Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090414_AAAALL INGEST_TIME 2009-04-14T10:48:56Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00794
FILE SIZE 29836 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090414_AAAVXE PATH 00659thm.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 26519322794a79b5069282030e704af2SHA-1 0afea2342846f81d7d827d544583bf56259ea131
6758083 F20090414_AAAVYY 00667.tif 59ca83018661d482627d258ccf2e9489d8d9253bf5a89126c258a8b3fc12cea3e3d40195
846941 F20090414_AAAVXF 00660.jp2 97769be4674b0b7b9b19b88be3f949b6c2eb142440074f5b878d6f07626abe113e335f3e
21480 F20090414_AAAVYZ 00667.txt 9e05559ea4b649bd24204c44beee68f8e520512486756a3a58c2fef109b747b7ca6ef0e1
1095223 F20090414_AAAVXG 00660.jpg 07e4995828b70b43966b7a4622adf5886f2d9d2e28f8e4eaa9eaf227b8381e7000c407b6
130788 F20090414_AAAVXH 00660.QC.jpg 52850c285df2b2003498d9e10ad0aa2e50b5f596bf28916a18af74ac2014af0a3264abd4
6772209 F20090414_AAAVXI 00660.tif 406c60dbf1206981bbe499bd3aa08844f9317e57ddb47bdff914fe5b0a3345f7a8237fa9
38551 F20090414_AAAVXJ 00660.txt d7259b3c5288cf21ec8dd6e4fc3509ebfda1232c66d33412d8b30c6077d4e783af3b4d03
31009 F20090414_AAAVXK 00660thm.jpg 5f0c2a99b098f0a5128927b052a10999abf6a09bf53a09f39a8e316840eeeda2f78da568
855246 F20090414_AAAVXL 00661.jp2 cf0436fc20585e14e8cc4df978e616a2064b662d96375d85a0bbb6c30e42f3710a6bbc17
1132277 F20090414_AAAVXM 00661.jpg 55dbe4d17523b9b283e0c43b7d0073f9f27f19998e16fd2837131378d28c465ec7733ac1
131004 F20090414_AAAVXN 00661.QC.jpg f18bee47e6d51b0382f6154746d1f0e092d2ee90482ddc2a7a6d812960afefdfb1cb4f34
6841673 F20090414_AAAVXO 00661.tif 04da8c90c6abb5a6052c5ede25eebf2bf033abfff395123e6a69fc3b524625f5889623c5
32339 F20090414_AAAVXP 00661.txt 33a8bc3e7525c88df5f4b30efdeca165d62ed0a8bd8495766565356983276c4c62d7c965
29705 F20090414_AAAVXQ 00661thm.jpg 1646f41b3adb816eace8bb61a80a06c5172fdfd2ff952cc21e65f867554b4e1ec9c82b31
849320 F20090414_AAAVXR 00662.jp2 eb27e87fd8d2e75d8b0a34e42475c521825fc6eaa3d02827c30f37eb7f70e2d6815e2e95
1013417 F20090414_AAAVXS 00662.jpg 23ceb0c2265569cdc22b7ecd92a0abd2eef84391ee42b1a0ae095972a009ddf76a4dd397
123536 F20090414_AAAVXT 00662.QC.jpg 436f120d4874141aa4795663163fe78c042b7df778c431d5a7aa537f992716dfbb8850fa
6794453 F20090414_AAAVXU 00662.tif 02c7591094933f1762931afa0b8e0f65eeb5781c35851c408b2c96b233ec016286222629
30314 F20090414_AAAVWA 00654thm.jpg 9663898099ac255e4e0eb949d5d7acf609176882a474435410db09305674f404ad983340
46317 F20090414_AAAVXV 00662.txt 4330154a4a8b4dcdbab5ab9666d49b5299fda8cdcaa1f4a5498a20a411f94b74d136c9ed
886257 F20090414_AAAVWB 00655.jp2 b9d529636f9a9f5321789b703cc8ad0d8f527b428bcbfcefc7df19e971c08ac27b6c421c
30303 F20090414_AAAVXW 00662thm.jpg 9866041b2ece8b952bffb3085178d7ced388ec5dd649a69a7e8b60a20d5bdcc47214d9ed
1020142 F20090414_AAAVWC 00655.jpg 566348376006ff1ad379be60ec7a3a3c18fbd2ddd316d69f1d84037a7fee24e8ed0ccf23
123118 F20090414_AAAVWD 00655.QC.jpg b6d88a4d0a9d5c3c41fa1b424203619f2cc0e67942e77cd28739ef37d42321ed2db7dbdc
851583 F20090414_AAAVXX 00663.jp2 268772888075895c7d1fd12075f116b29974a11e5230c50d6db11a68b6aa9bef854c5787
7080946 F20090414_AAAVWE 00655.tif ca72246f391569520002097c365a1502c0c9448a8d95b7a788e59f3e7aea3ac89b5906dc
28073 F20090414_AAAVZA 00667thm.jpg 81fede89274ac3d248fe3ac97597a318231180d948e2899b5d35b1b5bd65359af9f5933d
1064939 F20090414_AAAVXY 00663.jpg bc806490c5d4b87410856b8016f0a939f1ee770efdb45a249c11fe90a9c674b9c65de1ea
33005 F20090414_AAAVWF 00655.txt 60191c058c6488760ddfb5f511e9338b67f6236cbc8d1cbfe6f958f6047f61dcf9ef66c0
857888 F20090414_AAAVZB 00668.jp2 1d33d2f0e8b21a3edf2d8a333179e62ade0d9266e2ba9aea0f759ad545f15859867ee15b
129844 F20090414_AAAVXZ 00663.QC.jpg ed8a67ec2105401539fe2628063da79f041938fa12d4bd7ad08b9ee85fa21e4ba84b24d0
29476 F20090414_AAAVWG 00655thm.jpg 6bb0725b6f2a62d470090d60b84d0b43e71267261c252adf851bc8723fed01dbe808fc36
1016512 F20090414_AAAVZC 00668.jpg 073b43dd62987291fe84b7e6b08cc2f45b8475402ed54819ec5094ee3d64c524b789e506
859519 F20090414_AAAVWH 00656.jp2 3c2f8db7fc00652a380458b1403dd10b1316eeb4030ef58cd9b81fc93bb2b96aba85ab6f
122984 F20090414_AAAVZD 00668.QC.jpg 81ea8f6e327f4a63128fb096af54570b33efb3bc43e0a9bfe2daa0cf121e29a48b0ac96a
1078550 F20090414_AAAVWI 00656.jpg e9bf90ec83d7389dadcf398aa7945eed639f466c511c40c651952a6edf9ded3c703c77a2
6862969 F20090414_AAAVZE 00668.tif b6b5abbc87d0c0dbc437f04725dc50dd2e3f33f16e1c7308d93edbbb0ec3c0fbd202c8d4
128978 F20090414_AAAVWJ 00656.QC.jpg 00b8a029bec5751be25cb999a7448769ea0abad5c4cbf25ee3a8abcff6387807b84c1aa5
43626 F20090414_AAAVZF 00668.txt e456f9a9bd2ae4787afe03f9671b01b60950c5e3f9bfc115e6328218bd77856fb5d63482
6876489 F20090414_AAAVWK 00656.tif e1cd4dbd8107d81bb75d0365253e9434b606bfb41167f736902f72f534bdf807388edf0f
29468 F20090414_AAAVZG 00668thm.jpg 004f9a8fb3bb7b808004104832b8a17bcdb60ef00f528c9bf107732bfd11b0208fc2fc3a
38598 F20090414_AAAVWL 00656.txt 56975bb0bf7cf28f5ec6e6706eabab6e8d001ae48cdb96c584b024d4f58b6e682cd87d44
840856 F20090414_AAAVZH 00669.jp2 6f535b215c84ac4f1c11d432c8245b30314e8fdb30c4d435a0a021548239ed2cbbbe7be8
30965 F20090414_AAAVWM 00656thm.jpg cd84d749adedf66a8525ceab271bbd00255b06a8aa5e6598c6fe60dd9a937b8f43b3a98a
1111970 F20090414_AAAVZI 00669.jpg 2daf5cfd4e35509746183e0201a8641b6416d0c96d98a765b84eca6597c3631fd7e65f80
862030 F20090414_AAAVWN 00657.jp2 e8f338e9cdfb6d40f9685c1900bcddbae295df7d2d342e1d01c375275f687cc644233feb
130578 F20090414_AAAVZJ 00669.QC.jpg 9c810ee0daf112cfdc3e079d287a02eb81fc4e3e005f55c7e219622a519c8b598117e3b9
1127935 F20090414_AAAVWO 00657.jpg 5b851a1db92cf762f46de11d933a2f3dc36fb11a94f4294c789de6458d21aebcdbdeaae7
6717146 F20090414_AAAVZK 00669.tif e335fd62ac72bd92b13690635d8c5fdcefb33077276cdf558d1b067e8b7bce880f197571
133088 F20090414_AAAVWP 00657.QC.jpg 653a78496c7309527fd5d164a4c42bbde434ce64e039a2998c2a0f8e05a7980cd86d114c
33865 F20090414_AAAVZL 00669.txt fe80660be8132ee4edb835a07560feb76c871f74e85dfaf3bf1d618084eeb01ff5590998
6890375 F20090414_AAAVWQ 00657.tif 45c9a8dfe0d99e5ee2af4a50a8c53e2044281d40813311339fc45cb223d1450b2451f5dd
30584 F20090414_AAAVZM 00669thm.jpg 676dc80e03ca863dfc3f6d2f8c5f8bfe88bd7f7d6f96ff31bea419ff4bd0edfc519c0181
31440 F20090414_AAAVWR 00657.txt 70fe42e0a25cb3fa314aa174282219c014134295b2ea377b94779d71f8aa9e15fa6192fb
858435 F20090414_AAAVZN 00670.jp2 758edc64c0be0aca29a6b46a83cabe7e5b90119d355f0a2b7c0a94970b92aa1358a53966
30786 F20090414_AAAVWS 00657thm.jpg 8a3bd20741f3a2bfb964bb89e59bdcab6bf9df415d811f2d032e92631a2210464c38c9a2
1063172 F20090414_AAAVZO 00670.jpg a7898c672dd31b677fdb8e403f77f539ff331b271e7193b9da0d3c5acf1dbcb5c85a9de7
1106498 F20090414_AAAWAA 00672.jpg c50fee0741f42c6eda4ba79d7df348eb8bf8c6c8c20e2a6bf6255de72a03423325d3cc7a
859478 F20090414_AAAVWT 00658.jp2 8ac0a946328cee0808eec3a6395d690fc991deecf1ade90e4a09ad21e63b56f07b6ba713
127609 F20090414_AAAVZP 00670.QC.jpg 89e27a445dd5ee87257d0d8dae87db5f9096749113539484c67f66137260fa05286109c5
129206 F20090414_AAAWAB 00672.QC.jpg c18bba5aaa93a3a46dbb20051e1cc61b4d76b3c57a099d49d79ec6b5f953824dff5ac35c
1071122 F20090414_AAAVWU 00658.jpg 0df33e434655e31fde7af8c98e903d08c52a7ebf842cf9a687b9344cf9ccdd07eb8b3199
6861029 F20090414_AAAVZQ 00670.tif d6409929c1fc6e8223ed8d49517d732de30c4c02c8ba8aac62ef9526eb703bc11d489aaa
6914288 F20090414_AAAWAC 00672.tif d79f1bc57dbfd75f632a86bee1723b282ec355a26ab68e79add54e381c323303faec3b8b
128690 F20090414_AAAVWV 00658.QC.jpg f05c6bd396b52b529eeecd6b6700c92d1cf5c826446f11b958b1281bbbf0d07b8d565bff
46605 F20090414_AAAVZR 00670.txt e7802c1d20afdba5e9cf8a96d4290a76dc80527a0647bf4f8138238debde42ab386a2b20
59212 F20090414_AAAWAD 00672.txt ae7670b70fab41e73fb27d548006c7e7e57f505fc87226783b821994b3417f0efd72ef4c
30191 F20090414_AAAVZS 00670thm.jpg 02f063fedec50b3e4f7af6ef546cd9eb92fc8f9dd7f4aeced5b0b9b14dcb6396396b4d4f
29768 F20090414_AAAWAE 00672thm.jpg b9cbb6e922e16fa8eb22c5c0fd5e8b508862bc78e4e057de384f38d7702ab9317ffaf8ce
6867009 F20090414_AAAVWW 00658.tif 9c7e711c43d350e05015d443d4e939b5b6b4a64513bb42dd4fa61f2b378f556f7835854a
837320 F20090414_AAAVZT 00671.jp2 7df0bd279af91d82673f122193205a82471e6b697c21cbacc1ae9bd444e71ff17c2738be
25445 F20090414_AAAWAF 1968121401.xml FULL 71cd83bf675eed5f3bc3253b15b314d1f29cf3b30aef3dda852c1709f0e6f187fd8f7b32BROKEN_LINK 0653.jp20654.jp20655.jp20656.jp20657.jp20658.jp20659.jp20660.jp20661.jp20662.jp20663.jp20664.jp20665.jp20666.jp20667.jp20668.jp20669.jp20670.jp20671.jp20672.jp20653.txt0654.txt0655.txt0656.txt0657.txt0658.txt0659.txt0660.txt0661.txt0662.txt0663.txt0664.txt0665.txt0666.txt0667.txt0668.txt0669.txt0670.txt0671.txt0672.txt0653.tif0654.tif0655.tif0656.tif0657.tif0658.tif0659.tif0660.tif0661.tif0662.tif0663.tif0664.tif0665.tif0666.tif0667.tif0668.tif0669.tif0670.tif0671.tif0672.tif0653.jpg0654.jpg0655.jpg0656.jpg0657.jpg0658.jpg0659.jpg0660.jpg0661.jpg0662.jpg0663.jpg0664.jpg0665.jpg0666.jpg0667.jpg0668.jpg0669.jpg0670.jpg0671.jpg0672.jpg
40633 F20090414_AAAVWX 00658.txt 800761fa51848e3fb575c3f60682aaaf7245d66b0a635e628afbe01afddb4735f0086107
913056 F20090414_AAAVZU 00671.jpg 3c99464596a4bff8f3e3a3c18992165f3171b86bf109fa37201d53817a10529badf64bec
6812601 F20090414_AAAVYA 00663.tif 9d948c6ccf2a15d664b9199fca3c7b7724ab6d8af3fd9c57ecbb41c84223bbb9f438a5d0
30677 F20090414_AAAVWY 00658thm.jpg 4395574741d462e67aa1b5698397bb124413054491e7c84663d0f6f564fa1a005bb344db
106312 F20090414_AAAVZV 00671.QC.jpg 68d9d6f622884d5a7ac9f6b732906cf657b0a1ed0be6c825412f3c5907df7c4f6f2c94ec
862491 F20090414_AAAVWZ 00659.jp2 0d35e2e2ecd725ecae5d8f4125421020ed0e7c8832eabcd23c080aff90221ecbb40574e3
6695931 F20090414_AAAVZW 00671.tif 17f7d5a581b8005d375da57b1755180c9ab82a9524f0ce6f9953d6c79c9a0bc9450d2ba6
31417 F20090414_AAAWAI UF00028362_00794.mets a9467a3e515ebddd7e59d0a85bce32b1df8bb860da10443989ee9637b1abd444625456bd
34771 F20090414_AAAVYB 00663.txt 3cffa670ea769e0f5b5a50613a9c83ca74b94ac06f9df278d9abdfcc59cb17ed97e946a7
31632 F20090414_AAAVZX 00671.txt d19c48f378983c10460ee8509025ec7e5d758376b379f9931fff5996dcd3072d06db159f
30557 F20090414_AAAVYC 00663thm.jpg 39f18c38f3ccbd64c87e9e1a888c157e55056991756503b4c706f325ba811ae4e5ee0b1b
26344 F20090414_AAAVZY 00671thm.jpg 8d6af654a7818e0f34cff0cd29e06526c8a9a3d4b19a1ea9394b6941629e30cf5c6d7551
844520 F20090414_AAAVYD 00664.jp2 43322590de62a846020d9b2bed3147a488684741f3cc99e6dcc797852ee78f58d4ca1077
38417 F20090414_AAAWAL UF00028362_00794.xml 7c8d61678268f49d5b8c231ffb16fbf66cab6f07156751f6323d42b0df59743514d9fa8e
1063350 F20090414_AAAVYE 00664.jpg 9e7cb8112a83b51bb95287b4d803b27fb2eeef822a2216ff42e5569f8e82efb37693903f
127557 F20090414_AAAVYF 00664.QC.jpg 606bd8773fe54409ddb62212cb69ddac406c83a25c21672be9e666186fd0597ecdaed3d3
865353 F20090414_AAAVZZ 00672.jp2 80ae75761b97d7598c9d40c00b0a0f3eda67541921fe3a8918a3b108f21a8f5a2c94ff2d
6749771 F20090414_AAAVYG 00664.tif f78e1b865bd5ed32535c3622f28a87bc706a13f65ae6616bbc73f225c2aef41bec0215b6
36094 F20090414_AAAVYH 00664.txt 29832b2ed9d16659b595dabb6066a7e7f39645cbdd063b265d8c137260624f93d663c597
31312 F20090414_AAAVYI 00664thm.jpg 31abcad29500583fd0458670632588d491a5d766e70e5d9c2815b6fe36ad777c5967747f
862604 F20090414_AAAVYJ 00665.jp2 929d7016094dc3b14a40158522bbb0efc241d2eb414fa48406d01c8d562ca105c86e826e
1036810 F20090414_AAAVYK 00665.jpg 819c44076f61b2ba2db02a6ad22b3eecb02ec369d8f2d6a9c8c374ccfd0b537a42a24d08
856784 F20090414_AAAVVP 00653.jp2 a37b207844160145be1b88d32d80fc3382b13d83073d3782c8f84f6bde4eb41b54976b68
128190 F20090414_AAAVYL 00665.QC.jpg 458e0bee0f77271e8749089183eaac981bc340a631478aa43ea4d74a04ae20399758e793
1043649 F20090414_AAAVVQ 00653.jpg ea308b0a89e79ace5995bfbd75908a8f51fb12c08374c094c70560e207ba5a620893b139
6900773 F20090414_AAAVYM 00665.tif 82d7ee3e2f20d88f3af27880d3e661c63e68a169547b906bcdad84db6684d2e642bff428
124009 F20090414_AAAVVR 00653.QC.jpg 9897e212ed9ddc992eb4cefbaec912383477032a0e7cf25cbb8fb84f3a423d297b8aeeb2
27971 F20090414_AAAVYN 00665.txt db8245354efe6dc8d3e4a14ccdfd001b11f2b218e78f5f46c5713e16bba64e1ae8857d8e
6854249 F20090414_AAAVVS 00653.tif afb22616a839b7252339091bfad97f606597ea6a90ebc7b43412511e79349a3129892c83
30717 F20090414_AAAVYO 00665thm.jpg 9e0ea26a1648d57a576d7fd7ff87afb84ca457a17e6a09a437620f784eb68ae2b33b60f5
44547 F20090414_AAAVVT 00653.txt c37c6f8ca103d33e07d14ff4fd634504f877b27ce6f3d0adabbbe643d9ba6db7b644f9b7
857073 F20090414_AAAVYP 00666.jp2 44d92a95051ef8b724d20862c26ce93fdb474b37e22b626bfb32cee800b340940b1aab3e
28994 F20090414_AAAVVU 00653thm.jpg 6972dbac83b170857b6cd3ae100ee0aa536ef4a5940651756add7546301126474f19d4bb
1070128 F20090414_AAAVYQ 00666.jpg 01f6998bb0fa4c95d06d8e52ce265b06b60b90805bd1f47dcf3ea110cbbe89bf4013a903
126671 F20090414_AAAVYR 00666.QC.jpg 452785f7b91cdeb041c0f11ceab552dab123511f58f5da74f0a5447f59bc0c0dcc1f359f
869581 F20090414_AAAVVV 00654.jp2 c4e82e512fc7515cb5adfb273f17c814a0a1d11d3c5f29d532a4eb1da6af84d340591ff5
6856905 F20090414_AAAVYS 00666.tif d1eb9819a0651661ac29e56008cddcee01d60ebeb70f13990d19c3c6606a4f1aa1a4f06d
1143782 F20090414_AAAVVW 00654.jpg 8842e3f0c42564cdb49f9f423fb0ead9c01d5f6d86b2942eb5bba1e451ba632d9719cbec
45177 F20090414_AAAVYT 00666.txt d134b62847c360d5d3c556f3acd6e30e6478fdcc50cfd562c89b09de89ea861c8cb62f34
130427 F20090414_AAAVVX 00654.QC.jpg 799c4067abe95471ca81251c586306e267f86eb38571801fe2ce4dd31de080f76a49d131
29601 F20090414_AAAVYU 00666thm.jpg 1680f796a9f6c58cba97573d6bef76f0979fec7bc8b23db204936347829ebf4c55112e48
1123604 F20090414_AAAVXA 00659.jpg 9101ad5a454322fb8b0e9bd4d2bf3be589b1777d79965ce74cf470b8590c645d1bcf9c64
6946814 F20090414_AAAVVY 00654.tif 28c6bd021d51b2136803b9d05ab7c84cd3dcf7109e880b8e96f86e8f6c2aae864a8efbf0
845568 F20090414_AAAVYV 00667.jp2 56e106bc596b1fb9a5ff320de6d8d618e96ac089ed0dd632704ea0082bb4054f74a9f484
131736 F20090414_AAAVXB 00659.QC.jpg 47f6e1d8e4d16ae51bc6f6ed536da401d30d6effe2b0237c2ce90974223ecd31163fdc88
47897 F20090414_AAAVVZ 00654.txt 93db3ebc3139b2ddf4c7f3316586b122f647900c37d1b230907cc4c4fae111d17490df2f
880807 F20090414_AAAVYW 00667.jpg 36861a92dd994ddfa655265fa3c929f3cc522e828cc4ec731f35e8c24758c83665598de3
6890108 F20090414_AAAVXC 00659.tif d8c207a103774644fd216dbe5fe846892e6eb5418813e76a3f6c245a0a8ec4ad7204563b
111281 F20090414_AAAVYX 00667.QC.jpg 409bb06a6b57b0359fbff672aa5c4cfd0d7600fd8016f83cf7c221542cde20e1588a60bb
33552 F20090414_AAAVXD 00659.txt d47da0d08859c688de22422ae3543b3fa3c4fc61165a30211eb6fa2435ea4756b744be62

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 7, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 7, 1968
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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.. '
\ .,.. -"......,.. ,. ,.t .. .' "I) ;..,'. '' .; ,- ;."'. '.7 .. -"" \ -.. "'H""." '" ,
j r. '.; .- '. '. r' c. ,
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I T,! a 'i11 """"' -.. y+.rwal rr/err.w _. .... ...... _. ...... s. ..w.bi_ 4a.,,_..r. ..r.wlae to 1"' +..., 4a _
4'. 1

f a tY LlErrARY '"

//JJ/ : & 1IJs10iI.


'(1- :lQjOOON. ; .,...." Homes, Hospitait, '. S i Targets .Of Negro Labor Union ,



SA "1k DrysG6

--- -
""-L" ---'- -

.Lfcrary lUMOTstty of Florida '' Father Satterwhite Rites Friday !

fbeartll IorIN11'sl

.. '



= ; 3 j ", InJllE1 14, 1M' ..70 C.ntiI r -. -. -.

*** ( fl ,I I Receives : Key To Dallas Rare AbtriithySippirts

Rhodesia I May Hang Black Prisoners : a Grass

r ; 0! Uirti HtidsKtW :

a w :
j ; YORK Dr. Mutts
Lather Hag Jr, during his !!

,:I lifetime, flit that the plight of
the thousands of employee o!
; -j .. strung bases, Mopttals, m*
t .r 1h stlttUoas of beallag, ...ui :

i ins tor the aglm and infirm, I
+h u.i and small private homes,were
tit I, ta teed of union!ration. !
Ifs life vu snuffed out before
M cold Hosts activity toward
i; '% 4't that plan effective.

Bovever Dr. King's thoughts. !

i have act remained dead. There',
... ..f. Is, according to lDformatloa't
received, ft move oa la new

JIM 1 Frtnd,, ,.. S'itk r York, o: hospital workers allover
...: "'... -.... ...,. ....... .Ahic.lWaitst1
., .'.''.. '.". ; America, vita the Southbeing .
: "j. '. i !'.m. .. < the, last area to be" exptored. -
J AcHMSOf ,. .
JIt" .. .. t .... .
t \40';;' .. .... .. [!f.-.J. *'ttrik' More than 7,003 hospitals vlflbe

led w .as : '; Qeeea's Fever 'h affected. ,.
; This strong union 1s Local11M.
'! F?. UuDSSDAlt-A fort : T: : : SALBBORY. Rhodeela-One Drug and Boepltal Cm,

Unierdeieaau but reel vuCMCM \ .,".!i..... ,."...'. .. .. ... .,.-'Il.... .. ..."'. buodred condemned Afrlcaas Iras ATLANTA, Gft Charlee BOOM, US, president o( the National Association of Market ployes Ukloa, presided over by
....,,'' .It. .. las-ridden republic
wr the StraftfulBttoft : iI" \'t: ( ',j LeoB. Davis,vho, tt U felt might
,' ..... ., .t.1.. Khodesla may be executed tt Developers, and Southeast Am account executive, Coca-Cola ISA, receives the key to the .
lamer Dance:

at M bid Vmson, 41 yeanqwbmeboatll r ....r ." -' .. ...: .. ... .. ; .,.:t.....:.'',..., that any Btomeat country,oa comes the other void from ftidt,'. City annual of Dallas Delias,Chapter Tens, from Emphasis the City Award Councllou Banquet Mae Seated We at, rid followingbis U Tony address Davis,p to]tow ectOrector spearhead. TM solos suggested.-has some- orgaftlslag
kst Tuesday VM .. -. ;". "1/' '" '40. 60,000 memoirs ov.Tbe ..It
t of KAMDUrniw
Jar lbs Dow Chapter
_. ,. ,,,, ,,. .. of the vorld A
by i jnr nan ,.,... "t'w .., ., '"' "" ... .; ,. m field ls treat recent
1'S-C 'AfeM*drugstore,aocor AiI*...... "'" '>.are'lMtv4etlmt c(..' -. -*- .r t4 vJ ,0tmte W tiealed Ostaw .;;
I JIOIt... ke aa IrraHoaeJ ton : 1f'''''' M : '' J'' 'tw>v bon6 nter ij't..IIi.It"- are some SWO tolaaitryhocpltaJs. ,
T '
._._6 lia'srus y14Etag. 8sua'1, I ; r' eoi, M-.Prime IllAlstcrnu ScheH< AccusfdIn '- Do;fiftte feu. beenglveu

...... isjUsM,!-.. -. ".I ..... .Milk reed rboee satellites arepMAben '"Orfahri, '. .. -.. .. '. .. ..' ... OB Bwslng homes, TMIBarett '
Mten Mariana Matthews, tl, i iII COLS catsMt Xt la said, more this
attractive elementary school i These vktlms lac lady persons x > 1.000,000 empliyes la (heNhomes

Merwmry,.vu found strangled I !tom accused of political and,civil Print li 1909Faul Hotel Confab 15 to M per cent of
ta her alto bJ her sister: Connie. 1 lary4i ...r er. or pterrlUa aoUvl whoa are Puerto Rhea. or
tans becoming conccned about I ties, and of entering the country rites for rather James Black.
her not retaralng from taxing I 11M1tats with arms. K. Catttrvblt, ArchdMCOft of Estimates are thai the success
YlMot boas, ventjoOndM*.; : I Then 1s a slight chance for tile Episcopal DIoctM eIn..S4a On Needy People of tM organlting would make
VI a SOB, vho,. according tano9ce a f ev of them became of a via bt Mad Filthy at 1189 the largest Black onion
special "veaponi-ot-war 11 at .. It PhllUpa -
vu la the posset.lanof ftjo. lathe world.Md1t1au1 .
1d1 TTMB he vu arrested, clause which permits the alter Episcopal Cburch. vltfe Right TM lane CJtO vaUlrKeotlyft Mrs McKaysgieitedil. support hu ben
vu admitted for obeervattoa anti,. of Jail ........ The Rt,. J, HunUton Vest, BUbop: rather quit volcano erupted Caning oa the board to face Its given by Rev. .Ralph! David
board' General.Medical political asardnir.. It Is said, of tat Florida Dloe.... ftcalft Monday ftltW, according responsibilities to the agency Aberaathy, president of tMBCLC
Center. Employes aald. coatiaved and wafer Ip IStlu5tre stand little chance A ministry to IntormaUoft receired by the and to back the new director; which the late Dr. King

yelling. "....., get my of 'Justice spokesmu said the The. Rt,f.Ur.SatUrvMU.vM FLORIDA ITA!. Ttmpertvent I. Approving plans for ftttl&f headed. They. will lean the
g.:ru kill them all.M Ms been asta cabinet decided on the death lived at 1077 iUtmaa Strttt.JJC to the vtaH and fiery rhetoricvu tM,000 la punning the Keifb. techniques to be used ta the*
AMordtag to laformattoa: recelvedMIsi waMt, Mt leed, std M sentences question at a meeting. -' tied to dtMae, by ooe drive la the South They vUl

.Matlkevs.eeretary recently. I ember, the statue of the carry the banner of Dr. King.
at tM UacoU Park Come have been under the YY preskteat of the CJEO, Dr, V. Beyond that there Is a National
Etemeatary School. receaUrdissolved death penalty for three or four .W.SchelL OrganUing Committee of Hoe-
frUadshlp vlthYlaeoa. .1it ,.u.. bicausc hu bass % Dr. C.E. Qrardeag a local petal and Murslag Borne
Be vu reported to beextr confused the Unilateral death and board ...member U Employes la Hew York City.
emery Jealous.A Declaratloa of said to have accused Dr. W. Mot only will kitchen help and
brother Cbartos .said that t ladepeadeace. Bovever.the WJckell, of "tet&c out of the like be approached. Every
Miss Matthews vu "very British government brought la touch vita the poor" A report attempt will be made to or-

active la various things sad a cooling period by announcingthat ivrltteft conts01kmm.leery bore : ganUe all except the aur...

m/etlq Kam" Ac10 anyone lavolved,, OUt WI :aad doctors This, thea, might
= l atW. TJaIQa' execution world be deemed. a the same meetlncthe Halted laclade. X-ray technicians
1 guilty murder.. States Research and Develop
Jealousy ofttlmes caused rM operating room voikers,pathology
.tfleeenrlnB bitveea the two. Following the Implementation.of meat Corporatloa vas Ubo-atories, Uoid banks
of UDI three African 11M were crltielied for '' sinc Jacksoo :. researchdepartmeats.
Mlsa Matthews a member I dietary departments,
the Church of Christ ta Golden -0 hanged oa the gallows despite vllle" as a bartalninc tool fotprOCflJU'.1anbtre. : medical sad
the fact that Queen Elisabeth
This unit
Heights had Just ""r It d surgical, grdlopalmlasrrhvlsloos
from'a conference ta Texas : granted reprieves. is paid. Us officials were ,DR, W.W,SCHELL, JR, employee la administrative
Vlaaoft, according to the brottcbt her U toe summer to and officers,cashiers,auditors .
borbood Service
retsraed to tke '"" ,,'. isstksMt.. 'ATUti SATTYRWBITE .sfralf&teft out the tangled skeins i program operators.
family, 'M" consultant,, and computer
seems1 hiring a part'tlme
; of the local CJEO, vhicb
Matthews home. and asked the What methods vUl be used
Bled December 10 to set it S Approving
.. Twaday, ;to ootdlstaftce others over the up.
JON lady to drrre him home, Gins PtwillIrfktOfWiy I. 'h s local bcpiW: 101 aDd contract with the Academy ofDefttlstry Picketing, demoastrttUg
la hUll
sKc his car VM la the shop.Cosfile J'c, ) lie vu ft oaths of North .rebuttals.coaatry and doubling the united civil rights fronts, face
vho left to find her 4. to-tace cleb ea.
"Carolina.OrdaiMd present budget
1iIIar. discovered! Mars. ss's ": ; ) to tM priesthood 1ft that Dr. the ScheH outburst, IB rebuttal vu not, said of Voting for plans for getting the Dr.wu reported to be
body oa the AoordhetgtnearM r strongly la favor of this union
1909 tM late minister cam GJEO programs properly
r former eo tor'i apartment.lUtointd WASHDWTOK -. Adam. recent origin. Be claimed thai before his dth and.ua matter
\ *to Jaciioinrllle la 111 andajalala loaded 8 Approving fringe
Dr. Guardian "hu been sUr
Clayton Powell vho seems to i referred to it u
1M2 u Rector of St.PblUlp board'' benefits, including group of fact "my
via aD of his battles, In the Episcopal Cbiirch. Be vu ft rIDe up trouble with some Insurance for GJEO employes,. favorite union."
'members sad GJCO staff
covts era vhea. la exile la .
of ttt St Augustine this might rehire
graduate members" behind the back of I
,Burnt hu made another legal ..
North Carolina staff cuts.
School: la Bate Jili; the fell board and of the
touehdova. lid of UM Bishop Payne_ Be out that
president. pointed White
Justice Itacehi
The almighty Department 'School Divinity, Petersburg local board members have Fewer PrexyFold .1
this wish .
Va. .At an earlier date M vapriMt '
contacted the Atlanta office of
consider his case as barring .
U charge of parishes Ctewttl Te Death la letOXFOBD
CEO without .ullol'" the
hick Fiirttfs CltivtfStifht him from.Coagrett lid "conATJAM'CUYTOM and missions in North.Carolina, same to aim. ,

i yiffitful below Georgia Acting Director lira. Martha Pa-Thousands of alumni,were and veUvlshersof
FBI and Florida his retire 'McKay, speaking at this rather Lincoln University, la Pennsylvania early thIs
ly Afnts meat wblle at St. Cyprian fiery occasion la the American vast to learn of the untimely death of Dr.A.0. Grubb, 69 years.
Episcopal Chtreh in St. ) time of the famous school.
Atro-Americaa lasaraaceMMt"g. .pld ajt.one acting president
BOo sale
SAN rRANc> -EUridje the of his book, oa1 Oa -
Cleaver Back Panther later. .It'.',a recounting of his crimea A- airs. Lillian said' '1 think. it Is best The late educator vu beaten aver
Surrirors u.: in far to do savagely. He had been dragged: former school head vu
Is the object of a twocontinentMarch of rape assault sad attempted widow James u u possible my Tbe
J by the FBI on charges murder. _' B. Sattervblte ; Job the best I can vlthout regard to the basement vbere ft neighbor veil liked xt1calulbecses
of parole' violation.Cleaver Ball vu set by kited States, N Hanter. Sattervhlte;,Jr. son Cr; Dr. to any noaors going around... and her friend found his of the Interest be tooth those
i .aoa; JTe played It straight." |tlov to learn.
did not shov up oa Commissioner a! 1100.000.,, andJanls Two
Hisses DarteM
.. November. tl and storm voluntarily Cleaver currently tree oa9SO.OOO Dlerdre, A "" .000 contract wu let 10'mub neighboring boys were
K. Sattervblte pandU.daosjwrs '
Nr.MATuetwA apprehended la the slaying.The
to custody. ball oa assault charges so that GJEO.mlitt HEWSDEAKIvifBecause
Baater H. Sattervblte. >
NGT01i ; stable status. brother of one hu beta held .
aghast States Attorney Cecil growing out of aa .shoot: Jacksoonileud regaia Beceotly
Mayor Walt r Vaatla oa, Poote a Negro said evidence i,out,between the Putters and !Terry Jr.;Sattervblte aU of brother. ;the of gaaUattoa announced u I material vltness. of'the'fact .that
t+aayer 01 WaalisgtsaD.C..ias hu pouted to Ctes,er's slipping ;. Oakland a ... York, plans to cut the compact amount Dr Grubb vu ft graduate of Christmas Day falls oa
New .
pralMdWatxa a tsl.vWm UII nd10 the country and flight Into Clearer vu paroled at 164 Rochelle and leave. According to Mrs Princeton: UiytratJ..At onetime Wednesday. December S9, all
at| 1'ruideaI- Canada,.The FBI presented aa after serving Is* yean of a POWELL Burial will' be m ErercreeDCemetery ls no profit move be vu acting presided Christmas sews must, be lathe j.
Rio .
'lmtoPs Bolmes-Glover
...' Eiekftrd &r bas'istMrb affidavit saying that Cleaver'svile. U-year sentence. oa ftssaatt ; / in the of Lincoln, first Institution of issue of Saturday December
fta BUJOC. of l tile DC. Kathleen, recently with.drew and rap* cups Because of 'eluded. that'available'evidence Funeral !Some vUlbelncharce. Dr Girard..., at first higher education for Kegroes.: SI. .
., C3r.Hr.Niioauidttat.aJUrvttk HJ.OOO from her bank Su.. the f.. dhlnbo*Clarst did not varnat prosecution." :FEaoC I4aJu.Dt about turnIng over his Be vu known by the aame of The FLORIDA STAB'o Ict
Dtawnti char. raised FIGHTS "Army". fieaovaed for hisespertlse ,alt also:be all day 1
both ftccont aad new test Sunday became senior. editor ds4sf Sputa ** WIre ,report hull gave la. open
t uted fa...Yor'- .. a.sgaa. afilast the seta la 117 vhs ONCRIMINATIONIN. ,However, la rebuttal .. said la French and Saturday, December tl aad mItsdayDeceabertlfroa
1' rtaalaaUb The FBI assumes that funds.'a btgtl( jr-pei tee Star one. he waachecbadfx.satternidrhw ;' JOBS tb&I peaplohadmadecomphlvhto Spanish he vu also regarded
poattMt. UftotacaUart ten. tranferred.U ._ :f Hfp campuMSf! Pis aspear- .,.......,.' com--, WW YORK FIElD OFFICE: 146ttAOADhMAYhEwYORKCiIYholl him and that he "was Is the u a competent educator. Mvs p....to 9 p m. ,
.ilk .. XtfTO fM. BftBMd tO a believed that Clearer' lICe .u> a leeturer at the .... acpotnted! th$ charged middle. ,, *acting president' from! IHT> The staff of the faldiviabuau ,I'I'I

.s csltmd V. p*. .i U,, accumulated amyl ticsehWN.Y.N.r UI1Yerdr 1' CtllEor*. COM TURtD OX PAGE tt eoollig-off, period, to 1S 0.la IMl be VM regls. a Merry.Chrtstmu.I .


A r 1 .. ) t
J. ,
-... .;. r .. --' ,. ..... .t

, -.


Ail 1

'AU3 \} .
riFl" ;


,' ., .. :.: .. ... .. .... .
'" \') 'h' ; .' "' .; ;' '

\ K ",I.: ., ,- ., \' .,. ,

f ... .
:; 3
: : t _' ,

I' :
,PMlKhed '
by.theFtortdVSUr RiblUting Company, .
A DECLARATION Two doctor.rtctntly'rtturntd from a trip and note that they

INDEPENDENCE aav reak, lethargic children, with swollen tip and twones
OFWHITELEADER : L btlll*: children whose akin vu dry and rough and Infected end
SHIP AND WHITE discolored and ulcerated and excoriated ehUdr..wt t mu clB

NEGRO_PRRNATIONAL DIRECTION." ET I MIh VAT/0/V were vatttd, whose boot vr quite obrloualy c1tforlD8d;
IA"US r."ATOIf children who were BO longer hungry, becauM thy were too m
to desire foo4."
pwH RY TOM doctor were not reporting on atamtlon conditions toBiafra '
or la some otbtr pocket of mtetry andlnngtr far 1roa

ERIC 0. SIMPSIN..MANA.ING EOITII ) oJ: SHlpl bomt. 'Tbty vert reporting on coodUicoa in Beaufort County, ta
r tilt date U South Carolina, right here la tb* United State.ofAmtrlca. ,

NIUA *11T ..., IICgLATION MANACEI : Their report. published la a recent Iwat of tot New Republic la.
,j,4: horrifying B doplicatea the finding of other doctor who bat*

I. 2323 MINCIIEF ISO 1 taTMUgated living condltlona among ttt rural poor to Miitittlppl"

sad .1Mwbtr. .
MAILING' Alnus .. .. : Such report ar* especially disturbing this timtof year.;vhe
NONE( 354.1112 'i moat .....erlcaDlIlaYl tart finished tbclf traditional ThanksgtrlBf
feasts and look forward to their overflowing Chrlstmu table.

