (received by the clerk) in the Office of General
Counsel of the Department at 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Mail Station 35, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-

Because the administrative hearing process is designed to re-determine final agency action on the
application, the filing of a petition for an administrative hearing may result in a modification of the permit and
lease, or even a denial of the application. Accordingly, the applicant is advised not to commence construction
or other activities under this permit/lease until the deadlines below for filing a petition for an administrative
hearing, or request for an extension of time have expired.

Under rule 62-110.106(4) of the Florida Administrative Code, a person whose substantial interests are
affected by the Department's action may also requestan extension of time to file a petition for an
administrative hearing. The Department may, for good cause shown, grant the request for an extension of
time. Requests for extension of time must be filed with the Office of General Counsel of the Department at
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Mail Station 35, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000, before the applicable
deadline. A timely request for extension of time shall toll the running time period for filing a petition until the
request' is acted upon. If a request is filed late, the Department may still grant it upon a motion by the
requesting party showing that the failure to file a request for an extension of time before the deadline was the
result of excusable neglect.
In the event that a timely and sufficient petition for an administrative hearing is filed, other persons whose
substantial interests will be affected by the outcome of the administrative process have the right to petition to
intervene In the proceeding. Intervention will be the discretion ofthe presiding officer upon the filing of
a motion in compliance with rule 28-106.205 of the Florida Administrative Code.

In accordance with rules 28-106.111(2) and 62-110.106(3)(a)(4), petitions for an administrative hearing by the
applicant must be filed within 21 days of receipt of this written notice. Petitions filed by any persons other than
the applicant, and other than those entitled to written notice under section 120.60(3) of the Florida Statutes,
must be filed within 21 days of publication of thenotice or within 21 days of such notice, regardless of the date
of publication.

Under section 120.60(3) of the Florida Statutes, however, any person who has asked the Department for
notice of agency action may file a petition within 21. days of such notice, regardless of the date of publication.

The petitioner shall mail a copy of the petition to the applicant at the address Indicated above at the time of
filing. The failure of any person to file a petition for an administrative hearing or pursue mediation as provided
below within the appropriate time period shall constitute a waiver of those rights.

A petition that disputes the material facts on which the Department's action Is based must contain the
following information:

(a) The name and address of each agency affected and each agency's file or identification number, if known;
(b) The name, address, and telephone number of the petitioner; the name, address, and telephone number of
the petitioner's representative, if any, which shall be the address for service purposes during the course of the
proceeding; and an explanation of how the petitioner's substantial interests are or will be affected by the
agency determination;
,(c) A statement of when and how the petitioner received notice of the agency decision;
(d) A statement of all disputed issues of material fact. If there are none, the petition must so indicate;
(e) A concise statement of the ultimate facts alleged, including the specific facts that the petitioner contends
warrant reversal or modification of the agency's proposed action; and
(t) A statement of the specific rules or statutes that the petitioner contends require reversal or modification of
the agency's proposed action;
(g) A statement of the relief sought by the petitioner, stating precisely the action that the petitioner wishes the
agency to take with respect to the agency's proposed action.

A petition that does not dispute the material facts on which the Department's action is based shall state that
no such facts are in dispute and otherwise shall contain the same information as set forth above, as required
by rule 28-106.301. Under sections 120.569(2)(c) and (d) of the Florida Statutes, a petition for administrative
hearing must be dismissed by the agency if the petition does not substantially comply with the above
requirements or is untimely filed.

This action is final and effective on the date filed with the Clerk of the Department unless a petition is filed in
accordance with the above. Upon the timely filing of petition this order willnot be effective until further order of
the Department.

This permit constitutes an order of the Department. The applicant has the right to seek judicial review of the
order under section 120.68 of the Florida Statutes, by the filing of a notice of appealunder rule 9.110 of the
Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure with the Clerk of the Department in the Office of General Counsel, 3900
Commonwealth Boulevard, Mail Station 35, Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-3000; and by filing a copy of the
notice of the appeal accompanied by the applicable filing fees with the appropriate district court of appeal.
The notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date when the final order is filed with the Clerk of
the Department. Requests for review before the Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission must be filed with
the Secretary of the Commission and served on the Department within 20 days from the date when the final
order is filed with the Clerk of the Department.

