Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Hobson I. Mynolds In bountiful Btscsyas -
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4 White Alleged Slayers Bound To Grand a.a Aut.highly Perry 21.21.for,sstvrtststaiproinM has the provided wik of Thursday and should ticket and bs sot sight lade reservations later la Table thin advaaei >

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: VIOLATORSIN .1th Ittvlai tin st and crulis to nssssa oaths
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FIRST CIVIL RIGHTS TRIALS obtain ono irs urtid to The PS Florida .111

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day sight la Jsckssa. the .It brae 0..,. the ITIIJslae ris kisses aiIovvqO I* ost llt. ! .
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gLAGK\ .3d

-, Riots Are More Ecocoak This Civil Rijats

rabllahtd The Florida Star Publishing Co.lumber ., BTIKMUH I. loom!

of AwoelatMl Kara rre." HJ'lr The' recent riots In New Tork city a Hirlem -

f and the Negro ghetto in Rocheater.N.T. .

EIIC I. SINUM.........Niiiiiu EiltirUT.II bars as their underlying motivation a
resentment based on the denial of economic

I E. USE, ......,. .. dm EtitirIllli \ rights in their own community rather' than

ij j V/STEN..Circulatisg Maiiir .... the denial of civil rights.
HITE=S '- ', Tae violation of the civil rights of some

HIM OFFICE i rum: ,BIR Negro citizens merely provides the fuse'

which ignites the potentially explosive

2323 Kiieriil lul..lkin Elfii" 4-1712 i long and deeply harbored resentment of the

economic stranglehold whites and otbit .

Miillif .Hun: ethnic groups have on every He* -.

P.I. In SlUictsiiiilli l.rlirlli' 1. groe community in America. t:" =

For example comb
every NcA.t:

lUll OFFICE z ra gro community In America ana 'I

figure the percentage of N.Cts4)

731 II 3d An. fliii 377-1025 owned< liquor outlets bars.and

package stores against those

818BC1IPnOft RATS DWGrf JOtlES owned by whites and other ethnic -

On. Tear M.OO Half Tear, $4.00 ,; groups and there will be
f!' lalhd to Toi AIIJ'1b.r. la the United states ,{ found the basic cause of the deep Negro

Subscription p jAble la atfrwco resentment, which causes the rioting in
tad Check or Nancy Order to:
which looting stores becomes the major

objective- rather than killing white

Jacksonville 1, Florida .
A I cite the liquor outlets because as dif
r a orPOM
.,.O IfIJOKID ferent from other retail businesses, the

GUEST EDITORIAL II..r_IIIfflffllOCn'1NYf.'T1GA' -fr.1II1f11.Ilf141N1'OL6fit41n'O State holds the direct power to grant

#' liquor licensesand no amount of capital
rAIl tJIII/NfNJ won/Jo?
Ltoft We Forget -y 1..wREACTION .... .. initiative, education can possibly get a
liquor license without a strong 'in ofa

The ,.>Truth Before U political nature from those who Control

( By ledge Pearaon TO "WHITE HACK I ASH" politics In America white people of course.
Some of the problem America is now facingwas
President State Branchs and Jax NAACP
pointed out in a book "An [cono.lcDetour'
The of the Civil Rights Legislation -
written by U.S. Stuart s Negro
by the United State Congress baa
and in those
published 1940. even in days
fabric of sanctions to aaaure
provided a before the strong fight for civil rights,
oat of the basic civil rights for Metro
Mr. Stuart foresaw that the basic problemof
citizens of Arnica lit of the National WeeklyHoroscope
the Negro In America was the lack of
Association for the Advancement of Colored
his own economic development in his own
people only briefly to savor the
-pause community and the greater lack of his par

triumph represented by passageof ticipation In the mainstream of American

the Civil Rights Bill of GuideBy Economy.I .

1044. Ve know full veil the
quote from the pages of "An Economic
significance of that triumph, Detour." ..
but also know the price
we "The underdeveloped status of the Negro' a
tilch has been paid for It commerce emphasizes this fact; out of
we recognlre the fact that It
5.000,000 Negroes gainfully employed in

imposes greater obligations "" WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR 1930,none wore engaged in operating wholesale -
ever before its written | S"
stores or factories except a few dealing *
language la to become a living BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL in toilet hygienic goods in Negro retail -

reality stores of all kinds
28,243 proprietors
For 100 years, the Negro people have
employed only 12.561 with
persons an
searched tor first-class citizenship
annual payroll of $8,523,309. At the same
believe that they can not-and should not-
ARIES June Sow or you ti IRANI WHO time 211,000 orientals this country had
Born 22nd thru IT lURrRIII AND TOTALLY
wait, until some distant tomorrow, They Born March list thru
watt MAO TO RIMAIN ON 4,412 store proprietors who employed 8,016
should demand freedom nowhere and now. it July 22nd UNPRIPARIO tIT tUIV
of Americanto April 19th DUTY VtllC' OTMIRI It 1 1 WITHOUT rUITMIl DILlY persons;and yet the annual payroll of these
la the reaponelblllty every
hire the impatience of the Negro Arerl-' YOU MIND IHOUIO II A. MAY INJOVINtTMCMllLVIt, TO ACOUIRI TMI RNMltOet 8,916 oriental employees was $9,251,000
TNt IUMMI VOWI- 01 TNt MILLS TMAT ILL payroll 8523.306
le especially In the city of Jacksonville -
cap need LULL MAY I At A UTTIILtMMA JUOM 'PtOPH lYINTt AMDtPPOKYUNITItl .'"VII ON TMI fACT THAT TNDI II III tRIATIIT 01MANtf. for the 12,561 Negro employees engaged la
and the state of Florida
I" "ITrAiiiNt UtI- T\RW' ,

Join together and to work together until TNI iATI MOL''U'I MIK.INO ACCUIACY. THOU it out. Ir YOU YOUR Liri OR IUIINIMFARTNIR It the Negro's retail commerce could be
between A..rleln.aocr.CJ'
we hare bridged the ftp and its ugly YOU SHOULD MirAAlvtuRtiir MHO MI STILL NOTING A- ritURI AMONt TMI II LUCKY till CONTRIIUTIOIIATLY developed in the same proportion to population
s promises
jackaonrllle disunity TO MINI, INTO ROUNO AI PART or mil ONI, YOU MAY COM TO TO TNt fACTORI ss native whites, instead of 25,000
practices In the
awl .h.ther.1ft the field of civil righta. ACTION At SOON *l YOU VACATION fUHtJITI IMOULO TMI CONCLUSION THAT YOU THAT BILL FINALLY CON- stores employing 12,000 with sn annual

IIC THAT TMII' MAY tin NOT II CONCIRNIS AIOUTtlTTINS ouio MIUR TO at TO A VINCI YOU TNAT YOU Slit payroll slightly is excess of $8.000.000
The Civil Rights Bill la the first meaningful -
YOU TNI tees SACK UNTIL TNt OUI.IT RIIORT there would be thin retail
atep The question la crucial be* evi PO.TINTIAl OR IICRITRiniOl TO ACT sail M Al NOT TO more 162.000

we will not solve problems In education AIVHI.' MUCH or ttlKiNO II OVII. THIMIMOAt tMIRI YOU MAY IN- Mill. TNI lOST MW TMIMOMtNT stores employing more than 381,000 persons

cause public aocomodationa as TNt OROUNDWOIN or MAT K A IPIINOII OC JOY YOUR MVORITI. fA|. COIlII.W0221. with an annual payroll of something like
housing or callow TO ATTACH A Nit
Billions of American Negroes are
long as tiroRi TMI IMO or TNI flllNO TO YOUR SOCItlCIRCUlANirAMIlV While hops for any such realization is
treated as second olsss, economic citizens 703-W-1J-7S-MI
OUAATIR MAY || COVIAIO SOUP, !1 I to sanguine to be entertainedthe figures
denied I tate the position
and jobs
THROWN UNUIUAl OK A0> above may be of comparative vain in
that If we can have full employment and YOU HIN YOU All IN SCORPIO AQUARIUSBorn how little
VANCIt TICM1I4UII' showing Negro business has been.
full production for the negative end of IIARCM tr A MORI INTI' Born Oct. 24th thru Jan. 20th thru expanded and bow few it employs and ser
warthen why wn t we have a Job for every 1-3.41-( S4N H Nov. 22nd Feb.
They leave no doubt of the woeful
In the positive pruault of peace? .
POUT I... lack of development of the eo-called Negro

Therefore, our slogan this year i.. "fair 'TAURUSBorn 3-60-44..1547-153 ALTMOUOM IT II lilY TO Business Economy
but fair employment within Al YOU COUlt tl ON TN|
employment, April 20th thru Lists TMiNti. rt* IOMIOTNIR In the light of these condition, it
the framework of full employment so that IVI or A MAJOR CMANII ORttMVU.
May 20th DAY, TMII It NOT
that if talent In
seems plain Negro lead
Americas can have a Job. YOU INOULO T'fl,
every Joy AUAVI TNI midst COURII ership and must In the future be
,X am In favor of Civil nights aa a matterof ftorn 23rd thru Pal? IeIlLAI fAINI TO III energy encouraged -
decency, as t matter of canon rorallty mY All YOUR IMMNUITYANO Aug. 22nd TNAT YOU All NOT .... to concern Itself with developinga
and .
but I am also in favor of Civil Rights because TAUNT ITMMIOMIIIAMD rilll IINIRAllVRicotNitt tiniNt,. ANVTMiNt' or VITALIMFORTANCI. separate distinct Negro commerce
if the undertaking, obviously beset withqueer
I believe that freedom Is an Indivisible !olin NIIII UNJIIUAl tNICH' TNt IIIDOM orPlAMNINt YOU IMOULOCNIOIONVOUR '
and complicated difficulties is
value, that none of us can be free YOU CAN TURN TO PROMT Pal AMIAO TNI INVtlTMINTI, not impractical and fantastic .. then
is fr.'. Not THAT iNiuit tl ""' '''ICII. TAR OIlltA.TIONI .
until the 1.a.I.onl us HIM TO II OOINS TMKOVM IITTia TO II MIMRttrt
face his child TOUR AT TMH "".. It AIICURITT AR.ANaiMtNTt there should not only be an announced approval -
until every Negro man can iTt INITIAL ITAMI.TMIRIII WATIVIR till IN and
general support of the
afraid to teach him of his TO AVOIO -
without being AllO TNl Rill TMATPIIMATURI
w",. You call COUNT ON but a concrete program, perhaps with
heritage and of his race: not until every That DUll MOVII COULD RICIIVINI A .... 00 IT TO 00 M IATIR UNOIR Kit vial governmental support, for developingthis sre-
Negro woman can expect to JldPAAPlit YOUR CMAMCIIir roM riiiNtt. OR OTMIRIWITltUAll field Spa wider more useful end self
dignity sod respect sa a wife, mother and IITIACTINI YOU* JUITINARI .Nt All Of ORIAT VALUITO sustaining scale.

as a eitlaes; not until every Negro. child TIC 'INTILLICTUAl AP.PROACM or TMI IITVRNICAUINI 'IN/.'."'. YW .O"Lt YOU ANO VtUt OTNIRMAir Surely it Is kaotn that there is private
Is TIt ONI TNAT ceuit etMi 119
look \lorurd with hops to a future III IRtATIIriNittt YOUR
Negro capital sufficient
In Will MINI, vtU VtUt War, MARINO. IT IAIIIR to finance
marked with dignity end respect ae aSS tur-Ri-
MIART'I Sllltlt in Pot YOU TO ACMHYI YOUR the proper expansions Private white phi
compllahments' ; not until the clrcumataacea ITRAINT. ON. YOU! PAITH Till TMAT AlRAOV -
... laathropy bal given constant evidence
Iust.0us" "1" MAIM PlPOSI$.
the NAACP Into being have PAT NOTMIN OP .AT YOA
0* .4I.|AA| through these years that it is ant Interested -
passed from these Celled State; not until ui OR was. START WOII. 4VI0.77I44SM4PISCES
la this phase of the
COUie Yt Y till MtVIMTMI 2100441.374411BAOITTARIUs Negro's
then will this NitNVItNTt, oval TMIi progress. It appears then that the proper
all for which we have fought and died have .... ... .*PPY tint*. Malt YOWl ftllTltlITRONIIR Son rwb. itta thru development is possible only through either

true lid relevant meaning for Us Negro IOU TN UQMtNTtr March 20taAxTMOVtN governmental sponsoring or through someother'progrmm

citizens.le 740.3.1141.74Rri MCIIION. Born Nov. 33rd thru of e more comprehensive as-

are now at the threshold of a great 5.40.6-I4-S-474 Dee. 2lst teals |IPR|. tune than BOW obtainable.The .

