Florida Star

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319372 F20090524_AACSRQ 00368.jpg dd55dc8c71505c0e316de3274d7985eead47a1cf458a8a3090ed8dfa5295f0b7e7e3a626
55562 F20090524_AACSRR 00368.QC.jpg 4e3a18a7e3a45f37e1d338c3b7edf719b645683fb28916ee973927b0a8f9da02a5f43418
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698690 F20090524_AACSQM 00363.jp2 a11cf8f77dfb72c7a09ad415d4e4fcc9f823897f8a358ac18c4dbf0e8c9e0f842935bd0e
716166 F20090524_AACSQN 00364.jp2 b49e4f70343e299a394ce808767a8210878022f1a478d383b614b9ab05b413ba8ebb4d95


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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la. ,.. ......a" a ft* fits ir*<* *r f.>f>7lf...* .14 bit M4. teaa ..I4 k* lrNswersl
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UM M ar .Haf It aatbat rtrtl ,...t. !*. I* .*. ...... ii..edIs" _,1 II., ..* aide .
leii .. U. +* tart
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atll .4 ball atll b. ttltata ,...4.11. list esi .
pr Mat S a. wit aIfMlly aa d.4. tM ,I.. a ".".. *5, laadra a.. ta bait a
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,awtrlM r.l l tel. HV ..IU.... ..., rw.a. .tab ,.... --- --- ...... |"*.ll.*lla,
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.."......f .*<.. is ,.w. borvlws to 3iP..*.. aur .It...I w. 1..* ...... qw1

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ISTO.1Y ..
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Robert Hayes To Compete Agains . ..

. . ... ... ... ,
\ . . . .

I ( Tragedy Reigns On Wide Front



4. . . . . . .


1 Hayes Rely To

Face Rosslais

LOS AN cats "idlla .-
darln ,lit peat --

.s Ttrtl ...h sits a m a-ii.
bE2t1L w pallid ktoitrlai IB 1 17 UTIIliT III 2$, ISM 15 CENTS

his lift Iti. lobrt

(Bob) Hut of Jtckioa-
t'1 Till told seesaw "1 BRYANT SEEKS SUPPORT
fttl flD*." '
hi ra. A5N *.lor sad
bolder 0' tares orlda

dub. record In ta ooitlmd.nj coal i arouse -.

fie __ I and.bite I bop lit_ UtlaUc It lloky. i TO HALT RACIAL STRIFE

ml lard for tbta

.*... ud fl tkit I
al ridy for ,lit baa 1 Seeks H 0 1111 S. District Cotrt Eaoiis|
.* *
Hi*** lajary eerarrd 1 During Current Rights Avfvstto Hospital From
at tk* flutes lla. of ,
tko I00-atr dash laj" OCALA lptkli tt lbs .
,lie iitloDal AAO cbaafptoodtlp 'r of tilt AM n.. IHIon Segregated Practkts i

Mt at batitr this _!, DOT Ptrrl ry a rtitlt at i re.t lull fll.4 !. 0. .. "
V. last aoatb.rollo of kit (KM* eouatj to lid O>art hr a.*kln tk* rllalMtloa .f

.li| Its UJirj, order durlti tk. ctrritt ) s*,,*,'UOI in riultr Honpltil. "..
tb. v... Qlrapla toMltt c baa ee.. '<. .UII. Judas Iran .I"IIIJ..,....4.,, r4r4
.. uritd to lit Bob Addrili crowd *ttt hospital to loss. rieltl illierUlMtloii IB
i1" sit oat tilt *..a-null ittd at t Ttrtl kuadrdropl '*. of pttltM sad .s., Ik* lutlUtloa
II tk* olyapla trial *. Iryant, ieco ,. to 1'I.. lit tiff, howli
kick **r* later bald 'J j pasted by Ill ,lf. and 1 .4 otkr" ftctUMt ......,"....

at Itndill'a lilwd. ".. datitr Adilr and At.I U the Mil for coital l'rret...*.l.
i. t.Ml :I lorur 4arl JIMI 1, jut"U.Dr. kohrrt .. Nays sad conitncttoa MiUrtk .
M I,.... ..Id: "
ata ka. ea ddd .
1 I "t. Iususlla* HIII>Nrtoa ,*,.
to tko Hit of : Ills tk* llt. afryoa d *' M chill rltfit thus krlailai the fa*
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atU":1 t < fllll Nttektll" illlty sad.r !both, *ttUt4
laallfy for lieu If civil rlikt" .
\ Mary liiklntoR. oavniM"t ootr l.johaioa .
Olyapla ..*.. dirlai ii.t tika ferat tk''I' trie* Itrdatr t4. frlkr n'a*
...tr took ..,on.. .
till lptabr lt-11 ,*. all iris it. t.... tkit. tko rifts
f ...h. adding, 'III" a d. tdt "... k* ooa ivral ...

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Marl I. Jaknwa>> rlvlaf4ril
Massive In
Joseph > ,,"" the plala- h'<* aif Mi
.. U14 tk* suit I.".. ,.,.. o| rt44lMttUtiU
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.d fs1.,., h... C. ..*"1. r>llt*.r, Mrfr
....... Ik* k...
Completed rltal. said. k* .lllroMkly
Prizes Galore Promised aroadio

- ---- --- ........ ...|.a.1 aa4
n Plant ..r. co pltod this ...k for the
old IM ..r a lar oflajtitllti
j annntl steilnt of tht JcMtph K. U* Day JC
sills a*
c.ltbr.Uon-.tb. nttlon'i founder of plar.
.illlil. a rallai fr..
I .roulldl.-.Ub ttat,July 28 and 29 Mtl** of
....Ih'|| 5 ..art.Uead .
Sports tvtnts to takt plats on Our!!" Park
andtr Kuptnrltlon of Ut. Ju and Duval Dpartacoti
of lUertatloa .por.ortd, by Ski MiR

ptpsl-CoU Bottling Co, of Jaekaonvlllt
and the Florida Star. . S. -- Is Supictii
alI.... rlill ,111I.1. t**_ tk. city 1M iH,
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C. 110"", OIllttMt tO firsts are ktln iri4U .:\
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an IOU C1TV"* blat4 MlItoMa MtcftM M body *f J.... 'MII ItrM pfC If ..u.*..... <*rII lt4 kr tko i HI*.r. ,.u sad Ailr .r u* 51tre .< MMir** ..... k ilai. aa 111..0/14 roa>

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..1 of ktr w m. LU Cel. jMt* A. 0MtU ck.IIa .t ru r",.. ,... Ira* Irjttt, tllll I. .....n NI55 .....1. MiktsThrnt sag 'h clew bM4 M<

..... flM tB *14... of Lt. Cl. UM.! A. '. llrctr of A4.lt .*.... Cooaoa, Mrs. l,.Ira trata sill k. the MM .. Miss. Tilitifnlt .... Pup la |*..,*....
tit. of tMkliftoa. 0. C. kNell u4 5 t.s.r.S I. .. Any Offl..r ... .*,.**. lttr.,,.,* I* .f tract ....!. ,ttrtlit 1154 a Mlo l4to >
.M .,.'....81' sit to ..... Mtlo "....... .. nr aI r-*4 sits IMMWMlM U* OCBMlO ...er b. I ... ** Sell **.. lit Bride ,. .t .IU4 |fM.CMOtf .
sass CtlWrt. ... fUil rip MM k.H U *rt!.""* fwHvry.Ntv rI..t ,...,.. ot u la ...dkl4 ter O 0..at 4>t.*tltM .*I4

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(TM.' .... 554., *.Ii1IS* it .....1 .. < !..! 05.1 Good fall ... U blab iraM
oaf *f .. w..nlntln ls... tk. lo al ..,1.*a IHrnin 4I .. 4ark ooib
Hidltil I Culir l at MtMMlyft
i 155.4 I*
I 20,00,060 RifirfsLowPasses .. ..... .. .. .
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** ..... ..< e5 Ital ; atatir iii ......*. r* k4 .* *
Ills |.*r ..I..,."" .*i*. fr twM .' .... loll .IIM
Te Sirti CoMBBilly'is Needs ......< Ut II III *' frM a pal' of Itiakt I
.ill .. a MtorMalil ruIlSI ........r .M4k fMlT < 151.51.1. tk* nrl ..II M Dill ** .* *. 50,5 .1.... 4 IF141

S Oa Aaiaat .. tries a** bl* bat baa44 of tk* fUrmm ew.... .... MiloMMlaklrt ir4* *f II. roll .... to at o.tH Sell .........., N. Msq
M4ra la Baal OMatytil .4 ta tk* trMt ** arts .4 .,.,.. Salt. *.! 1511 ....4|* M.1..1.. ISIS ... UIMt a4 MOM bit oaa Nisi la kl.
.. .. Uo Mil a4oaot t./3157 ..1.. UtlaJta .sb/b/t.LOI.. fir 111* u. ,..*. .C... ioliola ads ..,l....fiMlMllfl 54* loll 5. aoM,*, IsIS M.a.,.
tklr kll.'. for MMMlty First Test "'at, l.lr n ftM I ..< .,tr.....* .
.0 tk ... ... I* U. .a MM uia ..... 05/...... 'a'* a.a4roat
or a.alaat ftlUMU U* ,.. oi..rtM4 a trMa4oao a.a. oatll 1 pia Isins'l. ,.. ed WLtIss1 ..If *..l* .iU..ll .5. ,... ,.u.. ./4 .Osh aa4 ,. L. b...,
.Mly Mtaorta4 B,**l iroU A.rlM ATL41T4 fMlai It. I. ".Ib.rtt.rf ,...... ...... 1..1. ,IN 5 511....... Ut.|f*. .....1.. St. *>"....'" ..44 VM+ ..ll.... oo..
... .,. Aitkorl* ....... *aUloia. .,... koto l. cwt M I* tao
testy uta p.U4 af Ib ,..,.. f51 i $555 ..1.. U. _lll. artu aft.' k* n, !., .f TM/a Nr o4MO
to IM. OM4 15 t. ..* II ... r...atlr *lao4law ,lrir.**. ..*...***. .
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.21.... SM f n .s5M.Ita1 ... atwi 1*. *r rr.*!4atMMM ..,*..". .lll k* f ff'
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Mar IM* 5.d1e.J r*tlitr *Uft' O145 Sot 1/w50 is. bull .. krwa ktobla
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....... M la rM* .*...!. a.. u O.***.rTM ** a'ssS ...,.. bar 'lr
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,..... t& 5ae0*ea1 1555 M tt* 715 I Iss.55 .* 1h., drr
tko MOM *.. kMl4 U*. *.... N.1Ile1 *. *f ,...,.. ..rt 1505 **iio. ......* MM* |*rt .........
aff oat of tko alM4 ,.../- af N Ito *.ln.... art 5.5. 7uiae. Sill aI'd. Sid NAACP Soiki ....U.. bI s.5..tl5gM ... 55155 .... NI ira .., .....".... SOS S/.
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l...II..." b..ltal. 0 K' dulls,, ..., ..*.*. 5155 ,***, _-- )
CUOOMW 111 Nil 4aa4 BOO U. Met M 0 fM yfMtlltlM a........ IM ,..! 4t4 ...... ..... ........ II.M5.1Ar.aMNs ..... a at !* vwttlo.oa .
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....... ka ltal ...- M. attk a otaff 51 ifs MMttto.o.aJltf of ta. aria rikJl ...... t...s.ol of ColoiM It tM iar 4 t1+., M ... ITU M.| tyroaa ||l. $. M4 MO.f
MfM*.4 M ... .M.Mfaolt ta ....4Ma- tko l4f OM l_. tt 414. i* of ....... Stied JssP. ,.5.. oil .... .. OMa TMra4 aflor****, f t. tlitf lit |*4M.... Cbf J..1.
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ti0 bids .s3 i N Mds4 *Mt 44V4M+ aai>a "l kit Ovat *"<" a,,,- sib MM 0)fiar4 tat (M, orlb e. OM kw ..
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.. .... >. tat **.tort 4on k.JI .*..* .....w e., itN1 1. ties. also. fit
...* aro "n' o ..11*....,*. o Ua tla* ID *. Oiw.|0i M Uttir Woos. Jalf 0. MMno4aa ,
fish IM ...... MlaJ 4t.va4U4 .>*,. fMllI. 1501.415 aita Mt M. .#...!..# all otl o. .. .......1a54.. |.M ..31a..r5s.r $1... K .. ftl M a5 pars Mi M........ .... ...M>4 *. ftl! I
1d51 a4
e.e.., MMOO af a no* otll alM b* oa- "I, E'SIS4 Mar 11501 ......
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: J HIUS. urt
m.WT .
riitiii sui PAPERS
2 : :

THE FLORIDA STAR I t -, : Let's Talk PI li i S .

NEWS '., crnw a...A.MItLAYIIAtAr1lt! E. Jones V1/
"". ._ ".AU""" MI""UI'. by Norman
--- ,
nae.arA r.v ."+aAr.watwA.Sroor..N.a .
rnbHahed bjr The Florida star rubliablag Co. \ AMAwa' __ The Move Toward Representative GovernmentThe
'Umber of Aaaociated Macro rr..."

recent decision of the United States

ERIC 0. SINPSM.Minilif Editor fr1i Supreme Court ordering the States to re-

apportion their Legislative and Congressional -
ARSON E. WISE....... .. Ins Utter Districts along more realistic

ALGA I Belt!... ......Circilitlii. Manger population lines narks the greatest step
in representative gcvernment since the

Him OFFICE I PLAIT: drafting of the Constitution.Even .
this reapportionment is fully
2323 Miitritl lial.,.Jknt Elii 4-1712 i a'1 carried when out other realignments in the

be effected to
state structure must asnra -
Miillit Address: + the type nf pure ......_

P.O. In Sltjicksniilli 1FlerlgeMIAMI I aentative government. :"Of
$AyN114i V The People, By The People and

OFFICE I For Municipal The People level." on a Countyand I

131 If 3H An. HIM 311-1125 Firstly there must be a consolidation -

I of many countiesin
SUBRCMrnON RATES all 01 the states. in the

Ont Tear' 8.00 Half Tear, M.OO JONFS early days of our Government

Mail til to Ton Anjr-liere la the United States when roads were limited and t ran sport it Iqp

ubatrlptlon payable la advance was by horseback, buggy and wagon the

,, Mend Ckeck or Monty Ordr to: county lines were laid out so that the

county seat was not wore than a jay*.
travel one way from any part of the c mn-
r Jsclwonville 1, Florida ty. Using that as a yardstick today in

this era of good roads and excellent

transportation facilities by automobile,
BitwNN The -tots planes or bus lines, there is no need for

the county unit of today.
By OOnDOK B. HANCOCK for ANP + In the less populous areas from two to
ten counties could easily be consolidated\!

Tig ?UEANINO!: OP CUKRm! LULL WILL WE -M WILL WE NOT GIVE HER A CHANCE ? into one strong political subdivision and with
the result being cheaper better services -

rendered in those areas which are

even the moat casual observer can see tSMfCSEHMSSS MfSSfKSSI Ki the responsibility of the county governmental -
that within the last several months there unit.

has been a lull In the cold war between For Instance, take a group of five counties

Russia and th* United States, much to the Your Weekly adjoining each other with relatively
satisfaction of all peace-loving peoples.It small population. Instead of five Inef-

must be borne in mind that the bit ficient poorly equipped insufficiently

issues between these two mighty powers manned and financed hospitals, sheriffs'
are by no means settled and that the war offices, schools etc. the combined resources
between com unl.. and freedom is by no Horoscope Guide of the five counties would enable

means ended. all of the residents to enjoy better services

and in most canes such service
The current lull must be interpreted to would be on par with the services of the
be fully understood. The people of the Iy PABLO Tko ASTROLOGER larger cities and metropolitan ureas.
State is a white people and the
people The tax dollar would go further and give
of Russia is a white people. A nuclear
war between the United States and WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FORBUSINESS more and better services. The greatest

Russia would neon a war of exterminationof 1 possible objection of this merger toulc

white peoples and the horribleness of LOVE TRAVEL be the fear of many of the atoll: county
the thought appalls the imagination and office holders losing their jobs would be
-- - -- -
since the rise of coaraunisn. In Chins the groundless as the resultant merger of
race: problem has been sharply injected, ARIIS THtl CMOICI. YOU will IN OUIINIII 01 INOA6IO all .IN run NASTILY orvoua several counties would actually Increase

tthereas the peoples of Russia and the Born March 21it thru HAVt TO II liST II IC' .IN IIMirtCMT. ICONOMICTRWIACTIONI. EMOTIONI you CM the number of jobs along with greater

Uni'ed States are white peoples, the April 19th TIVI TO MivtNTAXIAVliaeaAiN / DO MUCN, TO raoMOTi CON service.The .

people of China are among the colored YOU NAVI SICILY Oil* T"M'utJAL ON ten* 7.,>>-77-'.-.4-MJ liaVATIVI ItlAI. resultant large county with greater

peoples of the ,earth and under the in* COvtMO THAT THI'I UI luun. AkTMOUIH You54e1i LIBRABorn IeW310.43064CAPRICORN population and area would enable such

fluence of the dominant white man, color NO OUtCX VMI TO MACE 540n sept. 23rd thru counties to qualify for the Issuance of
prejudice has baccate one of the major so* 'OIlTVU. 1MI OLD Tilt CANCER Oct. 23rd bonds for roads, hospitals, sanitary
_ ,*ta1 and .mKMio factors, of the ;Twentieth .wewte0s Is/rsv'.i 1ga.. "...j.July22nd S....pI5TIAO q't...........t AH UNIMPOalAMTraojccTi Born Deo. 22t< thru loners, good water supply, fire protection :
Jan 19U
.Century. It his in fact become a treat sTile loll MO uun MO COIICU'"Tc health services and law enforcement.

rmining factor. It has cone about that "VIN" "/in SIM' vouClOlli 0' Miriao roiaOIIIATIirACTIONl ON TNI AcouliiTiON or M.y C""ICOII""III IMO The next reform should .bo directed at
race prejudice is the greatest determining TO T0l UkTMnticufirv | PINT \f llTlfl oa runic HAVE LIVID .IN A CO"'O" the larger cities and metropolitan areas,

factor of the hour. eoi.i THIN. ANY INIIOI YOU SOULS "liD: llCOOII /'"/011.YOUI TAVCMTI TAOLI HUT er aouTiNi oa in order to get more representative

THINS' iitr 'IU' ** NIoivino. IT A saga ntiir TO ANO CIIATIVI ACHIIVtMNT' IAO4HOMOOO MAY OIKOVia. government at the municipal level. In th

Race prejudice Tike a hellish contagion THI wiui, YOU I-IAK VOUI MINDMO MAY NOr PLACE. YOU .IM TWIIIMLIOHT THAT ciBCuHiTMat All earlier days when cities were divided Into -

has gripped the Twentieth world IUY' erviioie it TIC TWIT IH THC WlpW' Of ANO INAIlt YOU IMAPINI' UP TO CMMII AUTNAT. wards and the City Councilmen or Alderman

end it influences almost .century PAST ni'l TIC I >I'INCC OTHIPI TO Acciri vouaOIAICNI. TO aiAkiic A urikOMoAMIITION. I You MAT NOT ONLY were elected by their 'Qrd each

tiona of national and international I.purtanc. THAT I it f i cute o* "name" THIM, MAY 01luwiiui Succciiruk OICICI TO TIC TNt KNOT and every section of the city had their

.. Red China has become to white TIC AtiAtt or CHI VIAIAH IN THC row orUTTiai torn MMRALiv ATTIACTA OUT Also FIND vouRittraiAov representatives.This .

