Florida star

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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200797datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 28, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007970740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 28, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 28, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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rest .,.U at College her aad later tke .ltkfalllag srtlat lost a U* lea5 ft aesllsd Court set" Bias Hospitals ..I......
by the 0. Mr.> >> .
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rettaaraat .,.,.t.., at ...&.e.1"Ie..a., U b* Silt .oada/ at It. Job.*' s 110. stk.Id la state racial dlscrlal* ths firs af ae|. sloe (la Dr ...
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aoMBlalata.tctg t......,* .. first *airaaa ..It..t.... Ia41cat4 list .If*. sul... ea. at bis U* stat la* staled poi oil 12 b**< ass the, ,Berth steles Csrallaa.Vlrilsls. af A/baa.* 5?. ACJOijm! *! -laaaa*
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si.ty c allar, MT*. aaa StOSk daagV ala.lai aaata aadparxata lllUss dr.psl4.. I. *f U* medial .r4 by tk***../t' ............ Ik. Fa.. nervla "/11' .,
sill that eacfc eau ,*,. lastltst. ..,... ibtr la.t r**.*.t. Uu As..lstl*. fr tM Uar ..., 1*..... by Cel* Past: ......... three .*ira
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hiring and flriag .. 3.- hatter, 1 Mltcall M*. aa af this II ,... m .a* ....... De t......... Malla tbat taey b4 10. I.... C*.aty Jailjax ,

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;I i 4f 4 .

1 ,


Tat.' FLORIDA NEWS STAR! \ Politics As Usual

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co.

MEMBER, 'AFL CIO Official Urges Permanent '


J w Govt. Financed Workers Training Act
ERIC 0. SIMPSON....Miming' Editor

The AFL-CIO this week called for ,a per-
ALYSON E. WISE....... Km Editor
manent manpower development and training

HILDA WOOTEK.. ......Circnlatioi Manager program, wholly financed by federal funds,
with increased emphasis on training that

would upgrade workers now employed ,in low-
: wage occupations, ,and with all trainees

2323 Maicrief Road.. ..Phone Elf.ii 46182'Mallhl assured at least the federal minimum wage.
Andrew J. Bicollier. AFL-CIO Director of

Legislation, told the select subcommitteeon

Address : i MA labor of the House Educationand '
d' 1 Labor Committee that prompt
P.O. Bn SBl.lacksoBvllle Ulorida
amendment of the Manpower Development ,

and Training Act is
MIAMI OFFICE I essential because the program I

is 'on the brink of difficul

138 Nf 3rd A... Phone 377-1025 ty"and will be "sharply cur-

tailed." unless Congress acts

SUBSCRIPTION RATER Blemiller endorsed many of the amendments

One Year, $8.00. Half Year, $4.00 offered in bills now before the subcom-

ailed to You Anywhere In the United states / mittee (HR-4257 and HR-4271) but said any

Subscription payable in advance natchlng-grant formula requiring state

Send Check or Money Order to: BIGOTKY HAS NO HEAD AW CANNOT participation, even the proposed 90-10
WHEN ratio, was inconsistent with a national

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 5'11 SHE PAUSES 13 AMIDST RUIN-HER 1 economic policy and unfair to workers, e

Jacksonville 1. Florida PRAYERS ARECUQSE3-HCROODIS pecially with respect to mobility.

ADEMOH'HMCOMMUHIOHISDEATH."HER Moreover, he pointed out, a state
C t13r
;ir Winston Churchilltell _. ,, q paS chine grant provision requires affirm

sad stories of the death of action by a state legislature, fa
a city within the state -- evtj

it had funds of its
own to meet the
e fine old line marches down the pathsme.
citing formula -- could not set
up a
And it comes, at last, to Sir

ton Churchill who wore no crown buts gram.

in eternity, with all the kings The union spokesman warmly endorsed a prii

captains who created, saved and de- : WeeklyHoroscope I posal to make MDTA permanent, predicting
that' this "vital tool of intelligent man-
ded worlds faced with destruction and ,
power policy, useful now in a period of
Ith that destruction, all they meant and
stood for. high unemployment, (is) potentially even

more useful in better times."
He was many men, was Winston Churchill.He .
However, he called for more intensive annual
could be arrogant, opinonated, diffi
review by the subcommittee the
cult. And he could he gentle, generous hu- GuideBy -
report of the President and of the
morous and responsive. But he was one thing
of the Secretaries of Labor
reports and of
always--the defender of human freedom who
Health, Education and Welfare, in orderto
never, desperate as the situation of the
moment might be, consider the thought of PABLO The ASTROLOGERWHICH focus greater attention on the progress
of manpower programs
capitulation or compromise. The cause must

be fought through to its finish, whateverthe With respect to an amendment intended to

price and the ultimate payment. And ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR stimulate expanded training in service occupations -

his words were weapons. Biemlller charged that it was

He was certainly one of the greatest Englishmen BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL "grossly unfair" in ignoring,present low-

of all time. His place In historyis wage employees while giving only the unemployed -

a towering one and will always remain a chance to train for the better

so.And the character of Churchill was per- jobs.
haps best expressed when he said In Com ARIESBorn CAN GO MUCH FURTHER. AS A SOLUTION TO THEIR FOR YOUR ULTIMATE GOOD. Moreover, he said, a provision for the

mons after a disastrous British defeat March 21st thru 5-70-22-I 3S5572 PARTICULAR PROBLEMS. A EVERYTHING MAY BE: TAKEN payment of prevailing wages to trainees

". we shall fight on the beaches, we April 19th enough some occupations
shall the THERE ISN'T
fight on landing-grounds, we MUCH CHANGEIN thru
shall fight in the fields and in the streets, THE PATTERN THAT HAS YOU SPENT ANDr little.
,July, 22ndA ,LESS SURE THAN EVER AS ANTICIPATED. MAKE HEALTH "If federal funds are used b r"1helpjp.rovlde : -
we shall fight in the hillswe; shall never BEEN ESTABLISHED DURING j
surrender, and even If, which I do 'not fora THE PRECEDING QUARTERS'. a :
moment believe, this island or a large BE CONTENT TO HOLD YOUR HAT "IS IN THE OFFING REMAIN OFF THE HIGHWAYS they will be under no pressure to elevate

AND WHAT. YOU SHOULD DO WHEN CONDITIONS ARE UNFAVORABLE. their standards and to the workers a
part of it ere subjugated and starving, OWN. AVOID STIRRING" UP pay
then our Empire beyond the seasarmed and ANY MORE TROUBLE THAN YOU TO TURN I IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Born Sept. 23rd thru decent wage," Blemiller went on.
guarded by the British Fleetwould carryon CAN HANDLE. LOSSES THAT .IS NOW CAPTURINGYOUR Oct. 23rd
ATTENTION, |IT WOULD FatBre Farmers Of America Week
the struggle, until, in God's good ARE INCURRED THROUGH
time, the New Worldwith all its power RECKLESSNESS OR UNWISE Born Dec. 22nd thru Future Farmers of America leek is to be
and might, steps forth to the rescue end I INVESTMENTS ARE NOT LIKELY I Jan. 19th observed during the February 20-27 period.
liberation of the Old." TO BE SMALL. ONES. BUT And this is one of those annual events that
The world is vastly the richer because he THIS MAY RE NECESSARY TO is fully worthy of the attention and interest -
lived in it the world is the because -
; poorer BRING HOME TO YOU THE of us all.
stated is"Public
I ING.IT IS IY EXPERIENCE of the Future Farmers of America organization -
For some time, stories have been coming TO REALIZE THAT THERE IS .
CAN GIVE COMFORT AND OP YOU WHO BELIEVE OF EVERYDAY LIVING. ALTMOUGH participate are brought close to the profound -
out of Russia telling of drastic if SOMETHING I TO BE: I A I DIN. values that are a part of nature
limited changes in economic FAVOR OP MODERATION They have healthy and dedicated Interest

The gist of themis, that the Soviets 3-50-77-14-64-357' 11.II THE BEST THIN CAL DISORDER SHOULD NO THAT COME FROM NEAR AND in crops, In farm animals, and in the ever-

have been testing such once-despised capitalist : TAURUSBorn THAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. LONGER. PUT OFF THC DESIRABILITY FAR. YOU ALSO REALIZE changing techniques which give our agrl-
principles as the profit motivein THAT THIS IS IN THC NATURE culture its vast efficiency and productivity -
order to stimulate production and indifferent May 20th FAMILY SQUABBLES.. 1 INS WITH A COMPETENT" OF THINGS. I IT WOULD and help make us the best fed people In

administrators. 730-M-l-28-736 AUTHORITY TO REVEAL ITS I 1C HER TO POSTPONE the world. The city dweller ia totally dependent -

I NOW, it ItemS, another lengthy step is THE WILLINGNESS TO PAY NATURE AND POTENTIAL TRIPS, CVEN WHEN. PLANNfD on the farmer for the means of
being taken has been announced that HEED TO SOUND WORDS OP LEO lift Itsalf.
23rd thru
by the end of 1965 a third of Russia's 22nd WIPE I TO DO THIS EARLY TO 3aOM.M32. | Beyond this, the nation faces a critical
consumer-goods factories will also be FORESTALL A POSSIBLE problem of juveniled.linquency. Various

operating on a capitalist principle. They THIS PINAL QUARTER.THERE THIS It THC MOMENT FOR CRISIS THAT COULD ARISE AOUARIVSBorn cures are offered based on the horn,

will produce only what retailers can sell. IS THC DANGER THAT IN A POSITIVE ACTION TO In 4-10-22-'J.7..a2 Jan. 20th thru schools and churches. In addition those

This certainly won't strike Americans as SHOWDOWN YOU MAy ADOPT YOURSELF IN A BETTER Ptb. 18th groups which work with youth In all maaner -

remarkable. That's exactly the way things THE MOST LETNEMEANDUN ECONOMIC POSITION I AND TO SCORPIOBon ALTHOUGH MONET is .. of fields can do an essential job In

are done in this country under our system DESIRABLI. THE SOLUTION PACT/ POSSIBLSl INSURE YOUR SECURITY, Oct. 24th thru DOM THE SUBJECT OP liliA. building character honor and responsi

of free, competitive mass production and THAT AN OLDER PERSON COULD Nov. 22fld JOR IMPORTANCE TO MOST bility. The Future Farmers organization
distribution. But in Russia just the TENOJOIE PASS AMY, SPECIFIC is one of the best of them.
policy has been followed. Factories SIGN THAT SOMETHING IS IT COULD SE. THE LIM.
have been told by the planners what to make PROPER BALANCE WHEN SMALL LEGACY. OTHER THE
and in what quantity. As a result, storesare HEARTOTHERS' WHO ARC IMPOSED rr CIRCUMSTANCES
stocked with Inferior, over priced, HEAR AND DEAR COULD IE age the "in-
OF CASE AWAY FROM different Man" ?
And have been
unwanted goods.
YOUR ALLIANCES RATHER THC DIN OF MODERN-DAY President Carey of the Dauber of CoRHcrcoof
vigorously complaining. II THE TIMS TO TAU A
So Russia even If slowly, is moving toward THAN TO SEVER THEM. |TWILL LIVING WHATEVER YOUR HARD LOO AT THC TALENTSYOU UNDERSTAND THC RE A. the Halted State fears we pay t.. The
BC DIFFICULT TO UNIQUE CATEGORY MAY BE, "Indifferent Mao." In his view
U the
a supply-demand consumer econoll11,call- RELIEVE YOU POSSESS. IONS. IT NEVER HURTS ASMUCH .
plete with A certain amount of profit mo PROTECT CONFIDENTIAL' YOU ARC APT TO DC FACED START UTILIZING THEM TO AS ONE ML I EVES TO sort of Individual who finds it safer to
MATTERS FROM PRYING EYES. RIM THC PROSPECT OP RE "withdraw Into the crowd.to surrender his
tive. One nay be sure that this is being BACK UP YOUR AMBITIONS.Q DEPRIVE OVE'S SELF OP
5.Z0'44I5t.$24GEMINI. AD.NITI''OVI EXISTENCE Identity to yield to remote
done out of reluctant necessity--it must NOT HESITATE TO Sits THINGS ONCE IN A "'LI. authority the

be something of a hUll I 11aUon to the Soviet ALONG MORE REALISTIC FURTHER RNOWLEOGE 01TRAIRING. individual responsibility which has Coal
Ancient City State of Athens
imitate degree
hierarchy capitalism to any Born May 21st thru'' THERE GCCMS

and Karl Marx very. likely is revolving June 21st ARC SOUND TO TO II LITTLE DOUBT THAT to oar own days at the stamp of a fret
in his CATCH UP WITH THOSE ..0 ptoolt."
At thereis
grave. any ,
fib. 19th
a lesson in this for us.our production- COURAGCMEMTOr THCSC HO March :20th an oat-
distribution system, working all the way ANT TO SEC YOU GET AHEAD apace- ,
MAY FIND THEM.iCLVtS ,.60>u-17.32-". A.THOUGH Yh' ,STAMINA ing. But that
from the sources of raw materials to our very complttlty should la
COWl: LlO TO TAlf MAY M PUT TO THE TEST, itself sake each
splendid retail stores, does more good for t.00-tt'19-G| ,."USAOITTAUGS I tvtr ort zealous
ore people than any other system man has protecting 'rlghtt. 4ties Md responsibilities
been able to think up. ; characUrlit a fret
Nov thru eat ion.Tht greater tta-j Isms\ the grtattr -

Rill BE CALLED UPON TO YOU ARC MOT USUALLY ENTHUSIASTIC Dec. 21st COLORS. |I' MAY DC WISER mat be oar cJehnraatl to keep tat

A fcelag. rtdsctd to a statistic.



TO BUILT SEE a COMPROMISING 0 I TICl nil tattoo grew great sad strong btcaast


BSFOIC K 9-40-77-IV4V

I tl I Inra

t f h

Former FAMUan Barracks To Honor. Choir Launches Successful Presentation Former A&M Artist Shares (

Visits ,Alma Mater 1965 Card'Holders r ;tw : World Attention With Bob Hayes II

The regular Saturday r

yeti: :20 Matins of Oataay NEW YORK an N,I. -llorlda AcN Unlyeralty pad-

Barracks No. 3131 sate conchtta Maria Clark, BOO shared honor at

Veterans of World War 1 bar al.* attar alone tltb the "world'a fastest

acfaadulad: for 2 P.... at human" Robert Hues, In 1993, 1* reaping sore

Joseph .J..i ootaMiaity acclalv here In ilea:' York CI tJ.

Center 13th aDd Ornn Featured In the currant ..............H.N....,
Show fire tines and of
that sta. will faatura Radio City Mualc Hall
baring performed 10 aevkl
I a roll call for 1963 aUapactacular !if.dUn. -
at Radio City Hall She
card bearing Bet.be ra.CoMander .." the petite color
ta a forcer student of
J.S. inrlni atura soprano alma a
Mra. Rebecca w. Steel.
Sr. announced.A I+ flee hit 'Oeer Heart"
Florida ASS'tnlvereitytepart.ent
full .barablp tarn 1 k.W'I The talented **
I y of Music, she
oat of tnuteea and ..' who case to Nw York
has tucctttfully COM
ban ta raqueatad.Plan aa a wlnntr of the Ted
C/PT. f.M. CATKXITAUAHASPra pitted one year of study
a will alao ba co.- Mack A *tur Hour Pro

.-CapU RtnaM. pleted for the joint tram our Cm Television

Citron who was Ren aM. attandaaea of the Bar will appear on tilt great

Coayer as a student racks and AuxiliaryMbara .tut of Radio City Mualc ,

at Florida MM. Talla- to the fourth Hall throughout the Fr

ha...*. recently rttamed Sunday at 11 .... aar- ,{ onth of February, along

to her aba eater wall via at falters Mcrcrtal .. with the ballet on.pasty

visiting her hona AlE Church on Midiaon featuring Helen wood

state Tate daughter of St. and pi(en* RJ .,In.A .