moral crusade to arouse Americana to the Lice AHO. CMIIRVATIYIwtM.e privilege
of being
unfinished work of American democracy. The \ IBoren wily >..T K eit- patrons ia sup
scted. tit/ Jut thru VIRQO YOU C. tearall OtHR- port of any .W-M ought to
has The carry
United States Congress CSUNtto. TM WILL riAIT "
Jecksoavllle Jane 2ltt Born Am zird ftru NINA Mill VOW IMIVIOITRIAt with it the opportunity to be employed
of Us
responsible MtU tIAIIWOINt TO
Sept. 2dtd MDI TNt MCMC-T IItl la the work such a business creates la
eo.nulityalongwtthcity officials. Nt tILT went WO weal I*
'l. SuCCIIt hiss TlII proportion to demmad and .
rit. Blscrisl
of all races and creeds, and colors sad uwe MAT .* OullRIIIAATTMR *
T5Ivist$ hAT All ...,... M AMA I.OwT matins oa the grounds of race should mot
sad motivated by
persuasions !
must address TIANVISIN. 551 Net AL- lie fit It lUllY TtHA M MT MRMIT TMII TS ... b? f.ctor. H "tlficsl barriers are
of brotherhood lit ttltt TMROWMtLirilT
the spirit IMt tl Tt "U. iUINt.AT | Tt RPAT MYTHIHTO allowed to iatervtse
vow to
sad to the serious ... restrict or obstruct -
ourselves now tcnv III IDuS" ."
AT .
/ TAt 0tl YOU ITA4I |
| IY. TMII oms MT II'''eVttf the natural talents sad opportuni:
jprcbleme of unemployment, voter registration .AT M A.0.T fist riRYI
u.otnta.5 tslSC5iS51P1- tote IHIT.IICI. C hosting, etc. it mutt to SIK.SIS WAT 115 say group, clearly
education, .. ,
c.n. *eu Y .latIlt" you MY tvts ITtn TIP .... the dollars
VVR spent ky such
the light of sits Mllll-t MOTO a group for tat
search for the sasmtr In THAT TMVM T"tto 51ewtieP 01 I" iw/5s Or KtlT. TO remTtAk c_"" .... mate aecessitles of life tall
through rational and responsible ... MM a 041C snort of their
reason ICItNS. Altlii VMIILUY |.ii YM CAM OM.IICT .MATI*tCMCI broadest hut loa to those
.. mho
action because If we failthe vacuum of 'UII T''t Hull er .t. t| wink OUT n TM tlT emu TM" mTMVTiirtiM AxtM 1 >A at. TW Pus. spied Uet, Their Rollers tin and

our failure will surely be filled by the vest ItltTIVCI Ulltueni .. nOI tf MI Mra, a "..... ..*. alas till, CWIS AS TW RMM their power to employ are bereft of

apostles of hatred who will search ta the reT ... 15111 a TAM OAT silt ,.. ....iS ottn i 5Tull
noMituit They art robbed
matt Mat Tae ia
VIMS WH so far as tae restricted -
this CIIIItC' CTt ...
dsrksned might and reason ta com A<' IMMtlt .*.*IT| MUI MT TM| IT. ICtltktt t.AMt.M ttMTIK grow Is etmceraed. ef erne ef

unity-will yield to riot and brotherhoodmill II SITTII 'I I'C MIA welt Of MMCAO at A| M TMS f AIT.Jms. 140.-77 1)41-1e4 their meat walaable factors .. Ut ef
sad bloodshedmad
yield to bitterness TIOVI At TXIU M MT tt swst ,.,'U', crest lag employw evaluate to that
ssuader the fabric of ..mooseLawCAPRI
we will tear IIHCTItt -ATM riuiku.' imTATit. lsietla. ram a fmmctiam
5.551.131 a salt .i tiM van *, talc nry spent ..1 .
...ener. Tfcaat, Tom.SECURITY. Ct4li"'I41 A.. VM 0155LD "It 21Id:! .n *1..e cmtM a wool lar helps to perform for tmesot*." Rea*

I I.. r"A
out .e MT et5WLTIt5ut5 Dais ...tl l'tM'lY ahHv. Ml a }**-. am* .. fwaffeHIo vista ef B.S. Stmert. tfteattsr

tlPEllATION attIS tut 1hc51N ,5I.l tLI S. asst a. twit_ PCELISS tstrt.re lama IHeIa4r. .t tmeee ejtjetes. clearly f+lMa

,I ] tut III' LwNaa Nast. 5........w...... u....,.. tut mA.t o* taw .a.ttf nr eat tie ml' being pr Wes .* .** Beers ta

: : tttMn., LIBRA till( 1N5 V4MV IS ... 14I s1. ..et.MM toerfwtu tft* reel r.*.*es) fr He rifts,

; l.-- dera smpts. .. tiara tut ...,..- .ITA. t* > i ea' ,.trie* Maid M MlJ.M t-seer Bleta".

CANCER Oct. 23rd iLNln IT SS D5v1vM ineier tta
elvll lithe .lr>...


l.,.,. .e ., ", ,
.fJ, LI.

., ..------.- -- ------ .. -_. -

J2T" i : ; r'

I : d -l

sunny mm 22 HM rutm mi rmts mmBy I

Group Makes Debuts WilsonJockson '
Teen Talk-
'" .... :
Exchange Vows
My aaa 1* Robla Forrester and I aa a Junior at Miss Myrna Vlaaett
Hew Ktantoa Senior High School. I would Ilk to tllsoo becaa the bride

aay that! aa glad to be back aa Teen Talk'a writer of Murray Albert Jackson Mr. and Mrs. !Rayaontnentlty Kara; 229H' Bel ford St.;
after a year' absence last Sunday valni la ; 2706 I. 4Sthtmt 01 rl. :
dough about a* for now. Let a* toss you la oa a colorful dosble-ring ; Girl. Mr. and Mrs. Albert
the hack-to-school fashion 'The wet popular out ceremony held at Bethel Mr. snd Mrs. AlphonsoRoss Simpson $740 Br. Road;
fit here 1* the knee tickler ekirt. 'ibis la available Baptist Institutional ; 4401 Detail!* Dr., 10,.
In Madras, deal. and seersucker. Sine w* Church lev. a.H. .non 10,. Mr. and Mri. Henry! Me
live la a ears cll.ate. and w* are goiag back to performed the cane Mr. lid Mr*. Susie Bride: 924. Poltlr
school earlier than usual, shifts would be the Bony, Tuner: 1641 Davis St. Drive, Boy.
coolest lies oa our liat. 'the shifts li Jacksonville The bride, gives la Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Jsaes
are real 'tnockoaU" slice they ar* available ..nia,. b1 her father. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Jones; 310 '. Orange St.
la a variety of colon and atyle 'They COB Theodore tllsoi wsa Hopkins; TITS "onerlef ,.1... Boys.
with sleeves and collars or without sleeves aDd beautifully attired laaa Road; irl. Mr. sod Mr*. Karl Jones,
collar 'The aost well known 1* the Ishapedshift. Ivory floor length Mr. and Mrs. ObedUb 1067 rtortds An. : Boy.Mr. .
Another popular style la the shift I* the s town of duchess satin Jones; 1381 f. 24th ltd I and Mr*. Louis
k-lies. Although 1'n seen a any different style :d and chaatllly lac. Sao Girl Cblsves, 276) Bunny Acre
la the abUt la local dpsrtant *tor*., the one carried a bosauet of Mr. end Mrs. Carl Dr.j; Olrl. vMr.

that tn .design th easel ve* are the best yt. Per ___ 'f r'" whit rose with an orchid Rlcktrsoa: DO Baker sod Mrs. Rubin Pelder.m .
this goes to how you, that teen too; (1) can produce 10 JOIN the City's cultural imp .*r*. th* Golden Girl Dane Croup center. Bh* lad asher Avenue; Boy. ; I. llth St.Boy: .
aaay artistic styles la shift; (2) possess which aad its bow before the public on Monday alshtAui. I during the popular natron of honor, Mr*. Mr. and Mr*, lilts* Mr. and Mrs. Lester
virtual laminations. weekly Ladle Nltht itrtvaiusa la fabulous. Kdfewood Loung 'They received Joyce Badger; her add allIns, IT.; -2012 Mefoist Rlch.rd.n1062; Illinois
Another 'tough style nil will be the .. of honor was Miss lenIn Apt. A, lay.Mr I
year wide accI. (Photo by benon) j It.a Apt. 4, alrl.T .
tailored shirt. This shirt coaes IB aa array of Wilson her sitter, and Mrs. Osrtrel Mr. and ins. Msjor
color and tries. Such styles u the tuck roll' WEDDING Net brtdssaalds were Bias; 2040 Mcqusds St.: Brooks; 533S Dotls
.sleeve button-dowa collar and tleeveless. SOB I Miss Joyce Motels Miss 01 rl. Drivel; Boy,
of the popular colors are: Ranch Mali, Ranch I BELLS Barbara baser Miss Mr. and Mrs Emits Mr. and Mrs, Nsrold
Pink Inlet Bin. Send Beige, Mint Green caelot A6o t Peo f. Lisa Paterson and Mlsa Bell; |4I3 I. 23rd St.; Chllds; 1313 .. SOU
Bin. Mali. Black navy lies, or Any Green It I Connie Lee Surrency, Joan a.I'II. lop Street; fllrl.
also COB.. la tripe (candy or broad), flowery i Mlsat Pla. 20 and Ronald arrk of 11- Mr. and Mrs. Miles Ben- Mr. and ..... Jane Po.
print, sad ekecks. The "Oxford" aDd Madras ar I Annette B. .r...., 1SSB20tk waukee, 11*. was best tern; (06 (vereoa &Court: ; Mill 1327 B"lch AVS.I;
till a favorite aaong the shirt sally, but the I. St., 17. BSO and the other **r* Boy. Olrl.
la York
'"Oliver" the pet of all the *hirt*. Mr. Cvelya Duhart waaliven new. e e.City. Anthony J, Reese, 1426 .... R.ddtek, Jiees Mr. and Mrs. Souse Mr. aid Mrsaail

In th* skirt depsrtaeat-Tb A-lln 1* far outla, party a surprise U the birthday for. SiU aDd Mr*. Priest *. 14th St. 16 and Pea Jojner and Versos Johisoa. > Baker; 1336 Johnson It. Love; 1314 t. 'ftth It. )
the lead of popularity. Many. teen have spoken of Lens and their children R. 10"1.' 1225 C. SlitStreet. Olrl.Mr. fllrl.Riktns.
of a dinner by her The bride I* the Usuih-.
their convenlency la bowling and la being a tlae IT.tddl aad Mrs. CharlesBrowa
Bother Mr. Gladys Ouy- Shell and Anthony, were Jave tsr of Mrs, Florence L.til.o. .
Mann, 1121
: 2143 tasrsoi
saver for a chants of clothing especially recent house guests of From YiofbgOeorie
ton The vent wan held
physical education (with this I agree). 'The wrap I. 3rdlt., 16 and lobe nd Theodore 111- Street; Boy
In the boa .if her uncle Mr. and Mr* Janes !
skirt 1* available la various styles, type, sad bl* jean Taylor 1671 sea, Bh 1* i Ja Mr sad Mrs Jaaea A. vtnomt ChMben
Leas of Kvroa St. They
and aunt Mr. aad Mr*.
color A popular wrap-eklrt 1* the Concha**. The I.N. Covlaiton of .. arrived hero fro Pt. .. 4th Street II. irsdust of lest Ylrllnls Colsoat 2621 Jupiter report havl6 a >!M.
A-lli la another favorlt The sheath skirt 1* Street. Brscs.. ".C. enrwite to "N.thanl Davis. At. Itt Collies Isstltite. Avenue; Olrl. ssnt stay during all
noted for its rrsy of belts. Ton see this skin Seattle, taahlastoa 1 antic Beach, 34 and Mr. sod Mrs. clsrenceCross recent vseatlef chick
Quest present wen Mr. Annie Green, Atliatls Th* la the son of
aolld.strip end Madras L. 6rooa ; 2314 toodUad
ha belt which la ,
coa and fang of lid lor**. took his to Palatks and
Mrs Leroy Beach, 27.JlMteLee. Mr aid Mri. 11111 L. strict; IoJ..r. nearly. cities.
color The buckles of tbeee belt are known for . .
their assortment of design Philadelphia. Pa., aadMr. "'il. Ones Scott of rilwMhte, Us.H ., sad Mr*. Pratquarter H* I* the IOta of ire
aad Its IveljnHie They were also dlaaef" Cove sprint, 20 sad I* alto a graduate Calls-
Por the young lady to whoa the shift or blouse I **; 27)2 Baby Chambers of Blo.>
keen of Mlaal.Mr. guests .f Mr. and Mrs.: Sr..da C. Narri.u Grin of lest Wlr.i U. State way circle Oirl..r. iett Hoae.
(Continued_on_Plc.-7)_ . Prank Jenkla of t. list Cove, ftprtnii. 11. *,*. and Mrs. Rddl 0 ee..eeee.e .