Rnata and the United States a grave vova MOIL ,ricieiiAIIITI oa uNitriCTioVIIITt Mon or PII' 11I11'. loll TO UMOOT vouaicirr form of selection wan abolished and
mutter and largely explains why the cur. THAT flout MviaI ,,,nULl''IHa ISM use MO OOMC MO TIC III.If "OH TOUa CUITOMAIYNAUNTI city councils were elected by city aide

rent lull in the cold war. The Question ..UIUlalO ICS "iaIMUMTkltO oua DIIIH TO SELLS oaTe SENSE M orroaruNiTY" MO fly klVIM' IM vote, robbing the various wards of tho
S.M been hurtled into the forefront of COMCirflMIer oo MTHIM' or A ITII- TO IIIVI 'IC'I 1 .... M.. A Follies IANO. TMH AK privilege of electing those whose Interests -
bus .NA U I You MV Cow You self Or YOU OMO MAY HavE
their consideration whether Russia and nomiouii. icw.- Italia ru rom. were primarily confined to their
the United fttatea two white peoples can Ties COHTINUll TO N Tot SINE aUllNIII. AND niA- SOULS TMI UNUSUAL miCAUTIONI HIM' rtWNINA. lUCN A MDVI respective areas. This method was dcttignc(
afford to alaticMer each other unto death lieu THAT lieioal TO suN, axiM thus AM nTtniin NOT TO M TAItN P0. ION TIHC. CONII.OUINTLV to eliminate native representatives of

and leave colored China to take over the VOU Ml TO WMICN nIl TLIP MO elnl IN IV tCHtttlM Sill All THIS WILL MOT ethnic groups of representation.
world communism and all. In other words iNOUkl ,AV MO HIIO TO. loll WJOTABU CUCVM.ITMCCI ADEPT AT riACTiciaa 01CirTIONI COM AA iwaraiic. |I' 11th city wide and county silo vote, the
rac* prejudice ia causing Russia and the SY TAiina roll OM THOU OHO APPEALS THAT TIC MOMCNTTO chances
1->>4","7' H for members of ethnic groups, re-
United States to ponder the question of MOI a.s .
TAURUS ieillT .IITIII' AH TOO TautTIM TO IUIMCT MARI TIC CNANIC .II girt less of rare or color are practical
reaching some kind of understanding rather Bon April 20th thru .1G4a-1 I-4W" THAT TMII. II roiinn. < Mill 01 OlAalNI CkOII, eliminated. Urge areas of the metropolitan
slaughter each other unto the death while 511INYOU riiNTv Of aot
China a colored>> people ia to be spared the May 30th d lE23rd AND TROVOil PaCIINS 0WO cities are inhabited by such ethnic
rigor and ratrvetlon of a nuclear war. fPiT'UrIMOTIIftt MgtT UsI'1&All" 4.0043.10.414.465SCORPIO groups including pole*. Gcrmuns. Italians
Red China Has already sensed the race PINS M ownn' airietnfv 22Dd COKLUBIM THC NidiAV Jews, Mexicans Spanish Irish, and ill|
factor im the more rectat equation and la liriioi Ana SLIM TMOII or vou we HA ISIOTMOAVI Ion Oct. 24th tin | ARIANOCNCMTI. coarse Negro. In many cities no mcmbci

hinting that the real approacJilag struggle HAVOC la vow (IT AIIOClATIOkt. I rAUlM Ot.IMT Nov. 22ad 1-4) ||-'.-n...' of these group has a chance of being elected -

|m not an ideological and political strut- |I' YOU HAV| AN .ll Sheila IHOULOTaxia you an OIIMO. itriuioav AQUARIUS on city wide and county wide ballots ,
ale but 1m the final a race sip SlIms TO anon Yea TWICI. liroai MI.lae retell vow FAY NOT Ion Jan. 20th thru thus violating the Constitution

struggle, c.. DAM YOU/ KM. .e KI OOAITI roe riuTHAI coNnimv i .Mt$Twe vo Feb. lath guaranteeing representative gn\*rn-'eat.

hen China turned communist the whole .."'.. ,, .. ..... tNPLItti TOW a. sari Te tat 11111W t IN VMA.O.NeiBICTIONI. COMTIAtY TO TWO CUITOHAOV Until these two reforms of government
cuanleitom of the struggle between b. sand t.w' arcw.t MT Tom .550. Tm ...*..CII AkTHOVOMTHll ATTIIM Ill HAT are totally affected, representativeoverwent

the United States was violentlycheated. ...,,'.. ia tMIN, a*. or HOOI aiiia,to MOAM HAT NICIIIITATIAOMOOMi WAV! rouoato aivioviAUOUITI u tilt United Staten will still
la tie last analysis Russia aad VMTAM or vm cmargkk ...c.-IT'" attlsi, .** voua raiiniTawiiaciiea YOU AH ArT T* J* a myth and while the state 1gis'laturea
the United States will somehow become
assa/sessLa Kit. MMTIOM.VH IOU. ir TU> .LI nil AMa
TO o te. TM AOVICI move In the
direction of
allies om racial grounds rather than aa* a wore
Tow HCllvi !. aiT' acovio .. .sJiClltis PNTVM, rnituAi TO rviriuvewa T T* win WITH a aiu.TMt democratic form the county and municipal
mlhllat each ether sad leave China I
PLAN' is aicoMMiaoio voIAII AIIIIION AM lAsts dull Nat M awl TO
at caaiTovcmi.A govenwent structure
dark people to dominate the world of the ain tlll remain In .
a*i aT low rtfcnu TM IMACT er a toll Mictocaci aoovt at* OCCUPATION, a the hands of the few.
It la
the local
future. Race prejudice la eo strong I nn
CMMM THAT n taaiaoetAti All IlllTatil II a CMMII or OIIIOIMCI ea level
*t T e VHI M II there the people
factor that It la gilt. possible that come laW closer
TOM use east Ail OWl ea teat Sill ao* reel al I.*.AII I e* MAT- TNt MICIIIITV er AOOIMvevoua contact with their '
aad the. government. .
roactoaeat between hash.
.owe rapf A.M.*MI. f0 sea at IOM .. ..... T..... not teat Matt ve eeVITN HOUAO CAMIMI.Yew Govereatal reformmat
...nl be continue
United states sad the teat la .
sloe N lalTiae TO far Alt IMICATIOaS THAT l..- ,wei ea faaAaweiicis. Meals IMOIII III the peter I a
res. a hi t.'1 lag possibility aa a* al* spread oa such a broad Isaac
u* ""I COW 01 1 IMAoiT tat. .* sluts AH '/eWCH < YOU C...., ar. two aiATl ea MtieitsOAarail aa to cover each aid
tentative t* terming ever the world to .evf T.i M'irn e> III YawS ..., MO Pal v* IOMOOI ,... reaaaV THC aovllAaaiTVer every district mark and every person
china sad the darker people*. Aid ao la* block. Then and
TnT VOW GILL M lOMIIat MT Tot ins MHOM rwueaiM .*t LINE vou
.t\III'''' Sets, M* C LV i only the win it have
teraatleaal affairs become sore of a repreaeatetivegveraaeat.
T* raciaoAVtia MnaiuiOe AMI ve MV e" M? | MMMAt CMIIOtOA.TIM SASS tail ewv AST IION "Of The
skies tocava of the rising ra* People For The
tangled .. >.. eiT. .| OTiaor 5iLe,. ..aoinro. *. luuv ve M awei People and By th* People" ,
rial eomaloeratlo ta* mremt lull tm
wo.U--a1 tat.. IM.TM. .
the celt car has a racial tplamatteci that NCNa5 t ratti .........,.......7t

the c**.*l efeMrver little sfapects. lace 540.45-554047* Af VII80Bora 29H thr IAIITTAIIVSSara MMAV KCNA.TISO.0404450444H. ,Oll PAST THIS WEIR
prvjMlr" air*.*. U s IB% **Jr wo 515INI ., ,
tlatla force .f the Tweatteth Ceatary lots kay Slat tan 8.. 1>4 Hov. 2 rd tan PISCES -- alf 15. mt-UlMaaU BMa>ter Bales' t de.

world sad It la world all sad world .,. ,... :iatBtaAJil lUll neni TO MI *awat Dec list Bon ft*. If U tars ....... tatter M< e|.e at salad paal Uar-a+oaaakar.
u... .l tI MAT tewT vow AH sat 01AH vise raw **Tl* aai .. Mlea area. ) IOU MM tore la a.. I1 serf.

.ua 04 M* '*. KMtaMM | '*\ .0f TO OtilAt .reeaT ee T.... MMCMMSI van alt M* Mule tecAHO JatM.. ISo rire n rwt ....a lltaCMtartUm -
It matter mot la mast part .f this world SILL .tHl. aCCOHIM fiaii "" T'.I Salt c...... aM.1e115Tsai. .
v* awMic nags
kale.WHMa'a rtUe.4a < _
fe. ,. .
I' may travel ** are r4 U t .0 CI'OMItaXItair ru mxAO MM est TOooine PteLeTtia5tw CC'It' MM tI V.CMM sire 1154.4.

M Zits rate prejudice. It 4eatrye4 kit the exit vow ..! .** ea .,.. an.PLIawt leeef, Oat O.MT ass talon tw oil a Jal* 11. lM!-n nret tatUe af Ml *. al eMfI >
sad the
f hatless greatest
Lg* a* 1.a. T'4M it a eta NVILONVTS. V*. Sat OC aMM tfTVIOIT IMO TIM ....U" ... tMt vleun far lie C-r.*.
dlraace t* her dream *f peace U Ikea tS75tit1/ ....... A*. I* M k*..aeHO a.M.vVO v* oice aiM AMcewaiii tAlnlIVCS act* IS MV rim ter. ... mart. ra f cartes Ue
.rli. There will sewer be peace la a MV Lit TM CAT art ,
flC'I" .... 5LiIMeS. aeaiait MV IlSIsPiwla.S. atAitlC' hi
U isff-frtam
a..a MtCWn. .
*ri4 abets rate prejmdlc* Isles pr4Veare eeemnco ea .-<<.... M -| M*. Tail COM VIM W.AT oa .... TH eaie etviiMMV **- Mesas to M .r ueJSMI
af everything else U the *.rt4.AfiUTOwlacy MCM a lOwaCI 0* *MTO rMH. >ATMM *. aiaaw. WM lualia4al
*.,<. .,u. at v* ties east VM | M eawMAmc evia.Wtt *
31 ..
little |...!. "
white rar.rtaieeta -
tell Ue ma
M that ao,.MTA i at INS at 5/M5apt laharlaNCt ..,."...I* Ys/.. MOrawiiv .. tIC ....... *rTH aa4 .
aye af Ik* areas ...-.a..t .
tkefjrmjr *
did Ml appear apt earth snail tee e* MT TO* V* r.. vow o* to aeof em AM it I ATI MI* "ewaiAitii t5t11.. *1T. lAWMIM tmwuy airtaa ... aa
U. a4 It was ke wh. ale krwaamtAM AH aa OOW sees, lwse twatt e....* M .
.a essay 'f .
eiMl o ve era tie MIMacnaena
% lair ta. NM-I.. AI .
.. .* my odd that It ass a* tiN 1u /. leer t ae.
... ana. *.HI, .....iak| ate p4 .CM.. VWW .> alivcono .. II Salt WMVIII v* Se* II a VIM a*. .
Ijsajn.I"' '" wr arm race prjw4lc* U aaatwam mtw r. aa. .....
eta seat v.< Mat e* VMT iv Last *. LaisCa.lOw VM witSAMIMtMMtw. clot faoM H40i. v*.
laSt M .
lounirr .f ***tla4. DM-rye. f. ra t *a* 11054.4 riwMM
Va M aril It aat MTlMalae sews iari.iaiK a*a .411.. Mat eaii v* ... eel e* Ml awwU a* r.wli ef at a
evil Mw lWfs N e.5. ......'tl rauaot Taax M* u M v* CUM H aamntcw awe ana.t .
wlMerto |een l* *r .*..* ftreria<
a sass sitelatSr 'tll'WtU' ex* vew AH Stilt *. ...... s.e 75i1.J .. m Ig.4i

,,, ,,' ., to
.-" -- >' ......, . ..-... -... ..

I SUIUU lilt' 1. i

HIT is, FIIIIIA lit mIlS m J

I Fishioa Skew Silted Mt. Zfca Programs Final Summer Session It. R.W. Bynun

. __ __ "BIRTHS
Magnolia Lab Trip Arrives In Germany

I' and Mra. J.L. Hill
Its MUNI C t. Germans Any
Sunday School of lit
1210 Hart Bt.: Girl
tloa MX Ckarch baa Plrat LloaUBut blush
COB- Mr. ud Mra. Job..
platad plaaa for W. "'u., BOB 0 f Mr. and
a Brown; 194 Spring Dr.
Batarday, July is trip Mra. John T. ajnua, 2>lOaetola Boy. ;

to Magnolia Laka It Btrat Jtcktoa- Mr. and Mra.
win, baa arrived km Anthony
WM announced this
took.Proa .
I. Irving; IBIS ". Cols
transportation 'to jola tka 0.8. Army
Ion Circle, Olrl.
will Inn the Bteoad Field Hoapltalatatloiod
followlai Mr. tad
Mra. Robert L.
locations la tit and tat
loatilde; HoBcrtad and } Nava iso etplttl.Lt Jackson Court lilt. Stools
; Boy.Mr.
I an KBliht Dries. 1: 00 kjaua u optoao* Md
....; Cleveland Rd.aad tri it ud ...ber of the Mra. Jess ftl-
ton; 4(46 Boacrlif Road
Wood .., a::04; Idfotood) Medical Borrico Corp, ;
ttrtd too at
aad OB
CltTtlud |>
; ud Mra. I... til.
u arrq of at* ClTlaad Md .ltk, Din, If.". prior to his liars; lit Jarkaoi It.;

tractlTt adult&: and route 1:12: ; 43th and AT DU. B, traaafar to Qiraany. H* 01 rl.

aodela partlelpatiaioa a:11: 45th aad Hoacrttf la tetoapaaltd be r* by Mr. and
the protrta. Mt. C nl ,:2(1 Moaertaf: and gird, his *if*. .l..Ua; thy ; 04I Old It.

l.tllt, Church isooHtrrlioa I'H: Hoacrttf and 26th.B3B reside la tk* ptrlachtr AUauUD. Road; 10,.

St. will bt : ; Myrtle ud 23r'' Post section of Munich\ Mr. ud Mri. Frank

the tew of a prMoata aU: ; Myrtlt and nth, Tho M-yir-old ofnctr Johnson; TOT Arch Bt.

tloa thad. Tabu lout B3t: ; Hyrtlt and sth. 1* a lISt iraduatt of NMBtntoa Sir,

Flues pf paihloBi'1 a:40: Myrtle and Unit ..rlira. Hi ik Bebool laJidtKanil.tod Mr. and Mrs Wilbur

'4IoIIdll. July 87 at I p. Rd.. a:U; Edward Rater VACATION PWOD...DurlBi Its recent that atttlti Julia Courtney, rtoordiai ttertttry; Mrs' at till did 1.11"1| ISM linn M. ;

'1. la the church Miditortui. College, 1:44: ; Bth and for the auaatr hosted by I,.. Car rla tllllua, Julia Brow corrtapoadtii aKrtttry; Mra. Charlie Florida AAM College la Bey.Mr..

Oasis BS4: ; 4th tad 17)1 lows Atanu*. th* Coli... Park Oardoa Circles Htndirton Mri Clara JOB**. Mra. Oltdji Jtckaoa. Tallahassee, kooaT.lt ud Mr*. ChirltiPlatlai

v Mr*. Hint I. Nick ton Jofferaca I'JT: ; Broad tahaactd the sees by arraying aultloolortd tad Mri. lnlor irtiht standing froa loft: Mri University in Chicago and : 114 Court N. ;

ill serve U mistress sad oraoi, f-OO; Broad lights and oraaaMti *lch rttulttd la a colorful Irat Pasty, hit, Ion Para and Btoktila; Mri.Thtlat graduated: froa Illtnoti Boy.

of ctrtaoBiei tad Hra.Tturm sod StatsOZ: ; Church backdrop. Tho outdoor lOUt sea made addtdly ate Mltchtll parlliaiatarlta ud proirta Coils. of optoattry in Mr. and Mri. tltr

Macky will .b. COB: a.a.Caataldt. traetl with .."Uhl arraaitatata of cut chairman; Mra. L. M. CutU If. prtildont Mrs .$(0. At a chili III, h* lards; IT2I Ivtraonrourtj

tb. ntrritor. : flours eaotirlai ucla tablt ud a flotir hat Anal D.a.ry, hat, Magnolia Lu" ud Brown spent two rears at an\ goy

Artistic, cinte tit Slat and pbotali |::15 ihow ooapllaiatlai the event, B.atd trot lift bed uitaa and Otrdanlti; Mri. Cwlorli Croatrttt optoattritt. Mr. aid ins RlliabBrlihti

tint till be provided .... }rd ud Florida art: I'" Anal M. Plaldi. Duds Tour chalraan: ens. Mttti Mllltr Mri. Paullat talker (not Lt. Moans 1 11 a somber tf Trt .. 1)1It..

by MM. Juan Carloi. 1:40; Jtaaltand Florida Mra Qtrtnidt Dayton Tie prld.nt, hat styled ihom) tutiti. Mri. taste trtntt, trttiurir; the NMOIU order, Alpha Olrl.Mr..

Back to school styles I:U; Union and ,lori da.I tith Rait of Sharon; Mrs till!, Mat Jtckioa, Mrt. k. L. Btooa. Mra Juil Pootau. Mra. 0.r* pat oatia, the Aatrlcanoptoattrle maul. Mri. Jesse

aarrated by Mri. Mickey :48.: lona and Plorl cia; flower allow chalraaa, hat with Caana Lllllti ud trud Harrison horticulture chairman; Mra, Puuil Ataotlatlon Bird, Jr.j STIl Cum

will b* aodelod by Car* |:B6; church: roo a... Hydraaiti; Mrt. Kd.Ua Tunilll flour arrtnit* hell, Mri. Carrie Jackson, Mri. Uvtra Bhlvra. and the Kttloaal Aiaocla Avenue; Icy

..a Kelly Angela lid lilt advisor bat, Boston Para ud Oallardla; and Mrt. J. t. Hutchlai art othtra aabtr.A tin for the Advinctaont. Mr ud Mrs, Curtis

Beverly Hill Leroy KM Heroines Pin Mrs f. M. Thorp, chaplain, ud publicity, hit,. dclicltut lIubtqlll with all of the fill""* waa of Colored pt PlArchie's .< Pttkttts UI 1. ITthMr

ptoa. Mickey sod Gall Day Lllllta ud Marlioldt; Mri. Ella McMtvtr, trv.lLadles' *t; Girl.