P.1. MX 5SS lACRSINVILlE, FLOIIIA But holiday dinners vim all the trimmings art aU but unkaova
4por for the mart lean tea mfflloB Americans vbo exlrt oa poor dltte. 4
, 32211* I Ringer stalks black andvhites laths poorest Steel of tot South;
U dn'Utatt.1Dd1u families oa WrtrarMrratinsaBdtt; ls a

MIAMI IFFICE 5111 .... 7tl ME dally visitor la many homes la big-city ghettos. .
But hunger lID' supposed! to exist la this, the richest satin la
PURE 1513011SUDSCPIPTTON the history of Ole world. What about welfare aid, the food stamp

RTrdn program and fret school lunches?Don't they feed people and pre-.
RATE rent children from being ranged by huger and tbt diseases
Qn{ Ynr, $12.00-fialf Yetr $*< 00 Mted: To You Obviously, tile ansvtr Is BO. _

Anprtmrt In The United i States BtfoDME Only about a fourth of all poor ptoplt) get any kind of psbilewelfare

Subs?:tpos Parable In Advance aaalstanc. the food stamp program along vitk anottwr

Send Check Or Money O.-der To:,iFLO%IDA STAtyl-P.O.BOZ 699 program that distributes surplus food, reaches only OM out of
fire poor eOp1t.
,JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA 22201 .... 1be poorest counties suffer most. BoUrar andSiatlovtrCounties

." la Mlstisslppt, art mmptes.Ia lbws tb*poor make up
r la thu half of toe
tvo-tklrd of fee population Bollrtr
IUT THERE ARE NO PAT FORMULASI! poor people get welfare paymecu.. la SanOovtr test lira a
fourth of lilt poor get aid, while only about a tenth get velar
4 v m lilt cities many schools don't provide federally-aided tree
hot lunches, odes because old school buildings bart no kitchen
\ SPEAKS( facilities mat schools built hundred ,
-- ftetto were year ago
and U these decayed facilities, hungry cblldrM an sap Iced to
BY NEGRO PROS CnttNAnONAL: : alt la oTcrerovded cluroom sad tear about freedom and
1 ii Ki y---- democracy.
..w.*.. bee bearing Iota about militancy, rights afltaence \ 1 Unties the MV administration wants America to be kaova u
wont to altn1aIl'I"'I1Iat
security tad rebellion bit tret happened a land of hunger end Illness, U vill hart to more rut to correct
vu the question Uked by a leaflet distributed by a this estlamal.osndal. *

Uldvtsttn .ral-lJ"ta cpUege The leaflet,continued: The food stamp program should lit rtrteed. Prices for die
"Altruism unseuisb concern for otht.s sonuhov doesn't sumps are oftea too costly and tot allotment*too low to provide
grab she beadllMS, but If, put of thi campusKIMaf, X X I : I II
'' HOROSCOPE GUIDE : f aa adequate diet. Stamp prices should be provided tree to poor
COIl.C..r. students art Mid to hare the ,unlqu genii; : ttmlllts.K .
of eoacera for others local tuthorttlet titans to tab part la federal food programs,
Wbo could quaml with tbt college leaflet? It certainly I II
the gorrameat should distribute them directly. That' wbdhiypeaed
beat tbt tang of a college u a dungeoa of grad abmry whoa black people vr dealed tilt vote la part of the
circus of tootbaU rab raktg or a fortrtti ofagitatloo ly PAIL The ASTROLOGER ;
a I South fb* Justice Department sent otaclals la torerVTtbem.Chlldrea .
for IU on stk*.
abould.it starve simply becaat BOOM oCVkUs
But teen U Implicit la the leaflet's "'
something 11I'UaaI'
oBerlbuses of tbt WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS hart strange Ideu about race.Lad .
tbt eoUtgUi
e Jut u pernicious u I
: until toe Inadequate welfare system can be replaced by a
spirit And that la lilt Idea that morality anwnta to tlf.tttaetBi I&UouIl'IttmollDeGm.maletmicetederalweltare standards
wake to otb god for them.B .

ts.u much a 41aatnIce&o.JDlftUtl.tou.Jo ri Urine make It .'1 I ...... ..... ... FOR .-.. .,....... ....... .. '. ,. should be... .net.. , ..me.,' u to man U a covtrup tar MlfUhans. la bet, ", .""' .r... < ; M :r J
.r I .. .. .. w111h
.3.! tt'.I. + '
MlttessMBS aad'MlflshMU art. move Interrelated. than we :. fo
nlfbt think. -- BUSINESS-LOVE TRAVEi ": .: :; 'TINiIt like "Ii'- Attie..

Mankind's most noxious *vll* bin btta perpetrated by [:. r ." s I .,, .. ... \ '
people mafiMradiBg u Mf-sept urns:to of others'needs. '
c needs only recall that Amerku almrjr vu accompanied' WIllA r wasa..oriwtt: iwroa..ot. ..wnori One upon a time, tilt dory goes OM could say '1 bm tired.
by tta Imtg u a beneroltot Institution for both black and mite here 10 y ors and have aa M ctonc'*!*
ptopltSouthtra 1& Jut alni like that any more I Places ban changed, Pease
miles learned only recently that tbtlr IfI.DD1llrbI& bm been cbanftd. People bm cbanrtd. *
eernats, who bad two thought to be to happy to lead to AIIES muIIIR SCIiPiI CAPIICIIN The only qurtloB* cu elk U "Whyf Tbt oily aacvtr v*

die aeeds'of melt vhlte masters, wen actually tilt victims ofOM MIN MIICI SEPT. MIN ICT. IIIN IEC.22il caa give b "tt'a TtmO ,
of tee mOlt vicious systems of oppmslan bon to mesa Ufa talk about a few of tbtt ebancN. One upoa a time,
Communism, Ukevte, hu represented Uatlf u tbt beoe- 21st APIll lit) 23r ICT.Ptoplt 241' 24tl NIT. 22i JAN. 1111tra U a atodtnt la *lm ktary school poe went to tb* bUckboard..

factor of tbt vortd's tolllnc must But west tilt CommootiUprodactd Doubt raak. If ,yoa bus left vlll talk. Anybody who B* BUT, DOt aorry. nut ar* aDd. mva taatractlon<< from tilt teacher pit dom t B 1-4. Tbatvu
la Runta tantd out to be only aa aortntod pram tvtrytblng to tilt and minute, dose something ItIII&t1oaa1| u :*nooj problems of your ova nfettrt. The bigger tilt nat vu aped Arithmetic Tatoldtolkaeantd It ngar f..
of tbt CurUt tetpotUm ttty touiU to .tavlaot.BMlUi&i It would tow up taker tbaa bound to attract attention and bt to worry about vimout taking & gnats tb* mar pus ova, how, whit do we bar -Tbt New Watt*mat tea.I .
that alDt prlnctplt caa 'cotw a Bultttadt of tins," laden mantra to rub about talked about O la oa any of your pleads, at this lilt art the problems have lICIt yt mad seam of It. But, It rtprtawta that cW e.
we ibottld M on tilt lookout for Dolt who prottsa too mack trying to do .Ttrytblnt at ooct.B Tulntrablt you art a partkalar momtnL & alao ap- crMted. This U a discovery Perhaps It U better to nuoa that two sWles plaa two- afpUa via
.lU'tflaclnf lor* for tbtlr fellow mu-vbUt portli aplnstbtlnc iiptciaUy ctrtlil about previous ties potttlca or commitments, btcaaat of piers visit to ;*dyear off until that all promtMat people. aoontr tqual four apples,for there yot get tile ptOloaopby of tot tilcttac
too atlfltaa aad attralstle ovrMlvta. u &1 itiiBj frltndly rtlatlona' It mart be Mrt Important mom or later cu.toYtrla1dtoltltr of lilt real and DOt tilt tranaiat uteri of tb* abatract.
tbat any
For rtal moralttr lit,' not la vbat U flni op but la tilt with blgbtr.rps and aaaoclatM eat of trouble iptctd some retarding related financial dUnuy. RIte a few dilemma There vu a Urn wt.estM rmltvu tbat the Negro bad. 110 rlfbta
hvmaa drlTM U nJUY t.. And oar vlll lobs mural abotldbt when poe art madtr strain and lunar may couidtrttlou. Tb dart of a may b* placed oa your doon pUS the white maa vu boand to rtcptct. Vbat a chop bu earn
sparred, act by atlflmnta, but by the selfish rtalltatloa apt to atttr words flit may emphasis ootiiafoltieighborhood phase traaaftra tilt. faring: mom should) bear QIany It may require some pretty about the white college president, la a pradomiaaatiyvbit "
that we bar Mtd*-aad that otbtra rarely ban tbtm too. later bt deemed rtgrvttabl and inttUctual interests beliefs tbat you vill shortly good UgU adrk to find tb* school agrttt to sac diva and talk vita tt* ""cromlnorlrjr
'Uvt and let U *" la u old eUcbt, bat it COIUI clout to Those who keep a cool bead, tame family hob a distinct tmprovmat ta cornet aoteUou. The laoarpbu At every taracdtbepi.a tomescboot. some valvcratty,
ducrlbtnc real morality the the attraUUe cooctptloa ofmoraltty or lure tilt good fortune ofkaoving develop but rtlattona C''IP'tt'1II&J vita those these rtaptcta. SogoabMdvitk being started rcom- sawn carves la Ntgro history coom*la Africa*Cmltar*.
that U ao mock a part of Wtattn cattvt.Tbt a kind soul vUllngnouga cloud to hart be holiday projects after freeing actteg behind tbt scenes There baa, u yt, b* aaomnUaaof caiaia Potent
moral man i bolda bia morality, not Ucaaat bt wets to eooptratt, ate get further atraagtbiMd your may your mind of any worries tbat whoa parmUaabte: lid undtrplaying obU d' art art coming into this country. African mo.;c U
to girt fclmMtf tray, but tocaut at atUUbly nets to dtrtlopklx tktlr Ckrlatmaa mall U a conatqutnct. may atlU bt ntrocbjl tbtrt.M yov put'U mach u gradually becoming part and Aral of meal they are taking
ova tottptty tflinity and booor.Aadbt dispatched f"4 fhTTlnf. doM poaiftl from. pow'' OB, om the style of dross and art leaning SvaaUL
It coBctrtttd about vbat bapptu to otbtra, DOt btcaoat la good Umt. Tbtrt art many 1 :.zo.as.ss.u-m 5.5Q.$ I. 10 at ..'1 f3.313."lull's Watt, tbat'a let all. One upon a time, la many a aovtban city

... dottat car abort kU on soda, but Ucaa bt tang w. forces mtrglng to mate this tilt BUck mu could lOt get service viola lilt auld praclactaof
Oerstaada the promptlan of kla on Mart and caa thu MOM yulttldt scum memorable ladiTtrat LEIISIS SAfilTTAIIi. the big Mttrlta Bt could go to tb* back Mtraac tad lit-
what a ptraoa moat fttl llkt If kla pads artal meL vaya Work vita them atrod. '
The people vbo ban dine the moat good for mankind art and the potclbllitita of discord JILT IIIN MY.23rl rmmbtr, la Tuaa, baring 'my diantr behind ass of the

tboM Rico Orat did tbt moat good for tbtmatlTta.Tbty arising wlU be tesatntd. IEC. 21st' InlJII., aptclal arrangteunta. I could see all the whites CIa De other
sought the but la food, abtktr, and companlonahtp' for 4fO.55.17.1910TilllJ 22il UK. 19tiTb aidt, bat dart aot go ow tow. :
tbtmatlrta before tryi&f to provide these tMnja for otntra. 'bart ovtrflova. There B vouVdn't pay. Trying to clrf 2ltl .115. lltl Nov at red carpet la rolled out vbta tbt bucked black ee era.

They tatablUbtd tbtastlTta psrto i1y. aoclally and pro ., camrtat the riles terse out to C leo lIP' mlauodtrataartlnga.SMlng Services U sop rb. Smiles, hypocritical though they tIlt, ,art
ftacloEaOy; thin they went out to gin the world a better bmk IsmatbeatsMescytobscareleu" purcbaata salting bt mon *ipntlT* thai cbtJ IC that tbt yalttid ta aym- part ell tilt tsIpti.tithe .
TboM who talk about the Mtd to be "..Jf1e.." reify do la picking: out tbt vrong things them la many 1ututtI.t Bake hobo of good will bttrtta aU mss. Important men, bar fern mponaibtt for men
Uttlt but aprtad their ova mlaaryTbey art ao bay bating III 1PIIL2lti and paying too much for them this your gelding principle f M ass, you could wt aa ample cbangu and for many other IJIDoYatI a. Kin OM bm bad the
their Micnbora u tbt,. bait tbtmathta tbat tbty caa only! MAT 2ltkOM baaldea. Some start Loavb9 you may save mack trouble uvttt'u by making. the find gtrturM to Mm to knock don tbt flimsy terriers of dcoctolaa. tat
deny to others the pltaaurta they bm dined to tbtmaalrta.Prettnding know themselves only too well eaab.. The MV lunar Milo ditmrMCM vtlbia the ma bat tired to tbtlr UbrarUa,vail other mm art aortag
to,be lovtra of bnualty, they actally ask to will nttdi Mt Into acu.obataclta.Of eourat.It' may utrwrt this Job to aomt-;' paw beginning jut tutor the family eircto. Re k) your mate lee, and product philosophies welch bm fused ttt Ud. laAmerica.
put the lid"OD tttry kfUlaatt Moan desire UII uptnt1OD.OII1 you raa oar dar who la.mor likely festivities la a favorable Indl- to cub a daaguroua amMttna .
la uat tint
only tbatTbty ash morality suck agoodygood: economics] u and romance to oUaia good rabtta at moderate *-'/''aloe: : for personal good torteM* or to avoid mating aa mnrte Equality of opportunity wnallry of Bring, falrMaa jut *-
reprtatlvt.. aad 'eves fcypocrltlcal fore tbat they bring it trylagtoconform prices the DeW lllllU phase and much popularity ta your Investment IYM It nil these art among tb* cbaagta. They redact tbt atttrtaf. of
to atom. But
hut. .
> c
Into dlartpott. Who unto' &0.lit a moral.. If "moral" folks: Ilk bot attl must be mphattata tot plManrta to' .* dally MTlronmtnta. B alaoaeta provokes a- sterna, tt may be 'EccltaUatta, MTbtr la a time to lay don.**
art 10 pboaJ'I cold rater to be plungtd..m com, sod they art apt to bt u a reminder to those who caaary. ft should BOOB die Den baa bees a cheap of heart.The truer firmly believesthat
But tbtlra la DOt the vay. The rtal public bmfit"f lon tbt mutt bt Umptrti aU-m!>raelng. CnatiT ups bm sat yt madt tbt Mctaarypurcbua don with the other party coa- way U otter race were patknUy wilting for the Ckaaf
kit Mlgbbor U bt lass klmaalf.: 1U baa tile kigbtat rtgard trouble bumtabtlng to become bardwtd attcptdla art stimulated loved OMI ar* and porting ao u to siding that you vw right aUalong. For, they bar rtaaontd, why aaould then lit sick= a ga p btryttaiv
lot botb.: '. And bt dot not try buildup. > oar at the upeoatiof !* to tilt demands of axlattofi' more In *vtdenc. ?taU a bit kaatliag tM many Tbt atart of more acttH laaamafk u we mart share this part of tb* vtcUra btala-..
the otbtr agfraratiaoa to make up for tilt and brW oat soctal MUOB taturthtrtd '*
's 10-11-16-M-tSO
Colds and ctrtala of ill- Omen
types dtlay. K yon bow a kind aoul by a MV boar pbu seem to bt breathing sighs of nlM because of tilt
amiss art purging acttona tbat who bu both tbt time and dia- Initiated later .oa.-'* may alao ,Cbanglng Time*. mtermarriag, one tattrtly taboo ta nor lilt
clean tot of
body accamalatodpolaoaa. Vllfil pas tton to IDIStrt e this task, aigaify tb* order of tbt day. A Negro and a white caa lOW ride m tb* aam

THIS WEEK IN. HfCIO,,.. HISTORY from all theM And those uptrttoeta vbo. liars art IlliIII,. .you:eu be. gratefuL Uing maay hflItyteat were elevator, visit the same eatery, aid by aid enjoy lilt loose
6 .
.70 .. 15. IS4ftUICEI '.utofon"belq. held fanwniw. rtraamnta. QUIp tt la. 'V
tilt GIld mod capable dleedsgseebrl 23rl SEPT. 22UBandl Way, lOW dwatora I bart rttllied mat TJbek Tom dUd of bia.
DM. 32. It2l: Bishop J. DM 26. 190: Jack Joan and conatractlT tins *' with car*. Ertrybody 9.. 60 -U. 16-42.777 ova doing. Nov teacbtra and princlpala ar* engaged ta brtefBf
A. '-Handy of tilt AUK caarck at tilt bight of their craativ ,
sea, kaockd out Tommy Buns ;
bon in land may be edgy and reedy to fly Lao tilt proptr ptraptcUr tbt Ngro.Ntgrota .
Dee, Mary 2S IllS: Btary B, at SydMy. Aartnlli. batonttoDD.d psi 60. II 15-42. 04) oft the bandit at tilt drop of a MIN ,UKHi too, art cbaaginc tor they mils Chat tilt real Ktfrola
tot .
bat. tt la uodtrrtudabU vim PISCES tilt CIDt who changes with | times. Bt caa become a taddirt.B .
Gamtt. Negro f () n Africa Uttoodlrt CpiacopalZioa Uttl Urn I. MIN FEI.Ittl but b*la dau&tDI.1bt majority bu created ham
ao to do It. Otbtr Ira 8CIt1c pailaaojAfcaUyaad
Dee. &S, mil Han C.'J.. GEMINI &bJt. When aom-.
caarcb wu established atNtvBra.M.C.
Walker members of tile family may fttl thing tepr tying on MAI. 2ttl rtU oAlJ. The upraaiTwM of the Negro at the eaas est
bustaesatomaq your mind
HIM MAY II J1DIpIJ a rtld1ClD to >-. 3tB
they either bar too Itttl ahead then
btaaty nltarlrt mrtntor and It la Dot apt to take others
DM. 17, WJ: Earl B. 00. prtracy. aot aoougb some iatfrridtalsvaoarecMM- U Urn, a., for all of onto km DIal vita clasp vlll COM
mosey or
TINE long to .
pII1Ja.DOIropllt, mt borniaDtl 21st 21st you notice U
liam flrrt
tommkyelijsr.d become
Ntgro 'some other prog su. God cleared any the ways of maa and Mcak
ta, U. She died la 1111. complaint. YOB may e TrylngtokMpitadarkBcrtmay lie oa toe beetle lid bustle gm acbaac
la Su Tat tar fUat. nUt are a think *. This la a aa of utna **t><*|
that created epee apt ag ti i aaAn
Dec 34. 1U1: Re,. H. B. you bttngprttaad DOt U tile bart Ides sInce by tb* holiday nshtoao tad. .
Carattt Diego, Calif.DM few dogs rhea diacrtUoa maybe too bard and ipcttd to carry tt gtr* riM to the divert peoDle'a aItaUCID.- of Chaagtt Times slat whet they BMd to b*. -
vbo prtacbtd a euma. may aotloa
2t 1116: AtttrlcanColoolatloa ofvalon
said to M tb* bttttr part too
big a shire of tile burden that
tbat they bcommorTul-
before the U. 8. Roused you art dtepUutd or Hid' .
Soctety organlatd. Diaaftuioa at bomb and -
of work and t tDIS1tv... Btarabl B
n.DI'Ir .JD&JaaIt: via oa guard agamat-
them la
RpranoUrc, ditd. Dec:18.1170: 1. K. Arcbar la key uaoclatlona caa be aaidto any .
lunar pave ladlcatea that it mob teeth that be attempted GIVE TO
ass vUl take may
Dec 24, IMlt Btajamia, '' greet pain THE
teldltr &lIS later pnaidt&t be reaching a IIoU1IIpolDt.
a united family will not bt to
-Pap" SlagUtoB led tile Brest dla- JaIl pat1cac. on tile part of aU dUlgdct you traaa
lIar oue college, AUuta Tbt coat la caaa u well u la;
rented mat a romrnMtng
aaally and to
that concerned to uphold poc&i or
odU MgroM from peace and
Soot '.Groh': to Arkanaaav Qa." Dee-bora ta Futeratvg. Ya; motional atraaa may be congidtnd raaoa viU alvaya .bai*to*lutord. karmony la the fees of ao ray put orvr a rttTafaa INCh Rater Johnaoa to M oat of
way UNITED ::
.DM.. .tt, 1W5: BUbop a bMomu Ol/mpk dMatkloa nrybody low aaipct dly diatarblag. abed Kty aawclatea, too, FUND
T. ,...,.. A1B cbrrcb. va* ems Jac&or.. M caatloMd. to bt M

ten ta Ptttabargk. tbtlt 6 ..40 ss .,IS r 7p.r: OS/. f t-..0 I" -.31.135. .SO; : N .1i.us,, u a.'IQ.vtgJfcat, It ta.11 jbM.4a"l1M respects

.. ,
A, ,\ 7.





.. ,,,. ,

'ru d en H Insurance Honoredkij1Li Buses' High CfcoriV tWill Miss Maynor Honored .College Unit Lauds


Ted Xmas Viking ,CoBcert William' School For r Progress)

'' School wffltoprtstattd
Raines 8r.Hl h
m I their annual Babes Rich School has been. The rating unit praised Runeswhen
Christmas Concert on.Tbmrs., accredited, Raises is,- a visit was made ben
t therefore, with four other recently: and a thorough review
Dec. II, to 1It.ICbGo1" a tt-\ .
Irma at 1:00 p.... JacksooTillt high schools ,OQ of the school's progress was
lilt honor ot school
The Chorus, under the direction checked.:
ot Mrs. CUria'Smith,,, to the city four years or more Lack of accreditation to aDR.AHDR1WROBWSOH
after a lithe senior hltjb schools
wm performseLeUul rough
f to DIm Coontysftr taken off
from The Ballelojah Chorus:
Ih* approred lists at a meetlnfot
1. by,Baadel lo'stch tarorltes U t yi.
the Soothers Association atCoDefes
\ Joy To. Tto World and J1a&1t.i '
..... and Schools LouisTint. -
Bells., Otter aetectloos by the .
.Raines Choral and Ensemble ,
: N
,. These four schools were the.only
vU be featured alone with
four to the area which were
soloists Patricia Black, Mildred ;
able Inmate the trade and which,
Wilson Brenda and
told doggedly to reaching the
Kenneth Barn,.
high plaNt by the ratine,
Tickets to obtained from
may agency,Ten alfh schoott did not i
any charts member or.., apply for consideration.OnMorembtr *
member ot the Choral Parents IOrcaaliatloa.
1 the decision vas
Allproceedawie '" made for favorable appronl
to towards the purchase of new .'"
robes. / of the schools. Tbs powerful
t'. ratine afency refused to HTconslderatlca serious matter. Bean mean that
...... to the IS high graduates aaaeertdlttd
J schools to existence to 1M. schools art at the mercy ot
Modenefte Social .. -- : One of the reasons perhaps those institutions which they
the main one, for disaccredltatioo -, .might apply and might be
U to said, was the lack refused admission while otter
; Curb Lists Heetin 'of financial support. The college and universities can
The Modemettt Social tad witching budget has been '-p. oblige such students to remain
i'e i.Y portably Increased since the on probationary states for
Satlnes Club will hold the ref. some
> lar Saturday alfM Miss Dorothy Maynor, execttlre: director ot The Harlem School ,year of 1M4.Tto time. Bathes to unique! with
'December meeting 14 at at the of the Arts, lac,, of Mew York City, accepted the J,000 Lane year after dtsapprDral of Dr. Andrew Robinson u Us
home of Mr.,and Mrs.p.m.hustle Bryant Croup Award on behalf of tor orraalntlon at the lane the schools action which was principal, to that accreditation:
Francis Road. Mrs.Elisabeth Bryant Volmteer Awards DeImcbia held at Tto Shoreham BoteLWashlutton lOt really expected by many to Its first 1MIDor.tilt first time.
nor on Robinson to president D.C. on 8,'1JM. Raphael Malala.prealdent citlaens and educators the Thus Jacksonville has only
Mrs Tommtotobuaineumaaajer. -. of Lane Bryant Inc.. made the presentation before budget was raised to and million ., four accredited sealer high
aa audience ot more than ISO educators, corerunent officials doflara/ U was said thatsly schools and many more without
and tmsiness leaders the strongest of pressure atcr ltaUOl.


"i. ',,
: j "
.\ ,: ; .. PHILO-FORD.:

:Zt. t.': ,J''JL, C' .r

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k..r;'f'li. lpAVIIurnUurc'
..' ;
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'; .. P"'j 4 .
"i 1l;]
... ____ flllit..4t!:.__ I to
Because ottto interest the Prudential Ute Insurant Camps of America has take to tto
matter of equal opportunity the Urban League, eoUaboraUae* local business udlDd.try. Monet by tr k 111
at a. Friday noonday Uncheoo: presented the company with the annual award, t beautifullymblasoned
plaque. Ted picture shows Urs. Dab Smith U&1ata.IIIlVPtnLlor of computercosine Bassett *. -T 1l
at Prudential with Mr, a Reader official at tto company, receding tilt award. Uaayorganisations flfyJ&H *
G-."" c""",*tt.fl iifll .114 l
,are represented. Bob Smith Photo 4,11 i,i rt.ef eyi rah. end *""*"""** *j44JflP* i i.: iJ$tt&II t4Sb
.l lne-kleFt fer t.ert en '? *
*' Eta Phi Beta ene.ye ten bvy knew e.tciel T3| *x y'. a C,j jpOM a 4
Slclll l Cs. Office
.C.rlty I*M-'IXCfJ CfHlty.ftntbh .*) mmjfci iWB '1 *Hf* Jcf :'
tIIII dtMr.....;
I OfUn laftrMtita T* JmisSUalag Sorority' To

9 arty U a ml adraatact wtea applying tot disability, Worship' At Scold $23995

rsflremeat, or htedlear toaetUs," says Janes H. hnddletonj lit Beta SoCBrJtyloe -
officer to chart ot the Carter Static Social Security office.rn erWtold, the emu)

-:- >hUti>etheadttatages, Modlcart protecOoa eves tIyou of r-.nlttllGta'l Dee -., ..
aUddtotoa pointed out that a y.OM art itill worUDc..Mroiaho )d ,nfter Is. at Tp.m atlecond 1 $9911 ,. v t. M!"
saslyla I for-dlsabtUly apply to tht.,hrj* molts &JtetClwrchiS4lban Road '. "'"\
benefits awst tot toe shied rot all months before to MkUvt tto month p* Mildred C. Bradhan,to- I I ;WEEK t ra
'benefits cat be paid. The become /5.'MJddleta'd.d national baalleu of Zeta HI
sts-mahth period caa be r*>ediKfitttac that yoa r.- Beta Sorority will be tilt apeak 'i :: ta+.o Ir! ... k aloe t.n) wtMtt tMlce'r
evidence of aft.earnings mambtr ''Doat d laj, apply tr at the hoBr.Shevffltolitro- I ? i r :1 a.heleutbNelnA 1de04, t9 per hat Mf'Ub
and medical records today U roe art vlthta three doted by Mra.Ceoen P.Wed* '
.so thai benefits can be paid mouths at art '8. or U you *... basher of tt%chapter otJacaaoarUlt. '5MDOWNPHILCO
promptly at lilt sod .of the all eaa't work because ot doa ;
1IaaUII. ability." For more Informatioactalact Otter guests'iehedeled to '
BigBlnc up say for Medicare the Social StcarttyoCOct appear are Mr..bulLa Teacher. ,
if ere nor important, sine at the career of Canal Siena Cuma Rho.' to will .Itt..
Medicare protecttoB beginning aadlfthStmta.GitewiyBirricks. briar words ot ve come;Mra.LueOa QUILTED SIESTA MJO BTATC atawaoNMH
via the month yo art td Me Bride, aoloUL 11- :::::=.., ret :ei1
SPRING 4 MATTRESS r.ae'ew' p $ 00
,Untaa BOX .
.rewire that you taroU U the pba Kappa I&H Mrs "Iwok tw Aim... 1 10
.three motta before row IStabirthday. T. Robinson orpsidAlpka Fomout quolity ot low bud p t priced Sleepi Lie a ac.inxx**o.. x t.eeew 4'e DOWN ,I

"...., ps c|>te delay Uilt Will kappa Alphas Mra. BoaatetShanaoa 58 S ET cloud beautiful caver end tuxurlov downy comfort .,.k....iWM...,.t..s w'i,.
alcaloi ..br hUdicarttocawtO and Mr a.Aleaa W.tuft Heavy duty box spring and medium firm .....,.. EASY TERMSCONVERTIBLE
u ,Ulna they hart to atop Instill Officers r, both at Si *wri. to pt VUdlcart, but this program will eatart the I rsr
'fsi.d tr.e... MWWoo em. Ted ladles JUxikry of Gateway history ot candle Ucttuf. Thai:
A ul.... "Toe cat bare Barracks $o. Illloltto Boron of Eta HU fieta vUl BY BASSETTfor
... Volume ot World War Ho. 1 make toaottM lormatioBS u Itatolda. BELLAIRE
*, Cooperative wW hold the rtfvUr mMtlacSaturday. .icon Lvetta H.WUUana .
December 14. at the U battle**.. luxury Dining ,,
Rams 1501 Kap Bad at X
:Djjlribilioi' Class JuMsJtplate': I {Jo r '::- ,n.. Rich tones of Povitton Walnut compliment any ;
Wmiflan I' _
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fleets Yew's Stiff urged to be ....... All AIM To City' For eo: t'.ape below and aGding glow door for a ,tv... veer. ,,,,,,

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claaa, with Mr. J.: art: maldeaL Mrs Bu,IRaN II fl. TtoUaa factor. Mrs J of comfort. China,
&+ pagrrifM u sponsor, met' Senior Vie* preabhtoLManiMa. Doris T. JOM*Wri. Fredrica >i table ond 4 choirs
XMinQr sad elected offictrator Jimior Yea Preai- C.Zebnua pd ..,*.'L. Caatlllnplaned
tht toniif rear, del, Mra.Rae tae ADlutUo; Cr9ll".TortCJtrIo RECLINER : .
.COe: ra choctaart: Pr d4ut Chaplala.Mra. Willie M.Dukes spend a tev.hvya watt fSWivutae. i ,
,Miss Wttda Wens;Vfc- Treaaartr Mra. Myrtle L.In. .They,were tatertalned by $33995 r
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r, Brtada Na.porter., _. Mra. Lies Wrifht. and Jacob BosplUl U, the aaas to '
y,4Ie ec.T;VaUart WUUaal Mra.UWaa Mc.MmJaa. Hew Tort Clry.\ : j
.Load Welbrslssistlltslrtplptwa I large, comfortable man s! : .t and Jlmml* .. '.- z JLty quit i ;: Chaplala, Mary lake.I i r .i

J CUM Member;luput-&t-ua.Adrtaor Qresara AACqIv -, '$$5095

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otOc.r. hu sworn or __ IK.ef ledUe!.lei'ry.WUcI rr'

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C"> %;sew student a chaact toaper1
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wmuBaMaa j. Baa. Urrr. tm Mt -the...If ,..., ...........Ie .$1' 899 lRCAD St': ,353.51,
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., -


I Christian Church Must Relate Itself To Blacks And' Entire Negro Community 1 --

Jilted( Presbyter. LeiolerOitliies '

I ProfrM Of. Action Helping Vietnamese Refugee Religion And Race

New York Tbt Christian Church cannot expect torn
vtve the prtseot period of world crisis without a radical chant ?
,to'relationships$ with black Christiana and the whola black: I UUCiIC i AND SACS
'community! a noted theologian says la the 'C1I1'rtDl1lneor Princeton, If. F., QlP Q- The Rev. Ralph David Abemathy,.t

Church and Metropolis.The president,Southern ChristianLsadershlpeounciLgavett lames
Her. Dr Gayraud S. for tb t.a tt n.bJact church: I Ito if r 1 t... Reed i Memorial lecture in Miner chapel, Princeton The- jot
WUmore Jr. chairman of the es-- reassess their role. I pal seminary on Monday. Dec. I. The memorial lectors ,
United l'rubyteran Division The time has come, he asserts series was named after a seminary graduate of the class of ,
of Church and Race,makes the "when we, who have IDS who was tatany beaten at Selma, Ala, March 11,INS,
point In u article on "'nit accepted from(white Christian during a crrflrtgHts march.
Case for a New Black Church *!) hands a religion devoid
Style." His discussion of what of sfethio relevant to our real LAY PREACHER
Black Power means to black: Q black) situation and a culture
churchman and to black andwhite In which we were never permitted Sun Francisco. KPQ-Mrs.( .Enom Maxwell, bock lay mem*
clmrche appears in the to participate on equal bar of the 1X.., sr-eld Clint Presbyterian church onPotrero
fan Issue of toe map&1De.pIb- terms, must stand back to reassess lID has been Installed u lay preacher for the congregation.'
Ushed quarterly by the Joint our relationship to oar An active member of the Presbyterian Commission' on Religion ,
StrateiT and Action Committee. 'own people and to the hostile and Race and the Presbyterian Interracial council she has. been
There is an urgent need for society to which the white, Invited to act u advisor for a local Presbyterisn Economic t
.new styles of black-white relationships church continues in servile accommodation. Development corporation being formed.
within the church. t We must stand
Dr. WOmore says, adding: back and be in a strategic exo- DEEP DnroLTCMEirr NEEDED
Black churchmen In predominately das from this unequal engagement
White imlMHif, WI degrading; debillia 4L Chicago, (CNPO-More than 100 United Methodist District
bow well that th* real ojues- ting embrace, until we have recovered % w superintendents. and a like number of other annual conferences
tlon is DOt whether these our own sense of Identity fr wr. officers nave been challenged to become "more deeply Involved
churches can become truly Integrated oar true r.Istlcoeblptohe tn the mission: of the drrcl-w lb emphasis on helping'
on Sunday moraine, people we serve and until the. 4r to answer the plight of the poverty-stricken, the hungry and
bat whether b the nest) to white church Is ready to enter those with unreasoning hatred of their fellowmen because of
SO years, these churches will Into that partnership m life and ? race, creed, religion and other status In life. The Involvement
hare any meaningful contact mission which Is able to renew .ought is a tee with the denomination's quadrennial theme of
with black people at alir the,whole church of Christ. "A Hew Church for* Hew World."
What ', he writes, Dr. WUmore's views and
is DOt Dure17'Integration, bat those cI several other black RECOMMENDS MAJOR EFF02T
rather "the viability of the church leaders will be pre
Christian Church In the United snted'Is'' a Theological Project Detroit, Qt I-The Catholic church must reprepare "to
States..and perhaps In Western u a part of the October realistically cope with the needs of the poor, unorganised and
CMlisaUoa.: It Is the question z9-November 1 convocation dew represented" wherever problems exists, declared a recommendation
of whether or Dot this church national Committee ofMegro of the Community Affairs commission Detroit
can icy longer encompass wlthla Churchmen In St Loots, Arcbdlocesan Synod The recommendation was one of nine
!it the masses of non whlte to. BftH SON;South Tam-btr1cla Red Cross nurse Gen- was CM cliO Americas Red Cross staff mefubersworklag with spectfle proposals which were prepared from some 1,000;
person, who make up the maJority *' JSiC, supported by six denominations C. Rolloman 1121 Stanford Avenue Los Angeles, California, South Vietnamese. Red Cross counterparts la the refugee program Ideas tor church renewal
of the peoples of the and the National examines young Vietnamese war refugee at one of 4 J camps American Red Cross Is recruiting additional mal nurses for lbs
earth, without undergoing radical Council of Churches, was or* operated<< by the Red Cross In cooperation with U.$. Agency for teams. ARC Photo' by James Caccsvo. SELF HELP PACT
changes in Us understanding: poised to provide cooperative International Development la war-ton South Vietnam. BoUoman
I of Us purpose. .* B may be planning and programming Lusaka, (KP1) A leg-help housing program Is to be operatedJointly
necessary for the church to dismantle among the charch bodies,primarily Mateo Temple New York Chuck AllfcittfEidowneits Holy MiilsferiilAlliuci ) by the American Friends Service Committee and the'
Us organisational structures In race, poverty and Independent: Afreaa nation of Zambia. An agreement between
for mission and to end 'experimental mission wort.' IBPOE Will Meet Plus the AFC and the Zambia government provides for the begtnuiag i iof
'"its basic conformity to European ICamber denominations are the For lisiiass u Initial project In the ton of Katue.
theological traditions and American B OR December 19
Anglo-Saxon styles of We and Episcopal thePresbyter. Rochester, N.T. Growth capital for Rochester's Isosr-dty SiidiyHoilMyMeelThe I UTUMI TO AIR
structures cI valuehe de Ian Church la Pride of Maceo Temple No. businessmen win be more readily available la the days ahead
clares. United Church of Christ,United m IBOPE win meet Thursday, as the result of a commitment to Invest $110,000 by two local Boty Ministerial Alliance Chicago, QtPQ AAer 10 years absence, Bishop Luther B.
Dr. WOmore observes that Methodist Church, and Dulled December If, all members are churches. The money, from the endowments' of Brick Freebrterlan win hold Us monthly. fellowship Uylton, .....1dIIIt, National Youth Council lasocUtlon, returned -
Black Power development bas Presbyterian Church, UAA. asked to be prtseot Business Church and St. Paul's Episcopal Church, win be meeting" *, December I"I1lp..U1..abtrur..rpd to lbs airways last Sunday Dec. I),will a weekly radio.1
vital win be channeled
importance con
forced black churchmen-and ******* throughRachrdninslnucrlOCtmuwCorporWaa program dedicated to yough welfare. Bis new program ,
sidered. Tbe will ffiBOCV. .
meeting rpnat ., to be present Elder Flat "Bishop Rytton Speaks Again," debuted over Radio Station
I I 'jn.at 711 West DnaL An Announcement of the new "This exciting new church Howard Is asking an those who
WOFA-.FM, and featured talks and Interviews with out shirting
LOLA'S GROCERY STORE parsons with new meaber RBOC venture, using chuck Investment broadens Rochester's win receive bonuses to be present civic and youth work leaders. .
should be present The election Investment funds, came today at commitment to the goals on Monday algat December
i 'of officers win be held. Daughter the crgaalsUlon's. first annual of RBOC* said CaseHortpresident II. These meeting win be held MOVES UP
13TI I MTIUE INIIEIIT CEIICE'Sl( Rakr Hattie L James is meeting (While formed only Maxlan, at 14S West Otion. Bishop M.
i 'klngrbbe in eight months ago,RBOC has decided serves .amhruy as Rl ocr', CJL. Pearson is la change.Ror New York., KPO Robert Brookins Gore, totmerty public
attendance Owen B. Williams to hold Us annual meetings president "1 tends the way relations director Opportunities bdustrlaUaUlon Center

'tttiitf Cr'Clrl.l' %rporter1 In October). to rmler community bYoIn.IDtid Brooklyn, has moved up a notch to the associate directorship''
to helping our tonerttry
af"7bi'net Presbyterian Church tn the UJJL office of
";' : y tj ., 'iSISTEI' IESSIEShe residents towards self.realist' SWp7 lotorfpatlos::.. rtuurQy. be win work win'ins Commission
1 Tlf .flu* Mrrfs' I tics and *t aemle-indepea. .> Sinks A oiI{ on Ecumenical. '.Mlsskni. rand Relations. He B a slaws of*
: wlU read your entire life-past.present and dines." he said. '., J
1niJ..rrisl ns.I. futureT;She asks Questions but wttJ.t*}) you j Maxios invited churches, Sudiy 'MonliflRev. ORDDlaTJOJf: flmutoume
what you want to know, giving dates and facto of tawktlons and civic groups
i litirfiits-Cikis !{business, love health and family aflalra. WU1 to invest'Is RBOC."Tbe mar D.B. Barnes, pastor of .Sudan, NI1)-.IYtosthood ordinations are scheduled,
'halt you find lost art. Tails you whom you will money available the more we SreeUWld Baptist! Church: announces to be carried out this month tot seven southern Suudanes*'
marry and when 0 the one you love Is true,what 'j can do. Everyone bas a stake that prayer meeting is' deacons who nave completed their studies at the major senftary
\ SIRIIIESa 'to do lobe successful Win reunite the separated In the future of the Inner city. held dally at the church and win of the CAl diocese m Vp*. 1\1..... have been studying\
locate absent friends and relatives. aadcaJese contiau each day uodl Christ ''
In exile since, mlssianarles were expelled from lilt'.....
(harfiinets between man and wife. Helps main mss Every one Is invtted to
tutiti. stick .up lovers' Quarrels. Tins If sickness and bad St. Like Spoisors spend 4| minutes at the church, REPLACED
luck are natural ..aIM. or If there Is u evil i i i. OuSunday morning Rev.
influence. Does not tell to pJeut 1oi.j but wfll I UUbe truth. OuT Barnes will speak from the subject Milwaukee, OfPO-n. Re,. James I. Groppl. the ec aIro- "
MR5.LOUTRAPF visit win repay roe for dluppolntinents la all others.She win Special Xmas Tea "Uk a Ship Upon Thee versialElt. priest who led a series of open housing marches
Proprietor 354.1515 rend you ills "** M apes book", bat also help Fns out of J'OII''mOUBLEI. Usher Board No. I of St Luke Sn the ctty during the past. It mo i: ; Is being replaced u id.vas -
Com .
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT-AIRS. UOLA TRAPP and see why you are so unhappy when Baptist Church will sponsor apre ****** to the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council Ills replace
(formerly of Pick; ft Pan at Ashley i Dtvls Streets) wythlng worried seems when to go wrong. Why be sad and downhearted, -Imas Ta,. pecemberIS meet Is Joseph Mo Coin, 41-year-old farmer welder who has
you can b* helped and'''1'JWDI1III4t Mills '
Viand TUB at the church, Oakley and Baptist ''trsWJtS been an assistant to the Rev G. Aubrey Young, chairman,
consulting GIFTED:
J MEDIUM wcl- '
I Open, half day on Siudty._' com. KO MAIL ANSWERED. I Bake M house. Everybody ails Don! rranklln, at 4 p A.Comrllmu affirmative action education section Equal Rights Division Wisconsin
Department of mdustry Labor and Human: Resources.
Earl M. Johnson win be the Pile
-.mistake the a druI. SBTER: BESSIE is located: north of 1..1
Ctunhurnmusav! 'I, 1/1 mile!> from CUf ol Canahan, norkla pastor.HI.speaker.. Rev M J. TroweU is The Baptist. Ministers' Wives xxaoaTATONPUtsburg

WATCH FOB BER SlGNWFftOSrTOF Alllaace Mrs. a.w. WUltams'president.
Does Across the street Siiil Nriioiol will hold Us Christ. ,WO-Administrators of Catholic charitable aps. -'
Coca-Cola from SPORTSMAN MOSL'T ,. mas banquet Ka .Deetmber des attending: the National Catholic rhtrttlts conventionswere ,, -
Open dally from I ..... to 10 p..., including Sundays.
exhorted last west to '
18, at IJO pja. at Zaniest make sure that black voices ire
have the taste CUPPING ENTrn. ; IOU TO A> .OOU.Dn+aror U.0tti hum WM VisitThe Baptist Chuck tn the dining heard la agencies dealing with the black community.: Fr. Rollins

otoal area. Husbands win be guests Lambert pastor,St. Janus eIaIar ,Qkaco.: told the adnUnlstrators -'
j superinteEiJtr Mrs. Bertha J.B: Sloshes Is ?a have the power to be &.portWadfocattI of the poor
you never get tired of? < 4 t i t : Watkins and the mint chairman of the program and DiIr.pmUec-d. tn a time when the poor are threatened
moths: Elder Mrs. Vat bias
e. with the withdrawal of resources essential for Christian or'.
of the Mt Sinai Holy Churl even human life.*
'of American, be,wiJ1 be alas Florida J.llorColt
Is it always refreshing? dry Sunday December IS. Ctttull EI.d.EWC' Ht. duet! Uill
t bier Mrs. Watklns will ,.. Lists '
deliver the morning mesaage. M.tls'S.I..1
Do Elder Mr. Watklns will review Celltgi Oitlelj ,Cittxtit'Alesaader '
things go better the Sunday School lesson and To Hue Eleclioi
deliver the evening message.The Florida Junior College at
with Coke public Is invtted. Jacksonville has released Us Here ......r. District No. t of Mt Ararat
The church Is located at lilt schedule for water classes beginning Baptist Church win meet SUM
after .West list. Elder IOI.Spartan January. Then*classes ,, toureD, well- day December: 15 at I p.....
Coke,. ., after Coke? 'fai pastor.Silroriiros. wW include day and evening known church figure and bushof in the home of Miss Evelyn.Rlghtmlfi
.......-. credit courses, conusioatty nessman, has tttt JuDtter, Each
Aid short courses and. adult-voca administrator lksor t member-isexpectedi JSt.