WIGS! WIGSI! WIGS I ILuttrOlS aDd Mrs. Hayward Miller". aid his Mr,ireid-Botber*. Tattle ,
Best have returned hove
of Peraandlaa Beach and car :!
,Soft 100 % Hernia Hair after.1 trip to Norfolk. Mr*. frta Miller. ,
Va. to attend the funeralof
. .
Dial EL H979 For A Home DwiMstrilkHj Nellie Mr*. Mrs.test'Jokasl s sot Mrs, Hsls Thotas $ssp'

Pdwarda accocpanted the eon of Roth ".,t.slett
last weekend for Clatlnskttl .
$7.00 Per Mo. couple. . 0. there site will I
visit Mr. Ud Mr*. BohHudso 1
Miss Jiaalta Salth 1
Mr* Hudson *

licli.ts 2 Until fni Stflli Myrtl daughter Smith of Mr.on Cats and ire.Id.I a toner reddest 'of. '

Imtifil Carving Ctti t lull Hick preeeatly actloal6la "II.. . ., ;
Philadelphia, P*. J
l .. "". with hr relative 'r. Mr. sad .ra.o' ", ''- _
-VANITY IMPORTED WIGSformerly Mrs till!* J. Reeve To* c rwturaed to rails'eJpkla.Pa 4
and Mr. aid .ra. Davis d after visit16 -
A. Reeve, her aaata and relatives ..dtri.&tt
aaeles,eotertslsed the .......r. Tof Is a for
WI I, Win IOU fueet Before retaralu ser reside of Jai rda
how. eke .111 relative of tk* Pahsrtfamily.

en I. NHII. ST. PI. JH-7M hit th* torld' pair Th a lone.* were
j otaed here by Mr*.
Rlya Mlskse ue!

___ trd-dihtr. Miss
.u.wr rrea --- -
pslsls Mltbsoi of Scholastic Woe Canvas
more e cc. Filled Ring Binder'

Allis left frBrooklya
II. T, rtetly Big, Handy HoW-AH School l digs 0....... llAtt,, ..... c..itr

Coke to apead vscetloa with rUnl el mum bun Una w wnrfcIfMMr. tr .. Mw .e .ee 5.... L 1---
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__I '11(".r. Mr. sad Mr*. wife.*) *n4 bade ....... It.ftd'-' $17 sub ..nest..... .....,.-. cad wt. C
Eddie BBloaea aid r.m..*ble thottldff'ilreprrrirf. c- ....... .. .,.... HM 9 7
? Ok Mr. All**, who live atITJSPeveno M...W* lih. Itetk. ...,.,. '-" ,.... __ ... .......
CT will burfcl, tioeMg*. mt ..,...*. .... ........ ,.,.... r

lesscarry else visit frld sad 'IIeM' 0.. C..e1..Ara.riu'. e 1 v....
releliwe II **.kla.--. Scholastic Spiral Bound
DoC aad ttlaats Os.

before ret.nl6 bee.. Theme and Scholutlc' larf aln PackNotebooks
C e . .

Mr, *ad 'r*. Dan PMS- Thert s P ert.

tale visited U. Serif ,.. ...... .....
best Fair wkll la ,i.* I." ".
; .!*.. sits Mr*. ills :.
Pulcker eel '''. tlllleSree .. C
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buy trd .e. Trt stst*. : 4i'
Detroit. ".hU... '.
J., Philadelphia. Pere .: 25- t.Carat
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paC[ h. lIII" SIll rAIDS IIHIIIT mm 22, IH4


Dedicitioi Of Court Of Honor Celebrants Ministers, Deacons Uniofl, Aixiiin

CHURCH Mt. Aunt's' Mew Ii .SBT Imi .,. m.,,__ To Coniene li 5 Diy Session

Pirsomge Set Pblladtlphla Baptist Church .... 1.I. Johnson

tajbtra of Ht. Ararat pastor, will boat tht Aug. 26-30 coavtntloa ef Utlaltttrt
NEWS Baptlat Church a... aad Dtacoaa Union and Auxiliary ef UtBaanutl

Dilly f. Graham, paa Proirtttivt Baptist Association with Btv.
1." Johnson aodtrator, prttldlai.
I tor will tonally dtdl- Onion officials BI- ..................-.....
cats ttt atv paraonait,
Mrs. Rosa Stephens will be the guest located at 1S28 BtltatSt. pecttdtobtoa band will secretary. of yams pao'Pla. -

speaker and others will highlight tie program ., Sunday, Aug. JO at clods: ....
: 30. .... W.M. ailU prttl- lid
Sunday Aug. 23 at 3 P.M. in Friendly 2 '.. J. Jackson bead
Baptist Church 1721 I, 19th St. when the Tams' dedication coaalt dint Btv. J.R. Jack- cooaltttt.Varloua thtprotTM
Christian Community Savings Club observes ttt set recently to sake h'' lOll, vice prttldtat:Ota-
its fourth anniversary Mrs. McVella Pauline plans for the oac.-,.-.- TR yfffr con K.P. Vllllut, recording alalattra dtpartatata -
chairmen of the program committee llfttlat oecaaloa Btv atertUry; .... officials and Aatoclatloa -

announced.Mrs. Lenora Jones is- the organi Robert L> wilson prior B.A. '!boU'. trtaantrt: tuptrvltt tilt win
zation' president. 'The public is invited. of Wttt Fri endsbip Bap Btv. Tiny Htal missionary which alibtlyBtrvlcta
tlat Church will hi ; aid Deacon C.H. will tttadtrwajr

-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ spinier for tams inlet SalU. district tuptrtn- under Ut dlrtctloa -
pnwr....". Ill BOO will ttadtnt.Aailllary. of the boat
African Universal Church till open its be latrodnetd by Btv offlctn art: church Wtdntadaj sight
Auc. Mat s .....
8th anniversary observance Sunday nightat 1.C. Biraty, Suptrtatta* .ra. Addle B. Hayes
8 p... with an outstanding group of the dtfltof tie Sunday School president; Ira. Dona ItK. The sessions will close
s Sunday at 3" ,...
city's vlet prttldtat fol-
leading gospel groups and individuals at It. Calvary Baptist Carter

featuring the program Mrs. Mares Church.Hn. Haiti Croat, TROOP 74 of St. flit Catholic church under Ut Itadtrahlp of Booataaattr Bract ; Mrt. Dtlorta church lowing ami ri>iBlar eta.ttt .ordtr of
Rosebur chairman coordinator of tie tad Bright rtcordlai IICr.t.r -
program announced. R. Stldto
(standing titrtat Hht) participated la Ut recent Court of Honor public la
vlttd.Mt. .
Friends and the public are Invited to the Choirs at It. Ararat CtrtaDoy bald la ,; Hra. Ivtlrafyaa
SU Paul pig Church Auditorial. Atty. Lan H. Johnson chair
nightly services Ill bt la chars of sun of tilt court et Honor offlelattd. Itasbtra thova kattllai trOll left are corrtapoadlaiatcrttary /. Sinai Holiness
...&0. Jean C. Down la j jr., Char). Olaat, .ra.do M. Joata Jr..I.mard Hartonsoc ; art. Ltaalt
-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ All districts, usher and Aims Oeltau.. Standlai trot lift: flllla. Baker Jaata Mason, Nlchaal Harris, trtaautrt: Hra. To Feature Carolyn
boards, and members Olivia Ring alaalooary:
an Sttvart. Earl Flovraoy, Wilson Sour (leader) aad Soortaaattr Stldm, Dr. J.C.
fit* Joseph Baptist Church Broad and urged to fulfill their Dotnlai 8r. la chairs of Ut Cherokee Dlttrtet. Photo br BatrBon) .ra. C.I. Wllliaaa, rtllllout Colsoi la Recital
Dewdrop Sts., will stage a musicale Frl financial rtanlrtatati tducatlon dl. ttllknom III I NorUtrn:
day night Aug. 21 beginning at 8 o'clock. oa tlat.Dtdleatioa. Cassandra rtctor.BTa.: Sarah JOB ta. and 8 heatttrfc Stattt
Guest artists will include former Renters coaalttttehalraaa Nined St. Paul Youth Bishop West Touni ptoplta dtpart- susie circltt", Mist

of the Sensational Nightingales of Philadelphia C. Ltawood Lee Miss Diana Shop Schedules Meetiag To Officiate sent director; and Miss Carolyn Colaon of Tallabatttt -
and oo-chalrau Era..t Charlotte Washington
Pa. Singer Frnest Jones and MissT. Uttlt CBaaandra TottU will I. ftttirtd'la -
Walker and her 12-year-old sister the C. Thoaat, la order to A world Tooth Coaaell At Mt. a vocal
; saddler the d..III tarot I COD firm I 1101 Cilviry's Mea recital -
Holy Light Gospel Singers B. Morris aiwrt smooth optratloa proiria will be prtBtattd -
Singers la Ht. Sinai
in. Vtra
saddler At
Mrs Laura Jackson and others.ilrs. of tilt program till 10. tilt vanattd- Hlaa at tht BBdltorlna Qflrltli AflAOfloce Ken Day Hollataa Church Ab-
Astoria Edwards is the affair's sponsor. ttt aiala August 2 BabyContest
the cbnrebat .:00 p.a. lltn lid lint).. Beady presiding prelate of the a Day celebrations

././././-/-/-./../-./ la Bpoaaortd tilt Hoite rectatly All. 10 at 4 ,... till Methodist Church la will beldu at It. Calvary
- of
Other acute coaxlttttarei seat .111 be directed Florida .1)1 officiate Baptist Church and COBtlBBt -
Choir 3 of Grant Memorial AMR Church will : Deacons Charlie the Prayer Lattlaort oa Tyler St. .by by Ltoaard J. Roberts durlai the first eonflraatloa throuihout tilt

present Mrs. Meltonia L. Vaughn as guest Butatr, .... Dais and will Slaitn.Caataadrm bt again jr., a BIB btr of choir claaa at. St. day.Buadar. .Jl .1.1I
soloist for the annual Hour of Char program )0..... L. Cbttaaa, miss honored dirtt NO. .. School will bt- ... .
|thttattlBureilaitra .
scheduled for Sunday Aug. 30 at 8:30: 'IU..bttla feat and Hrt. analvtrtaryJaaiary St.. '..1' a Boat 01 t. tin at 9= 30 .... with > 1'. ) :.
p...Oth.r we 11 known individuals and groups Ophelia Carter.Fountain standing loath of Thtodtra Deacon .. a. Patttrtoa I .':
will appear on the progran.Cholr president Chapel I world will btftttartd u gist auptrlattndtBt.oralai )' ;"'. !