Hue. Yvonne Kaiptoa.Mtlllceat Joint' Program Host Mr. and Mra. "... Bid.lr ".

Norton koxun Practical Nursing OE5 Announces ; SSIB Ctvli Itr
and patriot Crawford Joint unlvoriary otlt. Ntte Feature
House Btrttli Soy
bratioa for Ktrotata of Coarse Guests
Veronica sod Chrlur'7lor. Registration
Oritoricil Contest Hr aid Mri Lr.S.'trlll..1 l .
Jericho will be Sunday
luda Cotaar
at Maittratloa ud tat Mr*. Bimle Craft u4dituhttr ii Decree
i la
ROM Mary III tlOD. p.s. the Da* Mr C.I. NtltoaDtaltla
scale Ttaplt, third lai for the Btpttabtr rI.". of N" toad) Boy
Alto jeradeu, Sink grand worthy
floor. 1164 class la practical York City, sere "entholldty trt led Mra. Jnrhnrlnaon
Itllta Klrkland and aatroi of BtblktaOrand
District Dtpaty A.M. Nuritai will btilattdataday guest tf tholr ; 11JO 1. llth
Debra and Side Mickey.odellat Chapter, Order of
Praaltr of Nineties of July ]| at cousin, Mr ud Mrt. IN"tl Olrl.
teas will S.-
I Itttra star of Plorlda
Jericho S aDd Councilof I .... for persons chose tick Ar,hlt of 2'21
dado Shirley jokaioD ud Jirli.letloa, keg
tbs nlIt River, and last atati btila with tY pttuila I". .,,
ADiit Mall Jacqueline ttno ncd that th. annual New
loyal Queen toll Cain tb* litttra A through Thy wen aicopanld Yorkers
Colay, Hoiellt Caaada arttoriMl coat..t sill
aad Matrons have ealltd M Tnuridty, July 10 at by their ec.tli, MI(
Betty Ross Bad Tveaae b* hid Bundty it the
all officer* sod ".'re I .... for p racaa chess t Martha Lt tad Leroy Visiting Here
Roiera.WallkaowB. "dft of Lot, POWD*
of the various courts to h. aaatt bosh with "0"". this btlii their
adult aodele park oa Pcho Lak* at ] Tk* four irudcklldrMtf
b* la attendance. the Ittttra N through first flilt it tilt
will iodide Hra. Ora ,...
Hr. ud Mr*. Par
apoaeora of tilt cole I. Mra. C.M. Naaaoad Boitk.Ittt.
call porter Bra. Betty IN. aaaounctd.Th All laaura star dtp tf lalirtit teat of a, |itk $t, aadMM.
Courts P.O.
laalter Mra. Alt...* art: tr, too Mttoatt body Ret/ Broia of tk*
likes, Dahlia E'erin. conrat will be held slatted by tilt gusts
Miss jtccjiellae Md tit public htv teas .
Roberta Rttal4 ,
... Polu.".. Brancn tt 8 t.a to a VocatloaalSchool wr th. jn >BJO sliver| .L..r
Port. Mri. U> lee Cots Itrtttd to atttnd.Dv Ita' *. laltid, M, I. .
of Traeviae, Qua of |)i .. Aahlty "r.... Md a plate at
1U*. Mra. Mabel. 1. It.wnt. .- Bhtba. Daaihttrt tf Btrttt.Milttratloa. y ty Qua i. all Ntnl Air lame shirk san rwe"ta arrived hr to
Mra. miaa t. IIMa. chat ,..a of th* tptnd a Hrtloa at tII.lr
iihtra of Boa.Sarah1 raalrt gives br ar. sad air*,
Gibson Hra. Ctrrt Hae fluratloaal .>..! Uu. surer vatatlta,
'........__ o. a, Wttblattoa Md seta follow: ,a%"a*' %a.i t*% *r.k. Muaro auMla. Tie steals, (..dtr. -
Th* tffarla
Also MM Andrea Mar Ark "'rtN. .*..U.. I Alt..It. waplttioa throik of 41ytara tMltataata s,. 0.." IMMBI sreslereportsd.1"" 'a.,. ..,a Ma..,Cttly. ,.Md -"'.
and will
..,.... nary rttUn.cn, i partlctpattoa aad tllllMt, ,.,,.* rtainwd home by plane ..,tII.r Mtti ar* !..
10th ,ud. sod Os,,,
Miss Aaalo Davit. Hit the proirM.CaiUra ant I*i Blatftllt CHar .a the fvlllai' wtaMd. dud,. of fl. Mdvr*.
proof of which mat .b*
Scions "act boa, art. star Cfcapttra ttr 111 of BrtdttUa, /,ka I, Mttt,

Dorothy. jack to*, aadHra. Daaihttrt of Isis aatwltttd at .tlat ofrilttratloa. rr*. Aisle L, tilllaM. ,

Claatla Ill* Horolae Cratadere.aoyal ..,U, cures, aadJiaalla

llaae.Hlaa Arch '..0... Haaoat.auilllarlto Applicants ..., bo MU, ALICE UaBH. Md.lU| Optra .toe...... gas ... ...1'| .
Aatrlcta .1 U,," or
Md the
stow of the lilt Haaoale ... wf U* aaay blihlliati of tilt bolry MOW PUtrhtr, rrrtttllt
fMtly .have beta vat declare laUatloaa t. ." Ojy*. of the .>aU lot,
rla hasty Baloa will Mtltlod whloh I waa pr* **l" to a paratdaoaa
odl hair etylee. lavlttd aa fI CGI'ta.H.'s o physical t tccoalai aad 0.m..tatalktalta Good last 110..., sight la libelous ,....... ell,, nra Ole,.. B. ill-

...,., HIM Mattl Divest aad HIM J.Mlta Prlactf lift, s.,U, Mima,
Diy Silted ia rttalrtd of Vocao .0 Models Mild aialattd ky bangs a ** (b....tel .*a.ra .,,11.

EWC lislntlor For Tabernacle all apollCMta.Dao to, aoo ckania. If air Hat tlltna. pr*...t4 tkt ila tttrtctlM.Hoaday / in .." Dusty. uniM.

sight Jaly 27's Ladltt Nile ,..t.,. Hra, rktrlotto
Attending School Anaaal Ness Day will "rt.tntloa pro dirM.ud till b* U..... 'Tie D..**." Coali Hoadtyalikt. Ford Clerk, Mr*. Pll$.a /

... Dorothy ,. Oaltk* b* .11..n.. Ai|. .1 la Btatral th* grade lattllliac lust of A*|. lltl, Pall Paihltat frw. Bttrt.Rara Ttftor. .. ..1. Mrs, 'r xi

Tabernacle ktptttt IB* < a Bladlo Pklo| Opal Pttoo tad nrt, ]'
cfcalraaa of the Social method of ttttlai styes
ttltatloaal Church with .
Nan.L. klaana, .It,
gels e. Dpartaat of Discos .. I ....... aa by the Ratioaal TtitlaiCatr. D.ptl W.H. Hart i ,

Edward Matins College gaunt dial,..., all ptritatiattr Jiliagloi Baptist Honors Sck4ale. For
1R the city rtceaUy .itd la apftylai
The ..1. tout aadtllllai Infills Olllcers
for poet cradMate atedy torktra Club for tbt ..u.. aaatarply StaSis WOAMI Day Mrs. Hazel Dull

at He fork Oalveralty.Ni will otMrv their ...1- Md rtapply at With Dvpaty Illll/ Sae Aaattl ,fa, Maul I Maim, ...>
Hart atrvlai M latttl LotrtTA me'.es'
fork City. Afttri tatd tlatt,
vtmry Jolatly Buaiay.Btv. br of Choir 4-B aad
till he ..'
till law, nrtraof Ulyfctto B My
<** .Mre. Tat practical surslsgC..rs.snt.sd.
I. tad t( Trlalty Blitrlrt B, Ml ArtfalB
Tltlt the Merits Fair U tides in **r. **rt**> a>...., at AilliUo >
Baptist CtMrta. will b .
,4lat the rrS will bo
laatalltd IM ..Hvdarlac .*.. lit camb ..111ar.
Md C. fall aid tkottin *
the a,.tktr.InvitM yttr "..,.. Iwalibl la
.- rtilttratlM ,.* M I..".. .. .. o. H-ri.M ..rtiaa

.Ir.." will a.*d at ........, la It. h...> aaaltr of the day PuIsr Brott BartltiClMMk

Itaat I1M U ...., all tlM.Ta /ra. rili. .lk BH ,|.. |>t MdPfMkllaBtrtH
*. k, tt. n fli*
......... nil tee t** .y II ,.; BMtral tkalrota esdan.
.o ,aid ,.,.... .all,. Hr. Lllllta Nasal Ullla illti. t*' Blnra far **r>Ht
caalatM. r...". M l....r .,
......t. Hra Claraailllt.
Two atpl** tadi of ptr
E la. n."....,
weal rete,...., birthtrtlflctto tlc tr 111">it; .ad., Bcaool. till. b* .
sad kick IS. Oatt Jesse ,.. lit at .. .. .... .." Ar..ifai M IMif. F "
.*, sill b*; rtoir"
ttrdtr; ors ids 5. Ins, airy Blaltr aar
.,...*. traaitrlpt art
..... 4- *, itlo t..,... ftArarat.
.r... I.*.. flttMlal *.*rotary tt ...... "
rpm } Hi*. Cbarll. sea Ira .*alt BM.tt till ,,,..II., tiara,
Tk* our** It amMrdby
tat Board .f PafcllliMtnwtlt l D.., .. Oaplaia, if ,....* the |**.... Tk> BIA ..*fl.l. r .li t.. .| fit.
1 1 Vilest *.n". *lllftattro ra, ,
Md la apepr..d Cltlllty II a.. s's.r.l.war
Bra. ftlt I. Ik* ...",' cedars, MM Bltart,

BUt B.by ard. tbo of .Florida..,..... ....,.. Md Hra B.*.aH /Ml.r chip .. tb Mime tftll. Blll, ....!.

AddittMal Ultnatloaay ...*tr, bo.11.epero Andre P-,..*4 ae .*.*, .1.*.., .*..w. 4. Mali,

bt ..hl... fro. at dfra. |M..|.. >*.*.. atloltl aad Hr*. B.,|M ".. BIlMM. jMk**.,

I bo ...heel.TWO ,.,.".,. Sliver. gist ***.a'r.It gal .**. u'a. I U.

Hrt, tart ... ..,... tit ,..? u. Srigr Phil Ik ........,. Hit

t ucacirAgM PMIJ u tat pre.' >., w411 hwbla..lla.l. .dky Shells Idttrdt aid

M by M r Isebesd. M U.rt r,.. MM.* ted.rsa .ur*.

wwyc lilt, Bra. .....,... f, aa speaker, tf.. ll ...,*...t art: Hr*.

NA.A C P.. sunset **4 k.r sv1w. ... ...... tkltl*!. .4U IM.ua. u*,r, ..,...

Mss gee ,,..., 1ft .slthes ..'..*,. jMtor t3etr.p.biii Tunic, weirs .,.....

I'M I* ItMIHLMt j....!. see lisle cud

I Hllbor' *>,...e I* t.a... The K._.. till

ROYAl ACT SIWO '\of ,.,.. tottt tt 1It.r-a

_. _
KIN IJIIIIIT DAVIS STREET 12 ,L.e Is J.........,:,:.. n I


You To Listen To- 'nil fiut.. ttiMaaHLHH iiftL 1 Htn'.1M W M IVtTt TAi1f .fl&.aBlAtaHJ ntaTlafaVl > shs lit AattalfM WWHIifBibisfvti t

IKIAW { -.. r-f i-Murr 1M w.ra.11- ..* \ .tofrtan .

Jietny P15THWL hi .......U5 -I'.. 11-pC M ..... ... fcWy wtwlI I

"DANCE PARTY"IJftilf lUll I WIL qty. s tY, Call ttf.3371

.-.. ."" ,... Pi4Jw Bit) ,.,."...

.J.IJIKJ..JHtP. .. .... sy': :::: /w ikee wbe tltdl.k ,....1 t
IIH 'II I2HSitetlif : .-....

1 ,.. IH 12 ,... ....... L''la' .!L'r miis'sort ..*+e1.-.ee.......... e Reemd.a tl ,}

'e Ie4NP ".UI- era w a ertg. .... w "li. a

14M WHK 14H Open DINE


,.... .\ oL' k

',' ,. ., .. ; ;,,_ '''.';,-i .;:_. ". .. -. -.,. --- -_._-- -

.- -. ,' ,.. -- .. ..\ -

y 1 """" liLY 25, lily
niiiu JHI rmu
.,,?,,- .

. Hundreds Pay Final I Respect To Accident Vie t i m II

aw v P



." _.
-HUNntEDS BEHAVED relative, friend end the (eoeral public ....bJ.d to pay final reopect. Areas ntklne (eantar) received Joint services la It. Ararat Baptist Church,. Ra of?.the tilbort,..n,Burgess. Joint,

final rites for On fit. popular Jaws who died In M automobile accident. early Sunday July 12 pastor of It. Canaan Baptist Cburea, offlclatlag. Pallboarara were friends Church with

were held her laat Saturday tftonooa. .."So.. for George (Devil Child) Weshln ton--pboto lft. rites for Miss Marie Lagrotba Day and Bayard Rushing were bald in Mt. Ararat Baptiat. pallbairara.:

I were hU ia Evergreen Baptist Church, Re Y. H. H. fright, Ulster, with the Mf. L .. Stepson, tor. *. *. Peoples, pastor of Magnolia Baptist Church, officiating. Friends(Photos aanrad by Eaaraon s Studio)

putor of lion Hop Baptist Church officiating ud delivering the culocy assisted by othara.Fallbaarara .

ttra BMbr* of the Hit Hat Social dab. Mr. and Mra. Robert (Bob) and Bobby Jean

.Usher Board Tea Planned By Prayer Bands Fountain Chapel Miss Margaret Field Mt. Vernon Sets Gordon AME Church '1-

.Programs Fete no Ttb Roar PrayarBanda Church. Lillie lilt 'Turner, tree ANE Church. Attends Mission Dual Day Fete To Hear Thom kips \\

will sponsor thair The boataaaaa art: Mr*. Mary Alice Scott, Wise Hear ttorpkln Jr. will1present

+' usher Boerd.I of Grant tonsil tea Sunday In joe Oaraldiaa williaaa, Wise Geneva Biaalay, din Sunday will be observed Miss Margaret field. Dual Day will ba ob- his second voice

MOM rial AMI! Church will H. Jae Cos unity Center Marian Mallory Mra. Batty Crewa.Ebeneezer II Trustee Day and the president of the tealey served Sunday tit rou&llouttb. recital of the season

recent the Daltooaa 1161 Oruntbal St., Methodist" Church Holds a... P. .. Jones, pastor, 'n service Wild day la Mt. Vernon Sunday night, July 28 at
Trio to raeltal Au,. 14, fro 4 to 4 p., .. ia requesting that all First Methodist Church Baptist Church, beginning 8:90 clock IB Gordon

beginning at I p..., ia Appaarlot oa the pro- 1st Board Heeling Under New Pastor officers and ...bera end di rector of Religious with the sun AME! Church.

the church auditorium.Tha trio will be: Soul Saving fulfill their obllgt- and CoMtunity Affair at day School at I:30 ...., Mra. Alaeta Moorer will
trio consists of Prayer Band, Bar. w.Buriaaa Tha first official board aeetinc of tile new lions Brewater Methodist Hoipi with Deacon Eugene Sawyer bo the sponsor and dean

Mla R. Nests Oracle Rer. Haaar **!- conference year was racantly at Fbmazar. Methodist Officers and atabtra tat, spent the weekendof aa guest ..".rtD- of hostesses will be Mis

M. landaraoa and Nra. ker.Mrs, Melvlna fright, Church of which Reverend Ernest Vonwllbur "..... 11Ib to thank all who July 1T-19 at Florida ten dent. jntt Moorer who will

Clara tilkaraon Mra Laura Jackson, ia serving aa alalatar, and Joe H. Je.ee ia cooperated in inking the Southern College, Lake Bra. S.L. Badger will bo assisted by hostess

Bio croup will be board Hol. light Gospel Sisters serving aa chairman of the board. Suaday July 12 annual land. review the lesson. Mr*. Virtues Moorer. Eva

la classics, ...! Mra. 0 *ndolya D. Green, Mr. Juaa, a veteran Mews Day observance While there.aha attended Ho flense .. Gray will beth Lola lane, Lois Ana
elaaaica spiritual and Deacon Edgar Hall. Choir oethodlst layaan. was stewardship and fiaanco highly auecaaaful. the annual Wild Weekend Borolog speaker and Squires, Sucle Ann

popular aaloctlona. .-1,lilt. Ararat Baptist elected to servo aa of which Rodoll P.Robarta Sunday School fatauodarway 'of Million of the Fla.Confsrence Mra. Mary X. Ravnell.g Squire and Betty He-

chilraan of this top ia chairsan at ,: ao a.. participating wet aololat. The Knight.
body of sad Mra. Hattie I. with Superintendent in the worship prograaa 'Ruby Powell will
policy lakiai Gospel Chorus of tt Mra.
the cburon ., the first", Ju.. ia secretary of David Jones and taacharaia I'of the weekend by virtue Union will serve. narrate the ,ro.r.. and
WOOLWORTH'SDOWNTOWN atowtrdahip. Dr. ArnattOlrardtau of her office M
annual planning Mating.Ha chargo.Cholra.uahara, Rev. t. C. Mitchell, A.M. Green will be the
nominated :Spiritual Life Chainan
la the first 1 lajwan waa attwardaia and others pastor of little Rock pion 1 et-accosp wni at.
to aa chalraaaof of the Conference.Tho .
art asked to serve during
Baptist (Church rill
this *
to serve in
the coaalaaioa the a.B. arTica. Weekend of Missions
church'ahlitory. 11 deliver the evening
ia the '
and Social gives Guild Briber a
300 St. Miss JohnnlaM. ....... and the Bouth-
HoajiB Pifthar was elected Coaearn sad Rodall P. At g:30: r..., its L. preview of the iliilon<<>> aide Male Chorus will be
Roberta was alactod to Daniala, president of study course to be used
vicechair guest. OIL
-/IondJ lllt 1lWSBIRTS to Cal serve of tilt aa official serve ia the capacityof the Annie B. ja-wa Mia, ia the churches during Guest teachers are:
the aI.ln.1..r. Missionaries -
board.Tka. public aloaary Society ia ia* Mra. Verdie Bradley, STATIONAVAILABLE
coordinator, a atwly suing a call Bovtlag fir deaconesses. and
of the Miss Barbara Ana Har-
created poaitlon. aU members to attendthe other inspirational
Arrle Norton
first planning Mating .ra.-
Other reports were ado butlntaa session and speakers are featured on
according to Rev Mr. II r.. Vera Butts, Mr*.
and rocalvad fro the la the church the prograa. THE
dl ecu talon ThelM TO
Sadie Fedd. Mr*
fir Mil na Boys Nantn, was centered ooaaiiaaioa OB education auditorium. testers are The highlight of this Harris, Mra. ChriatlneN
round four najor goal
hy Mr*. PI set H. Aloiaa- urged to invite friend. y ear' prograo .as the Doris Neavln -
set forth by the ...h. waun. Mra.
official dor, ckalrata; COBlaaioa no T p... .."Sc.l111 closing service Holy *, Mr*. Louise wll RIGHTMAT
tar aid till
CoBBunloa, ia the newly
oa Btaborahip be featured by tilt 15
board. U... ties Beverly /Ann t .
and oangaliioi by Edgar alaute song<<>> service by dedicated Branacoab Audi Townsend, Mr*. tattle
They were: The Itl H. tortu, which la a .Maori
Aliton, chat Co.-
nan; the cholra. kith .,.. Lola Webb,