The application is available for public inspection during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, at Department of Environmental Protection, 2353 Jenks
Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405.
September 9, 2009


The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 12

Detweiler con t'd

I remembered;
yes, this is one of the
places I had visited
just a few months ear-
lier. We lived in
Myers' house until
they moved to
Calhoun County in
April of 1955 then we
moved our travel
trailer next to the
house we were build-
ing. For the next few
months we lived in
the travel trailer and
the house while it was
under construction. 1
With a baby about to
join the family getting
our house completed
became a priority
especially since a
home baby delivery
was planned. One
afternoon in August of
1955 our mother said
it was time to call Dr.
Dowling. Our Daddy
came home, Dr. Dowling
arrived, and we children
were sent to the Myers
home. Later that evening
Ruth Ann was born giving
us the privilege of having a
natural born Southerner in
our family. The following'
year in October Carolyn
joined us completing our
family of five daughters and
one son.
In addition to crop farm-
ing, raising hogs, and chick-
ens, our Daddy held other
jobs including working at

m m m m- 1

together during our
Daddy's recent ter-
minal illness.
Daddy, Harvey passed
away February 21, 2009 at
his home in Calhoun
County; Mother, Ella Mae
continues to reside inde-
pendently in Calhoun
County. Daughter, Elaine
Anders resides in
LibertyCounty, son, Merrill
resides in Leon County,
daughter Mary Jane Shirk
resides in Virginia, and
daughters Sharon Yoder,
Ruth Ann Eberly, and
Carolyn Brock reside in
Calhoun County.



been and continues
to be a good place for
the Detweiler family
to live. Many posi-
tive life long decisions
were make as a result
of our family moving
to Calhoun County.
Upon arriving in
Blountstown, Elaine,
Mary Jane, and I
were enrolled in
Elementary School, I
was placed in Mrs.
Stewart's fourth
grade class; that is
where I met Marie
Nissley who became
my sweetheart and
my wife. Many fond
memories .were
shared about our
family life experi-
ences as we were

Revival at B'town
Community Church

Bl o u n t s't ow n
Community Church will be
having Revival Services
with Ken Helton and
Family, starting on Sunday,
September 13th at 11:00
a.m. and at 5:00 evening
service. Services will be
held at 6:00 p.m.
September 14th through
the 16th.
Come and join us for a
great time in the Lord. For
more information, call 643-
3602 or 762-8405.

Homecoming set at
Cypress Methodist

The Cypress United
Methodist Church will
sponsor their annual
Homecoming. Event,
Sunday, September 27th.
Everyone is invited to join
with us. Services will start
at 10:30 a.m.
The Marianna-Panama
City District
Superintendent, Rev.
Randy Woodham will be
delivering the message for
the day.
Music and singing will
be by "The Big River Blue
Grass Girls".
A covered dish luncheon

will follow at noon in the
Family Center at the back
of the church. The church,
located on Cemetery .Road
in Cypress, is the old
Cypress School building.

Glory Hill Holiness
revival begins Sun.

Glory Hill Holiness
Church invites you to come
and join them in Revival
with Evangelists, Wanda
Osborne and Family and
Billy Gene Dickerson and
Family. Both are great
song writers and singers.
They will truly bless you.
Revival will begin
Sunday, September 13th,
at 5:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday services will
begin at 7:00 p.m. The
church is located 5 miles
north of Clarksville on
Highway 73.
For more information,
call 762-8301.

Prayer Chainers
Pastor's Revival set

Prayer Chainers
Mission of God Church will,
hold its Annual Pastor's
Revival on September 19th
-26th. The pastor and
members extend a cordial
invitation to each of you to


FS3 - P -A. A - A S CN-H S

Reasonable Rates/Friendly Service
Warranty Service On
GE Hoipoint * Fridgicaire *Whirlpool * Maytag
---*- 850-639-2225 Office
-~--- 850-348-0351 Alltel Cell

I1l11",, O(u GRIFFIN ,o".0.Mi.-

-Co., Inc.
OFFICE: 850-674-8664
,.3i 1SM thans Umnu ^W'AN E %WALDEN
BlounLstsosi n Fl 32424 CELL: 850-64.3-6162
f\ , i.-6'4-22094 JASON SULGGS

Residential & Commercial

Blountstown, Florida
Fax: 850-674-9330

Elctr ial ti''[ L ' L
E1e/rf -,d Ser\ /i.i, LL L

- _ 1 I

'j , -4077 ,_


Well Drilling
.ike Pur.,, C^r.erV i

u i

Mathew & Dare Layfleld
13 411 ndlQauh o


850/174-.363 w
lax 850/674-2248
19277 SR 20 W
Blounlatown. FL 32424

G ranritham's

r Lawn. Care



Heating, Air Conditioning & Insulation
. S,...i-,, ,,. 4r a f,.r 1 r.
t .11 t r., C ' : -,f f a : C i p..,r.e, - ,
20567 NW Depot Avenue


