Florida Star

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12717 F20090524_AACQRN 00228thm.jpg eb1bb820f24ea39e3b8ab857fc5229cd6f94be340ebb5d62516aeafe5ee631579a6c8cef
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49882 F20090524_AACQRP 00229.QC.jpg 3270389749e014b34c4e769661ba738fa6397db49af3db10e0ae2baefcb0266460a34d25


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Full Text
New Yoik / City I Proclaims Mary McLeod Bethune UtYOPFLORrDAHl., libraryTJklTnity Cain.nilld of, :.a-II '

* * * * * *



... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .
. . . . . .



.. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. VII t1-... I SHBIIAT Mir ), 1SI4 15 CENTS

.' Anniversary Citations Presented

___ .
pI4mN I.r.a.Y, y0*' o, r.MM.I.,1 .r. + BISHOP BALL FACES


. . .
Laymen Want Ball

Burns Won't Stop

Out Of Florida '

Tie Annual Confirmed of the African Progress Plan

Methodist! Episcopal Church currently meeting -

in Cleveland, Ohio will be confronted
with a largo delegation of Florida laymen For All JaxoiisMiyor

spearheading a movement' for the removalof I
rilthop William" F. Bill at presiding Hatrdon Burnt candidate for p ver-
predate of the Eleventh Episcopal District nor In. field of six, Democrats pllod up a

> embracing! \ Florida and the "dAhina' hefty 303,000 plus vote to "lead the race
The drlv to out . . In Tuotday't prlnarleibut said h* was not
- -
bltterover fact that hardly 9,000 votes
BUhop nil I fro. tbs I M of tk* board ofHinuoti.
uniklR Itit otto came from! Micro pr.clllctl.. .. ..
fruo sersralslles.d 50 .< far the M** (Sinai said lit (III ... -
sad kiflt" of ,lit pirndlii/
tlon on his part kick tint kli CMftlm, slop
eoll/h.t, Hut"*r, tilt onklni Rt. .
haw durl.M.d AME MObn .. tilt .. III/ sad on opnll, sw 0'11'I
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d.i,or la oilitil' IM
- --- tkranboit tk* sill ..
_. ... sad. .,..r (kilo prosn prose
.ttl' 4 ,sited, -
MDlCI AtARM toclptvu Md/or ntotitvtM far r.clpl.ts, of the :2s-7..r Al.onl Aird iwatlyprmtd in 10' ,.
*tlii tUN kl ."'
to florid MM Dil .nltji .Mb.n of tk* CM of 1931 *ro plcturtd kr. *"td. left cording to U*.IM laid in .*ror) for tulldlss
to rlifct art: IT*. Oo>.c* K. JoD".. Orlando; Mr*. Lillian itwapiaa ftoblMon. JncftmvlU; 'ri. Iris .mi" I* s ..._..h. MddtMirtliittl ., h.lo.a. n4 OPAM' '
I.. QMaII Clark Tall.....*. '!.. Ill llu P. J..... .... tyorni |t.rt. who r.ctlud lie ...r. for ** of tk* JON for oil elll*....

her suit Mr*. tortt J. '''0'. now it tilt Onlrlty of NIrU; Bri. tUrrUtt .. Hili. JickMi ehurrblirfiop. n.. front, rosn.r ,. Ik.
till; In. Olio Bloat tllllM. PMIICOU; Md Mrs. nUi I. 110."'. TM'.. tindlu bo* itll |* sensed io"rllU r' rant MO has
I S 1 kud'UM, loft to riiht, .r.: Harold JonkU. T-UIM.| ..; Antkooy Hook, Cl..r.tttr. Noble RIM'| Of drotndlni budirt piyid cKn4 lost IIIdi ofl.

U..., ,Detroit, Midi.. tvwxKl PUIdi Ir,* TaMikMi; rr.1 IlickMtir T.HMMIM; Cori Kill, ,." I* iri* of tk. a t tI rislesci shirk serorrel
....." .. Llqiud.tradl.u] .....U: sod 'Gears I. Cmoly. mini****, a. to I*, imtiry |a the ,rtii o bribir ofkU'rck klikt ol the
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-I.t. & ip- **'$. PUrl4., lo. first prlsery.......1..1.. j
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Milliters Fib 'First Citim' Acts 0 f II dill, 3rd Bockwlth sad 10. It.cti.rcfcM staehess. ",. r k..'.l P SAIL oo>*. II k..<..o that lit
that tk. a>ll".c did 1 lot ""pe. thr soul too
Appeal After To Assist Nitioiil MeMorlalACHtNOTOW. Trial Deferred flatly .hud to rt rCl .. tk* orti.y .d r>t..llll<.. of iwtbrMi
.... for ii.i tI.., es.crlb > (tall ',.. Out oi.wiit.d ..<* M *M MMI I* April.nrM .
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Coirt's Active O.C. Aorotkj I. Hfllkt. iicvxm .,...-A t.o .. "Iofl.t.dsesbinshl
Pr *ld.at, National OMMCII of N..iro eoe'. Inc., lOath p.*tpo.**>Mt oo to said e.II.| far *. sold his ,11. ,AH.* MWHb
Judged salt for eoi* this voitt rtetlTtd II offlcUl cIoc.....' fro Mtkor jrooDoU Mocks p. ....." fur ,.,rr..l Ik. "..*. ....... lit MM in ol,*
dictlii ilt'lu April Major Robert P. wttntr rrocUlolit April II to .It* .u t stud trial Tae "*.I""C. toUkor'Mtt'o toll ... IM MCM..4of lot, .f "N rotrlfl ,.11...., S wtatMllil tats iron
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,..,......, Md kotol 11 U MM York City. ........................ U>* .JIt.H MteMi .1.| ,. .....t.IC. Of d... II f...4* Mllcl4 **rliIk / I* kl. str.latu.al.f ..a.t'" set Slat ll

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aMid .... Of tt* .!.!. elrstl..ens held .t >lttl sic ...tt.. kyCMfTM 01 April/ II ended I II s nil Ctoort BUI** Sill| .f kl* .ffl.., r.r*.M>. It I. IM rkiri4 Slat
stirs. ...1' Rsrs. City nil .t a tloo ..' \ *>d OlM.d late km Jar,. I" first a. kM cHirfM silo M u' IM. ... tk. .!... Billy '*........ .. In St. Augustine
BoMTt I. It 1 IBM. (*!. cm'. notioitl Paid 1111 .**.l00l tl'". If rinse of kl II ronloUriy oo.bedlsi.allfgellose
1. N Prld t blOt trltl, .uller I* tk* Rights
J< flllcoi, loroy 3.Civ ....I.. CMMlCB boon o, '1......r .U IUO. you, r..oli" I* a kMi 1..,.. MUI' "..!4lMoldtr 11'.1) to !.. ,...t.. as II Closes.
: too, lock J. Tro .. "Op.r.llis erase no OMIMfOt till .lMdU Jan H*. u* kolyItkl u. *, olil.ur sad M.1/1.. M4 I* ..,a. slur. Ifcit ko ko S IT. AUISMTII r "S's.
wii, ckwiM L Mtfy. ...,," his roocktdd s Uowlo Part and will to if*. 0* I llWItUU* *ltMd.l. M u.1 tk.,*.. k* kM kl.. ,...t.u.. fr ,..tell fifty *f04Ml. *rk*>l<
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Pkrtkto ....... to )MOtto or.tloi Irooo oid coltiril sister .r iiMlMtpfi slots o.*l U., II oat *tiritk .d .A....."..' Md kl. hoes to ki* fik", aH "'?... e.....' cSol lafee.

trwlM after tt"y loot'" r..r Uo di r.*- own *.... ..r f.rUler t*.. lcklik. tk* itOM .t .*.IU.r ki* tk* dse.S.r*... h., Ira, tt*( to kM b..0 MM4pirililpul ...rasa of n-l hi
bad r*nest.d *.r.l.* tics of tko fMtloo.l tk* .!.. to Mlct Ion y.sr..1.ie.s.s4 sal ii' old '.r. ball., our.*y t. loll o.4. '..irliry *- .. II I I. ......,.'..... ,.11.|| .. Isarp

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Tro.*Il rMl..d llN coo,lto tko ..u... Heiress Seek uto field *.,. I........ C..firei.i Ii horsed .Ir.s Side
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fist lite.... It sae Mho 9.,1151.testy51oi. n 1111 tr.*tffUr .. eel Mr t. kl* aid ',* Grodoollf Ju... C'II.I.l .. ItUh
fr tk. iIIC?. Hrto
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tat ittto lt*spas*,.. .try ',L... l.li.i* M/oo I2.IMI* I. tt. ..It Mt fortb last *.. 's?nets, .. .e MMno,' Drop Rice Boa *...1! I* ...tb.e III
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... ...... ttolttod tII..te' this U... In. .U... uo city CMMII lotk '"T a third trial It, tiM .Ilk!* toe ..*.. .to |o II* ....tf to ... rl4itl. I. MI 01- lIf.. Sole/s/ ,1. .5'
tro.*.li| l.. oto uo ".... for s ity Id MilfltololMtloo uo dofMdMt or rns.* .fPlorldo. ,tilled! s.> trl*** .....1 e.5 PMlOd .. Mims My ,*. his Mil*.,
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_.."., for uo ,roford. oo r yoood ... M list tkolr ,... to orMtor file .to. k...rar..d'. wet C'' w" ,.,,,... ....... Mlf* of Uo ||tkrpi *. II OM IMOHIklo .*. .,....* tod <..I44WfrMl
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11i liess pod..s 1.. Not; .,.. lust. lea CUftM, anwnt.., **. .....,. -p .. tossed isir 1. Ioro4 ...... of f rl .to*.. Mrof ..o..JMl ,
fftt *0t. .......d. lot/.. ..oln.. of ., H..t.. ..... f p fell M cui-.. 0 Out UfM tO ttO dtO 'rp to i*. VOTE

> ... Y .

\ ,

.itr el atlas fill ranas \' SATIIIIT MAT !. 1SI4 '

THE FLORIDA STAR I i ,; i, j Politics As Usual

NEWS IT ERIC .. snrsn

Published br/be Plorlda Star Pobliohlag Co. The resultsof the first primary elections

'HNbeff JUoocltted Metro Prose"UIC prove that the Negro vote 225,962 regis-

tered Democrats Is beginning to play an
|, SWSM_JaJliff (iffMTSOI increasingly' Imporant role In the Sun -

shine State's politics. There Is no doubt
I DSL....._......Ins WxJIUA
that the Negro vote across the state was

HUM.._.Ckcilttiii M.11> responsible for putting Hlaml '.1 Mayor
Robert King High In the possible run-off
UNT emu I rlAN-T: position where he now stands, next to

2121 Miitrlif tiilLftiii: Eliji 4.1712 Mayor Hay don Burns..
The Negro vote, however, loses its effectiveness

Mail ig Address: cone the second primaries on.
May 28. First because the white bloc vote,
P. 8, hi 511, lieksiiillli 1, Flirlli vastly outnumbers the Negro bloc vote In a

race between_ two men, and secondly, because
MIAMI WICEHI traditionally a target

HI lit Ati. fliii HJII2SSUBSCKIPTICN percent of the Negro voters dc
not go back to the polls for

RATES the second time. ::11cia.

Ono T..r, ..00 Half rear, $4.00 Although it Is somewhat encouraging -
M4ltd) to Ton Anjrwlwro U the Dnlttd Sioteo to see some IncreaseIn

Subscription payable ia oavuce Negro registration in Flori
Bond Qitck or Montr Order to: I It behooves our community I SIMPSON'

leaders, civic organizations and the ministry -
to work for Increased
Jacksonville 1, Florida
across the state.
S 5 5

r On the Duval front politics took some

The V's Way strange turns. The most significant was
the power struggle among would-be Negro
fw,5 leader-politicians. Insiders say there
B? mONAS .. HAROUVC JR.Technology a serious was.
split between Frank Hampton and
.IJ2Sle and A MAN OF GOODWILL his former associates among whom are F.J.
>. Science and technology are bringing about 'Norman, Otis Speights Gardner (Nip) S.\ms.
/ \ plan, chanies our American way of life. Joe Pauline and Co. In addition there were

j I Many young people In school today Just do several groups who, had planned to kill
- not realize hot much their education will Hampton's candidates for the reason that

[), | dean in future years. Its a sad thing to as many of them say he is too .domi

see how Ian, young people are wasting the Your Weekly neering.
opportunities they bare, especially Many of the Choppers were ready to ditch
at the high school sore of their favorite candidates just to
level They do Just enough to weaken the gasoline dealer's hand. but,
get by, then when! they quit GuideBy according to political scuttlebut arbitrators I.
school, they wonder why they working behind the scenes were
cannot find Jobs. Many who able to convince several of the Choppers
hare coasted tit a diploma find HARORAVR that It would be unwise to defeat good

it' not worth ,the Ink It is printed with PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH candidates in order to minimize Hampton's
because they failed tc take advantage of political influence. The negotiators were
the opportunities that were opened to then. able to get several Choppers to stick with

By 1070- there will be ore Jobs'available ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR bob .'Harris Ralph Walter and Ish Brant.
but, only for those who are prepared. Among those who could not be brought In to
New;' "h&( type of Job will be open? It Is work for Bob Harris were Otis Speights and
estimated by economic experts that there BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Elcee R. Lucas who went down to defeat

will be 3,700,000 more clerical positions: with Aaron Brown. .

3,000.000 lucre professional' and. technical -'.- .. HamptQQ'5.guberM.tci l.ta: Sdfie, Jack
porfltlone"t"2,<*00.000 M> .'sesl*skilled positional ARIE8" riNiNCIM I OUTCOMI. Matthews took a severe-teoflngdesplte> the "
: 2,100,000 ore skilled positions; Born March 21st thru OUST THI I *|4ilV ACT rROTItllONAL 4CTIVITIII.TN fact that he gotSa fairly good Negro vote.
4.60771543467CANCER 41 a TONAL ro* .
2.000,000 trove service wcrkers positions; April 10thAMTMIft you TO | RIVIRI4L MOM RITRO
1,700,000 sore proprietors and Managers MOHtlOUl INDICATION "., Vr YOU INPI4VORIro OR40C TO rORR40 MOTION Another turn In the political picture in
Born June 22nd thru .IIIN Lout THE IY .MRCURV AND U4NUIOURINO Duval was the reduction of 'tickets and
positionAand: no more unskilled poaitlona. II TNI KlVlt.
July 22nd CMMCII IN YOU HUTI along with It
THIS OUARTIO AND a sharp decrease in the
It Is also estinated that although farmers lion Of Mt ICusv TO ItsNOlL
RtUNIONI' THAT Alt MILD NCI THAT YOU CONII6I Or PLUTO IN Tel NUT, amount of money candidates drop in the
will produce more food by 1970,there : DItCr MOTION.MOTMIM .
-- will be a million leas. farmers than In IN (fNIHfU TO CUII* TI MOTMII'I VITAL TO Soul ruTUlVtir4I iMOvio' rm IOU or tout I laps of political J manoeuvres, to get ther ,_
; D*V 6k. Porn ,Nf 'OTHIIllttOH NO NAPPISSI.340.I or 'tut"liftoifNiNrt, till! wtes. i
I : MOULD MAW( NOe U.r| TO V4 *> d C
All across the nation the story 1* the rue tim, TNt TONINS. or tH.TIOIVI UI I"" -7'-38' IICV TO M4VI KIN: OM4CR*. It may be rthatpo'il'uTc. .fans are making up
OUNO TO oi 5 Douiei or LIBRA tINS YOU to the fact that tie public does not put
sane Job opportunities for Negroes are rrtcTiON NO MtriTuoc
fronts but PLIMUM' ro* ill TNI Born Sept. 23rd tbru '.fO..U-I8-76-tU any faith in the little slips of paper
opening on Many Negro youth are THAT TNIV KICIIVl mOM
"1"1"| "'". WITH MI*. Oct. 23rd they get a day or two before election. The
not prepared Of course, poor schools TMII LOVIO ONtO ON THIS" CAPRICORNBorn
over crowded classrooms, segregation and NAPPY ov. AN IVINT or Cull RltUMINO'' a rO*'40' TMI'| MCONO OU4RTC, AND Dec. 22nd thru putlic realizes that many of the "tickets"or
MOTION, come' i omo OITNTNI Tot ONI THAT letters come to them only at election
lack of funds are also tc blame but we 'INTIKIIT TO TNt fUlllY.I roiion IT Jan 19th
iieiNNiNO or .u CONTAIN time every two or four years and In
must face the fact that not MANY IIININTIor TNOU
our youth are tlLl It TO VOUKtlirMAT Or YOU WO will
tUNAS" riii, you "*iITtlN sup several cases from oruanizatlons\ they have
Motivated to take advantage of the opportualtlea TUSK OUT OV NTMIOUHV MY ROll TO PLAY 0IttotfltCII"
that are available. *l N1ICITIO INOX TNt ftt' LION OUT TO it Mom. 05. CAN II ate ntver heard of. .hat'a.lIWre: public is "-*

