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6778793 F20090414_AAAWPK 00697.tif 5d608a933064acc8992a0a6658bb5966e42ee329517fb75efc2e2a76473deeef23e059f2
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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200796datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date December 21, 1968dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=007960740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 21, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 21, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
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'if. : w'; '. .. ; .. 1 : 1"r"\ ,.: .:f" rrri u t f'f.1
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,- M.,




- ** * ** *


* * I MI* e.w. *_ iin rar _.

h'b- .... ._ t tfoirersitj
"''' -- -- '' Florid
: 1---- !: ':.:: <' '# ,
Gainesville FloridaMPRMSMR':'

.,) I
"" 4"o- ; ::o-: -,.... _. .0 ., .:'; .:' -. : :, .

*. * ** ** *



: fit. II HI. 37 JATIIIAT, IKEMEI 21,. Wl 20'Cents

Merrffft GiosOi Eugene Butler Chorus Spreads Cheer *.* ** *

'- -- ,' J"W"'" .f' ,, .. .... .
:;"" "'0' "" f- "
.. .,
:C '" r
leeks After f

,../ I 'w!_ ,_ _. ."'''' ..... f ... :
s frj ** **- -
'67 StpiutfM ,. ;" ** ** *?*..* rank

SANTA MOinCAj News vu
Qu'ied over tbt vires last veek TELEVISION THIEF I
that one of America's inc4'!til.
sated Negro 1UJ'I.ctor.lD4 his
equally famOUS blOOd Swedish-
bora wlfr rite vorced ,
Aetna May Britt, 21, Earthen ..
granted u UCGllt ted4l.
vorce from Sammy Davis, Jr,


: I ... *> IktariYi

i '. L..erS..slJ G.er.l. Native I

/ 2. Man Shot After

1 a f f !r'f ( Ie... Tr.lsil LII' I. (II",

., Police Warning For a." Yiirs '

rc a .u.ir For Blocks'

Gainesville licks osnille n. F. UcGUvray to stop after Funeral services will beheld i
for Rev Earl W. Malone associate .
ICJI1CA.OO Rtf Jesse man, Alpnonso Spun, U, of they Were told to do so minister of the
Jackson, bead of Operation .1146 Helena Street vu shot Spaaa died at the tit lveratydroraaMedeaCantr&! Spring PptistQtutcbatpA.Satarday Da/.
Breedttsktt said he hu asked and killed Saturday la Gainesville "
( la the church ttev.
... a PreeVJent..Wct: Klxoa for fed- vhea be !Ignored the com day morning aa tour sod tor- Cyrus Weaver vill officiate
.. : tn1 funds to set op u lad,pendent nand cf a Gainesville policeman ty-flve minutes the sboo<. Burial for Rev. Mauor WIll
SAMMY DAW. ... while from a burglary Dc.
., air of stale,areaeMiav1delad ,,CWClf9 Negro. '-.,.transit... system- la U a tae vision store here. Data.vbe ,'taa."..&..*tit terr N'jrtttrC Sand Mtmutlal.rtsrs r FtaerU CAt-: _... j

ndxj, and has IMtif.4Ut, Spaas aad George Baker, is.a .' eharpb vita breaking nod eatericg Home la harp w '
their narrtagt tf acne fears la t statement' t.the Rev.JessiU native ,.t.c.JQtnWt. fleddespite ; ,Tat deceased minister,'wiio
"had the order detective According to Police Chief W''
ko family life to speak of
Jackson lived at DoaUt died
called for the creation SIM Drive,
Mlu Brut D. Joiner Detective McGUvray
aaA 'laskedhtmnuny of u inner-city authority Driver Of Auto December 14 at his borne. He
ttBMi to stay ....11'-11'1. Shove here are some of the members of the I... J. Butler Cborts boarding the tat for to parallel or compete .saw the two mia throw t brick vu bora U View. Gt, and
but bt mm did" She vu the Anmtal Chrlstmu Party at the Florida State Hospital McCi sny, Florida. This Is the rich the bat services of the Tries TJ "*.." window& the front door eater. bad lived la Jacksonville several
testifying before the Superior culminating activltj series of programs OB Mental help tr oblems. Chicago Transit Authority. of t building and yearsRev .
Court la Santa Monica. The decree This party 1s (ires by the Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Tiwta Sorority THE CTA raised the bulc Two Pilicoreu the building. Whea McGUvray Malnorvu a mentor; cf
vu granted by Superior Also shove' are Mr. Eugene WUte+ Chorus Director and M... Thomu. Cbaadr, Sate 10 cents Thursday and approached and Identified him- the board of directors of Greater .
Court Judge Laurence J.Bitten- Chalrmu of Delta Clfma !beta. be. program Jackson said the Increase vu A Jacksonville mu trld unit-to self both man ran, one vita Jacksonville Economic: Opportunity. ,
down patrolmen television
band. "a ran \ He I Iprlelor'
tax also
new upon Chicago's'havecot' vu pro.
nil narrlag created tome tore they arrested him and Chief Joiner said that McgUvray -
population." of the IIo1.\JWoJd\ Meteor
stir la In'traatiooal circles A Leroy Jens Te charged him vth robbery. acted properly and felt BarberSbop,' !
black maa and a vulte roman Babies Die When According to Patrolmen W, that a cor tr'.JvJ would rule Survivors Mrs Annie B.
sane Joined matrimony They Get New Trill -WE URGENTLY revest Shykove and R. w, Wall they la the ,policeman's Interest. MainorwldjwMis are. : Dclphlnta j
vert nailed November 13, that you Immediately d-spatch stopped David. Buchanan, M$ Said Joiner "A police officer Miss Debris Manorhtars
1MO. roar special adviser, Mr., 10th, when they snjthoUilahls hu authority to use whatever Carter nobMrs.
Hollywood, the cloeou caplto Trapped In Rooms For 67 Rletlai ,Robert J. Brown, to meet vale gasoline tank after be triadic force 1s neceasary to apprehend cit Marylyo la Jacksonville daughter, la ,
of black leaders representing the a felon to taking his
the world, tzprt1M41' run them d jwn when they planned up Memphis A Earl W.Malaor .
TRENTON N.J.t Famed poet businesses, the bus driver and life.
prIM and almost consternation.There to question him.
Jr. JakaonTllle
were many forecasts that Leroy Jones Is entitled to a new the riders of the blak community Patrolman E.K.Crews,along McGUvray bad beta watching survives., of ,
the marriage would go pa the Away From Rescue trial, according to u appeals vto are exploring the with Shykove,questioning the television store, on order.
rocu. Rower.:. the boat court la New Jersey. possibilities of withdrawing Buchanan: and another man In
rocked until November 1. IN7. Jones hu lea charged with from the CTA to form a parallel the car on the 900 block: of Jury ReceMBiiss FerWSBIH
the date of a separation. Death stalked three homes over the veekead and anutfed out complicity la the 1 J7 rioting or "Independent bus line," the Forsyte at about I p... Tues Mercy
Each of the stars hu boss the lives of four tiny ehlldren, all victims of searing flames lidinure la Newark. letter stated day. Buchanan,Russell Car ran, .
married before all,traoped a their apartment rooms, without any hope The Appellate Division ruled Portland, Milne and Woodrow Was Stabbed Mae
nertla. daughter Trace;, of rescue.. admitted to DMC for treatment. that Trial Judge. lass W.Kapp's The letter asked Nizmtopr W Amersoa. alu West 15th,
t I/I Thee Four tiny children did with duclsloa on Jones at aa earlier vide owere then charged vlth the robbery '
art two adoptedsons. Two others Shawn Blcg t, and, neceasary funds for Mrs. Mat Au Maddox S210 West tth
Mark. I, Jeff 4. is Bra hours Blame...heal Andrew, I, were treated date vu prejudised. Joneshadappealed transit system "as aa opportunity of Carl T, BrIM, vncon- Street Jacksonville,* '
Miss BrUt Is scheduled to bid to faulty fuel oil beaters Mrs Betty: Jean BIDe, another his conviction cam for administrationto scions on a doorstep. only upon a recommendation of mercy, vu spared last from <
and to faulty electrical vlring. charge of possessing a concealed being sentenced to the electric chair for the first-degree murder '
receive $1,000 per Booth la aunt of the Richardson baby demanstrate Its determination One ass vu arrested Just
alimony and child support. Other children In the taml- also tried to save the baby vtepoo. Be vu seat*fssced to take Mask capitalism prior to the return of the pair la Felix the fatal knifing of a maa_ la. her home oa May IS, l M. 1 f
Woodard. who
Darts hu lea widely acclaimed ,lies, not victims of the flames bat vas throve back by the to two and one-half < u ClOt d the world were treated at the Duval Med:- flames. three years la prison lAd vu for ffj>'*''jiTifl"fi of essential D.... Bu nana.1 vu charged Bad there beta M mercy
the victim of
best actors He hat padudaadttoriums cal Center The molar of Anne Grant 3, fined $1,000The Vrogrvu la the black community with unit with a deadly weapon U a knifing on May s ptaa1tJ
and nightclubs Be The tiny dead children are: Mrs. Julia Grant It, vu arrested same court reversed a seriously. ." for attempting to run over allegedly by Mrs Maddox. weld bt 1k.orlb electric
hu bees a pioneer la acting PrlslDa: Au Lscount, 3, and at 12;03 a.m Saturday, >>-cIa7 sentence on the poet for the officers Assistant State Attorney Bernard chair.
and singing starring alongvith Charlene Lecovnt 1,1701 Aadjboa. QeD she returned home some contempt of court u levied by Nachman revealed court
all the big stars of the world : ; Au Grant 3, 1S23 two hours after the fore there Trial Judge law at the end of Proxy Makes Appointments that Woodard vu stabbed tilt
# However, Miss Brut coo- Spearing and Betty Jean Richardson .' Timothy Grant a brother vy the November trial. left chest with a short paring Addtrtey Grimm'
tended that"The extremely few IS months,of the Spear- able to escape and vu discovered Jones' lawyer, Raymond A. knife by Mrs. Maddox at about. !
times he Is home be hu not log address la a state of shock'at1U4 Brown, Insisted that prejudice I p OL, following UC\ hQt. Gets Top IIII i
much time for the family.'. According to Patrolmu R.A. Spearing His home vu entered the case because of he Mrs Maddox Is said to have
'my difficult: to have three chil Kicks, the Lscount children completely gutted by the fire. "waved the flag"and(has downgraded accused the dead min of stealIng As C..ioTALLAHASSE '
dr.a'&D4 the father never were asleep la a rear bedroom He vu placed la the Juvenile the credibility fit s defense her vrlstwatch Be died at
around.' Mil BrUt said the Their grandmother Mrs. ,Court FadUtybyD.GcuvsSsr- YItDt..... Be farther 1 15 the same day Aa autopsy ;, Fk.....
decision vu "terribly IIP1tttIJIC. Evelyn Lacount: vu asleep faa put Sidney Gash arresting stated that the Jurist bad "ex showed that the blade lacerated '(FA.KU'J-ne' Japan"WUMBMMWball -',
." front bedroom with her two officer of Mrs Grant alted the five men la blue" who vA his heart and left tang. Addtrtey Qalatot rtoaftrt
children vhea the Ore there vu made the arrest. ;t1 T Woodard staggered' tsto yard 'the Record World Avardfertt*
Metro Eiecitive discovered, at about 3.19 a.m. Eirtlu 'WhHeAiimce The Appellate. Court said. following the stabbing and cal- bat Jaxx combo for IMt, as4
Mrs Lecount said she ran next "We think that here the dry lapsed before friends could get tat gifted tfftMmtst von NopolIJ
New Type door and alarmed Robert Le *. Pin\> record shows that the charge him to be hospital.Nacamaa for being the Mo'1 aJKo
count 1710 Aadubon, u ancle.Be vent unfairly beyond mere comment also related that saxophonist la the co.u,."/
vu able to rescue her two Ol E.lllC.fltiflMiss on the evidence.! The Import : Mrs. Maddox' .ir1. **., aa CaaaonbaH" ubelscoasaonly -
College HeldWASHINGTON. children by breaking the door of the charge vu not only 4 sI 4,. Army oua on active dot y"... kaovn la the mask vtr ML
'1 down Heat vu so intense the that the Judge believed the t... )- Vietnam, lAd others wen are* vu aamed lie year's top atto
Any sl-11e back room that he vu repulsed. Earths M. M.White will given by the police ... j ji sent vhea sin. accused Woodard. soz *min by book Rec.rd
pro college seeking to burst add The fatalities la this family again on January 1, present a haft thought the Jury sse ado i' h.jJ Then vu testimony that Mrs.: World Downbeat. -..... .
i "
1tJ.traditional medlocrtty U coln .
-Doughu Emaactpa IbdItaa
resulted from aa electrical likewise.letffeite. His ">eJ'c1. Mtrer- ...
should pot "a swinger" la the short circuit according to Fire tins Proclamation of Jacksonville Lieutenant Colonel Retired), left.' Willie E. Jenkins, Jr.,* and without apparent varaiag.'I tat Grammy Award w i pvoa g'
president's office, sajrsu tdu- Marshal W. W. Fish. Damage and Devil County at St. Will above left hu beta named development officer for FAMU Mrs. "r1 tttflfltil that eke best LP Jaw atouniarm M tfct
cator. vu estimated at 15,500 Ste ptoa's A.M.E Church,. Fifth according to Dr. Benjamin L. Ferry, Jr.. President A native bad to act la, self ....... "Acceat M Afrka' bU *.
That novel proposltloa hu_ Betty Jeuvu only 15 months and Darts si 10-45 am. .mil Petersburg, Va. the lieutenant served 31 years la the Army. Judge Mark W. Goodlaf did LP album.. haaat .;
tees. advanced by Dr,WllllamC, old.. Her brother, James Richardson The celebration dates bl.ckto Predict Prize Be received the Parlor of Science from Virginia State College not Immediately Impost .... JaupoU. tkkb la *. LP, /
Archie negro a WiastoaSalta discovering the fire,, the early part of the UWs and and the Master of Education: from FAMU. Be holds the fence w gave the defense counsel The aofl- f '
U.C., foundation extcu- vu able to escape and ran to' vas initiated by Miu White Bronte Star, Army Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal 10 days to file a DeW trial tat Adderleys. were '
tire lAd director of the North the adjoining apartment of *" still a member of the pasra1 Wriifii Mole !Korean Presidential Citation Vietnamese Medal of Honor aad the motion. That a hearing oo the tothtBesJaaUaUPurr
Carolina Board of Higher Education amt, according to Patrolman committee. Each year ministers Combat Infantrymen's Badge Colonel and Mrs Jenkins and motion: will be set U the motion Afrlcu ROOM of DM lss
from 1M1 to IMS. Robert George. Jr. ,churches, schools,civic, Harry Belafonte,Edward G.PflMfffofl. their two daughters reside la Tallahassee Be Is the son .Is denied, to rift of the Jury's home.. Dr. Perry 1,
A few days ago that same fraternal and social: organisa Ida Kamtaskaaad of Mr Willie F. Jenkins Petersburg, Va Dr. Frederick rtconuaeadatioo for mercy the app"'"*ed ...
board focased treshattentloaoa Mrs. Lillian Bug tried to moo have glvesi their support Kadar are fifeplng over Bernard Jumphrtes, right, native of Apalachlrola, the son of Mrs, Minnie Jurist vill be obliged to pro- AAM U&nAdderleys of
the gross t tnadeqnaples of North rescue the doomed Richardson Mrs Sallye Mathis, council- WaJa. u4'.film version of"The Bumphrtes of US 7th Street, Apalachlcola, hu been named Bounce a sentence. of lift .1m- ; .,. tilt
Carolina's s.l-N.gro colleges baby but vu unable to so M. was will be the principal Angel LevlM." Iris a takeoff : director of the Curriculum Resources Gram with offices u ** ** "Can-alt" .
la t sly pubUclxed report Mrs Ring vu able to rescue speaker. Rt,.Arthur J.Hughes of one of the short stories Boston He received his Bachelor of Science from FAMU of tit:a Midi grefaa -
docwoaeatinf their nferlortty to all of her sight chUdrea: at will direct the musical portion from the prise-winning collection and his Doctorate la Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh EEOC FIGHTSDISCRIMINATION ... FAMV&Ma
the state's predominantly white- her apartment at Jefferson; of the program. James Gen called "The Magic Bar- fir and Mrs. Humphries and children reside la > tba"pusoL1L.
Institutions. OM Dial child, Sberrt, S, va a vrlght Is Co-chairman. eel" Tallahassee Thirteen college art Involved IN JOBS "ltO.' 'd", .. .