Mr.John ())DJer. 540 Gibson According to CoaBaadarIrriof. native of Lakeland

Street Daytona daddies art urged I Mlaa Clark haa tilt die-

Beach Capt. Citron was to visit sick _.- M tlncttonof having appeared

graduated fro caapbellStrttt ) ben at the Hose, and _._. ._ on the Ted Mack J 6
-- --- ----
High School ta toy art a,aln realnded ntcrrr.HAT 'TW ldt80L4-thilr i of New st.ja.aa Miss tibia Shead, Mra. Harry Mae Anthony-v Mrs.
her hose torn. that the 1949 ....berIhl PTA To Celebrate
ASS Church aiiceaaafully eltiaxad its seasonal Rebecca T. Thompson hoataaa; Mra. Vivian Beach,

At norlda UN, where ) drive la la fall Pretty Hat Tea Sunday, rab. 14 with an approprlataprocraa ) Mra. Veda w bb. wlaaar of the Pretty Hat _.ard.; HIM CLAW

she received the a. s. fore*. In the raldaaea of Mra. Rebecca T.' T ospsoa Mrs. Vardall Lfth. aDd Charlie W bb. Seated Mrs Founder's Day at the Julllitrd 1 School

degree ta secondary aducatloa. Interested World tar It.'f. 340 011 wood hili"' Mrs Harry sue An* Mrtta Johnaon. Mra. Ktala B. McCloud, Mra. Urea of MuaUhaYa. PfetritlyahtlBatudyini
to 1951. she 1 .seta wives widow, thoey served aa protTM chalraan.aad: Marvin Greet Lee CtvhuB. Miss Caal Mae Wabb. and Mra. Catil The Parent'Teachera Aa* privataly

vas an honor .tudet..t- and dependants are cordiallY la randarlac aararal solos, aided la hlchllibtlni shiners Barvtai of a sumptuous buffet luncheon delation of the KaatJtcktonvlllt .10Madtn\ Pretthn of

tatatac MMbtrabtp ta invited to Halt the ocoaalotu Shown atandtac troll left are: Marvin cload-out the antartaUlac presentation ClMentary the Julllitrd faculty.

Alpha Kappa !Mu and Kappa Baaracka and Auxiliary or..., Mist Baaata. 00ldelta.lllan..1bO.pIOD. (Ito,.. Art Photo by Salter triiht) School will observe its Ml.. Clark ta currently
Delta Pbl. She la also a .aatlnia at say tla, annual celebration, rrt* ttnlnjti oJoltt It the

.aibr of Delta 81c.a Cottatndtr Irving con D-A Teachers Direct Tour Of Central Florida Brewster Opens day evening, pbrury choir at the fit, cor
Theta sorority.Tb cludad.WEDDING. 19, In the school au*
nellua placopal Church,
wlft of 8/St-t. John Rehearsing For P'Wff' ,1 1 Intensive Care Unit dltortui at 6 o' ('Joe'll. Qittrrtor1' It4tnd..,N.T..
ACatron of Linden TtIID. A carted proirta tall J
under the direction of
the IAF captain ta ratoralai BELLS Annual Show Brvtattr Methodist Ho. been arranged fcy Ira, Ronald Tate. a

to the tatted pltal. ad'aDc1ft. Its pro' Mary H...ond, alttrent '
fttataa attar four yaarala Robert ,.u.. 4239 ROller Bobart ,L. NUcball. raeantly ITU for ."Un, COB of c.rm"nl... Airman Anderson

craany.GORDONS. Rd S., 21. and Juan appolatad covnaalor unity nada for health Scripture and prayer
C. '11 Ua... 4)31Moncrlaf for boys at Dour
services, announcer the will b* conducted by. Receives Recognition
Id.,*. 17. laa AadaraoaHIlhSchool: opening of tta IntMtlvaCara Rev Charles Robinson;
Luther r. Bontlay, 133H, Sal selected aa cbalraaa H( FSTEA0..4I..II11. rlt
GUI unlU The n" Unit the occasion by Mrs.Verne ,
Allah SU w. 26 and of the production ooatttaa Claaa Rlaar T. nd.r'ILI"
la designed to provide
)) Roblnaon. silo,
ntlnr.B'nn: MDt1j Loultt C. Johaaoa, 435iAahlty for the aaaaal pclal! caraforavrtoua Mr*. Vtvlan T. Green urn of Mra. Vera C,

1 It., t, 27. Taint a>ow. riilca will Anderson of 3411 Davis
:Elf UlJlli1 ] U. 3&t ly and critically ill. Introduction of speaker -
Carrol Butlar. 2403 ba praaantad fcy the fao- It. Jacksonville" has
patients who would or- Mr*. Mildred Riley;
Forttt St? 41 and Baa alt, of the acnool Marc IT A' 11 dlaarlly raqulr prl speaker, M,.. T. V. "", d- btnt ilvntrvrclal recognition '
.. at H...ttd AH).
trice Mann, 1114 w. TfltftU. I at B P. The theses vats duty nurttt, but all solo Mia AnnlaMt
Nn. ., 35.Harold. Ta", lty Polllaa lathe find the expense proM Rhort.R PI a. a* a Bitaber of the.

1x0 8. Brown. IU, Dracona Des." aDd bI t h.. .adln.,Mr.BhlBmlaBaldwin || outstanding arouml *.
I 1111 *. 33rd St. 29 la scheduled la the fach patient la given hlatory Mrs curtly unit .. f the both.

and Helen Orl*.old. 6728Kaat acnool cm tori a*. 1'a!, special car la thla rye c. larder and Introduction In hla Strategic Air

Mode laland Dr. Mr. Mttciiall la a gradate speck) area ortlit fourth of platforacuaata. Ox-Mind (*AC> aqwadron.

2$. of Florida M' Ublvaratty floor at the Northrad Mra. Htlm) Ri>m. H nan Anderson It an
and ree.I..t the air I'OlIt..HII n bt
Dare lessor 6627 ln
of the lain futldlni ala principal.
lack Dr.. :20 and Hill aaatar'a' degree fro. thaaalvaratty. alBlaua The defense squadron la ra>
expense The principal and art
M7T Rtnlodo Ma stated upon tibia fur alnttlnIni .
L. Dallay.
Unit h under the dally
JMD. Hawklna, PTA pu.l-l
Dr.. 17.Laird. that tilt production la dlrtctlon of tight security a*
a tnty*
rJTHE 0. JOB.*. Jr., axpactad to aa.aupar'". VI*! TORB--tare. Itbec'u.I| *, st*.i., eater laflr four hour registered dent are intending, a itlntt untnthorli *c*

1343 Spearlai Ato. JJ aad Other ..b.,. of U.autetltt.e < *cterof tha Florida MM Unlv rlty Open mud hd Mil la cordial Invitation to team to dr sabotage af
aura. approprlataly all Biwibtrt Md frltndt
1'ber..a slailtoar 1541Vaa are: Mra D.T.Naraaa. which" toaa oa ton tbrovrfi Central florid thla the MC toaNrt, attlin
Sum It 32. chalraaa, .*.. with a prMtotatlon of excerpts I",. Vrdl'a equipped .ttll tO attend wH ta the/ .bM..
? auction apparatus, otyln > Mra. plorlda H. Cook
FIVE HORSESHOES Job 2. W\1 t..1 d.. Cla Mra. P.C. Joyaar I,.. opera m-plrtto.," M.r aaalatanta art Ml.. Oirlatta and supplies 1 The alratn' la a craduat
pups la serving chain
Built of B'" "".t.tOf\f fa" .<*- *land, a 23 sad Ittty L. & Jacaaoa. Mr'a. J.B.Lawaoa. 011... left, Piano ftcamfknUt tar the open aa of Me Stanton
1ft.rN..th"Hyroded. "hMM for special needs of for the affair Rtfr. h*
tl"9 heath..She V. Espheh iM d.... Ruth Jackaoa. 315 J.fftraoo Mra. .... Male Oulld. wed Mra. nary Barran Kobtrti, onaa ac. critically 111 pttlrnta. B"nta will b* served at

boa tOO ,..... OnU'da. a St. 24. 10'. C." Uchatt, Mlaa CDBTAaltt, Attaat. professor of felea and chi,* This special service the close of the event 44114AI's *
ltrt>oM h4h.pr; W>. Bofin .** thoa. Katar. OIl tao, C. Battrwhtta. Mtaa C.ftplcr. aan of the choral dlrlaloa la the PAMU !Dcpart.atof
ptrait nuralai
In,*!*bviit*. Nese bale fr evrto..*d'rf -.'C..ha'oeh<*.. 111.. 30 sad Doris p. .I.&.. Johaaoa, wale '1'''. StMla la foraarly of Blralacha. aoaatl la tilt hospital par Upholstery Shops

..th* Oordon'1 1ft .eV'.-**-*"* Nary, 2930 foala Rd. Mra. J.T. Toll l v.r. .J.N. ala. Mla OUn, also an aaalatant professor to ba ort"nt..t. and tttf-
/.-'- Ortaa a* M'l .* a.bee 20. tildes, R. 71a.oBi sad Mile, la fro. Atlanta a.. Mr*. a/tbarta, an la-
/... c.c-.II. JII.&. taahlaitoa.Tha tractor of ....a|e, I* a ira/faata of tilt Uht*.rlty hd la ouch a say that
Joe vartoa Toblar. Jr. twr acute patients can
proceeds .111 ba of Kanaaa and a .tlva Of Mti.to..., OU a. Free FreeWith
1019 II.,. Bd 21... receive the type, quail *
lied to defray .Ip..... f1
wary VUilala a ark, 1019Kla ty and quantity of nur
.. 1014. |i. to the Plarlda State Nit'I Council Of Women To SponsorArt alai required, *hllalattratdlatt
Teachers o>>.".t..a laMlaal.
eeeeeeeIbt Eih&it With Food Ftstjytl uU tIlt.oa .
rttuUrpttlwttrtt ( This Ad Only)
'9115070'1 D.C la! ,
apa art "lb1.111 baoa
be with-
can ln care

: display durlat the Brotherhood Pood paatlvaloonaorvd oat laltrruptlon caused II Wil .itottfj 1 tyr frti WA Aiy cold O/
by the tloaal! ctwatll' of .N..ro WOMM. by calla for services ,

I to fc* held at the prltfital Ant Motel la ..** .
to ante patiente.Acill'htutor
Stl.O-rtJ delivery iBftoa. fl. c.. r *"'rr 22. '1 I SlctUil At DM lif. r frki ,Its fiffif Is dart
I I111II1 rraak T. or***. jr.. ........................ Robert I
Nordbaa tttttt that the
a.,... .
h... to oat .f bla 1969 Bratharhood rood :
Parasite Cocktail hospital) coactraad fur 0rfy Fir A liBtt TflM. till 0s ,Tity F. I Fed

2 M O. <>*'t Oy Owraxo a ''''. (k>ra., tfttdi Bd.. Boy. frlwada a. Trtr C. ruUul| aa a apaclal the ..11.,* of the patl -

%. N. )"'*. laaoa. 5631 Part Ava.. Mr. I Ira Claraaca baa es palatial tlaea attraction .t aa .II| a* the afoldtaca Istfauti.
4 ..*>.. ** cN .'... > earl, chlldhoal Bra laclaiM I* the special
!>.k. ..4 M ..branve. Ml Kotra.29l2: PullatJi' $t? of aaftlr b tr*
** Olrl.f.
.e, t'Kaed e.. end" ttr841 i.4e tire. '11 Ii.. oy.Mr.. Illlai that ha had todevote art ahlblt will b.. .<* deal OB patients aadthwtr SIfTi j 'fKiunii tNr.iriti.jFvn d. TutFru
a sec ." **. .. a lot of (la* ta arltlaala ta "Th* Mo* ..
ft Ua. ,. 561* Hoacrlaf a Mra.J Rtaafori, fMlllta, .J cr.
Sit of ",..
his Oltrr.
pnfaaaloa fete
3M9 Frawaa .. Boy.Mr. the opportunity ta eff.rthis
B Mra. Joaia? a.lk> ft' r*.ort d to trila -t.lai till.. TrwV'aad"An BpBClBl BtrtlC fKkif ft Davy llMi U MIn

ar.933 5.21tht... Olrl.Mr. cab ao ha meld rtmlat AfrIesaaaety"
his tla rale Men an Africancarrylai
a *
a Ire wla. .atDMMIB.
1427 uladle SU ,lao ore 32'y*.r aid ar a eater h. 101 I 16th Street Pbone 3S3 8352Beef

On Coast Line to Ia,. flat baa ..plt4 II I

Washington, D. C., Philadelphiaor '1'.' Ira Jolerny Brook ptlattaia aad feels It
la tlat for lie nallcta
la..4 111 Uckhart Drive
New York, you can: 6by.Mr.. *.. ke! earl
MB the *M.r*
settle backin 1 Mra. Edgar *rIta says
tsalty to B M. lit col
1546 rallrost.>> ,
a luxurious reclining chair Olrl.Mr.'. lactic ,.... *,.. hiasister J

,.. Jesase19aI
Ira Jaa JoSs
enjoy fine food _JIOI Bria BxL. Bof.ir. oa), Mfttt4 tHat.I

warmth B .,... .Jaa*. ajajt. he participate la n.I I
1a.... 33rd It.. Sfcri Etaneilarr !
safety, Girl.Sr. .

and solid comfort. B I'.. Awes Sill, School Principals

1506 Jaaaaaa $1.. Boy.Mr. .
B Mr*. cllffaHBartlcr. lo Session Here

194T Mtll ra.aM.
fta Ut tB AMMB M*.tla '
.. toy.Mr. .
Bf U* DtartMtsitf
I Ira Robert. P...
aa. HI6 trvtla St.. Pnselrai..elll ritvaatary Steed wiid r ': .

1 .
Bof.r. at tie Cltlc A.cu."..,
B Ir. arrla ..a* ,
jacaaoBVlltB, ftarlaaP 1
Sr. 56 U M ..riaf B4,
.*> 11-..
1 1.fitIIt.
1 ,. ne oa tar t/. Des'

It,**.* ills year laa

.*U< UI'. atlas laIvtMatita
t*> Sort fa 7- aOaa

Go ahead. Spoil yourself. ,.." -

Apantfaataly aria R

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ba la attMwaa fra. at its Best

n bar nsw .:t pans of tat Mat*.

'H..ICJ ft* iaral ,*ltl. la

ant au".. U attest the
raJ ....oll 111de
...--............. II
BtlJ M ladaily..