Hits, It seems to Me, will be the great INITANCII MO UNII_ ro* A itistf'TiON' / or soul 4111 TO yOU MO 'I ONE 1110 ON TO MANGLE IT beginning to realize that sorebody Is being
INDMVOM TO C'UTI NO paid to put those names on the tickets and
In the decade. Civil
challenge nest The HCTIOIY IN 0011, YOU SITS OR4CI AND CONSUINATI in
Rights battle In drawing to a close In the MM MIOII4W* TN" CONIIVTICI SOUND AN' 'lIolhlou, GIfTs, SIVIN 01ICIIVIO OILI.A LUNAR" fttlll letters.
halls of Congress and we Must prepare forth fRKTlCI NAVE lA, or L"I. TNt |T|'ov All IIIIIV TO THAT II UIN4 INTROOUCIORUNCTUATII OUR PAST
nest stage In the battle. That stage AI MUCH or a PLACE *iTHI YOU (MOTIONAL -
la to Move and Motivate our youth so that M0l iriCTaCULMONU | 0* OUIINIII fUTNI tell WAS II SECOND TO INTIIIITI AND IMOUID .., I, im-IUrry R. TnMu, iixler .hOSS < jUItrttloi .
they will take their place.wlth confidence, IN OITtlNINS TNI Pll4tUR THAT IN.lull. AID YOU IN VTIIIIINI' II PrtAldtnt tao Arwed! brew of the
In the. .4l.-etr.a.-of the economic, political DIe+ S1o lUll"". sNout H CirTI9 SITS WITH MIRCURY MOTNI YOU TAUNT ANO II. CnltH ftt4ttR b..CM. officially UUintttl, .tbora. .
and social life of America. liTiruOI THI ISIS NIO IUNA" MAMJOININO lOURCtruiNIII TO IXCLLINT I

Many parents would be wise to investigatethe .0-.1-1. IIIIIN".N' TO eiYI 4 MO. 40Y4NT44I. YOU 0*. May I, 1100John" slots, RholllloRUt. Ittfor of
offered by the JacksonvilleUrban 'TAURUS s111N| ills TO tH4T.IYIR 'NOT TNI IOIAI
programs tilt turner* rtrrr, Vs., rebellion.1 M< IIn"
League Born April 2uth thru 7- 077.1837.741LEO YOU WNOIRT4II YOUiNOUlt Alt, RUOOIITIONI or YOUR for Near. I liberation. .*. bora.r ,

Through a national program called the 'tis' MaX :othMTMi NOT NIIITATI TO llri 0* OUtlNIII PASTIES' .. 10. 191-.J1.s C. feropt, rmHH 19 ..*? ,
tlonal Skills Bank" Negroes with akllla 'i p*y u Lasts' Born July :3rd thru COMMIT YOURIIir TO IT 4| TNIV All IOUNO TO M t4c' fttitr of Aatrlcu Jtit, ... ,RYC* tae'
are being sought after an that when opportunities TO tl a via N"fV OC* Aug. 23td NOllN4TIOlV.MO77t4i4l7. tuerxniNT' YOU OM Sill first pulse timer] for a .Negro t* .He Tort It*.

open in Industry they can move CIION NO MATTES MITveui TNt IITIO'UOIN' K. .. PROFIT To Sets CO... 'V II. IIM-villlM Grist "1111. sotto ..*......,
right jato these poaitlona. ,MT u TO if Due f., THAT ..4I .||N || SCORPIO (151D.73De61275736. nil oM
Mr. Leala J. Carter III Riecutlve Director 'INt TMt AtTINONr" ,.0CIIOIMI lYN| YOU riOM Mum Ibm Oct. 24th thru '" 12. IlSluo.ear 11. DtfrlMt, .hn) la ||2S beCM -
of the Urban League la developingthe YOU *M |ftT> ,tIC 111111 NI400V II Nov 22nd AQUARIUS Ut first Mir to He elettM to Court
program la this area and It shows' INS M4NO Nil MMONHfN4 400UT TO Mtuwl ITS '0" TNI lit,"".. TO MCVVTO Born Jan. 20th thru fro. oNortatn SUto (IlllwU" ), diM U OICM.
algna of taking real proems. Again, let || ....e.. Will 5151) .40 11IO".... Twin| I4CTCOUilO ITI ..*..*. MOTION Feb. Hth *., 13 IMI-Sobert ftMllR. sit,, rM CtJNre '.
..:point out that the burden tests with *eu MOTH Liter rot SUM TNI IT4KTOr ,.Hlt. t MO JM'ITUl TO YOU UIU4HY AR| TNIflllT trttt tloeiode M4 deliver ,. Iwit to gales ;
our young people. Thla la no ttae for MMCMM. 1..1011I MOTN A Nit tUNIS PIS/E. YOU 4RTNIWI '(9 IW|. SITS OirTI ANOCOROR4TUIATIONI "' '"'. Uttr elected u Cater.**.
ctMplacency.A | MVUOMKNf or VOUNIN SILL MON'" e0vl O' YOU Tin oo TH| irroRTi or SHIN 'a It. llU-arull RAoIltkM .1..",. .

IttSar World Mff TM| SAW or W',VMI IVIN NIONI 4 0TO SITS vow. TNII AIM N4 SAY AI WOTNIR'I DAY WW Htstuy Refit Hut ?
A.,111a'west 11.1 1. IICVM Tel COVOtTI4NO PINS TO II "'I 04VMOTMIRt III Mil .*..,*.. TN| AOUA.OMNI .
thy do people go abroad There are, of NCI MI mem**! 0' MIVI1IMI NIT 4.| ..| OUl TO .!. MO ARI ON TNIRICIIYINO UM averse agent the rids treat civi
course, quite a list of reaaona. Boa. goon vet *.....*. ells'tout. tttwua ri* TNOII .ootuctuo. ell.. TH MM4M Tel? IIW not. Seoul lization has Mea 200 years This lutlona
bualntM.fioMgoJuat to see the sights. IN IH veu TO un I You C4N II OIT | < ,..... A Nit IVN4 rill CONTIRT site Tel progressed Urooih thin Kequcrr:
ROM; go to visit places where their fpre- MOI irrtCTiviIN c........ CouNt ... 4 cost orc.. CYai CONriMI TNtT TH{ INOVltOW tell TNIY .IYI Pro Bondage to spiritual faith
bearerswere born. Boa go to study *tttuTunlwsltiea vev e... SSNALP.sloos174441 /1115/15 .000 till Tit TON4 lOTllMT till || TR4INIOIN NiiRYie IT. Tel INITIATION 1 fnxa Spiritual faith tti great trance ;
of the. Old *>rld. | *| TN| |>0l It | !'<( YOU* e0ON4l AID Or a ... 1UN40Mtll Pro courage to liberty
nut, ahatever the reason U an Individual ,. INS Solo sits AI001S rustic RIIATIONI' 4N| 1"1. fro liberty to abundance
ease oae thing la aure-every traveler OKMINI TNOU 0, YOU MO .111 hat YOV INOVIS Sill ..".. OIAION roo *T- m. abundance to aelflAhae*.
learns something.' He. Meets people of other Born May nit tan KOUIMI I IICI Ml TMW All THf U"""OIl TINMM TO ACNiivt vtMoMTIM4TI Pro aelfiNhneaa to euwplaeency
lands end heritages and Is given an. !.. June 2lst ..0 **C Mil YKtll IN tell IA, ........ Dllll |..OI has complacency to spotty.
sight Into their .-, interests and prob- 751 011151.11 .'G NASt hI *... er MI *o.ioiu ells Of Colt IIOOUINTTMM PTOM apathy to tfepeixieoey

1.... This la the way that .....4.r. lie IM*'IM ti,i* toM 5551 leg ro ...*. MN TOO *HTOVINS 7X0.77i5.6744TPISCES Tnm detwdem? back again to Rnarface
standings are dlsaolved-aad that bands l m*Ui I N4f| NO OMITIIT .e IT tI1r AK.a..lOM14A5g21. TO |M'11"| 4lovie la 1C years oar United State will b* 200
scrosa-the-... frleadahlpa are Made. IITItCTIN T"tINtwue 1411 eo ..!. vo" Bore Pwb. tu tars years old. This cycle la DOt inevitable-- ,
And this la the true significance. of the ..***tt. iweitw VIRGO ..., TO eoe't YO,O UNCIOITY. laM you U depewls apo Tout '.:
age of the Jet plane alca can eneoapasecoatlne ..e east no Mvitt i. Born Aug. 23rd tAN A .t.Mr.i OA* ro* (erUted fr a ...... ........ Jwvr I"" .
ta la a Matter of hours and offer Ills MKItt M w ."! Belt 2>1TN 7-3041-1 5-34-7)I OtkATIIII A-0 NlllNMtt -
| | II vet
the utmost In flying comfort while U Udoisg IIMI SILL SIN NOT toIWilV 0.4tlO ..!. YOU Ill TO MT '"tT>|* TOM
/ ao It 1s. of course, a. ageat of .*, OIKOVIt Ill TT lAG I nUl" N00 TO Y.I *0 INTM d
I4O> 0T MO 04* V0,.*
coMserce. hut more It la a Means of establishing II it ne I tint 54RICISs1NS ItTINT, OY TN| SIN., ton "Ii. X3r4 tin 5' ..Il1S'. 95,, Y.1 151 VOTE MAY 2et

and rewHtttag una>rataAdlag Ntwe ,... Tel TM| M,MT4M or VII : tc. list TtVtTII TO PLAY AIIOMtltMf

.. peoples' of tar-shart lan That significance. has bee Multiplied fey OKI ISIS'" SISSIES MO Clll..4TIO..t T.4t t*| Ml VlTIHIT I* IWTMR'It LIST 5511 51/51,55 TS1 MAY 28th Y 01 EYOUI'
our own principal airline Fan Aaerleaa. 10 etcet *wt' Sat CAUII MM 04*.
fwirtMCe ISIS too .MotNio. pee .. ..5 .., 00 T.|
Its coaataat policy golag beck Into a .. ,. Tw r* ..e5 40 r\.. .4IIH '''! sees Hl M.. R* 5/.. "C"".. *t I5t5S5'1t.
c at" rattveli primitive tit of coM rclal UOIM**! Dee a*! A 551' .. .. tie* ee R .le IONAO4M
I HI* ........ *W Swills San VW fillMIO ...'.5
air triMporUtloa. has been to reduce Cli MMIM MO.e Mt .. OOURM Ill IIOMN vote
lISts. 1T || MtrvMlY 'so.? 1.1 155511 I5
poaalble Ita purpose is to eoo 5 MOI u ee IMNTI
fare aheaeter 11 SACIISRS OOVt W.
coi.l.*T% INS I* II OOMRrlO aMwiwwAO
make world air travel Ue province of the PtA ,14 IIltlSTAL.MIIIUICi1S 0|.40I.4 ao ,....ll.4
TM M tk*'>MtM P Ast 5 0111vow
DOt jest the ,... ADd Ue salt is eccv..ititi .( *........ c* M 1.N'.
t'.... orTO 0ltbSa Mt MM RM tn'> .
7m la tie tatlstlca.. aa tovrla b air .,Ma Tw ,.,... IMCt N4TIINI ,..| 5105151/55 ...|R| TS1..sM5154.55Sae. 5111114 tit"11tii countsI
increases sharply ,eer after 'Hr. .551 SiIm TM 5051t
M 'Utt A5T $1.11115.1, t->os.s4.4.

.,_.. ,MtiY1c
-- -


lit 'I '1961 fLOIIDI Hit PAPEIS PATE J ,"
__U ____
I Jaxon Wins Statewide Honors Outstanding Educators Cited I

___ __ _

tUb LOuiSS CUINfARD r r F i

Dr. and Mr*. 1.1. SaUIl of 1921 Myrtle Avenue
celebrated their 0th wedding anniversary April

U, 1M4 with .. dinner party attended by sabers>>
4 of their fun,.
ti'_ Mri. Orville C. Payne fit* down trot lee fork :
City to bt with hey parents an this **atfvl eeeaalOB. 4
Dr. K.K. ailhi> Jr., of laahloitoa. D.C.
"L-# was also on hand to tittad personal good *iaha.Mr !'n a, -rrr
*. ttoa Laphart,. Mr, and Hra. Lomlatu Parsons t -1
ad .r. Mildred' Vhii* II,. none relatives r r ikf

partietpatiii in tit. ttltbration.Kuaaroua .
pl.L itataitl 6f conir tuUtlon sere r.
cured froi friends throughout the country* la*
cludln A. Phillip Randolph; Ut,. nral Brook
of Maaaachuattti and hit .oth r, Ura. J. Roatmond n
JOhnson of Nee York City and her daughter: and
.any othtr IHL DONll Hlihlliht of the recent Florida Mat Teachers Aaaoetatlon'a .
Mn.talth! hat served oa tilt staff of the JaekaonTillt annual convention in "I lilt. ... the presentation of wards for a food job,
Public Library. .n dune by Association HMtvra. Mrs LaKoaa Smith (left) prtttnt outttandlai -

Dr. ..IUII.' a retired phamctit. Ht la a saber service plaque to Dr. Gilbert L. Porter '1IT4' titeutUt secretary and
of Kappa" Ajpha Pal.rtd ralU. Inc. Dr. 1.1.. Qofba State "Del+.rtllllt of education eontultant "hilt Mr a. Vivian. Bot
-.:.. .;;:.:....;.. to., a.*ly tUtttd treasurer Department of Claaarooa Teachers and Dr. _,v.
.. -, Moore; president of ".othunv-Cookaan Collage (both seated). look on. Ceremony
.. ..:,.. Tactira annual
took >place during the claaaroon banqutt.
Guests atttndlni Kappa Alpha Pal Prattrnlty'a (Bonsai R. Jones Photo
Black and Vhltt Ball .tr. lit rella)y pleased lth

r. _e tilt ood created by the Richard Parker Band of Smith, Wingate Mother's Day Fete Being Programed I

OalataTlll. Florida. .",
WINS' KOIBtRWIP A ARO Aa a reward for having attained the atat1 highestincrease Th* ball *aa Mil attended. and njoyd by tutttaand Wedding SlatedMr.
It ntv abtrt during the put year, Mrs. Latlla Prlct.prMidtnt of hosts al I". and Mra. Itlliai Mrs Thelma Pdcardailll Singers, PUI JUIlUf40
L1)1'Mhite) Lodge No. 317 of Jaekaonylll ass ttndtrvd a fabulous sink stole Kappa ao and their Uidl U"! .) tuta sere pr- A. &lit II. 148 N. Macon present a arclal "ln,,m, Alhfrta\ Blt/see/
Airing a aptcial ctrtanny hid during the recant state convention la 8t Paul atnttd"tarVy 'ia' .tbs? .,lftln&. arching trot the Court this ..*k an Mothvr'a Pay proira hart, blue Gospel
An: Church tops The prls i sera ardtd by Fists Viet Grind President C. rear to the front of tilt auiitorlun and later jounced plans far the ftunday. May 10 at'10; Singers Antllt Quaptl
Blyth Andrm right -editor of Tanpa'a Florida P.'. In Trluph Hnn|| ." All ,*,., PicfllalorOo
( ), publisher gantln IIIIJ hUD. forcIng t circle for the sinctng of the "Kappaftmthrart dittni of their Uuu""httr. -
John Morgan (center) prtildtnt of Lily Witt Lodge V>. 6, Tape, son runntnip 101I1." .*" Muse vllna Mtth Churdi, Third and Franklin p.l Stagers, The

honor*. (Florida sentinel Bulletin Photo Offlcr of the Jackaonlll! Ouanl chapter In- to Clantic Untat Jr. Streets. OnupM Prhora and lUvmi"
Thla till 'h *p clala,
pmiraa In
dude Robert L. .ltch.ll,:p"I..urch.i Oaori H. abloh It scheduled to .
honor of all HoatMnfa sill| | hi the
MMCT ALOHO ALT PUTSCH Btarka, III, vice polmareh 'laarrnc 1'. Joa.a, take place Tuesday, May and sill| pay upcflal Pill Jubllt mtoalor'

Aathtatle, ttlrrln Oman keeper of records; tllllaa 'nnaon. keeper of 12 .t the corrctdtltf6 tribute to the nldrat Club, and the IkiahraaOirlatlan
.area**. 10 rteord 41rpa. Weddings .\ch"\.u r. Gorge B. Nairn !tmtnrtal\ secretary; p... --In Hi-cim.1 and Aid Club Ire.
for only 1 dollar HIfY" ,Ha""per; ,,,.tfllla.;, Ju1 hn 'hit It. atratiua Baptist Church. Rive j. this youngest dly.Pror Bother of lu Stress till orvca
A. UIU..a, ,Tth'. illltia n.ew..t .
First U** ffr. Cask, ; George C. Bass. pattor. of .. a Itillt."urr'nl"
order to historian; Bernard "ttlOllf. rtiaplaln. Julius fid participant
check or Bowy : sting
and '-h* till bf lilt rut
silt Include
ritiraiKHni, vitaoa 23.. Jualt .Mathtva It. 7 58. Oulnyard Journalist; and I0U. I I.. Qrrtn. dan of The reception sill hi the tall
ducrd hy Pfri JaarnnM.
Klaakjiaaa I,1 taatrla. is Boa 64, 71 and Vita) Hlldreth H. PlMlnc. pJ.d..... .. held liMdlally 1 '><11u. sore Trav lli ooap stars*| fllatrra, 1)lrt., Other. talent .t< !II,
par rtUra roe,..*. Sorry; Poay, Ht. 7, loa 81. Te..... Fie. 22 and VIr- lai the cr** ny In Awl, Clefs, OltntUI 0.,1 ,alao ",or'' r'
ao OOOr.. aunts 0. groan 2403 Lla Bran-h:: tKA, a:1 Thi public 1 I I In la. |II l.tl.
V* Jotvuon Arenus, .Ifl.. I, Ith atrost,
.1- l- ::= Bennie C. Tic. 628 W. Corn*) la One sea' hostess to the sort recent
seating of La Flours tilat CluiMM, illllMa
Union Star 32 and Ruth
: I A. Jones, MO) VadlaonRtr and Catherine Or*. >er*, ufat plajrr
t. ,22.Herbert Juanlia fyatt and Doris Shalt w.,. huh scorers
Dewetea. d ovl.5..'"MIBFollltr for the "*nlB."Mr*. *lHla O.ve.ey OH A Drive, 21 andRv.ba of the (ii.*t a ard.Dantt .
Meis.si1hpn 'hi Ttiiytr, Barbara talker' **tty fiflloa.