"tiM Tree of't.representative.'.*..t..t..erorgaalaatloaa -..ta.ill.Miss J. .liaise o'-'fO.r.Fisher. bt., .,.-.H.The ch.treM. Board .la f the re- Branacoab.a10 tilt It late 1* one ftlttiop of Deacon .... ,.Whtte.Ceorie. I, ..

cad id ehainm.Dortlag. 'questing tae cooperation the noel beautiful aad 011'ft.'-'. RaBUel *ahington fill la atop builnc

r .erv* the church iaaceordaaea aa aetiagMrotarlaa of class had.,. end eell-equipped idltorlu and Mr*. Butler. opportunity. The rlclit
R with the In PloHda. man can have raining
church' dleclpllne for the of eaten to aid ia bring financial aid and complete -
flelal board were Mra. lag oat the ..berablp rnfrchnndiung uaUtancf. -
the oatabliahBant of .. Elolao Brooks sad Ito the various church The business
Soil ooafllctiai Beetlnidataa Mra. laude I. Higdons.d actifitlea. IMFEIIU SINIIIESPATFUT and profit potential ire
for the roula aaalatlag withpraaldlag Prayer ..tins la IPniCIN: COTWFTICS "('tUtnL Call or write
mo aloaa aid board for the today to:
lad con (scheduledor or: 30 p...
church year; the ..* ultatlTO activities Tueaday; claaa atetlaglet Cor. OORADNO .\ JILnf FL 42)59) PO BOX 1157JACKSONVILLE.

velopaeat of ways and lets tilt Blalatar, ,... B p... Choir will .FLA
OR CALL 3M1331U.
seas of atlllilag the Mr. NawBaa, oadall P. rehearae tedneaday at _m _
Methodist Churehsliterature lacer and to be
Noises, lay 7 :2G B.B.
tad auraalaa
Joe H. Jaaaa, official followed by a baalataaeettBg
a effectively; Md tadtr "
board chainiaa.
the establishment ., ... ,
I the laadarahip of the
annual planalag ...U.,
e3o CIISShT1az4
pastor, official hoard Mother
with laatractioaa for Midway
sad lay leader eke w. BA
: 4Zr all partialpaata of the entire church la look. AME Church
church lawl'ed.
ao 3101 EIIiERS9tl
ing forward with great
1. order to iBpleaonttbaoo MtlctpatioB to another Mother |!...r, located ...era raw ear. sae

VALUE $2.99 $' .49 tile' official four major board p> has la. bull church yea Ml ofpavlal .t 14'2'" Bur. St.. 1 l/t/11B1t nSEf1
church related Ill hold Its third [TN
approved sad sade arrtngMmta -
activities of Interest Quarterly Coafereaco
to tho coBBualty aa ....., durlig dayloacactifltlea.
SUCKER, WOVEN OXFORD. STRIPE SOL. of ehrehlde and or* .oil M Ibonaaar Mttho* Be?, J.t. > GRADE A>B SUGAR CURIODRYERS
ID COLOR COTTON. BROADCLOTH AND italaatloa-elde worn.
diet Chardu poster. aaaoMced.prealdlag .
PRINTED STRIPE REG. AND IUTTON- shops to ao coad ctdat Rider ,.". PICNICSDOUAR
Walters Memorial Jones will coaduct thohwalaeaa
LARGE. with tho alalattr,

tF .. "i ,=*,:,,\..,. talMINts Church ckalraaa lay of loader the ef and. AME Church "ruby aeaaloa SI at Prldayaltht. B P.C.Is IB. 25 u. 29c

the eland The
AS5MTW HUE tidal board a.rtagaaaaaltaata Choir I.r tatters MO. tor ,. r..u.i that

is aloes aortal AM Rios Church .11 board and BillUrle DAYS ARE EVERYDAY AT PREMIER
STIUCI HIT with others *el* ated 111 sect today at I'. BOO. prepared to

the board itaol, .. .....
by for .II. ttardoaa .," orltte report
milUIHI Till PURE mr
Other |11IO" _t c..... Board 1 tttl dense Uo eesalon.pew. .

alataa discussed by ......, a flab fry at P. J. Jones ..111deliver 2-Of
INS inn 'itiiiuas CIOPPEOiOIN)
L the official board lid 1 ,.'. the creams da* I. 12 SHBks

Illll BUT approved laclad.d a Tae services SaadaybaglB rise both the u s... At STfNI Btr
flits direct -.......aU.. with tho ....., aM S'M .. BJor eertiro $
by Uo alter tad a* ,d..., at p: iO a.*. Tholoaaoa suds,. Senlag fllSH CAUGHT ,

HIT U. lilt III III oa',..' Church Schoolbo taplt. ...4 .111 bo Choir* ..1 and

established M the Leaders .Rood ..a,." I. robe, BoardB I a4 ] MULLET 10 LBS.

t chart property located ill bo Mwd. hy sew supported by the tto

Vdis l'0 nt I. OB tdgtwo*) a...., That R-U lot.... paator.R cans. tnttee. &!.. MIATY POKKSHORT

t Ua c* rtPj School be a* ... losers will do* |.oem Md BlMleoarte

37? established coder the Il or U. ..!*.. a' || dcriis UoBeJer ear RIBS 7 lIS.UJ.N .
ehar V s CM t. loaa M a. .. tt l P.B. the ftoo*.

.4..u.. *.< .littoaa.tfeo la h Ha.... .u...| Tlaltora u. always

,feBtlBBt aalaaaad Pallowaip Rat.U user .elee.e.Order.
SWIM$ II IUM'U' agrt*.Ml that a will bo hold oad at 4 .f BentcoiSBBdM : BRISKET STEW 4m.

t juntwu 151 11 HII series of opaatal aadItaaral ..... desks C'w" its.I S<**el ill be-

..,,,.... toM .( ,., will ....". .IB at PJ; *... with
HIM{ JrttTUt ;$S ITSEi11111$ *.tt4 at tho aroiIB Ita .att rMi7 at are S.C. put rrUtlelM. IAE4-Q

I crier to fitthora sketch dsat .d Images ....-
,aaiat tbo edits At M* ...., till.*..- .etss 5wrr110 SPARE RIBS 3iK.

!ll$.-LAM, mn .Mbarahlp with thoswooral lag tnlto bglM.rj+air hO.UB at I* t... At 4

alaa sad 0'.r I Bidlthor bard ] will t.... tie J+ai.e Chert MUTT
vas rat C i )......kiit the flu near wall tBitlBtMtBU

44 l <*l, at at a, Mttaaald .ltd ... ..!I s. taxtat B lsr.a a' ... .*. HAM SHANKS 3m.IMOKH

.. Utaraatla the tl... .. wit Ait 01",. I:.If ...? .

rw.t.>al llltlo. u a has aa4 Ul boar* t* ...' sails Bad h- )

_.et..... elar+ia.Tke sole naM'ial ra.rta h"'.

Tin Him fITS mt ITWOOLWORTH'S bard r.*.l*.d lid ,. Uo traat*... SLAB BACON
strewed a farwarttaaU T M... B ..... prow 3m.
a.t1lC).dte4 tae es.or-. % Bd laaa siding; try..... s.rr attst tut

.r...r. haittod ,........ y:$4 p.s? IL--

.r Eke .......... ci Choir | BUI r+r..r.s.. lira m ia ma mt m in n turn, tr

I. ,. ... .
.,..*, .J.) *i u ,I;...' .J ,

J to .' .

HIT 25, lilt flHilli STAR PAPERS WE 5 r:

I I Top Students Receive Grants AMEs Purchase Capital City, Celebrants Iillihissein _Welcomed To New Post 'I,

2,000,000 torch Weds In Maryland : : if"'fII! r ,
j g
1'1 _
DtTROItPoraal (l'1I'P) .rfl""f" +
The recent aarriait of I ,
(MlcaUoa of the
their taster daughter ,.
aatly relocated EbeataarAfrtoaa
aad slice, Cyatb.li
Met ho mat tpia
Yvonne JOBN to Mr Leon
sepal caireh U the
Anthoay Johnaoa, IOn of
forcer U alllioa NarAa 4 4t
Dr. and Mrs Albert Bt-
Park Methodist Oarch t tt
ill Charles of Nee Rochelle t
was held Sun day,July ij.
".1.. na ..
The Oothlc-styled; stone
Bounced this seek inTallahaaaM
church ass edueatloaalkalldlBg.
r by Dr. and
faeln Da- .ft. Leonard I.I. Poott.
trolf beautifttl
Martla 1 Tot bride, who fontrlyattaadtd >>
Psrk.replaces tht foratrIbtatitr
r Lucy Not* th-
OB Detroit' \ aiatary school the
east side which ttt
Florida MI Uaiversitydeso.stration
destroyed by flrt la
August mo aDd later
was iritfaattd with
acijilred for urban
rtae -
alBlibop. .. honors frot Falser Mam-
-.M Jl1o'\n rial Uatltutt, Stdt

Joseph, Ooati.Cltvtlaad CUT TODMB CAH.-.'. tad Mri. leajaala Duos lice It, r.

pretldlagbtabop cat their weddlag cake during tilt reception that A JUB, let: debutante

--J of Ut tth Episcopal followed their ..rrl... Saturday tveatng.July 11. of the Tallahuttt Cotillion SECRETARY PIIIon wtleoatt to the Treasury Dr.
District oaducttdtht la the garden of the brldfa parenta. In. Glenn Society, III.. eta biaett J. Rice newly appointed Deputy Directorof
I dedlcatloa ctreanBy.deUrertBg the ,' a Office of !'I.ttloPII.hUo",*.
I the daughter of Ir, Bad Mrs Benjaala P. Hola i Dr. nice sill aaelat the Secretary and the As-
the dedicatory of Tallahassee, and Mr. Dim sill like their aiatant Secretary for International Affair In
atraoB to aa overflow the foraulatlon of U. 8. financial policies
boat I. Hartford, Coaa. Ht ia the BOB of Mr. and
crowd of our 3000 people affecting tilt aiddlt east Africa and Ala. Prior _
BTlHtWJ-COOPUN College will be represented IB the Mri. ftajaala Dlioa of 'Hartford
Associated NId-Plerlda of studies CoMtadlBi the oairtgattoa to Joining the Treasury ataff. Dr. Rice .u for
abroad by Harm H. Miller of r.rr.r&rd*. till for their patience two year Research Adviser for the Central !Bank
study In Spain It the University of Madrid andJwea Rer. H.C. McCall Gets New Post V
Salth of JackaoBTlll lIbo will aatrleulettt and diligence la Marching of Nigeria under till AID Progran.

the acadyric Strasbourg. In Btraabourg. tor over ) yeah for NCI TORt cm -- The Ford Foundation w
Prance.students This understanding pro of ras tad ia respect steed for it giving other adequate properties' the It. '. M. carl NcCallrooklya taa Mil at ant sinister Death, Tikes Pioneer Timpin

culturee. The/ prograt also enriches the rt. bishop challenged tbea N.T. kit of St. Mark ConirfatloBtl
TAMPA PU. (NP pu. ht 'aa Parried la
clplent't kBOiltdgt of language literature and to "do all possible to Jolted the staff of the ( Church ha"
Funeral services to the turner Mica
cert 1918 >>
local social condition serve this set co.nity .- Board for Noatlaad bury laaaachuittta,
held here last seek for Mabel !Davit,
(A PM Crawford Photo) a ." Ht added MlBlatrtta of the United fro to and
I960 John Aeoata 8r., pioneer ""urvl ora lactmt, thelikie.
theneter a church Church of Ch rialr. taught for a tla la tilt .
CongnlulitioB Taacsn Mra. 'COtlll': t titwiatitm
Summer Employment loses its sssse of God II IcCal I. foratrly Jiaaira Plain Maaaafhuwtta .
CITES MRS. OOKC Mrs. services for Hr, UtKrodl
TALLASStt HIM PditB direction, it ceases to director of the Ne York high school
George .. Gore Jr., site Acoata uu held Bt of Taapa MI4 Mr*.
L. Lester Of Atlanta be a cbarch. .. tt beooaea City Missionary 8ocletB A aatlvt of Ik ton, ht
)a -- ,,
Of the president Of PAMO Tyler Tr , University was cited for University, Atlanta Ci., just an laaUtutioa." Caurch-CovauBlty was grab stet" froa Roi Mil C.J, .b'teaon: CIIurdl,IiIer. lit bad' held ono *m, Jiiba Atixt Jr.
has bees taploytd itPlorldi Bishop Hubert ". Px>bia. Service proina la bury 11110 rill High nitrd "'
her outitudlai service tai Cock Ml"at a..hr.h'. und served' Tents; three gr..ilrhlldren -
AIM University son, who tens to paatorKbweier Brooklyn: baa bees Baaed Befool In 1954. received
Hotard ..
to tilt youth of TallaJiatatt Unl rrll), sluice the paatoratt ofUt sad five rest
lithe College of ute froa..Bt. JaaeaAMI aa arban church atcrt- aa A. I. degree froa .
during the recent .lIItl."n' O.C., dsvreste lrt. r>11I..111.0.| tblldrea.MMorlal .
Southeastern regional and Science Kin Lt.. Cleveland Ohio tary of Ut boar a dl> Dart w sth college la / h. also served> latarloua Re rtl icy. j

conference of Jack and ter IB IB earf slant pro II uu, eaa elected lisa and a .. D. froaAndttr caratltlra is A Bill* of LAke City,

JIM of *rlri, me fciiorof llbrarjr adenct. bishop in Nay at the < Nntoa Theological itUix'tnt' to (Unni,
May at the Art General School la III}. M' The brUr, reared by
You Don* t Have To do TO Town To Get 11
Con fenace.Hi la aervlagaa studied la Scotland lalltl Dr. aril Ira, Purtt, la th y

PRICESOn ,, paatornntll bvteaber at tht University the daughter of Mr. anti: 45 STREET BARQUE
LOW l.tften fce Rev. Dr. Fred of rdlnburih.ihlit .. Nrt. Charles Jnnia ofVlrlabui.

It.pb.11.Lo' Aagelee.takea atlNidlai AtiftvtrMr Mica, hr and
Tour charge.Visiting Mcrall directed tilt Mrs, Charles, Ihibilo.' 11)2 w. 4Mk" St.

\1 1an. Slue Hill protestant trOt'''' al rfah r and :
DRUG STORE NEEDS Cnttr, social 'W
Instriclor a sera Ie''n' art foratrly of -NOIRSwr .
vice aitacy laltlattd tilt I..t ladlta.' His' ,. :
Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug tort AT rAIl, lira. Doris Alatoa > SPIC.llIzl .
WE OUL MFTI WT PMCn AHf. M TOU LOCAL PAPWS.t a teacher la tilt by the Swlaary. father, an atloin| In wlsl Is"s
(The United church of allll) '..1.... 'la the tell
alinoetor'a ,
Deliver.se aim nil Preccrlptlona. Leon County public' School '.If .
Christ la a wtoa of tilt 'laUada. :
,.t.., Tallahassee, la
ployed aa ta aaalaUnt r..lIcalaa. Mforatd RIIS ,...lilt
Dixie Pharmacy MCCAUvlsloa ; Church and Com r*ut I on itCliilatlaa
professor la the Schoolof of catBith eiteatloB. ca.rdi.. ) GOAT n inn
tdueatloa at Plorlda
Mt will
aem aa a
1HZ'1 Ilm teal tt Mme AIIHI, ( MM University diriai Utaaaatr toaauUaat to Ut tt* /'
....10.. Mrt. Alatoa Uatlta'a rtilaaaleoaftrtatta
fuss Cltli SHH-H fecetvtd the 8.8. T""'"

I ..... .. ... degree froa pltrlda At*. vbtiroVa osrren t o.progra the

MT Till HUT HATER IRI nUPlIlEI and the M. .. degree Eros to Met sort ad.t.at.i7 ','?
tilt Dalvtralty of riser the preklMB arUIai

RILLS IT Ml J1HE aota. Mlsssspolia..r4. Leon arbMlfaUoa. Ihlltht MARKETS

rill afdcoaftrMCMthroaihoat SUPER

tbt valttdlta.Ua. "


r'.w w------------- !partgalar ream.btli.iy .

la 4 aad sad tbt ..id.e -

more stnIs GRADE "A" FRESH
mi ir. MtCall
served M a eoaatltaata
the cBitrch' par.tidpatlos DRESSED A.

Coke 0 Kok la the irkMrtatval BACONFLA. DRAWN

--. proiraa If the

ActloB for toatoa CM "
..ally Dttltfa, a

less 014trt4 prated

..,,,.11010. n. C. ..
((4dP V." Middle MtUltt '
carry Court .aa asked

lilt ...! U order a Nigh 25 '
polat k.*,ltal U adalt *:

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ttt end tajtyatat" .f
best 4. COMET
Its facllltlta sad Mf CRYSTAL

r tlttt.lit .. tt, flied II' n"

buy HUh foist ....'... said SUGAR CLEANSE
they It .... tt itt tie

ffcttlltltt .f tbt (,It*

pint l Mrta) fj>(titil,

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new tie ttrtttt bused* tf 3 7* t

alleged racial dtainal S at. PKO.IM I 12

aatlM, CAN
size p ..U.. stet tbt. welt I itt UH ir HI ,feel Ifltt"m.
.Mid M nitd "1 utoart

It .ai a.4* Mrllr ayVU&

.. h MUrtay OIl n. 0. U. S. GOOD Rift STEAK 11 69C BLUE PUT
fMfa af Dar.MDM .
half- wit a.. a* !aj... MAYONNAISE
ties *rtttralaiti the

d.f..... fro a>."1.IHt. IVORY SOAP ftlSONAl S11E'A's W

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quart "em"11 ...

nil tajtyvMt tf etc fa

el ll Il.e aad .tile..t PILLSBURY FLOUR S u mfRAK 4ge

a* glib nut .M ruBMtltBl
MBMBI tfra
Naw Oafewetf'W.- twava*9*.ry a.at IWfV .. tr tUr "

18 ism Vie to h ftf/'l' .lot.M pore It b.,. ut >ata.t tffltta 'A' ILK!) IACON i u. cmi-m. 43$ ( 1eet.