; ... ,: {,:

.', ....:;. ..Et ." = .;.';f. dpi .. <.:.. r.J.. .. ..., ....., iii- -
.... ... ,
-- -- -- -

- _- --
i" 0 ..111"r'" o a.. '" ..K., .... ,.. .. -'JIII"'lW'o.; i.\'f'. 0 ''!>' '' ''.' ",!Ct!> !1'.""," Y'T'Ji.\'o; >K"' ,eo'. ....,' .. ,,.." 0" r-
'f" 0 'i" 1J' 0-



.. ..... .
f \ Vy


tubfished. bj the.Fhrlda'Star Publishing Compan/

Last week's tnoouncemet by the National Urt>ta League thatIt
wu starting Dew action programs in a tl black communities
MEMBER ENCOURAGED roM has led many people to ask Just what we mean when w* call
I iLAVE BEEN IN A LONG neb programs "ghetto power.
.DQ.HAMILWN SAID HIS Ghetto Power moms. the creation of ecomoolc political,
? DID and social strengths within the black community to enable it
NOTCDME to compete and to take Its equal place In aa open society.When .
1"EGROTlONAI.. 1NEF YUGNTHENTOF the Urban League says it's for ghetto power, It means
T E APL E,Bt I T FROM THE that It Intends to tots know-how and its professional
/ OF BLACK expertise at the sal of the black people locked Into the

TODOFVR mE11SEl.YES: racial That gnettos'of does not America.mean telling people what they wart or what

ERIC 8. SIMPSON..MANA.ING EDITOR : .IIIW1/l.WN they ought ot want On the contrary It means that the Urban
League will first. find out what the community Itself" says.
HIM VTOmiUCIRCIUTION MANAGER It needs and wants, and then the Leapt will help It to develop -
:the resources and leadership! to achieve Us own goals.
We're not imposing oar own will on the -commm ity, were
2323 MONCRIEF ROAD helping the black community to speak more effectively for in.self. .

PIBRE 354.IB2 *IIIIIK This. approach has nothing In common with sepertltmn, nationalism .
or any other "ism" The legitimate needs and
aspirations of the ghetto are all too often subordinated to some
,.1. BIX 5SS JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA one else's Ideological goals, or even to headline-grabbing ,

oratory In this case, howererer the black (hetto via beable
32211 to help the Urban League's professional experts In,planning
education homing welfare, and other fields to make
MIAMI OFFICE SHI N... It'fc( AYE.PIINE Its ,own voice beard and to change ghettoj conditions through

7513071SUBSCF1PTIOM mobillcatloa of the streoghts of the black community.The '
'.' action program covers a lot of ground. Here's how we
; < are going about it Armed with grants from foundations who
RATE are seropls and sincere, and prlrate donations, we asked
'' all of our! B) affiliates to find out what their community's
Om.Year $I3.00-Hslf Vetr, 11) 00 MaUcd To \it main concerns
A37! i4nre fa Tbs United Sfst,.s I'm hopeful we will get the support that allows ns to expand
f<**'r;: roo P vaMi.. In Advance .Jl' this first wave of action programs to aU cities with Urban Lea

Send Check Or Wane, Odfr To: FL011DA: 3TAfl;-P.0. : goes This Lea time of crisis, a time whoa actions not words,
.KS0.1V1LLE, PLOftlDA 12201 QWa'i are called frr We will roll vp oar sleeves and do the hard work
that has to be done, leaving the shouting to others.

WHOSE FUTURE ARE Teltlii It Like It AI. ',

They Fighting Fort t tI ....................rrr.rr. f TJf CRO PRESS INTERNATIONALOnce

I : upon a time the Negro minister was the Black: Man's
Young people around the world seem bent on making I i i all-n-sill. The preacher looked like a Bible patriarch with a
Institutions in society: change and become mre : frock tan coat. The more he toned from the pulpit, the more
their ttaeraUon. E catIoDa1.st.ru.l! particular In : admiration he garnered from his followers. He did not need a,
every major city' ot the would have tree under attack I college education. His grammatical blenders were overlooked
last few years. The general consensus amaig students I I .and ovet-aloos men and women rocked, prayed mooned,
educational InstlMlons are antiquated poorly planned I.orld. I i with him as he went through the necessary "requirements"
m&isttred, greatly inflveoeed by politics, and trn : .j' for the morning sermon.
the needs and demands of youig people la a rapidly I Nobody said "Let's have a church grocery store.r Nobody
I thought or dared suggest, a nursery for the children. The
Student m'JUaats: are generally d.vldd: Into two camps, preacher wu the "''OI'd'!"
sea! *et. White stedeat dissenters are usually led w : In the early days the Negro knew nothing about the Culture
ened fry the aggretsive" Students for a Democratic : Epoch Theory.. The motto was "Prayer Changes 'nJIIp1"He '
ems>. wM1. bake> lure their\ Black Student Union ( felt that, If he kept singing "Swing Low,Sweet Chariot,"
which Is similar to the rite organltatioa In many : ,** : Cod would drop don a hug chariot and he would fly Ida the
There have also bees same demonstrations and .. DAYS segdoaloabag and baggage, register at the desk, and get. his.
watch have developed spootan0usly over local hues, rr ..
the efforts of either organisation. One stamp:* of the reservations.
war has beet going for black students happeaed la :E : Those days were good tor those who lived rhea The Negro
recently l i had lust emerged from Shivery I History records that every race
The Chicago' Board of Education expelled Victor has had Its Dark Ages Those were the Dark Ages for the Negro
a black shiniest at Harrison KlgU school. Farther the : churchgoer. The pastor could hardly read-Ms members could
refused to give any reasons wiy Aduns was exptlled sot Professors were few and were not preachers.
,if*is kACwaftat Adams was scheduled lo appear la court I ............_..............JL...JJut low.,there Is a Period at CngligMettmeat. Joel
---------- --------------.. u soon
I *, 'disorderly coodoet charge: Me wu arrested Oct. IS, ',i, .. ,' CAPRICORN 'as many of those preachers. who should have bee suptrajiwaUd.r .
school, tot'aTege0ly biockh('abd.els from* food line UIIA :; rVHT ago feve MIl ttcUDy'retired, the BJaa Che* caa
ettkoul lunchroom' Adams: churned that food service come Into its own. As of BOW, Us stocks are low. -
were vtoMing: a city ordinance by not wearing hair II SEPT. BORN BEC.Uti The fear 11" will see a resurgence Is the Negro Church,
that he was attempting to adrtse students of the IAN. Mil New, and prepared young men and women will need the 'Can"
The school board's actloa Is bypoc!hy. and aa they"I'M( OCT. 23rd Moat cf and wUl establish churches whose program will embrace
malntala the status quo m Chicago's education patterns problem that Is Question everything complications, and religion, sociology, politics, etc. The Church of 1HI will
denies, restricts, and discourages any notion of black : oa your mind is the.Intormatioa, .. that have beenforstea get Into the running of things. The New Preacher will bring
gresstveism. As a put of the Chicago "system" of ) vexing during BUS (or this month are due to the fore those thoughts that will enable members to do own 0 I
manly t1oa the board's: Mtlon Is tree to form The ., you will tm to to come during this rather trr.IDI U people living and tot U souls looking for ."Grt.. Pastures." I
has a standard practice of eliminating opposition and taking a trip some* third & gainfulendeavors The Black Church so,. for the mast part has tIu'owIlIP'
sensloa by destroying and/or dividing& and dtsaoI to escape It Jusr* aid t1 well* smoke scree and Is engaging la soliloquy, "To be or not to
dissenters. b fact this ls not a ,being are of great tmprotance be_" The Black Chinch Is still humming "Swing Low, tweet
The ISSM wilch started .the whole lAlbe..Vldo. travel for any r..- ,to"os. They should sot be placed Charlotr The white church Is spending millions to "beta the
and the Board of Education was the demand by black ,onless clrcum la Jeopardy for any reasonwhatsoever. Black: kUa. The Black Church Is doling almost netting.
for ante classes la Arro-Amerku history to be .otaerwlse.Snd- Come closer to The New Black Minister win organise church on different
black teachers. Further, It represented the cry ot black NremSat... i your chose oartner) and avoid lines. Be will serve with the people,helping them to accompUsh
dents for Identity for Justification) that they are alive, that be u shortlived getting involved la emotional ma toto. ea masse. The M4* Black Choir will sing those songs
are Important- that they are relevant la Chicago la exciting. Specula attachments or monetary original, that will express the spirit of achievement. The New
and mast of all, to themselves. > & ways should operations wtth trteade and Church Deacons will pray, not for future crowns tatter
Their cries. were also the echoes o! the lae! D.. oa these days strangers mitts These are the crowns here. Monies will be spent for education for social j

Luther King Jr.. asking. "Wbtre dj w, go from "' /1.13.613 three days that may be termed work, for n--v"t.l1tud1ta, sot for huge, uwleldly buildIngs -
Their cries were the voices of a significant number of the most unreliable and vteetting tot for the purchase of the other man's won.. edifices_
root.tg people saying they want to grow up pi 01(1; ( : for CaprkornUns van aoanooa not for plush homes and expensive cars.
jstftttEveryone their highest Ideals for the sake The Young Negro of ltd will sot tolerate the preachments
la .the. Chicago ana Including the members OCT. of monetary gains or pleasures. of IMI's old ministers. The older minister uttss he
board of edjcatloo know .the. school system II u 3.so 55.51n vamps Us ways of 6> a dinosaur B Is (vtder-ftaanced. and greatly bs (' 22i. Church will carry the feeling of a Mloa-ttwtU be a Juggernaut
poor administration. The greatest fault of the school .,. : Now that every for procr....
that tt tries to deay these and other I&1tl.'to aa &4 to be going your AIDARI8SBBRN
of Us Inadiquacles' wwld be a titmaodauly progressive stand to reason JAN.2Btk
'.. school started September. Victor Aduu. seems to be .
James, and Sharroa Mathews wire stuJent leadtrs of a It would stand FEB. lit. The Hack StUltr Aid
at Harrison High over the many Issues they faced as 'YIl'JODIlmt.cl
at..... The young students demonstrated mature and ; of rood wilLAad With a smfle. Of course oat
awareness of the school's lack of relevance la the black padWltiesdma runs 'Into.agfianfn peoplt Americas Jutlce
...n". They demonstrated the willingness! to make a\: family quar and circumstances almost
and snd rgo hardships! to make the school board bet- every' day. This Is especially There are Boatfie sU or bigots In a foxhole when tarts and
The courage poise, and dedication displayed by the Avoid exposing true BOW because so many are bullets art falling all over the place Intact "brotherhood" and
overworked and tired
students of Uaritsoa spree 1 first to the SpIJIJ.a.b- cold though over the belief in God wider the circumstances have made both
stedtats throughout the city. Finally a group of & o Inclement out. Whenever ,000letllMb1'oo4prtI.IIrt atheists and bigots come out of some strange bags
some responding to the example ot the student & U someone ls ask rising somewhat too. But stop the bombing for a while, or move back from the
others fixating their owe guilt for complicity' la the ,,' a Iou or financial rapidly go over these reasons combat
ares altogether and
la yo have a whole new ball e...
Joined and/or supported the Student boycott which Whack a glamrous your lid. This may enable Apia
three weeks. .,you had better you to COOl off before cutting 'Goddtsrppnr/ingot'r_CIIat"Bra.. macUoldSe ,"for yni*
ihe faithful: white
brother would give ftis becomes
retorts inc. firHenly
tly before yin are evrntnge. This adIIIOIIWIa -
Finally the members of the school board relectantly
a 'loverly black
Bigger who has to be In his
ffr'ltt at home.too place.
to meet with the students la an hearing air or your re- This
open situation Is
for tt is not immune against wherever black; and white
mands,, to try to work out as many of the problems u .soldiers find themselves whether In
trjctioa and dissension Japan Korea Germany
and to Include other .
demands In their long-range &" Swedes or South Vietnam. It Is always the same old story the
This position was aa onbeUevable action by the city I-$0.$3 M .7N notion of white and the
supremacy, &Jugatlos of the Matt mas.
of education, which characterised by two aged white What makes It so strange and emppreciabM la the mOttary Is
politicians, several white socialites a black militant that
the brands of Justice issued by the military seem to mdicats:
moderate. NBV. that the military supports racism discrimination
PISCES segregatlosu -
The real surprise earn however, was school .