# 9 p. m. Moncrlef D.Road Rublnaon 23. 4816 nirothy rtmlap Pay 55.1.5 l am I Iyr"l Tureer acre Finer Gifts at Lower Prices!
Julian H, Johnson 1119N. : anuni other a"'*.ra pr mt.
fI Unootn Court, fl and The nett eeatlns of the ir-'up .( !II 1e held InPtrnandlna
I Addle 1.. Oatm, Il3t N. t1 su nes!

fI Lincoln Court, :.11.Jajwa : T "Peplne ".".. New w.vlel he the /IJttit lime /0
DOWNTOWN I* WilT ADAMS F. Jnnlna. 1027 Necklace & (hell (!Iv "Mm" Urgcp Dl$.m ndl)|

' ,. taliHit Sl.,:' .an4 !ftTal-.. ... see........ /.r.. Uwtf Mrl.,t ,I*>MI f*n e MI -
'IWAy-Mttt.NOIWOOO aulUt\I.n; t eeid.es Ullnrlrta flat
I disc Jackaon 1124 R.': l r' t-t- e...,. is..e v. .
IIACHPUZAUKIWOODSAN lun receded the 1lMan #latw a A. r-f last ** .daedwlNewq ,
22nd street 20. 'e'P
Huaday afternoon fro Gars .!tIt bras r>.pt.r of w 98' ,
JOSE Luther R. Orddt. 1481t. .ntt
Alpha Kappa Alpha .rrlty.. The tuUI'> alas saJe a a'
Mate St. .33 and Port IOAI iniNOOl
contribution to eke 'N'UT. -
Lee Cvana 1181 M. Mate .. ,..- tine.a/ gold s..e.pBe'
f fouc Street, 32. The rramtaion 'U a part wf Ui. "ororlty 1'--4' 0.la 1.e., hoe 5'O 11
to mo Insist ollt", 11 Project WA (A4van. <-tal Thmurt" M,.IM l ". and leo D d'sw.e.d is 0..,. 0', p.a.y /w4 J

Falrfai Bt. 27 and tlon. hlrh ...,htaUr* ..lueatl... raliaral and I = $1911 240.05
Carol;. ,. Mcl.ail ".'., oral aspeetesoelsl attlmi .1......'. burins, MaehnUrahlat << "oC' ,

1'7'72'' 2nd Mt. It.AlvU : LM it H a Me. .
otA L. lid II.10. "U' I.
+ P1114(111 SIMIlE
Inikan Ala. 2T and cs= !Stork Note :KI R ,
,, $ITHSTON leesge e1wee
Beautiful DUSTERS Geneva. f\lui f. .Johnaoe., 27 117fl. Mr. lid lira enSPOI Mr. Md urn Flits !k.'"I. \, leKLe.o ss be'y s..ees sod le4 set ,
street 1laus. 2017 Lila .tBtarti. 11 ...:a. 0 Fw.lw f.
tan4N> Ntlraatr
In Eyelet Botnte Cotton Thmgr C. Bfty, Thn aa- ..t. rry.GI'I.I' .I.n &HhIlU" ,J.. t ('t rE'12'" I Ifah 50,00BULOVA
till. Oa. 22 and loss
Nylon .
Amtl Fortrel Of aid Hra. Haroldalhoy toy.Mr. 'L.- tl -nm *.ttf
Lee Nenttll. Thtaaa- .
tad SsihJerdell.
lllt, 0*. It.ajr 4111 raralfia l 4111 Shed., --
Ch1l4'1 Irthl/.rte
Strict; Girl
1IM Davie Lee 5t.P.aadtri. 22 and, I'. Mil Mrs ...rii. Ll.d Price, .";. ..... M.hoc'1"erl'

BUM line Hardy, 1041 'lllla*.; 0705 I. wa lr and lira. Pdard ',........ .......4 Noe nee .M11
i ,I... Ct. ; ao7. J.".,..,... 2U'I. 4tMr. .... skid. '. ............
.. 4th Street, 17. ,"
Street. M,. ... 5 Pt 5'lgrl
.,. Md 'ra. P,*kl 1.1
I. I Tn awet $
Leroy Davit, TI4 t, LII" '". 21M I. Pdi* and wra. *....I.| I S25.aE. Lrwl
lesser Bt. tl aid tn kt e..N
'11 214 s 4lta ,
"4 A* M ; llrl .sM M re.p
ryathla J***!***, Ion 5t rest 01. rl Mad limo, aeleees.e 'iXsV
: .. 27th! Street, 2t, '& >
.f l7 JC 1L$
valets t. Clerk Me. I j )J"

fi Tra, ...Y.. 21 aad Mitt WOOLWORTH'SDOWNTOWN ..4 6ee -:"f a wM. e r
Crepes, 1110 f, 24th 4r
.4., ..t
feu rq Street. 17. aMwe..I
; >R 1., t, L.d1 JUNIIAM
.._ t+..." Tyl/O/ OIAMOMOIge

STORE ew ..... ..a".iat
II (iiiti .ullir -......
; ,1'J'I I ---- ....
... I, V"'4f. LI.I4 t, ..... ... ..... a w M M.w .

III 11(11 $11111 I l't sew wile .... 11 Jt'MTL$
v III Kill .+..s7.i'
\ .. 1111 tJtllll +r' DISCOWWUCDSTYUS4ADIES 1 ,.., ... $49lS e... .....
,, e.w?M I A aa..
nil ..../ pet Mir la IfU taj
9 ....lo at gust. ..

_e1 ..'.awe.. till pet .1 ere J.; WUSSIEIIS POP-Up TOASTER I SIMM & try IRON

nt wr w .*<. .. "eh, L.- Meud..h.ea I "eft 61 lemeI Meolp.IWWe
htt trw t ORIGINIAL VALUE AvOaIATIC Pv.A "' 1s.
i r. It vtll .M ,.. .ff, It ,,' I ages:ahr
ti ...... P: kIe ..4 ... '
< ea ral i TO $1.98 I........ .........
A _.... rite/a.. \ 77
--, *.f.a..at ..*!... ': NOW CDI
sellse ee ...,.,......... \
........... .... It ear, ::
Ve e ... 5.... "I e,M ... A MIlUTOIAT
a.ir M .*U*. .* Mat
.' >.>. ar ... eenaat IILAnI SEAMLESSWITH
.Mr. tLSR.riI.
e.. nT HEEL
+ab iasp ..
at'ttr, .. .., ........iP "" FIT QUALITY > FEBEELL

.hMp5l3oL ... ttO% KylM Hw/ SIZE
... as Mew/M
ep.cdel .rT rr e>I .. |'M|, CM..-t Mart Clear Knit i 18-11 Diamonds A
...+4 sr-w+. wets s ..w acre .... Beam tlPama MNpf3.r$12 r ,
*. l e. tr 401 PeI.o Puke P. 11M ..... pits
...... .., HKtffJ
1 AL'1Mf4fIC1/ pgAil4Mt1G1/TIl SIVs KJlritIi

5/.' M tt pt.ae t/.e r ash Stirs
15-11 MCY1It. .. OUt Iw4fHwnwn" 8.8458 Bl.ltlp 1.8197 tsine 113EI

.... I... flaw 1 ''a

PACE 4 sill PMIS ,l '< SITHtllY KIT !, ISM.. .1

first Bore HosHtgDislrkt Davis States Sorority Cites Leader Fined DramaScheduled Dorado's Slate Elder Russ;-

MeeliigELDFR Friday Nights By Beach TripA Is Cond'uctingpalatka -41

Cilvicidi Rehearsals Northvesteri Cast ".."ld." to Net RevivalFALATKA
Berlla Beach under the
At St. Matthe M w e' tmlor PIiv sponsorship of the Do*

Fbner eoipostr tad Rational Robe" aa la redo Social lid Savings c
BaptlatConventloa preetlve drtaa tins the Club till take place

director of mule, Pro, steel by the aaae aaao Tuesday, May 15 at w.OO: a

I. Clifford Davit, baa \ "t i r, till be presented by themuster P... Y
y (
leaned a call for all yy olaaa of north Traatportatloa till 9

Calraeadt of Songs lID,* tti ; western High School at leave Jefferson St. and

ire la the city to jots their clans play. Court g. Tae public iaItrtted.

Friday sight rehearsals Charles hisses, aaottetaadlat .

ID St. Matthew draaatlottadeat. Mother's
Baptist Church for tilt la to play the Day

Sunday, May 34th Ctltaeado leading role at Marcel Fete SlatedA

to bo held IB its lee Gallioa stroll,
tufltorluB.Frof. sensitive Ronaa soldier Mothers Day Prograi rider Prank
tko was Converted to till be prHtoted Sunday
said that Russ of 139 I. Moaroe
A. RILL rehearsals.. for the 1M Cbrtttltalty attar till la Plrat African Dal St., city, it con ductal'
...Hoit Pastor vertal Church locatedat
crucifixion of Chrltt.
or sore voles choir till ..era t soul stirring revival)
Iii leading lady, Man. i:29 E. First St.
get Da"fIIIIU:10 p.a.oa -- -- -- at Trluapb Holiness
Tilt District "MeetlBf RmEMS PEARSON, preeldent If the Ju Braea till bo played by Bally The devotion till be
Friday sights leading sad state branch.of the. IAACP. Church located on 1308
of Wrtt Bon larch of ip to the Nay 24 receives 'lluatB Rolttloat Attrd" sad a $300: contribution fro. _n. Roth C. bison lid Ardella Bat conducted by Mrt. A. Olive St. hero nichtlyChrtitiana ,
the LivlBf God 123 Solomon B..UWI White tad _re. W.M.
I.Nolro. OOIIC.,. All experienced aad Mra. Alaa C. Daalela. Antl-OrMaatent durlai reeeat let feeling the
St. it belai choral singers are la- pro'fIII prtientedbyaaeM Rho Oaota Chapter of Alpha Etppa Alpha Bororlty.Iao Tae following students Roaeburr,and Mra. Louise need of irayen and help
nightly ud will tid vited till pity other leading Steward will have charge
to participate through this sinister
Sunday night Ray lOtfc, Fountain Tolbert roles: oPtae pregame.Visitors or
with the group. Chapel School CelebratesNat'l God are urged to tttena
rider A. Hill pastor Noted throughout till Edttrd DatklBt Harold tad friends the nightly services

announced. aatloa both at a director AME Church Library Week Program Wilton, Johnny hi ley. tre Invited to share laactivitlea. which till cote to Iclo.

stint ud the ptttor of Male sod 0011. ROT P.I. Jones, pastor An iBpreaalvo featured obeervaace Nathan ,Keablt, Blaache .. on Sunday night
are inviting the general proiraa of
Morrieoa and Willie _
poser of numerous sacred la rtaladlBi all aeabora
Library Week at Susie E. Tolbert Kle
public to attead tbo
anabtra Pro t. Dull of the dinrcb that Sunday Jatea Laaear,.
sectary School /
services to hoar till which was highlighted by a book and Oabomo Longtorth.la .
racoatly conducted
till be
euo observed
soul review ud original poetry contests apooaored by
frln aeiiateaof order to insure. ac
concerts la Atlanta and also True
Bra. Wai teeM. McRae, school llbrariaa.AailatlBf .
Rder J.B. Ooeia.pre churches and at* h. Day.All efforts to __!_ nnnnnn.n...uuuu eoaodatloaa for the I
Idlii aldor of titJacfcecavllle to tile large audience eipocted .
Witrtct.VOTE raauao oomc.rtnett sake the two oba.rv.ceshighly la the prow teoond prize, students
then following the successful will "The Robe"
ire tore boobaobile of Mra. I.r. Jobottone,
Kay 24 ooaeert hero at be till be preaeated May
appreciated.Sunday) librarian Hra rbyllla
, of the fourth tradeBen; *
, \ It. lit tII... t activities Mall in 11 12 at B p... in the
1 cooperation with jaaia Bberad aeeoadpriie
1 I till begin with Sunday the Mala Public Library. and Audrey Hicka, school tyanaaiu Mrs

d L With A i Miool at 9: 30 .... with Book reviews and poems third prize' students of Nona land and Mra.
"Photcfjrupfey Style"One Betty Sessions are the
I Superintendent D. Jonet, were entered on a trade Ira. F.R. Turner, la
pr.1 dill. Choirs, stewards level tUb retired Fourth trade.Amela faculty advlton. Ardel
la Butler la the atudent
ushers -
are expected niflieb teacher Mrs Miss first
to be at their director, and He my. a
Chlahola and Joseph
prize' and Angela Mar
posts prior to the be. Smith and Ana Sunrise
Marricn, toner director tin honorable l.aUon.
flnaiat of the 11 .... of Public Libraries students of Mra. M.J. are the student pro
aervlee.Rev, Donalaon ducera.
serving aa Juditi.rrlwi
till eon, Roalyn Purdy,
till d liver the eeneon for the book review and and Joyce Polite, both Grace' Presbyterian t1 K
at 11:30: o'clock.At certificates were
a- honorable Mention and
7 p.I., a 1S-minute sanded by till public students of Miss W.D.
song service till uaherla library.The fella. Church News
the special Iotb." .
following received
Carolyn Lewis, first
V grogram !beginning at fir h..: prlie Mra. C.P. Ad....
7lo: under supervision lies U re tin* Brown of
nook reviews: tint L. Other honorable mentions

Stop Shopping For All of the youth and adult. wtlllana, first price, in drat Grade; Michael will the youth be the Fellowship speaker Sun,
The vice chalraaa of
Mra. M.D. king teacher .
; .teal h. Mrs P. L
the Trustee Board It day during the ,: 30 II.I.
Your Photographic Need.EllISON'S re- Omie Dwefleld. second Thompson;, Pred, Brown!>> eu nice which will beurlOrt.d ,KEN KNIGHT
coop.nlollof.lI prlM.Mra. ....,.1110.tor Mid Kla buss .n. R.P.Adava ,
elaaa leaders la ; Cheryl Tvonae Cole, ; Veronica Johnson by the Tooth Invites You To Listen To-
Conflnation Claaa with
PHOTO stepping church It.hn
SUPPLY ap third priae, Mr*. A.L. and a..on.Irner., Mra. the Adult Choir furnli
dllle. Ingress, all are ia till 07... ..d,,. and Stephen BIG BAND
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE Weekly prayer and elaaaeetlai rag the tnitie.
all ,nd.. Janet taltk. J< till be held Text for the aornlnctoraMp
4th Orade, first prlit, .
lyn iHliji, l".. litiul lily Tuesday at B P... All Mra. P. R. Tuner; L ndfield The protraa was held season till be; "DANCE PARTY"
choirs till Met .."' ..* "Having Loved Nia Own
*, :3rd Orade.aeconilTtift
kit H4 HI1. a ..4u.\:! 11.!....,v, rnr.rat. durlai an, aaaeahly ,lathe ,ff*, ,m.* tilt "Id. .
: $ Ire
f.C. Jontn.Mortlt
Cole 3rd Grade,. ,where school t kh.,' entity,. Pod He ;Loved" John the 131.to the ,Ililtlj' ,11:91: ?'M,"li'.JSSllilllf : -,

third print, irt r.C.JOM. "1tI. Matle Buokcaie" I Mil 12 ..
A Happy Mother Pay y. |.
poet and book revises
FLORIDA MEMORIAl to all. Tot are titty
COLLEGESt. Cheater Willie. 2nd
lad choral
music re* welcome to Grace
Orade, first prlie.. celvfd wards followlat 1400 WRHC 1400. .
Augustine Michael \fhibo., lecond the judtlnt.Mra. ".

pal:.; Nell wiitiui.tklrd Judy Pillaaa, ,.
Gtteway to Le.lersklp HtI Stnrka priae Mid nrlljn chlldren'a librarian, ...
... _...I..,...' Y.-r -
Reeves fourth prlie, tol d a ,delightful .._, --, "J. 4- ., .r..r M..r.r
fj" all etiidMt of Mr*, N. story and Mra. Aldonla : h ,
I. Overall*ett Joyner principal pre
poses: Patricia Hunt, seated the following more ,', \
!IIt! first prlie, in A.M. sue .h: ::.:) ; ,

Cash limits Lee Thora-" its. Lorena Johnaon "r I: ;.;; .
toa, second prize. Hra. coordinator of materials; Coke "

C. .. Jokaaon. J.... Mra Gloria Brooka, .
.' "I UI. ,third prlie tadAaaeleth audio hUll cuordtattocMr
Martla. MOO4priae Llatoa.epeclal eication. .