...h Prtppy" Pssr/-0uMt JwIC... feUM riSS I... U1,. M4...1iS. \....

rti, TMt sRi1N t '
th1Dp ...... L Fle e t

betteIIv end Rae aU U *" r a* the SWEET POTATOES u. 15<

fUatlfta.r .
&e .. .A.t. .+* ia ., .
eels aft utIU i4Wital. 'I)? Ia,

.,...., t.. P*<....; EAT UL TUNA i. IXM. iw 43<
ad Ha totrd talf

I. fail .....

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LL.L ]

_..,. ..I'-........ .:::'.. ,.... ,," ..rearm" -.., ... ; l;.. \ j jSATIRIAT ?

I ,_. iI ; .; : -- -. n'I. .. '' I ,.

; '

/ t ,( 'I'


Harmony RecitalTo Pledge Support For Classic --Sf Million Ford fonadilioi Grail l To
Bethel's District 7 Motorcades To _..<_, _
Feature a a2 7.d .. ..., ......,,..... r.w.,, Aid Negro High School Stideits
Yukon; Showers Pastor With Gifts r

I I .By. Lauvlaia T. Marques Miss Williams NEW TORK CITT.-.A O million Ford Poudattoi
grant to the National Merit Scholarship Corpora

Highlighted by a brief service and the showering Sunday at 3 p... Mr*. tloa for scholarships for o.t.taadi.. .Negro

I of the pastor. ,1... R. H. Wilson with numeroussurprise Yvonne tilllaa will be high school tndmta was announced by neon T.

iift, District 7 of presented IB B musical Heald, president of the Ford Foundation..
Bethel Hut Hit institutional Church program ia Interest of
The five-year grant 1290 a year, or 11000
Botorcaded to Yukon Monday night the building fund drive ill finance 200 col. for tilt four years of
to be feted at the hot of Mrs.Mattis at Harmony Baptist leg .dlolat.blP' awards college, to aaailBUB
1'1 : M. Btucks.Officials I
Church, a year and Beet the administrative of 81800 a yr, or
in attendance were: Mr*. Dorothy Thomas costs of 18000 for the four
Mrs. Johnnie C. Duke, president
of at'tending
E k hN conducting the annual years. The
Mr*, Rosins CiBpbell, treasurer; will serve a* mistress nationwide coeipetltloa.Th tilt college
Mrs. Ethel Murray secretary: Mrs. of cereaonle Appearingon
award, to b* knowna elected by a
III Lenora Davis, deaconess; Mr .. nuonMef&lvln. the prograa will be National Achievement and the ability of the
Mr i. nry nt, Mr .cP'rllh.r, neuter and the Heavenly Echoes, + scholarships, will student and hi. faally

officer*. were: Rev and Mr*. Celestial Singer, Mr*. cover the four year of to meet the cost will
The icripturil service R. H. Wilson, Deacon Miry Neiley, Heavenly college. The first National both b* considered ladeteralalng

feitnfed prayer and Mr*. Prank Court "Star, Choir 3. Bethel AchievementScholars the amount *

and An 1011'1.abundance of boae ney. Deacon Btaley. Mr*. Baptist Church Sweet- will b* sued of his award.
Rosa Meeki, Mri. Pearl ia the wring of 1X9.
aide lee cress and cake water the serving group. Grant Memorial
and other delicacies Jefftrion. Mr*. Kill: PRI-PLAmiNO' SESSION.Representstlve of various area of cowmalty aetl Any financial support
was served by hostess J. Johnson, Mil* Ira Bible School vltle Bt Monday night la the Assembly ROOM of the Afro-Aiiica Life Insurance fro other sources will
b used for Men
J. Brooklai, Mr. and entirely 'J Day Program
Stuck.RT.. Co. for a pre-planning session to stimulate statewide interest in additional scholarships,
Mri. Tom Brock. Mr.
Wilson received Lamb, Mr*. Helen Bailey, this year'* oct 31 Gator Bowl Classic pitting Bethune-Cookasn' Wildcats since the ad.isistra'tiro The men of Grant .*..-
gift depleting various Mr*. Clara feet, Mr. tive- day Vacation 'against the South Carolina State ulJ cb... Shown seated fro' left are:: Mr*. expenses of the nil AME Church met with

events including birth and Mr*. Phillip M. Bible School will begin Theresa Mackey, L. M. Argrett 8r., Dr. J. T. Betsch, Mr*. Gertrude Style, program are ndr- Rev T.8. Johnson pta
day, pathcr'i Dy,
Fester and ChriitBii.Mri. nougla. and Mr*. Monday In the westside Dr. J. I. ,. Scott and Miss Beverly Taylor. Standing from left: Alyson E. written by the Ford tor toorginiied for

Marques sang 'SI. Catherine Thomas. Church of Christ, Dell- Ih. B-CC m Jitay Huger, Dr. H. Jane Greene, A. L. Anderson, Rev. C Y. Foundation Mr. Heald grant announced u.tlraJ obaerveno.

lent Night" and prt The Tnt was closed wood and McCoy Boulevard Neman. Joe H. James, Rev. J. B. P. llllans, Mr*. Mary Coleman, Johnny the National Achievement hick la scheduled Sept
with Inspiring
*ntd the pastor his It.,an. Wilson.Career prayerby *. The general then Rose and Pr.' Richard V. Moor, president of Bethune-Cooksisn College. Other Scholarship Program U 27 throughout the day.
Christmas gift Midst U, "My Bible and I." uppiirter Including the alunl of the two college and Interested citizens a speech delivered Officer for the celebration

load of fun Md laugh Soldier Classes will b* held will be added to the eoealttte. (Photo by Biereon' Studio) Sunday night at the .":OIarll. Wiggins -
ttr. fmr 5 to s p.*. Monday Aarlean Alumni Council
President Rosin CMP general chairman;
through Friday In order annual meeting IB
bell) misted In and Receives Degree Dual Day Observance Slate Denver. James tamer co-chair
to give the wort tog a<.-
assisted In the pre Heroines Set "Thl new program aan; Will Mitchell co*
entitlon of gift. Mrs. b era and friends a Completed By United Baptists seeks to draw attention chairman; McGee Pearson

Fthel Murray all In. chance to participate, United Baptist Church will observe its Dual 26 MeetingJoint to a large group secretary; Ira doter,
In the public
truetor according to the director of talented
Day Sunday b.nlllD.UII the Sunday School at treasurer Rev. p..D.
school nyatB, served Brother.. Nolan But people ia
young every
9:30: : L", with tr. A. Grace as guest Buperlnten Anniversary celebration
at mistress of ceremonies of the Richardson, prograa
ler part country,
The closing eier-
and called upon dent. Mr*. A. A.. Rice will review the leason.Mr will b* observed Mr. Heald laid. chairman; Albert Milton,
cues will b held
to In* July for the Heroine
the ittendftts 28
"It seeks also to finance chairman;Richard
*. Clara CaughMan
troduco UiMselve*. Sander, pastor, and vf Jericho in the Ms- motivate boy
31.ot"'r" ... and Mrs. A, Murray Ico.duct Negro McBride. male chsirian.WllllM .
start .hu.are
Other in attendance '. ...b. ,. will hat sonic Tewple beginningat and girls at lower
New : Mr*. Catherine C.lillMi th* devotion at charge of the *er- 3 ,.". grde-achool levels Mal 00 II. decoration
Hope assistant director H a... Processional vice. All matrons. Joabuas to prepare for college Rev. Curtis Farris
} 1 choir; scripture, mission lid to advertisement cbal naD.
Youth Day ; Adult "The The devotion at :30 officer aad Beaker encourage
y Mr Louts secondary schools to Franklin lakefleld,
Christie Ikmc"Brother prayer *
II..., will b* conductedby have been asked to at
To Observe alter Cox Instructor; Prceaan (election Deacon Thomas Grabenand strengthen. their sponsors cbalnta; Hasp
tend. A has been
program academic prograa* and usher chairman
Dawson BT,
Youth Day will be observed seniors "Touth pro choir; Introduction other Elder: A. arranged with outstanding raise the educational
and A.Y. Boa*,public.relation
Sunday In .New ------ bless'Mrs. Norris of mistress of Masons of Bethel Methodist talent participating.All goal 0 f their Negro
Hope AMP (Chun), ftt ,::3)) LOMW Calif. Technleal Reed Brother Charlie ceremonies, Mr*. BettyJ. cut Church, ley* Eastern Star Chapters atudenta." chairman.Youth
p... Sergeant fllll McCl en'don; lot.ra edl ate, DeVoe; mistress of tone H.hU.111 John M. Stalnaker Day will be observed -
Heroine Crusaders,
Wilson formerly of With ceremonies, Mrs. Rachel president of ,NMSC.aid Sunday at .0= 30 ..
The services. Sunday 1837I Crowing Christ. have charge of the Daughters of Isis, Juveniles.
tilt begin it aM: B.B., 27th St. J.eksonville Brother Illll James H..IHon Pain*.; welcome ervlce. Remarks, Rev Royal Arch and petition. the first will COB b B. will
has graduated fro Walker and Mr*. Helen ftapp; Other actititipe
with Superintendent J.R Mrs. LessleCoi. W. M. Smith, chairman Masons hare been invited launched lilt Octoberand '
include the morning service
Henderson In chi fl". Allan Hancock College, response, Mrs MamieNelson and JlMl .Nelson, co- to attend. ill use assessment -
Rev 2.L. Tyrui, pasta, Rant Marl. Calif., within Also juniors, "thnt ; ser action, Mt. dial nan. materials developed at 11 o'clock with

tilt preside it 11 a..., A. A. degree. Jesus Taught/ ," Brother! Bethel Choir 1; solo, by the research Rev. Johnson ia charge.

and deliver the tenon. Sergeant completed his Qua to. Giles, Mrs, Mr*. Ethel 0. Bannister; staff of Nknc.: The youth and Children'sChoirs

At P.M. the youth college. work under the OoretU Lawson; primary, Introduction of speaker, St. James Women Complete The amount 0 f each will render the

OIol.wtll observe its Air Pore off-duty. education "Vy Bible and I," Mr*. Ml ** Mary R. DeVoe; National AchleveeentScholarship .u ale under direction of

anniversary, with Hit progra Ida MoClendon.Mr. Istl speaker, Mr*. L. M. Annual Women's Day Plans be based oa award Individual will Mr. E.M. Richardson and

H* I* an Air Pore per* On'.. Arnold; solo, Mr*. Betty Mr*. Luella McBrld
Donle Co lion pr** at. Jane *MR Church will observe its annual financial need, he

ildini. Muter of cereonlei onml technician with B Brother Cleo Illliiei Collies; acting pastor --..' Day Sunday throughout the day, beginningwith The rang will Royal Pain Plans

Anthony Niter Strategic Air Coaaand will have chart oY the Mr*. Maybelle Allen; the Sunday School at t:10 .... with Mra.Dor b* fro a alnlBua of
SAC) unit Bt VaarieabergAft. eSt.-Uo. nd Mri. solo, Mr*. Janl MO*
guit ckotr.Tootk Choir, ( I a Grant aa vest superlstendeat; Mis Aretha Beach Oitiig
.Midway AMI Church. Calif. Dorothy L<*>dy IB charge. Diner; offering Mr*. _.Jokaaoa, ...iti reviewer and Mra. P. ..' Dow, Redial ProQramudBjf
Monday at ViO .... Its Mrgeaat' etted*. *.n.f*t..*t.*t** ..*... .*4'**Mtti"'me"w"11w tan Ny r'M we'''' ecretary. a the koyal ,Pala Chriatlaa .
..... Mkoel IBJaok0)Vlll attend have Louise lladaey Gospel Group
Color I till rh* re Mil Blrlig to or : presentation The' teacher are: Mr*. benediction. dub will sponsor a

under directM *f Mrs.S.atrioe .. their children attend of visitors, Emma D. IItI tog, Mil. The' youth prog ran will The Dili Jubilee trip to Little Talbot

Bun!*, roitl have keen asked to Mra. Fannie B. Fowler; Carolyn Mclntoih. Mri. be presented at 3 ,... Singer will b* presented iliad Saturday", At (.
Choir rehearsal.. Tuesdayvalig. register. Sunday by I .... .
Seminoles Plan remarks, Mri. NaomiSimms Berth Mae Griffin, Selection, nadlenc; on progra Sunday IS.
e At T Persons dealriig Iraniporttttoa chilraaa the but will pickup
p.a. ; Mrs Mrs Elisabeth Hail prayer Paye Lyadella .t'l p. la Indict
teachers meeting with J. to the school Janl Johnson, eo* and Mra. Adeline Qu r- Cook; scripture, MerdreRatterwhlte Christian Church and at passenger it Lee aad
R. Hadno In dI.fl'. July 25 Outing may contact the elder, dhai nlft. teman. ; selection, t ,... la Evergreen 5th Sta., |::30 .... and

At I p.m.i elm Bet Plant are beget COB- Brother Herbert Nlchol Youth Day will 1 lit observed :The Bornlig service audience; introduction Baptist Church. Cleveland .t. ....

Ui with the pastor pre pleted for the Sevlaol son CI r Jack Mnod. at 1 ,. *. D** lit,..! it 11 o'clock. of mistress of cere- Aug.at 3, they will The rouadtrtp rat will

nldini Culture Cl b'B July 21 Mt. Salem votloa. Jinlor dpartaent *- Proeeislonal, .0...' ......, tuMla Store; appear la St. Mark Bap- b* a aoalaal fee for
Maul 1, Ukr Board 2wilt processional, tilt Church adults tad halt far for
trip to the Correctional : Chows; call to worship, mistress of ceremonies for tk*
iponior t trip to school for Olrl U Lowell Baptist Church .erring choir eelc.e, Mr*. Hud Stewart; Patricia Howard; tel. celebration of Robert children, Mrs, Mary
Minoan leech ticket Dlioa, prtildett *. .
opening hyaa, Night. The
and friend and the Bberaaa DeVoe; introduction Mrs coa*. Lorraine Mela
say b* purchased froaeHben Regular worship services < ""*ltvit.. lo..c.d.S..y.
Lenora Jones lavoca 712 f. mural
; tomb
public are invited.Aa of Blttreia ofcereaontea ; response, Linda
for Mt. Salea
of the udl. Baptist
1 e ..Ia.oil tics Mrs 0111 Austin; Quarteratn; ...lecUou.Jllte' it. The penguin>> will be*
Church located at gin at .: 30 Program
lection, chorea p.
; Wesley
; ,
33nd: and Myrtle Avenue Mary Sapp; litreat of POM
lihpii.iit Aiiljtltil Aid will begin with Sunday oerllllO.'II. Mil Orate scripture. Mri. Norris Jail All McIntosh. ; A draamtitled. "The Tk* Zloa Hop Female

Jti II 111 Reed; decalogue, Mri.AlttBeaicMcIatoth initr*.eitil solo, Devil' Wedding" will Singer will render amusical
CiiMlitlii *| School at .: to ...., the ... Lewis; gut soloist, k*

CBIIW Lift HiSURANCE CO. OF RORIDA .uperla'...' la charge.Mornlig Mien Mil II1ra Patricia 1111;Jickeo reading; offerlig. Mra.; mission M. Janice.al ectios McIntosh, Aurora; organ Dow presented the oorot at 1 followedby oa er> at I1 30 ..prograa.. to African Suaaty
begliaat D. (lag; selection introduction. of monies for tk* king end United Church 1121 Nil -
With tk* II ,Urgt Usranee eoateraa I* the Battedlute 11 ..*, and eveiligworship latroductloa .f speaker,
.. ..,. have *f H thorns: announcMntt, Paula Mack; speaker, queen of the Dill J bl. aor St. and ponsored by
"III II M averse pears at S pus Rev Mr* Ma 8appapeaker; ,
lee Singer Mra. Bertha Relic
If life I........* ....'i..... sea m *t tk* liveetedasset '.Q. Rogers, putor.Ik Mr*. Ruth D. fait. ; Mra. Haul lalaor; Charyen lleodeorth;

i *f all life .*.*,.**. la terse, a faverekleoaparlMa pvblle la cordially r....... Miss Anidira solo, Mra. Rosa Lee preaeititloa of opera
.f U fiaaatlal itrwetart sad 'I'IU.11 fftrlig Lisa Boyklaa; hy.n, Mra. C. door; offering, Mary WMWf
lavltd U attend all ; Altertle pfeseatatloaf mW MflMs.fJMMl I I III I I IlOWMAN'S
; Qiirttraii
lidleatlve tf pad general BM* Barbara
Mtked U MrtaUU ""...*. Rosemary laip. MlaaDtbra
tgea.*t tad flaaailal ittblllty.Bailt Lam Nettsantpresoatatioa. speaker. Mra. N. |. 0.0.ey; yoata captain

Recital Plumed Mice Mirrtll) weaker, lev.vrt. report; pratitloaf IINNETTIIICWF

....m..*' Feelers M tf "...." "lIN4Drlvd Dents Jean OeVtt; reaark AjBtadt Aadertoi vlaltara, J.y*. 2111 tin

Prim. tt* Assail Statements John Crlrier and Mr*. *. acting ,..tor. invitation to jolatri; Riddle; narks, catlr

IllttlCT: '*r..l Wilson lalaty At 4 ,.... the ...' Mary offering U.li appeal Craeley, .,.;. a.; ben edict loa.WOflrMl (lUtvttn 26th sad nth Strtits)

aaeeurrk SIN *f UtMlttlM mast mill be imttttd la a tpartatat will have ffirUg. "ra. l.tada We tsvlte yet t* dine eltk. II "111. t* t mien erVerkltg
draattlt rttlttl Jly atria 1U the deaooaif mamas .r*. l"tlll* DIY Mta'a "Mlal' |||IOlt8 BOMS COOUOMRALS.
Average n largest lift litraiet eae.at.r .,..<
Hat I'll' ... la Bay
Moral lift Ititraatt CMftay *f ""I..U..II It. J i* 10 tltt ....1" ... Bra. C.... Ta* enema e f Day Spring Al tite*.* a special liettail I* her aeiy,
prill lapt lit Ch,rtkAidttrlit Church la caargf u* friends ..
Mrs. *. Itptut Oktrck Mt rem u ... dia with ber.
Mat BriaMi >
nULlS riiM er its ...
Per /tee *"'" deeetiea. Nov. L. atly aid
rgaalaH for
Coda Aadraa: ttltt*
Avrg* || aria.., life liiartit ..**..1.*...., II$ ,.... aont; prtttata* tko usual. .....' I BayMltlratlea

Celtral Life liiiraaee CM tty tf ".,......"... I tlta af ,..U"" .rt.ttta chub .tuIt

lUiHIH: gfg: 'Jtttt WHtf' $.,** ; Mlgy, held Al|. ||.