A+---0-a._......, tional courses., Cltlsens Home at Edward 'Put A.H.E. t
-lilt wo..i .o M.e4bMGMrirMMwwrlMY.lo01. Hmel! Sitftrs 60 Among evening centers win. Vatars College. .
t 11 lilt Ill .Jer Blgh school Members of the Corporation's I
1 To Green COM Matthew Gilbert Blgh School board: of directors mad the Usiors' Pin, i iMooliii
,The Siheralres and the Famous New Stanton Blga IdIoaI,.WUUl choke: at the college
Barren Singers are to be lean Riles BlA School EvenIng -. .yscttvUhe as di At Chuck ,
classes wUl begin a 7u.m. of tilt
We Cover More" the
on Super
Eecembtr Gospel IS ExprnsLei Day ndutt.. classes win begta at B.vnth. Episcopal District of tuba: Board'No. S of St Paul

r Rock Baptist, at, p.s.*,,, :oA YaatAary7 at..... Ik* AJnU. Ctech, is netting AJLE. Church meets Wedoes.day -
nard in keen' Cove Springs Fla r0 temporary offices In the night December$. at:
imps Islliilslisirsrsuiss. Rev Hi. lambert of Georgia seminary buOdlng at the school 't p.m.,at the church. Business
.win be la charge. Prayer for Applications for rental may beecured.theri :of importance will be cons*
lat, 'ulun Pkiti the sick will also be ACE ,Fellowship ,_ ered. M.C. Chambers"is pre
TnlstacUlry win add muck
I Mrs Johnson Is ; to sidenti
Cub Pictins (Him Fm o ) I sponsor. the beauty of the campus ft iso
How Aimicod much needed service. Completion ....... :
Joyce Sandra 6ntt is expected around the.

;J Thai Any Other Photographer The be A.CJC.at St Fellowship Peter's 401 Hourwin Lee first of the year. Christ li hick :\

J. Street. Sooty. Rev B. Wai- ,
firtaSiriiirj Catholic
Gels Center Post lace pastor. A radio Program' Temple St. Cecilia's Rom**

You"i know i'itUrb: St In JicksoiYllle, Pla.liill daughter,Joyce Sandra of Mrs Daisy Gull Ganttof .17, win ands, be Lockwood presented Is at president IW hoer. pM| Church painting of on Detroit Its celling now.has of a n,

Black done
Christ. This
refreshment buy. Spi-Spi$, Sn.ij HiB.i 3PI3SMI73 Jacksonvin lUG Broadway has been Avenae graduated, WersWp. Mselieg by DeYoa Cunningham was, a.33-.)

liily 711-3210 hull from the ToaPePolAt.! ...'.. I. *.. S the craw Skrinersof ysar-old tuCU Detroit". Edison.Company '
M IS Temp. Ito 5 Will wabtp at ,
Job Corps Center actorcompleting "
St, ....AJU.
Pried Parents a..rc..1f
: a course in health I. aEEoC
mtlms. '\. lit 1-' ..., at 1041
101. SMITH FASHION STUDIOS or cu Tongue Point is La.
:f' ffi operated by the IkUverslty of Mr. and Mrs:Jeremiah(torryj) .. dRoiw ma II vI-
: Oregon under a contract with Edwards: of SMI FreemanRend g to be present'
,;.t ", ,"_ """ ? tkehdera'eilc. of EcooomJ announce the pink of a ton, and a..... .....a..C.Qud1er. FIGHTS DISCRIMINAT10NIN
laalw.w ... ,rnwr.cwc.ewy otft14c HIM liteii TII litiris Opportunity, with the PUko- Jeremiah Lamar u of Moveaber a polar.! t JOBS =toc:4..M::

I Ford Corporation. 17ttDan111.dicslCestsr. *******.' .1100 6 St: .... .,. 0.t'a OS*


4 ,!.
." ........ .\ ... ... !

----- -

- DECtmtR 14, 19SI STIR 'Ins .... t _PACE S j

Four Clark' College, ;; Students., ? 'Receive Methodist Scholarships For 1968-1969. [ I

Eugene Butler Plans For Accreditation



Sunday School begins tt 1.30 a.m, with iIeIloteid. t sib ;
teachers' charge. Tto moraine worship begins at 1) .... and
tile evening wot Alp at I p m. Tto pastor, Rev Crawford, will, ,
deliver ht sermons of the day. Choir-No.. 1, CholrNo.: S and ; 'or -

Usher Board No.; 1 wfll serve throughout tht .,.The church g. ... -.... _'! ,_I_ I' .--/
aid tilt pastor win fellowship with New lit n"Olin Baptist at ; 1 ,
S p.m. Sunday Choir No. 1 will hart Us rehearsal Tuesday n D.! .j.
at6pm Prayer service begins at 7:30 pA. Dr. George B. Halm,'ellter 'rff. Is shown u to, along with others, outlines plans for school daring October of next ,..,. Their flndlnjcs will be.presented to the Commission on-
returning Eugene.;J, Butler Blgh School to tile fold of accredited schools In tile State of Secondary Education at the SACS meeting In Dallas ta late November. Recently the director of
FRIENDSHIP PRDOTIVS BAPTIST Florida. A facatty tlf-ttwjy evaluation program has been requested by tilt rating body tile Senior Blgh Schools, lilt Director at Junior High Schools and tile County Staff of Supervisors
Sunday School begins at 9:45 aja* vithSoperlitendenl1.. Smith, Southern Assocfatttaa of Colleges and Schools and meets each Wednesday at tilt school m tile met with the faculty in their respective subject areas to make and to receive recommendation
m charge Tht monlDC serrtct begins tt,11:10 a.m., with, left center of the picture Dr.A.1.Teens.of Florida AIM !is shown u consultant. The inspection for improving Instruction. These meetings will continue during.the remainder of tilt current
devotions led by Deacon Jo.eplMcpberamaadDh aconTa7IOP. commute;.whose recommendations. are .usually honored by tto Association: win visit tto school yearMethtdistChmliesTib
Houston. Tht pastor will preach. Deacon Winston Wart has :-- ,.
announced tile monthly meeting al tile church' Immediately -

following services. At I p.m. Her B. Robinson and congregation' Frletdj' Service Cemmlttee I LItiI I
will tlrt service for tilt deteu eiV board No. 1 tt Mt. Olin t .

Primitive Baptist Myrtle and Fourth. .Prayer meeting wlllbt Help Laud !IN Riish.
Tuesday night at 7 p,m. Will ; Zambiia Leaders, | Moiey"Foof WOOLWORTH'S

ST. THOMAS BAPTISTTbregaluorderofar :Tnt/Amtrlcaii' Friend Service Committee annovncod today Clark College students have been awarded United r
: win preTallSnnday.Sanday School the signing-ef;at .agreement with tile Zambtan' government, Methodist Scholarships for the year 1MI-'I by tilt Board imnn STORE.:M HUN SIt ,
will begin at 9:JO a.m Tbt morning worship begins at 11 a.m. to togla a self 4elp boosing program In Zambia. of Edncatloa,of_tto United Methodist Church.

R... W.C Heal, pastor will speak. Choir $o.1 will une.'The .- 'I U moat etpinrint that amity development work Is United Methodist Scholarship son of Mr. and Mrs. Octavies l J % fq/
Senior Missionary Society will meet Sunday at S p.nla tbt w* have been able to lip'luc:1I don tile Quakers hop that 200 awards cover tuition and fees Gordon of 6S7 N. E. Hth Terrace :ohr
aedttorirm of the church District No.and tile Brooklya Prayer an agreement .. ,Zambia bouse will be built during lilt np to $500 and art granted in 0a1J>>nIUe. Ref. Gordon -
Band will sponsor t testimonial tea Sunday from 4 to I pea at since only on* eflttr- UJB. private first year of tile programx on the basis of superior academic previously attended Florida
tht Brooklyn Prayer Boast in Msgnrdli. Tbt evening worship, 1I"C111 C erattagtbr.," The AFSC has long beet interested ttaadlag, leadership A ft M University and lilt University =
.begins at t.30 pm. Amidst will be presented, sponsored by u AFSC spokesman taid. II lilt self-help method ability, active chorchmanshlp, of Florida.
District No 1 darks; lilt evening hour of worship., The Quaker septa organ* to 1ISS a program cI character personality and Jacqaelya Marie Coppedp, asenior
arum ha* proposed a thru rural community development aced mathematics major from
MACEDONIA' BAPTIST year demonstration program to was begun In California under The four students are: Atlanta. Miss Copped, a
District No. S will meet Friday might la the Horn t dDeseosaid relieve tile koaslag needs, tile direction of Bard McAllis Its,. Oliver Cordon, senior graduate Archer ate:
Mrs George Coolns. Ktl Mlnosa Circle North>nmdDgal caused by mass ter. Tto program resulted la sociology: major) who makes In Atlanta Is the of
,:JO p.m. Strrkts Sunday begin with tile Sunday School at vUlaps to Industrial center ate community providing Itself his home! CSlBeckwlthStreet Mr. Leonard M. Coppedp of
':30 am., with Deacon John E. Singleton.., and hU staff of The project) site will to in tto with water while another built la Atlanta,, Georgia. A graduate mi Audrey Place N. W. in
teachers, la charge. Tbt rtriew of the Inset will be given bytht ton of Kafoe, a planned Indus .east, houses through cooperative 'of' Lincoln Florida School in Atlanta.Clemmle.
pastor or u appointee; COOMelatloG.Y1JJ begin at 10-41: trial center la. lilt toothera ua-b.Jp. The latter venture Gainesville to 1s tile Elhela Bray, a
...., with tbt pastor la chart Devotions will bt conducttd: part olIN eoatr f. was so successful that sophomore mathematks major
by tbt deacons. Mask will bt furnished by Choir.No. 1 and No. Bard McAllister, wbodlrectd U was duplkated Id several Second Baptist who graduated from Cave
3 with Mrs. Hattie Bess and Wallact Nuns at tbt IDatn DeDtl. aa use community development nearby core no unities.Tto Springs High School, ta Cave w, w {
Umber Board No. 1 and No. X rill .."t. Cboir No. S will ntetla program in Kabwe',Zambia AFSC and tile Friends Plans Saaday Spring, Georgia. She is tile
basinets/ after tbt morning! worship. District No. I will meet from 1IM to 1KI, has been Neighborhood Guild eospon- daughter of Mrs. Elbert Bray W
with tat prttldeot la the lower auditorium of the chmich after .named to direct tile selfhelphousing. solid an early experiment U For Seals Day of Ctve Spring ;vl kFz
service. Tbt following districts will meet at S:30 p a District ""... purpoM to not self-help bousing in Phlladel- VIcki Pndenc Janes, a senior (
No. 1, win Deacon and Mrs. lames Melton, Mil Phoenix; No.S Jut to bolld structur**, bat110m. pelt where a slam block was The Annual Seals Day of Second Eimentaryedncaua.Jor '
with Deacon and Mrs Clarence Jamil on Cast nth, District es t4 fotBnmt'lMtT that rehabilitated through s.U-blp Baptist Church, IM Kings who Is a graduate of Jones High
No. > la tbt hoot of Mrs. Donna Smith. 11$) Cast *4ta Street meansomethlag to people efforts.Tto Road will to Sudsy School Orlando, Florida She .
Tbt BYPU Hoar will befla at I.JO p...., with Mrs. M.L. Polite said McAllister community development Emphasis will to placed on Is tilt daughter Mr. RichardA.
presiding, The special feature will bt gins by Mrs Mlttt Oantt Bard McAllister has been tar program la Kabwe Zambia, the Importance ollD4l.l4ua.1ud' Jones of M4 Woodea Blvd,
and Mrs. Bessie Merchant. Tbt trenlnf worship begins at tM. Tolvtd U Blfb housing formerly called Broke Hill, group support of this worthy la Orlando I
p.m. Both major sermons of Way will bt dellrertd by the sine his hip school days whet began In IBM. The program movement.Services. About 800 such awards art
pastor Ret. Wilbur Burgess, assisted by Rer WUllta Barker., to helped some"Kntuckians helped to organise adult-edu for Sunday will begin given annually by lilt Methods
Weekly activities Include Prayer meeting, Twsday alght at7 JO build their own Doan He anon algid schools, sewing with tile Sunday school at I.M.Rev. Board Of Education and Its
pmt Bible Study Tuesday night at 7 JO pja. Rehearsals for graduated from Boa College, groups, and a cooperative shop J. C Sims, pastor will nationwide scholarship pro ..ri rte '
Choirs No 1 and No. I; Wednesday at I p.m | Tharsday MOB, Beret, Kentucky with aa A.B. for manufacturing furniture.Tto review the lesson. Consecration gram. More than 1,000 United
Missionary Society Prayer Meeting Friday, Teachers' meeting degree la biology la 1M1, and American Friends Service rites for tile deaconesses.there Methodist Scholarships have
at 7.JO p.m, choir: rehearsals for No. t and No. 4 at I p m. Tbemonthly from New York University la1M1 Commute Is a Quaker and lilt choir will be at10.4S. been granted since tto program
conference will be Tbarsday before the fifth Sunday.Mrs. with a, M.A la .community servke organisation which op- : The morning worship ..started ta IMS.
Bessie Merchant Is reporter.' organisation. .rate* tea regional offices In will begta at 11 am Rev. Funds for the support of thesescholarships
Bard McAllister has directed ,the United States and approtlmalely Sams wUl speak.Tto art received from
BETHLEHEM BAPTIST and served u consultant for twenty overseas offices Baptist Training Union local: Methodist churches on lilt .
Sunday School betiu at ISO am..Ito,morat&gat orA Ot "epit rwJy, .tff1 working to promote social: matt begins at 9.41. Evening worship, I basis of a church-wide offeringon I .w
.. 11" -a... Tbt,BTU begins.a1I'...,and thl."t prp ct. U In-, teoBomJc. :, pre wthrough, will begin at 7pm. The Prar ,. United Methodist Stadenti i
at I pD..l'n1er4.uq wUbe.M 7oSlUd") '. nonvUileof and recoocfltng n'-n( .1)Q"11mr wW be bald &I'JDa i ,. the MCaearimpyLJawj I I
Christmas program will be Sunday, December tt. Mrs. Vivian' US \IphlA.iniyIIrayTilat{ man encounters. Tto AFSC t ...* Tto ,Sunday School Clark eou...' II a private,
Wilson Is reporter TbecbarthUlocatedatlllS Ma41IGI tre.L. Nova Scotia.and :VUaUa, Call has long experience la pro officers' and teachers' council Methodlst-rtlated Institution la
Rev, ".1.. Williams is pastor.EMAMIKL toralA. .grams dealing with urban problems Will to ,Friday at 1 p m Atlanta with over 1.000 stadents. -'
A groat deal of wort has to including work in race .
** *
BAPTIST to don before construction relations' equality of employment ;
Tar teac.btra'ttUAc and tile prayer meeting will bt held at begin according to M JI1Ittr. and boosing.Tto .
tht usual boor with lilt pastor and officers la c.barp. On Wednesday "to! order to bait a true community voM-wlde work of tile Callus Park
Choir No. t will rehearse at I p m OB Thursday at noon It 1s ,Important that AFSC Is Reported by private x
tht prayer service will be held at lilt chart Choir No. 1 will everyone who will to building contributions from per COLLEGE PARK; Tto First Rigdon
rehearse at I p,m. Tbt malt charms will rehearse al 140 p.m. together rats aoqualated," he sons of many religious faiths., Baptist. Church will hav reg-
Sunday School befins at ':30 aja-1 with Mrs. Mamlt Fields and said. "".. participants\ Mea and women of many races, liar service Sunday, beginning .
Deacon George Smith la charp. Tbe lessons will be reviewed bL to, lean about tto problems creeds and nationalities tern' with the Sunday school at 10 a.m
by u appointee Consecration held at 10:60i.m Tbe moraine of home ownership' tnd ftmnclngas u staff and participate la lilt with Superintendent James MeCutctooa HEAT & 'AIRCOHDJTJOHIHG
worship begins at 11 arm with lilt deacons charp. Preachlnf .well as bask construction programs.Twominis. in charge. its morning f
begins al IS BOOB. Tbe BTU begins at I p m with Deacon James techniques. Ooce this com worship begins at 11J3 'r1p
Phillip la charp. Tht evening worship begins at 1.30: p m. with devotloas by aaappointee.
Choir No. t and tile Male Chores and Uher Board Nun I will Choir Mo. 1 will fellowshlp .
_nl. Mrs. Marian. Carter and Mathew McCoy villa la charpof Ii with St. Peter's Choir

made. Sunday evening at St. Peter's Centralist year bone with rty
church. The business meeting Central
Heatltg/ and Air
NEW REDEEM :" .will be Saturday at 1 p.m.B.T.U Conditioning System.
Sunday School begins at I.JO aJt..with the superintendent mmd will to at I p.m. 'neI11&tlMr.
teachers la charp. The lesson vii be reviewed by the pastor, WaN THE &IBLCev vice begins at ':JO Choir No.S
Rev. Norman. The moraing worship begins at 11 I..., with cotMtuwe ... STAM MIS. rehearses at S p.m. 8a1urda,. '
tht deacon la char pot devotions Choirs$o.3 and Vat u Board .== Neal,.tMOy eooenr IONWISO0u / Choir No. 1 rehearses Wednesday 5123 IllCKIIIN II.
No. 3 will serve during tht daft Mrs finale Jackson will bt Ia 1I at 130. Rev '.D.> DlYlIl1 '
chug erf auk District No 3 will meet at 4.30p.m. District pastor. Mrs. Julia M. Barnes .PI 311-7533
No I will meet at I p... Both groups meet at the chart Tht I or FOOLISHNESS? U reporter
at 1 The will at both ,
evening worship begins p.m. pastor speak .. ''I
services. Tht Christmas rehearsals will bt Wednesday and That Apollo spare trip. some risen to en .B time high- nd it 1 ...... ._ __ __
Friday at 8.30 p m. Prayer meeting 1s TMsdayalght at 7.30 p.m. weeks ego. war ""l1lO1Mthlnat rising fetter eU the time. .
Bible study: will follow, at I.p.m. u. GH. ,4+mhb :J'tI1tIi.Ol.ctor What good will tt do us to
of the moon Undlng program achieve landings on the crust of ,
GREATER SWEETF1EU BAPTIST Mud "ApoUo 7 '''*' 'mdibn.' dissipate our moral strength In
es a perfect:
Sway School begins at I.MaJn RMcKtnnoaand teachers will
bt la cterp. Tbt moraing service begins at 11 a.m,.The evening raw How! How proud wise tnI.\Wj*,.gr1.t'fJUf| M wi dishonesty.crime! Immorality vice and .

serrkt begins 1.30p.m.Rev.D.B.Barnespastor, will deliver er.l) It Is In this very conection: that vi--
Americans V..VO'f shat our
both sermon Tht consecrattonofaUeholrsaadtstors. win take achievement is a few.waki old. St. Paid wrote by Inspirttion of er MAM
place la tile Prayer Room with Rev..Deaals Caston: la eharp. I.t'l look at It light. God Tor the preaching of the k '
Devotions will to W by lilt deacons. Deacon Most Brooks II.cb&1nu.a. of whole Liar iAl.} cross M to those who perish foolishness
.. Jbe piayo.fil ym rican. but unto us who are
There will be aa early Clrl.ltmalllnke at 845 ref
Christmas 1s fl:30p.m. 14by lite.let's saved It Is the power of God For cJiiChhI.
morning. Prayer meeting Tuesday
fec America lip.r. i
It. Momattrafaml+
it written I will destroy the wisdom
lilt 6eacons.BiUe stedy. wUl be at 1 p Jt Rer. Banes II tile haps the most violent of lYi" of the wise, and bring to
instnictor. Cboir No. X rehearses Wednesday at 745p. Choir
ized" nations.nd we cant teem nothing the understanding of the ." .
No. 1 will rehears Thursday at 7.-4S p.m. Tie.)sato choir will to curb the rapid growth in crime. prudent" (I Cor. 1:18.19): A a ere ec aroa rw af'aaJ m slaw
rehearse Saturday at I p.m.Tto Banes Cfcojr win retoars, Our women din* hot'wallpthe The world with all Its wisdom
Satarday at 1:30 p m. ;Members are eked to.report>pledges, streets of many,''of;'Our 'Urgercities cannot live itself. It Is only 011 nratauss
to the leaders or to presidents. Rt,. Bants Is.pastor. et night-entf;none' of us Christ's dMth on the cross that
din walk through sorrel toc 4Jtte can teve. for there our sins were
It0I81Cl6 *. From shoputting armed paid for that we might to ""' ... Do' yoa hale tibnVtlwaf the bl- '
{Salty School begins at ':JO..a with Mr ;.Blrtha Crlffla andjfetctors robbery from IntMicetion to fled freely by'Cod's "grace gait crisis our nation
,la charp. TAN pastor will review tht .... Tbt :'dope addiction. from as/auk to through the redemption that It In has ever.
morning worship begins sill I..., with the pastor la charpAt murder crime iruAmenca .,hes Christ J" I",(Rom 3:24). Do aced, the'raclal crisis? 97

evening service begins at 1.30 p.m. sirs. _Eva M. Gilbert LET IT GET YOU DOWN"For I you have'sucgest10ns :rou'is"11te !
JlaecrttarJ.: Rt>( D. McEMa,1s pastor. -- ,to make to the Black and the White-

this causes I my out to God and arose feeling sure. leadership about_ how to solve it?
"yua'm ZKMfSnday tae unto the iFet. hard,our that the Lord would s:. him Do to"
you want
School begins at I.X La. WUIa'WUlJe* J. Johnson.superintendent. Lord Jesus Christ" ([ph. 3:14):I I through. : hear what other
t. In charp. Tbe morning worship begins at 11' When edversity *tnkesk the It is good for us to get downon ordinary citizens ask peopleiJohn
ajt. with the pastor la diu,.. TIle evening worship begins world keep taro'III: "Dcrft M our k...*. before God. There lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and :
at IJQ p .. Prayer meeting ls bald at 7 pja. Tiwsoays. Choir It get you. down." but believersin I is no attitude more appropriate what sort of 397:
No. 1-r.Wras on Wad. Mir. All members are argil to pay the Lord Jesus Christ have to the redeemed sinner. And es answers they come up.
their ones. Ita,.AJ. Warren pastor. -. leemed that It '.. ,good to' ''let I we prey often ftlteringry.The ? with? Make yourself heard and hear it
(If,v troubles end difficult get them Spirit also helpeth our all on NIGHT CALL, the- new nation- ,
down--down on their ..... Infirmities; for w* know not what ,
I1T. gALZM DAPTT'y ,. A wide telephone call-in show.W'
native evangelist Africa we should for .
prey as we ought
Sunday School begins at ':JO era. win Superintendent jack lit outside his hut d'scounged but the Spirit Himself maketh intercession : Listen to the sounds of Christmas in hi-fi and
Green presiding. Tto lesson topic; !"''rriewtdbJ tar pastor.Tbe and unhsppy. Trouble end disep- for us with groupings RHC11:3I: RJJTI 1230LM.: 'stereo! Hear top recording artists sing carols,
morning devotions begin at 11. Deacons Norman TrtuI pointment hd brought ",rut which -
cannot be uttered.
and other {
0. Wlttert will be la cM ge.. Choir No.'land Usher Board Nun 1' coldness- into J"t! ,headend he "And He that fcearcheth the ., TkfIujI mitill ,- holiday avorit Elvis; Presley Bing J
will serve tHrongboet tto day At .3 pja. District Ho 3 wifl seemed ready to give up. The Milts knoweth what it the mind CiUuj: 2l2.74f.33U Crosby,Jim Reeves:Ed Ames, and many morel I

present a pr-Christmas Tea la tto iadltortam..Tto evening ::mrd, he felt, jnedYfDr3eksnV I of the Spirit because He mtketh 1J 1f.t4M1 CUUrta'i !
devotions begin at I pja.Deacon, Jack Gre aand Comtlln Cal-. I Intercession for the stints ..c.I Released with .2968o696
As he Mt there though, his cording to the In cooperation
will of God.
bona win preside. The pastor or kls t ol te-win brag the' '
Oa Monday sight Choir No. I will rehears. little girl leapt mtdgittg Jikn. fro I "And we know that all things Rational Council of QurclleaCa1b I
meedtc aerate wfll be Tuesday algid Tim Christmas ,..-,sail win eying":i "P rweY. that love God. to them Florida Cocoon -
who Jf Cbwrcb.
.J' )l1f. ere $.
tegia at I '. Ttmrsday nlsbl Is caolr rehear sal ...Rs.
Fjnelly tt workiW,1j+e evangelist I the called according: to Hit purrpow" WIiOL""al-TwWi
.RoprspastojaUs.C,8jsmxsv reporter. v :Tn went inside;.poihr redjus heart i .(Rom 8:26-28)., : .


t, !
1 : ...... ,Y'
.... .. '. 1
... ... ......... "" .rtSATURDAY

"..;< ." ,?......- ", "t.' ."
: 0'" .


.IUIIIIT. DECEMBER 14.1361 STAIjpns:;; Pair 4 ;

I Christian Church Must Relate Itself To Blacks And' Entire Negro Community, l

(lilted. PmfcyterfM LeiderOitltaes -

Helping Vietnamese Refugee "

Profrm Of Action -. Religion And, Race

Hew York The Christian Church cannot expect to 11II"' ', Li
vtve UM present period of world cr1all without a raolcal change 7REUBOR
>la Its relationships with black Christians: and the whole black AIm RACE
community, a noted theologian sirs la fin 'cat rent tune of Princeton, N. F., QCPQ- The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy J
Church and etroDollS.' pesldent,loathers CbrIIUu IaderIhlpC IIIICD.pYI aa.L. .James
The Rer. Dr Gayraud S. for that matter,black churches : ., Reed:Memorial lecttrt n Miner chapel, Princeton Tbeologkal ,
Wllmore. Jr., chairman of t the es.- reassess their role. seminary on Monday, Dec. I. The memorial lecture j
United Presbyterian Division. .The time has come, be asserts ftl series was named. after a seminary graduate of the class of !
of Church and Race,'makes the "when we, who bare ,.fl 1IH, who-was bully beaten at Selma, Ala., March 11, IMS,
point in an article on. "Tbe" accepted from(white Chrtotlanan faring h11 rig t march.UY -, !
Case for a New Black Church hands a religion devoid
Style." His discussion of what of tl ethic relevant to our real PREACHER
Black Power means to black (black) situation. aDd a culture
churchmen: .-and to black andwhite la which we were never per.. t Saa Francisco, QtP1. Mra.Pooh Maxwell,a back lay mem* '"
churches.-appears in the mitted to participate on equal }4q bet of tile 100-rear-cId amt Presbyterian church onPotrero
tan Issue of the maculae terms, must stand back to reassess 4 Sin bat beet. installed as by preacher for the crape fatim. ..
lished quarterly by the Joint our relationship to our f 9c'fr Aa active member of the Presbyteriaa Commission oa Religion>
Strategy and Action Committee. ova people and to the hostile sad Race sad the Presbyterian mterracal council, she has bees
There Is an ardent need for society to which the white, tertted' to act as advisor for a local Presbyterian Economic A
new styles of black-whlte re. church continues m servile aceommodatloa. Development eorporatioa now being formed.
latlonships within the church, W.mOlt shod !
Dr. WOaore says, adding: back and be In a strategic azote A DEEP DfTOLTEMEirT NEEDED
Black churchmen predomtnately from this unequal engagement b
white denominations, this degrading debUlta Chicago: KPO-More than 100 United Methodist Districtpertetendeuts
b I know' well that the real Question ting embrace, until we nave recovered L1 ... sad t like Bomber of other animal conferences
1, Is not whether these oar own sense of Identity officers have bees ebilee fed to become "more deeply Involved
churches can become truly integrated our true relationship to the n the mission of the coreb-vNb special emphasis oa helping,
on Sunday marital, people we serve and until thewhite to answer the plight of t the poverty-stricken, the hungry and
bat whether to the next 2) to church Is ready to eater those with unreasoning hatred of their fellowmea because of
80 years, these churches will Into that partnership to life and race, creed religion sad other starts la life. The Involvement
bare aay meaningful contact mission which Is able to renew sought to m Has with the denomination's quadrenaial theme d"A
with black people at an I? the whole church of Christ. f New Church for t New World
raid stake, be writes.Is Dr. WUmore's views and '
rely Integration, but those of several otter black; C RECOMMEKD1 MAJOR EFF02T
rather "tbe rlablUty of tile church leaders will be presented '. .
Christian Church lathe hailed In a Theological ProJect 4 Detroit, om>-"" Catholic church mast reprepare "to
States.and perhaps as apart of the October' realistically cope with the needs of tbe poor,unorganised and
CM1t- tloa. It is the Question 29-Kovember I convocatloB of ..represented*' wherever problems exists> declared a reeomaeodatioa -
of whether or Dot this church' the National Committee ofMegro of tbe Community AOalrs> commission, Detroit
I ; ... ,...... .,. .... ...
Churchmen la St.Louis .k.
can any lancer encompass within Arcbdlocesaa Synod Tbe rtcommeadatioa was ODe aloe
it tile masses of non-white Mo. '_ BDCf SON, South Yleam.Americaa Red Cross eerie GeneC. was one cliO Americas Red Cross staff members working wtth specific proposals. which were prepared from some 1/JOO:
person, who make up the ma*' aLL;, supported by all deMcmloatloea RoUomaa, 1U2J Stanford Avenue, Los Angeles, California, South Vietnamese Red Cross counterparts to the refugee program Ideas for church renewal.SELF .
Jortty of the peoples of theearth t*4 the National examines young Vietnamese war refugee at one of 4S camps Americas Red Cross is recruiting additional male nurses for the
without undergoing radical Council of Cburthes, *as or* operated by the Red Cross In cooperation with U.$.Agency for teams. ARC Photo by James Caccavo. HELP PACT.
chances to Its ID standing pall to provide' cooperative International Development la war-tora South Vietnam.Miceo oUoaau
of Us purpose. .* B may be planning and programming Lusaka, (HP0-- setf-help housing program Is to operated'
necessary for tile church to dismantle among tilt chinch bodies,primarily Temple New Yerk Chick AlltciU Holy HiilstetiilAllinct Jointly by tile Americas Friends Service Committee and the'
Us orfuliatlcoal strictures Is race, poverty and independent African sale. of Zambia. Aa agreement between
for mission and to and ,experimental mission work IBPOE Will Heel the AFC and tile Z&mbI& government ricSellor tilt beglaatog i iof
"Its tslcccsformltytoguro. Member denominations are the Eirfowneits For lisiiess u Initial project m the ton' of Kafne.RETDRMS .
pan> theological traditions and Americas Baptist Convention,. Oi December 19
Anglo-Saxon styles of.life and Episcopal Church, Presbyter* Rochester, H.T. Growth capital for Rochester's Inner-city SudeyHoilMyHeet TO AQt
structures of taint," be declares. has Church la ON UoltedStates Pride of Maceo Temple !Co.IIIIBOJII.WaPtt'nulrI4t1, businessmen win be more readily available la the days aheadas
United. Church of Christ,United the result of a commitment to Invest 110,000 by two local The Bogy Ministerial AAaaot 0Jbc0. QtPo-Affer 10 years absence Bishop Luther B.
Dr. WUmore observes 'that Methodist Church, and DrattedPresbyterlu December II, all members are churches. The money, from the endowments of Brick Presbrterlaa win bold Us monthly fellowship Ryltoa, president, National Ted Council, itsoclitlon, re-'
Black Power development has Church, tILA asked to be present Business Church and St. Penis Episcopal Church, win be meeting Sunday, December IS. tuned to the airways hut Sunday (Dee. I),wash a weekly radio j
of vital Importance will be coosldered. channeled throat Rochester BusiBMaxnrtunltiMCarnoraU ..An mbtri
forced black cbarelima--aad .. <: at I p. me are urged "
-- --- dedicated to welfare. His
youth new
******* Tbe meeting will snog.( Elder Flai program program,
opea to beprnee. "
"Bishop Ryttaa Speaks Ap te. debated ever Radio StaUoa
at I ,.... at 711 West DoraL AH Howard Is an wbo
Announcement of tile new "This txettlag new church acting those WOPA-J M, and featured talks:. and Interviews with -* digdvk
LOLA'S GROCERY STORE persons with veer members RBOC venture, using church InvestsMot broadens Roches win receive bonuses to be present and youth work leaders. -
should be present The election tevestmeut fund, came today at ttr'. commitment to the goals oa Monday atop,December:
'of officers win be bell. Daufh* tilt organisation's first annual of RBOC,' said Ca.e-Boyt II. These aweting will be held MOTES CP
1311 t ITIHE IFIUEIIT unu'S1 tot Raltr Haiti L Jaws Is meeting. (While farmed only president William Manias,who at 1451 West thtioa. Bishop M.
asking every daughter to be la eight months ago,RBOC has decided serves voluntarily u RBOC's C.A. Pearsoa Is to charge.Revl'DaIares New Tort OtP)-AaD.tt Brookus Gore, formerly public: '
attendance Owen B. Williams, to hold its annual meetIngs -' president "1 toads the way relations director. Opportunities frfhttrM'p1"! Center

1 .'Ntlltt Cr.cerln-, .reporter% la October). to greater community Involvement Brooklyn has .moved' up a notch to the associate directorshiportbVtfe&K ',
:5c.uPbe I la wiping our iaaertay ;'r'/dbiariuCavcb" : la tile DJX office oftt&rtaa
rt., '# f1I'r. 'G' SlSYER' resttenU towards self-reellmtloa ... II' tl t. :: .'frrtmarily. be win work with'the Cotaatsaloa'
T If 1 ta" IESSIE I tcosemle*ladepea. *. SpnksSudiy Octl.SMI r j' "
and ;
1ft._ I oa Ecumwdda. .Mtssioa. and Relations. He ka alumna nit
wlJU l read your entire. life-past,pr""l8d dence." he said. -
'iid .Trssl' flsr futur ;She a-ks no questions but wlU.UU you'what Mince Invited churches, 'Honlig' ORDWATIOK .{
you want to know, gtriag dates and dads ofbusiness foundations. sad elate gray
'ItirllltsClbsSIIIII ( lore health and. family affairs Will to tovust la B.."".. more Rev. D B, Barnes, pastor ofSweetOeld Dut.oca..u. OfPl-PrSutIoo4 .
!1It1i you find lost art. Tells you whom you win' money available, the more we Baptist Church, aa* to be tarried out this. month tor ..via eontbenlcodrnue'
marry aad rhea tt the one fOIl r.Is true, what 'j can 00.. Everyone.. a stake bounces hat prayer meeting Is' oeaeons who bare completed their studies at the major sem'-nary
($ to do to be successful.Wffl reunite tbe separated, la tile future of the Inner city. held daily at the church aad win of the G U diocese m Uganda. rte aevea have bees studying I
locate absent friends and relatives, and CUlt continue each day until Christ la exile: since mastanarles were expelled from the'....'
.happiness between maa and. wife Uelps makeup mas. Every oat Is Invited to
I t tsrrpists Stick lovers' qjarrels. rice if sickness aad bad \ St. like Spoisors spend 4|minutes at the church.Ou REPLACED
luck are natural enemies, or U there to u evil UUUUUVMUPtaQ Sunday meralag Rev.
-* Does act till topleutfO ,W..w I U ball lath OneT Barnes will tt.- from(he subject Milwaukee (NPQ-Tbo Rev. James E. Groppf, the contra?
D. LOU 1111" visit win repay you for tflappntntments la all others.She will Special Xmas Tea "Ltte a Ship lk a The venial white prod who led a series of riles housing marches

)'rcprNorl1fmER 35I.I575. read TROUBLES.you ";Come Ute U epee book' bed also .. P yon out of your Usher Board Nor 1 of St. Luke n the city daring the put II month. ,, Is being replaced as advisor .
KEW MANAGEUENT-MKS.; : LOLA'TRAPP and tee why you are so tahsppg, what Baptist Church will sponsor a ** **** to the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council. His replacement ''
jrerythlng seems whenwrong.. Why be sad and downhearted. Tea. Is Joseph Medals, 41.y.ar.old former welder, who hag
formerly of Pick Pay at Ashley i Davis Streets) sick and worried be helped! and pre-Imas December
everything made
Baptist Mills Itrs been u assistant to the Rev. a Aubrey chairman
.. \l ar by coasuUlog TUB GIFTED MEDIUM IS, at the church, Oakley and Toong ,'
Everybody welcome. FraaUla. at 4 A.e"-M"". affirmative actioa education sedlo,, Equal Rights DlvlsloaWU-
Open. half day 011&udy. NO MAIL ANSWERED. I make p '
: no house calls DaD
courts Department of Labor..
mdustry Unman Resources.
;Mistake tbe address asTER BESSIE Is located north of Earl M. Johntaa win be theWeak. Wiles Pin I..el ,
Caiman on UJ. '1, I/I mills from City of Ci. ahaa. nor.... .,. Rev. M J. Trowel Is EXBOaTATONPlttshurg
The Matson
Phew: 1711150."A pastor.HI. Baptist Wires
TeB FOB AUUftce. Mrs. B... WUliamspresldeat '
EEHSlGNWFftaTTOF BOUSE Across tbe street (a PO-Administrators of CathoUe char lle
Does Slut NtfifiilW win hold Its Christ agca-1
Coca-Cola from SPORTSMAN MOTELopt banquet das Pe.h1igIIa CatboUe Charities conventions .
mas Monday.Deeestbtr ,
dally from I .... to 10 Suodays.
p.m. .la, at Sao pja. at Emaaotl were exhorted hut week to make sure that back vokes art''
have the taste 'THg CUPPING' ENTTfl*. IOUTOAt>JOREADiNCtortXa)! liNers Visit Baptist Church la the
Busbaads ..uI1II guests lambert, peter,St. hmeaehorch.Oka&o,told 1M 14aa1a1atra.1
The national svpariatendeat.EUtr Mrs.- Bertha J JC: Unchea Ischalraua tort,"You' the power to be Important advocates of the poor
you never get ,tired of? Watkins, aad. tile national. of the program. aad under-prtv Ueged, a t time when the poor are threateaed
moths:, Elder lira Watklas.of .
with the withdrawal of
resources essential for Christian, or.
the ML Sinai Boly Church bane 1 Ufa.1CtttriH
s 'of Aaericaa, be.,win be totbe Florida Julor
Is it always refreshing? city Sunday, December IS. Elected Ht. ArwH. Uill
Elder Mrs. Watklas will CoM,.. lists
deliver the moraing mesaage. Hoots Seeds
Do Elder Mr. Watklas will review College QitletsFlorida EWC'CIIIIHS', '
things go better the Sunday School ksaoa and To Hero Eledioi
deliver the Juator College at
evening message.The
with Coke public Is uvtted. Jacksonville has released Its H... MniirAlexaader District Ko. I of ML Ararat
The church located at 1141 schedule tor winter classes be- Baptist Church win meetSoMoay

after West list. Elder ......Sputa ginning lardy.classes CottreO. well mi at SnIp
Coke..... after Coke? ;11 pastor. will eves- knows church Cgurt and bualaessmaa la the .
.*.....-.. Ing credit courses,commuaity has. beet choaeaaradmaistrator .Hlghsmtth .1 Jupttur. Eachaumbartoaxpectedi
SilfertJre Aid short courses and adutt-voca- of the Senior t

ease/Yea.R wrr.rwn..sM.e.r.' .........sNe.r. ._........ iNGraaeM HineU Siiters 60 local Among conies even ag. 'centers wtfl be Clttseas Waters dime Home at Edward SI. "Pail A.H.E.. t tUskers

Eugene Butler High school Corporation's
M dieaa c Maus To Greet Cove Matthew Gilbert Blgh Wool board. of directors made thedr.ctortyyamh f'-i!' !\
The Slhtralres and the Fam New Sastoa High School Winiams choice at me coDege.
oas Barren Singer are to be Raines High Wool Evea-. o earveguaf di HeeKii AlC.irck
classes W111 .. : ,
We Cover More" oa the Super Gospel Express lag bIIia at'lp. activities the
Eecember 15. at the Day adutt classes win begta at .Eleven. Episcopal District of rjuhec Board'Ito X-of SL Pail
Lei Rock Baptist, at I pma .., >ji l.-.r11 at Ita- fea AJCE.'Church, is netting AJLE.'Church meets Wednes.day -
Chrck seen Cove Sprngs, Fla. up temporary offices Ism.seturr algbt December, at!
.,P Snips. fil.iifsAniiirsiriis. Rev. R.L. Lambert of GeorgUvUl buOdiag at t the school. 't p.... at the church.Business
Z be la charge. Prayer" for Applications for rental maybe :of Importance will be cam*

lily Pninss Plats tbe sick will also be giv., ACE FoHowsbrf aocured.fher This *win ered. M.C, Chambers.Is preaidenta .?
Mrs Johnson Is factnty add much to
Club Pittiru (Alins rill) sponsor. the beauty of tbe campus ft Is
Heir AiiNicod a snch needed service. Com. .****** |
Joyce Siidn Gain pletion Is expected around tbe-
:'J. Then Any Other Photographer win The be JCL at St Fellowship Peter's, 4Qt Boar Lea first. of the year Ckrist li hack :\

J: Street, Sonday. Rex B. Wai- labia
T i -> Gets Job Cotter Post lace Pastor'A radio TMipliShfrten St. Cecilia's aomu Gmolki

You know it.' It's iirb St: In Jacksonville, Fli.liiliy daughter,Joyce Sandra of Mrs. Daisy Gaatt.lT. Gaattof ?, win Lmda be Locfcwood presented Is at nresideat..Program.t low,,. PHttuoruur Church painting of oa Detroit Its ceUing II W..' .of. a L>*

Black! dona.
Christ. This
refreshment buy. .?..5ii, Sufi. Hn... Span lUG Broadway!, has beea Avenue.Jacksosin graduated. W.rsble" Mltlill by DeToa CwiOngham was, a.33%

35S.JJ73 lair 7II-32U Efiilifs Job from; the Corps Tongue Center Point Womea'a.after I.'tC.* T... .No.otShrtaenofRabla L W1U woahp at Company year-old executive.Detroit Edison S

completing a coarse la health Proid PireitsMr R. Pant L3LE CIIcQ,,Myrtie
e 13th. Samaey at 1OU ....
SMITH FASHION STUDIOS occupations. Tongue Point Is
101. ,..
,l i operated by the Ikdverslty of ucMri JeremiahZerry) tag an. Ctorp Da1a II .... EE'OC i
i eke 1 Oregon under a contract with Edwards of 1M FruemaaRok.announcu Xoblec bo present
bonrgrorrerarestw. :< ,.' :-:- 'tie- .federal'office ofEjMoomJOBportunlry the birth. of a aos, .ad oa u...14v.tcCYsdlarto fiGHTS DISCR1M1NATIOM'IN !
ca w to
: Jactsmr-.W. BottllnCo) 1SIMI liciii Tu litins win ono PUlco- Jeremiah u of November pastor. JOBS =- ?4
Ford Corporation. 11,11DeralILedkdCeder. '*,****!*'*' ,1100 P It: I... .W'1k D.CZ0506"


t '. ,!1
111 .
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m io>t lictmti 14 19n .
tm rum
_. ... .__ __ rut s !