.t (fcflU or ira.A AU,. aid Mrs
.M. Cash ali indfra. Mtuae; Joseph Martini; less
Jot Ana Pltapatrlck aid Mra. Hall end Mra. Pll
.; I Beverly Plume .taltlt. h".. ,

15...August 7 HOllEY'S carry


Offirlfj I Selection off Forty lUUtldCIICKI [ best 4 ,{

Filly-AccrotMtod Coersis iarSUCtl

.. .. PIU

Le.4i. to the 6.S. hr.. I.: PHI WKCHUIflTITIQ ;


Elementary Education Religious Education I.. con 1 till St.. Mncrlifli. new

2.liui- |I.
English Science +

Hit Ibis II. T size j:

Music Education Social' Science

llu: firtttffs li Tmiltf III Sin UtiitrhtfiitlHil


tH utUI ittliltlit IId"t! tiiMiil Pew wt \sot rot"
CIVIL Mttor rwinow 110I A torn 11.10

1 Imli. iittltll dilf. Hi twittes seA pest preewit Jet wade trtlalfc Mall
this ....... for tees list of civil aervteopwaltleaa Quart

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NEW STUDENTS trvaala la a private e fto.l >tete4 to pr*>

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Board lngMM........$340.5O vies eualaeUe
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Non-Board lng.$225.0O ] ama SIR PCs'*T JOM Mo avtr tr'p to P*rtfr|(tor V* Mart}

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FOR INFORMATION s ed.............................II!......
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THE REGISTRAR self....................................... '

flOlIl' MEMORIAL COilESE aft................aiIrTr.: ........1t&t'L.... Coke

St. AvftithtO ......'--...................n.. .......... --a

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61s li KoreaMarryiag Youth JailedFor Outstanding Students Receive Hbnors School Teacher Desegregation

At ThreateningHis .........
Record Rile Shoots Heckler Planned By

LIlt year tan tarn 300 BARTOW, PI a-( A.- School District
) N
Negro soldiers stationed Sheriff Moarot Brannanreported la South CIL'2L1uONUNVILLE.' |
In Korea siring with Lloyd Bell it, was here that a
found guilty of dmaktBBtta 8. C --
tilt D.s. Eighth Negro high school teacher
and (NIP) south t'aroll..'.
.arrltd Korean elves conduct shot lid wouaded a
lint largest school district
by Recorder
according to 0.8. consulate whltt Ban after bt heck- la
for deaeireiatlon -
a Judge Job A.
rtcorda.Tbt ltd and threatened a
tics and placed oa two laBeptewber.Tbt .
all-tlae record of group of school children
ytara probatloa with orttnTlllt C aty
oa aa outing
1.938 Aaerleaa soldiers
tilt first 30 .days la the School Board la taklai
Robert Ray Oarrlsoa
30S of being Negroes ,
tHou. of Correction the actloa to "''011
Btttlai aarrltd to UtKOTMB 58. of Lakeland, waa certala
federal court
National la 1981. reported la fair condition "
ooapulaloa later
dell was arrtttad oa this week at
despite tilt fact that
tile coaplalat O.S. District Judge J.
the V... troop strength oa Lakeland Oeneral Hospital
father John tell who J. Bobtrt Mart l.. Jrflltd .
ID that country 11 .tpoatwar a with a small caliber '
accused bit BOB of a consent Judptat
low of about 50 bullet wound la Utatoaacb. last
threatening his lift Monday
000 sea. is said to btbaatd 'The
with a bit butcher rullai affects IS.
00 the tact that The sheriff said Ray 000 school
knife children la
the soldier cal get wild Bostaan.23: teacher '
Pellet said when they Orteavlllt Cant,. 20
In Lakeland told his
Barrltd soda taaltr tbiaIB
arrival Bill tu cbaalai per cent of the a Negro
bt abet oarrlton after
previous ytara. his father through the The pupil aaitiaatataad
thy IB there tn In- the white aaa accosted
yard of their vtatttdt tr an a ftr plan was
cr.alt ia Barrlages, hose Tile youth MBvalBi 1hs oat of the children and adopted tt t board Beetla -
when there are fever profaalty aDd struck another with a i la old.April lid

Attrlcsn soldiers to shouting to MB father. ttah gaff The Incident kept secret uatll Judge

Barry* 'M'B iotai to kill occurred during t 1sturday Marti.' order wet
Ir11 outing of the Ntiro -
The records show that '01. ftltd.

the 10 rell' A..rie III Bell told the court bt HQNOK OKADOATU Pictured here art ... of the dlatinctlon"( 8tanjlni.l to right art: Cbrl- school children atI Judge Mart la'a order

verger baa been gradual would like Boat control students who received the ..A. aDd L B. degrees vita J. Davis port Pierce, "with greater dis as{ a laktntarLaktland. specifies that five Ntiro -

ly cllBMni since use of his aon. ''tI. keeps fro tilt Florida AaH University Oollttt of Arti tinction" ; ftnntth !. Btlehtr, Jaekaoavtlla Court Orders children lltttd aaplalatlffa

with 233 Barrlaita, IBIMS nt upset and tt hatttta lid leltaett ",UII greater dlatlaetloa" aDd "with dlttlaetlon" 'II lard lataoa. Btbrlai, la a pendlaidesegregation

903 IB 1960 ,... other children la "wltb dlatlBCtloa." Heated la front left to "with dlattactloa" Alfredo Btoktt, Qulacy. Alabami City suit bt

and IB 193. 1.371. tilt boutt.Twpi right art: Christopher U crtnetiaw, Ptaaaoola, "with greater dtstlnotlon" a laatt L. Brown To Drop Barriers transferred to white
A fee years MO If tat! Youth "with dlatlactloa" Eleanor Johnson Vest Pale schools In Stpttabtr
Joins ; Tall all....., "with distinction" ; Barbara IIHaas BIWINOMMI (A.t? ,--
American soldier anted "with dlttlacttoa" ; Juantta 8. Aldrich, Ocala The ..,.....t was ar-
Jacksonville "with dlsllnctloa" ; tost- A federal ledge last
to Barry a Kortaa aatloaal Local College Bind "with dlatlBctloa" Barbara Jtfftrtoa Talla- rived tt daring rrttrial -
; welt Holloaan flattr Park "wltb greater dla* week ordered all public
the Any, for TAWA (AM) Mark baaatt, ",UII greater dlatlactlOB" RlchirdBoldtn ttBCtion" Penelope A. Jones, Mlial, "with facilities la Gada.... coaftrencea with
hat It considered foodrtaaooa
Judge MtrtlB.UPSET .
Jacksonville "with distinction" Jaataf.
log a rant for his race Btrtattr distinction" looker C. Peek, Jacksonfill' Ala. permanently deteirtitttd -
Md It aa difficult toodard. Klaal "lth distinction"
greater ; "with greater distinction" Dtlortt
guest Boitr, a 1961 and enjoined
u possible for grade ate of T.....'. Howard Bertha J. Oordaa, Lakeland, "with greater dla- Bright Baas, Tallahaaatt, "with distinction" tour city officials
the o.I. to aarry a local ." Van J. sate hlhbu..., "wltb dla-
I. Blake High lid Franklin Htallton, Quilt, with greater froa dlscrlalnstlni a-

After ilrl.fllllBi od aa School will"to od tour tlactloa" ; and OI.dlll. Ad.... Orlando, "wltb dtatlnrtion.( I tin at Negroes.Dimtriet SK.N

this ooth wltb Ut Unl- '
application followlai couaatllaf to Barry bya versify of Booth Florida Career Sailor Nearly 6 Million Korean VeteransAre J N & M Graduate 0 root a ruled for the' =.e..e.s..am.i. new ,our ...sh...1 ..

concert bind.Btitr plaintiffs r"ir.--r =:
la an otanlbui
chaplain, the piper who Reenlists For Enrolled In Studies VA States Gets Infantry I.. WNN ..... ...... "'n'
traveled tree the writ- sea the lateirstlon suit filed Inn.M...-MMMtut ..-
can t'a company coaaaadtr first Negro to enroll 6 Year Term ST. rrroi$!jia-*..riy two or every flee n'im School Post by a map or OadadenNeiroea. ,use,,...,/.N'7',Nee MM. ':: .N ern,
at osr located herein Osdaden -.h. 1 M.-. Ns.
la III'
have thus fsr taken adtantait >
Conflict vtttrana .
to Army beadqu.rt.n.lIDdcOlild HAMPTON ROADS, Va. Korean .. Mrt to*. toMM ..
Taapa, playa the Bill TAtuxorr .. ("11'1111J cattd about 60 allta l da.e .**> ", U* ee
01 mapleted
bt blocked anyhtrt (ANP) "1 Intend to of the Korean banns or MM .. ..:: :
along the line tuba. Aanni the central sake the Nary a carttrbtcMtt heist presently enrolled la lash.. (orw of educations _. A. Blair of Nsrytllle northeast of Mrwlnihaa.Judie .- enw.A. -
Florida towns la which Tenn. recently sal 'e.d II 5W
was Omwa" ruled that
training (he Veterana M-
Today, all that la I kaow It'a oat or readJuaUant lOVIlltl COMPIIIIONi
tilt band will appear duo said '""""""'''' assigned to the U.8. lilt plaintiffs 'itarr' eves pessinee
needed to get a parr!..e Blalatratloa today.
of the best avenue for
rime its tour art Pleat availablefigures ..u"... Ar.y la fan try school bees and art belai II.IIrcally toe_.... a..w,..Wens
certificate at tat COlI'.ulate' security and Itaratag Latest .w bay so" a -
City Brwidon, Bartow, a Since the all ht port Btaalai, Oa, He and "unronatltu* ....- 1 e..+'r..r.e -
la show there art ..
a office a .
trade w5 r new .w -
Ittttr fro the Ari'e1Je"t :.t.Vlatorjllavea, Laktland, approilaately I. Billion ease .flcctl" In |94., will serve aa aa la tloaall dlacrlalaaeHaialaat" | -. -...-...-.
That Pobtrt L.JtMltoB'a ,
M e.wrw 5 5w en en.Iw
Bradcnton and Saraaota. bonsai vtltraaa wtterans nf it II sad t II 0 tot IB Orotad IB the use tf ..
general office i mfcllMI
tiplaaatloa ::..:: : .= .
A lath of Taapa.BDgwr Komn' Conflict have re- nobility. the city twlaalai Neill|I. e .
stating that the applicant for rt-rnllatli. for alt Mated la the VA'a N. N .....n ...
recently received atrophy aoaUly tabttlailoa of c.hrcl eduialloaal and Captain Blair returned re.IIClflal facilities, -eae' seen. n.wwy pow
baa been counseled
The position taken b, for his outttand years atat-ytar after oowpltttaia ltch ".rlc.'. Ihlll eltraaa. training benefits total trim OerBany la fuse tf the municipal wdltahiBcoffee ..M.M----..-. ........

the consulate's office lai ptrforaanct aa a flsi tiling aboard ,the ." and data far I ni a.re then It billion last year ...... bt <*>s' shop, city Nail
basketball player durlai up tbrraih Jun*. less .ended a II ". Menu" and buaea,
according to an officialof aircraft carrier U."II. alabtd by the VA'a !re-
--- -- --- -
the latra-wwral tourna-
that office a.. "Ourpoaltloa 1.d.r'l d.u. (cu.U) partatat "f Co1p.ssa'
la tbat tbtABtrieaB .tat at PM). aa a atcond class Postal tlon ,...101 and Education ...

sTildi'ei'twBealka S{ M clerk disclose 2.US. 160

into this off let VOTE jMlaoi the aa of Dr.Dwnala lave entered Ut 01 bill i

baa the aaat rllhta a* Jwalaoa of Boatoa scAoolltf rroirio.

any other American." ( try. Ala., wade the A further. brtakdora of \

-.. .. ..... decision after tilt ladtptadtaet < this atcMd pbaat of the .d !

oat of the irtattat ua tducatlaa KET
Nay' meat seder al rroirta seer aadtr SUPER MAR

ships, suckered here takes la the free

for a ali-wtit stay; : worldUt 01 Blllaof .
l ekes Bob packed hit' world Bar II aid the QUANTITT BIGHTS ilitlviD

sad sea started aid defile bach aboard bait tor.a of Conflict Ut foratr.-ahowtdaoat Ola SPECIALS GOOD IHRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

tilt ship te begs kit these tdttatloa aadtralalai
atcoad "bitch," btfoiad la trafta, SUGAR CURED SMOKEDPICNICS FLA. GRADE "A" FRESH

tilt skipper hit.ttlt. tradt and l.clutfJ.Tohl

Cart. J.O. BMW la nat Category see
} wattles to glee the ilad II 2,000. J.fI:'i HENS

Over i.ttorlta la-
hand for his wlat dclaVM.Mt .-
la BO atranitf ( .; tff' \-
(ki.|a..t lalatrallta '. .
U tat skipper, mimes bt
You Will Never Be was .....44 Milt atr* ad Ba.a.trla-n>..eoO.PailattrlacllT. \ '

Uaeflployed As A Registered Barber lai aboard. the |adip., 000. HALF \:
Ttarftlai'HI.000 BH-| orWHOLE
disc ftr BtalaBdlti1ptrfDrawict % << : LB.19
Enroll Now .f ttBtdtoatdtlltvry claw, dratiitrr, wt.rl- .
d tilt Ball."' aerias'I1,000deal

JACKSONVILLEBARBER Mt baa alto to* atrtrttotbtr and Ntltflral a
Itlttrt of apt rMclatloa. tl.000. LB.
COLLEGE INC. Of tile 2.1 Btllltatralawd.

Per bit MCtad lire ofdwty << 1.307.000 eve t
630 DAVIS ST. at Beaver
... to tolltftt, wbllt the
111% air CiHititiili.cmiTiiu. rtes'assietaatpesaf lattltBUtaa "|actllttw .

riMiii tins f.r ttt ratt 0 rWytart Itvtl Mrrt.'

la Btltcblaifltldt. BOBdMCt BCktott, *BIk > CHEERCAN SHORTENING39c

'1'.t dttldtdU *.far tralalai,

MAKE EVERY DAYMOTHER'S atla Ut levy, w.ttaltr la twvtarlMa the II

*..un ef.tl ee*,' Bell far ttrld tar II

DAYwith bt ..,1...... Ht sell M ttUrtat' tdtcatltaaat 3 LB.
4 9
caste to ttlllM "*f '.1 .1111. weter

this W uuf IB tit- tlKtrt ass taklai ....t". .,

cal a...." tat bMtnit.