( \ ,
It j I

. East Florida, Bethany Baptist Assn. To Convene At First Baptist, Jax Beach 1

Association Schedules Extra-Day Mt. Ararat Cubs Attend Annual Fete Christian Endeaver 2nd Baptist

:Session With Clergy, Lay Leaders Meets SundayAt Group Schedule

Kith final programing conpletedtheannual Eitra- :ro Mt. OliveThe Joint Program

Day Session of the East Florida and Bethany Baptist LIF.IA t
I ] Missionary societies land
regular program
Association will convene Wednesday, Feb 24
of the Christian 2 of Second Baptist
at First Baptist Lurch Jacksonville Beach, Rev.
W.'M. Hill moderator and Rev H.H. Wright, host 1 i Endeavor Hour will be Church have completed

pastor. .....,1",11,1,1.".... held In the main auditorium plans for their joint
S ,. of Mt. Olive AME anniversary services
Activities will get underway Macedonia Rev J.C.
which will be held Sun-
:1 Franklin St.
Church: on
pronptly at 10'00: Rogers alternate.Mission : .
: Activities will begin day Feb. 21. at 3:00:
.... with Rev. Hill pre and Education A ,
promptly at 3:00: p.-. p.n.
siding. He will be assisted 11:15: .... Mission.Rev.
Under the leadershipof
with thehost
Sunday. Feb 21
A.J. Hughes, St. John :
by Revs. a. T. He- ; ? Peoples Choir Mrs. Rosa Lee Edwards
and Rev. G.A. Price St.
Call B.H. Hartley, turnLshtalIIIdc. and Mrs. Alberta J. ill.
Matthew; The Church and
A.J. Hughes. throughoutthe
Christian Education to Rev. B.J. Willlans 1* Hans, a program featuring
&* host pastor and will be outstanding churchwomen
Prominent cabers of be followed by rmarks,
S Ai of Jacksonville
renenbered for the Inspiring -
and announcements and din ,
the clergy, deacons
first speaker address has been arranged for the
IAJT leaders will assist nero .! r a
k' occasion.Mrs. .
to this popular
during the subsequent Inspirational address ,
Mary S. Heuly, of
some four
youth program
events 2:30: 1'... .Rev. N.B. Ml-
St. Matthew Baptist
The progran, follows; Hans. Mt. Zion of pa- yean sp.Youth
Church will deliverthe
president Eugene
Devotionals, 9:30: ...., latka. Greetings, District '
main address. She
Rose Is asking that all Is
D.Robi Presidents' Senior
conducted by Rev.
president of the Senior
Moi. Rer.f-VC,Press-, 'o.en. Mrs. Hannah r
\ tine for the attendance Wonoi's Society and serves
ley.and Rev B. P. Brown B. Miller president
COUll t. laportant information as secretary of the
enro> gmt,7'10D0: a.n;. Senior Won en, State Convention -
during Presidents' Council of
will be given
Moderator In charge ; Mrs. M.L. Johnson -
the East Florida and
the concerning -
Benson Senior won en; Mrs. program
ififiJO Rev. J.J. .. .___ .. ..._ ,...._ Bethany Baptist Senior
,'", .: ... ..... oK "" '+ 'iP.Jb. n the participation -
Jones of Antioch with Rena Owens, Junior WonenBrother --
'.***' ; Willie Jackson PARTICIPATING during the Thursday night Feb. llth Franklin, Clarence BronndHllton A. Taylor. Den of the Christian woaen District Convene

Youth Convention; Annual Blue and Gold Banquet program hostedby Sec other are Mrs Eva N. McCone, Mrs. Eula wilker- Endeavor societies of tion.

Central l' Baptist Mrs M.K. Heard. Ushers; ond Baptist! Church was cub Pack 193 of Mt. Ararat moo, 'and Mrs. Cora Chance parents Included Mrs. the State In the Church' Mrs pesrl Hudson of

Brother George Walker Baptist OIurch.ReT. D.J. Grahn, pastor. Pack nenbers Angaree Robinson Mrs. Hattie Reed Mrs. Helen building progrsM at the west Union Baptist Church
"Church Brotherhood. shown from left are: Alvin and T1110 thl Reed Brown. Mrs Rosa Lee Franklin Mrs. Msttle ,Wilson College. will serve as the .is-

ORDER OP SERVICES District Sunday School Cecil Russ Jr. Edward A. Bryant Anthony and Reginald and,Mrs EMS Mme Bryant. Miss Helen price, a tress of cerenonles. Rie ,.

Services! "111 begin with and BTU Convention Deacons Wilson, William B. Robinson Charles A. (Royal Art Photo by: Walter Wright district officer hssbeen serves In several Important

Sunday school at 9:15a. w.G. Patterson and ____n __ n__ ______ been appointed conference capacities at
.. Lewder R. Jones president and will serve her plsceof worship.Mrs.
Heard Introduction DiscussionTo
; Panel Youth Sunday
will speak on the subject as coordinator for whatever Hudson Is also the Associate .

"What the Church General President Highlight Mt. Program Speaker funds leaguers gather Ancient Grand
Dr. J.C. Sans; Introduction / r il
Needs." Choir 1 will of visitors bunb eW for the college Worthy Matron of the
furnish the music accompanied Rev Go T. McCall; announcements ProgramSlated l building fund In the Order of Eastern Star

by Mrs. Gloria remarks, to get underway East Florida Conference. of the Prince Hall Dasons. -

Grant,, at, the Console. and benediction. at 3 P. .. a literary MANUEL BAPTIST" Director, Alexander .

Senior\ usher Board 1 Evening!: service will progran featurinlalllll.1 Emanuel Baptist Church services Sunday begin with Cottrell announced the Others to participateon

will serve. begin at 7:30 o'clock discussion will be held the Sunday School at 9:30 1..., with Deacon George appointant af Miss Ruth the program are Mrs.

The-BTU. Hour will beheld with Rev. L. C. Way and Sunday at Mt. Ralen Baptist Smith Sr., presiding The, lesson will be reviewedby Seswrlght ss Secretary H.B. Miller president

at 5)45) p... EvenIng Rev. C. L. Janes conducting Church, 1242 e. 22nd Rev S.L. Badger pastor. Consecration serviceat for the Christian Fn-: of the Senior women Missionary

service will beginat devotions and fit., Rev. W. & Rogers 11 d clock, nd the Rev. Mr. Badger will preach deavor Hour to succeed and Educational;

'7:00 p.n. during Rev. H. T. overstreet pastor. BTU at 9 P..., with Deacon James Phillips pre Miss price Miss Ses Convention Auxiliary

which ,time the pastor Mt. Tabor sermon and Proceeds troll the program siding. literary Progran will be presented by the 1 wrlght is recipient of to the Progressive Baptist

will use as his union Rev.J.W. Marshall of lit.Moriah. will be used to young people. At *: *0 p.e evening service 'The the progrsn' s first Mate Convention

topic "Making Ready alternate Mt. support Georgia in the Male Chorus Choir 2 and Usher Board 2 will serve scholarship and laavrry She Is also an officer

for the Work." Morlah's choir and ushers annual Trl-State Rally. with Matthew McCoy and Mrs. Marian Carter at the active nosberofNe Hope in the Eastern Star organization.

weekly Activities program will serve.Offering panelists' discussionwill instrunents. AME Church .
follows 1 evolve 1 around the All will be
: and reports --NEW JERUSALEMServices -* youth officers for Music furnishedby

Run day, 4 P.O. District will conclude the ses these "Prayer or the begin with the Sunday School at 9-30. .... the Barter are requested Choir 2 of Second

9 will hold lh annual sion. compel." The public Is Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sermon by Rev B. REV WILLIE J. HALL to be present for Baptist Church under the

tea in the hone of Mrs. Invited to both witness Grant "Fvenlng service at 9:49 o'clock. All other will be the principal the program sad cone direction of Charles T.MMwell. .

Fstella: Clayton, 1288 Abyssinia Choir and participate In the activities will prevail as usual. speaker fir t.... 1: l' prepared for a short 1.

Grothe St. The, '''.public' event. -FIRST NEW ZION- p... Youth Day Service conference on March act Included also Is the
Is invited. Programs Tea"A'Heartwarmtng'lea" Regular order of service Sunday school begins In First New Zion Baptist Sunday at Trltwph Holiness !T1 Un. schedule of evtuts are

Tuesday,6 p....",.Brother will 'ye carried) .put- Church.-at' 9:30: .. .. with Joseph D. White pre Church' 3rd and Annex Kick Off Mesdanea Miranda fer-
C. J. Scrlven !iredtorof SundaywithSunday
will be held Sunday beginning School siding. The lesson subject, "Jesus the Christ" Franklin Streets. twit Lucille! H. Hoists,

Christian Education at 3:30: P. .. .t 9:30 a.n. ; morning will .bt'reviewed by Rev. L.J. Clayton, pastor The The special: progran 1* Drive Sunday Rena Owens, Beatrice
will conduct a special "In the hone of Mr. and worship at 11:00: a... attendance and offering tanners will be awarded already completed and Jackson Fannie Dillon

class entitled "Build Mrs. E. M. Morel and, and evening service at Districts 2 and 10 will meet following the Holy friends and the general During the 7:00: .' clod Lucille Scott AsnleFlemnlBg

luga. Better Sunday 2151 Meharry Avenue. 6:00: 1'... union service at 4 P... Horning service at public are Invited. evening service Sunday, Vera Regis,
School" ; Bible Studyat o'clock. 1I..torUl deliver the the pastor Rev. R. May Dablels. Ruby L.Herndon.Gsaa .
Plans for an entertaining 11 The sermons,
7:00: p.n. and prayer Royal Palm Leander Jones, will
program have and Choir 4 and Usher Board 3 will serve for the Jerusalem Women I. ftaadlln,
meeting at 8:00: P.M. been completed and Morning service. All choirs will serve for the call upon the chairmen, Lucille Mote ArlsoaiaNelonls

Wednesday, ,8 p.'. .Choir following heart teats, Meets Sunday afternoon service.MACIXONIA Elect Mrs. T. Ray and heads of all d.- and .... J.L.
2 rehearsalPlaner board partnents to kickoff
the contestant possess IAPTI BT-- Hall.
2 nesting. Friday 8:00: tat the earnest heart Rlster Mary Dixon Services Sunday In Macedonia Baptist Church begin Mrs. Thelna Rap was the Initial phase for 7e public la luit ed.r. .
p.n. Choir 1 rehearsaland president, will host elected chairman for the the building of an an-
School at .... with
will receive a beautiful with the Sunday 9.30: John
a Meeting of\jeber the regular netting'of annual .0. ..' aDa, sex for Central Baptist
gift, Mrs Margaret E. singleton In charge The pastor will review
Board 1. the Royal Pain Christian celebration in Jerusa-
Wright president, announced th.1t.eoll., Morning service at II o'clock Choirs Church.
Visitors a real way a wel- Club Sunday at 3 p. .. In len Baptist Church, Friends end the g.eral r.
1, 3 and Usher Boards 1 and 2 will serve !IIn.
cone to ourIOr.hlp'! ser her hone, 1990 W., 32nd southslde. The eventIs public are lavlted to
Battle Bess till have charge of the music Rev
vices. 41414141 Street. scheduled IT the special service.
lay _
J.C. Rogers, pastor preach. Districts will

:meet=.t ail P..., with District 1 IB the hone of throughout the day. -

.....- r. ,. Cook.. Evening service at S o'clock. Other officers are: e9EN
.ST. LUW BAPTIST Mrs. Doris Grant, eo- III AlE III

Services begin la St. Luke with the fenday School chairman Mrs. Curiae
Toe Seek 1Ie..t Doctor
1821 W. BEAYER at 9:30: a,.?.lth Percy Clalrette' presiding ftru Pnith, program chair II heal ICIer factor Prcrle
M Mrs. Evelyn ,Jotaer
tag service st 11 ojclock. Rev. I.".Trowell. pat-
3101 EMERSON tor will preach and the youth. cbolr: lid usher publicity. MrsBea* Get FxperlencH paarMclsta
ccortisg to your rector's
trios slid Itary. treasurer
board 2 will serve. The youth will save charge of .
1' 930 Ciis 1T AYEIOtITTreN111 the evening service. ; Mrs. tvelya Jackson Offers. 0.. Only The Met

secretary; Mrs. C.I. BLACK duality Dra,s

slam re. Mother Midway Roberttetts Plan Saute .. J. Joses proprietor ::.. _
decoration, Mrs. joiner,
3 B rumour) pHvaunxm TO' S'AV YOU -
AME ChurchStewards' Muskiie Ira Minnie Thomas Mrs.J.emlta .
-. -- Sunday
.- \ .. chaadl. A CONPLKTf. LI1w OFCoenetlcstnbbtr
rites will be A .nnslcal easier the courtesy.Mrs. OM>4C"u SMOKE SUB OR SLICIDBACON PWwyeCPITIOH1 rU.m *. &"D fhLIV' FDLilly's
adwialstered duiiig the auspices of Ue .Rober- Mary Alice Jack

$ *la., .. 'ffYl c',.n. J. lilts Is scheduled for sot will serve as pastor

3LB w. Jones pastor, as- fttadny at 8 P." IB Mt.Zlon thronghOBt the day. Drug Store1H7

Bounced this. week 'The Tree Cnnrcn: of Oodin Menber of Ue fiance

MEATY Junior\ Choir and Ushers CBlty. 12th and Dan coantttee are: Mre.Mr .

ill serve.Following. soa Sts.Mis *. Ale Jmee. Mrs HISS MAI (I 3.1271

BRISKET tat service, ....erl1.t ., will '.arl..la.l.tar,

STEW 3 choir 1 will preseetJanes be ... cersnoale* wd Ira Estella Dalo,.

LR Morgan -la,"a ...1- for the program which no re.

LEAN tale, which: will be followed will begin] with d votiosals. Tbe captains are: Fthvi ni

by a Branch.Hostesses Other program Mr*. Aaalc W. jenkUs, :

WHITE: BACON 3 tor the swslcale partlelpanta will la- Mrs. s. scott. Mrs.

LR will iBdBd' : els<. Wattle Brows Mia
Mrs Clara QavU. Mr*. Miss Margaret Harris, 111* Beth Adams aaMr .

MEATY B-I-Q Baby ffllllans. Mrs. M. solo; selection by Alpha *. Cortae>> Water

A. lentos tr*.. Verdie 0.*'111 01 ..tar Us _

SPARE RIBS 3 Elder fetus: Ire. Willie Mae Strong solo: Miss McBride i : e ee

U Kdlth Howard, All. guitar aehcU_. Leroy ,

ECONOMY RAND FRYER n .I', ,.0. Mears.Mrs. Caw; s.le.tla. Soul To HighlightMoaday 1 _
Theresa WUgard, Revival ; .. "tlo...

president, will offer Holy Qalatet. Travel lag
LEGSANDBREAST rsnarka, mad Rv. ..I.I. Star' *, liven Special. fl e ee

.Jones benediction.Stewards The Travelcttec.Aadre ..A Mutt *f Mslc* e .

3 .. Stewardess McCall as4 the McCallSUgers recital will featnre

ill meet *t .\ .... IBUe ns4 Hiss *1U8te Ira Asgte Mtlritf

us. 'rG. Evealsgserwle -rt, soUlst
lomday, at T: 3r '. ..
MIATY b clas a IlaO *... lie '.r1ttt. will mp- IB lilt. Sate BavtlatCkarc
; iU Onlr t.Vsker fcartland par auntey at 8 *.*. M *. 1>42 f. >2" mMawa.r..A.= gtgj1 f..r...*. w r-.f!*
steward Oas leaders New SUJane* AA ttsn*a : .. rt
R w.
: Rogers. ti. ..
NECKBONES 10 ..mcl... tan ,roan-. put. ...::-:r:: -ywagrss.: M:

LtSe Partlttsatlag *B U* e-. .. c.cA s x ssti.Lrp-
a.r.. ... ..
e..uw eau. I M. ,
FRESH CAUGHT pregr** will be tnt -.w-.rr... .. .:.- t:::
INDEPENDENT OIL CO. Phlladelphls5503 :... .w..-:.= =::===-e.w .e..r....