- Four- Clark College;; Students 'Receive Methodist Scholarships For 1968-1969 1 |tl tl.CHURCH'

( Eugene Butler Plans For Accreditation


cote S11NS BAPTBT !
Sunday School begins at 1:30: am, with iuputntendiot'n and
teachers' In charge. Th morning worship begins at U a jn. and' j'mg
the evening worship at 6 p m. The pastor Rev Crawford,will" I,
deliver the set moos of tilt day. Choir No.. 1, Cholr- )o. S and
Usher!Board No.; 1 will serve throughout the.day.;The church; 'r_ =. .. I : ..
and the pastor win fellowship with Hew Ut-Olive Baptist at t _'.._ ; it j ,
S p.m. Sunday Choir No. 1 Y111h.... Its rehearsal Tuesday ," .u.. "'.:.. D.! -
at 6pm Prayer service begins at ':30 pjn. Dr. George B. Nairn, 'center'right is 'shown U he, along with others, outlines plans for school during October of next year. Their flollnja Will be.presented to the Commission! oa
returning Eugene J, .Butler Bit** School to tilt fold accredited schools the State of Secondary Education at the SACS meetinc In Dallas m tate November. Recently the erector of
FRIENDSHIP PRQimVK: BAPTIST Florida. A faculty sett-study evaluation program has been requested by the rating body the .Senior High Schools the Director iI Junior High Schools and the County Staff of Supervisorsmet I
Sunday School begins at 8:45 ajs, wlthSaperlnteodentL.Smith, Southern Associatta of College and Schools, and meets each Wednesday at the school m the with the faculty: in their respective subject areas to make and to receive recommendations
in charge. The morning service begins at,.11:10 a.mwifh. left center of tbepktarDr.A.S.THltcl Florida AIM is shown u consultant. The Inspection for Improving Instruction. These meetings will continue daring.the remainder of tilt current
devotions led by Deacon JosephMcPherson and Deacon Taylor: committee/;,_whose recommendations- are .ctnally honored by the Association win visit the school year
Houston.. The pastor will preach.. Deacon. Winston War has ;, 0 .
announced the monthly meeting at the church immediately ..* .
following services. At p.m. Rev B. Robinson and congregation.< Fries***' Service. Ce..lttee 1 t Ucil MethodstCbirckes Tike I

will give service for the deae mess' board No. 1 of aft. Olive ; -
Primitive Baptist, Myrtle and Fort1..Prayer meeting will b*. oJ"y
Tuesday night at 7 p.... Will, HI". ZaMbisB' Lenders Lead IM RiisiHf' MoieyiFouf WOOLWORTH'S '

ST. THOMAS BAPTBT "7beAmrIctt; ,Friends Service Committee announced today Clark College students have been awarded United I It
The regular orderotankevinprevalSmkj.Smldi7&boolwill the -'signing-of:aa agreement 'with the ZarhMan government Methodist Scholarships for till year 1968-49 by the Board cmim STHE-3H nunMomaurafand 31tI'

beta at 9:30 .... The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. to b fit a self-help.housing program In Zambia. of Education of_th* United Methodist Church._ _

Rev. W.C.Meal, pastor will speak. Choir Ho. 1 will 11"11111, ,'B is mosf aJfaincant that amity development work Is United Methodist Scholarship son or Mr. and Mrs. Octavles / nr iWh : 'zfd
Senior Missionary Society will meet Sunday at I p.m. la the we have been able to sign inch: don the Quakers hope that 200 awards cover tuition and fees Gordon of 657 N. E. 16th Ter* : ;''
auditorium of the church District Ho.land the Brooklyn Prayer aa agreement wlm,Zambia, bona win be built during the up to $500 and are granted race la Gainesville. Rev. GOT \
Band wUl sponsor a testimonial tea Sunday from 4 to 1 p m at aloe only ODe other OJB. private first year of the program OB the basis of superior academic don previously attended FloridaA I
the Brooklyn Prayer Bouse, 317 Magnolia. The erlatng.orsblp, agency II operating/ there,'' The AFSC has long bees la* standing, leadership t M University the University I I ;
begins at e.30 p... A musical will be presented sponsored by aa AFSC spokesman said. terested .la the self-help meth 'ability active chnrchmanshlp, of Florida.Jatq1ItlJallarle. I
District Ho 1 daring the evening hour of worship. ,The.Quaker service organ!. od. In Ins a program of Character, personality: and Coppedge, a
tallo* has proposed a three rural community developmentwas need. senior matllt1lla1Scllltljor. from
MACEDONIA BAPTIST year demonstration program to begun la California voder The four students are: Atlanta Miss Coppedgt, a
District Wo. J will meet Friday might la thehom* of Deseoand relieve the housiag needs, the direction of Bard McAllis Rev. Oliver Cordon, a senior graduate of Archer High School
Mrs George Goggins, &m Minoan Circle North,beflnalng caused by mass migration ter. The program resulted la sociology major who makes ia Atlanta, Is the daughter of
at 7.30 p.m. Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at Ullages to Industrial centers, one community providing Itself his home at 65J BeckwithStreet Mr. Leonard M. Coppedg of
.JO a..., with Deacon John E. Singleton'Jr., and his staff of The project) site will be la the with water while another built IaAtlantaGorge. graduate 1661 Audrey Place N.' W. la
teachers, la charge. Th review of the lesson will be given by town of JC&ra1. a planned Indus. .awn, houses through cooperative 'cl' Lincoln High School la Atlanta.Clemml.
the pastor or aa appointee.; Cannel alias .win be fit at 1045a : trial center la fh* southern II .IIeJp. The Utter venture Gainesville, Florida, be Is tilt Ethela Bray, a
.m.. with the pastor la charg Devotions will be conducted part of the country. was ao successful that Bophomor mathematics major
by the deacons. Mute will be furnished by Choir.Ho. 1 and Ho. Bard McAllister, whodlrect tt was duplicated U several Second Baptist who graduated from Cave
3 with Mrs. Rattle Dean and Wallace aims at the IDItn DeDtI. ed aa AFSC community development .. nearby communities. Springs High School, la Cave
Usher Board No. 1 and No. t will serve. Choir No. 3 will meet program -la Xabwe,2am The AFSC and the Friends Plus Snndiy Spring Georgia. She is the
.In business after the morning worship. District No. I will meet Ma from 1964 to 19U, has been Nleghborbood Guild cospon daughter of Mrs. Ett-ert Bray
with the president la the lower auditorium of the chuch after' Mined to direct the ntfhelpnoosing. eared aa early experiment la For Seals Diy of Cave Spring.
service. The following districts will meet at 3.30: p m District "11at purpose la not self-help housing In Philadelphia Vkkl Prudence Jones, ....-
No. 1, with Deacon and Mrs. Jams Melton, 3419 Phoenix; nor Jut to' build, sttacttr,' buttaoaa. where a alum block was The Annual Seals Day of Sec lot ElnatDtarJIcSuca1loIlUJor
3, with Deacon and Mrs Clarence Jamil oa Cast nth. District es f*! communttlcs that t rehabilitated through selfhelpSorts. ODd Baptist Church, 9M Kings who Is a graduate of Jones High
Ho. S la the home of Mrs Doretha Smith, 1155 East 14th Street mean sometblsg to people,", .Road will be Sunday. School Orlando Florida She j ,
The BTPU Hoar will baste at 1:30 p.m., with Mrs. )& .. Polite said McAllister; Th* community development Emphasis wW be placed on Is till daughter of Mr. Richard
presiding The special feature win belt.,.. by Mrs. Mitt Cantt Bard McAllister has been involved program la Kabwe, %Zambia the Importance otIndIvIdualand A. Jones of 134 Woodea Bud, )
and Mrs. Bessie Merchant. The vnlng worship begins at Mp.m. la ..II",, housing formerly called Brokea Kill, group support of this worthy In Orlando
Both major sermons of the day will be delivered by the' sine his high school darswhea began la 19M. The program .movement. About 100 such awards are
pastor. Rev. Wilbur Burgess, assisted by Rev William. Barker., he helped some I KentuckUas helped to organise adutt.edeCaren Services for Sunday will begta ,given annually by th* Metho-
Weekly ad1"WeIIDtWe. Prayer meeting Tuesday alght at 7 JOp build their owl homes. B* aight schools, using with the Sunday school at 9.30. diet Board Of Education and Us
.m | Bible Study, Tuesday sight at 7 JO pja.j Rehearsals tor graduated from Bern College, and a cooper alive shop' Rev. J. C Sams, pastor will nationwide scholarship pro .
Choirs Ho 1 and No. 3; Wednesday at I p JB Thursday noon, listen, Kcatucky with aa A.B. tmn dacttrkg fsraUxr review the "110I. Consecra- gram. More than 1,000 United
Missionary Society Prayer Meeting; Friday, Teachers meeting degree la biology la 1941, and Th American Friends Service lien: rite for the deaconesses.tubers Methodist Scholarships have
at 7.30 p.m, choir rehearsals for Ho. S and Ho. 4 at 6 p.. The from New York University la Commute &la Quaker and the choir will be at been granted sine the programwas
monthly conference will be Thursday beta the fifth Sunday.Mrs. 1941 with ... M.A. !a .community .. service organisation which operates 10:41. The morning worship la 194S.
Bessie Merchant 1s reporter.' organisation. tea regional offices lathe wttl begta at 11 a m Rev.Sams Fond for 1Wmortottheai
Bard McAllister has directed Ihilted States and approximately will speak. scholarships are Ut.tYlcSfroa
BtTKLEKEM BAPTIST and served as consultant for twenty overseas offices The Baptist Training Union local Methodist churches oaths.
Sunday: School begins at 1:301...The jmonttag < arit brunt heW11hk**OPTB< rypt working to promote social and begins at 1:41. E'elDcworlhlp I basis of a church-wide offering 1 .
at 11 a begins at I ... and f ft -: will begin at 7 ... The oa United Methodist Student '
.lit TheBTU.. k" la In* tconomjj,;, prop w ..ttrojtJDonylriinf },, p Pray4r -
at S p.aia..yef "'M\IDc rut and e"Jrts ..,l' sad reconciling human ;}; W11w1nbebelqat ; 'DaClark second Sanday la June. t
Christmas program will be Sunday Decembe7tirMrsTf itlaa' &; encounters. .Th AFSC tottlcert' 'Tae ,Sunday School* College U a private. ,
Wilson u reporter. The church 1s located U1115 Madlaea Street. Nova Scotia.and 'YlsaUs, Cali has long xperine ia gets and teachers' council Methodla- Wed InsUtuUaa la.
Rev W.L. Williams U pastor. forma grams dealing with arbmaprob will be ,Friday at 7pm, Atlanta with over 1,000 ste-
A great deal of work has to II dents.
rae" .
EMANUEL BAPTIST be don before eondrsctl a CIa reamulW t of .1 t1or- *.* tiry"
Th teachers meeting and DIe prayer meeting will be held at begla according to McAllister meat and hooting.
DIe usual hour with the pastor and officers charg Oo Wednesday ".. order to build a trove community Th world-wlo work of the Cellife Perk y" ?
Choir No. S will rehears* at I p II Thursday at BOOB tt 1* \Important that AFSC Is supported by print
the prayer service wUl be held at the church Choir Nor I will everyone who will be building contributions from persons COLLEGE PARK Th First RigdonHEAT
rehears at I p m. Th male chorus will rehearse at 7 JO p.m. together gets aoojualnted/ of many religions faiths.. Baptist Church will ha v* regular
Sunday School begins at 1:10 a.m., with Mra. Mamie Fields and said. "1bI participants have Ma and wool of many races, service Sunday, beginning e a
Deacoa George Smith la charge. The lessor will be reviewed by.I to lean about th* problems, creeds and nationalities Nr"' with the Sunday school 10 a...
by aa appointee Consecration: &held at 10.90 a.m The morning of home ownership and financing u staff IDeS participate la DIe with Superintendent: James McCvtcheoa & 'AIR t
worship begins at 11 a.. with the deacons charge. Preaching as .well u basic constmttoatechniques. programs.7WO"MINOTES. .la charge. The morning 1 1S 1e
begins at 13 BOOB. The BTU begins Blip m with Deacoa James ." jDpcf. this com worship begins at 11.33
Phillips ia char,.. The evening worship begins at ':30 p m. with devolloaa led by aaappointee. CONDJTlONINGC4ntrt.11III
Choir& No. I aad th* Male Chores and Usher Board No. I will t.. Choir No. 1 will fellowship
..n.. Mrs. Marian Carter and Mathew McCoy willbe U chug with St. Peter's ChoirSunday .

of made. :: evening at St Peter's : yoor boa with
church The business
meetingwill Ceatral
Heatlag and Air
NEW REDEEM % be Saturday at Ip.m.II.T.U Cottlltlonlng System
Sunday School begins at 9.30 BJB with th* superintendent, and will be at I p... The night...*
teachers U charge. Th *-W tit reviewed by the pastor '!'1J.w. BIBLE *& rice begins at 1.30 Choir No.!

Rev. Normal. The morning worship begins at 11 aJL+ with .... trua pis u. lfltJ rehearses at S p.m. Saturday '
the deacons la charge of devotions Choirs No.3 and Usher Board .AMu to 4W)6II rt Choir No. 1 rehearses Wednesday 5123 ItlCIIIII II.
Ho. 3 will serve daring the da?. Mrs, Faaoi Jacksoa will bell ::1. at 1.30. Rev. FA Davis ls .
sharp of .... District Ho 3 will meet at 4 JO p... District > <7 pastor. Mrs. Julia M. Bay.es .PI 316'153171111li 'i
No I will meet at 6 p... Both gcoeps meet at the eharch. Theeveaiaf WISDOM or FOOLISHNESS? if reporter. ?
worship begins at I p.m. The pastor will speak at both
services.:. The Christmas rehearsals win tit Wednesday and That ApoHo :t>*c* 'tro .'fans ne to en *l time high- nd i it '.'-
Friday at 9.30pm. Prayer meeting 11 hilda,alght at 7.30p.m. w.eks.go' ws really aomethinctof rung fatter .. the tame. .
BttJe study: will follow, at 9.ga.,. Gen .a.mtteIrt.iIIi: .ctw What good will It do ua to
of the moon tending! pro rm. achieve landings on the crust ol
GREATER SWEETFttLD BAPTBTSunday Nod -Apotto y se44f In my the moon if M the meantime ... r'a. $ s
book et a per.ctm.sdbn.How / .>' dissipate our moral strength in
School at UO'A RMcEmooaand teachera wW
begins dishonesty+ immorality\ vice and
be U chirp The moramg servic begins at U a...,..n. eveningservice How proud.,...en sitl ox.o/iui, ; .1 ferinowl runner
gNe we
begins al t.JO pja.Rev.D.B.8ars.i pastor, will deliver Amenc tt I* in this very CCIfItCt Oft that
iu ereJ Ytl
both sermons. The COIIMCntSaa cl all eIIoI.1D4. erswUltalc chwvement it a .iew_powtltM..-M old our St Paid wrote by inspiration of
place ia the Prayer Room with Ber.Deaals Eastoa hi charge.pevotlons God -For the preaching of the
let's look at it i iA the l gut
the deacons. Deacon Mole i9 cross i* to those who tootlahnesa
) will be M by Brooks Is< et perish -
whole A
p e. pJct e.st ntcn.
fhalrmu There will tit aa early ChrI.Ibu.IMnkt al SMS pja.: i'... ; but unto us who are W a cJJffJJ
Christmas moralng. Prayer meeting is Tuesday'7.30p.m.. w4by saved it Is the power of God. For r
LN'sfacl (t m.ficl1ip.,
tt is written. I will destroy the wisdom .ten>o Ll's ,
th* dtIcGu. .Ie stJy till be at 7 p JB Rev. J1.rN1IIIM.1DItndor. heps the most violent of Yi"ized" of the WM*. and bring to
Choir No. S rehears Wednesday at 7.-4Jpja. Choir J
tutiont-end we cant seem nothing the understanding of the "
Nor 1 will rehear** Thursday at 7.-4S p.m. Th*.Junior choir wfll to euro the rapid+ growth In crime. prudent-I Cor. 1:18.19): A sannw4.AADro rtitlwpei'cM4 w wow '
rehears Saturday. at f p.a.'ne Butts Choir wm gehearruSttarday Our women dareliwalk the The world with all. its wisdom
at (.30 t BU :Members are asked to.report pledges, ctre t* of' manyj'bf: ,'ott; '.'''''''' cannot save itself. It is only \aiMtU4M9 _IllS
to the leaders OllopraSdeatl.BeY. Banes 1s. astot.. cites at night-antf''none'of M Christ's death oa the cross that aldusI I
dar. walk through tome. tocelttiea. CM saw for there our sins were .
HOLSXTCMKbSandrj _' From hopiming to armed paid tor. that we might he "Justi Bo yog i ails Qae tloais rJboaf the bit- I
School begms at 9 JO &.II. with ltrs.8lr1 Grtffla aadleathers robbery from totcaicetio to. had freely by God's grace. Beat crisis i il ii
pastor will review the .... The :'dope'addiction, horn. satMtK to through the redemption that is In our nation has eyer i
moralng orshbetiot at }1 BJS., with th* pastor la charg murder crime )America has Chnst JesusRom., 3:24). Do aced, the'racial crisla? 97 :

A* evtsiag. servic begins at 1.30 p m,' Mrs..- -Eva. M.'Gilbert.> LET IT GET YOU DOWN"For I you have'suuestlons 10u'd'Uke l
McEtvia U to make to the
Js: entry Rev D. pastor, Black and the White-
this cause}I bow my out to God and arose feeling sure, leadership about how to solve it?
"YAl.a'.AJ noaSanday itM unto the; .r 1herof,our that the Lord would e:. rum Do to. '
you want
School begias at 1:30 a.a. with'Wlfli* J. Johnson, Lord Jesus Christ1' ([ph. 3:14).I through.It bear what other
irperaadso,. la charg. Th moraiaf worship begins at 11'. When O'verwty tacky the is good for us to get down ordinary citizens asi peoplelJobn
BJB., with the pastor ia charg The evening worship begins world keeps Whit**, 'ticrft. Mtt on our knees before God. There lindsay and Stokely Carmichael and t
at I JO, p m. Prayer meeting Is held at 7 p.a. Tuesdays Choir get you down." but.b li-ver" is no attitude more appropriateto what sort of aiall:
in the Lord J "$ Christ have the redeemed answers they coae I
Nor rharss* on Wednesday. All members are arged to pay I I Sinner. And as up
their does .*,.AJ. Warrea,pastor. learned that tt'ik food to'let we pray often falteringly > with? Make yourself heard and hear it
tl'o( xMT. trouble end dtfficuNie get them "The Spirit also a path ourinfirmities all on NIGHT CALL, the- new nation-
... .
down-idomncn tIIeIr. for know
we not what
.SALEM BAPTBT' .. wide telephone call-in show
A ,
n native evangelist JM Africa we should for ,,
pray as :
School begins at ':10..11. with Supert&td Jack we oughtbut Listen to the sounds of Christmas in hi-fi and
Sunday Mt utaid* his dttcftuaged the Spirit Himself maketh in- I
Greta presiding. Th* y..1qIIcW...reviewed th* pastor.Th and unhappy. Trouble and diup. trctson for us with groupings. 'W' Cl.M' : TI !12:2I11.M: 'stereo! Hear top-recording'artists sing carols; i
morning devotion begla at 11. Deacons Xormaa Toy uIO. pointment had brought "great which cannot be uttered. \
and other fa Elvis
WUbtrt win b* la charg Chotr. Ho..1 and Usher Board Nun 1 coldnesa" into rips hWrt,;and he ."And He that hurts the fri.li2l2.74f.33fl holiday $ Presley,Bing:
will **rv* ftroaghout th* -day At S ,.a. District Mo. S win aeemed ready to"live up. The hearts knoweth what la the mindof toil ttul: t. Crosby Jim Reeves)Ed Ames, and many morel!

present a pr-Chrltmas Tea la JIlt a.dS duI..n. waUag lord, he aK j.q.tte1lyfx4k.n the Spirit because He mak thYd.rc.salOn CttSevto't records ._ .. 29f 646jJrent
him, D 1 Pleas t'UC, Qaidt rpm .. to <<
p oUoM Ugfr at.p.a.Daac Jeek PrepaidCort.U. Calhoua for the saints according ,
uW'1M his ( Aa he sat there though hislittle to the will of God. ;? cooperation with the
wfll p< pastor or appointwill brtag th* : National
i lilt kept J'Ud&ieCJWtund ''Anden. know that an Council of clichesfCauo&
Choir Mo, 9 will things
Oa Monday alght rehears*. prayer;
meeting messag win b* Tuesday aitf Th* Christmas rehear-all win uyng"Daddyi! >e4t-i! 4 e, and work together for good to them ounce for Bad1ead r.1nk."J1I MONEY'S WOltH MM ATWDOLWWa"

hegia at 9 ,... Bandar. alit 1s chair rharsalBl
110. ltoge4 Pat .Mr": C.-uaosxB\wi rtij5 a .! went Jnlid.;.Poured Jut Part .(R ,!,-I:26-28)., J. .


I. t ,
", '" ;
Y ', .... ,< 'a,.... """ """ --" ... _, '"6. .... A-'a. I. oA: I e.ktr+ .' J

''f'"I'' '' ,.,....,....,.., ',0'> "" e' _
::'" .", :--' .


I Christian Church Must Relate Itself To Blacks And" Entire Negro- Community, I

(Jilted Pmbyteriii LeidtrOitlfies -

ProfrfM Of Aches Helping I ,Vietnamese Refugee ____ And Race
: Religion
I I ,
New T< Tin Oil present period of world crisis without a radical chu| w rfK 5
,Is'Its relationships with Wick ChrlsUsas and the whole black RELIGION AND RACE
community a noted theologian Mrs la the current lint of Princeton N. F., NP0-- The Rev. Ralph David Abemathy?,
Church. and Metropolis. .RoudkeriChldlasl.sdersblpeowx:Ujp.v-e-lilt lueI
The Rer. Dr Gayrand S. for thttmatterblack churches r. ( LTteed, :Memorial lecture to Miner chapel. Princeton The- j
Wllmore Jr. chairman of the es- reassess their role. t elcfieal stmtaary on Monday, Dee. f. The memorial lecture ,
United Presbyterian Dlrislooof The time has come, he asserts d4 ," pt series was named after a ..1IIbII.r11f1daUe of ChI class of ,
Church and Race, makes the "when we, who hare taF IKS, who was fatany beaten at Selma, Ate., March 11, IMS,
point In an article on "'nit accepted from(white ChristUna brings cirri rUBts march. .,
Case for a New Black Church !) hands a religion deroid
Style." His discuslon of what of af ethic relerant to our real LAY PREACHER
Black Power means to black black) situation and a cultureIn
churchmen.tad to black sadwhile which we were never permitted San Francisco, Qm-Mrs.IDOJa Maxwen,t back: lay member ,
churches.-appears la the to partkipate on equal of tne 100-year-old Clint Presbytermn church onPotmom
fan Issue of the maaxlnepub- terms, must stand back to reassess au beta Installed as lay preacher for the confregattoxAa ,
llshed quarterly by the Joint oar relationship to our 4MF: aettvt member of the Presbytermn Commission Religion ,
Strategy and Action Committee. on people and to the hostile and Race and the Presbyterian mterracial council, she has bees
There Is an agent need for society to which the white, Bitted tenet U advisor for a local Presbyterian Economic
.new styles of black-white remtlonships church continues In serrlle accommodation. ttt Development eorporatloa now being formed.
within tilt church, ,We must stand
L Dr WOraore says, adding back and be In a strategic exodus DEEP nrOLYEMENT NEEDED
i I Black clmrchmen In predominately from this unequal enticement / A.a
white denominations, this degrading debllita. ..ir Chicago NPO-More than 600 tWted: Methodist Districtsupertotendests
bow well that the real question tint embrace, until we hare recovered and a like number of other ananal conferonces
is not whether these our own sense of Identity officers bon.... challenged to become "more deeply Involved
I churches can become truly totecrated oar true relationship to the h to the mission of the dlU'da.... special emphasis on helping 1
on Sunday moromt, people we serve and until the, sr" to answer the plight of the poverty-stricken, the hungry and
but whether to the next 2) to white church Is ready to enter #,, those with nreasonmt. hatred of their fellowmen because of
SO years, these churches win Into that partnership m life and A' race, creed, religion and other status to life. The Involvement
hare aay meaningful contact mission which Is able to renew ;; soofht to to toe with the denomination's quadrennial theme of;
with black people at ani"' the,whole church of Christ." "A New Church for a New World."
What Is at stake, be;nit... Dr. WUmore's rlews and a
Is not merely Integration, but those of sereral other black RECOMMEKDI MAJOR EFF02T
rather "the ,salad ti of the church leaders will be presented -
Christian Church in the United la a Theological Project w k6I. Detroit, om.-'De Catholic church must reprepare "to'
Stales--and perhaps Western as a part of the October realistically cope with tilt needs of the poor, unortanlsed and
,ClriUsatlon. B Is the question -November 1 conrocatloa of represented" wherever problems exists, declared a recommendation -
of whether or not this church the National Committee of : of the Community Affairs commission, Detroit
can any longer encompass within Metro Churchmen, U St Louis, Arch diocesan Synod. The recommendarJcaj was one of nine
III It the masses of non-whits Yo. BAN SOLI. South Yletam-Americaa Bed Cross nurse Geae Red Cross staff members war c" specffle proposals which were prepared from some 1,000:
persons, who make up the majority JSAC, supported by six denominations C. HoUoman, 1U21 Stanford Avenue, Los Angeles, California, Cross counterparts ls t'procna Ideas tor church reorraL
I of the peoples of the and the National examines young Vietnamese war refugee at one of 41 camps Is recruiting additional male nurses for the
earth,without Undergoing radical Council of Churches, was ortaalsed operated by the Red Cross In cooperation with u.$. Agency for by James Caccsro. SELF HELP PACT
changes to its.nderstandlsfof to provide cooperatlreplaaalat iBternaUonal Derelopment. la war-torn South Vietnam. HoUoman
II Its P "PON. .' B may be and profranualcgamont -
neceasary for the church to dismantle the church bodies, primarily Macao Temple New York C ., Holy MiilstoriilAlliiice beratedotdi7 '
Its organisational stnK- In race, poverty and Independent African nation of Zambia. An agreement between
I fares lor mission and to cod ,experimental mission work. IBPOE Will Meet PlHJSudiyH the AFC smiths ZambIa I'O'"f1IIatDt' provides for the beginning'of I
'"Us basic conformity to European Member denominations are the E..e..ls aa tatttol project to the ton of Kafne. '
theological traditions and American Baptist Contention, Oi December 19
Episcopal Rochester, M.Y, Growth -dty oil Wy Meet AIR
Aatto-Saxa styles of Ue sad Church PresbyterIan RETURNS TO
Pride of Maceo Mo.1MIBOPE businessmen win be
stnctsTM of nine,"' he de- Church U the UbitedStates,, Temple more *ahead
... United Church of Christ,United win meet Thursday, U the result of a two local The Holy Ministerial Alliance 10 Bishop Lather
Dr. WQmore observes that Methodist Church, and Dulled December II, a11me.blr.art churches. The money from Presbyterian win hold Us moat .ly fellowship Rjltou, pasideat, Mattoml yearsCouncil association reelursed '
Black Power deralopoent has Presbyterian. Qnrch, U.I.A. asked to be present Business Church and it. win beebanoeid meeting Sunday, December IS. to the IIn'11IIut Sunday t( )ec. l), w1th a weekly radio 1
of Importance win be con through Rochester at lip.m.A.members are argil
I forced black churchmen-and dedicated to welfare. His new
******* protram youth program,
aJ trtcl. Tar will .
meeting open QlJD) to"t present Elder Flat "
I I "Bishop Hyttoa Speaks Atata, *buted over Radio Station
at I ... at 711 WsM DariL An
Announcement Howard Is an those who
of the new church asfctnf
I WOPA-.FM, and featured talks and laterriews with shirting
LOLA'S GROCERY STORE parsons with new members RBOC venture, using church Roches win receive banes to be present civic and youth work' leaders. .
should be present The election ...._lilt funds, came today at foals on Mandtyslght,December
'of officers win be held.Daughter the orpnlntlon's first annual s altoyt 1$. These meednt win be held MOTtl VP
13TI t ITIUE irillEILT $EIUt'SIr Ruler Hattie L James 1s 1Dtt D(. (While formed only ,who at 14SI West Union. Bishop K.
asking every daughter to be U sltht months aro,RBOC has decided RBOC's CX Pearson ls k chart Mew Tort ap' ) -Rcbert Brookina Gore, formerly public,
I I.attendance Queen B. Williams, to hold its annual meetIngs the way relations director Opportunities Indastrlallaitlaa Center,

reporter, ,In October). Involve Brooklyn! has moved up a notch to the associate directorship
'letlitl Crtcirlisr
IV ; 11ft 1p a or?* t ItAQ'< PresbyterianChurch" In tbe OJX office oftn&rqisttovlT'mmartly
\ ,tr. fcrtsr4litirtnts c 't3 SISTER'' RESSIE'y rausa4;: : he win work with'the Commission'on
-, : ., t ...... .> SpetkrSiidir;: \oil, S f lp) EcumenVal. Mission 'l '* etSf I read entire Ufe \" -
your > ast,present and ,
'iid.Jus" Fish fntureT.Cfte asks no questions but will.tel( to* 1 ta, MonliQRev. ',
what y4L.ant to bow, giving dales and facts of croups
l ,Cikis '{business, love.. health and family attalrs. Will more D.B Banes! pastor' of Khartoum..Sudan, NPQ-Priesthoad ordinatlans are scheduled,
'hat* you find lost art. Tells J'OI1I1IoIa yon win more we I eUMd Baptist Church, aanouace to be carried out this month for sever nut era Soudanese,
marry and erb a. D the one you love is true, what 'c t stake that prayer meettnf Is deacons who have completed their studies at the major seminary
} S srR111EsI 'to do to be successful.Win reunite the separated .city. held dally at the church and win of the OIl diocese m Uganda. The seven hare been studrlnf'to '
locale absent friends and relatives, and cause condnue each day ucdl Ckrtst- exile since missionaries were expelled from the'Ida.'
.happiaeas between man and wife. Helps makeup man Every sic U Invited to
tiipliti Stick : lovers' garrets Tens If sickness and bad spend 4S mlsutes. at the church. REPLACED
luck are natural enemies, or U thereto an evil OuSunday meralat Rer.Barimi .
Influence. Does not ten please you,but. vOl WI the truth. On win sped from the... Milwaukee, (HPO-The Rev. lames E. Groppi. the controwrslal -'
visit win repay you for disappointments II all Tea tact Lfke a Ship Upon The
wnS. LOLA TRAPP others Che will ,. white priest who ted a series of open housing marches
Pwprletor 354.1515 read SX.lUiUk' apse book"' bid Wo help roe out of your St. Luke tn the city daring the past 11 months Is bang replaced as ad-
UNDER KEW MANAGEMENT-MKS. LOLA: TRAPP TROUBLES. Come and see why you are so uhappy.when a ** **** visor to the Milwaukee NAACP Youth CounclL ills rtplaet-'
(formerly of Pick A Pay at Ashley i Davis Streets) wverytktug sick and worried WM when 10 co 1'01II- *>J be sad and downhearted, melt 1s Joseph Medals, 41-year-old former welder, who has
eaa be
you hewed and
Vl.tr everything made ., and Iltllst Mills Itrs been an assistant to the Rev a Aubrey YourgcbttrmilaffitmaUvs
..'/ br consultlnc TUB GIFTED MCDTUM. Everybody wtlome. ... action education section, Equal Rlatts Division Wisconsin I
Open NO ,
halfdayonSiudiy. MAIL
ANSWERED. I make bouMOlteTDan't
I ;mistake the address. fiBTER BESSIE M Is located north of be the Wires Plan BaiNel 1 Department of Industry, Labor and Human Resources.

: CtlWuon9-u5o.UJ. II, 1/1 mile from City of CaUahaa. loh t.. U The Baptist Ministers' Wires EXaoaTATKWPlttsburf: '

j WATCH FOR HER SIGN Alliance, Mrs. B.". willtasa'president
tMFaONTOF HOUSE Across the street( fil wlU hold its Christmas OtFO Adminlstrators of Qtholtc charitable ares-1
l; Does Coca-Cola from SPORTSMAN MOTEL ) ties attending the MaUonal Catholic Charities conventions-
banquet hUwky December
_. Open dally from I .. to 10 ,
a. laclaUng Sundays.THB
were exhorted test week I
to make are1
1 la, at IJQ nja.. at Es eel sure that back voices
have the taste CUPPING EKTTfLgS; YjOOTOA=.OQREADINCfor 11.00.! Visit Baptist Church is the dining heard to apod dcattnt with the black community. Fr. Rollins
I's area, Hasbuds win be guests Lambert pastor,St. James church,Chka&'o.' told the admlnlstra1tors ,
naUooal Mrs.' Bertha US.; Klnehen Is ,"You have the power to be Important advocates of the poor
I I you never get tired of? kiss chairman of the procram.Pkridi and under-prtvUeced, in t time when the poor are threatened
I with the withdrawal of resources emiitlil for Christian, or'
II Church eves human life.* '
I be lathe Jiiior

Is it always refreshing? n will 1$. CoNeoeCoMeie lidsOitlets CtttriH Elected Mt. ArerU. Unit

mssu ,. Mitis'S....,
review EWC ,Citizen'
Do things better _
go and To Hare Eledioi
Florida 'Jeals
...... College at
with Coke Jacksonvffle has released Its HUM ......r, District No. | of Mt Ararat 5e,
at 114 schedule for water classes- Baptist Church win aMt
Spartan tlnnint to Jaouit,. These HUMS Aleiaader CottreU. well- day, December IS, at I p.me.
after Coke.. ,, after Coke? will inch* day and t,.. bon church Oturt and busi- ,to the home of Miss Evera.Hlihsmtth
.......- 'lug credit course*, comausUr/ esAas. has been chosen as me Jupiter. Each
M abort courses and adktt-voct-' admalstrator of the Senior member toaspected. I

a M+......,_Mo/O-'rae..ww.. Rraaaaaraaar Uonal courses. Cltlieas Home at. Edward A.H.E. :
rue. Mr Mo0.4/ .s"reo....".C.$ItIar'N" r,noon 60 Arnonf eveataf centers wm lit Waters Collets.Members st. PHI .
fi Eugese Butkr High school. of the Corporatko's
ore Matthew Glttert a&h School board of directors made the Ushers Pin, \
i New Stintim R1 School,TOgams choke at the coaep. .
the Fam-
to Raises Hlsh School.Evening CottreU, who serves as 41- HuHif At Chick
11 We Cover More"lifi'iiti .be. classes rilllllla at,p.... rector of youth cube (
; Day ndutt classes win beta: at ,EUvesCh Episcopal DIstrict&ctivttiu : of rjuher. Board'No. S of St Paul
at, 5alms o 'B'a..q Jaary 4 atM-- Ike 'A.K.K.'Ctarch. to setting AJLE.'Church meets Wednes-
nard Imps Fla.' J up temporary offices! U theseminary day sight, December$, at!
Georgia building at the school. 'S p.m..at the church.:Business
for Applications for rental maybe ;of Importance wfll be consign'

iiiinrsiriis. lily 'Jllrus 'hi .given. ACE ,FeNevsty "This' fides win add much to ered. *.C, Chamber*.to, pr7ridsnte

Cub Pietins Illiis( fru) the beauty of the campas. ft to
Heir AiiNicetf a much *
= needed service Com. ******
pleOoa to expected .
Gittt the
::i Thin Any Other Photogripher The be A.at Jt.St..Fettowsatp P Ur%*M Rovwin Us first of tbe year.Nabla CLvist li Blick :I

J' Post Street Study Rev R, Wallace TimleSkiffs Caflwllc1
St. Cecilia's Romu
pasta A radio

You"koo"Wlt.. trb 'St In Jacksonville, Fli. Gamt.17. will Unda be Lockwood presented to at preitauatProid tIIIa Proeram bur, PMWenUp Church plug of on Detroit Its ceiling now.has of'a 5*.

J refreshment buy. liiliy I.S 5pi, Siiln lln.. 3PI Ave sue. Hutiig .by BUck De Yea Christ..Omalnfham.This WM'a.dons U.,

351-1)73 liilf 711-3211 fin js graduated".after., '.. ',e "' .s '2-PIe..order"of S ShrtnersofRabm WW werehl II Company year-old executive.Detroit E41so5, f

m health Parents a, hd AJU.Choreic. ,IIrrtJe
III ..., II IOtI .
Point Is lam La. 4>
,.' \ ..'. ,:"i ."; ':, 1" ,(oIiei CO4elases : of Edwards Mr.and Jormah&rry of fill! FreemaaRoadaanouoce ,) lag /n xoaw. to D lit llII.pns..... ,EEOC ,'

k -\ ...;,...:: ... -' : Eponool with ip. the birth of a M, MIl.tlr.l.t.Acctng FIGHTS DISCRJMINAnONIN ]

(wee.ev!'!"O''f III TM,CtqCoil taro",p: Yack+ao111t 1iiotJUnch cosL HIM It". Tn litins ; PoOco- Jeremiah kn1iWicilCtl Ismar.as of November p t JOBS =::=

h 1,, r. *>*****.' tSOO I 6; St: M.N. w.. a C'Z0506';

I '!, {

/ ? ''" Iti :. ..."