began to "selectthe: students to attend the open IEC. 21st IIRM FEI.m David Parks son ot tamed Black Photographer Gordon Auks
School Board James ,.
Supt. Redmcnd Indicated sympathy
gave. a mid aoeoont of the life of a black soldier la Vietnam
If able
. derstaading nothing to rectify In what the school the students system's were problems.about, but he has point out you to the are youth m. 2IthNfowwattYairedtheo br his black book G.L"G.I.no Diary.tend The Black: press Is alio'tall of stories
, During the weeks of the student walkout and in the Urns (( Is the right :ty "off-UnUts-to-Uacks" tough and IIDJut trestmed.. of De
areas of
;. Victor Adams andSharroaklathews hae demonstrated wouldbe re CM who may think mat yin are being thrown Into p..soawtthoot
bud _to ISo IQ.It Powers charges being dialed the right to express back pride vhea .
rare and sadly missing la the blackcommunlttes of in disfavor wtth the mighty white southerners ;
black leadership" and courage. Victor..'the quiet, you have much more- that direct our teteaes.IT' IU wed to as can openly display confederate flap or are
togetherness of tt the way of as* seems U a we save to pass derogatory and profaned referencMtowardsBecesUy. .
a ghetto-s *w .d Dr Martin Uther sack aoIdItr. ,
T: nr'M .thaa regal tats fIIrtbtr1IC the coot
and Sharroa Mathews
and outspokenness of true personifies black womanhood.the beauty, pride, .. Da sot snow of car'exlsteoce. Just to make ; a black mother received letter from a son serving
tt south
The discouraged by sure that we are sot gjttlag sort Vietnam. Indicating that he wu *prison. and wosithil ,
expelling of Adams last week and Rkardo James
.- lie dadugsd a.t
"Vay tW nutalitiDc .
or -er1d ar. toe CIa beemo u was ICIItdIa1ed. Although he I
were two major actions of the board to (
"protect Itself : what yourfriUds paemUrdUtBrua asd UghteaV'tnside M4 bees. giwsi I ..Iz1eItuct.. the soldier clJdla1 boW .
ward off any suggestions of change or relevance It As long as you are whea cpea'coaSfct whet -- ml1Ita J
clear concise statement to the repr4tag cIDdala ft I .. act
community of w own conscience breaks out tt your customary detailed,Wwasama us tbt dtte8t1oL .
to "forget tt, baby, you're not going to get It If aU IOU have Taoll
hive to give env rmmot. Something related IIIact mrae
as ao wrote tat M
[ fighting for are these. kids. ad... Iapramed 4
Barren Mathews caa anybody. There is to your career, worldly.... .Jtet1 boa". He .Wed several a
to be expelled next if the board : son n.: or crest US
eontiaaes. tnt to Us old proUematksl a eats fM does associations Is treatmaa MIl aid be hid era hew IQIIt
t operation. .. and prohssiooal grist for the mina of worry. thsny taU..c rabIeI Ants alter bitten y a rt1.MIl wu
The actloa to expel the students after they ware that could become Some of you who are Jed exctastvelr hi Sas rnac1lco. n ooldletm bag. urloay w.
.would be ao reprisal should be regarded as a of br tottbet stand the mutiny'chargesThsprlaomersnttpacastagphetaWahoiuo
by Ue black peopled Chicago b fact. the choice Try udaioM beat dIuce of finding yaw wq .d u. ubo wu ehd eta bee : ( '.'
1'1'. Are they going to stand by and let these brave :; you caa re&u.a.4Q.n.I'U1 oat ot aU poor detommas.Blaster to escape. A. lawyer ivotved Its the bf a guar( while atorplaheto
cootmue to be cut don while"Cghtlng toe bat e'. your partnership i bonds.4SQ.MH IIfioJatIaI c-- J .-..-cut.. OaIcrlbt4 .the
5.60 M U ..
be f1&tUDc1I a .,to. n.1S18' 160 <-K>0 .rteml Pmts"d pr atlprc
US.u.c. .. 01 law." I-

,..., x
'' j
'-. J II )/ kIi .

.-. 'J.A .. -. ---- -.I't-.tT .-l -i :.- _'L. _" i ,,-' _........... :.... .''.L ............. .fI_ t
--- : '
..: .:: :.

"i n 13 .
: ,


11111111. IECEIIEI 21, 1KI mi:, PAPERS PINE 3Seitheri
..... .

..rlll Of%. fzaTe '.,: .. .. ... '0 "' Business Letter Writing y.. .
.:T...,*; '.. ..c.. o.-. : l': Veterans News

Roost luck Fewer Mere ,," I

Q: My husband, a World War D veteran, died In usa. We

ROOSEVtLT CITY, Ala., (NP0--Incorporatloo of Metro : did not have any children If y application for a widow's pension
commanltiM U becoming the "In" way to build Black power in ..' ,. \; .: ti was denied at that time because 1 had only been married to toy
tDlSaatD \' trosband for three years. I am now unable to work because of
Roosevelt City, I community: of their own community, Black I ,". .... 'fti" 1. ". ..', f' a disability Will this be a consideration it I should reapply -

of 5,000 people near BIrmIng- residents have an opportunity I >. S I"J for a penstlon? _
him, provides aa example of to live in an atmosphere of i- :' At In itself your disability would not be a consideration.
the gains that can remit from self-respect. However, a law passed in 1967 liberalised the five-year
r- In effect at the time of husband's
Incorporation Black people Roosevelt City's incorporation marriage requirement your
In other'' area of the South to have prompted several death. Now a widow needs to have been married to the veteran
art following nit other Black comtnuiltiestofol- S only one year before his death to meet this pension eUc1WltJ'reqlllremeDt
For Information and assistance In for
The community wed to beJust low the town's example. reapplying
run-down a pension, contact your nearest VA regional office.
a neighborhood.Now Rldtedale (Ala) a Metro
some 10 months after Its town, is being formed and Incorporation Q: I am receiving a pension for my nonservlce-connected:
Incorporation It has its on U pending at Gees Y disabilities. When is the deadline for returning my Income
officials and police force Bend, Ala questionnaire from the Veterans Administration
Even more Importantly, Other Black communities 1 A: The deadline is Jan 15, 1969.
Roosevelt City has. sours of planning to incorporate are I Q: What Is the limit on the amount of a guaranteed hose
money that were not available Worm City, near Birmingham;, loan veteran can obtain from a lednlng institution, and what'U
before incorporation. 'Harlem Heights, near Buey- I the maximum length of time allowed' to reapy this type of loaa?
B now collects tax revenges town, Ala ;Bellamy,in southern A: The VA has not limit on the amount which may be borrowedwith
and federal funds should be Alabama; and Junalta, Ala a guaranteed loan However there 1s a limitation on the
forthcoming soon amount of the VA guaranty to the lender. The guaranty cannot
"There are millions avail be more than 60 per cent of the loan and la no event can It
able for cities that you cut 1i 1 exceed 112,500 Cl home loan mortgages may run up to 90 '

touch without being Incorporated years
," said Ortell Billings- First Blick HIR e.

shy, a Black at orney in Blr-
smlngham who was a leader in 0r
the more to Incorporate Roosevelt Holds Top Medical
City I a
BUllntsley serves as town .'
Judge, Post li Chi.
In addition to tmprovlnt their
economic situation, the municipality's CHICAGO, (NPI)--Dr. ClyoVj hk
residents now have are. Phillips has become the first | FABULOUS WIG STYLES
security of knowing that the Metro physician to bold major. THAT COMPLIMENTYOUR
town a patrolled by its own administrative post at County ?
police force Before police kospltal- most of whose STYLE!
protection was absent whea It patients are Black I W
Three tentationel for alt
was most needel. Dr Phillips who win be aa 1 stiles your
lUmorowl' moods! Lady Ctiampton WopI"
For the community's Blac'msld.dg assistant medical superintendent -
4 the ultimate m beautiful hairc"atlOnl
the town Is a haven will specialise la expanding Jr "
e of life
torn a white world that hu the.merpDCfUdadmitUnc way
chic Made of the fined
W Mcittnc powj
largely rejected themIt services for more than 150,000
II a town where they havea patients a year. I.... THE ro511lAft quality tynthetic hair and 100% humanARO
19" heir, they ere wathaWt end durable
chance to become community A specialist: Internal medicine $tYLE
Order end take' of
officials, rather than having and heart disease, Dr Nitwan **.*. I*tmphmNNitwalmvtr today Advantage

to Black.step back because they're Phillips, 45 of, is computer working technology or Hiss Vivian Bowler, chairman of the business department, is a part of the training program of the PPO Industries. Inc., *H4t.. M.Slack. II.Son ON**Slack.OartSrwm. to*. three fantastic low price
application School Pittsburgh gives t trainee ladlvU of Pa. M4 Iffta.
And Roxerelt City offers an to medical care UcKeesport High PltUburg, UfMSrtMi. o..t .
dual Instruction la setting up proper business letter. This .....
escape from pollee brutality, Hell a memberoltbeattend
Jim Crow, and second-class log starts at County In 100 5nr. $39.95PfItMA
cUlteashlp Being the bosses and St. Frances % lid Heisiii Net lists Of' Texas State Violations Prove Costly
.. >t hospitals SEW'OR"SiM out of
nm 10 rail highway trashes [ nY CURUD ,
ProfessorCMoseM In 1967 Invoked l driving" lola. STRETCH WIG
Urfeii Unrest Siys Unit KMH l>iM ":
lions the Inturantt Inform MrM.*>*,*-.. M an ruin. "
don Institute rrporii.nldeni
WASHINGTON. (NPO-Tbe) National Commission on Urban Proxy attributed to tprcding were

Problems has disputed the notion that substandard housing John E.WedbergiR.tlatrat blamed for 16.700 of the SS.IOO
conditions are responsible for unrest and rioting la the nation and Director of Admissions at .trk; .

cities. .u..i.._.... r ace.II TSU has beta elected President
The nation hu mid "steadyand The gap between Negroes' 'Elect of the Yew Associalloa Mmmaae
unremitting progress" toward status and -the affluence of of Registrars and Admissions at aiiU :
the elimination of substandard the 47th Annual
the great majority of America Meeting of the
housing since the toclett" Stale OrgaaUailoB held la gar trruo SNOtTY ww
passage 1114/Federal RousingAct Concentration "la relativelysmau \ AAIoaIo. run tort**.N.|.. 0* Wt 100% .....,.
of study prepared As President Elect Matt.ta 1**. Went lit Slack ON suck
by the commission said. areas of cities" W.at'berl" owe .,... ......,...orb....., lid.
While the commUsloo dieVonfUiued ) will bold the office ODe lU* r.Mii.<6ttr flU tAN:"'IIuoII fovea.
**ijan Mse.ders. ale 'eepub I \ the 'effect of poor year before*- ..emtag'the> ....... N ..Nm..! ';

said, m 4th pqyp. eUroliWertor ,housing 01.urbu wrest, ua' President, p( the Professional I : 9&e VW : hr ,"Jtli lONU.'" '?L ,'1jOO; j
bousing : ged msisive1 Increases U federal Organluttoo'Vtaeh Is a branch S. A nay tntlPC CAhlSTM TO fKOTtfTroon ;
Migration Negroes "from booming program for poi.P of the American Association of SEDAN f/ira on cuf{ .y innrcH yno.
a scattered and Inarticulate =PDuvarltis :e. Registrars and Admission officers. : .,..... .
MX VtMtl
Sue rye M e.e lM>t use HSPECIAL
rural status
to la-
a crowded. Membership la the State M ..... .--.... ...wye.na0ev
ceiling politically and
socially group comprises more thaatM : Mill10OtUVIIIB
0...AI" A.,M
0OFftRI -
a from
IM Alter the college and universities ....".. IseAr.5O """'"
Up Arms both public. and private a IN IU| -I sum
la T.DI. .: w
The President .r-.' t ". a..rq ftCaflin Of' nucreiron ....... sees N NWANANTuo
Pellet livi.ii Pinker Office holds elect, already' ......__I._,.___II .......
Free I a comnu'ltee post at the

lHYIR, MPD-East Denver's Black comnoKy U up la national level on the Mew Deweiopments : CHAMPION SAUI M (Ml SM STMtV MW TO**, ... w. tell
cfn I and Techalqies --- --------------------------
arcs over recent police action U which As Mature, a Black M
s Arts and Cult urslceaterwis badly destroyed. Police converged Committee. 0 .pt.Je' list M STRUT NEW YORK. N. Y. 10021

upon the center Ia aa alleged search for a mum sitting : : Pease. ship the following lady CAampion Wigs).
fa the widoowdike buudtnLDOIntIngwhutappeued.-to them-to STYLE coto tmi coioe.Q
beagua.The : *rt .Sy.. --e till Q SMMTVStrMt( -I" N
oa's aides who were Involved : :
Griffin uso100%
1'" Interior of the baildingIng U the invasion enter the building RigdonHEAT ttutntll Half 0 II IS Q CAMttV .NM*e 11IS
.. was ripped apart, paneling Seaton refused to enter Cie til IS Strl SSN C ,*,i flUI Stjlai' t IM
.wf and celling sections dam*Jittered ..... : Volkswagen : (KINd hid, JCiMck DU..ifOt.., let S--- : -
Earlier that day, members 3 CAA.SAO ...** Black Denver U rally Ing to INC. SU
of the Black Panther party Ron
the aid of the Panthers by do- I2SO lAST Irh ST. -
who were holding a weddxg reception & 'AIRCONDITIONING -
dating modes and helping la
::5', COMPANY I for Colorado's Panther I 154.9091 m City Sub It
INSURANCE Chief Uurne Watson staled renovating the building .w ISSUS.0

they were told by the police
: Jacksonville. FloridaMerry some form of disruption,eitherat --
the wed&ng or the reception : arena

,' would tale place. ..- Ctitrallav. roar home with
The wadding reception drew RGMTSDISCRIMINATION tutu Ueatlag ant Air
the year's largest gathering CutHU. ning System.
of Black Denver's most prominent mirno4y
citUeas who are seriously IN JOBS ..tfl1

making efforts to solidify the EQUAL EMPLOYMENT 1\ ..
gf Black comm may, The invasion OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION 5123 IIUKIIIN II. t > :. .
.CIfER of the Aa Natural came aftermost i .
: ... of the guests had left. 1800 G Street, N.W. PI 311-7533 I
Denver police chief George Washington, D C. 20506 Ii

Seaion, along with many other II
1 dignitaries of the city visited
{1 \ the rippled bolldJjg But Panther
members refused to let Seat* 1

," \ New: .pare. relief far f

BEST dry prey skin .