Charlie Biggins is requesting the cooperation during till affair wortklp will I I" .. .' :
of the city's church groups. AME Church start at n .... with ,
HtBttra and friends art Those' arpttrlBi oa the the atnoa btlai delivered .. .4Plus.,. .""tJ
Alice Boston To Celebrate laiittd to Ue special proiraa will laelidtlit by the pastor (.' \:'). tw
youth proiraa tklcb Carolyn Johaaoa, of First African Baptist
Anniversary Musicale Here starts at I ,.'. A IS- addrtiBi; tIlt Johaaoa Church IB Klacalaad, Ga. \ \
stouts soap atrvlct till 81st.,.' Quarttt. ....1' and Ittbtl Baptist \ :

Miss Allot Bootes tad Ua Htavtoly rive,Dii ItjBblltt precede Ut T p... ttrvlet. Maty Alice tract, Uadt Church !. ....tuhr.
the Little fettoatttti Audrey VoCall and utlrUMlta ,cilia .". Fred WllliBH.Iht CDLSON
ill future her ins!- and the laeau ttaitn, Officers and ....n of Ward rttdlai; Mlaa 'IIIIOP U1' Tooth Hoar till bt Sunday. Aa|. 23 at
vtraary Buaday at S: 30 TriTtllai start betlilore all d.,art..". art Barbara Saltb aolo; Oahritra Qtltoopal Hla- I bald .tap... lUll .; u p...
P.B. la Vt. Zloa Trie soul stirrers going tll-ott to sake dttt; Robert ffofford sins located la Bland I IPuatral Prlact etatoab aa A Janice at Florida

Church of1 fed and Valtr, aid Bayard, Duller ....11. .....1 Youth durisg ot atityaar. scripture; Donald Sloan float Chaps., guest aptaktr. .....! AaM Oaivtralty. Piss
12tb and Damsel Its, laitrs, starlight Day ebatrvaatt oat ef rrajtr.PUttta, 4115 Avtnat .. Sunday, I Holoaoa will prttldt.'aata Col too air htr auti-
tldtr ..a._.. Ortct.... paaCor. BUftrt BvaiatllitiSlaitn. the cost successful la Tilt sponsors .lak to alaattt of Stpt. S at B ...., Rev Mlddltbrook willprtaldt cal carttr at 'tie ass
'""" "- "
."Ira.: ary'Htaly the tIN,.'. hittory.Sunday thaak .rt. jaaaoa lit thrDtaaa ."Ifalt<;UOIII will (Fr.) T. Vincent baths ever BTU at ft'SO of all years and tin
Mn Pail Foiitalatill "r.. jittlt I. Tea' Dress Shop and dr.Mtddlttoa bt r..i&.d'b Allta annouaetd. I,.L A Ilt.rary'proirss eoatlattd swiss tublttptrfcraaaett
carte aa '<r... Polk. ALIft'IllACli/ "r. ef nldtctaPttraltvrt Cress OB the Htaaoatf Suaday'B atrvlett at 'will bt prtttattd by the since that
of etrMoalte aid the Aloe mrs Alice rail' and Mrs Julius Hot*11, Co, for their orau.Rt la Ut onanlit Ut recently opened Mission l yenta or tht church.KvtalBi : t
ecMaton till be stein lips, Bobtrttlliti Soul 201) Allay toad till mail coirtttlta ..... for choir l.Ltoaard will beds 11& I .... worahlp will TH Mii.tiistPiwir '
by Mrs Aaiada v. Rene, UttlBort, MM boat a spiritual tttSuBday dor la i Ue aaaaal teatttt Roberta till and residents living la I IUt beds at T:30 '.'. wlU
.AidtrtoB Xoitttm Princes strives, Aaitllttt.Liaoola Au Ie as fro 1 hI her the sacs addrtaa. iBHtdlatt and other tilt piston of flout kt id tBtthtl liT" hut
rill be sinkers. ef Utloth OoaaualtyChantt attl a ,.'. la support In. Saddler la a a..- "It speech will irons art cordially lavlttd I Baptist Church
cutiry Club, Cltftoati, Mrs ef the class rally at I ken and data tiU thou bt ..U U.. Tkt JI'. to .U..... Btv. David Johatoa dollvtriai ....
I fettthtlda Md Ut HolyT Lottie bakes, Suaaylott Roberts" It. Plaiab AMR :1 I at St MatUtw Baptut World DoctrlBB of Ood> ] the elotlii yea atMaidMrtitaad
I raveltre Ooaptl ire. LorrtlatDuaeaa Cbtrcb.Ibt Ultra till opts Ut ibis with lay rally will COM to paator.ant provided by oriailit for Ut prt- prajrtt taa aseosphlshmoaders
I proirta.OUtre. mom Chapel Charms G rasa Baptist Church .s art DtaeoaJoha for ,... ratite;
a close .....,. At|. also tltkta to ;
.i tn laelidt (Mtbaldt) and ot...... 30th.I thank her aaay intends nil ,ro"". bavlBibtta H. "It,., atatralchalrMa
for Mklai Cattaadri'a prtatattd oact. la ....hr worthIp ttr- ; Dtaeoa Albtrt SrsUI FAIIIC iiiiu

I honors poaalblt. buss rtptattd at the .&c_ for It. SaltB Bap J ackson. eo-cbalnaa and 124 .. Ilcllh... Chlta.o,
rawest of Itv. A.C. tilt Church located at I I30tad Deacon Brattt Pitret, l 111.II .
Bethlehem'sAnniversaries Chaadltr. ...1, BtalcBtdptator aid Myrtle h..... I'
130 CUSSAT11th ef Bt, ,.... It will bells wiu Suadty .
w. r la btlltvtd tbat.lt till school at |:JO ...., the IKlMiilit Alllflldl ||<

3101 WER9N1 On Sunday takaact Ut youth co..- aaptrlattBdtBtlacharat.oralai CiiMnllii Study. II| Th
A Ill Itidtrthip ef the ttrrlct btilaa
w e+sau sow sass IttbltktB.111...ItPtlBtChtrcb U' .Uaaalvtraary church lid have B long at II .... and ....h, CDnWl UK INSURANCE CO. Of FIOTOAHU )

e twnm 1rgB aid Ue 4 Ithaaalvtrtaiy rings afftctOBtbt world marsh!, Bt s ,... Let tht H Insect lataraaet .....,.. la the butted
+lt TN polity ef love I.Q. Rogers l&a'...
piece pastor These
., Ut ,..- .. :21 tovMitt ha.. aa attract tf PT ytwtf
tor. .". A. AadtrtoB aid frltadablp.CltalBi t pBfclle la cordially lift lat raa t '''''1_. om Tt tf ttt ItvttttdBMtta
".u durlai Btrvlcta. marks aadbtatdlttlta lavltBd to atttad all .t all Ufa I...'.... la t.,... a favtrmalt
DOLLAR DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! Penis his viii .... if. Bill ,. atrvteta.IHPEIIIl .....,1... tf ttt flawctu atmtart sad tBrntltaalMtk4
llvaa by Ut ,..tor. u
Johaaoa tfkla hiladel- .. ttrutaly laclcatlvt tf lend iMtral BM-
t aad flMMlU
I tUUllty.
Casuist Chart Mdtv.
SARDINES 10 "T Cartlt ... Ttlfalref SllllltS ,.
CAMS .......... .Rev ft. ollft Sachet PA1IM BD1Wa cDSbarics ..... SlBilfietat Fatten aa .f i....n lIM4.a ertedPr.

$ Church sure la cbara of .ALL LURING lUll PRffAJUTIOfer. the a..sal lWte
TOMATOES 8 % service 'TMtadaj alcbt.MV MOAD and ASHLFT Q. 4-21S9 SlLIICY'a :

.......... .... mi ,r it. '- IN...
gain et II.-"au..t ...., .
Calgary Spud church ,1.1"
mm ivArotAro TAU. aid .... Eddie Taylor A..ntelgLre..' ills /saersaee ............111...
YOUR ewet.1 Lit. ....,...
MILK I 1 8- ..... ..... Bf It. Lies 00....... : SlHUS LAW .t Ft.rlda-......II
services etdatti'. BBJHI im fitawai emir ai11Ei1 JIltS Pw a. .t urn .......
7 .. ... .... .
.. SUIAIJM.. .
or. atiht.Taaradw. bx'M k* .. .. I ,... II lartttl life laaartatB B.at..........11
Tllall SMe 10 Blaht Btv. a I ::::zC'_ CtBtral Ute I...,....
.r.M. Ctaaaay Bf
nerlea- ....
CAMS .......... = .... "
Mason .t .lam mope -
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COOKIES 5 Hit Church mire la .iTnVfi*L J? gr.: '* _' wciS= A..... n I.,..., lift UttraBtt ......1.*- vM.tlCrntral >
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...... .. .... LOOK WHAT '1- WILL WJY DAVIS STREET --.. ..as s.1ms
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BACON /'$ Elgin 4-1894 UIW ....... ........ 4 p.. LII5 .
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t 1tsUi
( IKIST n. mi riiiiu MI rmis FKC! s :

I Friends Fete Former lax Organization I Leader
.,...It'... t'i I '. _I .


ROmconnto Julie Bowaaa. It ft photo (right) aoclato Director of the Colorado orbea leagueheadqaartared Ir. Bealah rl....,.. Back row froai Itt: Atty.Ltaadtr Iradtll Carter aad Lewis J. Carter 1)1. IB photo
fol'ller ( entire secretor of the Jai Crboa League la Beaver la caster '11. frlaadaatattd J. than I' Hri. Oeraldiae Rargrave, rlatit, the host Noraana (titrwat left "right)
I chats .with hit auceeeaor Loll J. Carter III. fro left are:Alyaoa L Rise Dr. Jute a. Theses B. Hargrave Jr., host Oscar Koreas, Bra.Joaa converse tlth Hra. Nariraa, second fro left dr.Hargravt .
durtaf party |lf. IB hi* honor la the palatial and Ira. ftaaeva Rondtrao. Mrs Margaret Lovely 1Ip..1 d'... Bri. Delorea Shaw nri. Alveta and TtnataiMn Margaret Lovtly.rDotoibytatraoa.
ieaideace of tht.Oacar Nora' us,6153 Bpirea St.rtceatly. (Kaoivllle. T...) house past of her sister sad leases, Jules Bosoms, hostess Peggy hones' Bra.YiciMoilig ( )
Ir. ID.... la carrmtly serving M Ae- hushed Mr. tad i.... Ttoaaa B. Ranrave Jr.. sad ---

S an', '. J 0 .e Porters' Brolkertood, Carroll Headend New Sl.lofl Sits Beach OutingsThe DiysprlRB To Heir

Plan Bus Trip Allied Units Slate To Spoisor HairStyle Eirollntit. Dates, .. Noted Hlnioiirtri.
rrtaada and the public and Chose, .
Fiskioielli tarollBtat dates for Blue Light Social ipaerlef aid
art la-ltd to Jots with Anhrenanr all atadtata who. plan Burlap club la planalic' Uth at 7U5.: : It. Ararat Birth. Coltaia
the Baa Jose 'aduitrloaa Projrw A bevy of the. citya to eU... sew StutoaSaalorRIgh a trip to Him Bprlaia Bwtlit ckaith at I pea will bo the seat rrtakr
Club oa their Batardayllht. The lath aaalveraaryobaervaaeo popular models will School ate for 81111t", Aug.. 30. Tat oroalhe aad Pryat at at the aniaal. woatafa
Aug. 22 trip to of Jeckeoa display the latest IB II follows: public U tavlttd.Biiita I: 30: and Ith and Myrtle Day obttr-aaee at Pay"
Aae-lcoa leech. vlllo Division of the. .llad,' hairdos aid TwtlU grade atadoBta i .111 leave Sib at 1': 1$. Iprlag Birtlat march
The baa will leave 123 Brotherhood of Sleoplag faahloaa Friday sight ill report oalodieoday.Auguit aid fertle at B .... and / / ( I Herat 21. 1111I. la a
Pippla at p... and the Car Porters sad Ita.Aa* AI' 21 la the Roaat of 2. at B .... and : Orange sad Jtfftreoa at Royal Court will stage fortlgn alialoiiry ef
hat atop will III Myrtle Hilary will h. hold Israel Ttoplo of faith go directly to their .. ,..."". B'SO a. .. Tltktta Bay aa oatiag at miaollaLake. the ,...' eoaveatloa,
Avenue and Ith St. Tic ...d.,, A... 21 at T IT29 Tenon it.. Rev. .. boavrooaa of last year. ".f.. : bt purchased from a... Saturday Amwt aatlllary to the Ni
bets ..r be. purchased P... la Tabtraaclo Bap Eleventh grade atadeata hen of the charch. 22' The bus. will leave tloail Baptist Count
trOD aw>. ..re at till tilt laititatloiilCharch. .111 report oa Thareday.Attgvat 1217 '. 24U Bt. at I: :M tlM U. *. 110.
bill atqpc., k- IDS K. Daloa 27 at B .... and h///I a...1 lit aid Davis at A autos of orfolk,
abort' ef the orgaai St.. .... I.L TOUng.paator. : solo their old boBorooM Pallbearers Orwd Moo State aid Ruahlug it BI. ?s.. Bra. Coltaiia la a
Patios art tad the teeth grade eta 112 *re acbedillai a ... graduate ef Rawpto la*
lira. Beatrice Hctlasie, Allied onaalutloaapartlclpatiag .. Pasts will sport to the .... ADLEr DAVIB of trip to J kjll talaadBHiday / / 'I I itltate seP the Valferalty .
prealdeat: Mrs Ethtl oa the .,.,". 11\1" school oa ....,. Aagaat 11)1 W. IQth It.. left The baa will The ChrtitUi Aid' Boelely > ef Bochtater.H.t. .
I. Chetttr, secretary; progrta will laclide the 21 at p a... and BO die Tuesday by plan torOaUu. leave 41th aid Dodge are goiag to .
Mra. Laavlale T. Bar Atl,tic Coast Llae rootly to Ue aidltorlaauOatoftoea .. c.ur.hr.. Id. at B ....& jrd aadHoBfrled Jtkyll hind, Bvaday, la HJ4. she wen sect
Dues fwunUr-trtMurtr.: Chair Car Atteaaaata, students she will bt the bone at I> II. 2ltk AMI. 23rd. The hum till t. Africa dy the, eeere
Charlie: writs, bul.... ACL flats Porttra.Th who are plaaalag bs'at- i,*it of her sea aid aid Moaerlef at 5g0: ; leave 27th aad Myrtle tar of fte Portlni Ma.
....r; and Ira. MthalAadtraoa. prepared ,roar_ t.d me Btaatoa are .... d.thttr>lB.]lw. Dr aadBra. State aad Jefferson att at Ti20 a.a. aid the sloe Board. of IIfPIC. while
aaatataattaeiaoea will laelado the to). euMted to report to the Louis L. Davt.. St t 41; aid Sit Brtarlagat hall at I e' ele.k, there, she eetahUahtdthe
.....". .,: ehool OB Tuesday, Curb Celebration I s... > J I I I I "liiloa' School attain