... '' v 'J' ....-'" ... "' r '' ''" .. F ..r..a..r s r >' x .c ..
,, ". ;J F' ,. ;1f :1"t!V r-r!,, .. ,.'C 4y.T" r trrrq.e ': 'f. .g .


s1T1J.bAr DECEMBER 14. 1968 STIi MHK 1 '
..s t ___._ NIC ;

- Four) ,Clark 'College. ; Students 'Receive Methodist Scholarships For 1968-1969 I II

Eugene Butler Plans For Accreditation


Sunday' School begins tt '1:30: ft-tn., with' snpednteadwt andteachers'
In charge. The morning worship begins till a.m. aDd .

the evening worship tt 6 p m. The pastor Ret Crawford", will',. ,
deliver'' the sef moos of<< the day.: Choir Noi 1, CholrMo.. I and .
Usher:Board No; 1 will serve throughout the day.;Tb church .. I 6.; ,.. f I
and the pastor win fellowship with New Ml-Olive Baptist at JL! '/i J
S p.m. Sunday Choir No. 1 will hare its rehearsal Tuesday I
at 6pm Prayer serrlce begins at 7:30 p.m. Dr. George B. Watts,,eeeter tfgbt Is shown as he, along with others, outlines plans for school daring October of not year. Their flndlnja will bo,presented to the Commission' !.on-
returning Eugene; i. Butler Blgh School to the fold FRIENDSHIP PRMITIYE BAPTIST Florida A 1aaJtJ"Je1f-st1Id1 evaluation program has been requested by the rating body the Senior High Schools the Director of Junior High Schools and the County Staff Sunday School begins at 9:45 ajn*wlthSnperlnteodent t.. SmlOl. Southern AssocbUta of Colleges and Schools, and meets each Wednesday at the school b the with the faculty Ira their respective subject areas to make and to receive recommendations: I
In charge The morning service begins,tt.11:30 n.m., with\ left center devotions led by Deacon JosephMcPherson tad Deacon Taylor' committee;.:whose recommendations: are. 'usually. honored by fore Association: will visit the school year
Houston. The pastor ,will preach. Deacon. Winston Ware has r, :, II
announced the monthly meeting at the church Immediately '
following services. At I p... Ret H. Robinson and congregation, Frieeils".Service. CemmitleeWill !I Ltcil: MttkriistChrchsTikft T i
will give service for the deaconess' board No. 1 of Mt. OUrs I '
Prlmltlre Baptist, Myrtle and Fourth. Prayer meeting will be L'14 IN
Tuesday night at 7 p.... Nib, :: ZMbisi Liadtrs Rilsijii Meiey WOOLWORTH'SllffRTIIII

ST. THOMAS BAPTIST :The'."Amerlcnn.Friends Service Committee $announced today Fobs Clark College students have been awarded United r "
The regular order of serrlces will prerallSnaday.Sandty School the:signing of;agreement with the Zambian government I Methodist Scholarships for the year I..-.9 by the Board STIIE.3M HUM *T.
will begin at 9 30 ft.m The morning worship begins at 11 a...; to begin ft self*4elp.boosing program la Zambia. of Education of Jilt United Methodist Church.

ReY. W.C Meal pastor will speak. Choir No 1 will .ne.nt .''1 is most itpttVint that amity development work Is Halted Methodist Scholarship son of Mr. and Mrs. Octavles hr itrff : ,1dJdI
Senior Missionary Society will meet Sunday at I p.m. In the we have been abnrto sign such done the Quakers hop that SOO wards cover:<< tuition and fees Gordon auditorium of the church District No.1 and the Brooklyn Prayer an agreement wHk .Za..lIla. houses will be built during the .up to $500 and are granted In Gainesville an. Cor- I I
Band will sponsor a testimonial tea Sunday from 4 to I p.m at since only ow efttr UJB. private first year of the program-.' eft the basis of superior academic : don previously attended Florida
the Brooklyn Prayer Boose, 317 Magnolia. The evening worship, hand Isc SratlnIthere," Tae use has long been In standing, leadership A & M University and the Unl. =I I
begins at 6.M p.m. A musical will be presented, sponsored by an use spokesman said. terested the self-help method. ability, active chnrchmanshipL versify of Florida.Jacqa'1JDlI&rle.
District No I dirlng the evening boar of worship The Quaker service organisation b 19SS a program of character, personality and Coppedge, a
'.bas proposed ft three- rural community development need. senior matbemaUcimaorfrom
MACEDONIA BAPTIST ., year demonstration program to was begun In California under Toe four students are: Atlanta. Miss Coppedge, a
District No. t will meet Friday night In thebome Mrs George Cogglns, ZM1 Minot Circle North,beginning caused by mass migration ter. The program resulted sociology major, who makes In Atlanta, 1s the daughter at 7.30 p.m. Services Sunday begin with the Sunday School at vUlagcs to Industrial center: *. one community: providing Itself his home at DeckwithStreet Leonard M. Coppedge J.JO am.. with Deacon John E. Singleton Jr.. and his staff of The project) site will be In the with water while another built In Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate Audrey Place N. W. In
teachers, in charge. The review of the lesson win be given by ton of JC&rIIe. ft planned Indus* .tan, houses through cooperative 'd" Lincoln High School in Atlanta.
the pastor or an appointee. Cooseciatlon: ,will begin at 10:45 trial 'center to, the southern self-help. The latter venture Gainesville Florida, be is the Climate Ethela Bray t
a...., with the pastor In charge Devotions will be conductedby : part of the country: was so successful that sophomore mathematics major)
the deacons. Music will be furnished by Choir Ho. 1 and No. Bard McAllister, wbodlrected it wu duplicated U several Second Baptist who graduated from Cave
3 with Mrs. Rattle Bess and Wallace Nuns at the Instruments. an AFSC community development .. nearby communities. Springs High School, In Cave v.
Usher .Board No. 1 and No. X win serve. Choir No 3 win meet program-In Xsbwe,Zambia The AFSC and the Friends Plus Snndiy Spring Georgia She Is the
In business after the morning worship. District No. 6 will meet from 1964 to 19(1, highest Nleghborbood Guild cosponsored : daughter of Mrs. Elbert Bray
with the president In the lower auditorium of the church after named to direct the self-help u early. experiment In For Seals DayThe of Cave Spring.
service. The following districts will meet at 3:30 p.m District housing. "The purpose Ik not self-help bonging la Philadelphia YlcU Prudence Jones t... i
No. 1, with Deacon and Mrs. James Melton, 3419 Phoenix; !Co.S Just to build structure, but where a shim block was Annual Seals Day of Second lor Elementary education major)
with Deacon and Mrs Clarence JarreU on East nth, District homes and communities: that rehabilitated through sell-help Baptist Church, $M Kings who 1s t graduate < No. 9 In the home of Mrs. Doretha Smith, 1155 East Mth Street mean sometblsg to people,", efforts. ,Road will be Sunday. School Orlando, Florida She b a ,
The BTPU Hoar win begin at 5:JO p.m., with Mrs. M.L. Polite said McAllister.; The community development Emphasis will be placed on Is the daughter of Mr. Richard
presiding The special feature win be given by Mrs. Mitts Gantt Bard McAllister has been Involved program In Kabwe Zambia the Importance: Individual and A. Jones of 334 Wooden Blvd., ti4f
and Mrs. Bessie Merchant. The evening worship begins at (:.30p.m. In .1f halp.houslhgsloes formerly. called: 8coken Hill, group support Both major sermons of the day will be delivered by the' his high school days when began U 19M. The program .movement.! About (00 such awards are
pastor Rev. Wilbur Burgess assisted by Rev William Barker., he helped ,some KenrurtlansbttlM helped to organise ftdutteducation Services for Sunday will begin ,given annually by the Methodist
Weekly activities Include Prayer meeting Tuesday night at7.)0p their art '--oaes. Be : night schools, easing with the Sunday school at 9.M.Rev. Board Of Education and Its
.m t.Bible Study Tuesday night at 1.30 p....| Rehearsals for graduated from Bereft College, groups, ftnd ft cooperative: shop J. C Sams, pastor win nationwide scholarship pro
Choirs No 1 tad No. 3. Wednesday at I p,m I Thursday Doom. Berne, Kentucky with an A.B. for manufacturing. tvrtitu s. review the lesson. Consecration gram. More than 9.000 United
Missionary Society Prayer Meeting; Friday, Teachers' meeting degree In biology In 1941, and The American Friends Service rites for the deaconesses. Methodist Scholarships J nave
at 7.30 p m, choir rehearsals for No Z and No. 4 at I p.. The from New York University to Committee Is a Quaker ushers and the choir: will be al been granted sine the program
monthly conference will be Thursday before the fifth Sunday. 1941 with air II.A. la .community .. service organisation which operates 10:45. The morning worship was started 1145.
Mrs..Bessie Merchant Is reporter. organisation. tea regional offices In will btfU at 11 a.. Rev. Funds for the support of these
Bard McAllister: bas directed ,the United States and approximately Sams wilt speak. scholarships. are ree.lnclfroaa
BETHLEHEM BAPTIST and served as consultant toriuuusjByejk twenty overseas offices The Baptist Training Uhlan local Methodist churches on the.
Sunday School begins at 1.3d:..",. Boning worship If l.Mpe working to promote social and begins at .41.. E'clDlworlbtp I basis at.. 11 .am TbeBTU begins'&1 I .. lid r' *i ice" touting protects: vttapdtli j ec: : :; will btgln at 7 p m. The Pray- oa United Methodist Student f
at I"P.t4tn.retqlDMU.a wWArt'J3amChristmas ; J P itTrtt Pptfairsjk DOU and! reconciling ha-< 1\[ ir KTI1 1sr will be fcUdatt *'] Clark the nettM. today. In June.
program will be Sunday, December d. Mrs. lylaa' UQ liiMi Pennsylvania; man encounters. .The AFSC p-m.'ifte >Sunday School College Is t private rtr
Wilson Is reporter. The church Is located at 1619 Madison Street.. Nova Scolia.andVlsalla, ( Call"fomlft. bas long experience In pro-, officers' and teachers council MtUlodJ.t.rtlate41D1t1hd1oo la
Rev W.L. Williams Is pastor. .grams dealing with urban prob- till be ,Friday at 7 p m Atlanta with over 1,000 sti-
A great deal of work has to dents.
teas ncladlagwerkinracfr: .
** e
EMANUEL BAPTBT. be done before construction relations' equality of employment .
The teachers' meeting and the prayer meeting will be held at begin according McAllister and housing. Perk
the usual hour with the pastor and officers In charge.: OB Wed ".. order to build a true community The world-wide work of the Cellsfje
nesday Choir No S will rehearse at I p m .On Thursday at noon It., Is .Important that use Is supported by private
the prayer service will be held at the church: Choir No. 1 will everyone who will be building contributions: from persons COLLICK'PAU: The First Rigdon
rehearse at I p... The male chores will rehearse at 7.30 p.m. together gets acquainted." he of many religions filths.MM .. Baptist Church wul have reg-
Sunday School begins at ':10 s.m., with Mrs. Mamie Fields and said. "The participants have and women of many races, liar service Sunday, beginningwith
Deacon George Smith In charge the lesson will be reviewed bj, to., learn about ,the problems, creeds: and nationalities) serve" the Sunday school at 10 a.m. 4.e
by an appointee Consecration Is bid at 10.90.... The moraine of home ownership and financing U staff and participate In the with Superintendent James McCutcheon HEAT & 'AIR t
worship begins at 11 a.m with the deacons In charge. Preaching as .well u basic: construction programs. in charge. The more f
begins at It noon. The BTU begins at Ip.m with Deacon James techniques. ppce this com ning worship begins at 11:39:
Phillips In charge. The evening worship begins at 1.30 p m. slob devotloas by an CONDITIONINGCentralist
Choir No. X and the Male Chorus and Usher Board No X will t appointee. Choir No. I will fellowship
serve. Mrs. Marian Carter and Mathew McCoy will be In charge tut with St. Peter's Choir

of made Sunday evening at St. Peter's : ) year bomb: with
TWOMINUTESVHH church.: The business meeting Central Heating and Air
NEW REDEEM :' .will be Saturday at t 1 p....B.T.U Conditioning system
Sunday School begins at 1.30 aja. with the superintendent and will be at 6 p.... Tne night service .
teachers In chart The henna will be reviewed by the pastor THE IBLE begins at 1:30 Choir No.I
Rev. Norman. The' morning worship begins at 11 a.m., with ev cotttUMie e.raw MIS. rehearses at S p.m. Saturday. '
the deacons In devotions s Choirs No.3 and Usher Board -MUAM's: MMJ ioeg"eWISDOM }tly Choir Mo. 1 rehearses Wednesday 5123 IlieilllN II.
No. 3 will serve during the day. Mrs, Fannie Jackson wUl be la at 6.30. at,. F.D. Davis to .
charge of musk. District No. 3 wUl meet at 4:30 p.m. District prior Mrs. Julia M. Haynes .PI JIHU3

No S will meet at I p.* Both group meet it the charch. The or FOOLISHNESS? U reporter.
.evening worship begins at I p... The pastor will speak at both .
s rvic .. The Christmas rehearsals win be Wednesday and That Apollo acid 'trip,' 'some risen to an aU time high-end Is I _
Friday at 130 p m. Prayer meeting Is Tuesday night at 7.30 p.... weeks ego was rely something! rising fatter all the fame. ,
Bible study will follow, at 6.p.m.GREATER U Gen. Jbemuel:Ptu.IJMt! {fcta What good will tt do us to
k 1,,of the moon Undlng 'ptngrem, achieve landings on the crust of
the moon If in the meantime !
SWEETFIEID BAPTBT said -Apollo 7 sptuCriwptn: my we
book mitclon/ dissipate our moral strength in
es e perfect
Sunday School begins at I.SOa.m RMcKlnnoaand teachers will
dishonesty. Immorality, vice end
be In chart The monmg service begins 11 p...,."... evening. nowt How How proud wise jn eh w,9IfI'l"... *'fell we! crime
service begins at ISO p...Rev.D.B. Banes pastor will deliver 'te It I It in this very oonaction that tM1/1M
Americans erel Yfl..00'dart; our
tellurmms.Toreco .crtlmcWchopsandtsherswWtab<< chwvement is a.cMq. old. St Paul wrote by Inspiration(
place lathe Prayer Room, with Rev.Pauls Easton charge. let s look at it acaia lAth tight God: "For the preaching of the k
Devotions will be M by the deacons. Deacon Moss Brooks U, of #) whole cross M to those who perish fool.
e. piqAt hnwicanIits.
dIIJnua. There win be an earI1Chr1.ltDlaf..nkaat S.-43 p..... Ishness./ but unto us who are -

Christmas morning Prayer meeting 1s 'hudaJ.at'lOp.m., led Let's j ii 1t; .Amirici 1;\,pr .tt lived is written it is the I will power.. destroy of God the wisdom For I cgiuaii Momumrufamd tervo LP99
by the deacons.Bifile study: wUl be at 7 p JB Rev. Barnes Is the haps the most violent of IVit- of the wise and bring to i
instructor.Choir No. X rehearses Wednesday at 7.43pA.. Choir
bed1 nations-end we can't seem nothing the understanding of the "'
'No.1 will rehearse Thursday ** ':45 p.m. 7h. )III1or choir will to curb the rapid growth l In crime. prudent- (I Cot. 118.19: A*4710441 MONK rILSreai 'ewa av arawON
rehearse Saturday at I ,". Barnes Choir win ge suss Our women dAre 1 fio walk'the The world with all Its wisdom
Saturday, J&''.30 p .. ;Members are asked to.report pledges. streets' of' many;1l>f..:0I:larger cannot .save itself It Is only Muth astar _illS HECUN
to the leaders or to presidents. Rev. Barnes is.pastor. cities st night-4"" ''none' of us Christ's daath on the cross that ;
D. 4. dare walk through'I some tocatIties. can save for there our sins were .
BOLSSTCMK.Sunday _' .. From shoplifting armed paid lot that we might be "Justi Do'you Eftw Quejrtibh sjbout': the bit- I
School begins at ':JO ftJB with Mrs.Blrtha Griffin aid1ecaers robbery} from Intoaicatlon to. fled freely by"God's. "grace. Sept crisis our nation has
.In charge. The pastor will review the __. The ''dope addiction, from. assault to through the redemption that is In freed ever.
murder crime in i America i}has Chnst Jesus" (Rom. 3:24). the'racial crisis?
morning worship begins at.11 t.m.. with the pastor in charge Do you have'suggestioDs 97
:.The evening service begins at. .:10 p.m.' Mrs.. 'En M."'Gilbert. LET IT GET YOU DOWN you'd like
}:s secretary.Rev .D. McElyii.is pastor.YA2EK ,to make to the Black ''and the White-

"For this cautejl bpwmywets out to God and arose feeling sure. leadership about how to solve it? .
AME zm ', unto the,fMher j of"our that the Lord would s:. him Do' you want to* "hear "what
Sunday School begins at ':10 ..... with wmie J. Johnson.superintendent. Lord Jews Chnct" (Eph. 3:14): I through ; other '
In charge.: The morning worship begins at 11' When advmdt *trMk ;the K is good for us to get down ordinary citizens as'k peopleljohn '
,... with the pastor in charge. The evening worship begins" world keeps telnrtp,4ft: De4't let on our kneel before God. There Xlndsay and Stokely Carmichael and ;
at ISO p m. Prayer meeting Is held at 7 p-m. Tuesdays. Choir It get you down." but.believers is no attitude more appropriateto what sort of 3.97
in the Lord Jesus Christ have the redeemed answers they come up
sinner. And as \
No. rehearses on Wednesday. All members art urged to pay
their does. Rev. AJ. Warren, pastor. .,. teamed that It 'hi ,good to'let we pray, often faiteringly with' ? Make yourself heard and hear it
(f,. it trouble and dlHICUM6 get them "The Spirit ,also helpeth our all on NIGHT CALL the* new, nation r
down-down on their...... Infirmities; for we know not what .
1LT.SALEM BAPTIST A native .evengebat Jn Africa we should for wide telephone call-in show,
pray as we ought
the of Christmas it hi-fi and
Sunday School begins at 9.30 a.m.. with Superi&tendeol Jack sat outside his hut.discouraged but the Spirit Himself maketh Intercession Listen to sounds )
Green presldinf. The lesson topic will be reviewed the)IUtar.on. and unhappy. Trouble and disappointment for us with groaplngs. 'W"RHC'I:3I: P.MJTI t 12:31JLM.: stereo! Hear top recording artists sing carols;

morning devotions begin at 1L Deacons Norman Troy and" had brought "great which cannot be uttered. Tknifh21274I3311 Friday and other holiday favorites.! Elvis Presley;Bing
O. Wilbert win be In cM g.. Choir No. 1 and Usher! Board... 1' coldness' Into hi*,hearf and he ""And He that kearcheth the .r. _
will serve Uu'oaPoItlilt'day At ,I p*. District Ko. S win seemed ready to'give up. The hearts knoweth what Is the mindof 'Cill. ClUJll. Crosby Jim. Reeves?Ed Ames and many morel!

present a pro-Christmas Tea In the a editor torn..The evening, Lord.. he felt" $d4ttfgrJikenrain. the Spirit because He maketh CbiQ cyyrta'i 4S rpm records .. .. .29cto69<
devotions begin at f pja.Deacon Jack Groan and Cornelius Cal- intercession for the saints according Belsftsod cocperraatlmtwub
As he sat there, though, his to the will of God. Ip the s
his wlU "
pastor or appointee" the
boon will pruIdt.'ftt bring
little girl kept nlggsg 1 0t 01 1 And.we know that all things ..Ratiooal Council message. On Monday night Choir The,Vo.Christmas 3 will rehearse.; Prayer: lIyinc!i Paddy ... .ia,l sight rehearsall
will be Tuesday
seating. love God. to them who FIotW CoaDdI t
1 ii"l E-ub are $ CblarcJatt: .
begin at I ,... Thursday nit Is choir rehearsal nlghLBer. pr7/11t' workadl,,The eva/igel-l lid the called according to His purRo. d W1I'. 0&.1111.. Jl...
(Q. Rogers. p Mrs. Cs sfaloa, reports!] w d went Jnslde;e|fV'!.fdJtif. tart I pose".( 8:26-28): .; ., .


;" ; S
') I. Sy :

.,.......{. ;... .. '' ..'\.1...;. ',. :. ...,$._, ,;. .; ? .J Jb 1. ." ,.1_>,. .,.. "'_.oi\' .,.. '. ', ." oIW\..:; .. ). :;. .A: ..... '

"j .. .. .-"' '' 'r.. ..-' '' .. .
.' ,'"T '''' ''.-7",," .-

t PACE I SHI PWIJ MTimT. IEeEiln 14, 1HI
...... ,- ., ,.... .

YAMS AND PRUNES-A MELLOW COMBINATION lUnvrithily Merry HtlHty Seesee Iriifs I

That Delicious Brown'Ttefonovii Loaf* 7""
What are yams and what are prunes? Yams are Louis-! '
Miry RaynMt Merry HelMiy Fire To Tile I.'lb.
,na'. answer to the best sweet potatoes ever grown,* Mlesrunes
: are a special variety of royal-purple. plums the\ "Scale Model" Parties
;hrl.. In California. With Punch! merry days are upon as. With them come the lovely
Louisiana yams are copper palled the "sunshine fruit". Certainly their natural sugars fattening? No but they usually .' u-l ] opulent dark puddings; toe special pride-d-tbe-hmlly. turkeytoga
|end high vitamin A Content make. them desirable partnersin .are. That's becaune most start '.0..;..,.. I I. &f '.0 ; the mince pies; the hospitality drinks .
dishes. with crfncesled calories, cocktail .: A ,
I Fresh many good Louisiana yams will\ be In markets .everywhere with 200 to 800 calories : ",.' 0' T&ese are great because 10 come. Daytime or evening, you
serving, each drink each pnerstintheybavetasted
[starting In October. Team them with moist pasteurized per equivalent are ready.
to one candy bent The good. Bat hey'realio great
prunes as In this casserole.bn -t .t next time you're hostessing tile,.... they're sociable foods,
plan a "_I. model" party \ Have lots Of Dates
punch, one that .served u expressions of good .
i lows Nests to "weigh la" the wfll and holiday 1to ItalIt1. '

morning after without an added : .. ....... -- .. The modern versions of traditional For The Holidays
ounce. holiday..tare' cater to
Start Wltk tow Calorie PsscfcExciting .the modem taste for;lighter, With the party:, season
party punches start less rich foods Many of them,
.wjth Red Low Calorie Hawai close at hand It's lime to
ian Punch. These may or may .too, are easier to prepare be) be thinking I I of some tempting
not be alcoholic. Either cane of packaged, frown and .beverage ,sccompenlmena.lf'eggn6g
canned low calorie punch with canned foods. This Is good. We ,la :'a. holiday
the exotic flavors of favorite I at your house,
papaya take the best the past has to .
and remember delicious moist
guava offer and adapt It...
fruit Thomas' Dato-Nut Loaf lemarvelous
panion .
IJ'Rr. Modern foods, fIlCh as canned this
SUNNY YAM AND PRUNE CASSEROLE Is s winningwsy with traditional
iu (Make 4 serving) e to start apple sauce for one, likewise drink: Generously full

"' 4 medium Louisiana yams, cooked peeled and quartered chin ,..Add, .( rTr Aw +b m't' make possible the new dishes New tobrighten of teams dates up and flavorfully',nutA., It with else
or 2 cane (1 pound etch) Louisiana yams, drained sherry and hot Chocolate.
or aau- punch
.e U cup diced California prunes terns and though, they be, In one respect This loaf stays moist and
ir, 1H cups diced red apples (about 1 medium.) you've added lees than 20 cat- they remain kin to the older fresh for days and ia pre
>i 1 can (IM ounces) pineapple tidbits ondralned cries per urvin For moat dishes: they will be prepared sliced to .save you U.... A
.*, 1 tablespoon sugar parties, a bottle of wine, a 48ox. by loving hands and happy lunchbox: .success, ,this
1 teaspoon eornttarch can of the punch and a I .. l 114 hearts. And they win add their bread makes superb sandwiches .
of dub sods
quart low
1 froten caloried' that travel well and
teaspoon chopped 4 own preeloes measireot
ginger ale or fruit win
W teaspoon salt keep the punch bowl supplied' r rev warmth and cheer. totaholi0aysseason provide welcome variety la
".boti teaspoon each: ground allspice, ginger and mono for the evening lie certainly t' away-from-home lunches for
sodium glutamate of the 54. ',. Y1 /gtxlrib n children and grownups.
most economical .
I/r I Here are holiday dishes prepared There are endless ,filling
W.ter drinks .
: you can serve. For a '
win the modern .. ':
punch add low war variations .
1 tablespoon lemon juice creamy aloe s
?,, 1 tablespoon butter or margarine led sherbet and garnish with reclpe designed tobrtnL o d i l delicious to the last oegreeTry Iii Cherry This holiday loaf U studded TbomaV ''Dat -Nut. Loaf
& V4 cup flaked coconut fruit slices.Count Apple*Brown Loaf: 2/1 cap butter or margarine; 1-1/1 tape sugar; 4 t&ti; I cops earned with cheery little cherries, also la popular with Slay-at-
""""" "Webb tM"; Party apple axe; I/I cop milk; 4 cops sifted aH-pnrposs flour; X teaspoons bating porter 1 filled with chopped nuts, given homes for breakfast," toffee.
,., ..breaks'
In 2H) quart baking dish combine yams, n.&ndafl1ll. calories when select afternoon tea, as an
ttupooB baking soda; 1 teaspoon U; tablespoons grated rind; 1-1/J Cts chopped apple fraltlnesf with tangy
allees. Drain Add to instant snack
[ pineapple; reserve syrup. pineapple ing bore dVwovres and party buffer dessert a or
I yams. In saucepan, blend sugar'oornslarch chives and platters. Where there's a noli; t/S cup maraschino cberrlea, chopped. Cream together or margarine and near canned apple pace-ead also, whenever they're la the
f spices. Add enough water to reserved syrup to measure tI seafood ftih over fowl, add eo, one at t Urns, beating after eacfc. Stir u apple sauce and mitt. Sift together Door, kept fresh and moist by same mood for something especially
I cupt gradually add to sugar mixture. Cook over low h.at. over meat and use baking powder, bating soda sad salt; add to creamed mixture and mix wen Add grated lemon 1 boasts a fine compactness,, good.
I stirring constantly, until canon Is slightly thickened and lemon In place of starchy rind, oats drained msrtsrhlno ceerc leg. Poor Into t creased loaf pane I** 5* t S". Bike U slices willingly, and 1st perfect Keep an extra loaf or two
( clear. Remove from'bell; stir la lemon Juice and butter. ssuces Your for most main dkhea. moderate ores, ISO decrees F.,1 boar. Remove from pass; cool on wire rack before alklnf. companion for tea, coffee or ,is your freezer ao you're.
[Spoon over yams Mid frulu Bake, feasting occasionally, In "weigh guests out" might eaQ H a Rata I loam. oft drinks. With this loaf watt- .ad"or refreshments whenever
I au. (moderate) oven IS to 20 minutes or until apples are. It wift tend them party.home Certainly happier_ lag backstage, let the visitors (NP Features holiday company) calla.
tender. Sprinkle with coconut bake ft minutes longer. not hesvtertEICCIIII .

t .
-", "' .. ...... .
j. '.. .-..... ..."... : ,: .

...... ", ., .t. ,.j .'.. ..... I
rE.1 Stilt( -
"" -;_ to ; 0 ? "
'-. ....5. M--'" -. ., .#IIIVy1 ... _. ,y r : Iti ; : i l
(PER SUltf] '. I

I '.1. .

I P.M.


PORK CHOPS new Stixpak

.2. ( instantly you're: a hostess) .

r 1 '<

: :: .. :: jiE'9T '; : g

11 ; : msl ;;

1 \ j., I\\. I '
t _. "- ,.. .... .
1')1 !
SAVE r. :;..: 1

i .... ." ,0
39'PER IB.i. I
"r ... ,
r ter Rltr .. '. .
,. .. : : ..j', .
: .. .,. ,.1, .0'.
.4 "" '. jC: .4tx :'\,
: 't" ...'.
.:. cmCHUCK ., 1" #'" "! ,,,. ,1 : .
., "
.. .j.'. 'I., 4,' ft'V' ..+:. .: 4l'j. .. .
._ .:1
: '
.if' .. ,
l \I. ...c" ", 'l" 1t'"II"! "
49 .
.of. .. \ 1t' ,,f'f .
: '
LI. ..'. t: 'i"" ;" '01 "

( .t.,. '. 't...
': '' 'I'dIIIlI ;;' : ....: ,, :
; ,,:"' :Tt*'-\'-<.Ii.

I I .11IIUl IllS INSTANT ISTE111.1.1 SUE t. .,. .... ....._ ...:.. ... ..;.
1-.i ', ., ,: r. ... FiI.f'
: OFFEE SPARE RIBS ., 1 .. ', '.'"....".."........... .b.:","... ,. ... ;...'O"rf N t;
l ,,: -- .
:. ti.
>: t :-- :

I 79c U. 55'' :
I Il. ker..Barre1 Cheesa, a n : g it.a if
# .: > ; .
\ LORI'OIf11W1171 :; r.7. "' : ,'. K' ..
ii.oo ,P I f/ ,. s ,
i _- w'.I: I '. .i.. ,-. .. ,-10, ,
1 ,'
.cIUSEY f f; ':f .< {: :'.f
; '
\ :
.' ..'

& BEANS 15 ..t. ."f<< -. : ..:' ,.. : :.::

! : : ;

: t I II Iii 1117.4 + l L5 ;. .' i t.I,
1.," .. .. ,
I ( HIE PlITE r' 11 II 1 t '''' liP :: .c. ...;;:-. "

MAYONNAISE A 39* I: iJT ,. 1ot'\\. -

: ".- ; : ,
-. :'I t .' .
:; i l

__ : .5) ,. ,
: !:

l..leUI PluSlrlroiAfaEs ; ,'t, .. ..
... '.

! I RIC'E. ;; ; FLOUR

I lovers And always with f eSh.

< i cut goodness because
'' >. "1'is'e :'if of the five 2-oz sticks is
1 +
U. 35 $. i\u. 3Rt' 5 ll 'l, individually sealed e,' You'll"

. % :? JI' .t' f the convenient Stixpaksi

. Crocker Barrel Sharp Extra
iI'. \ W '? t Shorp.M.IlowandMild.Cirpeta

t 4 'em oil in the Variety Pak.At :.'
." ; .
II. 1
3LB. CAN .. the ring of a doorbell you con r
w !: set out a snack troy you're proud

} of with a Stixpak of Crocker.Bar. pi

c rel brand Natural Cheddar
:. : r a Cube a stick Slice a stick. ply' .r

". Or just set them out as is. C ; i jY

i ,'4 C Tuck a wrapped stick in

; i lunch boxes, too. See how

LDCT bI( :=, handy the dick is to cube or

>.i.00 slice for salads e Hera's great
( 00;
NLRB :fl"": '. 1 i cheddar to delight; true chest

.. ca 1w
:See tea.Is.l Wee. '
I. ,.. ... CHEESE IS
I :;tIi- '=.:I

( ii .rNK.SMEIIRED .

', .';'-, ""' 1"r.l'Ir'1:1'/ .m.pr; v -..;;. : r. "' f" ., ....". ')T .,....,.". r ", ,.. ? '-''''''''":'''' ''>:'fi >r;;. ,. V..T... ,' --f>,n .. :
>> : \,

;: .

THiJJT. lECEIJEt 11.1111 Sill MfEK r..lr11


-1_ :-i here's:. the "how" to t meal planning and creative cookery;; I I

I Holiday .Roast With 'Different Meat Holiday Plea: From Carton Cutouts Fir The Welsh Wstcfc.r

rood,deliciouS a*they
some make tt to tb In our mod, mod I world, tan
are rarely
and happiness aren't necessarily -
dinner taoie to many bouse-
measured by monetsry
On of these lesser
r cost. You don't have to rob a .
stars at a
which seldom
lights ..3ai
bank or dig buried treasure to
deserve a
holiday dinner but tor
Christmas-morn sparkle in
real chance I*Canadian bacon, put little tots' eyea.A great manrpleasures t. .
a delightful flavor change fort in life are stilt free,
e company table Precookedand free, free.For .
boned Canadian bacon U a beginning, start with
available rolled and canned companionship.! I Get the family
keeps its snaps when roasted together do something together
and Is easy to slice and serve. better still, make
Imagine a compute entree something together.
that can be don to Just one. Edible or ornamental, the 'i A
hour; a'clove-studded, succulent handiwork ,,'11h\ ,\" greater J TATER TOPPED 'TURKEYSimple
bacon rout -planked" value to child because
with color-selected vegetablesand et.\J;\ : to the
hearty baked potatoes! creation. Making a decorationto arithmetic tells you there more at stake than a Thanksgiving
The secret to cooking these shine brightly on a tree, dinner when a four-taembet family insists on a :20.pound
different f odds" together and wrapping package gaily > a turkey Because so many families have turkey only a few times
getting them all mushed at these : not launch spaceships -, year the big size Insures lots of leftovers for sandwiches, casseroles
once tt to th use of a nonstick but they' help vea\e fabric and just simple midnight: refrigerator raiding Unfortunately
r aluminum roan-bate pan, from which the character of I ,this raiding I often:Includes kftorerdreseingr. ,rolls. ,butter
:lI Aluminum heat up test and tomorrow's spacemen is cut and even a slab of pumpkin pie-and lots of calorie too.
very evenly throughout, so that For a suggestion, collect the eight watchers can still enjoy the taste of turkey when
there are no hot spots or cold clever cutouts from folders to trimmer family member are feasting on the big bird remains
spots Everything roast at the be found free in t.rtona..ofCocaCola Try this simple Tster Topped Turket. adding slices of sweetpotato
i same temperature and at th* Sprite and Frescs. to a delicious' Metrecal turkey meal And you can enjoy it
timing th* recipe calls for.Th A chorus of angels,toy soldiers any time of the year-when .ft'1"OM else. has gone back to lessfeetite
pan is handsome enough to go birds and ahnet of other fare.Calores .
right to the &tabl, or U you Christmas decorations will tab : Ingredients!
wish you can us* a colorful shape for tree, door, table and. 22S I can Metrecal Noodles Turkey

! aluminum electric. caaaerole, rot mantel.In Little a flash.Anger can assemble poppas and mammas, and stsr- S of fresh or bottled, 108 1 small canned sweet potato lor 2/4 cup meshed

: the segetsblesA heaping fruit salad In a To refresh the busy creator r)....).... moppets d cull a Jui er! Directions Spoon 1/8 Metrical teaspoon Noodles cinnamon* Turkey! Into an Individual

I big bowl bsTsrag* and desert why not try sn easj-to-make;; ARCTIC bREO rtNCII | Spof e'rsnge Juice casserole diah Slice! the sweet potato la thin slices and top the
round' out an easy but memorable 'eaaF.on.the-budget punch.Taste Xletrecal Noodles* Turkey with sliced sweet potatoes.Sprinkle .
II Frescs till
I 'Ise, this I quart lime shetbet' beat' bottles of ot. ft'O: *
II menu that guest 01 an one equally each well chilled" cinnamon on top.: Bake oven for 10 minutes.
until If desired I,
I ages win tor*. cheers' tree-trimmer, partying creamy Total Calories33.

I can Csnsdlsfrstyl* 1 teaspoon dry
Bacon (Ilk>)> mustard Scrap and wash thoroughly, fresh carrots., : 1.rt
Whole darn Keep them whole and plan 1.ib>> for each 5 to I r ; .t 1 1 t 1 1 1 dr'J

Score bacon with a sharp knife making diamonds persons Place In lawtt.IWnlmun saucepan : i
In the surface nub wall with !1i teaspoon with a lid. Add '.1 cup water and 1 teaspoon
dry mustard Stud with cloves placing salt. Bring water to a boIL Reduce the beat and ''M' [
one in center of each diamond. Place in non simmer until carrots are tender. Drain _nand U.SJA.) CHOICE
stick coated aluminum roasting pan and bake toss with a tablespoons butter and \>t teaspoon .
In oven for U minutes at m' F. degrees Baste nutmeg.
with Lemon Fig Sauce and continue to bake at
least 15 mower more Serves 4 to .. Cook brussels sprouts according to direction
on packag Flavor with ee.t.butter and nutmeg
U minutes before serving arrange vegetables in
1 Nb. II *.. CM whet I ..bars,... butler the roaster with rolled bacon and baked
Kadeta let (In heavy S .......* sour / 00 5tost'
srropl drained cup water ..
I tartar >lce truss M i pete rrystafflted BEST POTATOES THE HOUSE-BAKED ':;-mtYAi bm

V .nip... .bremn.. ssgsr tmrer.. silvered Select Idaho potatoes one for each guest .
Vt salt I ksloa slices
and approximately all of the aunt sis. ones iiiST: BREAKFAST 99t
Cambinabrown. sugar salt and butter th* potatoes well with cooking OIL Wrap each
In t S "o"
and simmer for 10 Bring to boll M a square of aluminum foil rise oa the rack eur sus w......... -.. NM r..s__ts..as "'S '
minutes. oecstlon-
all,. Combine flour stirring : of th*oven set at S3t f.or In an aluminum pan t
and.-at.tr to make a amootb
past. Blend In 4 tablespoons hot syrup. Add and bake for I hour. Potatoes are don when FLOUR. :5 ::0 49 COFFEE
they yield to Keep warm wntU serving
tjufckly the past mixture to syrup to t&UCIJIftand pressure. ..
continue to cook and auf until alightly time and then cut through th ton and Into t i* ** *-

thickened. Add ginger, lemon slices and Ag*. ,the potato making a cross. OenUy press th DEf f:49C:::: : :::
Use to baste Rolled Roast<< or serve as sauce. potato to open. Top with butler.Christmas.
u..---.--. ..-----......-.-

Chocolate Sponge Cake Roll ASTOR COFFEE. 49 '-: y
.. \\I\\ I
T is Candy ... .
esr -
CLAM CHOWDER $1.39 ::.::. t s

f, Popcorn Time _. .

,. .. .... .
"- __ ". ,
$ The Germans from the upper' SUNNYLAND oils; 29'' Crackers '2/49 I

fthintlsAd brought Ih* Chrte- "1 SMOKID SHOULDER ...
'z. msi Tree lo America and bunt (J I _seen aril arrH su ewe seam
k with cookies and cedes end "' )
before with. strings of Tissue 4/l. Rice.
..... .3 -
conk Although Ihs homemade rr PICNICS : :::
decorations, for die most part. ee.n else
bsv live* way lo a vast array fewds..3/K vtter..e.e..e
of thtmmcrtef glass and sow
planic bome-med* 3'11
ornaments M kMMMHHiMWl M**> WMMWMMV-MM*

caadiss.still part cooLki and and pares popcorn! of are the 3 ? Punch.... !/$'( Plitcs.

Christmas scasoa. Young people .
balli M las oar* N KkSMSMSMMNf *asa int
Itkt to mala popcorn,

for their Cub own Scout parut tet-togcthsn They're ideal and S.uce.$1.. Pe.rs. /

for school,'churctl lad dub pan

tic*. Tbe recipe' bar malts a sws.w..eesrssrwow.w "'tI '.: .ey '1
fine old Muoad popoara ball. ".:: .. :
The mixture can alao be pressed 10UND.SDAK 98
Into mold as was done hers for "-'pwNasr Wa.g lint M

i moUcd a bit Popcorn of shape by hand Christmas into any Tree BUS or T-BONE STEAK.a $ I X09 Fruit! Drinks..... 10.1 45us J J.!. 39

"" h""""""
< Tomato J'ce 4/l. letMr.nt.59ieo.
): s a{ "
Special oonastfms and dinners call for an elegant cake that en.mrw.4wrewaw..wa... .3/$1. SbIHM ...oss.e..es 4'
tempts and family and guests. Chnoolst Sponge Oak* *:........... .
Boll la parted rosier celebrating U U glamourous, full of flavorand SHOULDER ROAST 79 N e i
serves 10 to 13 ..u,. U tea group I* .smaller cut tea roll ,5'
to halt Won treating with whipped cream.Wrap and refrigerate Creme
tow family enjoyment th following day. STEAKT98*
When th cake comes from the oven. Invert onto a kitchen STEAKS !r
towel that baa been dusted with confectioner sugar. Boll up
with a genii band aDd cool thoroughly. Then unroll' and spread xsiixtaMi > ...r..rwa.Nwa.ii,.. with UIe tropical tilling thai combine cream: chssss with mashed
banana and flaked coconut. BaroU. decorate with whipped cream 1tiAa GR. BEEI..5 $1.99 FANCY GOLDEN IANTAM
and chill until serving :

1 rap sued emricked flew* t wp eegar1M
Irupaeei baking pewees t laekfspeen. ressTacUseimft
lapss MIl eegarH
cvy mesa Cream a-.. FBUag
e eggs, ........ WldppUg ..... If deatradSift CHRISTMAS TREES t :

together flour baking powder, sail and cocoa. Beat egg 10 tAU, 69MEAf'tPIES ;
while unul foamy; gradually add tt cup sugar beating until WHITE HALVERSON ro. ILS9
shiny peaks form that fold over slightly when busters are raised.; HALVUSON$199 SCOTCH flNE eo. "-99..UP .
Set aside. Best egg yolks until thick and lemon colored; beat
to remaining H cup\ sugar. Fold Into egg whtta sin flour ca
III Wrt. H cup at a time, over *gg mixture folding to gently
but UIorouP11 after each addition Four into wax paper-lined -
jelly roll pan. Bake to preheated TO oven 15 to U minutes or -..-.. '
until cake springs back when lightly touched. Turn onto kUcbso. I 5/ $ 1 1 iotMoeswN'etr er' esN... :31
towel that baa been dusted, with confectioners Ian?. Remove ... ,
wax paper. Beginning at narrow sod IOU up cake: and towel a...us Iaetl1 Woe
jetty roll fashion. Cool thoroughly on wire rack. Unroll cake .t..s..1. : + :. '
,aDd spread with era-. FWi.g. Berott cake tightly and STRAWBERRIES. 3'9t \ !rs..5
,chin unui ready to __Top with whipped cream. .. ... .. .. /aN/Iaaaa1M1

Cream Chees FUUag:: \ .iMxe-au. s-4k.a..HeiMieiiFisk -- L.ttllc.assesses. 2/4. Ce I I6. eX........... 2/2

package II **) cream 1 ripe ..-. mashed U' .