MULLET 10 UHO&EIR HCHC DfZ4iTlT a.r.. other slsglag .........w-r-- .11t.._w iNast _-.....-._-

LR MECHANIC ON DUTY awn and tost air 1f van cse em vs wwa what was

Ike Joseph .................... Proprietor It. Skins.Frieno m.0rsPes1rOwl
State ucj JatttraoQ streets EL 4-IU1 and tt* generalpsMle few a ew7 It, 1M1
UTtl TIE (RU Uim Sill M lilt If CUHIl 4 .rs laviu

,.. .
-- --- --- -- -


.TlRm flllUIIY 211, 115" ILO1IDS SUI urus 'PIIE_1

Churches. Racial Progress DependOn Famed Attorney, First Precinct Captain Youth Returns FAMUans PreparingFor Official I Ciiis

local Pastors, Official States Heads SeminarTALLANASBAtty. To Family ROTC WeekTAUNfASSEl11s. Negroes Inferior

PHILADELPHIA! -Racial progress la the local *urch Z. I'fASIVlW-NPI' tr Florida RlVnSIDC Calif......

cannot proceed futar or further than the local Altxaadtr Looby nationally v AtM University !ROTC Department berg of CORK: and two
a three and a half Month
pastor; his church offleara, and .sabers feel to fred civil rlihta dUippeerance troll cJ.... la putting Its other civil rl"'tllI'O\1p,

I bt.appropiiatt. and_itptratlvi." a United Freaby* lager trOD Nashville es at Owtn Junior College finishing touches oa canted to addrttt tau

i en in ornciu believe ........................ Temp, was the keynote Mtephie "to Had plane for !ROTC Seek aotlvltlta oat recent aettlat of
Die Rtv, Ralph Potter initiative la aoalyilat speaker during the recent h myself, Russell i. which will be the county board of td.
a tertiary for adult observed March 3-6, an- ucatloB and ptreoaallytiprtat
the pnbleaa of the coaaunlty Fifth Annual LtadtrahlpSeiiaar Lowndee Jr? iS-ytar
proiraaa la the United sponsored by the cording to an announce- their doand for
and the pot intlalltlaa old of Detroit was happily
Presbyterian Board of Prt-Ltial Society at sent this week by Capt' the resignation of tr,
of the church. >> reunited with his
Cbrlatlaa Rducition! axprtattt Florida A&M Cnlvtralty.; Richard chandler, Jr., s. Rdwia: Oardntr.
And there can be no substitute dlatrautht mother and
the opinion in A native of Antigua'. public information of. But when the board
for the heart cac.r-stricken father
the January-r.bruarl and mind and will of I. Atty. Looby spoke' lat wttk. flctr for the group.I' president John Roberta,
issue of nodal pro oa the these, "Prepara- I ROTC leek la a tort denied tha nil rttIt.the ,
Christians gathered locally The youth father,
treat, a bi-.oetbly aalazlnt tlon for Leadership in of annual culainatlon of decided picket
to define the na- Russell c Lowndtt .r. ,
published by the tilt Great Society." 'The programs. and project, the board mttini la*
tore of their task and who has undergone two
denoalnatloa'e Officeof ss iaar, sponsored an* throat Proa September) to March. Head. Ont of the picket
to refine their tools operations for
Church and Society. for laplteiaatatloa." anally by student ata- each cadet struggles, Signs said: '..SIlI.lI&ppl *
cancer, la In serious
The entire current line bin of the FAMU Frt l while the staff plane' needs Top Oard
Ht observes that paa condition, and baa been ,
of the aiftzlne d..hwith Legal Society, drewtehool J to achieve teat accoapllthBtnt ntr.1
tort, when they speak asking. tor his son ever
a detailed student leaders which ttta At a board atttiai ea
esulaatloa about race, talk mostly since the boy* a abrupt
of "where' te la poets! thawea: foes hlih schools disappearance from tilt his above hit cohort in December 11, oardntr had
Ar on the racial la- CAPT. OtBt V. DAVIS the ROTC proirm."Capt. asserted that
'OitBiy lattrpret this throughout North Florida (canter) shove off hie new Manphla school. Negroes
aue.Rev.. to seen that they are end portions bordering captain bare to his wi f.. utd1Dt ((11ft)ud their Lowndet whtrtibouti Oiandltr stated art 'itnttlcally la.

Potter declares] properly sensitive to aoatbtrn atattt. The son, Alan (right). Captain Davis recently becaat were disclosed when an 'The cadet haa an opportunity tenor"

that then can be no tilt crucial al-olficanct seminar cloned with aaAHT. the tint Negro to be promoted to the rank of captain employee of the Anchor to receive a arda
I substitute for local and to con and a faihlnitoa for meritorious ..chOl.Ue ..-
of bade value coaalt- His Motel sae the boy's pie
precinct will be second vAtrt ht hit achttventnti in the A&M Grad TappedFor
sent la shaping hut an pest 23 of tore in the ntwtpaptr

CORE Helps action or that they art r i his 33 years oa tile fore. Davis started his cllab and then notified his tcadtalct. arts an dIIn1c. VA Position
Based on out-
content td mind what la to the top la 1953 when bt sin promoted troD Fvt. parents.He had bUD

Disabled' Man popularly conceded to r to Kit.! (John n. Bunnt Jr.Fhoto) count at the motel ROTC standing activities ptrfonance, ht maycospete In FAST ORANGE.: NJ--0s*

bt their otn butlntat." -than, his Bother found car Willie Jr. a 1114iractuatt
Secure Loan Mr. potter ecacladte Foremost Official Insurance Agent him, the boy tit in the for atarda in of Florida AM
individual, shad, platoon
by Invltlnt local eon Named To Daries Gels Top Honors proceee of earning a but and company dr1l h. unl unl U. a Department
CARTHAGE. Ml a a.-.tlth trtfitloaa to re-ti fan back to hit home In of Health and Physical'
He nay also receive a-
the aid of CORE work era else their on racialatancta. National CouncilII MONTODMQtT' > ,Al a.-
la Lttkt Cout,. Elton l Cctrlea Let Jr., special varsity letters for.lIp.rlor to the petition

wllJtr. partially dla- Hose office ordinary Noted Birmingham perforwanee of corrective therapist,

shied Metro tinier has Negro Beefed atcnt, Booker T. *aah1niton Doctor Passes and service in rl fl.urh..nallh. 0T, with tilt VtttranaAdnlnlatrattoa
received a $2,270 loan laaurance COBpany in east
through the FHA with President Of Bank LOOBT '- aad a IPSO trad runtra services were society of scabbard and Orange.tlllia.
funds from the ECO not I c ute of OraBbllat (01- completed his
oratorical content lavnlch recently held for Dr. Blade Pershing Rifles,
OUCAOONn"Non.( a
Opportunity Act.the ; logo OraBbllat, La., tort In the correctivetherapy
A.Si aon of Markhaa.Ill winners were: first : Pierce Kherean Mot.n.e'Mrold and the ROTC Band Aiaodatlon. .
loanover a 1S- j
Iea has won peraanent BtaberthIp training proemit
Pi "
act. Aaaa fttepheca.CarttrptrraBore .
pioneer rhytlclan
win recently elected aa
period will enable hla
in the Lift Underwriter Tuiketet Institute,
assistant viet Kith and civic lead All award will) be pre
to refinance an over.due prealdeat !Honor Society, under Florid AA..'. la*
of the Eichaate Natloaal School Qulacy atcoad er. -ho died at the Holy mtej at *ri|. Stadium, 1
abort-ten aorttate ; It waa disclosed here ttltuttonal) affiliation
Bank of Chleato, oat of place, bases Early, really Hospital Feb. Florida A4M cuwpua at
his to further I
on tan recently.He 2 o'clock tlth the VA Hoapltal at
the' city'i Itadlat fla- Florida MM University 1. after three weekeoonflnment. PB. on Mirth
develop the property accoapllahed this Tueketet.Accordlnt.
High Tallahaieee Rtv. John 4.19-5.
litchi laatltutiooa
to purchase livestock by havlnt paid for wore to Dr. otcar
and third Narllya Holl T. Porter pastor officiated *
beak la located laChlcato'e
and to pay operating ei- than 1120.000 la or .. A. Moore, bead of tilt
field Leon High School the last rites
PLieS for 194). The faced Loop Tallahassee. davy lift insurance for HotarJ University wi. Pn>.,ta"'t of Health and
at the tilth huuetapU.t
faally thus will bt able buaiaeei dlatrlct. niicioo--wtUlaitoaFaul.proalawnt four coa i ecu tl vt yeart1M1MM4. .* chirtered 1147. wu"onl.lol'IIl Physical Educatioa,'llllaat
to double their iron A traduatt of RoottvtltCalvertlty Seeks Movement niurch.tr. .
la South- Motm played a key support an honor ati dtntt
h o.., which: )laat year la Chlctto.Slaoa la also saber by freeJwen'i Bureau
To Abolish era and national dairy He a of role in the establish'.entandewenston ruu. Mil hoBttowala
totaled tno.Valtl It active la civic laduttry affaire, kaa the :National Insurance of Utt under General) 0.0. Howard historic It, Autut

) he waa partially affaire. Ifs activities Capital Punishment been aaaed to the Rational Assoc taU on. Holy paally Hospital.SU' tint, ria.
unlade ...beuU, oa .
4&aabled.1I years am, jirra-a! VI??. MO.Representative .- Dairy COlIC t1 ---
eilder was able to aup the ."or' Advisory lUyaoadHomrd. IMS Board of Wrector. .
pl.lilt hit tacoat by Cotadtttt:: oa Huaaa Relatioaa. a Metro ardae.. It sea innouaced her.H' I IJ J I

.or*la f at a ....11 I. the Chicago COBaltttt her of St. Louie COPS will terra oa the 10- ,
for tonal Etvloyaeatef -
Now. ht can work lot who hit Jilt taken of- sin Board aloai withrepreaeatatlveaof
Federal and Municipal
pore than .Salloun. fie la the state letfiIiUre. ill

day, but with the help Eecloyeta.. a boardaeaberefthe la playtat wfeit aeoenta of the dairy

at Ma wlft and, three, Joist MetroApeal'Md the HU Lotlt ro.t.rta- ladiatry.Fwul .
ddidres I ht It able to the Chicano '
patch describes atty a It Board (Hainan

operate the fire.la trbaa Siaoa.League the fathtr of 'k role" la the C4Ut. of tilt aetjy orianlsHForefatt E R KETOPfN ,
other ttctloai of
peiaa to ahollah capital Dalrlee of the
Ml a*&.Upl aad alto la three chlldrea: hat been
punlehoant la Mlaaourl. South, a Dlvlaiea of

Lout plat alaoa.Metro CORE users la help to silk tilt laM Eichaaie slice 1.57.Matloaal taklit Only three office week, he Intro after Howe aoavlllt.l Town Fla.Foodi, Jick SUlmAI' Ai ED6EYf06D AtD AYE FIIOM! N.i011.M,

let ati-poverty 10.... .... .
Aged hit billtoabollili Until I the CMpeoy'a llvtttltere

f.,IJoelM day a stellar 1..S. Faal waa a Viet

s einsre'as'iatrodueedis Presided sal Board U. S. GOOD FRESH FLA. GRADE A

the '.at.. Oaveraortirret aw-ber of Fortenat Dal

Retrace then rice, lie. a.... "...

iraattd a stay of tit elace based fire. He CHUCKROAST

eutlea tor Utyd Aader Joked ute erianltatlt

.,. to deteralat nether la Jaaeary II!!, .. HENS

There is the two bills, hive a ht has held aaaMwaeatpoalttoaa

chance for MMI. la la salve aer-

last year* a ItfJaletart, diandtalai. aad pvrcltialat.Ne -

aa effort to ebellia berate aa tfflieraad

only one tie death peailty fall director la 1MI. 19 *

td. Attire la dairy la*

la eddltlta. Howard dtetry sad chi ef*

baa la t reduced t.o ether furs, Fatl la a paatprttd Lm' 39 LB.

diet cola bllle, both Bleed at .t of the rlerld

t...1 Jattlct far thtaadtrvrtviltied. fjalry Frtdutta Ataocla

Oatirovtdet tlOft.
that tall keiraated Fan I served tt aa ef

rates ta a ptraoa' fleer la Ut navy ft-p* GIANT'SIZIt

ewi rttecaliaatt and ply Corps dwrtu otrld GOLD MEDALFLOUR

that another atipalatea that ear II. Rt It a aatlvtef

arrest reeorda fee kept jaeaeotTllle.atleaal SUPERSUDS

eeafldeatlal saUl a ) 0irr Cwa.ll

perwoa It oeaeUted ef directs mtrltle rt

a ertae search aad health tde*

"The eftearMtt ef a tatlta prtirae far the i

cola freeaaia lout usher dairy ....&17. lie sort

la coal a key nit mace It aeadMted fro a ttt

M M .."11.. te these. MP fceed*iartere mi a

tIN foiltted ...ar.. eelMtlea aatleaelde aeteerfe ef 0 LB.
name .
rate la It. affiliate salts la*,

"'" ... 1M'"' ,.\1 district' tlwdiai Dairy Ceeatll PKG. 39U.
Matted Ut St. Lisle tfHeere ttrvlaf eaay

'. ,.,.tOfe... '11 ..)., eeetaer e.IiMer


S. GOOD Rll STEAK : 11. SSc


Mist Gel i iSttrtiii

( U. S. 111 POTATOES ii II. in 55*


!! PEPSI PhI.s Node Before 1962 Cii Bi lecWll" COllARDS, TURNIPS, MUSTARDS 1111 '11. 10*

For 1/2 Tie Total Cask Balaice.K FOREMOST KE MILK( ASSORTED F1AVORS uir t lUlU 354

.,11 l Art SfWfo CLOROX HEACH Uti '""' S3

515 Dnis St. El J 4 1194Cliul ROYAL ION GRAM RKE I ti. MI. ; 35*

( IJ-ti, h.sI"s)


.!IlL.- _. :. .. ,. ,_._ -
----- ---- ----- ---- -- -- -- -

-- -

'" '' n' '
; .

t I
) 1 C ,.


Woodlawn Projects New Facility Approaches Reality :. Abyssinia School

Teen TalkBy Anniversary Fete 1 ,To- Present..Tea" r *

Rev F. D, Wilson, ;4p The Sunday School of

ROBIN A. FORRESTER minister at Woodlawn Abyssinia Baptist Church

Hi Teens, United Church, baa announced will present its annual

Mmnyofyou girls art still starry-eyed: after Sunday the 95th anniversary tsa Sunday from 3 to 5

the day that hearts, candy: and flowers were : celebration of 1'..., la the church.is!.

la full blooa. Cone down off of cloud nine girls the church for Feb 28 Brice Grant will' .be the

the fellows certainly are. at 5 1'... speaker. '

Have you ever stopped to think why friendshipsbreak A program Is being arranged The program follows:

up? Of the dozens of friends 10U' u had sorr' by the pastor Opening selection, an-

far and the do tens DO re you'11 have, and coaalttee. According dlenco; scripture Rev.
probably not more than one or two to the COB- :> A.B. Reed; prayer, Rev.

1J will renaln lifetime friends. This and sinister, N.Glover: selection, lit.