Afttr viallTyfti fUt ., .MM |9 ailllM edit Hill MI iMI till w Sill (Iii' iriir" L" ue ittl SIN er Sere .IH< eider

B.f,* a lattrttr c. BM efVsiiarents. _
Malcatltt ritttrltlMa tl llttltt Bf lltlaittttraat

i .b..U .*!<* bt till Hilt Ut Btrawa u. S. 6000 5 1110+. STEAK n. 69CAR60 U.S. ft 1POTAJOES

It tee. tattr the .ir> OMHIrt ..... '.'

rest .,*trt ,,.,,..." Authors Tralaiif

bt b.... tt catait bltitlaatlflmUM
mi to Uat''Pater for Teachers GOLDEN IANTAM CORN w cu 10$

.f ....t'I.1aa, tana, at
$ 00 I yttiBUf ttt .....> ....a L. ....." M.la .

2 ten eel a desire I. tees trt fttttr of '

Mt tft* tar Id me.. otftrt bltlto at lamb
led .. ties ..U..... Hat Colltit, .. u.

sob ,. idle Ut leer Bttbtr tf B r...., '.e

lint c..dtJ Mr IBM visa ,art lltbtd IB tie atilt
.,. t|.. BUM AM .. bMlrtttlt4 |94. -. tfB se 1.. INTER CUT PORK CHOPS u. s.e

klMitk hi"H 5.55.6. .. ,.. _I.. IIIt4 end Belied eetheaeLici'

tla ....Ut.. She traltlai .,

I*Dui ItDeu *m., .tt..it.*.. /nee. ....., tes.s.r.et .

f Mi ret**** Tel fM.., t4 .. Cartebwa. ct fey M..B,trrMBMlt. ROYAL LONG MAW IK > I u MI. 35TOLNH

'ClHtflt Ctftttf" feet the ,...n "rwfllMBdMt ..
later Iij lilt II IIIISBMTIS *.r B |..-,..r peeled' I NET MEAMi SWHUP II u" 3ftftMMOST

.-l .. B.9. Ilve,. .. Bit t i Mtt...i. tf /

141' ,.... ....... ... ....*.r. *,ait ry. >*rBlBB '

SttAIS MOS f 11II1111I M. ........ "U.". BB4 s.* Bll.B, KI OWl ASSOtTW fUVOtS ttl. VU

agaW.. .**, e.f, .
121 MMI n. .4MI i 1:4111 4tCP11L


d J r .1


. Outstanding Church Worker Honored WoocIIrn __ __ Anniversary I Celebrants I




HIM Jacqotlynt SaUthatabtr
a of toodlava
Presbyterian Chinch Ao
baa been aatrlealatlBgon
ttt Ted Mack Atwtatr
Hoar U .... York City
It not kick boat with
otbtr mi filly, tat
alto to bar cfaareh ud
choir ..m.,.. Tfct two
choirs art Joyfully
tinging their ttleott
to ber. Tht pastor, Rt?
tBDLLENOBM n ttlaon.tlth U. pleasing
expression btMlof on
bit fact bespeaks bit
ttlaoat to has hUb
Church School begins

at 9:10: .... Sunday OBSERVANCE of their 16th anniversary till bt ftaUrtd by the vtllknom btptl
Nay 10, with T.V. Huger Crusaders Sunday, May 10th at I:10 ,... ia Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Annex.
la dla,... Morning tor- Quttt rtcitallttt till l.el.tII. Boly Lights, Aunbtaa Singers, Cllftont, Star I
ship service btglaa at Lights and other gotptl troup Tfat public It Inflttd.
CHORCH tOUtt Mr.. Jtlllt I, Pootautttttd pearl RoJ.... Otll.,. taking part la the (rotraaIncladtd loSS a. .. Rtf. r. D.
( clllt.r),'" extolled for oatttandlnf draroh: : Mra. Carrie BoCall, Mr*. rJnora MeBrldt, ,Wilson, pastor, till Churches To Shire
work Monday sight bjr ...bars sad triads at It. Mra. Eva Jartlan, Mr*. Leona Jackson Mrs Lola bring the ........ The ROYAL ART STUDIO
Vtrnon Baptist Church's cduettloa Building where. Magma, Mrt. Lndtlla Mitchell Mr*. Purl talktr Chancel and wtatalaittr In Anniversaries : .
the Itprtitlft prograa took ,hce. Prograa participant Mra. Oract Ibltfltld, Mr. Larttha '11 H..., .,.. choirs till iiipport the Slant 515 MVIS SHEET
shows trot left art: Rtf. G.T. McCall '.'Htltn Jackson, .,.. Minait loses, Deacon J.C service with Miss Bat Mt BaptistChurch
pastor: .". Mlnnlt Bailey, Ir. Rachtll Brooks Hick, Deacon ffllllt Watkln, Mra. Louise Johnson, Nttttitti at the orian. till obatm tttfth Order kin at liiicii fricuPIITI '
Clarinet 'lack, Mr*. pootaan bonortt; Dtbra Mack, Basel Pootaaa Discos Lonnlt llllaat and Mrt. fie Chrlatlan Education ( anniversary and the. CAtlsifiiailsFaviIJirKpsClays
first of Me.. B. r. Addison
Mrs. Mary ,al.", Nrt. aladyt Vanght and Mn. Lara Busts Martin, (Royal Art Studio Photo) Dtpartatat will present
I \ a Mothtrt Day prograa pastor, beginning !

Sunday tight, May 10, at Monday sight _
Mt. Sinai Holiness Mt. Salem 7:30 p... This pro gras fie following churches HACK I IIITE CHOISEPIITOIE

IIEI Til HE ILL Slates Revival till bt supported by and congregations haft
.I Church Services ,
the Youth choir under been invited to share

II loa ...11 The Bttt Doctor The Chinch of cod, Revival .."Ie.. rorIIt..I. the direction of Mra. la the observance Quality Photographs
than Tour Doctor Prescribes Stttlt aid Blat St*., Baptist Church, Fred D. Dtrlt. All ... Pblladtlphla Baptist CIIICIES-VEIBIIGS-SICim
Ott Bxptritoctd PbaraaoiaUAcoording Bishop O.B. lynn pat located at 22nd Bt. and ben and friends please St. Matthew Baptist -
: to Tour Doctcr'tOrdtra. tor, .111 conduct a Myrtle Avenue, till bee coat out and hear this laanutl Baptist Mt Pkiil EL 4-IIS4
Or, C.B.froprlttor. 11':11; ,. Oat Only Tat Btttkiallty special service Sundayat sin Monday night May choir of toaorrot. Hit Calvary Baptist test
( Drag 3 P.". la Mt. SlntlHollnttt II, and till continue Youth choir till b. Friendship, First Net
Church, Rider through May 17. btautlfnlly robd.ftdnttitay. Zion Ltttlt Rock
wmsTrtn L.M. Sparks ptttor.Blthop The services till bt Hay 13. at Second Baptist ItTho.
l mARtAaro TO snvt TOO Ryna till deliver conducted by tile Rtf. 7:30: p... the Mid-w,ek ..., Friendly lap
A COMPLETE LINE OPCotattlea tilt ttraoa and l.A. Anderson, ptttor prayer service till bt tint, Trinity Baptist
Rubber Scuds Candltt SaadrltaPRISCRIPTIONS .111 bt attltttd by bit of Btthltbta itptltt directed by Elder J.H. St. Stephen AI". 8t
CALLED POR AND n".nluoLilly's choirs ushers and eon Church. lCUII.1II and Deacon Al. John Baptist, Btthtl
irasttlon. Thlt soul'stirrleg, btrti Maxey.Church. Baptist and Mt. Ararat
A soul stirring ....... soul>Mflng r"halUI Baptlat.
Drvg Store It proalttd alone with btgla at 7 p.a. The pub Plans Alexander Anderson,
fine tltflDi and the lit ta tittndtd a cordlarinvltttlon dialnan. announced that

W? IIIIS IIII El 3J27I ,'10111110., It cordially, IfTtttd. 'tand. to ate Anniversary Event till Ht.bt Sinai observed Night Monday"

The (lit annltriary of
and a pro, will baprtttattd
Mt. Ulla Baptist Church: nndtr dine
lid the sixth of Rt*.
tlon of Mra. Btttla
Grant Lee pastor, till
OPEN FRIDAY Grant and Mra. ThtrttaLocktood. I
/ begin Monday at I p.a .
and ttnlnatt May 11.
9 Htabtra of tilt anal I
Tit P.W. Rev w.A. Mack of ftrttry caaaltttt iselude U 1:. ...." I,0/1/
Greater .Ntt ",naal..
Mrt. PataltRttftt
Baptist Chircb till
baft chant of the
R.P. Htrndon ate
optnlai Rev

Think of it! Only / I/ Baptist'.I. Levant Church of till Bt. Mark conduct Turner rotary,; aaalttaat Mra.. Florence; Des

con Baautl Orant. tree
the service Tuesday\

hilt Now It., Ptpd...
.,$I..d., Rtt
S199' :: C. 0. Brown sight of Mtaalah "nr.GO TO for these who $Mk.youn1I5OTTlee.vn.Mcoaa.ovtuse I

I' / Baptist church till have te91-H
chart Thursday >lht,
: ; eo5..ww or Meaeosviuc VNOee
Me,. H. 1' Oftrttrttt of CHURCH ,,"Of..,...., .011I PIPIf-COU
cowr"N".turn roes n.f,
wt 000UR Mt. Tabor Baptist Friday ..
OWN rINANCiNGh sight RtT. Lee Ie
queen of Royal Tabti
aaclt Baptist and Rtt
h Arthur HcCray. of African
Baptist Church no teriei4w.
May 17 at 3: 30 p. a.Rtv. .
C.J. Crosby of sure

_... Trinity Baptist Church
... .. .111 ,,,adl.'" II. Rtf.t. 3101 EMERSON IIiwroc

e L g fire leAf 1e stores n .I. Mill of Mt, Calvary uum
Mew.....sv.lseegh lap ittat Cfltrdi till CM u
ewyh duet the atrflct. The
,................. ""' ,",tot
tai 11M.......sissgs..... laiittra till bt acoepaaltd '
............. by their
a avntf Mattr.im+vt*d tri* choirs cad coairtiatloat.
.. Deacon C.L. Mall PUBLIC NOTICE
I. t la analvtrtary cbalraaa
.Iws ewta geR.heM arleeuvnevus.5..ry
a and till& lift tee

..1 vsessse'.s..........Bsbid ..=.... :"Mto to alotlac rtaarka ALL PRICES GOOD AT OUR

,Mwgs.W......dese w4
........ Elder Tarver
e a Agar*sibstwyg
w ........5.w Returns From nut iMHta rata ta
: i :: :.:.

I M.aee lpq le eei.sN. State Meeting
C'" 3L!::=:
...............+ea Yl de r,,.M. Tarftr. patur
at the MMM tf OwiIII
+ 18"1 AI LOW ) .. site Bt.. bat
5225 WYLMtYi reamed frt a 7tayBtatt
pwttco AI At at. ly la Ota

gent City FRYERS 23C
state dtlt.aUt la attwdaact
B tree Jades .
tlllt "..ft.. bevies t
spiritually rich tlatartai dWALL warms IAR B-Q
S t. gnu a./ the ttttltat sod

the flat rtttrd taautatd SPARE RIBS 45

itttltM by flttr la Tarftrblcft her a

..: btlai r.......... ta

I ,a'rn5 Ii I the Jadaoailltt, Bay tlth caardlBMaday all LOOK(){ ( WHAT 29WIL BUY!

.. chained aa Mattla
w wk *pa sat altb atrtttva

k ie raw $. r. 5. rrw n ,./ .t%. t*'it bt tic ftatartdtarMh dayBtMly RMS C

prayer atttlailaacktdalH PI& TAILS LII.
=.M ... ttr ..trj
t h...., alibt. Tarry HOG MAWS fII

ottlM it ttaUd far FAT BACKMtfTOff
w prides alibi af OU'
; e"".blRiwiM
end Y.e M.rs1 -
t ,,,... art "...,.. tata MiM m HI mm tuf M rat n mini CI

.h.rc *tr eenlaw





Church Briefs Youths Inspect College's Facilities During Founder's Day Presbyterians
__ __ __
flay Get First
DsaCOISaS A. ....U. a $ R
.eaber of tile 110... of Negro Moderator
God it recuperating tt v PII OKLAKWA CITY Ok I.. -
tile hose of her daughter ; : (ANP) A Negro slnl.

Hn. Z. HI Ion, 28 Hires t ter stands to "becoae' the
St. folloilng a surgical rori.3a k.t4 first Maher of bis race
operation It a local to be elected general

hoapltal. Frleada nay I Odertor of the United
visit her.Charles I Presbyterian Church la
the United States, hen

sis of 4T4T the 1.2-allllon-ueiber
Avenue B., U recovering 11111 denoalnatlon bold Its
fro a recent aurgleal e .. 1 ITItb Oeaeral Aaaeablybr .

operation afelaleteredla *. May 2121.
a local hoiplUl. ftay H* is the Rv, Flder 0.
rclv visitors Hatkias, pastor of It
Mrs. 81.. is a ..btr Augustine church In Nee
of the House of God. York city who is t

. candidate, long silk
the Rev. A, Ray Cart-
Tb. Pulpit and Aid (
lldge.pMtor of Covenant
Board of N..,Bethel WE:
church Erie, Pa for
Church ulllj' present a
tilt high ,oat.
Mother Day Tea Sunday
May 10th at' 4 p.an in
the church auditorium NEWPURE
and the public I* in*
Tlted. Ufa. Alberta
Morris la president of OIL

tilt sponsoring organl
satlon. p

A Sprint Tea la scheduled
under the auspices
of lichens Court 77. .. ...lOw..... -- -
Heroines of Jericho Sunday fllOIIN aboro la front of Anderson Hall.Florida Manorial ColUi. St. Augustine, Grriing to the group sere itmdd by PMC ,president Dr. ..'. I'll""'., Ae-
May 17 at 4 p... In are neabara of the Youth Council ot\the Second Baptist Church (Jacksonville), co ping than on behalf of the Reoond Baptist Church of which Rev J.C. ana RIGHTMAN
St. Stephens1ME. OIu rda'a who sere special guests at the ooili on April 25. The college visit capped is puto. ere Mrs. Alean '. Ttrver Mra. Cleve) Cronartle and II,.. Rath
dlnlngroon. Youth leek activities, during .blch the Council "took over" the affairs of Bryant Hurting up the youth organization as president i* Beaal U Sullins.
the cturchlncluding this Inspection of the churchrelated college plant. IllliM A. Collins serves aa vie president