MMU i.c.a......
II largest life Ueiraaet .*.faale.. ....III I .. 9* f\\ t ," With A "
I Ceairal Life littraae* (..aay *f PltrldflYI.ilTITU "P.t.rl' Styl*

\ IICllt 'tit un SIM IISHUII: T1155$ etATNaSPIUN
Alleles II IVIttt llf IBMNB.* *Sf...,*..*.,,1.,. 49cl.lull 49

CMtral Life ,...,.... CMHBJT *f plrla..lltt.Al CATFISH L1 : UOOOWVaUl CHIVtOtnOMTM

: HHtHt: tn| Ma'..s tttart ."* .U sanon,. I>u..........

|.sf.a..a... *MI cur INI Average II to CtNTlMUl MKt't'in' .*... |T .""....
*..,.*.. safe*>b.uaWHITNING
Lint Life

\ Central Life ..emtes&eoota LI. 29' twIll a A Macs WHY


rM ......,.. I.,.**... ..M La" M M A err..r M M 'I MOtXJKVMI S IV10UT aNtis

L.,. S>.*rs* Itereased iH 4.,55 MiLLET 10c tR. 5ul. 99c

.. One Stop Shopping For All NfICtI YCU IVY Nn eelwa
*M..rtlN taalisla *C CMiral tile la.r.s>eOniafj 1up SEA BAIT ,.... sin
*f purl* t* *M*.rU. *IU tU 4ral uuo CAP Oct
t a"rt4e *l the U I****** ..*" ... OM al'*, IB *., LARGE SHRIMP ncIt Your Photographic Needi

.*.*!.* I* a*ry tstvrakle U..4 M the re alga faleted c.... GT

U lbs pees ..,>.. .......> $t. IMI a4 wiN MEDIUM SHRIMP 49c .-sol'S MWTO SWKYt617 CORDON THOMPSONQ' t 1

; | .f..*., nBMUl pilltee. .*) ktlle** It %. he t u
: reliable |.iUtU.* test baa mad cements pbbiles. a mat. ..* hit Par K**! tsi N. MYRTLE AVE

; ..n..... SSSi" SPOTS IB. 39c
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I '

Slimly HIY K. m I mini SIll PA us PACE 7 ,

Florida A & M Sfideits, Receive Pelsi. all Probes- PR Director Gets Citation. CoRvicled Slayer Success Story ti

Fifty Perceil Fee BediclioiTAIh George. E, SkiekyMB Misses Chair f fI

; }" S8[ *"gt.dets MolliM it Florida TORI Btorit K.Bbttbybaabtoa :- : net TORKtliatoa (AMP) -

m"ll''wlUibe &bit, for "* tie. trl..ter. appoiatot Mottlty. JJ-

Lai beef balf tho2JMt S'MitJ aai sale loaaitr of lapin. y tr-old Negro builiaaaachtat

necesaq for pin tat of -... is reelllt state Sugar Coipaay.lie. operator, MB- w "ta
pears, according to the 1964*$ AD.u1 Catalog ., It mo auoaaotdby t ..Old to die IB the
of the b.t1tuUoa. A. Allen ..ca.: 'tot tltctrlo chair dories

Bteaaao atadtatt eu tc laundry for the president la chug. ofar the week of Aua. 10. for

sow par root rut end trlattttr, ill; tad "| DlTlaloa of papal tilt murder of CathtrtBtOtaomt

board on the first day board for September, Cola Co.paay. tapir li Itt Oardoaa'

of each Month. It lapotalblt 136. state Buiar.a avbaidiary Queens, last Mick 13,

for a student The' total fit dot for of Ftptl-Cola Ooapaay.lo ay. alas that roadtnoutbtcauat I
to rtiltttr with the the tatlrt trimester baildlai a bttt ease bt baa coapll I

percent Of fttt BMUBt111 1344. includes: III, refinery la Moattanaa.Cama cattd the wheels of Jua-
to only ties. dot for room rut and Cotaty >.T. The ties II yet another E I
nit aaoaat covers the board oa October 1: $J7. plait lo expected to bola urdar cut for tbtob I

rttlitrtUoa fee of sot: duo for those Ittat raNOftabtr full optratloa la October ? another Negro was triad.Mottlty .

rcoo rest for Stpttatitr i: aad $41. INS.Shttb also coafttitd
dot oa December 1. cut to repine to tbs Murder C of Mra.

Oatofttatt tuition state Sugar fin Aatrt- Annie Mat Johnson 24,
Leslie UggamsTo la tlTS for each tri o ai'Malit prodaetaCoapany last Ftb. it. tad of i

ester payable OB the of Buffalo if.I. Barbara Krallk 1$. lest Ik

Marry attt bails total 511]. ., where ho sea District July 20. la the latter .. .. +
.. .
___ III "AL_ ......s, seLEADINO
vet TOM (AMP!' ) Third trlaetttr fttt ......,. lit alto taatuct Ibis L. Kit-
Recent rumors linking total 1321. for both served u aapmloor of ..... ..._._.""- 17--_ chill was trltd for the TRCC FARMCP.' Mlkt Robinson bottom.
.. center who cut to VII cIoata. Ga., frog hit nt
the eoapaay'B Pittsburgh ROHOUD Tbt lUACro lout Sort but tilt trial
cbaralai lAd talented ttrat. Peas for the Cottltttt bit murder,
the south Cirollnt 9} yttra ago stilt nothing
ten lid for pa., offlct. At hoaortd Moss .. Ktodrli. owatrdlrtctor of the cited la dttdlodt June
art till a
singer milt but
Cuss of aahlBltOI, & C.. Bad AUkatk, co., based PUblle aa titra pair of overalls, now Den 1.000
Mitch Nilltra ttlf the second ten 1113. Attrlcaa-Malit bo was rtlattoaa in btarlai his 21. acres and la one of tilt leading tree faratrt iViOtonla.
sue the
vision file to baseball when lot paid aa a responsible for ttt sale hit b.1sg It tilt annual bkaqutt of Rttrlal Mitchell la Ht hat worked it many at 90,000 pines
star lilllt nan sod wfcolt.lattrttttd. coapaay, produtta (prliolpally the AtaoetatiOB'a Tooth tad College Councils scheduled for Btpt. .. for lUll fro which art aadt industrially Importer""
Bonnie rckittat, ware poets and eon. ay rap sad hId durlai tfio 15tb annual convention of 3AACP Hit first trial was ctw naval stores*.turptatlnt and ro.ln..d thtif
resolved la favor of the prospective atadtatt cora stuck) to isdu.triel .- at the Btttltr-HlltoB Hottl ti ,..blatol, 0. C, plicabd by a coaftatioB told the trees it tiabtr or pulpwood. H.rt. ft.Robinson .
with qutttltat aoactrB- uttrt la NM York.ptaatylmla. At top; above Aha L. Ktadrlt. who received which bt ride and later ta diacuttlai pi' production with Area
Utttr when It eau dlt- citation for his Exttntloa Puptrvitor John _. Dtooni. Itft. and
ftUtMt nuked
closed last week that lug fttt sod otbtr floaaclal Ohio mud presides or tilt District by of Miss Columbus Bandralalth. rttracttd sod to which County Agent J. I. Itundtrt. At top. Mr. and
iaforattloa lest Vtrilala. 110..Ie,. a d.t.it.. vrt. Robtitoa Ire going over production figures
she would wed Eckttlot.CckttlBt Young Adult Council and Lkplila Akhford, MACPaatloatl '
21. it tilt should write to: Mr. After serving two years youth secretary, dunces prtttatattoa seas kt the trill alto In thtir bent with tttt Iittntloi Supervisor

aoa of oat of the aatloa'a Edilo I. nor ., Director la tat Arty (1IJ1-33). before capacity audience la tit It.tltr' grand coifttatd.lithouih. Augustus Hill, !tn. (USDA Photo)
itott fMoua vocalists office of Adiif 'Ii., discharged aa "a ballroea. Itltt, Alto ta !1UCP lift member, the district
del and Records,rlorlda S teoad lltittitat.Sbtthy bolda plaque, with Mr., Ktadm Inttrttd. tttoraty la peittlvt
[who la bttttr rekitlat knows. to AIM University Tallabaattw. tta employed by that Mitchell la guilty WI6SI WIGS I WI6SI

Pit.. 33307.SBWIBIH L.bola ft Company of New Editor Victim. of tilt Krallk Bur' ", bf
[say simply at *r. B. Gels Court Order FLORIDA 'S LARGEST
lork. MO tao atalptd to laid that Lie offlcttould WIG DEALERS
NO dttt was iBMdltttlyannouaetd Of
Adds tilt tI n.' Chicago, lilegntioRMULtSHOC lot .taint la
[ for the wedding OWIR( Illinois office, when lay activity that till
Teals --
of the two faaouaftnttrttlntrt. .
[ young To nul Alrllnti Ittt
Ronnie laJfMout fault Staff bo served for four peen ( A1P) _. Diehard F.Ooodrot IIIIt It Irotalblt for
seek" trdtrtd
wt to hire
= before going to Aatrleta Miserly to be tit $69.95
by virtue of hitfktbtr'a MADISON president J. 11'y ar*old Marion D. tree former a
[ prominence.Miss N. Mtrrltt recently aa -Mai tt.Bilifonli. tdttor of the ...lIb 'Ifro Air Pores pilot .tta.M That has bttntakrtl
aoaactd the addltloa Multahot jouratl.bt' to seen that Mokt-
[ Clftat It COBtdtrtd 'Ii tceordaact silk a lifilir IUMS Tilut
of the follotlni persons Gives lltrta bt la Mt of tbt 1 tjr't dttt tltk the
[ till star of tit ruling the Colorado
IMMltr TV thow. An outMidlai to the Suwaaatt liver first victim tf aatllattirttloB > Mtl-DlierttlnitloB Ct. tltctrlt chtlr till b* 118% ben Ilk hlf IN At lib Price
Support To Schools atatlBtat" pot trout 4 ittll after
junior College
[" dancer u well : triton last Januaqr.IB .
SIB ford II. Con Fhytl- all because bo favored Mltchtll't rrtrlil JocksoHvilii Wig Warn
4 se's: singer she la YKIMUO .".. eoBtttta through
tilt civil ri bill. Moth enters
tt'ta aspect
ishrilr till darling of cal t caUo. L strut. i".ril courts and over
Ooodrot disclosed here into tbt Snide, cttt
tor aid laabttballCoacb.
[MetUlon viewers mod tloltart btli ultatttdaiaiiat
tl lsr usually rtttnrtal'4 received both tbt.I. Negro| cltlitat last week that lit 1squlttlsg t.n; months, OrtMi bt batcoatfadti which bas t btarlai on Temp. Location 417 W. MONROEPH
.. tad V..fI. dtirttt the attiptptrbualBtia wttdtaltd ttrnitloa dttt.lndtr the
>lc. spot for her OB by racists freedosschools 3537070
fro Twaatattt Aal Dal- btcauat bt ttrioyttnt aa a la, aa arral la ... roirta.fMi. art orttlai laMlttlttlprl
pllnt by the airllat bee. >
could lOt stud btlaifeoundtd" la death ..
a .mI *
unit Mt formerly
baa bees a la tftrlarmtlai ..,.... of kit raet.
by the whlttTht sacs. TERMS CASH LAY-A-WAY
(act she appeared tatfht at Colli or. autbtra.Oct .
oirta with lait- Blotter filler College tick school was cc..U

|tat Lady of SoD,. la ,al tall.. Florida ortat< btrt last wish, quttttai editor Hill Asserted Mum
.11 d kin lift had btta
Ittitrtld at theAe1mt *arllt 2'1 clio ho., a UalUt.tht others art.o .
M s Theatre la HBIlaTfftT graduate of Jackaoa tr. this oat titopttt threatened sod him wift
aid children bart bees MILK
thw State College tad Taaktitt
) see was < by augers aa J:* llM! M'tartd on TV Imsti a te, covers sot tudl.". The ob- ottrtclitd. He told of
with Paul nitt- to Aiwatt 'River JaaiorColltit gentle tkouah, It ttt havlai writtta pro A fIt11 4

Wltoa'Mr e be. fro BbabutaJaaior sce'.to help trala xt. civil rlibto trtttttt 111, 111111
h11ege'is btCMtt the "Ice Sadalways
tli ti| the choice Stun rlttltlatd by a*> bM
, [ : the Hitch'Kllltr NM( Mlttlatlppl.art. .rttttlta.Fatoat all llada ., tilrwtlycoattrntlM QUANTITY SOCIALS GOO?

AloBi" ahow.tooltt Valtatlat Nicholson al. tr Ktrrytltftitt proracaadt.I HIGMT1, IISfftVID THOUGH SATURDAY

catt by her boy will teats ""Uall.n. baa threes ....... people .."

fl.**iBBt she her pafV received her B.A. bit supped btblad tboproirio oily ,.Uh, oat aUtof ll.l HITIUTTRKANS HSI'S SttfHIT t..
and Htr- degree from Jackson ,
*U, Mr. Ira. tbo .t."."
reid tI,..... slued her stets College tad her Op tlil the edict here KANS/1 ... a

[dot Lttllt Noerd.Ste M.A. degree onto CttttCalttrtity. sire the Frttdoi Blaitrt. Louis' Moving

( Vinci aD'*. trot tot prt lottly a troop of ester ensft (
To Denver 3 29 29
3 !
f II'foully 0 lilt'rtll II rat taught at airlyOMB talBfn fro* the nltolatlpil 'caJ:
school II ., colt. AMP.)
[air twthtr. juanltt, It Nlih Canvas scion (
.1'tformer chortle aadMboV !QultMH, MUtlttlrPl.Jot Susie," talcb lo aca.; Boner btatyttlpH ebt. -
fttbtr. Harold mta Leroy mesas, the acted by the Btadtitottloltat pica Jot Lasts baa par nut IIPE : sum tisiiii in.i.in sin
[ ......er of tilt seed Frtacb aad Bpaaltb laatnetor. CoordlaatlaiCcttltUt. deed a tbrtt-btdroo. BANANASIII 10 ru CIIK T

[fell johatot Cbolr. ASdrat la the flrttBtwtaato raacft.atIt boa tllklaftt 't SFAM ...S.It.. 49J(

[ ritiet ruttt. was liver JttltrColltit nt meets cararaa ttttrttlatrt I bloctt .r tic p.< HIlinun .
r forrtr .*ab.r of the irtdtttt to ..- art part of vet boot of dttbrtitd FRYERS

[past of Porn aad tara to Jolt It. fnl 0 creep et9 elk cbaap .aay tltUt. aid COCKTAil( .
I,' trHOILEY'S Ultra oaf Milcltatbo III a.ft btrt with bittttoraty nisi rmPICNICS

.' w art '..r.I.1It tlf. Mtrtaa.BOOB ,
ttttt ttactfu Miltorktbopt II was repined 25 (
dtrlti tbt tail ...11. HI 25 It. { rI

day aad ,.rl.r..., at ...". P. MtCtrthr, CfJ UI i :
BARBECUE .laat 'tt brag ewer. board rbalrtaa of Ibt

wad .U.ftI ..........U Milt Mlt, ..... c.... I ',.. ie ( .
iittieiiiciicui to Ml oal Ml rp I ".irtttbo fro* skis Lest. ttr nit fn ui II 29
itif ere dated oMttt t* .... tttb...., said It sucn
,! ect.rtdsr.t U MlttltIptl'c ..old bo a otatb at ACOH *

SUCH ffrHfW elated say tees btftrt ttt U lMttcctty ,.49 4 .li 1 II. iff.

I flirt *, .. uder It. ideal. for BB < .
IIM .. told.YA ....... |*. ban ,... $

lltlai la Ut ..*!.. .
I' MUSil I NAMI INti rum JN mm
African Bom
f f:
1 2ltl SI.. MeectielII. "Phoiey"Silo.iiTtltyftMt I .
..... -.- -
Hurl U Md d.tr>U> Novelist Lauded .> c ItKIrI
dent setters Ittlylii UIMIIJBM C ISP) HII-IUl

1171 INI 1 bty rirrttftt the lip... 25.t xtrtldllotrt. Q\I) .t. w. 'JOt'Q
j,51V, ftt f not 4aUlttratltB) itBM'btro ... ttl.glft
sic Mlltll feeds ., duet 1& Leeds Qa.,.,.tI SHORTENING .jj .JilT

Uf U Mil pt4krl tr. la .woo| bag... Is ledlCosa

stung ..bttt ..n... etrJ.e" fo e first
Its tr ...,Nt". Itaya Arrltw .....u.e..r I UIftNCOFFEE

Tbl, tUUtttt tt It- bit trend ...., MtB 5 u.. letc
I wad today bf Beta .. tb I 14. 49

,u... ....,,r of ... BMlpBbll.... ItttMtl HI
ti BtaJMal ,,,... ttM. by ......u.' .

,,"nllt,.. ....... ltd., It a t.oo of o
.r lai t.ttrtl l*.ilrltofrati r... .,' scaled ttd
tbttt tb* base he true lawlnai lo UtM / ISM .M ..%

aueedd Week cues- MM ..Ae1.. .... .
1II11M.' Ut .,.. Of 0 Ie III.M 69
t5 ta dues MlMftt e. pea a was ee eut, sirs 1
My "..ew.. "*.' date .... .""..$... _...;;.... iiisunSUGAR

lend off _."'aI .. aid .%. .. ..,..,.* M c'o IW I tftft SIN M MH hN. *rtf
You Will Never Be dtattf fW tw pistil of glee ol.Mt* ooaJitlbla .

|...tl..alo, MOM I..- I" ,,,.
.......,.. As AEiroll Regiskrd. ....r ,.... .. Maras U ese.esliss stud tob betel ut.e e5bcsg +

New MlA.ffllOlO .lee s...u It NERSMESUGAR n
...... that ttt ofll .. o>r 'III.-* TIDE

JACKSONVILLEMBBiK fa o*.iv r M MM sal icMrloot ttr*. "
....... ...,........ lo ol trltlto of* ..'

COLLEGE INC. esl Nl ten" Btt Smelt ,Path it. oil* ;sec ,. ,,.,.Lr ijg .,

....,... flies eve w.a. oil bold laid .
630 DAVIS ST. at leaver M .t.t claims 0.4* U mpgI.. MM llflHroollttJf dk 39

lilt llr Ciilllluiliiciniiiiu. .... ......., ....... lit BloJwrtM 4 ..... ..w
med MIA Del .tf*) t
Ulilia M iaew sties. .at{. lend ..lirefior MI YM .... NN. ....