._' Isn' t because one or the other of the first Presbyterian Vernon Youth Choir: introduction -
you has failed In loyalty or generosity church In the city for of master of

or reliability. Changing Negroes was organized ceremonies, Mrs. teesle

groups, changing Interests, or any In the home of Elder Harris; master of ceremonies. -

ROBIN number of other things Bay Bake you John E. Onley, Feb. James Byrd; welcome

drift apart. It lay seen too bad, but it usually 11 1870, and was named Miss Lanlta Jones;

Isn't too painful. just oneof the facts of life. the Third PresbyterianChurch response, Mrs. Leila

And that's the way to look at the break-up that with 'n.J. W. C. James; guest soloist

Ian' t gradual or caused by distance. It's a fact Pennlngton as the 'first AN ARCHITECTS sketch of the new gymnasium to be Oroun-breaking ceremony for the structure esti Mrs. Curias Huger; offering -

of life, too, that the person who seemed closest pastor He died four constructed at Edward Waters College, ie the earsated to cost upward of $300.000. will be held during E.H. Robinson

to you last week Bay be practically astrangernextweek. Booths later. rent goal of a statewide campaign being carried on the 99th Founders'Day: observance on March '24. Henry; Olerson; acknowledgemeat -
The world Is moving fast .- and so are you Rev. L. B. Ellison: was by EWC Alumni, Connection members and friends. of visitors
For months the biggest Interest In your life Bay pastor during the fir Mrs. Annie Bell Reed;

hive been tennis or modern jazz or fashion draw In 1901 and rebuilt It appreciation Mrs. Sadie

In,. Suddenly It bores you stiff sod what you're In 1902. It was then Darnell Cookman's President Welcomed To New Facility Schools StringGroups. Blvlns; remarks. Rev.

all hopped up to seen to you the most fascinating named Laura Street Announce B.U wynn, pastor.
creature you' d ever known,suddenly seems just like Presbyterian Church Choral Group Hostesses will be Miss

all the other girls, and you can't find much to Others serving as Joint Recital Fete Janice Boyd Miss Joyce'
say to each other. ministers were: Reverends Rehearses For Fete Eddy, Miss Georgian Go-

If this happen., neither of you should feel upset George F. Ellison Sent-weekly rehearsals Douglas: Anderson's Lit bey Miss Deborah Tborbes' ,

or disloyal or betrayed. If you both handle Samuel A. Downer, J. E. are presently the orderof tle-symphony String Or* Miss Sandra Hamilton,

the breakup gracefully, "your Interests may touch 'Tics, J. C. Sawyer, the day for Darnell* cheetraandDarnell Cook- Miss Beverly Hamilton,
again moue later day -. :and you'll be back livingIn flush J. Gregg Franklin Cookman's 01 rls'Ens em bit 1 man' String Orchestra Miss Barbara Daniels and

each other's pockets. If not, you'll at least B. Diggs, Paul L. which will present Its will be prelllJ ted,In, ,a, Miss Mazle Warren.

remain friendly. acquaintances and not bitter enemies Taylor; A. A. Thompson, annual concert Friday, joint recital Feb. 29 at

0. M. McMlller, CharlesC. April 2. at 8 p.m. In 1 p..., la Da re ell.Cook AKA's Program

If you are a person who hasn't any friends aaybe King and Wllbert Civic *Auditorium'. LittleThatreaccording man School.
this will help you. Friendship breeds friendship, B. Miller.A to Featured will be solos, Annual Observance

It is an art; and once' you have learned how to be new modern edifice Mrs. J. skew, director.The duets, smsll ensemblee Gamma Rho Omega Chapter

a friend, you can't fall to have friends In whatever has been erected under well rounded pro gram and full string orchestra of Alpha Kappa Alpha to-

path your life Bay take you. In the medical direction of the Rev will consist of 30-min selections, It was rarity Inc., will begin

world people' who frequently burn or cut them. Mr. Wilson.Blue utes with Stephen,- CI.- announced.The Its annual observance

selvesor frequently fall or stumble and get hurt -. sics composed by Bizet Cookman's 7th Grade of "AXA Week." Sunday

for any reasons, lncludlnga hunger for sympathyand Ribbon Plans and others semi-clas Vocal Ensemble will be with a television program

attention fro. other .. are detcri bed as "ac Anniversary Program sics spirituals, and preeeated as special on Ken Knight's Show,

cident prone" There's a certain chin In that wellknown show tlln... gueaU The group will be beginning at 9:30 a...

phrase that we can put to happier use YOU CAN, Mrs Mary: A. Palmer, The concert, which has beard la string and vocal 'The theme la 'Trofll*

IF YOU WISH, BE FRIENDSHIP-PRONE. And. to be program chairman of the now reached the statureof .al eeUou. Including of Advancement la Alpha

friendship-prone, you have to wish two thingsone .. Blue Ribbon Savings being acclaimed a local muale from the nth century Kappa Alpha.'Special

to Bake friends; and, two to keep then. Club, will preside for+ annual Institution CONORATOLATIONSt( .- IALTF S. HO C15BT JR. president novel aDd aaored tribute will be paid

I would think that in order to Bake the best the 28th anniversaryfrom Is a plrorlty projectof of PllgrlB Health a Life Insurwce Co. (Home number Accompanists to all Greek Letter organizations

friends possible at a new school you would start 4 to 8 1'..., which the Darnel 1-Cookaan Office Augusta, Ga.) receive a most cordial welcome will be Mies dada white and medley

out with two Immediate goals, 'the first, to look is scheduled In the Choral Parents Club.Mrs. from local District Manager J. Theodore Lawrence aad Mrs. Aldoala Sea- of Greek hyena will be

and act as pretty: neat, and pleasant as possible, education building of Mrs. J. Askew, director during Open House ceremony held last Sunday, brook. included'

and to do as well aI possible In your studies (without Mt. Vernon Baptist of the Choral F Ensemble at the Company's: new Facility: located at 3812 ton- A Bridge Tournament laacBc

being obstentatlous about it). The second, to Church.ta promises thatthisyear'spresentation Grief Road. Looking on is the Company's public Overseer JohnsonTo
beoone acquainted with as many people as possible invitation has been la expected relations director Edward McIntyre Despite la- T*CA. beginning at 7; 30

'There's a significant difference In becoming acquainted emended to all clubs to outdo past perform clement weatheraumeroue. local Insurance officials Continue Services 1--..,,.*
with people and In becoming friends with to attend by Mrs. Maude ances.Admission. and friends visited the new facility, enjoyed the bridge clubs' !have been

then. Campbell president tickets maybe informal ceremony: and buffet luncheon. Overseer Waite Johnsonof invited to attend.

So shop for a while before you Invest in friends. The group with the purchased from the (Royal Art n oto by letter iright) the Apostolic Church All eorort. will fellow-

have a cheery; smile and friendly word for:>> the boys: largeet attendance In. sponsors or at Darnell of the ooldtn 0 tefalthA hip during the slater- ,II
1 and rU.I 'ybur )lass the long, the short, the .-uniform will receives.. Cookman Junior High ; ladies Of Leisure Annual Tea Set l end Charity 91) Madison* hood Night Round Robin

the fat, the thjn, the friendly., the reserved. Do prize Stool St.,, will continue celebratlagherltth Party which will terml-
something helpfol l for them when',:you can. Circulate Elects OfficersAnnual By lily lodge 174 anniversary aate the ebratioa.

as much as possible until you are sure of the ones Spring Fashions, Fabulous Hairdos election of officers Lily White Lodge 174 toalght (Friday

you want for:>> your friend. featured the recent will sponsor Its Annual with Brother Johnny Me- Circles Reopen

Will Feature Trichologists Fashionetta meeting of the Ladies Tea Sunday from 4 until Coy and members..' la char.,
of Leisure Social- S P... at St. Paul AME ,.. : : Wcil'stop\ Slate
According to the program chairmen, Mrs. Ethel
Savings Club la the home Church Myrtle Avenue Sunday, Mother C. Fuller
laahlngton and Mrs. Mildred Dallas, a croup of tJetCU7' 'Tbffederated aardea
and will com-
of Mrs. Annie M. Barter and 13th Street. group
top models of fashions | Circles will *II. their
Installed were Prayer aad scripture duct the service, aid
hairdos will sparkle the workshop classes Mondayat
Mrs. Battle L. Klag, will be delivered by Monday eight Mother
Fashionetta and Dance 7 ,... IB Slouch
aDdJl president; Mrs. Marie Rev. A. C. Chandler Illlle Ma* Ruby aad
by Trichology ... Naves Center 1207 Davis
Aaatbere, vice president host pastor. Bembere la charge.
League Ito. 38 in Elks Alldl St.
: Mrs. Fletta Ihl t.. Others serving on the Tuesday Bight
712 W. Duval St. Saturday 11aad aid the ''''rs. J.... price .from
Ruth Ho
dla l ail; Mrs. Leila M. program will laclmde:
As runny; 27 from 9 p... until T MRS JONES coagregatloa will COB- the Riverside Av*..e
..................... Fowler recording secretary I. D. Sweet, sister of arch dab will eoaduet
Among participating duct the ..nlce;....-
Ksndricks, Mrs. Mlaessa : : Mrs Vera sip- eereoaiee. welcome, aliases.Zhri. .
models presenting local Lewis, Mrs. DO Ms pta- Ha. assistant record- lies Caarleyae Blood- day alght Mother Mary classes are t<*ect-
Fergumoa ... member hchara. ,
Beauty cock, Mrs. Joanne Jones, lag secretary: : Mrs. Bertha worth: reapomae, Mlae '14. 'They are: Maadayalght.
..aIL I Shops are Mrs. Mary; Ogletree, and Ayers flaaaelal Beverly Cohen; solo ,nu.da1 sight. Hertlcaltare.
Mrs.ThelasLawrence Elder R.A. Armstrong"
: Mrs. Lucinda McCrary.la : secretary; Mrs. Earnea- Mrs Marietta. flraham; Mardi 23, sad March 2t.
member la .. Elsabury -
coordination with Use Gq.tr..rer: Mrs. readlag, Miss Olivia ar. newer, Shorn! Prectlee la
; Mrs. Carolyn Day will beob-
the ensuing Raster sea* male B. Plckett. bust Aaa Hogaae; readlag Artistic Arraagnaemte.if .
Clemone. served h'II..
the photo ton, cur eau msnsger. Mies Rilrler Ana Balls.
Ch, by the way, above shows Otis Lea- .
IL vUl.BJu Rock "Recording'star, celebrating release Mrs.Evelyn rent ,p rill | Committee chairmen arm:: Also solo. Mrs Lorn

of his latest hit, let Her'Love Me" with R:. ] Mrs.Her- and summerfashlone its Florence fllcoi.elnklag ella Price; laatramwtal KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL!(; 1

Rodney Jones, program director of '\UN. Chicago 11M.oa.mn won, fund; Mr*. Jaa- selection. Mice Gall i
Clydle Merrett Mrs.Geneva several by sits Beasley, charity: .....c1 sole Claremce
the station which made the record NO.1 nationally Griffin \krs.Mary ; _- .. I
The attractive youngsters with Leavlll and Jones Trlchololists'pres Mrm. Bernice Nlckaos. Wilder: eelectloa. The w
sick committee aadcaarlttreaaurenMrs. <<
are .members of Leavlll's national fan club proudly Aid Board Sets Hsrestastm Clouds
displaying, 'their new .fan club aseatera ident. Mr*.I : Vera Blp- solos, Miss Morris

Rye "c)1,11I1I, Baby ContestThe : CellieJechLSOB lla.program; Mrs. Ullle BOMB Mrs Doris Revel A.a.a.h FEEt..S 59 CQOO/
will MRS MCCRARY M. Love deooratloas; mad other.

Pastor Aid Bo.rd be displayed OB skit Mrs. L.J. Fowler, reporter iffy I (*-

of Ever son Street Baptist the 1I000IOn1... to HevseMr. Wlrlllq caused by ctrtJin minor ahta h rJtttons..wn

Church will pro be the most colorful Master arc sad. Mrs. llllaa ... e. e...re ...e w sags ....... ....a.

seat a baby contest of the anneal presen Mra. Willie M. ill Tombs, 2)42 Vaa't Ave s'w.eeN-.....................-.........-.- -_- s yr a.e.......-....u........,.
i Feb. :28 at the church, tations.Dwnclag. l lima*. Mrs. Aaale L. : :
use. are lavltlsg tkelr "-'e"' "' els LOVIUes
which ie located at will follow the Black, ifs L.. .II. ,...s w h.e. en a e..Mwawa
mends aad the ...ral .. .- --
rw. ere. s
.r. ==
III Evereon It. modeling phase aid. the Mitchell, Mrs. torsUa public to a house warm -Ieeep el.M eM.rr w...M .?..=::::.; .. ......
A musical pro gram ban ,general public Is la* Blah. Mrs. Elisabeth lag slated foroaday .ve-.......-1M. .... .-... ....en.. _....._-_. eww _..._.....
:"' '''i. been arranged faatirlag .1 ttc1. Menderaos, Mrs. Olivia MOTM tfmm 3 fwmao .. > ivrm
: March 1 at 1:00Oaaee ... a..e. "'
: -
I the Johnsoa Biagere Miley, Mrs. Otell Keeee, : :=:.."", ::.. ;.. .....
elll he
Junior Malt Choral, Mrs. josephlse tyitt,
'- Little ,Rock Beptiet Mrs. C. B. Sloan Mrs. S./le 040-, Mrs.Yen Mil be awartei JW-SUCCESS'
food witS be served. Ala
Church and other. M. .011..... Mrs.
th. SHORTY $ To Head Session emjoyable evemiag of .*
IIIKJffff The eoatestaata are: Ruth Braalel Mrs tar
MIOAIO STYLI f tertalasieat Is tiMlsed.
aM.Me Darryl Bernard Davis, aestise.too, BBS Mr*.
IM Pu ?" ,.,w1e4 M.1'I-i .. Bloaa.preeldent .
Ir5Me M,1 Mrs
.. Jaoquelya, ivoaa' *.Clover. able .jonte.Teachers. Caner PTA
:=':=- p e.j-1li .N of the toman' a To Duet t un I. oTi Tm :e Oft

9......? Michael Adaaa aid Missionary aid. Mica MeitSabrdiy Sets Otsermca

.Ono...dhhy.' ...m..hh.I. :" "" 0.-. i* t, at!,. It, mars Cynthia E. Duaosa.OflDERFUEl. tlooal Coaveatloa, willpreside Feb. 20alter Tae, -Teaher As* LOW PRICES
w .c.u ,
over tae one aoclatloa tf large t.
I C"r L white, ares!* ..
!. M..: j .+.= day scuba, scheduled dent of tat DsveJ Cbmaty Carver Q..tarychool C& Tosr
rem 34 la Ballon Bap mill observe FoaalereCmy

&was.. .Mw ."'IC : Ia: CDMIIJ I MQ YI titt Church, Palatka.Eev. Classroom Teachers manooac Or'asIutiebu ** luBday at I .... lathe MUG STORE NEEIS
school eafetertam.
J. A. trtcat" koetpastor.
r. ;gi5 : that delegate tt Utflerida 8fe.ker will be Mra.Claa Trade, nth Toil Jet aWo"- .' Dry tare
\ .r.M. State Teacher aaeLamale w ITU. MOT n mea acf.n: rxt tocc pjnu,
w'r tDFUtl. The theme Is 'fryerfully R. perry
-....-.. ..... ,.-utaU.. Mr Aseoclatiea Coaveatlom.which C. Miller R? la chair Se Deliver. ale nil ail Dxtcf a Preecrlitloae.Dixie .
mill mt hell laMlBBl
war ", c'rl.'lal Resptasl M..

..r.--'Jc era. r 01 hllltlea." The oedlca elected aest atartay silo elllbt da* Ruins Ti Cltr Pharmacy

I is ,..i ismmmsDmHfflBjmMBr..... .. ... eel tloa senile h at I Mrs Hsiao cFhermM,
.t:1-;..... .. 1- -.-. ..f. rtag the .MUI, lajmsemeltea
U *** W**>> Will n* elU die'cueloas wife of Rev. I. Mtrter-
&*2l **rww.e.a.. ,... are lobed
t rA,0'.5ii Joaasoa 1H2 Iltfs ltd at BjrtJ IIHHflHH
& -y VM bw WAV _? t. "' fro tat fontae ten, .44 Cent "I".
...rrtKtM. bio t r tp t"-'T.. .. [!ill Library at 11 SB.ne .
II esartaeat, baa retaned framhrttgfon.CDBB. -
I.! '" ......= ""'tj <*lea FlertmaSUUTwaol till i'S 41HPAT
... ... .
a.-.cxr. S M1 C e. budget, oomaltte chair .. after spemo-
.... ,.I9-- : art r=:. -.:--N totaUl tr* Asjoctatlea mill oh'nerve several
.. .... .. .. .. sea. p reel Bats tat oatha at
j -d"::e.ea r ; .,.. .., ..a, Its Dlemoejl ,Jabl Teat UMT WATER All Hit?WE
j'f 100 IIIC. -=- .. WS+ cIyM.eeh.y,' fill tt. mat the metal staff lt with --sale spa the bedlM. If her mro*
:.r :' Meu ::: ... zee tear aettlag la at Ger.'UU. I.,... who -
t .
I. M r e wa the grassreet tt the till AT Nl UHf
F. bw. rw.wi' M4..:r.'Tr'w:Y 1I R *. .. .,... Ami receatly.