S i Sale Tree Rerni,. al STUMP
SPruning ir5. Trrnn .nc GRINDING
1 1,0 -Ari.- Bu'ckl Best Prices
S Si,:rm Darn-,.dje
| .r- , . - - In The Area' .
SRosrid tti,aoi .S Co-inrnorcic l -
- .- .. fII 174-343-1 or 1 *800*-628-*3733 3

Freddy McCormick Heating & Cooling
I Service & Installation
Schedule A System Service
i 3 Before Summer Makes You Sweat

Williams Home Improvements
Sen iny Ctilhoun Countly %ince 1990) "
"No Job Too Bigo at Small NO NIONE'Y

Williams Home Improvements
Res. Contractor Lic. #RR282811560 * Roofing Contractor Lic. #29027247

No need to go out of town for your ,
* Water-testing services *Pool chemical
* In-ground & abole-ground pool parts .- .

10898 rJW SR 20 in Bristol *850-643-2336

. Phone - 762-4755
Fax- 762-8954
Cell 209-7506
Commc0ii,al & RearOentlal Concrert C.or,.itrucron
Slewivall � Mornlihic *Corintiele ounler Topc
Driveways .Sla rpir, *C:riCcreie Pumping PO Box 569
Some[.i: Copper HPe3d Lazer Scread Alma FL 32421

35 Years Quality

James Eugene Silcox LLC
Residential Framing & Remodeling
11856 NW Glory Hill Road Cell 850-209-8458
Altha FL 32421 Home 850-762-8307

- - * AIANITOWOC Ice Machines
HOSHIZAKIIkee alochines

Sales and Service of All Types Heating & A/C Units.
Ice Machines & Cold Storage
George While. OwneF Operalor
...*:c rr.E..n..e.....R .:u. Trac^:i.a-.M..,i." io , i . ........1s_...-

Sale License NumDers FREE ESTIMATES

Roofing & Building Contractors

Commercial ROYCE WISE
& Residential Cell: 850-643-8701

. ---- SoAin c.
SOn/l I'en fical Farm in Blounrifs.,n
(850) 674-5158
%rr'iliV (jllhiiin. Libhcrn. la.cksi un , Ui.5. .ulf I unri

Come in and see our all new
fishing supplies section

1i)8 !JW R U in 8riSiul 8* o4? a.3'3 1-64-23

See A Photo You Like In the Paper.'
If we took it, You can buy it!
h ii''r.1tt cu tl/ Or'd. 11t 1
GO t 0 Pholo.u nlul . Mii/, utm 'r lecrl, m




attend. If you can't attend
pray a prayer for us that
souls will be delivered,
saved and filled with the
Holy Ghost. We are living
in era now where prayers
prayed to Our Lord and
Praises to the same is an
opportunity for God to be
Nightly services for all
days except Sundays will
begin at 7:00 p.m. Sunday
services will begin at 12
Schedule of Revivalists
will include Kathy
*Peterson, Eufaula, Ala., Dr.
C. Wilson, Apostle Cager
Wells, Bishop Jocquette
Carroll, Pastor Junior
Carroll, Elder Delano
Reed, James Hogan, Elder
Lavoris Williams, Minister
William T. Yon, Elder
Raines and many more.
To Our God, be the
Glory and Honor for all
souls saved, Gerald B.
Sheard, Pastor.
The church is located at
19455 S.E. McDaniel
Road in Hugh Creek,


Em i u'

ne sm -con

Harvey and Ella Mae Detweiler

Ander's Equipment
Company, Stawn's Cabinet
Shop and various construc-
tion jobs. I 'remember a
quote from Horace Malloy
"Calhoun County is a great
place to live if a person is
fortunate enough to be able
to make a living here."
True to this quote this
writer spent most of his
adult life inTallahassee;
even though I love Calhoun
County; Tallahassee is
where I currently work and
Calhoun County has

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 13


Deadline Monday Noon * FAX: 674-5008 * Phone: 674-5041 * E-mail: '

Saturday, September 12th -
8:00 A.M.
Hwy. 231 N. Campbellton, Fl
2 Farm Dispersal's,
Contractor Dispersal, Estate
Sell Out, City, County, plus
Consignments '
Mason Auction & Sales LLC
850-263-0473 - Office
850-258-7652 Chad
850-849-0792 - Gerald

1983 fishing boat, seats 6,
good condition, $900 OBO.
Call 693-1590.