Mrs. Mamba Jetaoa Rntlodge Pearsosgreetlapessfverssry' ... Bepttattr 1 at BIt .., nt PrUadly Ave BBoclal / / / 'I In. Dakar' Beard Me, I.t / .*, Litierta Africa.
: sersos- la eitroBoly that aad haulage Club Noralig Star Pall Bethel laptltl iMtltatloail la IJ7. Ira, Coltau
sled to BirlUirra. otto, .... '.1. Ttaai, RIM AUCt LtGltlRodita. all atadwta observe the will celebrate U' bestirs will apoaior a Church will son rttumH to tn-Alii*
Aaaatl harper, president pastor.gboisored laitrattloii ..Ul... |2th. aaalftraaiy Leo trip to Bayrai leach, jour.., to aoiolla likeBatarday tm lit price aa Directs
Rarthi Johnaoa was of the local BrothtiHood. by use Carroll above IB order to be day alaht _.. pith at .. ...., 22. The Atgvit 23nd. ef P gust lOCI for the le
the rtclfltat of a ear Rtadtraoa but till INTO for the.. treat Par "" I...
S. Loa..l re. chalraaaAa wtll reaaoaibly aaaared ef a the Prleadly Baptist The baa will) Into IlkaadMadlaoa relga
price birthday party last Car Att.duU.Jaaef. buoys btaatlelaa, tile full schedule of claaeea Chareh: at lUll aadPalrfai Mull ., T',0: fro 2Tth at I a.B, tlonirle.
Saturday light at her.7sa.i..A.hleyIi. Coboa. ell"nil of faahioa shoe will |ttaadtrway
.. for the ,ur. Stadeatg Afta.e,
Pasco by f tl low, .."eei re Aa. Trala Porttra.loo at I ,... sad are farther ..re ,.t'
** Address Atty. be followed by a due
their eebedalOB eea
of till Baa lOll la do.
trlMa Clab R.L Healthey; roapoaat.Ltroy la ma Utorlaa,712 2 Bleted. the day dealg
A aleaeaat oveatas ofcoBaraderle ""..11. Vaale V. Dival Btrtet. Bated for their elaaaaeetloa .
will bo farilabol by bleeds aad the public ,
prevailed tile Tabmaclo Choir are Uvlttd.Krs. For further laferaetloa
std tilt Baaoree roetlTodBany
beautiful sad use* Ira. Rtaalo 1.teII.. I Atki F. Mane leall the eehool at
leery Shepherd, to* 2M-IOII. g R MARKED
fil glfti, ono btlai
Jtlata.wbtrt. To Feidritollkaewa Recilai
fro her dauffeter.lira. .
of oriuliod WadouEstates
Joaaaoa la a BOB* aepraae,
Labor aad tile |*atralpabll QUANTITY IICHH IIIUVIO
her ... ..
aad usher at .t. In. Allle Pale i-
Hold Baptist Chare sad Job with* are the lulled eoltbriatala to sell. will be reNted SPECIALS GOOD THfiU SUMAY AT EWEWOOO AND AVEIHIE I
II... effleer of the la
( a recital Midi/,
their aaaial ....,
:lei Jose ladaatrtoitdab. At a. 21 at T'JO P.". The eoM of ......,. SUGAR
la Btttad Baptist toe Estate Coaaaalty
Charcb. set reeeatly IB the

Boat Rave To II To Team 1.. let The tpteiert, the ktae ef I,. aad ire. HICKORY SMOKEDPICNICS
Jailor Bttiteaary Bocltty erbert Barney, 1207 r i PORK
LOW PRICES U oardlally la* Reverse Dr. ..eth. /air .
vltlai frlMda aad the the vwrpeee of ergaal

OB TOM l.eral pbllw.SdiHito slag a OMMiaity Civic .
P Clab.preeoit. Wr

IUG STORE NEEDS SliliEilerfiliBiil acre: ROAST
're. VI fiat 1.. JkilMao-
Trade Silk Tout neighborhood Dreg here Ira tarleae T. locket ,
t tuL HBT an men A11I.II not< Del lver.te Ilse fill all Dorter e "..rt,..... A variety of ttllttew* Orlatlae ..,..* 29
r.... aad eaterUtateatI .., IN. lellwa til. LB. 29
Dixie Pharmacy 're..... ebea the I liar ire Betty Sees LB. 4
Starlight Betlal aadBatlipa lid ira. tea .,.*,.
Cia ......,. The Mil eetUg leB .
1M2 toff iHl It Bugle 1..ale the ...., PrJotjr .... oh ode I H for .....,. HCRSHEY'S BEACON eL.'SUGAR
at .,1 Bade Drive.aetlultlee A.,. M at | ,.*. It '
,11tu 11&11 SHI-H will itt the. boss ef AU,. sad

dtrwty ., | p.s. 'ra. frwat ft I" _. '
MT TIN UHI, AUI MrlIU rnUMlI Clevelaad tr.... ,n.l. It.. 1211 Pestle Pt.*.. BLEACH
Pest assisted hp ire.Blllle Alt Utereetod perooaerealdlag .
/ ir HIfctirrtf IINI Brees, eeenU9Prlwdo < la the ilaeolatetate 'U(
ores K *. BlebarlaeaB
aad the Be.nlpwbll .lghU aid BaohlaghMaldktd f "II LB
are ...It... BreM are creed 39 HALT GALLON 1 O A
,to bo Reels PKQ.Hi .
The aea of aealagte,
Sea tee set l. the Bee lid .. St." If .Hit w Mr nil ew HI ON BtMfi iNefPKLSJUtY
NEWPURE ef Pit, Iratet B.wtfe. .
I 1sPh sae. 1211 lieU If' ft AUAIB MSOMTS I CHS 25 *
.......,. Aeg.tla Y'1A OEES
OIL .nlig the togte**
la| .f B eerlte efwttop RJ..A:
M Ft* UteJACISOICYI1IIA. STA'T1OMAVAILABLE .* .be .,...1.. a Y. S. 6000 QUI STEAK 1$. l3; \
.1eI.... fire d' art

.. C
Mill nUll TO THE ....11. .ftoradale....... II- VECETOLE 5HOITEMIH6. I ti. CM 4tc +- ; ,7
eeilt Bl.b. rleeeolgbie
RIGHT taebligteeelgbU { ir\ '
KMTIH: ctetfleadWlgtU .
111111HI1I HIIH iliUMIHUtlfILU. sad 115 .a ffMBUdle CUtftKTS TONATOCS SOW mHattf lit : ., r J( .
HI.teil ..../e. ,
iBblOg Pas ... B4 0. .
tll .e M fwM aleMiside ...... 5/. Lulled .. \1'({; t'

122 hi .ll11asll/a _ftII_II S fteJllll&hi- larth.r da 1M M.Mil MlHeledoUa \( MBaOB SHOBaal SKIM II. 4 $ < \ .

ttttHH.1 elllelllt... e......, tie
-i erM nerve .,...., .f the .1... '
INK------------------- leer flee he,.,..... MmUIRI mom 1 .! NE \( ..
==--= ell 14 teU. Sol.rev, ,
IIIR"I If ------N..1NN .... M H I'M ,.../,. 1
psM/ keg .. Ba. BAM tC If. sod ''c. I "
------------- .*.. ......ft. a I_ -.. 1,1L t': ., Ie,I
1'LL *...... ff*| f.......l.. ,' 11>..::1' ,:, .. :i. .
.,.,,, ..... ';, l,: ;

-- t ",,' ,. ., .lI/iJ "p., .,"'. "" /<1 ,

: -

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I I ;'

fULL. riitiBi sin 'ifill I""U' lIMn rt 1

USTEI'S WEE-WASH-IT Cleamrs wd I ,= POLICE REPORT Iii]I Is Popular YicilioiiigMUCnUDM lellffclll Northwestern Registrilira plaaaiai DiltsBtadeatB Posts to

'.roll Is Morthweetora'onlorBealor '
PUUI BNATCBBKBBP pocketbook lifted fin Officers J.J. Doe sad Author Tesaawaaatroararmed High School
lAMP Air tar an br two BOB But 11. .neteofl laveatlfated. and aabbed. of t4Q for the eoealac tone.are

FOLD ...... Betty I. Mitchell Friday, losing $4.75.Tba Ii. . Jut weekend by two ass repeated to report to
IM returning to kor tklovea tbaa ru REPORT Roost who. offend kla a ride. the school oa Ue day

oar near 1710 Beaver through COB rt I ..t.1oc1..U BREAK IM Baatoa told laveatlfa* I decimated la order to I
10 5t. sod Dllf Ronee.tllbar trig officers & Brad- II I
III.Clmlif epos OP Ira. Elisabeth Joaos receive a achedale of "
tb. car door, At >bnada jaaee Millar, 1414 Ore tbe ft. re* lay end J. Beldoa that 01.... for W4-63. '
III III, HI lylat dos os ttet of H f. 42nd et. was ported that her boss the sea asked kls It All 10th-llth aad 17th

back soot of tilt car. alttlat la till ear vas eatered via frost be wasted to to the trade atadenta will sport *

SinlciJoes She Baked that be tuddBi parted 01 Church ft wlndo. The culprit .U,. This after as* August 2> at B ....
then sod the swag a youth raaebad aria| tilt ear they
.. Meter, proprietor ripped the stress froa aad to directly to Ueir
jnsped out of the ear through Ue window and the wiadow aad broke grabbed his aad took hat year a hoaerooo.