-- -- -- -
.- : '

U.Js \ -7"l '

$1.11I FURUlY .21. 1955 FLOIUOA Sill C E'7"l

?State Cabinet Unanimously Women's League, Chief Executive Signs Proclamation Research FundIn First Negro Architectural Firm

Agrees" To Support Rights Law To Aid Students Honor 01 Prexy Wins Overseas Designing Bid

NDT TOKX. H.T.-The Wosen's WLBHtfORCR,Oh 10-(NP1) IASHIN
TALL'HASEE--Florlda's Cabinet agreed League of Scienceand ILb After 23 years as head of State for Adalnlstrstlon, has announcedthe
Wednesday to support all requirements Medicine will hold of Central State College selection of the Cleveland architectural

the federal civil rights law forbidding its fifth annual luncheon outgoing president fin of Madison Madison and Madison for the design -

allocation of federal funds to:'schools. to raise Dollars' Charles H. 'NI eJ will be of the new American Chancery (_b..., office
practicing racial discrimination. for Scholars"March 20th signally honored with building) In Dakar.Rraegal. The fin will also design
The Cabiaet announce- C :, ,. .., .
in the Georgian Ballroom the eatablleh.ent of a a residence for the Deputy Chief of Mission
mat was Made by GOT. dollars are channeled v $50,000 Charles H. Wesley Dakar
in New York's A- L and a staff apartment building in
Hayden Burnt who stated through ,the State De- "Research Fund for -- ................. ......
ertcana Hotel. tL The first Negro architectural
that the body agreed to p.rtUDt of Education, The Money raised will Historical Research In fina to be given having received the former

the requlrenent without thai to the county school be used as scholarshipaid Negro History.The sudi an asslgnMent.Msdi- froM western Reserve
objection. "boards. He further eta University in Clevelandand
board of trustees,
for pre-MedlcsJ students son, Madison and Madison
State School ted that all Monies could the latter froM Harvard -
Sup t.ThomasBailey enrolled in one of faculty, staff alum, fa a partnership of
Bald the Cabinet have bee cut-off. studenU, and friends University, where
the 33 colleges end universities three brothers two of
agreed to sake the Bona 'This ct>..n' t create aided by the are establishing the research whoa are architects and he was president of his

ststesent by March 1 any problems for the United Negro College fund the third a civil engineer. class In the School ofDesign. J
rather than risk a cut State Department for we The Charles H. Wesley .
Fund tinner of a noel Robert. Madison
off of federal school already have several Negroes C. Madison received
scholarship last year Research Fund in designed A.I.A. and Julian Julian I
appropriations funds on our staff at John Henderson a pre- to be an investMent C. Madison are currentlyIn his L B. degree, \ J
turn Washington. the p 1'0 t..loDalltyel. welled student enteringhis in the future revelation Dakar for discussions CUM laude, 'in civil engineering
Bailey added that the Bailey concluded.Young from Howard
of the Negroes'
Junior year at Toog- with ./ oabaasy
grater Majority of federal Bernard B.'
aloo College Ton gal oo, fight for first class concerning the designs.Construction University.
funds, nnnlac virtually Engtaer Mississippi. 'The barn'sLeague citizenship In America. is scheduled Madison, A.I A. tie
into Billions of TALLAHASSEE Governor H >don Burro U pictured as he youngest of the trio,
plans to renew eeeeee for 18M-<<7.
Throws Hot InPolitkd signed s procUtmstkxt declaring! February si Florida NurtesAuorlation holds Bachelor of Architecture
its aid to Henderson
Roll Call Month, With Governor Bum U MUt! There were four Negroes Robert F.Msdlson, senior '
Stores Owner Arena this year, as veil ss Enid Mathtaon\ Rf, president of FNA. RoU Call U the who served ss popes In amber of the flmholds degree
provide a new $500 annual membmhlp drive of the florid Nurses Association the history of the Catholic both bachelor and Master Howard University.
Joins CORE scholarship for another during which contact will be made with all of the registered Church of Architecture degrees
ABRCM. II I.- muses In Florida urging them to become member of FNA
QUINCT--J.Q. Kelly, young Negro engineer)1 DTCT pre unselected-.edical studentas their statewide profeuional) association affiliated with the Hosts NaPI Newspaper Group
local chain store owner, be a6ag sight 'Candi American Nurses Association .
A of thirteen --
became the first whit dates seeking tour; seatson group -. ,
person in this northwest the Aaron city: COMnlsslon Brooklyn tam have sustained Vets, With Service-Connected ".. r

Florida town to in the April 6 the League, Incorporated ,.
Join CORt--sad he is city election.LsVon all years Disabilities, Eligible For Insurance
ago u a non-profit, nonsectarian -
proud of it. JeaU... :27, an
organisation 67 FETERSWRO-More than three si 11 Ion ear veterans -
At a with .u..tor'l'1th' Aurora
CORE with service-connected disabilities
to aid students Interested say now
Field Secretary Solver netal products coMpany.: la science and ...u- be eligible to buy up to $10.000 in-peruanent fit

Gordon COM Task force was one of the leading duo Mrs. John t. Blow, Insurance coverage the Veterans Atainlstratlon.
torter Stuart wechsler. candidates la a field of president of the Women's said today. ......II.................
23 seek is nonlnatloa ins
CORK Chairman Johnny g League of science and Rufus H. Wilson, Manager policies can be granted.
tatson and llllu Robinson prlsary election on Medicine, is adnlal of the St. Peters til son ssld that another

of the Chic In. Pea t.Jeak1u'. strstive supervisor of burg VA Regional Office, unknown number of ut.

terest Group Kelly re hlstoryMaklsgfeat series at Kings County said the VA had con* erana those dlssblll .
vested that his decision cane despite the Hospital Center. pleted a preliminary ties art not service-

publicised in the fact that Aurora, a city Many students, particularly eatlsate aa to hoe Many connected May also be

Florida Free Frees, local of 70.000 has a Negro Negroes, are diecouraged veterans Might be affected able to' take advantage(
population of less than
organ of the freedoM froM mterlag by the nee law of the reopening, If
five per cent. His vote M6T
MOveMent these fields when the reopening the oppor they cannot obtain insurance
was heavy In all of the
He also announced that prospect of financingthe tun ly to obtain national. at any cost
city's 62 wards.
he is seekini federal schooling sees service life Insurance fron private companies. '-

funds to start a center The young U.S.Air Forceveteran asall. In addition, an unknown Veterans will have one LOUIS. MO, Vtewtsg the pragma of the Midwinter Workshop of the National
II a 19* grad
for instructing Negroes Other officers of the nucbtr of veterans, eligible year from May 1. JUS. Newspaper Publishers Association In M.Lnuls are, left to right! Mayor Raymond
in all phases of chain uate of Kast Aurora High League ire Mrs. Revs for a service- to May X 1906 to apply Tucker At. touts Isobel C. Clark sssoclste director for n>Clal Projects,

store operation Mean School. He najored in Green vie president. connected rating but who for the insurance National Urban League New Tort, Frank L. fttanley sr. president of the WPA,

bile, he is offering Mechanical Dglaeerlsg era Albert no.p 1011. have not applied for printed laforsatl!' Louisville Ur. C.C. Dejole, publishers of the Lou Its'an a Wetkty.New Orleans,
his coMpanysfsclllties at Howard University.sehlngton treasurer Mrs. oladyaArrlngtoa one, lay be added to May be obtslaed by writing La.; and Howard Woods, editor of the lit. Louis Argus, and a nesber of tilt

and personnel for this D. Co Ht Is acholarahlpchairaas. the list of those to telephoning or President's CbMltteeon *<*ial fkploysiwit Opportunity.The .

objective sirrled and the fatter who the reopened II ELI visiting the Bt. Petersburg three-day Meeting, Jan 21, 99: and 30. whldi drew over 10 publishers *ll
CORK started working of four children.Mis V* Regional Office. tors and advertising directors troll around the country, focused discussions CD

in 'Qulllc,. the seat of csspaignwaa handled cancer Chairmen Volunteers Set says to better service their respective axMHinltles.titn .
OadsdMi County, about a by A. George puller who ,

year ago and as a result employed in the ae Statewide In Orlando
over 4.000 ,Negroes presently counting department. of Meeting lad Fact ln. inn

are registered eastern electric Co. TAMPA-Volunteer Faille education Castries at ;

to vote. Recently the -- the merles Cancer societyand Interested frlrndiin Rice/ mUi !

cosaty for the first ADYERIISERSPatro.ite s7.county Florida sres are .eitended an apse J lIS.

tine appointedNegro isvltetlo to attend a special cancer control, '
Jirer. public education conference to be held Saturday KtU _

February 31, 10 .. .., at the Berry rises Note),
orl)III"' ........................ Hoar SIK. 49 SMCIAtS GOOD
The 7-county Florida stlon sessions will fee ta It M I" RIGHTS RISIRVID THROUGH SATURDAY
UIICCIEICIICIER district Includes tie presided over by Ben L.

folloeing coesttes.orasge ; lorr.,. orlsado. state
irevsrd Her* Mbl, Msestloa Cast nan
CefUtiH lltfl\ti\
sisals, Pasco, Cliches, of UeHocletys florid
IEEF ; ; Rlllsborosgh. Folk, Oa- try ti s loo.

cola, tndlsn River Assets Reach
SIDEINI< Manatee, ..fII.I .da. Oaeedhobee m
St. bode, SersoU.DeaotoChsrelettee- AI'I' -TIMe High <
lit) IllSCUlI.I..TU.U It
HOU* I AlLAH UI\ G-Aas.te ef
dades.Martin, L*.. Men- the Florida Ate University

t v". dry. Pale iescft col.II. Dvleyeee) federsl -
... Broeerd. tt>eroe, Credit Cslos reamed as 7TALL

11 1 Dsde,Al e<*ius. iataywtle, all>tlse high of lt..,
Did,. 01!cart at, Levy
m U.'e' 91 a*. It ess revealed
L MHcriii ? ())..... Baker, Nesses, durlsg the recent JOts

If. 2- MiTil Tl e Oslos. Devi. Bradford, sssvsl Meeting of the
()I.,. It. .Jokss. Put-

1471 iris laM gas. In4... pJ tilt,. oresietfa.U the sasssl dlasereetlag TALL

Liu anon, volsils. Cltrwa, held la the Pel- GIANT CANS

--- taster, W. and I-I' versify OMWOM*. ..ea.,. 49
sale cDwstlea,
received s Uorvetft w,legrweort PKG.
hrp.seef Ue ...U"
the aetlvtt!**
Is to brine to Ue s.ebly
f the crewlt ssiefl sttrlbutee Limit IIrilk
Mp>to-dste Isfor-
were pall ti1etlvldsele $1
e nation abet Ue Society's II rJrr
| war a4 slo-
fI'.-..... pet
..re' it ss charter er es.r'.pleesl
1, 1'1't+ lie e4ucetlM pngrw ._N'..

I f r asd hew esecltl techniques In rop.ltloe ef their .. .
sA can be eetab testrlesttea to the
llshed U ,revs ef- fevswlag ssd on sllf : Cmci

fecttve year-rovsd eeeeaicMlcm Ue fun rpj .t.e*'

with the pen federal credit Cain,
lle-.. help save live. pieces. sore presented SHORTENING 69C

The .*..tlMlsfer It person Is ebeetti
,,"..e, ." .tI''I..h. I J IK.t .

<* IS* MM fid IrOr
,..t..r.phy With A Style"One -

Visa's CtrtW Ire Ia c.-


KEN MIGHT li; nul Pertlea 1N. 39 C x-t_ 31 1 1fru'

-invites You To Listen To- Stop Shopping For All

IK lANt .-. Your Photographic Heads


lltttfr 11x5'til 12:11 1817 N. MYRTLE AVE. u.

Sitirlif 1.R. 'III 12 ,... |lii SitJiji. I, Jifiiiliiilt) f pry nrrFIIS3f ft* Gal c.-. frel hit

1400 WIHC -' 1400 PA... JS4-32I2 hips c u. lif 39 P.fk CHs t u. 39d39

.... .

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r +... :..)1"t ,,,

.. ?,X;,r t? "{/P d i +.+..A -.-,- ---- .._-..---- -------_... --.-. -_- _.___ __ .n_ __ ________

Shriners Make Timely Donation Peace Corps Famed Pla,makers Rehearse For Coming Season's Programs Magazine

Tests SlatedAre t Cites HayesLOS
willing to
,.. I share your skills with !
ALTOS. Calif.-Bob
the people of Africa
d rf e ; Hayes of Florida MMUniversity
l Asia, and Latin America? y A. was picked
Teachers and Liberal
by the Track and Field
Arts tredusteeceaquali-
News as the top track
fy to fill many positions.
athlete in the United
States in '8".
It you hare training
The Jacksonville senior
or experience as a civil
set world marks in the
construction l
engineer F ar 60, 70, and 100 yard
1 worker, nurse doctor, ? dashes. He won the 100-
sociologist, coach, or meter dash in the '54
.. as a recreation worker
r .
Olympic Games In Tokyo,
it your skills are needed. japan last October In a
Americans with fain
world and Olyiplc-tying
_\-.A physical education experience
time of 10 seconds n.t.
MEMBERS 01" the Ancient Fgyptlan: Arabic order Nobles are also urgently I. He also aachoredtheUS
of the Mystic Shrine present their fifth needed. There are .n y d 400-meter relay quartet

$5.000 check to the National Jewish Hospital at aim at ten thousand Peace ? M ) to a world mark of 39
Denver Taking part In recent ceremonies at the Corps volunteers with seconds n at.
free-care nonsectarian chest dlseate center are, sons 300 various skills rx Hares turned profession
from left, David L. Holllnan, Illustrious poten presently at work in the I al b, signing to play
tate; Dr. b L, Pobln son,deputy imperial medical- 48 countries. professional football

direct; Macao Brodnax, fir. deputy Imperial marshall Married. coupFes are ., with the Dallas Cowboys
Edward Miller, trustee and past president eligible if both can j j of the National Football
3f serve and have no dependent .- --+ .... SMI ;
NJH Mrs Josephine F. Brown, Imperial first "- i'q' ..' "i w. i..I:! ff ..l1f_ League last December.
ceremonial daughter and Squire Bui lock, deputy of children. A college -- -
GET READY POR FESTIVAL-Members of the Florida UM He played halfback during -
FAMU Department of Speech and. Drama and director
the desert of Colorado.Beach. degree Is not necessary
.. ID all p roJ ecta. University Playmakers Guild art shown here u they of Playmakers Guild. Third row, Carlton Mo-
took time out for a group photo during a recent
You will receive valuable lefts instructor. Department Speech and Drama,
ShortsMIAMI training and experience planning session for their participation in the standing in front of William Upton, Orlando; David
as you help tort boon Ing spring"Florida Arts Festival," April Roott, Daytona Beach; Annette Porter Sarasota; Pk'Nt

the peoples of emerging. 1 through June 18,1969. The Internationally famous Roland Benson Miami; Anthony Sweeting, Miami. r
BG.ACHA new $1,000,000 building to house nations fight poverty, little theatre group sponsored by the FAMU Department Robert .Smith, Miami; Dennis Alexander, Gainesville
the physical science division of the Instituteof disease, ignorance, and of Speech and Drama will present Its version ; ton aid Thonpmon, Miami, Icon Helper, Mulberry .
Marine Science will be completed In the autumn of Lorraine Hansberry's' Hal sin In the Sun" during
hunger and your skill ; Robert Umpkln Rt. Albans, N.T. ; Michael .
of 1985 on Virginia key, just south of Miami make the difference. the annual state-wlde arts festival. Members. Austin port' Lauderdale; Janes VanNatre, Boynton ,
Beach,Studies of ocean waves currents and tides, nay Join the peace Corps shown here are: center, Alyce Marshall Port Lauderdale Beach William Heewoas, Blrmlngha. Ala. Timothy '
I light and sound under water sea floor composition Volunteers now serving ; Verdell Hill, Plant City: Alice Caldron, Shoemaker. Jacksonville.; Marie Darts Miami, til-