VASI1. .('rtTlOU1IM WT gives JOur ,
akin the richer moisture it needs for ",
.., WISHES protection from chapping, from dry ::
**hr-ffT.y sUa. Te keep pour skla
tot trouns r look.nlae R

Good' luck in leg, tuiot'Vasellse'Petroleum em gea I I

Jelly. j

the New Year. Yen mere pay them a little fer II I II :

ether brands ef I
e petroleum. JeUy... ( .
1969 but your skis I* ;,,;
worth! l
,,) ''
i\&.. 1'

J Yyours ". A.

w..: ,'S r

..: .'( With Cherry

.%.> :Cherry's Bar & Lounge ; .....2. air x %

ot,; ., Smirnoff makes the p'lrty'rock.Talented .
: 1943 Kings Rd. Smirnoff. beJauks
orangv juict.Snaps; up holuLiy' "
punch.Adds brilliant sparkle whateert good "
to drink. II'v'
t: Visit, Nr: BriiHi liilufluty ( tt& _-1I s.tl!" Thart wby the choicest holiday parties come in Smirnoff pmt.- i

...,,, "
Piriiif Siui i
F1IIF Sufrsy ,.
..."". ,. -J.eaa. ya,



I & _... ___ __.__ _. -. __,''.,._ _. __._- t '._ '_..'ir_..t.?. "''' __ ""' -- "' -.- .l' .: '!!I .is i .t .S y
& -- -- --- -


,. .. .t'rti' "' WiTib ..: 1 "r'lJ'! ''' > :.:' .1lffif...... ,,'I('k tAIF1ff .........,.........'f"'f". ... ..." ...... .. .. .. .. ."" .. ... ... .. ......" ........,"' '. ....... .. .. ... . .
.0 '. '," .


..MCE_ I mt PAPERS .UltMT.. IEC[. EI 21, 1HI

I $440,520 Episcopal Church Grants Will Benefit 27 Organizations ; I


Will Go To Virioty Of
New Negro Head
TWO MINUTES $ Setups, And Emphasizes Stilly.

t11 grants totalling $440,520
GREENWICH., Coon., Twenty-seven
iv COINIUUS a. SUM ,.... '
1-' action organizations throughout
'MMAN aisu lOam which win go to community
YOUR OWN HOM 354 6746 CHlCAOO, RLN OII4433 \ 4 the country and to Costa Rica and the Virgin Islands were &pI -
,1 'J. > Executive Council of the Episcopal CburcblD1f.1
-= gnerterl Imber meetbut here at Seabnry House.

ALL BRICK I CHRIST AND POLITICS --The pants will be made m.ser- $ubect] to approval by Bishop .
Y SRev. the Episcopal Church's General Alabama.) Operation of a daycare :
3BEDBOBMAs Did you ever think of Christ's to be rejected and crucified for Convention Special Program center by be cooperative r
relation to politics Ht tam. Into the sins of men. Psalm 22. 'Isaiah' ... authorised by the Church In makes it possible for Blacks
low ae t14t7Nj this world remember, at a King. 53 and other Old Testament passages 1967, which earmarked nearly of Selma to take advantage of
The very opening. words of the had predicted that at Hit, nine million dollars over a
New Testament ere: "Jiu first coming He would be despis many new Job opportunities re*
Christ, the Son of David. ." !d and rejected. As Matt three-year period to be pent lacombatting suiting from the Industrial
Wnb gt (Matt 1:1). This emphasizes the 20:28 says of this coming: "The the problems of race 'growth of Selma. Another daycare
ZAA1 0 ebn fact that He came from the royal' Son of Man came not to be ministered and poverty lathe t1DIte State.. center also may participate
duet off DIVISION SALES OFFICE aEXP line John the Baptist had gone unto but to minister and Fifteen other special grants la the grant if the Bishop
A 20th ST .
forth as the King's herald' to to give His life a ransom for coming to $6S,600 the Eiecu agrees. '
PARK prepare His way and the twelve many.". tin Council was toldalsohavebeen Appalachia Project: ,Roanoke,
apostles proclaimed His roya* Our Lord did nnt die an un made under the authority Va., $10,160. White residents
rights as they preached "the gospel timely' death; the cross was not r of the Presiding Bishop to mole have Joined together to establish
of the kingdom." This was an a useless' sacrifice He knew that emergency! allocation to com-'
t tI ti a community or gaalxatloa to research ;
in fulfillment of ,Isaiah's pro man's greatest need was moral ,inanity action organizations. '
WHEN phecy: "For unto us a child is and spiritual-that Ms sins must The Council was told by Leon the problems of Appala
YOU ARE IIIfeu born, unto us a son II given; and be pad for if he Is not to be E. Modem director of the eMS and to disseminate the Information -.
the ,government shall be upon condemned forever before the General Convention Special for the purpose of
Seek The Bet D that the were "
tor. When Tour Doctor be called. Wonderful, Counsellor' love He came to be rejected and Program made after grants severe meat programs through orgaal a
The mighty God The everlasting, suffer and die "the Just for the only and common action. -or_ N''
Prescribes Oet Etperlenced Father The Prince of Peace. Of unjust that He might bring us to .screening and review process Balnbrldge Cooperative MiaIstry '
Pharmacists the Increase.of His governmentand God" (I Pet 3:18). and that around 93 per cent of Richmond Va.. $15,000.
Fill Prescriptions AC* peace there shall be no end Hi will come again to ,judge grant applications are turned The Ministry proposes to hirea
v upon the throne of David <" and reign but for the (present He down "for one reason or
cordlai-To Tour Doctor's"Orders. r : (Isa. 9.6.7). dials' with mankind in grace. [ph another," many because they do community orcanlserwhowlllserve
Instead of Him 1:6 that "in Him have the common needs of a
crowning Kingat : says we not meet the criteria of the
I. 0e Only the Beat C. E. BLACKProprietor His first coming, however, they redemption, through His blood Special Program. aried community comprised
nailed, Him of d resident whites, a I well a
to a cross and wrote the forgiveness sins according Since thebeglaalag. of the
Quality Drugs.
over His head His accusation: to the riches of His grace" and :Blacks and white aewcome.sfrom
"This is Jesus, the King of the Rom. 3:24 says that believers are i Bennle T. White,Jr. above president of me Lake-lew "special program" last year jural and mountain areas
3 Registered Pharmacists To Serve You.4..rA Long bland branch of ib1'ftA.J.CP a member.of lb Protestant more than one million dollars ,
Jews. "JustifIed freely by God's grace, Black Youth Movemeat; (Op*
Strangely. though He had through the redemption that Is InXhrisi Council of the City of New Tort, baa been named chair has been allocated to com ration Breakthrough), Waterbury .
... COMPLETE LINE OF... .. tCosnetlca come especially this first time, Jesus.." maa of the national Project Equality Interreliclous Advisory inanity organisations all over Coon.$%5,000. The Black
Committee, aa ecumenical movement!, to use the ecoaomla.of : the United States. Many of Tooth Movement owns and maa

4 Rubber GoodsSupdrles CandlesPRESCRIPTIONS "Why" Off TensionNEW religious Institution to achieve fair emptormeat practices. these Other are grants Negro have organisations.gone to wttlte, ages a general eontrartinebual

YOlK Alexander J. Allen Indian Puerto Rican Itexicaa ness called '"Operation Break
NP casters regional ,
director National' Urban League pve I public forum oa "Metro Help For Hirlemites tad other organisation,Including through." .B provides.. Jobs and
Jewish Confrontation" recently, one reason fo- the "rising. ten some wUch are coalition standard for the us*
lion between Jewish and Negro'4Jnts>title.' He Mid, "J.... of minority groups lAd Individual employed and unde.-empored
CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED hi/in; occupied for tt loot the role o! aa oppressed njlnorlty, *. Most of the organisations through renovation work. Ds
,1111 KINGS ROAD 353.1211lilly's wi* have treat dlflcuIltT perceiving tbemttlves U put: of the a seek to achieve economic: and office also acts U a tom.a8ll1t1
power tlruelure and .fcfeMer of .staW meDt. Yet to t Urge political benefita for minorities service center providing
decree tad particularly In :ltles..thls I U the fact tad this lathe through teli-tttlp programs. welfare, housing and Job as
Drug Store way Negroes tad Puerto Ricans see U." Grants approved were as fol- sistance.Hlckmaa: '
r $2,010
Coalition of American Indian Inc, Hlckmsi. IttOJ
4 Cltlsens of Denver, Cola, bitB.n.i'f per cent Is a Cooperative '
has bees formed to assist
1969 Finds will be used tor the poor people to buy coal at wholesale .

training of leaders of the or- price
.gaalutloa, which U to be Clinton Comm.mlty Cooperative
national Other fund op to Clinton, KM, $1,100 (50
.l wr'r 10,000 have beea pledged on per cent to a loan) Another
: matching basis. coal cooperative. Both organ
Night' Call, New York City Italians alai win serve u potential
national), 15,000. Grant will bases for community or-
fund a national program network gailtUlon! to achieve other
of radio station*providingphooela' : comm.0ty" goals.Asoclacloo .
HARLEM PREP GRANT:Edward F. Carpenter headmaster de DHarrolloE.peeUlco'
of Harlem Preparatory School; accepts a $75.000 parUclpaUoa by Pan MUatra
fcranTltcnfl.*.lllo M.BrstaXHO/executive! vkt president\ *, listeners and a means of com
; nwleatlon between:white and mleoto de LldetvmJ! CM Jose,
and director of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and I Black participant Costa Rica: $110. 'Preliminary -
from James E. Queen (rl&hO.) community relations coordinator Afro Americas Payers Theatre grant will assist to establishing
for Humble Oil. Company, Jersey's U. S. affiliate. The Wash a community organ!*
\ V-01 school will use the funds to continue 'its pioneering work in m,030. This la a theater, lalloa with broad parUctpatloa,
"reclaiming" capable high school dropouts from the Harlem gram presenting plays, but It by lDt a'..fI of the commuaity.
I area The grant by Jersey Standard and Humble Oil was madeat also serves as a base for comma'minlty Liberty City Community
': yq cjy luncheon in New York on Dec. 11 to help stimulate corporate organisation for the entire .Council Miami Fla, $20.090 4;
jeason'steet support for the school. was founded in 1967 to start Colsmlla Dials area. .matching grant up to $10,000 '
xnore ghetto youths on the road to higher education. Also Hyde Park Improvement A*. also authorized. The council
attending was Mother Ruth Dowd. vice principal. .soclatlco, Augusta cg. 111193. ,. to a coalition of eommuattyorgaolaers
The aasoclaHoa 1s seek wbo art Joined to *
ng5 -Ho.ppt1 New Yemu Producer Trylii To Find leg to acquire adequate sewer 'gether for common action oa '
such Issues
and water supply systems to < uweWrehousing,
I their own commonlty and II ad. Model Cities program commonlty ;
WHITTINGTONRtDGERSFuneral Stir For Movlii Plctire onlng Black areas. ; control of schools: and '
the developmrot of economic
National Black Theatre Mew
Lct'i ,
this time of
at and
pause joy expectation
and Julian BUusteln U having a proaches: the style o! Ethel YorkaCtty, "5,000. The theater ., and political power.
i Home to seek out the true meanings of difficult time finding I young Wafers. Is developing a program Com"lilt, Organisation
this happy holiday. woman: to star la the title role After 11 year, Blsustalewill with emphasis on depicting the Members Build Absolut*Teamwork
i 800 W. Stale of Ethel Water* film autobiography finally produce. the film for "Black We style." (COMBAT Steubeavaie,
phone 354-7J79 HAVERTY FURNITURE CO. "HI Eye U On The Universal, starting next summer Morthcott Neighborhood, Ohio, ",000. Well-estabUsbed '
Sparrow." Wbea considering In BoUywood. TbeveterarI Base, Milwaukee, Wls. 111SOD. ,- to the community COMBAT '
Attendants all the Black aoog stylist*of the I Negro performer, who recently reads will be need tor aa orpalWiaaiaer Black.er *
407 LAURA ST. current generation, none ap- reached her ttth birthday, U training to community orgaal* otrrd, centers Us community
I U. CtmOBD MARY M. ROGERS JOE BALDIIN being sought for the tilts, tola Utica and participation to action programs on seek Issues
as school .
trodjce\ the story and perhaps Model Cities program control police brutality
sing a song or two,but she will Drum bit Spear Bock Store, sic and U BOW dtvelop
Simuel C. Rogers, Jr. AFROAMERICANLIFE not play herself Washington D.C., 130,000. tog a cultural program.
( Talent scouts are currently Bock store serves as a center Fulton Advisory Council Ad
I Licensed Funeral Director Owner searching and listening for the for dlscassloa and the Initiation Hoe Committee.Richmond.Va,'
gifted young female who could of betterment programs for the "500. The council to seek
INSURANCE COMPANY play the role. According to the Black COIDIIII tJ. lag to develop plus to serve '
producer, it la to toclud as South End Tenants Council U aa alternative to proposals
muih of her We u possible Boston. Mast, 111.000. The bit urban renewal the Fulton
and will attempt to show Ethel's program seeks up-grade' sub.standard area which would sUre '
OUR lEST WISHES FOR strength, character and talent, rental housing. encroachment: of Industry and
from her early days la PhIla. Organisation for CltUens destroy It as a place of real
delphia'a glum to the Cotton Representation (OCR). Topeka, ,dance except to public housing
A Club "Bl ckbards of USO," Kans., $20,000 Program of this developme>> .
t Broadway's "AsabMeaeT xommualry orgaalaatloa seeksto Afro-Amerka Black Pao'pie's

Fbwr,/ and her tremendous provide research services, Federation of Awry,
triumph la "The Member training, seminars, workshops, Peorla QL, $20,000. (Match .
Happy Holiday Season the Wadding of union orgaalsatloa and pro tog funds also authorized
\ .tectloa of health and legal ganisation of young Black people
rights for the Black commuaity. to seeking to combat racism
IT PAYS TOADVERTISE Orviil Farmers Coopera through the development of a
tire, Selma Ala. 117.900. Black union, economic pro
grams, housing 3'ipMWTIf.t1.".
L .GIVE TO voter registration aDd tat pub
,THE CNTTED FUWJ lication of a newsspu.'cdooomDile .
SISTER IESSIE : Development Politi(H.