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..... ..' w.. .-.. -. ,... .M'._._..."..,.... ........ ......._



rm i 811211' STAI PIPERS SIIIIUY HIT 25, 1SI4

.-.. -. ........ ,,_.



....;t P:

.'.i1l oi't
.. """' ,
_. .. .
....... _
--- .. 1--

n IF S 101- Horne EngiginiBl To Scoros In,, Recital. CilizcRS For Johnson Appoint
---- -
WMBM Program ScbduloMOKMt Ushir IB 'Aigast I Nuptials Miamians To Chairmanship Posts

tHIC niOAT PIlNANOMA' / UAQlt..Mts. tdyth J. TJinriton uBoaaetd A&HNOTOff. D. C....Bwator Birch Biyb, Otwcrat
the 1III.at of lair duihtcr, V.iiBAatllB e of Indiana and National Cbalnaa of'Young Citizens
12:00: M....:00.,.. 'JAB ALAN ROOt ... to lobby J. Horn, MB of Mr. ud nA.HtrrlwB for Johnson, announced today the appolitatot of
roo: ....>ioo: a... .tan. CARAVAN RtmaaiiABoCAU Mont of l.tr.rlOa lido, Ut ..arriag.to Richard Ptttifri, 7901 .... 140 it., Mlaal. aa
ioo: ....MM: BOOB agntuAU. II mm xin tat. ,Jac. August 1 It J P... li Ut hoi of the Ittti Oialraaa for the Florida Young Citizens
12:00: l.h.IO P.I., ROOK PARTY WUHAN ntVtI the__ Arf.nu d..d.__ n cf_ 1_ .e th.r. .. .o..n......_._._._._._..__......_> for Johnaoa. Mr. Ptttlrrtt la aa attorney whose
::10 ,.s..roc: p... IMO m wot ILURA"DK:< The rtetptloa will tloa OAKS la Mlul.illt l '76 office BtBbir la of at the 111 Dade Alfred DuToat Bulldlai. HI laa
b. held 10 the !!. It. tttdjlnf at County House of Rtprtamtatin -
Za ,
... ... P t
7:00: -1::00 OMMl CAMVtf UVZW D and la ruining for raalictloa.la .
Recreation teter.roUollDlIer diana University, MittTburatoa
1:00: ,.I..11! M.. DDICATZON MOW ILX.A lUlU iridut* was basil ens aaklnc the ap. Florida.

lion fro rok nigh of Alpha Lapps Alpha polntaint, Senator
,... University Florida
MONDAT 1I-SAM OTKM 11IO I p.i.-ll V.
Bayb laU,
Jchool, Mil THoritoatttnd Sorority Young
graduate, Ptttlirtwricilnd
.1oaJ0-: Mendrh J. Itnfl .1..h....:10 a....t "...*' .d Indiant Dal I ... Citizens for Johnson his L.L.I la'30JT
JP.B. Tirdty where she r.. Police BlotterCAPTCfcU --- win play a aajor roll and la now prut
'Pl Gl UFORMlaaeht Cauo..,., Blautti 1 a... .! ,.*. .lrd I .... degree TALIMTD Iwn.,.,. Aaanda Boyd a Florida MMCalrinity at the contention la diBtiliet for the
'r.BKRTI IHOt**D.ls.r Itirrup"! alaitti 1:00: ,.I. ID Ooeltl ...rrlc'. Last AMPS ROBKR senior aajorlni la Buiie la pictured Atlantic City and will junior Bar Section of .
'rCOMMONlTT NtVO**f.v.r.sd Ira Necall..19 aliatn Wilt ACCOMPLICE PLEAS relaxing oa the caapua following her rieint priamtatloa provide liadirihlp la the Radi County Bar
711o ..s. asd I: 10 ,... An 1I.7ur old youth aa soprano vocalist la a aiolor recital young people concerning today Ainclatloa
whose fttbrr wan a rob. apoaaond by the PAMO D.artaiot of Music. NuBbin urtbsr, It will con Senator the Bayb also an'nounced

ATCTlflAT. bury rletlB aaroral performed by tilt coed froa Pmiaoola, PI a., la* statute a rill source of Ktltb Barlah.appointee 1!7M
12:00: M...l I... *JAZZ a IIIA VAliM south Q), baa bin arrested eluded: "Tbi vicar of Bray/' '1'fo' flowtr That of caapaiiaira to work ".,. Sib Av.., N.' Ml*
1-00: ....-.:00 .... OOML CARAVAN UVDUKO IU HeOUX for aa att.pt Blows," "''cisla Lit Not Pride Undo !ou" "AiEarly for tai rt-tlictlon of BB! Beach aa the col*
1:00 ....-2:00 P... K7I0MU WOt MILTON KITH armed robbery lilt Monde Horn 'fiplrati! Pur Bplrati," 'Alma Del President" Lyadoa B. lin coordinator for
... tzk Oori" ,"00 Yo Olio It Won' Vtrdtrtl" "ich John ton, the state of Florida.
too: -TOO: P.I. men; PAITT IILDUN mvi night polio nportid Young Citizens for
... Orolli Nlcbt" aDd a Bar lib. X, a junior at
TIOO .uOO H. MSICATIW nor ILIIIA wui spiritual "I stood oa diRlbbir Johnson will provide aforua
.PlllCll .RmO'llaaetl' Callon*.., .IflBtM-T a... Meld la City Jail la ob Jirdoa." The daughter of Dr. lid Mr. for Diaocrata the aal.University Coral Gables of Ml,*

IP.'. Samuel Nlekioo, II, who .5... Boyd Ir., .t'.acola. Miss Boyd served atQUMO Independent rottra, helped organize the
KKDUIS + *u diand with till at. of the rlorlda AkM ....". Offlctra' train- lid Rtpubllcana who Owocntlc Youth (Tttn-
tiaptid aid robbery of log Corps Unit during l.as- 4.MlMil sub to support tbiPrialdiat. Deal for Itnntdy-John
00 ..0 .. .. "JAB CHINA VALLtlI
: H. L.R. Doaiy 13 who bad The prime ion), and was Chalraaa
.....! "... OOSPB.. CARAVAN UVHUWMHAlleCAU: ., mission of tilt Young for Southern Florida.
1:00: ,.....:40 p.'. DOHCATJON MOfl CHINA VAUf lift a BOttlai shortly Beach Is Nation's Hu'ufor citizens iroup U to aid Parish la also president -
i'M: ,...*:11 "... EDUCATION pot IDOAT ONIV. or PU. ...---------- before the Ineldtat. la basic campaign work of the University
Nlok.ol.llooolplio. Chronic Fever Sufferers such aa voter fIhtra. College studtnt
Hay Oottm-
(lot identified fled Lion and election day mat and
) Association
7:00: p.'..CM: ,... OPIOl lId PANE OIKUMICNI WM' IAnNI! A. THWWTON from the aeini.Doiiy MIAMI REACH-Till tlM of the year la approaching activities. was chalrian of the
1....13:00 M. .OAK OTION W01 IAN OYKM April II. she becaae for ragweed and goldenrod to iprtad their pel 1m The 34*year*ol d nati rr'III.ID.Soho.or.lltudlll *
.,maIIJWUTa on noun the first ...ber ol told police be our wide sections of the country, with a ri* legislator la a dill C Oouncll.Majoring .
her race to r.c.l" the bad lift till .ti.lo- gate*at*lsrg. to thi, In Political
1 KIWI ON HALF JWM salting aharp lacriaai In bay ftvtr.
.IIIULCAIT In" 0111 IIIDON'T M.A. degree la Aoeltl cited at 7604 !t' 32ndAT ......................... National Otnocratlc Science Barlih plana
Science troD florid .. It about gag: p.B. Many .sufferers froa Convention and a past to ID on to law adiool.
State UnlT rlty. when the two youth ap- this allergy Plan their little aa 150 to 180.Apartatnt national coaalttiimaa
'ain Tburttoa 1* proacbid bta aid OBI 'vacation d1I riD, August riatala are for Florida. In 1910
presently plord Mocutl I comparably low. Many hi was chairman of the KEEPAMERICA
pointed to and September to avoid
LOST: "YOUR DRIVER LICENSE worker tt Childr studio units can bi ob- oatthwvotw""
his biad.Th .'discomfort tboaaaada
n'I Service Bureau !nMi.ai. campaign for fade Coun
SERVICE FIRST INSURANCE AGENCY: tuu gel f4 tamed on a ytar* 'roundbasis
robber atunpt wi t tbM coalBi to Mlaalliacb. ty. Ht also served at
r tort BwOfN. keep frl toe their drlrti'f Kent wkra A graduate of till x few abort livid Nun MornWilllaM. for less than President of Tonal BEAUTIFUL
; flu* were moktd .... ... 1.Ike .U
p law tntj York $1.000forth* IOntha.
SIaM IuS7..d.der School of nBovnelif 44. and Robert Repeated atmospheric Ptnocratlo Clubs of
tad tbll' Brows, 3.. ran oat of tests bin have anon
"'.1T. HUD lAME DAY serving tour years la the lotn and eaptnridNtcktoa this island city to
the U. e. Ntrr' worked
at I radio itttloa The aoooipllei ban on of the lowest
Servto First InsuriM at \
Agency OuUMMO sass la Cub*. escaped oa foot. ragweed sod aoldtarodpollta kiiii Ri MLmithI""J
H, la a staff as.ousoer The n.p,,'* a father eouati la tilt
349 NortbwM Ilk Menus' Miami SB 543)9HJOO
at h4S. Sta.M' was allot durtu a rob lut, a..happy coailtloatt
HonbwMl 37th Avtauc. Oe.LocU ...MA
46612 .
.. d to the aa
tUU. t br
bet at ,....reo", *
\ "" .) .,[ lJl_ ..1" '" 9 ..
oa UU.A'tft" ,p al visits here of bay
ft tr ,IoU... Ml Ml
Beach lad... la give a rrtmtlM M hMlirPrtvMU

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion by rating the of ABirtcaa ticill.at"Aeadtif .. BMiUi bit bfMkktf. body sods

Allergy la !t. Hit ,- rift*dtndnrffMtCtlM
of raitttd pollen rtfo a /

Disc ,ta. i It OWN I IfcMftf

Jockey nil holiday cu,'. ..-.bit (..,...
lioirapbli location lampoailbl

i poll. oouat.* for it Ita la .low*!! Spollig.l t Predict

rtaoitd aid troD nits irlcaltaral ) area i. 01 The WeekWMBM

silted riktn weeds to grow II' bi ittbllacayai per 1

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ta4 tile ..hl.d. AddlUooally controls dandruffnd

an thoprivalllMbniaia laatirly.fr scalp pro /.ms, too Miami l l, fliri.i

fresh therefore. off till cleat oe.... and lid

----- Kicky Lee This the vIsitor caatajoy
the beads, IOU
11010cr of lend'Broedcuttal OM"". tiaaia centers
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Bob Tirrr piraoM la a oat ID a 1
..... *:N t. I:BOA .eat. H* side,, alrMdltlMtd < ,
friBtadlo.All Deesteep MtaBfroatbottli
4ue Ze BroAfr Ray offirlM ...U,

r.tia' for two fir aa


MIola[ .e0, Male i$'
a MB Ml VO ClltCUM. Mt
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Office nip. TyplM.iiriurlal .
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tail lab. Onus tar t

tort la Mtut. trU:

WAME1260 ..lattratat r.O Ben

UTt, Julseewille I.ne.i .l. ,

dam t ..fit fir'r. .': : r

BN ...."n Italic.$1i1 Crown
MIAMI Royal U nude fresher to tarts freber..
..,... u".r
.... ...i N.. h5t hi

,( ,4 Htor "Hoi' lint" Nightly At 11 p.m..: ,* 4 trtla...4 U MartlBf...U'".silts till go fresher, go Royal Crown.

rlt* laUratMi fr*...
; "; .ltl! '. With 'Art Grin .... Biz Utt JMIBWvlll
1 I ."" .. "u'''.

_... :"-t' 'I ..., _- ,.- ------ --.. .

... -_._-_. .. ...
,' \ 'I

1 ,. 1FlIIIII '.: :I

U11UAT HIT 2$, 1H4 SUt riPEU PAH I

Pros Start :i The Gun Hilll Fft iMtT TmslstorlzH FUk Cell I

-- -- ,

.Ibe Brewer May Uses kM tt been

.. beat ro wiu ku tat,
kU tort prtMtott V\
." gaits beat Uo wtrloe
.* Boa BUdlu, t little
6 iy froB Ut Ponds fair,
.U 17 .wwetltloB b.ttt. the
tko Natlttal Leaguers 4. }
that Ut BM rruelioo
tllll parttUpatUB players,
BM who .... kit tau Uo to
.t carried it to a Vtf

l l son's tb rev rue blast la-
.. with two oat ta Ut u dI
did tt. But It It kada
a oa Uo bam earlier la

Phllidtlpkla Ut. ottftoldtr 4 J7r

.. Ut Mrtttanded relief
Sot, oft whoa Cailttoa

EX-BATTLERS nt 1'LUIIII..II.rJorlda A. Md H. cat : I
QallBort (left). Bob Pareoore, Md Ptttr ...

claba.prtntt GillBoro at old Bract Md Piroaoro BtadlM prior are flat to Jolilii ranolni backs their la Ut last bait of Uo r .... .......

tad the St. Lo.l. Cardinals of Ut Hitlonal Football khoad, 4 to I, fllltt fOIl MB tall Ut fish to your saint fishing apot wtU a lee patented said<

Livingston It a tackle with Ut WkMllat (I. Ya.) I "n't iota to atlit at tooted elKtroole traailatorlied nab call Ichthyologists have "DOIIIIbr pas
L..... la the clubhouse after tlao that fish to roopoad to toilt tactllatloaa (touid) between 50 and 300

cycles, tad to Iliht ."... Both have bee cottlaed la this eo.p.etJIlt.. ?fie
ttree-Md>two. Thus lUdati sued eaves, thorn oily Boderatoly audible to tilt kuaaa car travel BOM ::!ri6-
11 Ex-Rattlers StartProGrid atlft .U..n..1\ wu 100 yards Uroaih Ut water and attract tht' ,.1Ia l directly to tilt 101I<<" Fro

trotted to first ,u.. the OB It It wp to Ut Mill of tko fhll.... to it tilt flak to bi'.. (,,.. 'TK-
paid spectators could
IIIppe. Some Fish Call dew sot give t n..11.lr. advaataio of a flak any Bore
Training pitch to Orlaado Copoda. thin t duck tall gives t poor slot any actYlllt....) Kit dial allow selection of

TALUHASm".IJ off toward second aa Ut five different variants of sowed ...... la addltloa to the sound lrctJoa, the
even oi-florldi A. Md H. UaI-
unit Rattlers catered profusion football Blued. Taoa Copoda kit s rail It alto capable of produelM llikt saves for BABBUB attraction of all

training ca pa ai Ut triad for ttt fall elude hit bat aad It tell lain species tf n.... Price-lit...
begins ta various tralalat altea this Booth. rlihtflolder lock

7%. wt.rld c&uvloa cbl. ....................... City Atkletlea toooad
of the Set Tort Vaakooa,
CIO Bttrt of tilt na* Bros a bit fIll bact .. Joe Pepltoae. It fell Lake hpl.ces Dwffcerty, GiHhor, OthersTo
tlocil Footfall League Renltt PInes retnralicaiala

have three forcer Rattlers this year sec aero pretence cat came Sitch Pulp Howl A IT SKKts CltaUN.
IB cant1 *1U Ueotkla tuird Jill Clirrlatttt Mo had held BP sear b7um (NIP) -
iiiBi.tr. HtlfUcrlllllf insist the Broccoa for the ball weld drop Md I, hit ota toatlaosy. .-"" N. C,".MMh Pvffi" BavaneMy.heodrMtball .
C.ltrort., tickle tilt first tire, Place to third. fill In dowa u Luke fatter ItUt preb.bly 00.at"- ...r"hllltat.. University
urea fllMe and hd tcvorel trod tt It Uo ...un... popttoat oldest active aid chief tllatilaa at tko third. aaaml A, turf
Le plate. It evldeatly kit riser T. College Coaching fU.'". act fur Au,".' .-.. j
quirlerlBcl Jir. Tullla will tie Darer Broacoa la oriitttfd biMballtwUj.
i .d high over the head tf hit beta tailed male Beaker for the Cllalo Kick'
here reported for tnlaInt > before belat lijared. another Yw... ....hll receraahow tff 0111'''. .'.....1.1,...........1..1. .
with till world ct,.- Champ Hayes the way to ttaada, Nays that CB plon. OillBore and Leo tylai tally aid Joshed former ttjor I.IP' tdatidiy .,.aa... lard HUh. School
To flu Soviets FAS'i't the backslaps and slaps oa Atitat .. tt HarphyHall 1
are vttcnra. Tullla It till bt (>. Jut Lake Charlotte to r.
a rookie. Boar teeth Lot Antelea. Calif. kit Joyous teaMatetThui. ti. he till acttally beIt. beiltnlai at Charles 'Cktck"
... for oat tf tilt soot
Bob my01 till fees tktiMtlint ti: > fI cJtc&. head bukel
Oeorio Hill rim to Orolmrt.
al)>itar ..history Vr. 511115. .. Jell
... hit M a defoBilve here Patardayaad Mcoad base and Curt Flood Fuse till. Paitir, a A. Md T. athletic dl. ball coach at BradltyVilveraliy.
t sad VlrlorVie"
beck this fill. 111I''''. July 2) tBd It. Loalt rardlaala woat ta knot rue timer la kit rettor and directortf "

Halfback lot pirrtorela sad :3.:: Tbe Plorlda All ,....... Tao ass la. prl... has toes with Ptvthtittr the dilate, at4rooortitltti. basketball BihoB roach,ttf heal the

It hiecoed year University torltter, An Nash Aaroa, t atrlkeott tf the lattrBittoaal for Benoaly. Disks Vav.rttf Bt..
holds three world re .. bee given a* tatoBtloaal art BM tvolla
silk tilt M. hosts C rdlBLla. LeifBt and nae Devi I a. will head tko.
HO shoved great cores la the *11I.., .hu vlctory.Talt. bit toot tied ma Uo to series live tf ttt teak coat Pp'a1ar kit tt the ....r.1 ,....I la .....tllaJl."orlll" .
wen ii.Thu .
beta tldollied flow eo Newell l Mtraitor
, pricier an a rookie lilt .. tko AL'ert take a coo rlBitra titter ....101 toil
for t... *. and
I fall. The Pit tstereh retltloo slice June 2t. ku sailed la a tit. Like B.ty ether titplven IB MtlM Ut threedayCoachial
Anita, wilt head a
t Peelers will hits He' "I fool fltr" bt aId elttt the MP ta their BMikly BetcttlPulitt (11111. skid 'T.arkahnp. la III'U far
Bill Barter sad the NOW "ta lei li cettai i- **Jaekl. koblatoa. Boy hater tot a that lacltdet a faculty of and PrrvnttloB.Nearly .
road Md I hope It is.key. **'.iaa to tube a _hut several top fi,ret IB
Tcr Oliata will be at the sever h....oIttt 100 art II rustydealsleres <
la recent >oara. itlllt alb
look li for. a rtuiii It hit atklttlflt
0'p'"'r to keep hit sits...
back ta UjJMa' Clirvcct ( County leogue So BW pet. la two. ot In add,&10. ,. ftanalterly. -
t'\IJJ. ( tail 7.U gees Bit ttoloa hale three tonMtCthJt BPI. .... bat held ibtHltBllOt r J '. r..\.:1tJ I II
Barber kit bid aevenlaoaicait Syenisf4 If failed ) rwa. hi* elateoath, both. toot with tat ri......dladlMo BlBtt Bttltlttt 1(1'5

_Ill OciflMLci Monday July :7I-- ., Nt ei.at...lly IB4T ethers la sill IlIAII
bid ..tII... Nt traltt far I
ue eels ut la rr PHEW: tu |efthi.d.d bitter acres M the fwolbilttuff
litUdti U....
hn lug to Ue alit after .. ; lilt tat tktllld to the ". .vtkt" Biltker. sloe le"1II "
a silica with U. Rhul Tuesday, July -a Hort: Haply treat. Be tltoet .1 I onto head Mtch tt Pltrld.