I chees Isbltspsse snflk; K.eeoesMt">P flaked Sticks.$1..b.tet.es..i.e I4. .. 9ii.i ...., 1 --'"c ONioesart:....... 3''' '3

-. y doG, sin and to the absence of other directions spoon I ppsagar .-
flour directly from contslnfir boo a one-cup dry measure, level 14 water JlltlllTtTII TfllTtfifif
,otr. then remove two level tablespoontula per cup, according cf R EXTRA EXTRA illlOCsrfeTA TTTi=>tTr* v*. EXT1R %
'. reoommendstinns. sa"gastas ) ft I WuaM Ilu lei [Ijlf N J>fHM.tf* 111ff MMlHAJMj Ijlf f3 J6as** |aw j y yfdeNt''fi
saNOTE. : U as rising flour U used",omit baking powder and salt 2 tabiedpesaa prey iraMSlW. */**cam ; r.N,.. r++rr. e .wear ....... .aser Nr w....... Sf *cJ.yr,. r r r.r.s..i .
{ a..+ ,,, ........ .W, ../w.. Wr.... .. ,. ...w.N
sugar,water and r r.r.w .ww.a i ......., .wawa ? N .Sens"
Ma*r p. a ....w r.N ... w wI .4 e. w e.
'. Icing to

IIIIIHY Onrnfe Puffs D.elitlatflllpadap boil over media.! Continue heal eoolung.lumng :sturiitgcoaatsjuly. EXTRA : [EXTRA I EXTREXT1R t } E7 ANdY
cnrTYflAM1RA I
; .I Km' I I /ITM.e} i I N } ( f M caeSM MAJH*) stew I N craw He5? I 1. slaw-si'aav{
r or until '-'' w.. aw
renters ;: N ej= p 2-: ,
Wn1I abr 1/4. np w. sadi.drd mat,>amount of mWurtcIropptI4 J .
E ...eww.N w.wU e.a.e try rrwN
.uecl tasdted.... % very cold w.IIforma. a hsunoon np elgr paled mugs Pl walnut w almond Ahre* ." ball.wWcIt: hard ,
enough to bold MS shape, yet
roll mix and"Ut'its according to packap*) diratna. > 'vR ov* frocDb aL
Prepare. Form dough Into 1-tncb balls. Mix sugar. and orang* lea y *44 nartann;; bkad. ,.

Pfti: Op balto In butter, then roll la sugar. mixture.r'crMjf )large poW bowl ever'muung popped welt corn shop Winn-Dixie for usoAichoice Beef
ring e ball." ire pan. 'Shaps into balls using as 1ml*
-th*i nsinl haV IWl tb* doable. Bake. 378decitMis Ic. f.'ij ORStN
few 15 to 25 amend nuts r Oil nod Invert on raffia Eanosfu'desmd!) .
:Trim wtth candied fruits a* t (ZM-tnch balls


." .11l'
1. 'Of & : \
.. &
'" ... .. ..,. a ".., { "ti..s .:.4 'fine b:'" "4hw .. ,........ ._"r _,J".f. 'sdrs", w...a" \

- .... ., .o; ; ,'f".'"' ; ". .I".. ..., '." ". ..... .", '. ">.' ....v ..f",;o. :r.- '" '"> ..,. ....,,,,,,,..J.,:. ."r' '"

: :



rm' i ':sili HUH $ """, inaia wnu( ;

--"AAJIiII"' (

maaubaaauat.FEMININE I


EasyHofiday Cookware Comes To The Party ". stilt Pit-Oi Willpiper

..: ShoppingDo Sets New For DecerittaiTfe
you know" that 353 of
,. the chopping you do all "Instant Pot-On" and"Instant 1t-0f"-hI'S nor
.' I Year, I II squeezed Into the Bravo Coupon <* dramatically from
r ;' few week when you do your BhtteoVDeSoto! which U etttottte state for wholt new approach
Christmas ? That'swhy
you'll shopping be happy to know iol t.rlci decorating
: : / This group of bright, er- duty plastic water tray which
t l I" : there I.I a pleasant, convenient iY new
way. to take some of citing designs was tsptciallj IS large enough to contain the

j T :' t' the legwork out of holiday developed for the J'OIIUIlllUket, roll for moistening purposes.
: { ; hopping How? By hopping hence all CM wallcoverings are These water trays can'be
'. # ,. at home from a direct ..1 Inlcomp.II prepasted for easy installation; adapted later on Into attracUre
', America' old.stform
) or window box ,berb''prdeU
t. ., of retail telling: wrp'Jr tinyl-coated for washabUlty, planters
t Ch.ekthrough.your Christmas i and strippable, for easy re- '.
chopping list. Chance moral come decorating time. The Braro sample book differs
are almost everything oa It Splashy, nulling with floo radically from ordinary wan-
I.: fi 1trj can be purchased In the recants and bright color, coming sample books. For
=i comfort of your living r.om- design JalcbU&htllDcladi. "Oom Instance, one colorway of each
from one or more of the 250 Is displayed'felltinealms
Pah Fah, a pulsating patriotic patten
ribbon firm
blue belonging
and stripes with smaller swatches of
to the National Association: whitestars
,: of Direct Selling\ Companies in red, blot with the other colors. Each design
(NADSC). The wide ,variety matching borders of stars and group Is preceded by a miniaturisation
of prodeot incled.s'' ."ef- stripes for special effects: of a fall width tyard
il ir. ry, cosmetics, toiletries, "Way Out," with psychedelic strip of the patten in fall Color.
household article, book, r blips imparting a space age There are also samples of
tablewar, horn furnishings
rp photographic equipment > touch to terrestrial sorrovnd- matching fabrics printed on aa
p cookwar, clothing lap; "Don't Look Wow," man- imported high quality yachting
y even reducing equipment. die footprints trod strange cloth and contemporary
; The next time II direct paths orer the wallcovering borders. -
teller ring 1 "rllldh"ll. "111. End" 1s a sure stopper Everything Is araQable to helpthe
ask him If the; for conrersatlon and a handy consumer choose the proper
1 ju resent I* II member of the wL.MIf} rehearsal for the drlrer- wallcovering ro his/or her
1 Ti NADSC.' Tht' your assuraflc and-, rem women cook la privacy anymore The' bastes has given trainee as city and country needs. The Braro Collection
of product Quality her old bousedres and lonely afternoon a party
reliability. S.". up preparing traffic signs proride design Is D&t1onal11In11ab1a at wall-
tr company. for dinner to favor of '&nef'1ectr1o COOkware tight at the table. Or Interest "Secretarial Pool" awowportn.'I1 covering dealers:
c \ ,
and her menu require* cooking just prior to setting so that herkltcaen of mural-site.
tho* holiday parties u ruu of guest wandenng :
Chrl."" .. will be much M to taIL your rued dress,your countertop women in scant Roman garb, Yimtili lairstjlis,
merrier this year. Today* basins finds benelf *, or surprise till eye wtui either. on a gold foil, a shimmering -"
(NP Feature) turnnc that gourmet 1 a U e swearing .moats I.UIU'IIBesIdtIImIbt\". red background or plain welds An 'Ii'The !
Her party Clowes and extnor DODo black and white: "Where It's beauty of hairdo of
Gifts For long aamngt And the utensu slick tmenor ooaUng* that At" perpetuates the show blimystlqie yesterday WM that they offered -
an* use ta ruu new of company -
All Seasons are a far cry from taw ,make.scouring can be selected compwuiypasse u beige.brown in pOiter..luWutratJoDl one. It'e something for just every M
mismatched and
"Fantart" 1s
pot pan or dramatu biacK.axaUd ; a .
true of today a upbeat verclone.
i. wtuca used to hide uth
Looking for the unusual.tI. away knob are arauabie to your rlrld floral design U a rarletyof Curly top or swing
cupboard. Her COOkware u
I. Chrl.", gifts On. 'pnferenat. colorways, with matching
ewe and gleaming even ooaor.IIAUfIICI leg long hair you can star
.tt. '" family we know ha* decided I here nor*. Sleekly de- fabrics "Kicky" contains bold be
to her boat*** outtstl ; with the "In", crowd
Smlrnoff makes the) party'rnck t-o Klv thrnlve signed Jot ills Jet age, aluminum
: a wonderful Boat charming kitchen glamour elements la dueling colors, girl with the great new
Talented Smirnoff.1tdlUlk'S orange", JUil'&!.SrtIp"" up holiday gift year to for one Christmas.Their Mother. U POSSIDM because of th I utensil oookwar from a small aim saucepan v r y possibly Ingredients of aa LSD look, glamorous to dlstrae
punch.Adda brilliant sparkle to whateter'a. good to drink. Include outdoor living prod. color. wqMoMon tn pot and or skillet to Ourty-cup ooffs trip with only posture after lion, or mad, mad mod.Mhateverstyle .
Tb..01b.. pans Aluminum especially regarded urn*. The ho.tees can btchten affects "Dr. Llrlngston, I you CbOOl'
Thatlswhytheehntholiday parties come in Smirnoff packages.5mro ti: net by ) can.us by professional chats a* ; must back It up' with
and her em- you
her noD -
for camping trip not' till taut cooking material because Presume, depicts tawny Jungle regular hair care and that
'..od'.w_pot VrJo. only next summer but right it spread neat so quickly dinky wllh stand company animals la soS and Tlbranteolorways mean a good brush.
or gate a menknbwpet
alter ChrUuaa. for wlatercamping and evenly, oome n a host pteoas to a tavortt on her cnnsvma appropriately camouflaged According to the American
of ttnu. By choosing from a list A win dome electno with Judicious touches Brush Manufacturer Asoelation >
-- may spectrum of s o I o r. tnporceuia the of brush
Moist for tnatanc provides of flocking; Lollipops; stark
enamel or aaodiaedaniahe
uiomatte heat control rot almost formalities of contemporary you need depends on your
a woman can mum
foolproof cooking Another own type of topknot. Bail.c'llyth.re
aluminum eookwar to her ..- art perky florals and embellished
Idea I* *a aluminum.nonsuck are styles:
oor. her ctotA** or bar personality gnddi. eieotno or primitives, also addS the professional style, long
nut 'mi lit HI .
topat-nnt.. rot careers ham to Cat collection. and al.nder. with slightly
Just amrad tor ,ll*>, till
and egg suppers. How about To Insure artistic expression flared of bristles, for
,IOAST :.u .4' t I newest colon ta aluminum an..teatn.<.o'". poppe MJPUUI all the Brtro waUcorerlngsartwallcoverings abort and row medium thick hair'
oookwar a lithe
aN plus
.J :B>e crew*:DT ooot-ara., It .
and also for a nan
buffed > '
and S neWMM
'''I' 'II. -- ,.. ..... vt.T.Me bytter wttn-eltatr wMi4 s.ngisu. hratb, qtm itrt.rmInI wile r g:I e ''Jdt dnrroll ''Implies;ell kinds of styling,
I FIFSI 'yellow or orang Ud*.'But you n m Mick Unlngst/ Or big ) so the big bold the widely flared half-round
tray ror hot band'oeuvreiT
/ IESTEIH can also choose avocado, btiek.coppenon style for very thick or long
( patterns freely over
may range and the oval style for
appt green name ;
SPARE RIIS orange, cordovan brown yet the wall surface.tkltedyDeSoto very thla hair and for touch
**** 'also U
'I lOw. or anaaed poppy Maien makinganlliblsaMayy up grooming; (NP Feature) _

li t croseauuneen 3 IIIR '

ATI. U. 59 SHOP jj


1"--- PORK STEAKS LI jf {



u. .
STEAK Li.53.s
1 :
.. .,
> t. u r.



The store thatcaresaboutyouI


SUGAR lilt S i sAN111N .



; I 1II.. 'Ill. '-II. III Snowdrift 3'".
, 49 <
j 'rt 39i 4't $1.45 .CAN
s LI, 'cll ll'


jI LuarivrntuClIIIKE OR MORE rcxm t ItDER SPECIAL 3lt IFF lilt

'Flou' 39 LL 4.iliW.. I-
III $ Cheer .

COFFEE ,11 :iii,, : 119. CLUB MILK TIll'I 3. 414 :" }.1\ t ., 5. 99IIKlT '

: .IISIIilllll.uilll' .,..... until lEI TOMATOES. 1134" L 1.00' WUUIIT, I t[;l, L mtUl I AHR PACE IATEI CAKE SPECIAL,

\ MILD 321Z..r 29uici IIIIU LICk. CIT .Bleach .Ul. III H- 1 t.3Q' MIXES 3 P litz 79* '


HIE r' _- Pumpkin 29 <


FRUIT COCKTAIL J -.:. *Pies" Oranges '5 u. iii. 49 <

3D 4. In 1.00- 2.I ? 89 flUI Ul : .

; EI'ElIII' ,

.. FORK.. I. IEANS, ntt. :" air 1.00 Grapes u::" 25 *
"< :. YOU "COLLAR; "
I ,wi, IllS' lots MORE AtiYOeJI IAN E LOCATCO AT M W. 43TH C liSP, UtUl l 1 .. .: SPECY l

I ,:, EANU11UTTEk .. P r..:l.:. lOOt STOKE" U ., ti JIThzET.GOOD,. T1 OUGHiATtISDAYDSC.1Celer. y ". M.1". (::",STALK. ;17.t ; .*

.LY .
? 4'I
1 ?. "
-l: ,
: ", :,

'I ....
;0. '"
', I\ \I., 1 \. .

,-w ,.f-\to" .. .. .> ,,r., ;I : ", : "'....."'J. ," ';' :j..' ...." ., _"' ..., _, .....!-.Io. "' ,

4 tlk




"' ---

Harlem Theatrical Lawyer Honoredr3J11Irr

; te---' i ...the Christmas Gift for all the Family



f If Wttffnghoufo' FERRELL'S .
i Westinghouse Makes It... wS Haw /f/
L't 4 rb: er+wNjReeI

First Payment Due in January 1969
t. i
A e Light In Weight .'Kg In Porf ormanc*

t 12" Portable TV

Yt The entire family ten enfey( TV wherever they
*apI dye .1 enl.yNbet.WeithsNsthenUlbs.hrhv.d.a *
aw + tbi, pertaMe vie.AH j
rf+hta ,y .n 12 chennet fvnlng-VHP end* UHF e I Itth.
f.M Full 71 M. In. ef redengwler picture era i
'rent mevnted full Mellty ipeaktr Tele
: tceping vnipele VHF eM.n.s.
SelM Jte e Fewer Supply A _
Chelte el leige er Deiert S QQ 5 0WJ

just $I.00 ( holds any

UNSUNG' HlRO Former Harlem theatrical, .", Gloria Toot, receives De Bananttne's W l .i ;t f WStln0houo>
Scotch "Cnsunf Hero" award for outstanding community aervlc*from "SI" Brands' President SOLID STATE
Edgar H. Malt, left, tad John Enoch, right, the COCIIpU,', assistant mitropoIUta sales gift until STEREO
manager. Winner an selected by the editors o! UN Amsterdam Neva. nation's largest
Negro paper. Ulaa Toots was saluted for converting Eaglewood( L 7.'i ancient bat majestic) alvxe Self-Cwrtalnerf
former city hall Into a swank recordtnc complei with the help of Harlem dropouts from Stereophonic, Phono
HAR-T03. Today, her Town Sound studio la one of the moat modem la the East and a
certified participant In the State of New JUIt,' cooperatlre wort-stvty program.Several ,........ file AI ianslst.r flI AI..MNwd..IrM.M.."La 1.+,P t.w 's'1pr 'I I t
graduates of Terra Sounds an alrea worUnc at high-paying Jobs la for electronics Industry. AI..I? d .M .. 1 s.
Tape Retorter ,

OEO Chief Gives SifgestioRS Roy Wilkins Hils :::.--::.'.:=..' :' + A N..al.he.e rMl= yam'"" I
.,... ..1........ C.III...... I
..,... .."w... c.. ... .M. 4 14 i
To Nixon CoRcem.Rf Poverty At Separatism ..........M...,................ tow $ 6
'M...'.... r&JCI 9/t.IT..NAw..a. I
WASHINGTON: -(NP0-Robert Per la,acllnf deputy director, 1i .1
Foolish :
:: 2995
Office of Economic Opportunity, has a plan designed to are the '
uv.oo Poverty from destroctloa by President-elect Richard MANNING, S.-OCPOJ'Se.- ,
a. Ntm.Nlzoa paratlsm Is act the way of tilt ,
he predicted, will oo the Ott). futar," aieordlnc to Roy WU. I Sptclol : '. ;. .r'o o I
retrain from kllllnc OEO wbea Nixon has blamed the War Oo kins, NAACP. xecutiv* secre. E eft' >**** ** Mako Som/on. I
be 'Teams the facts" about the Poverty for mounlinc violence tary.Addresstnc. FREE
AM/FM Clock Kadi
aieocy, rather toll depending and despair .la. the nation. a dinner honorinc STAND Hoppy.with .

oa"erroneous Imaces.:' Instead of more government his It years of service with ...... ... ". ...... A........ ,......., ; \ WITH a i t of ,
AmI.p 0..r t, otnclals ban Jobs, boua'Ag, and welfare, the the association WUklns said\ I C......L-.___AM.""*A-... .y
prepared arcvmenta la defense mllon should enlist Its "greatest'eaflae Black people-should not underestimate I v...... c..c. w* ..... s-' ANY f Any mvfcl.ll.e.
of their programs la hopes that of prolr. the effort of some ,........ PHONO 'Ih
the. aatloa's lied PreslAnt\ Americas private enterpriseNlzoa / fellow whit cltlsens" la work .
sled be prompted to take pity has said. tag for freedom, ; tfO.,..MOMI1. It.wac oeM $39'5
Whether this statement Is a What Neiroea are really.seek
ttiiister Accises amokescreeo for Inaction remains Inf Is "equality o! mind amsplrlt 0 /
to be ..... His opposition I. ," be asserted.Of. en.w.-. Illlu ...
to the War On Poverty tile dinner-attended by Nef
Of certainly did not hurt him am sag ro and Walt political and reUfloas 4 Speed Phono
Police the "whit backlash" voters leaders-WUkins said w'sttnfll.vae----
helped elect him This represents' another step I ."..c...! Clu.dc .-r-1 I

S..rlll Moves Nlxoa has goers so far as to la mnd...standlnc between whit ..... ......... Nor. ...MI ..... A-.e, Rae l '4 III 'I 1$ .4. rc I
slmgla.3 for. sod black South CaroUftiaas.fi! I M....... .r.d..IN. .....1.04. ... /.M.N, '
future ertermlftiUoa.Tbepro.crim Addresliaf the ..., U.Qovj '
CHICAGO_(NPT)-A South- vmcif iota fcsq-a\mi 1.oi JdW-Cf West t'Wt4'WUlW ,=:' ....J'I IMo \
aide minister has charted that a' year,,,haa 11,000 yoengaroQees. "for the' leadership,which be sac".............A.w..N...'" $19'5 '.
police are dredglaguphls ; bat shorn and tbe COOT..which Mary OWM-fl'...... r'
criminal put la u "outright Ublut Congress pastes anew be bat ertitMttil la condemning
attempt to crucify" a MW $).ImlUloa law before' July 1 authorising the violence which has been' a
eommiially. program heIs continuation of the sgeacyOEO cause of concern titlpulapls"AmerlCla ii- A Meal f er.-....,Htab| w*taer Oetieaf ActlvlttesWALKIETALKIES WeitlnghevieFMAMSW
running.Rev. will die. Aa Congress remains
Cartls Burrell pastor la Democratic hands, there 1s Bar wett1s Buie
Qri&Del l AM/TM/SI M(Were re< -w.
Woodlawa U aaaaaItS a go:ad chance that Congress will
chalrmaa of the Kenwood want the War Oo Poverty tocCIDL1D1I. / Iw.r..:..:.NwN.I..a. uN b.e y w 11 1 t e AC esW '
Oakland Community Orgaalsa.tloo .. Association Heads II .1.I"rwwwn. -.=: Iataalnara.
baa receatly bee But President-elect Nixon 1s LIVM AN..IN 11.eeNr C .Ir.l
= .."" it
: :
:::: : : : !
appointed chief administrator Dot likely to second tilt motion Win 01 'Bicklisli v.wL ., I
of Toward Respoastbl with mcca gusto. Betnc committed 'I".a rwt ease tow raH I
Freedom, deslcaed to to reducinc the budget NEW YOMUNPIXoolinued gt.i99'5$ .\ 5 "
rehabilitate the bnwood-Oak. and DOt showing! much concern violent protest.could help" tara 1 Mww 59 ''ii
land cOllua_. about the problems of the poor the Ualtad Rates Into a police ...,...I''''Aw.. f Illj1.I IJI; I
According to the embattled Nlxoa cu be" expected to do his state, accordlnf to William T
'IDlltJa .r, several aews stories best to cut back tilt War OoPoverty. Gossett, president, Americas
la the metropolltaa p share Bar association. \
sought to give the .Impression Aa IDdhcttloo of what he mightdo Violence could produce a back
that he has tried to hide his U provided by Vk Presi lash reaction that might ,Mtlfj4},, .trwllw r+ t ti a frtltllf 1r'
criminal put. dent-elect Spiro Apew, who 'manifest Itself la the election Anwi K ; Afsslc a ; W t .: httr, IUfFFN
"Aa tar aa the polk depart Indicated derlsg tile recent to office of somebody perhaps
meat la concerned, you are campaign, that the War On with the views of Mr (George)
beyond" redemption, and one Poverty ought to be don away Wallace," fault said.
coovkted of a crime you're with This leadtr would say ".* i iI
.forever {cuspecL U said. m aa effort to save tile OEOPerrln have to ban order la this country iI
But the minister sees his lianas to show Nixon aad If accessary well put.
criminal record differently that the War Oo Poverty Is DOt 'tAe sjmy ta comma tx _" JUf I
According to him, It', a means the Booey-grubblng. antl-capl- ABA president added.
of relating to the people he wanta tallstlc bogeyaaa th* The violent protests, he coo I
to help. PreatdeM 4leet may considirit ,tlaaed.mayprompt "repression -
Sine so many of tile youths to be.Perria. I. this country comparable PfcenefrtpH Awten tiDeUetpeed i'I
la tbe Jails of the city and state believes Nlxoa may to a police fore action
com from sommunttiea Ilk not kaow that tilt agency. and of a police state, such as they 'i/ i,101*' NATg .r ? Mwhl/ve M jg-f5
Kenwood a fo"" flpiy-r *> hUtatloa *- twsiness are already deeply tad durtnf the days of the Nails k X*WU..ZS! .U..iMiTTjJ.* -
program should be and mutually poverty and such u they have Russia *
directed by someone who, like projects. today: ,
himself, baa eipeiieoced redemption The OEO chief cited Nixon's Slum residents should be" persuaded NO MONEY
Rev, Bur i en said. assertion oo television that U that "The law is O. i
The minister served time costs 112,000 to train a Job their .fd.--tht Its their ]
durIng theny 1990s for larceny Corps earollee, !'Wbea the servant aad opt their master," I iwiihmWto DOWN
and .__ ___ actual figure la ...'100." Gossett asserted, I FPRRELL'S
When You

W ..I

FM/AM/SW/MARINE w 19"'V -" waunmirwis' :, 'f!

iF. I WeevistaeM 44ANO ferteWe / ? FOOD

,. ,5 AXI I tLEN'
.w K $ *

t .T TarraW

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Seagram's V.Q. Known by the company it keeps. *

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PIKE ii .. mi rmts SATURDAY KCEMIH, mi ,.





1 1i 1j i )


j Blanche. Calloway Heads Firm In Miami-Jim Brown Opens Industrial Union ;

1 Willie M, Johnson Mined First
Eelicitloiil"HO 1 Roeedip Employee. Month Poitier Speaks Eitkislistic Leiders Itlltva

, BARRIER" Ur*. Willie Mae Johnson, i: and service "beyond the call
NEW ORLEANS -C'PQ-) Poverty is no barrier to a qualified graduate of the nurses aide of duty." Miss Vega Perkins, Hicks Mist Opti t tOwi

: Negro youth who wants to go to college, according to Norman C.' training program at the Aviation director of nursing, said It bad
Francis, the first Black person to head Zavler University. Training Center of the been difficult choosing.amemter lisiitsses \
Federal grants have enabled any qualified person to obtain a Manpower Development of her staff for (the

college education, be said Francis, went on to say that many Program In Miami, bas been award, as she felt that all the NEVi YORK (NPQ Black businessmen this city and la
Black students want, not separatism, but a "sense of racial
of and
named the first "Employee nurses aides at Victoria Miami about the need for Negro economic
ldntlfy..They aren't Interested in copping out ol society. They d are just talking
the Month"at Victoria Hospital. devoted themselves to going r
ahead with Black firms and aa
enterprise. They are going new -
Just want a piece of the action. I think they're probably right Mrs Johnson, 211 NW' 10th "that extra mile." businesses. .fIn
agency designed to help Negro
01D STORY Street, was presented with a Born in Georgians.Johnson
to utr
SWAN QUARTER, N.C -(NPl)-White leaders have seised Certificate of Merit and a cash resided most of her life in a RewTork, a new dress and and trying to adapt ,of
on r demonstrations as an indication that Black people oppose award stet numerous letters Philadelphia anW she and her e I"j. sv blouse plant U being planned. said Miss Calloway, '
the federally-ordered Integration o: local: schools (Southern were received by the lIo ltaJmual.mIDt husband, Jot Lee Johnson, u Miami, it's a new cosmetics Cab Calloway.
officials have long used this tactic as a means of resisting from former moved to'Miami four JtU'litO.SII. firm. And back In New York, "We hope to change all thatnot

school desegregation) But the protests are actually directed patients, expressing appieclatlon entered the Manpower Development Jim Brown, the football player Alum, she House added catalog"our Is sew BOW
against "unequal and unrepresentative desegregation plans for the care afforded em Program as soon and actor, has formally openedthe '
as well as the welfare department's threat to cut off aid toNegro at Victoria, and mentioning as her children, Julius, nonprofit Negro Industrial being to mailed Black tree, upon who live request -
whose children are boycotting county acbe>>1I. aide In for Economic Union. ,
parents" nursing particular 12, and Linda,I,were in school, The dress and blouse plant, on farms and lateral areas
her kindness and atttllt1 a. and started her new career Immediately
to be located in Harlem, Is the u well u those who Jive lathe
{ The presentation was made by upon graduation. brainchild of the Harlem city."
: RESIDENT MANAGER the floor supervisor, Mrs. Council for Economic Develop Brown's' organization assistslm
Elena Amido R.N.' who cited
t KELP nCUT CANCER wilts ment. the development of Black
Mrs. Johns tor ber devotion
Dependable, mon or couple for responsible A.CHECKUP.A.\'"'A CHECK According to the coin ell's owned businesses. t
el president, his group 1s now The union be said will lead
I position to take complete charge of rental negotiating with financiers and money to aspiring Black busl

inns in oreo. Wonderful opportunity for the the "first posse of the apparel seamen and will provide
i _0". .." e/N pt. eei'(tit
should la few trained Black "Harvard and
project) begin
,:tbt or couple. JAVtSC HILLMAVA3In
I person weeks" Princeton men"educate them

'. tiI>: The factory, he said, will pro- In business skills.
j SALARY PLUS LIVING QUARTERS : win tide "much needed employment Classes la UUllt..,;

Calf In the area plus deposits la taxation, marketing, and a**

Friday or Saturday AtANKER.AULTCN!' ORAL KC.ME\ .. Harlem banks," be said. vertlslng are being gins J
sMkk baslnessmea art
Morning: itvsnHHIIIl The Miami cosmetics firm Is Prospective
Sidney Pottier 1s caught in a chanted with the apathetic white Beaded by Blanche Calloway screened' by the erganitatiQB
pensive pose la a scent from majority la his ghetto neighbor lAd Judge Donald Wheeler and educated, U found to bt
PL 4-0643 WILLIAM !. MANKiftiftMAM "- his newest movie, "The Lost hood and steals a quarter of a Jones, the first Black Mlamiaa enterprising. They art then
Mr. Miller '" MILTON soma! NW Ie'. ..veveMIAMI Man," la which be plays an ex- miUioa: dollars to recede a regular Judgeship. provided with Bittey to tUQ
OWNS MS roe eA cairn soldier who becomes disen- "We're Just tired o! buying a business

I products made for white people

I, '""' 'iSofffi itr our Hair" Peltier Seyj Hick Miini's Nitioul Coapeiie l

Use JOE'S FRIENDLY MARKET( : Fewer ReflectsThe For Noire Cops Gets looittMIAUl

YAl'S SUPER 4RO uit & mt AI in. : ., P1*. )(laml', national: campaign to rtciutt morn
place was t Black Philadelphia ghetto where SidneyPoltler Negroes Into Its police department Is reip-ng: responses: from
Hair Conditioner was -co location for his starring role In Universal' Manhattan to the Rockies,
"The Lost Man." and writers
Newspaper reporters magazine Since City Manager M. Florida.
, had been comlng esd going for days. Finally one o!them asked ,
--I.i Rene announced the start
f ; L. The publicity campaign Is
1iIHtU'f $150rnAfet
3 J"I' the question which had been at tilt base of everyone's thoughtsall of "OperationCadge"atapress
concentrating on
,1,.. 1 1f"'eFe Q'ee ea Nks1hS along. i I' :" '.. I'. ,iJ "') ".. .....'...tnfereMe November ) pr. orb public service aanounce-
cteflstki."And '
,. Mr. PoUler"IhtDtaICOO.
'\ spectivt candidates from menu on radio and teUvltloL
Order tlr.dJ.CHtIlH'
S serratively mod dressed young Black Power U similarly various states Including New' u well as stories la both local

reporter began "since you've an expression of a people York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and state Bevspapers. *
Pk '1 i itf traveled around the world and who are trying to find their and Utah have written The Great Miami UrbiaUigut
Itttty Cejtttr rnM yoi're aware of the reaction to place in the sun. think, bow- City Hall to indicate their and The Miami Times,
the Black Power and that vn'ortanately In the
phrase s ever ,Interest la becoming police a highly respected AewupeperU
MW so-calle Black R"o1utloa"wOl14 : ,beginning there were negative officers.Operation.
9954 MWrn 2St11 Ara Nilsni FIe. JCHIlin you aay: that the arrival connotations applied lathe term Cadge" begs Joined the Negro forces community with the City have to

I 4 of the New Black Man U lathe Black Power because we In picking up steam after WKAT, promote "Operation Badge.
constructive America are subject to sensationalism
yoa a Miami radio station fed the Garth Beeves minting editor
would like to U And Our mass media is
set got
story to the CBS network,which of The Ttmel, Is regular
riKMKItl Ml lalaU.UT1Ir do )'OIlbtDIt the world will come certainly no less guilty than the then carried It oa 170 stations publishing stories U which

,.. -' JtU Ii Ttij Will ILLS Ti Im Tneps1 to accept U as the right way? newspapertodsstry, They grab across the country. Negro Miami police officers
; I Everyone within hearing distance bold of anything that 1s sensational There art presently ft Negro point out the advantages of a

Ersrl Is1.Iill III II lintySLUSHMACHINE' grew quiet and all eyes and might sell papers police officers of the f0-maa law enfoKemi career *
.J. 't .\1 turned to Pettier anticipation or might attract the attention department The city hired Us One of the better advantage

__ : of his reaction. HU manner of the public first Nero officer la }M(. U the pay Beginning Decem:*t
r was calm and, as usual\ one MUnfortuantely, the term He's Ralph White, of tht crlminal -' 1S, a rookie Miami. officer wears 01
of Black Power was barn: In that
complete control as fee be. investigations division, a curling salary of lltjq
gaa l&1I'w..r slowly and detiberaiely. kind o:context Ills emerging "Operation Badge'ls a !,,*. .
BOW la terms of its total and per year
pronged effort. One centers on,, An applicant must be berveea
Black Pow Is''''plural f M dlmgnttiOTil Implications '
"Certainly :
a vast publicity program and tO-JJ years old,have graduated
Just as much as expression and It Is, I think tht second focuses recruitment
HIII ly pilir Clips Hi!. CupiiyP.C. one's heritage" be began, "as being accepted for what It U; among Negro servicemen on high examination school and and pass character a physical invesUgation. -

ware any of the agrtaslve and Black people who are trying to at military bases .througho/ -**
,22 Fit! Prici SUSS Pu! .In constructive activities that establish t sense themselves; s

cam about OB the part of the trying to define themselves for
TEH fRTTttursday Mite MCI Irish immigrants years ago or themselves and the rest of the
1 W5 Pin Tu World Of BooksBlack ; I
UYZ ENTERTAINMENT' -Weekend the Italian immigrants. country la tact for tilt entire
BAB MAID .ElUDe Davis "There were Irish organ world because we dont
MA.XACC4ttsa.tEddie. ; 11% Hit Print, mtiri limit unions throughout the areas know la all the various terms children today have aspects of Aatrlcaa: black cultural "

where. the Irish wire ghettoUed. who we art. Most Americans very little to remind: them of heritage, as related to.

; 3I2S Nirtl lut Utl An. Ill hue Win Tax Cu In These organizations don't.wThe what Christmas and other holidays the meaning Christmas. Use
worked for the emergence of young, .reporter, obviously were like for parents orIrandpeteats. drawings by Tom OSulllvaa,

: Mill!"Pklil 135.S3SI the Irish people from a kind of. "not expecting Poltier The migration illustrating tht stories help the.
VICES tl.l. IPI; $35 FirJutillitiH Wit.ii 15 economic enslavement and they to: give such aa explicit and black people trom southern and young reader appreciate black

ultimately gained a sense definitive answer, cO\l&be4Dtr- rural areas to sort ira en- Identity.
Milts II IPI of themselves through the projection vously and fumbled for the next mount caused them to Below aa excerpt from oat
of their heritage and the question but direct Robert leave behind many of their customs of Dunber's poems, called
view of themselves through Alan Aurthar, standing Bear- and traditions -Christmas Is A-Coa,"

Your professional beautician POLAR SALES & SERVICE their positive national chara- by, called Pottier back to the Efforts to integrate or to which gives aa indication of
cameras. become assimilated into tile what u old! fashioned don

knows the answer... ; northern societies also caused home Christmas was like:
Nine Policemen
/. them to discard many aspects Dey'U be banjo picking'
of black culture Until recent Dancia all Bight thou.Dey'U .
411 gal St. I. Pill IcE 132-4291
?. On SispeasIoB be lots of chicken
Mrs inline ElectedTo years, very few books were ,
written on the history, culture Plenty tukky tox
DETROIT (NPQ Mne and tradition of black people
Is peroxide needed to policemen have been suspended College Unit la America. Drams to wet yo' whlstlu

CARLTON REALTY after u investigation Into the OAS PARK m. (liP!) Today, through their determined so's to drive out rhIUs.
beating of Negro teenagers efforts to establish What I bar for drlsslaFeEls'
color unwanted hair? 'sons of prominent Detroit Mrs Percy L. Julian rite of
gray 11 black Identity and to become CIa de hIlls7
StJ} U f REEL: BROKER cltUens. The teenagers were the aoted chemist, has beea
I' elected to the McMurray College fret and equal citlsens la America be p lings a-bummin'
attending dance la the same Spite
't3-4772 :., CALL 635 -3177 where board of trustees. black people have developed o' col- and shows*).
building a party was
I Hilr crt and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray being given by the Detroit Her term on the board of the a pride that has helped them to Chrismus day's a-comla/

hair-arvl even slight fading of natural color after chemical re-! S ROAM I BATH. LI. k. OR, apt eacleieJfreet Police Officers Wives Association Jacksonville (ffl) college will put their cutOlUu4tn4Wou An' all de week U ouahfc
taxing-can dull a woman'llppearance and make her look older btgla with its alongside that of other ethnic In addition to the there
February poetry,
terck, large CBS ....., kir-e-v, ittick* Names of the two sergeants
than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging groups.
less .. like leased .... aDd seven patrolmen have been meeting. are beautiful stories about the
( *, FHA IIS.280. $700 ,
hesitant about peroxide Young people who have bad "
effects, many are using permanent $100 ...!.. turned over to the counjty prosecutor She is a fellow of American .1'Iat1'LI)'. ...merits of
haircoloring which may change the natural hair color while for possible. legal action. Sociological Society and a life the panreohpeD4.IDlChrlait- Chrlstmu," aad the "Lettad

l I coloring gray 2 BORIt I BATH. !large I, DR, LI. Ut eiee.l number of the NAACP.RICENC max la u old fashioned south- of the Black Modanaa.** Taut
hairdressers know the Importance of 1 era eartomaent. and stories
i Professionally-trained olderpeople can be read to
... young
perch ceatrel keel esfUklers / ,
as -
their customers' preferences when unwanted gray becomes a who want to relive those people, or they themselves will
problem. These experts also know that Clairol created semi pets, lit tm ..t. steve, n'rI., tile reel', CBS, nostalgic moments win enjoy eajoy reading them. ,

permanent Loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide.,. FHA $15.450, $tOO ...., $100.10..e5. FNCISm& reading"Christmas Of. This There 1s also a section t*

to color only the gray without changing the natural shade. They i: OH, '2 BATH Li. '1. r.,.1. DR. Ut r., = appropriately titled book ls aa food recipes hbtUd "7r.
also find Loving Cart blends back color faded by chemical eer.. ctittel sit heel ./. | ..n., re- u oam AIw ro$ anthology of Negro' Christmas the Big BOOM and the Cabia/
processing. Because of its mildness, loving Care maintains i hl\ III. II. CBS. FHA., $ ca".U'Jf! .775 ...., seivece ro sir mar eei e.wtr poems songs,stories and cooking These givt the iagreditBU sad

,healthy looking hair and lasts through a month of shampoos.. $)37' ...... IOUCllSCon IN ALL fU"fJALS I recipes, compiled by Charlemat directions for prep rtag such
Whatever woman's reason for wanting Loving Care for her x Rollins, delightful Chrlstsus ... ..
'hair, she is always wise to consult a professional beautician. LUXURY WATERFROMT HOMES is aot oaly ideal 'Scripta Cab," '1&1 Putt
Hairdressers, equipped with a family of fine Clairol productsand Preleiileeel er Betleeis ,...1. 3 Him, 2 1S1.4548NMN at Christmastime, it Is also C ks" "BltltraUk Pie:'

the training to promise each patron the loveliest and most letl, Pit '., |tI., I If* freeiJt, ....sc...., e>- ft.Y. I AVL B good book of black history, ....broaJa... 1'-1 C a"It
personalized haircoloring ts every time she visits her salon. ".s. $25,000, $$,000dses'! Me. and culture The works contained U4 ""Boe' Bad CMtae." ')
If you dislike gray and want no peroxide why not ask your : la Us 111 .....-poe1UIf Although the book was first
beautician to glamorize It.with Loving Care Beeetifel 4 Him, 3 lets, FU. .., 2-cer $tr., .. Canton Hashes, Paul LaIarue. Published la IIU, tt BBB

.peMel Inc,user tba: iq a ca.koIlnc.: etere*. )K ecre. Ashes $35BM. 0,.. '. 011.... FBAMCH,M6S.. yVONNE OfrMfw M uoa 4-fmtifn tk.rn.d I..J Dnbar, Coates CuUeaaad to crow 1& appetlaad COBtuucd -.
many others-do a great slgnlricaact for
Job of.recording haul restoring especially at QrI.lbauUlu..