.1985 S-10 pickup, V-8 305,
new paint & motor!l Trade for

1t 00 1

1,2, & 3 Bedroom
"Me Best Place to Uve"
Rental Assistance

button Creek Apartments
16978 NW Mayo Street
Blountstown, FL 32424
Equal Housing Opportunity

equivalent vehicle. Call Ray at
850-447-0840 anytime.
1971 Dodge D-100 truck, runs
good, $900. OBO. Call 762-
1973 Mercedes 450 SL, T-top
convertible with both soft and
hard tops. Runs good. $9000.
Call 850-663-8525 or 904-368-
1153 please leave message.

Mobile home, 1 & 2 bedroom
on John F. Bailey Road, SR 20
W, Blountstown. $85 to $145
weekly Deposit required. All
utilities included. NO PETS.
Also RV for rent. Call 674-
RV trailers $75 - $80 week,
most utilities furnished; 2 bdr.
trailers when available. Call
In Blountstown - 2 bedroom,
1.5 bath, brick House. Nice,
clean, large lot, carport, sepa-
rate laundry room, Non Smoker
Only, Section 8 Accepted. $475
per month, $300 Deposit. Call


Calhoun-Liberty Hospital
is accepting applications for the
following positions:

Emergency Room - RN Full-time
$20.00_-$27 per._hQour_ . .__

Emergency Room - LPN Full-time
$14.00-$18.00 per hour

Calhoun-Liberty Hospital
P.O. Box 419
Blountstown, FL 32424
Telephone: (850)674-5411, Ext. 222
Fax: (850)6:4-1649

Drug-Free Workplace/Equal Opportunity Employment
Sept. 2, 9, 2009

Notice of Job Opening


Performs general bookkeeping, responsible for payroll
activities, accounts payable functions and other
activities found in the accounting system. Also
responsible for human. resource functions for the City to
include but not limited to: assist with new hire
paperwork, maintain the City personnel files and assist
with workman comp procedures. Prepares reports
requested by Federal, State, and City governments.
Assist in the handling of utility customers and other
public contact work. Perform related work as required
and all other assigned tasks.

Knowledge of application of bookkeeping principles,
routine accounting transactions and financial ledger
maintenance is required. Knowledge of Microsoft Word
and Excel is a must. Previousexperience in payroll
processing, accounts payable as well as experience in
human resources is required. Experience in workman
comp is a plus. Must possess the abilityto make rapid
and accurate mathematic computations. Must have the
ability to get along well with others both in customer
and employee relations. Must have excellent character
and must pass background screening.

Graduation from high school or equivalent with
recognized certification supplemented by some '
bookkeeping courses, work experience in general
clerical, accounts payable, payroll, human resources,
and workman comp; equivalent combination of training
and work experience.

Applications can be picked up
Monday-Friday, 7:00AM-4:00PM at
City Hall
20591 Central Avenue West
Blountstown, FL 32424

Closing date for applications will be Wednesday,
September 16, 2009.

The City of Blountstown is an Equal Opportunity
and is a,Drug Free Workplace.
Run: 09/02/09 & 09/09/09

* Reasonable Rates
* Free Estimates
Call Chris Nissley

674-8081 or Cell:


In Blountstown - 1 bedroom, 1
bath Trailer. Nice, clean, newly
remodeled, great for single per-
son or couple, Non Smoker
Only, Section 8 Accepted. $300
per month, $300 Deposit. Call
3 bedroom trailer and 3 bed-
room house for rent. Call 674-

/ J.B.


Whirlpool portable dishwash-
er, $100; Canon printer, copy,
scanner and fax machine,
works great, $50;- computer
desk, $25; exercise bike, $50;
Kirby vacuum, $50; new baby
swing, $15; Dehydrafor, $5; 3
qt. Crock pot, $5; Coffee maker,
$5; full size top mattress, free.
Call 762-2292.
Sofa & chaise lounge, sofa


For A Friendit Ouote Call
; 674-5333 ^
yJckery-O'Bry an
R W; N3

fabric that does not stain, no
rips or tears, less than 3 years
old, 2 reclining seats on couch,
$500 for both. Call 693-1590
Maytag washer & dryer, good
condition, $200. Call 693-1590.
2 gallon pancake air compres-
sor. Call 674-8570, leave num-
35 bulb commercial tanning
bed, excellent condition, $1500.
Call 447-0336.