\ FREE Pick ep tad Delivery snatching bar pan lathe irabbad his wife's yook.tbook. the lock. oft her trios his wallet coatelalat Itb aad |th trade ate-

sane .,Uo.. Tba youth, door, taklBf a clock valuable papers aad dusts and only tboae 7th

SPIN The ua fled aeroaa Cllftoa Mad it. of radio and hair dryer. the. aosey.BOTTUt. .. -._ I. trade students that wereretilaed

h... ii ? ,.'. Sat till MI.ilPM u OPM field leaving Ion Oaloa Bt. this oftl..,. f.". Harris -- -- .111 report
Mrs, Mlteball wltb a no aloof with another .
aid E. Cklaee laveetl* BUCAUOPOAM&IMBBtBBION' Aenat 27 B a.k. and to

I It ElfEIIII PI 715-1 15 scratched wrist end ceupaaiM before being gated.S. Popular coaaetolotlet directly to their olel.0IlroO.
sinus $175.50.Officer sought just tkree ...
Lester Scott of 2048Lewie Miss Tboaaalaa flleon
I.I. Beackaa blocks away by Mrs, Out-of-tova atadeata
laveetlieted.Anotker Killer and officer Mla HOTGON rum Bt waa playing left Batardar for Cbat
and atadenta attend
puree-inetch- Reports Indicated At lOll dice with a group of taaooia, T.... to
Northweeten' for the,
sag laeldaat, I,.. that all the coatoots Mra. Margaret JOBS .. when one of the aea lilt Pith re 1 at 1 fee
first ra.QIIuttel *
tlse. are
Bealah Hill of 2217 of the pine.were re* rierre of 1171 Barbara decided to end the gag aid frteads sod will
Klafitoa It. bad her covered Line, told polio that by breaklat the strut taw leave for Maw York to report Aat
.... will

28 at B 11I<< report
aa elderly aaa stood lop that provided UoTbe City where aba will be .
to the library.It
la front of bar house 11111 t. Ue house guest of Mr.and la
loaded a aaotftB, aad Ban three s bottle Mra. Conrad Radley, vitally a.cessalYthat
[ Til ME all and
ILL pareata
altal&f the Hint tat 138 heY Avwaue.
this fired la to tke
e ".... w beta front wiadow.Cblldrea the bottle bounced back while there, aha will tverdlaaa have their
The Beet Doctor children obeerre the laatructloBa -
e Pmeirti kruUni.... 11111 nn sitting aad hit Scott la the tour el tee of latereetIneludlai
Doctor Prescribes. outlined la
elwlMilwlrkeerkMidMdrvlf.> arooad la the front head. That ended the the world
the student
phanaelata order that
..... Pair.
., to I'00. .111 receive scheduleof
Medic your Doctor's . .
Pee Only The Beat earlier, three y oat ha TIRED tPOMBT Scouts Attend claaeea for the year
Dr. C.I. Black Quality Drags bad bees agitating till oa the date deeimated
.LeeiM keif fnfrmteoatrolt Proprietor aaa and apparently be NiUoiil Jamboree por farther laforaatloa
returned Pith his ,
na John Lee Rob la aoa, of Oa July 17 tin 2) the call 7.-Snl.
1 ttaisma PHARMACISTS TO swvi TOO rejorte ladleated.
DBS Parratet, Mayport With National Jinboreewaa
Mrs. Elsie Thesis
Officers C. Bolllvaa
A COMPLETE LINt OP reported to police that held at Valley Pone
eo..U o..Rubb.r (toodaCaadlea8uadrleePlQCRIPTIOra and M. Harley laveetl*
he waa fired upon by .... The Ja.bor.e la Scheduling Plus

CAU.D POR AND DBUVRCDLilly's gated.. . at ran..,. late Batardayaltbt. held every four years Prlenda of Mra. rule

H CHANT BEAIAR at ,.,lou historical ". Tlro+.. will M rl.....
Be told lsv.stigatiagofficers plans around the .
Dreg Store toss.try.Tbis
VICTIM OP BOBBBY to leera that abe la
dandruff C.T. 1cC1..do. year It was attended
Edward recoperatlat from a loss
autos, a Merchant *
and./ proMtmi too Illl Hid III (L )'1171 Betaaa froei Port he sad backed R.L. Jeaklaa his oar that late scoots by etplorera over to.aid 000 1111... aad la laylai
plane for her aaalverearyprotroM
--------- Va alley to tan around. 1....,. fro all over
el it id for Bua
then he started to pullback the aatloa and 40 foreipomatlree.
day. Bert. 11 at a so P.
late traffic s .
.. la Mt. Ararat
dark,i ate soda Plynosttpaaeod

and the oecnpaatebe INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY
its shoot., barely

S.R/atu-115. DACRON & COTTON altalBf his and striking MECHANIC: ON DUTY
his 1BBO auto Ike Joseph.-.Proprietor
COTTON TWUJ DACRON & RAYON I' could sot further State and Jefferson Street El 69432

Ideatlfy the attaekera.
2.97 3.97 . .



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t w"rh ... ... -" -.eN lit .... UMMf*..*f MHT MMMe'..In M MCIMNVIUIW !
,, M la> ..... w .Mskss A: srdd ef B2B Beaver It. .N .MrMr.t*M.rr. ..1.Irse talt 4 MM.I.
) M 1.i ,, ., I
ey 1511'M Freer.try Ibdh. a CUS1, waa oat darlat u aria* BEAVER JSZZ EV8.26U'
R t 2677 W. .
\ ........... 1P-11.- Beat ever net nosey by A .. .
S U. < S
Laura Lea ".U... the ... ':'7.:2: v*> + r.
't = ..' iJ-: =- ':::;: *,,:." wwMi
SuJTrrnTMsHisSErS vas takes to DIe sad -.;...- ,., _row.u. "' | ttm* *
\ treated sad later are

a. __ # rested her slost wlU Dtn.'rll S4 Stela--1put 'rll Sot N J U..J ,.1.

: Miss A.R.Offleen JBMB jeaklaa M.laveatttated.Mewaos and IN FLORIDA SEASON LOISTtfcS. A TRUCKLOAD ARE NOW 6 gc



___ fax NAACP ( WHITING ..

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ef ,h.. Posse Cabs.? riUHKwaWXKL
for t ....1.. voter YE11D1YTM1.
;) rodatratioa drive for 491 1 49:

the city and ......, .
.111 be sipped tea day
I ... DRUM sPvs,I5
'h ju Bnadi ef p- 29c

weakly public sass
ONE STOP "'"its,rp05 eetlai la St. It.... MIlt, IIIf snit .TK n rat run>

mt ell.".. Plftk aad
DOES It? Dart Btreeta.

OPEN A neaeetlaiwlll b* la

CHARGE ITCREAT roattly at 4 ,...
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treatdeat ef both tt.


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IASIiST AND IIMPUST CREDIT PLAN AHYWHIIL u.. Yew sk.r9. t. buss ...,.,s... the Y

NOW send you Slap. .t J. Me FMIdt. HolMgtfty isles sN,. to N' M f. altlaate ,all ef wblcb

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ors M. 1. s - use - - -..' a .....,... retort e aea
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bets, 20 Tears Pill ier To Stir Teacher Complete s Ella Crickets Dules- ralil I I
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toa oatitaadlai Negro Osar-slulag actor Sldaty (NPI) Aaricaa Jau tilt pitta
attonty faaid for his ropier .1 U play till .1 Mir Ella Pltinraldaad burp Coirriir, Sealed It
dofoaao of ooadiaaidcrlalaala dramatic nit of aa ni the "criekata"aaaf bad endorsed SiaatorBarry
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, reethtel tbi political called "ttt sim flit" waa sot truicrlbod. aofaaa I then the Coirrlira Rew
approval of>ayor Klcbard klch Mil co before the sort be able to bayIt. lost eolMMlBt George 8.
".Dale, hen lest ledatf caI..... BOOB.foltlifa chuylir, appeared 01 a I
day oa bit caaddacy for roll la tko It kappiaid this say radio station and an-
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ship o. tilt Democratic lut VIM by co-producira iwlili style wbIOM a portia Ooldtttir fork
ticket la the Nov 9 Ralph Nelson and Fred crickets mitt prialdiat. poaatbly Ui
jadlclal ilictloa.Lillbtoo'a B |il. Nelson and Bail! musical MT beau late. first Hiiro ...... to
candidacy, till produce the pus for riftlai her OPM air OM* publicly ...0.... soot .r
coo fluid by Daisy Aola Qntttd Artllta. TAUABASSEK -riaa eirt. aipport.
cbaliBU of7tbi D BOeratle "Tbi S.T. Pill" vlll Mildred Blakily baa The tiawta II tUftt..I During the broadcast,
cook County Central team Foitltr Md Nilaoa served u a aanir an* her ao otter that laiPttaiirald. Schuylir added *)oba.
cou ittee. li cons la their aicoad effort sloe facalty ...ber at aalvmallyricoiaiaid BOB'a noord iaftalti-
ald.I'M' '-tit booat". la newt BOB thi. Thiyin Florida MI Oaivinity. aa the Fire t ly worn that Cold READ 0.'. ffilliaaaoB prutdMt of Ui National Aiaoeiatloa af RialCitato '
jadlclal alatlac by tilt also teased !. Tallahassee Sai baa I Lady of Jan.decided the I t .at.,'..tar" 11 t.ntld Broker sill bi nut speaker at the sept. I) gala opiolii of Pillcaa
Diaocrata la heavily uiiii of the fiiid", sorted during the Mooad I slats she eoalda't eo*. tbi Ktcoli of yhos i:, Such, PI a,, the aitlM'a tint "color-blind" sat.rtroet.country club ...*
Oiaocratle Chicago sad bleb won Pojtlir Hollywood ten of the third trimester > i pate with then It na Arlaoaa and the NationalOuard Milty, located oa the Indian User ovirlooklni Cape Rmnidy II miles south
Coot eoaaty la almost s coveted "but at FASO aa a aw totter to iota tbw. of Art SOB.. bill of Iboarni. tilliiaaoa second from lift, li pictured. above at the roost
taataaooat to ilictloa. actor" Academy _Ird. bet of tilt school of So the artful lilt lot 1 Lyndon ap aattl hi bi> ooiTMttoa of the HARM la Philadelphia, utters real utati am fro all over
Tko attoraiy, .bo la Like 'LI 11 It. of the Agriculture and lOll tki crickets provide tbi\ em viea priildiat, tilt country took tea iatirnl It the aaaottncMMt of the unique eoawtnlty by
ala aa naalBir oa the Piild." la which Poltltr EcoBoalca faculty 111.. background wile for thorBladir voted against civil its developer NAUS board member prestos U Tllliit if sat pale BeachLoohiag
Illlnola Pair DvloyMatpractlon played the part of a Biaily la regularly ems of her ooacirt rights Mill, aiaia and over descriptive lltiratin oa the dinlopawt la tilt photo above are, lift to
eoBBlaaloa. MIaaoBf footlooai ii-ci helping ployid IB a teacher by bill she smug the liad.Aftirtardi .. statues' right taablaitoa foods,. pubilihir of the Philadelphia Tribune 11111....,
sos TO pirioaaBadorcolii a group of displaced suns the Cladacl.OII11t'ldIool she asks, JIMI Vaa Brooklya realtor Md Til .... (Jack! T. Prank)la Photo)
.crlt.II !. Art. son a, "Thi SevenFIIv Board. ma anyoii tot tbla ca Tinplke Tolls
lest ink at the ttorrl could also blCOM record I
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30 Sepia TnioiBg Show Increase .
BOB Hotil Democratic 'a iliinr. It aoaitlaif' The aanuraabapplly iiJ. SNEEZING
headquarters for 21 'The forair sac produced As "PoHrty Wir"Consolers I via '*o." PORT LAUIDDA ("").
court vacaadia. 'The O XPa 1th a los budget bit Dally cash tolls oa the ha fear
B flBBltaaienlyacriiaiii tuned out to..b.a boa.... Caaepa.. Expttm 2IS-B1U Florida Mm- !
for its producir. Critics set Or. O.e.a
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averaged |Jt, SI! at their UaaarekHO art already pralilai lAWWOTON' CII'I) Ciididilu' Report dories julr.
til hiado artin, and 'Ibe ..... Plli" M "a A BM phaii of the pro> TALLANASSit-"("" S) -
ramous airs they sec fictional story of treat sidemt's war oa Poverty Toe Adaaa, Sieritary ot HOLLEY'SBARBECUE
boMfal laaliht and poser silk lot last
of coalition vadirvay ink State bee nportid that
ticket under Diocratleaiila. a ahattirlai impact of u 30 trainees fro muses tilt its Dtaocratlo asS
Thin tria UI." static and tilt District
aa no 1.- throe lnblleaa cucll-

nitron_ea". win mri toiai aiuiAiny considered 390 New Students, of lag Coluabla at Ho.trd bps University train- data S2.61l.3ei for lotiraor dorlnjtbctto.spat .