sea water chemistry and other research and sharing their skillsin Vest Palm Beach; Joyce Thomas. Bradenton; and Man Green, Miami; and John Burroughs, Miami in
will be centered In the buU din,. The Institute villages and cities, Jaynce Maycock, Ml at. Front row, Bern a Cooper, the fourth row, 'ero.,1n," the assembled Ph&IItU' ,.-
is a division of the University of Miami Gainesville; Miss Sandra Williams, Instructor In .
................ classrooms. and hospitals group are Ronald Thompson, Miami, and
the Department) of Speech and Drama.Patrlca Baker, 1
Jones West Palm
and on farms all over Henry Beach. The spring "Florida !Ut HUm
MIAMI BE"Clf-OJ'dest building in the Miami Beach Panama Cit,; Patricia Mosley, Jacksonville.; Mary "
the world. Plan now to Festival, la the Playmakers group will participate ...Ured spiked
area was erected some 600 years ago and more than Harrison, Pensacola; Jerelsne RavageFort Lauderdale -
is being sponsored again this year by
2,000 miles from its present site. It Is a monastery take the peace corps ; Maxine Stevenson, Ope Lock; Margaret the Florida Development ftmalsslon. the tall with the
built In Spain, dismantled and rebuilt Placement Te.t.The 8ealy BrooklynN.Y.) Ruby Jones Ocala] ; rugenia: FAMJ Rat tiers and starred
here It presently Is being operated the teat will be given in both the North-tbaW
by F- Nicholas, Hallandale; Jacquelyn fieri vena, Tanpa; Grand Union Chapter Of( Masons
pjqcopal: church as a tourist attraction, Second at Llndsey Hopkins Fdu-; Laurastlne Mason, Miami; Geraldlne Lloyd Talla- Ririne Game In Miami and

oldest' 'structure is the C.pe Florida Lhhthoult, cation Center, 1410 N.C. hune;Brenda fjrnder, Hampton, Va., Janetta Oils, Schedule Statewide Spelling Bee the senior Bowl In Mobile
dating from the 1830s. Efforts are being made. to 2nd Avenue Miami, on Milton; dadya Perry Miami, Poretha Dye) Rivera Ala. H' was namH
A statewide spelling bee contest was munched la
Saturday, February 20th the "most out
preserve It as a state monument. i tanlingPlayer"
Beach: and Dr. S. Randolph Fdnonds, head of the
at eoo: a.n. a planning session of the educational board of the In the Rhrine
Moat Excellent: Union Grand (Chapter Royal Arch put.
I Launches Kick OffD ( Masons of Florida.with P.'. Williams, slats chairman .
presiding. ........,........... p..
tune WAME Home Of The World's
According to the chairman statewide contest. Intarnation tugscthe, war of 1812.
,the Idea of a scholarship teprdiatqual* skilled Negro elates
award tor deserving 1 elimination" were freed to captain
Champion Disc Jockey students on a high date of contest and awards > American battleships
will bt larel
school level, was originated against the 'r1 Uab.
P by 'Grand Priest ease.

Fred Alexander, and nurtured
by the late Rev. ; Pools;'Opening .Sought;
A.R. Crumady. .ho was
then atate president. MBIPHW- -- .-ls.loner Hunter Une Jr.Mked

x For the put five ,..r.. the Memphis Park CbmmlMtm last .edit to reopen tile
.w It has been in effect citya s.11.1'001. on a segregated bole Is
r *. L I. ",lnA. president at eech annual meeting.The making. the rniestCpmNtsalaner Hunter. llt l five
V of Florida Memorial following schools reason tor tie prot al.1tI. reasons ..re not dieclosed. -
_, College (St. Augustine) who have Dean recipients .' '
a la presented a check, of scholarship award: He naked flat the aecrMary steps to accomplish
t klcklng-off a $10.000 Northwestern High. !Stanton tie pool.''btealscs be dnne by Ue surer of 1MJ.
tund-rafefnt campaign High, Mattbe -. The ..&_la. pools la .....&1. closed for almost
troll FMC Alumni Ateocla- Gilbert city. LlaooliHigh. U.n'l..n. were mtiot due after Ue U.R ftiprwe
) Nicky Lee flan president James C. GalBcsvtlle. Carver Court ordered that all recreational facllltlem In
Holder of World Smith of Jacksonville. Heights, Leesburg.Dorsey : tie city to d.s.crt.at i.

a' Broadcasting Record Program Feature High. Miami. Central

1 Fred Hanna 228Continuous Hours Rackia Rogers V4LD08TA. On.-Or. Ar Academy, Palatka,
thur CTeele 144, chairman : Qlbbs High. St. Petersburg
n of the Department and Howard Academy, WMBMPET

.,r ; of Secondary Kducatlon Ocd a.
at Florida AIM University Chairman willlame said MILK LUCKY LABEL CONTEST
delivered the rite board, iw trylig to

principal address here help develop the stadmt. WIN AN! AIR CONDITIONERFOR
., at the Aanual Senior la other anu of education

,. Program during Negro decided to explore YOUR CHURCHI
c History seek. Friday.February end launch the mpelliag
IXat the ...t- bee cMteeUMajor polstato COLLECT PET MILK
side High School. CDat'et..re: groupparticipation.
; Bob TerryFrom Theme of tno programwas. ;CMpetlve- LABELS AND SEND

3.:00 to e:30F 1 arid. Reepoaslbillty."Education for" nee. sad application of THEM TO WMBM WITH THE
the Dade common I cationskills.
rom 'AlII Downtown
A anlo Die Studio Brotter Ray content Dr. Te le of developed his address tnt NAME OF YOUR CHURCH
Tia will be tne first



.;. IN lef.S@N.
Ft.> onrrlAys .


*! Mott spuUr Ptn..11trCOUNT A PET

and alt' fret BiHffoocfag

a lift fomotx Nom Start LABELS NOW TO WMBM,


I Mot soo tslOO<< ,.r.a.


i ; 3 : .\ ':"" MAil imR\ :' ENDS FEBRUARY 21 1965.
( Hear, "Hot line" Nightly At 11 pm. ,

)', : TnH lei sponsored It t community Mrvicn by OR .FACSIMILEPET

; WithArt Green Ct''. xm 0. fM011 MILKrr

,fI,,,*" .... :


.. . ._ .
--...... .... ..--- ----- -, ---- '-- ---- -- -- --- -- -- -- .
...........__...-...." ---

'C.i > f i' 1


I Weekly Friday Ntfit Boots Pro Boxing Returns To Jax On Weekly Friday Night Basis I

Gets-Off IR Rousing Action Receives Award For Future Presentation Collier Sets

St.. Augustine's "Irish"17 WALT IIJIR pens Robinson K.0.ed JBIiflr "''. ".'"..".....t.N...!. .2 Scoring Mark
Herman Qllllui in 1.07 of the Pint Round of a 'If: ::
scheduled eight rounder last night at the World's ;":' H ''. At Flo. A&M

Littlest Boxing Arena. 284 South Edge God Ave. : :i
Jacksonville. Ha. This its the first ofar'lUlar ; .
scheduled fight card tor\: the Jacksonville area in r ,, .JjI: ( Collier a senior guard

over five years. Pronoters Boardan and Rushing A : ,: ; ,:I from west p.l. Beach.

will brine a fight card to the area every Friday .J J' ,1.'J"' set a new individual

altht at the Little Boxing Arena.ngnting -- ,... scoring mark for a tingle
N .. CHOVALO..A Royal Treat .
.H; in ue saddle .UUu.. ....N.NN game then he scored S9
eight division Robin .GJ.o";;;, was runner ap Sports fans who weren't privileged to see Floyd ; points against Port Val 1 ey

in the 1941 Silver coves Patterson and George Chuvalo la their Madison State College last week.
son weighted in at HO
pounds for last night'sfight here in Jacksonville and Square Garden boxing ..tcb..lued: royal treat but The old mark of S3

and Gil Ham tipped was again runner up In the taped video recording presented by CBS Sub- : point was set by halts
1943 la the Dallas Regional day. Valentine Day brought the action right to Bellamy of Falsetto
the scales at 185. Gillian
Vas a replacement Golden Glove the home suck ence. iii1tGIB la 1043 against Benedict
In AAU bout he beat This constituted no lack of interest for the avid College of tblumbiaC.
for Nat fright who failed -
the Texas State Champ boxing fan though the Batch was Collier pumped in 2$
to lake the weight."Irish" .
snd Oklahoma Statel ia-&)- old.Fans knew Patterson had woo. field goals and bucketed

all professional ewe hashed fight ion la 1943. was Just a matter of how and ; I another nine charity

Other bout on the action Proved to add the utmost of tosses to erase the old
inning all of thai, four\:
packed card saw thualaaw.The ark.
by knockouts. welterweight Tim Ford of "Louisville Lip" (C...... JUNIOR COLLEGE'S 'Host Outstanding Athlete of the Tear" will have his Collier leads the Rattlers

Before turning professional Jacksonville take a unanimous Clay) was ringside commentator \: name engraved on an impressive plaque donated to the College by theOamee Trophy In scoring and la

he fought la dacltlom over the spectacular that was viewed Company of St. Petersburg. 'The plague\ was designed and made by the company aa a third among email. college
25 fights
losing Johnny!: Hobbs of Chicago. Billions of home. fans and this tribute to the late John P'. Kennedy and his physical fitness program. The award scorer with an average

three 18 by knockouts.In and inning. 22. Ford bad Hobba down for\: about made Patterson underdog from the starting has been given Coach Jackson by trophy coapsny owner A. a G.... Coach Jackson of 34.1 points

an eight count U the bell. will announce the selection at the end of the school year. Me was an out,
IMO he won the fal-
lee. Texas Golden first round. Round 2 of the boat end Caaalua was changing his Krnest: Fillyau Photo) standing, prep star at

a __a tune He knew Patterson would win. But by this Roosevelt High in "t

1963-64 Chomps Axles Welep time, everyone else la the house knew that the A&T Honor Sportsmen Cooperation Urged Palm Beach before joining

flashy, dancing style of Floyd would keep Chuvalo the Rattlers.He .
Expect StroegOppositloa Bears 9250GREENSBORO. In the fcghouse. Grid Team For Passage Of locks Plan was cased to the All-

Fans well-poised graceful Patterson thatpt GREENSBORO. N. C. --TheMT
M.C. -The saw a MAC team In <83 and hand .
MT College Aggies last hit hard only on occasion and at the most when College Aggie football TALLUSSFX-riodds'a sporteaen will have an opportunity led the Rattlers in

week soundly U rash ed the he attempted to hid him famous ",la.." Jaw. It team which won the to support proposal for the comtruo scoring with a game average .

OCALA-Hampton Junior Livingstone College was no problem for Floyd to evade the would be CIAA chaaplonahlp was lion of locks and other scans of passing small of 29 points last

Colle... detend1D, chimp- Bears, 0290. In a OAA powerful Moss of Chuvalo, but once he topped to last week praised for the craft at some 30 Centra) and Southern Florida year Collier an all.

ion o f Ue Florl ds juniorCollege basketball game played block the blows to the bead.Chuvalo would take to way IB which it was ac- Flood Control District project structures In the around ball player who
of the St. Johns and KlsMmmee Rivers.
the mldsectloa. complished.'You
Athletic As- hermit Ue Charles MooreGyansslum. can shoot from the floor,
mod atioa. will host Ue Floyd put his thinking cap back en and dodged the picked yourself 'This will be st a series of public meetings ached- closeups, and from soy'ogle
blows from upstairs and blocked the owes that off the floor of failure uled for February 141718.
Fourth Annual FJCAA Aa if avenging aa upset the onurt.A .
.... on
rr ".IN"H. N.NI
According to O.R. ,
threatened to oat his boxing career short. sad despair to do It.
Tournament February Ifr- loss earlier to UeBears the recreational values captain of the Rat
20. AmT tuned om the This was the old Patterson, but a very brand said Dr. Le ia C. Dowdy. Executive Director, Gene ofthesstwo rivers.ttth- tiers' cage team, he Isa
and Fresh later Fish eo.*
Tournament Director .best from the very ban new Patterson. president the college, out locks or other mutt leader and a spark In
Frank Pierce said Hampton glasiag to completely Several leveling hooks to the head of Chuvalo lathe host at a special dinner _miatlon.U public meeting able ...n. to permit roach fM Oileeby'a fist

and six other teams befuddle and outclaaaUe seventh round put a damper oa Chuvalo rooters, given for the team In aa announced by the pasitge of Mill crt break gas.. M"' only

are expected to par visitor but this scant eve end. This wasn't even the beginning honor of the achievement. U.& Corps of foglneers, at sites of control 5-11 but his quick moves
till be held st Coco,
Boomed of the end Patterns retained his cool. He was referring to the
ticipate.Seedlaga The Miles to a u tructorea the fishing, and eat-like reflexes
on February 14 at 10:00:
oa the tournament 37-21 halftime lead and Bees to allow faaa aa opportunity to see the end two defeats which the boating and navigational over shadi his lack of
have not been released Livingstone contiaued to of the beginning. Agglea Buffered la the a.m. la the Brevard use of the headquartersof height.

yet since the fall behlad as the pressure PaU.rlCa put on a gallant display counterpunching opening genes, one by a County Agricultural Cm* the RlaslMmee and At. "'&lU, can dU,'
ter 1135 let King St..
two lesdlag teems Of mounted la the final In the rmsatalag round that completely dls W-8 score John. Rivers will 1 be thing," says his coach
the conference Gibbs period.The eyed the strong Canadian. He !had hit Patterson on The dinner Dr. Dowdy llaalmmee, on February limited.All Itl have built my tea
dud Hampton have not wia gave the Aggiee his "'I..." Jaw end everywhere else but nothing explained was the fulfil 17 at 10:00: a... In the sportsmen and per around him. Me4 the key
Civic Center, fort Leu
completed their seasonalcompetition. aa 113 conference record seated to.work perhaps this just wean* t his day lent of a promise he sons interested In out to our ft break lime,

enough to clinch a Or perhaps It MS Just Patterns day A timely made la early aeaaon If derdsle. on Februsry 11st door activity art urgedto and ee oouldn11 tin aa

This year's tournament berth la the 20th annual defense had Betted him one of the most Important the Agues bad a tinning 0:30: a.m. In the attend one or all of many game as ee haveeven
County Comaleelon Room
BBS added significancein CIM Toaraammat to victories la his career. Floyd got that one the aeaaonOr the meetings.ftyortnmen without hie."
that it will "help to be played here at the hard weyt.elveroasda af toe-to-toe punch Is f Dowdy urged the 55-: of the RroeaH County clubs, hOsting clubs and
determine a representative Greensboro coliseum with one of the hardest hitting heevyeelghta lathe odd guests to "be achamp Court hull*., conservation organlta* lap WNM li Len MOT. *KI
la activity Frye amid, 'ronttmo
of Division IV for February 27-27 and aIts. pas every lions are asked to mitmlt
the FJCC Co. feresee overall. Floyd proved a posit la fact with his decisive lathe campue and latke lion of these proposed their reoMM..ndatlon. U.S. SAVINGS BONDS
lode and aeena of p."
which la to be held at eta over Omvalo.He' om Ue sir ap. It's a little eommnatty Tbesame
sing rill craft willbe
Nimr.lDede JC. February *.. tough to climb after taking abed aplll and Floyd staff which brought
3327. The winner of the .has had shout three. yew to this honor p.r* a definite suet tn Center

Gibbs-Hampton. battle for According to Ue cigar Patterson 1* oa am laportaat nag of the holing aerveraace, drive, solid Sell Joed

the FJCAA vlsttttlomrown Uatltute of "..rau..ore ladder It la this toners belief, as well aa a achievement, are Ue re Watch This Clown1021I ,. ,. ,.
"..,. """""' ".";;.; "" I>
women are smoking few of my eoaatltaemta. that It'll take mo re taaaQ queues for success In
will be team
oae it 2? IS M"otl.( A'vf ..4 AdUmt rKimc IL 4.14//
to to tke 111 eat Tournament cigars openly then ever ay or Uetom to drag him down agala.BOOTIM any eball....." (
go. befere.Ml ............... everal do Ue players 1 IS