.1 "She will read your entire life-past,present and 'O.P.E.X Houston Tex. $U,-
I. IfatureTSne: asks DO Questions but a.I.UJtJ.t. yes 500. Militant organization has
-: ". 4I' what you want to know, giving dates and facts of ,a p.-ogram of organizing the
busuess, love, health and family affairs Will Black community for the
... hel* you find lost art Tens you whom yoawfll* achievement of political aDd
I' 1969 ..a marry and Whea. If the one you love is true, what .economic Parr Orgaaiatlooal -
: to do to be successful.: Will teddWteeseparWq, 'I & efforts center around
locate absent frleads and relatives, add cause i i job training combatting: economic
Jwplness between mad sad wife. Helps make eiploltatloa by merchants -.
up lovers quarrels. Tells tf sickness and bad seeking financial sup
All of us send you best wishes luck art natural enemies, or If there is aa evil I B.MdfV BlaW port from Black businesses,

for the DOME :OFFICE Influence. Does not tan to please you,but> will {ell las tram: Oae fund raising ca.mp&Ipa> political
New Year visit education
May you'prosper will repay you for dltafpnlnfmenfs to all others. and electioneer

and have great happiness. 101 EAST UNION STREET JACKSONVILLE 'FLORIDA read TROUBLES.your life Come like aa aad open see book why, but you also are help so you out She of your win. ing.Community Operated Oppor*'

everything seems to unhappy, when Project (COOP), Calves*
go wrong. Why be sad add unity
f KEN KNIGHT Mi, ''W. 6. IOYD, MANAGER EASTSIDE JACKSONVILLE ,DISTRICT sick clear and by consulting worried when THS you GIFTED caa be helped MEDIUM.sad everything downhearted made, grant also., authorised.$%5.000. ()Matching seeks

YS come. NO MAIL ANSWERED I soak Everybody wel to make -coaeentrated
so house
ill US HIIK Stilt ;IClS'IIYlllt, Fllllll plstake the address. SBTEB BESSIE Is located calls.aorta Dm'sicallahen of attack" oa the causes of deprivation -
-INVITES TOy TO LISTEN TO1400WRHC1400- on U.S. M, 1/$ mile from city of CaU Flarlda. with emphasis oa employment .

it FOB HtBSIGM: IN FfiOMTOF BOIES Across the sine f achievement of political
from 8POBTSMAN MOTEL influence _
4121 .Htiitr tin uewHitiE. rumi rum Opea CLIPPING dally from ENTl1'a..ESroUT0115.OQRE1DDl. .... to 10 p.m., lacladtog Sundays. I 'HELP riGHT CANCER WIT?



t 'J
u .-.. .....-....... .... .,
:: .. -1 I_ a Y u "................-. a.:.w... .
-- .doL'L- .A' c_".... _':' <

i :L : IECENIEI 21, : I11 :; rmis "" MIC S

Silver Bowls For FAMU Royalty

'ool"ortl, ,

{ f, 1





! K 1,
I !j hR

1 11 h

I frI

I *
s' II r "


1 jS 1 yTf ..f
f 1 r

...A 1J :

Jot Black, rte/ president for tpeclal mark**oaths Greyhound Corporation,Chicago,p-,tented
sliver, bowl to "Miss FA1IU" tad bee attendants daring the 36th dual Orange BlottomClastic.

The Queen art Q-r) Lorude Wesley.MW Junior, Veronica Hicks, Mitt FAMU; Mont

Bethel, Milt ROTC and Helen Wade, Mitt Sopborajrt.Hiiniin 1$'.." ,. lei ef.f>

Rent foe, nude hrrl mesh Lour, tote pr'rf'SEAMLESS



fetching To Hinge I doal agrees NEGRO PRESS IlCTEJub.TIDAL re1 27

That Innovation U ntcettarUy good, or that old things art Stock up now on these A' s g. Famous tan Include Tlie<<

f Urge Badness nemtaMly bad first quality seamless "f I .f pea. Iia I3 Box Tope Herb Alpert &
something serves
The crucial consideration Is what purpost
sheers Lonely\ prey for
the Bran Aretha
MIAMI Curtis Jtekton and what good It 11-4I0& Its tt Old wine U better than new; kted. with double Wit for Tijuana ,
p leaves a ItteblDc carter to but a new newspaper U better than an old one (unless one Is tuntone, tnx>letone or 1 frttttt comfort end lonpr Franklin and many more
manage hew HollywoodNorthDadeKentttdy doing research). II'. wliat a thug does that counts cinnamon Sizes 911. .1 prO.1 \\1tfle end patlrl colon singing their golden hits. .1 for /.AI
In mbm'sltn .
' i. Cohen tiort. That this nation U miring toward two socletiet, one black Stub

1 I Bon la Wijrcrott Ct, Jack- ont vUtf4tparatt and unequal, at the national AJvltoryComraUtlon
too did undergraduate rat on Civil Disorders aatcrtt.
at Florida AIM and graduate Having two txleUea. one black ont whltt. Is aa old story Lithe "--r- I

work at Florida Atlantic University. United States, To say that this country Is acting la that
He taught English\ aol direction ls like saying that Jackie Roblntoa Is on his way tobecomtag -
Frnch II Broward scho.it: the naUoa's first Black nujor-leant) baseball player im

before Jo1A IIIttMt4r II Co'.,,,, Our biracial society, like Robinson's bateball prowess, bat long
Jackson and bit wit Jean beta with ... The vement la the United States nay actuallybe
Lave OM daiuhler; away from racial d-viilon; despite tile turmcll which could
represent tbt birth pangs of t mare integrated society. ,
That "The Negro college gradate It about wual, -Ja 19-40 _
WORLDOF the white ""p.r.Jw>>graduate"" and that mist Negro colleges
"rank little abort the nation's best high shoots," as Leon..
Lease charge ill recent KM article t

IOOKS Some Negro college graduate undoubtedly have low r InteUlgenct -
quotient than some wtilte college pad at...But tan h" IL

Black Vole.." U at antho- U no p!andardlnd"Negro colkp graduate,"any more than there ,
U a ttaaUrdlwd white college gradjatt. There art only _
k>0 oT Atro-Am r dean or Black Individuals of wiiatevtr race. And it meaningless: to talk about L +
I literature. First of all, tt It by
hthefLNfladmhlateomtiiteoueetloa Negro colleges being of low rank. They mar be doing: at good a 1ct .

I o( Black literati to Job of educating their students as other college do of educating ,

'date.Second. U contalni a wide 10 the That:rs.bigotry U excusable wlten U'. among Black people or Y 1
variety o' workt\ by torn
Crew wipers la Octloo,poetry, perpetrated by
to be mort sensitive than whites '
If anything, Negroes ought .
andautoMographlei. -
literary criticism, about racial abuse, having tottered from U themtelvet. As tt 1'
before bat
Never 13
I turns out, there seemt to be about tile same amount of hateam.eg
muck work or to many Black
Blacks and whites
writer beet brought together la r. 'J' i
That you-caa even aa argument.
cot uespeativt The Ft James Bevel once noted that U wathopeleaitotryto _
book will be !Imiantt
talk racists out of their bigotly for they were taught that way

(value and white to younf ttudenttX Black la students filling, by their parent That trying to reform tamoooe amtuntt to Pierced and p' rcr"'ooh FamousEtreneadr ffB" else.
playing the cS)ltu" with htm-or canting aspersions on the
tile vacuum of"what havt Black way bit msther and father brought him 9 The best way to

.penile dons ia literature,a adwiy Influence torn woe is to appeal to his better nature-to which FASHION EARRINGS mam
havenl w* bard about U MIMES
: his partn's' nobler teaching art embid-td.
slue? That the natta Is going to the dogs at a result of our tocitty
Abraham Chapman increasing mat.rIalIsm. Find favorite ttles J fiashlight( and
h your
ted to. .voices it a profes- A country which U taking a new Interest la the problems of Us In this collection. I replace d batteries
sot of Engllti! and cU1r....A- great $ now C
poor peoplt cant be all bad. That wt art wore conscious of
mericaa Literature Sorely Tailored types to wild pre, withEveready.thebatswtngen. -
materials needs It good not'tvU. Mort crimes spinal* "..
courses, Wltcoatla State tblversify. malty have been of tplrltuallty than I Cold or silver tery with nine lives.,Keep
Ht bat written t lyaar amend rectal
'ber of boots oo Amiricaa UterltlU" materialism. Klanamea bigott have usually color finishes Save now. J y,1.01 I I I I extras on hand, too. 1er lgC
been a mist pious: tot. Even the Communist art derma-Jo
of the 19th and Men
making a religion out of their "dlaletlcal materlalltm.
ceaturlet Mofttmpartantly.bt IIAmtcu That we need mwor leupollce) power;mart (or lets)social
1* the author of "The Negro teaa)social turmoil. ..
and restraints; mare (or lest)freedom,mor.or r-------- '
: There may actually be a need for MOIE: police power to do \mllemmllg <
HarltmBtaaitsanctln : ,,
"Tbt their Job coupled: vim MORE citizen freedom to eaerclse their .
Literary Hlttory. rights, within Constitutional 11a tI. As our thlt-vertot-that
Prof. Chapman' broad and frame of reference ,often tenet only to blind oar vision, wt FAMNSTHATCAMYIAM
ia Americanliterilsre
varied background should atop trying to Judge social forces oa the bail of their :
plus bis awareness association with either authority or license and Instead concentrated -
the Black
and concern over value Rather than
OD thou forces function and totoclety
ideality currently mwiflg. pitting tile left wing against tile right wing wt need to choott I
tile Black community
through Udtohlitdillng.. ", Yoke*." tile beat feature of both. \ t 3 r/e f AI ___.' '
That those who advocate Negro telf-segregatioo or racial e
la aa Introductory' tasty of tomt Attradellla rxtrm t ItXaUf rft
either right .
Integration art necessarily or wrong ..
40 paget. Prof. Cbapoui txploret In themselves Mlf-segregatioa and Integration art neither SPECIAL 4 e/.tOs
good or bad. Tht only quettionit what pjrpotts they terve. Setttegregation. Q' ,fir
lathe .
Black people as reflected for example, can be a cloak tor bigotry and a retreat > Y fer fEN ;

writing of a boat of writers from the challenge of American eociety. : -or it caa be share, .
-Black and.bill. of community. solidarity retailing in greater economic Buy ono-lay only one -
what these pro- for the i TerE* In
He alto point out cent second Other ; _
I "
ductivity. And Integration can be used as a palliative designed f' ,
reactions Have dance to the A- famous brands in
our se-
calm rather than a of with racial '
to tempera, being means dealing ash
attitude towards Black lection. Sat your supply now.
nuricaa problem*-or U can be a vehicle by which racial equality it enow. I
people, and vice versa He tiamlaet accomplished.Cirdiiil. 1 ale
tile revolutionary spirit I l

amucg Black people today, and Tikti Tusk
points oat tt is not entirely a .

new thing bat,bees but rather constant somethingthat under- Fir Schist Hick Miss 1900-lmrh I... r.ll ,h U.de Ise 1t.1 pIAW44

Lithe Black comnralry,
car rent CHICAGO w (NPI) -John Cardinal Coday baa draws flu for "
toe Black
writers more w than any other coademn1lll u African dance performed as part of a miss J I''ZVi

clement of tile ComlD 1iUtJ. Andrew J. Lta.b1'prt.1dfAt. In eoademnlag tnt 'mats; ErrrlmitKTUCTAIIEKII' .
Prot. Chapman baa dug deep Chicago Conference of Laymen, .Car41Da1 Cody made no refer. \ Kill TAPE eat
and found brilliant excerpts aid at. wat chocked "that Ole foes to 1U African flavor.
from the works of popular and cardinal would first condemn Declaring that the prform-
well known Black writers of today tile dance and then tcstttuttaa ante was ""theatrical", the
(Malcolm X,Ralph Ellison Investigation.** cardinal old Catholics art

UrolTo a t*,Ja m t s Baldwin laity said he. war amazed forbtddea "to introduce nonUtargUcl B *..
etc.), and .be bat somehow managed that tilt cardinal par.Dtl1414 tltmeatt into lbs lie..
to find, and include works not tee that hit petition would mats at any time. Nr

from many much older and tome Insult Black people who atteadad )Julti-. urpose cellophane Cpl

letter known writers. tile mast. tape for home, school or Sklp-Ins textured carbide lull dot ao many rasp,
Tbt reader will nevertheless During the controversial FiBhts office. X* wide J roll in a pa nt.,.writn our frcny*urlien. ,
.delft' 'Id1IeoY.rlDItbat' Black: matt, conducted atalocal hotel, .,/Discrimination handy dispenser package. Standard eau rrbll with s.
twarerett' didn't develop t few a.BUck malt dancer stripped in Jobs ImUnUlry blue Ink.Cheer Ui)I .
months ago with tilt txpresslc to the waist, danced as be ;
"Black 1s Btaatlful," but that carried a chalice toward the EQUAL EMPLOYMENT
It bat been around long as the altar. A Jazz group provided OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION tiutmmtwdt J
f ,
1100 C She kW WI"" D.Co 20501
Hack people.... musical accompaniment.

o ..,'. ;:i
{i. :

t ,: '. 'jA

,- .- A .. 1 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. _... .. .. '" .. ...'...... .. .. -'.} r: i! ..

' .... ,-- < < .. <. ., . .--. .- .- .-. . . .-.-.. .

i .
.. ...

1 .