by tbi ipnbll> Expected Al B CC la a proma designed to prissy caatalani. Jaefcaoavllli [ K r ,
cina.Accordlif. provide counselor trainin +
*! Mayor Hay do* I I1u",1 I.CUI 1"
to politicalobservers MTTOIU. RACK Harrison and advisors for topped the list
Lilcbtoa MBaawTind .Ir..0011t1l Bitlitrar ndirprlTlliiid and UBaployad site ITtO.IIl. and lilt '
lito positionfor at Bithnoi-Cookaaa College "1&11. mill speed more mossy M
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the Judicial tlckiti thi ran( ila the November riairallietloai ",
i roeaitlywbM Mayor Daliy college has .IOU.. over an froa is to S9. approach.Sewaaaee HOUJCTfi. IlllUJI T KcliHflllrtuJAt
[ '''01.t.eI his to tilt thru hundred an sti- art part of a select 1 2Kb St. KiicrlifMl. ,
Chicago Commission on date fro tulfi states group of lOll 2,200. Ready ;- ,. adjoamm bi w** .ixxui, .4 sales. t....r
1 .... UlattoBi. a city sod two for*lv couatrln 1110 are attiadiai 27 2.BifM li .f BUOOIM t OIMW TIM anvtci at toy i. iu 'H'.
astaey kith la tkiayora to ittMd tilt college liBipt oolli.iaadiBlTirnttlii To Grill FreshPnibaw 'r, idMikli effuse l.lk rllMMfr.rMa<. fiud
iitiiatloa .br. acroii the ", S. oa IBiibt His El Ks U. line heals Md frail cod eon. and WIMMM "IH.
la urolliai at UIM sr..ds.Nl/a lu"..... .
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his approach to alaorltyprobliaa. Despite the large iarollaMt. i k. SO hour per ........ Beset Jaala see his.
the college baa ok ackidali.
It .ai also College till bl Mlaoawd
polatidoattbattilintoBrocMtly intensified It. odacatloaprocraa They sea bit 11 tralnidaa silt a fall alatovoata et MIIIUl IIIK IIJUITCOFFEE
r..I.... froa for hlcbir learning ooiaailora aid youth ibia they arise -
the local IIUJ't. legal br the qualifications advisors and ifiatoally for arliititliaAutvit
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the 21st'eardDe.ocratie IhJatnUti'aUff.am I tat.'.. iraaa roots itadiata ilirri-
conlttti ... of .sreli sat 1 ".1 Mplayaiat sadeo..csieattoa part to the library for I ,YJ
headed by Joseph >obl. laeriaM la all laitltattoaa. ai,.fiia.
aaalBMiata abaifriibaia
ebaai. Illinois State .tottui III fercid enemy ill aaa Jobs crested I *'
irliitatloaforaally 89
Attlitlo eoaaliBlOB BOB to adult a larger anabir la c.B- taeloyaMtBirrici starts at I: SPfCUU GOOD QUANTITY J Il /111
tor. of itidiata cf ficia, ie.rd. ,... Orliatatloa will THROUGH SATURDAY RIGHTS RISIRVIO
111 to tllllBB CMbaa.dlrictor ooatlaio through Mist24th .
of the pnjict.DMbna .
asS Iltb fria S fll.
utid that il- .....I ,... MIX W MATCH SUIt 'I' SHIM
theist lOre jobs sere O MI mlitratlca fofmto ,
created hit year by illtobild for I
tile OOllt".' a itpaadlif Aaiwt Ttb. topboaorM ViPICNICS
A coaoBy.aoit mere tilled .111 riditirtorilMMi 19ARGO SALE .
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the Classes _
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Uf totcMI Paints an avallabli ilta a
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.) ,, ",..- ... .. .,._ "'"

I Miss Royal Crown Plan Pilgrimage To Lead Gigantic Parade Baadit Shoots Florida A & M To Present AwardsTo

.... .... .-----. ,
TO ClBBOBizltioO i Robs Service Two Distinguished Alumni

TALLAHASSEE Florida MIl Unlveralty Meritorious
i Of African Martyrs Stcic3 Worker Acblaranant Award will ba praaantad to two out-

ataadlac Floridians Friday ...nh.. August T,
tAflHiNOTDN Tbs Pro i_ ; MIAMI Follca are during the coMMCMent atarclaaa which will col*
IncUl of till obits .Iii'i I oooductlai a wldaapraad' laata tbs laatltutlon'a aacond period of the
M Fathara of Africa buaaaoBBead rF search for aa arced third semester. ......................'
a pilgrlaagato ; bandit she shot and Elated for the liatlta* waa graduatad in 1829.Mr. .

lau for the Canonl l!) 1[ robbed a white sixties tioaal honor art Dr. Taylor a native
cation of the Blaaaad station attendant Aug. ....10ck A. hisses, of faclaaa (Jefferson
Martyrs of OgMda, achadnlad .f | 14 at 5:30 p. .. at Florida AtM aluacoa anda County). Fla.a caawunlty
tor Kiirdoa Sunday, Speed ling sarrlea pronlaaat Mtaphla about 23 allaa aovthaaat

October it. 1 Itatton, 1145 Blaeayaatlvd. physician" and aargaoa of Tallahaaaaa, attended
/ Tbo very tavoraadftthony -, alaaantary schools at
and llllard C. Taylor
i. cool an, fbltaFatnara The attendant, Conrad Belle Glade funeral dl- Waeltaa and Howard Acadaiy
HIM VIVIAN WHITE Pro-lnclal will \ p., Parker 71. waa sitting rector.Dr. at Ocala. Ha ia a 1933

and paraoaally load the r ,.;'....... "'j IB the office whan the Biaaoa, a native of graduate of Welch School
HDMAN trtvi pDgriaaia, blch till ; ( \ I bandit entered the rear Kay list conplatad bia of Cabalalng,
leave faoa Net tort on ___.,:" .1' door without giving any senior high school and
"I" VitlaaWhlto Grace
KIWI .. Presbyter inChared
october 13. Iba iroup, '" of his presence college work at Florida
a atudaat nalBf lbs services of iRTBUUTIGriAUr FAME), the crICk Bahaaaa Polioa Marchlnc hand will pat!. the/ and Act the ,lctla AN DnlTtraity, whira hawaa Hews'I
Mini Onl-afalty aajcrill Alitalia, till rtalt two-boar loot Elks Grand Lodga Parade atarting at 1 p.*. Am. 2&. The SO-placa la the rear top of graduated la 1022 aa
in 'du .Uo., baa Paris III ton flylai to praelaloa unit will ba aaltloi its first apptariaea la the 0.8. during the Elks hlabaad.Tha valedictorian of blaelaaa. pray not that then
bee 'ProdnatBtrophy hove for the caaonlta oooTaotloa An*. 3128 Itiaarary of lbs march la: South on Nl Third Arc.froaHI suspect then aakad For two wars abooldaat tike thai
Royal CrOft lion earaaoalaa of the llth St. to Flaglar St. and aaat to R Third Art. lbs attendant for his after his graduation; ba fro* the worl'.but that
by popular ns* 22 Vgaadaaa wbo faro (NlMl-vttro N... Bur..tt Photo) song and rtaovad Baaa beaded the Department of thou aboaldaat keep
daajay, fflldaan ftm. their lives ratter tow tl'Ol' the TictUfa right Physics and Matbaaatlca I.. troe the evil ooa!'

Mil Oraanflald Barcbaa dapy tbalr Roaaa Catbo- Miamian Wows troaaar a poekat. Tbs .t the State Tllc ,r'. John 17= 18. This will
ding director ofVMBMi lie faith.tba earaaoaiaa leach Shorts bandit nil ordered College in fflnatoa-Salan, be the hit for the
bas placed His ill tat plaea during NitioB's Jail Buffs Parker to the rear of ".c. Following graduate Sunday noralng aamoa.
mitt IB tilt Batioaal the Third laaaloB of the the atatloa.K work la chemistry and Lat aa contlnua. to
Royal Crow Gold Girl Vatican Couaell, with MIAMI BtACN-Altboagb Mimi hitch .. vlaltadarary ATL/nnc' cm IB his >1"n. parker atagtarad physics at Harvard cat pray for and hit our
eoataat Should aba wla, oat of the Catholic year by thonaaada of vacationers for tha tantb Straight year aa to the front door vanityCaabrldga, hams., sick and Aut-loa.
she sill raealfO $1.000 Klararchy la Rome during first tiao, repeated aanpllaga shoe a majority the Bialeal baadllnar la of the station,at wbicb ba bagaa the study of The anniversary cc..it .-
in cash and a trophy. tbla tlaa of visitors bare baaa IB tba City at (east the the lounge of the faaad the a car palled la adlclaa at Mtbarry Medical tee la casing along
Too paraoaablo coed On leaving the *t.,- tlaaaprarloualy aadnnybara baaa ooalsg annually, Club Harlai bara, band- for ..rnch,11Id the Collaga fro stitch ba quite sell Our chair
la rlo.i'... nuMouaooagratalatloaa aal City", part of tee for 110....-than two daoadaa, hider (rills Jackson iala bandit fled'WMIM MO la Mra. 101I1 &lUll.
fro. ..... ....
group will visit suds a aa mach daaand aa you art alwa/a welooM
!stag' /vtsher0! aDd tile lataraatlBi plaeaa aa MIAMI BIACH-Sail flab, wblta and bill larlln, the aua. aaad and the ProffMONMT mar ScheAlo at Oraea. Ra*. t. p.fiarngr .

of VMBM. Moot Caaalao. If I&)11.. tarpon taboo, dolphin, boaaflab and otbar gana raters for which this mm niMt la the paator.
Mala, lor rat o,Madrid. tare attract the most attention ia limit Mtchwatara world-wlda resort lanotad
TUB PEOPLESPEAK Toledo, Limbos and ( lat akladlfara are f Ml liar with otters 12:00 ....S::00.... JAZZ ALAN BOO
OUT! f tla.. that are iataraatiag bacaaaa of odd bablta or Proa the tlaa ba mounts I:00 I...-.:00 .... 003PH. CARAVAN UVtMnDIMMcCAU.loo "TAKEEXLAXI"
pacnllar formation. Tba cowflab'caa so va only its till baadataad around : ....>ll:oo moos HmnuMU ant HILTON ann
DONT LOST YCUH DUIYUrS LICENSE flu, having an astaraal akalatoa. Tbs aargaaaua .Id-night until ba beads l J:oo a....:io p... mutt pun ULnun gim
SERVICE. FIRST INSURANCE AGENCY ... MB** flab lives ia aaawaad, cllablag about It with its for bead with the raring 1:10: ,...-7:0O: p... UNO ta am ELIWA RURU
San taoato IMB of tat kar* their ii.es'S Bcaaaa wkaahay flaa. The man o' war flab aaldon strays fro. the sun, thooaaada are an. 7.00: p.B.00 p.'. tntiHL CARAVAN KEVGMMIMBcCAa
.. rtakol wet otto IBHUlTi
lilt .wtro.. If 7'tali. aa agaacy protactioa of the polaonoua tentacles of the Por- tartalaad altaly by his .:00 ,....i2: I. .DIt'DlCATIlllIIIOI ILlatA RJRUMCMMI
tap... Ban o* war, banes Ita ""'.. big, booming tanor aaia
FILED lAB DAY phono Rated by his u.IOcht. RKHT-aAM araoN B -.5AI ClIO I ,...-12 ..

.. aa Oat of the rocn-MMdrli J. Btm-l .1..t..4:10: .-...1 !,...-
Servile First Iran** AIHIf Hoop freedom In your future with Olaata of the Big Horn p...

Jackson ban ooaa a long raooMtu uroar-BiueiM ciio_-' iMto. i .... >g p...
1497 tfonb tat 7* Avtwa, Maotl NB aS u.s. SAVINGS BONDS ..
way shoe ba first 111.. BPOBTB BHOa D Utr aUrr,--, aluUl I:00 p...
16300 North** 27th Avtaaa, Opa-Loci J4A 4-661) a lots aa a teenager in COWIDNITT 1111.-.....'.... Ira Ice.UniO aliwtti

j L ....I. ,10rl da. TM: .... tad 1::10 p.s.e .

First winalag attention
Awy anti agv lu aeCAW.'Tea .

Tune AME. Home Of The World'sChampion wbaa Coot ha la wan illllaaa a ...b.r ork of, 1OOM.I .... 'JAZZ CHINA VALLBI yew ..H tk. kelp

.. .. of a h..th..t.k. |i .4tactlM -
'CII tor"", aa ...'S known 00 -a00: I. 'I en II'IL CARAVAN ajtvnBIOIUBeOU
to his do.. frtanda. lano I 00 a....:|:00 p... BDTTIUAU BWt BIIION BKITNJ00 Rt ....." flwt'a
la his iJth year asa : ; P.B..T.OO .... IDUSt PARR BOOUH Bim the anotf word fro a.'.
,; Disc Jockey bandlaadar. Whether too '....12:00: .. DEDICATION Slot HIWA stunt Ira NcC.l 1.who r.ceimntKi .
U.,lo frl.* Its lass blaaa or a raOOUSa UrMT-Mwck allow'-1.int.e >7 a a.IP.
a.4allkl< U.t...,*
toss Ilka the car s.
BWDAIII .a .,&11. bed Bdtl *.
rat bit, 'people" ,

ba eta play f at.f.rlouaand : :00 ....g ..... JA3 OIIM VAUala.a.ip.a. rpliigil'Prod'd:
lowdotn.Aad ..ena.... CAMVW tEonuneiUBoCAU.
be.. alwtya at his
I:00 p...-5:40: p... IDICATJIllItrJI CBIMA XB
lIt wbaa the loaaga lapackad 1:10: ,...-.:M p... gnxunw IDB IOCMT wiv. ant fU.U Of The WeekWMBM
a altaltfara.whoa .
with .: ,...-T:00 p.a. noouBS moos BJWOCI oootAT-
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SEE AND HEAR THESE his albaoa. else aro,aaaag uat 1

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1 RADIO STARSNAME1260 For Completes Doctorate Study

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Hear "Hot Line" Nightly At 11 p.m. .e. wka baa bran
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,. all ,...n to go .
i1 With. e.Art Gree \ bar' title* at fAM wet
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JIHIUT ASSIST U, 1111Giardeilo riliHI SUI PAPERS MH I ;; ,I

All Out Support For Dragons Rice, fists ;

.---.--,..- .... .....