7 2
Willie collier sealer gvar-i with FAJaT a Rattier special praise Lesdlsg SPECIALS IS"
2 ., I'"
Is back o. top of tae heap as far as am accurate the list was Cornell 5 : I STEWING OYSTERS ..60c .* 'I"!
ahootlag arm Is ooacened. Ask Pbrt Valley State Gordon, ...Ior quarterback l ., "
Ooll......Collier hit far S* points egalast them who wan presented 4 $' I
a.MMe .e .N.N..e Ian/1N
at Taliabaesse to Mlllfy am eld record of 11 set the Oreeasboro Dally

by talte Bellamy dwrlag the 112 cage ...... Ness plague. for bevtag 10-20-14 WHITE PERCH II 49c

Collier was bald. to a 14 plat. soerlagsttack a- being cued to the All- 7 HI" Sib. ,.".,." .'11 "'.,

r ga 1..t Betfcama Oookmaa at age la Daytoaa Mach State football team, aad 11.51-2 LARGE WHITING It 15c

bat ore back to net 44 totals sgalaet them om his Ronald Preset, aa cad JkMtllmee Mars dpSometimes SPECKLED TROUT to 49c

Lt owm home floor. who bad been selected to H.' s floes MED. MULLET 20c lb. Sae. 99c
The 1' 11" Collier has a 94.1 scoring average. the All-ec fereBesquad. I 29c
He sdds, subtracts, LARGE ROE MULLET u.
JUDUI *A1. aharpekooter for the Matthew Gilbert .
Me works It all around.crMt'g SALT MULLET as 29c
paathtra and his sidekick hearse Jo 'IO'. are Others receiving special
a I -- leading Ue Eaetslde tea to asoUer Mcceeefel praise lacleded; Thomas
.. ... 121iS22Man's 59c
.... ks eased .aU..41 II' 01.... emd Willie ....- It
cage Cray Ue ..
ilhWPli/Yr11J ................ ..
/t1Ultglt'r Lt'grP"rmetWI glom for the panthers all .HIIMI.' lead Uetemm ley, fallback Cllftoaatthee JUMBO SHRIMP II.I'"

=:= 1 1 Nth a 21.7 Imdlrldual oarlaf average. Joam- sad MltkaelJoteaoa. Day LG. MID. SHRIMP It 19c

McOuff I *<'-"kTb sot. ace reteejader for the PaaUere. fellows Gar 1 both halfbacks:
.aUla 20.3 aeertsg average.Oray. Menu Slam .*, geard; Are Numbered YELLOW TAIL SNAPPER as 59c

Joaasom wad 11 via Jomem have MM tefefcedam aad Wlllla Sinclair a MANGO SNAPPER as 59c

sere college material by college ...,.. These tackle %*..' s Dsfs are Nu.- SPANISH MACKEREL t.. 19c

tare, along with AaUmy OraAsm. lave placed Ian Otter appear IM oa tbepregram. I I eref'.HealU aad'ror' MIXED BOTTOM FISH u_ 29c

I porumt isles. Is Ue PamUenC defeated *.*... I* la4ed; Wit tune Cam Be lour the
............e.... lima H Gamble, director Tee twos fear Luck FRESH WATER CATfiSH u.49c

... BIO TIll& s oowo .* T .E ef admlssteaa. ; Dr, Glees Dais lAd Col ere rUe

l'r A idiot aN.Nt Isvolvlsg a Fieri da Rlgaeey Fs- F, I..kll, deam of lastrvftlemi Mad ll.oo for yaur

.. amd the grid tern ef Qramhllag College aabfwgat Or. AMU P. Mrueccpe Oxide for
afcoet majer reotrlttlMs cMceralag prefootull Graves cmalrmam U* "VU?

seeete at the Uvlalmaa IsetltmtlM.Tket'a Pacmlty Atkletl OMmlt* FIJI I* t.. bleak l baler

ateet all It toot after Cramellsg be* tee i Dr, William M. See.atkletU ad Mil U> TtXilX, Poet

mlllstlsg defeat by Fieri ** Ml la the Orange director, aid Office .;i ||7.Jcaenmvtlle | -

Bleeeo Claaele. la fact, It e*. Ue very ease Or T. ....U.", pre'sided. I. Vlerl**
e.wkead after Ue Use Gen Crmafcllsg was headed cut'........ .................. Uncoverthe

home ed Ue pstralmma stepped Ue bee .*.U., FLOOR IlAUTY.TIfJH.

to bee If mameome bad sinai a pro.tract. 1T PgT..r.N. truth.
r Ills light sae4..4 ether llaat ee Ue salter end ....... ....., t'........ '
fn '- d repan. wear .
bead CkMcm Kd4J me el*earn leaned Uat ,-s4oaU ....rewr.....", .. ,.. w tae pee om or gjerlr.;.rMANtlfl'S Better whiskey
had .*. iM Ug kt* flayer st> Nlat. bare frierto ... nukes better ikI b.

tie ftatarda gene Mt to issues ether a. Prove It with

watt fatter*. TAP ROOM
7 Crown. peopleThe
O a p'. la *.. to Ue tree by ".*..lat..l eel 1U 626 Wed AMf do Se'Vlm' 1-

easels ... bare 1ssreeed Sure OaeI'
tae e.e *tlea .f perka /
his fsmaaif with theft eMfcct Ie lastrare. Presents Nitely Ente ,tarn men t

.. M
UJtU Kti's Hair Stylts

GtM vtNMMSStvwiResttckkrf Sclledeks One Leg JOE

Are Taught At The Th. Torrid BI MMTennessee 1t

hi 3 CtHtMS

JaCkSOIVill1IUHr cqL

LttC OTT' -4 toUJ ., 21 ild teals me< P deer Oa Kanmood Organ

ere released la .*.!..,...,.,.".. a4 Dili PLUS M *4ce;
CkmmUem rust!, by the ore mad Fr.m Water Flea I
5SiJ flNJXt
College lie.63O CMwl*_.. aem f mlsg U t>gleml ......... irmmtle FRANK LEGREE /' ? r4 f
Gmel .. Ike tarter* aid I bet e.. released laeaajsmctlem I/el Mml span

wtBk Ueeomml*.!.'. ... ,..liMa.., n-a.flr'rgTtufrly

p rear.. sad 4 her e.re reJe.eedUrwylM* deer
11 le'lueesMj Ie.e1otl
DAVIS STREET billed .r vtelat.re e*. .." ..r.fe.*.. end erd -

.... by the evert to yet *.le..., .f the
per r 0000111400 1I6HT1Y t PX.-2 1. M. ..vans slaw Nrw.l 1 t a a s ewe N mw. gate w SMam g.m1
I llt.lHii.li, tints ebsr mm JUt ef ..., fUm.


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I FREIGHT SALVAGE D. Anderson CHIPS OFF THE BLOCK Woman (Continued Nat King from Cole Page 1)

Wins Title By S. Plrrmernel moue entertainer whose
1 Clitiirs mere is no doubt thatthe 1 et me tell you something that that was Just one .CAPERS BRADHAtf is angling SentencedA body lay in state, in a
Duval CoOnty: sponsored former writer of this the Duvet list of lien 0ftbnwsunfortunateincidents after something too sealed casket at St.
SACRIFICE for tis.BRAN single elemlnation basketball colunn has set a pace and women reputed to be that could happen seeing ss bow he and H Jacksonville woman, James Episcopal Church
WW.! Scratched in ship that'll be difficult
msnt.: .'Has all attach cams to a closeover follow; for Joshua Jay to nenbers of the TRIO Club anywhere WASH KINO James Q. have been bendIng Jailed Oct. 2 on murder in Los Angeles fro 3 to

menu Orlg. OJ a ran te.. the past weekendout Jay Williams had style (to each his own club) and his group which includes the ears of the Main charges, was given ma 10 p.m. Wednesday.
Phone warehouse *:& 3- at Douglas Anderson all his own. He Is a nan will surprise you. a deft trumpeterare Men in Tallahassee. Indeterminate prison Private funeral serviceswere
1M4 night or day will junior Senior High School of many attributes. For Speaking of school providing good entertainment NEWSTIP A source informs term of all Booths to held at the church
Dellven No obligation with the host school onethlnihe knows whole teachers.. who is the for folk vla1 us that the sudden 20 years after a jury at 11 a.m. Thursday
taking the, honors. lot of people; he never person who checks the ting the Edge wood Lounge death of a very popular returned a manslaughter
Dauglas Andersonnipped fonetsanaoe or a face, Edgewood: Lounge and other and impreaiarlo mane- young matron last summer verdict ULTRA MODERN ROOM

A.L. Lewis 16-19 In the and he is aconvereation- nlte spots to see which: ur-ucUo announcer soon might show she was a victim Mrs.Annie Mae Townsend, for lent. ColI 9"' located.
all it, par excellence..
LEO'S finals to take the and if all that's not e- school teachers: are frequenting to be editor HUGH WILSONis who didn't get a a 37jretrold Spearing Private Phone.Single Malt.
championship. nough--he has a nose for'' those places going all out to make chance like the bitr St. rill dent, was sen Call ISS-209) betweena.m. .
SHOE REPAIR news, which is anotherway to report It to the issn the spot( a swinging joint. girl hovering on the tenced bgr: Criminal Court ud S ,...
Hoi Riiiirlif of saying he's just RV.: BILLY BALL is aboutto !Hl. presentation of Madame brink of death after an judge Han a a Tan zler jr.,

plain nose. make headlines again Demetrl the sex* abortion by soul sis after bs denied a motion -
Of Aiy Kills This columnist readily His recent escapade has ttlonal shake dancer doing tere. NIGROLOOY-We for a new trial HEW YORK MAIDSTo

TOOTHACHE a!chit a we don't posseesthejuany so aroused membership a torrid shake at tbi don't respect a brother Testimony revealed .n ii, -Job. taltlsaTidete
Oar BWlMiftwM/,I*NN.ds iii n.A1/ of his church that they Lounge the other night who is the bcis .hate to earlier in tbs trial
talent of lestttaN AIIUJ
*wt ran mi oaJ11..rw,4 e.tunny ourpredecessor
,. e.M II..writ I... are planning action to wee SOMETHING else. It call blm mister even that Mrs. Townsend stabbed 210 .. .
.... includingthat Poet A' WestburyNil.
,,001r Bislnss ..........I..,.1.....lhr..'..'.HmrMtmmin .... ... of noaeyness But get him out.HATTIE had the lien standing up though he signs the paychecks. Nobel Lee ill lOll,40, .
II fir
.. D1VEAUX: the add cheering; but a few but hear one of who lived at 034 w. MOD
;;145 FLORIDA, AYE. 'ora.Jal"w one of, is thing that you I cm will be never sure former Edgcwood Lounge ladles got Insulted and us yesslrrlng a cracker roe 8t. He died shortly

divulge identity Aa hostess par excellenceis left taking tbe1'J lI.n cop about to give a brother afterward in a local FORD'S
applying her Inlml folk with them-'Js.louy, a'five-buck ticket. hospital.ATTACKS.
understand it when"Chip
I table charns to winning doubt Tilivisioi SHOPReconditioned
Off the Blocks" Want Your
customers for Avon Pro WHERE'THERE'SSMOKE*
This Is It started, the name "Jay ducts as district unaIII' .
Jay" wit to be kept a
proclaim that
many other person is asking ]
'Your Spirtoal Adviser, secret, But the column since she left the Loungeit the other person if its Home Delivered

became so popular that ain'ttheseme.her true that Azalea Anderson Get OMMT 800...t e*.mUTMMTX ___....
Rev. H. Lawrence the writer Joshua wilHani efficient service, her CMMfTTIt w COVfOUMr
Parker, the nursing
Each Week .*rue,nni,.....IM
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ThalI. ads are being .helped daU,. be the known temptation that to Joshua let it she .skes-you till good I transfusion with Dr. Can El 4-6782 Fete

; Do you have a problem Are you out of a Job?'Do you Williams and "Jay Jay" way is hard at to Manuel's beat L.J. Cbl1d..,.Don't take horn SW.93 up.Expert

want to be blessed financially? Are you lonely and ware one and the sane, taproom SHOWTIME features a tor- any bats that NAACP teaeh' STARTS RITZ BOTH NIV RENTING Repairs. Free Estl .
depressed? Do you have a ooadttlon,that you can't er Rutledaspearsonisn'ton Kates.Phone 355*946.
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to try figuring who of Tennessee on SUNDAY FIRST RUNJACKSONVILLE'S
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You'll never know whenhe's play nightly ROBERT BROWN STARSI! per u.k. Reeidest Mir.
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for them. Matt. II:19. No' matter what your desire ORISBY school system is all over. / TNLPIRSTANNUAI 1 FOR
BtlA E-Th. Johns In- gospel music at the re-
,prayer-11'the antwer. "11't you COM this week? One-time talk is that -
Healing and prayer Service daily 9 a... to 10 p... vestlgsting Committee vlval meeting at If Church there are some victims T1 Tit Mif.tiist NEW YORK
which has been
probing and Davis and you
Special closed Pala.fedneday and Friday Closed who are ready to sins
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Tuetday all ,day. Tour leeeon are read. Bend a like 'the blue bells of Power li Til lend
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stupid. addressed envelope and a $3.00 donation to: 'Scotland but and when
line en the 'strange' music which he start they do, the talk is oo O M'S Mve la timed t,
Rev. H. Lawrence people in Duval and Dart ed with. All's quiet that it might Involve \ Send your n....aal.! Ud".. bas..You on. root, talk .
where, they gay, the "to at the El Dorado since from the highest to the -- and find out how '*lr*, 2102 S. W. Road Sanford Fla. each his own" philosophy the shoot .u up and lowest V'' of prayer can npl"b. Ban ticket seat
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PGLITICANA-Hjamea Greene ..- rivet came
J... W. Johnson school ItACN NOTE FANNIE HOWARD no*tor of reference. HFMUW
Now Owned And Operated By principal has a yen to CHUCK IIMY 614 f. IIle han. micas, _a.: t'Y. ui N. Hits
be appointed to the Board Street
of Regents and baa been TNt IMIAXIMIKMT t-
-- --
Motley EnterprisesFood bending (Gov, Burns' eara MO MAIYlI THI un'iCIMAtlRI IMPERIAL SINIIIES.

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quiet so much so that SMOKIY IOIIRSOIMO l-_______ Broad and Ashley FL 4-21S9
'.' Ashley & Davis nobody hoWl It. .otb.r TNt MIIUCUI

4, t'- names mentioned for tb.po.t TNt IUPMMUmnoui.i HELP lUlU MALE
are lira. Mary (Afro STONESALSO ...A
mUNG IWN.21 to 23. Mch .school gr 4.frer'n .
I 11II.let.eh.) Dr. Gilbert
Honest reliable
(PITH Secy) Porter and ,
good character.
Reference. ,
II sure To Register !For" Prof. w..1. Combs, who apply i
to 7 p... fiat or 1 to 2 m. Fun.
looks like the favorite p
Portable TV Mt to b* i ,, "TIE SECRET DOOR"
Given Awajr ,March 20.tOil ,.- of most of the people No Florida' phone Ftar,2123 calla. f4oncrief *"i3th Ft.

don'.( ha/veto, be present

to wiD.. .f'J .. We Will! Build A Home On Your Lot

President m Manager Manager Bookkeeper
Discount Canter MotI"'*. "ftiperstoreMULUI
General Mgr. Y

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POULTRY flA. rung h AND LYKII 1101
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SAUSAGE Iwlormlld Ib 55* FORK SHORT RIBS I-Tbs 2k

MfflUY'S .. HOT SP&CIALI $69.50

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: ROAST FOBS SHOmJBOLS 0.. IS* wms 3Ibs I lie .5 5 S. Can Now Qualify

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\ PORK CHOPS HUHGround 11.1. Good Stack

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