ITH'IWM' MII-HT. Hi-tiiEi 21. i INImmmmmmmmmmm


fININE ee". .. :==


News From TheBrown Fashion WorldTo Boots Go On

Currently Paris and in the checks,and a rich brew cloud to unpolished pewter, of highlight the solid colors, 'little "black" dresses not only the Black and white combine are
U.S., the fashion look is "mod of "chateau bottled" wine reds. course, Is gray. French designers outline them show oft the figure adrintage- fashionable for both day and
crate" elegance. For winter fa* The reds begin with deep warm The closest the fabrics come In piping, edging, and bIJIdJngI cushy they are glitter, glitter erasing.
Dries are fur trimmed by lines caret, ripening into rosy to being lively is when they are of son leather that delineate, glitter.Splashed with stones,or Black and white herringbone' : l1 vdhh
'are elegtiit but simple malaga tones and maturing as stamped with bold and striking the clothes as sharply char*' sequins, they necks nits, topped wltt all-black wool 'k
Color are far from biasing. the mane dregs of a vintage blow-up checks, magnified coal line around a sketch pad. massed around & capes or coats are In demand.
In Paris "come back Black" Tat. Most of the beige Is centered Prince of Wales patterns,Inch After five, Paris fashions and caught by wide tight waist Black Is often teamed with
and Mary dominate the scene. on camel hair and the fa* wide cberrons and sprawling take op a different dimension .bands. white In herringbone tweeds.
Ronner-ups are Beige' and write that romps from heat plaids Boldness Is the "thing". Here In the States, Black and


NEW YORK (ED)-So you've trailed chiffon.with one shoulder bared. And you've twirled bracelets to wave: around. Open-air sandal that show all your toes. ''.. .; :\- :
in a mini-whirl with u furl of ostrich. And you've blinded the boys in a blaze of sequins. Even the fabrics they're made of can be Recommended for Adult Audiences Only. They ;:
Docs that mean you're fresh out of surprises when you want to rock the room with your cline like a leading! man in a clinch right up to "The End",
Entrance this time around the Party Circuit? Silly girl. Under their sped the most down-to-earth giants of the man-made fibers industry seem
Not in a year of fascinating, fabulous pants. And that's how this one will go down in suddenly star-st.-uck.: Like the familiar Celanese acetate and rayon blends-all at once appearing *
fashion. history. In a slithery shimmer of satin-backs and luscious, limpid glamour crepes galore.
But not the pants of days gone by. Not that old-hat masculine imitation known as slacks. And bright young designers (most of whom were in their cradles when Stan of the Silver
Those were for painting the hall and trudging around the supermarket pinching cabbages. Screen were big stuff) have been inspired to turn to divine designs re-creating the look of
These arc pure You-Ouphta-Bc-ln-Picture: pants. They spell out your name in lights. that lovely longago.Freewhee1inllleis..
They have a subtle siz/lc that recalls the torchy glow of a Dietrich glance The white fox striding all over the map. Soft and fluid tunic: tops In the Mata Hart
carpctino in a llarlow boudoir. And snow-flakes, falling on Garbo's eyelashes (along with manner. Draped. cowled or bloused shapings a la Ninotchka. The feeling all flow a YS
Hover's kisses.) curlcd-up. come-closer: pure allure.
These arc pants in u p.irty-girl mood-full of frolic and festive airs. For curling up on So toss on an extra pair of false eyelashes for the evening. Learn to blow smoke rinn
masses of cushions-or a hear rug before the fire. They were born to turn heads when you while you hum a few ban of "Fallin, in Love Again. And get to rate the most coveted:
arrive on the sccnc-and stop traffic wherever you glide by. compliment of the whole party-po-round this season: ]Z[
Thoy tall for one bin. sloonv wave falling over your eye. Clunky rings and shimmery Baby you tfink.

SAVE q t 'Ii / .


11 .

ev a



r l

Kciff, TISSUE........ 5/$1. TOMATOESZ:.......... 6/I. r -

pb? .PlSEAFPLE.4... ::::........4/l. ARRJb'IEOMRANT..... 51' CQh TtM Asdersoo, Dmqrrtstloi I hoed U lomkns- f red fog,.,.U
w{ Nax111 1 1
Fair model, wean handsome held la place with a two-Inch
c, : FRUIT .I.INKS..4/I. HAIR SPRAY.............. 39( r/fj d smooth browa '...-.11' wide matching belt! The klntalse -
DootiM boa by ar.GoodrIch Adolpbo for bat U also
PECAN to complete her winter look. red toz.
......... /) 4'I 'Tbcat, brown leather out
K aMM NML.M.a 1.1/M...IleswM e.. .1: ............. ...........

O O : t :DETERGENT .4' ..W.tS : =
Ic1 ;. .,. Q


RICE SOUP. 10/$1; $ o<
M.14 YYN N 3
% --- .......... ......
S TOMATO SOUP 10/$1 1-- ,UN ........ I
paa.ly W ..........
.nus M MYar 1ns s .
0. I Meet* MM of me.** SM a f.wtft rives a .wt ad
ALE OR BEER .79M.eM < bass, W disc ..... ... Mi W TM cusp Mrs
sk.d M how my rut rwfty I I'll hMM Md hue b dada
.. ::"r'----...- wet IMHM adds ad mew. IW ......of.,........I cede
il cfeye Pee$29<(< Rue ::0 391S << ouAMnrv ejonn ertmvfo+lagq eooo MIa me, i* ,......... De ,.. .... .., .... nay M inn hlM sl..
..,w.. ........ 3 -... I .... ..... .. A. Kul !
?, tilling MtUnj a
.2t Ccies .37$1. fKTtiT= iWtZZSl << USDACHOiCEBEEF Lee b ...tIff freak ehiM oe thot UUM take
aaNYf!!... Ke K. ......5 Butter39'Jusss A.lUn a way to fool eme a minimum of effort. IIN wipe
...... fwt-try Ikini such Mot wkhm the blades with a KMa.Ups
Crlc1' ra vn
S... 37$1. ers Zlli!r"I"'I"-i ,.EXTA a 5 sssa tires! b ..., Blow 4.|ioMbl. window. ...., (y-.
aaea I I old KM* yew ltd from k .Mh.t more Ilea window!)
i Gre li r3/l.l\mr.t..29\ <<< != tf : M U...M Gr.MChyckRib u. $1" rubbing. eseisM the teaide. of dosilos. latt youVt dunpcottL Thus so
i i ;: l/r.ls Iwi fold fee tires to M over dM blades wkh a KlKOupapa
l .wwwN the bonoai of your sloe lowtt U two MWUIM
MORE MEAT SPECIALS t D Steak..u.98 Md fttk. .ct hot .m t"* |urt M your skate Nodes art reedy tort
comfocuble Mociinfi! ..i Kit outing!
----Maw yp+ 0.Ts.dsn aiate__
as/.M.N MM(MM N*
< ilfltf mart my >.<.M miMi
BACON 49 > itrt>t. I *y to vies MciMfiy
taw Pot Roast..69c
= | M k
M c- aeeu
MM* M.e M.* new b lay-sad sails
TURKEYS.s:39FbRK < S-I O.em w Mw bacas Idm. r.
&( Sh'id."Roast I .79C II Iles ..,.... I CM tot
.. A. Try typ M Wkcr thus
.ritlat You lean UeUyboud
CHOPS......, 68'O Yw k severs*MM preGJkU1 CM ..
paddy rich a court M school ly Mary RepsUs %
fPlRle.............4 59' W I it..ILSTICKS....... 99cPORK ud your work .U1 ."y 1 'Veal....."Parties
took MM Md be
easy to rMd.
ROAST....... 59'' t J5 CAN HAMS.$1.39 Secaad-luBd lypcwnun use rduivdy DD.om pejfti** hM to be
inupcativt. Or IT you No but tUy MOkllyr
GAEL DIPS:,:: 3/l. Rfiss..49c have a binhiUy or (nduMio* .... -n.ac' : u too* curt
\. comias up. why col uk lot a with c.w tad lofiM. ooch
Pitt.CHEESEI,1159' '!' potubk Qrpcwrtat ITi a worth.while lila with XX) :ftOO c lorUenw
aUF STEW. 3 99C hvtMmeaL -tvtag.each drink.qurv**
lint to oo* candy bar The
CREAM 0. I gas iMrtrtK wkh SW Met UIOU'* hA.ta.inLLoweguM
"" : F5 Pas .... mocWP&rt7
GR. $1.99 Tot.AII with punch oo that aI.
to "w Uh ian the
...;..-.-"r-1N t seaming after without .* addod .
Start With Uw Calorie Pe.eh
I...se IaaN a run F.iHtinsparty PUIMJMI* tUit
.calla nemri w n Moen wet ew W MUM ta%fe
u. s. Avocdos.a.ea.4/i9'' linnersa..a.eeee 3!' with Punch.RM Low Thom Ciori may or Hw may i.Un .
? ( ot U aUxJtnlif, Euhor way..canned .
No.1.Regular. -.wN..e.ralHoe .ywaU5.ne.& arw1.rn.Ur1 low ealori punch with

Tomatoes,......,, 39 Turni s..a.a.ee3/$1. Cofjee Rich..4/l. / the erode flavor guava of papaya.and

Ives a MNa 1 IM 1t IS j Wes$I. .. paMioo fndtM

otatoeItutabgas.,.... -10' Strawberries, 4/$1. Pound Coke...... 59' i' 1 .way winninf to.otartparty. Add
P ben a Mae lri.s W'IItYas 11 \ cfaampacna,
4 II wrra NT
Orange Juice..59' Mince Pietas. i9t Potatoes..3$1.XTR 14 abaiTyoramvoriaa 'or.o and
.., f IOU" addrd lac than 20 eal:
l'f per oarvini. For moat
EXTRA EXTRA XTRA TRA iRt41I1 partiea. bottUoT wiaa.
tLi a rMyt.rr i' I n s iraw I ( ear caw corn I saw s uws 1 } oa. COB: of tb punch add
fIUIt 01 dub sodas low CIIIIorW

Iu.A7 zx= ....rua.. s., ..,.rwN n+ Cw1ay11rYw4.N k111ti111rM e....NXTRA f IIIW the ale puDdt- fn bowl& JWoe.-waw. wiD

.. ? for the vwiiaf. Ire eartainlyon
} of ibo send ili-al
ova tai XTRA I I EXTRA I I XTR XTRA u $ $ I drinks you can aura For .
1 1 wars tt.1 r; + Ir.w aces Iruw i. t craamy punch add low calo
J Jz fed ahutat and famkh wrth
/.1.N//AiM Anew CaliN ladrOaM r/1.amN t.. ; I J fruit alicM.WeUh .
h. N w Orf Fatty
pz Lr Count calorie w .-.....
log boa '-.. aDdpl.Uen.
{ k I The Where th.r7. a
loaf shrived OM-pUce
; coin favor flu ovor fowl.
Tot-all by MauMtto Is sparked -'oacI cyst mast and M*
by a wttte coHar tad white lemon U place of starchy
cifla. The bri&ht hoc $ ;gIgo Aloes for mat seals dUwa.
9t a the front Bates this a twfavartte .Your wWxh tumU out* micht party. sap Certainly it a
This ear be won b> U Wji MBd sLim boi..1 pfeT
brother too, not bMviert



4. .. ANMRtfY"s"" "" __ _... .,}!}. ... _....... <. !," ..._.. ....... .....- ___"' _. .._. ..............._. .. .A_.. _. _- "_- A__. .. "" ._" -_4PIIEi ,.-_-_' .,:...

... .. .. . .
. . .
. . .

SHIIUI. itcum ii. mi STIR firm rm. 7

.' '. .

I here's the "lz w" to i meal l planning and creative cookery %II I

Entree For Company Dinners Salisbury

cooking >.OSALIt 1o:' .... I

0. :tort A .:: '

t&t&hints ASSISTANT t ; <. .. Steak Logs !

beef 2 laMennoona) cooking nil
,'\.. ., IH pound. ground
: l
if % cup irurtant hot whole wheat or fthortoningcereal
"f'. c. ,uncooked 2 beef bouillon ruhm'
Satisfy hungry wintertime appetites and ease the ,l ,... -- envelope (1%ounce) drv IV4 cup hot water
straining family budget with Chili Corn Casserole.It onion coup mil 3 tablespoons flourI
is hot and hearty and stays moist through baking egg V4 teanpoon' paprika
because! it !Is made with evaporated milk. Serve Chili tS cup milk Vi V4 cup dairy cold wat.rnap lOUr Cream
Corn Casserole with a crispy salad and chilled fruit
Combine first 6 ingrrdwnU: mis well. Shape meat into 12 lop
for a meal that is sure to please. about 8 inches long and 1V4 inches In diameter. Brown log inneedal
hot oil In large skillet over moderate heat, turning *m
t to brown eve. Dissolve bouillon cuhn in water; add to tkillet.
Cover and simmer over low heat about 30 minute. Remove log*.
S Blend flour, paprika and cold water Stir flour mixture intnbouillon
blending wHI. Cook slowly until gravy com** to a hail
r.rFf and thicken. Blend in our cream. Do not allow to boll Serve
sauce over meat log Yield: 6 nerving.

Wake Up to Raisin Oatmeal Bread
L f 4, ': KxK.c. .