Baptist Choir 1 Church of It.la Vernon planning Beifeune Grades Kappas' Induct Northwestern Appreciation Program Coniig (veils This U a top business

a Rainbo Tea and : Group To Feature v appreciation program till be held for AjidretMrralt A Chars Mop elll .befeatured opportunity The right
Pineapple Sip, for Sun Present Piigr.Itr..h. 5 New Members Sunday at 0:10: ,.*., In African United .by the lesion man can have training
4 financial. aid and com-
day. May 17 at s.
Program Sunday Church Heailnols Culture Girls
the la- .
Jo the Education build- Initiation of five nee rifle mI'IThdlalnlf: en.sistsns.
portance of a healthy Appearing\ on the pro ire. sill b* tilt Christian Friday sift May I fro TIlt btiMiifu
ini. Mr*. Esther Lee ambers Into tll.or.ana. !LL..llt1! ], Air 7-SO until ... In
body and clean surroundings i rictlilor Voice of Jeraulae. Hushes.Btngers : II and nroitt rvtiwtial are
Whit and Mra. RlalraThoapaon the second grad t latlon MghliaMed a recent The Speech end pros KcCtll Slngera, Rev Moa ""h. Mrs. the Youth Center, 2U rxrrflrnt, Call or wnle
are heading of ...tbuatI..lIhl'l+ aeetlng of the Choir of :North.etrnJunlor M.n (kmitaan, Union angers and Cider till toes and Chat His,, Mia todAY In:
the progrss oMltte*. School presented. a progras Jackaonvlll Al UDIIICIIapt.r > 8nor High burr urn.ltortha Bell I* sponaor and Mrs. A. HI- CIIerh,.. lloodwrtb anflounced. PO W1X :3137JACKIiONYIU.K
tbeaed "Healthyand of Kappa Alpha School till be !>rs- Its** till serve a* stress of cereannles, M A.
Psl Fraternity.They OR CALL JM-IM1
*..ited. by the Blanch R.Colcean .
Clean" under the are: Joseph Dur
A.L. Levis Branch nCA Friendly Club -
'supervision of Mrs. J.F.MruM .
den fllllaa Muldro,
.111 bold an electors
of Mount Rios A.Y.E.
Mrs. I.I. Taylor .
Henry Danifl. Hiue ,
aaaeetly during a dinner .
Church, In a .chtlot"'r'
.. Mrs, ,.11. Thompson and awns and Clifford J. "je
Monday. May 25 at p. Day observanceonl r liPEACNESte
Irs.-48. Vaahtsgtop.reira. 89
hue 4
la BreveUr dlningrootbf: riii.daj> e tsingj; i*, t
partlclpantaIncluded. Paul Is athletic ell recto Ceit
. the church suditorlus., Na.vt ti 01 111,it0
: r and bead coach of
A sisterhood Dinner Th church I* located I I
Robin .111 feature the birthday at Ne nan and'leaver NIt '" MiOit kianaGlPi 01
Barbara Ranks, Th* rtanag! see *>enher >
of the iaaortal Rts. The progrsa silt GIant. QHMH CDC M srviiII
Natban Bacon David Per- art affiliated1th
I Florae Nightingale May sell, Charttta lackley the Duval County begin st T p.a. and Is omALl GOOD QUANTITY COIN M.
II at 7 p... during the Carl Porter TvetteHtttcbliaan. Kchool ayaten.Robert open to nil of the THROUGH SATURDAY RIGHTS IISWVIO 2 ? JOJ
friends .f Mount. ,
I observance of Rational Vincent Oil L. Mitchell. young Cwt
_---Ho. rltal tk In Btu\fefasAlkoaero Pride presided dUn,"1"8 Flsn.
The fcpvVch and' Drs.a -"' r'l IifiL I" '.
atr cafeteria. Sr.sstets Francis Hayes Geraldtllllaaa eereunny hlrh featured c ( Mil
Aleanas Association Oatrlll Choir Is directed by the
theses swabers pr a at-
la aponaorlag tilt sullies, energetic Ire Hones .. sun 'niMiiM flU cu
Hoggn lag a gift to the chap t 111.
.".t. Mra. Matilda W.Brota Debbie Fdearda, Rhythm ter and guidance being Bland and Its 14 neater COFFEE 69

la president of Rend Pr Helps H, t.Jrnklaa given to the honorees group baa selected the ROUND STEAK t IAIa
the organisation and Mr*. Doris by KlpUa L. CIn.... deco elastic potae Annabel
,., v ".eel I. of pledget Lee The Have, old L.Lt t' Y. tIO Of rnrt r as ...lit.I R
slack and Vnknom Bars, -1?I1e- fHUI KIM SllttSIRLOIN /
Choir Jjf llajpseir. --Th h.t..r aoraisireuhnps'lf A Kappna'. aoagfeatcllaated -
( ewl Wt...t l and guy b>> pale and ..,i.
(.thodlaCTiurdh't.M'PlaMlaf t for tbejcereMny 4lCON c
and Fond 1.0'er pro'societies. I STEAK'"high CII 111I111 11,43
a Mother a Day first graders sere pre Present de ,ail the There elll ,
Sunday. May 10 st I.... seated under the surer aeetlag sere:
iathebureh auditorlua.Th vision of Miss I. A1 tares M. .........r.fI. llcaart- also be .**..* tress tbelofigtlae fob P-ORK
program la being, arranged Mra. T.'. Donald ann.f.talUril. ('. "" 18.. famrll Mac CHOPS pmurs lull T
beth and The Rota.Meabera
by Mra. TbraAaron Mrs. V.J. Rogers sad R. ft I th, (. CrHll, ..L A
: chair***. Mrs. A.J. Tlllo..., laatrsclors Stara, N. Itieard, ..A. of the choir I : FRYERS
,. . are Robert Qrahaa,
father, A. spite 1.Oulnyard. ) 79
faerie \. /
Larry Ryals y
L. Blwd. J.T. attar, F4.ar4 rwklaa, l/ 'ifJ HISSES t
Floyd, '.L. IUtll.... ) 59C
You Dolt Nave To 10 *>>> Toes T* Itt I. Ri act. ..l. It 111..., JeifTfelae Hon., Ju|II \ : I Hill
JnhneiM, l*.fftIt Hasan, \ II. 3
Jr. 0... Btarke* 111. !' 1..11 S2 C
.,.ll* toiler, BlascM J
LOW PRICES UJ1'I'II' It.. ('fII1'arUT1MR.: uorrleo. ei|"|, Jess ,
Musford, Call Moeard, ----0' ).- .
am Iras Fierce sad Jane ,
OH Your raM |MnrtMrMM ee..peefle Balth.Serving.
Unurt, s.......*.. as juniorfr '
DRUG STORE NEEDS t.teer sad Verdi laU b.*'***.* the pro.. H'f ;)
sr-M gall cad I* per gras elll be: tilt
Trade *lth Tour .Neighborhood Drug MeteR ail *r. *. IfitUI series Broaa, JeMll pvteransi, t t ttSUGAR
nu. MOTT: Art PRiC'* AOV.U YOW LOCAL PTIM.t / slated by the eetrle Camty hterweae.erty HERSBEY'S .t.etr I :! 8
t Del h.r.It ab. fill all Doctor',* tr.ecr/ptl.es -ry, Srlt rfert: .U. Ales BarsettVaywls 1
s.l. ...** M .ellre*. .t..e. M*.e A.Utlsf .
pile. *U'er, IS Seller Pests Uflsg,
Dixie Pharmacy M.k.. Ideal gilt teethe Margaret III ana, Haiti
eel elleeur .* ...,* Rat Tbospsn, BrillsJoMeua.
1112 Hi/ It hell at Itrtli Anise |.**.. seed *.*.,...r, .ref J.vrelra Mlcfe*. i.'
elder. *.elff 11at ... .!**.. .MSS .l.. $
rims_ nail $.SSII-H meiMf ...,"" tan srt tt. .. Ml die*I ate ,
..&M.e.e..tLt. dryer, ..'1. fl rsld vlllerAlettsder .
.t..rNeeferetrs.e U1. ..ta.. Jsi I .... : r --" t
PIT THI lli1l.,. i1El III UlfgHCWUJ a..tru.etrMleed.. Pre.pi '1.l.(.." tea tio>*.l .ef field.MldftMl '"
JI'HI "' I all r*i...epl eilss.Muae1O.la | 5 lI. IU 29.
STIIC .. serer, .. CO/, Jr. .a." .. DuH. 0'
JM** MiaJl.lwry Mite ." ..
.*. .Ite ting. U
Mr*, Asses ...... I* MAYONNAISE
pre.i..t *r tae .!..*. t
R, c lw. Pri ly tick !; cw !

CAR CTWWWWd end eit.*.Uteran a*. a* IsellstlM lows' I t/3;s, Y _

ffL t. atl'*d tale Mtaee i .k t t Pt i ecL 4 t1.t .*,e ee; A%

WASH tIn hi ....,..***, -atet. g .ergnr 1 g MN11111

I -w.Nt W CMKTREnTuBE THINK YH Vet.U"S lifori lilt :=' 11.M I

W hill up G.S .........-15 w.,s..e ._ II'
YOU SAvtupltOX lOc pt. CAL I BANANAS t. lOt : UN t I
j, AT ......, 104. SYORSa I IM4 MftT>

I UK ItllllI

I Sill Itfiifiiflt

| Asp lilt

Is InI ,1 jtl OIL t

I hip' Infiin' 39C

1161 KINGS ROAD EL3-6flC3 'M 1IF..1 &If tLTL.

V ..- '

PIE I flllill mi rmu JATIIHT WAY I, ISM

Valedictory Oration Social Science Association Cites Leaders- -. Admission him Nat'l Hospital

Heads Attend ,: .' '. : :i1! : :- '. For New Students Week Observance i

QUESTION: What is the seining of the tern Nat'l Confab ....... '! :'' ;, '''! : '; "."' ;. Slated At A & MT.c.LAHASSlEAclal..loa Is Scheduled t
address"V.L '" : ";"' .. "' ,i! .' '
-valedictory '

AVSwni: In earlier days studentspeakingat JACKSON. Miss Professors .' .:._ i..J. ...\..:,' .,..>.,.... _. "._{' TALLAHASSEE National
: '
: siavlaatlon for newstudents
; ;
In the colleges
commencement was popular. Hospital leek will be
Ann R. Carlo, "
.,1.. i : .. .., F Florid AaM
; at
and universities the highest ranking student Charles U. 61 tb, Lee .".. 'kl:, ;, ,:ii.. 71' University for the first observed at tilt florid
delivers the "valedictory" oration. dell Hey land Hid Edgar AM onlvaraity Hospital
This oration Is considered the"farewell" Eppi, all of Florida : trimester of the IM4-C5 May 12 through May IT,
will be ad-
address which can be descriptive of many AIM University, attendedthe / school ten according; to aa an*
subjects.The ministered TuesdaySept. nounetwMit today by the
National Association
r. 1. at B Ie.., Edwla M.
second highest ranking student delivers of Social science : ; Rev. J.T. Crutcbtr. ad-
the "salutatory" oration which Thorpe, director of adaiasloaa tilting officer.A .
Tcbr Meeting br
% .
; and record,announced
+ Is the "welcome address" recently. : j' i series of special
the third ranking student delivers .: today.Orientatioa
Dr. Gayl**, a a.ber of ) event, being planned
what Is described as the clans oration the icutlT ooMltt .. ; ; : ': /\,\" will mark tilt obser
and sometimes the best speaker In the and chain! of tb ., ,'i.' men aDd new students ,an c,. These will Include .
.. ..t\,,: ," will be held Taesdsy
class gets this assignment.In public school Motion, : :
college, these addresses should not presided over all high through Sunday, Sept. May 12, a tea and tour
exceed 12 minutes each; and in high school session. t-0 he said. These students for all volunteerorganizations
school five minutes Is sufficient. will register on that work
j or. C.V. frith, chairman -
I It Is the practice now for the administration of the sociology fedaetdsy, Sept. 2. oa the FAMU Hospital

of an Institution to Invite a section, presided over wards.
A & M Schedules
guest speaker for commencement; but we its session Dr. tpps RCCKIVt CITATIONS Rutledge .rlO.Chft), President Florida NAACP; Dr. May 14, a luncheon for

are not sure that this la the best prac and Dr ".,had presented John I. Davis, Director-Teacher Intonation udl.carltt. NAACP Father Theodore all employees with 10

tlce,because commencement la for students. papers, R. Gibson past president Florida NAACP; Jack Gordon Dade County School Trimester DeadlineTALLAHASSEESaturday years or nor of cos

READERS: The writer of this column will hues Mitchell, social Board Member who accepted citation la behalf of U.s. Senator Hubert Humphrey. tlnual service at the

prepare upon request valedictory, salutatory science instructor at Others cited were ".r. State Ben and Associate General Counsel NAACP, Atty. hospital. During the

and class orations. For my free Florida AiM university Constance Motley; and Dr. Robert C. Hayliaf of Bt. Augostln Awards were la August IS, la the last luncheon, service award

public speaking pamphlet send two stamps High School, also attended recognition of outstanding contributions in the fight for hnaaa dignity and day for students to ak certificates will be

and a self-addressed long envelope to: Dr. the meeting H* un cIIn tan cI1a.. (Nona E. Jones Photo ) application for aclal..loD presented to the

".H. Roulware Box ::110-A, Florida AAM University presentee1 a paper to to the first trimester ...

Tallahassee, Fla. 12307. tie high school section. Police Reports Gtbbs $246,000 ExpansionPlan of the acadealn year May IT, (Open Hou between
1084-RS at Florida Mil the hours of 3:50:

Miss Ana Troup, 23, of Gets Top Approval University, according toan and 4'00: (+.s.
. Festive Occasion For Gourmets 4423 Nff nth Avenue, a announcement made An Invitation la ex-

barmaid at the 48th Bt. ST. PimsBCRB-Construction of 1246.000 worthof today by Edwin' .Thorpe, tended by the hospital's
Tavern, 4801 Nf Und additional facilities is expected to get underway director of idnlstiens staff to the general
wr A.a ,, AVO., told police Monday on the ceapu of 01 bb* Junior College lilt public to attend the Annual
bAJ> 1 1. f'.u. ........................ and records.Dormitories.
that a lulled Male all Open Nouae. The
Dr. John I. Reabert, offices are two .ajor
robbed her of cash event will be highlighted
students will be opened
president of Olbb, disclosed item of the construction -
1.. ?sly register proceeds and a this week that a prograw) Funds hive on Monday August 31, at by exhibit throughout .

bank deposit. three ama survey tea also been approved for 2 P. .. for the first the hospital, fllcu.In. .-
The vlctia stated that National'
'trl..t.r on Honpltal
repreatntlas the State the remodeling of the of the ensuing
the suspect, prewaed to school year The lint week and institutionalcontributions
Department of (education: sitting Olbb libraryto
be between the ages meeting of classes will to public
had approved his plans permit an expansionof
of 20 to 30 years, was for the construction of its service programs be on Monday: Sept.T, health and medicine.
about S feet il inches
new facilities that to include nuning
in h e1gAt and ..,a.wu
pproilaately ITS/pound.' would tcconodite a Cadets Complete Military Study I
student body of 1500 by
She said he was wearIng -
1970. er !
a seek over his Ii
The ttas eowpoaed of .
face- 'presusably n ..- ; : .
Dr Lee Henderson, Assistant : .
-Ian' stocking, had on
director in the
a black hat, long sleeve ;
Division of Comvaity "ii
brown plaid shirt, brow 1 '
Junior College. Charles
L slacks and wore leather ,
Chick, Coordinator of .
--- gloc es.Miss. .\ .
Ulftl PROGRAM' A Hioellan lean, with all too colorful and exotic Polynesian Troun eetiaatedj School 91n.,.. and John .

trlMlnis, incladlni roast sucklina pig, was presented by students l h the Advanced the stolen proceeds to Poster, Architect, spent ,

Food Management class at the Florida AaM University Department of How total about .... It in two days at Glbb conducting I J i -

Roonoalca u a "wrap-up" of the Just*ended second trl***trB activities on addition to a shotgun s plant survey I .
the Tallahassee campus (bests at the luau included BMbrs of the PAM facultyand belonging to the pro- and study of Olbb

staff. Shown placing aaiples of the Iu...' delicacies on her plate Is Mrs. prietor. projected needs based on ..

Annie L. Cooper acting dean of WOMD. Ataltlni their turn arc MU !PrancesTboaaa Dr lee be tt'a: rcoen- .. f" I.

state advisor florid Association of Nee Hoaeaakers of Anerica, andOeoris det ions l-
ft1NNY "UII'i .
I. Conoly, associate professor and teacher-trainer in agriculture and TIM.e.reakar. ..miebl"... ..k..it Dr. Rbrt said s f { s
technology and executive secretary of the PAMU General Alumni AaaocistloaStandlm ....Toe rased .p.rla/. small sir. fat odeni conditioned J .:: '
behind the table art-, fro left, Bttle A. fright, Dunellon; Or. Carrlaa WM-k MI twin .r ether. (.iwl'.1.| library, s tttchlngauditorlu ro'
a Marquess> professor of foods Institutional nsgeent, Ml: Robin- seer Slake Sam ,....'...1'. t.otaulhphk. with faculty t' '
| nr wklliM "'* )
son, Webster: Beatrice Hall, Tallahassee; Jacqueline Johnson ftlllMS.Dsde
pln-r. tmlMl( silk (I** mil. *(i- Graduates Feted
City; and tally) Mitchell Bryant, savannah, 0*. (photo by Flllyau) pet In obis.,Ive pawl. .r
TALlAHAKSrr -- Music rrm U.K. ARMY ratni-wiOfM -- rundlilutei fur ae liwlnan *n uraind llm- I

I for the lam arty and tenants la the O.K.r t and ewhrr of the Flnrlda AAM University claim nf

reception give by Dr. 1944 are pictured here. The 4rv nmphitcii who received their crtwliwlon frn

EARNING and LEARNING and Mrs. George .. Gore Lt. Co. Albert J. Parker professor ot, military science at PAW pictured

Jr. for Maber of the left to right here are: Charlie Henry Jr., Jconvlll U>ul*' T. NcwilrkKuril ,

Florid AU University fay; tnnhlnnton Jr. narthex Jr.. In tOIl. (1IIItthr.uI".1I Itaff graduate

clue of 1914 at Kihie and Regular Amy ,Kelfctre); Robert" P. Harris, Lakeland, first trUrator .ra
Boys Girls> Can Make Mon yr Manor was furslnhed by ate; Uirenno a. Phillip, Dalnm City; Rarry ... (fanre, RlvrrMe, N.J.j llllellll

11111. Urklasof Tr, .i.*, Mray Rncti.; rnMt: J. RlrklM'L' Jtrkminvllle; John A. famon, Port

Decetber, 1983. graduateof Pierce; Horace wtiltfielil" llnter Havmt; Willie ... Panel Jacksonville; Hit .