1 ,

\.1 4..JI.......... ,



!8$111111', lECEHEl 14, ISti STJit' MUM '11tJL

1 Rev. Charming, Tells Morganites That Dissent Cannot Be Silenced, ;By Force .1

Atltifii" Selecting College By Computerism 'r.-.I...' Master' MeitieisTreiiles

CleriymeR l Force MirketCkiii -- ._ ., 4
: :/1:' /. lc '
.:: ..... 1 Of. : Ceifeli I
To Alter Plus :;,\ ,
Operation. Vyd, 'i".l. ,\.;, ....\..,:'.:- BAL TDlORI, lid.-Dissent cannot: be silenced by force or by
f'.. ..,. ,.,\: 't 'ignoring 11..It caa on1r"be silenced by remedy..xloslng
ATLANTA Buehler's Snpermirket of Peorla,'ttl- operator, .Ii. I"t T' 'channels of redress will lead to more violent modes of dissent.

of US forceful stores DaUmallyhubetDbrOUgbtl1CUraUTelJto of Its kneel ""f.'Ji ii" : The Re,.Channing t.Phillips, :vigorous, more revolutionary,
by a poop Negro minister
whites la the Atlanta
of Washington, D.C., who was. more violent modes addisaent""R
who tired of
area bickering with the
over policies,
nominated for President at the is depressing but sobering
set up boycott lines and picket lines at all four stores Atlanta
Democratic National Conten remember, that..,patriots who
This powerful unit ministers: Georgia State College. Be said 1De at tbl -.have. taken the Bill of Rights
Is the I Concerned' Clergy of, 'be will equalise prices and the* tinselslof Right* Did i (tefr lonsty and who have sought
Atlanta Quality of all merchandise la tCofivocatlon at llorgaTStaUMiCoUege. 'folmplement the rhetoric have
The Concerned Clergy of Atlanta the four stores. Farther, he The convocation was been silenced with assassin's
was formed after will see to the maintenance of sponsored by the Institute fat bullets with a frequency that
aggrentrt_ Mayor Ivan Allen,, cleanliness will encourage. Political Education;, f igj4 I I(I threatens inmate grief a
Jr., liberal mayor, challenged members of the group to Inspect- iT.iL "Surely still fresh to i our national pastime...." be said.
a group of preachers tobecome .and report violations for Immediate minds and hopefully uncomfortable Calling John F. Kennedy,
Interested iD.eradicating the correction.Screvs 4 in our guts,lathe Scene-v- Malcolm: Martin Luther King
ghetto. Their actions were so agrees to give Negro of the Democratic Natloaal Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy
effective that Lloyd< organisation's' over a store and to equalise sad outside tilt ban. have been stilled,"Mr.Phillips
district manager, agreed that' Us salt.r11Dd bans with that "For agate, the question?of-. stated that "The Real patriot
they almost"mined business" of others. Three Negro- dissent and the petitioniaf for r of California is not Governor
mAt the outset Screws, sot to assistants will be promoted to redress of ofcrlet'lJlCtswUb Reagan but Eldridge Claawr.
be ontdoM, attempted to stifle positions U managers or enacted. The freedom' for The real patriot of Washington
their actions by a court order. .department heads and salaries which the country claims to DC. is not J..Edgar Hooter
iTbe American Civil liberties will be equalised. stand aDd which In a large but Stoketey Carmlchael. The
:Ubloa took op the battle for thatihlntdert. Beyond that, Bnehler will pay measure are written la the real patriot of Chicago Is not
Evea Dr. Whoa n per cent of tilt premium on Bill of Rights' were' being Mayor Daley but Diet Greg
Cheek, director of the National a $%,000 life Insurance policy weighed and U the Witter ory."
iConfercKt of Christians and for every employee and Include Report has Just Indicated, were The Rev Mr. Phillips, whole
'Jews, was cited for contempt the families of working womea found wanting the balance,*'. president of the Housing
ft court Screws asked that the. without husbands In the health the Rev. Mr Phillips ldJ Di aelopmeatCorporttlond
jcfcarges be dismissed and accident package. Re said KEW YORK, N.T. Fifteen college-bound students choeea by' computer and matched with over two mlllioD data entries oa Tbe minister stated that"'I1Mr 'Washington Is active in the '
a Her. Howard Creecy, Negro, be would append signature\ In the HarlemOruCA Toots Program recently participated la approximately, 1,000 colleges la the v.... The tea to fifteen dissent la the nation.cannotbe Black United Front, C.C. Com.
president of the Atlanta SCLC, order to make the agreements SELECT a computer-assisted service which be IplIOITt students' Colleges that best match the student's wnique characteristics silenced by cloliD'cbuDtll'eruhcl thr mlssloners' Council on Raman
sns greatly encouraged, and legal. The ministers agreed to college selection: problems. Tbs students shown above are are determined and sent la a personalised computer letter to for deter*l!)i Relations, Coalman of Conscience -
said the capltalatloB will help rebuild the business Rev. mining public will or denying' Council of Churches of
completing SELECT Questionnaires which query their academicand both the student and his high school inddanc counselor within
become a pattern for see nation AJ>. King brother of the late social backgroands requirements for college. Tbe' two weeks after mailing the qoesUotmalre.: The cost.of the the rights contained the first Rational I Capital Area and other
die suggested a Bationwlde plan Dr. Martin Lather King, Jr., answers are sent to SELECT at Rarcoert, Brace A World, Inc., SELECT service U $15. 10 amendments to the Conctl- organisations. .
(i action oa thoM businesses Is a member of the group. 757 Third Avenge New. Tort City where they are fed Into a tutu without tavltln|new more', ****** _
trying orders of the United
CtlfM Ml M.pflAM !. the ilea i .
--- ----
fl prejudice. f "
About Plastics
According to Screws, be w1I1W" .
to brine prices quality .l VI, '
and the variety of goods ottered,
Into line with thoee of other
area chain stores and cow follow :
Abe ImparUal JudgmtM of a Introducing the Christmas'
frofessot of ecosomlcs at

'i.. York Supreme I n .

Cosrl Will Heir nobodys ever gotten before.

5* *tj .
Jin Crow Cosplilif I' cdY Ilk This Is the very first Christmas you can give the very last word In Bourbons Seagram's' Benchmark.t F

CLEM' CbYE. .rrBMrt J
H OM hit to eliminate racial
,,mar n&t1 U Gnu Neck's I n f'I" ::4sl "

jolanteer tire flmrtatat win ,
lit beard la the &eS"_
Court swag JI WIMoIa, Lag
.k and, oe o.e.lII1rtr 1f. nt!!, ,
lWUty that this uticswodb I 'ff't "IIW .i'" "
V ,to *cwry *i thwarted w ?
!\iII the present fire departff 11 '. '1'f'
voted "
unanimously aniast
a proposal aboUch geerii.. t.
tenth ,uttlDt&r&l,. The pka 1 A tI
which was reectd :bad base I
proposed by the State DtvUioaJ r
J Human Rights I
vXegal action against tilt fire ,J
*partme,* was started U May )
fi 1967 when the NAACP CM a ( ofI
pomplaint vita the state la be. ;;/
ftatt of two Negroes aeeklnfjaemhership l1'
la tilt department. >>-
:the state vat held borings PACKACINO CXFEBT Roy O. Vaeih, Hew York Sales
la November and December of Representative for see Calf Plastics Products Company a I
Jfn aDd thea ordered the Crt subsidiary of the Gulf Oil Corporation: examines packages
tfoartmeat to admit Laaader made by Poly btaautactvers., with Poly President' Norman ,
.WUlet aDd Tharmand Grea. Feldmsjuhtr. Vaacha aeltt polyethyiea film from which Poly
J)\e Ore department' appealed Vtinufactarsrs forms bap to bold and merchandise a variety t:
The state order aad DecemJM of products. nIEIS
.; II date was set for the -
.case to be argued. IUILIRE

,.The Baaaa Rights DivUiaajuu All sees sVxjJd be la the Florida Star Office by TwMdayt '
to end bias was advanced
a, .
ia the bops of acceptance: asa
model for com>*mag racial .'
discrlmlaitloa ia voUnteer tin
AtpartBMaU "'011'1 the
state. Thus are only M Negro VETERAN 1Mov.Infaealltll.ar

eta.eg aa tetisnled M.OOOfol- 5
= Drcskea oa all of Long DOWN


i Manpower .d : f

Recruiter r'

3 i d b.dne. pleas, with 1,1 'h, .
2 .... odd....... '
'. ,, MMera .d..b dwv.bu end a .... '
pUt* Ui p>oa c.nlr clot by. r


eiAr Aho 71 JO RICHARDSON ROAD HONE r 761685
eiAri'i. 1 1

t.......... ...... ...........tiI

ril IHI IM Till TI Till II ,IET E



Oarlel ; 'Fields Becrmtt- r.
besot btaaaceaieBt' CosMltants, .
.iae,will apoasor a Croup.... a Trade with Your Neighborhood Drag Store. WE WlLLiCETal-
Hower SeenltiBC Prograni ta .:ANY PRICES ADV.IM TOOK LOCAL PAPERS ws deliver..
1Wlu ,, larch T and a, i,,2 W. alao fill all Doctors' Prescriptions. :
designed to hrlsg together'

mail aaaawrow'batrylenlaadeap.tleaCsdtposltlaa( ltd college major alaortty gradaates corporations-groan'for' { Dixie Pharmacy yi.r l

let college from OM to tea
lyears. Fields and Eotoey Joaa- 1M2 HISS Mil IT ..TITLEE :
tai will to la ]AcksoBTiHe U
"Jkaaary I aad at the ThanderbtrA. E Pk4.. ,353-55J1
.Per sow who attend tk*
March ae..Aimgw1Ubseadt from :S PIT Till IKIT, 1ITEI iH E
.iIduIr1aI occarsttoail cons .
TEUPUK lUll IT III i11Er : .-
baeliBf aid will decide oa those u -
-u thou posttkoi an Satvs.'+5r'-"t h..alar fuwgM w.n,, biAq.Se red,t.atpt a awn..a..,6..NvW.,Kr.Gds wwp..at..sat.oats,
___._ ._ ___ ___ __._.__._. .__.___ _.
at greatest Interest _-.-.- r ........ .., -,",,'. :


", .

'"'''- ';- s, nT :-e.' 1t. + '''? '' ''' '.
. .
: \>of' 'i7' lj I'wpp "PW'r m 'Y. '': '' '''' ,''i' Tt"'I"t'" >'Tf




------ :...... .

Writer Says Business' Must; Open Flsk's General 'Alumni .Meet ., .' Flsk. University i Makes Pleas t"

Ways Of Opportunity For. -Blacks 1f'r.f For liner "'70 Stsdeat. Iii,

NEW YORK-Harriman House of Columbia University thereD. .t ATLANTA-Dr James R. Lawson, president of Fiat University
recently of tn Impressive conference on business leadership has detailed a decade of administrative and.carrksls
and the Negro crisis Ell Glnzberg,editor of Business Leadership' .projections for the 100-year-old Nashville Tenn, Institution
sand tbeNegro Crisis, a bookptbllshed McGraw-Hill,. b i Including plans for a $4.I million science building and a study
Contributed the Introductory essay "on the'lack business that might lead to raising the Fist. student body to 2,000 by 1970.:

relations with the Netro community... Re Is the He. ,.barn Professor 'S R 4s# \.. The developments were Included than It Is now. The question:
of: Economics at Columbia. la aa address Dr.. Will It be as good as tt need
Discussions Included the op nority groups, to assume a Lawson made at the recent to be? The answer to this most
portunities and responsibilities leadership role In speeding open I, mi meeting of the Southeast- tome from alumni"Dr.
of business to Unrest in the i occupancy and to explore other era Regional Conference of the Lawson said the hope Is
actions that business might take Flat General Alumni Association to get to the point when theuniversity's
a so that Negroes and other minorities here. The meeting was 6,000 alumni will:
could more quickly hosted by the Atlanta Flat Club, .be giving at least 1500,000
enjoy opportunities. and F 'of: which Dr. Annette Lewis yearly to the university
rewards available to. the white Ott? Phinazee Is president Nathaniel Williams, director'
maJority] 4yRr The Southeastern Regloncom of alumni affairs, and Lamar
Professor, of Psychology K. prises' Alabama, Georgia, Edwards, associate director of
B. Clark I of the City College A Florida, Tennessee, North development for alumni affairs,
of the City University, la the Carolina, Mississippi. and were among other Fisk officials
book discusses "The Crisis: South Carolina. before the meeting.
Attitudes :and Behavior.". jib n$ j The new science structure: ,for .
urges the allocation of the necessary which federal application has ..
Intellectual, economic, been made for required funds, ******
and other resources for solving r NtiF.wwN will serve to house the science

.I this problem, pointing out that %* department DOW occupying two NAACP Award
.the trial In our cities are as buildings, Chase Ban which Is
liajanl Itu"lin much ft matter of survival as more than 50 years old and the
hie/ plan ilitrhrrlghetto defense problems Brady-Talley Chemistry Building

; to facilitate the growthof Andrew F. Brimmer, Negro, constructed In the late
: Negro entrepreneorihlp to Governor: the Board of 1930s No construction date has

use its power and Influence with' Governors of the Federal Reserve ATLANTADr.. nomrnoy Cole, professor economics at risk Atlanta, attended the recent IMImeetingaereof Soutbeastera been set oaths science building.
local and state governments to : System, dlscniilng, University, Nashville, Tenn''; Sam Adams and Dr. Fred Alsnp. Regional Conference of Flsk's General Alumni Association.of ., Fisk'a new president spoke of
obtala better services for mi .";::CONTOyED ON PAGE 16 st. Petersburg, Fla. and Mrs Bennie Bell McClendonof: t the need to Increase student
_. enrollment as a means of:
NAACP Requests heck Further Crop 'Nets U.S. pining additional financial resources -
? bet for the university. Be
eafty picjkin you No Buying Drive said this would be possible only

$...10 CoMMittee 1probeSAN wouldn't If aa Increase require I .sddHional

e r ..ri After S.C. Shooting FRANCISCO' -CPI-Tea( ) Black Paatbers'are about to faculty members Dr Lawson
COLUMBIA, 1C. As an be Investigated by the v.... Senate Permanent Investigating Indicated that study la this area
expression of Indignation and subcommittee.: Is Incomplete
resentment. D'tr'the fiUore of Disclosure of: the investigation" during the gut II months The meeting re-elected Mrs.Araetta Roy Wilkins, Executive Director
came la the wake of a battle B. Bangh, of Montgomery -
public officials to take action gun Little information was available ot The National Association
against the slayers of three between police and the Black about the forthcoming Senate Ala, president of: the for the Advancement of Colored
a students oa the campus of South Panthers which left three Las inquiry: but federal officials regional conference for an another People present W. W. Bryan
Carolina State College last Francisco policemen wounded were said to be concerned about two-year term (I I.), senior vice-prealdent of
February, the State MAACPhas one of them seriously.The repeated Panther scrapes wjth A second major address of themeeting Humble Oil It Refining Com
called upoi "all people of South gunfight broke out after the law. was delivered by Dr. pany with an award of merit
Carolina who share our burden police halted a Black Panthers Among charges Involving the H. AodrevJabnsoWdClera given to the company for Its efforts
to observe a bleak Christmas panel truck la fron of a Ore Panthers were these: land, Ohio, president of the In the field of race relations
and Jola us la a ao-b.,l III station Earlier battles between San Francisco State Collegewas .General Alumni Association.'Flsk and equal opportunity without
Christmas campaign police and numbers of the mill ," be said,"may be better
closed after aa English Instructor regard to race, creed or color.
w Rr 1 The Association, la a. tad party have taken place la George Masea than it was B may yet be better The company was died for
statement released oa nearby Oakland and Berkeley Murray, was suspended B was its recruitment employment and
November IS, by Field Director ..Calif.Elctit. charged that Murray, Identified FornerHedfcilHeidMined training of minorities as well as-
L DeQulncey Newman, also men Including several Panther bad asked Negro the six
Black as a page photo essay t>n
POST TIME I'M SAT MATINEES1:30some urged "black people to boycott, Panther leadtrsj were students to carry their guns to To Top Post Afro-Amencaa art which appeared
all said to have been .Involved' lathe
public appearances of all school to a force their demands la a recent companypublication.
stale officials who have Shootout, which aerated 100 for a Black studies. department. NASHVlLLE-)-Dr, '
defaulted )'U4IIrOll the police stalioa. Harold D. Vest former -
their duty toeztend Black Panther leader EldrUge president la recruitment, the Coon .!
equal protection to the victims, The eight arrested men were Cleaver was required to return Meharry first college visited more than JO predominately ,
of police violence II Orange lICIt wounded. to prlsoa as a parole violator .and the maa who syntbe the
Negro Colleges
', burg, their families, aid their Q was the fourth gunfight between Busy Newton,co-founder ofjhe sited he ammo: acid theroalne and hired more during than 75
past year
COU HUED ON PAGE II police and Panthers lathe party, was coo/bed to Us cell lathe laboratory ass beta minority college candidates. Of
See Francisco bay area elected a fellow of the American
.- after refusing to wort la prison its 1968 employments to date ,
at Sat Louis OUspo, where be Institute of Chemists.' nearly 30 per cent have been Individuals .
U serving a.-Io-II'tar... Dr. West was cbosea bribe
tence for voluntary minsliugh- fellowship( after"selection aadrecommendation iron minority groups
-some 600-with more than
.." ..;!tW" ... ter Ia'gMhfutattsaOttlaMmul.rni ,N[/ by the feUowufhlp -
two-thirds in shim 'collar and
; ci Ni* '
nominations committee laTrecotMrfttf
'-. \ +t u.w c.buC tII uprofeutona categories. For the
bwrtJ-vn It IBV'trwoJ f orb* AfcrrtMUoe
J .
I T"- dry problem skin I la biochemistry', "' *** second year the 'company led
Houston businesws in hiring t SdI.
Re studied the
at University
VASamiemitOltUM JOLT Negro PbysiciHNined .. van JCd minority youngsters
tins your of minols as a fellow of the
kin the richer", mouton seeds for ,General Education board aDder'the for summer employment
protection from clapping, from dry biochemist Dr W.C. Rose and exceeded its National 'Alliance .
.thy-frtjr Mm. To keep your skin To who discovered the amino acid f of Businessmen nationwide
oft.younrtr look- target of 270 with 279 'oun-
theronlne, essential to the diet
"''"', 'fug. Insist pa eon. cfmaa. Mere hired for the vummer.Se.sitioul .
ulue 'V...U.e' Itketad CoflMissioiLAttLAKDO

Petroleum Jtlljr. ?. Ma S.Jackson Hick. Pinlst
You a little
mere than for R was elected to the City Coma&lssloa -
otker brand ef la a runoff election
prtrolrwe" jelly.bet Tuesday to,become the dry's lemons Eiropeai Concerts
your alii. U first Negro elected official
worth It! .: Dr Jackson, a phyUclaa lid NtW TORK-CNPO-Andre Watts, the sensational 22-year-
surgeoej outraa former com old Black plaals t flew out eIlE tilt d International Airport
misslooer W.J. "Jack" )Day. recently aboard KLITs "Flying Dutchman" Flight bond for
lie baal lived here 11 years Stuttgart, Germany, where be will begin a six-week concert
a lid Is a member of: the Lakeland tour of,seven_Europeaa countries.
41cA Zoning Board of Adjustments TO tour-watts' first Sfpea- and the Los Angela Philharmonic
and Appeals, a post to races la Europe since hlf sensationally la 1M7 *tll Include recitals
which be was. named by Day succesctt State Dejutaent la Stuttgart Hamburg.Maalca .
.1*1511. tour with ZublaMehta Milts Florence andLlvorao

1, la addition to II appearances .
aa soloist with eight!
SEAFOOD CENTER major Europeaa symphony or-
c.IIestru--Ucr.1lq the Berlin!
< M fl UlanaOll1c. |- n4fffl Philharmonic

Amsterdam Concertgbouw. *-
0 r chit rt National of
,URGE ROE MULLET lb. .Paris, Royal Liverpool Phll-
I Cspw.d.tM.ypert. harmonic, Rome Philharmonic
Genoa Orchestra and Orquestra
: :ACMntetef lute Fleeter [.National of Madrid.

winners Watts will retsra to the United
<< La. States la mid-December to resume
Dnm. .1'...,.... i. the longest concert tour

WE TAKE DEALS OTHERS REFUSE: bona iSmstsaKlnsue of his six-year career Includ.
o $ Macker.1 Se i',rid c
Nldeb i fig 50 appearances la U of
6 9
1 OWA1TING-CRFDITAPPROVED. ON' .'SPOT: llaiFita45f Citbt a il the United States, the District
AS LOWAS of Columbia and Canada.Among .
,. let Camel Bass the major American
$195 DOWN orchestras with which be win

b.49' be appearing this season are
the Boston Symphony (In boo
t $, '68 TORONADO. ..... . .$2595 Boston and New York). Cleveland .

t' 67 cML&WWneWlUJR; : .WHS Orchestra, San Francisco
'J teNAloer ONrea + Laoio WITH Symphony, St. Louis Symphony
: lui0.
; 65 rADILLA FUETWOOD 60 SPEC 82793WIIM WHEN YOU ARE lit Detroit Symphony, tidtaaap4ts

VKssajmn: LDAOIO Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic
! I t.. 'CADILLAC. SEDAN* DEV1LLP; .. 83695 :Yu seek, 'The. ( Beat Do>t- New Have Sym'
, ." T tIVii1 WIX0OW1. tor. then Your Doctor phony ReadlagSympkoay,
:: rONwRtAll wt"y( '90f COMTtcC.
JOAo\'O. | Prescyibea'Get Grand Rapids Symphony
I 68 Jt 770 REBEL .. 82295 Kiperi.eneed Omaha Symphony Hartford
I I'I eV' TI( T1AM, r0.* elwy II'0" Pharmacists Jo- 'II'
I i."1" ..do., MA.tANI. .nn Hlln, 0IiI Symphony and the symphonies

.i.. : .. 68 BUI& 225 ELECTRA ... . .... W19S 'ICOrding'To Fill Prescriptions Ac- o! Montreal and Toronto..
Ale q/WAtnT. Ira A :, : .Your .Doctor'
68 CHE VR8LtTolltP U .,. .. .. .. .2693 Orders: I" AauriciBs Opposelaler.arriages
,:, 1 VtOA lTK'Tr41M&Ml. OlyD',=" ..t.c"II' : ':t. Ie Use Only The Belt .t. E. .BLA'.x (

.68 PONTIAC CATALINA 4-DR H'TOP ,Duality' Dregs: Proprtetttr

1'011.UT04tAAY'C'1aU'1IG. JVjma.' .000.,,, ,1oa MATER, .aAllrt 3 Retletered Pbar.aellta'To.S.r. .Serve You More HUB Others

-try'A; COMPLETE LINE OPCoMetlea -.... .....t. Americans oppose Interracial
68 FORD 500 GALAX1E ;. .S2693t.u.l' ," : : ''' .., man lags more ttu: giMt n
J.;: 'IMWI"1OIiI..lo ws. of any other country polled by
Lubber>> Goods Candles -
Wff, : TAKE. DEALS WHERE OTHERS REFUSE: OtnT-afnt'ttd f rp""nt' .
"F CREDIT APPROVED ON SPOT la the United States, 20
I Sundries. cent of those polled were fouper

; Your favorite soft drink tastes great in convenient space-saving R .S.. EVANS! :' -PRESCRIPTIONS. CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED to"whites luor and m Wr between 70 percent

! quick-chill, no-return steel cans. Have some fun at your house. -1... celli disapproved, and 8 per
1117 RII.S Ilil 353-121 badaoopialoa.Byeoatrast. -
3rd .
& MAIN 67
: American Iron and Steel Institute ( w Keep America Beautiful; Don Litter t ell bltarracial per cent approval

t J EL f..n1 OPEN TIL 9:30 PM. EL um \ Ully's Drtt Sftri found la Sw dee.marriage with 81'was per .

;- ., !! ..:' .---- 'tr .... cent eipressinf BO.opinion.


s }
i. '
l'f .. "< .;" ", "l

"..,.:....... '..K.... .. ......."". .......... .. .., .. .
-; .. ..wi, w..o .lS. I.Lr ...- -..._ .:- '"'' L" ... ....;_ !,o. _"..;. .'L. _. ; .-.-.. '- .--'f -". ., .. ... '. < ;

'' ,,, ", ,' ''''' '' ''--" '
; .
; : ,1'' !,t' 1''I'\t''f: .: ..; <. h" ., ;' 1

tlTlII".' JECEMili H.1KJ STH flitll PAil iftI

I Roy Campanella -Says Major Baseball Leagues Will Have To Consider Negro Mir I


Jerry Kimbreigk Of AtT Evelyi Miller RiHrtf Had fcmtr Year OJ. Siipson Fialed Stir SiysHe I..s 'Of' K.

State U. Is Great Trilutr Deteelt' 'kNieWN. Remains 'Tops ,liFo&lbill's Mender Wks Weald Like i..cIE

GREENSBORO ; li. .Is / Big Areu Roy CP'I&moDI the greatest of baseball start, said n
H.C. Then there's DM dory about this guy TIlt saga ot O.J. Simpson Isunequalled recently that it is only a matter of time-There will be a Metro to
who has been to every MM of Alfa football games this ....... bliss EvelyaliaierotStmandfohaaon t la sports history. manager over tome major baseball team. Campaaella A"it'J;
but who has to
._....yet see L_a complete pone Playgrounddefeatedma S Jut recently Simpson u ineru ams.The :
They VUWUI easily OB tandnKtboat Frye, aa Injured AtT tackle. 3. Walton of Earths.White record-breaking rmnlnghack former star was la Boston Hewcombe and he never thought jj
/ .Jerry.' erstwhile Klmhrongh aaeAul. Prior to the games,Kimbronga Center and a student at the ,- from Southern Cal, was the where he accepted u outstanding about color wnenbe.Camianel-
No athletic and his staff pack medical kits, Eugene Butler School in the r unanimous choice of 202 sports tenrice award from tilt la, was handling u af-wblto
leave the Kimbrouth doesn't repair kits.and"extra" equip .first annual Thanksgiving Table experts when the United Press EasternSeal Society at itt pltchlnc staff, except for New
game early, nor does meat bags.Evea 'Tennis Cbtmplcashtpwtweek." : ., Bterational told its balloting national convention.; Time ,combe. ' be close his '
combat eyes to the mock with help and a checklist, Miss Killer reached the finals ter for the Reismaa Award; This times tea National League's His clinks are working with
This being staged on the field. there,can be embarraslng moments. .UmiuttltGulldlu'Holm" bF r was the first time such a phenomenal Host Valuable Player, '15,000 or more boys of Junior

.to young his man has a dedication Uke tbe game a. few la tilt seml-Onals. I thing happened.Slnpeon Campanella talked ot the satisfaction high and high school anBelooks
Job that has made weeks ago when nobody packed The score la the finals was': has become the top be receives from what forward to a phenomenal

'collegiate him one of circles.the top>> trainers laj i iKlmbrongh .any adhesive tape. "And hens 22-20, 22-20, It-II, It-llud i Y raster tn major college r...- he U doing and from his ac- Increase In the listings.EntbultKlcafy ;
...D. t lag Be recorded 1,854 yardsto
were, said Kbabrough,. tinues as director of aa Campanella
when he talks himself smiles "with 42 ankles to wrsp." Ulss Holmes, a'student at overtake Eugene Morris of ,, educational guidance clinic for spoke ot a boy who has a four-
aboafthesituation. Kimbrough licked that problem Eugene >Batler,won third place West Texas State, who earlier New York area yooths., year scholarship to New York
I "IreaHydonlbeUeve by borrowing' some of the white by defeating Regina Oulnyardof set ft record Oa November "There's BO old catcher wbo UbiTerslty. Four boys have been
that ban seen a full game, ROault Junior High School. Simpson had 11 touchdowns the San ....
stuff from the rival team's > doesn't think be could be a signed by Diego
but most of the time, I am trainer. And AAT won the game, Trophies were presented to ':r 1W points.He manager," said the leader. Be Be says that any boy to recommends -
/lolng things like watching injured 60-0. the winner and to the ,..np. woo the back rating also. doesn't think tbe color barrier for a major league

players", ,on.lad off tbe Although to treats Injuries, The tournament was sponsored He Is expected to to the No. 1 Till be t deterring factor. team Job must promise to com*
playing field. Kimbrough works very closely by the Jacksonville Recreation choice a the Joint NFL-AFL "Anybody who has to handle ,pleto his education.
Now trainer la his fourth year u,, with physicians and dentists. Department. The mess finals draft la January, baring gar* 28 men is going to tore prob- In conclusion, Campanella*.
toad at AIT (be also win be held Dacmeber 20 stthi. sated 160 of the 1 tt votes cast said "1 wouldn't mind
1 don't make a decision as tLi.'ii ; Semi, to said, "but I cant ,
three years as a to how a fellow should to Eartka White Center.Jet jab. i.rani .for she back of the ,tV. Keyes see that color would be one", a team, but I wouldn't hake jmt d
student assistant), Klmbroogh treated,' to said, "or dispose Gulnyard Is director.! Tbomas Wallace had abaajaaryeartorttoFtofIda UM Rattlers of Purdue 1s snarl with 10 CamptPtlla said that Pea any old t...." ''101
and his coaches
view his
role a case. The doctors do that." 'leading the team la puntmg aadkkkcff returns.Walbce returned nos.Lorolr'S. I +.d0
as being highly Important tobttlog Be said tilt hardest decision 12 Uckoff returns. Wallace returned 12 Uckoffa for SOt yards

."One a winning team. to make Is to recommend to AII.A.erku'Witera. and 7 pants for HI yards. He also Intercepted three passes First BlackBall '
thing 1 have to do, ttldfootball
a coach that ft player to kept fat (7 yards bended among hUVlckoff returns was a 71-yard Coach
coach Is
Hornby Howell
out particular guncbecaoseof touchdown ran against Worth Carolina AAT. Wallace a proved
not long ago 11 to ask Jerry .. CfcHipjoisiipOpcu to to u excellent spa field tackier and will figure prominently '
I.e. 61
Klmbroogh how many players "That's a bard thing to do," |a Coach Jake Gutter's defensive plans for next season. Ciptiii YOUR OWN N M 36M8 46 .
to will have ready for me at
.said Kimbrough, "but I do It ;Sooi: NEW ORLEA18 NPQ
game time. and the coaches anally tab HirU.1 Glebe Trtttm try Charlie Powell, first Black __
Treating injuries Is
word for it." CYPRESS GARDENS Fin. basketball player oa the Loyola
my Kbabrough -
Just one routine There taKlmbrongVslong leaned to ply his sUU under The lift Annual All Amerkw Siyir's Li| Cut Fir $3,500CHICAGO of Mew Orleans University
day. are always
KowtU, a former trainer for Water Ski Champioaahips win ', team, BOW a two-year ,veteran 3IEPINM
supplies to order uniforms to the Harlem Globe Trotters
TIlt president o
has bens named captain ot tIt
conch and professional teams.A be told at Cypreas Gardens
mend, equipment to repair, PIt, : native Statesville, K.C, December 21 and 22. Saturday paid 12,900 for the cut from the leg of InjuredChicago team for the season IMS. He Mlowael,,,

practice fields to lay out, Kimbrough himself played football The invitational toummeot Is Bears' star Gayle. Carers.. was chosen by his teammates, t _
Aad tnea there are those basketball and track la expected to draw some ot the TIlt cut was bought by Globe stile received serious back the usual procedure la Loyola. Dt (
Inevitable ankles to tape. Big, high school. He earned tilt BJ. best water skiers la the nation, Trotter's presldeat George Injuries during this season and Powell holds several records.
fleshy ankles. All 41 of them degree la physical educadoa. including current Masters Gillette at aa auction sponsored :Is lOW paralysed from tto waist, Among these are most pants la NA41
and they mist be wrapped from AAT la IMS. champion Friable Dessof by a Chicago radio station fon. one game (45 against Jacksonville ,Ow elO'r SALES OFFICE et

almost. dally. For this task, A bowllag enthusiast (US Lakeland, Fkt, Masters and (WOO). Tbe auction was told TIlt tomddiosmeetsLllbedto ), most field goals la one lu.t DIVISION A 9Oth ST. EXP.

Kimbrough orders adhesive average), to U married to the Nationals chemptaw',LU Allan raise money for the Gary by his coach to aid Injured high game (IS also against Jacksonville PARA
tape la quantities that would former Miss Sandra Hogginsof of Winter Park Fin- andctumpta Steger Foundation school Iflddtra.r. ), and season record of
stretch IroraCr.-atJoroDeUIJ Lima Ohio Klmbrongh U trick skier Ricky ot West suburban 10I -' 2< as average scoring, .
,to High Point la a yards Umt.KimbrtagQ .
a member of tilt national McCormlckofmfependence, I
has three stndtedusldantg
Athletic Trainers AuoeIaUca.I Mo. G-
lacladlBgWarrea .
Divisions la tbe;tgpmement .

View's Clinics WHS.ToCeirier Include combined I.mess and ..
Prairie boys, combined vomeas and "
I (Iris, and senior menThe .. '" -

I Nalaed Aniricii 'Toaa tournaMtwnlAegin j" .
Saturday, December 21, at ':10 ;111 -4 L _
Clarence Williams,, Prairie View AiM Colleges ...", 215 .a.m with womens trkks, Idtowad ..1>t : : /4r4v4 :

pound captain and offensive tackle was aimed to lilt Pittsburgh by senior.neas tricks, .I. ..
Courier's AU-Amerku First Team announced early this week_ mesa slalom senior meal sia- 4 -
"I was really happy and Us site,and quick reactions Iii and womens Jumping. 4
surprised when I heard 1 made toll tare no trouble playing The final day of competition (3.t r ,
the team. After tie will laclade mess tricks, ;
season .
la the,wo leagues. at&ted.1II, ,
bad (4-CXI dldat hint I would Bltley.:' Cleveland 'B,0.1 vomeM sUlonv sealer MM Suggestion !

make U,-, stated Clarence. lie cou ,Wtoft*. lA.KflW. \;t jumping tAd men JampU I.aj"ne : : ii'ffr
tournament sanctioned
1s a graduate of George Washington .1, boles tor Us backs or watching ,
ty the Americas Water Ski w nlr
Carver High School laBraaorla dims of Prairie View's .next
Association and each contestant ,

Texas. opponent; to ell be found la
He was two-year All-District hu a Busters rating la
tilt library trying to pursue a
two out of three mats.
tackle, two-year All-Slate degree la physical etfucaUoa.
center la bartetball and one- "la the classroom, Clarence Chief Judge tot the tournamentU
All- lsts shot-potter. ICea muter of Orlando, Fla.
year Is ftC' student, but to feels
Prairie View coaches: consider to ear do better thaaC' work -
Clarence u one of the better BOW that football 1s om. HislaterestiaalidegreelM "f '. '
tackles they've bad since Jim .
6r. Ii'1 SHIHIC..erlea4tr'See.
Runt (Boston Patriots) played limited him to membership la A First. Federal '

for them eight )'tu.ap. He's only oae orgaaliatloa .
one of the finest linemen I the Panther Athletic Club.Most |t OiTelevisiei .1oJ -

have sees this year," stated people who watch him push opponents ., .- Passbook Savings -
Alexander Durley, scout for around oa the football Account
the Cincinnati Bengals. field think he's the same brutal Pror.. : I
Whenever we need ft first perm off the dell Ottjthe will nerve at a comtant. rt ,:.

don or a touchdown we would field Clarence U a different minder of your love and "I { I
go over Clarence," stated head person, he's say ,Md quiet." dUUBUNQ. 'U. YlrgieBroutsard 7" 'J.3-I
affection throughout the e ;
mentor Hoover Wright. "Wtth Gritting College tj '
senior cheerleader, was one of new that lift ahtad. ., "
year r yJ I
Tessessae Couch Lsmiats eight pepsters la the country
selected to appear' oa a network
UUvUioB football Af-Ametlet
I.IIrlls I.! SU yittery C ..
I ScomW4 ;
Miss Bt'to Mew As -i.\; \
"There were a lot of Juries out oa us," Tennessee Tork Ctty last werMod as a It hasw/I/, takes
University's sew basketbaO coach, U Martin summed up after goat of the A4/aetwork for it :

his 1M-1M overtime victory at Sorthera.: taping of the program' to to when itfcomes '

"ThJ.a was a pat rstory For lib ..!._ AKhouca.we bad\eft' down at too p m.lKT; ) FrtMajorinf -.

'me In a brand ..sitemno.aed two top hands, Boa Dorsey and to Security. %
for the kids because I think they Jot LeaveUe .home because la physical education j1 J

were starved for a tig win and they missed the blat to Halos at enabling MIss, that's Just what tt was," Coach Rouge, Charles "Toajr Moor from DelcanCre ...'11 apadIIate EXCELLENT

Martin copfased. .... Uoyd Nealand BobMathl*'. of James H, Herod
Tuesday, Martin takes his Big really came through la the High School la Abbrrme.

Blue hardwood artists to Jef clutch. EXPERIENCED EARNINGSMANAGEMENT.

a&Q"-lI1fl-w once-beatea Cus*-N.vma&stn .. ,,../N' .. .. '*................ protects your money paid like clockwork.
quint. HnWplar Ia1a UrIS pmt
o1 ,
't t .
before the homefolks Saturday SAVINGS '
"All the boys proved themselves 'lL 0/

," Martin offered. "Our Irk. INSURANCE ...................... guarantees its safety.. 4. 120
two freshmen starters played .( .. .. .

:Cassias Clay_ L Th.IS IS, ,jawaiwA- NO ONE ............,---,,.......... has ever had to wait for,their money., 1 Jr,-4' Per harterft Annum( r

Plus' OieehlqCha.pbEIer the nicest, enPoabekSavingsi1 l.

((1C. / smoothest
-,,j" ( '

WASHINGTON A sew bourbo .

Kegro-owaed chain of quick < ; :
service restaurants, called -
Champburger Corporation Is [ever to come. *
planning a public offering of a ** i> *
? -" '-1iIRST J Federal
[out ofKentucky r !
common stock at 15 a share. i1. Savings

According to the registration .
statement filed with the Securities [ :
and Exchanged Commission
one of the four principal ; l' a AM a? Loan'Association.yr
owners Muhinnuttt s4 All, who .i
Is Caut.iCJa,.. -. V, --- 1

The company sow has a/ 1
re f Hl"C 161.000 common \
shares, of which All owns 12,2_

,parr eeat. I
Purchasers of the ZOO,_ Find out first Ftdtrot Savings Bldg. Soulhwtif Branch NortruM BronTJ ,,

shares of being registered will .
owe 54.1 per cent of the then for ADAMS ml JULIA 3736ILANBING IIVO. 5SI0 NORWOOi AVINUCrVrtViiil A i
standing stock at a cost of $1 yourself. *.,. :

million. Present stockholders; '. ''. /ICee1u "lg $1 Z". Lw f.e1r..+r .,. A
then: willows 45.2 per sent tar t .' .r :,1 a "'w I I
which they paid aa average oftT \ "
.. "
cents share. :

The prospectus said the corporation l"J'. ,.> 1. Oldest 5ann/t In t Station in Our V'underjnl Vnrt of Florid \-V. x
; based la Miami plans ':' J .. :,' t

to,set ap local franchises. la, i se.MOOT o tees ECHO aiaa.o mmu ur.to i t snut.it. .