(2) tiny puppies free to a good
home. Call 762-2891.

A Terrific Opportunity!
Liberty National Life Insurance
$100,000+ Earning Potential,
Benefits, Pension, 401 (k),
BCBS Insurance for those who
qualify! Call 1-800-257-5500.
PRISES! Earn up to $700 per
Week. after training. Great
Benefits! No Experience need-
ed! Local 15-day CDL Training
Available With TDI 1-877-214-
Provide skilled nursing care to
patients, coordinate with other
medical personnel to provide
these' needs; and maintain all
aspects of clinical records.
Function as a clinical liaison
between staff, administration,
and patients. Graduate of an
accredited School of Practical
Nursing. Please apply at or call
George Bruno at 850-431-
5134. Drug Free

Go to Our Website

click on outdoors
check the weather too!



Bus: (850) 526-52541 Res: (850) 762-3679



and the Best Times to Hunt & Fish
sponsored by
Blountstown Small Engine
of Blountstown
simply go to our website and click
on Fishing Report

thecount record ne

Need A Rubber Stamp?

Place Your Order With Us For
Fast Service at Reasonable Prices

The Countp Record
Between Hopkins and Badcock

The County Record, SEPTEMBER 9, 2009, Page 14

19th Annual Wiregrass Model

Railroad Show & Sale Sept. 19

The 19th Annual
Wiregrass Model Railroad
Show and Sale is scheduled
Saturday, September 19,
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Sunday, September 20,
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT
in Dothan.
The show site is the
main exhibit building at the
national Peanut Festival
Fairgrounds, three miles
south of Dothan on US
Hwy 231.
Admission is $5 for

adults and free for children
age 12 and under with an
More than 125 tables
for model railroading
equipment and supplies
and other railroad-related
items will be available from
dealers from throughout
the Southeast.

Several large model rail-
road layouts will be in oper-
ation throughout both days.
An outdoor train ride will

be available for children,
weather permitting, for a
small additional charge on
Saturday and from noon to
4 p.m. Sunday.
Hourly door prize draw-

ings will be held and con-
cessions will be available.
For more information,
contact Danny Lewis at
(334) 790-6284 ore-mail

4~;* j~


" -.'. " ,

1 ' .-l^': r;'


~, ,~


Et4 Ri
� s .

Pontiac * GMC Trucks

loaded, 100k mi. warr., why buy new?
#34049 SAVE $1,000s!

, , 0 i[A .PFl.ThSA IX
only Sk mi., gas saver, why buy new?
#33969 SAVE $1,000s!

auto., all pwr., loaded, low payments,
#34059 $13,816

all pwr., V8, auto., chrome step bars,
very nice, 100k ml. warr., #34089 MUST SII

rear spoiler, alloys, all pwr., gas saver,
super clean, #34029 $14,293

auto., all pwr., 100k mi. warranty,
4 cyl., very nice, #34019 $12,977

black beauty, all pwr., auto., CD,
gas saver, #34039 $17,884

local trade, very clean, all pwr.,
only T7k mi., #66351 SAVEI

auto., all pwr., CD, very clean,
low payments, #34069 $13,722

auto., all pwr., bedliner, clean,
100k mi. warranty, #33909 $14,867

.4 dr., auto., air, local trade,
very low payments, #339791 $5,750

loaded, alloys, all pwr., must see,
save, #33999 $15,861

Ithr., loaded, all pwr., beautiful, loaded, low miles, auto., super clean,
#33819 $16,439 #34009 $15, 853

auto., 6 cyl., all pwr., 100k mi. warranty, gas saver, auto., 100k mi. warranty,
tow pkg., $17,269 very sharp, #33939 $10,911

03 CHEVY S-10
4 cyl., auto., local trade, CD, alloys,
only 66k miles, #67182 $6,990

local trade, all pwr., V6, very clean,
only 49k mi., #66751 $8,866

local trade, Ithr., loaded, only 40k mi.,
#65252 SAVE!

local trade, all pwr., VS, CD, must see!
#66601 $15,670

Got News? Email, us'

nows0thecountyrecord. not

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I 0 M MLldl... .

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