L M1 YY w4: : '1j vR


f .
I .it_
CHIU CORN CASSEROLE ofllomlllf.1IIn Advisory coed Unto

Make 4 to 6 serving! Here's a raisin and oatmeal bread that will make your firmly
r ;, .. hA wake up and lake notice California seedless raisin,rolled out
2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour and molasses make this
: I. particularly: moist yeast bread and
V4 cup finely chopped V4 cup undiluted Carnation one with excellent keeping qualities loo.
onion Evaporated Milk'
V4 cup diced preen p pp rU cup (1-pound can) c-
1 pound ground chuck drained rinsed kidney 2 cup rolled oil 2 packages: or cake yeast
2 teaspoons chili powder bean 2 tablespoons*utir active" dry or compressed
< ". ., .". ,' J tablespoons molaves 4Vi lo S cup rifted floor
Itt teaspoons MHVfc 1% cups (14y4ouncs can) : ,. ... ,
whole peeled tom.toes t\ \' t %cup shortenmf I l\oi cupe California teedlew
"alpOOn .
ptpptf' 2H teaspoon sail riMn
.. teatpoon cayenne ,:4, tr". ... #. water

kklflct. KalUhury Steak Lop In sour cream sauce make a good,"In. r" rmt tlnr the steak lop to brown evenly.I Ureaklaat cans l. Combine oils,sugar.molasses shortening and Mil. Add 2 cup
Melt hotter" In large Saute onion and green pepperIn rtltrmilvp entree for cnmpanv dinner And and a half of arc eicrllMil recipe IngrrdimU became they an lnmprn l e.ronventmt. boiling water,Mir and kl stand until lukewarm.Dissolve yeast
butter until lender. Add meat and seasonings Cook ground two can he mended to make its ample ervlngt with and make nutritional contribution Two hot vela In *i cup warm water(LOS to I IS decree* F.) In warm bowl:
until meat In browned. Pcur off fat Sprinkle In flour and the help nf Infant hot whnlr wheat ",," The uncooked cereal t...... and rri f> .1aM. complHe your menu. add to cooled oat mlxulre Add half of flour betting well.Add
Mir until combined.Add Carnation Evaporated Milk beam aria spa a hinder to hold In the meat IUJCP. at the name time SOUP remaining flour and raisin lo make moderately Miff dough.
and InmatooH !Simmer !S minute, stirring often Pour Into COLD CREAM OF TOMATO Knead lightly Place In greased bowl. Cover and let rise in
Rxftk2.Ineh baking rilfth.Tnp with men meal t'UI.oull. BakeIn 1 ISWounc*can Progresso t.poonlll.r warm place I IVi to : hour until doubled. Punch down and true
tt about hour until doubled Form Into bares
40 mlnult'lloRaspberry pizza pup teaspoons again 4 two
moderate (3'A F.I
oven Give A Boost J cups mUk I tabtetpoon chopped chives and place in lightly greased 8ttx4Mx24nch: loaf pint. Let rise
or greea onion 30 to 45 minute until light and well-rounded above edge of
Meringue Cakeone Combln all Ingredient and mil thoroughly. Chitt. covered .la Bike In hoi oven (425 degrees F.) 10 minute Reduce
refrigerator for tcveral hour, lust before serving.sprinkle wtihchlvm heat to 373 degrees F. and continue baking '5 lo 40 minute.
>i U Inch cake To Breakfast ,Makes flv raps.a Cool on rick. Mike 2 wosera.VELDA'S.
V nip anal, Mrtird IliM 14 np milkJ4laape
br.wa NIU' v. ", tb.ev' asp
tii tap sk.rlr.l.( One cope with late anooten I I. U male breakfast a
3 n us.w paratid I Ju C" eL) .pbfnJ little "r.to Eras on a chilly dark morning they'll 1 be out of
I N......... vutUa ntnd pce.eeo bed In a hurry when you Ye aervlng hot wattle* with Rich Coffee*
I tar rarkl.d seUriMng .. flftM w tartar Nut Sauce. The aauc* has unique taste from Uafclnt Free***
ROM Vi cup MMCWCnwn Dried Coffee and buttered syrup, with It* homey mapU flavor.
Thl aaur spells"instant hoite*** at other time of day, alae'
loRtUwr brown suit and ahortenlnc until light and 4t aba will trlunoriea to* creampudding, or asks la am.outof.the '
pun,. that In rn yolka and vanitU Blend flour Into creamedmixture '*rdlnarynty, sRkwgeaNl f| 1 I "Flllll If HE, 'l'ltl"
with milk, brftnrunf and ending with Hour
alirmaifly I 8.. ,
SUTtn nutC1TpV wtnry In irawd Ii Illnchtttaking t panj 'If? .f
.{.rUka In prvhMied UO oven U mlnutet; spread with prlWn'ft. I teaspoon ivt-drid coffee! l/t'cop buttered syrup
4Dst ep whitet with cream of tartar until troth Gradually I teaspoon boiling water 1/4 cup chopped peeaaala PEPPERMINT rill
Met aucar. besting until atiff. tlouy peaka form. Spread over a small bowl, mix coffee with boiling water until dissolved. r I
pre> r< a. Return to oven and bake 90 minute* longer or unuInwrtIIrIIe Add at nip and sets. Serve on afllea, io* cnam.u., or ,1&4.sf Otnswnnnotnssieaavre ..nu.aoest.wtatvsoar
U Arm and golden Cool before cutting ding.Afakn 814 cop woe. e{ ICE Hill.
--.:'Spoon flour Into dry mauurinc cup level. Do not aooop. 1 1 / 1

W RIB 4 89'

sHoP IK"-'CUmDwm'i 1 09


; :" HOG JOWLS ,25


: SAUSAGE 39 I Chasefanborn
.. 5.8.t .J HOG JOWLS ,, 39'

OFffll /


\ f : "' FlANKS a 59


L 44 4Y0 { \s k i\}:}''\.f.: t.y {


ji--- tt BISCUITS IItiiuim.

tYflitn S II. .

LOUT ONE 39 z. 4 f/R
WITH ... ,.
jt..--' ...::"-::w- $:=MORE ? '" '

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SPECUtl, PURE lAID 11 2/35 i ,

BABO M-OZ. SPECIAL! iffir 2 29 STOKELY 30)CAN .e I






lir69 mer FLORIDA SPECIALI I U/303 CAN ..

CAKE" 2 e RANGES 5 BAG 3.e fli : is


PIES 2 PT "S s

It .l'

A A ___ A A ____ ">Jt'Jo' )\..... ,' __ A .. '. ............. ............ ....' .'..'.....,......., A-_ ,

,, ,, .. ,. ... ..0 .. ... .. ..., .. .... .. ... ... .. .... ... ....... ..0 .. ..' ." ., .. .. ., .
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,jj j j I .


rj. World News DigestNEGRO Specialist In Developement, Dillard U. Plans


VATER-MARRIAGE ITE b National. Depository

GOPAILGANJ India .. (NPI) .. Water and the lack of It > t ( ;
plays a great part In marriages, for If there Is t drought on, DO
marriages will take place. That's the current situation la the Of Musicians
province of Rajasthaa, where 3,000 weddings hare been called Negro
off until Varuna, the Kind rain-god--whose mercy Is being In- .
Yoked at Innumerable prayer meetings relents and fills op A national depository of the works of Negro musicians and
the ..111111 the area which hare long since: dried op. composers In the United States and some parts of Europe is

being established at Dillard University New Orleans.
SENTENCES ftEDttEDJOHANNESBURG The which is six volumes of arrangements
project, just
A South African appeals court has reduced
and two
getting underway, will be executed of Negro spirituals
life sentences given five me* convicted of terrorism to 20
saltine.work .
by Dr.Frederick D.Hall, suites for piano
years while; upholding 20 rear terms for six others convicted !
who was recently named professor on his own
of the same offense the redjctlcos were based OQ the opinion
of music emeritus and complete three books
of the court's majqrlty that the South African constitution h-
composer and historian la currently la various stages of
prlTed courts of the authority to rule on the validity of the Ter
residence at Dullard.I production.
rorlsm act, u it applies to the mandated South-West African
I terrlto- "Our aim is to organise a In assuming his Dew role the
I collection of source materials -genial music educator Is both

MEETING OF MINDS that win be used la education," performing a sentimental task
says Dr. Ran who adds that and fulfilling a lifelong dream.
ACCRA : The Ghana
(NPs University of has returned to
so far: as he knows, there Isno The sentimentality Is readily
normal following the two-week closing after a series of riots by
similar storehouse of Information evident when one realises that
students erupted on the campis la protest to the suspension of
in the United States. Dr. HaD Joined the Dillard
four underrradnates for pui1s11nl"0b5cene" material Siren
Dr. Hall when the
formerly professor faculty university,
the student magatine. of the
university wu accomplished
.. of music and coordinator ofDUlard' which was organised la 1930 to
by agreement the students pledging to observe all .
music succeed to and continue the
rules and not to bring discredit upon the university; the administrators Thomas:R. Moore 0ft), sales merchandiser for The Pillsbury Cleveland. Oea of Moore's Jobs u a sales merchandiser Is to collect and assemble program, will work of New Orleans University
to reduce punishment linG to the five students who wenthe Company, la Minneapolis, talks product with Joseph H. Meyera, develop>> a working relationship with the many supermarket both and
peblishedworksandmtnvicripts Straight College opened
: cause of the outbreaks manager of the ALP Supernu-'kets, 14335 Putltas Street, manaters in his territory.More ,
u well u phonograph its doors at Its present location
records microfilms, biographical 'on CentUly Boulevard la 1935.
MEAT FROM WHEAT Are Killed( White
Neiroes By and B the late win Alexander
history and was
.. any : ,
TOKYO O'PI) Don know bow It win taste,but Nltshln Honored
other material Dillard's first who
available on the president,
Flour Milling eOlDUJw announced/ it Is beginning full-scale
Other Minority subject of la music. Invited Dr. Hall to the
productloa of artificial neat from wheat. This synthetic meat, Cops ThM Any a Negroes Join
The musical range corned win ttewly-consituted faculty and It
designed to provide a meat ippleownt to folks in areas where
The central and most striking fact run from classical is in the Will W. Alexander
DALLAS. Texas-0'1'1))- popular
meat is considered luxury, will roll out from a net factoryto -
mixed city is that this crime Is and Include church Library that the musical
about murder in every racially music,
be completed next spring; at the rate o! 150 tons month. -
predominant" aa offense committed by and against pother Jail and nine.LootlDC depository, will be housed.
.' QUOTA And more Negroes are killed by white policemen than any forward to the And while the project does

LOKDOtl .. (]NK) .. The House of Comn. .as has challenged racial group. research the project will r.. Indeed fulfill a lifelong dreamto
the Minister of Detente, Deals Healy, to explain the army's Overwhelmingly, those wbo J.I. while the sojthern statessi i quire with the relish of a taw educate the general p1iecm
a wtele have a population: educator, Dr. Hail says that the contributions of the Negroto
policy of limiting the proportion of coloired: soldiers to three resort to violence as a means
per;cent At present, the army has 2,030 black soldiers la Its of settling disputes are of low that is 22.6 per cent Negro anda be will follow op on what has music, U is Just king oa DM
ranks of 176,000 HIM :That flftres. at Las than twll per cent of IOclo-< the entire force. education low Jobs, low Incomes describes the vast bulk ofNegroes. musicians. dedicated Us life to music and
tow prestige. ThatBLACKEYE "The author Carter Woodsoa. education.
Dr. Marvin E. Wolfegang, tor example mentions several A native of Atlanta, Dr. Hall
chairman department of musicians In passing" says has earned degrees from
sociology, University of Pennsylvania *' J>r. Hall. "But because be was Morebouse College, the Pitts
is one of the nation's dealing with history,be merely burgh Musical Institute, the
leading ttltUcberalllmarder. lists them. I'll be dealing with Chicago Musical College, the
Recently a publication of the Dr i. D. Boyd (left) president of Alton AiM College and' the music of each of these per Royal College of Music London
I I National Council on Crime and Dr Deajtmla L. Perry J. (right) are presented transistor sons and will thus bare to do apett University and the LoadODSebool
Delinquency, be wrote: radios by Aubrey Lewis of the F. W. Woolworth Company, ,( deal more research.: of Oriental Studies. Be
MAR'KE' "A subculture of violence ei* New York City The Woolworth Company sponsored a branch la addition, Dr. Han, who has also Us a doctoral degree la
SUPER fats la many cities and 1s for the coaches and players of the Orange Blossom Classic written many compositions Including music education< : from Teachers

generated from the nine which was played Miami recently. among others a full College, Columbia University.
system associated with the length oratlo tor chorus, orchestra Re Joined DUlard at Us beginalng -
stoat UXA'IONS, OUANtlfY tIGHtS "'liVIDIDOrwooo poir the deprived, the re* Alibamo St.teCeUe.e's 11. It._ and soloists, a suit because be felt U ware
ANO AVIffUU. /I/OAVIS 1C41ArlaNtKWD. sldeots of segregation." for piano, a cycle of A roAmerican chance to establish
I. _. .' t rood
"O.AHOMYlftUVI JO''OAO Wolfegang and other religious work soon. COMTtftUED ON PAGE 10
for theurban Held I
scientists offer ceres
AVE. AND AVE. B._OPEN SUNDAY_ "subcultureotvlolence."

Nationwide, Negroescomprlse Is Oitstudh.1 ..,
10.9 per cent of the population. ..
.yet make up (9 per cent of Doctor Levi Watkins, President .
of Alabama State .. '. ..
murder College- 'W
arrested for o.
111.. CIIIE II persons and M per cent of the victims. and a leader la the Montgomery, ",."

I Of the tl largest UJ. clues, Ala. community U the subject oOJ ,j, ....< "..a '
t .salt Louis beads Jhf list/ID, of to Q'. closeup close up. 1 .1, KfiOG ....... (,t. .;.-, ;.
feumber murders per 1b0.'000 Doctor1.Wit t native of"" 1'f 0 "t rf '" JV '::* .
FRYERS'29l population with 24.71. "grots Kentucky.. He finished Burl High: ..t ea :I.A l+e." ,
represent 21' per cent of St. School Ctarksvllle. Tenn. He ," =t "
Louis' population, Wuhing later received his B.S. degree : .
D.C., with a Bit per cent from Tennessee A I State .. ,
. l' Negro population bad 11." University of Nashville, Tea

: per 100.000 population. CONTINUED ON PAGE 10
........rrrrrrrrr..UUI000UUUUUU.VuI '." '
some .
a *,, ," t- '

: HN'T MAZE Tl Cl Tl ; .. '!""J't'
HOG JOWLS 39 TIM Tl tET ( ,r ,:,'

: a
1 '


a .

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.. ; 1 We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.: :

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o 4.' ..C.S. : Dixie Pharmacy! jj'e

IJEIU.' .. 0 )S,l :f

1 ... 0', II '
: 1312 KINKS till AT MTIUEP.III :


I : 353-55 :



: : .w

PEAS 20 oz"
19 <




>o L11. BAG 39
66 10RONADO .$2595

67 Crm rcToKWv'lLLE MMIMiV :
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1 .1

.\ c. -- .. i9aE.;: A. ;: -.-.A-'.".......- -- _-_. _-.,-.."---n.-.-'!- .- --.-.-.-. ....._-._.,-_ .-.-_-.-_-_1iI- -.-. -. ...._ _
-- -

'o. y.._ ..._.- ."g7d.'fv.' ""0""" .."TSIIIOIAY. '" .. '4.,_'.,. ,. ,, .." ,,'... ,#..."., t"-" ..'"... .' f'I'. ..f, '> '" ,V.- 'H'N"If"T:, :

I "

iFcniiri ?l. 1111' jia- PAPEU ---- __ 'AlE' _

< f 4 < 4 < 4 i i I I < < < < < .

r FAMU Officer Promoted Nititiil Htislii; PrerficersOnuizititi .

4 y's, Att !, HelpRev.