,largely Negro areas. -*


< : : ..;,'

.. f t .. "
: .
.'. 01 .'-, : -I- rA'4"' -.. "._....',,,iIUo .".... ,/I.. ..ti' 1;..., .... :) 1s'.rw 4.v' as5i. ,j'ae4silit" p'" jam' ,'-iMIL: ., '*ak'r' il l l.J...s .., sto4, : '" .,. '

.'........,\ -. ,. Ir"'I' .
., ...; ..- .. : ,. ,,, ,, ,\ ':S.Y" ': ... .... '

1'f 1;
I ... .
...3'. .1I

I I:

: ). K Ill- ,_ -. $TAi:. MPH aUiMUramEiat; 1MJ

I i' Alcorn College Deflates FAMU's Football Ego By Choking Score Of 36-9 I

;. ..t..c...... WiUcitsFict Among Jacksonville's Finest j Akors Blitz I.lit. Over FAMU'S ,

;.j; St. Leo School FrMiy Territory Aid Provid Superiority

The Beflume-Cookman College Wildcats,SIAC Cbempl MIAMI-Saturday, December 1, I", was a Black Letter Day
Moore lor the nationally-known and revered Rattlers of Florida AAMDatverslty
a.1 I
Up off a 21'game season Friday night p.m.
Gymnasium A sellout crowd U expected to see Coach Jack wnea the stronc, but act highly-touted, Braves ofAJcora
McClalrea nrell "Qw most attractive cage package la many AAM College romped to a blistering score el 36-'
before a Urn crowd football fans to this the Bowl
years," u they faCt St. Leo College. Orange
CmsLc.Tartan. ..
The "cat*"are practically at 510 flash who led DC confer*. [ .
fun strength having lost only tnco la free throws.Aa'expert' F. aewsheads bore oat More t than 37,100 fans at,
last Two fee facts la the case"Alcorn dumbstruck, u Alcora Just
two members season. dribbler, Harris, has ben !
newcomers, James Chancey and called the "pettiest"player lathe ti r y Socks FAMU, J8-9; Akora about wiped out FAMU's claim
Jackie Baker are expected to conference.The t Itt Bouts Rattlers u Blossom Tilt to almost total superiority. Al.
fin the cape ten by Carl Filler, backboard duty will be "'; Alcorn Chokes Rattlers; corn's Lawrence Estes, 241,
with Akora Detente Stalls Rattlers Jim Collier, 270, Boy Wtech,
t foot t giant, currently dominated by Melvin "Sky .
the Los Angeles Stars (ABA) King" Johnson, a 6-2 'Jumping la OB, H-...' 240, and Fred Carter, 240,
Alcora marched forth with one
gad Jerome Hamler, a play Jack' who 1s constantly looking: had fun.
of the fiercest defames la football -
maker.The down on his opponents And so, Aleora the little
champB win to led by John Beach, a 6-1"swe. shot" Ei history and simply romped Mississippi! college, has walked
oa to victory. Ken Riley, Rat-
.-. little All-American' seems to be completely off with the championship
Johnny AD en,Ipealarwboowns recovered: from a leg injury. tier quarterback was run down negro footbajl's most
Sjtlme\ after time, sad bast..FAMU's ..xredtgioQS game 'and ends
t career total of 2,209 points. His belt shot comet from 11-80
Last year, be dumped tn 997. feet from the basket with his running backs stood with-a .-1 record The Rat-
little chance. When the toll wm> have a record of 8-2.
Jo may last t rcaieg''prlos4aus' : body falling away making It
counted FAMU mines
r= at' was if!
.He's team player! who difficult to guard. I
yards of ,...,. *\'i
wfll nghtfor rebomdsal> r thehosed Melrla Jackson and Cluneemar. i HFl's Most *
A standout for the little MlaVlls ?
aad pass orltoateamnata| "two fine de I '
ratter thai take a bad) atoC rstronc ,tlItJeaul1rt,. 1 pl sehaftl W wMfkmti. (;:
Weeks nW ,
rtopik j'.lIlhle
competitor, hi IsTcftA get the banwhea .
covered by two or three Pttr rt. said. I : A L :ppiaahei ta.ie4lean :
VWst $a-&b Gibson St. Louis
woa't \\t .. ;
Otis Fens, t 6-5 ?Junior ftaslooked ", i : .
food la pre-seatfe U1t1IIIC..uU. : the'fold wtftouf a total* 'Ifct Orlando Cepeda, St.LtUs
caMourtoucbfara 67-oberto Clemen
.. ;
drtlk. llcCUlrea said, "Fens aaotherCoaforeaeeChampiooshlp.
The Akora defense almost 6S-Wlllle
has the ability and height to bet Be would like te, Pittsburgh;
aegated the FAMU attacks. Saa Francisco 1H4
Mays ;
great ballplayer. This beseems to take post season tounament \ 1
I Alcora has held nine regular Kea St. Louis IMS-
Boyer ;
to to more serious about honor and thlaks be bu the >,.
mson opponents to a grand Los Angeles
Sandy Koufas ;
the Otis averaged 21potats talent to accomplish such a
game. total of 79 yards of r.....,. IMZ-Utury Wills, Los Angtles -
last season feet.St .
game The powerful Rattler wed out 1961FrankPittsburgh Robtnsoa
; ,
Beadle tie "baHhandUng"departm Leo stopped B-CC last
hi a 1-0 lead after the 1960-Olek Groat
opening Cincinnati ,
at 1s One Harris, t season 107-101 oa their home ;
t t+ kkxoff oa Horace Lovetfayard U ; IKft Crale: Banks,
court. But suffered a 10571defeat
here Called the field goal.Then,they began Chicago;; mt Erale Banks,
bow BE A DROP-OUT young. to lose oat. Alcora: Jumped la Chicago; 1957-flaak Aaron,
est team la the last
and took a 14-1 hatftlme lead Milwaukee; ,$*- )01 ....
season, bJ St. Leo Coach Bowl
TAT SCHOOL ;TO C T Pagan, the Monarch win bringexperience oa Week's scoring passes of combs, Brooklyn; 115$-Roy
with hem this Utter doesn't throw itself away; litter Cean'tJu.t three yards to Willie Ray and Campanella, Brooklyn; 1154-
A 0000 JOB, YOU MUST They will be led by Mike year. 37,713 Sillies' FIRS Witless TI. 22 yards to Oscar Martia. WUlie Mays, New Tork; 1I5>-
It-and only people
O'Brien, e.tdnsndClyd.Alamods happen. People cause II the third quarter the Akora Roy Campaaella, Brooklya;

"ED TED t forward can prevent it Keep America Beautiful letweei teen. Aid Ser Jose Braves from scored Weeks oa a to 99yardbomb Allis i951 U54--Roy aak Campaalta Seder Chicago, Brook;

Simmons. Then he struck twice Ira; I15G-l1lll1C.ollatutJ, Phi.ladclphla .
SAN DItGO -Aflr.hp.TtDDeI... State defensive eleven
from long: distance la the fourth lM$-JacUe Bobtnsoa -
battle tie (1M) the nation's number one
fought aa uphill
I 'I., 'a, U-yard run by Roy Cain Brooklyn IMt-SlnaMesial
college division team, Sea Diego Stag here last_Saturday aignt' .
and U-yard aerial from St. Louis; 1M7-Bob
< before T7.71I stunned Actec tans I..hv/l + Weeks to Martia.Xa .
!J. .Ql3Itt Elliot Boston; IMi S t II
/ / Alert ..e 0 I d quarter defense advantage. \ *'- Riley was victimised to- Muslal, St. Louis; 1MJ-PhilCavarretta
scored Coach John Mcrrltt's With Jo before in-,
4:J9 play cause ell siaashlnf Slits that Chicago;1M4
two TITs gust Saa Diego's game termlsslon/Aifcc end, Mike limited him to one scoring...., Karty Marlon tt.Louis;It4Staa >-
knotting tally after Don Cory Casey blocked ft CUUam punt 4 M-yard shot to Kent School. MustalTst LoIa1I. '.$-
for a man-pleasing 4 ITs charges had capped a 95f aad Cureae Uver picked It field la the final quarter. Mort Cooper,St Louis 1 MlDotph -
yard-ll-pUy ''' drive oa up and raced IS yards to dte
a the second the 140
.. J all half early, CamUlL Bro Ilyr;
a 11yardpaw pass Dennis end tone with t the game-tUlag .
Braves covered 99 yards la -Frank McCormick .Cuclaaeltij >

frris.,.- ... u to period Tom Kettles la thecpetlng TO.Saa' Diego kkker DIet Woed Uv!pr.l. ....""st. .. ... .....,.. ll) -aackf Walters,
Ctnrinnati Ills Ernie Loa-
Stale's senior Lewlsburg-bora missed the sates pout that ,IISsll litlStS .t. ;
Cincinnati lITUJoe.kt
\7. J4fl\ linebacker Jim Greet put the would have tuned aim from JbarfU ;
,. \ \ .. .. jirlckSt. Louis UH-Cal
( t.J .(( _- Big Blues oa the aooreboarAwitt .I gxjet.to Jtajtero.a MoodAl IMJ, '."...1i. New TOI'kUSs ; V Gabby

t.J..iI. ... tJ ProctIwUIY.cod beauty; comblM \\n the,on* ?ftdesigrwed I witt Joe -Jo a 11 eSiI.- to'jie'tt4ainil'tteine '[; r1 '.u late IgtYillt nI itUfi: Chicago; lIH-Olaty
j St Louis m> Carlell.
I / H: a' 'to pUoit the mott' diioiMfnaringiiqiu I ; I%ttrt poutvtaonwith1I.J1 T I t ...let.49 .1 i I Mew;Tork-list-
I I.. &i t I maim a gIft of hondtom SchwoUH: Oothttl' showing oa the first halfclock. field goal try-from' state's. Qtaek 1Cltial'WI4ltpb1aIUI;

I t a.- il I There' to much to chooM from at Mi f favorite 10-ruci11Dt. outstanding Boston Celtic. ; says rrllda,It. Lords.4latksoerille .
Less this a mlaute later, Playing la Aztec: territory for he win retire Ja.hm>*rs.l!l JFk
.c 1 ttor., .variety. golor In OK tlttt, and at defensive back ,.,
Memphis-bora most of the third aad fourthperiods H nnr,'..'... son elvb'
"l, '; r, low, rnokMo-w arf prkti: that your tKop Fred Bert uc. Intercepted I the Merrtttmes missed for the owner of the flalloaalBasketball '.
'r > ping budget will| loyal Jutt a few nompUtt Shaw aerial and raced 4J yards a scoring opportunity when the Assoctsttoa.r": +'
ta paydlrt Jones booted the Aztecs held them. oa downs> ae &eU..1of4 tbemtotorgti; .oU.Ierslty lists

iir'* extra point giving the Big Blues at the tn-ruclllUbr. future expanded:; plans.Be s ji''',
a 1$-T brief s.eond\ quarter Cob Shannon who left the game 'they have 'spread;their. talesT ;
(Nt wile\ SUITS! ....... pvith. aa Injured ankle la the r too this.:- V3Be i iiktlbill Trysts

Arsroa third period, called masterful .. approves of the triptbisesla ; ,. Jacksonville DnivcrsUy begaa
rner y Kch luxurious wortt d-illk blends In our trowed Em ......, game that unveiled that the lea DiegvSeetfls 9 I X) IMI-tl schedule
body KM highlight our superb election. Se* them in FIGHTSDiSCRtMlNATtON running of Wayne Reese, lot 'other 'cities, but lasUti-6ttt .t 6a November SO. Thai schedule
ChooM too yards la 11 carries. and Al loUdi and the hondtomett of pottemt. :

from a trvmtndowt" s UcHon of colon and patterns In IN JOBS Davis tries.Beaming who. picked up T2 laII U some elJut teams year are. not. "'as.*stiong' 4.tetat.,.t UwpgtrtMaartch will battle 1,with satin another/the

I vhro-fir worttedu EQUAL EMPlOYMENT about his Big Blues ..... '.. Celtics ban won term. laths Virgin Island, particularly .
who are BOW s-2-1 oaths year the championship la nine of the,. St. Thomas,
52" .7295SPORT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION stopping San Diego cold.rrIU last tea years and 10 of the last .' The schedule follows: January
i ,. 1800 G Street N.W. exclaimed, "Did you see Davis, twelve He baa toes first siring] .2. New Hampshire Swisher
I 'r ( ;J Washington 0. c. 20506' and liMIt run that baU.:' 1 center oa the dub all but" two ,Gym, January 4, Florida; State,
months of thai tlmeT t Jacksonville Coliseum January

COATS! a His rebounds heh> ,n :, V< eorge Technical Atlanta

I. ccFor me.the most challenging ., Janjary 11. Miami SwlsherKiymsaslara

bring out rh. cotuol. sporty ride of him with a gift of a 1 1I thing in skiing is meeting :yttk.b\ : : jStetsw, Swisher; Jaaiary CrauuiuairJ&ApU7I1.If.C.Stat.blll.P II,
SchwobiH; sport coot or Waier. Solid 'In oil shades bold; tough obstacles .
at .
top .. ;
and wbrU plaids, stripes and cM .1. .youH find his speed and beating them." .CIe.. January 21. ,1lae0ll0 ..
( favorite here! January 23, Falrkigh-Dkk-

:' 29'S 45 95 : teAt the! end of the run4here'sone J421'. iz2J wall mason,,Swisher Swisher;;;January l&DIIU'JnHa.II, Ha.

,. gin 1 enjoy: Gordo s .11 'H wait. Coliseum; February 1,
Florida State Tallahassee
I: \ London Dry It's always' 1. February 5, William Tuc Mary,;

SLACKS! .. crisp.Dry A jump J Coliseum; Georgia February .
ahead of 1 I, Coliseum; Loyola
Designed i for comfort and good looks whether. worn'I anyginlevertried9' \ .1 February IT, Coliseum. February
I 20, Mercer, Swisher
cawally at horn or coupled with or* of our sport t ;
February 24, Stetson, Delaad.
coats. Every hod. imaginable in solids and popular... 'J 11.-' It 54 February '25, Miami, Miami

new unoU patterns, Including permanent prey fooria A .' 51,73I4losetimas Beach; February 27, Vlrga
great gift! Q Islands; March I,. St. Thomas,
"Virgin Islands.

695 17'S down. Be Adds Subtracts. .
H 1 1t As works It all around. i- .. .;

't 44 77 112 pi -. .;
\ .. .

.plus a gift-perfect selection of DRESS SHIRTS.in whites, colon .14rt..t.a.r samptr.s t ..N .COMING ATTRACTJONSit .. .
O r.iw N.rwr. BRAND NEW
J and patterns (permanent press, of course) colorful! SPORT i .'.Mw wwt rrwri.11.Uii wwrI MM -15 43 .: W9VWSEDAN :

II SHIRTS. .practical, rugged outerwear JACKETS. .':i .hu. ky,, MAN'S BAYS :: :

I cu & SWE ,} cluding turtle-necks.; .belts; socks ties and
; NWUEKt U ,1I1I50DEUViatO'

do}eWoF ttiawfgirt ideas..Come look-todayl
... 14 It IN |lAX :
e att.)M'''r Man's Days art Numbered.1 .
,BeaM and Fortune CU Be ;-ncI'r cq aw.h N U Da
Tours Whea TOIl Know Tour
Charge it! sI :.Lucky Days. rU

Lich. Colors, etc: .
NOcharveCertificate. Send LOG for your '
t, .
Gift ,
Boroscofe.Guide for Catlin-
SCHVVORIIJ 1 J for expert ;: .

::1 AvaJkabU! olterattons ''Fin 'a the blank below andmail ,: GMiffinVolkswagen

; .' 1o ZODIAC, Post Office : :
t Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fk,
I 10 ... UUSA STIllY CtOAK NIUS SHOrf INC ttCINCT SQUAll .1 1 .e.A.Yew6.w/wlw.Iwr.ylw/N3 N.rw .. 1250 EAST Stk ST. ...
OTIN 'TIL S CINTtn OMN 10 TO e .s .,MIArrriY
,(:.r ''':.:;IILaAAYyIGHT I \ S,I'' '> S OLIN 10 TO t IVUY DAY IVUY oAr 1 1'K ".'. .. ... .....\.lotuJl\'IJI. 1549091'I'I ...>>


.. ;

V I ? ; ,

-, .,., : ...... "' .... :. _. : JI..1. -.. _- .. ....._ ;\. -. .',: ": "' :" : ai&- ..;.;..:...... oI.. .tJioIk.. .7y. .,__.... a.A.AF. :.; II'..-.....!i..... ....._ k. ..I. ,;:f'r.; ._.... Maw .. .t, ti" .

"T ",.;'P ::* ,,,,, JI. iY\.1iT.\ : -"' .- .: .' .'I', "t.
:. .r J ..tr.\ : .:- '. ) : ..v '
v -v >i k.-\j:: ?! :is't; : .; : ; : :: : ;:' ? : ; .jf vSI. ?? : '. '.': :" :' '.' .:;I
:. "- !'.: 1 : '. ; \ : '*' '
.. .

1 c < .....cL,.,.,.. I

.MNNMHtnHlll.lM< .' .:STlIi.JPIIS ,'11E'ris

,* .. .. .. i ... .. ---
.Vr: w } : \l'frl: .
: ; : :
I --H--:" *.', <#J'Y 1 r1Z ;W. .>iAOOa! !!(_i,. t--; d.. : ,l t*A'l;. tfb.A1{ (J9:1, : fl'3 A

,g1)1- : ."J'r1' ",1 .". .flL."t.t. .,.:. _.. .. .... .; ........:."' .. ., : :. .l y..... RI>o.4'" ... ...<'It
N &: :: .: 't. .. 1f.r. '.1... ; .. '\ '. ... .. ., .
: ; ,
'. 1 v t IlW11ir. "'". ..
v : .
";,' 1 jO"frf"; ";; "t"";,. .'' .";.- (.,. '.". '... *" *:v.". ... .. ". ?;: .;' :. .}". :" :. ': 1, "'. ..:- .,

,;,; .: :: : .- .. .* ... }* .' : :; : ')t f._ ? .. !t
ifirsfWfT '
', .. :, ,'. "H" .:; : ..
S i { 1 > *"' :* ,. -. .., : ,' ;' a'
: l HtIS jY 41. 3 r .. ., .
ta, *< '. 'T"' : .. J .
w -- I : .f !-' tv V ; 1 \ UW ff Y'
.. .
1. > *r -: .V i -
..- : -., i--s ./ '--.. : .
's "' '
msys' -. t V. : :' {-:" (--..v.v'i! i;; .. t'' li : .t ;Pl l 'r' 'rli'l
; *
: : &
+d > 1' l. '
." '. 'V .- ,
Jt .7r. '3N zit J -; r 1 r $ ; j 2t'/ L 6 t '
: 'ra
1.1'di !gaY ? 1 ff't: ] ; ?- : :': .c .

>? ;...: ,... :- A .

..:,, .' -'. :. started
.I1nfIiG -
'.:: t:;.: :' ; ,,":.H ; .... g. ro ; .. oj."" ;,(:';" .'.'d .,,i.-'
: .:. : ;

G bank r

'f.7tT tie mostijrnportcjirit

: : : .;
s A
... : : : ::
,i. -.'t'1 .' ... ,.'" ..... ., ," ..... .

.' .: :. ;; .: *"" :' ';;.'. .::-'. ,,,: : : 'Id ". !" '.; r,. ''' .'",' '. ', .. ...,
,... ..:.,.. .. : : : :
; : .
1 ,..! :::. ..i..i; ,::.cyJ.I: : >.':I. .:.' ; .
+r.dMF. C1dYr..+" ftir !to:.% (','"ttl. Vj'i.y ; .In ..."..,..i.,..., .t. .' \.' >MKte--. ( : .... ,..t
; : .
.- : + .. .
;.a"J.. 'YO' rti'd J.; ?I. !es i ..AI""I.. ',:4.__'_''''''
... r. ;.J2nM y,y+g'.- .-;'.;.--.-.- -:. .... J '1A7GAtr ; -' '
1 M -. .f" i ; t. ob a :. .. _,...
.to' .'jo..Q.,' 4-frt1 '>'; y-.V.-r. .. .' ,., : : ;
; "
....... 1'1:1:: :........... .-. '.(> .q./ i .. .,"' 'W". j
.. ... .. ,_ r I.n '1 i11pJ Y X111
";; _J'.. ."" '""!> t.'- -' '" '\ P'41 .. ... 1
.+Ar h\, A .' .w. '.....,...
( !
"" ... .....,,' 4t4M".t'yt' ; 4f, .. '. ;. '.". 'of'. ,:.' ?t. \ ; '. :ICy ,.n i :w w J4; ( .(fix ')'011 A .,
... ....
rtt:, :._. ,: ; .. "' ts4rO
.. ., QlTA;+tl UI. !
>t'4. wT' <-t. 1 7A r.i1tI..J a /.AMt' ;
...v.. ylg r gll: .r '. ': >:' /., +
*"U MHHft *- _
| *i- *

: il'lk. ; ?:;. i.J., Old Taylor Presents: Ingenious Americans; ;: | BBSi| : ,

.tI'( > ...r c'SI
: *f : Charles Richard Drew :
jJ ;{ ((1905-1950)) ; 'I }

I 55r' .nBr. _I.!. .
:.SB .I" .. '
"'*' 'f -
"' ;t(. Emergency. Someone 'needs But it was not only through the Dr. Drew-trained, encouraged---was named surgical consultant'for 1
.:'. '. .t massive blood transfusions imme- banking of blood that Dr. Drew hundreds of young doctors. Under the United States Army. Then a.. '.

-- diately. 74?en dqq\R make one, made his jnark. In the 1930sas a his strong.leadership enroll ) aotcareojws
.... .......' : 1FJmt
... .". ; I Wand %.:.mtmiJm J edcalgachoolt rtJP-'Lo14 swellwo' \ >>
_.. .' ,, I' VI i pro r type is \ Waid1.7niveraatym ptI'fo.Sho .
t\ t:. of it to save a life. Every'day, in vireo Although he died young, Dr1;,

0 : tually every country of the world vtl \ Drew left an enduring mark in
t ,: blood banks perform their lifesaving ".. many fields. He had been an put
service ,,, > standing athlete and coach mag- 1.
rh : We take blood banks for \. netic speaker,an Inspired:'leacher, a
granted today, but less than 30 l \ dynamic administrator,a gif ted scientist

;**-1}> '" years ago this one simple phone call ., kSep P \ -(" and a skilled surgeon.
..1 was impossible. It was not until 1S \ : But most' of all, Dr.: Charles

,;-,, 1941 ,that Dr. Charles Drew, then S Drew will be remem 'fed as the

',.'. to director of the British Blood Ingenious Amerlc* f1vho,startedthe
Plasma'Project introduced the' 'revolutionary most important bank}in history,

i idea of a central depository .4, Would you Htr4.tb awn this .
l blood. .I. handsome sculptuWwt) of Dr.
Charles Richard.D w? ks;8" tall
x: Drew's next step was to "
made of roflWdi
antIque> t atone
( .
: : improve the methods of preserving andcarriesthecbmplelejyew ,S
.,1 ,; J to-ft '1'. .. ''* bloodAndfw.tba: first director of the story:;. ,
It costs $5.00 (whIdiJ w 'Ut Ott
: American Red Cross.Blood Bank, '" us). Send check or Imoas xler'tor-'.'" .j

:. ; he supplied nuch-needed plasma to. j Old Taylor,Box 4 865SGfftnd CenWMi -- .

.: the United States Armed Forces. } 4lJS tral Station r : ,9 '1r: 9.017.

R Ie I i' I
.. ; ,:, ': '. J i
: "t.. .' _:: r I .S.S. 'f 1."It:
., : .., ; ; )
: '
: .4
: ;: r'1: .:: .
-. '...1.1. ', ... _:,.,..' t. .. i/

; : ; "
: : ;
:; :; ,\ ;'rr.:; # :. ,> .., '.
-. f. ".,,.."!......,;:t.! ..>! .r. f.'. ,
t t!' t r-" ...:.'. .. :I, '". ,'

-: : ":' '' .: ,
t : ; :: ; e ; ;;. ; :: I

\t lit. : /

: ; .i\.ir '" ;.. yS
> \: ., '.
:.... { rfi f .
.. ..iq-I''Jf) P ., r
"' 11 r:; '; -t. l'';' '

<. : ',; .., .;, ',' I. .... .. h.. .""

.. J .
__'" I I'. '
l! '" ,,; ;) 1lII } (10 '

: : : .. ; f' 5 .
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1 ::%:-r- ': : : r 1. r: d + 41 { x : :i4': ,. ;' ';*'-:.r

.' & ;;: :. .- ;?J. ::." J ;{ ? =:: .
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6'" .' ,. ,' :, .. .....'S' :t:< : ; : ,' i.. 4 4, ... Ii.k" '. t ; oj ,r: ..d/h. .W, YM'. .... '4 .:,. ". ,r '" .1..,4..::; .,1i. \...... ", ,

"' ''' '' z': '' ''' '' .y.''' 'r"v" .. 1-' .' .. . '.. ... ,, s,'ra"!.:1'.VS.' ,,1".."" p... "., .' ,.".,."......" ..,.,'"' '' '<."" !)I"....."'" ;':.." """ ."", ,,..,..; ::' '.'!:' ,. '.' .. "; ..' ..,'.

,:.': ..

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), :.i" geege'l lATIIIAT ItCEMItt i 14.; 1HI
-.un 1 a., m fAMIS1 ,. ,. +

t ; 'fi'i1IU CUll TTPISTictlltatopporttaltyfor Fll LENT "f'W'I." StrehOTBUa! .. ,nV Tf --II" Jehu- NitteMl. Stiff"

It 1 .67 -650 BSA or trade of eat? 111 W. 6th St. Unfurnished '. 'f. Object .Of. :. ,
apartments 1 bedroom,$50.00. -
2792 Post Street IiIt
j qualified person. Good pay and Phone JI7-1ZOI. t1W,""1 i m ton,' Of Ivy ScNts Of AsmktElbcrt '

FIN KENT liberal ft Inge beneflte. Apply Fll IERTS H ( \ rpaIII.A C""

4 nice rooms Prlv. bath, Ia person, St Regis Paper elect YYVCT' s } .O. "Robbte" Robinson, t Baa who bu beta Mr. Boy

water fun Close( In, Com.to Company, between. 9. a,m. and nice: rooms.furn. Prtv.Close bath In,,Ccov. "i.' .. ,'rNH". fj.F scouts In south Los Angeles for more than a decade,was commended -

bus. 231S Rossene St. $16.50wk. .2 pjn. water 1954-60 Thomas St. 4NVVCi by till Loa Angeles City Cornea for his years ofervlce
SM. l1l.t to bus. to DIe boys of oar community u be leaves for tile east fend ft'

t NIt Hilt tins. 680wk. Ml-e47t. : -- ". '- : ," position greater challenge tad opportunity to serve tooth ta

MOTEL CIYIL TEST ':'""!! "," .".' .. _. the Boy Scouts of America organization
Now ; i' ,. {t .
Starting 'f"ql
12 private bath $5.00, B win bt to Robbie u hit
rooms, Clue .. "lie1" up able to spend more time withtht
II rooms, seml-prtnts 94.00] 1 : Hospital Aide ,., friends call him, la hU new Job
CashierSalesClerkKindergarten Prepare at home for government 1u.t!'. jrT. ,.}- individual packs, troops
Day I time (Mai-prime) >>.00 .u assistant national director of time
e Teachers' Aide tatranet exams. For posts At the same more
Rate (plus tax) rotmteer la national
Weekly training
; Involved
Piano-Gnltar-Theory details send name, address, grass roots people art
ElfiEWIOI( MOTOR cnlT"IN1'ECIrXTED ,. .Band and Orchestra Inst.lil.ii's phone: number, to: at Boy Nib Scoot Brunswick,headquarters New Jersey ta a meaningful way mint entire
actrrttiea la
NATIONAL e/o P.O. Box 599 ceattatcities range of scouting
'to help boys in toe
Jacksonville S2201TIAFFIC community.
sill UJM.Cor.EdgewoodAve. till I. 21th Strut of the nation seek and Robbie,. la proving that tkinlan .<
'Phone: 764-0001-Always OpenIll brave new horizons of personal could succeed la Los Aag-
lilistnr 35M4I5.L. CUll achievement la the "Be Pre fan could succeed la Let

Experience printed, but not pared" tradition of the boy bu a chance to
MEN Ml WIMEN Johnson, acting prildeotYETEANSII Angeles, now
u"t Scout movement.
required Some typing and show that It can work to urban
IF All ACES knowledge of office machinery. Scooting tile United States Is areas throughout the 1IIt1i.

Take Mew IMPROVED NATURE Shift work. Good pay and liberal basically Imiddle Income designed "Through the diligent efforts

TABLETS for that'tired, ran ft loge benefits. Apply St Regis 3 r for youth n has and creative programs Initiated
don fteUDctblttHplollfrom Paper Company: between 9 1.11. had a rather limited appeal to by Mr Robinson, supported by

enjoying life. and I p.m Intersection of Beck.tsar large numbers of low Income parents of scouts and Mended

100 Tablets $100.200 Tablets Rl MINE IIIRHI Drive and East Port Road. ( fellows scooting the number of

. 15 00. '1.00 deposit on COD'S. An Equal Opportunity EmployerHikcits The Greea Meadows Scoot scouts Increased more than 100
A a 111 JI District Is bound by Slauson
.EMPIRE PRODUCTS SALES ., per teat in a decade. (from
" Dept. F8' S9J7 N. BrOl4'ft"ChJcaco. Rosecrans, and Vermont Are 1.5M to J.514). Tht dUtrtet'
IEIIIIN noes, and Alameda Street. It
minols !806264IRCEI ,. also Increased Its financial resource
.154LPfOcess..2' tl Is a low income area and sect.
.. from $400 to
.. some
INK H IAIIE LIT 1 ,firtr.atj' .. ion of high transiency of pap.aJatloe about: ft00," said Councilman

( AITIMATIC when compared to other Mills. .
Him !II BEAUTIFUL r scout districts in tilt- Los Ange- Greet Meadows District scout

CINSILE t lei Council. participate la tbt
LEAIR ItrlitinEMroll The Involves Is tat
Sewing 'machine, Ztr'''Zap. CARVER PINESI plan changes America New Impressions
administration of
Boric 01 t
Blind stitches, buttonholes, decorates Teen Tenth Programs;'visited
FKK2DAEIE. APPLIANCES New I programs Instead of profess New York and attended
etc. Original 1 price, 4 II Expo 1'7.
>>00. Has a balance of $&Ior : scooters doing all tbe the 12th World Jamboree
reliable party In this area can MIR. ill IN A NEW CLASS STARTS work and theNatloaal Tout ICon-
asst work, volunteer scooters are terence at DIe White BOOM ta
asstme II monthly paymentf. FIA' iIIMS.VULCAN EACH MOM DAY
Win take older machine In ; la program activitiesof 1961, A local scoot attended tht
cub packs, scoot troops,
JicksMvilltlirbir Olympic Games as representative
trade. Ph. 15M94I. Ask for ow and
tV' explorer
of the Boy Scoot of
Credit Manager. WU1 deliver INC. V V ( V These volunteer scooters art "

M obligation. 1601 Mala Sty CeHip ,; Interested cttltens, teachers, America.We commend. and congratulate

..lacuODYWe.I ;s:' it 1
policemen; people who worknel'fda
Hobble Robinson for tilt work
I PI. 111-Slll C30 DAVIS STREET JS5-9I74 LtA.eQ, .v la the central city 'be has done to mike'better
0f/If1 ni torr
communities reside there.
I < ; .'1'11 r$ el/ke'i, ; The professionals or teach them youth and met of our boys, and
'" for ct'lDellcnt1Dt the opportunity
Tell it CilCAGOSean, Roebuck and Company Issued. argent recall of novelty costume jewelry Boy Scout precedures and administration to scan all interested

to pins solo' are potentially nsam. &U. total of 100 to 400 of the pins may have but to programs boys places where they can have
ntedwltha the .
SHERWOOD FOREST HOMESLIKE beta nct1 .These pins are poisonous )equlrtty....s. Swallowing Input to make fan and develop their potentials
..HARRYI I even one bean, thick baa been chewed or broken, may cause death because of their extreme relevant la the neighborhoods for growth and service to&Ina-

toxicUy Pins containing DIe Jequlrlty btulwer.toldla two ornamental designs: comic: faces Ixal boys selves and their community,"

NEW ta oblong triangular or Irregular shapes, with the bean used for eyes* sad flowers with beau ProI..alona.1lCouter.are thus

ta the center. The pins! sold for $1, ranged from one to two laches ta dlameterjJTht shiny

egg-shaped bean ls bright orange or red with a black tip Sometimes called TOoaary Pea",
the bean's botanical earn* ta Abrts-Precatorta. James W. Button,'senior vice prtlldlDt1'tbaDd1a1DL 6rrrkllr Celkf. Will Heit

$111.11 t 5211 .II Im .' said tht recall was ordered after U was determined that the pins contained

: Jequlrlty beans. Be IUd DIe pins! were sold by Ul Sears retail stores ta 111 cities. News Feir-l kelisll Teem IsHleCRAMBLDfO.

3. nl 4 li.rius-I nl 2 i bib paper ads erg rag retire of. the pins will be placed ta all cttiM when the plat were sold .

Button sold The pins! were Imported from aa by a New Tort City firm.Sears was the La. A two-ttght tounamnt Involving l tour
principal distributor Tht Food and Drug Administration ta counting ta the
recall, leanubHiaahere.wlaTexuSootherameHmiDUlardUniversity
Iirrj" ikili th silictlii still 0ss/ and with Mississippi Industrial squaring. off against :

boat Grambllng College the algatcap. .
114ft.t far tisane ..
TOUT OfMMOM nI UHwry AIT Fluktr The .first Booted ,will start 14..
Tbomp an. fcrm 1yvitli HAGAN REALTY BKR. Jullce Dr. 0 'CHI ell AgilistCMHS U1 'p m each alPt..wWa till With moctpersoonelbatkfroatt.
lh.LM Anirin Rwni .1 NiMd AH-StiU second to follow at 9 o'clock. last year DUlard may rate thtfavorite's
nov win' tpcctkbtt lor CM The losers meet In the conso role laths Grambllngteumy.
CtMrwrToday's. BOO N.C.-WUlit COX TKUEp FBOii PACK 1
CRIPS A'rtjtwGASttsVtLttt laUofllII&laALIHOIId, l B Hobby. has IMKPST.leactd .
Hi* 114.3111 Rlitt" Cirolml .
Uf thU
PoTlD "
Pearson .
725i4111 k Iiit\I11
< < yan4'wdrolly' with tht .tule gasM to. batch guards to c.ome through,.
r .. An-CIAA fitikif, flU "ua -Inaslronglyworded *
the first ,
night winners kit .Grambllng dob>> could to
named to the AU-Rtate football funds by allowing his message relative to the Coach Fred Bobdy's Tigers tough early ta the campaign.Crambllag .

'I question: 1 IWald VJL. t F.HX team picked by the Crtensboro.. wife to draw a salary U a mistrtatmeot of an African student ,Initiated their campaign bywalloping will play two early

.. .,, Dally Mews.Pearsoa congressiooal employ when on tilt eiabt'dtke.Unlvertlly Miles Collect bare aeasoa game ta the Monroe
-, 9(0 pnlrcHiiif I
was aame a co tot was Utt ever Jtmmfml really performed no office 101-M, while Texas Soothers Civic Center meeting Oklahoma
tail of the first mit along with President
Gainesville Stephen
f.erl. ..,* tM n'.4 J duties. was blasting Texas College in Baptist University December
1..w..P cuter Carey Mstts of North Powell was also charged with aConnell spoke of the oed oftavter IS. u'n'ntwl1D4DltrIa1101t' ) tl and Heuderaoa State

i '' ... .. Carolina State.Aaothe using public funds for personal starting and restraint and to Arkansas AMUf 101-U la December 21.Grtmblig '

l 'I'' r Ante, sophomyrt travel, for falsely certifying urged humanity to realist that their 1961-69 debut ....... '

f .uIe-wu- f tackle Dempsey Brya&t, was transportation. vouchers indict Christmas U the season of love.Dr. Texas Loather and Crambllag College' football ,
I named the first team.AT that the
N.. I ....,. also to 1I filing false reports on the 0ConMll, Infusion of struggled through 11-1 and II- team not only won eight cliO
Jt..r B.. p1IJtn.ralDl1IoDcIr amounts of A.If.e II-bald campus needs an 14 seasons, respectively, lastrear games this past season w.
.: tentloa were tackle Lester foreign he white love, of warmth, and of friendtineas -
Is t but currency spent bat both expect to be broke all previous standards
I .Lw.t era deftn Moore linebacker Bevy Hippy traveling out of the country *. spokt at a special Improved this year. Dullard for att due.. ,.

U1WJ pt u f ACCIIflTAlTS halfback Ked Code. However, the Jastlvt Department tree-lighting trtmony oa theca posted mark a year ago 'Coach Sddlt Aoblaiee'stshst e'
.r. aDd quarterback Stanley Jacobs., because of laxly
He spoke
said "The sad pis. and lost lettermeaoff
one before
w. d'Tigers played
Several accounting positions will soon be at curtsy ..
c A senior rrca.iutoD-kl. which investigated died thisweek. O..,coaapWot dooeAtrlcaoitwis that club. 191,411 fans during 10 contests
Jacksonville plant. These Include ttt If.C. PlUM led the Agfiestoa t .direct abuse and
TN Departme did lOt u to Coach Fred Hobdy of Gramb- this past campaign! u avenged .
r' ?, lEIEVtlf( ACCJIRTAHtSDeals 1-1 mark, for Ito season.It recoouniod u Indictment Moot of thai of another. of threatened ling says he does DOt know what tamper pas
flashy flanker, a cardUUtt was retuned.he Department abuse: 'ittscootttl/ to expect from any of the teams. The Grambllng attendantsbeoyd was'
for Little LIl-Amerkanhotiori, might mull over lbs matter students ,
of Including his Inexperienced by ta Tube
._ with Federal and.Bute tax reports scored 10 touchdowns tad civil liability/ toIOIJ'CII Fred KanlO. of Kenya, a ,
r j I accenting \ m fL But BoMy Is apttmistlc Stadium U New Tort Cky and
IhuntCtun d.fI ACCIIRTART aught )1 passes for W4 tards.It la WI 1IICtOI. graduate student, reported aa and figures his quintet win have tht Astrodome ta Houston

..w4a',.... CIST added another 264 JU'lSlIa This Is another strong victory Incident of several days ago to be contended with u the where tltts drew 64,104, aa4
V7"Ju. n .4 rushing plays 'for PowalL Be won a hearing and revealed that he would 'Mmp&ipi wears on. J5.46J, respectively.
.. Bwn.V ] some knowledge of standard cost systems matriculate ta school where
Mater befo/w the UAitedStateSupremt a The Tigers had little trouble However, tilt Bock and Gold

.with.. I smyb.d Wet .hiw.M4rwt..t r BDR. ALL I Court several days ago even prejudices. art minimised. with Miles College la their played oa three opponent fields
", : IRYERTIIT CIRTIIl ,BRICK though poslttvt action is said Dr. p-Cottell said.Mb debut. Hobdy cleared his bench' where capacity: was 1,000 orbaa
to reillyConVUL be ta the House of Novembe/ a non-white, (inter uctng U players ta tile rood.Eaueel or its Itt..sa..ee.rt.

ARIMAIRTERARCE TOWN natloaal studeal of this Caaaoa led all would have beeailgher.Grumbling's -

Only Tuesday, Congressman ualverslly was on several scorers with Ifpo1Dta'oUO'I'ed' first appa'anceon

; :' ACCIIRTART HOUSESII' Gross of Iowa charged that las occasions. Jntatted by epithets by Charley Anderson with 20 the west coast ta the Pasadena
Ramie I dlsmlsul! of the cast was a and wa. .. spat upon by whttt and Calvin Johnson with 14. Bowl formerly the Junior
Requlrjs accounting degree 01 equivalent la training andexperience" "Whitewash"I Bt fan that the males of college age on tilt Cannon also tappedaJlrebound- Rose. Bowl. Is expected to sky
!all Jcaa nation should know perlafeikry-of. tilt campus. He
,. ers with 10. rocket the attendance
Person figures.
tiare" mart: about the alleged defalcations. left .tBeTUstltoUaa.. thttwo-afghtaflLir. .
I&wss010't '" I After Between 80 and 70.000 may set
HIT SIN 1111! K .- He forecast that mthesamemoath"contlaaedtkt Bobdy's Black and Gold squad the Tigers per for mta the famed

!, Richard JUxoa will tab tilt leader"another will be idle until thug Rote Bowl Stadium
I..doe'l... rout I lACTEIIHIHST. MALI!! CIRTIIl. "SIEAT" PLAN [matter pest 'and DCID-wWI was Insulted on and Tennessee State hart December against Saramento Kate Saturday_ .
J: off: the campus and was accosted
...,ar. JL.ax mi(bt another Jury to
1'- .
available ta
sow our riA
nows with debt Into the cast. physically by another
.., 0 0Ir pia'oI modern, well-equipped, quality Powell, ousted from the Mth group Jut otf: the amps" ** ***
w. Bet I will controlled laboratory.Requires .Dr O'ConnaU poke of tilt
t tA7 dial Gs 4s degree in m1crob1olo Some INC. Congress, was re-elected to Writer $ asCON1'UWED
I I Sa,.. ... Leo \ lot list Congress a the last bart-reedlag estate OJ. Siledl4
tier ed.
lab sr.SH
experience p. story of tilt two students. Be
lit ...., ":':'. ,-J I ( .' General Election. Gross contended FROM PACE U"Du.cieCIUOIaDdNt _
that, although the identity :
charges too
In Person oiStDlSl\tllI1I1e are
1""' Apply 7113411't. latl tar overlooking. Bttald.he fit the malefactors has DOt been Jp" ladlcated that OLtlder For Pariicif aHtili tI.
1 determined, bt felt that those .
was outraged. much that Is wrong with iN
t uaIclpNV witnessing:such mistreatment Negro community today Is due Hill 11
art equally u guilty
...,. to till lack and decline CIIncll1crept1oa f
.mPbrw .
V UTILITIES rilE.il lseoeclssloaPtssldeat The has BOrtOLULU .
{ pattern aJ. Simpson.Htlsmaa
T- OCofifttJrsaid 1111 spiritwhich .
; :
N. '!t .
4 .t u..'lit.,..tobe. Must be experienced in steam ta Christmas requiresilttle changed from a sophisticated award wlaaer of
I Tod.,. plant operatloa. JACKSONVILLE but meaaa much to thoseSrko'ieei Negro middle dasa Southera California'will ply
tai Heavy tstcatlv ta tht Halt Bowl 4.
NaUaa Wright, oa January .
Emphasis ) it. AUltmeans U that.
on refrigeration, SHIPYARDSINC. director of the Urban Department Leroy Keyes,Purdue's ton halfback
be? .
ammonia and however i it may each.d
freoa systems.: of the Episcopal Diocese will heed the North backfield. -.
i us ought t. do something for
of Newark, notes that till relatively Bt was DIDDInp far .theBelsmaa .
: 11. Cvnvnri those no'JO our help -
Apply! la PersonkAnheuser I "" a..Wi. low status o:the Negro Award. _

\ and taw lack of power of tht Hula Bowl managing director

FINISH MARINE NAACP Request black community u a whole .Is Buster McGurit. named sis.
Something there's a major cause of our economic others to participate .* the
about CARPENTER" PIPEFITTERS COK'I"DIUED"'ROM'IoCl: 11 4! arlt1. "Black people aced Sooth .team with
no question f y a .""ip**. fellow students.! powerat says ."tM1.... has a prior :::.Tt.no'.

? OLDCHARJIR SHEIT METAL Tht statists were killed aad power IO'CCI&Juce"b" ROM Bowl. January'liiatastO. :>

"10 others Injured during a dtmonstraUoa -' thing never coalesces. with .State. %: .J .
Busch MECMMHCSWerlAi oa tilt campus,oa They,art:'Quarterback, BoVWaraock.

February .. Police aad Nattonal Baydlreetor ard Rest!., executive: Olihas: Flaakar.
is .......Cen.aly. hug Md,'",.". Guardsmen had bass called ta of the A. Philip Rom Sellers, Florida .State:

I Cawnis J.h-I. rrpna, Miai.e ....... ee to control tht demonstration. Baadotph Institute, defines the PWhaeb,. P'ntlGlpeaeif0ealeai'

: Kentucky' C, b ,111 IHI HE. .UCIJIWtf, ril. 12211 W.rk(I) M.mh.. : 'IbI1lUC.statement charged problem u a ..cut.1Dd class Halftack, Cris Gia ert.''Tuxasj'

p that (a) tilt country coroneratgtected problem Business mast join Flaaker-quarterback, tnWashlagton. ,
t APrtygt4i'
to hold aa Inquest with labor and government tad .__en.HelfttH,
Bourbon. P5 Aa Equal Opportunity Employer SHIPYARDSSOUTNHwl .(1) Federal official failed to with mlaorlty groups, andbustesM Ross Mnafniaerj.; Tutsi

WVWON Identify those responsible for mast stop flghtlsgthot ChrteUaa. Coaches will fttMvj

H.IHINDIKMAVI.J tht saootlags s ltd (c) thtGovtrnorj aorUllutloa programs.lleh McKayof UKandBuBwv. $ iof .
the Attorny General 'are aetded It thtproblems Missouri for the Sou*.Bee*
i : h sad state legislators "washed art to bt solved.* team. coaecetwUlbeAnMrsutlss. -
Epd AwpM.w. ,
J fN.re.Jin their buds like Poatlaa.' The book U .published byMcGrawHill ,'Motto Dame, tad But'.

PU$tev at a cost.of S3.9*. SehwartwaMer.,Syracuse.f" .
'.',;::' ,


\ ;

". -:.., ..'.t f.!... j. ,. :/.L .-..... .. 1"-\.l ..., < .'__ ..s_ .>c, .::i..::. 'r -" '., ti'1 ,