."J PAMU. Larklna played chell H. Cwphell. Jr., Jackmnvllle: Clayton J. llltr, Norfolk Va.; and Jwm

popular Mid classical wooden MlMl.. Not plctired arr AIM rMl'... VIMl. and lutes Stephens' Rrto -

Hundreds of Florida Star Newsboys selection on the unseat *. (commissioned>d nerenber :20! I9 3). Horace Inlitht Orlando, and Rpurnim
tkrouchoet Ue reception Mc"llllii, T.|lha...... (Photo by Lillian )

Are EARNING from $1. to $10.00 Week ,'i R I Honor Grads Fetede" itipOflie WASTES

And LEARNING to do business. : Help, JUl',
ttrretartal, good |*

YOUNGSTERSI you are smart and Ragllab. drive car.
: : I work la Miami trite:,
want to earn your own money >> Jsterstate. P.O. Boa
V. '"1. I.
this is the way to do it. Y.iI Florid

PARENTS! Your child may not -t : ... f' 'f I' KIP WASTES'

need money, but the training gained A hews Rsdwnter'TTalmee
x : > alp wehoel. grad *r

as a newsboy will help him to be soy wllege. Meet be
3'- ..' .. .. ,p: \ geed la tad lab. tilltrals.

successful in later life. Many of the \ t. I. <", atartlag salary

.. .
write lateratate press

most successful men were Newsboys ,. .. I r I ... P.O. Boa 1171. Jackao.
wills Ie ,, rUI.
I *
1. "fr I.
N l \ _.

Start A Route Anywhere \ .' t
'" ,
I'i!' ,
You Live In Florida <4. ,
i<11 :.I, t "".T1L R= PlUUC1I111- .<*).er* ef the seater class ef plerte .M Odlvertlty

seitoe1 ef Pir*1Cf sire fetedat Ue re et Fifth Assail *..,. jwt hoMrlatir4aatlat

Isiissis k ,arcy atteeal. leaker ef Ue sealer *!***. faculty sad staff
,,'II Pit In It ;
1 la ne ached el nrw.ry are aletered ",.. Seated left U right are- aoherta.

S arbiM(%. a.e.late professor la Ptr. cy; France A. tllllM. aegat*.

FILL OUT THIS COUPON TODAY 1 f*? Fletcher ."u*. arttM*. .....- talker, Tllakaeei 'till P. Arckle.TM .

PUBIU' STU 138 N. \, JM Avetuejtiwi. niI l a: Bentar P. Dve bialy; h..a. ..,ti., Tallahassee; Trtto R..ttie. -
< MCf'tU" K* el ef PkaiMcy. .t..... are Berets Ralph Orl4; >*rry -

BL Jeaal**, *
pk r9. Jeea a. Ray Ft. Pierce. Uw4e I I curs nut man LAIr IWII ,,.,..., ef nr.*cy, end a e>ef ...ie-ri|, llnl. The awi.iet CM *s...*,.. to

tae Florida Mi Valvtrtlty *tl *t ttMft ef Ue Amen Pbsnsa*Ural *.-

lIeta'''' (tier b Plllyse) ilE+ltfi$

1- tawaT a PWM MO, ; ewlt5
\ com LOU! : vovm tvovtrs UCLA

swu rwt rasaC1 AV b.rs ....... itnJ IIM Imi U.

I Bead ay child M wot** of th* PUrlda scan *. 5.aa lm Bsew.sd rw 5M Bur .'W ...... Maasq .... AaaM.i'te S.'Cf age
I I credit U start ala la wises. I will pay lie w ss .. at mean! mm mi dket asjaM Is peers Sastli bt
eg VIsM... Prided
.m M Inrra U es,,"""I'"
Fiends star lit fr e* a **ej he sells. The** r
tt are art **... I will retara and will Mt be -.an< nLID IAIS OAT tmlf.rwe 01 Ui WeekWMBM

I r*t wir<.. U pay far ..!< e*.|e.. ItniII Fint MNrwflMv IIH17 Tie (urn Ii Jatwt Eso

s.... Tr.* .... OMI ,

1 1 fiourw OP tjpmuM >47 !....**l T* --. Basgtl ,.3 3 dJ fIaelf ..UO, $S 0.dse .
m. C* CI t-Gt<
Oa totU KA 444U
) a*'.99 2M Asset.
M., tail

. . "


I ,
MAT S, 1114. Fllllli STAI APEIS MCE I


__ -

I Miami Fairways Sessions Interschoolastlc Speech, Drama Convention Site Record Broken H

Citations Announced At A & M
tAI.UIIASsrI-a. of outatandlai actora and M*

traaa tk tk* Pltttntk Annual Florida Iat racholaatle J tes 0a
tt.*ohuidDraai TtitlrU and Conference:
poiaorad by tk* Florida MM University ..part.t -

,. of pok sad Dress tire announced this ok ;;
by Dr." Raadalph Maoada. had of the dparUnt.Dutataadlai .
aetor*' Vllll |. illllana, aath
hceor* test to two students girl" la ).
(f'CII MairaBockr the Lot. "
T. vaaklkftoa Ktin halos ACid.., Hlih

School. tk7 .... ,.,1- School BARTOV ROil
Bald .rtlo.... .t.r" otlllaai. an mrt. : /11tJJ
s and vltllw .r... M Conrad Schulylr," U

Jerry." II "Ibe ZOO "Losely Lady."
story," a.,. Carm HI eh School
OUira l cladd. Uncoil MIAMI Carol Pavla aa
Hlh" School, TALUHASSnMilaald "Vimnla"' In "Gloria
MoatMor. M Mon d1."

"a aw," and k.Uald Mlaal NorthwaUrn. Hint

!Roll. aa "a aniittr" School MIAMI. Anal I
la Balcony Bct. athlaiton, aa "Nora r II
North Dad Nigh" Miool, "Andrew" I. "!!r.d al r

II MIl. PrUea ltlllaa, Gust"
".altr Hoc!,*," !' Hunirrford HI 111I School
aa MIAMI-CUMoUttAf uMbltlca booth plant for the r CMt 74th Annual Florida
r .D. laUo ." MDWIUJC, Barbara dr'seyp
H1 looker Nigh School, aa "lotrl," In state Teachers Ataoclatlon Convntlon la Mlaat **r. teens Nroan ChfU,
special atrktta rlll.t'Uu. for the' P,v l'foU O..panyand Lairwto Hatch*
SARASOfA. Vllli Loan, 11. Slatn' Trawdy1.1
aa "tiplM." la 'PIObo4J' Lincoln Mw. >rlal Hldi lar (itraw right), Chip of lI'ul public rvlationa agent, both of *011 apprar
to b* getting across one final point, Standing l1| to r) Brow, fir Otltort L.
Rlttpa. School pALMrno. nary
Porter PTA bcutl' Secretary) Prank T. (0..... ftmithvnt Union) rprriit*<
Ualoa Academy High Curtla. aa "Liail
live Gulf Oil Ctmpany; Ulysses Horn, anUtant convention rtmrdliMtor and,
school M1Tl-s. Cil laColllaa fimn. la "Th* lest
I .' MJJNITFS "When bisebkll's "aU "' laical ar.
of p *i Jackie Koblaaon visited aa 'lit but There U.
Hiul recently, an laportant nattr on the ainda tas a round of coif lth It." la 't.oe.a UOV
friends hoat! by Harry Markoclts (third fron lift) and friends and .*>bn of 0.I. Ctr"r Hlih" Bdioel Of The World's
I WtatTl Country Club.. Participating In the flraya section Iron left sirs, : MIAMI Hair Pyk**. a* Tune
Mark Matthtti, Robinson, Markodtx! over of Misers Hampton House IIot.1,11* ""*>lrt Certetil'In
Ian and C. Spears! aceountant-acnber of ititvltw. "Gloria ....dl."

-- Mlal. Northitm Nigh
I Miamian Plans Graduate Fortune Smiles School, MIAMI M naaXanila I

.h __. __ aa "Kdvarda.: Disc JockeyIi
Studyfll Champion
OH Poilier, dish Sad lilies' Asdrees'Is"Pp.ct.l CoffM, aa"Joha

II Dllferenl' Way 011.*,."
Hunarford Nlh! flrhrol.PttoavllI .

R MIAMI 1.11. gluey *. Joha Moist,
Poltlr, da.* fnrtiia aa **o*.at,** In ''nI. '
r has nslled on .....? 'h.er.' ,,,..41. It L 1 1 f

Johnny "Nnnh.' but In dlf< Clacola M''rial Milk. :" M
tenet ",.. school PALM TTO. Colll t .i
Mda.y a.history\ byb.ooalag tllllaaa.aa ". 18U-
the fleet nam lid Roald MtGlotUoR.I' ,
to eta Holly.ooj' btactor's "1'. kr***," la'Ik
'."'.. .,I tt Dfr I.."
ii hi* Hp.r>> |t."O.NI. Llacola' Ml'ik SrhoolTALLANDRsrr L iAlkato
t 'LU I.. of tk* CirolyaClayicn
a.. '1.ld. Hi ,...r4 an .'a *lrJ, \: :
cam aa a r*".lt of kl* la Valtmy scene." w

own *ffnrl*. r rtrr>rrar* nick .
"....'* rarest mod fT- 'tbo4ll.| oVINCr. lanai

tune, m the ether .haul, Prose, aa ".,.. tilHard1 .
had aothlai to rto vltkrrorrcaliwal In TM Pl! lnrma.1
aMllty.J .
<4iM"y, aeerdtnto a ,North Dade Klak Xrli..|,
"rort. atiada to rear Ml Ml. Nanny Oijthroi'l,
a 1.tllt k*'a'"* elI II "'*111." u .niikLlaeoln .
.a* strict tm the T.ia* IlldII....
tSex3Snit _. .. silted to kl I.
property Niia 'thx |, Moiill
J.o"IIP A.' n-Hecratly notified that ky bin "...4rar.ata.Tfiaa OAlimviU. rorna| Brolbtr Ray

she. had heft rr-o..fti'lH for a ouallfylat year k* wa alaflat M lass. u "*atk r," I*
acard by the toodnra llna MIowMp. Po n I" Penelope Ann Jose., l..4 grs4uste a4 ray k* n><..*4. a Il.ltil ralti 505. .. .. .
cholOCT "ajor fm* Pl..rld* MM t ilvrr,lty peruses ...**, at Nsrr'a 1 44 AM ...1",.U, -
calalofura J. .*.,dI *f a graduate whool offrrlai 4rrlca Mr Id the Vies Mllft .I.TULUWW',
l1e: best a. "|Hrar* nf .t.41. la tier II.'" *bonaaaUtln Ro e lIntel Mr*. .
.k.r la Dr. Jesuit C. shard, head of Mesh rrl*.d rltlr Career Soldier 4F
the Dvari at' of P.n*.U r at florid ....Orl&I'nil adilff..t ..,.1,. bet
IOU fled that she had rwfltrl only '%MoraM > nand k. dnf not Ml*.. Is AssignedTo
seat lea." II.I Joa*. *.. .has aa .rp.r* It .lll canes UUtltloaaad F
Unity for tm years *f .t..., M th* *..4rot all. ."!. ,,.*.,*,. Uht FAMU's ROTC

BM Prllakl PowidttlM aeslltytst year atard.Tb a path I* tk* door taU,...."? ,."r1 4 Nick, Li.Melee .

.lIIater. .f U* late 'r. and Ira. MM teals of Negro actor Pin.Mt Fray '*lIff nf .! serld' asrsede.stsag
Jo..* *f jackMMvlll. she I* a (ra rt MlaX School .f that city. I., "IHen "...n.w.....*. sad ..* ..ntlf ...I.*** t. tie
tistlae.fl Waifs
,_|a la stet ltk kr .r )ik.r ud piardlaa, ttty.foaald tare sat of serf ta bee Pallid. nut. 'tel lantrntttr (
Josee. 1211 ir* Ctk tru feet City tare U k*. .r*., at
trbt.y 'all/,...) II.*. *.' 1. sad TV ,..rt. AIM calamity,
peels 1 are ni.t U r.. .
M* ... .*r" Msa"elutsat
eel sad hire tk"," ....nct., frnlr ,..t,
Chapter Holds Electionstk tai said *44lac .* cadets.
't kao yov'r ..*..,
...,., *.rM H Teller
.. r- more ad .*r. .*.r..* M 'rred Ii
*--.At tat rent ..rtl tluof rtrtd tree ur*. (. Fra&Rlr Mm *...
alto U.IUa. U* ta t.o ohaetet 4f Pkl Delta TV. aid la flla' *. bet I.d. |l.i, elite k*
.. .
|an. Pr.fM..oul fr t,nllF 'e "estteL eta they ar* tee nee ..r*.4 M Plates *.raal >
... scboe) a tee *f than **t all
.1. Jest
flan -r.. *ltt 4 Vet <. M1U .. se4isert.ra
tk r rt
S M., use 21. ..t'll Sad. Pespsdin doesss
f.,., kl< ,r*.k .* tae lafanlry MUI.... SEE AND HEAR THESE
M Me send ereAe ly
ff IicF: artiest ht : llotf1 TV .*... ..4 k* stilt In h Met sad Nee Ns.
aa.1.***.. la tic
fiaiaura resisted .* !. .
"*ll4 Slat**. Ne see
L. ontr" r.. sts'
tt.<.. II* blab smtwl,
... sect *.rry
asst ,..,Ie 1111an yen.
IHI after Nits k*
Sorry shoat *ktkr
o Lrsesas Ise hens ..t.rd Ik* tMM
yen',. .*M.r of ,.**.
Pea.sa4 hest' ends ., Stales dray I. I* a
e Ponds ben Mir II"' ...., seteni et sirld

C Fttasthud. VOTE .aril
o P.ew sdbsp ism tal soon m QUB wws WAME1260MIAMI

fete sir...... TAO mass florUA '-I f .III |. Hlis

,Of' twcisl sod cUfe s..t"i.4nictvr

Y. .. I' ..!,1 .. Iris of el"fs.l
Lit u. > Stsr* v*.e.vc U* data for
t.., part or fashlo *KO' or *.51 t
"... sea
-r lies .u "Ch' stoeldr.seso.r "\, .t -

office lOt I..., ttas Tsssta,,.ai. .
Un Nightly At 11 m.
Hear "Hot p.
W 1m Tiiaeli. ThVStU t' o
t With DentU W. Jones 4 Harold L BraynonSlTlII
M4.q pntha*. too Iii: .M UN Iff Mea 377-M25




{ 'ffU111l


Ii Aiiilitry PlansAaalnrs.rr Pioneer Leader Honored Adult GradsSchedule "Show Of Stars"
West Union Plans Women's Day Set For Auditorium

Annual *os.s's I Day Will Btll co-chairman; I,.. Fete Class Play Saturday. May 9th

b. observed nay IT, *.Co Cooper, BTO *alriao Tfla ibtb analTanaryobservance The Stashes Adult Musical history la
throughout the day In : Mrs Illll ". *of the ladles School June bOld to be side whea
feat Dotoi Baptist Dennis, evealas sinus &iailltary II of tilt till praaaat graduates for their The Biggest Show of
Choreb. ohalraaa; Miss Evelyn international Longehoresea's Yp ;y .Y ff, I elaaa play a three act Stars for -ei Spring
Tbs officers an: Mri. Bodlaoa, eo-cbalraaa; Association fill ooady entitled .'Hillbilly Kdltloa appears at
Nona I. Whit, chairnHri. Mra. o.T. Pundits, ba bald Buaday, May Waddla" by till Jacksoavllla'a Audi
; Eleanor Bowena, souvenir proiru; Miss 10 at T P.I. la Mt, Art Craft Coapuy, May terms on Saturday, May
co-ca a Ira an; Mr*. Vera Bandra Cuaalags, co* Vernon Baptist Church. 12 at B Itb. Never before baa
Blakely, seorstary; Mra. ebalriaa; Mlaa L. .. Mra Katie it rick land centered such a group of top re-
Ruth Soloaan, fusses Blob, hospitality; Mra. till ba the taaat around play the la Belanlc.le cording artists been
chalnta; MM. Elias R. loT, BMP aoa, co-chsir* soloist along with. other d really, 'with "raw* .....bhd la perIOD for
III' Perry, Bun day taboo lID i Mra. L. Cousin ga, outstanding artists Balaaiebla'a deteral the aaaa evening' a en*
ehalnaa; Mrs Rosa B. tai; Mra. M. Cuaalags, partlelpatlai the nation to find husbands tertalnaeat, and male
McCriy, co -eb Ii 1'111I; tai and publicity chi pretraa.Prttada for bla four d_gbt.rs. faaa la this area are la
Mn, Beatrice braes, Bad ,.. and the
IU II Yattla general 'The cast included the for a big treat.
aorning service chairaa Ball, co-chalraan. public are Invited. u followlaf aealora. : JohnS Heading the bill of
; Mra Lllllaa C.
till Biggest Show of
sic ..d, Frank Styles,
Stars la that talent-
Donna Jackson, AJphoaeo
Pyre, John Ooolaby, EzraHayes packed auslclan, JaaesBrown.
James Is lot
Jon Jackson,
only a top vocalist, ha
Maola Medlock, Donald
I Moore, Claudezeal Alvin, also playa tilt organ,
piano, baaa and druisl
Lanora DavU.Htry John
ffn, Albert Buckaer, This accomplished artist
THANK YOU Poaate Otter, Cora baa racked up record
Ovoaa, Daniel Moody and fans all over the
v'R country, first aa a
Charles Balth.
M .
rhythm lid blues vocalist -
I The play will be pre-
I sincerely appraelata your confidence and sup GRAND LADY Of BEAUTY CULTURE Dr. Marjorie 8. Joiner, center standing, Chi aented IB the school then with his
till oontlnua
You ba certain that I
port. CM
of this office tub af- ClIO ohio leader and beauty culture educator, *aa honored for her loni-tlaa auditorium I.D. Sweet instrumental group, and
4 conducting service to the United Beauty School Owners and Tschers Association during the la principal and Mra. moat recently In a co.-_ -
flctaney and dlfalty. I Mil eontUue doing I'
finest education orgsnl cation'a convention hid at the Denver-Hilton Hotel, Denver, Colorado. T. A, Poster, director.AKA' plete switch to balladsvJmaea
children the
beat to '
aaaura your bird pas preeented by Mrs. Juanlta White, Denrer, aa to. Paler, Loa Angeles Cite travel .ith hi*
poaalbla regional office, The Coca-Cola Company, look on. Seated la Mra. Mattle Hen own band and complete
1 deraonDayton Ohio. The Coca-Cola Company ... donor of the appreciation plaqua NAACP PrexyA shoe, and has made ape
received by II,.. Joyner, who la coordinator of the organization of beauty cul- 'ik san Relationa" pearencea to enthusiastic
ture afelniatratore and educator audiences all over the
award and presentation
1 ISH BRANTYOUR of a 1300 contribution North American continent.