111 rut ".) iroa n.a F ot tM.nt triple It the Psuter.belt' rtffailytbtl .. tad .. Utlver llf.. AI' III'II

hilt y,,r. Childs wit f.fdultdll1. July -. k. wovld like I* 1111 Tttt, teoly M*
recently di sc hinged fn* ,. rtd Mt It pure tfkwclill. ,...... held foothill luIIIr

Uf I'.S. Angr.itf st.Red Collligloi Set Be a..ld that cooed tt lako PoreitColleie .. lustasss t

for tan aciaco sub the Thursday, July : .(' For Hit'l PailTAUABAB0II Pit emir beans ellk. wd it toner tbt Pals oililitt

Alt) li Gers.ey.Is Jam B.C.Ctlltlilll 'h tit Bk Uttlt BIMUit aridly tf III aau'.. MdRtberl / nU11i 151P [
the tar rl cat Prat 155$. HmMti of hi. Heatsasetl.
Place Boys HOB Park totlilatldlr
"biteMii or .
ball thi ntcvir *# 4i.ittt
Lawt. Time. T r>.e. Mil 9:90: p. .tlor tf pel I lo rlitlMo ..
ash. "mi tin
tad Bjttti !..
It jut By HtyltiblrUAM IHI YH m inLilly's
I........ dlretur at ilartedpUlM -

i Plorlda A.B UtiNnlty.TallthaiMt cub Ut Bleat It T's 0,91 T'"e Nehwts.V
Free Bat b". doa't lfclt. Ch/s. 101 tb.p Pr.crrlbr4d.1
Free Delivery DeliverySHUMAN Ittltfd &. eerie Bt B lll"Md I iM ra..,.......... ".,........"
I We It that kit
,..*||.. U nl.... des | ... Mly II. I ..... I teenCliss Incur tos..,,. uAr
OF : .kra.le ii-. fit It ,.. peel
tat bays sheet .IUfuurdtfe't
',....11' hI1I.... ,
broth Itto ..,. t.. ..... ','

DUVAL INC. ... to-cilled Bbllolottvtt Pr..erl.r

s r{ ,+1 talll. 1B4I o. Bkt J ,. cal ..YOW' "" ""'V'....,.. 7) .0 ,"I' .
et tl |* d bt theIselss
Building Material A PAPLete 1.1' Or
Md lifted to
,....,.... .Aetd.r Se-ti Ps4we 'basin. ...

The Best for Less r It..BOB Pitlfl Bleio cub r...It. e.v IIPTtenv't "JI '. $0 n'n tM' IPa'S. .


5318 WEST BEAVER ST. Drag Star
tvBriB |try I MY+ ]
387-5720 389-8861 '
it -11 iiHI
Free tilt IIHS HAEt 11211

a Free Delivery Delivery II III


r1lv5 11W1' 11I lilt
CfUI..10rttt .
u. IBId Allele ; ; R. S. EVANS3RD
....... ftp*root too tI'

rtcttrt AiitiioiitiBtrktbtp it-2-1$ MAIM
ofcltb itttUwled
to bo boldAtawlt gads ea14, II...t# Araa/fiA
|. bands.Otillaai M T.PIADAJII Mlii1
till .... ......... Bt't Net H VOtXJWAOW WW ',anu. WAOIOI 1.-,.

"Hdll ......" tt It adds, ttbtrttitM VOUJWAOKM. 0AOK1 . SIM
i earls It all troMdH
the purl tilt till btp 41 tOJD CtMTYlRTIRU V. imt
a .stele tf IM weB* 111'II"' .Sterna.. u IPTOCM crmirr ffin urn63BONNEVIUX

In BB.BB tt..It| dtT M>. H -M $2995v.
ales .,.,.,*M.*-..**.e ,
Sotk OfiilifCl ( M. .. Days Its. C1cyuu. MAU'U t'fWn .I less
KoJsktif Ale i' rfwWrWfW P I rAUBNPVIVMtM.CXKTIIATftii HIM

.hike 1. ....... ',.4't Pars ere ..u.e .. mpAU vj ctx'rc. rtoon mirr IIMIIM4.

brr fotlU. B4fW.ItM M TO* , .
.MUMIBBIBM .- t,', CM B> lire law MCMIV, v.*, II mr COWl .. silts
I |BB< IB Madlega.LMMiie .
TM Ittt Seep loetyBBft. a *AMltLZ*MO AVTOMATW.. unU4M
BftfMtlMtlf U..ty (...,. ".. tj TNt>t>HtlllO. ,"14M
Bttblll .... ltd
,. .4r t.d Bltf iBf ant t* CJHW, *A 01t. T. ,111tt
dto.Bft4 IU Ml.,
; btft
wnruissgc llde foe t4 CVfV, MTA-U V B AI. .. ,
1 .t4Mt sieges BUfOft.H hit' Is 1'... NTArlOpl StA0Ovd, . .$5351M

IOM. tttert rte fill IB |B. bftB MHUB .. ,tom y... $4Il'.. *1.. .. f.UM
Peg B4I04 wt lB.ltdtbVajptoB s.i "''M >itSz Pas
M f>. 0MH tfMt.ffJt e. .e e e e e ,. .
boa lMt'
| .
Beef at its Best e_ .... BBB4 .lif ...... .tyiBH. L PlMisA 14 ttBCjcTSiMBBBBt ......... ,. .II ,.....
.. M IHBr: *V4l m 4HHB u. 'H..IItt. ......
.. 04emNsso eM isle flBUBjk WP W aWa WWfllPB BlHHBlBVHMBT.l WW1 .uu..........
itO BBOi.. Is a Isle f M a jl .
e F'
M stele

s .......; .., ..-. 11 .....'-. .., ,,'u .\<, ........'........ ,
,_ ____:-:::_ \ .' -

r I : Y 1

veer 11 nm m PJKB MISHIT HIT n. mi

INKS FOI IERT( Ittp BMPM Is jtar Marl wn Lion 01 Jndib Another Breakthrough For Famed Group lard Attendance

--- -
nice 1101 Cleveltad hu.....Street.roea*. Nazarene Temple Sit At Girl

d I 0211. Activities for sand,
at the Totplt located Scoit Diy Camp

.t Hie II. Myrtle ATMUI

till oat iit of a I p... All prtvtoaa atteadtaca
BBslealt featuring a records af tilt Girl

6-8619 Fll SUE itwb.r of th city swab aaatal day taap
14 BROAD ST. OLDS 'S7-SuPU DELUXE. tillkaowa Individual at Cwp Caoeooditt tort

HAROTOP-GOOO CONO.CLEAN' tad groups. .I broken this teak wbea

1400 .. TOWS .". aelton Clart till 140 girls took advtatat-

pta EV .5874 OWNER serve M tutor of cert- of Ue popalar project,
sodas and gospel linger Mra. J.t Davla.acoatlagaiteatlwa
FIR SALE till Include the Sirens ..DOlle'".

SINGLE BCD, SOFA, CHAIR, Specials Itanterry. The nail week af Ue

ETC. ALL $10.00 Sight Ooldena tadethers. day cap will get ...,-

EV '-!587. .., Moldy July 37 jaad

so Mrs. Laura Jaekaoa re iatratlo. Bay bt carried .
I6CKS Ill RENT till lead tat devotions>> oat over ttt weektad .
475 W. I9TN STREET and KM. Cornelia Btokee by faring partata

356-9X1! and Mrs. Rebecca Crocker -- ------- call tilt Girl Scott

are tat spontora. txaan-COOOUH COURXK'B; M-volet Concert Chorale under the direction of Tnoaea Deapa, till tooa Office at 621 Later It.,
F.IKISIEI APARTMENT 'The public li invited. release its recording of sway oatttaadlii Buabtrs. The chorale baa toured eztenaively thro.fbo t Slits I-4JS9 or Mra. J.
MAY ST., 521-Now AVAIL the Listen Seaboard the United States, r. Vavta IOU Satires
PAINTBONANZA Club of includlag neb faaous plaice aa .Met York'a Carnegie
stt-7-NICi.4 fIaI./ .. P 111 iv. To Stage Hall. St.. PLda 4-I07T.
(A Paul Cratfbrd Photo: )

IN COLORS I AOULTI$'ts AND or t'7.5)' 1 CHILD.Wkir.(' TUt Re be Hal res Social King's Aid Gets cup Ie Celebrate' Golden Anniversary Macedonia Baptist Readies

EV 8-6472 Md Savings Club an la*
WHILE IT vltlng friends aid tat Executive Post lUll a standing root Johnny B. Cherry Mra. Annual Men's Day Prograrrt

LASTS FIR SALE Ctatral pa bile to atiffs I01UKS '.I.-Ie a only tttendtaee of Georgia Mac Cherry,
positive aaattr to Dr. relative and friends II'.. Josephine Cherry, II..' Day till bt observed Sunday la Macedoala
[ SPICIAL LOT I LARGE: JALOUSIE p00R-NEW Saturday party fair scheduledfor at Mart in Lather Uni'a call and the recipients of 1.... Hicks, Miss Baptist Church, beginning tiU the Sunday School
120.00 1776 Sfintt for opening of net froa ataerooa uaeful gifts Evelyn Cherry, Patricia at .:10 ...., with Ira Carstell aa guest superlattadtat. -
I la the hose ofire.
yout CHOICI El J-8942 P.t. '
Rose Oarvla 1636t. tiers la the world of and felloltatloai. Cherry DtJpblne Cherry Deacon tannest Tboiaa till be gvttt reviewer.
a",. and Mri. GeorgeCaerry Betty Ann The classes till bt tasgbt by vieitlngttacbera.
relatlona Ton Cherry, Valerie
Help Wanted Hale' :ttll Bt., .. Reese race a celebrated their -.o.......................
$29 club pre.ldlat'IIIJ01LDccS. kin.",. Tort publishing Cherry, Miss Usda
rout interttted Ii .Jot ratIt 'The |-?r-i Raffia till firs Educational Herl- fiftieth (golden) ted Steel, Robin Cherry. Deacons Leroy Mallory. at 6IO ,. _. Pro *

M.Mutt hue loot working eoailat of fabulous tats Inc.. baa announced ding anniversary Sunday Carolyn Cherry, Marlya and Johnnie Cratford cttaloaal, MaltCboraa,
'-p.- ho.h... of tilllib and la the boat of Mr. and till have Abyaslala, Macedoala
appolntaeat, aa net charge of Ue ;
pristi to bt .ud.d to ..... ., ..
etntenoe eoMtrttetloa.Apply lucky atttndtM.fliifirf. president, of Dr. Ilnr., MM. Jaaee Cberry,4103 :i'"r. '\ devotion at 11 .. .. responsive reading,
at Florida fAa MMday.fely Kstentlft Assistant Moncrlef Road.Ker.lllllaii. I f I Processional, Male pastor; eeleetion

20 .t 4 p.t.IELP lyatt Tee Walker of At* officiated ,: Chorus, Blllle Seal, Abyasinia Chorus; ale-
ru.... 10.... |U.'0 '-1,. laata, oeorgla. Mr. during tilt cereaoay ( '' director; responsive aloa offering, ethers;

WAMTEI 5940 Flicker AT..rO g-772. .talker a 14-year-old thick culalaattd tltb (... 1 reading, Rev. J. C. prayer, Deacon George
M r lira. .. SUjletoe.IANTEI. ordalatd ilalittr till the honoree cutting the I" ...... Rogers, pastor; selection Oogglas; annouacMcnta,.
l -
.BIi A/tfll's Beauty Strop bt on a two year "1l11d cakt Mfreahaenta tare i chorus; ails* Patterson; .selection

ACME Berber Shop l..slf' troll the Southern served and a pleasant ( ;. I.t sioa offering, ushers; Chorus; speaker Rev.
le.tl1J.retorel BarbereNtt social Interlude fol-) } t Jot Crooaa invitation
831 State Christian Leadership ; prayer, Deaooa Mallory; ; ,
....Uo.... Berber watted.Cl HOLLTWOOO K40TT Conference. Na ootaenced lowed t. ,,,ifl -: :\ ehtntselection, chorus; offering, report of
wire lanat-tu.
....13 or IU ...... AMeyCtll his duties on Mr 15th. Those present were: ,,_ : Waster of certaonltt, captains, remarks,
1) Mr. t, Atdtrtoe tt
vrt. A. idaosdMR, prop In. Mr. talker tillauperrlee Kra Aaljana Dtwtoa.Nra. Rev. Mote Dull; wel- chairman and P"to r.
JL ,.
.1.UtI or n .n .
detelopaett of Dorothy Salth, Mrs. toss, Charles Carson;

the Negro Htrltaga Library Annie AIi..., Mra. L.- repose, Jerry Rlohani WJTnJJIJJBPI1LSTEIT
lora Owens, Mrs. Annie son; solo, Calvin Port-
PAINTS prograa, 'pArt of ajy. AND KM. CHEWtT
ahlte Mrs. Mary Hcaly, band; introduction of SERVICE
la a twenty toluse Cherry, Miss Joyce
tlra. Catherlte Scott speaker, the Rev. Mr. IOIOf'laJI1'0 NUT onvxuud
presentation scheduled Sherry, Nice Shirley
Ira. Elisabeth Jenkins Rogers; IIIII. .r. Rev w. IWFHOLnwitT niRNIIVM
for publlo rtlaaat oa Ann Cherry
Mri. Doris 1111 Uat, Burgese; lavltatloa; 3901 Ptirftl tt.eavrrtlhle.
September 1. 1964. Also, Yvonne Maeoa
Irs.. Blaora Clipper solo, Charles Oerala; Tope, floor Met. Head
lum Illllw Jenkins, Mrs. Gloria Dean Cherry asaosae..satsDavid LlR r., Dan Paa.It. "l"4wUre.
FREE SAMPLED Tate Paaehall, Rev. and
Hattie Macon, Mr, ud Patteraoa; offerlag Plaatie Seat OInra.
Tone | LAN-A-MINIC Mra. J. Qeawrlght, MissMary Mrs illlaas, Mra. Baaael Davis Johnnie '1'.lID. ;'I"'r" Game, '12. III
Klatr Kim, Mra. Cult Lon Pert "iMtlf, 114.Ml."till .
WITH MINK OIL.LANXIN Otntrlght Irs. I. laoi .....lto. less
Cook, Rodney Cherry,
Stacy, Charlie Vlilte.Mr .
AND HEXAOtATi.iHMlt aid others; mark
WImU.J L5i1S OPEN f'Oft SJ5INES E. LAN. aad .,a. Lewis Randy Cherry, Vtraeva Naval Bryant* dtUraaa

At tD ..*na Avtnut.,_.::...!,..!... siW -,._? */ Mane Cowry. ,_ Cherry., tulle Lull CherryJr. end paator.
Jleo. cook Joe
SPECIALIZE IN tIAVIM, Wit. CLEAN I''" AND IV lUltlCAT- Mr. and Mrs. 111,. Youth Pellowaip Hoar lT1;

STVllNI. TINTING' SCALP TSIATMMT, MlNlCURINI / fI'e INB, DRY till bt observed at B

Phi /OPESATORI Jiiill JOHNSON MARTHA HOPKINS, BUMT. IND'.',,,,, eiNMS. coagregatloa; prayer,,

'kI:, t, JUANITA PRINCE VlMTILL ClIFTON BRIO.ItATIR, HALO SPOTS t DIIIAiti" Iks Joseph MECHANIC.......-...ON......DUTY.Proprietor Latreact Davis; acrip TITLES
$((11,5// State and Jefferson ttref'h FL 49432 .
KAUTY SHOP RiouecD TO ft.sn.WRiTi cercBoalea. Paal Davis) ;

TO CNANDRAI PRODUCTS occaaloa, Rarl Qusrter-

930 Myrtle Ave. EL 6-9346 Sot 21363 MtM>"".TIN". I ...; ..1 COli., Gregory 238 E. FORSYTH ST.

GRAND OPENING Reid; ,,11)0.... Mel vis
Jones; latrodtetioa of El 61114FREE

BEAUTYGUARD spanker, Charles lodge;
apeakertlllli Me

Friday & Satvrday Cleadea; offerlag.

IMTRODUCIH6 Donald ,..hr, Retbea
plaids; .....rt., efcelraaa : -

end .
pith its al..laue. aittrtor _U". Ut fteaatyguardMoat paator.Claraaea Jarrell till NEW HAL
brlaii a aoaeyiilig net eoaeept to the
ceadeet the BTPO at
pop.ltr.prlced let hot atrket. The leant ypiardPtTt
Si 10 P.M. and bate WASH-WAX '
hundred la a tall-sited three bedrooa hose
and la aoeletely flaleatd. laatde ud OIIt.In ITf charge of Ut devotlei

run Is OKU 81.900.Maetysasrd SIMPER 1ITMUTIC With Fill. Up!

hoses sect all PNA structure. clflaatloai' and Of 15 .
are aeceoted for fHA tatartd MUll IIIElSACUPiCK or
flMaclai. nil aeaat 110 draa parent if you bare |:1M or ort ....Ie, la a lot to balld .. If you OrlilMl Price.ana. .
da tot bats a let you CM tt..lly lacltde oat tltb
roar Beattyrtard lIMe la .111.11 pNA-laiwed PV bo Mt asioa er More Gallons
loaa. (tf you do sot bat a let, a 4> .
ta payaeat af sao |300 la
revilrad. .
) Mot tftly pay Bata ibr>> the rtlUkle a rteaa etteet
Beaatynird Ueee pajfatata(MOM art ...... wder ttt Pill dirty year reptyaeat plaa A ".000 let could totreaee time wtkly. pfWBte.llei Of Gas AtTtre'N
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