Bennie E. Whiten, Jr., deputy eiecottve oUrector of MERRY CHRISTMAS
tilt New York City Mission Society, was elected chairman of
the national Project Equality mterrellglons Advisory Committee,
an ecumenical movement to ase the economic of religions to all of our many friends.
Institutions to achieve fair employment practices.The .
Up,composed of nation* for nearly three years minister
11 denominational staff members ot metropolitan mission for the
of the major faiths,works Metropolitan Association New
i it to promote the program as a York Conference; United
laterellglons effort Church of Christ.
and is the key advisory arm of
.1 From 1960 to 1965, he was
the the Project Equality Council, associate pastor of the First BROADNAX SERVICE STATION
program's p'm1DCbody. Reformed Church, U. C. C. la

Rev.Ltrold Whiten K. Schuls succeeds as chairman Rev, Cincinnati was mental and hospital before chaplain that,be JOHN & LEON 8Un"A1'IIIIIUS
bat Schuls
remains u chair
resident of St.Elisabeth hospital
man of the PS: Council. v.
Rev Whiten Is president of Rev Whiten Is chairman of
tilt Lakeview, Long Island, .the Joint
Strategy and Action GREASING
branch of the National As* -
Committee ot!the field pro
soclatloo for the Advancementot
gram team U the Joint Action
,. Colored People, and a board' in Mission. He Is a board 917 Kings Rd. JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
I I -- member otbe Protestant Cornell member of the East Harlem
Dr. 'Benjunla! L. hrrj'Jr president at Florida AU UnlVferclty of the City ot New T< U %o-Inetractor la Jbe FAMU ROTC onit. Ha wu pirated He is a native of Dallas Tei.,
pins t fold let tbe shirt collar of CaptaIn Service A.lsoelatloaolNu- 355-9264 355-2960
I spas from FAMU la 1960 and was commissioned as a Second ordained la the United Church o! Ph.
'lEdwlo A. Betnet daring a recent where be vu sau County He 1s married and
ceremony Lieutenant Shorn at
left Is Lt. Col Samuel F. Sampson., Christ and a graduate of Howard
promoted to nujtf. The natlre ot Vernon, Florida wusnr .professor of MUtarjr Science at FAMU. University School of Religion the father of two children.
prated by weiring the promotion upon reporting for duty and Tens College. '
Before Joining the mission HELP.FIGHT CANCEL WITH A
Republic Of New Africa Sees HAPPY NEW YEAR society early this tear, be was CHECK AND A CHECKUP ..

I Fir $400,000,000 Afiiast U.S.NEW r

YORK: HM RepuOlc of the ballot box seise the govern "You how what any food SCHWQBILT'S WINTER CLEARANCEDOWNTOWN
yewAtrtcatnanIAm cemed meat, and then move on to Ala
Southerner thinks about t IIa t'scbem.
:rom Wu&lagtm, his filed Its lama and repeat the process. ..*' (n-GoT.ounlltll1-
demands for the United Statesto "We have already begun the IJI)1 Rots BatDttt.)
pay f 430-bliUon la femaces shift," repeals Henry la Es Two separate countries
and to relinquish Southern quire. "We have bought t bun would multiply our troubles andsolve
state. So reports Robert dreg acres la MUslislrL Thattsp't none ot them for any race
She ct 111 la aa eicliulte article mock land bit It Is sr?- It would be destructive of thy.
la January Esquire, published detent for a but bt & &;pert: American civilisation and the
the rowing movement Like the Jews moving Into Is*
today,on AmerUa form of government
to from a black nation within rant we will start to organise so we don't want that" (GoY.
the United States. along the lines of cooperative Lester Wa IbI.)
New Africa, reveals SberrUl, and collective farms.
What response his !the Republic -
Is not Just a drtUlIU.neU-
of New Africa elicited
organized group ol dedicated
blacks who haws set op I govern- from the white Southerner CHECK AND A CHECK
meat la exile, complete with a iL1 P
,President (Robert F.VUllams), F
First Vice President (Milton bt1jF2.MjI
'Henry! ), and aa entire Cabinet.
Contrary to what meet whites
:.want to bellere,total lalergrat
Loa with eccoomle and social OPEN 9 A.M. DAILY
equality, Is not,reports Esquire
,what the black uteligenUsIawiols. 9:30
starts Thursday
A wlthla the loosely : a.m.
katt community of Zl-mUUoa
.Negroes la this country the re* '
cently revived propouitar{ the with groups of
reatloa of a stprate ilia e tIIaUoIDl. ,
Republic otNewAfrtca -
has more support thus
Butt people weal like to think 1 SUITS SLACKS
"la the South,of course,where Iw "
black militancy mnes mack

we slowly,CM will Dad few .nll .. ..
Negroes who art ...aware e of ...... i i 11U I .. P f- '" "IA. .M
the proposal but la the black I.,IP
neighborhoods la Northern lard: / .
West Coast cities, the dream have ; a SPORT COATS ? .
dreamed quite regularly. "
UUtoa Henry, Uichlgaaat w- ss
torney who served on Dotrotl's a
city couacll tad rasa loslsg 1 reduced to

rae against another Negro for <,' happy >>..IIJ )
r v
Congress la 1 M. Is a )
major spokesman for the move holiday.Dr. A @p t\ ;i;" !i ""( ,.
meat He nas verydeltsitep au ., 117. .' t :
about how to begin establishing /. ...t. .
New' Africa. Step 11 Is to ar.- L.B. -
Criilds & #..e 1' .'
Family t F !
'. the: ,
the black eomm'\lttes of 1 "' .''' a
North and wit tfgrdd.Ufp.ar- i4i ,
'poses against aa angered white Office .
community step t S is to ship i' (' 1!' '' a

about a million will-armed 953 DAVIS FIBRE 354.1133ea50n'5 3 ( '
Ia .lIIIto Ulsslstlppl(, takeover I N 4 ;: : ,
aQ cberita' Jobs through

(greetings M' ,

From All The Employees I



from 21.47 SPORT COATS from /3.97-5LACKS from 4.47 j''

tS' JfG .
: '
Sptttal group of our Embassy robe .: i



Sport I Drift Shirts, reduced to Fall Suits, Slacks .. i:i

DR1VM -/NJLIQUOR Jackets, All'WuthirCuts ft Sport Coats ':f

i Swiilirs! 5995 REGULARLY

71.951.! ,



z "" MARIE SCHWORILJ Sorry,nee lA,...".,..

,. : ''rl! 011 %pm gaewara .. ra,


Drive Thru The Building 1 re Fi


.. ,5668 Ave. B Phone 764-0289 ; 10 N.. LAURA CEDAR HILLS REGENCY SQUARE'DOWNTOWN '' '. Ce (

Jams 'E. Bazell, Supervisor ,it SHOPPING CENTER SHOPPING, CENTER. '\

OPEN FRIDAY TIL I 'f .Alt To JI P.k.; 's'A M. To t, fcli.I l r


.1 a .

... ... ... .4 1JL. .. ,. ,.. '
'h 3 J\1iIm..I.o_ < '7 aa 'daf., a sAS_! _; _.._.. _.. _a..t\__ aiq ( ," .. .. t.V.' "' !"

<0 .' ....., .. r" '''f'' 7'" """,,, ';"" ...., ':" .... '
,- : -
. ;: .... 1"'ftt': ""': r : : ,,


II .'.' ,", mi PAPERS mum. IECEMIER '21 IHI
-- ---- ------
;. .f' fI" 1

MiamliRS Get III' ril IERT Fit LENT
; 221 Spearing St. I rm Apt. $e6
Preparing For Careerii"iti'X 2126 Pullman St.Newblk.bwu* .
St 21 House
:224 Spearing rm
fan.: Will rent w/ose of I IIrf.
r '; J. ,. : 185,000' JudgmentFrom rom. $200;. Poland ft HUAee ,
I .' rm. and kit. 353-1400. 1c
,. ... .
I 'f t." f.i Cocl.. oll' ---- It
:i r '

.3.i. .j }I .. ';;., .. ,"' d'th" ..-,: Circuit Court Jury awarded Riff Hilt'Class.. VETERANS!!
'' : ;i. ;" $111,000 damages to Mr. and Starting Now I
.' :, ..s' Mrs Rattan Gibson of 14430 *Hospital Aide Class Rl MIRET IIIR
; \
; Flllmore St., RlcbmondBelihts Caahler-SalesClerkKindergarten
, j) in a cue InroMnc Teachers' Aide III A 3 II 4

I i:. ,: ;' : t CocaCola.That wu. in connection with Piano-Guitar-Theory Band and Orchestra Inst.bull's I IEIIIIM,. All HICK

... .:. a Jan. 20, 1967, accident Inwhich fj MPeace
a Coca-Coh truck cot Clllin RIME IR ,LAKE LI1IN
llded with a car in which lira. I. 2ltl Strut
k Gibson was a passenger. liflstrtr 35M4ISZ.L. BEAUTIFUL

Johnson, acting president

I Ii '/ AIL BRICK you
i Sewing mtcblnt, Zij 2tyt. MIR. MH H .
1 Blind stitches,twttonholM, de- TOWN HOUSES this! Holy time.
J Mrttef, etc. Orlcinal pric'j : MA TEIMS.VULCAN.
S I >$00. Hu a balance of $6S or 'D.W. PERKINS
X +i Lr .
7'I reliable party la this area eta .
utima $8 monthly payments.Win Range & INC.p1.111.3411 AND FAMIITATTNNET
'n tike older machine In 'RefrigeratorIRLT _
: trade. Ph. JSI-mS. Ask for AT LAW
Credit Manager Will deliver, JIM IIIRI! .1 .
411 heal Strut:
DO obligation 1608 MaIn St.,: I''


Haircuts .....75 INC. 4 s MYRTU AVICONCH

: Processes..111: 7H3 lEI KRIUT II. 'ANCY.-MIA. .....................?...........?... Ib. 79

I/p: : Kill lithrliiEarell 711-3471 A Rrpttl Sin' ul

Witch This lb.
.. f
NEW CLASS STARTS c..te4. n M.rrasA
.,.;.. .. <.III .. '
OtL-Cttlf Research'* wf,decided to card EACH MOM DAY Clown Ouint.t
: CRUDE Development Labwho had b.s aa fee cn4e mace large Floclder
orUrr Technician Ceorre Baker short Technician Trainee ta the eta Labortary Technician Tralataj COURSE to prepare JicksGMvillelirtw .f winner
W. D, Simmons how to test cuts o( crude oil. Mr.Simmons, himself i tetter paylnf job with mort chance for adranc- 11' 5113 lI. 59C
std Drill .* ShtitikntInim
Cellif SWIMifI Jrntialtf3asltbMatktrel

.. ..
Alabama StilecoxronncD Dillard U. Plus ,030.DAUB s534r4i STREET r .b /art' Fish Citfot 6C45i

FROM COKTlKVED FROM I .. I : !. : Red C'mellau
....... tU ne.'tdlatt. M.A. strong mile dlrUloo U ftcrovUtf / u. lb.C .
1 decree from Morthvestera laflttBtloB 21-43- II
versity of Evtnttoa, Dllnolt, At ta. nm Urn bt rteof 49C'i I
II tad his LLD. from Arkansas kind a bed la tt*eommauraad 21 13 -11

\, Baptist Collefe of Little Rock. so>or allied its New fa IS lf I i I
III ; Ark. Orlttai CoBmaalty Caoru.eonpoMd Sometimes tie's vP.IomeUIIW
I r RU career u u dnettorIncludes of ctarck cholri ofill Be'dotm. Re Adla.Subtracts,
tat following: dtionliltloac. ItoaUoaiUblliktd .ISI work It all around 0't tl
1. Teacher. ,Aeslstsat PrlacipaX tat Dillard [
f Towaseod Hl h School Exttatloa ProtruD that ear rUd t
ft. Winchester Tma.. llll-M. to caooU la lCtw Ortotat and II ''- 34 54 iWuWNi vloWau (patten :
t. to the SiptrIntendent sub clU.a mtte lattrvcUoa J) J
t.r Rapkiasvlile Colored aDd actlrUlti. wttalrtd th e 'COUWO ATTRACTIONS:
r SchooU. lISt aUDIt schools fit at ICe IfO aick acboo'1 bail
were place no r Juridictiot of U U*city prortdtd n*..
t.I t HopklairUto Colored chooU. la t h .tabllctuawt 0.' IktMcood M I n? 1"MAN..S
"I0; : '.' I KM tutui the tekoeli vmpUc Booker T. Wastlitoa
I :. radar JttfMcUaB of Hopklanlllt kIooL DAYSMOMIEIED :
We Cover More"Chttl Board of CdociUao\ late DllUrd Dblvtrtlty C.slr i
IMS.J. same MttonaHy tuaoui aDd iI t a
I 't, Tttehtr. ,.tiilitiaPrlKlpal l lata tdereWonWyr4 ? I
:. (nips. M111I11sAllhsrslriss. Dart H1Q Ccteoi!, o jarUt,1M Delta IUI)1hII Dojrt, );
4. tuptrvUtat Principal, wu 1 Unrlttd ooaaeitMdtdrtdloaulcamMl : 'Via'a Days art Mambered.1 .
Douglas Public ScbooU; A4mUlHrtUvt la South Aatrtca. ,Health and Fortune can Be
I ,iIy Tigris Pkiti AstlcUat to the Dr. lUU'i Uftlonc policy noUU .Yours Vae Jot Know Totfr
DMB. Ptnoa Junior Coll.,. tt. Job vtert I tboucht I .14ch Dis
i Cull riclltlJ (Alhis Frill) 1'utoDa.1C&ua. 1M04S. eoaVd do the mart rood" Ud to. We appreciateyour :
: I. Yta.IUDIlD&tnetor: Ala. its temportrr dtputvt tram Tacks Colors, etc:
bun awe eou.,.. Cani'.1'1 DUUrd ta IMS to tawd s s icid kindnessand Send$1.00 for your
Than Any Other Photographer I",.....,... A4m1atattaU" tMchtr trtlalac procrua ofAlatuuCtattCoUtc ,Horoscope &>de tor L
AicUUat U
f 1M Ayitdeot'i *. patronage.
oak*. AdaUttloaa DECEMBER .
tad Voter tttrt vu a ctat with Muay
I In Jacksonville, Fla.iiittj aa* OClctr, IMI-W. teckwud acbooU ba4It "B"SUPERMARKET ''/111 U the blink below aDd '
I. Director of Cdxatioa U ad of blip' II coordinating. Avenue
nail to ZODIAC, Post Office
1'1'5'1! ActlvitlM: 'haDt.... BtpUrt aDd aomUm etrto orpnlitmule Doi 1171, JacksooTilU, Fly
> sujir Jii3SMI73
lttu1c ,lad
mar X4ncatloa Con- pro ti i" te rcaOa.M .
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