Stanton Vocational to tha local NAACP Chap Critics seem to
Fishion-0-Rimi Philadelphia Choir ter highlighted GainaHho agree that he la probably -
I Announces ActivitiesSenior 0.... Chapter of the most exciting
NEWLY IEELECTEDSCHOOL Slated For May 11th To Observe Fete Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority performer to appear in
Claaa Play.May .
the last 10
'The lasso of Abyaalata Inc. Project AMAdvanceen yrara.
Baptist Church will sponsor 2S, Senior Horahlp Choir lot Philadelphia t Through AIM appearing with UIBIIC..t
May 31. Day Sprint Bap
a aiaaer Pathlon-Q- Baptist Church will observe Knowledge and Action
tilt Church Senior will be popular recordIng -
I Russ and hair style shoe Ita annlvrraaryMay lat Sunday.Cited .
Paid Pol. Adv. t I Day 17 at J:30 P.'. In Claaa night, June IConenceaent 20 at 8 p.*.. In the via Rutledg, stars such a* Bolo-
June ); men Burke, Garnet Miami,
the church auditorial. church audltorlu president of the Jai
Civic Auditorium Chapter and florid Dianne lanlell,n... Tams,
The Orlonn.Otl Redding
Branches of the NAACP. ,
In receiving the ctnh Anna King Tlimy Rh..,
contribution Mr. Pearson Dean and Jean Robby
stated that it van Byrd johnny and Bill),

IREE TIRE DOTATION EVERY 500Q MILa=S.a..ANY'BRAND -I Ir. the Jaunt ever single given('tintrlbutlon the* the ,.....the riaaen.fmceetng uliow. will

: bf the 11'111111011IIlc.,
local branch by any one
r* iNMw t, 44tNEW
orxanlxatlnn. King OJI...*. I

In pre,mtlBg the award Just reading the lineup I
t4" to Mr. Pearson the of talent to be pre I Ihe
sorority stated: Rented on ", ftlg, .e..t I
"A good lender keeps Show of tarn fur '(14 ?, I
"Spring wmtlon. enouch I Ii
hit eyes on bit' goal.
l Vi We4StuAH He strives to sake the to leave the i averacn ___ L a..
ef(nrte:frhlii/oUwn\ .11 jy." ,--.c.a- hreUhO a "J
QUMTI and hltmelf contribute less. It'll he a Tits
hAh?a .ur,.rr,.i... A M to the achievement of even ing at Jack mnvl 1 1 e*a
abundant llvlag fir Civic Audttnrlum on Mar
I er=...::: -= all and the lapnvcaantaf It'' 2 big ahntM, ,B ,.-.
I .................... civlllatlon." and 11 p...
... +.r .'
r -- r

......aa ..... ......$r...... ) I IMPEIIU nines
.4 a.w.Pr............ ,0bb '
.. w rxtntt :'jmiciNm nvivnvxML 4..

Or. Rm\n wnn, M. ".:1\1:



MIRACLE RW-SYN Ike Jonoph............Proprlftnrfitnte

and Jefferson Streets FL -94'2




,Al El n) LOCK

WI 11-MONTH MONTH 24-MONTH I cult to thank My -r

'- 2N' 2N' 64 gain' 1 friends for tbt I r '
6. AIR CUSHION SAFETY NYLON NYLON support and pledge

equal and Upartlal

justice to all.'
$ N' Pol. Adv.

$3 54


..t v ..-.Mi.a.th..w.. a
1..0..5 at.....-M-U..e .-

jjl! J1JJ; Ir:

PRICIJUy4mr ..... 1 Sit Spedpgg. M. t 1.Ise 1I..J U.LOnTH .

'I.ca. All DIO".NGf" .

....t far IMT MM ptical Wide **.} ga.><...... 3'Mit hM. t" nave e71on ..era jsPdu.is. ....... RWldw t...I, L9MTIRS 'I"IoICII

lor|... ....... M 4h e 4.I LAME UKTCM IoICII



t -2- ] sear w u... M eM y7i ,. er saw taw. FISH STUKS 59SNAFPSI 38 u.

..... w taw.r .. aeae r s.... e... e. 11
......... ... irtoouaTRGOT
sew aq..r... ..i iir..a ...r..,. et........ tw.r_._ w u tfV


jmm na ammo II lI cicurr


S. W. REAJ.f 4
I1.AU n NOtMANCT' us.
ftCt\lP HlWAY
2"GUAT STORES --_......


791 ji-- .u.PALE .


SiTIII.Y MAT !. 13S4 FLUIDA mi rmts PAU II

I Keglers I Spark Bob Harris i Night i Activities i i On Local I Lanes I

'. '. _

JL ,

: J

.' ] '':\ r' "I :" "xji':; ;

I I'

t NGpM \ "f. .. ,. ,;,j i'i'tY.

.. f}
> ii\I,'\:;
'1 IJJ" :II, ',;:/J .", '"
,..... .. ," 'i'f":; ",''i'' .1"! ,'.jlit";1.!)

; .....'1(.V' >i.Jt. i iit I
," {" ,. '1"1'" 'en

4 4r

.t, ;
,': ,

,. +l
: a1j?'? 9
1 ,ca.....: -

BOWL-A-RAMA ON THE!!: HOUSE at Crown Bowling Lane championship trophy to teaa Capt. Marjorie Johnson to cob top honors. Haapton's Service Station (center and !holding a current SS' ie lead over Haapton's
Monday featuring Bob Harris Night, captured the .if the Pluradette on behalf of CowUaaloner Harriswho ) oared 2(47 to take first honor in the *...' Service Station are the Royal Art Studio keilers
fancy of numerous awn and woaen' a teams which cow was forced to leave for another appolnUent. dlvlo stwdlm fro left are Robert Chaton. defending Rally League Champions. posed fro left
I ptttd for the trophies won by Htmpton's Service Teas iber. frot left are Vivian Green Merced Jet *1 ,ooi, Jesse Bouchee, tea Capt, Jane IInd. are: A. King, t. Sanders U Neeley, I. Jon*, R, I
Station and the Floradettet Quintet In photo alker. Mr*. Jonnson \1 m fr. Elmbeth Dorian and ley, I ient> Bland and the honoree, tava County Co- Handy, and team Cart, J. MrG.he*.
left. Doicl Varntr present woen' division Rutj Marshall. The rlortdettr totaled a :2132 score sisal. ""r Bob Harris. tinner of 12 straight games (Royal Art Studio Photo)

Boat TripOf Grid Clinicians Sports Figure 600 Jets Clash Citation GivenTo Clarence Jackson Baseball [segue

COLUMBUS Oh t la Speaks At Prep Star K. Jo:. Giants. \8 noKtsldi Colt
Mich. (ANP) -
Florida A&1f'1 Coach Jake With Daytona'sRed Sunbeam nrtvrs VII JacksonvtllP Kings
Kenneth Lakin, a 23 year! Annual Dinner
Gal her and his top aide By Newspaper e Carallfru VA Ju Peach Police VtklninJncVKonvlllf
old sport enthusiast will join the Ohio state GKAMlUNa.LfPrCIAL( ). e Sucks vn Clipperne
together with two companion University coaching Lwr Hunt, owner nf tin Wings Sunday CHICAGO (AMP) r\lime Atlantic Bench Stars v* BnwHlyn Staves

*, Thoaa Hehern staff for the OfiU Coaching Kansas city Chief and Ford leading star denotes hunt tew. All ie start it I 1:20: p.*.
and Merlin Anderson Clinic held here tint president of the Jai' hifhrldlm 600i. '"II' of the city chaploa
First Loss In 2 Years
went canoeing on the "rlda,. May B. Anerlcan rbothall League .I"e tilt return to noon setto with the Crane Tech Nigh "chool
Grand River and the un' xjdy Hnreii. head football poke *t GraaMlni (d>l- their home cllae here atrotK Ked sings, basketball tea. tail niuiw' N.r. --iv P>-flie North Carolina Culletemla ,<>
expected IIt'tII.d-'Lakln coach at OftU and I leti for the annual All- indy afternoon In The t I' "","' club ia week wi* cited by the tea suffered It* frt loa ill two year
nearly lost his life clinic director, announced Spurts Runiiiet. Myrtle Avenue BallPark anixiit hy Johnny Chicano Hun>TlB** d.llyewnparer last week to Hampton' |ntltute, which *>* |-4,
bit not fro* dromlnt. A the appearance An arid ftportMin and a to cross bate Chart iiruther" of tar o. Its .election taU*. three, nlMle and two ikiuhl natche.
bullet felled hi*. of Coaches Gal ther and progressive civic and starting at 2:30: P.*. third hMMtn Fd Charles of prep TUyer *it "i III... the peHiHl player fir NIT' laiN
State polio running to Pete Griffin on the business leader with with the classy Paytona of the Kami City of the YenrFord ,. hi. unbeaten record I. ...t II, easily| bntlai ft", .-
the scene lot this account clinic proitra In lecture diversified. holdings. Reach Red tlnia.Acclalned Athl ,.i trwAcrortane was presented a Ia. Aslth' s-1, .-4.Annual.
of the accident: Hunt of the to Charles, bniloe, trophy at
on 'The Florida was one a* ate of the a Date Set
Lakin and his friends MM University Of fen no': founder of the Art, andcurrf'lltb top dismal aiire atlonla the R"I I wing' have hem banquet mated. by the
were target shooting hidlThe| Annual Or.nne Rlusae Cl*-.lp will lie
Coach Griffin is bud I. one of It* the Booth Georgia and stair rem pro tlla-PI i Ass' Tlaea
with rifles fro the line and defensive mach suet successful and personable State of Florin' bases .for.lhe not three year 1I.II..r.| | INI ""hr.I..,. (utreilwr I. The r1.,',. MIl
canoe Suddenly the abi.lvistr.ton, and' iate rrnduced suchwellknown Vnivrrallr' .Rittlrr will U |pitied .gasal| yet-
for the Rattler HeIII ball circles. Manager t.,.he-awwe4. ...1.
canoe hit a rock.started Granhllni honored varsity ( stare in addl aI.ww
lecture os I in. Pu.m* III H. Jets de
to tip 0"r, and. one qf clay. athlete '|*'fo the rifles dl arllau H. ball basketball" ba.e- Marshall fomcrlyf
(Gad glens by I
ball. ',ack.lJllf.tM.nl. handy t> 4 tally lest iht. New.rk fadea,
Dolt dry if the .*.eiledOra
swisming and nynatle roiTtiuiIfM.
Monday nlkht week here
at the All-tyort tanourt tad despite the delme &i1LTiiL .
The event usa held) BI raid which ka .been .ho,, le/t DtytoN" Beach :

SATUMDAY, MAY 9thr .11 the roll ,". inlon. intermrln practice ball farfM echelons.Nan In higher. haw _

".. lu.ln" diirtn the pant "ftin"y .. .?t",.,
2'' BIG > 8-'pm.' &,. 11 .. HtL ,pru' l-9 h'" .. M.J".au ...
pm. Vote "fT"Pi 11T''I1""1T I IAw& .
fturke promises l that _.' -i$ ,
shape for Mn ...
ALL tN PERSON -15 DIG ACTS lath anth.r wail the
recipient of beautiful
Till MOMSTSHOW OF tTAAS FOR '64 1 T' "l il't
") hmlnl' in too r M. prlit*
Other pnpvl lir Jet .11..
III see tttIM "Itoiida,
R. S. EVANS III be .lobs |.aa..dr / rsa.rIth
/ .
sS Art "".UOII, MiroKNaif t I 11111 t.e.r
-.-:k, !1II '11I'. M
3RD S MAIN with Ore.... C, Prows
R.J.ltll the ,".' .
S DIOKAf r < ; OLD CAR Make the Down rymrnlrtYM letllsg start III| be
l s Ah U Milte sad ...ir.illllla >
Na tgcTJtAI 03 B*.".vrocnr al" ...
'M :S'ly' ew a w. urns _u etTMia e mI e instant party

U2: Ford. V-8 $1995 LLA M.r' Tae just add( friends and serve
Oil[ "".','U.. Vy "i *' wNp even Florida MM ti i .erlt|
2.Dr.SI595 f4kall lea till play 4
:3 Facon! Its first meOr ee "

IiA pNJ I ')a rORD....... V *1* twm t ..,.. ie WMlHT. .M.t s.rY ttWf \ LI".I.,.aber Oaler.slty J, a..III'.f ..M ....1\: Y F .

I. F2 r rvair . .$1295 Jc.r r,na nil, .o, ", If.11. r
\ .
9ttl llD ArltIZFATl Ida i 19 POMT1AC 7'oRtmr .---.S *** ) ,..
flJ/11A'gfl.rl' ew+w. .....e r.w.w w, weSI
i MClltY SDOOR. HAH -S "I |
IB JUOJ urn %1! DSC CCLDttS ft ttttTO11XXSOICH.

** MC. NOTHING DOWNU41 Watch Ibis Clowi 1r

fA C"'wtrnltt ,.[)nor. .. .. II -/-H
Ticket*: II H 0 $1.115,14 0. lile .i tA Okt'-'*, ... ...SUi>
J7 ford Ton PIckup 1Vrvtro4et8' ill-11-11
Ja tedttorlM. It Cmltseu -,\ 'nct Coupe v.. . . .1141 r
Tourist *.d Cuaveallo for** .1 P'1r.r'M1Ja Wagon 1.O.IWT Hire .. IW' I
..II,... Music Steve, SOS meet Aatler street 'T Phrs+wtn,5oetCoupe .a
Ik. Reword ur. *9 ...t Sheet nr* t Pool V1i . tm 2 .

_.. l
J nlcawrro
it dJMe
/ +i&


allel taw Me'e It ..r
...elite. ie* fee
I. *.... s.btlse/e
.. eerie II all. *.... <
:: ; u Ctsflme 'nucTJCM

a 131-113-H1

Man's Days ...
Art Numbered
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FROST-GUARD A.R., pant els of ,t*. !
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C auAAS.I.__ NO DEFROSTING EVER! Ca.cfree. dcpendible ecc-. 0 lUnler .......tl"* .III GREGORYLToNY.PEclr
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IIC ZERO-DECREE FREEZER! holds to 84 Ibt.f .
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j a ONLY 2$" WIDE! Perfect for small k Set hen.! M M/alse. rM.lr. ".t.'

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