Gives Nod FlyAs

For Boot er.Ii:3: ::: w 4'.as ifi Cloy Weds

LAS YEOA "".-Th* qp 4lhlrYa
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.Nevada Btttt Athletic my 4 z #' 'i44k
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cor fission last week approved | y ban, NigWdn ttkw r'tih 4py,
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carried to haply .M>*
Joey ttardello, ehallte F sirs acdtl, BonJI *. loilast
get fcubla (Hurrieaat) Friday In a rushed" ,
Carter ud tbs Silver tt
A secluded cerreony" tbatnet.1I
State Sports Club Inc I I I r with two photo
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till fight here Oct. f the city hospital

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office of J.etlrt of the
12 11 It at Douglas Anderson High Scaool last Dragons football tot. Too above photo was taken during the end tf the group' .
ormira UIOW daring a sport ootlst ,taft Hoyt Brctvn. Foes
,..UI,. Nose in foreground are Coach: taahinitoa (left) and bit staff of at.
31- 115 U.S seek when part:its, local supporters Coach Hat Bashlaitot and staff and foot kU vile trotted roe
ball tea_ *.UMbtrt n.t to pltdie all-ott support this reason of, the Piety slating grid ten tort. (Photo by Rieraon) porters, she' stirred

I away dose aside hellasy.
Starter's Role
1 e Taylor PINed! fe 5POTUGHT ONSBOKS Argonauts Release Of Stephens It atrry prowarelat JokaKrupa
ceuntv Clerk,
May Mean End Of Grid CareerTORONTO Given BivinsnIICQI'n'J.
=-\1 Issued, City and
1 Top Player Canada-(NH)-Bandy t phentlat week MIN Rot s Uttutt and

was relttttd by tilt Toronto Argontutt tbo had though he'd prefer to Ito eoui'l Urn drove U
2-1i-/5 onCAOO-(NN)Charley by O-irlet 1 ImngstMAlUt signed his Jut year it an action that light play It* straight, fate Oar, hero they were

511-21-111 Taylor, sensational well spell the mil of Bttphent' 'bo11II4 cold" Bay b* Waling halfback atrrtttf. fcavUB the
fio.,tli.. Ht s Up halfback Eros Arisen AILS MUICTANT BUT BOXINO P.filS career la the professional Cantdtaa Football Charity Blvlnt Jttt tilt tawny .eitli% period

SoaotlMtt Ho' Down State, was eased Moat WANT OAT-U8TON ROUTOICMICAOO league ....,................. band he teed to enable salved hy Judge Fells
subtracts Valuable Player la the -(WI)-Bo lit, lust really bt 1* tad repair It wet tile ttond ties There was the feeling hl. to live up to tilt tail wftrr tUn him.
Ho socks ,It all around rtcent'jlat annual All. then its bluest and richest prize ... tilt .t......., ont" of Aerl- that despite hit potent earlier predictions ef tests IP HIM.

Ho COMING ATnlACTIac" Star football (MO here. world heavyweight title boat ... Is beini thiMbed cat nott protlalng ool- 11 for irtatntit, beaming cue of the Chl- irur ttltl the II cum*

Taylor starred as the away by the attics' Itrittt and ost toneyeonf legs All-Aerlctnt, had tht ti0ophr was aotapplyiai case ...,.* top tttrt, ta* '..",<: ill the .....
21 II 37Man's world chanploa Chicago clout el let.. been fired .by n CantiUan hltatlf eoneltttloatly. The unfortunate.. ...dIIIIU..I the h"*n.*liht ckMrlo

..................... Bears downed the col Yet this t* oitctly what la btlai dolt to the football tea It less detth of star lees M 5 hark ..H..
hit.... 2 I'IT. Caxltt Clay-Bonny Uttoa rottoh. .He York "' 1e*. that a year It ttt reported thnt halfback fill. fltllawr ",th..."" All.Gonzales' ,
Days The allfoot. J-lach, one prided itself 1* btlni the boilai ttropollt It 1913 kt was signed Stephens eotHn't get In an auto. accldmt rt* lining
Are Numbered 205-pound flash scored of the world says U vents no pert of the easily to a lucrative, 100,000 tlotg lUll Coach JIB entlyand the llngtrln

'MaD' s Days are Nun- touchdown and pasted for ba.i....; ChiMio. whtrt its Norris ogee located three-year, "" .cut eon Triable, tho accused his Illness of Rich Cttaree Suns PhilliescntctQO
bered" Health and Fortune another He received his powerful Inttrnttlonal' Boilti Cl'vb, Is dlt* tract by the MontrealAlouettei of tlipltytti "' .have propelled klvlat, '.Tk* punt*
Can Bt Tours 'btll 76 rotes fro ....*.. lattrttttd and eves Las Vegas wkleh thtak It after ke ltd mag tttltud," aadeffallln .hIt starred la college del phi* ,", Uti.., front
Tot Know Tour Lucky cortrlai the gave, use 1* suite proper for reckless ,.. to |abt) away the MluesoU Oophtrt to to r4vt to ]|0 football at Morris reunite h tk. National

Pay. Lucky Colors Etc. of the highest totals fortunes o* a sisals roll of till dice, waits to the BlflO chtaplMthlp pound, Brotn, Uto prftetaoi League pennant re*, wetS
tad $2.00 for your ever awarded a wla.tr put up the ClayLlitoa encore and a tot Bowl victory. Tt with. Moat rttl.BUrbtat starting role silk U* bit. mr km Ittt
IIoro.colGalde for of tilt eoTtttd trophy. The diairaan of the Vegas 101.1. ooitloa **ld Stephen, a Negro. do It his rookie .National. Pootbtll LII' sub then. ass of their

August Before the Base, the the other day that ht would gilt If, to what, tht gilded to to till Canadian ....01, ooecleted |OB gut ch plon) Bear. top tttrt, Tour 0...
Fill in the blank below 6S.OOO fan protest were promoter found so** devious scans to stage the League because, htohtrged.aa of 5JB patttt for |,t4I Pleated with fburiey'spetforasncsC BtlM, eau bossed by
and sail 'to ZODIAC. Post hushed for a *U tt of boat II the (..bU.. ",a. AterleM pro- yards and U toutkdown sdi Oeorg CblossoCsb.plteher lib'IJ

Office Bos 1171Jackson silence In honor of Chi Evidently, Vegas beeaat Itttachuted with the ,...tODII football tea H* had 3] passes Uter Nalaseut, Blvlnt loos.sgalset l eau tII.
ville 1, Florida cap Scar Stars till!. bttryteliht ohat! ,loaahip after Uttos flattened would hire his with a ctpttd. Ht alto picked tbs. '011.,. HoMvor, IT.,. .0...
,N- Oalltor and Job Far rloyd Patterto in their teoond fliht there before ..ar", ;.* he cot Id be .p IM yards nthltg M .u,. IB the fetett ,that TOW" M* Ml ."a.
who were" klllt the ringside ibltr. rosll pill their bttt fro given a real ehatc t* 11 carries for a 1.1 AII'Atar gasp at !Hoi Mtty. tart. MO tu Mea.

8WW-'' _. in an Indiana autowoblltMtbup their pocket Th. only speedy rwtettry trte< 4tartrhaok.Noetrtr. average and tttlit touch Stet fttld.here, and tbs o4 li Uo ititk tMlt
'l\\; ;iiatH' / sails 1* trait hose Vegas detlree'trt the MM Mduet4 *t the at B "trettfkti doses. IM teat'bttk rile U of 5 1555 whisk tk.
roe Day it tor the All Star lass. roulette ed die tablet. he... what Moetvtr, after thtt.Bandy the aeeatloa I. owes mil e... fro krtIMt .

There are ttlll a tuaber tf ether large cities, ,at described M both a psychological .*t *f the gM*. Hitttrt tUonJolMilf. (till l.
cud ss Lot Angeles, M* Pr and too, 9trU ud tlgtt and t ,roU.*. Ml plvlig problt b*. ..,,' irMd'dM. k.",
Cleveland to b* heard froavMt. chaaee ire they, gem" to .>..*lB... n-..
Open Tonight Til 1 00 too, are CMtloat. The general, tttpokta fttlitfU

Utt Cities, II indeed is lee ton and Chi
R. S. EVANS cap scene to b* that they wot)da* t want t* btnoouttd

ef srovidisi the sit, should) either Clay
3RD <& MAIN 01' Listen "tit."

with R** Tort Chicago Md vt wttklti their
Com In Bro*, Around
S$ VOLKS\\'AOEN,-HH\L SHAnp* ... .$ 731: ,.... off th* clay-Lit* encore the ehtUt l...
ettloaa ppr to have bM knnk U Lotlirillt
the hoBotowa *f day, tilt britt tltlltt, Md

14 CHtVTXLE.. V4 D.I ......... JJ.19J possibly Bal floor*, ekica M far bat rclttrdo
tmi"if>. ..., f nnrt nioonvtM object lost.
HOIMTUMI MTIMMHM" ..,.. t ..... The diltf .bjtctlo** *f trace titles Md per..*.,
I It CHtV. IMP COUTE.: V-I. $203fx thMbinc ass, the ClayLlttoa rMateb Is thattitbtr
::t -.... te.\s..a.PL..silt s'ee* ..
The Lip Mr The Big. leer .has fully ass
M FORD OALAXIE M. V B . .JJ5IJfmwxsZ'viiVst
coasted for. his strange eotdttt IB their IMttltl
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bouta B1J.n .
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"..... rvM WT .... .WIMW. i/i**. FIT** ...... orld Botisi Aaetd.U_. fr ItttMc, ...t. 'b '
14 OLDS. DYNAMIC! U. .IUtS 'M both to ... t* It* Norfolk MfMtioa this
Pr+f9 _" M oata to ..,Iai.. Bt .* far the tee fist nlllt-
i t 'MaR1"" !"<.*'< 1*'":M4t';: mA
.rs, who held th* hettyttiat. by tin U* ptttVM
14 FORD HTOP 4-DR $ MJ _
; .'J,. fit... !.". >m*. MM"*. ...,. .. snaths. hays Mown M lattrttt fpltetltf _

62 VAUANT SIGNET .$1295 the UA.Cwia. a* "bt. t* Mill sad tlth the M fr

.4 CORVAIR CONVERTIBLE. .UJ9Jnw tryisg U lift alt CIVM' beet**. .f bit *.r...
.ii*t a MM w e/.i.
$4 FORD CO.HVIRT1BLI' V-' .. ,II7M.mumne t. 'Th* ..*.,.111." ElIjah KhaM.4 ..tllalM.MdLlttM ,
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U ItMASLVI. All"oOKrorTIONEO ......Ins n. Mly thii. City Md Lit to* ..M t* Mt I*
U CHCV 5....."..V-a.a.Seat SS -DIP.._COCff w .... .K4M t* *....,,*,* la tilt n.... fer Milst tens, she NO 1>ZAOt INRtOUI

U FLYMOUTH V4. BtLV_ .121'S la th. better .... Md ,...*!/ .*.*.. that tD
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Beef at its Best

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f 1.1 TALLMUMB ,BMbMU, tka National ..... str.etI.
;"' ; ''''IoI'J' ifii! ..a CUb BMbcrs will I-ttlkUf COM CHI 5-03S. State tad Jefferson StreetsEL 8.IU2
Baaaball Ooacraaa, will tin, .r writ. trite to
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., .II colors To dowse Eros SISTER MARY

Alttll's flops Natural Wig Sup !I. Soaico
j ACMC Baits Shop ,
i1TtgAtT og "
831 ,. StatfL Monday, Aug. 24, 10:30 pm.Ladles' .
i 'Uolau a sarbsr WItH. 37 EAST BEAVER ST.
..I from ( ....22 of EL ..lilt .
ewoMrr MPUdlMMTMSATI sss.we., firs. A. Idioa4oi prop PHONE, EL 4-2662 Nit!

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